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Catching up with the New Jersey Housewives by NoMoreDrama

Caroline and Lauren Manzo, and Jacqueline and Chris Laurita are in Long Beach California for a trade show (ISSE).  Caroline tweeted that Lauren is looking to expand her Cafe/Makeup bar, and Jacqueline is planning on opening a spa.  Jacqueline tweeted “Surprise” in response to Caroline’s tweet, and let twitter followers (and Suzanne Summers) know that she hadn’t packed any workout clothes, so “I cant work out with you. I only brought heels & jeans so I’m doing naked yoga with Chris. Lol!” Isn’t Suzanne Summers going to be on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this week as well? Small world.  Oh wait – it wasn’t THAT Suzanne Summers, it’s a PR person according to her twitter. Not such a small world.  Here’s a photo of the pair after their black diamond manicures at the trade show.

Jacqueline Laurita with her new manicure (Photo tweeted by  @1beautygurl)

Jacqueline Laurita with her new manicure (Photo tweeted by @1beautygurl)

Meanwhile, Albie and Christopher Manzo are in Florida doing a Whole Foods tour for BLK Water.  They will be joined by the other four (and presumably the camera crews) on Monday.  After all, why go through all the turmoil of being on housewives if you can’t promote your products?  Albie finally addressed the rumor that he’s gay.  Someone tweeted him: “bro your so fu*kin gay just admit it”  Albie’s response: “ONCE AGAIN *you’re.”  That cracks me up.

Rosie Pierri was down with the flu, tweeting this: “Oh man I just want to feel better …how long does this shit take !! Come in already.”  Dumbass Richie Wakile tweeted back: “Stop crying! your such a complainer! LOL”  Richie – what Albie said – “ONCE AGAIN *you’re.”.  Richie needs to put down twitter and walk away.  He also tweeted this gem to his son: “Hey @JosephWakile did you get a date to the junior formal yet? Inquiring minds want to know! RT if u want know?”  Leave the kid alone Richie.

Kathy Wakile has joined up with hairdresser Julius Michael to develop a hair extensions line.  Kathy is a hairdresser, although she’s played a desserts chef on the show.  Wow –  I wonder where she got the idea to do a hair extensions line.  Do you think she watches Shahs of Sunset?  Hey – did you know this line will solve all of our problems.  According to Julius:  “Girls no more bad hair days, gone are the days of “My Hair Is Not Thick Enough.”  How much market is there for clip in hair extensions?  Every time I think of GG’s launch I crack up thinking about when her ex-boyfriend pointed to her hair and said something like – hey I can see the extension – it doesn’t match.  GG’s response, why would you say that?

Meanwhile Teresa Giudice participated in a NephCure Charity Event this weekend by participating in a cycle event.  Teresa has been pretty vocal about all of her “working out”, which is probably a thorn in sister-in-law Melissa’s side, as Melissa has announced she’s making a workout video.  I hate to break it to you Melissa, but Phaedra Parks had the idea first, and there isn’t a huge market for housewives workout videos.  Something tells me people would rather watch Apollo Nida than Joey Gorga in workout attire.

Teresa, Gabriella and Miliania at SoulCycle Nephcure ride (from Teresa Guidice's twitter feed)

Teresa, Gabriella and Miliania at SoulCycle Nephcure ride (from Teresa Guidice’s twitter feed)

And then there is Bulldog, Melissa Gorga’s ex.  Here are a few of his tweets:

“Remember I never said she was a stripper or not a stripper I do know but I have not stated yet. Facts :)”

Quiet now that someone’s fighting yas back hmmm wonder what ever made u thing I wouldn’t..”

“Her definition of Jesus is $ that’s why she always says Thank u Jesus. sad”

Someone asked him: “Has she always said Thank You Jesus or is that a#RHONJ thing?”

His answer: “not once! all part of the act RHWNJ the show has been pure comedy 4me ;)”

I bought her that cross it was kind of like giving an exorcism. Lol I tried to help her..

“I’m defending me and everyone else that had a major surgery!!! It’s a hard time for family’s how dare they attack myself or anyone 4that”


Real Housewives of Atlanta Cast Blogs by HilDogAtl

(The text in italics and quotes is excerpts from cast blogs on – NMD)

Hello everyone!  I’m sorry I missed last week but guess what, are you shocked…no one blogged.  Wow, these ladies really don’t hold up their end of the bargain with Bravo.   Needless to say, I have some recaps finally for you all.  I do realize Kenya actually blogs each week normally but I think it’s because she likes reading her own words.

On a semi-related note, this past week I was going through some stuff of my father’s from when he passed last April.  As I told you all, he was a funeral director.  Well, I found his old college portrait that showed each person of the graduating class.  Well, to my dismay, who would’ve thought that I would find none other than Willie Watkins…Phaedra’s funeral director friend who is teaching her all he knows (supposedly-she hasn’t mentioned much of that  this season, guess it wasn’t drawing enough attention).  I tried to snap a pic with my phone but it was an old black and white photo and doesn’t show well.

