VH1 MOB Wives Renee Graziano talks w/ Jakk Doe / Top Chef Seattle Recap / Mob Wives Recap

VH1 MOB Wives Renee Graziano talks w/ Jakk Doe

Jakk Doe has snagged an exclusive interview with Renee Graziano of Mob Wives, and asked that we post it on the site.  Please go view it on youtube.  Both Jack and Renee have a great time in the interview and talk about a whole lot of things, including: Jay-Z, Rehab, Season 3 of Mob Wives.


Housewife News by NoMoreDrama

Rumors are swirling (started by this article in Life and Style) that Bethenny Frankel has moved out of her Tribeca condo in New York, and into an apartment on the Upper East Side.  Bethenny’s friend, Warren Lichtenstein, owns an apartment in the building, so it’s assumed that she’s moved into his place.  What isn’t clear is if they are involved, but it certainly is beginning to look suspiciously like they are – even though I’d like to believe she wouldn’t cheat on Jason.  Who is Warren Lichtenstein, and is he prepared for the attention he’s about to receive?  He’s a billionaire who runs the hedge fund Steel Partners in New York, and is chairman and CEO of Steel Partners Holdings, that has a lot of diversified interests, according to this article.  He has a son and a daughter, from two previous relationships.  His daughter is with Annabelle Bond, a woman with an impressive resume in mountaineering.  Annabelle lives in Hong Kong and has a home in Aspen.  Bethenny accompanied Warren to Hong Kong in October, and spend some time after Christmas in Aspen with him and other friends.


Is Adrienne Maloof dating Rod Stewart’s 32 year old son?  According to InTouch Weekly the pair was seen engaging in a public display of affection at a L.A. restaurant.  First of all, I didn’t know Adrienne ate.  Second of all – yuck.  Adrienne is divorced and free to date, but yuck.  I just can’t see her showing anyone affection.


Here’s an interview with Gretchen Rossi.  The person who interviewed Gretchen seemed really interested in whether she was planning on having a baby with Slade and whether she wanted a boy or girl.  It’s was more like small talk than an interview.  And when they mentioned she was 30 on the twitter list of top 100 entrepreneurs to follow I just rolled my eyes.  Gretchen did talk about Slade’s son Grayson.   He had complications due to brain surgery (in New York), and was in the ICU for three months.  He was recently moved to a different facility, and they’ve been making a lot of cross-country trips.


Enjoy speculating on blind items and gossip?  Check out this intriguing post by tvfishbowl.  The game is to match up the quote with the franchise.  Since only Orange County and New Jersey are filming right now, it sort of narrows things down a little.  Two and three seem to be firmly New Jersey.


Top Chef Seattle – Restaurant Wars Part 2 by SugarMagnolia

Last Seven Heading into Restaurant Wars (Bravo Photo Gallery)

Last Seven Heading into Restaurant Wars (Bravo Photo Gallery)

Now that we have gotten through part 1 of RW, here we go with part 2. Two restaurant concepts;

Kristen–Atelier Kwan


It’s boys vs girls.

Sheldon’s team–Stefan and Stash

Kristen’s team–Lizzie, Brooke, and Josie (ugh)

The winner of the wars earns a Toyota Avalon. (Bravo has to get their commercial).

The chefs arrive to the location and have a “where is waldo” moment. Where is my kitchen? OH! I have to build my kitchen in the courtyard! Happy Campers….um, NO!

Kristen tries to make the best of having to work with Josie (Bravo Photo Gallery)

Kristen tries to make the best of having to work with Josie (Bravo Photo Gallery)

Kristen is smart–Josie bugs her, so she pawns her off on Brooke. They are going to get rental equipment while she and Lizzie shop for food. Josie bugs EVERYONE! The boys are splitting up too–Stefan is off to the flower mart while Sheldon and Stash hit up Owijimaya (One of my favorite stores! For those non-northwesterners, it is an Asian market as big as a grocery store. They have every kind of meat or fish you can think of, totally fresh, not to mention any kind of dumpling you could ask for. And tons of Asian snacks and specialties–the produce section is akin to a farmers market. Two in Seattle and one in Portland–love love love!). Stash and Stefan are weary about cooking Filipino food, as they don’t have much experience. The challenge is to execute and elevate dishes they are not used to serving. Kristen is at Central Market losing her shit…she is such a perfectionist and wants Burger King (having it her way). Lizzie is doing her best to be a team player as usual. Lizzie is fully aware that she will still be responsible for her own dish, so she is juggling supporting Kristen and executing her own vision. Meanwhile, Stefan is railroading Sheldon on tables–2 top, 4 top, farmers tables…Stefan is doing what he wants because he wants to impress Danny Meyer.

Josie doesn't give a flip (Bravo Photo Gallery)

Josie doesn’t give a flip (Bravo Photo Gallery)

Set up–all hands on deck. And then comes Josie mosie….Kristen wants every dish sent through her, so sets up an “L” shape. Josie (ugh) says she is going to get her bones and stock going–famous last words. The boys are setting up tables for service. Sheldon is prepping and wants to introduce diners to elevated Filipino food. Kristen is the energizer bunny, and Josie says, “should I get my stock going?” Um, hellooooooo, wasn’t that what you were supposed to be doing? How many more times do you need to be given direction? (Sorry–self disclosure-before I retired to be a stay at home mom and reality tv junky, I was a retail manager. Funny how clear, in my head, is the direction to “go fold down that table”. Only to have someone come to me and say, what did you want me to do? I’ll get started now.” Love the eager beaver, but need the attentive listener to get the job done!). And I will say now that Josie has NO business in this group of chefs. Thank you Bravo for keeping the drama queen for ratings. (this tree? you wanna bark up this tree?). When I was in college I worked a line, and if you had time to say “should I”, you should already be doing. Can’t. Stand. Her. Go. Away. Brooke is on top of Front of House by making a map of tables. Lizzie got her stuff going, and Josie is still wandering aimlessly–she’s going to do it tomorrow. Kristen is pissed and has to reset her plan. Mosie Josie says, that’s just how she cooks. UGH! She frustrates me!

Back at the condo, they are pouring wine and eating. Brooke is having separation issues from her 4 year old. But, she’s there to give him a better future. It is what it is….(another personal disclosure–I have a 4,5,and 6 year old. Working was painful for me, hence my retirement. My most important job isn’t merchant, or general manager, it’s MOM! No one goes to their grave wishing they had spent more time at work…). Team Kristen is going over game plans. Kristen wants to do everything ala minute (fancy term for cooking to order). Lazy Josie doesn’t like this plan–shocker! She might actually have to move her lazy ass. Stefan and Stash are busy going over their plans while lazy Josie is bashing Kristen’s plans. The boys are totes not interested and keep studying their tables/plans while Josie keeps talking. And talking. And talking some more…

Game Day

Sheldon is very grateful to be able to showcase his food (Bravo Photo Gallery)

Sheldon is very grateful to be able to showcase his food (Bravo Photo Gallery)

Sheldon is ready! The boys are prepping and going for it. They are down a man and know they are vulnerable because of it. The ladies are busy (except for Josie) because every course is being created from scratch. Lizzie is doing the first course–charcuterie. Lazy is doing the second course–a bouillabaisse. Third course is Kristen–beef bourguinon. Brooke is doing the cheese course, and fifth course will be a play on a macaroon. Now, for the boys. Stefan is doing first course–fish. Second course is Stash with a balut–an unhatched chicken egg. Third, Filipino noodle soup. Fourth, pork belly over mung bean puree. Dessert is Stash–halo halo–frozen ice dish. Brooke is on top of FOH–ready to impress with service as well as food. Stefan is meeting with the servers–delegating is his MO. 30 minutes out and Josie is asking for gelatin. Stops Kristen in her tracks-not done yet? No time left, so K makes an executive decision and instructs Josie to add cream to her stock instead. Crossing fingers and toes….Kristen is pissed. Candles, suits, and server directions for FOH. And TIME!

Judges–Padma, Gail, Emeril, Tom, and Danny Meyer–they hit up Atelier Kwan first. They like the graphics.

  • Lizzie–Charcuterie; rabbit, pickled turnips and yellow beets in chicken and rabbit broth
  • (Kristen is plating and would rather have a dishwasher over Josie)
  • Josie–Bouillabaisse; halibut, dungeness crab, bay scallops with shellfish broth.
  • Kristen-Beef bourguinon; braised short rib, garlic puree, mushrooms and carrots
  • Brooke–Baked gougeres, St. Agur blue cheese, roasted radish and stone fruit compote


Stephan almost went home for his poor front of the house service (Bravo Photo Gallery)

Stephan almost went home for his poor front of the house service (Bravo Photo Gallery)

Stefan is in the weeds in FOH. Is he really wearing a velvet sports coat? Really? He is having issues turning the tables and not handling it well. Judges arrive. Lots of back-up in the waiting area.

  • Stefan–Kilawen; yellowtail with cilantro, spicy chili and white soy sauces
  • Stash–Balut; poached egg, duck confit, and foie gras mousse
  • Sheldon–Adobo: pork belly with mung bean puree and pea shoots salad
  • Stash–Halo-Halo; coconut sorbet, avocado mousse, banana and shredded coconut
  • Stefan–dark chocolate with macadamia nuts, ginger, and peppermint oil

Judges Table

All chefs are called in. Lets start with Kristen–classic french dishes with a twist. Gail was missing acid/wine to the beef. Macaroon was heavy-handed and not what she expected. (Gail is quite chatty tonight.) Lizzie’s dish was well recepted. Josie–not enough of the bouillabaisse, although it was good. She threw Kristen under the bus for plating–Kristen owned it (but didn’t mention how far behind Josie was and why they had improvise.)

Stefan–roasted for service even before they get to his food. Sheldon-five thumbs up. Stash–didn’t read Filipino, but it was good.

Winning restaurant is URBANo! Sheldon, you win Restaurant Wars and a new Toyota Avalon!

And now the girls…Lizzie and Brooke are safe. It’s down to Josie and Kristen. We are revisiting gelatin. Kristen owns her direction and Josie is floundering. Oh, Kristen, please stop talking! Save yourself!

Padma–Kristen PYKAG. UGH!!!! No way! Another talented chef gone so the producers can give us drama and personality. I’m ticked–I can deal with this on the Bachelor, Dancing With the Stars, etc, but NOT on Top Chef. Now Kristen is off to the Last Chance Kitchen to face off with CJ. He has won 6 in a row! Nice, Tall One!

Until next week fellow foodies! I am hoping this bitter taste doesn’t mess with my pallet!

(Note from NMD – I rarely get mad, but I was PISSED at the ending of this episode.  Kristen has the talent to win this thing and took the high road and ended up going home for Josie’s mistakes.  Gail knew it and couldn’t get the other judges to see it.  Ugh, just ugh.  Sheldon deserved the win though!)

You can watch last chance kitchen here to see if Kristen is still in this.


“Mob Wives” By Detox

(Note from NMD – Detox has her laptop up and running and has written a novel for a recap LOL)

Welcome back to “Mob Wives”! Last week was pretty explosive. Let’s see what this week has in store for us, alrighty?

Alrighty, then! Here we go:

Renee Recaps the “Brunch from Hell”

Karen and Ramona drive up together to Renee’s house. Karen interviews that Renee has a “For Sale” sign in front of her house (I don’t blame Renee). Ramona interviews that it will be good for Renee to move out of that house “because of all of the bad memories.”

As soon as Renee sees Karen, she compliments Karen on her new hairstyle (Karen’s hair is a slightly different color now. I like it too) and gives her a big hug. She then gives Ramona a big bear hug and leads both Karen and Ramona to her den to have some girl talk.

Once they are all seated, Renee tells them about the “brunch from hell” she recently had at Big Ang’s house with Big Ang, Drita and Carla. She says that she and Carla basically had it out. She notes that, during this “brunch battle,” Carla called her a “cunt, dyke, junkie, BLEEP, BLEEP, BLEEP!!” (My lip reading skills are actually rather good, but I could not quite make out what the other “bleeps” were. I also do not remember Carla calling Renee all of these things. I remember “junkie,” but “cunt, dyke and BLEEP, BLEEP, BLEEP” must have ended up on the utting room floor when the Producers edited the brunch scene. I have no doubt that Carla called Renee these things. To be fair, however, I also think it is highly likely that Renee called Carla a lot of other nasty names that were probably edited out too. After all, neither woman is a shrinking violet.).

Renee then says that Carla basically “DEFLECTED everything about HERSELF on to ME!!” (I totally agree). She explains that Carla accused Renee of sleeping with married men when this is actually what CARLA does. She further explains that Carla called her a “junkie” when Carla happens to be “a junkie TOO! It’s just that she is addicted to f*cking MARRIED men!” (Renee makes an excellent point. Some women consider fooling around with another woman’s husband as some sort of “game” where they “win” whenever the man chooses to spend time with THEM instead of with his wife and/or family. I, unfortunately, know and have known women like this. For some reason, this is “cute” to them and validates them in some sick way. I cannot explain it. I do not have any degrees in Psychology [although, if memory serves me correctly, I do think I took a few psychology courses in undergrad]. I DO, however, have street smarts, strong intuition, good judgment and plenty of experience with ALL kinds of people. So, I do not doubt that there is some type of strange psychology behind Carla’s habit of fooling around with MORE THAN ONE married man. I just do not care enough about her to really try and figure it out. Because I am uninterested in putting forth any effort into understanding Carla’s reasoning for her behavior, I will just say that Carla engages in this type of behavior because she is an A*SHOLE! Period! Sometimes, it is as simple as that — no further analysis required.). Renee interviews that she would respect Carla so much more if she would just admit that she has this problem (I cannot see Carla admitting ANY flaws. I really think that, in her mind, Carla sees herself as BLAMELESS and FLAWLESS. Narcissists usually think this way).

Ramona says, “Alright, now that we know you think Carla is a ‘puttana,’ and that Carla thinks you are a ‘junkie,’ what is the end result?” Renee does not answer her. Instead, she continues with her re-telling of the “brunch bash” story and describes how Ramona picked up a butter knife during their argument and pointed it at her in a menacing manner while they were arguing. Ramona and Karen’s eyes widen when Renee says this. Ramona interviews, “A butter knife??!! What the f*ck was Carla going to do to Renee with a butter knife??!! I mean, do you want…to ‘Grey Poupon’ her (She actually says, “A BUTTAH KNIFE??!! What the f*ck was Carler goin’ ta do ta Renee wit’ a buttah knife?? I mean, do ya wanna ‘Grey Poupon’ HUHR??!!)??!!”

I love these women’s accents. They make me laugh and fascinate me at the same time (By the way, RamonER….that was FUNNY!).

Karen asks Renee what Drita and Big Ang were doing while all of this was taking place. Renee says that Big Ang and Drita just watched her and Ramona argue. Karen interviews that Carla must have some set of balls to have said what she said to Renee and acted the way she supposedly acted with Renee at this brunch. She says that, in the old days, they would have made things very hard for Carla after engaging in such behavior. However, because they are now older, they will not go there.

Renee, Karen and Ramona end up laughing hysterically about Carla’s butter knife antics. Ramona says she feels sorry for Big Ang “because now she’s missing a butter knife!” Renee, through laughter, loudly says, “No! No! Carla did NOT steal the butter knife! Carla is NOT a THIEF!! (But she says it in such a sarcastic way that you KNOW she is thinking, “She is a cunt and a whore….but she is NOT a THIEF, Dammit!! Tee Hee Hee!!). They all end up laughing hysterically again when Renee makes this proclamation.

