Vacays and Working Girls / Survivor Recap / Shahs of Sunset Reunion

Vacays and Working Girls Photo Roundup by NoMoreDrama

Andy Cohen is on Vacy with Anderson Cooper and Anderson’s boyfriend in Brazil.  He tweeted this photo on the beach with the tagline #happy.

andy cohen

Meanwhile Bethenny Frankel is on her down under Skinny Girl tour.  She also looks happy surrounded by good looking Aussie’s.

bethenny skinny girl

And Brandi Glanville is in New York again, and did a book signing at Barnes and Noble.  Marisa Zanuck showed up to show support. Brandi has tweeted that her book is first on the e-books on the NYTimes Best Selling List.  I’ll have to take her word for it – I googled the list and didn’t see her book on it.

Marisa's tweet

Marisa’s tweet

And finally a funny tweet from Rob Schuter:

“Bravo insiders are saying no decision has been made on cast of RHOBH. Rumors about LeAnn Rimes joining the cast are premature”


Survivor 26 Caramoan Fans vs Favorites by MelTheHound week 2


Favorites/Bikal tribe

Andrea Boehlke
Previous Season: Survivor: Redemption Island – 13th castaway voted out/ 8th Jury Member
Age: 23
Current Residence: New York, N.Y.
Occupation: Entertainment Host and Writer

Brandon Hantz

Previous Season: Survivor: South Pacific – 15th castaway voted out/7th Jury Member
Age: 21
Current Residence: Katy, Texas
Occupation: Chemical Disposal

Brenda Lowe
Previous Season: Survivor: Nicaragua – 11th castaway voted out/3rd Jury Member
Age: 30
Current Residence: Miami, Fla.
Occupation: Paddleboard Co. Owner

Corinne Kaplan
Previous Season: Survivor: Gabon – 12th castaway voted out/4th Jury Member
Age: 33
Current Residence: Los Angeles
Occupation: Clinical Consultant

Dawn Meehan
Previous Season: Survivor: South Pacific – 11th castaway voted off/3rd Jury Member
Age: 42
Current Residence: South Jordan, Utah
Occupation: English Professor

Erik Reichenbach
Previous Season: Survivor: Micronesia – 13th castaway voted out/6th Jury Member
Age: 27
Current Residence: Santa Clarita, Calif.
Occupation: Comic Book Artist

Francesca Hogi

Voted out week 1 (2nd time voted out first)

John Cochran
Previous Season: Survivor: South Pacific – 13th castaway voted out/5th Jury Member
Age: 25
Current Residence: Washington, D.C.
Occupation: Harvard Law Student

Malcolm Freberg
Previous Season: Survivor: Philippines – 15th castaway voted off/8th Jury member
Age: 25
Current Residence: Hermosa Beach, Calif.
Occupation: Bartender

Phillip Sheppard
Previous Season: Survivor: Redemption Island – Made it to the final 3
Age: 54
Current Residence: Santa Monica, Calif.
Occupation: Chief Executive Officer of Enter Software Sales

Fans/Gota tribe

Alexandra “Allie” Pohevitz
Age: 25
Current Residence: Oceanside, N.Y.
Occupation: Bartender

Edward “Eddie” Fox
Age: 23
Current Residence: East Brunswick, N.J.
Occupation: Fireman/EMT

Hope Driskill
Age: 23
Current Residence: Jefferson City, Mo.
Occupation: Pre Law Student (Miss Missouri 2011)

Julia Landauer
Age: 21
Current Residence: Stanford, Calif.
Occupation: Racecar Driver

Laura Alexander
Age: 23
Current Residence: Washington, D.C.
Occupation: Administrative Officer

Matt Bischoff
Age: 38
Current Residence: Cincinnati, Ohio
Occupation: BMX Bike Sales

Michael Snow
Age: 44
Current Residence: New York, N.Y.
Occupation: Event Planner

Reynold Toepfer
Age: 30
Current Residence: San Francisco, Calif.
Occupation: Real Estate Sales

Shamar Thomas
Age: 27
Current Residence: Brooklyn, N.Y.
Occupation: Iraq War Veteran

Sherri Biethman
Age: 41
Current Residence: Boise, Idaho
Occupation: Fast Food Franchisee

Welcome back Castaways. Week two of the broadcast. Here we go.. Last week, Fran was voted out, first, again. There was some discussion among us here at the blog about who flipped on the vote. It was 6 – 4 and it turns out that both Dawn and Cochran wrote Fran’s name. Back at camp, the remaining nine are contemplating this whole vote thing. Brandon is upset that Fran was the first to go, again. I assume he is one of them who voted for Andrea to leave. We see Dawn trying to explain herself to Brandon (if she had voted to send Andrea home, it would have been a tie vote- Revel in your power for now, Dawn, being the swing vote is a mighty powerful thing). Brandon says it sucks (remember though he was a pain in the ass, he played true to his word in his season) that Fran she was done like that again. Dawn tells him that he should have compassion for both sides of the story, he tells her that she And Cochran will lose, off of that ‘stupid’ move, while the others look on. I think she should have kept her mouth shut. Secret vote, no one needs to know what happened. She wanders off into the side side woods to remove herself from his venom, has a good sob and we hear her talking about trying so hard not to disrespect people. Okay, whatever.. Back at the camp fire, young Hantz is ‘fed up’ (Already?). He’s feeling evil Russ’s blood running through him. Now he wants to screw with everyone (he is telling this to Erik), says he is feeling Dir-Tee… He wants to go out with a bang. Okay, whatever.

sur1Day 4, over at Gota, the contestants are working around camp, cutting wood, boiling water, stuff like that. The kind of stuff a small community might do to ‘survive’ (even though there are production crews around, medical staff at the near ready, things like that.. ). Everybody that is except one. You guessed it, Shamar. You see he’s all about conserving himself. He says if he just lays around on his expanding ass long enough, I swear I thought I heard him say, the others would praise him. Maybe it was the others would find him Lazy but I can’t get that praise word out of my mind. Note that he did help start a fire last week but now they have the flint to make their own. They don’t need him. Allie and one of the other ladies are just in general disbelief with this one. Shamar, Has Got To Go if they go to tribal council, non negotiable. Now Allie is part of this alliance of 4 that the wippersnappers put together last week. Sherri on the other hand loves that Shamar is getting under their skin so she has set up an alliance of 6, including Shamar to get under the skin of and get rid of the pretty 4. She says he is her Phillip (whatever that means).

Meanwhile, at Bikal, Brandon and Cochran are talking and B confesses to C that he planned on sabotaging everything. Spilling the food, throwing challenges, just being in general, a dick (which we’ve all seen him do). However, He’s had some sort of change of heart, for that moment anyway, this is for his kids, blah blah blah. TH Cochran notes that with Brandon, you get two extremes. The moments of vile hate almost immediately followed by extreme pleasantness. Careful Cochran, he was pissed at you too last night. During all this, Pinky is wandering around in the background and Brandon invites him over. He asks Pinky a question about trust and where everything fits together. Pinky goes into this rant about middle management, CEO’s and how middle management is never called in unless something needs to be done. In other words, Pinky is king shit and the rest are his subjects. That’s the way he sees it anyway. Brandon tells the others that Pinky is trying to Boston Rob them. After all he did everything Boston Rob told him to do (I think this is what Sherri meant with Shamar). (NMD – Sherri means she’s taking the most unlikeable person to the end – like Boston Rob did with Phillip last time.  Everyone assumed Phillip would be an  easy vote out because he was crazy, but Rob protected him to have someone no one would vote for by his side at final council.)  Dawn still wants Kumbaya and feels that everyone should work together. Brandon knows he has to watch his step, or he’s gone within the next few days. (I was going to show you a pic of Pinky in his manties but you can thank me for sparing you the need for the eye bleach).

Immunity / Reward Challenge

Day 5. The teams go to the challenge location. I’m just going to note this, Pinky is carrying the banner and half ass plants it in the ground. It falls over and hits one of the women in the back. I don’t think he did it on purpose, she did appear hurt by it but, it sort of demonstrated his Pinky King Shit attitude towards these people to me. Maybe I’m wrong about the guy but I don’t think so. Okay, the fans are introduced to the new faves tribe sans Fran. Fans Mike is a little shocked by this.. Probably no more shocked than Fran was. Enough about Fran.

sur2 sur3 sur4This challenge is a multi task type thing where they must do several tasks to complete the challenge. Let’s try it this way..

1. Three tribe members swim out to a raft. (Erik, Andrea, Brenda vs Sherri, Hope, Julia)
2. Three other tribe members will pull the raft out to a platform. (Brandon, Corrine, Cochran vs Shamar, Matt, Eddie)
3. The rafters will get on the platform and one of the time jump in down to a cage.
4. They have to pull a bamboo stick out of the cage that will release a ring (life saver float),
5. Once they have all 9 rings, they will be pulled back to shore on the raft.
6. The remaining 3 tribe members will then play ring toss and the first tribe to get a single ring on each of the 3 posts, wins.

They are playing for both Immunity and Reward. The Reward is fishing gear. So far, they all have fire and a boat. Fans have to sit one player out, I don’t know them well enough yet to name who it was. Let’s get started. Faves are first to get their raft in the water and jump on. Their pullers (see above) are pulling them out while the ladies for the fans are struggling a bit with their raft. They get there though. The race for the platform becomes a dead heat and the fans get their first maybe by a couple seconds. One at a time they start jumping in the water. There are a Lot more bamboo poles than there are rings so each has to pull several to release a ring. This may come down to who can hold their breath the longest while pulling these poles out of the cage. Before one can jump in, the other has to jump out. Sherri appears to be trying to be a mermaid and do all the pulling herself at this point but I think she’s spending too much time at the surface catching her breath and resting.. Faves at this point have 3 rings. This isn’t working out too well for the fans because the faves now have the 4th ring and Sherri is once again catching her breath, at the surface of the water. Bad strategy if this is really what they planned. They have one ring at this point to the faves’ 6. I guess the good news is, Shamar is getting well rested so he can pull his tribemates back later that evening. The faves are back at shore while the fans finally get their stuff together and begin on the way back.

The way this ring toss works is each member tosses all 9 rings in an attempt to land 3. Malcolm is first and he gets two right away. By now, the fans are back and ready to toss, Reynold is first (he beat Malcolm last week). Both toss all 9 and it is 2:1 faves. Now it’s Michael vs Pinky. Pinky lands the 3rd ring and the faves win immunity and reward. I’m glad. Hopefully this is the last we see of those drawrs this episode. Fans will see their first tribal council.

I don’t know what is going to happen yet but as the fans head back to camp, TH Reynold (one of the pretty 4), says sending Shamar home is a lock. He may be lazy around the camp, piss several people off, but he isn’t the reason that the tribes will be once again tied at 9:9. Without getting into a lot of wordy detail, let’s see what happens.

Well, hopes dashed. We are at the Bikal camp as they are relishing in their win. Excited to be able to catch some fish and all. Pinky King Shit notes that the fire has gone to ash and somebody needs to handle that. Well, get the flint and get to flicking there, Pinky. A short while later, he and Malcolm are walking as Malcolm is carrying firewood. Pinky tells Malcolm that Corrine is the dominatrix and he sees Malcolm as the Enforcer. At least Pinky still has his pants on. (I didn’t see the Boston Rob season- is Pinky trying to emulate him exactly?)  He calls his ‘corporation’, Stealth R Us. Pinky introduces the enforcer to production and says his job is to take out any threats, male or female, on the opposing team (I’ll assume he means during the challenges). TH Malcolm calls bullshit in so many words but we know Malcolm, he’ll play along to get along, to a point as long as it suits him. He introduces the rest of his crew with their names, I didn’t catch them all but they are Cochran, Malcolm, Andrea, Corrine, and Dawn. At least Pinky has found his swim trunks. That leaves Brandon, Brenda, and Erik to fend for themselves in that tribe in Pinky’s mind. That is, until he needs someone to do the grunt work. I’m sure he thinks this is how this whole game is going to be played. I’m glad I didn’t see his original season because I may not be watching now.

Over at Gota.. A distraught team returns knowing one of them will go home. Shamar lays down. Reynold calls him out for being a lazy bum and Shamar essentially tells him to go F himself. That’s how this begins. Now, Let’s get the alliances, as they stand now, straight. The pretty 4 (P4) are Reynold, Eddie, Hope, and Allie. The others are Sherri, Laura, Julia, and Shamar. Matt and Michael are the outside swing votes playing both sides against the middle. That’s as I see it right now. Matt decides after that scene, that he is with the P4 to write down Shamar’s name and that’s just the way it has to be (and I think it will be that way). He thinks he can get Michael on board with him. Now what does he do? As if she didn’t know he’s the most hated guy on the island, Matt tells Sherri that’s what he wants to do. He asks if she’s okay with that and if so, he will join her (along with Michael I assume), and they will have a 5:4 split against the P4 (there’s another flaw in this plan coming). Sherri isn’t cool with that plan, she says that if Shamar sees that he is safe (not voted out), he’ll chillax. What she wants at the end of the day is Shamar laying next to her after someone else has gone home. MMMMMMmKay… What she seems to have forgotten is he has been a douche since the minute they stepped off of the boat but, whatever. She asks Laura (who was the one to sit out the challenge), which name She would like to see written down. Laura says Allie, one of the P4, who she believes to be a strategist and therefore, a threat.  Got all that?

sur5Now, at camp or near it, we see Reynold looking around for something and he finds it. No clue needed, he’s seen enough of these shows, he knows the typical location. If it’s really that easy to find, they need to switch this up a bit. I thought the rice lids last season was a pretty good idea. So now he has a hidden idol and is desperate to figure out how to conceal it. Laura sees him stuffing something into his pocket just before they go to council and can see the bulge in his pocket from a hundred feet away. She’s concerned that he may pass the idol to Allie in order to make sure Shamar goes home. Past history tells us that these plans typically don’t survive the seating of the castaways at council. Once the Probsting begins, things tend to change.

Here we go. The players are ushered in and instructed to get their torches and light them. The questions begin. Just a few highlights. They are questioned about the challenge and it comes down to too many chiefs not enough indians. Shamar is called out in a big way about his behavior in camp. He spent 19 of the 24 hours of day 4 doing absolutely nothing. The P4 is outed to the world of tribal council. Laura outs Reynold having a ‘bulge’ in his pocket and he shows the idol (dumbass). Sherri isn’t thrilled to learn that he has it, maybe Shamar should have gotten off of his lazy ass and looked for it also. They vote.. Probst calls for the idol, Reynold puts it back in his pocket. Laura’s fear of him passing it to his girlfriend, Allie is laid to rest. The votes are read, it comes down to 5:4 Allie vs Shamar, final vote read, Allie is gone. Reynold isn’t happy. If he’s smart, HE will become a swing vote. History tells us, that the hidden idol scares the shit out of people on this game when they don’t have it. Probst reminds them that in order to win the game, they have to get to the end. In order to do that, they have to beat the favorites. In other words kiddies, put your big kid drawrs on and get your shit together. The flip vote? Matt voted to send Allie home. The one that no matter what, he was voting to send Shamar home. See? things aren’t always what they may seem. I don’t think Michael committed until Allie’s name was brought up. The P4 are now the P3. We’ll see how this blatant exclusionary alliance worked out for them in weeks to come.

sur6Next week, Shamar is still a dick and so is Brandon. He says he will pee in the beans and burn the shelter down. Cochran is right about him. We’ll see what he really does though.

See you next week..

This is the location where I watched the show.

Close add and watch as free user – Start Video (you may have to press play as well). Download nothing and just close any pop up windows. Ask if you need help with that. You can also watch at CBS.COM (with the commercials and it is torture because you can’t skip them).

Peace, MTH aka WTFIJeff


Shahs of Sunset Reunion Part One Recap By Ana

I am disgusted by this reunion and the let’s all beat up MJ agenda. I have had to watch this reunion in parts so I can recap it well because I get so annoyed and angry! I am not looking forward to the second part & I can only hope Andy calls out everyone for their deplorable behavior! Lets begin:

Reunion starts off with the usual niceties… and an AMAZING spread that no one will eat….

Andy starts out by asking Reza about his mustache and if he trimmed it, Reza says he cleaned it up for the reunion and confesses to having rocked a hogan mustache before. Andy then asks if he plans to change styles anytime soon, Reza says maybe. Andy then asks Mike if he manscaped, Mike says he does so once a month.

Andy then turn to GG and asks about her telling the Huffington Post that she is the Rosa Parks of Reality TV and what she meant by that. Reza and Asa look annoyed- especially Reza who keeps making all sorts of faces in what I assume is an attempt to get camera time…mission accomplished because they constantly show him. GG says that things got misconstrued and what she meant was that the backlash they received from the Persian community for season one and the stance they took…I totally did not understand her explanation…watch it and explain it to me please! In true GG form: no one understood her!

Andy then asks Reza another viewer question: why he likes to touch MJ’s boobs all the time and if he’s really gay. Andy says “obviously very gay”…Reza says he doesn’t feel like he touches them all the time but that they are a bit unruly and that MJ likes to wear clothes that don’t support them and so he sometimes fells like they (MJs boobs) need a helping hand. GG then adds that MJ has the softest boobs ever- that they are like clouds. GG tells Andy that he should touch them, and he politely declines. Mike compliments MJ for looking really nice.

