Kandi Burruss is Engaged / Shahs of Sunset Recap

Kandi Burruss Engaged and Other News by NoMoreDrama

Kandi and Todd in late December - were they already engaged? (from twitter)

Kandi and Todd in late December – were they already engaged? (from twitter)

After weeks of hiding her engagement finger in photos, Kandi Burruss has fessed up to being engaged to Todd Tucker.  Congrats Kandi.  According to US Magazine Todd “officially” popped the question New Year’s Eve at their home, after checking in with Kandi’s 10 year old daughter.   Phaedra Parks, who is expecting her second child, was at the party.  I say “officially” because she’s been hiding her ring finger in photos since their Christmas vacation.  It’s not clear whether or not Kandi’s wedding will be filmed for the show, but that’s something I’d tune in to watch.  Viewers may remember that Kandi was engaged when she joined the show in Season 2.  She and fiancee AJ broke up after filming wrapped, and around the time the last few episodes of that season were airing, AJ was killed outside an Atlanta bar.  That led to an emotional and subdued reunion for the Atlanta ladies.  Since then Kandi has been searching for love, and found it behind the scenes of the show with Todd, who was part of the production crew that accompanied the ladies to Africa last season.  So that makes Real Housewives of Atlanta more successful in match making Skanker.


Bethenny Frankel has landed a guest-starring role on ABC’s The Neighbors.  She’s shooting this week and the episode is set to air in March or April according to this story.  Bethenny will play a businesswoman who offers to help launch one of the characters handbag business.


Melissa Gorga took to twitter to take on Reality Tea.  (Read from the bottom up).

melissa tweets 2

What got Melissa’s panties in a knot was this story, that said that Melissa was releasing a work-out video to one-up Teresa – who is known for working out.  Melissa pointed out that Teresa has repeatedly said on-camera that she doesn’t work out (I do remember her saying that Season One in the scene where she was trying on bikinis).  Honestly I don’t care.  I’m not going to buy a workout video from either of them.  Reality Tea responded to Melissa’s last tweet with the following:

melissa tweet

PS – in the same article, Reality Tea published a photo Danielle Staub tweeted of herself wearing white.  Gia Giudice’s birthday party was a white party (except for Melissa who must not have gotten the same invitation and showed up in black).  So now there is speculation that Danielle went to the party.  I guess we’ll find out in a few months.


Kenya Moore went on Watch What Happens Live on Sunday evening to claim that she didn’t make up her storyline on the Real Housewives of Atlanta.  She was in a real relationship with her fake and possibly gay boyfriend Walter, because you can’t fake emotion.  That’s right, the actress Kenya Moore claims that you can not fake emotion.  Oh my.  Walter contacted host Andy Cohen and asked for some air time to tell his side of the story.  I hope Andy takes him up on it and then follows up with firing Kenya.  How in the world are we supposed to enjoy the shows if we can’t even pretend they are real??


Ratings  Real Housewives of Atlanta won the cable ratings war last Sunday.  Bringing in 3.4 million viewers, they didn’t break any franchise or season records, but the numbers were far higher than any other show that aired that evening.  Shahs of Sunset pulled in just over 2.03 million viewers, less than Honey Boo Boo, that attracted 2.19 million.  Bravo aired a repeat of Atlanta at 10 pm that attracted 1.3 million viewers, and then Watch What Happens Live at 11 pm, that held on to 1.14 million viewers.    Not too bad for Sunday night.

Monday wasn’t too shabby either.  the 9 pm time slot had Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, which brought in a respectable 1.93 million viewers.  Vanderpump Rules kept a decent share of those through the 10 pm time slot – 1.45 million.  Watch What Happens Live didn’t do quite so well, only pulling in 0.85 million viewers.  Still, the show costs about a nickel to produce, so it’s better than a rerun.

Millionaire Matchmaker debuted last week to 1.4 million viewers – a new season premiere high and up 40 percent from last year’s premiere according to Bravo’s press release.  Kathy’s premiere did not make the top 100 list for the evening that TVbytheNumbers publishes.  The list is sorted by viewers aged 18-49 (not total viewers).


Shahs of Sunset – Mo-cedes, Mo Problems

Recap by Ana

Back at Cabo…

And we’re back at the fight that broke out at dinner. Reza and MJ are talking. MJ says that she took a sleeping pill for the plane ride and that it does not make her a pill popper. Asa decides to go and sit with them, but MJ is having none of Asa and goes off on Asa. In her talking head MJ says that Asa accusing her of being a pill-popper is the worst thing anyone has ever accused her of.  Asa says she cares about MJ and that she feels like she was the messenger that just got killed. Messenger of pot-stirring maybe?

An hour later, in a hot tub far, far way King Reza, Queen Asa and Princess Lilly sit giggling. Reza proceeds to tell Lilly and Asa that MJ texted him that her and Sammy were going the club. They do not know what club, but Lilly thinks its interesting. Then Asa says she feels really terrible about bringing up MJ’s pill popping in front of everyone. Asa says everyone has talked about it individually, that it’s no secret. Reza says that this confrontation was bound to happen, that he wishes it was somewhere else with just him, MJ and Asa. However it happened and now they just have to deal with it. I’m not really buying what Reza and Asa are selling here.

