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The Real Housewives of New York DO have new products to hawk.  Holy cow, the inside source on Real Housewives of New York (the source we made fun of yesterday) was right about a few things at least.  LeAnn de Lesseps has a deal with QVC.  She tweeted this:  “Just got word that I will be on QVC in May with my new tabletop collection! Cant wait! More details to follow”

And Carole Radziwill has a NEW book to promote, and she’s like us to believe it’s the talk of the town.  She’s been tweeting spoof photos like this, and this, and this, to promote the The Madcap Tales of My Year on The Real Housewives of New York.  I headed to Amazon to check it out and found it out of stock.  Good thing because it turns out it’s just a compilation of her Bravo blogs from her first season on the show.  Interesting idea.  I suppose as a best-selling author she’s bound to sell quite a few copies.  Not to us of course, who know where to find the blogs online – or even the blogs blogged by RamonaCoaster – but I’m sure there are a lot of people who watch the show that don’t even know about the cast blogs.

Speaking about hawking goods.  Phaedra Parks‘ “Donkey Bootie” Phine Body workout video has quickly become a best seller – 18th on Amazon’s list of exercise and fitness videos.  Trainers from the Biggest Loser, Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper have nine of the spots above her (8 of them for Jillian’s various workouts.

NeNe Leakes is looking for an over the top, fairy tale wedding (according to an E-online interview) when she ties the knot (again) with Gregg Leakes.  Deep sigh. I sure hope it will be filmed, because – well – it seems so contrived – and I’ve always had a soft spot for NeNe and Gregg but … If this were anyone else I could see NeNe in a talking head interview saying, “Really?  You want a fairy tale wedding to the guy you just divorced?  Really now?”  But at the same time it could make a fun story arc to watch – she’s rich now and she’s got a lot of Hollywood friends.  I doubt she’ll have porta-potty drama like her ex-friend Kim Zolciak.

Speaking of Kim Zolciak.  Filming for her spinoff “Don’t be Tardy” has wrapped for the season – perhaps wrapping with the end of the Falcon’s run to the Superbowl.  I’ve got to admit I haven’t missed Kim on the Real Housewives of Atlanta.  It sounds like she was pretty happy with her crew this year, at least based on her tweets.  Here’s a few: “I can’t believe the shows a wrap! We had an incredible season with incredible producers! I’m so flippin grateful!!”, “:( saying good bye to our film crew sucks!!!!!!!”.  Asked – are you tearing up?  She responded: “Yes! My whole family is! We had the best film crew ever! They r part of our fam!”  


Bulldog Tweets

Bulldog is Melissa’s ex who was outed by a Famewhorgas blog last week, and has been active on twitter since then.  Highlighting some of his tweets is becoming a daily feature. Someone please pay this man for his story and put us out of our misery.

First he’s playing the victim ….

“So I hear the new attack on me will be that I am “mentally disabled”cause of my surgery if I speak lol that I don’t know what I’m saying”

“Now your doctors to right!? Teacher,singer,stripped,actress.. C’mon give it a rest already & define “cokehead” people suffer from addiction”

Addiction is also not something to attack people on.So sad!For the record I live a sober life Today by my own choice!

Funny how all the plotting yas do is behind closed doors and very quietly public now. Hmmm funny.. Still 10 steps ahead..” 😜

Some calls for support/sympathy

“They just don’t get it to leave me alone. I told u I would bring it if challenged lol & I haven’t even started yet. Ya hamsters..

I guess it’s coming out after a year of dealing with this BS that I tried so hard to avoid. I turned people away & changed my number 3times


Twitter love …

Just when I thought I couldn’t receive anymore warmth from my family,friends,drs,church’s, my town. Now twitter who are now my friends 🙏TY

Imagine if all of us good people got together.. We could easily out to the bad ones.. 👊 😉

A little smack talk ..

Oh wait I’m mentally unstable though the hamsters said lol looks like there in panic mode

What’s a matter awfully quiet when people are able to see what yas say about me. Cat got ya tongues!?

The Fighter in me,will always Be! Never will go away… Guess you took my kindness for weakness.”

The bombshell teaser???

(Really, if this is where it’s going no one will care.  So he was cheating on her and she gave him an ultimatum, and then she moved on.  My guess is he wants to rattle her cage.  I hope she’s told the truth to Joey because he’s the only one that she needs to explain things to IMO).

“I remember the Friday nite u said 2me stop seeing other girls or I will marry that millionaire.3months Lata you were married Lol shallistart”

A little positive reinforcement from his twitter buddies and then …

“She might have 500k + followers to my 1,093 but at least my followers know who their following BOOM 💣⚡ lol 👊

They’re being quiet now Please throw out more rose petals for me so I can keeping coming forward..”

And starting again this morning ….

“I get it your sisters have your back, I have a sister 2&we would die for each other but when 1of us are wrong we don’t cosign each others BS”

What’s a matter is your ship sinking??”


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Cast Blogs by Stars99

Adrienne Maloof

“This season has been particularly difficult for me. I think all of you know that I am NOT the biggest fan of drama.”

[Involuntarily spits Diet Dr. Pepper all over my computer screen… Adrienne, you’ve got to give me some kind of a warning before making such outlandish statements whilst I’m drinking – it’s only polite.]  Really, Adrienne?  Do you really not see that so often you are the cause of drama?  Or is it that you just don’t like drama in which you’re not in control?  Or I suppose I could read you’re “not the biggest fan of drama” to mean that Kyle is actually the biggest fan of drama, and that you come in a close second… Adrienne goes on to talk about how people are comparing the disagreement between Russell and Camille with her disagreement with Brandi – [Well, I for one, would NEVER compare the two… oh wait… ummm… nevermind…] – and that she points out that one key difference is the involvement of “my innocent loved ones who were never supposed to be part of the drama.”

“With Russell and Camille all parties involved were adults and capable of defending themselves. Any mother would agree that protecting young children is of the utmost importance. I still believe that friends don’t sue friends but Brandi has made it abundantly clear that she is not my friend.”

