GG from Shahs calls off Engagement / Melissa Gorga’s Ex asked to keep Quiet by her Sister / Dance Moms Recap

GG Calls off her Engagement and Melissa Gorga’s Ex Boyfriend is Asked to Keep Quiet by NoMoreDrama

As things are heating up on the screen between GG and Omid, in real time they’ve broken off their (short) engagement.  GG gushed about the engagement just over a month ago on Watch What Happens Live, but according to US Weekly the couple has dialed it back a little and decided to take things a little slower.  I think that’s probably a good idea since he announced to viewers he was a player last week, and GG probably still needs to work on her anger issues.


Melissa Gorga and Bulldog Christina xxx tweet: "Frankie has bunch of pics of u 2 I kno u were w/her 4 like 5y u look so young this when u 1st started datin"

Melissa Gorga and Bulldog Christina xxx tweet: “Frankie has bunch of pics of u 2 I kno u were w/her 4 like 5y u look so young this when u 1st started datin”

Things in New Jersey continue to simmer behind the scenes, .  According to “Bulldog‘s” twitter feed, Melissa Gorga‘s sister Kim (Kim P) called his best friend and begged him to talk to Bulldog and ask him not to say anything.  Bulldog joked about it with Johnny the Greek on twitter:  “I would think they would never wanna push called my best friend yest begging him to talk to me not to say anything lol”

Then he let out a few warnings:

“I thought we worked this out yesterday why wake a sleeping bear!?”

“Phone records don’t lie!! I was Being nice by just saying Kim cause I still don’t really wanna go there.” 

“”spotlight”I have plenty of spotlight in my life. that show is not what I consider “spotlight”nor does she even have coattails 4me to ride”

Someone also sent him a string of vile tweets that I won’t bring to the blog, and he responded with this: “I understand we all have to defend ourselves but WHY so much Hate!? Is what i don’t understand..”

At this point he hadn’t “tagged” Kim in any of his tweets, he was just using her name as if somehow she knew to check his timeline.

She responded: @bulldog_nj are you kidding me? What the hell are you talking about! Bryan tag me if you have something to say yo me and Joey P. better yet”

His response:

@kimpirrella I am very confused you were always so nice to me and excepted me in your home for years. So it’s me who don’t understand” (I think he meant accepted).

She responded:

@bulldog_nj get the hell off twitter and call me. I think you must be losing your freakin mind. What happened to you!” (I’ve got to admit, that’s great advice).

He responded:

@kimpirrella I am at the airport when I get back I would love to sit and talk no cameras. This is ridiculous”

@kimpirrella I was upset before I really like Joey your husband but I’m tired if it! This a lot that needs to be put on the willing

“Don’t get it twisted, me being a nice guy TODAY does not mean I will ever be bullied!! I’m not that guy”

“Cameras or no cameras I keep it real!! The light that shines down on me is way more powerful then your lil spotlight.”

“Now satin get behind me U have already been defeated!!”  (Does he mean Satan?)

I am growing very tired of this mess.  It seems to have attracted all the haters on twitter and they are not a pleasant bunch.

Bulldog’s tweets this morning:

“Lets try it again today, happy Wednesday everyone! Lets Be Nice!”

“I said this before ill say it again, I Don’t have to like everyone but I can Love Everyone! 😉 inner peace”

“Lol ill clear this up to before I go,no one is using nor fooling me. I am 10 steps ahead! Its What people do to themselves most of the time!”


Dance Moms – Liar Liar Dance Mom on Fire!

by adelaidesmommy

Welcome back to Pittsburgh and the Abby Lee Dance Company (ALDC)! Everyone is in the studio except Jackie & Sophia. Abby Lee Miller (ALM) gives a recap of their performance last week in Ohio and moves on to pyramid (starting at the bottom):

  • Chloe: ALM says she needs to remember her choreography and recommends writing it down. In TH, Christi agrees with ALM and says Chloe needs to take responsibility for forgetting her solo.
  • Nia: ALM says she doesn’t apply corrections.
  • Mackenzie (Mac): ALM says they could have gotten disqualified for the problems with the red carpet. She says thank goodness it was humorous and the judges didn’t start the clock until it was rolled out. Melissa is nodding her head in agreement. In TH, ALM says she will never forgive Mac for what she did and that she made a mockery of the routine. Please tell me she is kidding and when someone says cut, she starts laughing. If ALM gets this upset over a prop failure, I’m beginning to think she doesn’t have much of a life outside of these girls. She proceeds to cut Mac from all group numbers going forward. #ridiculous
  • Paige (P): ALM says she didn’t make the featured part fabulous. She tells P that she was given an opportunity, but it was mediocre. In TH, Kelly says ALM takes her frustration with Kelly out on P.
  • Maddie (Mads): ALM says she was good. She then comments that her hair is like Sophia’s, but says she should worry about having Sophia’s energy and turns instead of the hair. In TH, Melissa (Mel) says that Mads has enough pressure without being compared to Sophia, but admits to understanding how the other moms have felt in the past.
  • Kendall: ALM says she was in the front and was given a correction 100 times. She isn’t confident that Kendall kept up with Sophia.
  • Sophia: ALM says it was a given because she had the highest overall score. In TH, Kelly says that the ceiling is going to cave in because Mads wasn’t at the top of the pyramid. In TH, ALM tells us that Sophia is missing this week because she is shooting a movie in L.A., but confirms that Sophia is definitely a part of the team.

This week, the girls are headed to Greensboro, North Carolina to attend Dance Troupe Challenge. Brooke (B) was missing from the pyramid, so Kelly asks if she is allowed to go. ALM asks B what happened over the weekend. After she gives us a rundown of what she did, ALM asks her to confirm that she didn’t attend rehearsal on Sunday. B nods in agreement. ALM believes B should have been dancing over the weekend – regardless if she competed or not. In TH, Kelly says she understand that B didn’t dance last week and that’s why she’s not on the pyramid. She continues saying that Sophia isn’t even attending class and is at the top, but B is attending and isn’t on the pyramid. Huh? This seems like flawed logic. I think the pyramid is based on the previous week’s performances. So, I agree that B would have been left off – or even worse, the very bottom. Call me crazy, but I’d rather be left off than last.

The contemporary group dance is called, “Voyage Home.” It’s a serious piece about the struggle of immigrants. Everyone will be in the routine except B (who is staying home) and Mac. ALM says B needs to work to get back into the group. Mac & P get a solo. Yippee! I love it when ALM shows P some love. ALM assigns a duet to Mads and Kendall. Both girls are excited, but Chloe looks a little upset. The moms head up to the peanut gallery.

ALM puts B in charge of music and Mac will stand-in for Sophia. Although Sophia is in L.A., she will attend the competition as a part of the group dance. The moms are confused about Mac dancing in the group routine. Kelly comments that B isn’t furthering her dance education by running music and watching. Mel confirms that Mac isn’t in the dance, but running Sophia’s role. In TH, B says she is happy she’s not competing this weekend, but wishes she could be there to support the girls. This confirms the hurt back story. Why else would B be happy to miss out?

In the peanut gallery, Kelly says that B has been at rehearsal two weeks in a row and hasn’t been on the pyramid. She comments that B is part of the team and needs to attend the competition. The moms agree. Mel comments that when Dee did Mad’s hair, she didn’t even realize it looked like Sophia’s. Jill asks if Mads is upset about not getting a solo. Mel says she is “tickled pink” with the duet. Total fake smile, I sense drama. Jill asks if Mads is upset about the whole ALM and Sophia relationship. Mel confirms that she isn’t a little upset, but very upset. Mad is also conflicted because she really likes Sophia. In TH, Jill says Mads is amazing on her own and doesn’t need that attention from ALM. But she throws in that Kendall is amazing on her own as well. Side note, Jill is wearing an aqua blouse in this TH and looks really pretty. Normally, her outfits are RHONJ over-the-top, but I’m digging this one.

The moms head over to ALM’s house to find old dance stuff in her garage. I would take one look and walk away. Christi finds mice droppings and Mel finds a young photo of ALM. In TH, Kelly comments that Mel is excited to clean out the garage in the hopes that it gets Mads at the top of the pyramid. Maybe. Maybe not. Some people are just crazy motivated to organize. My aunt is one of them – she’ll work on a hoarder’s house for 10 hours straight and keep a smile on her face. I’m trying to give Mel a little grace here.

Holly finds a box with Kelly’s name on it. It has all of Kelly’s old dance records, i.e. she was on probation in 1979 for cursing in the studio. Holly finds a dead mouse and decides to leave. Gross. ALM is clearly not a clean freak if she has a dead mouse in her garage and doesn’t even know. Kelly steals two pictures – one of which is Abby with a black eye. She says she is going to pretend she gave it to her.

Back at ALDC, Mac is rehearsing her acrobatic solo, titled “Lemonade.” Cut to a TH where Mac spells out L-e-m-o-n-a-d-e for us in singsong. I’ve decided Mac shouldn’t grow up, because I can’t imagine this show without her cuteness. ALM says Mac does cute well, but she is putting more difficult tricks in her routine this week.

Next up is P’s acrobatic solo. ALM tells her she will be dancing 12-13, so because she is only 12, she needs to dance older. In TH, P says it’s her first solo of the season, so she needs to prove to ALM that she deserves to be here. During rehearsal, ALM points out her floppy arms. Kelly agrees with ALM and is okay when she yells at P for her arms, but not when she yells at her for being stupid. How about not yelling at all? Paige is so beautiful and sweet and doesn’t deserve the way ALM treats her. In TH, Kelly says that if ALM would give P the chance to be on stage week after week, she would get used to it.

