Dina Manzo’s Secret – Separation from Tommy and Other New Jersey Updates / Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Cast Blogs

Dina Manzo’s Secret – Separation from Tommy Manzo and Other New Jersey Updates by NoMoreDrama

Dina Manzo from the Real Housewives of New Jersey Seasons 1 and 2, and guest appearance on Season 4, and Dina’s Party, has shared on twitter that she’s been separated from her husband since October.  “My secret…I have been separated since October, my heart hurts but Tommy & I will always share a very special love.  So grateful for the support of my loved ones during this time, especially my spiritual friends. You know who u are xoxo. And of course my biggest supporter Lexi, Tommy adores her & they will remain close.”  Am I the only one wondering which October?  I’ve assumed they were separated for the last few years.  Celebuzz recently reported that Dina has landed a role on a new show called Tainted Dreams, a show set behind-the-scenes of a daily soap opera.  What I would like to see is a behind-the-scenes show of the Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Dina Manzo - photo from Celebuzz

Dina Manzo – photo from Celebuzz

Manzo / Laurita Clan:  Dina’s brother and sister and their families recently wrapped up a Florida marketing tour.  Here’s the happy group in front of a huge banner advertising Chris and Albie’s company (with uncle Chris Laurita).

From left to right - Caroline and Lauren Manzo, Jacqueline and Chris Laurita, Albie and Chris Manzo (photo from Jacqueline's twitter feed)

From left to right – Caroline and Lauren Manzo, Jacqueline and Chris Laurita, Albie and Chris Manzo (photo from Jacqueline’s twitter feed)

Jennifer and Melissa:  Meanwhile last night new New Jersey Housewife Jennifer Dalton was at Sears Steakhouse in Closter NJ.  I don’t think she was simply out for a family meal because she posted a picture on twitter with Melissa Gorga.

New Jersey Housewife Jennifer Dalton with Melissa Gorga (Jennifer's twitter feed)

New Jersey Housewife Jennifer Dalton (Jennifer’s twitter feed)

Jennifer Dalton and Melissa Gorga at Sears Steakhouse Feb 1, 2013 (Jennifer's twitter feed)

Jennifer Dalton and Melissa Gorga at Sears Steakhouse Feb 1, 2013 (Jennifer’s twitter feed)

Jennifer was brought on the show as Teresa Giudice’s friend, and is sure to hear from people on twitter about hanging with Melissa.  Please go easy on her – Teresa could have been there as well, and even if she wasn’t, don’t we want them to all get along?

Teresa Giudice didn’t tweet about the steak house, but she did tweet about making 800 lbs of sausage (in her garage based on the photo).  Teresa’s latest cookbook is out and her tweets for months have been about food.  In this photo I was struck by how happy Juicy Joe  looked.  Perhaps he is just a simple guy wanting to do simple things.  Turns out that was Pete and I got the two brother’s mixed up.  It’s not the first time that’s happened.  Juicy looks annoyed, like usual.

Joe Giudice and Gabriella making 800 lbs of sausage in their garage (tweet by Teresa Giudice)

Joe Pete Giudice and Gabriella making 800 lbs of sausage in their garage (tweet by Teresa Giudice)

Joe Giudice making sausage (from Teresa's twitter feed)

Joe Giudice making sausage (from Teresa’s twitter feed)

Teresa is also selling her Milania Hair product line.  It looks like her castmates will be supporting her efforts to get the line in local salons.  Here’s what she posted on her website.

from teresa's website.

from Teresa’s website.

Speaking of Milania Giudice – it’s her birthday and she’s turning 7!  My how time flies.


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Cast Blogs by Stars99

Adrienne Maloof

Adrienne starts off her blog explaining that she “pulled back” from the show because she was “tired of engaging in all the chaos.”  Well, there wouldn’t have been any chaos if you hadn’t perpetuated it through lawyers’ letters and strategic discussions with those on your own “A-Team.” I bet you love it when a plan comes together (Sorry, obscure A-Team quote reference – but I just couldn’t resist).  She also says, “When Faye is on fire she’s at her best!” Gag. So many images flew through my mind at that comment – most of which included Faye actually on fire… but that would just be mean – so I’ll refrain from saying anything. Oops.

“While watching this episode, Lisa seizes several moments to take sharp digs at me, and my businesses. . .I wish I could be there to defend myself. Talking behind ones back is not my style and very passive aggressive, especially in small groups. It’s the main reason I separated myself from the women and trips.”

Adrienne, we all tend to seize every opportunity to make a dig at you… cuz you deserve it.  Actually Adrienne, you COULD be there to defend yourself – you just chose not to.  It still just blows my mind that the BIG secret really does seem to be about the surrogacy (are you freakin’ kidding me?) Therefore, I will heretofore refer to it as the “S” word.  So are you really trying to tell us – that since Brandi outed the S word – that it caused so much havoc in your life that you had to withdraw from filming – I mean it almost seems like she actually broke the news to you that you didn’t actually have your kids biologically.  It’s just crazy.  Adrienne, you are a piece of work… on what planet does talking about the “S” word equate to qualifying as “defamation of character” or “character assassination”… And now it seems like you blame the outing of the “S” word played a pivotal role in your divorce?  You have lost all credibility with so many of us.  Period. I know, that not being able to have kids biologically is really tough – but at least you had the means to be able to access the “S” word as a solution.  I have many friends who don’t have the financial resources to do that or even the money that’s needed for adoption.  I’m crying for you, Adrienne… no really… I weep.

Brandi Glanville

“While I appreciate Mauricio’s apology, it was a personal attack and a half-hearted “I’m sorry. It wasn’t personal that’s just how I personally feel” were his actual words. Contradict yourself much?”

Well, Brandi – he was saying how he felt – I don’t know if he meant it or not. You, Brandi, of all people, are really in no position to question someone else’s word choices, are you?

“Vegas! I invited all the girls to come help me prepare for a new hosting gig I have. It’s a trial run and thought it would be a fun time and something we all really needed after all the dinner parties from hell.  I had not originally planned on inviting Taylor but caved when we were all together at the art show. I am not going to lie, I was relieved when she said that she couldn’t make it. I wanted to keep the group as happy and drama-free as possible.”

Okay, Brandi – your blogs are usually pretty short (this one is the longest one ever, though) – Must you really waste the few words you actually write to say you were relieved that Taylor couldn’t come to Vegas?

“Off to Vegas — woo hoo. Lisa had decided that she was happy to come and support me, but would not be getting on any kind of pole. . .we shall see!!”

Well, of course, Lisa must get on the pole… or at least a kind of a pole… Lisa makes a funny in her blog about the kind of pole she has gotten on in the past.

“I told Marissa that it seems Dean loves her more then she him. She expresses that she loves him very much, but long term marriages can be tough especially when you marry so young. I’m glad she professed her love for him and realizes she is lucky.”

Earlier in her blog, Brandi talks about her parents getting married at 19 and having kids right away.  She recognizes that her mom probably feels similarly as Marisa does about getting married too young.  Brandi also expressed that Marisa may not yet be aware how these statements that are said nonchalantly and innocently at dinner while filming this show are forever chronicled and can bite you in the dupa.  Well, at least that’s my interpretation of what she said.  At this point, Brandi even has firsthand knowledge they can actually be used against you in a court of law.

