Gregg Leakes Proposed to NeNe / Dance Moms Special and Episode One Recap

Gregg Leakes Proposes to NeNe and Other Reality News by NoMoreDrama

The ink has barely dried on their divorce, but the are getting ready to walk down the aisle again.  It’s official, Gregg Leakes proposed to ex-wife NeNe Leakes on new Year’s Eve and she said YES.  NeNe tweeted photos and the news as it unrolled.

“Look what he did 2 our beach condo hall way”


Look @ our nite cap! #new beginnings


IT’S ON NOW! #2013


My answer was  ….  yes

Congratulations to NeNe and Gregg!  While I’m not convinced their divorce was real (as in not for the show) but I am convinced he’s great for her.


Adrienne Maloof handed out fashion rules  for New Year’s Eve for E-Online!  Her tips…

“1. Rock the LBD. “Without fail, my number one recommendation for New Year’s Eve dressing is a fabulous little black dress.  You can never go wrong! It always looks chic.” How original of Adrienne!

2. Add metallic accessories. “If you want your little black dress to pop, add some fun metallic accessories because nothing says festive like a little sparkle. I love adding silver and gold shoes, a clutch and great jewelry.”   Don’t forget the tinsel in your hair!

3. Comfort is key. “Sometimes after a few weeks of eating and celebrating, you don’t feel up to squeezing into something form-fitting.  A perfect alternative is a pair of loose, flowing black palazzo pants in a silk or rayon like material.”   And put on a pair or Adrienne’s sky high heels to be really comfortable!

What makes this whole article extra humorous is our opinion of Adrienne’s fashion sense.  Take a look at the survey results below!!


Tamra Barney rocked a onesie for her New Year’s Eve bash with her family.  While Tamra didn’t rate well in our fashion sense survey, I think the onesie is a great look for her.

tamra barney onesie two


The Dance Moms rocked the red carpet for a premiere party in Pittsburgh according to CBSPittsburgh.  “I think we just all think of ourselves as normal people; and it’s like, when we go places and people what pictures and stuff, it’s crazy cause we’re just like, we’re just normal moms just like everybody else,” said Kelly Hyland, of the “Dance Moms.”  Abby Lee Miller and all five of the Dance Moms were at the party.  Asked about the popularity of the show, Abby said:  “Are you kidding? The first six episodes I said, ‘No one’s going watch this.  Now we’re in 27 countries and 68 million people watch the show.”

Photo credit: CBSPittsburgh

Photo credit: CBSPittsburgh

And if you’re hoping Abby couldn’t possibly be as mean as she appears on the show, think again.  Here’s an interview with 11 year old dancer Chloe with OkMagazine.  Asked about her real relationship with Abby.  “Well… she’s worse in real life,” Chloe says. “I just take the corrections and I block the rest out.”



Dance Moms Special and Episode One Recap by adelaidesmommy

Before I dive into the recap, I wanted to introduce myself. I’m a new mom (8 months now!) from Austin, TX. I’ve been a huge fan of this blog for many years – especially anything related to the RHs. I write for a living, so I volunteered to pen this blog for a little creative fun. I’m a fan of Dance Moms and excited to cover the upcoming season for y’all. Here we go…..

The New Year gave us two gems from Dance Moms: 1) a preview of the season, “The Smoke Before the Fire” and 2) the first episode of the season, “The Beginning of the End.”

Special: The Smoke Before the Fire.

The night started with a one hour special that gave us updates on each mom/kid as we head into Season 3. The plus? The audience got to ask the questions (probably planted), but unfortunately, it was hosted by Jeff Collins – the same guy who hosted the reunions. Someone needs to give him “Hosting for Dummies.” Seriously, he is awful – why doesn’t Andy Cohen work for Lifetime?

For the sake of everyone’s time, I’m skipping the play-by-play, but bulleted the major gossip below.

  • Abby has a special someone…..errr, what? She was quite elusive about him.
  • Holly totally dodged the question on which mom is most difficult to get along with. BOO!
  • Abby is disgusted that the moms charge fans to take pics with the kids. Christi defends this saying they sold tickets to “meet and greets” in order to provide security for the kids. Just noticed Christi has a gap in her bottom teeth – I dig it.
  • Christi blocked Abby from her twitter feed because she was getting obsessive at commenting.
  • Christi’s husband doesn’t like Abby and vice versa. Abby doesn’t like him because she doesn’t think he supports Chloe’s dance career. As a side note, Christi seems to be on the verge of tears which is unlike her. I wonder what’s really going on.
  • Kelly comes out and ONCE AGAIN, we are given the cliff notes version of “too much history” regarding her relationship with Abby. At this point, I roll my eyes. I wish they would tell us what went down to cause so much hostility. I’m starting to daydream it’s much worse than it probably was.
  • Oh wow! Christi started a jewelry line with Melissa and Kelly feel left out. I thought Christi hated Melissa.
  • Abby is critical of Chloe because she is spending too much time being famous. Christi thinks ALM is jealous of Chloe’s fan base.
  • Abby says she should have been smarter and more guarded with Melissa. She mentions that Melissa’s loyalty is with the other moms – not her. She says that Melissa feels it’s more important to be good friends with the other moms than a good mom to Maddie. Oh snap – that’s harsh. I wonder if Melissa has changed due to viewer backlash.
  • Abby acknowledges that Maddie receives special treatment – it’s about time! I actually wanted to give Abby a picture at the top of my pyramid for finally admitting it.
  • Melissa helps pays for less fortunate kids to take dance classes. I’m not a fan of hers….but ice just melted a little.
  • Someone asked Melissa if she would get married on the show. She was noncommittal. Ugh, please let her decide against this. I already dread the stupid drama Melissa dreams up, so a few episodes of her planning a wedding makes my stomach turn. Obviously, good ole Jeff is gung-ho on the idea which basically means it will happen. Get ready for Melissa being upset a lot and all of us being confused about why she’s got her panties in a wad.
  • Jill says no plastic surgery, but admits to Botox and filler.
  • Cathy says she will beat Abby this year. Abby agrees because her kids are missing too much practice. Cathy also calls out Jill on her bad hair. Mean girl.
  • Cathy says that Christi choked her at last year’s nationals. Why wasn’t this filmed? Allegedly, Cathy threw a whole bottle of water in Christi’s face and she choked her back. Cathy also fell off the curb in the process. From her tone, I’m guessing it wasn’t as serious as it sounds. Christi denies it. Someone needs to film better, stat.
  • At the end, Kelly talks about how horrible Abby is to Paige. As she is talking, you can see Abby’s eyes watering up. Is she feeling guilty? Jeff doesn’t probe further (sigh), so hopefully, we will see more during the season.

Episode 1: The Beginning of the End.

Everyone returns after the break and is excited about the win at nationals. Kelly doesn’t show up. ALM walks in and rips Brooke’s and Paige’s pictures out of the pyramid. She doesn’t want to do the pyramid because there aren’t enough people. I’m seriously sad. I love seeing Chloe at the top of the pyramid and I’m convinced she’s there this time (she is – ALM confirms it later in the show).

ALM is also peeved that some of the girls don’t know the group dances taught during break by guest choreographers (while ALM was filming her dance competition show). Apparently, none of the girls showed up to learn the dances and that embarrassed ALM. She reminds viewers that the break was a time to set new goals and overcome obstacles to improve. She then rips everyone’s picture off the mirror. Holly objects, but if falls on deaf ears.

For this episode, they are headed to Intensity Dance in Denver, CO. ALM notifies the moms/kids that she is holding auditions to replace Brooke & Paige. She asks them to be nice to the new folks. Christi’s talking head says, “Maybe I ought to rip your pyramid down, throw it in the dumpster, ‘cause it won’t fit in the trashcan.” So, I LOVE Christi – she is my absolute favorite, but I’m sick of the fat jokes from all the moms. I hate that I’m defending ALM, but I think it’s below the belt. Let’s hope they cut back on them during season 3.

Chloe asks about solos, but ALM isn’t sure if anyone will do one. Christi is upset that Chloe even asked. ALM’s focus is the group. The group routine is called Angel & Demons. The angel is being torn up inside by the demons. She wants to let them out, but also wants to hide them from everyone. Because Brooke & Paige didn’t show up, Chloe will play the angel and the rest are demons (more would be angels if B&P were there). Why do the kids care? I think demon would be more fun anyways. The moms comment that ALM didn’t kick Kelly out – she left and will not come crawling back. Jill comments that Kendall has never been at the top of the pyramid and that’s her goal. Broken record.

Next is the open audition. Tons of little girls from ALL over. Jill says there is a fear that ALM will find someone better and Kendall will be replaced. And now for the quote of the week, brought to you by Jill. “It’s kind of interesting sitting in the viewing room watching these moms. It’s almost like the moms were competing, as well as their kids. These moms are crazy.” I’m just going to let the irony of that statement hang there for a bit…… Some random women confronts Leslie (Peyton’s mom) about leaving the 8 other kids in L.A. Leslie says she doesn’t have to answer to anyone. Other mom goes off. I have no idea (and don’t care) what this argument is about.

