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Happy Hour with the Real Housewives of Miami by Michelle

For those of you that aren’t on facebook, the FriendsofLynnNChicago facebook page is still going strong, and this weekend a friend of Zuzy’s , Michelle, joined the group to tell everyone about her Happy Hour at DB Bistro in Miami with Ana Quincoces, Marysol Patton, and Alexia Echevarria.  I asked Michelle to give us the inside scoop on how she got to meet the housewives.  I want to thank her for taking the time to share.   I’m totally jealous!  NMD

From Michelle:

Here is my little recap of Friday evening’s events with the Housewives of Miami:

I was at my law office when one of my attorney friends sends me an email and says “Michelle Cruz GET DOWN HERE to DB Fast.” I said, “What is going on? ” She says “Marysol and Alexia are here”. I said okay I will be down as soon as I can I need to get a pleading filed and I will be down there as soon as possible” I receive yet another email that says “Ana Quincoces has entered the building Cruz”. I said, “I AM ON MY WAY”.

I worked my way downstairs and walked into DB to meet the other attorneys that were already there. As I saw Marysol, Alexia and OHHH Ana Quincoces. The joke between Zuzy and I has always been that Ana could be one of my very good friends. I relate to everything she says. Her one line zingers I am also very famous for and I understood and related to what I saw on screen. She was always strikingly gorgeous and smart to boot. She is a Glamazon and a classy classy woman. I thought, should I walk over? Should I interrupt this little intimate conversation they are having. They seemed very involved. I took a chance, walked over with my lemon drop martini in hand and proceeded to say “Ana I am a huge fan of you and your way of dealing with everything that happened this season on the RHOM”.  She says, “How do you think I did on the reunion, take a seat.”  She was welcoming and the conversation flowed.

Michelle's photo

Ana was not apologetic for what she believed was fair game. She is more gorgeous in person that on TV, but I had seen her several times around this city and had always noted that she had impeccable fashion sense and carried herself with class and grace. She owns her age and she owns her power. We spoke at length about what I perceived and she agreed. She was very personable and very secure about her statements. She said she didn’t come on even harder on Lea because of issues I cannot discuss. I didn’t delve further. After speaking with her for about 1/2 hour I excused myself and told her it was a pleasure to speak to her and that she was exactly how I thought she would be. I told her I was Team Quincoces and would stand up to anything negative being said about her. I kept my promise. Look at the Bravo Blog and I think Zuzy and I have diffused the stupidity going on. She stood up and hugged me and said that it was a pleasure meeting her. She is as amazing as all of you would imagine. I welcome the opportunity to have drinks with her in the future. It was a great Friday.


Real Housewives of Atlanta by RamonaCoaster

real-housewives-of-atlanta-season-5-gallery-episode-510-02Nene is warning Gregg that her job involves flirting with another man.  Bryson comes in with Nene’s grandchild.  She looks so cute.  Nene explains how she found out she was going to be a grandmother when she bumped into the 6 month pregnant baby momma and she told Nene, not Bryson.  Nene was 21 when she had Bryson and it changed who she was.  Bryson is working on getting a 2nd job while Nene and Gregg lecture him on babies being expensive.

real-housewives-of-atlanta-season-5-gallery-episode-510-05Kandi, Todd and Riley are hanging out in the kitchen doing homework.  She is learning idioms with numerical answers.  The blank wheel is the fifth wheel. Behind the blank ball is the eight ball. When Kandi said what is blank-faced, I thought the answer was s—t faced but the answer was two-faced.  They are settling into their new house. Kandi is happy that Todd and Riley are bonding.  Kandi feels her last few years are very hectic. Well, with being a housewife and producing songs for Kim I can see it being crazy.  Riley wasn’t so crazy about Todd when Kandi initially brought him around to meet her.

real-housewives-of-atlanta-season-5-gallery-episode-510-07Kenya is meeting her aunt at a wine bar.  Her aunt asks about Walter whom she likes very much.  Kenya tells her how their relationship got weird during the Anguilla trip.  It was kind of awkward how she tells her about the shower scene and how Walter wasn’t interested and went to sleep.  Her aunt warns her when men act differently there is something wrong and don’t ignore it.  Now Kenya wants to have a conversation with Walter to find out what is wrong.  Don’t spin your wheels Kenya.  You’re no hamster.

real-housewives-of-atlanta-season-5-gallery-episode-510-10Kandi and Porsha discuss marriage. Porsha did not sign a prenuptial with Kordell.  Kandi would definitely do a prenup.  Porsha quotes the bible with how man and woman are one.  Kandi feels when loves turns bad the way to get back at them is through their pocketbook.  The conversation turns back to Kenya.  Kandi lets out a big sigh because they all need to make an effort to get along if they are going to spend time together.

real-housewives-of-atlanta-season-5-gallery-episode-510-15Nene is bringing her granddaughter on her outing with Cynthia.  They are going shopping for baby clothes.  Aren’t they so precious?  That is going to be one fashionable baby. Nene says Bryson and his baby momma are not going to do a Sip and See.  Nene wanted a DNA test to make sure it is Bryson’s baby.  At least there is no mixed up paternity like Nene had.

real-housewives-of-atlanta-season-5-gallery-episode-510-18 real-housewives-of-atlanta-season-5-gallery-episode-510-19KRAVE magazine is doing a fashion shoot with Kenya.  She is getting her makeup and some crazy hairpieces attached to her head.  Kandi comes by to bring her some toys in case Walter wants to go to sleep again.  Kenya tells Kandi how Walter was defensive during their conversation.  Kenya came to Atlanta to see how the relationship can develop.  Kandi feels that Kenya should re-evaluate their relationship.  Kenya has the gloves on and gets into the ring with a fabulous dress and gold heels to start the photoshoot.  Kenya feels Walter is leading her on.

real-housewives-of-atlanta-season-5-gallery-episode-510-21Nene and Gregg are back to flirting with each other again.  They drink from their wedding glasses.  Gregg is apparently going to LA with Nene.  Nene states she is a Georgia Peach forever.  They are sorting out how their situation will be when they go to the West Coast.  Nene will be busy and Gregg will be taking up the slack.  Nene receives a call and gets the news that she has a house ready to move into in Hollywood.

