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From Brandi’s twitter: “Just wrote my blog and wow is it aggressive but this episode really wound me up! Hmm I may regret it tomorrow but I just pushed send! Xxb”

While you are over at Bravo read Marisa’s blog.  She SLAMS Taylor.  I’ve got to say I agree with her.


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills “Moroccan Madness” by BB

OK, you guys. This is gonna be another one of those episodes where it’s important to try to catch what everyone is saying while everyone is talking at once, but I’ll try not to make it too painfully long. First let’s get through the less intense scenes.

Brandi tells Lisa about the conversation she just had with Scheana. Lisa assures Brandi she’s a great mom and she will find happiness again, blah, blah, blah. That was a waste of about six minutes.

Yolanda Foster and Kyle Richards collecting lemons (from Bravo's photo gallery)

Yolanda Foster and Kyle Richards collecting lemons (from Bravo’s photo gallery)

Kyle goes over to her BFF (just kidding) Yolanda’s house, for what reason I’m not sure. She greets Yolanda at the top of the steps to her humongous gardens and is afraid of the bees. Kyle seems to be afraid of a lot of things. Yolanda tells her she has a beehive because she makes honey and to not be afraid. Kyle refers to Yolanda as the Dutch Martha Stewart and I have to say if what we are seeing is accurate, she’s pretty close.

Yolanda got inspired the first time she did the 10 day Master Cleanse and that’s why she started growing lemons, even though she overdid it a little with the lemon tree planting. Yolanda and Kyle prepare the master cleanse concoction and Kyle wonders why they can’t make a cookie cleanse. She informs Kyle that you can lose up to 10 lbs. doing this cleanse. Kyle asks Yolanda why else would she do it and Yolanda responds, “to be healthy.” Kyle vows in her talking head to do the cleanse until she gets back home that day. If Yolanda wonders why one of her lemon trees looks so much healthier than the others, it’s probably because Kyle dumped her bottle of cleanse behind it on her way out.

Yolanda informs Kyle she has asked Kim over to her house about three times to do the cleanse because she wants her to get healthy. She has never shown up. Kyle tells her not to take it personally because she does it to her too. She tells Yolanda Kim is stronger and in a better place. She says when she was little Kim was her hero and she thought Kim could do magic things. Kim looked out for Kyle, but they would also fight tooth and nail. It makes Kyle sad that they argue. Yolanda tells Kyle it’s going to take time to get to a good relationship with Kim and it’s not going to happen overnight. In her TH, Yolanda says Kim has gotta be who Kim is and she’s gotta find her own way. She tells Kyle she is probably Kim’s rock and Kyle thanks her. Yolanda is convinced if Kim would do this cleanse, it would change her life, she feels that strongly about it. Kyle says it would be better for Yolanda to try to convince Kim than her.

Kim Richards and her life coach (from Bravo's photo gallery)

Kim Richards and her life coach (from Bravo’s photo gallery)

In the meantime, Kim (who has a houseman), meets with her life coach, Gary, who tells her how proud he is of her now and she looks amazing and clear. She tells Gary about having anger and resentment weighing her down and she needs to let go of that anger. She feels so mad at Kyle and that Kyle has changed. Gary tells her Kyle is the same but Kim is not the same, she’s not drunk. Kim is very hurt about what Kyle did to her and there is a flashback where Kyle publicly called her an alcoholic in the limo during Season 1. He tells Kim they need to cut the bullshit, clear the air and move on. Have Kim and Kyle tried joint counseling? Just sayin’.

Ken Tood and Lisa Vandercamp - we voted Ken as the best husband/boyfriend and this scenes shows why (from Bravo's photo gallery)

Ken Tood and Lisa Vandercamp – we voted Ken as the best husband/boyfriend and this scenes shows why (from Bravo’s photo gallery)

While Lisa is at Villa Blanca discussing things with Francis, the executive chef, Ken and Rocio, the housekeeper, are busy preparing a surprise for Lisa because she’s been working so hard getting their new home in shape. When Lisa arrives home, Ken presents her with his surprise of a nice swing bedecked with pretty pink ribbons and flowers. Of course Giggy has to be dressed in his pink suit to match the surprise. Even though Lisa doesn’t like surprises, she is so happy with the swing and the flowers planted in the shape of a heart. Ken also made Giggy a little pink chair with a cushion and umbrella. Giggy looks adorable sitting in his chair.

While Ken is pushing Lisa on the swing, she says she thought when the kids left, they might start swinging, but she didn’t know it would be that kind of swinging. Ken tells Lisa he thinks they should do something special on their 30th wedding anniversary like renew their vows. Lisa wants to know if they have to do that consummation thing again and Ken tells her of course.

Marisa Zanuck and Kyle Richards on their way to the party (from Bravo's photo gallery)

Marisa Zanuck and Kyle Richards on their way to the party (from Bravo’s photo gallery)

OK, now to the good stuff. Kyle gets into a limo to pick up Marisa to have dinner at a Moroccan restaurant. Kyle says she feels embarrassed about her dinner party and she wants Marisa to see another side of the girls. She calls Kim to remind her that they will be sitting on the floor to eat. Kim asks her if she’s wearing pants and Kyle tells her she’s wearing a long dress because she didn’t think she’d be comfortable in pants. Kyle says each time she invites Kim to dinner, she either afraid she’s not going to show up or they will fight. She also calls Lisa to tell her they will be sitting on the floor so she needs to wear a really short skirt and skip the underwear. Lisa says something like she won’t do a Camille or Brandi or something to that effect. She informs Lisa that Adrienne and Paul are in New York and that obviously it would have been uncomfortable with Brandi there anyway.

Kyle picks up Marisa who, by the way, lives in a pretty modest house by Beverly Hills standards. Marisa has never met Kim before and Kyle didn’t realize they’ve never met. They discuss the Kim/Kyle relationship (again). At the restaurant, they are in a private room. Looks like they won’t be sitting on the floor after all. Kyle and Marisa set out place cards for everyone. Brandi arrives first. They all kissy kissy and tell each other how pretty they are. When Brandi sees the name Paul on one of the place cards, Marisa says that’s her brother Paul, not Adrienne’s Paul.

Brandi Glanville tells Marisa and Kyle she's being sued by Adrienne and Paul (from Bravo's photo gallery)

Brandi Glanville tells Marisa and Kyle she’s being sued by Adrienne and Paul (from Bravo’s photo gallery)

Brandi is relieved and tells Kyle and Marisa she had to get a lawyer that day because Adrienne and Paul are suing her. In her TH, Brandi explains that Adrienne has hired a lawyer who is “threatening” to sue her if she doesn’t go to a meeting and sign a paper saying she will never talk about her and her family ever again. Whether she’s suing her or threatening to sue her, Brandi had to hire a lawyer. Brandi tells Marisa and Kyle she doesn’t know what she can do to move forward except to apologize. Kyle tells Brandi she probably doesn’t feel very inspired to call and apologize now. Ya think, Kyle? Brandi tells them they want her to go to a meeting that Friday and if she doesn’t go, she’ll be served with papers, so Brandi has hired a lawyer and is understandably very nervous. Plus she’s going to have lawyer bills to pay now.

Moroccan dinner attire (from Bravo's photo gallery)

Moroccan dinner attire (from Bravo’s photo gallery)

Lisa and Ken arrive next, followed by Yolanda, Camille, Taylor and last, but not least, Kim. Next in comes Maury and Dean (Marisa’s husband) and Marisa’s brother Paul. Yolanda asks Kim how her week went and tells her she looks great. Kyle tells Kim she was at Yolanda’s to do the master cleanse. Kim doesn’t recall when she was ever supposed to go to Yolanda’s house. Kim tells her she can’t do the master cleanse, just because. She’s supposed to eat for her metabolism. Kyle keeps asking why, but Yolanda seems not to push the issue with Kim. A belly dancer shows up and starts dancing with Kim. Of course Kyle starts her hair twirling thing, but lucky for us, doesn’t do the splits. Camille has that sexy dancing thing down to a tee.

Let’s set up this next scene cause it’s a doozy. The seating arrangement is this. Paul, Marisa, Dean, Brandi, Taylor and Camille are sitting on one side. Maury, Kyle, Kim, Yolanda, Lisa and Ken are sitting on the other side. Brandi asks Marisa to work out with her the next day. Camille and Taylor are having their own conversation. Kim tells Kyle she just wants to make things in her life better and Kyle agrees with her. Kim tells Kyle life is too short to hold grudges and they are both guilty and they both need to work on it. She tells Kyle she’s truly sorry. In her TH Kyle says she’s been waiting for so many years for an apology from Kim for how she’s hurt her and her family with her drinking, but her apology doesn’t mean anything if she doesn’t stay sober. What has that got to do with anything? Kim is sober now so accept her apology. Kim tells Kyle she was supportive during rehab, but since she’s been home Kyle’s been really cold. Kyle admits she has been cold because she’s been hurt. Kim seems to be making more of an effort here than Kyle.

Some food comes and Yolanda doesn’t seem to think there is much Arabic culture going on right now. Kyle says she can’t eat food with her fingers. Someone asks Yolanda where David is and she tells them he’s rehearsing with Barbra Streisand at the house. Kyle tells a story about when she and Kim were in a movie with Barbra’s husband, James Brolin, and how handsome she thought he was. I guess this is supposed to impress Yolanda, who I’m sure is (not).

Taylor announces that she’s ready to date and for them to get out there and find her a Ken, or a Leeza. I think Taylor is a little buzzed. Shut it, Taylor. We all know you’re banging your married lawyer. Taylor puts on her little pitiful face and says she feels like she would be cheating if she started dating. Awwwwwww. Camille comforts Taylor and says she can’t feel guilty for what Russell did, that was his choice. Taylor says Russell has lied to everyone in his life and she’s fought all his battles for all his lies. Such much of Taylor’s life has been a lie that she’s ready for a new life. Brandi turns away at this point and Taylor and Camille hug when Taylor says she settled her lawsuit.

Brandi notices Yolanda and Kyle are talking about Adrienne suing Brandi. Yolanda wants to know why Adrienne is suing Brandi and Kyle says she thinks it’s to intimidate her. Of course it is, because Brandi has nothing of material value that Adrienne wants. Yolanda tells Lisa if you can’t handle a discussion, that’s when you call a lawyer and tells Lisa she would never ever do that. Lisa tells Yolanda Brandi had to spend $2,000 already that day. Yolanda tells Lisa that if you have the balls to say something stupid, you should also have the balls to pick up the phone and say hey, I effed up, let’s talk it out. Meanwhile Maury is giving Brandi the evil eye. I mean, if you recorded this, go back and stop the recording right after Yolanda says that. If looks could kill.

Brandi says (for the umpteenth time) she shouldn’t have said it and she understands that and Maury says it didn’t need to be said. Brandi says of course, you’re right and Maury says that’s the reality. Brandi says she doesn’t know how many times she has to tell people that if she’s going to say sorry to anyone, it will be to Adrienne, but she hasn’t had a chance and now she’s being sued.

Kyle then tells Maury she doesn’t want a fight so she’s not going get involved with this. How many times have we heard Kyle say that this season? At least three if not more. And yet she seems to be right in the middle of all the major fights so far. Brandi says she’s heard from every person there she shouldn’t have said it and Maury tells her “except for me.” Oh, I didn’t know she needed to hear it from him personally. I guess his opinion carries more weight than the others. So Kyle, who doesn’t want to get involved, pipes up and says she knows it’s a sensitive subject and Brandi has admitted she was wrong so that’s why people think she should pick up the phone and apologize to Adrienne. Brandi said she tried to call Adrienne and then got the letter from Adrienne’s lawyer.

Maury tells Brandi she can still call Adrienne even if she’s gotten an attorney’s letter. He says he’s received attorney’s letters, but picked up the phone and made a call and the attorney’s letter went away in two seconds. He tells her that’s a reality and she can make her own choices.

Lisa tells everyone to hold on a second and wasn’t it Adrienne who said over and over that friends don’t sue friends? That’s when Taylor puts her two cents in that it was such a big deal when she and Russell were talking lawsuit, but now that it’s Adrienne, it’s a whole new ballgame. Maury tells Taylor (I believe) she had no choice. Kim pipes in and says Taylor did have a choice, she could have walked away. Taylor asks Kim what she meant by that and Kim tells her nothing. Taylor tells Kim she’s always supported her so not to go there. Didn’t Taylor cause some shit to go down between Kim and Kyle the first season or is my memory messed up? Yolanda asks Taylor why she’s getting so aggressive with Kim. I don’t see where Taylor is out of line with Kim myself. Kim just put something “out there” and then clammed up. These women are such hypocrites.

Taylor Armstrong grabs Brandi and Camille's hands and tells them to be strong women (from Bravo's photo gallery)

Taylor Armstrong grabs Brandi and Camille’s hands and tells them to be strong women (from Bravo’s photo gallery)

At this point Brandi says she just wants to get out of there and Taylor tells her not to leave; to stay and stand up for herself. Yolanda tells Brandi to call Adrienne up and even if she doesn’t answer the first time, keep trying. Maury thinks it’s stupid they are even talking about it, that’s the reality. That’s the third time Maury has said “that’s the reality.” That’s his new catchphrase. Kyle’s is “I don’t want to get involved.” Taylor tells Brandi she’s not going to cry anymore and she’s not going to walk away. She’s a different person now. Taylor and Camille tell Brandi to be strong even though the three of them don’t have emotional support (significant others). Dean says something to Brandi, but I can’t hear what he says to her.

Ken stands up for Brandi (from Bravo's photo gallery)

Ken stands up for Brandi (from Bravo’s photo gallery)

On the other side of the room, Maury is saying in a very loud voice “Why did she say it?” Ken says he doesn’t know why she said it; it doesn’t matter why she said it, she said it. Maury says of course it matters why she said it. Ken asks why? Maury says what do you mean why, because you’re either a gossiper or not a gossiper. Kyle has her hands on the side of her head because she knows she herself is a gossiper and she can’t believe her husband is starting this shit. Ken says that’s bullshit, she said it in conversation. Maury says “to be nice.” Ken says it doesn’t matter why she said it. It’s the truth, she said it. Lisa leans over to Ken and says, “Well you can’t say it’s the truth ‘cause you’ll get sued as well. We both know”

Maury asks Brandi if she said it to be nice and she says no. Ken says Brandi said she was wrong. I don’t know what Maury wants here. Everyone, including Brandi, is admitting that what Brandi said was wrong. Brandi tells Maury he doesn’t even know what he’s talking about. Maury angrily tells Brandi to pick up the phone because she hasn’t even tried. Brandi tells him she has tried. Maury says “really?” Brandi says yes. Ken tells Maury when you’re being sued by someone, maybe you don’t want to pick up the phone because your lawyer says “don’t pick up the phone.” I can’t believe what I hear next. Maury says, “You don’t have to listen to your attorney.” What? Did he really say that? I thought Maury was smart. Guess I was wrong about that. He then says “have common sense.” To me, common sense is to do what you lawyer, who you are paying big bucks to, says.

Yolanda thinks it’s so strange for two men to yell over a woman’s issue and they should go have a beer somewhere. I don’t see it that way. If someone was talking to Kyle the way Maury was talking to Brandi, do you not think Maury would go apeshit? Well, Brandi didn’t have anyone there to take up for her so Ken decided to step in. Ken asks Maury what is Brandi supposed to do. She’s divorced, on her own and she’s being sued. Maury is still insisting that Brandi pick up the phone and apologize because that’s what everyone is telling her to do. Brandi says Adrienne has never apologized to her for what she did. Maury say about what. Brandi says there is a plethora of things. Maury says she should still pick up the phone because she started it all.

Kim has to put her two cents in by saying it’s not the first time Brandi has done this. She has said things about Kim that were untrue. Brandi says it wasn’t untrue, but incorrect. Brandi accused Kim of taking meth and Kim said she never did that. Brandi said Kim did have a problem and she was attacking her before that. Kim tells Brandi her point is she just should not throw things out about people. Brandi raises her hands in the air and says “Dude, Adrienne started it with me, I didn’t start it with Adrienne. Period.” Kim tells Brandi hopefully we learn from these things. All of a sudden Kim has become a life coach for Brandi.

Mauricio is really agressive (from Bravo's photo gallery)

Mauricio is really agressive (from Bravo’s photo gallery)

Brandi tells Mauricio to STFU (from Bravo's photo gallery)

Brandi tells Mauricio to STFU (from Bravo’s photo gallery)

Lisa wants to know where everybody was when Adrienne accused her of selling stories. How come nobody jumped to her defense and stayed quiet about it?

So Maury makes even more of an ass of himself by saying “Wait a minute. Who gives a shit about selling stories? Do you really give a shit about that?” Kyle leans over to try to get Maury to shut up. Lisa says she certainly cares if someone questions her integrity.

Brandi tells them to stop, she did say that, she did say it. Maury says, “And you know what?” Brandi tells Maury she was pissed when she said it, and he can go f*ck himself. It’s about her kids, it’s about her life, seriously. Maury says right, and you deserve all of that. She tells him to STFU. Dean says, “Who’s ready for desert?”


Vanderpump Rules by Jenifer Freeman

The second episode of Vanderpump Rules opens with Stassi cleaning glasses with Katie commiserating over her negative checkbook balance. Since her parents supplied her with ample funds while she was in college, she was cut off after graduation. And it’s this – not the yearning for higher education – that is her reason for wanting to attend grad school. The conversation then turns to her relationship with Jax, who we find out rarely comes home at night, and the tension that is obvious between them. Stassi then confronts Jax as to why he left her sleeping in the apartment and left for work, where they were both working the same shift, rather than waking her and giving her a ride. Jax is flippantly apologetic, but Lisa overhears the interaction and then reminds Jax that her allegiance is to Stassi, who’s been an employee for years and got him the job. He’s warned that relationship drama occurring in the workplace will get him the boot. As Lisa walks away we see a cutaway shot of Jax looking like he could strangle his beloved Stassi.

