Which Housewife is Leaking Stories Now? / Project Runway Recap / Shahs of Sunset Recap / Mob Wives Recap

Which Housewife is Leaking Stories Now? and Other News by NoMoreDrama

The NYDailyNews is reporting (using an unnamed source) that filming for the Real Housewives of New York has been pushed back yet again.  The ladies thought it would start next week, but now there is no firm start date according.  Bravo is still trying to figure out how to bring the ratings, and while it seems like all the ladies will be asked back, no one knows for sure.  The source says LuAnn DeLesseps has a deal with QVC to sell towels and plates and worries it’ll fall through, and Carole Radziwill wants to sell lots of books and is worried because she didn’t connect with viewers on her first season on the show and needs to sell her book.

Photo Snark by Boston

Photo Snark by Boston

I can guess who the source was, because this was a quote, “The truth is, Jill Zarin brought the ratings and she’s gone and no one is as good.”  I seriously think there is only one person in the world that would make that statement.

Seems like Carole Radziwill agrees with me about who was behind that story.  Andy Cohen tweeted this last night:  “here’s a game – read stories abt housewives, identify which other housewives leaked the item. it’s really fun, works across franchises!!”

Carole responded:@BravoAndy I played. Jill Z. leaks all of them. What do I win?”

Meanwhile, has anyone noticed that Bravoratings.com hasn’t been updated in over a month.  That site is rumored to be run by Simon Van Kempen, and is a thorn in Andy Cohen‘s side.  Could Simon be playing nice with Andy for a reason, or is he just tired of Bravo?


Now let’s talk about Adrienne Maloof.  She’s calling her relationship with Sean Stewart (Rod Stewart’s son) casual.  It started off as a business relationship and evolved from there.  Adrienne explained to People (online) that they are taking things slow and that Sean has not moved in with her.  She also says he’s a lot of fun, and has been clean and sober for years.  I’m no fan of Adrienne, but she is divorced and if he rocks her world – then good for her.

Sean agrees with me.  He was caught by TMZ and said that people saying Adrienne is too old for him are sexist.  He’s right.  If she was a guy (no jokes) no one would be making a big deal about the difference in their ages.  Sean is 32 and Adrienne is 51.


And things with Bulldog (Melissa Gorga’s ex-boyfriend) are getting depressing.  He tweeted this yesterday:

“So I get the phone call today that she says she’s not worried about me making it on the show because my tumor is back and i will be dead.”  It’s unclear who he’s talking about, but the next tweet somewhat implies the “she” is Melissa’s sister, Kim – who’s been calling his best friend.

“Yes it’s back, my best friend was the one who  told her n thank u everyone! I will be ok it’s in Gods hands!”

“I might have to appear just cause I know now that it’s killing them. pow👊😜”

“Like I said the poorest person I know is a millionaire!!!”

They called me Angelo 2.0 who I personally do not know but I’d be more like Angelo 2000.0 if I pop up ;)”

I hope things settle down for him quickly.  I know he’s a grown man and doesn’t need my advice, but this can’t be good for him.


Project Runway Season 11 Cast PhotoProject Runway “There Is No I In Team” by BB

The 16 designers for Season 11 are:

Amanda Valentine, 31, Nashville, TN
Benjamin Mach, 35, Sydney, AUS
Cindy Marlatt, 59, Kent, WA
Emily Pollard, 24, Falls Church, VA
Daniel Esquivel, 48, Austin, TX
James Martinez, 29, Dallas, TX
Joseph Aaron Segal, 30, Providence, RI
Kate Pankoke, 23, Chicago, IL
Layana Aguilar, 28, New York, NY
Matthew Arthur, 30, New Orleans, LA
Michelle Lesniak Franklin, 34, Portland, OR
Patricia Michaels, 46, Taos, NM
Richard Hallmarq, 39, Sacramento, CA
Samantha Black, 28, Brooklyn, NY
Stanley Hudson, 44, West Hollywood, CA
Tu Suthiwat Natchat, 26, Springfield, VA

ProjectRunwaySeason11Host and Judge: Heidi Klum
Judges: Zac Posen and Nina Garcia
Mentor:  Tim Gunn
Guest Judge: Christian Soriano

Heidi announces that this season is Project Runway Teams.  All the challenges will be team challenges.  Of course, during the casting calls, none of the designers seemed to like team challenges when asked; for most, it’s their way or the highway.  The only one who seems maybe a little enthusiastic about it is Daniel.

Each designer will be judged on their own creations; however there will be one winning team and the challenge winner will be selected from that team.  One member of the losing team will be going home.

The purpose stated for having teams is that in the real world every designer is part of a team.  The team members need to help each other out and share their strengths with the others.

PR The Dream TeamThis week the designers will take their inspiration from New York. Team Keeping It Real (Daniel, Stanley, Kate, Richard, Patricia, Layana, Joseph and Amanda), takes a boat ride around New York Harbor.  The Dream Team (Matthew, Cindy, Emily, Tu, Benjamin, Samantha, Michelle and James) goes to the top of the Atlas apartment building to get inspired.  Each team gets $1,500 to spend any way they want at Mood.  The Dream Team seems to be more collaborative as a team and willing to give each other assistance when needed.  The Dream Team seems to keep more to themselves and works individually. Even though Amanda and Michelle aren’t on the same team, they are roommates and seem to have buddied up.  We’ll see how that works out later I guess.

Tim comes in to check on them and acts as facilitator and mediator as the teammates give each other critiques on what they’ve done so far.  Some of the designers don’t want to give in to their teammate’s suggestions, but they all do.  Cindy makes her dress long instead of using a shorter dress over pants as she originally planned.  Richard decides not to use some binders on his dress after his teammates tell him it’s not necessary.  Kate decides not to use long sleeves on her dress although she really wants to.  On the suggestion of his teammates, James decides not color block the top of his outfit.

PR Team Keeping It RealSome members of Keeping It Real are a little worried about Patricia’s dress.  They are thinking it looks like a craft project because she is painting it.  Emily from the Dream Team is in some serious trouble.  She is way over her head and on Runway day with a little over two hours to go, still has nothing put together.  She works on the top and Cindy offers to make a skirt to go with it.  Emily feels a little guilty for criticizing Cindy earlier because now Cindy is pretty much bailing her out of a jam.

PR Judges Episode 1It’s runway time and Keeping it Real is on.  Stanley’s jumpsuit is a navy silver sheen like fabric.  I like it and Stanley does too.  Kate has an off-white jersey dress with a criss/cross on the bust.  I’m glad she took her teammates’ advice and made it sleeveless.  She’s happy with it.  Richard has a black and grey jersey dress with one long sleeve and one gathered slit sleeve.  It’s asymmetrical and he has achieved his vision.  Patricia’s painted dress is in a shift design and she has cut her panels so they move with the dress.  It has bold blue underneath.  She thinks it’s perfect.  Amanda has a jersey tank with jersey tight pants.  Kind of blah but not terrible.  She says she could have taken it further and I agree.  Layana is happy with her black short dress, but feels she played it safe and could have done much better.  It doesn’t stand out.  Joseph’s dress is a bunch of pink, taupe and off white strips of different lengths.  I don’t get it.  Daniel made a black suit with stacked shoulders, ¾ length sleeves and cropped pants.  He thinks it totally rocks.

The Dream Team is next.  Matthew has a flirty printed skirt with a white sleeveless blouse.  Cute.  Samantha has a short black dress with a net overlay.  Heidi has a big smile.  Tu has a white crop top with bell sleeves and a short white skirt.  When the model turns around, it’s all black.  Very unique.  I like the zipper on the top.  James has a white tank top with a black and pink pencil skirt.  Meh.  Emily’s design is a hot mess.  It’s a black and silver crop top thing with a blue overlay and a plain black short skirt.  She’s horrified and she should be.  Benjamin’s dress is really pretty and floaty with a neat design feature on the shoulder.  He couldn’t be happier.  Cindy’s long dress is dated.  The print with the checkerboard waistband is not working.  She’s happy with it though.  Michelle used waxed denim and she thinks it’s the strongest look on the team.

The winning team is Keeping It Real and the top three designers are Daniel, Richard and Patricia.  That leaves the Dream Team as losers and the three lowest scorers are Cindy, Emily and James.

PR Episode 1 WinnerPR Emily is OutAfter the judges deliberate, Daniel is named the winner and Emily is going home.

The team dynamic will be really interesting in that I’m sure some of the designers will be totally honest with their teammates and some will not.  I’m expecting more strategic maneuvering by the designers other than just worrying about making sure their designs are the best.


Shahs of Sunset: Happy New Year – Recap By: Ana

Reza Packing

Reza’s dad calls and they discuss the New York Rosh Hashanah. Reza is very happy about the adult relationship he has developed with his dad an is excited to see him but is concerned about his grandma. His dad tells him over the phone that he hasn’t seen his mom in a while because visiting her is depressing. Reza’s biggest complaint about his grandma is that she doesn’t want to give him any love. They plan to meet for lunch.         

Diamond Water

(Photo from bravotv.com)

(Photo from bravotv.com)

Asa is visiting a jeweler to pick a diamond. (Sidebar: She is dressed awesomely! Little Black Dress with nice long gold necklace with a gold coin, gold bangles, her expensive glasses and half her hair pulled back into a nice ponytail. It was so good and simple I had to point out this fashion triumph- we know Asa doesn’t have many.) Per Asa, “the diamond vibrational energy is the original energy of the creation of the world.”

She is meeting with Pat, the owner of the jewelry store. Asa informs him about her diamond infused water, which requires a big diamond. I am surprised Pat can keep such a straight face, but then again its LA and he might have heard crazier business ventures…He busts out a small case with loose diamonds and she starts to “feel” for the right diamond. Asa informs us that diamond water has 3 critical ingredients: 1) water; 2) diamond (the perfect one); and 3) Love energy. The last two ingredients are fused into the water.

Asa has a fabulous baby blue manicure- someone prepped for her close-ups! He then proceeds to show her a 9.5-carat diamond. (I SOOOO WANT ONE- feel free to donate any to me) Asa is also feeling it- apparently one large diamond has more energy than many little ones because per Asa’s scientific explanation, that diamond will charge up any carbon organism near it. I’m confused by her scientific method, which sounds more like marketing to me. Asa then does some weird third eye chakra energy thing…and rejects it…after she hears the $325,000 price (although plays it off as if the $65,000 budget didn’t have anything to do with it.) Pat proceeds to show her a 5-carat diamond (also want it and also feel free to donate one to me if you like)- Asa says this is it because its pulverizing her chakras- and its more powerful than the 9.5-carat one. Pat informs Asa that the 5-carat diamond is worth $85,000 – $90,000. We then learn that Pat went to Beverly High with Asa, so she asks for a discount- “family price”. Family Price is $75,000- maybe CZ Water is sounding better… Asa says she will take it! Her partners will contact him to pick it up and send payment. Something tells me her partners got a stone more to their budget price…

Let’s Walk

GG comes over to MJ’s condo so they can walk their dogs and talk about some things. Apparently MJ has been “blowing up” GG’s phone since she got back from Cabo- but GG is pissed because she feels MJ is playing both sides. MJ says that with the whole Asa situation, she could finally relate to GG because at that moment Asa set her (MJ) off similarly to the way Asa sets GG’s anger bomb off. GG wants MJ to pick sides and then rattles off that MJ did not invite her to the b-day party because of Asa…blah blah… Cabo uninvited… blah blah…MJ quickly nips this in the bud by telling GG once again that GG’s choices have cost her everything (GG looks sooo shocked by this reveal)…MJ continues by saying that where is her (GG’s) accountability for her actions? Why can’t she pick up the phone to apologize to Asa? Did she think Asa wouldn’t notice that 4 weeks went by before she decided to apologize? GG is still delirious and doesn’t think it was a big deal to physically attack someone. MJ points out that she is the only one that still talks to her from the group, and that she has at times even jeopardized her friendships with the others for her. MJ tells her she sees something in her and would like for her to step up and be the best GG she can be- that MJ knows she can be.  This walk sooo did not go the way GG thought it would LOL. Way to go MJ!

Fleecing the Family

Mike is at his brother’s dental practice to whiten his teeth- since its an awesome free perk he has for having a dentist in the family! His brother, the receptionist and probably all of America agree that his teeth are white enough and that he doesn’t need another treatment. Doesn’t he know he won’t have any enamel by the time he’s 50? Also, personally, I think it looks creepy to have fluorescent white teeth… However he persuades his brother and off to the dental whitening chair! Mike lets us know that usually this is awesome bonding time with his bro. They discuss Mike’s relationship with Jessica- his brother told his parents that like is actually serious about this girl. Mike is still nervous about his family’s reaction upon meeting Jessica for the first time, because she’s neither Jewish nor Persian. Mike’s brother is actually surprised that Mike’s teeth got whiter and tells him that this hurdle is something they’ll just have to get over.

Diamond Water Factory: Energizing the Chakras since 2012

Asa is at the factory where her Diamond Water will be bottled- and is taken directly to her batch room. The diamond she purchased lives in a patented housing (we never see if it really is the 5-carat diamond) under 50 thousand gallons of water- where it will be forever or until the company goes under. (I’m a pessimist –sorry.) Asa proceeds to set up shop to infuse the water with her love energy. Asa explains to us that when she was younger she needed that ritual to help connect her with her ancestry, her homeland and her customs. She does her pop priestess magic and infuses the water, so its ready to sell!! (I’m not gonna lie im a sucka and will be buying diamond water once its at my nearest grocery store…)

My Big Fat Persian Shabbat!