The competition at the audition is pretty good. Holly admits that she feels pressure that ALM may replace all the girls. Melissa comments that the finalists are all tall which means whoever is chosen will most likely be the feature in all the dances. ALM says she’s overwhelmed about who to ask back to rehearsal the next day and warns that she may replace more than Brooke & Paige.

Cut to Brooke & Paige at home. Kelly asks them their thoughts on dance. Brooke doesn’t know if she wants to dance. Paige does want to dance, but also wants to model. Brooke flips it on her mom and asks if she wants to go back. Kelly says no.

Back to the studio. Kendall gets a solo called “It Girl”! Jill is pumped and says it’s like the first gift of Christmas. What? My parents always gave me the big gift last. Fail. Jill pesters ALM about who she picked from the audition. ALM is mum. Holly asks if the new kid may get a solo. ALM says yes. Jill wonders why the new kid won’t start on probation like Kendall did. ALM just leaves the room. Awesome sauce.

Kendall’s solo looks cute. Jill says it’s her year. ALM says the reports from the guest choreographers (while she was in L.A.) was that Kendall was always there and working really hard. She thinks Kendall will be a force to be reckoned with. She is hard on Kendall during rehearsal and Kendall starts crying and runs up to her mom. ALM follows her to the mom’s balcony and says Kendall can’t remember combos. Kendall keeps crying while ALM secretly listens. She then comments on the craziness of a 9-year-old crying on Mommy’s lap. Jill confronts her about it and says “we can’t compete.” She then reiterates (for those of you who don’t know) that her goal is for Kendall to be at the top of the pyramid.

Group rehearsal starts. Holly says ALM is more egotistical this year. Enter new moms/kids (2 of them). ALM is going with only one dancer. ALM picks Ally who is 13 from New Orleans. She is cute as a button.

Oh dear, here comes Cathy and Vivi eating ice cream. Cathy announces she is looking for a brand new team. Justice is not returning. She proceeds to have a one-sided conversation about creating an all boy team. She asks Vivi if that’s okay. Vivi is copasetic. Does Vivi talk?

Back to the studio. ALM gives Chloe’s feature to Ally because she is the tallest. The moms join Ally’s mom, Shelly, in the balcony. Holly catches on quick to Ally as the new lead. Holly and Jill think ALM gave Ally the part to get back at Chloe for taking a family vacation. Jill and Christi mention that Chloe has worked hard for the feature and she has been with ALM since she was 2. Shelly seems uncomfortable and apologizes.

Yippee. Chloe gets a solo called Nobody’s Perfect. Seriously, Abby? ALM lays it on pretty thick about defending her national title. Maddie also gets a solo because she had the best attendance over the break. Mackenzie also gets a solo called Goodie Goodie. ALM says she can’t hide in Maddie’s shadow anymore since she is a national title holder.

Back at group, ALM says their skills aren’t on par with last season. She threatens to pull all the demons out of the group and make it a solo for Ally if it doesn’t improve. Holly is mad because that will mean Nia isn’t dancing at all. She confronts ALM, but no resolution.

ALM and Shelly hang out at a bakery. I think it’s nice given that Shelly doesn’t know Pittsburgh or anyone in it. Shelly says the other moms are nice and honest. She says she is not a dance mom. I believe her. ALM tells her to never let the other moms see you sweat or cry.

At the competition in Denver, ALM hasn’t made a decision about the group. Holly is still upset. ALM doesn’t care. Christi comments that she misses Kelly. Even Melissa misses her. Shelly says it’s clear she’s in Kelly’s seat and Ally is in Brooke & Paige’s spot. She doesn’t know what to say. Christi says that she should refuse to let Ally do the solo if ALM removes the group. Shelly feels like that’s telling a dance teacher how to dance. I’m torn here. I feel sorry for Shelly. As a viewer, we haven’t seen much, but she clearly isn’t someone who wants to rock the boat. In this situation, she is going to make either the moms or ALM mad. But I also feel sorry for Nia. I adore her and think it’s horrible that she would fly to Denver and not dance.

Jill isn’t sure Shelly will fit in with the moms and thinks she has an ulterior motive. Holly doesn’t understand why she wouldn’t question a teacher. Christi thinks she is too nice and makes Holly look rough. Shelly goes outside and pleads with ALM to make it a group dance. ALM confirms that it will be a group, but that she needs to keep the moms under control.

Maddie performs her lyrical solo, “Don’t Leave Me.” She does a wonderful job and looks beautiful. The solo is a little slow…. Sometimes I wish Maddie would do something upbeat and fun. Chloe is next with her contemporary solo. She is feeling pressure from ALM to defend her title. Her costume is gorgeous. Christi says Chloe is dancing from the heart. She looks really good, but I always think she does. Afterwards, Chloe says she forgot two steps, but you can’t tell. ALM compliments both Maddies & Chloe. ALM says Maddie has improved over the break. She points out that Chloe missed the steps during the turns. In her talking head, Christi calls Chloe “the new Paige” and says ALM is jealous of Chloe.

ALM gets a surprise visit from Mark, her high school friend. Allegedly, he is the boy that Kelly stole from ALM. ALM disputes this. He doesn’t even remember who Kelly is.ALM asks Shelly and Ally to join her and Mark to watch some dancers. When they leave, Christi says that Mark did date Kelly.

Kendall’s jazz solo is next. Jill thinks it was good – not fabulous. Personally, I wasn’t a fan. Kendall is adorable, but you can see her thinking while she dances. She doesn’t appear to have the confidence that I’ve seen in her before. ALM thought it was entertaining and fun, but thinks she should have blown Maddie and Chloe out of the water because she was around during the break. Jill agrees.

ALM confirms that they will do the lyrical group dance. Ally is nervous that she will let ALM down. The dance is really good, Ally is really good, and the costumes are awesome. I’m so proud! ALM thought the group was amazing and Ally was gorgeous. Christi is mad that Ally gets all the credit.

Mackenzie is up for her acrobatic solo. ALM has made a few changes. Honestly, last minute? We all know Mac isn’t great at remembering dances. The other girls pray that Mackenzie will remember her dance. She does a good job. Her bow flies out of her hair, so she stalls for a minute, but then keeps going. Mackenzie is upset and cries a tiny bit. ALM is mad at Melissa for the bow not being “sewed to her head.” ALM says she saw Mackenzie crying off stage.

Finally – awards. This episode was SUPER long – 1.5 hours. Mac gets first place in mini solo award. Kendall gets 5th in junior solo and of course, Jill was hoping for higher. Chloe gets 2nd place and Christi says that means bottom of the pyramid next week for her. Maddie gets 1st, she is beaming and I’m happy for her. ALM says Chloe let Maddie get back on top. The girls win first in junior group. ALM is proud of the girls and the clean sweep. Chloe wishes Brooke & Paige were there with them.

ALM thanks Ally for being there and for being someone who wants to work hard unlike Brooke & Paige. Christi says ALM should have been more encouraging to B&P. ALM cusses back and Christi gets mad. ALM reminds her that there is always another kid, so she can hit the road. ALM thinks the week was nice without Kelly and wants to get rid of Christi. She apologizes for cussing and goes out to eat with her friend Mark.

Ta da! They didn’t announce this week’s Top Mom, so I’ll include in my next blog. Stay tuned for a recap of the preview. I’ll work on condensing this blog entry next week – and hopefully, the episode is shorter.


More End of the Year Survey Results

Who has the Best Fashion Sense?

Lisa Vanderpump – 27%

Carole Radziwill – 14%

Yolanda Foster – 13%

Cynthia Bailey tied with Brandi Glanville – 6%

Who has the Worst Fashion Sense?

Adrienne Maloof – 16%

Tamra Barney – 10%

Kyle Richards – 9%

Kim Zolciak – 8%

Who has the Best Business Sense?

Lisa Vanderpump – 48%

Ramona Singer – 19%

Heather Thomson – 13%

Kandi Burruss – 7%

Who has the Least Business Sense?

Sonja Morgan – 29%

Alexis Bellino – 11%

Kim Zolciak tied with Taylor Armstrong – 8%

Who do you think is the Most Fake?

Taylor Armstrong – 18%

3 way tie: LuAnn DeLesseps, Teresa Giudice, and Melissa Gorga – 10%

Yesterday’s Survey Results

Who would be the most fun to hang out with?

Brandi Glanville – 25%

Lisa Vanderpump – 23%

Carole Radziwill – 11%

Ramona Singer – 9%

Who would you trust the most?

Lisa Vanderpump – 39%

Yolanda Foster – 11%

Heather Thomson 9%

Carole Radziwill – 8%

Who would you trust the least?

Kyle Richards – 17%

Taylor Armstrong – 14%

Tamra Barney – 13%

Teresa Giudice – 11%

Who has the hottest/best husband/boyfriend?

Lisa Vanderpump – 19%

Kyle Richards – 18%

Joanna Krupa  – 15%

Ramona Singer  tied with Phaedra Parks – 12%

Who has the yuckiest/worst husband/boyfriend?

