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Holy Inappropriate!  Mauricio Umansky tweeted this photo of wife Kyle.  I’m sure she’s pleased.

@kylerichards18 is about to kill me for twitting this photo but can you blame me. So beautiful.”  I mean tweet.  Kyle’s reaction – “OMG @MauricioUmansky KILL. our kids are on twitter #notcool

Mauricio's tweet

Mauricio’s tweet

Caroline and Lauren Manzo headed out to Rebuild Hoboken last night in matching outfits.  How cute!  Well Lauren’s outfit is cute.  Caroline’s has a little too much going on with that faux skirt.

From Lauren's twitter feed.

From Lauren’s twitter feed.

Richie and Kathy Wakile, Jacqueline and Chris Laurita, Rosie Pierri, and Melissa and Joey Gorga were also out last night at dinner at Fin in Montclair !!  Kathy tweeted this photo:

Cast of Real Housewives of New Jersey at Dinner (tweet from Kathy Wakile)

Cast of Real Housewives of New Jersey at Dinner (tweet from Kathy Wakile)

“Richie tweeted this: “The Gorga’s left @KathyWakile @JacLaurita @msmariachappa & joined there other friends”

Richie Wakile's twitter feed

Richie Wakile’s twitter feed

Richie seems to be spelling-challenged.  Please tell me he was joking with this tweet: “What’s everyone cooking for the Supper bowl!”  Here’s another one: “Going house shopping with my new Realitor this afternoon!” And just so we know Supper Bowl wasn’t a typo: “Supper bowl with @UncleCliffy30 & @KathyWakile has got the pulled pork slow cooking!”

Teresa Giudice spent the day with her family celebrating Milania’s 7th birthday at a Snow Tubing park.  Doesn’t Milania look happy?  Love that pizza cake.  Yum!

Milania Giudice's 7th Birthday (from Teresa Giudice's twitter feed)

Milania Giudice’s 7th Birthday (from Teresa Giudice’s twitter feed)

Vicki Gunvalson is one step closer to completing her divorce with Donn.  She tweeted this late last week: “meeting with Donn and mediation attorney on the divorce settlement. :(“  Hopefully they came to some sort of agreement and can more on.   I wonder if we’ll see the meeting on camera?  They must be getting close to finishing up filming if the show is set to air in March.

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Revenge 1/20 “Collusion” by SugarMagnolia

“Every human is born of collusion. We come into this world as a result of a covenant. Sometimes made with love, sometimes as circumstance. But almost always made in secret.”

The cottage–Emily is knocking boots with a man who appears to be Aiden. She opens her eyes and we realize that it’s actually Daniel. She has a flicker of horror but quickly pulls him back towards her. She wakes up in daylight to an empty bed. She then steps out to the beach to go meet Aiden. She misses him. They discuss how they are both feeling. He, shunned. She, guilty. But Emily convinces him to stay the course. Daniel is taking her to lunch for Oysters.

Grayon Manor, breakfast. Conrad has figured out that Jason Prossers bid for Stonehaven was leaked to him by Victoria. He approves of the plan, just not her visibility in it. He also informs of her his cleaning up the docks to start his campaign for public office. Charlotte enters. It’s her 18th birthday, Conrad hands her an envelope with presumably a big, fat birthday check. Daniel has forgotten and already left for the office. And here comes Ashley. The best line of the episode this week goes to the Queen herself. “Charlotte, can you please excuse us. It seems the cat has dragged itself back in.” A few more swipes at each other, and Conrad and Ashely leave the room. It looks could kill, they would have both been dead with evil glare Victoria gave them.

Nolan and Padma are househunting. Nolan finally approves of the house where they are currently lying on a bed. Padma has staged the house with all of his favorite things. She hands him the key which he feels is “pedestrian”. Nolan tells her she’s perfect, they kiss, and I’m a little confused because I thought he had her figured out.

Daniel and Emily drive up to a private plane. He explains he is taking her to lunch, but in Los Angeles where her favorite oysters are fresh. He’s packed her a bag and a few new outfits. Really, he needs her by his side to acquire Stonehaven. Seems Emily is his lucky charm because she helped him land Takada and Nolcorp. She agrees and they board the plane.

Parking Garage–it’s Helen finding Aiden. Helen is suspicious that he was involved in the incident at the wine auction. He denies it. Aiden refuses to do anything for Helen until she provides him proof that his sister is alive. Helen lifts her smart phone and shows him a video of his sister stating her name is Colleen and that she has a brother. He is putty in Helen’s hands after that, and asks what she wants him to do. “Kill Victoria Grayson,” Helen replies.

Grayson Manor–Jack and Fauxmanda have been summoned by Conrad. He is trying to convince Jack that they have a lot in common. Conrad is helping clean up the docks as part of his political platform. He tells Jack he can make the drug charges disappear, but murder is a little tougher. He wants to know about the gun found on the boat. Jack stays quiet, but Fauxmanda gives up Matt Duncan right away. Jack won’t let Conrad or Ashley call the authorities.

Los Angeles–Emily and Daniel are meeting with the daughter of Stonehaven’s founder. Emily saves Daniel’s butt again.

At the hotel, guess who’s in LA? Victoria of course! She approaches Jason Prosser and he is smelling a rat. Daniel spots her and has words with his dear Mother. The Queen tries to warn her Prince against acquiring Stonehaven, but he doesn’t listen. After the Prince storms out, the Queen expresses her disappointment in Emily’s support of Daniel. Emily calls Aiden, and guess who ELSE in LA? Yup, Aiden watching her from inside the lobby. They meet outside in the garden and argue about why each other are in LA. Aiden informs her that Helen believed their little ruse at the wine auction and believes Victoria is behind it. They agree Aiden should go after Prosser to ensure Daniel will get the Stonehaven acquisition. Then, she’ll go back to New York. Aiden plants a seed of doubt in Prossers ear that seems to work as he gets on the phone immediately.

Norlcorp–Padma is sneaking around Nolan’s office, probably looking for Carrion, and receives a call from Helen. She threatens to pull Padma out if she doesn’t produce it. Nolan catches her, and she covers by giving him an avatar keychain for his new house. Sucker…he falls for it. Or does he?

Fauxmanda and Charlotte are sharing a sister moment. Faux gives Char little Carl’s hand print for a birthday gift. They bond over their passed father. As the Queen is on the west coast, she calls Char to cancel the ballet and birthday date. Jack goes to see Matt Duncan in the hospital, trying to convince him to come clean about the murder of the Ryan’s father. He refuses, despite Jack’s guilt trip.

Stowaway–Conrad enters looking for their most expensive scotch. He confronts Kenny with a signed confession and a $50k check to get them to leave the Porters alone. The brothers Ryan disagree about leaving the Stowaway–the felon Ryan wants to avenge their father’s death. Seems to be quite a theme in the Hamptons.

Los Angeles–Victoria goes to Prossers room to further woo him. He is leaving and dropping his bid. She works her best seductress and he falls for it. Aiden is outside with a big gun and scope attempting to fulfill Helen’s wishes. The Queen moves out of the way just in time. At the pool, Emily and Daniel are sunbathing and drinking Champs. No decision has been made on Stonehaven, but Victoria was successful in getting Prosser back into the bidding war. Daniel calls Nolan to get him to do some of his magic hacking to find out more about Prosser. Emily also needs something and texts him while Daniel is not looking. All of the major players meet for dinner, and the Prince throws Prosser under the bus with past decisions, and he’s out! Contracts will be drawn up for Grayson to take over and Emily wins! She receives a call from Nolan and he sends her the video that Aiden was shown of his sister. Emily figures out that Helen’s target is the Queen and asks Nolan to track Aiden’s phone before it’s too late.

Emily finds Aiden just as he has a clear shot of Victoria and stops him. She convinces him to stick to the plan, once again, and that they will find his sister. All head back to New York. Victoria stops by the cottage to have words with Emily over Stonehaven. The Queen calls her selfish and tells him she just cost Daniel his greatest loss.

Nolcorp–Padma and Nolan are having a cozy moment in his office. Carrion comes up after Nolan mentions a “dusty, old computer program.” LIGHTBULB!!! She blew it by mentioning it, FINALLY! Back at Casa de Nolan, Emily visits to discuss plans with Nolan. They cannot find Aiden because he’s jammed his phone. Emily fears she is losing her alliance with the Queen. Nolan tells her about Carrion’s history and how Padma blew it and he knows she’s up to something. They are putting together the pieces of Carrion, Stonehaven, and realize something bad is coming, but don’t know what. Emily advises Nolan to play Padma like she’s playing him.

Grayson Manor–surprise birthday party for Charlotte. She has decided to change her name to Charlotte Clarke. Emily enters and evil eye/smiles between she and the Queen. Back at the cottage, Emily comes clean to Daniel about her alliance with Victoria (well, her version at least). He had already figured it out. At the manor, the felon-Ryan is attempting to get Conrad to sell him back the Stowaway. Conrad is not buying it until he hears the right words. He asks Ashley to shut the door while they discuss details. Oh, Conrad, can’t you be nice, ever?

