Real Housewives of Miami Reunion Recap / Project Runway Recap

Real Housewives of Miami Season Two Reunion by NoMoreDrama

Part One – Last Week

real-housewives-of-miami-season-2-reunion-one-03real-housewives-of-miami-season-2-reunion-one-18We start with seven of the housewives on the couch.  On Andy’s left are Joanna, Lisa, Karent, and Lea at the end of the couch.  On the other couch are Adriana, Marysol, and Ana.  Lea is wearing 25 million dollar earrings.

First question: “How many of you have had work done” question.  Lea admits to a neck lift 10 years ago, but claims she’s done nothing to her face between seasons.  Joanna – breasts.  Lisa – breasts and botox.

Lisa’s question: How do you feel being portrayed as a Fembot?  She thinks it’s cute.

Marysol’s question:  What procedures has your mom had done?  Marysol answers that she remembers an eyelid lift in the 80s and it went wrong.  Elsa had hematomas for three years.  She doesn’t remember a face lift.  Ana says it looks like Elsa did injectables with silicone (before they knew how to do them.) and they are pulling on her skin.  Adriana says that back then things were experimental.  Lisa is asked – why can’t Lenny fix it?  Lisa says Lenny will need to answer that.  She asks how old Elsa is and Marysol cracks up and says she’d never answer that.

Next topic – Relationship between Joanna and Romain: They recap the drama and then Joanna talks a little about how he didn’t cheat and they love each other to death.  Adriana jumps in and says it is all a publicity stunt.  Joanna says she’s f**king jealous because Joanna’s in the press.  Adriana says she’s in the press because she shows her breasts.  Joanna says she’s a psycho.  They talk over each other.  Karent says Joanna is the famous one and Adriana says her nose is brown.  Joanna says she and Romain are having lots of sex now, but that he doesn’t need much sex.  I’m sure he’s happy she said that on national TV.  Adriana thinks he’s got action on the side.

Romain’s tweets: “Sorry everyone if can’t tweet much, busy week for us at@myntloungeusa Promise to get back to everyone tomorrow”

“That being said, I love @joannakrupa with all my heart and I am lucky to have found the most kind, sincere, beautiful and generous person”

Volatile and Nasty Behavior:  Adriana and Joanna talk about each other’s awful behavior.  Lisa says she was raised the same way but isn’t as volatile as them.  Joanna and Adrianna both want her to pick sides.  Lea starts crying about having to pick sides and that she tries to tell each of them when they’ve crossed the line.  She tells Adriana she’s beautiful on the outside, but not on the inside.  Adriana’s face falls.  Ouch.

Karent’s relationship with Rodolfo:  Karent talks about her relationship but I’m not that interested.  Ana says that Rodolfo wants to be the Mexican Slade Smiley.  Ana says she did text Rodolfo because he texted her.  Karent is talking again.  Lea jumps in and says that she didn’t realize how much the other girls belittled Karent.  Ana says Lea’s full of crap and she trash talked Karent more than the others.  Ana asks what flavor the Lea kool-aid is.  Lea says that mean isn’t the new relevant.  Lea starts screeching about Ana and Robert’s relationship and says something about a bank.

real-housewives-of-miami-season-2-reunion-two-06Lea’s nasty comments: The comments are characterized as digs with laughter.  She agrees she does that and Lisa and Karent admit that they didn’t like her at the beginning.  Ana mocks her.  She’s so over Lea.  She says she never knew of her before the show and says she’s full of herself, calling herself the Mayor of Miami, ugh.  Lea jumps up and says Ana’s issue is that she doesn’t know her.  Ana says “Sit down, I don’t want you to break a hip.”

Lea and Marysol’s relationship:  Marysol is asked why she didn’t defend herself.  Marysol says Lea never talked to her directly.  Lea says she doesn’t remember it that way.  Marysol says Lea has done nothing but bash Marysol’s business. Lea denies it.  Marysol says Lea is doing what James accused Marysol of doing – interfering with her getting business.  She explains that she has a business and employees – and this is real for her.  Lea says she just wanted Marysol to acknowledge Lea’s issues and take responsibility for it.  Ana says that Lea just wants Marysol to say Lea is right.  Marysol finally confronts Lea on how much Lea has trashed her – about her marriage and about her business.  Lea stands up again.  Lea says she’s different than Marysol – she says whatever she want, whenever – on camera or off camera – whereas Marysol trashed James off camera.  I will say that Marysol is being very strong and saying what she needs to say, but Lea walks all over her.

Ana says she’s bored and they should stop talking about it, and Marysol says it’s about her business she shouldn’t be bored.  Ana says something about poor Marysol and Marysol says she doesn’t want to be pitied.  Lea says that if it wasn’t for Ana, Lea and Marysol would be friends.  Marysol says no way.  Ana says that Lea is fake.  Lea says Ana is nasty.  Andy asks Adriana if she’s on Lea’s payroll because she’s so quiet.  Adriana says that Lea has helped her so she’s loyal to Lea.

real-housewives-of-miami-season-2-reunion-two-16Now Ana says she wants to take some of Lea’s façade off.  Lea yells it’s a character assassination.  (Something else must have been said.)  Ana explains her life and how she got where she is today (as a contrast to Lea who she said dated and married to get her position / status.)  This is where Ana says she’s proud of her daughters and they are not socially awkward.  (The comment has been mis-characterized as a dig against Lea’s son, but Ana has clarified that it was in defense of some comments Lea had made about her daughters.) Ana says the line about Lea getting help from men and being on her back.  Lea jumps up again.  I find it strange that she keeps jumping up.

Joanna and Drinking:  Joanna says she doesn’t have a drinking problem.  Adriana can’t stand it anymore and jumps in and says that even Joanna’s mom says she’s evil when she drinks and her sister says she has a problem.  Joanna again denies she has a problem but says she needs to cut down on the drinking.  Whatever.  She’s got a major problem and everyone knows it.

real-housewives-of-miami-season-2-reunion-one-05Adriana’s temper (and she doesn’t have alcohol as an excuse).  Poor Adriana – she’s trying to be classy at the reunion but she can’t hide from her nasty as they replay clips from the season.  Marysol says that she finds Adriana funny.  Joanna and Adriana are both called out on their racist comments.  Adriana apologizes to the Polish people.  Joanna says her apology means nothing to her.  She repeats the “slums of Rio” comment and says the slums are too good for Adriana (and blames the comment on Romain).  Adriana says Romain is racist.

Joanna’s tweet: “she can stick her apology u know where..i ll never be her friend unless pigs fly”

Smackdown. Joanna and Adriana bicker again.  It’s growing old.  Andy asks about the physical part of the altercation.  Adriana tries to explain and Joanna keeps interrupting, saying “I am very nice.”  Adriana claims that her accent is responsible for the Ho-Anna comment.  We don’t learn anything else about the slap.  Bad Andy.  You need to call them on this stuff.

Part Two

Continue with smackdown:  Joanna is asked about her aggressive behavior at the “slap” party.  Joanna says she had too much to drink and wanted to finish the fight.

Adriana’s nasty side:  Adriana is asked about her comments that Joanna’s past will be revealed.  Adriana says Joe Francis said Joanna was a hooker.  She’s got a lawsuit against a website that claimed she was a hooker, but Joe Francis started the rumors.  Jerk.   They talk about the Girls Gone Wild video.  Joanna says she did the intro and didn’t sleep with Joe Francis.  She says she doesn’t sleep with criminals.  Lea says he wasn’t a criminal then.  Andy asks about her sister and Joe Francis and she refuses to comment.  She’s already said a lot about this.  You can read what she said on WWHL here.

Ana says Joe shouldn’t have even been at the party – he was brought as a prop.  Lea says that’s another lie. Only Lea knows why she brought him but it certainly was a slap in the face to Joanna given their history.   Joanna is asked if she regrets anything about the night.  She regrets the drinking.  Adriana regrets getting physical.  Lisa says no one apologized to her – and both ladies apologize.  Lea is silent even though her guests caused a lot of disturbance as well.  Karent is asked if she feels responsible because the interview she gave started the whole fight between Adriana and Joanna.  What about her being responsible for the Joe Francis – Joanna fight or trying to stir things up with Marysol and Joanna over Marysol’s wrap?  Wrong question Andy.  Karent says she’s been vindicated because the reporter has tweeted that Karent didn’t say those words.  There is something very wrong with Karent but I can’t put my finger on what it is.  I hope she isn’t back next year.  Adriana apologizes to Karent.  She apologizes to Joanna.  And especially apologizes to Lisa.   It’s pretty clear that Adriana is worried about how she’s coming across and Joanna couldn’t care less.