(Photo from bravotv.com)

(Photo from bravotv.com)

Mike and his gal pal Jessica are on their way to his parents’ house. All Mike has ever heard from his mom is that she wants him to marry a nice Jewish girl and make her a grandma. Jessica meets Mike’s parents: Sue and Shahram. Apparently Italians and Persians kiss on both cheeks. Again with the awesome food! Things start off a little awkward as most first meeting go, but once they start talking and Sue finds out Jessica is going to be a nurse things go great. Persian moms like education!

Lets Get Lost

shahs-of-sunset-season-2-gallery-episode-208-14Asa is excited to go to New York and experience her first Rosh Hashanah (she was born Muslim so has never celebrated it).  They all meet up and on the car ride to the airport Reza shares that he’s been having nightmares about his grandma. The crew arrives in NYC and they are looking for a Louis Vuitton store so Reza can buy a pair of shoes instead of going straight to Long Island. MJ is navigating and they are lost, going in circles for 45 minutes. Mike grabs the directions from MJ’s hand and safely navigates then to the store…NOT! They are still lost and eventually find the right way. Asa says she wants to go to Harlem to get some African fabric so she can make headwraps…the crew cracks up…

Back in LA

(Photo from bravotv.com)

(Photo from bravotv.com)

Since GG can’t film with the rest of the cast, she visits Omid- who is rocking a six-pack. GG tells us that since things have gotten more serious with Omid she is very nervous around him and its cute to see her excited about someone. Omid confesses he’s a player and that he doesn’t think GG minds (has he met her, for that matter ANY woman would mind). Omid has an addiction  to neon colored accessories, which he needs to stop. GG tells us that Omid has the dreamiest eyes…

A New York Cryfest

While the crew hangs out in Great Neck, Reza will meet up for lunch with his dad, Manoochehr. Things start off weird when Reza asks his dad if he’s seeing someone- which he responds by saying “I was seeing someone but just for sex.” Ew…Reza doesn’t want to know that much information (neither do we) Reza tells his dad that Farahan men seem to be hoes…his dad agrees. Reza asks who will be there for the holiday dinner- his dad has no idea what holiday it is. Reza reminds him its Rosh Hashanah. Reza asks if his grandma will be there and his dad says he doesn’t know, that she’s over ninety now.

Reza says he knows nothing about his grandparents. Reza’s dad says that his father was a rich man and that he hates both of his parents because they ruined his life. He proceeds to tell Reza that here was a rumor about his mom (Reza’s grandma), which drove his grandparents to divorce. They don’t know exactly what the rumor was, just that it caused a lot of problems. Reza’s dad explains that with the divorce he was separated from his mom because she left when he was 8- something that in that time period and culture was very difficult to do. It was very sad and Reza’s dad says he has never talked about it with his mom. Reza thinks that maybe because of all that she had to go through is the reason for the way she is now. Reza asks Manoochehr if he has forgiven his mom, he says “if nothing else, I feel sorry for her.” He tells Reza that its in the past and not to worry about him. Reza begins to cry and his dad asks is he ever forgave him for leaving the house. Reza said yes that he had to forgive him in order to move forward with his life. Manoochehr says that its upsetting him so they should probably change the subject. Reza says it doesn’t upset him, it just makes him sad because he obviously never wanted him to leave the house. Reza re-iterates that he has forgiven him, because otherwise he wouldn’t be able to move on with his life and that he loves him. Reza says it was really hard to hear from his dad that he thinks Reza has not forgiven him. Reza tells his dad he loves him and Reza’s dad says he loves him too and that he is the only thing he has in this world.

Reza says this conversation has shifted his view on his grandmother. (Sidebar: isn’t this a little radical of a change? They demonized her so much last season (which I didn’t buy)- it was also weird since they never showed her talking to anyone…maybe the family complained?)

Go Carting Persian Style

There’s not much to do in Long Island, so the crew decides to go go-carting. Reza says that the track is circular so MJ can’t get them lost. MJ is driving and checking her phone at the same time- not a good idea! The crew really gets into the spirit of things but surprisingly MJ ends up winning the race! Seems like a lot of fun!

Mandatory Lilly Scene

(Photo from bravotv.com)

(Photo from bravotv.com)

Wow! I almost forgot she was on the show for a minute. Lilly is waiting for her glam squad to arrive wearing a sheer robe…Her glam squad arrives to help prep her for a blind date! (I want a glam squad!) Her best friend set her up. She is very nervous because she hasn’t been on a date in a very long time and things are still very convoluted with her and Ali. Her make-up artist says that he wants coco to have babies and Lilly responds by saying she doesn’t want Coco to get raped. Her make-up artist then clarifies for her that if its consensual it’s not rape. Yes this stupid conversation happened.

Lilly goes on a date with a cute guy named Hadi, whom is a personal injury lawyer. Things start off well until Lilly starts to talk about her ex. Patti Stanger needs to teach her a few NO NO NOs of dating! Hadi is obviously turned off by all the ex talk. I don’t think that there will be a second date…

Rosh Hashanah

The crew congregates in Reza’s room for breakfast. Asa says that MJ and her slept holding hands all night. Reza was like really? Asa says: “No not really, but we could have.” Mike says its his favorite holiday and that they should all get gifts. Reza asks everyone to scoot in and starts to fill them in about his grandmother and the “rumor” that ruined her life. Reza says that he needs to get over what his grandmother did to him and his mother and find compassion for her. MJ explains that Reza’s grandmother divorced hen she was in her 20s, that she went from being a princess to hiding for the rest of her life. Yikes!

(Photo from bravotv.com)

(Photo from bravotv.com)

And were off to Reza’s uncle’s house with a delish food spread! The crew arrives bearing gifts (and looking way too overdressed for the occasion- Asa is wearing a gown…) Everyone greets each other, introductions are made. Reza goes to the kitchen to greet his grandmother and they kiss and she tells hin “I die for you.” MJ. Mike and Asa are standing in the kitchen with them – she was a firecracker. Reza is surprised! They all toast and things are going great so far! They all sit down for dinner, prayer and it looks delish!!! Reza was super happy.

ONLY 2 MORE EPISODES LEFT! This time there will be a reunion! I wonder why Reza and MJ are no longer speaking to each other?? Until next time!


“Mob Wives” By Detox

Welcome back to “Mob Wives”!

This was a pretty tame episode, all things considering. Maybe things are calming down a bit on Staten Island.

Renee Freaks Out Over Junior’s Letter

If you guys will recall, last week, Renee received what she deemed to be a “threatening” letter from Junior. She was so freaked out by the letter that she rapidly left her home after being unable to reach Big Ang, Karen, Drita or Ramona, despite her frantic phone calls to them after she read the letter (and poured herself a big glass of wine and lit up a cigarette). Ramona was the first person to return her call, and the call came while Renee was backing out of her driveway. This is exactly where we begin again this week.

It turns out that Ramona was at the hair salon getting her hair done when Renee called her. She is still there. She interviews that she was at the salon when she finally got a chance to listen to Renee’s voicemail message and call her back. When she called Renee back, Renee simply said that she was going to meet Ramona wherever she was because she needed someone to talk to. So, now, Renee is on her way to Ramona’s salon to meet her.

Renee meets Ramona at the salon and immediately tells Ramona that Junior sent her a letter. Renee interviews that she does not understand how Junior has the “BALLS, after all this time…to send me this letter!”

Renee and Ramona walk out of the salon, and Renee reads Junior’s letter out loud to Ramona. In the letter, Junior basically warns Renee to refrain from trying to turn his son (A.J.) against him. He also tells Renee that he did not really do anything to her and did not “take it any further” with her Mom & Dad (Ummm….HUH??!! I am obviously missing something here. Either Renee is not telling the whole story, or Junior is without a conscience, and he REALLY thinks he did NOTHING wrong by wearing a wire and serving as a Government Informant in order to assist the Government in putting Renee’s father and other friends and family members in jail. I don’t get it.). Renee interviews that Junior’s words in the letter have her feeling scared for her life!

Ramona interviews and wonders aloud how Junior was able to send a threatening letter to Renee from a jail cell when the jail staff reads every single piece of mail to and from the inmates. She say it makes her wonder where Junior really IS (Me too! I DO recall an interview with Renee that took place a few months ago, where she mentioned that Junior got “kicked out” of the Witness Protection Program. Maybe he sent the letter once he got kicked out. How was he not in jail, though? Upon further reflection, maybe he sent the letter BEFORE he got kicked out, because he was able to freely send and receive mail due to the fact that his “deal” as a Government Informant kept him out of jail. Who knows? I love the Mob Wives, but their reality is so far from mine, that I am truly clueless about how some things work in their lifestyle.).

Renee interviews that Junior is “scary” because of his past. She says that, in the past, when somebody needed to be “handled,” Junior was the person that “was called” (So, I guess Junior served as some type of “enforcer” associate of Renee’s father’s mob family). She explains that this is why she is so fearful (I know you are a Drama Queen with a tendency to blow things out of proportion, but in this case, I don’t blame you, Renee).

Renee tells Ramona that she is afraid Junior is no longer in the Witness Protection Program. She interviews that she does not know WHERE Junior is “or what the f*ck is going on!!” She then tells Ramona that she fears for her life.

Ramona advises Renee to talk to “someone” about Junior’s threatening letter, but Renee says that she does not want to do this because she is “not a rat!” Renee interviews that she does not know to whom she should talk about Junior’s letter and her fears regarding it. She says that “in the old days,” she would have called her father (but he is now in prison) or Junior (who is now the source of the threat and fear she now feels). So, she is at a loss.

Karen And Love Walk Down Memory Lane

Love is at her house visiting with her Mom, Lorraine. She interviews that she and her Mom lived in “the projects” when she was younger. However, when Love’s best friend there got pregnant at the age of 14, Love’s Mom immediately said, “That’s IT! I’m getting you out of here, and I am going to move us to a ‘nice Italian neighborhood!’” Love says that this is when she met Karen and Ramona. It is also when she began to date guys in “the ‘lifestyle’” (So, I guess, despite Love’s Mom’s efforts, Love’s destiny somehow still involved “bad boys” and “drama” – even though she moved her to a “nice Italian neighborhood.” She did not get pregnant, though. So, there’s that….).

Karen arrives to join Love and her Mom for the visit. She interviews that seeing Love and her mother brings back old memories of her years growing up and years as a teenager on Staten Island (because Love and her mother were a part of those memories).

Love interviews that she was “SOOOO bad” as a kid that her Mother called her “the Devil’s Spawn” (I’m really liking Love even though I just met her, but I MUST keep it real: She seems “bad” as an ADULT!! So, what has changed? Maybe the fact that she is not in jail is a sign that there is a “limit” to her “bad-ness,” and this is the improvement of which she implies. *Shrug*). As evidence of her being an incorrigible kid, Love remarks upon the fact that she “broke 14 noses in 1 Summer!” (Gee, I took swimming lessons and baked cookies with my Grannies during my Summers). She says she was “a TERROR!”

Karen and Love reminisce over the wild times they had growing up together. Love tells Karen that growing up in Staten Island made them act so much older and grow up so much faster. She interviews that 14-year-olds in Staten Island often act like “women in their 20’s.” She then segues into a brief discussion of the possibility of her having a child (and teenager) of her OWN one day. She says that she wants a baby “eventually,” but she wants to have a baby with “the RIGHT guy” (Wise decision! I wanted that too at one point. A couple of “right” guys did come along….at the WRONG time – for me or for them – unfortunately. I hope Love gets her wish. If not, I hope she is at peace with that and still finds a way to be content and have a happy life. God has a plan for all of us – even for good ol’ Love Majewski). Love then says that she wonders who will WANT to have a baby with her after she tells them about her rocky relationship history. She basically says, “I mean, after I tell them about how I stabbed this ex-boyfriend; poisoned this ex-fiancée, etc., etc., who is going to want to take the chance?” (My Answer: 90 – 95% of men who are horny and “thinking” with their “little head”. *Shrug*).

Love’s mother tells Love that she is positive that Love will make a wonderful mother one day. She just has “to find the RIGHT guy” (For some STRANGE reason, I feel like Love would make a great Mom also. I think having a child would have a calming effect on Love. I also have the feeling that, despite her TOUGH outer shell, she’s a softie when it comes to her friends, family and children. Don’t ask me why I feel this way. I just DO).

Trash Talk At The Car Wash

Carla and Big Ang meet to get their respective vehicles washed at a local car wash. Big Ang asks Carla how things are going with her soon-to-be-ex-husband (Based on the previews for the NEXT episode, it looks like Carla and Joe are NOT yet divorced. So, despite the fact that I was unsure and called him her “ex-husband” in last week’s blog, in THIS week’s blog, he will be referred to as her “soon-to-be-ex”-husband), Joe. Carla says things are o.k.

Carla then tells Big Ang that Joe has decided to move in with his girlfriend, Raquel. Big Ang asks Carla if this news upsets her (YES!!!). She basically tells Big Ang that it does NOT bother her (Liar!). However, she interviews that it bothers her that Raquel is playing “the Mother role” with her kids so quickly (I do not have any children, and I do not like Carla….but I can still feel for her and relate to her in this regard – up to a certain POINT!).

Big Ang then changes the subject and tells Carla about the “Botox Bash” and says that Carla “missed a good time!” Carla apologizes for missing the get-together, but she explains that she would have felt too uncomfortable attending (I totally get it!) because the main guests were “Renee’s ‘clique’!” She says that those “girls DON’T like me!” (They really DON’T! She’s definitely right about that one). Carla interviews that she does not KNOW Love or have a problem with her.

