Ronnie Negus of Real Housewives of Vancouver – My Cast Mate Tried to Steal my Business Deal / Dance Moms Recap

Ronnie Negus of Real Housewives of Vancouver claims Cast Mate tried to steal her deal / Melissa Gorga’s ex Starting to Talk  / Kim Richards dishes about her Castmates – Gossip by NoMoreDrama

Real Housewives of Vancouver:  Real Housewives of Vancouver is set to air Season 2 next week, and the claws are coming out.  Ronnie Negus is already coming out swinging against one of her castmates.  Last night she tweeted, “In finding out Again my cast mate tried 2 steal a deal I was offered right out from under my feet I can only hope she finds inner peace.”  What is it with the housewives and stealing each other’s business deals?  Gretchen and Lynn Curtain had a fight over purses – NeNe and Sheree had an issue over speaking fees – Gretchen and Alexis and the TV News Segment, and now we’ve got dueling bootie videos.

Ronnie seems to have some fans, and she retweeted many of their responses to her.  Some supportive, and some bashing her cast mate.  She didn’t confirm names so we’re led to believe she was talking about best friend – former best friend – worst enemy – Mary Zilba, who is also returning for Season 2.   I can not wait for this show to return.  I’m hoping MTH will be able to figure out a way for those of us that aren’t in Canada to watch it.

Melissa Gorga’s Ex-Boyfriend is Starting to Talk:  Melissa Gorga’s ex boyfriend Bryan “Bulldog” has been active on twitter ever since Famewhorgas (blog) wrote about him.  Rumors that Mel had lived with an ex-boyfriend with an alleged coke addiction had been swirling on the internet, but rumors are rumors and I’ve learned not to believe them.  However, there does appear to be an ex-boyfriend (no big deal), and he does appear to have a history with addiction (he’s clean now) and he does seem to confirm in his latest tweets that Melissa did live with him.  He also claims that her sister (not clear which one) stalked him – hid in his bushes, went through his parent’s mail, and ran him over with a car.  He claims there were witnesses, and that her (Melissa’s) mom apologized.  You can read all about it in his tweets below.

All of this is alleged as he doesn’t actually name names, and he could turn around and say he was talking about something completely different.  So read into it what you will.  Bulldog has said on twitter that he has a non-cancerous brain tumor.  He had an operation in the fall, but they couldn’t remove it completely. It sounds like he has been told that he’ll have a follow-up operation.  I don’t know if this is why he’s talking now, or if things are going on behind the scenes that are making him mad.  He does mention a phone call in his latest tweets.  Last week he tweeted that Kim (Mel’s sister) had called a friend of his and asked the friend to talk to him and keep him from spilling all their secrets.  Later he said that he had been told that they weren’t worried about him because they thought he was going to die soon.  It’s all very sad and I don’t understand what sort of friend would tell him that (even if the sister actually said it).

Below are the latest tweets:

“Seems like some people get so caught up in themselves & there own world. They forget what world they’re actually in. Hamsters in space”

“talk about obsession we all know how obsessed your sis was with me. Hiding in bushes,running me over wit a car going through my parents mail”

“And lets really not talk about who has no life ..bottom feeders lmao eating hamsters crumbs”

“May I keep going cause I made it clear I’m not even warmed up yet.. :)”

(Yes please)

“Plenty of witness’s”

“Wait I know I got them going crazy cause I’m starting to speak.. Ohhh lol stop sweating me!!”

“If u wouldn’t have attacked my surgery and wished me dead yas would of had another pass.. NOT THIS TIME!!! This is for all who have had1 :)”

A few hours later

“Now that was just an interesting phone call lmao”

Asked if there were any police reports, he answered:

“lol No iam no cop caller not my style.Her mother had to apologize 2myparents”

” we lived with my parents 4 the 1st 8 months my father threw her out so her mother came lol yas have no idea”

“Put herself through school don’t make laugh.She moved here for 1 reason not to let me out of her sight.Lol it’s all lies people. ALL!!!”

“Time and a place for everything just know the phone call was an atomic bomb 💣and not for me 🙂 tick tick tick lol”

“This is what I had to go through up next lol”

“Have a great night everyone going to sleep. It was fun :)”

Kim Richards dishes about how her Castmates made her feel.  Kim Richards answered an on-camera question for OK Magazine.  In her long and rambling answer, Kim says that she has forgiven Brandi Glanville for Brandi calling her a meth head on National TV, but that it was one of the worst things that had ever happened to her.  Kim explains that Brandi apologized to her, and Kim decided that in order to move on she needed to let her anger go and truly forgive Brandi.  Kim also apologized to Brandi for her part in the altercation.

Viewers may remember that Kim arrived to Pam/Dana’s party in an anxious state and spent a lot of time in the bathroom.  She was clearly in something of an altered state (do I need to say allegedly for allegedly for that?) and later admitted to being on a variety of prescription drugs.  According to sister- Kyle Richards, her breath did not smell of alcohol and her drink was alcohol free that night, however Kim has since come out in public as an alcoholic, completed rehab, and has been alcohol free for the past year.

Kim also talks about not being true friends with any of her other castmates.  She says she finds it difficult to trust them because they were nice to her face but said mean things behind her back.  I’m not sure if she’s spent enough time with any of them to call them friends.  Most of her filming this in the past two years has been in her own home with random people.  I am confused by why she is still on the show.


Dance Moms Season 3 – Revenge of the Replacements By: adelaidesmommy

from Melissa's twitter

from Melissa’s twitter

Are you ready for another week? We’re back in Pittsburgh with the Abby Lee Dance Company (ALDC). The show starts with a call from Devon (from last week’s competition) who informs Abby Lee Miller (ALM) that Maddie & Kendall didn’t win the duet last week. He tells her that the scores were miscalculated and they were actually in second place.

The moms/girls join ALM in the studio for pyramid and she breaks the news about the duet. Sophia is still in L.A. for a television show. It’s time for pyramid. Here’s how it breaks down (starting form bottom):dance-moms-cast-3-season-3

  • Kendall – ALM says she didn’t do a good job filling in for Sophia.
  • Maddie – ALM says duets are a team and she’s there because of Kendall.
  • Nia – ALM says she did an okay job, but the feet aren’t getting better.
  • Paige – ALM says she placed in the top five and that’s an improvement.
  • Chloe – ALM said she stood out in the group dance, but overall it wasn’t fabulous. She says if Christi was more honest with Chloe like she used to be, Chloe would continue to improve.
  • Mackenzie (top of the pyramid) – ALM rewards her with letting her back into the group routine.

There is no picture of Brooke or Sophia. This proves the point that you aren’t in the pyramid if you don’t perform. So, I’m hoping the moms will squash complaints about this going forward.

This week, the girls are headed to In10sity dance in Woodbridge, Virginia. ALM informs that that two of the replacement girls will be at the competition – Kaeli (mom is Glo) and Bella (mom is Marcia). Boo! These are the ladies that made sweetheart Ally cry. Not a fan. Mackenzie gets a solo and will be the feature in the group routine because it will be acrobatic (acro). Yes! Finally something that isn’t slow and sad.

ALM tells Chloe that she understands acro isn’t her forte, but that Christi has told her Chloe is capable of doing a standing back tuck. She then says the group routine will start with a standing back tuck. Christi gets pissed as Chloe is not confident in her ability to do it. She thinks ALM is setting Chloe up to fail. ALM says Christi told her months ago Chloe could do it, so it should be better now. ALM asks Chloe if she is confident enough to do it, Chloe says no. Christi calls ALM out for causing Paige to break her foot asking her to do a standing back tuck in the dressing room. Cut to a flashback where ALM clearly tells Paige not to do it. Christi says Chloe will not do it. ALM proceeds to punish Chloe by telling her she was going to have a solo, but it’s been cut due to Christi’s behavior. I’m torn here. Christi admits to telling ALM that Chloe could do it – and now, she is saying she can’t. I’m not a fan of braggart moms, so I think Christi should keep her mouth shut if Chloe can’t perform a trick. On the other hand, ALM is wrong to punish Chloe for Christi’s behavior. I don’t understand why she punishes the kids for their mouthy moms.

The acro group routine is called Arabian Nights. Upstairs, Kelly points out that the routine will be a problem for Paige as the arms need to be precise. Christi says it’ll be a problem for Chloe as she is the worst with acro. Jill asks Melissa if Maddie is upset about Mackenzie getting a solo and the feature. Why does Jill ask her something like this every week? Melissa says Maddie isn’t jealous of her little sister, but she is stressed out about not getting a solo. The other moms don’t understand why Melissa hasn’t said anything to ALM about it. In TH, Melissa says it’s been four weeks without a solo, but she is confident that Maddie will get one eventually. She tells the moms she plans to talk to ALM after rehearsal. The moms are shocked.

