Exclusive: Ana Quincocoes confirms that Socially Awkward comment was NOT about Lea Black’s son / Sister Wives Recap

Exclusive: Ana Quincoces was NOT Speaking about Lea Black’s Son when she used the words “Socially Awkward”and Other News by NoMoreDrama

There has been a lot of speculation that Ana Quincoces called Lea Black’s teenage son socially awkward in a backhanded way when she said her daughters were not socially awkward during the Real Housewives of Miami reunion.  I asked Ana about this directly, and she has exclusively confirmed that the comment had NOTHING to do with Lea Black’s son.

Ana explained: “She said more than once that my girls were inappropriate potty mouths that will have trouble in social circles if they didn’t change their language – and also that the apples didn’t fall far from the tree. So when I said they weren’t socially awkward – that is what I was referring to and not her son who I have never exchanged 2 words with.”

All of this occurred off camera and is not directly related to the comments Lea has put in her Bravo blogs about Ana’s daughters.  Part of Ana’s frustration is that Lea made a point to talk about some of the things she did “off camera” such as confronting Marysol about her issues, but then acted as if her off camera comments (that didn’t air) about Ana’s daughters didn’t happen.

As for those documents Ana was holding during the reunion that are reportedly about Lea’s Gala (as reported on this blog).  This is what Ana had to say on twitter:

Tweet to Ana: “what was in that folder you were holding at the reunion?”

Ana’s Response: “documents Lea went to great lengths to keep you from seeing.”


Kyle Richards on Vacay with Taylor Armstrong in Vail – Singing an Duet

All I can say is I am glad I’m skiing in Whistler and not in Vail, because how crummy would it be to walk into a bar and see Taylor “Lips” Armstrong on stage with Kyle Richards.  Kyle I can take or leave, but Taylor – ugh.  I find it really strange that these two ladies would go on a “family” holiday together, but I suppose Lips invited herself along.  Anyway, Mauricio (Kyle’s husband) tweeted a video link of the duo “tearing it up” at a bar.  You can watch it here.

Mauricio Tweets about Adrienne’s Secret

Speaking of Mauricio – as I was looking through his tweets I noticed that he also has a little something to say about Brandi and Adrienne and that darn secret.  This exchange took place after the episode aired  –

Mauricio: “A lot of opinions. Basically I was upset because Brandi decided to make something public that was private to another family. That’s all.”

A response: “But adrienne has made public accusations as well, but no problem with her? #drugaddict #sellsstories ?”

Mauricio: “We are all on a show and that’s expected. Brandi went after the children and family they can’t defend themselves. Not cool.”

Okay.  So those are the rules.  Thanks for clearing that up Maurice.  Oh – and asked why Kim calls him Maurice instead of Mauricio –

“Kim started calling me Maurice since she met me and never changed. I like Mauricio. Some people call me Mau.”


Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida Expecting Baby Number 2

Who would have guessed that a reality TV star could keep a hard to keep secret.  Phaedra Parks has confirmed with People Magazine that she’s pregnant with baby number two, and from the looks of things she’s known for quite some time.   Phaedra and Apollo are expecting the baby in 2013.   I don’t know when the scenes from last week’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta were filmed, but the pregnancy could explain Phaedra’s strange reluctance to get into a hot tub.  Best of luck to this young couple who already have an adorable little boy, Ayden.

Phaedra Parks in the Bahamas (Photo courtesy  Phaedra Parks from People.com

Phaedra Parks in the Bahamas (Photo courtesy Phaedra Parks from People.com

Phaedra’s castmate Kandi Burruss and her boyfriend Todd have also been vacationing (with Phaedra) in the Bahamas.  Viewers have watched Kandi find love with Todd, who was part of the crew that accompanied the cast on their trip to Africa last year.  Kandi tweeted this photo from the Bahamas.  What is raising eyebrows is how Kandi is covering her ring finger.  Could she be engaged??  She looks so happy 🙂

kandi burruss and todd


Sister Wives Season 4, Episode 7 by BB

This episode we will be taking yet another trip with Browns.  Their last trip was a beach vacation with another polygamous family.  This is the same family experiencing financial difficulties and trying to ensure they will be able to follow through with the purchase of four brand spanking newly constructed homes.

