More on the Bethenny – Jason split / Real Housewives of Miami – Reunion Part 1

Jason Asked for the Split by NoMoreDrama

While Bethenny Frankel broke the news that she was separating from husband Jason Hoppy, an insider has told the AllAboutTruth blog that it was actually Jason that called for a break in the relationship.  According to the source:

“Jason was full aware that Bethenny made him look bad throughout their marriage. He was made fun of from friends and family all the time that he was letting Bethenny control him. Jason wanted out of this marriage a long time ago but Bethenny was so caught up in proving the media wrong about her marriage that she kept it going and begged him to stay with her.”

The source added, “Jason has been miserable for a very long time and thinks this is the right decision. He cares about his daughter more than anything in this world and doesn’t want her to grow up witnessing a failed marriage. Although Bethenny continued to put what the media would say in his face, he had enough and told her he wanted out of this marriage for good!”

Bethenny’s marriage woes were front and center of season three of her reality TV show, and the separation comes as no surprise to viewers.  I was rooting for this couple, but it is difficult enough to enter a marriage in your late 30s and immediately have a child, without adding the reality TV show, Bethenny’s troubled past, and her meteoric business success.  When Jason and Bethenny first met she was just another reality TV housewife trying turn her TV exposure into a few bucks while she was in the public eye.

Today her Skinnygirl brand can be found in major liquor/grocery and department stores, and she’s set to launch a talk show next year.  Perhaps you can’t have it all, but you’ve got to give her credit for trying.


Real Housewives of Miami – Reunion Opens New Wounds by NoMoreDrama

Well it looks as though the healing ceremony in the Bahamas didn’t heal much between these ladies, as gloves are apparently off for the reunion.

Seating is always interesting, and in this reunion seating is exactly the split that the ladies had during their vacation.  To Andy’s right – Joanna, Lisa, Karent, and Lea at the far end of the couch.  To Andy’s left – Adriana, Marysol, Ana, and Alexia.  Apparently Lea asking Elaine Lancaster to do her dirty work didn’t earn her a good seat at the reunion.  You have to bring your own fake drama.


Going in to season two of the Real Housewives of Miami there were rumors that this was more scripted than any other show in the history of housewives – and it sure did seem that much of the drama was made up.  Karent had a fake boyfriend, Joanna had fake relationship troubles, and who knows what was going on between Adriana and Joanna, but it certainly seemed to me that they had some sort of agreement to fight on camera.

But at the end of the day the show was pretty interesting if you could get past the manufactured storylines.  The tiff between Lea and Marysol seemed real.  Marysol and Ana were dealing with real relationship issues.  Alexia was dealing with her son’s accident and recovery.  Lisa was struggling to get pregnant.

The main drama coming out of the previews is that Ana Quincoces takes on Lea Black and basically tells her that she doesn’t believe Lea is a self-made woman, and that she slept her way to the top.  Then Ana says something about her girls and how they are not socially awkward.  This comment has been taken to be a slam against Lea Black’s son RJ – who many viewers felt came across as socially awkward on the show.  Usually kids are off limits,   and Ana doesn’t seem to be the type to take low blows at kids, so I’m going wait until I see the whole thing before commenting, but Lea giving her take twitter.

Tweet to Lea: “if that dig was towards Lea son- she really is brown trash judging a young child”

Lea:  “It was! Shame.”

You can see the preview video here.

There won’t be a new chat blog today for the reunion since it’s such a quiet day and I’m off skiing.  We have a new blogger recapping the reunions for us – so don’t worry, you won’t miss out while I’m off having fun.


Holiday Roundup

NeNe Leakes and Kenya Moore at NeNe's Holiday Party

NeNe Leakes and Kenya Moore at NeNe’s Holiday Party

Reality TV stars Toya, Kandi Burruss, Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta's Rasheeda & Basketball Wives' Evelyn Lozada in the Bahamas

Reality TV stars Toya, Kandi Burruss, Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’s Rasheeda & Basketball Wives’ Evelyn Lozada in the Bahamas

Phaedra is also with Kandi in the Bahamas

Enjoying the Junkanoo w/kandi,@todd167,rasheeda,frost117,@toyawright,@MemphitZ & titaniump


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  1. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. It’s a cold and windy day. The wind is suppose to get up to 50mph. Yikes. I hope you all are warm and toasty and have a great day.

  2. LA_Debra says:

    Have fun skiing ! I’m back at work and actually loving it. (oh yea, workaholic)

  3. Powell says:

    Well Miss fabulous Gone With the Wind fabulous Kenya’s dress sure isn’t fitting correctly on the bustier and NeNe looks very nice but I would’ve had a camisole under that lace top but that’s just me.

  4. Powell says:

    Have fun skiing NMD. And let us know if you succeed on your spy mission to Vancouver’s Jody’s stores. 🙂

  5. Powell says:

    At least Bravo spent some money on the Miami reunion this season. The 1st reunion was pitiful on the WWHL set. The seating was never more telling at a reunion than it was at this reunion. You would think Lea would be at least 2nd.

  6. chismosa says:

    i don’t like Nene’s hair- ew. Did Kenya get her implants reduced?

    Love that Lea is not close to Andy on the couch. Yay. The audio guys probably wanted to space her cackle to come from yards away.
    Someone on the couch got their hands into the extensions the girl Lily from Shahs of Sunset wears- whoa! Adriana whoa. Marisol’s dress is my favorite, like Ginnifer Goodwin’s Emmy or golden globe dress— beautiful.

    NMD you forgot to write “Karent had a fake SMILE” all season…. i thought i read smile but i was just projecting my thoughts into your paragraph. ha ha!

    Lainey— i was away from the blog most of yesterday afternoon- so just fyi if you care, i had written some responses to you on the old blog, re: Lea. Ughhhhhh If you care! 😉
    I have nothing against Lea’s AGE! It’s her personality. I’m not 23 you know! lol


    The Jason issue: My issue is people calling him not ‘ambitious’ Why if he is not as crazy psychotic ambitious as Bethenny—- is he not ambitious? That is just so annoying to me.

    Also, the ‘resentment’ of her success– i don’t see anything that odd with a man being resentful that success happened to the wife, and that the success could not have happened by the man in the relationship as he usually has the classic provider role (i don’t care WHAT century we are in.). I don’t find fault in that. He should not have resented Bethenny herself- but her success i could understand.
    How could you also not resent if you were being asked on camera 1000x if you ‘had decided what to do with your life yet’. When you had a successful life well before meeting your wife? I’d resent THAT.

    And who plants the story about who initiated the divorce, – ?? I don’t know who or even what to believe.

    Ok have a good day everyone, will have to catch up laterm, thanks for the blog NMD!

    DJ- holla!- saw your note yesterday! Hope you are well.

    • Powell says:

      chismosa Kenya’s ill fitting dress makes her look like her boobs have shrunk. And the dress is made from cheap material. Since she has bodyguards everywhere w/her I suggest she trade them in for a stylist. Funny we only saw a bodyguard once all season huh?

      Adriana’s hair is BIG isn’t it?

      I thought Jason was ambitious in his own right. He just didn’t have the same 25r work ethic that B had. I think B has that work ethic because she’s been trying to get somewhere in the stratosphere of where she is long before HWs and when the opportunities finally arrived she was full steam ahead. She knew she had to strike while the HWs & BEA iron was hot. She couldn’t wait a few more yrs. It had to happen as it has for her. I don’t think Jason begrudged her success. He just didn’t knowit would catapult as it has. They got married, had a baby, built a biz, did a show all at the same time and that’s not normal when you’re becoming a family. Like I sai before maybe they should’ve just been co-parents, still been a couple, Jason still working where he worked and then in a few yrs if they still wanted to be together then got married. If they got married 2 yrs from now their story might be different. But maybe they will work it out.

    • VV says:

      Chismo, I commented on your post below. Don’t know why it didn’t posted here 😳

    • djprincessc says:

      Hi Chismosa!!! Hope you’re having a good day!! xo!

    • trudie says:

      Why does Bethenny’s drive for success make her crazy psychotic ambitious? If it were a man going after what he wanted, no one would bat an eye. I will never understand the thought that a woman has to take a back seat and act “less than” she really is so that a man can feel better about himself. We sent all our children to good schools to get good educations so that they can achieve success in whatever field they may choose. If one of my daughters downplayed her intelligence or her abilities, I would be sorely disappointed in her. Likewise, if my son couldn’t handle the fact that his wife was an equal to him in intelligence and drive, I would be disappointed in him as well.

      The problems with B & J’s marriage, in my opinion, is that they did not have a firm foundation to begin with.

      • chismosa says:

        Sorry Trudie, My words were scrambled. I feel women can and should be as ambitious as they want. I went to an all girls high school and felt that that only added to me doing very well and striving hard in school and life. Bethenny can do what she wants and I do applaud her but::

        A) i don’t like her belittling any ambition Jason has or had before he was with her. Or that he would begrudge a bit that it happened so fast and he may have felt helpless (?)

        B) they should not have married, but have stayed a bit longer together to see if they meshed (& with B’s timeline with boyfriends it would have ended naturally on its own) As many have said here they should have just co-patented. But I get it, being 1/2 Catholic, 12 years of catholic school, Jason wanted to marry before the child came. (But not in a church ;))

        Of course B is ambitious, but comparing her to the average woman it is a super high level and that lends itself to not having good romantic relationships (like others said, Martha Stewart, Madonna, Oprah- Steadman doesn’t count IMO )

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Re: Lea – “The audio guys probably wanted to space her cackle to come from yards away.” SO FUNNY. Only RHOM viewers would get that. I love it!!! LOL!!

      Yes, doll – I saw your replies – thanks for taking the time. Thanks for clearing up the age thing…I wasn’t judging you, sorry if it sounded that way, I was only disagreeing. LOL!! I love what you said to clear things up^^^”it’s not her age, it’s her personality”. I can understand that.

      • chismosa says:

        Good Lainey! And I just clarified that by “old face” I meant old, pre-new work done ! Like Lisa Hochstein had an old face before her husband went to work on her lol I like Lisa’s old face more

  7. boston02127 says:

    Good morning. 🙂

    Brandi Glanville & LeAnn Rimes Get Through a Split Christmas

    I think Brandi likes playing the victim. Maybe not “likes” but it makes her relevant. I do feel badly about her husband being an ass and cheating on her but it seems like she can hold her own with all the back and forth crap on twitter and the press.

    • Powell says:

      I bet LeAnn tried to outdo Brandi w/gifts. That’s just wrong.