Joanna addresses the rumors:  Joanna says she wasn’t a prostitute.  A site stole her image and photoshopped it  and made her look like an escort.  She’s suing them.  Adrana is nodding and not saying anything.  Joanna says she was in a tickle footage video when she was 19 and regrets it.  The only nudity she did was playboy.  Lea jumps in and says people shouldn’t make false accusations – they should only say things if they are willing to be under oath.  This is the woman who is buddies with Joe Francis.  Ana calls her on it and that she knew that the false accusations would be made (against Joanna).  Lea says it’s another false accusation.  She stands up again and says it’s another gratuitous character assassination to be relevant and Ana is the most boring person on the show.  She says Ana is dark and evil.  Ana tells her to get a walker.

real-housewives-of-miami-season-2-reunion-two-14Alexia joins the others: Andy asks about Frankie.  It’s been a year and three months since his car accident.  They all tear up as she talks about his recovery.  He’s 15 and he will transition back to school in January.  Ana and Marysol were there for her the whole time.  Andy asks about Peter (who hit a homeless man).  Alexia says it is because he couldn’t deal with Frankie’s accident.  She breaks down again.  Andy asks about Alexia’s anger toward Karent for bringing up Frankie.  Alexia goes from crying to attack mode with Karent in under a hot second.  I don’t get why she hates her so much but it’s a little scary.  She seems furious that Karent didn’t call enough or visit enough even though it doesn’t seem like they were friends.  She admits that Karent did call a few times. Alexia is talking very quickly and says she didn’t say anything all season so this is her chance to talk.  Huh?  She said plenty all season.

Karent and the Carrier Pigeon title for passing on gossip:  Karent explains that before the party at Lisa’s, Joanna got a text saying Joe Francis would be at the party.  Joanna explained to the girls that 6 years ago she had been at a party where Joe was bragging about sleeping with her.  Joanna says that she had never slept with him  so fast forward to the party and Karent thought she overheard him bragging about it, so she went up to him and asked him if he had slept with Joanna.  I’m sorry, but that doesn’t explain why she thought any of it was her business.

Karent’s relationship again:  Alexia and Ana both know Rodolfo and Ana says that Rodolfo told her Karent had a little fatal attraction thing going on.  Alexia talks really quickly and is really rude and looks furious.  Lisa calls them all out on trying to humiliate Karent.  They talk over her but she holds her own.  Yes – clearly Alexia hates Karent.  Ana takes on Lisa and belittles her for clapping.  I’m a little frustrated because I really like Ana and don’t get why she’s behaving like this.  

Rumors and False Allegations.  First up is the rumor that Alexia’s husband is gay.   Of course Alexia denies it and says Joanna is jealous and you have to consider the source.  Joanna says she was just making a point about rumors and that she never said he was gay.  Joanna clearly was just using it as an example and Alexia needs to get over herself. She’s like another person at this reunion and I can’t figure out what is going on.  Ana says everyone in Miami thinks Rodolfo is gay.  Andy perks up and asks if he’s seeing anybody.  Heh.  Ana says something about rumors of someone being a cross dresser.  Who? Lea says that people need to stop throwing out gratuitous lies.  Marysol says that when Lea said the joke about the green card everyone thought her relationship was fake.  That’s as bad as a lie.  Marysol doesn’t say much, but she’s making some good points.  Lea snaps that it was a joke.  She stands up again and says everyone said the relationship was fake because he left after filming ended.  Marysol says the relationship ended because she sucked as a wife.  Lea shakes her head and says she doubts that – that it takes two to make a relationship, but if Marysol would like to be the victim – go ahead.  

Lisa’s History – Does she regret playboy?  She does.  Joanna says she’s proud of her two covers.

Alexia is excused. Mama Elsa comes out and is given the prime seat beside Andy.

real-housewives-of-miami-season-2-reunion-two-05Elsa flirts with Andy a little.  Andy asks her about the energy in the room.  Elsa says the energy is “false.”  Nothing that was said is coming from the heart.  She says Joanna is a very fresh young woman with no respect for anyone.  “This lady took the liberty to call me a prostitute. I’m a very good friend but I’m a very bad enemy.”   Joanna denies it – she actually called Elsa a devil.  Elsa says that being called a devil is worse.  Asked about reading the ladies.  She can’t because they aren’t spiritual enough.  Lisa looks upset.  Asked about Lea.  Elsa says that she likes Lea but it hurts her when Lea is mean to Marysol.  Asked about Thomas Kramer’s house, she says she was trying to settle things down when she was taking to Lea because she knew Thomas was getting agitated.  Then he went off on her.  She’s no longer talking to Thomas.  He never apologized.  He pretended nothing happened.  Marysol says he always does that.

Elsa explains her face is due to bad surgery.  She’d like to fix it but she’s not very lucky with surgery.  Why did she call President Obama an animal?  She denies it and says she loves Michelle.  Editing??  She was asked about being Madonna’s spiritual advisor.  She did have a relationship with Madonna.  She’s asked about her personal life.  She says she has a grandson and she’s not married.  Marysol corrects her and says she is married and Elsa says “oh yes I am, the divorce isn’t final.”  She is hilarious.  Andy asks is she still feels that he is incapable of love.  She said that on WWHL last year.  She changes the subject and says he has secrets.

And that’s it.  Wrap up:

Ana  – are you still love with Robert?   Not in love, but they grew up together.  It’s hard.

Marysol – have you moved on from Phillippe?  Yes but  it’s hard.

Adriana – getting married in the spring.

Joanna – will be getting married but no rush.

Lisa – will keep trying to have a baby.

Karent – moved on from Rodolfo – will keep on smiling and move on.

Lea is asked about predictions for this group.  She says reality TV brings out the best and worst in people.  Sometimes it’s hard to stay grounded and not react.  Then she says, some of you have brought character assassinations today and I want to say that I’ll forgive it but not forget it and my forgiveness is quantified.  Huh – it was like she got to do the wrap up.

That’s it except for lost footage next Tuesday.  My wrapup.  It sure looked to me like Lea came in thinking she could criticize and demean Marysol and Ana and didn’t expect them to come after her.  She looked like a hypocrite because she’d accuse them of things she was doing.  She kept repeating the same lines making me think she had rehearsed them.  Ana got too many low blows and I especially didn’t appreciate the ones about Lea’s age.  Marysol finally stood up for herself and I’m glad for her.  Lisa came off well.  Adriana tried to behave.  Joanna is hopeless.  Karent is annoying and clueless and again, there is something that seems off about her.  I have no idea what was wrong with Alexia, but she was way too angry.  Mama Elsa said it best.  The energy in the room was “false”.

Ana is promising a blog that will explain more.  Here website is here but it’s not up yet.


Project Runway All Stars, “All Stars and Stripes” by BB

Remaining designers:  Anthony Ryan (4 wins); Uli (2 wins); Emilio (2 wins); and Joshua (0 wins).  Eliminated designers: Peach (week 1); Wendy (week 2); Suede (week 3); Andrae (week 4); Kayne (week 5); Althea (week 6); Casanova (week 7); Laura Kathleen (week 8); and Ivy (week 9)

Guest Judges: Actress Katie Holmes and Designer Carmen Marc Valvo

The four remaining designers meet Carolyn on the deck of the USS Intrepid.  The purpose of tonight’s challenge is to honor those who have served the military.  Each of the remaining four designers will be paired with a female veteran of the armed forces.



Joshua is paired with Leslie from the Army.  His brother is in the Army so he can relate.  She had to have her leg amputated in Bosnia due to an infection.  She has a service dog.  She will be going to a military function and wants to wear a dress instead of her uniform.  She is a die-hard fan of leopard or cheetah print.  Right up Joshua’s alley.  Anthony Ryan’s client was in the Air Force and her name is Donna.  Donna wants a long strapless dress for her 40th birthday celebration.  Lisa is from the Navy and meets with Emilio.  Her event is her best friend’s bachelorette party in Vegas.  They discuss a short sparkly fun dress, but Lisa doesn’t want glitzy and she likes yellow.  Uli meets with Jessica from the Marines.  She will be attending a wedding and says she likes purple.  She tells Uli she likes her long dress.

The designers have $150 and 30 minutes to shop at Mood.  Uli can’t find anything purple she likes, so she’s going for a black and white print.  Uli herself wears colored prints, but she really shies away from color in her designs.  Anthony Ryan is using dark gray, light gray and white gray.  He is worried about his design complimenting Donna’s figure.  Josh is dyeing his fabric because even through Leslie likes leopard print, she’s not a fan of the bold graphic prints.



