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Gossip Roundup by NoMoreDrama – Ronnie Negus Cyberbulllied / Teresa May Testify in Juicy’s Trial / Brandi doing Oscar Red-Carpet / Eddie Cibrian’s Instagram Account a Hoax / Joey Gorga Topless, Kim Zolciak Wigless and Jill Zarin Shameless

Ronnie Negus of Real Housewives of Vancouver is Cyberbullied – and Calls in the Mounties!  Just kidding.  She called in the Vancouver Police.  The Proper Authorities are now Watching her Account.  I wonder what the laws are up in Canada and if they’ll be able to stop some of the twitter nonsense.  Here are her tweets:

ronnie tweets

ronnie tweet 2

Joe Giudice’s up for Trial soon, and Teresa may Testify.   Joe Giudice has/had a suspended licence due to a DUI.  We heard about the DUI on the show.  Several years ago he was at dinner with Teresa, Jacqueline, and Chris.  He came home by himself, and somehow ran into a tree.  He was so shaken he went to someone’s house and downed shots, so when the cops came his blood alcohol level was above the legal limit.  Joe made lemonade into lemons.  June 2010 (five months later) he  allegedly obtained a driver’s license using younger bother Pete’s ID.  March 2011 he was pulled over and when they ran the license, they noticed the discrepancy.  This case has been delayed and delayed several times as the plea offers always involve several year’s of jail time.  Joe’s layer spoke to RadarOnline, and told them that: “Teresa could be a witness,” Miles Feinstein exclusively tells Radar. “But everything she would say would be positive for Joe.” and “We are going to trial.  These charges and the threat of state prison are ridiculous for this event. I’ve said it all along, but it is because of Joe’s celebrity status that this hasn’t been resolved already.”

Pete Giudice and Gabriella making 800 lbs of sausage in their garage (tweet by Teresa Giudice)

Pete Giudice and Gabriella making 800 lbs of sausage in their garage (tweet by Teresa Giudice)

Joe Giudice making sausage (from Teresa's twitter feed)

Joe Giudice making sausage (from Teresa’s twitter feed)

Remember when We all were Dying to See Kim Zolciak’s Natural Hair?  She’s been tweeting photos of herself lately “au naturel”  – well with makeup and her hair done, but wigless.

Kim Zolciak Natural Hair (from Kim's Twitter Account)

Kim Zolciak Natural Hair (from Kim’s Twitter Account)

Eddie Cibrian’s Instagram Account was a Hoax:  Eddie Cibrian tells Gossip Cop exclusively, “It appears that someone created an unauthorized and fake Instagram account under my name and made false posts as well. Everyone who knows me knows I do not or have ever had an Instagram account.”

Fake accounts are a problem for many celebrities.  I really noticed this reading the Dance Moms tumblr account.  Many people feel it is funny to open a fake account and put out false information.  Eddie is probably telling the truth, and my guess is LeAnn wasn’t behind it either.  She tweeted the urinal photo in 2011.  Here’s an article about it.  But she still sat in a urinal!

Brandi Glanville just tweeted this: “Ummmm so ABC is trusting me to do some Oscar red carpet coverage… What do I wear?? Help!”

Joey Gorga has just finished a photo shoot for Sizzle Tan’s Billboard.  The photo’s are exclusive and I don’t want to get into trouble by bringing them here – so you’ll have to click this link to see them. The actual billboard went up in Totowa, NJ, Thursday.  Please don’t be distracted by the neked Joey Gorga if you live in Totowa NJ.

And Last and Least, Jill Zarin gave me a laugh with this response to a Patti Stranger tweet:

jill tweet


Real Housewives of Vancouver Season Two Episode One by NoMoreDrama

Real Housewives of Vancouver Season2Robin, Mary, Ronnie, Ioulia, Amanda, Jody (from

Real Housewives of Vancouver Season2
Robin, Mary, Ronnie, Ioulia, Amanda, Jody (from

They are back for a second season.  Three returning housewives with a lot of baggage, and three new housewives.

  • Ronnie: Life is a journey, but it’s just more fun on a private jet.
  • Amanda:  I put my demons behind me, but I’m still no angel
  • Robin: I may be a country girl, but I’ve got the city in the palm of my hands.
  • Mary:  Life in the spotlight can be tough when you don’t know who to trust.
  • Ioulia: Vancouver’s beauty is one of a kind, just like me.
  • Jody:  Nothing tastes as sweet as success and I’ve got the perfect recipe for it.

We start with a voice over from Ronnie talking about how her life was changed after her daughter Remy almost died.  She stopped drinking four months ago.  It segues to Ronnie talking to her sons about planning a party to celebrate Remy’s life.  She’s planning on inviting all the people that helped save Remy’s life the night when she choked on a piece of steak and didn’t breath for 22 minutes.  One son asks if Jody will be invited and says he’s worried about being judged about what he’s wearing.  And then they joke about hiding the cat so Jody doesn’t skin it, and someone calls her Cruela de Ville.  Heh.

Jody voices over how close she is with daughter Mia.  They eat together and sleep together.  Then they segue into Jody and Mia talking about Mia’s nose job.  Jody is resentful because Mia used to look like her.  Mia thinks she looks great.  Jody talks about being invited to the dinner, and how Jody has forgiven Ronnie for being mean to her last year (at the last dinner).  Mia tells Jody she’d like her to meet her friend Amanda – because they have a lot in common and Amanda wants some business advice.  They are both single moms.  Jody agrees.  Of course she does because someone has to introduce the new girl.

Mary and Ronnie meet for lunch and we find out they haven’t seen each other since the reunion.  Mary asks how Remy is doing.  Ronnie asks Mary to come to her barbeque.  Mary is nervous, because she knows Jody will be going, but wants to go to see Remy.  Ronnie says she really wants her to go.  They then talk about Ronnie saying that Mary had been married twice during the reunion show – something Mary denied.  Ronnie apologizes and says she wouldn’t have said it if she had known that Mary’s kids didn’t know.  (This is the trouble about real friends being on reality shows together – they know too much about each other and know how to hit where it will hurt.)  Mary says that when you get a marriage annulled it’s like it never happened.  They agree to not out each other’s secrets.

Mary meets with the new girl Ioulia who is an art consultant.  Ulia shows up in a Porshe.  They look at some art.  It’s not Mary’s cup of tea but she like Ioulia.  Ioulia drives very fast.

Ronnie and her daughters - from

Ronnie and her daughters – from

Ronnie and Remy go horseback riding as part of Remy’s therapy.  Oh – it’s an excuse to meet Robin, who is also riding a horse.  Robin was a barrel racer from Texas.  Right away Robin tells a story about delivering twins at 26 weeks and losing one.  Ronnie shares that Remy was born at 26 weeks, and they bond.  Remy invites Robin to her party.

Robin drives a hummer.  She’s 47, from Texas, and recently separated.  She rides her horse every day.  Her horse is worth $130,000 – $200,000.  She compares that to designer clothes, and explains that her ex-supports her financially.  She explains that she’s confrontational, and Vancouver women follow the rules but she likes to intentionally break them.

Back to Jody meeting Mia’s friend Amanda at the Tea House (I’ve been there) in Stanley Park.  Amanda is late and apologizes.  Jody pretends she has something better to do.  Amanda explains that she’s making kombucha tea (a fermented sweet tea).  Amanda tries to explain the health benefits but has no idea what she’s talking about.  Amanda explains that she doesn’t drink, but the tea makes her feel strange.  Then she goes on to tell Jody that she struggles with her sobriety.  Amanda seems really uncomfortable on camera.  The whole scene seems very fake.  Jody fake invites Amanda to the party, and tells her she supports her and can see she’s a good person.  Okay then.

Amanda is now working out.  She explains that she’s obsessed with her weight and wants to look starving.  She’s an alcoholic who has been sober for 2 years and is addicted to sex.  She’s also violent if provoked.  She has three kids and is divorced, but is domestically disabled, which means she feeds her kids popcorn for dinner.

Mary is getting ready for the barbeque, and gets help from her housekeeper Meri.  I have to wonder why Mary can’t pick out her own clothes.

Ioulia is from Russia and married to a venture capitalist.  She explains that she’s not a mail order bride because she’s been married for 12 years.  Her husband explains that she handles conflict by punching him.  She seems to have a lot of trouble picking out a dress to wear to the barbeque (Mary has been told to invite her) and her husband tells her to calm down.

Ioulia and Mary take a limo together to the party and Mary is just glad to have a friend, even if they just met filming the last scene.  Jody and Amanda share a limo and trash talk Mary.  Mary trash talks Jody to Ioulia.  Ioulia voices over that she’ll judge people for herself.  I think Mary and Jody give each other too much air.

Robin and Mary, with Amanda looking on (from

Robin and Mary, with Ioulia looking on (from

Amanda, Jody and Robin (from

Amanda, Jody and Robin (from

Mary arrives and gives Remy a huge hug.  Now they meet Robin.  Mary likes her instantly, but I’m not sure about Ioulia.  She seems a little offended by something Robin said about her accent.  Jody shows up with her little daughter Hannah and tells Hannah to be polite to everyone.  Mary says hi to Hannah but Hannah has no idea who she is.  Jody introduces Amanda to Remy but ignores Mary.  Mary introduces herself, and then forces Jody to acknowledge her by saying hi.  Now they all stand around trying to get to know each other.  Uh oh, Amanda admits she’s friends with Mia.  Robin likes Jody.  Robin is absolutely rude.  Somehow they start talking about Ronnie’s drinking problem, and how she just decided to quit.  Robin say it’s weak to be an alcoholic, and people should just be strong and stop drinking.  Amanda is pissed and even Jody is uncomfortable.

Ronnie gives a speech, and explains that she speaks from the heart.  She probably should prepare next time.  The party is about thanking the people that saved Remy’s life, and Remy gives a very sweet speech to thank everyone. Even Jody cried.  Mary says something sweet to Remy.  Remy begs her to sing and when Mary says no Remy plays the godmother card.  Mary gives in and sings her song directly to Remy (you’re my hero).  It was really cute (except for Jody rolling her eyes).

They end the first episode laughing and hugging.  And the episode fades with Ronnie saying, “I have a feeling this year we’re all going to get along just fine.”

Previews for the rest of the season show that Ronnie may have been overly optimistic.  Everyone is yelling at everyone.  I have a feeling I’ll really miss Reiko and Christina.  It’s obviously too early to tell, but with first impressions I think I may like Ioulia.  Robin looks like she’s going to be abrasive, and Amanda just seems off so far.


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Cast Blogs by Stars99

Note:  You may want to participate in a drinking game for this particular blog… every time you read the words, “The Palms”… take a drink of your favorite beverage.