Melissa approaches ALM about a solo for Maddie. ALM is upset that Maddie chose to listen to her mom during the strike and stay in the car instead of joining ALM in the studio. ALM says she has given Maddie every opportunity, but that Melissa sacrificed her for Brooke and Paige. She says she would have never called Sophia if Maddie had attended rehearsal. Melissa says everyone makes mistakes. ALM says what you did hurt your kid, not me. She confirms that Maddie will not have a solo this weekend.

In the dressing room, Melissa asks the girls to get their stuff together to leave. Maddie overhears ALM gossiping about what happened to Gianna. She tells her mom and starts to cry. Melissa tells her she works hard and is a good girl. My heart goes out to Maddie. For her age, she gets so upset a lot about ALM not approving of anything related to her. I hope this doesn’t damage her in the long run. It seems that you need thick skin for this business, and I’m worried she is just too frail.

The next day, ALM adds an additional practice for acro only. Chloe is struggling and ALM corrects her. Chloe starts crying and Brooke comforts her. Chloe pulls it together. Upstairs, the moms think Chloe got the other solo. Christi says she didn’t. Jill asks Melissa what happened last night and she gives them the details. She doesn’t lie – I listened closely because we know she is a big fibber. The moms thank Melissa for standing by Kelly, Brooke, and Paige. In TH, Melissa says she doesn’t know if she made the right decision.

In the studio, Brooke and Mackenzie have an accidental run-in and Mackenzie is hurt and crying. Melissa goes down to comfort her. Upstairs, the moms can’t believe how big of a deal Melissa is making over Maddie. Kelly says her kids are always passed up, so welcome to her life. She says Melissa can’t stand it that Maddie isn’t the star. Christi says another mom told her that Melissa is second-guessing the strike, but no one twisted Melissa’s arm and made her do that.

In the studio, ALM dismisses all the girls but Chloe. She says even though she doesn’t deserve it because of Christi, she gives the solo back to Chloe. It’s a lyrical routine called “Haunted.” I’m immediately excited as I love Chloe in darker pieces. She has one night to learn it.

In the dressing room, Maddie pulls ALM aside. ALM wants to know why she was crying last night. Maddie says she wanted to ask for a solo and that ALDC is like a home to her. ALM cuts her off and says she has given her so many opportunities and what she and Melissa did was awful and she didn’t deserve it. ALM starts to cry as she tells Maddie that she should have gotten out of the car and walked inside. Maddie starts to cry and says I’m sorry. So, two things. Why is ALM crying over what a little girl did? Can someone please give this woman a man? And secondly, at Maddie’s age, I never disobeyed my mom. If she told me to keep my butt in the car, I did. I don’t think ALM should be encouraging her to do anything less. ALM tells her no solo – not for a long time – and walks off.

It’s time for Mackenzie’s solo rehearsal. She’s giving her one day to learn the contemporary acrobatic solo called, “Dancing Barefoot”. I smell disaster. Mackenzie is not good at remembering her routine. Mackenzie is 8, so ALM is giving her a more serious and complicated routine.

Upstairs, Christi asks about Studio Bleu (replacement girls). It’s located in Ashburn, Virginia – which is a very wealthy area. Jill says they will probably have better routines and costumes. Melissa relays what happened with Maddie and ALM – the crying, etc. She says ALM said she loves Maddie and so does Gia, but that Melissa let them down. Christi points out that Maddie gets to share a nice moment, while Chloe gets told that she is garbage. She says it’s nice that they love her kids, but awful for everyone else. Agreed.

Time to head to Virginia! The girls load the bus and we get our shot of Jim struggling with the luggage. Oh Jim, I wish we knew you more. For those of you who have been waiting to see ALM in something other than black, today is your lucky day. She is wearing black pants and a cardigan – but has a brilliant blue shell underneath. It’s extremely flattering – she should wear color more often. Also, she is rocking a red lip…. I’m loving this.

In the dressing room, ALM gives them the rundown on Kaeli and Bella. She asks them to outperform them. Mackenzie is up first and ALM thinks she looks scared. So what does she do? She lays on the pressure thick. On stage, she looks so pretty and is doing a wonderful job until she forgets her dance. Melissa is frantically trying to tell her to move on. She pulls it together and continues the dance, but it’s not lost on the judges. For those of you counting, yes – her routine ended on the floor. Back in the dressing room, Melissa says (with a lot of disappointment) that Mackenzie is not Maddie. I want to slap her face. What is wrong with Melissa? Doesn’t she know Mackenzie will watch this? Shame on her for comparing her daughters. I have an older sister and if my mom ever said this when I was younger, I would be in pieces. The other moms looked shocked.

The girls enter the dressing room and Christi asks Mackenzie how she did – she says she thinks she did well. In TH, Melissa says Mackenzie wasn’t ready for this type of dance. ALM enters the room and goes through a laundry list of what Mackenzie did wrong. She says she doesn’t want to be mean and yell, but she doesn’t have a choice. She tells the mom they need to pray if they have any chance of winning.

Next up is Chloe. Her costume is awesome sauce. In TH, Christi says she really wants Chloe to win to prove she is a force to be reckoned with. ALM reminds the other girls to be nice to the replacements when they see them. On the way to the stage, they encounter the replacement girls and there is a confusing conversation about age. Both girls look to their moms when asked how old they are. Christi thinks it’s fishy.

We get to see Bella’s solo. She is okay, but I’m not feeling any emotion. ALM says she didn’t use her space well. Kaeli is next. It’s better than Bella’s, but we can see her thinking. ALM says she is a lovely dancer and has beautiful lines and turns. Finally, it’s time for Chloe. She does a great job and puts a lot of emotion into it. In TH, Christi doesn’t feel like she’s connected with it, so it was good, but not great.

In the dressing room, ALM agrees with Christi and tells her that Chloe needs to get back to great. She tells Kelly that Chloe’s future can’t be at the expense of her two kids. Melissa steps in and says everyone makes mistakes. ALM agrees, but then says Melissa put her friendship with these women over the success of her daughters. Then – she says it’s the same as worrying over a guy instead of your kids. She then accuses Melissa of going from one husband to another. Maddie starts to cry. Melissa says we have a happy household. ALM says your kid doesn’t look happy to me. Wow. This is getting dirty. I think a person’s relationship with their husbands or ex-husband should be off limits. I can’t believe Melissa is letting Maddie and Mackenzie hear all of this.

ALM tells the girls if someone has the dreams and passion to dance for a living, nothing should get in their way. While she is saying that, Melissa is talking to Maddie. ALM gets angry and tells her to listen. She says Maddie is more important than any friend or man. She tells Melissa that Maddie considered ALDC as home and she ripped it away for 12 hours and ruined it for Maddie. ALM leaves the room. In TH, Melissa makes an excuse for ALM and says it’s her way of getting back at Melissa. I cannot believe Melissa is making excuses for ALM when she just attacked her character and the father’s character in front of her children.

Maddie cries again and runs off. Jill says it’s okay to cry – Melissa says it’s not because it ruins her makeup and there is no reason to cry. Jill says ALM just berated her mother, father, etc. and Melissa let it happen. Which brings us to the quote of the week brought to you by Jill, “You should be upset too. And you should have put a stop to that women saying that stuff.” Hear, hear Jill. Jill is quickly becoming my favorite. She makes me laugh and stands up for the other kids.

Photo from Melissa's twitter feed.

Photo from Melissa’s twitter feed.

Finally, it’s time for the group dances. ALM doesn’t return, so Christi runs the dance with the group. Studio Bleu does their group dance first. It’s actually very pretty – the girls are talented and on time. There is a rocking chair on stage, but I’m not sure why. ALM thinks the dance was advanced and outstanding. She was moved by the routine. Next are our ALDC girls. Meh. I’m not impressed. It looked like something they choreographed themselves, but what do I know? I did notice that Brooke was in the routine. Did I miss something? I thought she had to prove her worth to return. There was a standing back tuck – but only for Mackenzie. (NMD – Brooke was out the last few weeks because of a back injury the producers just made it look like she was off the team on Abby’s whim.  Mackenzie did a roundoff-back tuck – not a standing back tuck.)

Time for awards. Mackenzie gets 3rd place in Elite Mini Solo. ALM says she goes from first to third in six days, so she was clearly outdanced. Next up is Elite Junior Soloist – Bella gets 4th place, Chloe gets 2nd place, and Kaeli gets 1st place. ALM says if Chloe had worked hard over the break, she would have been first, sweet, and amazing. For Elite Junior Small Group, ALDC gets 4th place. ALM puts her head in her hands. In TH, Holly says it’s incredibly humbling because she can’t remember the last time they got fourth. Studio Bleu gets 1st place. I agree with the results. The group routine was not impressive. In TH, ALM says she was embarrassed but humbled by the experience.