Next up is group. Mel announces that she is going downstairs for a bit. Jill asks why, but Mel doesn’t respond. Christi comments that Mel is trying to get on top of that pyramid any way she can. In TH, Christi says that now Mel and Mads are in someone else’s shadow, they don’t know what to do. During group rehearsal, ALM says they aren’t acting tough enough and tries to help them channel the thoughts of an immigrant. Side note – I took some form of dance from ages 3 – 18. My teacher only let me wear a black leotard with pink tights….so props to ALM for letting the girls express themselves. I always felt depressed putting on that black leotard.

Finally, it’s time to rehearse the modern jazz duet, titled “Sugar and Spice.” Mads smiles and ALM is confused why she is happy. She says just a while ago, Mads was doing solos and was at the top of the pyramid. And now, she is Kendall’s duet partner. She says Mads shouldn’t be laughing. In the peanut gallery, Holly asks why a duet is a downgrade. Mel says it’s because Sophia is the star now and getting all the solos. Holly comments that a duet or trio is still a lovely thing to do. This is why I love Holly. She thinks that any performance is beautiful – not just one where your child is the center of attention. Christi asks Mel if she thinks it’s a downgrade. Mel says absolutely not.

In TH, Mads says that the duet is fun, but that it’s not hard. She wants a solo so she can be challenged. In another TH, Kendall says she wants to do well, because in a duet, you can tell who messes up. ALM dismisses them.

In the ALM closet, Mel is working hard. In TH, ALM comments that she knows Mel wants Mads back at the top and a solo. ALM asks her what she thinks of the duet. Mel says she’s not happy about it. ALM says Mads used to do a solo every week, but now she is doing a duet with Kendall. ALM finds Mel’s unhappy response interesting. In TH, Jill says that ALM is wrong if she thinks the duet is a downgrade for Mads. She says Kendall can keep up and the duet is adorable. She doesn’t understand why ALM drags Kendall down. She confronts ALM in the studio. ALM says that Kendall is dancing with Mads in a duet and that’s what she wanted. Jill says it wasn’t fair to say. ALM rats out Mel who isn’t happy about the duet. Here we go. I’m definitely Team Jill on this issue. Of course, Jill is upset. In TH, Jill says Mel is busted for lying.

The next day, ALM says she hasn’t heard from Sophia. Mads, Mac, and Mel enter the studio. In the parking lot, Jill tells the other moms what Mel said about the duet. They are outraged. Jill says Mel thinks Mads is too good to dance with Kendall. Christi said that Mel told the same story upstairs, but said she was happy about the duet. In TH, Kelly says that ALM speaks the truth, so they know its Mel lying. Christi and Kelly encourage Jill to say something. In TH, Jill says she doesn’t want to cause drama, but she can’t let Mel think that her kid is too good to dance with mine.

Upstairs, Jill confronts Mel – and shocker, Mel denies it over and over again. Mel says ALM lies all the time. Jill tells her that it’s very hurtful. You can tell Mel is lying because she gets tongue-tied several times. She is a bad liar. In the closet, ALM goes over the costumes for this week which are dark and dramatic. Holly wants to know where these children are emigrating from. ALM says it’s not about that – but about the voyage.

It’s competition day! We get our weekly shot of Jim – the wonderful bus driver. On the drive, ALM gets a text that Sophia can’t attend the competition this weekend. Kelly chimes in that she should have kept B this week. There is some back and forth about who was there on Day 1 that ends with ALM saying she wants stars, not mediocre. I’m about to start my own drinking game over the word mediocre. Later on, Christi encourages Jill to call out Mel’s lie in front of ALM. Jill thinks that ALM will take Mel’s side. Christi disagrees because ALM won’t like being accused of lying.

At the competition, ALM says all those fans are lined up to see them because they are national champions. I’m thinking it’s because they’re on Dance Moms. ALM rehearses P’s solo and goes over all the corrections. I love P’s costume. ALM reminds Mac to be mindful of her headpiece.

Mac is up first. She remembers the dance and it’s very cute. Her knees are bent during the first front aerial, but overall, I think it was good. Of course, she ends on the ground. #trademark. ALM thinks she did a great job.

Next up is P. She does a good job, but it’s not as polished as we are used to seeing from her. Her legs are so long – they go on forever. I don’t know how she does any acro with legs that long. In TH, Kelly is proud of P and thinks she did a great job. She was confident and made a lot of the corrections.

The soloists enter the dressing room and the moms/girls congratulate them. Kelly tells P to ignore ALM if she comes in and says mean things. ALM enters and asks P, “How do you think you did?” P says good. ALM says she was wonderful and the solo was fabulous. Finally – some love for P.

Next, ALM rehearses the duet. Jill asks ALM about the situation with Mel. ALM comments that Mel said she wasn’t crazy about the duet, either. Mel interrupts saying she said she wasn’t crazy about Mads not doing a solo. Did you follow that? Maybe the new drinking word is some form of say, said, saying. ALM tells Mel that everyone in the room knows she has selective memory. Mel denies it. ALM makes it personal by saying her ex-husband told her about all the times Mel would talk about ALM behind her back. Mel said she is dedicated to the studio. ALM says she’s a “love the one you’re with” person. In TH, ALM says if Mel is with her, she agrees with her opinion. If she is sitting next to Jill, she’s going to tell Jill whatever Jill wants to hear. I have to agree with ALM on this one.

As ALM critiques the girl’s duet, Jill notices she keeps correcting Kendall. She decides to stand next to ALM and correct Mads. ALM is clearly annoyed and tells Mads she can take a private from Miss Jill next week. Jill gets upset and tells ALM that she could be a little more critical to both children, not just one. ALM says that Mads isn’t perfect because if she was, she’d have a solo. Mel is staying quiet.

Kendall starts crying and asks her mom to stop because it’s stressful. Jill tells Kendall to ask ALM to stop. ALM says she picked Kendall for the duet. Jill says yes, but now you are tearing her down. ALM says she isn’t tearing her down, but correcting her sickled foot. ALM leaves the room. Kendall asks her mom why she had to do that and Jill says she can’t stand to listen to ALM scream at Kendall anymore.

Cut to backstage and Mads gives Kendall a pep talk. She tells her to forget what ALM said because she is amazing. Good girl, Mads. The girls perform the duet and I think Kendall does an excellent job. I didn’t notice a huge difference between her and Mads. In TH, Mads says the duet went well and that Kendall applied her corrections.

In the dressing room, ALM tells the girls they did a nice job. Jill tells her it’s okay if she wants to give corrections. ALM asks if Jill is allowing her to correct her students now. Jill says do what you want, I just don’t’ want you screaming and hurting feelings before they go onstage. ALM says that she gave Kendall an opportunity to dance up and she didn’t see it. Jill retorts that ALM picked on her the entire week. ALM replies with, “Kiss my butt.” And here comes the quote of the week brought to you by Jill, “No, thank you.” I know, it’s weak, but it was the only thing that made me laugh. ALM says that every time she says her kid’s name, she should thank her…. Because when she stops saying it, Jill should worry.

Up next is Solo & Duet Awards. Mac gets first place in Junior Solo. P gets third overall in Intermediate Solo. In TH, ALM says for P, that’s pretty darn good. Kendall and Mads get first place for Duet/Trio award. In TH, ALM says she wasn’t shocked because they were the complete package.

Now, the group performs. Kendall has taken Sophia’s part in the group. They do an okay job, and my eye immediately goes to Kendall when she falls behinds on the turns. At awards, they get first place for Small Groups. I don’t see how – I didn’t think it was that good. In her TH, ALM says they won, but it wasn’t amazing.

Back in the dressing room, ALM says they got lucky and won. She asks Kendall if she is going to admit that her timing was off. Jill says it couldn’t have been that bad because they won the whole thing. ALM says last week, you couldn’t take your eyes off Sophia and this week, you couldn’t take them off Mads. In TH, Jill says that is hurtful to say in front of children that just won. ALM ends it with saying some people are good in a group while others choke on stage.

And that’s it! What did you think? Are you glad the team is back to normal? Next time on Dance Moms, the replacements are attending the same competition, Mads asks for a solo and gets denied, and ALM wears something other than black.


Wednesday Night Lineup, January 23rd by BB

8PM – Arrow (CW); The Middle/The Neighbors (ABC); American Idol (Fox); Nature (PBS); Cousins on Call (HGTV); Big Rich Atlanta (Style)

9PM – Criminal Minds (CBS); Supernatural (CW); Modern Family/Suburgatory (ABC); Nova (PBS); Property Brothers (HGTV); Shipping Wars (A&E); Toddlers and Tiaras (TLC); Moonshiners (Disc); Ghost Hunters (SyFy); Full Throttle Saloon (truTV); Baggage Battles (Trvl); Restaurant: Impossible (Food); Lords of War (NatGeo); Stalked (ID): Kimora: House of Fab (Style)

10PM – Top Chef Seattle (Bravo); CSI (CBS); Nashville (ABC); Life on Fire (PBS); American Horror Story: Asylum (FX); Necessary Roughness (USA); Washington Heights (MTV); House Hunters (HGTV); Barter Kings (A&E); Cheer Perfection (A&E); Moonshiners (Disc); Hot in Cleveland/Happily Divorced (TVLand); Ghost Mine (SyFy); The Soup/Love You, Mean It (E!); Black Gold (truTV); Street Eats (Trvl); Making Mr. Right (VH1); Bobby’s Dinner Battle (Food); Highway Thru Hell (NatGeo); Dark Matters: Extra Twisted (Science); Dangerous Persuasions (ID); Fix My Family (WE); I Want That (DIY); Stranger Than Nature (NatGeoWild)

11PM – WWHL: Patti Lupone and Blly Eichner (Bravo)

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  1. Just Wondering in Jersey says:

    Holy Cow. How did this happen. It looks like I might be the first to say good morning.