    • VV says:

      Boston, I don’t see it as playing victims. Like any mother that has to split holidays, it has to be sad when you wake up alone for Christmas.
      What makes it worst is that Fetus Face LeAnn Rimes always makes it point to let us know what a wonderful time she’s having with her kids.

      • I have to agree on this one VV. In even the best divorce situations, as a mother, moments like waking up on Christmas morning with your kids is very special, and to miss that is painful. In this situation, it has got to be really hard on Brandi because LeAnn rubs it in her face every chance she gets. Brandi might feel different if the stepmom treated her and the situation respectfully….but that is not the case here. Attitudes just compound the problem.

    • T-Rex says:

      We spent the holidays with someone who is divorced and her kids were with their father this year so we invited her to spend the day with our family to help with the loneliness. She knew nothing of RH or the Brandi/CrayCrayRimes situation so I asked her what would she do if her ex-hubbies new wife did what CrayCrayRimes had done. I read pretty much everything that has been tweeted by CrayCrayRimes, and what she has said regarding Brandi’s children and her response was that the new wife wouldn’t be allowed around her kids and some supervised visitation with the ex would be happening until his craycraywife got some serious mental health help. She noted that CrayCrayRimes must be footing the bill for Eddie and Brandi for them to put up with all the nonsense. Just thought it was an interesting perpesctive from a divorced mom with kids

      • Powell says:

        T-Rex it was nice if your friend to impart some wisdom. I like her attitude. She’s a smart lady. It was great of your family to have her w/you at this time. I hope it helped her.

    • VV says:

      BTW, I’m not Team Brandi. I don’t even follow her on Twitter. I just strongly disapprove the way she’s being treated on the show. Brandi is Team Gorga and that to me is a big no-no – sorry chismosa 😦

      • chismosa says:

        Haha no problem VV! I’m very in the minority there ! Ha.

        At least with the Bethenny stuff you & I are on the same team. 😉

    • kit9 says:

      Of course she loves playing the victim and she does it to the hilt cause it’s all she’s got. She’s literally made a career out of it. The last time the woman was consistently employed with an actual job was during the Clinton administration.

  8. AZGirl says:

    Good morning Everyone! Have fun skiing NMD! Bethenny was just the wrong pick for Jason. Jason is a businessman also and to be in the shadow of Bethenny and her ambitious desires would be hard on any man. She did not help matters by putting him down on film. Hopefully they will both have Bryn’s best interest and keep this out of the media. I am still wary about the timing of their split being released to the media. It just seems too close to the start of Bethenny’s new talk show.

    • Powell says:

      AZGirl they both put each other down on national tv. Not good.

      • AZGirl says:

        I know and it is disturbing. What I can’t figure out is Jason has the best parents. I would love to have them as my in-laws. They seem to be just what B needed to move on from all the crazy in her childhood. Instead, B pushed them away and did not want them in their lives which is part of being married.

    • PJ says:

      How did he help matters when he put her down?

  9. VV says:

    Jill said B plants stories to the press. I believe her. This is might be another attempt by Bethenny to manipulate the public perception of her divorce. She is a control freak.
    IMO, it seems to me that her insatiable ambitions can be interpreted as nothing more than Bethenny running away from herself, keeping busy busy busy with project after project so that she doesn’t have time to work on herself or her private life.

    Not sure Jason wanted out. If he did, it was probably because she must have made his life miserable by constantly belittle him, his family and roots amongst other.

    • chismosa says:

      Im agreeing with you yet again VV!! 🙂

      • Called A Princess... says:

        I think that both parties had interpersonal issues and blame can be somewhat balanced out. During the show’s last season, Bethenny seemed controlling, most of the time, but Jason had his moments too. In a way they seem too much alike. One thing I will say, Jason had far more information on healthy relationships, then Bethenny, and could have made the choice to not marry her. They both seemed to let the ego make choices for them, I hope that changes in the future. JMHO.

        • chismosa says:

          I agree w a lot of what you say CAP, but I also think religion played into it with Jason. He came from a solid family and felt bringing a baby into the world with married parents was the right thing to do.

          If Detox was here>>>>>>Jason being a Virgo is actually a good match for B’s Scorpio but the signs are very very alike. So you may be right, too much alike

  10. Powell says:

    VV they all plant stories and JZ needs to keep her trap shut cause out if the NY HWs she’s the biggest story planter.

    But I don’t think either of them wanted it to end. They both belittled each other and made each other miserable at times.

    • VV says:

      Well have to agree to disagree on this one. I only saw B belittle him constantly to the point that probably drive Jason to say start retaliating. She featured a lot on her show that he called her “damaged” we’ll duh! She is, isn’t that why she was going to therapy? I want to know the context in which he called her that because it was not explained.

      • chismosa says:

        EXACTLY VV. you put it far better than I can explain. I feel like Jason was pushed into a corner into having to kind of “attack back”- for lack of a better term.

        The “resentment” thing was also very easily something the producers could have egged on in a talking head

        • chismosa says:

          I meant the “damaged ” thing, not resentment, but I think we could say it for both actually 😉

      • Powell says:

        He told her she was damaged and would be alone several times. She knows what her childhood has done to her. She didn’t need her husband throwing it in her face. He’s damaged too whether he wants to admit it or not. But my point was they both threw daggers at one another. It wasn’t right & was part of the demise of their marriage.

        • chismosa says:

          Yeah my point is we don’t know who said/she said FIRST, and IMO, just me- I feel he was more of a reaction to her badgering and badgering and never dropping things. But that’s just me, we each viewer see it how we see it based on our own history, etc blah blah blah.

          I don’t find Jason “damaged” but that’s just me i guess. He’s damaged in that he chose to marry someone so wrong for him, but IMO the pregnancy egged that on. JMHO!

  11. T-Rex says:

    WTF MissUSAnotMissAmericaNotgettingmarriedinfakerelationshipwhat’shername best not ever criticize anyone ever again on how they look because good grief charlie brown that is the most hideous outfits, looks like a cheap witches costume from a halloween store. It’s not only ill-fitted it’s not even remotely attractive at all, well I guess the length is about the only thing even remotely attractive. Uhm don’t they have stylists in HotLanta, I am pretty sure they do my cousin that lives there knows a few, maybe she needs to break out the yellow pages and get her fingers walkin to find one stat.

  12. Sus says:

    Let’s add Jason and Bethenny to the reality show marriage curse.

    Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey
    Jon and Kate Gosselin
    Hulk and Linda Hogan
    Kathy Griffin and Matt
    Danny Bonaduce and Gretchen
    Jennie Pulos and that guy
    Lumann and the Count
    Trampa and Simon Barney
    Vickie and Donn
    Taraq and Michaele Journey

  13. Good Morning Everyone! Brrrr….it is freezing here this morning and I did not want to leave my cozy bed. I have been talking myself into walking ever since I got up….so we will see if I make it out there!

    NMD….have a fabulous time skiing! Thanks for getting the blog up!

    Errrrm, what is Kenya, Gone With The Wind wearing?!? Yikes! But looooove NeNe’s skirt! I would so wear that…..though a camisole would have completed her outfit better (unless you are entertaining at home for 2 🙂 )

    Hope you are all having a good mid-holiday week. 🙂

    New blog “The Aftermath” is up at my place + all the goodies! Enjoy!

    • California35 says:

      Good morning, I woke up so very early, but was not interested on going outside. I do have a dog, so I did go outside after all. In other words, I understand you, I only went outside early because I HAD to 😛

      • Powell says:

        Cali thk goodness birds don’t require a walk outside. 🙂

      • Hi Cali….I don’t have a dog….but I just got back from dragging myself out in the cold. I walk in a little park near my house. Even though it is cold, I am glad I went. I feel so much better after power walking….I just have to keep reminding myself of that until I am out the door when it is this cold or I am tired! This morning…it worked! 😛 Working off those holiday calories…and there are still sweets around here! Gasp!

        • Powell says:

          MarDrag I need to power walk the sweets off too but I’ll do it on the treadmill. Y’all know I don’t like the cold weather.

          • I know you don’t sweet lady! The sun is out here even though it is cold….so I will send you some, limp as it is! 🙂

            I used to have a treadmill but never got into it. For me, there is something about being out in the fresh air that invigorates me. On the treadmill, I got too distracted with “things to do” (& excuses)! Once I am outside, there is nothing left to distract me and I walk, walk, walk. It’s the trick I use on myself! 😛

  14. Mene Seela says:

    Jason & Bethenny I agree with all of you! Chimosa, AZGirl, VV!
    Complicated people don’t stop be complicated, selfish or self destructive just because they became famous and are on TV.
    And those icky mocking reality TV moments of What will Jason Be When He Grows Up? Yipes. What was she thinking??

    I don’t think Jason really resented Bethenny’s success, fame or money. If she had played her cards right he would have happily “protected” her from some of the worst effects of it.
    He probably hated the intrusiveness of the above, the public airing of dirty laundry in the name of “honesty” and the real (IMHO) disagreement of what constitutes “family”.

    It’s just sad and pathetic. I think both they have an obligation to work longer and quieter on their differences for Bryn’s sake.

  15. LaineyLainey says:

    NMD is skiing today!!! Yay!!! So happy for you!!! thanks for giving us a new page and of course, all the latest!! You are awesome!

  16. Pat says:

    In Bethenny Ever After, I thought Jason played mind games with Bethenny. He plays Mr. Nice Guy, for his interviews and around B’s friends and associates, but with her, he’d cut her down in one sentence then say something sweet in the next, then slam her down again with another “you’re damaged” comment. On the show she told her therapist a story, that for his birthday she planned an amazing day of golf with his buddies at an exclusive course, (and he’d also spent the day before celebrating his bday with his parents). In front of everyone Jason praised her for planning such an amazing day for him. He then waited til they’d gone to bed to say, “my parents should have been invited on my birthday.” And she was then awake all night, devastated. She felt he knew exactly what he was doing by saying something so mean, right before bedtime. He has a mean streak, he’s a spoiled mama’s boy.

    • contessa says:

      Pat, I agree as that would have devastated me as well. If I had planned something I considered a fabulous gift (boys golfing weekend) for a husband/bf and than for him to tell me it should have included his parents (for a boy’s weekend???) I would have been angry/hurt. Especially if he had seen his parents the day before. But do we really know the full story about everything? I wonder how much was for TV and how much is truly real? Bethenny is a reality show pro and knows how to bring the drama when necessary.

    • Sam says:

      I agree — and now he’ll get half of everything Bethenny has built.

