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Real Housewives of Miami Cast Blogs Blogged by IDon’tBelieveInUnicorns

Alexia Echevarria

Since you saw very little of me this season and practically nothing of my family because of life circumstances, I will start by sharing this. I wish I would have been strong enough to share my journey since the beginning, but it was too painful and devastating. When I was ready to let the cameras into the therapies we were practically done filming. I wanted to send a message of courage, faith, and hope and help those families that are going through similar situations. Doing the show at least part time let me disconnect and it forced me to dress up, do my hair and makeup.

We saw more of Alexis than I expected to.  She sure gave Bravo a bang for their buck.  I guess she wanted to secure her spot in case there’s a season three.

As far as my family goes, we are stronger and more united than ever. I will keep on fighting for both of my boys, Peter and Frankie. That is my job as a mother: to educate, nurture, and love them unconditionally. I will be here for them to make sure they stand up when they fall. I am very happy that Peter went back to school after this difficult year for the entire family. He’s attending Miami International University of Art & Design and pursuing a Bachelor’s in Science in Audio Production and Engineering. God willing Frankie will return to high school half a day with a shadow where he will work at his own pace in January. He will attend the same school he was set to go to before his accident with academic accommodations. Frankie’s progress has been remarkable. He will continue with his therapies in the afternoon. 

Alexia has been through a lot with both of her boys.  I’m so happy that Frankie is progressing better than expected and I hope Peter is truly on a better path.  I do give her credit for keeping it all off of the show and also for not using it as an excuse for her behavior.  She did receive a lot of negativity in her blog comments and it would have been easy for her to take that route like so many of the real housewives have.

And now my take on this final episode, it was so emotional and beautiful to watch. It was like living it all over again. Like Marysol, I am very spiritual and did this healing with my heart and soul. Like I said, only by believing and having the faith I do am I here today. I prayed so hard all my adult life, and I’ve been faced with adversity, but I’ve always made the choice to not let adversity weigh me down. 

The whole episode was a delight to watch. I was truly touched by all the ladies, to see from where we started to where we are all at now.

As final episodes go on these housewife shows, this one was a pleasure to watch.  Can Bravo possibly be listening to us?  Nah, I don’t think so either.  More likely that Karent’s father’s hospitalization put a blip in Bravo’s plan.  Oh well… that’s REALITY!

I leave you with this thought: “LIVE every moment, LOVE beyond words, LAUGH every day. Life is too short to be anything but happy!”

Speaking about life being short, wasn’t the world suppose to end on Friday?  It would have sucked to miss the Miami reunion episodes.

Ana Quincoces

Sometimes my skepticism borders on cynicism. On our last day in Bimini, my patience had worn thin and the cynic in me was front and center. All I wanted was to get off that island. The tribe had spoken and I wanted to go home.

As a viewer, I can relate to the skepticism and cynicism…  and these island vacations can be painful to watch, I can’t imagine having to live through them.

Signing the divorce papers was tough. Closing the door on something that defined you for so long is never easy. It has been several months and I am at peace with the decision. No second guesses. No could’ve, should’ve, would’ve. Robert and I continue to co-parent our girls and help each other in any way we can. It works for us and that is all that matters.

Ana and Robert seem to have a really great relationship and I respect the way they are handling their divorce.  However, Ana… let Robert do his own dang laundry woman!

I also learned about the benefits of social media and how it can be a great way to connect with amazing people all over the world. But I’ve also seen the pitfalls of and witnessed the abuse by those who use it as a tool to elevate themselves at the expense of others. Things like fake Twitter followers, fake Facebook accounts, and blog posters with many aliases are rampant across the franchise. Who knew? I have been lucky to have the unwavering support of so many of you, and for that I am so very grateful. While I may not have enjoyed hearing criticism, I have carefully considered many of your valid points and advice. No one is harder on me than I am on myself, so in the spirit of self-preservation I did my best to ignore some of the more gratuitously offensive rants.

I LOVE Ana.  She actual DOES tell it like it is and the way we, the viewers, know it to be.  Finally a housewife that doesn’t insult our intelligence.  Ana – you are a breath of fresh air in the real housewives world.

Lea Black

Hope you all enjoyed the season. I always look forward to your comments both good and bad! I always feel I can learn something from everyone, and the fact you took the time to post comments means a lot to me personally. Obviously, you wanted to share your thoughts, compliments, praises, and constructive criticism. I’ve always believed that our perceptions are just that. That is how we perceive ourselves, how others perceive us, and how we think others perceive us. 


For me, I truly meant what I said on the waters of Bimini — I truly hope everyone gets what they want from being a part of this show. That goes for the girls, crew, all the support staff, behind the scenes hairstylists, makeup people, wardrobe people, logistics staff, the network, and most importantly the viewers. You know — we do this all for you. Otherwise we would be “all dressed up with nowhere to go.”  For me it’s been an opportunity, a blessing, and sometimes a curse. But one thing’s for sure — it’s been memorable! And if my memory ever fades, there’s always TiVo!  

It was my perception that the point of the ritual was to let go of something personal and cleanse thyself… not to share what Lea wished for the others.  Oh well, guess Ms. Black is perfect as is her life or at least she wants us to perceive this.  It is nice however to find out that the housewives do this ALL for us!  Sure you do Lea… sure you do.

I have tried to live up to the personal expectations I have of myself — to do the right thing, speak my peace, look for the good, and not compromise who I am, even when tempted. I found myself defending myself, but not with the intention of having it be at the expense of anyone else. I stood up for what I thought was right, even when sometimes it was uncomfortable or at the risk of a relationship. I have always believed that what I think about myself is more important than what others think about me, and I’ve always been one to take a stand even when it may be unpopular be stubborn or hold a grudge or be vindictive or bitter or angry.

Yes we know… you’re perfect.

On a frivolous note — tune into the Reunion where I was lucky enough to borrow 25 million dollar jewelry totaling 100 carats of D flawless diamond earrings, loaned to me by my friend and renowned jeweler, Jeffrey Rackover. I’m still pinching myself and I’m also still going through withdrawals! LOL! I screamed and hyperventilated when I first tried them on.

Bling it on Lea!  Sounds a wee bit excessive for a Real Housewives reunion.  That’s a lot to offer for a little publicity.  Wonder if she’ll have bodyguards on the couch with her.

Please also keep on the lookout for my novel, Lea’s Little Black Book, a Jackie Collins-type mystery novel about Miami’s finest. It’s been one of the most fun projects I’ve ever done.

Ah ha!  And Lea said she did it ALL for us.  pffft.  Anyway, it’s nice to hear it’s a novel and it’s not some memoir or Lea claiming to be an expert on something.

Joanna Krupa

I believe in my heart Romain is telling the truth that he didn’t cheat on me, and I trust that the emails were a big wake up call for both of us about what was happening in our lives at the moment and last year. We took each other for granted and didn’t make our relationship a priority. There is no excuse for the emails, and it will take me a long time to get over them, but I have to go with my heart and believe what he is telling me is sincere. If he is lying, the truth always comes out, and then it will be over.

Either let the e-mails go or end it.  Trust and believe him or accept that it happened and move on or end it.  Most of all, DON’T DRINK!

The Bimini trip was a great way for me to be away from Romain for a couple days and realize that I can’t imagine my life without him. He’s one of the most important things in my life. Seeing Ana go through her pain because of her divorce made me realize I want to treasure every moment, because no matter how much you love someone, there are no guarantees in life. The trip that started out so rocky turned out to be positive and healing after all.

Life is too short to hold grudges and have regrets. When I came home from Bimini, I couldn’t believe my eyes! The apartment looked undeniably gorgeous and so romantic. When Romain got on his knees and re-proposed, it totally confirmed to me why I fell in love with him in the first place. He has a heart of gold, and as no one is perfect; he is probably the closest thing to perfection.

Even after all this they went on “a break.”  I really like Romain and wish them the best but honestly I don’t see them getting married in the spring… or any other time.

