Exclusive Interview with Ana Quincoces – Real Housewives of Miami

Exclusive Interview with Ana Quincoces – Real Housewives of Miami by NoMoreDrama

ana quincoces Ana Quincoces has impressed me this season on the Real Housewives of Miami.  She seems – for the lack of a better word – more level-headed than many of the ladies that have agreed to be on the various housewives franchises.  The moment I knew I’d love to interview her was after the episode with the Thomas Kramer dinner party, where Ana stood up for herself (and  in a way all women) by walking out of his dinner party after he behaved like an ass. Ana dishes on that dinner party and gives us the tea on the Rodolfo – Karent relationship.  She also corroborates Marysol’s side of the Elaine Lancaster / Lisa Pliner / Marysol Patton argument.  A big thank you to Ana for agreeing to the interview and answering all the questions candidly.

Q1.  My first question is – and I only ask this because you seem level-headed – why did you agree to be on a Housewives show?

Ana: I hate to sound cliché and say it was the “platform” but in large part that is why I did it- at least that why I convinced myself I was doing it. Filming this season became an exercise in self-discovery- part of me wanted to take a risk and do something a little out of character. I had played it safe for most of my adult life and I figured this was my opportunity to do something a little reckless. Lol.

Q2. You were voted one of Miami’s “hottest chefs” by Eater Magazine last year, but we’ve seen more of your Lawyer storyline than Chef storyline.  Why is that and will we see you cooking on the show in the remaining episodes?

Ana: The producers wanted to show my transition from one career to another. I was struggling with my office move and I think it was important for the viewers to get to know that part of me. I think next season will show more of Ana the chef.

Q3.  You and your ex-husband (is he an ex yet?) are showing the viewers an example of an amicable divorce.  Thank you for that.  What is your relationship status now?

Ana: We are still great friends and co-parents.

Q4.  There was a scene on the show where your ex let himself into your home and seemed to surprise you.  Have you set additional boundaries to respect your privacy?  If so, is he respecting them?

Ana: Robert is always welcome in my home- the unexpected visits however, are much less frequent. I did not really have to set boundaries. It was the natural progression of a relationship that was “winding down”, for lack of a better term.

Q5.   You were in the middle of the drama at Lisa Pliner’s party between Elaine Lancaster and Marysol Patton.  Is it intimidating to be yelled at by a six-foot two drag queen? What is your relationship with Elaine, and what is your relationship with James (the actor who plays Elaine)?  If it is different, why do you think that is?

Ana: There are very few things that intimidate me. Perhaps cooking alongside Morimoto or Batali would make me a bit uneasy- having a spirited discussion with Elaine Lancaster does not. I have a cordial relationship with both Elaine and James. We do not get in each other’s way- kind of an unspoken agreement between us.

Q6.   At Thomas Kramer’s party you were defending Marysol when Thomas started to yell at you.  What were you trying to say before you were interrupted?

Ana: I was having a conversation with Joanna regarding the Lisa Pliner controversy.  I was simply telling her about the texts I had read and the conversation I had witnessed and participated in which corroborated Marysol’s side of the story.  

Q7.  You chose to leave Thomas Kramer’s party, calling him a “misogynist.”  Can you give viewers a little insight into what was going on that night and how that made you feel?

Ana:  It was the kind of event that makes you want to get deloused upon leaving- as a hot shower would be insufficient to rid oneself of the infestation.

Q8.  Thomas Kramer has told his side of the story of that night on his blog here.  He defines each of the housewives by their husband/boyfriend’s relationship to HIM, with the exception of Marysol and Mama Elsa.  Had you met Thomas Kramer before that evening?  Have any of the men in your life had a (business/friendship) relationship with him?

Ana:  I had been to Thomas Kramer’s home twice before- I even cooked at his home for a VH-1 pilot. He then invited me a second time for a small dinner which included Jon Secada, the singer as well as some Japanese business associates. He was dating a friend of mine named Zurami who had the good sense to end the relationship shortly thereafter.

Q9.    Talking about the dinner party, Thomas Kramer said you were “loud, texting the entire time, rude and void of manners.” He described you as the “ME ME ME ME ME Star” of RHOM.  We certainly didn’t see that on the screen.  What really happened that night?

Ana:  To dignify his comments with a response is to give him more attention than he deserves.  What you saw on screen is the real me- someone who doesn’t draw first blood or vie for attention.

Q10.  How would you describe Thomas Kramer?

Ana:  I wouldn’t.

Q11.  You mentioned in your “on camera” interview after that night that you were finished defending Marysol, and that you were hurt that she didn’t come to your defense.  Can you explain how you were feeling that night?  How is your relationship with Marysol now?

Ana:  Marysol and I are closer than ever. That incident was just a hiccup in a blossoming friendship.

Q12.   You also mentioned that Marysol needed to start sticking up for herself.  Did you encourage her to work things out with Elaine/James?

Ana: I did encourage her to try and work things out.

Q13.  You got off to a rocky start with Karent Sierra when filming started.  Karent accused you of texting/fan stalking her then-boyfriend Rodolfo Jimenez.  Has she ever apologized for that?

Ana: No she has not. But that is consistent with her character or lack thereof.

Q14.   You kept referring to Rodolfo as Karent’s fake boyfriend.  While it’s now clear that he was cheating on her, it’s not clear to me why you felt that their relationship was fake.  Could you please explain why you said that?