Andy then asks another viewer question: is it true that Iranians do not have to pay rent or utilities because they are political refugees and the government pays for them? They all say that is not true, but they wish! Andy then asks how can Mike be both a Persian and Jewish? Mike says that they are a minority, but that there is a large population of Jewish Persians. He also clarifies that most Persians are Muslim. Andy then has a viewer question to describe what Reza smells like- so he asks Lilly to take a sniff. Lilly then says “heaven” followed by he smells like a “man”…whatever…

I’m a Persian Barbie, In the Persian Barbie World; Life is Plastic, Black Amex Plastic and It’s Fantastic!

It’s time for Lilly’s introduction as new cast member…”so naturally skinny, even her shoes have to be taken in, the Persian Barbie Lilly Ghalichi.” Cue in the montage about Lilly…

Andy says he has so many questions for her- that he is unsure where to start. He starts with a how does it feel to know that Reza wants to skin you an wear you like a coat? Lilly thinks it’s sexy and the ultimate form of flattery. Then Andy discussed the AIDS/crotch juice comment and the backlash. Lilly says it was really offensive and that she is embarrassed and ashamed at herself for saying it. Clarified that you cannot get AIDS from a soiled swimsuit and that she is mortified that she helped perpetuate the stigma of AIDS. She apologized again. Then a viewer asked Lilly if she could hear her voice…that she’s the Persian Fran Drescher. Lilly says she is a little annoyed with her own voice when she watches the show, but that this is her voice and she can’t & wouldn’t change it even if she could because its who she is. Personally, I would’ve asked why don’t you have a little bit of a southern accent since you grew up in Texas; instead we get the Kardashian valley girl accent.

Andy then asks Lilly why she looks down on chubby people and poor people? Lilly says she does not look down on poor people at all and that she does not know why people get this impression that she only likes skinny rich people & that she’s friends with people from all walks of life. GG steps in and says that maybe its because she CONSTANTLY bragged on the show about how rich and fabulous she was…(I couldn’t agree more with GG!). Lilly says that she doesn’t think she said it all the time, that she does not sit there and gloat or brag. YES these words came out of Lilly’s mouth. Did she watch the show? Well a narcissism makes people view things differently I guess.

Andy then shimmies into asking Lilly about how she ended up with a loser like Ali for 10 years. Lilly says she doesn’t know- that she asks herself that question everyday- that a lot of it is probably comfort. Andy then says that there was a scene that didn’t make it into the season in which she goes shopping with Ali’s black American Express card- does she still have it or use it? The answer is YES- per Mike: she broke up with him and not his card…Lilly then justifies using it by saying that she lost her virginity to Ali and thus is entitled to use it all the time. Andy then asks if he’s the only man he’s ever been with. Lilly says no. Andy then asks if he supports her otherwise. Lilly says no that she doesn’t need his help??? Isn’t using his Amex a form of support! She says she’s heard that MJ has been saying that Ali supports her- that she doesn’t know if that’s true or not… MJ is shaking her head saying that if she doesn’t hear it straight from her then not to believe it especially if it’s coming from Reza. Lilly then reaches back and gets a folder (proving her lawyer move á la Ana Quincoces) and says she owns her own businesses, one of which is the swim line. She then informs everyone that January is their slowest month of the year- gives Andy a piece of paper- saying that is how much they made…$72,000. (Was that after costs & expenses?) Then Lilly says “I do not need to brag to everybody about how much I make, I own a million dollar company and do not need a boyfriend to support me. If I want him to support me, he will.” Then Andy, playing dumb (as he does best) asks if she brought that paper because of MJ. Lilly says yes because she is going around telling people that she makes no money…that she said it herself that she (Lilly) should go back to the welfare line. LOL- MJ is a shit talker but I didn’t think that was that bad of an insult to warrant full disclosure of her company’s financial statements to Andy! Reza butts in and says “you were never a lawyer”- insinuating another comment MJ may have said. If I am talking shit about someone to my so-called BFF- especially if I am venting- I really shouldn’t have to worry about them turning around and using everything they know about me against me. Maybe at that moment Reza should’ve told MJ that he doesn’t want to hear it, to stop it, etc but its obvious he did not and just smiled at her…#BACKSTABBER! MJ then tells Lilly that when she “blogs about something and you say my boyfriend, my honey is bringing me this car, or that…that’s something you’re saying. That you are putting out there.” Lilly fires back telling MJ that she is the one that is going around saying…that Ali doesn’t own that car. Reza looks annoyed that focus is off him. Then Lilly in the most REDONK part of the reunion brings out the Bill of Sale for each car she “owns”.  MJ tells Lilly that is fine, that she should own as many cars as she wants. Lilly then gives Andy the Bill of Sale for her Fisker, her Ferrari (she just got), and her Rolls Royce. Andy is like you own three cars? Lilly is like no some of them are leased cars (or did she say Ali’s cars? Either way, it’s stupid no one needs three cars…so feel free to ship one my way!) Andy then points out that the Rolls Royce was $280,000. Lilly tells Andy she doesn’t need to brag about that- to which Andy tells her: “ok, well you brought the Bill of Sales.” Maybe GG was right Lilly! Although being rich must be awesome- being poor is not an insult.

Work Hard and Play Hard

Andy comes back from break saying that the Shahs seem to live by the rule: work hard and play hard…practicing Voon Bahsir (I totally misspelled that) which translates to party like an animal. Then they show a montage about their partying…

Andy asks the group who the champ of the Voon Bahsir is…they all say MJ is. Then Andy gets a viewer question for MJ: “is it part of the Persian culture to see everyone’s penis? And how many penis pictures you have in your phone?” They all giggle. MJ says it is not part of the culture but it is “definitely part of the safe haven that good old friends, you know, with their guard down can joke around like doodool tala.” Andy then says that she gave Mike a high rating- MJ says she did. MJ then clarifies that he was not standing there with an erection, but she thought that it would be the polite thing to say, to announce to the world that he is well endowed. Andy thinks its very kind and Mike thinks its very proper of her. Andy also points out that as a result Mike will now be posing for Playgirl. Mike confirms that he will be a male bunny (what are playgirl guys called, what would the male version of a playmate be?)! Reza then asks if he will be showing just the tip or the shaft too? Mike says he hasn’t finalized the extent of his nudity for the shoot yet but people are excited to see what MJ saw. Andy then asks since she saw it a viewer wants to know if she has ever thought about getting together with Mike, even if only for a night. MJ says no. Mike says that is a lie- Lilly yells at MJ to be honest- Reza is in disbelief about MJ’s lie… MJ then says she did say it in Mexico…Mike asks Reza how many times she’s said it and Reza says all the time. Mike then says that MJ is in his crotch region every time she’s drunk. HOW AWKWARD- especially if Mike’s girlfriend Jennifer is there- I think maybe that’s why MJ is so uncomfortable admitting this…MJ says that she may have done it while drunk (Reza is in the background trying to talk over her) and MJ says that if Mike says she said something, then she said it.  Reza then says that they were at Sammi’s house one night and that Mike will swear on a stack of bibles even is he’s Jewish, that MJ was all over Mike…yet again thrown under the bus by Reza when she had already admitted to it. Then Reza throws in one of his famous one-liners that we USED to love.

Andy then asks Lilly since she doesn’t party like an animal, that Cabo must’ve been really interesting to her. Lilly says that Cabo was definitely an experience for her and that she’s been there many times before but never Shah’s style. Lilly says that watching herself on TV showed her how uptight she is and although she is not going to start drinking, she doesn’t like alcohol- she does want to learn to relax more and party a little bit in her life- to let loose. GG offers her shots and Mike makes a comment in the background about her uptightness…Andy asks if she had a little bit of a stick up her ass during the Cabo trip. Lilly says she doesn’t think she had a stick up her ass, Reza says it was more like a twig. Lilly agrees with Reza.

Andy then says that drinking and the Shahs led to dark moments…then they show a montage…

“I Cannot Live in Alice in Wonderland”

Andy says he would like to start with MJ and asks a viewer question: “You appear to be medicated a lot of the time, you speech is slurred, your eyes drift open and closed. Do you have a problem?” While Andy asks this question Reza and Asa make faces saying yes she does. MJ responds by saying she does not have a problem, she does not pop pills and the only time you see her drink is in social situations- she is never drinking and driving, working, etc. Andy then looks at Asa and says that she accused MJ of being a pill popper, why did she think that is true. Asa says that at the time she said it and apologized for it- that it was not the right time or setting to bring it up but she thinks: “MJ needs to face her life and nobody’s perfect but the first step is admitting to yourself what your problem is- and it is difficult to watch her.” (BTW Reza looks like he will snap if he doesn’t pounce on the subject soon) Asa continues to say that MJ is drunk most of the time but is unsure of what else she does but she is sedated all the time (MJ is telling her she is lying). MJ goes on to say that if they were really concerned why hasn’t one of them one time either of her so-called friends of hers talked to her about it privately Reza tells Andy “hundreds of times.” Andy then looks at Mike and asks him if he thinks MJ has a problem- since he is the mediator (and more believable). Mike says that honestly he does think MJ has a drinking problem. Reza does not understand why they are talking about this because she is the Queen of Denial. (Uhm and you the King- because you cannot accept what a shitty friend you are to MJ) Lilly interferes and says that until someone is ready to get help, nothing can be accomplished- that if MJ doesn’t think she has a problem then that should be the end of this conversation.

Andy says its interesting because on the show this season when it ended both MJ and Reza were back being friends, so did something happen after the season ended? Reza tells Andy that the more he stepped back (MJ says stabbed), the more he realizes that MJ has been lying so much and drinking that she (MJ) “actually now lives in an altered universe and I cannot live in Alice in Wonderland and support my best friend whose spiraling out of control.” Whether MJ has a problem or not, like Lilly says she has to come to the point of realization- shaming and pointing fingers on TV is not the way to go. Also, I didn’t see them in any of the footage discourage MJ from drinking…it was the opposite. If you think your friend has a problem, wouldn’t you want to avoid putting them in situations that could harm them? Reza was an ahole the whole season, he threw MJ under the bus anytime he could and now wants us to buy into this I am a scorned friends because of your drinking/pill-popping problem? PUHPLEASE, we are not dumb- we saw the season.

Andy asks MJ if she is sedated a lot (Reza moves his head saying yes). MJ says that she is never sedated, that the only time she has taken any pills –is when she takes a sleeping pill to help her sleep. That her drinking is not something she has ever denied doing- her life is out there. Andy asks MJ if what she is saying is that she is a social drinker and only drinks when it is appropriate. Asa says that it’s a lie- that even in the production when they shoot their talking heads, that MJ is the only one that has to be picked up and dropped off or she won’t make it. That MJ will roll in with her suitcase with two bottles of wine in it – then looks at MJ and says she has to admit it to herself. MJ tells Asa that first of all they bring her a car or offer her a car because of her punctuality problem (Reza interrupts and says no) and that it’s a cute thing people said that she (MJ) needs a lady-sitter because she is perpetually late. (I believe MJ– she really didn’t look drunk/tipsy in her talking heads) She tells Asa that if she wants to call her a person who has a problem being punctual, then yes she has a problem. Reza in his holier than thou voice is saying “why are we doing this?” over an over again. Asa is like “babe, why don’t you come clean about it to yourself” – for someone with as much education as Asa has, she sure is common sense dumb: if MJ is indeed an alcoholic, then she is not going to realize it in a reunion show. MJ says that the wine inside the suitcase is not true. (BTW if I had a car ride- I totally would be drinking! Also, since production likes them to be a little mean and truthful during their talking heads- I am sure they provide them all with alcoholic beverages.) Andy is like Reza said it to you on the show- MJ is like no behind my back he said it- not when I am present. Lilly butts in and says you said it to her face. Andy is like but Asa did say it to you in Cabo- that you have a problem with pills. MJ says yes Asa says it and it was a lie. Asa is like yeah and she was angry. MJ says yes she was angry because it was defamatory and that she doesn’t believe that they should accuse her of things that are not true. Mike says that he does think MJ has a problem drinking but that he has never seen her pop a pill- she had those pills in her pocket and it is questionable. He tells MJ however, you do drink an awful lot and he thinks personally, that it stems from her toxic relationship with her mother- that it’s her was of self medicating. That’s it- that’s his opinion on the subject. (I agree with Mike) Reza looks at Mike and says he has known her for 20+ years and that the pills have always been there. Mike is like have they? Reza says always. Mike then tries to talk to MJ directly but she is asking Reza what pills? GG intercedes and says what does it matter. Lilly says it doesn’t matter to her, that she could care less. GG then says she takes Xanax, Clonopin, everything- who cares? Mike is like GG that’s not something to brag about, why would she talk about it as if it wasn’t a big deal! Poor GG, at least she was the only one trying to be a friend to MJ and divert their attack on her. Reza yells we care about her and want her to get help. #LiesTo MakeYouLookBetter GG says that she brings issues like this up in private. Mike is very irritated with GG and MJ is quiet.

Asa then says that the reason she got really concerned in Cabo was that after they all partied- then her and Sammi went to the club alone- and they all went to sleep- that she (Asa) actually put her to bed, that MJ was sedated and drunk in Cabo (tells MJ to let her finish) they found her drunk in the hallways, alone, that she woke up laying somewhere and a guy. Asa says that it concerns her that a 40-year-old woman acts that way. They all start talking over each other and I can’t understand. Mike says that MJ took an Ambien pill, that when you fight the sleep you can hallucinate. Andy says that’s dangerous. Mike says she was saying off the wall shit, MJ admits to this. Asa says the same happened in Vegas- where she took care of her. (Why is no one pointing out that Mike blacked out? GGs insane drinking- esp. if she’s on those meds? Reza seems to drink heavily too.) Then Reza tells Andy that she was falling asleep at the table. MJ says yes, that a sleeping pill is supposed to put you to sleep and she should’ve gone to bed but she stayed up. (I have and do take ambien for my sleeping problems occasionally and can say that this is 100% true. If you fight it you are on some sort of high…and I shop a lot! LOL However, I am not a pill popping addict.) Andy basically shuts them all up and moves on…

The Parental Units

Andy moves it along by introducing the Persian Parents and shows a montage about them…

Andy says he got a lot of questions about the golden penis (doodool tala). Andy wants to know what is the golden penis, if someone could clarify it please. Asa says it is just a term of endearment, like honey or baby.  Andy then asks if it is weird for a mom to keep calling the son a golden penis. Asa says that at Mike’s age yes its weird. GG says that in Persian culture boys are like Gods, so that it means that their manhood is golden. Andy says /asks is it’s not a Freudian thing. They all collectively say no. Asa then schools Andy on what phallus and vulva mean in Latin: Phallus means the golden one and vulva means something to be ashamed of. Lilly says that hers is pretty golden…

Andy then asks if it is normal for then to stay so attached to their parents even in adulthood. They all say yes. Andy then asks who is still supported by their parents. GG raises her hand. Andy asks her if that is a bone of contention with her parents or if it’s okay. GG says that the type of lifestyle that she has gotten accustomed to living for so long, they still need to support it until she can support herself. Andy then asks Asa if her mom has gotten around to her choosing Persian Pop Priestess as a career. Asa tells Andy she as two degrees from UCLA. Andy asks what her degrees are in. She says psychology and philosophy. Asa says she went to school her whole life, but she has been an artist her whole life- that her parents accept her career choice and are really proud of her. That her mom just loves to give her shit about it, and really wants her to get a PhD.

Andy asks Reza how his relationship with his mom is doing. Reza says that it’s not good, that his mom was really upset and hurt by a lot of the things that her friends said to her when the promos for Season two were running and it showed him kissing Adam. Andy asks if he is still in contact with his mom. Reza says yes, that he feels that as soon as everything with season two is done, especially since in episode 10 he kisses Adam on the beach, that you see him going to the gay club and being skanky – that once its all done then he really needs to sit down with his mom and have a come to Jesus moment with her.

Andy asks Lilly about her parent- that we haven’t met yet. He says that he understands that she did not tell her parents that she was going to be on this show until a week before it aired. Lilly said that it’s true and that it might have been two days before it aired. Everyone looks pretty surprised. Lilly says she comes from a very conservative household and she grew up in a small town in Texas so her parents have a small town conservative mentality and would have never allowed her to be on a television show. Lilly said she broke the news to them and her mom thought it was fabulous and her dad was upset. She says her dad did not speak to her for quite sometime and is still very upset over it. Andy asks if they know that she is the Persian Barbie? Lilly says no, they don’t. Andy asks what they think of the boobs- Lilly says they definitely know that she has breast implants, but that she does not reveal them in front of her parents because she is a lot more conservative when she is around them. Andy asks what size boobs she is and Lilly says a small D (she’s unsure if its 400 cc or 450). Andy wants to know what size were her natural breasts? Lilly says she was as flat as a wall. She is skinny- a naturally skinny girl, with like zero body fat! (This is boasting Lilly- unnecessarily, but good for you!)

