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LeAnn Rimes sues Brandi’s Dentist by NoMoreDrama

Yup.  Just when the drama between LeAnn Rimes and Brandi Glanville couldn’t get stranger, it seems as though LeAnn started going to Brandi’s dentist three years ago, and is now suing him.

Brandi stands by her dentist, tweeting: “My dentist of 17 yrs Dr. Duane McKay who has done 5 root canals, 2 bridges and completely fixed my TMJ- whom I LOVE is PERFECT ask 007”

As for LeAnn.  It appears as though LeAnn started complaining about tooth troubles late July on twitter.  In this People article, they recap the tweets where she goes on and on about the pain and surgery.

Wednesday – late July “Waiting on the endodontist to meet me and do a nighttime root canal,” she wrote. “This is one of the craziest things I’ve ever been through. Trying to keep my mind off the pain & what’s about to happen by saying hi to you guys. Life does not work on the right schedule sometimes. This is such bad timing!!!!! K, wish me luck. Much love!”

“O-M-G i got 3 shots in the roof of my mouth & 1 INSANE shot directly into the half dead half ALIVE nerve through the hole he drilled on the backside of my tooth.”

Friday: “My mouth kills!!! I feel like the girl in The Exorcist where she can’t stop moving her head around on the pillow. I can’t get comfortable! Hopefully, no pea soup will come shooting out and I won’t be moving any dressers in front of the door to our bedroom w/ my mind 🙂 no possession here, just ridiculous tooth pain!”

And finally Monday: “Out of surgery!!! All is well. My whole face is numb and I’m starving… bad combo. Thx for all your prayers.Now it’s revealed that she’s suing her dentist.  According to TMZ, Rimes claims:  “she went to Dr. Duane C. McKay for various dental work over 3 years. Some of the work included upper front veneers and crowns that the dentist promised would address her TMJ-related pain as well as improve her appearance. Rather than helping, the dentist messed her mouth up bad, causing tremendous pain and bleeding. Rimes says she’s had to undergo 9 root canals and bone grafting. She’s also had a temporary bridge and needed physical therapy as well. 

Wow – the pursuit of perfection including the perfect smile has a high price in Beverly Hills.      How many root canals is that between the two of them?


Gia Giudice Walks the Runway at Fashion Week – Alex McCord reviews her Look

UPDATE:  Here’s Gia walking the runway at fashion week.  Notice Alex McCord in the background!  (all photos are tweets from Teresa).

Gia walking the runway - Teresa's twitter

Gia walking the runway – Teresa’s twitter

gia at fashion week

teresa and gia

And the youtube

And Alex McCord’s tweet:

WOW @Teresa_Giudice — Gia is so gorgeous — she’s growing up!! Here she is on the @NYFWStyle360 runway TODAY!! PIC

And Sulia Review


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Cast Blogs by Stars99

Note to Readers:  I barely read the first sentence of Adrienne’s blog before I started to feel nauseous. Who the heck is lying?  Cuz somebody is… Inquiring minds want to know…Who said what… and when did they say it?  Has this turmoil between Adrienne and Brandi been brewing all along?  What kind of words did Brandi use when talking about the threat of Adrienne’s lawsuit?  Did Adrienne ever actually threaten to sue Brandi? When Adrienne herself talks about others comparing her situation with Brandi to Camille and Russell’s situation – is there any other way to interpret it other than she was actively threating a lawsuit?  Why on earth did Adrienne wait until this week to say there was no lawsuit, nor was there any threat of a lawsuit when clearly, it had been a topic of discussion for several episodes?  I decided to go back to Adrienne’s blogs themselves, since they should give us at least some awareness of what she was thinking at the time each episode aired.  It seems to me the “Real Housewives” may put more thought into their blogs since the heat of the moment has passed and they can clarify what they said or saw on each episode.  I offer you a few specific excerpts… decide for yourself.  They’re all from Adrienne’s blog, with two exceptions from Brandi’s blog that are specifically delineated and are included herein for obvious reasons:

Week 4:  In Adrienne’s blog, she says, “Unfortunately we couldn’t get through dinner without Brandi overreacting. Kim is a good friend and of course when you see a friend crying it’s normal to ask if they are “OK.”  For Brandi to react the way she did is just ridiculous; she is way too quick to attack and judge. Come on Brandi, you’ve got a chip on your shoulder, it’s time to lighten up!”


Week 5:  In Adrienne’s blog, she says, “Unfortunately, Brandi is looking for a fight and I am her target of the moment. I’ve been trying to get along with her and not engage in unnecessary drama.”

Week 6 – This is the week of Mauricio’s Party wherein Kim tells Adrienne and Paul what Brandi divulged during the tasting at Sur.  The viewer sees Paul describing it as, “defamation of character” and Adrienne asserting onscreen that it was, “character assassination” and worthy of a “fat old lawsuit!”

No blog from Adrienne this week, however, in Brandi’s blog, she says:  “…but this time I’ve pissed off the wrong rich person.” Brandi further says, “We all make mistakes, and if I could take this back I would. Trust me! I can’t, so now I just have to deal. Boy is it going to be expensive!”

Week 7:  In Adrienne’s blog, she says, “Also, I’m grateful for the support for all my girlfriends on the show and Mauricio, he is an example of a true gentleman.” She further explains, “It’s difficult for me to elaborate on the events of the last few episodes; I am still in the process of my divorce and under a gag order, which prevents me from speaking about my family.” Adrienne also says, “I would have attended Kyle’s dinner party, but knowing Brandi was going to be there I didn’t want to put myself in a compromising situation — I’m tired of the cattiness.”

Week 8:  In Adrienne’s blog, she says, “I needed to take a step back from the drama this episode. It’s best to give yourself time and distance from a difficult situation in order to gain perspective.”

Week 9:  (Moroccan dinner party night) Brandi says in her blog:  “So heading into this next dinner party, I have a lot on my plate having just been served with papers from Adrienne Maloof’s high-powered lawyer who asked me to either never have an opinion on or defend myself against Adrienne and Paul again or to prepare for a court battle. I’m still unclear why it is OK for Adrienne (or her cook) to come after me and my family, but the second I fight back I’m served with lawyer papers. At this point most of the ladies don’t know the entire story of what went on between Adrienne, and but as we watch further they will see it unfold.”

Week 10:  Adrienne says in her blog, “A few of the women are comparing this situation with the disagreement between Russell and Camille. For me there is one key difference and that is the direct involvement of my innocent loved ones who were NEVER supposed to be part of the drama. With Russell and Camille all parties involved were adults and capable of defending themselves. Any mother would agree that protecting young children is of the utmost importance. I still believe that friends don’t sue friends but Brandi has made it abundantly clear that she is not my friend.”

Week 11:  Adrienne says in her blog, “As you’ve noticed, I’ve pulled back tremendously, I was tired of engaging in all the chaos. . .it’s not worth my time or energy. I can’t stress how important it is to have strong friends and family by your side. With that said, when Faye is on fire she’s at her best!”

Week 12:  Adrienne says in her blog, “The reason I am never at these dinner parties is simple — when the main topic of conversation is attacking and criticizing others, I choose to disengage.”  She further says, “Thank you Camille and Kyle for having my back and being a friend.”

In light of the above… Your perspective on what’s said in the blogs this week may be clarified… so, we return  back to our regularly scheduled programming and Week 13’s blogs…. (FYI – Kyle, Camille and Brandi have not posted a blog at this point…)

Adrienne Maloof

“This week’s episode contained numerous references by Brandi and the other women to a lawsuit that I allegedly filed against Brandi. Further, Brandi claims that my lawyer sent her a cease and desist letter and asked her to sign something giving up her right to speak.”

“I want to be 100 percent clear that there is no lawsuit, a fact which can be confirmed by a simple search of court records. Further, neither I, nor my lawyer, have ever sent a letter to Brandi. Earlier this year, my lawyer did send a letter to a former business associate of mine whom I believed was disclosing confidential information about me and my family to third parties, including Brandi. This is the only thing I can think of that might have prompted this week’s discussion. I am disappointed that not only have my family and my children been put through everything that this season has brought, but also that I am now being painted as a liar. There was no letter to Brandi and, most importantly, there is no lawsuit, as she keeps claiming.”

Okay, Adrienne, The Martyr and Queen of Splitting Hairs… You, yes, YOU threatened Brandi on camera with a “fat old lawsuit” for what she said about you.  We have it – we have all seen it – and we’d be happy to replay it for you if your brain is so fried from spray tanning that you can’t remember making those comments.  Actually, that should be enough right there.  You said you were going to sue her.  Period.  You can’t unring that bell – once you threaten a lawsuit you can’t just say, “Oh, I was just kidding.”  However, we have a lot of other indicators that you were continuing on with your threats as evidenced by your own words from your own blogs.  The fact that you haven’t actually FILED a lawsuit is really immaterial… you threatened to file.

Whenever you try to figure out if a situation actually happened or not… 1) You look at what the person was saying about situation while it was happening; 2) You find out if they told anyone else about the situation at the time it was happening; and 3) You analyze what actions they took as a result of the situation. 1) Brandi said in her blog that because she said what she said – that it was going to be expensive;  2) She told people at the Moroccan restaurant specifically that she not only got a letter – but she also disclosed portions of what it said… for example, the fact that she needed to show up by a certain date and time to sign some paperwork otherwise there would be further legal action; and 3)  She hired a lawyer because she was sufficiently nervous about potential legal action with money she didn’t want to have to use on court battles.  The fact that Brandi did not show up and sign the paperwork as required by the “letter” led her to believe that she was imminently going to be sued by you.

