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Kitten Fight – Marysol Patton and Karent Sierra and Other News by NoMoreDrama

marysol patton karent sierraKarent Sierra is an enigma to me.  Does she truly believe she was in a relationship with Rodolfo?  Why does she blame the other ladies for trying to tell her the truth – even if their delivery is a little “hit her over the head” style?  Anyway, she gave in interview to Rumorfix where she basically said that people shouldn’t care about gossip and rumors (hello you are on a Reality TV show) and gave some examples of rumors and gossip she doesn’t care about.

“I know Alexia [Echevarria] — I heard about her– the rumors of her husband being gay have been out there. There’s a lot of people I know that say they have proof. Do I care? No! That’s her problem. If she has an arranged marriage, if she has a man that buys her things and they arrange it and they’re happy that way, that’s not my business, ” she told Rumorfix

“I don’t care if Marysol [Patton] got married for the show last season,” she added.

On a roll, she added, “I don’t care that Ana’s [Quincoces] husband has been wanting to divorce her and she doesn’t want to sign the papers. That’s not my business.”

Marysol Patton, who has been avoiding conflict all season confronted Karent on twitter.

“I’m not addressing anymore. Did u say u didn’t care if I was married for the show? @karentsierra

“I was not married for a TV show put it to rest!!!”

“I was married 2.5 years. How long have u ever been married? Talk to my ex here. I’m done w/topic.”

Then from the ex: “marysol and I were very much in love hard to be natural on TV with no acting skills !”

“leave my ex-wife alone, never met u Karen, gave u the benefit of the doubt , but you are going 2 far”

And later from Marysol (this one cracks me up):  “I wrote u 7 hours ago !! Answer ME!! Did u say u didn’t care if I was married for the TV show?”

Answer ME!!  That did get Karent’s attention, and she tweeted back: @MarysolPatton I never received a tweet from you… I only saw this one bc someone else answered”

From Marysol: “Well? Answer the question.”

And when Marysol got basted for playing this out on twitter and not calling Karent directly she responded ““no one picked up the phone to call me b4 the interview slandering my marriage. A Public answer is due.””

I know it’s not funny, but it sort of is.  I had panned the Rumorfix interview because I couldn’t care less about what Karent has to say about ANYTHING, but Marysol forced me to actually read it.


If you missed Bethenny Frankel‘s appearance on Ellen, you can watch it on this link.

Kelly Bensimmon has been low profile since leaving the Real Housewives of New York, so I’m a little surprised she gave an interview about Bethenny’s divorce, considering they never got along on the show.  In this interview she says that she feels bad for Bethenny, and that Bethenny is an incredibly strong woman.  She also says that “”Divorce is the worst time of your life, so I can’t imagine my marriage and pregnancy on television and then it not working out.”   “I wish them both well. Jason is a very nice man, very solid.”

Kim and Kyle Richards on Stars in Danger – The High Dive Special.  Well – the show didn’t capture my interest.  But the good news is that Kyle and Kim are reporting that the show mended their relationship and they are in a better place than they’ve been in ages.  You can read more about what they have to say in their interview with People.  Great.  One reality show destroys their relationship and another mends it.

Lisa Vanderpump has been on a whirlwind tour to promote her new show – Vanderpump Rules.  Vanderpump Rules debuted right after Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on Monday Night.  Beverly Hills pulled in 1.95 million viewers, and 1.85 stayed to watch the transition into the debut of Vanderpump, making it the highest rated new series since Bethenny Getting Married.  We’ll see if the ratings hold, since the demographics for the two shows aren’t that similar judging from our reaction to it – and Lisa is our favorite housewife by far based on our end of the year poll.

MediaBistro interviewed Lisa, asking her all sorts of questions like how she joined the show  – “None other than Jennifer Flavin (Mrs. Sylvester Stallone), who was obsessed with the New York housewives, encouraged Lisa to try out. “We were sitting on Jennifer and Sly’s bed and she said, ‘You have to watch this.’ I did and thought, ‘I’d never do anything like that.’” Well, never say never. After finally auditioning for the show and then waiting months to hear from the producers, Lisa decided she did want in. “Once I thought it might not happen then I wanted it,” said Lisa with a laugh. While awaiting word from Bravo, Lisa had attached herself to another reality show with friend Kathy Hilton, but when Andy Cohen came calling she was in. And that, as they say, was that.”

And how supportive were her co-stars  about the spin-off – “Brandi [Glanville] has been supportive and Taylor [Armstrong] sent me flowers.” You can fill in the rest.”


Top Chef Seattle by SugarMagnolia

8 chefs left!

Quick Fire Challenge

top-chef-season-10-gallery-episode-1010-02The Chefs enter the kitchen to find Wolfgang and Padma waiting for them.  Brooke tells us she admires him so much and spent her 17th birthday at Spago.  The challenge is Ginger!  Sponsored by Canada Dry of course.  Only 15 minutes to cook which makes them all uneasy.  Immunity is up for grabs.  Usual hustle and bustle as Padma calls timestartsNOW.

  • Stash–white chocolate and ginger soup with peaches and tarragon
  • Josie–seared scallop with ginger-honey yogurt and miso-ginger sauce
  • Brooke–ginger-caramel squid with fresh lime and chili powder
  • top-chef-season-10-gallery-episode-1010-06Lizzie-watermelon and ginger soup with mint (and Canada Dry)
  • Micah–ginger shrimp salad with radish, plum, ponzu vinaigrette and fried crispy ginger
  • Kristen–fennel-ginger salad with brie and tomatoes
  • Sheldon–wok fried ginger skirt steak with ginger and oranges
  • Stefan–ahi tuna with lemongrass and ginger vinaigrette

Bottom 2–Sheldon (unimaginative stir-fry) and Stash (underwhelming dessert)

Top 3–Lizzie (simple and creative) and Brooke (dish so good, he’d put it on a menu), and Stefan (nice, simple, California-dish)

And the winner is Brooke!   Immunity is almost as good as cash in this competition!

Elimination Challenge

top-chef-season-10-gallery-episode-1010-08Everyone’s favorite!  Restaurant Wars!!  We are introduced to Danny Myer, restuaranteur and winner of 25 James Beard Awards. And mentor to one Tom Collichio.

They are changing it up a bit.  They are to each create a dish to represent a restaurant concept at the Bite of Seattle.  IMO, they are changing it up A LOT!  200 portions for tomorrow;  2 winners will be named and each be $10k richer.  48 hours later, the 2 winners will face off against each other with their restaurant visions.  There will be 4 sous chefs to assist them.  Off to shop.

We hear a bit about the chefs inspirations–Sheldon’s Grandfather, Micah’s raw food due to his weight loss, Stash his Father, Kristen’s new start after a breakup, etc…Tom comes in to do his rounds.  He asks their inspiration, their concept, and their dish. Some he really likes, some he says to rethink.

Prep time at Bite of Seattle.  Most are in the weeds and the sous are helping a lot.  A little nostalgia between Danny and Tom and how they met at a food event.  Funniest moment goes to Stefan!   A man, who happens to be a restaurant owner, compliments Stefan on his broth.  Stefan thanks him and accidentally sprays him with his blender.  Pretty funny.  Dude probably didn’t think it was that superb all over his sweater!

Time to Eat!  Judges are Padma, Tom, Danny Myer, and Gail Simmons (where ya been Gail?).

(judges comments in parenthesis)

Stash–Concept–Neighborhood bistro that does simple food called Bistro George.  Dish-Seared eye of rib eye with cauliflower puree and mushroom red wine sauce (earthy, simple, fits his concept)

Lizzie–C-Northern Italian Farmhouse Kitchen  Dish–Mustard Green Canederli with fonduta and crispy speck (dumpling was heavy)

Sheldon–C-Ardano, named after his grandfather  Dish–Sour Tamarind soup with pork belly, shrimp and snapper (great flavors, more aesthetically pleasing than the traditional version)

Stefan–C-German Thai, called Bangkok via Munich  Dishes–Thai lobster bisque with shrimp dumplings, potatoes and radishes, and a Bavarian ice cream mango lollipop  (good flavors, but the German didn’t really come through, and the lollipop was a fail)

Micah–C-Raw (name and concept)  Dish-Salmon Snapper himachi squid scallop and mackerel with raw vegetables (fish all muddled together and the concept is already taken–sushi!)

top-chef-season-10-gallery-episode-1010-16Kristen–C-contemporary french called Atelier Kwan  Dish–Onsen egg with camembert-mustard sauce and buttered radishes (loved everything about, including her concept)

Josie–C-Home 305, for Miami  Dish-Puerco Asado, black bean chorizo croquette, pickles and mojo sauce.  I like her concept of the name working for any city by just changing the area code, but she cooked with chorizo AGAIN!!  Oh, and she was behind and the judges had to wait.  (pork was tough and again they had to wait)

Brooke–C–Unkosher which will be a spin on Jewish cuisine (with ham)  Dish–matzo ball soup with duck confit and toasted black rye bread  (great concept, but matzo ball was awful)

Judges Table

Kristen, Sheldon, and Stash are summoned.  From dish to concept, they did the best today.  Winners are Kristen and Sheldon both win $10k and will face off against each other.  They are sent back to staff their restaurants with the remaining chefs, but will not know who is going to be eliminated.  Ouch!  It ends up being boys against girls.  Josie, Lizzie, and Micah are called for bottom 3.  Josie had tough pork, Lizzie’s dumpling was heavy, and Micah’s concept was not creative or from the heart.

And Micah is asked to PYKAG.  He’s off to face CJ in the Last Chance Kitchen


“Mob Wives” By Detox

As we all know, there are several franchises of different “wives” that grace our television screens on a weekly basis. Although I have my favorite individual wives of each particular franchise, collectively, my favorite group of wives hail from good ol’ Staten Island! That’s right: I’m talking about the original “Mob Wives”. They are back to grace us with their presence for Season 3 — and, if the season premiere is any indication, it looks like this season is going to be dramatic and explosive, to say the very least.

Let’s just keep it real, though:  Would we expect anything less from these fiery ladies?

I didn’t think so.

So, let’s jump right in, shall we?!

Drita and Carla’s Walk on The Boardwalk

Drita and Carla are taking a nice leisurely walk on The Boardwalk with their dogs.  Drita reminisces about all of the good times she had on The Boardwalk as a teenager with her friends and with her currently incarcerated and soon-to-be-ex-husband, Lee.

Carla tells Drita that she recently spoke to Big Ang, and the Judge recently sentenced Big Ang’s son, A.J., to more time in rehab as part of his sentence for using and selling drugs.  He will now have to spend a total of 18-24 months in rehab.  Drita interviews that so many people are now dealing and using drugs in Staten Island that it has become an epidemic.  She says she wants a much better life for her and her daughters.

Drita asks Carla if she has spoken to Renee recently.  Carla’s face immediately darkens, and she instantly launches into a hostile tirade about Renee.  She says that she hears that Renee once again has a problem with her, and Renee “needs to get over it!”  Drita tells Carla that she is on good terms with Renee, and she would like to keep it that way.

Carla, continuing her tirade, says that she is “DONE” with Renee because she is tired of Renee’s instability.  She says that one minute Renee loves her, and the next minute Renee hates her.  And she is just sick of it!  Carla then notes that Renee’s mood “depends on what pill she’s just popped because she is a ‘JUNKBOX’!”  Drita’s eyes widen when she hears Carla call Renee a “junkbox” (I wonder if this is similar to a “trashbox”!  Maybe the wives on these shows have a secret code language that they sometimes allow the viewers to hear and, in this particular “wives’ language,” adding “box” to the end of a particular insult gives it more emphasis.  For instance, on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” one or more of the ladies might refer to Kenya as a “desperate-box”!  On “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” one or more of the ladies might refer to Taylor as a “sociopathic grifter-box.”  Over in Jersey….oh, well, never mind.  You guys get my drift.).