Adriana DeMoura

In this season we lived through so many moments of laugher and drama. However, the best moment for me was performing the piano duet with my son at his annual recital. Whoever followed me during this season knows of my love of art and education, which encompasses my love for music as well. I also believe in educating by example — my mother was a great example to me while I was growing up, making sure I got a well-rounded education. She enrolled me in piano lessons very early, and you can see a photo of my first piano recital below. Therefore I do the same with my son and felt so proud seeing him perform the beautiful classical piece by Schubert. It made me feel that I’m succeeding in my most important role — that of being a mother.

I think this was my favorite scene with Adriana.  It showed an entirely different side to her.

I‘m grateful for the opportunity of having entertained you for the past couple months, and I hope you enjoyed this second season of The Real Housewives of Miami. What a season it was! If you miss us a lot, you can always find the theme song Feel the Rush on iTunes and Amazon.com; the song will for sure warm up any of your cold winter days. Play it out loud, sing along, dance to it and hopefully it will put a smile on your face! Also, I will be releasing the video and remix of my song on Christmas day.

Really don’t think I’m going to miss you that much.  I did enjoy the season however, and hope you’re back for another.

Lisa Hochstein

The day has finally come for Daysy to receive the plastic surgery she has been wanting for years. She asked that I stay by her side, because she felt more comfortable. It was a huge thrill for me, since I finally got to see my husband at his workplace being the talented surgeon that he is. Strangely it kind of turned me on. LOL! Seeing this scene was very nostalgic for Lenny, because it brought back memories of the original office in which he started his practice 14 years ago. With years of excellence and dedication, he was able to build his very own state of the art new beautiful plastic surgery center — his ultimate dream come true.

“Strangely” is right that it turned her on.  The only think it would be turning in me is my stomach.  Admittedly I’m not good with the sight of blood… guts… etc. but still…

My stomach isn’t as weak as I thought it would be watching Daysy’s surgery. I literally saw her insides, and it was intense. My husband does these procedures with such ease; it was if he was playing a violin. He is a true master at his craft, the Picasso of plastic surgery.

We know… Picasso of plastic surgery and you are his best painting.  I would imagine it would be comforting to know that your plastic surgeon knows what the hell he’s doing.  Especially since he’s her husband.   We know why Adrienne would never let Paul work on her… she didn’t trust him.

I told everyone I had some big news to reveal and here it is. Daysy has been taking better care of herself since her surgery. She has grown her cleaning business to where she does not have to clean herself. She had a sort of Cinderella story happen to her. A successful client of hers, whom she used to clean for, became very interested in Daysy, especially after seeing her on the show. I guess my comment to Daysy about every man’s fantasy of having an affair with his housekeeper struck a chord. He pursued her, and currently she has moved into that very home she worked in as his housekeeper with her daughter. She feels more confident and life is simply great for her right now! I am so happy for her and wish her all the best. I still use her services, although with another person, and I am quite satisfied. I advocate growth for everyone one around me and wish nothing more for the people I care about. Daysy and I continue to be friends, and I hope we always remain this way.

Don’t know if I’d call it a Cinderella story but good for Daysy.  Apparently being on a reality show brings about all kinds of opportunities.  This relationship gives a different meaning to “using her services.”  Lisa did include before and after pictures of Daysy and I have to admit, it’s pretty incredible.  She looks GREAT!  If Miami comes back, I’m going to miss Daysy.  But now she can come back as a real housewife!

We spoke about the plans for our Star Island home. Little did we know our plans to demolish and rebuild the home would be so controversial. In spite of the building crumbling and being situated 30 inches below flood level, a group of preservationists who have never been inside the home to see just how bad it is are trying to fight us on it. Over 20 pre-1942 homes have been demolished just this year, but they have chosen to make an example out of us. Fortunately the laws of Miami Beach protect homeowners like us, but it just seems underhanded how these people are trying to change the laws retro-actively. I will keep everybody posted on our progress.

I read about this and have to admit I was of the opinion that she should not tear down an existing home which on the outside appeared to be a dream to most of us.  It’s nice to hear Lisa’s side of the story.  At least they obviously have the money to fight the battle because this is obviously a costly one especially because of the delays it’s causing.

Marysol Patton

Ahhh… the end is here and we have all been forced to face so many demons we dredged up, I felt it was time to bring some Mama Elsa spirituality into the group. I proposed to the girls a spiritual cleansing ritual that my mother taught me as a young girl in order to put the demons that haunt us to rest. I truly hope that all the ladies find the peace and happiness they all desire and deserve.

Maybe they will find peace now that the reunion is behind them… for a little while anyway.

I knew Philippe and I were finally going to go through with the divorce as we were finally both in agreement. There will always be a special place in my heart for him. I am aware how painful this process was for him, he took it especially hard since it was his first marriage. Philippe and I have been divorced for 4 months now. I hope that he finds the perfect woman for him that will give him everything that I couldn’t and love him the way he deserves.

Didn’t seem to me like Philippe was taking it too hard.  Apparently he got his green card so… it’s a joke everybody!  As Lea would say… it’s just a joke.  Not funny… but a joke.  Whatever.

Tonight we celebrated a decade of The Patton Group being in business. I have worked tirelessly and sacrificed relationships and family to build my business and tonight is a representation of all of those years of hard work. I was delighted to have so many friends, family, and business associates there to celebrate with me. When I met with Elaine to bury the hatchet, I hired him to perform at my company anniversary party. We kept this performance top secret so that we could surprise everyone. I think it was quite a shock! 

Seeing Elaine at Marysol’s party was a great way to end the season.  Not that I give a crap about Elaine, but it showed that she and Marysol buried the hatchet.  Takes the wind out of Lea’s sails.  However, apparently from Marysol’s blog from last week… the truce between she and Lea didn’t last.  That’s what’s GREAT about the reunion (NOT)… even though everyone had gotten past their issues, it rehashes all the feuds so they’ll be primed for the drama for next season… and Andy gets a charge out of seeing the women tear each other apart.

Karent has not written a blog since 12/10/12.

I enjoyed Miami this season and I do hope they come back for season three… all of them.  I think for the first time in a housewife franchise, I can actually say I didn’t hate any of them and would like to see them all return for another go at it… even the one with the perpetual smile.


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Happy Birthday Just Another Mary

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  1. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone and happy boxing day. I hope you had a fantastic Christmas. Lainey Congrats on that turkey turning out perfect. A neighbor was cooking his turkey putside and I don’t know how it turned out but it had to be at least 7 hrs he was out there and it looked perfectly golden to me. It must’ve been not so done on the inside. :+) Well you all shop til you drop for the sales and have a great day.

    • AZGirl says:

      Dang it Powell! I thought I had it this morning.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Hi Powelly-pooh!! I decided to add an h to poo. It just looks better that way!! Thanks for the turkey shout-out! LOL!!! You mentioned the sales: I have always thought that logically it would be best to give gift cards for Christmas so that folks can take advantage of the huge after Christmas sales. Somehow I’ve never had the guts to follow through on my logical thoughts on this . Maybe I’ll do it next year.

      • Powell says:

        I love gift cards Lainey. When my family asks what I want I tell them a gift card. You can most definitely take advantage of those sales w/gift cards. 🙂

  2. T-Rex says:

    Morning, didn’t get to read much of the blogs over the past few days, catching up a bit. Filled out my survey, crap some of those needed a multiple answer from me, but I was able to fill it out completely. Hope everyone had a Happy Holiday and bring on the New Year. Hopefully bring it on with a few Less Housewives please and some new additions to replace those HW that need to be “retired” permanently from the HW franchises, my wish in no particular order, The entire NJ cast, TrampsalotCrotchRot, ShannaTaylorNOtFordLyingLypsMcgee, the HoofMaloof, MissFormerUSAnotMissAmericaNotGettingMarriedinfakerelationshipWhat’sherName.

