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Dance Moms Gossip by NoMoreDrama

My obsession with Dance Moms continues.  There is a tumblr account out there that is amazeballs.  It’s run by one of the coaches, and they post all sorts of photos and information, and answer a ton of questions about the show.  It’s a little addictive – like going through old blog comments.  Here are a few things I learned:

  • Jill (Kendall’s mom) was told by the producers to leave the Abby’s studio and go to Candy Apples for a few episodes (Season 2) in order to get a spot on the show.  She never really was part of Candy Apples.
  • Cathy is sort of like the Cathy we see on the show – ie. it’s not editing.
  • Jill is nothing like we see on the show – she’s really nice.
  • Other girls in Abby’s dance studio have been offered the chance to be on the show and have turned it down.
  • No girl on Abby’s dance team that has expressed interest in being on the show has been told no by the producers.
  • Paige, Nia, Maddie, and Chloe were all part of an existing competitive team, and join the team when they aren’t filming.  Brooke is more advanced, and MacKenzie is still in junior classes.
  • Ally was only cast for a few episodes of the show.
  • Sophia Lucia leaves to go home – I think next episode
  • They are filming now – maybe on episode 8 or 9.  At 13 they will take a break and then shoot the last 13 episodes later to end at nationals in the summer.
  • Christi was nice to Sophia Lucia and her mom; she’s being edited as the mean mom this year.
  • Melissa isn’t that sneaky – but she will do what it takes to get her kids Abby’s attention.
  • Abby is meaner than she is shown on TV.  She really did say awful things to Chloe.  She has apologized.  She was going through some stuff with her own mom at the time – not that it is any excuse.
  • Abby is hard on Paige because she reminds her of Kelly.  She is still resentful of Kelly for quitting.  Brooke used to be her favorite when she was Maddie’s age, so she’s nicer to her.
  • Brooke didn’t quit for cheerleading – that was staged.
  • Josh (from ALDC) didn’t really join Candy Apples – that was staged.
  • Everyone loves the crew – the producers not so much.  It’s the producer’s way or no show.
  • Each episode takes a week to film.
  • Chloe didn’t go to Joffry Ballet in the summer because they were filming.
  • The moms don’t really shout and storm out when they aren’t being filmed.
  • The moms don’t usually watch practice – they have to when they are filming.
  • Abby’s pyramid is just for the show.
  • Brooke didn’t dance last week because of her back (Abby didn’t cut her randomly).
  • Abby Lee Ultimate Dance Competition will be back for a second season – they are already casting.
  • The girls miss one or two days of school a week when filming for the show.  They all get A’s.

Spoiler alert – Chloe will be suspended after a big fight between Christi and Abby, and miss a competition in Michigan.

Then from the DanceMoms forum (which I’ve figured out is for actual Dance Moms and not the show – duh – it’s been around since the show started):

  • Many competitions don’t allow the Dance Moms team to compete (with the cameras) – presumably they allow Abby’s other teams to enter.
  • The competition shown in Episode One of this season was staged – it was pre-season and not official – which is why the scores were never officially posted.
  • The girls go to real competitions and staged competitions (where they are more likely to win).  There are many many talented girls out there competing and these girls are no shoe-ins to win.
  • When the give awards at the end it is in all categories.  Maddie might compete in lyrical, and Nia in jazz (I’m just making this up) but at the end of the competition they give out awards in general age groups.  So … an individual dancer can have 3 solos in different dance types, and place three times in the top ten.  Confusing, isn’t it?
  • Most girls get a new solo each year and use if for all their competitions that year (or a solo for each dance type).  The girls on the show use previous routines or new routines. Abby isn’t the only choreographer doing the routines – they just make it seem that way.


Housewife Gossip Roundup by NoMoreDrama

Tamra Barney in Maui (from Tamra's twitter feed)

Tamra Barney in Maui (from Tamra’s twitter feed)

Bravo is really going to have to think seriously about the plethora of housewives weddings on the horizon.  First up is Tamra Barney who is set to marry Eddie Judge – perhaps on the upcoming season of Orange County, perhaps in a spin off.  Tamra is popular with viewers – but she isn’t that well liked to they may not turn in to see her get married – especially considering it is her third marriage.  It’s hard to say.  Bravo could make it some sort of Bridezillas spin off.  Meanwhile Tamra and Eddie went to Maui, Hawaii for a quick 5 day get-away.  I’d be jelly but that’s not a really exotic trip from the west coast, but I thought I’d share a photo from her twitter.

Tamra’s castmate Gretchen Rossi is starting to hint that she might be ready for marriage.  Her main issue is her boyfriend Slade, who is a housewife hunter.  He and Vicki Gunvalson are two of the original Orange County cast, although Slade was pretty much off the show for a few years until he convinced Gretchen to date him.  I was skeptical at first, but I’m beginning to feel that their relationship really is real.  It’s just been too many years for her to fake it.  Besides, someone has to carry her bags.  But first they need to get engaged.

Next candidate is Nene Leakes.  NeNe and her fiance Gregg were married when we first met them.  Their divorce was a storyline for the show last year, so I suppose their marriage could be a storyline for next year.  NeNe has been heavily hinting to the media that her marriage might be on Television, and will be Big.    Big enough for a spin off??  Who knows.

Finally there is Kandi Burruss who recently announced her engagement to boyfriend Todd.  Kandi already has a Bravo spinoff – the Kandi Factory – that will air in the spring.  Of the three – Kandi has the best story line as she’s been looking for love for the last few years – and her engagement feels real.

In contrast, our first housewife to get a “marriage” spin off, Bethenny Frankel,  (I think Laurie Peterson from OC was the first to get married on camera, and Jo from OC was the first to get a spin off), is moving forward with her divorce from Jason Hoppy.  This week Bethenny has been dealing with rumors that she moved in with Warren Lichtenstein.  Their friends are denying that there is anything romantic going on between Bethenny and Warren – saying that the two of them have been friends for over 20 years and he’s just helping her out.  As far as her moving in with Lichtenstein – she admits to spending the night at his place when he was out of town to get some “girl” time with daughter Bryn – but that’s all.  It probably would have been smarter to go to a hotel.

Andy Cohen got a HUGE interview in GQ.  It painted him in a positive light.  However it brought home a few of the things I can’t stand about Bravo and the way they treat women. Here’s a few of the key paragraphs that had me grinding my teeth:

Asked about Watch What Happen’s Live’s growing popularity with straight men, Andy said:

“I said this the other night on the show; I basically spoke directly to the straight men,” he said. ” ‘I know you’re watching. I met you on my book tour. You come up to me everywhere I go. And I’ve figured out why you like me: I show a bunch of boobs and asses and good-looking women. I get your wives and girlfriends playing drinking games. I get ’em wound up, I get ’em drunk, and just when they’re at the point where’ “—he snaps—” ‘I’m off the air.’ “

“You’re their fluffer,” the interviewer asked.

“I’m their fluffer!”

Does Andy really thinks he winds us up for our husbands?  Seriously?

This one was worse – the author of the article was describing a book-signing of Andy’s:

When the line hooks through the front door at the signing, a pair of assistants hand out plastic cups of something called a Corpse Reviver No. 2 and Andy’s favorite, “Fresquila.” “Like a Prayer” plays dutifully; Andy ended his book’s dedication, “And of course to Madonna. Just because.” A Miami Housewife, camera-ready, cuts the line and surprises Andy. He does seem surprised. And not as happy to see her as she is to see him. (This seems to be a common dynamic between Andy and many of the Bravolebrities: The adoration is mutual, but unbalanced. In many cases it seems Andy loves them like people love their pets, whereas the stars seem to love him like pets love the human who’s rescued them from the pound.)”


Melissa Gorga scored an interview with a magazine I’ve never heard of and managed to say pretty much nothing.  Apparently she’s working on a new song with a new producer, os happy that Joey built her a studio so she didn’t have to drive to New York and because he’s a good builder, and she’s back for another season of the show but can’t talk about it.  Yawn.


Revenge Recap by Sugar Magnolia

Previously on Revenge–recap of Jack’s arrest, Nolan/Padma/ Marco triad, Victoria’s scheme involving Emily, Emily and Aidens’s “fake-up”, Aiden’s meeting with the Initiative, and Emily and Daniel’s kiss.

“They say the best laid plans often go awry. Because no matter how detailed the preparation, the plan will always have a weak link. And there will always be those looking to exploit it, to doom a plan to failure, and take the perpetrator along with it.”