Drita tells Carla that Renee does not seem happy.  Carly instantly responds that Renee has “NEVER been happy!!”  She then calls Renee a “junkbox” again, and she interviews that “everyone knows Renee is on drugs, but they just refuse to discuss it!”  Drita interviews that she does NOT like Carla talking about Renee like this (Neither do I, but I don’t like Carla….so, there you have it.  I am definitely biased.  Yes, Renee definitely has her flaws, but Carla has struck me as a sneaky, self-absorbed, callous, selfish, immoral and cold woman since Season 1.  To those of you who like Carla and disagree with me, I respect your opinion.  I just respectfully disagree with you and stand by mine.  No hard feelings.).

The Break-In

Speaking of Renee, we see her at home talking to a locksmith, who is examining her front door.  She tells him that someone broke into her house the night before when she was in Atlantic City.  She interviews that the break-in felt like a personal attack because her Bible was ripped apart, and her pillows were sliced and shredded.

Renee directly tells the locksmith that she feels paranoid and violated, and, because of that, she wants to know how she can even trust HIM not to make a copy of her brand new key and later break into her home himself.  He tells her that he will let her watch him make her requested number of new keys so that she can personally see that he is not making a copy for himself.  This seems to comfort and calm her.  She interviews that she feels very violated and theorizes that the break-in might have something to do with the fact that her ex-husband, Junior, recently cooperated with the Government (and assisted in putting many people, including her father, in the slammer).

Renee tells her son, A.J., that she wants a gun.  A.J., who is lazily and nonchalantly lounging on the couch, looks at her like she is crazy.  He then sighs and has a look on is face that basically says that he is so “OVER” it.  Renee continues and tells A.J. that she feels like people are watching their house.  She tells him that, on more than one occasion, she has recently seen a car with one or more men inside just sitting near their house for long periods of time, as if they are watching it and watching them.  A.J. just rolls his eyes (Teenagers, I swear!).

Renee then tells A.J. that his father is the one to blame for all of this.  Finally showing some emotion, A.J. angrily tells Renee that she needs to respect the fact that Junior is still his FATHER, and she needs to STOP talking negatively about Junior to him (I like and feel for Renee, but I agree with A.J..  No matter what horrible things Junior did, he is STILL A.J.’s father, and A.J. is STILL 50% Junior, no matter how much Renee wants to forget that when she bashes Junior in front of A.J.).  Renee angrily responds that Junior betrayed her and her entire family, and A.J. needs to remember that!  She then reminds him that Junior put her 72-year-old father back in prison!  In a raised voice, A.J. heatedly tells Renee that she has got to get OVER all of that and move on!

Renee interviews that Junior left her and A.J. to deal with the fallout (from his cooperating with the Feds) all by themselves.  She looks like she could literally spit FIRE as she says this to the camera.

All We Need Is LOVE

Next, we see my beloved “Big Ang” answering the door to her home.  The visitor happens to be a woman by the name of Love Majewski (Let’s all give a big welcome to the new member of the cast!  What’s up wit’cha, Love??!!).  Big Ang interviews that Love went to high school with Ramona and Karen, and she is also very well-known in Staten Island.

Love interviews that she was once engaged to a man by the name of Ray Merolle.  Mr. Merolle just so happened to be the leader of “The Untouchables,” the largest ever car-theft ring in the WORLD that served as the basis for the movie, “Gone In 60 Seconds” (She did not mention it in this particular interview, but Love was also the subject of an episode of “I Married A Mobster.”  In that episode, I learned that Love also dated Chris Paciello, another criminal who was once associated with more than one Cosa Nostra crime family and involved with robberies and charged with murder before he became a government informant.  Mr. Paciello also opened and operated clubs in the South Beach area of Miami and associated with and/or dated celebrities like Madonna and Sofia Vergara.  In fact, he recently opened another establishment in Miami.  So, Love definitely had/has a thing for the “bad boys.”).

Big Ang hobbles in front of Love before they take their seats.  I say “hobble” because Big Ang is wearing several bandages wrapped around each of her feet as a result of recent surgery to several of her toes.  She interviews that she did all of these toes during one surgery because she simply does not have the time to have more than one surgery.

Once they are settled, Love asks Big Ang about her son, A.J.  Ang says that A.J’s getting arrested was actually the best thing that could have happened to him because he was sentenced to rehab and forced to deal with his drug problem.

Changing the subject, Big Ang then tells Love that Carla and Renee are once again at each other’s throats.  Love tells Big Ang that she has a rocky history with Renee.  She explains that, for some reason, Renee mistakenly believes that Love slept with her ex-husband, Junior.  Love says she found this out when she went up to Renee at a party to tell her hello, and Renee went ballistic on her for allegedly sleeping with Junior.  She interviews that Renee told several people that she slept with Junior, and nothing could be further from the truth.  Big Ang interviews that Renee thinks that “everybody wanted Junior and f*cked him!!  I don’t know why.  He’s not all that!”  (I agree with Big Ang, but…hey, I feel for Renee too.  The world is FILLED with desperate women who think a wedding ring “ain’t no thang but a chicken wang” and deal with these men anyway — even if these men are broke, ugly, and/or have personalities that would make Adolf Hitler seem like a teddy bear.  Sad, but so very TRUE.  *Shrug*).

With regard to Renee’s having “issues” with her, Love interviews that a person “has gotta be 3 kinds of crazy to have a problem with ME!!”  She then goes on to say that she has poisoned people, shot them, and she even stabbed an ex-boyfriend in front of his own mother.  She says this in a very matter-of-fact way — like it’s the most NORMAL thing in the world.

And, for some strange reason, I decide that Love could probably be one of my girlfriends (What can I say?  I appreciate authentic people who “own” their “crazy”; don’t try to deny it and pretend they are something that they are not — like sane and prim and proper and above reproach; and make absolutely NO apologies for their “crazy.”  I’ll take that over someone who PRETENDS to be sane and sweet and stabs me in the back ANY day. That’s just the way I roll!  For instance, I would bet 3 fat cows to 10 skinny monkeys that, even on her worst and CRAZIEST day, Love Majewski is 50 times more SANE than Jacqueline Laurita — who is a perfect example that describes what I just wrote.  Yeah, I said it!  AND……??!!  At this point, I am very glad they added Love to the cast, and I am looking forward to exactly what she is going to get up to this season.  Go on wit’cha bad and crazy self, Love!  So far, I like you, and you are my brand new “friend in my HEAD”!).

Big Ang tells Love that she is inviting a few people to “The Drunken Monkey” for drinks, and she invites Love to attend.  Love agrees to do so.

Drita and Renee Do Lunch

Drita meets Renee for lunch.  She remarks upon how great Renee looks and makes Renee stand up and twirl around for her.  Renee responds with a big ol’ smile.  Drita then asks Renee if any man or men are benefitting from her great new “look”.  Renee says she is NOT dating right now, but she IS “taking numbers”  (Good for you, Renee!  By the way, I read in a recent interview that Renee is now dating Raul Conde’, a member of rapper Fat Joe’s “Terror Squad.”  I don’t know if he actually raps, but he is in the music business in some capacity.  Like Junior, he is also Puerto Rican.  Go on and get you some hot Latin lovin, Renee!!  I hope that is the ONLY thing he and Junior have in common, though.).

Renee tells Drita about the recent robbery at her house.  Drita’s eyes widen with shock and concern.  Renee then tells Drita that her and her and A.J.’s bedrooms were totally destroyed by the robber (or robbers), and he/they even left a nice present for her in one of her toilets (Ummm….Gross!!).  Both Renee and Drita think that this robbery was “personal.”  Renee says she even had to call the cops.  She interviews that, ordinarily in that type of situation, she would have just called her father.  Because he is in prison, however, she was forced to call the actual cops to deal with the robbery.

Drita interviews that she agrees with Renee that the robbery was probably personal because there are MANY people that are very unhappy that Junior cooperated with the Government and assisted them in charging and jailing several people associated with the Mob (Can’t they cut Renee a little slack?  I mean, Junior DID manage to put Renee’s OWN father back into the slammer too.  Isn’t that punishment enough?  But, hell, what do I know?  The only “crimes” I ever committed were stealing a tiny box of animal crackers from a store when I was 3 years old, and driving above the speed limit a few times.  My parents took me back to that damned store to return the animal crackers and apologize, by the way.  For YEARS after that, I also had to walk intermittently sticking my open-palmed hands out when requested to do so by one or both of my parents whenever we were in stores  to PROVE to them that I wasn’t getting any more “five-finger discounts” on any more store items I coveted.  I guess because my “criminal career” basically ended when I was a toddler, I can’t understand how criminals really THINK.  Maybe if my parents had not stopped me THEN, I’d be breaking windows of women who cheated with my boyfriends; robbing and vandalizing the homes of people who “ratted” me or one of my loved ones out to the authorities; waving a gun at people who cut me off in traffic; and leaving notes of warning on top of tires I slashed for various unforgivable “offenses” in the “criminal world.”  I was raised right, though.  I just curse people out, occasionally give them the finger and/or the silent, “You are DEAD to me” treatment.  There is something to be said for good breeding, I think.  Thanks, Mom and Dad!!  *Shrug*).  Drita further interviews that scaring members of a “rat’s” family is normal in their lifestyle, and it is done to express displeasure and to serve as a warning.

Renee then changes the subject and asks Drita about her soon-to-be-ex-husband, Lee.  Drita tells her that Lee will be out of prison and coming back to Staten Island in 6 months.  Renee says that once Drita and Lee see each other again, they will be right back where they were before he went to prison:  married and in LOVE!

Drita vehemently denies that she and Lee will be able to just go back to where they were before he went to prison because of the fact that she now knows for sure that he cheated on her.  She says she just does not think she will ever be able to get over the betrayal and the pain she suffered over it out of her mind.  Because of that, she does not think their marriage can be salvaged.  Renee reminds Drita that, unlike some men, Lee immediately owned up to cheating on Drita when she confronted him with the information once she found out and basically says that he should be commended for that (Whatta guy, right??!!  That would make it ALL better with me…..Ummm…NOT!!).

The talk of cheating, of course, provides Renee with the perfect opportunity she needs to launch into a discussion of her issues with and extreme animosity toward her arch-nemesis, Carla.  Renee basically says, “Speaking of Carla…” while Drita has a puzzled look on her face and basically asks, “What does what I just said have to do with Carla?”  Renee responds that it has to do with Carla because, just like the woman that cheated with Lee, Carla is a SEWER WHORE (only she pronounces it “SEWAH WHO-AH”) and tells Drita that Carla is a “sneaky, conniving, whore, cunt, filthy, husband-f*cking douchebag!”  (Wow, Renee!!  Tell us how you REALLY feel about Carla).  She then tells Drita that she recently saw Carla blatantly trying to move in on one of Renee’s friend’s husbands when they were all hanging out together in a group.

