Adrienne’s Surrogacy Confirmed by Kyle Richards – Let’s Chat – Real Housewives of Atlanta and Shahs of Sunset

Thanks to our Shadowsnomore and Barkley4, it’s been confirmed that the big SECRET is the surrogacy (and possibly more).  In part 2 of the Bravo Preview clips for Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, at around the 7 or 8 second mark, Yolanda says “Taylor stop talking nonsense.”    Tune this out and look at Kyle in the background.  She clearly says to someone “It’s not about the surrogacy thing,”  in a lecturing voice.  Her words are clear and distinct if you can focus on them.

And there we have it – at least part of the secret is about Adrienne using a surrogate.  Whether or not Brandi talked about Paul and Adrienne’s crumbling marriage as well, etc., still needs to be seen.  THANK YOU KYLE AND THANK YOU BRAVO.


Let’s chat

Real Housewives of Atlanta

Tonight on Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kenya decides to get back at Phaedra and make her own workout video called Stallion Booty.  The problem I have with this is seems like more manufactured drama by Kenya.  Her Walter storyline wore thing and she’s moved on to other things.  Clearly we haven’t seen any video from her – instead she cut a single in a hot minute based on her Gone with the Wind line.  Phaedra is going to fight back against Kenya – and expose some of her secrets.

In another story line arc, NeNe is back from LA and we’ll see her cute granddaughter again.  I’m glad – if NeNe filmed the remainder of the season in LA and didn’t interact with her castmates, it would make for a boring show.

And finally Cynthia is casting for a charity run, and Kenya will bring her drama.

Shahs of Sunset

I’m not sure how much longer I’ll hang in watching this show – Lilly’s voice gets on my last nerve.

Tonight’s episode finds the group back in LA.  Asa is working on her diamond water idea, and finally has an investor.  How in the world does this woman get her money?  We learned last week that she hasn’t ever even done a live Pop Princess performance. GG is still trying to get someone to film with her – and will question MJ about their friendship.  But her screen time will be with Omid.

Mike brings his (Italian) girlfriend, Jessica, to his family’s Shabbat dinner.  That’s probably going to be a little tense – but we’ve now learned that Mike is not the sharpest tack, so Mom should probably just be happy he isn’t bringing home a hot mess.

Reza brings Mike, MJ, and Asa to Great Neck for his family’s Rosh Hashanah celebration.  Hopefully he’ll confront and move past some of his demons.   Thankfully, no mention of the annoying Lilly.

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231 Responses to Adrienne’s Surrogacy Confirmed by Kyle Richards – Let’s Chat – Real Housewives of Atlanta and Shahs of Sunset

  1. Powell says:

    Good evening. Hey Miss Nancy. 49ers are going to the Big Game. 🙂

  2. Rebecca says:

    Kylie’s icky. Kim’s icky. Adrienne’s icky. Taylor is icky. Why can’t this just be Lisa V. & friends?

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      My hope is that Bravo is going after what we all want to see from BH – Lisa, Yolanda and Marisa (both keepers), Camille and Brandi while they weed out the bottom feeders – Kyle, Kim, Taylor and Adrienne and stop with the disgusting set up nasties like Bernie and Faye.

      • Powell says:

        Adrienne & Taylor will be gone but I don’t believe the others will.

        • L.A. Chica says:

          Good riddance to those two. As for the Richards sisters, maybe the plan is for their storyline to have a redemption and reconciliation arc.

  3. Its Adrianne,s life and secret and brandi had NO right to mention anything about it or that she had some secret. Brandi is too nosey for her own good. I think how any woman chooses to welcome a baby into their life iz their own buissness.

  4. Powell says:

    NMD thks to you and Shadowsnomore and Barkley4 for the confirmation of what the family here had figured out. A & P used a surrogate. I’m sorry that Brandi brought it out there because it’s obvious that A & P’s boys didn’t know this information and I suppose they were waiting for the right time in their lives to tell them. It’s certainly nothing to be ashamed of & I applaud them for using medical intervention to give them the family they wanted. The whole point is that they have the children they always wanted. Now as far as suing Brandi for telling the truth I don’t quite understand that.

    • NJBev says:

      well said, Powell.

    • L.A. Chica says:


    • L.A. Chica says:

      It’s too bad they weren’t as open about it with their children as Camille is with hers (I’m assuming she is since she’s never tried to hide it). Secrets and lies within families never lead to anything good, imo.