We see a masked person laying on the ground, Aiden with a gun. The mysterious masked person is recognizable only by her double infinity tattoo on her wrist–it’s Emily.

Flashback to two days earlier at the cottage. It’s morning and Aiden is smarting about Emily’s kiss with Daniel. Or so she thinks. She apologizes that he had to see it but it meant nothing to her. Aiden astutely mentions that it did to Daniel. She tells him that he can’t just disappear when things in the Revenge Business get uncomfortable. He is reminded that Daniel is the closest link to the people who destroyed their lives and families. Despite what Emily thinks, Aiden assures her that he wasn’t there to keep tabs on her and Daniel, he came to tell her about his meeting with Helen. Although the Initiative knows who he is, Takada buried any link between he and Emily, so her true identity remains safe. (That Takada is one sneaky guy.) The Initiative wants Aidens complicity and he is to wait for further contact. His sister, Colleen, is still alive according to Helen, although he was offered no proof. Em’s wants to draw her out instead of waiting.

Grayson Global–Daniel is pouring over Nolcorps financials, more specifically all of the past research and development (R & D). Emily arrives for their 9am meeting (how did she get there so fast? I’m telling you, I think they helicopter in and out of the city) and is greeted with a big kiss from Daniel. She wants to take it slow and he agrees he will. This mornings Revengenda is to get a list of top-tier investors to attend the annual wine auction for her children’s charity. His secretary comes in with an urgent package containing a prospectus for Stonehaven United Solutions, sent by Helen, and she is holding on line 2. Emily scoots out so he can take the call, and use his secretaries phone to listen in. Helen is evasive, but assures Daniel that this company will be important to them in the near future. Acquire it. Daniel tells her there are some gaps in Nolcorp’s early R & D. Emily calls Queen Victoria to snitch on Daniel’s call with Helen.

Jail–Faux-Manda is visiting Jack. They now suspect dirty cops of tipping off the Ryan brothers which caused them to hide the drugs and gun on the boat. She wants to call Emily or Nolan for bail money, but he doesn’t want to drag the friends into this mess. What the police will discover shortly is that the gun they found, owned by Carl Sr., is the one that was used to kill the Ryan’s father. Faux-Manda realizes that Emily is not the only with plans for revenge. This is pay-back for their father being killed. She is ready to take matters into her own hands, but Jack pleads with her not to, as he fears she, Declan, or little Carl will be harmed.

Grayson Manor–Conrad, still in his casual polo and shorts, is entertaining Jason Prosser–an old rival. Victoria interrupts to pull Conrad into his office to inform him of the Stonehaven acquisition. Conrad informs her that Stonehaven is a disaster relief fund and it is the Initiative’s MO to cause upheaval then profit off from it. Seems there is going to be another “Flight 197 situation” in the works. If Conrad is going to react to this, the Queen will–with Sabotage.

Wow–lots going on, this all just happened before the first commercial break!

Grayson Manor–Emily is (already) back in the Hamptons to meet with the Queen. They discuss Stonehaven and Victoria is evasive. She’s not sure how convincing Daniel to attend the wine auction fits in with her plans. She then suggests Emily invite Jason Prosser, as pitting two big ego’s against each other will pay handsomely to the charity.

Stowaway–the Ryan brothers show up and get into it with Declan and Faux-Manda. They arrogantly offer Declan $1 for the bar. Amanda flicks the bill right back at them and warns them to not play innocent with her. You can take the girl out of juvie, but can’t take juvie out of the girl. Kenny tries to play nice with Declan, but he is smart enough to not fall for it.

Nolcorp–Daniel is playing hard ball with Nolan and wants to know about all the abandoned R & D projects. Nolan explains that not all R&D project yield products. Daniel mentions “Carrion”. Uh-oh, this seems to throw Nolan for a loop. This is the second time Carrion has been mentioned–first by Marco. It’s got to be the feather Nolan is hiding in his cap, but we don’t get much more info about this particular piece of coding. Daniel wants full disclosure and reports of abandoned projects by the end of the week. Enter Padma–she wants to come back to work for Nolcorp. She has no interest in any job that doesn’t include Nolan, and he rehires her on the spot. (I’m not quite sure when she left, but apparently has been gone for a bit.) And here comes Marco, asking where they will place her. Nolan says that since he found a spot for Marco, he can also find one for Padma. I do not like her and know she’s up to something. Nolan has horrible taste in mates–remember Tyler? He invites her to Emily’s wine auction.

Grayson Manor–oh, boy. Here comes Honey Boo Boo, I mean Ashley, to confront Conrad. Ashley is basically blackmailing him with his secrets to get her job back. He agrees and she’s back on Grayson payroll.

Grayson Global–and Emily is back in the city again. She and Daniel are eating chinese food out of boxes in his office. He is impressed that she was able to get the investors to come to her wine auction. Emily brings up Helen Crowley, explaining that she’s had a difficult time contacting her. And cue Daniel’s cell phone–guess who is on the line? Of course, Helen! She is watching them from the camera she hid in the clock. Emily speaks to her and extends an invitation to the auction. Helen is convinced once Emily mentions that have the investors there will be good for the Grayson image.

Nolcorp–Nolan and Marco are discussing Daniel’s discovery of Carrion. Nolan believes Marco is the one who tipped him off about that particular piece of coding. Marco denies it, and mentions how conveniently Padma showed up right after Daniel stormed out. Nolan reminds him how he lost his company when Marco showed up…Nolan, stop letting “the picker” rule your choices!!

Wine Auction–(LOVE Emily’s dress, btw) Daniel arrives and agrees with me. Jason Prosser walks in and introductions are made, after he makes a snarky comment about Conrad. The Queen enters, happy to see Daniel and Emily together, and whisks Jason off to the bar. Nolan arrives and, as usual, has the best line of the episode. “I see romance part deux is a runaway success.” Aiden is runner up with “what do you have today for us Q?” in full Sean Connery voice. Nolan has hacked all of the systems at the venue and can control everything from his tablet. Emily and Aiden chat, and she explains she got Helen to come because she wants contact with him. She asks if he is ready for this, “this” being unknown for the moment. On with the show, he says.

The Slammer–Declan is visiting Jack, and he finally dishes on the truth behind the gun and the history with the Ryan’s.

Faux-Manda and Charlotte are taking a walk with little Carl. Declan has been avoiding Char and not returning phone calls. Amanda assures her that it’s only to keep her safe. She goes on to say that all of the trouble is being caused by them. Charlotte wants to help, and Amanda tries to convince her to go the Queen and King. Charlotte has money, but it’s not about money–it’s about power and influence. Amanda wants to pull in a favor, but Charlotte says that Daddy will be more helpful.

Wine Auction–Aiden purchases a bottle of wine for $50k and will be enjoying it with his boss, Mr. Takada. Last item for auction is a 1945 Chateua D’Huet. Bidding starts at $10k (I have a hard time paying more than $20 for a bottle of wine, cannot even imagine paying thousands for 4 big pours. Rich people!). It becomes a bidding war between Mr. Prosser and Daniel, while Victoria eggs him on. Nolan ups the ante with a half-million bid. The bidding continues until Daniel shuts it down with a $1m bid. Crazy pants! I guess Vic was right about those egos being good for charity…Speaking of pants, Vic is charming them off of Jason. He propositions her but she is only willing to go as far as the terrace. Helen makes her appearance and Daniel introduces her to Aiden. Emily pulls Daniel aside to write his big check, giving Aiden and Helen the opportunity to speak. Still no proof of Colleen, but they will speak again later. Helen is a smart cookie and knows that Aiden orchestrated her invitation to the auction (she’s not yet smart enough to realize that his plans are really Emily’s plans). Daniel is writing his check with loads of zeroes and Helen hands a donation to Emily. Nolan is playing with the lights, and Emily has to settle with the caterers and vendors. Helen tells Daniel that indecision shows weakness in a leader and reminds him to acquire Stonehaven.

Grayson Manor–Charlotte and Amanda are going after Conrad to help with the Jack situation. Conrad is not going along with the plan, although extends a safe harbor at the Manor for Declan. Amanda steals a watch and takes off. Ashley, ever the PR girl, chastises Conrad for missing a huge opportunity to rehab his image, especially if public office is his next endeavor.

Back at the Wine Auction, Padma finally arrives. Marco threw a bunch of work at her to cause her to be tardy for the party. She demurely drops info to Nolan that Marco was on the phone with Daniel discussing Corrian. Nolan disappears and asks her to meet him back at the office.

