Real Housewives of New Jersey – Who’s in – Who’s out / Bethenny seems … Off

Real Housewives of New Jersey – Who’s Filming – Who’s Not by NoMoreDrama

Bravo has lined up quite a cast of characters to entertain us for Season Five of the Real Housewives of New Jersey.  Let’s catch up on latest gossip of who is in, and who’s out.

First there is Manzo younger generation roommate Greggy Bennett.  Greg shared this on twitter:  “Fun Fact: I haven’t filmed 1 second for Season 5 of RHONJ. TTYN, I guess?”  

TTYN according to the urban dictionary is Talk To You Never – coined by Paris Hilton in some sort of show where she was looking for a new BFF.  As each contestant was eliminated, she said Talk to you never.

Greg made a joke about his lack of camera time, “I asked to be compensated in Dunkin Donuts gift cards, but they weren’t receptive, so I declined. Don’t be sad-I’ll still tweet about Selena.”  

Then there is new Housewife Jennifer Dalton, who is by far and away my favorite Jersey housewife – mainly because I know very little about her and I’m tired of the other ones.  Jennifer, Kim DePaulo, and Teresa all had lunch together at Teresa’s house a few days ago, and Jennifer tweeted photos of the three of them together and Kim posted them on her facebook page.

Jennifer’s tweet:  “GREAT lunch at Teresa’s! So glad I have such a good friend that cooks cause I don’t lol!” and “Kim and I even got to go bags from Teresa THAT’S HOW GOOD IT WAS!!!!! Xx” and @Teresa_Giudice made the most amazing dish! Baked breaded chicken breast over romaine with her own olive oil dressing #delish

I’m happy that Teresa has some friends to film with, but what in the world is Kim wearing??

teresa jennifer kim

Penny Drosso (the stylist who set up stripper-gate) has been pretty quiet since interviewing with TVfishbowl.  Penny was pretty much cut out of every scene she filmed for in Season 4, but if Bravo needs someone to spill the dirt on Melissa’s past, Penny is pretty much promising to deliver – although her husband – Johnny the Greek – has implied on twitter that Penny’s participation on the show will only come if she’s paid.

Elvira (the party planner) has clarified that she is NOT an official housewife.  Her tweet: “Happy New Year!! No confusion- not an official housewife!!! #partyplanner having fun!!! Friend of@Teresa_Giudice.”  Elvira has been on the show before, and clearly has Teresa’s back.  Rumor is she isn’t being paid to appear on the show.

Danielle Staub.  Rumors still swirl about Danielle Staub returning to the show.  She’s still a little cray cray if you ask me.  She tweeted this a few days ago “My security thank you sweeties for always being my friends and taking care of me :-)”  Why would she need security?  While I haven’t seen any photos of Danielle with cast members, she did respond to this tweet from Teresa about the Season 1 Cast Poster Teresa hung in her game room.

Teresa: “I’m glad you guys liked the pic of the gameroom. They gave us that cast pic after season one. I like it.”

Andy Cohen: @Teresa_Giudice I am glad you have it up!”

Danielle Staub: @BravoAndy @teresa_giudice love that I need to find mine…..think it got lost in my move somehow but if I find it I will hang mine as well!

Here’s the picture if you missed it:

season one poster

I don’t know if Rosie Pierri is filming for Season Five, but Kathy Griffin did a five minute bit on the reunion featuring Rosie’s backstage reaction.  It was spot on, and Rosie got a kick out of it, tweeting:  “Wow wow wow!!! I love how @kathygriffin can do a Rosie impression!! Totally Honored !! I LOVE IT !!!”

Yesterday Teresa Giudice was in Atlantic City watching daughter Gia perform in a dance showcase for thePulseonTour – which seems to be some sort of dance instruction workshop with a showcase.  (I sort of wonder if Abby Lee Miller and her girls are there too – wouldn’t that be a fun crossover?).  It looks like Gia is doing a great job and hopefully we’ll see some of this on TV next year.

gia giudice dance

As for Melissa Gorga, Kathy Wakile, and Jacqueline Laurita, Chris Laurita tweeted this yesterday: “Hey @joegorga @richardwakile. 3 beautiful girls want to have dinner with us tonight. You guys wanna go? LMK. Maybe we can get some after.”  I sure hope he was talking about their wives LOL.

My guess is they were being filmed, because around 11 pm Jersey time, Richie Wakile tweeted this:   “With @joegorga @KathyWakile @melissagorga @JacLaurita@chris_laurita in the hot tub winter fun! Happy new year!!!”

joe gorga bikini


Update on Adriana de Moura’s First Marriage by DesignDiva

Diva posted this in the comments on yesterday’s blog.  Since I haven’t seen this on any other blogs or news stories, I thought I’d bring it up to the main blog.  Looks like Adriana added the “de” to her maiden name after her first marriage.  Now she’s calling it a typo.  My guess is Bravo won’t be giving this liar a wedding spin-off.