Renee interviews that, at the brunch, Carla was basically bluffing and acting “so big and bad” when, in reality, “the only thing Carla knows how to do with her hands is BLEEP, BLEEP, BLEEP, BLEEP (I was able to figure out that Renee basically said that all Carla knew how to do with her hands was perform a certain type of sexual act on a man. I gathered this from reading her lips AND from the classy and ladylike way she used one of her hands to make a motion simulating this sexual act. I LOVE these broads….because I can vicariously live out certain behaviors that I would actually never engage in through them. I would THINK many of these things. I just would not SAY them or ACT on them — unless seriously PUSHED!).”

The Green-Eyed Monster in an Itsy-Bitsy Bikini

Next, we see Carla playing with and watching her cute twins swim in her backyard pool (She looks great, especially for a 46-year-old. Hell, she looks great for a 25 year old! Go, Carla! I do give credit where credit is due. Speaking of Carla being 46, in Season 1, she had a “35th” birthday party. It is now Season 3. How did she go from being 35 years old in Season 1 to 46 years old in Season 3? Maybe Staten Island has the same type of air that exists around the “boarding schools” on the soap operas that the major characters send their children to attend. The kid goes off to the boarding school at the age of 10, and within a year or two, comes back and is suddenly 25 years old and engaging in major love affairs. I always found that so amazing. If this is the case, I will make SURE not to visit Staten Island — because I will enter the island at my present 42-years of age and end up coming back to Louisiana suddenly 53 years old…after visiting there for only 2 weeks!! ). Carla interviews that she no longer feels sorry for Renee. She also says that her personal life is HER (shady) business!! (I agree. Because she is on my television, however, I am perfectly happy to discuss all of her business — personal or otherwise — and happily judge her for it. Oh, and Carla….you’re welcome, Hon! You can thank me later.).

While the kids are happily splashing around in the pool, Carla begins to question them about her ex-husband (or soon-to-be-ex-husband. I am confused about this. Sometimes they both talk and act like their divorce is finalized. Other times they act like everything is not quite finalized with their divorce. In this blog, I am just going to call him her “ex-husband.), Joe. She asks them about Joe’s newly-purchased house. She interviews that Joe “did not need such a big house! He went overboard! (Boy, for someone who is so adamant about people staying out of HER personal business, I find it ironic that Carla seems to be so very concerned with Joe’s! I also find this odd considering the fact that she has a boyfriend — and has allegedly had this boyfriend for the past 4 or 5 YEARS! Remember, “The groper-boyfriend” discussed in Season 1? Yeah, she’s still with that one, even though she has claimed NOT to be. Carla lies so much that if she personally told me that rain was wet, I’d have to go outside and feel it for myself just to be sure.)!”

The children continue to innocently talk about their father, Joe, and his new house. They tell Carla how he is always cleaning and how he often also cooks. Carla’s eyes widen with surprise. She interviews that she IS surprised that her kids say that Joe cooks and cleans and says that, “If he would’ve done that when I was with him, we might still be together! (This is possible, but considering the fact that Carla has had a boyfriend for the past 4 or 5 years when Joe was in jail for only 6 years, and considering the fact that, in Season 1, Carla clearly stated, “If you wait around for a man when he goes to jail…you’re DUMB!!”, I’m not quite so sure that all it would have taken from Joe to ensure Carla’s undying loyalty would have been improved housekeeping skills. I do not think Carla is too big on LOYALTY in general — no matter how much cooking and cleaning by her partner is involved. This is just my humble opinion.).

Carla then asks the twins if Joe’s new girlfriend, Raquel, cooks. The kids say that she does. They also say that they went to Coney Island the preceding weekend with their father and Raquel, and they had fun. They tell Carla that they like Raquel “because she’s nice to us and does stuff for us.” Carla looks a little taken aback when she hears her kids say this. She interviews that she finds it “funny” that Raquel is even interested in Joe “because he is divorced, is much older, has kids and just got out of jail!” (Damn, Carla! So you are basically saying that Joe is not even good enough for a woman to have serious interest in him? I personally find Joe sexy. In fact, the most unattractive thing about him is his ex-wife. Oh yeah….that’s YOU!! Carla, your table is ready, and a huge serving of SOUR GRAPES is coming right up!).

Drita and Ang Discuss the “Brunch from Hell”

Drita and Ang meet up at the pet store with their dogs. Drita, of course, has cute little, Lucky, on his (or her) leash. Big Ang comes in with her Pomeranian, Louis, on his leash, of course, but she has a surprise: a brand new dog named Chanel to keep Louis company. I thought Louis was cute, but Chanel is even cuter! I think the dog is a Shih Tzu, but I’m not sure. All I know is that Chanel is a-freakin’-dorable!! Big Ang interviews that Chanel “is the cutest thing ever…..but she DON’T listen (She raises her voice and purses her lips in disapproval and anger when she mentions Chanel’s disobedience, but despite her attempt to be firm, she is still hilarious)!!”

Drita and Ang stand in one of the pet store aisles and begin to discuss the “brunch from hell.” Both of them are still in shock and disbelief at what took place. Big Ang says that she could not believe Carla went so crazy on Renee. Drita agrees and says Carla “went bonkers!” Big Ang says that Carla “walked in ready. She wasn’t even wearin’ no makeup, and she wasn’t even dressed up like usual!” Drita says it was like Carla and Renee “switched personalities” at the brunch. She then says she hopes Renee is not angry at them for not intervening. Big Ang says that she does not think Renee is angry at them “because we had nothin’ to do with it.” Drita then says that she feels bad for Renee, but she is glad that both Renee and Carla each got things off of their respective chests.

Big Ang then changes the subject and tells Drita that she is going to have a “Botox Bash” and invite all of the ladies to attend. Drita interviews and says, “Now, we’re goin’ from butter knife fights to a Botox bash??!! I can just see a fight goin’ down there and the smack-talkin’ the next day after the Botox.” She then acts out an argument between more than one woman and plays each part. She says nasty things with absolutely NO expression on her face (I’m loving the new calmer and funnier Drita this season. She has really been making me laugh. It’s like she has channeled her anger and violence into humor this season. It’s a good look for her, I think).

Big Ang mentions that she will also be inviting Love Majewski to attend her “Botox Bash.” Drita interviews that she did not even know Love “was back in town.” She says that Love “is a little cuckoo” (but she says it in a very matter-of-fact way, with no negativity in her voice). She then says that Love “is Renee MINUS the CRYING!” Drita tells Big Ang that she will attend and that she is now “argument-free. I’m not f*ckin’ fightin’ with NO f*ckin BODY!!” (Like I said, I’m liking this new, calmer Drita).

Big Ang, Carla and Drita Do Coney Island

Big Ang, Carla and Drita are walking around Coney Island. Big Ang mentions that she loves “The Cyclone,” which I am assuming is a roller-coaster. Drita immediately says, “I DON’T!!” (This season is also revealing Drita to be a bit of an anomaly. During the last episode, I learned that she cannot take even the sight of blood….yet she says she is known for using her fists to “bloody” people all over Staten Island. She has also discussed how fierce and brave she is…yet, she instantly gives the impression that she is scared of roller-coasters. People can be so complicated, can’t they?).

The ladies then find a table and plop down in chairs around it. Big Ang tells Carla that she is throwing a “Botox Bash” and invites Carla to attend. Carla interviews that, at the brunch, she and Renee agreed that they do NOT like each other, and they will NEVER speak to each other again. However, they also agreed that, in the future, they WILL be able to be in the same room as each other without arguing or fighting or causing any other type of drama. She then interviews that Renee still “better keep her distance!” (She says this in a very nasty and threatening tone. As she says this, I am reminded of the scene in Season 1, where Renee basically grabbed Carla by the hair and tossed her around like a rag doll before Drita intervened. I think Carla “better” keep her distance from Renee — not the other way around. Based on all of these things I’m hearing, Carla definitely sounds like she is a “lover,” but based on that scene in Season 1, I would say that she is definitely NOT a “fighter.” In the words of Closet Freak, “What YOU gon’ do, Carla?! Really?! What YOU gon’ do??!! Not a g*ddamn thing, that’s WHAT!!” Girl, BYE!).

Drita then changes the subject and asks Carla about Joe. Carla tells them that Joe is still dating Raquel. She interviews that, knowing Joe, Raquel is “probably a nice, little, MATRONLY girl he gets to do his laundry and powder his balls!!” (Jeez, Carla! Jealous and Hatin’, much??!! Also, at the time of the filming of this scene, you had already seen pictures of Raquel via social media. I know this because, as Season 2 was airing, you made derogatory comments about Raquel via social media and interviews. You said she had “a big head” and wondered if Raquel “brings her Barbie Dolls when she visits Joe”! So, now, you are slyly trying to say that Raquel is “matronly.” You ain’t slick, Carla! I caught that. I’m pretty sure Raquel and Joe caught it too when they watched this episode. How old are you again, Carla? I thought that type of dissing of an ex-es’ new girlfriend ended in high school. I guess I was wrong and, for some people, it continues well into Middle Age. I have nothing against Middle Age, by the way, seeing as how I fall into that category myself at 42 years of age. But, unlike you, I OWN it and proudly tell people my age. Why lie about it? It is nothing to be ashamed of. Carla is so jealous of Raquel that she can’t see straight! It is abundantly clear to me, no matter how much she acts like she could not care any LESS. Quizzing her kids about Raquel and constantly insulting and putting Raquel down spells only 1 thing to me: J-E-A-L-O-U-S-Y!).

Big Ang then asks Drita about Lee. Drita tells them that Lee will be coming home in 6 months. Ang and Carla remark about how time has flown, and how they cannot believe he will be back so soon. Drita interviews that, when it comes to Lee, she has so many different emotions “going through my body!” She says she asks herself if she is over “the cheating thing,” and she reveals that she really does not know. Big Ang interviews that Drita should give Lee another chance because they have little kids, and “Little kids need their father.”

Speak of the Devil, and he shall appear. Lee suddenly calls Drita on her cell phone, and her face lights up. She tells the women that Lee is calling and walks a short way away from the table so she can take his call. Her face is lit up the entire time she talks to him on the phone, and she is still giddy after she hangs up and returns to the table (Oh yeah, Drita and Lee will definitely get back together once he gets out of the joint! I don’t care what she has said in the past or what she says now. They will be “all boo-ed up” in no time once he is released). She interviews that she has not seen Lee in 2 years, and she says that she still 100% LOVES Lee. She just does not know if she is IN love with him anymore (Girl, please!! You are still SO in love with Lee that even Stevie Wonder can see it. I mean, that “showing-all-65-of-your-teeth” grin you had when he called, during his phone call and after the phone call when you discussed it with Big Ang and Carla told me all I needed to know. Unless something truly drastic happens, Lee will be right back in “Casa D’Avanzo” as soon as he gets out of the halfway house he will be forced to live in for a while immediately after he is released. You did lie down and have 2 babies for the man. You did remain faithful to him during the entire time he served not 1, but 2, SEPARATE prison terms. And you held things down at home and for Lee by raising his children all on your own and constantly sending him those damned “care packages” filled with his usual order of “Vanilla Coke, provolone, sausage, etc., etc.” — until you found out that he cheated on you. Unlike Carla, you have been “ride-or-die” and totally loyal to Lee. I cannot just see that loyalty and love failing to come rushing back as soon as you see his face again. But hey, I could be wrong. Whatever you decide, I am rooting for you and your family, Drita.).

When Drita returns to the table, she tells Ang and Carla that Lee wants Drita and their daughters to visit him. She says that, if her daughters want to go, she will honor Lee’s request; however, she is not going to force her daughters to make the trip if they do not want to do so.

Somehow, the subject of phone sex comes up, and Drita says, before she found out about the cheating, she used to have phone sex with Lee all the time. Big Ang’s mouth drops open in shock, and she asks, “You did….??!!” in a tone of disbelief. She even pops her hand over her open mouth when Drita confirms that she did, indeed, often have phone sex with Lee. Big Ang then says that she has never had phone sex, and she never will.

A.J. Provides Renee with a Full Report on Her Father’s Sentencing Hearing

Renee is in her kitchen puttering around. She interviews that today is her father’s sentencing hearing, but she did not attend out of fear of seeing Junior. She also says that, because it involves her father being placed back in prison, she did not think she would be able to handle it emotionally. She notes that, unlike her, A.J. did attend, and he should be back soon to tell her all about it.

Sure enough, A.J. arrives back home to provide Renee with a full report. He tells her that the Judge sentenced his grandfather to a total of 27 months, but she took 6 months off of this sentence for his good behavior while in jail and another 4 months off for time already served. So, in the end, the Judge actually sentenced him to a total of 17 months in jail. Renee heaves a huge sigh of relief and says, “‘Rambo’ [Her Father] can serve that like it’s nothing even though he’s 72!! (I get the impression Renee’s father is one of the few remaining “old-school” members of the Mob who simply do their time for their crime without implicating others and without complaint because they knew, going into it, that prison was a highly likely result of the type of lifestyle they chose to lead. I am not applauding him for that. I am simply making an observation. Based on what I have read and seen in the news when it comes to the Italian Mob, these types of mobsters are a dying breed. In my opinion, these types of mobsters are now the EXCEPTION, as opposed to the RULE for one HUGE reason: The RICO Act, which has basically brought the Italian Mob to its knees. Because of The RICO Act, the Mob is now the Federal Government’s “bitch”! I am not giving an opinion on that either way. It is just another observation.).

Renee tells A.J. that she is glad he attended because she simply would not have been able to do it. A.J. then tells Renee that his grandfather stood up to address the Court and asked if he could read a letter that he wrote out loud. The Judge agreed. A.J. says that, in the letter, his grandfather basically apologized to his wife, to his kids and to his grandkids. He also wanted them all to know that he loved them very much. Upon hearing this, Renee’s eyes fill with tears. She interviews that she is happy her father does not hold her and A.J. responsible for what Junior did. She also says that she worries the most about her son, because he is truly caught in the middle of all of this (I feel sorry for A.J. myself. He is in a very bad and conflicted position because of his love for his grandfather and his Mother’s side of the family and because of his love for his father, Junior.).

Renee then changes the subject and tells A.J. that she thinks they now need to make a move in a different direction, and this includes moving out of their present home. She tells him that she has actually been working on this, and she asks him how he feels about it. A.J. tells her that he is totally fine with it. Renee interviews that she is now “THROUGH with Junior!” She says she does not want to see him; to smell him; to think of him…NOTHING! (I am glad to hear Renee say this because I get the impression that she was in love with Junior for YEARS, despite his bad behavior. I mean, the man got another woman pregnant and had a child with this other woman WHILE he was married to Renee!! It is a sad thing to say, but I honestly think that Junior’s total betrayal of her and her father was just what she needed to FINALLY say, “NO MORE!” when it comes to Junior. Call it blind loyalty. Call it stupidity. Call it being an “old-school Italian wife,” I honestly think Renee would have gone to her GRAVE in love with Junior if he did not do what he did. In the end, I think it is a blessing in disguise that has finally set Renee FREE).

Drita Asks Her Daughters If They Are Willing To Visit with Their Father

Drita is in a park playing soccer with her daughters. She interviews that her daughters have “no idea” of how far she could have gone with her soccer career. She says she was once nationally ranked (I believe her. Drita’s father, Ness [Nezir] Selmani has been the the Head Coach of the women’s soccer team at Fordham University for the past 16 years. Before coaching there, he played on semi-professional soccer teams and eventually coached some of these teams. He is apparently very well-known and very well-respected in his field. I’m pretty sure he taught Drita everything he knows when it comes to soccer. I believe her when she says her father totally disowned her when she married Lee. From what I’ve read about Drita’s father, he is as far from being a mobster or a lawbreaker as anyone can be.).