Adrienne Maloof

Adrienne, the Martyr, begins her blog by hocking her new handbag line – the “Perverse Purse”… you know the one with her name plastered all over it?  She is also eating up all the attention she’s getting when the other housewives gather together and she’s not even around, calling herself “the main topic of conversation.”  Gag.

“It’s interesting that Yolanda criticizes me for not being there in person for these gatherings. Yet, she is clearly not a fan of catty dinner conversation either. We actually have very similar reactions to drama and how we deal: we leave the table or choose not to participate in the event.”

When did Yo criticize you for not being there?  She merely said that you “chose” not to be there… what’s wrong with that?  Is that not the truth?  Oh wait, that’s right… You have such a loose relationship with the truth that you don’t even know how to spell it anymore. Your last sentence actually proves Yo’s case when you say that you “choose not to participate in the event.”  The Martyr continues on to explain why she doesn’t go to “these dinner parties” and as usual, she thanks the people on her team for having her back.  By the way, Adrienne, this wasn’t a dinner party, it was a trip to Las Vegas.  No, they didn’t stay at your beloved “The Palms” and you didn’t go because you’ve threatened to sue Brandi and your lawyers have told you that you couldn’t have any further communication with her until that issue is settled.  The only reason your name came up at all, is because Camille, wearing the personality we all know and love from Season 1 and posing as a dutiful Bravo employee, brought up your name knowing it would create drama.  I think Camille has been so boring this year that she got the memo that threatened her to bring some drama or else she’d be kicked to the curb next season.

Brandi Glanville

Brandi starts her blog talking about the pole dancing and how most of the women seemed to have fun except for Marisa.  Brandi says she thinks that Marisa has “lost track of her sexuality.”  I think that was such a rude thing to say and not necessarily true at all.  Just because someone is not comfortable pole dancing does not mean they are not sensual. It seems like Brandi is making jabs at Marisa more and more often.

“At dinner we all expressed concern for Kim. We all want what’s best for her. I invited these women to Vegas and I am glad they all came to support me, so why Camille brought up missing Adrienne at my dinner, knowing full well of our legal issues I will never understand. Yes, we had fun in the past with Adrienne and now I’m having fun with her lawyers — so clearly it’s not the best dinner conversation.”

Oh Brandi, Camille brought up Adrienne because she knew that would set you off.  You and Lisa played right into her hand.  While you guys were in Vegas, I hoped that you would have taken a field trip to “The Palms” to actually see the 2% that the Maloofs still own.  I wonder what part it is?  I’m thinking it’s the men’s bathroom on the 4th floor, 3rdurinal from the left.  Your ex-husband recently took a picture of his darling new wife perched on said urinal. It brought a tear to my eye.

“Jennifer explained why I was so nervous about the reunion. I was nervous because I was asked to meet up with Adrienne to talk about going after Lisa and for no other reason. Why else would I be nervous? The ONLY reason I called Camille was to get her take on what was about to happen. Camille said to me I know they are going after Lisa but I have no issues with Lisa and you shouldn’t worry about it “just be yourself.” That was the extent of it. Then at dinner, Camille calls me a liar and just minutes later confirms I was telling the truth but she didn’t like being put on the spot. That wasn’t cool to me, I have always been lovely and kind to Camille, so I was upset when she called me a liar. Well Camille and I have now moved past it all. We are not as close as we once were, but are fine.”

Yeah, Camille’s whole melodramatic “I can handle it – but I will not stand for it” moment seemed awfully rehearsed to me.  She was even nice enough to do a second take on it – saying almost the exact same thing only seconds later in case we missed it the first time.  After this episode, I really do think that Camille was very involved in the whole ganging up on Lisa strategy before last year’s reunion – more than just knowing that it was going to happen. Otherwise, it would have just been an innocent phone call from Brandi, the newbie, asking for her opinion on how she should handle the upcoming reunion. The whole “you put me on the spot” rationalization for lying was just wonky

“Camille brought up that Adrienne was upset that Pandora didn’t choose to do her bachelorette party at the Palms, which is ridiculous because it’s Pandora’s choice and no one elses. So I say why was Adrienne upset because she doesn’t own but two percent of the Palms. A bitchy, but true statement. I probably wouldn’t have said it had Pandora’s bachelorette party not been brought up and Adrienne not been threatening me with a lawsuit.”

I honestly can’t believe we’re still talking about this, but, okay… If this was a normal world, and not a “real housewives” world, Adrienne’s complaint that Pandora didn’t have her bachelorette party at her hotel would have been more about the fact that she had the means to make her friend’s daughter’s event really amazing and memorable. However, I think the only reason Adrienne’s family were okay with her being on this lil reality show in the first place – was because she had been given marching orders to bring as much publicity to the failing Maloof business ventures as possible.  That’s why they took the trip to the Sacramento Kings basketball game and the trip to Vegas in Season 1.  It was probably pretty embarrassing for Adrienne to have to try to explain to her brothers why her fellow caste mate chose not to use “The Palms” for her event, especially because it was televised.  That’s why Adrienne had to quickly plan her own event so “The Palms” could be featured and so that she wouldn’t be in so much trouble with her family.

“Why Camille is upset at Lisa and yelling at Yolanda, I still don’t understand. Lisa has always been forthcoming about having a partner in her restaurant SUR and being 51 percent owner. In fact I think there is a show about it called Vanderpump Rules.”

Yeah, Brandi, I think your 2% comment was made under the guise of wondering why it still matters so much to Adrienne why her hotel wasn’t used since her family only owns 2% of it anyway… yet Camille’s accusation that Lisa is pretending to own Sur outright is ridiculous.  Lisa has talked about her partner and we’ve seen her talking to her partner in previous episodes. I honestly didn’t know the percentage each held in the restaurant – it really wasn’t too important to me. Then when Camille really demeaned Lisa’s involvement as being just “a figurehead” was really insulting.  Yes, she isn’t there all the time running the place, but neither is her partner.

Kyle Richards

“Being in Vegas with the girls was fun. Watching all the girls do their thing on the pole had me laughing. I love when we are all getting along and having fun like that. I wish we could be like this all the time.”

Yeah, me too, but Bravo won’t let it be that way.

“Getting the call from Kim about getting her nose done threw me off, to say the least. She has mentioned it a number of times but never seemed serious. A lot of things were going through my mind at the moment — none of which I wanted to share with anyone in the car. I had my concerns, but I also know how important my sister’s sobriety is to her. I wanted to have a conversation with Kim in private.”

I have to say, Kyle – this one of the very few times this season that I liked how you handled a situation.  You didn’t throw Kim under the bus… you gave her the benefit of the doubt… and you kept your mouth shut on camera about your feelings or apprehensions. Wow, it’s almost like you’re sisters or something.


“Yolanda later said in her interview that she doesn’t know why I was making light of Kim getting her nose done. Yolanda doesn’t know what I was thinking and it seems she was making light of it herself in the limo. Clearly she has an issue with me.”


You’re right that Yo didn’t know what you were thinking – but we’re all so used to you making flippant derogatory comments about your sister.  In the past, you have been really vocal about your sister but it looks like perhaps you’re trying to change how you talk about her, at least on camera.  Most of us have issues with you, Kyle.  You’ve given us plenty of reason.


“After we switched gears in our conversation, it then turned to Adrienne. When Camille said she couldn’t help but think of her when we were in Vegas, I echoed her sentiments. What a mistake! Especially with a group of people who are either angry with Adrienne or who don’t even know her.”


I cannot believe that you and Camille have been to Vegas with Adrienne so much that you miss her when she’s not there.  Perhaps you miss the amenities she brings to the table, but really, do you miss Adrienne and her beige personality?  And to pine about it – at this particular dinner?  Well, it’s just insulting to us viewers because we know you guys were just stirring the pot – trying to create drama.  But then again, that’s your job, I guess.

“When Brandi made the comment that Adrienne now only owns 2 percent of The Palms, I thought “Here she goes again.” Saying something to hurt or embarrass someone. I know they take great pride in The Palms and this was obviously a sore subject.”

It’s actually worse than that, Kyle – Adrienne’s family only owns 2% of “The Palms”… not sure what fractional proportionality of that 2% is actually Adrienne’s.  That’s the point Brandi was trying to make – she’s confused at why the whole bachelorette fiasco still bothers Adrienne so much when she barely owns any part of “The Palms.”

“I actually do like Brandi. I just don’t always agree with her actions. Just because something is “true” doesn’t mean we should say it. Of course if two people are fighting to the degree Adrienne and Brandi have, most “rules” go out the window.”

Yep, I like Brandi too, and I don’t always agree with her actions. Adrienne has taken the fight to her lawyers, and so she has created a whole new set of rules to follow.

“Then there goes Yolanda again. Saying that “Kyle loves the drama”. . .Weren’t we ALL discussing this issue? It was a heated conversation between all the women at the table about a very sensitive topic. Only Marisa and Jennifer stayed quiet because they don’t really know Adrienne like the rest of us.”

Well Kyle, ummm… you do love the drama.  I can see you salivate over it.  Your eyes get all glazed over and stuff.

“Then Lisa tells Brandi to tell us what she had told her on the phone. AGAIN about the Reunion! I have heard many different versions of this now. Sometimes my name is involved, sometimes it’s not. I want to say for the record, I was NEVER called by ANYONE about any meeting regarding Lisa. Never. Lisa and I were closer than the others at the time. So, if that meeting DID take place, it makes sense why I wasn’t called.”

Yeah, you’re right – it DID seem like you and Lisa were close at that time.  It’s WHY Lisa is still so cranky at you for remaining silent through Adrienne’s attack of unfounded accusations.  Why don’t you get that?  It’s not all that hard to figure out, really. You sometimes act like a snake.  Embrace it or shed your skin!

“Just when I thought things couldn’t get worse, Camille makes the comment to Lisa about owning SUR. THEN the whole table goes quiet. I know NOTHING about Lisa’s businesses and I had never heard this before. Lisa immediately said that she owns 51 percent of SUR. I did not think that Lisa needed defending. She explained immediately! Lisa later told me that she was upset I didn’t defend her. Why wasn’t she upset with Brandi for not defending her? They’re very close friends. Maybe Brandi also didn’t think Lisa needed defending. It’s also obvious Lisa is still angry with me, so she is hyper sensitive to anything I may do or NOT do.”

I call B-O-L-O-G-N-A on the part that you didn’t know about Lisa’s businesses.  How could the viewers possibly know about her partner and you didn’t?  Really?  I just can’t believe that.  I think Lisa is upset over the pattern you have of not defending her in any way – not just this particular instance. Although, I’m sure you know full well that Lisa is not just a figurehead at her restaurants… yet you remained silent on that issue when Camille brought it up. And, by the way, Brandi was absolutely defending Lisa when she spoke about the 2% ownership of “The Palms.”