However, it is probably true that you didn’t actually file a lawsuit – Cuz you would have been laughed out of court and because it would irrefutably demonstrate that you’re in fact, an idiot. What Brandi said was true – it wasn’t her place to say it – but it was true!  You suing Brandi would be such a GREAT use of our judicial system (insert eye roll here)!  Give me a break!  In addition, your stupid attempts to document that Brandi has been out to get you are just so danged laughable… it’s just insulting to the viewers.  Why, it’s almost as if all the filming takes place months before the show actually airs – then you have the benefit of previewing each episode a week before it airs and so you have time to craft your blog in response to the episode.  It’s almost as if your attorneys could have advised that if you wanted to launch a “defamation of character” lawsuit that you would have to demonstrate that you’ve been a “target of Brandi’s” and that she has been out to humiliate you all along.  Heck, what better way to do so than to use your own blog to manufacture the evidence needed for such a lawsuit?  Sit down and refrain from uttering a word, Adrienne. (Okay you guys, I could have cussed… I wanted to… I even typed it… I even said what Brandi said to Adrienne at the restaurant… but I’d hafta put $5 in the cussin’ jar and I’m broke at the moment…)

Kim Richards

Kim starts her blog with rehashing her nose surgery.  She’s really happy with her doctor – and assures us that the doctor knew about her sobriety and that everything was done with that in mind.  She also assured us that her “Brookie” (her daughter – which is also, coincidentally the same name my friend Scott and I gave to some cookies we made for a college dance – half bread/half cookie = “brookie”… but I digress… ) was there when she woke up from the surgery – and that a good friend of hers also helped take care of her.

“Because they were having a hard time keeping me down, I was really excited when Lisa’s tea party came along! Finally I could get out of the house! I was so ready to go. I mean it’s only been like five days or so, but I was still ready. Although I had bandages on my nose, it was just us girls so I thought it would be fun.  I was getting dressed and our new puppy Kingsley (who is a wonderful, amazing, lovable addition to our family) jumped up and hit the bottom of my nose! My bandage and cast flew off! I I’ve never felt pain like that!”

“Thank god, my friend Melody was there! Called Dr. Grigoryants, who was here within 20 minutes! Because my nose was only less than five days post surgery, all the bones were very fragile and not secure in place. It created swelling immediately — leaving a bump in the center of my new nose! But I don’t hold anything against Kingsley for it though. I don’t know what hurt more: when the dog hit it or when Dr. Grigoryants pushed it back to the center of my face! The pain was excruciating!”

Ouchie… ouchie… ouchie…

“Once Dr. G left and I calmed down, I called Lisa and told her that I wouldn’t be able to make it. She was very understanding and pleasant. Watching the episode it was so nice to see that she told the girls I wouldn’t be attending. She explained to them what happened. Everyone expressed some concern and then continued on with their luncheon. It was nice to not the be the topic of conversation — unlike in other situations where they talk behind my back! Even as recently as Las Vegas! As if myself and my doctors were not aware of the seriousness of this disease or had not taken my SOBRIETY into account! My sobriety is the most important thing in my life. My sobriety is my life.”

Hang on to your sobriety with both hands, Kim!

Lisa Vanderpump

“First let me be very clear here — if I held a grudge I wouldn’t probably speak to many of these women ever again. But relationships evolve, dynamics change, and sometimes loyalties divide. In regard to Kyle, I always believed that whatever has transpired between the two of us, our friendship was always worth saving. Many situations that have taken place — the first tea party, the reunion, witnessing the conversations between her and Taylor — have all manifested in a substantial change in my feelings towards her. I regard her differently. Now if that is interpreted by her as me holding a grudge, then I do not have the power to change that. I personally feel it is a passive aggressive swipe once more. And it’s also hard for me to understand how she recalls the many issues as “petty.” I would never minimize the feelings of somebody close to me. . .”

Lisa, the issues are “petty” to her – cuz she wasn’t hurt by them – you were.  It’s so hard to really understand someone like Kyle in this situation – you just don’t know what to believe.  Do you believe her words or her actions?  She’s an actress on a reality show where drama is encouraged…well, actually drama is demanded by Bravo.  Then you have to add in that her husband is a realtor who wants commission checks – and it gets really complicated.

“It was decided that another tea party is in order. Camille I felt, was regretful of her sudden outburst, which I have to say I could never quite understand. So let us try once more.”

Really?  I don’t remember seeing anything remotely from Camille that could be considered “regretful.” Of course, you’re a better man than I…

“Adrienne had been absent from our group, which when we embarked on this journey so many moons ago, was not what we signed up for. We should endeavor to communicate without the need to become litigious, to resolve our differences, to articulate how we feel without financial bullying, which ultimately is redundant when we hope to all have a future together.”

Adrienne is absent.  Kick her out of class.  She’s distancing herself from everyone because one person said she used a surrogate – which she did. Gosh, no wonder your “Maloof Hoof” comment put her over the edge.

“Taylor provokes the situation, not that I blame her. She must still harbor feelings of resentment when the identical legal situation presented itself previously. I admired her candor, even though it was cloaked in alcohol — never an ideal choice at tea but there you have it.”

Yeah, unfortunately for Taylor, alcohol is providing her “liquid courage” and it really would be so much better for her if she just abstained and summoned the courage from within herself to coherently say the things she wants to say.

“The tension mounts. Brandi is indignant and becomes aware that the only way to substantiate her claim that she had received a legal letter was probably to expose it.  So tempers flare and no resolution this week. Keep watching as this fascinating tale is not quite complete. . .  And on that note I bid you farewell and encourage you stay with us on our complicated voyage until next week.”

Produce the letter, Brandi.

Marisa Zanuck

“So last week I took some flak for my comments about Yolanda. Let me clarify. . .I was simply having fun with Yolanda’s persona. . .without malice or mean spirit. While I don’t know her well, what I do see is a wonderful woman who adores her children and husband and lives an immaculate lifestyle. If Saturday Night Live did a Stepford skit on how perfect her life is, it would be funny and perhaps might even include a tipsy Housewife spilling wine on her white pants. Nobody would think twice about it, and haters wouldn’t be emerging from the woodwork to accuse Lorne Michaels of being bitter and jealous of Yolanda’s life. The point here is that everything I say (or write) should be taken with a giant salt lick. . .not too seriously and not too literally. Hopefully over time you will learn to know me better and understand my personality.”

Marisa, come on… Own the comments you make.  You were being catty – your words in your blog last week didn’t really come across as “having fun with Yolanda’s persona.”  I don’t think you were being bitter… just snarky.  Did you talk to Yo about them and clarify your intent with her?  I hope so.

“After pleasantries are exchanged, Lisa and Kyle talk in circles as they attempt to make amends and find a way to broker peace amongst all the feuding women. Their meeting concludes with a tepid truce. . .I’m not buying that it will last. For what it’s worth, I understand Lisa’s being miffed at Kyle not defending her, but at the same time, Lisa is strong enough to fight her battles on her own. . .”

Well, since you know what happens in future episodes, we’ll just hafta take your word that the truce doesn’t last.  You’re right, Lisa doesn’t need Kyle to fight her battles… but like Kyle, you just don’t get it.  It’s not about needing a friend to fight for you when accusations are flying around – it’s about a friend speaking forth the truth as they know it to set the record straight.  It’s kind of common decency.  I would never allow someone to malign a friend of mine (or anyone else, actually) – especially if I know that what is being said is not the truth or simply rings untrue.

“At the equestrian center with Brandi and Yolanda, we learn that Yolanda can only afford one horse for her daughter to train with when all the other kids in the neighborhood have two or three! I was wrong about Yolanda’s life — it’s not perfect. Brandi makes me laugh (or cackle like a hyena as Dean would put it) when she says she would “implode” if she signed the gag order from Adrienne. . .I like this woman and agree with Yolanda that Brandi has done all she can to diffuse the situation. Yolanda then tees off on Adrienne unmercifully. . .and a billion people in China are also wondering, “Who in this world is Adrienne Maloof?””

“Who in this world is Adrienne Maloof?” – Best.Line.Ever.

“It begins when Brandi brings up my “nice husband” (which she has a penchant for doing) and Taylor tries to put words in my mouth about Dean which I’ve never said. . . I respond to that effect but add in jest that it would be nice to have “a change” after having sex with the same person for 16 years. . .and meanwhile, Jax of Peter/Jax just stares off into space. Saying what I said doesn’t mean that I’m doing it. . .it just means that I said it. I call bullshit on any man or women in a long term relationship who say they haven’t thought (at least once) of making whoopee with someone new.”

I think Brandi brings up your husband so often cuz she wants one like him and she wishes that you’d realize how lucky you are.  I think it’s kind of a blind spot for her not to understand your candor about various topics – since she obviously is readily forthcoming about her own opinions.  Her breakup really did a number on her.  It’s got to be hard to actually heal up from it since at this point, they’re all public figures and the battle rages on daily via twitter and through custody logistics. It really sickens me since kids are involved.

“Not before long, the conversation shifts from Taylor’s gymnastics (emphasis on “ass”) to lies and lawsuits. Despite Lisa’s sidebar to keep the afternoon civil, the rabble-rousing Taylor brings up the infamous “letter” from Adrienne to Brandi. . . and here we go, yet again.”

It’s kind of funny that Taylor, too, has had enough of Adrienne’s lying – and seems to want the truth to get out.  That’s pretty much as bent as a reality show can get – to have Taylor of all people, to be cast in the role of “Truth Seeker.”

“I could almost hear the late Rodney King saying, “Can’t we all get along?” Neither Adrienne nor Brandi gives any ground on this subject, each repeatedly denying the other’s accusations. Twitter and a chef named Bernie get a few nice shout outs but nothing is resolved, and Brandi abruptly leaves ending the festivities. Having not been privy to all the particulars of this tiff, it’s difficult for me to cast judgment. . .but if I had a gun to my head and had to, I’d say Adrienne was being less than truthful.”

I’m shocked.

Taylor Armstrong

“Lisa, Kyle, and I started this adventure three years ago. I love them both and to see then trying to mend fences was heartwarming to me.”

“Lisa was right. . .Camille is a bitch! I have met Lisa’s partner in SUR multiple times, and she is very clear about their business partnership.”

Yes, Camille, in an effort to be relevant in this show this year – seems to be under the delusion she can stir the pot and not reap any adverse repercussions.  Silly Camille.  We remember you from Season 1, dahling.

“I still don’t think we got a straight answer from Miss Maloof, as usual. I have put up with three years of deception. I’m done! She denied agreeing to be Kennedy’s godmother on the steps of a church. Lie. She didn’t back me when she knew I was being abused. Brandi has no filter but. . .”Friends don’t sue friends!” Right, Adrienne?”

Dies laffin.  It only makes this whole line of reasoning so much funnier when you realize it’s coming from Taylor.

“As a single mom having been through expensive litigation. . .I understand Brandi’s fears.”

Perhaps… but Brandi wasn’t being sued because she bilked people and companies out of millions of dollars – the threat of a lawsuit existed because Brandi spoke the truth about a subject.  Speaking the truth about a subject is something you really just can’t relate to, Taylor.