“The “vag” jokes took a turn into some serious conversation of my past marriage, divorce, and Eddie’s current new wife. I think the women’s comments were just their way of showing me they cared and were being protective of me. After all, three of these ladies are happily married and can’t imagine what they would feel if this had happened to them. Camille was supportive of me because she was going and still is going through a very similar situation of her own. Eddie’s new wife took a bit of bashing from the ladies, but they were just being protective friends. Tune in next week to see who gets on the stripper pole and who starts World War III!”

Perhaps we should create a non-monetary pool to guess who starts World War III…

Kim Richards

“Hi everyone! I miss you all! As you know I been diving and traveling. Hope you all caught WWHL! It wasn’t like there wasn’t a lot going on here at home in Beverly Hills. Sometimes you just have to let the dust settle. Or has it?”

Diving?  Ummm… don’t you mean jumping – cuz that’s what it’s called when you jump feet first into the water, no?

“I’ve got some pretty exciting stuff coming up. Changes, Changes! Which of course you’ll see. . .”

I hope it’s more exciting than the stuff we’ve seen from you thus far.

“When I was getting settled in my new home, I was looking at pictures of my children and thinking about them as babies. How they have grown, and how I have grown. How our lives have changed! And I’m realizing that changes are okay! And I have made many. This is a whole new phase in my life!”

Constructive changes are okay.  You do still scare me, Kim – because we’ve seen some of the stuff you’ve been involved with recently and quite frankly, you seem to be a little wonky.

“I took a friend for a nose consultation to Dr. Grigoryants (VGPlasticSurgery.com) who came highly recommended from my sister Kyle. After watching my friend decide to do this, I decided to take a consultation of own! Not that a new nose was going to change me! But each time I make a change it helps my sense of courage! And it seemed exciting! A new nose to go along with all my new changes! When you do something on the exterior sometimes it gives you a sense of confidence too!”

Okay, Kim – this is where your line of reasoning just eludes me.  On the show, you seemed to indicate that since you were going through so many changes on the inside that you wanted to change something on the outside.  So you decided you needed a nose job.  Of course you did.  I’m guessing most of us would have chosen to get a whole new wardrobe – maybe change our hair style and color.  But not our Kimmie.  Nope – she goes for the nose job.  Ummm… scary.  And then you somehow equate getting a nose job as helping your “sense of courage” – really? That’s scarier.

“Aww! Sophia’s graduation! She looked beautiful, of course. I wish I could have been there — but as I said before I would never miss anything for any of my nieces or nephews unless it was important! My Chaddy was sick and I had to be with him. That’s just the way it goes! My baby needed me. I’m sure she understood I was there in spirit.”

I wonder if “Chaddy” is loving how his mom refers to him?  How old is he now? Lolol…

“As I said before exciting things are happening. Keep watching!”

We’re on the edge of our seats, Kim.

Kyle Richards

“This week was a welcome relief from the drama. Sophia graduating from sixth grade, while not a college graduation, is definitely something to celebrate. Being one of four daughters, I think it’s important to celebrate them each individually whenever possible. I love being surrounded by family and friends on these special days. I am grateful to have such loving in-laws that are able to watch our children grow. Times like these always make me miss my parents because I want so much to be able to share all of these moments with them. I DO feel that my parents are watching over us, but of course it’s not the same as having them physically here.”

You’re right… even graduating from 6th grade is a reason to celebrate!  I bet it is tough not to have your parents around to take part in these types of festivities and occasions.  I’m glad your husband’s family is actively involved in their lives – that’s very kewl.

“Watching Sophia standing next to me at 12 years old and 5′ 6″ makes me smile. I am 5 ‘3″ on a good day, so I love that she inherited her Dad’s height. Of course, she doesn’t like being taller than her Mom and friends and is always hunching over to talk to us. Now though, she is starting to appreciate her height and is coming out of her shell.”

Ehhh… her friends (and more importantly – the boys) will probably catch up to her height very soon. Lol at “I am 5’3 on a good day” – I used to say, “I am 5’4, but 5’5 on a tall day.”

“I was excited to go to Vegas with the girls. Vegas is always fun and I knew there would be lot of laughs. The dinner that night was so much fun! I enjoyed getting to know Brandi better and was happy that we both got to see another side of each other.  I cannot believe she got that oyster down my throat. It was disgusting but it made me laugh. God knows I am always up for a laugh!”

I gotta say – you were a very good sport about that oyster!

Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa starts off by talking about the lunch with Suzanne Somers and the education about hormones – she doesn’t know much about this kind of stuff – but admits she should probably read Suzanne’s book.  I especially laffed that she didn’t know about “Chrissy Snow.”  C’mon, Lisa – now you’re just being lazy.  When Yo invites you to lunch with a special guest “Suzanne Somers” – In this day and age, why oh why on earth wouldn’t you at least Google her?

“The only thing I know about how to make a hormone is not to pay her.”

For some reason, that joke never gets old.

“Our first dinner was hilarious. I remember it well. We laughed with true abandonment and it reminded me of when we first all came together — my how times have changed. It is fascinating how the dynamics develop between us all. Kyle and I have always shared a sense of humor, but have very different perspectives on what a friendship entails, so one has to separate and choose the elements of the relationship that you want to keep. The rest falls by the wayside.”

It’s so much fun to laff with “true abandonment” – even if it’s about the “V” word that you hate so much.

“So off we trot to visit the pole. . .I had one once. Then he went back to Poland. OK this is serious, kinda. Brandi becomes overwhelmed and I nudge her slightly. . .empowerment. . .find your inner sexy. It’s there somewhere and I will find it!”

Lisa’s second joke of the blog.  Gotta love it.  I’m confident that Lisa and the others can find their “inner sexy” – I just don’t think I need to watch.

Marisa Zanuck

“I laughed out loud when Lisa asked, “Who is Chrissy Snow?” I really like Lisa’s personality and she always looks effortlessly beautiful. I dig Yolanda but she could be facing some serious littering fines with all the names she’s dropping. Putting that aside, Yolanda is an wonderful homemaker, host, and expert at directing her staff. I am nothing like that. Between work and the kids, I’m usually exhausted by the time I get home and either throw something basic together or order in. Fortunately, Dean just likes to eat Power Bars.”

I totally laffed at the Chrissy Snow thang, too.  Your sentence, “I dig Yolanda but…”… was actually a dig in and of itself – which on the one hand the word choice is quite witty… but on the other hand is also a tad bit snarky… albeit, true.

“Then we are off to another dinner gathering at Kyle’s. I have never been one to produce lavish dinner parties. With me, it’s usually girlfriends over, sweats, no make up, sitting in the living room with a bottle of wine and Chinese. Kyle, however, has always been quite the entertainer and she is great at it! Adrienne and Paul arrive upbeat, but their mood quickly fades as the broken record of the infamous Brandi and Adrienne debacle begins to play. This horse has been beaten to death, hasn’t it?”

I think I’d like to hang with Marisa.  She generally seems to be pretty unaffected by the likes of Beverly Hills and Hollywood.  And yes, that horse has been beaten so much they’ve called the ASPCA.

“Speaking of family, my mom comes over to help me pack for Vegas. I shouldn’t have asked, as she ends up criticizing half my wardrobe, my hair, etc. . .and then tries to glom on and invite herself on the trip. I’ll give her credit, my mom has tremendous chutzpah for the good and the bad! I hope you find her as galling and entertaining as the rest of the clan does. Love you mom!”