“I can’t stand that everyone seems so divided lately. It seems we are expected to pick a side. I wish Adrienne were here to speak for herself. It has put everyone who has defended her in her absence, in a very bad position.”

Well, Adrienne has her flying monkeys around to do her dirty work so she doesn’t have to do it herself.

Lisa Vanderpump

“The pole dancing was something that none of us really wanted to partake in, but all were willing to support Brandi. It is absolutely a 1000 percent more difficult than it appears! However we had a laugh, which is so important. I lead a pretty stressful life, so I always jump at the chance for a good giggle.”

I’ve gotta say you guys were good sports at trying it out.  You live a stressful life?  Yeah, I bet it’s stressful being a figurehead, isn’t it? Actually, I think you handled that situation really well – I probably would have said some very colorful things to say to Camille at that point.

“The dinner was proceeding with an unusual calm that often worries me as it normally doesn’t last long. Camille and Kyle raise the controversial subject of Adrienne, which was ridiculous. We had seen at the SUR tasting it is a subject matter on which we are divided. I have been to Vegas, as we all had, many times without Adrienne, and I could again without lamenting over her absence.”

Well, let’s be honest – Adrienne is not your friend and so lamenting her absence would really be a stretch.  It cracked me up that of all people, it was Camille who brought up Adrienne… since you know, they’re besties and stuff… oh wait, they’re not? lolol,..  Kinda cracks me up that no one mentioned Taylor…

“The fact that Brandi commented that the Palms was no longer owned by the Maloofs was something I particularly didn’t care to discuss. I had known this prior to her attacking me over Pandora not choosing the hotel, for her party. I had known this as my friends had bought the 98 percent. I should’ve hit back and humiliated her at the reunion, the way she tried to humiliate me with her unwarranted accusations, but decided it was better left so she could continue to live in her delusional world.”


Adrienne is her own worst enemy.  Well, except for the viewers.  Well, and her ex-husband. Oh, and Brandi.

“You the viewer have been with me on the journey as I introduced my partner, financed the development, created the lounge, designed every inch of the space. So I defended myself, quantifying the shareholding between us. I sat there and wondered, if Kyle, who has known me for some time, eaten at SUR with me, witnessed the development, and seen my dedication to the business would maybe say something in my defense. I know for certain I would. I am becoming a little exasperated by the constant accusations and doubting my integrity. Where does it come from? I am constantly challenged by a bevy of staff in the workplace. I would prefer to be non-combative with my friends. Why is there a need to demean others? Is it with intent to elevate oneself? Whatever it was, it was unfounded, redundant, and ridiculous. Onwards we go.”


Kyle is not going to defend you, Lisa unless it’s expedient for her to do so. At least not while on Bravo.

Marisa Zanuck

“Pole dancing can be great exercise, an art form, or a way to line your pocket with mostly one dollar bills in front of guys I definitely wouldn’t want to bring home…none of which particularly excites me.  Don’t get me wrong, any woman who benefits from spinning around upside down with her legs in the air should by all means stick with it…The opportunities could be endless. I tried hiding and avoiding taking a turn on the pole, but when Brandi called my name I decided to give it the old college try…and since I never went to college, the results were as expected. I’m glad the other girls were able to have some fun though.”

If you really didn’t want to participate, why didn’t you take Brandi to the side and tell her that you came to support her but not to pole dance?  Instead, as BB said in her blog, you were a Debbie Downer and made even your audience feel uncomfortable as you pretended to try.  I really like you – but you’re being pretty snarky about the whole thing.  Usually, I do love me some snark… but be careful… snark can bite you on the dupa!

“I was hungry at this point and envisioning an evening of fabulous food, fine wine, and stimulating conversation. Everyone appeared in good spirits, so I thought we may finally enjoy a dinner without a fight breaking out. How naive of me to think it was possible to have a civilized dinner with these women, right? It must be an unwritten rule that something distasteful must go down at every meal. Perhaps this is how the girls stay so thin…they never end up eating and chew each other out instead.”

Coughs… “stimulating conversation?”  Do you not realize you’re on a “Real Housewives” show?  And no, it’s not an unwritten rule – I’m sure it’s in everyone’s contract that they need to bring drama to every dinner table.  Some housewives have been known to actually even flip the table. Gotta say I love your last sentence… lolol.

“Fortunately, I spilled red wine on my dress, which was enough to shift the energy temporarily. Most of the women were helpful and that was very sweet, but Yolanda just gave me a disapproving stare. Not sure where that came from. All I could think was ‘Thank God I didn’t spill that red wine at Yolanda’s house because if it upset her in Vegas, I would really be up s— creek in Malibu.’”

Yeah, see… something has happened to put Kyle and Marisa at odds with Yo.  We haven’t seen it yet – but it’s obvious in their talking heads and in their blogs…

“Maybe Yolanda has never spilled a drink before, which wouldn’t surprise me since her life is so pristine and perfect that it just wouldn’t fit in with her image. That said, I am admittedly clumsy and this won’t be the last time I spill a drink. As for the stain, I remembered my mother-in-law once told me advice Barbra Streisand gave her, white wine can be used to remove red wine stains. Thank you Babs, it worked!”

I’m sorry, Marisa, but you can’t simultaneously be all over Yo about name dropping (in her previous blog) – and then drop Babs’ name yourself.

Yolanda H. Foster

“As you can tell, I won’t be able to get a job as a pole dancer anytime soon. But even though I felt and looked like a total amateur, I really enjoyed and had a lot of fun at Brandi’s pole dancing event. She looked fantastic and thank god she did not need our expertise to get the job.”

It was really fun to see everyone out of their comfort zone.  Most of you were good sports about it.

“It seems Adrienne is creating a beautiful collection and is focused on her business. I wish her luck and success in all her ventures. That said, I believe she is giving Brandi way too much energy and wish she would just move on and stop blaming others for the increasing misery in her life.  You know, it’s the way Adrienne says “I hope Brandi is having fun in Vegas, I have a business to run.” Just rubs me the wrong way. . .  I don’t know Adrienne very well because she never reached out to me, but I have observed her behavior and she comes off quite arrogant. Again she is belittling Brandi’s business to empower herself, and I find it very unattractive and unproductive.”

But it’s fun to blame others for our misery, since then we don’t have to accept any responsibility for it.  Adrienne’s words that elevated her business ventures and demeaned Brandi’s were just so snarky and unnecessary.

“Kim’s phone call was a big surprise. I wished she had come to Vegas instead of having plastic surgery, because I was really worried that the anesthesia and medication would throw off the chemical balance in her brain and jeopardize her sobriety. It looks however, like she pulled it off, and, as always, I am rooting for her. If the nose job makes her feel better about herself, then how can we say it’s right or wrong?”

It was really interesting to me to see how proud Kim was of herself that she barely took any pain medication.  I hope they quickly got rid of that medication once she was out of the woods.

“Marisa wasn’t having a great day and the red wine spill did not make that any better. BTW girls, Barbra Streisand could without a doubt give you some laundry tips. She is one of the most meticulous homemakers I know and has many talents beyond her singing and acting.”

Okay, I laffed out loud at this one.  Kyle was so glib in saying she didn’t think that Barbra had ever cleaned a piece of laundry in her life so she wasn’t going to take advice from her.  I don’t even drink, and even I know that white wine takes out red wine stains… I think I heard it on “Good Eats” – gotta love that Alton Brown.  I love how Yo obviously knows Babs more than just to drop her name – and it’s so funny to me that in this situation, Kyle is such a wannabe.  I know Kyle knows or has met many celebrities – but I’m sure she would die to know the caliber of people that Yo knows.

“We all have different friends in and outside this group so I am not dismissing Kyle and Camille’s friendship with Adrienne but why are we ruining another dinner over this?”

Why, indeed.

“I like Camille, but unfortunately there seems to be a different perception of her conversation with Brandi. I did find the SUR remark way below the belt and I don’t know what Lisa did to deserve that. It’s concerning though to see someone speak with such conviction about private business matters — a textbook example of the seed of trash talk leading to gossip! If you are going to stand up and make a scene, you better get your facts straight.”

It really made Camille look silly, didn’t it?

“I am really having a hard time figuring out who is loyal to whom. I believe it is totally OK not to be best friends with every person in the group. Naturally you have more chemistry with some than others but just be honest about it and fight fair.”

Well, I’ve admittedly watched every season of RHOBH, and I still don’t know exactly where the loyalty lines are drawn.  I’m sure once I figure it out – something will happen and the lines will have to be redrawn again. Oh, and no, you’re never going to get a fair fight.  Alcohol is usually involved.  Sometimes it comes down to a battle of wits – and some are just genuinely unarmed.

“Kyle using Brandi’s “nose job” as a fact of credibility is such an immature and mean girl remark. . .My thoughts of Brandi are not more or less, with or without a nose job.”

I would be surprised that since Brandi has admitted to having some very private work done – that she wouldn’t readily admit to a nose job at this point.  I’m not sure why Kyle was so insistent that Brandi had a nose job.

“I am starting to really feel the hurt feelings from the last reunion that is fueling all this negativity. In the plane on our way home, I really pushed Kyle and Lisa to have a heart to heart so that I could better understand.  I listened to two women trying to justify their position. I saw a lot of pain and tears but also love between two souls that have lost their trust and friendship but are not really ready to give it all up and walk away.  The next day I have to admit I finally watched the reunion of RHOBH’s Season 2 just to understand what really happened on that defining night that created so much damage in this group. I finally realized that I had made a big mistake by not investing time in the history of these ladies.”

Yeah, you probably should have watched at least one season of the franchise before signing your contract.  I’m still quite surprised you didn’t.  It’s probably one of the biggest mistakes of your life, lolol.

“To be honest with you, I really felt bad for Lisa and without knowing all the details. It seemed like a mean attack on a woman they once called their best friend.”

It’s still so funny to me that people actually believed that Lisa, arguably one of the richest of all the housewives in all the land, would actually sell a measly $10,000 (approx.) story to the tabloids.  I get that people who are in a worse financial condition would do so – but Lisa?  Especially since selling stories could have a direct negative impact on the clientele frequenting her restaurants.

“If I could share anything with my girlfriends and you, it would be this: Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future but concentrate the mind on the present moment.”

Love it.