It’s Logan’s birthday, and Kody has decided to surprise the family by announcing they will be taking two RVs to Nauvoo, IL for a vacation.  The teens look totally thrilled.  Nauvoo is sort of the cultural birthplace of the Brown’s religion and where Joseph Smith introduced polygamy.  The trip is about 1,600 miles.  All of a sudden, they are all stressing about the trip.  It will take three days to get there and three days to get back, if they stick to their travel schedule.  There will be 21 people going.  Hunter and Logan will be staying home, but Robyn’s sister Kara will be going with them.  Robyn and Christine will be staying in hotels and Meri and Janelle will be staying in the RV’s.

The Brown’s make a stop in Utah.  It’s safe now since the investigation into their family has been dropped.  They stop at a pawn shop there.  The owners of the pawn shop own the Hiram Smith (Joseph Smith’s brother) Farm in Illinois, which is where  the Browns will be staying in while in Nauvoo.  They look at a bunch of collectibles of Mormon history at the pawn shop.  They traveled about 500 some miles and it takes them about 16 hours.  Their potty stops take about an hour and they admit they are very slow travelers.  At the end of the first day they need to have a family meeting about keeping to the schedule.  Christine thinks it’s laughable they are talking about a schedule.

The second day, they hope to cover about 440 miles and arrive a little earlier at their second destination.  Kody mentions that he likes to spend time with all of the wives and rotate.  Robyn hates the word rotate and Kody didn’t even know he had used that word.  On day three, they want to travel 475 miles.  They are not going to make it to Nauvoo in three days.  They are encountering high winds and fatigue.  They stop at a rest area because of the wind.  Kody is tired from lack of sleep.  Meri tells Kody she can keep driving but he leaves the RV angrily.  He wants to be “obeyed.”  Christine calls the word obey a four letter word and thinks it’s offensive.  On day four, they decide to stop outside of Topeka, KS called Truck Henge.  It’s just a bunch of old trucks sticking out of the ground.  The owner gives them a tour and keeps flipping them off when explaining how the authorities kept telling him to pick his trucks up, so he picked them up, literally.

That night, they pull in late to the RV park and Kody is upset he has to take some of them 12 miles away to the hotels.  He is exhausted and wants to call an adult powwow.  They argue about the scheduling of the trip and decide they need to pray about it.  Kody prays that he can maintain his temper and have a better disposition.

The Browns stop in Hannibal, MO to visit the home of Mark Twain (Samuel Clemons).  The tour guide reads them some of Mark Twain’s excerpts about his view of Salt Lake City when he traveled through there.  He described the Mormon women as poor, ungainly and pathetically homely creatures and the men who marry them as generous and conducting acts of Christian charity.  Kody thinks it hilarious and is not offended.  Christine says that because he’s not the one being called ugly and downtrodden.

They finally arrive in Nauvoo.  They see the temple of the LDS and it’s awe-inspiring.  They arrive at the Hiram Smith home where they will be staying.  They feel the historical importance of being there because what he did led Kody to have the life he is living.  They meet with Joseph, a tour guide, who has long flowing locks.  He’s a Mormon, but he’s not of the Brown’s faith and he doesn’t live plural marriage.  The Brown know that Joseph the tour guide probably doesn’t normally reveal all that went on in Nauvoo back in the day because the mainstream LDS church doesn’t subscribe to polygamy in this day and age.  Kody tells Joseph he doesn’t have to whitewash things for them.

Kody hopes he spills the beans about what went on back in the day.  Joseph tells them of a time when Hiram Smith met with Brigham Young.  Hiram asks Brigham Young about his brother, Joseph and wants to know if polygamy is going on.  Brigham Young tells Hiram that polygamy is being practiced there in Nauvoo and what it’s all about.  Hiram didn’t know this about his brother.  It’s Kody’s understanding that Joseph Smith had been commanded to take plural wives.  Kody believes this and that it wasn’t just something Joseph Smith made up.  Joseph the tour guide tells the Browns that Joseph Smith had about 33 wives.  Kody always thought he had 17 wives.  He also tells them that 12 of those women were also married to other men.  Robyn is freaking out that some of these women were married and wives “in the true sense of the word” to two men at the same time.  The Browns come to the conclusion that historians debate this theory and it’s all speculation as to why this was so if it was so.

On the last day, they visit the place where Joseph Smith was killed.  The local newspaper was printing stories about Joseph Smith and the city council decided they were going to destroy the press.  A 22 year old man name William Adams was standing there watching the press being destroyed.  According to Meri, this is her great, great, great grandfather.  Joseph Smith and the city council surrendered themselves to Carthage courthouse for destroying the press and posted bail.  When they were leaving, he and Hiram Smith were charged with treason for declaring martial law in Nauvoo and put in jail.