Nolcorp–Nolan is watching Padma from the whale cam in his office. He’s asking her to look for his credit card while they are on the phone. She’s looking and looking and aha, guess what she found? The Carrion coding! She plugs it into her tablet to see and it is. Nolan looks disappointed as he watches her, so clearly this is a plant she was meant to find. Uh-oh.

The Cottage–Aiden is there and knows his sister is dead. He is angry with Emily and says he shouldn’t have trusted her. Aiden believes his sisters blood is on her hands and he storms off leaving our revenganista alone once again.

Tonight we find out who is on the sunken Amanda.

Again, best line of the episode goes to Victoria with “It seems as though the cat has dragged itself back in.”

Winner–Conrad. He’s the only one who got what he wanted.


Real Housewives of Atlanta Cast Blogs by HilDogAtl

Hello everyone!  Hope all is well with you all!  As of Saturday night, only three ladies have blogged.  So, let’s run with this.  Sadly, as you all know I’m so not a friend of Kenya’s and she has the longest blog of them all.  I will take it with a grain of salt and do what I can but I may throw up in the process because her “alleged” life here in Atlanta has been exposed already!


Kenya begins her blog with a quote.  As we should have expected she has to pull the whole I’m so tormented and defamed by Phaedra card.  Absolutely asinine.  She needs to take her stallion booty back to L.A. or Detroit or somewhere other than the A.  I’m done.

Agree or disagree, laugh or cry, hate or love… right is right and wrong is wrong. When a person deliberately maligns your reputation by starting vicious rumors about you to anyone who will listen, they are the one who has a problem.

Undoubtedly with malice, Phaedra repeatedly and intentionally slanders and defames me with unfounded and untrue statements. All as punitive action when she learned of my intentions to make my own fitness video.  I have never been drunk a day in my life. Yet Phaedra wants everyone to believe I “drink like a fish.” Phaedra asserts that she believes I am bipolar or have a chemical imbalance. The only thing that makes me “crazy” is that I ever believed this woman was my friend. She is a malicious, despicable human being, who intentionally sought to malign my reputation and harm my future business with her debasing lies.”

I’m saying one thing on this.  Did we not ALL hear her “alleged” soon-to be fiancé ask if she had taken her meds.  Umm….I have NO way to say anything else.

She then goes on to tell us she was a psych major in college, yada yada.  She goes off on a tangent about how mental health is a serious issue and it is wrong of Phaedra to pull that card.  She says she is so hurt by Phaedra knowing about her struggles growing up and for her to pull that on her is wrong.  The only thing I will say is that mental health is a serious issue…yes.  But this woman has demonstrated some disturbing behavior.  I am not a specialist so therefore, I will not comment.  Bipolar is serious and it is a bunch of highs and lows.  I think many people question if people in their own circles are bipolar.

“I believe I have seen Phaedra’s cold black heart. From her actions alone, this is a woman who will say anything and tell any lie in order to achieve a favorable outcome for herself. This must end. I believe people can see who she really is. With me, I don’t try to hide. I keep it real. It is what it is. That being said, when people show you who they are, believe them. Phaedra is a walking, talking hypocrite.  She wants to say I’m unstable, however, in actuality, she is the one who looks shady and duplicitous obviously lying to hurt me because we had a business falling out. 

Yes, I am dramatic and I wanted to make a point. STOP SPREADING YOUR VINDICTIVE LIES. Business is business. I never attacked Phaedra personally. For her to go to extremes to hurt me was uncalled for. Therefore, in rare form, I let her have it plain and simple and spoke the truth, which she nor anyone else can deny. On another note, I told NeNe beforehand that I was going to come to the event with a dramatic entrance and outfit, and as shocking as it was, NeNe could only laugh. Got to love a girl who can laugh. I’m done with this. Whether people agree with my methods or not, you cannot disagree with the validity of my truth and the facts.”

OMG!!  Yes, I’ve told you guys that I do believe Phaedra is very shady at times but she isn’t spreading lies.  She simply sharing her thoughts with her cast mates (which she is paid to do) and the most disgusting part of this is Kenya stating she that she doesn’t hide, she keeps it real.  So real she hires and or pays a man to pretend they are in a relationship so she can get a paycheck and attempt to stay relevant.  It’s all lies.  (Allegedly).

She finishes telling us where we can get mental health assistance.  I’m sorry, I just can’t.  She just disgusts me.


Porsha starts her blog telling us she partied it up this past weekend and had some kind words for a former neighbor in the their new beginnings.  She also asks us for advice on how to let her current dog accept another animal as she is an animal lover (that’s why I like her).

Let’s jump right in to the show! Last night’s episode was crazy, and what do you know, in the first scene there I am cutting up, LOL! First let me say I really had no intention of getting upset with her. By the time we met up, I was over her and trying to fix things, but I figured maybe time had helped her to change a little. Reluctantly I accepted the invite, but not to my surprise while I’m sitting there listening I just couldn’t take the way she was addressing the situation with all the “she says, she says” mess. I’m a grown woman, so I’m used to being straight forward. We are just too different, and it is what it is. I don’t believe friendship will be in the cards for us. So long! #ByeAshy LOL!”

Well, we all saw through Kenya’s invitation.  I would have possibly been a little classier and not gotten loud and stormed out but would’ve held my own and called her out on her b.s.  Sadly, we all see through it.  I don’t like name calling but the ashy comment was funny!

“All right now let’s discuss my “buddy” Ms. Cynthia. I was so excited for my “friend” when she told me she wanted to branch out and start doing pageants. I’m a very encouraging friend, and when you are a part of my circle of friends, I’m going to be there for you as much as I can. Therefore when she asked me to help her by getting my family’s charity involved with her pageant, I was happy to oblige. As soon as I arrived at the meeting, Cynthia began to share details with me about her pageant. She mentioned having someone perform, asked if I sing, and I told her yes. From that point on she and I discussed the song I would perform — her favorite, Eye on the Sparrow. While I was watching the show, I was shocked by the shady comments Cynthia made in her interview. Here we go, total confirmation of why I felt a little leery of assisting her so closely. When I decide to do something, I’m all in and want to see my friends win. Last night I was hurt by the cattiness Cynthia displayed, I just hope it’s not a sign of what’s to come. *side eye”

Are any of us really surprised, Cynthia has always been the one to flip flop sides so long as it favors her.  Nobody is innocent with these ladies…they all throw shade.  I don’t know if it’s insecurity or just being a crazy.  All I know, is that this scene was very contrived and scripted.  There is NO way Cynthia would ever entrust a big function and her first pageant to someone new and not even have a venue, a client or the like within such a short time.  It’s all a lie.  (Alegedly).

She then finishes her blog giving props for all the real housewives out there that cook, clean, run the house.  She is a real housewife and she has responsibilities.  Being a stay at home wife, mom, anything…it can be tough.  I can only imagine.  But when you have money, you sometimes have a little extra “help”.  (Allegedly).


Cynthia begins her blog telling us that she did start in pageantry but sadly, she never won or even placed.  She has started the business and it is something that she is building.  Her blog is EXTREMELY SHORT.  This is my best quote I can give you guys!

Since the doors of the school opened, I have received quite a bit of interest from potential students who desired to rip the runway as a queen, not a model. I have never made it a secret that my background and expertise is in fashion, not pageantry. However, I was determined to seek out the knowledge of someone who mastered the art. My research and good fortune led me directly into the gracious arms of Cyrus Frakes, who embraced my vision immediately! Cyrus (whose friends call him Cy), has been in the pageant business for more than 25 years. He is the star of the TLC show King of the Crown, which features Cy and his team fearlessly navigating through the fascinating and heartwarming world of pageant coaching. He has helped his clients win over a 1,000 titles from Miss Teen to Miss World! After meeting with him, I found him to be knowledgeable and his attitude was one of encouragement. I was delighted to learn that not only would this be another positive vehicle to empower young girls, it could also be a lucrative business move for my school. I love connecting with individuals who share my passion and commitment to uplift and inspire young people. Thank you Cy for believing in me, and helping enhance my vision. You can be my king any day!”

Hmmm……thanks for the background but I still don’t get it.  At all.  Sure, I kind of get being a “fashion” biz but pageants, I don’t know.  I think of Honey Boo Boo Child when I think of pageants AND she’s from GA.  So if you catch my drift, it isn’t the most “honest” business and frankly, I don’t get the point of it.  (All allegedly of course!) I’m no expert.

Well “that’s all folks”.  Wow, not sure where that came from, considering I hate the words “folks”.  Hmmm….guess  I may just have lost some brain cells from reviewing these.  I’m not sure.  Hope you all have a great week!


mob wives

“Mob Wives” By Detox

Welcome back to “Mob Wives”!

This week, we see Drita and Karen have significant dealings with the men in their lives. We see Ramona continue to have Karen’s back. We see Love break down and express heartache and vulnerability over a man that is no longer in her life. We see Renee finally make it into rehab. We see Joe trying to extricate himself from his marriage to Carla while she continues to be as supportive and compassionate and loving to everyone around her as ever (Insert Sarcasm here). And we see Big Ang continuing to be as laid-back and happy-go-lucky and (truly) supportive to those around her (No sarcasm there. That is the truth, Ruth!).