Ana:  I had the opportunity to spend some time with Rodolfo at the hospital when Alexia’s son was recovering from his accident.  He made it very clear to me, Alexia, and several others that he wanted nothing to do with Karent. In fact, he said he was avoiding her at all cost.  I had also attended numerous events where both he and Karent were present and he didn’t as much as look in her general direction. Her account of their relationship is inconsistent with what I witnessed with my own eyes.  Rodolfo also became engaged to another woman during the purported “break” she often spoke of. This “reconciliation” fortuitously and too coincidentally happened at the same time that the casting for RHOM was taking place. I believe Rodolfo was a prop for Karent to be cast on the show and that he agreed to this because he had just been terminated from his job at Univision. I do believe however that Karent held out hope for a true reconciliation, but ultimately she was not honest with the viewers or herself.

Q15.  In last week’s episode of Real Housewives of Miami most of the show seemed centered around Alexia waiting for the right opportunity to tell Karent about the article that mentioned Rodolfo’s new girlfriend.  How much of that night was really spent on talking about Karent’s relationship? Was that article something you had seen before Alexia showed it to you or was it a surprise?  Was it something Karent could have seen on-line?  Was Alexia asked to bring the article to Bimini to “confront” Karent with the truth?

Ana:  The scene in the bathroom was the first time I saw or heard of the article. My reaction upon learning that Rodolfo was involved with a 24 year old named “Ana” was that of vindication with a side of poetic justice. The remainder of the evening made me uncomfortable as is evident from the footage and the many times the camera panned upon my face.

Q16.  Lea Black is very direct, and while she asked Karent all sorts of questions about her relationship with Rodolfo she didn’t mention the article.  What did you think of Lea’s questions that night?  How is your relationship with Lea?

Ana: I think it was distasteful and not at all direct.

Q17.  How is your relationship with Karent now?

Ana: Cordial.

Q18.  If you’re back for a second season of Real Housewives of Miami, what else would you like us to learn about you?

Ana: I would love to share my passion for cooking with the viewers. I would also love the viewers to see more of the amazing relationship I share with my daughters. They are quite the characters. Ultimately, I think the viewers learned a lot about me this season. I did honest TV. I didn’t play anything up or anything down for the cameras. I have some regrets but mostly I am proud of my participation. I am not a typical “housewife” by any stretch. I am a veritable “square peg” and I like it that way.

Q19.  What’s next for Ana Quincoces?

Ana:  My third cookbook for the famed Versailles Cuban Restaurant comes out in the spring, and a food line beginning with my “Million Dollar Marinade will launch in early January. I am also toying with the idea of a small restaurant. We’ll see… I am both nervous and excited about my future. I suppose that if the world is my oyster, I’m making “Oysters Rockefeller”! 😉

Thank you Ana – NMD!


Adrienne’s Secret and Other Housewife News by NoMoreDrama

Sorry – I somehow deleted our poll when I was looking at the comments.  But one thing is for sure, based on yesterday’s comments, Adrienne would be better off coming clean.  The speculation is getting getting wilder and wilder as we let our imaginations run through all the scenarios of what the “malicious gossip” could be.

One final tidbit that is probably nothing.  Faye Resnick gave an interview to WetPaint in early October after Bravo posted a preview video of the season showing footage of the dinner party and Faye laying into Brandi Glanville.  Most of it is information we already heard, but one tiny tidbit stood out to me.

Wetpaint:  What are your thoughts on what’s going on right now with Adrienne and Paul? (This was before the divorce was finalized and probably before all the allegations were leaked to the press – NMD.)

Faye:  I mean, I just wish them well. I hope that they reconcile. I think that it’s difficult being in a relationship, obviously. It’s certainly difficult when you’re in the public eye, and there’s outside influences that either help make the relationship strong or break it apart. And we all hope that we’re strong enough within our relationships to deal with that. So, I really don’t know what else to say other than I just really love them both. I’ve known Adrienne for years; I guess, 25 years. My stepdaughter’s dated her son, her brother’s, back in the ’80s. And I’ve also designed for the Palms. So Adrienne and I, I wish her well, and I wish them well.

Stop the train.  Faye said her step-daughter dated Adrienne’s son.  Does Adrienne have a grown son?  Is he masquerading as her brother?  Could that be the secret??  Or is it just crummy reporting by Wetpaint??  And just how old is Faye’s stepdaughter.  I want answers!

Lisa defends Brandi

In other news, Lisa Vanderpump defends Brandi and talks about what a great mom she is, how she went to therapy with LeAnn and Eddie to try to move things forward in an amicable manner, and Brandi’s sit down with the waitress that slept with Eddie and ultimately led to the breakup of her marriage.  The interview is here.

MJ says Reza Lied

Last Sunday on the Shahs of Sunset, cast member Reza told a story about his relationship with castmember MJ.  Reza – who is gay – explained that they were running late for a party and decided to shower together.  One thing led to another and they ended up having sex, and missed the party.  He told the story while laughing hysterically.

Asked on twitter if she had ever had sex with Reza MJ replied “No, never. Never, ever.”  Asked if he was lying she said simply: “Um, duh!”