The director of the museum won’t allow the Browns to enter their building because they are polygamists, so they go to the jail where Joseph and Hiram were incarcerated.  One of Robyn’s ancestors, John Soloman Fulmer, was also at the jail as a lawyer for Joseph Smith.  A mob gathered that night and entered the jail house and murdered both Hiram and Joseph Smith.  The pilgrimage to Nauvoo seems to have reinforced Kody’s belief in plural marriage.

Last weekend I noticed a post from RealLVHousewife that she had spotted Kody pulling out of the site where the four new homes had been built with a u-haul, so apparently the move has become a reality for the Sister Wives.  Now Kody won’t have to travel so far when it’s time to rotate.  Sunday night will be the two-hour season finale and “reveal” special.


End of the Year Housewives Survey  by BB

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Survey will Close December 31, 2012


Happy Birthday

Rabble Rouser & Mookies1mom  & Furalis

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178 Responses to Exclusive: Ana Quincocoes confirms that Socially Awkward comment was NOT about Lea Black’s son / Sister Wives Recap

  1. Powell says:

    Morning everyone. Did you have fun on the slopes NMD? I hope so. It’s snowing!! Yikes. Have a great day.

  2. VV says:

    I find interesting that Morris-the car salesman is the first one to confirm that the secret has something to do with children. I don’t trust him. I find the timing interesting. People have been talking and trying to guess this secret for weeks and none of the cast mentioned anything Bout children only that it was a private matter.

    • The tweet was from more than a week ago – he doesn’t tweet much and I noticed it after I found the video tweet.

    • PJ says:

      Morris has, in my opinion, shown what a douche he is but then again he is married to Kyle who is buddies with Taylor so what did I really expect.

      • mrspeabody says:

        Well at least we know what she said was the truth or he would have said she was spreading rumors only and it doesn’t appear he did so I’m guessing even thought she should not have said anything at least she was being truthful in what she said.

    • Laineylainey says:

      Morris let the children out of the bag!

      Funny that Kyle is buddies with the one housewife who threatened Kim with physical violins. “I will go Oklahoma on your ass!!” That’s the moment when Kyle fell in love with McGee, me thinks. We don’t want violins on the t.v, McGee!

      • T-Rex says:

        Well since Kim has found her ladyballs again and calling out VileKyleMeanGirl on her shite, guess VileKyleMeanGirl has no other friends, got to be pretty bad out in BH for friends if you have to pick ShannaTaylorNotFordLyingGrifterLypsMcgee, who is probably only getting chummy with VileKyleMeanGirl to schtoop her husband Murray. ShannaTaylorNotFordLyingGrifterLypsMcgee likes married men, the one she’s with now wasn’t her first married guy and probably won’t be her last. She was an “escort(allegedly)” in Florida, and she definitely dated a lot of married men until Russell came along.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          T-Rex you always make me laugh. This is the first I’ve heard of the Florida alleged escorting. Was she on some kind of National tour? I wonder how many states she’s lived in? No matter, to quote her…She’s working hard to keep her current zip code, right? She’s worked too hard to change her zip code, now!! How would the USPS find her?

          • Powell says:

            National tour. LOL.

          • T-Rex says:

            Back on Lynn’s old page is the whole breakdown of the LyingGrifter’s timeline. It was in Florida that she changed her name, I believe several times, the court documents are there. There are a number of court documents on that page. She had a “business” with a girlfriend that also followed her to California when she married Russell Armstrong, and yes the business was “allegedly” tied to some questionable dating activities that may or may not have been done for money.

      • VV says:

        Why would somebody threatened Kim with “physical violins”? 😉

    • T-Rex says:

      Yep Murray basically is the one that has sort of “officially” outed the secret. I think that his wife VileKyleMeanGirl was pissed that the secret wasn’t outed by her, or at least that she was the one that informed HoofMaloff that her secret was out! The HoofMaloof should be laying a cysted and deceaseded order on them. I don’t believe that Brandi was the only one that knew secret, I personally think the only one that didn’t know was Kim. Can’t believe that VileKyle has teamed up with one ShannaTaylorNotFordLyingGrifterLypsMcgee but I guess any “port in a storm” since she doesn’t have any other friends. Even Kim has gotten her ladyballs back now that she is sober and sees what a losermeanbgirl her sister is. So for those that were on the fence of whether the story was true or not, it’s confirmed as truth. Brandi shouldn’t have said it but it wasn’t a lie.

      • PJ says:

        So is Morris getting sued now?

      • Powell says:

        I think sober or drunk Kim knows Kyle can be nothing but mean.