Catching Up Over Mani’s and Pedi’s

Big Ang and Carla are at the nail salon getting manicures and pedicures. Drita meets them there.

Big Ang asks Drita and Carla if they heard that Renee moved. Carla says that she did hear that Renee moved, and she heard that Renee now lives around the corner from her. She says that maybe she and Renee will crash into each other while riding through the neighborhood.

Big Ang then tells Carla and Drita that Renee is leaving for rehab, and she will be in rehab for a month. Carla is immediately snarky and, with an attitude, says that she hopes that Renee gets the help she needs so she can “button up her lip a little!” She then starts bashing Renee with snide and negative comments.

Big Ang and Drita give Carla dirty looks while she is doing this. Big Ang interviews that everybody needs to be supportive of Renee (Carla does not know the meaning of the word “supportive.” Carla supports Carla…and that’s about it. She is all about herself, and I have noticed this since Season 1). Big Ang tells them that her husband, Neil, went to rehab for “drinking beer,” and “It worked.” She interviews that her son, A.J. has been in treatment for 5 months, and it is “really helping him.”

Drita interviews that she is proud of Renee for taking steps to fix her issues, and she says that she has Renee’s back.

Carla continues her bash-fest of Renee by saying that Renee’s problems “are no excuse to be vicious!” (Oh, shut up, Carla! You are so cold and self-absorbed that you do not even notice that your own friends are REALLY not feeling your nasty talk. If looks could kill, you would be DEAD from the nasty looks Big Ang and Drita are giving you while you continue to bash Renee. Get a clue!). Big Ang and Drita just sit there with nasty looks on their faces while Carla continues her smack-talk about Renee. They truly look fed up with Carla at this point.

I Want A Divorce! I Want A Divorce! I Want A Divorce!

Joe meets with an attorney. He tells the attorney that he wants a divorce.

The attorney asks Joe to detail his past criminal history. Joe says that he was convicted in 2004 of money laundering, tax fraud and wire fraud. He admits that he was guilty, and he says that he has learned his lesson. He interviews that he is now doing everything he can to redeem himself and stay on the straight and narrow as he rebuilds his life.

The attorney then asks him when things went bad with his wife. Joe basically says that things have always been volatile and up and down with Carla. He tells the attorney that he has been home from prison for a year, and he wants a divorce (like YESTERDAY! He says, “I want a divorce! I want a divorce! I want a divorce!”).

The attorney tells Joe that he knows that Joe wants a divorce, but he wants to know how his soon-to-be-ex-wife (Carla) feels about it. Joe says that he is not sure how Carla is going to feel about it, but he knows that she is volatile so he has to be careful how he gives her the news (Why should Carla really care? Hasn’t she had a man for YEARS? I would think she would welcome a divorce.).

The attorney stresses to Joe that he must do his best to get along with Carla if he wants his divorce to go through smoothly.

It’s Time To Go To Rehab

Renee is at her house running around like a chicken with her head cut off, getting ready to make the trip to rehab. A.J. and his girlfriend, Sydney, are at home with her. Renee interviews that she needs to get a handle on her life, and this is why she has decided to go to rehab.

Once Renee is ready, she sits down in her living area and waits for Ramona and Karen, who are driving her and A.J. to the airport, to arrive. A.J. is making the trip to Florida with his Mom so he can drop her off at the rehab facility. Renee says that she is in a very nasty mood. She notes that she is nervous about flying, and she is upset that she cannot take a pill to calm down (Well…you COULD. I mean, you have not entered rehab yet. Bad Idea. I know. I am just thinking about all of the seasons of “Celebrity Rehab” that I watched. The majority of the celebrity participants show up to rehab drunk and/or high. Dr. Drew said that it is VERY common for people to show up to rehab under the influence because they usually give it “one last hurrah” before they decide to get clean. I hate to admit this, but I would probably show up at rehab drunk or at least buzzed. I know this because I usually binge eat before I start a new diet. I am not proud of this…but it is my truth. *Shrug*). She says she is also in a bad mood “because Karen and Ramona are LATE, as USUAL!” (A person’s being late is one of my major pet peeves too. Unless there is a valid reason for tardiness, in my opinion, a PATTERN of being late is totally rude and a sign of disrespect.).

Ramona and Karen finally arrive and help Renee and A.J. load up before they head out to the airport. Renee immediately tells Karen and Ramona that she is NOT in a good mood. Renee then yells and fights with A.J. as she is loading up her bags. Ramona interviews that Renee needs to calm down (She sure does!). Karen interviews that she is very proud of Renee for making the decision to enter rehab. Renee interviews that she is now ready to enter rehab.

Once they arrive at the airport, Karen and Ramona give Renee big hugs and wish her luck. Karen also tells Renee that she is very proud of her. Renee interviews that she does not know if she can get through this. She says it will probably be one of the hardest things she has done in her life.

Welcome to Florida!

Renee and A.J.’s flight arrives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. A driver takes Renee and A.J. to the rehab facility.

During the ride, A.J. tells Renee she has to find a way to deal with her problems and to be happier. Renee tells him it is very hard because her “reality sucks!” A.J. responds that if HE can be happy, Renee should be able to be happy too (Good point. A.J. has also been through quite a bit.). He tells Renee that it is time for her to “step up.” Renee interviews that A.J. is the driving force behind her getting clean and sober. She says she has “a lot of guilt” over A.J. She also says that she cannot turn back now.

I Shot All Around Him Because I LOVED Him

Karen is over at Love’s house visiting, and Love does Karen’s makeup while she is there. Karen interviews that Love is a very good makeup artist.

Karen tells Love about the recent events with Dave. She talks about how he had been avoiding her calls, and her 13-year-old daughter had to be the one to tell her about the fact that he has a new girlfriend with whom he is spending all of his free time. She interviews that she does not know what to do with this information (Ummm….use it to motivate yourself to get some RENT from his a*s, maybe??!!).

Love tells Karen that she was thinking about possibly giving her ex-fiancé, who is now in prison, another chance until recently. She interviews that it is ironic that Karen mentioned her ex-boyfriend back in Arizona because her ex-fiancé, Ray Merrolle, is now in prison in Arizona (Ummm…small world?). She tells Karen that she was with Ray when she was only 17 years old, and he was her boyfriend and protector all rolled into one. She says that when she found out he was cheating on her, she took a gun and fired several shots in his direction. However, she notes that she only fired in his direction and not directly AT him because she “really loved him. If I didn’t love him, I would not have missed.” (Well, alrighty then! Sure sounds like love to me. They must have had what the old people in my family call “that ‘graveyard love,’” which means that the 2 people “love” each other so much that they love each other right into the damned grave!!). After this, he proposed (Well, CLEARLY proposing to someone who shoots at you is the LOGICAL thing to do, right!?).

Karen asks Love if she thinks she and Ray will ever get back together (Why is this question even asked? I mean, I think that the mention of cheating and a gun would be more than enough to indicate that the relationship was a bit unhealthy and dysfunctional. Maybe that’s just me, though. I CAN be “crazy” like that.). Love responds that she might have considered getting back with her ex-fiancé, but she recently found out that he had 2 children with 2 different women while he was in prison.

As Karen’s eyes widen in shock, Love continues explaining this bizarre story. Apparently, her ex-fiancé, knowing that he was going to prison, had some of his sperm frozen. While he has been in prison, 2 separate women have used his sperm to become artificially inseminated and have 2 children for him. The children are around the same age (I guess where there is a will, there really IS a way). So, Love calls them “twins.” She tells Karen that her ex-fiancé hid this information from her, but she eventually found out. She says that, because of this, she will not get back together with him. She starts crying as she tells Karen this story. Karen interviews that she can relate to Love because, when Dave was in prison, it was like SHE was in prison too. Karen then wonders where the love and loyalty is when it comes to Dave (Umm….with his new Sweetie, Rebecca, maybe?).

We’re Off To See Daddy

Drita and her daughters are rolling their luggage down the sidewalk into Drita’s vehicle. They are headed out to visit Lee.

Drita interviews that “a lot” has happened since she last visited Lee. She notes that she found out that Lee cheated on her after their last visit. She says she is nervous about her daughters’ reaction when they see Lee again because it has been so long since they last saw him in person. She says her daughters have never really had a father, in the normal way, and they do not really know what this is like.

Finally, all 3 of them make it on a plane that flies them to Buffalo, New York, which just the 1st stop on the different stops they have to make as they take the arduous journey to finally visit Lee.

The Rehab Intake Process

Renee and A.J. finally arrive at “Transitions,” the rehab facility in Miami, Florida where Renee will be receiving her treatment.

A.J. waits while Renee goes through the facility’s intake process. She has interviews with several different people. These interviews involve answering personal questions about herself and about her history of substance abuse with various substances, including alcohol, prescription pills and recreational drugs. Renee notes that she did not abuse prescription pills until very recently. She admits that she can sometimes go 3 or 4 days without sleeping at all (Damn! That’s not good!). She also says that she has had NO treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder (After the lifestyle Renee has lived, some of which was through no fault of her own, I would definitely say that she has been through much trauma and stress. So, I could see her suffering with post-traumatic stress disorder. Her life is a soap opera or a Lifetime Movie, for God’s sake!). At some point during the intake process, Renee starts to cry. She says it is often much easier to just pop a pill than to talk about all of the drama and stress in her life.