Renee follows this tidbit of information up by telling Drita that Carla has had SEVERAL affairs with married men, and this is just ONE of the reasons she has absolutely NO respect for Carla.  She interviews that she has known this fact about Carla for a long time, but because they were once friends, she kept this information about Carla quiet and behind the scenes even though she disagreed with it.  Now that she feels that Carla has crossed certain “unforgivable” lines when it comes to her, she no longer feels any loyalty toward Carla and, therefore, no longer feels the need to protect her by continuing to keep this information about Carla quiet  (Let me just interject here and say that, to Renee’s credit, these rumors about Carla have been very pervasive and discussed quite often by commenters on more than one “Mob Wives”-related blog and/or article since Season 1.  In addition, a woman by the name of Toni Marie Ricci — who also happened to be the subject of one of the episodes of “I Married A Mobster” — has given interviews confirming that Carla WAS the longtime mistress of her ex-husband, Michael “Mikey Scars” DiLeonardo, while Toni was still married to him.  This “Mikey Scars” character is also the man to whom Karen was referring at last season’s Reunion when she screamed at Carla that she “f*cked my UNCLE!”  Because “Mikey Scars” and his wife at the time, Toni Marie, were once very close to Karen’s parents, Karen grew up considering Mikey and Toni Marie her “uncle” and “aunt.”  So, I think Karen took Carla’s sleeping with her “aunt’s” husband very personal — and not in a good way.  It is also ALLEGED that it was this same “Mikey Scars” character who got Carla the job at the investment firm where she met her now ex-husband, Joe Ferragamo.  Additionally, Joe himself has ALLEGEDLY confirmed, via Twitter, that he and Carla did indeed start an affair while working together and while he was married to his first wife — that he left for Carla before he and Carla eventually married and had their twins.  So, I’m not so sure Renee is LYING about Carla when it comes to Carla’s reputation in this regard.  This sleeping with married men is rumored to be something about which Carla has no compunctions and about which she feels no remorse.  Having an affair with a married man ONE time can fall into the category of “a regrettable mistake” and “human failing” that is deserving of compassion and forgiveness.  Doing something like that more than once, however, falls into the category of a “pattern” and a person’s modus operandi and, in my humble opinion, is a sign of a very selfish, cold, immoral person that is possibly without a conscience or simply NOT a very nice person.  Like I said, this is just MY humble opinion.  Feel free to disagree.  No skin off my nose.  To be fair, however, this IS Carla’s own personal business, and it will not affect my daily life.  I just always “sleep with one eye OPEN” when it comes to people like her.  That’s all.  Oh yeah, Carla, if you are reading this, you might want to take a bit of advice from Nene Leakes, “CLOSE ya LEGS to MARRIE men!!”  That is all.).

Drita asks Renee if she wants to talk to Carla about this.  Renee looks at Drita like she has two heads and asks, “What the f*ck would I wanna talk to CARLA about?!”  (Oh, I don’t know, Renee.  You and Carla were once friends.  Maybe Drita thinks you might want to discuss your present issues with your former friend.  Crazier things have happened).  Renee continues, with a death glare on her face, and says that, instead of talking to Carla, she wants to put her foot “on her f*cking throat!!”

Renee then tells Drita that another issue she has with Carla is the fact that people have told her that Carla went around town talking about Renee’s plastic surgery behind her back.  These rumormongers informed Renee that Carla supposedly said that Renee had all of her plastic surgery in an effort to look like Carla.  She looks incensed as she tells Drita this.  She then asks, “So what?  Am I now going to have plastic surgery on my FACE to get a face like a HORSE, like Carla??!!”  Despite herself and despite her loyalty to Carla, Drita bursts out laughing when Renee says this (I think it’s because, deep down, Drita agrees at least a little bit with Renee on this.  Carla is a VERY attractive woman, particularly for her AGE — which she ALSO lies about, by the way.  Her facial shape is a bit LONG, however, and many people do associate long facial shapes with horses.  Just sayin’!).

Finally, Renee angrily tells Drita that she cannot believe Carla has the audacity to want to go to “war” with her.  She asks, “You wanna go to war with ME??!!  REALLY??!!  With ME of all people??!!  Well, then you better be VERY PREPARED!!”  She has a face like thunder when she yells this to Drita.  Drita has a look on her face that basically says, “Oh, boy….!!  This ain’t gonna be pretty.  Just when we thought it was safe to go back into the water….!”

“Mommy and Me” Go-Kart Racing

Ramona Rizzo is at a go-kart park riding around and racing go-karts with two of her daughters.  Once they finish having their fun, they sit at some type of picnic table to talk.  Ramona interviews that she just wants to have fun with her daughters before she gives them some bad news.  She reminds the viewers that she and her boyfriend, Joe, were arrested last year.  Because she had nothing to do with any alleged crimes, the police let Ramona go.  Her boyfriend, on the other hand, was not so lucky.  He was placed in a jail cell and is still sitting there, awaiting to find out his fate.  She says that he has been in jail for a year.  She further interviews that her and Joe’s original plans were to get married, and she and her 4 kids were going to move into a big house with him.  Because of his present incarceration, those plans have now changed.

Ramona tells her daughters that she has some things to discuss with them.  She informs them that they are going to have to move out of their present rental home because the owners are now selling it.  At this point, her daughters ask how Joe is.  Ramona tells them that he has an upcoming court date, but they still do not know what kind of sentence he is facing.  She also tells them that, because Joe is now in jail and because their father is not providing them with any type of financial support, they are going to have to move into an apartment.  Ramona interviews that, since her divorce, her ex-husband has basically run off and offered her and her kids NO financial or emotional support (I am not sure, but I think Ramona’s husband might be living in another country.  I think he is originally from somewhere in the Middle East.  This could be why she cannot get the Courts to force him to pay alimony and child support).

Ramona continues her conversation about their upcoming move with her daughters and tells them that they might have to share rooms in their new apartment because this is all she can afford right now because she is handling everything financially by herself.  One of her daughters sweetly says, “It doesn’t matter that we have to share rooms.  All that matters is that we are together”  (Aww….what a sweet kid!  She’s making my 42-year-old ovaries and eggs feel the craving for a baby.  My head then reminds my ovaries and eggs that they are 42-years old and probably useless and powdered.  My head then also reminds me of the time I babysat for 3 little boys that threw mud and rocks at me and made me heave a huge sigh of relief and down a couple of martinis when I got home.  In the words of Forrest Gump, kids “are like a box of chocolates.  You never know what you’re gonna get!”).  Ramona interviews that, considering the unknown fate of her boyfriend and considering the fact that she does not know whether her children’s father will ever call them again, she feels like her and her children’s lives are presently “in limbo.”

Drita and Carla Do Lunch

Drita and Karla meet for lunch.  Drita tells Carla that she recently met with Renee, and that meeting revealed that Renee has quite a few issues with Carla.  Carla instantly rolls her eyes and looks like she could not possibly care any LESS.

Drita continues and tells Carla that Renee said Carla has a serious problem “f*cking married men.”  Carla immediately denies this to Drita.  She interviews that she has had boyfriends her WHOLE life (Yes, Carla, but were some of your boyfriends married?), and she doesn’t know what Renee is even talking about!

Drita then tells Carla that Renee also said that several people told Renee that Carla has been going around saying that Renee had all of her plastic surgery in an effort to look like Carla.  Carla denies this as well.  She interviews that Renee could NEVER look like her.  She tells Drita that Renee would need 100 surgeries to come even CLOSE to looking like HER (Jeez, Carla!  Modest much?!).  She then says that Renee needs ANOTHER surgery to fix her FACE (Aww, come on now, Mr. Ed!!  That’s not nice!  I guess one good turn deserves another, though.  Renee spoke just as negatively about you as you are speaking about her right now.  So, I guess you guys are kinda even in a way)!

Carla continues her rant and tells Drita that Renee either “lies or makes up sh*t in her head because she’s a JUNKIE and does drugs.”  She then calls Renee “a pill-popping BITCH”!  She goes on to further state that, “Anybody that does drugs is a LIAR!!”  (So are many people that make it a habit to sleep with married men and women, Carla.  Just sayin’!).

I don’t know about you guys, but I am getting the distinct impression that Carla and Renee might just hate each other (but then again, I can sometimes be cynical.  Maybe this is just how girlfriends express their loving feelings toward each other on Staten Island).

Drita and Big Ang Try To Coordinate Peace Talks Between Renee and Carla

Drita walks into Big Ang’s house, and Big Ang is sitting with both of her bandaged feet propped up.  Drita is horrified by Big Ang’s slightly bloody bandages and loudly proclaims that she cannot take the sight of blood (Really??!!  That’s kind of unusual for a woman who says she’s made plenty of people bloody with her fists.  I guess she just looked away to avoid the sight of blood after she pummeled her opponents.).

Once Drita sits down, she tells Big Ang that “there’s mad sh*t going on between Renee and Carla,” and Big Ang needs to get ready for it.  Ang asks Drita if she discussed this with Carla.  Drita tells Ang that she discussed it separately with both Carla and Renee, and that both Carla and Renee “ripped” each other to shreds.  She says that Carla is her friend, but she has to tell the truth about what she said.

Big Ang says that, over the Summer, Renee told her that Carla bashed Renee’s son on Twitter (Why is Carla fighting with and speaking negatively about a teenager on Twitter?  I know Carla claims to be in her 30’s, but isn’t she really almost 50 years old?  Also, even if she WERE in her 30’s, that’s still too old to be playing around with a teenager on Twitter!  Girl, Bye!).  Drita responds by telling Big Ang that Renee called Carla a “whore who f*cks married men!”  Ang says “It’s nobody’s business who f*cked who because we’re all adults!”  (I agree and disagree with Big Ang.  It may not be one person’s business, but a person also has the right to have an opinion about that kind of behavior).  Big Ang interviews that Carla was not married.  So, she can sleep with whomever she wants (I LOVE Big Ang, but I TOTALLY disagree with her on this issue.  BOTH parties are wrong in that type of situation — not just the married person).

Drita then tells Ang that Carla called Renee “a junkie.”  Big Ang does not look pleased when she hears this.

Drita firmly says that they both need to help Renee and Carla settle their differences and clear the air so that the situation does not turn into the situation she once had with Karen (which was basically a nasty WAR).  Big Ang agrees (Good luck with that, you two!!).

Let’s Get Funky At “The Drunken Monkey”

Now, it’s time for the little get-together between some of the women that Big Ang has arranged at her bar, “The Drunken Monkey.”  Karen and Renee arrive and take their seats near Big Ang.  They ask her about her husband, and she tells them that she and Neil are “on the outs” again.  She says it in a matter-of-fact way that indicates that she is not exactly broken-hearted about this (I think it’s because she’s done this song and dance with Neil before.  So, she’s probably used to it by now).

Big Ang then asks Renee and Karen if they have spoken to Carla.  Renee gives Big Ang a dirty look and says, “I.  Don’t.  Like.  The.  Girl!”  Karen says that Carla can be “very antagonistic.”  At this point, Love walks in and hugs both Karen and Big Ang.  Renee gets a “What the EFF??!!” look on her face as her eyes widen in shock.  She interviews, “Get the F*CK outta here!!  LOVE Majewski??!!  LOVE — of all people??!!”  Karen interviews that she is very good friends with Love, but Renee is “family.”  So, she hopes nothing bad goes down between Renee and Love because she would definitely be in the middle.

Once Love takes her seat, Renee asks Karen and Big Ang if they can leave her and Love alone for a little while so that they can speak privately.  Big Ang and Karen agree and head to a different part of the bar.

Love tells Renee that the last time she saw Renee at a party, Renee unexpectedly went “ballistic” on her.  Renee says that she did that because of the rumor that Love had slept with her husband/former husband, Junior.  Renee interviews that this rumor was “ALL OVER,” and she heard it “from 10 different people from 10 different neighborhoods!!”  She further interviews that she never liked Love from that point on.