Lilly says that the first thing MJ told her when they got to the airport was that she took an ambien and she told MJ that it was just a two hour flight- that she would not have time to sleep, that she took it just for fun. Reza makes a shocked face. Asa says she feels really bad for her because she knows MJ’s mom is crazy- Reza laughs- and Asa says she knows she’s making excuses and that she feels bad for MJ. Asa says that she feels that no matter what MJ will not be cool with her because she is friends with Reza. In her talking head Asa says she really thinks MJ is upset by her and Reza’s friendship; that when she’s drunk it all comes out. Reza surprisingly says that maybe they are jumping the gun on the accusations; that maybe MJ was just nervous and wanted to be calm for the flight. In his talking head he says its really none of his business how MJ parties, but what is his business is that he protects her, loves her and supports her. From the few episodes Reza fails at this and the more I watch the more I cannot handle the royal trio: Reza, Asa and Lilly.

Lilly says in her talking head that when the lines get blurred when someone has a substance abuse problem is when that person is also the life of the party. She says MJ is definitely the life of the party. Although it is true what she says, I do not think she knows MJ well enough or interacted with her enough to definitively say she has a substance abuse problem. Substance abuse is a very serious problem and I dislike that Bravo is making light of it with this ridiculous episode. The MJ talkfest ends with Lilly saying she’s a hot mess.

Pink Kitty Night Club

Sammi and MJ party at a club (Bravo photo gallery)

Sammi and MJ party at a club (Bravo photo gallery)

MJ and Sammy are heading to the club. MJ is still upset about the pill popping accusations and wants to get as far away from everyone in order to blow off some steam. MJ says she deserves true friends that are going to behave like true friends and treat her like a friend. MJ an Sammy are doing shots, dancing and look like they are having fun night that is drama-free. However, MJ tells Sammy that she wishes Reza was there. We see MJ’s texts in which she texts Reza that “i just want you to know Asa is dead to me as of now” followed by a “wait and see.” Then MJ texts GG, just to make sure GG hasn’t blocked her. In her talking head she says GG is right about Asa and that she will never be friends with Asa after what she did at the dinner tonight.

Party Planning is Tough

GG arranges the party (Bravo photo gallery)

GG arranges the party (Bravo photo gallery)

GG is at her parents’ house immersed in party planning. GG’s mom, Fatimah, appears wants to make her breakfast but GG doesn’t want any but she’ll have tea. GG really wants to prove that she can do this. GG then calls John, the marketing assistant to ask him specific questions about a product line and who will set it up at the party. He tells her they will take care of it and not to worry about it.  Party planning is hard y’all and GG had to do it ALL! She’s going to make the party a success and prove that she’s not just the face of the company but the arms and legs too.

And we’re back to Cabo

It’s breakfast time and Mike is still alive! Mike, Reza, Asa an Lilly sit down to eat. Mike doesn’t remember anything and they talk about Mike’s chateau pubes. Ill go ahead and skip over that convo…Sammy joins the group and tells them about MJ looking for her phone at 4 am in his room last night. Asa says she’s nervous at how MJ will act given all the horrendous things she told Asa. MJ shows up and kisses everyone good morning but says on her talking head that she really doesn’t want to be there. Reza asks MJ if they can talk about something important then, Asa interrupts him and says beforehand that she sincerely apologizes to her because it wasn’t her place to say what she said to MJ because she doesn’t really know what’s going on in MJ’s life an she might have been wrong. Lilly says she’s shocked to see Asa apologizing to MJ. I am confused by Lilly’s shock…MJ tells Asa that when Asa told her it was a baseless below the belt accusation. They hug it out and decide to go eat. I thought they were sitting down to eat?

GG’s Party at City Club

GG reminds us yet again that she put together the party all on her own. Its 2 hours before the party an no one is at the venue yet and nothing is set up. GG calls her mom and asks her not so nicely to come to the venue.

Yachting by Cabo

Everyone is walking and Lilly looks so out of place with her Birkin bag, tight dress and high heels. Asa is wearing a thong (I think is the bikini Lilly gave Asa and I was right they are not very flattering on 99% of the population) and her donkey booty is out! She explains that she’s very comfortable in her own skin, she should be she has a great physique (just needs to learn how to style it). Good for her! Lilly is impressed with Asa’s confidence.

Mike and Reza on the yacht (Bravo photo gallery)

Mike and Reza on the yacht (Bravo photo gallery)

Mike has arranged for a day on a yacht, a Super yacht as Lilly calls it. Its looks amazing and has a bartender! Lilly tells us that she’s been yachting all over the world at every hot spot we can think of because she was born to be on a yacht. So humble…Lilly doesn’t want to drink and Mike thinks she should loosen up. They are tanning, drinking and jumping into the ocean and seem to have fun. They sit down for lunch and Lilly begins to talk about herself, her body, her faux cellulite-like skin…Mike inspects…LOL and asks her why she’s looking at MJ when she’s talking about droopy skin. She says she was not and proceeds to tell them that there is a laser that can solve her problem. Mike is confused (as am I) because she doesn’t seem to need anything. I just can’t with Lilly so I’ll save you the rest of her delusional conversation. Even Asa thinks she’s delusional. They all decide to nap, shower, eat dinner ocean side and then go to the club.

