More on Adrienne’s Maloof’s Secret / Detailed Recap of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills plus Spoof Photos

More on Adrienne Maloof’s Secret by NoMoreDrama

BB has captured a word by word replay of last night’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  Thank goodness, because if we listen carefully enough, the secret has to be in there, right?

Let’s recap what we know so far.   First of all what is the media saying?  The media has grabbed hold of the surrogate rumor and has swallowed it, hook, line, and sinker.  I think it’s a red herring.  Sure Adrienne probably used a surrogate, but I sincerely doubt that she’d file a suit against Bravo to have that kept secret.  If Brandi knew it  – it wasn’t that big a secret because they weren’t that close.  Also, Brandi made it clear that Adrienne kept telling a lie over and over again and it was making her mad so she said it out loud.  There aren’t too many people that would get mad about Adrienne not wanting to tell the world that she used a surrogate.

Here are Kyle’s words from last night:“Yes, Kim told them what you said, and it’s malicious gossip,”to Brandi.  I can’t imagine Kyle using the words “malicious gossip” about a surrogate.  She’s be more likely to say ” private information.”

Adrienne called Brandi a liar at the party.  Yet Taylor talked about people spilling each others’ skeletons (in their closets) and compared it to Camille saying on camera that Taylor was hit by her husband Russell.  Camille said it was different because Adrienne wasn’t going around telling people about her secret.  Well that implies that Camille didn’t know the secret – which would be strange if the secret was that Adrienne and Paul used a surrogate considering Camille has been open about her use of a surrogate.

Let’s say the surrogate secret is a red herring. What is the real secret?

Whatever it was – Paul and Brandi are now in a good place, so it wasn’t something Paul is still worried about.  Paul has also made it clear that he was protecting Adrienne when he laid into Brandi.  So it’s a secret that made Adrienne look bad and not Paul.

Brandi confirmed Adrienne is still rich – so it wasn’t that.  It possibly could be about one of Adrienne’s business deals – like her family not owning much of the Palms Casino any longer – but I think that was fairly well known by then.

What wasn’t known was how rocky Paul and Adrienne’s marriage was.  Faye has said in the media that Brandi contributed to Paul and Adrienne’s marriage falling apart.  That leads me to believed that whatever Brandi said had to do with the marriage.  There are rumors that they had an open marriage.  But I doubt that’s what the secret is – I think it was more than that.  Brandi had also said at the reunion last year that only two husbands were present in Hawaii.  Technically there were three there (Mauricio, Ken, and Paul) but when corrected Brandi just shrugged with a “we all know one of these marriages is a sham” short of look.

I think the secret has to do with the rocky/sham marriage and perhaps a lover on the side.  Perhaps hearing it said out loud gave Paul the nudge to file for divorce and get his life back – leading Faye to blame Brandi.  Their divorce was bitter and the absolute opposite of private, and Faye is a fool for thinking Brandi could have had anything to do with the toxicity of that relationship.

I’ve told you what I think – what do you think?



Real Housewives of Beverly Hills “OY, FAYE!” by BB

This is going to be a long recap.  I’m going to try to include everything said by everyone so nobody has to go back to their DVR to check and recheck who said what.

While Paul and Adrienne are leaving Mauricio’s “event,” they continue to call Brandi a liar, saying screw you, saying she’s a bitch, calling her a piece of shit. Kyle is following them on their way out.  In Adrienne’s talking head she says, “I am so angry that a woman could be so reckless.  Brandi does not care about anybody’s reputation.  Certainly not her reputation, not my reputation.  She only cares about attention.”

real-housewives-of-beverly-hills-seeason-3-gallery-episode-307-01Taylor looks like she’s the one who’s just been reamed by Adrienne and Paul and her friend Dwight says to her, “Are you OK honey?”

Brandi says “I sleep ‘til three o’clock in the afternoon?”  Her friend Darin says he doesn’t even know what they’re referring to.

Dwight says, “No-one should talk to a woman like that, no class.” Taylor is being dramatic holding her hands to her head and Camille is leaving to engage in some major gossip with Kyle and Kim.

Dwight again asks Taylor if she’s OK (she’s looking more upset than Brandi at the moment).  Darin asks Brandi if she’s OK.  Taylor asks Brandi twice if she’s OK.  Brandi tells her she’s shaking right now and Taylor says, “I am too.”

Meanwhile, Adrienne is telling Kyle, “The girl is crazy.  Crackpot crazy.  Drug addict.  She’s full of drugs.  She talks about everybody else, look at her.”  Paul actually smiles.  Seems he’s calmed down a little.  But not Adrienne.  She tells Kyle, “I’m done.  I’m pissed.  Really, really pissed.”  Kyle tells her she doesn’t blame her.  Paul tells Adrienne, “Let’s go.”  Adrienne’s parting shot to Kyle is “And not only that, you watch.”  After the door closes, you can hear Adrienne say, “I’m effing done.  She’s an effing liar.”

real-housewives-of-beverly-hills-seeason-3-gallery-episode-307-02Kyle turns and sees Kim and whispers (or hisses), “Why did you say something?”  In her talking head, Kyle says she wanted to tell to Paul and Adrienne, but not at her husband’s event.  Not now.  She says to Kim, “Here?  Right Now?”  Kim says, “She needs to know what was said.  It was so unfair, she was walking over and we all knew something was said about her that she doesn’t know.”  Paraphrasing here because Kim is talking so fast, but you get the gist.  She didn’t want Adrienne being in that group of people when she didn’t know what they all knew had been said about her by Brandi.  Kyle tells Kim it had just happened the day before, she didn’t have a chance, and didn’t know how to approach it.  Kim reiterates why she did what she did and says she sorry.

Meanwhile Mauricio is with the Brandi group and tells them his event was meant to be “uneventful” and fun party and that was the intention.  Darin tells Mauricio that it seemed Paul and Adrienne came there with the intent to start that war.  Mauricio tells Darin he’s not sure he agrees with that and he thinks their intention was to come there to support him.  Darin says they walked up to Brandi and got aggressive with her.  Mauricio says that’s because they had heard some stuff that Brandi said about them at SUR.

Taylor tells Mauricio he (Mauricio) would never get in a woman’s face and call her a bitch.  She says to him he would never do that in a million years.  Mauricio says, “Look, whether I would do that or not, you know, probably not, but that doesn’t mean whether Paul was right or wrong.” Brandi tells Mauricio she’s sorry that happened there and it has nothing to do with him.

Camille has made her way over to join Kyle and Kim and says, “What would make Brandi even say something like that?”  Kyle says “I don’t know.”  Kim and Kyle say they both defended Adrienne when she said it and Kyle says she brought up the fact that Adrienne defended Brandi when she was having issues with Kim and Kyle.  In her talking head, Camille keeps questioning what is going on between Brandi and Adrienne because they were getting along so well and Adrienne was the one trying to mediate with everyone when Brandi was having her troubles with Kim and Kyle.  All of a sudden everything thing’s turned like a light switch.

Kyle tells Kim it’s not fair that everyone (her husband’s clients) have heard all the screaming and saying the “f’ word.  Kim tells Kyle that’s the way Paul chose to handle it.  Kyle and Camille both say they don’t blame Paul and he was trying to protect his wife.  In her talking head, Kim she says maybe Kyle doesn’t know how to be a good friend.  If she were Adrienne’s friend, she would have tried to call her too.  Kyle asks Camille if she had heard something about her (Kim) at a restaurant and everybody had heard that (Kyle interjects here that “it wasn’t everybody”).  Kim turns to Kyle and says “Whatever, 5 times, heard you, blah, done that!”  Kyle walks off.

In Kyle’s talking head she says she’s extremely happy that her sister is sober but she doesn’t think she’s making a clear decision on wanting to all of a sudden address these issues with Adrienne.

Back to Kim, she asks Camille, “Wouldn’t you come to me and say this is what was said?”  Camille says she would.  Kim says Thank You.  As they are walking back, they pass Kyle and Kyle tells Kim she doesn’t have to be rude to her.  Kim tells Kyle she’s doing the same thing.  Kyle tells Kim it was wrong to do what she did there.  Kim says, “Well, that’s your feeling.”

Taylor tells Dwight she would never say the things she knows about these people.  She would never ever ever talk about the skeletons in these people’s closets, but everybody seems to be happy to pull them out on everybody else.

Taylor walks up to Camille and Kyle and Camille says she feels so bad.  Taylor asks her “for whom?”  Camille says oh, for Adrienne.  Taylor says, I know exactly what happened.  Kim said something to Adrienne and Paul and then they came over to Brandi.  Kyle says he got in her face, he got close, but he didn’t touch her, he was upset.  Taylor says, I know, but it just made her feel (Taylor) uncomfortable.  Kyle says, “It’s not about you Taylor” in her talking head.  Camille is taking up for Paul saying he was upset, it was a private issue and she doesn’t think it should have been out there.  Taylor says there have been plenty of things in that group about people’s private lives that shouldn’t have been talked about (referring to Camille “outing” Russell’s alleged abuse of Taylor last season at Lisa’s house).

Camille, in her talking head, says there’s a big difference between what Brandi said about Paul and Adrienne and what she said about Taylor.  Camille tells Taylor she doesn’t want to go there and I think Kyle reminds Taylor she was on her side in that case too and that both instances were wrong.  Taylor tells Kyle she agrees with her.  Taylor finally gets Camille to agree that the group tends to brings things out that should not be brought out – to her face.  But in her talking head, Camille points out that Paul and Adrienne were not walking around talking about Adrienne’s personal life to all the girls.  She kept that private.  But Taylor walked around telling everybody her story.  There’s a big difference, Big difference according to Camille.

Kyle walks over to Brandi and announces that in all fairness, she’s just saying, it’s not fair to them (Adrienne and Paul).  Brandi brings up the fact that Kim told them.  Kyle says yes, Kim told them what you said, and it’s malicious gossip.  Brandi says in her talking head that if she could take it back she would but it’s the truth, it’s not gossip.  Brandi tells Kyle it’s not gossip, but Kyle says to her it is.  Brandi tells Kyle she doesn’t know what Adrienne has done to her.  Camille tells Brandi she’s never heard Adrienne say anything negative about her; at least she hasn’t to her, just know that, Brandi, with a stern look.  Brandi says there so much more that people don’t know about.  Camille says she doesn’t know and asks Kyle if she knows what’s going on.  All of a sudden Kyle is a frozen statue while Brandi looks at her waiting for her to answer.  Brandi says that should not have been told to them at a cocktail party and Kyle agrees, but that’s what Kim did.

Darin says he thinks they need a glass of wine or something and Brandi says they need to go.  Camille shakes her head like yes, you do.  Brandi hugs Taylor and leaves.  Whew, I’m tired already and I’m only 10 minutes into the show.

real-housewives-of-beverly-hills-seeason-3-gallery-episode-307-06At Lisa and Ken’s, there is work being done on the front gate of their mansion.  Their friend Martin shows up to see Ken.  Ken is being the worst patient in the world and keeps calling Lisa about his tea and biscuits.  He wants Lisa to come up and wait on him. Lisa asks Ken if he’s winding her up.  Martin asks Ken how he’s feeling and he says he’s feeling better than he thought he would.  Ken tells Martin he likes to wind Lisa up.  Lisa shows up with some flowers from Mrs. Cibrian.  Lisa says she thinks it must be Brandi and not Leann Rimes.  Ken keeps winding Lisa up with his requests for more tea.

Kim and her daughters Kimberly and Brook are at the pilates studio.  In Kim’s talking head, she says she feels bad about what went on at “Maurice’s” party, but in her opinion, she believes Kyle started the whole thing at SUR when she asked Brandi what went down between her and Adrienne. Kim says, “Let’s take a match to a firecracker and light it.  Why ask Brandi that question?  When you lit the fuse with Brandi, she did exactly what you knew she’d do.  And I told Adrienne what she needed to know, what she needed to hear because it was important.”

Kimberly asks Kim what she’s going to do when she’s in Vegas.  She says she will do lots of spa treatments and do the dinner with Chad.  Her son Chad is going to Vegas for his 21st birthday.  The pilates instructor says Vegas sounds dangerous and Kim says honestly she’s scared and she would never go to Vegas if it weren’t Chad’s birthday.  She’s called around and found meetings she can go to and she can even have meetings in her room there.  Kimberly tells Kim she has faith in her and that she will do fine.  Kim says she doesn’t want to let them down or herself down.

Mauricio and Kyle have a talk about her upcoming dinner party with the girls to show off her new dining room.  When she mentions that Brandi will be coming, Mauricio sneers (he actually sneers) and tells Kyle what Brandi has done and said about Paul and Adrienne was just uncalled for and so disgusting that quite honestly he’s pissed.  He thinks Brandi’s disgusting and he can’t believe Kyle invited her.  Mauricio says Brandi lies and she’s a gossip girl and that’s the truth.  Kyle tells Mauricio she already invited them before this happened and wants to know what she’s supposed to do – call her up and say she’s uninvited?  In her talking head, Kyle says it’s rare for Mauricio to get that upset about something but he doesn’t know Brandi and he knows and cares about Paul and Adrienne.  Kyle tells Mauricio she’s trying to stay out of it even though she told Brandi how she felt about what she said and did.

Kyle tells Mauricio that Brandi feels bad about what she said and Mauricio says that’s the problem with Brandi.  She says whatever comes in her mind and she doesn’t think about it first, then she says she’s sorry like that’s OK and that’s not cool.  It’s gossip, it’s shit.  It’s all bullshit, that’s how Mauricio feels about it.  Kyle says whoever doesn’t feel comfortable coming won’t come.  Mauricio says he doesn’t know what to tell Kyle, he’s not happy with Brandi and he’s put up with a lot of shit that she’s said about Kyle.  Kyle asks Mauricio what should she do since she’s already invited her.  Mauricio says he and Kyle have too much class to “uninvite” somebody and he gets it.  Kyle says in her talking head that she’s so fortunate that Mauricio is so supportive of her and even though she knows he’s against it, he’s always very understanding and gets her position.  They talk about maybe one day Adrienne and Brandi will make up.

Kyle and her good friend Faye are having lunch.  She invites Faye to her dinner party to show off her dining room.  They discuss the Adrienne/Brandi problem and Kyle says Faye has formed an opinion about it.  Faye has not gotten past the Kyle/Brandi argument even though Kyle has.  Kyle mentions to Faye that she has told Brandi that Adrienne was her defender when she and Kyle were having their problems.  Faye tells Kyle it was good that she brought that up.  Faye is sure that Adrienne is not a liar like Brandi said.  Adrienne has never lied to Faye.  Faye, in her talking head, says Brandi goes around tearing everything apart that comes in her path.  She brings up Brandi calling Kim a meth addict and she doesn’t understand that kind of mentality.  They talk about how Brandi is a mean girl because she likes to pull things out of her bag of tricks.  Kyle says these are not mean girls, these are like Pit Bulls.  They laugh hysterically.

At Villa Rosa, Lisa’s mansion, Scheana, the Villa Blanca server who had the affair with Eddie Cibrian, Brandi’s ex, has brought over food from the restaurant.  Lisa tells her she’s expecting Brandi any minute so she needs to skedaddle.  Scheana asks if it would be alright to talk to Brandi to try to clear the air and Lisa tells her it’s not a good time to do that.