  2. Powell says:

    Good morning. OMG woke up to 15 degrees outside. It’s cold. Not 30 below like some areas but its cold. Have a great day.

  3. cocfarm says:

    It’s cold here too Powell….but not as cold as yesterday!

    I took a neighbor to the hospital this am for a scheduled appt. I went to get a wheel chair and in the back pocket was an obvious big packet of papers with a woman’s whole medical history including ss numbers, address, birthdate etc. so unnerving. Watch those personnel docs people! It sat there in that wheelchair all night. I hope I was the first person to find it.

    Off to walk the pups.

    • Powell says:

      Oh gosh that’s scary. I’m sure she’s been looking all over the place for her docs. I hope you were the 1st to find them. Have a good walk.

  4. Vegas Chick says:

    Gosh! Melissa is one lucky woman…. apparently, she’s had not only one but what sounds like another Angel of God in one lifetime, lol. BTW, what kind of name is Bulldog?

    • Really – this guy comes across like an idiot. I’m feeling sorry for him.

      • Called A Princess... says:

        Bulldog is a not uncommon nick name and this man is someone that has just recently gone through brain surgery so maybe he has a few mental issues. Melissa deserves this type of PR mess, karma being what it is. JMHO.

        • Rebecca says:

          Maybe the vile Marco sisters should learn to shut their traps. They poke and poke and poke and then wonder why people turn on them.

  5. TexasTart says:

    Good Morning everyone! Sorry so cold in many places, afraid to brag on the weather here…maybe I’ll leave that for Lainey to brag on! 😉

    Trying to catch up on comments from yesterday and LOL’ed myself to no end over certain comments related to RHOBH from BB, AZgirl, T-Rex and VV, uh oh, see this is the trouble with naming people just too many clever comments, but I almost died when T-Rex said Bravo should can you know who before her name is longer than the blog, Ah Ha Ha!

    Just scanned through the comments but read every word from bloggers and THANK YOU BB – excellent rendition of the RHOBH episode!!! THANK YOU to NMD and to JEN who I bow to for saving me from actually watching VR to see Lisa, of course not much of Lisa but her to come in romper room and ask the kids to behave…such as would behave there would be no show – so true!!!

    Kat in/from Ohio brought up how great the ROKU is with Netflicks and I got this equipment and trial subscriptions, plus Hula, Amazon and lord knows there is a lot there. I am trying to relieve the obsurd price I pay to Directv for getting everything. I hope this works, I can give some feedback on this later if anyone is interested.

    GOOD LUCK with the job interview Diva! 😀

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      Taking the bragging weather baton from TT: I am not without compassion, after all LaineySon is freezing in Brooklyn…but it is a kickass beautiful day in Central Texas!!!!!!! Yee Hawwwwwwwwwww!

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      Hi TexTart! I’m down in San Antonio, BTW. I have the Netflix and Hulu Plus apps on our Xbox. The only thing is that Bravo is really tight with their programming and I can’t get all the episodes. You can purchase them on Amazon (I think) but I don’t know how expensive that can get. I love using Netflix and Hulu… I get most of my TV/ Movie fix with that plus I occasionally rent from Amazon.

      With that said…. Does anybody know how to get Bravo tv on a device that can download apps, such as Roku or Xbox? I don’t want to purchase direct tv because of the expense.

      • TexasTart says:

        Hey Lizzle, as big as Texas is, I think an hour away is still a “neighbor” to Austin.
        DirecTV has, over the years raised the cost of my package disproportionate to all other services pay…like utilities, etc. So my plan is to switch to the lowest level DirectTV package and supplement with these other services. The goal in making the change is to cut my TV viewing cost in half – but I have yet look into all the options! I’ll check back to see if anyone responds to your question. And if anyone has any negative feedback on Roku, let me know now because I’m still in a trial basis with multiple subscription services.

        • shamrockblonde says:

          textastart – not sure where exactly you are in Texas, but id you cann stop by this restaurant Laurenzo’s Prime Rib in Houston and shake Mike Garcia’s hadn for me – if I could I would come down there and have a meal in his station! – hope this link works!

          I like the Ravens, but will be rooting for the 49ers in honor of a dear friend who passed away this past December of cancer – she was a huge 49ers fan so for her, I will cheer them on –

          conversations during the Ravens game –
          me – in den watching the game – “the Ravens just overturned the ball!!”
          Mr. S in kitchen – “they did what?”
          me – “they overturned the ball”
          hysterical laughing heard in the kitchen
          me “what – what so funny?”
          more laughing
          Mr. S – I would love for you to be an announcer for the super bowl”
          dialing of phone overheard – then “did you hear about the Ravens overturning the ball?”
          more hysterical laughing – he called our daughter………..the football nut……
          I will probably never live that down – I still haven’t lived down calling a football position a line driver…………

          • trudie says:


            Fabulous story. It is amazing to me how ignorant some people can be. Clearly that family who asked to be moved is in that category. How can anyone be so cruel? I have a niece with Downs, and she is the truly brightest light and kindest soul in our family.

          • TexasTart says:

            Hi Shamrockblone – I am in Austin, which is 2 – 3 hours away, but I thank you for sharing that link! Very heartwarming! My sister had a son with DS. She lives in Houston, I’ll forward this to her and I would be surprised if she were to visit the establishment and hug Mike Garcia’s neck!

            • TexasTart says:

              Sorry for typing problems in response to shamrockblonDe…. I would NOT be surprised if my sister were to visit the restaurant.

    • melthehound says:

      Hit me at and I’ll return enough free links you can dump pay TV all together. For now anyway.. You’ll be a week behind on some shows but… small price to pay for free.

    • SoutheastVA says:

      I gt a Roku for my jids this past Christmas. They love it. I don’t think they watch cable anymore. I will be reassessing the extent of my Cox cable situation. I think I can scale down tothe most basic plan to get realtime news channels.

      • rabblerouser2010R says:

        We have Ruku to but we many use it for netflicks and Plex (which allows us to watch movies off my husbands server).

  6. BB says:

    Ha! Reading one of the title headings above, I thought NoMoreDrama was the one who asked Melissa’s ex to keep quiet. Then I figured out it was MeGo’s sister. Lol.

    • Giggle at the hair! But her comments in the article? Wow….does she really think people won’t see through that? The Dictionary will now have a new definition of denial leading with her name!

    • Oh Lordy…poor girl.

    • melthehound says:

      Is it just me or does she look like Elroy from the (cartoon) Jetsons?

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Poor misdirected thing.

    • PJ says:

      Is she delusional? First she says she doesn’t watch the show but she live tweeted during the show. Then she says she has to deal with this every Monday because of her publicist, but that’s like saying every BH show is about her and every Monday’s WWHL is about her.

      • L.A. Chica says:

        I think it’s safe to say that yes, she is indeed delusional. Brandi said it: Leanne is insane.

        • Contessa says:

          Slime is cray cray to the hilt. She should face reality, she stalked loser Eddie until Brandi threw his a$$ out, they were both cheaters (not the great love story she portrays). The best thing for her to do is bow out of the public eye with comments and ask Brandi for a truce and be humble about being a stepmother, and she and Eddie need to stop with the photo ops with the little boys. I don’t think slime is remotely attractive and that hairdo is awful on her. If my kid ingested meds thinking it was candy I would be off the wall big time. Slime has been known for her erratic behavior for a very long time, and she is not getting any better.

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          Her obsession with the “ex wife” is scary.

  7. Powell says:

    The NJ stuff is boring.

  8. Good Morning! Holy Moly you poor peeps in the Midwest and East Coast….just saw the weather report….and that amazing picture of the huge building in Chicago covered in ice! Yowzer! Stay as warm as you can….and sending warm thoughts to you. We got our cloud cover they were promising, so temps are up to 60’s with slight chance of rain. So different from last week when it was in 20’s/30’s. Poor Mother Nature….she doesn’t know “weather” she is coming/going, cooling/heating. 😦

    Thanks for another great blog today everybody! It is so great to come here every morning, get the dish, and “see” all the familiar “faces”….while reading the epic comments. You are all amazing gems in the jewelry box of life! 🙂

    Wed. “Humor Blog” is up. Some male humor today…but it may not be going over too well! Just meant for a laugh… I hope you find a chuckle in it! Enjoy!

  9. Auntie LaLa says:

    Bulldog Bryan sounds really authentic to me. He may not have a good grasp on the English language, but his sentiments are clear and strong. He comes across as down to earth and also someone who will absolutely not be bullied by the Miserable Marco Marauders. I believe if they do push him too far, he’ll open up wide and spill it all.

    Anyone agree?

    • melthehound says:

      Yes. I do agree (even though I said below I don’t care)… Mego’s Marco Raiders better watch themselves and stay the eff out of business that isn’t theirs. When have they ever been able to do that though? I’m sure we’ll be hearing more from ‘Bulldog’ via the twitter people here at the blog (because I don’t mess with Twitter).

    • BB says:

      Auntie LaLa. I’ve not been keeping up with it, so I couldn’t say whether I think he’s authentic or not. However, if he didn’t engage at all, wouldn’t that be more effective in shutting this little casino down?

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      I think at this point, he needs to spill it or zip it other wise it looks like he is just being an attention whore.

  10. Powell says:

    Diva & T-Rex thks for the 411 on ShanaTaylorFord……..:..:….LipsMcGhee. T-Rex I can’t remember all her names you came up with. You 2 Slueths. Who killed Martha in the parlor w/the candlestick?? 😀

  11. melthehound says:

    It’s freezing here too. We’ve had a couple half inch dustings of snow in the last couple days. Nothing bad but just enough to turn everything on the ground white. I have a battery operated leaf blower that I’ve discovered is a pretty handy tool for moving that kind of snow around. Obviously, it wouldn’t work with a bigger or wetter snowfall but for these, it works quite nicely.