Back at GG’s Party at City Club

It’s one hour before the party and GG’s team shows up to start setting up for the party. GG goes to the green room to start getting ready for the party and her parents show up. GG delegates to her Dad the task of finding out about the music for the party. GG is getting nervous but luckily Omid shows up and GG informs us that things are moving in the right direction for them. Good for them, but can she please tell Omid to stop with the feathers? YES he is wearing a short feather-like extension on his hair, like a teenager. He got her a gift from her favorite designer- it was cute.

GG’s invited everyone she knows, walks in but the ballroom is pretty empty. Slowly people start to trickle in and GG is happy at the set-up. Jenna Jameson show up and takes a picture with GG. Then Leila strolls in and is not happy with the set up. Leila and GG are talking to Jenna Jameson about their extensions. BTW its not real hair because real hair is inhumane. I guess I need to become better informed about the hair trafficking world, because I did not think it was inhumane…GG then talks to celebrity hairstylist Frankie Payne (no idea who he is) but good for them.

GG’s ex-boyfriend Alex shows up (GG invited him) and GG greets him explaining that it’s good to keep guys on their toes and to let them know that other guys are interested in you. Omid looks confused.  GG also explains that she’s still good friends with Alex and she expects Omid to be ok with their friendship.   Alex is cute. Omid wants to know if GG is really over her ex, because he thought she was.

Back at Cabo

They are all getting ready to go out and meeting up at Reza’s room to go to pregame. Reza invites the gang to celebrate Rosh Hashanah in New York with his dad and his family.  Reza is excited for his west coast family to meet his east coast family.

It’s back to LA again       

Omid walks up and introduces himself to GG’s ex, Alex. They have a calm, adult conversation- GG looks like her eyes will pop off her head when she sees them together! GG and her dad walk up to Omid and Alex’s conversation but no drama there. GG takes the stage and thanks everyone for being at her party- with Leila by her side. This party proves that she’s more than just a face for the company. GG does great on her speech! GG wants to share this night with Omid, GG sees a future with him. GG is looking for Leila, Leila tells GG that she thinks she did an amazing job and that she’s really proud of her. GG seems to truly be happy and tears up when her sister tells her this. It’s a very nice moment between the two- especially since Leila didn’t think she could do it. They hug, which GG explains is a rare occurrence.

Wabbo Cabbo or Cabbo Wabbo

They are all at the club and Lilly is disappointed they do not serve food and is concerned the seats will make her white dress dirty- its Dolce Gabbana. MJ doesn’t see to have a problem and plops down in her white dress. Lilly is not drinking, but the rest of the gang is! Some of Lilly’s parts are flammable…Lilly is a class a complainer- she should just go back to her room and let everyone else have fun. They are all club hopping, dancing and having fun…except Lilly. She looks like she’s having a root canal.  The gang is drunk so they don’t seem to care about Lilly’s sourpuss attitude, even though they notice it. She dislikes alcohol and drunk people. Why is she on reality TV? Lilly thinks that if MJ really has a problem, then the rest of the cast are enabling her by cheering her on when they are partying and drinking. Very true. Lilly is very concerned about her Hermes Birkin Bag, doesn’t want anyone touching it so they don’t get it dirty with their sweat. Asa is very right looking at her like she’s crazy and wondering why she would even bring a $15,000 bag to the club if they don’t want it to get dirty? FINALLY Lilly says she’s out and they are all happy that Buzzkill Lilly is leaving. They are all sweaty, drunk and having a lot of fun. Reza says MJ is the best at partying! She sure is, I’d love to party with her.

Reza, Mike and Asa are all at a room sitting around talking waiting for MJ, whose smoking a cigarette. They say Sammy was big pimping with the prostitutes ladies. Mike hates smoking and is wondering where MJ picked up that filthy habit. Reza is like what?! She’s been smoking since she was 17. Mike and Asa are shocked at how good of a secret smoker she is. Reza says she’s a closet smoker but getting sloppier at hiding it. Reza grabs MJ’s bag and decides to go through MJ’s stuff –Mike thinks it’s a bad idea. MJ is lying about her age, so Reza shows Asa and Mike her id (shitty on his part)- she was born in 1972 (so 40). They also found a green pill bottle with multiple pills of different shapes and colors…Shocker! Apparently none of them own pets- so they are oblivious to the fact that pet medications come in green pill bottles! Such B…Reza is like you want some Valium…and pulls out the green bottle out of MJ’s purse. MJ starts to hysterically laugh and is like give ‘em to me baby…then MJ clarifies that they are Pablo’s pills (Pablo’s her dog). They all don’t really believe her and drop the conversation.

MJ and Reza horse around (Bravo photo gallery)

MJ and Reza horse around (Bravo photo gallery)

MJ wants Reza to go to the Jacuzzi with her, but he’s tired…some fun shenanigans happen (like season 1- which we love)…we get to see MJ get a drunken wedgie and starts chasing Reza though the hotel. Reza then sprays her with champagne…

The next day at breakfast (which looks delish) they all sit down and discuss last night. Mo-cedes apparently tries to wake everyone up and they all decide that they will remember this trip as: Mo-cedes Mo Problem. Reza says he prefers a red-hot mess (camera points to MJ) than fake total perfect (camera point to Lilly). They all toast and start packing to head back home. MJ says that in Cabo being a skinny bitch didn’t mean anything.