Teresa Giudice – 22%

4 way tie – Vicki Gunvalson / Alexis Bellino / Melissa Gorga / Kathy Wakile – 10%


Wednesday Night Lineup, January 2nd by BB

8PM – Whitney/Guys with Kids (NBC); Mobbed (Fox); Cousins on Call (HGTV); E! News Special (E!); My Grandmother’s Ravioli (8:30 Cook)

9PM – Law and Order SVU (NBC); Mobbed (Fox); Toddlers and Tiaras (TLC); Amish Mafia (Discovery); The Hour (BBC); Full Throttle Saloon (truTV); Restaurant Impossible (Food); Border Wars (NatGeo); Ice Cold Killers (ID); Homewreckers (DIY); Not My Mama’s Meals/Extra Virgin (Cook)

10PM – Top Chef Seattle (Bravo); Chicago Fire (NBC); Nashville (ABC); American Horror Story: Asylum (FX); House Hunters (HGTV); Cheer Perfection (TLC); Moonshiners (Discovery); The Soup/Love You, Mean It (E!); Black Gold (truTV); Sweepstakers (OWN); American Restoration (History); Fast Foods Gone Global (Trvl); Hell on the Highway (NatGeo); Stalked: Someone’s Watching (ID); I Want That (DIY); Stranger Than Nature (NGWild)


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  1. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. Back to work & reality. At least it’s hump day. Everyone have a great day.

    Gre proposes to NeNe. That comes as no surprise. The wife that spent his money to further her career is having a great career and Greg is living it up in Hollywood. Not saying he doesn’t love her. Congrats to Greg and,NeNe.

  2. Sus says:

    Rose petals are romantic until you step on them and they stain the floor.

    I hate Dance Moms. I would not let my kid participate in that BS. Nothing wrong with dance but none of those girls are talented enough for it to really go anywhere. To scream at them for no point is stupid and damaging. The moms make me embarrassed for them. Waiting time for my kids is Me time.

    Lauren Manzo – your dog is your responsibility. You are a jerk.

  3. BB says:

    Great recap of Dance Moms adelaidesmommy! You did double duty last night and that’s not easy. Appreciate it.

    • adelaidesmommy says:

      Oh my gosh, thank you so much! I have to admit I was nervous sending it in.

      • BB says:

        It was great!

      • trudie says:

        Your recap was great and said most of the thoughts that were going through my head while watching it. I was wondering last night how realistic these dance competitions are since all the judges know about the show and ALM always seems to win. OK, since it is a reality show, the competitions probably are rigged.

  4. AZGirl says:

    Good morning everyone! Feeling much better today. Prenisone does give you the jitters and some pretty wild dreams sleeping. I was chased all night in my dreams by a huge roach. (the bug not something you smoke) 🙂
    Off to work!

    • So glad to hear that AZGirl! Don’t overdue at work. At least it is only 3 days until the weekend! Hugs!

    • Powell says:

      Glad you’re better AZGirl. A roach chasing me would have surely awaken me. Yikes.

    • chismosa says:

      Hi AZ girl- i was one who posted that i took it for some sort of nasal infection and it gave me what i thought was the beginning of a heart attack. I had never felt my heart race like that. I was on Augmentin also. (and one of my dogs takes a bit of pred every 4 days for his IBS)

      Now i’m scared to death to take ANY antibiotics at all unless i’m like dying because of so much i’ve read about reducing the body’s ability to fight off deadly bacterial / flesh-eating/ MRSA/ hospital/ staph/ etc… infections. Some scientist and/or medical doctor wrote this book that an article was written on about how he feels all the diseases we humans are now fighting so hard to overcome have come up because of our growing dependence and abuse of, antibiotics.
      It’s like a ‘movement’. I’m sure we’ll hear more about him in the years to come. I don’t use antibacterial soap anymore.

      i have so many friends who have their toddlers on antibiotics sometimes i’m just in shock. i don’t think i took them that young.

      But look you need to take what MAKES YOU BETTER. So, just chillax and i’m sure you’ll be all better soon! Sorry for the rant!

      • PJ says:

        I had pneumonia and as soon as I recovered from pneumonia I got an ear/sinus infection I was on two really strong antibiotics back to back. As soon as I felt better enough to leave the house I picked up a throat infection, the first time out. My doctor says my immune system is not strong. I’m going to ride this throat infection out without the antibiotics.

        • chismosa says:

          Go for it PJ, definitely…. I am so scared these days

          Feel better, i hate hate hate throat things! I’d rather have a fever or stomach issues than a throat thing to be honest.

          • chismosa says:

            Ok just to reply to everyone here on one spot:I have a D.O. for a doctor and I am hoping that makes a difference. I think so, —-they don’t seem to want to push meds so quickly

            AZ you have of course a more serious situation so you must take what you are taking. Best of luck to you. I just got in the conversation bc I remember taking the prednisone and feeling wonky ! But in the end it works. I just know people who literally swap around z-packs of antibiotics like its ibuprofen. Uh. Hello!!!???? Ha

            I have done Accupuncture and loved it. I hope to return again to it one day.

            What is this wellness thing? I must look it up. I know turmeric is like the king of things to take. Prevent Alzheimer’s, etc. I hate curry so I can never eat it naturally. But I know I should be taking turmeric

            To all of you in this discussion, if I can find the article about this doctor’s book, I will attach the link.

            Get healthy AZ!!!

            • AZGirl says:

              I agree about the antibiotics being handed around like candy. Especially with children. It is scary because the body does build up imunity to the drugs.

        • PJ….sorry to hear your still not well. Did you decide to try out the Wellness Formula?

          Chismosa….I am one that will agree with you on the dependence on western meds that has broken down our immune systems. I have always had bad reactions to meds, so early on, I turned to alternative remedies. I have always treated with those as well as Chinese herbs and acupuncture. I am rarely ill (neither is DD as I did the same with her), and I have developed a strong constitution. If you think about it, our bodies are “natural” and so antibiotics, etc. break them down. So, they heal better with more natural things.

          In extreme terms, of course, western meds may be necessary, but I worry about people who are frequently sick and on such things a lot. You have to bolster your immune system and body with what it needs in nature too.

          Anyway….sorry for THIS rant, LOL! I just believe very strongly in herbs and natural remedies. PJ and AZGirl….have you considered those alternatives? Acupuncture boosts the immune system too. My Acu Dr. is brilliant and has brought me through many things successfully and quickly.

          Just wanted to put this out there! I hope you both feel better soon!!

          • AZGirl says:

            I am doing much better. Much of the problem is not actually an infection but a preventative measure for me. I was very sick with pneumonia about 18 years ago. It was a very serious situation and I was hospitalized for 7 days with two infections in my lungs. It was life threatning and a very young age. I was out of commission for 6 months. Much of this due a doctor who did not treat me aggressively enough.
            I have to be careful and luckly I have not had any problems for many years with any flu or colds. I get a flu shot every year which is mandatory.
            I have had 3 bad colds in 12 weeks. The cough really was very serious this weekend and fortunately when I met with my doctor she said my lungs were clean.
            I have no problem with alternative healing but with my health history that is not an alternative. My doctor is a D.O and this is the first time in my life I have every been on prednisone.
            If you do use herbal alternatives please research them carefully. Some dispensaries are not fully licensed and of course the FDA does not regulate.

            • That is quite a history AZGirl and it sounds like you are under good care with your doctor. Some things work better for some people than others….but I just wanted to bring it into the convo as alternative medicine has come a loooong way.

              The herbs I use are prescribed by my acupuncturist who is also a master herbalist who studied in China and makes his own blends. He is licensed and certified and all…..and he is quite brilliant. I am lucky to have found him as I had tried a few others that were NOT good. This type of health regimen and maintenance works very well for me….so I stick with it. (I have had some western dr’s in the past that were horrendous!)

              BUT….the bottom line is….you feel better and what you are doing (and your dr’s) is working for you….so that is what is best! And, I am glad you are on the mend.

              (I just felt compelled to “pipe up” in case alternatives had not been considered). 😀

              • AZGirl says:

                Actually if I ever hurt myself lifting or exercising I will consider accupuncture in a heartbeat. I know lots of individuals that have benefitted from it to relieve pain. One med I do not use is painkillers. I had to take a oxicoyin (sp?) once and I know now why people get addicted to it. I can’t believe how quickly the pain went away and I felt like I was floating on air. Scared me to pieces. Hid that bottle away.

          • Powell says:

            chismosa I heard that about antibiotics and our immune system. MarDrag you make some good points about alternative remedies. Do you have a website that you use so I can bookmark it?

            • Powell….I do not have a website to suggest as I do everything through my Acupuncture Dr/Herbalist. And, I have studied a bit myself with alternative remedies and homeopathy. My suggestion for you if you want to pursue this is research Acupuncturists, Herbalists and Homeopathic Dr’s in your area. I would not start taking anything without some guidance. (Wellness Formula is well known and full of good natural things and is sold “over the counter” at Whole Foods and that is why I suggested it).

              If you like, I CAN give you the link to my dr…..but he is in CA. He may be able to refer you or you can ask him questions that will help you make choices in this area. He is really good that way. And he knows me well! I send people to him frequently!