Marriage Date
Greg A Cummings
Husband Born
Adriana S Moura
Wife Born
Certificate Number


Bethenny Files for Divorce and Seems … Off  by NoMoreDrama

Checking in with Bethenny Frankel.  The holidays have been hard for Bethenny Frankel.  She announced her separation from Jason Hoppy just before Christmas.  Earlier this week she filed the paperwork for divorce (according to TMZ) and since then has seemed – well – a little off.  Perhaps because she’s finally free to express what is going on – or perhaps in a bid for attention – her tweets are a lot more personal than usual. Here’s a few:

“Can’t sleep. Just read the last few pages of @chelseahandler book “lies…” She is one sick broad.” but then she followed that one up with a joke, “At 3 AM I should have just screamed at myself “GO TO SLEEP!”  Did images of Kelly Bensimon just jump into your head?

“Sharing breakfast with Bryn. Yum! Comfort food.”

“Tweeps, i need a smile, tell me 1 thing interesting that you can do & 1 you can’t. Me 1st: I can tie a cherry stem w my tongue.”

“I find myself sitting here coloring long after Bryn has stopped. I’m like “girl interrupted.”

I find myself wondering if Bethenny has any REAL (non-twitter) friends to talk to.  I hope she finds what she needs to get through this.


RHOA and Shahs are on one hour earlier.  NeNe and Gregg are on WWHL.  Mob Wives and Downton Abbey premier.  Revenge is back.


Sunday Night Lineup, Jan 6th by BB

8PM – Real Housewives of Atlanta (Bravo); Mob Wives (VH-1); Dateline NBC (7 PM, NBC); Once Upon a Time (ABC); The Simpsons/Bobs Burgers (Fox); Gator Boys (Anpl); Mega RV Countdown (Trvl); Chopped (Food); How to Live to 100 (Cook)

9PM – Shahs of Sunset (Bravo); Revenge (ABC); Downton Abbey (PBS); Making Mr. Right (VH-1); The Good Wife (CBS); The Biggest Loser (NBC); Family Guy/American Dad (Fox); Here Comes Honey Boo Boo (TLC); Moonshiners (Discovery); Gator Boys (Anpl); Oprah’s Next Chapter: David Letterman (OWN); Ax Men (History); Rachel vs. Guy (Food); Drugs, Inc. (NatGeo); Fatal Encounters (ID)

10PM – The Mentalist (CBS); Best Funeral Ever (TLC); Moonshiners (Discovery); Ice Loves Coco (E!); Finding Bigfoot (Anpl); Storage Hunters (truTV); My Life is a Joke (OWN); Bamazon (History); Iron Chef America (Food); Alaska State Troopers (NatGeo); On the Case (ID); Million Dollar Contractor (DIY); Unique Sweets (10:30 Cook)

11PM – Watch What Happens Live: NeNe and Gregg Leakes (Bravo)




Happy Birthday California35

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  1. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. It’s bright and Sunny and a good day for the Redskins to beat up on the Seahawks. Have a great day.

  2. BB says:

    Happy Birthday, California35. Hope you have a great day today!

  3. AZGirl says:

    Happy Birthday California35. Hope you have a great day!
    I think Bethenny has few very close friends. She obviously lost right now.

    • california35 says:

      thank you!

      i am sorry to say this is why i relate to her now, but i do relate to her again.

      • vilzvet says:

        yeah but I’m remembering how she filmed with several ladies in her show, and I also recall her bachelorette party. Remember that really good friend from her college days?

        • chismosa says:

          and the girl who she visited in Miami back many seasons ago who told her about the ‘fresh’ eggs vs. the ‘old’ eggs–? The one she lived with when she went to boarding school in Miami. I don’t even remember THAT woman at her wedding.


      • lillybee says:

        Happy Birthday.

    • chismosa says:

      Happy B-day Cali 35! The Epiphany as well

  4. Stephiebar says:

    lonely and scared. fairly normal for such a massive jolt. don’t worry too much, they are both gorgeous looking, rich and have a beautiful daughter, even if not together, life is still going to work out just fine for both B and Jason.

    • california35 says:

      i agree and i hope so 🙂 i wish them both well.

    • kit9 says:

      Yeah, she’s not ‘off’, she’s depressed. Understandable.

      • Powell says:


      • chismosa says:

        or she just appears ‘depressed’…. but that’s another discussion.

        VV- if you’re out there, you hear me right, girl?