Carla continues explaining her discomfort and past difficulties with Renee and members of Renee’s “clique” and tells Big Ang that she is probably going to have to end up having “a sit-down with LOVE, too!!” (My crystal ball sees that in your future too, Carla!). Carla then goes on to bash Renee by discussing how “unstable” Renee is and how many of Renee’s friendships and relationships are “LOVE one minute, HATE the next!!” Big Ang interviews that Renee has been going through a rough time, and they need to be there to support Renee in her time of need (not kick her when she is down). Carla says that she has had “enough” of Renee (You’ve said that a million times already Carla. If you’d truly had “enough,” you would be keeping Renee’s name out of your mouth at this point!).

Karen Takes The First Step In Building Her Empire

Karen meets with a financial planner. She interviews that, now that things are becoming more stable and much better for her financially, she wants to get her finances in order so that she can “grow” her money and ensure that both her and her daughter are financially secure.

The financial planner asks Karen what her goals are. Karen responds that she wants to build “an empire” (That’s not vague at all, Karen!!). The financial planner then asks Karen if she has any experience with investing. Karen honestly says that she has no experience with investing because, in the kind of lifestyle in which she grew up, “Everything was CASH, CASH, CASH!” She interviews that, in “the ‘(Italian Mob) lifestyle’), there “was NO investing and no REAL saving.” She says they basically “saved” their money “in a wall.” She also says that they did not pay attention to credit because they did not really use credit cards in their lifestyle because they did not want to have a “paper trail” of their expenses on record (Like she said…everything was CASH, CASH, CASH. I can totally see this. And I get it). She says that her father DID give her a good work ethic and the spirit of a “hustler,” though (Those are 2 good things, especially if the “hustle” is used in a LEGAL way).

Finally, the financial planner asks Karen about her assets. Karen tells her that she has an apartment on Staten Island that she is renting, but she does OWN her own home in Arizona. When the planner inquires about this home and whether she is deriving rental income from it while she lives in Staten Island, Karen says she is NOT. She explains that she is letting her daughter’s father live there rent-free because he got out of prison a couple of years ago, and he was basically starting over and getting back on his feet. Karen interviews that she and Dave decided this past Summer that they were not going to get back together romantically, but they are still going to remain friends and co-parents to their daughter, Karina. She then says that because she and Dave have a child together and have known each other for so many years, she did not want him to feel like she was not willing to help him get on his feet. She also did not want him to feel like she was abandoning him in his time of need. This is why, even though he has been doing much better and o.k. financially over the past couple of years, she has been allowing him to live RENT-FREE in her Arizona home. The financial planner bluntly tells Karen that it is HER house, and she “needs to make money off of it!” (In short, the financial planner things that Dave, or SOMEBODY, should be paying rent to Karen for the use of her Arizona home. I agree.).

Catching Up At The Clothing Store

Ramona and Big Ang are at a clothing store shopping. Big Ang asks Ramona about her boyfriend Joe’s “case.” Ramona interviews that waiting for a court date has been a nightmare. She tells this to Ang. Big Ang interviews that she understands what Ramona is saying because her uncle, Sally “Dogs,” was “kept on Riker’s Island for 5 years before they even SENTENCED him!!”

Ramona changes the subject and asks Big Ang if she heard about the letter Junior wrote to Renee. Big Ang says she has heard about it, and she does not trust Junior. She also says that she thinks Junior is “psychotic!” She interviews that Junior has been manipulating Renee for 20 years, and he is STILL trying to do it.

Big Ang tells Ramona that Renee needs to go to her lawyer (or Junior’s lawyer. I’m not quite sure) and show him/her the letter Junior wrote to her. Ramona says she agrees and advised Renee to do that, but Renee is refusing because she does not want to be “a rat” (I personally think Renee is being ridiculous in that regard. Junior ratted her father and other friends and family out. All bets are off. Renee needs to do something to protect herself. She no longer owes Junior ANY loyalty, especially not when he wants to play with her damned mailbox by writing her letters.).

You’re Only As Sick As Your Secrets

Renee interviews that she cannot get Junior’s letter out of her mind. She says that her anxiety over the letter is causing her addiction “to get out of control.” Because of this, she has decided to go to a support group for addicts so she can talk to people who can relate to her because they suffer with addiction themselves. She also says that Junior was “over-medicating” her after her surgery (I like you Renee, but I am not quite sure you can put THIS one on, Junior. Unless this is your FIRST time having a problem with addiction, and you just blindly took whatever Junior gave you without looking at your pill bottle, I think YOU might have to take responsibility for this one.). Renee speculates that Junior over-medicated her so that she would not really be aware of what was going on and so it would be easier for him to wear a wire and basically sell her father and other friends and family members down the river.

When Renee is at her support group meeting, and it is her turn to speak, she says she developed a problem with Xanax because she wanted to “just sleep and NOT feel.” She interviews that she does NOT self-medicate to get “HIGH.” Rather, she self-medicates in order to prevent herself from FEELING (She cries when she says this). She also interviews that, just when she starts to do better in her life, Junior always comes back around to bring her down (I do believe Junior and Renee have had an unhealthy dynamic and relationship “pattern” for SEVERAL years. I actually thought that during Season 1, though. I am sorry that Renee is hurting, but I am glad that Junior finally did something so egregious that she was forced to see the light and finally end her unhealthy relationship with him).

Renee then tells the group that she feels like her addiction has been an “embarrassment” to her family (I like Renee, but if she would open up her mind, she would be able to see that her family really would have NO right to judge her without judging her father and other family members for participating in and benefiting from the Mob. Let’s just keep it real: much mob activity involves breaking the law and engaging in unethical behavior. This is not necessarily something of which to be proud either). Renee tells the group that she feels like her addiction has also been a big “SECRET” in her family, and she interviews that she is “tired of secrets” (I am glad she is tired of being secretive because, as the saying goes, “A person is only as sick as their secrets.” Living a life of true transparency makes it hard to hide and engage in unhealthy and negative behavior, in my opinion).

Finally, Renee tells the group that she MUST save herself (I agree. Good luck, Renee).

Love & Drita Catch Up

Love and Drita meet at a bar for drinks. Love interviews that she wanted to meet up with Drita to catch up with her. She says she wanted to do this at the Botox Bash,” but she was unable to do so because Drita could not make it. Drita interviews that she met Love when she was a kid, but she does not think Love remembers. She says that Love was older than her, and Love hung out with a group of “older, ‘cool’ girls.”

Once they are seated and settled at the bar, Drita tells Love about the makeup store she is opening. They then question each other about how long they have each known Big Ang. Love tells Drita that she knew Big Ang “before everybody else.” Drita says that she knew Big Ang before she knew anybody else too.

Drita then asks Love if she has “beef” (a problem) with Carla. Love responds, “No, but she apparently trashes ME all over town.” Drita tells Love that Carla has never talked about Love to her. Love tells Drita she has no problem with Carla, but if Carla wants to start with her, she will “take the bar and bash her fuckin’ head wit’ it!!”

Love then tells Drita that Carla was dating Love’s ex-boyfriend at the same time Love was. Drita’s eyes widen when Love says this. Love then says that this guy was “a psycho” who stalked her. Drita tells Love that Carla needs to know this (Why? It is not like Carla has a habit of believing her friends when they tell her something negative about a guy she’s dating. Carla, instead, thinks that her friend is “lying” and only saying this because she is “jealous!” I mean, “HELLO!” – when Renee and Karen, and even Drita in her own subtler way, told Carla in Season 1 that her boyfriend had a problem feeling up her friends, she immediately dismissed it and got angry with Renee over it. If I were Love, or anybody ELSE, I would not tell Carla jack sh*t about any of her boyfriends – because she is one of those women who will REFUSE to believe it and who will then KILL “the messenger.” JMHO.).

Love tells Drita she has no problem telling Carla this, but Carla “better have her attitude right.” She interviews that she will REALLY put Carla in the hospital if Carla gets ugly with her. She says, “Carla don’t KNOW me! I WILL put her in I.C.U.!” Drita interviews that she is “sittin’ this one out and stayin’ out of it!!” (Good plan, Drita!).

Love then tells Drita that she will tell Carla, but Carla has a habit of getting “lippy” with people. She lets Drita know, in no uncertain terms, that she will not act like Renee and Karen do when Carla gets “lippy” with them. She basically implies that the consequences for Carla will be much more dire if Carla gets “lippy” with her the way she has with Renee and Karen in the past (She says, “I AIN’T Karen, and I AIN’T Renee!!”).

Beach Bombshell

Karen and Karina are enjoying a day at the beach. As per Karen’s request, Karina is attempting — without much success — to show Karen some of her best volleyball moves. Karen interviews that Karina is in from Arizona visiting for a while. She says that she is “extremely proud” of Karina because she is a good athlete and a good student. She notes that she does NOT want Karina to go down the same path she did.

Karen then changes the subject in her interview and says that, ever since she met with the financial planner, she is “confused” about what to do with her Arizona home. She says that she has tried calling Dave to discuss the situation with him, but he has not been taking her calls or calling her back. She says that this is out of character for Dave, and it makes her wonder what is going on with him.

When Karina and Karen are taking a break from playing volleyball, they sit around and just talk on the beach. Karen mentions the fact that Dave has not been answering or returning her calls recently. Karina gets a look on her face and tells Karen that she thinks she knows why her father may be doing this. When Karen asks Karina why, Karina first asks her Mom not to “bust a cap or anything” when she tells her. Karen promises not to do this (whatever THAT is. I’m assuming that “bust a cap” means “go ballistic”). Karina then tells Karen that Dave may not be answering his phone or returning Karen’s calls because he has a girlfriend. Karen initially looks surprised. She then starts questioning and subtly interrogating Karina about this new information. Karina basically tells Karen that Dave and this girlfriend are “always together,” so it “might be serious.”

Karen interviews that she is angry that her 13-year-old daughter has to be the one to tell her about this girlfriend instead of Dave. She says she wanted to “go postal” when Karina was telling her about this new girlfriend, but, for the sake of her daughter, she did her best to “hold everything together.”

Karen continues questioning Karina, and she asks her if she has ever spent any time alone with this girlfriend. Karina basically says, “Not really,” but she notes that this woman “did pick me up one time.” She confirms to Karen that the woman was alone when she picked Karina up. Karen expresses her displeasure over this.

Karen then asks Karina if the woman stays overnight at her house. Karina says that she is not sure because she spends most of her time at her grandmother’s (Karen’s mother’s) house. She notes, however, that she DID happen to find a G-string “on the counter in my bedroom” once when she was visiting her Dad. Karen’s eyes widen when Karina says this, but she still remains outwardly calm. She then tells Karina, “That is MY house. You tell me EVERYTHING that goes on in MY house.” She interviews that she feels “disrespected” by Dave now that she has heard this information.

Let It Burn

Renee is at her house, and it looks like she is in the midst of packing to move. She also looks like she has taken a break to go through all pictures of her and Junior and to cut Junior out of all of these snapshots. Renee interviews that she was luckily able to find a new house. So, she is packing up to move immediately! She says that she is NOT bringing any of Junior’s stuff to her new home.

Ramona arrives to check on Renee. She interviews that she is keeping an eye on Renee because would NEVER let Renee crumble (“Not on my watch!”).

When Ramona arrives, Renee shows her some things of Junior’s that she found while organizing things for her move, including the watch she gave Junior for Christmas. Junior destroyed the watch before he left. The watch is a big deal because Junior could not wear it because the wire he was wearing for the Government was in another watch he wore all the time.

Renee then shows Ramona the slashed pictures (of her and Junior) before Ramona grabs a pair of scissors and starts helping Renee “wash that man right outta her hair” (or pictures, at least). Renee interviews that she CANNOT let Junior break her. She says, “Enough is enough! F*ck you! Drop dead!” (Atta Girl, Renee! Junior is NOT worth it. Move on to bigger and better!).

Once Renee and Ramona are finished with their slicing and dicing of the Junior pix, they drag all of the Junior pic remnants outside to a trash can where Renee lights a huge fire before she and Ramona stand around the trash can and just, in the words of that Usher song….“Let it Burn!” (By the way, speaking from experience, burning old pictures of a sociopathic, dysfunctional and nasty ex- is truly liberating. I have only had to do it once, but it was truly WORTH it). Renee interviews that Junior has been “a dark cloud” over her life “for the past 23 years!” She says that she has her son, “and that’s all I f*ckin’ need!”

It’s Moving Day!

Renee is in the middle of her house, which is filled with boxes. There is a moving truck outside. Renee, A.J., Karen and Renee’s friend, Nicole, all get to work loading everything up into the truck so Renee can make her move. Renee interviews that she is excited to move out of this house because leaving it behind is like lifting “a huge weight off my shoulders.” She says this move is extremely important to her. It represents the closing of a chapter in her life. Her attitude is, “DONE!!….NEXT!!!….” She says she is ready to start fresh, go forward and enjoy her life.

Once they enter her new home, Karen and Nicole tell Renee how much they like her new place. Renee agrees with them and says she thinks her new place is “perfect!”