Yolanda H. Foster

Yo starts her blog by saying she’s on day 69 of a 90 day regimen for treating her Lyme disease.

“There is nothing harder for me than to sit at the sideline, not being able to be productive. I know it shouldn’t, but it’s making me feel like a loser.”

Yes, Marisa, Yo’s life is oh, so perfect. It is really hard not to be able to do things that you want to be able to do – and that you were able to do just months ago.  Health is one of those things we take so much for granted until we lose it.  Hopefully, Yo will regain hers.

“I have never taken sides from the day I walked into this intimidating group of women, I have only taken note of how they received me coming in and how they treat one another.”

Well, if you can make sense out of how they treat one another, let me know.  I’m tired of hitting my head against the wall.

“As I have spent the past five months in bed, I am naturally going to favor those who showed up at my house and jumped in bed with me for a cup of coffee…”

So wait… are you saying you’re pimping with coffee?  If they jump in bed with you – they get coffee?  See, Yo, this is how people like me can screw with your words to make them mean something completely other than what you intended them to mean.

“I am a girl’s girl, and I’m sensitive to little things like that. I guess the way Brandi was received in this group last year really affected her, so that’s probably why she made a great effort to reach out and get to know me.  I maybe wasn’t received with much love, but I did get respect, because I demand it. I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in Beverly Hills, but I was born with a great deal of self-worth. Even though I have plenty of insecurities, no one in this group intimidates me.”

I admit you kind of intimidate me, Yo.  Don’t get me wrong, I’d hang with you any day… but let’s just say I want to stay on the sunny, lemony side of you.

“Which leads me to Adrienne. Intimidation with status and financial power is to me the worst quality a rich person can have. I saw Adrienne do it to Brandi, actually she threatened her with an “Oh boy she is going to get slapped with a fat old lawsuit” for all of us to see… Then she denied it, so why would I not doubt her integrity?”

“Doubt her integrity” sounds so much classier than saying “she’s a lying liar who lies” isn’t it?  Lolol.

“Brandi came to the barn because she had so much anxiety and fear about the lawsuit; I truly felt in my heart that I needed to stand by her, support her, and make her see that Adrienne is no more or less than anyone else in this world.”

The best line ever, “Who in in this world is Adrienne Maloof?”  Those who were still on the fence about you must have fallen head over heels in love with you for that one.

“The fact that Faye, Kyle, and Camille kiss Adrienne’s ass and make her believe that it is OK to behave like that is concerning to me. I wonder if any of the three ladies have the true means to have a $700 an hour lawyer fight their battles with their girlfriends.  Let’s keep it real here. The truth is that I couldn’t afford it, and I don’t believe any of them could either.”

Lol… Well, Yo, if you can’t afford it – what hope is there for the rest of us?  I always remember Sean Penn’s line from “Dead Man Walking” – “There is no rich man on death row.”

“So if you read my calm demeanor for arrogance, you are mistaken. I was raised in a culture that is maybe to a fault emotionally controlled, so I have learned to step back, assess the situation, and act on that. I love the American openness and use of language, I just don’t know how to be that way.”

You’re doing fine, Yo.

“I say forget what hurt you, but don’t forget what it taught you.  Anyway, at the end of the day, we’re so busy juggling life that we can only be a best friend to a handful. However, we can always have and enjoy the more acquaintance-like relationships. It would be nice to see them kiss, make up, and move on because we’ve got a lot of living to do.”

I dunno, it seems we sometimes perversely enjoy a good fight.  For some reason we love to watch it when rich women who pretend to have it all fall off their Prada pedestals and land right on their Maloof Hoofs.


Saturday TV Lineup, February 16th by BB

8PM – American Ninja Warrior (NBC); NASCAR (Fox); Antiques Roadshow (PBS); Too Cute (Anpl); Oprah’s Next Chapter: Beyonce (OWN); History of the Eagles (Showtime)

9PM – 48 Hours Hard Evidence (TLC); My Big Redneck Vacation (CMT); Pit Bulls and Parolees (Anpl); Blackboard Wars (OWN); Oddities/Odd Folks Home (Science); Deadly Sins (ID); Cyndi Lauper (WE); Ripper Street (BBC); The Incredible Dr. Pol (NatGeoWild); Beyonce: Life is But a Dream (HBO)

10PM – 48 Hours (CBS); Flipping Vegas (A&E); 48 Hours Left for Dead (TLC); Swamp Pawn (CMT); Pit Bulls and Parolees (Anpl); Unfaithful: Stories of Betrayal (OWN); Stories from the Road to Freedom (History); Scorned: Love Kills (ID); Graham Norton (BBC)

11:30PM – Saturday Night Live: Christoph Waltz and Alabama Shakes (NBC)


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              • LA Debra says:

                I was paraphrasing Emeril Lagasse from last weeks Top Chef. But my mamaw would say the same thing 🙂 I say cornbread is good any way you wanna eat it.

                • la debra…and I was thinking of emeril when I made the sugar comment..too funny…and I drink my sweet tea with lemonade…yums…ARNOLD PALMER…

                  • Powell says:

                    One of my aunts loves sweet tea. I can’t stand iced tea. Only hot. I tease her cause every time we have a family get together she wants to have iced tea. I tease her “why must we have iced tea for all occasions? Iced tea doesn’t go w/every meal.”. She just laughs. LOL

                    • Lisa Renee says:

                      Hi Powell, as a northener who doesn’t drink the house wine of the south I was shocked Kandi made tea with dry lipton tea powder. In 20 years of seeing tea in peoples home I never saw instant. What is considered the norm? Is it like the instant/slow grit debate from My Cousin Vinny? 🙂 Lisa

            • lizzle says:

              You just reminded me of the corn bread my mom always cooked in her cast iron pan. My dad used to crumble it up and put it in a glass of buttermilk. And then he would eat it with a spoon.

              • LA Debra says:

                Omg lizzle, that’s the way my momma would eat it! I haven’t seen her do it in a long while though. It had to be the crusty part too. Good memories.

              • thedesigndiva2 says:

                lizzle…I have a cast iron pan that looks like 6 rows of corn..I use it for making corn bread when the desire hits me… they look so cute when they come out of the oven…I’m just lazy ass today , so will let Publix do the baking for me…
                never did eat cornbread with milk..but do eat left over white rice with milk , sugar and cinnamon…yums… all us kids did growing up..only a few us still do..and I’m the only one who still to this days eats peanut butter and B O L O G N A sammies…..hahahahaha

                • lizzle says:

                  I feel kind of bad, because I never make cornbread at all! I am starting to feel like I am doing a disservice to my ancestors and my mom. She was such a good cook to a family of 5… I really respect her now, because I finally know how hard that is. Diva, when you talk about cooking dinner, I think about how I wish I enjoyed cooking more than I do and wish we all lived with you! Of course, we would get on your nerves in about 5 seconds and you would kick us out. But it is a nice, fleeting thought.

                  • thedesigndiva2 says:

                    PARATY AT DIVAS…. AND WE DO FOOD FIGHTS… lol nothing as boring and pretenious as hws…. and lots of good tunes to jam to…

                • lizzle says:

                  I remember my mom cooking bologna on the stove with a little slit in it, so it looked like Pac Man… but never in my life, have I heard of PB and bologna!

                  • LIZZLE…yep…fried B O L O G N A with slits…we did that so it wouldnt ball up while it was cooking… and yea…pb and bol..sammies with a glass of cold milk w/ icecubes…yums…..
                    I like to cook…and come up with new spins on old favs…. like clock work every day at 3 mr ford asks what’s for dinner..and he gets the same answer…what ever I put down in front of you…. we did gourmet scrambled eggs last night…. I always start with a small portion on my plate and then if I am still hungry go back and get more…welllllll…mr ford beat me to it last night… he ate all the eggs I had left in the pan… diva was not happy… so I hid the lemon pound cake from him and told him it was all gone…hahahahahaha no dessert for you mr ford…….

              • Powell says:

                lizzle my mom used to make cornbread with pork scratchins(rinds) mixed in & bake it in a cast iron skillet. So good. Gosh I haven’t had that in yrs. 🙂

              • thedesigndiva2 says:

                lisa… I about had the vapors when I saw kandi do INSTANT TEA…OMG…
                brewed tea is the only way to go….luzianne is my choice…

                • Lisa Renee says:

                  Diva, Thank you, I wasn’t sure but it seemed wrong. I have learned southeners take huge pride in their tea & the process to make it. Everytime I decline a glass I hear all about how it is made & why theirs is the best. No me gusta! I also have never seen it used it in any restaurant I worked at. Lisa

            • Powell says:

              Haha LA Debra & Diva. My family is Southern & no way would there be sugar in cornbread (my fav) or grits (lots of butter, Yummy). LOL

              • LA Debra says:

                My Dad didn’t think it was a proper breakfast without ham and eggs, red-eye gravy and grits smothered in butter and salt&pepper. I can still smell it! When we were at mamaw’s house she’d make biscuits. Yum yum.

                • Powell says:

                  My aunt that loves iced tea & her husband(my uncle that died) put ketchup on their scrambled eggs & grits. Yuck.

          • AND REAL BUTTER… not that fake crap the drs want mr ford to eat,,, bull… like the butters gonna kill him…. geez. and I have organic honey also… so good……

            • LA Debra says:

              So happy to hear about your good news diva. It sounds like there will be lots to keep you busy so interesting as well as challenging. May you have a long and enjoyable time.

            • Powell says:

              I know Diva. Sometimes you have to have real butter. I love grilled cheese sandwiches. I put butter in the pan, melt it for both slices if bread & more butter when I put the sandwich in the pan.

              • thedesigndiva2 says:

                powell..when I worked at 5 guys..we used mayo to make our grilled cheese sammies… and I tented them with foil so the cheese would melt..I made the BEST GC there till corporate saw me on camera tenting them and told me to stop…I mumbled under my breath…I hope they could LIP READ MY RESPONSE to them…lol lol

          • Lisa Renee says:

            Hi PP & Dive, I caught the cornbread sugar/nosugar debate on TC & both emeril & Josh say no sugar. My intro to cornbread came late in life but I prefer sugar. Lisa

            • thedesigndiva2 says:

              Lisa… OH YEA… sugar all the way…. and these folks here in chobee are as southern as they come ..it’s sweet tea and sugar in their cornbread fer shore….lol

      • Powell says:

        Contessa right. Eddie is telling her Brandi buys close from here, goes there, uses this & that. What’s wrong w/Eddie that he’s doing that? He really prefers Brandi over LeAnn.

