Melissa Gorga’s Ex-Boyfriend might be Ready to Speak / Adrienne’s Surrogacy Confirmed / Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap

Melissa Gorga’s ex-boyfriend Found and Perhaps Willing to Spill her Secrets, Adrienne Maloof’s Secret Revealed, and Jennifer Dalton defends her Friendship with Teresa Giudice by NoMoreDrama

The Real Housewives of New Jersey is different than the other franchises because it centers around real (now pretty much broken) friendships and family relationships.  It has the same sort of emotional appeal that drew viewers into the Bethenny Frankel / Jill Zarin or the NeNe Leakes / Kim Zolciak feud, times ten.  We care because they care.  We feel betrayed, because they feel betrayed.  While there is a an abundance of producer manipulation and viewer mistrust – at the end of the day it’s all about the ladies.

For the first two season of the show, Teresa Giudice tried to portray her life as perfect.  Perfect children, perfect husband, so rich she didn’t even know how to spend her money as it poured in.  Her co-stars and fans reading the blogs knew better.  In addition to Teresa having an extremely volatile temper, her husband, Juicy, was in trouble up to his eyeballs for business shenanigans.  He was being sued by his partners, exposed as a slum-lord, and falsified documents when he filed for bankruptcy (allegedly).  Fans were livid and wanted Teresa exposed.

Enter Melissa and Joey Gorga.  Allegedly brought onto the show to “expose” Teresa’s lies about her perfect life, fans expected to love the duo.  For whatever reason, it didn’t work.  Many fans began to feel sorry for her, and blamed the messenger.  Then the nasty rumors started about Melissa’s life and past.  By the end of Season Four of the show, fans were livid again, and this time they wanted Melissa exposed.

What the heck is wrong with us for falling for this time and time again?

So what are Melissa’s secrets?  For months we’ve been hanging on the edge of our seats waiting to find out.  (Not really – I honestly couldn’t care, but some people do care.)  The latest round of drama started when Famewhorgas published this blog, outing the name of Melissa Gorga’s ex-boyfriend “Bulldog”.  In case there is any doubt that Bulldog knows Melissa, his friend Christina tweeted the picture of the young couple below:

Melissa Gorga and Bulldog Christina Lee tweet: "Frankie has bunch of pics of u 2 I kno u were w/her 4 like 5y u look so young this when u 1st started datin"

Melissa Gorga and Bulldog  – Christina xxx tweet: “Frankie has bunch of pics of u 2 I kno u were w/her 4 like 5y u look so young this when u 1st started datin”

After Famewhorgas published her blog, people started to tweet Bulldog.  Here are some of his reponses.

“What Melissa does today is not my business nor my problem anymore..she has her life I have mine.”

“I can tell you what’s not true, I never was called butch lol don’t where that came from.”  (I think the rumor was that Butch was Melissa’s ex)

“There’s a lot I could say but I’m not. Melissa and I know the truth. If I wanted 15 mins of fame I could easily do so..I never asked 4this!” (That’s true – he was outed – he didn’t seek out telling his story.)

“Someone said I’m broke that I need $ lol i never even started this! The Poorest person I know is a millionaire! I live Happy & I am ME!”

To a friend asking what was going on:  “they have mine and crazy’s relationship all over the place lol it’s kinda funny but she did it to herself. I’m being quiet”  

“digging her grave deeper n deeper if I chose to talk. I’m not about $ but momma didn’t raise no fool either lol ;)”

“I never want to hurt someone’s family but if the truth has to come out,it has to come out!! Remember I didn’t ask for this!”

“yea they been offering $ for awhile now for info.i just been ignoring it until now since they wanna put my personal life out there”

“she won’t cause I can say to much. I’m the one who has all the answers to everyone’s questions,the TRUTH”

“we’ll see..if she confronts me ill meet her on any show she wants.ya see I don’t hav 2 lie”  (I doubt Melissa will confront him on the show – why in the world would she?)

“She can’t make me look bad cause I have made mistakes in life and I own up to them.i am not perfect, who is!?I can look myself in the mirror”

Someone tweeted this to him: “It would be great to finally hear the truth about a fake reality show.”

His response: “I will say that it def is.. ;)”

“I don’t have to proof anything to anyone but if this keeps up, the best is yet to come & I haven’t even gotten started..always be yourself”

“If the time comes I will keep it real that is a promise.somethings are right some are wrong.”

“I have to say I have chewed tougher steaks then anyone that has every been on the show rhwnj #justsaying”  (Bulldog underwent brain surgery in the fall – he likely is referring to this.   “Right now whats most important is my health.i have part of a tumor they cannot not fully take out,there are some complications.1st things1st”

“where did u ever get SELL from either, never once came out of my mouth!”  (Some is saying he’s holding out for money)

“yea I like juicy too he cracks me up. He knows what time it is.”

“What’s funny is she would always tell me her brother in law is a lot like me “juicy”then when I saw him on TV I saw why.He don’t put on act”  (Uh oh – he just confirmed that he was still in contact with Mel after she got married.)

So what’s next for the New Jersey franchise?  I don’t have a crystal ball, but my guess is that if producers try to expose Melissa’s secrets, they’ll be so clumsy about it that she’ll end up looking sympathetic to viewers, and I wouldn’t want to be the housewife assigned the role of bringing her down.  They’d better have a thick skin, because fans will turn on anyone who is perceived as intentionally mean.  No one can count on being a favorite; you can be a favorite one day, and villain the next.  Just ask Jill Zarin or Bethenny Frankel.

As for Bulldog – he’s got his first taste of NJ drama, and I hope he doesn’t underestimate the passion of the fans.


Adrienne’s use of a Surrogate Confirmed

Adrienne Maloof’s secret has been confirmed by none other than co-star Kyle Richards and BravoTV.  Bravo (perhaps inadvertently) didn’t edit out Kyle saying saying “It’s not about the surrogacy thing,” in the Preview video Part 2 for this week’s episode.  You have to be very careful to hear it – it is around second 08-10 when Yolanda Foster is saying, “Taylor stop talking nonsense”.  Kyle can be clearly heard in the background talking to someone else.  She actually says it twice.

It’s really not a surprise because this has been the rumor that has been swirling for quite some time, and an insider already confirmed it to TVFishBowl earlier this week, but now we’ve got it from the horse’s mouth (so to speak).  THANK YOU KYLE AND THANK YOU BRAVO, AND THANK YOU SHADOWSNOMORE AND BARKLEY4  for pointing it out in the blog comments.

According to the insider that spoke to TVFishBowl, Paul Nassif and Adrienne Maloof’s marriage was over for a few years, but they stayed together so Paul could promote his practice and Adrienne could promote her family businesses on the show.  Adrienne had confided her sham marriage and that the couple had used a surrogate to Brandi.  She was livid when Brandi told Kim, because she was worried that Kim would spill the secret while intoxicated (that explains why Kim was the only one not to know.)  So there you go.  She probably shouldn’t have told her castmates – especially when she was (allegedly) going after them in the media.


Jennifer Dalton defends her Friendship with Teresa Giudice

In completely unrelated Real Housewives of New Jersey gossip, new housewife Jennifer Dalton seems to be defending her friendship with Teresa Giudice.  She posted a string of photos with Teresa, pre-dating her babyshower, which was shown on Pregnant in Heels. I sure hope Jennifer doesn’t regret agreeing to be on the show.  It’s such a toxic cesspool and she seems too nice for it.  Of course she is my favorite New Jersey housewife by far, since I’m pretty tired of all the other ones.

Jennifer Dalton tweet: I don't owe you guys any info,but I've know Teresa a long time.

Jennifer Dalton tweet: I don’t owe you guys any info,but I’ve know Teresa a long time.

Jennifer Dalton tweet: Known Teresa a long time, long b4 my baby shower on Pregnant In Heels.

Jennifer Dalton tweet: Known Teresa a long time, long b4 my baby shower on Pregnant In Heels.

Jennifer Dalton tweet: this is when I was like 3 months pregnant at fabellini launch before PIH baby shower.

Jennifer Dalton tweet: this is when I was like 3 months pregnant at fabellini launch before PIH baby shower.


Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap by RamonaCoaster

Atlanta ladies and friends talking smack (photo from - note to Bravo - your photo gallery is missing last night's episode)

Atlanta ladies and friends talking smack  (Didn’t NeNe get the memo about dressing up?) (photo from – note to Bravo – your photo gallery is missing last night’s episode)

Cynthia is a guest judge at the Bronner Brothers Hair International Hair Show.  There are some really far out hair styles there.  I’d love to go to that show.  Derek J is there doing hair. I like his black necklace and Lawrence’s red lipstick.  Kenya walks in doing her pageant wave with Miss Lawrence and Cynthia even gives a shout out to Kenya when she is on the stage.  I guess she really lets bygones be bygones. Kenya likes Cynthia more and more.  They could even be friends.  Cynthia, Kenya, Derek J and Miss Lawrence are hanging out together when Miss Lawrence asked what would you rather have – a donkey booty or a stallion booty.  Cynthia reveals Kenya is going to do a stallion booty video.  “So one is firm and one is jiggly?” Derek J asks.  Kenya points out her stallion booty.  She is wondering how the lawyer’s booty was like before her pregnancy. They all agree that everyone would rather have a stallion bootie than a donkey bootie.  Stallions are thoroughbreds. Peter jokes, “Donkey booties are broke down and they are floppy.”

Nene is happy to be a “Glam Ma.”  Gregg and Nene are putting together a crib for the granddaughter.  Gregg isn’t too handy and neither is Nene.  Nene has always wanted a daughter and now she had a baby granddaughter.