      • Cartwheels says:

        Nope, he will be rich, but he definitely won’t get half of what she has built. Bethenny must be thanking David Kanbar every single day of her life, if it wasn’t for him tryinmg to protect his own interest on SGC, she might not have made him sign the pre-nup.

        • Sam says:

          I didn’t realize he’d signed a pre-nup — and I’m glad to hear that he did. While I support a 50/50 split in cases where the couple has built things together, this certainly isn’t the case here.

          Thanks for providing the info!

    • VV says:

      If all of this is true then B is an idiot which I think she’s not.
      It was her show and whether she’s honest or not to admit it, she had some saying on that editing room and the scenes filmed.
      If my husband was constantly ignoring my parents INTENTIONALLY, you better believe that I would say something. So, she planned a Golf trip for him, big deal – translation, she forked out her credit card to pay for an expensive trip for him and his friends to “keep him” as away from her as possible for a few days. I thought that at the time, now I’m sure that was the intention all alone.

      • Amber...Real Wife says:

        I think the bright side of this whole divorce is that Jason will be free to SHARE his daughter with his parents who truly love and adore their grandchild. Funny that now that he is free of Bethenny he and Bryn will be able to have real family time. Bethenny was so controlling and anti-social with his family and friends but that will all end in the divorce. I can imagine him taking Bryn to PA every other weekend and seeing her on weekdays in the city. Good for him and Bryn. Every child needs grandparents to love and nurture them. Parents raise you and Grandparents praise you.

        • Powell says:

          It’s all terrible. But I don’t know what B wants when it comes to family besides Bryn.

        • chismosa says:

          Amber i could not agree MORE– i think Brynn will finally, FINALLY be able to spend good, quality time with her grandparents.
          I only had one grandparent who i only visited overseas 1x a year till i was 16 and she died, we never ‘bonded’ for language issues, but i always envied so many of my friends who have grandparents, and who now have kids that themselves have great-grandparents, i mean, how wonderful!

    • Mene Seela says:

      Wow Pat, the mean sreak dig at bedtime … you just made me think about why Bethenny has a revulsion for “family”. They probably cut her deeper than any friend could. Now Jason falls into that cauldron.

      Oh, I don’t think Jason shlepped his parents around on boy’s weekends before he met Bethenny. It seemed the more she avoided his family the more aggressively he tried to include them. It was just such a horrible situation. His family is wonderful and shouldn’t have been the centerpiece of their fighting. Shame on both Jason and Bethenny.

      • Powell says:

        Mene thks for bringing that up. I bet his parents didn’t tag along previously either. Why didn’t he just tell B “if you plan on doing anything for my BD I’d like my parents to be included”. That wouldn’t have been so hard to do. It was so obvious that they celebrated BDs differently. Remember how she freaked out at her BD party? She didn’t like the attention, all the people.

      • Cartwheels says:

        I am glad you pointed that out, I always thought that for somebody who visits his parents at least once every three weeks it was really curious that they had never met Bethenny and had to find out about her when the news of her pregnancy went viral. They have been dating on and off for months and then went steadily at least six months before she got pregnant, Jason was said several times that they both wanted to have a baby so wouldn’t you think that somebody as close as his parents as Jason is would have had the time to introduce her to his parents? how come they had to find out through a blogger when Jason obviously communicates with them all the time?
        Maybe having a child brought Jason closer to his parents than ever before, maybe it was easy for Bethenny to overlook his constant golfing trips and goings to Hazleton while they were only BF/GF but I always had the impression that Jason was a shoving his parents a little bit too hard to soon on Bethenny.

        • Powell says:

          Jason has great parents and wanted B to love thm like he does, but like you said shoving his parents a little to hard too soon is partially Jason’s damaged self trying to be everything to his parents for him and his brother. I think Jason has that need more than his parents need him to be a presence for his brother. That’s the thing I feel Jason needs therapy for. He truly loves his parents but unfortunately one day they won’t be there for him and I don’t know how he’s going to handle that. I truly believe his need to always include his parents is because of the loss of his brother. It’s like he has to do what he believes his brother would do w/his parents and also do what he himself would do w/his parents. Like he feels he has to live to lives and I bet if his parents were asked that question they would say they don’t expect him to live his brother’s life.

          • Pat says:

            I agree w/Powell. My impression was that Jason (and his parents) made choices born out of thier terrible loss of his only sibling and their only other child. They are lovely people, but unreasonable in their expectation of the time they should all spend together. Bethenny and Jason’s home at the time, a very small NYC apartment, was also their office during the week. Bethenny was a new mother, new wife, and she needed the weekends to rest and have private time with her family. Jason (on the show) was very insistent that they spend every other, or every third weekend traveling to his parents’ home. And the parents came to the city often as well. Bethenny is a tough, driven, type A person to say the least, but as she said to Jason on the show, through her tears, “we told each other who we were in the begining. I told you who I was. I haven’t changed.” My impression (and that’s all any of us have here since we don’t actually know any of them), is that Bethenny would have tried very, very hard before throwing in the towel on this marriage. She appears to me to be someone who is very self-aware, and knows her faults. And she is striving to better herself. Jason, to me, doesn’t see his own issues. I think he felt emasculated, and took it out on her in a very mean way.

            • Called A Princess... says:

              Pat, I agree with you. I think that Jason thought he could also change Bethenny once they were married. She is a stronger personality then he is. IMO.

          • chismosa says:

            Powell & Pat — i addressed the entire Jason making up for losing his brother issues in yesterday or 2 days ago blog. i think that’s an ‘issue’ for him, but not as big an issue as we’d all like to blow it up to be.

            I personally don’t see anything wrong with wanting your parents who only live what, 2-3 hours away, to see your firstborn child often. But obviously B did. I never found Jason to be a mama’s boy and i have a radar for those!
            He lost his brother when he was older, not as a young young child. I think it makes a difference in all the psychology of that that i’ve read.

            • Pat says:

              I think the grandparents issue was just symptomatic of bigger, underlying differences between them. Jason is an awesome dad to Brynn, but he and Bethenny are never going to be a marriage match. IMO, Jason’s kind of a jerk. He grew up the golden boy, small town star athlete, with adoring parents, and he’s learned to milk that image. In her interview about the split, his mom said what a “wonderful, wonderful” “great guy” he is. Well of course she said that, I get it. She’s his mother. But I think they put him on a pedestal. And with Bethenny, she was an easy target for him to put down in order to build his emasculated ego back up.

              It’s all very sad for Brynn, but I think Bethenny had to cut him loose, if he was unable to recognize his issues and work on them.

              • chismosa says:

                wow i never heard of him being such a star, that’s interesting. i never knew that.
                I never got a jerk vibe from him, nor him being an adored, spoiled child from his parents. But we all see him differently i gather

      • Cartwheels says:

        His family is a wonderful family but at the end it is his family not hers. She wanted Jason to start family traditions just with the three of them and Jason wanted to continue doing what he used to do when he was single. Bethenny even brought the point to Jason that if she had family they would have to split their time with them but being that she didn’t have family it didn’t mean that his family could take all of their time. I thought it was fair.
        Once a man/woman marries, the spouse and their children are supposed to take centerstage, isn’t that what most of the posters have said about Joey Marco? that once he married his wife and children became the center of his life?
        Well the same could be said here, I think that if Jason wouldn’t have tried to push so hard, it would had been better but it is too late for especulations right now, they are both better off by themselves.

    • melthehound says:

      slam her down again with another “you’re damaged”

      She is and we didn’t need Jason telling us that, she spent the better part of 4 or 5 years showing us.

      • Powell says:

        Right MTH.

      • PJ says:

        I thought Jason was mean spirited and he tried to hold her down. If you’re going to marry a successful woman, and she was a rising star when he met her, then celebrate her success and help her go even further don’t try to hold her down because you’re jealous. Many people think Bethenny was the one with problems but I personally thought it was mostly Jason.

        • melthehound says:

          Hold her down from what? It may have been in small part but he helped her gain her success.

          • Cartwheels says:

            Her financial succes comes mainly from SGC and he didn’t have that much to do with it. I don’t think he hold her down but I do think that he made his darnest to make her feel guilty for her success and his lack of thereof.

            • melthehound says:

              We see things differently then.

            • Mene Seela says:

              I think Jason was very helpful but she certainly would have had SG and everything else even if she had not met Jason.
              Between Jason’s real family vs Bethenny’s Business=family competing for time and attention there wasn’t any room for this couple.

              • Powell says:

                Yeah. He did help her. But SG was already in momentum before she met him. She didn’t find the company to do the deal w/until after they were together. The deal was going to be done if she were married or single.

          • PJ says:

            I feel he tried to hold her down, that’s exactly what I think.. I don’t think he was happy that she was successful and he wasn’t. I didn’t see him as being encouraging and supportive, she would be happy and he would put her down and freak her out. Why would a loving and supportive husband do that? My opinion of Jason was that there was an on camera Jason and an off camera Jason. I felt he played to the camera so everyone would think he was the good guy and she was the problem, that isn’t love. I also don’t think he really helped her gain her success. She was on the road to success and he jumped on the bus for the ride that’s all he did.

            • melthehound says:

              PJ, I don’t doubt that there is an on camera Jason and an off camera Jason. Perhaps he did jump on the bus for the ride, you could be 100% correct about that. I honestly never thought they should have gotten married to begin with, but then we wouldn’t have had the wedding season of BEA for Bravo, would we? She came across to me, especially on the ‘final’ season of BEA (Like I believe that is really the last of her advertisement reality career) was someone pushing her husband and the father of her child and his extended family as far away as possible. SHE showed it to us, She was a producer on the show so She had say in what got shown.

              Honestly though, I don’t want to argue with you about a marriage made in TV Hell (because I think that TV is the only reason they got married to begin with).


              • Called A Princess... says:

                I do not think that Jason tried to hold Bethenny down as much as pull the rug out from under her. She wanted to feel secure at home but Jason wanted to poke her off her center because he resented her fame and success. JMHO.

                • chismosa says:

                  But this implies that Bethenny knows how to feel secure in a home, or that she knows how to create a feeling of security in a home setting. All of which imho, she does not know, nor ever succeeded before in doing.

      • chismosa says:

        Mel you are saying exactly something i have wanted to say that i think everyone keeps harping on—– Jason saying, on camera “you’re damaged”. I think Jason was quoting BACK to Bethenny what she has said since DAY 1 of meeting him (remember when they discussed moving in together at the bar in the Hamptons when they each said they were in it for the long haul)— she has never stopped saying to the viewers, to her friends, to her mailman— she is “DAMAGED” goods. She tells that to every.single.person.she.meets. I think Jason saying that to her is him saying ‘well you are the one who keeps telling me you’re damaged, so what exactly are we fighting about’ – type of thing.