  2. Exit4 says:

    And OF COURSE instead of saying nothing….Bimbo Brandi has to let the world know-he’s my dentist too! I love him! He’s so great! Leann is a dental stalker! See, see she has the same dentist! See! She copies me!

    Maybe someday Bimbo Brandi will take her own advice and just STFU. She’s the one who keeps this stupidity going-because without the scorned victim act, she’s got nothing. Wait, I forgot being a franchise killer on RHOBH!

    • Laineylainey says:

      It is interesting to me that Leann went to Brandi’s dentist. And that brandi loves her dentist. I am usually with your way of thinking that Brandi should STFU, but not this time. It speaks to the lengths LR has gone to usurp Brandi, even to try to takeover her dentist?

      • Exit4 says:

        It’s probably one of those celebrityish dentists that everyone goes to. Even around here people flock to certain doctors etc…why I don’t know!

        My point is, the story of suing the dentist comes out and instead of just being quiet and not dragging out this stupidity, BB HAS to let the world know “he’s my dentist too!” Almost as if he just could not let one go by without drawing attention to herself. And getting all the Brandi people up in arms and upset over a dentist.

        BB just can’t help herself! She’s 40 years old, she needs to grow up.

        • lizzle says:

          I wouldn’t use BB… as we have a Baroness Beachcomber here already.

        • Powell says:

          Exit. All the years LeAnn has lived in LA, all the makeup artists & hairstylist she’s worked w/she doesn’t have or know a cosmetic dentist? It’s pathetic. Yeah I wish Brandi would just ignore her. It’s like Brandi can’t wait for LeAnn to tweet something she can comment on.

          • kit9 says:

            She obviously got the name from Eddie. And, if he recommended him, of course she’d try him. And, I’ve lived in the same city for 15 years and am always looking for recommends on a good/better dentist.

      • Beckygrey says:

        There you go Lainey. I believe that Brandi put that out there to support her dentist since LeAnne has talked about suing him. Maybe this will teach LR to move pass following Brandi and concentrate on trying to be happy.
        (BTW Kyle take note, oh wait Kyle does take sides for her friends, Adrienne and Faye, just not for Lisa)


      Just a FEW of the very many ways in which Leann has stalked B. And I quote: “She copies everything that Brandi does. She even exchanged her black Range Rover for a white one because that’s what Brandi drives! If Brandi gets a new bag or shoes, within a week you will see LeAnn with the exact same thing… LeAnn used Brandi’s boob doctor, Garth Fisher; her dentist, Dr. Duane McKay; her hairstylist, Kim Vo; her dermatologist, Dr. Harold Lancer; and the same Botox guy at Dr. Applebaum’s! It is disturbing. She finds out who Brandi uses, then goes out of her way to book an appointment with them herself. Ever since LeAnn got Eddie, all she can think about is how to keep him, and it’s making her act like a lunatic.”

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Wow, I didn’t realize she (LR) was copying her (BG) THAT much…that is disturbing. With whom is she really and truly in love? Eddie or Brandi?

        • Powell says:

          So disturbing but Eddie is giving LeAnn some of these names so he’s contributing to it & condoning it. What does that make him?

          • LaineyLainey says:

            I have a new sister-in-law. My husband’s brother was divorced about four years ago. We all still love his ex wife, but respect his new wife and their marriage. His ex and my mother-in-law (his mom) have been going to the same hairdresser for years. My new sister-in-law (the new wife) drives hundreds of miles to get her hair done out of loyalty to her old hairdresser but mostly because she doesn’t want to have anything to do with the exwife. I know that’s a bit extreme; but she goes out of her way NOT TO do ANYTHING the exwife does. funny, huh? What a difference. The ex-wife is high maintenance and all about materialism; designer clothes, designer shoes, plastic surgery, etc. The new wife is a gardener, likes to fix things, recycle, reuse…jeans and t-shirt kinda gal. Night and day.

            • Powell says:

              Your new SIL is smart. She’s not for any drama. Life is so much easier that way.

              • Beckygrey says:

                I agree. My ex and I lived together for 6 months after we split. He said that I could stay there as long as I wanted. (I had rented out my home). I decided to move out, because he was dating someone. We both needed to move on. We were both sad when I left, but I cut off ties with all of his family (I loved them sooooo much), but I knew it was only right that I give he and his new gf, all the room to grow. I will always love that man for sooooo may reasons. I want nothing but the best for him.

    • kit9 says:

      Obviously, Eddie had the same dentist. Not a shocker or weird that Leann start going to him when she moved to LA. But, what is weird is Brandi’s following every tiny bit of news about Leann and her need to comment on it. Has nothing to do with her but she just can’t help commenting. It’s insanely juvenile.

  3. Meena Seela says:

    Good morning everyone! What are your plans for this holiday weekend?

    • thedesigndiva2 says:

      meena…WHAT !!!! it’s a holiday weekend… lol
      I am doing nothing…well. cept maybe planning my wardrobe for my JOB next week !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can wear my dresses , I just need to have my shoulders covered…so need to go find some short color coordinating blouses or jackets or something… but to be safe..on Monday will wear slacks…. UGH….

      • Catseye says:

        I have been retired on disability for the past 5 yrs. You have no idea how jealous I am of you. ShopNBC has a whole bunch of knit, crochet, etc.bolero type shrugs that can be worn over sleeveless tops and dresses, some are on clearance. Maybe you can get some ideas over there.

        • thedesigndiva2 says:

          thanks catseye…but..I wont buy anything that I cant try on first… I hate clothes shopping with a passion..in fact I hate shopping period… I dont even window shop…i’d rather go fishing or play pool or something usefull and fun… lol
          it’s going to be chilly /windy here Monday so I guess I will wear pants….then after I make sure I am going to like this job..maybe go do some shopping after a few paychecks …
          I am so sorry that you are on disablity…. it sucks I know…I wouldn’t mind being here at home BUT mr ford is driving me nuts…not bad nuts..just nuts… before when I worked and he was at home at least I could come home and we would have things to talk about and laugh about…now we dont.. so this job is actually a life saver for us…
          can ya believe it…diva is all talked out…hahahahahahaha

          • Mene Seela says:

            The best part of our day is when my hubs and I talk about what happened at work that day. We laugh and gripe together about our colleagues and bosses.

      • Powell says:

        I was wondering what you would wear. 🙂

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I have to pay bills, laundry, declutter my table in the breakfast nook, declutter my desk and sift through the random laundry baskets I’ve hidden in my closet, oh and declutter my coffee table. I’m drowning in clutter today. It’s been the thorn in my side. I’m hoping to do some kind of out door activity with hubs tomorrow…maybe a nice little hike somewhere nearby. Just to get out and absorb some Vitamin D and to get out of the house.

      • Powell says:

        Lainey I’ve been needing to do some decluttering myself but haven’t gotten myself motivated.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          This is when I set the timer. 15 minutes at a time. It’s less painful that way. I suspect I have mild ADD…so that technique (timer) is really helpful to me.

      • Lisa Renee says:

        Lainey, some days it is just easier to light a match & burn the sucker down. Then go for a lovely hike lol. I have given this some serious thought since I haven’t touched my house in a week. Enjoy your day either way, Lisa

        • LaineyLainey says:

          Yes, LRenee – the light a match comment is tempting to me as well. Why does it pain me so to throw things away? Why? Cause when I do get rid of the crap …it feels so good!!!!!

        • Shiny says:

          light the match – too funny. My sister used to say she was hunting for her flamethrower when the house got to her.

    • Rebecca says:

      I helped my uncle and fam move. They made fun of me because I alphabetized the canned food and spices. Really! Is there anything wrong with wanting a little order in this chaotic world. Only my slightly OCD cousin was backing me up, so we told them all to go away to another part if the house.

  4. VV says:

    If you look close enough on the above picure of Gia, you can see Alex McCord.

  5. VV says:

    ““It was decided that another tea party is in order.” ……This tells me Bravo set the Tea Party up. Lisa didn’t say. “I” decided to have another Tea Party.

    “Camille I felt, was regretful of her sudden outburst, which I have to say I could never quite understand.” ….. Lisa is talking about the Vegas comment that Camille made about Lisa not owning SUR. Lisa explained this on her TH at TP2 and is now referrencing to it on her blog.

    • Powell says:

      Hmmm. I still haven’t seen that epi. Camille regretting what she said? I’m not sure. Camille really hasn’t regretted her actions S1 & I understood where they were coming from. It was really all about Kelsey. Did she apologized to Kyle? I don’t remember.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      Yes, I caught that about the tea party too. Lisa is TELLING us.

  6. vilzvet says:

    I finished Brandi’s book this morning, a fast and entertaining read. She continually gives it to Leann with both barrels, things that are going to drive Leann crazy if she does read it.

    • VV says:

      Her book went peaked at #9 last night, now is dow to #12 on the Amazon Best Seller list. She should have promoted the book better during the season. I remember Bethenny and Teresa both had photo shoots for the cover filmed. I’m sure that helped. Still #12 is nothing to be ashamed she has more reviews than Andy’s book.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        How did her peers’ books do? Lisa and Kyle and Taylor? How does one find out this info?

        • VV says:

          I don’t know, but Kyles’ book has 2.6 stars. Taylor’s has 2.3 stars. Lisa’s 4.6 stars. Brandi has 4.8 stars out of 5.

          • LaineyLainey says:

            I read some of Kyle’s reviews. Her book is apparently very boring. She apparently talks about how Pantene is her shampoo of choice (earth shattering)…I find it sad that Pantene has never hired her as a spokesmodel, since she was so clearly angling for that. I mean, maybe she can’t act well, or write an interesting book…but girlfran has some pretty herrr. She could also be a spokes model for chondroiton or something having to do with staying flexible cause girlfrannn can spread her danged legs, er, I mean she can DO THE SPLITS like nobody’s bidness. I may not be her fan, but I wouldn’t mind having that purdy herrrr and the ability to spread like that. LOL!!!

            • chismosa says:

              I thought it was out that she has extensions/clip ins ?? Not all her natural hair ?
              Maybe I got that from an unreliable source lol

              • LaineyLainey says:

                Taylor Armstrong joked about it on WWHL but quickly retracted…because Kyle tweeted…”She’d better clarify, I do not and have never worn hair extentions…” loosely quoted, but something like that.