Adrienne you do make a good point – if the secret – [insert gratuitous gasp here] was indeed that you guys used a surrogate.  However, on what freakin’ planet do you live that someone saying that you used a surrogate constitutes what Paul described as, “defamatory” and you assert that it was, “character assassination” and worthy of a “fat old lawsuit?”  Because on the planet where I live, surrogacy is just so 80’s… I mean, it really is very commonplace now – how is it even a thing?  Especially here in California…  If, in fact, the surrogacy is the big freakin’ secret [and yes, I still do NOT believe for a moment that it’s actually the big secret for the very reasons described herein…]… do you not see that you making a big deal about it is actually making a bigger deal about it than it needed to be?  We have all kinds of families these days… aren’t we really way beyond the “Who’s your daddy?” stage of things? Cuz many families have two mommies or two daddies, blended families with kids from other marriages or relationships [hello, can you say, “Brady Bunch”], families with mixes of adopted and foster kids [hello, Brangelina], etc. but I digress…  While divulging this information to your kids should have been your decision – but with surrogacy, there are a bazillion people who had to have known about it – since ummm… you weren’t actually pregnant.  Even if you weren’t on a reality show – I can’t believe you’re ignorant enough not to think that it would come out at some point – given the notoriety of the Maloof family.  I’m adopted… I’ve always known… I never remember having a huge sit down discussion with my parents about it – I just have always known.  In our photograph album… there is a cartoon announcement that says something like, “our package arrived” that announced my birth and my adoption date. I can only remember one time when I was hassled about it by the neighborhood kids… and I said something like, “Hey, at least my parents picked me out of hundreds of other babies… your parents were just stuck with you.”… lololol… it kind of shut them up – and the kids weren’t even saying anything that bad – only that they didn’t believe that I was adopted because I looked so much like my dad and my brother, who was also adopted, looked so much like my mom.  The moral to this tangent, Adrienne, is that you could have said something to your kids like, “Your dad and I wanted you to be part of our family so much that we went to great lengths to be able to have you.  While my body wasn’t physically able to have a baby – we found someone who was able to help us.  You are our treasure and our joy – and we would do anything, absolutely ANYTHING to have you in our lives and you are the best thing that happened to us.”  But no, instead you have to treat surrogacy like a gossipy scandalous secret not to be ever whispered.  Give me a freakin’ break.

Kyle Richards

“This week I am happy that Mauricio and Brandi were able to end on a better note. Although Mauricio feels strongly about this situation, ultimately he wants to see some resolution for Adrienne, Brandi, and our group of friends.”

Oh Kyle, things aren’t ever going to be resolved as long as you’re around to stir the pot.

“I don’t like seeing Ken and Mauricio disagree but there are some things in life that we just can’t always agree upon with our friends. We have to agree to disagree.”

 I could not agree with you more.

“Since Lisa and Adrienne are not speaking, it’s easy for Lisa to take Brandi’s side. Mauricio and I have known Paul and Adrienne longer and are obviously closer with them. However, this was a matter of principal.”

Kyle – You are subtly implying that Lisa invoked a 3rd grade schoolyard rule that if you’re in a fight with someone – then they’re a poopyface and therefore they’re always wrong.   We’ve seen over and over again that Lisa agrees that it was wrong for Brandi to say what she said when she said it – just how many times does she really have to say that? Your statement is a vain attempt to elevate yourself above Lisa by stating that you and Mauricio are landing on the side of “princiPLE” rather than friendship in this argument.  Honestly, I could pick this apart by actually using your own words, but I won’t – because I got distracted.  Instead, as a member of the grammar police that polices everyone else’s writings but my own… I must point out that you actually used the wrong “principal”… Kyle, honey, a good way to remember the difference between “principal” and “principle”… is that a principal is your PAL. I learned that in 5th grade.  Thank you, Miss Block.  In all fairness, though – Kyle, I really do appreciate that you write your own blog. The last thing you need is for a silly blogger who makes more than enough mistakes of her own to call you out on your grammar – but I just couldn’t help myself.  I’m sick.  At least we know your blogs are written by you and not by someone else.

“Regardless of who is friends with who, I could see that Brandi felt bad and I didn’t want this to keep coming up over and over again. Brandi was saying she tried calling Adrienne to apologize and Adrienne was saying she wished Brandi would reach out to her. Very confusing.”

Yeah, someone is lying. It’s entirely possible that Brandi tried to call Adrienne a couple of times before she received the letter from Adrienne’s attorney– and now she really can’t call again after talking to her own lawyer. But – I can’t prove that – although, phone records would… lol… The piece that we know is true – is that when Adrienne told you she wished Brandi would reach out to her was AFTER she ordered her lawyer to send Brandi the letter threatening a lawsuit.  How delusional is it to criticize someone for not contacting you directly after receiving a letter like that? Brandi’s attorney is talking to Adrienne’s attorney.  It’s as simple as that.

Lisa Vanderpump

“We have all, including Brandi, acknowledged the fact that this issue should never have been aired, but let us not forget, it was out of frustration. It was never “character assassination” as Adrienne said. That term is used far too freely. It was a truthful statement that should not have been exposed, but it was a result of some deep and unresolved issues between them.”

It doesn’t seem like Adrienne was actively frustrating Brandi when she blurted out the secret – because Adrienne was not actually with the group at the tasting when the secret was spilled. Kyle was prodding Brandi to come clean about the issues she had with Adrienne – you know Kyle, the highly principaled one who never gossips… (lol… I know, it’s principled – but I just couldn’t help myself.  I’m a vewy bad lil blogger.).

“Ironically it appears that many who witnessed the fiasco at Mauricio’s event have conveniently forgotten the barrage of insults thrown at Brandi, calling her a drug addict and neglectful mother!?! (Which in my opinion were much closer to an assassination of her character.) They were all present witnessing that. I wasn’t there, and have only seen this recently. . .how one-sided can this be? Yolanda states that the men should keep out of it, but I don’t think for one minute if I was alone and under pressure, like Brandi was at that time, that David would sit back. I am positive he would defend me. That is the only involvement Ken had.”

Yeah… I really don’t get how divulging that someone used a surrogate could possibly be categorized in anyone’s mind as defamation or assassination of character, yet calling someone a drug addict and a neglectful mother isn’t… According to the the definition of “defamation of character” is as follows:  “Any intentional false communication, either written or spoken, that harms a person’s reputation; decreases the respect, regard, or confidence in which a person is held; or induces disparaging, hostile, or disagreeable opinions or feelings against a person.”  In addition, according to the same source, “character assassination” or actually it reroutes you to the term, “slander” is defined as follows:  “Oral defamation, in which someone tells one or more persons an untruth about another which untruth will harm the reputation of the person defamed. Slander is a civil wrong (tort) and can be the basis for a lawsuit.”  So just how does surrogacy fit either of these definitions?… Ummm… well, ya’ll can be the judge.

“We certainly of late have seen a different side of Mauricio and, like Faye, he seems quick in attacking Brandi. She becomes increasingly frustrated in her attempt to defend herself, also smarting from the fact that she was the recipient of a costly legal letter that she could ill afford.”

Yeah… Brandi doesn’t verbally do well when she’s cornered and under attack.  It actually kind of surprises me – since in many other ways she’s so quick with her words.  She had just gotten the letter, spent what was it, $2,000 on an attorney – and was probably told not to even talk about the situation from that point forward. She should have just said she was advised not to talk about it with anyone… and moved the conversation along…

“She becomes exasperated, then her language goes south and then that is all the ammunition that some need in order to criticize her. I agree with Marisa (who at this point I really don’t know) wholeheartedly. It should stay between the two of them. I was resolute in the fact that when I had my issue with Adrienne I preferred to deal with her directly.”


“I hated the conversation between Taylor and Camille, so inappropriate to discuss the marriage between David and his ex-wife, with Taylor saying she knew things about that. I know Yolanda and David to have a healthy, wonderful marriage. . .Enough said.”