    • Powell says:

      T-Rex I hope you had a great Christmas. I said the same thing about the survey. I could’ve picked many of the ladies for a few,of the questions. BB made it hard. 🙂 And I quite agree w/your list of ladies that need to be kicked to the curb. Crossing my fingers that Kenya will be like Cindy Who.

      • T-Rex says:

        Powell had an awesome Holiday and looking forward to New Years. I should note that in all honesty I will probably never watch a NJ cast whomever they are, Bravo will just bring in another set of losers that don’t represent the state well, just another glorified version of the Jersey Shore. This is one franchise that I am DONE DONE DONE with. Haven’t watched since the first season really just kept up with the blogs. My New Years resolution is to try and not even comment about them either, going to bypass the NJ recaps(sorry to the bloggers, it’s not you it’s them!) completely from now on, at least I hope to!

        • Powell says:

          T-Tex I didn’t watch this pass season other than about 2 hr total. I don’t blame you on not watching NJ no matter who the cast is. If they changed I would be curious to see the new cast. But the best thing about NJ is reading the blog and commenting.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      T-rex – I love those nicknames. Kenya’s is so danged long!! I didn’t think anyone could beat ShannaTaylorNOTfordLyingLypshitzMcGee. I added a little ethnicity to Shanna.

    • T-Rex….love your “alternative” names for these errrm, “ladies”! And I am with you about NJ…I stopped watching a long time ago and if they keep the same cast, I will not watch. It was so awful the last two seasons (just per the blogs and convo’s), I don’t know how they can move on with the same peeps. Glad you had a great Holiday!

  3. AZGirl says:

    Happy Boxing Day. Happy Birthday JustAnotherMary. Hope you and hubs are having a white christmas up in the Farmette.
    First Born up and heading out to Macy’s to exchange the jeans I got him. I got a 32 waist and he has lost a size training for his mens soccer team he now wears a 30 waist. Heavens.
    Exhausted this morning from having the Christmas dinner for 15 yesterday. Turkey turned out great. Stuffed it with Blood oranges and lemons with fresh rosemary. Placed the turkey on a bed of carrots and celery. It was so flavorful. Gravy turned out fantastic. Had tamales to go with it.
    Skipping gym. Going into the office. Busy week.

    P.S: I enjoyed the Miami recap of their blogs. Somehow I am just now getting into Miami.

  4. chismosa says:

    Hi everyone!

    I was feeling for her a bit at first but now– I’M OUT! She should shut the hell up about this and keep it private. Jason & his family will not appreciate this.

    “Regarding her relationship with Hoppy, “Our core issues are wanting the other person to be somebody they are not,” she said. “Jason is more balanced. He doesn’t want to work 24 hours a day. He wants to play golf and go out with his friends.”


    • sparklemuffy says:

      Good morning. Happy sparkle birthday justanothermary 🙂

    • Powell says:

      Well like many have commented they really shouldn’t have gotten married cause B was driven when they met and it should’ve been evident what Jason’s habits & work ethic were. Maybe they just should’ve had Bryn & been co-parents.

      • Cartwheels says:

        I agree, Bethenny would had been better off by being a single mother, she has the resources for it, but I think she wanted the fairy tale like many of us do.
        They are so different and want so many different things from life but I do think that they both really, really wanted to make a home for Bryn.
        It is good that in her statements, she mentions that they still love each other (even if not as a couple anymore) and they are trying to still be friends for Bryn’s sake.
        Just another proof that love not always conquers all.

    • BB says:

      I agree. Bethenny needs to “Zip It.”

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Hahaha!! I never thought that KKB’s wisdom would rule the day,…KKB was right, Bethenny “you need to ZIP IT!!”

        She just couldn’t keep her yap shut.

        THEMs is fightin’ words. I hope Jason can K.I.T. (keep it together) and not go H.A.M. on Bethenny’s a$$.

    • Cartwheels says:

      Maybe you forgot to add this paragraph were it is clear that this interview happened in May of this year , if Jason had an issue with it he would have said so long time ago, it is not like she is saying this now that they are divorcing.

      “Having said earlier this year that the two were fighting for their marriage (her show Bethenny Ever After focused on the struggle), Frankel, 42, had revealed her concerns to PEOPLE during an interview in May”


      • chismosa says:

        Sorry Cartwheels, i see what you mean, i was just so aggravated to think that we are now going to be hearing HER side of things for the next year, all into the launch of her show- and Jason— as a class act, will not sell out to In Touch, Page 6, Us Weekly, etc…- and he & his wonderful parents won’t want her saying things about HIM to the press.

        So i guess, let’s just hope there’s no NEW statements from her is what i mean. But i see what you mean, and you are right.

        • Cartwheels says:

          Bethenny’s talk show is almost 9 months apart, by then I figure the divorce would be final and the custody too. I don’t think Bethenny is going to talk too much about the divorce and more maybe how to friendly coparent even if you are not a couple any longer. I don’t see this as teams or her side vs his side, I think it is clear to me that they both have numerous issues that they couldn’t work out, just as many as at least 50% of other couples who end up in divorce.
          I might be reading the glass half full but I am optimistic when I read her statements as saying that they are more than ever commited to work on a friendly basis to do what is best for Bryn.
          My take on that is that neither Bethenny nor Jason are going to bash the other, because at the end of the day they both will have to be on some sort of amicable terms to be able to do what is best for Bryn. I think they both gave it their best shot and it just didn’t work, it is not like one cheated on the other , some times this is harder to overcome because of the public humiliation, but I think that maybe both realized that they rushed it and were not ready for a life time commitment.
          I know some of the latest resports are giving quotes from Bethenny from even last year when she was talking about their issues so I always try to focus on the date of the statement, well it is obvious that the issues were long standing and didn’t get resolve and that was ultimately the demise of their marriage.

    • VV says:

      I, I, I, I, I, How many I(s) are on every sentence this ego maniac utters. It’s all about her. Also, Bethenny stop the “feel sorry” for me card. You’re in your 40s for crying out loud! Grow up and own your behavior. Next time you go to Therapy do it for the right reason. Jason was right, Dr Amador is telling her what she wants to hear. 3+ years of therapy and she’s still the same. She should have fired him or he should have released her because HE should have known it wasn’t working with him.
      I think S3 and showing all that emotion and painting Jason as the mean guy was a set up for the inevitable. She needed to prove he wasn’t an Angel. I’m sure any husband deprived of sex intentionally for months ( she said on the show Jason had cobwebs ) that would be one grumpy man to say the least man.
      I don’t trust Bethenny… more and more I see how manipulative she is. She’s a phony that needs help.

      • melthehound says:


        • sparklemuffy says:

          There was a reason she and J were best buds. ( show me your friends, I’ll show you who you are) J underestimated how smart B was ( she may have had a little edit help from Bravo) J plays hardball and loses. B swallows her like a goldfish. J cries foul. B’s a machine–good for her– only…I’ve heard it’s cold at the top.

      • chismosa says:

        Word word word VV…. agreed.
        I’ve been in ‘therapy’ – as awful as that may ‘sound’ but i think it’s super enlightening, can be very helpful and is truly a great way to learn your issues and grow out of them— i’ve been in and out for years for not crazy issues, just general stuff—- and let me tell you, you want a therapist that challenges you, makes you work, makes you angry– -then you know you are moving forward to CHANGE. If this is what she really truly wanted with Dr. Amador, then it just didn’t look like it. Or, editing, or, whatever…. i mean, he’s a respected therapist right? But how respected can you be to agree to be filmed during sessions with your patient. ughhh i dont know. …..

  5. chismosa says:

    and from the Daily News, here in NY:
    { I like how it’s calling out that she’s so out and out “honest and open about everything” yet keeps this so quiet. When there is no privacy at all for anything for her when she’s filming. What a bunch of $hit.}

    Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy aren’t over till it’s over. Announcing her separation just two days before Christmas, Frankel raised quite a few eyebrows among the staff of her new talk show, who met with the Skinnygirl mogul just days ago. They can’t believe how things changed so drastically in the span of a week.