Back in the dressing room, ALM says the strike caused them to go from national champions to 4th place. Christi says it was because of bad choreography. I completely agree. ALM says the bad choreography was because Chloe couldn’t do a back tuck. She goes on to say Chloe is always late on Mondays. Christi says it’s because her school gets out at 4:30. ALM says ask for an early dismissal. Christi says she is not going to take her kid out of school. You go girl. Education is MUCH more important. ALM turns to Chloe and says she needs to work harder. Christi tells her to stop picking on the children. ALM responds that Christi is an idiot. Then, Christi tells her ALM that she is the biggest idiot she’s ever met. ALM tells her to get off the phone and worry about her kid. For someone who isn’t a parent, ALM passes a lot of judgment on parenting. Then, Christi tries to contain herself but calls ALM, “fatty, fatty, fatty, and fatty”. ALM says bring it on, I can lose weight, but ugly is to the bone. Christi says ALM is ugly to the core. I’m sick to my stomach. Kelly wises up and asks the girls to step outside. They continue to fight – and ALM walks out says, “It’s like putting silk stockings on a mule with some of you.” And Christi retorts, “Or lipstick on a pig.”

I don’t know about y’all, but I’m just sick over this episode. It was too much – none of them should be treated this way – including ALM. I can only hope it improves. I don’t have previews to share as my DVR cut them off. With a heavy heart, I’ll say, until next week…..



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Wednesday Night Lineup, January 30th by BB

8PM – American Idol (Fox); Super Bowl’s Greatest Commercials (CBS); Whitney/Guys with Kids (NBC); The Neighbors (8:30 ABC); Nature (PBS); Cousins on Call (HGTV); Big Rich Atlanta (Style)

9PM – Law and Order SVU (NBC); Suburgatory (9:30 ABC); NOVA (PBS); Property Brothers (HGTV); Shipping Wars (9:30 A&E); Toddler and Tiaras (TLC); Moonshiners (Disc); Ghost Hunters (SyFy); Auction Hunters (Spike); Full Throttle Saloon (truTV); Super Bowl Tailgate Takeover (Trvl); Lords of War (NatGeo); Stalked (ID); Not My Mama’s Meals/Extra Virgin (Cook); Kimora: House of Fab (Style)

10PM – Top Chef Seattle (Bravo); The Americans (FX); Chicago Fire (NBC); Life on Fire (PBS); Necessary Roughness (USA); Washington Heights (MTV); House Hunters (HGTV); Barter Kings (A&E); Cheer Perfection (TLC); Moonshiners (Disc); Hot in Cleveland/Happily Divorced (TvLnd); Ghost Mine (SyFy); The Soup/Love You, Mean It (E!); Savage Family Diggers (Spike); Bobby’s Dinner Battle (Food); Highway Thru Hell (NatGeo); Dangerous Persuasions (ID); I Want That (DIY); Hollywood House Calls/Celebrity Closet Confidential (Style)

11PM – WWHL: Cast of Vanderpump Rules (Bravo)

Lisa Vanderpump will be on The View this morning.


Bloggers Wanted

We’ve got four new shows on Bravo coming up.  Rachel Zoe, Brad Goreski, Dukes of Melrose, and a show about Therapists.  If anyone is interested in blogging any of them please let me know –  Thanks NMD


Happy Birthday Dame Rhetorica


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    Good morning everyone. It’s going to be 70 today. OMG you don’t know how much I love this even though it’s temporary. Well you have a great day.

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        Powell probably has him, she’s first so much. I vote we sent him to Peabody to be useful for a while. How long ya want him? There’s hardly any competition for him, so you can have him as long as you want. Make him work!

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  3. BB says:

    Happy B-day Dame. Have a great day!

  4. jezzibel says:

    I hate to be mean, but I don’t think Kim has friends period. Given her lack of a childhood and considering her family its a skill she never learned or mastered.

    • T-Rex says:

      It’s very strange, I think that she was basically a shut-in after her acting career died off and she got married and started having children. I don’t think due to her childhood she learned how to interact with other children, and that followed to her adulthood. She has stated previously that she stayed home the whole time her kids were growing up, that she didn’t even know how to apply makeup and how to dress either, since her career was being a “mom”. I think her substance abuse has been going on for many, many years, and she hid behind closed doors due to that fact. I think she is socially awkward and that the drugs at this point have affected her brain permanently, Just my opinion though. I don’t think this show is good for her, I know she needs the money, but she should find another way to make it.

    • TexasTart says:

      Kim is so irritating. So someone calls Kim a meth head, or whatever on national TV – whilst she is clearly under the influence of something – and this is one of the worst things that EVER happened to her??!!! Give me a break! How sheltered is this woman?!

      Wait, she had a boyfriend or husband that was murdered while she spoke on the phone with her, right? That should be one of the worst! What about allegedly being under the influence for decades?! That should be worst! Somebody called you out for using the wrong type of drug. UGH!!! Thanks for making me re-live this Kim. I am SO fed up with your meaningless BS.

      I cut her slack when she was under the influence on the show S1 & S2, but NOT any more. I do not believe she takes responsibility for anything and has not behaved as someone in recovery, but everyone is different in their own way. Frankly she is worse from my point of view sober – and that is not normal. She needs psychological help. The very last thing she ever needed was to be on a reality show! Get her off this show STAT she has nothing to bring of interest. 😡

      • TexasTart says:

        Oh! And I need to add to this that I don’t see anything wrong with Kim’s nose and if you are in recovery you need to avoid elective surgery to avoid using any painkillers at all costs!! I would venture to guess the nose job was to fix the plumbing on the INSIDE of the nose.

      • kit9 says:

        So right about Kim never taking responsibility for anything. The makeup thing was a typical example. Yo, Kim, nobody taught me how to apply make up. I learned from trial and error and looking at magazines. Her childhood career had no affect on her makeup applying abilities or lack thereof, her laziness however, did. And, a few weeks ago, when she was talking to Kyle and said she was sorry, I took one look at Kyle’s face and read her expression as anger and know exactly what’s going on. Kyle’s angry at Kim because she suspects(or knows)Kim is still using so Kim’s apology is hollow crap. I have an alcoholic sister and have listened to her apologize for all the things she’s done to me while drunk and swearing up and down that she’s sober…while stinking of alcohol. Mark my words, I’ll bet $ that it comes out that Kim has relapsed this season.

      • Sus says:

        “Kim says that she has forgiven Brandi Glanville for Brandi calling her a meth head on National TV, but that it was one of the worst things that had ever happened to her.”

        Well Kim, you’ve had a pretty good life then. Brandi misspoke that evening. That’s all. She was calling you out for being stoned. She got the drug wrong.

        I just can’t with Kim. Zero patience with her.

    • L.A. Chica says:

      I’m in agreement with all y’all here. Part of me feels for Kim but she has a long way to go on her path of sobriety. It really is SO wrong of her to not accept responsibility for what happened on Game Night – her behavior towards Brandi was reprehensible.

      And TexasTart, I thought the same thing about her claiming that being called a meth user was one of the worst times in her life. Really? Being called out on the wrong drug is on par with being forced to be the family breadwinner as a child, losing both your parents to cancer, having your boyfriend murdered, and having your house stolen from you by your sister? That’s unreal.

      I truly hope she gets serious about her life and gets help, and finds people who can support her in her healing and growth. And I think she needs to leave the show if she’s going to do that.

  5. Good Morning – Bethenny just tweeted this:
    To clear up 1 of many rumors from bottom feeder journalists: I’m not writing a book about being a single mom. I have no perspective yet.

    • T-Rex says:

      Yep that’s what I thought RadaronLiarLiarpantsonfire(allegedly) gets it WRONG yet again. They have a track record of true gossip items about the same as StinkyStankerSkankerEscortService(allegedly) has matches!

    • Cartwheels says:

      I am glad she called them for what they are bottom feeder journalists.
      I wish they would come clean and reveal who are the “inside sources” that are allegedly giving them all this information, but there is also a strong possibility that they are just making them up based on your own crazy deductions and printing them as facts.
      I might be naive but I believe that all this rumors and online gossip just makes it even more difficult for Bethenny and Jason to come to a common ground and is probably making the divorce even more stressful, with rumors swirling around, the suspicion sets in and conflict arises.
      I have to say that given their situation and the fact that thet are still lving at the same apartment even if they can’t see each other eye to eye, the many pictures that I have seen from Bethenny and Jason with Bryn at one time or another gives me hope that they truly are trying to keep it at a minimal level of civilized exchange. If Bethenny is with her in the a.m. then Jason has her in the p.m or viceversa. I really think that they both are putting her needs above theirs.