Taylor was so danged catty – and it’s unnerving that it seems like Camille and Taylor have become besties.

Marisa Zanuck

“Hey everyone! Hope you all had a great Monday. I am writing to you from London. Dean and I are here for a special memorial screening in honor of his late father Richard and it is really wonderful to see how beloved he was all over the world. It makes me remember those words of wisdom about the importance of not forgetting those who you love because when they are gone it is too late.”

Love them while you have them.

“When tonight’s episode opened with the dinner I had to cringe. I am over this fight and everyone needs to just let Brandi and Adrienne deal with it, enough already! When Adrienne and Paul went to Kyle and Maricio’s home I knew we hadn’t heard the last of it. Sadly, this is not the last you have heard of this fight.”

We’re all over it.  And now, you tell us that there’s STILL some more to come? Oholynightthestarsarebrightlyshining… say it ain’t so!

“Now on to the dinner with Brandi, my brother, Dean, and I. I really enjoy Brandi, but at that point we didn’t know each other well and she still doesn’t totally get me. So when I said that Dean wasn’t my type she felt it was a insult to my husband. Brandi is right, it was disrespectful. Sometimes my mouth speaks before my brain thinks but that’s me. Dean actually finds this to be an endearing, amusing and bemusing quality of mine. But you would have to know us to to know this. Brandi went on to make further assessments about my relationship with Dean which I would suggest in the future she keep to herself. In this instance though, I gave her the ammunition to fire and she did! Lesson learned.”

Okay, first of all, Marisa – you’re never going to be able to qualify to be a Real Housewife of Beverly Hills – cuz Rule #18 is that you should never acknowledge when you’re wrong.  When you said, “Brandi is right, it was disrespectful” you clearly must have been under the influence of alcohol or something.  And then you have the nerve to further self-disclose that your mouth speaks before your brain thinks…you’re just never gonna make it with these girls… lolol… Brandi went way too far in her snap assessments of your marriage – I kinda think she knows you have a great husband and she thinks that you should really appreciate him more – since at this point it’s something missing from her own life.

“I was excited to go to the art gallery with the girls and thought it would be a great way to get to know them all better. It turned out to be our first low key night together which was nice for a change. Taylor and I spoke about life and marriage. I explained to her that I feel a woman doesn’t really know what she wants out of life or who she really is until she’s about 30-something. I also feel that I did get married too young. While I’m sure these statements will be misconstrued, I do feel they are valid points about myself. I married and had kids at an early age because that’s all I wanted at the time. Dean, Jack, and Darryl will always be my priority but my happiness I realized was not complete without a measure of independence and success that only I was responsible for.”

I have friends who feel the same way – they were married so young that they never really had the chance to experience things in the same way that single people do when in their 20s.  However, I usually encourage them to consider exactly what they missed – Ummm…. Not too much, really.  The grass is always greener… no matter how much we have… we just want more for some reason.

Taylor Armstrong

“Seeing everyone fighting at dinner brings up feelings of sadness for me.”

 Really?  I think it actually brings out the cattiness in you.

 “Everyone has strong opinions of the Adrienne/Paul/Brandi fight. I have never seen Mauricio upset, and I know that he must have very strong feelings to be so expressive. The whole explosion did happen at his event and that was not the place and time. He is a calm, level-headed man and a fabulous father, husband, and friend. He and Ken have a great relationship and the two of them disagreeing is so unusual.  The whole issue is toxic for our group as a whole and I just wanted it to be over. We haven’t had an enjoyable evening is so long and we certainly need one.”

They should all stop fighting because you want an enjoyable evening, dagnabit.

“Kyle is in a difficult position trying to be friendly with both Adrienne and Brandi. I know how challenging being in the middle can be and I feel for her.”

Yes, because being friends with just one person challenge enough for you, Taylor.

Yolanda H. Foster

“We’ve already discussed the dinner at the Moroccan restaurant in details. I believe we are all entitled to our opinion. I like Mauricio. He is a nice man with good principles and speaks with conviction. I am just not sure he knows Brandi’s side of the story as well as Adrienne’s.”

 He doesn’t care about Brandi’s side – she’s not likely to be the source of a commission check for him.

“Kyle, on the other hand, does know every detail of every story that goes on in this group. She never seems to take a strong position on anything or stand behind one particular person but rather tries to be everybody’s best friend, which we know is impossible; we only have time for a handful of true friendships in our lives.”

It was cracking me up how Mauricio is so appalled at gossiping – and yet Kyle is the one who is continually asking probing questions to extract gossipy kinds of information.  Kyle also gets a gold star for sharing well with others – cuz she does… often…

“It appears that Kyle and Mauricio are very close to the Maloofs and I respect that, but Adrienne’s words just don’t hold a lot of value to me. She says she would appreciate an apology from Brandi but in the meantime does not answer her calls and has her lawyers fighting her fight.”

It doesn’t make sense to us, either. 

“Her choice of using her power and money to intimidate another woman just does not sit right with me. Brandi’s statement was extremely private and very personal — but in no way a character assassination. Anyway, it’s time to move on, this subject is old. . .remember today’s news wraps tomorrow’s fish.”

Laffs and steals the quote, “Today’s news wraps tomorrow’s fish.”  I love it.

“When you take a step back, it’s quite interesting to see Taylor’s conversation with Camille. First of all, she does not know me from Adam. And second of all, she has never made an attempt to get to know me but rather gave me a cold shoulder and a bunch of attitude from the day I first came into this group.”

Eh… consider the source and ignore her.  We do. 

“So for her to sit there and make a statement about my life and me is just ludicrous. If she had any interest at all, she could have read my bio online and know that my life has not been all wine and roses. The way she refers to her husband’s passing in such casual conversation is very sad and disheartening to me. But like I have been saying from the beginning, alcohol just doesn’t bring out the best in any of us, especially when you have such deep-rooted hurt and open wounds to deal with.”

Taylor is not interested in anyone else but Taylor.  You don’t know her well enough yet… She can twist just about any subject around and center it back on herself. 

“When she starts talking about my husband, she really strikes a chord with me; it’s just amazing how poisonous trash talk is. She has only met David once. If she wants to have a little more insight into his marriage with her friend Linda, she might want to actually talk to David in person and get his perspective on their 20 years together. But then again, why would my husband want to discuss his private life with a biased stranger? Regardless, I empathize with Taylor and hope she will find her path to happiness soon.”

Taylor is just cranky cuz David didn’t remember her from when he met her when he was with Linda.  Taylor’s irrelevant to him and it makes her cray cray.

“I feel very blessed and privileged to have been given the opportunity to come to America and make my dreams come true so I always try to motivate the people around me to learn English because of the opportunities and freedom it will give them. I believe it’s our obligation to learn the language of the country that has allowed us to live and thrive in.”

Yo, you got a lot of flak for your comments that encouraged the mover guy to learn English. As an immigrant yourself, you have a different platform to speak to this issue than I do.  I am just going to shut up now.

