Let’s Chat – Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Vanderpump Rules and Lisa Vanderpump on WWHL

It’s been WEEKS since we’ve had a new episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and we still don’t know Adrienne’s secret.  Adrienne who?  This episode sounds like it’ll be all about Brandi, Taylor, and Lisa and then transition right into Vanderpump Rules.

welcome to surFrom Bravo’s Website:

Worried about a $1.5 million dollar lawsuit left behind by her husband, Taylor invites a psychic to “cleanse” her house. The lawsuit is ultimately settled, though not in the way Taylor would like (note from NMD – she has to give up her Birkins, and it is discovered they are fake – although I think they’ll show her giving up her wedding ring.) The drama also continues in Brandi’s life, as Lisa asks her to meet with Scheana, the waitress who admitted to having an affair with Brandi’s ex-husband. Seeking counsel from another wise divorcee, Camille, Brandi decides to come face-to-face with the woman who had a hand in ruining her marriage. After the confrontation, things get worse for Scheana as she picks up shifts at Lisa’s restaurant, SUR, and tries to fit in with the other servers. In an effort to keep a hand on her unruly staff, Lisa encourages Scheana to stand up to Stassi, the self-proclaimed “leader of the pack” who has been labeling her a “home wrecker” to all of her new co-workers.

It sounds like this episode of housewives will transition straight into Vanderpump rules to lure us into watching Lisa’s show.

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284 Responses to Let’s Chat – Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Vanderpump Rules and Lisa Vanderpump on WWHL

  1. princesspindy says:

    I saw the preview of V Rules, won’t be watching, I don’t need to watch more whiners!!

    • trudie says:

      PP, saw your response on the last blog. Didn’t your daughter’s illness start off as whooping cough or were they incorrect about that?

      So glad that she is finally starting to recover. If she can babysit for rambunctious kids, she has more energy than I do!

      • princesspindy says:

        Yes, it did start off as whooping cough. It was a horrible recovery, she still coughs but not for the 10 hour marathons and her ribs and all are starting to heal. We will see how she feels when she gets home, lol. She is supposed to do it again tomorrow….

  2. VV says:

    Beverly Hills Darling Shi Shi Shi Shi!

  3. Laineylainey says:

    Watching the BCS championship taping bravo

  4. Sus says:



    • JustDee says:

      Why is she nekkid?
      And “Animal Friendly Products” = NOT Leather!

      • Sus says:

        Maybe she enjoys rubbing her perfect breasts in the faces of women who have been disfigured from breast cancer and/or dead now. Okay, I doubt its that but how does she think breast cancer survivors feel or how a woman who is dying of breast cancer feels.

        But, buy a bag!!! An amount THAT SHE DOESN’T DISCLOSE will go to a breast cancer charity.

        Oh, these things just piss me off.

        • melthehound says:

          You were the one I was thinking about in my post below… wondering what you thought of this charity. I can see how you feel about the nudie pic….

    • princesspindy says:

      She needs to proofread her website but it sounds just like her…..

      Gretchen Christine Collection (Purses): We will except returns within fourteen days of original receipt. All products must be unused and undamaged, in original packages (whenever possible), and with all accessories to ensure a full credit.

    • melthehound says:

      I saw the pink ribbon and thought that she was hawking another organization, one that I know someone here has major issues with. It doesn’t look like the same one though.. I don’t know what of her proceeds Gretchen is donating, if any but here is the charity she is promoting with that ad.


      I’ll let you all decide if it’s a worthwhile one.

      • Sus says:

        Their website says they “BCCA provides direct help now. Working through cancer treatment centers nationally, the “Help Now Fund” provides counseling and emergency financial services to assist women and their families. We help with the unexpected expenses of cancer such as transportation treatments, past-due utility bills, rent eviction notices, and the like. Our commitment is adequate food, clothing and shelter for every woman going through breast cancer.”

        That sounds good. Who knows though, they lost any credibility with me when with an ad like Gretchen’s.