Well without further delay…on to the blogs.


NeNe opens up that she’s missed chatting with us and letting us know that she went to the Golden Globes and she’s been filming a lot lately for her show.  She also tells us she has fallen in love with her glam baby.  Ugh.  It’s your grandbaby…I mean you can let her call you whatever you want but I digress.

This past episode was all about being an ass, LOL! Me personally, I like to roll with Team Right! Friend or no friend! Let me take you back a minute. Remember when Phaedra was going to represent Sheree in her child support case? Phaedra made it clear that she doesn’t work for free, and she supposedly had to chase sheer down for 5k before she would start the proceedings. We are all in businesses that we hope will make us money, and doing business with friends is always a tricky thing. It’s funny how the two of them pride themselves on being such business women but didn’t have enough business sense to have a contract upfront. My thoughts are this: from what I could see on the show, Phaedra didn’t think Kenya deserved to be paid. If Kenya was going to help produce Phaedra’s donkey booty video, she should be paid for her efforts and hard work! Surely Phaedra paid the men she met with.”

I personally think NeNe is wrong.  This is not what I saw.  Yes, people get paid to do work but seriously, how did Kenya really think  she deserved a percentage of sales.  She was a producer.   Not many producers get profit percentages.  Yes, she should be paid for her work but it should be a set price.  Yes, it was a little shady of Phaedra to do it the way she did but nonetheless, we only see so much and we all know Bravo likes to piece things together for added drama.

NeNe then finishes up her blog by saying if she wanted a donkey or stallion booty she would prefer stallion because it sounds better.  Ummm, what?  No it’s a male.  I don’t want a male booty.  But she says she doesn’t want either so it is what is.  She then reminds us to tune into her show that has made her the big rich star that she is.


Wow, 6 long boring pages.  I really want to like Cynthia but seriously, she is missing a few marble’s I believe so I will play nice.  She tells us she too has been busy so she is going to back track and address issues from past episodes.  Great.

Business is business, and it is never personal. Unfortunately, doing business with friends rarely ends well and usually ends up kicking you in the butt, be it donkey or stallion!  I wish Phaedra much success with her donkey booty video, however I am not (nor have I ever been) involved  in any way. The possibility of The Bailey Agency doing the casting for the video did come up in casual conversation at my PT moscato launch party at Bar One, but there were never any serious discussions or meetings with me to move forward from Kenya or Phaedra. I assumed that the dynamic duo had decided to do the casting themselves or used another company. So when my staff brought it to my attention that Phaedra had sent out a tweet saying that there was a donkey booty casting at The Bailey Agency, I shut it down immediately. I would never assume that I was entitled to a free service of any kind from any of the ladies’ businesses and will always expect the same in return. Casting is one of the many services that we provide at The Bailey Agency and of course we get paid a fee to do it. Once my position was clear in regards to the casting, the rest of the dialogue was between Kenya and Phaedra. Donkey booty or stallion booty, no one in this group is a jack ass when it comes to their business or money! Kenya and Phaedra are both strong, smart women, and I have every confidence that they will work it out! No pun intended.”

Well I think that Cynthia handled this situation very professionally.  I would have been livid had someone tweeted about my business and asked people to show up and I wasn’t in the loop.  What was Phaedra thinking?  Oh wait, she wasn’t.  And of course, if Cynthia was going to cast anything she too would want a fee.  The whole scene seemed a little odd to me but again, just my opinion

Cynthia then touches on the success of the children’s modeling assignment and how it was a big deal.  She then talks in syllables as she discusses Ayden and that even if that runway was made out of gummy bears, without his toys and sippy cup he wasn’t walking down the aisle.  She then tells us that there is definitely a reason why he is called “Prince Ayden”.  I personally thought it was a pretty cute scene and Phaedra’s son is adorable.  We have all been there and had to spell out the words around kids!

“Am I Team Stallion or Team Donkey?

Neither! I don’t want a donkey booty or a stallion booty. I am very happy with the one that God gave me. As a matter of fact, I would be more interested in a butt video that focused on making my butt a little smaller! I have MORE than enough going on in that department and would hate to see it get any bigger than it already is! However, if I had to choose between the two, I would say stallion. I just think stallion sounds more flattering than donkey. I have been called a stallion before, and it was always meant as a compliment. I think I would actually be offended if I was referred to as a donkey in any way. Sorry, nothing personal against donkeys! There is no reason for me to pick sides, as I will have no financial gain from the success of either. I support both. Good luck to both asses! 

Side Note: Just because I would prefer to be called a stallion as opposed to a donkey does not mean I am now best friends with Kenya. No way, Jose! I just like the name better, period. Since Kenya apologized in Anguilla for acting a fool at the JET casting and Phaedra apologized for butt dial, I have been good with them both.