Trash Talking

Andy says that this group is king of the trash talking. They show a montage of all the trash talking…

Andy asks Lilly if Chia Pet is a term of endearment? Lilly says that she doesn’t think it’s a term of endearment at all. MJ says she didn’t mean it as a term of endearment- she meant it to tease her because she had already been talking shit about her. Lilly says she only made one comment that she was going to get her diet pills for her birthday- but all season MJ called her a skinny bitch and made fun of her weight. Lily says that it is such a double standard because of a skinny girl says one thing even remotely insulting about someone being overweight she’s killed- however if it’s the other way around it is completely acceptable. (True, but then again you were blessed with fab genes and get to be Lilly everyday. – MJ did talk a lot of shit though…) Lilly says that when she made that comment she was defending herself because every single person in the room at that point had told her all the shit she (MJ) was talking about her. MJ says that it is a two way street- that she didn’t sit with Reza out of the goodness of her heart and told Reza that she had a face full of injections, that she needed hormones…Lilly interrupts and says that it was not from the goodness of her heart- that it was once she was fed up with all of MJ’s shit talking. MJ says that first of all she’s there to own something: she did judge her a little sooner than she should have and she is there to get everything out on the table. She was not nice and neither was Lilly’s, so she apologizes for her part in it. Lilly says “first of all I never said anything about you”- Mike interrupts and tells Lilly that MJ is apologizing to her, but she keeps coming back to it. Lilly says her apology is not real. Mike asks her how she knows it’s not real? Lilly is saying that MJ is acting like she never said anything about her- Mike is like she is telling you right now that she is sorry and you are continuing it. (YAY MIKE!) Andy asks Lilly if there was one thing that hurt her the most are the things that she said about her family- saying she came from the welfare line, that her parents are poor, that her boyfriend is a criminal…(Again when did being poor become an insult? Secondly, how does her boyfriend afford such an extravagant lifestyle- I know plenty of personal injury attorneys and they don’t live quite the extravagant life…) MJ tells Lilly that she is there so that they can move forward and that she is apologizing for making a very snide remarks- which she clearly knew she never did. She was speaking inappropriately out of her own feelings of losing friends or whatever shit was going on in her life at that time.  Lilly says she accepts MJ’s apology.

I Know When You Lie

Lilly is telling Andy that she lost respect for MJ because she blamed everything on Asa and Reza- that they made her say those things about her. That it just makes her think that everything she told her that day was a lie. MJ wants to address that specific instance- and here starts the most annoying part of the reunion. MJ looks down and Lilly informs all of us that as a lawyer she is trained to know when someone lies- a sign of which is when a person looks down- which MJ is doing. MJ cannot get a word in because Lilly keeps pointing out each time she looks down. When I am nervous, I tend to look down when I am talking- so it does not necessarily mean it is lying! Very annoying & I wanted to reach in and gag Lilly. It was definitely her finest mean-girl moment- Reza and Asa have taught her well.

Asa v. GG Round 1,000

Andy starts by discussing how early in the season there was a pool party that went terribly wrong and led to a split in the group that may never be mended. Then they show a montage about how GG became an island.

Andy asks GG what its like to look back and see the footage. GG says that she was really saddened by it. Andy says that when GG grabbed the knife it really shocked him- what was her intent? GG says her intent was to scare Omid enough to get him out of the house. Andy is surprised it was to scare Omid- Asa and Mike look incredulous. Andy says it seems like she scared everyone else too. GG says that was not her intention and she didn’t realize it at all until she came back into the room and that it was the first thing Lilly asked her if she really picked up a knife. Andy then asks her about the incident with her sister (who was pregnant)- in which she said she wanted to stab her. GG says she would never cut her sister with a knife, that her situation with her sister has a very deep rooted past- that she was treated very bad by her sister growing up…basically trying to excuse her inexcusable behavior.

Then GG says that when “that thing put its hand on me first” (referring to Asa) that she did go in initiating it. Andy is like you referred to Asa as that thing…Asa just says wow. Andy then says that this whole thing started because of the nose comment. Asa says it was a compliment. (NO it was not –IMHO) Asa says that the comment was: “I appreciate your big nose, I appreciate you for not getting a nose job” and Asa continues to explain that she is proud of her ethnic features. Lilly points out that Asa is the only one with a natural nose present there. GG tells Andy that she remembers that in his book she remembers that he wrote about his eyes…that is someone doesn’t know you and randomly tells him that “I love the fact that you have funny looking eyes” that they don’t know how sensitive he is to those comments. GG says that when you don’t know someone, do not talk about their personal appearance EVER. (Good point GG…although it was out of context and rude this whole thing blowing up was ridiculous.) Asa says that her complimenting a guy’s nose is very different from her (GG) attacking her physically. Asa says she is far from perfect- that nobody is perfect but that GG is rude, disrespectful and she has been like that from the beginning. Andy then asks what will it take for the two of them to be able to patch things up. GG says a bare-knuckle boxing match. Andy asks her if she thinks that is a good idea- GG says yes. Andy then points out that she has been in anger management therapy and that he doesn’t think they would agree with her. Asa says that GG thinks she is cute and then they all start talking over each other.

GG then says she does not want to fight her…Andy is like but you do – you just said it. Asa tells her to stop bullshitting. Asa says that what she could do as a friend is basically doesn’t want to take her shit anymore. Andy says if she thinks GG has apologized to her for the fight. Asa says GG has not apologized but she is also not waiting for an apology- that she has already forgiven GG. That GG has never called her since the incident- she lied when she said she reached out to her. Andy points out that she was there waiting at the restaurant. Asa points out that it was two months later and it was MJ that set it up, not GG. Furthermore, Asa points out that GG “talks shit on the daily on twitter and calls her disgusting names” and she wants to know what she has done to her. GG then asks Asa if she has ever said anything about her because her first blog Asa calls her fake hair, fake teeth, fake boobs, fake accent (LOL- the camera points at Lilly when GG says this). Asa says that this was in response to her calling her a transvestite. GG insists that she started after Asa’s first blog. Andy tells GG that she called Asa a transvestite. GG says yes- she went “apeshit on twitter.” Asa then tells GG that she forgot what a natural woman looks like… GG says “ok, alright, bitch.” Asa tells GG “I am funky as fuck and that’s what you are jealous of.” GG says jealous of what “jealous of cellulite and cottage cheese- are you crazy?!” Asa tells GG she is ugly inside and out- then GG accuses Asa of using blood diamonds from Africa for her water. Asa says blood diamonds don’t exist in America (Yes they do- in the black market and through dishonest dealers- although it is illegal) Then they get into a ridiculous fight… Andy then points out to GG that Asa wouldn’t be buying blood diamonds on TV. Then Asa goes in on GG about how fake she is- nose, hair, etc. Awkward because Lilly is sitting next to her giving her a death stare… GG continuous to say that Asa put her hands on her first- Andy says it seems like she instigated the whole thing…I’m bored of this. GG is wrong and so is Asa- but in different ways. They go on about it until it ends with GG threatening to throw olives at Asa. Then they continue a back and forth about how GG cant support herself, insults fly back and forth…MJ finally interrupts and says that if it’s ok for Lilly to chose to have her boyfriends support her (it’s okay that is her choice) why is it not okay for GG’s parents to do so? It’s their choice. Reza then says that is MJ is the voice of reason then they are in big trouble. He’s such a doll to MJ…Andy says its an impasse between the both of the and to drop it.

Next week is part two and I am not looking forward to it because I foresee me becoming livid. It seems like more MJ bashing…Lilly calls her a felon, Reza a bank robber, calls Vida a bitch…They all think GG’s engagement is fake…

Regarding MJ’s arrest- I think this was the lowest of the lowest for Reza. He took something in her past and used it maliciously against her. Yes she signed up for Reality TV, but that does not mean its right. You can read about it here.

After you read it keep in mind that she was 18, being threatened and did not profit from it.


Thursday Night Lineup, February 21st by BB

8PM – American Idol (Fox); Big Bang Theory/2.5 Men (CBS); The Vampire Diaries (CW); Community/Parks and Rec (NBC); Zero Hour (ABC); This Old House Hour (PBS); West End Salvage (8:30 HGTV); Glory Hounds (Anpl); The Walking Dead Black and White Version (AMC); Impact Wrestling (Spike); Guinness World Records Gone Wild (truTV); Highway Thru Hell (NatGeo); Hook, Line and Dinner (Cook)

9PM – Project Runway (Life); Person of Interest (CBS); Beauty and the Beast (CW); 1600 Penn (9:30 NBC); Grey’s Anatomy (ABC); Anger Management (9:30 FX); Auction Kings (Disc); Comic Book Men/Freak Show (AMC); Swamp People (Hist); Mysteries at the Museum (Trvl); Mary Mary (We); House of Bryan (9:30 DIY); Brunch at Bobby’s (9:30 Cook)

10PM – Elementary (CBS); Scandal (ABC); Archer/Legit (FX); Suits (USA); Ridiculousness/Failosophy (MTV); House Hunters (HGTV); After the First 48 (A&E); What Not To Wear (TLC); Property Wars (Disc); King of the Nerds (TBS); North Woods Law (Anpl); Immortalized (AMC); Bellator MMA Live (Spike); Impractical Jokers/Upload with Shaq (truTV); Big Rig Bounty Hunters (Hist); Kathy (Bravo); Chef Wanted with Anne Burrell (Food); Frenemies (ID); Rehab Addict (DIY)


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  1. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. It’s Thursday eve. One more work day. So many of us are getting snow. Brrrrrr. Stay warm & hopefully it will begin to melt soon. Have a great day.

    • HuskerHuny says:

      It’s coming . . . Jim Cantore is in Lincoln, NE as we speak (60 miles southwest of where I live). I got to work this morning and we were without power (even though the snow has yet to start). I guess a transformer issue, but leave it to where I live that we lose power BEFORE the storm. It’s back on now and hopefully stays on during the storm – 8-10 inches with wind. More snow in store for us on Monday/Tuesday. Pretty dry winter so far, but we are now paying for it. Much needed moisture though. Stay safe and warm everyone!

      • Kansas Girl says:

        Oh, it’s coming. It was supposed to start here at midnight. Then 4:00. At 5 there was nothing. But at 6, I heard thunder and it had started. We’ve got maybe 3-4 inches now and it’s predicted to do this all day. It’s very fine, hardly any wind, and nearly a whiteout. Snowing very hard. Really beautiful and quiet out. EVERYTHING in town is closed, so there’s no reason to be driving. But I see my neighbors came home recently, based on tire tracks. I suspect driving is already difficult just because it’s slightly drifting and the street seems to be deeper. The forecast is for this to continue till late afternoon at least. We expect 10 inches, but at this rate it will be far more.

        So nice to have a day off. I was up till 2 reading Brandi’s book. (It’s good!) Now can’t decide what to do first. So far I’ve achieved coffee and a bath. LOL! Postponing starting to shovel for a while.

        I’m trying to get #theblizzardofoz to go viral — what someone on facebook called this storm. Better than “storm Q”.

        • Powell says:

          Oh gosh KG I’m sorry you all have to deal w/so much snow. Shoveling is a drag. You also stay warm & safe.

        • HuskerHuny says:

          Some parts of the Sunflower State are getting BLASTED! I hope not your area. It still isn’t snowing where I’m at. It just started in Omaha and we are just 30 miles northwest of there. I will stay at work until it gets too deep so I can beat those stupid drivers who don’t know snow driving etiquette.

          • Kansas Girl says:

            It stopped about noon here and we’ve got 9″. I was just out shoveling. Thank goodness the neighbor (young woman and quite enthused) did her own and then my sidewalk. I did the second round and there was only about 2″ to remove. But my drive! My little CRV will drive over snow, but I don’t think I can get it over 9″ of snow till it’s packed down. So I was shoveling off a top layer. I got one side done, the walks to the house, the main walks (which are mandated by the city, but we all only do a shovel width to barely meet the law), and decided I was frozen. Will tackle it again later after my soup is done. They say round 2 will come through later and drop another 3. If I knew work would be cancelled tomorrow, I could rest and not worry. But if work is open, I have to be at work and ready to teach. Which means I have work to do today to be ready. Ugh!

            • LaineyLainey says:

              We lived in Wichita, KS one winter…hooo boy what an education!!!! It got to 30 below one weekend. Being from South Texas, we only lasted 10 months before we moved to Southern California.

      • Powell says:

        Ugh Husker. You all have about 5 days of it.. I hope you don’t have any more power issues. Well you hunker down, stay warm, dry & safe.

      • sending warm thoughts to all the snow bound folks. A good old blizzard on the prairie, ahhh the memories!

    • AZGirl says:

      We got snow here in Arizona. 10 minutes north of Tempe had measurable snow. Spring training and golf match in Marana were cancelled.

      • Powell says:

        Yeah I saw that on the news. You can’t find golf balls in the snow. Be safe.

        • Kansas Girl says:

          My grandfather used to spray paint his golf balls, back before they made colored ones. LOL! He also put layers of newspaper under his jacket to protect his chest and back from the wind. He played golf while my grandmother took the kids to church. This stemmed from the church telling him he could not rent his storefront to a “beer parlor”. He not only did, but quit church and took up golf.

          Do I have strange ancestors?

      • HuskerHuny says:

        My friend in Tucson (Vail actually) filmed the snow on her front porch. It’s unbelievable that she actually has more snow now that I do. Told her to go out and make a snowman next to her cactus. Thought her neighbors would enjoy that!

      • Rebecca says:

        I watched it snow out my window at work – then poof it was gone. When I pulled into my driveway through, it was hailing. Four-inch high heels had me waiting in my car for it to stop. It was crazy!

        • AZGirl says:

          I got stuck at Bashas’ in Tempe in the hail. I had just walked out the door with my grocery cart and WHAM. Major hail. I was drenched putting the groceries in the back of the car.

    • Stay safe and warm all of you in the mid-west! The pics on the news are astounding! Sending you warm thoughts!

      • I’m in Wichita, KS, and we’ve already had 11.5″. I can’t tell where my yard ends and the road begins. My Beagle went out to pee this morning and the snow was up to her back, not to mention that I had a hard time opening the door as the snow had drifted against it.. ugh. Hoping for spring to arrive soon.

        • Powell says:

          O Madame B I’m feeling so bad for you. 11.5″? Ughhhhb! Be careful moving that. Don’t hurt your back.

        • Kansas Girl says:

          You’re my neighbor right down the road, Madame B! Well, 4 hours away. Your snow started much earlier, didn’t it? The radar looked that way.

          • Madame Boudin says:

            Yes, it started yesterday morning. It was supposed to have stopped by now but it’s been snowing all day, we’ve probably had another 4″ since my last post. I keep going outside and digging a path for the pups but within an hour I need to do it again, probably done it 5 times today. At least it’s good exercise, and god knows I need it. 🙂

        • LaineyLainey says:

          wow. that’s a lot of snow.

    • T-Rex says:

      Trying to send some Florida Sunshine your way! Everyone in the Snow-Zone stay safe and warm for the next few days.

  2. I Need A Life! says:

    Good Morning! Is Andy doing a Jolie leg pose? I’m back into BH if Rimes is on. Let the games begin.

  3. So excited about an all woman finale for Top Chef. SugarMagnolia is working to catch up on the recaps. I don’t really like Last Chance Kitchen, but this season Kristen was eliminated because of Jody and not because of her cooking, so I’m glad she got a second chance (or the judges got a second chance to rectify their mistake). I’ll miss Sheldon – what a sweetie – I didn’t want anyone to be eliminated last night.

  4. Powell says:

    I was watching Wendy Williams and she said the rumor about LeAnn joining BH. Oh gosh. I hope it remains a rumor. Who would she hang out with? None of the ladies would welcome the husband stealer. They all seem to support Brandi in that.

    • T-Rex says:

      I would hope that would be a joke, first off she is BAT SCH*T CRAZY, now we all know Mz. Andy likes a little BSC on the franchises but this would make the show more like that Bad Girls show than RHBH. I believe LVpump would definitely quit the show if this happened so it’s just a silly rumor. Now with that being said do I think CrayCrayUBerBSCSWFRimes wants to be on the show, you BETCHA! Has CrayCrayUBerBSCSWFRimes, probably contacted the Producers, you BETCHA! If she could skin Brandi and wear her she would do that at this point. ManCandy is still in LOVE with Brandi, he would have stayed with Brandi had she not kicked him out for his cheating ways. We all know he is only with CrayCrayUBerBSCSWFRimes because she is his sugar-momma, and she also probably knows deep down that the only reason he is with her is because Brandi kicked him loose, she “won” him by default.

      • iceNfire says:

        Oh no – I thought this was all a silly rumor but thinking back it to Lisa’s quitting rumor via Twitter with Brandi…
        T-Rex says ” you BETCHA! ” I’m saying “Absolutely Not!” even if LR appears on RHOBH I’ll still find a way to deny it, like maybe it’s Fakekr in disguise

    • I sure hope this is a rumor! It would bring the Bravo B*lls**t to a new low to bring her on. I also can’t see Brandi going for it at all…and she is their golden girl right now. So, who do you thinks started the rumor…cough, cough! 😛

      • vilzvet says:

        sure it’s a joke. LeAnn has sniffed publicly that she wouldn’t be caught dead watching it, even though we know she does!