There is a short scene with Yolanda working out with her personal trainer.  Yolanda wants her marriage to David to last longer than any of his other marriages.  She says she will have to make it 25 years to beat the 20 years he was married to one of his exes.  She believes exercise is the key to staying fit and young.  She looks amazing by the way.  Moving on.

real-housewives-of-beverly-hills-seeason-3-gallery-episode-307-16Brandi arrives at Lisa’s.  Lisa has been on the wrong side of Adrienne and she says it’s not a place you want to be.  She’s concerned about the way Brandi is going to handle this.  So they go over what went on at the “event.”  Brandi is not mad at Kim for telling Adrienne and Paul even though it probably wasn’t the right place and time.  She tells Lisa she tried to stand up for herself, but her mind was a jumble.  She feels sorry for what she said, but they’ve just treated her so badly and people don’t know what they’ve done to her.  Lisa asks her why is she saying they treated her so badly, where is it coming from. She tells Brandi she’s been the victim of Adrienne’s bullshit.  Brandi says Adrienne’s put out stories about her saying that she’s partying too hard.  Lisa asks her how she knows it was them.  Brandi says it’s not difficult to figure it out.  She says “I do know, I’ve contacted different tabloids.”

In her talking head, Brandi says “It’s really funny the day after Adrienne is screaming in her face that she’s a bad mother and she sleeps until 3PM, it appears at Radaronline the next day. Really?”  Lisa tells Brandi about what kind of place she’s in with Adrienne.  Brandi says to Lisa, “You’re you.”  Adrienne has apologized to Lisa and does Lisa liker her?  No, but she doesn’t hate her either.  Lisa is indifferent to Adrienne.  Lisa is polite to Adrienne but she sees who she is now.  She sees very clearly who she is.  Brandi tells Lisa Paul and Adrienne can “eff off.”

In Lisa’s talking head, she says something to the effect that it’s obvious Adrienne is feeding Radaronline some of this bullshit.  She tells Brandi she can’t let this eat her alive and it will pass.  Brandi says something about them not being good people and the money and power they have is scary.  Lisa asks Brandi what power they have.  Brandi says it’s been one day and there’s a story in the press.  real-housewives-of-beverly-hills-seeason-3-gallery-episode-307-19Lisa says so what?  Brandi says she knows the things she knows.  She doesn’t want them to keep coming at her because she fires back and it’s going to get ugly.  Lisa says it’s already gotten ugly.  Brandi says it can get worse, trust her.

Brandi goes to visit Ken.  They dance around and Ken shows her his scar.  Moving on.

It’s finally time for Kyle’s dinner party.  The dinner will be four courses.  Glenn, Kyle’s caterer, tells her they are doing a marscapone ricotta ravioli with brown butter and sage.  I’m not sure what else they are having and I don’t really care.  Taylor arrives first.  Marisa Zanuck arrives second.  She’s finally making an appearance.  I hope she’s more interesting than Pam Dana was last season.  Camille arrives next, then Lisa.  She picks up a bloody ginger pomegranate drink on her way in. Faye arrives and then, last but not least, Brandi, who is understandably nervous whether the situation is of her own making or not.  Kyle greets her at the door very friendly like.

While they are standing around, they talk about their height.  I think Brandi says something inappropriate because Lisa says there you go again, but at least nobody is gasping or clutching their pearls. Brandi and Marisa seem to be getting to know each other talking about their kids.  Wow, Marisa is so short standing next to Brandi.

Time to eat.  I was expecting Kyle’s dining room to be much bigger.  It’s very nice, but I wouldn’t describe it as fantastic (Mauricio’s description). I love the fireplace, the chandelier, and the flowers are gorgeous, but I’m personally not crazy about the furniture.  Kyle has planned the seating for the women and they all look for their place cards.

Kyle says she’s been waiting for her dining room to be done for a long time and she raises her glass to Faye for making it so beautiful.  They mention that Yolanda is away at Donna Summer’s funeral.  For those keeping a timeline, Donna Summer’s funeral was held on May 23, 2012 (A Wednesday).  Kyle mentioned that her dinner party was on a Friday night when she invited Faye.  Kyle then explains about Kim being in Las Vegas and about how she was not invited.  She goes into the long drawn out explanation about how she didn’t know about it until she called to invite Kim to the dinner party and Kim was a little upset.  Faye tells her not to get her feelings hurt; Kim’s been distant in her recovery and everything.

RHOBH Dec 17 1Then Kyle says she thinks they all know why Adrienne chose not to make it.  Brandi asks why Adrienne didn’t come because she told Kyle she would take a pass if Adrienne wanted to come.  Kyle says she thinks it too new.  Brandi says she would rather Adrienne had come rather than her because all the women are closer to Adrienne than Brandi.  Camille says she hasn’t even spoken to Adrienne, but Kyle says she has.  Camille asks if she’s OK and Kyle says she’s upset.  She’s angry and upset.  Marisa asks what happened.  And Kyle says wow, where do we begin?  So Brandi tells Marisa she has a lot of issues with Adrienne; she compulsively lies, she lied about a book deal.  Lisa says she doesn’t have a book deal.  Kyle says she actually does, and Brandi shakes her head and says she doesn’t.

RHOBH Dec 17 2RHOBH Dec 17 3Faye asks Brandi if she has an investigator out there and Brandi says no her book agent.  Kyle says she knows Adrienne has a book deal but tells Brandi that’s what she doesn’t get, that part.  Brandi says the second she told them about her book deal, Adrienne said she had a book deal and that she’s so competitive.  Brandi says so like, why couldn’t Adrienne just let her have that little thing.  In her talking head Brandi says Adrienne doesn’t want her friends to do well, she doesn’t even know if Adrienne has girlfriends.  She doesn’t think you could get 10 people in a room who love Adrienne.  Back at the dinner table, Brandi says Adrienne has a gazillion dollars and all these other things.  Kyle says Adrienne did have a book deal but she didn’t let Brandi have her moment. Brandi says Adrienne may have bought one since Ojai, which makes Lisa cringe.  Kyle says she doesn’t think you can buy a book deal.  Faye tells Brandi that comment was so over the top.  Brandi tells Faye she’s not going to get into it with her because she doesn’t know her that well.  Faye says Brandi doesn’t know her at all, and Brandi says I know.  Brandi says Adrienne has been horrible to her, and that’s just the way it is.

RHOBH Dec 17 5
Kyle tells Brandi they are going to have many occasions to celebrate where they are going to be put into positions and the sooner they fix it the better.  Kyle doesn’t know if Brandi or Adrienne care to do it, but she considers herself Adrienne’s and Brandi’s friend and she doesn’t want to be put into that position.  Faye asks Brandi what was done to her that she is so upset about and does she not want to share it.  Brandi says she can tell them but it’s hard to explain and it’s something between her and them.  Brandi doesn’t want to involve them too much, but Kyle says they are already involved.  Brandi is not asking any of them to take sides but she has been treated very poorly by Adrienne because she didn’t take her side on certain situations and she decided Brandi was enemy number 1.

Faye accuses Brandi of making random allegations.  Brandi says Adrienne called her before the reunion and wanted her to meet her at the Polo Lounge to talk about tomorrow.  Adrienne wanted Brandi to be on “their” side because they were going after Lisa.  Brandi says the second she crossed Adrienne, she came after her full force and it wasn’t pretty.  Faye says “right.”  Brandi says she’s not that person, she’s not going to take sides, she makes her own decisions and makes her own choices.  In a talking head, Lisa doesn’t understand why this is any of Faye’s business.  She’s obviously gotten the lowdown from Kyle and is once again speaking on her behalf.  Flashback to the “Dinner From Hell” at Camille’s house.

Brandi asks Faye why she’s so interested and Faye says she’s known Adrienne for probably 25 years, she knows her brothers, who were dating her step-daughters.  Faye asks if Brandi has called Adrienne and apologized.  Brandi says no and Adrienne hasn’t called her to apologize either.  In her talking head, Brandi says she doesn’t know Faye from Adam, it’s none of her business and she should just STFU.  Faye asks Brandi if she doesn’t want to be the bigger girl.  Brandi says it’s too soon (or something like that).  Faye tells Brandi it would be really nice.  Brandi says it’s just too soon, she doesn’t even know what to say to them.  Kyle says in her TH that the more time Brandi waits the worse the problem gets.  Kyle, Faye and Camille gang up on Brandi and all tell her at the same time that if she regrets what she said, why can’t she pick up the phone and apologize, send flowers, that’s a great idea, etc.  Brandi responds that Adrienne hasn’t picked up the phone and apologized to her.  Kyle tells Brandi who cares, it doesn’t matter, just fix things.

Kyle asks if this has been weighing heavy on Brandi’s heart.  Brandi says it has.  Lisa pipes up and asks Kyle what about the argument Kyle had with Brandi.  She wasn’t sending flowers the next day. Kyle holds her finger up and says Lisa, Lisa.  Lisa asks her not to point her finger at her Kyle says she’s not.  Lisa asks Kyle why Brandi should send Adrienne flowers. Kyle responds and says “I know you don’t like Adrienne.” Lisa says that’s not fair and Kyle says that must be why she’s defending Brandi.  Lisa says no, no, no, no.  Adrianne accused Lisa of something and apologized for it.  That’s all it is.  Kyle is saying Lisa is not over it.  Lisa asks why she should be over it.  She’s chosen to move on and to be polite and civil and when she heard them say Brandi should send her flowers, she was not agreeing with it.

Faye says forget the flowers, send her an orchid.  Brandi says she’s not sending her anything.  Faye says OK, then you’re really not sorry.  In her talking head, Kyle says when you say something like Brandi did about somebody’s family, it’s going to get ugly and Brandi knows it.  Brandi tells Faye she is sorry but she’s not sending Adrienne flowers. They have other issues and it’s just too soon.  Faye says “Well, clear them up.”  In her TH, Faye says the only way she will ever think Brandi’s sorry is if she stops attacking people.  At the table, Brandi says she doesn’t need to answer to Faye, she doesn’t need to answer to these people about why she has issues with someone.  It’s not their business.  Faye says it’s everybody’s business at this point.  Brandi says no it isn’t.  Marisa says she kind of agrees with Brandi.  Brandy says thank God.  In her talking head, Brandi says thank God someone at the table is defending her because she’s now alone. She doesn’t even know Marisa, but now she’s thinking she might be cool.

Faye tells Marisa she doesn’t even know Brandi.  Brandi tells Faye she doesn’t know her either.  Marisa tries to explain why she thinks Brandi is right, but Faye cuts her off.  Faye tells Brandi that she sees a lot of really cruel behavior from her and she just doesn’t understand it.  (Lisa’s about had enough of Faye.)  She tells Brandi she thinks she attacks people a lot and she thinks she needs a lot of attention.  Brandi says OK, you don’t know me.  Faye tells Brandi she says things that are hurtful.  She thinks Brandi’s been hurt a lot and she viciously attacks people.  Brandi says she does not viciously attack people.  Faye says she does, she viciously attacked Adrienne.  Brandi says she does not viciously attack people for no reason.  She will come back at you, she’s not a wallflower.  Faye says now Brandi will start attacking her because she’s being honest and truthful with her.  Brandi tells Faye she’s doing what she’s doing for attention.  Faye tells Brandi, “Don’t say lies.”  Brandi says, “Don’t say lies?”  Faye says no, you spew lies, like you did with Kim.  Brandi tells Faye she and Kim are fine and to “walk away.”  RHOBH Dec 17 4Faye says, “Darling, really?  Brandi says “Yeah.”  Fay says, “You’re wrong.  Kim and you are not fine.  Calling her a meth head?  You just throw things out there at random where you know you get backed into a corner and you just say things.”  At this point Brandi stands up with wine in hand and announces she’s going to leave.  Faye says she can’t wait to hear what Brandi is going to say about her now.  Brandi tells Faye she doesn’t care about her as she walks into the kitchen.  Faye says, “I’m sure you don’t, love.”  Kyle says “Shit.”

There you have it. That’s what happened. I have many opinions about this episode, but since it’s 2:23 a.m., I just don’t have the energy to express them. Maybe tomorrow (or later today) right along with the rest of you.  Oh, look at the picture where Brandi is leaving the dinner party.  Where’s Lisa?


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills by Boston

Boston is on a break from school and back to watching the shows.  Yay!  I’ve missed her photos.

kyle and lisa

kim richards

faye and kyle

faye resnick

cat faye


Even Albie Manzo Loves the Spoof Photos of Caroline!!

From twitter: @AlbieManzo Have yourself, a merry little Christmas… . #thisisarealxmascard!

Translation – This is a Real Christmas Card (and it sure looks like it is one sitting on his keyboard.

caroline christmas card


Perez Hilton calls Bethenny his Favorite Housewife and Adds to the Rumors of a Possible Spit with Jason by NMD

Yes, that’s right.  Perez called Bethenny our ‘fave” housewife before speculating that spotting her alone in the airport in NYC was somehow a reflection of her marriage going splitsville.  I’m more surprised by the “fave” than the rumor – after all Perez is the cockroach that spilled that Bethenny was pregnant.  I just traveled to DC alone.  I don’t want to burst a juicy gossip bubble, but people do travel without their spouses quite often.  In fact it seems rather sexist to me to expect Bethenny to always travel with her family.  She’s a businesswoman.  How many businessmen travel with their families?  What else you got Perez?  We already know that the rumors you tried to spread about Bethenny and Andy Cohen being on the outs were completely false.


Tuesday Night Lineup December 18th by BB

8PM – NCIS (CBS); WWE Super Smackdown (USA); Holmes on Holmes (DIY); Chuck’s Eat Street (8:30 PM Cook); It’s a Very Merry Muppet Christmas (CW); Dear Santa (Lifetime); A Charlie Brown Christmas (ABC); Deck The Halls (FX); Home Alone (Family); A Christmas Carol (AMC)

9PM – The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills First Look (9:48PM BRAVO); NCIS LA (CBS); The Voice Live Finale (NBC); Happy Endings/Don’t Trust The B (ABC); Storages Wars (A&E); Little People Big World (TLC); Tia and Tamera (Style); Infamous 911 Calls (E!); Ink Master (Spike); Hardcore Pawn (truTV); Mankind The Story of All of Us (History); Dangerous Grounds (Trvl); Doomsday Preppers (NatGeo)

10PM – Million Dollar Decorators (Bravo); Vegas (CBS); Private Practice (ABC); Storage Wars Texas (A&E); My Three Wives (TLC); Chicagolicious (Style); Zombie Apocalypse (Discovery); E! Investigates (E!); Ink Master (Spike); Caught Red Handed (truTV); In The Bedroom with Dr. Laura Berman (OWN); NFL Road Tested (Trvl); Chopped (Food); Nightmare Next Door (ID); I Hate My Bath (DIY); Ramsay’s Cookalong: Christmas (BBC)


Birthday List

We’re updating the Birthday List.  Please put your birthday (month and year) in the comments if you’d like to be added to the list.

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395 Responses to More on Adrienne’s Maloof’s Secret / Detailed Recap of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills plus Spoof Photos

  1. Powell says:

    Hahaha. The 1st I had to do was look at boston’s pics. You never disappoint. Very good. 7 more days til Christmas. Are you ready? I’m not. Have a great day.

  2. Good Morning
    Birthday’s here please
    Rain turned into snow but the power is back on. I’m wondering if work will be a late start.

  3. boston02127 says:

    I was thinking the same thing about the surrogate thing.

    I watched last weeks eppy of BH last night. After Kim was done talking to the Adrienne and Paul, they went to confront Brandi. I’m not sure this is about having a surrogate. An argument broke out and everyone was talking at once.

    One thing that Brandi and Adrienne were arguing about was who called who and how many messages were left for each other. Why would they be calling each other over a surrogate?

    Adrienne later yelled at Brandi about her sleeping to 3 in the afternoon with her own kids there. What would this have to do with using a surrogate?