          • Orson says:

            I’ve got 20 Schrute Bucks that says Leann will be having a book ghosted for her now.

            • LaineyLainey says:

              I’ll see your 20 Schrute Bucks and raise you 5 Mose bucks that you’re right. (wait, that’s not how poker works, is it?)

            • Lisa Renee says:

              Orson, whats the over/under that LR’s book is out in less than 6 months. Saw your post about Alan Shepard, could have grounded him for life. My Hubs who thinks he got his MD from UofG* shared that with me also. Had no clue how bad this is, for the true sufferers I tip my hat to them. I’m still not right but thanks for the giggle, Lisa
              *University of Google

        • VV says:

          Lainey, I think if you go to Amazon is there somewhere. I might try and find out later on Today. I was able to get the the ratings because it was right there easy to find.

    • Lisa Renee says:

      Vilzvet, ok you are another person who said it was a good read. Just from feedback here it seems no matter how you feel about Brandi, the book was worth the time. Good for her, Lisa

      • vilzvet says:

        Oh absolutely, I have most of the Housewives’ books, and this is pretty much the first that has a story. She did say that operation she got was incredibly painful! Lisa’s book is fantastic for some authentic English recipes. I really enjoyed Alex and Simon’s book about childrearing. Just realized I never looked twice or once at Kyle or Taylor’s books, no thanks. Bethenny’s most recent book was interesting. Liked Teresa’s books because the Italian recipes are what I know.

        • Lisa Renee says:

          Wow, that is great feedback. Only HW book/product I purchased was Andy’s book. I didn’t finish it. Gifted Skinny Girl stuff for people I know like the product (I’m lookin at you DD). Theresa stole all my mom’s recipes so crossed that off my list lol. When DD finished B’s book A place of yes, she loved it & thanked me for breaking so many cycles to give her the best shot at life. No clue what book was about but I appreciated B’s POV, whatever it is. Its nice to hear you enjoyed your purchases. I’m of the mindset it was rip off city. IMO the mazel sweatshirts look like they are made with the cheapest cotton & don’t look comfy at all. Lisa

        • chismosa says:

          Wow I didn’t know there was such a thing as English recipes. 🙂

          Thanks for the reviews of the books good to know

          • vilzvet says:

            LOL, well you know, that awesome meal she made in one episode with the potatoes and Yorkshire pudding. I haven’t tried her strawberry scones yet but I will.

          • Rebecca says:

            As my uncle always says, the smallest book in the world is British gourmet cooking. (His wife is British-American)

        • VV says:

          Lisa’s was my first HW item. Brandi’s second. I might buy Teresa’s Fast and Fit.

  7. realhousewifeva says:

    I think it’s interesting that after the episode aired last week there was a preview clip online where Brandi sits down with Paul and Adrienne and Adrienne clearly states that she wasn’t aware at the time of the tea party but her lawyer DID send a letter to Brandi without her knowledge (and Brandi has a paper in her hand). Suddenly, that clip is gone! How much power does Adrienne have at Bravo? So now maybe she got her lawyers to cut all the proof of a letter, so she’s going to go on and on with this lie that she just started this past week. She never once in any of her previous blogs said “Brandi was lying at the Moraccan dinner, I never sent her papers”, what she said was “I agree friends don’t sue friends, but Brandi is not my friend”.

    • Powell says:

      Um realhousewifeva are Adrienne’s lawyers aware of the times we live in? If it was on the internet, it will stay on the internet no matter if they had Bravo take it down. A’s lawyer can have Bravo take down every single scene A & P have been in, which they legally cannot, the public, bloggers, etc have copies.

  8. nyc mama says:

    Apparently the dentist is not the only one of Brandi’s people Leann went to so I don’t blame Brandi for outing this as it shows what lengths Leann went to just to insert herself in Brandi’s life. It isn’t normal. Once she had her husband she should have moved on. This is a passive-aggressive form of harrassment.

    After watching Brandi’s interview with Fox news where she told the backstory I get where Brandi is coming from. It is not the road I would choose but then again I am not in her shoes so maybe I would react the same way if backed into a corner like she was.

    After the reunion Adrienne was so angry that Brandi didn’t back her in her attempted take down of Lisa she and Bernie started to plant stories in the tabloids about her parenting skills etc. that many read and remember and she also tried to have Brandi fired from RHBH. As much as Adrienne is trying to pretend she is the aggrieved, innocent party in this she is the one that started it all. She should have learned her lesson from Jill Z.

    Faye. Camille, Kyle’s and even Mauricio’s feigned indignation, is nonsense as was Mauricio telling Brandi he cares about her and her children and Kyle continuing to claim she doesn’t take sides and didn’t want to get involved. They all knew what was going down. Kyle and Camille were in on the tea party and reunion attempts to go after Lisa and they all knew Adrienne was trying to have Brandi removed from the show which at the time was what she was earning to care for herself.


      Karma is really coming back at Leann Rimes. It will be interesting to see how the Dentist responds to her lawsuit. If she’s trying to turn attention to herself and off B’s book, it was a bad idea. The world is watching her now, and they see the crazy she has visited on B for the past four years.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        The more she tries to turn attention on herself (LR) the more attention and curiosity she brings to BG’s book. I had no interest in buying BG’s book, until LR went on her interview rounds.

        • Powell says:

          And LeAnn is so stupid. The interviews she’s giving on these shows, they are using her, loving every minute of her craziness. She believes these shows are her Friends so to speak. Ever since she went on the Today Show & lied to Matt Lauer or whoever interviewed her, the media don’t trust her because she lied straight faced to them. They don’t like to be lied to.

          • LaineyLainey says:

            oh, interesting. What lie? I didn’t know about this.

            • Powell says:

              When she & Eddie were filming the Hallmark movie the media started getting pics of them while they were on location & the rumors began about the affair. When the movie wrapped the media kept getting pics of them together. Se went on the Today Show saying it was all lies. She & her husband know what they have. It’s hurting our family. Months later she & her husband separate & so does Brandi & Eddie. These talk/news shows don’t like being lied to. So wherever she’s doing interviews now, they are using her for ratings. They don’t care about what she has to say. They want her to continue to lie & hang herself w/her lies.

    • Beckygrey says:

      I keep saying that the reason Brandi could say “she was trying to get me fired”, is because this show doesn’t exist in “reality”. They can’t refer to “after the reunion show” or “before taping this season”. All Brandi could say is that Adrienne tried to hurt my family that I support. Faye kew she couldn’t say that, and yet she kept asking Brandi what did Adrienne do to you. Faye even commented that Brandi couldn’t come up with anything because there wasn’t anything. Nicely played. Just like there is No Lawsuit!

      • Powell says:

        Brandi should have told Kyle & FayeK “it’s between me & Adrienne, no one else”.

      • pat says:

        Oh that’s a good point. On the show, Faye and others kept asking Brandi what Adrienne did to her, knowing she couldn’t fully answer the question on the show. I think Alex Mccord said it’s called “breaking the 5th wall” or something like that. Where, while on the show, they can’t reveal that it’s a show, and that there are cameras around, etc. So that can limit what they can bring up during scenes on the show.

        • iceNfire says:

          I wondered why Kyle kept asking/saying she didn’t know what was wrong with Brandi and Adri. They are all aware that much will be left on the editing room floor so they keep repeating what they hope makes it to the air and at the same time they wanted Brandi to say on camera what they already knew would cause major problems. What a bunch of sneaky little bitches!

        • Beckygrey says:

          I like that the “breaking the 5th wall” , like another dimension.

      • Lisa Renee says:

        So “the letter” is this seasons “Punta Cana brawl”. It happened but no one can talk about it. I agree that Petri Dish kept pushing questions she knew B couldn’t answer. Very interesting, Lisa

    • VV says:

      You have to read the thread of the person that replied LR

      • VV says:

        When asked how does she (LeAnn) know is not fiction if she hasn’t read it? LR replied “cause I’ve seen about 10 excerpts that I know are not true period the end.”

      • lizzle says:

        VV… I read the thread. So what does saying LA LA LAND have to do with Brandi’s book. Does she use that term in her book? People were saying because she said “LA LA LAND” that it means she read it. I thought many people use the term la la land for LA.

        Telling Le to read B’s book was a funny reply to her tweet. I just don’t understand why Leann feels the need to converse with people that obviously don’t like her. I can maybe understand one reply, but to keep arguing with these people is stupid. I like the way Brandi will reply with one sentence “@________ go “f_ _ _” yourself” and the conversation ends.

    • pat says:


  9. Powell says:

    That’s funny. 🙂 Powder tea. Yuck. I can’t even imagine drinking that. But you’re probably right. The iced tea debate is probably like the grits debate. My family prefers the country slow cook grits. If someone goes to SC or comes here from SC they must bring, grits, pecans, pudding(liver, rice, spices in a sausage casing) -to me yuck, I’m not a fan. Southerners are picky about certain foods. 🙂

    • lizzle says:

      My mom would mail me boxes of grits when I lived in San Diego. I think grits are more popular now with all of the cooking shows, so some parts of the country might have them in the stores… but at one time, you could only get them in the south.

  10. Felicia says:

    Ok I have been thinking about his whole EC, Le(I like this name for her), and BG thing and I think these people are making me crazy. LOL Anyway I personally think that EC is still in love with BG. I think she was the love of his life and he thought he could keep her in the dark about his other life. I think he tells Le that BG did this or that and he misses her or compares BG to Le. I think that is part of the reason Le wants to be so like BG.
    I read BG’s book and I loved it. It was good to hear the stories and understand some of the EC and Le stuff. That is why I think EC is still in love with BG.(some of her stories about EC and herself)
    Just a thought maybe I”m just crazy and These housewives are getting to me. I can’t believe I think about some of this stuff. LOL
    Have a great Holiday weekend…

  11. Debbie Cooley says:

    All the talk of cornbread and now I have to have some–so guess I am making some today 🙂 Oh and I do sugar plus real butter. The fake stuff they pass off as butter is actually more harmfull to ones health than real butter. Like everything—moderation is the key.

    I too envy those who get to work–prior to Lyme and disability I was a work-a-holic.
    Oh yes–the show lol..
    I have to wonder–why is Bravo trying to ruin yet another house wife show–they push the drama but when it gets to nasty they will up and fire most of them just as they did in NY. I really hope Bravo does not allow AM to get away with all the lies. Right now this is the only HW show left that I watch……..
    Have a great weekend!