Cynthia and Peter are having a send-off party for Nene.  Kandi is happy to see Nene and Gregg together going to Hollywood.  It didn’t look like Kenya rang the doorbell but just opened the front door.  Maybe the doorbell doesn’t work because Porsha did the same thing.  real-housewives-of-atlanta-season-5-gallery-episode-510-25The lawyer gives a framed picture of all of them to Nene.  All the men separate from the women to do shots.  Kenya tells the women she was mistaken for Beyonce in a grocery store and how a bunch of people wanted to take picture with her.  Porsha, of course, thinks someone is just lying to get into her pants. Cynthia thinks if she looks so much like Beyonce, why doesn’t she get her man to “put a ring on it.”  Peter had a job in a past life running entertainment division of Source magazine and he thinks Nene’s show is going to be a homerun.  They do more shots.  All of them do a toast to Nene congratulating her on her success.  Everyone seems genuinely happy and not hating.

real-housewives-of-atlanta-season-5-gallery-episode-510-29Kenya plans a fishing trip with her and Walter because Walter likes fishing. So now she’s doing the things Walter likes to do.  He sure knows how to play her.  Walter doesn’t want to get his tennis shoes dirty which say a lot about him.  Kenya starts talking about their relationship and how they are moving farther away from each other.  Walter says he felt pressured to propose in Anguilla.  Kenya is questioning why there was no sex on the Anguilla trip and Walter is asking if he is the one that needs to initiate sex.  This is ridiculous to watch.

Kenya asks Walter if she is attracted to her to identify the problem or issue.  Walter isn’t taking this seriously and looking at his watch.  Walter says he is feeling rushed and pressured and answering a question with a question.  Walter is giving Kenya mixed signals and I feel Kenya’s frustration.  Kenya realizes Walter is not the guy for her.  Thank goodness.  Why couldn’t she realize this during the last episode?


Watch What Happens Live by NoMoreDrama

nene and greggGuests – NeNe and Gregg Leakes.  It is Gregg’s first time on WWHL (and live television).

Bartender – TSA Agent Victoria Wilkins.

Andy introduces them with: “Don’t get it twisted, they are getting re-hitchted.”

Andy is throwing NeNe and Gregg a bridal shower tonight, so there will be lots of funny gifts. (not so much).

First up is the grandbaby and NeNe confirms there was a DNA test.

Asked about MJ’s bathing suit (with cut outs) on Shahs, NeNe says, “That’s the first time I’ve seen that, ”  and  “She has a lot of confidence.”

Quiz – They put up a photo of Kenya and asked “Is that Beyonce?”  Yes or No.

Andy tells NeNe that they are on a race for 1 million twitter followers.  NeNe says the millionth follower will get a date with her.

Clips of the (old and out of shape) strippers from last episode.  Andy asks Gregg what he’d tip those ladies.  He says “advice.”  (Heh – he’s quick on his feet.)

Bit  – When did Andy fall in love with Gregg Leakes.  (Gregg looks dumbfounded).  It’s from Season One where Gregg tells all the ladies to not let the experience change them.  Andy points out that NeNe is the last original housewife standing.  NeNe says she doesn’t recognize any of the others, and you have to be smart to stay on the show.

Game – NeNe Year’s Resolution  Andy says a name and NeNe says a New Year’s Resolution.

  • Porsha – Not be a dingdong
  • Phaedra – Change her hair
  • Kenya – Not look for a man, let a man look for you
  • Apollo – Get a tan
  • Kim – Stop lying

Andy Question – How did Gregg and NeNe decide to get back together? Nene – she’s known Gregg since 1996.  She never wanted to divorce him but she needed to teach him how to treat her.

Viewer Question – Will NeNe be on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills now that she’s moved?  She says Andy should answer that.  He says she still lives in Atlanta too.

Andy Quiz – Who would Gregg give NeNe a free pass with?  Simon Cowell.  (I didn’t see that one coming.)

Viewer Question – Who’s side are you on – Porsha or Kenya.  NeNe says she is on team NeNe.  In Anguilla she sided with Kenya, but a lot has happened since then.

Viewer Question – Why are you so much more likable this season?  NeNe – I’ve always been likable.  I am in a happy place.

NeNe has a scrape on her face from using a razor to do her eyebrows.

Viewer Question – what did you think about the rumors about Apollo and Phaedra getting a divorce?  NeNe – it didn’t look like that to her – they always got along well when they were around her.

Andy asks NeNe to put on a Ramona eye blindfold and feed cake to Gregg.  She’s worried about the blindfold and her eyelashes coming off and she doesn’t eat cake, but in the end she does it.

My dog was barking during the Mazel and Jackhole.

Poll Results – landslide (93%) people don’t think Kenya is Beyonce.


Revenge 1/6/13 by Sugar Magnolia

Previously on Revenge…We last left our friends in the Hamptons with Emily orchestrating yet another tactic to take down Americon Initiative.  Nolan has lost his company to Grayson Global (thanks to Daniel’s ambitious nature and a little help from Aiden),  Jack and Faux-Manda had a christening for little Carl, and Ashley has been taken down by Queen Victoria after her brief liason with Conrad.  Ashley is out, Daniel is official CEO, and the Queen and Conrad are attempting to protect Daniel from The Initiative.  Jack learned that he has handed over the Stowaway to brothers that clearly have their own revenge in mind.  Nolan protected Emily’s secret of how her wealth was obtained, and hasPadma at the helm of Nolcorp.  (I still don’t trust Padma and think she works for The Initiative.)  Nolan has a way to get out from the Grayson death-grip, but has yet to reveal it (something to do with his former CEO).  Emily and Aiden are revisiting their romance from their training with Takada in Japan.  She trusts him again.

On the Revengda this evening…
“Power, born out of nature, coveted by man.  Wars rage on and victors are crowned.  But true power can never be lost or won. True power comes from within.”

Opening scene shows Emily and Aiden sparring.  After they are done with martial arts, they get to smooching in the saw grass on the beach.

NYC–Daniel is headed to Grayson Global and is approached by Helen (who he has yet to find out, is the only face we see from The Initiative.  Well, other than the deceased White Haired Man Gordan Murphy) for a kiki.  She plants the seed in his head to start digging through GG to find more secrets.  The promise of wealth and success surpassing his father will be his reward.

Back at the Stowaway, Jack and Faux-Manda are having a moment.  Jack made her a necklace of the sea glass they buried as kids for their wedding.  Scary Ryan brother shows up.