        • True vilzvet…but I have no doubt that if there was a serious offer she would jump on it with glee. Shudder!

          • not THAT Jill says:

            I dont think QVP would quit the show-why would she? She employs Eddie’s first known mistress and has even has a restaurant where one can bring their mistress. Im sure LR is not going to be on BH but if she were-I don’t think any of the women would quit…including Brandi.

          • realhousewifeva says:

            She tweeted that she was not asked and even if she was she would never do it. I posted her tweet below

    • LaineyLainey says:

      nooooooo! I hope Wendy is wrong!!

  5. NJBev says:

    Good Morning everyone!
    Mauricia is on the Today show right now w/ Kathy Lee
    cant wait to read Survivor!

  6. Kansas Girl says:

    Ana, gold stars to you for recapping that Shahs reunion! i watched too and will not be able to watch part 2. It’s just too much. If you couldn’t stand it, I think no one would hold it against you at all.

    • vilzvet says:

      What’s going on with the snow, Kansas Girl? For the record, we still have a few inches packed down from our 30 inch blizzard 2 weeks ago. It’s just not going away.

      • Kansas Girl says:

        See above. But I have to remember to not complain about 9″. That’s a sneeze compared to 30! And I was out there wheezing to shift at least some of the 9. I don’t know how I’d attack 30 inches of snow. Of course, no one would be out and we’d wait for plows. But still.

        Around here, they do the main streets first, of course. What they do is plow it all to the center. So you have a fairly clear road, but a high mountain all down the middle. There are cuts where people climb through to cross, and of course the intersections are clear. Then they tackle the lesser streets, and finally the residential areas like mine. I’m in an older part of town (read: where no one important lives), so we get plowed last.

        When the plow comes along, the neighbors always have their cars parked on the street. So the plow has to zig and zag around them. By then the underside of the snow is packed down by cars and mostly solid. The plow digs up enormous hunks and leaves a ridge around the cars so they can’t get out. And of course I end up with a ridge at the end of my drive. AT times like this, I wonder why I didn’t chose to live near a bus stop. Or just rent an apartment! LOL!

        • When it freezes into a solid mass, that’s the worst. I hate the pile of 3 feet that the snowplow leaves in front of my driveway after we get a foot. The year we got 2 of those storms was the worst, thankfully this winter has been mild in retrospect. Take lots of breaks KansasGirl, shoveling is hard work.

    • Ana says:

      Thanks! I am so not looking forward to part 2, wish they would’ve done it all at once.

  7. TexasTart says:

    Good Morning! Another beautiful day. Thank you NMD, MTH and Ana for the blogs and recaps today!

    Is it just me, or does Ms. Andy vacation often…2 -3 times a year??! I’m jealous! 😉 Have a great day everyone!

    • Kansas Girl says:

      He does seem to get lots of vacations and they’re always to exotic locales. Is he the 3rd wheel with Anderson and friend?

      • iceNfire says:

        I’m hoping RR’s MIL didn’t see the Vegas news this morning, was it road rage or shooting or something other? All I heard was 3 dead in Vegas and thought of RR’s vacay.

        • realhousewifeva says:

          Yes, a shooting on the strip left 3 dead! What is wrong with people these days!?!

        • Powell says:

          On no ice. That’s sad. RR will never hear the end of it.

          • rabblerouser2010R says:

            Oh wow, I haven’t heard of it..and I hope MIL doesn’t either because yes….it will set her off again. Despite that there was some crazy kid not even 30 minutes from me, who killed some girl (maybe a girlfriend) then killed a few more people the space of an hour for no reason or to take their cars just a few days ago,

            Also, thanks to all those who replied and helped my sanity and resolve. My sister hasn’t seen my kids in 1.5 years and if we don’t end up going to Toronto in the summer, it will probably be another 1.5 years. If my MIL went a WEEK without seeing the kids, she would be in bits….but I take my kids out of state for 2 days to see my family and she is moaning….GRRRRR

      • Orson says:

        Any may have a SO who is a private person that refuses to be in any photos that will be released to any media. Think about it; someone had to take the photo of the 3 of them.

    • realhousewifeva says:

      Yes, I thought so too when I saw his pic on my instagram. I’d say it’s a lot more than 2-3 times a year. Seriously, it’s been 2-3 times since November! lol

    • Powell says:

      Job perks.

    • Ana says:

      You’re welcome! Thanks for reading!

  8. AZGirl says:

    Thank Ana for the Shah’s recap. I am sure it was hard watching all the nasty stuff they were saying about MJ. Love that TC finale is two women head to head.

    • Ana says:

      You’re welcome! From what they show in the previews it gets worse! In his blog Mike calls out Reza for being too mean to MJ…

  9. lizzle says:

    Good Morning Ladies and Gents! I was at the grocery store this morning and there was a magazine with Melissa Marco on the cover. The headline was about her cheating on lil Joey Marco. In Touch might have been the mag… I had a four and seven year old eating M&M doughnuts at 7:30 am… so needless to say, the kids were wide awake and I didn’t have a chance to flip through the magazine.

    As for Shahs, I’m alone in my thoughts… so I will leave that show alone as well.

    As for LeRimes, she talked hella bad about reality shows… so unless she wants to eat her words, I doubt she would do one.

    • iceNfire says:

      In Touch is the one Juicy Joe admitted selling stories to.

      • lizzle says:

        I “think” it was In Touch, but am not positive. It was a fleeding moment and I didn’t have time to even take it off the rack. I was wondering if Bulldog sold something to them, but now I’m thinking that they just reported on the things we all know. The story is old to us, but I guess the mags are picking it up now.

        • realhousewifeva says:

          I believe it was InTouch because I think NMD posted it here in one of her blogs. I think they just reported on things that were on twitter and throughout the Internet.

          • lizzle says:

            My grocery store must not be on top of their magazine displays.

            One of the best gifts I got for my birthday was from a friend in NY, who sent me all her old trashy mags in a huge envelop. I’ve been reading them for a few days now… “who wore it best” never gets old! They always have reality stars against A list celebs… Nene actually beat out three other women in the red bandage dress.

            • realhousewifeva says:

              Oops designdiva is right, I just looked on another site and it was Life and Style, not InTouch

        • lizzle….lol lol I saw this rag mag while standing in was Life and Style… the lady in front of me looked at it..called M trash whore…and I busted a gut laughing..she then asked me if I watched the show…told her every now and then…. she says…she would love to go to NJ and slap the crap out of all of them…. told her about the blog here..wonder if she will show up here….ha ha ha

          • lizzle says:

            Thank you! and I hope she shows up here, because she sounds like a great snark pistol. LOL

            • thedesigndiva2 says:

              I hope she shows up also… and she knows who I am by the diva name… should be interesting …she actually was on a tear about the nj crew… she doesn’t do bh cause of tits…i kept my mouth shut…hahahaha…I wanted to get out of the store and head home…

          • Powell says:

            LOL. “slap the crap out of all of them.”. I like her already Diva. 🙂

    • LaineyLainey says:

      She would be willing to eat her words, as long as she’s taking something that Brandi had first….she has no shame. allegedly

    • did you say doughnuts?? with M&M candies on them?? hmmm will have to keep an eye out for those 😉

      • LaineyLainey says:

        hahaha…recipe: go to krispy kreme buy a donut, go to 7- buy a bag of m&m’s. voila! m&M donuts. Oh and here’s some bacon, for good measure. I know, I’m a weirdo. I’ve never eaten that,…but a girl can fantasize. I’m sure my hubs wish I would fantasize about sex and not m&M donuts (with bacon).

  10. vilzvet says:

    As a side note to the Maloof Hoof, if something is designed to be gentle enough to wipe a baby’s BOTTOM, it sure as hell wouldn’t be strong enough to clean brown mucky stains off a couch, ya moron.

  11. Good Morning! Warm thoughts to all those in the chilly snowy areas! We are still waiting for rain that hasn’t come.

    Thanks for the blog today everyone. I’ll hop back up to read it all in a bit. Looking forward to Survivor recap again MTH….and Ana, that Shah’s recap looks like it makes me glad I don’t watch the show! Thanks for you hard work you two!

    NMD…you are the best! That pic of Bethany looks like she got a bit of rest. She looks better than she has in awhile.

    Love & Hugs to you all on this Thursday…one more day to go!

    New post, “A Vulnerable Life”, + all the goodies is up. Enjoy!

  12. realhousewifeva says:

    Leann would truly prove she’s a psychotic stalker if she ever agreed to join RHoBH.

    Just a quick note before I finish reading the blogs, I don’t think you will find the current NYT Bestseller list online yet. The most recent one for the Feb. 24th issue states in fine print that the Feb. 24th issue Bestseller list is books that were on the best seller list by the end of the week of Feb. 9. Brandi’s book didn’t come out until the 14th. I’m sure she found out about being on the Bestseller list by her agent and publishers who are privy to the information before the general public.

  13. Toodybird says:

    Observing how Asa considers herself priestess-like IMHO she was imparting a blessing on Amid. His nose is pretty big. I look like woody Allen and am a female so wonder if she might bless me?

    • iceNfire says:

      I just read the article about Asa from yesterdays blog. It says “they spread their vast accumulation of belongings throughout the house in a carefree fashion, a celebration of artful disorder.”…..And I cleaned my house yesterday dammit!

      • realhousewifeva says:

        “celebration of artful disorder”…that’s the excuse I’m using next time I don’t feel like cleaning up after my kids!!

      • nyc mama says:

        LOL. I think I will borrow that. The next time I want to be lazy and not clean I will tell hubbie that it;s not a mess, just “artful disorder”.

        • thedesigndiva2 says:

          artful disorder…good one..
          now that I have left the house for work ford has rearranged my kitchen stuff…OMG.. was cussing up a storm last night ..under my breath of course…. I just MOVED the stuff back to its proper location… if he wore under wear I’D be tempted to wash them in fiberglass for payback….j/k..well maybe…..hahahahahahaha

          the chick I worked with yesterday..WOW.. what a slut… hits on EVERY guy that checks in.. I was so tempted to tell her to go get a room…lol lol
          so far, have met some really nice people in my AGE bracket that I can have a normal conversation with and laugh..not having to hear the word LITERALLY a thousand times in 15 mins…. I HATE THAT WORD…..

          Top Chef… was good…sorry to see Sheldon go..he was a good competitor…now it’s the battle of the chick chefs…awesome…..
          hopefullt shahs wont be back next season…OVER THEM.. it sure did turn into a true hatefest…. so…was Minnie Mouse the cause or the root !!!!!

          hugs and peace

          • realhousewifeva says:

            Unfortunately I think Shahs will be back for sure, it’s all about the ratings and they had better ratings this season than last.

          • L.A. Chica says:

            About the word LITERALLY, I know what you mean! It’s a word that has LITERALLY been overused lately, but mostly it has LITERALLY been misused, apparently by people who LITERALLY don’t know what it means. 😛 😆

          • Powell says:

            I was going to ask how your day went. Sounds like you are getting in the grove of things.

            Now Mr Ford. Why did he rearrange the kitchen? Does he not remember who he’s married to? 🙂 That’s funny though. He’s just taking care of things. 🙂

          • Hello Miss Diva! Good to hear you are staking your place at the new job and finding some people to connect with! I wish you the very best there!

            And, um, no no no to moving stuff in the kitchen. LOL! I have a bit of OCD, which I have redubbed “Organize Crap Disorder” and I don’t like anything moved around in the kitchen or my office! My DD used to tease me and walk around the house tipping my tall taper candles to an angle cuz she knew it would drive me crazy. LOL, it did! But at least you know Mr. Ford means well!

            HUGS to you Lady!

            • well I will give mr ford this…he just thanked me for the new mop I got him last week..says it makes his job so much easier now…I giggled..figured it was my cue to say something about the rearranging of the kitchen thing…. I politely reminded him to remember what happened to him the LAST TIME HE DID THAT..oh say like 10 yrs ago… he had that wide eyed look on his face like OH SHIT… sorry… I am OCD in my kiltchen… if you put your keys on the counter and not the hook..they get hidden..if you come to visit and put your PURSE on my gets tossed…. I am a clean freak…in fact..I taught mr clean how to clean….lol lol lol

              a little funny about my hair… well as you all know I have reddish ruby red hair cut short with a tad of spiking going on..looks good for my tiny face… so yesterday someone made a comment about liking my pink hair..I was WTF… pink.. are you blind ??? well..lo and behold..we have flourescent lites with silver egg crate I look at the computer screen for the cameras… OMG..PUNK ROCK PINK HAIR UNDER THE LIGHTS… I busted a gut laughing…. the guy said not to worry..he thinks it’s sexy… and then he winks at me and licks his lips…. I offered him bottled water..he asked..what’s this for…I told him I thought you might be thirtsy..ya know with the lip licking and all…. he started to laugh…as did I … the gal I work with didnt get it… og to be young and nieve….hahahahahaha

              hugs and peace

              • Boobah says:

                DIVA! That is FUNNY! Hahaha! Pink hair, liplicking weirdo, unauthorized kitchen changes….and you handle it all with a laugh!

                Oh, I checked out Mr. Ford’s nephew’s website – wow! He is very accommplished. That is really fantastic. Good for him!

                Glad your gettin’ into the grove at work with ease! You must be a ball to work with!

              • lol now Diva, Mr. Ford is a wonderful guy, I love that he mops! Do you know how many men even know where the mop is??

                Glad you are enjoying the new job. Don’t work too hard!!

              • Powell says:

                Diva you are so funny. Give the young lady a little time. She’ll get your sense of humor.

              • LaineyLainey says:

                I love this!!! Pink and sexy!!!

        • Powell says:

          ice, Realhousewifeva & nyc you are too funny. 🙂

      • lizzle says:

        did you see the working claw foot tub on the staircase? so odd

        • iceNfire says:

          I think that tub is in the entry and her guest house is 400 square feet? I think that’s the size of my garage.

          • lizzle says:

            I stared at the picture for a long time and I just went back to look at it again. It looks like it is on the landing between two staircases… one going above the tub and one going below… although I can see the railing to the stairs that lead below… I can’t see the actual stairs and the studio floor appears to slope down. It is like an optical illusion. But here is what the article said about the tub:
            “Soltan Rahmati lies in a bathtub in the middle of her art studio. The fully functional claw-foot fixture sits out in the open, on a landing for stairs that lead to a rooftop deck. Soltan Rahmati likes that the tub looks onto the two faces of her neighborhood: the low-income apartments to the west, and the gentrified streets to the north.”

            The architecture appears to be loft style in their two add-ons to the cottage. In the pic where their bed is located, you can see a large closet behind a wall where the headboard sits. Because the bed is on a loft… it looks like you have to pole vault over the wall (which is a 3/4 wall) to get to the closet. I’m sure there is an entrance to the closet, but I couldn’t figure it out. It is an interesting and odd home. I could go on, but I’m probably already boring everyone by talking about this.

            • iceNfire says:

              now i’m confused, the flooring where the tub is in picture #1 is different than than the flooring in picture #9 – idk just happy she is not my neighbor, could you imagine? LoL

              • lizzle says:

                I was actually looking at the grounds, because it was originally a small cottage. My first thought was that the neighbors probably hate that they added on two tall additions on either side of the cottage. I can’t tell if there are neighbors right near it, but it kinda looks like there is a smaller house behind their compound. Those additions probably block out a lot of natural sunlight.

                When I lived at the beach in San Diego, I saw some homes that were built higher than the home behind them, blocking the view of the ocean. If everyone builds with a conscious, everybody would have a view of the ocean, because the homes are on a slope/ hill. I am sure there are plenty of laws now preventing much of this… but at one time… I think people could do what they wanted, because it sure looked that way to me.

      • Ana says:

        I like that excuse too! Although I’m not a fan of Asa this season, her artwork is very good- I really like it! I remember her posing in that bathtub in an article I read when season one came out…

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I’ll bless you, toody!!!

  14. realhousewifeva says:

    Re: Survivor. I didn’t see last week, so I’d love to know on what planet Philip was ever considered a ‘fave’!?! Is this a joke?? I can’t even watch anymore with him on…it was bad enough the first time around.

    • TexasTart says:

      If it’s a joke, then the joke is on CBS! After 25 seasons, I fold. I am NOT watching Season 26. I’m not watching that man in his pink panties!!!! Couldn’t stand looking at him the first go around. Nor a Hantz! 😦

      • not THAT Jill says:

        Philip is crazy but he makes for good TV-he annoys the hell out of people and he is kind of entertaining in a very obnoxious way. The pink undies need to be burned. ASAP Probst loves Philip so that may explain why he is back. I just happy to see Malcolm again-I love him.

        • vilzvet says:

          I own the first four seasons and nothing will ever .top the old days, ah the innocence, the fantastic cast. I’m always disappointed when I check the show out nowadays.