Love tells Renee that, when it comes to the rumor that she slept with Junior, “It NEVER happened!”  She explains that Junior once defended her when an ex-boyfriend was about to get physical with her when they happened to be in the same place, but that is really the only real interaction she ever had with Junior.  She further explains that she thinks that the rumor possibly started based upon this one-time public incident.  She also tells Renee that the ONE thing she would “NEVER, EVER” do is sleep with a married man (Love’s facial expressions and body language look like a person who is telling the truth to me, but maybe she’s just a good liar.  I don’t have an opinion on whether or not she is a liar yet because I just met the woman.  We shall see.).    Renee interviews that if Junior physically intervened to defend Love, “he probably did it because he wanted to f*ck her!!”  Love interviews and basically says that Junior is not even her “type,” and she would never have been interested in going out with him even if he were single, much less sleeping with him.

Meanwhile, in another part of the bar, Karen is telling Big Ang that Love is the type of person that is direct and straight-up tells you how she feels and what she thinks (My instincts give me this same impression about Love.  I think this “No B.S.”-vibe that I get from Love is another reason I am leaning toward liking her….for NOW).  Big Ang nods her head in agreement.

Back to Renee and Love, Renee, in a very calm and matter-of-fact way, tells Love, “You should know that I’m a little CRAZY”  (And she IS, but she’s the good kind of crazy, in my humble opinion.  She also owns her “crazy,” and she has a big heart.  This is why I can understand and/or forgive some of Renee’s “Drama Queen” crazy antics and behavior.  Additionally, the woman has been to Hell and back.  That would drive even the strongest person a little crazy.  It also might drive them to do a few unhealthy things to deal with the pain — like develop a substance abuse problem).  Love just looks at Renee and nods her head in an understanding way (because Love is admittedly crazy too.  These two might just be kindred spirits.  Who knows?  Time will tell).

Renee then tells Love that, because she now knows how untrustworthy and how much of a “piece of sh*t LOSER” Junior is, she is going to choose to believe Love and wipe their slate clean and start fresh with her.  As far as she is concerned, she is “done” with the subject of whether or not Love ever slept with Junior.  Love nods her head in agreement, indicating that, as far as she is concerned, things are now all good with Renee on her end too.

The Brunch From HELL

Finally, it is time for the sit-down between now-mortal-enemies, Renee and Carla — with Drita and Big Ang being there to act as mediators (and to break up any fights or to call 911 if things get crazy violent).

Renee is shown getting ready at her house.  She interviews that today is “D-Day,” which “stands for ‘Dumb Bitch Day'” (I’m assuming she is referring to Carla as the “dumb bitch”).  She also says that she is not really looking forward to it, but she is going because Big Ang and Drita asked her to do so.

Like Renee, Carla is also shown preparing to head out to the brunch, a.k.a, “The Sit-Down Between Renee and Carla.”  She interviews that she has no desire to see Renee, and she is not really looking forward to the brunch (Well, at least she and Renee agree on that).

Meanwhile, Drita arrives at Big Ang’s home and helps her prepare for the brunch.  She looks a little nervous.  Big Ang seems just as calm and laid-back as ever.  Drita remarks on the fact that Big Ang must be pretty confident about how well the brunch is going to turn out because she is using real glassware (This made me laugh.  Good one, Drita!  I also agree with Drita.  Those broads would be getting Dixie cups and plates and plastic utensils if the brunch were held at my place.  I do not need to be dealing with a claim against my homeowner’s insurer for any injuries taking place at my home, thank you very much!).

Big Ang wonders aloud if she and Drita should just leave Carla and Renee alone to discuss their issues privately.  Drita’s eyes get 2 sizes bigger, and she emphatically says, “NO!!”  She explains that they cannot leave Renee and Carla alone because they might get into a bloody brawl with no one there to break things up and calm things down.  Big Ang agrees that Drita makes a good point.

Renee arrives before Carla, and she honestly looks like she is in great spirits.  She looks so peppy that even Big Ang remarks on how happy she seems.  In a sarcastic tone, Renee says, “That’s because I’m HIGH……on LIFE!!” and cackles (Ba dump bump!  Good one, Renee!  I caught that passive-aggressive dig at Carla’s calling you a junkie).  Big Ang interviews that Renee often has several different personalities (True), and today her personality seems to be good and happy.  She says this is a good thing.

While the 3 women are seated and calmly chatting, Carla finally arrives.  When she walks in, she hugs Big Ang at the door and then hugs Drita, who has stood up at the table to greet Carla when she walks through the door.  Renee remains firmly seated, as she gives Carla one of her infamous “DEATH glares.”  Carla ignores her.

Once Carla takes her seat…..


All 4 women just sit there at the table looking around saying absolutely NOTHING (I think they should have had the music that usually plays in a Western when 2 cowboys are standing across from each other just waiting before they both reach for their guns and shoot it out).

Finally, as if she is just hanging out at a regular ol’ good-time-get-together-with-the-girlfriends brunch, Karla cheerily says, “So…what’s going on?”  Renee’s eyes get 3 sizes bigger, and, in an angry, loud and disgusted tone, she says, “REALLY, Carla??!!  REALLY??!!  Just say what you gotta say, and let’s get this over with!!”  (I like people who get right to the point with no B.S.  Renee just did this.  Good for her.  “What’s going on?”, MY ASS!!  Girl, Please!!).

Carla’s tone instantly changes to the nasty tone she’s had the majority of the episode as she nastily and gleefully called Renee a junkie over and over and over (and basically kicks Renee when she is “down,” in my opinion), and she yells, “Let’s do it, Renee!!”

Renee obliges and reminds Carla about a recent time when they hung out in a group at a club that included a particular girlfriend of Renee’s and this girlfriend’s husband.  She says she saw Carla following the man around and entertaining him even though he was obviously MARRIED — to one of Renee’s good girlfriends, no less.

Carla angrily yells that this man followed HER, and she just talked to him like she talked to anybody else in that group of people.  She denies that she was “entertaining” this man and says that all she was doing was talking to a man that was talking to her.  Renee angrily begs to differ and loudly lets Carla know it.  Carla angrily says that the man was hitting on HER, not the other way around!

Carla then asks Renee why she did not say anything at the TIME if Carla’s behavior bothered her so much (Carla does have a point; however, I can also see how Renee might not have wanted to cause a scene in a public place and in a group of people.  She could have called Carla on the phone or gotten together with her face-to-face afterwards, though).  She says Renee should have done his instead of running around and talking about her behind her back about this (True).

Renee basically refuses to respond to the points Carla is making with regard to this particular incident and tells Carla that she is “a GO-TO Girl”!!  Big Ang interviews that she cannot believe that Renee just called Carla a “GO-TO Girl.”  She says she didn’t even think people still used that term.  She also interviews that Carla is “grown.”  So “it’s HER business”  (I’m assuming by using the word “it,” Big Ang is referring to Carla’s alleged penchant for running around with married men.  It is indeed Carla’s business.  I agree with Big Ang on that.  However, I also agree with the free speech we are allowed in this country.  Just like Carla has a right to call Renee a junkie, Renee has a right to call Carla a HO!  6 one way, 1/2 a dozen another in my opinion.).

Carla responds to being called a “GO-TO Girl,” by yelling that Renee is a “JUNKIE!”  Renee looks at Big Ang and asks, “Your son’s a JUNKIE.  Did you know that, Ang?!!” (obviously referring to the fact that Big Ang’s son is presently in rehab).  Carla says, “No, he’s NOT because he is getting HELP.  But YOU are!!”  (Let me interject at this point and just say that Carla’s constant and very CRUEL use of the word “junkie” throughout this episode has offended me for a number of reasons.  I have family members on both sides who have dealt with various addictions, and I firmly believe that it is a disease — NOT a moral failure or a sign that a person lacks character or integrity or self-control.  They just unluckily have a set of genes that makes them “allergic” to alcohol or to drugs or to food or to gambling.  And they need to take the steps to get and take “the medicine” they need to deal with their chronic disease/”allergy”, whether that be in the form of rehab, suppport groups….whatever!  Renee has a disease that she needs to take responsibility for and handle.  Carla, on the other hand, just so happens to be a woman of little character and integrity that ALLEGEDLY has no problem with being a mistress to MORE THAN ONE married man.  That is her business, but she needs to stop denying it and lying about it and trying to act like she is so much “better” than Renee because Renee has an addiction.  Carla can control being a HO all by herself.  Renee CANNOT control being an addict — without getting help.  I also think the fact that Carla coldly uses the word “junkie” in front of Big Ang — who is supposed to be her friend — with no regard for how this might hurt Big Ang’s feelings, considering the fact that her son is presently in rehab, is another sign of just how cold and self-absorbed and insensitive and selfish Carla is.).

Big Ang interrupts Renee and Carla and tells them that they are being childish by calling each other names.  She also tells Carla that she does NOT like the word, “junkie.”  Carla apologizes to Big Ang.

Renee says that she is an ADDICT — NOT a JUNKIE (I admire Renee for being straight-up honest about her problem — instead of lying and denying like Carla).  She interviews that her problem is with prescription pills.  She explains that her addiction to prescription pills started after a horrific set of several different types of plastic surgery that she had at one time (that ended up going terribly wrong for her and required her to have corrective surgery, not to mention a large amount of physical and mental pain before and after both surgeries).

She further interviews that her addiction to these prescription pain pills worsened after everything she went through when Junior (the father of her only child and the only man she married and the man she THOUGHT was the “love of her life”) wore a wire while pretending to reconcile with her and became a Government Informant that provided information which led to her father being placed back in prison and which led to several of her other friends and family members being charged and jailed as well (Don’t get me wrong.  If these men would not be in that type of lifestyle, Junior would not have been able to do this.  So, they bear responsibility themselves for now being in jail.  But a betrayal is a betrayal, and betrayal ALWAYS hurts and is often very devastating.  Junior DEVASTATED Renee.  I would also like to point out that, on top of everything else, Renee had a miscarriage during this same time period.  That is a LOT for one person to handle at one time.  I might have mindlessly — in a devastated, zombie-like and shocked state — reached for some extra ice cream and extra helpings of my favorite foods and/or for one-too-many martinis myself if I were placed in Renee’s position.  I definitely have the genetic predisposition for addiction.  So, I have deep compassion and empathy for Renee.  Carla, on the other hand, can “kick ROCKS!”).  Renee continues her interview regarding her addiction by saying that she has quietly been trying to deal with her problem on her own.

Back at the brunch, Renee asks Carla why HER addiction bothers Carla so much.  Carla says it bothers her because it is the reason “for all the fucked up things” Renee says and does to her.  Renee denies this and says she feels these things about Carla because they are TRUE — not because of her addiction.

Renee then screams, “What’s your problem?  Is it because you f*ck married men??!!”  (I honestly think what Renee was unsuccessfully trying to say is that she thinks Carla is harping on Renee’s addiction so much because she wants to discredit Renee and any truths Renee might bring to light about Carla.  So, she’s just going to claim that nobody can believe anything Renee says about her because Renee is “a junkie”.  It’s called deflection and distraction).  Drita interviews that she could not believe Renee took it “there”!

Renee continues with her loud rant about Carla’s propensity for sleeping with married men.  She yells, “Not 1!  Not 2!  Not 3…!! (I think she is emphasizing the fact that Carla has slept with at least more than 3 married men.  It sounds like she would have continued her listing of numbers if Carla would not have screamed and interrupted her).

Carla becomes enraged and screams, “It’s none of your f*cking business!!”  (What is none of Renee’s business, Carla?  What is “it”?  Does this mean that you DO sleep with married men, and you feel like it’s none of Renee’s business if you choose to do so?  That sure sounds like what you are basically saying to me).  Big Ang interviews that she agrees with Carla on this issue (I do too.  It IS none of Renee’s business….but Renee’s addiction is none of CARLA’s business either.  So, it looks like Carla and Renee are even in my book).