The Amanda–Charlotte comes to visit Declan on the boat. He’s not leaving to hide out at the Manor. Apparently they are babysitting little Carl, cuz our next scene is Amanda trading Conrad’s spendy watch for a gun. Uh-oh….here comes juvie girl again and now she is armed with some serious fire-power.

Wine Auction–Helen and Aiden are in the elevator. It’s about to go down, ya’ll. Aiden asks her how she knows so much about him. She said, very little–you vanished for 6 years (training with Takada). The elevator stops, no phones are working and suddenly it’s penetrated with smoke.

Victoria and Jason are on the veranda. Jason is flirting with the Queen. But our savvy Vic has an ulterior motive. While she is toying with him, she works the Stonehaven acquisition into conversation knowing he will buy it hook, line, and sinker. She knows to leave a man wanting, so is ready for her long drive home. He gets a peck on the cheek and the promise that he is still in the race for her attention. If she wasn’t so damn evil, I would say she is awesome! The Queen knows how to manipulate every situation to her benefit. He picks up his cell as soon as she is gone to get his peeps to go after Stonehaven.

Undisclosed location–Aiden and Helen are handcuffed with hoods on. Our ski-masked friend is disguising her voice wanting to know what their interest is in Stonehaven. Gun to head, shot, but no bullets. The next time the chamber will be loaded.

Stowaway–Faux-Manda puts a quarter in the jukebox to get the party started. She then goes to confront the felon-brother Ryan. She’s packing heat, gives him a glimpse and an opportunity to stop his revenge plans. Honey Boo Boo interrupts and has Jack upstairs. Conrad bought into her plan and our favorite sailor is home from the slammer. Conrad is in the Porter’s quarters and after Amanda questions his motives/change of heart, he admits he just wanted to clean up police corruption and drug trafficking. Cuz ya know, he’s running for office and all. Conrad for President!

Back to our captives–all they have to do to stay alive is cooperate. This is not Helen’s first time at the rodeo (or shootout) so she won’t budge–the Initiative trained her well. A fight ensues, and Aiden manages to get the gun from his captor. He shoots the masked woman and saves Helen. Helen attempts to take the ski mask off, but Aiden grabs her just as another masked perpetrator comes to chase them down. They escape successfully. The reveal–Nolan was behind mask #2, helps Emily up (mask #1) and we are shown that the gun was loaded with paint bullets. In the alley outside, Helen pretty much ditches Aiden but shares that she has suspicions on who they were. But she won’t tell. Bye Bye Aiden, and she disappears into the night.

Nolcorp–Marco is still working. Nolan is confronting him about having loose lips. Marco challenges him to check his email, so Nolan does. He finds a “ghost” account (no idea what that means), which shows an email to Daniel. Nolan kicks him out of the office while Marco is pleading innocent. Padma is consoling her man.

Emily is back at the cottage while Aiden calls her from the car phone. As promised, she is expecting Daniel for a nightcap. Aiden is still alive, so apparently their rues worked. Aiden wants her to ditch the Daniel plan, but she wants to stay the course until said plan comes to fruition. Daniel arrives with his $1m bottle of wine. Unfortunately, it has turned into vinegar and is undrinkable. Aiden comes to collect his things and Daniel calls it a night too.

“Every plan has a fatal flaw. Sometimes it’s the heart. Even in those that are supposed to be the most careful. But a careful nature doesn’t always ensure success. When a plan is built on an unstable foundation, failure is not only a possiblity, it’s a certainty.

Phone ringing. A woman on the phone with Helen. She is reporting to her that Nolan is hiding Carrion inside the company. “Good. We are counting on you.” And the reveal of said caller is…..Padma. I KNEW IT I KNEW IT I KNEW IT! She is shady! And in bed with the Initiative!!!

Uh-oh, tonight, the Queen is the target. Let’s see how these complicated characters play out this craziness….


Survivor Cast Reveal – Soring 2013 by MelTheHound

Survivor Fans versus Favorites (photo from E-online).

Survivor Fans versus Favorites (photo from E-online).

Get ready castaways… It’s back. Survivor Caranoan- fans vs favs is upon us. Set to premier Wednesday Feb 13 of this year. The cast list below as well as the photo above is from (which probably all come from CBS). The article states that according to Malcolm (Survivor Philippines), filming began two and a half weeks after wrapping filming on his own season. I’m going to go out on a limb here and state that because he was still freshly in game mode, he will probably do pretty well this season. That or he will be among the first to go. I really hope the newbies aren’t stupid enough to somehow align with any of the vets only to push them forward in the game. John Cochran (remember the skinny redheaded dude?) states that he doesn’t know what makes him a ‘Favorite’ because his game was so crappy. In fact, many of the returning players got themselves voted off through stupid mistakes, including, giving away Immunity.

Also returning, of note to me, Brendon Hantz.. You may remember his season when he had aligned himself with ‘Coach (Benjamin)’. Constantly ogling the women and wanting to vote them off because in his twisted mind, they were somehow objects of evil. In other words since he was newly ‘saved and born again’ he couldn’t deal with the sight of scantily clad women that were a test of his commitment to his faith (lust). If you remember correctly this was the last of the redemption island type seasons. Another returning player was a bit of the beast when she, Dawn Meehan, was sent there due in part to her first day gaff of pissing off Lord Benjamin (Coach). I think she’s a strong player, at least physically, and may make a good showing this time around if she has the chance to do so.

Jeff Probst states for the article that when they were deciding who to choose, they stuck to the past 5 seasons. He didn’t give a lot of input as to how they chose the fans. I suspect much like they choose any regular contestant. He promises this to be the best season yet, even better than last season (which was pretty good but I don’t know if it was The Best.. Certainly better than the men vs women season with the two Tarzans).  We shall see. So my friends, join me the morning of Valentine’s day when we recap the first episode. We have a date, Right? 😉

You can read more here.


MelTheHound aka WTFI Jeff

Favorites/Bikal tribe

Andrea Boehlke
Previous Season: Survivor: Redemption Island – 13th castaway voted out/ 8th Jury Member
Age: 23
Current Residence: New York, N.Y.
Occupation: Entertainment Host and Writer

Brandon Hantz

Previous Season: Survivor: South Pacific – 15th castaway voted out/7th Jury Member
Age: 21
Current Residence: Katy, Texas
Occupation: Chemical Disposal

Brenda Lowe
Previous Season: Survivor: Nicaragua – 11th castaway voted out/3rd Jury Member
Age: 30
Current Residence: Miami, Fla.
Occupation: Paddleboard Co. Owner

Corinne Kaplan
Previous Season: Survivor: Gabon – 12th castaway voted out/4th Jury Member
Age: 33
Current Residence: Los Angeles
Occupation: Clinical Consultant

Dawn Meehan
Previous Season: Survivor: South Pacific – 11th castaway voted off/3rd Jury Member
Age: 42
Current Residence: South Jordan, Utah
Occupation: English Professor

Erik Reichenbach
Previous Season: Survivor: Micronesia – 13th castaway voted out/6th Jury Member
Age: 27
Current Residence: Santa Clarita, Calif.
Occupation: Comic Book Artist

Francesca Hogi
Previous Season: Survivor: Redemption Island – 1st castaway voted out
Age: 38
Current Residence: Brooklyn, N.Y.
Occupation: Attorney

John Cochran
Previous Season: Survivor: South Pacific – 13th castaway voted out/5th Jury Member
Age: 25
Current Residence: Washington, D.C.
Occupation: Harvard Law Student

Malcolm Freberg
Previous Season: Survivor: Philippines – 15th castaway voted off/8th Jury member
Age: 25
Current Residence: Hermosa Beach, Calif.
Occupation: Bartender

Phillip Sheppard
Previous Season: Survivor: Redemption Island – Made it to the final 3
Age: 54
Current Residence: Santa Monica, Calif.
Occupation: Chief Executive Officer of Enter Software Sales

Fans/Gota tribe

Alexandra “Allie” Pohevitz
Age: 25
Current Residence: Oceanside, N.Y.
Occupation: Bartender

Edward “Eddie” Fox
Age: 23
Current Residence: East Brunswick, N.J.
Occupation: Fireman/EMT

Hope Driskill
Age: 23
Current Residence: Jefferson City, Mo.
Occupation: Pre Law Student (Miss Missouri 2011)

Julia Landauer
Age: 21
Current Residence: Stanford, Calif.
Occupation: Racecar Driver