Scheana then treats her mom to a belated Mother’s Day tattoo, where she relates some of the conversation she’d had with Stassi, who Mom accurately surmises is insecure. Scheana agrees, yet compliments Stassi by saying that she’s gorgeous and has no reason to be not be more confident.

Stassi and Jax share a lunch when Stassi pointedly asks him where he slept last night. He responds with, “Where do you think?” Stassi says it wasn’t at his friends since she’d already questioned them first. He then gives a less than credible explanation that he’d slept in his truck outside their own apartment because he had to get up early anyways. Stassi quips he could have used his little key and unlocked the door and crawled into his own bed, but he says that he wanted to avoid her “wrath.” Stassi then reminds him of their conversations of marriage and wonders what she could have been thinking. She laments that she deserves so much better than a 33 year old who still wants to party and have guy nights. She almost sounds like she’s about to dump the loser but just admonishes him for his frat-boy behavior and tells him to grow up. He simply says okay – either because she has a point and he knows she’s right or because he wants to avoid the argument and lacks a backbone.

In the next quick scene, we see the Sur staff preparing for their ultra-pink float in the Gay Pride parade.

Soon after, we see Jax at a modeling gig, where he boasts his resume and reports that vicious Stassi had emailed a client canceling a job he had simply because she couldn’t go. Tom dishes about what a chic magnet Jax was back in the pre-Stassi days with his rotating door of girls every night. Tom and Jax then have a conversation about Jax’s need to become more responsible since Stassi said so. He reasons that modeling was cool at 21 but is getting a little embarrassing, although it’s doubtful he’ll be able to support Stassi on a bartender’s pay given her standards of living.

We then see the staff at the parade, where Lisa is forced to babysit the toddlers. She makes them pour out the booze and orders no drinking for the day. She advises Stassi to steer clear of Jax, and we then get to hear more of Stassi complaining to the girls about how she’s 23 and shouldn’t have to put up with a 33 year old boy who can’t get his stuff together – for about the third or fourth time this episode.

Later Stassi watches a shirtless Jax getting sunblock rubbed on by Scheana. Stassi immediately assumes Scheana is being a skank and moving in on her man. She orders one of the girls to go “talk some sense into him,” so both Katie and Kristen march down the moving float to go harass Scheana. The chaos is thankfully broken up by Lisa, but the scene continues later at the restaurant. Lisa confronts Stassi about leaving the drama at home, and Stassi responds that she is really trying to and will in the future, but when she orders a drink at the bar, Jax pulls her outside to “squash it.” Stassi starts the water works complaining he is so mean, and Jax defends the innocent encounter and tells her to not be so insecure. She stomps off leaving him frustrated in the alley.

We get a cute glimpse of Kristen and Tom’s relationship as she drives the license-suspended boy around while he tries to remember the directions. Too short for us to get much info, except that Tom is irresponsible when it comes to opening his mail, and Kristen is nicer than most of her costar’s girlfriends.

Later at Peter the manager’s birthday party, we see the whole crew imbibing a large amount of alcohol. Scheana arrives with boyfriend in tow and tells Stassi she’d like to talk to her later. Stassi says okay, but then talks trash with her groupies about the homewrecker. Stassi blames Scheana for humiliating her and ruining the day rather than accepting any responsibility for her behavior. Scheana bravely approaches and asks to have a word with Stassi. She begins with an apology, but Stassi cuts her off. Although Stassi definitely has her attitude on, they seem to begin to communicate somewhat.

Seven shots.  Does he think he's at a frat party?  (from Bravo's photo gallery)

Seven shots. Does he think he’s at a frat party? (from Bravo’s photo gallery)

Did they really break up?  I'm pretty sure I don't care.(from Bravo's photo gallery)

Did they really break up? I’m pretty sure I don’t care.
(from Bravo’s photo gallery)

Bravo cuts to Jax slamming seven shots back to back, and then slowly making his way over to Stassi. With his slur beginning to show, Stassi begins the breakup talk but Jax says that they have too much to throw it all away. He feels he’s a good boyfriend, but Stassi says he is only 70% of the time, and she wants a good boyfriend all of the time. She says he needs to see what life is like without her. They take the breakup to the parking lot. She again tells him to grow up, he wants to drive her home, he begs her not to give up on them, she tells him to get his own place, and again, grow up. He says okay, but the episode ends with clips of next week’s scenes of Stassi torn between two guys, kissing some guy in a club, Jax telling her she will always be his girl, her saying she doesn’t know what she wants, and him saying “Let’s go home.” Needless to say, there was definitely plenty of drama, but it left me hoping Bravo has more in store for this series than the juvenile boy/girl tug of war we all got in high school.


Watch What Happens Live by BB

Guests: Kim Richards and Tom Arnold

Bartender: I have no clue who it is; some guy named Zack Martins.

Kim Richards and Tom Arnold on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen (from Bravo's photo gallery)

Kim Richards and Tom Arnold on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen (from Bravo’s photo gallery)

Kim is wearing a silver top and black pants with sparkly earrings and necklace. Kim has a little too much blush on. Tom is wearing a blue shirt with a jacket that’s too small. Kim doesn’t even remember her last appearance on WWHL. Nobody is drinking alcohol, even Andy.

(NMD – Kim and Andy had an interesting exchange where he said technically this wasn’t her first visit to the set of WWHL and she said she remembered sitting down last time but not leaving – insinuating she was drunk.  Does anyone remember a previous visit – maybe the time he had all of the housewives on?   Andy also introduced Tom and said he was starting a new show, and Tom jumped in and said his show was in its third season – Redneck Vacation?  Andy should know more about his guests and what they are promoting, that was a big mistake.)

Last night they never got to the poll results of whether Kenya is Gone With the Wind fabulous. 79% of the voters said no. No surprise there.

Tom says it’s kind of redneck that Scheana got a tattoo with her mom and he likes that since he’s on a show about redneck vacations on CMT.

Tom is a friend of Maury and thinks what he did on tonight’s episode of RHOBH was good. Breathing L.A. air must make people think differently from the rest of us.

Tom and Kim were fun guests.  Tom seemed to get what WWHL is all about (from Bravo's photo gallery)

Tom and Kim were fun guests. Tom seemed to get what WWHL is all about (from Bravo’s photo gallery)

They talk about Kim on the high dive show. Yawn. Tom is laughing his head off watching Kim jump straight in. Andy questions whether that’s even a dive. Kim calls it a pencil dive. I don’t think so, Kim.

Tonight’s poll question is “Whose side are you on; Brandi or Adrienne?” This should be a no brainer. Tom Arnold wants to know if it was true what Brandi said. Kim tells Tom that’s not the point, Brandi shouldn’t have said it. I guess it must have been true since Kim didn’t say it was a lie.

Tom is a recovering alcoholic and tells Kim to look at videos of herself when she was an alcoholic on the show, and it will remind her to stay sober.

Caller asks Kim if she thinks Kyle has changed from last season to this season. Right now they are good but the show has changed both of them.

They play a game called name that show. They show Kim on Dukes of Hazzard, An After School Special, Chips, and Tough Turf.

(from Bravo's photo gallery)

(from Bravo’s photo gallery)

Plead the fifth, Tom Arnold. What does he miss most about Roseanne? Working on the show with her. Who is the most overrated comedian of all time? Plead the fifth. What famous person would we be surprised Tom’s hooked up with? I didn’t hear his answer.

Poll Results: 76% are on Brandi’s side. Makes me wonder who the 24% were who voted for Adrienne.



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      Hope your day is better today hon!! Hugs!

      • Kansas Girl says:

        Yeah, what do you think is in Ny-Quil??? Booze. Allegedly. A pharmacist told me once that a slug of whiskey would do the same thing and be cheaper! LOL!

        • haha but then sales will go down. The more sick people, the better – we used to joke about that. “business is great, lots of sick people!” black humor but that’s how it is when you work in a pharmacy.

          The best cough medicine has codeine, lots of it, to tame your cough (if whiskey doesn’t work). I remember my grandfather (he was a pharmacist) giving me that back in the 70s. Good stuff! You can’t get it today. You can get a cough syrup with codeine if you have an Rx or in some states, you sign for it. It’s still not as good as what I remember. Ahh yes the good old days – the 70s.

          If you are taking any cough syrup, drink it slowly letting it sit on your throat. And don’t drink any liquids after. It will work better if it stays in your throat longer.

          • Kansas Girl says:

            I totally understand the black humor — my mom was a nurse. And my dad was a plumber and they have their own versions too.

            How’s your brother? Tell him hi! LOL!

            • He & my mom both were sick before Christmas, but now have recovered. Still toiling away in the drugstore! It’s so cold there, around zero and plenty of snow. My brother tried to drive to his house in the last storm, got his car stuck in a snow drift. Barely made it to his house, then realized he had lost a shoe. Thank goodness he didn’t freeze to death. Last week it warmed up and the snow started to melt. Good times! I keep telling my mom “what is snow?” since it’s been between 50 – 60 degrees here. Pretty soon we will be saying “what’s winter?” if this keeps up. Which is fine with me!

              • Powell says:

                Around zero blue? Oh no! Too darn cold. Uggghh.

              • Kansas Girl says:

                He lost a shoe? LOL! It MUST have been cold to not notice that! Pharmacists, like doctors, are supposed to be immune to it all.

                We’ve got the cold temps, but no snow. We’re WAY low on moisture and in a drought.

          • Powell says:

            Get this blue. An old old fashioned remedy. When I was a little girl my mom would give me a teaspoon of terpentine and sugar . Cough gone. Git that from her grandmother.

            • trudie says:

              That is unbelievable. I hope no one lit a match near you.

            • that’s so crazy Powell, but it worked for you. I googled terpentine to see if it was used as medicine, and as a matter of fact, it came over with Columbus – the sailors used it as medicine. It’s fatal in large doses, but in tiny amounts it kills everything. Haha, just like they say, whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!

            • rabblerouser2010R says:

              OMG & LOL (since you are alive and well and obviously no worse for the wear) and I thought the whiskey in my bottle was bad (or as my family calls it “An Irish Lullaby” 🙂

          • Powell says:

            I hate cough syrup. Ugh. Not taking that. I sound like a stubborn kid. 🙂

        • Powell says:

          KG I have been taking Dayquil. It’s the pack w/Nyquil & Dayquil. I took all the Nyquil.

      • Powell says:

        MarDrag I’m no alcohol virgin but I’m scared to take a shot of bourbon cause I’m scared I won’t wake up on time to go to work. I don’t use an alarm cause i’m on auto pilot since I’ve was a child but I think a shot will throw my auto pilot off kilter.

        • I’m sorry you are not better hon! Saw upthread you are still coughing and sneezing. I get the autpilot, I am the same way. So….(for lack of anything better) I am sending you healing energy and hugs and hopes for a speedy and full recovery. 😦 🙂

    • Powell glad you are feeling better 🙂 That episode on Casey Anthony was pretty good. Just reinforces what a horrible & dangerous! person she is. Who could lie for two years that they have a job, & pretend to go there – for two years? And be a devious liar? Only a complete psychopath.

      Casey’s parents knew what a dangerous person she is. I believe Casey killed her daughter out of jealousy, because her mom loved her more than Casey. Plus she really did want to be a party girl, without any responsibilities. So why couldn’t she just let her mom – who loved Caley so much – take over raising the child? Ah but then her parents would always love Caley more than her. The state of Florida was inept prosecuting this case. Really, the death penalty, when they couldn’t even prove how Caley died & they had only circumstantial evidence?? Why not 2nd degree murder or even manslaughter. The brand new, untested lawyer sure did get the upper hand on this one. They better keep an eye on Caley Anthony. Who knows what she will do next.

      • oops – keep an eye on Casey that is.

      • Powell says:

        Blue it was good but not any real earth shattering developments. The judge was very interesting. Something is definitely wrong w/Casey. I don’t know what or when it happened but it was something. I really don’t believe she intended on killing Caylee. This is what I think happened: The Anthony’s were fed up w/Casey using them as the babysitter cause she wantrd to party instead of stay at home. I don’t care what Cindy denies but I believe that she was going to file for custody. Casey moved out to punish her mom. Her BF & all her friends wantrd to party. Casey made up that chloroform. She gave it to Caylee to put her in the car asleep while they partied. She put that tape on her not realizing what she was doing. Her being chloroformed w/the tape over her nose & mouth suffocated her. When Casey saw what she did she decided she had to cover it up cause her mom would not forgiver her in her mind. She went back to the house, borrowed the shovel from the neighbor after she had her in the playhouse & she buried her. The storm happened & swept Caylee away. It should have been 2nd degree or manslaughter. She would be in jail if there was the right charge & the prosecution explained it as an accident.

    • Pghemtchick says:

      Doh! I knew I forgot something last night, but couldn’t remember what. Thanks Powell! Setting my dvr now for the Aphrodite Jones show. Lol caught it over the weekend for the first time, not bad at all. Lol

    • Boobah says:

      Oh man, Powell! I was hoping you’d feel better! Keep getting your rest – hang in there.

  2. TexasTart says:

    Good day, everyone! 🙂

    Exciting blog today, I will have to catch up to it later! Just popping in to see if Powell is feeling better.

  3. StephieBar says:

    Great blog NMD!

    Yucky, I can not stand Kyle and Maury.

    Maury was agreeing with Camille’s legal coucil last season that she could have no contact with Russell & Taylor and neither could anyone else, just bc Russell threatened Camille via email with a lawsuit. Adrienne has her lawyers send legal documentation to Brandi – and she should call and apologise, ignore her $2000 lawyer and that’s common sense.

    I hate how everyone that seems to be attacking Brandi is a Richard team mate, yet Kyle plays innocent, it’s soo fake. (Maury, Faye Rancid, Kim).

    Kyle asked Brandi in the limo (with Adrienne there) what the problem was, Kyle asked at the dinner table in Ojai what the problem between them was, Kyle asked again at the SUR lunch & got the answer, said nothing and neither did her creepy husband and now they are abusing her. Disgusting people. Ohh that’s right, Brandi is the gossip…….

    I love that Tom Arnold told Kim to watch herself drunk on the show and that would keep her sober, it’s such BS that she readily admits she hasn’t watched the episodes, doesn’t remember that night well & thinks Brandi was in the wrong, which poor Brandi has had to apologise for SEVERAL times.

    Enjoy being a child star drunk Kim, you’re headed that way again!

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Yes, it does seem that everyone who is confronting Brandi is pro-Kyle or “Richards”…the viewer isn’t fooled because unfortunately Kyle’s acting skills are very weak.

    • I Need A Life! says:

      I didn’t see the show yet, but I did catch WWHL and I thought Kim was really ….interesting. She was VERY clear that Yolanda NEVER asked her to come over for a cleanse. I loved her explanation. Made sense. “You don’t say come over for a cleanse. You say, let’s do a cleanse together. It’s not like we stand there and have a drink. You call each other and give each other support.” So now I have to ask, was it Yolanda who is trying to stir things up ….no pun intended.

      • PJ says:

        I don’t think Yolanda was trying to stir things up. Yolanda probably asked Kim to come so she could show her how to do the cleanse not so they could actually do the cleanse on the spot. Isn’t it a fourteen day cleanse after all? I really don’t like Kim and don’t trust a lot that she says.

        • T-Rex says:

          I believe Yolo told her about this amazing healthy cleanse that will help her rid toxins of the alcohol and pills from her system, Kim isn’t fully recovered and still probably on some pills and maybe doesn’t remember the convo but Kim has lied before and so far Yolo hasn’t so my money is on Yolo in this

          • Pat says:

            I also think Yolanda set a date with Kim, 3 times she asserts, to come over so she could talk to her about the cleanse, show her how the drink is made, etc., as she ended up doing with Kyle instead. It sounds like after Kim’s 3rd no-show, Bravo sent Kyle over in Kim’s place. If they set a date and time for Yolanda to meet with Kim on camera, and Kim flaked yet again, rather than wasting the time of the film crew that was probably at the ready to get this filmed for the show, they got Kyle to come over instead.

            Kim’s a very strange lady, IMO.

    • Beckygrey says:

      Did I miss something? Why is everyone calling Mauricio Maury

  4. StephieBar says:

    It’s just so obvious to me, the whole production crew/ cast knew what the Adrienne/ Brandi drama was, but Kyle kept asking and kept asking – then she gets the answer and Kim runs to tell Adrienne, they ruin Maury used car dealership free hot dog party & Kyle, Kim & Maury get upset at Brandi, who just had a man up in her face screaming and talking about what he’d like to ‘do to her’. Why didn’t they say anything at the lunch, bc they wanted to see Adrienne’s reaction & than play teams.

    Bravo Andy better call this BS out at the reunion!

  5. LaineyLainey says:

    Stephie, I think Bravo Andy is BEHIND the BS, so i doubt he will be calling anyone out. Oh, and now i’m craving a hot dog. thanks.

    • trudie says:

      Agreed. To the reunion, not the hot dog!

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I meant to post this under Stephie’s comment

    • StephieBar says:

      LOL – sorry re: the hot dog, but hey if you are going to crave anything it should be high carbs and meat 😉

      I got the feeling Bravo Andy had the crankies at Adrienne for making them blank out her secret, Brandi and others admitted she got the lawyers to push down on Bravo..

      Silly girl, if she’d let her secret be heard, we wouldn’t still be discussing it, the cover up is always worse than the crime! Watergate!