Kandi is getting her hair done at Derek J’s salon.  They do casual chit chat about her house and other things when Derek couldn’t wait to tell her about Kenya’s stallion bootie video.  Kandi grabs her purse to call the lawyer.  My eyes keep getting drawn to Derek J’s man boobs in his black see through shirt and Kandi’s turquoise blue nail polish.  (I recently got blue nail polish but it’s more of a Tiffany blue.)  The lawyer is incredulous and Derek of course tells people were saying donkey booties are broke down.  The lawyer says people want to have a real booty, not some Six Flags Scream Machine with lumps everywhere.  She then goes on to talk about Kenya being thirsty, not starving, that she could do something to her on some bath salts because she is crazy.  Kandi doesn’t think you should steal other people’s ideas and then says she wants to stay out of it but still be involved vicariously.  Derek J points out no one should tell her what you are doing or else she might steal it and come up with a Kenya Coated Nights or K Spot or Bedroom Kenya.  I think Stallion Booty sounds more like a porn video.

Cynthia is teaching a bunch of kids how to model walk.  They are so cute.  She is casting kids for a charity runway show to raise money for HIV.  The lawyer and Apollo bring Aiden to practice to walk and Cynthia is not too excited.  How old is he? You can’t expect a baby that young to follow direction.  Porsha shows up to watch the kids walk. Porsha of course brings up the stallion bootie video to cause controversy against Kenya.  The lawyer says her video is rolling and the stallion bootie video was brought up by Kandi.  Cynthia points out that Kenya in the friend department is not so great.  Porsha is jumping up with glee that one more person is starting to realize Kenya is crazy.  The lawyer thinks Kenya was drunk that night at the hair show and that she has a chemical imbalance that she might be bipolar. Cynthia thinks that it’s not personal, it’s business and the lawyer is out of line with what she is insinuating.

Kenya wants to introduce Kandi to her production designer to help out with designing Reilly’s room.  Kandi wants red plexi glass for Reilly’s room. Trying to picture how that would look in my head.  Kandi thinks if Kenya rips off an idea from the lawyer, she would rip off an idea from Kandi. Kenya reveals that they had started building the set for the donkey bootie video.  Kandi doesn’t feel that if a business relationship falls apart, the personal relationship shouldn’t fall out too. Kandi asks if Kenya is coming for the lawyer. Kenya then tells her that the distribution deal that she obtained is still on the table and she still feels that she should still do a fitness video.  She says there is room in the market for both DVDs and it hasn’t been officially decided that it would be a stallion bootie video.  In the break in conversation, the production designer who is so over the drama takes the opportunity to interrupt to tell them he needs to get some drawings. Kenya then says her feelings were hurt after she did all that work and her deal was turned down.

The lawyer then meets with another production company to pitch them their idea.  She wanted A-list, not D-list like Kenya. She had to throw out her good friend, Jane Fonda’s name.  They want to hear the story about how they come up with the “donkey bootie” name and tells them.  Apollo shows them some moves and he is embarrassed to show off some moves to the guys. The lawyer then says it’s refreshing to work with professionals and thinks it’s good to know that these producers won’t chug down a liter of vodka and run out of the room screaming obscenities.

Nene and Cynthia are at a dessert bar.  Nene is on a diet even though she loves her curves but she still needs to feels confident in Hollywood.  Truffle popcorn sounds good.

The lawyer meets Porsha at a coffee shop to talk.  Porsha feels that the lawyer hasn’t warmed to her because of Kenya.  Porsha talks about pregnancy again and she had a miscarriage.  The lawyer brings up that she had a difficult pregnancy and Porsha thinks she will have an easy pregnancy because she is a housewife.  She then butters up the lawyer by asking her how she is mom, husband and working woman.  Porsha says she believes in organic friendships and not forcing it.  Porsha brings up Kenya situation in Anguilla and marriage.  The lawyer brings up that Kenya is working on a $20 million dollar project and she was not believing it.  Porsha brings up the lawyer seeing Kenya’s true colors.  Trying to put words in her mouth?

Cynthia preps her staff for the runway show they are doing later that day.  Noelle is wearing a leopard print vest for the runway show.  Aiden is going to be in the fashion show.  Cynthia and the lawyer is playing the spelling game in front of Aiden.  But they are not spelling the usual words that you are supposed to spell in front of kids like S-E-X, D-A-M-N or C-A-N-D-Y.  The runway show gets started and these kids know how to work it.  Apollo walks down the runway with Aiden on his shoulders.  Kenya notices the new relationship between Porsha and the lawyer and she feels the lawyer is playing Porsha.  Nene, Kenya and Porsha are talking about Nene’s show.  Kenya then tells them about the stallion bootie video and how the distribution deal was on the table.  Nene doesn’t think donkey bootie is cute but stallion is and what the lawyer did was shady.  The lawyer comes up and says “hi what did I miss?” Kenya announces she was doing a stallion bootie video.  The lawyer points out that a stallion is a male stud horse. Kenya in her TH that the lawyer suffers from full-of-s–t-itis.  Nene points out that a donkey ass is very big and very wild and no one wants to have a donkey ass. The lawyer says the video is her idea.  I’d rather do the Brazilian butt lift video.  Apollo accuses her of being a copycat in his elementary school way and Kenya announces she is going to be a copycat as she cashes her check at the bank.  She does her twirl and she is on her way.


Watch What Happens Live Recap by NMD

My girl Kandi was on looking amazing in a bright yellow dress.  I would recap the rest of the show but I changed the channel when Mike (from Shahs) with his extra white teeth started talking about doing playgirl and buying his girlfriend her $2000 outfit for that dinner with his parents.  Sorry – not – even – for  – the – blog.


Revenge Recap by Empress aka Real Housewife of

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357 Responses to Melissa Gorga’s Ex-Boyfriend might be Ready to Speak / Adrienne’s Surrogacy Confirmed / Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap

  1. TexasTart says:

    Could someone please help me understand what is being said here?

    NMD Writes: Adrienne’s use of a Surrogate Confirmed
    Adrienne Maloof’s secret has been confirmed by none other than co-star Kyle Richards and BravoTV. Bravo (perhaps inadvertently) didn’t edit out Kyle saying saying “It’s not about the surrogacy thing,” in the Preview video Part 2 for this week’s episode.

    How is Kyle saying “It’s NOT about the surrogacy thing.” mean that is IS about the surrogacy???

    • By mentioning the surrogacy she confirms there is a surrogacy. However whatever they were talking about at that moment was NOT about the surrogacy thing.

      • TexasTart says:

        😳 I guess I got too caught up in taking the statement literally and not recalling that the surrogacy is not a known fact! Thank you for the answer to my question, NMD.
        PS: Mike also ruined it for me last night, trying to watch Kandi on WWHL.

      • Donna says:

        SH stole your story on Kyle/Adrienne secret. I am banned from there, who knows why, or else I would post a remark.

        • BB says:

          We all know where it broke first. Lol.

          • barkley4 says:

            Yep. It was a freak catch. I was watching the preview again and went back to see what everyone was yelling at Taylor and there it was. I had to rewind it a couple of times to make sure I heard it correctly!

            • rabblerouser2010R says:

              I still can’t find it…lol. Was it you who first mentioned it? I remember someone saying it in passing here in another discussion.

              • barkley4 says:

                It should be shown tonight, otherwise it is on the Bravo website – it’s the 2nd preview video. There is a part where Yolanda is talking about Taylor and she says “you are being ridiculous” or something like that. Pay attention to Kyle in the background. You can hear her say “surrogacy”

                • rabblerouser2010R says:

                  Thanks, I finally found it.
                  I wonder if Kyle has been asked about this on twitter yet?

          • VV says:

            Amen to that!

          • rabblerouser2010R says:

            I’m betting on SH, there will still be a disclaimer saying that any mention of this on another site /newsgroup must have a link and credit going back to her site.

        • Powell says:

          You are banned? Gesh.

        • AuntieLaLa says:

          SH is an asshole. Nasty, arrogant and bans those with opinions she doesn’t like. A good blogger would not do that. Plus Marjorie is getting sued so good for her. She accuses others of stealing yet she does it all the time.

        • Pghemtchick says:

          That’s not the only thing (allegedly) stolen… *ba-dum-dum* lol sorry couldnt resist.

  2. TexasTart says:

    Uh oh, I didn’t know I would beat Powell – where are my manners?!

    Good Morning, everyone!!! 😀

  3. Kat from Ohio says:

    i have a real problem with an ex boyfriend coming back to tell tales. uhh do you know how many of the guys i dated could share an unsavory tale or two, especially because the relationship soured? i just don’t think that’s cool. i really don’t like melissa, but if someone’s going to expose her, it shouldn’t be someone she used to have a relationship with.

    • What I can’t figure out is why he blames Melissa for a blog releasing his name, and why all the public tweets. He could easily have stayed quiet on twitter.

      • Kat from Ohio says:

        ugh, i know! especially since it’s a blog that hopes to destroy the gorgas! i know melissa is a fame whore, but i really doubt she’s running that blog. i don’t know why he’s mad that his own (likely public) tweets got re-poste. trashing exes, especially at their age, is tacky imo.

        • plainviewsue says:

          Melissa doesn’t run that blog! I follow the person on twitter who does & her scoops have been mixed. But as someone who despises the lie that is Melissa, I love reading it.

          I think his point is that he wasn’t tweeting anything about Mel & then the site’s owner got his name. That’s why he had tweeted he didn’t ask for any of this. But now that he’s in it, I say SPILL!!!!

          I’ve said this a dozen times. It is the double standards that drives me crazy with NJ. Nobody is saying that Teresa & Joe are pure as the driven snow! It’s that Melissa & her vile sisters are determined to destroy the Gorga family. They want Joey to have nothing to do with his family, and they want Melissa to come off as the person who is trying so hard to bring them all together. The editing of season 3 was so positive to Melissa & Joey, so negative towards Teresa. I was not a fan of Teresa during season 3 & was rooting for Melissa. I was even dm’g with her disgusting sister Lysa at the time. But then the reunion was aired & everything clicked for me. Knowing Mel had been in contact with Danielle. Figuring out what her game plan was. And little Joey Marco was her pawn in taking down Teresa. Caroline jumped on her side, if it meant taking down Teresa, the true star of the show.