        All depends on the context and we can’t trust editing with Bravo, or with Bethenny as exec producer. Jason was never listed as a producer, let a lone Exec Producer.

  17. Amber...Real Wife says:

    Happy Holidays to all and hope everyone is having a wonderful time with their loved ones.

    I must say that I was surprised and disgusted when I read that tweet included in today’s post that called out ANA as “BROWN TRASH”. I immediately thought is this person making a racial slam against ANA or is this phrase just a substitute for calling her SHIT? Well my first thought was correct and confirmed by the URBAN DICTIONARY. It was indeed aimed at her ethnicity. I wonder if NMD knew it or is the phrase ALSO used to describe SHIT? Maybe some of you ANGLOS can help me out here? 😛

    As for Ana’s low blow by insinuating that Lea’s son is obviously socially awkward, could be in response to Lea attacking Ana’s daughters in her blog after the TKramer dinner debacle. She was defending TK and made comments about Ana being judgemental yet a phony for allowing her girls to make sexual jokes. So if anything Lea started it. If kids are off-limits then ALL of the children are UNTOUCHABLE regardless of AGE, SEX or ACTIONS!

    In her BRAVO blog LeaBlack says of ANA….

    “…as she continues to bad mouth TK while entering his home and drinking his $1,000 a bottle wine and eating his home cooked gourmet meal. And she was so “offended” by his asking us all to change the subject and have a good time. I’m trying to distinguish between being judgmental about a dinner party where adults speak about problems and conflict versus a dinner table where families talk about “a— sex” and “com— on girls” and “barbeque on p—-s.” I’m just glad TK didn’t mention “wiping his —,” “picking his nose,” and “someone’s v—–” before preparing the meal. Confused anyone? Real outrage or phony outrage?”

    First off Lea is such an ass kisser and price whore she’s glorifying TK’s $1k bottles of wine. So as a guest, you have to kiss someone’s dirty rotten ass because the wine doesn’t cost 8.99 at CostCo, and as for gourmet meal wasn’t it flimsy skinny fries and fondue? What was she supposed to do drink tap water, moldy bread and sit mutely in a corner? GTFOH with that BS! I find Lea disgusting and obnoxious as she knocks everyone’s hustle and humiliates others under the guise of it being “just a joke”. She’s an obviously old lucky bitch who was able to find a powerful, uber-wealthy lawyer to fall for her and give her a dream charmed life. Her best work has been done on her back and SHE’S the one that’s TRASH!

    My PSA for the Day. 😉

    • Powell says:

      Amber I thought it was racial also. Not nice at all and wasn’t called for. As for Ana’s daughters talking about sex at dinner that was their family dinner not a dinner party where you show manners and are not vulgar & rude to your guests so Lea is all wrong.

      • Amber...Real Wife says:

        Good to know i’m not overreacting. Thanks Powell.

      • My ex-step daughter loved saying things to cause me embarrassment and I’m betting Ana’s daughters were poking fun at her. Kids just love to get a rise out of their parents any way they can!

        • Called A Princess... says:

          Amber, I thought it was a racist remark too. Lisa Black is a lot like Kim Zee Bee in that she has a tone and slips in the under the radar dig or lets someone do it for her. She made a comment about a green card, the first season, when she was the only non person of color, in the cast, at the time. Her voice is evil to me too. Underhanded. JMHO.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Amber, yeah that was a horrible tweet. Lea should have “read” that tweeter for making that slur. Also, I have to admit, I DID NOT read Lea’s blog where she spoke ill of Ana’s girls. That could be why Ana made that comment (albeit indirectly) about Lea’s kid. Thanks for shedding some light on this for me. I was really wondering what would have brought that on (from Ana at the reunion). I can’t wait to see it!!! Oh and thanks again for explaining about why Ana might be feeling the need to “strike back” since Lea chose to diss her girls in her blog. Again, I didn’t know about that. tsk, tsk. Ok, I’ll stop repeating myself. 🙂

      One thing, that I’m confused by…the comments about Lea earning things from her husband on her back…. By the way, aren’t wives supposed to put out for their husbands? And husbands for their wives? I’ve been married for 30 years, putting out and him putting out…should we be ashamed of the life we’ve built… ON OUR BACKS?? hAHA, THAT WAS RHETORICAL.

      • Amber...Real Wife says:

        Athough it was rhetorical… On our backs…sides….kn…. we are supposed to put out. I think what may be annoying Ana could be the contempt and disregard that Lea shows when talking about the women and their careers. Repeatedly slamming Marysol’s business in Miami and also on national TV was reckless and hateful. Why try to destroy someone’s professional reputation over a snub or poor performance? Why not just choose another vendor and take your business elsewhere? Lea has Roy’s millions to keep her up if her ventures fail but Marysol doesn’t have a benefactor/lover/husband to financially support her if her self-made business suffers due to Lea’s malice and storyline.

        While Lea indeed did have a business or businesses prior to meeting Roy, it is his wealth and stature that catapulted her into the Miami social scene. So it was on her back and knees (puh-leeze) that she was able to woo this man who she stalked cross-country and made her own! Kudos to her that she’s parlayed and upsold herself from being the WIFE of RoyBlack to UnofficalMayorOfMiami and BRAVO HW.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          Amber – my husband would love it that you included knees…hahaha!!!

          Oh and I wasn’t aware of Lea stalking her current husband. The lady married well, that’s for sure. I didn’t realize that was a bad thing. I do realize, however, that it can cause resentment in others, especially if those people think you are undeserving of the good fortune in your life if it’s perceived as not earned.

          I do understand your concern for Marysol’s business. I wonder if Lea didn’t want to come off as “the bad guy” by ending her business relationship with Marysol without trying to give her side of the story. You’re right this whole situation has the potential to hurt Marysol financially way more than Lea. But Lea seems to have been concerned with the public sentiment; which is why she proceeded to outline – on camera – what when wrong between them (during that dinner, remember? with Marysol’s permission). Ana was being level-headed and thinking (and saying in her TH) , wow,…this could really hurt Marysol’s reputation as a business woman.

          I wondered then and still do, why Marysol told Lea to go for it i.e. gave her permission to discuss all the things that Lea thinks went wrong with the gala and Marysol’s P.R. company. I wouldn’t have been so flippant if it had been me. I would have asked Lea table it for another time and then appeal to her privately to please stop trying to point out mine and my company’s flaws on camera. For the very reason you gave; this could really hurt Marysol’s business!!!

          • Amber...Real Wife says:

            Hey LL! While I agree some may resent those that marry well, which isn’t a crime BTW, I don’t think that’s the case with Ana. I think she resents Lea’s callous disregard for Marysol’s reputation and doesn’t care if her words hurt Marysol’s business. As for the discussion I saw it as a draw and a venture where they didn’t have a ‘meeting of the minds’. For every point Lea made, Marysol countered. Who is responsible for caring for the VIPs is important but more important is KNOWING who the VIPs are.

            As for the LilWayne debacle, I’m sure that LilWayne INSISTED on having actual FANS in attendance for his performance instead of fuddy duddy tuxedo and gowned seniors who looked shocked and dismayed at his lyrics. Rappers and Singers are notoriously uncomfortable when there are only ‘INDUSTRY’ or ‘SQUARES’ as their audience. They need to vibe and get the feedback and adulation of their fans. Similarly Pharell promising to do an interview for PeopleMagazine and then changing his mind is par for the course. Whether planned or impromptu, celebrities cancel interviews much to the chagrin of those that set it up. In Lea’s world all this is Marysol’s fault. As for Adriana, although I like her, she’s got her head stuck so far up Lea’s ass that any confirmation from her and the thoughts of the ‘committeeeee’ just falls flat.

            Finally it’s been said, by many, that Lea moved from IIRC Texas? after the trial in which she was a juror on the KennedySmith case which Roy was the lead attorney. She made her way to Florida and got her man. Talk about coincidences huh?

            • Called A Princess... says:

              It is one thing to marry well and another to think that your marriage partners accomplishments are truly, your own. Lea did not make her man and she has no right to treat other women so badly. It makes her appear/seem to have major issues with other women, including class, race and just plain manners. I do not trust her. JMHO.

              • LaineyLainey says:

                Yes, there is a distinction between marrying well and taking on your husband’s accomplishments as your own. I do agree with that. However, I hadn’t really noticed that she does that – try to take on his accomplishments as her own. However, I have noticed that she says and behaves in an ignorant way sometimes. I guess I didn’t see her as snobby, I saw her as noveau riche…well-monied but not necessarily well-mannered. Does Lea get along with anyone else besides Adriana? I remember the rude remark she made last season about Phillipe and the marriage of convenience, because she said he wanted a green card. Nobody laughed. Well, I kinda did,…but I wasn’t laughing at Marysol and Phillippe, I think I was just stunned that she would say that outloud.

        • designernailsdiana says:

          Amber I joke with my hubby and friends that I’ve EARNED every diamond in my ring and those I receive for gifts from him. So the “ON HER BACK” I think is hilarious!!!!!!!!

          • LaineyLainey says:

            I agree, it’s humorous, but I don’t think Ana was trying to be funny and I don’t think Lea was laughing about it, either. though when we watch tonight, maybe they all have a good laugh over this. I, however, did laugh and am still laughing at the thought that when you’re married to someone, whatever you have… has been earned on your back.

            • Amber...Real Wife says:

              But LL, although it wasn’t meant as a joke, why wouldn’t the QueenInappropriate not find humor or laugh hysterically at the working on her back comment? Too close to the truth?! Isn’t she the one always making rude statements and laughing it off? Ana proved she’s the only kitty that can scratch with the old cat.

          • Amber...Real Wife says:

            DND As my RealHusband can attest, I’ve earned jewelry, cars, a new home AND this XMAS a tablet and sewing machine! My back is worn out! LMAO

            • LaineyLainey says:

              DANG GIRL, I am doing something wrong. I am jewlery free (i.e. deprived). I DID leave out the sides and knees in my previous post. Time to limber up!!

        • chismosa says:

          Amber i agree on your WHOLE take on Lea and the debacle of the work/ Marisol issue.