      • VV says:

        Paul is buddy buddy with the Morris-the car salesman that is why I find suspicious that Morris is outing this… Something is not adding for me…

        • T-Rex says:

          VV took me all day to ponder on this and then it hit me, what if Dr. Paul could care less how his children were conceived and birthed, and Dr. Paul can’t talk about it publicly, so what if he had his buddy Murray spill some of the beans instead. Dr. Paul has nothing to lose he hates the HoofMaloof at this point, and what a better bitter way to get back at the ex, all the while keeping his much operated on “nose” clean

          • VV says:

            Good point T-Rex, I hadn’t thought about it that way. I was leaning more towards enhancing the ‘surrogate’ deal as to perhaps make people forget that there were other things said by Brandi that were more damaging.
            Surrogate is the most talked about rumor out there but there are others like infidelity, fake marriage, ladies pond, mafia ties, etc etc

  3. melthehound says:

    Happy Birthday RabbleRouser & Mookies1mom & Furalis 🙂

  4. Good Saturday Morning! Hope everyone is having a great start to their weekend! I am deliciously hung over from a small party last night. I don’t have cocktails much anymore, but last night was just the perfect amount of intoxication and a great time! Had a fried egg sandwich (my fav hang over cure) this morning…have not had one in ages, and am ready to get cozy on this chilly day.

    Thanks NMD for the blog…..hope you are having a great time skiing! Congrats to Phaedra on the wee one! And, the image of Kyle & Taylor “tearing it up” at a bar is tearing up my brain. No thanks! 😛

    Interesting blog about the Sister Wives, BB. Thanks for all your hard work!

    Wishing everyone a lovely weekend (before the year end!). Love & Hugs!

    New blog, “A Bit About Fear”, is up at my place + all the goodies! Enjoy!

  5. Powell says:

    I’m sorry but I don’t care what Joseph Smith told his wife and his followers but I don’t believe that he had “a calling” that commanded him to take plural wives. I don’t think his wife ever really bought it either but went along w/it for whatever reason. I think the tour was enlightening.

    • IceNFire says:

      I loved how the Brown sister wives freaked out at the thought of some of Joseph Smiths 33 wives having 2 husbands. ( Brother Husbands )

      Compared to their plyg friend, the bald headed guy that is married to twin sisters, Kody seems like a little boy to me.

      And the online Sister Wives Jewelry! Could they have picked a smaller consumer base? Maybe they are counting on viewers to to pay for their 4 new homes…

    • How convenient that he wanted to have sex with more women & God gave him the go ahead. LMAO now that’s a great way to make the women accept polygamy.

      This show is vomitrocious to me (my fave word, feel free to use it) and I usually avoid watching it. BB does a great recap, saves me a ton of time! When will these women wise up & dump Kory? Maybe after he spends all the money they are making from the show, in the near future.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Yes, this show and Kody are an exercise in vomitrociosness, vomistrosity, vomiterialosis? in a nutshell,…gag.

      • chismosa says:

        Bluesky i never want to get into a heated thing on any blogs i read but this is the ESSENCE of the formation of LDS/Mormons. It was a nymphomaniac pedophile who happened to be very charismatic and a great writer. It corrupted what true real Christianity is and i can’t stand Mormons and never will. It’s a cult that has excellent marketing programs and that is why they head to the poorest of the poor countries and recruit recruit recruit. Secrets to their success.
        I know some do very good things in their lives but i will never think of them as Christians. Point blank full stop.

        You have charisma===== you can start a religion/movement. L.Ron Hubbard as well.

  6. AZGirl says:

    Happy Birthday Mookie1mom, Furalis and RabbleRouser!

    Kody is crass and thoughtless. “Rotate” what the heck? I rotate you Mr. Kody right out my front door. I find it very interesting that they did not have access to some of the museum due to the poligamy. I think Christine has had enough of this crap. Love that she insisted on a hotel.

    When does it take 16 hours to go 500 miles? I can make from Tempe to the beach in LA in 7 hours. Honestly their ancestors traveled faster in a covered wagon.

    • AZGirl……how are you feeling today? I saw your post on yesterday’s blog and wanted to suggest a remedy for you. It is called “Wellness Formula” and you can get it at Whole Foods markets or a vitamin/herb store. I highly recommend it as it knocks out the symptoms and replenishes the immune system. It is all natural (capsules) and I swear by it. My DD and I take it every season, or if “crud” is going around so we don’t catch it.

      Hope you are on the mend! Hugs!

    • Powell says:

      I don’t think more than 1 of them will divorce him.

