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Real Housewives of New York together at Event.  Countess LuAnn de Lesseps, Ramona Singer, and Aviva Drescher were all at a We Are Family event last night with Adam Lambert in New York.  The Countess went with Naughty But Nice Huffington Post reporter Rob Schuter.  Rob tweeted this: “I’m at an @adamlambert event and howling that #RHONY Aviva and Ramona have been seated at the same table. I’m with@countessluann”  and then “They are NOT serving Ramona booze. Scared.”   

The Countess tweeted this with the photo: “Having fun with @naughtynicerob and @taylordayne at @wearefamilydtn xo”

LuAnn de Lesseps, Rob Schuter and  Taylor Dane (from LuAnn's twitter account)

LuAnn de Lesseps, Rob Schuter and Taylor Dane (from LuAnn’s twitter account)

And retweeted this: “@DoctorSteveTV With @CountessLuAnn at the #wearefamily event.#AdamLambertkilled it!”

LuAnn de Lesseps  and Dr. Steve  (from  Dr. Steve TV's twitter feed)

LuAnn de Lesseps and Dr. Steve (from Dr. Steve TV’s twitter feed)

Here’s a photo of Ramona Singer, Mario Singer, and Justin Tyrone of the NY Giants.

Ramona and Mario Singer with Justin Tyrone at the We Are Family Event Jan 31 (Ramona's twitter feed)

Ramona and Mario Singer with Justin Tyrone at the We Are Family Event Jan 31 (Ramona’s twitter feed)


Congratulations to Jedi Janelle from Big Brother.  Congrats to Janelle Pierzina-DeSanto.  She is pregnant with her second child.  Janelle tweeted the happy news yesterday: “I’m 12 weeks pregnant! Due in August!! Hubs and I are super excited!”

Photo from Janelle's twitter

Photo from Janelle’s twitter

RadarOnline spins a story out of Melissa Gorga’s ex-boyfriends tweets.  Melissa’s ex boyfriend “Bulldog” has finally caught the attention of RadarOnline.  They published a story (click here to read it) about his tweets yesterday.  I must have missed something, because as far as I can tell Bulldog hasn’t been filming for the show, but RadarOnline is reporting that they have inside information that Bulldog “has inserted himself into the RHONJ show this season and plans to bring the drama.”  

Nope, I didn’t miss anything.  According to Bulldog’s twitter feed: “I do not know where  gets there info but I have not stated I was doing anything.”  “I will be the one who decides what I do not them :)”

It sounds like some people are reacting strongly on twitter.  Bulldog also tweeted this last night, “As far as the 1’s making twitter threats I am very easy to find.i will happily oblige you,i Fear No one!Just so where clear:)it’s your life”  

Brandi’s VaJayJay Surgeon was on Dr. 90210 and Plastic Wives.  It looks like we’ll be learning a lot about Brandi Glanville over the next few weeks as excerpts from her about to be released book are leaked as teasers.  We’ve already learned that she charged $12,000 for vagina rejuvenation surgery on ex-Eddie’s credit card.  According to RadarOnline, Brandi explains that Eddie hit the roof when he discovered the charge, and Brandi quickly lied and said it was for a nose job.  Five minutes later Eddie called again, and this time Brandi ignored the call, figuring he had googled Dr. Matlock, who was listed on his credit card bill, and discovered that the doctor specialized in female genital plastic surgery.

So who is Dr. Matlock?  Click here for his full bio An excerpt: “Dr. Matlock’s practice is national and international and he has treated patients from all 50 states and over 63 countries. His highly refined, state of the art techniques yield the natural results that patients want. Dr. Matlock is known as the pioneer of Female Genital Plastic Surgery. Dr. Matlock has been contributed with popularizing LVR®, DLV®, VASER Hi Def Liposculpturing and Brazilian Butt Augmentation over the past six years as a cast member of E! Entertainments hit (national and international) show Dr. 90210.”  

His television credits include: 
Dr. 90210
Plastic Wives
The Doctors
Am I Normal (BBC)
Wired for Sex (BBC)

Adrienne Maloof Confirms the Surrogacy Secret, and Keeps Talking About Brandi Glanville.  Just as we predicted, Adrienne Maloof has (all but) confirmed that the secret Brandi Glanville spilled on the December 10th episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was that Adrienne had her twin boys via a surrogate.  In an exclusive with Life&Style, Adrienne explains that she was planning on telling the boys (who are now 6) when they were older, but was forced to go public with the information after Brandi spilled the secret on-camera as their reality show was filming.  According to the article, in May Adrienne Maloof and then husband Paul Nassif sent Brandi a cease and desist letter trying to force her from talking about the matter again.  Brandi refused to sign.  Adrienne claims that this was the wedge that drove the couple apart and eventually to divorce.  Brandi’s response: “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with what I said. We all knew it already. She would always lie about it. It’s not that big of a deal. They’re still your children, just somebody else had to carry them.”

While I think it is very sweet of Adrienne to talk about Brandi in a major magazine while Brandi is promoting her soon-to-be-released tell all book, I wish she could come up with a better story.  I don’t  mean to be nit-picky, but 1) It’s not a secret if everyone knows, 2) Really?  This is the wedge that ended your marriage?  In the summer you were claiming spousal and child abuse, 3) Your friend Kyle was caught on-camera saying “It’s not about the surrogacy”  – so you should probably get your stories straight.  My guess is that Paul Nassif will come out with a statement in the next few days.  That’s been the pattern lately.


Project Runway “Spin Out” by BB

Last episode Emily Pollard, Falls Church, VA of The Dream Team was eliminated.

The 15 remaining designers are:

The Dream Team:

  • Benjamin Mach, 35, Sydney, AUS
  • Cindy Marlatt, 59, Kent, WA
  • James Martinez, 29, Dallas, TX
  • Matthew Arthur, 30, New Orleans, LA
  • Michelle Lesniak Franklin, 34, Portland, OR
  • Samantha Black, 28, Brooklyn, NY
  • Tu Suthiwat Natchat, 26, Springfield, VA

Team Keeping It Real:

  • Daniel Esquivel, 48, Austin, TX (1 Win)
  • Amanda Valentine, 31, Nashville, TN
  • Joseph Aaron Segal, 30, Providence, RI
  • Kate Pankoke, 23, Chicago, IL
  • Layana Aguilar, 28, New York, NY
  • Patricia Michaels, 46, Taos, NM
  • Richard Hallmarq, 39, Sacramento, CA
  • Stanley Hudson, 44, West Hollywood, CA

Host and Judge: Heidi Klum
Judges: Zac Posen and Nina Garcia
Mentor:  Tim Gunn
Guest Judge: Susan Sarandon, owner of Spin NYC

The morning after the first team challenge, everyone is figuring out if you want to guarantee not being eliminated, you need make sure you’re on the winning team.  That may involve helping others who are in trouble. Cindy, who was in the bottom three, already thinks her teammates see her as the weak link and she’s nervous. James, also in the bottom three, thinks he should take care of himself a little more and not listen to the others so much because he thinks that’s what got him into trouble on the first challenge.

Heidi tells the designers they will still be working on the same teams for this upcoming challenge.  You can literally see some faces drop, especially on The Dream Team.  They are off to meet with Tim and Brandon Hirsch, General Manager of Spin New York City, a ping pong social club owned by Susan Sarandon.  Remember it from one of the Real Housewives of New York episodes?    Tim describes it as new wave night life dining entertainment.  Spin attracts a celebrity clientele and a lot of A-listers.

PR epi 2 2Brandon wants the teams to design new Spin server and ball boy uniforms.  They need to be fashionable and exude the upbeat environment of Spin.  Spin’s slogan is “Balls Are Our Business” and the ball boy uniforms need to incorporate the slogan. Each team will be creating five looks, three for females and two for males.  Each team has a $500 budget and one day to complete the challenge.  Brandon tells them the winning designs will be featured at all of their locations across the country.  Before they start designing they are put to work as servers and ball boys (who capture all the random flying ping pong balls).  During that time they ask the real servers and ball boys what they would like in a uniform.

PR Epi 2 1

Benjamin tells his team, The Dream Team, he’s done this before and wants to take a leadership position.  Each team gets together and talks about the five looks they want to do.  The Dream Team seems to be more collaborative this time around.  However, Matthew has decided that he will only be making jeans and that’s it.  They all go to mood and Team Keeping It Real is still trying to come up with a solid idea.  Daniel, the winner of the last challenge, decides to team up with who he thinks is their weak link, Layana, to work on a server uniform. Benjamin hovers over Cindy while she’s trying to select her fabric and it’s ticking her off because she thinks James is off picking the ugliest blue fabrics in the store.  Joseph is sad because he wants to be unconventional, but Richard encourages him to tone it down.  Joseph is the ugly cat sweater designer type if you get what I mean.  Benjamin and Cindy keep butting heads over her fabric choices.  Benjamin is worried about Cindy’s taste level.

Back in the work room the teams get to work.  Each team will be designing looks for three female server models, one male server model and one ball boy model.  Layana is doing the bottom part and Daniel is doing the top of a female server outfit.  Joe and Richard will be doing the ball boy outfit, even though Richard is not a men’s wear designer.  He decided to take the challenge and rock and roll with it.  Kate is happy to be with Patricia and feels she could benefit from working with her.  They are doing a female server uniform and are told by Layana not to do a tight pant because they want to show their legs.  That gets nixed.  Patricia’s not that happy about doing a straight pair of leggings because that doesn’t show her skills as a designer.

The Dream Team is really nervous because they don’t want to be on the bottom again.  While Cindy is describing her jacket, Benjamin is determined his team won’t be the losing team this time.  James is off on his own and doesn’t want to be pulled into the team.  Benjamin doesn’t understand James even though he’s trying to.

Meanwhile Danielis helping Layana and she is very open to his tutelage.  She went to design school and Daniel didn’t so it’s kind of ironic that he’s showing her short cuts.  He says if he were straight he would marry Layana.

Benjamin and Cindy talk about her jacket and she tells him she feels he’s trying to micro-manager her.  She tells him to give her a chance to do it herself.  Benjamin’s only objective is to support her.  Michelle thinks Cindy’s being over-sensitive and she should be learning from Benjamin because he has lots of experience.

The screen printer shows up so the designers can tell them where they want their logos to go.  Patricia is a little defensive towards Daniel because she was told in the last challenge to be a little more structured; however leggings don’t have much structure.

Tim shows up to check in with the Teams.  Team Keeping It Real tells Tim what they are doing.  Tim tells Daniel there are other opportunities to use the shapes on his vest.  Stanley is working alone on a male server uniform.  Tim thinks his design is very easy to put into production.  Richard shows Tim a clever thing they are doing so the ball boys have a place to keep their sticks they use to pick up the stray ping pong balls.  Amanda is using swim wear fabric for her design.  Tim thinks Keeping It Real is in good shape and Daniel agrees.  Kate and Patricia explain their uniform and Tim tells Patricia he’s sensing ego from her and she wants to use restraint and not over-design.

Michelle explains her female server design to Tim and he responds positively and so does the rest of the Dream Team.  Matthew explains the ball boy uniform and Tim asks them why they are doing a plain jeans.  Michelle suggests making it a jean short and Tim says it needs to look fresh and new.  Michelle asks what would be fresh and new, a kilt?  And Tim says that’s quite interesting.  Vanessa and Tu are making a dress and jacket and Tim tells them they look like they came from two completely different closets.  Tim thinks Cindy’s jacket is beautifully made but the top that goes underneath doesn’t fit in with the design.  Benjamin made the top to go under the jacket.  Tim asks him if he looked at Cindy’s jacket before he made the top and he said he did.  Tim quotes Michael Kors and says it’s “whackadoodle.”  He tells the Dream Team they have some great pieces but he doesn’t see them coming together at all.   I didn’t see James even explain his design.  Benjamin tried to get the team together but Michelle thinks he should focus on his own self.  The Dream Team tries to regroup.  They tell James to scrap his top and make something else, but the problem is he has no fabric to do it. Why did James give in so easily?  I thought he wasn’t going to do that anymore.   Matrhew is going to try to do a kilt and feels it’s more of him being himself.  Stanley thinks it’s a bad idea.

The models show up for their fittings and the Dream Team has a lot of unfinished garments and not much to try on their models.  James hasn’t even started on his top and is going to try to pull something together the next morning.  That night, The Dream Team is down about their chances.  Michelle doesn’t even want to be on that team anymore.

The day of the runway show, Tim tells them they have 2 hours to get everything ready.  Michelle tells her Dream Team teammates she’s there to help anybody and their spirits are a little better than the night before.  All of a sudden it seems Keeping It Real may be coming up short on their final looks.  Kate is pretty worried but she doesn’t think her design is the worst one on her team if they lose.

PR epi 2 3
It’s do or die time.  Daniel has immunity for this challenge. Michelle’s female server design is a dress that comes right above the knees with an open wide collar.  It’s seems a little plain, but looks functional.  The back looks more interesting than the front.  She’s proud of it.  Samantha and Tu’s jacket and dress I’m not so sure about.  It’s unique, but I’m not sure I would want to wear it running around serving drinks.  The dress is black with a sheer top and the jacket is more dark grey and sleeveless with an exposed zipper in the front.  James’ male server outfit is a color blocked sleeveless top with some capri length pants.  James thinks the pants look good, but the T-shirt is what it is, a T-shirt.  Again, like last week, it’s just boring.

Benjamin’s and Cindy’s jacket and short pants also don’t look comfortable, but the fabric could have more give than it looks.  Benjamin is not pleased with the crotch of his shorts and thinks they are boring.  Cindy wishes the shorts were flared, but she thinks the overall outfit looks polished, upbeat and high end.  I have to say I like Matthew’s kilt.  Is it something I would expect to see a ball boy in a ping pong hall wearing?  Not really, but at least it’s not boring.  Benjamin made the tank top and he’s not thrilled about that either.  Nothing really wowed me about the Dream Team’s collection other than the kilt and I’m not sure a kilt fits the type of uniform Susan Sarandon may be looking for.

Now it’s time for Keeping It Real who is feeling a little more confident after seeing The Dream Team’s designs come down the runway.  Up first is the design Daniel and Layana came up with.  It’s a very cute waitress outfit with a short skort, short vest and while quarter length sleeve t-shirt underneath.  The model plays it up and makes Zac smile.  I love all the pockets on the skirt and the razor back on the vest when she turns around.  Even Nina is smiling.  Stanley’s outfit is just your basic black t-shirt with black pants.  He says it fits the needs of the client.  The pants look great and I like the design of the shirt but I’m not sure about the fit.  Kate and Patricia’s server is wearing a long sleeveless blouson type top with very skinny leggings over a short skirt.  Kate thinks it looks like she’s going to yoga but in a good way.  Patricia thinks the leggings and the skirt look too safe. Amanda’s server dress is very short and low cut, which I guess is OK on the model because she’s kind of flat-chested.  It would probably look a little hooterish on a more busty type shape.  I really like Joseph and Richard’s ball boy design.  It fits perfectly and looks like it serves its purpose.  The holder they made for the stick is a clever move.  Susan actually says out loud “I love this one.”  I do too.

Well, it looks as if there is going to be a repeat of last week.  I definitely think Keeping It Real won this challenge and I think their ball boy outfit is the winning design; or it could be Daniel and Layana’s server design.  Michelle from The Dream Team thinks it’s going to be a really difficult decision for the judges, but I don’t.  Let’s see who is correct, me or Michelle.

PR epi 2 4The judging. I was correct.  Keeping it Real wins and they stay on the runway.  The Dream Team goes backstage.  The first top look belongs to Daniel and Layana.  Heidi thinks the model looks cute and sexy but not over sexy.  Nina thinks it’s charming.  Heidi asks who should be the winner if theirs is the winning look.  Daniel says Layana of course since he has immunity.  Nina thinks Stanley’s design is edgy and futuristic.  Susan thinks the guys would definitely wear his design.  Zac likes the pockets but he’s not a fan of drop crotch pants.  Heidi is.  Next is the ball boy design.  Joseph did the pants, Richard did the shirt and they both worked on the backpack.  Zac likes that they played with typography.  Heidi says it’s a lot going on but it doesn’t look silly.  Nina thinks they did a great job collaborating as a team.