Joanna shows up and tells them she’s going to be extra vigorous for the veterans.

Joanna suggests to Anthony Ryan to add one shoulder just to give his client more support and comfort instead of going totally strapless.  Joanna points out that Uli is making a dress just like the one she’s wearing.  Uli tells Joanna that her client told her she liked her dress.



When Joanna gets to Emilio she’s worried he might be out of his comfort zone by not doing something “runway” like.  He tells her all his clients aren’t runway types.  Joshua shows Joanna his dyed fabric and she tells Joshua he seems particularly inspired about this challenge.  He talks to Joanna about how proud his army brother was of him after seeing him on his season of Project Runway.  As Joanna leaves, she tells them how impressed she is, but also reminds them that only three of the four will be going on to the finale after this challenge.

The ladies show up for their fittings and Emilio is going to have to make some real changes to Lisa’s dress after trying it on her.  He’s going to pretty much start over and barely has enough fabric to do it.

Anthony Ryan

Anthony Ryan

Anthony Ryan is worried about Donna’s dress.  Emilio says her dress does nothing for her and I kind of agree.  It has no shape and I hope Anthony Ryan makes some adjustments.  After the women leave, Emilio is in a hurry trying to create a new bodice for Lisa and he’s really concerned.  Uli announces it’s time to go back to the hotel and Emilio says he may jump out of a window when he gets back.

Back at the hotel, they go down memory lane.  Anthony Ryan notices he’s with three second place winners from their respective seasons. He got eliminated earlier in his season and wonders what he’s gotten himself into.  However, he’s the only one who has won four challenges.  Emilio and Uli have only won two apiece and Joshua hasn’t won any.

The next day they have two hours.  Emilio has to reconfigure his whole dress and put it together in two hours.  Anthony Ryan needs to see if what he’s done to create the illusion of a waist is going to work on Donna.  He sees right away he’s going to have to draw the waist in.  Emilio says the bust portion of Anthony Ryan’s dress is not flattering to Donna at all.  Anthony Ryan’s dress is the most problematic.  Nobody will say it, but Anthony Ryan’s client is a large woman, especially in the bust, so in his defense, she is probably the hardest to fit.  Uli looks like she put one of her own personal dresses on Jessica.  Jessica looks great and Emilio thinks Uli might win this one.  Joshua’s dress looks good on Leslie too. He even made the dog something to wear.  Anthony Ryan is scared to death because the dress he made is not his aesthetic.  Emilio gets his dress done right in the nick of time.

It’s runway time and I really hate to see any of these designers go home tonight.  This is the first night I’ve felt this way.  I like all four of them.  Here we go (taking a deep breath).  Jessica looks great in Uli’s dress and she looks like an actual model.  Lisa, Emilios’ model looks good in that bold yellow color and I like the cut-out in the back.  Anthony Ryan is hoping for the best for Donna’s dress.  It’s pretty, but not that flattering on her.  Joshua’s dress is so cute and I love that flirty dress on Leslie.  The dog looks cute, too.  Her dog’s name is Isaac.

The models get to discuss their dresses with the judges.  Leslie (Joshua) is first and she’s proud to show her prosthetic leg in her short dress.  The judges love it.  Leslie is beaming.  Isaac thinks Isaac should be in something a little more glamorous.  Next is Lisa (Emilio).  Katie loves the color and thinks the dress is fun.  Georgina loves the color, but asks if it’s two different fabrics.  She thinks it may look like a mistake on the execution.  I can’t tell on the television, but there’s something wrong with the way he fitted the fabric together (color variation).  Uli and Jessica are up next.  Carolyn loves the back of Uli’s dress and she also loves the shape.  Georgina likes the high/low hemline and it’s perfect for a wedding.  Isaac thinks the embellishment looks like it’s last minute and Katie agrees.  Carmen loves the way it fits.  Anthony Ryan/Donna are up last.  Caryolyn tells her she looks very lovely.  Donna tells the judges she wanted to be hidden and Carolyn tells her to celebrate her curves.  Georgina agrees the straight across the neckline bust is a little claustrophobic.  Katie thinks Anthony Ryan should have done beaded straps instead of solid fabric straps.  Isaac thinks he did a great job, and he gave Donna what she wanted even though it may not have been the most flattering dress for her.

The judges’ favorites are Joshua and Uli.  Georgina would have liked Joshua’s dress to be a full dress (long).  Isaac and Katie didn’t like the embellishment on the print of Uli’s dress.  Georgina thought Anthony Ryan got lost with his dress.  Isaac tells the others he really likes it and he gets a little upset hearing the others talk about Anthony Ryan’s dress.  The judges didn’t like the execution of Emilio’s dress.  Georgina thought it looked home-made.  Georgina and Isaac like Anthony Ryan’s dress better and Katie and Carmen like Emilio’s dress better.  So who will be going home?

Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes

Tonight’s winner is announced by Katie and it’s Joshua.  His first win and it couldn’t have come at a better time.  I’m glad Joshua won because Uli’s dress was pretty, but predictable.  So now it’s down to Emilio whose color the judges love, but not his execution.  They loved Anthony Ryan’s fabric choice, but he didn’t celebrate his client’s curves enough.  Guess what?  They are both safe!  I’m glad.  Carolyn tells them not to get too comfortable and they’d better bring their best next week.  Next week the designers will be going to Paris!  I enjoyed tonight’s episode.


Remaining Survey Results Tomorrow


Friday Night Lineup, January 4th by BB

8PM – Undercover Boss (CBS); Last Man Standing/Malibu Country (ABC); Gold Rush (Discovery); WWE Friday Night Smackdown (SYFY)

9PM – CSI NY (CBS); Dateline NBC (NBC); Shark Tank (ABC); Castles on Camera (HGTV); Say Yes to the Dress (TLC); Gold Rush (Discovery); Infested (AnPl); Killer Karaoke (truTV); Pretty Bad Girls (ID); Taste in Translation (Cook)

10PM – Blue Bloods (CBS); Teen Trouble (Lifetime); 20/20 (ABC); House Hunters (HGTV); Say Yes: Randy Knows Best (TLC); Bering Sea Gold (Discovery); Mystery Diners (Food); Deadly Women (ID); My Naked Secret (Fit); Quadrophenia: Sea-Real Me? (BBC)


Happy Birthday Vegas Chick and BamaBelle

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  1. Powell says:

    Good morning. OMG is it cold. Had to turn ny heat up to 78 in the car going to the docs. Brrrrr. I hope you are surviving the cold where you are. Have a great day.

  2. cocfarm says:

    Hey everyone. I’ve been mia but just wanted to stop by to say “hey” and that I wish everyone here the happiest and safest of new years! We are still with holiday guests although it has whittled down to just a dog! Still throws the house out of whack 😉

    Thinking of you all!

  3. Rebecca says:

    Karent wasn’t upset that people thought her relationship was fake – she was more upset that people didn’t see Rodolfo as a celebrity.

    She and Lea are birds of a feather. They are trying to hitch a ride on celebrity notoriety. The only different is Lea’s husband gives her access to the rich and infamous and interred. I mean really, Who in the hell brags on tv that inmates call her every day? We have a “morally corrupt” winner for Miami – Lea.

    • chismosa says:

      I agree that they should be BFFs for now on. I hope Lisa is smart enough to stay ‘cool’ with Lea but not become up her butt the way Karen-T has.

      Adriana’s face said it ALL last night. I have a feeling things are going to cool between her and Lea. Not too forcefully against Lea, but just slightly.

      • Amber...Real Wife says:

        Adriana’s face showed extreme disappointment and hidden disgust toward Lea’s newfound enthusiasm for Dr.ToofusSierra. OleLea went from being hyper-critical of Teefs, plotting and helping with the exposing of her faux relationship to being her staunchest supporter accusing the others of the same behaviour she exuded. Adriana HAS to realize her undying loyalty is not deserved as GrandmaGeritol will switch sides like a pendulum clock depending on her mood and public sentiment. To be eternally grateful for support is one thing but to be the mute victim of a capricious hateful mule is another.

  4. nohausfrau says:

    Good morning and happy new year! NMD you are right on in your synopsis of the Miami reunion. Ana was such a disappointment. I thought she was better then the low blows about Lea’s age. Lisa and Marysol came out the best. I don’t have a problem with Karent either and thought she came off pretty good at the reunion. You are so right about Alexia. Her anger seemed so out of proportion to Karent’s so called crimes.

    • Powell says:

      Happy New Year Nohausfrou.