Once they are finished with their game, Drita sits down on the ground with her daughters and tells them that she could have been a professionally-ranked soccer player if she would not have made the mistake of “hanging out with the wrong people.” She says that their father also made this mistake. She further explains that, by doing this, both she and their father thought they were taking the “easy” route when, in the end, the path they chose ended up making everything in their lives MUCH harder. Drita interviews that her bad choices are very difficult for her to explain to her daughters. She tells her daughters that they should NOT make the same mistakes their parents made.

Drita then interviews that she is “confused” when it comes to Lee because she remembers the good times just as much as she remembers the bad times.

Continuing her conversation with her daughters, Drita tells them that Lee is coming home soon. Her older daughter’s (Aleeyah’s) eyes light up when she hears this. Her younger daughter (Giselle), who has absolutely no recollection of Lee and does not even know who he IS, is indifferent. Drita then explains that, even though Lee will be coming home soon, he will not be able to immediately live with them. Upon hearing this, Aleeyah’s face falls. Drita explains that Lee will have to live in a halfway house for a while before he is allowed to live in the place of his choosing. She interviews that her daughters have not seen Lee in 2 years. She explains that this is because he is in a prison that is located very far away, and as a single mother with 2 young children, she has not been able to just easily break up their routines and responsibilities to make such a long trip.

Drita then tells her daughters that Lee wants them all to visit him soon. She asks them if they would like to do that. Aleeyah, of course (because she adores her father), excitedly says that she definitely wants to go. Giselle, on the other hand (because she does not even know who her father IS), stubbornly says that she does NOT want to go. Drita interviews that she will not force Giselle to visit Lee if she is adamant about not going. Back in the park, Drita gently picks Giselle up so they can talk face-to-face. She gently coaxes Giselle about making the trip by saying how much fun they will have and how much Giselle will enjoy seeing her father. Finally, Giselle shakes her head “Yes,” indicating that she is now on board with making the visit too. Drita responds by giving Giselle a tighter hug and a big kiss. She then asks Giselle to “pinky-swear” that she will visit. Giselle complies and grins. Drita interviews that she wants her daughters to have a good relationship with their father.

Joe and His “Matronly” Girlfriend Play “Carla Basketball”

Joe Ferragamo, Carla’s ex-husband, is on a public basketball court shooting hoops. He interviews that he spent 6 years in prison, and he says that getting out of prison after being there for 6 years was like “a slap in the face” and “culture shock.” He also says that his time there has definitely made him appreciate the smaller things in life much more.

Joe’s “matronly” girlfriend, Raquel, arrives on the court to join Joe (I’m sarcastically using the word “matronly” because it is how Carla claimed Raquel “probably” looked. Well….Carla was wrong. Raquel looks anything BUT “matronly,” in my opinion. In fact, I find her to be very attractive. She actually looks like a younger, rounder-faced version of Carla, if you ask me. If you also ask me, she looks like she has actual blood running through her veins as opposed to ICE, like Carla. I know you didn’t ask, but….whatever. So, I guess ol’ Joe has a “type.” She and Joe make a very cute couple.).

Raquel starts shooting hoops with Joe while they talk. Joe interviews that Raquel and Carla have VERY different personalities. He says that Raquel is more of a conversationalist while Carla was not really big on conversation. He also notes that Raquel is very easygoing, while Carla is very argumentative. He says other things that basically indicate that, in his opinion, Raquel is easy to be with, while Carla is a pain in the ass. Raquel interviews that she and Joe “have a really solid relationship,” and they are “both very happy” (Good for them. I love seeing people in love.).

While they are playing ball, Raquel asks Joe if he has “talked to Carla yet” (About what?). Joe says, “No. Soon, though” (WHAT’S soon?). She then asks him if he is going to tell Carla that she is moving into his house (Oh…that.). Joe says that he will tell Carla, but he has to time it right because of Carla’s volatile personality.

Raquel interviews that Joe has told her that, when he and Carla were together, they fought “a lot.” She also says that Joe always tells her that it’s “much easier being in a relationship” with her than it was being in a relationship with Carla.

Joe, for his part, interviews that Carla “liked” it when he was “locked away in a little cell” (I agree. I mean, it’s not like she waited for him. While he was in jail, she got herself a boyfriend — that she has had for YEARS — and filed for divorce “because he [Joe] cheated on me.” I would think Carla would be compassionate when it comes to someone being a cheater, but I guess when the shoe is on the other foot, it doesn’t feel so good. I can see how Joe might be a bit resentful toward Carla for this.). He also says that, the reason he has such difficulty sometimes talking to Carla is because her “first instinct is to SWING and ask questions LATER,” and this is why he has to carefully approach her regarding the subject of Raquel moving in with him.

Raquel interviews that she does NOT think Carla is jealous of her (Oh yes, she is, Raquel. It is very kind and humble of you to say otherwise, though. You seem like a very gracious person.). She says that she thinks Carla might just be “upset” that another woman is involved with her kids (I do sympathize with Carla in that regard; however, it is not like Raquel is someone who had an affair with Joe while he was “with” Carla. I could see how that would really “sting” so much more. This is a woman that came along once Carla and Joe were done with each other, and while Carla already had a boyfriend. Like I said, I can still see how it still might be a little difficult for Carla, though. However, as long as Raquel respects Carla and respects Carla’s role as “the Mother” and has appropriate boundaries in that regard, her loving and being good to the children is a blessing). Raquel also says that, when she and Joe are together with the kids, they are kind of like “a little family,” and she thinks this probably upsets Carla as well. Finally, she says that she thinks another reason Carla might be upset is because Joe seems “happier” with her than when he was with Carla (Well, Joe basically just said that he IS much happier with Raquel, as opposed to Carla, and he said it ON CAMERA in front of the NATION, no less. *Ouch!*).

Joe interviews that “when Carla is GOOD, she is EXTREMELY GOOD, but when she is BAD, she is EXTREMELY BAD.” Finally, he says that Raquel is moving in with him no matter what, regardless of Carla’s opinions on the matter.

Drita Works On Building Her “Empire”

Drita and her daughters are walking quickly outside. She tells them that they are going to look at buildings “for Mommy’s business.” She interviews that she wants to find a storefront for her makeup line, “Just Me Cosmetics” (By the way, Love Majewski has had a makeup line for a while now too. It’s called “Veritas Cosmetics”). Drita says that, as a makeup artist, she once had a “million-dollar client” list, but when Lee went back to prison for a 2nd time, she was so stressed out and depressed that she was “unable to work” (It sounds like Drita might have suffered from extreme depression and/or anxiety over Lee’s going to jail for a 2nd time. I totally get that, and I am glad she is doing so much better).

Drita meets up with a commercial realtor who shows her around a building that is available for rent. After looking around, Drita tells the realtor that she does not think this particular building will work for her, but she definitely wants to look at more properties. She interviews that she started her makeup line for her daughters because “Independence is the BEST thing in the world,” (I agree) and she wants to teach this to her daughters. Drita says that she is raising her daughters to “NEVER depend on ANYONE!” With Giselle once again on Drita’s hip, Drita tells her, “Mommy is going to build you an empire,” and gives her a big old kiss while Giselle giggles (Giselle is a cutie-patootie. I love Drita’s relationship with her daughters. She is always so sweet and soft and warm and affectionate with them. She also seems to keep an open line of communication with them too. These are very good things for a parent to do. Good job, Drita!).

Paranoid Renee and Relaxed Karen Look For a Fortified Bunker

Renee and Karen are walking around with a realtor looking at a home for sale. Renee interviews that, ever since the robbery, she has not felt comfortable in her home. So, she’s focusing on looking for and finding another house as soon as possible. Because Karen’s father, Sammy “The Bull” Gravano, cooperated with the Government (or “ratted,” in some people’s opinion), and Karen and her family had to deal with living and surviving despite the fallout and possible danger to them as revenge upon Sammy “The Bull’s” betrayal, Renee says she wants Karen to come with her to look at properties because she and A.J. are now in the same position Karen and her family were once in.

As the realtor is walking Renee through the home, she instantly starts listing her problems with it. She complains, “Too many windows. I don’t like basements. I don’t like attachments.” She interviews that now, when looking at homes, she pays attentions to the number of entrances and exits. She tells the realtor that she has “major” security issues. Probably sensing the realtor’s frustration, Karen gently tries to explain the reasons behind Renee’s extreme pickiness, paranoia and fear to the realtor. Renee then abruptly tells the realtor that this particular house is “not for me!”

The realtor takes them to another home for sale. Renee is still unhappy and voicing her displeasure to the realtor. Karen interviews that their “lifestyle” requires “a house that is VERY secure” (I’ll BET!). Karen politely asks the realtor to excuse her and Renee for a minute so they can speak privately. She tells Renee that she does not think this particular neighborhood is for her. She interviews that Renee is now SCARED….of basements; of windows; of attachments – of basically almost EVERYTHING. Karen gently tries to discuss Renee’s extreme fear and paranoia with her, and Renee yells and tells Karen that, of course, she is scared because for years, she “was sleepin’ with the f*ckin’ ENEMY!!” She interviews that, now, when she looks at a home, she counts the windows, the doors, etc. When the realtor returns, Renee tells him that she wants to be “locked and secured,” and she basically wants “only 1 entrance and exit and very few windows so I can know EXACTLY what window to have my gun pointing out of!” (I feel for Renee. What a horrible way to live!).

Drita’s Dream and the Drunken Monkey

Drita pays Big Ang a visit at her bar, “The Drunken Monkey.” Big Ang tells Drita that she spoke to her son’s lawyer because, at A.J.’s last hearing, the Judge ruled that A.J. can no longer have personal visitors for the time being. Big Ang says she told A.J.’s lawyer that he needs to do something to fix that problem because she really wants to see her son. She sadly but defiantly tells Drita, “EVERY Mother wants to see her CHILD!!” She interviews that being unable to see A.J. is “driving me crazy!” Drita nods her head sympathetically and expresses her understanding and support to Ang.

Big Ang changes the subject and asks Drita what’s she’s been up to lately. Drita tells her that she’s been busy and stressed trying to find the right building to use as a storefront for her makeup line. She expresses frustration because she “just can’t find anything right!”

Big Ang (conveniently) tells Drita that there is a space for rent very close to “The Drunken Monkey.” Drita squeals excitedly, and her eyes light up at the thought of her and Big Ang becoming “business neighbors.”

Big Ang takes Drita to the spot, which is locked. Without even looking at the inside of the building, Drita says it is “perfect!” Big Ang says she was worried Drita might think it was too small. Drita says that she needs “small,” and everything else she has seen so far has been too big. Drita immediately calls the number on the “For Sale” sign and asks what the rent will cost per month. The owner tells her the rent is $950/month, and Drita instantly says that she will take it. She then tells the owner that she is standing right outside of the building, and she will not move until the owner gets there so they can finalize the deal without any delay. Drita interviews that finding a spot for her business feels so good because it is like “living a dream” for her.

Joe Finally Gives Carla the News

Carla is driving the twins to spend the weekend at Joe’s house. She interviews that she hopes Joe is really spending “quality” time with the kids when he has them.

Once she drops the kids off, and Joe sees that they have made their way into his house, he walks over to Carla’s vehicle and leans into her passenger-side window to talk to her. He asks her how she is doing, and she immediately comments that he did “not need such a big house!” (And the size of Joe’s house is your “business,”….how, Carla?). Joe disagrees with her and says that, when he was in prison, he did not realize his 2 growing children were sleeping in the same bed as Carla (I do not quite get the point Joe is trying to make by saying that. Carla’s house looks like a nice sized house to me. She even has a pool. Maybe she just liked snuggling with the kids, Joe.).

Joe then asks Carla, “So, what?! Do you want me to be a bachelor for the rest of my life?!”(Yes, preferably a bachelor that is pining away for Carla until you drop dead! Why can’t you just get with the “Carla Program” for you, Joe! What is wrong with you, Dammit??!!). Finally, he tells her that Raquel is going to be moving into his house soon. Carla initially looks stunned. Then she looks angry. She interviews, “All of a sudden, Joe’s got this ‘little girl’ just popping up out of nowhere, and she’s going to become a big part of my kids’ lives!” (I do understand Carla’s apprehension. Maybe she should take the time to get to know Raquel so she can assess whether or not she feels comfortable having her kids around her more. Calling her names like “little girl” and insulting her appearance do not lend themselves to an amicable relationship with Raquel in the future. I hope she stops, and I hope she gets to know Raquel and becomes more comfortable with Raquel for her own peace of mind.).

Carla then begins interrogating Joe in a hostile and rapid-fire fashion. She asks Joe how he met Raquel. He tells Carla he met Raquel when he was “out,” and he has been dating her for the past 6 or 7 months. Carla expresses disbelief about the amount of time Joe has been dating Raquel and, in my opinion, insinuates that Joe has been seeing Raquel a LOT longer and basically implying that he and Raquel were seeing each other when she was married to Joe (Umm….Carla? Don’t you have a man? If you continue to go with the “denial” route, didn’t you definitely have a boyfriend in Season 1, over whom you fought with Renee and vehemently defended when Renee, Karen and Drita said he had a habit of “feeling up” your friends? Why are you acting like Joe is doing something wrong by moving on with his life? And why are you trying to insinuate that he was cheating on you with Raquel and judge him for it when you are no stranger to assisting married men in cheating on their wives? Girl, bye!). She interviews that she does not want her kids to feel uncomfortable with Raquel around so much (This is a valid concern. The kids did say that they really liked Raquel, though. So, I am not so sure how “uncomfortable” they would feel).

Carla continues interrogating Joe, and at this point I got a little confused. I think she interviewed that Joe wants to “use” Raquel to help him handle his bills the way he used her when they were together (but I’m not 100% sure). Carla questions Joe about where Raquel works and asks if Raquel is contributing to “the bills.” Joe says that she is contributing and that she works hard and has a good job. Carla defensively says, “I always worked, Joe!” (And…? He didn’t say that you didn’t. He just responded about Raquel’s working and her job and her contributing to “the bills” because you asked him about it. Boy, for someone who is very adamant about people staying out of HER “f*cking business,” Carla sure seems to be all up in Joe and Raquel’s! In Season 1, she indicated that she and Joe got along very well and that he had no problem with the fact that she had a boyfriend….who also happened to be around her kids. I wonder if she forgot about that. Maybe she is differentiating because she and the boyfriend did/do not LIVE together.). She interviews, “I’m STILL ‘the Mother!’ You’re JUST ‘the girlfriend!’” Carla ends her heated conversation with Joe by saying, “Kiss my ass!” and speeding off (Bye, Carla! *Waving* Be careful, Girl!).

The Botox Bash

Now, it’s time for Big Ang’s “Botox Bash.” Karen, Ramona and Love arrive at “the par-tay” together. Big Ang interviews that she has invited “everybody” (i.e., all of her cast mates). The women start getting their Botox shots, and Big Ang is acting like she has died and gone to Heaven! Karen interviews that she is scared of needles and is shown grimacing when she looks at one. Big Ang interviews that Renee, Drita and Carla have not shown up yet, “but the party will still go on without them!” Then, she cackles (I just LOVE Big Ang’s cackle!). Love interviews that, “in this day and age, there’s no reason to be ugly and old-looking!” After Love gets her face done, she lifts her shirt to get some unknown procedure done to her (HUGE) breasts (I have never heard of putting Botox in or around breasts before. I learn something new every day.).