      Plus if it was really a sad thing, we’d be feeling for her, not feeling her throw her money weight around..

  6. Contessa says:

    Maury, vilekyle and Kim are off the map – these people take no responsibility for their actions and one can see Maury is the biggest a$$ kisser in BH to just to make a buck. I have no doubt he knew things were gonig downhill at ad ‘s house and he was waiting for that commission. I think he would sell one of his kids for the right price.

    Kim is not truly recovering in my opinion. What happened to asking for forgiveness when you wrong someone…she was awful to Brandi going as far as hiding her crutches – who does that. Brandi was right to call her out – she was drunk/high as a kite that night, Brandi just didn’t get the substance right. I have no sympathy for Kim, as I think she is an entitled nasty POS – sorry she is an addict, but even with rehab, life coaches and whatever she is not following a program of forgiveness and the things she did to people while drunk/high. She is still living in an altered reality. Kyle and the used car salesman are simply ridiculous and she is so vile and I swear she is getting ugly with each passing episode. Hurray for Brandi, Lisa, and Ken gets the gold star. Nothing like picking on a woman who owns nothings, has no man in her life, and is simply trying to survive. Brandi just outed the truth, a truth that everyone knew…big f’ing deal. If I was railroaded by Ad (with regard to ganging up on Lisa and being asked to do a twitter war taking back what I said) I would have blown her a$$ out of the water as well. I hate when people use their money for power and to hide behind. Ad will not be back next season in my opinion.

    • PJ says:

      This is what I don’t get Brandi outed something that everyone in this group already knew so what is the big stinking deal anyway? Also why no support for Brandi and the nasty things Adrienne said about her? Oh wait Brandi has no big house to sell with big commissions, no rich husband and no big bank account so it’s OK for the pack animals to go after her and tear her to shreds.

      • Called A Princess... says:

        A… Brandi is not part of this circle of people. She really does not fit in Beverly Hills. She is moving up the latter while everyone but Taylor has pretty much arrived. Truth is that most people can take critical attack from their peers but not so much from an outsider. Brandi is Bravo’s muse and Lisa’s new Girl/Cedric. What she is not is a the new Beverly Hills housewife, with all its trappings. She refuses to learn the ropes on how to fit in proper, which was once part of her charm but may come to be her down fall. Once she seemed smart and sassy but now she appears to be just mouthy. She is too unpredictable to be sponsored as a Lady in Waiting. JMHO.

        • PJ says:

          Who are the rest of these people ladies in waiting to the Queen of England? Few people start out in a social circle like this.

          • Called A Princess... says:

            PJ, the first sentence does not make sense to me. Are you saying that Lisa is the Queen of England. I am not sure, who the rest of the people are, waiting. I am sorry. As for this social circle. I find them entertaining but I do not admire the position, it shimmers in falsehoods and serial nightmares that lead to shallow expectations. JMHO.

            • PJ says:

              No I’m not saying that at all. I’m merely saying that I don’t go for class distinctions. No one in this cast is above Brandi or has more class than she does, they are all equals and cast mates on the same show with each of them having their own agenda. I see people differently than that and I think class distinctions are wrong. To say that Brandi doesn’t belong in Beverly Hills and is climbing up a ladder to reach the height the others have already arrived at kind of boggles my mind. These other’s who have reached such a height could learn a few things from Brandi.

              • Called A Princess... says:

                I am just being honest about how people miss behave in “polite society.” I personally do not believe in class but we are talking about Beverly Hills and a reality show’s social dynamics. I did not make the rules. I do have to navigate the real world. I can see how these women want the highest position in their self imposed peaking order. I simply do not have time to pretend that a velvet rope does not exist because the concept is deemed harsh, dated or unrealistic. Some people can afford to live in a world with no barrier lines, as a person color, I am not one of them. Brandi wants to be part of this group but she is not savvy enough to behave accordingly. JMHO.

                • PJ says:

                  I don’t think any of the other ladies behave any differently than Brandi or have any more class, more money yes.

                  I’m not pretending something doesn’t exist, I just don’t like class distinctions and refuse to be a part of them in my world. I can only speak from my own perspective, obviously we have different perspectives stemming from different experiences.

  7. T-Rex says:

    Okay, OH GOOD GRIEF, thankfully I was watching this away from any projectile objects that I could throw at the TV because I wanted to during most of the last part of the show.
    First off, ShannaTaylorNotFordLyingGrifterLypsMcgee, is again on my last nerve the “I feel like I’m cheating” yep you sure do, you know why because you ARE cheating, at this moment in filming you were sleeping with the muchmarried in a rocksolidmarriage, LyingLoserLawyer that you apparently paid by being on your back for him. STFU, okay I give her one pass for throwing it out there about the HoofMaloof’s legal nonsense as a double standard when talking about Murray and VileKyle’s reaction to her and Russell last season, but again the double standard, of cheating is pissing me off.
    Second, Murray and VileKyle are probably now the MOST hated couple on RealityTV, I have heard of no one, and I mean no one now in their corner at this point. Oh and Murray must not want any future Vpump real estate business because honey that ship sailed after last night. Ken’s a forgiver but not a forgettor so I hope your HoofMaloof business was worth it, because I don’t think the Vpumps would ever use Murray in the future after what he said to them and his awful behaviour. And from LVpumps answers about VileKyle, the only time they will see each other is when they HAVE to film together and Lvump in true style will be cordial but never friends with her again, she will be kept at arms length going forward. Murray STFU you loser you have NEVER once had a lawsuit filed against you to keep your yap shut, and you aren’t an attorney and your advice could have gotten Brandi into MORE hotwater and legal mess for harrassment you dumbshite stick to taking your shirt off and real estate and keep you mouth shut because you sound like an idiot. Oh, and now I see him as rather agressive, so interesting to note how he may ACTUALLY talk to his wife VileKyle behind closed doors, he ain’t JuicyJoe but I would bet it isn’t rosy at the UmanskiRanch. Just sayin he was rude and evil to Brandi multiply that by about 10 and I bet that’s how he treats VileyKyle behind closed doors.
    Third, okay looks like the rumors of the HoofMaloof’s demise from the show are correct. Bravo is going to play the edit game, they did this last week and this week, because LisaVpump, Yolo and Brandi all stopped filming with the HoofMaloof after the lawsuit was filed. So, only VileKyle, Kim and Marisa would even film with her and from what we heard even Paul near the end of filming this season became MIA.
    Fourth, okay the big WOOPDY DO of the secret was wait for it wait for it, was the DIVORCE. More Bravo editing shenanigans and scripted portion of the show. Paul and the HoofMaloof separated apparently right before the season started shooting, and were preparing for the divorce, Paul was living in separate quarters in their house, and they only made “nice” on the show so that they could both continue with their 15 minutes of tame.
    Sorry so long, but I was so pissed at this episode.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      Go, T-Rex, go! Right on!

      Can I add a tiny rant about Taylor’s bad acting of “bravely smiling through tears”? Her version involves weeping with the eyes only, letting her voice quaver and chin vibrate. Then she totally shuts that off and gives her patented wide-mouth grin. Really, Taylor? This is not how it’s done and you appear to have no real emotions at all. And the more times you do this, the more fake you look.

      • T-Rex says:

        Oh and this was filmed PRIOR to her “handler” being hired to take the alcohol out of her hands, I believe because she was slurring her words a bit and downing those drinks so her behaviour is acting on top of alcohol

    • auroracooper says:

      Loved your comments! Maury doesn’t have to worry he supposedly sold Kim and Kanye’s house to them for a cool eleven million. Can we say commission? Anyway, to yell at any woman the way he did is shameless, especially when your wife pretty much started all this shit in the first place. Maury and Paul have a lot in common this season don’t you think? I’m not saying Brandi was right in outing whatever she did but boy this is just getting crazy all around. Hope you are well and the New Year is treating you alright so far.

      • Called A Princess... says:

        I do have to say, that the yelling match Mauricio’s garage sale, with Paul and Brandi seemed very very scripted and anti women. I have not seen the Mauricio/Brandi conflict but I bet it is just as stilted and fake. I have to wonder if that is what bothers the viewer the most. In the end, the whole story is a non story blown into the NYC ” get a hobby,” history. The housewives shows are seeming to choose fake over reality almost every time to move a season forward. This is not really what the fans want. Beverly Hills is to young a show to be desperate for story content. IMO this show should be the easiest to create and make interesting. Instead it has been turned into a cheap garden party food fight, filled with melodramatic/stagy conflict.The husbands seem to be Andy’s new proxy/LIEutenant soldiers adding less rather then more reality to the preceding’s but moving Cohen anti woman crusade/propaganda along at a frenzied lock step. JMHO.

    • Rebecca says:

      In case y’all forgot….

      Taylor was dating a chef from the Hamptons right after she split from Russell last summer.

      (Stupid, insignificant, lying, grifter, pieces of horse….)

  8. Maury has gone done considerably in my book while Ken is the man. I love that Ken stood up for Brandi. Should Brandi have said what she did? No, but I think this was all a build up to Brandi lashing out.

    First, we have Adrienne’s accusing Lisa of going to the tabloids at the reunion. We all saw Lisa’s reaction…she was offended. No one on Ad’s couch stood up for Lisa because they were all in on what was happening. This is also where Brandi comes in because Brandi claims Ad went to her to go against Lisa. From what Brandi has alluded to, Ad made multiple calls to Brandi, including one where they wanted to meet to go against Lisa. Brandi said no. So not only is Brandi on Ad’s sh!t list for that alone but now she’s a liability because she knows that the other couch was going to go against Lisa.

    Next we have the whole Ojai STFU dinner. Brandi did lash out and Adrienne was being obnoxious.

    Then I think something else happened….I think. I can’t comprehend why Brandi would come out and say something. It may be one of those things where the Ad/Paul thing has been talked about (which from comments it seems like it has been)…just not on camera until Brandi said something.

    No one is saying that it was untrue, just that it shouldn’t have been said.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      I think Adrienne will be gone from the show. If Lisa is warning Ken to be careful so Adrienne doesn’t sue them, Adrienne has become a problem for the show. She’s a liability now, and this is not the kind of drama Bravo will deal with.

    • auroracooper says:

      Uh, oh, somebodies crying! lol

      • LaineyLainey says:

        FUNNY,…you have to say it like you’re in a trance.

        • Called A Princess... says:

          I do not think that Addy was being obnoxious, just very awkward. Brandi was looking for a reason to attack Addy publicly. I hope it was worth it to her in the end. She sure is playing the victim, resulting from her petty actions. No one from the original cast is innocent either. This is a very self serving group of individuals, not to be trusted. IMO.

  9. StephieBar says:

    Very interesting ScorpioSue and T-Rex, I agree with you both. I think that Brandi also outted what Adrienne did to the press helped make her enemy number 1. I think she tried to keep her off the show – I vaguely remember Brandi did press saying one of the ladies was campaigning for her not to come back, I figured it was Vyle, now I now what the Brandi beef with Ade is, and why Brandi CAN NOT explain it on the show, they’re not allowed to talk about production on contracts, so the others, pushing Brandi to say what her beef with Ade is, already knew, they just wanted to stump her – I am positive Vyle is a share holder in the franchise and knew EVERYTHING that was going down. Vyle kept pushing Brandi as she knew Brandi couldn’t say and thus it would make Brandi look petty.

    There contracts are pretty iron clad about the behind the scenes stuff.

    • mrs peabody says:

      If Adrienne was the one trying to keep Brandi off the show Kyle was probably trying to help her achieve that goal, that is why she kept asking her what the problem was. She was trying to trick her into saying something she shouldn’t have (like she did ) thus setting her up to give Adrienne something to use to get her removed from the show. Adrienne that way takes care of both of their problems. I say that because I think both Kyle and Kim hate Brandi for what she said last year about Kim and have never forgiven her even though they are the ones that started it. Of course Kim would not remember that as she was higher than a kite anyway and for kyle it takes the attention off her for outing kim in the first place in the limo.

      • Called A Princess... says:

        The Richards clan really are not about reflection. A part of that is lack of depth and the other part is complete selfishness. All Kim would have to do is watch last season, sober, and the truth would be revealed, But I guess that that is above Kim’s respect for human nature or practical details. JMHO.

  10. Mel says:

    I am so confused…..every hw site is now calling mauricio…murray lol. Where did that come from?

    Sorry, I have a new job and been on and off on the blogs…..miss a few days is like missing weeks hehe.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      It’s never a good sign for a character when we start giving them new names!

      • T-Rex says:

        It also shows how many other blogs come over to this one and read, heh heh heh, it’s still the best blog area, and we thank Lynn for that and for NMD for keeping this going and ALL of the contributing most fantastic, stupendous we couldn’t be here without ya BLOGGERS YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!

    • T-Rex says:

      Wow really, I started calling him Murray here, but apparently everyone has called him Maurice for years and when VileKyle got on the show they started calling him Mauricio for better theatrical affect, not saying I started it, but I certainly helped run with it, HA!

    • Kim started it because she calls him “Maurice” and we have further slammed him by calling him “Maury” as in the infamous Maury Povitch who does dna testing on his show…and calling him a used car salesman because he’s not to be trusted plus he is such an ass kisser for a commission.

      • Murray because that’s the Jewish translation of Mauricio?

        • Kansas Girl says:

          And Morrie.

          • Mel says:

            Thanks for the background on “murray”… I am back in the know lol.

            I am gonna take it one step further and add an additional nick name “slopy Mo”

        • T-Rex says:

          For me I did that because folks on the Maury Povich show that are pretty much trash always seem to call him “MURRAY” so that’s how I got murray, but MAURY is yes the jewish translation of Maurice, which is the english translation of Mauricio.

          • LaineyLainey says:

            Will it ever become “mary”?

            • Kansas Girl says:

              It might become un-married!

              • T-Rex says:

                Nope as long as murray keeps buying her fancy cars and jewlery every time he cheats she will stay. He will be the on to leave eventually, if she has tolerated the cheating this long she will stay in the marriage she likes the money and clout too much to leave

    • plainviewsue says:

      Hey Mel!!! So is the twitter universe. Calling him Morrey, Murray, Maurice, never Mauricio!! In his desperatio for more screen time & padding his wallet, he has fallen so far down.

      I rewatched the final scenes with subtitles. Picked up that when Murray kept saying over and over again “Why did she say it?”, Brandi said Kyle asked me and I was being honest. I didn’t hear that the first time. But Murray was so busy berating her he never heard it.

      I so adore Ken. How dare Murray say it’s no big deal about lies about stories being sold. How would he feel if that happened to his wife??????

      He really came off so stupid………….Don’t listen to your lawyer. Are you kidding me??? My daughters have amazing brains!!!!! Saying on national tv that you’ve been served papers tons of times and with one phone call, they’ve disappeared!

      What an assh*le!!!!!

  11. Good Morning Lovelies! I hope all is well with you on this “bit warmer” (by 3 degrees!) Tuesday.

    So….how adorable was that scene last night with Ken and Lisa and Giggy and the pink swing. A heart warming scene….and why I like them so much. It is also the reason I can’t watch VR. Don’t want to burst that bubble!

    BB & Jen – thanks for recapping everything. BB, great job capturing the conversations on BH. That was a lot of sh*t slinging to keep up with. I never liked Maury before, but last night clinched it for me. He was putrid….and if I ever see a guy talk to my daughter that way I will personally deck his a**. How would he appreciate some guy talking to his daughters that way? Ugggh!

    I know Brandi did something wrong but honestly….enough dragging her through it. I also know she lashes out with a foul mouth….but I was watching her body language last night (and previously), as well as her instinct to bolt when it gets too heated….and those are signs of someone who is very insecure about herself and her “place in the world”. She is not as brave as she puts herself out to be, but she feels like she needs to do that so she doesn’t sink into the despair that I think is lurking just under the surface. *My armchair observation*! (she needs some good therapy and could use a few lessons from my blog, LOL!)

    Also, a tidbit I saw on Nev. news (its actually all over the news boards) this morning….The Palms is being investigated by the Gaming Control Board for illegal transactions…as in, violations concerning their staff and a drug sting. Here’s one link:

    OK…on to the day! I hope you all have a magnificent Tuesday. Believe in yourself today….you are a Hero just for getting up and facing the day!! 😀

    “What’s In A Mind” still up at my place. Hugs!!

    • Kansas Girl says:

      And watch Maur-ick-io’s body language. He takes on the posture of being the powerful one — leaning back, low calm voice, no angry gestures. This is how you show you WILL win the argument. We teach employees how to take this stance. It communicates to everyone around that you are in the right and are the voice of reason. Saying “the reality is” heightens this effect on his audience. Brandi on the other hand, does the opposite, which weakens her position — leaning forward, hunching in, voice gets higher and higher, gestures that show her state.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        I like that Maur-ick-io. LOL!! My voice goes up when I am stressed out. I remember my son approached us two days before prom to say, Oh, I AM going to prom and I need a tux. 2 days before. Now imagine this in a super high pitched voice while head bobbing up and down… “What DO YOU MEAN, YOU’RE GOING TO PROM AND NOW YOU NEED A TUX?? WHY ARE YOU JUST NOW TELLING US?” I’m talking super high chihuahua barking voice. After I was done, my husband, son and I had to LOL…it was so funny. My son said, you’re like that guy on Will and Grace when he gets upset. (Jack) sorry, that was off topic.

        I will remember that mini lesson above on how to have the “I’m right” body language. coooooool.