    • they used handcarts, but they still made better time than these dimwits.

      I used to live in Iowa City, where there’s a park commemorating the place the Mormons built these carts, and started their trek. Blech is all I have to say!

      • Kansas Girl says:

        I didn’t know that! (About Iowa City, I mean.) My ancestors were from NE MO / SE Iowa. There’s a family story about when the tabernacle in Navoo burned — they sat in the yard and read, the sky was so bright. 20 miles away.

  7. AZGirl says:

    Just checked out the Sister Wives Blog. I had not been on it before. Really good. One point about Kody and the family not being able to go into the museum had NOTHING to do with poligamy. The museum does not allow cameras. TLC should be ashamed by editing it like their poligamy was the problem.

  8. BB says:

    Happy Birthday Rabble Rouser, Mookies1Mom and Furalis. Have a great day!

  9. Rebecca says:

    Lynda Erkiletian just tweeted that Cat Ommanney had a healthy baby girl.

    Congratulations to the happy family!

  10. IceNFire says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t the WWHL After Show stream live? Why not just Stream these reunions? I’ve read that some take up to 10 hours to film. So why edit? Give us the real of this fakeness.

    • chismosa says:

      LOVE this idea and NO Andy (and/or Bravo lawyers) would not let that happen. Could you imagine what Lea must have threatened Andy with from part 1 alone?

      Team Ana, always!

  11. Powell says:

    Miami reunion is oooonnnn. 🙂

    • T-Rex says:

      Tuned in for about a second and a half, and I think Ana is a BITCH can’t see what everyone sees in her, I didn’t watch the show, and all I can say is I am glad I not watching this debaucle of a series

      • LaineyLainey says:

        ooooh! I like the Miami housewives!

      • Formerly Addicted to Bravo says:

        She’s really showing her true colors. Sigh. It always seems that the ones I like initially turn out to be the worst. Kyle, Tamra, Jill, Nene and now Ana. They all turn out to be the mean girls

        • LaineyLainey says:

          I was “this” close to buying her (Ana’s) cookbooks. Amazon has a deal if you buy both of them. I know it’s weird, but I won’t buy her books now. It WOULD HAVE been my first HW’s purchase. I was going to buy Radzi’s book, but then I went and WON IT!!! (in case anyone forgot about that heh, heh). I do recommend it, by the way!! I am really considering buying Brandi’s book, just to help her out because I have little interest in her topic. If her (brandi’s) dresses weren’t so expensive, I’d buy one for my skinny daughter in a NY minute!! I think they’re overpriced and will watch and see if they get discounted…I’m not much of an impulse buyer. LOL!!

          • you can still get the books for free at the library 🙂

          • chismosa says:

            Hey Lainey L– just fyi, i don’t think it’s a ‘deal’ when Amazon bulks up two items at once. Every time i see that, i add up the items and notice there is like a 1$ or 2$ difference. To me, that’s not a deal but maybe there was a bigger deal with Anna’s books, not sure.

            • Laineylainey says:

              Sounds like the library is a good deal. I was thinking…Doesn’t a lot of Cuban cuisine involve pork? My hubby won’t eat pork so the library I sounding even better.

              • chismosa says:

                Lainey- in case you see this- i don’t eat pork! – but i love Cuban food. Well, i do eat pork in the form of ham or bacon but otherwise, i don’t eat pork. I wish i could quit pork as i feel so badly eating it since pigs are like one of the top 5 smartest animals. But i genuinely don’t eat spare ribs, ribs, pork loin, pork of any kind, EXCEPT as stated above.

                There are some delicious scrumptuous dishes in Cuban food made with pork, for my ‘birthday’ Cuban dinners my mother always orders the lechon asado, which is roast suckling pig. Yuck! ha ha
                But there are many other dishes you can have with meat/ fish, or no animal protein.


        • I still really like her although I haven’t watched the reunion yet. She is completely unpretentious (no agents, she answered my email right away). I sure hope I’m not going to be disappointed. Anyone who can walk out of TK’s party when he acts like an ass instead of sucking up to him because he’s rick is okay in my book.

          • chismosa says:

            i always liked her, but then again i am in the minority a lot on who i like here. ha!
            i think with the background info about the reunion, then watching the reunion, can only make someone like her MORE- so i don’t get the hate for Ana by some right now. Unless some are just supporting Lea. (blech 😦 )

        • chismosa says:

          Her true colors are defending her daughters against behind the scenes $hit this stupid woman who, while always cackling, lays dismissive mean comments upon everyone around her —all while laughing. Go Ana.