    “She is meeting with producers and tying up loose ends before her show begins. The talk show was a success out of L.A., but it’ll be New York-based and her studio will be in the old Wendy Williams studio in Hell’s Kitchen, ” says the source (Williams has moved down to Chelsea).

    “Bethenny was just about to do segments that included Jason, like how to make relationships work and how to not give up on a relationship,” says the source. “She’ll also have cooking segments and many things based on family. She wants to prove that she’s different and not pretend to be perfect, not even in her relationship.”

    Meanwhile, Hoppy, who has been spending time at a separate apartment in Tribeca, is said to be “heartbroken” and leaning on his mother and father.

    “Jason’s biggest fear is being apart from [daughter] Bryn,” says the source. “But he’s glad the show is in New York and he’ll be close to her. The one thing they never fight over is their little girl, and whatever the outcome they will both be great and present parents.”

    The media-savvy Frankel called the split an “extremely difficult decision,” but doesn’t seem to have given up on the two-year marriage.

    The decision to split, said Frankel in a statement, is one “I have to accept as the best choice for our family. … We have love and respect for one another and will continue to amicably co-parent our daughter, who is and will always remain our first priority. This is an immensely painful and heartbreaking time for us.”

    Frankel’s brand is based on telling the truth. If the marriage were kaput, she’d have said so. Maybe there will be a season two to this marriage after all.

    A rep for Frankel did not return a call for comment to Confidenti@l by deadline.

    Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/gossip/confidential/bethenny-suddenly-switches-split-screen-article-1.1226942#ixzz2GApE7ZEw

  6. Good Morning! I survived, although my kitchen did not! LOL! BIG cleaning day today!
    Happy Boxing Day….and thanks for the blog NMD. Hope you are enjoying your holiday vacation.

    Happy Birthday Just Another Mary!

    “Wed. Humor Blog” is up so we can laugh those calories away! Enjoy!

    • cusi77 says:

      Thanks MarDrag!

      Happy Birthday Just Another Mary! Enjoy your day, dear friend! To Just Another Virgil: Hug Mary for all of us!

  7. cusi77 says:

    Happy Boxing Day! Good Morning Everyone!

    I hope everyone had a beautiful Christmas day and wishes come true!

    Thanks IDBIU for your Blogs recap. I don’t watch Miami HW’s BUT I do read your recaps!

    Happy Birthday JustAnotherMary! God bless you, sweet Lady!

  8. Thank you for the Miami blogs recap Unicorn, I really enjoy your analysis.

    Happy Birthday Just another Mary! The weather in Minn. is frightful, stay snug & warm. Just saw an update on CNBC, the weather guy was freezing his tushie off trying to show how bad the driving conditions are. Brrrr!

    Lainey, here’s a way to cook your turkey & keep the breast meat juicy. Turn the turkey breast side down in the roasting pan. No basting ever again this way. I’m too lazy to use my meat thermometer, so I buy the “pop-up” turkey that has the little gizmo pop up when the turkey’s done. Plus you can test a joint (leg works well) if it’s loose, and the juices run clear, then that turkey is done.

    If you are concerned about the skin getting nice and crisp, I use a roasting pan with the broiler insert, so the juices run down basting the turkey, but the skin does get crispy. Or turn the bird breast side up for the final half hour or less, until it’s crispy.

    Lainey so glad your son made it home to eat your dinner & sleep in his own bed! You must be so happy to have him home 🙂

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Thanks for the Turkey tips Bluey!!! My downfall was that even when all indications pointed to the Turkey being ready, I left it in just a “teency” longer.

      Oh yesssss, so happy to have son home, safe and sound. He’s already left for the day to eat with one of his lady friends and to skate with friends. Hubby had to work today, I am off…yay!! But I go back in tomorrow. I’ll be the only one there and am actually looking forward to it. I predict a very productive day!! But I will have to keep my “LynnFam” activities to a minimum! haha!!

  9. Kansas Girl says:

    Well, the new ipod has defeated me. And I’d asked Santa for one just so I would not be such a technology dinosaur.

    I’m still trying to catch up on the last few day’s blog comments. Glad things are settled back to normal in life here and I can do all the usual relaxing and fun stuff! A day at my brother’s, observing a failing marriage always makes me so glad to be home with the cats. LOL!

    Stay warm, all. It’s only 20 here.

    • Powell says:

      KG you better kick that iPod’s ass & get it to do what you want it to do. Just mess around with it. You’ll get the hang of it or find a 5yr old. 🙂

      I hope your bro is ok. That’s tough.

      It’s in the 40s in MD but it’s raining, started out as a little sleight. I’m not looking forward to it changing downward at all. You stay cozy comfy.

  10. BB says:

    Happy Birthday JustAnotherMary!

  11. BB says:

    Happy Birthday, JustAnotherMary! If this posts twice, it’s because I really, really mean it! Lol.

  12. Boobah says:

    Happy Birthday, JustAnotherMary! Have a great day! (BTW – you share your Bithday with my mother).

  13. Mary Happy Birthday!!!!! It’s a little chilly today, but it’s not snowing so you just put on another layer and get Virgil to take you out tonight.

  14. designernailsdiana says:

    Great Recaps and Yesterday’s 12 Days was Hil.A.Rious!!
    I got a kick out of watching my 13 month old grandson Isaak open his gifts and play with everything. He loved his Bouncing Tigger, it sang and then bounced up and down on it’s tail.
    We all decided next year to exchange names and buy a goofy gift for a game. Just the Grandkids and Grandpa get gifts from everyone. Grandpa(my 81 yr old Father) was thrilled to get a new jacket and $60.00 worth of scratch offs. He was scratching for a good 30 minutes. He won $47.00 so we feel like we got him a good gift. The joke is that he buys us all one ticket every year so last year hubby and I went and bought him a bunch. It’s now our tradition for him.
    Now I can’t wait to get the candy, cookies and junk food out of my house. Jan 2 it’s time to get back on track and eat better.
    I’m sad about B and J too. I sure hope it’s not for her new show, but I always felt they just needed to talk more and that would require them to both STAY home to talk.
    Bring on the New Year!!

    • Powell says:

      Diana glad you had a great Christmas. Sounds like you had fun just watching your grandson. And your dad won $47. That’s so good. He can go buy more tickets. Maybe he’ll win a million. That would be some holiday. 🙂

  15. KTinCT says:

    Happy Birthday, JustAnotherMary 🙂

  16. LaineyLainey says:

    IDBIU – thanks for the Miami HW blog comments. I get the feeling you don’t like Lea. 😉 I like her and I also thought she was on point with her confrontation of Marysol at that dinner. Marysol never really took responsibility for anything. Yes, she apologized to Elaine,..but with the caveat…”I didn’t really need to apologize to Elaine, but I did it anyway.” That’s not a sincere apology as far as I am concerned. But yet, it was Lea who walked to the other side of the table to try to make peace with Marysol.

    Ana – I like some things about her. She’s educated, her intelligence shines through as she utilizes her masterful vocabulary and she really knows how to write. HOWEVER, she is the perfect example of someone who is so accomplished, intelligent, beautiful…but shows absolutely no brains when it comes to her personal relationships. IMO, their conversations (ana and her ex) were so obnoxious. It was truly game-playing on both of their parts. In one breath she says that it’s time to move on, but then she flirts with him, lets him keep his key, does his laundry. That is just plain STUPID. But she defends it and says “It works for us and I don’t care what anyone else says/thinks” or something like that. I believe that her behavior is the truth; her words are wishful thinking. I believe that she is hoping that she and the ex will get back together. Why else would she keep that unhealthy door open like that? I don’t think she’s a bad person for her feelings,..I’m just saying that her words contradict her actions. I don’t think she’s honest about her ex.