          I want Melissa’s skeletons to come out. Cos if the stories are all true about her past, how she met Joey, her “teaching” career, etc., it will show that Teresa is not the horrible person Andy & Bravo want us to think she is. If anything, Teresa could have blown the whistle on this wench’s past (if it’s all true), and she hasn’t. Cos Teresa is truly about protecting her parents.

          That’s all!

          • Everyone can have their opinion and mine’s happens to be that if Teresa does or did bad stuff, nothing Melissa does or doesn’t do takes away from that. And Teresa not choosing to expose Melissa wouldn’t make her a great person or a not terrible one. In my mind one doesn’t have anything to do with the other. Here’s something that’s interesting to me. I have been reading the old Lynnnchicago101 blogs since I didn’t come to her site from the beginning and I wanted to read the stuff I never got to, and I am reading of when Teresa’s bankruptcy filing hit the news and came out, and that blog was June 2010, but she filed way before that in October 2009. Now granted these blogs were back when everyone still hated Teresa (lol, I don’t but she certainly ain’t my favorite, I think ALL of New Jersey needs to go, especially Kim D.) and it was being brought out about all the spending that was happening and people were wondering why it took so long for the media to find out about the filing. And that is what I wonder too. I don’t so much care about it since its over and done with I’m just wondering how the media that hounds and digs at a person never knew about the filing until 8 months later.

            • Maybe Lynn just wasn’t interested until then. Didn’t she start her blog in 2010? I remember when I first started reading Lynn’s blog everyone hated Teresa and I couldn’t really figure out why – but that bankruptcy was a big deal. Now – there are so many shady housewives and husbands it would barely make a ripple in the news.

              • stellastars21 says:

                Oh sorry, I didn’t mean Lynn didn’t pick it up, it was first brought out in her comment section. I meant the media like TMZ and Radar Online and the like. Sorry about the confusion.

                • stellastars21 says:

                  It actually hit the news circuit like one day after Teresa’s article where she slams Bethenny for losing the baby weight so fast. I think it was that article. Reading the comments of Lynn’s blog, one day everyone is mad at Teresa for slamming Bethenny and then the next day everyone is talking about Karma and the like cause her bankruptcy came out.

      • Sasha says:

        NMD, it looks like he is looking for a payday to me. I think he wants a response from her so he can come out blazing. The past is the past to me. He’d better have something current and disturbing to get my attention. He probably wants to be on the show too like everybody else.

    • california35 says:

      lol very true, i have no connection to any of my exes. I sure hope none of them come back and tell tells about me. i have nothing to hide, but i am sure there could be some things they could say about me that wont be nice, if to the wrong people, making me look bad.
      Melissa keeps getting that about bringing someone from her past, why her? i am
      sure any housewife could have someone from her past come bak to say things, why only Melissa? what did she do? what is she hiding according to those who want (or looks for) someone from her past?

      • L.A. Chica says:

        Why is there a witch hunt after Melissa? Is she that bad? (I haven’t watched RHONJ in almost forever.)

        • california35 says:

          i wonder that also. i have watched NJ only here and there and read here about it, but i have mot see or read anything BAD she has done or said to be getting this. on the other hand, i do read and see that Theresa talks about Melissa like she is not someone who deserves her brother or to be in their family.

        • Sasha says:

          Chica, I have yet to understand the Melissa witch hunt myself. I have yet to see her display any behavior that involves taking Teresa down and I really don’t think that is her agenda. She is a little full of herself and wants to be a star. I think she is disliked by Teresa fans because they don’t get along. If you cross Teresa then you are automatically put on the list.

          • BB says:

            I am by no means a Teresa fan, but I do see Melissa as a manipulative sneak. She’s no innocent by any stretch of the imagination. That being said, I really don’t care. They all deserve each other.

            • TexasTart says:

              I rarely comment on RHONJ players since I gave up on them, but I would like to echo BB saying “They all deserve each other.” SO TRUE!

          • plainviewsue says:

            Please see my post above. This is why I do not like Melissa. She has absolutely displayed behavior to take down Teresa. Just remember her driving away with Joey after the Posh Fashion show telling him over and over again to tell Teresa how disappointed he is with her. Knowing how upset that would make her.

            She wants to be the star of the show. She comes down on Teresa’s magazine covers, but as soon as the show is over, there is Melissa on the covers (of course with a picture of Teresa) blasting her.

            • Sasha says:

              Plainviewsue, wasn’t the Posh Fashion show the night of the big MELISSA take down plan? I think the last thing I would have been worried about is upsetting Teresa. At that time she assumed Teresa was in cahoots with Kim D and the bald guy.

              • plainviewsue says:

                Well, we all know what happens when you assume………………

                Sorry, I don’t trust Melissa at all. That smile on her face when she was calling Joey & Tre was begging her not to, cos Tre knows Joey’s temper. Melissa only cares about upsetting Tre. That’s why she kept telling Joey to tell her how disappointed he was in her.

                Melissa sickened me at the reunion when she fake cried about how she needs to sell the house to move away because of Teresa’s girls. Teresa should NEVER even look at Melissa again after that. In the meantime, her disgusting husband tweets pictures of half naked men & tweets sexual innuendo. They both disgust me.

                Melissa lives for the drama. There was so much filmed that night that wasn’t shown on TV, but left on the cutting room floor. There was footage of Penny & John supposedly defending Teresa & going after JoeGo.

                The producers, who have since been fired, loved the Gorgas.

                • PJ says:

                  I agree those tells on a persons face, the slight smirk/smile, show what they really think even when they are protesting the opposite. I felt like Melissa was delighted at the situation it was her moment to play the victim, do more damage to Teresa’s relationship with her brother and grab the spotlight at Teresa;s expense. I have no respect for people who the to achieve their goals by climbing the backs of others.

                • Sasha says:

                  I guess I don’t know what happens when you assume………….


                  Perhaps she did have a smile on her face as she made the phone call to her husband to come and defend her from the man that Teresa wanted to her to confront about calling her a stripper. That plan was shot to hell.

                  There are no innocents in all this mess.

                  I can’t wait until they are back again to see what those crazy and vile girls have been up to.

            • nyc mama says:

              I am not a fan of any of them either but isn’t that what any wife would do if their husband’s sister and friends did what was done at the Fashion show? In that instance she had every right to be mad and discuss it with Joe, and since Joe married Melissa, not Teresa, his allegences belong with his wife.

        • Vegas Chick says:

          What’s really disturbing (to me, at least) is the lengths that people like the FameWhorga blog owner would go to expose Melissa’s past. If you really think about it, that’s pretty sick and twisted. Everyone has a past and has done things that they are not proud of. All that should matter is what you do and who you are, right here, right now.

          • L.A. Chica says:

            I agree

          • stellastars21 says:

            OMG Amen to that. Yikes it blows my mind the kind of time people spend on this. Ok and what someone exposes Melissa for the lying liar that she’s supposed to be and then what? I’ll sleep better at night? I’ll be happier in my life (if that were true I’d have to do some soul searching to find out why my happiness is dependent on them)? I’ll somehow make the money she’s making instead of her? I’ll somehow stop any other lying liars who lie from coming on tv? So far all the answers to those questions for me is NO. And if for a second I thought that I would answer Yes then it is time for me to move on to another show or I can only speak for me though, so I have no idea why these other bloggers and twitter people who claim to know her and want to expose her spend every waking moment digging up dirt on her.

          • PJ says:

            I would agree except it seems like Melissa has tried to cover up and deny her past, even calling people liars who try to tell the truth about her; while also making some enemies along the way. People seem to embrace those who just honestly admit they have a past but when a person tries to play people for fools and manipulate people then they are fair game, because they make themselves fair game.

            • L.A. Chica says:

              PJ, I agree with both of you.

              1) It’s twisted to go after someone’s past. Everyone makes mistakes in their life, and it doesn’t mean they haven’t grown, learned, or changed from that experience. What matters is who they are NOW.

              2) It’s always best to fess up to past mistakes if and when called out on them. It shows humility and takes the ammo away from the outer’s weapon. And yes, most people are very forgiving of those who are honest about themselves. (Those who aren’t often have they’re own skeletons they’re desperate to hide!)

              And I’ll add:

              3) If you’ve got something in your life you want to keep hidden, don’t make enemies, and don’t act like you’re in a position to judge others.

              • PJ says:

                I agree. I don’t like the idea of someone going after someone but I do understand why there are people going after Melissa. There was a time when you could fool the public with a fake sweet persona but there is just too much information available to the general public today. So much better to be honest than to think you can play the viewers for fools.

          • kit9 says:

            That FameWhorga blog is truly sick. The person who runs it reminds me of the psycho from the film Seven. All those binders of crazy endless scribbling..exactly like the FameWhorga blog..just endless endless writing-word vomit. The person who runs it is effing crazy. Obsessed. Creepy, really.

          • rabblerouser2010R says:

            Meh, I don’t see how hitting someone up on twitter is going to any great lengths.
            We have all pretty much said here 1000 times over that it should be a given to anyone who wants to go on a reality show that the skeletons (and the lunatics) will come out.

            Sure, everyone has a past but the person you were, helped shape you into the person you have become. I don’t see their ‘past’ as being off the table, especially when it gives viewers a better understanding of who they are and how they operate.