          Why should anyone bow down to this Queen Lea? ughhhh go back to Waco.

  12. Powell says:

    Ana’s work on your back comment to Lea is just out of line. I like Ana & Lea. Whew this Ana & Lea fight is too much.

    • LaineyLainey says:


    • Formerly Addicted to Bravo says:

      That and the geritol and and don’t break a hip – all that stuff just makes her petty and not clever. She seems to think she’s been terribly clever in her put downs but she’s just showing how small she is. I have two daughters and if the worst someone accused them of is being “potty mouths” and it was not true, who cares. I certainly would not use profanity that has to be bleeped out on national television to show to prove my point lol. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

    • Rebecca says:

      Lea has no right to put people down or let her “friends” put people down because she’s above them. She spends her time joyously hurting people’s feelings to prove herself superior.

      She deserves to be put in her place. If Lea is spending more of the foundation’s money on putting on her galas then they actually bring in, to make herself more important, than I hope Ana gets even more vicious on her. Maybe Lea will think twice about opening her nasty mouth from now on.

      • Agree, Ana is reacting to Lea’s crap. Maybe she is over the top at the reunion, but this will ensure that she’s stays on the show, and that there will be another season.

        • djprincessc says:

          You ladies all seem to forget that Ana is CUBAN and Cuban women are some of the craziest women, don’t piss them off or get on their bad sides. Children to them whether they are 1 month or 100 are A HUGE NO NO. lol. Being hispanic myself I’d say that Cubans are the craziest followed by El Salvadorian women. lol. And I don’t only mean crazy in a bad way. 🙂

          • LaineyLainey says:

            DJP – is her hubby cuban, too? Did you read the article where he gave his side of things?
            I thought the following was interesting and I’m surprised no one has said one word about how patronizing he was to the viewer…He writes: “In this next paragraph you are named “Timmy”. You see Timmy, when you …etc.” He’s addressing the viewer/reader as “Timmy” – while yes, it actually made me laugh out loud (spelled out for emphasis), it was that very patronizing approach to humor when dealing with Ana (who was clearly having a hard time with their divorce) that I found him off-putting. She put up with it, so, as Ana so eloquently and intelligently said on the reunion “whatever.” LOL!!!

            • chismosa says:

              Lainey i thought most of the thing he wrote was a great character piece on Ana, in a good way. For the Timmy thing- i thought he was referring to Queen Lea. But i don’t know.
              I’m still on Ana’s side— everyone seems to forget the behind the scenes stuff stupid Lea has done. She deserves no sympathy from anyone. You can’t answer how much $$$ your foundation/galas make?
              Do you know MOST people who run these sorts of things SCREAM out how much they have made for WHAT cause it is for. Lea NEVER talks that. Red huge flaming flag right there.
              i never trusted Lea

              • Laineylainey says:

                Yes that is a red flag, Timmy! LOL! Anytime I was even remotely involved with a fundraiser or charity, I know what is the bottom line…how much goes out to help, how much was used to reimburse the expenses. Perhaps that info will come out. I didn’t contribute to this (duh) but if I had, I would want to know how much of my contribution went to the children with or without legs.

              • Laineylainey says:

                I don’t really trust him (Ana’s ex). Yes he is super witty and smart. But when it comes to a real man, a good family man…when it comes to how they live their lives and how they manage their marriage and family it is far better to say WELL DONE and not so much the WELL SAID. In other words he talks/writes purdy but he was still shown talking about his Sancha and asking Ana to sign the divorce papers and making jokes when she was clearly distressed. Ana clearly loves the guy. Ana and all Women who invested their lives in a marriage deserve better than that. I just wanted to say to him YOU ARE NOT THE GOOD GUY. Yes you are charming but you are not one of the good guys when it comes to how you are treating this lady. I do hope she has moved on.

          • chismosa says:

            DJ, hate to burst your bubble but a lot of ethnicities claim they have a ‘temper!’ Everyone can just say it– my Irish friends all say ‘well with my Irish temper’ – and i’m like whaaaat?

            Of course we see Ana with her temper– -but that’s just fiery Brazilian.

            I think all Latins have a way, and then if you put Italians and their ‘sons’- oh mamma mia- that is a huge thing too. Both Italians in Italy (men live with their mamas until at least 35 these days), and here in the US with italian American mothers- these women even had some show on TLC for a while on how they mother their grown a$$ kids. Men, not the women, mind you.