On the losing team, one of the bottom looks is James.  Nina thinks the length of his pants is disturbing.  He looks like a cabana boy or a pool boy.  Susan says she doesn’t see anything that identifies him as a server.  Heidi doesn’t want a guy with hairy armpits serving her and he’s wearing a tank top.  Zac thinks the top looks messy.  Cindy and Benjamin’s jacket and shorts are the second low scorers.  Heidi thinks she looks like a receptionist in a hotel somewhere in the suburbs.  Susan thinks it seems a little sad for the atmosphere of Spin.  Zac thinks they achieved what they wanted, but it’s not the appropriate outfit for the venue.  Nina thinks it looks like something you could buy out of a dated catalog.  Benjamin tells them he should have been concentrating on his design instead of trying to act as the leader for the team.  He says by acting as leader, he compromised himself as a designer.  Sounds like he’s trying to save himself big time.

PR epi 2 5The third bottom look is the kilt by Matthew and Benjamin.  Susan says her guys would not wear a skirt but it’s really ballsy.  Zac doesn’t mind the kilt but says there are way too many elements in the outfit.  Nina appreciates when the designers are provocative, but this doesn’t work for their client.  Nina points out The Dream Team has some very creative designers and some who are not creative at all and they haven’t been able to balance it.

After the judges deliberate, they declare Layana the winner.  I think Layana owes Daniel a thank you for his help and support.  Landing in the bottom two once again are Cindy and James.  Both of them need to go in my opinion.  Cindy is saved once again and James is out.  He really couldn’t grasp the team concept at all.  Tim tells the Dream Team that everything he saw on the runway was an improvement from what he saw in the work room, so that’s one bright spot for them.

I must say I’m kind of liking this team thing.  It’s a nice change from the normal project runway.


Shahs of Sunset – Hard For Me to Say I’m Sorry

Recap by: Ana

Brazilian Gems and Tribal Healing

Reza meets up with Asa at her fabulous house. Reza brought Asa (as a gift) a citrine stone he purchased in Brazil, so she can wear it at Persianpalooza (not sure how its spelled or that it was a real thing). Reza says he’s in a healing place and wants to try and heal the group- specifically GG and Asa. Asa says she’s just over he whole GG thing- that she’s done and a non-issue for her. Reza says Sammi has offered his house as a neutral place for them to talk and for GG to apologize. Asa is unsure; her performance at Persianpalooza is in 3 days and she doesn’t want to deal with any toxicity or negativity. Asa explains in her talking head that GG is malicious and petty, and that she has no use for someone like that in her life (agree with Asa here). Reza says he feels sorry for GG and asks Asa to do it for him. King Reza convinces Queen Asa to attend the dinner, but she’ll leave as soon as drama erupts (which we know per Bravo standard will be drama-free…LOL)

Lilly is Forced to Film with GG

GG and Lilly are forced to film together (photo from

GG and Lilly are forced to film together (photo from

GG and Lilly meet up for manis/pedis at Lilly’s favorite salon. Lilly has the Kardashian look she always rocks: being dressed up to go nowhere. GG looks normal by comparison in her jean shorts and white top. Lilly says she was hesitant to hang out with GG because of all the stories she’s heard about her, but is willing to see for herself and give her a chance because she’s a non-judgmental person. Lilly tells GG she found this place when she first moved to LA, that she’s from Texas (originally) but moved to LA for law school. GG tells Lilly she’s super young, to which Lilly says she’s turning 30. GG is 31- so really not that much older than Lilly (def. not wiser). GG says she plans on looking like she does now when she’s 50, so will probably need plastic surgery. Lilly asks GG if she’s ever had any work done (I guess its normal to ask in LA when you are getting to know someone for the first time one-on-one). GG says she’s had her nose done and her gums lightened because they are super dark(?!) Lilly didn’t know it was possible (neither did I). GG says it’s a procedure similar to gingivitis and did it because they were really dark. GG says she’s also had botox. Kudos to GG for being so open about the work she’s had done. Lilly tells GG that she looks great (looks really natural – I agree) and that she thinks the key to plastic surgery is moderation.

Lilly says she likes GG and thinks that she’s misunderstood (maybe, but hasn’t seen up close when she goes batshit crazy). Lilly asks GG about the Asa situation and GG says she’s tried to reach out to her numerous times to no avail. GG goes into the delusional rant that she’s tried to make right but Asa will have none of it (she forgot to tell Lilly she waited a month to try). GG says all she wants is a chance to set things right with Asa. Lilly says that if she had been friends with somebody as long as they have, shed give them an opportunity to explain. (I thought GG and Asa met during season 1?) GG explains in her talking head that she wants to personally apologize to Asa for physically attacking her. (I am so looking to see a glimpse of her gums- but none are seen!) Lilly says she’s glad they met and that she had a great time. GG tells her not to believe all the hype about her.

Persian Pop Magic

Asa talks/sings (photo from

Asa talks/sings (photo from

Asa is at the Rusk Recording Studio sporting her best Debbie Gibson outfit to meet up with Andy. Andy is a super-famous international Persian pop superstar. Asa met him through her promoter and is in complete disbelief that she’s in the studio with Andy AND will record a song with him. This is actually super exciting for Asa! Asa also explains (super excited) that they will be playing live at Persianpalooza. Asa tells Andy that she’s nervous about performing live because she’s never done it before. He tells her that nerves are good because they keep you on your toes and that the good thing is that the people that show up will be her fans. Asa gets flustered and nervous (cute). Asa goes in to the recording booth and begins to return her part of the song. Poor Asa she must be really nervous because she’s having a hard time getting the song down (which seems like she’s just talking it out).

Reza and GG Meet Up

Reza and GG meet up for coffee. GG tells Reza she wanted to talk to him for obvious reasons and understands that he’s been establishing a relationship with Asa and that they got very close. She says that it makes sense that he would automatically want to support her. Reza is shaking his head no and tells GG that he is no better than anyone in the group and that he makes a million mistakes and that they all need to learn and grow. One thing he knows in this life is that he will never turn on one of his friends and raise his hand at them. GG says she understands and is not trying to justify, that he was disappointed by her actions, that she lost her mind at that moment. Reza says he was disappointed. GG says that she also wants him to understand why it hurt her feelings: she was teased a lot about her nose growing up- to which Reza stops GG’s self-pity party and tells her that every time she has a feeling that it doesn’t have to be a grand discussion in which she puts her hands on someone; she jumped a friend. Reza says she needs to stop blaming people or thinking about who wronged her. GG says she was pissed. Reza tells her to let it go because its not working for her. Reza says he looks forward on getting on a path of making things right and getting close to them again. GG asks Reza how she’s supposed to do that. Reza says that he advises her humble herself and call up everyone to a family meeting. GG says she’s afraid to be ambushed. Reza says they just need to hear what everyone has to say and how it made them feel and be an adult basically. GG agrees. Reza has to get back to the office so he leaves.

GG says she can’t bow down on her knees to apologize and is unsure how much of her she can compromise to get everyone to forgive her. Although I think she’s nuts and that it’s not okay to physically attack someone, they are making her jump through a lot of hoops. Just let the girl apologize and then don’t hang out with her or just be polite at social events…

Perhaps Momma Doesn’t Know Best…

Poor MJ (photo from

Poor MJ (photo from

MJ and Vida (her mom) meet up for lunch. Vida says that the summer is almost over and they barely got a chance to hang out together. Vida is so fabulous in her straight out of Dynasty outfits. She is wearing ginormous (gorgeous) earrings, her best purple crochet sweater set with matching purple pearls. Vida begins to fret over MJ’s hair because its frizzy due to the heat.

MJ tells Vida that this was the most important summer of her life. Vida asks why? The waiter arrived and MJ orders a chardonnay and Vida orders an apple martini…it’s lunch…HAHA…we know where MJ gets her booze blood from! Vida then grills MJ about her summer remark. MJ says she thinks she’s reaching a turning point as an adult and she wants her help. MJ then proceeds to tell MJ that her therapist says that her dad is too attached and that she (Vida) is the opposite. Vida starts getting defensive asking MJ why she has to look back 30 years ago, to forget about the past and try to move forward. MJ explains in her talking head that Vida checked out of her life when she was 6 years old, when she left her father and her. MJ says that at least that’s what it felt like. MJ asks Vida to go to therapy with her, that all her life (MJ) has made excuses for her…and how she excused her behavior. Vida tells MJ that what happened in the past is in the past now, that it happened 35 years ago…to move forward. MJ starts to cry and says she doesn’t want to give up on what can change and for Vida to be more real with her. Vida is clearly upset and tells MJ that they went to the restaurant to have lunch, a nice lunch, to have fun because they haven’t spent time with each other and now from the beginning is attacking her. Vida says it’s ridiculous, gets up and leaves the table. MJ asks her to let her have her feelings…as Vida is walking away. The waiter arrives and MJ asks him to please pack up their food to go.

Vida returns to the tale as the waiter is taking away their food and tells him that they are not done eating. The waiter is confused. MJ tells Vida that she loves her and needs her to just go to therapy with her to make their lives better. Vida says that is she wants her to go, she’ll go to therapy with her and that she shouldn’t cry. In her talking head MJ says that she knows it looks like her mom doesn’t love her, but that she knows she does. She needs her mother now more than ever, her dad has gotten sick and she can’t have a cuckoo mother and a sick father…she needs her.

I hope they can work things out! I’m rooting for you MJ and hope your dad is doing good!

Lilly’s “Shameful” Work

Lilly is at her office when she gets a visit from one of her and Ali’s (her ex-boyfriend/maybe fiancée) friend, Neama. Lilly is pretty sure Ali has Neama keeping tabs on her. Neama asks Lilly how work is going and she tells him that its going great that she’s so happy and that although it’s hard work its very fulfilling. Lilly says that when she was at the firm she hated her life. Neama tells her that’s the reason he’s there: it’s time for her to stop this and to return to law. Lilly looks stunned and taken back… Lilly explains in her talking head that Neama is very smart and also very blunt- that he probably doesn’t realize how mean and insulting he can come across. A total douche bag!

Neama tells Lilly that she’s almost 30 and that it’s time to grow up. Lilly says that she doesn’t think that this is such a bad thing that she’s doing (me neither- who would’ve thought designing and selling bathing suits was so controversial!) Neama tells Lilly that this is beneath her- that no one wants a Persian wife designing bikinis (but they can dress in super skimpy outfits?) Lilly says she feels like that is so unfair. Neama asks “how does Ali feel?” Lilly says that she doesn’t understand just because she was born a girl – why she has such different standards. Lilly tells Neama that they do not live in Iran, that she does not wear a hijab, that she does not have to walk 5 feet behind men! (Good for u Lilly- get your feminism on!) Neama tells Lilly “why do you think you guys aren’t married? This has something to do with it.” Lilly is shocked because she knows her parents are a little bit embarrassed by the fact that she makes bikinis, but she never really considered that Ali might be embarrassed by what she does. Lilly says that it’s hard for her to hear this. Neama advises Lilly to talk to the people that really care about her and that he loves her. Lilly thanks him for stopping by. Lilly says that if it is true and if it one of he reasons why Ali hasn’t moved to L.A. yet, then it really hurts her.

This is the first time in the season that Lilly comes across as likeable. I feel bad for Lilly and all the pressure she seems to be getting from her so called “friends” and her family to stop pursuing her dream! Keep designing swimgerie for the 2% of the population that can wear ‘em! Keep following your dream… Also Ali seems like another douche bag that you should exclude from your future!

Therapy Finally!

Vida and MJ attend therapy. Dr. Michelle Golland (MJ’s therapist and Blondie look-alike) tells Vida that she’s really happy she came to therapy with MJ. Dr. Golland tells MJ and Vida that she’d like to begin with a quick writing exercise. She hands each of them a clip board and tells both they need to answer the question without looking at each other’s answers. MJ’s clipboard says “From my mom I need…” and Vida’s says: “For my daughter I want…”

Dr. Golland asks Vida to turn to MJ and say what she wrote. Vida proceeds to read “1- Listen to me & realize I want the best for her; 2- Manage her time and her daily schedule so you are not late; 3- Less shopping; 4- Appreciate your life and 5- Find the right man.” Dr. Golland then asks MJ to tell Vida what she wrote. MJ proceeds to read “From my mom I need: unconditional love, I need less judgment, more acceptance, I need a friend.” Dr Golland asks Vida if she’s listening and Vida says “Yes of course.” MJ continues “I need for her to stop speaking poorly about me to my face but what I hear is that you speak more nicely about me to other people, I need her to get over her feudal hang ups about money spent on clothes.” Dr. Golland then asks them both for their sheets and tells Vida that when she was looking and hearing at what they were saying, that it felt as if Vida was talking to her teenager and MJ is not a teen anymore. That the list she made is not hers to manage anymore. Vida says that it all goes back to their culture. Dr. Golland tells Vida that she knows but that they are not there and MJ is here trying to live her life here. Dr. Golland tells Vida that she has a need to feel like she’s back there mothering MJ, she lost those early years and that is her pain. Vida says “yes that is my pain.” Dr. Golland tells Vida that she keeps re-enacting it and that it is hurting her daughter and that they way she can help MJ is to let go of trying to parent her as if she was a little girl. Vida in her talking head says: “I really want to change for Mercedes, she’s the only child, the only daughter I have and I love her very much.”

Dr. Golland then tells them she wants the to do an exercise: “you are going to go shopping and I only want positive things to come out.” Vida says “you know she can be the most beautiful girl, but when she is not at that point it bothers me.” Dr. Golland tells Vida well she’s not you and that it’s not for her to say. MJ in her talking head says that getting therapy is a very un-Iranian mother thing to do bit she’s really proud of her for showing up to therapy and trying. I’m glad they are getting the help they so desperately need.

Working-Out with Mike

Mike has MJ and Reza meet up with him at the park to work out. We learn that Reza used to be a trainer. Mike says he’s worried about them because they are fat and lazy and that he’s been dying to get his hands on these two teletubbies. LOL. Mike asks then to do jumping jacks- MJ says she can’t because her boobs are real. We are then treated to her talking head in which she attempts to adjust her bra strap but it just snaps off and she’s shocked. More working out hijinks…when they are done they discuss GG. Reza says GG texted him about having a family meeting. Reza says he knows that if he can get all the right players in the room and GG says he right thin, then all will be well on Shahland.

GG goes to Therapy

FINALLY!! GG is getting the help she needs! GG informs us that she started going to therapy for her anger issues when she was 12 years old. GG says that she thought had it all under control, but obviously this is not the case, so she decided to get back into therapy. Dr. Allen Berger tells GG that he wants to discuss with her what her biggest concern. She explains the incident with Asa. The therapist point out that the minute she started to protect her friend (Omid), that it became all about her when it wasn’t about her in the first place. He then asks GG to so some shuttling, which means to slit yourself into two and you go between yourself each time (talking to yourself). Dr. Berger asks GG to talk to the part of her that lost control – GG talks to herself and seems to help her realize some things. Dr. Berger tells GG that the anger part of her thinks she should be in charge and that if she’s not they will both lose. (NOTE: its kindda confusing to recap but makes more sense when you watch the scene) Dr. Berger tells GG that hopefully they can get to better place, GG says that she definitely needs regular sessions. Dr. Berger tells GG that is taking care of herself.

Peaceful Dinner by Bravo

Mike and Omid love each other (photo from

Mike and Omid love each other (photo from

Its dinnertime! They all slowly trickle in to Sammi’s house, including Omid. Again the food looks delish! Reza has a clear plan: extracting an apology from GG and handing it on a silver platter to Asa. Reza is confident that they will leave the house as either one group or two groups. Reza then asks Sammi if its true what he’s been hearing about Omid not liking Mike. Sammi confirms and says he though Omid and Mike “had beef.” Mike says he has never talked shit about Omid, but is sure Omid is talking about him behind hi back. Mike starts to list in his taking head all the things he’s heard Omid’s been talking about him like that he’s never made any money that if he sees him he’ll handle it with him…etc. MJ says she looks forward to this dinner so they can squash their differences and move forward. Mike seems annoyed about Omid when he arrives. GG doesn’t say hello to Asa, even though she said hello to everyone else, which annoys Asa.