  6. Mel says:

    Melissa Gorga isn’t saying a word about the bull dog guy (even though her sisters seem to be vocal on twitter about it)… guess is Meho is trying to ignore it and PRAY that it dies down. Smart move on her part. I hve no doubt this guy has alot on Meho, but if bravo doesn’t air it……its a non event.

    I love Kim Richards this season. i pray that she continues to get healthy and I honestly find her endearing and sincere…..unlike Kyle. I really hope Kim stays sober as I think everyone is rooting for her. I think the farther Kim stays away from Kyle the healthier she get. Their relationship seems very dysfunctional. I think they have BOTH participated in that dysfuntion and need some serious therapy.

    • jezzibel says:

      but that would take Kyle admitting that she is less than perfect and shouldering some of the blame for the dysfunction, and lets be real…that will never ever happen

      • kit9 says:

        Kyle has admitted many times to not being perfect-specifically in her relationship with Kim. And, Kim’s sobriety is entirely her own responsibility. Kim is extremely selfish and self absorbed, like most addicts. All all she can see is her own pain…it’s all me me me with Kim.

        • jezzibel says:

          do you think that she could also admit that her mother was less than a saint in regards to how she raised her daughters, I think that for Kyle that would be too much of a bitter pill to swallow. Kyle also got reamed by the viewers when she outed Kim’s issue with booze at the end of season 1 and she’s been trying her hardest to walk back from that ever since. You are right about Kim’s attitude and it does seem like she is doing and saying what people expect her to say so that they will back off and leave her alone. Kim and Kyle’s relationship might be just too far gone to salvage, and it won’t be fixed on a show like this, and no matter how the producers splice and edit it, there is no happy ending for their relationship.

    • VV says:

      Part of me feels sorry for her then part of me doesn’t when you see this. She is a snob, child actor diva who always sides with the powerful and wealthy.

      • TexasTart says:

        Wow, thanks for the clip VV. I stand by what I said about Kim above ^^^^. If being called names is that is one of the worst things that has ever happened to Kim then she has had a damn good life!!!

        • You know, I have a thought about this. While I agree with you both, I am old enough to remember a time when talk of alcoholism or drug addiction among celebrities or people in the media was completely taboo and journalists could lose their jobs over reporting it. The topic was fiercely denied and deeply covered up…or not discussed or given any attention at all. In fact, the media would be complicit in covering it up. Kyle and Kim harken from that era, so I think part of Kim’s outrage comes from that. She was coddled and protected as a child star and, because of her addiction issues, is still emotionally caught up in that time of her life.

          With social media being what it is today, celebs can’t hide their addictions as easily and it is widely reported. And, for some, they go on national tv and make money off of their “recovery”. Kim being on a reality show plays into that “new norm”, but she is still emotionally back in the time when you did not discuss it. Just MHO, but it might make sense. 😀

          • jezzibel says:

            I though that by the 70’s and 80’s the whole studio protection had kinda died away actors & actresses were left to fend for themselves via PR firms and talent agencies. But your right about social media yanking open the curtain and letting the light in on celebrities dirty secrets, and its not a fad that is going to go away anytime soon.

          • Laineylainey says:

            Your thoughts make sense to me, Mardrag.

  7. jezzibel says:

    did anyone else catch Plastic wives on TLC…I only caught the first half hour, but HOLY HELL!!!

    • L.A. Chica says:

      No, what is that?

    • sony4ou says:

      The labia in the jar was a bit too much for me, I rewound and showed by boyfriend and he just looked at me like I was from outer space! I just shook my head..never thought about surgery down there! 🙂

      • jezzibel says:

        yea if you can pop kids out of it, your husband is pleased with it, and its not hanging down to your knees, you don’t need to mess around with surgery on it. Just call Kandi and ask her to send you some balls so you can exercise it.

      • kit9 says:

        Speaking of, sort of…can someone please explain to me why some grown women have a problem with the word vagina? It’s so infantile and idiotic, getting all ‘oh, gross!’ over the word! With Vicki and now Lisa? I don’t get it, it’s not a nasty or ugly sounding word at all and do they really hate themselves so much that the word describing their body parts disgusts them so? I just don’t get it. Really, Lisa? Ugh, Vicki the loon is one thing but Lisa?

        • jezzibel says:

          Lisa and Vicki are from a generation where ladies did not discuss their feminine bits in detail or in depth with anyone other then their OBGYN or family doctor, and to be honest I think now a days I think we tend to over share about everything.

          • not THAT Jill says:

            jezzibel- that would make sense-it being a generational thing if Lisa didn’t use the word p*ssy in place of vagina. I don’t know of any generation where that would is acceptable.

            • jezzibel says:

              maybe Brandi is rubbing off on her or she was going for shock value, IMO I always thought vagina was a very cold clinical term.

            • BB says:

              JNNTJ. When I heard Lisa use the word p*ssy, I thought maybe it was a British thing, but I have no idea why, other than that, she would think that’s a better word.

              • jezzibel says:

                LMAO the English have a whole different vocabulary for the same things…..and in my experience of them they tend to be much cruder about it then we are

                • Madame Boudin says:

                  I’m English and the same age as Lisa. I don’t like the word vagina either, it’s a generational thing. My Mother NEVER used the word, it was considered dirty. But then my Mother wants to pull her hair out when someone uses the F word. For some reason I have no issues with the word pussy but that word wasn’t used when I was growing up, maybe that’s why Lisa feels it’s okay to use it.

            • Laineylainey says:

              She is no prude, for sure. Her schtick and double entendres are in direct contradiction to her aversion to the v word.

        • jezzibel says:

          sorry I might have covered Lisa’s refusal to say the word vagina(she’s British so factor that in) I think Vicki doesn’t like sex for all her talk of love tanks, I think she views sex as a means to get what she wants, but doesn’t enjoy it and views the physical aspect of it as gross that’s why she reacts they way she does to the word vagina.

          • Called A Princess... says:

            A lot of people do not like the clinical terms for certain body parts. I think it may have more to do with hearing those words from parents or authority figures in the past and not having/feeling full ownership of the words. JMHO.

        • Kansas Girl says:

          Here’s my take on this. Allegedly. The word technically means the inside bit. But common usage now uses it to refer to either the outside bit or the whole area. I think People who are grossed out are hearing it as the inside bit, the part we don’t see and mostly don’t think of. Allegedly.

        • L.A. Chica says:

          Lisa and Vicki need to attend a reading of The Vagina Monologues. Maybe that’ll help them overcome their distaste for the word.

      • L.A. Chica says:

        The what in the what?! What’s a labia doing in a jar???

  8. LA_Debra says:

    Happy Birthday Dame Rhetorica! And may your day be filled with joy!

  9. Obsessed w RH says:

    Happy Birthday Dame!

    I may be a little late with this but I was reading some comments on various blogs (not here) about Yolanda. A lot of people are saying that she might be professing too much about her perfect marriage and her perfect life. As far as I can tell they really do look extremely happy and in love and she seems to genuinely love doting on her husband. Some of the remaks I’ve read include things like ” Anyone who talks constantly about how in love she is, while throwing shade on her famous model friends, like Heidi has my Bull*hit meter on Red Alert!! That’s ok, she can enjoy it for now, but with all the little jabs she makes in her talking head” and “She’s trying too hard to impress us with how perfect she and her marriage is. One has to wonder just how confident she actually is in herself and her marriage. It’s all smoke and mirrors if you ask me.”

    I was curious as to how other people feel about this…..I can kind of see both sides of the coin on this one because she is his 4th wife so maybe she feels a need to overcompensate and keep him happy but I don’t know, like I said they seem ridiculously happy.

    Also, does anyone know what her marriage to Muhammed ended?

    • T-Rex says:

      Yolanda was married to Mohamed Haddid for 8 years and he cheated on her and she left him. Not sure if he cheated once or more, but he cheated and she wouldn’t tolerate this in her marriage. I believe it’s been insinuated that the woman he cheated with is one of the HW of Miami(allegedly)

      • Obsessed w RH says:

        I can’t say that surprises me considering the model he had on his arm in the previous seasons of RHBH…..

        • L.A. Chica says:

          Oh that’s right! I remember her…she was possibly young enough to be his granddaughter. Allegedly.

    • BB says:

      I think they really love each other. The reason we see so much of it on RHOBH is because that’s Yolanda’s main focus in her life – her husband, children and blended family. I think she takes pride in her home and family. Maybe she works so hard at it because she treasures it and wants to do everything she can to keep it that way. IMO, he’d be a fool to mess up what he has with her if what we are seeing on TV is genuine.

      • TexasTart says:

        Agree with BB. And as far as this being “Real Housewives” Yolanda belongs on this show, more than others, who will go unnamed, because Yolanda actually shows off her “housewife” skills.