Getting Ready To Visit Lee

Drita and her daughter Aleeyah are in Drita’s living room looking at outfits. Drita interviews that she and her girls are going to visit Lee in 2 days. She says that she has to tell Aleeyah what to expect before they go. Drita goes through the outfits Aleeyah has picked for the visit very carefully. She discusses the many prison rules and regulations regarding acceptable and unacceptable clothing for the visitors to Aleeyah. As she is doing this, she puts Aleeyah’s chosen outfits into “Acceptable” and “Unacceptable” piles. Drita tries to make Aleeyah understand the importance of going by the rules because of a past incident where she waited with a 4-year-old Aleeyah for 4 hours to see Lee. She tells Aleeyah that right before they could go in to visit Lee, a guard informed her that they would not be able to see him because Aleeyah was wearing a hoodie, which was NOT on the acceptable clothing list. Drita explains that it did not even matter that Aleeyah was only 4 years old. Aleeyah’s hoodie prevented them from visiting Lee, and they waited 4 hours for nothing.

Aleeyah asks Drita if she can hug and kiss Lee when she sees him. Drita says that she absolutely can and if anybody has a problem with that, they will have a serious problem with DRITA. Aleeyah says, “I love Daddy.” She then starts to cry. She brightens up when Drita tells her, “He’s coming home. There’s nothing to cry about.”

Aleeyah asks Drita if she is nervous about Lee coming home. Drita honestly says, “Yes.” Aleeyah then asks Drita if she still loves Lee. Again, Drita answers honestly and says, “I do.” Drita interviews that “Aleeyah wants her family back together.”

Your House Ain’t No Hotel, Motel 6!

Karen and Ramona are at a car wash getting their vehicles cleaned and chatting while they wait (Umm…what is up with this car wash? It looks like the same car wash Carla and Big Ang were at earlier in the episode. The Producers must know the owners of this place or something. This is the 2nd scene at the damned car wash.). Karen tells Ramona that she has been trying to get a hold of Dave, with no success. She explains how he has not been returning her calls and “acting weird.”

Karen then tells Ramona that Karina told her that Dave has a girlfriend. This seems to really get Ramona’s attention. She asks Karen how long Dave has had this girlfriend. Karen says she does not know but speculates that it has to have been going on for a while because the woman has even driven by herself to pick Karina up before (Why does this necessarily mean that this woman has been Dave’s girlfriend for a long time? Dave could let any piece of tail pick up his daughter for all we know. Maybe Karen knows different, though.). Ramona instantly gets upset and raises her voice at this. She says she does not like the fact that some unknown woman is picking up Karina.

Karen tells Ramona that she is trying to remain calm about the situation. She then tells Ramona that Karina told her that the woman left her G-String in Karina’s room. At this point, Ramona looks like her eyes are going to pop out of her head, and her voice gets even louder. She tells Karen, “Your house ain’t no Hotel, Motel 6!! It is the Ritz-Carlton of Arizona, and if Dave and his little girlfriend want to have sex like they are in a hotel, then you need to service them with a BILL like they are in a hotel!!” (I totally see Ramona’s point).

Karen interviews that throughout her entire relationship with Dave, even when they have not been together romantically, they always had a level of trust and respect between the two of them. She now feels like that trust has been broken, and she feels like Dave has disrespected her. She notes that it is “so unlike Dave” to NOT tell her about this woman and to, instead, let their 13-year-old daughter be the one to break the news. She speculates that Dave may have done it this way to get a reaction out of her (I totally disagree. In my experience, the majority of men are very simple and basic. They are either “into” you or NOT. And they make it VERY clear. They do not get into all of the head games and manipulations that women can sometimes get themselves into. I think Dave has moved on from Karen and is really into this new woman. He’s so busy being “boo-ed up” and in love that he is not even THINKING about Karen…..AT ALL. JMHO. Karen needs a rent check….like yesterday. I think Karen needed rent from Dave BEFORE he even got a girlfriend, though. He’s been out of prison for 2 years now, and according to both her and Dave, has had a good job for a while now. He should have been paying at least SOME rent regardless of whether or not he has a girlfriend. He is employed and out of prison. If there were no Karen, he would be paying rent somewhere else….or he would be living off of another woman. Let some OTHER woman handle that if that is what he chooses. That is no longer Karen’s problem or her place.).

Karen tells Ramona about her conflicting feelings. She says part of her feels like flying out to Arizona to talk to Dave face-to-face about just what the hell is going on. Another part of her feels like she should call and talk to him first before she flies out there. Ramona immediately tells her that there should be NO talking beforehand. She reminds Karen that it is HER house, and she advises Karen to fly out there without calling beforehand; to walk into HER house; and to discuss the situation and settle some things with Dave with regard to the house and this girlfriend ASAP!! (I’m with Ramona. Before Dave even knew what hit him, I’d be in my house washing sheets; re-arranging furniture; throwing out some plants and adding new ones; cooking with the music blaring; and I’d be settled down with a nice gourmet dinner and a glass of wine as he and his new woman walked back up into my house [Surprise!! Hey, how are you guys doin? By the way, I’m Karen…the OWNER of this house. I hope you guys were not planning on taking a nap because I’ve got every single bed sheet and pillowcase and mattress pad in this b*tch WASHING!! I might take a nap later on MY OWN sheets that I brought with me from Staten Island, though. *Sh*t Eating Grin As I Politely Say All of This*]).

They Tried To Make Me Go To Rehab. And I Said, “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

Renee is at her new house all settled in, and she asks A.J. to sit down and have “a family chat” with her. She tells A.J. she needs to seek help for her “self-medicating,” and she has decided to go to rehab to get that help. She then says she is leaving for rehab “in a few days.”

A.J. tells Renee that she “should have never done it from the beginning.” He says that doing drugs is NOT a disease. It is a CHOICE. He then says, “This is b*llsh*t!” Renee interviews that she wants to show A.J. that she can beat this.

Renee tells A.J. that the rehab facility to which she is going is located in Florida. She interviews that, because A.J. is 18, she thinks he will be o.k. staying home alone while she is gone (What about the people who were allegedly watching your house, Renee? I hope you’ve got people scheduled to check up on A.J. periodically while you are away).

A.J. seems to change his unsupportive and judgmental attitude a bit when he tells Renee that he has “full confidence” in her. Renee asks him if he is “embarrassed” that she is going to rehab. He says that NOTHING can embarrass him at this point (After everything he has been through, I believe him. I think he just made one of the understatements of the year.). Renee interviews that she wants A.J. to be able to hold his head high, with his shoulders back, before he says, “THAT’s MY Mother!” She wants him to say it with pride.

The scene ends with A.J. telling Renee that he is on her side (A.J. is so unemotional, nonchalant and deadpan. He definitely did NOT inherit the disposition of Drama Queen Renee. He is either like Junior or other members of Renee’s family).

Drita Is A Bundle Of Nerves

Drita and her daughters arrive at Carla’s house for a visit. Drita tells Carla to ask her younger daughter, Giselle, where they are going to visit? Carla does so. Giselle shyly responds, “Daddy.”

Once the kids go upstairs to play, Drita and Carla sit in Carla’s kitchen and chat. Drita tells Carla she is nervous about her upcoming visit with Lee. She says it is either going to be “unbelievable or horrible – NO in between.” She interviews that the reality that Lee is going to be home soon is just now settling in with her.

Carla tells Drita that she thinks it is going to be emotional for the both of them. She tells Drita that Lee is probably going to try to get back together with Drita. She then says that Joe tried that with her, “but it didn’t work.” She claims that it didn’t work because she “didn’t have that attraction anymore.” She also says that “the closeness went away.” She interviews that maybe Drita and Lee can be a family again. She says she thinks it is possible because Drita still has “those feelings” for Lee, unlike the situation with her and Joe.

Drita then reminds Carla that Lee went back to prison a 2nd time because he could not abide by his rules. She does not say much after she says this, but the implication is that she is wondering whether Lee will be able to stay on the straight and narrow for the rest of his life and avoid being locked up again. She interviews that when it comes to her and Lee, “It’s not about what is best for ME. It’s about what is best for my FAMILY.” (This is very wise, especially considering Lee’s history. I think Drita’s fear about Lee being unable to live a totally clean and legal life and stay out of jail is a totally legitimate fear).

Next Week:

Karen screams at Dave over the phone, and he calmly says, “Life goes on, Karen.”

Joe meets with a divorce attorney. He says, “I want a divorce! I want a divorce! I want a divorce!” (Yes, he said it 3 times. I wonder if he wants a divorce. Hmmm….). The attorney asks, “O.K. I know YOU want a divorce, but what about your wife?”

Drita and her daughters visit Lee in prison.

Renee goes to rehab. During the intake process, she lists all of the substances with which she has had issues in the past and present, including alcohol.


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  1. BB says:

    Good morning! Am I first?

    • Yes – but looks like Diva will take the prize off your hands if you want 🙂 I enjoyed PR. I think the team thing might actually work.

      • L.A. Chica says:

        Really? So it’s not all cutthroat backstabbing bitchery? Because if it is, they’ve lost me as a viewer this season. I hate that.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Howdy!! I’ll send you his dentures!! I think you might be getting him in parts! Mardrag has him bubble wrapped, I’ll send the dentures in a hermetically sealed for your protection envelope. It will have a seal around it like the toilets at the Holiday Inn and their hermetically sealed toilets.

  2. Powell says:

    Good morning. It’s Friday. TGIF. Lots to read NMD. It’s still cold but not as cold as yesterday. I hope you all stay warm & have a great day.

    I will accept my prize C.O.D, have a mudfest that I would love to bring him to…hhahahahahaha still wrapped in his bubble wrap of course….oh..the fun we will be having with my prize..
    back later with THE SONG.. not sure which direction to head today…bbzzzzzz

    hugs and peace

  4. HuskerHuny says:

    Just a quick comment on Project Runway. When the designers design in all black or other dark fabrics, I really have trouble seeing the details of the design on my TV. I have a 55 inch hi-def TV. The lighting on the runway just isn’t sufficient enough to show the details on dark fabric. Looking at the picture of the winning design just now, I could see why it won. Just wish I could see it on screen. Anyone else have this issue?

    • BB says:

      I do. Sometimes I’ll think one way about a design when it’s “walking” on the runway, but when they bring it back and talk about it, I’ll change my mind.

    • Powell says:

      HuskerHuny oh sugar. I forgot it was coming on & I told BB I was going to watch this season. I’ll have to catch the rerun.

    • princesspindy says:

      My biggest complaint about this show has always been that I want to see the finished product for longer than the few seconds that it is on the runway. I really want to be able to inspect it!!!

      • trudie says:

        If you go to Lifetime’s website you can see the designs from different angles.

        • Called A Princess... says:

          Most of the season judges have stated that they have a hard time with black because the details get lost. Nina tends to shade her eyes with her judging cards, the runway lighting is so bad.

  5. pat says:

    Good a.m. all,
    Very funny of Andy Cohen and Carole to call out the JZ “leaks” …She just never, ever, quits. She will forever be stalking bravo and Bethenny. She is Bethenny’s Leann. At least B doesn’t engage back. And Brandi promises to never talk about LR again, after she’s done promoting her book.

    • Contessa says:

      JZ as Bethenny’s Leann – LMAO!!!! Best line of the morning!

    • Cartwheels says:

      LOL, you nailed it, poor Jill, she thinks she is so clever.
      I bet she is salivating that she will be called back. I doubt Andy would do that but like I said with Bravo, expect the unexpected.

    • T-Rex says:

      Loved that Andy and Carole tweeted this, and since we all know THELUNATIC reads here when her name is mentioned, just an FYI, those “folks” you run to and tell stories about as a “source” also in turn call Bravo for their response, and you know whata LUNATIC those folks would love to have a job with Bravo or be a part of Andy’s staff so guess what they will sell your ass out everytime as the un-named source, you are pathetic.

  6. Contessa says:

    I hope they keep the NY housewives, and drop aviva – she is cray cray big time. I think if they bring anyone back it should be Alex, as I have always liked her. JZ is her own worst enemy

    • Pghemtchick says:

      You know, I agree. Funny how Manhattan Moms turned Rhony has turned back into a kid show. I think Heather, Alex, and Carole would fit with the vets. I worry about Simon, but ( it’s a huge like baby’s got back but) I’d rather see Simon over George the old perv anyday.

    • shamrockblonde says:

      ooohh – I like that – it would toast Jill’s toast…… oh to be a fly on the wall when Jill found out…..

  7. Just Wondering in Jersey says:

    I’m really surprised there has been no mention of a comment from JZ with regard to Bethenny and Jason’s divorce. I’m really curious about that since she sticks her nose into everything else.

    • chismosa says:

      This + Simon’s bravo ratings thing not working (which i had wanted to check out to see how ratings were for Stinker & other shows,…. darn!) + Aviva saying the other day about the jailed drug offenders being akin to slavery====== something amiss in the NY casting world.
      Plus yuck why would they want to start filming at this time, i know there’s fashion week, but it’s so frigid cold and bare and terrible here at this time. My fond memories of NY is when summer is shown!

    • I Need A Life! says:

      I read a twitter response from JZ about the divorce. She said, “…it is sad.”

      • Yup she couldn’t resist commenting. If Aviva goes then who would get to win George for being first to comment? Maybe we can offer up Mor-Icky-O as the prize?
        I admit I enjoyed watching NY in the summer months when they would go to the Hamptons and have stupid tennis challenges. Remember JZ bringing Simon as her partner. LMBO that was funny, poor Ramona almost had a melt down. She rose above it and she and Mario played a good game. She refused to let the FabricQueen bait her.
        Now look who’s on top and who’s trying so hard to be relevant!
        I forgot Shah’s was on last night and I wouldn’t turn bravo on when MM is on thursday nights. I caught up on Once Upon A Time and beginning of Revenge. Ana thanks for the Shah’s blog that was nice to read.
        My US weekly came in the mail so I read the Faux Fight between Brandi and Adreinne. I think some people have way toooo much time on their hands to spend fighting about things that should have made them NOT choose to be on a reality show where the details could be found out. Skeletons have their ways of getting out of closets.
        Even adopted kids know information about their births so why keep Surrogacy such a secret?