Grayson Manor–Conrad is ignoring his phone and dressed casually.  He is convinced the investors are blowing up his phone now that Daniel has taken over as CEO.  Victoria is going bat-s@#$-crazy as usual, but Conrad wants to just ride the melt.  Telling Daniel about The Initiative will be his downfall and possibly get him killed.  Victoria fears they will use her son the same way they used Victoria and Conrad.  She wants Daniel to step down as CEO for his safety and plans on using Emily to get him to do so.  New characters are introduced–Patricia and Judge Barnes.  They will be staying the weekend.  Certainly they are going be the focus of this weeks revenge.  Back at the beach house,  we see another secret hidden in Emily’s infinity box.  An anonymous letter written to David that tells us that there was jury tampering and judicial impropriety by Judge Barnes during his trial.  Kisses toAiden, and Ems is off to Grayson Manor for lemonade with the Queen.  Victoria convinces Emily to be her ally in getting Daniel to step down.  She is convinced Danny is still in love with Emily and will stand behind Emily if she chooses to help her.  Enter the Judge and his wife Patricia.  He is up for Supreme Court nominations.  Introductions are made and Emily is invited to dinner.

Stowaway–Something shady is going on with the Ryan brothers and Declan is suspicious.  He recruits Charlotte to help him on a fact finding mission.  She uses her charming personality to distract the brothers while Declan tries to find out their secrets.  He finds a very large bag of drugs hidden in a bag of coffee beans.  He tries to hide the fact he was snooping, but unfortunately leaves a single coffee bean on the floor.  Enough evidence for one of the brothers to figure out what he was doing.  Uh-oh…Jack is not happy with Declan for doing this, but decides to call a cop friend to help him get out of this mess.  He sends Faux-Manda and baby to Emily’s for a couple of nights while he figures out how to handle this situation.

Daniel is meeting Daddy for lunch.  (How the heck do they get to NYC so quickly?  Helicopter?  Surely not the Jitney.)   Emily and Aiden meet at the same restaurant and have a fight and she storms out.  Big smile because everything is going as planned.

Daniel meets with Nolan to get him to hack into the files and find the secrets Conrad has hidden in the company.  Nolan and Emily are already back at the beach house.  As usual, Nolan gets the best lines of the episode.  He calls Aiden “Remington Steele” and calls their charade at lunch a “fake-up”.  He is hilarious!  Nolan puts 2 and 2 together and realizes that Daniel is going to be a pawn once again, and a little faux-mance is coming.

Enter the Queen at GG.  She convinces Daniel that her social galas and cocktail parties were a big part in building the business.  And then dangles a carrot that Emily will be attending dinner at the Manor.  Nolan is successful in getting in the files and shoos away Marco (former CEO of Norlcorp, whose role is still not clear in the revenge biz).

Dinner at Grayson Manor.  Emily brings up James Palmer, who she suspects is the writer of the anonymous letter.  Ems gets a little combative with the Judge and his wife while digging for info.  Patricia begs off with a headache and she and the Judge retire.  The next morning Emily is doing research on Patricia and has found medical records, a criminal record, and a connection with James Palmer.  (Oh, and Mr. Palmer was killed 3 days after a juror was dismissed and replaced from the trial.)  Ems now suspects Patricia of writing the letter.  Tonight is the big gala and it looks like there is going to be some fireworks!  Nolan and Aiden make contact with The Initiative and Aiden is summoned to a meeting with Helen.  He meets her and confronts her about destroying his family.  He also finds out that his sister is still alive.  After he killed the Russian kidnapped, they kept her alive.  There will be another meeting where an offer will be made.  Aiden is told to zip it about this meeting.

Stowaway–getting shut down and searched by Hamptons PD.  And the coffee bag only contains coffee…Crap.  They head out to check the boat.  Charlotte’s cooking dinner for Declan when they come to search the boat.  The cops find a gun and narcotics.  Declan is about to get arrested, but Jack takes the fall.  The Ryan’s do a little intimidation with Declan and Jack calls Faux-Manda from jail.

At the Gala, Emily confronts Patricia with her suspicions.   Emily notices that Patricia has bruises and brings out the letter and says that it gave Amanda hope and saved her life.  Patricia fesses up that James wouldn’t have left the letter unsigned, and basically admits she wrote the letter.    Conrad makes a speech, and Patricia is our next speaker.  She brings up Palmer and that he had wanted to come forward with information that would have caused in mis-trial while David Clarke was being prosecuted.  She begins to read the letter and the Judge tries to stop her.  She exposes her husband and tells the crowd that the judgement came from a tainted jury.  Gasps!  She then removes her jacket and we see her bruises.  Exit judge and she and Emily exchange a smile and knowing glance.

Daniel is on his way home and receives another phone call from Helen.  She knows he had Nolan digging and says he left a trail that he may find very lucrative.  Probably something to do with Emily’s money.  Daniel shows up at the beach house while Emily is putting yet another X on a photo of the judge.  He asks her to be head of the charitable arm of GG.  She accepts and they kiss.  Aidenno-likey.

“Power can be hoarded by the mighty.  Or stolen from the innocent.  Power provides the ability to choose but has proclivity for corruption.  The use of power is not to be taken lightly, for it is never without consequence.”

Whew this, was a jam packed episode!  If you don’t watch Revenge, you should!  You can catch season 1 on netflix and season 2 on demand or on abc.com.


Real Housewife of Aiken also has a Revenge Recap


And a summary of the Season to Date



Monday Night Lineup, Jan 7th by BB

8PM – The Biggest Loser (NBC); The Bachelor (ABC); College Football BCS National Championship: Notre Dame/Alabama (8:30 ESPN); WWE Monday Night Raw (USA); Switched at Birth (Fam); Studio E! (E!); I Didn’t Do It (ID); Jerseylicious (Style)

9PM – Real Housewives of Beverly Hills/Vanderpump Rules (Bravo); The Mob Doctor (Fox); Bunheads (Fam); Love It or List It (HGTV); Cake Boss the Next Great Baker (TLC); Disappeared (ID)

10PM – Deception (NBC); Castle (ABC); House Hunters (HGTV); The Haunting of (A&E); Cake Boss (TLC); Trouble Next Door (OWN); True Crime with Aphrodite Jones (ID)

11 PM – Watch What Happens Live: Lisa and Giggy Vanderpump (Bravo)

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  1. Powell says:

    Good morning all. I’m ready for the work day to end already. Sigh. Well at least it’s not to cold. Have a great day.

  2. AZGirl says:

    Love that recap of the meeting with Ana Q. That is very cool. Nene’s grandaughter is beautiful. I am wondering if Gregg and Nene may get a spin off?
    Thanks you for all the recaps and hard work on this blog. I look forward to reading it everyday.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Not gonna lie, I would have loved a HH with the Miami housewives. It sounds like everyone was so friendly and warm. It’s interesting that Ana “owns her age”…I wonder, will she still own her age when she’s Lea’s age??…because apparently Lea’s age is something to ridicule. Sorry, but that’s not classy in my book.