    • T-Rex says:

      I should start with the fact I didn’t watch the reunion and really only watched a fraction of the season, read the blogs though and caught about a minute of the first reunion that was so bad I couldn’t watch it more than that. My opinion on Alexia is that she was pissed because she realized she was “replaceable” and doesn’t want to give her spot on the show up for the likes of Karent. Alexia brings nothing and my opinion shouldn’t be back. Ana is a BITCH I have disliked her since day one and could not figure out the love for her on the blogs, again I only caught a few of the episodes and happy to see that some saw her true colors at the reunion. I liked Adriana and Lisa, Joanna is just a mess and alcohol is not her friend and she better wise up to that fact.

      • Powell says:

        T-Rex you bring up a good point I hadn’t thought of that Alexia sees she’s irreplaceable. I still like her & Ana but don’t understand that meanness displayed at the reunion. None of them were that bad that I don’t want to see them next season. I don’t like Karent’s carrier pigeon ways and stirring the pot & looking surprised when she’s called on it. I want to see what next season has in store for them. I just want on Miami & the franchise to stop w/the fake BFs, relationships. If they don’t have a man in real life It’s ok.

        • T-Rex says:

          Well that’s Miami as well, there are a lot of what they call “beards” down there, women married or dating gay men that appear straight in their public life, but lead the “down-low” life in private. My friend that lived in South Beach and now Miami Beach said it was difficult to be gay in the spanish culture in Miami(my friend is Cuban), especially if you come from a prominent or wealthy family(her opinion). She also told me years ago that there are a lot of high profile fake relationships down there for business and publicitiy reasons. i.e. Karent coming on the show and Rodolfo wanting some free publicity so plays her pretend boyfriend. Romain wanting to promote his club so the fake relationship with Joanna, etc. The South Beach and Miami Beach club scenes are extremely competitive and volatile and there is a lot of “one upmanship” including dating former models, playboy models, etc. I think Marysol’s relationship was for a green card and nothing else.

      • Laineylainey says:

        To the left, To the left, Alexia

    • IceNFire says:

      I’m beginning to think Ana’s repeated old age comments may have something to do with surragacy. Lea is way too old to have a 10 year old. It’s nobody’s business but I put it in the same catagory as adoption and think kids should know the truth early on, imo.

      • T-Rex says:

        I don’t think Lea used a Surrogate, she probably did get pregnant via IVF but I am pretty sure she carried her son

        • IceNFire says:

          idk but 44 or 45 seems preety old to be carrying a baby, imo. Still beleiving that’s why she was so upset about what Ana had in that folder. Not that Ana would out the terms of Lea’s son’s birth, just that it’s Lea’s biggest fear. Again, idk

          • Powell says:

            Nit that it matters I think Lea was 39 when she married Roy so maybe 40-41 when they had RJ. As far a fertility over 35 is when we’re supposed to start being concerned about having babies. Since we are living longer 44/45 isn’t too old to have a baby & to be able to enjoy pregnancy, an infant, then toddler. It’s so not fair & a double standard that it’s ok for men at that age to become father’s. I think Roy is 10yrs older than Lea so that would have made him 50-51 & RJ was his 2nd child.

          • T-Rex says:

            Women in their 60’s have carrie babies to term via IVF. Not that it’s right but they do. Adrienne Barbeaux was 47 when she had her kids via IVF and she had twins. Loads of women in their upper 40’s have had babies this way. I think we saw a picture last season at Lea’s when she was pregnant

      • Rebecca says:

        I think the old age comments were meant to be as chaildish as Lea’s stupid digs at all the other women.

        I doubt the folder contained any surragacy information because Marysol was holding it during part one. Her problems with Lea had to do with the charity. I’m wondering if there are numbers being fudged for non-profit status.

        • sparklemuffy says:

          I know of 2–yes, 2– women who had babies @ 52 years old and ALL of it the old fashioned way. Mmm No egg donor, no anything. I’m sure it happened during that sometimes fertile part of menopause, but wowsa. So it happens. They were also—not the Duggars, but had large families and had had babies in their 40’s.

  5. melthehound says:

    Happy Birthday VegasChick and BamaBelle 🙂

  6. BB says:

    Happy Birthday Vegas Chick and BamaBelle. Hope you both have a great day. My avatar is Helen Mirren. I aspire to look as good as she does when I’m 67.

  7. Kansas Girl says:

    I watched the reunion with the sound off. I didn’t want to listen till I had read the recap. Body language was interesting. Adrianna rolled her eyes a LOT. How can Lea jump off the couch with those high heels? Joanna sneered at nearly everything and everyone.

    • Powell says:

      Adriana loves to roll her eyes. I’ll watch this weekend to catch the action, or acting. 🙂

    • chismosa says:

      Adrianna was rolling big time to Couch B.
      Lea stood up about 6x, Teresa Giudice style, and by the 2nd/3rd time i could see her eyes go to a producer who must have been telling her to please sit down- she looked upwards near the camera.
      Joanna has such a sneer- perfect description.

  8. Morning all…what a shame that POP and Bravo so heavily edited that reunion…I am sure more will be coming out about Ana and the LEA thing..I’ll keep an eye open for articles here in florida… I guess LEA forgot that Ana is one of those lawyers that works with numbers and lol flasback to the days of the cocaine cowboys and the 80’s in south florida..lots of money laundering going on… good show also which I believe you can find on the net….
    yea too bad Ana didnt use a RED FOLDER… lol lol

    and I think that LEA made herself look so guilty of something by her continual jumping up and down and finger pointing…. I’m still pissed at her and that asshat husband of hers for discussing the case from PB with their son and allowing him to call Judges and LEO liars on tv…just irks my chain….I remember that day how rushed roy was at court that day because that was the day they were filming the gala….we talked about it live on a blog from the can bet folks tuned in to watch hws after that…lol
    I hope most come back…Karent I could do without for sure..she has no substance to herself…
    Alexia..could do w/o her also… if she wanted to teach peter a real lesson..she should have left his ass in jail and not bonded him out..another kid with a souless look to his face..thats why he always wears sunglasses….vacant ….
    off to run errands…. have a great FLASHBACK FRIDAY….


    hugs and peace

    • Diva and Flashback Friday’s are back! Yeah! Love this one. Hugs Diva…and wishes that things are getting better for you and Mr. Ford.

      • thanks mardrag… we both plan on taking it one day at a time..when the day is’s done….
        still job hunting… the job is out just hasnt found its way to me YET !!!! little peee ode at sprint though… the arcade / casino guy called BUT sprint did not deliver the message for three days to my voicemail… so of course he hired someone else… we did have a nice talk and he said not to give up …. that the person he hired on the qt may not be the right fit for the place… so he now has 3 different numbers to reach me at… knows my home address and has 2 email accounts to reach me at.. all bases covered… if it’s meant to be…it will happen….
        mr ford laid up with a bum left knee… he twisted it the week before Christmas and the Sunday before Christmas Eve I took him to the ER… was shocked he actually asked me to do it…guess he learned from the last time…not to wait… so nothing broken but has knee joint effusion.. waiting for ortho dr to schedule mri to make sure that no ligaments are torn.. dr out of office till next monday…he is on bed rest and limited walking… ice every couple of hours for 15 mins… he’s got his cane and no slip socks on when he does get up to walk..hahahahaha… I cant help but laugh when he wears those funky blue no slip socks…. his feet are so big that these supposed mid calf socks look like ankle socks on him….
        PITA.. well the kid got married last week… he starts a new job at Liberty Tax in fayetteville. nc dressed as the Statue of Liberty and waving a sign… then at the end of tax season he will go back to work at some new eatery that is opening up there….glad that life is turning around for him away from fla….
        so that’s the update for now….
        thanks to you all for your well wishes and good thoughts…
        hugs and peace

        • shamrockblonde says:

          *hugs Diva really hard* – so glad to “see” you!! I’m glad things are looking up for you and yours – don’t worry about the job – it will come – and congrats on the wedding of your son (can’t call him a PITA – that is reserved for you and you alone) and welcome to MIL status – hope you like her and their union is blessed with grace, love, courage and laughter –

        • Powell says:

          Poor Mr Ford. He’s getting better and then he hurts his knee. I hope all he needs is rest. Congrats to your sin for getting married. You & Mr Ford are now MIL & FIL. I’m glad he’s doing great in NC.