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Hi Debbie. So true about the real butter vs. the poison. You only watch BH.? I wish I could be so decisive. I’ve only dropped one HW show, so far. Right now, OC is the only one I refuse to watch. They are all uninteresting talentless harpies and therefore I am gone, gone, gone. I find them boring, unitelligent, unfunny and on a good day…offensive. I lived in OC (the poor part – Garden Grove, haha!!) once many moons ago; so I don’t even find the locale interesting. BH, NYC, and Miami have at least that (the locale) as an interesting point of interest.

      • chismosa says:

        Thank you all for saying that about butter — I’m trying to get my family off Smart Balance and into regular butter (in moderation)
        Have to google to see of i find the info saying the fake chemical stuff is bad

        I’m already trying to convince my mom and bro to get off Listerine, I’m scared!

        Ooh that iced tea thing was something I was wondering too– how can people in the south use powder!?? I LIVE for iced tea, have my own iced brewer at home usually make passion fruit/hibiscus and mix in other flavors.
        I only drink coffee iced too.

        • Catseye says:

          I agree about butter. But what the heck is wrong with Listerine? I LOVE the toothpaste, my mouth feels fresh for hours afterward.
          I know a lot of people think she’s full of BS, but Suzanne Somers mentioned on TV last time I saw her, that to protect our organs, our bodies stores toxins in fat. I think she might be right.

          • My sister makes ghee and sends it to me..she also sells it on her website… plus I can use the mason jar for sweet tea drinking afterwards….
            my sis bakes with all natural ingredients and is on this mission to promite healthy eating w/o sugars and poisons… she has also started her own elevated gardens with veggies… she eats cooks and bakes for her blood type… and yep..she’s healthy… still bitchy but healthy…lol lol
            chili is cooking… mmmm the house smells good… bought some nice extra sharp cheddar cheese that needs to be grated…. a job for mr ford..seeing how he forgot to make JAVA while I was gone….

            • Powell says:

              Uh oh. Mr Ford got into a bit of trouble. 🙂

              • yep..and he broke the mop…lol
                I told him WEEKS ago… dont leave the mop in the water..the handle will rust and break..
                mr ford…um sure diva..mumbles under his breath..
                diva.. I mean it… it’s happened before
                mr ford.. yea I know..you know everything about mops
                diva..well of course I do..
                mr ford… yea yea yea
                so today I go out and he’s mopping and he’s got DUCT TAPE on the mop
                diva..um hun..ya know that’s not going to work
                mr ford.. oh for chits sake..leave me alone about the mop..this is 200 mile an hour nascar approved duct tape..
                diva… i dont care if it’s used on the shuttle..it aint gonna work..
                mr ford..well I’ll show you….
                two swipes and crunch..mop breaks… I bust a gut laughing..mr fords face turns red…
                mr ford… can you get me some peanut butter and a new mop when you go grocery shopping.
                diva..sure..if you promise to remember that I KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT MOPS..
                I got the mop…forgot the peanut butter… and he didnt make the java… so now we are even

                lol lol …… at least we still have fun together…..

          • chismosa says:

            Catseye in case you see this- I have recently found out some rumors (not sure if completely true), linking listerine and mouth washes to oral cancer. I have to do more investigation.

            Toothpaste >>>no problems. It’s the mouth rinses
            I’m stiiiiiiiiiill investigating.

    • pat says:

      I always use real butter for the hubs and daughter, but for myself I’ll use canola harvest, thinking I was saving some calories. Maybe I’d better revisit that!

  12. My mom is from Mississippi so all the talk of cornbread, biscuit and grits bring back fond memories of her and grandma cooking in the kitchen. When ever we would go visit family in the south, we would go to the local market and stock up on “Eagle Brand Syrup”. It’s a blend of honey and sweet syrup that we would drown or biscuits with butter in. Hummm so good.
    Now i’m in tears because NO MORE for me!
    Went to a specialist friday because I’ve been having severe abdominal pain since December. Got a cramp in abdomen that I can only discribe as feeling like a “charlie horse”. Knocked the air out of me and have been hurting ever since. Primary Dr. thought it could be a hernia but couldn’t feel one. So went to specialist. He couldn’t feel one either. He felt that from the location and symptoms I described that I may be sensitive or allergic to gluten. So I’m on a gluten free diet.
    Do you know that just about EVERYTHING has gluten! My cooking spray even had it! Now no more breads,baked goodies,pasta for me. Not unless they are gluten free which COST a fortune.
    I found some gluten free pasta (couldn’t give that up cold turkey!) that cost me ove $5.00 for less than 2 cups!
    The only up side to this is I’m forced to eat healthy. Lots of fruits,vegetables and lean meats. I can have rice and corn. Just no flour,wheat, oats, barley ect.
    Maybe I can lose some weight I need to lose now.
    Went gluten free all day yesterday and did feel good. My daughter made some brownies for a school function and let me have a tiny one. I thought what could it hurt?!? As soon as I ate it my stomach started to bloat and major pain! Damn it! The doctor may be right! It sucks!
    Now I have to be a lot more creative when it comes to cooking.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I love your “the doctor may be right.” after your little taste of brownie, I would say that yes, he is. Sorry you are missing out on the goodies you are missing right now,..but wow; you’re getting healthy, aren’t you? that’s awesome! Bread is so addictive. I wish I could quit it.

    • lizzle says:

      I would love to cut out Gluten. I think it affects more of us than we realize. I have many friends who had to go gluten free when they found out it was affecting them. All of them lost weight and gained energy. I am sorry you became ill, but am happy that you found out the cause and are doing something that will make you feel great.

      • Thanks. I know I will be healthier but it feels like such a drastic transition to me. Couldn’t believe that most everything I bought and used for cooking contained gluten. It took me twenty minute reading food lables to find one salad dressing I could use. Even soy sauce has wheat in it! Been looking up foods and receipes on the internet to help me but still feel overwhelmed and bummed.

        • chismosa says:

          That’s how I am about soy! Soy proteins and isolates, in particular.

        • lizzle says:

          I understand, because I tried it. It is extremely difficult. Many foods now use the GF labels. I don’t know your financial state, but Whole Foods and other stores carry many of these products with the GF label on it. I know my financial situation has changed and I can’t get all of my groceries from those types of grocery stores anymore. I will try to remember many of the meals my GF friend would make me when I would come over and post them. BTW… my friend was vegan and GF, so she had to get creative. I know most beef, poultry and fish is GF if their are no additives.

      • chismosa says:

        I believe firmly in some facts regarding your blood type and food, and think that since a lot of the population are O – this type does bad with carbs of any kind. That is my theory as to why so many people drop weight so quickly and just cut off carbs.i know the gluten thing is a whole other story with celiac and all that jazz. But people have to be careful bc all the heavily hyped marketed Gluten free stuff is full of other bad things for you.

        Then again, there is a scientist arguing that all the what this country eats, even the “whole grain” variety is not your grandma’s good, healthful wheat of decades ago. That all the wheat we eat now is so incredibly chemical that it doesn’t matter how healthy we try to go. It’s sad. I really was born the wrong time periods ! I wish I could find the article — it was the science times I think or it was on Nightline

        • I am O+ so that is interesting. I’m trying to stick to fruits,vegetables and lean meats. I was a carb junkie so it’s a hard transition but I have to do it.Thanks for the insight.

          • chismosa says:

            Me too- I could (sadly) never be a vegetarian. My body litra-lee craves animal protein.

            Carbs ARE our enemy!

            But B’s, and AB’s in particular should stick with the carbs. For them protein is bad!

            O’s have very good health info, read about it —-so at least im happy about that!

        • Catseye says:

          I totally agree with you about genetically modified food. I wonder if that is behind all of the gluten intolerance. People have subsisted on bread for thousands of years.

        • lizzle says:

          The people that I know who went gluten free have been told by a doctor to go that route. I don’t have the luxury of doctor visits, so I haven’t been told to cut it out yet… which is why I gave up trying.

    • LA Debra says:

      More and more stores are putting in a gluten free section. Whole Foods for sure but also Safeway and some Walmart. If you have a favorite market I would ask if they have a section or plan to have one.

    • thedesigndiva2 says:

      shadows… did they check to see if maybe ?? diverticulitis ??? stay away from whole corn..that’s bad for you…. my sis has been helping me out with dietary stuff since my last hospital stay…even my dr that treated me… tall chinese guy..go figure… said gluten free.. fish.. rice..vegs… and occ sweets w/o processed sugars… I have not had a soda in over 3 months..not that I drank alot…maybe a glass a day …if..
      but I do start my day with a glass of lukewarm water and lemon…then java…
      so far inners have been feeling pretty good…every now and then I will have a flare and he says that’s to be expected till I can get colonoscopy to see what’s really going on…
      I asked my Mom if her generation had these kinds of intestional / food associated problems back when they were in our age bracket , and she said no… food was different back then…. yep… we’re slowly being poisoned….

      • No but if this doesn’t work then I would have to have a laparoscopic scope. It’s a surgical procedure and I’ve had enough of those. Had gallbladder removed, hysterectomy but have ovaries. They checked fine. Dr. said CT probably won’t show anything. Just got a colorectal cancer screen self check that I have to take to lab. My bio deadbeat dad had polyps so important for me to be checked. I’m hoping this change will help. can’t hurt eating healthier so either way I’m doing something good for myself.

        • iceNfire says:

          shadowsnomore – sorry to hear about your health issues. I guess I should count myself very lucky that my family can eat anything we want, mostly fresh veggies and fruit, chicken and fish and the occasional pizza. Can’t think of the last time we had fast food burgers, yuck

        • lillybee says:

          My greyhound is gluten intolerant. It was hard finding her a grain free dog food but I did.
          She is on a turkey, sweet potato one and doing fine, in fact all her bald spots now have fur again. For treats, she gets people pepperoni.

          • Nancy says:

            HI lillybee,
            I didn’t know that dogs could have it. Glad to see that your greyhound is doing better.
            World Figure Skating Championships start on March 11. 🙂

          • lilly bee.. strange you would post this about your dog..I was just reading last night about dogs that have celiac disease…am looking into why my labs are losing their hair and always licking their paws..driving us nuts..doing elemination of things to see which works best… one diet for dogs I read about was duck and potato…. dang…ducks expensive….