      • shamrockblonde says:

        getting old is something that happens to everyone else, not to you – until it does – funny how that works – my hope is that I age gracefully – silly maybe, funny maybe, but hopefully gracefully – and I agree with you LL – hopefully she lives long enough to understand getting older up close and personal –

        • Orson says:

          Several years ago I reestablished contact with a friend from high school. She commented that though we were the same age as our parents were when we were in high school, we weren’t as old as they were. I guess it’s a generational thing, huh? 🙂

          • LaineyLainey says:

            Yeah, probably. I wonder what generation Ana is in/from? She must be really young to be flinging those comments that I generally hear from the very young (due to inexperience and immaturity) and/or the very rude .

          • Powell says:

            Orson despite our country’s obesity rate & diseases like diabetes, HB pressure, arthritis& many others, on average we are younger physically than our parents, grandparents & great grandparents were at our age.

      • Powell says:

        Not it wasn’t Lainey. I really like Ana but I don’t like that she ridiculed Lea’s age & the fact that Lea sold face cream or whatever out of the trunk of her car. So many people have become a success selling something out of the trunk. Lea was supporting herself.

  3. T-Rex says:

    I have been MIA for the past few days and since I have lived in Florida and been married here for 21 years I will chime in on the Marriagecertificate-gate. Okay, here’s the deal, doesn’t matter if the name is spelled exactly or not. In Florida both parties must go to the County Clerk and present documents including a Driver’s License, a Birth Certificate or Social Security card. These are then recorded by the clerk, on the documents. Once the documents have been filled out and both parties to be wed according to the documents take a sworn oath that all information on the documents are correct 100 percent, then both parties sign the document and it’s notarized by the clerk. Any small typos in the name in the state of florida does not nullify the marriage license, how do I know, I do because I didn’t notice my first name was spelled incorrectly until I applied for my new Social security card. When I asked the county what to do, I just had to file for a name change to the document, with my backup documents, my husband was not required to be there, we did not have to swear an oath again, etc. The clerk also noted that this did not affect the status of my marriage. So BS on the lying stinkin broad in Miami, I am SO glad I wasted very little time on this show, and hope it never comes back bravo

    • T-Rex says:

      Forgot to add this, because Adriana was married previously in the state of Florida she also had to bring her divorce documents with her to also be recorded by the clerk’s office, to obtain the new marriage license as well. This was our first marriage in Florida and so we of course were exempt from this. In Florida it’s not a quick let’s go to the clerk’s office because I feel like getting married, you have to bring all kinds of paperwork.

      • It’s sort of amazing that they think we’re completely stupid. I felt Adriana was fake all season so this isn’t a surprise to me. I suspect much of the drama between Adriana and Joanna is made up.

        • T-Rex says:

          Well I guess it’s in the same category of ShannaTaylorNotFordLyingGrifterLypsMcgee thinking that her public records in Florida showing her constant name changes and her “alleged” escort activities wouldn’t be found out. Uhm DUH you stupid broads you are on a Television show, you are now a public figure, your dirt is going to come to light especially if it’s a matter of public record so don’t lie about it! I agree that Bravo probably didn’t know about some of this stuff, because they rely on the producers doing their homework prior to bringing the information to Bravo. I didn’t see the interaction from Adrianna and Joanna but it’s probably fake right along with Joanna’s fake relationship with Romain, and Alexia fake marriage because she is married to a gay man(I have heard this from a lot of folks), Karent’s fake relationship with Rodolfo, etc. I think the Producers of the show told these Miami folks that they needed to find some “men” so that there would be more drama or that they would cancel the franchise. From what we have seen Miami seems to be the MOST scripted of the HW franchises so far, I think BH they mess with timing on the editing but no one is in a fake relationship. Atlanta I think they only fake was Kenya and I think she LIED to producers to get on the show. NY again no fake relationships, just Bravo timing edits.

        • Powell says:

          Well NMD you remember after S1 reunion Adriana said something to the affect that she knew she had to bring on the drama at the reunion. She just carried it on to S3. I did not like Joanna. But all Adriana has said to Joanna is that she’s created drama between herself & Romain for the show. Now we see Adriana has done the same thing for 2 seasons.

      • Cartwheels says:

        Thanks for this info T-Rex, laws are differnet in each state but your explanation just makes sense. Any shred of sympathy I had for Adrianna is gone, I hate when these ladies try to play us for morons.
        Bravo would be crazy to bring her back, but they brought Taylor back so it wouldn’t surprise me.

        • T-Rex says:

          Also forgot to add that once you are married, the Notary or Church official sign your application and it requires at least one witness to sign then you have to send back to the Clerk’s office to be offically recorded, so just applying for the Certificate isn’t all you have to do in Florida. Again, it’s not like you have a drunken binge weekend and get “suddenly” married, in Florida you have to go through a number of hoops to get hitched, so again BS on the fakeness of Miami. And SERIOUSLY dragging your kid into the lies, unexcusable.

          • Called A Princess... says:

            I think it is funny that Bravo gets very little fault for the dishonesty and fake quality of its product. The buck stops with the owners of the show. They have the money to properly vet the cast members, but choose not to, I think on purpose, because it lends to more publicity and back interest for the show, when garbage is revealed. I have read that Bravo even leaks some of the revealing stories. I will not be played by Bravo (very often) because I assume the whole show is in question, at all times, with a little glimmer of truth, every once in a while. JMHO.

  4. LA_Debra says:

    Hey NMD, I woke up to a sports reporter saying “I think Seahawks are Superbowl bound”. Now, I don’t know anything about football anymore, but I thought how great for NMD!

  5. designernailsdiana says:

    I loved Nene tonight and even started following her.
    Glam Mother!!! That’s me too…. Haha
    Happy Monday. Back to work ugh

  6. cusi77 says:

    Good Morning Everyone! Thank for the Blogs! I love Michelle’s meeting Some of the ladies from Miami! Great recap!

    Besos! Cusi.

  7. Good Monday Morning!

    Thanks for a great blog NMD – and everyone else who contributes!
    I love hearing these stories about HW sightings and convo’s Thanks for sharing that. So cool.

    RamonaCoaster – great ATL recap. I didn’t watch last night…was watching Downton Abbey – there is so much good TV on Sunday’s, my DVR is overloaded. Loved your recap though.

    Can’t read Revenge recap yet Sugar Magnolia….I need to watch the epi first, but I am sure you did a great job.

    Much Love & Good Energy sent everyone’s way on this “back to reality” day! 🙂

    “Monday Inspiration” Blog is up to help you get through the day + all the goodies! Enjoy!