Do I think Kenya stole Phaedra’s idea?


Do I think it’s right?

It’s really none of my business, that’s between them. Kenya and Phaedra got themselves in this mess, and they will figure out how to get out of it! I do have my opinion, and it is this: Business is business! The deal went bad, feelings got involved, and they are no longer friends. Now it’s strictly business, and the best video will speak for itself”.

I can’t believe it…I’m 100% agreeing with Cynthia.  Yes, it was bad business on both ends but in the end the better video will speak for itself.  I wouldn’t want either booty personally…a rock hard firm booty would be nice!   No need for stallion or donkey. Ugh.  And I love how she had to insert the side note because I couldn’t be friends with Kenya…she just rubs me in all the wrong ways.

Cynthia then tells us that she and Phaedra are cool but she is still getting to know her.  People think they have been friends forever but that isn’t the case.  They are in a good place and they support each other.  She wishes her success and she thinks she is a riot b/c she owns her own craziness.  She then inserts a bit of a jab after the niceties she just spoke and I have to share:

Side Note: When I told Phaedra about what happened with Kenya after the JET casting, she didn’t seem particularly interested. Although I never asked anyone to pick a side or a team or get The Bailey Agency tattooed on their chest, it felt like to me that Phaedra was just a little too excited to embrace Kenya right after the whole thing went down. Just telling you how it felt. She told me that she thought Kenya was just so much fun! I remember laughing and saying to her, “Yeah, let’s see how much fun you will think she is when she comes for you!” Guess y’all are not having fun anymore?

Being Two-Faced?

I make every effort to support Phaedra in everything that she does, but it takes more than that to have an actual friendship. How is joking around with Kenya about donkey butts talking about Phaedra behind her back? One of the things I like about Phaedra is that she is funny, and I definitely think she can take a joke. Phaedra and I are still getting to know each other, and until we are truly friends, I don’t feel like we owe each other anything”

Wow-all I can say is wow.  I definitely don’t think that there was anything wrong with Cynthia speaking to Kenya about it, it meant nothing but I have to say, Phaedra does throw shade on everyone.  I think if anyone is two faced, it is Phaedra.  I mean lets see, she lied about when she was due with her son, she denied the butt dial incident and barely could apologize for being wrong.

Side note: In my opinion, Kenya has a better body, proportion wise. I did not say a better butt! I was blessed with the opportunity to see Phaedra’s naked butt (draped in fish net) up close and personal for almost a whole day in Anguilla. I will never forget what it looks like, and let me just tell you, that thang is super tight! No cellulite and jiggle free. Now until I see Kenya’s butt in the flesh, I have to give the actual butt trophy to Phaedra!”

Well said!  I do like Kenya’s body but can’t stand her butt.  Rumor has it that she has butt implants too.  Ugh.

She then summarizes several questions that really isn’t worth the time.  Such as who was at the fashion show, etc.  She also tells us she was at the hair show to promote her new line of weave.  Wow, they are all hawking hair on all these reality shows.


Oh boy, she just needs to speak for herself for her opening.

When Apollo asked Phaedra what will happen to our friendship if we can’t work together, Phaedra’s response was, “Well the good thing is we haven’t been friends that long.”  That says it all. She didn’t say I’d hate for that to happen and hope that business would not interfere with our relationship. Or, I value Kenya’s friendship, etc. Her heartless answer shows she could not care less about me or our so-called friendship. I thought the world of her and only wanted to please her. Regrettably, I moved forward without a contract in hopes of impressing her with my production expertise, passion, ideas, and specialized skill set and was shocked and appalled when she turned on me after learning of my own video plans when she refused to pay me.

As Cynthia noted, she, NeNe, and Kim all have competing wines. There is no need to act like crabs in a barrel and Phaedra does not hold the copyright to all fitness videos. Whether or not Phaedra thinks I stole her idea or not gives her no right to attack or demean me. This is where she crossed an unforgivable line.  Phaedra stated that I “drink like a fish, I was drunk, my booty is fake, and I’m bipolar.” ALL BOLDFACE LIES! 

-I’ve NEVER been drunk a day in my life! This is so absurd and hateful it’s laughable.

-My behind is REAL. I work hard for this body and it’s built from sweat and dedication to fitness, not a plastic surgeon’s scalpel.

-I have no mental disorder or chemical imbalance and have never been diagnosed with nor taken any anti-psychotic medications. Furthermore, there are people who greatly suffer from these serious life threatening illness, and shame on Phaedra for making a mockery of mental illness.”

Did she watch the same program we did?  Did her fake boyfriend Walter not say on camera in Anguilla “Kenya, have you taken your meds?”.  Yes, we heard it…yes, it was wrong the way Phaedra handled herself but for Kenya to just try and one-up her is tacky and classless.  Come up with an original idea to make some money.