Laura Alexander

Age: 23
Current Residence: Washington, D.C.
Occupation: Administrative Officer

Matt Bischoff
Age: 38
Current Residence: Cincinnati, Ohio
Occupation: BMX Bike Sales

Michael Snow
Age: 44
Current Residence: New York, N.Y.
Occupation: Event Planner

Reynold Toepfer
Age: 30
Current Residence: San Francisco, Calif.
Occupation: Real Estate Sales

Shamar Thomas
Age: 27
Current Residence: Brooklyn, N.Y.
Occupation: Iraq War Veteran

Sherri Biethman
Age: 41
Current Residence: Boise, Idaho
Occupation: Fast Food Franchisee



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Sunday TV Lineup, January 20th by BB

East coast times

3PM – NFC Championship: 49ers vs. Falcons (Fox)

6:30 PM – AFC Championship: Ravens vs. Patriots (CBS)

8PM – Real Housewives of Atlanta (Bravo); Mob Wives (VH1); Once Upon a Time (ABC); Amish Mafia: Book of Merlin (Disc); Honey Boo Boo Family Sized (TLC); Wicked Tuna: Hooked Up (NatGeo); Wild West Alaska (Anpl); 48 Hours on ID (ID); Giada in Paradise (Cook)

9PM – Shahs of Sunset (Bravo); Downton Abbey (PBS); Revenge (ABC); Ax Men (History); Kourtney and Kim Take Miami (E!); Honey Boo Boo Family Sized (TLC); Rachel v. Guy (Food); Wicked Tuna (NatGeo); Gator Boys (Anpl); Snapped (Oxygen); Fatal Encounters (ID); Oprah’s Next Chapter: Drew Barrymore (OWN); Farm Kings (GAC); Shameless (Show); Girls/Enlightened (HBO)

10PM – Bamazon (History); Chasing the Saturdays/Kourtney and Kim Secrets Sneak Peek (E!); Storage Hunters/Container Wars (truTV); Mudcats (NatGeo); Finding Bigfoot (Anpl); On the Case (ID); Million Dollar Contractor (DIY); Unique Sweets (10:30 Cook); Truck Stop Missouri (GAC); House of Lies/Californication (Show)

11PM – WWHL: Mike Shouhed and Kandi Burrus (Bravo)

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    Sugar Magnolia “here comes honey boo boo-Ashley”. That’s a good one. LOL..:-)

  6. RealHousewifeVA says:

    Dance Moms has always been faked. In your last post you pointed out a tweet where Abby comments to Jill about teaching Jill’s older daughter? But we were led to believe that Jill was a random studio hopper mom who came to ALDC after leaving her last studio.
    Even when she was supposedly with Candy Apples, I followed a blog that pointed out that Kendall was still dancing with ALDC at competitions. Also, it has been pointed out that Cathy and Abby are actually friends off camera and Abby got Cathy a spot on the show.

    I also read that due to their contracts, none of these mothers will be leaving ALDC anytime soon. Kelly’s whole storyline about leaving was fake. Brooke never even danced competitively with those girls, she always danced with the older girls. She still does. She just dances with the younger girls for the show. Same with Mac.

    • RealHousewifeVA says:

      I also want to add that Dance Moms must be paying well, since I saw lots of Louis Vuittons in the last episode.

  7. plainviewsue says:

    It seems that one of the many boyfriends of MeGo has surfaced on twitter. His name is Bryan/goes by Bulldog. He has a lot to say about the farce that is Melissa, but hasn’t told all.

    Here are some of his tweets, oldest to newest.

    Bryan‏@bulldog_nj: What Melissa does today is not my business nor my problem anymore..she has her life I have mine.

    Bryan‏@bulldog_nj: There’s a lot I could say but I’m not. Melissa and I know the truth. If I wanted 15 mins of fame I could easily do so..I never asked 4this!

    Bryan‏@bulldog_nj: I never want to hurt someone’s family but if the truth has to come out,it has to come out!! Remember I didn’t ask for this!

    Sunshine‏@Sunshine1335: @bulldog_nj Just a ? what do u think of her book that’s coming out. Its called Love, Italian Style: The Secrets of My Hot and Happy Marriage

    18hBryan‏@bulldog_nj: @Sunshine1335 digging her grave deeper n deeper if I chose to talk. I’m not about $ but momma didn’t raise no fool either lol 😉

    Bryan‏@bulldog_nj: @hwcrazygal @bino989 @sunshine1335 she won’t cause I can say to much. I’m the one who has all the answers to everyone’s questions,the TRUTH

    Bryan‏@bulldog_nj: She can’t make me look bad cause I have made mistakes in life and I own up to them.i am not perfect, who is!?I can look myself in the mirror

    A lot of us follow and believe the lie Melissa has perpetuated about her pure and wonderful life, her devotion to Joey & how she is the saint and Teresa is the devil.

    I don’t wish bad on anyone, but this is one chick that I wish would be exposed for what she was. I am so tired of Bravo and Andy making this woman out to be pure as the driven snow. With her “Thank you Jesus” & the editing that showed she was the one trying to stop the Guidice/Gorga feud. IMO she is the main cause of it.

    Caroline, the powerful & judgemental one, tried to Danielle because of her past. If everything is true about Melissa & Joey’s past, what will be her response (not that anyone of us care what Caroline thinks). Her jealousy of Teresa brought her to Melissa’s side.

    All of these women need to be exposed, not just Teresa. And that is what my main gripe is with NJ.

    • PVS… so… I wonder if this Bryan ever went by the name Butch…. one of my ‘ friends’ in NJ talks about him and M… ( allegedly ) this is the guy she was running around with and ( allegedly ) Papa Gorga knew about or found out about it… this info came to light back in the season where M tells Papa Gorga that he can come by and see the kids when ever he wants …Papa Gorga says he does come by and M is never home..M tells him he has to call first…lol lol lol
      On another note…. OMG,,, watched The Game with mr ford last night… what a good movie… he went to bed and I rewatched Deliver Us from Eva ….. spit my water out when I saw MS KENYA MOORE on the screen…. she played Eva’s ex fiance’s wife …. too funny… always PLAYING a wife..NEVER really a WIFE…..
      Perry Mason marathon today till GAME TIME….

      hugs and peace

    • Rebecca says:

      Before all is said and done, the real Melissa story will come out and bury Andy Cohen. It can’t come soon enough for me.

      • Donna says:

        I hope so. Because of her antics I am soured on all HW shows.

      • Rebecca..DandyAndy is immune to all the info that comes out about these people..he views them merely as PAYCHECKS…. in fact , the dirtier the dirt.. the more I believe he gets his rocks off over it…. lol

        • Powell says:

          And you know what? I think Andy knows more than he’d like us to believe he knows. I bet he hasn’t always been surprised at some of this stuff.

      • plainviewsue says:

        Bravo will never expose it Rebecca. Which is why it will have to be someone else. Hopefully, before this joke of a book comes out.

    • RealHousewifeVA says:

      Is he just an old boyfriend before she married Joe? I don’t see what’s the big drama around him if that’s the case? Or is he claiming to have been with her while she was married? I checked out his twitter and it doesn’t seem like he says that? Looks like he’s good friends with J-Wow’s boyfriend, Roger.

    • Cartwheels says:

      This sounds juicy.
      I share your wish, out of all the franchises this is the one that I would actually like the truth about the real Melissa exposed, she is in my opinion one of the most conniving HW out of all franchises, she is manipulative and really smart which gives her an advantage when it comes to explaining her motives. The other ones, even JZ, are in diapers when it comes to Melissa, she rehearses everything and is quick on her feet, the lies roll out of her tongue with no difficulty at all and she can tell a big whoop lie without even blinking and then come out looking like the victim.
      I see through her, and it is not only the matter of how she made it into the show, which in itself would be enough for me not to like her, but how she used any and every available weapon to destroy Teresa and appropriate of what she thought was rightfully hers: the tittle of break out star of the show. She used Kathy Wakile against her own cousin, she uses Joey Marco against his sister, she found a way to mingled with the producers in such a way to get a good edit, she was even smart enough to use Caroline and Jacqueline to further her own agenda. Caroline prides herself so much in being good at reading people, well, Melissa is way smarter than Caroline is, she used her like a puppet, she instigated the thought on all of them that Teresa was heading away and making this show work for her at their expense, she knew exactly what cords to touch to make everybody do her dirty work for her and she came smelling like a rose.
      I doubt that Bravo will change its ways, Bravo is way too invested in making Teresa look like the evil one and poor Melissa like the victimized SIL, to do otherwise would be to admit that the previous production team was in bed with Melissa and Joey and crossed the line of proffesionalism that always should be there, so I don’t hold my breath on this one.