      • Agree KG…and then, towards the end Maury leaned in for his final push, then sat back again as if the victor. Meanwhile Brandi reacts to that and loses it and starts her lashing out & STFU in frustration and an attempt to get the upper hand and be heard. Such underhanded manipulation. Ick! Brandi really needs to find her Self-Empowerment and shut those kinds of people down…..which can be done never raising your voice or saying anything foul. 🙂

        • so true Mardrag, Brandi fell for it again, ending in her usual way of yelling at whoever is pissing her off to STFU. In a calm voice, she could have stated again she’s sorry for what she said, she has tried to contact Adrienne, and that she’s sure it will all end soon enough. Then she should STFU and ignore Maury…..turn away & start talking to someone else. Works every time.

          • Yup. Turning away is very effective in getting someone to pipe down. Body language is so effective…..both in getting someone to engage (what Maury did), reacting (like Brandi), or stopping the situation….which she could have done. Non-verbal, all of it!

        • Kansas Girl says:

          Yes, saw that too. Maurickio is quite the manipulator. Likely used as a sales technique. But I call it bullying in this situation.

          I’d like to teach Brandi how to change her physical behavior. It would give her more confidence. Have you seen the TED talk where the woman has people stand with their hands in the air for a while? She has evidence it makes people more confident.

          • I haven’t seen that show KG…but as I said above, body language can be powerful and effective…whether someone is doing it consciously or sub/un – consciously. If we start to become aware of our body language, we can identify a lot of things about ourselves and others. What we identified about Maury is that he is a tool, and Brandi is deeply insecure and reactionary. 😀

        • PJ says:

          I think Brandi has not recovered from the blow of her divorce yet and being a single mom having two children to support and care for with very little support coming from her ex; and she has been pushed around on this show by all the pack animals. I hope she finds her strength.

          • if I had had to raise my son all on my own, really I don’t think I could have done. It’s going to get harder for Brandi as her boys get older.

            • Called A Princess... says:

              I think Brandi is reacting in this manner because she knows she did something wrong. She has a habit of calling others out and does not want to deal with the social fall out. All she really cares about is making the Bravo money, if others are hurt in the process, so be it. She is careless. The others want to remove her unpredictable persona from the group. She can not be trusted. IMO.

              • PJ says:

                Which one of these people can, Kyle maybe? I’m sure that Brandi isn’t the only housewife who wants Bravo money. Sure some would remove her to replace her with people they want, people who also want Bravo money.

      • PJ says:

        I’m so glad you pointed this out because for all those who think Morris was not attacking Brand his body language shows the opposite.

        • Called A Princess... says:

          But Brandi attacks people too. She is more subtle, most of the time, but she still attacks. And that high pitched rat squeal does not help her cause either. She should take her own mantra and STFU, Sometimes. She is turning out to be less, down to earth, and more classless. IMO.

  12. So if the big secret is Ade & Paul are getting divorced & are already living separately, then how the heck can Brandi be sued for saying that?? I don’t get it. Really Brandi should not have engaged a lawyer, what a waste of money. Too bad she can’t file a STFU and cyst & disease letter on her own, on Ade. Maury is horrible & I’m glad Ken stood up for Brandi at the Moroccan dinner. Haha wonder if “used car sales” will go down as a result for Maury.

    This is all so stupid. So Bravo had to edit out what Brandi said to keep Ade’s sham marriage a secret. What a load of bullsh*t.

    • T-Rex says:

      Because any lawyer can draw up any kind of paperwork their paying client asks for. Most civil cases that actually make it to court are usually bullcrap and nuisance lawsuits, so just imagine how many legal orders are out there that couldn’t even make it to court. HoofMaloof is making Brandi “PAY” for the comment. Now see here’s where it’s good Brandi didn’t contact her, the HoofMaloof would then ACTUALLY have something to sue Brandi with, harrassment. Maybe VileKyle and Murray were actually trying to SET Brandi up an get her to call the HoofMaloof in hopes of her being sued. They are that evil they have proven this. I don’t think VileKyle and Murray can redeem themselves with the audience after this season. Any viewers who were even remotely liked VileKyle has turned against her, the comments for that ridiculous nondiving show were hilarious, I didn’t see any good comments

  13. StephieBar says:

    The person with teh most money wins, they can tie you up in court for years, if they have enough to milk you dry, they can and will, the truth does become irrelevant, this isn’t a case lawyers would take pro-bono either

    • auroracooper says:

      Remember that dry cleaner situation when that guy kept suing the couple that owned it and milked them for everything. Finally their customers helped them out and paid for some of the legal fees. What a friggin nightmare!

  14. BB says:

    The most hilarious thing I’ve seen today: The title of Adrienne’s blog is “Mauricio is a Man of Integrity.” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  15. Kansas Girl says:

    Well now! Brandi’s blog alludes to there being something about Mauricio she knows and is not going to get involved in.

    • BB says:

      She also says that most of the women don’t know everything that went down between her and Adrienne and her “cook” until the coming episodes. Interesting.

      • T-Rex says:

        Ya know that Marisa, Yolo and LVpump are all still friends with Brandi, so I think we are going to learn a whole lot more about all of this, even Paul and Brandi are friends(I bet Paul would like to be more to her, just sayin’). Reunion is going to be interesting, Kim even sober can’t manage a clear thought, so VileKyle will have No one in her court at the Reunion especially if the HoofMaloof does inded bail out as has been rumored. Word is the HoofMaloof is very unhappy with the editing from Bravo this season, uhm well you aren’t filming with anyone and haven’t filmed with anyone outside VileKyle and ShannataylornotfordlyinggrifterLypsmcgee since the “incident”. We know Marissa is only friends with VileKyle because she HAS to be because of her job, but she has been giving it pretty good about the nonsense on the blogs, she could be the “wild card” at the Reunion.

        • Rebecca says:

          Lisa said she and Paul are fine now.

          I wonder if Adrienne’s brothers have told her to get off the show because it’s hurting the family business, like they did with her divorce.

        • trudie says:

          ” bet Paul would like to be more to her, just sayin’” Wouldn’t that just frost Ad’s hoofs? Fabulous.

          • Called A Princess... says:

            If Paul and Addy had an open marriage, then maybe that is how Brandy and Paul met. Maybe through Charlie Sheen and the party circuit. Food for thought.

    • T-Rex says:

      KG it’s been alluded to previously that Murray has a wandering eye as well as other parts. Apparently there are a LOT of folks out there that know, I think VileKyle knows she just tolerates it because he’s the one with all the money

  16. AZGirl says:

    Good morning everyone! Got back into the 4 a.m. rise and shine on Tuesday mornings. Did not watch all of BH. Turned it off at the beginning of the dinner so I missed the ridiculous Maury BS.

    The only dog Maury has in this fight is the commission he will get when selling Paul and Adrienne’s house. He knows this and that is why he decided to verbally beat the crap out of Brandi. Maury’s defense of the Maloofhoof is now solitified on film so voila their listing is Maury’s. So transparent. Maury will do anything for a commission.
    Ken did good to stick up for Brandi. Lisa was right to bring up the accusations of Adrienne at last year’s reunion. Adrienne is not innocent here. Far from it.

    Kim and Kyle have a long history of problems. I still think Kyle just has to always make it all about Kyle. She just can’t emphathize with Kim’s alcoholism.

    • Called A Princess... says:

      It is interesting to me how many excuses are made for Brandi’s gargantuan mouth and ego. Put certain energy out into the world and it will come right back to you even stronger. Brandi needs to stop creating her own private war zone. It is not a good look. IMO.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        It seems that people say she shouldn’t have said it..BUT…Kyle asked…BUT…Kim brought it up at the party..BUT…Adrienne started it…BUT…what Adrienne said was worse…Brandi does the same thing.

  17. Stars99 says:

    I’m dying laffin’… I watched the show last nite at like 2:00 AM… half asleep…. and I really couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I thought that perhaps I was hallucinating… I am rubbing my hands together in glee for all the potential snarking possibilities… Anyway, BB – You are a Super Hero to be able to recap that episode – cuz it was so full of drama… and he said/she said… it’s so, so tough to do that and get it right…and to major on the majors without throwing the keyboard or the remote control out the window. Awesome job! Jenifer – great job on the VR recap… I don’t know that I would even know how to go about recapping that show cuz it’s making me ill every time I watch a portion of it – I have to watch it in like 10 minute increments…lol….

    To all the commenters – It is just so fun to hear everyone’s different perspective… and you bring up such great points… and I love the comments that are especially passionate and snarky…

    NMD – As always, you rock.

  18. AZGirl says:

    Love Brandi! She call Maury “Mo” in her blog.

  19. L.A. Chica says:

    BB in her recap of WWHL said “Breathing L.A. air must make people think differently from the rest of us.” As an L.A. native I really am offended by that. I know it’s meant sort of jokingly but I am so sick and tired of my city getting a bad rap because of the bad behavior of people who come here from OTHER cities and states, acting like fools because they THINK that’s the way it’s done here. Well, it’s not.

    When people meet me and tell me that they’re surprised I’m from here because I don’t act “typically L.A.” (and they actually think they’re giving me a compliment *rolling eyes*), I tell them they must be thinking of the people who’ve moved here from elsewhere and brought their baggage. Now, I actually welcome newbies with open arms, which is more than I can say for some towns I’ve visited, but the truth is there is NO “typical L.A.” We have over 3 million people here, it’s incredibly diverse in all ways, including culturally and economically, so whatever you *think* you’ll find here, you’ll find. It is truly the land of self-fulfilling prophecy.

    Sorry, but that comment just brought out the Brandi in me.

    • BB says:

      Sorry L.A.Chica. Please accept my apology. Of course I don’t think everyone from L.A. is like the Kardashians. It was meant jokingly and sorry you were offended. It’s just like when I see people right here on this blog and on TV making fun of people from the South, I know they are wrong, but I try not to take offense.

      • like, really, like not everyone is an air head valley girl 🙂

      • L.A. Chica says:

        Thank you, BB, of course I accept your apology!

        I know it was meant as humorous poetic license, and we’re an easy target because so much of the entertainment industry is based here. There are times when I can laugh at it (movies like L.A. Story and that SNL sketch about Californians constantly talking about freeway routes), I guess it just hit me wrong this morning because I like everyone here so much and it made me feel a bit like a misfit.

        I also what you mean about the South getting a bad rap, too. I have lots of friends who either live there or are from there and it really is unfair. There are probably people from every region who get stereotyped! We are not alone. 🙂

    • try living in NJ! Fuhgetaboutit!! (said mobster style lol)

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Try being from Texas, we all have big hair and wear cowboy boots and cowboy hats, don’t we? Y’all know we do….. you’re right it was probably just a joke, L.A. Chica. “We love L.A…..we love it!!!!” I hope the intro doesn’t offend our sweet NYorkies or Chicagoans. 🙂

      • not THAT Jill says:

        And if you are a girl from “Da Bronx” NY you are a bitch…but this one is kind of true…j/k..not really!!!

    • Kansas Girl says:

      Come sit right here by me! Kansas is not flat. We are not in black and white. We have trees. We only name our dogs Toto as a joke. We have a good tornado warning system. We’re not all farmers. We have lots of industry. We teach evolution in school. And most of us think the Westboro “church” people are idiots.

      • Rebecca says:

        I correct more people saying the main crop is corn. I tell them, “no, that’s Nebraska, where men are men and sheep are nervous.”

        (How’s that for offensive? * ducks*)

        • AZGirl says:

          Good to know that the sheep in Arizona are not alone about being “nervous”.

        • I never ever tell anyone where I was born & raised, because then they would call me “farm girl” etc. Not everyone, but 90 % did. The jokes people made were not nice. Some people in NJ love to make fun of midwestern folks.

    • djprincessc says:

      I was born and raised in Socal and wasn’t/isn’t offended at all. I mean come on put someone from LA and someone from Arkansas in a room together and I’m sure you will be able to tell there are differences…no biggie 🙂

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Awww.. my husband’s dad was from Possum Valley, Arkansas. He used to ask me “Lainey, you got your dauber in the dirt?” – – translation “are you feeling down?” Isn’t that cute? Or he would ask me “Lainey, how’s your hide?” translation “How’s your husband (his son)…you know “hide”…your “hide” keeps you warm?. so cute.

        • TigerHope says:

          Long time lurker, infrequent poster… Being a G.R.I.T.S girl myself, we GET the stereotypes! And even here in my version of the OC of the SC, I am ashamed to say I have a group of friends exactly like this supposed group of women and their “men”!
          Our “menfolk” don’t usually get all up in arms about what one of the GF’s say, they usually don’t care! But, you can bet your azz that if another man berated a gal in our group the way MOMO berated Brandi…. Somebody’s feet would be held to the fire!
          Our group is not without our share of drama, there are about 8 couples in our circle, and there can be conflicts. Even though some of the group are lawyers, judges, professionals, we would NEVER stoop to drawing papers to sue or “Silence” a member of the group! Just plain crazy!!

  20. Pghemtchick says:

    Scheena’s mom: did anyone who watched Pump Rules last night catch the similarities between Scheena’s mom and Taylips? Not to sound mean, but the mom was like the fat version of Taylips IMO (and by fat I mean prolly straight up average since Taylips is a skelator). Even the voice was all similar. Totally freaked me out.

    • L.A. Chica says:

      I didn’t watch. After last week’s intro I just couldn’t go there. I have zero interest in watching that show, which I’d once looked forward to because I love Lisa, but I ended up fast forwarding through most of the first episode.

  21. not THAT Jill says:

    Just to clarify-can someone please tell me when Mauricio attacked Brandi? He never raised his voice and he never said F.U. or STFU -that was Brandi no? Did I miss something or does anyone who thinks Brandi is not “UNTOUCHABLE” a bully? Mauricio didn’t butt into a convo-they were all talking so saying he needs to MYOB is kind of silly. They were have a discussion and he stated his opinion. He didn’t name call of threaten or even become a little aggressive. That was Brandi. Since when is stating an opinion to a single woman such a crime? If Brandi was married and Mauricio disagreed with her would she want her husband to kick his ass? Brandi wants to act like a big girl but cries whenever anyone is on her “team”. Im tired of the “I’m all alone and poor” speech. I hate what happened to her in her marriage but she aint the first woman to find her self in this situation and she wont be the last. She wants to be strong but comes off as weak-as if she needs to be taken care of. I find that insulting to single women who stand on their own.
    Brandi was wrong for saying whatever the F she said-she knows it she admits it. She is not sorry b/c she did what she wanted to do-she hurt Adrienne and she increased her role on the show. Her playing it like she said for any other reason is crap. Truth cannon? Come on-she knew what would happen when she said and she is happy with the out come. Evert time Brandi does something that she admits she should not have done-she always says…’they started it”…that means its not her fault and she is not wrong…she cant be wrong…she has to win.

    • L.A. Chica says:

      It seemed to me that Mo picked up the baton from Faye Resnick. She never yelled at Brandi, either, nor told her to STFU, but she certainly bullied her by her continuous badgering with her phony moral condescension. Mo was the same way, butting his nose into Brandi’s business and taking an offensive stance without having a clue to the full story. He didn’t ask with genuine concern or curiosity as to why she said what she said, he asked in a very aggressive and challenging way, assuming Brandi had acted aggressively when she spilled whatever beans it was that she spilled. Never mind the fact that Brandi was answering questions asked of her by Kyle. If Mo’s wife had had the good sense to not open that can of worms in the first place with her shit stirring ways, odds are Brandi never would have said a word about Malouf’s secret.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        So a its not Brandi’s fault..its Kyle’s fault that Brandi said what she said it?
        Brandi said to cause harm-that was Mauricio’s point and that’s why Brandi got so mad-she knows she was wrong but cant stand it. He was not butting in-it was a dinner conversation. If Brandi wanted it to be private she never would have brought it up. It was OPEN FOR DISCUSSION-everyone was talking about. i still dont see the bullying thing-disagreeing with someone is not bullying-even if that person is popular.

      • rabblerouser2010R says:

        Sorry, I disagree.
        I feel that Brandi and Lisa both knew before they went to the tasting at SUR, what bomb was going to be dropped. The way that Brandi was speaking didn’t sound off the cuff, but a point by point argument.
        I would also say, production knew what was going to happen and wanted it to happen at SUR, since Bravo and Lisa have a lot invested in the spin off…so SUR need exposure and a scene that wasn’t going to be on the editing room floor. I think Production had Kyle to ask about “Adrienne”. since at point it was clear it would be a story line in the new season.

    • T-Rex says:

      I am not defending Brandi’s loudness or swearing she really needs to stop that and seek some counsel for her anger, but seriously she has been confronted by VileKyle, confronted by FayeKR, and if it were me and every time I saw these people someone confronted me, I would be like STFU too, now Murray has to throw in his two cents, good grief. Look she should not have said it, period, she gossiped they all do, uhm and Murray called her a gossip, and all I wanted to say was how come you don’t call out your crap-stirring wife also on that she is the queen of gossip. Also why aren’t you calling out Kim for telling the HoofMaloof the secret at your party, because had Kim NOT said anything they wouldn’t have even known what Brandi said, and none of this would have happened. Anyhoo, him telling her to contact the HoofMaloof was WRONG you NEVER contact someone when they are suing you and suing you to shut the hell up. Is brandi a loose cannon you betcha, when murray came at her and she felt like she was being accused again she should have left, she should not have gotten loud and started swearing at him. I totally agree with you on the single woman crap, just cause she’s single she shouldn’t get a pass, but Murray to me was wrong in confronting her, especially since it was the same day of the lawsuit situation. Also if this whole thing is true and it’s about their divorce, this is just so petty of all of them to blow this up to epic proportions. Even VileKyle asked Murray to stop.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        He didn’t confront Brandi-it was a group discussion. He didn’t look for her and say things-they were all talking. He didn’t get confrontational-he stated his opinion..