Wow, then she goes on to say that Phaedra’s words on the show hurt her tremendously and that its defamation of character.  She tells that competent attorneys know they shouldn’t insert lies about people and that if she is the devil’s sister then Phaedra is the devil herself.  Hold up, this woman is getting on my last nerve.  She is simply acting.  This is all an act for her to stay relevant.  First it’s fights with Cynthia, then Porsha and now Phaedra.  I can’t take it.  She’s not a very good actress if I’m seeing right through this. She then reiterates that she wasn’t  trying to get rich off the video, just do what is right.

Phaedra refers to me as being a “D-Lister” yet, this D-List producer secured a distribution deal for her with the #1 company in the world. This D-lister got her a deal with a phone call and a pitch and successfully would have paid for her video in its entirety. This D-lister was able to get my own video shot and distributed on the laurels of my reputation alone.  Phaedra failed to do all of the above. She used a production company in Los Angeles who had experience, but didn’t have enough influence to get any proposal to cover her production cost nor secure a worldwide distribution deal. However, I, the D-lister, did that with my eyes closed. So who is the D-Lister now”

I’m sorry I haven’t done much research but I haven’t seen this booty video of Kenya’s.  Maybe she does have one but I think she’s tooting her own horn here.  She ain’t THAT good.  She goes on to totally trash Phaedra’s video and that she would be a fool to walk away from a video.  She says that Phaedra’s video is a gimmick and that an overall workout is what is needed and you have to hit the gym a lot and eat healthy (like frozen dinner’s from Trader Joe’s?).  This woman is delusional.  She then goes on a tangent about how in her research she divised plans that had been backed, yada, yada.

She ends with this….can’t wait for tonight.  Oh and her 42nd birthday was on the 24th.  Good for her.

We are all businesswomen (most of us) who deserve respect for our efforts alone. I wish Phaedra well in her many erratic endeavors. However, shady Phae Phae will have to answer to the hate and lies she has been spreading about me. You will not want to miss the next episode. DON’T GET STUPID AND I WON’T GET CRAZY!”

How does one “get crazy” when they are already crazy?


I can’t believe it guys, Kandi wrote 5 pages.  I guess all the ladies are playing catch up.  Kandi shares with us that her and Todd are now engaged and that it happened on New Year’s.  She also tells us that she is very happy that NeNe and Gregg are now engaged and she is very happy for them.  She tells us that she now has tons of planning to do and she isn’t sure if she wants a big or small wedding, out of town and the like.  She’s afraid if it was in Atlanta, it would be way over the top due to all the people here that are in her life.  (Honey, it’s hard to do, wish I could just elope).  She then prefaces that now that she is engaged she is going to back track and speak on stuff regarding marriage that occurred in earlier episodes.

Since I’m newly engaged, I’m going to touch on a couple of things in the last couple of episodes that would be related to marriage and family. First I’ll go back to my conversation with Porsha about pre-nups. I do believe in pre-nups. I know that some people feel if you are truly in love and are planning to be dedicated to your marriage that a pre-nup somehow means the person requesting the pre-nup is expecting the marriage to fail. I don’t agree. I feel like it’s a safety precaution. Just like if you have a fire extinguisher in your home it doesn’t mean you expect it to burn down, but you’re just prepared to put out the fire before it starts if need be. I’ve had friends and associates who didn’t get a pre-nup say “they didn’t need one,” “she or he would never do that,” etc. But then later when they got divorced, things got ugly, and the person tried to get everything, they were like, “I would have never thought they would have done that to me,” “she or he is not the person I married,” blah, blah, blah. I feel like people do some crazy and vindictive things when they’re hurt, so I think there should be agreements set in place while everyone is thinking clearly. That way if D-day ever comes (and hopefully it won’t, but if it does), then it doesn’t have to get uglier and more hurtful than it already is.”

I’ve touched on this before but seriously, when you have as much as Kandi has to lose, she would be stupid not to have a pre-nup.  Now, for little old people like me, not so much.

Kandi then pretty much goes off on Wendy Williams discussing Kandi’s parenting skills on her show and that while of course she would love to have the traditional relationship with child, husband and home, that wasn’t in the cards for her.  She feels like she shouldn’t be judged.  Her and Riley have always had an amazing relationship and she shares things with her.

personally feel if you’ve never been a single parent or the child of a single parent household, then don’t pass judgment. You cannot relate to my situation. I have been a single mom, and I was raised in a single parent home. 

What works for me and my daughter may not work for everyone, but I will try to shed some light on how we’ve done things. My daughter and I had a long talk one day, and she told me that she wanted to meet the guys that I was considering dating when we were in the just friends phase. I said to her no that’s not cool because she doesn’t need to meet every guy I date. I didn’t want her to see different men coming around. In response she said, “Well if they are just your friend, then there’s nothing wrong with me meeting them, but I don’t want you to wait until you love them for me to meet them, because what if I don’t like them? Then you may not want to break up with him, and I’ll be unhappy.”