    She wants to be (and for the most part, IS) a good role model for her daughters, but when her girls look at the way she is handling this break-up….uh uh. No. Would she want her girls to do what she does? To try to hold on to a man who has clearly moved on? She cries about the break-up. He laughs. but she makes excuses for him: “He’s trying to cheer me up” or some such nonsense. No, Ana, he laughs because the woman whom he loves (the other woman) will be watching this scene and he does not want to give her a reason to be upset at him. He shows, with his behavior where his heart is…and it is not with Ana . But the smart woman that she is…she refuses to see what I can clearly see…and I am not half as intelligent as Ana. But then, she is hopelessly in love with him and I am not.

    So while I do mostly like Ana and I do hope she comes back to Season 3 if they have one, I’d like to see her come back and have a better storyline. The previews, if I’m going to be honest, of the reunion have colored my view of her just a little. She seems to hit below the belt on the reunion…attacking Lea’s integrity, her life’s journey and even taking jabs at Lea’s little boy. It could be editing, right? But if she does indeed do these things, it will make me like Ana less. I don’t even care if she’s right about the things for which she attacks Lea at the reunion. Why hit below the belt like that? It makes me wonder if Ana is envious of Lea. Why else would she come after her the way they are showing in the reunion previews? Envy, even if masked with flowery language and a commanding delivery, is still envy and it cheapens us and is very transparent even to the least discerning.

    • Rebecca says:

      I like Ana but I have a feeling she’s still trying to fight Marysol’s battles with Lea. Can’t wait for another melodramatic reunion show.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Oh and did I mention I love the Miami Hw’s?? I do! oh and your “perpetual smile” comment made me LOL. It made me think of the clapping monkey with the creepy perpetual smile (or is it a snarl?)http://www.mylot.com/w/keywords/clapping+monkey+toy.aspx

    • chismosa says:

      Hi Lainey!
      Ok, here is my thing with Ana— i love love love her, i think she is GORGEOUS i wish i looked like her. (and cooked like her )– i never EVER liked how dirty the language was with her daughters and how she let that fly.
      Now, in terms of the odd relationship with the ex, i don’t know. I am very much like Ana in that i am Queen Nostalgia. (i’m a Cancer, so…. comes with the territory). I’m nostalgic for yesterday, Christmas, already! ha ha. So i, even though i’ve never been married, could understand her crying over signing over the END of something so big and that was so many years of her life. She is a very VERY analytical, practical, well-spoken, educated woman, but she is emotional. I understand that duality because unfortunately i can be like that in my life.
      I don’t know the exact details of her relationship with the hubby- maybe her parents and his parents came from the same town in Cuba, knew eachother– a la Ms. Giudice, or something like that. We don’t know circumstances. It was odd, yes i agree- and not healthy if she truly wanted to move on. But i’m glad she is finally doing it. Her new boyfriend seems super smart and looks very handsome!

      As for the Lea thing–
      I saw the part where she yells at Lea. I since the first season and since Lea’s old face- have never liked her. I don’t get how she got cast on this show, to me she sticks out like a sore thumb. I never ever understood her in this mix. I guess, i suppose— since the connection with Adriana (who she makes fun of), and i suppose knowing Marisol and Elsa many years (who she makes fun of), makes her legitimately connected to the people on the show. But, i never cared for her.

      I’m not going to judge what Ana says about Lea YET until i see Lea’s cackling passive aggressive (!!!!!hate that expression!!!)- DIGS at everyone on the couches. I personally don’t see any reason for Ana to be envious of Lea. What the hell has Lea done with her life that is not connected or started because of her husband or his money ? Ana can hold her head up high in comparison, IMHO.

      That freakin’ Karent better stop flaring her nostrils and say something that makes sense and MEANS something at this damn reunion. She’s so annoying!
      She needs the procedure Nene got done, closing up the nostrils.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Hi Chismosa – I wasn’t criticizing Ana for crying about signing the divorce papers. I was commenting more about how Ana cried (understandably) and her ex was laughing and cracking jokes. I understand why she was crying,…but why couldn’t she see that HE WAS LAUGHING and not comforting her? He was happy to finally have her sign the divorce papers,…she said something in her TH about how he was cracking jokes for her benefit, to cheer her up, etc. But I don’t believe that. He didn’t want his lady (not ana) to get upset so he was not comforting Ana during her tearful signing of the divorce papers because he didn’t want to upset the woman he’s committed to when that episode aired (not Ana). I agree with you, Ana is very intelligent and beautiful. BUT She is not smart when it comes to her ex. That was my whole point. I also don’t think she was honest about her feelings for him – while the show was airing. You mention that she has a boyfriend now and that is very cool and exciting for her. I cannot comment on her new boyfriend because he wasn’t on the show. The only relationship I witnessed was what was aired on the RhoMiami.

        So, because Lea isn’t young, she shouldn’t be on this show? I am glad the producers don’t agree with this train of thought. I like seeing older women being represented on all forms of media. We are not invisible. We do exist. We’re here, get used to it!! haha!! Is it fun to watch the young and fabulous? YES, OF COURSE! Is it equally fun to see someone closer to my age who is living a fabulous life? YES, OF COURSE!!

        I, like you, have not seen the reunion so like you said, who knows what set Ana off on her insult tour of Lea. Who knows. I, personally, don’t think ANYTHING should cause her to take jabs at Lea’s young son. But, that’s just me. I could never like Jac and MamaManzo again after they mistreated Gia on the air. Maybe Ana did not say anything about Lea’s kid, but the editing for the preview sure makes it look like she did. Perhaps we’re being misled. It wouldn’t be the first time, right?

        How a woman, who admits to handling her ex-husband’s dirty underwear/laundry while he is sleeping with another woman….would have anything to say to any woman (like Lea) about her relationships (past or present) and how Lea has or hasn’t benefitted from her legitimate marriage…is beyond me. I just don’t think Ana has a foot to stand on where that (how other women manage their personal relationships) is concerned.

        You want Karent to have a nose job,…LOL…she’ll have nothing left!!!

        Let’s see…how else can we disagree? just kidding…did you like the Miami show? I think you did, too. So on that, we can agree!! I hope they do have a season 3.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          Oh, I forgot to address the envy. I wondered if envy is the reason for Ana’s distaste for Lea. I’m only wondering. You feel that Lea hasn’t accomplished much in comparison to Ana. I think Lea, regardless of how it came about, is super wealthy, highly regarded and well known in Miami, she does charitable work that seems to be far-reaching and positive..and she seems to be in a successful marriage. Ana has money, too for sure,…well, she must, right? She is a lawyer, she is a published author,…I don’t think Ana should be jealous of Lea…but I wonder,…is she? Why attack and/or belittle Lea’s life’s journey (the comment about how everything she has was acquired was ‘on her back;)…I don’t get why Ana would say that. While Ana is very eloquent, her comments are tinged with envy and bitterness, IMO.

          • Beckygrey says:

            Why don’t we wait until we see the show.

          • chismosa says:

            oh and ps i think they said that Ana’s ex’s new girlfriend was a ’28 year old Colombian’ or something on the show. In Miami, Cubans are becoming extinct in a way, as more S. Americans have moved on in. I think there is a cultural issue going on. There may be some resentment there. and ding ding— Karen (T) is Colombian. Marisol, Ana, Alexia>>> Cubanas.

            I don’t have out and out evidence but i read that there is a tinge of this happening. I doubt that is why they dislike Karen (T) because a blind man would be annoyed with Karen (T).

            As for Ana’s bitterness– i think people in general (not you, everyone these days) seems to call up the ‘envy’ card too much. Even stupid Chelsea Handler was joking about on her show the other night as to why parents have to tell their kids about someone not liking the kid ‘oh they’re just jealous’- i think we use that immediately as some excuse. Now maybe you are right and there is something to be jealous of? I don’t know— but to me, Ana’s comments come off as very thought-out, measured, and kind of somber. She is a lawyer so she has to work with words, too. I don’t call them bitter. But we all see things colored by our own experiences! 😉

            • LaineyLainey says:

              Yes, chismosa – the jealousy thing is over-used. I only wondered if Ana is envious. Only wondering. 🙂 I don’t think she should be, but I was wondering why else she is so dismissive of Lea.