  8. Boobah says:

    Good morning all! Thank you NMD, BB, Ana, and Detox for yet another great blog! Happt Friday – woohoo!!!

    I think maybe Bulldog should step away from twitter and just focus on himself. Or maybe this stuff provides him with the distraction he needs as he contends with his medical issue? I don’t have any idea who he is, but I’m sorry he has to deal with this. I just think the toxcity of this HW situation on twitter isn’t the most helpful thing he can do for himself. I dunno, JMHO.

    • PJ says:

      He should either made good on his claims or step away. It’s kind of funny but I feel bad for the guy.

    • Pghemtchick says:

      And who are these “friends” calling him? Yeah should he know someone’s talking crap? Sure. Should the whole bwahahaha you’re dead anyways play into it? IMO no. How does that help his recovery? I’m a bit over it. Spill or chill already.

    • Rebecca says:

      Perfect description – the Real Toxic Housewives of New Jersey

  9. Good Morning! Happy Friday!

    Thanks for a great blog NMD, BB, Ana & Detox. Good stuff and great writing all!

    BB – I enjoyed Project Runway last night. There seems to be some good talent. But what the heck was Emily even doing there? From the outset, she seemed deeply in over her head. I know they choose a “variety” of designers, but she seemed the least equipped contestant on the show so far. Glad they didn’t keep her around for “drama” purposes. Hoping for a good season….and of course, looking forward to your recaps!! (Oh, and happy dance Tim Gunn is back!)

    Wishing everyone a lovely Friday that stretches into a fantastic weekend! 🙂

    New post, “Do You Believe In Magic?”, is up at my place + all the goodies. Enjoy!

  10. chismosa says:

    Good morning – i just wanted to write quickly in here that i hope i didn’t offend anyone when i wrote something yesterday about my parents being married just about (god-willing) 50 years and the ‘not really working’ / it all coming so easily—- at marriage thing. I for some reason thought it was Pierce Brosnan saying something, but i now think it was not him and am trying to find the actor i read the interview with. About the whole ‘it should not be that much work’
    I hope i didn’t offend anyone here who has been married and/or is married. I am not dumb enough to assume all marriage does come with effort and for lack of better word, work.

    I do like what someone else commented that growing up never seeing your parents fighting is not necessarily a healthy thing; just want to amend that yes, arguments are/were rampant in my house growing up as my parents work/ed together (!!!) every single day 6-7 days/a week at their own company for 9-10 hrs a day. Plus add to that the latin temperament and mediterranean flavor=== we lively,fun arguments.

    I just never meant to imply that all marriage has to be just down and out EASY. I do tend to romanticize my parents’ courtship, marriage, child-having, so ….. i apologize if anyone took it to mean i said if one has to work in a marriage it’s WRONG. Not at all what i meant and not true either 🙂

    That said, i am still TeamJason all the way. I was trying to say that Bethenny needs to understand what the type of man she is attracted to is and go for that. She wants hungry billion-$$ hedgefund type guys. That’s her ‘type’. Leopard can’t change its spots, etc… therapy didn’t work for her (though she started too late in her life IMO), etc.

    ok rant out…
    i’m excited, the Shahs are filming the reunion today. I wonder if they are filming here in frigid ny or in LA. Wonder if Andy will have his contacts in or not… hmmmm.
    Have a nice friday everyone!

    • thedesigndiva2 says:

      CHISMOSA.. I fully understood what you were talking about yesterday…it was thought provoking..and YES..our kids saw us argue… and they also saw us make up…it’s life..and to try and hide REAL LIFE EVENTS in relationships is not healthy…at least in my opinion…. mr ford and I were the neighborhood parents..shame that most of PITAS friends parents were divorced and hated each other…. hell, I dont even hate my ex husband..it would mean I have emotions for him…lol
      we are still friendly and he attends family events and even came to mr fords 50th bee day party I had for him…like Mom says..you divorce the spouse,, not the whole family
      well.still waiting for phone call from possible job.. maybe it will come today and I can start work Monday
      hope everyone has a GRAND FRIDAY… it’s B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. here today in fla. might go pull some weeds to keep my brain occupied…
      hugs and peace

      • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

        Hey chimosa-I got what you were saying.
        As far as Bethenny needing to understand “her type”-that can be said to Jason as well. He seems to have wanted a “homey” wife-but Bethenny never pretended to be that girl. I dont think she changed-and that the problem. I don’t think Jason ever liked Bethennys “type”-he likes a woman who is more like his mother. (that is such a weird thing too type) Maybe he thought she would be different when they got married but that would make him delusional. Bethenny didn’t hide her ambition or her discomfort with his parents wanting to be so close and in their business all the time.She never pretended she was going to be different but I think he wanted her to be. This divorce is necessary for both of them b/c neither one married the person the thought the other would become!!

        • chismosa says:

          See with me i look at it that i don’t KNOW Jason’s type because i don’t know his ex-girlfriends, he didn’t openly discuss that on camera nor via Beth on the show. I’ve said before, i think he liked her as a ‘challenge’ – and i think their senses of humor sort of went well together.

          I don’t think Jason is a stupid person to think he can ‘change’ someone after marrying her. I’ve said before, i think Jason is a very traditional, down-home, Catholic guy and wanted to properly marry his wife before the baby was born (though not in a church). Just my take on it. Just like i don’t think Beth would think she could ‘change’ him either. I don’t know if i buy the ‘thinking the other would change’ routine. But that’s just me, we all see it differently.

          I do (TOTALLY!!!) agree that men go for types like their ‘moms’- just like i think Bethenny wants a super successful psycho ambitious(i mean that in a good way, but like an OVERLY crazy billionaire ambitious type) perhaps-even-cold guy like her own father. Maybe a detached sort of guy, not a doting one— bc she got that from her father so she’ll be attracted to that, …. blah blah, Dr. Amador should have told her all this crap in like her 2nd session with him. But she was dumb to start therapy at 40 and i blame her. Enough with people fighting therapy. You CLEARLY have relationship problems, you are pregnant with a man’s baby you are thinking of marrying … but you go to therapy AFTER the marriage. Ok. whatever.

          I also personally don’t think his parents played as HUGE a role as we all think in the divorce; their marriage is THEIR marriage, there are tons of couples in my past generations of family where parents did not agree with who the child married and the marriages had to go on on their own because ultimately, that’s who you are with. You marry the person, not the family. Now, yes J is close to his parents – but i don’t see this ‘golden boy’ persona some here call him- ?? Why? Because he is close to his parents? He excelled in a sport from a small town? Those guys are like a dime a dozen in manhattan/ small town boys come to big city. Big woop. If anything he should have survivor guilt as surviving his brother and having to live up to a memory of a brother. I also personally don’t find him to be a mommy’s boy, my brother is one and i know many men who are- i don’t get that from Jason. He is close to both parents- there is just being close- and then there are mama’s boys. I get that he wanted to include his parents and i give a big –WHO CARES– to that, if B didn’t want to go to Penn. every weekend, fine, but he should have been able to take Bryn every other weekend if he wanted. That kid needs some grandparents.
          Bethenny if anything, should have been trying to learn how to raise her daughter in a full family UNLIKE what she herself was accustomed to. She just wanted to smother and have Bryn all to herself like she has had Cookie all these years to herself. JMHO.

          She’s a dumb woman who should have gone to a TOUGH therapist years ago when the deals with SG’s were just starting and she was ‘deciding’ to stick it out with Jason #2, as per the Patti Stinkface details. She loves loves LOVES to tell the world, the cameras, her fans, her ‘problems’ growing up and her ‘problems’ with men, but she doesn’t work to fix them? Her fault. I can’t pile up on Jason, i really can’t. We would have heard much stuff about him ages ago if in fact there was stuff. Jill for sure would have leaked something out to hurt Bethenny if anything.

          • L.A. Chica says:

            What’s that old song say? “I want a girl just like the girl that married dear old dad”

            I may be wrong but I think when people get married they have certain expectations, often unconsciously, about how the partners will interact based on the pattern set by their parents. It’s just the way we’re conditioned.

            • shamrockblonde says:

              there is an old poem called “Children Learn What they Live” – you can read it here –
              and they do – these two came from entirely different backgrounds and upbringings – it could have made them stronger,each taking a page out of the other’s book of life – Jason, stronger, Beth more accepting of other’s love, but instead of working for each other’s welfare and understanding that it would make a better life for Brynn, they both worried over their own egos instead, and now, Brynn suffers – my heart goes out to her –

            • designernailsdiana says:

              I did NOT want a marriage like the one my parents had, nor did I want to parent like they did with me.
              I’m happily married to my Soul Mate and we will hit the 8 yr mark on March 23rd. I have never been this happy or content with a man as I am with my hubby. He keeps the communication going both ways and we never go to bed mad. If we try neither of us gets any sleep.
              My youngest daughter overheard us having the second argument of our marriage a few weeks back. About 5 minutes after I left for work she texted me “Are you and Dad ok?” She didn’t like hearing us argue, but wanted reassurance that we were still together.
              I told her that we were fine and we just both had to vent and forgot that she was home.
              All 3 of my kids love my husband and are so happy we are together. Their own father has minimal contact with them and they are very happy about that. Long sad story about why we got divorced, but it is amazing that they even talk to him at all. They are more forgiving than I am. I have a great memory and will not forget what really happened.
              My husband says “A woman marries a man hoping he’ll change and he marries her hoping she’ll never change” .
              We can’t use our idea of what a husband/father should be and try to make him be that because he is made up of lots of experiences and will be the man he is meant to be.
              I’m thrilled to hear of couples married 30-40-50-60 years. I just wish we live long enough for us to celebrate those big numbers.

          • Powell says:

            I never thought Jason was a momma’s boy. I think he does have survivors guilt. That’s why he wanted his parents invited to everything, went home every weekend, wanted B to see his parents all the time. It’s like he wanted to make sure his parents were always there for every event, that they didn’t miss anything. I don’t think that his parents expected or requested that type of contact. It’s his way of being everything to his parents. I think therapy would’ve been helpful to him for the survivors guilt.

            • chismosa says:

              i agree Powell, and i don’t even know if i think he has DEFINITE survivor’s guilt. That is just some theory i pulled out of my pants. He was not super young when his brother died, but still yes i’m sure it was beyond devastating.

        • pat says:

          That was very well stated and I totally agree. Bethenny was very clear about who she was, from the get-go. They both just did not marry the correct match for their personalities.

          And she tried to help Jason with his career ambivolence, which seemed to be depressing him so much, causing unwarrented resentment towards her. She begged him to make a decision re whether or not he wanted to stick with his current line of work (which she was fine with) or really get on board with her business, because she needed to hire someone if he didn’t want to work for her. But he wouldn’t make a decision, and he said (on the show) he did not want to come on as an employee, he wanted to be her full partner. She was smart enough not to go for that, IMO. It wasn’t his vision, nor his pounding the pavement hard work, to just step in as full partner. What work he did for her was what many qualified employees could have done.

          • chismosa says:

            That’s interesting because I always got the impression she was putting down his old career. Kept telling him like “what are you going to do with your life” or something to that affect. Like what he did sucked. I never liked those exchanges.

            Pharma reps are nothing to scoff at! I wish I could make 1/10th of what some of them make. But like I said, I think deep down Beth’s attracted to financier-types who dabble in the billion$$$ range. She wants someone as “top” in his field as her dad was “top” in his field, her absent,cold, detached father. She always said she was in a competition to prove to her parents that she can make it without them but I think she wants someone as crazy ambitious as she and her dad is/was. ****again, ambition is not bad! But billionaire hedge funds beats out pharma reps To Bethenny’s attraction, I’m saying. 💔

            • PJ says:

              I think he was unhappy and she was trying to help him, she wasn’t putting down what he does.

            • VV says:

              She wanted him to go work for him so she could boss him around.
              We here are so forgiving when a HW says something on a Talking Head but when Jason said he wasn’t in life where he wanted to be, I bet that was in response to a Producer question. Most TH are because that’s how producer create the storyline.
              I never thought he resented what B her success like many here imply.

              • chismosa says:

                I’m with you VV.
                Jason wasn’t even given a lowly “producer” title on the show. Not executive, just lowly ‘producer.’ I totally agree with you.

                • L.A. Chica says:

                  I don’t know if I’d characterize a producer credit as “lowly.”


                  • PJ says:

                    I agree and a producer credit probably comes with more money.

                  • chismosa says:

                    Oh my point is, if you watch on a lot of tv shows with prominent actors on them, i.e. Mad Men with Jon Hamm, CSI’s with the various male leads, Justified i know with Timothy Olyphant, and there are tons and tons of others. oh- big one, Sex and the City with SJP— the main stars are always put in as a ‘producer’. They are NOT Exec. because that entails REAL real big decisions. But they have a tad of input in. After their shows have become such successes, this is sometimes added to them in addition to actor. My point was, even the husband of the main star of this show was not given producer.
                    Other reality shows have both people on them, or various members of the family as producers.
                    To me that’s— to use the word i hate now ‘telling.’

                    • L.A. Chica says:

                      Yeah but an actor can be a real producer, heck they can even be an episode’s director. The Showrunner (not a title you’ll see on the onscreen credits) is the boss on a TV set. See the above link for a rundown of the different titles of Producer credit and what they mean in TV land.