“As you know, having a good relationship with your ex takes a lot of persistent strength and effort but I believe it to be essential in order to raise confident and stable children. No matter what went down in the past, you can’t allow your bruised ego to destroy the commitment you made to bringing your children into this world together. At the end of the day, their well-being is all that really matters and the love of both parents is equally important.”

There are some people’s exes who just make this impossible – but you’re absolutely right – the children’s well-being is all that really matters.

“I moved to Santa Barbara and became a single mom when my youngest was 18 months old and the girls were 4 and 5. It was a tough nut to crack, being a single mom, integrating into a new community far away from my family in Holland; definitely not what I had bargained for, but nevertheless the hand that life dealt me.”

Yeah, Taylor – Yo has had such an easy life.  [Insert eye roll here.]  Yo has made a whole lot of lemonade outta the lemons she’s be handed… heck… she even planted an orchard of them!  I think I might be a little too obsessed with her home and her orchard cuz every time I see a lemon I now think of that danged lemon orchard.

“I am the proud mother and the engine of a big unconventional family:  My Gigi, Bella, and Anwar, David’s five, my two stepdaughters from Mohamed and David’s two stepsons with Linda. I work hard to keep everyone respected and acknowledged, including the exes and their new partners. For a child, there is nothing more valuable than to see their parents get along.”

Will you graft me into your family, too?

“It gives me great joy and pride to see Mohamed and I interact with the children and like I said, we have always been great working partners. I have tremendous respect for his vision and the magical projects he creates.”

I honestly don’t know how you do it – I didn’t sense any tension or anything from either of you.  Gotta say I loved it when he said he wanted you to decorate the rest of the house and you told him he couldn’t afford you.  Oh, snap!

“I wish Kyle and Faye luck and prosperity in their new venture. After what went down at Kyle’s dinner, I don’t see the humor in their comments and sense a bit of disrespect. . .Are they really referring to the girls in our group as fake and not real? Mmmm interesting!”

Faye… being disrespectful? I’m s-h-o-c-k-e-d…  I love how Yo says, “Interesting” whenever it’s clear she’s disagreeing with something.

“I never met Dean but I have known his parents, the Zanucks, for a long time. They are a wonderful family. I think Marisa is a warm and bubbly addition to the group.”

 Yeah, I like Marisa – although I hope I’m wrong that things sour between her and Brandi.

 “It seems like Marisa has different plans for Dean’s future but it looks like Dean takes after his dad, who always choose to stay out of the limelight.”

 I think you hit the nail on the head.



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    Good morning everyone. It’s the weekend. I’m getting my do done. What’s everyone up to today?

    • Kansas Girl says:

      Well, some people are up early for a Saturday! Good morning, Powell! (Good morning everyone typing right now while I am!) I’m going to big city today to visit an historic 1860s farm that was a stop on the trails west. They’re doing a Winter on the Farm day to show what life was like. Stop yawing, I think it’ll be fun!

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      Morning Powell. Going to see Book of Mormon tonight. Beyond excited!

  2. Kansas Girl says:

    This will make those of you with the long happy marriages count your blessings: An old friend is continually trying to set me up with guys who she is sure will be marriage material. It’s become sort of a joke, so we have a running list of traits the next guy should or should not have. I have an addition to the list. Trait 317 (give or take): The next guy should not wait to offer an opinion on my car repair AFTER the repairs are done, only to point out I was taken advantage of. Rather he will either keep his mouth shut or get involved at a point where it will be useful. !!! and !!! some more!!!

    • Powell says:

      LOL. That’s a great trait especially the shut up after the fact.

    • Cartwheels says:

      Absolutely agree!! LOL
      I am now curious about traits 1-316, please feel free to enlighten us any time you want about them 🙂

      • Kansas Girl says:

        LOL! It’s an ongoing list. Sometimes there are sub-points too. This one might have the sub-point that my NEXT guy will not imply his former GF knew so much about cars that no one took advantage of her. While I respect her for that, (and admire that she walked after 4 years of “nothing happening”, and where she walked to is a long-term happy relationship that you’re jealous of) she really has NOTHING to do with our conversation and I’m getting tired of hearing about how perfect she was. Know that!!!

        • Cartwheels says:

          “NEXT guy will not imply his former GF knew so much about cars that no one took advantage of her”

          Oh hell no, those would be fighting words for me. Maybe he needs to be kindly reminded that some of your BG were much more perfect than he is. I swear, that if I hadn’t met my current husband, I would had remained single forever. Some guys are just something else.
          Stay strong and smile your way through it and give it a chance but if he keeps bringing it up, talk to him upfront, maybe he doesn’t realize that he is doing it all the time (talking about his ex), but he definitely needs to know that it is annoying.

  3. Kansas Girl says:

    And one more comment just because I’m chatty. For the (Nancy) animal lovers (Nancy), and particularly the cat lovers (Nancy?). Are you watching the kitten cam out of Seattle area? A guy is fostering a herd of 5 kittens + mom cat and has a camera on them 24/7. It’s always either frantic play time or crash nap time. There is a DVR below the livestream, so if they’re asleep, scroll back to find them playing. They’re getting big enough to attempt escapes over their enclosure now, so there’s lots of kitten shenanigans to watch.

    Also, below the stream is a link to an animal rescue site where you can vote to support your favorite. Since Purrfect Pals in Arlington, WA is supporting the kitten cam, they’re asking for votes to win the $10,000 first prize. Yesterday they were in second place. (You can vote one each 24 hours.)

  4. Cartwheels says:

    Regarding this bulldog character.
    This is probably one of the reasons why I would never consider having a twitter account, it seems to me like that is one ugly and evil place.
    I wish this guy would have a true friend who will advice him to close that account and dedicate his time in a much more productive way, this twitter ,meltdowns will get him nowhere, if anything they make him look like a loon and unreliable.
    I am sure the Marco sisters are pros at playing this game and their tag team tactics have been perfected through the years, they poke at him and poke at him whether directly or through their looney followers, then they sit back and watch him go into a rant, they know that people who go on twitter rants eventually unravel and that is what they expect.
    Then anything he could say would be descredited as him being a loon.
    I just wish he will stop, he is playing just into their hands.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      The whole NJ crew has caused me to spend far too much time pondering just what it means to “take you down”. What does that mean? Where is a person who is taken down? Does this mean they have no friends who trust them? It seems to me an empty threat because the other person is just going to fight back. #so stupid. (And while I don’t want to use twitter, I LOVE the idea of hashtags. Some days I think in hashtags!)

      #leavingnow #timetogo #havetogetgas #takethescenicroute #learnsomehistory LOL!

      • Boobah says:

        KG, I don’t do twitter either but I also think #hashtagsarehilarious !!