  8. Good Morning, Lovely LynnFam. Hope that everyone is off to a happy and healthy New Year!

    Enjoyed the share of the Miami HW Happy Hour!

  9. princesspindy says:

    I am up earlier than usual today. I am trying to start this new year by going to sleep earlier and waking up earlier….we’ll see. I don’t watch RHOM but how exciting for Michelle. Loved hearing about that! Especially loved the phone calls, LOL!! Haven’t watched Revenge yet cuz I watched The Good Wife. Already watched Season 3 of Downton Abbey…. and Once Upon A Time is back….so not watching Bravo except for RHOBH. If I was at all tempted this weekend all I had to see was the Fatti Stanker marathon and that kept me changing channels!
    Check out my gravatar, NeNe can’t be stopped!, lol

    • princess… wowza..shocked that you are up and adam !!!! I hear ya about the new sleep pattern… hard to do… I’m trying … getting up early but still no luck going to sleep earlier..fall asleep for a few minutes, then wake up feeling all good to go…damn….
      can’t wait to see what kind of fall out will happen now that all the bs has been exposed in MIAMI. dont think lea will be returning if they get renewed … sure that mr black does not need anyone checking them out under the microscope …. winks
      hugs and peace
      diva …

      • princesspindy says:

        LOL! I’m in shock too! 2 cups of coffee and I want to go back to sleep, lol. I only woke up early cuz Princess Beanie Boo was being picked up at 7:30 for a babysitting job and I had forgotten to give the my friend that she is sitting for PBB’s cell #, lol. Had to be supportive and all, ha!

        • LaineyLainey says:

          She must be feeling good!!! that’s great!!! Hi Princesa!!

          • princesspindy says:

            Yes, LL, she is feeling pretty good. Just a month ago she wouldn’t have been able to do this. I think she has finally turned the corner. I have named it and claimed it, lol!!

            • LaineyLainey says:

              As the kids would say #thankful

            • Boobah says:

              PrincessPindy!!! This is GREAT news!!! Hooray for PrincessBeanieBoo!!!

            • trudie says:

              Princess, did they ever figure out what the problem was?

              • princesspindy says:

                Nope, another medical mystery….. I went and got her and the 3 boys she is watching and took them to the park and then to WalMart and got them ice cream cones at the McDonalds. OMG, I hope she survives, lol. They have so much energy!! I could hear the 7year old on the other side of the store, so I went and got him and told him to hold on to the cart and be quiet. He did, and he was. Then I dropped them back off. I was exhausted after a hour and a half.

            • melthehound says:

              😀 .

        • I hear ya bout the java…. I am up early because there is a wayward rooster that has decided to live in the tree next to my bedroom window… and like clockwork..it’s cock a doodle do in the a.m. mr ford sleeps right thru it..not me… i can hear a frog fart and it will wake me up..now if I could only figure out what to do about mr rooster… animal control can’t / won’t help me.. sure wish he would find another place to ””’ ROOST ””””

          • melthehound says:

            Chicken Soup 😉

            • LaineyLainey says:

              bWAHAHAHAHA!! I literally sat here, thinking…”throw the soup at the rooster? baste the tree in chicken soup to ward off the rooster? ” and then…I got it. what can I say, it’s monday!!!! hilarious!!

            • thedesigndiva2 says:

              mth.. lol
              actually rooster stew is quite tasty.. as kids , I remember having to de feather a rooster under the carport for dinner… lol
              now my mr cock a doodle do.. I am hoping the bobcat that lives in the woods across from the house ” eyes” him …SOON..
              and this bird is one of the biggest roosters I have ever seen.. and he’s pretty too boot… i need to dig out one of Life’s Happenings books and see what the rooster signifies..lol
              of course when my sis and I were talking about..our minds immediately went to the gutter… we laughed so hard we were crying about it……. now…allow your mind to wander…..

  10. Cartwheels says:

    Comments about Atlanta

    I totally understand why Nene wanted her son and baby to have a DNA, she was put through the ringer and bend out of shape when she found out about her biological father. That baby was so cute and I was happy to see that Nene hasn’t tried to take over the role of mother and is accepting of her role as glamother.
    Porsha, you are one lucky lady if your hubby didn’t ask you to sign a prenup.
    Kandi, the scen between Riley and Todd was weird, one thing is for sure Riley speaks her mind and I like her for it. I am glad that Kandi is clear about having a prenup, smart woman.
    Cinthya, her one liner about Beyonce and put the ring on it had me cracking.
    Phaedra, I love that she was thoughtful and gave Nene such a nice gift.
    Kenya, I just don’t know what to make of her? when she hired the fake BF, she must have known that this was not going to last so she needed a believable exit card, what better than to have the guy seemed totally uninterested and a total a*&hole to play his demise really well. That the only way I can explain these two.

    I hate the men of RHNJ, but for some reason I love the guys on RHOA, they honestly seem to get along and they always have me cracking with their nonsense.

    • Pghemtchick says:

      I’m lol’ing at Slash not getting a prenup. I don’t know he was never really the smartest. Supposedly, his old football rumors are going to come up this season. *yawn* old news, everyone thought he was/is gay. He was supposedly caught in Schenley Park trolling for a hookup. Anyone from Pittsburgh knows that park is a gay meetup and there were always public sex/lewdness arrests there. I don’t know, but he has a son that we don’t see on housewives (even tho his baby momma has been on there). Wonder why they don’t show Portia playing mommy there? Anyways, before they air, here’s a link to a sports blog from ’08 addressing the rumors and the PR spin of radio/tv interviews: http://www.realclearsports.com/blognetwork/rcs_sidelines/2008/07/burress-kordell-stewart-affected-by-the-gay-rumors.html

      • LaineyLainey says:

        P-Chick…I wonder what Porsha says about this. Nevermind, I don’t want to “hear” her say anything…her voice grates so badly. I thought she was joking when I first heard her speaking. Modulate, woman!!!! Modulate that monotone, ruffly, gurgly shriek!!! She has one volume. SHRIEK.

      • thedesigndiva2 says:

        pchick… even mr ford… pa born and raised..was SHOCKED to find out that he was married…hmm.. I wonder if they really are…lol lol lol
        maybe no need for a prenup cause she gets paid handsomely to ‘ be ‘ his wife… allegedly of course…. cya….