    Kyle and a few others said they were going to also tell Adrienne and Paul about what was said by Brandi at Sur also but not at Mauricio’s party.
    Why would they all think this is their business and how many of them can be that involved or even care if Adrienne use a surrgate? Why are they lining up to break the news to Adrienne and Paul that Brandi said something about using a surrogate?

    How would Brandi know about Adrienne using a surrogate? If it was such a big secret to Adrienne and Paul and they didn’t know at the time that Bravo would cut it out, why did they stay and go back to argue with Brandi over such a private matter?

    I think it has something to do with Adrienne not being a good mother. Or maybe, either the twins or the other kid is not Paul’s or it has something to do with Adrienne’s birth family not the family she has with Paul.

    That’s my 2 cents.

    • catmom1 says:

      I also think it’s one of the kids wasn’t fathered by Paul. It’s the only thing I can think of that would so drastically impact the entire family.

      • missusmc says:

        Or maybe not concieved using Adrienne’s eggs? If she is 51 and her youngest are 6, then she would have been 44 when the boys were conceived. It’s not far fetched that her eggs may not have been viable at that age. That could also explain all her animosity towards Paul.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      IMO, Adrienne told a whopper and the whole secret surrogate pregnancy was just an example of the Hoof’s lying ways. I do believe that Adrienne was retaliating for Brandy saying there was a meeting before the last reunion with the sole purpose of coordinating an attack on Lisa and that the Hoof has been making Brandy’s life miserable ever since that was exposed. No one reacted with sheer horror when Brandy said what she said at Sur. No one countered the claim of the Polo Lounge meeting either. Everyone seems to be scared of the Hoof and the possibility that they could be her next target…

      • LaineyLainey says:

        When Hooves attack.

      • kit9 says:

        But, miserable how? Brandi keeps talking about these horrible things Adrienne has done to her but all she’s fessed up to is Ad and Paul trying to get her to rescind comments she made during one phone call. So why isn’t Brandi telling us all these awful things she’s been subjected to by Adrienne?

        • kit9 says:

          And, Brandi is hypocritical, on one hand going around spewing cra* about Adrienne to rooms full of people and on camera, but when asked point blank about all the horrible things Adrienne did to her, specifically, as Faye did, and which logically follows Brandi’s repeated antiAdrienne rants, Brandi gets all shy and doesn’t want to share, except about the phone calls(now 2, not 1), getting all ‘well, it’s between them and me’. Wth? And, Lisa, darling, Faye got involved because she’s sitting there listening to the conversation and Brandi spew and is asking logical questions like WHAT did Adrenne do that Brandi’s referring to? And, she’s a long standing friend of Adrienne’s. And, lisa says it not fair to say she doesn’t like Adrienne? Come on! Of course she doesn’t! Sure, they’ve decided to be civil but Lisa definitely doesn’t ‘like’ Adrienne.

          • kitkat says:

            What does Lisa not liking Ad have anything to do with the current argument though? Just because lisa had a bad experience with her doesn’t mean that Lisa still can’t have an objective opinion about her behavior in this situation. When Lisa asked why Kyle is insisting that Brandi send flowers when Kyle did no such thing while feuding with Camille, all Kyle could muster was “Well you be quiet, you hate Adrienne!” I, for one wanted to know the answer, Why DIDN’t Kyle send flowers to Camille, but is now insisting Brandi grovel to Adrienne? Kyle didn’t have an answer but was outraged at being called on her hypocrisy so whipped out her clawish finger…

            • LaineyLainey says:

              The fickle finger of fate

            • Called A Princess... says:

              I think that we are all starting to see that these women tend to use each other as agents of their (truth)? Lisa has Brandi doing her dirty work and Kyle has Faye to do hers. Taylor has used Kyle in the past to save her. Some would call these real friendships, but I think not. Lisa would probably more likely hire Brandi to work at one of her eateries then look at her but the royal minx needs someone to be her lady in waiting, on the show. None of the other cast members really trust Lisa anymore. And Faye is just so smug about everything, I would just mention, Nicole Brown and be done with her. Civil war isn’t pretty! JMHO.

      • Austin says:

        Except for Camile’s reaction. Camille knows what was said and is in no way sympathetic to Brandi. As far as I know, she didn’t have a problem with Brandi before this (although I haven’t watched every episode). If this was some well-known lie that Adrienne told over and over, why is Camille rather horrified by Brandi’s running on at the mouth?

        • LaineyLainey says:

          I don’t see “horrified” on Camille. I see “meh, at least I’m not part of this drama”. But just cause I don’t see it, doesn’t mean Camille aint filled with horror. It’s only my opinion. One man’s horror is another man’s meh.

    • contessa says:

      Love your 2 cents, and agree there is much more here than surrogacy – which is nothing to be ashamed of whatsoever. Love the photos with captions. You have certainly been very missed!

    • BB says:

      Love your photocaps! Boston strikes again!

    • kit9 says:

      Excellent point about how in the world would Brandi know for sure that they used a surrogate? I know Ad introduced her on the show but we know how these things work. They were probably casual acquaintances but certainly not close friends. So, how would she know? And, Brandi keeps saying’s a fact, it’s a fact. Also, what ‘s up with Brandi claiming she knows that Adrienne doesn’t have a book deal? Based on what? Even Lisa seems to be doubting that. Brandi said her agent told her but does he no every single deal going on at every publishing house? Doubt it. Also, in the rerun, it seemed like when Brandi turned to her friend to back her up on her not sleeping till 3pm, that he didn’t and she seemed annoyed. Lol!

      • kitkat says:

        I’m in publishing and its actually a very small industry. If some noteworthy gets a book deal, yes, all worthy editors know about it.

        • contessa says:

          I’ve heard this before about good editors, thanks for sharing. Also stupid Ad might be self-publishing her book as well?

          • kitkat says:

            TRUE! I know people who self-publish. I also know someone who got an Israeli publisher and published in Israel, even though it’s an English book. Amazon carries it and it would seem like an American publisher, unless you know what to look for….

        • Powell says:

          kitkat I don’t know about publishing but I thought I had heard or read that the publishing world pretty much knows what’s being published.

      • Sam says:

        My agent routinely tells me about book deals before they’ve been officially announced, and she prides herself on being ahead of the game when it comes to such info.

        It’s important for agents and publishers to know about upcoming deals because sometimes it affects their decisions on what manuscripts to take on. For example, one of my contracts was torpedoed just prior to signing because the publisher heard that another, more prominent author had struck a deal to do a book that would directly compete with mine. So I don’t doubt that Brandi is telling the truth about what her agent said to her at that time.

      • kitkat says:

        and, BTW, she DOESN’T have a book deal, so it was true what Brandi said. She may get one now, but she’ll have to spill ALL, and she won’t. Her fambly won’t allow it.

  4. Vegas Chick says:

    I think that we can all agree that it has nothing to do with a surrogate. I read somewhere else that Paul may have even mentioned it on a previous episode. Does anyone remember it?

    Whatever it is, it has to be something that would hold up in a court of law and it’s definitely something that has to do with family, particularly her children. Also, it has to be a jaw-dropping accusation which further disputes the surrogate theory. Thinking ‘character assasination’, perhaps, one or more of the kids fathered by someone else? Or, was Adrienne abusive towards her children? I’m leaning toward the latter especially since Paul is now okay with Brandi. I wonder if he will testify in Brandi’s defense.

    Kyle’s choice of friends (Faye Resnick) says a lot about Kyle’s character. I couldn’t believe that she let that go on and didn’t shut Faye down.

    • Called A Princess... says:

      Faye was speaking for Kyle so I am not sure why Kyle would shut her down. Kyle wants to get the nice-girl edit so she needs Faye to do her dirty work. IMO.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        It’s unfortunate for Kyle that she simply isn’t a good enough actress to pull the wool over our eyes. I would prefer that she be honest (and not so phony nice) instead of trying to backdoor us/everyone. I mean, she’s not evil incarnate. She’s a flawed human being with a mother who really warped both her and her sister. She’s easily threatened and in a town like that and with a mother like she had…who can blame her? Mark this day in history; I’m actually kinda sorta eeency weency trying to see Kyle’s side (while still calling her a bit of a phony).

        • Rebecca says:

          Lainey! Take that back! Kyle is involved in every melodramatic event ever shown on this show! Even before Brandi came on. She damn well makes it her business to insert herself into everything. Everybody had some kind of crap happen to them when they were growing up. Why does Kyle get to use it as an excuse for being a pot-stirrer?

          Now go clean your room….

          • LaineyLainey says:

            tail between legs, walking slowly to my room….secretly so excited that I got sent to my room where I will find my tv, dvr, dvd, ipad, super soft blanket, down pillows….oh yeah, that’s punishment. bwahahahaha!!!! punish me more!!! LOL!!!

            • Rebecca says:

              “shuts off the power”

              • LaineyLainey says:

                you’re good, oh, great punisher.

                • Hysterical! Why didn’t I think of this years ago when my daughter was still young enough to be sent to her room?!? Silly parents……it wasn’t until a few years ago that I realized all those “go to your room”‘s were just what she wanted! LOL! Sigh!

                  She is soon to have her own kids and I relentlessly remind her how payback works. 😛

  5. kit9 says:

    I think the bit about messages might be about what was said at the reunion-namely Brandi claiming Adrienne hadn’t tried to call her. After a back and forth about it, it was clear Brandi wasn’t being honest about what she had said 2 minutes earlier about Adrienne not being a good friend and keeping in touch with her. I’m watching last night’s epi now and Brandi, I think is full of s about Adrienne giving some story to Radar that ran, apparently, the day after Maurecio’s party. Yo, genius Brandi, 100 people at that party, including no doubt press, saw that fight go down. But, Brandi is trying to blame Adrienne for it? And, I remember that story and I don’t recall it saying anything about Brandi being a bad mom and sleeping till 3pm which is what Brandi was accusing Adrienne of leaking. The story was about Brandi being a mean girl this season. Not to mention, even if it did, there were tons of people standing around who could have heard it. Oh, and one more thing, Brandi saying she was picking at her face. Picking your face is a notorious habit of …wait for it….meth addicts. lol

    • kit9 says:

      Oops. I meant for this to be a reply to Boston.

    • kitkat says:

      I’m a face-picker when I’m very stressed, and not a meth addict.

    • kitkat says:

      …and I believe 100% that Adriennne sells stories to Radar and has been doing it for a while…that’s why she accused Lisa of doing it and Lisa was SHOCKED at the allegation…like when chronic liars think EVERYONE is lying…it’s called projection.

      • rabblerouser2010R says:

        I’m not sure if that is why she accused Lisa of doing it. I remember at the reunion, Camille also said that the same person from that media told her the same thing about Lisa selling stories, But Camille blew it off as him just trying to goat her into spilling stuff on Lisa.

        • kitkat says:

          I think she accused her because she thought it would cause her some real damage and is hard to disprove, like the classic question, “When did you stop beating your wife, Mr. Smith?” It’s just a very damning allegation that you can’t disprove….Adrienne should have to prove it, not Lisa. In the meantime, the damage is done. However, I don’t think anybody believed Adrienne anyway.

          • contessa says:

            I agree with you Kitkat, and have to say I find Adrienne to be a POS right along with vile kyle, maurie the used car salesman, and the morally corrupt cray faye. ad went after Brandi because Brandi spoke the truth about that meeting (to destroy Lisa)before last year’s reunion. Please notice everyone, that no one in the cast is saying it didn’t happen. Ad is used to having people fawn all over her, because of her sense of entitlement, and I have no doubt she thought she could pull Brandi into her malevolent little scheme last year. However she never bargained that Brandi has a mind of her own and does not kiss a$$ because someone has money. I have no doubt there is more to this and that Ad went about trying to make Brandi’s life miserable. Please remember how crazy she got that Lisa’s daughter did not have her bachelorette at the Palms. Ad is one of those women that is built up by plastic surgery, sycophants, and her own self delusions of importance. She has no taste, does not know how to dress, has poor manners, her makeup is horrible, as is her hair, and she treated her husband and friends despicably last season and this season as well. She wants people that kiss-up to her as she is so powerless in so many other ways, and she is not an a list celebrity in lala land or in vegas.

            • LaineyLainey says:

              and that gravelly voice,…oy! Like Selma from the Simpson’s.

              • Called A Princess... says:

                Just because you do not like the message or the messenger does not mean that what they say is wrong. Addy is an unpleasant character but I do not think that she is always wrong about this group of people she films with. I think she is very insecure rather then truly entitled. JMHO.

    • StephieBar says:

      Sorry, but I pick my face, especially when nervous and I’m not a meth addict. I do, like Brandi suffer from acne though. I also talk out loud to myself when I am thinking things through – which 70% of the population apparently do…, which many psychologist studies have shown as a sign of emotional intelligence – its can also be a sign of schizophrenia, constipation can be a sign of cancer, are you getting my point. I think you are reaching….

  6. RealHousewifeVA says:

    Great detailed blog, BB. I’m starting to wonder why I watch BH, and it used to be my fave series! I really am sick of the little infomercials we are getting for Lisa’s new show, by now showcasing her employees in each episode. I love Lisa, but COME ON. It’s starting to feel so scripted.

    I don’t even CARE what secret Brandi spilled anymore. Kyle and her cronies make me so sick, so let Brandi have at ’em, for all I care. Faye really has no business trying to reprimand anyone about their questionable behavior.
    And why in the world is it okay for Kyle to spill this big deep dark secret to Faye (and who knows what other friends of hers she told)?!? How is that any different that Brandi saying it to their small group? These ladies are all a bunch of hypocrites.

    I really do believe Brandi when she said that once she sided with Lisa at the reunion, Adrienne was in attack mode. It’s how Adrienne operates. Adrienne seems to like to do most of her dirty work on the down low so as not to expose herself (like sending Bernie the chef on the attack instead of doing it herself).

    The card that Albie posted, I think it was tweeted by a fan. She tweeted a pic of a small NJ christmas tree she made with all the ladies as ornaments, and Teresa was the ‘angel at the top’, and that card was next to it, with some bottles of Fabellini I believe. lol. Some of the fans are crazy.

    Regarding Bethenny…I have no idea if the divorce rumors are true or not, but I spend lots of time traveling seperately from my husband. Not for fun, but when I visit family (which is often) he doesn’t really come with me unless it’s a big event, not just to hang out with them. He loves them and all, but when I visit my friends and family, I want to spend quality alone time with them, not worrrying about entertaining my husband. I think it’s so odd that people think if you are traveling without your spouse that it means your relationship is on the rocks. My hubby is more of a homebody, stay home kind of guy and I’m much more outgoing and have lots of friends. It works for us. Not every relationship is cookie cutter.

    • RealHousewifeVA says:

      By the way, I love how all the comments on Faye’s blog are basically telling her to STFU and go away! She thought this was going to be like the Dinner From Hell in Season 1 where everyone sided with Kyle. HA!

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Not this time, Faye!!!
        It’s a new dawn
        It’s a new day
        It’s a new life …and I’m feelin’ good

  7. trudie says:

    BB, you deserve an award for that recap!

  8. Beckygrey says:

    Ok, Adrienne is either transgender or lesbian. Paul agreed to the marriage and the surrogacy to help Adrienne. Or Brandi spilled the tea on who it is that Adrienne has been sleeping with all these year.

  9. Mel says:

    Brandi usually uses any and all ammuntion to justify her trashy outburts. HOwever, after what Adrienne put Paul through in the press…..I am certain that A has sent tons of story to radaroline through her dirty chef. Let’s not forget those abuse pix were first shown on radar.

    MOst of the radaronline stories prior to the seaon begining pretty much trashd every single on of the women EXCEPT adrienne…..hmmmm.