Are We There Yet?

Drita and her daughters are still making the trek to visit Lee, and they are riding in a vehicle in Bradford, Pennsylvania. She interviews about how difficult it is to get to the facility where Lee is located (I see why you have not made the trip in a while, Drita!! Jeez!).

Finally, Drita and her daughters make it to the hotel where they will be spending the night. They all look totally exhausted. Drita interviews that it is NOT o.k. for little girls to be in a prison environment. However, girls still need their father. She says it would devastate her if Lee came back and developed more of a relationship with the girls and he did something that sent him BACK to jail. She says this would “destroy” her and her daughters. She also says that, if this happened, she would blame nobody but HERSELF (How about blaming LEE if he is stupid enough to go back to prison for a 3rd time??!! That would not be YOUR fault, Drita. You are trying your best to ensure that your daughters have their father in their life. If Lee goes back to jail, that is on HIM, not you! Drita totally seems terrified and a little bit obsessed with the thought of Lee possibly going back to jail. I get it, though. I am sure that, once he got out the 1st time, she never ever even IMAGINED that he would be STUPID enough to do something that would land him BACK in prison).

It’s The Puerto Rican In Me. I Can Get Crazy.

Carla is at her house walking and playing with her dog, Elvis. She interviews that she has not spoken to Joe since he moved in with his girlfriend, Raquel. She says she does not care, and that all she needs is her dog, Elvis. Joe interviews that Elvis was his dog; however, after allowing Elvis to visit Carla’s house with the kids a few times, Carla basically commandeered Elvis and took him for herself (How do you take someone’s dog? It looks like Joe just let it go and got himself another canine companion. I mean, there is another dog presently roaming around his house in the next scene).

Joe is cooking breakfast for himself and Raquel. Raquel interviews that, since she has moved in with Joe, she feels like she has been dating him “for years.”

Raquel comes into the kitchen to enjoy Joe’s breakfast. As they are sitting there eating, Joe tells her about his visit to the attorney to discuss his divorce. He tells Raquel that the attorney told him that it could take him up to 2 years to be divorced if Carla decides to contest it. He interviews that Carla is afraid that he is going to move on have another life with Raquel and more kids. He says that Carla “should be afraid because that is exactly the route I plan on taking.”

Raquel interviews that Joe tells her that Carla “is very NASTY.” She says that she is a very nice person, but if someone pushes her, she can lose it. She says, “It’s the Puerto Rican in me. I can get CRAZY!” (Carla better watch it and refrain from taking Raquel’s kindness for weakness.)

Drita Deals With Mixed Emotions

Drita and her daughter, Aleeyah, are in the bathroom doing their hair and getting ready to head out to visit Lee. Drita interviews that she is having “massive anxiety.” She says that her daughters have not seen Lee “in years,” and she is worried that her daughters, particularly Giselle, will not even recognize him. She says she is so nervous that she feels like she is going on a first date. She also says that does not want to hate Lee, but she also does not want to love him and hug him either. She says her feelings are totally mixed up.

Karen Vents To Ramona

Karen and Ramona are at a diner having lunch. Karen vents about Dave with Ramona. She again says that she cannot believe that Karina had to be the one to tell her about Dave’s new girlfriend instead of Dave doing this himself.

Ramona tells Karen that Dave is probably behaving this way in order to get a rise out of Karen (Ramona why are you encouraging this foolish line of thought with Karen?? Be a real friend and tell Karen the truth: “Dave does not WANT you romantically any more, Karen….at all! He has moved on, and it looks like he is totally into this new woman. Either get some rent from Dave or put his a*s out of your house so you can derive some income from your Arizona home. Focus on yourself and move ON!”).

Karen then tells Ramona that Karina sent her an upsetting text, and she shows the text to Ramona. In the text, Karina begs Karen not to call and start any drama with Dave over his new girlfriend, Rebecca. She tells Karen that she has just established a good relationship with her father, and she wants to keep it that way. She also tells Karen that Karen should be happy that Rebecca is there doing nice things for her instead of wanting to be upset and start an argument with her father over Rebecca (Ouch!). Finally, she tells Karen that she wants to continue to live in Arizona near her father instead of moving to Staten Island to live with Karen (Another ouch!).

Ramona reads the text and says that the situation “is spinning out of control.” She advises Karen to do something immediately to get a handle on things. Karen says that she raised Karina for 12 years all alone without any help from Dave, and she is resentful over the present state of affairs between herself, Karina and Dave. She interviews that she was “the most loyalist person” to Dave, and she wants to know, “Where is the loyalty? Where is the love?” (I feel for Karen…but “loyalist” was not used properly. It IS a word, but it was totally wrong in that context. I still get it, though. She was the “most loyal” person to Dave, and she simply wants that loyalty returned).

Karen tells Ramona that she is trying her best to remain calm because Karina is 13, and this is a very delicate age for young girls. She wants to have things out with Dave, but she does not want to alienate Karina. So, she is basically between a rock and a hard place (and understandably upset and frustrated over her position).

After The Visit To Lee

Drita and her daughters are driving away from the prison after their 5-hour long visit with Lee. She interviews that both of her daughters hugged and kissed Lee and acted like hardly any time had passed since they last saw him. She says that seeing her daughters re-connect with Lee was “amazing.” She also says that, “after all the f*cked up things Lee did” to her, she was still very happy to be next to him (I told you guys that Drita was still madly in love with Lee!). She says she felt at peace and very comfortable just being near him.

Drita and her girls make a pit stop after the visit, and she receives a call from Big Ang. She goes outside to speak to Big Ang privately, and she tells Ang that they had an “amazing” visit with Lee. She remarks that she had to go to the bathroom and cry during ½ the visit because she was very emotional seeing her girls and Lee interacting with each other. She also tells Big Ang that she and Lee did not really talk because they did not need to (talk). She notes that there was no animosity between them. She says it “felt so good” to just be around Lee (Yep…totally in LOVE!). While she talks to Big Ang, Drita is again giddy and grinning like a schoolgirl (All she needs is a plaid skirt, knee socks, saddle shoes and ribbons for the 2 pigtails her hair has magically divided into while she has been talking to Big Ang about Lee). Drita interviews that because her kids were so happy with Lee, she is “all f*cked up now.” She says she does not want to have these good feelings for Lee because it leaves her very confused.

Love and Big Ang Shoot The Breeze

Big Ang is in her house just chopping away and cooking when Love arrives for a visit. Once they get settled, Big Ang tells Love that she recently threw Neil out (Again??!! Damn! I just saw Big Ang on “Wendy Williams,” and Neil was in the audience. So, I guess Big Ang took him back again. Neil should just keep a bag packed near the front door for the times she kicks him out. *Shrug*). She says that he is not a good husband. According to Ang, he recently dropped her off to have surgery and basically just left her there.

Big Ang tells Love that the only one who is doing well in the “Man Department” lately is Drita. She tells Love how Drita said her visit with Lee was amazing. She then says that Drita is “back in love” again (Like she was ever OUT of love with Lee!). Love interviews and says that, in their lifestyle, every woman that waits for a man who goes to jail, basically hopes that they will either be or get back together once the man gets out of jail, “but it never happens.”

Love tells Big Ang that she always thought she and her ex-fiancé, Ray, would get back together, but she knows it will not happen now because he allowed 2 women to use his frozen sperm to artificially inseminate themselves and have 2 children for him….without evening MENTIONING it to Love (Wow! Love is still really hung up in this jackass loser for some reason. I hope she gets over him soon. She deserves better than a guy who is going to allow 2 women to use his frozen sperm to artificially inseminate themselves and basically have 2 children at the same time while he is locked up. Sheer craziness and drama! Run, Love, Run! He did you a favor!).

Love then says she does not know why her ex-fiancé did not try to have a child with her (Why ask why? Try Bud Dry. Consider yourself lucky, Love. You’d be stuck having to deal with this fool for the rest of that child’s life. Like I said…RUN!!). Big Ang says that the fact that Love tried to shoot him might have influenced his decision to have other women be his “Baby Mamas” (Big Ang DOES have a point).

Big Ang says that women should go on with their lives if their man gets locked up. It makes no sense to wait around for a man (I think that is a case-by-case basis type of thing. Thank God I never had to deal with that type of situation.).

Love tells Big Ang that she is thinking of writing a letter to her ex-fiancé to ask him why he chose to have children with these 2 other women. She feels like doing this will provide her with the closure she needs to go on with her life (Well, get the pen and paper then, Love! It’s time to write that bad boy, get it signed, sealed and delivered to your jailbird ex and move the eff on! I’m rooting for you).

Life Goes On, Karen!

Karen is in her apartment sitting on the couch. She calls Dave again, and he finally answers the phone. Once she finally gets Dave on the phone, she immediately confronts him about the fact that he has not been returning her calls. He tells her that he has just been really busy with his work (and Rebecca!), and he was planning on calling her.