    MeGo’s ex BF… Couldn’t care less but I’m sure if it’s discussed at length, I’ll have an opinion or three.

    Dance Moms.. Yes, I watch, usually online though which seems to be a week behind the aired episodes. I did see the routine with the carpet and I’ll say this. If ALM wants to have the girls work with props, perhaps she should have them practice with the props. It would surprise me if she didn’t already know that but for her to bitch in any way shape or form about Mackenzie not being able to unroll that red carpet is just plain moronic on ALM’s part. She wants everyone to own up to their mistakes but accepts no responsibility for her own, because she doesn’t make them. Just ask her. Further, I’m not a dancer by a long shot but even I could see that the girls who were actually dancing on the carpet, had trouble with it. A world of difference between dancing on a loose rug and a solid floor. Just sayin ALM (or HHH).

    On another note.. Empress is blogging another non reality show that has all the reality shows beaten by a country mile. Even with just one episode aired I can see that. It’s called The Following and I’ll let you read about it there (though it has been mentioned here)..

    Have a great day everyone.

    • Powell says:

      MTH I’m following The Following. It’s so dang good. Fox hit out out of the ballpark. I haven’t followed a really good Fox drama since Prison Break, then 24. As I was watching I kept saying “WTH”? Great writing.

    • lizzle says:

      I watched The Following last night on Hulu. It has some gore and I have to turn away from the screen, but I love it so far! I thought Kevin Bacon was amazing. I just finished all the seasons of Prison Break recently and it reminds me of that show. You never know who is a part of the Company in Prison Break… and in The Following, the audience might not always know who is in cahoots with the Serial Killer. I bet there is someone in the FBI, who is working with the serial killer.

      • melthehound says:

        Could be and Bacon’s character might be working side by side with them and not know it. Carroll has already turned a prison guard, a pair of gays, some random woman, and a nanny so why not an FBI agent?

        • Powell says:

          Mmmmm hmmm.

        • thedesigndiva2 says:

          I think it’s the chick FBI… she’s none tooooo happy that all these people want to talk to him alone……. maybe ????

          • Powell says:

            Yeah. I wanted her to STFU.

          • melthehound says:

            That’s who I had in mind too.

          • lizzle says:

            That’s what I was thinking… or maybe that is what the writers of the show want us to think… or maybe we are smarter than the writers and it is her? Hmmmmm. And Diva… we will be watching 24 next on Netflix since our run with Prison Break is over. You guys have given it so many positive reviews that we gotta watch it now!

  12. WindyCityWondering says:

    So now the dance moms are turning on each other! Don’t they realize that Abby knows all and paybacks are usually leveled at their girls? I hate that the adults fight in front of the girls. And as much as I am glad the original girls are back, I really enjoyed Sophia’s dancing.

  13. Powell says:

    lizzle I totally think someone on the FBI or the Marshall’s is going to be one of his followers. The scene w/the dog in the garage was gorey. It’s only been 1 epi but the next award season The Walking Dead better watch out for The Following.

  14. Powell says:

    Oops. This was supposed to go under your comment lizzle.

  15. Exit4 says:

    Megos ex is real, in the sense that’s her ex! It will be interesting to see how far it goes. I still stand by my assertation that this whole casino is being caused by insane people on Twitter. People who have anointed themselves experts on the Housewives with all these sources and info. Really, they know zilch and make up all their “scoops” (or copy them frm elsewhere and claim them as their own) but as long as people are naive enough to believe it-this stuff will never end.

    It probably would be wise for Bulldog (and I think that name comes from boxing) to be quiet, but now that’s its out there….you’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t. I think this guy may have underestimated how nuts these people are. The Marco sisters are no better-they could surly deal with him in the DL and come out looking like the better people….but like a tree falling in the forest-if it’s not on Twitter no one can hear it.

    I’m sure, people will accuse Teresa of orchestrating the whole thing-you know because she’s so stupid yet an evil mastermind all at the same time. I think she has better things to do, personally.

    I haven’t done tabloid Wednesday since nj ended-but Adrienne and Brandi are on the cover, so I will check it out and if there’s anything interesting ill dutifully report back!

  16. Powell says:

    I was watching The View. Actress/Comedian & George Stephanopoulos’ wife Ali Wentworth had plastic surgery to remove the bags under her eyes. She looks fantastic. I’ve always loved Ali & always thought she should have that done. She even more prettier. She said she kept asking women she knows that had plastic surgery, she mentioned Joan Rivers, who’s their doc & everyone would say, “What work? I don’t know what you’re talking about”. No one would give her their docs name. After she had it done a friend said “oh you look great. Now you just need to get Restaylin here & there & you’ll be done”. She said she’s not getting anything else done. Her eyes have always bothered her. She said George teased her & said he’ll pay for breast implants. She also said when friends knew she was getting it done they told her she should check in to a hotel to rest after. She said she has carpool & pets to feed. She was going to the grocery store when she started feeling better. She was funny.

    • Boobah says:

      Thanks for the reacap Powell. I have always liked her. She seems very down to earth. I have seen her talk about her eyes before. It really bothered her. I’m glad she is happy with the results.

  17. LaineyLainey says:

    Adelaide’s Mom: thanks for the recap…I didn’t get to watch, as I was driving to the airport to pick up LaineyDaughter. I recorded it and am looking forward to watching it. Loved your take on everything and love that you pointed out the not straight leg…it’s my pet peeve, from all the years of watching my daughter dance. But of course, Mac is little and her straight knee will develop over time. But it won’t develop if she doesn’t take tons of ballet. I never see these kids training in ballet. But I’m sure they do…right? They’d have to, especially since Abby Lee is such a stickler for “technique” – it’s the only way to develop good technique. Well, as far as I know…which isn’t much. This was my favorite line…”and ALM wears something other than black.”

    • adelaidesmommy says:

      Yeah, I agree. ALM did say that Brooke has been in ballet since she was very young, so I think they do take it, we just never see it. I noticed you live in Central Texas. I live in Austin!

      • LaineyLainey says:

        I’m a Leanderthal.

        • adelaidesmommy says:

          Crazy! I’m in Leander too. I live in Crystal Falls.

          • TexasTart says:

            Wow, this must be why people say “it’s a small world”!!!
            I think Zoekayla is another from Austin TX.

            Where are my manners, THANK YOU for the blogging Adelaidesmommy! 😀

            • zoekayla says:

              That’s right! South Austin….or North Buda as I refer to it. I love Austin, after living for twenty years in San Antonio. Go, Spurs, Go!!!!

              • TexasTart says:

                Oooh I did good on memory….even had your name right…now if I could find my keys, lol. Good to hear from you, another blog neighbor…..I’m very familiar with your neck of the woods!

          • LaineyLainey says:

            OMG!! that is crazy!!

  18. TexasTart says:

    LaineyLainey – So your Lainey girl is returning fromTurkey. I bet you will be 😀 to see her! How long do you have before she moves to LA?!

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Yes, thanks for asking! it was nice to see her again. She is home resting; she had a photo shoot sched today, but one of her eyes swoll shut last night during dinner at chile’s, she sent a pic of her eye to the photographer and they’re rescheduling. I’m glad she gets to rest a bit. Her roommates in L.A. are trying to find a new place and as soon as they find a place for the three of them, we will drive her out there (LaineyMan and I will fly back to ATX). Should be fun!!!

  19. AZGirl says:

    Good morning everyone..ok you all can hate me today. Powell, CoCFarm, BB, Windy and all the other east coast/midwest posters. High today of 82. Weather is changing tomorrow. Cooler temps and rain for the weekend.
    I agree with most of the posts regarding Bulldog. He needs to either spill it or get off Twitter. I am beginning to get vibes that this may be a “behind the scenes” promo for next season of NJ. I have to say the NJ cast and their immediate family and friends are real famewhores. Nothing would surprise me with that group of crazies.
    LeAnn is starting to morph into Betty Davis’ “Baby Jane” character. Next we will see LeAnn with white powder makeup, red lipstick and wearing baby doll dresses. She is nuts.

    • Powell says:

      Ok AZGirl dagger in the heart. 82! Counting down. 4 months, 15 days, 6 hours, 46 minutes, 10 seconds, 5 milliseconds, 8 nanoseconds. 🙂

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      No hate here! Chicagoland has had a very mild winter so far. And there are only really two months left for winter weather. On the bright side, I can finally break out the boots!

    • Pghemtchick says:

      I dont hate you but I’m uber jealous. Here it is 7:14pm & we’ve finally hit our high of 15 with a windchill/feels like 9. Much better than the 5 last night, but brrrrrrrrr. I’m gonna go wrap up in another blanket and pretend I’m visiting your pool lol.

  20. BB says:

    OK. I just watched The Following on Demand. AWESOME!

  21. BB says:

    It’s 2:02 EST. Everybody send positives vibes towards FL while Diva is having her interview.

  22. AZGirl says:

    I have been thinking about the whole NJ/MEGO rumors. What if Mego did marry Joey out of convenience? Has Mel been cheating on Joey? Is that the reason for Joey’s falling out with Tre and his parents? Tre and Joeys parents know that Mel has been unfaithful?
    We never quite knew why his parents had a falling out with them.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I highly doubt that she would do that. I just can’t imagine. Ok, I can IMAGINE. But when would she find the time? B/t raising her kids, servicing her husband, cooking, cleaning, buying fruit baskets, twitter, concerts, flea markets, being a victim, eggmitting stuff, …she is too busy for any hanky panky on the side. I mean, come on!!!!!!