        • chismosa says:

          (sorry not saying she can’t very well be ‘depressed’ but she’s obviously been depressed for MONTHS now leading up to this, we can tell because she looks emaciated for some time, she never looked happy ever if she wasn’t ONLY with Bryn and no one else, or shilling the show on tv, so this is just depression because the news is OUT.)

          Like she said back in season 1, when there’s trouble, she runs. Marriage, sacred or not, that is what she is doing.

    • Cartwheels says:

      Good morning.
      I read your post on the previous thread and I agree with your assessment of Adrianna and now I firmly believe that Lea was in it and it wouldn’t surprise me if she throw Adrianna under the bus to get out of the hot seat.

      Johanna? uhmmm she might be a girls’ girl and I am sure she probably would be a loyal friend but I just hate how she is so combative and how she behaves when she is drunk. I also think she is in denial about her BF and I am pretty sure that the exchange of e-mails with his coworker was more than just platonic.

      Bethenny and Jason? it is normal to be depressed and it is normal not to want to talk about it with your real life friends, you don’t want to worry them, you want to put a face that everything is okay and you are moving on. I don’t know about her but I have found myself being able to confide sometimes more in a person who I don’t have personal involvement :therapist, counselor, online friend,

      I think she tweets more nostalgic/melancholic tweets when Bryn is not with her, when she is with Bryn her tweets seem more upbeat and usually are about the things they are doing together. I totally get what she is going thru and I am sure on his end Jason is probably having the same feelings, but like you I agree that they will be fine.

      • Stephiebar says:

        Thanks, I appreciate your response from the other post as well.

        Yeah, I don’t like Joanna drinking, I think she has some big issues, but I think she also has a big heart, shown when not drinking.

        Will have to take your word on the Romain boyfriend thing, I dont understand men, never have, thus I have never been that great at keeping them either 😉 Finally found one that doesn’t understand me either and we agree just to except that. Our only activities together is dinners out, watching breaking bad and travelling 😉 they are the only three things we can both agree on LOL.

        Adriana, I just do not trust and never have, not since season 1 and all the things she said about her sons father, I understand nasty breakups but her son is no doubt hearing all of this, and if there is one rule I thought all divorcees understood, it’s don’t sledge teh other parent in a forum your children will hear, let alone on such disgusting aqusations. Which the Sidi family have denied. Christy mentioned she could respect Adriana for purposefully going on the show to embarrass Sidi and she went crazy bringing up Christy’s families dirty laundry, which only hurts the children……. sigh.

        Yeah, I think Jason will be pretty upset, I think his parents might be as well. I still don’t know if this is the last chapter for B and Jason. there still seems to be some love and respect there. It seems they got out before it got emotionally destructive so maybe there maybe a round 2 one day.

  5. california35 says:

    aaww you remember 🙂

    good morning, i know it is my birthday but i was still very pleasantly surprised to see my name there, thanks!

    i didnt know if the birthday orignal list existed or is i was in the new

    • not THAT Jill says:

      HAPPY BIRTHDAY Cali-I hope you have a wonderful day!!!!

    • Stephiebar says:

      Happy Birthday!!!!

      I always pick a celeb to relate to when I am going through something 😉 Oddly it does help doesn’t it 😉

      • California35 says:

        And the thing with Bethenny is that I had lost that. I used to relate to her about a lot of things, and then not any more. I was kind of sad I didn’t, but it is sad to say that I relate to her again and over sad things. I wish her well…I am sure she will bounce back, this is not the first time she is down and she has managed to get up 🙂

        • Stephiebar says:

          Cali, I am sure you 100% wish her well and happiness and all that, I think B is great, and I also think B has a great sense of humor, so with that in mind, I think its okay to say what I thought reading your post! “Girl, happy birthday! Clearly B gave you the ultimate bday gift, her!” 🙂
          I understand lonely, been there. PS – don’t know if that is what you are eluding too and it’s def not my business, but I have been lonely and scared after a relationship ended once, all my friends were in serious relationships, committed, married, kids etc. I said and did some really stupid drunkard things and It was hard (much worse than above). But one girlfriend said something and it rang so true it really helped me. So I want to say it to you and hope it helps on your bday, but again, you could be referring to something completely different and for that I apologise and I hope I haven’t pushed the boundaries.

          But, anyway, back to what my girlfriend said to me when I left dickhead ex loser and I felt my world was crashing down around me and I felt I was never going to be happy again, and I missed my chance at love,
          Helen said,
          “Steph it takes a very strong woman to walk, it is soo much more courageous than staying”. And than I understood what she meant, she knew what I was feeling, I knew what I was feeling, that fear, loneliness and just darkness, thinking I had used up all my chances at love and would be alone, but knowing I would/ was having all those feelings, I still new that it was wrong for me to stay, and for some reason that helped and I started analysising all the relationships around me adn there were some beautiful couples and couples that I realised that (only my point of view) had no business being together and were going through the motions bc they were too scared to leave.