            • Called A Princess... says:

              Particularly when a person sets out to be a star. Melissa wants to be a star. She has limited talent and is not young so reality TV is her best shot. It still angers her that anyone might get in her way. She has assign the role to Teresa as a the person out to get her. But the truth is that she is out to get Teresa. This whole conflicted start with the Gorgas debut Christening casino. Calling Teresa a piece of garbage. Acting like low low life’s. How easily people choose to forget the rabid pet dog, in the room. JMHO.

              • rabblerouser2010R says:

                When I think of Melissa and Joe, I don’t think I will ever be able to get past the baptism.

        • 🙂 Why Melissa?

          Because she’s made a few enemies in Jersey who have made it their mission to take her down.

          Those people are nasty.

          The way I see it is Melissa is full of flaws – they’d be better served by sitting back and letting her fall all on her own. These attacks just make her a sympathetic figure.

          • That’s how I see it too. People always root for the underdog – so if the attacks on Melissa are too severe …

            I’m with BB – they all deserve each other – I’m not a fan of the cast.

            • BB says:

              ITA. Usually, there is at least one HW I like. Not NJ and not OC. I like at least one cast member on the other three (AT, NY, BH). I haven’t ever watched Miami so I dunno.

          • melthehound says:

            Except she’s shown herself to not be a sympathetic character.

            • PJ says:

              True. I’ve run into so many women like Melissa in the business world, they leave a swath of destruction in their wake. But they always play innocent, some people buy it, others only realize after they’ve been the victim and it’s too late, some people see it coming but no one listens because the act is really smooth. Once you’ve dealt with this personality type you can spot then a mile away. Just my opinion.

            • rabblerouser2010R says:

              I’m not mustering any sympathy for her either. At best, I might come to pity her, in the same fashion I do with Taylor Armstrong.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        The one guy that could have embarrassed me, died.

        • princesspindy says:

          How horrible am I that I laughed at this?

          • LaineyLainey says:

            don’t feel bad for laughing, Princess…you’re only human. 🙂 Someone called me or fb’d me (can’t rememember which) a few years ago…”Lainey, did you hear that LaineyMistake died?? Isn’t it sad???” and my first thought “Well, I guess I can stop worrying about him ever running his mouth.” and then I had to check myself and say “Yes, it’s very sad that he died. Did he have children? How many? etc.” I did feel guilty for thinking of myself first…when he left behind a wife and children. But well, my brain just went there first!!! I didn’t mean to do that, but well, I experienced a sense of relief – and that’s the truth!!!

  4. L.A. Chica says:

    Good morning! Has anyone seen this article at ESPN about the Maloofs coming to an agreement for selling the Kings?

    Pfffft. And not one mention of RHOBH.

  5. Powell says:

    Good morning. Again congrats to the 49ers & also the Ravens. They’re going head to head in the Big Game, the Super Bowl. I’ll be routing for the Ravens. I’m glad Ray Lewis goes out on top in his career. But my Washington Redskins will be at the game next season.

    Happy Inauguration Day.

    • L.A. Chica says:

      Yes, I’m happy for the 49ers, too. This could be a very interesting Super Bowl, in fact I may even pay it more attention this year than the party food. lol

      Happy Inauguration Day, to you, too! Wish I could be there, I attended four years ago and it was an amazing experience.

      • Powell says:

        LA Chica I’m only an hr away from the festivities but I’m living vicariously thru my fellow Washingtonians watching them on tv. It’s cold out there. 🙂 On GMA Sam Champion said the coldest Inauguration day was 1985, 7 degrees. I was thinking, “dang it was cold. I don’t remember it being that cold.”

    • california35 says:

      hi Powell.

      i know i said i don’t watch sports, i saw the game yesterday. even though it was on and off :-P. a friend of mine went to Atlanta just for the game, and i guess knowing this and hearing him talk about it before his trip got me interested.

  6. L.A. Chica says:

    Interesting that Kim was the only one who didn’t know.

    And so much about A & P makes sense now. I know the show is somewhat scripted and heavily manipulated, but to agree to go on a Real Housewives while you’re in a sham marriage? I didn’t think it was possible but that brings reality TV to a new low. And now I *really* get why Brandi didn’t give a shit when she “outed” Adrienne, especially after what A put her through.

    Adrienne is such a hypocrite to have called Brandi a liar while her own life is full of lies, her life IS a lie. Disgusting

    • TexasTart says:

      It’s because Kim has a swiss cheese brain. 😉

    • Vegas Chick says:

      I’m calling for tort reform of Bravo HW’s lawsuits, lol. Adrienne tells Brandi something personal in confidence, and Brandi opens her mouth and tells someone else and this is the basis of a lawsuit? If Adrienne wanted to ‘protect’ her family, she should have kept her mouth shut – pure and simple. I’m not surprised to read that their marriage was a sham. Then again, there are many marriages just like theirs – difference is that most people do not go on reality TV to share it with the world. “She had it coming…”

      • L.A. Chica says:

        It’s one thing to stay together for the sake of children or because of financial hardship, but to do it to exploit your access to fame when you don’t need the money is more hurtful to the children involved than it would be to live honestly and get divorced, or at least separate, IMO.

      • kit9 says:

        I don’t buy for a second Adrienne shared it with Brandi. Brandi would have loudly said so already if that were the case. It would be her main comeback for criticism for having said it. So, it just doesn’t make sense.

      • Contessa says:

        A round of APPLAUSE for Vegas Chick!!!! The best kept secret is the one you do not share!

    • california35 says:

      Kim was not very involved on her own or by the others. she had her own little world 😛

      • TexasTart says:

        Absolutley, cali! Kim is STILL in her own little world. I’m not seeing an incredible difference between the sober or intoxicated version of Kim.

    • Contessa says:

      Totally agree with you LA Chica…bravo started this out as reality tv…somewhere along the way this all got mired down in ratings and so called star popularity (each doing their own thing for 1st place). Ad and the Doc didn’t need the popularity that much – his practice might not have grown as much (if it did), and the Maloof brothers did their own damage with the Palms and lost all but 3% control. I want to also comment on Malicio
      and say he is a nasty pos, it’s not what he said it was his tone. I agree everyone has a right to an opinion about something, but he was in full on attack mode and was not at the event when Brandi spilled the beans. This is between Brandi and Ad. I give Ken huge applause for sticking up for her and mentioning the retinue of lawyers/money backing her up. Did this stupid woman really think this would garner her some public press? Don’t think so. Also who cares about surrogacy. I believe every woman has a right to have a child and to check out every available option out there. She wants to be seen as perfect and that she gave birth to her children – never anything less than perfect about herself in the press. I have always disliked Ad and more so now, as I hate when a powerful person goes after someone who has basically nothing in the way way of real property.

      • L.A. Chica says:

        I agree with everything you said, and I commend you for coming up with the name “Malicio”! That is perfect. 🙂

      • designernailsdiana says:

        Tonight Brandi MAY clear somethings up. NMD you said “11PM – WWHL Hoda Kotb (Bravo)” well Brandi joins Hoda tonight on WWHL. I’m for sure DVRing this WWHL.

        • kit9 says:

          I wonder if Brandi will be as hammered out of her mind as she was the last time she was on WWHL a month or so ago.

          • designernailsdiana says:

            I sure would hope not since her best friend is a rehab counselor. I love Jennifer Jimenez.

    • Powell says:

      Yup. I don’t feel sorry for any of them that have these secrets, get outed on tv or in the media. If they have secrets and want to go on these shows its best to put your secrets out yourself.

      • I am with you Powell. How can ANY of them think that, in this tech culture, they can hide anything? If you have skeletons, lock the closet door and stay off reality tv shows. Otherwise….make those skeletons dance!

    • kit9 says:

      How does anyone know Kim was the only one who didn’t know? The expression on Kyle’s face as Brandi dropped that bomb says otherwise. And, Kyle referred to it as ‘malicious gossip, so it doesn’t sound like everyone a. knew or b. that it was accepted truth among the group.

      • L.A. Chica says:

        I was taking someone’s word here that Kim was the only one who didn’t know. Maybe Kyle didn’t know, either? Nor Faye, since she said Adrienne never lies. Or maybe Kyle is an actress and Faye is a liar. lol

        As for whether the gossip could have been accepted to be true, according to, gossip is defined as “idle talk or rumor, especially about the personal or private affairs of others.” It also says a gossiper is “a person given to tattling or idle talk.”

      • TexasTart says:

        We don’t know who knew what, but based on all the facial expressions that were captured from Kyle, it was very obvious she knew what Brandi said was true – she just could not believe Brandi said it!

  7. BB says:

    I am sooooooo over Melissa and her past. I really don’t care. In fact, I am soooooooo over the whole New Jersey cast. None of them have interesting enough lives to make me even bother to watch. The only entertaining ones on the whole show are Tre’s kids. Lol.

  8. california35 says:

    on a different topic. i am
    looking forward to The Following 🙂 will anyone. else be watching it?

  9. barbinga says:

    I’d love to know how Michelle Obama is standing next to Kenya in that photo?

  10. Good Morning! Good to be back (sort of). Still being patient, but its progress!

    Lots of good dish today NMD. Thanks!

    I am cowering in a corner just thinking about NJ coming back. I join all the others in saying I am over that stuff. Just can’t. It’s too stressful! 😛

    Ramonacoaster – I always love your recaps and their humor. Didn’t catch Atl last night, so count on you to catch up! Thanks!

    A light “Monday, Monday” blog is up today…..but tomorrow we get back into the deep stuff! 🙂
    Enjoy! And Have a great day!

  11. VV says:

    Just a thought on Kyle’s comment about the surrogacy. Yes, it was background conversation but she must have known cameras capture everything. Knowing how upset A &P were, why would she even bring it up? I think Bravo let this one slip for a sharp viewer to catch…. is surrogacy a cover for some other real embarrassing issues?
    Brandi must have talked up a storm at SUR about a lot of things Maloof courtesy of Cedric(?) via Bernie (?) Adrienne is too calculating to be telling Brandi secrets about herself.