Just another peaceful Bravo dinner (photo from

Just another peaceful Bravo dinner (photo from

Omid greets Mike and Mike starts getting pissed about his two-facedness…They all sit down to eat. Mike makes a toast to Sammi and to hashing out all their differences. Mike comments on how he doesn’t like Omid’s feather (I hate it too!) Mike then says how he has known Omid for years and that they may have their differences especially since he hears that Omid hears a couple of things that are not true. They claim they love each other passive aggressively. MJ interrupts and says that obviously there’s something between them that they need to resolve in a nice calm way. Reza says: “don’t ruin the dinner, I haven’t eaten yet!” Reza explains that Mike also has a crazy angry side that when it gets going all he sees is red. Mike wants to sit down and talk to them face to face- they start talking. Mike asks Omid what all the shit talking he’s been doing is about. Omid says that close friends of Mike have said to him that Mike’s been talking about him. Are they in a sorority by any chance? Mike says on his mother’s life, he has never said anything about him (Omid). Omid says he’ll be honest and that after he heard what he heard that Mike said he said some things out of anger about Mike.

It starts off as an adult-like conversation and somewhere it just started to get out of hand. Mike tells GG that he loves her like a sister and that she should “fucking know better.” This last part gets GG mad because she dislikes the tone he’s taking with her. Omid asks Mike to chill out (I’d like to point out that Asa, Reza, and MJ are sitting across eating and watching all this unfold as spectators). MJ tells GG to chill that Mike is just being emotional because he cares- GG says its aggressive. Mike says he is not being aggressive. Omid jumps in to “defend” GG but Mike tells him that he loves him but to stay out of it. Then Omid and Mike start arguing about how long they have known GG for- GG is in disbelief at Mike’s defensiveness. Omid tells Mike that he’s starting to mess with the wrong one. Mike gets up and tells Omid that he needs to trust him and to “calm the fuck down.” Omid says that he’ll be honest with him and break his legs (He sure likes to say he’s honest). Lilly grabs Mike to try and push him back but he isn’t having any of it- More macho madness going back and forth MJ and Sammi get in between Omid and Mike. Reza in his talking head says the best line: “Who invited the terrorists? Because someone is hijacking my peace summit.” Omid tells Mike that maybe they should go outside and talk- Mike says that if they go outside that he’ll knock him out (or some macho thing like that)… They are literally like two cocks getting geared up for a cockfight.

Somehow in the middle of this GG decides that if someone is going to get stabbed she will be doing the stabbing. She goes in the kitchen and gets a knife and has it in her hand. Reza and the other (understandably so) are very worried about GG’s crazy ass stabbing one of them. GG grabs Omid and takes him outside. Sammi asks for his knife back (LOL), Lilly is in shock and is not ok with threats of using deadly force. Once Omid and Crazynessa (with the knife incident I’m bestowing this name upon GG) are outside they all sit back down. Lilly says they are acting trashy. MJ sits next to Mike and asks him what happened, why he’s acting like that. In her talking head, MJ says that Omid saying “I’m going to stab you” and Mike saying “I’m going to punch you” doesn’t register with her as real threats of violence. (It does it me but then again they could just be showing their feathers to see who the most macho is). Sammi tells Mike that there was no reason for him to get up. Mike tells MJ that Omid has been talking so much shit and that he’s had it. That he’s known Crazynessa since she was 13, blah blah…MJ and Sammi point out that things got worse when Mike stood up- Asa says well Omid threatened to stab Mike and if Crazynessa had to calm someone down- then you know it was a problem. They all laugh. Reza is going outside to drag Crazynessa back in- he’s successful. GG sits in Lilly’s spot and is trying to remember everything she talked about with her therapist. Asa is out- she’s done. Crazynessa tells her that she’s not asking her for her friendship…and then to be continued in the Season Finale.



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434 Responses to Real Housewives of New York together at Event / Project Runway Recap / Shahs of Sunset Recap

  1. TexasTart says:

    Good Morning! It’s Friday! Have a good one! 😀

  2. not THAT Jill says:

    Good Morning all-thanks for the great blogs everyone-you guys totally rock!!
    Im so tired of talking and reading about Adrienne’s surrogacy but I will say one more thing about it. It was not Brandi’s place to tell the world about it. I don’t care if you love her or hate her-Brandi was so wrong in doing this. She can make every excuse in the book about why she said but the truth is she should have STFU. How would she feel if she was forced to tell her kids something b/c a loud mouthed HW blabbed about it on TV? It was a shitty thing to do and she did it to get her story line moving-its so plain to see. She wanted a full time spot and she knew how to get it. Its easy to say Adrienne deserved it b/c people really do not like Adrienne-at all. Thats fine and very understandable-but even if Adrienne is the wicked witch of BH- Brandi crossed the line. She called her self a “truth cannon” but in reality she is just another fame seeker who will spill secrets for personal gain. That is not a characteristic of a good person, in my opinion anyway.

    • T-Rex says:

      K, totally agree on this, HOWEVER, a number of the ladies knew the secret with the exception of SpaceCadetMajorKIM,. Brandi spilled the deal to her over that setup dinner. VileKyle, LisaVpump, ShannaTaylorNOTFordLyingGrifterCheatinHusbandStealingLypsMcgee, Camille and several others already knew about the surrogacy. SO with that being said some BLAME needs to be on SpaceCadetMajorKIM for “outing” the information to the HoofMaloof of what she had heard at the party. Now, that being said Brandi does need to take BLAME for re-iterating this in that fight, but good grief, if I had to raving lunatics yelling obscenities at me, blindsiding me at a party, looking crazed and maybe wanting to do me physical harm, I probably wouldn’t have said what she did, but Brandi likes to retaliate, it’s her achilles heel for sure.

      • rabblerouser2010R says:

        I am not sure why Kim is getting the blame for this. While the ladies might have known, the viewers didn’t and Brandi spilled it on camera. Probably the only reason it didn’t air, is because Aidrenne knew about it before hand and took legal action.

        The blame remains soley on Brandi. I also don’t think she is as sorry as she has been claiming on the show as she is now back to her mantra of ‘I told the truth’.

        To borrow off of crazy Kenya, there are things you don’t say…even if they are truthful.

        I also think that Brandi is also guilty of acting like a raving lunatics yelling obscenities, looking crazed and maybe wanting to do physical harm to people.

        If Brandi is going to get a break for what she said (even though it wasn’t her place) because what she said is ‘truthful’. Then shouldn’t Aidrenee for calling Brandi, a drinking pill popper who sleeps all day….since that also has truth to it. It has come from Brandi’s own mouth and we have seen her under the influence of prescription meds and booze on the show.

    • Rebecca says:

      Well, actually, Brandi didn’t tell the world about it. It was never actually shown – and I can bet that this isn’t the only tidbit blurted out by a housewife from one time or another that was edited out. It probably happens all the time with these fame-hungry women.

      Also – how would this break up Adrienne’s marriage? She and Paul were on the same page about this. Her disgusted chef-dog Bernie’s pictures had nothing to do with Brandi. The gun allegation had nothing to do with Brandi. Adrienne makes herself unbelievable and unlikable. She has no one to blame but herself.

      • T-Rex says:

        Oh and lest we forget these false(allegedly) claims by the HoofMaloof and her DisgraceofaChef would have happened DURING filming for this season. Now that being said, let me beat this to death, but Bravo with the track record of alleged abuse from other HW would NOT have allowed Paul to be filmed, nor a part of the show if this false(allegedly) abuse had actually happened. Their lawyers would have told them that for liability reasons alone they would need to step in and report this or remove him and maybe both of them from the show. Sorry but Bravo would have done this, because if these had been true(and we know they were false, allegedly), and they wound up with a dead HW due to abuse, they would be on the hook for MILLIONS of dollars in civil claims. This is another reason I think Bravo is FUMING mad at the HoofMaloof because they know the time period of filming and know the fake abuse(allegedly) didn’t occur and there she was claiming it did to any media-whore she could find. Look Paul left HER, she was pissed he left HER, no body puts the HoofMaloof back in the stable. So she lashed out at him in the media, bad move, he retaliated bad move and then HER family stepped in told her to STFU sign the papers and move ON. By the way, it was HER attorneys that created the gag order that she is so frequent to forget about, her Family wants this to just go away, especially since they were about to sell their NBA team at that time and didn’t need any more drama.

      • Powell says:

        Rebecca instead of standing up & saying she screwed up in her marriage she wants to keep piling everything on Brandi.

      • Vegas Chick says:

        I read somewhere (maybe here) that Paul had mentioned surrogacy in an episode last season, and I vaguely remember it too. Blaming Brandi for her failed marriage is just Adrienne’s way of self-justifying that she was a lousy wife. We only saw a glimmer on the show, and I can’t imagine what really went on behind closed doors.

        • pat says:

          Brandi did not tell the world about the surrogacy. In the previous episode, we see all the ladies at the spa, sharing about their childbirth experiences. Adrienne goes on about how she had hers via c-section. Flash forward to the tasting at Lisa’s restaurant, and Kyle, **baiting Brandi** ASKED HER whats happening with her and Adrienne, and in her response, Brandi said one thing about Adrienne is that she is constantly lying. And then she mentions the surrogacy (which got edited out) which they all already knew about. Flash forward and brilliant Kim runs up to Adrienne and Paul on camera to tell them Brandi mentioned it. That is beyond laughable that Adrienne is now saying it broke up her marriage. (More lies.) Just like when she tried to portray Paul as a wife and child beater during the divorce. Notice she backed of that b.s. real fast. I hope Paul speaks up in Brandi’s defense.

          • rabblerouser2010R says:

            So wasn’t Brandi asking about everyone’s birth stories during dinner at the resort her also baiting Aidrenne? I don’t for ONE SECOND think that Brandi didn’t know well before that she was going to expose this, it had been a set up for a while. I also will say that I think Lisa also knew.

            • PJ says:

              Just because Brandi asked didn’t mean Adrienne had to lie about it. That’s saying Brandi asked and is responsible for Adrienne lying. Maybe Brandi’s question was about the first child, only the twins were from a surrogate right? So Adrienne could have just spoken about the child she had naturally or she could have said nothing.

              • rabblerouser2010R says:

                Did Adrienne lie. I remember her saying “When I had my twins they were born via c-section” (she also said Paul was freaking out over it, which also probably wasn’t a lie. I am sure as the parents Paul and Adrienne were there) . I think it’s pretty common for people to use the word ‘had’ to discuss the birth of their children, we just assume that also means ‘carrier’ because that is what we are used to. She might have been allusive, sure…but outright lie? I don’t think so.

            • Rebecca says:

              Yolanda started the birth discussion. I don’t think Brandi was baiting Adrienne, just shocked that Adrienne contradicted the truth once again.

              • L.A. Chica says:


              • PJ says:

                Blows the whole Brandi set Adrienne up theory out of the water doesn’t it. But it adds credence to the Kyle set Brandi up theory because Kyle would have known that Adrienne wasn’t being honest and she also knew that Adrienne and Brandi were having problems so she pushes and probes a little bit at Brandi and off we go to the races.

                • Called A Princess... says:

                  I think Brandi was waiting for a situation to out Addy. It is not hard to take the makeup off a clown. Since Addy tells a lot of stories, it would only be a matter of time before Brandi could catch her in a lie. I am still not completely sure the issue is about surrogacy. Too much smoke and mirrors, fake stuff going on in Bravo land. JMHO.

          • PJ says:

            The only way that this could break up the marriage is if Paul didn’t know that Adrienne had the children by surrogacy.

            If Adrienne didn’t want anyone to know about this then why did everyone know, It had to have come from Adrienne and or Paul. Brandi didn’t say anything that most of them didn’t already know so what is the big deal? My opinion is that the ones who are making a big deal out of this are doing it for some kind of personal gain not because they are really so shocked at what Brandi said. Faye wants to be on the show as a full time housewife, Kyle wants Brandi off and Faye on. Never underestimate the behind the scenes manipulator.

            • rabblerouser2010R says:

              I am sure Paul knew….

              I think Adrienne didn’t want it to be public knowledge (as in the general public) just as when a child is adopted, close friends and family might know…..but the paper boy might be left out of the loop.

              • PJ says:

                I know Paul knew I was being sarcastic about the ridiculous claims that this broke up the marriage. If Adrienne wanted this to kept private she should have kept it private. Brandi said it to people who already knew and Adrienne kept it off the show by getting lawyers involved. My niece and nephew are adopted and everyone knows even the paper boy, it’s nothing to keep secret.

                • L.A. Chica says:

                  I agree, keeping something like adoption or surrogacy a secret implies there’s something to keep hidden, to be ashamed of. Not that it has to be announced, “This is my son, Daniel, who was carried by a surrogate!” “This is my adopted daughter, Rebecca!” Lord knows I’m all for privacy, it’s just that it shouldn’t be treated as if it’s a big dark secret, especially if it means being dishonest with your children. Dark secrets, imho, are unhealthy.

                • Powell says:

                  How can they even keep it secret from the paper boy? Did she live out of the country for 6mths or stay locked in the house? SHE WASN’T PREGNANT, NOT SHOWING. Or did she walk around in a moomoo? 🙂

                  • Called A Princess... says:

                    Please… everyone. The real issue seems to be that if you do not want your personal information broadcast publicly, then do not do a Bravo scripted reality show. Between the press and the poor editorial content, a truth will come out. JMHO.

          • mrspeabody says:

            I don’t understand why brandi saying what got edited would have helped break up their marriage. It’s not like Paul didn’t know how they had the kids. I could see if it was something she had kept from him and he found out about it later and felt lied to but he knew right from the get go.

            • T-Rex says:

              I think Paul was WELL out the door for some years, but had this stipulation in their pre-nup for X amount of dollars for X amount of years in the marriage, when he hit that X he bailed. Who could blame him. I believe when their divorce papers were first filed, they were available and now are sealed, but he filed for Legal Separation at the end of July, during filming and at the time, it was noted that they had been living separately in the home for Quite some time, this was not brought about by Brandi, she is the scapegoat.

              • PJ says:

                Watching the show from the very beginning I thought that marriage was in trouble and wondered when (not if) the divorce would come. I never bought the whole ‘we are just the bickersons’ I always thought that was put out there to make people think this is just the way they related but it was clear to me that this was not a healthy way to relate to one another.

              • L.A. Chica says:

                Yes, T-Rex, Brandi is an all-too convenient scape goat. And I also agree with PJ about the sham marriage, but while I also never bought the Bickersons routine, I didn’t think they were already separated, just wondered when the eventual split would come. Adrienne was vile toward Paul. But then Adrienne is just vile.

                The only time I’d ever seen Adrienne behave like a decent person was when she tried to protect Kim the night Kyle outed her in the back of the limo.

                • Called A Princess... says:

                  I found the Kim limo scene fake and forced on Addy’s part. She really is not caring or level headed. She is more like a compulsive, control freak that thinks sometimes she can bring people together. Her lack of warmth, and seemingly care for others, make her an unlikely character for interpersonal relationship counselor. JMHO.

                  • not THAT Jill says:

                    I agree CAP-she seemed to actually be in pain while trying to appear comforting. She has such a disconnect from people. Very strange.

                    • L.A. Chica says:

                      Hmmm. I’ll have to find that scene on Bravo or YouTube. You and CAP are probably right on about Adrienne.

      • rabblerouser2010R says:

        Why wasn’t it shown? I would suggest it’s because the lawyers got involved which wouldn’t have happened if Aidrenne didn’t know.

        I agree that I don’t think this was the cause of their break up (we have all seen the way she treats Paul. The only thing I can see is that maybe they were waiting for the kids to get older to tell them about being born via surrogate, so maybe they were also waiting from them to get older before they divorced….so once one cat came out of the bag…so did the other.

        • T-Rex says:

          RR, the way I heard it is that the HoofMaloof’s attorney’s sent a letter to Bravo, that due to pending litigation, they needed to edit out the information, it’s been said that the HoofMaloof and Paul thought the whole scene with them lashing out a Brandi would be edited out. Now in true Bravo justice, HoofMaloof being stupid, didn’t realize that all Bravo was required to do was take the words out but leave everything else in tact.

    • Powell says:

      JNNTJ I totally agree Brandi should have kept her trap shut. If Adrienne was harassing her all she had to do was say “Adrienne did ABC to me”. She keeps shouting to the roof tops that this is affecting her family financially, well what she said is affecting Adrienne’s sons. She as a mom does not have the license on protecting her sons.

      • kit9 says:

        Brandi’s big problem, well one of them, is she has no sense of proportion. Adrienne trying to get her to rescind her stupid Lisa sabotage story doesn’t justify what she did in retaliation. And, I don’t buy that Adrienne tried to get her off the show for just that(after the surrogacy thing, sure). Remember, Brandi’s story about that sabotage ‘evolved’ over time. So, I have no faith in her story of Ad trying to get her fired. Can’t wait for the reunion.