    • Powell says:

      Didn’t T say her parents did not like it that Melissa moved in w/Joey, that they are traditional? They’ve never gotten past that?

      • Called A Princess... says:

        Melissa has also made it very clear that she is on the Me Train any really only cares about her family. She is not interested in playing nice with the extended Gorga’s family. JMHO.

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          I get that sometimes in-laws are not accepting but how come her husband can’t bring the kids to Gorga family events? Why would she prevent her husband from having a relationship with his own family just like she has with hers?

          • Called A Princess... says:

            I get the feeling that Melissa is one of those people that knows how to poison all the fresh water around her, with the snap of the fingers. I would guess that she has told Little Joe that his family hates her and therefore him. His brain is just thick enough to believe her. IMO.

  23. TexasTart says:

    I just wanted to complain how they gave Kyle a favorable edit when they only showed her from the waist up in the Olivia Newton-John outfit. 😉

  24. shamrockblonde says:

    good luck Diva!!!!!

  25. Powell says:

    BB the new Project Runway seems like it’ll be fun w/teams. Zack Posen & Tim Gunn were on GMA this morning. I’m going to try to watch. I haven’t watched since it went to Lifetime. Dumb move on Bravo’s part.

    • BB says:

      Powell, I don’t know if I will watch. I like Tim Gunn but I don’t like it when they have teams. Too much drama. I like the individual challenges and for the focus to be on the designs. I guess I’ll watch it once and see what it’s about. It’ll be the first regular Project Runway without Michael Kors.

      • Powell says:

        They showed a few minutes of I guess epi one & Nina is saying the designers have a chance to help their teammates out on their individual designs. They are still judged on their individual design and I think it’ll be good because even a designer w/small design houses have to work w/other people. I think that is lost on a lot of the designers. They think that they won’t have to collaborate w/other people & that’s not true at all.

  26. US Weekly and Daily Mail just posted these today.

    If Adrienne has now spoken out about her surrogacy then she has made it public and Bravo and Brandi will no longer be unable to talk about the matter. I do believe Adrienne threatened a lawsuit for HIPPA violations and that is the only reason the secret was dubbed out. That’s also why at the time Kyle spoke so freely at the resaurant about the matter. They had no idea that the lawsuit threats would extent beyond Brandi.

    Do I think Brandi should have exposed Adrienne? No but…I think she was pushed to her limits with Adrienne and Bravo flamed the tinder. Bravo probably said to Brandi what is the biggest secret you know about Adrienne and try to get her to trap herself in her own lies to keep it. OJia trip questios.
    Don’t forget Brandi was very pissed about the harrassment she was getting from Adrienne’ camp over the break. NASTY lies where placed in the tabloids about her and chef Bernie was often quoted by Radar Online as a source.

    Brandi was accussed of –
    Affair with a MARRIED excecutive producer of the show
    Drug and alcohol abuse
    child neglect
    sexual misconduct
    being a diva and saying vicious thing about her castmatst.

    All these things proved to be false or greatly exaggerated.Remember Brandi was also dealing with Leanne and Eddie’s crap and Eddie’s refusal to allow her children to be shown even in the background on RHOBH, So yes Brandi was in court fighting these scumbags while trying to negotiate a contract with Bravo.
    Brandi said one of the wives was actively trying to get her fired from the show.So yes Adrienne was messing not only with Brandi but her children as well.
    Adrienne could have handled this so much better and had more sympathy on her side if she wouldn’t have lashed out with lawsuits. And I’m not buying her excuse that a child psyc told her not to tell the boys until they where 10yrs old. Thanks to modern miracles and lots of fameous couples who have turned to surrogacy it’s not a taboo thing. I don’t belive Camille or Guillianna Rancic worried about their children being bullied. Most child pshyc I’ve read belive lies are more harmful than truth in most cases.

    • AZGirl says:

      Ok if there are any posters who may have some expertise in this area please chime in. I really find it hard to believe any child psych would recommend that they not tell the boys until they are 10 years old. It is nothing to be ashamed of! These young boys are special and a gift and thus be treated that way. Not some shameful family secret! IMHO

      • Mene Seela says:

        I don’t understand how HIPPA applies to personal relationships (i.e. outside of the hospital). Is this because Brandi and Adrienne are “coworkers”?

        I mean – if I tell my cousin that my sister-in-law is having a boob job can I be sued? WTH?

        • An employer or employee can not divulge or use anyone of your medical history. It’s usually considered private and can’t be discussed without consent. I think it the working relationship between the parties that allowed Adrienne’s laywers to threaten action.

      • Powell says:

        Like Brandi said Adrienne lies all the time so she’s keeping it up by adding more lies. I’ve seen parents on different shows that adopted their kids and they told their kids when they were 4, 5, yrs old. They said they used the ade of books too. I’m sure there are books about surrogacy also. I don’t think Sarah J Parker & Matthew kept it a secret from their girls & of course their brother knows since he was 8, 9 yrs old. There are so many Stars that made it known how they had their kids, surrogacy or adoption. I bet A & Ps boys go to school w/a few other kids born the same way. No one made it a big deal but A & P. They should have talked about it S1. It’s ridiculous.

        • iceNfire says:

          Yes – I don’t remember the name of the book but when my middle son was in Nursery school a kid in his class brought it in for Show & Tell. It was about how the parents had chosen him to be their child. None of the 4 years old really understood what it was all about but they all considered him to be very lucky 🙂

          • Powell says:

            Right. I think all of us that have parents that love us are Lucky we were born or chosen. I think it’s Adrienne’s problem, not really Paul’s and definitely not their boys. To me, JMO, it sounds like Adrienne felt inadequate for whatever reason because she didn’t carry them, whichever one(s) it is. I think she brow beat Paul into making it a secret. Her family seems close so I don’t get it.

    • TexasTart says:

      Lies are always more harmful!
      Thanks for the intel, shadowsnomore!

    • T-Rex says:

      Does she name the Child Psych? I don’t believe for ONE minute she ever even talked to one prior to surrogacy and her children. Again NO shame in surrogacy, I will go from the adoption angle here as Mr. T-Rex is adopted, it was stressed to his parents that from day one it would be in the child’s best interest to know that he was adopted and yes this came from a verified, bona fide Child Psychiatrist, we have the papers somewhere, it would make him feel more comfortable to know how he became a part of the family. The fact is children should not have some dark, hidden secret flung upon them, they should know everything from the beginning so that there isn’t some insecurities as they get older, and they don’t find out by “accident” because secrets don’t stay secrets. Yeah, you dating someone old enough to be your child, going through a divorce, falsely accusing your ex of abusing you, having the cookfromhell writing scathing things all over the place about folks while serving your children daily, yeah that isn’t going to hurt your children, it’s all BRANDI’s fault. Give me a Break

    • iceNfire says:

      I’m still not buying it. In Adrienne’s TH she used the term “character assinatin” not in the heat of the moment which leads me to believe there is more to this secret.

      • Powell says:

        Have you noticed Adrienne uses inappropriate or the wrong words very often. She probably doesn’t know what character assassination means.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        Adrienne is not quoted in the article as saying anything about surrogacy. The article say a “source” told the mag about the child psych-The only thing it says from Adrienne is something about not wanting her kids to be on the show so much. Adrienne and her family ‘could not be reached for comment”. US weekly can print an entire article and never talk to the person who the feature on the cover.
        They didnt even get this right
        “Adrienne told the publication in December that she is extremely protective of her youngsters and did not want them featured in the series at all.
        The star – who joined the cast in season two – said: ‘From the very beginning of the show I set parameters and made it clear that my children would not be in the story line.”

        I dont know if they are talking about Adrienne or Brandi here b/c Adrienne DID NOT join the cast for the 2nd season…Brandi did.

        • Powell says:

          JNNTJ I’m reading thinking “Adrienne has been on since S1”.

          • not THAT Jill says:

            Right Powell she has…so they are talking about who? Brandi? This stupid mag always cites “sources” and never get the story right!!!

          • Called A Princess... says:

            Yawn… We are still in the gossip and speculation faze of this casino. The fact that the lying Rob Shuter is in the mix does not raise the level of the story. We are speculating about children because of a sleazy Bravo edit. SMH!

            • thedesigndiva2 says:

              sorry ..just had to do that….. I really dont think it’s about the kids..even A isnt that nieve to think that she could keep that secret….. I still say it’s a MALOOF FAMILY thing that happened years ago…. I know it’s not something my family would liked talked about on tv… guess we will see wont we…I wonder when…
              that is all…
              hugs and peace

        • T-Rex says:

          Interesting since the HoofMaloof showed off her kids from day one, this is the first season they haven’t been on the show. I think they aren’t on the show this season, because their behaviour wasn’t that great, but hey kids act up, especially in front of “company” or “cameras” and I agree with her not having them on the show. However part of the reason could be that the kids, at least the older one, knew their parents were separated, according to their legal docs, they had been before filming for this season even started.

          • not THAT Jill says:

            -Adrienne’s kids have not been on the show a lot. I remember seeing them maybe 4 times…maybe. I think Kyle is the only one on BH who shows her kids often.

            • not THAT Jill says:

              I dont think that quote was from Adrienne anyway. I think it is from Brandi b/c they say she joined the cast on the 2nd season…If it is from Brandi that would be funny b/c she always goes on about how much she wants to film with her kids.

          • iceNfire says:

            Were they seperated at the time of the Tea Party? I always found it odd that Paul was standing at the gate having a little chat with Taylor

          • Powell says:

            So T-Rex the epi we will see w/A breaking up “Paul & I filed for divorce” is totally acting? 😉

            • Called A Princess... says:

              Powell, the whole entire show is one big acting gig for all concerned. Four professionals actresses, 3 models. Addy and Mrs. Zanucks are not professionals, but they are out numbered by the fake. IMO.