        • plainviewsue says:

          By simply stating you haven’t heard my opinion, imo, was a confrontation. It’s like, part the seas, Maurice the sage is going to speak. Who cares what his opinion is. He went on and on and on asking why she said what she did. If he bothered to listen, he would of heard that Brandi said she was answering his sh*t stirring’s wife question!!

          Nobody will ever convince me that Maurice isn’t siding with Maloof, cos that is where his bread is being buttered. When he didn’t ask Paul to calm down and then ask him to leave, he lost any respect I might have had for him.

          • not THAT Jill says:

            So Brandi is so weak and feeble she can not be asked a question? He didn’t act aggressive or confrontational-he disagreed with the popular woman-a grown up 40 year old woman who has no problem speaking her mind. Everyone seems to feel a need to protect Brandi-she is grown with children of her own-she doesn’t need protection…she needs to know when to STFU!! It is not Kyle, Kim,or anyone elses fault that Brandi said what she said. Its on her-only her.

          • Called A Princess... says:

            We are basing our judgments on a… a…Bravo edit? We know next to nothing about the real conversation in a Bravo fight because the source is not a honest one. We are not watching a tennis match, its more like a propaganda scene. I would think that Bravo directed Mauricio to confront Brandi, after all. JMHO.

        • mrs peabody says:

          as did she when she said it, she was answering a question Kyle asked and was trying to make her point that Adrienne does not tell the truth in some areas and gave an example which turned out to be the wrong example to use but none the less it was an example of her lying. They all knew what she said was the truth but no one was suppose to know it. If Adrienne had done nothing about it it wouldn’t be such a hot topic now, all she did with her threat of a lawsuit was bring more attention to something she didn’t want out there. Brandi should have used a different example and is probably sorry she didn’t but really who knew this was going to turn out to be such a big deal.

      • PJ says:

        I agree he confronted her, and it made me realize that there is a reason Kyle and Morris are married to each other.

        • not THAT Jill says:

          How did he confront her? He was talking just like everyone else. I think what Paul did was confronting-what Mauricio did was have the nerve to say she was wrong.

          • PJ says:

            We are never going to agree on this point even if I outline all the reasons I feel he was attacking her. I’ll just say that you do not have to raise your voice to attack someone. Morris did not care what Brandi’s side might have been not at all, nor did he care what role his wife may have played in the big reveal or that Brandi just said something they all knew already. What exactly is it that Morris cares about?

            • not THAT Jill says:

              Im sure we are not going to agree on this either but I would like to ask what role Kyle played in this big reveal?

              • PJ says:

                My opinion is that Kyle is always stirring the pot pretending to be innocent but really not so innocent. She asked Brandi about what was going on between her and Adrienne, I think Kyle already knew a lot of what was going on but asked to get Brandi stirred up and it worked. I think Kyle wants to get Brandi off the show and her friend Faye on the show. It’s all just my opinion of course but that’s what I think.

            • melthehound says:

              What exactly is it that Morris cares about?
              Commission checks.

                • Called A Princess... says:

                  OK… so I do not understand why or when making money became a bad thing. Mauricio has a nose for business. Big deal. Hollywood is the place where people make big deals. It is part of the process of being successful. It is all about who you know. JMHO.

                  • PJ says:

                    It’s not that making money is a bad thing that isn’t the point. The point is that it seems or appears that Mo picks his sides based on who has money and can pay him commissions, that isn’t integrity.

                    • not THAT Jill says:

                      But why wouldn’t he pick the side he believes in? If Paul and Adrienne are his friends and Brandi-by her own admission-was wrong-why wouldn’t he side with them? I think the popular consensus is that Brandi can do no wrong and anyone who doesn’t like her is a bully or money hungry or a shit stirrer. Maybe she is not likeable-maybe she isn’t trustworthy-maybe she has a big mouth and rubs people the wrong way? I don’t get why Mauricio not being Brandi’s cheerleader makes him such a bad guy. Paul was way worse than Mauricio was and didn’t get half the crap that Mauricio is getting.

      • rabblerouser2010R says:

        Brandi put it out there that she was being sued and opened the whole thing up for a discussion. Again, her lack of restraint caused blow back.

        Why would Brandi reveal a lawsuit at a dinner party, unless of course it was another opportunity to bash Adrienne and make her seem like a hypocrite with the “friends don’t sue friends” . Lisa didn’t seem to like that Taylor jumped in and made it about her….and flipped the switch with “Adrienne accused me of selling stories”. I guess Lisa’s point was that she didn’t sue…but it had already been reveled that Adrienne didn’t make the accusation up, that a editor for some rag was spreading it around.

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      I totally agree with you, I said something similar down page.

      Maybe I spent to many years in my youth in dive bars and the like, bit I would never think because I am a woman I can say and do whatever I want to a man and not expect them to even raise an eyebrow. IMO, if you scream and swear at someone, you should expect the same treatment back.
      But Maurico didn’t even do anything of the sort, what he didn’t do was coddle a woman acting like a spoiled brat. I don’t know why he is being crucified for it.

    • RealHousewifeVA says:

      He was being mean and pushy, IMO. I’m not really feeling too bad for Brandi. She ended up not actually being sued and she is THE STAR of the show this season, so I’m sure she will be getting a big fat raise next season (and I bet Bravo paid her legal bills!)
      However, for sake of pretending all this is ‘real’, I think Mauricio was behaving like a little bitch. He acted like Brandi kicked his puppy. If I recall correctly, he was at the dinner table when Brandi first made the comment about Adrienne and Paul. His panties didn’t seem to be in such a big bunch then. Or the next day when he greeted Brandi kindly with a kiss at his open house. But suddenly, he’s all distraught over what Brandi did?

      The fact that he stood by and allowed Paul and Adrienne to lash out so aggressively at Brandi (also calling her a drug addict, bad mom and whore) and THAT didn’t bother him, but now this does? Shut up Mauricio.

      Last season he was all about “being truthful” and calling out Kim when SHE didn’t want to be called out. ALso his wife called out Kim for being an alcoholic, something she didn’t want revealed on camera. He kicked out Russell and Taylor from his party for threatening to sue Camille.
      His loyalties only lie with who can get him the biggest commision.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        I dont really get where all this commission talks come from. What has he done to show that he is all about money? By making it? Dont they all make money? By buying cars? Lisa drives around in a Bently for heavens sake. Is she all about money too?
        Mauricio’s biggest mistake was saying Brandi was wrong-now he is being called a bully and all sorts of other things-but-She was wrong-he aint lyin’!!!!!

        • RealHousewifeVA says:

          MY OPINION from watching the show is that Mauricio sides with where the money might come from. Just like he basically said in Season 1 when Kyle had issues with Camille. She outright said she was going to make it better so that it doesn’t hurt Mauricio’s business. I would put good money on the idea that if Brandi was a multi-millionaire with real estate needs or a rich husband, he probably would have sat back quietly and not said a word. Just like he didn’t utter a sound when Adrienne was throwing out ugly accusations at Brandi or when Paul was screaming at her and calling her a BITCH.
          Like I said, it’s my opinion, which is usually what people post about since I don’t live with these people or know them in real life 🙂

          • RealHousewifeVA says:

            By the way, I have no problem with Mauricio voicing his opinion if he showed consistancy. He didn’t care all that much about what Brandi said (from what we saw) until Paul and Adrienne got upset.

            He didn’t care when Kim didn’t want her problems aired on TV. He talked all about being truthful in front of all their friends and the cameras, without worrying how Kim felt about it. Even though she asked him several times to drop it.

            He talked about how awful it was for Russell to threaten to sue the (very rich) Camille (who has real estate needs) when she exposed something that Taylor wanted to keep off camera.

            But Brandi exposes something Adrienne wanted to keep off camera, and now she’s the devil? WHATEVER.

    • PJ says:

      I don’t think raising your voice equals attacking. He may not have raised his voice, although I think he did, but he still attacked.

      • Kansas Girl says:

        In an argument, normally voices are raised and each come-back is a bit higher pitched. To keep your voice low is to exert some control over the arguments and emotions.

      • L.A. Chica says:

        I agree, PJ. That wasn’t a conversation, that was an attack. It’s not just tone of voice that can factor into an attack but intention.

        Maurice inserted himself when Brandi tried to end what *had* been a discussion. She said something to the effect of, “I’ve already heard all of your opinions” when Maury piped up and said “You haven’t heard mine.”

        Not that Brandi ASKED for his opinion, she did NOT. And that’s one of the problems I had with his behavior at this dinner. She did not address the group at large when she first mentioned the lawyer’s letter. It was either stupid of her to bring it up at all or she was advised to bring it up by Bravo’s producers, but regardless of why she did, she said it to select people. The topic then expanded to include others, partly rehashing what’s been said in previous discussions and partly including new opinions — mostly in defense of Brandi, iirc.

        That’s the problem when we tell our friends about situations in our lives that are bothering us: most of the time we just need a sympathetic ear and want to get whatever it is off our chest, but sometimes friends mistakenly think you’re asking for advice and start giving their opinion, welcome or not.

        Maurice gave his opinion alright, but his opinion was based on very limited information. His attitude towards Brandi was very judgemental and belligerent. I saw a bully. I saw a bully who took a side based on which side his bread gets buttered.

        Obviously we’re not all in agreement here, but that’s what I saw.

        • PJ says:

          I saw the same thing.

          • WindyCityWondering says:

            Me too. It was unpleasant to watch and IMO, Mauricio was baiting Brandi.

            • Called A Princess... says:

              Bravo was baiting Brandi. We only see what Bravo wants us to see. Brandi apparently has no desire to get along with others. I think she belongs on the OC show. Tamra would serve her for dinner, raw. JMHO.

              • L.A. Chica says:

                Brandi has no desire to get along with others? Did you miss the episode that introduced Brandi to the group? That was the night Paul and Adrienne “invited” her to attend Kyle’s charity event, and instead of welcoming her as a good hostess should, Kyle took one look at Brandi on her crutches and one high heel and started ripping her apart to the delight of her then-sycophants.

                Then there was game night, when New Girl Brandi was ostracized by everyone including the evening’s hostess Pam/Dana, made fun of, called names, and had her crutches hidden.

                Then there was the party Brandi hosted at a beach house where Kyle once again snickered and made fun of Brandi and pointed a laser light on her breasts.

                Shall I go on?

                And you think it’s *Brandi* who doesn’t want to get along with others?

                Brandi certainly has had no trouble getting along with Lisa, Yolanda, Marissa, and Camille. And I think the way Brandi handled Scheana so compassionately showed a lot of class and strength of character.

                Are you sure we’re talking about the same person?

                • Called A Princess... says:

                  Yes I am sure we are talking about the same person. Kyle, Faye, Kim and the list goes on have all treated Brandi very unfairly in the past. I am really only speaking about Brandi’s present behavior and the dysentery toxic mouth disease, that she seems so committed to sharing with the world. Two wrongs do not make a right. JMHO.

                  • L.A. Chica says:

                    Brandi’s current behavior includes befriending the two newest housewives, Yolanda and Marissa. We even heard Marissa tell Kyle that she likes Brandi and appreciated the way Brandi warmly welcomed her to the group, unlike Taylor and Camille who pretty much ignored her. I know we all have different opinions but I just don’t understand how that can possibly be construed as not wanting to get along with others.

                    • rabblerouser2010R says:

                      Marissa who according to her outtakes, thinks that people who travel in coach on an airplane are beneath her and not respectable…..

                      Sorry, but I don’t really give a crap what she thinks…..

                  • L.A. Chica says:

                    RabbleRouser, Marisa did NOT say that people who fly coach are beneath her, she said that once she was spoiled by the experience of flying first class she doesn’t want to go back to flying coach. I feel the same way about indoor plumbing.

                    Wow, you are really extrapolating things that don’t exist. Okay, so you and CalledaPrincess hate Brandi. I don’t understand why as I’ve yet to read an objective reason that holds up to examination, so I guess she just rubs you the wrong way. Whatever.

                    • rabblerouser2010R says:

                      She absolutely did…please rewatch…she said when she flies in first class at least she knows the people next to her are ‘respectable’.

    • Rebecca says:


      I think the big turn-off was that M.U. decided that the gossiping by Brandi was wrong, but handled it by turning it into a gossip session with Ken. He shouldn’t have gotten involved. He was telling her things that she was or wasn’t doing, without knowing the facts. Which is gossiping. Then he did raise his voice with Ken. If he didn’t want to rile up Brandi – why was he talking about her, like she wasn’t even there. His nasty disposition and smart-ass comments shouldn’t have been said. He shows himself as a complete hypocrite by acting as reckless as he accused Brandi.

      • Called A Princess... says:

        The problem I have with that is that we seem to be taking a lot from scene study. How do we know what Mauricio knows and does not know. They film many hours of footage for an event and we seem a very few minutes. Also they film for several months, more then enough time to get a clear back story on fellow cast mates, particularly the messy ones. JMHO.

    • TigerHope says:

      They were all “talking” about it, again! Which in itself was wrong, IMO, it was the way it was done by MoMO, he was glaring at Brandi ominously, before he ever said a word to her, then when he did (acting! I know) he stared and went hard like it personally effected HIM. Had he said calmly, “I have spoken to you about it, but I would like to offer my 2 cents”. The conversation might have gone a little better. It does take all perspectives when you are truly trying to resolve conflict. But by this time, I was a beaten, Dead Horse. The attorneys were already called in!
      I think MoMo is getting this heat, because he is sticking up for the almighty dollar in the fight and it is obvious to everyone but him!
      I guess he has forgotten about a similar experience with Russell and Camielle last season. The biggest thing I take from all if this is, I live my life with my family, friends and coworkers day to day, not season to season!

  22. rabblerouser2010R says:

    I guess I am in the minority here because I see the whole Brandi vs Adrienne and the group divide on it differently than the rest of us (But that’s okay….and certainly not a point of contention for me xoxoxo)

    Brandi really gets in the way of herself and bites of more than she can chew with her mouth. She might have told other people that she regretted saying what she did but she didn’t say it to the person who mattered most and now it has escalated to the point where lawyers are involved.

    (I will save how it’s probably not a great idea to admit on camera how you drink and mix superscription drugs.,pen a book called “Drinking and Tweeting and other Brandi blunders” which essentially says, I get drunk and talk smack online at the same time as you are publicly accusing someone of endangering your child)

    The last time they saywBrandi, she didn’t say “I was out of order, sorry”. Instead, she shot up…”Who are you calling a b!tch?” and was shoving her head in their faces. Not only did she not say sorry, she iced the cake with a “F*CK You”.

    While I do see Brandi and Lisa’s friendship as authentic, at the same time Brandi is Lisa’s mouthpiece. (as Faye is Kyle’s, as Dedra/Allison are Camille’s and Bernie is Adrienne’s) . Whatever went south with Lisa and Adrienne, started well before last season and they spent it taking passive aggressive jabs at each other until it blew up at the reunion.

    Lisa commenting how she doesn’t like that Adrienne is using her money as a way to intimate Brandi seems as hypocritical, since they all seem to use either their money, power or influence to get others to do their bidding, so why not have that person have a law degree. It’s just another type of soldier.

    I think Maurico handled himself very well that night and Brandi showed the same type of aggressive, screaming and cursing throwing her hands around behavior she did when it was the confrontation with her, Adrienne and Paui.

    Flashing forward to next week, (granted it could look completely different when it’s viewed in it’s entirety), I didn’t like the way Ken came across with Maurico. He sounded arrogant and rude…and the resentment seems disproportionate to their disagreement over a chick fight which isn’t suppose to to have anything to do with them. Which only further solidifies my belief that Brandi, knowingly or not is serving Lisa’s agenda.

    Lisa thinks that Adrienne discredited her with the ‘selling stories” remark and now IMO she is out to do the same to her.

    And I would never thought I would say this, but I am finding myself feeling a bit sorry for Taylor.
    Clearly, she has a problem and I fear if she doesn’t get help..a little girl will either be an orphan or have very rough road ahead for her)

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Love this post RR. You said so much better than I try to!!!

      • rabblerouser2010R says:

        I am glad I am not completely alone in my opinion. Even though I am enjoying the discussion of opposing views…and am so happy it’s not as provocative as the RHONJ discussions.

        • NJBev says:

          Think about how happy I am right now!! HA HA

          Every time I just see “Rabblerouser” it makes me
          smile, I swear!!

          • rabblerouser2010R says:

            LOL- I love you Bev.
            When NJ comes back and if you still support Melissa, I promise to give you some winks and hugs , regardless of the HW nonsense…you deserve them…and I am happy to provide xoxoxo

    • RealHousewifeVA says:

      I think the whole thing is silly. Yes, Brandi really should control herself, but also if you don’t want people spilling the truth about you, you should do 2 things: 1. AVOID GOING ON A REALITY SHOW (duh) and 2. Make sure they sign an agreement stating they wouldn’t mention those things. Otherwise, SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP. Welcome to the REAL world, not the world surrounded by your paid Yes men and more money than you know what to do with where you were treated like some untouchable princess because daddy is rich.

      Regarding Lisa, that lady is smart, smart, smart. Just like Brandi shouldn’t have opened her mouth if she didn’t want retaliation…Adrienne should have done the same. Because she went up against Lisa and totally lost. What a difference from season 1 Adrienne to now.

      In the end, Brandi ended up not getting sued, got an apology from Paul AND is the breakout star of the show this season. Poor little rich girl Adrienne who was so used to always getting her way and controlling everything people said or did to her (“Why didn’t you throw your bachelor party at the Palms??!!” “How dare you make a joke about my shoes?!!!” “How dare you throw a jab at my dog’s name!”) Cry me a river. I have no sympathy for her after the way she allows her chef to behave and the way she handled her divorce. She proved to me that she is a messy person when she is upset at someone.
      Just like Brandi said.