Saturday TV Lineup, February 9th by BB

8PM – American Ninja Warrior (NBC); Beyonce: Finding Her Destiny/Whitney Houston: Her Life (CNN); Cops (Fox); Antiques Roadshow (PBS); Untold Stories of the E.R. (TLC); Too Cute! (Anpl); Jerseylicious (Style)

9PM –Grammys Will Go On: A Death in the Family (CBS); Untold Stories of the E.R. (TLC); Monster Squid: It Lives (Disc); My Big Redneck Vacation (CMT); Pit Boss (Anpl); Unfaithful: Stories of Betrayal (OWN); Oddities/Odd Folks Home (Science); Deadly Sins (ID); Cyndi Lauper (WE); Ripper Street (BBC); The Incredible Dr. Pol (NatGeoWild)

10PM – 48 Hours (CBS); Flipping Vegas (A&E); Swamp Pawn (CMT); Pit Bulls and Parolees (Anpl); Unfaithful: Stories of Betrayal (OWN); An Idiot Abroad (Science); Scorned: Love Kills (ID); NY ER (Fit); The Graham Norton Show (BBC)

1130PM – Saturday Night Live: Host Justin Bieber (NBC)

Note:  There is a The  Walking Dead marathon starting 10AM on AMC


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  1. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. I had a migraine yesterday so I’m sorry I couldn’t hang out w/you but I’m better today.
    Boston, JNNTJ, KTinCt, vilzvet and anyone else in NYC, Boston, NJ areas I’m sorry you’re snowed under. I hope everyone hasn’t had power problems & that you’re ok.
    Poor boston was bored last night. I hope thats pasted because you couldn’t even slip a good HW husband to look at like Mauricio? I know, I know. The used car salesman isn’t a fav but he’s so much better to look at. 🙂
    T-Rex I say you made it home just in time. I’m glad switching flights worked out for you.
    Ice I’m sure it’s a relief that your son gets surgery Thursday & $700 is great.
    Nancy gosh your poor sis. You weren’t kidding when you said blood disorders run in your family. I hope she’s going to be ok and have a speedy recovery.
    I hope everyone has a great day.

    • VV says:

      (((North easterners))) (((Ice)))

    • Glad you are feeling better today Powell. You are so lovely to mention everyone. I ditto your comments! Take care today sweetie!

      • Powell says:

        I am relaxing MarDrag. TCM has a few good movies on today in honor of Black History Month. All that I plan to watch I’ve seen dozens of times but I love them. Watched a bit of Carmen, Pinky is on now, then I’ll watch No Way Out. I’ll catch snippets of the latest HW epis too. I hope you’re having a good Saturday.

        • Love TCM too Powell. So many good old movies. DD just bought me a set of dvd’s that has 50 movies from the 50’s compiled. Can’t wait to watch them all, some really good ones and some I haven’t seen. I feel a marathon coming on!

          Glad your head is better sweetie.

    • iceNfire says:

      Good morning – Happy to hear you migraine passed I’ve never had one so really don’t understand what they are like. I’ve had a hang over before if that’s any comparison idk

      • Powell says:

        ice I’ve had a couple of hangovers & I’d rather have that compared to a migraine. 🙂

        • iceNfire says:

          Well that tells me everything I need to know about migraines, I wouldn’t wish one on anybody.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          Sorry about your migraines. Have you ever had a sex headache? You don’t have to answer that. After a lifetime (or half a lifetime) of never having headaches… I had a horrible one, thought something had exploded in my head. Now I have to go to a neurologist.

          • Powell says:

            Lol Lainey. Never had a sex headache. So far I haven’t had to go to a neurologist. I’ve had 2 CatScans done over the years since I was diagnosed & they didn’t find anything. Sometimes you want them to find something though to explain why you constantly have to live like this. I hope your appt brings good news.

            • trudie says:

              Isn’tt that the truth? I wouldn’t want them to find anything terrible, just find an easy fix to migraines.

              • LaineyLainey says:

                finding something terrible…yeah, that’s what keeps me from making that appointment. But I will!!

                • We will hold you in our arms and hearts with love and support as you go through the tests Lainey. But, it would be better to find it is nothing, than linger in the doubt that it is something. And if it is something, you have many that will get you through it. HUGS!!

                  • LaineyLainey says:

                    OH THANK YOU SWEET MARDRAG!!!! I will make that appointment toot sweet or if one prefers the french and correct ‘tout de suite’

          • Isn’t sex supposed to relieve stress and headaches?!? Ummm, I forget. 😛

          • TexasTart says:

            A sex headache?! Learn something new here all the time. I have a long history of headaches, and some severe enough to take me out of commission. Several questions come to mind, but maybe it’s best they stay in my mind 😉 I would be very interested in an update Lainey.

            • LaineyLainey says:

              ask away, tarty. and yes, it hit me at just the wrong moment. (or right moment)

              • TexasTart says:

                I understand. Well hopefully this ‘headbanger’ happened at home and Whoa Mr Lainey, go easier with our gal! 😉 Totally joking, lol Get that appt set up with the specialist, I think all you will have is a consultation to start with. Good luck!

    • KTinCT says:

      Thanks for the shoutout, Powell! Never lost power but definitely got a ton of snow. A few feet but the drifts in some places are about 4-5 feet high. Took my daughter out to play in it for a while 🙂 Hope everyone else is doing okay! xoxo Katie

      • LaineyLainey says:

        I love that you make the most of it and take your little one out to play in the snow!! Hope all is well!!

        • KTinCT says:

          Thanks, LaineyLainey! I do love getting out in the snow with her! All is well here just still stuck at home. Since this snow started I still have not seen one plow anywhere in my section of town. My driveway is clear (as is my neighbors’) but the streets are 2-3 feet deep. I’m even off a state highway (route 5) and even that is not plowed – ridiculous! Oh well, at least tomorrow is Sunday so we can get out and play again 🙂 Hope all is well with you and yours and that you are having a pleasant evening. xoxo Katie

  2. VV says:

    I don know how I feel about the fake Instagram account of Eddie Rimes. I still think LeAnn had a hand on it. Something is way off here. Why wasn’t a denial of this accounts a long time ago? Why now? My guess she or somebody on her camp created them.

    In the meantime, Brandi tweeted:

    • It was only up a few weeks and the humor was pretty subtle. I’m leaning towards thinking it was a good joke.The fun was in the captions and comments, not really the photos themselves. And the urinal and flipping the bird photo had made the rounds before.

      • lizzle says:

        I agree with you because Leann thought that 2 weeks on the instagram comment about drinking and instagramming was 2 years. If she had made it up, she would have known that the instagram account was only a few weeks old. I think it was someone who knows about the whole circus doing it as a joke. It was pretty harmless… and the comments were pretty hilarious. It doesn’t take much to rile up the public.

    • Powell says:

      VV Eddie Rimes? I like that. 🙂 The Rimes’, thks VV are getting on my nerves..It seems to me that since Eddie is ALLEGEDLY not working & LeAnn is ALLEGEDLY not doing much to promote her new CD that tweets & instagram pics & comments are all they have to do. Well they need to talk to people in their genras that make plenty of bank like Jessica Simpson, Tori Spelling. Unfortunately Jessica & Tori have style & LeAnn doesn’t seem to have any so maybe my idea isn’t a good one after all. Oh well.

      • lizzle says:

        Leann also needs to take a page out of Tori Spellings “How to destroy someone else’s family and have the public forget about it” book. Dean McDermott left his wife and child for Tori Spelling and she knew how to lay low and not trash the x-wife… something Leann needs to learn. Now… Tori Spelling is the darling of homemaking, crafting and has her own reality show with the man who left his wife for her. That is a good PR team or just good knowlege of how the public works… or what I like to call COMMON SENSE! sorry, about yelling it out… Leann is just so BAT SHIT CRAZY

        • VV says:

          Sadly you can’t reason with BSC!

        • Powell says:

          Yeah I said that the other day. And Tori & Dean felt really bad about what they did to their exes and you’re right, did nit trash their exes. I follow Tori on Twitter & found her on Pinterest yesterday. She is was enterprising lady.

          • lizzle says:

            I like her. I actually get notifications from her blog and am signed up over there. Tori can’t sit still…. on her reality show she has a million projects going on and sometimes she is doing this while full on preggars. I like her crafty stuff. She likes to make her own things and plan her own parties. I had no idea about the affair until I started watching the show and read about her life.

            • iceNfire says:

              Oh! I get it now, all Leann needs is a life.

            • pat says:

              I like Tori. She works very hard, and is talented & funny, and a good mom. I watched the first couple of seasons of their show. I don’t care for Dean. He seems like an Eddie to me, but not quite so bad. Kinda feel like he leached onto Tori for the lifestyle.

              • lizzle says:

                Dean does seem like an Eddie. Dean is always searching for what he wants to be…. he was a motorcycle racer and then he went to chef school… so he is kinda lost. Tori encourages his acting, which is his career. Regardless, I do think they are a good match. She is so focused and motivated and he really is a good support for her crazy ideas.

              • LaineyLainey says:

                oh yay!! I’ve always liked her, too!! She got so much criticism for nothing else than being a Spelling. Yes, she did get many, many advantages…but she didn’t squander them. She does work hard. She inherited that from her dad. Her taste level…or her pursuit of the beautiful , she must have inherited from her mom. Her mom doesn’t come off the warmest of mothers (understatement of the year); but I think the grandchildren have softened her once cold heart. (at least I think so)

        • LaineyLainey says:

          and there are no “common sense” classes, not even at the college level.

        • Beckygrey says:

          While I do agree that Tori and Dean kept things privately, it doesn’t make what they did any different than LeAnn and Eddie. Both couples were infidel in a marriage. Both couples had an opportunity not to get involve and choose differently. Both women in the situation were spoiled and privilege young women of means. Both men were not. Bad behavior is bad behavior.

    • iceNfire says:

      I’m so happy for Brandi’s big chance at Oscar’s red carpet coverage. I know she will look beautiful as always, hoping she wears her filter…I’ve noticed she has been practicing on twitter opting to send texts instead of tweets.

      • lizzle says:

        I want to watch her… and I also wonder if she can do it without making anyone uncomfortable with her “truth cannon” (not sure who called it that)…. but I am happy for her. And I didn’t want to say it here, because I know many people don’t agree… but I have seen a change in her over the last few months. She stays silent now, when before… I would expect her to go balistic on twitter.

        • Powell says:

          I hope she continues to temper herself. We all have to understand that we can’t say everything that we want to say even if we know it’s the truth.

          • lizzle says:

            I think this season was a big eye opener for her… and in a strange way… I’m glad Brandi had to deal with Adrienne’s legal team… I think it has made her more aware and in the end, a better person. And in this paradoxical world…. I also think Adrienne is a beyotch for doing it, because her reasoning was not about making Brandi a better person.

            • LaineyLainey says:

              Ade had a knee-jerk reaction. She wanted to bury Brandi where it would hurt her…in he pocketbook. After all, Brandi hurt Adrienne where it hurt her (her pride, her image).

              • Powell says:

                You’re so right about her feeling it hurt her image. But that’s really her imaginary hurt image because any mother w/sense would’ve told her kids the truth early on. How old is her youngest now 7, 8? I’m pretty sure their sons can understand things more than she gives them credit for.