          • Powell says:

            your son*

          • powell…busting a gut here… SIN.. lol lol lol

            we were a little shocked that PITA got married … but glad he did.. she gave birth to a baby girl a few months ago… NO…THE BABY IS NOT PITA”S… but he does love children and they love him…
            we heard from dr office..they want to drain his knee and check the fluid for bacteria.. hmm.. wierd… they will do this on monday..then they also ordered a complete chemical analysis of his blood…. next echo of his heart is in Feb..right now he it as 50 % … takes 7 pills a day now..weight is great 190 # and of course I keep his diet in check..Dr says I am an excellent caretaker…lol….if he only knew….I am still dealing with my colon issues and have my good days and my bad days… today is fasting day for me… a few crackers and lots of water….
            hugs and peace

        • Thanks for the update Diva…..i know you have had/ do have a lot on your plate. i am glad you are feeling better and hope Mr. Ford’s knee will heal quickly. Boy, it it’s not one thing…..

          Very sorry to hear you missed the casino job…at least for now. You would think with the high charges the phone co. gets us with they would do their freakin’ job well. BUT, it sounds like hope is not lost, and it may mean that something even better is waiting for you. i will send up a prayer that it reaches you swiftly!

          Congrats on your sons marriage. I hope it was a welcomed things and brings you all great happiness. best of luck to him & his new wife.

          Know that from this corner of the world warm thoughts, good energy and best wishes are being sent your way!! And many Hugs!! 🙂

    • Powell says:

      Hey Miss Diva. I’ve watched Cocaine Cowboys 3 times on HBO. Woo Miami was something in the 80s w/coke. Cocaine momma Grizelda was a trip. She was ruthless & loved to kill for sport. The DEA will never get over so much of lost testimony because of witness problems then Grizelda getting out of jail. She should’ve got the death penalty. They don’t know where she is but suspects she’s living the high life back in her country.

      I don’t like that Bravo kept that footage of any parts of JGs trial. Roy & Lea should be ashamed of letting RJ speak that away about a judge & the justice system. Lea said Ana’s girls have no manners or whatever because of what they discussed at the dinner table, she should be ashamed of what RJ said.
      Peter definitely should have been left in jail. What excuse is it that he didn’t know how to deal w/Frankie’s illness? I bet he hasn’t learned a lesson from what he’s done.

      • Called A Princess... says:

        I do not understand why Lea should be ashamed of what her husband said because he was just repeating what she, herself had told him. Truth be told, most parents are not going to leave a their child in jail, if they can afford to bond them out. As Peter from ATL stated to NeNe, something to the effect that, as a parent, you do not have control of what goes on, in a jail. What the end product for the child might be. Good or bad, or worse. JMHO.

      • thedesigndiva2 says:

        powell…grizelda was shot in the head and killed a few months ago by some folks she pissed off as she coming out of the meat market… she was just a nasty ass woman for sure.
        the cocaine cowboys.. one of the guys was put into witness protection after coming out of jail… a “friend” of ours Father was a drug dealer ..big time one… at the time we did not know what he did for a living… well after he was released from jail and moved back to our community… imagine how shocked he was to see this other guy living there… he called him by his prior name and the guy turned around to look at him… guess old habits are hard to break…. this guy ended up leaving in the middle of the night ..never to be heard from again…we assume the feds moved him.. prob a good thing they did…there was a bounty on his head for snitching… oh yea… one of the guys knew beverly merrill..aka danielle… ( allegedly ) small world ….

        • Powell says:

          OMG somebody took her out huh!?! Well I’m sure no tears were shed whenthat news went viral. I’m sure the Feds said she got what she deserved.

  9. Good Morning! Powell I am with you….Brrrrrr.

    NMD – thanks for the blog. Miami reunion recap is interesting…i didn’t watch the shows, but the reunion sounded like all kinds of cray cray. I just could not get into this franchise.

    BB – I really enjoyed last nights Project Runway show too. I am glad Josh won, his dress was adorable and totally appropriate for his gal. I was a bit worried about Anthony Ryan and kind of surprised at what he designed because he is usually spot on, but his dress was awful IMHO. I am, however, glad the judges went lighter on their critiques given the designers’ subjects. I am also pleased no one went home, they all deserve to be there. Though I am desperately tired of Uli’s dresses, I like them, but she has not done anything out of her comfort zone at all. Anthony Ryan is my pick to win. Thanks for the recap!

    Hope everyone has a lovely Friday!

    “Taking Chances” blog still up at my place. Enjoy!

  10. california35 says:

    good morning, and happy FRIDAY to all 🙂

    i still come here every day, but i am not watching the shows. i got
    nothing to contribute 😦

    i am kind of looking forward to BH next week, at least then i can be involved with yhe blog 🙂

    i saw the previews for Lisa’s new show. based on them, i am not interested. a bunch of young guys and girls and their dramas. i was hoping it would be about her and the place, not about her employees.

    • chismosa says:

      Hi California, sorry you don’t watch Miami…. the reunions were fun.

      Beverly Hills note- i saw on my tv listing that it is 2 hours? So you are having a BH 2 hr show or are they pushing the Vanderpump show into the Beverly Hills one? It was interesting. I know you all must be dying for some Beverly Hills ! It’s been a while

    • Powell says:

      Cali you always have something to contribute.

  11. Donna says:

    I do not watch Miami, but read the blogs and comments. I did catch a bit of reunion 1. I am a great-grannie and laughed when Ana threw digs at Lea. I felt that Lea uses her age as a club against the younger women. I could be wrong.

  12. chismosa says:

    VV– for you, about Bethenny’s little food blogger guy, the weird one. His amazing weight loss.,,20332412_20661576,00.html

    • kit9 says:

      Oh my god. Incredible! Oh, I’m so happy for him. He looks great. I’d love to see him do yoga now after seeing him that first day! Wow. He’s actually smiling, sort of!

      • chismosa says:

        i wonder if he is still as awkward? i mean, you can lose a ton of weight but still be awkward. ha ha.
        He had terrible awful posture so i hope yoga helps him with that!

        • kit9 says:

          Oh, definitely still awkward but this should go a long way in pulling him out of his shell, I would think. Not just that he looks better but has to feel better about himself. Not to mention all those yoga classes he’s gone to…mostly women I bet! And wouldn’t you love him if you had him in a class? So, I bet he’s made some new lady friends..I hope!

      • Powell says:

        He looks great!

    • Powell says:

      He’s a part of People’s weight loss issue. On GMA they showed Tiffany, Kathy Griffin’s assistant. She’s in the issue. She looks fantastic. She lost 90lbs. People also has the bass player for the Jonas Brothers. The middle brother started him slowly workin out. He said before they go on stage they do pushups. I don’t recall how much he lost but he looks great. I think GMA said the total weight loss in this People’s issue is 1000 lbs. That’s freakin amazing.

  13. chismosa says:

    I just want to leave this with you after the Miami reunion:

    1) it was heavily, HEAVILY edited, so reactions to things, eye-rolling, questions regarding what ‘was just said’ were not accurate. Especially part 1. I super analyzed the other day and said what i saw. Crystal crystal clear. POP, Bravo, and Andy Cohen are not fooling ANYONE.

    2)The Ana situation. I know she should not have said those things about Lea and the age but what if Lea talks ‘down’ to the ‘younger’ girls because they’re ‘dumb’- ? Isn’t this similar to that? Lea should not be talking ‘down’ to these women all the time when she does. She speaks like she knows SO much about life and judges what her ‘predictions’ are—??? Why? Why do we care what she thinks? Isn’t that what her blogs were about too, predictions? Who is SHE to predict anything?
    As we’ve seen since season 1, Lea is a ridiculous character who laughs while hurling mean things people’s ways, all in the guise of a ‘joke’. I think you are judged by who you hang out with, and if she hangs out with Joe Francis like the pious Kardashians do, who even crazy Joanna can’t stand, and she hangs out with Elaine, who is clearly Class all the Way— then what does that say about Lea? We don’t see other friends she has. We know about her mixed up way of meeting her (2nd? 3rd?) husband.
    I think we’ve seen some things implied about her charity and how it works and i hope it gets clear to those involved in that world what she is doing there exactly to afford to wear 500 million $$ of diamonds to this reunion.
    I believe, my opinion is- Ana had HAD it with Lea, especially after blogs and after the season ended. She saw what a buffoon she is. So she had at her, Lea can say green card, or say Lisa looks dumb, or Adriana photo shopping, or ALL the other evil little things she says but Ana can’t say a few lines of ‘joke’ about age- at the reunion and everyone suddenly hates Ana?

    I don’t know, i’ll have to check other blogs, which i unfortunately don’t really read, but maybe not everyone out there has turned against Ana. I read some blog the other day where everyone was saying ‘Wow what did Ana find out’ etc… with some names i recognized who occasionally comment here, so we’ll see. But that’s just my *defense* if you will, for Ana. I don’t usually catch other blogs but maybe i will.

    Hope this returns, good season, i liked it.
    Karen-T close your nostrils to Mexican telenovela men! to semi-quote Lenithia Leakes.