Your mom cracked me up.  Silly you for asking her for fashion advice.

“Our first night was a blast as we all laughed with and at each other at dinner. I swear Kyle’s theatrics always cracks me up, and it was hilarious when she was peer pressured into trying the oyster! I couldn’t have done it!”

Yeah, I couldn’t have downed that oyster, either.  My mom always put oysters in the stuffing at Thanksgiving – and it wasn’t until High School when visiting my best friend’s house for Thanksgiving leftovers that I found out that not everyone’s turkey stuffing tastes like oysters. Blecht.

“Of course, it wasn’t all fun and games, as Brandi brought up my relationship with Dean. I adore Brandi and her snap judgment that Dean was “more in love with me than I am with him” was based off an impression I obviously gave her or she wouldn’t have said it. That said, I’ve never thought this was the case. I’d always thought we loved each other the same. I asked Dean and, typical of him, he said he had never thought about it. Brandi was absolutely right to point out how lucky I am. Deanie and I are blessed to have each other. I love him very much. But it doesn’t matter if you live in Beverly Hills and are married to a film producer or if you live in Pennsylvania and are married to a coal miner, all marriages take work and it isn’t always a bed of roses.”

Okay, Marisa – you get huge points for acknowledging that Brandi’s comments were “based off an impression I obviously gave her or she wouldn’t have said it.”  Wow.  How adult of you.  That’s quite an astute observation – and yet you totally could have gone any number of ways with it – including going batcrapcrazy about it. Most of your other housewife friends would have… Unfortunately, though – this may mean that you won’t be a full housewife next season since according to Bravo you’re supposed to bring the drama. You may be new to the group – but they could probably take lessons in your ability to learn from what you see about yourself on the screen and apply changes in your life where appropriate.

Taylor Armstrong

Taylor starts out by saying that Suzanne Somers was her favorite in “Three’s Company.”  Congratulations – you knew something that Lisa didn’t know.  There, does that make you feel better?

“I adore Sophia and all the Umansky girls so seeing her graduation celebration warmed my heart. She is a beautiful girl inside and out and she is a wonderful role model for Portia and Kennedy. Glad the girls got a chance to go on a little getaway weekend to Vegas. We have had some fun times (and some drama) there in the past.”

Wow… Taylor and Kyle must be pretty close for Taylor to identify Sophia as a role model for Kennedy.  She said she didn’t go to Vegas because she had a prior commitment.  I think she had a prior commitment to see her cheating boyfriend.  See, now she will always be known as a cheater to me – since she was dating Mr. Wonderful before he was even separated from his wife.  I’m trying hard not to be so snarky… but it’s hard.

Yolanda H. Foster

“Looking back, though, I can see myself struggling to keep it together and participate as each episode airs. The Lyme disease had so severely affected my brain functioning that it was extremely hard for me to think, form sentences, and stay focused. I was always trying to be so extremely healthy because it was the only way I could get through my days.”

I’m glad you finally got what seems to be a correct diagnosis.  That must have been really crazy-making going through filming your first reality show while having those kinds of symptoms.  Quite frankly, I have a hard time focusing, too, when watching your show.  Mostly because my eyes are either rolling or crossing – and then I get dizzy from trying to follow the catfights. I have found the chocolate helps.

“In Chinese medicine, menopause is called “second spring” because they believe it’s the most powerful time in a woman’s life — a time we approach a passage where our family duties calm down and we can start thinking about ourselves.”

I know some people think you are boring and pretentious – but I think it’s kind of kewl to have a group of women over to talk about menopause – with a self-proclaimed hormone expert.  The most powerful time in a woman’s life?  Woo hoooOOoooOOOo!

“OK. . .it sounds like it, but I honestly don’t have anything against plastic surgery, Botox or injectables. . .do what makes you happy. But I do believe that staying young and growing old gracefully starts from within. The point I was trying to make was that it’s sad to see how a lot of woman in this town feel the need to rush into facelifts, etc. to keep up with the new generations coming in, rather than using their age and wisdom to empower themselves.”

Or having purely unnecessary nose jobs, no names mentioned, Kim?

“Brandi is so naughty that I wish she had invited all of us for a little practice run before going to Vegas, but now we know the real truth as to why we look like beginners and she looked so hot wrapped around that pole. Haha! But let’s be honest — if you had to pick the one of us that would be the most comfortable on a pole, I think we’d all choose Brandi. Not a bad contest to win. . .”

Brown chicken, brown cow… (say that really fast…lol)…

“Lisa is always able to give me a good laugh out of every situation. I know she is not excited about going to Vegas, but she is going to rally and be a good sport to support Brandi. She says she is not going to wrap her legs around anything, but wait til you see her flying around that pole. . .Believe me, it’s going to be smoking hot so make sure to tune in next week!”

Okay… now several people have referred to Lisa wrapping her legs around the pole… so it must be a whole lot of nothing… or so hot that Ken immediately flew to Vegas upon seeing it.

“Once in Vegas, I learned there was a lot of hesitance going around about going pole dancing. I believe you don’t need to be a stripper in order to pole dance so I just say — let’s just keep our clothes on and have fun!!! I was there to support Brandi in her new business adventure. If she is going to be financially independent by doing pole dancing events then who are we to judge? It’s sweet to see Brandi find her way back to Brandi.”

I really like your sense of fun.  You seem to be able to start water fights, wet washcloth fights, golf cart races, etc. – without needing to be part of all the drama.  It’s such a nice change of pace.  You keep surprising me, in a good way…although, as others have suggested… you kind of need to stop the name dropping. You may be totally unaware that you do it – and it may be so matter-of-fact because you just always have amazingly fabulous people over… Just sayin’…


Saturday Night Lineup,  February 2nd by BB

8PM – 48 Hours (CBS);  Betty and Coretta (Lifetime); American Ninja Warrior (NBC);  Cops (Fox); Antiques Roadshow (PBS); UFC (FX); E! Special (E!); Six Little McGhees (OWN); Mudcats: Down and Dirty (NatGeo)

9PM –Ripper Street (BBC);  NFL Honors (CBS); 48 Hours: Hard Evidence (TLC); Amish Mafia (Disc); My Big Redneck Vacation (CMT); Pit Boss (Anpl); Unfaithful: Stories of Betrayal (OWN); An Idiot Abroad 3 (Science); Deadly Sins (ID); Cyndi Lauper (WE); Celebrity Ghost Stories (Biography); The Incredible Dr. Pol (NatGeoWild)

10PM – The Graham Norton Show (BBC); 48 Hours: Hard Evidence (TLC); Dixie Mafia (Disc); Swamp Pawn (CMT); Pit Bulls and Parolees (Anpl); Unfaithful: Stories of Betrayal (OWN); Scorned: Love Kills (ID); Supernatural Sisters (Biography); NY ER (Fit); Girls/Enlightened (HBO)


Bloggers Wanted

We’ve got three new shows coming up on Bravo that still need bloggers.  Brad Goreski’s it’s a Brad Brad world, Dukes of Melrose, and a show about Therapists.  If anyone is interested in blogging any of them please let me know – nomoredrama8@gmail.com.  Thanks NMD.


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    I am first?

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    Good morning everyone! That’s too bad about Dina.

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    • RealHousewifeVA says:

      MTH, Matt the was outed and admitted to LYING about his whole military story! He served, but he was using unauthorized acne meds mixed with unauthorized alcohol and got discharged (or whatever the term is). All the other B.S. was a total lie. I read it on Yahoo this morning.