                • LaineyLainey says:

                  You know, many will argue and say that it was HER decision as their mom when they the kids would find out. I agree, but to a point because of her choices. She chose to be on this show. If I had secrets, I would try to remain under the radar so as not to attract too much attention to myself, so that people wouldn’t scrutinize everything I say and do…and research my past…she can’t be a very public person and at the same time a very private person. Have your cake (fame); but you can’t eat it, too (privacy). That’s gotta suck, huh?

                  • lizzle says:

                    Unless they watch the show, how would they find out? What adult is gonna come up to Adrienne’s children and say a surrogate had you? Who knows if she has even told them as of now… and ITA about the reality show thing. At this point, the “It’s all about the kids” schtick is comical for me.

                    • trudie says:

                      It wouldn’t have to be an adult who told her kids, it could be another kid who overheard adults talking. I found out my oldest brother is adopted from a kid in our neighborhood when I was five.

                    • lizzle says:

                      This reply is for trudie, because for some reason there isn’t a reply button under your comment on my computer. It appears that many adults already knew about the surrogacy… like all of Beverly Hills except Kim… so that could have happened before Brandi’s comments. I mean, would you think it strange to never see a woman preggars and then all of the sudden having twins. I know Mrs Adrienne the busy business woman didn’t hide for 9 months. And again… I wonder if Adrienne has told them… or if they were already told and the lie was more for the public… who knows… I just think Adrienne is a big fat liar liar pants on fire.

                  • Powell says:

                    Lainey you are so right. You & many have said it before. I just dont understand how she thought it all thru but then again maybe that’s it. She didn’t. Since you all have discovered so much about the Maloofs biz I think they saw the handwriting on the wall for some time & Adrienne thought she’d better start her own enterprise to have her own money & HWs would give her exposure but it seems to have backfired because secrets have been revealed & her biz sense is lacking. Does anyone know if her skincare line is out?

                    • LaineyLainey says:

                      That is one product I didn’t see her getting into with any success. Her face is not a good point of reference for natural aesthetic beauty, i.m.o. She should have “hired” a face and been the investor. who knows? Maybe she will hire a face to sell the stuff.

                • kit9 says:

                  Kyle confirmed on WWHL that the comments Brandi made about Adrienne were about a lot more than the surrogacy.

                  • lizzle says:

                    And Kyle said that the audience should know what its about… so WHAT IS THIS BIG SECRET ABOUT!!!! Honestly, the suspense is killing me. If it isn’t surrogacy, then why did Adrienne come out with some big magazine article about the surrogacy and not wanting the children, its all about the children, knowing about it until they were 10. This whole thing is beyond frustrating for the audience.

          • iceNfire says:

            When I was a little girl there was a little old lady that lived next door to my Grandmother. Little old lady wore her hair in a bun, long sleeved dresses at mid calf length and those little old lady black lace up shoes with a small heal Because of her age she was allowed to say and do anything she wanted. Everyone referred to her as the crazy/mean old lady but when nobody was looking she would give me a smile and a wink. I’ve looked forward for my turn to be the little old lady so I can say and do as I please but I look around and just don’t see them anymore. I think I’m going to get screwed out of this experience…Dam those plastic surgeries/botox/fillers!

    • kit9 says:

      I’m assuming there wasn’t a denial sooner because they can’t bother investigating every web based dopey controversy with lightening speed. lol. And, this really was a big nothingburger. Ooohhh, Leann sat in a urinal! Controversy! And, the best part was the supposedly scandalous ‘dig’ at Brandi wasn’t even a dig. Or making fun of her as it was described. It was just nothing. And, of course, there’s a logical explanation for the urinal photo it turns out. And it wasn’t made up after the fact unless Leann has a time machine!

  3. Good Morning! Slept in today and still no rain, so let’s see what the morning brings.

    Glad that the worst is over for some of you East Coasters, but you are still in a bad way and I continue to send Love, Light, and Warm Thoughts your way! Hang in there!

    Stars99….your recaps are comedy gold! Loved every word but….you little minx….this quote was The. Best. Most Epic. Recap Lines. Ever.! Allegedly!
    ” While you guys were in Vegas, I hoped that you would have taken a field trip to “The Palms” to actually see the 2% that the Maloofs still own. I wonder what part it is? I’m thinking it’s the men’s bathroom on the 4th floor, 3rdurinal from the left. Your ex-husband recently took a picture of his darling new wife perched on said urinal. It brought a tear to my eye.” 😛 I will chuckle about this for the rest of the day!

    There is so much going on in every corner of the world today. Please stay safe, warm, and close to loved ones. May you find some peace and joy amid the difficulties today!

    Prayer page is still up at my place today for our friends!

  4. Pghemtchick says:

    Moving this over from the last blog as I posted late:

    Normally wouldn’t post Michelle Malkin stuff /Twitchy stuff here due to politics, but here’s a really cute Non-political posting on the snow (aka compilation of peoples tweets w/pics of babies/puppies/kitties)

    Stay safe!

    • iceNfire says:

      Those picture amaze me, California girl here. Is Michelle Malkin the Asian Fox News contributor? If so, I really like her but I don’t post political comments here either.

    • Powell says:

      Thks for that Pchick. That poor baby. She looked horrified that the snow is spoiling her fun time. And the pets look like they are in jail. All that snow reminds me of when I was a teen & we had snow like that or worse. The best thing was we were out of school for a week. Snow, snow go away!

    • boston02127 says:

      @Pghemtchick —-That was me thinking about shoveling.

  5. Cartwheels says:

    I have become very jaded when it comes to Brandi and her issues with Eddie and Leann.
    I need to explain that for me Eddie will always be a pig no matter what for the way he cheated with so many women in his relationship, if he didn’t love Brandi the way a husband is supposed to love his wife, he should not have had two kids with her, they are the ones who are in the middle of this.
    I just happen to find curious that before these two specific news :Brandi cheating allegations and the instagram picture, Brandi was getting it with both barrels because of the revelations on her book, I mean if it wasn’t Brandi but any other HW, people would be pretty outrage with whoever did:
    -Slashing tires instead of selling bike for money to rent and apartment.
    -Spending 12K in her vagina while living homeless in the back of her SUV
    -Talking about the threesomes that she had to perform in front of Eddie to get him on.
    -Joking about being rape by Eddie and how NO means yes.
    -Talking about Eddie’s dick
    -Talking for 100th time about how Leann destroyed her marriage, even though she swore to that waitress in SUR that she was the guilty one.
    All the support that Brandi was getting, was turning into dislike for this tell all that would have her kids as the main victims in the long run. The changing tides was palpable.
    Then suddenly and out of nowhere two things happen.
    1) Allegations of cheating that she blamed on Adrienne and came from a fake tweeter account that Brandi herself admitted was a fake account, yet the media ran wild accusing Adrienne and then Leann of doing this, even after it was found that the twitter account was fake.
    2) the Instagram picture of Eddie and Leann toasting, if the captions were not added, it would be a normal regular picture, but what made the picture outregeous was the caption where they both seemed to be mocking Brandi. Well, now again there are rumors that the account ws fake and Leann has come forward to say that her husband has never had an instagram account and now such account is gone.
    Maybe because of my suspicious mind, I see a trend here and it is that these two stories have worked pretty well to Brandi’s advantage. Brandi is now again the poor victim of these two scumbags, she is now the one who is being harrased and mocked, so who created these two fake accounts which just so happen to have worked so well to Brandi’s advantage?

    • Rebecca says:

      I don’t think the accounts were made to be to Brandi’s advantage. Everything was truly in line with all the rest of Leann’s bratty, unstable behavior. Whoever did this, and I am positive it was one of Leann’s cronies, meant to continue the same cra-cra as Leann put out there. Leann doesn’t realize she makes herself look worse than Brandi with every stupid revelation.

      This is just like the Teresa thing. People aren’t bowing down to her for being perfect. They see the mud coming from the other side of the fence and will fight the opposite side. That doesn’t mean people excuse Teresa of Brandi’s bad behavior, they’re taking the side of the lessor of two evils.

      • Cartwheels says:

        uhmmm, it might be but I also consider the possibility that it could have been one of Brandi’s tweet fanatics, it just was mightly convenient.

      • kit9 says:

        But that doesn’t make any sense. If Leann’s ‘cronies’ wanted to fake an account to make bash Brandi…they 1. Wouldn’t use Eddie’s name, and 2. Make an account that bashes Brandi. That account didn’t do anything to make Brandi look bad at all or bash her. The one completely innocuous comment wasn’t a dig. It was the dopey gossip rags that tried to spin it into something.

    • boston02127 says:

      I haven’t cared for Brandi from day one. There’s something about her that I don’t like. She plays the poor me victim too much and I don’t think she’s all that innocent. I think Brandi can hold her own.

      • Powell says:

        Brandi can hold her own. Everything that has happened w/Adrienne stems from her frustration w/Eddie & LeAnn. She feels she’s not going to let another person push her around & I totally get that but she went about it the wrong way. Brandi basically needs to learn what I’m sure she’s teaching her kids which is you can’t react to everything, sometimes you have to hold your tongue & sometimes you have to let go of relationships that weren’t really there to begin with.

      • lizzle says:

        It’s funny how we are drawn and/or repelled by certain housewives. I’m glad you all “hated” JZ, because I wouldn’t be here today if that didn’t happen.

    • Powell says:

      Cartwheels the Us Weekly or whatever mag w/the article Brandi cheated on Eddie 6 weeks after Jake was born & the instagram making fun of Brandu where LeAnn’s attempt to make Brandi look bad to take the focus off of LeAnn & Eddie’s contribution to Brandi’s book. They have all done a lot of bad things that when you get down to it affect Brandi & Eddie’s sons & they will all have to live with what they’ve done. I suspect that LeAnn won’t own up to her part in this for fifty yrs just like Elizabeth Taylor did to Debbie Reynolds. Brandi will one day come to the conclusion that LeAnn did her a huge favor by taking cheating Eddie off of her hands. Eddie is now LeAnn’s problem & he will continue to cheat unless he gets help. Something is wrong w/Eddie & I suspect it started way back before Brandi.

      • Cartwheels says:

        In the instance of the cheating, it all came from a fake twitter account, and then Brandi herself admitted that the rumors might have come from her own book when she gives some account of her encounters with guys while the divorce was not over.
        Brandi immediately concluded that it was Adrienne or Leann the guilty ones and that is all it took for her to go on a media frenzi explaining that she never cheated but forgetting to include the most important part of it that was that it was not Adrienne nor Leann who started that rumor.
        I think that Brandi feels very confortable in role role of perpetual victim and that most likely is not going to change any time soon.

        • Powell says:

          It may have come from her book but the 6 weeks after she gave birth she was cheating? That sounds like LeAnn PR machine.