I think Kandi has done a great job on her own with Riley.  She is a very well-rounded girl who is growing into being a lovely young lady.

That took me back to when I was a kid, and I remembered my mom had a boyfriend that my brother and I hated. She really liked him, but he was so mean in our minds. She kept him around for a while but eventually dumped him because of us. Once my dad married this woman that I thought was horrible. When I was at their house she said something really mean to me one day, and I didn’t feel like my dad took up for me. When I went back home to my mom’s house, I never wanted to go back over there to my dad’s house again. Looking back on my childhood and how I felt as a kid, I totally understood where my daughter was coming from.  I made a vow from the time she was born that if any man couldn’t love my daughter and treat her with love, then he would get dropped like a bad habit. I don’t feel like a kid should meet every person that their parent dates, but if it’s someone you see yourself wanting to get serious with, then why not? Meeting them doesn’t mean you’re being intimate or inappropriate in front of your kids. If you date someone for two years and you’re deeply in love and ready to get married before you introduce them to your child, but then they meet your child and you see they aren’t good with kids or they are mean or they really just don’t connect with your child, would you still marry them? I wouldn’t. So that would have been two years wasted for me. 

Well everyone has to do what works for them, and this is what has worked for me and my daughter.  Todd asked Riley for her blessings before he proposed to me, and she was standing right there for moral support when he popped the question. It meant everything to me that she was happy about it. I believe that Todd will be a great step-father to Riley like my step-dad Leroy Jones was to me. I wrote a song about him on my last album. If you get a chance, go to iTunes and download Leroy Jones. I describe real moments from my childhood and how he was there for me and my brother. Great men do exist.”

Do you guys also think it so awful that Kandi is having to justify and explain herself?  Of all the ladies on this show, she is by far the richest financially and spiritually in my eyes.  She is a grounded woman and has had many successes but doesn’t change.

She then goes onto say that the whole Phaedra/Kenya thing is stupid and she had many tweets asking why she isn’t sympathizing with Kenya b/c the situation is the same as like with her and Kim.  She tells us that it is so far from the truth b/c she was never, ever paid anything from Kim and that Phaedra was going to pay Kenya up front.  She  says that it was Kenya’s own choosing to not accept the terms.   She tells us that where her problem with Kenya comes in is that yes, she may have a deal for a video but for it to be so incredibly similar to Phaedra’s was where it went all wrong in her eyes.  She could have focused on another segment of the workout world.  She says that even with Kim, she had the music and all but she would never release a similar song b/c it is just bad business.  She then also eludes that this week’s episode is so full of drama it is going to be so good.


Phaedra opens her blog telling us that she attended the inauguration and MLK festivities in DC and she felt so proud to be a citizen of the U.S. and that MLK changed the lives of so many.  I agree, MLK did so much and opened so many doors for all minorities including women.

“In this week’s episode, my husband and I made some choices. After meeting with several production companies, we chose to use Watch it Now (WIN) to produce our Phine Body workout video series. After meeting with Will Hobbs and Darren Capik and reviewing their extensive resume, we decided they were the most qualified company. They are one of America’s leading fitness video production companies touting sales of over 30 million fitness videos a year. This fact along with their equally impressive client list, which includes notable fitness icons such as Jane Fonda, Billy Blanks, Suzanne Somers, and Tara Stiles, assured me that they were the perfect company for us. Surprisingly, we were able to do two videos for less than the price Kenya quoted us for one. Even with the lower production rate and better expertise, they never asked for a back end percentage or any ownership in our video, but most importantly, the production was seamless. They effortlessly worked out all the details with no drama, which was quite refreshing. Their customer service and staff were equally as professional.”

Hmmm…don’t you guys think that says a lot?  She got two for the price of one and this company actually does this for a living.  They aren’t an actress/producer/director/model, etc.  They got a good deal and they had famous backing.  I’d go for it too.  You owe nobody a thing.

Well guys, that was quick, she tells us she appreciates the support and in two weeks there will be another set of videos that will be delivered.  She doesn’t touch on anything with Kenya and the like.  I can only imagine what this week’s episode will bring and how her blog will be.  I guess we will see soon!  Have a great week everyone!



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      Stella I looked at your moms jewelry. Very nice. She does good work.

      • stellastars21 says:

        Thank you. She’s one of those annoying people that’s good at everything. Lol. I say annoying cause then people think cause I’m her daughter that I can do the same things and then it’s disappointing to say no I can’t do that too. But anyway since her aneurysm she likes to take up hobbies. She was a seamstress before professionally as well as a cook (cook not chef in case Kelly is reading since she never heard of my mom I’m sure. Lol) so she does that to for fun and now she makes jewelry.