Renee finally arrives. She interviews that, as soon as she arrived, she noticed that neither Drita nor Carla were at the party. “And then….I see Love….” Renee gives her quick hugs and hello’s to everybody before she asks Love if they can go somewhere and speak privately. Love agrees. Renee interviews that she needs to make sure she and Love are REALLY O.K…

Once they are alone in another room, Renee basically asks Love if things really are good and settled between them. Love says, “ABSOLUTELY!! [We are] Fine!!” She looks sincere when she says it, and Renee visibly heaves a sigh of relief. Love interviews that she and Renee are “a lot alike.” She tells Renee that she has never dated a married man, and she is VERY against it. She interviews that she and Renee actually have “a lot in common” and “could be very good friends because of our similar personalities” (I think so too. I mentioned that Love and Renee might just be kindred spirits in my blog about the last episode. Drita apparently agrees too because she described Love as being “Renee MINUS the CRYING.”).

Big Ang calls Drita with her cell on speaker in front of the other women at the party. As soon as Drita answers, she asks Drita why she is not there. Drita says that one of her teeth is “killing” her, and her “eyeball hurts” (Her eyeball hurts? I wonder if they edited out Drita saying exactly what happened to make her eyeball hurt.). Big Ang mentions that Carla is also not in attendance, and Drita says that she told Carla she would not be able to make the party. Drita explains that Carla did not feel comfortable going to the party without Drita being there). Big Ang interviews that everybody should be there.

Once Big Ang hangs up, Renee is up in arms and does not “understand” why Carla could not attend just because Drita could not make it (Ummm….Renee…an IDIOT could understand why Carla would feel uncomfortable. I do not even like Carla, but I understand her position. Also, why do you care so much about a butter-knife-wielding-home wrecker anyway? You’re acting like your best friend stood you up!). She interviews that Carla not attending “has to be about Love” because “Carla and I agreed that we could be in the same room together with no problems the last time we saw each other” (Umm…WHAT?! Am I missing something? Why would Carla not be attending because of Love? Maybe she is not attending because the last time she saw you, the two of you were cursing each other out and insulting each other unmercifully. Also, she knows that, like you, Karen and Ramona do not really care for her. She would be the “odd man out” with that group.). Renee then voices this opinion (about Carla not attending because of LOVE being there) to the group (Renee, what are you doing? You know I love your crazy ass, but are you stirring the pot? Also, I still feel like I am missing a piece of the puzzle. Why would Carla not attend because of LOVE? Do they have some sort of history that has not yet been revealed on the show?).

Love interviews, “Who the F*CK is Carla??!!” (Your new co-worker!). She then says that Carla “is one of those stupid girls always flipping their hair and playing with their jewelry” as she rolls her eyes in disgust. Ramona interviews that Carla should “know the type of crew we are” (Umm…she DOES!! That is why she is NOT there, Ramona! No offense. I am neutral on Ramona. I like the loyalty she has shown to Karen, but I still have not formed a solid opinion on her yet.).

Love tells the group that she will go to meet Carla by herself “and flat-out ask her what her problem is with me!” Someone then mentions that Carla is dating Love’s ex-boyfriend (Oh, so maybe that’s it. If this is the case, I still think that Love is not the ONLY reason Carla chose not to attend. The only person she likes there is Big Ang, and she knows all of the other women besides Big Ang do not really like HER either. So, why should she subject herself to that?). With regard to Carla dating her ex-boyfriend, Love interviews that she could not care LESS because SHE broke up with HIM (In short, she no longer wants the man and does not give a damn that Carla is now with him).

Karen interviews that Carla is a “mean, cold, nasty, heartless” person. She then says, “I HATE Carla.” With regard to Carla’s possibly having a problem with her, Love interviews that “walking into a room with ME is like entering a cage with a TIGER!” (Something about the very calm, matter-of-fact way Love says this cause me to believe her). Karen interviews that “if Love has a problem with you, you’re in TROUBLE! My advice to Carla is…. ‘RUN!’”

Renee Receives a Threatening Anonymous Letter

Renee is at her house cleaning up and puttering around again. As she is putting out her trash, her voiceover says that she wants to focus on her future and leave everything behind her like “yesterday’s trash.”

Renee then sorts her mail while she is standing near her kitchen island. One of the envelopes contains a letter that she slowly reads. She interviews that the letter is in Junior’s handwriting, and during and after she read it, she had chills going up and down her spine. She then says that she started to panic. She pours herself a HUGE glass of wine (and her hands are shaking as she does so). In her voiceover, she says, “All I’m thinking is ‘I’m DEAD!’”

One by one, she frantically calls Ramona, Karen and Big Ang, but none of them pick up. She interviews that she is in a “complete PANIC” (She truly does look scared to death.). She then pulls out a cigarette and starts seriously dragging and puffing away on the cigarette like her life depends on it (I notice that her hands are shaking as she holds her cigarette too). She interviews and loudly says, “And they wonder WHY I self-medicate??!!” (I DON’T!).

Renee then quickly blows out the candles on her kitchen island, frantically grabs her purse and the letter and hightails it out of her house. While she is driving away from her home, Ramona is the first person to return her call. Ramona asks Renee what is going on, and Renee just says, “I’m comin’ over!!”

Next Week:

Big Ang and Ramona discuss the letter possibly sent by Junior to Renee anonymously.  Big Ang says she thinks Junior is “psychotic” and says that Junior claims to be “very ‘connected’”.

Karen tells Ramona about her daughter, Karina, finding a woman’s thong in her bed.  Ramona looks shocked and disgusted.

Love talks to Drita about Carla.  She tells Drita she has no problem talking to Carla, but if Carla has a problem with her, she “will pick up the bar and bash her f*ckin’ HEAD with it!”

Renee burns some things in the trash and says, “I want everything to go up in f*cking flames!”



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    Did anyone watch the ID tv’s Dangerous Persuasions last night about Scientology?
    It was very revealing. What an expose. I haven’t been going to any movie starring scientology biggies (Tom, et al) but this is it – I won’t even watch them for free. This “religion” is dangerous indeed.

    It’s mind control, gouging money from people getting into the religion and very manipulative once you’re in. The way they go after ex-scientologists is very scary. This woman is lucky to be alive & not insane.

    • Powell says:

      blue this week I’ve been eating dinner & getting myself ready for the next day pretty much w/in an hour of getting home so I can take a nap trying to get rid of this cold & wake up to watch something. I watched Dangerous Persuasions. Scientology is CRAZY!!!! I still don’t see what that lady and her husband did twice to be sent to RPF& in a parking garage to sleep at 5 mths pregnant, them when they ran the celebrity ctr in LA. You have to take a written test and sort of shock lie detectortest to get in and take a over 120 question test to get out?? WTF!! And they plant moles in biz/organizations that are against Scientology. OMG. And she followed that lady for them & they tried to ruin that poor woman. I’m glad she won a civil suit against Scientology. I’m sorry but it’s a cult.

      • I’m watching it again because I fell asleep last night during it, OMG it is incredible. Why did she stay when she was pregnant, sleeping in a parking garage?? What bs. She should have run for her life while she was pregnant, wouldn’t you be worried about your unborn baby breathing all those fumes? It is a cult, and a very dangerous one. When Tom Cruise, John Travolta & Kirstie Alley see what this woman went thru, don’t they feel any empathy? Disgusting.

        • Kansas Girl says:

          It seems like people are brainwashed to the point where they either can’t escape or don’t realize they should. Same as an abusive situation. I read that Katie Holmes’ parents worked hard on her to intervene and get her to see outside what was being done to her. I suspect much credit is due to them that she left Tom and took her child. Just my suspicion from things I’ve read.

          • Powell says:

            That sounds plausible KG. I wonder if Nicole Kidman wouldn’t tow the line in the end and Tom blindsided her w/the divorce.

            • Kansas Girl says:

              There was also something about California divorce law. He divorced her just before she would have gotten a major share of his worth — something like that.

              But then she got Urban as a reward, so she came out ahead!

              • Powell says:

                Yeah it was 9yrs & 11mths? Something like that.

              • L.A. Chica says:

                10 years is the point at which a divorcing spouse can claim the right to half the assets. With that in mind it’s interesting to note that Nicole, iirc, appeared to have not wanted the divorce, it was pursued by Tom.

                When Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise got engaged I remember seeing her in an interview and I yelled at the TV set, “Run, Katie, run! Run for your life!”

                I know a few people who are Scientologists but they were born into it, so they’re not evangelical about it. They’re actually pretty normal. But I’ve also seen how the church tries to suck people into their cult, using things like acting classes and charitable literacy programs to draw people in.

    • Powell says:

      I wonder how she & her husband were able to tell their story. Are they after them. It’s scary.

      They had a story on GMA this morn about a book that’s coming out. A lady that was head of the celebrity ctr talks about abuse that a guy that’s head of the Florida office that abuses people or has others do it. He had his Secretary slap the lady, the former head of the celebrity ctr. She slapped her so hard she was knocked out of the chair she was sitting in. She said she was slapped because she didn’t agree w/what the man was saying. Of course he calls her allegations all lies.

      I wonder is Scientology a reason why Katie left Tom. Suri was getting older so maybe she didn’t want the Scientology school to get a hold of Suri which I wouldn’t blame her.

      • Kansas Girl says:

        If she fell out of her chair, that’s hardly a “slap”, is it!

        Yes, so far as I’ve read Scientology was the reason. Suri was going to be the age to enter their school. There were reports of people watching Katie (Scientology police?) for ages after she left — photos of figures outside her apt building and following her. Likely still going on.

      • Yes! Katie looked like a zombie for years didn’t she? She got out to save Suri, no doubt about it.

        • Just Wondering in Jersey says:

          I never saw her smile until after she left him.

          • L.A. Chica says:

            I agree, she looked so unhappy until she left him.

            • Called A Princess... says:

              It smelled like a business deal to me. Katie was in love with the fame and exposure, being married to Tom would create. She certainly does not need him and his world any more. Is the child even his? Strange world they both live in. I am not sure how any women could really fall in love with him. He seems very male oriented and disrespectful towards women. They seem like set pieces in his life. The Kidman years. The Cruz years. The Holmes years. Very strange. JMHO.

              • L.A. Chica says:

                I don’t think she was into the marriage for the fame and exposure, she already had that. Like a lot of us, she had a giant movie star crush on him when she was a teenager, and it struck me as her having that naive teenage/childhood dream come true. (Yes, stars do get starstruck, too!)

                Since that time and now Katie has grown up a LOT, plus she’s gained much more confidence, and needless to say her eyes are wide open whereas back then they were not. That’s my impression, anyway.

                • Called A Princess... says:

                  I do not agree. She was a TV star and now she is a movie star. Being Mrs. Cruise helped to make her more marketable as a movie star. I do not see much wrong with it. It happens all the time. But with all the stories about the ‘real’ Tom Cruise I am not buying the fairy tale. Katie had been in the business long enough to know what ropes to climb to get to the top. JMHO.

                  • L.A. Chica says:

                    Katie Holmes was in the The Ice Storm before she was in Dawson’s Creek, and she was in plenty of movies before marrying Cruise. I don’t see her film career as having changed much from before the marriage, and the reviews she’s received for her roles have not been consistent throughout her career. But she was loved in her role in Dawson’s Creek, which led to her hosting Saturday Night Live and being on the cover of Rolling Stone, LONG before she started dating Cruise. And anyway, casting agents and producers don’t cast roles based on who an actor is married to, unless maybe they come as a package deal or the spouse is financing the project.

                    What DID change, or expand rather, after Katie married Tom was her circle of friends and her exposure to the fashion world. She went from being a beautiful Girl Next Door type to being a beautiful fashion icon (I believe Victoria Beckham was a major influence).

    • Kansas Girl says:

      It’s a scary “religion”. And the stuff they believe in sounds insane. I can’t understand how anyone can actually believe — seems to me there must be considerable brainwashing. There’s a lot of crazy in the world, and a good share of it is right there! With so many “believers”, the people running the show have an army at their command. Scary.

      • “rehabilitation project force” sounds so much like what the commies do. I guess this woman was in so deep, didn’t want to lose her son & husband, that she saw no way out. I’m watching it again now, she had a 2 year old, and she & her husband have to go thru this demeaning crazy rehab again. They want out, but fear for their child! Wow, this is nutz.

        • They had no money, no jobs – if they left scientology, how would they live? that’s what kept them in so long. A test to leave sea organization (has the most dedicated members), like Powell said, is so they can interrogate you…..if they find bad things, then you were “suppressive” meaning no scientologist anywhere could help them. So they weren’t labelled suppressive. They left…..not knowing how much worse it was going to get. They got jobs after leaving. she became a business consultant. They had jobs, but they had to pay 10 % to Hubbard, just to be left alone! Nancy Many told her husband that she wanted to stop being a scientologist. So she had to go back in for “counseling.” So the husband must have told them!! OMG. They tried to convince her that she had to “fix” her mistakes. So the “counsellor” starts torturing her, with questions, etc. basically driving her crazy, burrowing into her mind over 10 days, up to 10 hours a day. Wow classic mind control! Nancy was afraid for her son & family. Her mind actually cracked, she went insane after some time. She ran out to the beach with her son, collapsed. Luckily people helped her, got her to the hospital. Finally her husband realized they had to get out of scientology to be safe. Hubbard is a monster for creating this psychotic “religion.”

          • Powell says:

            It’s like “Heaven’s Gate” without the physical door locks. That shock lie detector didn’t detect any lies or resistance. It was riged to shock them IMO.

          • Ladies, this is interesting reading all of this. I will have to try to catch the show. My brother (who was 12 yrs older than me and now deceased) joined Scientology when it was still a new org. I remember seeing him reading the book….and soon after, he started breaking with our family. I was very young then, so I didn’t understand. I had been his “favorite” and all of a sudden he wouldn’t hang with me. He finally broke with us completely, and had not spoken to our mother for 3 months when she died of cancer. I recall him coming to the house and he broke down crying because he felt so guilty. But he went back to the “church” and never spoke to any of us again. Ever. I wrote him letters years later as an adult trying to reconnect, but he never answered them.

            I never understood it all until I got older and started seeing and hearing these kinds of reports about Scientology. It was a long time coming, but I finally understood what had happened to him. It was a sad situation, and hard to admit it had touched our family.

            It is a terrible organization and I still do not understand how they thrive!

            • Powell says:

              Oh MarDrag I’m sorry. 😦 I could kind of feel that ladies pain when she spoke of breaking w/her family but I feel it even more w/you. I’m sure that hurt your entire family. I’m by no means a religion expert but from what I’ve been brought up to believe is that religion is supposed to hold families together, not break them apart. That’s why I feel it’s a cult & not a religion.

              • shamrockblonde says:

                I find it offensive that that this cult calls itself a religion – it is anything but that –
                *hugs MarDrag really hard* – I am sorry your family had to suffer through that – your brother was always with you in his deepest heart – those cult leaders may have had his brain, but I believe that you and yours always had his heart –

            • Kansas Girl says:

              I’m so sorry, Mardrag! There are so many groups that function under the umbrella of religion and are not. Wish we could redefine it to open things more to the light.

            • BB says:

              I’m sorry to hear that MarDrag. Last night the woman said she didn’t even go to her brother’s college graduation or her grandmother’s funeral. It’s sad how they alienate their members from their families.

            • ((( Mardrag ))) that is so so sad. These cults are experts at indoctrination, mind control – so hard for people who are sucked in to get out.

              • Thank you, lovely ladies, for your compassion and sweet words. It did hurt our family. It was new back then, and I was so young too, but none of us really understood what was going on and why he wouldn’t talk to us any more. As a child, I was really confused and sad. I also recall my mother being devastated because we all knew she was dying and he was her oldest. She had to change her will and make my 2nd brother the executor as she no longer trusted my oldest brother to do right by the family. We had a business so….