              Email me over at my blog (on the contact page) if you would like his info.

          • PJ says:

            Yes I decided to try the wellness formula and thank you for mentioning it. I sent my husband to Whole Foods with a list: Wellness Formula, Tumeric and Inositol. But its too soon to see a big difference yet, since I’ve been so sick it’s going to take time.

            I completely agree about alternative remedies, but sometimes when the doctor says you are so sick you are a day away from being hospitalized you do what he suggests. It’s really my fault for waiting so long to do something when I had pneumonia, I didn’t know I had pneumonia but I knew I was really sick.

            If I can strengthen my immune system I feel that I can keep myself from another winter like this one. You know sometimes we know the right things to do and get lax about it and that’s when we have problems.

            • Oh PJ….the life of a wife and mother….think of ourselves last! If there is a next time (knock wood there is not), don’t wait so long to take care of yourself!

              Since you are already so sick, you are right in that the Wellness Formula won’t really kick in yet. But, when you are better, in order to get your immune system built back up, that is when it will count. Good luck honey…….and feel better soon!!

              • PJ says:

                So true that’s exactly what we do put our family first and ourselves second. My daughter really gave me a lecture about not going to the doctor soon enough, it kind of cracked me up it was a real role reversal, but she was right.

                Thank you for you concern and help I really appreciate it.

  5. PJ says:

    When I first watched Dance Moms I thought Abbey was horrible but now I think the Moms are equally horrible or even worse. I can’t even imagine grown women acting like those Moms act, how embarrassing for their children. Abbey should not engage with them but they are horrible all on their own with no encouragement from Abbey. I’m glad Kelly is gone and I hope it’s for good. The crazy blond needs to go next, whatever her name is. As for these kids being famous their fame won’t last without something to back it up and from what I see only three of them possibly have what it takes to keep the fame going after the show ends.

    • Pghemtchick says:

      Glancing at twitter I wouldn’t hold your breath to staying gone…

    • LaineyLainey says:

      PJ – I never have thought too highly of these moms. But the kids are really pretty darn great!! Or maybe I should say, I don’t respect the way they (the moms) present themselves. Holly is the least offensive. Melissa used to get it; but she’s getting to be just as deluded and rude as the others. My daughter grew up in dance and Abby is not really all that unusual in her manner toward the moms and/or the kids. Many of them (directors) have no formal training in child development, early ed., etc. It is definitely a noticeable gap in the industry. They know how to choreograph. Some of them even know how to dance. It is rare to find a successful director who has the kind of credentials that most “non-dance” people would expect. In other words, many of them have very little or NO EXPERIENCE as professional dancers. Most do not hold a formal degree in dance or education. Some do, but most that I’ve seen..have never even booked a job in L.A., NY, etc. You wouldn’t find that to be true in any other training/profession. Would you? But it’s so common in the dance world. I’m not saying it’s good…but that’s the way it is.

      It is funny to me when one of the moms on the show will say something like “my daughter won first place without her teacher’s help.” etc. That is absolutely ridiculous. I think it was Paige’s mom saying that about her eldest daughter (a teenager). Dance teachers do not hover over their teenaged students on the day of a competition. It is normal for a teenager to have little contact with her director; especially on the day of a competition. By the time you get to a competition, everyone knows what they’re supposed to do. Even in the beginning, I wasn’t shocked by Abby. I am probably in the minority, but I like Abby Lee Miller. I respect all that she’s accomplished and all the professional dancers that “she” and/or that her studio has produced. If she really is doing the choreography all by herself, she is very, very creative. If she hires outside choreographers,…that is very common. No biggie – all studios do that. Ok, maybe not all, but every studio I’ve known.

      • Pghemtchick says:

        Maybe it’s an 80’s thing as I don’t see many anymore, but I never *danced*. I was in a competive baton/majorette group from ages 6-19. Our instructor to this day reminds me of Abby (she still runs the group although smaller). While not “dancing”, we had to learn dance moves to apply to our routines. There were many days I’d come home not wanting to go back- but in the end she was the reason as a fat girl I got to make a snooty skinny witch cry in jr high. Lol. She was a dancer who couldn’t handle it that a fat girl could outperformed her during solo feature twirler tryouts for the band. Lol. Without the harsh tough love from my teacher I would never have been able to be named corographer for my high school bands majorettes/silks my senior year. It was amazing to watch my routines compete. I just think good teachers push- and that’s why I respect Abby.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          Sounds like you had a lot of fun, PChick…you spent the first part of your life being part of a team and learning so many skills that have most likely served you well in life.

      • PJ says:

        I agree I have started liking Abbey more and more as the show has progressed and liking the Moms less and less. Abbey doesn’t coddle these kids, but in the real world no one is going to coddle them so if they turn professional they are going to be ready. The moms are a deluded bunch for sure, stage moms on steroids is what I call them. Certainly Abbey’s success speaks for itself with having students that go on to dance professionally, and with her other show. Also the fact that all of Abbeys dancers know the terminology.
        I thought it was ridiculous that the one new mom (that’s gone now) didn’t think her daughter needed to know that. I hope the new mom stays sane and doesn’t follow in the footsteps of the others. The thing I really fault Abbey for is engaging with the crazy moms and not just ignoring them. I also agree about the kids they are certainly much more well behaved than their moms. I think the new girl is great and Maddie is a star.

    • melthehound says:

      I think this show should be called Stage Moms.. I don’t believe any of them leave for good. If they are gone from ALM’s studio, they show up at that other one, Candy Apples, a completely different nut but a nut all the same.

    • boston02127 says:

      @PJ——-I agree. The best thing those moms could do is drop the girls off and leave until the classes were over. Kids act diffrent when their moms are there.

  6. Iowagirl says:

    Did G and N get divorced for bankruptcy purposes? He divorced and took the debt and then declared. She kept her money and remarried him after the debt was gone. Sorry, I smell fraud here.

    • Contessa says:

      Iowa – that is what I was thinking all along. They did not want to carry that debt into her new career development. I wonder if any of our sleuths can look this up????

    • Cartwheels says:

      I have read that numerous times, that Greg was broke and declaring bankrupcy and that is why they divorced. is that even possible? If Greg was broke that means that all his bad investments were done during the time he was married to Nene so even if they divorced, wouldn’t she still be legally responsible for that? I know that with credit cards it doesn’t even matter if you are divorce, you still are responsible for half of it unless you close the account, which unless the balanced is paid in full, they never let you do it anyway.

      I have also heard that Greg went bankrrupt but his debt was not astronomical, so I am not ready to call this fraud yet until there is more substancial evidence.

    • Powell says:

      Iowa girl I think that’s just what they did.

  7. SoutheastVA says:

    Happy New Year everyone! Also, Happy Belated Birhday to MKValle, JBFan, SammysMom and MelTheHound!

  8. Good Morning Everyone. I hope your year is starting off well!

    Definitely think Gregg and Nene divorced for financial reasons and a story line. Never doubted they would “re-marry”. Another story line! 😛

    adelaidesmommy – great recap. I don’t watch that show but you did a great job!!

    BB – thanks for all the survey results. Some interesting finds. Can’t wait to see the rest!

    NMD – hope you are still having fun on your vaca….and can still move, LOL!

    Getting back to reality “Wednesday Humor Blog” is up! Some good stuff today to start back to “normal” after the holiday blitz, plus a link to some hysterical cat antics! Enjoy!

  9. Powell says:

    BB the survey results just crack me up.

  10. Cartwheels says:

    Citygirl and Jeann my prayers are with you.

    LL, please vent, better here than anywhere else. I know so well what you are talking about, hadn’t been through it luckily but I know it might be coming down the road.
    The same happened to my family when my grandmother had a stroke and my dad and my aunt just couldn’t see eye to eye, luckily they found a solution that pleased them both, they hired somebody to take care of her during the day (my dad pay her salary) and my aunt will take care of her after the sitter left. She had her 9 months of the year and we had her three months of the year. They couldn’t place her in a nursing home because my grandmother couldn’t bear the idea of being there.
    I know it seems fairly common that is taken for granted that the daughter would be the one taking care of the elderly parents, but sometimes it is nice to acknowledge the sacrifice that this represents. I hope that your brother realizes that he is lucky to have a sister like you. My heart goes out to you.

  11. Kat from Ohio says:

    i think that financial reasons were very real, and i might be in the minority, but based on what i saw season 3, i think there were BIG problems in that marriage. that infamous fight where NeNe was yelling “I have never done you wrong” was really difficult to watch, and I don’t believe that kind of tension can be faked, even if she is an actress. I think they always needed time to cool off and the divorce was a mix of hot-headedness and perceived financial advantages. now, NeNe can write a prenup and keep this family together. I always liked them together and felt they’d get back together if they worked through those big fights/betrayals. I’m glad to see that they were able to do it and wish them the best.

  12. LaineyLainey says:

    I totally voted for Joanna as having the hottest boyfriend. I voted Kathy Wakile as having the yuckiest. LOL!!! I’m just not in tune with the majority. I did vote the Hoof for worst dressed! haha!