      • PJ says:

        I think the fact that they have a new production team is very telling.

        • Cartwheels says:

          I think the fact that they changed the production team was very telling and the clamors of unfair editing could not be silenced anymore, that scene where Melissa agreed to record a voice over about taking her nieves to the hair salon so Teresa could go to the opening of her wine party when in all reality it had been filmed as a filler way back in July, and the meeting between Caroline and Melissa recorded after the season 3 reunion when they are talking as if Melissa is trying to make Caroline and Teresa make peace and giving Caroline a piece of her mind, are the factual proof that production was up to their elbows messing up story lines.
          We were told by many franchises that they filmed some “fillers” and that is understandable, even if those fillers are aired out of sequence, these scenes that can be placed in between without altering the main story lines, but those two scenes were a gross attempt to demonize Teresa and that is when I knew that the rumors about the production team had to have some truth. I usually do not trusts rumors or other blogs because sometimes HW complain about editing to make them look bad after the fact, but those two scenes changed my mind about RHNJ and I wonder if that is why Bravo let Cat Rodriguez go under the false pretense of “following another projects”.

          • princesspindy says:

            You made me laugh, I could picture Mego with her sisters and they are quizzing her with flash cards so that she is ready for any situation! haha

      • plainviewsue says:

        Cartwheels, if there was a way to triple like what you wrote, I would!!!! Agree with every single word.

      • Powell says:

        Cartwheels when you spell it out as you did, Melissa was the puppet master & they didn’t even realize it, except Teresa.

        • Cartwheels says:

          I have seen Melissa operate, because there is no perfect murder, so every once in a while her mask slipped and revealed her true nature. When Teresa told her about Ritchy and why she didn’t like to be around, she never mentioned anything that was sexual in nature, she mentioned that Ritchy made her unconfortable and that she was tired of him making jokes at her expense (BTW, the way Ritchy operates on Twitter is probably the same he does in real life, throws a big rock and then hides the hand) what does Melissa do? He goes and tell Kathy that Teresa is saying that Ritchy has tried to hit on her and/or has sexual intentions towards her.
          That is the perfect example of how Melissa operates, she tells a lie but disguises it with some truth to it, she embellishes to her own discretion but then she can always said that she misunderstood, all the while she knows very well what she was doing. I have no doubt that this is the way she has always operates, she had done it during her whole marriage with Joey probably, after all she has two master teachers:her sisters.
          I have no doubt that Jacko never overheard Teresa said that she hated her after their episode in Napa, it was Melissa who told her and made her promise to never tell, same with Caroline, Melissa I am sure used Greg as a medium to point to Caroline in the direction of:Teresa is trying to use your family and children to sell more books and in the meantime your children are not having the exposure they deserve, if we get rid of Teresa, each of us would have a much better exposure and she will be gone. Of course she would never go ahead and said it out loud, just drop some hints to Greg to plant the seed and then let Greg share with the Manzos and voila. Watch and wait while your seeds of evil grow destroying everything around and then act like you even want to help mend fences. (as long as there is a camera around).
          That is how I see Melissa and that is what makes her so dangerous because she is so good at it.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        I wonder if the “new girls” are there solely to take on Melissa because Teresa refuses to fight with family. Same with the “feud” between Melissa and Teresa that Melissa is pushing in the rags – Teresa is not feuding with her and it definately takes two for a feud to happen. Melissa has used up her family story line – so what is left? Her singing career?

        • Cartwheels says:

          LOL, that probably could be the only thing she has going on for her but when you look solely at numbers , I have to say that her singing career is not existant, her latest song and video scored only around 300K views, which is a lot, but compared the the 1M+ of DBTFTP or even the 750K of Money don’t buy you class.I would say that even by BravoHW standards, her music career sucks.
          Of course leave it to Bravo to edit her concerts to make it look like she is singing to full auditoriums and stadiums, but I hope Melissa is not kidding herself under the false pretense that this will generate her any money.

      • rabblerouser2010R says:

        Wow, what a read. I wonder if someone has link that dudes twitter up someone in production yet. It looks like this dude is kind of playing around until someone pays him for the info.

    • Powell says:

      sue that is my gripe w/NJ also. But I’ll continue to live vicariously thru you all that watch & from the blog. I just can’t stand watching them because they like to call others out when they have skeletons too.

    • VV says:

      OMG! Sue, thanks for taking one for the Team. Twitter IS EXHAUSTING!
      There are too many fight, too much gossip and backstabbing that is why I just lurk.
      This group of tweeter people are best friends then next week they hate each other. Then they are best friends again but don’t include this other person. IT IS EXAUSTING!…. Then they do this over and over same thing different people.

      In ref to Mel’s ex. He needs to put up or shut up. That’s all I think about that situation.

    • Lisa Renee says:

      PVS, This is why I call you a twitter rock star. Thanks for takin the hit & keeping us in the loop. Lisa

      • plainviewsue says:

        Lisa, you are the rock star!!

        I really enjoy twitter. VV, it is true, that there are twitter fights, but I stay way clear of those. It is upsetting to see people that I “know” arguing with people on twitter. It’s kind of sad.

        But on the upside, like the blog, I have “met” so many fun and good people. Twitter is a quick fast way to express a thought, learn what’s going on in the world (!), and read the lastest HW gossip.

        And when you get a tweet back or a tweet retweeted from a HW, I can’t lie. It’s exciting!!

  8. Contessa says:

    That interview with Dandy Andy was really telling. He couldn’t care less about anything except ratings, and has no respect whatsoever for much of anything. He primes guys – give me a break, he is an idiot. I truly found that very disrespectful and he is an ass…which we have known all along.

    Wth regard to Melissa – who cares if she had a bf, she had a life and a past before Joey…I am not one of her biggest fans, but what can he really tell us that we haven’t all figured out already??? These women on NJ are all scheming for top dog on the show,, however the one that is most successful money wise if Tre – so everyone hates her and she really doesn’t care. I have no doubt there are issues about her past with Tre’s parents etc…if they are as old world Italian as depicted. The new producers need to take the show out of the darkside and bring in some everyday life that is entertaining or this show will be doomed. I still like all the HW shows, but am not as invested as I was in the beginning. My fav is BH, but I still watch all of them.

    • plainviewsue says:

      I think the reason it is discussed is because of all the lies that Mel & Joe have told, from how they really meet & Melissa’s past. I agree, normally the past should remain the past.

      But the fact is Melissa & Joe have perpetuated this lie about their lives. And in doing so, Melissa has done everything in her power to drive a wedge between her husband and his family.

      If you come on a reality show, you have to be prepared for all your dirty laundry to come out. Teresa said she tried to warn Joey about this, but let’s face it. Melissa wanted the fame at all costs.

      If Teresa & Joe’s dirty laundry is out, so should everyone elses. But becos Andy hates Teresa & loves the rest of them, it won’t happen on Bravo.

      • Contessa says:

        Hi Sue,

        I didn’t really address this well, did I. What I should have said was I expected that she had a past – this girl looks like she was a player looking for someone to take care of her in the style she could become accustomed to. So her having a past does not surprise me in the least. I totally agree with you about her past coming out….if they are airing everything possible about Tre and Joe, than Mego is fair game as well. Playing the holier than thou I am a super wonderful wife card is stupid on a reality show, because as we have all seen the truth eventually comes out. Melissa was a player that looked for a man that would take care of her so she wouldn’t have to work and have whatever she wanted (that is my opinion of her). I also think that is one of the reasons Tre’s parents do not accept her that readily, as she has too much of a past for them and those stories glow in the dark in neighborhoods amongst friends. So I definitely agree with you that the truth should be out there and I have always felt this way about her, that she was and is an opportunist. Does she really think she is the next big voice out there – I don’t think so, I think she just likes parading around the stage like some sort of nymphet/sex goddess, that is basically singing at little known nightclubs and fairs. Her H was smart to build a studio in the house, so he didn’t have to worry about her fraternizing in the music industry and possibly finding a replacement.

        • plainviewsue says:

          Totally agree Contessa. Teresa & Juicy know the truths about Melissa. I am sure Juicy is dying to get it out there. He tried to at the reunion, insinuating about how they really met. I think it is Teresa who doesn’t want their skeletons showed, cos of the hurt it would cos her family.