    • barbinga says:

      VV, Survivor does that, or used to. Clues used to be found by very close viewing, the last huge spoiler was this competitor named Kathy (Cougar) who went on a reward with Boston Rob. Someone figured out the family visit challenge would be a puzzle because of the reflection in her glasses. Thats what my head went to last night when this was posted, either they will feed us clues to be found, OR will have to actually make the editors job really hard to ensure there are never any revealing tidbits.

      On the flipside, I just love that it’s actually Kyle outting her. That’s gotta sting. Plus, Maurice won’t be able to afford for Kyle to alienate another client on tv. Oh yeah, she already bought her new digs. Wonder who got custody of that gawdy assed furniture?

      • cusi77 says:

        Hey, VV! You are so right about Adrienne confiding anything to Brandi or anyone… Bernie knows everything going on that house! Good catch about Kyle… What in Heavens she forgets she has mic! Just like Juicy calling T, See you next Tuesday for the producers to catch!

      • VV says:

        Interesting thought… Not sure if Bravo is sloppy or playing us here or is all part of a big master plan.

      • rabblerouser2010R says:

        I’m guess since Adrienne wrote a blog praising Mauricio that she might let this one slide by. From what is described, it doesn’t appear that Kyle let the cat out of the bag intentionally.

        • Called A Princess... says:

          It is probably not the big secret because Bravo really does not want to be sued. Since Kyle doe not seem to be the principle in the scene her comment easily could have been edited out. Bravo treachery once again. IMO.

  12. cusi77 says:

    Good Morning Everyone! Thanks NMD!!! Good and Juicy Housewife News!!!

    I would like to share this here…

    “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

    God Bless America!

    • Sasha says:

      Thanks for sharing. It always warms my heart when I listen to the whole speech.

      Now back to the housewife drama!!

    • mygirlsmom says:

      Hearing that speech still gives me goosebumps.

    • shamrockblonde says:

      thanks for that quote – it is one of my favorites – for me at least, that is what this day is truly about –

      • Sasha says:

        Shamrock, I totally agree.

        • Called A Princess... says:

          So did our government and the FBI hate him so much because he “had a dream?”

          • You have a lot of bitterness CAP. It makes me sad that the world is an awful place for many, but today is one that makes me happy. We have a president that just a few decades ago would never have been able to be elected. That makes me feel that the future will be better. One day at a time, one step at a time.

            There is so much injustice in this world. I’ve been to some of the poorest places in the world, seen things that made me realize that as Americans, we are so spoiled. And yet, these poor people that live on the streets or in tiny huts in Delhi, Bombay, etc. still can smile. They are happy to have a chance at making a better life for themselves. They have love in their families, with their children. What Mother Teresa said is so true, in India there is great poverty, but much love. In the US there is a poverty of love. In India, no one is alone. People care about each other, it is something I have witnessed first hand. The loneliness that some experience in the US does not happen in India. Yes they have many many problems that we, as Americans, will never have. But still, they do have hope.

            • I don’t mean to be critical, just giving you a cyber hug ((( CAP ))).
              President Obama is so popular abroad, he is giving the entire world hope that anything is possible, whether you are black, white, whatever religion – there will be better days ahead.

          • L.A. Chica says:

            There are many speeches and many of Dr. King’s writings that I find inspiring. CAP, he was viewed as a threat by some because in addition to being a civil rights leader, he was anti-war and anti-poverty, and certain people thought he was rocking too many boats. Many accused him of being a Communist. But despite his murder, his works lives on, and we are a better country for his having lived, along with many others who gave their lives to the cause of moving us forward.

  13. T-Rex says:

    Finally it’s out there that the Surrogacy while confirmed is not the drama, it’s the fact that the HoofMaloofs have been separated for years! That they came on the show to promote themselves and carried out a sham. I really think they were keeping this quiet because not only did the kids not know, but sources I have heard from say that the HoofMaloofs family didn’t know of their martial difficulties either. Look don’t care about her, hope they do as has been predicted and fire the HoofMaloofs for good from the show.

    • cusi77 says:

      ITA, T-Rex! Aren’t we really tired of fake reality story lines on RHW’s shows! I ‘almost’ feel sorry for Charo… The family business is a holy mess! Today they own just the 2% of The Palms Casino in Las Vegas. When she started in RHWOBH they owned 100%. I think (not sure) they sold the Basketball Team and music business. (easier to confirm by googling it, but I am too lazy to do it! Sorry!)

    • PJ says:

      Just watching their interaction on the show I fully expected there would be a divorce coming soon. They were always very awkward with one another and Adrienne seemed to really not like Paul. You can’t fake this stuff on camera the truth comes out, viewers are not stupid.

      • Sasha says:

        I always cringed when they would show them interacting. I felt he was trying but to her he was just underfoot. .

      • Contessa says:

        You are absolutely right PJ…she insulted him at every turn. I never thought it was simply bickering at all. When they were in Hawaii she could barely hold his hand as they were wallking along. Now she is dating Rod Stewart’s son who is 20 years younger and a loser who is supposedly a druggie – what a nice trade in???

        • VV says:

          Don’t forget the infamous kiss A gave P at Hawaii dinner. It was fake, it was disgusting because even through the TV screen, we could tell it was disingenuous.

        • PJ says:

          I never bought that either,. I always thought the “bickersons” was made up to make it look like that’s just the way they interacted, but even if it was just the way they interacted it wasn’t the face of a happily married couple to me.

    • Pghemtchick says:

      Makes me wonder if this is the real reason she had her tacky dress hanging near the wash area? You know the whole wake up, groggily walk pat it to use the potty/brush teeth, have it smack her in the face on the way out… Oh yeah, I’m married!! Lol. A big reminder before walking downstairs or seeing the kids

  14. BB says:

    This quote could apply in the cases of both MeGo and Charo:
    “People always overdo the matter when they attempt deception. ”
    Charles Dudley Warner

  15. PJ says:

    I for one would like to see Melissa outed. I don’t like her, don’t trust her and don’t believe one word she says.

  16. LaineyLainey says:

    I am off today for MLK day…watching “Catfish” – it’s so sad. This one girl led on a romantic rival (another girl) for TWO YEARS online…to keep her away from her boyfriend. Not sure if that made any sense.

    • mygirlsmom says:

      My mom told me about this show a few days ago Lainey. I watched a couple yesterday and am watching them today too. The one where that poor kid thought he was having a relationship with Kari Ann Peniche was so crazy. Even the guys doing the show were fooled.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Hi!! I didn’t see the one you’re talking about. Maybe I’ll catch it – there seems to be a marathon on today. Getting caught up on some housecleaning, so I’ll be listening for it. Not cleaning yet, sitting on my duff for a little bit longer….yawn!

        • mygirlsmom says:

          That’s exactly what I am doing. Putting off cleaning.

        • iceNfire says:

          Catfish is my new Favorite Reality show. While the term Catfish is new, it’s been going on for years. Way before Facebook people used to hookup on I think I 1st noticed it in the late ’90s

    • Sasha says:

      Lainey, I have been watching Catfish too. I feel so bad for the ones that are duped because they all seem to feel that they are truly in love. I just watched the one with the young man in turmoil over being gay. I feel that the object of his affection was truly creeped out.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Yes, I saw that one. Yes, the reveal was actually therapeutic for the gay guy who was posing as “Amanda” /”Trina” . I agree the victim of his fake persona was creeped out at first, but I think he felt bad for him at the end. He saw how sad “amanda” was…I think he couldn’t help but feel bad for him.

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      I saw that one and had to laugh, when the “catfish” was bragging on how she and the other girls ex, were still together and how he was out right now driving her car.

      Yay…good for you, you “won” and now have guy who can’t afford his own car…and who was probably cheating on you during the down time he had while you were running the game on the other girl. Job well done…

      But at the same time, I also wonder of some of these ‘victims’ own mirrors, it’s like they can’t see that their suitor is way out of their league, so much so that it should arose suspicion.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Yes, there’s an underlying sadness in most of these cases. In the lives of both the Duper and the Duped.

        • TexasTart says:

          I watch the Catfish series and I continue to be in awe of the number of subjects that remain friendly with the person that deceived them! It’s almost as if they invested so much emotionally, they still have a connection to the personality they communicated with. Very weird.

        • What does it say about people that have “relationships” with someone they have 1) never seen in real life 2) communicate with them on the internet where it’s so easy to fake photos, etc 3) if they do talk to them on the phone, why don’t they skype (video conference, ichat whatever) ? If they won’t skype isn’t that a huge red flag??? How can these people be so bamboozled. It is sad.

  17. WindyCityWondering says:

    So the “letter/lawsuit” likely isn’t about the surrogate but an attempt to silence Brandi so she doesn’t expose more of the lies told by the Hoof. By Kyle saying it isn’t about the surrogacy, Kyle showed her hand and knows what Adrienne is doing. Lisa, Ken, Yolanda and Marisa don’t like what is going on, Camille isn’t in the loop because she wasn’t part of the take down Lisa meeting, Taylor is too drunk and not in the loop and Kim, while sober, isn’t in the loop. It will be interesting to hear Adrienne’s side of this but I doubt she will be honest. I doubt this isn’t the first time Adrienne used her money and legal army to dispatch an enemy. RHBH is all about the secrets and the attempt to make the facades seem real.