  5. Laineylainey says:

    I have been noticing that we here on the lynnfam board do not actually watch all of the hw shows. Which ones do you watch or not watch? I watch everything plus Shahs and top chef. This upcoming season of OC will be my first time to boycott a hw show. Reason? Because of Tamra.

    • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

      I watch all as well as Shahs and TC…but never again will I watch that Patti mismatch maker!!!! I will watch OC just to aggravate myself-why? I dont know!!!!!!

      • Laineylainey says:

        Hi Jill! hows things? That’s where I was last season with OC watched it knowing good and well that I was going to be highly agitated… I reached my limit. Because not only was i rolling my eyes constantly, i stopped caring and that is it for me. you bore me, so…buh-bye. No desire to watch tam-tam and wretchen. I realized that I find them all ultra boring. Watching Vicki and the grilled grifter and the borrowed fur WAS slightly amusing…but the other cast members just didn’t interest me. Repeating myself a wee bit.. Haha! “You ate my bow!” Really???!

    • princesspindy says:

      Let’s see, I watch Beverly Hills and Top Chef and that is about it…. I catch bits and pieces of shows as I change channels but I have been watching a lot of stuff online or reading. Oh, and A LOT of football!!!

    • VV says:

      RHOBH, RHONJ(?), might watch RHONY if cast changes.
      Stopped OC 2 seasons ago.

    • JustDee says:

      I haven’t watched any of Atlanta this season, and not much Miami. Still watch BH, NY & OC.

    • TexasTart says:

      I watch ALL housewives EXCEPT NJ! Quit NJ after their last episode was so lame I would not even watch the reunion. I feel completely indifferent to the entire cast!

      • Laineylainey says:

        They (nj) disgust me to the point that I have to watch…like watching a train wreck. If I get bored I will quit nj. I like the family stuff though. Milania….so cute!

    • mygirlsmom says:

      I watch all the HW shows except for Miami. Just can’t seem to muster any interest in them. I also watch Shahs.

    • melthehound says:

      Beverly hills is the only show on Bravo I’m paying any attention to right now. I gave up on NY with the one legged lady arriving at the vacation spot expecting a parade. NJ, I’m teetering on.. You all know I love me some Teresa but with the Marcos still on the show, I don’t know if I can stand another season. Miami, 10 minutes this season was enough for me.. Atlanta lost me in less than two minutes with ‘coochie crack’. Besides.. even while she was only there for about half the season, If I had to look at side boob Kim Z barking out orders from the couch or bed again, I was going to throw my TV into the street in front of the next passing car.

    • Lisa Renee says:

      Hi Lainey, Interesting question, interesting replies. I watch all the HW’s….after the blogs, live chat & the blog of the HW cast blogs. So entertaining & I love to read more than watch. Love TC, I am digging the Shahs, I like Jeff & Co. Will decide about SUR after the experts weigh in. One thing clear, no one looking forward to Stankazz’s show. She couldnt match herself to her shadow. Hope all is well, Lisa

    • zoekayla says:

      I won’t be watching the Sur program….those young servers look like generic stereotypes. I will watch RHoBH, though:)
      I’m on the fence about Millionaire Matchmaker. I hate PS, but some of the stories and clients are interesting. Otherwise I watch most of the shows on Bravo:)

    • dickens says:

      I watch all the HW shows, some of which I only watch in order to keep up with the snark. Besides them, I watch Top Chef, Project Runway and Sister Wives.

  6. VV says:

    Bitch Kyle you’ve done something when Fay Redneck was attacking Brandi.

  7. VV says:

    Taylor’s on time…to check BCS Championship,

  8. Nancy says:

    I guess Kennedy’s “allergies” are gone? Please!

  9. pickles312 says:

    Why does Faye pop in and cause trouble? She’s not really part of the show, imo. And Marisa is friggin Hollywood Royalty what on Earth is she slummin’ it with all those ladies?

  10. Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

    Did you ever notice that when you start a diet you get severe munchies at night??? I feel like I’m starving to death….and believe me-I’m NOT!!!

    • Nancy says:

      LOL We just ordered a pizza! It’s not very good though.