              • Cartwheels says:

                JJason didn’t resent that Bethenny was succesful, she resented that she was much more succesful in life and that she had found her passion while he hadn’t. Jason fought his own demons because he thought others perceived him as being less succesful than her and that hurt his ego. Bethenny tried to make the point with him that she couldn’t blame her for that feeling but Jason instead of digging deeper and trying to find and fight his own demons decided for the easy way which was to subconsciously blame her and lash at her with his passive aggresive digs.

                • chismosa says:

                  i think her way of discussing this with him ON CAMERA in her nasty fashion, a la Jason #1 move in together or not, Housewives season 1, nag nag nag– was her way to start that off in a nasty way.
                  She is a smart woman and could have talked with her husband in other ways. But then again, what do we expect from someone showing us her therapy sessions.

            • Cartwheels says:

              She never put down his career, it was his constant whining that drove her crazy, he would complained about no having found “his passion” and Bethenny thought that with her help and with not having the pressure of having to pay the bills, he could take off from his work and find what he was most passionate about, she wanted him to be happy and fullfilled because she thought that if he was happy, he wouldn’t be so bitter and resentful about her success, but in typical Jason manner, he just couldn’t make up his mind and so he is still working at his regular job.

        • Powell says:

          What did Jason & B see in each other?

          • Cartwheels says:

            I think it was probably just chemical atraction, they shared similar joking styles. i firmly believe that if they would have lived together for longer instead of rushing to get married before the baby was born, they would have never married.

          • chismosa says:

            i can tell you astrologically, and i know most here may think it’s hogwash- but they are a good match. Virgos and Scorpios make FABULOUS friends and loves. Add to that that Jason is a last born, thank GOD because no one other than a last born would be able to deal with an only child with issues like Bethenny.
            I think there were other planets not aligned.
            I said many times too that their sense of humors were similar. Whatever~~~~~~~ move along we know she’s going to find a 50 year old not great looking, super rich banker and be happy. And i can’t wait for him to find his next wife and give him more wonderful kids.

      • Just Wondering in Jersey says:

        Diva I still have everything crossed for you but I sure hope the call comes today cuz I need to straighten out soon or I will cramp up. 🙂

    • BB says:

      You didn’t offend me, Chismosa. I knew what you were getting at.

    • AZGirl says:

      I understood what you were trying to say. My parents would argue sometimes in front of all of us (5 kids) but when we questioned about them fighting my mother always responded that they were “discussing” something. 🙂

    • Powell says:

      Yesterday Lilly tweeted they were filming today & a pic of herself in a dress and asked how we liked it. It was a beautiful blue gown. One of those long train red carpet gowns. I told her it was very nice but not for a sit down, the reunion isn’t a red carpet event. I sure hope she didn’t wear it. She overdresses so the viewers know she has money. Carry a Birkin bag to Cabo & then a night club at that. She’s always flaunting.

      • kit9 says:

        Lilly’s voice drives me crazy! Anyone ever see the movie, The Man With Two Brains with Steve Martin? Well, there’s a gorgeous woman character in it with one horrible flaw….a nails on blackboard annoying voice. That’s Lilly. Oy.

        • chismosa says:

          wow ^^^
          i can’t stand Lily. That voice– i don’t understand, she sounds JUST like Kim Kardashian and that valley-girl type accent, no? But she’s from Texas, so i don’t understand? Lilly just screams out insecure to me so much.

          But i think i read that Omid was from Texas too. I guess Texas has got themselves and Iranian population!
          I can’t wait to see how the reunion goes.

  11. Mel says:


    IN regards to mob wives….I smell BS when it comes to LOve. When they were at the botox party (pelase review this episode) Love states that Carla dated her ex AFTER she broke up with him. Then when Love goes to lunch with Drita she changes her story and said Carla was dating him when he and love were still together. She completly changed her tune.

    My opinion is renee, karen, and love are running a smear campaign against Carla and they will continuously use the homewrecker theme to further through shade. Carla is no angel but at least she tries her best to stay in her lane. I don’t blame her for reacting to Renee….as renee uses CArla as her target often. Enough is enough. I like Renee but all the other ladies enable her dramatics. OUtside of Carla no one will hold Renee accountable for anything because her sister is the creator and executive producer of the show. I think outside of drita and big ang…the other women are trying to drive CArla out of the show. From retweeting nasty comments on twitter about CArla to advertising a very bias blog against C…..renee and her sister have been completly blatant.

    As far as homewrecking goes…..Ramona’s ex husband was married with two kids when she hooked up with him. Karen was rumored to be sleeping with Mike tyson while he was married…and Renee has been rumored to also have affairs when men that were not single. The double standards are just sad.

    • chismosa says:

      i am so behind on this show, i’m going to catch up i think there are three eps back to back tomorrow saturday. I always hated Carla, very shady character so it actually makes me feel good to see them go against her. ha ha
      Why would that stuff about Karen and Renee not have come out until now? There are always whispers of everything on EVERY SHOW i hate when they come out at certain times only. Annoys me so much. This is like the 3rd or 4th season of this show- – and NOW stuff is getting whispered about?
      hateDrita hateCarla #forever

      • Mel says:


        the stuff about Karen and Ramona were out a while ago….since last season. I think it is not on the show because K and R are really close to the creator of the show so they will keep that stuff under the radar. It was all over the blogs though. Even Karen’s arrest record wasn’t on the show until someone leaked it.

        I love Drita and am lukewarm about Carla. I love Renee even though she is batshit crazy. I can’t stand Ramona AT ALL….she brings nothing to the show. I am lukewarm with KAren.

        • BB says:

          I’m no longer watching, but I’ve always been a Drita fan. Carla never bothered me. Karen and Ramona were thugs and Renee was just a drama queen. I’d be more surprised than not if any of these women didn’t have some skeletons in their closets.

        • chismosa says:

          Gotcha, and i should have thought of that, being that Renee’s sister is the producer of the whole damn show and watches all the filming (they showed once how she’s on the monitors like 24/7 so she sees EVERYTHING).

          Drita is disgusting. I’m sorry, Albanians are gruesome animals. They are beastly with how they fight, pure savages. Don’t get me started on the Baltics and the raping/ killing of pregnant women and replacing fetus’s with pigs. I’m just….. she’s disgusting. She should go back and be in an her Albanian gang. There’s nice Italian old-school mafia with clean gun to the head, clean and done, and then Albanian gang taking sadistic pleasure in inflicting pain. What the hell are you so proud of? What did your culture contribute to the world but new gang of mafia in the US and crimes abroad? Ughhh disgusting. I’m sorry, i just can’t with Drita….. I’m prejudiced because her people have overtaken my dad’s country and break into houses and do awful things. Terrible terrible people.
          Now she DOES have GG and Teresa Giudice violent tendencies too but i think with Drita it’s a cultural thing. GG and TG just have some emotional stuff and wires crossed in the brain.

          I never liked how Drita never understood how terrible she was to Karen from back in S1 so that sullied my feelings on her from the start.

          • iceNfire says:

            i Really Appreciate Your Honesty!

            • chismosa says:

              Sorry, ^^^ this is all just really true. Barbaric barbaric people. Don’t you remember the wars in eastern europe in the late 20th cent. — i forget the decades it was– the ATROCITIES.
              Just google. So incredibly disturbing and disgusting. Fight with honor, not like animals. Even animals are better. ha

              • L.A. Chica says:

                I’m part Serbian and there are people who say the same about us.

                Call me crazy (or barbaric) but I think human beings are a bit more complex than that.

          • Powell says:

            I never understood why Karen was mad at Drita. Karen cheated on Lee. She called him all kinds of names. Instead of being glad that she was no longer w/Lee she stayed mad at Drita cause she married him.

            • Called A Princess... says:

              I think that Karen felt that Drita lied and or went behind her back while she and Lee still had things to work out. Drita communicates like a teenage male, She even talks like one. Karen wanted Drita to acknowledge some duplicity in her relationship with Lee. Drita is not emotionally connected enough, in that way, to communicate deep feelings effectively. Karen should know this by now. IMO.

              • chismosa says:

                That’s why i put Drita in the Teresa Giudice/ GG category. They all should go to some sort of meetings together.

    • Contessa says:

      Excellent points. This Love character makes me want to get sick, she is nasty with her threats and her spewing how tough she is…yuck. She is so proud of her violence – give me a break. Drama queen Renee also makes me tired, everything is a big deal. She was so scared of her ex when she got that letter – if she was really done with him, she would contact his lawyer and get to the bottom of this and say no more letters of this kind whatsoever – end of discussion. Does she really think that goofball is going to come after her, he wouldn’t waste his time, as he is probably trying to survive after spilling the goods on everyone else. Renee is stupid and totally cray cray in my opinion.

      • Powell says:

        When she opened the letter the last epi & she was calling the ladies I was like “why is she reading the letter”. She was making herself upset. Junior has no power anylonger.

    • Powell says:

      Mel since Ramona has been on she’s been out for blood w/someone that her friends have a beef with. Last season is was Drita. This season Carla. I think Ramona wants a “wife” spot & not a “friend of” spot.

  12. adelaidesmommy says:

    I just got around to watching RHOBH….. and I have to say, does Kyle think we are stupid? Why is it that every season she has about 4-5 THs where she says, “I just hate being stuck in the middle of friends.” Seriously…let’s look at the common denominator. Why is it that Kyle is always stuck in the middle? I think she thrives there. Plus…. she needs to trim her hair. It’s so pretty, but looks too damn long. Finally, I’m so NOT a fan of a man getting into a women’s argument. Call me southern or old-fashioned, but my brothers were raised to stay out of it. I would be horrified if any man I knew talked to my friends that way. I’m not trying to say that Brandi was a class act, but Mauricio…. totally unacceptable.

    • BB says:

      Yep it’s funny how Kyle always finds herself stuck in the middle of her “friends.” I actually don’t think she’s Brandi’s friend. Twice she has hosted a function and twice Brandi has been called out and chastised and lectured by someone and both of those people are close to Kyle, her best friend Fayke and her husband Maur-icky-o. Coincidence? Doubt it.

      • shamrockblonde says:

        ah but then she gets to be the one consoling Brandi – after all it wasn’t HER that was the meanie – this way all of the viewers will see her being “supportive” of Brnadi and like her again – if I was her acting coach, Id be embarrassed…….

      • kit9 says:

        None of that is Kyle’s fault. It’s big mouth Brandi’s fault. Brandi was the one bashing Adrienne at the dinner with Faye. Nobody made her do that. And, Brandi brought up the lawsuit at the Moroccan dinner. If she doesn’t want people chiming in, shut up about it. And, you would think by now she’d figure out that Adrienne and Paul have friends in the group. And, Mauricio was giving the stubborn Brandi advice that could actually help her.

    • L.A. Chica says:

      Either Kyle thinks we’re stupid or she is completely lacking in self-awareness. My money’s on the latter.

    • melthehound says:

      Kyle doesn’t have any friends. She has people that she uses and are willing to be used for 10 seconds of fame. For her to say that she doesn’t like being in the middle of Stuff, is laughable to say the least. And, Yes, Morris should know better than to get involved in woman’s fight. I tried that once just hoping to smooth things over, and they both turned on me. Just like, btw, women should stay out of Men’s fights.

    • Powell says:

      I know. And I couldn’t get over her saying to Brandi on the dinner party epi “I’m sorry this happened at my house”. And then when she went back inside FayeK says “Kyle I’m sorry but don’t be made at me” & Kyle said “I’m not made at you”. Are you kidding me? I would not let one guest do that to another guest. Kyle does like to be in the middle of the drama.

      • kit9 says:

        Why should she be mad that Faye spoke up to defend her friend after Brandi went on YET another Adrienne bashing rant? She could have said that she and Ad had issues and left it at that but no-she had to make snide comments. Lisa is constantly defending Brandi and that’s ok so why can’t Faye? Brandi is big talker/screamer until someone pushes back, then she runs off boo-hooing and playing the victim.

        • Called A Princess... says:

          Brandi wants to poke people. She is angry but not entirely sure were to place that energy. JMHO.

        • Rebecca says:

          Because Faye was talking about a conflict that had NOTHING to do with her.

          Faye needs to learn Manners 101:
          If your opinion is not asked for, DON’T GIVE ONE.

        • Beckygrey says:

          I thought it was Faye who asked Brandi what happened? I thought that it was Faye that asked Brandi to elaborate? You’re right she should have just said that they had issues, just like Adrienne should have said to Faye. Maybe both are to blame, not just Brandi

  13. AZGirl says:

    Good morning everyone! Cool and rainy here in AZ. From the recap it sounds as if the Shahs was better without GG’s drama. Laid back and fun except for Reza and his dad’s conversation.
    I love the team idea on PR. I think that is why I stopped watching it after it went to Lifetime. There were less team competitions. It important as designers to work together and park the egos at the door.

  14. AZGirl says:

    Oh and the JZ press release? It so funny how JZ is in St. Barts and there is a “leak” in the media. Jill actually thinks we would not know it was from her PR people because she is in St. Barts. Stupid woman.

  15. trudie says:

    BB, Thanks for the PR recap. I am not sure how I feel about the team concept. Seems to me that some lesser designers will be kept around longer than better designers depending on whose team wins. Did that make sense? I loved that Patricia made it into the top 3 after the other designers were snarky about her painting of fabric and her design. I guess I love when snarky people get bitten in the ass.