          This is where I go crazy, when Mel screams at her that Mel is the victim. Unfortunately, Teresa is so bad when it comes to speaking. Caroline takes advantage of this, as does Melissa.

    • Rebecca says:

      I feel betrayed. These shows weren’t introduced to us as these train wrecks. We were supposed to be shown the lives of the rich and classy. We were supposed to see the glamorous ladies who do lunch and plan charity events.

      These women are class-less trash. We are forced to endure gossip, thuggery, criminal, drunk, nasty, uneducated hypocrites. As a woman I am horrified that these women are edited to be portrayed as such, and am disgusted that they are so happy to put their families through all this. All for fame- no moral fiber in sight. I feel dumber for watching, just hoping to see a few minutes of the scenes of good character I was hoping for.

  9. california35 says:

    Thanks for the gosip NMD 🙂
    i see more Nene getting a spinoff than Tamra. i wouldnt watch either, but Nene has that something that can get her her own show…Tamra doesnt. If Kandy already has her spinoff, could they just add the wedding to it? Has the spinoof been filmed yet?

    That pet thing on Andy’s interview its not nice to the wives :-/

    • I believe a lot of Kandi’s show has been filmed. It’s about mentoring recording artists and not about her life, so the wedding wouldn’t really fit in with the format.

      • california35 says:

        Ah! in that case, a second spinoff? 😀 if she cares, because the wedding could simply be on RHAtlanta. Great story line for her 🙂

        OR what if Bravo just does a season of Real housewives weddings… there are 3 and possibility of a 4th. we’ll see.

        • rabblerouser2010R says:

          I’m not sure if Kandi has enough clout for her own spin off in regards to marriage. I like her, but she pretty normal and level headed so the process isn’t going to be this over the top, obnoxious and ostentatious event like with Kim.

          • BB says:

            I was thinking the same thing. She’s too normal.

          • california35 says:

            i agree. i would like to see her wedding plans, so i may watch RHA just to see it 😛

            • Contessa says:

              It’s possible that Bravo could film Kandi’s wedding, as she would not be over the top and it would be much more realistic than that hoopla thing Kim Z had. Kandi has a very healthy respect for money and would never spend the kind of $$$ Kim spent (we all know Kim is an idiot and she looked stupid squeezed into that dress). But we know Bravo goes for the dirt and crazy and maybe Kandi’s wedding would be a bit too normal for them to film – LOL!

            • Powell says:

              They did Cynthia’s. They can do Kandi’s.

              • rabblerouser2010R says:

                Oh, I am sure it will be filmed as part of the regular series. I just don’t see it as a spin off.

    • Cartwheels says:

      I wouldn’t watch a spin off featuring Tamra or Getchen, even if it was my card out of jail. Nene, absolutely, she would be fun to watch, I can almost picture her bachelorette party. Kandi uhmmm. I like her but don’t find her particularly interesting.

      • rabblerouser2010R says:

        I agree with you. As much as I like Kandi, I see her more as a stabling force than a break out star.

        I can’t stand Tamra or Gretchen, I don’t think I am going to watch RHOC let alone a spin off with either one of them.

        • Cartwheels says:

          ditto, Tamara is right along there with Melissa on my list of most despised HW, Gretchen I used to like and give a pass, but when she joined forces with Tamra, I was done with her too. I am like you, I rather read the recaps here than to watch RHOC

  10. LavaLady says:

    I went out to dinner last night at a local chain restaurant, Houlihan’s (sp?) There was a list of about 10 skinny drinks on the menu, and at least 6 of them were made with Skinnygirl products, mostly the Skinnygirl vodka. Thought that was an interesting development for Bethenny’s product line.

    • california35 says:

      interesting! at a restaurant. good for her 🙂

    • Cartwheels says:

      Morning Lava Lady.
      This past Christmas I was invited to a Christmas get together at work and the invitation said BYOB, so I thought and thought about it and was about to stop and buy a SGSangria (I like this one the most) but then decided against it because I didn’t want to give the wrong impression about being a drinker (I don’t know why but I am always very guarded against gossip at work) so instead I bought some delicious cupcakes from a local bakery.
      My biggest surprise? I got there and at the table with drinks I found SKRed wine, SGVodka, SGMargarita, SGCosmo, etc . I mean among other bottles, there were all this SGCocktails and to my surprise the ladies have brought most of them but guys and girls were drinking it.
      Of course I didn’t say a word but I was thinking all the time:Gosh, that Bethenny sure has come a long way!

      • I was thinking that when I was in the grocery store last weekend. SkinnyGirl has end of the aisle placement in both major stores on my side of town. And I found it in the drug store as well, where they only carry a very limited range of alcohol. It must be flying off the shelves.

      • Powell says:

        It was the 1st holiday where ALL the SG drinks were available right? Beam should have done very well over the holidays just w/SG. Congrats to B & Beam.

        • Cartwheels says:

          Out of all the ladies who brought the drink, a couple of them knew who Bethenny was and the others have heard of her but never watched any of Bravo shows, so I think that Beam is doing a great job of widening the base of the product to people who doesn’t watch Bravo or even know who Bethenny is.

      • chismosa says:

        Cartwheels if the party said BYOB- doesn’t that mean Bring Your Own Beer? So why would you feel odd bringing alcohol? They’re telling you to! lol
        Maybe i read your post wrong, i don’t know.

  11. BB says:

    Hey guys! Other than Nancy pulling for the 49ers today, who is everyone rootin for in the AFC/NFC championhip?

  12. AZGirl says:

    Good morning everyone! Sunny high of 75 today in AZ. Dandy Andy ego needs a check before he wrecks it. Really? Andy is my fluffer? I don’t think so. Mr. AZGirl would sell his soul to get me to stop watch this Bravo sh#t.

  13. Joymama says:

    Morning and thank you, bloggers.

    So NeNe and Greg and Deight may have started setting the way for a spin off for a few years! The fling with the playboy pizza guy was a farce too. The stripped portrait? He was just another customer so Greg was cool with that. Then this big romance scam and engagement? Wedding spinoff. Got it. It takes me a while…

    I’m pretty much over watching these shows but I keep up by reading your blogs.

    Go Ravens, Go 49er’s!

    • Cartwheels says:

      Uhmm, I have little doubt that the pizza guy might had been staged but I doubt that Nene and Greg have set the idea of split, divorce and remarriage for years for a spin off show.
      Nene has said and Bravo has never denied that Nene had been offered a spin off way before it was offered to Kim Zolciak, so if that was the case, if Nene wanted a spin off so badly, she could have taken it way back then.
      I know that it is maybe because I do like Nene (as mouthy as she is, to me she is one of the few who doesn’t fake what she feels), but Ido think that Nene was hurt by what Greg said on that radio interview and also the well documented affair that Greg had with another woman. If that is not enough to get a divorce I just don’t know what is, but I am not sure Nene will go for a spin off just about her marriage, I am inclined to believe that Nene wants a spin off about her life and her job as an actress in Hollywood. The marriage probably could be part of that story line but not the only focus.

      • Powell says:

        I think NeNe has too much going on in Hollywood to even care about a spinoff. She was wise not to do it before so I would think she’s even wiser now.

        • Cartwheels says:

          I agree, for the most part it seems like a spin off is the kiss of death, especially is it is about your life. Maybe that is whhy Lisa wanted to focus to be on others with minor participation on her side.

  14. Boobah says:

    MelTH, Thanks for the Survivor summary. I always read your re-caps. Funny stuff.

    Was Johhny Cochran the one that claimed himself to be the biggest Survivor fan ever? I recall a past cast member that was on a previous Fan vs Favorites season that seemed to know every thing about the show and was clearly thrilled to finally be a cast member- is this the same guy?

    BTW, what does WTFI mean?

    • BB says:

      I think it means Who The Eff Is Jeff?

    • melthehound says:

      Yes, BB, That’s what it means, compliments of Lisa Renee’s husband 😉

      Boobah, yep. That’s the guy. The scrawny red headed (literally) stepchild of the island. If you look at the picture, he is (I think), 4th from the left in the back row (2 away from Malcom). He wasn’t on a fans vs favorites though. It was men vs women that season.

      • Boobah says:

        Aha! He looks different to me. Also, thanx for clearing up which previous show he was on.
        It should be a good season. Looking forward to you recaps.
        BTW – revenge tonight!! Yay!