      • RealHousewifeVA says:

        Matt the military guy*

      • melthehound says:

        unauthorized acne meds mixed with unauthorized alcohol
        Can that make someone shoot blanks? Maybe it’s a new male contraceptive. Yes I do believe Discharge is the word. The question is was it an honorable discharge (those who do their time and leave on good terms) or Dishonorable discharge (Usually stripped of rank and benefits as they are shown the proverbial door).

        I don’t like to question anybody’s military service because I have a deep respect for them but if dude is fibbing on the hallmark moments, especially about being blown up, I don’t think he should be on the show at all. Too many have died or have been hurt in those attacks for someone to use it as folly to get on a TV show. Of course, that isn’t the first time the public has been fed a line of bullshit on TV now, is it?

        • Stars99 says:


        • Orson says:

          There are other Discharges besides Honorable and Dishonorable. Just sayin’.

        • jezzibel says:

          There are 3 types of discharges from the Military :
          Honorable Discharge(your leaving on good terms with the govt, full benefits and entitlements)

          Other-then Honorable Discharge( you did something bad, but uncle Sam can’t prove it)

          Dishonorable Discharge( good luck getting any kind of job or entitlements from the govt, ’cause your screwed and lucky not to be in Leavenworth……or Gitmo, but we want you of OUT of the military)

  4. Cartwheels says:

    Good morning ladies and please correct me if I am wrong but in the picture that Teresa posted , the guy with Gabriella is not Joe Guidice it is Peter, the brother right?

    Joe is in the picture but he is in the background, at least it seems to me he is the one on the background anyway.

    I wonder why are they making so much sausage, a new family business venture?

    I am sorry to be so bitchy in the morning but there is something seriously wrong with Jenniffer’s face or is it the angle of the picture?

    • That’s so funny – because T also posted a pic of Joe at the back table, and my tired (and somewhat sick) brain didn’t figure it out. I’ll grab the other photo too.

      On Jennifer I think it’s the camera angle.

      • Cartwheels says:

        No problem NMD, you do make more than enough for us with all your hardwork.

        I took a souble take to the picture because it is unusual to see Juicy smile like that and the glasses also threw me off and then at a second look I noticed Juicy in the background.

    • Rebecca says:

      Making sausage is such a hassle, they probably made enough for all the families for awhile. It freezes beautifully. My roommate normally makes 20-30 lbs at a time.

      • Orson says:

        It seemed to me that a garage is not the cleanest place to mix/make 600-800 lbs of sausage. I hope they’re not going to sell the stuff to paying customers. Maybe it’s just me.

        • L.A. Chica says:

          That’s what I was thinking. Gotta be a violation of health codes, unless it’s for personal consumption.

    • cartwheels..you are correct..that is Pete with Gabriella and jj is in the background….
      and I agree..something off about Jennifers face… maybe she had some dental work done ????
      DINA…well…who didnt see that coming !!!!!

    • Kansas Girl says:

      I was thinking that the hairline didn’t look right on that front guy. Plus, the happy of course.

      I think the family gets together and makes stuff for all of them. Which is kinda cool. I’d love to do that with family or friends.

      It was not Jennifer’s face that caught my eye, but the clothing. That outfit is too small in the chest area. Plus, does she have on a sparkly bra? To my eyes, that is just not a flattering way to dress and she sure is not fitting in with the group’s clothing.

      • Cartwheels says:

        LOL the happy of course .
        I don’t know what to make of Juicy anymore.

        Jennifer’s face looks like it has been pulled too tight, it is kinda scary but maybe she looks better in real life.

    • RealHousewifeVA says:

      I thought Jennifer’s face was odd looking when she was on Pregnant in Heels. And I didn’t like her on that show, so I’m not holding out much hope for her on NJ

    • chismosa says:

      There is something wrong with the lower jawline of this new gal Jennifer’s face. It was quite apparent on P.I.H. and I don’t know how I’ll suffer through having her on jersey. But at least their adding some racial diversity to the cast. Bev Hills has that redneck/resnick you all talk about and now Jersey will have this one. Jaw dalton

  5. california35 says:

    sad news about Dina – but good to bringing it out in the open.

    • Cartwheels says:

      I agree, can you imagine having that secret hanging over your head and then waiting for someone as vindictive as Jacqueline to reveal it to the world?

      I am glad she came clean, she will be more relieved now.

      • chismosa says:

        Wow Jacqueline said this? When? Yikes. Ehh they’re all gross, even precious Dina.

        • rabblerouser2010R says:

          I wonder if the fall out from the separation has anything to do with her not being on speaking terms with Caroline. Of course, it’s just easier for Don Caro to blame Teresa.

        • Cartwheels says:

          NO, Jac hadn’t said it …. yet.
          I am sure though that if Dina didn’t go ahead and say it, Jac and/or Caro would had been the first ones to reveal this info.
          After all isn’t that the new premises of the HW’s shows, if you are HW all your private information is up for viewer consumption and if you didn’t want it out there then why be on the show at all.

          • Lady Brooks says:

            I think that is the premise and they all suffer as a result, but the money and the ability to launch product lines, along with the fame, must make all this well worth it.

  6. Good Morning Lovelies! Finally the end to a busy week!

    Thanks for a great blog NMD & Stars99, your BH blog recaps always make me laugh. Didn’t we dub you a funny little minx? Keep it up!

    I hope you all have the kind of Saturday that is the best for you today. Amid the chores, etc…..don’t forget to do something special for yourself! 🙂

    New post, “Saturday Inspiration”, is up at my place. Enjoy!

  7. Rebecca says:

    Here’s the thing about Italian fathers – they DON’T want to be involved in drama. They do want simple lives. When any of us six kids started with any tears or screaming, my father would take off. He’d go for a drive and come back when we were rational. I think Juicy fits this. I don’t have a clue what happened to Teresa’s baby brother, who insists like behaving like a baby. Notice how the men are surprised and quiet whenever Juicy comments on the bs.

  8. Rebecca says:

    Adrienne’s Blog –

    I’m not buying the “surrogacy” excuse anymore. It’s a red herring for what really set Adrienne off on Brandi.

    No lawyer would take the case because it was true. Kyle said it wasn’t about the surrogacy.
    To get a character assassination lawsuit started, Brandi would have to damage Adrienne’s credibility. She probably (allegedly) listed off several of Adrienne’s lies to prove her point that everything Adrienne says about her is a lie. I’m sure one was the (alleged) surrogacy issue because she had all the witnesses sitting there.

    Knowing Brandi indeed shoots her mouth off, you know she put her two cents in and kept going, and said something more inflammatory:

    “She lies about everything.” We all say it but it is an exaggeration and therefore untrue.
    “She’s a fraud” Again – problematic to someone who is quick to sue.

    Paul kept saying he was defending his wife and defending his wife’s family. If Brandi was calling Adrienne names or suggesting improper business tactics would explain his comments.

    Now, Adrienne can now hide behind the (alleged) surrogacy issue (HIPAA) to keep Bravo from airing the footage, but that doesn’t mean that’s the core issue. Adrienne refuses to confront or film with Brandi because she probably does (allegedly) tell lies regularly and she knows she would add to Brandi’s arsenal of weapons.