At some point, Carla picks up a butter knife and points it at Renee as she continues to talk to Renee with a raised voice and in a hostile tone.  Renee’s eyes widen when she sees Carla point the knife at her, and she screams, “Put the knife DOWN, Carla!!”  She screams this demand at Carla more than once, but Carla continues to hold the knife and point it in Renee’s direction  (During the airing of this episode, at this particular point, Renee live-Tweeted and pointed out that Carla uses a butter knife to spread things the same way she spreads her legs for married men.  BOOM!  Dayum, Renee!  That was LOW….but a good one, nonetheless).

Finally, Renee stands up and screams at Carla to “DO what you’re going to Do!”  Carla suddenly puts the knife down, and, in a suddenly-calm tone, says she can’t right now (Ummm….what the EFF??!!  Maybe it’s because the cameras were present.  I could see how that could make STABBING a former friend of yours a bit inconvenient, not to mention very incriminating in a Court of Law).  Drita interviews that the brunch has turned into a brawl  Big Ang interviews that Carla “grew balls all of a sudden!!”

Carla tells Renee that Renee is giving her “B.S. right now!”

Renee continues arguing but changes the subject and moves on to another issue she has with Carla.  She tells Carla that she also does not like the fact that Carla verbally attacked her son, A.J., on Twitter.  Carla responds that A.J. came at HER first (Aren’t you supposed to be the ADULT in that situation, Carla?  A.J. is a teenager, and you are going to be eligible to receive your AARP card soon!).  She further tells Renee that A.J. is “not a CHILD, Renee!” (No, but he IS a teenager, Carla!).  Renee screams, “He is MY child!!”

Carla then says, “Yeah, let’s talk about Twitter for a minute, Renee!”  She then reminds Renee that, on Twitter, Renee invited her ex-husband, Joe Ferragamo, out to lunch.  Renee breaks into a sh*t-eating grin, showing all 65 of her teeth, and says, “Yep, I sure DID!!”  Carla interviews that Renee does not realize how much “sh*t” she has on Renee!  She also says that, if she would have done something like that with Junior when he was still in Renee’s life, Renee would have gone ballistic (True!).  She then calls Renee “a hypocrite motherf*cker!!”  (You may have a point, Carla, but Renee did not invite the man to have sex with her.  She simply invited him to lunch….basically to get under your skin.  It looks like it worked.  Renee should not have done that, though).

Carla then yells that Renee lives “in a GLASS house”!  She then says that Renee slept with married men too.  Renee smirks and tells Carla that she is LYING.  She interviews that the only thing Carla said that bothered her was that she was “a junkie.”  The other things did not bother her AT ALL because they were NOT true.

Renee then asks, “Do you want me to call the WIVES, Carla?!!”  Carla flinches a little before she boldly says, “Yeah!  Call ’em!!”  Carla then continues to defiantly deny that she sleeps with married men (Never mind Toni Marie Ricci’s interview and Karen’s calling her out on sleeping with the very-married “Mikey Scars.  And never mind the fact that even her ex-husband, Joe, says otherwise.  I see Carla has decided to take the approach of MANY liars:  DENY, DENY, DENY….and DEFLECT, DEFLECT, DEFLECT!!).  Renee interviews that the thing that bothers her the MOST when it comes to Carla is that she NEVER “‘owns up’ to the sh*t she does!!”  She says many things drive her crazy about Carla, but her refusal to ever be accountable and her refusal to ever admit to the wrong things she does and says is the thing that drives her the craziest.

Carla, continuing her tactic of deflecting, screams, “You’re such an ANGEL, Renee!!”   She says it in an extremely sarcastic tone.

Renee screams, “You have the mentality of a GNAT!”  Carla screams back, “You have the mentality of a JUNKIE!!”  (Ummm…..Carla, did you NOT just apologize to Big Ang for using that word when she told you how much the word offended her and hurt her feelings because of her son?  I love the way you go back on your word within the matter of an hour or so.  I guess your apology was not sincere).  Renee interviews that Carla’s calling her a junkie just goes to show that Carla is “a low-down, no-good BITCH!!”

Renee tells the group that there is no coming back from this.  She says that she can be cordial, which means that she and Carla NEVER have to speak to each other again (I thought “cordial” meant at least saying “Hello” and being polite to each other.  I guess, to these women, being “cordial” basically means acting like the other person is DEAD to them and simply does NOT exist.).  Carla says that this is just fine with her.

Big Ang and Drita basically say, “Ummm…..well, alrighty, then!  Glad that’s settled….??!!”  Big Ang interviews that the brunch “ended VERY well because Renee and Carla both got a chance to tell each other EXACTLY how much they each HATED each other!!”  She then cackles LOUDLY (I did the same thing in front of my television screen when I heard Big Ang say this).

Carla interviews that she “WON” the argument (Ummm….in WHOSE world did you win that argument, Carla?  Your inflated opinion of yourself truly knows no bounds.  NOBODY won that argument!).  Renee interviews that the only thing the brunch accomplished was being able to let Carla know how much she HATES her and letting Carla know exactly what she REALLY thinks and feels about her (I think Renee has a more realistic interpretation of at least one of the results of that brunch).

This Season:

Drita and Ramona meet one-on-one for “a sitdown” to discuss their issues.  Drita looks like she can barely stand to even look at Ramona.  Ramona interviews that the only person who scares her is God.

Carla tells Big Ang that it looks she is now going to have to have “a sitdown” with Love Majewski.  Love tells someone that Carla is “12 pounds soaking wet, and she can throw her through a f*cking window like it’s nothing!!”  (She looks dead serious.  I believe her).  Drita interviews that “Love don’t give a F*CK!!  She reminds me of myself at 18!!”  Drita says this with a tone of admiration and laughs and has a huge grin on her face when she says this about Love.

Renee goes to rehab.

A.J. tells Renee that both her and his father have let him down.  Renee responds by crying hysterically on his shoulder.

Hurricane Sandy hits, and the women deal with the aftermath.

Joe brings his (new and MUCH younger) girlfriend to meet with Carla.  Carla looks absolutely THRILLED (Insert sarcasm here.  She actually looks like she would rather stick needles in her eyes, and she looks like her inflated ego is slowly DEFLATING before my very eyes).

Joe later tells Carla that he thinks it would be best if they just “part ways.”  Carla looks stunned and tells him “that’s COLD!”

Karen tells Ramona that her daughter, Karina, found another woman’s thong in Karina’s bed (Ummm….NASTY….not to mention disrespectful!  How could you, Dave?!  Aren’t you living in Karen’s Arizona house?!  Also, aren’t you and Karen supposed to be back together — or at least working toward being back together?!).  Karen flies to Arizona to “see what the hell is going on!”  She interviews and asks, “What kind of woman doesn’t pack a bag?!”  (I can see a woman not packing a bag if things happened unexpectedly….but, damn, can you take your “draws” wit’ch when you leave, heifer!!  JEEZ!!  You know he has a minor child living there with him!  And even if he did not, take your THONG home with ya when you finish doing “the nasty,” you TRAMP!  Some people just were not raised right, I tell you!).

Renee gets an anonymous letter that she claims is in Junior’s handwriting.  As she looks at the letter after she reads it, her voiceover says, “All I’m thinking now is ‘I’m DEAD!!”

Yep, this definitely looks like it is going to be a GREAT season!!

See you guys next week!



Thursday Night Lineup, Jan 10th by BB

Kathy premieres on Bravo, along with the Stanker.

8PM – Big Bang Theory/Two and A Half Men (CBS); 18th Annual Critic’s Choice Movie (CW); 30 Rock (NBC); Last Resort (ABC); Mobbed (Fox); This Old House Hour (PBS); Wicked Tuna: Hooked Up (NatGeo); Hook, Line and Dinner (Cook)

9PM – Project Runway All Stars (Lifetime); Person of Interest (CBS); The Office/1600 Penn (NBC); Grey’s Anatomy (ABC); Four Weddings (TLC); North Woods Law: On the Hunt (Anpl); Cajun Pawn Stars (History); The Millionaire Matchmaker (Bravo); Mysteries at the Museum (Trvl); Rocket City (NatGeo); Will: Family Secrets Revealed, Jimi Hendrix (ID); Mary Mary (WE); Brunch at Bobby’s (9:30 Cook)

10PM – Elementary (CBS); Double Divas (Lifetime); Rock Center (NBC); Scandal (ABC); BUCKWILD (MTV); House Hunters (HGTV); Beyond Scared Straight (A&E); What Not To Wear (TLC); Property Wars (Discovery); Law on the Boarder (Anpl); Impractical Jokers (truTV); Lost and Found (OWN); Cajun Pawn Stars (History); Kathy (Bravo); Sweet Genius (Food); Frenemies (ID); Rehab Addict (DIY)

11PM – WWHL: T-Boz (Bravo)



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251 Responses to Kitten Fight – Marysol Patton and Karent Sierra / Top Chef Seattle / Mob Wives

  1. TexasTart says:

    Good Morning!
    Thanks to NMD, Sugar Magnolia and DETOX for the blogs today! 😀

  2. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. BB & JNNTJ thks for biting the bullet and watching the Richards sisters in the diving show. Boring huh? Oh well. DJP can’t wait to hear about the date from hell. 🙂 Yikes!! Have great day.

    • TexasTart says:

      Hello Powell, it was ridiculous for what portion I saw and Kim did not perform an actual dive…for what I saw at least. I’m chiming in here to agree that I would like to hear about DJP’s date from hell. Check back with details girl!

  3. AZGirl says:

    Good morning everyone. Rain and snow heading into AZ today. Foodnetwork is going to be having a food truck event up in Scottsdale this weekend. I hope to make it up there. Some of the Chopped chefs are doing demonstrations.
    Top Chef: Kristen is kicking butt. Stefan has consistently been middle of the road. Needs to step up his game. Josie sucks. Pulling for CJ on the Last Chance Kitchen.

    • Powell says:

      AZGirl it’s going to be messy up there. Good luck to you all w/that weather. Ooh the Food Network truck! I bet its going to be very tasty. I can smell the food right now. I hope you can make it too so I can live vicariously thru your taste buds. 🙂

    • AZGirl….how fun to visit a Foodnetwork truck! Please come back with details. I love that station and watch frequently. Chopped = one of my fav shows. Hope you are fully recovered. Stay warm!

      • thedesigndiva2 says:

        mardrag… glad to see that someone else watches CHOPPED… been spending more time at FOOD NETWORK, SPIKE ,ID and other networks now that I have weaned myself away from most of Bravo …
        about over all things hws.

        • Ditto Diva. I am watching BH but not the rest of the HW’s. And even BH is getting on my last Bravo nerve. LOL! There is so much good TV on other networks now….admittedly there was a dry spell when everyone went “reality crazy”…but thankfully they are producing some really good shows now. Bravo is losing their audience…and still not “getting it”.