      • Realhousewifeva says:

        Kyle kept saying “it’s not about the surrogacy”, so there has to be more to it

        • Called A Princess... says:

          I agree. I was amazed the other day when posters were quoting Kyle but still writing about the surrogacy as fact. A very good example of media brainwashing. If one hears information enough times the brain can process it as fact. We still have no real facts and maybe never will. JMHO.

        • Rebecca says:

          Maybe she was relaying “another” reason to be pissed off at Brandi. Kyle is the biggest gossip on all these shows.

    • Pghemtchick says:

      Just throwing it out there, buuuuut Child Therapist/Psychologist =Dr.Sophy??? Falls right into the claims of abuse/child abuse since Maude ran to him.

  27. LaineyLainey says:

    Everytime, someone writes something containing “The Following” in reference to the new show…for a second I am looking for something that follows, a list of sorts…

    e.g., I like the following: chardonnay, bruschetta, black rasperry vanilla lotion, etc.

  28. I also find the timing of all of Leanne’s interviews and Adrienne’s boytoy stories, and both of them very publicly trashing Brandi suspect.I don’t think either bargained that Brandi would have garnered so much support and popularity. I think they both are in damage control mode but aren’t doing a very good job at it.
    Their PR people should be fired!

    • LaineyLainey says:

      yes, the less said from the Cibiran camp, the better. That’s what I would have said to this unfortunate couple.

      • iceNfire says:

        Did anyone see Leanne on Jimmy Kimmel last night? I know very little about her but she is a mess. Good thing about being a west coaster is I get to see what east coasters post here so I know which shows to record. Thanks for that!

    • Powell says:

      So fired. I told Contessa upthread she should be LeAnn & Eddie’s PR. I doubt their PR have advised the route they are taking. Some of theses celebs don’t listen to their PR.

    • PJ says:

      A little humility on LeAnn’s part would serve her well. But she puts it out there that he is the victim in all of this mess.

      • PJ says:

        Sorry, that she is the victim.

        • Called A Princess... says:

          LeAnn may never grow up and join the real world. I have no expectations for her. Eddie does not say a word. He at some point may leave her, using insanity, as the reason. She seems to be publicly unraveling. JMHO.

          • T-Rex says:

            I agree. ManCandy is with CrayCrayRimes for the moolah at this point she is his sugarmama. I don’t see him LEAVING her, he didn’t LEAVE Brandi, Brandi left him, I personally think that if Brandi had fought for him, they would still be married and he would still be cheating on her any chance he got. That’s what kills CrayCrayRimes is that she really is his “second” choice. Of course he has cheated and will continue to cheat and has anyone noticed he is NOT on tour with her. Hmmmmmm doesn’t that speak volumes that’s why she keeps coming home constantly on her supposed tour

            • Called A Princess... says:

              Yes, T-Rex I agree. I also think that Eddie is mad that Brandi did not fight for him and is using this demented persona, he is married to, to harass the mother of his children. Not a very nice man/child. IMO.

  29. AZGirl says:

    OT: I saw the posts upthread regarding Roku. Mr. AZGirl installed Roku on one of our tv’s. He was so excited. We now get Pandora which is a music site on our tv. So, Mr. AZGirl turns to me and says “You now can listen to PupDog”! ummmmmmm PupDog????? First Born was laughing so hard in the other room and yelled “Mom, he talking about PitBull”.
    I married an old fart. 🙂

  30. Mene Seela says:

    Here are Paul and Adrienne with their 3 children. The eldest looks like both of them the the twins definetly look like Paul.
    I wonder if Paul and Adrienne’s living situation (cohabitating under one roof) was working fairly well and allowed them to raise the boys together, until Brandi’s comments put too much attention onto them.

    • T-Rex says:

      Mene, I highly doubt it, TheHoofMaloof and Paul’s relationship for the past 2 years according to documents and they have been fighting for most of that. They were “faking it” for the show. The HoofMaloof has since gone on to falsely claim that Paul beat her and abused her, mind you this claim just happened to be at the same time they were filming the show and not ONE single person saw this happen. With the DV climate surrounding this show in particular, trust me if she had been abused someone would have seen it

  31. Candice says:

    Has anyone heard from vizvlet? I think that was her name.

  32. Candice says:

    Ok my.. Comment in moderation. I guess the box “an administrator must approve first comment” smh

  33. Powell says:

    You know what I think would be funny? Paul & Brandi are now ok according to this article. What if Paul & Brandi started dating?

  34. ItzAngieDuh says:

    Happy Hump day everyone! Is Sophia not coming back to ALDC? She is a great little dancer & a joy to watch. Melissa admitted that she wasn’t happy about Mads having a duet but she NEVER said she didn’t want Mads to dance w/Kendall. ALM twisted that around-she is a piece if work. Jill should shut up too. I can’t w/Adrienne. I sincerely hope she doesn’t come back next season.

    • iceNfire says:

      ALM taking Any credit for Sophia really bothers me. I love watching the kids dance too, just wish we could see their whole performance instead of cutting to judges/audience.

  35. not THAT Jill says:

    Please read the article about Adrienne and see that she was not interviewed for it. She is NOT quoted and they only cite a source. For all we know that source is another HW or some wannabe. I dont like Adrienne and I really dont care about her but I can not stand when a magazine puts a story out as if they actually spoke to the person in the story!!!!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Bravo left Kyle’s remark “Its not about the surrogacy” in and viewers caught it. When it was aired last night – Kyle’s audio was much softer and she only said it once, not twice, before the scene cut back to the action. Why did Kyle say NOT….The article says it IS….The excuse given for it being a secret was LAME. For all we know the “source” for the article was speculations from various HW blogs! Bravo knows which housewives can rock a shocker, so move over Teresa cause it is Brandi’s turn now!!!

      • not THAT Jill says:

        The article “says” a lot of things…and most of them are from a “source” or just plain wrong. My point about it is that Adrienne was not interviewed for the article. The do not have one quote from her. All the crap about not telling her sons until they are 10-that came from a source-not from Adrienne.

      • Beckygrey says:

        WCW, sure to dispute you but she says it twice. Once she said it loudly as to interrupt the conversation and the she says it again softer because whomever she’s talking to had acknowledge her and the camera cuts away from wide shot of Yolanda to Taylor.

  36. JustDee says:

    In that Daily Mail article about Adrienne, there’s a link to this article about the Vegas trip –
    Of COURSE Kyle is the “best” pole dancer!

  37. Orson says:

    I’m going to be all over the board on RH stuff here.

    On Bulldog – Basically, he’s saying “I know something you don’t know, neener neener neener!”. So he’s looking for attention and probably trolling for the highest bidder. When I want to keep a secret, I just keep it buttoned.

    On Brandi – I’m sort of moving from “I like her” to “I don’t dislike her”. Why? She needs a filter. What she said to Marisa about M’s marriage should have been a private, face to face, conversation.

    On Kim – I’m actually a bit sypathetic to her and disappointed in some of what’s been posted here. Maybe because I have several friends who are alcoholics and all but one are in recovery. The other is in denial. At this time of the shows being broadcast, she’s off the booze. That doesn’t mean she’s cured. It doesn’t mean the problems that led to her alcoholism have magically gone away. And it doesn’t mean the problems the alcoholism caused are gone either. It just means she has to find another way to deal with these problems because the booze isn’t there anymore. I don’t know if she’s in a 12 step program or not. There are other ways to recover. IMO, she’s still got quite the cocktail of psychological problems to deal with. I think she is still a very damaged person and is at the beginning of a very long recovery process.

    On Murray – If he had just stated his opinion once I’d have been okay with him. Look, if I disagree with someone and feel strongly enough about it, I’ll tell them I disagree and why. After that, I don’t persue it or try to argue it (which annoyed my former wife to no end). And Murray’s mistake was to keep going. As for the bottle of gin, well I don’t travel in sophisticated circles. Is it usual to bring a bottle of booze to an art gallery showing? Isn’t the official BH apology a flower arrangement or an orchid? And frankly, didn’t he owe Brandi some sort of peace offering/olive branch more than he owed Ken one? Unless he figures he’s more likely to represent the Vanderpumps in a real estate transaction than he is Brandi. Which just makes him a mercenary SOB.

    On Kenya – She’s just burning her way through all the ladies in Atlanta, huh? And Cindy seems to be dumb enough to fall for her crap again. But Cindy does seem to be true to form as she was last season in the Shorts vs Talls battles. She’s great for carrying tales between sides.

    On the Donkey Booty video – Phaedra and Kenya never had a deal. No contract was signed. All they had were preliminary negotiations. Kenya went ahead with getting a distribution deal with NO authority to do so.

    On Vanderpump Rules – Jax should be jumping up and down with joy that Stassi broke up with him. And Karen, did you think your boy was a virgin when you started dating? Get over it.

    On Yolanda – Frankly, I’m getting a little tired of how perfect your life is and what a wonderful person you are. Consider either opening up a lemonade stand or cutting down some of those lemon trees.

    On Taylor – Yeah, we know. You’re either the poor widow or the DV victim. Choose one, you really can’t be both. Oh, and go away.

    On the Shahs – I’m happy for Resa that his grandmother seems to have forgiven him for having a Muslim mother. Like it was ever his fault anyway. As for the gang up against GG, it seems like it’s an informal intervention. Maybe it’ll do her some good. Oh, Asa with her diamond water? As soon as I saw her hold the diamonds to her forehead and talk about her third eye and chakra I figured it out. She’s just full of newage bull-luann.