    • pickles312 says:

      You read my mind. I want to eat everything. Its like self-sabotage. You’ve done well during the day and now its time to “ruin it all”. Mwoaahahaha

    • Lisa Renee says:

      Hey Jill, I get the munchies at night, but not because I started a diet hahaha. I found these thinks I call chocolate ding dongs that are like a warm brownies frm freezer to microwave. VitaTops deep chocolate. Will tweet u a pic. 100 calories each & they shut me the hell up. Lisa

      • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

        Lisa…whatcha doin’ to get them munchies Lady??? Thanks for finding something that might shut me the hell up..I love anything chocolate!!!!

        • Lisa Renee says:

          Jill, you a very smart lady. The forecast for tonight is cloudy. DD is gone 1 week & 1 day & DH is in ATL overnight on business & am not a big drinker so I am keeping myself entertained, check your twitter see if you got the pic, these things are a life saver, Lisa

    • Orson says:

      I’ve stocked up on baby cut carrots and salad for those occasions.

  11. pickles312 says:

    I am super open minded about supernatural stuff but this chick seems ca-razy.

  12. pickles312 says:

    Vanderpump rules is going to bore me before it even starts. Like the waitress says “we’re all gorgeous and aspiring actors”. Wow! No kidding! In LA? You must be kidding……. snooze

  13. VV says:

    Kyle just flat out said it. She doesn’t feel that Brandi for outing the stupid Charo secret.

  14. JustDee says:

    Marissa looks about 20 years younger without all that make-up and starched hair!

  15. VV says:


  16. pickles312 says:

    Marisa is old-money, well-bred, beautiful and seems to be level-headed. I am a bit jealous.

    • Laineylainey says:

      Pickles, I love your name! Do you remember “pickles the fire cat?”

      • pickles312 says:

        I’m not sure. Was that a little cat from a children’s book that was drawn kinda pencil/sketchy and was hangin at the firehouses? Or am I making up stuff again?

  17. Nancy says:

    She needs to get her money back from those acting classes.

  18. pickles312 says:

    I’m diggin Taylor’s nail polish. I wonder what it is. Taylor got completely screwed with this whole Russell situation from start to finish. Sorry, but what a coward.

  19. VV says:

    Taylor manages to cry withou shedding a single tear. Make up is perfect.

    • Lisa Renee says:

      VV, Its from the Cosmetic Line by Casey Anthony. Failor is spokeperson. Their tag line….Makeup so thick it absorbs tears before they fall so no one is quite sure if you are crying or not. Comes complete with 1 worlds strongest tissue, to complete look. Lisa

    • Orson says:

      I don’t get Taylips. I wish she’d make up her mind; is she the grieving widow or the domestic abuse victim? If she’s the DAV, the wedding ring shouldn’t mean that much to her. Other than the money. Which would fit in with the scammer/grifter Taylips.

  20. VV says:

    Yolanda!!! I’ve forgotten she was on the show.

  21. Sus says:

    So should Taylor be thankful that she as an out with the law suit? Who would want a ring from a guy who monitored her computer use and beat on her?

    The fake Birkins kill me.

  22. pickles312 says:

    Wow! Yolanda will cook? She is A-friggin-MAZING!

  23. pickles312 says:

    There is something eerie and unsettling about Mr. Grammy and Yolanda but I can put my finger on it yet.

    • Laineylainey says:

      Too perfect?

      • pickles312 says:

        That what I wanted to say but then, is it just that they are so perfect that they are annoying? Yolanda was married to Mohamed right? Would you want to be married to Mohamed? Then, whenever Grammy talks about her he just seems completely clueless and at the same time judgemental. And how she was like “Shut Up! My husband is at the PIANO!”

    • Pamela says:

      I agree. He is impressed that she can actually cook a dinner without help. Then he complains that she has dished out too much for him – most people would just take it and eat what they want. Then she corrects that and he complains that it is too spicey.

  24. TexasTart says:

    Darn! I don’t guess I’ll be getting a horse after the laundry list if necessities Yolanda just listed! 😦

  25. VV says:

    Charo time!