                It was a mess….but later in life, it gave me some comfort to find out just what Scientology is and understand what actually happened.

                And I agree Powell, religion and/or spirituality brings people closer, not tears them apart!

                Thanks again for your kindness. You guys are awesome. And, FYI – I made peace with it a long time ago. But seeing these conversations called up the memory. I am good tho! And you are sweet!! 🙂

                • shamrockblonde says:

                  I find it offensive that that this cult calls itself a religion – it is anything but that –
                  *hugs MarDrag really hard* – I am sorry your family had to suffer through that – your brother was always with you in his deepest heart – those cult leaders may have had his brain, but I believe that you and yours always had his heart –

            • L.A. Chica says:

              I’m so sorry, MarDrag. I hope and pray that your brother will one day see the light and emancipate himself from Scientology, and may it be sooner rather than later.

            • rabblerouser2010R says:

              I am so sorry 😦

            • LaineyLainey says:

              Wow, Mardrag. I am sorry about your brother. How did he die, if I may ask?

            • JustDee says:

              Wow. Sorry to hear this MarDrag. My heart goes out to you. (((((MarDrag)))))

              • Thank you everyone! Your compassion touches me deeply! It is odd to have found that my family was a part of this corrupt organizations shenanigans. With all the news about it now, looking back, they really took advantage of people (my brother), and I loathe them for that.

                Lainey…I do not know how he died. We had not had contact for a great many years, as he had broken from us. When I was doing my family tree on Ancestors.com, it just said deceased and gave the year….I was not able to get any more information as I do not know where he was living. I suppose I could delve deeper, but I didn’t feel up to it at the time and I am not sure there is a reason to. The fact is, we lost him a long time ago. Now, I just hope he is in a better place and I send up a prayer that he is in the true light!

                It never ceases to amaze me how all the people on this blog come forth pouring out love, affection and compassion when one of us shares a life story. Thank you!

                YOU ARE ALL AMAZING ANGELS!! 🙂

        • Powell says:

          RighyRPF”. I couldn’t remember what it meant. And the Sea Organization dressed in Navy blues???

      • Powell says:

        KG when that lady joined she signed a contract that said she would be in the religion for “a billion years”. Now we know L Ron was a sci-fi writer before he started the religion but even Star Trek didn’t mention “a billion years”. That’s crazy.

        • Ron Hubbard told people that if they followed scientology, they would be the only ones to survive earth’s demise. So the aliens would bring a starship & save everyone in the sea organization – lol. If aliens ever do come to earth to save anyone, these nutty scientologists will be the last ones picked! Because they are insane. Plus who wants to be saved by the aliens – they will just be conducting experiments on you, right? This is all so ridiculous. News flash all you scientologists: any religion that causes harm to its members is not worth following.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      There was an excellent article in the October issue of Vanity Fair about Katie’s escape and the search for Tom’s next wife. Indeed scary stuff!

      • Powell says:

        WCW I don’t think even Rod Serling could have thought this up for The Twighlight Zone.

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          I felt so bad for Nicole Kidman to since her children were “programmed” against her. I give Katie a ton of props for what she pulled off.

  3. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. It’s Thursday. I can’t believe I made it.

    Orson a belated happy birthday. I’m sorry I didn’t wish you a good one yesterday. This cold is being mean to me so I haven’t been on much.

    JNNTJ thks so much for watching Idol & telling us it sucks. I haven’t watched since Jordan Sparks won & not paid too much attention since Paula left, which was a big mistake on Simon’s part. Now I don’t have to waste my time. 🙂

    It’s supposed to snow here. Everyone take care & have a good day.

  4. VV says:

    Something is OFF with Mauricio’s Twitter. He stopped twitting 2 days ago my guess is because he was getting scorned. He issued a tweetstament, a high horse pathetic effort. The statement isn’t doing him any favors. We are seeing an ugly side of this man.
    What is interesting is there ZERO “0” negative tweets his way. People just didn’t stop. Somehow he is preventing we see them. Can people do this? My guess is yes because it was constant non stop yesterday. Reality people must think viewers are stupid. Hey Mo, you’re still a sleek car salesman-in my view!
    A similar situation with Bethenny, she has Zero tweets coming in in reference to the Warren guy. Funny, how last night she tweeted to Kyle…Hmmmmmm makes the mind wonder…

    • VV could it be because you are blocked by them? Try not logging into twitter & then just searching on their name, so that you sell all the tweets being sent to them.

      It wouldn’t surprise me if twitter has the ability to block all negative tweets to someone. For a price, of course!

      • Kansas Girl says:

        I can’t imagine what words it could search for to mark messages as negative. I’d guess there’s a way to block followers from seeing any incoming tweets. But as you say, everything should come up in a Google search.

      • VV says:

        I’m a lurker on Twitter. I don’t follow either of them.

    • RealHousewifeVA says:

      I don’t understand..I just checked his twitter and he’s been tweeting a lot today/last night. I don’t agree with how he handled the situation, but people on twitter need to relax. It’s almost hypocritical for them to say he should stay out of the situation, while they insert themselves so aggressively in the situation themselves! lol

      • RealHousewifeVA says:

        Plus, he also directed a comment to Brandi, apologizing to her..

      • Kansas Girl says:

        I hope this is not his work twitter account! LOL!

      • VV says:

        He started tweeting back once he started to block negative tweets.

        • RealHousewifeVA says:

          I’ve never heard that anyone can block negative tweets from being seen. He can block people so that he doesn’t see them, but not from everyone seeing them. From what I know, at least.

        • ok the negative & positive tweets continue. I just posted a link below so you can see the twitter feed for yourself. The way I “lurk” on twitter is go to

          twitter.com/mauricioumansky then in the search line on his twitter page type in @mauricioumansky this brings up top tweets (people who tweet that have the most followers). To see them all, scroll to the bottom, click on “all tweets.” This will allow you to read all tweets, even if someone has blocked you.

          • VV says:

            Thanks for the link. I cannot be blocked because I had never tweeted to any reality TV person they don’t even know I exists! LOL.
            However, mean tweets stopped going his way. I know they did because I was monitoring his incoming tweets since the debacle Monday. Hmmm I guess I’ll do some research on that. The activity on his twitter account for incoming tweets stopped abruptly. Once, he resumed twitting we saw very positive tweets his way and a few negative when it was 95% negative non stop.

      • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

        I agree RHVA-the people tweeting him seem to think they know more about the situation then he does. Some of Brandi’s twitter followers are very out spoken. If someone even hint that they dont agree with Brandi-they all go after that person. The name calling is so immature. The cursing at people you dont even know is so strange to me. They think its their job to protect Brandi-but they don’t even know her…Twitter is such a strange place sometimes!!!

        • Powell says:

          oh yeah. Twitter can be very strange.

          • rabblerouser2010R says:

            The lunatics come out on twitter.

            I still like Maurico and IMO didn’t do anything ‘wrong’ the night off the dinner since it was Brandi who opened that can of worm again (but I digress). It seems like people are tweeting him about in a not favorable way and he doesn’t seem to be freaking out on tweeters the way Kathy Walkie’s creepy husband does.

            The things that pig said to our Sue were disgusting.

            • LaineyLainey says:

              He might not have done anything wrong, he just had an “edge” or a “tone”…but so what. Brandi is a big girl, his little tone got her tons of attention and sympathy. And it is nice to hear that Mauricio doesn’t treat the viewers in an ugly way on twitter. It must be hard not to retaliate, but perhaps he does have class, as he said in a previous episode. Unlike the “filthy fly.”

            • There are people supporting him on twitter, it’s not all bad. Maury is starting to get the hang of twitter. We’ll know he’s good when before the show even airs, he tweets about how some may not like how the dinner party went, but everything’s cool now….haha. When he get’s up to Lisa’s level (if ever) his behavior on the show won’t cause him to have to tweet about anything. Lisa is a marvel when it comes to being mature, restrained, funny, and using her time on a sh*t reality show to further her business interests. In fact, she’s on 2 sh*tty reality shows, and her restaurants are doing fantastic despite our shaky economy. My hat’s off to Lisa.

              Maury may still be the ultimate winner. The show is helping him in the real estate biz, and now he has his very own agency. He doesn’t even have to work to make money, he gets a share of all his agent’s commissions. Suaveeeeyyy!

  5. RealHousewifeVA says:

    I’m pissed about Top Chef. Tom says in his blog that had he known then what he knows now, the outcome would have been different. That is totally unfair, IMO. I’m getting sick of this show because they always send home good chefs and keep crappy ones.

    • Gail knew it (suspected it) and the other judges didn’t listen. Kristen should have said something, but still ……

    • Donna says:

      Thanks for the Top Chef recap. My electricity went out at about 9:45 pm so I wasn’t able to watch/record Top Chef. I did go to Bravo site to watch last chance, no CC’s so I stopped watching.

    • PJ says:

      I agree. How could the judges keep Josie? But Kristen should have spoken p and defended herself.

    • cocfarm says:

      I am about to give up the last bravo show I watch. You can’t apply rhw manipulations to a show supposedly about talent. Nice way to stick a fork in it bravo. Glad for CJ though. I like him.

    • VV says:

      OMG! The Worst decision !!!

      I think Padma was leading the charge against Kristen. I am sure judges get feedback from crew, camera people, and producers of what goes on when filming so, Tom’s excuse is lame to me.

      • lori says:

        That’s what bugged me the most. The person (padma) who should have had the least to say is so vocal about her opinion. She just bugs me 😦

      • PJ says:

        I guess the judges really don’t see what we are seeing as we watch the show. That’s why the chefs have to stand for themselves when they get to judge’s table.

        • Called A Princess... says:

          Sorry, but it think in the small print, during the opening show credits it is stated very clearly that the producers have input, in the contestant’s outcome. Project Runway has the same rules. So if they think a contestant is good drama, they will keep them regardless of the persons talent. Bravo and the parent producers are pretty honest about their intent, at least in the small print. Remember Wendy Pepper. Her drama was far better then her design through out season one of Project Runway. So this tool has been used since the beginning of these shows to help create drama and conflict. IMO.

  6. After reading the articles above in NMD’s blog & yesterday’s comments, here it is in a nutshell.

    Jason is not going without more money. How much? I’ll bet it’s going to be at least $10 million.

    For Bethenny’s sake, I hope she is able to get out her marriage without tarnishing her future prospects, like her talk show.

    The billionaire runs a hedge fund, right? That’s a good person for Bethenny to know, she had something around $50 million to invest.

    • PJ says:

      Jason wants the money, but I’m hoping the prenup will be enforced and he won’t get it. Whatever he walks away with will be more than he came into the marriage with. However he was smart enough to get her to move out of their home, there is probably a strategy in that.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Wonder if Bethenny moved out so Bryn could still be where she knows “home”?

      • Cartwheels says:

        Most definitely Jason will be the monetary winner of this split, he will receive several millions which is probably much more that he had to begin with. Bethenny foolishly agreed to modify the prenup, which means that he will receive even more but I guess he is holding back for the last red cent he can get.

    • Powell says:

      Did B move out of her apartment? If so why?

      • BB says:

        Yes, supposedly. There are links in last nights blog about it.

        • Powell says:

          I would’ve told Jason to suck it. I’m not moving my baby out of her home and B loved it. It was her dream apt. I know she has the money and there are other dream soya in NYC but look how long it took to get the work done on that apt. Doing that reno w/a baby, well toddler will be brutal for B cause it has to be perfect. She’s so OCD like that.

          • Powell says:

            dream apts.

          • Cartwheels says:

            According to the reports Jason was supposed to be moving out of the apartment while Bethenny was out on a trip to Aspen during New Year, but he obviously didn’t. Bethenny has just come back from a trip to LA , which probably was another great opportunity for jason to move out with no much bruhaha, but he is still there. I guess Bethenny has come to understand that he has no intention of moving out and she decided that the living conditions were too much and moved out until the divorce is over.

            • L.A. Chica says:

              Imho, though it was her dream home, if she wanted out of the marriage badly enough she’d be willing to give it up in exchange for her freedom.

              • PJ says:

                But if she paid for it why should she?

                • L.A. Chica says:

                  Oh I agree, it’s absolutely her right to keep it and throw him out. Maybe I’m just projecting, but when I left my first husband I wanted OUT so badly I let him keep anything he wanted outside of what was already mine when we got married.

                  • PJ says:

                    I understand, I did the same thing when I left my first husband, I only took some personal items and clothing he kept everything we owned jointly and even valuable things that had been given to me as graduation gifts, he even kept my shoes (which I’m sure he gave to his girlfriend–they were great shoes). I didn’t fight because getting him out of my life was worth it at the time. But I’m older and wiser and stronger now and I wouldn’t walk away with nothing; if I were Bethenny I wouldn’t hand over one single cent or one thing purchased with my own money that I didn’t absolutely have to, I would enforce the prenup to the letter.

              • Powell says:

                True LA Chica. I just think it’s not fair w/Bryn involved. I would say the same if Jason was the primary parent at this time. Bryn shouldn’t have to move out if her home is #1.

              • Powell says:

                And Jason made it very inconvenient for her to run SG.

                • chismosa says:

                  IMO SG whatever it is– is not completely run from her apt. That is just a gut feeling i have.

      • he wouldn’t leave the apt so she left – how could she stay in the same place with him & not get into fights in front of Bryn….their marriage is def over

        • Powell says:

          Yeah I know she did it for peace for Bryn. He took advantage of that. Remember all of that “your apt” words he was using on BEA & B kept saying “our apt”. That’s why you have to have prenups.

        • JumpTheShark says:

          I know a guy whose wife left for the weekend after a disagreement; he suspected she was with an old boyfriend, so on the advice of his lawyer CHANGED THE LOCKS and put her stuff in a shed calling it “desertion”. She freaked out when she returned home, and eventually they worked things out. I’d tease my husband, “Just going to the store, don’t change the locks!” Remember “War of the Roses”?

    • Cartwheels says:

      The billionaire has been her friend for 10 years according to some articles and he was engaged with Anabelle Bond, an amazing women, beautiful, accomplished in her own right, determined and somebody who is at the top of the most amazing social circles.
      If he wasn’t able to commit to her and broke the engagement when she was in her last trimester, I doubt he is the kind of guy who commits to anything.
      I believe that he is giving Bethenny moral support and that is just that.
      Bethenny probably got tired of waiting for Jason to make up his mind and move and using this as a weapon to extort more in the divorce, and decided to again take the first step and move.
      Bethenny knows that most likely the judge will give her back her apartment when the divorce is over but now that is obvious that Jason is playing tha waiting game, that will probably take a while, there is no way they can continue living together as probably the tension between them is palpable.
      The beauty of having money and being able to rent an apartment or borrow it from a billionaire friend is not lost on me, in the meantime there goes Hoppy parading around NYC with his wedding ring on site ready for the snapshot.

      • I’m starting to suspect that Jason is a real jerk. Why not just let her go? In my mind, he’s holding out for money, and using everything he can to squeeze more out of her. The result will be a very bitter divorce.

        • L.A. Chica says:

          Some men turn into real jerks when they’re hurt. It’s the male equivalent of “a woman scorned.”

        • PJ says:

          Watching the show I began to think he was always playing to the cameras but was an entirely different person off camera, and I really started to dislike what I saw of him on camera. He wasn’t really a saint but played one on TV. If I were Bethenny I wouldn’t give an inch to him in the divorce.