    Sugar Magnolia, thanks for yesterdays Top Chef recap. So glad that Josie is gone. Speaking of Josie, the woman is delusional: &http://insidetv.ew.com/2013/01/24/josie-smith-malave-exit-interview/

    • L.A. Chica says:

      I have my doubts about the team concept, too. One of the things I liked about PR was that while it was a competition show, the true competition for each of the designers was against themselves. And anyway, in the real world of working in a design house, yes – I get that they have to work with others and collaborate, but aren’t they doing so under the direction of one head designer? That’s a lot different than this kind of team concept.

      • PJ says:

        PR was getting boring and I had decided not to watch anymore but last night I wasn’t feeling well and couldn’t sleep so I happened to turn the TV on when they played it for the second time and I was surprised. They needed to shake things up and they did. It is interesting that the team that worked together won. They said the premise for the teams was that no successful designer works alone. However, I don’t think these teams will always work well together in future episodes so it should be interesting. BTW loved the three top designs. I felt that the native American designer was a really strong contender for the win, her dress was great, she is a true artist and an original which has long been missing from this show.

        • L.A. Chica says:

          I must be easily entertained, I wasn’t getting bored at all. 😆

          It’s probably on my DVR so I’ll give it a shot.

          • PJ says:

            My friends and I all used to watch it and discuss it after each episode, and we would even get together for the finale. We have all stopped pretty much but I think this new season looks hopeful.

        • Powell says:

          I forgot to watch so I’ll catch the rerun but you’re right. Designers don’t work by themselves. They come up w/their designs & fabrics they want to use but sometimes when the design gets to the pattern cutter or the head seamstress they’ll tell the designer what they want to do won’t work w/how they want it cut or the fabric chosen. The designer doesn’t know everything & they continuously learn from the team. I have a feeling as the weeks go by they will do like Survivor in a way & teams will be shifted.

          • PJ says:

            That thought crossed my mind too about switching it up. In past seasons it has been a downfall for many to have to work in teams.

        • BB says:

          PJ. Last night was like a breath of fresh air. I didn’t think I would like it but I did.

    • princesspindy says:

      Hey Trudie!!
      I like the PR episode last night. I don’t care if they are in teams or not. I think there will def. be drama but it usually all works out in the end. The judges did mention that the loosing team had some really high scores but that the low scores brought them down. I like the judges much better than All stars…

      I am SO GLAD that Josie went home!!!!! I was soooo irritated by her! UGH!! She was so annoying!!! I watched all the last chance kitchens last night, in backwards order, lol.

      • trudie says:

        Hey PP,
        How is your daughter doing? Has she recovered from babysitting?

        Having watched all the Last Chance Kitchen episodes, what did you think of CJ’s demise? I thought he llooked like he was sucking on some of Yolanda’s lemons in the Kristen vs Josie match.

        • princesspindy says:

          Thanks for the head’s up on the designs on Lifetime, I will have to go check that out. CJ looked pretty sad. I was sooo glad that Josie lost. I feel bad for CJ but he has nothing to be ashamed of. I wonder if they get more money for being on Last Chance….

  16. rabblerouser2010R says:

    Good morning everyone, regarding Mob Wife’s I didn’t like it when Renee hacked up all the pictures by taking Junior out of them. If there wasn’t a kid involved it would be different but since there is, I don’t think it’s fair for Renee to wipe out any photographic evidence of this live when his family was fractured.

    • melthehound says:

      I have to agree with that.. Not quite the same thing in my experience but my uncle, married twice, 2 kids from the first marriage, one of whom he never even met (because he snaked off to Cali ducking his responsibilities) and one from the second marriage. Grandma, his mother, removed all the ex-wife’s photos from the albums and apparently destroyed all evidence she had of the first two kids. Yet, he was always the golden boy.

  17. TexasTart says:

    Chismosa – I don’t remember anything you said that struck a nerve.

    • TexasTart says:

      That was supposed to post under Chismosa’s 8:15am comment.

      BTW my phone refreshed screen while I did the reply earlier and I think maybe that is the reason to the occasional post goes on the end rather than where you started….if that makes sense!

    • chismosa says:

      Oh thanks TT I just like to be clear. It’s such a tough subject I know to discuss, marriage, and divorce. And I didn’t want to speak out of turn (term or turn? 🙇) since I myself am not married.

      • Cartwheels says:

        I love your mom and dad’s love story, my parents as well have been married 50+ years. I read an interesting article the other day about how the number of divorces has increased so much, in the 90’s the number of divorced duplicated the ones in the 50’s and now in this time and age, the number of divorces for first time couples is around 50-60%, those are unbelievable numbers.
        For second married couples the odds are around 75%, so I am very determined to beat the odds. 🙂
        Life has become so fast and now people are more focused on their own needs as opposed to the needs of the ones around them.

        • chismosa says:

          Awww, all the best to you Cartwheels, i just saw this now. I know we COMPLETELY disagree regarding Bethenny and Jason, but of course i wish you all love and health & happiness in your marriage.

  18. chismosa says:

    Hey all something on Reality Tea about Jenelle from Teen Mom having miscarried and maybe she was faking the pregnancy.

    Just know some here follow that story.

    • melthehound says:

      Janelle is a real piece of work and that’s putting it nicely. Part of the terms of her probation is that she not associate in any way, with criminals. This past week on the show, she had a major shit fit with her room mate (they had rented a house together) whose BF has had some brushes with the law. You see her probation says she can’t even have contact with the guy but the room mate had the guy over. They decided that the room mate would move out because they couldn’t come to terms. Here’s the rub. Janelle, spent a couple days with her ‘ex’ Kieffer who had been doing time in Maryland but was now in her state (I think NC), to report and do his time there. That’s perfectly fine with her though. They showed pictures of it on the show and everything. WHY this bitch gets away with this shit, I’ll never understand. Her mother has the kid so his well being can’t be the reason. In fact, the kid is far better off if she just stayed out of his life completely.

      • melthehound says:

        Actually I think all of them are phucked in the head but Janelle is the worse of the worse.

      • chismosa says:

        I believe this is the chick who didn’t want to go to court because of a Kesha concert right ? Her idol? And the lawyer was telling her like “um you have to go to court”. And she was like “but I bought these tickets ! Wah wah !”

        The Soup made fun of her. I think it’s the same chick

        Ps I love Kesha’s songs. Haha

      • Powell says:

        MTH I haven’t watched in a while. He PO must watch the show so I don’t understand how she continues to violate probation & nothing is done.

        • melthehound says:

          That’s my point Powell.. Either someone is as dumb as a box of rocks (I suspect the rocks are smarter though), or this jail/probation line is complete bullshit.

  19. VV says:

    Bethenny enlisted the law firm of Aronson Mayefsky & Sloan who also assisted Katie Holmes.

    • iceNfire says:

      Oh good! I think it was cartwheels that pointed out that B probably can’t have anymore kids and Jason can have many as he wants. I’m standing firm imo that B have primary custody and J gets. visitation as often as he likes. It even bothered me to know J was taking the baby every other weekend to visit his parents. I would have gone insane, but then I wouldn’t let anyone outside immediate family even hold my babies ’til they were 6 weeks old. ikd why people ask to hold newborns. Back-away-plz

      • Rebecca says:

        My gearhead, sports addicted brother manned up big time when he became a father… AND got legal and physical custody of his daughter at six months. She was raised so much better by him then she would have every been by her mother. My niece is now a 21-year-old chiropractic student with her head on straight, which is not how she would have turned out otherwise.

        • Powell says:

          That’s great.

        • VV says:

          B can buy that kid all she wants. The kid needs stability and I doubt B can provide that with her hectic life. This kid might end up being raised by her nannies and B assistants if she gets full custody. B is liking more and more like her mother.

      • Powell says:

        ice I hear you about newborns & your mother instinct. I love to hold newborns cause they’re so darn cute. But I wouldn’t be insulted if a mom said no. I understand.

      • L.A. Chica says:

        I have to disagree about any sweeping, general preference for giving primary custody to the mother of a child. Imo it really depends on each family’s circumstances. Sometimes, as in Rebecca’s brother’s case, the child is better off with the father. Sometimes it’s more fair to give joint custody, and sometimes the mother should get primary custody.

        • iceNfire says:

          Hi LA Chica – I’m not making any sweeping, general preference for giving primary custody to the mother of a child. I’m saying imo B should have primary custody. Everyone seems to think that B is too busy with her career but where is the evidence? Jason has stated many times that he feels it’s his job to provide for the family, has he changed his mind? I don’t see J as a stay at home dad. jmo

      • Cartwheels says:

        Jason taking the baby every other week to Hazleton didn’t bother me, it bothered me his constant whining to Bethenny because she didn’t want to go. I mean as nice as the Hoppys are, the truth is that they wanted to see Jason and Bryn, not Bethenny, so Jason demanding that she take away from her already busy schedule didn’t make any sense.
        I think that the judge might give the primary custody to Bethenny just because Bryn is a girl and sometimes that weights heavily, her schedule is much more flexible than Jason’s and better yet, when she travels Jason can have her for those days.
        Jason will be a big part of Bryn’s life no matter what. I never got the feeling that Bethenny wants to keep them apart but the reality of life is that one parent needs to be the primary custodian for legal residence, tax and medical purposes.
        Hopefully they both can collaborate and leave the bad feelings aside for Bryn’s sake.

        • chismosa says:

          I totally actually see your point about Bethenny going to pennsylvania too, i don’t remember but i rely on you guys to remember the specifics. I was totally for jason going with Bryn as much as he wanted, if Bethenny didn’t mind flying to LA every so often for two days for her various appearances– then why would she be so upset about her daughter being WITH HER FATHER to see HER GRANDPARENTS, things she never grew up with herself. So i see your point on that Cartwheels.

          I don’t see how Beth’s schedule is more flexible. That for sure, i don’t see. If anything i see the opposite. But i guess we’ll see how it pans out.

          • Cartwheels says:

            When she was waiting to be interviewed by Wendy she asked the camera crew about the schedule and taping for a talk show and they are the one who told her that usually to record the talk show it was from Monday through Thursday from around 8:00 until 12:00 except for Thursdays when it was double taping , live Thursday and recorded Friday when taping could go on until 2:00 p.m. Bethenny thought it was the perfect schedule because she would be free in the afternoons, Fridays and weekends.
            Plus a talk show doesn’t tape year round, there are few months of the year when there is no taping because they take a rest so more time to share with Bryn.
            Plus by having the talk show, she could have all the free promotion to advertise the SGCocktails and hit her benchmark payments easily.

      • kit9 says:

        “back away-plz”….lol! I hear you, really, but I think Jason would one man that would be an excellent primary parent. I can see Jason doing it.

      • rabblerouser2010R says:

        I disagree with your sentiment that because Jason can ‘physically’ produce more children then it would it would be the fair thing to do to give primary custody to Bethany. At the end of the day, regardless how many kids Jason ends up having or not, he is still Bryn’s father and their relationship shouldn’t be stifled because Bethany is unlikely to reproduce.

        Not to mention, it’s presumptuous to think he will have more children. It’s not as if he is remarried and his new bride wants them to have a child. It’s also possible that he will not want anymore children given that with Bryn, will be have access to great wealth through her mother; money that Jason will likely never have. He might not to want to have children that will be siblings to have such a vast difference in opportunities and privilege.

        • chismosa says:

          good points Rabble. I so wish Bryn would have siblings though, in my heart 😉

          • chismosa says:

            i actually think Bethenny wants to suck Bryn into a little cocoon of her and Cookie and Bryn and no one else in the world. All others, just as needed, temporarily. Cookie unfortunately will not be here that much longer (she’s old and my dogs are similar ages so i get sad 😦 )
            Bryn needs exposure to her father’s side and his love more than anything because i feel Beth will smother.

          • L.A. Chica says:

            If Jason has other children then Bryn WILL have siblings. 🙂

        • Cartwheels says:

          I am not saying it is a given, that would be for the judge to decide. I only made that point because I thought that Jason was very eager to have more children and not just one, he is still young so I have no doubt that he will remarry and maybe have more kids, but it was in the context of that train of thought that I said it.
          I actually think that it would be wonderful that Bryn has a couple of sisters , maybe even a brother. The life of an only child can be lonely sometimes, in that way Bryn will have the best of both world.

        • Beckygrey says:

          Well I think Jason is a handsome man. I didn’t watch any of the show. I loved B on NY. I hope that things will go smoothly no matter what, whether divorce or reconciliation.

    • Cartwheels says:

      That is good to know, they handle that divorce beautifully and quickly, maybe they will do the same for Bethenny. Like she said, the ban aid needed to come out so the healing could start.

  20. ….. s as good.” I seriously think there is only one person in the world that would make that statement.

    You nailed it NMD! No one else would make that statement and if someone would they wouldn’t call the Radaronline or where it ever it came from.

  21. VV says:

    Jason Hoppy Goes for a Stroll With Daughter Bryn After Bethenny Frankel Divorce Filing: Picture http://dlvr.it/2rb5Nz

    Why is it that Jason is wearing the same coat, same boots, same scarf for the past month and 1/2?

    • L.A. Chica says:

      He’s on a tight budget until the settlement is finalized?

    • Powell says:

      VV remember the epi where Jason & B went shopping for new jeans for him? He’s verrryy thrifty. When they finalize the divorce & he has his money in the bank he probably still won’t spend much besides golf trips.

      • VV says:

        If he wasn’t having sex with his wife, I don’t fault him for finding an escape in golfing. I’m sure B was more than happy to pay for those trips and keep him as away from her and her and her … well, you know what I mean.