  26. TexasTart says:

    UGH Charo! Reminds me I need to walk the dogs….

  27. Nancy says:

    That was weird.

    • Orson says:

      Notice how every time Paul said “I’ve done this” or “I’ve researched this” Charo had to shoot him down “I did it too” and “I’ve researched this too”. :: sadly shaking my head ::

  28. pickles312 says:

    I would like to keep it just because she’s broke and it will probably be an uphill battle catching a good guy so why not look at something pretty in the meantime? Its the only thing she got out of that disasterous marriage. But I see your point. Its like she keeps getting jacked every time she turns around and even though I think she is a gold digger and married that Russell only for his fake money, she doesn’t deserve all this BS.

  29. VV says:

    Laughable! Now Brandi caused your divorce Charo?

  30. VV says:

    AA (Adulterous Attorney) enters the scene.

  31. cusi77 says:

    So… Now is Brandi’s fault the restraint betweet Adrienne and Paul…Ummm, I think NOT! They have been the bickersons since Season 1, Episode 1!

  32. VV says:

    Do you think LeAnn is watching?

  33. pickles312 says:

    Ahh, to be young and stupid enough to believe the crap guys tell you. Those were the days, huh?

  34. Nancy says:

    Poor AZGirl. The score is 27-0 so far.

  35. Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

    What is the point of this?

  36. Nancy says:

    This is not making Brandi look good.

  37. pickles312 says:

    No offense but how come this bimbo gets a spot now? She is a waitress who screwed an actor. Hmm…

    • melthehound says:

      I haven’t even seen the show yet but I’m going to guess, advertisement. “Come One Come All.. Step Right Up… See the woman who screwed Brandi’s husband and still got dumped for a richer model… ” – Advertisement. Just like the shows themselves.

  38. pickles312 says:

    Yeah, I didn’t think about that-the other girls must totally hate her.

  39. TexasTart says:

    See how Bravo is doing this seemless transition between BH and VR hoping to suck us in..good luck with that because I love Queen Lisa but I am NOT interested in her employees!

  40. Nancy says:

    I can’t believe that Lisa would lower herself to do this show.

  41. Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

    Oh I get it now…Brandi had that discussion on national TV just to help segue in VanDerPump Rules??? I hope she got herself a fat ass pay check for that…and I hope she thinks it was worth it.

  42. KTinCT says:

    In the first few minutes I was dizzy from following who is sleeping with, who has slept with and who are actually friends……

  43. Sus says:

    Okay Miss Descendant from a Swedish Princess. So, like you are going to be nice to another employee when you like know that I have a problem with her like? Like I know like I’m not coming across like Copernicus like but like it’s okay like because like I live in like LA like.

  44. pickles312 says:

    I STILL think its hilarious that a horse got in the camera lens and said “Yeah, we’re ALL really good looking. Everyone always comments on it.” And the other one was like “Sur is so dif from other Hollywood Restaurants because we all want to be actors and models”. Yep, that a shocker all right.

  45. Formerly Addicted to Bravo says:

    Love Lisa but my finger is on the channel selector…don’t think the audience for SUR is the same as RHOBH…I can’t imagine being interested in self-absorbed, morally vague 20-somethings…hope that doesn’t make me a fuddy duddy.

  46. pickles312 says:

    This is so pitiful I am ready to fall on my face.

  47. pickles312 says:

    And, if that is the quality of service necessary to make 300 a night. I must laugh. “Like, lemme know if you need to order any more food or like, drinks or anything, k?” I have an idea-“Act” like you work at a nice restaurant.

    • cusi77 says:

      What a huge mistake for Lisa! This is not goint to help her business, this is going to hurt it, big, big time! Who want to go to SUR and meet those arrogant guys? Drinking ans serving? Drinking from my drink before it gets to me? What the heck was Lisa thinking?
      Everybody slept with everyone! Wow! More information than I need to know!

    • Iowagirl says:

      They were not at Sur, the were out having drinks.

  48. VV says:

    Like what is wrong with me like I’m not disliking the show like as much like I though 😯

  49. VV says:

    I love Lisa’s new home!!!!!