      • rabblerouser2010R says:

        Oh, I agree. I am disappointed with who Adrienne is revealing herself to be (although it does make me wonder about the mask the rest of them are wearing). It’s not that I feel sorry for Adrienne, it’s just that I don’t see that Lisa or Brandi are impervious to criticism.

        While I do hope that Brandi is making a nice living for herself and her boys, it seems like she is going to end up spending the money on another legal battle with the ex.

    • I see your point RR, Brandi needs to control her anger. I think Lisa is totally using her, too. The way the sit down with Scheana went to promote Lisa’s new show, kind of sickened me. Brandi is ok with being used maybe, she wants Lisa as her friend. Perhaps they are using each other, who knows? Ken is on Brandi’s side, which in a way I like that he stuck up for her. Lisa is such a good manipulator, you barely see it. I’ve heard that on set, she’s a bitch. Well she is the queen!

      • RealHousewifeVA says:

        I personally love that both Eddie’s ex wife and his ex mistress are on two popular reality shows. I mean, I have a feeling that was a big part of the reason Brandi met with Scheana…she had to have known that would KILL Leann! Talk about Karma being a huge bitch. I bet a few years Eddie never thought in a million years that these 2 unknown women would be on seperate reality shows talking about what a dirt bag he is. I love it.

        I agree Lisa is sneaky (but I still love her, lol) But I think her and Brandi’s friendship is mutually beneficial.

      • rabblerouser2010R says:

        Oh, Lisa is clever girl alright. She doesn’t drop bombs, she knocks over one domino and has the rest fall where they may….and before you realize it, everything has come down around you and you have a big mess to clean up.

    • AZGirl says:

      I agree with you on Taylor 100%. For me, Adrienne’s twitter battles off camera and her use of Chef Bernie to make really terrible accusations regarding Brandi’s parenting skills pretty much killed it for me.

      Adrienne stepped over the line and Brandi had really no recourse due to her financial situation. In addition to having all the ugly LeAnne stuff in the news Brandi had to deal with Chef Bernie and Adrienne. That really sucks.

      Brandi should not have said what she did. If what Brandi said was so personal then why is Paul cool with Brandi now?

      • Called A Princess... says:

        Paul maybe cool to Brandi, as a way, to get back at his ex wife. Also he is a business man and Brandi may need his services in the future. So does that mean that he might be using her for her money and contacts like Mauricio has been accused of doing, by many?

  23. RealHousewifeVA says:

    I don’t know much about lawsuits, but I would really love to know how you can sue someone for saying something about you that is true?? Clearly, it is true since they’ve all said it is. Did Brandi sign a confidentiality agreement, because if not, I doubt a lawsuit would be effective. It was all just scare tactics, IMO. Anyone can have a lawyer write up a cease and desist letter or whatever. This is getting blown out of proportion for the show, in my opinion.

    How would that lawsuit go:
    “Judge, Brandi said I did so-and-so”
    “Well, did you?”
    “Um, yes, but I don’t want Brandi telling..waaahhh”
    “Well, did she sign a contract stating she wouldn’t mention it?”
    “Um, case dismissed”

    Give me a freakin’ break.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      There was never a law suit. They just threw that word around b/c it sounds so much more convincing and scary and intimidating than saying Brandi got a “letter” from Adrienne’s lawyer.

      • RealHousewifeVA says:

        There was a threat of a lawsuit. The letter stated she either had to meet with the lawyer to sign a gag order (promising not to talk about Adrienne at all) or get sued.

        I’m sure Bravo loved that. One cast member not allowed to talk about another? LOL

        • Kansas Girl says:

          What I loved was that the idea of the gag order was thrown out there, and then how many times did they say Adrienne and Paul’s name. So much for not being able to talk about them. NONE of them could comply.

      • L.A. Chica says:

        Lisa said it: the threat of a lawsuit was a way for Adrienne to intimidate Brandi. Doesn’t matter if there were a real basis for it or not, Adrienne can afford lawyers, Brandi cannot. It was a very aggressive move, and not a move one makes with a person with whom one may once again be reconciled.

        Adrienne is such a hypocrite! Before Brandi opened her big mouth, she refused to acknowledge the seriousness of her slanderous accusation against Lisa, saying that Lisa was being so “high school” for still being angry with her over it. Seriously? She can run her mouth off spouting lies about Lisa and Brandi, but Brandi divulges a secret that’s the TRUTH and she threatens to sue — for what???

        I think we can safely assume it’s the truth because A) Ken said it was, B) Kim avoided saying it wasn’t, and C) Bravo won’t put it on the air due to its personal nature. There’s also the fact that while we’ve all witnessed that Brandi has a big mouth, we have never seen her tell a lie. I can’t say the same for Adrienne.

        • Called A Princess... says:

          I am afraid we may have become a society that has a hard time choosing the truth over a lie. Brandi stated that Kim Richards was high on “Crystal Meth.” Brandi did not say, “Gee, I think you are high on some drug.” She state a drug by name and as fact. A complete and total LIE. If the comments Brandi made concerning Addy and Paul were about the marriage, and she stated the marriage was a sham, and the two were still married and living under that same roof, then I would consider that not only none of Brandi’s business, but a technical lie. Brandi, on camera, last season, while in Hawaii stated on more then one occasion that the Paul and Addy marriage was not real. I guess it was not enough for someone to break up Brandi’s marriage, she wants to help to spread the wealth of discord, personally to other peoples relationships. JMHO.

          • L.A. Chica says:

            I don’t think Brandi was lying when she said Kim was on crystal meth, she was definitely on *some*thing. I’ve known a lot of alcoholics and they don’t excuse themselves to make frequent trips to the bathroom. That is the behavior of someone abusing another type of drug.

            Kim has admitted to being an alcoholic and I think it’s great that she is now sober. But many of us suspect that she was dealing with more than an alcohol problem. Odds are we’ll never find out for sure. Anyway, at the dinner when Kim said that Brandi said something about her that was untrue (a lie), Brandi answered that what she said wasn’t untrue, it was incorrect. I agree. She spoke the truth in general — Kim was abusing a drug; she just named the wrong one (by Kim’s own confession).

            I really don’t believe Brandi is trying to sow discord in anyone else’s relationship, she doesn’t come across to me as that kind of person at all. I can see her calling other people out on their bullshit, however. She has said that things between her and Adrienne were going south for some time so it may be that when Brandi alluded to the Nassif-Malouf marriage being a sham it was during a time when Adrienne was beginning to do whatever she did to upset Brandi, and it sounds like we may find out more about that in upcoming episodes. (I’d always suspected something was off in that marriage; the way Adrienne treated Paul so dismissively and with no respect! She acted is if she could barely tolerate him.)

            Brandi doesn’t start fights, she reacts — she fights back. Why do the housewives forget what was done to her *first*? As I said elsewhere on this page:

            I don’t think Brandi plays the hapless maiden, I think she feels frustrated that certain people feel free to attack her but then act shocked and take offense when she fights back in self defense.

            In my opinion, if they don’t want her to bite then they should stop poking at her. It really is astonishing to me and other viewers that certain housewives feel they have the right to treat Brandi like dirt. She’s not the one who starts fights, THEY are. They’re just surprised that she doesn’t take it lying down, accepting their “superiority” like they’re probably used to when picking on the weak. Trouble for them is Brandi’s not weak. She may not have as much money or the same social connections, and she may talk like a sailor sometimes, but she is not beneath them and she’s not going to let them treat her as if she were.

    • PJ says:

      People get stuck on this whole lawsuit thing but it isn’t just about the lawsuit. Just because a lawsuit may be filed doesn’t mean it can ever be won or has any merit. The point is intimidation and when Brandi gets sent papers from an attorney she has to answer with her own attorney, this all costs money. Brandi has said they want her to either sign papers agreeing to never speak about their family again or be sued, the others even Kyle understand this is about intimidation. If a suit goes to court whether it is dismissed or not it still costs money. An attorney can file motion after motion and they all have to be answered this all costs money. This is the reason people sometimes settle lawsuits that really have no merit and could never be won. It’s not being blown out of proportion, you just have to understand the process and what’s really going on here.

      • L.A. Chica says:


      • NJBev says:

        But, if I’m remembering correctly, sometimes the judge
        ‘will make the plaintiff pay all legal and court costs if the
        suit is deemed frivolous?

        • PJ says:

          Court costs are not the same as attorney fees. It’s difficult to get your attorney fees paid for by the other party and usually happens only when a contractual issue is involved. Sometimes it happens in divorce and custody issues but only when one party has a lot more money that the other party.

  24. StephieBar says:

    Umm Jill sorry I have to disagree with you, Brandi has said repetitively that what she said was wrong.

    I personally disagree, this is a reality show! When Camille put Taylors (most likely made up) stuff out there, everyone said that Taylor had no right to complain, they were on a reality show & when you sign up for that, you sign up for having no skeletons. They repetitively say, if you’ve got skeletons, DONT DO REALITY TV.

    Did Brandi want to hurt Ade, yes, did she admit that, yes and acknowledged it was wrong, yes.

    I never remember this much outcry when Ramona used to infer Luann was in an open marriage (the children didn’t know that), well before the pirate scandal, I don’t remember this much outcry from ppl on the bravo blogs when Camille outted Taylor. Now I personally believe Taylor was playing double agent lie games, but, the only person that really hurt was Russell, who obviously had no idea he was being set up as the fall guy. (JMHO).

    But this secret of Ade’s that she has bullied Brandi, the rest of the cast and Bravo into not airing with lawyers and money is intimation.

    Onto “Mo”, the hot dog stand used car salesmen is so transparent and has been since season one dancing with Camille, when Camille told the international watching world that he is a sleezy cheat, he shrugged it off and danced with her that week, when the Vanderpump’s were selling and buying, he was over playing tennis with Ken, saying Ken was his best friend.

    Now the Maloof’s are, and did he yell, no not at all, what he did was, constantly tell someone who was clearly fearful of the money Adrienne has at her disposal to drag her through court after court, regardless if it was the truth, taking away from a single mum with kids, and the scary situation she currently found herself in, he constantly berated her, even when she agreed with him, he continued to berate her.

    Why Brandi doesn’t talk about what Ade did to her, she can’t, it was regarding production, Ade Maloof tried to get her kicked off RHOBH for sticking up for LV.

    Oh and than my favourite, ‘commonsense prevails and ignore your lawyer’ type comments. Direct opposite of what he said last year in defense of Camille, (who he still works as her realator).

    Um no, Ade Maloof, tried to get her to sign a gag order & if she didn’t she was going to sue, if Brandi cant talk about one of the women on the show, it jeopardizes her job. Or she had the other option of being sued. This was David and Goliath, over a truthful comment!

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Brandi has said she was sorry a bunch of times-she said its true what she said and she shouldn’t have said it…and then she follows it up with all the reasons why she was right to say it.

      • RealHousewifeVA says:

        She never said why she was RIGHT to say it, she explained WHY she said it because she was asked a million times “Why did you say it” even though they were all there when she said it! lol I feel like I’m in the twilight zone.

        Adrienne doesn’t have the power to determine what can or cannot be said about someone on camera. She’s thrown out accusations of her own (which were lies, not the truth like Brandi’s was), so she is not innocent.

        • rabblerouser2010R says:

          It seems like she does have enough power to determine what is HEARD on camera…because Bravo hasn’t filled us in ;/

          • RealHousewifeVA says:

            True. HOWEVER, if Bravo was really scared about it, they would never have even shown the footage to begin with at all. Then they could have stopped any conversations about this topic from going on after the initial blow up over it and changed storylines. They know what they are doing….

  25. StephieBar says:

    Not the right to say it, but the rationale behind her thoughts at the time. And than acknowledges that it was wrong.

    Could Ade win in court, no, but it wouldn’t be going to court, the person with the most money can tie the other team up in legal paperwork, adjournments, semantics etc, until they are bankrupt. Sad but true, and not just of the US system, that happens all over.

    I still don’t remember any of the ‘wives’ of any of the series getting in trouble to talking truthful judgmental smack on the others, they get paid too, and they’ve hit way below this belt. The Alex McCord quote ‘they are paid to cage fight’. The only difference is Brandi is owning it, which in turn allows her haters to pounce and not stop.

    I don’t see the outcry on Ade calling Brandi a drug addict that doesn’t look after her kids.

    • auroracooper says:

      Don’t forget she sleeps until 3:00pm, right? Or was it 2:00pm?

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Well in my opinion-Brandi isnt outraged by what Adrienne said about her so I think Brandi’s fans are taking their cue from her. I would be mad as a crazed biotch if some one said all of that to me but Brandi isn’t really making a big deal about it herself. IDK why? I never really liked Adrienne and think she is a social misfit of sorts. I didnt like what she did to Lisa at the reunion and then the whole sending of the flowers thing was so odd. I think everyone knows that Adrienne was talking out of her butt when she said those things. But if Brandi wants to sue her-she has every right.

    • Best part of all of it is with everyone discussing RHOBH, Bravo is super happy as they whistle off to the bank. 🙂 My life is so boring, at least these shows & NMD’s blog make my life more interesting.

  26. StephieBar says:

    Until 3pm, full of drugs! While the ‘nannies’ look after her kids………..

  27. JumpTheShark says:

    Was “The Secret” about the Maloofs wanting to sell the Kings away from Sacramento? Perhaps that is why they split up; if the team is sold, A better get out of Dodge, but the good Dr would want to stay near his practice? Just a theory…don’t sue me.

    • RealHousewifeVA says:

      No, it had something to do with Adrienne’s family because they have all stated that much. I believe it’s the surrogacy thing, but others are saying it was about Adrienne and Paul’s marriage.

      • rabblerouser2010R says:

        Isn’t it kind of crazy how there is so much buzz about something…and none of us know what it actually is.

        Man, if Lisa was really into selling stories…this would be the one to pitch.

        • RealHousewifeVA says:

          LOL seriously, she should start selling stories now! No one would believe it was her after the big fuss she made from the accusations

  28. Dixie says:

    Brandi has said she was wrong to say whatever it was she said. Once she admitted to and agreed with the others that she was wrong, then what else was she supposed to do that involved anyone other than Adrienne and Paul? Any further discussion, apology, lack thereof, involved only Brandi, Paul and Adrienne and no one else! What business is it to anyone else?

    Sheesh, are these people even grownups? My three year old has better manners.

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      I agree that the apology involved only Brandi, Paul and Adrienne. There is the rub…she told everyone else she was wrong but the two most important people. That was kind of Maurico’s point…get on the phone and apologize and try to make it go away.

      But Ken and Lisa wanted to pet her hair and say…and credit her for admitting that she was wrong, despite her not sharing that with the people directly involved.

      • L.A. Chica says:

        Please, how long did Adrienne wait to give her phony half assed apology to Lisa for slandering her? In the meantime, Lisa didn’t send her any threatening legal missives, but she could have.

        My point is, did Adrienne give Brandi half the time to apologize directly as Adrienne took herself when she was in the wrong? Hardly.

        At the Morrocan dinner Brandi did say she tried to apologize but then the letter came. I’m sorry, but I just don’t understand any defense of Adrienne’s behavior in this. And I’ll add to that that I agree with others who’ve pointed out that if Adrienne had such deep dark secrets then she should never have agreed to join a reality TV show.

        • rabblerouser2010R says:

          But Adrienne really was told that Lisa was selling stories, Camille admitted she was told the same thing. so if Lisa was going to send out a letter it would have been to the person who imitated the allegation.

          I don’t think it was a coincidence that the apology she gave Lisa came at the same time as the show went back into production. At the same time, I am also sure that Lisa enjoyed having Adrienne dangling on the hook and freezing her out.

          I don’t see myself as necessary defending Adrienne, it’s more that I think Brandi is wrong and continues to do things that ultimately will hurt herself.

          Of course, it was foolish of Adrienne to join a show and think that the skeleton’s wouldn’t come out of the closet. It seems like so many HW make that same mistake.

          • L.A. Chica says:

            Adrienne may have believed whatever information she’d heard about Lisa but it wasn’t out in the media. It was Adrienne who made the accusation on national TV, so whether or not she originated the lie it was still slander on her part.

            About the skeletons, I think that’s part of why I like Brandi so much. Yes, she says some things she shouldn’t but she is honest about herself and her faults. She doesn’t try to pretend to be something she’s not, and she owns her mistakes. I think she gets into trouble when others aren’t as honest as she, which is also why she is such a threat to some of the others on RHOBH.

            • rabblerouser2010R says:

              But this is the thing I don’t get about Brandi and some of the support she is getting.
              Yes, if you don’t want to the truth to come out..then don’t go on TV
              But if you are going to be a ‘truth cannon’ at the same time, respect there to be blow back and ricochet.

              Honestly, where is the glory or guts of saying what you want unfettered then playing the hapless maiden when it comes back on you? Just thinking about it gives me visions of Jack Nicholson screaming in my head..”You can’t handle the truth”.

              • LaineyLainey says:

                I suspect Brandi is acting. She’s a good actress. Much better than the Richards’.

                • Called A Princess... says:

                  I do not think that Brandi is a good actress. She is pretty on the outside. She is reckless and has decided to spread her personal pain thought out her professional/social community. I do not think that a child actor can really be compared to a grown up, most of the time. I think that directors may treat them differently on the set. Some child stars are wise beyond their years, but that is not the standard. Kim was known for her photographic memory (great for script retention) but she did not appear to be very bright, otherwise. Kyle is not an exceptional actress. JMHO.

              • L.A. Chica says:

                I don’t think Brandi plays the hapless maiden, I think she feels frustrated that certain people feel free to attack her but then act shocked and take offense when she fights back in self defense.