Project Runway News by BB

Kors and Posen 2Due to scheduling conflicts, Project Runway judge Michael Kors will not be sitting beside Nina Garcia and Heidi Klum for the 11th season of Project Runway.  Taking his place will be designer Zac Posen.  Kors will be one of the judges during the season 11 finale.  Read more here.


Shahs of Sunset Recapper

My thoughts and prayers are being sent to our Shahs of Sunset Recapper Ana and her family.  Ana’s great aunt passed away yesterday, and she’s with her family helping them through this difficult time.


Wednesday Night Lineup, December 19th by BB

8PM – A Home for the Holidays with Rascal Flatts (CBS); 2012 Miss Universe Competition (NBC); The X Factor (Fox); Moonshiners (Discovery); Baggage Battles (Trvl)

9PM – The Year with Katie Couric (9:30 ABC); WWE Tribute to the Troops (USA); Buying and Selling (HGTV); Toddlers and Tiaras (TLC); Amish Mafia (Discovery); Celebrity Oops: They Did It Again (E!); Full Throttle Saloon (truTV); American Restoration (History); Border Wars (NatGeo); Final Cut (ID); High School Confidential (WE); Homewreckers (DIY); Extra Virgin (9:30 Cook); The Hour (BBC)

10PM – Top Chef Seattle (Bravo); Challenge: Battle of the Seasons (MTV); Shipping Wars (A&E); Cheer Perfect (TLC); Moonshiners (Discovery); The Soup/Love You, Mean It (E!); Black Gold (truTV); Invention USA (History); Fast Foods Gone Global (Trvl); Restaurant Impossible (Food); Stalked: Someone’s Watching (ID); High School Confidential (WE); Nadia G’s Bitchin Kitchen/Sandra Lee (Cook); Wild Case Files (NatGeoWild)


Happy Birthday Cityside

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    Good morning everyone. Can’t wait to read the interview w/Ana. I really like her. Well it’s 6 days til Christmas. What’s everyone up to to get to the 25th unscathed? Have a great day.

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  3. Iowagirl says:

    Maybe that’s it, one of her brothers is her son or raised her son as his own. Maybe she was a teenage mother. It happened in my family and the son didn’t find out till he was 19.

  4. HuskerHuny says:

    I leaning toward believing that the big secret about Adrienne is that she does have a child out there somewhere that is not the child of Paul’s. If the secret involved a child of Paul’s, wouldn’t he still be upset with Brandi where in fact, they seem to have patched things up?

    • PJ says:

      This is very interesting speculation. If Adrienne had a son old enough to date FR’s step daughters back in the 80’s exactly how old would she have to be when she had the son? Faye says she has known her for 25 years so since 1987 maybe. Adrienne is about 50 now and in 87 was about 25. I went to school with a girl that found out her sister was really her mother, her sister had her at like 13 or something and her parents raised her as their second daughter. There is sure a lot of wild speculation going on about this bombshell secret.

      • princesspindy says:

        We had a neighbor like that. The “mom” was really the Grandma, and the “big sister” was the mom….I loved going to her house cuz she had everything!!! But also knew as a little kid that I was not allowed to say anything. I don’t even know why I knew……. but this was the 60s and it was a HUGE deal.

        • Sus says:

          I thought Faye said her stepdaughter dated Adrienne’s brother but I could have heard it wrong. Whenever morally corrupt Faye Resnick appears on my TV, I distracted with my hate for her.

    • designernailsdiana says:

      I read Faye’s book about her best friend Nicole Brown Simpson. Seriously she wrote that book like a “Hot Minute” after Nicole was murdered and the trial hadn’t even gotten fully underway. They couldn’t put her on the stand because of the book being released before the trial ended. Her past is not all pristine. Yes I’m sure she’d made lots of good healthy changes, but watching her call Brandi out for what happened with Adrienne made me so mad. Brandi has Jennifer Gimenez living with her and I know a recovering drug addict doesn’t live with someone who is using as it would put their own sobriety in danger. Jennifer is one of Dr Drew’s Rehab counselors/sober living home monitor aides. (or whatever the title is)
      I sure hope whatever the “Secret” is it lives up to the hype because Bravo’s track record is not so good in that area.

      • PJ says:

        Jennifer credits Brandi for saving her life by helping her get off drugs.

        • Called A Princess... says:

          We have seen Brandi mix drug and drink on the show, and seemingly make a joke of it. I do not know if she has a serious issue, but? JMHO.

          • contessa says:

            Taking a low dose of xanax for flying does not make one a druggie. I’ve done it for many years and have chased it with one or two glasses of champagne on a plane. I don’ t normally drink and do not take xanax at any other time. Brandi was very clear about her fear of flying and taking the xana/drink. That DOE NOT MAKE her a druggie or alcoholic
            in my opinion. Besides she probably saved Jennifer’s life, as Jennifer herself gives her that credit.

            • PJ says:

              Yes and Jennifer either lived with Brandi or lives with her, not sure which. Jennifer has stated that Brandi does not have any drug issues.

              • Called A Princess... says:

                I am so sorry. I know what I saw. Brandi was high when her plane landed in Hawaii. She had also been drinking. It is not Jennifer’s job to out her friend so I will take her word for Brandi’s character, with a grain of salt. Perhaps one of the reasons Brandi can not control her mouth is that she is drunk or stoned, half the time. I am not making excuses for her. I saw what I saw and just because she mixes psychotropic drugs with drink does not mean she is not a druggy. People do not always lie, but on the other hand, they do not always tell the truth either. Lets just call it show biz. JMHO.