    • Powell says:

      Lainey I voted Apollo hottest. You voted for Richie? I voted for Joey & Adrienne also.

    • chismosa says:

      i don’t even watch Beverly Hills Lainey so you know anyone i voted for was complete minority! ha ha

      How can no one find Nene someone fun to hang out with? I mean i know she’s got some issues, but that bit$h is hysterical at times. :0

      • LaineyLainey says:

        That’s why I voted nene funniest. But fun? I was thinking about her and then I worry she might go bscray about some little thing and forgit it. But she is funny!!!

        • chismosa says:

          i think, forgetting cameras, finding her somewhere and having a drink with her – she would be hysterical. Just a feeling i get. I think the orchestrated drama of Atl show brings out the worst in her. And of course, Kim did.
          And nowwwwwww it seems viewers don’t care for Kim anymore either. See— Nene DOES have a good read for people! She’s like Ramona in my book, people can’t really stand their abrasive ways sometimes but they are wise and can be fun. It gets lost in their craziness.

          • Called A Princess... says:

            NeNe simply did not like the fact that she had recommended Kim for the show to find out that Kim was making underhanded racist remarks and playing as though she was (LOL) better then the rest of the women she was working with. To be paid as much as she was being paid and yet refuse to film with the rest of the cast, not to mention the lying for sport. NeNe does not suffer fools lightly. Kim was afraid of NeNe too. People get tired of being treated in a disrespectful manner by someone that should know better. Sense Kim has swam in the gutter, most oof her life, she should know better then to think she can get away with the rat behavior for too long a period of time and not feel the consequences. JMHO.

  13. melthehound says:

    Welcome, adelaidesmommy 😀 I always miss the show, first run, but I’m glad it’s being written about again here. I haven’t read your recap yet (but will)… Personally, I can’t stand Abbey. I think Maddie is an overrated spoiled brat (all of her stuff looks exactly the same to me) and I usually, think Chloe gets a raw deal. The worse however, are the moms themselves.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Oh my goodness, where are my manners??? YES, ADELAIDESMOMMY – – THANK YOU!!! Loved your recap!! It was very well written and very entertaining. Ally/Elly? was amazing. It’s funny to me, because all along, Abby has always said that it’s all about the feet; but none of the kids on her team (up to now) have ever had exceptional feet. Poor Nia – hers look like bricks. But Ally (I kept hearing Elly) has BEAUTIFUL feet!!!! It makes such a big difference in the beauty of the dancer when they have feet like this girl.

      • IceNFire says:

        I’m wondering why no mention of Chloe’s summer scholarship to Jofferys was never mentioned.

        • melthehound says:

          You know, ALM has always claimed she’s training ‘working dancers’. It seems to me that, Chloe is the only one I’ve ever seen get ‘work’ or chosen for the stuff that involves a paying gig. At least that’s what I remember. Thanks for the reminder of the scholarship as another feather in Chloe’s cap.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          I was wondering that as well. That Joffrey thing was a BIG DEAL!!! But no mention.

          • Pghemtchick says:

            I’ll never forget Maddie crying over that. Especially when Melissa insisted on twitter that Maddie was also given a scholarship. Poor Chloe can’t catch a break without someone trying totaled her limelight.

            • Pghemtchick says:

              The t word should be “to steal”.

            • melthehound says:

              I agree and I remember that too… (not the twitter bit). Chloe always seems gracious when ‘bested’ by Maddie but I don’t see it the other way around. I think Maddie (because ALM probably told her so) thought she was a lock for that scholarship.

              • IceNFire says:

                Chloe also got the part in that music video and something else I can’t remember right now. Is it okay that I’m commenting on these ‘minors’? I do remember Lynn’s rule.

                • LaineyLainey says:

                  Well, I’m not the blog police..I don’t think we have one, actually…but you’re praising the child (Chloe). So, I don’t think this counts as speaking ill of a minor child. You’re saying, why doesn’t Abby mention Chloe’s accomplishments more. I think.

                  • IceNFire says:

                    Yes LL – That is what I was saying. Was thinking about saying something else too but decided to keep my mouth shut and fingers off the keyboard 🙂

                    • LaineyLainey says:

                      Yes, I understand. It can be tempting. I said Nia’s feet were like my bad, very very bad……no excuses…I just can’t stand to watch a performance where the toes are not pointed and the dancer won’t get up on releve’…but still, I shouldn’t have said that. Everyone else has eyes they can see these kids feet, too. Nia is super sweet and well-mannered, so again…MY BAD. Sorry, little Nia!!!

                • melthehound says:

                  The music video is one of the jobs I was thinking of and how indignant some of the others were when Chloe was chosen over the Star who should have had it. I don’t mean the kids either. Some of those ‘adults’ don’t seem to be able to let Chloe enjoy her moments but she seems to just keep pushing forward. That is why, I think, if she wants it, she will be a success at dancing professionally.

                  I think the general rule was don’t bash the kids. Comparing physical features to other dancers doesn’t fall into that category.

  14. IceNFire says:

    Hi adelaidesmommy – ty for Dance Moms blog. Loved the bullet format.

  15. Powell says:

    Did anyone watch T-boz & Sisterhood? T-boz was ok. What’s really interesting is her wanting to work on her solo career & write music & also TLC. Chilli & their manger wants the focus to be all about TLC. It’ll also be interesting to see who their record label will be. I just hope they don’t have the experience they had w/LA Reid & Baby Face and end up w/nothing. Sisterhood has very very weird editing. The camera just lingers on their faces longer than I’ve ever seen in Reality TV. It’s like your waiting for them to say something else when they’ve stopped talking & the camera is just there in their faces.

    • IceNFire says:

      I’m watching Sisterhood right now and I’m happy to see these people saying the church is a business. LoL at those two children saying ” Daddy’s gonna buy us a church”

      • Powell says:

        Ice how about the “sex talk” to the daughters? It was necessary but uncomfortable. I was thinking “their not gonna eat those bananas”, then their dad says “anyone gonna eat those bananas”. Funny. How is the Jewish/Baptist minister going to get another church?

    • BB says:

      I didn’t watch either. My daughter and I watched Pitch Perfect on demand. I love acapella groups, and even though this was a comedy, it had some pretty good singing in it.

      • Rebecca says:

        I love that movie. Rebel Wilson has the best one-liners.

        “I’m gonna finish him like a cheesecake!”

  16. BB says:

    I sure will be glad when Eddie and Leann get back from vacation so I don’t have to see her side boob or ass cheeks every time I look at a celebrity site. And I’m already so over Kim K’s pregnancy and she isn’t even 4 months yet. Sheesh!

  17. BB says:

    Well, the insurance adjuster just left and the estimate to fix my vehicle after the deer encounter is $1,700. Not too bad.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      And I bet that deer doesn’t carry any insurance to cover the cost. Stupid deer. There ought to be a law!

    • Lisa Renee says:

      BB, when I saw your post about the deer I was horrified for you. Not swerving IMO was the best thing you could have done. It was you & your mom in the car & you walked away, shaken up but in one piece, always the goal. From having a home in PA to driving in rural AL, deer are beautiful & I can watch them all day long. Its unfortunate when they appear out of no where on the road. I am glad the bill is from a mechanic & not a doctor. Lisa

  18. shamrockblonde says:

    *hugs Jeang and Cityside really hard* you are both inspirations for all of us – and neither of you are alone – please know that you remain in my prayers – I wish you courage, laughter and love that can be found in the company of your loved ones –

    LL – I thought of you and Mr. L over the holiday season – firsts are always hard – and the way Mr. L’s friend described how he was reacting to loss must have given him great comfort – told to him in a way that he could process – fill your hearts with love and laughter, remember all that he taught you in word and deed, and know that he watches over you with love and grace –

    *hugs LL really hard*

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Thanks Shamrockblonde!!! What a blessing your words know exactly what he’s going through. thanks again!!! xxoo

  19. AZGirl says:

    Just wondering if anyone knows when HWONY will begin filming?

    • chismosa says:

      Good question, these sort of things leak out so we know O.C. is filming because Andy was practically orgasmic about it recently on WWH…. but i don’t know what other franchise would be up next?
      New Jersey was on our tv for like 6 months last time right? Remember we all counted it up and it was 1/2 a year of our lives? Am i imagining it being 6 months or was IT REALLY 6 MONTHS. !!!!!!!

      See this is the problem when they run SO many HWs on at at the same time. Right now, BH, Atlanta, and Miami. I mean are you kidding- 3??
      If Miami was running alone, i wish it would have attracted a larger audience.

    • Pghemtchick says:

      According to the Examiner, Aviva said January. Then Reality Tea posted and said an insider to them it’s been pushed back to late Feb. due to contract negotiations.

  20. chismosa says:

    VV— you have to repost that thing Teresa had hung up in her room — that was hysterical! from the previous blog…..

    Is she trying to mend some (fake tv) fences for the new season?