        • T-Rex says:

          Yep, since I don’t believe the HoofMaloof is planning on attending the Reunion. At least that’s what’s been hinted at out there, some reasons that she won’t attend, is ue to the “gag order” from her divorce and the letter sent to Brandi she can’t legally be on the show. I think she is also going to claim it’s too “toxic” or she is being “bullied” as well, whatever. You chose to dish it out so put your big-girl panties and deal with it.

          • not THAT Jill says:

            T-Rex-you are right. If you dish it out you better ready yourself…good advice for all of these women!!!
            Im so over the words “toxic” (thanks to JZ) and “Bully” (in regard to grown women on a reality show). Can they come up with new buzz words…please!!!!

            • rabblerouser2010R says:

              I am so over the word “bully” too. Probably because you and I have kids in kindergarten (or grade 1?) and it applied to the playground or children’s interactions (and even then, sometimes it’s just kids being kids or a misunderstanding).

              • not THAT Jill says:

                RR-it must be because we think of kids when that word is used. Im 45 years old and I will tell you with 100% certainly that no one will be bullying me. Im not defenseless.

                • rabblerouser2010R says:

                  No one is bullying me either.
                  Are you Irish Jill ( I think we might have that in common too)

                  • not THAT Jill says:

                    Indeed I am RR…that and the fact that Im from a family of 7 makes me practically bully proof!!!

                  • T-Rex says:

                    This T-Rex is half Irish and while I only had two siblings I had oodles of cousins and family friends with tons of kids that made you tough and ready for the world, sorry with all of this bullying crap being spewed into the world we are raising folks who can’t handle life, IMO, suck it up. In my biz people some times HATE me, it goes with the job I don’t care, but I also haven’t sold my soul for 15 minutes of fame.

                  • PJ says:

                    Anyone that thinks bulling only happens with children these days is dead wrong. It’s a big problem in the work place among adults. It’s a problem in society these days in general.

                    • not THAT Jill says:

                      But is it bullying or just people being assholes? How can a grown person not be able to stand up for themselves? By adulthood we should all be able to defend ourselves.

                    • PJ says:

                      Jill it is bullying, that’s what the experts call it. It’s not always about being able to defend yourself. I’ve known several women that experienced this in the workplace, You can’t always defend yourself in the workplace especially if the person doing the bullying is either your superior or has an in with your superior. There is an unequal balance of power. This is such a big thing these days I’m surprised more people aren’t aware of it maybe that’s the reason it goes on because people turn a blind eye to it thinking it doesn’t exist or blaming the victim by thinking why can’t they defend themselves. But it is real, research it.

            • T-Rex says:

              JNJ Hitting the HUGE LIKE button for this comment!

              • not THAT Jill says:

                Right T-Rex??? I need to tweet Andy and tell him to add it to the HW’s contract that they are not to use those words any longer…there are probably lots of other words to throw in there too!!!

            • Powell says:


    • L.A. Chica says:

      Sorry, but I disagree with most of what you’re saying. First of all, Brandi is already a full time RH, she was only a “friend” LAST year. Secondly, Adrienne is full of shit in general, and is definitely full of shit when it comes to Brandi.

      “It’s not about the surrogacy!” There is a lot more going on here than we know, and while we don’t know what it looks like we can sure smell it.

      As others have said, Adrienne can’t blame Brandi for the terrible way she’s treated Paul, the father of her children. The surrogacy wasn’t a secret in Adrienne’s circle, and IMO she is a fool if she thinks there was zero chance her children wouldn’t find out about from a source other than her before she finally got around to deciding it was time. Once you’ve let a “secret” out to another person, you don’t need cameras for gossip to make the rounds.

      • PJ says:

        I think it’s always better to tell your children the truth, lying like this for years and then springing the truth on them when they are older seems like it would be damaging to the children. Especially when a parent is making up stories about their birth. By the time the children are finally told the truth they are going to feel like the parent is a big liar and worse like they have something to be ashamed of. I think this would cause trust issues between parent and children.

        • L.A. Chica says:

          Exactly, it’s a betrayal of the children’s trust not to be honest with them from the start.

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      I agree with you Jill.
      I think the worst part is as much as Brandi sees herself as a truth cannon, she screams STFU and runs to hide in bathrooms the minute the truth might come out about her.

      • PJ says:

        No not when the truth is coming out about her she readily admits to the truth about herself. She does that when she is being bullied and not listened to, not given a chance to answer accusations being thrown in her face. I would just refuse to engage but I’m not on a reality show where i get paid to bring the drama.

        • Rebecca says:

          I think her “hippie” upbringing of being open and honest is what’s really getting her in trouble. She not only expects but practically demands that everyone else is the same. She doesn’t understand that she is in the minority.

          • L.A. Chica says:

            Expressions like STFU aside, if more people lived as honestly about themselves as Brandi does, I think the world would be a better place.

            • Rebecca says:

              HELL NO! My skeletons stay IN the closet.Bound and gagged and handcuffed to a post…

              • PJ says:

                Yes, but if you have skeletons and want them kept in the closet then keep them there don’t tell people and then call foul when someone reveals a not too secret secret.

              • L.A. Chica says:

                LOL! I really meant more about being self-aware and open about her flaws, she doesn’t try to pretend she’s something she’s not.

              • Powell says:

                Rebecca’s gagged & bound skeletons-“let me out, let me out. Let me yell it to the mountains”. LOL

            • not THAT Jill says:

              I just read all the comments…Lets not talk about Kim-she told Adrienne what BRANDI said. She didn’t make up shit and she didn’t do anything wrong except pick a stupid ass time to tell. Brandi said what she said to HURT Adrienne-plain and simple.
              Brandi WAS NOT billed as a full time HW until filming was finished or almost finished. She knew what she was doing. It was none of her business. She didn’t do it because she is a truth seeker. She did it to cause harm and secure her spot on a reality show.
              Now Im no fool-I know there is s serious Brandi love here but blaming every Tom Dick Kim and Kyle for Brandi’s big ass mouth is just funny. Kyle asked her a question-so its all Kyles fault. Kim told Adrienne so its all Kim’s fault. Come on-Brandi is a grown woman-she is 40 years old. Nobody coerced her-she did it cause she wanted to hurt Adrienne. What difference does it make if the other HW’s knew? WE DIDN’T KNOW and Adrienne’s kids didn’t know. That is the truth. Brandi made it everyone’s business-and that was a sucky thing to do. What ever Adrienne did to Brandi is a mystery to me-I know about the phone calls-but really? That hurt big ballsy Brandi? So Adrienne asked her to lie? Say no way bitch…dont go out of your way to reveal something that you know will end up hurting a family. Brandi always talks about her kids and how she has to protect them right? Well how the hell would she feel if someone did this to her?

              • not THAT Jill says:

                Also-I totally do not believe that this is what broke up the marriage-that sounds like 100% pure bullshit to me.
                I feel so strongly that if this was something that Adrienne has kept private-it was not up to Brandi to say it. It doesnt make me think less of Adrienne-its her choice when she tells her kids-not Brandi’s. When they had dinner in Ojai-Brandi was setting Adrienne up-she already knew the story and she wanted Adrienne to say the truth. Why? Does she think less of women who use a surrogate? Did she think Adrienne needed to be shamed? What was the point? To prove Adrienne lies? Is it a lie to not want to tell something that is so private and that you haven’t discussed with your children? Does that make Adrienne a liar…or a mother?

                • L.A. Chica says:

                  We’re in agreement about the breakup of the marriage. (Yay! 😀 )

                  I don’t think Brandi thinks any less of anyone for using a surrogate. Camille has been very open about the fact that she did, and Brandi – to our knowledge – has never said a word about that. What’s the difference between Adrienne and Camille? Adrienne lied, and according to Brandi she has lied about many other things, too. So yes, if Brandi is correct then Adrienne is a liar.

                  I don’t think she thought Adrienne needed to be shamed, I think she explained her motivation when she said she talked about “the secret” because she wanted to get back at Adrienne for trying to hurt her and her family. Now, I don’t follow much about the RHs out of season but several people here have said that Adrienne, and/or perhaps her tools Bernie or Cedric, have planted false stories about Brandi in an attempt to ruin her reputation and get her fired. It was damaging enough to cause Eddie to contest custody of their children. THAT is pretty low and shitty in my book, and is far worse than revealing a pseudo secret about surrogacy.

              • L.A. Chica says:

                I agree with you, Jill, that Brandi said what she said out of spite – she admitted that on the show and she acknowledged that she was wrong to do so and apologized.

                Imo, several of the Housewives got their hands dirty in this mess. We’ll never know if Brandi would have talked about Adrienne that way had Kyle not – in Kim’s words – lit the match and set the fuse. We’ll never know if Kyle asked out of her own need to stir the pot (her sister thinks so) or if a Bravo producer suggested she ask the question because they wanted to stir up drama. Maybe it’s a little of both.

                The decision to make Brandi a full-on Housewife was made after filming was done? I didn’t know that, I thought it was made when Bravo saw how popular she was in her first season. And she was VERY popular, so I’d think Bravo would want to make the most of her role since she showed potential for being ratings gold. Regardless, they ALL want to secure their place on the show, why single out Brandi?

                Back to her acknowledging that she was wrong to spill Adrienne’s sort of secret, I don’t think it’s a good idea for her to now backtrack and sound ambivalent about what she’d done, and yet I do understand. She’s far from perfect but she’s the first to admit it.

                I do think Brandi’s honesty about herself and her failings is threatening to some of the others. By comparison it reveals the hollowness of their egos, and the phoniness that is their carefully constructed facades.

                • not THAT Jill says:

                  I remember when Brandi tweeted about being billed as a full time HW-it was either during filming or at the end. I know for sure it was not at the start of filming.
                  I still don’t see how Kyle asking “what went on with you and Adrienne?” makes Kyle a shit stirrer or a fire starter. She asked a question. She didn’t say I will give you a million dollars if you tell the world a secret about Adrienne. Saying that Kyle lit the fire is placing blame on Kyle-this was Brandi’s doing-just Brandi-she wasn’t held to the fire-she didn’t HAVE to say it. She chose to say it. I know she said sorry but she also said she is not sorry. I don’t think she is sorry at all. I think she is a very calculating woman. She knows throwing around F bombs and screaming STFU gets ratings and she knows who to align herself with. She is playing the game-good for her. But she should be honest about that!! She spoke to her husbands mistress on national TV and claims it was b/c she didn’t want things to be uncomfortable at VB-bull crap. She knew it would help Lisa with the tie in to SUR. I don’t care that she did it (although I do think it was stupid) but she shouldn’t pretend its about anything but scene time and ratings.
                  I dont think her honesty about herself is threatening-I think its her big mouth that is threatening. If she was willing to tell a secret that would harm Adrienne’s family…who is next?

                  • L.A. Chica says:

                    I see your point about Brandi not needing to answer Kyle’s question so… um… *fully,* but she knew very well that Brandi is filterless. I think they’re both at fault. Kyle was being provocative, and Brandi indulged her.

                    As for the rest, please see my answer above. 🙂

                    • not THAT Jill says:

                      Chica-I still don’t see Kyle’s fault in this. Brandi being filtererless- as a grown woman-is solely on Brandi. I don’t see Kyle as provoking her. It still seems like the blame is being placed else where. Like its Brandi’s fault…but really not. I guess we are never going to see it the same.
                      At least we agree that blaming the secret on the fall of the marriage is crap!!!

                  • RealhouseWifeva says:

                    She was a full time housewife before filming. They don’t offer contracts for filming that’s already completed. The problems they were having with her contract was in regards to the boys not being allowed to be filmed.

              • PJ says:

                The problem is Adrienne didn’t just ask her to lie when she didn’t do what Adrienne wanted then Adrienne went after Brandi’s job and family. Yes Brandi was upset and yes she fought back but not without cause.

                • not THAT Jill says:

                  But she fought back and expected what? To win? She needs to win. But is she a winner? Whats her prize?? That everyone hates Adrienne? I hope it was worth it to make the decision when Adrienne kids found out about how they were brought into the world.

                  • L.A. Chica says:

                    Well, if you’re going to say it wasn’t Kyle’s fault for opening the door for Brandi to speak then is it fair to blame Brandi for the fact that Adrienne wasn’t open with her children?

                    • not THAT Jill says:

                      Wait…what? So now if Adrienne had just told her children sooner none of this would have happened??? Im confused?? Kyle asked a question!! A simple question-Brandi chose how to answer and what to say. She didnt probe or poke-she said “what happened with you and Adrienne?”…so unless Adrienne using a surrogate directly effected Brandi there was no way Kyle made her spill!!

                  • PJ says:

                    How would I know what she expected? Maybe she had just had it. I think your dislike of Brandi is blinding you to what Adrienne is really all about. We can debate this all day but i doubt we will ever agree.

                    • not THAT Jill says:

                      That’s fair. I think your love of Brandi is blinding you to what she is all about.
                      To tell you the truth-I don’t even dislike Brandi-she is funny and and I laugh right along with everyone else when she is joking around with Lisa and Ken. I just think that too many excuses have been made and too much blame shifting on the whole secret thing.

                    • PJ says:

                      Jill, I don’t actually love Brandi. She is funny true but she could clean it up a little bit. I just don’t love hypocrisy and that’s what I see here from Kyle, Faye, Adrienne and Kim. Some of them blaming Brandi for problems they created themselves.

            • kit9 says:

              Brandi is hardly the beacon of living honestly. Remember the reunion? She acted one way to Kyle’s face, all lovey dovey, while calling her a c**t behind her back. She then lied about Adrienne not being a good friend and calling and inviting her over. Straight shooting Brandi my butt.

              • PJ says:

                How do you know she was lying about Adrienne, where is the proof of that? As for Kyle her behavior speaks for itself she was brutal to Brandi first season, not a lot better this season really.

                • not THAT Jill says:

                  PJ-(I had to move down-it was too skinny up there). I dont like the hypocrisy either.
                  I think Faye should have MYOB and I think Kyle should have told her so. I think Kim
                  saying that Brandi calling her a meth head was the worst thing that ever happened to her is so stupid. Kim is such a mess I’m sure that lots of bad shit has happened in her life. I would not like to be accused of being a meth head but there is no basis to call me one. Kim on the other hand…
                  Adrienne even implying that Brandi caused the break up of her marriage is the most ludicrous thing in HW history. That marriage was hitting the skid long before Brandi showed up.
                  All of these things considered-Brandi still caused harm. I don’t think she did it b/c she cant stand the fact that Adrienne tells lies. She could have proved that without dragging the whole family into it. I think she knew exactly what would happen and exactly how it
                  would play out. Just because I say Brandi is wrong,doesn’t mean I’m saying everyone else is right. It doesn’t make Brandi less wrong that other people act like b*iches.

                  • PJ says:

                    It will be really interesting to see how this all plays out by the end of the season and what we both think after the finale.

                  • Rebecca says:

                    I also think that Adrienne has said a ton of damaging crap about Brandi behind her back. WHY DOESN’T KIM TELL BRANDI WHAT ADRIENNE SAID? Because you don’t need to repeat crap if it is only going t hurt someone’s feelings. Kim had to do it at a business event? She’s a mess that belongs in a straight jacket.

                    And Kyle calling her out for being an alcoholic – who as her sister is in the know – is way worse than someone you’ve never met saying you’re doing crystal meth in a bathroom during an argument after you’ve yelled at her and hid her crutches.

                    Kim needs to get off the show and into a hospital.

                    • PJ says:

                      Kim needs to own up to her own actions. That’s what makes me wonder how long this sobriety will last (although I hope it does last) because Kim is still blaming Brandi and not accepting responsibility.

                    • Noelle says:

                      I, for one, am rooting for Kim.
                      I wish her nothing but the BEST!!

                  • Noelle says:

                    Catching up, reading above^^^ and below, with no space to reply, am doing so & here now:
                    ITA! ITA!
                    It was NOT Brandi’s place to do so.(Expose Ade’s personal/private issues.) PERIOD.
                    Quite frankly, IMHO, they’ve ALL become famewhores!!
                    SUR doesn’t lie!! ( Even with my simple lifestyle, I wouldn’t claim that hot ass mess as mine!!) To each their own.

    • princesspindy says:

      Maybe her follow up book can be titled, “I Should Have STFU!”

      • rabblerouser2010R says:

        ” I Should Have STFU & Put The Wine Glass Down”.