                • dch60 says:

                  She was high and it was apparent. She openly admitted what she had taken. That was the only time I saw Brandi in that condition. Chances are if it effected her that way, she does not have a tolerance built up for them.

                  I don’t like flying either and my doctor used to prescribe four Xanex for me… two for each way. Judging my doctor’s reaction the first time I made the request, I don’t think it’s uncommon.

                • PJ says:

                  I have never seen Brandi drunk on this show. She was completely open about what she took so she could fly. I don’t believe Brandi had drug issues.

  5. TexasTart says:

    Good Morning! WOO HOO! An interview with Ana! I was hoping you could get this one NMD, I mean not a word we can say negative about her, at least I will speak for myself -she is an all time favorite! I can’t wait to read! 😀

    • TexasTart says:

      Thanks to NMD for the interview and thanks to Ana for participating! If I was not already crazy about Ana, even more so now hearing her take on some things that we witnessed in episodes and where she’s at now in life. She is hands-down one of a kind, as level headed as they come in the world of real housewives. I hope she comes back next season and shows off her cooking talent!

  6. TexasTart says:

    About RHOBH; with all the opinions and theories I must say, towards the end of yesterday’s I found some very fun and entertaining work from Boston (My Theory) and Contessa (a new business idea)!

    • contessa says:

      Texas Tart,

      Thank you for your kind words…I’m mulling a new name for my business concept –
      “I’m sorry, but I’m not Florals”. Logs, plastic flowers, icky ribbons, cacti spine, dead tarantuallas and scorpions plus a huge choice of fugly containers for the discerning
      sender. I am making myself laugh today.

      • TexasTart says:

        As well you should, LOL! Good idea for the name….do you need a partner?
        I’m still lauging at the your description of the arrangements….ROTFL at the tarantuallas on the log! 😛

      • Orson says:

        If you were basing your floral business in, say, Paterson NJ, you could name it “Yo, I got yer flippin’ flowers… RIGHT HERE!”

      • Powell says:

        TexasTart you’d better register and trademark that. I like that. 🙂

  7. TexasTart says:

    NMD, it’s just as well that you lost that poll so my comment of what ALLEGEDLY transpired is no longer out there, hee hee. 😉

  8. BB says:

    Happy Birthday Cityside! Celebrate and have a great day.

  9. boston02127 says:

    Ana, I’m so sorry for your loss. (((Ana)))

  10. TexasTart says:

    Lisa Vanderpump ‏@LisaVanderpump
    Woohoo!!! I am a judge for the #MissUniverse Competition. Tune in to see me 12/19 on NBC at 8pm ET … So excited!!!

  11. boston02127 says:

    Well it’s almost noon, time for me to curl up on the couch and watch TV. 🙂 Ahhhh.

  12. BB says:

    According to wiki, Adrienne was born in 1961. The youngest Maloof, Phil, was born in 1967. So one of her brothers couldn’t have been her “son.” Doesn’t mean she didn’t have a kid out of wedlock, but it couldn’t have been someone posing as her brother.

  13. Sus says:

    This is probably already been discussed and I missed it but I want my say too!

    I can’t stop thinking about Yolanda’s dinner party and the music. Amazing Grace is a beautiful song and all but I can’t help but think the reason they sang it is because of music rights and Bravo didn’t have to pay to show it. I mean how many songs has David Foster written? It was weird that he only played a few bars of songs instead of the whole song.

    Bravo is cheap!!!

    • princesspindy says:

      Bravo is cheap. I went to look up David Foster on Wiki and as I was reading saw that he was in the band that played one of my favorite songs from 1973 “Wildflower”, so now I am going to Youtube to reminisce, I LOVED that song, haven’t heard it in years!
      TLC is even cheaper and it’s funny cuz my daughter and I watch Toddlers and Tiaras (don’t judge me!) and besides the hilarious editing that they do, are the songs they “put over” the songs the girls use in their performances because they don’t have the rights to air them. We always laugh as we try and figure out what real song is playing

      • princesspindy says:

        LOL! wrong song, my song was Wildfire, I was listening to Wildflower and was like wth??

        • Called A Princess... says:

          I think the big deal for Bravo is the fact that they repeat the show so many times that the royalties would start to really add up quickly. JMHO.

          • rabblerouser2010R says:

            Remember how some of us use to think the reason that Gretchen never preformed live on WWHL was because of licensing/royalties reasons …then we found out that she was really autotuned and IRL sang like a toad.

  14. Good Morning! I hope everyone is well on this mid-week day. The gloom and rain of the last few days has passed and it is clear, sunny….and cold! 41 degrees this AM. Things I didn’t know I had are frozen!

    NMD – I saw the weather report this morning and you guys are in for quite a storm onslaught. Stay warm and cozy and I hope your power stays on!! Also, great get on the interview with Ana. I don’t watch Miami, but she sounds like one of the good ones!

    About BH – wow….all these scenarios are really getting wild. I think everyone should be getting a paycheck from Bravo for contributing to their storylines! Right? 🙂 I just wish they weren’t doing this with BH. I feel like they have sucked all the fun out of the only show that still had some. 😦

    Off to clean the house. Have a great day!