  50. Sus says:

    Babe, like my hair, like I need my product, Babe like suck, like this sucks. Like really sucks. Like did I tell you my hair sucks, Babe? Like sucks like, Babe.

    Lynnfam Babes – like this show sucks!

  51. pickles312 says:

    Oohhh, “boyfriend” is having a bad hair day because he doesn’t have the right hairspray “babe”. And now he’s pouting. But he’s SO good looking it just doesn’t matter. NOT! LOLOL

    • Formerly Addicted to Bravo says:

      It’s so interesting when these people go on camera and behave as they do with no idea how they come off to the rest of the world. Any self-respecting person, male or female, who would let the world know how much time they spend on getting their hair together is just an idiot for not understanding how it makes them look idiotic. Isn’t the point of all the products. tools and techiniques to give the impression that your hair is naturally fantastic and not an hours long obession? I guess that’s what it takes to go on reality tv

  52. Sus says:

    Okay, listen up everyone. Like, my color is navy blue like. OMG. No one else can wear like navy like when posting on the blog like. I’m special like so if you like have navy blue on like, you need to leave now like and change your clothes.

    If you don’t like, I’ll be mean cause like I’m like like that.

  53. Sus says:

    I won’t pretend that Bravo has high quality, educating TV but honestly, I’m losing more brain cells watching this than I ever would smoking a pound of pot!

  54. VV says:

    Like Bravo is like catering to like a younger audience. Like many shows like have failed like I don’t think like these characters are like that like bad. Like.

  55. pickles312 says:

    earlier in the show Sheana said she was not trying to just come in and change everything it was just a suggestion about not sharing tips and the other chick was like “um, well, it wasn’t a good one” in a really snide H.S. way that just tore me up!!! I mean I couldn’t sit there and not just laugh in these ppls faces

  56. pickles312 says:

    I am feeling so much better about myself. did any one see the spot of cellulite on the back of sheana’s thigh? Yay!

    • Formerly Addicted to Bravo says:

      my tv stretches them all out – they all look like they are w i d e which makes me smile. I could adjust to a different mode but what’s the fun in that

    • VV says:

      I like missed it 😦

      • pickles312 says:

        Girl, if u dare to watch the rerun, you’ll see when she sits down outside to talk to Ms. Thing, the thigh facing the camera, “like” almost under her close to the cushion is a big ol’ cellulite dimple. Now, I have many a dimple but I’m happy she does because she’s like 15 yrs younger and starves herself. HAHA.

  57. VV says:

    Maybe like what I like is like…these are like wanna be actors like acting like on a reality show. Like.

  58. pickles312 says:

    Stassi is doing Botox already. Hmmm…

  59. TexasTart says:

    Like, oh damn, it’s contagious! But as I said before about Bravo’s seemless transition from BH to VR – it’s so seemless that my DVR is recording both as one episode. I’m sure they will separate the shows next time – but this is rather shady, like you come home turn on the DVR for BH and it’s one hour of that and another hour trying to figure out what is interesting about any of the Sur employees.

  60. JumpTheShark says:

    These restaurant workers aspire to be actors, but have never taken a single elocution class, want to be singers yet have never studied voice…I can only hope that once these youngsters hear themselves on the show they’ll be as horrified as we are. Luckily, they seem to be all studied up on likely fall-back careers…as call girls and hustlers.

    • pickles312 says:

      LMAO! They’d better get with the program. They’re not getting any younger! Lotta competition nowadays ladies. =0

    • T-Rex says:

      Welcome to Hollywood! My producer friend out there always states the reason that casting folks use resources outside Hollywood for talent is because there is so LITTLE talent actually in Hollywood! Everyone thinks they just have to get out there and show up for auditions and they are going to be a star, uhm it doesn’t really work that way, so BH and Hollywood will never have a staffing problem regarding waitstaff, bartenders and valets

  61. VV says:

    Like I want more Lisa like less like the actors, I mean like less like of the staff.

  62. Nancy says:

    Well this was an hour we’ll never get back.