          So I guess what I am trying to say is, hang in there, you are not alone and even if you are feeling really lonely – half the people in “solid” relationships are really really lonely too, only they cant always voice it, maybe they have to keep up appearances.

          Wow – 3 coffees in already, super hyper, I am so so so sorry, I will feel like a right twat if I read your email wrong and you’ve got this coffee manic reply from me!

          Happy Birthday and just tell yourself that for your birthday Bethenny gave you her back! 😉

          • Cartwheels says:

            Love your posts this morning ladies, a break up is so hard, just can’t imagine having to go through it so publicaly and with mostly everybody just looking at the surface and blaming you for it.
            Steph , I love your friends’ advice “Steph it takes a very strong woman to walk, it is soo much more courageous than staying”. It is so, so true.
            I also found one that applies very well in these circunstances with Bethenny “Never give explanations: your friends do not need it and your enemies will not believe anyway”

            • California35 says:

              Perfect Cartwheels!! “Never give explanations: your friends do not need it and your enemies will not believe anyway”

              Thanks for your words also,

              • Cartwheels says:

                You are welcome Cali
                Few months after the separation my ex-MIL told me that I was being selfish and unreasonable, that I had to think about my daughter first and not about me, that if I was any kind of a mother, I will forgive, forget, take him back and make it work for my child”
                It cut me deep, deeper than anything anybody else has ever said to me, I cried myself to sleep literally for a couple of weeks and it took me a long while to process it, I almost took him back, had he been more involved and better father I probably would had, but my therapist/friend worked very hard on me to make me get rid of the very deep rooted need that I had to have everybody like me, I used to care so much about everybody’s opinion of me, care so much about what they were saying or thinking about me, not anymore, now I can care less , you either like me and take me for who I am instead of taking me for who you think I should be, so there is that.
                I know it is a very old saying but it became my mantra and I live bhy it now.

            • Stephiebar says:

              Thanks, yeah I thought it was great advice to, I used to think I’d failed bc I couldn’t make it work – but than I realised what she was saying is failing is being too scared to do what is right for you. So yeah it changed my thinking completely and now I am really happy and met the perfect person for me. But OMG I do feel for B, heartbreak is such a crazy emotional and physical toll, it took me nearly a year to feel sane and stable again.

              • Cartwheels says:

                It does take a long time.
                Like you I feel for B, I can’t get out her image when Gina visited and she broke down, , she seemed so frail, there was so much pain there, I think Bethenny was screaming for help and there was a lot of pressure on her to make it work.
                I am sure some of those pressures were self impossed and that made it harder, here she got this by all accounts great guy, yet she wasn’t happy, how could that be? I think initially Bethenny tried so hard to make her marriage work, she tried to prove to herself that she could be “normal” by having a normal marriage.
                I only hope that by this stage of her life she has gotten to the realization that she has to live her own path and not what anybody else thinks should be normal for her.

                • Stephiebar says:

                  exactly! what is normal anyway. I really appreciate your story and it is soo hard to ignore those emotionally manipulative comments people will impose to get you to do what is right for them. Just from the reading, it’s good that you stayed strong, you don’t need that bs. x

          • California35 says:

            3 coffees?? Wait for me I am just making my first cup 😛

            Thanks for your words 🙂

            • Stephiebar says:

              no drama :), I figured I’d write it anyway even if it wasn’t your situation, maybe B would read this thread, see she had you back as a BFF and see that I thought what she did was strong.
              I really am addicted to coffee and it is bad, sometimes I look at what I write (in work emails etc) and I think, wow, I wonder if they can easily spot my manic coffee emails and the days I am quitting coffee, they are vastly different, I have super low tolerance and thus I love coffee its all I need to get hyper!

              Happy Birthday and I hope you go drinking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Laineylainey says:

          Happy birthday cali35! I hope you enjoy your special day!

          • Lisa Renee says:

            Happy birthday Cali! The exchange upthread with Stephie & Cartwheels was very interesting, thanks for sharing. Hope its a great day & year for you, Lisa

    • Cartwheels says:

      Happy birthday California, have a wonderful day!

      • California35 says:

        Thank you!!! This is my cocus today… My birthday and to have a good day 🙂

        Have a nice day also.

    • dickens says:

      Hope you enjoy your special day, Cali35! 🙂

    • JustDee says:

      Happy Birthday Cali! Hope you have a Great One!