    P.S did anyone notice how KIm SHUT KYle up? I was so proud of kim sticking up for herself and telling Kyle off. Good for her. I am liking the confident sober kim. I hated the way Kyle treated and spoke to kim seasons past and glad vyle is not gettingaway with it this season.

  10. Formerly Addicted to Bravo says:

    Great recap BB :). I am wondering if Adrienne’s family is or has been rumored to be involved with organized crime – drugs or prostitution – that would qualify as “disgusting”. Brandi may mean that here is Adrienne pretending to be this classy business woman when her family money is not so clean? Perhaps these are the rumors floating around or accusations. Or perhaps one of her siblings has been caught doing something and her family is thick as thieves so don’t mess with them

  11. contessa says:

    After watching last night, and reading the blog today, I am inclined to think it is not about surrogacy. I think Ad has/had a boyfriend, and maybe one of the kids is not Pauls, or the kids are adopted and not natural offspring. I really don’t care one way or another, as I don’t particularly like Ad. This started after jumped on Lisa when Lisa’s daughter decided to go to another hotel in Vegas for her bachelorette. Ad was crazed and I believe the attacks on Lisa started to germinate in her dirty little brain. Ad also hates the idea that Lisa wound up being the popular person on the show. Ad has a sense of entitlement and is nasty, as evidenced in how she publicly treated her huband with so much disdain. Now onto the morally corrupt Faye Resnick…disgusting pos isn’t she. Boy that beyotch was on the attack last night. I would have given anything for the new
    girl to have given her a bit of who the hell do you think you are talking to…I stated my opinion about this is not your business, so shut the eff up. But that’s me and how I view things, as I hate attack was orchestrated beforehand by she and Kyle. Also please note stupid faye cray can’t see the truth either, as both vile kyle and kim the addict were so nasty to Brandi at that party last year and she has no clue or point of reference that is realistic at all. Please remember that picture of both of them standing over Brandi pointing their stubby squatty fingers and screaming. Oh their lovely mother must be so proud looking up at them, since she was such a classy lady teaching her daughters how to give bj’s and to get pregnant to hook a guy and keep having babies for child support and money. Way to go.

    • I think you nailed it Contessa. Adrienne is rumored to be having a long time affair. So the next nasty rumor could be that one of the boys is not Paul’s. Maybe Brandi didn’t stop there, she may have talked about Adrienne’s family being linked to crime. Now that Paul is divorced from Adrienne, I can see why he might thank Brandi. At the time, Paul didn’t like his marriage being outed as a sham. Now he’s just glad to be free of it.

      What a mess. Brandi has learned the expensive way not to discuss people’s private lives. One point yucky Faye made that did make a lot of sense to me is that Brandi had her personal life exposed, so now she’s doing it to Adrienne.

      I don’t like Brandi. Faye is horrible. Kyle is underhanded, using Faye to do her dirty work. Lisa is realizing how dangerous Brandi is – she didn’t leave with Brandi. Lisa uses people too, she just has velvet gloves on and she’s ever so clever.

      • SoutheastVA says:

        I agree with you. Unlike most people on the board, I think that Lisa is a user as well. I think Brandi was dumb enough to be used by Lisa to put bad comments about Adrienne on air and twitter to remain her friend. It was telling that Lisa did not really defend Brandi when she needed it last night. Velvet gloves indeed.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          I remember Lisa trying to speak and Kyle cut her off… I believe Lisa was trying not to further offend the hostess so she did shut up as Kyle was not going to let Lisa have the last word. Just my opinion, but Lisa could probably feel that Kyle’s reaction was only going to further escalate.

          • SoutheastVA says:

            I believe that if Lisa really wanted to defend her new bestie should would have found a way. Lisa knows Brandi went too far. IMHO, Brandi is too stupid to see that she should have her own best interest at heart when dealing with these women and not do things to win the top spot as Lisa’s friend. She is short sighted.

            • LaineyLainey says:

              Brandi did one good thing. She left the table, all the while Faye was trying to incite rage in Brandi. I thought for sure Brandi was going to attack back. But she didn’t.

              • PJ says:

                I thought so too, Faye certainly seemed to be trying hard to get Brandi all riled up and to maybe go off on her. Brandi didn’t fall into Faye’s trap good for Brandi. it was almost like Faye was baiting Brandi to say things about her behind her back, could this be Faye’s bid for attention and perhaps more screen time?

                • kit9 says:

                  i think she left because she didn’t want to go up against someone as tough as Faye and she knew Faye had some very good points. Brandi is vicious. Did Kim’s HS rudeness at some stupid Game Night warrant Brandi calling her a meth head? Did Adrienne pressing Brandi to tweet something warrant Brandi spreading such personal gossip? No. And, it was so rich hearing Brandi say it was none of Faye’s business! It was none of Brandi’s business to jump in and defend Russell and attack Taylor but Brandi did so anyway claiming it was public knowledge. Well, all of Brandi’s comments were public knowledge, made on on a tv show, so Faye felt she could comment, especially since she’s a friend of Ad’s. As for Faye being anyone’s lap dog, don’t think so. Kyle seemed genuinely upset at the turn and Faye certainly seems to be her own person. And, the whole thing wasn’t started by Faye. Faye just asked logical questions prompted by things Brandi said.

                  • PJ says:

                    She left because she was viciously attacked by Faye. Faye wasn’t asking any logical questions she was attacking.

                • melthehound says:

                  Don’t you mean Brandi didn’t fall into Kyle’s trap?

                  • PJ says:

                    I think it’s one and the same.

                    • melthehound says:

                      So do I 😉

                    • Called A Princess... says:

                      I think that Brandi left, defeated. She has no one to blame but herself. She is in over her head and really not a Beverly Hills women. She wants to fight with people that really do not see her as an equal, because she is not. I guess Faye is as much an agent for Addy as she is an agent for Kyle. Yikes! JMHO.

              • kitkat says:

                I was SOO happy when she left! Nudnik looked like a ranting FOOL! Camille was right, she is morally corrupt!

                • kit9 says:

                  Morally corrupt is claiming your kids are in danger but choosing to spend your $, not on a lawyer to fight for your kids, but on a new house.

                  • contessa says:

                    Faye Resnick wrote a book detailing an intimate affair with Nicole Simpson at the time of OJ’s murder trial. It has been said she did this deliberately so she wouldn’t be called by the prosecution to testify. She also was a very serious addict that was in treatment several times, and going from man to man. She also appeared in Playboy capitalizing in her popularity from her so called best friends murder (Nicole murder). Brandi has limited funds, she needs to buy a house instead throwing money out on rent…fighting the ho’s
                    (leann) retinue of attorneys (who are probably on retainer) would be stupid at best. A wise person chooses their battles. Besides Brandi has public opinion on her side, since leann the ho is really off her rocker…who goes away to a facility for tweeting issues – well duh?

                  • PJ says:

                    Choosing to spend money on a lawyer? If you are sued you have no choice, not defending yourself could result in the person suing you getting a big judgement against you. Yes Brandi made a big mistake saying whatever she said about Adrienne but Adrienne did not have to sue her. Brandi didn’t just decide to spend on a lawyer instead of a house. She does live in a house BTW. How is it morally corrupt to live in a rented house instead of one you own?

                  • RealHousewifeVA says:

                    LMAO! How is that morally corrupt? She doesn’t need to fight for her kids, they have 50/50 split parental rights. Comparing that to what Faye did in her past is very laughable. Sorry

            • Cartwheels says:

              Lisa admits that much on her blog, she doesn’t sugar coat it at all. She says point blank that Brandi went too far, so whatever the “secret” is, the bottom line is that there is only one agreement among all the ladies of RHBH and that is the fact that Brandi went to far and should have never crossed that line.
              Lisa is driving me nuts with her double talk, she was so offended with Adrienne because she accused her of selling stories and on the same breath during last show she accuses Adrienne of doing the same. So what now?
              There is no fixing this at all, they have hit a moot point so I don’t blame Adrienne for refusing to film and not being part of next season. Hopefully with Adrienne gone, the cast will move onto something else, this story line has gotten stale.

            • austin1963 says:

              I agree. Lisa has been trying to telegraph to Brandi in every which way that she needs to stop it or dial it back. Brandi is out of her league apparently more than a little obtuse. Continuing to fuel the fire with Adrienne, no matter who is right or wrong, is not going to end well for Brandi.

          • kit9 says:

            Lisa interrupted a conversation and all Kyle said was let her finish what she was saying to Brandi/Camille. Lisa could have chimed in at any point and didn’t.

            • LaineyLainey says:

              I watched the show, too, Kit9 and I don’t see it that way. She did chime in and Kyle stuck her finger in Lisa’s face.

              • amalfi says:

                That’s what I saw as well.

                • LaineyLainey says:

                  Well, she had her finger pointed,..I exaggerated – it was not in Lisa’s face. But it was pointed and Lisa told her to stop pointing and kyle eventually did stop pointing. It was not a welcome gesture to Lisa. She seemed to be offended by that finger.

            • austin1963 says:

              My interpretation was the same as kit9’s. Kyle had her finger in a pointed position, but not in Lisa’s face. More pointed upwards doing that circular motion thing that people do when they want to communicate, “oh, no you don’t”, not aggressively in Lisa’s face. Two different intents.

              • LaineyLainey says:

                Yeah, I was just jumping on the witchy finger bandwagon cause I thought it was funny. Kyle did stop pointing, though when Lisa pointed it out. Not right away but she did stop. Remember game night when Kim called Brandi a slut pig and Brandi called Kim a meth addict? The Richards sisters were pointing their fingers that night. I noticed after that, that they both do that. Especially to each other. It’s probably just a bad habit. negative body language.

                • Beckygrey says:

                  Kyle and Kim attempted to hit Brandi and Taylor jumped in between them. Remember Kyle told Lisa that Brandi was mean to her and Kim. It wasn’t until Lisa saw the episode and realized who low Kyle would go. So Lisa thinks that scolding finger needs to go back into Kyle’s lap before she shoves it up that spilt!

        • Cartwheels says:

          Brandi is as dumb as a fox. She might have gotten used by Lisa but she in return is using Lisa as well.
          She knows Lisa is popular and she wants to be her bestie. Her new BFF is going to make her part os her new Spin off show, more exposure time and more promotion for her book.
          I don’t think about it as big bad wolf Lisa using and abusing Brandi. I see it plainly as a friendship of convenience, you scratch my back and I scratch yours.

        • kit9 says:

          Lisa absolutely didn’t defend Brandi, her new bestie. The only thing Lis took issue with was with Camille’s suggestion that she send flowers. Otherwise, she sat and said nothing, which Brandi sort of alluded to by saying nobody but Marissa was defending her.

          • kitkat says:

            That whole fight took less than 5 min. Unless Lisa screamed over everybody talking, it was impossible to get a word in in a very rapid-fire moment. I think Lisa DID jump in in the beginning, then Kyle thrust up her witchy, gnarled finger (complete with wart and talon -tee-hee) and silenced the insolence.

            • kit9 says:

              There were plenty of moments when only 1 person was speaking. Lisa spoke when 3 people were talking. She definitely could have gotten in to defend Brandi if she wanted to but didn’t. Even Marissa managed to chime in. Plus, Lisa did make her point-about the flowers-Kyle didn’t stop her from doing that. All Kyle was trying to do was not let the convo get completely derailed by Lisa bringing up things that happened 2 seasons ago. And, Kyle was as polite as she could be especially since Lisa was trying to compare kyle/camille’s fight to what Brandi did which was bs. Neither Kyle nor Camille did anything as bad as reveal very private info involving the other’s families.

              • LaineyLainey says:

                I thought Kyle said, “we all know you don’t like Adrienne.” to Lisa at the dinner table in front of a lot of people. I suppose you’re right, that’s “as polite as she (Kyle) could (or can) be.” For most of us, that’s setting the bar a bit low in the “How to be polite to your dinner guests” section of our limited ettiquette. Lisa seemed to take umbrage with that remark…so maybe in Lisa’s opinion, that wasn’t a very polite declaration for the hostess to make about a guest who took the time to attend Kyle’s dinner partay. Not to mention the “witchy, gnarled finger (complete with wart and talon -tee-hee)” I’m being as polite as I can be.

                • Called A Princess... says:

                  I guess once again, the truth hurts. If any one tells the truth about Queen Lisa of Beverly Hills they are some how being rude? I have read that Lisa is not very easy to work with during filming. Not a big surprise. IMO.

                  • LaineyLainey says:

                    When I have guests I don’t blurt out the “truth”…or my version of it; to or about my guests. I try to make them feel welcome and appreciated. I was speaking to the idea that” Kyle was being as polite as she could be”. I wasn’t speaking to the notion of whether or not she was speaking the truth and/or if the truth hurts. I was simply addressing the point made by Kit9 that Kyle was being as polite as she could be. The issue of truthfulness was not and still isn’t my concern. Only the idea of a hostess and her supposed politeness. That’s my truth. Kit9 thought Kyle was being polite (as she could be), that’s her truth and that’s ok with me.

                    As to the topic of whether or not Lisa is not very easy to work with during filming. I have no idea and as I have never filmed a show, I can’t speak to that. However, I have hosted parties, meals, overnight guests and can comment on that based on my experience.

                    In fact, I’m surprise hosting an old friend tonight; who called my husband today – TODAY!!! – to say he has a job interview near us and needs a place to lay his head tonight. Will I be truthful and say “You must have known about your interview before 8a.m. today, why didn’t you give me more notice.???” No, I will not tell THAT TRUTH, I will welcome him with open arms, make a meal for all of us and tell him how nice it is to see him again. Because it’s actually true, too. And I want to be 100% polite rather than 100% “completely truthful” to my friend of over 37 years tonight.

    • Artistang says:

      Yes Faye is disgusting..I think she had her plastic surgery with Paul, cuz she was looking like Ad last night AND that dining room was soooo tacky looking…it looked liked my grandmothers dinning room, i think she still has that gold bambooed mirror still…the drapes were not even steamed

      • PJ says:

        Those dining chairs were terrible.

      • kitkat says:

        Dining room was AWFUL! No new gigs will be coming her way, know that.

      • RealHousewifeVA says:

        I also thought the dining room was UGLY. lol Faye is an awful designer, IMO, and is Kyle her only client? 2 years to decorate? I could have done that dining room in one night by going to Home Goods.
        And is it normal for rich people to have a party for when they are finished decorating their dining room? So dumb.

  12. Donna says:

    Secrets are secrets if you don’t tell anyone in secret. If I tell my friend my secret than it is no longer a secret.

  13. contessa says:

    On eother thing before I trot off to work, I didn’t like Kim previously and I still do not like her now. I think both she and Kyle are a nasty piece of work. Kim provoked the situation by telling Ad in a public place, which was uncalled for. Kim’s brain seems to be fried, and I believe our Nancy has said that alcoholics stay at a certain age mentally, so Kim is operating like some stupid 16 year old going na na na and spreading crap all over the place. Has it also occurred to everyone else that Kim specifically dislikes Kyle and Maurie (that is my new name for him, as he now reminds me of a bad used car salesman). She did not want Kyle in Vegas near her kids, and I also think Kim’s kids do not like Kyle either, as none of them came to Portia’s party. There is more here than meets the eye. Plus the fact, that I now believe, that Maurie and Kyle bamboozled Kim out of her share of their mother’s house in Palm Springs.