    Usually I do a humor blog on Wednesday’s, but it did not feel right today, so I did “Wednesday Comfort Day” instead. You will find some furry comfort and smiles there. Enjoy!

  15. princesspindy says:

    NMD, that was really good interview!!! I don’t watch Miami, just see a little here and there but I do like Ana, a breath of fresh air in a muggy soup of shit that is Miami!

    The rain is gone, the sun is out and I went out in the backyard and thought “wow it’s cold.” Just checked the temp, it is 44 degrees, that is the equivalent to freezing in San Diego!!!

    • OMG PrincessP, you make me laugh with your one liners! “Breath of fresh air in a muggy soup of shit”…..ROFLMAO! Epic! 😀

    • AZGirl says:

      It is freezing here also. It took everything I had to get up and go to the gym this morning. But after the carnage of cookie eating last night I had no choice. Seriously, someone sent us Harry & David cookies and I went bananas. Wine and cookies. Lucky not to be in a diabetic coma.

  16. WindyCityWondering says:

    Interesting factoid – Faye Resnick is godmother to Nicky Hilton as she is/was good friends with Kathy and Rick Hilton.

    • princesspindy says:

      Bitch gets around, lol.

    • VV says:

      More twists and tangles to the RHOBH saga. Interesting fact. Thanks WCW!

    • Kansas Girl says:

      According to The Book, Big Kathy would invite anyone she was interested in for dinner/parties/etc. Faye was invited because she was gaining notariety in the OJ trial. She became part of their group and friends with the sisters and mother.

      • Called A Princess... says:

        Big Kathy was fairly obsessed with the trial. She had, after the trial dinners. She would try to invite anyone close to the trial to dinner. Kind of strange. IMO.

        • Powell says:

          Kinda creepy CAP.

          • Called A Princess... says:

            I think that Big Kathy had a criminal mentality and she was getting older and could not run with a pack, so she wanted to be a part of the trial of that decade, to feel part of that underworld. I do not think she protected Kim from too many things. Kim looks torture, sometimes for good reasons. I also think that sometimes people do not heal from the trespasses against them. The pain maybe too deep. JMHO.

            • LaineyLainey says:

              True, CAP – I agree with you about the “not healing” – reminds me of the term the “Walking Wounded”

  17. designernailsdiana says:

    Just wanted to make a quick comment about Atlanta. I noticed for last weeks show of RHOA the previews for the surprise vow renewal showed Kenya asking if she was going to be a Bride…..They cut it off right there because she said Bridesmaid.
    Sneaky sneaky. So the set up for this week is when Romain asks Joanna to marry him and she’s got the sour look on her face….I see the sneaky edit there too.
    LOVE LOVE LOVE the Ana interview, Great Job!!

  18. AZGirl says:

    Wow great inteview with Ana Q. Good work NMD.
    Happy Birthday to Cityside. Thoughts are with Ana and her family during this sad time.

    I caught up watching BH last night. Mauricio should NEVER had Paul go BSC on Brandi at that event. If Mauricio is angry then he should be angry at himself for not controlling his guest. No man should behave like Paul did and yell in a woman face. Kim should have kept her mouth shut. I don’t care if Brandi leaked that Adrienne was “Andrew” (according to Boston 🙂 )
    Obviously, Brandi should not have brought up the gossip at the dinner at Sur but ONCE AGAIN Kyle asked Brandi what was going on with her and Adrienne. It seems that it always comes back to Kyle.
    Kyle’s dinner was a set up IMHO. Lisa and Brandi would NOT have attended if they knew Faye was going to be there. Obviously, Kyle wanted help in bringing down Brandi. Kyle shaking her finger at Lisa probably was the reason Lisa left (even though we don’t realize that until Brandi get’s up from the table). Lisa looked pissed when she saw Faye and knew things were going to get ugly.
    Finally, if Kyle paid Faye to design that dining room then she should get her money back. That bamboo mirror looks like it was stolen from a hotel. room. Hey FAYE! Hilton wants their mirror back.

    • BB says:

      Well, Faye is friends with the Hiltons so maybe she got a good deal on those mirrors when they remodeled their hotels. Lol.

      • Called A Princess... says:

        My guess is that Faye found the mirror in the Hilton’s dumpster. They do not want the mirror back. JMHO.

      • PJ says:

        She probably got it for free from the dumpster and charged her dear friend Kyle through the nose for it, plus her designer fee.

    • LA_Debra says:

      I like the way Kim put it, something like “Match meet firecracker… boom! Kyle just had to ask” hahahaha

    • VV says:

      AZ, Lisa comes back to the table because its on the Bravo previews, you see her come back to the table and Brandi is crying outside of Kyle’s house.
      We’ll have to put on our antennas on high alert next week to look for the editing on that episode.

    • Powell says:

      Hilton mirror. LOL AZGirl.