        • LaineyLainey says:

          What IS the going price for a beard? hmmmmmm

          • thedesigndiva2 says:

            laineylainey… w/o naming names… I was at my gf’s newyears eve party a few years ago..she has some high powered friends from the Atlanta area… and some of these wives.. are SET FOR LIFE… have lots of money , homes and get paid ‘ extra’ for having kids… makes the life style more believable to other family members… nice arrangements and even more bank when the wills are read …. to each their own I guess.. and after meeting these folks… I would have NEVER guessed ….hmm

            • T-Rex says:

              Diva, also same goes for those very rich folks in Miami in particular the Latin community, those women get their fancy mansions and bank accounts and the men get to live on the “down low” in private clubs in South Beach and parade their trophy wives at events.

              • t-rex…oh yea… i’ll have to go find the page that an ex writer from the palm beach post when he did an expose on some of the folks down south… it caused quite a ruckus a few years ago… back when they had decent writers who were not afraid to go digging for dirt.. just like back when lea ( allegedly ) had dinner with roy black the same night of the aquital… that raised all kinds of eyebrows and tongues were wagging here for sure…if memory serves me..they had dinner at ER Bradleys in Palm Beach….he was still married at the time… they then told the story that they did not start dating till a year after the trial..um..sure…. then why all the secrecy about them getting married…. hahahaha…

  11. Lulu says:

    Hello all!!!! Hope everyone’s day is going great.

    I’m sure I’m in the minority here but IMHO “happy hour” is creepy!!!! I know we see the reality “stars” —>(hate that word but can’t think of a better one) on whatever show they are on. We only see a snapshot of their life but to approach them is creepy. I can’t imagine someone watching my life then approaching me on the street, bar, whatever with a barrage of questions. I get you put yourself out there so expect this. What about privacy? Never in a million years would I approach any of these “reality stars” the reality is you don’t know them. Just IMHO!!!

    • Called A Princess... says:

      I think at a bar it is OK to approach most people. There is a party feeling to the location. I guess it would be up to the individuals involved to decide to speak or not. We still live in a somewhat free country. People seem to want to control every little thing, these days. IMHO.

  12. Powell says:

    I think watching Kenya ask Walter why they didn’t do the horizontal mombo on the trip was more painful to watch than ridiculous to watch. Her comment means NeNe was totally telling the truth when she said she didn’t hear a peep out of Kenya & Walter’s room. Now that we know Walter was a rent-a boyfriend for the season Kenya sure duid fail w/writing her script cause Walter didn’t do what a BF does at all, except puss you off. If Kenya cant even write a script for her life how in the world is her production company supposedly successful.

    • Contessa says:

      The entire Kenya/Walter thing really bothered me…it’s like she has no dignity. A woman knows (should know by her 40’s) when you can speak of marriage in a relationship. Kenya came off as desperate and it is not a good look for a woman at anytime. On top of that we know that this was a fake-up for the show???? She looks more ridiculous than ever.

      When she compared herself to Beyonce and said there were “like 100 people lining up for her autograph”, that is when I decided she is certifiable. She has lost touch with reality big time in my opinion. I am also not crazy about the other one – Porsha – She is vapid and empty. I like the regular crew much better, now that Kim is gone. I didn’t realize what a damper she put on that show. It was lovely to see everyone happy for Nene’s success yesterday.

      • T-Rex says:

        I am not watching the show regularly, catch snippets here and there and am glad Kimz is off the show permanently, all I can say is YIKES that Kenya is all kinda cray cray. Uhm again another wannabe not understanding the public will find out your lies! Look Kenya is that needy woman that no guy wants to marry. They will date her but commit to her because she’s nuts. In addition didn’t realize this but this craycray woman who can’t get a man actually WROTE a dating book, yeppers gang that’s why she wanted to “appear” to have a boyfriend. Hope she is another HW that doesn’t come back to the show. Although, without NeNe I don’t think folks will be watching this show as much.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          Well with those kind of credentials (Kenya’s): cray cray, wrote a dating book, pretending to have an oncamera relationship, no one will marry her…they should make her an EXPERT MATCHMAKER!!!! and GIVER HER OWN SHOW!!! Apparently, those are the qualifications you must earn in order to be paid for a matching making show. Methinks, Stanky has met her match.

        • Powell says:

          T-Rex that’s a laugh. She wrote a book on dating and gas been proposed to 6 times. LOL. That’s almost like Stanger having a match making business & telling women how to get a ring on it & couldn’t keep her fiance cause duh they want different things. Laughable.

      • Powell says:

        Yeah Contessa. Didn’t I tell you all people mistake me for Jada Pinkett Smith all the time? 😉 Kenya is living on her Miss USA title. Her idol Vanessa Williams doesn’t live on being crowned Miss America nor does she live on her losing her title. She continuously moves forward in her career. Kenya just doesn’t see that Bravo used her to be the desperate for a nan woman.

  13. ItzAngieDuh says:

    Happy Monday everyone! Thanks for the re caps & blog. I still marvel at how everyone stayed together after the unfortunate passing of or beloved Lynn. Thanks to NMD & everybody who works to keep this blog going. Just one small correction on the RHOA re-cap. Nene saw Bri Asia’s mother when she was 6 mos pregnant & she told Nene that she didn’t know why Bryson didn’t tell Nene that she was pregnant. So Bryson knew but failed to inform his parents. Porsha I don’t mind her so much-she’s a newbie so ill gv her a pass. On to Kenya. Next time she decides to hire a man to play her boyfriend, and choose marriage as her story line-maybe she should make the proposal part of the deal, do she won’t look so desperate and pitiful. As far as her looking like Beyonce-I’m not even going to go there! Not only is she desperate-she’s delusional!! I felt RHOM was scripted-but enjoyed Lea getting her come uppabce at the reunion! Ana would not back down from her & yeah she hit below the belt with the age insults but Lea shut up & none of the other ladies were able to do that. Love Ana, Marysol & Lisa, the rest I’m just meh. Can’t wait for Vanderpump Rules tonite. Who’s with me? I miss Detox-has she been around? Have a good Monday!

  14. 2Stupid says:

    This may have been discussed alreayd, but just read where Bethenny is asking for primary custody and child support and medical coverage for her and Bryn. I know a lot of people on the board think Jason hit below the belt with Bethenny, but I believe he may have been pushed to that. She disrespected his parents and home town on the first season. She always made it seem, that she was always making concessions for him. This is going to sound really mean to some of you, but I hope Jason meets a younger 30 something, that is from a midwestern area of the country, but lives in NYC and has a couple of more children so Bryn can have some siblings. I guarantee you, it is going to be Jason that teaches that girl self-esteem and normal values. Bethenny has never experienced a wholesome up bringing so how can she impart that to Bryn. I read she was in Vail on Christmas Eve with Bryn. Is that how you spend a two year old’s Christmas?