    • VV says:

      I’m still puzzled as to why, but here:

      I had Joe hang this in our gameroom;

      ( some people tweeted her and asked if this was her new dartboard )

      • chismosa says:

        this is like the oddest thing. I would understand if it was the shots of just her face, a la Warhol- all of her, but this??? I love that it’s OLD Caro’s face and hair! haaaaaaa

        Planting seeds for her return? Whatever Tre, whatever. I liked Danielle when she went after you.
        Thanks VV!
        Oh ps did you see Bethenny is on a small cover part of this week’s People mag. Will have to check it out. :/

        • VV says:

          She’s on a mayor PR campaign looking for sympathy with her new single mother image. I’m like; Dude, you broke it don’t cry!
          Beam money changed her for the worst…

          • chismosa says:

            Look I know we are not supposed to “put all the blame” on B only. I think Jason’s fault was deciding to marry. My theory is he is very religious & wanted his child born to a married couple. Just my theory. But to me, I do blame B, “B” stands for broken and braking. Haha.

            Trying to check out some of her tweets and its all “how all my girls doing ???!!!!” Ughhhhh :\

            • VV says:

              I just think that once she got all this money she saw no need for him. So, she started her campaing to vilify him on S3 started planting seeds on the viewers mind and print media about “we come from different backgrounds” blah blah blah…I think she started pushing him away until she got what she wanted…
              What I saw was him reacting to the way she treated him. B has a very sharp tongue and was probably neglecting him in many areas. Remember her comment “Jason’s penis has cobwebs on it.” Aside from embarrasing him that may have very well be true.

              • Called A Princess... says:

                Yes, she had a disposition before they ever met. Jason knew what he was buying when he went to the store. I get tired of the stories women create about other women, making them look badly when things go wrong for the male, in the relationship. He could just as easily be accused of getting Bethenny pregnant on purpose so that she would marry him and then he could take her bank in a divorce. I see it as a shared failure, which is common in a society that glorifies self worship and gratification over partnership and some sacrifice. I do not feel that Bethenny has much of a clue as to what a healthy relationship might look like and Jason does not have the testosterone levels to demand, King of the Hill status, in the Frankel domain, 24/7. JMHO.

                • chismosa says:

                  Cap I see what you mean that Jason totally and really, TOTALLY knew what he was getting into when he married B, hell even just dating her! but I don’t know about getting to her to get her $$$$. She had the spinoff coming , they had been casually dating before that spinoff was even on the table (months prior),and I don’t know with the SG timeline if she was really truly raking in the $$$ on that when they were getting so into each other that summer when they filmed and right before she got pregnant. And for all WE know, B could have been the one pretending to be on the pill and tricking Jason into getting pregnant. Bethenny was always crystal clear that her intention and plans were to have a child one day, with or without a man. The attempt at marriage may have just been her #2 marriage/casual attempt to make it work with Jason when to him it was a REAL marriage because HE unlike her, GREW UP around wedded committed parents

                  And as for what you said about women blaming women. The facts remain (look it up) that something like 8x out of 10 it’s the women who initiate the divorces or breakups, NOT the men. And in this case I don’t think it can be very far from those facts.


      • plainviewsue says:

        Howling! I was one of the ones that tweeted that!!

        Ah, the good old days. Who knew.

  21. rabblerouser2010R says:

    I know I haven’t been posting much lately because of everything that has been going on at home (my injury, my mother in laws, ect) plus the hectic pace of the holidays but I have been trying to read and keep up with the blogs and everyone.

    I am thinking of all of us here who can use a kind word, encouragement and prayer as well as thank you to all of those who offer it, in addition to everyone’s contributions to the blog.

    I am going to try and post more in the New Year. xoxox

    • AZGirl says:

      Hope things start to settle down for you. Miss your posts!

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Hi!! Been missing you, too. But completely understand about life getting busy from time to time.

    • zoekayla says:

      RR, I think many of us are holding on by our fingertips! I do love this blog…it helps me to see the support shown to all who need it.
      Give yourself permission to accept our hugs…(((RR))) 🙂

    • Lisa Renee says:

      Hi RR, I am in the same boat as you. So busy all I could do was read & try to keep up with everyones comments. I hope despite the foot injury, in laws & holiday prep that your girls had a great holiday. Still waiting for the pic of the red velvet roped off section in the ER with a sign saying VIP seating for RR’s family only. Here is hoping 2013 will be spent with minimal trips to the ER for you & all your loved ones. I have missed your comments.

      {{{{{{Cityside & Jeang}}}}} sending good thoughts your way to you both. Please keep us posted & ask questions if you ever have any. There are so many smart people on this board & if they don’t have answers, they will find them for you. Please practice positive visualization, I am a big believer & hope it helps & gives you strength.
      My dear Lainey, I had Mr. L. on my brain also. Kudooze to you for being an amazing wife. Loved how you asked questions all knew the answer to & would elicit laughter, which always helps. I took my hubs that first christmas to the Islands. I hoped a drastic change of scenery would help my DH. Starting new traditions & away from his BSC mother he said was best idea ever & he was so happy he relented & trusted me. You will love him through this, you rock!
      Adelaidesmommy, congrats on being a first time mom. My favorite part of the first year was the 9 month mark. Enjoyed your writing style & POV. That was a hard one to blog & it was written really well. Thanks for helping NMD & I welcome you with open arms. I may be alone in this sentiment but I love extra long blogs, this was a twofer & a great read
      BB, havent had a chance to tell you, but I loved the end of the year poll. The way you set it up made it so easy to get through. I am pleased I am in the majority, for the most part lol. That was alot of fun.
      Happy new year to everyone & I can not wait for all we are going to have to say about it, Lisa

      • I wanted to add my own Hugs to ((((Cityside))))) & (((((Jeang))))). I just got caught up on comments from the past few days….and want to send out much love and good, healing energy your way. As you can see, many here are sending that out to you….and we all know it works! So hang in there. And come here when you are in need. Hugs!!

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Hi Lisa Renee – thank you so much for asking about mr. Lainey. super thoughtful!!! 🙂 That whole island thing sounds glorious!!!! Making new memories…that’s the ticket!!!

    • chismosa says:

      RRouser, best of luck to you. I hope we all can have as best a year as possible. 2012 was bad for many of us.

      I know i just wrote some stupid Miami housewives novella downthread, but it’s sad, because i just heard my first sad news of the new year from my friend : one of my closest girlfriend’s- her 1st cousin- who is a sweetheart- must be about 40-42 years old, just lost her husband to a sudden heart attack. Out of NOWHERE. On New Year’s Eve. She had just had their 2nd baby too. It’s just — so sad.

      My grandfather died on new year’s eve while i was ‘in utero’ so i never got to meet him- but how sad to always now associate a holiday with a death. I feel so terrible for her and also for my friend. The two young boys will not have long memories with their father, who was a super nice guy.

      So, we have to be grateful for everything as hard as that can be , and good luck to you with everything, and hope we see you post more!

      • Ahhhh geez chismosa……so sorry to hear this. Condolences to your friend. So sad for her and her boys. 😦 And you too. Please accept hugs on their behalf and keep some for you too. (((((chismosa)))))

    • Powell says:

      RR I hope you & your MIL are doing much better & I hope the girls and everyone had a great Christmas. Happy New Year.

  22. rabblerouser2010R says:

    Re; the situation with Nene and Greg, while I don’t know about the real reasons behind the divorce (and I am curious now as to the sincerity of her being pursued by the mega rich pizza chain owner-and wonder if all those expensive gifts she tweeted pictures of last Christmas were really from him or not). I do have to give her a bit of credit now that she is the one who is making the money, is that she is set apart by many of the other gold digging housewifes. I guess, she really did marry out of love.

  23. zoekayla says:

    Welcome, Adelaide’s mom! Great recap of Dance Moms.
    I also live in Austin (far south).

  24. trudie says:

    Totally off topic, but I need some help. My daughter wants to buy a Slow Cooker (aka Crockpot) Cookbook. She has looked on Amazon’s website, and still can’t narrow down which one she wants to buy. I told her I would turn to a great source of information – you guys! Anyone have any suggestions?

    • lillybee says:

      There are a lot of crock pot recipes on line.

    • Hey trudie. Suggest she join Pinterest…there are a gazillion Crockpot recipies there that are phenomenal. I have tried many myself. She can print them out, get creative with a binder or folder, and make up her own cook book! 🙂

    • boston02127 says:

      trudie—–I bought a crockpot at a Christmas Tree Shop and luv it. I also bought a book called Crockpots for Dummies (used on Ebay), it has some great & easy recipes.

      • Lisa Renee says:

        Trudie, I would die without my crock pot. Made sure DD’s crockpot got to MI before she did. Never used a cookbook. All my recipes were from friends & family. Im not a huge cookbook fan, my goto is Food Network when looking for a new recipe. If I get a new cooking device I get recipes from the site also. Happy hunting, Lisa
        P.S. the first thing I ever made was French Dip. 2-3 pound of rump roast, 2 cans beer, 2 pkgs lipton onion soup mix. Start first thing in am for dinner & if meat is frozen, start night before on low. Remove meat & trim off fat & shred meat with two forks & put back into the now au jus. Serve on rolls with tray of condiments(hot sauce, ketchup, mustard, mayo) people are strange lol! A few different cheeses for sandwich. 🙂 superbowl favorite

    • trudie says:

      Thanks for all the suggestions. I will pass these along to my daughter. She is taking this whole growing up thing very seriously and has decided she wants to learn to cook. Being in grad school, a crock pot seemed ideal.