Next week they are all back in LA and then maybe New York…



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Wednesday Night Lineup, January 16th by BB

8PM – Arrow (CW); The Middle/The Neighbors (ABC); American Idol (Fox); Cousins on Call (HGTV); Amish Mafia (Discovery); Ice Cold Killers (ID); My Grandmother’s Ravioli (8:30 Cook); Jack the Ripper: Prime Suspect (BBC); Big Rich Texas (Style)

9PM – Criminal Minds (CBS); Supernatural (CW); Modern Family/Suburgatory (ABC); Property Brothers (HGTV); Shipping Wars (A&E); Toddlers and Tiaras (TLC); Amish Mafia (Discovery); Ghost Hunters (SyFy); Full Throttle Saloon (truTV); Ultimate Guide to the Presidents (History); Baggage Battles (Trvl); Restaurant Impossible (Food); Border Wars (NatGeo); Stalked: Someone’s Watching (ID); Not My Mama’s Meals/Extra Virgin (Cook); Mothers and Daughters of Big Rich Atlanta (Style)

10PM – Top Chef Seattle (Bravo); CSI (CBS); Nashville (ABC); Washington Heights (MTV); House Hunters (HGTV); Barter Kings (A&E); Cheer Perfection (TLC); Moonshiners (Discovery); Big Food (CMT); Hot in Cleveland (TVLnd); Ghost Mine (SyFy); The Soup/Love You, Mean It (E!); Gator Boys (Anpl); Black Gold (truTV); Fast Foods Gone Global (Trvl); Making Mr. Right (VH-1); Bobby’s Dinner Battle (Food); Hell on the Highway (NatGeo); Dangerous Persuasions (ID); Fix My Family (WE); I Want That (DIY); Stranger than Nature (NatGeoWild)

11PM – WWHL: Padma Lakshmi & Maggie Q

Note:  American Idol premieres at 8PM on Fox and The Dangerous Persuasions episode on ID at 10 PM is about Scientology.


Happy Birthday lillybee and Orson

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    Good morning everyone. It’s still raining. I’m over it.

    Kandi & NeNe are engaged. Congrats to the Atlanta ladies. Kenya bet get them to show her how to get a ring on it. Lol. Poor Kenya. Not!!

    Have a great day.

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    Happy Birthday lillybee.

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    HeyHey! Lainey Lainey is First! Good morning everyone! Happy Birthday Lillybee!
    Good for Kandi! I am happy for her. She is a good mother.
    Shahs were ridiculous last night. Lilly has got my last nerve. I feel bad for MJ. She is so unhappy.

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    Powell – how are you feeling?! Better, I hope!


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    Happy, happy day lillybee and Orson. May it be fabulous from beginning to end!!

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    Thanks for the dish NMD. You are always on top of it all!. Appreciate you so much!

    Ana – great recap of Shahs. I don’t watch the show, but I love reading your recaps. Seriously, I could feel the party through your words! Thanks for the fun. LOL!

    Halfway there folks…..so have a great day!

    Wed. “Humor Blog” is up. Have a few laughs on me! Enjoy!

  10. Rebecca says:

    So Brandi gets three episodes to talk to “one” of her ex’s flings….. and here comes Leann to one-up her! This time she’s on Entertainment Tonight boo-hooing about hurting her ex with her affair with Eddie. blech

  11. Rebecca says:

    Cat Ommanney’s tweets:

    “Why has Adrienne had sooo much work done?? And why the **** is Traylor still on the show?? Ugh Puleeeease #RHOBH anyone for a lemon?”

    “About to watch #RHOBH – and see how out of line Fay is and shallow Kyle is 😉 brandi melt down? does it roll into #pumprules brats again?”

  12. rabblerouser2010R says:

    Good Morning everyone.

    Thanks so much to those who are giving me words of encouragement to fight the good fight against the insurance company as well as the sound advise on how to proceed.

    Basically,in Oct I learned that our co payments counted towards out out of pocket max and as a result we had well exceeded our limit (since we were paying $180 per week for both the girls therapy). I called to ask them to send a letter to give to our provider so they would stop billing us and that we were seeking reimbursement. I was told that it needed to be accumulated and it would take 4-6 weeks. Fine
    Flash forward to Dec, I call again to find out where we are in the process and was told it came back on Dec 4th that we over payed for the oldest girl by $2000 and for the family by $800 and that a check would be mailed out shortly.
    So at the beginning of the Jan, I call again to find out where is our money and was told that another representative would call me back. They never did…
    I call the next day and was told some BS as to why no one has gotten back to me. They then say they need to determine the amount that that the oldest cases are handled first. I shoot that down and say that this has been going on since Oct and that it according to them, it was already done on dec 4th- and that we are now well outside their processing times.
    They say would look into it but it could be 48 hour or it could be 7 days before they got back to me…they basically tried to blow me off.

    I call 48 hours later and demand to speak to a supervisor. She tells me she will contact a representative for reimbursements but they are gone for the day, so it might be 48 hours, the supervisor gives me her direct line to contact her. I call her 72 hours later and leave a message…she doesn’t call me back.
    Then the weekend comes and goes…and I call again on Monday and she doesn’t call me back.

    I then call the general line and say that I’ve had it and I want answers and that I am tired of people telling me they will get an answer to me but then never following up. That representative says they will contact their supervisor (the same person I spoke to before and has failed to act) and get update. They tell me that they won’t be able to call me back that day because they are not allowed to make outgoing calls on Monday because of the high volume of calls but they will call me between 10-11 the next day.