    • stellastars21… thanks for the vote of confidence…. countdown to Tuesday a/m
      and what’s funny… last week I reapplied online for some openings at our local Home Depot..recieved an email late last night with a confirmation number to call Atlanta and do the PRE interview before they send me to the store itself.. it’s for an opening in the kitchen/bath design center…so what the H…I’ll call Monday a/m and see what happens..
      like mr ford says, can’t hurt to have a few irons in the fire…
      I would however , prefer to work for the Contractor , as there is the off chance that I could also possibly be able to design and draw plans for clients…MY TRUE PASSION.. and a great pay day when that happens.. plus… my ward robe is more suited to working in an office…I have close to 30 plus dresses and very few dresses allowed at Homey for
      EXIT…. I am so sorry about your having to deal with the potential loss of your beloved is a difficult decision for sure.. mr ford lost his beloved Bubba last Feb.. ( black lab and his 50th bee day gift to him ) best pet we ever loyal and loving..he was almost human I swear.. you’ll know when the time comes which decision you have to make….
      hope everyone has a great’s sunny and GORGEOUS here in fla today , so off to do some yard work and catch some rays…would love to go fishing , but mr ford over did HOUSEWORK ( go figure ) yesterday so his knee is swollen again..tried to explain to him to do this kind of stuff a little at a time over the course of a few days instead of gang banging and doing it all in one day..MEN…they never listen.. so’s old movie viewing day for him till the PRO BOWL @ 7…..

      hugs and peace

      • Hey Diva…you go girl! Get as many irons in the fire as you can, then you can choose which one has the best spark. But your Tuesday opportunity sounds great for you, so I send magical energy out there that it happens for you just the way you want it. You deserve it Lady!!

        Hope Mr. Ford’s knee gets better quickly. Men! 😛 Enjoy your time outdoors today!

      • stellastars21 says:

        Yes it is wise to apply lots of places. Plus it is great to be in demand isn’t it. Lol. I’m sure a lot of places would find you a real asset to their company. I hope you get the one you want because there is nothing better than doing what you love.

      • Powell says:

        Diva you are the Ever Ready Rabbit. 🙂 I know you are going to get one of those. I have a feeling Mr Ford is going to listen to you from now on.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      The amber earrings are my favorite.

  3. Powell says:

    OMG!!! Why can’t these people be original? I know they can’t ‘steal’ these ideas cause there’s no patent on the IDEA but they do just steal each other’s ideas.

    • stellastars21 says:

      I hear you cause how many people need two or three of the same stuff. Usually people who watch the different cities are the same audience so they are marketing the same ideas to the same people basically. That doesn’t seem like good business if you wanna make a living off of the sales.

    • kit9 says:

      And nobody steals like Teresa. She not only stole Bethenny’s idea of a cook book but stole the name Skinny to boot. She could have been ‘healthy Italian’, ‘fit italian’ or any other half dozen names, but no. And, then she had the balls to deny she took it from Bethenny.

      • Eve says:

        While I like Bethenny she doesn’t own that word. I think there are other products out there besides Teresa Guidice’ that use the word skinny.

      • Rebecca says:

        Bethenny’s empire is built around a drink she didn’t even invent herself.

        • PJ says:

          I think she did invent the drink herself. We saw it come about on the show.

          • amalfi says:

            It is a low carb margarita… there have been many others… just none as successfully marketed as hers, but to say she invented is a big stretch.

      • rabblerouser2010R says:

        Before Bethany, there was a book called “Skinny Bitch” or something to that extent.

        • amalfi says:

          Yes, exactly. WELL before Bethenny. If we want to get really judgy, one might note the diet principles in Skinny Bitch were vegetarian based as well,,

      • Sasha says:

        Kit9, I too think the cook book naming was pure copy cat but a good move to get some books sold. No need to deny it. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

  4. stellastars21 says:

    I’m really sorry you’re going through all that with your beloved pet. I’m sure whatever decision you make will be the right one.

  5. Mel says:

    Teresa was doing the fitness video first….as she was doing press about her work outs and how her healthy cookbooks tie into her work out routine etc. I think T was gearing up to announce the dvid work out and that is why MElissa quickly tweeted tha she is doing one….it was a passive agressive attack to push Teresa’s buttons.

  6. Jette Scott says:

    Just. A little FYI….I can’t believe all the products are getting into!!…soon the shows will just be one big infomercial!

    Sent from my iPad

    • Rebecca says:

      And who wants to watch a bunch of nasty, drunk, foul-mouthed women and their infomercials?
      No one!

    • Powell says:

      Hi Jette. “One big infomercial.” LOL. Sent from my iPad. 🙂 Just teasing you.

    • So funny! I was reading the comments from bottom to the top and I said the same thing about the infomercial. Maybe I come here so much that I just absorb other people’s comments without reading them. But it is so weird how they are all trying to sell stuff… it shows me that housewives aren’t really that rich. Why not just come on the show and have fun?