Karen then jumps right into it and asks Dave if he has a girlfriend. He says that he does. He also says that he was going to tell her eventually. Karen tells him that she should not have had to find that information from their daughter and takes him to task for not being the one to give her this information. He nonchalantly says that this is not a big deal. Karen interviews that she feels like she is “going to go crazy!”

Karen then asks Dave why Karina is now saying that she is not moving to Staten Island to live with her. I can’t really understand Dave’s response to that question. Sorry…

Dave tells Karen that, with regard to the fact that he has a girlfriend, “life goes on.” He then tells her to stop being so insecure and says he does not have to answer any questions (and Karen does not have to let you live in her house rent-free either, Mister!!). Karen interviews that she has been so loyal to Dave, and she has stood by and helped him through everything. So, she just cannot believe that he is not returning her loyalty.

Dave then asks Karen how they are going to move forward and handle everything now that he has a girlfriend. Karen responds by slamming the phone down and hanging up in his face.

Drita Debates Getting Back Together With Lee

Drita meets with one of her longtime friends, Jessica. She interviews that the visit with Lee went much better than she expected, and it now has her confused and “nervous.”

Drita asks Jessica if she should give Lee another chance. Jessica tells Drita that she thinks that Drita should. She explains that she had known Drita for YEARS, and she had never seen her cry once…until Lee went to jail. She reminds Drita that Drita was crying so much that she hyperventilated. She says that she knew then how much Drita truly loved Lee. She also tells Drita that she thinks that if Lee would have not gone to jail, he and Drita “would still be good.” Finally, she says that if Drita and Lee are each other’s “great loves,” then they need to give their marriage and their family another chance (I agree. It is not like Lee is just some boyfriend. She made vows, and they have 2 children together. Marriage and family are serious things to consider and not to be taken lightly and just thrown away. I think that is why the vows include the words “For better or for worse.” Lee better look like doing his damnedest to give Drita some “better” because he has definitely given her a whole mess of “worse”!).

Group Therapy In The Park

Renee, her rehab support group members and a rehab counselor are in a park outside having a group therapy session.

The support group leader tells the group that they abuse substances for a variety of reasons, including avoiding having to feel emotional pain.

Renee raises her hand and asks the support group leader how her son, A.J., has such a strong mindset and has not fallen for the temptation of substance abuse when both of his parents are addicts (So I guess Junior is an addict too). The support group leader says that it is a matter of self-control and a matter of choice.

The support group leader then tells the group that suppressed anger can cause one with the predisposition to addiction to succumb to their addiction. Renee raises her hand and discusses the extreme anger she is presently dealing with when it comes to one of her girlfriends who, by the way she describes her, sounds like Carla. She says that this friend of hers is a “whore who sleeps with other people’s husbands.” She notes that she “cannot stand” her friend for doing this because it has been done to her. She thinks this friend is “a douchebag” for doing this to other women and their families.

The leader makes Renee come and stand in front of the sitting support group members, and he asks the members to provide Renee with their opinions on this issue of extreme anger she is having toward a girlfriend of hers. The group members are generally very supportive of Renee, but they basically tell her that she needs to focus on her own life and remove her focus from this particular friend (I agree).

(In my opinion) The leader of the group then offers Renee the most valuable insight and advice on this issue. He tells Renee that she is giving this friend (Carla) too much power in her life. He also tells her that she should stay away from this particular friend and her negativity (I TOTALLY agree. I would not be giving a friend like Carla a 2nd thought. I tend to cut people like that out of my life. That does not mean that I do not have compassion for people who happen to fall in love with a married person or who happen to be married and fall in love with someone other than their spouse. I do. In fact, I have had friends who have found themselves in such situations. For those that feel true remorse, shame and guilt, I remain a compassionate and nonjudgmental friend who works to help them get out of such an unhealthy situation and who works to help them see that they are worth so much more. For those friends who express NO remorse; who find it “cute”; who go around speaking poorly of the spouse….I make them “ex-friends.” Period. If they can be so callous, immoral, selfish and coldhearted, I do not put it past them doing the same thing to me if I happen to be in the way of something they selfishly want and desire. Sociopaths and Narcissists do not make really good friends. They are only friends to themselves. So, I cut them and their toxicity out of my life, and my life is that much better for it. Renee should do the same when it comes to Carla. She is not worth expending any energy or negative emotions over. Move on, Renee. I do not think Carla cares about your friendship one way or the other. In fact, I think she is so self-absorbed that she will not really notice your absence from her life….AT ALL. So, why bother getting yourself worked up over someone like that? I know you guys are co-workers who film a show together. I would basically avoid filming ALL scenes with her unless I was forced to do so in a group setting. In the group setting, I would be cordial but basically act like she did not even EXIST as I enjoyed myself with everyone else. Basically…phuck Carla!). Renee interviews that she really needs to listen to the advice she got in her support group session (I agree).

Next Week:

  • There is a brawl between a couple of men at “The Drunken Monkey,” and Big Ang is livid.
  • Ramona’s daughter wants to invite Drita’s daughter, Aleeyah, to her birthday party.
  • Ramona tells Karen about her dilemma and says she is going to have to talk to Drita.
  • Drita interviews that Ramona better watch the way she talks to her.
  • Ramona interviews that her grandfather was “Lefty 2 Guns”; therefore, Drita better not underestimate her and watch the way SHE talks to HER.
  • Joe tells Carla that she went to see an attorney about a divorce. Carla initially looks taken aback. She then almost immediately looks very ANGRY.
  • The women get the news of the approach of Hurricane Sandy, and they all prepare to deal with the storm in their own ways.


Sunday Television Lineup, February 3rd by BB

Super Bowl Coverage on CBS:  2:00PM: The Super Bowl Today; 6:00PM:  Kickoff Show; 6:25PM:  Super Bowl XLVII; San Francisco 49ers vs. Baltimore Ravens

For those not interested in Football, there is a Walking Dead Marathon on AMC starting at 3:00PM!  Go Rick!

8PM – My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding (TLC); Puppy Bowl IX (Anpl); Jerseylicious (Style)

9PM – Downton Abbey (PBS); My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding (TLC)

10PM – Space Shuttle Columbia (PBS); My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding (TLC); Rachel vs. Guy (Food); Unique Sweets (10:30 Cook)


Bloggers Wanted

We’ve got three new shows coming up on Bravo that still need bloggers.  Brad Goreski’s it’s a Brad Brad world, Dukes of Melrose, and a show about Therapists.  If anyone is interested in blogging any of them please let me know –  Thanks NMD.


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286 Responses to Mauricio tweets a Topless Photo of Wife Kyle Richards / Revenge Recap / Real Housewives of Atlanta Cast Blogs Blogged / Mob Wives Recap


    sorry Nancy…

    MORE GREASE E O… what a staged pic of vylekyle…. please… as I heard on a show last night..why do you think they call it TWIT – ter…..

    off to prep some food…. yums…grilled onions… mr ford and I are having a contest…I GOT THIS ONE….hahahahahaha

    hugs and peace

    • Powell says:

      Good morning everyone. LOL Diva. Sorry Nancy. GO RAVENS!! :-D. Has everyone been watching the morning shows cooking up Superbowl munchies? Mmm Mmmm good. I want to eat everything. Yesterday I was watching the NFL and the anchors were teasing Jim Brown cause he’s on a diet & is scared to go to Emeril’s. A diet in New Orleans at Mardi Gras & Superboel? I don’t think so.
      Well good luck w/the cook off Diva & Mr. Ford.

    • AZGirl says:

      Diva Mo Grease E O HA!! Too funny.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Well, Mauricio’s proud of his wife. That’s kinda cool, I guess!

      • Lisa Renee says:

        So I expext Mr.Lainey (who is very proud of you) will be the next one to tweet his wife’s boobs. I am so looking forward to THAT tweet Hahahaha. My husband loves my boobs (they are real, real expensive) & if he tweeted a pic of me like that I would snap his kickstand off like a twig. But thats just me 🙂 Lisa

    • Lisa Renee says:

      Diva, I love me a good nick name but Mo Grease E O is outstanding 🙂 so enjoying flashback friday being back & pulling for you & the job crawl (not as fun as a pub crawl). Love reading your posts about your life, thanks for sharing. Enjoy the game, Lisa

      • thedesigndiva2 says:

        lisarenee…. how’s is going !!!!! if I dont get a job soon…I will be doing a pub crawl…. lol lol
        just made a big plate of zestie fries w/ my home made chili…pepperjack cheese … chopped green onions and sour cream…!!! MODERATION DIVA..MODERATION…
        I feel 10 #’s coming on real quick… got my onions marinating and ready to hit the grill SOON…. even my Mom is watching the game today…weird…she’s not even a football fan …
        her singles club held a ” special” dance for her last night in honor of her 83rd Birth Day..says she danced her azzzzzzz off and had a blast.. they had cake and champagne for her also…close to 150 folks showed up for her…. we all get together next weekend to PARTAY at her place… we’re doing old family movies viewing….whoot whoot… I will have to say.. when we all do get together we put away what about bad feelings we MIGHT have towards each other and have a blast… our ribs hurt for days later from all the laughing… maybe this will be the year everybody just gets over all the shit from the past and moves forward … it would be great for my Mom to have all her kids getting along….. winks

        good to read your daughter is doing well….
        hugs and peace

        • Powell says:

          Mmmm mmm Diva. Good eats at your house.