            • lillybee says:

              I get her food at Costco. It is about 30 dollars for 35 pounds, a much better price than things at other stores. They also sell a salmon and sweet potato version. What happens when she eats grain. it bothers her skin. She licked her self bald, very sad. Now her coat is feeling like velvet.

              • lillybee says:

                Diva, try the Costco food. I read that even the Kirkland lamb and rice food, may be good since it also seems to be gluten free. I watch out for soy in the food, too. Treats were a problem, Paul Newman’s seem to be grain free but with all the dog food call backs, I just stick with people pepperoni, they usually get one small piece at a time.

                • chismosa says:

                  Lillybee this is so interesting I am copying everything you’re saying here. My dog has the dog equivalent of IBS. So he had to go on very odd-protein diet years ago. We got the food just directly from the vet.

                  Treat-wise I want to start doing what you said about human pepperoni. I’m soooooooo scared about Chinese products and the deaths happening over chicken jerky treats and stuff.
                  My dog is better. He eats “regular” now but our vet still has him on Tylon (human chemotherapy drug- very very small amount not often) and also prednisone liquid — extremely small amount very not often. But the SAVING grace was what my vet himself (and not the special animal hospitals I had to take my dog to when his problem was first starting)– my lonely vet came up with Psyllium Fiber- we buy Konsyl. My vet said both his parents had colon cancer and so he has to take that everyday and it has been wonderful for him. That little Konsyl powder has done wonders for my dog!

                  I will try to repost this to you another day if you don’t see it!

                  Happy your dog is well.
                  I think the grains in dog food is dangerous to them somehow.

              • Laineylainey says:

                Poor little things…and they can’t tell us when something is bothering them. Glad te food change helped.

        • Rebecca says:

          Oh shadows that sucks. One of my best friends was diagnosed with celiac disease. It has been a learning experience to cook for her at my house since we are limited going out. Fogo de Chao is a good option if you want to splurge. Their cheese bread is made from tapioca flour and I now find those mixes all over the grocery stores here. I have a ton of recipes to share if you need a fix. Just post here that you need a good chocolate cupcake recipe or anything and I’ll post it for everyone.

  13. This is the syrup we use-

    It’s the bomb!

  14. chismosa says:

    I find it interesting that Ramona nor Alex went backstage to say hi and have a photo-op with Teresa and/or her daughter. Hmm

    Oh and I’ve developed my own personal drinking game about Andy, for reunions and WWH– when he uses “sweetie” in a pejorative misogynistic way, I drink a shot. Pretty good. Not too toasted, just right. Haha

    • iceNfire says:

      DandyAndy called me ‘sweetie’ when he replied to my tweet, forgot about that, I was surprised he responded at all. Actually I’m surprised when anyone responds to my tweets, I always think I’m just talking to myself 😛

  15. LA Debra says:

    Didn’t I read comments about the Shahs of Sunset reunion? My program guide has the reunion airing tomorrow?

    • chismosa says:

      I think something must have been leaked on other sites or via twitter. I just have a bad feeling for my poor MJ

      But at least it looks like Asa got the bad end of the couch. Haha!

      Yes it airs tomorrow. My dvr is going to explode with that, Atlanta, Walking Dead, Amazing Race, and I feel I’m forgetting something else. Oh yes, I watch Girls on hbo and Enlightened

      • Powell says:

        chismosa I DVR Girls. I started watching epi 1 of the season but didn’t finish. I really need to watch it.

      • LA Debra says:

        Ah! I thought I was going craycray. Thanks!

      • nyc mama says:

        Supposedly they are on the attack with MJ with Reza in the lead and from what I hear it iis apparently very bad. He has also taken to twitter to continue to accuse MJ of a pill problem and other accusastions. Whether true or not a real friend does not ostracize their friend publically and most especially out their problems like he has chosen to do.

        It also seems that Reza is the source for all the detrimental information on MJ including her mistake when she was younger. He seems to be as sleazy as they come.

        • iceNfire says:

          Can’t stand Reza! He’s a middle aged man that started his January 18th blog with:
          “You guys just watched the eighth episode; I just watched the eighth episode, and we really have some important stuff to talk about. But actually the most important thing I want to talk to you guys about are my shoes, which we can’t really see, so I’ll talk them off and show them to you.”
          He posts a video of his all important shoes! dam stfu already…

      • Boobah says:

        Enlightened is a great show. I usually watch it online. But I need to get a DVR. *sighs* I’m so behind the times.

  16. Powell says:

    Imwawatching VR & Lisa is confronting Zach & the girl about having sex in the bathroom. She said “shagging” in her TH. I love to hear Brits say shagging. I’ve never heard any other culture but Brits say shagging. 🙂

  17. I am so sorry guys. I tried to embed a twit and totally screwed up. Not sure how I poseted it and now I can’t fix it! So sorry!

    • Nancy says:

      There is a blood test you have have to “rule in” a Gluten allergy. It’s not as good as a
      scope biopsy though.

      • If diet change doesn’t help then thats the next step. Have till middle of April to see if it works. If not….laparoscopic scope. Hoping it works!

        • Nancy says:

          You have to be on a regular diet though before the procedure or the results can be skewed.

          • The Dr. said he wasn’t sure what was going on. He didn’t feel any hernias but said it could still be a possibility. He said that what my symptoms and location of pain a gluten free diet may help. I’m to journal everything I eat and how I feel after. Just had blood work done but no results yet. Just hoping to get pain free and be healthy. I thought I was going crazy cause I didn’t know what was going on. Felt like I had something weird in me. Hard to explain. Felt bloated and like I had a tight band sourrounding my midsection.

            • Nancy says:

              Has he ruled out Lactose Intolerant? My sister runs the GI lab at her hospital so
              if you would like to speak to her let me know. I hope you feel better soon.

  18. Powell says:

    Wow. I see where Stassi gets her outlook on life from. Her mom & dad don’t flinch when they tell her parents that Frank got fired & then they laugh at what he did to the customer. Her mom says “don’t you think they’d overlook this?”. WTF?? Her parents think its funny that Frank yelled & insulted a customer.

  19. Sorry guys for F”n the blog up! Tried to embed a tweet and screwed it up royally! I am NOT tech savy! Don’t know what I hit to make it post before I was able to even finish my comment. Wanted to delete it but couldn’t. SORRY for the mess I made!

  20. TexasTart says:

    ******Standing Ovation******* for Stars! Excellent job in how you did the Adrienne blog.history. All the comments on target. No doubt that Yo comment at the stables about Adrienne was.The Best.Line.Ever! Loved the final paragraph too!

    • Stars99 says:

      Wasn’t it the best line ever? lol…. it totally cracked me up! Thanks so much for your encouragement! = )

  21. TexasTart says:

    I have been MIA from here and will be some more because my life/work is way too crazy busy. Of course, rather have.too much work than not enough – just miss spending time here with the cool people 😆

    Sorry to hav e missed the convo the other day about first Reality.shows watched…that was so entertaining! Memories…..and I thought I watched a lot, but oh boy I am beat by many and I lol’ed through all that and Queen Lisa Renee, lol, Tila and.Even the bi-twins. I started with Real.World and think I made 4 seasons. Don’t think I.saw these mentioned: The Osbornes. The Anna Nicole.Show…the most.complete trainwreck.EVER.

    Gotta run again, just a quick shout out.Congrats DIVA! Lisa Renee feel even better soon ..I.see you commented today so that is a good sign. 🙂 Wish I could remember what else, of course – Thanks MTH for Survivor.that I still have yet to see.

    • iceNfire says:

      I loved The Osbornes on MTV, wasn’t that the reality show that kick started all the ones we have now? iirc it was The Osbornes 1st followed by Anna Nicole and then all hell broke loose.

      • Nancy says:

        I LOVED their show. The funniest thing I’ve ever seen.

      • Beckygrey says:

        I thought it was “Cops”. Just kidding, totally different Reality show. But you had The Real world…

        • iceNfire says:

          Yes Real World was long before but I think The Osbornes were the 1st celebs to have a reality show which followed their episode of Cribs. Then it was announced that Anna Nicole was doing a show and everyone thought ‘ how boring ‘ LoL

      • lillybee says:

        The first reality show was on PBS, I think back in the 70’s. It was about a family named Loud.

        • TexasTart says:

          Apparently so, in ’71 I think PrincessP said she watched.as a child. (see how I am careful to not date you more than need be, princess?!). That was news.to me, I always thought The Real World was first until now.

  22. TexasTart says:

    One more post…obviously LeAnn is.twisted, but what’s most disturbing.is 2 random, ok not that random 😉 people at the same dentist and hello, but isn’t that a disturbing number of.root canals??! Maybe I don’t get out much, but all that described between the two of them is way more work than I know of anyone having done. That dentist is.livin high on the hog, well they all are…..just sayin’

    • princesspindy says:

      2 years ago when I first found this blog I had 14 root canals that year….a tumor removed from my tummy and my back went out twice and I was in bed for 2 weeks each time…..I was so thankful that I found this blog… Oh, and the last rc got infected and my cheek looked like I had an egg in it and I wanted to die from the antibiotics…great year!! When I saw the number of root canals LeAnn had I said to myself, “Whimp!” lol!!

      • princesspindy says:

        On a total of 3 teeth, just saying…

        • iceNfire says:

          I find odd odd that she had a temporary bridge, aren’t those things made to last 20-30 years?

        • looneylucy says:

          Yowza, pp, you’ve been thru the wringer! My son had a root canal last fall & it set us back $3,000. I do remember the dentist saying that price was for however many appts were required for that r.c. I’ve threatened him within an inch of his life if he doesn’t brush more regularly! Yes, this blog has been a lifesaver for me too. Hopefully 2013 will be a good year for you and the family.

          • princesspindy says:

            It turns out my roots were sideways, we found that out after one was pulled. Saved the other two, gotta look at the bright side, lol!!

            • Boobah says:

              I remember! I think we even commiserated about it a little! I had a helluva dental mess going on around that time also. And I remember thinking that this blog was soo helpful too. Glad that’s behind us both! (knock on wood)

              • princesspindy says:

                That’s right Boobah!! I was born sick and in the hospital for a month and the antibiotics they gave me caused my first teeth to have no enamel, they were weak and brown and ugly, so when my permanent teeth came in white it was so exciting….but they are like a HW, pretty, yet somewhat shallow, lol!!