    • L.A. Chica says:

      Sorry to keep posting, but another thought came to mind: why on earth did Adrienne lie on camera and say she had a c-section? I understand that surrogacy is a private matter but again, lying is not the answer. It would have been better had she just kept her big mouth shut. Makes me wonder if she’s pathological, given some of her other behavior.

  5. Glimmer88 says:

    I couldn’t locate the part where Kyle says that. I watched the clip twice. Can someone post just that part?

  6. princesspindy says:

    It is at about 00:10 on the link that Icenfire posted

  7. If Adrienne was planning on not telling her children (which is completely up to her and Paul) then they shouldn’t have told anyone who they couldn’t trust to keep it a secret. Someone told Brandi. You can’t go on a reality show, attack your cast mates, and expect them to be loyal to you.

    • trudie says:

      Unless she left town for at least 5 months prior to the birth of her children, I don’t see how the use of surrogates could have been kept a secret from the people of BH.

      • L.A. Chica says:

        My thinking exactly. But I think it was a mistake to have not been open with their children about it, to avoid such unplanned disclosures. If not Brandi on TV, then possibly some kid at school who overheard their mom or dad gossiping about it.

      • Beckygrey says:

        Preggy Pillows…..When the surrogate goes into labor Adrienne goes to the hospital.

  8. I have NO problem with anyone using a surrogate to have a family. I think it is a wonderful option for those who can’t conceive or have medical issues that prevent them from naturally having a child. I think Guilianna Rancic handled her surrogacy beautifully and her son will forever know how much he was desired & loved. The problem I have with Adrienne is the lies she spun in the first place about her “childbirth” of the boys. IMO this could someday make her sons wonder is she was ashamed at how they where concieved.
    Brandi only shared this because Kyle insisted on knowing why Brandi thought Adrienne was lying about a book deal and a liar in general. Was it wise to devulge this….no but again I believe Brandi was sick of Adrienne’s attacks and false front of being a nice girl.
    What I don’t understand is why Adrienne and Paul would go on a reality show and not expect something like this to be exposed. Bravo has allowed addictions, domestic violence, fraud and other secrets to be exposed so why did Adrienne feel she was immuned to potential outing? I just find it very narcisstic of her. A&P reaction to it made it into more than what it should have been. Adrienne had the opportunity to turn this around in her favor but she blew it in the verbal snips,accusations and threats of lawsuits toward Brandi. Adrienne could have said something like “I couldn’t have children but we wanted our boys so badly we chose that route. We are disappointed that Brandi exposed this when we where waiting for the right time to tell our sons and we wanted to protect their privacy”. She would have garnered so much more support and sympathy. Now she just appears vindictive.

  9. WindyCityWondering says:

    I really think that all the crap that was published about Brandi after the reunion was Adrienne’s doing as pay back for Brandi spilling the beans on the set up of Lisa meeting. Brandi hasn’t told what was done to her after the reunion, but we who follow know. Adrienne isn’t willing to address this and went legal on Brandi in an attempt to prevent Brandi from saying anything about her or her family. IMO, the fall out from this is what caused Paul to divorce her.

    • Nancy says:

      I still can’t understand what grounds they have to sew Brandi.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        I think they want Brandi to sign a document stating that she will not talk about them or their family. I don’t think they have defensible grounds to sue her and it is like the cast is saying – purely trying to intimidate Brandi.

        • Nancy says:

          The first amendment. She can say whatever she wants as long as it’s true, no?

          • ladyfriendlove says:

            Couldn’t help delurking to comment here! I’m in law school and taking a class on the 1st Amendment at the moment.
            A necessary element of any defamation claim is that the statement was false. Not only must the statement be false to have an actionable claim, but (I THINK) Adrienne would have to prove/provide some kind of evidence that the statement was false.
            I’m honestly shocked that Bravo let this slip through!

      • Powell says:

        I don’t either Nancy.

    • Powell says:

      That sounds logical WCW.

    • L.A. Chica says:


      • L.A. Chica says:

        Shit. That was supposed to go below Stars99 asking if we can’t sue Bravo for inhumane treatment.

        But as long as I’m here, WCW what did Adrienne do to Brandi after the reunion? I don’t follow much between seasons.

  10. NJBev says:

    @Melthehound, I just read your AI post over at Empress’ site.
    It is really good.

  11. BB says:

    I wonder how much Adrienne is paying her boy toy and how much she had to pay the photog to come take this picture. It’s so staged. Gag me with a spoon.