  14. TexasTart says:

    Good morning all, I just read Let’s Chat from last night and it was hilarous, sorry to have not been online along with that crew, ha ha ha. I’m glad to see NMD is breaking down what we know thus far because it seems overwhelminingly obvious to me that NO ONE is contesting what is being held secret from the viewer, other than Adrienne. I’ll be back later to read BB’s wall to wall coverage 😉 Boston’s pics are so funny! 😛

  15. jules says:

    Morning all, I haven’t commented for a long time but I read every day. Thanks to everyone for watching and blogging. It’s saved me from a lot of terrible tv! Last night I was reading and forgot RHBH was even on. I turned the show on about 9:45 when the ladies had sat down to dinner. While this is the Christmas season and we should be kind to one another, I have to say that I think Kyle and Faye are both disgusting. I used to like Mauricio but he’s a scumbag too. Kyle is the most manipulative person I’ve ever seen. You can practically see her lips moving whenever Faye speaks. She only invites Faye along when she needs someone to do her dirty work. I changed the channel and never saw Brandi leave the table but I’m so glad she did. Kyle and Mauricio think they’re too classy to uninvite someone to their home but it’s classy to allow one of their guests be humiliated by other guests. Once again I am grateful that I don’t travel in their social circles. It would be very difficult to be friends with most of these women.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Classy people are too classy to say “We’re classy” – – -jules, you made me laugh with the “you can practically see Kyle’s lips moving…” so funny. Like the pageant moms on Toddlers and Tiaras.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        or duh…like a ventriloquist

        • contessa says:

          Lainey, good point, classy people do not refer to thenmselves as such. Kyle and Maurie were disgusting last night. Of course Maurie (my new name for the used car salesman) will lick anyone’s a$$ for a commission. He was sticking close to Ad for the contract on that mausaleum looking home as he knew the seperation was coming. He and Kyle are at best c celebrities in lala land.

          • LaineyLainey says:

            Someone, I forget who..was it Orson?…said the show should be called The Real Has-beens of Beverly HIlls. It fits. Especially when Faye had her moment in the sun yesterday. In her case it would be The Real Never Were’s of Beverly Hills. In Brandi’s case, The Real Wannabe’s of Beverly Hills. But you know, these has-beens, never were’s and wannabe’s ….they’ve carved out quite a niche for themselves…Momo makes a lot of moolah. This ‘aint chump change.

          • kitkat says:

            or Maury (like in slimy Maury Povich, feeding off of people’s misery)

    • Just Wondering In Jersey says:

      If Maurice and Kyle are too classy (?) to uninvite someone how come they uninvited Taylor and Russell to a party last year? They wouldn’t even let them in the door and were backed up by another classy (?) couple, Paul and Adrienne.

  16. PJ says:

    I can’t help but think that Adrienne and Paul would not react to a made up story like they did. Whatever Brandi said hit a big nerve. Judging on Paul and Adrienne’s reaction alone I think what Brandi said was true.

  17. Kansas Girl says:

    Either the film was flipped, or the new girl got up and sat in Taylor’s seat for a while. Look at the photo of where she sits — left or right of Morally Corrupt. Also, did Taylor just not speak at all at the dinner? How lovely was it to not hear her voice!

  18. NMhousewife (@KEGlovesNorway) says:

    Ihaven’t finished the recap yet, but did read about Adrienne and Brandi feud, and I think you are onto something there. Also there was some news article on one of the housewives gossip sites (can’t remember which right now) that basically was saying that it is now coming out that Adrienne has been having some affair with some well-known person (in their circles at least) for a while. Also the fact that tht was not brought out during the nasty divorce proceedings, led the article to speculate that Paul did not know at all.

    All very interesting. Also, I find Fay just as disgusting as Kyle. I actually was trying to give her the benefit of the doubt back in season 1 during that dinner party from hell at Camille’s house, but for her to have the gall to say it was Brandi’s fault is just as malicious as what she called out Brandi for. It is obviously not the case as has already been established Paul and Brandi both tweeted recentlyh that they had made up and both really put the blame on Adrienne for the fighting (where it rightly should be). If Paul really believed Brandi was the cause of his breakup, he would not have tweeted in support of her.

    Just when I thought Kyle and her family couldn’t get any lower in my eyes, they do.

    Now back to the recap. Last night I was tweeting up a storm because I was so frustrated with the episode. 🙂

  19. Good Morning! Thanks NMD and BB for a great blog!

    I have read through the comments and you have all spoken so well that I do not have much to add…except to say I agree that the surrogacy rumors are likely NOT the issue or what Brandi said. It seems more clear that it is something deeper. At this point, and with all the press, Adrienne could offset it all by simply coming out with the reveal and in support of surrogacy…….which is what most “celebrities” do when a secret has been outed. They come out in support of it and then all the hoopla dies down.

    Faye is just awful…..and I am having a hard time still straddling this fence about Kyle. What friends you choose (and the antics last night) have a lot to say about who you are….and the barbs on this fence are now poking me in the arse. LOL!

    Boston….the pics are sooooo great. Love the cat. You have a great gift! 🙂

    Wishing everyone a lovely Tuesday.

    Left yesterday’s post up at my place. Hope you all will do it! Enjoy!

  20. sloanabarnett says:

    While I don’t have a very high opinion of Taylor, I’m glad she at least stood up for Brandi last night. I agree that I think Taylor could use a little cold, hard truth in her life and who better to give it to her than Brandi?

  21. WindyCityWondering says:

    Pay attention please – there are houses to be sold here people! Kyle got Lisa’s listing for her hubby and now she has no use for her. If Adrienne’s marriage was a sham, well there is another potential opportunity for her hubby to sell another house….so maybe this is why Kyle is kissing Adrienne’s ass now? Mauricio the Mofo showed his true colors by saying Paul’s attack on Brandy may have been alright… all comes back to making money not being good friends.

    • SoutheastVA says:

      You’re probably right. However, Kyle and Maurice 🙂 have been friends with Adrienne and Paul for years. I would expect them to take their side over Brandi. Brandi doesn’t help herself with her mouth. She likes to blurt things out but acts like a wounded cat when it’s done to her. Very immature.

    • Cartwheels says:

      I don’t agree

      Mauricio and Kyle have been friends with the Maloofs for many, many years
      All they know about Brandi is through the show and her interaction with Kim that was not the most fortunate.
      Faye was out of place last night to get involve in something that is none of her business, exactly the same way that it was none of Brandi’s business to talk about Kim’s bathroom trips five minutes after having met her or to talk about Adrienne’s family secrets.

      I think that Faye did a huge favor to Brandi because she put Brandi in the position that she loves the most: eternal victim fighting against powers greater than hers.
      We love to root for the underdog so all in all Brandi scored again.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        GOOD POINT. It puts Brandi in the middle of the drama; front and center. It solidifies her place on the show. If Faye was trying to hurt Brandi it was an Epic fail for Faye!!

      • PJ says:

        I think you may be forgetting just how Kim and Kyle treated Brandi in the situation you are referencing. Brandi was reacting to being treated badly, very badly in fact. As for Brandi saying something about Kim’s frequent bathroom trips, Brandi may have been off about what Kim was using but she was correct that Kim had substance abuse issues. Maybe Brandi did Kim a favor and had something to do with Kim finally getting the treatment she needed. Instead of everyone attacking Brandi over this at least these women could admit that Brandi wasn’t far off in her assumption. As a viewer I thought something was wrong with Kim.

        • not That Jill says:

          Now I would totally get behind you on this IF Brandi mentioned Kim’s issue to help her. She mentioned it to cause harm. She mentioned Adrienne’s issue to cause harm. Brandi calls herself a truth cannon but I think she is the biggest shit stirring ass kisser on any HW show. She is staying completely on Lisa’s ass to make sure she is featured on the VanderPump commercial/show. I mean lets be serious-what cheated on wife would have a sit down with a husband stealing waitress on national TV? A woman who is looking for her 15 minutes? A woman so desperate for the spot light? I say a woman who is kissing the Queens ass! If Brandi has a sit down with this chick then we will all hurry over to VP Rules to see what happens next-right? If Brandi keeps calling out Adrienne then the Queen will forever love her.
          Brandi calls herself a truth cannon but don’t fire the cannon at her-otherwise this fierce bold brazen woman will turn into a woe is me kitty cat victim.
          I hate what Faye did last night-but what she said was true and what Mauricio said was true. Brandi says things that she regrets-she is forever saying that she shouldn’t have said this or that but when this is pointed out she cries.
          Oh and the article that Brandi said came out the day after her fight with the Maloofs was nothing more than a recycled article from 10 days before-check at Radar on Line-Brandi admitted to having contacts at the tabloids so I think Adrienne is not alone in putting out stories-I think they all do it.

          • PJ says:

            I didn’t say Brandi was trying to help Kim, Brandi was retaliating because of Kim’s horrible behavior to her–that’s what I said. But Brandi was not far off from the truth about Kim. Maybe Kim’s substance abuse issue being made public, because by this time I think a lot of people were seeing erratic behavior in Kim, maybe that forced her to face her issues and seek help. So maybe Brandi did her a favor by outing her, but without trying to do her a favor.

            • LaineyLainey says:

              PJ, kyle had already outed Kim’s substance abuse. Brandi was biting back at “Game Night.” The Richards sisters didn’t think Brandi would bite back that hard,.;..but she did.

              • PJ says:

                True, but that season Kim didn’t follow through with the help this time she has.

                I agree Brandi comes back hard but she has been hit hard by this group. I hope Brandi takes away from all this that she needs to think before she speaks.

        • Cartwheels says:

          I am not forgetting anything and having a very good memory is always a help. Since the moment Kim arrived to that house, before she even had had any interaction with Brandi, Brandi was already making nasty comments about her trips to the bathroom.
          Let’s take it for what it is, you would have to be blind not to notice that there was something very wrong with Kim, but Brandi wasted no time in labeling a meth addict and coke whore. She went out of her way to repeat the comment several times to the other ladies and even when it was obvious that the others didn’t want to comment on it, Brandi kept going at it.
          That was way before Kim treated her the awful way she did or hide her crutches, it doesn’t excuse Kim in any form or shape but Brandi didn’t do it in retaliation, she did it just because she has no filter and she is a “true cannon”.
          If you are able to dish it, better be ready to take it.

          • PJ says:

            Well I have a good memory too and I remember Kim starting it.

            • Called A Princess... says:

              Cartwheel, it seems like you are making statements base on the Bravo edit regarding the “Game Night Party”. In “reality” the shooting schedule was a nightmare, unto itself. Kim showed up several hours late, already stoned on whatever, and Kyle was eye balling Brandi most of the evening before the fight, like a cat, sizing up its prey. It would seem that Richards women had decided to go after Brandi before hand. Addy did not show up, and left Brandi to her own devices. The whole room left Brandi to defend herself. I think they were shocked that she came out swinging and hit her mark. I do not think that Kim or Kyle are as smart or as strong as they wish they were. JMHO.

              • Cartwheels says:

                Yeah, I am basing my statements based on what I saw on TV, whether they were there for hours or a minute and even in the event that is was true, Brandi should have kept her mouth zipped, she thought that having the protection of Adrienne gave her carte blanche to mouth anything she saw fit but in situations where you are coming to a new group of people is always best to thread lightly.
                Kyle admits that she was looking at Brandi sideways, thanks to LV. LV didn’t like the fact that Brandi came to the show, especially after the rumors that Cedric was working for her.
                I really believe that without telling her LV made it very clear to Kyle that Brandi was her enemy. Kyle felt for it and didn’t give Brandi a good reception. In the meantime and working behind scenes Lisa turned the tables of Bravo and decided to befriend Brandi and by doing so she made Kyle look petty and immature(not that she is not BTW). This is what Kyle alluded during the reunion,about this being a chess game and Lisa being a master player; of course Kyle is not Brandi so she is not going to tell the world that LV made veil insinuations about icing Brandi but I honestly believe that this is what transpired behind scenes.
                I don’t blame Lisa for turning the tables on Bravo, production had brought Brandi with the explicit intention to have her go against Lisa and Lisa outmanuever them, so I give her props for that, but Lisa knows that in the initial silent feud of her against Brandi, Kyle was firmly on her side and was her sidekick.

                • Called A Princess... says:

                  Guess there are two shows, then. The real time line and then Andy and companies. I chose the real time line, particularly when it is a season or two later. Brandi has the right to say whatever she wants as long as she is willing to except the consequences. I always had the impression that Lisa did not like Brandi, because Kyle kept whispering forget-me-not’s in Lisa ear about Brandi, until the Hawaii trip when Lisa had a chance to play with Brandi in person, and form her own opinion regardless of Cedric, Kyle or Kim. JMHO.

                  • PJ says:

                    My recollection is the same as yours and I watched the bravo time line show. The Richards sisters were loaded for bear and well one of them may or may not have been actually loaded. Brandi was treated so poorly, by everyone at game night including the hostess, Brandi stood up for herself so what.

                    I agree about facing consequences everyone should, but these other women never seem to face the consequences and that bothers me.

              • mrspeabody says:

                Kyle started in on her before that, she was talking about her at that party Brandi first came to, making fun of her and joking about her being on crutches and high heals. Imo Kyle has never been nice to Brandy and has had it in for her all along. I call it jealousy…….maybe her husband said something nice about Brandy at one point in his life and Kyle has never forgotten that and when she came on the show she just went after her. Just a thought, anyway Kyle is the classic mean girl, always has been and always will be. Not someone I”d hang around with, I don’t have a need for people like that in my life.

                • Called A Princess... says:

                  It really crept me out when Kim was chiding Brandy at the “White Party.” Kim said something to the effect that ” you have such a dirty mouth for such a pretty girl.” It made Kim sound dated and superficial, not to mention jealous. JMHO.

    • NMhousewife (@KEGlovesNorway) says:

      I was blown away by the fact that even Taylor (who I can’t stand of course) was saying that it wasn’t right for Paul to talk to women that way, and Mauricio was skirting around the issue. Also the fact that he was talking to Kyle in their home about how Brandi is a malicious gossip and I’m thinking, “look who you’re married to buddy!”

      • PJ says:

        I thought the same thing, does Morris even watch his wife on these shows? I lost a lot of respect for him after that scene.

        • Called A Princess... says:

          Murr is not going to talk badly about his dragon lady, wife. He still has to live with her. Beside he knew what he was getting when he married her. IMO.

  22. Cartwheels says:

    Thanks for the recap.
    You make very valid points. I have always thought that the “secret” is something that involves Adrienne and her family as in Maloofs. Definitely has something to do with the kids but I no longer believe it is the surrogacy unless it was done through egg donors and might put Adrienne at a disadvantage by not being the biological mother and the kids by casting shadows on their legitimacy claim to the Maloof trustfund. This is the one I am more inclined to believe.

    Paul is now okay with it because it obviously whatever it is doesn’t affect him. So he is probably the biological father of the children. I don’t believe the theory of the affair because really Adrienne just doesn’t even exude any sexuality at all, she is way too cold for that, and I don’t think that Paul would not use something so juicy like that during the divorce procedings especially after being accussed of being an abusive husband, he definitely can give as good as he takes.

    I do believe that Adrienne is not the only one with the bad temper, Paul has shown his dark side as well, so in matters of those two I think they are probably better divorced than married.

    • PJ says:

      Adopted children have the same legal rights to inheritance as biological ones. So even if Adrienne wasn’t the biological mother of her children she is smart enough to tie up the legal end by legally adopting them.

      • 2Stupid says:

        Only if the trust document gives adoptive children the sam right. It is not an inherrent right. Most trusts spell out that an adoptive child is considered the same, but old families didn’t necessarily give the same rights to adoptive children.

        • princesspindy says:

          I need to learn to refresh before I comment, lol.