  6. Lulu says:

    Good MORNING!!! No temper tantrums since DS woke up. Life is good!!!! 🙂

    Anyone planning on watching the “Best funeral ever” on TLC tonight??? What is wrong with TLC!?!?!?! Are they THAT desperate for ratings? Sorry watching someone’s most devastating moment is not entertainment for me.

  7. Tiptoeing in to whisper GO SEAHAWKS.

  8. chrive says:

    Good morning USA..It’s been awhile since I last lurked here. Hope you all had a great Chrimbo and a good start to the New Year.

    I’m shocked and sad to hear about Bethenny’s divorce. I haven’t seen any of her TV shows apart from when she was in RHONY to comment on their relationship. They appeared happy and comfortable in each others company. It’s not nice of Jason, if it’s true what some wrote about him throwing back some snide comments about her being ‘damaged’, etc. I’m sure Bethenny is fully aware of her shortcomings too based on her unconventional childhood but it’s never nice when someone you love and trust throw such vicious remarks. I’m not taking sides but I’m sure Bethenny have her moments in any relationships. I wish both of them well and what’s most important is the welfare of baby Bryn.

    Off Topic: I hope it’s okay for me to write here. If not, mods/admin please delete these comments.
    I don’t know if it’s stated here but I’ve recently became aware of recent allegations about Steubenville cover-up. It does have a tone similar to Paterno’s. Please if you have a chance to be aware of such happenings to have a read. It breaks my heart to read and hear of this incident..and that there may be more.

    (Both these links are legit, I’ve checked. In case some are wary about unknown sites ) – Alexandria Goddard – Anonymous giving a voice and justice to Jane Doe.

    • Kat from Ohio says:

      thanks for sharing. this article disgusts me, but obviously upsets me even more because it’s from my home state. i don’t live particularly close to steubenville, have only driven through, but i have met people who lived there, who described it as relatively hardscrabble. the football team’s talent was basically what the town rallied around, which is exactly why the cover-up was allowed to go on. the video of the woman’s assailants was disturbing on unprecedented levels–they reveled in the fact that they had raped an incapacitated woman.

      the people i know who grew up in steubenville have often made odd comments about the town. a high school teacher described everyone as “big and mean,” which at the time, i thought was kind of a silly over-simplification. now it makes me wonder if this is a pattern of behavior in steubenville that has gone unchecked–and unpunished.

  9. chrive says:

    Testing 123. Wasn’t sure if my comments went through..

  10. Powell says:

    Happy Birthday California35.

  11. Good Morning! A beautiful but chilly Sunday morning!

    NMD – thanks so much for the info filled blog. You just keep bringin’ it and keep us all rolling along. You are so appreciated…and I hope you know it. 🙂

    Sorry folks, I haven’t watched NJ for a few seasons, or even read the blogs. I just can’t with them anymore, no matter the cast changes. It’s not enough. I will say though, I was surprised at the results in BB’s HW Poll for the “least liked HW”….Theresa came in second in the poll. That was interesting to me because I see so much love in the comments for her. Anyway, this is the last comment about NJ you will see from me! 😀 Carry on!

    I feel bad for Bethany and Jason too. The demise of a marriage that has such hope is always sad……and I can understand her mood. Jason is likely devastated too. Stephie & Cartwheels, good comments about relationships. Courage comes in many forms where relationships are concerned…..I just can’t help feeling though, that B & J didn’t hang in there long enough. 2 Yrs is not a long time to work out the kinks….yet, I guess when you “know” it won’t work, the best is to leave. Prayers to them both tho, and for little Bryn.

    Have a wonderful Sunday everybody! Love & Hugs to all!

    “Life’s A Message” is up at my place. A good read. Enjoy!

  12. plainviewsue says:

    Happy Birthday Cali!!

    Apparently, Melissa tweeted Snookie & the Jersey Shore ladies asking if she could be be invited to go out with them. No answer.

    Melissa wants to be out partying. This version of Melissa that Bravo presents us of the dutiful wife, wonderful mom who’s always home cooking for her children, the savior who wants the Gorga family to reunite is a friggin joke.

    Melissa never wanted this family to unite. She loves the fact that Tarzan is at her beck and call, doing whatever she wants him to do. She wants him to part of her family, the Marcos.

    I just hope that Teresa never films with any of these women and only films with her family and friends. She needs to remember what Melissa said at the reunion, what she said in her magazine cover stories which of course were never brought up by Andy. Cos Andy loves the Gorgas. She needs to remember what she implied about Teresa’s daughters & the fact that Joey did nothing to defend her or her children.