    Brandi is kind of a nobody in the scheme of things, but Adrienne is claiming Brando has all this power over her. The surrogacy story doesn’t explain anything.

    • Stars99 says:

      Rebecca – I totally agree… in my heart of hearts I think it just can’t be the “S” word… it just doesn’t add up and doesn’t make sense. But… I am really tired of it all… I am sure that Brandi had some very choice things to say about her bestie, Adrienne – and Adrienne does all of her best work behind closed doors – and when in public presents herself as “Adrienne, the Martyr”… the problem is – that Brandi is really going to say many things that are going to get her into some real trouble at some point. I get that she’s bringing on the drama in order to maintain her paycheck… but really, she’s got to quickly figure out where the line is between snarky reparte and defamation of character.

      • Powell says:

        Bringing on the drama to earn a paycheck isn’t worth it if she’s got to use those paychecks to pay lawyers. She’d better find a new way to get paid.

    • Donna says:

      The Palms was hit with a lawsuit from the gooberment.. It is probable that this lawsuit comes with a gag order…

      • Birdwoman says:

        Does anyone think that Adrienne will leave housewives next season?

        • PJ says:

          We can only hope.

        • Powell says:

          I think she will. A couple of months ago my mom told me she read the Maloofs were looking to do their own reality show. They sold the BB team, only have 2% of the Palms, & I believe also sold the record label. I know they do something in BMX but what would they highlight on a reality show? I’ve never really wanted to look them up so I don’t know what their other biz are?

        • Beckygrey says:

          She tried to leave this season.

    • VV says:


    • Powell says:

      Hmm. Rebecca when you put all the key words together from all the parties what you say makes sense. I forgot who said they watched The View and Lisa was on and said the secret won’t be revealed on the show, so how/who do you think the “real secret” will be revealed?

    • mrspeabody says:

      Rebecca I agree with you to. I don’t know how saying something that is true is character assassination, I think it was the fact she was saying she lies about everything and on film. If someone said that about me I’d be mad. That has the potential to hurt her businesses, who wants to do business with a person who lies. I think that is more what this is about, Brandi attacking her reputation. Too bad Lisa didn’t feel the same way when Adrienne attacked her’s last year. I think Adrienne saying that about Lisa was horrible.

    • Lady Brooks says:

      You must be right. There must be a lot more to the story and your perspective is insightful. It will be interesting to watch all this play out now.

      • Called A Princess... says:

        Addy did not lie about Lisa. She she stated that she heard that Lisa sold stories. Lisa was upset by that and protested. I do not think one can be sued for what they hear. Camille said that she had heard the same story, so should she be sued too. The truth can hurt as much as a lie. Lisa is fully capable of moving information from one source to another just like anybody else. JMHO.

        • Rebecca says:

          Instead of asking Lisa if it was true, she spread the lie around like it was the truth. Camille knew it was a ruse and didn’t repeat it. “I” can walk up to Adrienne right now and tell her about something even more despicable about Lisa. Does Adrienne get to spread it around claiming she “heard” it was the truth?

        • L.A. Chica says:

          Adrienne did more than hear a lie, she spread the lie. Doesn’t matter if she believed it was true, she spread a defamatory lie about Lisa.

          My memory of Camille chiming in was that she not only also heard the lie, but that she knew it was a ruse to get her to react and start talking, thereby giving the “journalist” or blogger or whomever it was some gossip fodder. Camille is smart enough to know better and didn’t fall for that trick, but Adrienne – whether driven by her hatred for Lisa or just sheer naïveté – fell for it hook, line, and sinker.

          Maybe Adrienne should have tried to sue that person for public humiliation, she looked like a damned fool. Don’t think she’d have had any grounds, but since when has that stopped her from trying…

  9. california35 says:

    Very enjoyable blog Stars99 im only on Adrianne so far and you have me lol

    • Stars99 says:

      Thanks, my fellow Californian… Doesn’t Adrienne live closer to you than to me? I think so… you can keep her. lololol… = )

      • california35 says:

        yes she does, i am so happy about that … NOOOT!

        remeber when we would discuss how un involved she was on the first season? and we thought it was because she was because she was smart and classy LOL!!!

  10. chismosa says:

    Thanks for the blog –hope you all have a nice Super Bowl weekend. I don’t think the viewing ###s are going to be that high, from what I’ve read. So who knows about ratings. Mad I won’t have Shahs to watch. Oh well!

    Wow Lauren does not look that different it’s shocking. Her face, CaCa and all, looks basically the same
    I’m so annoyed to have seen a stand of freakin Black water at my local Fairway ughhhh!!!! Why!??? I wanted to fill out a complaint card. Haha

    Plus isn’t that water going to compete with Asa’s water on shahs ? Both alkaline ? I don’t get it.

    Dina’s annoying I can’t stand her, she reminds me of Carla’s personality on Mob Wives. Nothing much there and what’s there seems super shady and entitled. In some way that I can never put my finger on!

    Have a great day y’all

    • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

      Hey Chimosa-my brother gave me a bottle of Black Water for Christmas-he knows I watch the HWs shows and thought I would get a kick out of it. Needless to say I didn’t!!!

      • Stars99 says:

        I’m baffled at who would actually look at black water and think to themselves, “Wow, I gotta have me some of that!”… I can’t imagine drinking it and it not being flavored in some way… and if it’s not flavored… then I think I would be askeered of what’s in it, no?

      • Lisa Renee says:

        Jill, hahahaha was it wrapped?? did it have a bow?? Saw you & Texas Tart looking for me. Very sweet & thanks for the tweet. After DD sent the flowers & then a thank you note I couldnt stop crying until yesterday. This “breakdown” was 3 years in the making, us regular folk have to schedule in our breakdowns & you know there was no way I was going let my kid see me fall apart. I had to keep her glued together & on her path after my mom died, I decided I would mourn when I had time & strength. Thats what I have been doing. I love that Mags is an AsSeenOnTV junkie, my whole family is. The funniest was the BBQ steam cleaner made of plastic, it melted in Hubs hand. Hugs to you, Lisa

        • TexasTart says:

          Good to hear from you Lisa Renee. Take the time you need to take care of yourself. ((hugs)) 🙂

          • Lisa Renee says:

            Thanks TT, its appreciated. I have just been reading & not posting because my sense of humor has been MIA. DD is in shock from the cold. The MI temps have been mild & then brutal. She walks into the library and it is cold but not bad only to leave several hours later & walk outside to a blizzard. I keep telling her the word is sleet not phuckin sleet. She can no longer run outside so she had to join a gym. Except for the weather she is terrific & loving law school. Lisa

            • TexasTart says:

              Glad your daughter is doing good, I’m sure you have done right by her in every way possible. 🙂

              Hey, I thought that was the only way sleet is spoken of! Don’t be stranger for too long…besides that, everyone can’t be a comedian here! Allegedly. 😉

            • Laineylainey says:

              Nice to hear from you Lisa Renee- I have missed you!

        • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

          LISA!!!! I missed you-so happy to see you back. Im sorry you had a “breakdown” but it is best to let that crap OUT!! You are such a great Mother-I know this from seeing the note and flowers-what a great girl you raised!!! I will be sure to remember all of this when Annabelle and Mags are ready to vacate the nest. I will try to keep my sh*t together and break down in private-at a scheduled time!!!
          Maggie and her AsSeenOnTV obsession has hit an all time high-she now NEEDS the pillow and blanket that light up. She NEEDS it so desperately-as only a 6 year old could. Her father-of course-has to been to every CVS on the West side of Manhattan searching for both. He will save the day for his little girl and one day come home with pillow and blanket-therefore securing his spot in Maggie’s heart as the BEST father in the universe!!
          Hope you stick around around for a while!! xoxoxo

          • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

            Oh and about the Blackwater-it was wrapped-and my brother watches HW’s (dont ask) and knows how I feel about all of them so he thought he was cute buying me Black crap!!!

          • Lisa Renee says:

            Jill, that little girl of yours is a hoot! Too funny. I have not seen the light up blanket & pillow, I would have to have that. They use to have a AsSeenOnTV store in my mall, not anymore, it was great, no shipping charges. I bet that the apple of daddy’s eye WILL have that light up blankey. I will take Maggie’s word about BLK water too. Its water & it tastes like water. How are they keeping it in stock lol, lisa

            • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

              Lisa-Maggie didn’t drink the Black Water-my older girl Annabelle did…Maggie was chicken..like her mother!!! Belle was just to curious and HAD to try it!!!

          • Powell says:

            JNNTJ tell your husband to look in Rite Aid also. They have AsSeenonTV section too. We’ve got to make him her hero.

            • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

              Powell…i just sent him a text-i think Manhattan is load with Duane Reed stores so I told him to look there too!!

        • VV says:


        • Powell says:

          Lisa you are so sweet. I just smiled reading of your scheduled breakdown. Holding it all together for your daughter. You’re a great mom & daughter.

          • Lisa Renee says:

            Hi Powell, thanks for the sweet words. Scheduled because I always said I am too middle class to afford a breakdown, have to save up for it 🙂 Unlike the uber rich who can check out at anytime for a hang nail & to places I would consider a spa. Have you seen pictures from Betty Ford? Just stunning, I could put it on my bucket list lol, Lisa

  11. Birdwoman says:

    I haven’t read the comments above yet…Dina and Tommy separated??? I wasn’t that shocked but I was at the same time. I was wondering how she could not be speaking to her sister while married to Tommy. I can imagine that would be a very uncomfortable situation if they ran into each other at the Brownstone. Now I know how she avoided that situation. When do you think the real story of why they separated will come out?

    • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

      I just read on Dina’s twitter a few days ago that she was at the Brownstone for an event.
      Even though I’m not shocked by the news of their separation ,I’m sad for her.

    • Powell says:

      It’s going to be even more uncomfortable. Tommy is her brother-in-laws brother. Still a part of the family.

  12. Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

    Starzy my friend-I hope you know that reading your blog re-caps are the best part of the HW’s writing them!! On their own-the blogs are boring and kinda lame-but when you re-cap it suddenly makes them hysterical!!!

    • Stars99 says:

      Awww… kumbayah… my friend the REAL Jill… I love how we can disagree on the interpretation of some of their actions… and yet we can still laff AT them… isn’t that the point of all of this? Sometimes I hit my head against the wall trying to make sense of it all… and then I remember that it will NEVER make sense… lololol… hugs to you… I really needed the encouragement today… I’ve been sick in my head… (well, for those of you who don’t know me – that means I’ve not been feeling well… lol)… although, I suppose I really am sick in my head, too…lol….

      • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

        Starzy Im sorry you have been sick in the head-one would think you have grown accustomed to this by now…hahaha. I hope you feel better soon. Your illness, I see, has not spread to your sense of humor-thank God for that!!!

      • Kansas Girl says:

        Starzy, does that mean you need a new brain? Cuz I found some spare marbles you can have.

  13. Contessa says:

    Lauren looks like she gained some of her weight back, her face looks full again and so does the rest of her. I feel badly for her going through the surgery, but it would have been better at her age to do it through proper eating and exercise. With regard to the Capo Manso, as usual she looks awful. Doesn’t she realize they are getting photographed at these events. She also has gained back her weight as well. I don’t like Mama Manzo, because of her superiority, but I try not to pick on the adult kids. I feel sorry for Lauren as I have been fighting a weight problem all my life.

    • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

      Caroline is looking like a woman who has just given up on trying to look good. Perhaps “the change” has sapped her energy because she always looks so tired. She needs a pick me-up!!

    • mrspeabody says:

      I thought she looked a little heavier too.

    • chismosa says:

      that’s what i said too, Lauren’s face does not look different at all. And i always thought you lose weight in the face first. (that’s why so many actresses that get so skinny look terrible in the face but their bodies are as slim and anorexic as they intend them to look, but they suffer with their faces looking awful)

  14. princesspindy says:

    StarryStarryNight!!!!! This was my favorite line….

    ” I mean it almost seems like she actually broke the news to you that you didn’t actually have your kids biologically.”

    I Guffawed~~!! Loudly!! A+++

  15. Happy Saturday everybody! It’s sunny here in NJ but still freakin’ cold. Not as bad as the midwest, my mom said it was -25 with the windchill yesterday. Brrr!!!!!!! NE Iowa, the memories of winter there still make me shiver.

    Is anyone watching “House of Cards” on netflix, with Kevin Spacey? OMG it is soooo goooood!. We watched 7 episodes yesterday & plan on a marathon later today to see the remaining ones. It’s about a congressman (Spacey) and all the evil deeds he does to manipulate, conspire & generally get his way in Congress. Netflix spent $100 million making this series and it is worth seeing. Maybe some of you remember the original series, about a member of Parliament in GB & his nefarious ways, also called “House of Cards.” Well well well, as good as the original was, the re-make American style is even better!

  16. princesspindy says:

    Budweiser Clydesdale commercial for the Super Bowl….. teardrops from my eyes…

    • Pindy I watched this on CNN ? or some news program yesterday, about the horses and the main guy who helps deliver them and raises them for the first 2 years. I always cry too, these beautiful Clydesdales & that beer wagon are such symbols of our America. Thanks for posting!

  17. This article in the NYtimes is very interesting, about how antibiotics can cause “leaky gut” and how your diet can help you recover. A 3 year old boy had taken antibiotics so many times in one year, he then had severe arthritis. His mother’s journey to getting him back to health could help many of us here (& our children). In the comments, one woman posted about how changing her daughter’s diet helped reduce her seizure disorder…


    I always find the health related posts beneficial. Thank you LAChica for your advice about mammograms & sonograms for detecting breast cancer. And Diva, thank goodness you recovered from your cancer too!

    Probiotics (some strains are active in yogurt) are very beneficial for our g.i. tracts. If you ever have to take antibiotics, be sure and take probiotics to replace all the “good” stuff in your intestines. You can buy them in pill form to get all the strains.

    A few months ago, I heard about someone I knew years ago dying from breast cancer. She was very young, still in her 40s. When cancer was found, she did have a mastectomy. Sadly she decided against chemotherapy and radiation treatment. When the cancer spread to the other breast, she had that one removed too. Again, no additional treatment. Apparently she relied on diet and herbal remedies. She left her children, husband and parents devastated.

    Sometimes diet, nutritional supplements, and the very best medical treatments we have all need to be applied. Prayers to all of you out there that are battling cancer, or other health problems.

    • Catseye says:

      True about diet and supplements. I’m sorry to hear about your friend’s untimely death. Honestly though, I would be probably guilty of doing the same thing, if I ever found out I had cancer. There’s a lot of different theories out there as to how to fight it, some say an alkaline vs acid diet or I came across the Budwig Protocol, which I understand the researcher felt that processed fats were the culprit and the treatment/”protocol” is cottage cheese and flax oil.