        • iceNfire says:

          It bothered me that ROL wrote a negative article about Brandi the day after her blow up with Adri and Paul at Mauri’s event and Brandi was too quick to blame ROL article on Adri when they were all screaming and there were plenty of people that heard the whole thing and anyone in attendance could have planted that story. I don’t like Adri much but she can’t be the scape goat every single time.

    • kit9 says:

      Wait wait wait. Brandi said what about rape?!

    • kit9 says:

      You make an excellent point.that really the most logical answer is Brandi’s batsh*t crazy fans. And, some really are loons…there is a something close to that)for god’s sake.

    • Beckygrey says:

      @ Cartwheels why don’t we wait for the book so there will be a distinction in a time line. To start knocking anything without knowing the context is jumping the gun.
      For instances,
      When I was married, I slept with another man: My divorce took two years and we had to be separated 18 months before I could fill. I started dating two years after we separated.

      When I was in a committed relationship I was kissed by a girl (Lifestyle Alert!): We were in New Orleans at a strip club on my birthday and I received a kiss by one of the “workers” while my boyfriend sat next to me. (BTW, we both had a lap dance!)

      Again, everything within context …let’s wait

  6. lizzle says:

    Have you ever had to make a meal when you are running out of food. I’m going to the grocery store tomorrow, but wonder if anybody has any simple recipes for dinner. Meatloaf is my usual stand by, but I am out of ground beef. Thought I’d ask you guys.

    • Pghemtchick says:

      what do you have?

      • lizzle says:

        My only protein is fish right now and I have lots of it. Is there some sort of fish loaf … like meat loaf? For lunch I am making pasta. I have tons of noodles and sauce. I also have beans, cheese, tortillas, rice.

        • Rebecca says:

          Tuna casserole?

        • Rebecca says:

          You can make patties out of whatever fish you have – I keep a can of salmon in the pantry for just this occasion. Breadcrumbs, eggs, lemon pepper, and some capers, and then pat them in breadcrumbs or panko before quick frying then baking. A couple of buns and you have sandwiches, or a little lettuce and you have an “entree.”

          • iceNfire says:

            I bought what I thought was Bass the other day…turned out to be Basa, a white fish which is very inexpensive $1 a piece and they made good fish burgers. We always have rice on hand, Jasmine rice is our favorite. We cook a whole lot at a time and use the leftover to make fried rice the next day.Fried rice is easy to make as you can throw just about anything in it and it’s very filling as well.

            • lizzle says:

              So fish burgers it is… and I have never thought about frying the leftover rice. Good idea! Two years ago I was eating already prepared food from the Whole Foods deli section every day and now I am trying to come up with meal ideas on a budget. Oh, how life can change so fast!

              • mrspeabody says:

                I like to put Cream of Mushroom soup (right out of the can) over white fish and bake it and then serve it with white rice. Orange roughy is the best but any white fish would work. The cream of mushroom soup makes a sauce. It is deliciouse. I found the recipe in an old Campbells Soup recipe book. They have really good recipes. I make a easy Chili recipe I got from a newer cookbook of theirs.

                • princesspindy says:

                  Mrs. P… I love Cream of Mushroom soup!! I like to throw it in the crockpot with chicken or pork for hours and then put it over rice with shredded cheddar, this is my idea of comfort food.

                • lizzle says:

                  Thank you! I actually put cream of mushroom on my grocery list with a bunch of stars next to it, which means that I need a lot of it. I get tilapia, which is a white fish, so this will work for next week. And I always have rice… I try to keep potatoes and rice on hand at all times. And if a meal fails with the kids…. I make hotdogs! The kids are great, though…. they try to put on a happy face, but I can tell when they just don’t enjoy their meal.

              • iceNfire says:

                lizzle – If you have an Asian market nearby buy your rice there. We buy a 50 pound bag for $30 and it lasts the 5 of us for almost 3 months.. we eat rice daily. I like to put unfolded omlettes on top of rice usually chicken,shrimp,and onions topped with sriracha hot sauce. Look for Thai curry paste in Asian market also just add 1 can of coconut milk and any meat/veggies you like buy the Mae Ploy brand red or green…that will last a long time too 🙂

                • lizzle says:

                  I love sriracha! And even though the kids aren’t sriracha ready… I am trying to introduce them to the spicy side of foods. My stepson is actually starting to prefer the spicier BBQ, so I think I am winning him over. The kids also love omelets, so the omelet over rice is an amazing idea! A few nights ago, I made omelets and chicken. It was a big hit!

              • Catseye says:

                I don’t know if you own a crockpot, but there’s a tremendous amount of things that you can make in it, inexpensively.

                • lizzle says:

                  no… but I always think about how I need one… my mom cooked and still cooks on a crock pot all the time. I remember her putting corned beef in one and it was oh so good by the end of the day.

    • VV says:

      Go to the recipe section @ LynnNChicago. There are lost of recipes there.

    • trudie says:

      go to You can put in the ingredients you have and they will come up with a recipe for you.

    • boston02127 says:

      You can use this link to type in what food you have in your house and it gives you ideas of what you can make. I have another one like this, when I find it I’ll post it.

      • lizzle says:

        Thanks boston! I’ve been bookmarking all the sites. I hope you are doing OK in the snow and congrats on the little house. If I buy a house, I want it to be a cute little house… because I don’t think I could take care of much more. You sound like you are on a good path in life…so congrats and please stay warm!

        • boston02127 says:

          lizzle—–I really didn’t buy a house! I was kidding about the link that had Heather Dubrow’s manson listed as sold. Oh God, I’m still paying rent to my grandparents.

          • lizzle says:

            LOL… I get it now! I’m a little slow with the jokes. I was starting to think you were some sort of superhero… working, school, engagement and buying houses. The one thing about the Dubrow’s little house that I find weird… is that it didn’t have a pool… huh? Who has a multi million dollar home in the OC without a pool?

      • Orson says:

        Do you have a cat that you don’t use very much?

  7. Donna says:

    Did anyone notice that LeAnn is no longer in the Grammy Awards Commercials?

    • Powell says:

      I didn’t know that she was to begin with. Hey CBS has ban crotches, boobs, see thru clothes & anyting else revealing so I wouldn’t put it pass the producer of the Grammy’s to nix people that will bring too much controversy or uneeded press. Brandi says she’s doing the Red Carpet but she didn’t split up a family, LeAnn did.

      • iceNfire says:

        I saw that dress code some of the examples of what will Not be allowed are JLo’s beautiful dress that was cut down past her navel (from p.diddy days) and Toni Braxton’s almost sideless white dress…ridiculous! imo – I enjoy the schock value as well as the imo beautiful clothes

    • VV says:

      Was she going to perform or present!

    • lizzle says:

      I didn’t notice, but the celebitchy has a blog up about her at a pre-Grammy party with a pic of her in a sheer beige dress. She looks like she has gained back some weight, which is good… she looked like skeletor for a while.

    • Donna says:

      When it first came out there was a pic of her holding her grammy, it is no longer there

  8. princesspindy says:

    Starz, love your blog recap/snark ….
    The other day someone said something about arguing about semantics, it’s a favorite personal past time….. I noticed Kyle’s statement:

    ” I want to say for the record, I was NEVER called by ANYONE about any meeting regarding Lisa. Never.”

    I interpret this to mean…..
    She was NEVER called by ANYONE because SHE was the ONE doing the CALLING!!!!

    • iceNfire says:

      LoL at your interpretation – I found this comment under Kyle’s Bravo blog and it struck as spot on:
      KYLE,,I just want to grab your shoulders and scream ” It’s not working—for the love of God,
      it’s not working”…Listen,I don’t think you’re a horrible person, in fact, I believe you can
      be great and be a great friend, we’ve seen it, BUT only to those who support you. And
      supporting you means helping to make you the “it” girl on this show, a place you so desperately want because you had it once for a bit and you need camera attention excrutiatingly bad. But now, you continue to manipulate and stir until you make the storyline follow what you want it to be, and more important, WHO you want us to see in a bad light. And that’s anyone who threatens your attention. That’s why Taylor is fine with you, she’s no threat, Adrienne– fine, no threat, even Faye, certainly no threat. You have loyalty and being a “good friend” in you; you could run from Faye after the backlash, but you don’t. I imagine it’s guilt as you put her there. She fell in your “create the storyline” trap. Trying to ruin someone you want out of your spotlight way is just immaturity and insecurity, and it’s mean. If the audience was against Brandi, I think you’d be ruining her on these blogs this year; you’re backing off because you see our overwhelming opinions. I bet after this season was filmed, with everything that happened with Brandi and her blurting out the “secret.” I bet you thought you had worked it right, and this season Brandi would be getting all the criticism HEAT, just like Camille did the first year. And you thought Lisa would be in trouble for defending Brandi because that’s what you made sure GOT ON CAMERA. That’s the problem, we all know this fact, including Brandi and Lisa. Things aren’t the same with you and Lisa and without her you’ve lost your glue. It went down different–we’re just smarter than you think, or maybe you even believed it along the way, who knows…but I imagine it’s ruining your “head” which shows me you aren’t a bad person, you just keep trying the same way over and over. Especially with Lisa. You went after her at the reunion, and while you don’t talk about it, you BOTH know it’s there. Just my opinion, but you aren’t listening to ANYBODY, so how about a random stranger– here’s how you can start over with the audience, why don’t you write the truth and stop trying the same tired passive aggressive manipulations that aren’t working. How about: “Dear viewers,
      you know, I got this show, and being in the spotlight and on camera has always been what
      I dreamed of. I was an actor; had some success but didn’t hit big. Now I was on a hit show,,
      the lottery! I was the fan favorite for a year and all my dreams were coming true. I was
      threatened by Camille the moment I met her as she had a famous husband and didn’t give me all the attention,,I behaved poorly, it’s my self defense mechanism. And when Brandi came, I blew it again as my insecurities were threatened and I “mean girl’d” her bad. I attacked Brandi at first cuz I thought she was Lisa’s foe (cedrick) and she’s gorgeous, but that was no excuse, I should have waited for Lisa’s “lead” with that (cedrick). Since then I’ve
      wrecked my relationship with Lisa because she’s the “golden child” of the show that I wanted
      so badly, and she didn’t back me for my Brandi attack. I’m sorry for behaving like I did, I
      admit it and I’m humiliated. I just wanted it so bad, it got away from me. I can look back and see I stirred, and manipulated the characters as I wanted them to be seen, another words, I wanted me on top, and everybody else under me. You should not do this to anyone, let alone friends. I am starting fresh, I’m putting the passive aggressive maneuvers down, and I hope I’m given a second chance from Lisa, Brandi, Camille, and the viewers” Bam Kyle, how about it?