        I dunno what to make of the whole take-you-down nonsense! #sostupid is right ! I guess my thinking is that it seems he is putting quite a lot of energy into taking Mel down, but very little energy into himself. IMO, this is why I question Bulldog. He has a major medical issue going on, yet he is on twitter spewing crazy talk when IMO he should be taking care of himself. A brain tumor is a big deal! #SMH Maybe its just me, but I would go out of my way to surround myself with positivity if I had to contend with a serious medical issue. I would be worried the negativity would make it worse! The first thing I would do is Get.Off.Twitter#ASAP! 😀

        • PJ says:

          I hope he comes to that conclusion because you are absolutely correct he needs positive energy in his life. Maybe he is being harassed behind the scenes so to speak, and has had it so he says this stuff publicly to get them off his back or to let them know he isn’t going to take it. I don’t know but feel bad for him.

          • Boobah & PJ…I agree in that this guy needs to get off Twitter, unless, as AuntieLaLa and TexaTart say below, it is all about the positive. If he IS getting harassed behind the scenes, taking it public and joining in the negativity is NOT going to help. I can’t imagine having such a serious medical issue that he has and spending this kind of time, energy, and words on this nonsense.

            He could have totally turned this around, risen above it all, and made it about the positive (for himself and others) and taken the wind out of their sails and shown his integrity. But, he chose to engage in the back & forth “stuff’….so I am not sure what to think. (AND, here I am commenting about NJ again. 😦 But, in my defense, I just finished 2 hours of cleaning floors and I needed a break! 😛 )

            • Let me just add that the people who are harassing him are cray cray and I do not condone it, but in that case, just don’t engage. Sigh….I really need to stay away from NJ! (The HW’s, not the state). OK….I am going now. :-/

              • PJ says:

                You are too funny, I know what you mean about NJ though.

                • Called A Princess... says:

                  If he is being harassed, I am not going to blame the victim. Also he may be bored and this is why he is responding, too release some steam? He may not be bright enough to do much more mental damage. If we do not like what he writes, we do not have to read it. JMHO.

              • Boobah says:

                That’s so funny, Mardrag. I know what you mean about NJ – I also try to stay away from it and not comment so much. It has turned into such a negative show and it doesn’t make me feel good to watch families fight like that. It’s awful, actually. Bravo is really missing the mark – I used to like that they were about ‘charmed’ lives – beautiful homes, vacations, gorgeous cloths, etc. Instead Bravo showcases the fighting.
                I remember a scene from NY where they showed Carole with her BF in his car, jamming to music and cruising the streets of NYC – I LOVED it! While a whole episode like this would bore me to tears, I liked that scene very much.

    • AuntieLaLa says:

      Twitter can be a great, positive place. That’s totally up to you. I have a Twitter for my business and I only follow other businesses, as well as museums, etc. All my posts are positive, upbeat and complimentary. I do NOT follow any HW or anything associated with reality TV or celebrities.

      Even if you don’t have a business, but you are into certain industries or have hobbies, you can create a Twitter and follow them and you will actually learn a lot and have fun. As long as you keep it all positive, you can manage it well and enjoy it.

    • Powell says:

      It’s not Twitter. It’s what you do w/Twitter. I’m on there & I don’t act like the Bravoleberties, cray Leann, Bulldog or the Twitterers that are just as Cray cray as those mentioned. I tweet to some of these people & I’m not viscous or start Twitter wars. These are just people. Some are nice, some are not. We don’t personally, we know their persona.

      I haven’t read anymore of Bulldog’s tweets. He wants recognition just like the rest of the NJ crew. Those Marco sisters are just a bunch of idiots. NJ is going to end & they’ll go back to their boring lives & overspending ways.

  5. LA Debra says:

    I was sent this you tube kitty thing yesterday and it made me smile! I hope it makes you guys sile too.

    Happy B-Day Jezebel!

  6. Cartwheels says:

    What? no mention of Jill and the Zarin fabric store?
    I bet Jill is calling the WSJ like crazy and demanding and honorary mention.

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      I can’t read it…it says I need to buy a subscription.

      • Cartwheels says:

        What? I was able to read it right through with no subscription at all.

        Now I can’t 😦
        It name reality TV spots that tourists in NYC usually asked for, amomng them the DASH boutique got names, the Chandler hotel where Simon worked, some restaurants where the RHNY dined, one of the restaurants where Bethenny usually goes but no mention at all of JZ or Zarin fabrics.

  7. plainviewsue says:

    Stars, can I just say your blog recaps are the best!!! You nailed each and every one of them. Good job!!!

    Adrienne is so done; put a fork in her. First of all to say that (and I cannot believe I am defending Taylor) their outed secrets are different becos Adrienne’s involves her children, is incorrect. Taylor has a child. Kennedy.

    I am so tired of this season’s storyline being something all of us are guessing on. Kyle saying It’s not about the surrogacy leads us all to believe that is what it is. Is Adrienne gonna sue Kyle now???

    As for the Bulldog situation on twitter, I do follow him, mostly out of curiousity. I believe Melissa & her vile sisters are lower than low. But unless he comes out with his story, it’s getting tiring.

    • L.A. Chica says:

      Yes! Kennedy! Adrienne forgets that Kennedy was involved, and now no longer has a father.

      About the surrogacy, I do wonder if they also used donated eggs. Or maybe she did give birth but used donated eggs? Or maybe the twins (they’re the youngest, right?) were adopted from a family member? Argh! I’m getting tired of the secrecy. Either tell us STFU about it!

    • Rebecca says:

      You don’t just follow him, you interact!

      I do feel bad for the guy, because he has bigger things to worry about, and the vile Marco sisters aren’t worth anybody’s time. Until they shut their freaking nasty traps and get their own negative, shitty, combative asses off twitter themselves, I hope they get as much (or more) of this thrown back at them. They are EVIL.

    • trudie says:

      Agreed – Love Stars recaps!

  8. AZGirl says:

    Up early this a.m. It has been raining hard for the past 3 hours and now the backyard and pool are starting to flood. We need it but hopefully there is minimal flooding.
    @Diva: Congratulations on the second interview. Quickbook/Quicken is easy peasy. You will have no trouble with it.
    Picture of Bryn out with Jason and Bethenny does look like a “handoff”. She has the same outfit, blanket and stuff animal. hmmmmmmm PR?
    Lulu’s tableware on QVC? Overpriced I am sure. Off to finish housework.

    • Rebecca says:

      Loving this – it’s a soup day, or maybe spaghetti and meatballs. If I could shake this stupid cough I would be dancing in the rain. Thirty days and counting – shoot me.

      Off to Trader Joe’s!

      • AZGirl says:

        I know how you feel with the cough. Whatever is going around here in AZ it is really bad stuff. No fever just really bad coughs.
        It has been quite a while since I have seen steady rain for 4 hours. Pool water level is getting high.
        Hummingbirds have been draining the feeder all morning. Mr. AZGirl and I are going to hit Chandler Mall and see a movie. You can only imagine how crowded it is going to be.

      • lillybee says:

        2 weeks coughing for me. At least I was able to sleep last night. I am so tired of coughing my head off.

      • trudie says:

        My husband had a bad cold and cough before Thanksgiving. The cough simply would not go away. His doctor put him on various meds and the cough would not go away. Two weeks ago, he went to an ENT who diagnosed him with acid reflux (with which he has never had a problem). Gave him some med he takes 2 x a day, and his cough is gone. Sounds crazy to me, but his cough is gone.