          • Powell says:

            Diva & MarDrag you are so right that there is so much good stuff on. I had to get a new DVR from DirectTv last month cause my TiVo decided to say “I’m not playing for you anymore”. I had a couple yoga programs and a few other type of exercise shows on my TiVo. Well now I have to find new ones. The yoga I had no longer comes on. I love DirectTv but they discontinued FitTV channel where I taped the yoga. So this morn I was looking on Discovery Health and its pitiful cause they only have 2 exercise programs which I love Gilads, but nothing else. How can Discovery Health not have a variety of exercise programs? So I was looking and found yoga on another channel thank goodness but I was looking further and on Jewish TV which I do like a 50s comedy on there called the Goldmans I think. It’s funny. Sort of like the typical 50s Father Knows Best, Donna Reed, etc but the family is Jewish. Now that I found it again I’m going to watch. But as I was scrolling thru I saw Dinah Shore & Soupy Sales from the 50s comes on. I told my mom. I was surprised. I’ll check them out. I like to watch those.shows from the past. My mom told me she found Roy Rogers on RTV. That’s right up her alley. She love watching the westerns she watched as a little girl going to the movies. Yes there is more on tv than Bravo. 🙂

            • So true Powell….so many more stations and so many more great shows.

              Soupy Sales?? I LOVED those shows. White Fang…..and all the pies in the face. THAT was good TV! (Who’s in the kitchen with Dinah….la la la la). I can’t believe I remember this stuff! LOL! 😉

  4. Powell says:

    I can’t blame Marysol for wanting an answer from Karent via the public since Karent did her “I don’t care” interview in public. It’s pretty sad that Karent put,all those rumors out there again. She did it on purpose & that’s not going to get her any friends. I wonder if she’ll be the next Christy & get the ax.

    Well Lisa did the right thing & ended her friendship w/Kyle& Adrienne. How jealous can they be that they didn’t congratulate Lisa in her show.

    • thedesigndiva2 says:

      powell…late to answer you about full throttle… i watch it’s in repeats now..watched a bunch of them late last night… funny wierd show on spike..tues..the jos schmo show…lol lol check it out..
      top chef..not sure who’s going to take it this season..dont have a fav yet….

      • Powell says:

        Hey Miss Diva. I’m glad I was able to catch up on Full Throttle. Fajita Mike is a mess. The investigation into the missing meat. I thought Cowboy did it. So funny. I wonder why Angie started a new dance group? They were dancing just like Flaunt. The Flaunt Girls are not happy. And Jesse w/his upcoming stunt. Mike is going to be pissed. I don’t know why Mike wants to do such a dangerous stunt. I have more catching up to do. Hey to Mr Ford.

        • thedesigndiva2 says:

          powell…did you watch the whole season ??? if not..I wont give anything will enjoy it…. fajita mike…you aint seen nothing yet !!!!! love the flied lice guy…he’s too funny… 4 ft 11 and talks like he’s 6 ft 4….lol lol
          mr ford now on some new meds… damn it all.. his blood work shows whacky stuff going on.. am bout ready to yank all those pills away from him….ortho dr , believe it or not..still on vaca…so no mri on his knee yet.. but he has been slowly putting weight on it..he actually mopped the floors here yesterday…lol
          guess he over heard me bitching on the phone to my sister that just one freaking day I would like to not have to do things for everyone else… he mopped when I was at the grocery store…good thing we live in a tiny house…

          • Hey Diva…..saw an ad for Joe Shmo show…wacky! Sorry to hear about Mr. Ford. I hope the docs can find the right meds to get him better. It must be so frustrating for you both.

            Wish I could send a housework fairy your way. Since I can’t…I’ll wrap you up in some mega Hugs! (p.s. read my blog today….it fits you!).

            Hang in there baby! 🙂

          • Powell says:

            No Diva I haven’t seen all of FT. You can spill. I don’t have a prob w/spoilers.
            Well Mr Ford was trying to do a little to take the load off bless his heart. I have a feeling Mr Ford is like the Ever Ready Rabbit. “Takes a licking but keeps on ticking”. You are lucky to have one another. 🙂

    • thedesigndiva2 says:

      I watched the first season of miami…and I can tell you , that Marysol and her hubby when they were in Aspen for their was awesome… I really believed that they truly loved each other…and it took guts for her to admit on tv that she was a crappy wife… sometimes two people just aren’t meant to be married… at least they still care about each other and are friendly… karent…she’s a few cans shy of a six pack…

      watched dandy andy last night with carla hall and one of the waymon ( sp ) brothers… i spit my milk out when he said what he did about kenya…. when dandy andy asked him if she looked like beoynce..he said..more dont say…. lol lol lol lol
      he was in some movie with her and they showed the scene with him and his numb tongue trying to lick her… she WAS NOT very attractive in that scene…. “”” SHIVERS “””

      • Powell says:

        I thought Marysol & her husband were in love. They’re wedding was beautiful. Wish I saw Andy answer the Kenya/Beyonce question. I bet Beyonce laughed when she heard that comparison.

        • RealHousewifeVA says:

          It’s interesting that you all thought Marysol and her husband were really in love. I’m not gonna lie, when I watched the first season I was convinced that her husband was in it for other reasons…money? green card? t.v. time? Not sure, but I was sure it would not last. I was not surprised one bit when Season 2 started and Marysol was getting a divorce.

          • Powell says:

            RealHousewifeVa I was surprised that they separated. I did see differences when he moved in w/his wine refrig and she said she thought he wasn’t bringing it. Like “this is my apartment”. But I did think they were in love.

    • T-Rex says:

      Karent does not help herself by constantly giving interviews out there, she is just confirming what the other ladies have said about her and her constant need to attack them publicly. Not watching the show but come on lady this is the kind of crap that makes Bravo NOT ask you back. I would be surprised if Karent is filming on this show that’s IF they even bring it back. This season was SO scripted had a load of fake relationships and lies about actual relationships(audriana has been married for over 4 years and it’s real some typo doesn’t make it invaled you lying twit).

      • IceNFire says:

        My husband and I have never agreed on our marriage date. He says it’s the day we got the marriage license from the court house. I say it’s the day we married in the chapel. If Audrana is going to throw the Catholic Church into the mix, then idk.

        • T-Rex says:

          ICE in Florida you aren’t married officially until you submit the fully notarized license from whomever performed the ceremony(clergy, clerk, some dude with a notary), and it also must include signatures of one to two witnesses so in Florida there is no “we aren’t married” crapola(that’s meant to Liardramadrana not you) you know fully well you are married. In Florida you get your license from the clerk first, then you have to wait 3 days before you can officially be married by whomever performs you ceremony(clergy, clerk, some dude with a notary). So, you clearly aren’t married the day you apply but the day you submit the license for recording you are clearly married, because you submit the document with all the required signatures. She is just a LIAR and she got caught and she is supremely stupid if she thinks anyone is going to buy this charade

          • Orson says:

            My understanding is, in the eyes of the law, you’re not married until the clerk (either country clerk or clerk of courts) stamps “received” on your properly signed and witnessed license.

        • Powell says:

          Ice I’m not married but I’m pretty sure that date you say “I Do” & the minister, pastor, priest signs the church documents w/you is the date of your marriage. Ask your husband what about when couples get their marriage license months before the actual ceremony date? They’re married? 🙂 I’d like to see your husband’s logic work for people whose families are traditional and the fiancees decide they want to live together or have sex before their married. “Mom, dad John & I have our marriage license so we’re married & are going to live together”. LOL your husband is funny. 🙂

          • T-Rex says:

            Powell agreed. In Florida you take out your marriage license at the clerk’s office here, but you are not officially married in the State of Florida until you re-submit the fully executed license to the state for the official recording into the state records, showing you were married by an officiate in the state of florida. So if ALiarDramaDana was waiting on the whole Church ceremony then why would they have submitted to the courts that someone married them, someone who was officially allowed to in the state(I am a notary and can marry people, cool huh, never have though), and must include witnesses that someone officially married you. In addition you can’t get married on the same day you received the license, it’s 3 days now, 20 years ago when I got married I think it was 5 days

          • iceNfire says:

            My husband has no logic and we will continue to argue about this til death do us part. He was born and raised in Thailand where the bride wears a red dress. So using his logic maybe we haven’t been married at all for the past 25 years. 🙂

      • Powell says:

        T-Rex that’s why I said I wont be surprised if she’s like Christy was. Bye, bye. OMG yes too many fake relationships.

    • BB says:

      Especially since Lisa mentioned their lame show last night on her twitter yesterday.

  5. thedesigndiva2 says:

    ooppss….. *** the joe schmo show ****

  6. TexasTart says:

    I can’t quit giggling about the “Kitten Fight” in the title! 🙂

  7. Joymama says:

    Thank you, bloggers.

    Have a beautiful day, everyone.

  8. T-Rex says:

    Ugh! Why is Josie still THERE, she is awful and needs to go, I can’t watch this show live anymore only on demand with fast forward so I don’t have to hear her voice or laugh, she cooks nothing inspiring and in the inspiration fo the words of Fabio “it’s not Top Chorizo it’s Top Chef” I liked Micah and he should be the one still there.

    • thedesigndiva2 says:

      t-rex… i hit mute when she comes on…can’t stand her… was shocked she was not sent packing… hoping micah fares well in last chance kitchen..i liked him..
      btw… LOVE LOVE LOVE Canada dry cranberry ginger ale… so refreshing…

    • AZGirl says:

      I agree. She is sloppy and slow. Had the judges waiting twice to plate her food.

  9. Good Morning! I hope everyone is feeling good today! Hugs if you are not.

    NMD – you are a cracker….love your headline and deets.

    SugarMagnolia – great TC recap! I got to see the epi from last week too, and John…what a tool. A kitchen tool! My fav to win this season is Kristen. She cooks great food and seems to be so gracious. We need another lady-winner!

    Detox – your back! Sort of! Good to read your words hon…and hoping you are doing well. Look forward to you being back in comments too. Hang in there doll!

    Wishing you all a great Thursday…one more closer to the weekend!

    New blog, “The Hero”, is up + all the goodies. Enjoy!

  10. IceNFire says:

    When Bethenny was on Skating with the Stars and said she didn’t care about the scores it worked for her cuz we were all rooting for her and the judges were treating her poorly. This didn’t work for the Richard sisters They made it clear they weren’t there to compete and had no interest in taking what they learned to use in the future….Fame Whores.

  11. I Need A Life! says:

    Thanks for your Mob Wives blog, Detox. It should be a great season. The new girl is a great addition.

  12. Cartwheels says:

    This is what bothers me about Karent , she throws a dig and then hides the hand.
    In this interview she says , “Oh I am not a gossiper, I could have said this xxx or yyy, maybe zzz about this one or that one but I didn’t . Well you just did

    Reminds me of Jill repeating the gossip about Mario cheating on Ramona and the ntrying to wash her hands off of it.

    She blames the others for gossiping but she is just as bad. Do not say that you are different when on the same token you are spreading the gossip.

    • Rebecca says:

      Karent never learns. She’s so hell -bent on being thought of as a celebrity that she doesn’t care who she pisses on, or off.

      Unfortunately they’ll probably keep her on to appease Joanna, whose cra-cra behavior is ratings gold.

    • Powell says:

      Right cartwheels. I could say this & that but I don’t. You just did bi*ch. WTF? What was the bird they called her? Marysol said the ??bird swoops down to tell me I’m wrong for wearing fur.

      • thedesigndiva2 says:

        karent has a foreclosure on one of her properties…the more she yaps or chirps…carrier pidgeon..the more folks are going to be looking into her profile in miami… whats weird ..the mortgage amount is $ 666,670.00 ….. too many SIXES…

        Marysol and Philippe Pautesta-Herder marriage… well , I don’t think he needed a green card .He has been living in this Country for close to 10 years.Owns multiple business,, is the producer for the Miami – Nice Jazz Festival etc.. and YES they really did get married in Aspen. 3-25-2010.. License was recorded in Pitkin County the morning of 3-26-2010 divorce was final July 2012….

        • Powell says:

          That’s it. Carrie pigeon. I can always relie on you guys. 🙂

          Now if she’s such a successful dentist to “the stars” as she says and is also an actress why can’t she pay for her properties? Poser.