              The other theory that occurs to me, is the one that someone here noted about Teresa, maybe it was CAP? or MTH? About how Teresa’s castmates don’t feel that she deserves what ever good fortune comes her way. Perhaps that is the issue with Ana. She doesn’t think Lea deserves or has earned her good fortune, fair and square.

              When Lea was confronting Marysol at the dinner – – -in her talking head, Ana was saying something like: talking loudly doesn’t make you right, etc. It is true, I agree with Ana about loudness v. being right – however, in this case Lea was right in her confrontation with Marysol. I thought Lea was being honest (with Marysol’s permission) and Ana was being dismissive of Lea and the concerns she was raising to Marysol. It was a one-sided honest moment…one-sided because Marysol would not take responsibility for any wrongdoing or mismanagement by her company. She had her client right there telling her what went wrong and Marysol was not having it. It illustrated Lea’s point that Marysol will not take responsibility for anything that happened between them. I saw it. anyway. If not for that scene, I would have never really believed Lea but after watching that scene there was no denying that Marysol is not one to take responsibility for her client being unhappy with her PR Firm’s service.

        • chismosa says:

          Lainey just reading this now, and wont be up on here until later today- but will let you know on new blog that i am responding– just a) I never knew there was anything being said against Lea’s son by Ana on the preview— the only two things i heard were -1- something about Lea doing all her work on her back, and -2- that Ana didn’t want someone to stand up and break a hip, i suppose meaning Lea? I never heard anything about Lea’s son- so maybe there were other previews of that, but i haven’t seen that. Just so you know-
          b)- i never ever said anything about Lea on this show with regards to her AGE. Where did i say that? I’m sorry if you inferred that that is what i meant– i mean that she is not Latin, nor native to Miami (Joanna is an anomaly in my book- a ratings stunt as she was on DWTS previously). She was completely out of place last year with the other women.

          I never took issue with her age. I think it makes her feel she has little to nothing in common with the other women, (except Adriana because of their sons’ ages/ going to school together, etc) so i don’t know why SHE HERSELF felt like being on the show, but hey more power to her. My issue is her grating personality. She does have some words of wisdom and moments of diplomacy that i do love, but her underhanded jokes and digs at people and that awful cackle. Omg, i just can’t take it. There’s an underlying nastiness to her. But it’s just a feeling i get, i can’t say there are proven scenes of it. Just my own hunch. And i”m sorry but it’s just like the super wealthy PAM’s in Manhattan (Park Avenue Moms)- who leave their jobs when they marry/ or never did work, marry very wealthy and devote time to ***philanthropy*** (think, Charlotte York or Mr. Big’s wife Natasha). There are tons and tons of these. Give me a break. Great, thanks for doing that, but i’m sorry, you’re doing ~something~ because if you didn’t do that, knowing you had 5 nannies at home for your kids,—- you basically would be doing NOTHING. So i dont find Lea this independent hardworking woman with regards to her philanthropic work (which YES can be doing great things, i am bemoaning HER not the work the organizations do). I don’t know Lea’s previous experiences before her shady hooking up with the husband defense lawyer after being on the jury, maybe she did have a career before that? I don’t care for Lea, never did in season 1, still don’t.

          Agewise, i mean i fall in between, there were many HWs on last year that were younger than me on Miami, i didn’t like them all- i dont think anything is ‘age’ related necessarily. There are shows on Bravo with very young people that i think people older than that age group wound up watching, there are shows with older (>40? 50?)people cast on them that very young (<30?) watch. Everyone finds their 'in' on a show.

          Caroline is a little bit the older on NJ- and i never liked her since season 1 when the world was enamored with the Manzos because of her thug personality. But Danielle i thought, was similar in age. They had Jacqueline, Tre, and Dina who were all a lot younger- and no one stuck out there i thought.
          NY always had a mix, even with Bethenny back many seasons- i thought they melded well. For some SOME reason i dont know why, Lea sticks out to me on this show as not part of the group.
          Atlanta, unfortunately has someone kind of younger on it and new this year who is so freakin' stupid i'm embarrassed to be 5 or 6 years older than her. I wish i was 20 years older than her. How atrocious. Read a Book !!!! (Kenya says).

          Ok over and out- have a great day, if you read this!

          • LaineyLainey says:

            Hi Chismosa – I answered you somewhere’s else on this blog about the perceived jab at Lea’s son. Let me know if you don’t see it. Oh and regrding the reference to age – you wrote in your comment the following:

            ” I saw the part where she yells at Lea. I since the first season and since Lea’s old face- have never liked her.”

            I thought “old face” was in reference to Lea’s age. Maybe you didn’t mean that. if not, then…sorry! 🙂

            I hesitated to cut and paste your words…I mean, this isn’t a court of law, but I knew I hadn’t imagined the reference to Lea’s age or her “old-face”…but you know, I’m the one who posted a link to a picture of a clapping monkey in reference to Karent. NOT NICE OF ME!!!! I’m guilty, your honor!!!!

            • chismosa says:

              Lainey OLD FACE as in face PRE – new work on it. Not agewise! Lisa had an old face too before her husband filled it so much! Ha

          • LaineyLainey says:

            Hey there! The preview thing where I THINK, (I think, cause I’m not sure) that Ana is dissing Lea’s kid is downthread.

  17. VV says:

    People are chiming in about Bethenny on Bravo site ( The Dish ). Comments are mixed but they tilt a little on the negative side and letting B have it a little bit.

  18. boston02127 says:

    Happy Birthday JustAnotherMary! Have a great day!

  19. princesspindy says:

    Happy Birthday JustAnotherMary!!!!

    • Powell says:

      PrincessP how did your kids enjoy Christmas?

      • princesspindy says:

        They had a really nice time! We all remarked how nice it was both Christmas Eve and Christmas. We had fun watching the Wrestling Christmas Eve, lol, and had a really nice dinner. I thought my son might leave and go to his gf’s but he wanted to stay home with us! Thanks for asking, I hope you had a great Christmas!!

  20. LaineyLainey says:

    There was a time when I had such a crush on Gerard Depardieu. (sp) So, I have “E’s Celebrity Oops” on while I avoid making dinner. They said that this past year, GD’s plane was on the runway, he tried to go to the restroom, they told him NO (not sure why exactly) and that he would have to wait until they said it was ok…so he peed in the aisle of the airplane. OMGosh, I USED TO have a crush on him, USED TO!!! Do y’all think he’s incontinent? Or was he just being a jerk? Or is he an incontinent jerk?

    • princesspindy says:

      Lainey, that is what made Anderson Cooper start giggling and he lost control for the first time on his news program. Anderson gets the giggles around 2:30 on the video.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        The puns were hilarious,..well, it would have been funnier…had he not tried to explain every pun. Weird that I completely missed this!!! I remember hearing about his giggling fit and maybe even saw the girly giggles on youtube, but I didn’t know what had set him off!!! Thanks for sharing, it made me laugh.

      • WasLurking says:

        Love Cooper! As silly as the puns….still had me giggling, and then when he lost
        it……………. awesomely hysterical!
        As for GD………possibly a prostrate issue?
        thanks for posting!

      • Beckygrey says:

        I love hit, he giggling like a girl. You think he’s happy? I love him so much, he’ such a handsome man.

    • Putchka says:

      Hi Lainey! He’s an alcoholic jerk. He used to be a lovable lug. Ah c’est la vie.

  21. BB says:

    It’s storming here (thunder and lightning). Yep, a thunderstorm on the day after Christmas. Weird.

  22. Cityside says:

    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday Just Another Mary
    Happy Birthday to you and hi to Virgil too….la la la la la


  23. Cityside says:

    You think faye ransick asked for her blog to be taken down?

  24. djprincessc says:

    Chismosa Merry Belated Xmas to you too! I responded to out whole hispanic convo just now! Hope you see it! xo!