        • JumpTheShark says:

          Wasn’t Jason’s first line to B. rather jerky? Can’t remember what he said, just that B. thought it was funny, but I would have walked away.

          • rabblerouser2010R says:

            He told her to pull the stick out….

            • I Need A Life! says:

              I can’t help but wonder if all of this is a ploy to keep her in the news while she preps for her show. Fall of this year most folks would be asking, “Beth..who?” They make up and life is blissful again. She’ll discuss the trauma of it all.

              • rabblerouser2010R says:

                I doubt it, after the first season of Bethany Ever After I stopped watching because, it was starting to remind me of Jon & Kate. With Jason having more balls than Jon, I am surprised it lasted as long as it did.

                From what I understand, later seasons also didn’t paint Jason as picture perfect either but at least he understood and was comfortable with a normal family dynamic.

                I’ve seen Jason being criticized because he once called B ‘damaged’. IMO, she is. She has daddy issues, she has mommy issues, she has commitment issues and fears of abandonment. But I do have to hand it to her, a lesser woman would have probably ended up a stripper.

                • chismosa says:

                  let’s remember who was Executive Producer on this AND my theory that Jason was repeating words Bethenny was telling him, probl. straight from therapy sessions about being ‘damaged’. I really honestly don’t think Jason when first started dating B decided to come up with the idea to call her damaged. you KNOW it’s B who loved to call herself that as a warning to him when he was telling her he really was in it for the long haul. So i don’t hold his calling her ‘damaged’ as anything.

                  He’s listening to lawyers. So when she does it it’s smart , but when he does it it’s terrible. Aha

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          There was always something “off” about Jason. Agree he played to the cameras but those shots he took at Bethenny were kill shots – calling her damaged and claiming he was normal never sat right with me. IMO, he couldn’t handle Bethenny’s business success and wouldn’t commit to being part of it – she took risks he wouldn’t. I don’t believe Bethenny wants a messy divorce and I hope she doesn’t give away the farm because he doesn’t deserve it.

  7. Just Wondering in Jersey says:

    NMD I agree qith you about Adrienne. I can not see her being affectionate with anyone. Not even a dog.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      That, and the comment about her not eating had me LOLing!

      • Just Wondering in Jersey says:

        I still remember the time she and Paul were at a restaurant and he was eating and talking at the same time and food was falling out of his mouth while she was sitting there just glaring at him.

        • L.A. Chica says:

          LOL Yes! She always treated him with such disdain. I didn’t get at all how some viewers used to think that was cute; I thought it didn’t bode well for the future of their marriage.

        • PJ says:

          I always thought every scene of these two together was so strained and I’m not one bit surprised that the marriage didn’t last.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          I, too, would have been glaring.

    • TexasTart says:

      Very accurate assessment of Adrienne…
      Remember when Paul had the colonoscopy? I do not think she would have even gone to the appointment with him, had it not been for RHOBH filming it! Seriously! I think her reactions, as a spouse were inexcusable, she could not be bothered to help or support her husband. Yet she took great joy in laughing at him and leaving him to himself.
      It was hilarious though and obviously it is below her to help him.

      Also, I heard that she got rid of the Jackpot dog, so yes, JWIJ, NOT EVEN A DOG! That woman is so appauling!

  8. AZGirl says:

    I am so glad I feel asleep last night and missed Top Chef. Josie sucks and Kristen has more talent than all of the remaining chefs. Tom’s comment that they only judge by the taste of the food is BS. Josie plating the past 2 episodes has been awful. This is why I like it when Gail judges. She is very perceptive. Josie is lazy.

  9. Good Morning! Yeah….we are back up to 50 degrees today! Feels like spring, LOL!

    NMD – you make me giggle! I have to, because I have to do something to get the vision of Addy and Rod Stewart’s son out of my mind. He is kind of creepy, but then, they should be made for each other.

    SugarMagnolia – great TC recap….AND….I am so mad! Why is Bravo doing this to us?!? I don’t care about the drama on Top Chef…I want to see great chefs doing their thing and Kristen is so good and was my pick to win it all. And they keep Josie?? Bravo has jumped the shark…over and over…..and I wish that shark would bite them in the arse. I really don’t know how long I will continue to tune in to any of their shows. I’ll read the excellent recaps here and save myself the angst! Harrrmph!

    Detox! – so good to see you back! Wordy, wordy bird!! 🙂

    So….have a good Thursday everyone! We are almost there. Hugs!

    New post, “In & Out of the Comfort Zone” is up at my place + all the goodies. Enjoy!

  10. i hope everyone is clicking on and watching the Mob Wives interview video posted in the blog. Let’s give Jakk some hits – he did a great job and I love it that he reached out to let us know about the interview!

  11. if you want to see what people are tweeting to Maury, here’s a direct link


    people are pro & con about him. Plainviewsue has some great tweets in there! These are the most recent tweets from today.

    • Maury did tweet less than an hour ago an apology to Brandi

      Mauricio Umansky ‏@MauricioUmansky
      @BrandiGlanville on and forward. My intention was not to be MEAN my sincere apologies as well. No attorneys needed 🙂

      guess he wants to make it stop! lol

      • VV says:

        He only did it because Brandi is replying to his tweet earlier:

        Mauricio tweeted:
        “I believe people can work out situations when they speak. I was merely trying to help both Brandi and Adrienne. I never insulted anyone.” 6 hours ago

        Brandi replied:
        “@MauricioUmansky U were MEAN but I forgive u! On and forwards. It is so hard to watch over again.” 2 hours ago

        After that he twitted:
        “@BrandiGlanville on and forward. My intention was not to be MEAN my sincere apologies as well. No attorneys needed :)” 1 hour ago

        He’s still the a sleek car salesman in my eyes. Trying to stop negative tweets. He is getting. Otherwise, he would have apologize on his first tweet.

        • he is sleazy! can’t believe he actually said “no attorneys needed” good grief

        • PJ says:

          He was mean, no denying that. I don’t think he was trying to help Brandi.

        • rabblerouser2010R says:

          I guess my skin is extraordinarily thick (which is probably the result of being in customer service role for over 20 years) but Brandi saying someone was MEAN to her because they didn’t coddle and excuse her actions and throw her a pity party seems laughable to me. I guess because I have young children, when I think of words like BULLY or MEAN, it in that regard and it seems so childish to me for adults to engage other adults in that regard or label their behavior as such. Adults should be much better equipped.

          • Rebecca says:

            It was none of MU’s business, so he didn’t need to badger her whether or not her apology was sincere, or tell her what she was thinking, or correct her her when she said she did or didn’t do something.

            His gossipy shit-stirring wife should have said before the evening started, “this is a sensitive topic so let’s change the subject.” She’s a pathetic dinner host.

        • L.A. Chica says:

          I thought he was mean. Not so much at first (then he was just being a busybody) but when he started repeatedly asking, referencing Brandi spilling the Malouf beans, “Why did she say it?” That immediately reminded me of Faye’s badgering. And then he kept telling Brandi what he thought she SHOULD have done, without listening to her replies — he just talked right over her. I understand why she finally yelled at him to STFU, I’d have done the same. Maybe phrased a little differently, maybe not, but him forcefully giving his opinion based on his assumption was not appreciated. If Mo really wanted to be helpful he could have been more inquisitive, open minded, and listened. YMMV

          • L.A. Chica says:

            I think what bothered me the most about the way Morris kept shouting “Why did she say it?” was that he came across as if Brandi owed HIM an explanation. That was very Faye-like, too.

            • There’s def an anti-Brandi theme here, probably Adrienne going around to get her supporters in line. Telling them, “don’t forget to ask Brandi about” xyz. That’s Adrienne’s style.

          • PJ says:

            Especially considering that he could ask the same question of things we have seen his wife do on the show.

          • VV says:

            All it took was for this episode to air and tons of negative tweets to Mauricio for him to apologize. People are not buying it because the fact he did it Today many months after it had happened makes it look disingenuous.

            • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

              If I were him I would have done just to shut everybody up…who cares if he means it or not. He didn’t hurt her-he barely raised his voice. Paul was so much more aggressive to Brandi and he did not have to deal with every loon on twitter calling him every name in the book!

              • BB says:

                I agree Paul was more in your face, but the matter concerned Paul personally (or his wife). It did not concern Mo personally, except for that potential fat real estate comission coming his way.

              • L.A. Chica says:

                They were both aggressive. Paul more so, yes absolutely – but you don’t need to raise your voice to be aggressive or beligerent. In fact, sometimes a quieter delivery can be more devastating (not in this case, but in general).

                About viewer reaction, I’m not on Twitter very much so I don’t know what people said to Paul in that forum, but didn’t he apologize to Brandi before the show aired? Does anyone know what the timeline on that was?

                • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

                  Paul attacked Brandi like a an animal-its funny that he is so easily forgiven but Mauricio is getting put through the coals…I guess people have so much hate for Kyle that it is spilling over.

                  • BB says:

                    Could be part of it, but I think Mauricio is being hated on mostly for his actions alone in this case. Perhaps Paul didn’t get pounded on so hard because people knew he was no longer with Adrienne and were on his side due to the false allegations against him from Adrienne during the divorce. Plus they knew he and Brandi had since made up.

                  • RealHousewifeVA says:

                    I think people hate Adrienne as much, if not more, than Kyle. However, Paul and Adrienne were no longer together when the episode aired.
                    We do not know what the secret that Brandi spilled was, so while Paul reacted nastily, we can’t say he shouldn’t get involved, etc. He reacted in the spur of the moment, from what we saw. Mauricio, on the other hand, is not involved and reacted much later (when he was present for the initial ‘spilling of the beans” to begin with). His involvement and anger makes no sense while Paul’s does.
                    Also, everyone saw that Paul himself had experienced the wrath of Adrienne after that incident, so maybe people were more forgiving.

                    • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

                      I think the Kyle hate is worse-I think people do not like Adrienne but I find people really hate Kyle.I don’t think anyone one Twitter would let Mauricio off the hook no matter what he tweeted. People are now saying that he only apologized now b/c of all the flack he is getting-and they are mad that he is not sorry enough. I swear people take it so seriously and all these HW’s and their husbands are laughing all the way to the bank and sharing a glass of champagne together!!!

                    • L.A. Chica says:

                      Jill, see VV’s post above

          • L.A. Chica says:

            ITA with you PJ, VV, and bluesky1forever.

            • Called A Princess... says:

              People hate Kyle so they want to go after Mo. People have not stated that maybe Kyle was been badgering Mo about Brandy since she can on the show. He also has to neutralize Brandi before she starts talking about his transgressions. I think he has every right to look at her with a stink eye because regardless of whether Brandi is right or wrong, she has helped to hurt Mo’s family. Brandi is also never really sorry. It’s always this or that excuse far removed from her completely owning her behavior, in a conflict. She is a pretty mess! IMO.

              • PJ says:

                I hate to disagree but Brandi does seem very genuine in her regrets to me. I think Brandi has a big and open heart.

                • Called A Princess... says:

                  I am not sure that any person that is involved in a Bravo reality show has a very genuine nature for regret. Not only that but I find people that do that same thing over and over again to not really be all that sorry in the first place. I do not dislike Brandy. I just do not see her as being much better, in the manners and character department, then the other women on this show. JMHO.

              • L.A. Chica says:

                I’m not a Kyle fan but despite that I used to like Mauricio; my feeling about him only changed this season. Kyle hasn’t changed, but his involvement in the women’s squabbles has.

                PJ, I agree with you about Brandi’s big heart. I don’t know many women who would have handled the Scheana situation the way she did. Even the way she has handled Kim, Brandi has been patient and forgiving, and she’s bitten her tongue (unbelievably!) many times with her. Between the two Brandi was the first to extend an olive branch despite the fact that it was Kim who started the trouble between them. I think Brandi understood that unlike Adrienne, Kim’s bad behavior was partly due to her substance abuse issues – that is, she was not in her right mind. I thought she showed Kim a lot of compassion in Ojai, much more than most of the other women, especially Kyle.

  12. Sugar Magnolia says:

    I am so glad everyone is a mad as I am about Kristen PYKAG! However, she did beat CJ in the last chance kitchen. I adore CJ, probably because I met him and had a beer and chat with him, but if anyone was going to take him out, I’m glad it was Kristen. I haven’t put this in my recaps, but my top 3 (in this order) are Kristen, Brooke, and Sheldon. I really want to see one of the ladies win. I cannot stand Josie! She has been on the bottom every single episode, and hasn’t won anything. Producers–stay out of it! Kristen was damned if she did, damned if she didn’t. The judges don’t like it when the chefs point fingers, so she took the high road and paid dearly for it. But, she’s still in it!
    Also, No More Drama and I have decided to post my Revenge blog on Sunday mornings. The weekends are pretty lean with news/shows, so this will give us something new to read and lead up to the evening’s episode. Have a Happy Thursday All!

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Hi SugarMag – happy to hear that someone else likes Sheldon. I do have a soft spot for him. Maybe it’s his accent. So Kristen isn’t out of it, after all. AMAZING. Good for her. So cool that you met CJ.

    • trudie says:

      I watched late last night and actually woke my husband with my reaction to PYKAG! The judging is quite inexplicable. They gave Kristen grief because there was no wine in her beef bourguinon – “if your are going to call it beef bourguinon, you have to have the bourguinon,” but were ok that Stash’s balut didn’t have any Filipino flavors. Huh?

      I really thought they were going to send Stephan home because of his service issues. They know that Josie has a problem with time management, and it should have been clear to them that the problem with her dish was because of her, not Kristen.

      I would have been happy if either Kristen or Sheldon won the challenge. I like them both. At this point, I am rooting for Sheldon. He is quiet, but cooks with his heart and soul.

      Kristen falling on her sword made me a little crazy, but she left with dignity and class. I hope she can keep beating the remaining chefs in Last Chance Kitchen and return to the competition.

  13. Cartwheels says:

    I remember when there were leaks about Bethenny getting a mortgage to buy her apartment and how much fun Perez Hilton made of her, he questioned if she was broke and how come she didn’t buy the apartment out right and did it like any normal millionaire person and tried to use that to discredit the numbers of the BEAM sale, or was it Rob Shuter who did that?
    Bethenny must have very good financial advisors because it is true that she probably could had bought the apartment out right, but the correct investment move was to do it through a regular loan.
    I am sure that Bethenny will have to buy Jason out of his share of the apartment, he probably didn’t use any of his money but I am sure that it will be consider one of the assets during divorce procedings, but she will definitely will have to pay less than she would if she had bought it out right and had to pay him for half of it.

    • PJ says:

      I’d say smart move on Bethenny’s part if she did get a mortgage. But it was also a smart move on Jason’s part to get her out of there, I think it was a strategic move.

      • Powell says:

        It was a strategic move. He took his attorney’s advice. But he thought it was a good idea to force her hand and move his daughter out of her home? That’s not in the best interest of Bryn.

    • Powell says:

      The apt was SG headquarters. If Perez or Rob or whoever wrote the article/blog knew anything for biz purposes she wouldn’t outright buy it as her home. The mortgage is so that SG can write down biz expenses for a number of yrs, I think it’s seven. Also the equipment, car, to run the biz. I hate stupid people that don’t do any research & just shoot off their keyboards. Ugh!!

      • PJ says:

        I agree. It’s too bad that uninformed people get so much exposure.

      • Cartwheels says:

        Oh crap, I didn’t think about it but you are right, Her apartment is also SG headquarters. uhmmm I have never had to do this because when I said it was over, I packed my ex-belongings and they were waiting for him in the porche, but being that she is requesting for him to vacate the apartment in her divorce proposal, could she just call the police on him and force him to move out? is that even possible? I mean I know it would be a huge scandal and that is why she probably would never think about doing it, but is it technically possible?