  63. VV says:


  64. pickles312 says:

    O, Lord. They keep showing the two girls kissing. Snore. K? Is it just me or does Jax have a neck 3x bigger than his head? Where did these peeps come up with these names? Horse-y said they’re not from LA so the whole “Moon Buggy” type names shouldn’t be applicable.

  65. JumpTheShark says:

    No, won’t make this mistake again…

  66. VV says:

    Kyle’s gonna be pissed at that comment!

  67. TexasTart says:

    WWHL Queen Lisa and who would have ever.guessed Cesar Milan as bartender! Bonus!

  68. VV says:

    OMG! Spot on Amy Phillips!

  69. pickles312 says:

    Why do I not know who Cesar Milan is? Yeah, Amy Phillips was great.

    • TexasTart says:

      He is “The Dog Whisperer”

      • pickles312 says:

        Never heard of him. I’ve heard of Jackson the cat guy from “My Cat from Hell”, though.

    • chismosa says:

      He is a simple Mexican guy who came over here illegally with no legitimate job training and for some reason is now a billionaire. I don’t like his methods and don’t understand his allure. I’m a dog-obsessor/ not even a lover, obsessor!.

  70. TexasTart says:

    Excuse me but could someone translate Lisa’s answer to the question of her interaction with Charo, uh Adrienne? Was it a super encoded I don’t give s shit?!

    • pickles312 says:

      Maybe she was saying she just didn’t want to get into it any further at the party with Fayke because she is an “attack dog” or something.

  71. VV says:

    Back to RHOBH. How hurt was Brandi to learn more details biut Eddies infidelities. Sad.

  72. Orson says:


  73. pickles312 says:

    Yeah, Stassi kept sayin Booya. Thats not okay.

  74. pickles312 says:

    And roided out Jax called her out on it.

  75. TexasTart says:

    I love Lisa. Hail to the Queen!

    In disputing FR comment of Brandi is her puppet, Lisa responds with why have Brandi as a puppet – you’d never get her back in the box! So funny and true!

  76. VV says:

    Bethenny is getting clobbered over at the TMZ site 250+ most of them negatives.

    • TexasTart says:

      I noticed that, didn’t have to canvas very deep into that to feel the venom. Also noticed that she had considerably more FB and Twitter shares than bigger celebrities.

      • VV says:

        TMZ is a more diverse audience than blogs. She needs to go on some major PR repair mode pronto! I mean the comments are brutal.

    • chismosa says:

      Hey VV, i’m keeping an eye on all this— we’ll ‘catch up’ next time i see you here! Crazzzzzzzy

  77. TexasTart says:

    So I see Bravo is selling a “Queen Housewife” T-shirt in honor of Lisa. I think they’ll make more money off than than Vanderpump Rules!

  78. TexasTart says:

    Andy asked Lis if thsre is a drug testing policy af Sur and.Lisa said, while laughing, “if they don’t have any drugs we give them.some!” lol

  79. pickles312 says:

    Okay, one last comment and then I have to actually accomplish something before I go to bed. But one more thing about the “we are all attractive thing”, apparently these peeps have never been to an upper end place in Vegas because certain places there have staff that seriously look like they’re from another planet and provide the *finest* service. I don’t think I’m going to watch this show. Like

  80. Nancy says:

    There is something wrong with my e-mail account. I can’t send any out and it
    won’t let me respond to yours. Hopefully you will see this soon. When you do give me a
    call. It’s a good thing I didn’t send the new one back. I’ll get it out again tomorrow. 🙂

    • dickens says:

      Nancy, if you’re talking about yahoo, my yahoo email is messed up too. Can’t type a message. I called my sister and hers was the same way. Grrr.

      • Nancy says:

        Thank-you dickens. That was very nice of you to post that.
        My account is working again. I wounder what happened?

  81. VV says:

    Like Good Night Everyone. Like

  82. Cartwheels says:

    Is Lisa the executive producer of this show?
    If so, it is scary to think the scenes that she edited out of this mess. I think these servers are obviously using the platform of the show but I am not sure if this show does anything for Lisa’s restaurant, if anything I just hope that these are servers just hired for show purposes and not the real ones.
    I have read several times about posters here who went to Lisa’s restaurant, can anybody please verify if these servers are real workers of Lisa’s restaurant?