  9. AZGirl says:

    Happy Birthday Jezzibel

  10. VV says:

    Starrs9, enjoyed your blog. I was having so much fun reading and was waiting to read your take on Kim’s blog and …..oh that’s right Kim doesn’t write blogs. I’ve always suspected the reason Bravo brought Kim back is because Kyle promised that Kathy and Paris would make an appearance.

    Thanks for sharing your adoption story.

  11. mrspeabody says:

    I just wanted to tell everyone thank you for my birthday wishes on my birthday. I have been in mexico for the last week so only got to read them today. I have a whole week of blog catch up to do this weekend before I am current with everyone. Again thank you so much, it meant alot to me.

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      Oh wow, it sounds like you had a great birthday and got to enjoy the beach and sun and some relaxation (at least I hope that is the case), 😀

    • TexasTart says:

      Sounds like you have a busy weekend, Mrs. Peabody! 😉 Welcome back!

  12. Boobah says:

    Thank you NMD, BB and SUPERstars99 for yet another great blog! Much appreciated!

  13. Good Morning! Yawwwn!
    It is raining this morning and so cozy, I could not get out of bed early. I am usually such an early riser, but not today! LOL! Having coffee now and trying to amp up to Get.Housework.Done. Sigh.

    Thanks for the blog today and am heading up to read now.

    Wishing everyone a magical Saturday! 😀
    Love & Hugs to all!!!!!

    No new post today. But will have a good one for tomorrow, Sunday, morning!

  14. Carole isn’t selling the book of blogs its bravo. She tweeted when SH Blogged about it. Bravo owns her blogs. I think its very greedy and shows lack of class Bravo has.

    • L.A. Chica says:

      First of all, I love your moniker, Fabulous Girl! 😀

      Secondly, Bravo is greedy and lacks class? I’m shocked. SHOCKED!

    • L.A. Chica says:

      Did you notice I renamed you, Miss Fabulous? It’s because you ARE such a *fabulous* girl. That, and the fact that I’m operating (barely) on 3 hours of sleep might have something to do with it. 😯 😆 😳

    • PJ says:

      She must get something out of it though.

    • TexasTart says:

      Miss Fabulous – well that sucks! The ‘reward’ she gets for being one of the best HW to blog?! Interesting, thanks.

    • I Need A Life! says:

      Reading this, “next day.” I think it’s very greedy and shows lack of class that Carole has.

  15. I thought it was over the round; she cheated on Joe with him lol. Or cheated on him with Joe. He was training 24/7

  16. I mean other way around

  17. VV says:

    Of course Bitter Clown and her posse are coming back, she’s got that fiction book titled:
    “Let Me Tell You BS: Life as a BitterClown, Tough-Love Chuckie style, and Street-Smart Businesswoman advise with products like; Brown Sauce, Black Water and a boutique named Cacaface.

    Caroline tweeted:
    1 hour ago ·
    With @laurenmanzo @jaclaurita @chris_laurita in long beach CA 4 ISSE show @cafface is expanding & jac is opening spa!

    • Birdwoman says:

      jac is opening a spa????

      • VV says:

        She retweeted the above tweet and when somebody ask her she added “SURPRISE!”

        Lord help us….

        • melthehound says:


          • Contessa says:

            The spa menu will include every type of liquor known to man to induce relaxation stupor, plus all the treatments will be mixed with alcholol: The Vodka Voo Doo Rub, The Bellini Bum Burner, The martini mojo rub, The tequila toastie wrap, and the Chuckie Champagne was – guaranted for a burn and thrill.

            I guess Jaq has to go to work now that they have gone through a bankruptcy and Chris can’t find anyone to put money into his scams, after all the bad publicity came out about him raping his company for personal use.

  18. Birdwoman says:

    About Bulldog, the Marcos and the Gorgas: Reading these tweets over the last few days makes me wonder. What does Melissa have to hide? Because their response is way over the top in my opinion for someone who really doesn’t have anything to hide.

  19. TexasTart says:

    Stars! Thanks again for helping us manuver through some of the ladies manure! 😉 Agree with your take and I like “Okay, first of all, Marisa – you’re never going to be able to qualify to be a Real Housewife of Beverly Hills – cuz Rule #18 is that you should never acknowledge when you’re wrong.” So true! LOL! Especially, I thank you for sharing a little about your adoption experience! 🙂

    NMD, as always, thanks for the news and making the blog appear each day!

    BB, thanks for your schedule contribution!

    And the unsung hero, thanks to the person who manages the comments!

  20. princesspindy says:

    Stars, Great Job!!!!!!

  21. princesspindy says:

    This was NEWS to me!!! The actor that plays poor stupid, everybodyisplayingme, Daniel on Revenge is British… He is so adorable! Just when I was sick of him, this gives me a whole different perspective. I haven’t listen to the whole interview, I had to rush over here and share!!


  22. Contessa says:

    My comments about the engagements on Atlanta – good for Nene – I don’t know what the divorce was all about, but I kind of think it was for real, as Nene was meaner than a hungry grizzly bear and i think very hurt at the time. Whatever, I think she will have a nice wedding, and it will be much classier in feel than Kim’s…the port a poties put me over the edge. I understand there aren’t enought bathrooms on the main floor of your house, but if your wedding is that big have it at a hotel if you can’t manage the bathrooms for your guests. Parties/weddings are not only for the bridge/groom, one should always make their guests feel special and loved at any gathering.
    I think Nene can do this as she is much happier this season. The only thing I don’t get is her take with Phaedra??? I would never stick up for that loser Kendra – she is cray, cray. Both Cynthia and Nene are taking up for her. Phaedra was shopping her deal, she didn’t say she wouldn’t pay Kendra, she asked for the costs…she did not expect the service for nothing. Phaedra may have her hands in many pies, but I respect that she does not live beyond her means (her house is not extravagant at all). I understand the video is doing quite well – so good for her and Apollo. To be honest I just want slap Kendra and tell her to snap out of it (like in Moonstruck – one of my fave movies),

    I also would like to see Kandi’s wedding as I think it will be very nice and not overly opulent. This girl understands the value of money and if you read her blog, she addresses Wendy Williams take on the fact that Wendy said her fiancee is an opportunist – I never felt that or thought that for one minute – he makes a good living and they bought that house together. This is one HW that will protect her assets in an ironclad prenup, in case things don’t work out.

    I saw the upcoming video on atlanta hw and Kendra makes an absolute fool of herself trying to imitate Phaedra at a function. Kendra really acts the fool and that hairdresser guy she hangs with just makes my a$$ tired big time – can’t stand him. The other guy that used to do Kim’s hair is a nicer person, I think.

    • princesspindy says:

      I didn’t know that Kandi and Todd bought the house together. I am finding out a lot today!