      • Powell says:

        Funny Lainey. I can’t wait to see it either. I don’t understand the “on her back” comment either cause that’s her husband and what does it matter if Lea did anything prior to meeting Roy or since she married Roy. She runs the foundation they created, she takes care of her son and husband. That’s her contribution to their marriage that they agreed upon. Lisa & Lennie agreed that she wouldn’t work. I worked w/a guy who’s wife was a stay at home & he wanted her to go back to work. They weren’t in financial dire straights but he thought part-time Money would be good to have. I She didn’t want to work. I told him that’s not what you agreed on when you got married and she’s sticking to the agreement. He just laughed. She did eventually get a PT job at Target and liked it.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          Hi Powell! No one is calling out beautiful Lisa for not working…or accusing her of earning her life on her back. At least I hope nobody does that to sweet Lisa. 🙂 I’m glad your friend got her part-time job, if she’s happy of course!! 😉

    • chismosa says:

      Amber not sure if you’ll see this– but i take SUCH freakin’ issue with someone caling Ana brown trash when she is clearly whiter than the white Irish/Anglo/ Northern Europeans, (generations in America) people i know!
      What most here may not know is that a lot, a LOT of Cubans are the last of the Spaniards who emigrated from Spain to the Americas. A lot of Northern / Galician Spaniards came as well. If you see many Cuban famous people, Cameron Diaz (part Cuban, not fully), JoAnna Garcia- Swisher, Perez Hilton, Pitbull, Carlos Ponce, >>>>> many MANY Cubans are very very verrrrrry fair. I think Ana would be even fairer if she did not tan. So this beyotch who sent this tweet is a complete jackass.
      (from wiki: In December 2008, Spain began accepting citizenship applications from the descendants of people who went into exile after its brutal 1936-39 Civil War, part of a 2007 law meant to address the painful legacy of the conflict. This new Historical Memory Law may grant up to 500,000 passports to Cubans of Spanish ancestry. )

      My point, Spain is Western Europe. To say someone is ‘brown’ would be to call an Italian, a Frenchman, a Portuguese, – ‘brown.’

      I got into this discussion with DJPrincesse the other day about ourselves, but you can be ethnically Latin and RACIALLY white, or racially black, or racially indigenous/native american, or racially bi-racial, even racially Asian (many in Latin America). I consider myself racially WHITE though i am 1/2 hispanic ethnically- because of where i trace myself directly.
      So i would not consider myself ‘brown’ and that a$$hole is probably ‘brown’er than Ana herself.

      Don’t know about Lea adding to this by the retweets & more….

  18. melthehound says:

    Morning folks… Hope you are all well and NMD enjoys sliding down the hills.

    The picture: To me, Ms Coochie Crack looks like she has a baby bump in that dress. The dress is bunched up in all the wrong places and as a result, she looks like she has a bigger belly than she may actually have.. Whatever that different color patching is on the front of the dress ads to that image. Just sayin’. Mz Nene? Put on some clothes. No one wants to see your brar stretched so tight one wonders why the hooks haven’t broken. You’re 45, not 25 but even then, that is not an attractive look.

    J&B- What difference does it make who initiated the final breakup?.. I find it odd/interesting that these ‘reality’ stars always break with the news when there is some new infomercial project on the immediate horizon. Does anybody remember the boat fiasco? Not on the show but pre-season. She and her made for TV shrink (who most definitely fed her what she wanted to hear) set out in her final season to destroy whatever image had been built up of Jason in previous seasons. Sorry ladies, but all I saw was a bitch, and a whiny one at that. Not a business motivated woman. She spent hours on that couch and on our screens complaining about the wrongs done to her by her mother. I know there are a few here who have disassociated themselves from family members they were ‘given’, (parents, siblings) in favor of the families they’ve chosen. It seems to me that is what that doc should have been helping B do instead of validating her storyline that Jason was a dick (with cobwebs). I’ll finish this by saying that if J did initiate the breakup, I’m glad he finally pulled his balls out of her purse.

    • Powell says:

      MTH no it doesn’t matter who initiated the break up. It’s sad all around and I see the wrong things they both did. I just hope Bryn stays happy and that if they do divorce the next people they choose are the right people.

    • VV says:

      She and her made for TV shrink (who most definitely fed her what she wanted to hear) set out in her final season to destroy whatever image had been built up of Jason in previous seasons

      That is exactly what she was doing and she knows it

    • designernailsdiana says:

      MTH…Thanks for making me spray tea all over my screen… “I’ll finish this by saying that if J did initiate the breakup, I’m glad he finally pulled his balls out of her purse.” …rotfl

      • melthehound says:

        😀 ..

        • Mene Seela says:

          Maybe it was in his “murse”.

          • Called A Princess... says:

            Women are not always to blame for failed relationships. I find equality in the demise of this relationship. Jason knew who Bethenny was when they married. She did not represent as one thing and then change once they were married. I think Jason took her on as some sort of project, and failed. She was too selfish to be in this type of relationship. To me the show is just that, a show. Bravo Hollywooden fakery celebrity pursuits. JMHO.

          • melthehound says:


  19. Powell says:

    It’s ironic. I’m watching another one of my fav movie stars Barbara Stanwick, a fellow Brooklyn, NY girl. BFs Daughter is on. I’ve seen it many, many times. It’s about a rich girl who marries a teacher/writer of meager means. He knows the lifestyle she lives but he falls for her, she breaks her engagement to a fellow rich boy and she marries the writer. They move into a little cabin he owns, her father helps her furnish it. He has no problem w/that and they are happy. As his career rises as a lecturer which he got by his wife using her father’s name and pulling strings, of course he doesn’t know, his income rises and his wife buys a big house and furnishes it w/the finest and they have maids, a butler, he doesn’t like her father’s wealth, what the wealth can do for them. My point is did he expect his wife to not live the wealthy life she’s lived? Did Jason expect B to be a completely different woman, did he expect her not to pursue her dreams? Why do people expect other’s to abandon who they are?

    • Cartwheels says:

      “Why do people expect other’s to abandon who they are?”
      That is a million dollar question and applies not only to Bethenny but to many, many others.
      I think that is only a short term solution, you might want and try to change to please the other but eventually if you lose the essence of who you really are, how could you ever be happy by pretending to be someone you are not?
      Amazingly many, many people do, many people settle for what they think would make the other happy and by the time they react and realize that everybody is happy except them, it is sometimes too late.
      I think in this case Bethenny tried to make him feel part of her success and he tried to make her feel part of his family, unfortunately for both, they are way two different, different backgrounds, different outlooks on life, different levels of energy, ambition, drive, different styles of communication, different way to deal with problems, there just wasn’t a bridge to keep them together except Bryn, then again they might have thought that instead of having parents who are always arguing and can’t seem to see eye to eye, it was best to have parents who even though do not live together, at least can be civil and friendly towards each other.

      • Powell says:

        Cartwheels your right it applies to many, many people. All the differences you mentioned seem to be too many that they couldn’t overcome.

    • Powell…..I know what movie you are talking about, I love that movie! It is a classic example of “be careful what you ask for” and managing expectations in a marriage. It is a fine line to walk wanting each other to succeed and move ahead….but when one does, there are unanticipated feelings to be dealt with. We can never assume we know how we will feel in a future situation….we have to grow into and along with those situations together….and communicate. So many problems are due to lack of honest but not damaging communication. I have heard so many say, I thought this is what I wanted, but had no idea I would feel this way.

      When this happens, it is very possible for a marriage to survive and work out, but both parties have to want to rebuild a foundation that has shifted. Many don’t want to put the effort in. We live in such an “instant gratification” world these days.

      • Powell says:

        MarDrag we of course don’t really know anything but it seems like neither of them wants to put in the effort to build a foundation like you said.

    • Formerly Addicted to Bravo says:

      Well exactly Powell. I doubt very much that Bethanny was completely different after they got married. I do think that they actually got to know each other after they married and it is really irritating that people with a child think they should divorce after 3 years. I have been married 25 years and I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have to modify their relationship with their family to accommodate their new family/spouse view of the world. I think Jason has a lot of Survivor’s Guilt or something and being the only child left feels a huge burden to be available to his parents. He brought that into his relationship and I am sure it was frustrating to B and instead of trying to see her view of it he acted like she was so selfish and awful to not want to spend every free weekend with them. Also it looks like they are spending a lot of time in LA but a compromise of perhaps renting a house for his parents out there would have been good too. He probably insisted they stay with them and other stuff like that which would choke any family. I think Jason comes across as a nice guy but he’s damaged too. Too bad they weren’t mature enough to push through it for the sake of Bryn.

  20. VV says:

    That Bday Party that Jason threw for B. She claimed she didn’t want but she was planning it along with Shawn the planner, as we saw on the show, remember? This inconsistency was brought up on LynnNChicago blog by commenters.
    My thought at the time was she didn’t want her sophisticated NY friends side by side Hazeltown folks. I remember I commented that she probably was embarrassed that the diamonds earrings that Jason got her were not from a well know jeweler and that in the lame circles she runs is cause for embarrassment. You could see she was tense when she was giving them to her – she claims she doesn’t like surprises, but when Ellen Degeneres surprises her with something she doesn’t freak like she did then. So, I guess is selective freaking with her.

    • Called A Princess... says:

      Or Ellen told her about the surprise before hand, as a heads up. I think people might base too much on a TV performance sometimes and their own personal expectations of how celebrities should be, in real life. They can never live up to what we might want them to be. Particularly this brand of Bravo stars, that for the most part, have not exactly taken the front door to fame and face recognition. JMHO.

      • VV says:

        I just think it was total BS when she claimed on the show being upset about the surprised Bday party when she was planning it all along with Shawn – she used the I don’t like surprises excuses. She was the executive producer of the show for crying out loud! She knew about it! How could she not?!

        If Ellen tells her ahead of time, then is worst because she is intentionally faking being surprised for the sake of TV.

        • chismosa says:

          Love it VV. Good good call.

          I wish Julie would come out and we could find out what happened and if she is better off having left Bethenny. If anyone should get a cut of Skinny Girl, it should be Julie!

  21. VV says:

    Only a cold hearted person would embarras a family like the Hoppys by making the announcement of the divorce so close to Christmas. She calls her speaking her mind, I call it Selfish B*tch. “Me, Mine, and Myself” should the title of her show.

    Jason’s mom comments:

    • princesspindy says:

      I think his mother showed great restraint and dignity in her comments. Bethenny could have learned a lot about being a loving wife and mother from Carol Hoppy!

    • Powell says:

      VV & PrincessP did you read what Bs mother said? “Her 2nd marriage”. She used those words specifically. Statements like that is why B doesn’t want a relationship w/her mother. I wonder if B will go to her mother on her death bed like she did her father’s.