  12. I don’t agree that telling the truth about someone is defamatory or character assassination.If it where a lie it would be. Going to the tabloids to spread rumors about an affair with a married producer of the show,drug use and alcohol abuse,and all the other nasty rumours spread to attack and hurt Brandi are.
    Kim said in the clip that “you don’t say bad things about other people you jeapardize your job” confirms to me that Adrienne was trying to get Brandi fired from the show. Brandi said in an interview before the start of the season that one of the housewives was actively trying to get her fired.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Lisa let Adrienne’s antics slide and forced her to apologize. Maybe since Adrienne can’t take Lisa down she is going after her friend Brandi? IMO, Adrienne is a sore loser and a vengeful person.

  13. I suppose I should put one Atl comment in the chat blog – Kenya is starting to grow on me and Aiden is cute.

  14. Asa is full of crap = diamonds are just another mineral that are rare (mainly due the virtual monopoly on them for years) and therefore expensive.

    • NJBev says:

      What an idiot. She can’t pay her rent but she’s buying
      diamonds. what an idiot. i’m sorry- I don’t like
      to talk like that but omg………

      • Stars99 says:

        I’m wondering when she’s gonna dig up the area outside her door to get to the significant amount of money they laid in the cement… I can’t remember how much… or in what form – for some reason $40,000 is in my brain – but don’t hold me to it… and… btw… the ONLY thing that I find more repulsive than drinking black water…. is drinking water energized with crushed diamonds no matter how you slice it…

    • chismosa says:

      I wonder if she cares about the blood diamonds issue. Something tells me she doesn’t

  15. stellastars21 says:

    Totally off topic but I’m watching What Would You Do and it’s dealing with the topic of gastric bypass. Dr Oz is there and he said that even if you’re 30 lbs over weight and you have a medical problem and diet and exercise don’t work that insurance says it is ok. I’ve never heard that before. That was his answer to when is it ok to get the surgery.

  16. Stars99 says:

    I warned ya’ll… if the “big secret” aka “the secret blurted round the world” is only about surrogacy… that I would flip my fig. No, really… seriously…

  17. Nancy says:

    Michelle Kwan got married today. 🙂

    • Stars99 says:

      I’m so happy for her… = )

      • Nancy says:

        Me too. She’s waited a long time for this.

        • Stars99 says:

          btw… Debbie Thomas is a surgeon at the hospital where my hubster’s mom works in Virginia….

          • Nancy says:

            How cool. I knew she went to Standford. She was a very sore loser though at the

            • Stars99 says:

              Yeah, it was funny… I was talking to my MIL on the phone… and she was trying to remember her name… and when she came up with it… i was like… ohholynightthestarsarebrightlyshining… I watched her career very, very closely… Also, yesterday, when I was watching ESPN… while talking about today’s game, the Raven’s defensive coordinator was quoted, “The only way to stop Brady is hire Tonya Harding.”

    • Powell says:

      Oh good for her.

  18. chismosa says:

    Programming note for anyone interested: theres a big Bethenny Ever After – the bad year- marathon tomorrow. I’m contemplating dvr’ing.

    Was this the only blog for today? I think I can’t tell correctly on here. ….

    Have a great Sunday night everyone! Hope it’s not just great but Gone With the Wind Fabulous.
    I’m interested to see if kandi has the ring on tonight that she supposedly picked out for Todd to get her. Wonder if he paid for it too. 😉

  19. Shahs–kids @ grams and hubby and I are a bit tipsy but did I just see Asa’s HUGE bedazzled thong??? Hope I wasn’t imagining it LMAO

  20. Nancy says:

    Wave goodbye to Tom Brady. The brothers are going to the Super Bowl.
    I kind of feel sorry for their parents. lol

  21. Nancy says:

    I love it when both coaches act like gentlemen at the end of the game.

  22. keida says:

    My question what is Kenya supposed to be paid is she only supposed to be paid for the back end or she going to be paid out some other fee? because according to nene’s Twitter Kenya’s not going to get paid because Phaedra wants her to work for free. for me I thought a backend was she will be paid 10% of all the sales from each DVD sold. I can see how this kind of deal would be typical for Kenya with a new-to-the-business person but I don’t see her getting away with that with Phaedra cuz she’s an attorney, I don’t see that at all.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      If Kenya brings a production firm to the table than she might get a finders fee. If Kenya brings a distribution channel to the table, again it is a finders fee – no way would she be entitled to even ask for a percentage of the DVD sales! She is crazy shady.