    So here comes Tues…they never called…so later in the afternoon I call again and say to the representative who answers the phone that this matter has been going on since Oct and I still not only do not have my money but I don’t have any answers and that I am tired to making call after call only to be told that someone will get back to me yet they never do- and that if I have to make another phone call it will to my attorney to send them a demand letter and following that it will be to the CA Department of Insurance to file a formal complaint.

    So of course he goes into panic mode and asks me to hold. He comes back and says that he is receiving an e file and asks me to hold. He come back and says it looks like it needs to be sent to the accumulations for out of pocket max. I respond by saying that that was already suppose to be done in Oct and according to THEM, it was completed on Dec 4th and I know the amounts. He will really take control of the issue and try to get an answer but he doesn’t want to promise a day or time he will contact me with one. I tell him again that I am over it- that I have reached my limit…and I have had enough and that I want the fax number to their legal department.

    He then says he has his supervisor on the line who might be able to help me further.

    She gets on the phone and I can tell she is panicked to and says “Did you get my messages?” in which I couldn’t hide my contempt when I said “NO”. (I’m thinking is she crazy…I would FN KNOW if you called me or not- and you DIDN’T).

    Then she tells me some BS that because there was a delay from the time they actually sent me the letter and that my provider stopped charging me the co-pays, the amount they first came up with was no longer accurate and they were waiting for the network to resend them their reports to so it can be accumulated for the additional funds- and that it was only done in Jan and that the processing time it 30-60 days. (She says this all sweet like they are going me a favor and really trying to get me all the money I am entitled to and more) So I go OFF.

    I tell her I am not waiting another month or two for something that was initiated in Oct and should have been resolved by now- only to be told that they are starting the process NOW MONTHS later.

    I demand the fax number to their legal department and she tells me they don’t have one. (Which I know has to be a lie…) She says she will take my information and forward it to legal but it could be 5-7 days before someone gets back to me, she then reads me my phone number but it’s off by a digit. So now I am thinking….so either she lied about calling me and leaving me messages…or she violated HIPPA law and my left person information on someone elses answering machine…either way…a major credibility issue and a violation of my trust. (DH checked online later and the number in the system was correct, so I am thinking she just read the number wrong and was lying about leaving messages),

    She then says it can also go to their appeals department but that it can take 10 days for it to be assigned to someone. I tell her to do that to, so I am not waiting on both ends and she gives me a case number.

    End of Call.

    So this am, I sent an inquire to the state commissioner

    For good measure, I am also going to call the insurance company again and say that I want it in writing that they only started the process in Jan and that it would take 30-60s to process, so that I can forward it to my attorney and submit it with my complaint. Then I am going going to ask for a supervisors supervisor and so on and so on and basically say…they can put the fire out by expediting my claim (which really isn’t expediting since I have been waiting since fn OCT) or that it can escalate with attorney and state regulator involvement.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      When I went through a similar situation, I asked the supervisor what he would do if this was happening to him and then I waited (silence until he spoke) and he gave me the answer that got results. Keep your cool but keep pressing the issue!

      • Kansas Girl says:

        Silence until the other person speaks works really well. No one likes silence and the person on the other end will try to fill it.

        Consider sending their HR department a list of every employee who promised to call in 48 hours and did not. And another list of the employees who promised someone else would call or act, as that employee didn’t follow through to see if what they promised actually happened. I’d also tell the HR department that I’m shocked at their poor customer assistance.

        Oh, and remind everyone you talk to that you are telling ALL your friends about their company’s poor customer relations.

    • trudie says:

      RR, I once got so frustrated dealing with an insurance co and receiving the run around over and over again, that I was talking so loudly and angrily that my son came running downstairs from his bedroom to make sure that I wasn’t being attacked.

      Keep up the good fight and remember to breathe.

      • trudie says:

        Let me add that one person I talked to at the insurance company basically suggested I commit insurance fraud. When I pointed that out to him. he said: Who would know?!

    • AZGirl says:

      This is just terrible. I have a personal dislike for medical insurance companies. They have been sucking us dry since First Born developed a rare condition 3 years ago. Premiums are doubled and if we go to the ER NO PA’s will be reimbursed. This is after 30 years of paying premiums and NOT ONE claim from us other than well check ups. We can’t even change insurance companies because no one will cover First Born.

    • Rebecca says:

      Is your insurance through your employer? They may either have a person dedicated to helping you out with running interference with your insurance company or they hired a broker to help them acquire insurance coverage for employees. Reach out to them as they can be bulldogs on with the insurance CSRs. I was one of these people a long time ago and I never quit until I got my way.

      • rabblerouser2010R says:

        Thanks Rebecca, great idea. DH just contacted the group policy administer from the company he works for.

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      Thanks again everyone for the support, the encouragement really helps my tenacity.

      • LavaLady says:

        Keep going, RR. I had two similar experiences, one with a car rental agency and one with a cable company. Long after my husband gave up, I kept plugging away, making calls, writing e mails, etc.

        Both problems were solved to my satisfaction. That was the best reward. And they were for much smaller dollar amounts, so hang in there. We are all with you.