          • iceNfire says:

            I agree – I don’t like it when they bring back former castaways. Big Brother keeps bringing back former house quests and I don’t like that either. I know many people thru FB and SP that have tried to get on BB so it’s not like there is a shortage

            • realhousewifeva says:

              I was just going to say that I agree and that BB is another show that I really miss the earlier seasons.

              • iceNfire says:

                Do you sign up for BB’s SP? I already created my FB group for the up coming season. I know it’s early but I wanted to claim my name, someone beat me to BB 15 so I went with BB 15 CBS. Not much there yet and you don’t have to be my FB friend to join, anyone interested:

                • Realhousewifeva says:

                  Thanks! Ill check it out! I don’t do SP because then my kids would never be fed and I would never sleep, lol but I read all the updates and generally keep up as much as possible

  15. realhousewifeva says:

    Leann’s response to the BH rumors:

    LeAnn Rimes Cibrian ‏@leannrimes
    @krystlelundahl never been asked and if I was, would never do it. Once again lies and BS

    • lizzle says:

      Its called a rumor and most famous people don’t respond to them. Being Leann seems like an exhausting existence… and not because she is working hard.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      to quote Ms. Autotune “Thank you, Jesus.” not speaking in vain, cause I am really thankful to read this. 🙂

  16. realhousewifeva says:

    Leann rimes song “Borrowed” on her new album.

    I know you’re not mine only borrowed
    Cause you already belong to her
    Least you said so
    But I’m starting to believe it aint the whole truth
    Cause when were lying side by side I get to hold you
    I want hold out but I hold on even though I know it’s wrong
    And I don’t want give you back
    I don’t want to give you back
    You’re the best I’ll ever have
    And I don’t want to give you back
    But you’re borrowed
    Do you tell her that you love her like you do me?
    Do you make love to her the way you make love to me?
    Well I keep myself alone in case you call tonight
    It’s pathetic how I lie around and wait all the damn time
    It’s a short high then a long low every time you have to go
    And I don’t want give you back
    I don’t want give you back
    You’re the best I’ll ever have
    And I don’t want give you back
    [ From: ]
    But you’re borrowed
    Only borrowed
    How much time is left til you don’t return?
    Don’t return
    How much time
    Oh what’s left til you don’t return
    Don’t return
    How much time
    I know you’re not mine only borrowed
    And I don’t want to give you back
    I don’t want to give you back
    You’re the best I’ll ever have
    And I don’t want to give you back
    No I don’t want to give you back
    No I don’t want to give you back
    You’re the best I’ll ever have
    And I don’t want to give you back
    But you’re borrowed
    Only borrowed

    • iceNfire says:

      I believe thoughts are things and this dummy not only put her thoughts in written word but also set it to music And she sings it! #doomed

      • Powell says:

        LOL. You’re on fire today ice. You son is improving day by day so that means you’re getting your beauty sleep. 🙂

    • TexasTart says:

      Creeeepy. She is so to the point of no return…I mean these lyrics, combined with all the other obsessive behaviors.

      • vilzvet says:

        Thanks for posting, I was meaning to check out this song. She’s still on borrowed time with Eddie.

        • pat says:

          Good one!!

          The lyrics confirm what Brandi said early on, that she and Eddie were trying to work it out and keep their fam together, but Leann wouldn’t leave them alone. She’d show up places to “bump into” Eddie.

          • Powell says:

            That’s not just said but it’s desperate. Her ex Dean should be happy that marriage is over

            • JumpTheShark says:

              “You’re the best I’ll ever have”…IMO one way to tell if you’re in an emotionally abusive relationship, is that your partner makes you feel like no one else would want you.
              Remember, that old Lou Rawls song : “You’ll never find another love like mine”…I always thought it was sick…

              • LaineyLainey says:

                Hey Jump: I like that Lou Rawls song. But you’re right, it’s not the best message. Are you old enough to remember that old song…”Young girl, get outta my life,…my love for you is way out of line…you’d better run girl, you’re much to young girl.” I used to love this song and now, I’m thinking…”What a perv”

    • Beckygrey says:

      I’ve said this before and I will say it again, hypocrisy. When LR was going on her TV talk show tour she was trying to garner some sympathy. She says (and some her supports/posters) that if Brandi is just making money off of her husband leaving her. That Brandi should just shut up. Why is it ok for unashamed LR to write a song (and dedicate a cd) and get paid, about her affair with her now husband, but the women who was married to him can’t make money off of what both LR and EC did?
      As far as LR getting a better publicist, she can have the best publicist but if she doesn’t listen to them, how effective can they be? She is living out her ‘childhood” conflicts. This probably explains why she gets along with Brandi and EC children, she is their level.
      (I don’t think EC will cheat on LR. He can’t afford to do it. He has it made, and I’m sure if he wanted to he could get her to agree to anything.)

      • Powell says:

        ITA. If its “making money off of the experience w/Eddie” then they’re both doing it. Both saying what happened & how they felt but in different mediums. What does LeAnn don’t understand about that?
        And that’s why I said that her PR is getting their paycheck following orders. But you know I don’t understand how these PR can stand working w/this type of client when they know what the client is asking will not work.

      • Realhousewifeva says:

        I don’t think Leann or Eddie ever thought, in a million years, that Brandi would have the same platform to speak out and garner sympathy, that Leann had. They probably thought she was just a washed up ex model with no claim to fame who would just fade off into oblivion. Eddie tried to control what she said by cutting off her credit card when she told the press he was an absentee father. He tried to control her position on the show by not allowing the boys to be filmed. However, he allows Leann to rant in interview after interview and post the boys pics all over social media. He seems controlling and I think, if I remember from years ago, Leann has daddy issues… So this is a perfect match. I think Brandi is so much better without.

    • T-Rex says:

      Dayum just when you think CrayCrayUberBSCSWFRimes can’t get any creepier, WHAMMO she just takes us to the next BSC level! WOW! What’s even funnier is that TWO women in ManCandy’s life could have those lyrics, and neither are his ex-wife, because ManCanddy was saying and doing the same think with that SheikraVpumpwaitress at the same time too. WOW, oh and CrayCrayUberBSCSWFRimes(since we know you read here), he will do the same thing to you, probably already has, he likes to share his CANDY with everyone.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        haha “ManCandy” Reminds me of 50 Cent’s “CandyShop” – I’ll spare ya’ll and not post the lyrics. Suffice it to say there’s a lollipop involved.

  17. nyc mama says:

    Reza finally put his blog up. More nonsense. His attempted justifications, excuses and feigned caring for his friend is ridiculous. I’m not sure who he thinks believe him. Based on the comments so far, it seems no one.

    He needs to go away and he can take Lilly and Asa with him.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I’ll try to give him my two cents, too.

    • Ana says:

      I just read his blog! He didn’t address or apologize for outing MJs bank robbery stuff. He is on twitter trying to do major damage control by playing up the “my friend is an addict and I have to enforce tough love” excuse!

      • Laineylainey says:

        Not buying it

        • Ana says:

          Me neither & from all the commenters they are not either. I know Bravo likes to take off negative comments on their site but this time I don’t think they can! Almost all are negative. Somehow he keeps retweeting positive tweets that support his position on the matter

  18. Kansas Girl and Madame Boudin hope you are both staying safe. Hubby is in NC and was supposed to return home tonight but airport has been closed till further notice. Think we have at least 10+ inches where I’m at.
    Leann and her publicist need to STFU.
    She could get through this PR nightmare better and faster if she would quit feeding the fire.
    Tori Spelling and her husband Dean could teach morons Eddie and Leann a thing or two when it comes to rebuilding your fan base and reputations after an affair. Tori has never been disrespectful of her or Dean’s former spouses.
    IMO Leann acts like a stalker.She shows NO remorse at all. I can’t imbed her twitter but if your inclined to read it, she is pretty disgusting in her treatment of Brandi. She hides behind her fans and managers,publicist who attack Brandi on her behalf.
    Shut up Leann and take it. You and Eddie reaped this by cheating. It will blow over faster if you’d stop reacting and hurling crap back.

    • realhousewifeva says:

      LOL, I guess her publicist read Brandi’s book very carefully 😉
      The thing with someone like Brandi is that she owns all the stupid stuff she did/does. It’s hard for someone like Leann (or her publicist) to really retaliate because all he’s repeating is the same stuff that Brandi has written in her own book that currently is a NYT Bestseller and has 600 5-star reviews on Amazon. There is not a single other housewife book, including Andy Cohen, who even has 600 reviews, let alone 5-star reviews!
      Clearly, it’s not going to insult her if she owns all the bad she’s done and is popular because of it. It’s like when Taylor tried to attack Brandi by accusing her of slashing Eddie’s tires and Brandi’s response was simply “Yup. I did that”

      Leann could learn from that tactic, instead of running to twitter or her journalist friends to negate everything that is said (like calling Brandi’s book false stories) or crying and making it seem like she couldn’t help but have sex with someone else’s husband, looking for sympathy.
      For whatever reason, people love someone who can be self-deprecating and honest about their faults. Instead. Leann has treated Brandi as if she was the person in the wrong. Sorry, but when you cheat with someone’s husband, I don’t care what the jilted wife says about you, you can not play the victim. If she had played her cards right, people would have gotten over the whole cheating thing. It’s the way that she treated her lover’s spouse that caused the backlash against her. IMO

      • nyc mama says:

        If I were Leann I would fire my pr company and hire a professional one. PR reps usually don’t bash other people just making the situation worse for their client. The intended purpose used to be to put their clients in a good light, not this. Birds of a feather…looks like LR found a pr company just like her. Now she needs to hire a spin doctor to undo what her pr company and she continues to do…step in the muck.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          oh my gosh, exactly. She (LR) should hire someone that does the exact opposite of what LeAnn would naturally do. George Costanza (from Seinfeld) started doing the exact opposite of what he would normally do and his life started improving. It was a funny episode; but something to ponder.

      • pat says:

        I thought the same thing. Clearly the publicist read the book! There isn’t a PR person on earth that could put Humpty (Eddie) and Dumpty (LR) back together again. They’re done.

      • Powell says:

        Shadow & Realhousewifeva you are absolutely right. LRs 1st step at getting anywhere close to Tori & Dean have is for LR to admit she needs help & to get some type of treatment. I think that she goes on & on & back & forth against Brandi is because 1) she knows what she did to Brandi’s family was wrong, 2) She knows deep down that Eddie doesn’t truly love her & 3) She is hurting inside. She can’t get to the right place until she 1st gets help. Unfortunately the PR & managers don’t really care about her. They do what they’re told & get their paychecks. They don’t challenge her, or contradict her. They just obey her.

        • pat says:

          I think LR’s mental problems run very, very deep. The years of obsessive stalking and taunting, seem sociopathic. Zero remorse, zero empathy. No moral compass…And there’s a certain charm there, that sociopaths often possess. IMO.

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      Torri actually was disrespect to Dean’s ex early in the relationship. One time when they were in Toronto for the Much Music Video Awards, she made a comment about her and Dean not needing to adopt because she didn’t have ‘old eggs’. It was in reference to Dean and his now ex wife being in the process of adopting a little girl when they started their affair.

      • pat says:

        YEP, I remember that.

      • lizzle says:

        I disagree about Tori’s attitude after the affair vs Leann’s, but one thing that they have in common is that they started their affairs on the sets of horrible made for tv movies filmed in Canada. And both ex’s wrote books about it.

        • pat says:

          Tori wasn’t nice initially. She got it together eventually, but at first, she was pretty mean.

          I do like Tori, but that’s what happened.

          • lizzle says:

            I agree that she was initially feuding with the ex, but I disagree that Leann, who has come out with the above statement from her PR agent almost four years after the affair is the same as Tori, who filmed a reality show two years after the affair that had no mention of the feud. I watched Inn Love and did not know about any of these things that has been mentioned. Once Leann shuts up… we will forget she was a mistress. You may disagree and that is OK.

            • pat says:

              I actually really like Tori, and have read a couple of her books and watched a couple seasons of her show. I think she’s talented, funny, a good mom and basically a decent person. I read her version of meeting Dean, and I read the ex-wife’s book. Tori used to be a little “loose” and Dean definitely was. They hooked up very fast on set. The ex was treated like crap. I don’t care for Dean. But he’s definitely not as sleazy as Eddie.

    • So the real final judgement on the Brandi/LR feud will be if Brandi’s book sells better than LR’s CD. Based on the lyrics in LR’s song, Brandi has nothing to worry about! Imagining how LR is taking the news that Brandi’s book has already made the NYTime’s bestseller list does put a smile on my face.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Now that BG is a bestselling author; I believe the tide will turn on her a bit. It’s human nature to root for the person we see as an underdog. But now that she will be seeing some success there are some current “fans” who will want to see her fall and will start criticizing her. I won’t be part of that, but we see it all the time. We as human beings,… rooting for people and then cheering or taking pleasure when they fall. Why is that? I don’t think we’re like that on this board; but don’t you agree that the public at large is like that? Maybe not, I don’t know. It’s either sit here and ponder the ins and outs of human nature or do dishes. So here I sit, pondering.

    • chismosa says:

      what i want to know is how Tori lucked out that none of her children got her looks and they all came out relatively nice-looking! She really lucked it out bigggg time.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        I didn’t want to…but I had to LOL at this one. Even came back to re-read it, since it tickled my funny bone.

  19. nyc mama says:

    Lilly and Reza deserve each other,

    Doug, Skylar & Tammy‏@DougTammy14

    @RezaFarahan @lillyghalichi MJ is jealous of Lilly. When GG called Asa cellulite and cottage cheese wtf she think of MJ? MJ is bigger


    @xxxxx@RezaFarahan @LillyGhalichi True, @MercedesJavid is bigger, but U have to remember that #PrisonFood is very #fattening. #Shahs

    Reza Farahan‏@RezaFarahan
    @xxx @xxx @LillyGhalichi @MercedesJavid I’m sure you’re right!

    • realhousewifeva says:

      I stopped watching that trainwreck. They make me sick, especially Reza. How can anyone treat their ‘friend of 20 years’ like that? I can’t even fathom that this fleeting fame would be worth that. He could have had a million other storylines, but he chose to be so downright ugly and nasty. And he doesn’t even feel bad, he just retweets all the nice things people say to him.

    • Powell says:

      WTH Reza? I hope he knows there’s no way of coming back to their friendship after stuff like this.

      • nyc mama says:

        I don’t think he cares. I also dont think he was expecting the backlash he is seeing from the majority of viewers and I am not sure his ego will be able to withstand it. I think it will get worse, if that is possible after part 2 airs.
        Reza wants everyone to love him and be in his “side”. He forgets that people don’t like bullies and he has shown his true colors. Someone who isn’t a bully wouldn’t be capable of behaving like this for as long as he has – at least the last several months. He thought that everyone would love him and Lilly and hate MJ. Based on everyone’s responses, boy was he wrong.

        • funny how when their true personalities come out (they can only hide them for so long – none of them are good actors) they have no idea how awful they are!

        • chismosa says:

          I agree with all of you– what a piece of $hit Reza has shown himself to be. I still don’t get why he has so many followers on twitter. Does he buy them? how can i tell if they are all bought? I know, back to Jill-times and how she had so many followers. But Reza just HAS to have rubbed people the wrong way, no?

          What a piece of trash.

    • Ana says:

      He is def living in Alice in Wonderland! Reality “fame” got to him and I don’t think he was ready for the backlash or even really acknowledges it from the bubble he created. I am proud of MJ for never really engaging him on twitter (I think it’s only happened once or twice- feel free to correct me if I’m wrong)…for an “addict” she sure knows how to take the high road in the situation

  20. thedesigndiva2 says:

    for all my snow bound peeps….enjoy…..
    let’s all sway….

  21. realhousewifeva says:

    NMD, you should get Instagram and follow the Bravolebrities on there, they post pics on there that they don’t always post on twitter

  22. thedesigndiva2 says:

    oh yea… Bethanny pic… she has that ” I am getting laid as often as I can look ” like back when her and Jason first got together…. jmho

    hugs and peace

  23. AZGirl says:!/photo.php?fbid=336639229769168&set=a.186213658145060.30190.156969591069467&type=1&theater

    Hope this link works. Quik throttle Mag. facebook page of a picture taken from a room at Talking Stick Resort in Scottsdale. The picture is facing west and you see the Salt River Baseball stadium where the Diamondbacks have spring training. The full rainbow is the second one I have seen in 2 months.