    • Powell says:

      Keida the 10% on the backend sounded good to me but not the $100,000 she wanted to male the video. And yes Phaedra wanted Kenya Cynthia to work for free. I tweeted Phaedra and said I don’t know why they always try to do biz together because season after season it has not worked w/these ladies.

      • iceNfire says:

        Yes, this is what I always thought. Kenya was asking for $100,000 in production fee, would spend $25,000 on prodution cost and keep the change.

      • keida says:

        I would expect Phaedra to reliaze they would want to be paid. She charged Sheree. I can see how thry all 3 could share in the success, $$-wise. But I don’t c Phaedra agreeing to give Kenya 10% of the back end. Phaedra is an atty, she knows how to read contracts n she’s not new to the business. She ain’t gonna fall for a “standard contract” for “inexperienced”. ppl. It’s the same thing with Kandi. She wouldn’t fall for a contract that gave a famous singer writer credit when she wrote the song (supposedly what Beyonce had songwriters do).

    • Beckygrey says:

      Kenya’s company was producing the video.She was receiving a flat fee that she and Phaedra agreed. Kenya, on her own, found a distributor and wanted %10 for the life of the video. What Phaedra didn’t hear was that the distributor deal would front the cost of production plus Kenya’s fee and the percentage off the back was the finder’s fee. The distribution company would absorb all risk and cost.
      Kenya’s problem is that she should have said that she was trying to look for a distributors deal to absorb the cost for a backend percentage. Then there would not be a problem. Kenya assumed a lot and that’s where she made her second mistake. The first mistake was doing business with a friend. (Ask Kandi)

  23. Powell says:

    Now all of a sudden Kenya doesn’t know why someone wants a donkey booty. Sour grapes. Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm.

  24. I know that some believe that Adrienne’s surrogacy wasn’t Brandi’s right to expose. That it was a private matter involing children and could potentially hurt them. True, but why do a reality show if you don’t want to risk exposure? I would argue that exposing someones alcohol/drug abuse, accusations of domestic violence and fraudulent activities are also private and potentialy damaging for children also. If you have secrets don’t do reality TV.
    A&P could have used the opportunity to show their sons how very much they wanted them and what they where willing to do to have them.
    I don’t feel any empathy for Adrienne because of how she handled Brandi before and during filming. I do believe she is mean and vindictive.
    I think Adrienne did more damage to her children during her very public and dirty divorce from Paul than Brandi’s outing could ever have done.
    Adrienne accused Paul of awful things. Spouse abuse, threatening her with a gun,child abuse,ect. Paul was cleared of all those accusations. Adrienne was pissed when she thought Lisa was going to possibly vouch for Paul if it went to a court hearing. Carnival workers and a social worker cleared Paul of the accusation Adrienne made when one of her son’s broke his hand during Paul’s visitation.Adrienne is just hateful and vile and will use anyone(chef Bernie) and anything to get her way and control things to her liking. That’s why VileKyle,MO,Kim and Fayke disgust me so much. They are her tools and I’m sure they thought they had more to gain being aligned with Adrienne.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Kyle, Mo, Kim and Faye are backing the wrong horse. Adrienne is not being truthful. And I think when Paul found out about what she had done, he split too.

    • Nancy says:

      You are on a roll tonight. Welcome back. 🙂

      • Just tired of the gangbang against Brandi. I like her and can relate to her somewhat. I was vulnerable after my divorce and I had NO tolerance for LIES and HYPOCRISY. I dealt enough with those during my marriage. Even little white lies pissed me off for the longest time. Better now but I went throught counseling to help me build back my esteem and deal with people without. Had to learn to trust again. I see Brandi dealing with some of the same issues I dealt with. Plus Brandi gets attacked by not only Adrienne’s people but Leann’s too. It must get old. It’s got to be wearing.

    • Powell says:

      That’s why I don’t believe Adrienne is a good biz woman. She doesn’t know opportunities. When Lisa called her shoes “The Maloof Hoof” she should have been all over that and told Lisa she liked that and asked if she coul use it. Surrogacy could have been her storyline this season. She could have told her story, shown her advocacy for Surrogates. No. She gets high and mighty and plots against Lisa and sues Brandi. Idiot.