                In my opinion, if they don’t want her to bite then they should stop poking at her. It really is astonishing to me and other viewers that certain housewives feel they have the right to treat Brandi like dirt. She’s not the one who starts fights, THEY are. They’re just surprised that she doesn’t take it lying down, accepting their “superiority” like they’re probably used to when picking on the weak. Trouble for them is Brandi’s not weak. She may not have as much money or the same social connections, and she may talk like a sailor sometimes, but she is not beneath them and she’s not going to let them treat her as if she were.

                I say Good for her!

                • mrspeabody says:

                  I couldn’t agree more with what you said. I don’t think she starts it either, I think she is sticking up for herself. I think all of these women have treated her horribly since she came off, some have backed off and come around to see she is a nice person but a few have not. I think Kyle and Kim have been the worst to her. The others seemed to have accepted her more this year but I don’t think Kim and kyle really have and Adrienne is just plain mad at her. I think Kyle is so used to be the queen bee in whatever group she is in (mean girl) and now Brandi is the new girl, younger, prettier and well liked by the fans and Kyle cannot handle it. She is very jealous of her.

      • Dixie says:

        I get that she has not apologized to Paul and Adrienne, but what is that to anyone other than Paul and Adrienne? It is the business of no one else. I still don’t understand how this “argument” is between more than three people.

    • T-Rex says:

      Exactly and this is the 4th show where once again she is being told yet again to apologize, ENOUGH.

    • shamrockblonde says:

      Dixie – I agree with you – that’s how it is in real life – but BH and shows like it are in bizaroo world – letting two – in this case three – people settle their differences unencumbered by professional pot stirrers is simply not done – I missed the episode last night – excellent recap by the way – but as I was reading I could not help wondering if Maury was feeling a bit left out as far as getting his face on camera – perhaps he was “bringing the drama” – we all know how well that worked out for Jill……

  29. RealHousewifeVA says:

    Total change of subject and sort of a sensitive topic, but did anyone watch the Youtube video titled “Did This Shooting Really Happen Or This Just Wicked Media!? The Sandy Hook Shooting Exposed”

    My brain is all over the place after watching this. I know this person much have an agenda regarding gun control, but seriously all those facts (or is it photoshopped? I don’t know) about when the facebook pages were created, discrepancies, etc…My mind is so blown away. I’m not a conspiracy theorist but…I don’t even know what to think.

    There is also a spanish video on youtube titled “Vicky and Vero” where the singer is introduced at Victoria Soto and there is so many theories about this as well.

    • L.A. Chica says:

      I haven’t seen the YouTube video but the shooting really did happen, 20 children and six adults are really dead. There are some pretty sick people who post things on YouTube just to be provocative. You’d be amazed at just how sick. 😦

      • RealHousewifeVA says:

        I know, but really some of the info in that video is very disturbing. I don’t know if they are insinuating that it didn’t happen at all or if there is more behind it all that we don’t know about. I mean, some of those facebook tribute pages were created the morning of or even before the 14th. Seriously, just watch it if you have time and tell me what you think. It’s half an hour long.

        • shamrockblonde says:

          it happened – and it was exactly what it was reported to be – a mentally unstable individual killed those children and their teachers – as for the facebook accounts – anyone can create a page, edit a page or manipulate information – sick and twisted as it is, it is further proof that evil exists –

          • not THAT Jill says:

            I dont think the video is supposed to make people think that it didn’t happen. It raises questions about things like-why do we not know anything about the shooter a month after this happened and things like that. The Facebook part is just kind of silly but I do wonder why we haven’t heard anything about the shooter after a month.

            • L.A. Chica says:

              There was some public discussion about the value to the shooter (in any of these mass killings) in becoming famous for their crime. It was suggested that we shouldn’t reward them with the notoriety they seek and instead let them disappear into oblivion, shining the light instead on their victims.

              • not THAT Jill says:

                Oh i get that 100% but with the way the media covers everything these days-if they had any info on the shooter-it would be out there.

                • Called A Princess... says:

                  I think that democracy demands that we be weary of media outlets owned by oil companies and world banks. There are a lot of questions concerning what went on on December 14, 2012. One big question is how many shooter were at the scene. What kind of gun was really used. Why is there a picture of Obama with Robbie Parker’s daughter and family, in the same dress, that she wore for a photo shoot apparently used for the news stories, after she was suppose to have been murdered. Why do a lot of the on site news interviews appear to be very bad crisis actor, some used for more then one character and interview. If people simply want to be spoon feed their news events/stories, that is fine with me, but do not expect me to follow blindly. After 911 and the decade of lies and the theft of our National Treasury by secreted demon world leaders, I have to question everything that happens on the world stage. JMHO.

                  • L.A. Chica says:

                    Huh? You’re not seriously suggesting that the shooting was a hoax, are you?

                    • Called A Princess... says:

                      I am saying that I was not there and I do not trust the present story. How many times does a person have to be lied to before caution becomes the answer. All I am saying is the official story does not make complete sense to me. I am not even interested in the gun control issue. I just find that way media story’s are conducted to be interesting and questionable. I am not insulting you so do not insult me. I just want the truth. JMHO.

                    • L.A. Chica says:

                      CAP, I’m sorry but believing that what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School was a hoax or was staged or however you want to put it was simply falls into tinfoil hat territory. And it’s insulting, really, to anyone with a firm grasp on reality, but mostly to the families who suffered horrific losses in that tragedy. Please do not allow yourself to be sucked into such delusional paranoia.

    • djprincessc says:

      RealHousewifeVA I totally think it was done on purpose, not going to get into all the details on why but yes mainly gun control. There is this youtube video that my parents were watching and it was LIVE real coverage of one of the fathers of a boy that was killed in the shooting. The father was going to speak at a press conference before press and answer questions. BEFORE it started you can see the father laughing and smiling and joking around and when he gets the cue that its time to start he starts making faces like hes about to cry and taking deep breaths like he’s putting on a show. That video was my proof right there that this whole thing was done on purpose. I am NOT into conspiracy theories and HATE when people read too much into things but in this case I just can’t ignore what I’ve read and SEEN that shows otherwise. The initial report of the shooting was that there were TWO gunmen, somehow it changed into just that mentally disturbed kid being the sole shooter, also the parents of all the children who were killed were never allowed to identify their kids bodies, with the excuse of that it was too gruesome to view. Sorry but I can’t ignore all these things, they don’t make sense.

      There is also a professor that is under fire named James Tracy who has a blog about it all and specifies all the timelines before and after the shooting, now I don’t agree or believe everything he has said, but he does make interesting points. JMO.

      • RealHousewifeVA says:

        DJ, that part about the father of a child killed is in the video I mentioned above. He is Emelie Parker’s father, Robbie. There is a whole segment in the video dedicated to that family, as well as pointing out that her facebook fund page was created the morning of Dec. 14, before anyone knew who the victims were. I checked the page and it WAS created on Dec 14. It also points out the part where he laughs when he first steps into the press conference and asks if they are going to start, then starts his crying.

        I really am confused by it all.

        • djprincessc says:

          RealHousewifeVA I really don’t know too much about that just the video that I saw, my parents were watching it and called me to come see. My dad is 100% into conspiracy theories in EVERYTHING lol. Totally believe you though and might check out that video you mentioned now. Don’t be confused, its all pretty simple sadly 😦

          • Called A Princess... says:

            None of the alleged parents have real tears either. Now, I have no children, but if my nieces or nephews died in a mass murder I would be ape sh#t emotional not to mention if it was my child. But no tears from any of these parents. One mother is even smiling through out the news interview talking about how wonderful her late daughter was. The interviews a simply not consistent with what one would expect form parents that have lost a child. They are much more consistent with crisis actors that might expect the performance to be seen just a few times on national TV, and then forgotten. You Tube does not forget much of anything. IMO.

            • djprincessc says:

              Thank you CAP. Totally agree and I have no children either. Even if you’re not related, this isn’t really a laughing matter.

            • L.A. Chica says:

              I can’t disagree with you more, and I think it’s a terrible mistake to assume that there is only one true way anyone should react to such a tragedy. For some people shock protects them from immediately experiencing the depth of emotion that is hitting them. I know because I’ve experienced this myself. Trauma is NOT one size fits all. Grief is not expressed the same way by everyone.

              When it happened in my family my father had to be put on tranquilizers so he could cope with simply being alive. For me the grief came in waves, I alternated between being able to smile and compose myself normally and melting into a puddle of infinite grief.

              None of know what those parents had to do to be able to manage getting themselves through being in the public eye. None of us truly knows how we would react until, God forbid, we experienced it ourselves.

    • TexasTart says:

      RealHousewifeVA – I have not seen the video, but I will look at it when I am not at work. Remember the media spewed a lot of misinformation early on? For many days, longer than a week, it seemed, it was repeated there were 2 hand guns used in the killings and the Bushmaster, the assault rifle, was in the trunk of the car in the parking lot and was not fired. The media showed footage, of law enforcement removing the rifle from the trunk.
      As soon as the gun control arguments ramp up, then the story was changed to state an assault rifle used in the killings. The change in story was not supported by forensics. The end result is all the same, so I know this doesn’t make much difference, but I believe the story could have been changed based on the video I saw on TV the day it happened. Also, compared to other mass killings, there never has been much focus on the killer whatsoever, maybe because he is dead, but it seems a notable difference from similar crimes.

      • djprincessc says:

        My father has a saying when it comes to the news he says “what is always FIRST reported is true, when they start changing everything, always go with what they first said.” lol.

        • Called A Princess... says:

          Yes, I used that rule too. The first night that JFK Jr’s. plane disappeared, property owners and boater were on the news saying that they saw a flash in the sky. The next day no more witnesses stating a flash in the sky and the rescue efforts were conducted, officially, 100 miles away as part of the news story.

  30. AZGirl says:

    Yolanda’s blog is up and she is spot on with Adrienne. Brandi did try and call and rather than talk it out Adrienne called her lawyer. Yolanda states it is all about intimidation. Adrienne can afford to call her lawyer whereas Brandi cannot.
    Adrienne and Bernie the Cook started this mess with nasty lies about Brandi being on drugs and sleeping til 3 pm and not taking care of her son’s.
    Adrienne lies about Lisa selling stories to the press?
    Adrienne scared she was not going to back on BH.

    Season 1 Maury and Kyle were having lunch and Kyle was discussing her fight with Camille? Maury told Kyle to “fix the problem” with Camille. He was afraid the fight was going to hurt his business. Maury cares only about his commissions.

    Now in real time Brandi and Paul are good so how bad was it that Brandi revealed to everyone?

    • Called A Princess... says:

      Did I miss something here. Is Mauricio in line for some sainthood I did not know about? He is a business man. Should he not want to go where the money is? is it only right for him to make money base on narrow focus group perimeters subject to change, in the blind of an eye based on favoritism? I do not read anyone complaining about Lisa making the bulk of her money from selling drink, in her bars. JMHO.

  31. WindyCityWondering says:

    When I look at RHBH through the seasons there are themes and secrets. One woman will get the beatdown and there are mutually agreed upon topics that will not be mentioned. Season 1: Bring down Camille and no one was to speak of Kim’s problems; Season 2: Bring down Taylor and no one was to speak of Taylor’s domestic situation and bring down Lisa because she was the fan fav that didn’t sit well with the divas Adrienne and Kyle and now Season 3: Brandi must be brought down because she is the fan fav and yet again the divas Adrienne and Kyle are leading the attack and no one was to speak to Adrienne/Paul’s marital situation.
    This season both Camille and Taylor are trying to stay out of the fray but both are quietly supporting Brandi because they know what it is like to be attacked. Yolanda and Marisa are both similar to Lisa in class and manners, which make Kyle and her agents of distruction look even worse. When you throw in the lawsuit cards then Bravo has to re edit and it will be interesting to see how much of the actual situation between Adrienne and Brandi the viewers will be shown.

    • L.A. Chica says:

      In her blog today Brandi says that in future episodes the other women (and we) will come to understand what Adrienne did to Brandi to start this whole mess.

    • StephieBar says:

      Camille is team Ade (unfortunately), she did an interview, in which she said she isn’t close with Brandi anymore and that they had heated words & she supports Adrienne.

      • VV says:

        I think they made up after that. I recall a tweet from Camille a few days ago where they were together for an event.

        • T-Rex says:

          Yeah Camille ain’t stupid she knows who the audience sees the HoofMaloof and VileKyle in their true light, pretty sure she doesn’t want to be on TeamMean at the Reunion

    • AZGirl says:

      “Kyle and her agents of distruction” ha! well said

  32. L.A. Chica says:

    Was anyone else bothered by the way Kim refused to hold herself accountable for her cruelty towards Brandi at Game Night when Brandi (finally!) pointed that out to her during the Morrocan dinner? I don’t know if Kim is doing a 12 Steps program but if she is I hope she’s done more work on that ones that require taking a moral inventory of oneself and then making amends to those they’ve harmed.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      IMO, Kim doesn’t remember much of the first two seasons of RHBH. And the scene with the life coach made it clear that Kim is angry with others more so than with herself for her addictions and behavior. I yelled slut pig at the tv when Kim threw her two cents into the conversation at the restaurant.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        I would love to have the opportunity to utilize “slut pig” far, I’ve had now opportunities. People in my life are just too nice. So, I do like your use of it, at the T.V. – there you go!!!

    • kidsrfunny says:

      I believe she is working a 12 step program as I have heard her reference it. The 4th step is where you make a list of those you have harmed and any resentments you have against others, as well as any fears that you have. It’s probably the hardest step. The 5th step you admit to yourself, to a Higher Power and to another human being (a person of your choice) the things you wrote in your 4th step. These steps can take anywhere from no time at all to a YEAR or more. Then you have 6 and 7 to do, then 8 is where you become WILLING to make amends. 9 is when you start actually making them.

      Kim just may not be there yet.

    • T-Rex says:

      Also let’s not forget that it was KIM that made a beeline to the HoofMaloof and couldn’t wait to spill the secretthatshallnotbenamed, at the FauxRealestatepartyreallyinfomercial for murray’s business that started the whol fracass, why is she getting a pass for that?

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Well Kim gets passes and is handled with kid gloves. I didn’t think it was cool what she did and between what has been said on the HW blogs and the show – the timeline is off. Why did she do it at Kyle/Mauricio’s event – IMHO – to piss Kyle and Mauricio off.

        • T-Rex says:

          Exactly which is why I don’t understand Murray gettin all hot and bothered by what Brandi said, which was NOT said at his event but while the girls were out at a gossip session, where they all gossiped, and Kim drops the turdbomb and it becomes all Brandi’s fault, just don’t get it

    • djprincessc says:

      I totally was bothered. She disregarded it wouldn’t acknowledge it. Didn’t like Kim drunk, still don’t like her sober. She might as well stay drunk because her behavior while sober isn’t really that different.

      • Called A Princess... says:

        I wish people would stop treating Kim like she is even close to normal. She is not. She seems to be in her own damaged little world. This does not seem to bother her. I bet that Bravo told Kim to mention the Brandy issue at the party. It smelled canned. Kim is no longer a professional actress of present merit. To me a show is either completely reality or completely fake reality. Bravo finds fake reality to be cheaper and easier to produce. IMO.

      • kidsrfunny says:

        There’s a saying in AA…..:”If you’re a drunk horse thief, and you sober up, you get a sober horse thief.”

        But to say she might as well say drunk……I would say never a good option.

        • djprincessc says:

          well I don’t see any difference in her behavior really, so thats why I think that. Her drunk or sober, same Kim.

  33. RealHousewifeVA says:

    Is Brandi insinuating something in her blog about Mauricio?

    • VV says:

      I think so too. There have been rumors since Brandi joined RHOBH that she has some dirt on Moe.

    • AZGirl says:

      That is the vibe I am getting.

      • VV says:

        Twice in front of the cameras he has accused her of “gossiping” or trying to paint her as a gossiper . Why is so important for Mauricio that we the viewers see Brandi as gossip girl?

        Something about the The Bar at the Four Seasons Hotel was the rumor on S2, IIRC…

        • AZGirl says:

          Pretty funny calling Brandi out on gossiping considering who he is married to. Brandi also went out on a date with one of the agents at Maury’s office back in August 2012.

          • Called A Princess... says:

            I think Mauricio knows exact what he married. Brandy keeps insinuating that she is some high priestess, truthsayer, she is not. She is a hot headed beauty with very loose lips that one could call a gossip. I do not think that Mauricio professes to be better then Brandi regarding gossip and confidential information, I just think he would like to remind her that this group has really good reasons not to trust her. JMHO.

  34. VV says:

    Tweet from Mo:

    “@MauricioUmansky @KyleRichards18 don’t ya just love viewers that cuss at you when in reality they really don’t know what’s really going on?”

    “@ColeRN30 @KyleRichards18 I guess it comes with the territory right. The reality is no one knows what happened.”

    If no one knows what happened. Why did you open yor big fat mouth Mo? Huh!

  35. L.A. Chica says:

    Will the Richards sisters and Camille ever write a blog again?

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      LOL maybe Camille but I doubt Kim will. Kyle will have to get a lot of love from the viewers before she will write but maybe she will because she has to defend her husband’s churlish behavior at the dinner.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Jeepers, what could Kyle say? The blog comments have been very harsh toward her, I must say. The vitriol will be evermore fragrant.

        • L.A. Chica says:

          They have been very harsh, but in my experience people are very forgiving when someone honestly cops to their mistakes without trying to justify them.