      • Catseye says:

        I agree with BB also. If you notice the way they look at each other in the clip from their appearance on the TODAY SHOW yesterday, it looks genuine to me. I don’t think that type of adoration can be faked.
        The Dubrows on the other hand, look to me like two people still on their first blind date. No connection. No passion. Whatsoever.

        • TexasTart says:

          Catseye – thanks for your comment yesterday about acupuncture has been successful for you in reducing your pain medicine intake. A 75% reduction is impressive.

          • Catseye says:

            Sure thing. And I HATE needles. But I’d so much rather use acupuncture than be intoxicated on meds.

      • L.A. Chica says:

        Count me in as another who agrees with BB on this.

        I admire a lot about Yolanda, including her commitment and dedication to her marriage and family, but I must admit to cringing when she talked about David as being her King. I, too, treasure my husband and do a lot for him, but he also does a lot for me. Sometimes he’ll joke and say “I am the King!” and I’ll respond with, “Yes, but *I* am the QUEEN!” LOL

    • RealhouseWifeva says:

      I totally agree with those comments. From the experience I have with friends and family members, those that feel the need to profess their love over and over are compensating for something. Not to mention she was only married for a few months when all this was filmed.

    • Cartwheels says:

      Yolanda to me is like watching paint dry. She probably has the prfect life and the perfect husband and I wish her the best with her illness, she just doesn’t appeal to me at all and I have tried many ways to get interested in her and it is just not happening.

      • kit9 says:

        Thank you! I swear if I see her puttering around in her garden one more time in her white jeans, I’m going to scream!

      • kit9 says:

        And, the only thing that distinguishes her that we’ve seen is her intolerance and ignorance. Let’s see, she’s been in turns, homophobic and xenophobic and generally an intolerant pig. Comparing her learning English as a teenage supermodel to a migrant worker who is probably doing backbreaking work and working 60-70 hour work weeks. Gee, Yolanda, they’re probably too tired at night to whip out the English workbook.

        • nyc mama says:

          Yolanda’s stepdaughter is gay. If she was homophobic I would think that someone would have spoken up about it since.

          • TexasTart says:

            Thank you, ncymama, for that information. Yolanda doesn’t strike me as anything kit9 is saying she is. But that is okay we all have different opinions and here we can spell them all out!

            Yolanda made a remark about her daughter wearing athletic wear (a basketball uniform maybe) all the time and how it may have made her look lesbian. I do not recall the actual comment, I’m sure someone here does. It was my impression that Yolanda didn’t care for her daughter to dress like that. The problem with the statement is it was stereotyping lesbians, for which of course we know they don’t all dress like that! Yolanda made a comment earlier in the season about her daughters makeup at a photo shoot that was sterotypical, but in my opinion it did not make her racist.

            I try not to hang on every individual word people say and judge them on words alone, I try to look at the big picture and factor patterns over time. I also factor where a person is coming from…their culture, etc.

            • PJ says:

              I like Yolanda and don’t see her as anything like Kit9 is saying either. Sometimes people pick on every word that these HW’s say looking to give some negative spin that was probably never intended or was an edited portion of what was actually said. Sometimes people over react to rumors that are printed but have no basis in fact. I truly find it shocking sometimes.

              • Called A Princess... says:

                I think if people can call Kim a snob then people can call Yolanda xenophobic. Once again there seems to be this knee jerk reaction to protect basic human behavior. Try to sweep it under the rug and maybe it will go away. No one called Yolanda racist and yet the wagons are already circling to protect her. We are living in a kind of consumer reality, where we get to pick and choose what we see and believe base more on our own personal bias, then on reality. Maybe Yolanda is just controlling. JMHO.

                • PJ says:

                  At least I’d like to see some behavior worthy of sweeping under the carpet before I decide how wrong it is. We can judge these people with our comments here but what we say reveals a lot about ourselves.

            • melthehound says:

              I think Yolanda is a bit too perfect. She isn’t dragging the others through the mud so that may be why it seems that way (on a bravo show that thrives on women behaving badly).

            • nyc mama says:

              I remember her comments from earlier this season too and I took it more that she was unable to express herself properly due to her native language and now it seems her Lymes disease was also a factor in preventing her from forming her thoughts and expressing herself properly.

              The only impression I have taken away thus far is that she has OCD and she has admitted as much.

              • L.A. Chica says:

                Same here. Exhibit A is her glass refrigerator, which I admit to wishing I had one like that. But then I’m a bit OCD myself. 😳

        • rabblerouser2010R says:

          I didn’t think what she said was that bad…because the bottom line is…if you can’t speak English in this country at the end of the day….you WILL likely be stuck doing what you described as “back breaking work” on a “60-70 hour work week”.

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      I like Yolanda and I hope her marriage is just as strong as she says it is…but I am thinking about how when David Foster was married to Linda. Her sons had a reality show called “The Princes of Malibu” which David and Linda were on peripherally and how they seemed happy. They divorced sometime after the first season and the show was canceled.

      Maybe David is like Kelsey Grammer and a gig on a reality show is his parting gift for soon to be ex-es.

      • kit9 says:

        Wo, just read that Yolanda and David have only been married as long as Kim and Kroy. Is that true?

          • kit9 says:

            So? So, it seems like they’ve been married years to me and I’d be surprised if they are actually are newlyweds.

        • lizzle says:

          They have been together 7 years. And yes, both couples were married on the same day 11/11/11

        • iceNfire says:

          wait – didn’t Yo say on the last episode that she and David have been married for six years? I too am getting the feeling that things aren’t so great in that marriage and maybe David is pulling a Kelsey on her…setting her up with something to do so he can walk away. I really like Yolanda but why when she is sick with Lymes would she agree to be a HW? idk – I hope my suspicions are wrong.

          • BB says:

            No, she said she’s know Suzanne Somers for 6 years. That’s the only reference to 6 years I heard on the last epi.

          • BB says:

            Because she didn’t know she had Lyme until AFTER they finished filming. She knew something was wrong during filming, but didn’t know what it was. I think it takes a while to diagnose.

          • TexasTart says:

            Hi Ice, I missed a comment about 6 years, but I must say that David would be a fool to walk away from what he’s got with Yolanda, afterall, she said he was King and I think he has it made. Those two seem very much in love and I would not buy for a second a Kelsey stunt. Yolanda said that she did not know she had Lyme disease when she signed up for the show. She was ill a long time before she had an accurate diagnosis, as I recall.

            • iceNfire says:

              I’m sure I heard her say something about making sure the next 6 years of her marriage are as good as her last, but I’m often wrong so I’ll rewatch the whole dam thing …maybe I saw it on a bravo site clip? I’ll report back later…forgot I’m cooking, lucky for my it’s just boiling water at this point.

              • iceNfire says:

                Yes – When David came home and she made dinner she mentions that most of her friends have been divorced, like Heidi and Seal it’s heartbreaking… then she says “95% for sure I think this is it for both of us and you know God willing it’s, it’s you know it’s gonna stay as great as it’s been the first six years”

                • lizzle says:

                  On the Hoda and Kathy Lee show she said they were together for 7 and a half years (which would probably be 6 years when it was being filmed) But she got married on 11/11/11. I don’t have the same feeling about David setting Yolanda up for divorce… but who knows.

            • iceNfire says:

              Hi TT – Yes David did refer to himself as a Yolanda Lifer 🙂 I will be so disappointed if he screws with this marriage.

              • princesspindy says:

                My daughter and I were watching that part and I said snidely, “well, looks like the 4th time is the charm for him” and she said, “Oh, I was just gonna say how cute”, lol!

                now, for those of you that have been married multiple times, this is not a slam at you, please don’t email me, or tweet me, fill my public fb page with negative comments or go off on me in your posts, I am a snide bitch okay? thank you, my pr firm is getting slammed and they asked me to use this disclaimer and the word “allegedly” in all my posts, thank you!!!

          • L.A. Chica says:

            No, David said he’s in it for life with Yolanda. He seems very happy with her; I don’t think pulling a Kelsey is anywhere near his radar let alone on it.

      • PJ says:

        Yolanda wanted to be on the show to promote a new line she is coming out with, a romance line–whatever that means. She did it for name recognition and David supported her on it. It wasn’t his idea, according to interviews they have given.

      • T-Rex says:

        Actually they were having marital troubles before they started filming David F had said that in an article at the time the show was airing, they had actually divorced right after filming ended and before the show was on TV. From what I read they had been in marriage counseling for a few years before they did the reality show.

    • Laineylainey says:

      I hope it’s real

    • Rebecca says:

      I love Yolanda. She’s a refreshing drama-free addition. I want to know about her fabulous life. THIS housewife is what was advertised when the show began.

  10. Good Morning All! Such a busy week, but I love being able to come here to start my day! I often can’t get back in the afternoons, but I catch up on comments in the AM, and you guys are so witty, wise and funny. Thanks for making my day!