  24. shamrockblonde says:

    ack! the pink undies – my eyes!!!!! – one of the twins walked in while he was on screen and asked me why that man was running around in his underwear and did his teammates hide his regular clothes – before I could even answer her sister chimed in saying that if the rest of the team hated his other clothes enough to hide them they must have been really really bad to let him walk around in those “pink things” – and after a moment she said “ewww, nasty” – to which I agree!

    that Hantz guy – peeing in the food? would production actually let him get away with that? I would think that it was a health issue I do think though that he is all talk – at least I hope so – as for Shamar – he needs to go but so does that asshat that called him out – what a pompous fool – “we don’t do that where I come from” – arrogant much? –

    as for the Shahs – the only one that I think has any true class – and mind you not in great amounts – is Mike – as for the rest – shame on them all – if a bunch of Irish people behaved this way I would be so insulted and enraged to have my heritage portrayed that way – the Iranian community must be livid – as they should – Reza is a little boy who never grew up and Assa – really – placing a diamond in some contraption in a warehouse to use it to imply that she is making diamond water – really? I felt badly for MJ – they were all horrible to her and GG needs counseling as well as AA – talk about a drinking problem – as for Barbke..I mean Lilly – her speech is such that everything she says sounds like a question – it drives me nuts – her poor parents –

    • Good points SRB. I can’t watch the Shahs anymore. Reza & Asa disgust me too much. Guess they thought their storyline of outing MJ would win them support? Even with GG & MJ’s problems, I like them better. Never thought Mike would impress me, but he does.

    • melthehound says:

      I’m getting the feeling that Reynold isn’t long for this show. His first mistake was aligning himself with a minority alliance, the P4 (now the P3). I get the odd feeling that Shamar is going to be around for awhile or at least as long as Sherri has anything to say about it. As for Pinky, your twins crack me up. Maybe it’s just me but I have an aversion to looking at middle aged men in pink drawrs. Hantz, What can I say ? He’s a special kind of nutz. I wonder what ever happened to his ‘faith’..

      • shamrockblonde says:

        hah! the twins crack me up all the time – as for Hantz – his “faith” was an act for screen time – it backfired – and so will this performance – sad, really – agree about Shamar – but they should be careful thinking taking him to the final will guarantee them a win – the smack talk about him – deserved as far as I can tell – could easily be twisted into a form of bullying by him – remember too that he is a marine – his training and strength will help him in challenges – he might be useless around camp, but he towed that line pretty good in the ring challenge – don’t know if he has the finesse to pull off making himself look put upon though – starting to like Cochran – thanks again for the recap – when I watch I am always sayin, ooohh I can’t wait to hear what Jeff says about this – one of the twins thought I was talking about Jeff Probst – I told her no – that I was referring to a way better Jeff!

    • Ana says:

      I’m very perplexed by Lilly’s lack of a southern accent.

  25. iceNfire says:

    Shut The Front Door! Has anyone seen this??? Eddie’s net worth is 12 mil. and Brandi’s is 4.7 mil. WTF is she crying poor for?

    • Ice, Brandi laughed at Howard Stern when he asked her about her celebrity net worth. I doubt Eddie has that much – if he did, Brandi would have received more in their divorce settlement, or she should have. It’s expensive to live in Cali, I can see them easily going thru a million bucks no problem, just in expenses, property taxes, income taxes, clothes, cars. I’d love to know how much she’s making off the book tho. With her clothes line, appearance fees (those should go up now!) and whatever else she’s got going, Brandi should be topping a million dollars a year soon. If she invests wisely, she won’t ever have to ask Eddie for another dime. She told Howard that she never wants to have to depend on a man for money ever again.

      • iceNfire says:

        I looked more closely at this site and it was written before Kim K. married Kris H. Still 4.7 million…. I was under the impression that she had nothing. Taylor on the other hand is listed at a net worth of $100,000.

        • Almost have to feel sorry for Taylor, almost….but she’s making plenty of $ off of RHOBH. Maybe she’s made the changes to her character on RHOBH after reading viewer reactions. She has changed a lot this season, mostly for the better. And then there’s Camille….or Chameleon? 😉

          • Powell says:

            blue I almost, almost feel sorry for Taylor too but she has just as many opportunities as Brandi does to make money but she has some alleged drinking problems so that is one thing getting in the way of earning. Besides I don’t really think Taylor wants to do any other work besides BH. She seems to prefer to be taken care of. You would think after what she experienced w/ Russell that she would want to stand on her own 2 feet like Brandi.

    • kit9 says:

      Because she’s full of cra*. Broke my butt…she’s clearly keeping up on her plastic surgery. Seen pics of her taken very recently and she looks really weird. Can’t say what she’s done but she’s done something. And, it looks like she definitely got bigger implants since last season. She was in that nearly nothing bikini last season so we all got a good look but this season she’s much larger up top. Off topic….anyone watching Arias trial cross examination? Oh. My. God.

      • L.A. Chica says:

        I have to say I was surprised to read she’s worth that much as of 2012. Not trying to make excuses for her, but I’m wondering what the source is for that info? And if any of that is held in trust for the (minor) boys and not accessible to Brandi?

        About Brandi’s face, I noticed the difference, too. I think she’s very naturally beautiful but whatever treatments she’s been getting is not an enhancement, imho. Makes me want to tell her to STOP. It’s like a Beverly Hills disease, this addiction to plastic surgery and Botox and fillers and all the other crap women – and some men – subject themselves to. It makes them look plastic and weird! And then later it all just sags anyway, so they either end up with distorted saggy faces or they get facelifts that make them look like stretches cats. Either way, it’s not normal and it’s an ugly look. So much better to age gracefully, imho.

        The only exception to this I can think of is Jane Fonda. Whoever is her plastic surgeon is a genius.

  26. Nancy says:

    For all you cat lovers…

  27. Kansas Girl says:

    OK, I’ve got the drive in a passable state so I can go to work in the morning if necessary. It’s an artistic endeavor I’m dedicating to Diva because it strikes me as something she’d do. I shoveled of the top part, which is beginning to turn to ice. I tromped down some of it. Then I fired up the car to clear the windows and drove back and forth on the drive many times till it is squashed down. I can get a run on the street (or what the plows leave, should they get here) and my car will be able to handle the snow once I’m out of the drive. LOL. I suspect the neighbors were watching me drive backwards and forwards, wondering.

    It’s snowing again. Unless we get another 9 inches, my drive is done.

    Cheers, all!

    • vilzvet says:

      Glad to hear….no snowblower I guess? In NY they have become as necessary as a generator. Hope your back is ok.

      • Kansas Girl says:

        I think maybe I should buy myself one! Someone down the street used to have one and he’d do the whole block. That was great!

    • Nancy says:

      I didn’t even know that it snowed in Kanas. Please be careful.

      • iceNfire says:

        me neither, when i hear Kansas i think of oz. is there such a thing as a tornado full of snow?

        • Nancy says:

          How is your son doing?

          • iceNfire says:

            He’s doing very well!, He has graduated from his bed to his computer chair, leg elevated, yesterday. He hasn’t taken pills in a few days and the only time he feels pain is when he makes a very short trip to the bathroom and then it’s a throbbing pain. Thanks for asking Nancy 🙂

            • L.A. Chica says:

              That’s so great that he is doing so well! Continued healing vibes being sent his way, ice.

            • Nancy says:

              Poor guy. Maybe his rock climbing days are over. Not because he couldn’t do it but hopefully he doesn’t want to do it anymore.

              • iceNfire says:

                Oh no, is the throbbing pain he feels when he’s up on crutches a bad sign???

                • Nancy says:

                  Not at this point. If you saw the surgery you would understand why he’s in such pain.
                  He needs to keep it elevated as it will heal faster and cut down on the pain.

                  • iceNfire says:

                    I’m happy I didn’t see the surgery, he wanted to have a nurse use his phone to take a picture of the inside of his ankle but I talked him out of that idea. He sees the the doctor for post op exam Monday morning. Thanks for being so helpful Nancy.

                    • Nancy says:

                      I like the way your son thinks! lol That’s something I would have done. Tell him to keep
                      hanging in there.

        • Kansas Girl says:

          We get everything here except hurricanes. (We do get the rain from hurricanes now and then.) Winters are below freezing with snow, or more recently ice. Summers are hot and recently very dry. This last summer we were over 100 for many days and gardens (and lawns) died.

          No snow tornadoes. Tornadoes depend on the interplay between warm and cold air. Convection off the ground plays a part. When it’s cold, no convection, and no tornadoes.

          Since you think of Oz, you do realize Kansas is in color, right? I used to tell people that Ted Turner had colorized us. And it’s not flat, either. We have hills. And lots of trees.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      what an adventure KG!!! Be safe!!!

  28. Nancy says:

    Drew Petterson only got 38 yrs for killing his 3rd wife. WTH?

    • not THAT Jill says:

      He is so creepy-he makes my skin crawl-i cant believe her found one woman to marry him-never mind 3!! When you meet a guy and he tells you that his 2 ex-wives are missing….RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!!

      • Nancy says:

        No sh*t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He deserved LIFE! 38 yrs is insulting. I have a feeling his time
        in prison won’t be very warm and fussy.

      • Pghemtchick says:

        4… Stacy came after the nurse. Hopefully one day they’ll find her for her family’s sake.

    • princesspindy says:

      Well, hopefully he will serve the full sentence and no one will want to marry him when he’s 97.

      • L.A. Chica says:

        Yeah, given his age 38 years is pretty much life, isn’t it?

        He is super creepy and evil. I so agree about the “missing” status of his previous two wives being a giant red flag. But wait a sec – wasn’t one of them not missing but her death ruled a suicide or something like that? Either way, it’s still a red flag when you put them both together.

        • princesspindy says:

          I don’t know and I watched the Rob Lowe movie, but that was only cuz of Rob Lowe…
          Red Flags are your friends ladies!!

          • not THAT Jill says:

            PP-i watched the Rob Lowe movie too-I had to. I wanted to see if Rob could actually be that creepy…he was good but no one is as strange, gross and creepy as Drew himself!!!

    • Read he’s already served 4 years while waiting for trial, so it’s 34…..bummer! They had to pass a special “Drew’s Law” in his state (Illinois) in order to use heresay in the trial. As in his 4th wife’s friend testifying “Drew threatened to kill me” and the scariest was when the divorce attorney testified that the 4th wife believed he had murdered the 3rd, she was scared. I guess he got rid of her so she couldn’t tell all she knew about his 3rd wife’s murder. He didn’t want to pay anything to the 3rd wife apparently, thought murder was cheaper. Check out

    • iceNfire says:

      I know I’m in the minority here but I just don’t believe anything Tre says. Maybe she never called M a slut or a stripper but she laughed herself silly when Juicy was naming all the guys he knew that slept with M.

      • RealHousewifeVA says:

        Eh, whatever, I don’t understand the big deal of sister in laws who hate eachother. I hate mine. lol

      • chismosa says:

        Hey Ice— i’m waving my hands—- i hate Tre! — you are not alone…..
        isn’t there some song that says that, i thought from my catholic school days…. lol

      • pat says:

        I don’t believe a word she says, either.

          • chismosa says:

            just fyi there are more of us, they just don’t tend to post too much if it’s around Melissa vs. Teresa time. I mean the show is not even on the air and there is a magazine COVER story?

            I saw the tiny story in a tabloid a couple weeks back saying the Juicy was demanding another child and make sure it’s a boy this time, after THEY PAID FOR IVF TO TRY TO MAKE AUDRIANNA have been a boy— ????—- i never understood why she went to fertility stuff for her 4th child,my eternal question for the ages– that is all in their bankruptcy filings, but my point is there are teeny stories that maybe just MAYBE get a tiny box in the mags these days but why covers? The show is not even on the air right now!? Makes me laugh…..

      • california35 says:

        You are not alone in the “minority” 😛

      • Laineylainey says:

        Oh no…are we forming teams already? LOL

      • Orson says:

        Well, Tre did make sure everyone knew there were rumors that M had been a stripper. But she wasn’t spreading stories when she announced that. She was just repeating what she had heard.

      • LA_Debra says:

        You are not alone. I have made the choice not to engage on the subject, since I don’t think any of the NJ actors are worth the trouble.

  29. AZGirl says:

    Here is my response 2 the statement my ex’s publicist put out about me this am “Go Fuck Urself” & u can quote me. #igotmorejobsthenjlobitch

    This is on Brandi’s twitter account. Supposedly something was on eonline this a.m. I will go check it out.

  30. Nancy says:

    Re: the Jodi Arias trial…What is her defense? I haven’t been watching it. She seems really
    disconnected to me. Very strange.

    • Rebecca says:

      She shot him because he bodyslammed her (no injuries though – wow) and can’t remember slicing him up. She remembers every single detail of their sexual encounters but she doesn’t remember stabbing him 27 times.

      • Nancy says:

        Wow! She’s a mess. I’d love to know what her “shrinks” are saying.
        Are her parents in the court room?

      • Nancy says:

        What did she do with the body after slicing him up?

        • Rebecca says:

          She ran away. He was left in the shower.for five days, I believe. She shot him in the face and stabbed him repeatedly. She then drove to her ex-boyfriend in Utah and hooked up with him.

          The prosecution started yesterday and so far this guy is GOOD. He is picking apart everything she said. She takes these long pauses trying to come up with her answers which is an obvious sign she is trying to recall her earlier lies and how to tie them together. They continue on Monday.

    • Pghemtchick says:

      She didn’t do it, then self defense- she admits she killed him, but she was defending herself cause he forced her to have relations and she didn’t always like it. But the next breath, she remembers it cause it was so good. Allegedly, she’s a Psycho-stalker who was jealous and pissed. It’s a crazy case. Really makes me feel even worse for the guy and his family.

    • chismosa says:

      Nancy Nightline had an update on the trial last night, on Wednesday night. It was good- they really analyzed what she was saying her defense was while pointing out the complete inaccuracies with what happened when she was first arrested, etc.

      Next week the prosecutor gets a go at her, can’t wait!

  31. not That Jill says:

    A E-mail from DETOX:

    Hi Jill,

    I’m so glad I could make you laugh. I LOVE it when I can do that. If I can ever get my life back to normal the way it used to be, I just MIGHT write that book about my family of FRUIT LOOPS and MIXED NUTS!! They can be maddening and thoroughly entertaining at the same damned time.

    Please feel free to cut and paste this E-Mail and place it on the “Lynn Fam” blog. You have my permission (but I won’t be upset if you DON’T do it either). If you DO pass it on, you may have to provide a little background information about how we gave my Aunt the name “Aunt Bunny” (because she colored a bunny for me and gave it to me as a gift for helping to take care of her when she had her staph infection. You might also have to tell them that coloring is one of her forms of therapy. Oh well. I guess we all have our ways of coping. My Mom smokes. I obsessively watch trashy television. My Dad gets off on squeezing pennies. And Aunt Bunny is a 57 year old woman who colors to calm her nerves. That’s a lot better than the crazy things she USED to do to calm her nerves, though. So, who am I to judge?).

    Alright, Woman, I’ve gotta get back to my tasks! Again, I’m glad I could make you chuckle. Pass my love and warm wishes on to the blog family.

    Your Jive Turkey Forever,

    • Thanks for sharing that. Detox’s Aunt Bunny makes me smile. My son was encouraged to try coloring when he was in theraphy for PTSD after his ar accident. He still does it and says it calms him too.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        I tried to post another email but I dont know what happened? It was so funny-it made me laugh out loud. I will try again later because it is too good to keep to myself.

    • Powell says:

      Thks JNNTJ. Detox will never change. She’s hilarious. She’s not the only onew/fruitloops & mixed nuts in her family. I’m glad she’s doing well & hope she comes back to hangout soon.

    • L.A. Chica says:

      Thanks for posting Detox’s email, Jill. It was good to hear from her!

    • Thanks Jill, good to hear from Detox. Please post the other email, it’s good to lol. Doodling & coloring are relaxing. I miss helping my son with his school projects, which were awesome after I did decorative lettering, coloring etc.

      Ice, glad to hear your son is improving!

    • TexasTart says:

      Thank you for sharing that with us JNNTJ.
      Detox, you!

  32. Sorry you guys are right about Tori. She did initially say some pretty low things about Dean’s ex. I’d forgotten. Which is kinda my point. If Leann would shut up and quit with the “single white female” stalking, then people would probably forget and forgive. I believe that Tori’s people advised her to do that because it “was” affecting her career and likablity. Tori shut up and now she has recaptured much of her fan base.
    I do wish Brandi would communicate her feelings and points with a little more refinement but after reading her book and listening to some of her interviews I understand her background better. She is unfiltered and people either appreciate that or they don’t. But, I do believe that with Brandi, you know what you’re getting. I don’t think she knows how to practice subterfuge as well as the likes of Leann or Adrienne.

    • Powell says:

      Right. We would forget she’s a homewrecker if she’d stop w/the attacks on Brandi.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        Although I believe that LR is a bit coo-coo I dont think she is the only one who is keeping the nonsense alive. The press can not wait to report on things that may or may not be true and social media is not helping. Sometimes I read things about all of them and I look into a bit and find out it was from a “source” or it was hearsay or whatever. If things between them were as bad as they are made out to be-Brandi would not be allowing her kids near this woman. People think there is nothing Brandi can do about all of this but thats not true. I think they both put stories out and I think they both love all the attention.

        • Catseye says:

          I agree. And I think Eddie is REALLY enjoying having these 2 women fight over him.

        • Nancy says:

          Hopefully this will die down after Brandi’s book tour. All 3 of them need to grow up as
          there are kids involved.