            I love Cubans to death, i said it since i heard Miami was coming back. My fave food, i eat it every year for my birthday, we have many many Cuban family friends who all call my mom ‘chica’ or ‘guapa’ it’s so cute. One thing about all the Cubans i know, here in NY– – that have in common- is they are extremely extremely LOUD. You need ear plugs if you are at dinner with them. ha !!!

  13. Mene Seela says:

    I think it is interesting that Bethenny’s tv staff was surprised by their break up. I’ve know couples that were Here Today Gone Tomorrow. One of them was just exhausted by the stress and fighting and threw in the towel.
    The best thing that could happen to Bethenny is her tv show fails. Then she’s topped out professionally and can return to her life.


    • Eastbayca says:

      Very interesting and enlightening article….thanks for sharing.
      If the plans (having Jason on the show and all that) are to be believed it sounds like she was caught off guard.

    • PJ says:

      I don’t think her show failing would put her marriage back together. I hope she is a big, big success. Some successful people do have happy marriages.

  14. Powell says:

    On the previews of part 2 of the reunion poor Lisa is shaking her head like “I can’t believe these ladies are acting like this”. Part 2 is gonna be a bumpy ride.

  15. Powell says:

    Now I’m watching Atlanta w/Greg cooking.

  16. Mene Seela says:

    For those Bristsh history fans (are there any here?) the remains of Richard lll may have been discovered beneath a car park (parking lot).

    Now I have to read The Daughter of Time again!


    • sad news for Downton Abbey fans, Mary’s husband is on Broadway in a play & will be doing other projects, so he’s off the show 😦

    • Iowagirl says:

      Wow, I wonder if they can DNA match him to the two young boys in the tower, he was their uncle. That would prove he was Richard and that those skeletons were the princes.

  17. AZGirl says:

    OT!!! I need help! Mr. AZGirl and I are planning a trip to DC in the spring. Most likely around late April. I have never been east of South Carolina but have been all over Europe and Mexico. Figure that out.

    I know this is peak season and I may change the date but Mr. AZGirl being an attorney really wants to see Congress in session ( I can only assume to verify that they have not done sh#t). He also wants to see a Supreme Court argument ( I may go shopping that day).
    Does anyone here know of a good AFFORDABLE hotel that is in a good location? I am willing to pay $200.00 a night but NOT $400.00 for the Holiday Inn –Capital.
    NMD should have my email address so just put in the subject area DC and I will know it is one of you sending the email. Thanks for the help.

    • T-Rex says:

      We stayed in Dupont Circle and found some really nice deals there. The subway nearby gets you into the city with no problem. To see Congress you need to contact your local Senator to get you in for free, and if you want to do the WhiteHouse you must contact your Senator as soon as you know the dates you are going, you have to send as early as possible because you have to go through a background check. For anything Smithsonian, it’s free but I suggest going online to their website to apply for priority admittance, especially the National Archives, do the Archives first thing in the AM do not stop to look at the memorabilia go straight back to the Constitiution first, then after seeing that you can look around at all the other stuff. If you want more info let me know. When we went to DC we had a limited time and I pre-planned pretty much everything in advance so I can send you everything I have

    • Jules says:

      Look for bed and breakfast in the dupont or adams morgan area. Try trip advisor dc bed and breakfast for good ones.

    • sparklemuffy says:

      Maybe 2 nights @ Holiday Inn? It is a Prime location. walk to everything. if someone can recommend a hotel on the subway/walk/ close — I looked a couple of weeks ago and there is nothing under $350-400 even without peak weekend.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      Do you do Groupon? There have been some travel offers lately and you might find hotels for cheaper.

  18. boston02127 says:

    Thanks for the great blog.
    Happy Birthday, Rabble Rouser, Mookies1mom and Furalis!
    Congrats Cityside on your new family member Anthony Thomas!

    • T-Rex says:

      The funniest thing in the piece was that she has no CLUE as to what they own, uhm I can probably tell her not a dayumed thang, you have been renting at a smaller place than you had while on HW you know the one you got evicted from. I bet those two don’t have enough to even pay for attorneys, oh I forgot Lynne’s wrist cuffs are making her a fortune(NOT)

      • LaineyLainey says:

        My thoughts exactly. That made me laugh, too. When I read that, I was thinking…you really didn’t need to add that part to this “article” we all know she has no idea how much they own…but we all know how much they don’t own. LOL!!!!

    • Mene Seela says:

      I thought they divorced a long time ago.