    My tongue is drawing blood from biting it trying not to comment about NJ stuff! 😛 But, I promised! LOL!

    Hope you all have a great Wednesday. Dazzle the world with your light today!

    The “Wednesday Humor Blog” is up. Have a laugh and Enjoy!

  11. TexasTart says:

    BB – Thank you for the RHOBH & WWHL recaps yesterday. 😀

  12. RealhouseWifeva says:

    Studio bleu is in my city. I didn’t see the episode but that’s pretty cool.

    Happy birthday dame!

  13. NMD, don’t know if you noticed, you’re title says “Tired” instead of tried. I have typos all the time. Gonna read now lol

  14. RealhouseWifeva says:

    Melissa’s ex is not say that her sister was obsessed with him, he said Melissa was obsessed with him. He’s talking to Melissa’s sister about Melissa. Still not sure why he thinks he is relevant. Clearly he is an ex for a reason…and I don’t even like Melissa!

    • jezzibel says:

      I take anything and ex has to say with a grain of salt..including a few of my own 😀

      • rabblerouser2010R says:

        What is he waiting for???? At this point it seems like he is waiting for an ‘offer;. I don’t think Bravo will make on…how would they be able to bring him into the story line? They already put Teresa on the hook for stripper gate and I think they know the audience isn’t going to buy another just by chance run in.

        • jezzibel says:

          outside of RH viewers, how popular is Melissa? I don’t care about her past(not all that interested in her current situation either)but she’s married with children, so unless she is carrying on a torrid affair with a one eyed leprechaun in front of her children…nope still don’t care. All her Ex has on her is her past, so unless it adversely effects her current life he’s got nothing but background noise

          • NJBev says:

            lol. you’re on a roll today, Jez

          • Sus says:

            LOL, I missed this earlier. I agree. She is not interesting to me An Ex is an Ex and in this case a “wrench” of an Ex
            I typed out a long paragraph about how *I* wouldn’t blab if someone from my past ended up on one of these shows, but I backspaced because honestly, you know I’d be in here with any juicy or not details. I wouldn’t go on twitter or try to sell it so at least I have a teeny bit of integrity.

    • lizzle says:

      I think (although it is hard to decipher) that he is saying that Melissa and him dated 3 months before Melissa was married to Joe Gorga and that she was a completely different person. He is saying she is all an act and is not who she is trying to portray. He does this through examples. But, I think the bombshell that he could drop is that Melissa was cheating on Joe Gorga with him for a while after they met and possibly while they were married.

      If Bulldog spills it, great… if not, great. I don’t think it will have any bearing on the show. Not many people care about all the other shady things she has done…. so why would they care about her cheating on Joe Gorga. Of course… Joe would care… but then if they divorced… he would be off the show and I don’t think he could stand not being on the real housewives.

      • PJ says:

        The only reason I don’t agree is that Melissa went on a sympathy-victim tour and was on talk shows with her act, if she was duping these people I think they would care and make it public.

  15. shamrockblonde says:

    Happy Birthday Dame!!! – may all your wishes come true – hope it is filled with all good things – love youuuuuu

  16. shamrockblonde says:

    *all* – my fingers are too fast…………

  17. Debbie Cooley says:

    Hello to you all and can I say thank you for your welcome and encouraging words. I am not a newbie but I am when it comes to posting. Yesterday I woke to a thunderstorm and today I am snowed in :(. The temps are going to really plumit tomorrow–as someone else said–I am so over winter!

    I will answer the questions I got RE: Lyme but I thought first I would try my hand at giving my opinion. Ever since the season began–the whole Kim issue has had me scratching my head. First–I dont think she is drinking but she is on something (imo). Next–everyone has been going on and on about how proud and happy they are about her getting treatment and how they hope it sticks–well maybe it is just me but why would the ladies invite her to these dinner/parties that involve drinking??? I am not in anyway suggesting that these woman should change a thing just because Kim has a problem but having survived a home of drunks (some better, some dead and others still sloshed) I can say that either Kim should not be there or these ladies could forgo the booze until Kim is farther along in recovery. One ep. went on about Kim’s precautionary measures when she was going to Vegas and yet nothing is said at these outings while the drink flows???? I do know one thing for sure–Kim’s recovery is her responsibility and without a doubt she knows she should not be anywhere where drinking is at hand at this early stage of her recovery. Enough said… 🙂

    I could go on and on about Dance Moms but I wont. It is to the point where I can not hardly watch anymore. (Or I will save it for another day 🙂 ).

    OK to answer the Lyme questions–Yes–i was DX with Fibro as a secondary condition but I have never been totally convinced of that. Really doesnt matter–Chronic Pain and feeling like you have the flu 24/7 is just how it is. There are good days and bad days–I would say my biggest issue is the arthritis since the hips and knees are bone on bone. Anti-biotics have there place but there are Docs who are keeping Lyme pts on IV anti-biotics for yrs.

    Lyme testing is still not the best and all of us have had to get a spinal tap for a conclusive DX.
    As far as the colloidal silver–I personally am not a fan. It is silver in a liquid base purported to cure all. While it probally wont hurt a person the silver will build up in body tissue–it is a metal that does not break down. Long term use can cause a blue grey discoloration.
    I have 5 grandkids and I have drilled into their heads to check themselves for tics–a deer tic looks like a freckle. Kids with Lyme often land in wheel chairs—come spring and fall I am a crusader around here.
    One more thing–it is a myth that anyone bit by a deer tic will get a bullseye rash–I didnt and actually less than half the folks who contract Lyme get the rash.

    • Debbie Cooley says:

      Please forgive my spelling–and again thank you all. Debbie

      • TexasTart says:

        Very interesting information about your experience with Lyme disease. I take it that DX means diagnosis. I had no idea until now some other illness that Lyme disease triggers. Also very interesting about no rash or mark for some bitten….scary. I’m sorry you’re having to deal with this, Debbie. I think any information you can share is benefical.

        So thanks for speaking up and chat with us more often! I agree what you said tied to Kim and the social aspect, the drinking in this group, is another reason why I harp she should not be on this show!

    • PJ says:

      I got a tic bite, I was tested for Lyme’s disease but didn’t get a positive result, but the bite itself does resemble a bullseye.

      • Kansas Girl says:

        I also had a deer tick bite. No bullseye. I went to the doc immediately (they got me in within hours when I said what I had), and they did a blood test. luckily it was negative. I felt a little foolish and the doc said I absolutely should not and anyone who suspects a bite should have the test asap. She really drilled it in to not hesitate, and that checking was very sensible.

    • designernailsdiana says:

      Debbie, Thanks for sharing all this great information on Lyme disease. I live in Minnesota so I’m well aware of the ticks, but I thought the bulls eye would show up. Good to know that is not always the case with this disease.
      I welcome your comments.
      Brandi’s good friend Jennifer is a recovering addict and they seem to drink around her all the time. I always wonder why Brandi orders wine with Jennifer right beside her. I’m aware of my friends and what their addictions are and try to be careful about what I order around them.
      I no longer drink so when others drink it doesn’t bother me, but I do see how their behavior changes the more they drink.
      Kim is wise to avoid the binge drinkers. That party in the house in Ojai was in such bad taste. I mean come on she’s an alcoholic and everyone, but Yo gets hammered and does gymnastics in the bedroom.

      • BB says:

        Who got hammered? Not Yolanda. She went to bed early just as Kim did and got up early the next morning and went for a job.

      • TexasTart says:

        How ironic the Ojai trip was organized by Kim with the underlying reason to celebrate her sobriety.

      • melthehound says:

        Jennifer is several years along in her recovery and it wasn’t just alcohol. Kim hasn’t been sober long enough, especially on the show, to be able to deal with being around it. IMO. It’s less than a year now, since she was bum rushed out of rehab and back in front of the cameras for all the world to see. Look World, My sister is Cured (Kyle Richards)..

    • L.A. Chica says:

      Debbie, thank you for sharing this info and your experience with Lyme disease. I didn’t know that the bullseye mark doesn’t always appear. 😯 Lyme disease is not something commonly related to the west coast but the danger of contracting it here is very real.

  18. VV says:

    The cinic in me thinks that B did put those rumors about the single mother book out there to test public opinion. The fact that it was received so negatively and caused her to make a public statement about it IMO looks very suspicious. That’s my opinion, I could be totally wrong.

    • BB says:

      I’m pretty cynical, but I don’t think she put those rumors out there to test public opinion. Do I think she’s documenting her thoughts and feelings on a constant basis for a future book? Yep, cause that’s what she does. Maybe one of the “sources” noticed her doing that and came to a premature conclusion. Maybe ROL made it up. We’ll never know. If she wants to write a book about it in the future and people want to spend their money on it, so be it. ROL doesn’t care if it’s true or not. They got what they wanted. They created a stir got hits on their website.