      • princesspindy says:

        Dang, that was “spot on!”

      • LaineyLainey says:

        I think what the viewer is wishing for is that Kyle would want to COMPLETELY change her personality. She is in a pattern from years of being pitted against her own sister to win at all costs. She is a unique person. She was willing to betray and humiliate her own sister to make herself the central character on a reality show. The glee she derived from doing that was sickening. The semi-effort she made to try to explain herself was pathetic at best. A woman who would do that to her own sister is dangerous to all other women. I hope that she will draw the line at hurting her own kids. She seems like a genuinely good, attentive and caring mother. But as far as Lisa, Brandi and any other female…she is in direct 100% competition with them. She seems ok with that. It’s how she sees her place in the world. Competing constantly for attention. The viewers fell for the fake Kyle…even I liked her for a hot minute. But her hatefulness was on the surface just waiting to come out. so now it’s out and that’s who she is and to quote Mama Manzo, it is what it is.

        • iceNfire says:

          yeah, i guess i was expecting to much from kyle

          • LaineyLainey says:

            Sorry, I didn’t mean to dash your hopes. Hey, it could happen!!! I want to like her again, too!! She has some admirable qualities. She seems to have a good marriage and appears to be an attentive and kind mother.

    • Cartwheels says:

      Nah, Brandi has had plenty of opportunities to confront Kyle about this, there has been at least 5 dinners between the last reunion and this last one inVegas and not once has Brandi said anything to Kyle’s face to the effect that she knew or was the leader of such meeting, Brandi’s comments about Kyle have been on her TH but never face to face and mainly had been about Kyle not defending Lisa.

      • lizzle says:

        Brandi probably has no idea if Kyle was called about a meeting, therefore she can’t say anything. In fact, Kyle and Adrienne are the only ones who know the truth regarding Kyle. And like Stars said… Kyle and Lisa were good friends at the time, so Adrienne might not have included Kyle. But if she did… only Adrienne can out her… so… that is a good reason to defend Adrienne and vice versa.

        • princesspindy says:

          Like, totally!

        • VV says:

          There was already a fracture on the friendship of Kyle and Lisa early on in S2. Remember dinner at Charo’s house when Ken said that therapy wouldn’t work for him and Kyle went after Ken protecting Traylor. Ken and Lisa left early. Also, The Beaver Creek trip was early on and Kyle made a few snarky comments about Lisa like Camille, Adrienne as well. Early on they were all attacking Lisa on S2. I’m sure Kyle was full on board with Adrienne plans.

          • princesspindy says:

            I think I would like to watch Season 1 again just to see what went on cuz I was still naive back then, re: Bravo editing…. I just took everything at face value…

          • lizzle says:

            Then, IMO, Kyle was contacted somehow and A and K want to keep it silent to benefit each other. Kyle and Adrienne’s silence puts into question Brandi’s credibility and of course, protects Adrienne from looking like a controlling manipulator. That’s a win/win for those two. I wonder when Kyle got into bed with Adrienne? So weird.

            • VV says:

              I think Kyle got jealous of Lisa’s popularity. Remember, Kyle was contacted first for the show and suggested the rest of the cast to Andy. Also, Lisa got a spinoff.

              • LaineyLainey says:

                duh…yeah, she got and is still jealous. Jealousy seems to be Kyle’s comfort zone. She seems ok with splashing around in it…maybe it’s from years of living in her more famous sister’s shadow. jmo

          • Toodybird says:

            Re: the “Tea” at Lisa’s. Don’t know who organized the ambush of Lisa, at Lisa’s home no less, but Trailor launched it saying Lisa was so full of herself. She asked for confirmation from Kyle, saying Kyle had said so. Kyle confirmed. My point is that somewhere in this scene Trailor inferred, after Camille brought up the broken jaw, that the plan was to take down Lisa. So, this was before the reunion and was an organized plan. Camille put a twist on the conversation.

            • LaineyLainey says:

              Yes, toodybird, and then when Traylorita and Lisa kissed and made up; Ms. Kyle was HORRIFIED. It was a rare organic (non staged) moment to witness Kyle’s genuine reaction – to see the Lisa confrontation turn into the Taylor the Victim, Comfort Session.
              The confrontation got turned up on it’s butt right before our eyes. That was juicy.

            • VV says:

              The point is there was a plan to take down Lisa. Plan A at Tea Party failed then they implemented Plan B take down at reunion. All throughout S2 they were taking pot shots at Lisa. It was obvious and on film for anybody to see on reruns. More proof can be seen at reunion S2 in the behavior of Kyle, Traylor, Adrienne and Camille in a lesser form.

            • pat says:

              That’s right, I’d forgotten about that. Taylor revealed that they were planning to pile on Lisa at the tea party, and then it got turned around, onto Taylor. It was turned into a hilarious video:


      • princesspindy says:

        It seems that Kyle gets others to do her dirty work, so her name could have been kept out of it. (allegedly) I can just see her saying “Don’t tell her you talked to me” (allegedly) I don’t believe that she never knew about it….(allegedly) she never got a phone call, doesn’t mean she didn’t “take a lunch” or she didn’t make a phone call (allegedly)….., I don’t believe any of them anymore (honestly)…. 😦

      • kit9 says:

        That was the giant red flag that screams that Brandi is exaggerating/lying LisaTakeDownGate. Kyle was right there! Brandi’s said that she was in on it/privy to it and, yet, mysteriously, didn’t ask her about it. Please.

    • lizzle says:

      That was me! That was me! about the semantics. And…. I give you a pass… because you are so darn funny around here… and I am not a Kyle fan.

    • Rebecca says:

      So she was told in person instead of being called. It’s the semantics defense!

    • VV says:

      If Adrienne did the calling, she’s not lying either. Which in the world of Kyle proof she didn’t make the calls…
      We the audience know; calls were made, plans were made, comments were rehearsed. The proof it’s in the reunion behavior for anybody to see.

      • princesspindy says:


      • kit9 says:

        Reunions are for confronting people about what pissed them off during the season/after. And, Kyle said way back when Brandi first claimed this that it didn’t happen. Parsing her words? If she said nobody called her…it’s understood that means ….nobody talked/contacted/emailed/texted/etc her. She’s saying it didn’t happen. Again. Someone want to go dig up her first statement and her exact wordage then?

  9. boston02127 says:

    Great blogs, thanks.

  10. Powell says:

    Walking Dead marathon is on if you need to catch up.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      egads,…what I need to do is get up off my arse and do stuff around here. Well, I guess it can’t hurt if it’s playing in the background? LOL!!

  11. Kat From Ohio says:

    sorry if this has been posted, but i saw on perezhilton that carole confirmed she broke up with her bf.

  12. boston02127 says:

    The news has been on for the past two days. Drivers on the road will be subject to one year in jail and a $500. fine. My butts planted. Church is even cancelled.

  13. VV says:

    Adrienne’s taglines S1 and S2

    Money is what I have not who I am.

    Having it all it’s easy, if you are willing to work for it.

    • lizzle says:

      She sounds invested in the material aspect of life. It’s easier to work for it when it was given to you in the first place. Maybe tomorrow I will call a team of designers, accountants and distributers together to create my own line of ear muffs…. with Lizzle embroidered on them.

  14. Lulu says:

    Hello everyone! Been very very very busy between work/daycare/showings etc it’s been hectic. I’m venting all these potential renters and not one of them submitted an application? Not to mention the no shows! I really feel for realtors/rental agencies it’s pretty tough! This momma who’s 23wks along is hoping that everything will work itself out and soon!!! I’d like to be able to rest my remaining few months!!!

    A comment that is soo late!!! So my DH’s new job is 3 hours away so suffice to say for all intents and purposes I am a single mom during the week. When I heard about Bethenny writing about being a single mother?!?!?!? Are you kidding me!!!! Cry me a river!!! It’s not like she has to deal with a kicking and screaming toddler while being 23 weeks pregnant walking down 3 flights of stairs. Then later up 3 flights of stairs with a dog that misbehaves! I really feel for the real single mom’s out there I’m struggling after 2 weeks. I really hope people start seeing through her B.S she is nothing more than a hustler who’s made money off of other people and now Jason. Poor Bryn hopefully she can stay weekends with the (ex)in-laws her only chance for some stability.

    I’ll try not to be a stranger! 🙂

    • LuLu….good to see you hon! Sounds like you have a lot on your plate, but don’t forget to take care of yourself, even if it is a 15 min rest with your feet up!! Gotta take care of you and that wee one you are carrying! Keep us posted about the new house and the move. Hugs!

    • lizzle says:

      I can relate… it IS hard. Never think otherwise. My boyfriends career has him working up to 70 hours a week (it’s tapered off a bit lately)… so it is me, who is the everything to the kids during the week. I don’t know about you, but on the weekends I am like, “Dad, can you do this and this and this with the kids” I am sure it is hard for him, but emotionally… I am drained by the end of the week. And yes, Bethenny knows nothing. If I had a nanny…. I would be set. No problem. Imagine having someone there to play with the kids for just one hour….. much less… eight or whatever Bethenny deems she wants.

    • princesspindy says:

      You make sure you take care of yourself and rest!! When my kids were little my hubby traveled so much that my friends and I joked that I was a Single Mother with good financing…. I always started dinner around 4pm,, then baths, then reading and they were in bed by 7, the rest of the night was mine!!! It was harder in the summer when it was still light out but a mom’s gotta do, what a mom’s gotta do!!

      • LaineyLainey says:

        love that discipline and setting good patterns. So many little ones lack that today.

        • princesspindy says:

          I have gotten phone calls and I will hear children in the background and it’s 9 or 10 at night and I am thinking, you’ve got to be kidding. One woman said, “they just don’t want to ever go to bed.” Seeerrrriouuusssslllyyy???

      • lizzle says:

        but…. ITS ALL ABOUT THE KIDS! yep… the bedtime around here went from 8 to 7:30 in no time flat… and now… I’m thinking… 7 is a better rounded number.

      • Powell says:

        PrincessP your friend should coin that. “A single mother with good financing.”

    • LaineyLainey says:

      So nice to hear from you! Hang in there, momma!

    • Powell says:

      I was thinking about you. Wondering how you were & how Mr. Lulu was doing on his new job. I’m sorry you’re a single mom during the week. Itust be difficult. I can guess partly how Mr. Lulu is doing w/a 4 hr drive. I’m glad to see you. Tell Mr. Lulu I said hi.

    • iceNfire says:

      Lulu – as long as your toddler doesn’t know how to tell time you can call bedtime whenever you want.

    • Lulu says:

      Aww thank you all!!!! The LO is in bed 7pm sharp everynight! Momma falls asleep at 7 too. Unfortunately I’m too exhausted from the day to watch or think about anything. No time to watch anything (except for Lilo and stitch everyday 2x for a week!) but I’m sure once life returns back to normal I’ll have time to catch up.