          Happy Birthday Diva’s mom. Parrtey on!!

        • Lisa Renee says:

          Diva, wow 83 & dancing up a storm! Had to be the best feeling ever. It would be great if your mom could see all her children getting along. Best gift ever & costs nothing. Fingers crossed this is the year everyone checks their crap at the door, even if y’all have to fake the funk. Old family movies are a great way to keep it light & full of laughs. Hugs & peace back to you, enjoy the game! Lisa p.s. home made chili cheese zesty fries, that made me drool

    • VV says:

      Sorry Nancy, I’m also rooting for the Ravens.

      That picture of Kyle is super staged because she made sure the areas that needed to be covered were covered . These couple doesn’t do anything without a motive. I wonder if she’s auditioning for Playboy (insert big sarcastic laugh).
      Both have been tweeting up storm about how beautiful the place they are staying is makes me wonder if it was a free stay. I don’t doubt it is gorgeous but when you over do it, sounds disingenuous.

  2. chismosa says:

    Hi all :

    Dog-lovers, please read. Want to reiterate, please try and buy dog food and treats that not only say “Distributed” by a US company, but MADE by a US company. Please ! The numbers are just growing. So so sad.

  3. Morning Everyone! Morning Diva….”More Grease E O” that’s a new one, and too funny!. He must have been a few sips into his cups. No one wants to see that but him, but I do give him props for saying his lady is beautiful. Just keep it to yourself Maurice.

    Good to see Detox….but wish you here too missy! Come visit for a spell! 🙂

    HilDogAtl…you crack me up with your blog recaps!! It is hard to believe that, with everything that has come out by now about Kenya, she still tries to spin the way she spins. I guess what else can she do, but she id decidedly unbalanced. How could she possibly defend what she did at the charity event in the same breath as calling herself classy and “right”. (Allegedly!)

    SugarMagnolia – great Revenge recap. I get so frustrated when the networks (aka ABC) mess with the scheduling the way they do and we have to wait for new epi’s. I have never understood that and seen some great shows die because of it. Grrr.

    NMD – thanks for all the dish. You rock lady!

    Hope everyone has a delightful Sunday!

    New Post, “The Polar Sides of Life”, is up at my place. Enjoy!

    • Powell says:

      MarDrag I second everything you said. We all miss sassy Detox. Thks for thinking of us when you’re so busy.

      Kenya is just full of herself & just doesn’t wan to admit that she’s yesterday’s news, a has been. She’s really just been a C-lister throughout her career. That’s why she did HWs. Trying to elevate her so called career. I’m not saying she hasn’t had success, which she has but it’s not what she wants the viewers to believe it was.

      I so hate it too when the networks screw w/the schedule of shows. They continue to believe that fans will stick w/a show no matter what time slot they move it to. Lots of times that’s how they lose me.

      Well lady you have a great day.

      • Hey Powell…. I think that Kenya…in her own “skewed” way, thought she would come off as hot and sassy on the show and is distressed to realize how cray cray she really looks and she did not anticipate the backlash from viewers. She is still trying to spin, but it is not working. I don’t think she thought this would happen and now doesn’t know how to fix it. The solution? Self-examination and change!

        I SMH at network execs. i have stopped watching good shows too because of flip flop skeds. It is unfortunate and silly. 🙂

        You have a great day too lady!

        • Kansas Girl says:

          I wonder if she recognizes the cray cray. I believe she’s distressed at the reaction she’s getting, but based on her blog I’m not sure she realizes where the problem lies. Not everyone can really see themselves from the outside, I do hope she can see and make changes. (Allegedly — just to be safe.)

      • melthehound says:

        Aren’t they all, at best, C listers? Actually I think that is being generous.

  4. L.A. Chica says:

    Happy Super Bowl Sunday! Go 49ers!

  5. not THAT Jill says:

    Good Morning…Almost done making my SUPPER BOWL (what an idiot) treats!!
    GO RAVENS…FYI-I have zero interest in football but Ray Rice is from my town-went to my high school and my nephews know him. They say he is a great guy and he does so much for the kids in my community so thats the only reason I have any interest…plus all the delish SUPPER BOWL food!!!!

    • Powell says:

      Yes. Supper Bowl food. 🙂

    • Lisa Renee says:

      Morning Jill, how is the hunt for the light up MUST HAVE blankey & pillow?? Sounds like you have a great day planned. SUPPER BOWL food is the best. I am a horrible speller but got better when DD was in elementary school & practicing for her spelling test every friday. I prefer to think he was drunk instead of stupid, he can sober up, the other part he is stuck with. Enjoy your day, Lisa

  6. Powell says:

    Don’t forget to watch the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet at 3pm est. I love watching that.

    I’m watching Rebel Without A Cause. My fav James Dean Movie on TCM. I hope your Sunday is off to a good start.

    • Boobah says:

      I’ve never even heard of Puppy Bowl – omg, I can’t wait to watch it!! Thanks Powell.

    • AZGirl says:

      I saw the previews the other night on NBC Nightly news. Too funny. OMG I am getting so much pressure to get another dog after we lost Ruby 2 years ago. Plus my SIL is part of a dog rescue group and she texts me pics all the time.

  7. Ok…so I rarely watch the Superbowl and I do not really know the teams playing this year….so I wish luck to both the 49ers and the ravens….but I just HAD to post this pic of the Raven’s Ray Rice on the field with his one year old daughter. it was too precious not to share! Go Superbowl!


  8. hildogatl says:

    Hey guys thanks for the comments. Kenya has shown “sides” of her but what I am very curious to see if she was simply “acting”. I am curious to see if when the show wraps and bravo doesnt ask her back for another season (please bravo dont torture us) if she will spill all the secrets b/c producers edited her to look crazy. We all know some of this contrived for ratings but I have never met someone who acts the way she does….wait I lied, I do know someone but nonetheless just curious how her story will pan out in “real life”.

    • Ummm, Kenya showed two too many “sides” of her in that get up at the charity event! I don’t need to see anymore “sides” of her, thank you. 😛

      (But I get your points, LOL!)

    • Powell says:

      HilDogAtl she’s not that good a actress. 🙂

    • Sasha says:

      Hildog, I hope they don’t ask her back. That would be rewarding her crazy antics. I know she went a little extra because the cameras were rolling but I do believe she is who we are seeing.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I hope she (Kenya) does come back!

      • Lisa Renee says:

        Hi Lainey, ITA! She is a mess but if she is willing to wear butt pads outloud & proud I say I want to see what this BSC broad will do next. What can I say, that fishnet fool makes me laugh. Saw your howdy to me, so howdy back 🙂 Lisa

      • TexasTart says:

        I had thought that she should be fired for the fake relationship, but as time progresses ITA on Keyna coming back for the entertaiment factor…. would also like to see what the BSC broad comes up with next, lol, Lisa!

  9. chismosa says:

    I’m just glad to see Ephedrine all ruffled up. I’m LOVIN that. Go KENYA in regards to that.

  10. Powell says:

    Who knew the rich in the Hamptons were so menacing? 🙂 I don’t believe that Aiden’s sister is dead either. I can’t wait for Padma to get hers. I knew she was going to be trouble from her 1st epi.

    • Powell, I agree in that I don’t think Aiden’s sister is dead either. The Initiative loves to stage these things. AND, having said that, while my first reaction to Padma was suspicion and “I hope she goes down”, again, the Initiative brings people into the fold by manipulating their vulnerabilities, so it occurred to me that they may be blackmailing Padma…just like Aiden. Just a thought. If not, I hope she does get hers.

      And I still don’t trust Marco either. I think he and Padma are connected in some way. (You should join us at the farm Revenge recaps! We have all kinds of theories and twists! Fun!)

    • plainviewsue says:

      I am really disappointed with Revenge this season. Not nearly as good as season one. Hate the Initiative storyline.

      • BB says:

        ITA. I enjoyed the first “season” but have kind of lost interest.

      • plainsueview..THANK YOU THANK YOU… I have lost interest in REVENGE.. read the recaps..gave up watching…. it’s almost like Mike Kelley didnt think a second season would be picked up , so he threw a bunch of crap out there….lol

        • plainviewsue says:

          Diva, I’m still watching. I still love the characters, esp whenever Nolan & Emily are on together. But it’s really muddled. Do you watch Deception? That’s good.

      • I do have to agree with you guys to a certain degree. They are taking the story lines way out there and when that happens, they have trouble winding them back around to make a point. I wish they would stay on the original premise, which is Emily/Amanda getting revenge on the Grayson family. That is what made it interesting.

      • TexasTart says:

        I have fallen so far behind in Revenge, not sure if I will finish out this season.

    • Powell says:

      “Dance and clap your hands….Y’all ain’t got a chance”. Watch out 49ers. Whoop!! Too cute alright Diva.