      • VV says:

        Like I said, I could be totally wrong. I can’t help it with her because she calculates everything. Already tweeted today “We are gearing up for this talk show of mine. It’s going to be in NYC & we have hit the ground running!”
        Rumor has it her show will focus heavily on single moms ~ rumors ~

        • BB says:

          She is always thinking ahead, I’ll give you that!

        • chismosa says:

          and VV i said this the other day, she does not strike me as someone who has the calm demeanor to sit down and write every day. So B’s sitting and ‘writing’ about this experience, yah ok.
          Remember she wrote one of her books on HER BLACKBERRY. That just says it all.

          I’m with you, this was put out, to test waters. By either her people, or those close to her.

  19. Joysmiling says:

    I been watching dance mom with my daughter for a couple seasons I have to admit I can’t watch it . It is not funny nor entertaining in any way. It’s appalling ! I can’t stand Abby behavior towards the children they are innocent and don’t deserve her abuse. I can’t believe I’m watching someone verbally and emotionally abuse innocent children in the name of entertainment. No not anymore. My daughter and I just enjoy the dancing. I can’t sit through the hot mess it has become. I’m out!! What a disgusting display this show has become!!!

    • trudie says:

      Welcome Joysmiling!

      I agree with you. I think from now on I will just read adelaidesmommy’s recaps. I don’t understand how any of those mothers can allow their children to be treated that way. It just isn’t entertaining to me.

    • iceNfire says:

      I have no love for ALM but I’m hooked. I just wish they would keep the cameras on the kids performances instead of showing us the audience reaction.

    • lizzle says:

      I know! I don’t watch it anymore, but reading the recaps I am like OMG! did that lady say that to a child. Props to Adelaides Mommy for blogging the show, because I am a fan of the recaps. I just can’t believe how awful that woman is… but I guess raising a successful professional dancer is worth it to the moms and the children.

    • PJ says:

      What about the Moms? They put their kids in that situation. I think the show is amped up for the cameras because I don’t think Moms would really have their kids there if it was all that bad. But the Moms are abusive to Abbey too, so they set a bad example in my mind at least.

      • iceNfire says:

        I read somewhere that the show is staged. If you look behind the moms during the competitions you will see different audience members during a single performance ( I think I saw candyapplekathy last night and she wasn’t even there ) I believe the girls twitter what they are told to write and are rehearsed to answer Q’s in interviews.

        • adelaidesmommy says:

          I’m positive it is – at least to some extent. However, it seems so unhealthy to have kids around adults calling each other names – even if it’s an act. It makes it seem okay for them to do the same to other kids. Last night broke my heart – for everyone, Abby included. No one should be called names.

  20. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You’re all so sweet to remember me! I’m Bravo free, but do read the blog about the BH & NYC housewives. Same ole…. Kim’s doing laundry, Taylor’s dry crying, Ramona & Sonja partying, yada, yada, yada… Busy here, which is better than bored. I’m still teaching Water Recovery & am certified now. I can do anything as long as I’m in the water! Son is getting help with his back, thankfully. Daughter’s wedding is three weeks away!
    Still love each & everyone one of you! Remember my email:

    • Nancy says:

      HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dame. I miss you.

    • Laineylainey says:

      “Dry crying”. LOL!

    • NJBev says:

      once again, Dame, too long to not see ya!
      Soo happy about your daughter, that’s so exciting!!
      Glad your son is better and extremely happy that
      you are doing what makes you happy!! I
      completely understand, as I love the water as well.
      It seems like you got it goin, Dame and I, for one,
      am really happy for you!
      DISCLAIMER) that does not mean that you are not
      missed very much.

      just be happy………… my hubs 3 favorite words

  21. AZGirl says:

    Afternoon everyone! Happy Birthday to DAME! Hope you have a great day!

  22. Here is Tabloid Cover Wednesday from OhNoTheyDidn’t

    Life & Style has Brandi and Adrienne on the cover with the Headline
    Brandi and My Husband, The Ultimate Betrayal!!!!

    • BB says:

      And I’ll bet there’s not one direct quote from anyone in that article.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        BB-this time there does appear to be a small quote from Adrienne. Who knows if she gave them the quote or if they got it from somewhere else…anyway the quote is about how she feels betrayed by Paul and Brandi being friendly…its like 8 words max!!

        • not THAT Jill says:

          well its a bit more then I thought….

          “It’s the ultimate betrayal,” Adrienne tells Life & Style about her ex-husband Paul’s friendship with Brandi. “It’s extremely hurtful.”

          “I believe getting close to Paul is a ploy on Brandi’s part,” she says. “I feel the sudden friendship with him was thought-out and vindictive.”

          “Brandi lacks empathy,” Adrienne says. “She’ll just spew out hurtful things to shock people.”

        • BB says:

          Thanks. And this is what makes the cover of a magazine? Sheesh. With all this NJ crap and Bethenny crap going on, this is how I feel about it all. This really takes me back.

  23. princesspindy says:

    I watched Plastic Wives and I enjoyed it. But I felt so sorry for the one when they pushed her in the pool, it was Mean Girls…. But I was on muscle relaxers and so that could be why I enjoyed it, lol. As far as NJ, to quote Joy Behar, “So what, who cares.”

    Put up, or shut up!


  24. VV says:

    Okay, I’m gonna say it now. Yolanda’s little hearts and sometimes multiple hearts on every single stinking tweet IS GETTING ON MY NERVES!!!! There I said it….
    Sorry not in the mood Today.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      IKR VV…like a teenager on twitter…..Im not in the mood today either!!! Counting down the hours till I can get in my PJs and go to bed!!!!

    • TexasTart says:

      Awww, sorry you are not in the mood for hearts today, VV! I was going to put a heart in there, like Yolanda does, but honestly I don’t want to take it there with you. 😉

  25. iceNfire says:

    I wonder if Suzanne Summers is considering becoming a RHOBH. I really don’t see Adri, Taylor, and Kim coming back next season and if Bravo is listening to viewers we won’t see Fayekr either. Lose those 4 and just add Suzanne and Marisa and all will be well …am i alone again? you east coasters making dinner?

    • mrs peabody says:

      I hope SS is not one of them. I have nothing against her but really don’t want her as a housewife.

    • TexasTart says:

      Oh my gosh, IF Bravo listened to viewers we would not still have the The Grifter! Let’s hope they listen I think because they have to shake up RHOBH one way or the other, Charo must be out due to her legal eagles flying in and her not participating. Why does Kim keep getting a pass such little participation. I don’t know that RH would be up Suzanne Somers alley, somehow I don’t see that being something she would want to do.

      Well, Ice, what are they having for dinner out east? I’m starting to think of dinner, thinking of reheating the enchilladas I made Sunday. Easy breezy dinner tonight. 🙂

    • BB says:

      Actually I am making dinner – ham, cabbage, potatoes and corn bread. That should put me in a better mood. And I hope they don’t bring Suzanne Somers on RHOBH. I’m not a fan.

  26. Nancy says:

    Kim Richards has an online clothing shop. I’ll leave it at that.

    • Nancy says:

      Doesn’t everyone want to wear some sweat pants that says…
      “Your a Slut Pig” across your bottom?

      • Nancy says:

        You’re a Slut Pig.

      • TexasTart says:

        Good one, Nancy! I saw some at the grocery store that said LOVE on the back and I wasn’t feelin’ the love for those either, so I guess I’ll pass 😉

      • NJBev says:

        That is unbelievable. What a P.O.S. and I’m sorry to have
        to say something like that. I have a new headline for OK magazine.
        “The worst time of my life will make me happy with $$$”
        They call Brandi the “slut pig” then trademark it and make clothing???
        It’s Kims worst moment??? She. is. pathetic.

        I have never commented on Kim before. Couldn’t have cared less.
        NOW….. What a P.O.S. who will wear “slut pig” on their body??

        This has to be a desperate attempt to make a buck. How sad.
        How pathetically sad. poor Kim. She would be so lucky to hook up
        with a Forrest Gump……………stupid is as stupid does.
        I can’t even handle this. “SLUT PIG” oh yeah, I’ll wear that t-shirt!!

        Nancy, thank you for finding this. It clears me of all guilt when
        it comes to Kim (or Kyle-who probably has a big hand in this)
        I sit here shaking my head and wondering what the heck has happened
        to Human decency.

    • lillybee says:

      This seems quite a bit better than which is always almost out of stock.