        • PJ says:

          Under law adopted children have the same rights as biological ones. A trust fund wouldn’t have to give the same rights to adopted children because they already have the same rights by law, but it could exclude them by specifying that they have to be biological children to receive an inheritance. At this point we are all just speculating as to what this big secret is, so It will be interesting to see what this is really all about. I have a feeling that it isn’t about this but I don’t really know.

          • Orson says:

            I’m fairly certain if William and Katherine adopted a child, said child would not be heir to the throne. Just sayin’.

            • PJ says:

              We would have to look into the rights of succession.

            • melthehound says:

              Different country..

            • T-Rex says:

              Orson, this would be correct, any child not born of “blood” to the heir apparent in England, would not be in the line of succession. IE if William and Kate adopted insteand of having a biological child, then next in line to the throne after William would be Harry, and if Harry were not alive but had biological children, then it would be Harry’s children to succeed the throne. The monarchs have very strict rules of successsion. But as MTH said, different rules and they are a Monarchy, the HoofMaloofs are just random folks in the US, so it’s apples and oranges kind of. In the states whatever you stipulate in your will is how the courts follow for legal rights. In addition, when you adopt in the US(hubby’s adopted) there are papers you sign to show the legal rights. I know my husband’s documents clearly state he has the rights as if he were a child born to the couple that adopted him.

              • PJ says:

                I have a niece and nephew who are adopted and my husband’s father was also adopted. Adopted children have the same legal rights as biological ones. They are not different.

            • austin1963 says:

              Are you really saying that adopted children are somehow different than biological children legally?

              • Called A Princess... says:

                Oh! And we really think that Harry Mountbatten-Windsor is Prince Charles son. Really?

                • T-Rex says:

                  Yes they take a blood test upon birth it’s a requirement

                  • VV says:

                    No freaking way? Are you serious?

                  • VV says:

                    So, princess “whatever” gets pregnant. The palace announces she’s pregnant. Photos, charity work, etc etc whatever royalty does and the parents smile and answer silly questions. Baby is born, test is done and oopsie. The prince is not the father? What do they do then?

                    • Called A Princess... says:

                      VV, as far as I know the Palace did not do a blood test. I can not say that Harry has had a blood test. In fact recent stories would suggest that he has not had a test and his father would rather there be no test. Charles love Harry regardless of what the truth might be. But if William could not be King then Harry might be compelled to supply some blood. IMO.

              • T-Rex says:

                In England and when it comes to the Royal family absolutely, adopted children cannot be a part of the Royal Succession to the Throne. In life outside of that, it depends on any wills or trusts, some absolutely stipulate that adopted children are not part of the trust, it’s disgusting but some families have this. My hubby is adopted and he has every legal right’s as blood relatives, but the way his adoption papers were drafted and signed it absolutely stipulated this.

      • princesspindy says:

        Can her father’s will still stipulate biological children only?

        • Yes, you can say whatever you want in your will, disinherit brown eyed children, whatever.

          • princesspindy says:

            That’s what I thought cuz I know my Dad specifically mentioned my one brother was not to inherit anything in his trust.

            • PJ says:

              Yes but trusts and wills are different. A will can be contested under certain circumstances. My point was simply that adopted children have the same legal rights of inheritance that natural biological children do, they don’t have to be given legal rights they already have. But they can be excluded from inheriting just like a biological child can be excluded.

              • princesspindy says:

                LOL, we love to dissect and bisect here! I completely understand your point. Because isn’t that the point of adoption to make the child “legally” yours, so that they have the rights and protection of being your child… I learn so much here about ~~~ so much!

      • Cartwheels says:

        I have read that the Maloof trustfund is very especific as in who is considered a rightfulk heir and who is not. It might seem completely unfair but that is the way Mr. Maloof Sr. put it in writing.

        • PJ says:

          That’s possible but it’s hearsay, we don’t know for sure unless we see it in writing. But if this were true AM would know this so why would she, however she had her children, not make sure they were biological? It doesn’t seem logical to me that someone would try to hide a thing like that. I don’t believe it.

          • Cartwheels says:

            why not make sure they were biological?
            I think any mother has this as a first option, sometimes there are medical problems that make this impossible.
            I think that there is a strong possibility that Adrienne tried everything that needed to be done to have her children biologically and then through a gestational carriers (like Guliana and Bill) but maybe it was just not possible so she had to go with the next best option.
            In any case even if for some of us is not a big deal at all, the bottom line is that Brandi had no right to use such a personal and delicate issue as her weapon to hurt Adrienne. It was tacky at best and malicious at worst.

        • Rebecca says:

          Maybe Adrienne is the one who’s adopted.

          • PJ says:

            Maybe Adrienne was abducted by aliens and replaced by an alien double and the double is not included in the trust.

  23. rabblerouser2010R says:

    Maybe I am in the minority here, but I don’t see Paul as the aggressor in what when down at Maurico’s event. It looked like Paul and Adrienne were getting ready to leave and were asked why and Paul did say “because of that b!tch” and when Brandi heard that she jumped in and confronted Paul. Paul tried to get her to talk in private with him…but she made a spectacle of it all by getting in HIS FACE and throwing her arms and hands around all gangsta style.

    In addition, I don’t beleive anyone has the right to lay hands on another person or to emotional abuse them…but when it comes to arguments or disagreements…”equal rights- equal fights”. Brandi tells people to STFU or calls them a bitch or what not….so when she gets the same thing said to her…I don’t go for the wounded dove routine.

    I also had to laugh at Kyle and Maurico talking about ‘uninviting people’ to parties because I remember when they ‘uninvited’ Russell and Taylor to the white party. I get that he is being criticized for seeming sided on the side of money but I also don’t see the problem with that. His relationships other than his family seemed be be based on business….and with so many cast members on this show having some degree of fault in the chaos…why not side with money since none of them are all innocent.

    • PJ says:

      Paul was loudly calling Brandi a bitch with Brandi being close by so it was clear that she could hear, that alone is aggressive. Brandi then asked who he was talking about and he said you and then proceeded to yell and scream at her and get in her face. Paul was the aggressor.

      • Cartwheels says:

        Absolutely Paul was the agressor and he showed his true colors. I am not sure why everybody jumps to the conclusion that he is Adrienne’s victim. It has always been my perception that he can give as good as he takes.
        Now he keeps playing his devious game by aligning himself againt Adrienne even it that means to make a pact with the devil.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          I am not defending Adrienne, but I’d be soooooo p.o.’d if my ex aligned with my enemy.

          • britches&hose says:

            LOL, right?! Me too girl.

          • Cartwheels says:

            I would be too. Paul seems to forget that for better or for worse Adrienne is the mother of his children, the only mother they know, they are still young, so they have many,many years of dealing ahead of him.
            The fact that at this exact junture of time he has decided to align himself with Brandi just tells me that he is just as vindictive if not more than Adrienne.
            Looking back in time Adrienne has to know that she made the right decision by divorcing him.

            • VV says:

              Paul filed for divorced from Adrienne. Not the other way around.

            • PJ says:

              Adrienne had to know that about Paul too. I didn’t read about Paul spreading stories about her. Isn’t it even possible that Paul made up with Brandi because he realized she was right about what she said, and not to hurt Adrienne.

          • melthehound says:

            Would you be spreading stories, any of you, that your ex beat you and the kids?

  24. princesspindy says:

    Well, The Morally Corrupt Faye Resnick is just disgusting. TMCFR was on my mind last night and it occurred to me…..what kind of “Friend” would sell a story about her friend’s murder to a tabloid, rendering her unable to testify at the trial of the alleged murderer? Perhaps someone who didn’t want to testify at the trial. And why wouldn’t she want to testify? Because maybe she had something to hide? And what would it be that she would want to hide? An affair with alleged murderer, ALLEGEDLY??? This is where my mind went last night. I would be less surprised if she didn’t boink him than if she did. ALLEGEDLY!!!! She needs to GO AWAY!!!!

    • T-Rex says:

      I am on the HATE-FAYE wagon, she brings NOTHING to the show, she is an EPIC FAIL on this show and the whole dinner scene was just WEIRD. Uhm stupid biotch you don’t know Brandi but thetre you sit in total judgment. Uhm the HoofMaloof lies, we have all seen it, it’s right there on tape, in print, etc. so if you have truly KNOWN her for years you know she lies! We know Faye lies she was caught in more than a few years ago. The more this season progresses the more I hate Kyle and Maury too, I am actually liking SoberKim and love that she is standing up to her MeanGirlSister.

      • princesspindy says:

        Maury!! HAHA!! that made me laugh! YOU ARE THE FATHER!!

        • Called A Princess... says:

          Princess, the truth of the matter is that we do not really know who killed Nicole and Ron because the LA Police Department, once again did a poor job of securing the scene and collecting evidence. And they have not seemed to improved their departmental procedures considering how the Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston deaths were or were not handled. Marilyn Monroe’s home was not treated as a crime scene either. If you are famous, Los Angeles is not the best place to died a complicated death unless by design. Faye may have attempted to extricate herself from this clustered mess to save her own life. I doubt many persons in her position, given the choice would have done any different, caught between a rock and a high cliff. Faye chose the rock, that keeps hitting her, in the face. I dislike Faye, but I dislike dishonorable public departments more. JMHO.

  25. Eastbayca says:

    I just read the RHOBH blogs, I don’t watch the show.
    My questions regarding this “secret”:
    1. B and A are not exactly friends so, how did Brandi find out about this “secret”?
    2. This secret seems to be “common knowledge” in their circle, but nobody has never said anything about it until Brandi, why?
    3. Why is Brandi the only one being sued for this “secret”?
    4. What happened to the person who told her, if that person exits?

    • princesspindy says:

      #4 is a really good question!!

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      1) My guess is that Brandi found out through her closest ally on the show
      2) My guess is because given everybody’s reaction to it, that what ever the secret is a really, really, really low blow…and that it’s ‘malicious gossip’
      3) Brandi was the one who foolishly spilled it in the presence of a group of people with camera’s rolling
      4) She got a spin off.


    • missusmc says:

      When Brandi started the show last year, it was implied that she and Adrienne were friends before the show. Maybe not bffs or anything, but I think that’s why she was so mad at Brandi for not taking her side at the reunion. It’s not surprising that Brandi may in fact know something very personal about Adrienne.

    • melthehound says:

      My bet? There is no secret. These snafus are created on these shows to keep people watching the season long infomercials.

    • Cartwheels says:

      My bet is that Brandi found out directly but most likely inderectly from the Lisa- Cedric connection

    • Rebecca says:

      3.5. Why isn’t Kyle being sued for spreading the rumor through The Morally Corrupt Faye Resnick? We saw it on camera.

      • Cartwheels says:

        No we didn’t. Faye has known Adrienne even longer than Kyle has known Adrienne, being that Faye and Adrienne’s relationship seems to have involved even some dating among family members, I have no doubt that Faye is one of the few people in Adrienne’s circle that actually knows the “secret”
        Kyle is one of the few who has called this a “malicious gossip” which tells me that maybe not even Kyle really knows if this is a lie or if it is truth. I don’t think that Adrienne has told Kyle personally.

    • RealHousewifeVA says:

      If Adrienne used a surrogate, wouldn’t Lisa know since they were neighbors for longer than the kids have been alive.

  26. Shiny says:

    Great detailed blog on the show last night. Lots of hypocrisy floating around the scenes:
    Taylor saying she doesn’t reveal people’s skeletons? Well, she passes gossip faster and more inaccurately than most of them because she uses it for social currency. For example this season she was misquoting Brandi to other housewives about “having slept with everyone in town” when she didn’t say that at La Sur party (she was making an awkward joke about how small the town was).

    Loved Kyle and Maurico saying they’re not the kind of people who un-invite guests to their house. No? They must have forgotten uninviting Taylor and husband on Kyle’s front lawn just as they showed up for the white party. Guess they are that kind of people.

    Faye psychoanalyzing Brandi to her face based on whatever she’s heard from Kyle, not anything that she actually knows about Brandi herself….who is spewing “lies” or at the least “partial truths”, and rudely, too.

    Taylor and Brandi hugging strongly at the end of Mauricio’s event? Talk about changes in relationships that give viewers whiplash with their speed.

    And finally – sending flowers for an apology is not the only way to apologize, Faye. ( And somehow I doubt that Faye was going to be sending any flowers to Brandi the next day in order to “just take care of it, no matter who was wrong”) And by the way, Faye, “don’t send flowers then, send an orchid”? And orchid actually is a flower.

  27. AZGirl says:

    Good morning everyone! Thank you NMD, BB and Boston for the blog. Boston’s pictures are hilarious. I only caught the end of the dinner party at Kyle’s. Mr. AZGirl is on the computer in the den so I am not able to chat which is a bummer. Last night’s chat posts were really funny.
    I think the surrogate is a “red herring”. I don’t think having a long time affair would be THAT big of a deal expecially in BH. I just don’t see Adrienne as being alluring enough to attract any guy. Yep, I think Adrienne is a dude. Adrienne the transexual. Now THAT is a secret!!!

  28. Felcia says:

    OK I have read everything on here and all the blogs that are up. So where to start. The blogs are good but I like Yolanda’s the best. I think she is great (so far). Faye Faye who?? Marisa I hope will get in more than two words next time. But she seems to be on Brandi’s side. (We will see) One blog said this (secert) hurt AD, her family and her kids. So that makes me wonder more about this stupid (secert).
    One comment I wanted to make was about Taylor (I can’t believe this) but when Paul was yelling at Brandi I felt the way she said she did and I would have been shaking as well. I was abused as a kid and when you hear a man yelling and swearing at a lady setting in a chair you go into defensive mode. This happens more if the person is someone you have never seen go off like that before. It makes you take a few breathes, that for sure.
    I’m a lot like Brandi and my mouth gets me into a lot of trouble. It is very hard sometimes to shut your mouth! But did she really say something so bad or are they making it out to look that way? At K’s dinner party in the UGLY room, Why is it ok for Faye to say whatever but Brandi and no one else could say anything. Hello was Kyle home at her own party/dinner? This is my house and my dinner party, shut that Sh$$ down. Really Kyle????
    Thanks for letting my express my feelings. I come here everyday and love this blog. Thank you BB for the word to word recap.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Hi Felcia – great comments.

    • LA_Debra says:

      Very insightful. I mentioned last night that Taylor’s reaction looked like the reaction of someone that experienced abuse. Not all the time, maybe not even most of the time, but sometimes actual physical abuse is preceded by an agressive shouting fest. It’s a totally visceral reaction; I still get it and it’s been 30 years.

    • Rebecca says:


      What does it really say about Brandi that she has the three classiest ladies (Lisa, Yolanda, and Marissa) in her corner? Those other four and their morrally corrupt friends can all sit around Kyle’s ugly dining room and keep the gossip churning. Just sanitize the chairs for the cat when they’re done.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        Im not trying to be a smart ass but how do we know that Marissa is classy? And can you really be classy AND be on a Bravo reality show?

        • Rebecca says:

          She sees through TMCFR.

          • not THAT Jill says:

            Sees through? I think-and this is totally a snap judgement-from what I read of her tweets-she was a bit jealous that Faye was talking and she couldn’t get a word in. Also she said that she will always stand up for the one getting bullied. Since she used the buzz word of the minute I fell right of love with her. Brandi was NOT getting bullied-NOT EVEN A LITTLE!!!!

        • austin1963 says:

          Good point.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          so true, boo. She didn’t say much at all.