  7. Good Morning Everyone1

    I just read last night comments on the last blog….and so sorry to hear what you are going through Exit4. I hope today brings more clarity on your decision as well as the knowledge that, your pet has lived a wonderful life with you that it might not have had otherwise, and it will go into it’s afterlife with contentment knowing how loved and appreciated it was. If it is necessary to help it into that afterlife, I pray for the strength you need to flow through you and for you to find closure and peace at hand. Many Hugs to you!!

    Thanks for another great blog today NMD and HilDogAtl for the always humorous blog recaps!

    Wishing everyone a delightful Sunday! 🙂

    New post, “Sunday Inspiration”, is up at my place. Enjoy!

  8. Felicia says:

    It is finally warming up here, I don’t think I could of taken another 0 degree day.
    Anyway just one comment:
    I thought when P/K were talking about the DONKEY video, it was just that talking. I was under the inpression that there was no contract. That P/A were looking for people to work with.
    Maybe I’m crazy and didn’t understand it all. These ladies drive me crazy!!!
    I don’t like Alanta very much..
    Thanks for all the updates.

    • Powell says:

      Felicia that’s what I thought and asked that question on the live chat. I didn’t understand why Kenya was so upset. I was,like “did they sign a contract?”. And who told Kenya to do the actual set design?

  9. Noelle says:

    I left a post for you on the the last blog.

    Blessings Boo 😀

    • Boobah says:

      I just read it – OMG!!! She broke her foot?!? I am so sorry to hear that – is she okay?? I take it, she didn’t get a chance to play at all. Poor thing!

      What a morning you had! I hope she is home and comfortable now.


      • Noelle says:

        Yes, she broke 2 bones in her foot as well as her ankle.
        She’s home now, and the other team are here now too.
        Too many boys here, her “friend~boy” is NOT happy! (I call him that)

        • Noelle says:

          *RUBS HANDS*
          Que evil laugh..BAWAAAAA!!!!!

          • Boobah says:

            OMG – you are too funny!! Too many boys…LOL!
            Yikes – three broken bones! Your poor DD! Sounds like she is handling it well though – and she has plenty of company today! 🙂

            I hope she heals swifty and without complication. Now, tell one of those boys to go out and get you a slurpee and some popcorn!!! 😀

            • Noelle says:

              How appropriate, My car won’t start.
              It’s a lease, All is good.
              I can moniter this “fandom!.”
              I’ts downright uncomfortable now.
              She’s grew up to be a very beautiful goaliei!!! OY!

          • Noelle says:

            I’m kidding…
            Off to show Mom what’s left of Detroit. Soo Sad though.
            We’ve been on an excursion all week. (East Side /West Side)…if only I could fit these landmarks in my trunk!!!)Tee-Hee….*runs away and hides*
            ASK Mel—-> ASK MEL—–>>>> (pssst.. ask him about Kwame, the ‘chosen’ One!!)

            • Sasha says:

              Noelle, I was born and raised in Detroit. We were there about 10 years ago and it was a sad dilapidated sight. I guess it didn’t help that we were there for a funeral and it was a cold and gray week. At least I have my memories.

              • Noelle says:

                Wow, I wish and I SOOO wish that Detroit could be restored to it’s former BEAUTY!

                Unfortunately, It’ll never happen. I will atest to, that the homes, still standing would make my home here, look like a clapboard.
                The architicure here alone is beyond amazing…. of any in our country.
                It’s to bad it went to hell in a hand~basket.

            • looneylucy says:

              Noelle, I’ve been downtown Detroit. I’ve been alone, scared to death when I missed an exit and ended up in a less than desirable area. Scaaarry! BUT, you’re right, the architecture of the old bldgs is remarkable (I’d love to erase the word “amazing” for awhile).

              On another note, I hope the former Mayor of Detroit, Kwame Kilpatrick, is found guilty and spends many years behind bars.

        • Powell says:

          Oh Noelle your poor baby! A speedy recovery to her.

        • rabblerouser2010R says:

          On no..I feel for her…I just recently broke two toes and that was agony. I can’t imagine what it would be like to have the entire foot and ankle fractured. I am wishing her a speedy recovery.

  10. plainviewsue says:

    Did I read correctly? Now Kathy Wak is doing a hair extension line? Just keep going for your piece of the pie Fishface!

    What happened to your cannollis? What a riot. She, like Jill Zarin, will keep trying until she gets one endorsement deal successful. Which translates to NEVER!!!

    Mel is right. Tre was talking about a work out DVD long before Mego made her announcement.

    • Powell says:

      Sue you read right. Maybe they would have success if the ideas were original.

    • VV says:

      Rockstar Sue!
      Kathy is competing with GG now. As long as her husband is around, none of those projects will take off. He is a liability to her business/image.
      Mel is only doing what she know a best…Copy Tre.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        She can’t escape the Filthy Fly Factor.