        • The crew Bethenny had working at home handled her personal business. Her schedule, hair care, wardrobe, like a “glam squad” that kept her on track. Twitter posts? social media, email. With her empire, she must have SkinnyGirl hq somewhere else, keeping track of the energy bars, yoga tapes, books, underwear/lingerie, etc. Her accountant/lawyer etc. needs too. Bethenny couldn’t do all she has to do without her assistants close by. Who would go for coffee??

          She should have sent Jason on vacation, with his parents. Then change the locks, empty the bank accounts, bar his ass from the building & voila! Poof! Jason be gone. She must be hurting to have left him in her apt. Which I’ve noticed is very down to earth and not at all flashy. Check out Barry Bond’s crib in comparison.

          • WindyCityWondering says:

            Bethenny also stated she wanted her headquarters at home so she could spend as much time as possible with Bryn.

          • PJ says:

            She did have her SkinnyGirl business conducted out of her apartment. Remember them discussing it while they were redoing the new apartment.?

          • Cartwheels says:

            I know but if she would have done that, she would have been crucified in the press, not that she is not being now, but it would had been worse. I think that Bethenny had some expectations that it was going to be amicable and it just now coming to terms with the fact that it won’t.
            Sad, it really will ned up affecting the amicable coparenting that they both seemed to want.

  14. Who watched Nashville last night? Good show, I am loving it. 🙂 That little Juliette with her private plane, she reminds me of several young Nashville stars. She’s a little bit country, a little bit Taylor Swift, and a whole lot of cray cray! The previews for next weak show Juliette slamming Rayna when Rayna goes on that plane. “you’re too poor to have your own plane!” she says to Rayna. Meanwhile, what is Rayna’s slimy husband up to now? When will Rayna & Deacon get back together? This show has glitz, glam, drama & good songs to boot.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Oh bluey!! I love, love, love Nashville. Every character is interesting (to me). So do you think Deacon fathered her oldest child? Those little girls are so cute, too!!! Did you see the episode where the girls sang at a school event. So talented. That’s the thing about this show…they can act, they can sing,…can they dance? Probably. There’s some nice eye candy in almost every scene which makes me happy. Deacon, all the young guys,…can’t think of their names right now. Anyhoo – yes, I’m with you on Nashville. 🙂 Pass the popcorn, girl.

      • Yes, you are right about Rayna’s oldest daughter. Remember how creepy Rayna’s dad was in that scene, where he threatened to tell the daughter if Rayna didn’t give up her tour/singing/career? Turns out Rayna’s mom was also a singer, and maybe she had an affair with her songwriter. Hmmm maybe Rayna’s dad isn’t her bio dad?

      • lillybee says:

        I am waiting for Avery and Juliette to get together.

    • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

      OMG Nashville was so good last night-I cant believe that crazy Peggy showed up after the election!! She is going to cause more trouble-Im sure of it!!
      I think I fall in love with Deacon more and more every week- I love him- LOVE HIM!!!

  15. LaineyLainey says:

    oh my gosh, just noticed detox posted her “Mob Wives” blog…YAYAYAYAY!!!! Welcome back, Detox!

  16. Hi all –
    Coming out of lurkdom. 🙂 I agree with many of you about Top Chef, and I also think there’s some producer shenanigans going on re Josie. Here’s a TC blogger who loves food, and her reviews of TC are always good reads. Enjoy. http://www.minxeats.com/

  17. Pghemtchick says:

    Be back later to talk Housewives, but so excited looking at my Dvr!
    Any Suits fans out there, new season starts tonight @10 on USA!

    • Powell says:

      Hey Pchick. Im a Suits fans. I havent seen all the epis. I fogot to catch up over the holidays when they had a marathon. Thks for the reminder.

    • trudie says:

      Love Suits! I have to DVR it because my in-laws are coming over…

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      I’m a fan! Suits rocks and the twists and turns from the previews for this seaon look interesting.

  18. PJ says:

    My take on AI–it doesn’t work for me. I felt like Nicki got mixed up and thought it was her show. I wanted to hear from Mariah and Keith and Randy but it was all about Nick and I could care less what she thinks. I had actually stopped watching and only went back because of Keith Urban but I think I’ll stop again. Too bad this used to be a really great show.

    • Laineylainey says:

      I get to leave work early on Thursdays…watching Wendy. She agrees with you about Nicki and said Mariah needs to act more “real”… Apparently she was saying “dahling”? I don’t ’cause I didn’t watch it. She pointed out that even JLo who is also a diva managed to be relatable during her time on AI.

      • PJ says:

        I didn’t find Nicki or Mariah to be relatable at all But I gave Mariah a bit of a pass for her diva ways because at least she has earned them but Nicki isn’t even in the same ballpark. I agree JLo and even Steven Tyler were both way more relatable than either Nicki or Mariah. However if it was just Mariah, Keith and Randy I think it would work. The addition of Nicki makes it a show i don’t care to watch.

  19. shamrockblonde says:

    PJ – agreed – I tuned in because of Keith Urban too – but between Nick and Mariah I could not watch – Mr. Shamrock and I saw him in concert at Mohegan Sun – if he ever plays near any of you – go see him – amazing guitar player – his concert was soooo good – at one point he brought up people in the audience to sing with him – too too funny!! – halfway through he would stop singing and let them carry it – just a really good time –

  20. BB says:

    AI is getting panned by the reviews I’ve read. Too bad it’s become all about the judges and not about the contestants. When AI first started, the only judge I knew about beforehand was Paula Abdu and she was not an A-lister at the timel. I had never heard of Randy Jackson or Simon Cowell before then, althought they were know inside the music industry. That’s as it should be. The judges should be the judges, knowledgeable, but not the stars of the show. That’s where the powers that be have made the mistake. They are going in the wrong direction and should get back to the basics. JMO

  21. BB says:

    “Dear Abby” died. She was 94. I read her advice column daily for years.

    • Cartwheels says:

      I did too 😦

    • Powell says:

      Oh no. Mr. Drummond-Conrad Baines died yesterday.

    • AZGirl says:

      The best advice Dear Abby every made was in response to a letter sent by someone who had a gay couple move into their neighborhood. The letter ask Abby what they should do because they were worried that the “morals” of the neighborhood were going to suffer.
      Abby’s response to the letter writer?.
      You can move…. HA! She was so great!

      • Powell says:

        She was. I’m going to have to look up the movie that was made about the sisters Ann Landers & Dear Abby. I can’t remember who played them in the movie. It was good.

  22. Laineylainey says:

    Not sure if someone already posted about this but I’m watching DVr of Wendy Williams she had some very interesting things to say about Eddie Cibrian and Leann. She can be so funny and said to Leann that Eddie will indeed cheat on her and that as soon as the goes he will leave. Omg. Ok, maybe that not so funny, And she suggested that next Eddie should hook up with a very rich woman in her 70s or 80s. That part made me laugh.

    • princesspindy says:

      I happened to catch that part. She thinks he is the best looking white guy in Hollywood. I have a hard time seeing it because of his character….

    • Powell says:

      Lainey I don’t know about that. Here in DC a wealthy Socialite in her 70s married a guy in his 40s. He spent her money like it was water. She put him on an allowance which he didn’t like. Now shes dead. He’s a person of interest in her death.

      • Laineylainey says:

        That was Wendy’s idea for him after he leaves LeAnn…it’s not funny to predict his leaving..but I thought it was funny that she thinks so little of him that she thinks his next move should ascot wearing gigolo. She’s baaaad. But I like her anyway.

      • L.A. Chica says:

        Yikes. 😯

    • chismosa says:

      Hi Lainey!!
      Wendy has Leann Rimes on today? Oh wait, maybe she’s doing a ‘let’s talk girl’ to the camera where she addresses the person directly.

      As for Eddie Cibrian being cute- i don’t find ANYONE handsome and even i think he is totally gorgeous. I don’t even like hispanic men nor do i like brown hair/brown eyes and i think he’s a dreamboat. But – you know, he KNOWS IT.

      • Laineylainey says:

        yes, chismosita, it was a “leAnn, girl, let’s talk” moment. Wendy loves Eddie Cibrian’s dimples!

        • chismosa says:

          I love when she does that. Girl, can we talk ? like when she gets up and walks to the camera. She’s too much!

  23. VV says:

    Gossip from Twitter:

    Apparently a HW is suing Iguana. I can’t confirm for sure because the tweets of some are protected. Rumor has it it is Kyle. Iguana hates B and B hates Iguana. B is a close friend of Kyle….

    • Laineylainey says:


      • PJ says:

        Who is Iguana?

        • heehee PJ where have you been?! The blogger otherwise known as Ilana Angel.

          • PJ says:

            LOL What do I know? I have never read her blog. I know that bloggers can be sued so I guess it’s necessary to know the rules.

        • rabblerouser2010R says:

          She Jill Zarin’s number one fan who attributes any criticism of Jill as antisemitism; and as a result was relentless in going after Lynn and went as far to ask people to send her ‘dirt on Lynn’. Even after Lynn’s death, anytime someone says something unfavorable about her, she blames Lynn for it.

          She is a pathetic woman and a terrible writer.

          • WindyCityWondering says:

            Seems the other bloggers who disliked Lynn the most have no problem using her name to vampire hits to their subpar blogs.

            • rabblerouser2010R says:

              They sure do.

              • Called A Princess... says:

                I would say Taylor because she keeps referring to Taylor as a murderer. Over and over and over again, as fact. When ever she mentions Taylor, she is a husband murderer. I think that is wrong and heartless and a lie. I am sure that she is trying to be funny but it comes of as hysteria blended with evil. She accused Lynn of going after her child. This women will stop at nothing to frame herself as victim #1, just to garner attention. JMHO.

          • Cartwheels says:

            I doubt there is any truth to it, she is probably using that rumor to get more hits to her column or blog

    • Very interesting! her “journalist” status should protect her from a lawsuit, she may have thought. Hobby bloggers aren’t journalists, so they are open to lawsuits from “celebrities.” But if she did commit libel, well then it’s on like donkey kong!

    • Powell says:

      Have you deciphered what Kyle is suing her for VV?

      • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

        I havent seen anything about Kyle being the one suing yet-Im looking around still. The witch blogger has not responded to the person who asked if the story was true…I cant wait till VV gets all the info!!!

        • VV says:

          She replied is not true.

          I am not bring sued. Thanks for asking though. Tweet on people.
          Sent 11 mins ago

          • Cartwheels says:

            so much for Bethenny using her friend Kyle to do her dirty work. I hope Bethenny never even acknowledges her, she is scum.

            • VV says:

              That would good. Except that B is known for holding grudges. I don’t think she’ll ever cut Iguana any slack.

              • Cartwheels says:

                Nor should she, she had tried to ride on her coattails with all her stupid commentaries trying to justify Jill’s actions and if there is any jsutification for it.
                The way he constantly antagonized Lynn is another thing that I would never forget.

                • VV says:

                  That’s why I still refer to her as Iguana…I don’t fully trust. She wrote nice about Lynn “after death”. “Of all” the bloggers out there hers was the most compelling to me. (I still don’t trust her though)

            • chismosa says:

              VV– i never saw the post on her jewish journal blog page that even MENTIONED Bethenny. Someone here said she had written about divorce and totally went after Bethenny. Didn’t see that at all— all about some ‘british prince’ or something like that. Was it a veiled thing against B?
              I didn’t get that…..

              • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

                Chimosa-the blog is there-I hate to even talk about this witch but she has had it out for Bethenny for years. The blog she wrote about her divorce was so stupid and you can just tell that she hates Bethenny-which is fine by me but she keeps saying that she doesnt hate her…its so annoying.

  24. I Need A Life! says:

    I have been obsessed with eating out lately. It has to do with these shows, especially Mob Wives. Going out with a friend/family for lunch or dinner isn’t something I thought about before. But now as I watch these girls out talking and eating, I find myself “NEEDING” to go out! I mentioned it to my daughter and she agreed that they make eating look so good.

  25. rabblerouser2010R says:

    I came across this by chance…(someone mentioned it in a flyer talk forum that I like to lurk in) and thought that some of you might get a laugh. It’s kind of rated R because of the written content, so people with a PG sense of humor might not be amused. (but it’s not visually graffiti so it’s work place safe)


    • BB says:

      That is hilarious! Those Brits do have a way with words, don’t they?

    • Boobah says:

      O.M.G. I just giggled myself silly over this! LOL!!!!

    • princesspindy says:

      funny, funny, funny!!

    • thanks for the laughs Rabble! hysterical. Sounds like a dangerous hair removal product….here is my fave, ***put down your beverage & go to the bathroom before reading this *****

      I was bloody tired of my family jewels looking like Nottingham Forest, so I decided to give
      Veet a try.

      My first reaction was sheer horror as my foreskin smoldered into a heap of burnt epidermis along with the rest of my willy within a mere moment. It was literally a three alarm fire in my trousers, so I tried placing ice cubes adjacent to my genitalia and unfortunately, the ice stuck to the remains of what was formerly my rooster, (now hen) making the pain dramatically worse.

      In an ironic twist of fate, I ended up with both a circumcision & sex change that morning much to my wife’s chagrin.

      “The good news is, I can walk into any English Ladies’ loo and not be requested to leave. I have decided to legally change my name to Ms. Patsy Pecker, formerly Sir Peter Pecker.

    • Cartwheels says:

      OMG, I LMAO so hard that hubby came and got worried that I was reading that as a potential buyer so he just at me and said” oh, hell no”

    • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

      Holy Crap that was funny to read….I laughed my ass off!!!!

    • Laineylainey says:

      So funny!

  26. Powell says:

    When you all are in the grocery store line check out Traditional Home Feb/March issue. They have a 5 piece spread on B & Jason’s apt. It’s B & cookie. That apartment is decorated so beautifully.

  27. Boobah says:

    Mardrag – I read upthread about your brother. I am so sorry. Scientology (sp?) is pure evil. They robbed you and your family. Bastards.

    • Powell says:

      Totally. They know no shame Boobah.

    • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

      Poor Mar-that story is so sad. How can you make people stay away from their own family and tell them its for the better? So shady and scary!!

    • Thanks Boo & Everyone…it was, indeed, a sad part of our family story. This dastardly organization has no morals and I am truly do not understand how they are thriving and so many people still sing their praises. It boggles the mind.

      Hugs to you guys for your love & support! You rock my world! (in a good way!) 😛

  28. Powell says:

    Don’t forget Lance Armstrong on Oprah OWN at 9-10:30 est.

  29. BB says:

    RabbleRouser’s post upthread reminded me of this. It’s so funny.

  30. For those interested in the Scientology issue. Tony Ortega’s blog is excellent. Also there is a special on NBC Rock Center tonight on Scientology. More info here: http://tonyortega.org/2013/01/17/live-blogging-nbcs-rock-center-join-us-to-watch-paul-haggis-and-lawrence-wright/

    • BB says:

      Thanks Brigid. I saw the clips with Paul Haggis on Rock Center. It’s fascinating.

      • Wow….there are really a lot of people and reports coming out of the woodwork lately. i hope this sheds a harsh light on it and forces some changes.

        I saw Paul Haggis too BB. Of course, the resulting statements from Scientology are all the same….”these are false stories from disgruntled ex- followers, none of it is true…blah, blah, blah…..” Can’t they come up with anything better or more original? It is all the same verbiage. We all know denial usually means it’s true!

        • chismosa says:

          i hope it’s the first story, i will watch this on demand and unfortunately Rock Center on demand on my cable does not allow me to fast forward.