    • Powell says:

      Also when this all shakes out watch Kyle switch teams and be on Brandi’s side. Kyle isn’t loyal, she’s only loyal for the moment. She sits on the fence.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        I was surprised that Kyle said Adrienne was intimidating Brandi during that dinner. IMO, Kyle knows what the “lawsuit” contents are and shared that with Mauricio – which might explain his aggressive behavior towards Brandi.

    • L.A. Chica says:

      Very well said, shadowsnomore!

  25. WindyCityWondering says:

    Wishful thinking on my part – David Zanuck was watching Brandi closely when she defended herself against Mauricio – I want him to put her in a movie!

  26. L.A. Chica says:

    About Shas of Sunset, I haven’t watched any of this season. Is Lilly the new girl with the oh-so-fake boobs?

    • Nancy says:

      By the mile. They looks rediclulas.

      • L.A. Chica says:

        They sure do. Actually, it was seeing her thrusting her fake chest in the TV commercials that made me decide not to watch the show. I’m not against anyone getting a boob job if it makes them feel better, but she just left me with the impression that her boobs, fake as they are, are her best asset and it made me wonder if she had nothing more to offer the world. And then I got bored and stopped wondering.

    • Powell says:

      They’re so fake they look like they hurt. Ouchhhh.

  27. Cartwheels says:

    I know I am in the minority and that is perfectly fine but I have already explain my thinking and will do it again.
    I think that Branid was looking for exposure and get on Lisa’s good graces when she made up the lie about the meeting, there was never a meeting, all the other ladies have said so, Camille, Kyle, Taylor (I knwo they are not the most reliable withness) but one by one Brandi has cleared them out by either not confronting them or even forgetting that they were supposed to be in this meeting according to her original statement.
    I have the feeling that the one who wanted to convince Brandi to show her loyalty to Adrienne and talk crap about Lisa was Berni , he might have been acting on Adrienne’s behalf but I think he is crazy enough to play solo. Brandi has said that Adrienne nevr contacted personally regarding such “Plot meeting” but she heard about it about somebody close to her.
    Adrienne has made two monumental mistakes, to confront Lisa with the selling stories without having factual evidence and befriended that crazy chef, that has been her demise.

    As far as the phone or harrasment that Brandi is talking about happened after the reunion, my idea is that Adrienne was calling Brandi to explain her the situation and how the meeting never happened or find who told her such information and try to convince Brandi of the misundertsanding that had happened. The same way that Lisa got so upset about Adrienne slandering her name, I am assuming that Adrienne was upset at Brandi for going as far as blurt in the reunion that there was such a meeting without one shred of evidence. Brandi didn’t mentioned it as a rumor, or I heard, she mentioned it like a fact.

    I am sure words were back and forth and then it was obvious that nobody was going to move one inch out of their position and that is how they broke up.
    It is true that Adrienne, shoulda, coulda, woulda tell the truth to her kids about their birth but the bottom line is that this information was not frivolous gossip, this information was intimate, even if the other HW knew and never said a word, even if the whole BH knew about it, Brandi used this delicate information to hurt Adrienne and in the process her kids and that to me is unexcusable.
    There were so many things that Brandi could have used, she could have used infromation that Bernie told her, other friends told her , but why use this particular piece of information.
    Does Brandi doesn’t have one ounce of common sense to know that this kind of information, whether she was told or not, whether she was warned directly or inderectly about it , is not the kind of information that should be on a reality TV show?
    Brandi is not stupid, she has moments of clarity now and then, she can’t be that dense to realize that this particular information was not fair game.
    Adrienne on the same token was out of line for talking about Brandi and her parenting skills or abuse of drugs, but Adrienne said it in the heat of the moment, enraged for what she had just learned, it doesn’t excuse her but I understand why she said it. Brandi, on the other hand, was not drunk, she was not in a fit of rage, she was perfectly calm and it is something that she had planned all along and that is why she asked Adrienne during the trip to Ohai about her pregnancy. The topic was started by Yolanda but Brandi very quickly took it from there and started asking about pregnancies and then zeroed on Adrienne. When Brandi asked that question she already knew the answer so if she wanted to point that Adrienne is a liar, why not confronted her right there and then. Why wait for when she was not present? Because even then Brandi knew that this information should had not be the subject of any gossip.
    Brandi outed a secret that for one reason or another Adrienne had gone to great lenghts to keep underwraps and that to me doesn’t have any logical excuse.