    • kit9 says:

      It was Brandi who started making rude comments about Adrienne at SUR. Kyle just asked WHY she was dong it-it being obvious to everyone that it was more than Ojai. And, I’m sure Lisa knew Faye would be there, she’s always at Kyle’s parties. Also, Brandi’s a grown a** woman and should be able to exercise self control like an adult. Nobody makes Brandi keep trashing Adrienne. That’s all her. I laughed hard at Brandi sobbing on the curb! Poor widdle Brandi! She dishes it, she’d better learn to take it. And she claims A’s done all these things to her, obviously referring to more than that phone call but keeps avoiding saying what those things are. I have a funny feeling there is nothing more, she’s just doing it to suck up to Lisa or, worse, with Lisa prodding or for strictly attention purposes.Let’s face it, without the chaos that follows Brandi’s mouth, what else has she got, storyline wise. Zip. And, just, ugh to Lisa cross promoting her sleazy looking new spin off by bringing Brandi on to confront that girl. So painfully forced and phony.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Brandi was sobbing on the curb? I totally missed that. My dvr has been cutting shows off too soon. I hate that.

      • PJ says:

        You really don’t like Brandi do you? If I had been in Brandi’s place I would have been sobbing too but I would have put Faye in her place first.

  19. Big kudos to you on the Ana interview, NMD!! 🙂

  20. Rebecca says:


    You are a rock star if you uncovered Adrienne’s additional son.

    What stuck in my head were Paul’s words…. he was defending his wife, he wanted to protect Adrienne’s family, etc. Adrienne said Brandi had to owrry about her “own” kids. So I’m guessing the “alleged son” himself is not the secret, but perhaps Brandi went a step further and said something about him (legal trouble, health issues perhaps) that turned it into a major issue.

  21. AZGirl says:

    Well, at the office and someone put 5 Hershey’s kisses in my purse……..who would do such a thing? Ummmmm ME, MYSELF and I. Good god I hope I make it through the holidays.

  22. SCGirl says:

    A few weeks ago No More Drama Posted a tweet that Adrienne had sent out, and the tweet was a picture of a man with no explanation of any sort, which was very odd to me because the tweet went out to all of her followers, and I would assume that most of her followers had no idea who this man was…I’m guessing that photo has something to do with Adrienne’s “secret”. I am thinking that the man in the picture was either a boyfriend, or possibly a son. I am leaning towards the picture having something to do with a son, especially after reading today’s blog. I remember thinking at the time when I saw that picture of the man that he looked a lot younger than Adrienne, however I was just thinking that she had caught herself a younger man and he was the new boyfriend. It wasn’t until I read today’s blog that I began to think the picture may have been her son. Now, knowing my luck after I have posted my thoughts on such a popular website for all the world to see the picture end up having nothing to do with with either of the two possibilities I have just mentioned….

  23. Felcia says:

    I was wondering if anyone here watched the show My Three Wives?
    ( I think I watch to much reality TV.)
    Anyway I watched this show and it is about the other Plyg family that was on the Browns show. And I’ve got to say I think I like them a lot better than the Browns.
    My daughter has gotten me onto Teen Mom and all the Cheer shows. Plus I watch a lot of the TLC crap and Bravo. I think I’m in trouble.
    NMD- Nice interview with Ana.

    • princesspindy says:

      I watched a few minutes when they were talking about the daughter’s wedding and they were all on laptops and it struck me how different the hubs was from Kody.

    • JustDee says:

      I didn’t know it started already! When does it come on?

    • Powell says:

      Felcia I didn’t watch but saw that it premiered. I’m sure I’ll catch the rerun. We watch Teen Mom also so I’ll catch that Saturday hopefully. You are not alone w/watching too much reality tv. It’s all crazy nonsense but like we say some of it is like the car crash you can’t look away from. 🙂

  24. Kat from Ohio says:

    hi all. i had a breast reduction earlier today and am relaxing on the couch with some terrible television. great job on the interview NMD.

  25. sparklemuffy says:

    I don’t know if I would do this, but I liked it…..

  26. Cityside says:

    Thanks for all the birthday wishes.
    Love youse guys.


  27. Cityside says:

    I like sober Kim, she is funny and finally able to say STFU to Kyle in her own words, of course.
    I like Brandi and Lisa, ‘nough said.
    I was happy with Taylor when she started to stick up for Brandi against Paul & Abitch, she couldn’t keep it up with Kyle and the mean girls, but she seemed genuine to me in her concern. She got a one day “hall pass” from me.
    I like the new girl! Marissa?
    IHFR is getting hammered in the blog comments on Bravo …. yea I bit the bullet and read her BS.
    Kyle is the ultimate mean girl, she starts it all then acts like she is trying to fix everyone.
    Maurice is a SOB.
    Who did I leave out?


    • Nancy says:

      Cityside. Happy Birthday. Eat lots of cake. 🙂

    • kit9 says:

      Drunk Kim had no trouble screaming at Kyle last season repeatedly so that’s not something new. Lisa, is just killing me, though. She’s lost major credibility with this new interview lauding how wants to be amicable with her ex. Was Lisa on another planet the last couple of weeks because she apparently missed Brandi’s crazy attacks against her ex beginning with that completely dishonest interview in US where she claimed her kids were in danger but said she didn’t want to spend money on a lawyer to protect them cause she’s saving for a house. Then, she swore after posting, then removing, her email to Eddie that she wanted to deal with these family matters in private(WAH?) but then was back at bashing leann on Twitter within 24 hours. Very amicable indeed! And, Lisa, she’s a disappointment with her nonsense that Kyle is using Faye to do her bidding, referring to Camille’s dinner party. First, Kyle doesn’t give a damn enough about Brandi to bother such scheming but also Lisa knows very well that Faye didn’t say anything until Camille attacked HER out of nowhere at that party. And, it’s also clear that Faye is her own very strong willed person and for Lisa to pretend she’s anyone’s puppet is just not credible. And, oh, btw, why is Faye someone’s puppet when she was defending a longtime friend in Adrienne but when Lisa does the same for Brandi she’s not?