      • VV says:

        Powell, I think Bethenny and her mom are two peas in a pod. They bash each other constantly on the press. There are after all three sides to a story …

        • DNA always comes out in the end. 80 % nature, 20 % nurture. Bethenny is a lot more like her parents than she admits. Her father was a successful horse trainer but a nasty man and we’ve seen enough of her mother to know what she’s like. I do feel sorry for Bethenny’s childhood. Can’t even imagine how bad it must have been for her. I talk to my mom (she’s 88) several times a week and always have. My dad was a good guy too. If Bethenny had grown up knowing how good family life can be, perhaps she would have put more into her relationship with Jason. Not knowing how to treat others well has hurt her personal relationships. You do mirror the behavior you grew up with. Therapy can only do so much. It’s easier to compromise if you grew up with it. Growing up with selfish, dysfunctional parents had to have made it hard for Bethenny. I loved her on RHONY, especially her scenes with Julie. In my mind, Julie helped her a lot. Like how to handle people, business, stress, etc. Julie helped Bethenny to become a success, they had a real bond. On twitter, Bethenny always knew how to handle people. She never had a twitter rant. When Bethenny had to get Jill out of her life, I do think Julie helped her with that too. As I watched RHONY, Bethenny was the only one on the show that was able to capitalize her exposure into business success. I do admire her & wish her the best. Same for Jason. They are both good people, you can’t blame their marriage failure on just one. It falls on both their shoulders.

    • IceNFire says:

      According to this article Jason proposed late 2009 but Amazongate didn’t occur til April 2010 ( same time Lynn started IHJZ on hubpages )
      For some reason I just don’t remember it happening this way

      • IceNFire says:

        *seems like years and years ago

      • Cartwheels says:

        The timeline is acurate, Jason meet Bethenny at the end of 2008 and they had some “run ins” per say, they were in and out, cold and hot for about six months, it wasn’t until May/June of 2009 when they took the realtionship to another level, Bethenny went on the trip to the Caribbe with Jason and not Jill. In September of 2009 they moved in together (per Jason’s request as we saw that in the bar scene), then he proposed to Bethenny in mid October 2009, Bethenny was already pregnant with Bryn (6 weeks)
        Amazongate happened in April/May 20010 that is when Jill released her book and the beginning of season 3 airing even though the filming had happened between September and December of the year 2009.

  22. HuskerHuny says:

    I’m seriously doubting that anyone who saw Nene in this get-up actually looked her in the eye. She can look so much better. I would love to hear what Joan Rivers would say about this outfit.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      hi HuskerHuny!!! OMG – what a great idea – the Fashion Police should have a Real Housewives special!! Joan would have a field day!!

      • HuskerHuny says:

        Joan Rivers is absolutely one of the funniest people on TV today. Nene could look so good and really represent other ladies of her size. She usually just looks really trashy. And that hair has got to go. Just bein’ me and keepin’ it real (said in my oh so very best Nene voice).

        • LaineyLainey says:

          I love Joan. Did you ever see her documentary? She’s an amazing person and has been through so much and just look at her…she’s still relevant, successful and FUNNY!!!! A LOT of people hate her. Mostly men, I think. But I love her.

          • chismosa says:

            Lainey! i love her too. I saw the documentary, which many critics said should have been nominated for an Oscar. Excellent excellent movie.

    • Powell says:

      Huny I like what NeNe had on but not how she wore it. She could’ve looked very sophisticated if she was put together correctly. She needed a camisole. It kinda reminds me of when Gwenyth Paltrow went to the Oscars in a see thru top and no bra. She might as well went w/o a top at all cause she looked naked on top.

  23. contessa says:

    I have been on the end of being the larger wage earner in both of my marriages. Not by that much, but enough to make a difference in our lifestyle. It bothered both husbands in different ways…first husband loved it and liked some of the “friends with money” that had a private plane and he was invited to fly to the playboy club for lunch – big friggin deal. I tried to convince him that this guy put his pants on the same way he did, but I did notice to my annoyance he would kind of kiss a$$ around this guy. He also would spend money that was not in our budget for gifts at Christmas, for his children, and for me, which drove me up the wall. I would take back the expensive gift (for me) as they were charged on credit cards and I would have to pay the bill. We discussed the financial aspect of this before we got married, and I pitched in a bit more for household expenses as I made more – seemed fair to me. I don’t know how this would have ended long term as he died unexpectedly.

    Second H (now an ex) did not make as much money as I did in the beginning, but rose in the ranks and raked in some great salaries, when he could keep a job. However any money that he got that he considered his own (employment stock options – nice chunk of change, mother’s life insurance – $80,000) he spent and I had no say so in the matter, as it became “his money”. This was the start of our marriage breaking down. By the time we divorced there was no savings and a there was a huge home equity loan. He also started gambling. I had to short sell that house when the economy went into the toilet. However I am in a much better place and will do everything in my power to protect myself financially in the future. I double check everything at the bank, on my cc and everywhere else.

    I doubt that I will ever remarry at this point in my life, as it gets too complicated financially. Most people my age have grown children with gc and their property is spoken for to their children (as it should be).

    I feel very badly for Bethenny and Jason, as I like both of them for different reasons (Bethenny can make me crazy). I do admire Bethenny’s drive and her love of Bryn – that is very evident. I just think they are two very different people with different backgrounds and ways of looking at things. IF this all stays private and they keep the lines of communications open, and love their daughter, as they appear, Bryn will be fine in the end. Jason will never give up on that little girl, and she will have the addition of having her grandparents be more involved in her life. If I had in-laws like the Hoppys I would have kissed their feet every chance I had, and be grateful to have them as grandparents for my child. With that being said I do agree that Bethenny, Jason and Bryn also should have started traditions of their own for Holidays as well, as many have here split between two families. If there is real, unselfish love and open communication a couple will find a way to make it all work.

    • Powell says:

      Thks for sharing contessa. Very interesting how different their relationship w/money was.

    • Contessa I have 2 cousins (sisters) that always made more money than their husbands. Both of them had good marriages, and for the most part, I think the husbands didn’t mind. Their husbands had jobs, but didn’t go to college. They had very expensive hobbies, keeping horses, that sucked up all their savings. One cousin’s husband died very young in his 40s. I think she’s actually doing better now financially, as she doesn’t have her husband spending money on hobbies (he loved motorcycles too). The other cousin is doing ok, they are still married and she is the BOSS! lol.

      My husband never liked it when I made more money, or when I talk about my dad giving us money to buy our first house. He’s always made much more money than me, just 2 years out of 29 that I made more. He also hates it if I talk about finances, so it’s good for me to vent here lol. I’ve become the money manager in our family & he’s ok with it. I guess I’m better at it, just wish I’d had complete control from the beginning. At this point in my 55 years, if anything happened to him, I would never remarry.

      It is hard for financially successful women to find a man that is ok with that. Even harder for women that have husbands who don’t let them in on the finances. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve wondered when friends divorce, how much they got cheated out of.

      Bethenny & Jason will be much happier apart. They’ll do a good job raising Bryn, as they love her dearly. If they keep their private life out of the rag mags, they will have a much better chance of that.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        One of my sisters is very successful; but she has worked her A$$ off for everything she has. She is a pharmacist (PharmD.), a college professor, and a successful business woman. Her husband left her when their kids were teenagers. She went through hell with that man. He, too, had really expensive hobbies – race car driving and hunting. He is a pharmacist, too. But he’s a hospital pharmacist and makes a great living; but he was not a business man like my sister. He reported for work and that’s it. No overtime – you know he has to go hunting and has cars to rebuild…. So anyway after he left her, my sister saved and invested well and bought several retail pharmacies over ten years. Many years after their breakup she sold him one of her pharmacies. I remember being so bitter and telling her, “No, don’t sell it to him! Why should he benefit from your hard work. He’s a cheating asshole who didn’t appreciate you like you deserved” She said, he is still the father of my children, maybe now he’ll stop hating me if he can be a success on his own. His sancha (the other woman) was cheating on him, and my sister felt sorry for him!!! She is a better person than I. She is a wonderful person and was like a second mom to me when I was growing up. He now treats her much better than ever and they are amicable now. Her current husband is a doctor and they have partnered up on some family clinics. Her intelligence and ambitious drive is a blessing but when it comes to men, it can be a curse. She actually thinks he might be cheating…she thinks that he is threatened by the fact that she does not NEED him. He’s accustomed to being needed by his former wives (and thus controlling them).

  24. designernailsdiana says:

    I need to jump in here. I don’t think B nor J had the chance to REALLY start any Holiday traditions with Bryn when her career took off. They had just moved into their NEWLY remodeled apartment and off they went to LA to do the trial run on her talk show. How do you settle down into a family routine in the midst of chaos? They had nothing like a traditional marriage or family life to begin with so how do you find the starting point for anything?
    My hubby and I talk thru just about everything in terms of my 3 grown children and the grand children. We agreed we’d never let the grandkids go hungry, but we wouldn’t enable their parents to slack off on paying bills in order to keep their internet going.
    We’ve had to agree that we will approach any discussion with open minds and hearts. We have friends who ask us marriage advice because they see how loving and supportive we are of each other. It just takes being truthful and not vengeful when discussing any issues. We call ourselves a “Team” and it’s us against everyone else.
    I’m honored to have such a loving, caring and supportive husband. I fondly call him my “last husband” which confuses some people when they hear me say that after meeting us.

    • T-Rex says:

      That’s so sweet, I have been married 21 years and with my husband 23 years now, we are a TEAM we are best friends we spend a lot of our time away from work hanging out together. I had pointed out previously that I thought that Bethenny and Jason did not spend a lot of time actually working on their marriage. My husband and I had a really rough first 2 years married and we had to learn the word compromise which I am not sure that Jason or Bethenny really embraced, due to the fact that they are both competitive and ambitious. Maybe they can work things out if not I hope that they keep in mind that they need to co-parent their daughter and do it in the best interest of they daughter

    • Mene Seela says:

      You both are sweet and inspirational. I think there are more good marriages than unhappy ones. We just hear about the broken unions.
      My husband and I can’t remember what it was like without each other.

    • Diana, that’s the recipe for a good marriage, teamwork! I wonder how many people would have survived the crazy reality show stress, marriage, a baby, and B’s career taking off. Just too much to have time for family, IMO. I actually felt sorry for Jason when he was shown in a bad light that last season of BEA. Who does that to their spouse?? It was awful to watch. Then she went right on with her push for a talk show. I watched it (you did too) and overall she was ok, but you could see that B was on hyper drive. The pressure on her was immense to be a success. She had zero experience, and it showed! Watch Katie Couric, what a pro she is at interviewing people. I never could relax watching Bethenny’s talk show. Maybe B should try being a stand up comic. She might be better at that, she is funny.