      • Cartwheels says:

        I do remember that episode, it made me laugh because my hubby is like that. I swear I have to “surprise” him every birthday, anniversary, Christmas and New Year with new clothes or he just doesn’t care and likes to wear the same thing over and over.
        Not the same thing but he does have the same pant, same color, like ten of them, same with the shirts, once he likes something, he buys the same ten times over and he figures he is set.
        I know it sounds ridiculous but I do choose his outfit for when we have to go out together, not because I am embarrased but just because I like to see him wearing different styles.

    • AZGirl says:

      I love the smile on Bryn’s face!

    • BB says:

      Ummmm. Brynn is wearing the same exact outfit she wore when B took her out. I usually wear the same coat and outerwear the whole winter. I don’t switch those particular things up that much.

    • Rebecca says:

      VV – he’s a straight man who doesn’t care about what he’s wearing. The most important part of the pic was Bryn’s big happy smile.

      • chismosa says:

        yeah i just want to say in NY depending on the weather, i know i just wear one coat for one set of range of temps, then this other warmer down coat for days like today – below zero-feeling, etc… plus, yeah like said above, he’s a MAN.

  22. princesspindy says:

    Chimosa, no worries, the only time it’s work is when I’m working not to kill him HAHAHA!!!
    32 years and counting. He told me this morning, while he gave me a big hug that he needs me and I told him “me and you against the world babe!”

    • Cartwheels says:

      Awwww, that is so cute.
      My husband thinks I am planning to kill him as I love to watch Snapped, CSI, or medical examiner, LOL
      But then again I keep reminding him that “not yet honey, let me up the life insurance first” 🙂
      See, I could never make it on Bravo, people would consider me awful, LOL

      • princesspindy says:

        Ha! Our joke is that he is worth more dead than alive so he better watch himself, lol!

        • Cartwheels says:

          Mine is reverse, “not yet honey, you are worth more alive than dead, now when that changes, you better watch out”

          • designernailsdiana says:

            Cartwheels I say that too. I watch a lot of Snapped, Investigation Discovery too

            • Cartwheels says:

              LOL, my husband loves to watch those shows with me but then he gets suspicious, just as a joke. I do love his sense of humor. BTW, have you noticed that 90% of the snapped cases are about women murdering their husband/BF/lovers? what is up with that?
              There are as many more cases of crimes of passion that involve the husband but only the ladies get showcased? I swear.

  23. princesspindy says:

    This article doesn’t have much news in it about Bethenny but there is a real cute gif of Bryn meeting Justin Bieber that I thought y’all might enjoy.


  24. BB says:

    Powell, did you get much snow today? We’ve gotten about an inch so far and it’s still snowing.

  25. iceNfire says:

    If Kim is still married to Chris at the time of birth doesn;t that legally make Humpries the father?

  26. thedesigndiva2 says:

    WHOOT WHOOT… Got the CALL… I have to meet with Larry ,Tuesday a/m @ 10 to discuss a few more things about the job… So…I am assuming I have the job ???? needless to say , I am excited for sure… my hours will be 8 a/m – 4 p/m 5 days a week.. the only thing I don’t have a good grasp on is…Quickbooks …. but according to Quickbooks for Dummies 101 , if you can balance a checkbook you can use Quickbooks…not a problem..I am a quick learner so I don’t see any problems in that area.. filing ??? can ace that ..I am anal about order and things being out of place and LOVE to organize paperwork and folders..
    mr ford is equally excited for me !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    hugs and peace

  27. VV says:

    Not to be outdone by Jason here’s Bethenny.

    @nypost http://nyp.st/Y1IPMf

    • designernailsdiana says:

      28 businesses started 17 failed marriages and 12 bankruptcies almost equal number of businesses to failures. Sheree had a business? The She by Sheree….um Girl that did NOT happen. this is hilarious!

  28. VV says:

    So, was Ramona right all along? She said B got about 30 mil from the sale of SGM.
    B split 1/2 of the sale with her partner that leaves her with at least 50 mil. Does anybody knows how much went to taxes and fees etc etc?

    • princesspindy says:

      Ramona is a lot of things, but she is no dummy!

    • iceNfire says:

      Friday is my day to clean, so I’m stepping away for a bit….thankful that these comments are Not audio…could you imagine???

      • Beckygrey says:

        I actual have the reader on my laptop read the comments. Sometimes I do it at bedtime and it puts me to sleep. I feel like a little child.

    • L.A. Chica says:

      Okay, HuffPo says B got $8.1 million in the sale, with a contingency of up to an additional $25 million if certain sales goals were met. That means she stood to gross a maximum of $33.1 million. It sounds to me like that’s what Ramona is talking about when she said $30 million.

      So that means B ended up with much less, after expenses involved with negotiating the sale, and taxes, and splitting with the partner. So we don’t know what she netted but it wasn’t $30 mil. At least *I’m* not confused anymore. lol

    • chismosa says:

      i’m always so sick and tired of defending crazy Ramona to everyone. Brooklyn bridge talk with Bethenny about Jason not working out.
      people — she is always RIGHT! I’m sorry, she just IS! Crazy, loony, whatever. I love her!
      Bloop bloop

  29. iceNfire says:

    idk math but i do know that half of 30 isn’t 50

    • VV says:

      That’s why I’m asking about how much of the 50 went to taxes and other fees involving lawyers as well as how much went to her manager (?).

      • L.A. Chica says:

        Wait — I’m confused. So what Ramona is saying is that Bethenny netted $30 million? How much did SGM sell for?

        • Rebecca says:

          That’s “net” not “gross”

          • L.A. Chica says:

            That’s what I’m saying, if she netted $30 million then what was the gross?

            • Rebecca says:

              Could be $100 as reported. That’s about $60 after taxes. Then if she split it 50/50, her net total would be $30 mill.

        • Cartwheels says:

          The problem with a sale like the SGC to Beam is that is not a set amount It depends on benchmark payments.
          David Kanbar, Bethenny’s silent partner and investor decided to take his whole half and moved on to another liquor investment, Bethenny decided to take the gamble and got only a portion of the sale but the rest got to be paid according to benchmark performance, the better the sales, the better the payments she receives. Bethenny mentioned to her FIL that the contract ties her up to BEAM for many years to come (I think it is 8 years) where she had to heavily promote the cocktail, the more it sells, the more she receives. Eventually that will fade away and Beam will be the sole owner of the cocktail. Last year Bethenny received her first benchmark payment that was around 25M because the sale of the cocktails line exceded all expectations.
          If Bethenny hits all the benchmark payments she will make more than double of what David Kanbar made, but the difference is that Davif only invested 3 years of his life while Bethenny from conception to end of contract will have invested about 12 years of her life.

          • L.A. Chica says:

            That was a smart deal on B’s part.

            • Cartwheels says:

              Yes, but it was a big gamble, had the cocktail flop she would have ended up receiving much less, Bethenny believed in her product and worked like a mule to promote it because she knew where her payments were coming from.
              That is why I don’t understand the viewers who claim that she should have quit as soon as she hit the big money and be a SAHM, only leads me to the conclusion that they didn’t read any of the financial articles about the sale (Forbes and business articles) or they only read the gossip rags and think she already has all that money in her pocket. The talk show provides a perfect plataform for her to advertise the cocktail without going out of her way (multiple cocktail signs, presentations, invitations, etc) as far as promotion and it is also something she is passionate about so for Bethenny to score the gig was a double deal.

  30. VV says:

    For all of you Count LuAnn’s fans, here’s some good news:

    “Just got word that I will be on QVC in May with my new tabletop collection! Cant wait! More details to follow @Bravotv”

  31. T-Rex says:

    Okay my two cents on THELUNATICS lies to the press.
    1. Why would RHNY be even filming at this point it’s February in NYC, it’s cold it’s dreary and with the inclement weather it would be stupid to film at this time, NYC is a great city and while the Holidays are a great time to film the weather pretty much sucks until the summer
    2. They are currently film NYOCrappy, they are filming NYskankybroadsofNJ so why would they be filming another franchise it’s not necessary
    3. They have usually filmed RHNY during the latter part of the summer seasons to take advantage of The Hamptons scenery, good weather, etc.
    4. BHills hasn’t even filmed their Reunion yet(I don’t believe RadaronLIAR because someone always tweets about the Reunion filming)
    5. Word on the street is that yes Bravo is looking for possibly an additional cast member and getting rid of some others. They are NOT interested in bringing back ANY former cast members, including Alex(sorry Simon made sure that Bravo and Alex were DONE)
    6. CaroleR was a huge HIT and they are interested in bringing in another cast member that is married and wealthy and younger to add their audience members
    7. Bravo will NEVER have anything with THELUNATIC ever again, LUNATIC we know you read here, you put the nail in that coffin when you went on WWHL and made a fool of yourself, then you taped the session which is a total breach in all aspects of the industry
    8. Ramonacoaster, SonjawannaDOeveryone, HeatherT, CaroleR are all IN, on the bubble is LuMan and PhobiaAviva.
    9. We have all complained to Bravo about SHOVING the different franchises down our throats back to back and well they probably listened for once

    Crap tried to make it to 10 but this should suffice. LUNATIC we know you read here GET A HOBBY GET A LIFE, GET A CLUE, YOU WILL NEVER EVER BY A RHNY HOUSEWIFE OR ON ANY BRAVO PROGRAMMING EVER AGAIN JUST STOP!

    • iceNfire says:

      Agree with #4 – (I don’t believe RadaronLIAR because someone always tweets about the Reunion filming)
      Disagree with #6 – CaroleR was a huge HIT …….. her TH’s were entertaining but she didn’t really “mix” with the cast in the moment….imo

    • L.A. Chica says:

      Actually, summer kind of sucks in NYC, too, but then I cannot stand hot, sticky humidity. My favorite times of year to be there are Spring and Fall. 🙂

    • L.A. Chica says:

      LOL! I’m assuming The Lunatic is cray-cray Satchels of Gold?

    • chismosa says:

      i totally TOTALLY AGREE about the weather issues, it’s horrible here right now!

      Jersey— that is an anomaly. Remember they took 6 months of our lives last season?

      Was Carole really a hit? She’s just one of Andy’s best friends so there is no doubt about her being on no matter what. She got annoying IMO.

      I think Andy tweeted something today saying something about Jill maybe leaking things to the press, and Carole responded? (they are such besties oh so cute 😦 blech)
      Did i read that here? sorry i forgot where.

      But all good points.
      I’m on the fence about Adiva- just because i adore Ramona and i know Ramona can handle anything but Adiva is lunatic beyond.

  32. california35 says:

    DIVA! So happy for you!! and dot worry anouy quickbooks 🙂

    • thanks cali 35…..

    • L.A. Chica says:

      Quickbooks is pretty straightforward, easy (to me, anyway), and best if all it is very FORGIVING if you make a mistake. Let me know if you ever have questions about it, Diva. 🙂

      • l.a. chica.. this will be pretty cool..if I run into problems I’ll havr my own bevi of virtual office assistants to help me…YEA….YEA…… I figure if I can keep books manually, doing on the comp should be a breeze..right ????? cept for one thing..I can still outdraw people who use CAD ….I was taught to draw plans by hand complete with my own style of lettering… I miss drawing … maybe I’ll get a chance with this company to get back into it…..
        hugs and peace

  33. Contessa says:


    Congratulations sounds like you aced the job!!!!! When I had my small consulting practice I always hired older women (my age – I am early 60″s) as it was a wide open market and I always got dependable workaholics…this guy will probably kiss your feet in the long run!

    Quicken is very easy – you are very computer savvy. It is like having a check register and you enter each check/deposit just like in a register, and it computes your balance immediately. You will absolutely love it. The other part that might be tricky is you expense each item to a category and that is what you will have to know from your boss, because once you are done for the week/month you can run summaries and see where everything is going and where everything is expenses and also run a check register to see where you are. You, being organized will fall in love with this system. I have a very old version of same and loved it when I had to use it for my business.

    Sending you tons of hugs and best wishes – what a lovely way to start the weekend!


  34. Vegas Chick says:

    Don’t know if you folks have heard about this or not so, I thought that I’d share some local news about the Maloofs and hope the link works….

  35. I’ve learned a lot from reading this blog, and I thank all of you who have expanded my mind. Appreciation for other cultures, other religions, other points of view.

    Just because your heritage is from a certain part of the world, where there have been wars and crimes committed does not make someone with that heritage a designated monster.

    I don’t think there is one place on this earth where people have not committed atrocities. Sometimes in the name of God. The Spanish conquistadors thought they had God’s mandate, and many atrocities were done against the native people in N. & S. America. I don’t hold anyone with Spanish heritage responsible today for these past crimes.

    Hitler was a monster. As someone with German heritage, I hope no one holds me capable of behaving like Hitler.

    Please do not paint with one brush an entire ethnic group. It’s biased and makes you look racist.

    • L.A. Chica says:

      Thank you, Bluesky. I’m a mutt, mostly of Mexican heritage, but also some Spanish and Serbian, with even more racial and ethnic mix in my extended family. You are so right: human beings of all backgrounds have committed atrocities against other human beings. We’re also capable of being altruistic and loving. We are terrible and wonderful creatures!

      I can explain the preconditions to many wars throughout the centuries worldwide but I can’t explain the willingness of people to commit such horrific acts against one another. Well, maybe the Milgram Experiments can explain it.

      Anyway, as someone who’s heard so much stereotyping over the years about various strains of my heritage, your words mean a lot to me. Again, thank you. 😀 ❤

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