      • Lisa Renee says:

        My DD just started law school & living away from home for the first time. She can cook & all consumed with having a functioning kitchen. That & her bedding were her big girl now priorities. I am an empty nester….hoping I dont do it the DonCarowhine way cranky with hot flashes. It has been 3 days since she left. Best of luck to your daughter, Lisa

        • melthehound says:

          As long as you don’t rent a space in or next to her dorm/apartment, you’ll probably be fine 😉

          • Lisa Renee says:

            Thanks Jeff, true that! She would be too dam happy if I was there, I had to pry her hands off me at the airport, thought I was going to have to call security hahaha. Though she loves her big girl apartment, if I was next door I could do all the cleaning & laundry. Thats the gig I just retired from, I will pass & look forward to visits. Best to you & Mel, give him a scooby snack from me, I have been neglecting him, Lisa

        • trudie says:

          Lisa, my daughter is in her last year of grad school. But, her boyfriend moved in with her last fall, and they are trying to eat better (as in real meals). I too am an empty nester – all 3 kids are away at school, and I have a husband who travels 50% of the year on business. So, most of the time it is just me and the dog. Fortunately, I volunteer at a home for developmentally disabled adults and meet friends for lunch/dinner often, so I have managed to keep my sanity. Well, relatively speaking. 😉

          • Lisa Renee says:

            Trudie, I am curious as to how this is going to play out for me. DH’s new job has him traveling also & DD was concerned it would be just me & the dog also. From my seat right now, sounds perfect, the dog doesn’t talk back. Yes, I hate when DH & I are seperated but if its for work I’m down for the cause. My thing, I really enjoy being alone. Always have & never one of those women who had to have a man so not to be alone. I could be the female version of howard hughes except for needing grey covered & cut every 6 weeks. Thinking about making my hair stylist an offer he cant refuse. Now, if I could only work out the mani/pedi hmmmm. 🙂 Lisa

            • TexasTart says:

              Lisa – good to know you wouldn’t let your hair and nails go ratty while entertaining your hermit ways, lol, I get this about you.

    • Mene Seela says:

      trudie … why didn’t you tell her to buy a Three Rack Toaster Oven??? It’s good enough to prepare food in for The Rockefellers.. LOL.

  25. chismosa says:

    In case i don’t catch anyone on here tomorrow afternoon or evening while or just before Part 2 of Miami reunion airs— i just want to add this for any of you following the Miami show, (all others you can scroll on by!):sorry this is so long!

    I just re-watched the reunion part 1. Just because of the things that came to light since the reunion aired last week- about the ‘FOLDER’ , Lea’s over-emotional ways – fainting on the couch, etc.— and especially Ana’s way of going after Lea which seemed to turn everyone against Ana. I had to re-examine for myself.

    If you really re-watch it— these editors did a FANTASTIC job- because you can’t tell that when Ana is saying something to Lea – like – ‘geritrol’, or ‘break a hip’- or something— it is made to look like Couch #2 starts chastising her- Ana– and to the viewer it looks like it’s for what Ana just said but it’s NOT. They have cut and clipped things together so seamlessly at this reunion, i think they have Lea & the crazy lawyer husband on their a$$es BAD. It is a seamless, A+ job. My #1 clue was Ana’s hair. When she was really flowing in her conversation saying that they all had to bow down to this Queen Lea- and started in with the cream-peddling in a van in Waco and then she says she did her work on her back– we don’t SEE the stuff Ana said before that. Editors just chose to let us hear Waco/ cold creams in a truck and the ‘work on your back’. My theory: the folder has info that Lea did every single thing in her life by way of the man she was with. Just my theory. That is why Ana said that.
    So the Couch #2 is just reacting to Ana and these ‘OUTRAGEOUS’ things, and MEAN things. NO. I think Ana called out some really big things.
    I’m not saying it’s right- but i agree that Lea acts so mighty and talks so trashy, she should be able to take it BACK.

    Next clue to the pro-Ana side for me:
    AFTER that, Andy asks Adriana what she “thinks of all this” (remember he asked her if she was ‘on Lea’s payroll’ – and Adriana- who i think is very very smart and answers everything very thoughtfully i’ve said this before-{ it gets lost in her loud ways and huge accent, i find her super intelligent}— Adriana of course says she is so grateful to Lea, would never forget a friend who had helped her so dearly in the past, etc.– -but after that Andy says, ‘so what do you think NOW AFTER HEARING ALL THIS’– by ‘all this’ i think Andy meant the STUFF THAT WAS EDITED OUT.
    Adriana had a look of SHOCK on her face. She did not want to say that she was upset to hear some things she may have just heard about Lea from the 2 hours we DID NOT SEE/ FOLDER TIME. That’s what Andy meant when he said to Adriana- ‘after’ hearing all this, what do you think. Just my theory. Andy and his little fingers hiding all the truth it’s just so disgusting.

    I’m telling you, i’m telling you— for whatever reasons, these women signed the dotted line, if they want to come back next year– all this info is hidden in that WHITE FOLDER! Lea i’m SO onto you. I never liked you last season and like Nene, i’m a good read on character. BLOOP! 😉

    Clue 3:
    I think Lea saying ‘you better watch yourself Ana or else i’m going to start saying the truth about you’ – is what brought on Ana to shake her head and say ‘ok so let me tell you about myself’ – meaning—- I JUST TOLD YOU ALL ON THE COUCH FOR 2 HOURS ALL OF LEA’S DEEP DARKEST SECRETS, so since i called Lea out on her, let me explain MY past as well– {not that i think Ana has anything bad per se, just her past in GENERAL, to be fair}. She did it to Lea, so she said ok let me then explain where i am coming from to be fair. I think Ana is very fair-minded. If she’s going to have an argument, she wants it all out fair and square.

    I hate that everyone who was on the fence or actually liked Ana was turned off because of stupid POP (is that the editors?) and Bravo editing. Just because your editing has gotten so stellar at reunions, doesn’t mean we don’t know what was happening.

    i’m staying fervently on Team Ana, and also, Team Adriana ……..
    As for Adriana’s antics:

    vs. Karen (t)
    Karen- T very very well understands whey Adr was upset about the ‘tweet’ thing. It was very obnoxious. Adrianna works in the art world for YEARS and meets her idol. How presumptuous of stupid Karen (T) — and all K can do is giggle and laugh and flare those god dammed nostrils (pardon my french) about not knowing Tweet etiquette. I wanted to smack Karen-T. I completely understood Adrianna’s issue with it. I think her accent and Couch B acting like that last Jill Zarin NY housewives reunion couch–cackling —-didn’t help it come through to the viewer. I think Karen (T) minimizing, joking about it shows what a piece of work she is. Gross.
    And yes, i do think Alexia would know your (fake) boyfriend Rodolfo years before you yourself did. Alexia worked with William Levy, with TONS of telenovela stars for years in her work, so why does Karen -t not think Alexia would know him first? The nerve of this chick, i just can’t take her.

    vs. the Ho- HoAnna
    I understand Adriana’s humor. If you translate her literally in Spanish or Portuguese, i get her humor— it’s sort of like the way Elsa talks. I ‘get’ it, because the translation into the English humor of it doesn’t translate well. I wish i could put this in a more clear way, sorry. So I think the Latin ladies on the couch ‘get’ her– i think Karen (T) gets her humor but just doesn’t like that Adriana is sort of against her now.
    The rest of the ladies on Couch B are not Latin. Joanna was acting flabbergasted but she didn’t understand Adriana’s explanation, way of joking about it. Adriana was joking about how to pronounce Joanna because Jo ACCUSED ADRIANA of speaking ‘Spanglish’- when we have seen ON CAMERA, Adriana speak flawless French – better than the Countess i think– she has spoken Italian, she speaks everything. I think her English is perfect, it’s just a huge accent.
    I think, IMO, that Joanna is like a Kim to Adriana’s Nene. I think especially Joanna physically TAILING her while so drunk and calling her disgusting vile things- Adriana said this at the reunion— Joanna was being really really nasty saying things to Adriana at Lisa’s party when Adriana MATURELY chose to leave. I wish the editors let out what Jo was yelling at Adriana but they didn’t. Nasty nasty stuff and we know Jo is nasty.
    I’m not defending her going after Joanna, but I totally see how it happened. Joanna has a pscyho problem and couple that with her drinking issues.
    So i ‘get’ Adriana’s issues with Joanna. She has issues with info Joanna has put in the press against Adriana.
    I loved Joanna saying ‘i’m in the press more than you!’ – i honestly don’t think Adriana cares if she’s in the press or not– she has her very happy life and a career based on INTELLIGENCE, not just posing in front of cameras. Jo is such a dumb-dumb.
    What i found interesting is Joanna saying Romain grew up in Brazil (no wonder his French accent sounded not super French to me– ?anyone else?)– – i wonder if that brings up some issues between Joanna and Brazilian Adriana even though Adriana’s harmless flirting was totally rebuffed by Romain. But the Brazilian connection was very intriguing to me.
    Brazilians flirting is like Italian men in Italy who have to ogle and touch asses of women, it just happens. Harmless.