          • Called A Princess... says:

            I think Faye was being, a kind of a bully, to Brandi. I think one of the ways a person can be a bully is by being an agent for another bully ( Kyle). It is a little unsettling to defend ones self to someone you do not know well. How does one treat the close friend of the party host when she sticks her nose were it does not belong. Brandi was already in trouble with the group. Does she make more enemies or concede this round. She walked away and I do not blame her. People forget that their are many types of bullying but it’s not that complicated. If you do not like a person or their behavior it maybe hard to see the bullying. Does not mean that it is not there. That being said, I also think a person can feel bullied and not be, being bullied. JMHO.

            • not THAT Jill says:

              She was not bullied-Faye was being an ass but not a bully. Brandi knows how to use her mouth-why didnt she tell Faye to STFU?? We know she is a truth cannon so why hold back against Faye? She didn’t seem like she was afraid or intimidated-she seemed annoyed that Faye was asking “what did Adrienne do to you?”she wasn’t being bullied-she knew that she couldn’t answer that question b/c she doesn’t know the answer. She walked away-not because she was being bullied but because she got bested at her game.
              I dont think HW’s should be allowed to use the word bully-if they dont like the situations they are in they can quit. They are not forced to be on these shows. Kids at school get bullied-they HAVE to go to school. Brandi didnt HAVE to go to the dinner. She can walk away anytime she wants. Acting like a 7 year old when having a heated convo with another adult is not cute. It makes Brandi look like she is playing games…which I believe she is.

              • Called A Princess... says:

                I do not agree. Indirect bullying is characterized by attempting to socially isolate the subject with a emphasis on exclusion and mockery and the involvement of an imbalance of social power. The power does not necessarily have to be real. Nor does the implied victim have to experience the behavior as bullying for it to be bullying. The Real Housewives have turned bullying into an art form and protest the behavior far too little. JMHO.

                • Laineylainey says:

                  Social isolation is a form of social bullying. Putting an end to social bullying usually requires a group effort by those who are witnessing it.

            • PJ says:

              Princess I agree with you Brandi was indeed being bullied by Faye as I think Faye also bullied or at least intimidated Camille at the dinner party from hell.

  29. AZGirl says:

    Brandi calls Faye “Faye Rancic” Kyles Pit Bull Puppet. Got to love some Brandi.

  30. PJ says:

    After reading all of our comments and speculation and dissecting of each and every point; it occurred to me that it would be one big joke on us if these women were all just putting on a show for the cameras and are really friends off camera. Of course I don’t believe that for one second but it would be funny.

  31. princesspindy says:

    I didn’t know there was anything wrong with Yolanda, I googled what she mentioned in her blog and this is from Wiki, sounds awful!

    • vilzvet says:

      Sounds painful!

    • Kansas Girl says:

      I read about that the other day. Had never heard of it and it sounds horrid. She’s tweeted about how unprepared she was for this reaction to be so strong. From what I gather, she has a form of Lyme disease and the treatment is killing off the disease varmints, and when they die they cause this reaction. Odd, but good to know this exists.

  32. VV says:

    I brought this up last night at Chat but couldn’t remember the exact quote and by whom. It is by Brandi’s blog last week:

    “I understand why Paul was upset with me and he was just defending his wife’s honor”

    HONOR!!!???! Now, we know some of these housewives are know to misuse a word or two……but Brandi is talking about Adrienne’s secret. What does she mean by honor?

    • T-Rex says:

      I believe one of the issues is the HoofMaloof has had a long standing affair and Paul has tolerated it for a few years now. Remember while Paul has a business as a doctor, it’s really the HoofMaloof money paying the bills. I think after this season Paul’s eyes opened up and he throught you know what she is a lyin’ cheatin’ ravin’ lunatic and I need to get out now. Oh, not to mention we all know there was a money clause that stipulated that they needed to be married “X” number of years for the maximum payout on the pre-nup. This could also have been part of the secret that Paul was only staying married to her to fulfill the Pre-nup contract. That they had been living separately in the house for years, I have heard that this has been the case since the last kids were born. They played the nice “couple” on RHBH so she could get a place on the show and promote both her companies as well as Paul’s, but they were the FAKERSON”S not the BICKERSON”S

      • princesspindy says:

        Good points. LOL at “They played the nice ‘couple'”, sad that that was Adrienne’s idea of “nice”, ha!

    • Orson says:

      I have to admire him for defending Charo’s honor. It’s more than she probably ever did.

  33. vilzvet says:

    I wish Brandi had been on the show during “Dinner Party from Hell”. Can you imagine her going head to head with Ms. “Rosanna Arquette Plays Me”? And I cannot bear to hear Adrienne’s voice one more time. She can’t pronounce words (her intro sounds like “Share your enemies the door) and she sounds like a life long smoker. As for the what the secret is, I vote for something marriage-related, since they did split soon after.

    • PJ says:

      Maybe the secret is that when she passes air it really does smell as much as a common person’s does or *gasp* even worse. Something that would be considered malicious in this group, since it is generally believed and understood by all that Adrienne’s poo does not smell. Just an opinion but Adienne does remind me of a girl I went to school with and that was the rumor about her. ;0)

  34. VV says:

    Boston Hilarious!!! Just looking at Kim and her ugly blouse I knew I would get a big laugh.

  35. djprincessc says:

    All I have to say is that I’m SO incredibly over the hypocrisy and judgyness from everyone!! OMG can you believe Brandi said that?!?! Thats so horrible and not right!
    Give me a fu*cking break, because isn’t that what they all do!?!?!?! Women in general are snarky and bitchy and gossip! We all just have different levels of it, so I’m sick of everyone acting like they are SO above the gossip. Whether its Brandi saying it to the women, Kyle gossiping with Taylor or FayKe, Adrienne selling stories and trying to bring down Lisa THEY ALL DO IT just in different ways. They all talk shit. WOMEN TALK SHIT!! lol.

    Whatever Brandi said was true because so far nobody has said otherwise, so yes Brandi is at least truthful in what she says.

    Its funny how FayKe with her past isn’t just thankful shes not in the gutter somewhere, Kyle I mean come on, how does she look in the mirror and not bust out laughing, shes such a JOKE! Her family is known for crazy and shady behavior (Paris Hilton, who I actually love but come on you gotta call a spade a spade and that family is a mess)

    I can’t even deal! Haha! Like I said before, women gossip and say snarky bitchy comments and no woman is not guilty of this regardless if your famous or not. If everyone heard the shit my girlfriends and I talked about Ohhhhhh man! I can relate to Brandi and her personality minus the alcohol and ex drama, I’m outspoken and always say it like it is. Say what you mean and mean it is my motto. Faye needed a good slap last night and although I love Lisa would drop her after that dinner because she didn’t defend Brandi and THAT is a huge problem for me.

    Everyone was so insistent on Brandi sending Adrienne flowers but (ahem) how long exactly did it take Adrienne to send Lisa flowers and sit down and apologize for what SHE said?? And what about Camille and Kyle? They were in a HUGE feud the first season and I don’t remember either one sending flowers to one another. Maybe Camille should have sent Taylor flowers for bringing up the abuse comment?? Yes it was true but still such a horrible thing to say!! Thats not nice and a private matter(Gaaaassssppp I may faint!!) See?? They all do it, just in different ways so they should all shut the F*uck up and stop with the ganging up one one that happens on EVERY season now!

    • djprincessc says:

      on one**

    • Cartwheels says:

      There is no purpose on Brandi sending Adrienne anything. The best she could have done was to think before opening her mouth, now after the fact if I was Adrienne, I would throw her flowers on the trash.
      No amount of flowers or trees are going to erase the damage that Brandi has done with her malicious gossip and even worse yet, Brandi is not remorseful at all, she is just worried that she would get a lawsuit, not that her gossip could have really turn another person’s life upside down.
      I know that they are a lot of people that know about this more than I do, but is there even a lawsuit? If there was a lawsuit wouldn’t it be easy to find the filing?
      How come nobody has found or published the tenor of this lawsuit yet?
      Or is this another one of Brandi’s embellished stories.
      A cease and desist letter I can believe but a lawsuit not being made public? uhmmmm
      Maybe if somebody finds the actual lawsuit, we would be able to find out what is the big “secret” that everyone is talking about.

      • djprincessc says:

        And Adrienne never spread malicious gossip?? I think you missed the whole point of my post. lol.

        • not THAT Jill says:

          dj-the thing that drives me nuts is-they all talk crap on each other- that’s true. But the second someone says one thing about Brandi it becomes a huge deal. At that infamous dinner party during season 1 Faye said some things to Camille that were not that different from what she said to Brandi-but I dont recall people blowing a gasket about back then. Now that she popped off to Brandi she is the devil himself. I dont get why Brandi is held in such high regard? She is a grown woman of 40 years old and she has been around the scene for long enough to know the game. She opens her mouth and then cries when she gets shit back. If she wants us to believe she is a ballsy chick, well then I guess she better get some balls. She needs to stop crying foul when someone fires the truth cannon in her direction.
          I still dont know what Adrienne has done to Brandi? Selling stories? I wonder how many stories Brandi has sold? Or any of them for that matter. What did we find out about
          Brandi from Adrienne? I must have missed the gossip the day the horrific story came

          • djprincessc says:

            I agree in the sense that Brandi needs to own what she says, bc let me tell you that if I said those things about Adrienne and then was getting sued, I still wouldn’t budge. I thought this was America where you could speak your mind or opinion? If you go around in life suing everyone that talks about you in a nasty way then you got way too much time on your hands.

            And as far as what has Adrienne done? I think part of it was that Adrienne and Paul were trying to get Brandi on their side last season against Lisa, Brandi did say that they called her and were telling her what to say about Lisa and when Brandi refused, then Adrienne turned on her. I have no clue what Adrienne has done or said to her after, I kind of got the impression that Brandi can’t and wont say now that Adrienne is suing her, and basically Brandi doesn’t want to dig herself into a bigger whole so she’s keeping her mouth shut this time.

            • not THAT Jill says:

              Brandi keeps saying that we dont know what Adrienne has done to her. If we dont know-who does know? She said this over and over. She said it before she blabbed about Adrienne’s secret so it doesn’t have anything to do with the lawsuit I guess? Brandi kind of acts like she spilled the beans b/c of what the Maloof’s have done to her-if all they did was call her and try to get her to tweet something then Miss Brandi has some thin skin!!!

              • djprincessc says:

                I’m sure at the reunion we will find out or after the season is over, but for now I doubt we will find out anything! lol.

          • austin1963 says:

            I totally agree. I don’t get the Brandi-love. Anyone else does something, it’s evil and horrible and they are a vile, disgusting person. Brandi does the same or worse, and it’s a different story. All of these women are pretty bad, but Brandi makes me ill.

            • Cartwheels says:

              I hate double standards so much and this is a tipical case of it.
              Brandi can say whatever crap comes to her mind (under freedom of speech) and she is praised as being honest , truthful and a poor bullied victim, she can express her disgust and call anyone she wants not only a B&^% but a F*&^ing b&^%ch, she says that she was never contacted by Adrienne after filming stopped and only remembered a week before the reunion, bullied by Paul and Adrienne to say something she didn’t want to say and nobody dares to doubt the veracity of her statements at all, even though Adrienne has offered her proof that she had tried to call her several times, she even offered her to show her her cellphone.
              But the moment that somebody dares to exercise their own freedom of speech and give some opinions about Brandi, then she quickly labels them bullies, she immediately cries murder, she dares to say that it is none of their business, she wants everybody to celebrate her succes but she is incapable of being happy for anybody else but herself and her new BFF , she speaks of lawsuits that are not found, she reminds us that she is a poor single mother fighting against a powerful and rich woman, but forgets to clarify that she put herself in that vulnerable position.
              Brandi in fact knows how to play this game and she is playing it at her best even if she loses herself in the process.

        • Nancy says:

          If you are at home check out the OVTV channel. It’s a modern dance version
          of The Nutcracker. It’s good.

          • djprincessc says:

            Nancy! I was just thinking about you!! I wanted to ask you about your comment you made a while ago about alcoholics and their brains or maturity not developing/stopping? What is it again?? I’m sure I butchered it! lol. 🙂

            Yes I am home, not feeling good I feel like I’m fighting a cold sore throat, buying eyes and headache. Yuck! What channel is OVTV? Idk if I have it!

            • djprincessc says:

              burning eyes**

            • Nancy says:

              OVTA Ovation channel. It’s 274 where I live.

              Once someone starts drinking alcoholicly you stop maturing mentally.
              Same thing with addicts.

              I’m sorry to hear that you are not feeling well.

              • djprincessc says:

                Ok I’ll look for it now! Thanks for clarifying the comment! I was trying to remember! How is your day? I’m staying inside resting since I feel like this…staying away from the freezing cold and wet weather.

                • Nancy says:

                  I’m ok thanks. Today is the anniversary of my fathers death. 😦

                  • LaineyLainey says:

                    Sorry Nancy. It’s hard when our loved ones run out of time. It’s hard on us who are left behind wishing for just one more day. so sorry, love.

                  • djprincessc says:

                    Aww I’m sorry Nancy must be so hard. I haven’t gone through it yet personally but my best friends father passed away about 3 years ago and I remember being there with her through that difficult time. I know they say it gets easier as time goes on but I don’t think its really true. I hope you have somewhat of a good day considering 😦

                  • VV says:


        • Cartwheels says:

          Adrienne was the only one last season who defended Brandi no matter what.
          The only gossip that I have heard Adrienne say, if it can be consider that is that Brandi lies (which I think is true), and that she is a drug addict (I have seen at least twice Brandi take Xanax and mix it with alcohol) furthermore she got a DUI last year and Adrienne only said this after Brandi has told her big whopper.
          I am not saying that Adrienne is any better, under the right circunstances it is obvious that she can say evil things and also overreacts big time.
          My point is that we held Brandi to a different standard and then she plays the victim like a pro. Poor, little girl against mean, evil tycoon
          No, Brandi is not the victim here, she has placed herself in that position by her own will by revealing information that was none of her business.
          Ultimately I think that Brandi just wanted the extra attention on her and she got it, even if it was in a trashy, underhandedf way, so she is still the clear winner,

      • RealHousewifeVA says:

        And what damage did Brandi do with her gossip? LOL everyone who dislikes Brandi is acting like she killed Adrienne’s puppy. She gossiped about something that most of them knew about…woaaahhhh that’s so unheard of. WHATEVER. Her gossip did no more damage than Adrienne herself did when accusing Paul of beating her and their children. We don’t even KNOW what Brandi’s gossip was. lol

        • not THAT Jill says:

          By the same token RHVA-what did Adrienne do to Brandi? What big secret do we know about Brandi that we learned from Adrienne? Brandi told Adrienne’s secret b/c of “all the things” A&P did to her…what did they do? I keep asking this question but no one seems to know the answer? We don’t know what Adrienne’s secret is so we cant really say what kind of damage it caused. If Brandi said something that was so personal just to hurt Adrienne then I don’t know how anyone wouldn’t have a problem with that.,even if I hated Adrienne (which I don’t but I’m not a fan) I would have to say that Brandi is wrong to do that.

    • VV says:

      Lisa tried to defend Brandi only to be shut down by Kyle pointing the finger at her. It was at Kyle’s house, Lisa was a guest there and the new housewife was in attendance. Lisa is way too classy and savy to allow Kyle to lower her to Kyle’s level.
      Lisa and Brandi are okay. They say so on Twitter and their blogs last night.
      What I saw was Brandi restraining herself from blowing up at Faye, Lisa avoided drama and Marissa too. Kyle and Rancid showed lack of class.

      *Maybe the flower offering started out by Faye Rancid suggesting it to Charo first.

    • WasLurking says:


  36. Rebecca says:

    Can we have a fifth choice to the poll?

    Bernie is the father of Adrienne’s children.

  37. VV says:

    Maybe the secret is that Adrienne Maloof IS REALLY CHARO!!!!