    Thanks for the recaps and happy Friday to all

    • keida says:

      Chismosa, I agree with you all the way.

    • Rebecca says:

      I agree 100%.

      Team Ana here.

    • Amber...Real Wife says:

      Chismosa you already KNOW that i’m a kindred spirit on my feelings for Ana and Lea. Elsewhere, many people were giving Ana kudos for taking the old witch down to DependsTown. Funny how when Lea talks it’s telling it like it is and when Ana does it it’s abhorent behaviour. Gof figure. Just Saying. LOL 😉

    • Laineylainey says:

      As always, i love your passion chismosa. this was So funny chismosita. ^^^^
      “Karen-T close your nostrils to Mexican telenovela men! to semi-quote Lenithia Leakes.”

      bTW: if I comment on other boards my name is Lainey or three Lainey’s or two laineys but always lainey. Oh but recently i used Giggles Galore for the first time. That was fun.
      I want my lynnfam to know its me!

    • Formerly Addicted to Bravo says:

      Whatever Ana has found out or knows is what she should have tossed out at Lea. Perhaps she did and it was edited out. BUT even if all you say is true it doesn’t redeem her poor behavior. Two wrongs don’t make a right and Ana going after Lea about her age is simply petty and makes Ana look bad over and over. If Ana were such a good person she would not have stooped to that level. Can you imagine anyone you know ever saying that kind of thing to anyone? Me neither. Lea has her nasty side but Ana I think has shown her true little self as well and it isn’t pretty…

  14. Pghemtchick says:

    I gave up on Miami, so thank you for the recaps. Great PR recap! I loved all the looks minus Anthony Ryan’s. Sure the woman wasn’t a size 2, but the majority of women aren’t. Even if he is designing for Cali size 2, hello implants? He made her bust/neckline look horrid. Anyways, he wouldn’t got home he’s the fav of the group in the judges eyes. I loved Josh’s look and model. Her attitude was great! Certain HW’s could take a lesson on how to be a strong woman who just happens to be an amputee- not an amputee who’s a woman. Loved Issac’s minimal doggie outfit. It was cute and still professional enough to say, “hey, I’m working here!”.

    My only question/concern with these types of shows is why the Coast Guard is never featured as well…

    • BB says:

      I think it may be because the Coast Guard is not a Department of Defense entity. I believe they belong to the Department of Transportation. Not that they don’t serve their country too. Maybe it’s because they don’t normally go to war zones like Afghanistan and Bosnia and Iraq. Although you could certainly argue that the waters they patrol for drugs could certainly be considered war zones.

      • Orson says:

        I was in the USCG and although it was one of the Armed Forces of the United States, it was not DOD, it was under the DOT. In 2003 it was transferred to Homeland Security.

        • BB says:

          That’s right. I forgot about it being transferred to Homeland Security after 9/11. Anyway, thank you for your service to our country, Orson. Since the 5th Coast Guard district (at least that’s what it used to be called) is located right here in my neck of the woods, I have come into contact with many guardspeople over the years. I had two aunts who worked for the Coast Guard in a civilian capacity.

  15. Stephiebar says:

    Sorry No More Drama, but were we watching the same show RHOM Reunion part 1 & 2? I usually appreciate your round ups, but I was shocked you missed a couple of things:

    Adriana tried to behave? You have got to be kidding me, I actually thought Joanna tried to behave all through part 1, the OPPOSITE of Adriana.

    “you think you are the only pu*sy in miami”, that comment was disgusting, just DISGUSTING, let alone all the hoe-anna digs. Any woman who refers to another woman as such a derogatory name as “pu*sy”, has zero empathy, compassion to her own gender. She sounded like a slave trade merchant, seriously, understand for all her education, she has zero understanding about denigrating her own gender. You would think with her (BS) background, it would be the opposite..

    Also just for clarification, stating that someone is acting like they are from the slums of Rio when Brazilian is only discriminative to the slums, not all Brazilian people.

    Saying that “Polish people are just walking around with a little plate in their hand to get food” Is discrimination against all Polish people.

    • IceNFire says:

      We don’t know what led up to Adrianna’s “you think you are the only pu*sy in miami” comment. Joanna could have said equally offensive remarks but until Bravo streams these reunions live we only get to see what the editors want us to see.

      • Stephiebar says:

        So then we can only go off what we see… and I don’t agree that anything warrants degrading women to that extreme.

    • Rebecca says:

      Sorry – I heard Joanna tell Adriana to “go eff yourself” so many times, I wanted to muzzle her.

    • Contessa says:


      First of all it is a blog, NMD reports her perceptions of what she heard and saw and we are all grateful that she does this as it is very time consuming. It is up to the rest of us to put in our impressions and thoughts/additions, etc…

      I totally agree with NMD, Adriana was trying to behave and apologized when she knew she was definitely wrong, and the apology sounded sincere. I have never slapped another woman during an argument in my life, but after Adriana left Lisa’s kitchen and drunken Joana ran after her, I probably would have decked her as well. Joana is uneducated, unsophisticated, and a very mean drunk (her own mother says so). I am Polish, born in Europe, and raised in the US for almost most of my 63 years, most people in Polish polite society (Poles from Europe are really into this kind of thing) would look down their nose at Joana’s antics, behavior, drinking. Adriana shouldn’t have said what she said, she did apologize, but Joana has been a thorne all season in many situations.


      • IceNFire says:

        Yes – Thank you NMD

      • Powell says:

        Let’s put it this way. Adriana was more behaved S2 reunion than S1 reunion. Adriana & Joanna both said nasty things that women shouldn’t call one another. Both were wrong.

        • IceNFire says:

          On the other hand if they had all behaved I wouldn’t have watched reunion part 2 twice….Okay, putting it away 🙂

        • Laineylainey says:

          Yes Powell- in real life Adriana was awful but relative to season 1s behavior? She was much better this time. Which admittedly isn’t saying much.

          • Laineylainey says:

            1s sould be 1’s

          • Powell says:

            No it’s not. I don’t mind watching them in disagreements. In “real life” all women in a group don’t like something about someone in that group or someone always gets on someone’s nerves about something. But nasty name calling, speaking bad about someone’s honest profession and just being nasty for the hell of it isn’t necessary. The entire franchise does it. JZ calling Alex an Effing Bit*ch, Tamra calling Alexis Jesus Jugs, Porsha calling Kenya a slut or whore. It’s just uncalled for.

      • Stephiebar says:

        I know it’s a blog, it was my my response to the blog, I didn’t say anything rude and even said that I usually agree with everything NMD says. But wouldn’t it be boring if we always agreed.

        Joanna’s behaviour has been crap, she said herself, on alcoholic she is not the best person – she owned it, during the show, not waiting for public opinion to go against her….

        All the women were disgusting by the ‘prostitute’ claims, the ‘ho-anna’ and the ‘pussy’, RH are paid to cage fight (as per Alex ex-RHONY), but degrading our own gender when young women get it soo tough as young men think this is exceptable, it just sickens me. Lets just say, I work in a govt sect that allows me to see exactly what young women think they are worth today, due to this new ‘culture’.

        I am not here to argue or upset anyone with my opinion, just shocked that no one else sees that as serious.

        • I didn’t think you were rude. The blog is here for people to express their opinions, but I think Countessa was trying to point out that I did my best to capture what I heard but obviously I didn’t take a transcript of every word and missed some things. Blogging shows is a lot harder than it looks.

          I did hear Adriana make nasty comments and did put that in the blog even if I didn’t write them out. But IMO her behavior was so much better than I expected considering how awful she was all season. It seemed to me like she was trying to behave a little better – especially with the apologies. Perhaps my standards have just gotten low – LOL. Joanna seemed like she didn’t give a crap. I suspect their entire feud is a fake storyline for ratings so I don’t take it that seriously. They both have foul mouths. As far as young ladies – read the next blog and you may be surprised by Adriana’s age.

    • Amber...Real Wife says:

      If you want to get technical, Adriana’s insult was about Polish “IMMIGRANTS”. Not all Polish people. See that? Also why would Joanna say that Adriana, a Sorbonne educated art dealer/afficionado, was from the slums of Rio? The slums of Rio much like the ghettoes of Warsaw have and do produce people of cailber showing decency and intelligence. Everyone in the slums and ghettoes aren’t multi-lingual lunatics, drunk fighting whores who do fetish videos and nude pictorials. They’re both wrong! At least Adriana had the decency to apologize to the Polish community for her comments, whereas filthy-ass Joana doesn’t care if her comments caused offense to any Brazilians.