    • AZGirl says:

      Hopefully Bryn will spend more holidays with Jason’s parents. I guess that will be determine in the divorce settlement. A hotel room in Vail is not a place to spend Christmas for a 2 year old. I assume that Jason needed to move out before the end of the year and they did not want Bryn to witness the move.

      • 2Stupid says:

        Couldn’t they have faked it through Christmas and been at home? The only good thing is children are more resilient the younger they are. Bethenny and Jason not being together will become the new normal for Bryn. I honestly think Jason will get through it better, because he has a real support system, not people that are paid to tell him he’s right. This is all coming from someone that really was a BIG Bethenny fan.

    • Cartwheels says:

      She has asked for primary custody but with Jason living in NYC I am positive they will split time with Bryn even.
      The fact that Bethenny makes more money than Jason doesn’t mean that he is exempt from child support, usually the custodial parent has to pay some form of child support.
      Bethenny is her company so if Jason has medical benefits through his job, is probably in Bryn’s best interest to have her medical insurance through her father anyway.
      As far as Christmas, Jason had Bryn for Christmas and they spend their time in Hazleton with his parents, Bethenny reunited with Bryn on the 27th and they spent together the New Year in Aspen.
      Jason most likely will remarried and have few more kids, for Bethenny it is probably that Bryn will be her only child, for that reason I do not judge her for seeking primary custody.

    • Beckygrey says:

      Why do we just wish everyone the best? Why don’t we as women just say that marriage can be difficult and that we get that? Why do we feel that we have to “teach someone a lesson” by hoping a young women replaces Bethany? We watch these shows for entertainment and to escape, but we have to remember, these are their real lives. Divorce is painful !

      • melthehound says:

        Of course I’m not a woman but I think the ‘lesson’ 2stupid was referring to was from Jason to Bryn in raising her. Teach her to have some self esteem and self worth and not let anybody walk all over her as, people in B’s past apparently have. The ‘younger’ woman came with a couple kids, ready made family, so Bryn can have some instant siblings. That’s what I got from that posting anyway.

      • chismosa says:

        I agree Mel, what you said below–
        Becky- i don’t think i should have to wish everyone the best. Fine, marriage is difficult, but I also choose, and it is my OPINION that Jason deserves a nice well-raised, (parents’ together, siblings, not an only child, hopefully somewhat religious/tolerant of religion) woman he can marry and move on with and yes, have more kids with.

        I’m just over it with Bethenny. She announced this now to give her ample time January>>>> down to September to mend fences with any viewers of her show that may be on the fence about her right now due to the divorce. I’m onto her. My opinion. Women don’t ‘have to’ support anyone they don’t want to. Just because we all have women parts! jmho.

    • chismosa says:

      2 Stupid not sure if you’ll see this, but i TOTALLY agree with all your sentiments. I can’t believe she’s asking for help financially. That’s some gall there.

    • Contessa says:

      I am hoping it isn’t true either. If it is she is creating a real PR nightmare for herself. She has enough money that they can come into the child support issue in an equitable manner based on respective incomes. With regard to health insurance – Bethenny should have her own – her company should have been set up for this a long time ago – period. I understand the life insurance, but Bethenny should also have life insurance payable to Jason in case she dies as well. Custody – should be shared – that little girls needs some loving family around her like her Daddy and her grandparents.

      • djprincessc says:

        See, I do agree with Jason paying child support just for Bryn though. Just because Bethenny makes more money doesn’t mean he shouldn’t have to pay anything. I agree with Jason being fully responsible, along with Bethenny for all of Bryn’s expenses. Anything for Bethenny though I don’t think is right and don’t see the point, unless he did cheat on her and she’s bitter, lol.

      • AZGirl says:

        Well it is TMZ so who knows how much truth is in the article. If Bethenny is asking for this she is going to come out of the divorce with nothing other than a PR nightmare. If she was smart she would stop the dog fight and go with the prenup only.

        • Cartwheels says:

          I agree, I want to see the print out of the document first, as far as we know it is just a proposal, Jason will submit his proposal and then they negotiate and they come to a final agreement.
          I felt a little sorry for Tom Cruise because he was blindsided (only for that reason) but now I understand why Katie did what she did, the press tries to twist everything and the way she did with the final divorce decree being done in two weeks was the best thing to do for all parties involves, nobody got to see proposals or counterproposals, just the final document.

          • Eastbayca says:

            Katie definitely did it the “right way” they was less publicity about her divorce cause no one saw it coming and by the time people recovered from the whiplash it was over….lots of stuff remained private and all the press/public can do is speculate.

        • Contessa says:

          With regard to my comments above, I believe Jason should pay child support, every father should, but it should be equitable an equitable split between him and Bethenny. Bethenny doesn’t need Jason’s money or his insurance. Once you are divorced, and can afford to seperate everything financially – than by all means cut the strings.

          There is more to this story. For Bethenny or her camp to leak something like this TMZ (if they did leak it) tells me she is super pissed and hurt and is coming out slugging big time. She needs to get over herself at this point and think about the long term effects of this public fighting for Bryn. All these little caustic comments on twitter these last few days are telling me that Jason had enough and just doesn’t want to play in the house built on constant therepy. Jeez live in the moment once in awhile – breathe your happiness. I really don’t understand why Bethenny has so much angst? She has tremendous success w/money, married a nice guy, has a beautiful daughter, and has entree into anything she wants. She needs to stop and count her blessings and think about the women that are going through a divorce with an absentee father and are trying to figure out how to stretch mac and cheese until payday?

          • Donna says:

            I never thought Jason was a nice guy. I saw him as a street angel and house devil. I caught many times that he felt that he was “superior” to her.

          • Cartwheels says:

            I don’t think this was leaked by anybody on Bethenny’s camp, if anything I would go as far as to say that it was leaked by someone who doesn’t like her , we haven’t seen the documents yet and in this cases in first proposals you always ask for as much as you can ask so there would be room to negotiate and get to a happy medium.
            Bethenny might not need his money but Jason (if Bethenny gets to have primary custody) is not exonerated of child support. Same will go if Jason wins primary custody, then Bethenny would have to pay for child support. The laws are equal for everybody and the court of public opinion has no bearing on a judge’s decision on this matter.

          • melthehound says:

            What if he has primary custody. Who should pay then?

            • Sus says:

              In this situation, no one should have primary custody. 50/50 with them paying 50/50 for major expenses. Maybe switch off years for health insurance.

              If this is true, and TMZ usually is, Bethenny is worse than I thought.