  11. LA Debra says:

    Kenya brings to mind that old saying – who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes – and maybe in her case, your lying ears. Never fails to amaze me how stupid these women think we are.

  12. Powell says:


  13. Powell says:

    Bless your nephew, your brother & family. I’m sorry he suffered from his bleeding disorder. I hate to see it read that babies/children suffer w/illnesses & diseases. It’s not fair on anyone but especially children. I’m sure your family had joyous times w/him & in the end they outweigh the pain & suffering you all lived through. I think it’s pretty good that your brother adopted him. Who knows how his short life would have been if he hadn’t been adopted into a loving family.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Yes Zanne – so sad to read of your little nephew. Powell is right, it’s great that your brother adopted him; he was greatly loved in his short life.

  14. That tweet……awwwwwwwwkwardddd

  15. Sasha says:

    I don’t like Caroline’s dress but that’s the best picture I’ve seen of the two of them in a long time.

  16. AZGirl says:

    Well I sent everyone a cup of coffee this a.m. before I left for the gym. Did you all get some??? Love my Super Bowl Sunday! Trying to think of some healthy snacks….well I am thinking what the hell and just pig out! Go Ravens!
    @NMD thanks for all the gossip. Dear God all of Kyle and Maury’s daughters must be mortified at that picture on Twitter. Can you imagine? Hey (insert name here) your Dad just posted a topless picture of your Mom on Twitter. Stupid.
    I am so not ready of NJ bs. Manzo clan and that horrible Richie moron just make me sick. They are all under the impression that they are all some type New Jersey royalty when they are all really just annoying.

    Heading to the store to put together some food for the game.


  17. Powell says:

    Ok I am so confused Detox. I thought Carla said during S1 she and Joe were divorced?

    • Pghemtchick says:

      She did (iirc). That’s why she was able to dole out advice to Drita on divorce behind bars, right? I guess my question is we’re they even married?

    • Lisa Renee says:

      Powell, I also thought Carla was already divorced. I recall her telling Drita that no way she was waiting for Joe & why Carla could have a boyfriend. IIRC Carla found out he was cheating after he went to jail & had no qualms about divorcing him. Maybe she lied, imagine that, trying not to look like trash dating while still married to her incarcerated husband. Whatever it is this chick is junk yard dog mean. Lisa

      • Powell says:

        Lisa I remember that convo. I guess maybe I interpreted it that they were divorced. Thks Lisa & Pchick.

  18. Nancy says:

    Go 49ers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Let’s hope it’s a clean fight. If the Ravens out play us I will be ok with the loss.
    The Zebra’s better be on their toes tonight.
    Remember all you Raven fans…the 49ers have never lost a game in the Super Bowl.
    We are 5 for 5. 🙂

  19. not THAT Jill says:

    At the request of my niece, I made Buffalo Chicken Dip for the Super Bowl Party. I was not happy about having to make it because it looks gross…HOWEVER it is the most delicious dip I have ever eaten in my life. It does look kind of gross and who the hell puts shredded chicken in dip? I had to give it a try before serving it and I just can not stop eating it…so good.

    • Nancy says:

      My niece just sent me a photo of her and her boyfriend wearing 49ers shirts
      and wishing me good luck. She told me that she said a prayer this morning in church
      that the 49ers would win. How cute was that.

  20. Powell says:

    Are you watching The Puppy Bowl? Aren’t they so darn cute?

  21. TexasTart says:

    The Puppy Bowl is on Animal Planet! 😀

  22. Powell says:

    Touch down Agatha! #PuppybowlIX

  23. VV says:

    Out of the blue LR tweets these two:

    @lolalovesmakeup @BrandiGlanville only if it was actually true

    Somebody tweets LR:
    True. No one should lie about anything period! I just think the truth gets lost when you live in the “entertainment” world.

    not when you work in it don’t live in it

    Somebody tweets LR and others:
    then dont jump in ! its everyone’s biz both women have shared their story

    LR reply:
    except one isn’t true

    • Nancy says:

      Don’t you think BOTH of them should STFU? They are just hurting the children at this point. I like Brandi but this book was a BAD idea.

      • Powell says:

        Yes Nancy they should but LeAnn has got some dang nerve saying “one isn’t true”. I remember when she & Eddie were doing that movie & the media/paps were following them & started the rumors are they having an affair? As the movie wrapped the media/paps were catching them in restaurants flaming the fire, are they having an affair? Then she went on The Today Show saying there was no affair. The rumors are hurting her family. Her husband knows what they have. Did I expect her to say yes she & Eddie are having an affair & we’re leaving our respective spouses to be together, no. But don’t perpetuate the lie by trying to do damage control by lying to the viewers. She should have fired whoever told her that was a good move. Don’t say she’s telling the truth & the other person is lying when that’s what she has mostly done. I’m not saying Brandi has told 100% of the truth but don’t try to make people believe that she is the only one telling the truth. And don’t blame being in “entertainment” the truth gets lost in translation. It’s the type of person you are & how you live your life.

        • Nancy says:

          I hear you but this happened a long time ago. IMHO the best way of getting
          someone back is to completely ignore them. If Brandi could do that she would come
          out of this as the winner. By writing this book she is lowering herself down to LR’s level.

      • VV says:

        I understand Brandi’s decisions to write a book. She did it because of money, telling her side of the story and perhaps because it would be therapeutic. Brandi is blunt, unfiltered and a lose cannon. That’s who she is and I think her book will reflect that. When her children grow up, they’ll figure their dad was a douchebag all on their own. The fact that Brandi wrote the book won’t affect that conclusion one way or the other. Eddie’s actions speak for themselves. The children will understand their mom.

  24. Powell says:

    I never heard of the Catahola breed. Very cute.

  25. Powell says:

    Marta is not playing. Don’t let her small size fool you.

  26. Nancy says:

    The 49ers are in the building!

  27. majnon says:

    I don’t know who to root for. As a Seahawks fan, this superbowl is hard for me.
    Maybe, I’ll root for a really good game, maybe overtime even.

  28. Powell says:

    They have to vacuum Puppy Bowl Field. 🙂

  29. Powell says:

    I’m working the remote & switched to Atlanta. Coming up is NeNe’s party at Cynthia’s. Kenya’s line “everyday someone thinks I’m Beyonce” just cracks me up. 🙂

  30. Powell says:

    Coach Pagano telling his cancer diagnosis story is heart breaking. 😦

  31. Nancy says:

    Bad Eli!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

  32. Nancy says:

    Time to put my party clothes on. See you at 1/2 time. 🙂 Go 49ers!!!!!

  33. Powell says:

    OMG! Gregg Gumble has gained a lot of weight. I’m sorry but he looks like a weeble.

  34. Powell says:

    I’m sorry but what did Barr Raphaelle have to do w/Go Daddy?

    Nancy my mom has gone w/NFC – 49ers. She said she has to stick w/the league. 🙂

  35. Pghemtchick says:

    Omg. So out of breath laughing….. Doritos Goat!!!

  36. OMG…just tuned into Puppy Bowl… adorable. Aurora just made a touchdown! And hedgehog cheerleaders? This is spectacular!! Love Juniper the white fluffy beauty. I am more of a cat person, but these little ones make me want to think about a puppy!

    Pork slow cooking, red beans & rice, baked chocolate coffee cupcakes with DD……and weather is perfect. Goo day! 😀

    Hope ya’ll are enjoying the SupPer Bowl! 😀

  37. LA Debra says:

    Sandy Hook chorus is just breaking my heart.

  38. Nancy says:

    I need some Prozac. lol

  39. LA Debra says:

    Woah. I think I just saw a Super Bowl ad by Scientology?

  40. LA Debra says:

    Ooo now the question is will Destinys Child perform?

  41. kit9 says:

    Wow, that last Ravens td was just unforgivable by the Niners. It’s Joe freaking Flacco, you know he’s going to try to go long with a few minutes before HT. You know it and they still didn’t cover it and were slow after the catch! Wow. Wonder if Alex Smith will make an appearance. lol

  42. Nancy says:

    Is anyone else bored?

  43. LA Debra says:

    Hot diggity

  44. BB says:

    Did that Super Bowl halftime show seem shorter than usual? I’m definitely not complaining, though.

  45. trudie says:

    Hey, did you guys know Kenya was performing at the Super Bowl?

  46. Powell says:

    BEYONCE, BEYONCE, BEYONCE. She killed it. Michelle, Kelly, Beyonce- Destiny’s Child. Yes. Excellent. Can’t wait til their new CD is out. I miss them.

  47. BB says:

    Ruh Roh. hehehe

  48. Nancy says:

    Now I have heartburn. lol

  49. kit9 says:

    ’11 seconds to go 109 yards.’ Wow. Pretty funny, the only points scored by SF is by the much maligned Akers.

  50. Nancy says:

    Oh NOOOOOOOOOOOO Who didn’t pay the electric bill??????????????

  51. kit9 says:

    WTF is going on?

  52. Powell says:

    Oh no power outage.

  53. BB says:

    This is ridiculous! How could this happen at the Super Bowl? What CRAP!