      • TexasTart says:

        Carrier Pigeon!

  13. StephieBar says:

    Marysol came off as a bit of a child on that twitter war, esp for a PR guru… I think it’s all hoping to keep PR going for a season 3.

    I don’t know if Carla is a cheater or not, but I do know she gave an interview after the reunion and all that stuff came out about Karen’s Uncle.

    Carla copped to it, she said she was 19 and young, she was told he was separated and called it off soon after, she also went onto say that the Uncle got another young girl pregnant and ran off with her. She then called out Karen as Karen had an affair with Mike Tyson (the Mike Tyson) right before she met her daughters father, when she was a mature adult, knowing full well that he was married, telling others she was Mike Tyson’s mistress, she was also upset with the fact that all they had to throw at Carla was something 17 years old.

    I think all husband ”banging” is disgusting, however, I also think all these ladies are possibly guilty of that one….

    • Powell says:

      StephieBar you are right. All husband banging is disgusting. It’s like the women have no respect for themselves. If you wanna be with me get a divorce. I don’t know why some women can’t say that to men. 9times out of 10 the men don’t want to leave their wives. The women need to.keep it moving to a single guy.

  14. OK….I just had to share this! Am sitting minding my own business working at computer with the Today show on….and who bursts on to the screen…but Patti Skanker!?! (why, oh, why?). She is promoting her new season and the host was asking her questions and asks about all “the gold digger women” she has on (LOL! seriously), and she becomes offended and says she does NOT have gold diggers, but they are not wealthy women so in order to show appreciation to the rich men they date, they do other things like cook a meal, clean the house, and pick up their dry cleaning.


    She also said women should troll steakhouses and sit at the bar to meet rich men. Seriously, she said that.

    Who is this woman and why is she on my TV?!? :-O

    • IceNFire says:

      Actually back in the 80’s my sisters friends went to Happy Hours in order to find single men. They figured that the guys eating the most free appetizers were the ones that didn’t have dinner waiting for them at home.

      • BB says:

        The question is did any of them find their lifetime partners at these places?

        • It is also a different world these days and picking up men at a bar is not as safe or cool. Way back when…in the “olden days” (LOL!) friends could sit and business men would buy them drinks…and you could meet people that way. But, this is no longer the 50’s….or even the 80’s. I guess my “first instinct” of a suspicious nature is peeking out!

          • Powell says:

            That’s what I was thinking MarDrag. You have to be scared you’ll get a date rape drug in your drink.

        • iceNfire says:

          LoL – what they found was a lot of single guys, all very horny

    • BB says:

      This is a woman who apparently is an expert on finding a mate, but can’t seem to find one for herself. She gets engaged, but never seems to quite seal the deal. Just sayin’ And her matchmaking success rate on tv has been abysmal. I can’t believe people pay her for her services.

      • Powell says:

        Me neither. What I can’t get over is that she tells the ladies that to get married they have to set their expectations, be on the same page as far as marriage, kids, traveling, etc. Then she and Andy were supposed to be planning their wedding. When he called it off she says they didn’t agree about having kids. She wanted kids right away. But you’ve been together for years, many years & now you didn’t agree on kids? Isn’t that what you tell the ladies? Be on the same page. WTH is that? The MM doesn’t set the example of following her own advice? Ughhhh.

        • T-Rex says:

          Exactly, her eggs are certainly fossilized so she ain’t havin no babies the old fashioned way, I believe she mentioned being in menopause at some point, which means baby-factory is closed unless you get IVF from a donated egg and sperm. I called BS on the whole relationship aspect, I think this Andy was just a friend and she “used” him on her show to prove she could get a man, didn’t her old assistant kind of already say this? Then she faked the wedding planning etc. to showcase friends of her businesses in the planning industry. Another shame on Bravo for this STinkyStankyStankeressMEss

    • AZGirl says:

      Patty is a 50 year old lonely woman who can’t even get a date for herself. Why does Bravo continue to insult viewer’s intellegence? She is a fool and good for the Today show to bring her down.

    • melthehound says:

      Isn’t her show called MILLION DOLLAR Matchmaker? They are ALL Gold Diggers. I wouldn’t be shocked to see Lips McGee on that show. If I watched that is.

    • T-Rex says:

      MarDrag of course they are all Gold Diggers that’s all she let’s into her club to date the gigolos she claims are looking for a mate. My opinion, she is fooling everyone, none of her matches work out we have seen ZERO lasting relationships. So what she does is take older men and hook them up with younger attractive women that they would never have had a chance at in the Real World and then they “fake” a committed relationship to have sex. She being really a madam is adamant to show the viewing world that she is not taking fees for whoring out these women to greedy, horny, rich older guys, because she “tells” them not to have sex. Does she throw them out of her fancy club if they do, yeah for about a hot minute then brings them back. Remember the guys on the program are compensated with free membership to be on the show. So what goes on behind closed doors from the secretive gentleman that are not public about being in this club, things that make you go Hmmmmmmm

    • Powell says:

      So she shook too much Sensa on her cornflakes this morn right? I don’t like or respect her. Why have we not seen one of her matches get married & have kids? They’re aren’t any.

  15. AZGirl says:

    Food Truck event in Scottsdale this weekend is Street Eats. Sponsor is local but will have Foodnetwork chefs doing demonstrations. Saturday is sold out….bummer

    • Rebecca says:

      I’d go to support Short Leash Hot Dogs. They named a dog after my late lab a couple years ago. I love them!

      • AZGirl says:

        I hear they are really good hotdogs! I just got finished reading an article about last year’s event and it was a nightmare. 20,000 people showed up, they ran out of food, 1 hour wait at the trucks and parking was limited. This year they are more organized. Still, it is going to be really cold on Saturday and I think I am going to pass.

    • Powell says:

      Ooh Street Eats. I love that show. I haven’t watched for a while. The last one I saw they were here in DC. They had some good looking food. I rarely go to downton DC. Two of my cousins say they eat eat food on the trucks & It’s good. I don’t really recall eating food from a truck when I lived in DC.

    • Powell says:

      I tell my mom all the time I can still taste the Italian ices from the carts in NY. My fav was the coconut.

  16. Powell says:

    BRAVO Detox!!!! You did an outstanding job w/epi 1 of MEd. I can’t wait to see it this weekend. I can’t wait to read the next chapter of this novel. -) I tell you you had me smiling & laughing word after word. And yes I was thinking right along w/you, “Carla keep your legs closed to married men”. I think it’s true that she sleeps w/married men. The way you described her response to Renee during the fight, she wasn’t denying it. Only saying it was none of Renee’s biz & that Renee is no Angel. Deflect much Carla. Mob Wives has the HWs beat w/drama IMO.

    I’m glad you’re doing well Detox and I hope your parents & aunt ate well also. I know you’re so busy. I miss you & hope things ease s bit for you to come out and play e/the “cool kids” as you call us.

  17. shamrockblonde says:

    I read somewhere that Patti is now dating – thanks to an on-line dating service – she is such a trashy person – the ways she speaks about others is horrid and her views on where to find mates is just so very telling as to how she conducts her personal life – she would make an excellent madam, maybe, but as for a matchmaker……nooooo not at all

    and yes, she def has something on Andy – thank you for all of the blogs – much appreciated

    • Powell says:

      From the commercials I’ve seen this relationship looks like its a part of this season. She used another online service?

    • RealHousewifeVA says:

      I am SO SICK of seeing reruns of her stupid show everytime I turn on Bravo. And I think it’s very telling that a matchmaker used a regular old online site to find a match. Why would anyone use her or pay her stupid fees when they can just go online, too?

      • Cartwheels says:

        and for free, LOL

        I don’t like PS one bit, but when I see the commercial of her with the boyfriend all I could see is dollar signs in his eyes. Ughhhh

      • RHVA…..I so agree. How can a Matchmaker admit she used an online dating service to find a mate?!? It doesn’t make any sense! Why should anyone believe anything in her show let alone pay thousands of dollars to her for a match. Uggghhh!

        Andy….what the eff are thinking with this? (Oh wait…he is in the barn!)

  18. iceNfire says:

    I’m still searching for a site that will allow me to watch the east coast airing of Bravo shows here on the west coast. But all I’ve managed to do is create my own channel that will allow me to stream my own show staring me.Now why in the hell would I want to do that???

  19. Powell says:

    Last night I saw a commercial w/Tami from BBWives doing a weight loss product. It’s a pill. She looked good. So many celebs, not that she is one, are getting paid doing weight loss products. My mom said she saw a commercial w/CeLow Green doing a weight loss product.

    • T-Rex says:

      Powell, I heard that Marie Osmond, valerie bertinelli and Kirstie Alley had their chefs prepare meals “similar” to the packaged meals at the same calories, they weren’t eating the crappy boxed stuff they have at Nutrisystem and Jenny Craig(my co-worker sent her package back they she bough over the holidays, she said it was the worst thing she had ever eaten in her life, and she is a healthy eater only needs to lose like 20lbs). In addition, they are given free trainers to make sure they are working out daily to really take the pounds off.

      • BB says:

        I still say Weight Watcher is the best paid plan out there. You eat “real” food and I can attest it works. And it’s easier to stick with than when you “quit” the other plans.

        • AZGirl says:

          ITA Weight Watchers is the only program that works. I have seen many women lose weight and keep it off just because you can incorporate into individual lifestyles.

        • T-Rex says:

          WW has also the best track record for folks that use their plan and keep the weight off. I remember sitting in a restaurant and going over my points with my WW planner to see what to get and a woman next to us was frustrated and through her menu on the table and her diet book, yelled at her husband that she couldn’t eat anything on the menu on “this stupid jenny craig” diet. I really need to get back on track with WW I even have the app.

          • Powell says:

            A girl at work is on it and has the online planner or whatever it’s called. It shows points, bonus pts, your exercise. She goes to the gym every morning about 11 & tells me she’s. I always give her encouragement. She tells ne how much she’s lost. They have a support group at work. She had me laughing when they started a lady was concerned about her clothes & losing weight. The instructor told her buy inexpensive clothes until you reach your goal. My coworker said who cares. Just put a safety pin in your pants when they start getting lose. She had me laughing.

      • Powell says:

        Yeah. I think the real point is that Nutri, Jenny, & others taught them how to eat correctly. I don’t blame those ladies. I’d have my chef make the food for me to.

  20. BB says:

    Scheanna was definitely wrong, but Eddie Cibrian is just a straight up sleeze ball.

    • Powell says:

      Ughhhh. Sleazy alright.

    • T-Rex says:

      SheenaQueenoftheHO’s is just trying to justify her paid appearance on the tabloid shows when ManCandy left Brandi for CrayCrayRimes and was all like he f’d me too, so she get her 30 pieces of silver for selling her soul to the tabloids. I don’t think ManCandy has talked to her since just after Brandi left him. Now, that being said ManCandy likes to share and doesn’t really like seconds, so he is off to new pastures I am sure.

      • iceNfire says:

        I’m thinking ManCandy will stay with CrayCrayRimes as long as she has money for him to spend

        • T-Rex says:

          Oh he will stay with her, no doubt, he didn’t leave Brandi, she LEFT him, he begged her to take him back before he decided to stay with CrayCrayRimes. ManCandy really learned how to “share” when he was a kid and just can’t keep from doing this on a regular basis. So he will try as long as possible to keep the cheating on the downlow but eventually he will get caught, I believe he already has which is why CrayCrayRimes had to go to rehab.