      • rabblerouser2010R says:

        Doesn’t Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian also have a hair extension line?
        Talk about a saturated market of talentless hacks beating a dead horse.

        None of these women are going to achieve the success that Bethenny or Teresa has reached. Bethenny brought to the market something that DID NOT EXIST before her, a low cal margarita on top of having a strong following. Teresa had a strong following and brought out a low cal Italian cook book (while I am sure those existed before, it was the first within the franchise)

  11. Powell says:

    I’m watching BH. Yolanda & Mohammed & their girls having fun together was great. I really hope that is how their relationship is.

  12. Powell says:

    Have you all seen Bravo is having a new show about Shrinks on? I’m pretty sure I won’t be watching it.

    • Rebecca says:

      Brilliant. A show about a profession where all the clients and info is required to be kept confidential.

      Wasn’t there a South Park episode where a show’s plot lines were thought out by manatees? What morons are green lighting these shows and plots at Bravo?

  13. VV says:

    I don’t watch the Shas, for those of you that do. They want to Vegas last year and this year. Did they at The Palms?

    • chismosa says:

      VV they were not at the Palms. They were on the main strip, but I forget the name of the one they went to.

      Palms is still off-strip, right ? Next to Hard Rock? That’s where it was years ago when I was there for my last bachelorette party.

  14. VV says:

    Ken posted on FB that Lisa is coming up with ‘Vamderpump Vodka’. He included a pic of the bottle.

  15. Sasha says:

    Exit, sorry to hear about your pet. I made the choice about 2 years ago to let my Maine Coon die at home. Makes me tear up just typing that.

    It is plain to see that Bulldog wants attention, sympathy and to be on NJ Housewives. Since NJ is the show for taking someone down I say get him a big house and a leased car and bring him on.

    Nene does not like Phaedra and she will never be on her side. I have heard her say many times that she does like Apollo but never the same about Phaedra.

    Kenya has got to know that this show has been career suicide for her. She’d better hope they offer her another season so she can repair the damage because twirling is not a career.

    Cynthia thinks whatever Nene thinks. That is all.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Sorry about your Maine Coon. Very sad to lose a beloved pet. Well, Kenya is trying to make twirling a career/product. The “song” is hilarious.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      I have a Maine Coon, as of last June. A 10-year old purebred who was left at the humane society. Supposedly was a family’s cat, but she’s only now learning how to really be a cat — like sleeping on the bed and playing. She’s wonderful, and I have no idea how anyone could abandon her.

  16. Hello all! I usually just lurk, but I just read on TMZ that Lisa H. (Miami) is suing an internet commenter for saying that she was an escort/did soft porn. Have you guys seen this yet??? I’m only a law student (NOT a lawyer, so I have no idea), but it seems to me that this law suit could have teeth. Kinda scary and very interesting for the reality blogosphere. Yikes!

  17. Donna says:

    Someone mentioned that MeGo is promoting a vodka, it is the same brand that Taylor promoted. Did anyone see the brand name of the vodka that Moe gave to Paul? Was it Voli?

    • lizzle says:

      Taylor promoted PDiddy’s Ciroc vodka and Mo gave Ken a bottle of Gin. Did Mo give Paul something as well? I only watch scattered episodes so I might of missed that one. The housewives are a like one gigantic infomercial.

    • chismosa says:

      I believe it’s Voli, a low-calorie vodka, fairly new on the market. I saw tweeted images of the Manzo boys with them too. Fergie also backs it, not sure if she’s an investor in it or just spokesperson.

  18. VV says:

    Some LeAnn fan tweeted:
    “@leannrimes nothing is more precious than spending moments with ur boys making memories. Ur a great mum!! What a beautiful family cudos”
    When told those are not LeAnn’s kids. The LER fan replied:
    “@leannrimes U don’t have 2 give birth 2 a child to love, nurture, care, teach or guild them. It’s take a village. Buy the book.”

    After the exchange with others Brandi finally decides to chime in with:
    “oh you mean me? I think all the songs are about the affair and me. She wrote an album I wrote a book.”

  19. Exit4 says:

    Well, last night was mediocre at best and today was worse….so I finally made the decision and its time for my friend and first real pet (never had pets growing up-unless you count a pink kissy fish. Which lived for three years!) to go home.

    Already called ahead and will be leaving within the hour. The 5 y/o said goodbye and has asked to come with me. I know some people won’t agree but I’m going to let him. Mostly because I have a friend whose parents put her beloved dog down when she was at school. To spare her the pain. We were maybe in third or fourth grade. She never forgave them and we’re pushing 40!

    So today is the end if his life. I’m really going to miss him. Thank you for all if your kind words……it really helped.

  20. looneylucy says:

    (((Exit 4))). This poem, Rainbow Bridge, gave me much comfort when we lost our four-legged boy.

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