    • L.A. Chica says:

      I’m sorry about your friend passing away so young. I’ve heard similar stories about others that have had the same results when attempting to treat their cancer solely through diet.

      My own thoughts on this is that a wholistic approach is best. Cancer isn’t just one disease, and each type and diagnosis may call for different approaches. I firmly believe in using whatever means may help, and for me that means integrative treatment. I got serious about cleaning up my diet and went back to my formerly healthier ways, looked into a variety of supplements, meditated and prayed, accepted emotional support from family and friends, had surgery and received radiation treatment. I skipped the chemotherapy, but that’s because I had an Oncotype DX test run on my tumor. This is a test that looks at the tumor’s DNA, and from there it can be generally predicted how helpful chemotherapy might be in treating your particular cancer.

      In my case it wasn’t going to be very effected so I opted out with my oncologist’s blessing. I just saw no reason to put my body through that process if I didn’t have to, and my instincts were telling me I needed to strengthen my immune system, not hit it with chemo’s sledgehammer.

      Catseye, I also read about the Budwig Protocol but didn’t try it. It’s interesting, though. And I’ve signed on to a website that is a community of people who are using it. Some people are really swearing by it.

    • chismosa says:

      This is SO interesting. I am so against antibioitics,i’ve said it here before. There is a book that the NY times featured a few months ago by a doctor saying how it’s all because of antibiotics that we have so many problems. i wish i wrote down the name of the book but i think i have the article saved somewhere, i must find it.
      I almost want to send this article to my friends who have tiny children who they’ve already had put on antibiotics for things. If anything, i think tiny kids should not be on antibiotics, no? I could be wrong, and OF COURSE i understand there are serious very serious health issues that can only be worked out via antibiotics. We in this country are just too quick to hand these out for any simple malady.

  18. Debbie Cooley says:

    Hi Everyone–I have to say that Yolanda is growing on me and I feel so bad for her. In the beginning of Lyme it causes what I use to describe as “Brain Fog”. I would be talking and then totally loose my sentence–not my thought but how to say it. It was so very scary and could embarrass me as well because I lost my words–I don’t know any better way to describe it. Thankfully after about 8 months that part went away.

    If I could talk to her I would direct her to simple word games, writing, reading etc…all brain type exercises. I do them still just in case.

    I’m sorry but I do not believe a word out of Adrienne’s mouth. Her limited filming is simply her doing the very least she has to in order to not be sued by Bravo for breach of contract. (allegedly).

    • princesspindy says:

      Hey Debbie,
      Glad you are better, how horrible. Speaking of brain fog, I don’t remember if I said it yesterday or just thought it, and too lazy to go back and check, just wanted to say that i noticed what a great job you have been doing with using “allegedly”!!!! Keep up the good work, and IA with your thoughts on Adrienne….allegedly!

    • Kansas Girl says:

      Do you use twitter? Yolanda seems to converse with people about her illness on twitter, so that would be a way you could tell her this. I’m sure she’d be interested.

    • L.A. Chica says:

      Debbie, what an ordeal you went through with Lyme disease! 😦 I’m so glad you’re feeling better.

      About the brain exercises, have you ever tried the website Lumosity.com? I friend who is recovering from a head injury swears by it, saying its really helped her to regain much of her thought processes.

      • Debbie Cooley says:

        Yes–I use lumosity all the time. I do have twitter–I will try to reach Yolanda that way if ever I figure out how to use it lol.

    • LavaLady says:

      Cutest thing I’ve seen in a while. A doggy pinwheel.

    • Catseye says:

      Adorable!!! Hey speaking of dog lovers, has anyone here ever tried Adequan shots for their dog’s joint pain?

      • Nancy says:

        Never heard of it. Do you know what’s in it?

        • Catseye says:

          Polysulfated glycoaminoglycans, (from my memory I’m too lazy to get up). It’s supposed to be an injectable form of the same type of stuff that Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM oral supplements (Cosequin, Dausuquin) is made of, that helps to increase the stuff that cushions joints.

          • Nancy says:

            As long as it went through proper studies I would give it a try. It is easy to get?

            • Catseye says:

              Yes, I’m having my Vet’s office give the injections (2 x a wk for 1 mo). My dog is an 8 1/2 yr old Toy Poodle she was about 8lbs, up from 6lbs before she started having knee problems. She has moving knee caps called luxating patella in both knees. I’ve talked to 2 vets, who both recommend surgery at some point. My groomer (whom I highly respect) has cautioned me against it, as has a breeder–they both think that the operation may OR may NOT be effective…So I thought I would try the least invasive method first. I personally have had 2 knee operations and I know how painful they are. The last one I had made me worse until I had some Hyaluronic Acid injections. Since then, I’ve been fine.

              • Nancy says:

                Please let me know how she does with the injections. I’ve had many knee sugeries
                myself. Not good and very painful.

    • Powell says:

      Aren’t they sweet. When I get me a dog one of these days I think I want some type of terrier. They are so darn cute.

    • california35 says:

      soooooo cute!! 🙂

  19. Powell says:

    Nurse Nancy,
    Yesterday my hematologist diagnosed me w/ITP Immune Thrombocyto…Purpura- low platelets. He says I’m fine. I’m in the 96% that live just fine w/it. My count was in the normal range from my last blood work. I reminded him of when I had a few bruises about 4 months ago & he had test done & it was fine. He told me to watch out for bruises and if i get any to see him right away.

    • Nancy says:

      Welcome to the club of bleeding disorders. lol I have Von Willebrands.
      I have a protein missing (factor 8). Did they tell you not to take any aspirin?
      I’m sure they did. If you ride a bike make sure you have a helmet on. Sometimes people with ITP get nose bleeds often. Other than that don’t worry about it. 🙂
      Of course if your bruising gets worse call your hematologist.

      • Powell says:

        Nancy thanks for the article. I’ll definitely read it. I don’t take asprin but thks for telling me. My doc didn’t tell me that. We discussed OTC meds but I guess when I didn’t name it he didn’t tell me. IDK. He should have told me. I’m sorry you have a blood disorder too. I told my mom if I’m diagnosed w/ one more thing I don’t know what I’m going to do. But like you said I’ll definitely contact my doc if I get bruises again.

        • Nancy says:

          Aspirin makes ones clotting time longer.

        • Powell research everything…that’s what I do. I have the opposite problem – my blood is too thick & due to my heart issues doesn’t circulate well. I try to eat foods that naturally thin the blood. Dark green leafy vegetables (plus many other fruits & veg) are full of vitamin K, which helps the blood coagulate. I took blood thinners for years. Hard on the stomach, and can cause internal bleeding so now I’m off them (after getting a blood clot in my leg in my 40s). Exercise & diet are the best health treatments.

          Eat spinach, broccoli, cabbage, avocados, lettuce, kale…you will be healthy & hearty. If you eat a lot of fish, that will thin your blood. So eat fish with a green veg & you’re good to go. I eat fresh pineapple every day, & I love grapefruit. Funny thing about grapefruit, it enhances the effects of some drugs, like blood thinners & cholesterol meds. Hmmm maybe people should eat more grapefruit & take less meds? Just a thought.