    • Beckygrey says:

      I will read this in it’s entirety but I thought Camille did say that there was going to be a meeting to take Lisa down a peg.

      • Cartwheels says:

        Camille said that if there was a meeting, she was never invited. Kim was in rehab, Pam was non existant, Taylor has denied it and Kyle has denied it to Brandi’s face after the reunion in one of the first episodes of this season and Brandi has not corrected her at all.

      • Dixie says:

        Maybe the meeting was just supposed to be Adrienne and Brandi. I could see that Adrienne would assume Brandi, or anyone, would be willing to do her bidding. When Brandi refused, that put her on Adrienne’s list. And we have seen what happens to people that get on Adrienne’s list.

  28. iceNfire says:

    @ shadowsnomore – I don’t quite recall why your name is so familiar to me…were we discussing good books to read long ago? idk

  29. LA Debra says:

    Totally OT -anyone watch House of Lies? I watched season 1marathon and the new season just started. Don Cheatle and Kristen Bell. It’s really good. Sorta like a 21st century Mad Men (but about management consultants instead of ad men).

  30. NJBev says:

    What is Nene’s problem w/ Phaedra?
    Did I miss something?

    • Nancy says:

      I wondered that too.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      IMO, Nene never liked Phaedra probably because of the pregnancy storyline and the fact that Phaedra took a lot of attention away from Nene with her over the top southern belle persona.

      • LA Debra says:

        Nene called her Phakedra the first season.

      • chismosa says:

        Oh I thought its because nene couldn’t believe how over the top and high class Phaedra acted when she joined the cast and nene was like, girl I come from your area so please!
        Plus I thought Efedra used to claim she knew Nene more than she really did? That just all rubbed Nene the wrong way I thought. I find Ephedra quite insufferable though. Jmho

        • NJBev says:

          lmao… Efedra!! I never heard that one before-

          • chismosa says:

            Hey NJ Bev! how are you? We are never on here at the same time, i saw you on here the other night- i hope you are doing well in aftermath of Sandy.

            Last year i used to call her Ephedra all the time. Or the 1st season she was on, on Lynn’s blog. She’s funny but can get annoying to me sometimes i don’t know why.

      • Beckygrey says:

        I think it was the whole lying about premarital sex. Ms Phaedra got married after she was pregnant. She was so extra with it…she lied. Phaedra said that she grow up with Nene. Then she said it was her brother/s that were Nene’s age. So Phaedra was always lying about something. And then there is Dwight who was Nene’s friend and well he’s more Phaedra friend now.

        • chismosa says:

          Agreed Becky– there were lots of shady things going on with regards to Phedra and also of course, her dating/ marring Apollo, when they met.
          I’ll take a tell it like it is outward nutso like Nene anytime over Phedra. Phedra just oozes shadiness to me for some reason.

    • Cartwheels says:

      They never really got along due to Kim Z influence but I think they are just competitive with each other because I think their families come from the same town?

  31. Nancy says:

    Shas of Sunset was really touching tonight.

    • chismosa says:

      I don’t know if its enough to turn the viewers back to Reza. He’s been bad bad bad this season. IMO

      If I knew they were here in Long Island again in September I would have driven around to find them. Just 1 town away. Haha!

    • L.A. Chica says:

      What happened? I was very moved by the episode last season when Reza confronted his father. It made me cry for them.

      • Nancy says:

        He made peace with his grandmother. It was really touching.

      • chismosa says:

        Hola Chica- i’m not sure if you’re asking to me– about Reza and what happened in terms of him being bad in the viewers’ eyes or of what happened on the episode. In terms of viewers’ eyes, i believe many viewers have turned against him this season with his treatment of MJ and turnaround with Asa. Just from comments and tweets i have tried to read on blogs and stuff.

        As for reconciliation, yes that is wonderful and very heart-warming.

        • L.A. Chica says:

          Hola, chismosa! I was asking about what happened on the episode that was touching, but now that you mention it I was also curious about what Reza had done to be bad. Thanks for explaining! 🙂

  32. iceNfire says:

    Just as I was warming to Cynthia she took a left and turned shady. How can she call Kenya Gangsta? That’s an insult to Gangsta’s right?

  33. VV says:

    Bethenny tweeted 6 minutes ago

    “I love @PhaedraParks but a workout video can totally cost 100k & 10% is a totally fair commission to Kenya.”

    • djprincessc says:

      Thank you. Thats what I’ve been saying this entire time!!