  28. Powell says:

    Everyone I think Cat’s in labor. On Twitter 47 minutes ago Mary Amons tweeted to Cat Big Prayers for a quick safe delivery. Cat had tweeted to Mary slowly starting to start.

  29. Powell says:

    Just read that Larsa Pippen formerly of RHOM will be back on reality tv. Her husband Scottie’s show is called Pippin Style. It will showcase their lavish lifestyle of private planes & big Jewels.

  30. PJ says:

    I don’t know if anyone watched Alex on celebuzz but I though it was interesting that she said it is very clear that Faye wants to be a Housewife. I thought exactly the same thing. This last episode made her look so desperate to become part of the cast. Faye would completely ruin this show for me, it is already dark but with Faye on it I would never watch it again. I hope the reaction Faye got on her blog clued Bravo in to what people think of her.

    • mrspeabody says:

      I won’t watch her if she is on it, I”ll fast forward her. To me she is dirty, like lindsey lohan.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      If the dinner at Camielle’s was Faye’s first audition and her second audition was at Kyle’s then IMHO – epic fail! Faye is not easy on the eyes or ears and has no class – I’ll take a pass but she is just what Bravo likes….

      • PJ says:

        It’s funny the difference between what Faye thinks of herself and what people watching the show think about her. I think she has her nose so high in the air she would drown in a drizzle.

  31. california35 says:

    hi everyone. NMD congrats on getting the interview with Ana. the episode you said you liked her more, is the episode i last saw because of that dinner. i woul have hated that she would get criticized for her “behavior” when it was so clear that the host was the one wrong. i simply stopped watching it. i felt bad for her to have to stand up to the guy, and then walk out and sat outside alone. Marisol went outside with her later, but Ana didnt feel the support yet when i stopped watching. any waaaays, i am going up there to read the interview. congrats NMD 🙂

  32. djprincessc says:

    Hahaha!! I love love love that Teresa Guidice is the one who earns the MOST!!! Melissa, Jaq and Caroline prob shit their pants everyday!!


    • djprincessc says:

      Although I have read before that Nene made a million a year. Either way the rest of the NJ cast still prob shits their pants! lol.

  33. Kansas Girl says:

    Hey Iowa Girl, it’s raining like crazy here, thunder and lightning. Almost 8:00 here. No snow — it’s 42 out. Boom, boom. Sounds like spring! Has it started there yet? You said it’s to be later than us, but the radar looks like a giant comma and covers much of Iowa too.

  34. TexasTart says:

    It got up to 84 today and supposedly a “cold front” is due tonight. I imagine that will not last long and will be too warm for Christmas.

    Miss Universe has so many outstanding canidates I, any of them could win…Usa made it to the top 10 so far…..I guess Miss Andy will ask some questions….Queen Lisa is not in pink (gasp!) but she does have Giggy.

  35. Nancy says:

    Are you watching? Where is Detox?

    • djprincessc says:

      I am!! Can’t wait to see how it goes tonight. The intro was really nice eventhough some of them didn’t sound good, it was nice they put that together for the victims.

      I have no idea where Detox is!!!! She’s been MIA for a while!! I hope shes ok :/

  36. djprincessc says:

    I agree. As much as I love Britney, she really didn’t bring anything to the show and I was never a big Demi fan so I don’t care about her. Who could they get though? The good ones are taken or have done it, excluding Nicki from the category lol. I’m still rooting for Carly or 5th Harmony! 🙂

  37. Noelle says:

    Personally, I’m rooting for TATE.

  38. contessa says:

    Alex was so right on and we all were as well – Cray-faye wants to be a housewife – well Bravo skipped over her and just uses the POS as filler. She is vile kyles mouthpiece as well as ad’s mouthpiece. I LOVE the fact that Lisa does call out Brandi and speaks the truth when Brandi loses it. Someone upthread said that Lisa uses Brandi as her mouthpiece and manipulates her – what show are you watching GF? Not the one the rest of us are watching. Also I liked the fact that Brandi walked out before cray-faye made her totally lose it. I have to find the blogger who wrote an excellent piece about hollywood people that have money and like to intimidate who they consider lower class (because they do not have money). In this instance it is Ad and Paul; and it is very telling that Paul and Brandi are now friends and he even found the doctor to operate on her breast tumor. Tells me a lot about who adrienne is and also about her trained monkey vile kyle. Ms. vile and maury have to lick a$$ for the next house sale commission check so they can pay an idiot a lot of time and money to deorate that horrendous dining room. Hell I could have put that together in one weekend. Let’s address the wondrous ex-cocaine addict cray faye. Her bf was murdered and she instantly goes out and writes a book about them having sex – nice thing for Nicoles children to read, and where was this mouthpiece when Nicole was getting beat up. I can tell you, enjoying the lifestyle that OJ gave Nicole (outside of the beatings, as did her entire family) and then poses for playboy. She was the std queen of hollywood at one time – the gift that kept on giving. Hell the woman doesn’t even look clean – she needs a shampoo pronto.