    My point, i’m team Couch A, i go for the Cubans on the show. Karen (T) is so ridiculous and i can’t take her and i hope Alexia has at her. I know many don’t care for how Alexia was but i don’t care because who can deal with a woman like Karen (T) in this time and age. I think if i had to deal with Karen T i would be like Alexia and just lose it too. Sorry, JMHO. I have a soft spot for Alexia, since last season.
    If i was one of KarenT’s superstar clients after watching her on this show i’d lose such respect for her watching how she is. JMHO

    Sorry for the rant, but i’m telling you, if you study it– there are subtle clues. The editing is superb but it is painfully obvious to me they have left out the JUICE of this. Lea. Her past. Bad editing on her, and awful conduct by couch B, — against Adriana, IMO.

    I love Ana, I love Adriana!
    Can’t wait to see Elsita and Alexia too.

    • VV says:

      I don’t watch RHOM but boy oh boy…The reunion had a lot of people talking.
      Not sure I’ll watch part 2, but if I was I would pay attention to where “The Folder” is sitting on that couch or who’s holding or if it magically appears and dissappears from the couch at various times during the reunion. Bravo and their not so clever editing are easily to spot.

      • VV says:

        ….just to clarify when I say Bravo and their not so clever editing is because to the regular viewer they don’t notice it…but to people on the blogs… that’s another story…. not only we notice. WE DISECT IT… Like Chismosa did above… 😉

    • IceNFire says:

      I completly agree about the editing! Explains why Lea kept jumping the couch, if her words were good they’d stand alone.

      • chismosa says:


        And every time Lea spoke all I kept thinking about was that hysterical Amy Phillips? Is that the name- the woman who does the Ramona impression ? She does Lea’s voice PERFECTLY.

    • Lisa Renee says:

      Chimosa, wow that was very interesting. One of the ways I enjoy the HW’s & get through them is how the hindsight multiple viewing always brings something new. I prefer to read re-cap, comments & lets chat blog in real time before I watch. I didn’t catch all you did, but as I read your observations were spot on.
      My take-away that I noticed was the look of shock & horror on Adriana’s face made no sense to the conversation & the editing was smoother than usual. When Andy asked how she felt about Lea, to me it was like she didn’t know how to respond about Lea after Ana smacked Lea with the folder. Stunned & choking on her words defending a woman she heard some lousy stuff about. How to stay neutral to Lea who I suspect may have helped with tuition & acknowledge Lea being called out on something that rocked Adriana. She was stammering. I hope this charity can live up to the inevitable scrutiny already started by Ana. Great post, Lisa

      • TexasTart says:

        Adriana was stammering something awful when asked about Lea. That probably means that although she wants to honor the loyalty (for Lea helping her through the dark time with the ex) she is obviously conflicted by whatever Ana has dug up.

    • Rebecca says:


      I’m 100% in agreement with you. Since so many Brazilians have Italian roots, I get the behavior similarities. Remember when Adrianna greeted Romain and said she wasn’t going to flirt with so as to not cause a scene, and Karent runs right to Joanna to try to cause a scene? I wished Adrianna would have decked her with that Brazilian blood.

      Taping the reunion here. Why doesn’t Bravo have a west coast feed?

    • TexasTart says:

      Chismosa – thanks for the interesting post about the RHOM reunion part 1. I’ve wanted to rewatch that one after hearing here about the folder…and trying to figure out what set Ana off. Say, isn’t some of what we didn’t hear, or in the folder pertain to data allegedly exposing the Black’s charity?

      I have been a big fan of Ana and was really puzzled by her actions in the reunion. I wanted to know what drove her to plan an assault against Lea. I still would like to see more justification for that, because comments about Ana’s daughters and relationship with her ex, a possible threesome with Karent and let me ask, how messed up to even think Ana would have anything to do with Karent….much less sex!!! Anyway, as I’ve said before, it would not be suprising if other women on this show, would want to take down Lea.
      So don’t confuse me for a Lea fan…eventhough she is originally fron TX, ha. I’m neutral…I find her entertaining.most of the time, but her family, home life is NOT interesting at all.

      Adrianna, incredibly smart…most witty TH and real comments. I just hate it that she gets in her Brazillian mode, or whatever, but lowers herself to Ho-anna’s level to argue with her. For show, or not, she truely discredits herself in my eyes.
      Looking forward to part 2 tomorrow, but kinda disappointed we will not see all that Ana exposed. I’m sure we will be offered up some more tidbits after it airs. BTW Ana has been very busy retweeting her supporters comments…too many RT actually, I tend to unfollow anyone who turns in to retweet queen.

      • djprincessc says:

        Chismosa, even if you didn’t write all that stuff about the reunion, I STILL would love Ana, even more so now. I love women who speak up and defend themselves. I don’t get why people have turned on her so badly. Over Lea Black?!!?!? Really?? Thanks for taking the time to break it down for those who might have been swayed!

  26. boston02127 says:

    Great blog & luv the survey!

  27. IceNFire says:

    Reality Tea ‏@Realitytea
    New post: Flipping Out’s Jenni Pulos Is Pregnant!

    • VV says:


    • chismosa says:

      We were all so right at the WWH she did look “blousey”

      Very happy for her. Not so into the stuff she pulled this season but so happy for their two families. Jeff is going to be an uncle ! Ha

  28. IceNFire says:

    LoL Kim K

    c. ‏@prettyplusmore
    Pregnant? Congrats Mrs. Humphries!

    sry, i just can’t find anything to do today

    • chismosa says:

      That is hysterical.

      People are majorly complaining on about all the coverage this trashbag is getting. Like I wonder if they’ll actually tone it down. It’s bad—- the comments.

      • sparklemuffy says:

        hahaha, she’s craving sushi….but wait! you can’t eat sushi!…. What will Kimye do?…… raw carrots and celery w/ ranch…… I .am.riveted.just.riveted.

      • melthehound says:

        Why should anything change now with the coverage that ‘trashbag’ gets? The people complaining about it are most likely the same ones buying the magazines, reading the website generating ad hits for them, and paying attention to it.

        I .am.riveted.just.riveted. 😆

  29. boston02127 says:

    O/T—–A few months ago, someone on here was wondering how to share books from their Kindle. I forget who it was (sorry). I was just cleaning my Kindle out and figured it out.

    Go to Amazon.
    Go to the right side where it reads “manage your kindle”
    You will need to seperate your books, magazines, tv shows, movies, etc., do this by going to the left side of that page and see where it reads “view”. Click on books.
    All your books will be listed. On the right side of that page it will read “actions”
    From “actions” you can loan out books to your friends. You just need their email addy.

  30. Nancy says:

    Dance Mom fans might enjoy this video. It’s a behind the scenes look at how a ballet is put together.

  31. not THAT Jill says:

    This is the funniest thing I have read about JZ in a while….
    Im reading a book by Laura Lippman called “And when she was Good”…the story is about a Madam and while explaining what she does she says that prostitution is no different than various other things women do for sex-then she talk about a “god-awful reality shows where one of the women proudly proclaimed that she blew her husband for diamonds. If that’s not prostitution, what is?”…she goes on to say that no one should or could arrest her but-“someone might want to give her a few pointers about what class really is”

    • lillybee says:

      I love Laura Lippman’s books.

    • Cartwheels says:

      I saw early this morning my Life on the D list where kathy Griffin is walking around shopping with Paris Hilton and “coincidentally” JZ shows up and try to highjack the show.
      Ughhhhh , I started itching for some reason.. LOL

  32. TexasTart says:

    Adelaidesmommy – thanks for blogging DanceMoms! I’m not a fan of the show, but I liked your format and writing style Right out of the gate you had a double episode! Welcome, as a blogger, from a fellow Austinite! 😀

  33. IceNFire says:

    @ Powell says:
    January 2, 2013 at 3:38 pm
    Ice how about the “sex talk” to the daughters? It was necessary but uncomfortable. I was thinking “their not gonna eat those bananas”, then their dad says “anyone gonna eat those bananas”. Funny. How is the Jewish/Baptist minister going to get another church?

    I think I’m gonna have to rewatch the whole show…I’m not really sure what it was about. It goes hand in hand with the real old lady cougar show. Big Ew

  34. Mene Seela says:

    I’m happy for NeNe and Gregg. I don’t think their divorce was fake. She was pretty mad at him about something. I don’t think she would put their little boy through a fake public divorce.

    • Cartwheels says:

      there are other rumors around that greg cheated on Nene and that is why she divorced him. If that is the case then I hope she thinks very carefully before marrying him again, once a cheater…..
      I do like those two together though

  35. djprincessc says:

    So what happens when after Kim K gives birth and 72 days into it she’s over it?? Is she gonna dump the baby then too?? lol.

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