  15. princesspindy says:

    I KNOW all you Couples Therapy fans have been dying to see Courtney Stodden’s music video, so here it is…… let’s see who can watch the longest…. I personally watched without sound and it basically looked like what I would imagine soft porn would be…… it’s pretty sad, IPPHO!


  16. iceNfire says:

    Does everyone already know about this?
    Anderson Live ‏@andersonlive
    Hey @LisaVanderpump! What should we be asking @BrandiGlanville when she co-hosts next Friday? #BrandiCoHosts

  17. lizzle says:

    OK…. BF and kids are almost back home. Thank you for letting me ramble on today! I needed it! Much love to everyone… even if you hate Brandi… JK… kinda… not really… seriously kidding… sort of… obviously. Semantics anyone?

  18. iceNfire says:

    I’ve been thinking about Adri’s sudden line of skin care, shoes, purses, and whatever else she’s got going. She probably had more money than Paul when they married so the prenupt was geared towards making sure Paul didn’t get any Maloof money in case of divorce. Which once again leads me back to my theory that the big secret is Maloof money or lack of….

    • pat says:

      Adrienne took the new boy toy to a grammy party, and it was reported that she only paid attention to him when cameras were around. As soon as the cameras were gone, she ignored him and was busy shmoozing industry people. That’s yet another one of the business ventures she and her brothers are attempting to get into. Music.

    • jezzibel says:

      Her date looks stoned out of his mind…what could those 2 even begin to have in common

  19. Rebecca says:

    February 8 tweets from Wacky Jacky – she’s ba-a-a-ack!

    Jacqueline Laurita ‏@JacLaurita
    When u argue w/a moron,u become a moron.U have2rise above&remember who &what is really important in life.Some things don’t matter.Let it go

    Jacqueline Laurita ‏@JacLaurita
    U can 4give a person&start over or 4give them but choose2keep that toxic person out of ur life while they look 4 their table flipping moment

  20. iceNfire says:

    @VV – Are you here? Are you getting all this leann twitter crap? Idk how to post full tweets with pictures like you do.

  21. Nancy says:

    Lainey this is one of my favorites.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      DD and I watched this a couple of times. This was beautiful. Her extension is amazing. Does she still skate?

    • L.A. Chica says:


      No, seriously.


    • lizzle says:

      It was a prank and Austin and his friend didn’t intend on it going viral… he quoted Andy Warhol when talking about it… “in the future, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes” LOL… I wonder if the housewives would like being lumped in with everyone… like Austin Knill (the guy in the story)

  22. VV says:

    They are The Best of RHONJ

  23. TexasTart says:

    As for Craycrayrimes, I like that NMD gave us the ‘She’s batsh!tcrazy’ in the poll! And yesterday when BB followed a pic of craycrayrimes with the clip from Young Frankenstein – perfect! 😆

    • Nancy says:

      I wonder where her parents are? You would think her mothere would tell her to
      cut it out.

      • pat says:

        I remember reading an article about Leann, many years ago, right around the time she was suing her dad. She was an only child, and she was very, very spoiled. She was definitely also over-worked and didn’t get to have a normal childhood, which I think played a huge role in the adult she became. But I remember the article described an out of control, spoiled brat teenager, who blew crazy amounts of money, had questionable older boyfriends, etc.

    • pat says:

      And Jezzibel gave us “nuttier than squirrel poop,” my personal fave.

  24. VV says:

    So, Does anybody know what percentage of the agency Mauricia owns? He and Kule always talk about it as “their” company.

  25. VV says:

    Mauricio’s mom also posted a pics of she and Karen, Ken,Lisa and Giggy of this on her FB page. I’m surprised she didn’t tweet it as well.

  26. Pghemtchick says:

    Dance Moms meets Abbey’s Ultimate:

    Well it seems Abbey continues to feature these dancers on the main show. Earlier this season, we saw Hadley and her dramamomma Yvette. Last week, Kathy unveiled her boy’s only team w/ Abbey’s ultimate alum Zach. Looks like it doesn’t end there. From Giabella’s (Abbey’s dance instructor featured on the show and at comps) twitter:

    Unless my eyes deceive me, that lil one is Asia. Her mom, Kristie, was BSC mean IMO. Wasn’t really impressed with Asia on the comp, maybe that’ll change-who knows.

  27. boston02127 says:

    Sleep, eat, watch TV, shovel, Sleep, eat, eat. Shovel, shovel shovel. Eat, eat, eat, eat. Sleep. Watch TV. That wraps up my day.

  28. boston02127 says:

    This mom stops its kittens nightmare.

  29. VV says:

  30. VV says:

  31. boston02127 says:

    Well…………I haven’t quite reached the 5000 calorie point today, I’m close thou. I’m going to munch and go to bed. Night all.

  32. TexasTart says:

    Good Morning to any early birds out there!
    Hope you have a good day! 😀

  33. boston02127 says:

    Good morning. 🙂

    I have JZ’s newsletter. I wasn’t going to waste our time with it but it made me laugh. I laughed about her need to tell everyone about her tooth.

    Hi Everyone!
    READY? SET?? …

    This will be more like a travel log than a newsletter this month…but I know some of you like the micro, mini, details of where we are traveling and what we are up to. If you don’t care for the minutia…you can always skip down and look at the “pretty pictures” and/or click on any links listed.
    We ended 2012 celebrating NYE at SPLASH, the largest gay duplex nightclub in NYC with Lenore (Bobby’s sister), Jennifer (Bobby’s daughter), Jonathan (Bobby’s son), Sarah (Jonathan’s girlfriend) and some friends. I was surrounded by the most beautiful and handsome men (besides my Bobby) in the world. Girls…eat your heart out! (small problem…they aren’t interested in us!) Shortly after, we left for the warm weather in Miami Beach to celebrate the wedding nuptials of one of my best friends in the world. I played Cupid and fixed her up with the love of her life. I was her matron of honor, Bobby walked the bride down the aisle and it was one of the most loving, intimate weddings we ever attended. Forty family and friends gathered on the beach, literally, to see them “tie the knot” and then danced the night away under the stars. We stayed on Fisher Island which is a small private island off of Miami Beach, only accessible by ferry. Between the spa, golf, tennis and beach club…you never want to leave. My favorite part was driving the golf cart all over the island. The only reason we left was to “escort” the honeymooners on their honeymoon to ST. Barths with 2 other couples.

    We rented a house in the heart of the island, down the block from Nikki Beach and walking distance to town. Did I mention the four bedroom house was on the beach? We used to rent the house. Their offices are across the street from the teeny tiny airport so when we arrived they took over and helped us. We had the BEST concierge named Moe. He did everything from book Pilate’s instructors to private chefs and masseuses, who came to the house. If you are interested in renting a house in the Caribbean or anywhere in the world…I highly recommend them. Moe made our vacation go from good to unforgettable and we plan on re-renting there again next year.

    Two things I forgot to mention…
    1. We took Ginger with us!!! Dr. Cindy Bressler, (Ginger’s personal vet who does house calls in NYC and the Hamptons) went to JFK Airport for us to get all the paperwork necessary to travel. Side note: You must get papers less than ten days of travel…if you don’t have valid papers…the country can quarantine your animal up to six months!

    2. We went to Le Ti for dinner, show and dancing (the best entertainment on the island) and who did I run into? Tomas! Yes…the pirate. He is so adorable. He loved the fame that came along with being on TV so much that he wants to be an actor now. I hope his dreams come true. His version of events is “not quite” what we actually saw…but he was fun to watch wasn’t he?

    After we came home I noticed I had a hole in my tooth, in the middle of my lower bridge. I went to see Dr. Mark Lazare and after a three hour visit…he painlessly removed the bridge, rebuilt two teeth and put in a temp with zero pain. I mean zero. He has incredible “hands.” I could buy a used car for what it cost for dental work these days…but it will hopefully last a long long time and he has the most incredible “bedside” manner.

    Since I came home we have been preparing for what turned out to be one of the first fashion shows for FALL 2013 in NYC. Being our 4th Season…Skweez Couture is now an established brand in shapewear and legwear. For a complete store/state listing visit our store locator.

    To celebrate this accomplishment, we held our first SKWEEZ COUTURE fashion show using REAL women to model the garments. With over forty looks using Jill Zarin Jewelry exclusively to accessorize the outfits made it even more of a professional “high” for me. I stood on stage in front of over four hundred women (and a few token men including my hubby Bobby who is always by my side watching over me) giving details of what each of the models where wearing. My family and friends came out to support me, including some of my celebrity friends such as Todd English, his girlfriend and designer Candice Sonneman, Jason Roberts from The Chew and Cindy Barshop, former castmate on RHNYC. The fashion show was held at Hudson Terrace. For those of you who were RHNYC fans, you know we filmed the finale of season one at Hudson Terrace. It brought back some great memories to be there.

    February is a very special month for me. Bobby’s birthday is February 27th, Sarah’s is February 17th, and of course February 14th is Valentine’s Day. For those of you who are dating, married or just in Love with Love…you know the feeling too. Anticipating what you are going to do for your better half and thinking about what your better half might do for you! For those of my single ladies (or men) out there, enjoy your time and the dating scene! It is a very exciting time in your life when you are dating and meeting new people.

    We have so many trips coming up that I’m getting tired just thinking about them. Bobby and I are heading to Nashville to visit Ally, Aspen with friends, South Carolina for an appearance, Miami, and then taking my parents on our annual cruise all before April 1st. I don’t want to even start thinking about packing! Thank goodness for my Skweez Couture leggings that go with everything and make packing easier for me.

    Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!


    PS…I want to welcome the following stores to our Skweez Couture and Jill Zarin Jewelry family. Skweez is in stores now and JZ Jewelry will be available in April. Please visit our store finder by clicking HERE.

    • Orson says:

      I counted 9, count’em 9 plugs in that newsletter. Not counting name-dropping. I wonder what the record is.

  34. AZGirl says:

    Good morning everyone! Cold here in AZ and we did not get the rain expected yesterday. Hoping all east coasters are safe and warm. I am watching the news and I can’t imagine all that snow and having to deal with it. It has been so long I would probably not survive living in the east or midwest 🙂
    Reading Wacky Jackie’s tweets brings back all the dread of watching her crazy drunk butt. But looking at that pic of Teresa’s girls is so cute. I really wish they would just give Teresa her own show and dump the rest of the NJ crew. I have absolutely NO INTEREST in watching Wacky Jackie, Mel, Joey, Kathy, Creepy Richie and the Manzo’s.
    LeAnn had a private concert in Palm Springs. Well the star has fallen and she is performing in a senior home for someone’s 80th birthday.

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