  25. contessa says:

    For Lainey and Chismosa,

    Read your exchange above about Ana and Lea. I saw one quick preview and read somewhere that Lea said Ana’s marriage was full of infidelity on her H’s part for many years…if this is true I believe Ana came out swinging. Who knows the entire backstory. Also Lea critiqued Ana leaving that lovely dinner party the bottom feeder hosted, etc…I think there is more hostility than just Ana sticking up for Marysol. I suppose we will see more tomorrow.

    I will go to Bravo and take a peek at the upcoming attractions and see what is there. I also like Ana very much, but she needs to get her key back and stop with the laundry. His gf needs to start washing his dirty underwear pronto. Her heavy crying tells me she did not want this divorce and was hoping for a different ending. I would like to see her new relationship work out, one that is more mature, kind and loving. I always felt Ana’s husband was kind of like a buffoon when he was making jokes about closing up their office and signing the divorce papers. If it was me I would not have given him that kind of license signing the papers. When I had to sign mine, we were seperated and we never saw each other after he walked out…so it was easy for me to sign.

    The eternal smiler’s face is frozen from all the botox. I am sorry to say that simpy smiles grates on me a bit. It is annoying that she does it all the time. I just want to grab her jaw and squeeze for a few seconds like the nuns used to when I was in grammar school. Wonder if her jaw would crack from all the immobility?

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Hi Contessa: whoah, if what you’re saying is what really happened to set Ana off,…then I can completely understand why she came out “swinging” – I maintain that the kid should be off limits,…but who knows, maybe Lea said something about her girls first . I agree, Ana clearly did not want the divorce. Her BUFFOONISH (great way to describe him, by the way) ex hardly seems worthy of Ana. I wonder what his new woman is like? I really do like Ana, too but I felt she wasn’t being honest about her feelings for him. She was talking it away, making excuses for him..I simply found it incongruous with her obvious intelligence and strength of character. I, too, hope his new girlfriend is the one washing his underwear now…or better yet…why can’t he do it himself? RIGHT???? lol!! We will know soon what made Ana go on the Lea Insult Tour. It should be interesting. (or not) Either way, we will see….. 🙂

      • contessa says:

        Lainey, I am with you…kids are totally OFF LIMITS! If Ana did that she was wrong and I will be the second after you calling her out on this. However I know I have said things that I would like to take back in the heat of red hot anger(shame shame on me). I think Lea has a way of jabbing people until they blow. I am not her biggest fan, as I think she can be a bit under-handed at times and a bit queen like. However I do like the mix of the cast and enjoyed Miami, as it is not dark like NJ.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          Oh, I know, Contessa – I don’t even have to be remotely angry to say things I regret. I told my friend’s 14 y.o. daughter the other day to please cover her mouth when she yawns. Her mother, my friend, glared at me,…we were at a restaurant and her daughter was sitting across from me, and her mouth opened as wide as the grand canyon.. it was unsightly. But I STILL shouldn’t have said anything.

          I am a pre-school teacher and pre-schoolers are just learning little things like that…covering your mouth when you sneeze, cough, yawn, burp… so sometimes I’m on automatic with the thought that perhaps no one else in their lives notices their lack of manners. But my little friend is not a preschooler and I shouldn’t have said that. I did apologize!!!

          The next day, they came over to bring us a pie…and her husband said to me, you know what? your son is too skinny! You need to feed him more! I wondered if he was mad at me for telling their only child to cover her mouth when she yawned.

        • Powell says:

          Contessa I know what you mean about saying something out of anger but how can you bring the kid into it out of anger? Like you said we.don’t know the back story but what we’ve seen Ana & Lea’s kids didn’t do anything to warrant any of them bringing them up. Remember on Vancouver Jody’s daughter Mia was nasty to all the ladies so that warranted a smack down.

          • contessa says:

            Powell you are right, kids do not belong in an attack. I’ve never done that to anyone’s kid that I know. But I’ve done it to my ex, to bf, gf, sister and friends throughout my life, but not often as I have to be pushed to the wall to explode that way.

            Lainey, you were right about correcting that young lady, she should have put her hand over her mouth. It seems to me that manners are sadly lacking and thank God for teachers like you that see how important this is. With regard to your neighbor saying your son is skinny – yes I believe it was probably a bit of a dig, but just a little one – LOL.

            • chismosa says:

              i said this above, i’m late to comment here but i never never heard ANYONE call out someone’s kid so everyone must have seen some preview that i missed! Wow.

              • LaineyLainey says:

                Like Beckygrey so wisely stated, let’s wait and watch the reunion first. It might have been editing, Chismosa but Ana is shown singing the praises of her girls and adding something like (not direct quotation) as she’s addressing Lea Black: “at least MY girls are not socially awkward.” Something like that.

    • Powell says:

      I think Karent smilies like that to mask her true feelings. It’s like laugh instead of crying. It’s a defense mechanism.

      • chismosa says:

        Powell you are right. But i hope she learns after watching herself how annoying that looks to someone trying to have a logical conversation with her. What a dope!

      • LaineyLainey says:

        I think she does it to manipulate people. She probably learned early that if she smiles like that at those who are either criticizing or confronting her, i.e. when they’re trying to have a serious conversation with her, that she can really push their buttons and make them angry…and therefore they come off as illogical or irrational (because they reacted to her joker smile in an angry way) and she comes off smelling like a rose. She’s smiling after all! Isn’t she cool and collected? No woman, you look like you’re insane! That smile is the definition of Passive/Aggressive. If you think about dog communication, she’s also establishing herself as the Alpha female as she shows her teeth to the others in a way warning them to steer clear. grrrrrrrrrrrr! grrrrrr!

  26. contessa says:

    LIPS McGee and BF

    I was bored today and was all over he net. Well Ms. socially correct, who never utters the F word, and is always well behaved at parties, Kyle Richards, twittered a photo of herself, Morrie(the used car salesman), Lips and her new BF, the married, getting a divorce lawyer. Don’t you all think that is no nice, that Kyle is so sweet to accept all these wonderful things happening to her good friend Lips. Kyle seems so happy for her dear classy friend, who is a grifter, liar, alcoholic (will vile kyle call her out on TV) and now someone who screws another woman’s husband, that she posts a photo of all 4 of them. Vile kyle is truly a dear dear friend, that truly knows what acceptable social behavior is. NOT.

    • Mene Seela says:

      Don’t you just wonder how Kyle would behave if Mauricio steps out publicaly with another woman? She’d lose it. So how is it OK for Kyle to support Taylor’s disgusting relationship?

      • kit9 says:

        She’s not supporting it or condoning it.

        • T-Rex says:

          Yes she most certainly is both supporting and condoning this if she’s taken to twitter to promote it. This man still has a wife and children, so kudos to VileKyleMeanGirl for letting rubbing salt in the wounds of his family, who are probably very unhappy, especially at this time of year that their father is off schtooping some wackadoo instead of spending the holidays with them. If this were LisaVpump posting a pic of Brandi with a married man, VileKyleMeanGirl would be the first one calling out the hypocrisy

    • PJ says:

      But she is classy Morris said so.

    • Powell says:

      I don’t get Kyle. Taylor is displaying some of the same attributes that Kyle so hated in Kim and that Kyle wanted Kim to change.

      • kit9 says:

        Drinking too much because you’re going through a depressive period is not the same as being an alcoholic. And, you can’t compare Kyle’s relationship with Taylor and her relationship with Kim. Taylor’s drinking isn’t profoundly affecting Kyle and her family emotionally and financially and every other way. And Kyle hasn’t been dealing, hands on, with Taylor’s drinking for years and years.

  27. Mene Seela says:

    Bethenny and Jason .. When I think of these two I they are both huge messes. Jason’s family tragedy seems to inform every move in his life. He needs to fill the void in his parent’s life left by his deceased brother. I think he tried to rebel by marrying a woman who stated she was “rasied by wolves”. I mean what could be any further away from mom, Hazelton and apple pie?

    • contessa says:

      I never thought of it that way, as rebellion. I think Bethenny can be very attractive to a man, because she comes across as not really giving a damn….and there is nothing more attractive to a man than a woman who is not that obtainable (yes it is true).