    Jacq said in an interview she regrets her behavior at the reunion (ya think? Saying that Teresa smells her brother’s underwear. Hoping Juicy goes to jail). She says she lost it cos when in Napa she overheard Teresa say to Melissa that she hates Jacq. Bull dingy on that. I am sure Melissa lied and told Melissa that Tre said that.

    I don’t agree with all that Teresa has done. Far from it. But I feel that every one of the women need to be held accountable for their actions. Andy grilled Tre on her bankruptsy during the seas 2 reunion, every single item. But with Jacq, he mentioned it casually at the seas 4 reunion. How about their not paying a breast cancer charity????

    I am so glad that Greg hasn’t filmed. He is another one I used to like. He loved Teresa and went along as her “date” for season 2 Posh fashion show. But then said and tweeted disgusting things about her.

    • When Jaq mentioned overhearing that at the reunion, Teresa sort of nodded and said – why didn’t you talk to me about it then? And Melissa was nodding and saying she was the one Teresa was talking to. That said, I’m sure the ladies have many many reasons to be mad at each other and holding on to an incident from over a year earlier is not healthy Like with the Miami reunion I think they all expected to be attacked and came ready to attack. I’m sure someone was stirring the pot.

    • Rebecca says:

      I noticed that Teresa tweets plenty of photos with herself and friends. She has a lot of them.

      Jacqueline and Melissa only tweet photos of their own families and each other. I don’t think they have any outside friends.

      Just an observation…

      • vilzvet says:

        Yes I agree with you, Sue. I think she married too young and had too many frickin’ kids right off. Her whole life today consists of those stupid wine signings. I doubt her singing career will be going anywhere. I myself would never pay for one of her songs.

    • melthehound says:

      Jac and her band of Marco sisters are simply all pigs. Even the Jersey Shore people don’t want anything to do with them. I’ve suddenly gained some respect for Jenni and Nicole (Jwow and snookie) for not answering Mego’s desperate attempt at attention whoring. (now they probably will answer and make a liar out of me 😛 ).

    • California35 says:

      Thank you!!

  13. plainviewsue says:

    *correction. I am sure Melissa lied and told Jacqueline that Tre said that.

  14. Mene Seela says:

    Hello Everyone! I hope everyone has a great winters day.
    I’ve been stalling on turning in my work expenses. Like for months. I work for a very large company with a million rules so turning inexpnses means I have to make a gigantic excel sheet with my mileage and expenses by date with matching receipts in exact order. Ugh.

    Anywhoody, I think I will reward myself this Michael Kors handbag when I am finally reimbursed. What do you think?

    If any of you have a similar bag tell me how you like / don’t like it.

    • Rebecca says:

      I have the Dooneys and Coach bags just like it. Does it have rivets at the bottom? It keeps the bottom leather from any damage.

      I can invite you to the Coach site where everything is half off if you want to check it out. It’s free, and its a legit Coach outlet site. You can send me an email to and I’ll sign you up. My last purchase was a $498 bag for $105, free shipping.

    • Powell says:

      Mene I’m a MKors fan. My mom has a few of his bags.

    • Powell says:

      They opened a New store in a mall that I shop at but haven’t been in yet. I’m going in the next time I go shopping.

  15. Rebecca says:

    So the fried chicken was awesome. I’ve never been able to make it work before. The pickles were amazing though I would use less tumeric because the onions were day-glo yellow, oh and more cucumbers and less onion. (Hated the eggy biscuits.)

    If you’re a fried chicken flunky like me, try this recipe – it’s very Voltaggio.

  16. melthehound says:

    I’m happy that Teresa has some friends to film with, but what in the world is Kim wearing??

    Road kill pelts?

    everytime I see your name, I start to hum this song in my head.. so today..we shall play it…

    enjoy…and may your DAY be the best….
    hugs and peace

  18. Nancy says:

    GO REDSKINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sorry NMD

    • BB says:

      Nancy, I have the feeling the only reason you want the Redskins to win is because you’d rather play us than the Seahawks. Come on, now, admit it.

      • Nancy says:

        Of course that’s the reason!!!!!!!! I told you last night that we are worried about
        the Seahawks!! It could end up being the Colts vs he Broncos. How dare they
        get rid of Payten Manning! 🙂 BTW I have nothing against the Redskins.

        • BB says:

          Well, I hope you get your wish. 😀

          • Nancy says:

            That’s not my #1 wish. I just think it would be great if Payten won against the Colts.
            George thinks it will end up being The 49ers vs Denver Branco’s. I hope he’s right.
            I’ll have to spare my feelings for Payten if he’s right. 🙂

  19. Nancy says:

    Calif Happy Birthday dear friend.
    Are you doing something fun today? I hope so are you deserve it. 🙂

  20. Laineylainey says:

    The atest from detox: “Please give all my love to MAMA Contessa (I am her adopted “blog daughter”). Tell her I’ve been busy, busy, busy AND experiencing “technical difficulties” (laptop in a “coma”). Please also tell her that I will be doing the blog for this season of “Mob Wives,” and I should be able to even get backon the blog and COMMENT and play with you cool kids within the next couple of weeks (definitely this MONTH unless something unforeseeable happens).”