      • chismosa says:

        i agree Blue Sky. I needed a xanax after some of Bethenny’s show, the daily one. I dont know how that will work out.
        Stand up comic would work great.

  25. Cityside says:

    On the way to the hospital. We should have a baby boy by the time I “see” you guys again.

    Due Date: January 20, 2013
    Water broke: December 27, 2012 Tax Deduction!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. VV says:

    So, Bethenny divorced her first husband because he wanted to be more but now divorces her second husband because he is not ambitious enough????!!!!

  27. princesspindy says:

    Admitting you read it wrong??? You’d never make it as a Real Housewife. You are supposed to send Cartwheels a Cyst and Disease letter!!!!

  28. Nancy says:

    Gen Norman Schwarzkopf died today. He was 78.

  29. Nancy says:

    This is going to be ugly!

  30. Iowagirl says:

    Adriana is mean.

  31. Adriana is a raging lunatic! Ughhh these broads are loco todas.

  32. low blow!! Ana mentioning geritol to Lea

  33. LA Debra says:

    Wow, this reunion is going to be a blood bath.

  34. Iowagirl says:

    I don’t believe Leah does no Botox or fillers, no way. Who gets a neck lift but not Botox.

  35. Amber...Real Wife says:

    I’m laughing so hard! Season3 for sure!!!

  36. Lea is going all “lawyer” on Ana now. “This is something you will never prove” hokay, hokay, move on!

  37. Nancy says:

    Good for Lea for sticking up for her.

  38. Amber...Real Wife says:

    Ana is letting Lea HAVE IT ALLLLL DAY!

  39. Nancy says:

    i HATE when Andy smiles while the ladies are going postal on each other.
    It’s disgusting!

  40. LaineyLainey says:

    Ana is still getting on my nerves. I was hoping I would like her more once I got to see the reunion. She is zeroing in on Lea…like a…like a …ummmm…. pigeon to…it’s …home?

  41. Amber...Real Wife says:

    Oh my did you see how aggravated Lea was that Ana was having a go at her? Gratuitous… LOL She’s the QueenOfGratuitousInsults!

  42. LaineyLainey says:

    Marysol, stop bawling. ok, don’t stawp. g’head.

  43. yeah Marysol finally telling Lea off!! That’s right, don’t go after Marysol’s business. And don’t go after her green card snatching ex-hubby either!

  44. Nancy says:

    What did Lea do to Ana?

    • hokay Nancy lemme splain to you. hokay Lea married a rico rico hubby, he has like $65 million. So Ana has $65 million reasons to be jealous!

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Gurl, I know that’s what I’ve been wondering. Amber or was it chismosa did enlighten me a little bit today…apparently Lea wrote a blog where she insulted/made digs at Ana and her girls. I did not read the blog; but some of the quotes were pretty harsh, imo. I still think Ana is going a bit overboard. But, If I didn’t know about that blog I would be thinking Ana is out of her mind right about now.

  45. Amber...Real Wife says:

    Goodness Gracious did Ana not eat prior to the reunion cause she sure ATE Lea up! But she also spit her out! LOL

  46. LA Debra says:

    Ok, I think the Joanna and Adrianna thing is for the camera. I think that fight was planned, and this is more of the same. They might not like each other, but this looks staged for the camera.

  47. Iowagirl says:

    When lea was about to give it back to Anna Andy cut it off. I would like to hear Anna’s dirt, she is telling everyone else’s.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I’m proud of Ana, but her spiel is getting boring. It makes her sound so judgmental about those who came to their good fortune in a different way than she did. I have a sister who is super accomplished and she did it ALL BY HERSELF. She never lists to anyone how she got there. She just lives her busy beautiful life and if someone hates, she lets her success be the best revenge. No need to brag or tell the ratchet to riches story.

      • Nancy says:

        My niece has a sugar daddy so when she drove up in her new Bentley on Christmas
        I wanted to throw up.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          OMG – that’s right. You’ve told us about her before. She’s the one who lives in Malibu? why won’t the guy marry her?

          • Nancy says:

            The million dollar question. She’s still in her 20’s and he’s in his 60’s.
            Need I say more? They say they are in love…

          • Nancy says:

            How did your husband do on Christmas day? I ws thinking about him.
            I hope he gets his happy back soon.

            • LaineyLainey says:

              Nancy – you are so sweet to ask about him. He is fine. He was kinda quiet, but didn’t talk about it much. It was quiet here and we were preoccupied with waiting for our son to fly in to kinda make some happy noises. I got him a bunch of Aggie gear – in preparation for the Cotton Bowl. That made him happy. I did make a really good meal and that made him happy, too. He kept saying, you are such a good cook. He liked it when I told him that his mom taught me what I know. SHE DID!! I learned from watching her and cooking with her throughout the years. You are so sweet to ask about him. I think I’ll go give him a hug and kiss.

  48. cdnfillie58 says:

    Does anyone else think these people are amping this reunion up to make sure they don’t get cancelled a second time?

  49. Nancy says:

    AA has a seat waiting for her.

  50. Yes Joanna, you DO have a drinking problem. Listen to Adrianna, she is onto your evil ways! This is like a latin soap opera

    • Formerly Addicted to Bravo says:

      Joanna is so pretty on the outside and so ugly, low-class and foul it really takes it away. Adrianna is a firecracker but I just think she’s smarter and more interesting even when she says the nasty things she says.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Oh gosh, I know!!! In some of her talking heads…Joanna looks so beautiful, my mouth hangs open. My daughter got a good laugh from that. I was thinking what you said, how can someone so exquisite on the outside be so crass.

  51. The 2 prettiest girls are the ugliest on the inside, aren’t they? Joanna vs. Adrianna is disgusting. Pity someone doesn’t explain to them how the ugly things they say to each other is bringing them both down. This is why I don’t watch the show….it’s safer to just read Unicorn’s blog & the comments here.

    • Formerly Addicted to Bravo says:

      yes exactly. the ugly is so very ugly that it really makes it hard to care let alone watch it.

  52. Formerly Addicted to Bravo says:

    And I also want to say for the record I am over Mama Elsa. Plastic surgery debacle notwithstanding she is creepy and strange with her “lez turap heem” and other wierd threats. Looks like she’s going to try her witchcraft in the next installment.

  53. Nancy says:

    To my LA friends…Les Miserables just started on PBS.
    IMHO it’s the best musical ever written.

  54. amalfi says:

    I think all Betheney wants for a family is to recreate the life she wanted with her mother, and for that she doesn’t need anyone except Bryn to play the role of young Betheney-past and for herself to play the role of the perfect mother she always wanted.

    Jason really doesn’t have a place in the family Betheney wants.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      She just needed some fertilizer. Crude, I know. Well, even if Bethenny doesn’t need him, Bryn will have a great male role model in her life. I hope they can be nice to each other again. Because Brynnie is watching and listening and learning….the way they all do those little wascals.

      • amalfi says:

        lol… not crude – it’s pretty spot on, Miss Lainey to the second power. 🙂

        • LaineyLainey says:

          haha, even though I realize that was a math reference…it made me feel POWERFUL!!! HEE HEE!! “Lainey to the second power”; it’s better than “LaineySquared”

  55. Wow Ana really is giving us some details about Lea. So Lea sold cold cream from the back of her pinto in Waco TX? Then she met Roy Black & chased him down until he married her? Roy was in his 50s when they met. And had never married before. Dayum Lea is good!

    • Formerly Addicted to Bravo says:

      I think Ana is not coming across well. She looks mean and petty and Marysol is pathetic. If someone is attacking your business as a former client, then instead of crying about it you should do what you need to do to make it better. I am sure they all have some ghosts. And Ana is trying so hard to bring Lea down which makes me wonder what her bone to pick is…

      • Nancy says:

        I agree. There has to be more of the story that we don’t know about.

        • Formerly Addicted to Bravo says:

          I think Ana is getting back at Lea for something and has calculated that if she does it in the guise of protecting/defending Marysol she will land some blows. Instead she looks ugly and mean. Don’t like her any more…

  56. LaineyLainey says:

    I have to say Lea got Ana back at the reunion. She dished it out, too. Telling Ana how much she resisted divorcing a man who in essence no longer loved her. i.e. he was sleeping with someone else the whole time. Ana tried to come back with a war of words “cheating” but Lea didn’t fall for it…she didn’t say cheated, she said he’s sleeping with another woman and Ana wouldn’t sign the divorce papers. Lea did shut her up. I wish that Ana had said something about that blog if indeed that’s what she is angry about!!! She’s not doing herself any favors with her mean comments on part 1. Maybe Ana will explain her disdain for Lea in part 2. Ana has some cheap put-downs about Lea’s age…wow, that’s clever.

    • Amber...Real Wife says:

      You mean Ana’s gotta have a reason for her disdain of Lea? What’s Lea’s reason to speak so disparagingly about EVERYONE? Go ahead… I’ll wait.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Yes, I think Ana should have a reason. If she doesn’t have a reason, I think she’s (Ana) being overly judgemental and cruel, because she seems to be coming from left field with her anger and her put-downs on this reunion. She’s coming off as irrational which is surprising to me, because up until now she has seemed like the voice of reason. Except for how she handled her relationship with her ex, of course. That whole thing was a total contradiction to everything that came out of her mouth.

        It seems to me, because my perspective is REAL LIFE, not reality t.v., that something has to have happened to make Ana so angry. It seems like a non sequitor (sp), unless something really happened between them.

        I don’t feel the need to defend Lea, she does a good job of speaking for herself all on her own. She owns her crap, at least, I’ll give her that. I’m not saying she doesn’t dish out crap, I’m just saying she owns it.

        • Nancy says:

          Hence my ???

        • Rebecca says:

          Lainey, Lainey, Lainey,

          Lea gets NO pass for all the back-handed digs she takes at everyone. She clearly knows she’s hurting people’s feelings. She doesn’t give a rats ass. She’s probably the most pretentious housewife of all the shows. Ana is fed up and it shows.