                • Boobah says:

                  LOL!!!! Your teeth and HW’s personalities – one in the same! LOL! I have heard about the damage of antibotics on teeth. For me, it was grinding. And damn did I grind! Hey! My teeth and Camielle’s dancing – grinding! I also have HW’s personality teeth!

                  Can you believe that I still need work done!! But I’m not in pain (knock on some more wood, please) so I can wait. I’m just glad the dentist discovered how badly I grind so I can do something about it.

                  Wow – that feels like that was so long ago!!

                  • princesspindy says:

                    It does feel like a long time ago…I thought that was the year from Hell, until the next year, last year, with my daughter being sick, lol, I didn’t know what Hell was!!!! I think it was easier for me to be the patient than to have her be the patient…. But this year…. I am not complaining….too much, 🙂

                    • Boobah says:

                      Holy Hell – I remember. You had two yrs in a row of hell. I felt so bad for you and your daughter. But I also remeber a story where you tripped UP the stairs – you were so exhaused. I really felt for you durng your daughter’s health nightmare. I am so glad that she is feeling better and that NEITHER of you are patients! At least, I hope your daughter is still feeling better!

                    • princesspindy says:

                      LOL!! I forgot that I fell up the stairs, oh gosh, that was sooo funny!! She is doing well, I kept telling her it was going to get better and that 2013 was going to be soo much better! So far, so good!

          • Catseye says:

            Make sure he uses an electric/battery operated toothbrush. Nothing is better for keeping your teeth clean. And you can usually find them pretty cheap at Target or Dollar Stores.

      • TexasTart says:

        Just sayin..that all CA dentists do very well 😉 jk Wow you’ve been through a lot!

        Thinking of what extensive treatments the both of them had with the dentist being the link…but might it not be more concerning the likeness of the treatment (or both having TNJ?!) being right up copy-cat cray cray Rimes alley. so hard to wrap my head around taking to copying- that far.

    • pat says:

      I think we’ll find out, if LR goes through with a lawsuit.

  23. plainviewsue says:

    Stars, you OUTDID yourself with the blog recaps!!!! Great job 🙂

  24. Boobah says:

    SuperSTARS99 – Excellent HW blog re-caps!!!! Especially Adreinne’s blog! You went above and beyond in breaking down her lies.
    I agree about Yo – she scares me a little too. I certainly wouldn’t want to get on her bad side.
    Thanks for a great read today!

    • Stars99 says:

      Boobahahahahahahaha… Yeah, Yo kinda scares me… but wouldn’t you like to hang out with her? I like how she expresses how she sees things… cracks me up. Hope you and Mr. Boobahahahahahaha are doing amazingly well these days!

  25. iceNfire says:

    Adri leaves a brown stain – hope link works

  26. iceNfire says:

    Jill would have done RHONY for FREE and she would do it again for FREE

  27. Hey! One more week & I just might have time to play a bit. I haven’t missed all of RHBH have I? I hope everything is well. Miss you all! (not bravo, tho)

  28. Pghemtchick says:

    I’m late as seems the norm anymore with me ( I blame the mmporg I’m back to playing >.< ) anyways:
    1. great blogging as usual! Thanks all & special thanks MTH since I missed part of Survivor!
    2. Congrats Diva!!!
    3. Deepest Sympathy to KT 😦 so sorry to hear. Hope your family is staying strong during this loss. She'll always be in your hearts & watching over ❤
    4. Happy belated birthdays!
    5. Shadows- check out http://glutenfreegoddess.blogspot.com/2009/09/gluten-free-cookie-recipes.html?m=1 for some gluten free sweet treats and other recipes! Good luck, it looks so rough to cut it out.
    6. Stay safe those in Plato's path!

    Okay, I think that catches me up. Lol. Ooo I have a new obsession that I bought today. Soda Stream! Lol so far, Amazing! Tomorrow, I experiment by fizzing caffeine water and adding the orange. Lol. Have a safe holiday weekend all!

  29. I know I’ve been gone awhile, but is that a fruit border? Does that have a meaning? Fruit Loops?

  30. Nancy says:

    Has anyone seen Cesar Milan’s new show called Leader of the pack? It’s really good.

  31. I’m waiting for King of the Nerds on TBS, if I can stay awake.

  32. KTinCT says:

    So I’ve told my 3 yr old daughter that her Granny “from Suffield” has gone to live with God and the Angels and she hears that but doesn’t (in my opinion) get it. She has been asking about this grandmother for the past few days (probably because she hears us talking and she is too damn smart). Tomorrow is the service. I looked up some books on how to help explain this to children but we have no bookstores here in Meriden, CT (a f#*king shame) The closest bookstore in CT is in North Haven and they didn’t have the book (that I found online) in stock.
    I, my husband and my daughter are going to the service early tomorrow, my Mom is driving us for the private family viewing from 1:00 to 2:00, the public viewing is from 2:00 to 4:00. My Mom will attempt to keep Maggie in another room while we pay our initial respects. -I packed a backpack for my daughter filled with new coloring books, crayons, markers, games, snacks and candy to keep my 3 yr old occupied as I don’t want her to see her Granny in a casket. Don’t know if I can actually pull this off but if anyone has any suggestions, I am so open to hearing them…….

    • Nancy says:

      Didn’t Maria Shriver write a book about that? How is your husband doing?
      I’ve been thinking about you.

      • Nancy says:

        The book is called What’s Heaven? Obviously you won’t be able to get it by tomorrow
        but I think it would help for later. I heard it’s quite good.

      • KTinCT says:

        I didn’t hear about Maria Shriver’s book, I’ll have to look it up… The one my friend (who is a teacher) said to look up is “Nana Upstairs, Nana Downstairs” by Tomie DePaola but when I researched that book, it is about the loss of a great-grandmother…..
        Thank you for thinking of me, it’s been a trying time… My husband is doing ok, he has not been sleeping at all at night but sleeping during the day….

        • Nancy says:

          It will get better with time. (Promise)

          • KTinCT says:

            Thank you, (((((Nancy)))))

            • iceNfire says:

              KTinCT – I hope you see this, it helped my kids when they were young…….Get a helium balloon for your daughter to send to her Granny “from Suffield” ….whether it helps her understand or not it will make her feel like she did something to help ( I believe it helps everyone ) when we all feel useless 🙂

    • Just don’t let anyone tell her that grandma went to or is sleeping. I was told that when I was little and it made me afraid to go to sleep for along time. I think what you are doing is great. My step dad died when my daughter was 5 and keeping her busy with cousins and friends was the best. When she’s ready she will ask you questions. Answer them as honestly and appropriately as you can for her age. So sorry you and your family are going through this.

      • KTinCT says:

        Yes, shadowsnomore, I will never say that granny got sick, had an accident, or is sleeping! I don’t want her to associate any of those with what happened. Thank you for your advice. So sorry you had to experience a step parents death while your daughter was so young….xoxo Katie

        • Nancy says:

          Maybe someone would watch Maggie at home during the service?

          • KTinCT says:

            I thought of that, Nancy, but all of my family members want to attend the service, so from what we’ve come up with, once Maggie has “hit the wall” (had enough and can’t be contained anymore) either my parents or one of my brothers (all have carseats in their vehicle) will bring her home and we will collect her after ….

        • Sometimes well meaning people try to explain death to children in relatable terms. It is hard enough for adults to understand much less kids. My grandpa tried to tell us kids that our great aunt went to sleep with the angels. Well it made me afraid to go to sleep because I wasn’t ready to be with the angels, I wanted to stay with my family! I’m so sorry for your loss. It does get better with time. Someday you and you husband will be able to think about and talk about your loved one without crying. You will get to a point when happy times and fond memories with them will make you smile again. Hugs and prayers go out from me to you (((KT)))

          • KTinCT says:

            I completely agree, you can’t blame your Grandpa for trying to explain….. There really is no “good” way to explain. He thought he was doing his best, God Bless Him. Thank you for your prayers and hugs, they are both greatly appreciated. And thank you for your kind words, they mean more than you know, ((((shadowsnomore))))

    • TexasTart says:

      No suggestions, but I.see you have some good feedback and I think you are doing what is best eventhough the book could not come together. I was just going to leave a (((hug))) for you. I hope the.service will do well to honor a woman who was so very special to you.

      • KTinCT says:

        Thank you so much, ((((TexasTart)))))

        • iceNfire says:

          KTinCT – I hope you see this, it helped my kids when they were young…….Get a helium balloon for your daughter to send to her Granny “from Suffield” ….whether it helps her understand or not it will make her feel like she did something to help ( I believe it helps everyone ) when we all feel useless

        • lizzle says:

          Just know that at a funeral, almost everyone there will want to help your grief in some tangible way. When my younger brother died, I felt bad for everyone trying to help and comfort me… because they couldn’t and I didn’t have anything for them to help me with. It will make people feel good to help you with your daughter. In fact, at my good friend’s father’s funeral not too long ago… I helped watch all the kids in the nursery while everyone was visiting. It made me feel like I was contributing in a positive way to ease the stress of death. And I am sorry for your pain. It is easy to say that they are in a better place, but it is so freakin’ hard for us that are still living.

  33. Nancy says:

    Night night ladies. I need to take the Zoo outside before bed. 🙂

  34. KTinCT says:

    Nighty night, Nancy! I’m so glad to have this place to come to and am so thankful for all those who comment. Whether we agree or not, Doesn’t matter…… Thank you all for the escape!

  35. TexasTart says:

    Favorite Housewife poll ends Monday! Teresa has taken the lead from Lisa! Super easy to vote, no sign in, obligation and no pop-ups. Help Lisa win!! Or your fav 😉


  36. TexasTart says:

  37. Shells says:

    Hi! I stumbled on your website and I’d like to tell you that I enjoyed your post about the Beverly Hills housewives’ blogs. I confess to watching them sometimes, but the women and their values and their manufactured drama often infuriates me too much to finish an episode. I appreciated that your post mentioned the nature of Taylor’s lawsuit. I hate that she twists truth to portray herself in the sympathetic single mother/victim role. She was required as part of a settlement to reimburse money to victims that she and her late husband defrauded in an investment scheme. I don’t know why the wealthy women on the show would want to be near a con artist. There is no shame in making an honest buck and living in a less expensive zip code, but that doesn’t seem to fit her values. Anyway, thanks for the entertaining post!

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