    She also said she knows she owes some of you emails and will write soon.

    • Laineylainey says:

      The attest should have been this is from detox

    • TexasTart says:

      Lainey, thanks for the Detox update. I miss her posts and I’m glad to head she will be blogging again! Take care Dextox and don’t take anything too seriously! 😉

    • Lisa Renee says:

      Thanks for the Detox sighting lol. I miss her. You do realize you have been turned into a carrier pigeon hahahaha, but this is the good type 🙂 Lisa

  21. Eastbayca says:

    Straight from KKB’s twitter…
    Kelly K. Bensimon ‏@kellybensimon
    Application is almost done for Business school. Let’s get educated this year. Wish me luck

  22. Eastbayca says:

    B’s impersonation of Simon…

    Tina Fey…..


  23. Your history lesson and laugh for the day!


    In case you didn’t already know this little tidbit of trivia, it might
    make you chuckle when you read it.

    ON JULY 20, 1969,









  24. Mrs S moura as there is nobody callef Adrina de moura. Ha!ha! Caught out beeatch

  25. Nancy says:

    I wonder who gets to keep that Runaway Bride picture Bethenny got Jason? 😦

    • sparklemuffy says:

      Just saw your post from last night– Kroy is like– the cutest thing—-Audrianna painting his toenails—ohhhhh—- I want to change my vote to him for hottest husband. It also made me think that a lot of the action is fake fake fake– ? What is up with #50—hahahah

      • Nancy says:

        Wasn’t he? I LOVED when he said “I have 2 daughters and 2 sons”.
        What a lovely man he is. I just hope Kim doesn’t break the bank.
        I’m still trying to figure out # 50!

      • Mene Seela says:

        Sparkle “fake fake fake” absolutely.
        There is no way Kim could have drunk as much wine, eaten so much junk and laid around as much as she claimed over the years and not have been the size of a whale.

        I know she had that laser or cellulite breaking treatment but she would just be fat somewhere else.

        I also don’t think someone as dumb (k-a-t), whiney, lazy or demanding could catch or keep a guy with an IQ over 3 and worth 2 cents.

  26. sparklemuffy says:

    Happy sparkle birthday Cali– Thank-you as always NMD for some news–
    I thought we had already watched Downton Abby? MTH?
    I think another reason Betheny is so off is she is getting hammered out there. Almost every comment I read the day the news hit for “Betheny files for divorce” was beyond awful. I’m not sure she was prepared for the general public( not her normal fans who keep up with her, but the masses) to be so vicious toward her. Hopefully she has good PR people who are going to help her keep a repair campaign going until her show makes it to air. She lost me with her treatment of the in-laws– I don’t think we got to see the half of it. I’m not sure her personal? brand? will be able to recover. I think whoever decided to announce during Christmas –then the divorce so quickly afterward– made a bad call.

    • melthehound says:

      Some chose to wait for Downton to see it on television rather than online. So to them, I say, enjoy the show.

      As for B’s divorce problems, and hoping she has good PR people, I think, and this is only my thought on the subject, if she kept her private life private and off of twitter, she wouldn’t need PR people. I don’t give two rat’s fat asses about B or J for that matter or their divorce, who said what and when. The only one I have a remote amount of concern for is Bryn.

    • Mene Seela says:

      Bethenny tweeted something yesterday about being hammered. Something like “I totally get it.” I don’t know what she meant exactly but it reminded me of her assertions that the “real” Jason wasn’t as nice as the tv Jason.
      Divorce is very hard. Especially if you really still have feelings for the person but just can’t live together.

      Yes, she is reaping what she has sown as far as letting the owrld into her life via tv. I’m sure the irony is not lost on her whatsoever.

    • California35 says:

      Thank you Sparkle! 🙂 for the wishes and for what you said about Bethenny.

  27. Lulu says:

    I wonder if Bethenny will pick up another reality show? Life after divorce a successful single mother in Manhattan type? I know she has her talk show but Bravo would jump at another chance of “Bethenny’s ever after.” I’ve watcher her shows and when she was on RHONY. She is a very difficult person to be around. Hence Julie, whatwashername assistant that quit. I’m surprised Jason held on as long as he did. Either she is a lovable person or a tyrant and that has to be hard to be around. Hopefully she will find peace for the sake of Bryn.