    • PJ says:

      If everything that shoud be was kept private was kept off these shows there would be no HW shows.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      Last night I got to thinking about Yolanda and her expertise on everything. She has a kind of flat way of speaking. I wonder if something is lost in the translation. She would have learned some of her English from Mohammed, who is also not a native English speaker. And I think Yolanda has never learned how to politely “hedge”. You know what I mean? Instead of saying things in a softer way that makes it clear it’s her opinion, she just bluntly states things. Makes her sound overly self-assured. I’m going to have to really think when she’s talking to pin down exactly what she’s doing that makes her sound so off to us.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        I think what we are hearing is the tooting of her own horn…

      • chismosa says:

        Kansas, i find that my relatives from western europe, when translating exactly how they are saying something into english- is very blunt. We in the English language try to dance around and are not blunt. I think it’s a translation thing, she is literally thinking probably in her native language. just my instinct….

    • BB says:

      On Kim. She should not be on the show – period.

      • thedesigndiva2 says:

        but but but bb…w/o kim what would kyle have to bitch about !!!!!

      • Orson says:

        Maybe she could have her own show? Wait a minute. Think about it. A true reality show about a very damaged woman working her way toward health and her recovery from alcoholism and all her other demons. Lord knows she needs the gig as I doubt anyone would cast her as an actress. Or a cashier for that matter.

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      On Yolanda – Consider either opening up a lemonade stand or cutting down some of those lemon trees.

      That had me LOL-ing

    • mygirlsmom says:

      Hilarious Orson. I especially like your thoughts on Taylor and Asa. Is Luann now a substitute word for sh*t, as in bull-luann? You had me actually laughing out loud.

      • Orson says:

        Oh yes, that happened several seasons ago. This blog doesn’t care for certain words, so for that specific word, I use “luann”. It’s sort of handy to use; it can be a verb, noun, exclamation, adjective, and/or adverb. And it’s something the Countless is filled with.

        • mygirlsmom says:

          I go through phases where I read comments everyday and then don’t read them for awhile because I am too busy. That must have been a busy phase for me. That is so funny, I must put that to use. I am going to try it right now…….I find the concept of substituting the Countess’ name game so funny, I almost Luanned my pants. How did I do?

    • TexasTart says:

      Orson – I enjoyed you RH activities summary! Finally, something that sounds logical as to what went down between Phaedra and Kenya! Mercinary SOB, ha, yeah you would think in his circles he would know about apology flowers! 🙂

  38. Back from interview…. should have worn the dress..was way warmer outside than inside my house…it’s 76 here and sunny…not rubbing it in to others..winks..
    so got there a few minutes early… cool..
    met with Larry…good looking and a nice firm handshake..I gave him a nice firm handshake back..Dad always said to make sure to look them in the eyes and let them you are their good…
    so went into office which was HOT…OMG… started fanning my blouse,Larry says..sorry it’s hot in here… told him guess it was bad idea to wear pants..he laughed… I had to quickly explain that I am a dress wearer…Larry says..I like women in dresses..told him thank you…
    so we chatted for a few..he gave me app and a pen..went to conference room…. he came in and I asked him if he has many applicants..he says about 10..guess I made a weird EYE ROLL lol and he said IMMEDIATELY.. no front runners…dont sweat it….. made me feel better…
    so done with app..we go outside to chat…he asks me lots of questions about my construction mind you..I am applying for an office job..but I can hear his wheels spinning..
    having a chick like me with my background and EXPERIENCE would be an additional asset to his business…heh..I can multi task….. he wanted to know whose homes have I designed here in town..of’s all the rich powerful movers and shakers and he is most impressed….. then he asked about permitting..told him I did that also…..
    I think he was impressed with me and he says that he wiil be making a decision within the next few days…. he also says he will call either way..told him THANK YOU FOR THAT…
    then he quick didnt put down a salary requirement… well… I said to him..look..I really need a job..I miss being in the construction business and meeting with people and doing design.. I can do office work and other stuff if you need it to be fair…. I would be happy just to have a 40 hr work week and you can start me at $ 8.00 an hr then if you like me maybe a raise later on…his eyes perked right up… I KNOW DAMN WELL CHICKS IN THIS TOWN PUT DOWN 10 – 12 bucks an hr for pay…hahahahahahaha……foolish girls…..
    so all in all.. I felt good about it’s just wait and see…..
    whoot whoot……

    hugs and peace

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Diva!!! Sounds like a great interview…good luck!! I will be keeping my frozen (10 degrees here today) fingers crossed for you!!!!

    • Kansas Girl says:

      Everything crossed here, including eyes! LOL!

      Frankly, I suspect he’s counting on his fingers how soon he can give you the word back. Suspect you far out-ran his other applicants, so now he needs to look cool and not too eager, but also not lose his front runner. As I say, EVERYTHING crossed for you!

    • princesspindy says:


    • iceNfire says:

      Sounds like you made a very good impression. Good Job!

      • thedesigndiva2 says:

        I feel confident..but..ya never know in this town..
        btw…forgot to tell you guys…when I was filling out my app some lady came in who had been there yesterday to fill out an app… I hear her ask Larry why he hasnt called her..he tells her he hasnt made up his mind yet as he is still taking apps…WELLLL.. this lady went off… started yelling it was rude of him to have not called her…. I am in the smh and laughing to myself….. SCRATCH THAT NAME OFF THE LIST OF CONTENDERS… Larry walks in and looks at me and says..some folks should be locked up…I just giggled and said yeppers……
        hugs and peace

        • melthehound says:


        • Powell says:

          Fingers crossed for you Diva. 🙂

        • NJBev says:

          Wow, Diva, it sounds like it went well. I will keep
          my fingers crossed and will pray for you tonight.
          You deserve this, Diva. I really hope you get it,
          he would be foolish not to hire someone with your
          background and talents.
          BTW- did you tell him about your private eye skills,
          and how that will help him in “research” costs?? lol

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      It sounds like that went really well. I pray you get the job and then once you show them everything you can do, they dump up your pay in no time.

    • It sounds like it went really well – fingers and toes crossed for you Diva.

  39. princesspindy says:

    Here is Tabloid Cover Wednesday from OhNoTheyDidn’t

  40. Cityside says:

    I guess by now you all know our Beloved Stan The Man Musial passed away. He was the heart of Cardinal Nation and we will surely miss him. Tomorrow he will be laid out at the Cathedral Basilica here in Cardinal Nation. The funeral is Friday at the Cathedral and while his family will go to lay him to rest we shall all gather at Busch Stadium to honor him.

    RIP #6 The Man


    • Powell says:

      Yeah. So sad.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Hey Cityside-my Grandfather knew and played with Stan the Man…he left us some memorabilia-pictures and things from way back in the day.

    • Pghemtchick says:

      Aw Cityside <3. Stan was an amazing man. I posted the day he passed, but he grew up in the same town as my family. As a kid, Joe Montana got the talk of the town when he came "home", but Stan always drew a crowd on his homecomings. It's been such a delight reading the stories in the local paper of people who grew up with him. He came home in '94 I believe and the crowds to see him at the park were crazy. That was when the new ball fields were dedicated to two of the finest baseballers to come out of Donora (Stan and Ken Griffey Sr, Jr came out of Donora as well but to my knowledge he doesn't have a field at that park). Anyways, he didn't cut his autograph session short. He made sure he talked to everyone and played his harmonica for the crowd. Sadly, he didn't make it back for the bridge dedication a few years ago, but everytime people cross it, they know it's "Stan the Man's" bridge. The one thing I love about the school district is that they have the display cases of the graduates who went on to success in the majors. So everytime the nephews goto school they walk past the pictures and memorabilia of those that made the sport happen. They finally updated the elementary school last year w/ Ken Sr/jr, Stan, and Joe. Now the younger kids know who paved the way for their sports program at that school. RIP the Donora Greyhound, Stan the Man.

  41. Cityside says:

    My internet has been out. Did ya miss me….did ya….did ya.

  42. WWHL Had Kjo on last night along with Luke Perry who brought his own beer since the clubhouse was again an alcohol free zone. As always Kristen looked Amazeballs!
    They did a spoof called Housewives Playhouse where Luke Perry put on a blonde “Brandi” wig and Kjo played everyone else in the scene they acted out. Oh My Gosh she was Hil.A.Ri.Ous as ShannaTaylorNotFordLyingGrifterTwoTimingHusbandStealingLypsMcgee (I had to copy and paste this) She made her lips all poofy and was spot on with the impression.
    Andy asked her to do her impression of a emotions after Botox. Cracked me up. I adore Kjo.
    I DVR’d the show so I can relive the hilarity.
    Guts is now out in paperback as of yesterday. Kristen signed a copy at the end of the show for Luke Perry, but she would’ve signed for anyone in the audience.
    We had a warming trend today. 15 above zero after being -25 windchill overnight.
    I want to move to AZ or FL. 70 some days until I go to Jamaica….I CAN’T WAIT!!

  43. um..okay…mr fords sister just called…she wants to know if we want to move to PENNSYLVANIA.. ???? um.. not really..but I did say the wife thing..what ever mr ford wants to do is fine by me… lol…think it will be a cold day in hell that mr ford would leave sunny warm fla and his beaches…hahahahahaha
    living in snow in Colorado when you are 25 is way different than living in snow in PA when you are fifty…… just saying


    • melthehound says:

      I’m not 50 yet and I’ve had my fill of the snow..

    • Powell says:

      You’re a good SIL but you should have said, “Are you punking me?”.
      How was the interview?