  19. rabblerouser2010R says:

    Thank you to everyone for the kind birthday wishes. I am looking forward to DH making me a special birthday dinner tonight. I had hoped to be able to watch a 3d movie on the new tv I asked for but sadly since my birthday is so close to Christmas, there isn’t any in stock. Oh well…at least I know we will get it 😀

    Happy Birthday to my other fellow Capricorns- (although I am not sure if we still are Capricorns after the whole zodiac shift)

    Does anyone know if BH will be back tomorrow ?

  20. Noelle says:

    Happy 29th Birthday RR!!!
    Much love Sweets!! xoxo

  21. Mookiesmom says:

    Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes! Rabble your hubby sounds like a keeper! I hope you and Furalis have had a wonderful day and that it continues into the night!

  22. Kansas Girl says:

    The Realestalker says Faye has bought a new home. I hope she’s not counting on a Bravo paycheck on a regular basis! &http://realestalker.blogspot.com/2012/12/faye-resnick-buys-new-digs-in-la.html

    • T-Rex says:

      Nope grifter FayeKR got her new man cough up the money for this one. Just like she has in the past she got someone else to buy her a home, and I am sure they didn’t buy at the price listed, I am sure Murray got her a better deal

    • Nancy says:

      Hi KG,
      I wouldn’t pay that much for that house.

  23. T-Rex says:

    OMG watching Bewitched on LOGO and I this is a such a very well written series, getting more of the jokes now that I am not a little girl watching it!

  24. Mene Seela says:

    Happy birthday RR and MM!
    When you were a child did you enjoy having your day so close to the other holidays?

  25. djprincessc says:

    Have a good night to all you ladies. I’m off to go have dinner with one of my gfs, and who knows what after! Girl time is the best time 😉

  26. sparklemuffy says:

    Thanks Nancy for song last night. It was beautiful. i’m pretty sure I would hate Les Mis. One of my friends will probably trap me into going. I will say I loved “Beauty and the Beast” — it had lots of stuff going on 🙂 what does that say about me?

    • Nancy says:

      That song WAS from Les Mis. 🙂 I’m not giving up on you that easily. lol
      You do like the ballet right? I saw something today that you might like.

      • sparklemuffy says:

        I have to tell this…. to everyone who will listen. baby sparkle granddaughter says” where did Daddy go?” I say … he’s gone to his bed to go to sleep ( she’s in bed w/ us) Sparkle granddad is up and in the shower and she says, ” Where did YOUR Daddy go?” hahahahahahahahhaha. I have told all that will listen. hahahahhhahahahhahaha
        Sparkle granddad doesn’t think it’s that funny… hahahahahahahah

  27. Powell says:

    Cat Ommney had her baby girl zara Isabella yesterday.

    • Nancy says:

      Good for her. She has 3 girls now.

    • chismosa says:

      Zara is really becoming popular. hmmm, i predict it will be in the US’s top 10 in about 5-10 years. Isabella is so very 2009-today.
      If your name appears in Pottery Barn catalogs on pillows and children’s mini-chairs, you have hit the top 20 in the US.

      I like names that are like in the lower 800-1000 in most popular names! ha

  28. Cityside says:


    I laughed when I read your post yesterday (was it yesterday?-my days are mixed up).
    My babies are 30 and 27.

    Anyhoo, Tony is home from the hospital today. Now life changes forever for the happy parents.


  29. RealLVhousewife says:

    You made my day including me in the blog…You’ve made me famous!! WooHoo…doing the Happy Dance!! Too bad its for seeing the polyg-clown…..

    Have a great day all and wishing you all a Happy 2013!

  30. Lola says:

    Just wanted to let you guys know that this is one of the best days of 2012 for me. I just found this site. I was a little depressed and decided to go to Lynn’s site for whatever crazy reason. I started at the bottom of the comments section wondering where you guys all went. I’ve looked for you guys on other websites but found no one. Then I saw the link to this site. I feel like I had found old family members again. Being on the internet wasn’t much fun for me since Lynn’s passing and I wasn’t spending much time on it anymore. It just wasn’t the same but now I’m back. Lost my mother, then Lynn. Let’s just say I’m so happy now. You guys mean more to people than you know!!! Thank you everyone of you and Happy New Year, I know it just got a lot brighter for me.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Lola!! You sweet showgirl!! I am so glad you found us!! Welcome back. So sorry for the loss of your momma. That’s hard. So, so hard. I hope you are better now.

      I remember coming home and freaking out about Lynn’s passing and that lost feeling. But thanks to some really special people who work so hard to keep us together, here we are… I’m thankful for this board and all the good people here. Welcome back, and for posting your wonderful post!! You gave me something to smile about, fer real!!

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