          If anyone wants to discuss this cult, allow me to join the convo, i know lots about it!

    • Powell says:

      It’s on 10pm est. I”ll have to set my dvr. Thks Brigid.

  31. Kats2 says:

    Anyone else think Top Chef is playing us with some manufactured drama this season? It just seems so silly that they eliminated Kristen and have this net of last chance kitchen. I don’t know I guess I come to a point with all shows on Bravo that they are far from reality.

    • VV says:

      If they continue with this unnecessary manufacture drama, they will lose me as a viewer.

      • Called A Princess... says:

        The manufactured drama is not new. It has been going on since season one of the show. To me the star of the show is the food, the rest is just fake and bake. JMHO.

        • VV says:

          I agree with you, but the better chef was not sacrificed at least not this early.

        • Katie (aka kats2) says:

          “The star of the show is the food” This is a very good point, now I need to see if I can watch without getting into the drama.

        • L.A. Chica says:

          I agree, CAP. I guess that’s why I never got into that show, even though I love food and admire Tom Coliccio.

  32. Nancy says:

    Anyone watching Lance Armstrong make a fool of himself?

  33. chismosa says:

    Spoiler- check– Project Runway:

    hi everyone- if anyone watches Project Runway can you please not post who wins? I wanted to come on and chat tonight – it was the only time i had– and don’t want any spoilers?
    If it’s a problem, i’ll check on out- no problem, just LET ME KNOW if you are going to say anything, thank you, so i can leave before i hear it, thank you so much!

    • L.A. Chica says:

      I watch PR and promise not to post anything. Of course, unless you’re in Hawaii or anywhere else west of California, I won’t know anything about it before you do! lol

      • chismosa says:

        thanks Chica– no i won’t post that either, i mean tomorrow’s blog i would assume it’s good to say ‘oh i’m glad —— went home’, just like Top Chef. But just wanted to say because i am interested to see who wins but wanted to catch up and chat since i haven’t been able to come on any regular time lately,

    • Laineylainey says:

      Watching my DVr recording now.

  34. Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

    Does anyone watch Scandal? I know Detox does…I miss that girl!!

  35. chismosa says:

    just a post about the Scientology stuff—
    TexasTart- thank you i am going to catch the rerun this weekend, it’s on my dvr already.

    —- Katie Holmes was recruited, as the #4 pick, after Lindsay Lohan (back when she was great), Scarlett Johannsson, and some others– as the next wife for Tom Cruise. It was ALL CALCULATED. Katie was not the #1 pick to be his next wife.
    I am torn as to whether i feel Tom Cruise is actually gay or if he is, as they say, asexual. Too into his ego to be into something like ‘sex’.

    I have a 2nd cousin (or whatever you call my father’s 1st cousin’s child— a ‘once removed’ thing? i never get it right)– who has sucked his family’s hard-earned 100 hrs. a week/ running a restaurant money into this. Down in Clearwater, FL. But even before i knew about him being in this— i knew and hated all about Scientology. ps- stay away from Clearwater if you don’t care for this cult.

    It IS an insult and i do not call it a ‘religion’ without putting quotes around it. What makes me sad is to hear the wonderful actors and actresses (not Travolta, Kirstie Allie, Cruise)- who are actually followers. For instance Peggy on Mad Men, devout. Jenna Elfman, devout. Young actress on Parenthood, Erika Christiansen- devout. There was another, i can’t remember who, whom i love- and i hated finding out they are indeed one as well. You can easily do a Wiki search on who is.

    I also believe Will Smith is one and is not vocal about it. He put money behind a Scientology-based school. It is very quiet but it is out there. I think he just hasn’t given the ‘go ahead’ for the Sci higher ups to ‘claim’ him as one of theirs. There is always the theory of the gay actors being hidden behind scientology thing, and people do question Will’s sexuality sometimes, so……

    It’s not a religion, it’s disgusting. Besides it simply sounding like the plot of the show V, or from a Twilight Zone like you all said above, — it is harmful and very hurtful and has KILLED PEOPLE (based on health ‘cleanses’ and such) but is so well-run litigiously with about 10000 lawyers on retainer, it never gets out in the open.

    The movie recently, The Master (Amy Adams, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Joaquin Phoenix) – is one to watch, based on L.Ron Hubbard. I don’t know how the director and his partner Maya Rudolph have not been in some ‘accident’ after he made that movie. The director is friends with Tom so i think he made peace with Tom before the movie was released. For his own safety!!!

    I’m sorry, i’m loud and proud about my absolute hatred for Scientology and Mormons. They are both insulting to me as someone who has studied and been part of ‘religions’.

    ok rant over!

    • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

      I have to come back and read this post after Scandal…Im so intrigued my all things cult-like…so scary and creepy

    • Sus says:

      Can you imagine the casino that would have resulted with Lindsay Lohan and Tom Cruise???
      After Katie left I got curious and took the Scientology Personality Test. They sent me vague results and DVDs about Scientology. A lady keeps emailing me to either come in and get the results in person or at least by phone.
      I’m too scared now to even do it by phone. I’ve read in some forums that basically they tear you down so that Scientology can bring me back up.

      • L.A. Chica says:

        I’ve heard they are VERY high pressure and don’t give up easily. I would be too afraid to get the results in person! And I’d probably use a throw away cell phone to do it by phone. And then I’d move, change my name, and have plastic surgery… 😉

        • Nancy says:

          LOL The hospital I trained in was right across the street from these people.
          They were always trying to hand us their literature.

  36. Laineylainey says:

    This is is random, but I think Stephan on TC is sexy.

    • chismosa says:

      i only saw him on his original season (why did they bring him back this season?) but i’m off of Top Chef for now so i am not following Lainey, but i find him sexy too.
      He was hitting on the lesbian chick back on his old season, i remember, so funny

  37. Sus says:

    It sucks to be Lance Armstrong. He came clean and didn’t blame anyone else besides himself. I kind of didn’t realize how big this is. His whole life is done. He seemed kind of shell shocked. He was arrogant enough to believe he’d never get caught.

    It was extremely uncomfortable when Oprah asked about Barbara Andeiu. He said some miserable things about her. It was kind of funny though, he didn’t disagree with anything except calling her fat.

    During a preview for part II – Nike (I think) dropped his sponsorship which meant $75 million dollars was gone. Just exactly what do these people do for that kind of money? Nike can afford $75 million dollars to one guy that doesn’t even work for them every day? I’m scared to google Nike and see that they are paying Chinese workers .70 cents a day to make tennis shoes.

    Questions I want asked because I’m nosy:
    Did you get divorced because you acting like an asshole because of the doping. (I don’t know what doping does.)
    Any chance you’ll get back together with your wife?

    Disclaimer – I read his cancer book while I was sick and he aggravated me by his arrogance. I almost didn’t finish it but at the time I had a psychotic thing that I had to finish any book I started. His mother and him are extremely close and she raised him to believe that the world was his. Whatever he was into, his mom made sure he had the best and was the best. Lance believed her and took it as far as he could go.

    • Nancy says:

      “At least I didn’t call her fat” That was so funny! Esp because he was sitting next
      to Ophra. I was waiting for her to go postal on him.
      I do feel sorry for his mother though. Could you imagine?

      • Sus says:

        I know it. I was cracking up!

        It’s hard for me to believe that mom didn’t know. But who knows. I hope Oprah asks.

  38. VV says:

    Bethenny’s Hong Kong trip via twitter:

    I am about to do something very spontaneous & impulsive which I never do anymore. How often do you do it? 4:00pm – 19 Oct 12

    I’m going to Hong Kong for almost a week.I’ve never left Bryn for more than a day or two except for biz & it’s giving me anxiety. 5:14pm – 19 Oct 12

    I’m going on a solo day trip in Hong Kong today! What an adventure! 8:49pm – 21 Oct 12

    I has a terrifying food allergy emergency today. Been in bed for hours. So scary. I’ll tell u all when I come home. Xo 5:24am – 23 Oct 12

    She interacted with followers, tweeted about jet lag, etc etc

    • VV says:

      Days after she came back from HK. Hurricane Sandy happened. She tweeted about it and how she and Jason were coping. Nov 1 her birthday more tweets of her and Jason ( very unusual fir her to tweet about Jason so much) November 10 she posted the cryptic pic (IMO) on Instagram.

      View this post on Instagram

      Bryan spilled the beans

      A post shared by Bethenny Frankel (@bethennyfrankel) on

      Next tweet she mentions Jason Dec 9 twice on two separate tweets she lets us know Jason was on a golf trip. We know what happened a few weeks later.

    • chismosa says:

      Vv hi! I’m so onto this. If indeed this was a “”very old, dear” friend of hers then where has he been all these seasons? How come we’ve never seen nor heard of him before? She would have talked about him, Sonja would have made jokes about him since she was friends with this rich eligible guy haha, she would have gone out with him with Jason, etc. so…….this is a good friend?

      Also you mentioned something about Ginny Hilfiger – we never aw Ginny AFTER season 1 of HWs so are they not friends anymore ? Ginny was not at the wedding nor on any Ever After? So interesting ………

      This is a BAD look no matter what. This apartment you love so much? With so many square feet she could easily be in there and Jason could be miles and miles away in the apartment , like Will & Grace when they moved to that huge apartment and couldn’t find each other.

        • chismosa says:

          So the ex of this Liechtenstein guy was friends with Tommy Hilfiger, who we know is or was, friends with Beth. And what was the issue with Ginny ? Are she and Beth no longer friendly?

      • PJ says:

        No one wants to live in the same apartment with someone they are divorcing. We don’t know what was going on.

      • Cartwheels says:

        They have known each other for ten years, so my initial thought is that they met when Bethenny was catering parties for the wealthy, as in a boss-employee relationship and then became friends, not like best friends, but like every once in a while acquantainces. Once Bethenny became a business women and has money to invest, then they became closer, again not as best friends, just closer. He surprised her by asking her to come to Honk Kong with him, he has investments in the food industry so maybe a prospect or possibility for Bethenny to expand the market of her products. Bethenny is all about business after all.
        The trip made them closer and I am sure they saw each other during Bethenny’s trip to Aspen. It doesn’t surpise me he offered her his apartment. He doesn’t live there, he lives in Aspen, I remember when this client offered Jeff Lewis to use her house in Mexico, that is how the wealthy do it.
        The article saying that she moved in with him is misleading at best because he is currently living in his house in Aspen, note that this is not the only apartment he has in NYC, according to other articles he has major real state investment properties all over the world.
        This guy used to be engaged to Anabelle Bond, if you google her, you would realize that if this guy didn’t marry this woman, he would never marry anybody, she is beyond gorgeous and acomplished.
        When Reese Weatherspoon offered R. Pattinson her house to nurse his broken heart after the break up with Kristen, nobody made any innuendo out of it. Wealthy people letting others stay in their properties is not a novel concept, happens all the time.

    • Cartwheels says:

      what? she was tweeting about the trip?
      Bethenny must have lost her mind, there she is having a torric affair with a billionaire and she is wasting her time and leaving all kinds of evidence everywhere about her cheating ways?
      Going solo on a trip to the city? what kind of lover is Warren that leaves her alone? wouldn’t you want the best bang for your buck?

      LOL, I am sorry this makes me laugh, but if you are cheating on your husband wouldn’t you want to be a little bit more discrete? I think she accepted the invitation because she has never been in Asia and the possibilities of her products reaching those markets are cause of real excitement for anybody, even the wealthy.
      Of course this guy went on business so he couldn’t babysit her all day long every day, but what do I know? The press has already moved on to another target today and now they are investigating everything about the guy who had some drinks with her in LA a couple of days ago. The guy in his 50’s who dared to have drinks with her in public, yeap, that one.

      Another day, another lover. I never pegged Bethenny as an insatiable women but I guess I was wrong.

      P.S. V.V. My sarcasm is not directed at you but at the situation.

      • VV says:

        You might have a point. I think these many leaks can only come from her camp to keep her name out there and people distracted about frivolous things. The friendly divorce is turning ugly.

        • Cartwheels says:

          I am more inclined to believe that the leaks are coming from some of Jason’s well intentioned friends, maybe they figure the more she wants to avoid more scandal, the better Jason’s case is to have his demands meet.
          I am almost picturing all his frat boy friends now in Bethenny’s apartment living it up and enjoying the great space. They were a rough bunch.

  39. BB says:

    It’s snowing here in Southeast Virginia. Not expecting much of an accumulation though.

    • Nancy says:

      I am soooooooooo jealous! Send some our way please.

      • BB says:

        It’s pretty to look at, but I hope it’s not bad because we’re supposed to go to the OBX tomorrow for the weekend.

        • Nancy says:

          I’m still jealous. BTW I’m very proud of you for having your colonoscopy.
          My sister who runs the GI Lab in her hospital made me have one as soon as
          we moved down here. It wasn’t that bad but I was glad when it was over.

          • BB says:

            It was my third one since my brother had colon cancer.

            • Nancy says:

              That’s scary. Is he ok? (I’m afraid to ask)
              Our Uncle died from it.

              • BB says:

                He died five years ago at the age of 54.

                • Nancy says:

                  I remember now. You were really close to him. (((BB)))
                  He was so young. 😦

                  • BB says:

                    Yes, the sad thing is the doctor said he had had it for at least eight years. He had no symptoms until he started having back pain. It didn’t take long for the diagnosis but during surgery it was discovered that the cancer had wrapped around a main artery and it was too dangerous to try to remove it. He lived four years after that and it amazed the doctor that he made it that long. Nobody in our family had ever had any type of cancer before that.

                    • Nancy says:

                      What a shame. My uncle was the same. He was the first in our family.
                      I bet it broke your parents heart.

                    • L.A. Chica says:

                      I’m sorry, BB. It sounds like if your uncle had followed the usual advice about getting a first colonoscopy at 50 then the result would have been the same. And without prior family history to nudge him how could he have known to do it earlier? I don’t think it was his fault, most people aren’t attuned to their bodies – it’s not part of American culture, unfortunately. (((BB)))

            • LA_Debra says:

              You know, BB, hearing your family story and seeing how you handled your colonoscopy is helping me face the fact that I’m being very stupid in not getting one. Thank you for your honesty, and thank you for helping me face this irrational avoidance. I am hoping that I will be an adult and just get this done this year.

              • L.A. Chica says:

                LA_Debra, if you want a referral let me know (assuming LA=Los Angeles and not Louisiana!). I have the procedure done every 5 years and just made the appointment for the next one.

                My grandfather died of colon cancer back in the 1980s. My father was diagnosed a little over a year ago but he was very lucky: the tumor was localized and easy to remove, so Dad is fine now.

                I go every 5 years not only due to family history but because I insisted on getting a colonoscopy when I was 40. I’ll never forget meeting with the doctor and telling him I wanted it done, he just looked at me and said, “You’re only 40, why are you here?” I explained that I’d just come out of an extremely stressful period of my life that included some traumatic experiences and that I knew I held my stress in my gut. Also, my grandfather…

                So I had the colonoscopy and a benign polyp was found and removed. When I woke up from the procedure the doctor told me I was fine but that it was a good thing I insisted in coming in, because while the polyp was benign *now* I may not have been so lucky had I waited another 10 years.

                Getting a colonoscopy is really not a big deal, imho. You’re put under anesthesia and you don’t feel anything. Honestly, the worst part is before the procedure when you have to drink that stuff that clears your intestines. Just don’t plan on going out the night before because you’ll be spending a lot of time in the bathroom! Lol

                I hope you’ll go ahead and do it, it really could save your life.

  40. BB says:

    I just heard thunder. That’s weird that it’s snowing and thundering, but it’s happened here before.

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