      • RR – throwing my support behind all the others. These kinds of things are beyond normal frustration. Just remember, and keep telling yourself, you have Right on your side, and knowing that, your personal power and will for a successful outcome can take command of the situation. Breathe a lot….and try to stay balanced as you pump your power into the situation. Power can be subtle and quiet…but dead on! 😉

    • L.A. Chica says:

      Keep on keeping on, RR! At this point, if you have that supervisor’s contact information, you might want to send him or her a letter (certified return receipt), keeping a copy of course, summarizing your discussion and what you expect to follow. It’s harder for them to ignore letters like they can phone calls because unless you’ve recorded them a judge can’t evaluate a phone call. Letters are hard evidence. Letters say you mean business.

    • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

      Holy CRAP RR!! I can not believe how long this is going on!! Im glad you are so organized and have been taking names (hopefully the ‘kicking ass” part is coming next!). I really hope this gets sorted out soon for you….how annoying the insurance companies are!!!!

    • LaineyLainey says:

      You are a strong, smart lady!!! You go!!!

  13. shamrockblonde says:

    holy cow!! – what utter nonsense!! – don’t let up – go hard at them – and make sure they know that you have retained legal counsel – whether you have or not – do your best to get everything – names, dates – in writing – what a stupid run around, all because a simple thing could not be handled unless it was first turned into a huge thing –

    *hugs rabblerouser2010R really hard*

  14. djprincessc says:

    For you ladies who watch follow Teen Mom. Jenelle is pregnant again. Wonder if she’ll be able to raise this one. lol.

  15. Nancy says:

    Happy Birthday lillybee and Orson. 🙂 🙂

  16. designernailsdiana says:

    I’m thrilled for Kandi because she is so REAL, unlike Kenya who is FAKE/FRAUD.
    Nene has been a delight this season after BabyMakerKim left. Now I’m happy for Kroy and his ATL Falcons, but that man HAS to make money to afford her outrageous lifestyle.
    I’m over NJ so I don’t care what they do.
    I’ve been closely watching the Jodi Arias murder trial. What is it with women and killing people they supposedly love? You can watch it online on azfamily.com
    If she walks with all the evidence against her I’ll never believe in the justice system ever again.
    Ok rant over, now back to your regularly scheduled coffee break.
    Powell I hope you get well soon and BB hope you enjoyed a good meal.

    • AZGirl says:

      Hey Diana: That is a very crazy trial going on downtown. Very brutal murder. She almost decapitated him when cutting his throat.
      One problem is the prosecuting attorney tried to get a bunch of new evidence admissible at the last minute. A bunch of evidence the defense team did not know existed.
      That is really pushing the envelope which may make it a mistrial. I don’t think she will walk. Something about AZ and crazy sex murders. Remember Bob Crane of Hogan’s Heros back in the 70’s? He was found dead in a hotel room with a video camera.

      • designernailsdiana says:

        The fact that she was taking his pictures, which by the way azfamily showed on their website fully nude and well let’s say I saw all their naughty bits. She was snapping away and then bam she’s stabbing him? Who does that and why was the knife and gun in the bathroom. PRE-meditated! Changed her hair color, put license plate on RENTAL car upside down. ha ha I’m glad the cop stopped her, cause she sure thought she was so clever and no one would read the plate number that way. Dumb as a box of rocks.
        I hope it’s not a mistrial!

        • AZGirl says:

          AZFamily.com showed naughty bits!!!! Mormons..he,he,he…..

        • Rebecca says:

          She claims she was “threatened by two or three guys that showed up to murder him.” The next thing we know there will be an insanity pleas thrown in there.

          • AZGirl says:

            Ok if I were threatened by a few guys I still don’t think I could slit someone’s throat. Shoot them, maybe but not cut their throat. Not to the point of decapitation.
            I do think there is more to this and she could be taking the fall for someone else. Who knows?

  17. Nancy says:

    boston this is for you. :)http://finance.yahoo.com/news/kid-sends-perfectly-blunt-cover-letter-for-wall-street-internship–and-now-tons-of-people-are-trying-to-hire-him-151518002.html

  18. lillybee says:

    Thank you all for the birthday wishes. Sadly no celebrating, I have a bad cold and cough.

  19. VV says:

    Mauricio still getting nasty tweets. They continue and are non stop. There is very little support here and there. This tweet I found interesting:

    “@MauricioUmansky @KyleRichards18 also, u don’t have three daughters, u have four!”

    “@ramonasinger @KyleRichards18 @MauricioUmansky He said THREE daughters. Forgot to add the eldest, from a prev marriage. Shameful.”

    Does anybody knows if this is true?

  20. Rebecca says:

    QUIZ TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Who wrote in their new book, ““If you cheat once, don’t tell. You get a free pass.”

  21. VV says:

    Don’t know if true or not but here it is. Latest on Bethenny.

    Bethenny Frankel Moves Out Of ‘Dream’ Home She Shared With Jason Hoppy http://www.entertainmentwise.com/news/101502/Bethenny-Frankel-Moves-Out-Of-Dream-Home-She-Shared-With-Jason-Hoppy

    • VV says:

      Something must be true about this story and this guy because a a few minutes ago I was able to acces his Wikipedia page now I can’t.


    • Nancy says:

      So much for a friendly divorce. How sad.

      • VV says:

        If I’m reading this correctly and all the other sites reporting the news. It’s all over Twitter. She went to Hong Kong and Aspen with him.

        Her side is saying they are “friends”

        • Nancy says:

          Is this guy her business partner?

        • BB says:

          From what I could find out about him, wasn’t/isn’t he married to someone named Annabelle Bond? She lives in Hong Kong and has a five year old daughter. Could he have been going to Hong Kong to see his daughter I wonder?