      • chismosa says:

        Hey DJ! i’m team Kenya, sorry to say.
        Bethenny is weighing in? Oh lord she is trying for that once-a week ‘discuss all things Bravo’ show with Dandy like she said to him during her last wwh appearance when things were ‘fine’ with Jason. ha ha

        • LaineyLainey says:

          I would watch that. (I guess that’s not saying much, since I watch everything – except OC!!!!) haha!!

        • djprincessc says:

          Chismosa!! Hiiii!!!! Don’t be sorry bc I’m team Kenya as well! I couldn’t stand her when the show started but this whole thing with Phaedra has made me kinda like her! Sad too cus I loved Phaedra, and now I’m kinda not liking her. :/

      • Cartwheels says:

        I agree, the cost can be that much for a DVD recording studio in NYC, Atlanta??uhmmm not so sure, maybe some adjustments could have been made.
        The cost is not what is bothering me right now, what is bothering me is that Kenya by doing the same exact DVD is soming across as a copy cat and vindictive which is never good for business practices.
        I am asumming that after RHOA, she intends to continue doing businesses with other people, I can see how her credibility can be affected by this, after all who would want to share an idea with her or ask for a budget and then if it doesn’t work, get the same exact idea and make it work to her advantage.
        I am not sure that was a smart business decision that Kenya did by deciding to do the exact same project that Phaedra did. It does seem shady.

  34. Nancy says:

    Night night ladies. Tonight was a lot of fun. 🙂

    The 49ers are going to the Super Bowl! So happy.

    • L.A. Chica says:

      Good night, Nancy! And good night to everyone. It was a busy day and I’m officially pooped.

      Nancy, I’m very happy about the 49ers, too. 😀

  35. TexasTart says:

    So we know the big secret is about the surrogacy, because Kyle said “It’s not about the surrogacy.”

    ? 😕

    • L.A. Chica says:

      Hmmm… Did she say “It’s not about surrogacy” or “It’s not about THE surrogacy”? A slight but significant difference. Whichever, it sounds like there’s maybe more to the battle than a single issue.

      • TexasTart says:

        Hello LA Chica, what I don’t understand is the use of the word “NOT”…so I carried this over to the new blog, and posed the actual question.

  36. AZGirl says:

    Good morning everyone! Congrats to Nurse Nancy and BB on the 49rs win. Glad the Pat’s lost. Sick of Brady and his wife.
    Well done Shadowsnomore and Barkley4. I had to watch the clip a few times to pick up what Kyle was saying. Everyone was talking over each other. Bravo edititors probably did not think anyone would catch it.
    So now..WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL? Adrienne has herself to blame if she was trying to keep this a secret from her son’s. Adrienne should have followed Camille’s and Guiliani’s example on how to handle a surrogate pregnancy. There is nothing to hide. It is a beautiful option for those women who are unable to carry a pregnancy on their own.

    • Powell says:

      Hey AZGirl. You did your Pre-Inauguration workout?

      And yes A & P handled their son(s) birth very strangley IMO. I would think they’d discuss it w/their sons that they are even more special but hey what do I know. If I wanted it to remain “the family secret” I sure wouldn’t have gone on a reality tv show. Haven’t these people figured out that the viewers especially will uncover their secrets.

      • AZGirl says:

        Yep I did the workout! Had to get into the office so I am catching up on the president’s address on-line.
        ITA about how Paul and Adrienne should have discussed with their boys about being so very special. Especially in a “bedroom community” like BH nothing is safe. Adrienne is a very strange woman. S1 and S2 she seemed closer to Bernie the Chef than Paul and the boys.

    • L.A. Chica says:

      ITA. Secrets and lies within families can only lead to trouble.

  37. california35 says:

    really? so Kyle said that… and what is Mauricio going to say about that now? Is he going to treat her like he did Brandi ?

  38. california35 says:

    Chismosa – thanks for the heads up on BEA 🙂

  39. california35 says:

    about the surrogacy, i think is sooooo cool that it is possible. i understand it and think it is great! it probably cost a pretty penny, but being that many (me included) take their time to have children for different reasons (i am basically saying that people have children when they are older, not offending anyone). others have tried and tried, and cant get pregnant. Now there is that surrogacy alternative 🙂

  40. L.A. Chica says:

    Good morning! Has anyone seen this article at ESPN about the Maloofs coming to an agreement for selling the Kings?

    Pfffft. And not one mention of RHOBH. 😉

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