      • Lisa Renee says:

        Hi Jeff, that “WTFIJeff” — my best laugh of 2012. Watching DH get twisted because I was laughing so hard, tears down my face & couldn’t catch my breath as he was getting more perplexed by the second…..good times, for me anyway. After all is said & done DH was thrilled when I told him you would be blogging Survivor again for us, clear not to erase from DVR until we both read & now rewatch lol. Every dam season Probst says best season ever, we shall see. I had never seen a purple rock evoke such fear in a man (Chocran). I also think he looks different & looking forward to see how he acts because I think he finally got laid. As for Hantz, if you didn’t see the youtube rant when his uncle/cousin/brother was booted from BB you will see crazy runs deep in that bloodline. I am thrilled Dawn gets another shot, she was very much like Denise. Hoping Phillip learned how to say Francesca’s name & will still bring the crazy without Boston Rob’s mind games to get him going. Over the moon Cloton will not be back.
        O/T what the hell is going on in MI? So far my daughter has walked through two protests, today was the NRA, to get to church & the other was about the unions trying to get to the library. It’s making me more nutz than usual. My best to you & the hound from me & the Hubs, Lisa

    • Cochran (he asked to be called by his last name believing that Jeff Probst called all his favorites by their last names) was on one of the Redemption Island style seasons with Ozzie and Coach as returning players. He was socially awkward, and felt “bullied” by his tribe. His tribe worked up a grand plan to make it look like he was going to flip on them in order to get information out of the other tribe. The trouble is Coach saw right through their plan and played to his insecurities, ensuring that he did flip. Dawn was his ally through the entire time. Brandon Hantz was also on that season – but on Coach’s team and wouldn’t have gotten to know the other two until the merge.

    • melthehound says:

      Boobah, I’m wrong about men vs women. He was on Survivor South Pacific with Benjamin (coach) and several of the others.

  15. AZGirl says:

    @BB: I watched next week’s previews of BH and it does somewhat confirm my suspicions that there was some fall out with Maury handling Lisa and Ken’s listing of their house. Maybe that is why Martin was contracted to handle the purchase of the new house. When Lisa commented in the limo how things change and they were not as close to Mo and Kyle was interesting.
    Previews also show how messed up Taylor is and I really hope Yolanda shuts her down.

    • AZGirl says:

      Oh and Taylor’s comments about Yolanda and how she lives in a million dollar home in Malibu and was a super model and Foster’s marriage to her friend was not good was really nasty.
      I almost screamed at my computer “HEY TAYLOR IF YOU DON’T GET HELP YOU ARE GOING TO BE LIVING IN A VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER. ” Fortunately I am home alone.

    • VV says:

      I think after Tea party S2 and eventually S2 reunion. Ken was fed up with Kyle. You could tell he didn’t trust her by his body language and demeanor towards Kyle. I mentioned that on Lynns blog. I think he tolerates her only because for whatever reason Lisa likes Kyle. I personally think he does not like Kyle. It is a funny relationship those two have, up and down up and down. If you follow them on twitter, you can see that.
      Lisa and Ken wanted to be polite to their two realtor friends at the time. That is why one got to handle the sale and the other one handle the purchasing of the new home.
      IMO, that is one of the reasons why Kyle started to get mad at Lisa because Mo-Mo didn’t get to handled both transactions.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Martin is a long time friend and having him do the sale on their house makes sense. You are probably right that the greedy Kyle/Mauricio expected both the old and new home transactions. Ken is likely a very good judge of character and doesn’t like them but is a gentleman and tolerates them for Lisa’s sake.

      • Beckygrey says:

        I believe that Kyle thought that she would be the break out star of the show(after all she helped cast the show). She had been in the shadow of her sisters all her life and now it was her turn. Then Lisa was considered the star and jealousy raised its ugly head. That’s why she needed to out Kim because she needed everybody to see she is “better than” her Kim. Then Kyle wanted Lisa to like her and not Brandi, and she told Lisa that Brandi treated she and Kim badly. In spite of what Lisa was lead to believe she gave Brandi a chance. Lisa also saw how Kyle really was with Brandi and that Kyle had aligned herself with Adrienne against LIsa.
        So every chance Kyle can she has to show people that she is better than “somebody”. She reminds me of the character in the Bird Cage where Diane Wiest says “Somebody has to like me better”.

    • Lisa Renee says:

      AZ Girl, It was always my opinion that Ken&Lisa were blown back when Russell said he was going to sue Lisa while dining with kyle&mo in their home. KyMo said not one word about it & didn’t come to light till episode was aired. This was before the C&D letter to Camille from Russell. I think Ken & Lisa expected KyMo to have their back(they didn’t) or at the very least a heads up as to what Russell was contemplating. Lisa & Ken after all that was to tolerate them. There is a preview that Ken took “umbrage” as to what Bernie was saying about Lisa & they didn’t sue & Ken gets pretty vocal with Mo. Just my observation. Lisa

      • Called A Princess... says:

        Kyle started off season 2 going in on Ken about marriage therapy. He does not like to be questioned by women folk on the meaning and use of words, like “offended.” Can a sexist be a gentlemen? JMHO.

    • melthehound says:

      Thanks Diva 🙂

    • Boobah says:

      Hi Diva!! Thanks for this article – you are right – very interesting. I clicked on one of the sources and its another interesting article. Thanks for this!

      • JumpTheShark says:

        Presently, my favorite “reality show” is “Rehab Addict”. Nicole Curtis is amazing: creative, hardworking, athletic.

  16. Gmail says:

    Sweet !

    Sent from my iPhone

  17. Beckygrey says:

    I haven’t read the comments but NoMoreDrama it’s time for you to go to DanceMom rehab. You are reminding me of Leann with Brandi, you have a problem. When you acknowledge it then we can get you some help! lol

  18. Nancy says:

    Go 49ers!!!!!!!!!!!! Here we go…

  19. WindyCityWondering says:

    Don’t hate me but I don’t want to see any more weddings! I got caught up in Bethenny’s fairy tale because I was rooting for her. But no more wedding fakery for me.

    • melthehound says:

      I can’t hate somebody I agree with. Spinoffs in general actually but especially the over produced weddings.

    • BB says:

      I don’t hate you WCW. I agree, tired of all the weddings and even the vow renewals (sorry Lisa and Ken). But 30 years is something to be proud of.

    • NJBev says:

      I think most of us would agree with you, Windy.
      I am so over the weddings and the stupid renewels.
      Can’t they come up with a better story line at this point?
      eeeeesh. And I freakin can. not. stand. Tamra~

  20. Hi Guys! Just popped in to say hello and miss you all! I am on DD’s laptop catching up a bit. I posted an update over at my place. My computer is still getting worked on, but I am taking over the laptop so I hope to get a new post up tomorrow or at the latest Tues.. I hate when life steps in with a mind of it’s own! LOL!

    Hope you all are well. I will try to check in again later.
    Have a lovely Sunday!!

    Hugs & Blessings!

  21. melthehound says:

    I just have to say, as a straight man, that if pillow biter cohen thinks I watch HWs for the boobs and whatnot… There aren’t enough of them to keep me interested and most of them are fake anyway. I watch for the same car wreck aspect of it that many others do. Even then, there are still so many of them I can take. I Don’t watch his dumbass talk show and his moronic games. In fact the less I see of his shit eating grin, the happier I am. That pig’s asswipe needs a reality check.

    • looneylucy says:

      Thanks for posting that BB. I’ve always respected BW, but watching her these last few years, I feel it may be time for her to retire. Hope she’s ok.

      • Called A Princess... says:

        She has been around for a of of the propaganda schemes that the national news in this country has spread. After Diana, Princess of Wales was killed, she wasted no time in talking about how emotional unstable the princess was. Just one of many examples of her willingness to sully a famous tombstone. Not my cup of tea. JMHO.

  22. BB says:

    Kroy Boy is earning his salary today. Did you just see that takedown?

    • Nancy says:

      I sure did. This is why I wanted to be playing Seattle as we would have played at home.
      The noise in the dome is ridicules. If we keep playing the way we are we don’t deserve
      to win so I will be ok with the loss. My father taught me that.

      I keep looking for Kim Z. lol

  23. NJBev says:

    I swear, @nomoredrama, you should be getting royalty
    checks from Abby and Lifetime! I could not stand that show-
    but by reading your re-caps and your obvious enthusiasm
    for it, I felt I had to check it out again~ It was on this morning
    and even though I haven’t seen it in quite some time I felt
    totally up to date! lol
    But I do totally hate Abby………

  24. Nancy says:

    I could kick better than David Akers!!!!!!