        • Noelle says:

          Greetings 🙂 RR
          Wanted to reply so many times above, but was unable as this was quite a debate the left no reply options…
          You and Jill, both, have made excellent points and ITA.
          I’m team-NO~ONE and to me, they’re ALL famewhores. (Make no mistake..I’m speaking about Lisa right down to Kim!)
          As always, RHOBH was fun (that’s what I like.) Now it blows like the rest of thr HW series.
          That is all…carry on. 😉 xx

      • Laineylainey says:


    • SoutheastVA says:

      I totally agree with every word you typed. Finally, someone said it. This site can be so biased for or against someone that I think common sense issues are clouded.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        I’m guilty of being biased-more when I like someone then when I don’t…although looking at my comments about Brandi that’s hard to believe!!!

  3. Felicia says:

    Good Morning. I couldn’t sleep anymore due to the high wind again. I hate the VA weather right now. Anyway great Blog today.
    But on GG and all them: Why is it ok for Mike and Omind to get mad and fight but not GG. These people have a big double standard. That reminds me of my Fathers side of the family. (males due no wrong but the female are always wrong)
    Have a good Friday….

    • Felicia says:

      Sorry *DO no wrong* I think I’m still half asleep,,,,

    • Pghemtchick says:

      Exactly. Spot on. I don’t know much (if anything) about the Iranian/Persian culture, but it does seem to follow the old world theory that women should be subservient and men rule (as we are seeing it portrayed). You have the male fights, yet GG attempts to stop it & she’s psycho. You have Lily disgracing her ex/bf/whatever he is/family by designing swimwear. You have MJ’s mom who is old school and only seems to worry about MJ and a man. I mean not much hope for the women there. Unless you count the faux pop priestess and her attachment to her culture as what a real woman is supposed to be. I liked Asa season one. She was that flows to the beat of her own drum kinda gal, now I realize it was all fake. Asa is prolly the most fake and materialistic of them all.

      • Orson says:

        It seems to me GG has a demonstrated history of going out of control with rage (remember that pool party?) and she’s often threatened to stab people she’s angry with. Her pregnant sister, for one example. There are more. As for the woman who gave birth to MJ, she might just be one of those women who simply do not have it in them to be a parent. That part is just missing. It happens to both genders of parent. MJ needs to accept that.
        And as for the Persian/American culture conflict, I think it’s quite common in immigrants and 1st generation Americans. I believe all the cast of Shahs immigrated as children, so they’re most likely to be torn between the two cultures. I don’t think it’s specific to the Persian/American experience.

      • chismosa says:

        PGH- i can’t STAND Asa. She’s done such a turnaround, was so FAKE in her apology to MJ in Cabo, and last year stated she didn’t CARE about materialistic things– yet jumps for joy with Reza this year over her Cartier sunglasses. Last year’s Asa was totally into being non-materialistic and this year is jumping at it and STRAIGHTENING HER HAIR, i.e. not the same Asa as last year. (i dont care if this beyotch straightens her hair, but don’t profess to be all about natural and stuff when you don’t practice it yourself.) I think she’s had a nosejob even if she wants the world to think she hasn’t.
        I am team MJ all the way

  4. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. We have snow. Oh no! From 70 & sunshine back to cold & snow. Oh well. I saw someone on Twitter say “Mother Nature is Drunk”. Well hopefully the weather isn’t too bad all around. Have a great day.

    • Felicia says:

      Hello Powell you must live close to me. I’m in VA and that is how our weather has been. I think Mother Nature is something but not Drunk.. LOL

  5. Rebecca says:

    Rockstar NMD, I agree with everything you wrote. Spot on as usual!

  6. T-Rex says:

    It’s sunny here in FLA and we woke up to 37 degrees this morning! Brrrrrr, only getting to 65 today and tomorrow in the lower 40’s to jump start our weekend. Had to break the sweaters out of the spacebags today.

    • Powell says:

      T-Rex you woke up to 37, we’re at 33 & not moving upward any time soon. Enjoy your 65. 🙂

    • T-REX… oh yea…cold cold cold here in chobee town this a/m @ 445….bbbbrrrrrr and I fell asleep with the window open….lol
      got mr ford to mri this a/m @ we wait to see what comes next…
      off to find a good tune for today’s flashback….
      hugs and peace

      • HuskerHuny says:

        It was a balmy -2 degrees this morning in my part of Huskerland. Warming up to a blazing mid-20s if we’re lucky. Don’t mind the cold as long as it’s killing off all of those germs that are causing so much sickness. I still sleep with my bedroom window open about an inch. Love that fresh air!

        • Kansas Girl says:

          See, that’s why I’m not complaining about this morning’s 5 degrees. And a facebook friend in MN said it was -10 and she woke up to realize the furnace was not working.

  7. Powell says:

    BB I watched PR. I really like the teams. You can tell who “plays well with others”. I think the right person went home.

    • BB says:

      Powell, I think Cindy may be next. She seems to be stuck in a time warp. All her “jackets” look like they belong in a JCP or Sears catalog. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but if you’re on Project Runway you need to be a little more cutting edge.

      • PJ says:

        She is very good at construction but lacking in the new cutting edge designs needed to make it. She would do well designing for an older set of women, nothing wrong with that.

      • Powell says:

        Yes that jacket was catalog worthy alright. Even Nina said that. I did ke the guys drop croutch were nice, even though I don’t like guys w/droopy pants. They were good for the purpose.

    • L.A. Chica says:

      I’ve watched the DVRed first episode, then watched last night and my concerns about the team concept have been put to rest. I like it! And it’s not at all the way the stupid promos made it look like it would be.

      Does anyone miss Michael Kors? I was so mad at him after that Mondo vs Gretchen fiasco that I don’t miss him. Zac Posen seems to be a good substitute. I loved his comment about droopy-drawers pants on men, he echoed my sentiments about them exactly: they make it look like the guy wearing them took a big dump in their pants. lol

      That skort outfit was really cute, and the ball catcher outfit was good, too. James was the right person to send home for this challenge, but if Cindy doesn’t step up her game she’ll probably be next.

      • BB says:

        I miss Michael Kors but I like Zac Posen too. I don’t blame Kors for the Gretchen fiasco as much as I blame Nina Garcia. Nina seems to always eventually get her way and she loved Gretchen. And if I recall correctly, Nina also loved Anya, the draper who couldn’t sew a stitch.

        • L.A. Chica says:

          Maybe my memory is fuzzy but as I recall, Michael had a problem with Mondo, he acted as if he couldn’t stand him. Then at the end of the season when the judges were deliberating who should win, Michael was making the case for Gretchen and her lifeless, boring collection with the grannypants shorts, Heidi was supporting Mondo and his creativity and unconventional use of patterns, Britney Spears was on board with Heidi about Mondo, while Nina was on the fence. It seemed to me that Michael then convinced Nina to join him and vote for Gretchen.

          And Tim said it best: The judges must’ve been smoking crack!

          I have to admit I loved Anya’s designs. What she may have lacked in sewing skills, she made up for in the looks she created.

        • Powell says:

          I’m a big MK fan. I love what Zac does too. Every time I look at him I see a little boys face.

          • L.A. Chica says:

            Powell, whenever I go shopping I find myself drawn toward Michael Kor’s merchandise. Then I look at the label and see his name and in my mind I shake my fist and yell “Damn you Michael Kors!” I really like his clothing and accessories lines. Why oh why did he have to go and behave like a poopyhead in Season 9???

            Zac Posen looks very boyish, I agree! I wonder how old he is?

    • trudie says:

      Thoughts on Project Runway:

      I agree with Heidi – I don’t want to see armpit hair when someone serves me food.

      They were all aghast with the placement of “Balls are our business” on the kilt, but that’s the logo of the club. Why act like it is so distasteful. I actually thought the kilt was an interesting idea.

      Cindy needs to go.

      I can’t remember which female designer said it, but one of them said in a TH, she knows she is not the best designer. Then why did she come on the show?

      • HuskerHuny says:

        How about some color (other than black) and maybe a print, plaid, striped fabric? I already bashed on the overuse of dark fabrics last week. Thought this challenge could really use something other than solid colors then you could tell the staff from the patrons. I thought polka dots would really fit the theme of balls being our business, but only for the girl designs. I think the team concept is going to squash some of the more adventerous designers in that they are now going to have to go with the mob mentality. Some really good designers are going to go home early because of this.

  8. LA_Debra says:

    Rob Schuter looks creepy. ew

    • L.A. Chica says:

      Nodding my head in agreement

      • not THAT Jill says:

        He is a creepy creeper…ewwww is right!!!

        • JumpTheShark says:

          And LuAnn needs to drop “Countess” because: A.) She is in the United States of America, and B.) She was the Count’s third wife (once removed). Please LuAnn, just lose it.

          • Powell says:

            Aw JTS it makes her feel good about herself.

            No word on het and Jacques love child. 🙂

          • T-Rex says:

            In addition, he was not TRULY a Count either. His grandfather was given an honorary title, and this was to end with his death, not to be inherited by his descendants, I think at last count, the fakeCountdeslesseps shared this title with 100 other grandchildren of this guy. He was not of noble birth nor blood, even the French are basically saying to LOSE IT as it was someone in France that posted that Title was fake.

  9. I want to weigh in one more time about Brandi. A lot are condeming her for outing Adrienne’s surrogacy. I matters that involve children I usually agree that kids need to be off limits. However, let’s not forget that Adreinne and her lackeys had been attacking Brandi before filming began.

    Adrienne and her nasties planted rumours in to tabloids about Brandi having an affair with a married executive producer of the show. A married, with CHILDREN co-worker! Can you imagine the stress and strain that rumour could cause for his family! Brandi and the producer BOTH could have lost their jobs and ability to support their families over a VICIOUS LIE! How would any of us like to be accused by one co-worker of something so tawdry and cruel. At the same time, Brandi was fighting limp-dick Eddie for the ability to have her sons present while she was filming. How do you think a judge would view that supposed work relationship?

    Adrienne also planted other lies in the tabloids about Brandi and Lisa hoping that at least Brandi would be FIRED. So, of course Brandi viewed Adrienne’s attacks as attacks on her AND HER children.
    Sorry, but IMO you poke someone enough times with a stick don’t be suprised when they bite back.
    Adrienne has been proven a LIAR. She is the one who began the attacks then she didn’t like it when Brandi fought back as hard and vicious. Adrienne then used her money and the power that being wealthy affords her to again try to cripple Brandi finaicially with the lawsuit.

    Adrienne blaming Brandi for her marriage failing is absurd and laughable. She and Paul had problems long before Brandi came along. Viewers where constantly shown the contempt,belittling and pettiness in which she treated Paul. Then the appalling lies and allegations of abuse that she hurled against Paul during the divorce. So, if any of those lies where TRUE, how could Brandi be at fault? So abuse is not enough to end your marriage but the truth about your surrogacy is? Sorry, but only an absolute FOOL would buy that story!
    Adrienne is trying to play victim just as she tried to do during her nasty divorce. She isn’t the victim but the BULLY. She is used to bullying people with her money,family influence and lies.
    Yes, I’m sorry her son’s had to have the TRUTH told to them earlier than Paul and Adrienne had wanted. But, I don’t think that could cause near as much damage as the lies and vile attacks that their MOTHER has made toward their FATHER. And I think they will suffer more when they learn just how petty and vindictive their mother is to people she doesn’t like. What a role model.
    God bless and protect those boys. They need it.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      I agree with the fact that all the things Adrienne has done regarding the divorce is so harmful to her boys-but that does not diminish the fact that Brandi wanted to cause harm to a family. It was not Brandi’s right to choose when Adrienne had to tell her boys about the surrogacy.
      Do we know for a fact that Adrienne was the only one telling tales to the tabloids? I think they all sell & tell….every last one of them.

      • Yes, It was Adrienne. Both Brandi and the producer confirmed that. That is an attack on them and their families. Both could have been fired. It is just as vicious. I don’t agree with the “Tit for Tat” fighting but I do understand being backed in a corner and fighting back. It gets ugly for everyone and innocents sometimes get caught in the crossfire. But, Adrienne and Brandi SHARE in the blame and the ugliness. It’s not one sided.

      • T-Rex says:

        I don’t think LisaVpump does, she doesn’t need to, there is absolutely zero reason for her to do so, and she said she doesn’t and why would she lie when someone could out her if it was true. I think the HoofMaloof did, I don’t think Brandi did she just says crap about people for free. Here is the one thing, yes Brandi should not have said it, HOWEVER she has apologized numerous times for the transgression, numerous times, in front of everyone, crap since she said it, she has apologized on each and EVERY episode since. Stealing a line from Bethenny, but “why don’t we just nail her to the cross”, she can’t undo what she has done, and she apologized.

        • not THAT Jill says:

          I have heard her say she was sorry…and I have heard her say she is not sorry.

          • T-Rex says:

            I think she honestly wanted to aplogize to the HoofMaloof, in the beginning right after she said it. I think she tried to contact the HoofMaloof who responded with a letter from her attorney. After that, and after being asked to say she is sorry, she just thought , F-it, you want to sue and not work this out, screw you, frankly that’s what I would have done.

          • Beckygrey says:

            I hope someone can help answer these questions. If someone makes a mistake (no matter how large w/o criminal) and they apologized repeatedly, (whether they mean it or not,) what would be their penance? How many people can punish the person for the mistake? Who determines who gets to punish the person?

      • Rebecca says:

        Brand did NOT want to cause harm to a family.She wanted it pointed out what a liar Adrienne is, so the next time she told a lie about Brandi, no one would believe her. If anyone needs to shove a Hoof in her mouth, its Adrienne.

        • L.A. Chica says:


          • rabblerouser2010R says:

            And the collateral damage of which, would be causing harm to someone else family. It doesn’t matter what her motivation was….it’s the end result.

            Instead of being up the surrogacy and things that have nothing to do with Brandi or anyone else on the cast, Brandi could have just said…”I beleive she has been selling or giving damaging stories about me to the press” and gave examples.

            • PJ says:

              I think Brandi said what she did because she was upset but Adrienne did what she did to cause harm, there is a difference.

        • PJ says:

          I agree and it was said to a group of people who for the most part already knew about it.

    • PJ says:

      Brandi said that off camera Adrienne went after her family AND her job. I would really like to know what that’s all about and it has been said that all these things will be addressed on the show. People get all hung up on what Brandi shouldn’t have done and are just glossing over the things Adrienne has done and said. To go after someone’s job when they need the money to support their children is ugly–talk about damaging children. Then to bully someone around causing them to spend a lot of money they don’t have all the while saying vile lies about them that are aired on TV, please based on this alone Brandi gets a pass from me.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        Brandi gets a pass because Adrienne is a bad person? Who glossed over what Adrienne has done? I only asked if we knew for fact that Adrienne did these things. If she did-then shame on her. It does in no way excuse the fact that what Brandi said-she knew it was being filmed – would hurt a family. If Adrienne was hurting her family-it still doesnt make Brandi right.
        And what bullying? Brandi said they called her and asked her to lie. She could have said NO and hung up. Adrienne calling a lawyer and trying to keep her secret safe does not look like bullying to me. Brandi should have known what would happen if she spilled the beans….and I bet she did know…nothing like a lawsuit to up the ratings…and help sell a book.

        • Rebecca says:

          Nobody is saying Brandi should get a free pass – not even Brandi. An apology is sufficient. And frankly, where does Adrienne Effing Maloof get off demanding apologies when she herself has publicly assassinated the character of Lisa, Paul, Brandi, etc? The difference in these situations is that that Adrienne lied about Lisa, lied about Paul, and lied about Brandi. Brandi actually told the truth!
          Adrienne strikes first with a vicious lie, and then runs to her lawyers. THAT is off-putting and foul.

          • not THAT Jill says:

            Rebecca-I was referring to PJ who said “please based on this alone Brandi gets a pass from me.”

            • Rebecca says:

              You’re kind of giving Adrienne a free pass for all her lies directed at Brandi.

              • not THAT Jill says:

                When? I have stated in my opinion more than once that I don’t even like Adrienne-I think the crap she pulled with Paul and that gross chef are disgusting.
                Im just not getting how Brandi should be blameless and justified for what she did.

                • Rebecca says:

                  Here’s my train of thought on the matter…..

                  Adrienne (and her dog-chef) spread lies about Brandi because Brandi didn’t go along with the gang-up on the more popular Lisa. We’ve seen them – they are very damaging. Now Adrienne is pissed that Brandi has fuel to make her look bad – in her upcoming divorce, to the citizens of BH, and to her brothers. She’s officially a true liar now. That’s bad for business.