  16. Putchka says:

    First, Happy, happy day to Vegas Chick and BamaBelle. Second, can’t stand Lea. I’m her age and was married to a very successful attorney also. One that didn’t defend murderers and rapists though. She takes great pride in the accomplishments of her husband. She takes it to another level when she acts like an attorney by insemination. Putting Ana down as just a real estate attorney was so trashy. I don’t mind the age jokes, found them pretty funny. Anyone who makes them will be in the same boat one day… Hopefully.

    • AZGirl says:

      Just read Lea’s blog on Bravo. She makes her husband out to be some kind of saint/hero for representing criminals who rape, a man who drives drunk and runs a young college student off the road and leaveshim to drown.
      Putting down Ana for being a real estate attorney is unjustified. My husband practices real estate law and it takes a wide range of knowledge to do so successfully. Lea has no idea what she is talking about.

      • T-Rex says:

        Az I agree every lawyer still had to go to law school and still had to pass the same bar exam in the state they practice law in, so they all have the same skills. I dislike lea, I have said this before but I dislike Ana right along with her. No I don’t think Ana’s skills are inferior to RoyBlack’s skills but I find her attitude harsh and Lea thinking she is the Mayor of anything is just ridiculous as well. I find Lea’s defence of her husband ludicrous she doesn’t have the legal skills, she didn’t go to law school, how dare she go after Ana’s skills as an attorney. What is even more ridiculous is that Roy and Lea probably used a real estate attorney when purchasing their home why because that’s not Roy’s specialty.

      • Contessa says:

        Putting Anna down because of being a real estate attorney was MEAN/TACKY – but Lea has been mean/tacky for both seasons. Lea has not taken responsibility for anything she has said in the last two years, as everything is a joke…I don’t think the green card comment was a joke, and Lea brought up that marriage quite often making fun of Marysol and Phillipe throughout S2. Reading her blog today, I saw that she is a bit jealous that they used Adriana’s kid piano recital and did not use her son…why even bring it up at this point. I have no doubt her son is accomplished and no one was firing salvos at the kid. However today she is using that to save face.

        I wasn’t crazy about the age comments either (Ana please clean it up), however I will withhold judgment because I think this was heavily edited, and we have no idea what was said by Lea and what Ana brought out, that Roy Black shut down.

      • Powell says:

        No Lea has no idea what she’s talking about. Everyone has the right to an attorney that will do their best to defend them but the attorney shouldn’t glorify & celebrate his criminal client. Roy should be ashamed of that.

    • Powell says:

      A RE attorney is nothing to sneeze at. RE is complicated. Do you remember the case of the two brothers in CT that were murdered? I can’t remember there names. Lifetime did a tv movie. One brother was very successful working for Merrill Lynch in NY, he was transferred to Japan where his wife killed him & she’s now spending the rest of her life in a Japanese prison. The other brother was supposedly successful in RE. He dummied docs on residential properties for yrs, took out mortgages, Pocketed the money to party on yachts, drive fancy cars, buy a large home for his family. The jig was up when a Title attorney saw docs that he forged and that brought him down. He pleaded guilty. The day before he was to turn himself in he was found dead by movers. He would have continued to pull this mortgage scam if it wasn’t for a Title attorney.

  17. AZGirl says:

    Happy Birthday Bamabell and VegasChick!. Lea is a joke. Dumb and a nut job. Her jumping up and down shows that there is truth in what Ana claims in her file.
    I can’t stand women like Lea who do nothing but live off their husband’s cash and claim that they are “high society”. The whole montage of her making nasty comments and then laughing like it is a joke is just mean. Let’s hope Attorney Black does not dump her because she would be lost.

    • Putchka says:

      Lea dumb? She’s a big reason why a rapist was acquited. She flirted with Black the whole trial. It was even reported on. Yeah, they just “ran into each other afterwards”. She’s rubbish and knows it. That’s why she tries so hard to look smart.

      • Pamela says:

        I do find it amusing that a lot of her come backs are spoken in legal jargon – I think to make herself look smart and intimidate the other women. Just because she married an attorney does not make her one; but Ana is one and I think she forgets that.

        I did not appreciate the Ana’s ageist putdowns, but I love Ana and would like to see her continue on the show.

        Ana was the first one to call out Thomas at his dinner party and remove herself from an abusive situation. I still cannot understand why the other women who ultimately remained did not confront him. Nor did their partners. My opinions of the whole Miami crew changed after seeing that dinner party.

        I was not surprised that that horrific dinner party was not brought up at the reunion, because it shed a very sad and pathetic light on Lea, her husband, Karent, and Lisa and her husband.

        Thomas picked on the women who had no partners with them (Joanna’s fiance had left) and no one came to their defense. Shame on the women who did not stick up for their “sisters” and shame on the men for not sticking up for the women.


        I am thrilled to have found this list – I used to visit Lynn’s list and comment occasionally. Recently I have been annoyed at how biased most lists are. I think the nicest part of Lynn’s list (besides Lynn 😦 ) is that people can voice different opinions and still coexist.

  18. WindyCityWondering says:

    RHoM first season of endless boring lunches and their bargain basement reunion was a hot, nasty mess. So Bravo gave them the opportunity to showcase themselves, with the bonuses of the telenovela star, the skeevy dinner from hell party host Thomas and the Elaine/James sideshows and an actual big girl set for their second reunion but they are still a hot, nasty mess. This cast is devoid of women to admire, to root for or to hate. Miami is a beautiful, vibrant and exciting city – Bravo failed to find a cast to match it.

    • T-Rex says:

      Hitting the Like button on this post. I really tried to watch this and just couldn’t

    • designernailsdiana says:

      You said it!!

    • Laineylainey says:

      I really like the Miami version of rhw’s. I really do!

      • TexasTart says:

        ME TOO!!! Wish I could’ve been envolved with this chat yesterday – a lot of very good points made and.some I would counter. I would totally understand if someone did not watch the series faithfully and then see the reunion and hate the Miami ladies. I liked them all season – the reunion, not so much :-/

    • Pamela says:

      My husband and I love Miami and go there several times a year. Quite frankly after seeing that Thomas pig (the nicest term I can think of for him) I almost don’t want to go there again. But you are right – it is a beautiful city and one bad apple does not ruin a whole town.

      I do like RHoM though. I like the cast better this time around and think it should get a third season.

  19. Happy Birthday to Bamabell and VegasChick.

  20. AZGirl says:

    I read Ana’s blog and I think she is brilliant. Let me explain. Ana is an attorney. She has a formal education which teaches an individual to see facts for what they are not what they SHOULD BE.
    Lea thinks she is right so what she says must be true. This is not the case.

    This is one area many get confused with. The facts are what they are and nothing can change that. How the facts fit with the law is determines whether you have a claim or not.

    For example, Lea claiming that Ana’s husband has been sleeping around for years has no bearing on Ana only on him. For Lea to think this is something that reflect negatively on Ana is stupid. Ana counters Lea with “We have been separated for years” which is a fact and negates Lea’s implication that Ana’s ex-husband’s behavor is a reflection on her.

    My guess is that file was stacked with copies of lawsuit filed against Lea’s fundraiser organization. Ana saying she did not have to look far mean she probably got on the court dockets and being public record found a mess of lawsuits filed against Lea or her entities.

    Yes, Ana is a tough cookie but I see it as a unwillingness to put up with BS.

    • AZGirl says:

      I know many of you will think I am crazy but I really like Ana.

      • Nancy says:

        Hi AZGirl,
        You have a point I only wish that Ana didn’t hit below the belt.
        That didn’t help her during the reunion.

        • AZGirl says:

          True but I think it was just frustration over having to deal with Lea going on the offensive. Looking at the Bravo comments I am definately in the minority 🙂

          • Nancy says:

            I know I have read them. It seems like Ana is a bit jealous that Lea
            married a rich man. I married a “rich” man…so am I suppose to be
            ashamed of that? You could be right re: lawsuits against her stemming from the Gala.

            • Amber...Real Wife says:

              Believe it or not… the Ana being jealous of Lea because she married a ‘rich’ man is just too simple. Could it be that Ana doesn’t like the way Lea makes disparaging remarks to EVERYONE and the others fear her and don’t retaliate? Could it be that Lea picked the wrong victim and wasn’t expecting a comeback from the Cuban girl of modest beginnings whose parents taught her to be proud and not let anyone disrespect her? Also while everyone can’t be uber rich like Lea, maybe Ana lives quite comfortably with her practice, cookbooks and new stint as a Miami HW. PLUS Ana doesn’t have to bang an old coat rack but a virile hot looking lawyer. Just Saying. LOL 😉 Some things money just can’t buy. Rent… maybe. Buy?