          • VV says:

            My reply posted in the wrong place. B went to Hong Kong ‘somebody’ invited her back in October. Rumor has it it was Warren.

          • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

            BB-I just Googled Annabelle Bond…OMG what a beautiful amazing woman!!

            I read that she is friendly with Tommy Hilfiger-and so is Bethenny. Perhaps Annabelle is the reason Bethenny went to Hong Kong and maybe she is letting Bethenny stay in her NYC apartment. (They have a million apartments all over the world).

            • BB says:

              She’s not married to the guy who supposedly owns the New York apartment though. At least not anymore. In a December 2012 article, she called herself a single mom. Who knows?

            • VV says:

              OMG! This remind me of something I read several days ago. Somebody commented or tweeted something in the lines of Bethenny cheating like she did to her friend Ginny Hilfiger.

              • chismosa says:

                VV! Hi! What did she do to Ginny Hilfiger? Remember season 1 they were bffs. They are not close anymore? I don’t remember her at the wedding hmmmmmm……

            • I Need A Life! says:

              This Bond woman is too much. In my next life I’m coming back as an, “International Adventurer.” Why wasn’t that on the list of careers to shoot for in high school?

    • PJ says:

      What a shame she had to leave since it was probably her money that paid for the dream home.

    • VV says:

      I wasn’t kidding when I mentioned that if Jason was a Billionaire, she would probably like her parents. This dude is loaded but HE IS UGLY!

    • VV says:

      She posted this back October on her FB page.

      Bethenny Frankel:
      “Ever get an invite that you simply cannot pass up? Well I got one on Friday to go to Hong Kong, I’m here now. It is incredible. Here is the view from my hotel. (I know you can see my robe!) How was your weekend?”

      This is the picture to go with that comment
      bethennyfrankel’s photo http://instagram.com/p/RBkIiUNPAt/

      Jason didn’t go on this trip..

  22. L.A. Chica says:

    Dear RabbleRouser,

    I apologize — you were right about what Marisa said about people in first class. I must not have seen the entire video before because I only remembered her saying “Once you’ve gone first class you don’t want to go back.” But if she truly believes that those up front are “more respectable” than those in coach then I agree with you: her opinion means less to me.

    Her saying she wants her husband to keep making more movies because *she* wants more things (like bigger diamonds) was seriously off-putting to me, too. Ick. I hope she was joking.

  23. Orson says:

    Thanks for the kind birthday wishes. I’ll be going out for dinner soon.

  24. Nancy says:

    I just read that Adrienne is dating Rod Stewart’s son!

  25. Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

    Ewwww this new American idol is dreadful….I think Im done with this show for good. I have nothing to watch until Nashville comes on at 10. Guess I will finish laundry and read a little.

    • Boobah says:

      Hi JillNNTJ! Have you been keeping up with Revenge these days?

      • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

        Hey Boo-yes I have been watching-I keep meaning to comment over at Empress’ place-I have been reading all the revengy twisty things you guys are coming up with!! I love it!!!

        • Boobah says:

          LOL! I love it too. It’s so funny what we can come up with. AI isn’t great this season? You know, I have never watched it except for a maybe a few times and for just a few minutes. I never really got into it, but I can see why others would. TV isn’t that great in general these days. Modern Family is coming on – that show still makes me chuckle.

    • BB says:

      I haven’t watched AI since that older guy from Alabama won it. Haven’t heard about him since I don’t think. That did it for me. Lol. Oh yeah, I just remembered his name, Taylor Hicks.

  26. KTinCT says:

    Happy Birthdays, Lillybee and Orson 🙂

  27. Laineylainey says:

    Catching up on my shows. Watched dance moms and Atlanta, I can’t help it, I love it that Sophia was brought in . Re Atlanta, I don’t think I am alone here in saying that where Kenya and Phaedra are concerned, I don’t blame Kenya. However, if she has been doing production for over 20 years….why didn’t she have them agree to her terms at the beginning? Somebody said it reminded them of when Kim didn’t pay Kandi… Me too! That’s a bad memory. Shudder! Cynthia is obviously no longer getting the dolt edit, she is so likeable this season. And I’m enjoying watching team Leakes in L.A. Very endearing.

  28. BB says:

    I’m watching ID where a woman is telling her Scientology story.

  29. VV says:

    B looks exactly like her mom. Remember that picture the other day. This was taken 6 days ago.

    bethennyfrankel’s photo http://instagram.com/p/UUINk5NPMZ/

  30. BB says:

    Goodnight all.

  31. Nancy says:

    Are you watching American Idol?

  32. TexasTart says:

    VV & BB – Thanks for the info on Adrienne and Bethenny tonight!

    Was just catching up on Twitter and I’m not really that intrigued by this…but
    Ana fron RHOM is still RT crazy and the latest claim is someone sending her awful letters – mail to her house (so guesses it isJames/Elaine) and Lea is also allegedly recruiting people to post anti-Ana (or anti-Cuban) stuff online. It seems their battle continues without cameras or without the show currently airing.