        • L.A. Chica says:

          I don’t know how many of us saw Brandi when she was on The View earlier this week, but she did talk about her children’s relationship with Leanne. She said they love her and LR loves them and she was happy about that, but was only concerned about LR’s mental stability. She doesn’t bad mouth LR to the boys, and at some point they asked her if they could all live together. Brandi told them, “Yeah, sure! Ask your dad about it.”

          • not THAT Jill says:

            Yes-I saw her on The View. I also saw where she said she think LR is unstable. If she honestly believed that she was unstable-and all of this back and forth wasn’t to promote something-wouldn’t you hope that she would do something?

            • L.A. Chica says:

              What could she do? I also believe LR is unstable given her stalkerish ways, but not to the point of being dangerous. If Brandi were to make it part of a custody issue it would get very ugly and very expensive. As long as she feels the children are safe with Eddie – who has shared legal custody – and the homewrecking new wife, it’s not worth the fight, especially considering how such an ugly battle might affect the kids.

              As of yet, it’s only Brandy who is the target of LR’s coo-coo instability. In the meantime I think she’s probably staying mindful of LR’s behavior with the children and don’t doubt for a second that she would go full-on Mamma Bear if she thought her cubs were in any danger.

            • Nancy says:

              Would you let LR look after your kids?

              • not THAT Jill says:

                Thats the point Nancy-if I thought she was unstable then HELL NOT!!!

                • L.A. Chica says:

                  Yes, but there’s a wiiiiide range of “unstable,” from harmless Koo-Koo Kelly Bensimon to Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction. On that scale I think LR is closer to Koo-Koo Kelly.

                  • not THAT Jill says:

                    Thats what Im saying-I don’t think LR is CRAZY but I think Brandi likes to say that she is. I don’t think the kids are in any danger what so ever but Brandi hints at danger…it makes a better story. Does that make Brandi a liar-NO -but I think she likes to embellish-that’s all.

                    • LaineyLainey says:

                      I get a vibe from LR – – a very scary “hanging by a thread” kind of vibe. I don’t think she’s harmless. But I could be wrong.

                    • L.A. Chica says:

                      I dunno, LR’s stalkerish copycat behavior is unstable in my book. Dangerous? Could be, not necessarily- but on the crazy side, for sure. It certainly isn’t the behavior of a mature, stable mind.

                    • Nancy says:

                      You really don’t think anything is wrong with her?

                • Nancy says:

                  I hear you but I also agree with LA Chica.

              • L.A. Chica says:

                LR is the step-mom, making it a LOT more legally complicated than if she were the neighborhood sitter or even “Auntie LeAnne.”

                • RealHousewifeVA says:

                  That’s what I think, too. Clearly Leann is unstable, she even went to Rehab to deal with her social media problem?! (WTF is that) but I don’t think it’s an instability that will hold up in court unless she actually does something to hurt Brandi or the boys. I think she really does love the boys and really does wish they were hers…and that Brandi was totally out of the picture. I think she is more obsessed with Brandi than Eddie, even.

    • Brandi said on Howard Stern that LR loves her younger son more than the older one. Her older son told Brandi LR doesn’t love him as much – now that’s sad to me. LR doesn’t realize that giving more attention & love to one brother will harm the other….what a loon. If she has a baby, watch what happens to Brandi’s boys. Brandi says she wants her boys to see their father, because they really do love him. LR spoils the boys, giving them expensive gifts, private plane rides, great vacations, going on a cool tour bus (they love the bus) etc that Brandi can’t match. It’s hard, but it’s like LR is trying to get Brandi’s boys to love her more. That’s not happening, but imagine how the boys have to process crazy LR’s behavior, and survive it. I don’t know what I would do in Brandi’s shoes. Definitely would sell the book, that’s for sure! She wrote the book 4 years ago, as a way to deal with the situation. Brandi admits she was a total mess after the divorce. From what she told Howard, she did everything to please Eddie. Including anal, 3 ways with “safe” (no stds?) women, sex every day, wow how did Eddie have the energy for an affair is what Howard said! You could almost hear Howard salivating, he was so impressed with Brandi.

      That blog showing the evolution of LR into Brandi was really creepy. LR was better looking, IMO, before she lost all the weight. LR looked healthy & her face was much better before. Now she is too skinny and her face is hideous. If I were Brandi, I’d hire a body guard and keep a gun in my purse, just in case the stalker does try something stupid.

      IMO, the best sex LR ever had is with EC. Plus she’s nutso. Bad combo….

  33. not THAT Jill says:

    I just caught Porsha on ATL saying ‘perturd”….it makes me laugh every time!!!

  34. not THAT Jill says:

    This is the E-mail that made me laugh…I just love Detox-she is the funniest!!!

    Hi Jill,

    I miss you and so many other people at the blog too. Please tell them that.

    No need to respond to this long-ass E-Mail. I just had a little extra time. So, I figured I’d answer your questions and give you an update.

    My Mom is o.k. health-wise, but she still suffers a lot with her R.A. when the weather changes (which it’s been doing a lot out here lately). She just told me TODAY that my Dad is retiring NEXT month, and she’s been in a very bad and bitchy mood (which is really getting on MY nerves, but I just handle my business and bite my tongue because I’m living in her her house for the time being). I don’t think she’s looking forward to having my Dad around SO much. LOL.

    Speaking of Daddy Davis, Jr., he is actually on a hunting trip in Arkansas with his co-worker/friend, Bruce and other people at some kind of hunting camp. My Dad has never been a big hunter, but he likes and respects Bruce so much that he didn’t want to turn him down. They’re out hunting deer. I hope he doesn’t bring any back or gives it away because I’m not big on venison (unless it’s soaked in milk for a good long while before washed and frozen to take some of the “game-y” taste out). My Dad’s health is good, and he’s still 65 going on 30. He came home the other day with some of those Jay-Z headphones that the young kids wear (I don’t even know how to operate them), a cashmere coat that he bought for $100 (originally sold for $1000) and some snazzy new tennis shoes that he also bought at a super-marked down price (He is STILL the cheapest man on the face of the Earth). OF COURSE, he had to model his coat and his tennis shoes, and I had to tell him how good he looked (I told you his short, beer-belly-having self thinks he’s HOT stuff. I wish I could be that delusional. My Mom and I roll our eyes so hard at him behind his back that we’re lucky our eyes haven’t fallen out by now.).

    Thanks so much for asking about their health. How is your family’s health? Good, I hope.

    As for Aunt Bunny, she’s “maintaining.” That means she’s still crazy and working people’s nerves, but she is not in the middle of some major D-R-A-M-A or self-induced crisis AT THE MOMENT (I emphasize that because Aunt Bunny can pull a stunt and star in her own brand new soap opera at any damned minute. During the last psych-induced hospital stay — not the one for the staph infection, but the one for her mental illness — my Mom informed me that my Aunt was lying down in the middle of the hospital hall near her room throwing a tantrum or some type of protest. She almost got her ass kicked by the other residents because she was preventing the lunch cart from passing. My Mom said they should have just rolled over her to teach her a lesson. My Mom’s a good woman, but she was out sick the day that God was handing out “the warm and fuzzies.” She’s a hardass. *Shrug*).

    My uncle that was sick (with the bleeding appendix) was taking an unusually long time to recover from his surgery. A couple of days ago, he said he felt “weird” and really bad, so he called for an ambulance to come and pick him up because he was alone (His kids live in Texas, and his wife was at a funeral out of town). While he was standing outside waiting for the ambulance, his brother, who is his neighbor (also my Mom’s brother) took him to the hospital instead. It turns out that he has 100% blockage in 2 of his arteries and 70% blockage in another and 80% blockage in another. So, he’s having open-heart surgery tomorrow.

    Of course, Aunt Bunny is making it ALL ABOUT HER. My Mom said she pulled her out into the hospital hallway and quietly told her she would “punch the fuck out of” her if she didn’t knock it off. So, Aunt Bunny shut up (but I’m sure her mind is working on something ELSE that will get her some attention, though. Don’t you worry. She’ll think of something soon.). She’s been calling my Mom on the regular saying, “I was feeling like going to look at some jewelry and antiques today. I figured you weren’t doing anything since you’re disabled. What time are you going to come and get me?” My Mom asks her why she is not in her “adult day care.” Aunt Bunny says, “I took the day off because I’m doing better. Also, those people are stone cold crazy. I’m just kinda crazy, but I’m not for real crazy like THOSE people.”

    My Mom just hangs up in her face.

    And THAT is how Aunt Bunny is doing (still part crazy as a shithouse rat and still part crazy like a fox. People with the combo plate of bipolar disorder and BPD are usually like that).

    Thanks so much for asking about Aunt Bunny, though!! LOL

    Isn’t family GREAT? I swear. They should shoot, “The Real Housewives of Lake Charles, Louisiana.”

    Aunt Bunny would probably be the breakout star. She’d also probably get a book deal, be a spokeswoman for some psychotropic drugs and discuss her color book therapy with Oprah or some shit. My Mom would probably get hate mail. My Dad would probably be the other breakout star who would do interviews with both FOX News and MSNBC spouting his political views. He’d also probably become a special guest of Suze Orman (and an eventual co-host because of his financial savvy and extreme cheapness).

    Alright, I’ve typed your head off. So, I’m going to sign off for now.

    I really miss you, you JIVE TURKEY. You are still DYN-O-MITE in my book!

    Your Crazy Blog Friend,

    Nicole (a.k.a. “Detox”)

    • catmom1 says:

      Thanks for posting this Jill. I really miss Detox. Love her writing style and content. She reminds me of Tennessee Williams, although she is an original. What a great dame.

    • TexasTart says:

      What a cast of characters in Detox’ world! Enjoyed reading that….and Aunt Bunny helps prove my point – how I’m Always saying “it’s all in one perspective” – as Aunt Bunny said ” I took the day off because I’m doing better. Also, those people are stone cold crazy. I’m just kinda crazy, but I’m not for real crazy like THOSE people.”

      • not THAT Jill says:

        Detox told me Aunt “Bunny” (not her real name) made a picture for her-it was a picture of…a bunny. She has been Aunt “Bunny” in our emails ever since. I cracked up about Detox’s Mom telling Aunt Bunny she would punch the F out of her….

      • TexasTart says: Detox!!!!
        Seriously. I know it takes time but you are a natural born story-telling writer and you need to share your talent….for a profit!
        PS: hope your Uncle came outta the surgery a-okay.

    • Laineylainey says:

      She is so awesome.

  35. not THAT Jill says:

    Ok I tried posting another email from Detox-I tried a bunch of times. If the “blog bosses” see it in holding please only let it go through once…I will stop trying to post it now because Im annoying myself!!!!

  36. Sus says:

    Good recap on Survivor Mel 🙂

    I’d probably sell one of my kids in order for LeAnn to be added to the cast of RHOBH – I know I’m horrible but it would be hysterical to watch that loon.

    • iceNfire says:

      Well if Adri and Taylor are both fired Kyle could use a new friend

    • nyc mama says:

      Would you really want to watch her self-destruct right in front of your eyes? She does a good enough job on Twitter. We can all go to Tweehab with her and then her lawyers office to get updates on her plethora of lawsuits. She would grow old very fast, the when she completely goes off the deep-end she can blame the show and sue them too.

    • melthehound says:

      Thank you Sus 😀

      • TexasTart says:

        MTH – I thought it was funny how you joked last night that you missed the airing of Survivor…and even funnier when I realized you were not joking! lol Good thing for online viewing, eh. Love the way you.write a recap. Thanks 🙂

        • melthehound says:

          The DVR catches it, I just forgot about it. It’s it’s easier to recap watching it online anyway. I can’t watch TV and write at the same time. Glad you enjoy the recaps TT 😀 (and you’re welcome)

  37. good movie on TCM starting now Double Indemnity!!! Classic Billy Wilder

  38. princesspindy says:

    The thing about LR and BG and the kids and LR being around them, it doesn’t matter what Brandi wants or doesn’t want or feels or doesn’t feel….all that matters is what the court says….
    So if LR is truly, truly, dangerous, BG would spend more than ~”$20,000″~ on making sure her kids were protected and getting whatever court documents were needed, etc, etc, etc, …cuz if she was willing to spend that on not getting sued……..just saying, and of course I am saying it allegedly….and it is

    • not THAT Jill says:

      That’s exactly what I think-20 grand for Adrienne but nothing for the “lunatic” that spends half the week with her kids. It’s like saying LR is crazy but not crazy. The kids are safe in her care but she can lose it at any given time. I dont know a mother alive who would ship their kids off to someone they thought was unstable-no matter what!

      • princesspindy says:

        She would have to ship them off but you bet your butt she would be doing whatever she could to change the custody agreement!!!!! I have seen a lot of screwy shit with the women I work with as far as custody and I think, allegedly, that LR is a bigger danger to herself than the kids, because I doubt that there is no hired help around… why would you disparage your kids stepmom like that….and why would you screw with the mom of the kids you claim to adore, dumbshits!! they both need to STFU and STFD!!!!

        • PP, agree with you that Brandi needs to STFU & STFD. She isn’t helping her situation with LR & her boys. But she will make a h*ll of a lot of $ off her book. She’s in a bad situation & has a big mouth. Isn’t she perfect for reality tv?

          • princesspindy says:

            She is perfect for reality tv! We will see if she does STFU after the book tour…..doubt it…lol

      • L.A. Chica says:

        “Unstable” us not a one-size-fits-all proposition. There are varying degrees as well as varying targets of the crazy.

        Does anyone think the women on Scary Island didn’t fear for their safety the night Koo Koo Kelly snapped and behaved like a deranged person? Did her behavior toward Bethenny mean she posed a danger to her own children and is an unfit mother?

    • L.A. Chica says:

      Exactly, PP. I do think she would spend the money if she thought there were a serious threat to her children’s safety, but like I said there’s a very wide range of “unstable,” and while I don’t doubt that Brandi has her antennae up about LR’s particular brand of crazy, I don’t think she feels that LR poses any danger to them. At least there’s no evidence to make her think they’re in any danger as LR is kind and loving toward them.

      Actually, if I were Brandi, I’d be more concerned about my own safety than the kids’ since LeAnne behaves more like she’s trying to become Brandi and wants to replace her role in the boys’ lives.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        Chica-I get 100% of what you are saying. LR is not a danger to Brandi’s kids. But that is not what Brandi implies. My point in all of this is that they both talk shit-Brandi calls her crazy-but at the same time she isn’t THAT crazy and LR does what ever she does. If Brandi wants to keep up with “she’s crazy” crap then she need to get proactive. You cant be crazy only when their is a story to sell.

        • L.A. Chica says:

          But she IS crazy. There’s all kinds of crazy that is manifested in many ways, and Leanne is definitely crazy. I haven’t heard Brandi imply that she thinks Leanne is a danger to her children, just that she’s wary because of her mental instability. Do you think the way Leanne behaves toward Brandi is the behavior of a normal healthy person?

          Like I said, given Leann’s stalking behavior I’m much more concerned about Brandi’s safety than the boys’ safety.

        • Nancy says:

          This is where I differ from you. I don’t believe Brandi is saying that she’s crazy only
          to sell books. IMHO LR is “crazy” but not that crazy for her to fear for her children.

          • not THAT Jill says:

            When you have kids, crazy is crazy. I don’t think someone can be kind of crazy-they are or they are not. If Brandi needs to be concerned for her own safety then she needs to be concerned for her kids safety as well. I think what happens where Brandi is concerned is that if people say LR is crazy crazy then Brandi is wrong for doing nothing-if people say she is not crazy then Brandi looks like a liar, so LR has to be crazy enough to be obsessed with Brandi but not too crazy that Brandi’s kids are in danger.
            To me-if someone is a danger to anyone-they aint getting no where near my kids.
            Nancy-any of these HW’s would do whatever they needed to to sell their goods…any one of them.

            • Nancy says:

              Have you read the DMS4? There are many kinds of crazy Jill.

              • not THAT Jill says:

                Clinical-yes. Motherly-no.

                  • realhousewifeva says:


                  • not THAT Jill says:

                    As a mother Nancy-crazy is crazy. I cant see myself saying-oh that one is crazy but not so crazy that I’m okay with my kids being with her.
                    I know there are varying degrees of a mental illness-I’m not that simple. I stating it simply-as a mother-crazy is crazy.

                    • Laineylainey says:

                      Maybe now she will contest the custody agreement. Until then she they both have to comply with the existing custody agreement.

                    • L.A. Chica says:

                      LR is Eddie’s legal wife and stepmom to the kids. The boys love her. As a mother would you want to put your children through the trauma of a drawn out and nasty custody battle if they don’t believe their beloved step-mom is dangerous and you objectively don’t believe she would harm them? Given those circumstances which would be more harmful to your children?

                    • realhousewifeva says:

                      As a mother myself, I don’t agree that ‘crazy is crazy’. I know some mothers who are crazy nutjobs lol But their kids are taken care of just fine.
                      There certainly is different levels of ‘crazy’, especially in the sense Brandi is using the term. I’m pretty sure that Brandi is not clinically diagnosing Leann with a mental disorder.