  36. PJ says:

    There is something I just don’t get. I think these women have, most of them or many of them, gossiped at one time or another and said and done things that weren’t necessary to say or do and weren’t said or done to be nice. For instance after Camille’s dinner party with the fake cigarette smoker, in the car on the way home Kyle pulled up pictures of Camille and shared them with everyone. Was that done to be nice or was it necessary? I don’t think so, Camille was a client of Kyle’s husband after all. What about the language Kyle has used, remember ‘the your a ******* liar Camille’. What about the way Kyle, Kim and Pam treated Brandi at the whatever it was evening at Pam’s house. Did they act that way to be nice? Then there is Faye who wrote a book about Nicole Brown Simpson and said in the book that they had a one night stand. Was that necessary to say, I wonder how Nicole would have felt had she been around to consult attorneys and have them send letters? The way Kyle has treated Kim, even though I personally don’t like Kim, but she is Kyle’s sister. Why then do these women now want to claim some sort of superiority over Brandi judging what Brandi should have said and what she shouldn’t have said? What about Murray/Mo/Morris/Maurice does he not know what Kyle says about people, or is it different if it’s Kyle? When you start pointing the finger at someone who has not done anything worse that you yourself have done that’s hypocrisy, to me that’s intolerable and a big double standard? Apparently these people for the most part already know this information about Adrienne so why is it a big deal that Brandi said it? It will be very interesting to see what comes out in the episodes to follow and I think this is all very well played by Bravo keeping the interest going like this.

    • L.A. Chica says:

      ITA with you, PJ. It’s all of that: double standards, hypocrisy, and just plain ol’ BS. None of those who complain about Brandi have a leg to stand on. It’s too bad they’re so busy trying to pluck the splinter out of Brandi’s eye when they really should focus on removing the log from their own. I appreciate that Brandi, while seemingly well aware of this, doesn’t act like she’s better than they are.

    • Formerly Addicted to Bravo says:

      ITA perfectly said PJ

  37. TexasTart says:

    Taking a break long enough to read the blog and oh my, I do not have time for comments – they are up to 179?! WOW, is Maury getting commission per comment?!! He’s a big seller today 😉

    Fabulous blog BB, I don’t know how you manage to capture all that in text for us, but probably several hours and a lot of patience/rewind! Very well conveyed.
    And thanks to Jenifer for the VR blog, I missed most of the show, so I see those folks are still trying to find themselves there, ha ha. I tried to go to Bravo to read a couple blogs early this morning and the website was SO incredibly blogged down in the blogs for RHOBH that I had to give up and only got to read Brandi’s. BBL to read what all ya’ll have to say about Maury and LMAO, I’m sure.

  38. not THAT Jill says:

    WOW…I can not believe what I am reading on Twitter and on a few different blogs. People are going crazy b/c Kyle has not posted a blog. People want her to post so they can write mean things about her? Whatever she write about doesnt matter-she is going to get beat up-BADLY. I think people have gone over the edge and are taking this fake “Reality” a little to seriously. I mean-come on…a public outcry over a blog just so you can read how she is getting slammed? For what? Not liking Brandi? This is beyond even NJ crap. Im speechless!!!
    I know she is the least liked HW over here and sometimes I dont really like her either-but this is just too much.

    • T-Rex says:

      See I don’t get the whole twitter world anyway, but sheesh, I dislike the VileKyle but that is just ridiculous, look she must get it, people are really disliking her this this season but it is too much, however some times from what I read the twitter world is just maniacal and silly, and some folks really need to have a twitter-vention out there.

    • RealHousewifeVA says:

      She’ll be fine. The housewives thrive on this stuff, whether it’s good or bad attention, they know it seals their spot on the show and I’ve learned over the years that is all they really care about. From Teresa to Vicky to Tamra, etc. These women don’t really care what we think at the end of the day and they can get off the show at anytime but never choose to.

      That being said, I don’t understand why people like to directly attack the Housewives on twitter, blogs, etc. I never understood that. I like to discuss the show with other viewers, but I can’t imagine trying to get in touch with the wives so that I could bash them.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        RHVA-Im sure she will be fine-in the end its all manufactured drama-but some people take it to a whole new level.

    • plainviewsue says:

      I would like to read Kyle’s take. It’s not just on twitter where she is being skewered. It’s on the other women’s blogs as well. Not just her, Maury as well.

      I have to admit, I am one of the tweeters who asked where her blog is 😦

  39. contessa says:

    I just read vile kyle’s trash blog. Oh she is so holier than thou and has never seen her husband so upset blah, blah, blah. Give me an f’ing break. Kyle thinks she is all that but she is nothing, really nothing, she can’t even play in the big leagues with people like Lisa, Yo and a few others.
    Kyle burned her bridge last year going after Lisa and that is when I lost respect for her. Vile and Ad were going to to go to town because they were so jealous the public liked Lisa. For the record Lisa would not have stayed in business successfully if she gossiped to the rags; this tells me simply that Ad is truly off her rocker. Vile is probably running around like a crazy person wringing her hands saying they backed the wrong horse and mouth breather Maury the used car salesman is telling her not to forget it is all about the money and getting Ad’s listing. Ad is truly hiding this secret big time, and I am at the point now that I say hurray for Brandi. Ad has shown her colors and is hiding behind her money to intimidate a woman who has nothing that she owns. I have been in a similar situation with a screwy boss’s wife and let me tell you it is truly ugly all the way around. I totally get Brandi and now it is evident that so many others in the cast have take up her cause and simply liking her. There is much more to this story than meets the eye.

    I have had anough of the richards sisters and I hope I never see vile do the splits or swing her horsey tail around. I also am tired of seeing the inverted eyebrowns on Kim – get them redone already. Also hate her drugged up speech patterns, she sounds like she is living on tranquilizers or something. Also she starts trouble all the time, both she and Kyle.

    • AZGirl says:

      @ Contessa– staying warm? I had my early class this morning and it was around 32 degrees at 5 a.m. Leaving around 6:30 a.m. and it was 22 degrees. Yard is doomed. Everything is covered but it was not enough for 5 days of frost.
      Agree with all you posted. Brandi has nothing really to lose whereas Kyle, Mo and Ad do.

    • plainviewsue says:

      Bravo Contessa!

  40. VV says:

    Kudos to BB excellent RHOBH recap!

  41. Dwight Schrute says:

    So I don’t think I’ll be sticking with Vapidwaiter Rules. I did see some of Stassi’s points about Jax needing to grow up a bit. She lost me though, when she harped on about him needing to accept personal responsibility because he didn’t wake her up in time for work. Sounds like she’s pushing her personal responsibility off onto him.

    • Stassi cracks me up she’s so annoying. What a faux drama packed show. I’m watching for the moments Lisa is on, which was worth it last night. On the float, Lisa says what a bad driver Ken is (he’s driving the float) that he’s always in rear enders. She’s talking to the shi shi shi wedding planner. Then she says to him, “I’ll bet you’ve been in far more rear enders.” Hysterical!

  42. Nancy says:

    Good afternoon all,
    If anyone has any shares in Nike I would sell them asap. Lance Armstrong isn’t
    going down alone. If what they are saying is true Nike paid $500.000 to cover up
    a dirty urine. I’m sure that Nike won’t be the only one he brings down. What a shame.

    • Nancy, my son (he works 2 jobs, bless him!) who is 18 works at Footlocker. Those Nikes fly out of the store. When the special ones come in – the Jordans I think – kids sleep outside the store for a couple of days to buy them. They are $250 shoes. This little store on a busy highway does over $20,000 in one day, for back to school and before Christmas. They still do very well the rest of the year. Most people just don’t care. I hate Lance Armstrong, he’s a pos. Horrible man. He did destroy the careers of anyone in the past that tried to tell the truth about his doping. Some people even think he used raising money for charity as a front to cover his expenses for doping. People who know him personally all say he’s a major jerk.

      • princesspindy says:

        Blue, IA, he is a piece of shit, it won’t affect Nike at all, the kids won’t care, they aren’t buying because of him anyway.

      • Nancy says:

        You are probably right but it will be interesting to see. One of our posters husband
        has met him and says he’s a real jerk. I have never liked the man. He’s only doing
        this interview so he can hopefully compete as a triathlon. Selfish man.

        • Just listening to the news this evening, Lance is already being sued for millions and millions. He was paid endorsement fees, raised money for charity etc all under false pretenses! So if he has to start paying that money back he will be broke soon. Of course he’s probably already found a way around that, like OJ. Has he moved to Florida yet?

  43. princesspindy says:

    So, BH is the only HW show I am still watching…. I don’t really care about any of them anymore but last night I got a feeling in the pit of my stomach while watching Maurice…. I thought to myself, what an asshole… Now for those of you who don’t see it, I am glad because that means you probably haven’t had to deal with that kind of douchebaggery in your life. But for me, it hit home and I know that guy, I grew up with that guy. The one that sits back, all calm and in control (control is very important) and says things with an attitude of superiority that one has to experience to recognize. And he is able to look as if he is the calm one, the reasonable one, and the innocent one because he stays in control of his voice and emotions. It made me ill.

    As far as Brandi is concerned, if you are going to talk then you have to take the consequences. She needs to learn to shut up and not be used. This whole, “I’m honest, I say what I’m thinking” is BS for her and for Kim and every other HW that uses that excuse for saying inappropriate things. Grow up!

    Oh, and I just read Kyle’s blog….. SERIOUSLY??? You have NEVER seen your husband this way,
    I believe you, thousands wouldn’t…..

    • T-Rex says:

      PP see I saw the same thing knew a guy just like this and no one caught on that he was a control freak and verballly and emotionally abusive man outside of work. It was telling if you re-watch when VileKyle is trying to get him to stop, the look he gives her says VOLUMES it was the “you’re lucky we are in public right now” look. Let’s face it Brandi has dirt on Murray and he knows it, and he wants to make sure that his “secret” isn’t outed at some gossip session and his wife finds out, although it’s a pretty safe bet she knows and she chooses to stay with Murray

      • princesspindy says:

        My daughter and I have a joke, when one of us is getting “opinionated” we will say
        “no, Jo Jo, no” or “shhh, Jo Jo,no” because that is what he told his wife 20 years ago when she tried to add to the conversation, the last time I was ever in his presence….. it was sickening and I determined right there that I didn’t have to be around him ever again. Sick humor, I know, but it’s how I have dealt with the after effects of growing up with a psycho.

    • L.A. Chica says:

      BINGO! PrincessPindy, you are spot on in describing Mauricio.

  44. VV says:

    I’m gonna call her Adrienne Malooficient from now on!

  45. mrspeabody says:

    Just read over on Bravo Kandi is engaged to Todd

  46. trudie says:

    Something to lighten the mood: &

  47. VV says:

    Mo, the sleek car salesman is getting clobbered on Twitter non stop.

  48. not THAT Jill says:

    I saw Kandi and Todd are engaged..I hope she doesn’t marry on the show…its the kiss of death.
    Is Lisa renewing her vows on the show? I will be shocked if she does that-she seems so above that crap…or she did seem above that crap until I saw Vanderpump Rules!!

    • NJBev says:

      I don’t think she wants to do it, Jill-
      at least that’s what she said last night.
      I think Ken is really into it though!

      • there was a clip, with Ken & Lisa renewing their vows. Ken agrees to obey Lisa lol so they did film it

        • not THAT Jill says:

          Oh no…I wish she didnt-it seems so put on and fake when its party of the “story line”

          • NJBev says:

            too too many “renewals”
            although if anyone would actually deserve it
            (i mean that by appropriate amount of years married)
            it should be them. 30 yrs IS a milestone.

        • Kansas Girl says:

          We have determined that my friends did eat at Villa Blanca the day of the renewal. Ken, Lisa & Giggy have on the same clothing as a papparazi photo that says it was the day of the renewal. My friends were there at lunch time and Lisa and Ken joined a large table of people who had arrived in limos. Since my friend didn’t recognize any of them, I haven’t a clue who they were. And my friend didn’t take a photo of them. (Clearly, I need to hone her spy skills.)

  49. NJBev says:

    I don’t know about this personality trait that requires you
    to blurt out whatever comes into your head, but it seems
    to have worked beautifully for Ramona, and
    she has come out with some real beauties!!! lol

    Could you imagine Brandi and Ramona together?

    • hi Bev, it might go something like this

      Ramona: “Brandy you’ve screwed up all your personal relationships with men. Maybe you just don’t deserve a good man. All the good men are taken anyway, like my Mario.”

      Brandy: Ramona, STFU!!!!!!!

      heehee they would love each other!

      • BB says:

        Ramona tweeted to Kyle that she liked something Maury said last night about his daughters and women being strong or something like that. Not sure if that means she’s a Kyle/Maury fan or what. I don’t do twitter, but you can check Kyles twitter to see exactly what she said. I remember Ramona a while back tweeting something to Tamra about thinking something she said was funny and it wasn’t funny at all, it was mean. I hate it when Ramona disappoints me because I normally like her.

      • L.A. Chica says:

        OMG that would be hilarious to see them together!

  50. VV says:

    RHOBH Timeline:
    (subject to corrections)

    April 25 Villa Blanca/Adrienne’s ugly flowers
    April 28 Portia party/Taylor Walk on heels Fundraising.
    April 29 or May 6 Prom Night Kim’s daughter
    May 7-9 Ojai trip
    May 14 Andy book party @ SUR
    May 15 Tasting @ SUR
    May 16 Ken’s surgery/The Agency party
    May 22 Brandi party girl story on radaronline
    May 23-24 Donna Summer funeral/ Kyle dinner party/Chad Vegas 21st bday
    June 4 Adrienne & Paul Skin Care launch in NY
    June 6 Dinner at Dar Marhreb Morrocan Restaurant
    June 8 Mason Birthday brandi said son turns 9 in one wk
    June 29 Fire at Lisa old mansion
    July 4 Kyle’s White Party
    July 14 (?) Taylor’s settles
    July 29 Paul files for legal separation.
    July 30 Renewal ceremony Ken and Lisa
    July 31 Season Finale
    August 22 1st Day of School Malibu HS

    • not THAT Jill says:

      OMG VV…that looks like it took a lot of time!!!!! Just a FYI-radaronline put the Brandi story out twice-one week apart I think (or maybe another site put it out before radaronline?)

      • VV says:

        It’s a work in progress. BB and KansasGirl helped with a lot of the dates. I just add a little every week when I can pinpoint a particular date. Feel free to share 🙂

  51. not THAT Jill says:

    I have to wonder who the hell watches Patti Mismatched on Bravo? Does she have any fans…any?? I never see a positive thing about her on Twitter or anywhere else. I wonder what kind of ratings her dumb show gets? Does anyone know???

  52. VV says:

    BTW, Barbra Streisand accompanied by DF did have a fundraising concert on June 14,2012.

  53. mrspeabody says:

    I find it interesting that Mo went after Brandi verbally for what she said but didn’t say a word to Paul for the way he verbally abused Brandi at Mo’s party. Makes me think him and Paul share the same view about how to treat a woman. NOt feeling the love for either one of these men, makes me wonder just what type of people they really are behind closed doors.

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      Brandi was also every bit as abusive….but I can say…if she poked her face into mine like chicken little and waved her hands in the air like she just don’t care and called me a bitch…while screaming for me to go F myself…I would have punched her in the throat.

      Maybe it’s just my age…or my experiences….but the motto I know is ‘equal rights -equal fights”. Seriously, women are in executive positions in business and government , serve in combat rolls in our military and other physical elements of public service (police, fire, ambulance etc) so the whole ” a man yelled at her” or even in the case of Mo “chastised” her and how horrible it is because she is ‘single mother’ (her words) is laughable to me…especially that in her blog she used the expression ‘have a go” which sounds distinctly Lisa V-ish.

      I really do like Lisa and Brandi but my fear is that the fans are giving them a LOT of
      latitude and they will morph into a Kate Gosselin who thinks they are beyond reproach.

  54. rabblerouser2010R says:

    unrelated to the current discussions…but in regards to the insurance thing I was talking about earlier I had written a long update which disappeared.

    But the long and short of it is (there is a LOT more….but I don’t have the metal strength to dive into it again right now) , they are trying to tell me it could be another 40-60 days since the amount the first accumulated in over payments is no longer accurate since they didn’t send me a letter to give to our service providers in a timely matter, so we paid even more in the interim…and that they only requested the new info in JAN…

    It ended with me saying I wanted the fax number to their legal department…and they said they didn’t have one..and that a their legal would contact me in 5-7 days and that I could sent the issue to the appeals department and it could 10 days before it is even assigned to someone…

    I asked for both. As mentioned, there was a lot more…between a few people I spoke to …that has sent me over over the age…but I am STEAMING MAD….and the people I spoke to sounded like they were going to poop in their pants.

    • Nancy says:

      Hi RR,

      Good for you. Someone here said that they do they hoping you would just give up
      and I agree with that. My sister deals with crap like this all the time. She’s keeps
      on them until they do what they are suppose to be doing. I feel for you as this takes
      up so much energy and time. Hang in there RR.

    • L.A. Chica says:

      RR, that sounds like such a pain in the ass. Ugh! I agree with Nancy, they do that with the hope you’ll give up. I hate it when people are treated that way. Stay strong and keep on them! In the meantime, is there an insurance commissioner for your state?

      • justanothermary says:

        I was a paralegal for a lot of years and my job was to be a big pain in the ass to insurance companies. You need to call several times a day. If you get no answers your Secretary of State’s office can put you in touch with the proper authorities. Be the squeeky wheel and make their lives Hell. I know what a pain it is, but it’s the only way. What state are you in?
        Do you know who your local congress person is? Often they like getting involved in things like this.

  55. kidsrfunny says:

    Got a Jury Summons on Saturday on our way out of town for work. The date….Wednesday. Luckily I was on standby and called the automatic number which told me I didn’t have to appear. I have gladly served the last two times I was called, but really….since when can they give me 4 days notice?

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