      • powell… mr fords sister worries about him..he is her only sibling and no parents are left…I am thinking that maybe she thinks we would be better off financially by living up there..they own lots of properties and a few businesses…etc….I would have to think really long and hard before I could really commit to that big of a change in MY LIFE… all my family is here and my Mom is having her 83rd beeday in two weeks…it’s not that simple for us to pack and move at this stage….. whew !!!! we will see,,
        INTERVIEW… I posted upthread about three or four inches…lol

        hugs and peace

        • BB says:

          She probably worries about her bro since he’s been having health problems. Do they ever come down and visit?

          • thedesigndiva2 says:

            bb,,, yes they come and visit..they have a 65 ft boat/ and they come down here and dock in jupiter…. then drive here to visit,,,they go to boat shows etc…. they stayed for 2 weeks over in ft ford went and stayed a few nights with them..i stayed home with the dogs and I was working at five guys then…couldnt take time off…. oops…

    • BB says:

      Diva don’t do it! The older I get, the more I hate Winter and I live in VA! I can see why so many snowbirds go to FL and AZ in their golden years. My mom and her second husband used to go to the gulf coast of FL every year during January-February and now that he’s gone, she misses it. She whines all Winter.

      • Powell says:

        You said it BB. If I had money I’d be knocking on Diva & Mr Ford’s door right now cause I’d be down in sunny Florida right now til April. 🙂

  44. VV says:

    WHY WHY WHY Did I turn the TV on and the first thing I see is that IMBECILE MAURICIO UMANSKY attacking Brandi at the Moroccan restaurant! He is saying how “he feels” what Brandi said was maliciously. I can’t stand that Momma’s boy for the life if me. I bet his penis is the size of a peanut.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      I think he knows what is going on because his gossip girl wife has filled him in – he is coming off like he is so superior. And he wants to be able to tell Adrienne and Paul he is loyal to them and was fighting with their enemy. Putz personified!

  45. mygirlsmom says:

    I can’t figure out how to copy and paste on my iPad or I would post a link. Radar Online has posted an article stating that Adrienne Maloof has moved her new boy toy in to her home. The ink on her divorce papers are not even dry and she moves in an aimless, drug addict. What a great mom.

  46. Heather Dubrow is starring in Hot in Cleveland tonight at 10/9c on TV Land!

    The twitter hash tag they want people to use is ! #HIC_RHOOC

    • BB says:

      I’m sure she’ll get an Emmy nomination for her guest-starring role if her performance on Malibu Country is any indication. lol.

    • BB says:

      Wow. She’s playing herself.

      • BB says:

        So according to what she says here, Bravo filmed her filiming Hot in Clevelend so it will be part of RHOOC.

        • not THAT Jill says:

          She annoys me so much…Bravo was playing the finale where that crazy Sarah ate the precious bow off her dumb name changing cake. Heather speech inflection can really drive me crazy!!! “She ate my bow”…ohhh I cant take it!!! And her husband is the busiest busy body husband on any HW show-he loves being on TV too much!!!

          • melthehound says:

            I don’t know about that, Jill. I think the Angel from God takes that title hands down. Followed only by Fishy Richie. Of course, Morris with all his advertisement is quickly moving up in those ranks.

            • not THAT Jill says:

              I know what you are saying Jeff…but that Dr Dubrow-he just gets on my last nerve. Its like he thinks he is too good to be on the show while he is screaming “look at me look at me”…he acts like he is doing us all a big giant favor by being on a dumb reality show…so annoying!!!!
              The Angel from God and dumb Richie-they act like they love being on TV-which we clearly see that they do-but they don’t act like they are too good for it…maybe cause they know they aint too good for nothin’!!!

              • BB says:

                Awright, Jill! Something we agree on. I can’t stand either of the Dubrows, or Gretchen or Slade, or Vicky or her boyfriend, or Tamra or Eddie, or Alexis or Jim. Wait, I can’t stand anybody on the RHOOC!

                • not THAT Jill says:

                  I cant stand any of them either-it is not one likeable person on that show.

                  • LaineyLainey says:

                    That is why RHOC is the first show that I have quit, quit, quit!!! And I’m telling all y’all so I can be accountable!!

              • melthehound says:

                You’re right about that, Jill. The Jersey crew has never tried to give the impression they didn’t want to be there, thought they signed the contracts and releases to be shown where as some others, act too cool for school.

            • L.A. Chica says:

              Who is Angel From God?

              I think I mentioned it on a previous blog page here, but Dr. DuBrow was an expert witness in a medical malpractice case that I was a juror on. I didn’t know who he was but just thought he was the most arrogant jerk I’d ever come across. His testimony was unbelievably biased and it drove me nuts.

              After the trial was over one of the lawyers mentioned DuBrow’s other career as an OC Real Househusband.

              • BB says:

                Joey “LittleTarzan” Gorga

              • NJBev says:

                I totally remember that, Chica!

              • melthehound says:

                When Baby Joey Marco was having a conversation with Teresa about some wrong she had done, he told her he was an Angel From God. I don’t know what context he really meant it in but I do believe he thinks he’s God’s gift to someone.

                Interesting story about the jury duty.. So Deblow isn’t just an ass on screen, he’s an ass every day in real life too…

                • L.A. Chica says:

                  Thanks for the explanation on Joey/Angel. 😆

                  And Dr. DuBlow also thinks he’s a gift from God, yes.

    • TexasTart says:

      Thanks for the reminder! I’ll watch to see Heather’s co-stars! 😉

  47. VV says:

    Where is Charo’s Press Release? I mean blog.

  48. boston02127 says:

    Not for nothing…..but if you met a guy that everyone called bulldog, would you go out with him? I think I’d have to think twice about it. Maybe if he was a billionaire, handsome, kind and funny. And loved bulldogs.

    Maybe Mel’s ex loved dogs?

  49. boston02127 says:

    Did JZ get a new home?

    from twitter~~~~Hosting dinner at our home in st Bart’s. did some “wicked” shopping in gustavia today

  50. VV says:

    All of you following the Bulldog/Melissa drama head over to his twitter something is going on…

  51. VV says:

    Melissa tweeted:

    “I know you’re gonna try & bring me, bring meee down, But I’m a fighter I’m a tiger I can figure it out💋”

    • VV says:

      Bulldog tweeted a few minutes after Melissa.

      GAME ON!!

      a minute later he tweeted

      BIG MISTAKE!!!

      • VV says:

        Melissa is smart. Now the guy is tweeting a lot a video to the Rocky movie. He is starting to look a little unbalance…

      • VV says:

        Another one from Bulldog (I’m only posting selected) I’m not sure what’s going on but something is up.

        “You attacked my character I stayed quiet then my brain surgery. That was where the line was crossed now u challenge me!? Game on! Ya hamster”

        • LaineyLainey says:

          “hamster” that’s got to be a clue. As in the mythical Richard Gere hamster?

        • Pghemtchick says:

          Iirc Queenz commented something like “how much of your brain did they remove” yesterday when he was being a meathead during their twitter hatefest. He’s taking that saying it was from the Marco’s since someone edited a twitter timeline and sent him. Check his pics. He has one of a bunch of Queenz comments then a lopsided Kim Marco comment. Kim made the comment to Queenz like 2 weeks ago, not where it is in that timeline. He’s following that TL like it’s true. Queenz has apologized for the comment, I can see where that line was crossed after all the hate slung around. Anyways, this dude messages Love from MobWives about it.


  52. mygirlsmom says:

    Oh luann, I smell a new single coming on.

  53. L.A. Chica says:

    Good evening! Finally have some time to join in again; I’ll probably work my way backwards through the comments.

    But first, I just saw Leanne’s new ‘do that she showed off on Jimmy Kimmel, and yes, I do see the resemblance to Elroy Jetson. But she’s also reminding me of a skinny blonde Bob, as in Bob’s Big Boy.

  54. VV says:

    @Bethenny’s TriBeCa Loft closet! via @traditionalhome

    • NJBev says:

      I enjoyed those pictures.
      I loved Bryn’s “Monkey” wallpaper
      and the turquoise counter top in the
      bathroom. I wonder how much that
      thing cost. Bookoo $$, I’ll bet

  55. BB says:

    I just got word that UVA Wise is on lockdown because they have a gunman on campus. Please say prayers for them. My daughter works there and she’s safe and off campus. But I’m still worried for those students.

  56. NJBev says:

    I guess Andy still has pink eye………….

  57. BB says:

    Does anyone watch Cheer Perfection on TLC? The moms are crazy, but the coaches are pretty decent , nothing like Abby Lee Miller.

    • Pghemtchick says:

      Oh my gosh. I left the channel on after Toddlers and was like what is this crazy mama drama gold… First time watching this Anne chick seems like a loon.

  58. BB says:

    I’m hittin’ the hay. Good night.

    • california35 says:

      thanks Vilzvet!
      Sad Sad 😦
      i do have a question, where is proud Jason now? asking all of that from her.

      • PJ says:

        Apparently not to proud to try to take Bethenny to the cleaners. Why am I not surprised?

      • chismosa says:

        Why should he back down when she asked for the same things? It seems equal to me. I think most (not here ) are going to go with the tale as old as time, side with the mother

    • Vegas Chick says:

      Doesn’t surprise me either, and good for him for wanting his daughter in his life full-time. The tit for tat strategy sounds like lawyers drawing lines in the sand. Hopefully, Bethenny and Jason keep their heads. Otherwise, it’s going to get very expensive.

    • Powell says:

      This is so darn sad. I haven’t read it but wouldn’t be surprised if J says he’s more stable cause his job is in 1 city & has regular hours. From what we’ve seen they are both great parents. They should have jt custody.

    • chismosa says:

      This is getting good.

      I mean its sad but I’m glad he’s fighting as well. He had to respond at some point I guess.

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