                  Brandi – does NOT sue Adrienne over the lies. She could have won a sizable fortune and publicly discredited Adrienne. This would have allowed other future Maloof victims to come right in sue Adrienne as well.

                  Brandi – does call Adrienne out for being a liar at a dinner party. She uses an example of a lie Adrienne has told and said it out loud for friends to hear – and they all knew Brandi was telling the truth. It was filmed but never aired.

                  Adrienne sues Brandi for TELLING THE TRUTH and tries to get her sign a piece of paper saying she will never talk about her again. This would cost Brandi her job on the show. Adrienne continues to bash Brandi and Lisa every chance she gets.

                  Adrienne lies – no lawsuits, continues to trash Lisa and Brandi
                  Brandi tells the truth – lawsuit, attempt to have her fired, still gets trash-talked by Adrienne

                  For every negative action, there is a reaction. Adrienne got off awfully easy if all that happened was an edited scene where NOTHING WAS OUTED ON CAMERA. She doesn’t care about what “secret” was revealed. She cares that Brandi proved her to be dishonest and vicious.

                  Adrienne is so stupid, she’s playing the “blame Teresa” game. She doesn’t realize that viewers don’t buy it.

                  NEW GAME: What will be the next thing Adrienne blames Brandi for?

                  I think Adrienne’s nasty divorce, tabloid cougar romance, and vicious, dishonest behavior on tv will cause enough embarrassment that her brothers no longer want her associated with their company.And Brandi will get blamed. Save this post – 2/1/213

                  For every negative action, there is a reaction.

              • PJ says:

                Thank you for saying that! I agree completely.

              • rabblerouser2010R says:

                I’m with Jill in saying I don’t understand how being critical of Brandi is in anyway being supportive of Adrienne or giving her a pass on her behavior. It’s not an either or thing with me…

                I think ALL of them have been wrong on several occasions. It’s just that now we are seeing the ugly side of Brandi (and Lisa for that matter)

                • Called A Princess... says:

                  rabble, the same thing happens when people are critical of Melissa in NJ. We are called Treehugger’s even if we do not mention Teresa by name. Two wrongs never make a right, as far as I know. The nature of the beast. IMO.

                  • PJ says:

                    I’m not actually sure anyone actually said it was right but I think people understand it given the circumstances.

            • PJ says:

              I’ll clarify: I’m not going to come down so hard on Brandi considering everything that Adrienne has done and said about her and others, enough raking Brandi over the coals. Brandi said she was sorry and I think she was sincere. To me a sincere apology is important and it means put differences aside and move on. Has Adrienne ever said she was sorry or even admitted to what she has done or said? It seems to me that in Adrienne’s world It’s all about Adrienne. Adrienne can do to people what she wants and say what she wants about others but let anyone go against her and it’s stories in the tabloids and lawyers, not even face to face. Just my opinion.

        • L.A. Chica says:

          If Adrienne did in fact try to destroy Brandi with those horrendous stories, then yes – she is a bully. No, wait. She is a BULLY.

          The truth will come out, it always does.

    • pat says:


      I hope Adrienne is enjoying her Happy Meals. From what is reported about the Maloof empire, all that money she and her brothers inherited from their daddy, they are quickly pissing away. They should have stuck with dad’s successful beer distributorship, instead of cashing it in for more glamorous pursuits like Vegas hotels and basketball teams.

      Villa Blanca is where you take your wife…. Mickey D’s is where your broke-ass, jobless boy-toy takes his much older sugar mommy.

    • TexasTart says:

      Thanks, shadowsnomore, that is a very believeable and realistic summary of what has likely transpired between Charo & Brandi.

    • pat says:

      Everything you’ve outlined here seems to be the sentiment of most viewers. It’s rather common sense, no? Comments on the Bravo site are overwhelmingly in support of Brandi and Lisa. And Yolanda and Marisa for their support of Brandi. Adrienne, getting skewered. She plays dirty & tries to defame others with lies.

      • rabblerouser2010R says:

        Comments on Wetpaint, which from what I know is not moderated are very much anti-Brandi. I am thinking the tide is going to turn on her.

      • Contessa says:

        I read an interesting blog on facebook about the entire situation with Brandi and Ad. Ad has gone after Brandi after the reunion in many ways, including being a mother. She publicly called Brandi a poor mother who sleeps till 3 pm and takes drugs. Now I would much rather be called out for surrogacy than drug taking. This was on the episode. Brandi is in constant fear of slimey leann/balle$$ wonder Eddie (with slimes money) taking her children. We have Ad publicly calling her all these things, ad’s housboy/cook all over facebook calling her the same and worse (Ad doesn’t control her employees- she feeds them this insane garbage about Paul, Lisa and Brandi). Ad knew after the reunion she fell into a stinkhole saying Lisa sold stories to the paparazzi press. Brandi is the only one who stuck up for Lisa and told the viewers about the gang-up. Please note the rest of the HW were quiet as they didn’t want to be part of this debacle. She needed Brandi to take this back and harrassed her after filming. I have no doubt lots of words went back and forth. Ad feels powerful because of her money, Brandi is frightened as she doesn’t have the dollars to fight the money machine of lawyers on retainer. Brandi is surviving and responsible for her boys. Please note she says this constantly…my belief is because she has been threatened about her custody, probably from Ad and balless and slimey leann (she doesn’t even look clean) she struck back, and trust me if it was my kids I would fight tooth and nail with whatever I had. Too bad for Adrienne she started this entire mess because of her jealousy of not being top dog like Lisa, and told the viewers Lisa sold stories. From there it has been downhill. She has lost all credibility
        with viewers because of the abused wife thing, having her major domo put this on facebook, spreading stories, aligning herself with the morally corrupt Faye. Adrienne is yesterdays’s news and a d celebrity at best. She is now so jealous of everyone and everything that she has lost all perspective and is suing a single, self supporting mother who is trying to survive- what a dumb $hit.

        I give Brandi kudos for fighting the war, as Ad has come after her in a far worse manner, attacking her as a mother. Maybe some don’t like her language or her style. She will eventually learn to clean up her language, but she is unique and her own person. She is loyal to those who care for her. She stood up for Lisa, and it could have burned her becoming a ft housewife. I would much rather have truth cannon Brandi as a friend than Ad, Kyle, Kim, Camille and Faye.

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      I also seem to remember Brandi posting pictures of her and a friend on twitter in Vegas, claiming they were married (her friend was recently divorced and had children) and it caused a sh!t storm…..then Brandi came out and said it was a joke.

      According to the ex -wife of the guy in question….their children were hurt. All started by a vicious lie that Brandi created. She didn’t seem to appreciate the damage she caused.

      Like I have said before, Brandi is her own worst enemy. Even Lisa has said, Brandi keeps giving people ‘gift’s’ to use against her.

  10. T-Rex says:

    Interesting note on freedom of speech regarding lawsuits and public figures. We had a famous case just settled here in Florida regarding two Radio shockjocks and one suing the other for “verbal” harrassment. Well folks the Constitution was saved yet again regarding what is and isn’t off limits when you CHOOSE to be a “public” figure, the defense one and the Jury ruled that public figures choose their fate when they choose to become Public for pay persons. Reality HW sell their proverbial souls(allegedly) to be on television, some do it for fame, some to hawk a product, some to further their careers, etc. They are PUBLIC figures and are now subject to less rights when it comes to verbal allegations, especially truthful ones. LisaHochstein’s lawsuit is probably going no where, as it should, she is a PUBLIC figure now, if someone wrote something untruthful, oh well, it comes with the territory of being public. For goodness sake Jennifer Aniston should be a mom a hundred times over according to the RagMags, hell even the redheadedLUNATIC that was fired from the HW had tried to sue folks and thankfully had attorney’s that explained why she couldn’t, I believe that at one time she wanted to sue our precious Lynn for starting this blog. I hope Bravo will use this as a barometer for HW firings in the future.

    • L.A. Chica says:

      I don’t think a person legally gives up their civil rights when they become a public figure, but they do open themselves up to being a target of ridicule and satire. As for outright lies, I think most celebrities don’t bother suing because it would be too expensive in time and money. In most cases it’s just not worth it. Anyway, I just think the distinction between slander and satire is important.

  11. So many tunes to pick from…so going with one of my FAVS to cruise to… I look like a ragin maniac driving thru town when this song comes on..
    mardrag…lots of beating on the steering wheel

  12. Debbie Cooley says:

    Hi again–having read all the comments I wanted add my opinion for what it is worth 🙂 I have been watching the HW since it began and while it took a bit I realized that most of these woman are using this show to promote themselves or a business venture. I don’t really have a problem with that but want to say if Adrienne’s mode of child birth was that sensitive a subject–why oh why is she on a “reality” show?
    While Brandi makes me cringe at times with her inability to control what come out of her mouth–for the most part I think she speaks the truth–should she? Well that’s another debate for another time.

    I see Brandi as a very hurt young woman who does not know what to do with all the hurt and rage she has build up–so she lashes out–especially when she is asked by a friend to black-ball another cast member etc…..This kind of betrayal even if not directed at her simply fuels all that is already inside. Then because she didn’t play–the betrayal is turned toward her. Brandi does the only thing she knows how to do–fight back–wrong or right–that is her way.
    I think the reason Brandi has the fans she does is because she is so transparent unlike some of the other more devious and sneaky ladies.

    Reading the divorce documents before they were gone–Adrienne went ballistic at Brandi and Bravo right after the taping and demanded it be removed. Bravo refused. She then tried to quit–again Bravo refused.
    If other readings are to be believed the marriage was over when they began with the show–both agreeing to hold off in order to establish whatever business venture they were up to at the time.
    Paul’s practice and Maloof holdings–allegedly.

    Bottom line–if you don’t want your personal info out there–don’t do a reality show.

  13. kendo says:

    All this B & A back and forth here is just boring. Get passed it! It’s so old! It’s almost as if A herself is coming here everyday and starting it up again. She’s been mostly MIA on the show, let her stay that way.

    • TexasTart says:

      Yeah, let’s put Charo back in the closet….oh how dreamy it would be to never have to see her or hear that gosh awful gravel voice again!

      • not THAT Jill says:

        The fact is that the whole show is about the A & B so that’s what we have to talk about. Brandi has her book coming out and Adrienne has been on mag covers so it keeps coming up. If BH had a better story line this season we could be talking about other things.

        • TexasTart says:

          Jill, I just don’t see the whole show being about A & B if it were, I would not watch!!!! I think because they are the controversy this season is why there is so much discussion and that’s completely normal. The thing is that I never liked Charo in the first place, so frankly I’m glad to know some of the truth may come out about her.

      • Laineylainey says:

        Hahaha! Gravel voice!

  14. pat says:

    Very well said. You can’t manipulate truth for long. Viewers watch with a keen eye (well most do) and can ferret out the truth. Adrienne played it so cool the first season, then she revealed her true colors. She should not be on a reality show, if she is (quoting her) “not the biggest fan of drama.” She also said “Talking behind one’s back is not my style.” Ummmm, okayyy!!! As you said, most of these women come on shows like this to promote themselves, and that is clearly the case with Adrienne. But she has a serious problem with truth. I’m not buying what she’s selling.

    Brandi is carrying a lot of hurt, and hasn’t quite got her sea legs back, but she’s getting there. She is too quick to attack back, but it is always reactive. Never pre-meditated. She strikes me as someone who likes everyone, until they give her a reason not to. A lot of these Beverly Hills types, like Kyle and Kim, don’t like you til they do.

    On a lighter note, just watched Lisa Vanderpump on The View. Her lightening quick wit had everyone cracking up. Love her!

  15. L.A. Chica says:

    Hey, all! Just talked to my doctor’s office and it made me think about a lot of things, including the way health information is shared here. (Btw, anyone hear from Ice about her son’s foot?)

    So, I just want to share something I learned back when I was diagnosed with breast cancer because I realized in talking with friends that it’s something a lot of women don’t know about. And that is, the importance of knowing whether you have dense breast tissue.

    The reason it’s important is that if you do, then a mammogram can miss catching a tumor because both the tumor and the dense tissue show up as white, making it hard for the radiologist to differentiate between the two. So, if you don’t already know, then ask the radiologist the next time you get a mammogram, “Do I have dense breasts?” If the answer is yes then ask for a sonogram in addition to the mammogram. The sonogram could save your life.

    My tumor was very deep and in such a position that it couldn’t be manually felt, especially not with all the other lumps in there. It wasn’t until I noticed a puckering of the breast that I went to have it checked out. The mammogram said there was nothing there, but clearly it was wrong. A sonogram showed otherwise: a Stage II-B tumor.

    Had I known that mammograms are mostly helpful for catching calcifications and not so useful for seeing tumors in breast tissue like mine, I’d have also been asking for sonograms all along, and the cancer may have been detected at a much earlier stage. I’m lucky, though, and had a terrific (I believe the best) surgeon and team treating me, and I am healthy and alive today.

    So please remember and pass it on: Are You Dense?

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Thanks for sharing Chica…I will be passing this info on!!!
      We are all lucky that you are alive and well!!!

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      Thanks for sharing. I lost my mom to breast cancer so I really need to be diligent in going for exams.

      • L.A. Chica says:

        I’m so sorry about your mom. I can’t imagine how difficult that must have been for her and you.

        • rabblerouser2010R says:

          Thank you. It was very difficult, my mom was only 1 year older than I am now when she was first diagnosed, which now make me even more sensitive to the issue.

          She was in remission for about 4 years before it came back in her liver. They gave her 6 months to 1 year but she was gone in 6 weeks.
          I was only 23 when my mom died and that was too young. If the same thing that happened to my mom, happens to me…my girls wouldn’t even be out of elementary school. It guts me to think about it.

    • Contessa says:

      You’re my HERO today and always!!!!

      • thedesigndiva2 says:

        Also , along the lines of ladies health… make it a habit to mirror check your playground area at least every few months..take notes of anything new that happens to appear..also check your rectum area for any unusual coloring… also remember to check your nipples for any discoloration…
        I am a 24 year cervical cancer survivor ..stage 4 by the time it was discovered… never had any real symptoms but…I JUST KNEW SOMETHING WAS WRONG..and I was RIGHT… had a radical roshine hysterectomy w/disection and was on kidney machine for 10 days…not an operation I would wish on anyone… BUT ..I AM HERE…My family acted like I was knocking on deaths door..I laughed..told them hell no I won’t go..I am sticking around just to be a pain in your ass a little while longer…lol
        off to the grocery store before I crash..been up since 445 a/m and I am ford is napping…sissy that he is…lol lol

        hugs and peace


        • L.A. Chica says:

          Yikes, Diva! Stage 4… But you beat it and are here today enjoying life and a wonderful marriage with your husband. I am so very happy for you! And so glad you’re a pain in the ass. 😉

          Thank you for the illuminating self-examination tips, that’s not something I’ve ever seen discussed anywhere but it is very important. (((hugs)))

        • not THAT Jill says:

          Thank God you stuck around to be a pain in the ass for a while longer Diva!!!! Lucky Mr. Ford-I’m jealous of him napping!!!

        • rabblerouser2010R says:

          OMG (big HUG)

          I hope you hear about the job soon.

    • L.A. Chica says:

      Thank you, all! And Contessa, you’re making me blush. 😳

      RabbleRouser, do you get checked annually? If you don’t mind my asking, do you have the BRCA gene? I hope you remain cancer free throughout your life.

      I do hope more and more women will learn about this so they can better look out for themselves. According to the website, 2/3 of pre-menopausal women and 1/4 of post-memopausal women have dense tissue. That’s a LOT of women who are potentially missing a life-saving early diagnosis because they aren’t aware of this issue and aren’t being made aware of how important it is.

      Thank you for passing this on. You might save someone’s life!

      • rabblerouser2010R says:

        HI Chicka, yes I do get checked ever year.
        I had my first real check when I was still in my 20’s but because my breast tissue was dense at that age, they did ultra sounds and a needle biopsy. I haven’t been tested for the gene, although I suppose I should. Is it expesnive to get done? Thank you so much for the well wishes xox

        • L.A. Chica says:

          You’re welcome, RabbleRouser, and I’ll keep you in my prayers if that’s ok with you. 🙂

          I don’t know how much the test costs, it was part of the battery of tests and scans that I underwent at the time of diagnosis and treatment and my insurance covered most of it. Since your doctor knows of your family history you could ask him or her about it the next time you have a physical or go for your mammogram and ultrasound.