    Also why should Brandi spend her little bit of money on lawyers, as she and her creepy ex have a 50-50 custody agreement. She was TOTALLY CORRECT in becoming angry about her kid not wearing a helmet and the other one eating the HO leann’s diarrhea meds that keep her skinny. I am much older than Brandi and trust me I would have really gone off. I’ve said this before why fight a retinue of attorney’s that are on retainer (for leann the HO)…that is like throwing money garbage, and is better suited towards buying a house and investing in her childrens future in a comfortable home of their own. Brandi is SMART in this instance, as she was last night walking out before losing her temper. Lisa’s teaching/example is starting to take hold.

    • Cityside says:

      Contessa, I totally agree with everything you said. Sometimes I think I’m losing it when others see a completely different thing. But usually I just know I’m right. 🙂 These people are nothing like any friends I have. I get that people have to hang together out of necessity, i.e., WORK, but even if these women think of this as work–WHO ACTS LIKE THAT AT WORK?????????

  39. Noelle says:

    Is anyone watching Top Chef?
    I like Stefan!!….I know.
    I’m still not a fan of Josie (wasn’t a fan of her on HER season, but really dislike her now.)
    Detest John, 100%.

    • Nancy says:

      DId you give up The X-Factor?

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Hi Noelle – I usu watch my dvr’d top chefs. You know what though? I end up falling asleep. Or simply getting distracted by the internet and not listening to the show!!! Not sure if my attention span is diminishing or the show is getting more boring or both? Probably both. I do think Stefan is cool. Josie – reminds me of some of my cousins, so I don’t dislike her,…yet. Is she being a butt? I wouldn’t know cause like I already said, when I have it on, I’m not following it that closely.

      • Nancy says:

        Hi LL,
        How are you doing?

        • LaineyLainey says:

          I’m fine Noelle. Thanks for asking. You?

        • LaineyLainey says:

          OH my Nancy-poo!!! We are fine, thank you. But, My hubby has been really edgy lately…he doesn’t want to decorate for Christmas. I expected him to not be “into” Christmas this year, but to tell me…”We’re not decorating this year.” ??? I want to bitch about it but I’m biting my tongue. It’s not like we have little kids so It’s not the end of the world – I asked if I could put a tiny tree up (I have one that works on a table top) and he said; “I guess if you have to do something. But that’s it.” How are you doing, Nancy? You can probably really relate to what my hubby’s going through.

          • Nancy says:

            My dad’s funeral was on Christmas Eve 16 yrs ago and it’s still hard to get
            through the holiday’s. Give your husband time as it’s still so raw for him. 😦

            • LaineyLainey says:

              OK, Nancy. I will. I have the urge sometimes to “cheer him up” – but I don’t think he wants to be cheered up. And then I’ll see a picture of his dad or hear a song, or remember a joke….and boom…I’m crying. We’re both prob gonna be a mess for awhile. We just react to this in different ways.

              It’s been 16 years for you? It’s so fresh for you still. He must have been such a great father. My husband says that we need to replace our grief with hope. He says that’s what keeps him from falling apart; the hope that he will see him again in heaven.

            • Noelle says:

              Sending Beautiful Nancy {{{{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}}}

          • Noelle says:

            Sending my funny, lovely, LL {{{{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}}}

    • lillybee says:

      I like Kristen and Sheldon.

  40. Nancy says:

    Are you still around? What’s with the cup cake lady? Did I miss something?

  41. Noelle says:

    I also must tell you that my oldest child “pooh-poohed” the show because Emblem 3 (What kind of name is that anyways??) was eliminated. LOL!!
    Mostly, she and I, are giving Carly the side eye…cause she was professionally trained.

    • djprincessc says:

      I couldn’t stand Emblem 3!!! lol.

    • Nancy says:

      I think she might have a crush. lol
      I’m so glad you said that about Carly. I said the same thing a few days ago.
      She was on Broadway!

      • Noelle says:

        I didn’t know that about Carly until you and dj enlightened me a couple weeks back. We were big fans of hers….and no wonder! Don’t get me wrong, she has massive talent. She’s 13 yrs old. We thought..”WOW!!”
        She’s been groomed. Takes away, I think, in this kind of competition.

  42. Nancy says:

    I’d be happy for any of them to win.

  43. Nancy says:

    All right ladies I’m signing off. Sleep well.

    • djprincessc says:

      Night Nancy! I just watched Carlys last performance and you were SO right…best performance by far. Goodnight! xo!

      • Noelle says:

        I disagree. We (and my posse) thought she sounded pitchy.LOL…who are we?… reality singing tv show snobs I tell you!!!… Jeez Louise!!! : 😉

  44. AZGirl says:

    Good morning everyone!! Freaking freezing here in Arizona. Covered the plants last night. Got down into the 30’s. Up early. No gym. Making stew. 🙂

    • boston02127 says:

      Good morning. Mmmmmm stew. I could eat that for breakfest.

    • sparklemuffy says:

      Good morning, its freezing and raining here too. We could catch a flight and be there for dinner– although if it’s cold there, shouldn’t we bundle that stew up and keep going on to Nancy’s?

  45. PJ says:

    TMZ has a video of LR singing on X Factor and they are saying LeAnn was looking unsteady like maybe she was impaired. I didn’t watch X Factor did anyone else think she looked like she was unsteady or impaired?

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