    • mygirlsmom says:


    • kit9 says:

      We have no idea what Kyle was saying..she could have been making the point that it’s not the surrogacy(if that’s even what the ‘it’ is), it’s making something public involving her kids when she didn’t want it out there until they told them. That’s just an example. We have not idea what Kyle meant.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        How would Kyle know it wasn’t about the surrogacy and say so unless Adrienne told her what the lawyer’s letter contained? Kyle appeared to be talking to Marisa, who wasn’t part of the Ojai trip. So far only Kyle has had contact with Adrienne because no one else has said they have talked to Adrienne and Kyle said that Paul and Adrienne were in New York so they wouldn’t be at the dinner. Bravo either blew it by not editing out Kyle’s surrogacy statement at the dinner or maybe left it in because of Adrienne refusing to film/fullfill her contract.

        • kit9 says:

          We have no idea what ‘it’ she’s referring to from a sentence fragment. And, Kyle only learned of Adrienne’s attorney sending Brandi a letter that night. So, she’s not referring to any lawyer’s letter.

        • T-Rex says:

          Well the HoofMaloof and VileKyle and murray never stopped talking with each other, even if HoofMaloof wasn’t filming with everyone, because you know VileKyle had to keep her informed with all the GOSSIP because that is all she does. VileKyle and Murray knew what was in that legal letter, and personally I think Murray was trying to “setup” Brandi by telling her to contact the HoofMaloof. I think the three of them are in cahoots. They are SO jealous of LisaVpump and since Brandi is the weakest link in money and anger management, they are going after her. You know that TH of Fayekr saying that LisaVpump was stirring things up, well she should have said that about VileKyle because personally I think she is the one stirring a lot of the issues.

          • Called A Princess... says:

            I think that Kyle is aggressive in her stirring methods and Lisa is passive aggressive. More behind the scenes. JMHO.

        I dont think the whole brandi / a thing is about ” surrogacy “.. and remember,,,A has 3 kids, so maybe yea..she had a c section with her first kid…then had the twins via surrogate..
        but the THING.. I think thru some looking around … it’s a MALOOF FAMILY incident that has not been publicly spoken about in awhile and A would prefer for the time being it not be brought up or spoken about on tv…. IF…IF… this is the secret…then it truly does not have any place being on HWS … jmho,,,
        off to the laundry mat….ugh
        waited long enough to go….
        hugs and peace

        • VV says:


          Also, can somebody explain to me why Paul filed for dovorce? They were tight against Brandi. Paul would not divorce his wife because surrogate was revelead.

          • WindyCityWondering says:

            I think if we watch Paul’s body language the rest of the season we will see it dawn on him all the nasty things his wife did to both Lisa and Brandi. We know she tried the same nastiness with him once the divorce was announce. Adrienne has an MO and it isn’t a nice one.

  18. VV says:

    Turned TV on. BEA is on ………again. Went grocery shop yesterday saw B’s face on at lwast three covers…… Internet and rumors, blogs and tweets about Warren L and Matt H. are still strong… One can only wonder if this is a well orchestrated campaign to keep her name out in the public…………….I think YES!

    • Called A Princess... says:

      When life gives you lemons, make lemonade?

    • melthehound says:

      So do I VV. I think all of her press as of late is nothing more than that. Self serving press. I don’t say much about her here anymore because I am absolutely sick to death of B. Frankel and her bullshit.

  19. designernailsdiana says:

    I saw Bravo decided to play BEA this morning. My hubby and I discussed how sad it is to see them now divorcing after all they went thru. We both agreed they had a lot to overcome. Her bad family and the issues it left her to deal with and heal from. The wedding closely followed by the birth of Brynn. That’s a lot of sh*t for a couple of newlyweds to deal with in a short time period. Add to that the Jim Beam deal, the talk show(plus moving to CA) and the remodel on their apartment.
    I’d have been a wreck myself. We both think she needs more therapy and to not be so demanding of others nor damning of others for how they naturally react to what she says and does. We all know we’re not perfect and the people around are not perfect either. Let’s find a good way to communicate so we can get thru this life with some sanity and happiness.
    It breaks my heart to see B and J ending their marriage when it seems like they are not even giving it a chance to become spectacular. EVERYONE (that I know of) was cheering them on and loved seeing the fairy tale being lived out by someone we genuinely liked and cared for.
    I’d love to just sit down and chat with B for just an hour. I know it’s tough and some days you just want to smack the soulmate you chose upside the head and the next you want to shout to the world how AWESOME they are for you.
    I want to see HAPPINESS on Bravo not tearing down and breaking up. Bravo doesn’t show us real reality they show us their “actresses” acting out a life they think we’d like to have when we don’t really want that kind of life. It’s draining to watch grown women fight over petty stuff that the rest of us deal with and move on from every day.
    Bravo bring us the REAL reality shows. We like the fun parties without the fabricated drama.
    The Inauguration party I assure you did not have bickering, whining, hair pulling(weave pulling) or wine thrown into someones face.
    Happy Monday,

    • Contessa says:

      HI Diana,

      I agree with you, the divorce makes me very sad as I am a hopeless romantic (think I would know better in my 60’s). However in some instances I do fault Bethenny as sometimes you have to stop and smell the roses, and if you ask your H to come and work in your company, it has to be a real job with real responsibilities and not having someone looking over your shoulder all the time. I worry about that precious little girl, I do know she will be fine as she will grow up with two parents that love her, and she will not remember them being together so she will not miss that family unit thing.

      I sincerely hope Bethenny is not screwing around as some of the rags have indicated and that they both play fair in the divorce. Jason has been very classy and quiet and maybe our Bethenny needs to take a page out of his book, and stop jetting around the world with wealthy men or taking up residence in their apartment for a night. She certainly can afford a suite at any top rated hotel in NY…that is what I would have done. JMHO

  20. shamrockblonde says:

    I always thought they were just doing some what I call “funny bickering” – Mr. Shamrock and I do it all the time –

    at a restaurant –

    mr. S- what are you going to have tonight? and don’t tell me apple pie
    me – okay – I’m having apple pie warm with ice cream
    Mr. S – that’s not dinner – what is the matter with you? have something good to eat – you are crazy –
    me – yep – that’s me – crazy – that’s what I want – you can have whatever you want – I don’t tell you what to do so don’t tell me what to do
    Mr. S – oh sorry – sorry I worried about your eating habits – from now on you can have whatever you want – if it makes you sick so what – how’s that?
    me – finally getting it through that thick skull?
    Mr. S – can you save me the crust?
    me – it’s all yours, angel –
    Mr. S – love you monkey –

    yes – we actually had that convo – that was why I could relate to the bickering scenes –

    as for not holding hands – I will repeatedly try to grab Mr. Shamrock’s hand and he will tell me to stop – that the cute girls might see – at which point I push him and he hugs me –

    sorry it really wasn’t just silly stuff for the two of them – doesn’t cause me to have any sympathy for Ad though –

    • princesspindy says:

      I can relate Shamrock, my hubby is 6’3″ and works out and is a big guy. I am tall but there’s not much to me and I love to tell him, “I.will.kick.your.ass!”, lol, we just lauuuggghhh!!!

      • iceNfire says:

        Agree – A&P’s bickering wasn’t lighthearted. The bickering I do with my husband leaves us laughing so hard we can’t even get the words out….On the other hand he refuses to fight with me. Sometimes when I get bitchy I Need to argue but husband will have none of it. He gets in his car and drives away leaving me feeling Very foolish.

        • PJ says:

          I agree when my husband and I “bicker” we laugh till we cry or pee our pants which ever comes first. Their bickering was very uncomfortable to watch and no fun in it.

          • L.A. Chica says:

            Their bickering always made me feel uncomfortable. It seemed to me that Paul’s teasing had some affection behind it, but Adrienne’s was just nasty, dismissive, and disrespectful. It always made me wonder how the heck they could be together, and now we know they weren’t.

      • T-Rex says:

        PP same here Mr T-Rex is 6 1″ and tells people all the time that while folks might be afraid of him due to his size, but in a fight they would best put their money on me the littler T-Rex. We also bicker and don’t hold hands in public, when walking as their is a size difference, I once fell because of us holding hands weird story but true. Look after 23 years together to us it’s not that important

  21. princesspindy says:

    I didn’t see anyone mention this….. between games yesterday I watched the preview and then I watched it online to see the “It’s not about the….” Anywho….. The FUNNIEST part was when Kyle called her husband MAURICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOLOLOLOL!!!!! I die!

    • stellastars21 says:

      I didn’t see that but in watching the season 1 DVDs she called him Maurice when having that lunch with Taylor when Taylor was crying to Kyle about not know if she deserves to have the kinda relationship with Russel that Kyle has and Kyle definitely called him MAURICE.

      • Called A Princess... says:

        They have admitted to calling him Maurice, at past reunions. Family and close friends get to call their loved one lots of names. I do not let any one call me anything but my real name. But that is just me. I dislike nicknames most of the time. JMHO.

  22. Pghemtchick says:

    I don’t know if it was brought up here but our Teb could prolly use a few prayers today. She’s undergoing a procedure to remove a few (hopefully only a few) blood clots today that came on suddenly the other day. Sending her positive thoughts and prayers today & thru her recovery. ❤

  23. iceNfire says:

    While watching Mob Wives last night and hearing ( was it Karen?) talking about stealing her parents car and setting it on fire cuz they were scared of getting caught reminded me of the things I did when I was young. Over the years I’ve outted myself to my kids reguarding the stupid things I did figuring it was better for them to hear from me thanmysisters/cousins/ This whole thing about Melissa’s old boyfriend outting her secrets is disgusting to me. imo he is just another jerk looking for some attention and hoping for some money.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Melissa seems to have more skeletons in her closet than in a cemetery. IMO, she fought her way to the top and there are likely many who resent being used and discarded by her.