    • VV says:

      The show was filmed Spring 2012. Not sure if the staff still the same Today. At the time, they were real staff. Twitter can give you an idea. BTW Schaenna is leading the pack with over 10k followers.

      • Cartwheels says:

        All that gives me hope is that tidbit of Lisa firing somebody. I just hope is more than one of them.
        Don’t get me wrong, I am all for promoting your business and getting as much exposure or promotion for it, I just don’t thing this is what is best to showcase Lisa’s restaurant.
        But what do I know, Lisa is the one who has had so many restaurant and most of them succesful so I am trusting that she knows what she is doing and will turn this around.
        Maybe she is letting them behave as bad as possible so then she can come and apply her Vanderpump rules?, kind of like The Nanny (the one with the English Nanny Jojo, the one who lets the kids act on their element and then intervenes?
        It is a possibility.

  83. LaineyLainey says:

    Nancy, Nancy!! I finally watched the Agony and Ecstasy video you posted about the English National ballet. I loved it!!! I got a lump in my throat when the swans posed for a picture on those steps. They went through so much to have the honor of standing in that picture. The pain we saw, not to mention their whole lives of training and training and more training and still…THEY TRAIN…..at the expense of no social life…just to one day have a part in a professional ballet. I sent the video to my daughter who is in Istanbul right now. I hope she has a chance to watch it.

  84. VV says:

    LeAnn tweeted this:

    I love my new casetagram iPhone case. They rock pic.twitter.com/mDTdISiB

    I wonder if this one is custom made from Adrienne’s company.

  85. SCGirl says:

    Someone said earlier upthread, “I wonder if Leann is watching”…well I’m happy to report that she’s atleast reading twitter…apparently she didn’t like my comment, “If they’ll do it for you, then they’ll do it to you #RHBHkarmababy”…guess the truth hurts…..

  86. djprincessc says:

    I’m watching Vanderpump Rules and I’m sorry but that girl that says we’re all good looking, the girl with the short brown hair, is ugly as f*ck. Actually none of those girls or guys are really good looking. I live in in LA and have seen waaayyyy better.

    • melthehound says:

      Couldn’t have said it any better.

    • TexasTart says:

      Thank you, dj. The only fun in watching VR was to ridicule the staff, oh, I meant the aspiring actors! I don’t plan to watch ‘the beautiful people’ again (as they must be on another show!)

  87. california35 says:

    watching BH now… boring.

  88. california35 says:

    i am like 30 minutes in. it is passed my bed time, so i wont be watching the rest.

    good night

  89. melthehound says:

    OMG Does that show ever SUCK.. Lisa V better point out who the hell it is that signs the pay checks around that joint.

  90. Stephiebar says:

    I haven’t watched it as yet, have to go through different avenues to watch when living o/s – annoying, I definitely miss Montreal when all my shows are on and I have to go thru so much stuffing around in Aus!

    Seeing as though I haven’t seen it, but only seen the ads, I cant sort of understand Lisa’s decisions to go ahead with this, done correctly this could be a money making gold mine for Lisa.

    Think about if all us RHOBH fans knew where our reality celebs were going to be from 10am to 2am 7 days a week, and all it costs to have a chat with them is a meal and not even in the expensive part of town.

    If you are in LA, would you visit SUR? Just to be a fly on the wall customer for a meal, I would. Love it or love to hate it, I would.

    This has the potential to triple Lisa’s clientele. Then there’s the money from the show, than the endorsements. If the show takes off, you bet the chef will have a cookbook and Lisa & Bravo would get a percentage, SUR may make it’s own sexy sauce, open a chain, etc, etc, etc.

    The possibilities for financial gain from this is endless. On the other hand, if it bombs, will Lisa loose anything, I am not sure, I guess we’ll have to wait to see how it plays out….

    One things for sure, she shouldn’t quit RHOBH.

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