              • melthehound says:

                My question was kind of with respect to my nephew’s situation. He has full time custody and the mother owes child support, for which she hasn’t paid one dime. In Michigan, deadbeat dads do jail time. What about deadbeat Moms (she has been a deadbeat all her life)?

                In posting my question I jumped to a conclusion that I should have known better than to jump to. Contessa Did say that it should be equitable, on that I agree but didn’t thoroughly read the comment. I apologize to Contessa for that oversight.

                • Cartwheels says:

                  That is another of the double standards of our society, if the father goes to jail for not paying child support, then the mother should too and there are a lot of women who abuse the system because they know that the father is not likely to prosecute. My current husband’s ex-wife didn’t have a job when he got custody so she had to pay some ridiculous amount of child support, not even a 100 a month I think, my husband would had never prosecute her even though she was late on payments, but she maxed a CC that was on their name that she was supposed to close the account when they divorced which was like 8 years prior, story short he took her to court, won and find out in the process that for years she had had a full time job, requested a modification in child support and got it granted. I agree with you that if fathers could even land in jail for non payment the same rule should apply to any non custodial parent regardless of gender.

              • Cartwheels says:

                Bethenny has made her proposal, I am sure that Jason in his proposal will also request for primary custody and a lot of other things, then the judge is who decided who gets the primary or if they get joing custody which most likely would be the case.

            • Cartwheels says:

              If he gets primary custody then Bethenny will have to pay. the custodial parent always receives child support, whether is a lot or a samll amount depends on their income.

          • PJ says:

            I don’t think Jason was such a nice guy, at least that’s what I saw when watching the show.

        • PJ says:

          TMZ usually gets it right actually. What Bethenny asked for in the filing is standard nothing unsual.

      • Cartwheels says:

        Bethenny’s life insurance to Bryn payable to Jason, i don’t think so. Payable to Bryn’s trust fund and whoever she has chosen to name as trust fund manager, by all means.
        Bethenny and Jason did have a conversation about this on the show and Bethenny told Jason that she was not naming him benefitiary of any life insurance on her name because then he would remarried and the name would not go exclusively to Bryn.

        • Cartwheels says:

          sorry, meant the money (menaing the money from her life insurance and her own money) would not go exclusively to Bryn.

    • Eastbayca says:

      One of my work colleagues made a whole lot less than his doctor wife (now ex),…… per the judge ruling he had to pay child support for the two kids. The wife asked for it…and the judge granted it.

      • djprincessc says:

        One thing that I have noticed is that a lot of people are Criticizing Bethenny for tweeting things, why is it a bad thing? She’s going through a hard time and wants to express her feelings. I haven’t seen her post anything disrespectful in the slightest! When I have or am going through a break up I post quotes or things about how I am feeling all the time and it does help.

      • Cartwheels says:

        I made more money that my ex-husband but got primary custody so he had to pay for child support, provide medical insurance and life insurance.
        He was lucky that I didn’t ask for alimony and wasn’t even going to ask for child support but my lawyer absolutely refuse that and said that child support was a child’s right not mine and as such I could not dismiss it.

  15. Eastbayca says:

    Interesting twit from B…..
    Bethenny Frankel ‏@Bethenny
    I need a little break from unsolicited advice today. Let’s all just lighten it up even if just for a few hours.

  16. california35 says:

    hi everyone, i hope you are having a nice Monday.

    there is a Revenge Recap now!?? yay!!! or was it there before? opps. i did not watch it yet, but it is one o my Sunday shows 🙂 now that Dexter and Boardwalk Emp are over, i thought i would get to my other Sunday shows (Revenge, Good Wife and Once Upon). i did not last night, i got sleepy 😛 now a days, when i feel sleepy, i just turn things off lol i do get up pretty early 🙂

    okay, this is my contribution for the day 😛
    i hope i make it home on time for BH, i noticed it WILL be 2 hrs!

  17. Powell says:

    Michelle welcome and thanks for tha happy hour 411 w/Ana. It’s great when someone on tv is the nice and delightful person in real life as on tv. You said hoe ABA looked. How did Marysol & Alexia look?

  18. AZGirl says:

    Chili is simmering on the stove. Cornbread is going in the oven. BRING ON THE GAME!

    MTH/Jeff brings up a good point about Jason may get 50/50 custody of Bryn and in that case I believe that child support is determined by a pay scale. If Jason does run into financial hardship he can amend the child support.

    Alimony is different and set in stone once the numbers are crunched out. Each state is different so we will see.
    Bethenny needs to get off twitter and simmer down. Keep this under wraps and get it done quickly.

    • Eastbayca says:

      I believe your unsolicited advice is one of the many that she is not interested about….that she did twit about.

      • melthehound says:

        I’m reasonably certain she doesn’t want any ‘unsolicited advice’… what she wants are cheerleaders and sympathy. Once a fame whore always a fame whore, even in divorce.

        • Powell says:

          MTH I agree she wants cheerleaders & sympathy.

        • BB says:

          I agree with AZ Girl and MTH. You can’t have it both ways. If you are in the public eye and put out press releases and statements about your separation and divorce, and you also have twitter and tweet about how you are feeling or how your day is going and everybody knows your business, then you need to expect the judgement along with the support. JMO

          • Called A Princess... says:

            Since I am pretty sure Bethenny is a human being she should have the right to express herself, in her own demented fashion. People find her interesting to talk about, not the other way around. I guess she is lonely by design, for a reason? JMHO.

          • chismosa says:

            You said it perfectly BB

  19. Powell says:

    Did anyone see CSI Crime Scene Investigation last week? I was listening/watching it at work on my phone today. Kyle was in that episode. She was only on the screen for about 6 minutes. She played a neighbor of a murdered man. She described how the man was in the neighborhood. She did alright. Not Emmy worthy or anything. 🙂

    • princesspindy says:

      Whenever I see the commercials for that show I say to myself
      “That show is still on?”

  20. Powell says:

    AZGirl chilli & cornbread!?! Yummy, yum, yum. I loveeee chilli. Nice and spicy. I haven’t had any this winter. Now I’m going to have to make some soon. I’m having homemade chicken soup my mom made & cornbread. 🙂

  21. Contessa says:

    AZ – what is your recipe for chili – can you share? I love chili and have a an okay recipe but would like something new.

  22. college football makes big money for their schools


  23. AZGirl says:

    I will post my chili recipe on the recipe page tomorrow. It is from Pierre Franey’s Cuisine Rapide cookbook. Less tomato but all fresh flavors. Sour cream on top really adds to it.

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