                      Do you know a person who has a mental illness that is a surefire sign they cannot and should not be taking care of young children? Because I do…I’m talking “claims that the TV turned on by itself and told her that her kids were evil” type of crazy. Versus the type of crazy who is just a bit cuckoo and having to check into rehab for social media anxiety.
                      2 very different types of crazy, and a court would most certainly see these as two VERY DIFFERENT scenarios.

                      I’m sure Brandi expressed her concern over the pill her son swallowed and it was addressed and taken care of. Of course, because she hates Leann and now has a forum to spew her venom, she is going to announce it to the world. She’s a women scorned, so Leann and Eddie need to move outta the way while she gets it off her chest and sells those books.
                      But she’s also made a point to mention that the boys love “Lele’ and she is very nice to them.

      • kit9 says:

        But Brandi has said she feels Leann is a danger to them! Just recently she said Leann was responsible for her son becoming very ill and claimed she was unstable and shouldn’t be alone with her kids. Of course, in the next breath Brandi lied and said she couldn’t do anything about it because she couldn’t afford an attorney.

        • Laineylainey says:

          Now she can afford one.

          • not THAT Jill says:

            Chica-if the kids love LR so much and if Brandi believes in her heart that LR would not cause the harm…why is this even being discussed? If Brandi knows all of this-why tell people that LR is crazy and unstable. You know what Im saying? What’s the point of making it public?

            • Laineylainey says:

              To hurt Eddie? After you read her book, the first thing you said was that she is still in love w her ex. This is all part and parcel. I think part and parcel has been fully discussed on this board, remember? Lol.

              • not THAT Jill says:

                Perhaps Lainey…but I believe that she put it out b/c she wanted the frenzy to keep its momentum…right up until her book release.

                • L.A. Chica says:

                  Brandi isn’t making it up, the proof of LR’s stalking behavior is out there. But legally there’s nothing BG can do about it.

                  • not THAT Jill says:

                    Making what up? I never said anything about stalking behavior being made up. I think Brandi totally embellishes things-lots of things, but I never said she was making things up did I? If I did-I didn’t mean to- I dont think Brandi is a liar-truly.

                    • L.A. Chica says:

                      I’m sorry, Jill, I misunderstood your point about Brandi making Leanne’s craziness public. Re-reading I think I get what you meant now.

                      So we agree that Leanne has been stalking Brandi – now don’t you think that’s crazy behavior? As for making it public, I don’t know if Brandi did that or someone else like an observant blogger, but it does appear to be general knowledge. I think Brandi is caught between a rock and a hard place in what is ultimately a very complicated scenario. Unless Leanne does something illegal there’s not much Brandi can do, imo.

                  • Laineylainey says:

                    Jill and I were talking about why Brandi would be going public w her opinion that LR is unstable. We are not debating whether or not the lady is or is not crazy…or if there is proof of the craziness. Just talking about her motivation for how BG is handling her feelings /concerns in the media v. The courts. Doing it via media does not really help her kids if she is worried about them (she may not be, I don’t know)…so the question is what is her goal by bringing that concern to the media? I speculated that she wants to hurt Eddie and Jill suggested that it helps her sell books. We never suggested BG is making stuff up. At least I don’t think we did.

                    • L.A. Chica says:

                      Yes, I get that now, L2 – it was my misunderstanding. 😳

                      As for why Brandi speaks publicly about her opinion of LR, my guess it’s because she’s unfiltered that way. Discretion is not one of Brandi’s strong suits. 😯

                    • Laineylainey says:

                      True she is unfiltered. you think it’s just Brandi being Brandi, then. That could be it…sometimes it’s the simplest explanation.

            • L.A. Chica says:

              Well, in my opinion Leanne IS crazy. Anyone who stalks Brandi the way Leanne does is not right in the head. You’ve seen the documentation, haven’t you? It’s not fiction. Do you think Leanne’s behavior is normal or healthy?

              As I said, I’m more concerned for Brandi’s safety than for the children’s, but it’s not against the law to try to look like, dress, like, and hire the doctors, hairdressers, etc. of your husband’s ex-wife.

              • Nancy says:

                You forgot the dentist.

              • Laineylainey says:

                I think it’s unhealthy and maybe, for now she seems harmless IF, IF…stressors in life do not make the behavior escalate. It could get bad, but we can’t know that it will get bad. I get a very fragile vibe from her. I hope I am wrong.

          • kit9 says:

            She could ALWAYS afford one. In that article, two seconds after claiming she couldn’t afford an attorney to keep her kids away from the dangerous Leann, she said she was busy saving her money for a new house.

            • Laineylainey says:

              If SHE said she couldn’t afford it, I tend to believe BG as she has a better grip of her financial situation at any given time than we do. Imo

        • realhousewifeva says:

          Well, her son did swallow Leann’s laxative and Leann did check into rehab, so she had valid concerns. But I still don’t think a court would render Leann incapable of being around the boys because of those reasons. It’s not like she fed the boys laxatives on purpose. Now she knows Brandi’s concerns and most likely will be more careful with her laxatives. lol

        • L.A. Chica says:

          Yes, she can afford one now but A) does she have any proof that LR is an unfit stepmother to support a custody case, and B) does she want to put her children through the trauma if LR is merely crazy but hasn’t shown herself to be an actual threat?

          On a different but related note, I recently found out that a friend has had a bizarre stalker for the past couple of years. She went to the police but they said there was nothing they could do until the stalker broke the law.

          • Laineylainey says:

            I feel bad for your friend. It is terrifying and paralyzing to have a stalker. Also the swf syndrome is unnerving and can make you feel sick. I’ve experienced neither, but my daughter has experienced both. She got an order of protection for the stalker. She cut all ties w the swf person. Every now and then something will pop up that she was spreading rumors bout my daughter. After more than a year of no contact she still tries to insinuate herself into my daughter’s life, tells people” she is my best friend and she told me this or that.”

            • how awful for your daughter Lainey!

            • TexasTart says:

              Wow, I had forgotten about this as we’ve been making our SWF comparisions here. It has been over a year with no contact, good, but how long is a protective order in effect? Is.this one of these things where you (your daughter) will always have that in the back of her mind? Curious if the upcoming move will be helpful to loose the trail or media negate all that. Of course not everyone has to participate, but I assume all young people do..

  39. chismosa says:

    Hi everyone- i am providing a link to the Nightline that was on last night that had Kyle on it with her perfectly “Happy Family”

    I can’t believe Anderson Cooper is still with that boyfriend who was caught completely making out with someone ON CAMERA in all the newspapers. Well that and that he’s such BFF’s with Andy speaks about him i guess.

    ok going to catch up on the blog, hope you are all well!

  40. NJBev says:

    Good Evening *she says pretending to be Alfred Hitchcock*
    What a blast I had reading the re-caps tonight!
    Thank you so much to MTHakaJeff and Ana
    Both of these re-caps are first rate and I just love the way
    no details are missed-
    Ana- I didn’t see this first re-union and it’s playing now on Bravo-
    you were spot on with your analysis! God what a freaking torture
    it must have been to do that re-cap-But I feel like I already
    saw it by reading your re-cap. Thank-you!
    ps I hate Reza. he went from number 1 to number NONE.
    what a P.O.S. and Asa? narcissism, thy name is Asa. That girl
    has an ego larger than Persia.

    MTH- I don’t even know where to start, excellent re-cap and I
    love your tone when analyzing! You sound like the voice in
    my head while I’m watching the show~ “okay, whatever”
    Pinky is going to be the only thing that keeps me from fully
    enjoying the episode(I realized I stopped watching last week
    b/c he just pisses me off, and I have no tolerance for this Moron.)
    I watched him in the Boston Rob episodes and O…M…G….
    what a KOOK. I often felt like he was “playing” the audience
    with his crazy ass crap the first time around. Unfortunately,
    I think he really is a freak-
    I am so happy that they have no idea who Malcolm is, I don’t
    think they got to see him in his season, did they? Same thing
    when Russell went seasons back to back.
    I’m thinking it’s going to be a goood show this season!

    • melthehound says:

      The parts you don’t like are what fast forward is for 😉

      Pinky has definitely shown his true colors but I don’t think it’s going to work for him. All the others probably saw the Boston Rob season too and while they may play along for a little while, they will tire of him- I think/hope and kick his pink covered ass out of there.

      You may be correct about Malcom being unknown to these people. If I remember correctly on the finally last season, it was only 2 and a half weeks or something like that between filming of this season and last season.

      I saw some what I would consider some pretty stupid moves, especially Reynold showing the idol at council. Never show your hold cards until all bets are in. When writing the recap though, I didn’t recognize the painfully obvious when it comes to Sherri’s desire to keep Shamar around. I wonder if the others see it..

      Thanks for reading and commenting, NJBev 🙂

      • NJBev says:

        ITA about Reynold showing the idol- I think she just completely freaked him
        out that she actually caught him and he couldn’t think fast enough. He really
        thought he hid it well. On the other hand, he was so darn excited that he found it
        he may just have blurted it out due to excitement.
        either way, bad move.
        I hope you’re right about Pinky. Like I said, can’t stand watching him-

        And regarding Sherri, i hadn’t noticed her attachment to Shamar until
        the end yesterday, and it was confirmed in my head when I read your
        re-cap. I think I denied it to myself because I just couldn’t understand the
        attraction-(i was confused with what she said as well, and just assumed
        she wanted to keep him for his strength in the challenges as well as break
        up the fondling foursome)

        the coming attractions look intense, can’t wait to see it. Thanks
        again for taking the time out to re-cap it, that’s not an easy show
        to follow so closely, and I love being able to go back and reference!

        • melthehound says:

          Laura definitely caught him off guard by saying she thought it had been found. He may as well have sent up signal flares.

    • Ana says:

      Thanks! It was a pain to write! I really kept getting mad at the “gang up”

    • hey NJBev, waving atcha!

  41. not THAT Jill says:

    I posted another email from Detox – for those who are interested it is up thread a bit…enjoy it.

  42. another great movie on TMC starting now….A Place in the Sun with Elizabeth Taylor, Montgomery Clift & Shelley Winters. Now if they would screen Witness for the Prosecution, Sunset Blvd and oh say Casa Blanca, I would be in heaven!

    • Nancy says:

      Leaving Las Vegas just started. Nicolas Cage won the Oscar for it.

      • chismosa says:

        ooooh that was a good one. i have the soundtrack on cd for that…
        i love Elizabeth Shue

        • Nancy says:

          I also have it and it’s great. The movie is so dark but you can’t stop watching it.
          She also won an Oscar I believe.

      • L.A. Chica says:

        Ugh! I guess I’m in the minority here but I HATED that movie. It made me so mad I could’ve spit nails.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      blue-A Place in the Sun may be one of my all time fave movies!!! Im DVR-ing it-thanks for posting that its on!!!

      • it is good, I’ve never seen it before. OMG Jill, I’m still laughing from Detox’s email above!!! She has to write a book. Maybe it could be like “emails to my blog buddy Jill” and just go from there. Hilarious! Although I think some of the people in my family, hey maybe even moi, could give her dad a run for the money on who is the biggest cheapskate lol!

        • not THAT Jill says:

          I will save all her emails-she may need them for her book on day!! How funny is she about her family?? I love it!!!

    • L.A. Chica says:

      I’m watching A Place In The Sun now. Thanks for the heads up!

      The plot is reminding me of when that athlete killed his pregnant girlfriend when they went out on a boat.

      • Yikes I didn’t hear about that one! Montgomery Clift was nominated 4 times for an Oscar, 3 for best actor, 1 for best supporting actor but never won. I had to google him, what an intense actor. Elizabeth Taylor became best friends with him, she said he was the one that taught her to love acting. She did very well in this film.

        The more stuff that comes out about Oscar in South Africa, the more IMO he is guilty. She was in the locked bathroom with her cell phone. Let’s hope she was able to text someone what was happening. On CNN, experts are saying the S. African legal system is a bit of a crap shoot. Not fair & depends on how much $ the accused has. Bribing judges & juries sounds like. The police aren’t much better, the chief investigator has already been taken off the case for his past. I’m betting he gets off.

  43. chismosa says:

    i have to do a search on my cable lineup for Splendor In the Grass as i haven’t seen that in ages and am craving it. Poor Natalie Wood. When will karma catch up with your horrible killer-husband who STILL works in Hollywood! 😦

  44. not THAT Jill says:

    Hey-I haven’t seen CAP around in while…

  45. Nancy says:

    Donald Trump’s twitter got hacked today! 🙂

    • kit9 says:

      Nancy and everyone else who hasn’t been following this trial…you should watch it, it’s fascinating. Well, scary, but fascinating. I started watching last week so I came in late but when the cross exam. started today it was like a completely different person than when she was being questioned by her attorney. For a week, she was this meek abused woman… she was a smug, glib, snarky, at time giggling, smarta**-going toe to toe with the prosecutor. My jaw was on the floor when she compared the attorney’s questioning to her allegedly abusive bf! And, she said it so flippantly. She was parsing nearly every question to death, she was so manipulative I expected her to say ‘it depends on what the meaning of is is’. She is a true narcissist-thinks she’s the smartest person in the room and it’s so chilling to watch.

      • chismosa says:

        Kit are you talking about Jodi Arias?

        • Nancy says:

          Yes. The woman scares me.

          • chismosa says:

            oh yeah, you have to see how they summed it all up, how she was at the beginning of the arrest, — -then she was on Inside Edition or something like that some months later being all confidant into the camera saying ‘no jury will every find me guilty. you can mark my words’ or something like that, to how she is in jail now…. The Nightline piece was very good
            Maybe that crazy Nancy Grace is following this…. i don’t know.

            I think she’s a sociopath/ psychopath. So interesting how it will unfold.

          • kit9 says:

            She’s so scary! She literally had a smirk on her face the entire day. It was such a stark contrast to the woman we’ve seen for 7 days prior. Now I think it’s very easy to imagine her flying into a rage and doing what she did. The crime was so ghoulish, so violent that it could have only been done with white blinding anger(she actually killed him 3 times, first she stabbed him in the heart(and 28 more times all over his body)which the coroner said is what killed him, then she slashed his throat from ear to ear. Then, finally, she shot him in the head.) And, even though we know she did it, I have to say it was, seeing her meek woman act all last week made it hard to imagine her actually doing it. Now, this new Jodi, so smug and confident-cocky even! it’s very easy to see her flying into the blind rage and brutally killing him.

      • pat says:

        I got to see a little bit of the cross, and it was a whole different Jodi that emerged. Smug, over-confident, and exactly as you said, she thinks she is the smartest person in the room. I’m curious to see if her attorneys talk to her and get the smirk wiped off her face.

  46. iceNfire says:

    I just learned on facebook that adrienne’s secret is that she used Brandi as her surrogate O.o

  47. Laineylainey says:

    I just posted my comment to Reza on Can you see it? It’s the newest comment. Not sure if they are letting me see it to lull me into a state of complacency. I hope it makes it there.

    • iceNfire says:

      Mine has been ‘awaiting approval for 11 hours now.

      • iceNfire says:

        It’s also really scary when a 40 year old man thinks it’s okay to party in clubs the way you do. Are you not aware of how ridiculous your behavior is? I would suggest you read the comments here before you continue your attack on MJ but hopefully you and Asa wont be back next season and the viewers will be able to enjoy this show again.

      • Laineylainey says:

        Oh poo.

    • TexasTart says:

      I went to look and get.there realizing that I can not view comments on Bravo when I’m on my phone…duh…even tried to.reload with desktop settings and no.dice. Dread killer.schedule tomorrow – off to bed.

    • lizzle says:

      I didn’t see it, but I am seeing double… which would make it Lainey Lainey Lainey Lainey. I just finished evites to parents for a b-day party. It’s not a $100,000 birthday party, but it sure does feel like it. Goodnight all!

    • chismosa says:

      Lainey- HI! the last time i posted a nice cra-cra comment on one of the Shahs blogs – i didn’t see it for like a day and 1/2 So maybe check back tomorrow if you don’t see it tonight.

  48. california35 says:

    Hi everyone. I know that by the time I post here, I’m basically talking to myself :-P.

    I still want to come in and say Hiiiiiiii 🙂

    On NY – Ramona posted her blog. I was surprised to see it. It was right after Fashion week. So i wondered, is NY coming soon already. I lost count of NY. Also, there is talk about NJ even on off season (and some OC), but has there been anything about NY?

    On Bethenny – i am so glad to see she is doing well. I still feel bad she is getting a diverse, but she has to move on and i like to see if she is.

    On Adrianne – is she really not coming back next season? How about the reunion? I want to say that i cant wait for the reunion, but nothing comes out of them…we all just end up all frustrated 😛

    On Brandi – so the book is good? I guess i better buy it. Do you think she will have a signing near by? Would she write or give and interview for this blog? It would be nice. She has many reading her book here 🙂

    Okay, that’s all – i hope everyone is doing well. The usuals and the new posters.

    Take care Cali 🙂

  49. Nancy says:

    Night night ladies.

  50. Kansas Girl says:

    Work cancelled again today! A bit more snow overnight, so a bit more shoveling. But the sun is out. It’s 19 right now, but the sun is out! And it’s Friday!!!

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