      The issue with his parents is very deep. I don’t doubt that he is trying to fill a void, but I believe they were always a close family and his parents seem so nice and down to earth, salt of the earth types. It is love and respect and the way he was raised. He wants to share his daughter with his parents and I totally understand this as this is their only grandchild. Who can love Bryn more, outside of her parents. I get the grandparents thing. If it had been me, I would have been kissing their feet with gratitude.
      Any trip that I had to take without the baby, I would have had them come down and stay with the baby and the nanny – but that’s me.

      It think the entire issue with the Hoppys is they are two very different people with different approaches to how they relate. Jason wants one argument, and than it is done, Bethenny on the other hand wants to talk it to death and theorize every nuance of the conversation (as most of us women tend to sometimes do). The best book I have ever read on relationships is Mars and Venus, as it finally made me understand the differences in how men and women react within a relationship. Bethenny also has to stop with the wounded persona, it’ yesterdays news. Jason needs to stop trying to have the same goals as Bethenny – she was in the right place at the right time and it happened. She is rich and she is not going to give away her hard earned money to please Jason’s ego. Yes he said he resented her success and how driven she is, but that is her persona and she will not change. She struggled for this success for a long time. Jason is simply more laid back. I think there was love and they both love Bryn and hopefully this divorce will stay very private for the both of them and most of all for Bryn.

      • Powell says:

        Contessa I’m w/you & others that have said B needs to stop the wounded, poor is me, I raised myself attitude. Yes that’s part of her story but she can’t continue to use that as her fight or flight survival excuse.

      • chismosa says:

        contessa, with regards to the Jason’s brother issue- i think the brother died well after Jason reached 18- but i could be wrong—- so i don’t think it has the impact of say, the brother dying when Jason was 10. I’m sure Jason feels he wants to do a lot for his parents always so i see your point. But i think Jason was in college or something when it happened.
        I can’t imagine the pain of his parents.

        Like i look at a lot of famous people, for instance the comedian Chelsea Handler who had like 6 brothers and sisters, her oldest brother died when she was like 7 years old or something- i think that IMPACT made her work triple hard to succeed in life. But to me, she made ‘her success on her back’- like Miami HW Ana said in the reunion preview. (Chelsea slept with the head of the E/Comcast networks and then got her talk show)
        I don’t admire that of her. But she is hardworking i’ll give her that. Vertically or horizontally. 🙂

    • Powell says:

      Mene I always thought he needed therapy to deal w/that. I think it’s his problem more than his parents. It’s like he feels he has to live his life & his brother’s life for his parents.

      • Mene Seela says:

        That’s what I saw too. I think he seesm to be a fantastic man. Just not for a hugely ambitious woman who acted jealous of his family.

        I don’t blame Bethenny for chasing her dream. I mean – who the heck is 1/2 ambitious? Someone could have asked Oprah, Barbara Walters, Madonna, Martha Stewart or any Hollywood actress to just be satisfied with what they already have. It’s just not possible. It is never about money. It’s about conquest.
        Bethenny can’t help it, any more than Jason can contain his his drive to “heal” his family

        • Powell says:

          Yeah I don’t blame B either for her ambition. I applaud her for it. She really started the low cal cocktail craze. And being a woman since the alcohol biz is largely a male dominated field. I don’t know. Jason knew how ambitious she was. Maybe it’s his family values that said she’s pregnant so I have to marry her & hopefully it will work out.

          • Mene Seela says:

            I agree. If she hadn’t become pregnant so quickly they may not have married. I always thought her weird chosen family fad was in response to his “real” nuclear family. She rebelled in a not very nice fashion. That was just mean of her to exclude his family in the “who’s gonna keep Bryn if we aren’t here”. That was the worst of her.

      • contessa says:

        Powell, yes you and I are in agreement about the poor me thing – it’s enough. She needs to accept her life and look at the positives, like it gave her the tools to tremendous success. She also had entree to famous people and fabulous places. We all have baggage and there are much worse stories than Bethenny’s out there. With regard to Jason – I agree on the therapy thing, but I also believe he truly loves his parents and they have always been a close unit. Up until the time I moved to Arizona, from Chicago,
        I saw my Dad weekly and spoke to him at least every other day, so I get it with Jason. However he poo-pooed therapy and said he doesn’t believe in it, as on the other hand Bethenny lives by it. It would have been better for him to give it a try, at least commit to a few sessions. It’s basically talking things out and learning how to communicate with your partner especially when you are in a roadblock. However the therapist has to be very neutral and one that challenges the couple to do better.

        I had a bad therapist/marriage counselor, as she never called my x out on his behaviors. We went to counseling after I found out he was having an affair, which he never owned up to (I had the evidence in hand). My therapist said he doesn’t hear you and doesn’t understand what you are talking about as he is emotionally stunted at age 17 or 18 and he thinks everything is everyone else’s fault. She also didn’t get that you can’t get through infidelity without processing the entire truth to the injured party. She tought it would be better if I just let it go and carry on. At that point I knew she was BAD for us. I turned into a lunatic after that and called him out on everything. Looking back and laughing now I was like a super detective and always 2 steps ahead of him at every point. I have to concede and say the therapist was correct because he was emotionally stunted at age 17 and truly stupid for a man in his 50’s.

  28. boston02127 says:

    Article about JZ:

    “Being the New York ambassador that she is, television personality and entrepreneur……..”


  29. Powell says:

    I just saw that Eddie Cibrian got himself a job. He’ll be on next Wednesday’s epi of Hot in Cleveland playing a fire fighter. I guess LeAnn let him out long enough to make a little dough.

    • contessa says:

      That’s rich, maybe while she was drinking before her appearance on the talent show? Ya think?

      • Powell says:

        Oh I’m watching now and he’s on tonights epi so it seems he’s on multiple epis starting tonight.

      • kit9 says:

        No, that’s Brandi you’re thinking of. You know, the one with a DUI.

        • Bee says:

          Don’t know of this will get posted, but wanted to say that I tend to agree with just about everything you (kit9) write! Your posts are so balanced. Please keep them coming!

  30. IceNFire says:


  31. KTinCT says:

    Totally off topic, but I want to share this here (not on facebook). My mother works for the Meriden, CT Police Dept., she works in the records division, not an officer. I went to visit her today with my three year old. A week and a half ago, Monday Dec. 17th, Meriden, as well as many towns across CT sent detectives and officers to Newtown to help the PD of Newtown. I spoke with the Detective who was sent to stand guard of one of the little 7 year old boys who was gunned down that day. He told me that he had parked his cruiser at the end of the driveway, was approached by many news stations as well as people from the Oprah network, which he turned all away…. . He then told me that the father came out and said to him, “Do you need to use the bathroom? Would you like a cup of coffee?……I know this must be boring for you…” The Detective responded, ” No, this is an honor for me….” As this Detective told me this story he had tears in his eyes, as did I.
    I’m not trying to bring anyone down, I just had to share the story I experienced today….
    Hug your loved ones ever so tightly!!
    xo Katie

  32. Nancy says:

    Hope everyone had a great Christmas! Ours were lovely.
    To my fellow Canadians Happy Boxing Day. 🙂

  33. boston02127 says:

    Last Christmas was the first holiday that I went visiting everyone without my mother. Everyone asked if I’d like to take home leftovers. I didn’t give it a second thought and said no thanks to everything. Then the next day or two I was thinking “darn, wish I had some leftovers”

    This year, diffrent story. I took any leftovers people gave me. I have so much food & desserts. I keep picking and it’s all so good.

    • contessa says:

      Hi Boston,

      Getting leftovers is the best thing ever. My sister made a standing rib roast and must say we didn’t get any leftovers – yuck. Wish I did, I’m hungry now and there are no Christmas goodies in my house. I remember the days when our family was much larger and we had ham, roasts, turkey and brought home food for a week.

      I am glad you had a nice Christmas and this year brought food home to enjoy your vacation from school and keep the holiday going for a few extra days.


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