  28. Nancy says:

    It looks like the Cults are history! That’s what you get for firing Payten Manning you idiots!

  29. Contessa says:

    Hi All,

    First to Lainey, Lainey….thank you for posting the message from my blog kid – I was beginning to worry. Tell her I am looking forward to her coming ” home ” to visit. Love that child big time!

    Jeff/Mel – I am so hooked on Downtown Abbey – I saw the christmas episode last night and am so there I cannot begin to tell you. It is such a rich period piece. I want to much to get into these characters and find out all the delicious stuff behind the episode I saw last night. I have Direct TV, so I will be seeing the new stuff coming up. What is the best way to see the first 2 season outside of of a computer? Thank YOU for keeping the dialog going on this series, as it is worth every minute of watching. This is probably before your time, but there was something similar on TV called Upstairs/Downstairs and it was wonderful, but not photographed as well as this series (20-30 years difference). Watching this was like a wonderful treat in cinema on TV.

  30. Nancy says:

    NMD!! Now THAT was funny! You’re still going down though! lol

  31. Nancy says:

    GO REDSKINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. TexasTart says:

    So did the Redskins forget to pay the keeper of the turf?! The condition of that field is like the desert floor!

  33. Nancy says:

    News Flash! Octoman is back on welfare!

  34. AZGirl says:

    Just got home from Les Mis and there seems to be some football on the TV and trash posted here. Well all I have to say is …………………………………..GO NOTRE DAME AND I DON’T GIVE A RATS ASS ABOUT NFL…..maybe I should sing this?
    BB/NMD I expect wallpaper to be appropriate for the game tomorrow and no red allowed 🙂
    Carry on you crazys

  35. mrspeabody says:

    I love the background paper, it is wonderful!

  36. Powell says:

    How is everybody?

  37. All I can say is, every kid I knew that played football growing up dreamed about playing on a muddy field, with snow falling. So the field isn’t muddy enough! It’s cold enough to snow tho.

    I’m waiting to see a local kid play in the BCS bowl, on the Notre Dame team. Go Irish!

  38. sorry guys, but the quarterbacks on both teams are 1st year rookies….and you can tell.

    • Nancy says:

      They both made it to the playoff’s!

    • BB says:

      RGIII is hurt. He played much better before his knee injury. He can’t run like he normally does. Don’t know about Wilson because I haven’t watched him much this season. I’m surprised the Seahawks aren’t further ahead than they are. Not impressed.

      • I like the Seahawks QB because he played at Wisconsin. RG is very exciting to watch, too bad about his injury. If they keep playing injury free, they will become better QBs. This is a defense game all the way.

      • Nancy says:

        I agree BB. I thought the score would have been much larger.
        I’m not so afraid to play them now.

  39. mrspeabody says:

    I hear someone just made a touchdown, Nancy can you tell me what team it was?

  40. this is painful to watch, feeling really bad for RGIII right now

  41. Nancy says:

    Oh nooooooooooo. This is what I was afraid us. The team doctor DID NOT clear him
    for this game. I bet he got his ACL!

  42. BB says:

    Poor RGIII. He’s out. Probably surgery time for him now.

    • Football is such a brutal game. The coaches don’t care about the player’s health at all. They shoot them up with pain killers and send them back in to play. This happens in college football, probably in the NFL too. In high school, the players will not say they are injured (like concussions) because they want to play so bad. My son has scars all over his body from football. I’m so glad he doesn’t play any more!

    • Nancy says:

      He shouldn’t have been playing. I’m turning it off. It’s all about $$$$!

  43. BB says:

    I didn’t know you could tackle a receiver before the ball gets there.

  44. BB says:

    Congratulations, NMD and Seahawks. Not a pretty game, but then, none of the playoff games have been so far.

  45. chismosa says:

    hi everyone, i know there is a some football it seems tonight judging from these comments :), so don’t know if y’all are going to be watching Atlanta and the few who watch Shahs, like me—-
    Hope everyone had a good weekend, and i can’t believe this news about Adriana on Miami, i’m still reading to catch up. Weird! But, i still like her. Whatever!

    I have to go catch the 60 Minutes segment on Barcelona and Messi so hope to catch you all later tonight—thanks for the blogs NMD!

  46. chismosa says:

    oh geez i forgot Mob Wives is on tonight too. I don’t know how much i can take of Carla and Drita but i’ll give it a shot i guess. New girl could be interesting.

    Downton people, enjoy i know you are all very passionate about it! All good tv returns this week it seems

  47. Nancy says:

    Congratulations NMD. We may have a date in a few weeks! 🙂

  48. All right – football is over. Time for the chat blog. Seahawks fans – Next week Atlanta.

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