          • LaineyLainey says:

            Hi Rebecca!!! LOL – you said my name three times. Or no, you said it one and a half times. Were you shaking your head when you typed that? 🙂 I know, I probably sound cray, but I like Lea. I don’t give her a pass for any mean things/ignorant things she says, but I do like her. I also don’t think Ana gets a pass either for her attack on Lea. Back to my maybe cray…the attack on Lea seemed so unprovoked to me. I used to like ana before the reunion. Except for her weird behavior around her ex, I pretty much respected her. I think that’s why I’m wondering what the hell happened between them because I want to like and respect Ana again.

      • chismosa says:

        Amber I’m with you. I can’t stand Lea’s ways and I think Ana had just had enough.

  57. BB says:

    Something upsetting happened to me tonight. All my family came down to the beach earlier this morning, but I waited until my mom went to her doctor appt so she could come too, and she and I came down this evening (right after dark) I was coming down the highway (the speed limit is 55) and all of a sudden there is a deer standing right in the middle of the road. I couldn’t avoid hitting it, it just happened in an instant. By the time I realized it was there it was too late. I have a large Toyota four-runner SUV and it tore up the front pretty good. I had to pull over and call my husband to come check it out to see if it was safe to keep driving it. Luckily after he removed/tied down all the flapping metal and stuff, it was drivable. I am more upset about hitting that poor deer than I am about the SUV being damaged. I wish I could have avoided it and I keep thinking I maybe could have done something different but I don’t know what I could have done that wouldn’t have put us or another driver in harm’s way (there was other traffic around). If we had been in a small car, we probably would have sustained some injuries. I just feel so bad about it.

    • Amber...Real Wife says:

      Sorry you had to go thru such a horrific accident but thank goodness you and your Mom are okay. You did your job and kept youself and Mom safe.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      So sorry, BB. Been there. It does feel horrible. You did well to keep yourself and your mom (and other drivers) safe. I am sorry for the poor deer, too….but it could have been much worse for you or your mom. It couldn’t be avoided, BB.

    • Orson says:

      Sadly enough, the most dangerous thing you can do is swerve to avoid hitting a deer. You don’t have time to check your mirrors to see if you’re going to swerve into another vehicle. You did the best you could do in a sudden bad situaton. I’m glad you weren’t harmed. SUVs can be repaired.

    • NJBev says:

      I’m really sorry to hear about the accident, BB. Sometimes they are completely
      unavoidable. We tell our daughter every time she drives on our block to be careful
      in the evening as the deer just over-take the entire block.(they have over-taken the
      entire town!) and the fear of her hitting a full grown male in a smaller SUV is scary.
      Our friend hit a buck doing 45 mph on highway and it totaled her “Suburban” and
      sent her to hospital. It always breaks my heart seeing what happens to the poor animal.
      but not as bad as what could happen to a human going fast w/ no belt on.
      You were lucky BB. Mostly because you are smart enough to drive carefully
      and pay attention to the road and your environment. It sucks all the way around, and
      I hope you are able to fix your SUV with minimal time down and the least amount
      of aggravation possible. The poor deer. I guess that’s why whenever we feel bad for
      someone we say “The poor dear…….”
      I’m sure you’re very shaken up. Take a brandy, or a wine, and go to bed.
      Hopefully you won’t be sore from the seat belt restraints. you were lucky,
      and we are glad for that. 🙂

      • LaineyLainey says:

        It’s NJBEV!!! Howdy, lady! you have been missed!

        • NJBev says:

          Hi Lainey Lainey love love!!!!
          Thank-you soooo for the shout out!!
          It has been the craziest of crazytime in my neck
          of the woods. But funkytown is slowing down and
          I AM SO Happy!!! B/C now I can finally spend time
          with my buddies and actually chat. 😉
          looks like I missed a great day today, everyone
          was “on” and the convo’s were great!!

          if anyone see’s Princess Pindy pls tell her
          “howdy” for me!!

    • Boobah says:

      ((BB)) Orson is right – had you swerved, it could have been much worse. About 20 years ago, before I knew him, my hubby DID swerve to avoid hitting a deer in the road. He ended up in the hospital for nearly 3 months because he ended up hitting a phone pole instead. He is completely fine now but the experience was terrifying.
      Of course you are rattled and upset. That just proves that you are a kind hearted person! I am glad you are okay.

  58. Cityside says:

    Anthony Thomas
    6lbs. 5 oz. (he’s a wee one)
    19 in
    Oh my, he is the cutest baby in the whole world. Know that.


  59. LaineyLainey says:

    Ok, this may be mean (who me???) but who was the most “orange” housewife at the reunion? Lisa, Karent and Ana were looking tangereeeny tonight, don’t you think?

    • Nancy says:

      Big time!

    • NJBev says:

      Ana looked AWFUL
      and her comments were just as ugly.
      did you see on her chest, she had all these
      brown “skin tags” eeewwww……….

      The only thing on Ana that looked “ok”
      was her hair. That brown wash she
      died her body in was just sad.
      She is not even remotely attractive–
      I was screaming when she was telling Lea
      not to break a hip~~imo Lea looked younger
      than Ana!!

      • LaineyLainey says:

        No, I didn’t notice the skin tags…duuuuude, you must have a great t.v!!! I need to watch it again so I can try to find the skin tags. LOL!!! I also was thinking that I should watch it again to check out the fashions.

      • chismosa says:

        Hi NJBev, personally I find Ana to be the most beautiful of the girls. (Joanna is a model so she goes without saying)

        I think by skin tags you mean beauty marks/freckles on her body. Us Latin women do tend to have that. (Well my Irish friends have moles and freckles so, kind of similar)
        I just think they looked so obvious due to her dress. It’s probably exacerbated from years in the sun.

        I like Ana. In glad she wanted to bring down this whole “Lea is so great” facade. JMHO JMHO.

  60. NJBev says:

    I just have to say that after watching the reunion tonight
    I’d like to take Ana Q in the back yard and hit her with a foam
    baseball bat. What a Bitch. She could have said anything
    she wanted to Lea, but that comment “I’ve raised 2 beautiful
    daughters who are not socially awkward”
    was the lowest of all
    blows, and she had quite a few for Lea- (did that ugly ass bitch
    actually think it was ok to make cracks about age to Lea when she
    looks older than her??)
    I remember that I, myself , made a comment about
    RJ’s awkwardness during an episode, but I also realized
    the kid was barely 13!!!! I would NEVER say something
    like that to another mother~~
    Geesus effin Kryste— how do you
    DARE compare your two 20something kids to a 13 yr old boy??!!
    SHAME on you Ana Q. if that’s the best you got, I’m glad
    you are not my attorney. She should be ashamed of herself.

    ok. rant over. oooo she made me mad.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Loved your rant, NJBev.

      • NJBev says:

        I continued it up above answering your question!!
        I’ve been unable to post for a while, I guess I’m
        trying to make up for lost time, Lainey!!

        • LaineyLainey says:

          You go, NJBev!!! LOL!! Hey did you notice there is an end of year survey above in the blog? Make sure you take it…it will be fun to see the results. How is your daughter doing?

    • chismosa says:

      I think there’s background to that. I won’t take Ana’s saying that without there being provocation to it. It doesnt seem Ana’s style to attack for absolutely no effin reason. JMHO

      I’m anti Lea Something must have brought it on. Jmho

    • Rebecca says:

      She made no reference to Lea’s son. She was defending her daughters from Lea’s BS.


  61. princesspindy says:

    Well CItyside, congratulations on your grandson!!! It really does explain a lot, because I thought, “I didn’t even remember that she was pregnant and she’s gonna have a baby so close to her birthday and here she is and her water broke and she posts it, wow, she is on top of things!!!” LOL, what a way to start the New Year!!!! I am so happy for you and your family!

  62. LaineyLainey says:

    Lea’s blog is up. It’s short but it’s pretty good.

    • princesspindy says:

      I didn’t watch the season and I watched the reunion and it made me glad that I didn’t watch the season, lol!! Lea Black is a liar, no botox, my ass, how about Thermage, no one asked her about that, lol!!

  63. LaineyLainey says:

    If she used botox she wouldn’t have that line between her eyebrows. What is Thermage!?? must google it.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Princess ^^^that was supposed to be a response to your comment about botox and thermage. Just googled it, one of the more reputable dermatology clinics here is having a sale!!! $1495!!! No not, $14.95….one thousand four hundred and ninety five.

      Ummm could I borrow $1495 from you? anyone? bueller? anyone?

  64. Cartwheels says:

    Good morning, I have not watched Miami with dedication, bits here and there but not consistently but I was susrprised by reading the comments at the strong reaction from Anna, based on her interviews I got the impression that she was one of the “good” ones. I strated thinking that there must be more to this than meets the eye so I read some of Lea’s blogs and I realized that these two have had it against the others for a while.
    Lea on her very first blog of this season talks about Anna, her ex-husband and the new colombian girlfriend even going as far as suggesting that they have threesomes, of course Lea then says she is joking, but somehow maybe Anna had read her blogs and it is been piling up? Not sure
    This is the blog and it is at the end of page 2 and beginning of page 3,2

  65. Contessa says:

    I just got this from FB and it gives some background about Lea’s and Ana’s fight on the reunion. It is an interview with Ana’s ex and it is insightful. I didn’t like the age comment from Ana, but I figured there was a lot more to this than met the eye. Please read:

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Contessa that was an awesome interview. It reminded me of a scene where Lea was being interviewed about her gala and they asked her how much money she had raised and she couldn’t answer. That information should have been readily available to her. It sounds like maybe Ana went “there” to bring Lea down about her charity work to retaliate for Lea’s putdowns of her daughters and/or their whole family unity even though they are not together anymore depiction. I didn’t realize that Ana’s girls are actually legal adults and not “minor” children. I thought they were older teenagers. I wonder why they aren’t still together, he sure sounds like he loves Ana!!!

      • chismosa says:

        i just read this, i think the point Robert was making is that even though the ‘romantic’ feelings may not be there anymore (eh…..we’ll see….), he wants to defend her character which he has always found enormous. I applaud that!

  66. LaineyLainey says:

    When Andy said something to Lisa H about how viewers say she is a “fembot”…she replied with something like “I never said I was a feminist” I like her, but that was funny. 🙂

  67. LaineyLainey says:

    Good news, Errbody!! Detox is alive and well! I heard from her today!! She has been very busy with some writing assignments – her parents left for awhile and took their computers/tablets with them so she was unable to get online when at home. When she was at the library she need to get her work done.

    Here’s part of what she said:

    “Please pass my X’s and O’s on to the LynnFam and give them a BRIEF description of why I’ve been M.I.A. You know “Miss Wordy Birdy” (yours truly) has a hard time with “brief.””

    She said she will try to check in today or tomorrow. 🙂

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