    • melthehound says:

      As much as I dislike Autotune Marco I have to wonder what any one could possibly have on her and why now? I put this right up there with all of the other crap on these shows that always somehow gets leaked. These ‘skeletons’ always turn out to be much ado about nothing. You want to know who I think was behind Stripper-gate? Mego. Miss ‘Thank you Jesus’ herself. That is one slick bitch with a forked tongue. This ex BF surfaces and what is everyone talking about again, or rather who? I read somewhere that she’s doing another shitty song in ‘her’ studio (because no legit studio will have her). Coinkidink? I think not. Don’t fall for the bullshit my friends.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Autotune Marco. I love that. I will not fall for it (the BS), my friend.

      • VV says:

        You might be unto something. It was either that or the minute she found put, she quickly turned the tables and used the situation to her advantage.

        • VV says:


          • Called A Princess... says:

            Melissa is not a good singer but there are many with recording contracts that are not any better. I am not sure that Melissa would be able to deal with an artist contract. I do not see her as being able to deal with constantly being told what to do and being worked to death. People who take short cuts tend to resent when they are really expected to do the real work. JMHO.

    • kit9 says:

      The whole thing is stupid. What in the world could he say about her? What, she dumped him for Joe? She cheated on him when they were dating(the horror!).

      • Contessa says:

        Good one Jeff – totally agree. Notice when things are slow some little story starts making the rounds about MEGO. I also agree what can an ex bf really say that people would not consider him as a sore loser. The only really bad thing would be screwing around with him after she got married. Still it’s her word against his, unless he has dated photos and people to swear they were doing “it”.

        • melthehound says:

          😀 Contessa..

          • Called A Princess... says:

            Three rumors about the relationship. One of the kids is Bulldogs. Melissa had a relationship with him while married. There was a big drug issue while they were dating. JMHO.

  24. LuvMyGals says:

    If anyone sees or emails Nancy, please let her know that I’m looking for her. Thanks for all the blogs and comments that keep me up to speed and so entertained. Happy Inauguration Day everyone!

    • Nancy says:

      Hi LuvMyGals,
      I’m here. I’m watching the parade. Michelle Obama looks great as does the President.
      I wish I could have been there. Many service dogs are going to be included so that
      should be fun to see.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        My niece and her boyfriend are there!!! He scored some tickets to the Texas Gala!!! Her boyfriend has been an Obama campaign worker in south texas since his first run.

  25. WindyCityWondering says:

    I remember how excited we all were when we found out Melissa was going to be on RHNJ. We ranted about Teresa’s legal problems and couldn’t wait for some one to take her down. Then out of the box Melissa and Joey blew up their son’s baptismal celebration – a very bad first and lasting impression. Then a funny thing happened. Teresa started working hard, having faith in her marriage and protecting her family. And Melissa successfully drove a wedge between Teresa and her brother all the while saying she is all about family. My difficulty with RHNJ is knowing these are real families being destroyed. The last two seasons were hard to watch and I can’t watch anymore because it isn’t entertainment, it isn’t lighthearted, it isn’t petty drama – it’s Family Feud without prizes.

  26. lizzle says:

    Another great blog and amazing intel! I am prolonging any discussion of NJ for as long as possible, but I have to admit that I love reading about it. And I am about over Adrienne’s secret… the whole thing is becoming comical. Although I wish someone would just spill all the beans surrounding Ad’s surrogacy! I am not sure if this has been posted, but I just went to Alexis’ twitter account and was amazed by a picture of her in the background. The one where she is wearing a bow tie and a skirt. It looks nothing like her. I looked at another pic from a Christmas party and she looked different as well… it might just be that she lost weight. But this picture looks nothing like her: I don’t like Alexis in the Real Housewives, but she looks beautiful in that picture.

  27. VV says:

    Coincidence ?

    Both Malooficient and Dr TP wrote this in their FB page at around the same time

    Dr. Paul Nassif
    2 hours ago ·
    “Faith is taking the first step, even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”
    -Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

    Adrienne Maloof
    2 hours ago ·
    “Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

  28. NMH says:

    Just wanted to say really enjoyed the blog today. Lots of new info for me and put in a pretty unbiased way. Thanks!

  29. Nancy says:

    VP Joe Biden is probably going to give the secret service a heart attack before the parade is over.
    He keeps running to the rope lines to shake the peoples hand.

  30. Exit4 says:

    This Melissa thing is crazy! I am no fan of hers, because like most of you mentioned, she chose to take her family problems public. Family feuds are normal-airing them on TV for money and a singing career is not. I blame Joey just as much (if not more) than her. Its his sister (and really, his parents) who are being hurt-he could have said no to the whole thing. But he happily joined in. They are both pretty crappy people IMHO. Even worse, Mel’s sisters, cousins and even her mother Tweet nasty about Teresa and her family (including her kids) all the time. Why would Joey even let this continue? You have to wonder if he just simply hates his own family too. Lord knows why.

    That FW blog is a piece of work. Someone said “word vomit” and that’s a pretty good description! Its the tinfoil hat crowd-housewives version. It’s bizarre. I have a Twitter, but I intereact with no one, havent for a few years because a lot of people on Twitter are insane! I just like following Housewives and news stuff. However, I have seen the stuff thats going on, and I do look around if I find a little dose of nutball to amuse me and remind me that I’m normal! LOL. That being said, the “insider” who sends all the “scoops” to FW (and some of you probably know who I’m talking about) is a total crackpot. A crackpot who is running a nice little swindle over there and on Twitter-I can’t believe people buy into some of the insanity that is out there. Even Andy Cohen called her out and that’s unusual. If you’re even a little Internet savvy you can pick up on the scheme, it’s so obvious, but most people are no that savvy. Manyt people are gullible, especially if it’s what they want to hear.

    Dragging this boyfriend out of the sky (who, BTW was already known, just not 100% exposed) is simply the lunatics going too far! I imagine it’s only a matter of time before the tinfoil hat Teresa haters convince themselves that she has all of these people and blogs on her payroll (which in and of itself is funny). I think there is a small percentage of people out there who truly believe that the women on these shows have the time and energy to concoct the elaborate scenarios and form a network of paid lackeys to bring each other down. I think, (and this is just me)-that the ladies film the shows, deal with the drama, do their appearancs, do their social networking and media obligations, collect their checks and go home to their families. Thats why we rarely hear of them after the reunions. Well, except for Jac. 😉

    I assume that whatever Melissa has done in her past is no worse then anything that’s ever been done before. I personally believe she’s a manipulative person who has treated people badly in order to further herself. But like someone above mentioned, so what? Is it going to make my life any better? Will I sleep better? Exposing her acomplishes nothing of any real purpose. I mean sure, it’ll probably be funny, but thats about it. She wanted this, she has to deal with all that comes with it….

    The small segment of fans that get out of control with this show are really reaching and crossing a line. The fact that this ex boyfriend is more then happy to allude to things doesn’t say much for him-but imagine if he was not accepting of being outed? What are people going to out next? The kids schools? Weirdly enough, people were so excited for Penny and Johnny, but it appears the bloom is off that rose, they are as bad a Melissa! I have a feeling that this season will be totally sullied my crazy—from the fans!

    Thankfully this is a sane blog….;)

    • AZGirl says:

      Excellent post Exit. I think this is a bunch of craziness. I don’t know if it is being initiated by Mel’s sisters for publicity or just the fact that everyone is in everyone else’s business in the State of NJ. I suspect the latter. I don’t think many secrets are kept in that state. It seems as if someone is either related, dated, did business with, or had a falling out and everyone wants to spill the beans. Starting with the Manzo’s and ending with MelJo.

      • Exit4 says:

        Honestly, NJ is small in size but not number. I’m 2 hours, give or take, from Franklin Lakes and never heard of them until the show! Although, I do know someone who knows the Housewives (2 of them) and some friends who know of them (because they are in North Jersey, in the same area)….okay so now my point is moot….LOL

        BUT, I’ve never heard any” gossip” that isnt already out there-and the peson who actually knows them the best and who DOES know the gossip, says nothing. Ever.You can ask, but you will not learn a thing. But then again thats the nature of their job.

        I think it’s this group that’s just so nasty and fame whorey (and ass broke) that they’ll sell their souls and probably their kids for their 15 minutes.

        • I live even closer to them Exit. No one, in my real life, ever speaks of RHONJ or anything HWs. Except here, with the folks on this blog, I’ve never discussed anything housewives or related to Bravo. My husband makes fun of me for watching Bravo, and thank God never brings it up when we are at parties with our friends! I would be mortified. It’s like I’m a closet alcoholic or perhaps similar to the “crazy aunt locked in the basement” that Perot used to talk about when he was running for President lol.

          When you consider that over 8 million people live in NJ and really 90 % of them don’t give a rat’s ass (maybe even more!) about Bravo’s RHONJ it makes the relatively small number that do look like idiots. And I say that with compassion, as one junkie to another….we must have something missing in our real lives to even care about these insane Bravo HWs!

    • People are beyond obsessed, it’s reached the skeery level. The old boyfriend has a health issue, a brain tumor? That’s sad. You would think he just wants to be left alone, to get healthy. Stay out of the madness that is RHONJ. Whatever their pasts, presents or futures – when people get hurt, it has gone too far.

      Andy Cohen is so disgusting. His infamy has gone to his head, now he sees himself as a “fluffer?” Yuck.

      • melthehound says:

        That’s Pillow Biter. Don’t get it twisted 😉

        If Ex BF wants to be left alone, the solution is simple. Turn off Twatter.

        • Now that he’s outed, he will have people stalking him in real life. Some of the weirdos on twitter will make it their job to find out everything they can about him. Hope he’s ready for that. You’re right Mel, if he didn’t want the attention he would have kept quiet.

          • melthehound says:

            Exactly. People who splash their lives all over social media and then complain (not that I’m saying he is, yet) about the results, amaze me with their stupidity.

        • Exit4 says:

          I agree or at least refuse to engage….and block.

          But I guess in his defense it’s probably hard to do, you feel like you need to say your peace or something. I read some of the tweets that were posted and it seems he already knew roger from Jersey Shore and Love from Mob Wives so its not as if he’s totally green with this stuff.