        • Powell says:

          Oh yeah he’ll stay. It’ll be like the movies from the 50s where the husband spends his wealthy wife’s money and cheats every chance he gets & the rich wife keeps begging him to give up the whores, she’ll do anything, she’ll buy him that 100 ft yatch he’s wanted. He’ll tell her he’ll stop cheating & he will for a little while. Then he’ll get the yacht & start bringing his whores on the yacht. Then one weekend while they are yachting, she’ll find a thong in their bed, thks Karen from Mob Wives, & she’ll start abusing exlax again and then booze, & she’ll become a junkie, thks Carla. Then he’ll get her help in rehab & he’ll party w/more & more whores on the yacht & he’s telling her on their daily calls that he’s just relaxing & reading scripts. And this will go on & on for yrs until her accountant tells her she can’t afford to keep buying luxury gifts for her husband so she’ll have to go back out on the road as appearances on X Factor have dried up and American Idol won’t even take any calls from her manager. Then she tells her husband that he’ll have to get a job. She can’t swing it anylonger. He’ll have to take that minor role on ABC Family, nothing against ABC Family, and then he’ll have to take that pilot on TBS, nothing against TBS. He takes the ABC job & rumors swirl that his having an affair w/the lead actress, they’re meeting in little restaurants in town, he tells her they’re just working. She’ll tell him that’s how they met & she doesn’t want to lose what they have & his kids. They filming ends but rumors still swirl that he’s having an affair w/the lead actress. On the red carpet at the premier the rag mags report the heat that existed between them on the red carpet. She’s had enough. She can’t take it anymore. She tells him to get out. He begs her not to kick him out. He loves her and her money. She changes the locks on the doors, the Lamborghini she gave him and she’s sold the yacht. He goes to the back to try to get in and finds her in the yard w/all his clothes, a bottle of lighter fluid & matches & is giving his Tom Ford wardrobe the Angela Bassett treatment. Poof there up in flames. Now he’s homeless, yatchless, Lamborghiniless and naked. Oh yeah and broke. She closed all their joints accounts so he’s penniless. 🙂 The End. Bye bye Eddie.

          • Wow Powell….excellent synopsis. Maybe Eddie is reading this and he can pitch it for his next movie. He wouldn’t even have to act….since he can’t anyway! 😉

          • T-Rex says:

            Unfortunately ManCandy is cute and apparently has some nice goodies too ;);) So some woman will take him in a a stud, and he will do the same to her because he is Just a gigolo and unfortunately many wealthy women are attracted to the bad boy. Plus each one will be under the same delusion that they will be the “one” to change him. Yep see a lot of Lifetime Movies in his future

  21. Lulu says:

    Hello everyone!!!! I hope everyone’s day is going great!!!! I have fantastic news!!!! After 9 agonizing months of unemployment my DH FINALLY FOUND AN AWESOME JOB!!! Though minor detail need to relocate, I have to quit my job, and break a lease while finding an apartment Yikes! Minor details!!!

  22. thedesigndiva2 says:


  23. iceNfire says:

    Oh Please No!

    Andy Cohen ‏@BravoAndy
    Get this! @KenyaMoore has a new song called #GoneWithTheWindFabulous- I’ll play it for TBoz tonight! Think Kenya will sing it Sunday???

  24. Just have to share this.. my sister made gifts for Christmas this year… well… i just sauted my tumeric chicken in her home made ghee butter… IT IS AWESOME.. don’t think I will ever use real butter ever again…. now off to finish putting together my chicken DIVAn together… she also made some organic honey/lemon/ginger concoction… soooo good…. and my special gift was… the BEST MOST AWESOME COCONUT CREAM PIE….
    now that I have made you all hungry…….winks

    • iceNfire says:

      In my mind I’m making terriaki chicken but in reality I’ve only chopped the ginger root

    • Sounds delish Diva, raising my beer to toast you while I enjoy bourbon chicken * so good, from the freezer section at Costco’s 🙂

      Soup for lunch, leftover from yesterday’s toor dahl/onions/potatoes/spinach/coriander/tomato soup. I put a little sambhar powder in it. Really good, and so healthy. Fry the onions, green chillies & potatoes first, then stir in the rest. I use tomato paste. So far not sick this winter, but I eat grapefruit and other healthy food all the time 🙂 Plus I rarely go anywhere lol. That’s probably what really keeps me healthy, staying away from germs.

    • TexasTart says:

      Y’all stop! I’m crazy hungry right now! 😉

    • T-Rex says:

      My sister and I have used ghee for years. What’s great is that if you make this correctly it is shelf stable for a long time. We make yorkshire puddings and we use ghee because we are vegetarians and ghee has a very high heat point. If you purchase from the stores, its expensive but still good. Best is to find a good Indian market they will probably have some good quality ghee

    • Powell says:

      My mom makes a mean coconut cream pie. It’s one her sisters favorites that my mom would make especially for her for Thanksgiving & Christmas. But since my aunt has all kinds of health issues my mom stopped making it for her.

  25. Orson says:

    From the Chatroom: Queen Butter Bean has announced she’ll have a special announcement in the chat tomorrow, Friday evening, at 9 pm Eastern. The url is I think she might be announcing she’s no longer keeping her mother locked up in the cupboard under the stairs. I’m hoping for a lot of folks to be there.

  26. Detox enjoyed your blog, but where the h*ll are you gurrrl? Missing your posts here.

  27. I just have to THANK Bravo for putting Stanker on on Thursday nights, I can watch my DVD’s DVR or regular network tv.
    I’m doing a lot more channel surfing since Bravo became so scripted and FAKE.

  28. Helena says:

    Detox……..Thank you so much for your fabulous blog on the Mob Wives, which just so happens to be my favorite group of wives. Up here in the hinterland we’re several months behind in the airing of all the housewives shows and consequently we’ve just recently seen the Mob Wives last season reunion. I have no idea when they’ll decide to air Season 3 but I’ll be reading and appreciating your blogs long before that eventuality. Thanks again.

  29. okay…for chits and giggles.. I googled this question..
    why does patti stanger still have a show on bravo… this is what popped up..blame it all on ryan seacrest and simon cowell

  30. boston02127 says:

    Thanks for all the great blogs.

    I can-not-believe tacky Tamra is selling tickets for her bachelorette party. Is she expecting gifts?

    • Nancy says:

      Did you hear that QBB is pregnant?

    • ahhh Boston in da house! we worried the flu had visited you. It’s an epidemic, so stay safe

    • Powell says:

      Good to see you boston. I know you’re busy w/school. I tweeted you just to check cause we were concerned w/The Mayor declaring a flu epidemic.

      • boston02127 says:

        TY for your concern, I’m so OCD about germs. I can run down a flight of stairs in four inch heels without touching the banister!

        I’ve doubled up on my vitamin C too. I don’t know if it helps but I’m trying to avoid this awful flu. Four people have died. Who knew the flew could kill you?

        I haven’t been on my Twitter acct for about 2 months. 😦

  31. I Need A Life! says:

    Not sure if this is old new to you, but I ventured off to an interesting site called tv fish bowl. Go to to take a look. The rumor has it that Our Miss Beth has been cheating with Matt Hesse, her skinny girl business partner. If Jason can prove that this was going on during or before the marriage, the pre-nup he signed can be fought. Hmmmmmm.

  32. boston02127 says:

    Congrats QBB!!!! 🙂

  33. VV says:

    Tweet from Rob:
    @NaughtyNiceRob: While @Bethenny is in LA doing press without her wedding ring, Jason is in NYC picking up daughter from school. He’s still wearing his. Sad

    • Nancy says:

      That is sad.

    • PJ says:

      Sad, and I wonder if he does it so he can make her look bad.

      • Cartwheels says:

        I bet he does. He can always say that he is “still fighting” for his marriage even if he actually doesn’t want to do any of the hard work (therapy)

        I also wonder who is this “source” that feeds RO of all this information. I bet if any “source” who would say that Jason’s incesant desire to go to Hazleton every other week was because his high school sweatheart lives there (even if there was nothing going on) , it immediately would be blamed on Bethenny as trying to tarnish his reputation.
        It is funny how this source is so careful to say “Jason doesn’t think that he actually cheated on him, it was an emotional affair. I guess next in line on the emotional affair slide would be the snowboarder buddies in Aston and let’s review the tapes to see if she flirted with Dr. Amador as well so we can inlcude him on the list of “several emotional lovers” that she cheated on to prove that she never took the marriage seriously and have a serious case to contest the prenup.
        I hope he is not trying to build a case to have the pre nup anulled but given all the “inside information” that gets provided to RO/TMZ on a daily basis it wouldn’t surprise me.

  34. I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

    What’s up, COOL KIDS??!!

    I can’t stay long, but I just wanted to drop by and tell everyone that thanked me for my “Mob Wives” blog that “You are MORE than VERY, VERY welcome!” Thank you also to those who complimented me on that “novel.” I also want to say, “Belated Merry Christmas!!” and “Belated Happy New Year!!”

    And I want to say that I’ve missed hanging out and shootin’ the breeze with you guys TERRIBLY. Although I haven’t been around much, you guys HAVE been in my thoughts. I’ve often wished I could have been able to just telepathically send my thoughts on all of these t.v. shows and current events and just life in general to you guys telepathically (and have it magically typed into comment form).

    My laptop should be out of its “coma” soon, and I should have some time free up over the course of the next few weeks (*Fingers Crossed*). So, I’ll be back to comment and get on everybody’s nerves again SOON! 😉

    Alright, I’ve gotta get back to a writing assignment for a bit and then hand my Mom’s Notebook back to her so she can get back on QVC and other sites and “pretend” to buy stuff and so she can read current events and become scared to DEATH about things (Her latest fear is this flu epidemic). I think she and my Dad MIGHT be going to Beaumont, Texas this weekend to do some shopping, and I don’t think she’s taking her Notebook (not 100% sure, though). So, I MIGHT be able to play with you guys then (I sure HOPE so!).

    Also, hopefully, my new “coma-cure” for my laptop will be in next week (Charger!), and I can hang out more with you “cool kids” again!

    All My Love,
    Your Crazy Blog Friend,

  35. boston02127 says:

    Is anyone following the Jodi Arias trail?

    • Powell says:

      Yes. So it’s self defense when you stab someone 12 times, shoot them & slit their throat? She left that bathroom a bloody mess. She lies just as good as Casey Anthony.

  36. Powell says:

    Grey’s Anatomy is on.

  37. iceNfire says:

    Anyone want to be a Big Brother Houseguest?

  38. Powell says:

    ‘Invest in your breasts and buy new underwear.”. Double Divas tonight on Lifetime 10pm est. A new reality show folks.

  39. VV says:

    Anybody remember the poster Adios Lunatic ? I remember this poster stating to be from Hazletown and having a mutual friend with Jason. Has she posted lately?

    • TexasTart says:

      Hi VV, I remember the name, but nothing specific. ..might have been last summer since I’ve noticed a post.

  40. BB says:

    I am accidentally watching Double Divas and enjoying it. It came on after Project Runway All Stars and I just left it on the same channel. They just fitted a lady from Viriginia with gigantic boobs. One of the owners had to actually make the bra for her (on a sewing machine).

  41. TexasTart says:

    VV – you mentioned can’t do chatzy on a phone. Do you think that’s the case for all phones, or something specific your phone/service?

    • VV says:

      I can connect okay but the font it’s tiny and it’s hard to scroll and read. I tried it way back when Boston first posted the link and I just couldn’t. Too small to read and type 😦

      • TexasTart says:

        Hmm, tiny might be a problem. Otherwise, it takes me so long to type with thumbs, and correct, ha, I assummed I couldn’t even keep up with that type of site. Thanks for the feedback!

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