    • chismosa says:

      Hi Texas, I can TOTALLY see Leah going full-on Jill Zarin on Ana’s ass. Ana better be careful. Lea will never forget the reunion and what we the viewers never saw.
      Get ready for nasty comments on Amazon for any of Ana’s books, etc. JZ101

      Team Ana all the way

      • TexasTart says:

        Although I’m not too invested in this, obviously I still follow Ana! A lot of her fans were tweeting reminding her to be careful.
        I look forward to the Miami ladies returning, somehow I think they will be back! 🙂

        • chismosa says:

          Texas thank you ^^^. I found the repeat and I’m going to dvr it. There’s a new book, Going Clear or something like that, a new one about Sci and Tom cruise.

  33. Cartwheels says:

    I wonder who has taken the time to investigate the many, many golfing trips that Jason has taken in the last year. Nobody. Has there been any women in them? waitresses, female friends? who knows, nobody has cared enough to find out or he has taken many extra steps to be very careful.
    Jason and Bethenny have obviously struggled for a long time, they have tried to make it work to some extent and probably used trips on both sides to take apart some time and see if it could work but nothing.
    It is obvious that it was not going to work because they are too different so Bethenny has had enough and as it is ovious by her personality, instead of living a lie and separate lives under the same roof, she had enough and decided to announce the split. Jason probably could have lived the lie forever, the more years the better, he probably never even imagined that Bethenny would take such a measure as to ask for divorce, he wasn’t prepare for that. He thought that with a talk show coming up she wouldn’t dare to jeopardize her image, I guess he was wrong.
    Bethenny once her mind is made, she will go for it, so I imagine conversations of divorce had come up among them plenty of times and both have said that if the situation arises, then they will do it amicably for Bryn’s sake.
    Bethenny after announcing the split still allowed Jason to continue living (I am saying this because it is obvious that her money bought the apartment) and she is the one who pays the mortgage bill) there and probably giving him time during her New Year’s Eve trip to pack his things and go, trying to do things amicably; she comes back, he is still there. Nobody has filed for divorce yet so Jason can’t be moved, Bethenny files and asks in her proposal that he vacates the property.
    She goes on this last trip to LA, hoping that now he will be gone but making preparations in case he hasn’t. Comes back, he is still there and it is becoming more obvious that he will stay there and not only that, Jason, the same guy that during the last year, has rarely been seen in any papparazzi pictures, is photographed twice in the same week wearing his wedding ring.
    This is nothing else that the image of perfect husband fighting for his marriage that he wants to portray, one of the pictures is even more laughable, the paparazzi snaps the first picture, Jason is wearing gloves on both hands, then in the next picture Jason has taken the glove off only from his left hand showing the ring. I know people think that Jason is incapable of any media manipulation but looking at these pictures together, snapped with less than an hour apart, it is very telling that Jason is aware of his public image.


    Bethenny is not stupid, I think she is finally catching up to the game and luckily for her , she has the money to rent another apartment, better yet she has a friend , who BTW lives in Aspen but has an apartment in NYC, and she moves out.
    Bethenny knows that more likely she will be back to her own apartment once the divorce is final. I think she is just starting to realize that this by no means will be amicable, and that the divorce will take a while because Jason is just buying time. More time married means probably more extended spousal support, more time in the marriage means that Bethenny can’t move on with her life, more time means that he can sit still and request for more and more, after all he is not interested in divorcing (religious reason? LOL) , Jason knows that the more time he sits still, the most likely Bethenny is to give him whatever he wants in the divorce, he is again playing a risky game and I do hope that Bethenny is as stubborn as I think she is and don’t let him push her into this kind of mental blackmail and stays put too, however long it takes.
    Probably not, probably in few months when she has had enough, she will relent and will give him every penny he is asking for, it is just dissapointing because Jason knows exactly what he is doing, if he was that religious he would have done everything and anything to make this marriage work, including accepting therapy , but it is becoming more obvious to me that this is not what he wanted either.

    The article is very ambiguous, it says that Bethenny has moved to an apartment and such friend has an apartment there, is his apartment the one she is using? or did he helped her find an apartment on his same building? The article’s innuendo or some other articles I have read, go as far as event suggest that she moved in with him. He lives in Aspen BTW.
    Bethenny is scrutinized to death about her male company, any possible male friend is a possible lover, somebody she slept with and cheated on Jason, I guess her friend Jake and the hairstylist are safe because they are gay, but maybe not, maybe next week they also would be the subject of a “torrid romance”, and then again I ask myself the simple question: who has any invested inyterest in Bethenny looking as a cheater and why?

    • BB says:

      Hmmmm. This guy lives in Aspen. Isn’t that where Bethenny spent part of the holidays? Hmmmm. I’m sure neither party is blameless in the demise of this marriage. I’m on neither side by the way. If Jason is so religious that he doesn’t believe in divorce, then he shouldn’t have had premarital sex and knocked her up in the first place. And if he is so religious, then he should have married someone with the same religious beliefs that he has. I could go on and on about why these two should never have gotten married, but I don’t have the time nor the energy.

    • PJ says:

      I really think Jason knows how to play the public sympathy game, knows exactly what he is doing.

  34. Good morning! Stock market is going up & I’m loving it!

    Did anyone watch the ID tv’s Dangerous Persuasions last night about Scientology?
    It was very revealing. What an expose. I haven’t been going to any movie starring scientology biggies (Tom, et al) but this is it – I won’t even watch them for free. This “religion” is dangerous indeed.

    It’s mind control, gouging money from people getting into the religion and very manipulative once you’re in. The way they go after ex-scientologists is very scary. This woman is lucky to be alive & not insane.

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