          And if course there’s also a chance he’s messing with these people because he thinks its funny! Rile them up and do nothing!

      • iceNfire says:

        Agree about AC being disgusting. Ever since the 1st reunion show I’ve always thought that Jeff Lewis would make a better host. Then AC just had to have WWHL and the whole thing has gone to his head.

        • chismosa says:

          i’ve really had it with Andy too. I wish his ratings would go down. Why on earth would people like Ralph Fiennes, Liam Neeson, Meryl Streep, etc. submit themselves to go on his show? ughhhh

        • kit9 says:

          The way he gets a sick grin on his face when the women are behaving especially awful. Laughing at Jesus Jugs, etc. Want to punch him.

  31. Downton Abbey was superb last night. What a great show. I’ve been watching the PBS special about the abolitionists too. Frederick Douglass was an inspiration. The book “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” and the play they from the book swayed people to the cause in great numbers. The way things happened, it does make you wonder about the grand scheme of things and how in the end, we do see good prevail. At last.

    What a history this nation has. It is something for all of us to be proud of, and I just hope to live long enough to see the first female president. If she’s Hispanic, even better!

  32. chismosa says:

    hi all- hope you are all having a great start of the week. just getting on here now, i know everyone will be off to chat about BH’s……

    a) is the surrogacy an ‘issue’? i get that the sons don’t know yet, but what about the kids being genetically Adrienne’s? Wonder if they’ll touch on that…. gestational carrier vs. surrogate.

    b) does anyone know why the guy that created the movie Catfish years ago decided to call what that is ‘catfishing’? What the hell does a catfish have to do with duping people and their identities?

    Anyone discussing shahs? nice episode last night, though Reza has a lot of work to do to get back in good graces with me lol. Team MJ all the way.
    And i live a town away from where they were in long island, i don’t know WHAT they were talking about saying they had nothing to do here. Go -karts? Where is that? I don’t even know of go karts around here!?
    They could have gone to Louis Vuitton over here, there’s one 5 minutes from Great Neck! instead of driving around like idiots in downtown manhattan, an area YOU DON’T want to drive in! ha ha

    • melthehound says:

      This is only a guess but have you ever looked at a catfish? Pretty ugly creature…

    • kit9 says:

      In the film, the duper’s husband(who didn’t know his wife had an internet fantasy life)says that Catfish used to be included with shipments of other fish so the fish didn’t just lay there. The catfish, he said, were active and kept things in the tanks moving. Or words to that effect. No idea if there’s any truth to it. Oh, and warning..the film Catfish is very depressing. Starts out as a really interesting mystery but the reality was just sad and pitiful.

      • Sasha says:

        Kit9, you are so right about it being depressing. I thought it was just me. She so made up the life that she really wanted.

        • kit9 says:

          Oh, man, I moped around all day after seeing it. This sad, unattractive woman in her 40’s, caring for her husband’s two adult severely disabled kids, changing their diapers, etc. Making her art that she couldn’t sell-feeling her life had passed her by. And, she developed a crush on the young goodlooking guy that was her prey. And, one thing about every case of Catfishing, both in the film and in the series(I watched a couple after the Manti story broke)that I that it wasn’t done for just malicious kicks….in each case I saw, the duper, or Catfish, had real feelings of affection for their victims however delusional and sick they may have been….but they were afraid they wouldn’t be accepted by their crushes if they knew who/what they were and how they looked.

          I saw 2 that were gay teens who posed as a hot girl and guy to their hetero crushes. I saw another of a guy who was grossly obese and afraid his crush wouldn’t accept him. I really expected the dupers to just be nasty people effing with people for kicks. But, that wasn’t the case. What they did was horrible of course, but also just sad-which I wasn’t expecting. I was all amped for the guy in the movie to confront Angela and get satisfaction from exposing her as a fraud but that’s not how it turned out. Makes me think the guy who did this to Ts’o may be gay. Maybe he’ll talk. I’d like to hear his motives, in any case.

      • Exit4 says:

        I haven’t seen the movie, but I did read about it and saw a thing on 20/20. The sad thing is people are so easily led and fall for Internet BS. To me there’s so many signs that a person is being dishonest online-it boggles how people get fooled.

      • chismosa says:

        yes i saw the film, and i don’t remember that about Catfish, interesting.

        It was a very big deal in the media world when the movie came out how the filmmakers were trying to make it seem organic, real, like a documentary, when in fact it was more EDITED then it would appear. It seemed too perfectly made out to me too. I don’t know, lots came out when that movie came out.
        They waited so long to do the tv series it surprised me. ok thank you! i have to read up about catfish. Is that the fish that has a reality show where the people go in the mud water and strangle a fish between their legs, standing in the water to get it? i don’t know, the Soup makes fun of some show that does that. ha

        • kit9 says:

          I don’t know, not familiar with that show! lol. The implication of the husband’s story was that there are human Catfish…I found a partial quote from him….’And there are those people who are catfish in life. And they keep you on your toes. They keep you guessing, they keep you thinking, they keep you fresh. And I thank god for the catfish because we would be droll, boring and dull if we didn’t have somebody nipping at our fin.”

          • chismosa says:

            That’s so interesting, thank you for that info on catfish. I really should watch the movie again.

  33. chismosa says:

    wow, the People article on Bethenny’s ‘friend’ is not really going well. I wonder if tv producers read into all this? Or it maybe it just doesn’t matter since the show is planned to go on no matter what. She could get pregnant with another man’s child and the show will still go on at this point? i’m joking, but just saying….
    Didn’t think it would be such a landslide against her i guess.,,20666740,00.html

    742 votes

    Wow 60
    Funny 53
    Love 26
    Sad 121
    Angry 482

    • the comments are not going her way either,,20666740,00.html

      • Nancy says:

        It will be interesting to see what happens if Jason refuses to move out?
        Obviously it will go to a court room but that could take many months!

        • iceNfire says:

          Anger votes at who tho? I’m angry at Jason for being such a wimp. His complaining that B ”
          made it” and he didn’t…oh well, tell it to yo mama

          • chismosa says:

            i’m not going to say anything about him being a ‘wimp’ because there’s just 300 things i can say back at that- but as for the ‘Anger’ votes- it’s this weird new way they vote on articles on people? I don’t like their site but i go to it for quick info sometimes.
            I don’t know, it was just funny to see comments that were written about Michelle Kwan and her husband and stuff, sometimes the comments there crack me up.

            • Nancy says:

              What did they say about Michelle Kwan?

            • Nancy says:

              I would look it up myself but those links above didn’t work.

            • iceNfire says:

              Hi Chismosa – I know I’m in the minority here and that’s okay 🙂 I just never bought into the the Jason is so perfect and his parents are so great. I remember B getting a lot of negative comments for not visiting J parents often enough but wasn’t it a 2 hour drive? Even a 1 hour drive is hard with a baby in tow. imo if J parents felt so strongly about seeing Bryn they could have moved closer. My kids are grown now but when they were small my feeling was if relatives wanted to see my kids then they could do the traveling.
              ooops, my bitchiness is showing again 😳

              • Nancy says:

                You didn’t think she was very cold to his parents? I think if Bethenny opened her home
                to them they wouldn’t have minded doing the driving but she didn’t. BTW…nothing
                wrong with disagreeing on this blog. It happens all the time. 🙂

                • iceNfire says:

                  Actually I thought J’s parents were being pushy. iirc they were making Halloween plans for Bryn and that bothered me.

                • BB says:

                  Remember the Thanksgiving day meltdown? Now that would make me want to visit B’s house often if I were the in-laws. Lol.

                  • iceNfire says:

                    I don’t recall that episode. Maybe because I had no in-laws to put up with I just have no tolerance with what I see as J’s parents being pushy.

              • chismosa says:

                Hey IceNFire— no no i don’t think you’re in the minority at all— and besides i don’t hate Melissa Gorga so i’m queen of the minority club!—– I don’t think Jason was perfect the way everyone says. I don’t agree with Bethenny having to go visit J’s parents that often, but allowing Jason to take Bryn should have been fine.
                I TOTALLY agree with you that the grandparents should move closer to the grandkid. I have a friend whose entire family is in Arizona and she’s here in NY and i feel the parents should move here to be with her. (they’re originally from here) but many Arizona transplants from NY never really move back i don’t think.
                I’m on your side about the grandparents!

  34. Exit4 says:

    Blue Sky I hope you see this! Too funny about being a closeted HW fan! I know some people who won’t admit to watching those shows in public either. I can’t tell you how many times, when I’m away from home and tell people I’m from Jersey-they look at me like I have 2 heads! (Or ask if ive ever met Snooki) My one family member actually asked me if I was embarrassed by Jersey wives, shore, licious etc…and they were shocked when I said no! I love it!

    Now you’re going to kill me when I tell you this, but my out is always “they are NORTH Jersey. I live in SOUTH Jersey.” Because it really is 2 states in one. Haha.

    Actually, we have plenty of Guido Juichead Housewife types here too. Mostly south Philly transplants. One of the reasons I love the Jersey shows is because I KNOW these people (well not them but the type). I’m around them all the time. Grew up with friends who had huge overly marbled houses, whose grandmoms still lived in SP and had plastic on the furniture. (Yes, it’s an Italian thing-along with a Mary or other various saints in the yard. Oh and a fountain. Always a fountain). Who are over the top and say words that would make your mom blush. But still go to church every Sunday and show up at weddings with giant envelopes of cash.

    But for now, the North/South jersey cover is working! We defend our addictions with geography! 😉

    • I have a lot of Italian friends & they are nothing like the RHONJ people. But the guido type is alive & well, I see them at the gym in my town 🙂 Makes me wonder how many people are watching but not letting anyone know lol

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