  38. Nancy says:

    I think this video is appropriate. It’s Jackie Evancho and David Foster.
    Warning it may bring tears to your eyes.

  39. VV says:

    St Christophet of Lurkita! LMAO!

  40. Powell says:

    BB how’s your mom feeling?

  41. sloanabarnett says:

    Faye on Larry King

  42. plainviewsue says:

    Couldn’t get onto the blog until now. My thoughts: I think I would like to apologize to Allison DuBois, cos I think she was dead right on Kyle!! I also think that Camille was telling the truth about Kyle.

    Believe it or not, while I am no fan of Taylor’s, she hasn’t annoyed me the last couple of episodes as much as Vile & Adrienne. I liked that she supported Brandi during Paul’s meltdown.

    Mauricio has gone so far down in my book. The next million dollar house I sell, I will not give him the listing! JK!!

    Marisa, as the new girl, has been quite active on twitter, getting her feet wet. Responding to a lot of our tweets, following tweeters. She had tweeted back to him that Kyle is a really good friend, but respects different opinions. According to her tweets, she is not a Faye fan.

    I love watching Lisa and Ken. The blogs are ripping, and I mean ripping, Faye and Kyle.

  43. VV says:

    Why would Charo allow her personal cook to go on and on and on attacking your neighbor/co-worker/friend(?) to no end. I read bernie’s rants early this year before he unfriended on FB about Lisa. He was vile. He interacted with his fans in a mean spirited way bad mouthing her horribly. What did Charo do? NOTHING! ZILCH!! NADA!!!! She was asked on Twitter, TV, FB. She was given the chance to condemn it or discourage it but she didn’t ….. and THAT is Who Charo is! A poor, holding grudges, unhappy soul.

    Oh, but how I would love to have her money 😉

  44. AZGirl says:

    Well I am catching up tonight if I can stay awake. Sorry for the typo in my post above to Guiliana and Bill Rancic. I meant to spell “Rancid”. At the office and I was in a hurry. If they are reading apologize for the typo. Bad AZGirl.

  45. Dixie says:

    Here are my silly thoughts about this casino:

    Adrienne allegedly using a surrogate is not the big issue; I agree with others that the big issue is that Adrienne is allegedly a lesbian, hermaphrodite, in an affair, etc.

    The other ladies, except maybe Kim, knew all about the big issue; they were just aghast that Brandy said it on air.

    Kim may not have known the big secret; that is why she felt like it was so horrible she had to tell Adrienne and Paul.

    Adrienne is very vindictive. The whole child abuse allegations were made because Paul filed for divorce instead of continuing their charade.

    Kim calls Maurico Maurice because that is really his name; he changed it to sound more exotic. Really, what sounds better, Mauricio Umansky or Maurice Umansky.


    • VV says:

      Are you sure about the Mauricio Maurice name? Mauricio is the Spanish version of Maurice. Since he was born and raised in Mexico, it would make sense his name is Mauricio. Usually, when people come from Mexico or other countries “some” try to Anglicize the name. Could it be he introduced himself as Maurice first and then later in life he started to use his birth name Mauricio?
      I totally agree with you in that Adrienne is VERY vindictive.

    • Rebecca says:

      In the immortal words of Denis Lemieux (Slap Shot), “you make me sick when you speak Maurice.”

  46. timarsh101 says:

    Forgive me in advance, as I may stumble a bit through my post because it may come off as flippant or bitchy and that’s not really my intent. Here goes…

    Full disclaimer, I fully identify with Brandi’s personality. If you attack me, I will not hesitate to come out swinging. I will never say anything personal about or to someone unless I’ve been provoked. Don’t grab the tiger by it’s tail if you don’t expect it to take a swing back.

    The underlying issue here is that Brandi attacks back with the truth. Everyone has their shit they would prefer kept under wraps, but if that’s the case, then you should be very careful about who you chose to attack or provoke. Brandi was provoked by Kyle and Kim at game night and she hit back with the truth (or close enough to it), but people think Brandi was in the wrong of identifying/saying out loud what the rest of America watched as clear drug abuse behavior? She destroyed a family? Please. Kim’s addiction and her and Kyle’s toxic relationship destroyed that family. Stop using Brandi as a scape goat for that argument (Fayle).

    Now Brandi has exposed some dumb ass secret of Adrienne’s and Adrienne basically tells the world whatever B said IS the truth by reacting with a lawsuit and some insane allegations of her own. Someone tell me who the “fight/moral” police are so that we can get ruling on how below the belt Adrienne’s comments about Brandi being an unfit, drug addict mother were. That, apparently is on the right side of the fence to everyone else in this BH crew.

    That leads me to my questions: who draws the line when it comes to a fight? At what point do things go too far? I’m serious. In general, fights are ugly and nasty and I prefer to avoid them at all costs because of how messy they can be. Most people in this world are not exempt from saying something in the heat of the moment in which they regret which couples with the fact that most people have dirty laundry they would prefer to be kept under wraps. I just can’t stand the hypocrisy of the BH women.

    And I’m going to say for the 100th time, if you have secrets, skeletons, a shred of self-respect, do NOT come onto a reality show. If you care about what your children may be subjected to seeing, hearing, or for their own well-being, do NOT come onto a realty show. This was Adrienne’s CHOICE to have cameras follow her around. I wish she would have stayed home.

    • djprincessc says:

      Thanks so much totally agree, and couldn’t agree more!

    • PJ says:

      I agree. Brandi is being held to a higher standard than people hold them selves to and it is pure hypocrisy, but it seems the HW shows specialize in hypocrisy. My guess is that if Brandi had the money Adrienne has they would lick Brandi’s shoes, even Morris if Brandi had big houses to sell or buy. Personally I believe that Adrienne did do something to Brandi that we just don’t know yet.

    • mrspeabody says:

      my thumbs are up. totally agree. Also seems to me if Adrienne didn’t want this info out there her actions sure backfired cuz that’s all everyone is talking about.

    • melthehound says:

      Thumbs up here too 😀

  47. Orson says:

    If his last name is Umansky, his real first name is probably Moses. There’s an old joke about some Alta Kockers (Yiddish for retired gentlemen) interrupting their daily card game at the temple to watch some young big shot bossing around folks decorating the multi-purpose room for the temple Purum dance. They talk about the young guy and his connections. The youngster is Maurice LaFontaine, who turned out to be the grandson of their old, passed on friend, Morris Spritzwasser. And back in the old country, Morris’s grandfather was known as Moishe the Pisher.

  48. JumpTheShark says:

    Okay, I just entered my alternate THEORY on the poll page…My guess is that it was A. who was giving the tabloid info about Taylor & Russell, and then blamed Lisa…this would explain why Taylor seems so upset: she threatened to sue the wrong cast mate! Bravo later rewards Lisa with her own show.

  49. VV says:

    Bravo and their not so clever editing. I just watched the clip when Brandi left the table at Kyle’s house. When she is being attacked by Fake Rancid. Lisa is not sitting at the table. The only ones sitting at the table are Taylor, FR, Marissa, Camille and Kyle. I wonder what happened to Lisa and why wasn’t she there. Bravo show her for a micro second there “reacting” to what was being said but when the camera pans and zooms out voilá Lisa mysteriously disappears.

    • BB says:

      And also when Brandi was thanking God that someone (Marisa) at the table was defending her she said she was now alone. I wonder if Lisa had left by then?

      • VV says:

        Brandi said that on her talking head. Perhaps, she was referring to Camille or Taylor whom she knew and they were spectators of Rancid insults. You can clearly see Lisa is not at the table when she stands up and leaves.
        The clip is on Bravo site.

        • BB says:

          You can see Lisa’s not there in the last photo above because Lisa was sitting to Kyle’s right when Kyle was pointing her finger and they were talking about Lisa not liking Adrienne. In the picture, the chair is empty

          • VV says:

            Exactly! I wonder if Lisa left shortly after Kyle and her finger pointing… It was rude of Kyle to treat her the way she did.

    • Vegas Chick says:

      Bathroom break? Nah! Maybe, Lisa left after the finger wagging which was Brandi’s clue to exit stage right.

      • VV says:

        The preview shows Lisa coming back to the table but Brandi Was already crying outside of Kyle’s house. She tries to comfort Brandi. Inside the house Faye continues to act like a b*tch. Bravo please make Faye Fade away.

        • Lisa misunderstood the Bravo director’s explanation of the scene. She exited stage left before Brandi, thereby meeting her outside to console her while she cried. After, Lisa returned to the table to film her “defense of Brandi.” Really they either need a better director, or better “actresses.”

  50. boston02127 says:

    My Theory:

    Adrienne Maloof was really born Andrew Kaman. Born to Gloria and Sol Kamen. Andrew ran away from home at an early age due to the fact that he did not get along with one of his evil sisters.

    He left his cozy home in Yonkers, NY as a young teen and never looked back. He saved and saved until he had enough money for a seat near the toilet on a Greyhound bus and rode for days until he ended up in Los Angeles, CA

    After working for many years selling maps to the homes of the Hollywood stars, he decided this was not the life for him. Andrew found a second job and saved and saved all his pennies.

    After all the years of working in LA he observed many woman with very large boobs, all with dozens of shopping bags each day of the week . They all drove Mercedes and Bentleys with the tops down, their shiny hair extensions blowing freely in the wind. Free to shop till their hearts content. It was his dream and he was determined to make it happen.

    After years of saving his hard earned pennies he had enough money for airfare to fly to Transylvania for some quick surgery. After a bit of botched plastic surgery Andrew was now Adrienne.

    After being back in LA with his/her new look Andrew changed his name to Adrienne and decided to look for a man with money and live the rich life dream.

    She met Dr. Paul and they married. Dr Paul was a guys guy and like to have Adrienne around. She was also good for protection of his million dollar home. For years poor Dr Paul tried and tried to no avail to fix Adrienne’s cheap botched surgery.

    After years of being married, Dr Paul became afraid of Adrienne. She wanted more and more. He went as far as hiring a mad scientist to build them three robotic children. Nothing ever satisfied Andrew Kaman/Adrienne.

    After years of marriage and to Dr Paul’s relief, Adrienne decided “we’re done”. She went on to live a life of eating potato latkes, self righteousness, lies and purchasing humongous flower arrangements.

  51. boston02127 says:

    The exact kettle Caroline Manzo’s has (Mackenzie Childs 2 qt Tea Kettle Courtly Check) is on sale on Ebay for $98.00. She paid a lot for a kettle.

    La De Da

  52. rabblerouser2010R says:

    LOL- I just thought I would share this since it might bring a smile to some of us ( I know I could use it, especially after what happened in CT)

    I asked my 3 year old what gift would she like to give to the world for Christmas…after thinking about it for a second, she said “Ballet shoes”. I asked her why and she told me point blank “because they are so stylish”. What a diva 😀

  53. Mena Seela says:

    I know it’s really really late but I’ve been busy with my family. I just dropped in to read about this week’s episode.

    Why hasn’t anyone mentioned that Faye was “auditioning” for Taylor’s place on the show? Of course she’s been the uber-bitch on camera!! Just this summer there were tons of articles about phasing out Taylor (and Kim) if only Bravo could find the right replacement. So all the estrogen-kitty litter is demonstrating to Bravo how Faye can unsheath her claws and scratch out Brandi’s (or whomever’s) eyes out.
    I think the unveiling of the boring diningroom was just an excuse by Kyle to include Faye in the party.

    I’m just so happy that Taylor is just a piece of furniture this season. Even though I don’t care for Faye – If it means getting rid of Taylor then I say Go Faye!

    PS- I’m a total Brandi fan.

    • melthehound says:

      I’d be happy and watch regularly if neither one of them were ever on the show again. I think though, we are stuck with Lips McGee and Lips 2.0 on the show. i don’t believe she is being ‘phased out’ at all. Someone lied to me about that 😦 .

  54. contessa says:

    I am starting a new business, “Apology” fugly floral arrangements that are sent specifically when you are angry with someone, but want to appear nice and just this side of sorry. I will carry all sizes of logs, where I could staple ugly plastic flowers (your choice of colors – Michaels has tons I can buy on the cheap, dollar store even better). Of course I will use ribbon artistically as well. If you really want to go high end designer Iwill go into the desert and dig up a few fallen cacti bodies that I could weave in some plastic orchid and perhaps some old rocks at the base with an artistic dead scorpion or tarrantula perched precariously in the arrangement. I think this could be a real winner and maybe I can count vile Kyle as my first customer and she could sent these to Ad or krayfaye after that atrocious dinner party. Better yet, I will ask Brandi to be my brochure/web model and I will send the arrangement to Adrienne (on Brandi’s behalf) strictly on the house, as it is such a socially acceptable thing in BH.

    • melthehound says:

      Good idea 😀

    • Orson says:

      I recall reading a story about these businessmen in NYC and Northen NJ where, when one of the characters died, someone would send a floral arrangement to the funeral. It was a ‘horseshoe” of flowers with a black ribbon with gold letters with a sympathetic message like “Sorry it came to this” or “It was business, not personal”.

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      What a perfect gift, I have been looking to find the right gift for my MIL 😉

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I’d like to order a medium sized log with rubber knives hot glued to it. This will go to GG in honor of her bad self who loves to collect knives. Instead of ribbon please use blue and red bandanas since she pretends to be so “gangsta” – in honor of the crips and the bloods. Oh and please attach some plastic flies to the arrangement in remembrance of Asa flicking her away like a fly. A little irridescent (sp) glitter on the flies, please. Thank you!

    • Beckygrey says:


  55. WindyCityWondering says:

    Reflecting on RHBH’s three seasons and at the bottom of every casino are the Richard sisters….sober or not, both are mean spirited at their cores and apologizing doesn’t mean they can’t exact revenge for their perceived slights at a later date. The lastest polarizing melee was kicked off by Kim and pushed forward by Kyle and her agent of evil Faye. Brandi may have said something that shouldn’t have been said but both the fried pickle and her gossipmongering sister have made it impossible for the group to mend fences and for viewers to enjoy what should have been a guilty pleasure.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      great observation. The creation of drama-filled action is the impetus for each episode. It keeps the viewers interested. If what you’re saying is true, and after a small amount of thought, it seems to be accurate…then the Richards sisters are “doing their job” and securing their spot on the next season of the Real Housewives of Beverly HIlls. Gotta keep that juicy paycheck coming. Gotta stay in the limelight. Creating drama will accomplish both of those things.

  56. BB says:

    The City of Virginia Beach is still trying to “sell” their citizens and the state on the concept of building a multi-million dollar arena and getting a pro sports team there. It’s rumored to be the Sacramento Kings. One quote in the article stood out. “. An additional $80 million would be offered to help a professional sports team relocate.” I believe that’s how much money the Maloof’s owe the city of Sacremento and what they would have to pay to get out; so if they can get their debt paid for them all the better. Not sure it’s so wise for Virginia Beach to strike a deal with the Maloofs. They have proven they aren’t very good business people. I believe they’ve pretty much squandered a big chunk their father made in the beer distribution business.

  57. SusieK says:

    Thank you for the recap! I have to agree; the drama between Adrienne and Brandi goes deeper than her spilling the beans about a surrogate. I think it is in regards to their marriage, and it makes sense after hearing it was a bitter divorce. I was only able to watch part of this episode when it aired, but my DISH co-worker brought me up to speed on the drama I missed. It looks like next week Taylor has the cameras back on her but I’m going to miss it so I’m setting my DISH Hopper to record it. There is over 400 hours of HD DVR recording room so I can record this show and my other favorite shows that air the same night without worry it will us up too much space; this has been a lifesaver for me.

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