  25. NJBev says:

    I also wanna say thanks to Jeff for updating us
    on the status of Survivor!
    I freakin love that show and really enjoy Jeffs
    re-caps. You are going to do the re-caps again

  26. BB says:

    That was a terrible call, Nancy.

  27. BB says:

    Nancy, is Ice Moms really going to happen? Haven’t heard anything about it in over a year.

  28. I decided to come out of the shadows today because I discovered what Adrienne’s BIG secret is. It IS the surrogacy. On the sneak peek for tomorrows episode of RHOBH you can clearly hear Kyle say “It’s not about the surrogacy” right asTaylor beings talking about herself again. The reason I believe Bravo edited the secret out is because it could potentially be a violation of HIPPA laws concerning Adrienne’s health to carry children and the surrogate who carried them. Camille’s surrogacy was fine to talk about because Camille disclosed and spoke of it herself so it allowed others to be able to speak about it because Camille made it public.

    Also, IMO Adrienne never wanted to give Brandi the opportunuity to apoligize. At Mo”s party she gleefully smirked that Brandi just got herself a lawsuit. I do belive that Adreinne was pissed at Brandi for spoiling the setup and take down of Lisa during the reunion. During the break before the new season aired all sorts of nasty rumors where printed in the tabloids about Brandi- Affair with married executive producer,getting fired because kids couldn’t film,sex in the bathroom at the white party,diva behavior of Brandi & Lisa, badmouthing YoYo, all which where false or greatly exaggerated to make Brandi look bad and potentially causing Brandi to lose fans or be fired. So when Brandi says Adrienne was messing with her and her children I believe her. RHOBH allows Brandi income to support her boys and gives her (like all the wives) the platform to promote her book and make money. Adrienne was trying to mess with this. I don’t blame Brandi for being pissed. I

    I have never liked Adrienne and have always thought she was phony. I deplored how condesending and mean she was to Paul. When she had her nasty chef plant those pics in the tabloids accusing Paul of domestic violence, I felt sick that someone could be so evil. I belive through ADRIENNE, her chef planted all these lies and was responsible for Cedric’s apperance at Sur’s re-openning party.Chef Nasty also went on a long facebook rant about Brandi that was vile and echoed what I believe Adrienne felt. I believe that originally Adrienne wanted Brandi on the show because of her friendship to Cedric. Adrienne thought that would give her another ally in taking down Lisa. What Adrienne didn’t count on was that Brandi could think for herself and would become a friend to Lisa.

    Sorry this is so long. I read the blog daily. Lynn’s passing was hard to bear but I’m sure she would be so proud of how all of you have kept her legacy going.

    • Mene Seela says:

      I’m so glad you posted this. ICCM.
      Adrienne first showed herself to me when she allowed or prompted Chef Bernie to talk smack about Lisa – while Adrienne and Lisa were supposively still friends!

      • Mene Seela says:

        what is ICCM? I have no idea.
        I meant “I Couldn’t Agree More”!

      • Beckygrey says:

        Yes that was very telling. To say that she would believe Bernie over someone she claimed to be her friend without flinching really spoke volumes of who “Adrienne ” is truly. She is a jealous, insecure and obtuse person. I hope that she and Paul make a safer environment for their children that they won’t feel so competitive that will paralyze them as it has for their mother.

    • BB says:

      The Shadow knows! Good to hear from you and your thoughts make sense to me. I think a lot of things happened after the reunion between Adrienne and Brandi. I remember reading all that unsubstantiated stuff about Brandi and it probably was planted by Adrienne or someone close to her. I’ve never seen anyone be so vindictive about such minor things; i.e., maloof hoof, crackpot and not using The Palm for Pandora’s bachelorette party. Brandi not taking part in the take-down of Lisa put Adrienne over the edge.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      I missed you! Excellent post.

    • Beckygrey says:

      Remember it was also Dana “Pam” Wilkey and Taylor who were spreading the rumors around that Brandi was having sex in the bathroom of SUR. Dana was trying to secure a spot on the series and Taylor was jealous of Brandi’s popularity, which threaten Taylor’s position on the show.

      • iceNfire says:

        imo – the “Brandi was having sex in the bathroom of SUR” rumor only made her more popular and the rumor didn’t seem to faze Brandi. If the rumor had been “Adrienne was having sex in the bathroom of SUR” …well that would just be Yuckie
        As far as the big secret goes, I’m sticking with the “Adrienne is a Hermaphrodite” rumor

  29. BB says:

    What? No flag?

  30. Nancy says:


  31. WindyCityWondering says:

    There you go Nancypants – a hard fought game!

    • Nancy says:

      What a come back. Did you know that everytime the 49ers have gone to the Super Bowl they have won. So far it’s 5-0. Hopefully it will be 6 in 2 weeks. 🙂

  32. Mene Seela says:

    1/2 way to a Harbaugh vs Harbaugh Super Bowl! What a great game.

    Sorry, I promise not to shriek about the game any more here. 🙂

  33. I decided to come out of the shadows to share that I know what Adrienne’s secret is. It’s the surrogacy. Bravo aired the sneek peek for the next episoid and If you listen closely Kyle can be heard saying “It’s not about the surrogacy” when YoYo says “Taylor your talking such nonsense”.
    At the beginning of the clip Adrienne gleefully says (about Brandi) “Oh boy, she’s going to get slapped with a fat old lawsuit”. Adrienne never wanted to give Brandi a chance to apologize.
    Bravo probaby edited the comment out because Adrienne threatened to sue saying Brandi violated her HIPPA rights. Camille’s surrogacy was able to be discussed because Camille made it public herself,Adrienne & Paul did not. The only reason I can assume A&P hid it was because they hadn’t told the boy’s and possibily the impending divorce and custody battle.
    IMO Adrienne was trying to cause Brandi problems before the season to get her fired. Rumors where planted in the tabloids about Brandi having an affair with one of the married producers,drinking & partying,sex at the white party, diva behavior of her & Lisa,mean comments about YoYo…all lies or greatly exaggerated and twisted half truths. Adrienne was pissed because Brandi exposed her at the reunion so she was/is determined to take Brandi down any way possible.I don’t blame Brandi for being so pissed. RHOBH is her opportunity to make some real money to support herself and her boys. Adrienne tried to take that away from her.Should Brandi have exposed Adrienne’s lie…maybe not but I understand Brandi being fed up with the lies and hypocrisy.
    Adrienne originally wanted Brandi on RHOBH because she knew Brandi was a friend of Cedric and thought she could use that and Brandi to get at Lisa.Brandi didn’t play into A’s plot and exposed Adrienne for the mean girl she was at the reunion.
    I have never liked Adrienne. I felt she was condesending to Paul and treated him pathetically. When her nasty chef planted those pics in the tabloids and went on his facebook rant about Brandi, it just confirmed to me how evil Adrienne is. She used her nasty chef and others to do her dirty work for her. Just as VileKyle,Kim,Mo,and Fayke are now doing.
    Just wanted to share what I found and my opinion.
    I miss Lynn and was so sorry to hear of her passing. I know she would be proud that all of you have kept the blog and her legacy going. I read everyday. I enjoy what you all have to say even when I don’t always agree.

  34. Sorry I posted twice! Been awhile since I’ve done this so OPPS!

  35. barkley4 says:

    If you watch the first look Bravo aired yesterday, Kyle comes right out and says what the “secret” is. It a conversation running under Yolanda’s voiceover when she starts talking about Taylor.

    • BB says:

      You’re the second person who’s said that. Thanks for the heads up. I’ll try not to miss it in my recap.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        I heard it as well. That is why I commented last night that a battle royale was ahead.

    • Rebecca says:

      So Brandi says it to a few people at a table and Kyle tells the whole world on air? Kyle just provided Brandi with a great defense to Adrienne’s lawsuit.

  36. Chat blog – and thanks for the head’s up about the preview video – I’d never have heard Kyle in the background on my own. You all rock!

  37. stellastars21 says:

    Totally off topic but I’m watching What Would You Do and it’s dealing with the topic of gastric bypass. Dr Oz is there and he said that even if you’re 30 lbs over weight and you have a medical problem and diet and exercise don’t work that insurance says it is ok. I’ve never heard that before. That was his answer to when is it ok to get the surgery.

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