      • Powell says:

        This is some of the same info my mom pulled. Very informative. I didn’t have the chicken pox so I know its not from childhood. Oh well. We deal w/what we are dealt. Thks Nancy. You’re a peach. 🙂

      • zanne says:

        My brother adopted a son knowing he had medical problems when they got him (second special needs child they adopted), This child started having bruising that went all the way to the bone. They took him to Doctor’s and after they decided it wasn’t child abuse tried to treat him. This all started a week before his 1st birthday and he lived to be six. The child lost parts of both feet – never learned to walk. Lost one hand and 4 fingers from the other hand, He had at least 8 or 9 surgeries to his brain (enough that they removed part of his head bones and left it off) At one point my brother was in Okla. and the baby was in Utah and he needed money to get home so I paid for his ticket and took him to the airport, On the way there he asked what did he pray child was hurting – no hope of getting well – they only answer is thy will be done. The child lived through this operation and for another 3 years. He had a room with only a mattress on the floor and soft toys and pading 4 inch foam on the walls. one parent or the other had to check him every hour (one of the surgeries left him blind). The would find him in a pool of blood 8 inches and would call the hospital and they would tell them to call them back when it got to be 12 inches as they did not know how to stop the blood or what to do with him.

        We – the family – always hope and pray that what they from the suffering of our own little angel is helping others with blood disorders. RIP brendon

        • TexasTart says:

          My heart goes out……a little bit speechless…lost my nephew at 9 mos, but what he had was not to the degree of suffering Brendon had in his short life. 😦 I too would hope that something was learned about his disorder or the treatments during Brendon’s time that will be of benefit others medically. Thanks for sharing ((zanne)).

        • Nancy says:

          That is so sad. God bless him and your brother. My uncle died after getting his tonsils out as he was a hemophiliac but didn’t know it. Needless to say bleeding problems run in my family. I’m sure the death of your nephew wasn’t in vain. Life isn’t always fair.

        • so sad ((( Zanne )))

  20. TexasTart says:

    Stars – as always, I enjoyed your take on the ladies blogs! Thank you! Surprisingly, the memorable part was discovering that your mother (or anyone for that matter!) put oysters in the Thanksgiving stuffing! 😯

    • Powell says:

      haha. Googley eye.

    • Lisa Renee says:

      TT, I love Stars rebloggin da blogs too. Makes them so much better. When I moved to the South my first Thanksgiving I heard about “oyster dressing”. It is very popular here & people die for it. I eat oyster rockefeller & the like but oyster dressing made me gag. The smell is something I will never forget in the way people speak about smelling decomposition. Blech, Lisa

    • looneylucy says:

      Oh yes, I grew up in the south, and oysters were harvested in months that ended in “r”, if I remember correctly. Mom always made a separate pan of dressing with oysters for those of us that ate oysters. What a great memory it is. Mom trying to chop oysters to put in the dressing before 3 out of the 5 kids could eat them up, raw. I’d give my right arm to have one more day living with my mom in her kitchen!

    • Stars99 says:

      lol… I know, right? My friend’s mom asked me if I wanted any stuffing… and I politely said “No, thank you” – She asked why and I told her it was because I didn’t care for the taste… she then listed off all the ingredients in her stuffing recipe… then encouraged me to try some when we found out that I actually liked all of her ingredients. Cracked me up – it just never ocurred to me that different people’s stuffing included a variety of ingredients. lolol… I just didn’t like the fishy taste of my mom’s… sorry mom…lol….

      • TexasTart says:

        Ha ha, I was thinking how funny it was that when I go to comment about your blog – of all things, I had to mention the oysters!

  21. Powell says:

    You Smash fans I see Angelica Houston is on it & Jennifer Hudson will be on the premier epi.

  22. Powell says:

    I just finished watching Downton Abby. Y’all didn’t tell me Lady Sybil died after she had the baby. That damn doctor and Robert should have listened to the family doctor. The doctor was so arrogant. I don’t think Lady Grantham will forgive Lord Grantham.

    I think Lady Mary thinks she can’t have kids. She has a strange look on her face anytime Matthew brings the subject up.

    • PJ says:

      This show already aired in GB so it’s all over the internet what happens in the remaining episodes. Don’t look it up if you don’t want to know.

    • Powell, I always wait awhile to talk about Downton Abbey, never know if someone will get upset if we discuss the episode too soon lol. Shocking that Sybil died, it was awful. Mary might be spooked by that, maybe now she won’t want a baby. I’m watching the episodes as they air on Sunday nights.

      So with Smash coming back, Walking Dead, Downton Abbey, Revenge, Nashville and probably some other good shows I’m not really missing watching Bravo. I try to watch RHOBH but I am losing interest in all things Bravo. The endless discussions of certain cast members are easy to scroll right over too lol, those people don’t deserve the amount of attention they get discussing them here. All they care about is whether or not you bought their book, dvd, cookbook, wine, song, crummy product or ate at their restaurant. Not interested! I do enjoy reading the recaps & blog interpretations tho. NMD digs up some pretty juicy info too. Funny how my enthusiasm for Brandi is rapidly fading the more leaks from her book are posted. As for protecting her boys, she’s doing the most damage to them by writing all that crap in her book. Can’t imagine what school will be like for them in the near future!

    • LavaLady says:

      I love DA, but I never post about the show because I watch it on Sundays, and I know many dvr it for later in the week. Poor Sybil. She was a wonderful character. Funny how attached you can get.

    • california35 says:

      oh Powell!!! glad you mentioned the show, i was wondering what to watch today. i have the two first seasons and have not watched them yet. no worries you didn’t spoil anything, i dont know anything since i have not watched any episode yet.

  23. BB says:

    Happy Groundhog Day. Phil didn’t see his shadow today so that means an EARLY SPRING! Yay!

    • TexasTart says:

      I’m surprised this wasn’t one of the first things mentioned this morning, with all the folks that have too much cold! I’m sure that is welcomed news for many, but not so much for me!

  24. zanne says:

    Nancy and Powell – read my post up thread

  25. Nancy says:

    Please, as you lay your head on the pillow tonight say a prayer for “my” 49ers! 🙂

  26. Orson says:

    If anyone here is interested in owning a very psychotic acting cat, I’m in a position to offer very good terms on one. Just sayin’.

  27. AZGirl says:

    GOOD MORNING ALL YOU SUPER BOWL FANS!!!!! Up early. Heading to the gym. Just need to vacuum and dust today and buy some snacks. Don’t forget the Phoenix Open. Lefty is leading!!! Beautiful day here in Arizona.
    GO RAVENS!!!
    p.s. Second Born called from Flag yesterday. His friend got the executive chef position so he is a shoe in for sous chef at a fine restuarant starting in mid-March. He is working hard training on his off hours from work.

    • hey there Arizona, what was in your coffee this morning?? lol someone’s ready for some football. I’m for the Ravens too (sorry Nancy, better put your big girl panties on for this one!).

      Congratulations to your son 🙂

    • california35 says:

      yes, can i have some of your coffee pleas 😛

  28. AZGirl says:


    • california35 says:

      good morning, I AM HERE!! 😛

      no sun here yet, its only 6am

      • hi Cali, this would be a great weekend to be in New Orleans. I wonder what Detox is up to??? She has been missing for awhile, wonder what she thinks about all the goings on in her town. CBS is showing a lot of fun things in New Orleans today.

        Have a great day, lucky you have nice weather!

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