  27. melthehound says:

    adelaidesmommy, Thanks for fixing it so I don’t have to listen to the hungry hungry hippo bellowing in order to keep up with what’s going on with these young ladies. I don’t care what she says, Chloe is still a favorite of mine.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Ok this is the second “sneak peek” I have seen of Brandi’s book. I dont know how writing about V rejuvie and Eddie’s limp d*ck (Brandi’s words-not mine) is not going to one day maybe embarrass her kids. I get that she needs money for a house-I have heard her say it a gazillion times but is this the right way to make money? IDK….I think its kind of TMI and it makes me wonder if all her LR chatter in the last 2 months is simply for some book buzz as I have not seen LR attack Brandi on twitter-nor torment her. At least not in the past 6 months that I have been “trolling” LR twitter anyway!!

      • BB says:

        IKR. With all the sneak peeks and the book not even being released yet, who needs to buy it? I had already made up my mind I wasn’t going to buy it. Now I for sure will not. I’m all for the truth, but some things are better left unsaid. Definitely not my cup of tea.

      • VV says:

        LeAnn has her crew do the dirty work for her. The way LeAnn digs at Brandi is by tweeting about Brandi’s kids or using the words “boys” or tweeting pics where you can see Brandi’s boys.

        • not THAT Jill says:

          I saw her call them “her boys” once, but I have seen a few pics of the kids.
          Brandi has a dirty crew of her own- The Brandi Bunch? They tweet so pretty nasty crap.

          • VV says:

            I was replying to your comment “I have not seen LR attack Brandi on twitter-nor torment her. At least not in the past 6 months”
            LeAnn has done that within the past six months on Twitter.

      • rabblerouser2010R says:

        “Your d!ck too limp”
        “Oh yeah, you cookie is too loose”

        Yeah, I think I have seen all I needed to.

  28. lizzle says:

    BB… I love your avatar! I don’t need slut pig pants, but I need a hat like your avatar.

  29. melthehound says:

    NMD, I just saw this.. “I’m hoping MTH will be able to figure out a way for those of us that aren’t in Canada to watch it.”

    There are a couple sites that post RH episodes a short time after they’ve aired, including Vancouver. If I see them posting the S2 episodes, I’ll be sure to point it out.

    On another note, The Amazing Race cast has been revealed and the show starts on the 17th. I’ll have a preview in a couple days.

    • chismosa says:

      OMG it starts so soon! i’m so excited… yay. I don’t like to know the cast before-hand so i’ll skip out on that. I just hope it’s different countries this time around. Bored zzzzzzzzz’s.

      If any celebs/ or other reality tv stars are on i’d be interested to know that beforehand. Yay!
      Thanks for the update MTH!

  30. Nancy says:

    There is a great show on right now (it repeats) called “A Football Life”
    It’s about Ray Lewis. They followed him for a year. It’s worth a watch.
    I didn’t really know anything about the man.

    • BB says:

      Nancy, I just saw this. Ray Lewis has a checkered past, but apparently has straightened his life out. I’ll try to check it out thought, thanks.

      • Nancy says:

        He is a “tad” out there but I’m glad he turned his life around as he has children to raise.

        • chismosa says:

          Nancy something was on the news here about him possibly using some sort of hormone or something to quicken his recovery time.

          I don’t care for football but this guy seems a little whacky to me

  31. VV says:

    OMG!!!! Kim wrote a blog?!!!

    • LaineyLainey says:

      KIM, wrote it? aaaah…who cares who wrote it? right?

    • iceNfire says:

      I’m thinking Kim might of scared of Kyle and that’s why she chose to have a serious talk with her a Moroccan restaurant instead of privately. Maybe her blog is another way for her to talk to Kyle without a face to face. If Kim isn’t comfortable around Kyle maybe it’s best she stays away from her. idk but Kyle’s TH sure don’t scream “supportive” to me.

    • TexasTart says:

      That blog.was.weird. What was the point of saying a friend.went to the nose doc, which was how she was there and then not omce, but twice, she said Kyle recommended the doc. IDK but that blog writer sounded like they were very young and not convincing all the while trying to hard to convince themselves of something…

      • Sus says:

        Umm, yeah, I’m getting a nose job because I need a change. I know people usually dye their hair another color when wanting a change but the hairdresser doesn’t pass out Oxycontin and Morphine for a hair job. I

      • L.A. Chica says:

        It confused me, too. Didn’t it sound like it was written by a teenager?

        So The Real Housewives show is officially THE launching pad for everyone’s business venture. Kim has launched her online store selling Slut Pig underwear and t-shirts, Kyle has her brick and mortar boutique, Brandy has her new book and pole dancing events, Lisa has her restaurants, Adrienne has her Palms hotel, basketball team and shoe line, Taylor had her book last year and speaking engagements (?) this year, and we find out that Marisa is coming out with a line of Old Hollywood style jewelry, and Yolanda is planning to use the show to launch her brand – I’m guessing ala Martha Stewart.

        We thought we were watching merely to be entertained but instead it’s all become a big long commercial, a 60 minute version of those soap opera style TV ads. :-/

  32. Sus says:

    Do you think Kim is still acting like a wet cat about the Meth remark because she was caught doing Meth in the past and swore to everyone she’d never do it again?

    • Contessa says:

      No I don’t think that at all, she doesn’t want to admit to pill addiction and probably cocaine which was rampant in the entertainment industry. I would be serious money on the fact that her addiction is not only to alcohol but to prescription drugs and recreational drugs as well. I think she is still drunk or dependant on meds/other drugs and does not belong on this show whatsoever. I don’t like watching her and fast forward any segment she is on. I know I should have sympathy, and in most cases I would but I think she is also a very spoiled selfl-entitled woman.

      • Catseye says:

        I think so too. I also question her story about being an alcoholic due to the fact that she isn’t/wasn’t bloated and puffy like most female alkies are at her age. Her figure is amazingly trim and it doesn’t appear to be all due to genetics.

    • LA_Debra says:

      In the words of Whitney Houston (sorta) “Meth is Wack”. Kim’s got money – she’d do cocaine not meth. And I’m betting the nose job fixed a myriad of problems, alledgedly. But then I don’t care for Kim, so I could be projecting my dislike.

  33. Contessa says:

    I have a different view of Brandi’s book, but I come from the same place with a cheating X that did some nasty things. I wish I had the guts to write a book, but I am not a celebrity, and bank the money, making a fool of him. Of course we don’t have any children so that would be the big difference. I would write the way Brandi wrote let it all hang out and bank it. Sometimes revenge is sweet and when people get to read the truth of how things happened it makes you feel so much better about the ugly situation.

  34. iceNfire says:

    Speaking of vaginas……….or was that 12 hours ago?

    Unusual Facts ™ ‏@UnusuaIFacts
    Egyptian women would insert stones into their vagina to prevent pregnancy.

    Just Sayin’

  35. TexasTart says:

    Almost every sentence ended with an exclamation point!

  36. Nancy says:

    Sense we are talking about “private parts” I have to share this with everyone.
    You have to listen to everything that is being said. The judges, the people back stage
    and the words to his song. it’s hysterical.

  37. TexasTart says:

    Okay, BB, what is your mood now? Normal?!

  38. iceNfire says:

    Been waiting all day to watch this : Super Bowl’s Greatest Commercials (CBS) but I’m only seeing repeat of Criminal Minds. did anyone see Super Bowl’s Greatest Commercials (CBS) ?

  39. BB says:

    Goodnight Ladies (and non-ladies). I’m going to leave you now. Does this video remind you of the housewives when they are in gossip mode? &

  40. BB says:

    Good morning. Wow! Didn’t get much sleep last night. Heavy winds all night long. I hope everyone stayed safe here on the East coast with all that weather moving through. All I could hear were gumballs hitting the roof. There’s debris (sticks, gumballs and such) all over my back deck this morning. Now, the cold weather is coming back for the next few days. Waaaaaa!

    • TexasTart says:

      Beware of walking on gumballs, BB. Wouldn’t want you making any cartoon moves, ha ha. Sorry, I was having a cartoon vision. Good morning!

      • BB says:

        I’ve already had a cartoon moment this morning, but it doesn’t involve gumballs. I knocked heads with one of my dogs. My temple still hurts, but he seems fine. He’s not a big dog either. I hope I’m not concussed. Lol.

  41. TexasTart says:

    Oh my gosh, I totally thought Nancy was joking about “You’re a slut pig” apparell! I thought she was being funny, I was laughing away and never bothered to click on the link for the Kim Richards web site because I could care less what she peddled. I did go there just now it’s true?! Sorry, this was more fun when I thought Nancy was joking.

    Is this the worst housewives product ever?! To (try) to capitalize on that statement?! Who in the world would wear it?! Oh, Kim and Kyle. An unbelievably embarrassing showcase of …ah who cares….

    • Sus says:

      Yup, I thought Nancy was joking too. So now we know that no one is advising Kim on her business endeavors.

      • Orson says:

        It’s not much of a business as there’s no inventory. She’s got some slogans and artwork. If you order something, some company will print it on some garment in stock and send it to you and Kim will get a small portion of what you paid.

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