          Some people want to know while others don’t. That’s a whole other question you might want to discuss with your doctor, as the answer you get may affect the way you’re screened from then on.

          In my case there was no history of breast cancer in my family and I don’t have the gene.

    • chismosa says:

      Chica thank you for this information. I’m of the mind that i would go get a colonoscopy early if i could- (nothing runs in my family, but it is a preventable thing!)- but i will wait till the doctor-prescribed age to go get one.

      Thank you so much, you’ve given such interesting information here.

  16. RealHousewifeVA says:

    I have to say, I don’t even care about the Adrienne and Brandi drama anymore, no one is going to change their mind about whose ‘side’ they are on. If everyone knew about Adrienne’s big secret, then it wasn’t a freaking secret.

    I do have to say I think it’s so funny that we all jump on gossip sites (this one included) to read and discuss all the (alleged) info on these women, but some people are so distraught when the wives themselves do the gossiping. LOL! It’s been posted on here way before the Brandi/Adrienne stuff about Adrienne possibly using a surrogate. I also first read here about Adrienne only owning 2% of the Palms.

    Moving on….

    Regarding Brandi’s book, I am totally a Brandi fan in terms of entertainment level on the show, but I do think she’s sharing way too much in her book. I am going to read it because it seems like it’s filled with juicy info, lol. I think it’s going to sell well, it’s already getting tons of press. But at what cost? I do feel bad for her boys in the sense that they will have all of this to read in the future. It’s one thing when it’s tabloid banter, but when it’s written directly by their mom? Talking about how she had sex with Eddie the day they met, her vaginal rejuvination, details about about his affairs, his impotency, making out with girls to turn Eddie on, etc. Makes me sad for her kids. I can NEVER imagine sharing that info with my kids! I almost feel like it’s going to backfire on her one day. Here you have Leann Rimes posting about how much she loves the boys and all this good stuff about them and their father. Then you have Brandi spewing vulgar information and being mean. The boys might just side with their stepmom. She should be careful. I’ve actually seen it happen before.
    I am surprised she thought this was a good idea. Kids don’t stay 5 and 9 forever, Brandi!

    • pat says:

      I agree re Brandi’s over-sharing with the book and interviews to promote it. I know that’s her “shtick” and what she’s known for, but it’s getting to be way too much. And the book isn’t even out yet. I hope she sticks to her pledge to never speak of Leann Rimes again when she’s done promoting the book.

    • TexasTart says:

      Agree, agree, agree, RealHousewifeVA, thanks.

    • Powell says:

      Brandi really doesn’t have to do a book tour & signings to sell her book. Eddie & LeAnn’s actions 3 yrs ago are what will sell her book. It’ll be on the NY Times best sellers list. If Brandi were smart she would STFU so that she can write a 2nd book.

      • vilzvet says:

        I think Brandi doing a book tour would be great fun for her, and a diversion from her personal dramas at home. I definitely would go. I would never wait 2 hours to meet someone like Teresa but Brandi would be worth my while.

      • vilzvet says:

        I think Brandi doing a book tour would be great fun for her, and a diversion from her personal dramas at home. I definitely would go. I would never wait 2 hours to meet someone like Teresa but Brandi would be worth my while.

        • pat says:

          I would def try to show up for a Brandi book signing, too. I already ordered a Kindle version of the book, but might buy one for a friend. Brandi is just someone I feel a personal inclination to support as a woman.

  17. VV says:

    Not sure this is going to work.

    Of the link works, click on the video of Brandi rapping.


  18. dickens says:

    RE Project Runway:
    It’s hard to believe that Zac Posen and Susan Sarandon never heard of a skort!
    This will sound so out of left field but, I think I read (maybe in House of Hilton) that Kim and Kyle’s father actually invented the skort. Sounds crazy, I know, but I’m sure I didn’t dream it. Ha!

    • T-Rex says:

      Someone on another blog about HW said this but I don’t think it’s entirely true.

    • SKORTS INFO… and YES.. I used to wear them alot… some fancy , some just for everyday wear…. and sooo comfortable. I also used to wear coolots … my Mom would make them for me and I would wear knee high boots in the winter with them and a hand crocheted sweater that Mom also made…dang..wish I still had some of those clothes from back then………………….

      The golf skort is a really nice item to have because it will allow you to look good without the fear of revealing too much.

      The skort is a popular item that you”ve probably noticed being displayed by many women in public nowadays. But what you might not be aware of is the fact that the skort was actually first created for women”s golfing and it was designed to be a respectable piece of clothing that wasn”t as revealing as a regular. This is where the golf skort was invented and it happened back in the 60”s. Since then this item has had a lot of ups and downs with popularity, but it seems to be peaking right now and it is being used for a lot more than just golf.

      Like I mentioned in the opening paragraph, the golf skort is something respectable to wear while you”re playing golf. Most golf courses have a dress code that is actually quite strict and women are left with very little choice when it comes to wearing something. Since the skirt is something that is feminine and works for most females, it is something that is often chosen, but it is also something that isn”t practical. Since the skort is a mix of a skirt and shorts, you get the best of both worlds. Your appearance will look like you”re wearing a skirt, but under you”ll have on shorts.

      This is why the golf skort is so great for you. When you”re out and have to bend down to pick up the ball, you don”t have to worry about being exposed to the world in an inappropriate manner. It”s just something that will keep you more secure, while still looking good in what looks like a skirt.
      You can learn more about the golf skort and see if you can find one that you like. When you make the right choice it should work with as you play the game. You can also look into the skort in general becaues there are many different kinds out there.


  19. princesspindy says:

    I just checked my Tumblr account, yes, I have one. I’m one of the cool kids. Actually, I have it so i can see all my daughter’s friends cosplay ideas, but I digress…. I just saw something that made me laugh out loud and I wanted to share it with all of you.

    I have two moods:
    Phuck you and Phuck me.

  20. shamrockblonde says:

    thank you all for the recaps!! – I loved the outfit that won on PR – nicely done! as for who did what to whom and who is to blame – all of the ladies – on all of the HW shows – had a choice – they could risk exposing themselves – and their secrets and agree to do the show – or they could pass on the paycheck, the fame, the ability to hawk a product – and keep their secrets – and their families – safe – every one of them chose to do the selfish thing and be on the show – they saw opportunity before the possibility that their own demons, mistakes and secrets would be found out – in this technical age, it is very easy to unearth a person’s past, and when that person is a public figure, the wish to do so is enormous – did Kim truly think that her addictions would never be revealed? had she and her sister never been on the show, that whole event in the limo might never have happened – the same can be said for Brandi and Ad – while it might bring us a glimpse into the lives of their allegedly rich lifestyles and a bit of escapism from our reality, the price their families are paying for it is much too high – greed won – and now both Ad and Brandi and their families, and Kim and Kyle and their families, must pay for it – the only innocents are the children – no- one is more guilty than the other – they all wanted to “be” somebody – well now they are – and it came with a price – yes, I’m looking at you Jaq…..

    *hugs entire board really hard*

  21. BB says:

    When I left the blog this morning everyone was talking mostly about B and A. I went to the librarary, went to lunch with my DD, went to her house to see what color she painted her nursery, and went grocery shopping. After I put the groceries away, I said to myself, “Self, why don’t you check the blog and see what kind of interesting things are being discussed today.” Other than dense breasts (thanks L.A. Chica, I am dense), the talk is still mainly about B&A. I’ll bet B&A haven’t collectively talked about each other as much as we’ve talked about them the past few days. Lol! My question is: Where’s Jaques in those pictures? My doggies are telling me it’s time for (their) my nap. Check back with y’all later.

  22. AZGirl says:

    TMZ is reporting that Nicky Hilton has her LA mansion listed and just slashed the price due to it not getting sold. Guess who decorated the interior? Faye and it is butt ugly. No wonder she can’t sell it.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Ohhhh I gotta see this!!! Nothing like a butt ugly mansion!!!!

    • Nancy says:

      OMG that dining room! Orange chairs and green wall paper? She needs to get that crap out of there asap or she is never going to sell it at that price.

    • RealhouseWifeva says:

      I love how they call it a mansion… 4,000 square feet is hardly a mansion. My parents home is 6,000 square feet and we’ve never called it a mansion. I guess if you are a celebrity your home even gets a fancy title. Lol

    • TexasTart says:

      I can see why the price was slashed. It looks like Kris Kardashian did the interior, except that dining room…gag! Funny how this is called a “mansion” and it just doesn’t strike me that way, the rooms seem narrow and the property outside the house looks to be all of 20′ to the back fence….a teeny tiny piece of real estate, at least it appears.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        Holy crap!!! It is atrocious!!! One room worse than the next….mansion my ass!!!!!

      • T-Rex says:

        It’s a VERY small property, in Atlanta they call this McMansions, HA! That pool is a joke, it looks like a small fish pond. The interior doesn’t even match you have modern 1960’s chrome furniture ala Austin Powers, then to the atrocious palm leave wall paper in the kitchen and dining area that with orange chairs which screams 1970’s bad decor. Oh and note when you are selling your home all your makeup crap should be OFF the counters in your bathroom. It’s going to take someone a lot of money to re-do the painting and wall paper in that place.

      • PJ says:

        Maybe Faye decorated it.

    • Powell says:

      Yikes! He may be neurotic but I say a call to Jeff Lewis or required STAT. 🙂

    • L.A. Chica says:

      Oh hell that is no mansion. A mansion will normally start around $10 million. There are plenty of real mansions in BH and L.A. but that is just a regular house on a too-small lot, which is actually typical for a lot of homes in one of our many canyons. Some are on larger, flat pads but most canyon homes are sort of carved into the space.

      The interior is awful, and typically Faye – it lacks warmth and humanity, its very sterile. And then suddenly there’s color in the dining room! I’ve never been to Florida but the wallpaper and color scheme of the dining room reminds me of photos of seen of homes in Florida in the 1980s, it’s kind of Miami Vice.

      Judging by the size and shape, that is not a pool for swimming; it does look more like a koi pond.

    • LOL that this is called a “mansion”. Those of us who do/have lived in L.A. would never consider this a mansion. It’s an upscale valley house. And that decor?? It looks like a circa 1970’s house where porn movies are made. “Boogie Nights” anyone? 😀

    • mygirlsmo, says:

      The leaf wallpaper in the kitchen and dining room is the exact same as the wallpaper in Blanche Dubois’ bedroom in the Golden Girls, lol.

  23. plainviewsue says:

    Did anyone see Lisa on the View??? It was great.

    Whoopi admitted to watching RHOBH and asked the question the world wants answered. “Why is Faye Rancic on this show??????” I nearly fell off my couch cheering. Lisa said Faye who? Then said “I don’t know.”

    It came up about the “secret” & Lisa said that it will NOT be unveiled on the show. She joked that she would say it, but of course, she did not. She was also asked about her relationship w/Adrienne and brought up the character assassination of season 2 reunion. She said it is sad to see the marriage dissolve.

    Try to catch it on line if you can.

  24. VV says:

    So many opinions so many posts. I wonder if the Housewives ears ring 24/7.

  25. not THAT Jill says:

    Is anyone making appetizers for Super Bowl Sunday? I need some fresh ideas…I’m tired of the usual things I make!!!

  26. AZGirl says:

    So I checked out Faye’s design website and this is who she had done work for
    Paris Hilton
    Nicky Hilton
    Nick Lachey
    Kevin Connolly
    a few doctor’s offices in LA
    Nicky’s O Hotel

    Impressive No? ummm NO!

    Keeping it all the family. Wondering how she is paying her bills. Probably needs to get on BH for money.

    • Nancy says:

      She must have married up. I wonder who the poor man is.

      • L.A. Chica says:

        Hi Nancy! I don’t know if you saw it but I posted to you in yesterday’s blog about the ’71 quake. I’m so sorry that stupid me missed reading how you were affected in Sherman Oaks, I thought it was only the East Valley that was damaged. Were you and your family OK?

        • Nancy says:

          Hi L.A.
          My sister and I are cellists are we always left our cello’s out beside the fireplace.
          I’m not sure why but our father told us to put them away which he never does.
          Needless to say he was right as that night the quake hit. Our entire fireplace came down right where our cello’s would have been. We had a lot of damage
          but it was fixable. My sister had a real hard time after though. Any little movement
          and she freaked out.

      • PJ says:

        She hasn’t been married to Resnick, whoever he was, in a long time.

        • L.A. Chica says:

          If I were the Resnicks I’d be very unhappy that she kept his name. He was a hotel renovator or something like that. I’m not sure about the exact line of family connection, but he is related to the Resnicks who own Fiji Water, Pom Wonderful, the Franklin Mint, and Easton Press. They’re a very prominent family out here.

          • PJ says:

            I thought he was a plastic surgeon, maybe not.

            • L.A. Chica says:

              No, he’s a businessman.

              Oh, I forgot Teleflora. The Resnicks own that, too.

            • L.A. Chica says:

              PJ, as of late last year Faye was engaged to someone named Everett Jack, Jr. I have no idea if they ever married or are still together.

              Their engagement was noted on a Stoopid Housewives blog, and this is what the last commentor posted:

              “I am so shocked! I know the 1st Mrs. Everett Jack Jr. and she is one of the brightest, most classy women I know. She’s a published author, active in politics and a true Southern lady. She’s a real beauty and most importantly, she’s truly original, meaning all her parts are God-made, not manmade like Ms. Rancid. EJ, darlin’ (that’s what we called him back in the day), I’m thinking someone must have dropped you on your head – I just can’t see any other explanation for your obvious lack of good taste in your middle years.”

    • VV says:

      I could have sworn she did the Maloof house. It is tackiness to the max. Maybe she’s pulling a Mauricio and is sucking up to A for the gig.

      • jezzibel says:

        Maury probably keeps her on his business rolls as his go to decorator and suggests her to his clients that are interested in having the house decorated before they move in

      • TexasTart says:

        Oh my, Adrienne’s has the most gaudy decor I’ve ever seen!

    • pat says:

      haha! Impressive? Not so much, no. 😉

  27. VV says:

    LR is tweeting:

    “I love fictional stories…. If you’re gonna tell the truth, tell it. Please do not make it “way cooler and more embellished than it is.” It’s then just called fictional AND A BALD FACE LIE.”

    • VV says:

      and another one:

    • princesspindy says:

      LOL! I thought it was Jill Z!!

    • PJ says:

      As much ad LR insists it’s Brandi who engages you can see LR just can’t resist. I saw an interview of Brandi and Lisa with an Australian radio station and the person doing the interview totally got how passive aggressive LR is using Brandi’s sons to get at Brandi. With LR tweeting things like ‘her boys’ and how they have so much more fun with her. I don’t care what anyone says no mother would appreciate that and no decent step mother would tweet it. Just my opinion. It’s the other woman superiority thing going on, they think they got the man because the wife was somehow inferior to them never considering they got the man because they were both disloyal cheaters.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        I think that LR is crazy as hell…maybe even crazier-but I think that Brandi gets too many tweets from other people telling what LR tweets. LR tweeted one time calling them and her husband “my boys”…one time!! But it has gotten so blown up on twitter that it makes people think she tweets all day long about them-she doesn’t-I read her TL. Right now Brandi is doing most of the tweeting -I know- its to sell her book. I think its funny that Brandi says she will stop talking about them after her book tour…like she will be over all this crap then? So is all f this a PR thing? It does make me wonder about everyone’s intentions.

        • Nancy says:

          I read that too. She’s going to regret writting this book big time. IMHO.
          It’s not fair to her children. We hated when “Taylor” wrote her book didn’t we?

        • PJ says:

          I don’t care how many times she called them her boys, they aren’t and that would upset any mother. Plus LR has tweeted other things about them that is very passive aggressive.

    • trudie says:

      Was flipping channels last night and caught a few minutes of a show on Style called: Celebrity Closet Confidential. They covered LeAnn:

  28. L.A. Chica says:

    What did you all think of Adrienne’s Bravo blog that she posted yesterday? “Faye is on fire”

  29. VV says:

    Since I am an equal opportunity type of person ( I posted Jason’s pics the other day). Here are some pics of Bethenny who was spotted on NYC yesterday.

    • Nancy says:

      Does she have her logo on her toilet paper? Enough already.

      Bryn is wearing glasses.

      • VV says:

        I noticed that too ( the glasses )…

      • not THAT Jill says:

        I would put my logo on toilet paper if I were her…people will buy the craziest things…

        • Nancy says:

          I agree but that’s other people. I think it’s tacky to self promote 24/7. Enough already.