  54. Nancy says:

    This stadium sort of makes me uneasy after seeing all those dead bodies in it after Katrina.

  55. LOL! I am such a nerd when it comes to football…and I have been watching for a bit…but when the lights went out I came here to see if this was supposed to happen or what! 😛

    What a play out of half time for the Ravens. WOW! I forgot how exciting the game can be. I used to watch yeeeeears ago, but after the Bears lost their 4th bowl, I quit. I may start up again!

  56. Boy that coffee AZ girl made this morning was so strong, it blew the lights out all the way to New Orleans…..what was in that coffee??

  57. Nancy says:

    This is why you don’t have a concert in the middle of the Super Bowl.

    • maybe all that wattage during Beyonce’s performance strained the electric grid. Wish they would run some Clydesdales commercials, tired of these commenters chattering like hyenas

    • BB says:

      While we’re at it Nancy, why do celebrities have to sing the National Anthem? I don’t see why they just don’t have an instrumental version of it. It’s like the focus is no longer on the National Ahtnem anymore, but on who’s singing it and are they singing it better than so and so and blah, blah, blah. I’m kind of over that myself. It’s always someone trying to outdo their predecessors.

      • kit9 says:

        And, are they singing it worse! You make a great point. I’d prefer an instrumental version-more dignified…no screwed up lyrics and no trying to out screech the last singer.

        • BB says:

          Or if they want a singer or singers, use someone in the Army, Navy, Marine Corps or Air Force band or chorus or something.

      • TexasTart says:

        Agree with the overuse of celebrity for this specific aspect of games….could not agree more!

      • chismosa says:

        I completely agree with you! Where has instrumental music gone ? Agreed

  58. This is kind of crazy, isn’t it? How could they let this happen at a Super Bowl? Those poor announcers trying to figure out what to say! 15 more mins. Well, they have lost me….off to another station.

    Have a good night everyone! 🙂

  59. Nancy says:

    Jim…Put Alex Smith in!!!!!!!!!

    • BB says:

      I don’t think that’s gonna happen. I don’t think he has the nerve to do it. I think the Ravens have been playing all out and the 49ers are playing conservative. I mean, I loved that the punter tried to run the ball for a 1st down for the Ravens, even thought he didn’t make it.

  60. kit9 says:

    Alex Smith mention by the commentators. I haven’t seen him once during this game, btw.

  61. Nancy, how much did this cost George??? somebody sure paid a lot of money to give the 49’s a big break!

  62. Nancy says:

    John is a bully.

      • Nancy says:

        The Ravens coach. Didn’t you see him yell at the staff re: the electric problem?

        • BB says:

          Yes, justifiably so. If I were him, I would have been frustrated too. I think he did it to keep his players pumped up. Basketball coaches do it all the time. I don’t think the officials felt “bullied.” Lol.

          • Nancy says:

            He yells at the officials all the time. I don’t like him.

            • BB says:

              Weren’t the announcers calling him the quieter one of the two and it was unsual to see him that upset? I haven’t watched either one of them that much to know.

              • Nancy says:

                Jim is the quiet one.

              • chismosa says:

                Yeah BB I’ve been reading nonstop extensive articles about the two brothers and how they grew up and their personalities, the Ravens’ coach has always been the quieter one. In my eyes watching this game and from what I read, the 49ers coach, the younger one (and I think slightly more successful salary-wise and career-wise), is the louder more brash one.

                And NONE of those announcers were going for the Ravens. Hahaha! They showed them!

                I thought the 49ers were like the Yankees ….. Always winning ?

                • Nancy says:

                  We haven’t won in 18 years.

                  • chismosa says:

                    Had the Ravens ever won? I don’t know… i know that the Ravens used to be in Cleveland or Cincinatti- as the ‘Browns’ – just because someone on Wendy Williams said that this past week.
                    Whatever, i don’t really watch football- too violent for me, i’m sort of against this sport to be honest but you can’t help but get caught up in this. ‘world’ champions!- all those other countries we beat! lol. I kid. 😉

    • TexasTart says:

      A bully? Really?!!!

  63. kit9 says:

    Nice, but they desperately need a turn over. Flacco to go Fluke-o.

  64. L.A. Chica says:



  65. LA Debra says:

    Go 9ers, you can do it! But I’m down with a soak and then Downton. Night everyone.

  66. Nancy says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW! Now I agree with you BB. He did have a reason for yelling at the
    officials. My bad.

  67. BB says:

    Good nite. I think I will turn in too. Just let me go on record that if the 49ers win this game, it’s because of that darned power outage JK!

  68. L.A. Chica says:


  69. kit9 says:


  70. VV says:

    I can’t watch the game when I get nervous 😬

  71. VV says:

    This link is being floated around on Twitter. The blog offers an interesting timeline and looks accurate.

  72. Nancy says:

    I’ve never seen my husband this happy. His 49ers are coming back and his wife is losing her voice.

  73. L.A. Chica says:

    Oh C’mon. Everybody knows that farmers drive red Chevy pickups.

  74. Nancy says:

    Now that was a funny commercial.

  75. Nancy says:

    Where is everybody?

  76. L.A. Chica says:

    Oh mamma.

  77. Nancy says:

    THAT WAS HOLDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. Nancy says:

    Bad day for the Zebra’s.

  79. Pghemtchick says:

    Anyone else notice the brothers didn’t hug it out? Just a hand on the shoulder…wonder what 0 seconds paid in Vegas.

    • Nancy says:

      I wouldn’t feel good after that “win”. Not only was that holding it was pass interference.

      • Powell says:

        Sorry Nancy. Hell of a game. I hope your husband is ok. #superbowlxlvii

      • Pghemtchick says:

        I get it, but bros gotta hug. I was interested in the betting pool on it. Honestly, I’ve been debating the call w/ my mom. In the end, we decided the outcome is done and no matter how right we both think we are ‘ it is what it is’. I did have my 49’er blanket out during the game; however, I’m a bit ashamed to say I cheered for the ratbirds. They came out strong and had the thirst for it. That outage changed the momentum and made it one he’ll of a game. In the end, I think the right team won based on effort. They came to play. Had the 9ers played pre-outage like post outage, my opinion might be different. What I’ve concluded as have many others in my area, the true winners tonight? The Steelers. Lol we’re still the sole owners of 6 rings so it makes the Ravens victory a hard yet tolerable pill to swallow.

        That being said, I’m sorry your team lost 😦 I know it’s heartbreaking since you guys are such passionate fans. There’s free pudding Monday or Tuesday in SanFran due to the loss according to a commercial.

        • chismosa says:

          Why pudding? Is sanfrancisco famous for pudding?
          I love pudding 😀

          • Pghemtchick says:

            “San Francisco 49ers fans may not be getting a Super Bowl parade this week, but they will be getting something else: free chocolate pudding. Jell-O company will be handing out 10,000 cups of pudding to the citizens of San Francisco on Tuesday to help 49ers fans cope with Sunday’s Super Bowl loss to Baltimore.
            “We don’t want fans to be miserable,” Jell-O senior brand manager Greg Gallagher told
            The 10,000 cups of pudding will be given away at five locations in San Francisco between 7 a.m. and 3 p.m. PT. If you’re going to be in or around San Francisco on Tuesday, you can find out where the free pudding’s going to be by checking out Jell-O’s free pudding site:
            San Francisco fans who don’t like pudding may like something else the Jell-O company is offering: an app for Google Chrome that will block out any and all mentions of Baltimore, meaning you won’t have to read on and on about the Ravens’ 34-31 Super Bowl win.
            According to Jell-O, the Google Chrome app, once installed, will “replace all words and images related to Baltimore with things you’d much rather see. Like puppies.”
            Chocolate pudding isn’t quite the Lombardi Trophy, but it is a nice consolation prize for 49ers fans who have an affinity for the tasty treat.”


        • Nancy says:

          Hi emt,
          I really am happy for the Ravens. I just hate when the outcome comes down to the Ref’s. If that wasn’t pass interference and holding I don’t know what is.

      • L.A. Chica says:

        I agree. Both teams played well — the 49ers in the second half — and it was exciting, but that was holding.

    • chismosa says:

      Pgh I was taken aback by that too. They shook hands like they were not related ! No big hug! I was shocked. But maybe just me

  80. TexasTart says:


  81. Nancy says:

    Night night ladies. I have take my husbands head out of then oven! lol

    • Noelle says:

      Hi Nancy,
      Give my love to hubs, I know how he feels. (Tigers..World series… 😦 )
      Better days ahead!

  82. Beckygrey says:

    I have not read the comments, but it doesn’t look as though she is topless. It appears her hair is covering her. Maybe there was a reason that we had a limited view of Mauricio prior to him getting he’s own realty brokerage. It seems left to his own devices, he will self destruct.

    • TexasTart says:

      Thumbs up to your comment! Surprisingly maybe only 3 people commented on this pic! By the look in her eyes and being sans makeup, I do not believe it was staged.on Kyle’s behalf. I think that is all his doing…the posting for the world to see.

      • L.A. Chica says:

        IMHO, that a man would post a photo of his wife like that for the world to see is creepy. But then, they’re close friends with the MCFR.

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