    • Beckygrey says:

      @ contessa Kendra is the owner of the house in which Kim lived. Kenya is the former Ms. USA

      • Beckygrey says:

        BTW, I saw the previews for tomorrow. Kenya comes to the Shoe dazzle with something similar to the fishnet cover-up Phaedra wore in Anguilla..Oh my I do declare! lol

    • Beckygrey says:

      Where did you get they bought the house together? Kandi said SHE paid cash for it.I don’t think Kandi would tie her money ,like that.

  23. BB says:

    Charlie sneezes on demand for a . . . carrot?

  24. Ok….happened to find this link and just had to share! Anyone needing a good chuckle this afternoon, click through. Ellen has people send in bad “glam shots” to her show and this is a link of quite a few of them HYSTERICAL! My particular favs are #2, 25, 45 (Gone With The Wind Fabulous!), 52 & 106!


    • Boobah says:

      OMG!!! Hysterical!!! #52 is so funny!!! Thanks for sharing!! LOL!

    • LA Debra says:

      I like #119 where the guys face is blocked out with a scrap of something.

    • TexasTart says:

      Thanks Mardrag, those were entertaining…funny to know Glamour Shots were so universal, similar outfits, exact same hats, lol, I saw the same hat that was in one of my poses….and the same poses they put people in across the nation! lol hilarious. And yes to what LA Debra said, that was too funny, like besides the fact why did someone send it in the first place, but to use a scrap of material to block out an ex’s face…lolololol

  25. Called A Princess... says:

    I am not sure that the house was bought with the money of both Kandi and Todd. I would need to see a receipt. These Bravo people lie without compunction. JMHO.

  26. Carole just tweeted me. She made the book for friends – 200 copies and they are all gone. Bravo does own it. And Widow’s Guide will be out in June.

  27. stellastars21 says:

    Hi everyone. Haven’t read all the comments so I hope everyone is doing well. I just posted some more stuff on ebay and I thought of sharing with you guys here. Take a look if you like. No pressure or obligation of course. Have a great day everyone.

    And wanted to say from yesterday’s blog great job Diva. Hope there is more good news to come.

  28. Jersey girl says:

    Bulldog the victim? Haha, wasn’t it Melissa who cried the victim to teresa at the reunion?
    Yes, there are behind the scenes BS he’s dealing with. I personally can’t wait for him to bring those Marcos down. They’re nasty! They whore themselves to bravo to be on a reality show while starting family trouble and faking wealth. They disgust me. Now the sisters are hoping for the same? How embarrassing for them and their families haha

  29. Exit4 says:

    For all you cat people…I’m in a quandary. 2 weeks ago Tuesday my cat (who is 16 and diabetic) suddenly lost use if his leg. He could still walk a bit but he drug the leg and it was ice cold. Went to the vet and they sent me to an emergency vet. I chose not to have specialized cardiac or neurological tests, mostly because they were $$$$$ and the vet said it would just tell us exactly what happened, even with mess, once the leg goes its not a good prognosis. I had basic tests done and he has an enlarged heart, a heart murmur and is anemic. Plus diabetic. U chose to bring him home and live out whatever time he had left here with us.

    Tues we went to the emergency vet by me (not my regular vet b/c they can’t help him) and even though they aren’t as high tech as the other EV (which was 40 min away) they’ve 99% determined cardiac issues. We splinted his leg as I was afraid he’d break it (he was going up and down steps etc) it didn’t work, he hated it and it stink like urine so I took it off today.

    In the last few days his breathing has gotten labored, which I was warned about-you can see him breathing. And this cat was once 25 lbs so he’s a big guy! I’m giving him pain killers- and my fervent hope is he’ll just nod off to sleep, smug in his kitty bed and that will be it.

    My quandary though is, with the breathing is he suffering? He’s not crying or whining, but he is purring .he does eat and drink a bit-he is using the box. However he missed earlier and urinated all over his leg and the floor. His inability to move the leg makes it hard I guess.

    I know he’s cong to the end and I’m sad for him. He’s been my pal for 14 years. He was actually more dog than cat! He used to fetch when he was younger, climb my leg for treats-even do “paw”. We had a little leash and would go outside… I have a 14 y/o healthy cat who is his BFF and she’s acting strangly….

    Do I take him and euthanize him-or wait? My son is sleeping out tonight so I would wait for him to come home, but am I fooling myself that he’ll just go on his sleep? Am I torturing him and don’t know it? Damn. These decisions are waaaay easier when it’s someone else’s pet….I’m just so twisted with this. What should I do? What would you guys do?

    • Exit4 says:

      Oops-he is 15 not 16. The girl is 14. I only had 2 glasses of wine-judging by my post you’d think I had 40! iPhones……

    • Vegas Chick says:

      Aw… I’m so sorry. Purring can be a sign of distress… read here:
      I would call the vet in the morning and ask what they would do if the cat was their’s. The diabetes worries me. I had one who I treated for about 4 years and finally had to let her go. My Gizmo is 16 so I know how hard this is.

      • Exit4 says:

        They pretty much said regardless what I do-tests, meds etc….it may prolong things, but not cure him. He more then likely won’t get use if the leg again. That’s why I chose to forgo all the pricey tests and meds. My options really are the tests (which is a no) or euthanasia. I know I have to do it, but I’m so afraid I guess to pull that trigger. What if my some miracle they’re wrong and he gets better? Not realistic, but I’m just balking.

        I said I’d never be one to spend thousands on an animal. I’ve seen so many people do it and it rarely seems to help. I’ve stuck to that…I also always said I wouldn’t let an animal suffer, but I just can’t let him go…..

        Thanks for the link-going to read now.

        • princesspindy says:

          Exit4, I am so sorry. I have done it all. Spent thousands, but my dog was young. And I have had a doggie that was older and sick and I finally had to take him to the vet… It was really hard but I knew his “quality of life” was bad and I had to do what was best for him, not me. I am just so sorry and know that you are not alone. ((((Exit4))))

          • Exit4 says:

            Thank you…believe me, if he was 5 or even 10-I’d probably bite the bullet and spend the money. Most likely if he was younger and didn’t have diabetes for almost 5 years it would be different and I’d maybe have a good result.

            Last year an insane year for us medically-I never said anything on the blog until now-but I had a baby in March. He was over a month early due to a complication called a placental abruption. He’s fine now-but he spent about a month in NICU and trust me-a vet bill is small potatoes compared to that bill! We had to do several follow ups with him, them he was back in the hospital before Christmas with pneumonia. I had an issue with hypertension 2 days after he was born which put me in the hospital for 5 more days….he’s fine. A healthy guy…but we got hammered with medical bills in the last year and much as I love this cat….I don’t work and we just can’t do it all. It’s like Sophie’s choice…

            Sorry to bum out the blog with all if this-

            • Nancy says:


              He’s prabbaly having a hard time breathing due to his cardiac issues.
              I really think it’s time. We lost a cat to heart failure and I have never forgiven myself
              because I was keeping her alive for me and that wasn’t fair so I regret it. I’m sure he
              has had a wonderful life with you. (((Excit4)))

            • trudie says:

              Exit, Congratulations on the baby! So glad that both of you are healthy.