          • VV says:

            I have to agree. Her face looked very pale and tired. Perhaps, she should protect her brand and don’t wear anything with skinny logo when she looks like that.

      • Powell says:

        If I had a successful brand I’d probably wear it all over everything too. People see her jacket, “that reminds me. I want to pick up some SG Sangria”. I bet that happens. Free advertising. It’s everywhere. She just happens to be wearing her brand’s name. You see someone w/nice Nikes, a Coach bag, a Burberry raincoat, etc many people will remember the item & go online or go to the store. Subliminal Advertising. 🙂 Marketing 101

      • KTinCT says:

        in the article I read with this pic it stated that they were coming from a swim class and Bryn was still wearing her pink goggles…..

        • Nancy says:

          Thanks KT.

        • chismosa says:

          oh good, i hate to see little kids in glasses– like Jennifer Garner’s daughter who seemed to have gotten them so young. I only started needing glasses in like the 6th grade! (Then i had PRK (kind of lasik)- when i was 21, i was cutting edge early fort that surgery!)
          no more contacts, thank you god!

          I don’t know why i just feel so bad for tiny tiny kids in glasses. But that’s cute she had goggles on. Bethenny should be wearing a FUR (fake, whatever) or HUGE down coat. Idiot. It’s freezing in the city.

  30. Powell says:

    How is your son?

  31. VV says:

    LeAnn Tweets about the boys the past 30 days. This does not include other digs at B. this strictly about the boys.

    Sushi w/ the boys and John Mayer on the stereo….

    @leannrimes: My life gets made when the boys want to play music! It was a jam session!

    @leannrimes: I’m so in love with all the boys in my life and there’s several, lucky woman…. 2il ones, my hubby, my dad, bonus dad & father in law 🙂

    @leannrimes: I love my hubby “the national championship game is on right now!!” Kids running around in onesies, b ball and hummus…good night

    they are MY stepsons not my children and when they are with Eddie and me, they are loved and we are a blended family. Everyone else loves to put wods in my mouth or think they know through a tweet my intentions. I’m happy living my life and sharing happiness and others are on twitter bitching about god knows what. I’m proud of them, I love them, that’s it! All good!! Nothing else, nothing more. Thank you! Much love to you in 2013!

    @leannrimes: I love my new casetagram iPhone case. They rock

    • L.A. Chica says:

      So Eddie won’t let Brandie show the kids on TV but Leanne can blast their photos all over the internet??? I see. Got it.

      • Rebecca says:

        She posted the name of their school on her twitter.

        • Nancy says:

          I’m beginning to think they all deserve each other.

        • not THAT Jill says:

          Posting the name of the school was totally stupid. Saying she loves the boys is not horrible. Again-Brandi would never know unless she followed LR or if her Brandi Bunch didn’t tweet her LR’s every move. I think saying she loves the boys is better than saying I hate these little sh*its…no?

          • VV says:

            Starts with LeAnn. She originates the posts about Brandi’s kids. If he does not post anything, people wouldn’t have anything to tweet to Brandi about.

            • not THAT Jill says:

              But that is the point. People don’t HAVE to tweet Brandi…they want to-they lie in wait for crazy LR to tweet that she loves the kids…and then the go nuts. Its the craziest thing I have ever seen. These people tweet Brandi like its their job. What is the big deal? They are grown women. Brandi kicked Eddies cheating ass out-what 5 years ago? And still the biggest problem is that LR tweets about the kids? It so over the top.

              • VV says:

                They are public figures. Of course people are going to butt in. LeAnn either knows what she is doing when she’s tweeting these things or she’s a complete moron.

              • Laineylainey says:

                I guess people, the ones you write about, feel protective of Brandi. Perhaps they had cheating husbands, too -just guessing why they would behave the way you describe…they seem to feel some real and personal connection to her.

                • VV says:

                  Hmm…that’s interesting and a good point 2Lainey.
                  It could be part that. I personally don’t like this over-the-top-full-expressed-let-everybody-know how much I love my husband’s and his ex-wife kids. Particularly when you were partly responsible for breaking up a home in a very public and nasty way.

                  • L.A. Chica says:

                    It is unseemly, isn’t it. If she really loves the kids she wouldn’t act the way she does, she would shelter them from the public attention they didn’t ask for. Lots of famous people manage to keep their children away from the public eye.

                    She would also do her best to make sure they felt as secure as possible living between two homes. Leanne could learn a thing or two from Yolanda about blended families.

                    • not THAT Jill says:

                      Chica-you are right-however Brandi was fighting hard to get her kids on the show. If she was so concerned about them not being in the public eye she would be happy they are not on the show. I know she has said it would be easier to just film with them around instead of having to get a babysitter but in the real world-single moms who work don’t bring their kids with them. Working Moms have child care.
                      This in no way changes the fact that LR was so moronic in posting the name of their school…she is dumb!!!!

                    • L.A. Chica says:

                      To me, Jill, it’s also a question of respect. And clearly Leanne isn’t showing respect for the boys’ mother, which imho is not a good example to set for the boys.

              • Laineylainey says:

                I would describe it more as an extreme annoyance than the “biggest problem” in her life. Is that what Brandi said? That it’s the biggest problem? Sounds kind of dramatic.

                • not THAT Jill says:

                  Lainey-Brandi didn’t say that…I did. I don’t know if she thinks its her biggest problem but she kind of acts like it is.

          • L.A. Chica says:

            Leann posting that she loves the kids is fine, it’s not horrible, but posting the name of their school is wrong. Those poor kids are innocent pawns for Leanne’s obsession with Brandi.

            The real danger, though, is that there are some sick people out there and Leanne is stupidly exposing the children’s school location to who knows what kind of twisted minds.

        • L.A. Chica says:

          Ha! Comments on the second photo:

          I mean, these are the cutest boys EVER! The kids had the best time. #memories

          @leannrimescib If restrictions are put on Brandi…their own mother…to keep the boys out of the media spotlight, don’t you think you should abide by the same restrictions?

          @antuna_angel PREACH! lol

          • not THAT Jill says:

            There are no restrictions about keeping the kids out of the media spotlight…only off Bravo and the HW’s show. What I don’t get is that if this is so troubling to Brandi and she is concerned for her boys safety-why dot go to court? I know she is saving her money for a house but aren’t some things more important then buying a house…everyone in the world does not own a home!!!

            • L.A. Chica says:

              Good morning, Jill! I have no idea if this is troubling to Brandi, but it’s troubling to me. And I’m not going to spend my money taking Eddie and Leanne to court. For one thing, litigation isn’t the answer to everything, and for another I’m trying to buy a house, too. 😉

              Seriously, though, we don’t know what Brandi’s response is to this. Maybe she’s consulting her lawyer, maybe she’s talking to Eddie. Maybe she hadn’t thought about it at all. I really don’t know.

              By the way, do you know what homes go for out here? 😥

              • not THAT Jill says:

                Chica Girl I own my home in NY and the price aint cheap sista!!! My husband has always had 2 jobs so he is never home and I live like a single parent. On the upside I get to be a SAHM and can work watching kids a few days a week for some “cupcake” money (my own cash)!!

            • Laineylainey says:

              Maybe Brandi doesn’t care about that issue as much as some of her twitter followers do. There is a sense of unfairness there, but you are right jill, it’s apples and oranges ; social media and having them appear on a reality show.

              • L.A. Chica says:

                I agree, the fans may care more than she does.

                It is apples and oranges, but in a way I think social media is worse. From social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, photos and information can travel like wildfire and end up on blogs and lord knows what kinds of websites. Anyone can then grab the pictures and save it to their own computer. And who has any control over that? At least with a TV show like RHOBH Bravo owns and controls the content and can go after anyone who tries to misuse it.

                Also, I would hazard a guess that the audience for RHOBH is small compared to the number of people who use social media.

                • not THAT Jill says:

                  Dont forget that Brandi tweets pictures of her kids too-so if it is dangerous for LR to do it then it is equally dangerous for Brandi to do it.
                  These are things with Brandi that drive me nuts. Its so bad the LR tweets pics of the boys-(most are with their dad some are not) but its fine for Brandi to do it because she is their mother? Its safer if the mother tweets pictures? (BTW I tweet pics of other peoples kids-I also put them on FB-and my own kids as well so I don’t think its wrong to do)
                  Lets say LR was a HW and Eddie wanted to film with her and the kids-would anyone support that? I don’t think so and I’m not saying they would film with only LR-but if Eddie was there-so the argument that she is NOT their mother would not come into play(-even though plenty of HWs film with their step children.)

  32. princesspindy says:

    Well here is another “quote” from Brandi’s book from ONTD from Radar Online…
    If it is true I am done with her forever because if it is true, she is a complete Dumbass, allegedly.

    Brandi Glanville: I Use To Joke Eddie Raped Me

    Read more at ONTD:

    • not THAT Jill says:

      “Rape jokes are never funny, except when they are”…WTF is that???

      • princesspindy says:

        The whole thing is disgusting and repulsive!

        • not THAT Jill says:

          PP- I know…each ‘sneak peek” gets worse…what is the point of this book? I’m not sure it has a point but I’m sure it will be a best seller…so strange that this is what she decided to put out there.

        • Catseye says:

          I agree. And just an observation, about the Cibrian boys. Remember how horrible it was to read that Taylor completely ignored her stepsons and barely even acknowledged one’s birthday–who was supposed to be sharing the last party (with the horse) for Kennedy? Isn’t it better to have a stepmother that actually treats her husband’s kids as her own? I don’t excuse all of Leeanne’s behavior. But it sounds like Brandi has made some really questionable choices herself, and keeps on doing so.

          • Cartwheels says:

            Thanks for saying this, I didn’t want to mentioned it as to not stir the strong Brandi support on this board but I am very proud of being the stepmother of two wonderful kids (even though they are older now), I gave them my time, my love and my devotion and in return they have given me their love, I have treat them as if they were mine and we have a wonderful relationship and they have a great relationship with my kids. I know I would never replace their mom, nor do I want to, but the relationship I have with them is very special and very close to my heart. Exactly the same happen with my husband and my kids, he became “dad” instead of the step father. Just saying, not all step parents are awful.
            I think Leann did something really horrible when she cheated knowing that Eddie was married, but the one who made the vows was Eddie and he should have respected his vows (even though I am getting to understand why he has never respected Brandi) but he was the douche. I am not sure that Brandi would complain if Leann simply ignore the kids, she would be complaining about that too.I think that if it is true what Brandi says in the book and Eddie was an absent father when he was married to her and now that he is married to Leann, he is more involved and a better father, then she should be happy for her kids.
            I just wish Brandi would let go of this nonsense, maybe she is umping it up for the book sales but what is the price she will have to pay for it?

            • L.A. Chica says:

              Cartwheels, it sounds like you were a great stepmom. 🙂

              I don’t think the choices are to love the children or not love the children. As you demonstrated with your family, you can love the children, be a wonderful “bonus” parent (as Leanne calls hers), and still be respectful of the birth mom and her relationship with her children. Leanne doesn’t do that, unfortunately. I’m glad they’re all in counseling, but it sounds like they all have a long way to go.

    • Cartwheels says:

      She writes in her memoir: ‘Six years after I moved to Europe, I came back to Los Angeles to shoot a Coors Light commercial and ended up in an obnoxious nightclub called Grandville on Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood.
      Across the bar, I spotted an insanely attractive Cuban man who just couldn’t keep his eyes off me, and I couldn’t keep my eyes off him either. It was love at first sight – or perhaps, lust.
      ‘I used to joke that he “raped” me. Rape jokes are never funny, except when they are. I was saying, “No,no,no,” the entire time, but we all know that despite the adage, sometimes no does mean yes.

      Okay, so she had sex with him the first night they met and they were not even on a date, he asked her to make up with other girls in front of him, he cheated on her several times and she forgave. I am sorry to say this but Eddie never respected her, not the way a husband should respect a wife and I wonder if it was because Brandi gave herself so easily or because their relationship was obviously based on lust and not on love.

      • Catseye says:

        Yes, I agree about the lust. It sounds like their entire relationship was based on sex. And also she worked as a model for 6yrs. But had no money or ever any credit in her own name?

        • Cartwheels says:

          She must have had some money in savings, she said she gave up her modeling career for him so we are talking about 8 years of not working and being a SAHM, but she has also said that she slayed his tires because she paid for it, so I am thinking that she did have some money on her name.
          Then again if she had her own money why was she living homeless on the back of her SUV? Little things that just don’t add up.
          About the credit that is strange, the fact that she didn’t work doesn’t mean she didn’t have credit, she would have had credit through Eddie.

          • Catseye says:

            I used to like her a lot. Any more I’ve come to the conclusion that she is extremely immature and can be outright rude and nasty at times.
            The part about being broke makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Models make very decent money. And as far as having to live in an SUV penniless, but getting then getting a $12,000 surgery? MANY hotels ONLY accept credit cards (I know for a fact, my mother’s friend was evacuated during a fire and the hotel she tried to stay in, insisted on a credit card # even though she was paying cash), so as far as I am concerned Brandi should’ve been able to find a decent one to live in–Embassy Suites type with a kitchenette as temporary housing. As far as the motorcycle tire slashing, couldn’t she have gone to court and insisted it be sold to give her money to live on?

          • Laineylainey says:

            Maybe she meant it as his money was “our” money…at least until they separated. Maybe?

            • L.A. Chica says:

              Didn’t we go through all this yesterday? It was exhausting, and imho it was also fruitless. Without more information, including a timeline, it’s all just meaningless speculation. Imo.

    • L.A. Chica says:

      Ok, I’m a big Brandi supporter but if she actually wrote that then that is phucked up. And where was the editor on this book who let it go to print? Who is the publisher? Ugh.

  33. Kat from Ohio says:

    i’m a month and a half post surgery (breast reduction). thanks for all your thoughtful words during the past few months. went in for my first bra fitting, and i’m a 38 C (down 5 lbs. of tissue, down from a 36 G). really happy, focusing on finishing my last semester of college, and then hearing back from grad schools.

  34. PJ says:

    So many opinions I’m going to go to sleep with my head spinning.

  35. VV says:

    2Lainey n L.A.Chica… I misunderstood your comments above about “both”. This means I am tired and going bed early. Good night!

  36. Vegas Chick says:

    Just thinking about this whole surrogacy debacle and a lightbulb went off. Maybe, someone has mentioned it before… anyhoo! So, if MaloofHoof did have her twins or whomever via surrogacy, wouldn’t everyone know anyway? It’s not exactly easy to hide a pregnancy especially for a woman of her size so if she wasn’t preggers and all of a sudden had a kid or two in tow… wouldn’t someone with an ounce of brains in their head say… hmmm!… how did that happen?

    • Powell says:

      Hahaha VC that’s what I was say way way upthread. :-). She wasn’t locked away was she? For 9 mths no one saw her stomach growing.

  37. VV says:

    Dina Manzo Tweeted:

    “My secret…I have been separated since October, my heart hurts but Tommy & I will always share a very special love.
    Sent 54 mins ago
    From Twitter for iPhone”

    • VV says:

      Saw that terrible!

    • L.A. Chica says:

      The video link doesn’t work anymore so I went googling for it. Found a little blog mention about the show, and the sole commentor wrote the following. Do you think it’s all true? We know Leanne has copied Brandi in a her dress but that’s just…sick. What was that line from RHONJ? “I don’t know if she wants to be me or wear me like Versace.”

      The comment:

      There is absolutely nothing Rimes will not COPY.

      Brandi was asked to give a video tour of her (meager) wardrobe/closet just last month on the Bravo website.

      Rimes has now copied Brandi’s hair color, style, makeup colors, jewelry, bikinis, clothes, handbags, shoes, and her Tweets. Mind you, not the idea. The exact same pair of shoes in the same color, three dozen times.

      The exact same bikini, all the same maker. Brandi is photographed wearing something, then Rimes hunts it down.

      Example: Brandi: I always wanted to be a dermatologist.

      A week later: Rimes: My second career would have been a dermatologist.

      Brandi has dealt this bizarre behaviour for four years.

      Imagine going to market, then seeing the mistress/new wife wearing your dress AND shoes AND bag, the exact match on the Internet the next day.

      Most eerie. Rimes arranges for photographers to photograph her copying Brandi. She wants Brandi to KNOW.

      #single white female

  38. VV says:

    Bethenny and Bravo Andy.

    bethennyfrankel’s photo

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