              • Nancy says:

                I still want to be shown the facts that lead up to Ana being so nasty to Lea.
                So far I’m on the fence. I see the good and the bad in both of them right now.
                Ana’s “On your back” comment was disgusting. IMHO

                • Powell says:

                  I see the good & bad in both of them too Nancy. Also the “old lady comments” were uncalled for. I don’t care if Lea likes to say her little side comments, like Lisa doesn’t look smart, etc. Ana didn’t have to stoop to that level.

              • Powell says:

                Amber, Lea picked the wrong girl. Ana’s not scared to speak her mind & won’t back down. We saw that when she told Thomas where to gi, also on vaca when she said she was tired of hearing Lea go at Marysol & she didn’t want to hear it any more. That’s why she looked like she wanted to shake Marysol for not sticking up for herself to Elaine & Lea.

          • Contessa says:

            AZ, I am not an attorney/lawyer but I recognized immediately how well prepared Ana was. It is quite evident that whatever was said at the reunion (the part that has been blocked by the Black injunction or whatever) upset Lea very much. Please note she spent the entire reunion making stupid/identical rebuttals and standing up and swaying. She was in shock that someone dared to come after her, as I believe the one who says she doesn’t deal well with stupid, is really very stupid when it comes to her view of her self-importance. Even Adriana, one of Lea’s long standing supporters, get a few second wake- up call look on her face. There is much more to Lea than meets the eye. Also I believe in Ana’s blog the amount of money over the last 10-12 years raised is abysmally small overall, based on what Lea has been spinning. Will have to go back and look this up on Bravo. The dust will settle soon as people will read the various blogs, interviews, etc… and take up the side they are comfortable with. Ana should have laid off the age issue, as that was not nice. But I will forgive her that slip as long as she does not do it again – PLEASE PROMISE ANA to no mention Age in a HW battle in derogatory terms.

            Lawyers are like Doctors, they all have specialties. You don’t go to real estate lawyer for divorce or vice versa. You also don’t go to an internist for surgery – same thing. For
            Lea to just glorify defense attorneys is totally stupid and an insult to all lawyers across the US. Lea I am getting tired of dealing with your Stupid.

            • Nancy says:

              Hi Contessa,
              I hope you are well. 🙂
              Say Ana has many reasons for disliking Lea. She could have dealt with it
              in a different way. That’s the part I don’t like about her right now.
              She’s very intelligent so she could have used different words to plead her case.
              It just made her look bad which was a shame because I really liked her this season
              and I want to like her again. Trust me my eyes will be on Lea if they both return.

              • Putchka says:

                Nancy, I agree with you also. She’s a smart cookie and didn’t act that way. Unfortunately, it’s on film. Everyone screws up occasionally. Don’t do it in front of a national audience!

            • Putchka says:

              Yay, Contessa. Totally agree honey!

            • Kitkat says:

              So well written! LIKE!

          • Laineylainey says:

            Really? I haven’t seen the bravo blog comments sine last week’s part one. It seemed pretty balanced with the anti lea and anti Ana sentiments.

      • Powell says:

        Your not crazy AZGirl. I like Ana too. I don’t like some of her behavior on the reunion.

      • Laineylainey says:

        Az you are in good company a lot of people like her!

      • djprincessc says:

        I like Ana too AZ girl! 🙂

    • Amber...Real Wife says:

      I believe Lea thought she could speak to Ana like she does the other girls and was surely shocked and dismayed when Ana wouldn’t roll over. Instead of turning the other cheek as the others did, Ana gave the OldGal a smackdown for the ages! While many thought the ageist insults were stupid, they were hysterical as they were aimed at someone who sells products to appear younger. LMAO..

      While GrandmaReindeer cackled, chortled and attacked the others like a bath-salts smoking hyena you saw Ana treat her friends and Joana with respect and kindness. (ChoppersSierraMD was of course a horse of a different color and length of tooth who doesn’t count because only Joanna and Lisa tolerated her as the newbies.) Lea only defended her true friends and clients of Roy, Elaine, JFrancis and ColonelClinkKramer who are her cohorts in debauchery and devilry. They ALL dance with the devil in the blue moon light!

      Finally for LyingLea, to have such disdain for a real estate lawyer is hysterical as she’s only a lawyer by injection and because she had her daily V8.

    • Laineylainey says:

      Ana seemed to be very prepared as if she was in court. Never seen that before on a reunion. There are other lawyers in the other cities… Phaedra, Aviva…but they’ve never appeared to prepare for their reunions in the way Ana did.

  21. Powell says:

    I cleaned my cabinets under the sinks in my bathroom. It took 2hrs and I threw out a trash bag fool of stuff and a small bag of stuff to recycle. I was like “how did I get all of that in those cabinets”? I threw out 5 boxes of cold medicine. I forgot I had them.

    click thru the pages here…they really dont raise that much money for all the supposed high power players they have… I wonder how much those expensive cars that are ” donated” really get sold for…hmmmm
    hugs and peace

    • Laineylainey says:

      Beware: the red folder lives

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Actually raising something over $750,000 (given the venue, star entertainment involved, food/drinks) is not bad for a single night event. Lea has been involved in raising funds for kids at risk programs for quite a while – there have been 17 annual galas that have raised over $12 million dollars. Given the connections “granny” has, Ana better be very careful or the only place she will be chefing/cooking at will be a local diner.

      • mrspeabody says:

        lol, Granny, lol like that

      • Iowagirl says:

        I agree with you, it’s a ton of money and a lot of work. It takes years of work to get to a level that one event can raise that type of money. Anyone who has ever done any charity event planning should be thrilled to take 50,000 to the bottom line, 750,000 is a crazy amount of money.

  23. Orson says:

    It occurs to me that Lisa’s party was the day before Lea’s “gala”. And that Lea might have wanted to tarnish Lisa’s party. So she brought James/Elaine, who she KNEW had issues with Marysol, and GWWboy, who she probably thought she could count on to stir some luanne up with Johanna, who probably would drink more than she should have.

    So, in addition to James trying to start something with Marysol, Lea got a bonus by James shoving someone into the pool and ruining the sound system. And Johanna got drunk and GGWboy got her into “Evil” mode and that lit the fuse for the smackdown. But I’m sure if Lea was challenged on any of this, “It was a JOKE!”.

    I’m on Ana’s side on this. Lea needs to be smacked down herself and Ana seems to be the only one willing to do so. Oh, and I read somewhere Lea wore $35 million worth of jewelry at the reunion. BORROWED. She was escorted by security for the jewelry to the reunion. Or they brought it with them to the reunion.

    • Laineylainey says:

      Lea admitted on twitter that the jewelry was borrowed….why would a jeweler do that? For publicity right? I don’t recall the name being said on air. I believe she did tweet the name iirc.

  24. zanne says:


  25. zanne says:

    not 5 minutes in and time for xanax

    • Nancy says:

      It’s hideous.

      • Laineylainey says:

        It’s very KimZ

        • Nancy says:

          I bet Kroy’s mother cries herself to sleep every night.

          • Laineylainey says:

            Seems like the only portraits Kim’s does she’s nakey, half nakey, painted nakey or side boob nakey..I imagine those portraits will hang e everywhere! So does momma kroy have wallet sized pics of ms.nekkid to show to all her friends at bible study?

            • Nancy says:

              I told George about those pictures and he was disgusted.
              I sure hope “they” are putting some money away or they are
              going to be in big trouble. A football players career is very short.

              • zanne says:

                I don’t like reflections of myself. Only one mirror in the house and one of these days the kids are going to wake up that I avoid pictures. so I guess if someone put up over lifesize pictures of me I would find it the worst night mare I could have.

            • sparklemuffy says:

              I think she’s too old for that nakeyness anyway! MY son would definately give me wallet sizes if he was in them as well— these boys–bring me home a nice girl!!! that’s not preggers yet!

  26. california35 says:

    i know i hve not been watching Miami, but with a bit here and there i have watched and i have read here i have a coment about Lea and Ana. i feel that is why i dont defend myself or atack back when i am being attacked or hurt, because i will “look bad” and wil be judged and questioned. the real point gets lost and the only thing in people’s mind is what the one who is just defending herself or retaliating did or say. Lea has not been nice, Ana came back at her and now she is the one coming out as the bad guy. did se go too far? maybe people missed evrything Lea has done or said? maybe Lea has been more sneaky by showing less of her bad behavior but Ana has seen it all? Maybe Ana went to far? my point is that all of these talk about Ana is making me feel bad for her, i jave kept my head down to people who have harmed me, and at times doing thay has made me look bad… but if that made me look bad, i can only imagine how bad i would have looked if i had defended myself.

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