    • BB says:

      Exit. I wish I could help you with your decision. When something like this happened with my dog a couple of years ago, I knew in my head it was the right time, even if my heart wasn’t in agreement. It also helped when the emergency vet told me I was making the right decision. No good vet is going to euthanize an animal unless they think they are suffering and probably wouldn’t live much longer, even if they were to receive some expensive treatment. It would be great if our pets would do us the favor and just go to sleep and not wake up, but it hardly ever happens that way unfortunately. That’s why we, as responsible pet owners, have to make the decision for them, as heartbraking a decision as that is. My heart goes out to you as I’ve been through it several times myself. I hope you find peace in whatever decision you make. You and your kitty cat will be in my thoughts and prayers.

      • Exit4 says:

        Thank you…my husband said kind of the same thing…that I have this romanticized idea of him going off quietly into dreamland-when the truth is sadly way more cruel. I was just so determined to give him tons of extra love because with a 5 y/o and a baby-he’s taken a kind of a backseat. Still spiked but nothing like before kids! And this cat, was a prince. He let his tail get pulled and a million other things-with me chasing behind yelling “no no no-Do nice kitty!” The baby pulled his tail the other day and he didn’t flinch. The older one keeps kissing him and I’m desperately trying to explain heaven…the only time he ever got “mean” was when the older one took his food bowl. I corrected the kid not the cat!

        I never realized how hard this was….now I do.

        • Exit4 says:

          Spoiled not spiked!

        • Rebecca says:

          Aw Exit… I can’t give you an answer but I can share my lab story.

          I had the most perfect chocolate lab in the world and loved him dearly. At age seven something was “off” and we got a diabetes diagnosis. With better food control and exercise, he kept the same insulin dose for four years. Then we saw his eyes go cloudy but he didn’t want to be less playful so he kept going. Then we had a diagnosis of glandular cancer and opted for no chemo as a couple months of longer life wasn’t worth the pain. Then at age eleven, he broke his front leg. With that came a bone cancer diagnosis. He limped along blind until January 27 of last year when he refused to eat. Being diabetic, we knew he wouldn’t last long. Our wonderful vet came to the house on his day off to put him to sleep, and there’s not a doubt in my mind that my boy wanted that. He had let us know it was time and that was the only way I got through it.

          Good luck with your decision.

    • melthehound says:

      These decisions are waaaay easier when it’s someone else’s pet….
      I didn’t read all the responses but with what you said above in mind (which I completely understand), at that age with what you describe, he may just ‘go to sleep’.. He gave you a great 14+ years and it may be time if he is really suffering.

      • Exit4 says:

        I think it is his time. No, I know it is his time. I just don’t want it to be. My loser ex boyfriend gave me this cat when I moved into my first house. Ditched the guy-kept the cat! 😉 even my non pet people parents loved him! I remember thinking when I got him that cats live 15-20 years and going OMG he’ll be here when I’m 44! I’m not 44, only 39 (ugh)-but as he goes so does my youth in a way. I have to let go to all of it-I know I’ll do the right thing-I usually do-its just a lot of reconciling.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      I’m so sorry to hear this. It’s very hard to know what to do. I’d suggest you spend as much time as possible with him and watch. You’ll know if he’s hurting. Sometimes they will get very blurry (mentally) and not be too aware. Other times something hurts and they’ll let you know. I’ve had 3 die of natural causes. If you’re there with them, that can be very hard to watch because it takes a long time and you end up wondering if THAT was it, and then they take another breath and was THAT it. Just saying it’s very hard to watch them go that way. The one I had put to sleep had had a stroke and had lost control of both back legs. The vet told me she might live like that, but the back legs would atrophy and that was quite painful. When she began to cry when her back legs were moved, it was time. But it was the hardest decision and still breaks my heart.

      Just know that you will know what to do when the time comes. Till then, love on him as much as you can. I’ll be thinking of you. (((((Exit4)))))

    • Mene Seela says:

      Dear Exit, My heart goes out to you.

      Our family has been through many end of life scenarios with our pets. Some we have 24/7 nursed until they passed quietly at home. Some we felt it was kinder to euthanize. It’s no different that with humans.
      I do agree that expensive, invasive treatments frequently don’t work and only frighten the sufferring animal.

      I’m sorry about your family’s cat friend. He’s had a happy life with you.

    • TexasTart says:


  30. Mene Seela says:

    To my thinking taking online classes is NOT the same as attended the university courses …

    Business model
    Proving there is life after the “Real Housewives of New York,” Kelly Bensimon has been accepted into business school in Boston. Her rep confirmed she’ll be doing an online MBA in business and finance at Northeastern University. We’re told Kelly is also working on a new book, and was recently signed to New York Model Management with legendary agent Marion Smith, her original agent at Ford Models more than 20 years ago. Kelly has said she has no regrets about leaving the Bravo show in 2011.

    • jezzibel says:

      except she didn’t leave the show….nutjob was fired. I suspect it’ll be her housekeeper or daughter that will be doing the online degree plan for her, I doubt she knows where the power button on her laptop is.

  31. Noelle says:

    Good Morning!

    Preparing for a long day @the rink. Wish my oldest luck.

    Yesterda, I picked my Mom up and we saw ‘Silver Linings Playbook.’ I loved it as did my mum! Great movie from my POV, We enjoyed it immensley.

    Happy Sunday and Best to all!

    • Boobah says:

      Good luck to your oldest!

      I want to see SLP sooooooooo bad. I love the song they play on the commercials also.

      Have a great day at the rink, Noelle.

      • Noelle says:

        Bless you sweets and Thank You.

        She got wiped out early! (JK) or ;( (Her beau is on the other team!!)
        SHE’s A GOALIE on a co-ed team and slipped on some ice walking in to the rink. She broke a bone in her foot.
        She’s NOT HAPPY!!
        Accidents happen, and she’s being far too hard on herself.
        She’s one ‘HELL’ of a goalie.
        (Put down popcorn and slurpee*sigh* and went to the ER instead. 😉 )

        All is as well as it can be!!

        It’s a lovely day. xo

  32. AZGirl says:

    Good morning everyone! @Exit: I am so sorry about your cat. We had to put down Ruby our dog two years ago and it is painful. Ruby was 17 years old and broke her leg chasing a….cat. The neighborhood cats had this game they played with her. They would sit up on the back wall and jump down into the yard. There would be a standoff and Ruby would take off after them. One day her leg snapped and I had no choice. I was with her and it was very peaceful holding her while she slipped away. I will thinking of you.

  33. Boobah says:

    Exit, I am so, so sorry to hear about your beloved cat. My heart goes out to you. A few years back, my cat had very similar symptoms. The use of his foot came back, but his enlarged heart was just too bad by the time it was discovered. He was only seven. It still breaks my heart today, so I can empathize very much with how you feel. These furpeople rely on us to do right for them and I am just glad that I didn’t make my sweetheart suffer. But OMG was it a hard decision!

    Your little guy had a great life. I can tell by the way you wrote your posts. (((((EXit)))))

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