Real Housewives Casting Rumors / Project Runway / Top Chef Seattle Finale Part 1

Casting Rumors – Gossip by NoMoreDrama

Real Housewives of Orange County is coming back to Bravo in April.  Yay??  Admittedly it’s not my favorite of the franchises.  Anyway, this season they are bringing back all of Season 7’s cast (including Alexis who quit/didn’t quit/quit/didn’t quit more times than I can remember since Season 7 aired), plus a new Housewife – Lydia McLaughlin – that we first saw with the other ladies in the airport on her way to Tamra’s bachelorette party.  Tamra’s wedding was supposed to be a story line this season, but she’s still engaged and the wedding is a few months off.  She also opened a fitness club.  Rumors have been afloat that Gretchen and Slade were being dropped because they weren’t advancing their story line.  They were still caught up in the – I want to have a baby but not with you until you clean up your crap – situation.  In real life, Slade’s son Grayson underwent brain surgery to remove some tumors last fall.  There were complications and he was in the hospital for months.  Heather was busy being an actress all fall and winter, with guest star roles in a few sitcoms.  Vicki broke up with Brooks and got back with Brooks and worked on finalizing her divorce.   As for the new lady, Lydia.  Well she’s not an overworked blonde so that’s a start.  She’s 31, a wife and mom of two young children – so a real housewife.  She’s been very quiet on social media since she was discovered as a housewife months ago.  Here’s what Bravo has to say about her:

“Lydia McLaughlin joins The Real Housewives of Orange County in Season 8. Lydia is the granddaughter of Canadian media mogul Geoff Stirling, founder of NTV, the first 24-hour television station in Canada. Lydia and her husband Doug live in Dana Point with their two sons, 4-year-old Stirling and 2-year-old Maverick. This young, kooky mother always puts her family and faith first, but in her spare time, she and her husband channel her grandfather’s entrepreneurial spirit by running a magazine highlighting the glamorous life in Southern California.

She also has a jewelry line – “Owner of Lydia M Jewelry and SKYLAB Modern Art, Managing Editor of ‘Beverly Hills Lifestyle Magazine'”

They list her hometown as St. John’s Canada.  If Bravo got the apostrophe right that means she’s from Newfoundland – which is just about as far from Orange County as a person can get.  There is a possibility they meant St. John, which is in New Brunswick and not quite as remote as Newfoundland.  Now my interest is peaked.  I have known quite a few people from Newfoundland in my day, and they tend to be an interesting bunch.


Real Housewives of New York – There hasn’t been much news on that franchise.  My guess is they are filming some new ladies and then will make decisions soon and start with the remainder of the cast.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – This franchise seems to be more leak/gossip prone than any but New Jersey.  There are various rumors swirling.  Perez Hilton even has them all on the chopping block with the exception of Brandi and Lisa.  But we know from Brandi’s twitter feed that she heard a rumor Lisa wasn’t coming back – a rumor Lisa said was just a rumor.  Taylor has said that the show hasn’t even been picked up for Season 4 and no casting decisions have been made.  Adrienne seems sure to be out – given how little she filmed last season and the C & D letter – but she’s pulling out all stops with her new fake boyfriend to make herself seem interesting.  I say drop her.  She’s not willing to share her real life with viewers – so why bother with her.  I’m specifically talking about her separation with Paul that was going on behind the scenes when they pretended nothing was going on – on screen.  No one is talking about Camille but I wonder if she’ll be back.  Kim Richards should be dropped.  Yolanda will have to figure out a way to make time to film with the others if she wants to come back.  It’s a show about relationships – and she has had so little screen time with the others it’s hard to understand how she made it as a full time housewife.  I suppose we have MONTHS of this before we learn who is back.


Project Runway “A Little Bit Country, A Little Bit Rock and Roll” by BB

Last episode Joseph Aaron Segal, Providence RI, was eliminated.

The 12 remaining designers are: From The Dream Team: Benjamin, Matthew, Samantha (1 Win), Tu, Stanley and Layana (1 Win): From Team Keeping It Real: Daniel (2 Wins), Amanda, Kate (1 Win), Patricia, Richard, and Michelle.

Host and Judge: Heidi Klum; Judges: Zac Posen and Nina Garcia; Mentor: Tim Gunn; Guest Judge: Miranda Lambert

PR 11At end of last week’s challenge, Tim informs the designers there is still some business to take care of that night. They go back to the runway and Tim and Heidi come out. Heidi is holding the infamous “button bag.” She thinks it’s time to change things up a little. They will be working in smaller groups of two. Samantha won the last challenge and she can choose her partner first. She chooses Daniel.

Heidi chooses a name from the button bag, Richard. He chooses Stanley as his partner. Patricia is next and she chooses Layana (Layana is not that thrilled about working with Patricia). Matthew is next and he chooses Michelle. Kate chooses Tu. That leaves Benjamin and Amanda as partners. Since Amanda’s team tried to throw her under the bus last challenge, he’s not so sure about her. He is going to try to push her to be more adventurous. Amanda is a little hurt that her teammates were so dramatic about wanting her to go home.

PR 1.5This week the designers meet at a bar called Johnny Utah’s. Tim tells them to get into a country western frame of mind. The challenge will be to design a performance look and a red carpet look for country music star Miranda Lambert. Samantha has immunity for this challenge. Amanda is excited that Miranda Lambert is more of a rock and roll country star and thinks she’s cool. They will get a dossier of what Miranda has worn in the past. Miranda loves her curves so they should think about that in their designs. She wants her performance look to be a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll. She wants her red carpet look to be chic, but not overdone.

Patricia wants to do Miranda’s performance look, so Layana will be doing the red carpet look. Ben will do the red carpet look and Amanda will be doing her performance look. Amanda is from Nashville, so Benjamin thinks this should be an advantage. Michelle will be doing the red carpet and Mathew will be doing the performance look. Daniel will be doing the red carpet look and Samantha will be doing the performance look. Richard will be doing the performance piece and Stanley will be doing red carpet. At this point, I can’t tell what Kate and Tu have planned to do, only that they seem to be in synch with each other so far.

PR 12At Mood, when Michelle goes to get some Navy material, she notices that almost every designer is in the leather department looking at Navy, so she decides to go in a different direction. Mathew is looking at denim, but wants to make sure it looks special. Benjamin and Amanda have $130 left over from their mood money and Benjamin automatically thinks they screwed up. We shall see.

All the designers are feeling good about what they are planning. Tim comes in to check in with them. He tells them that since they are still teams, the team on the top will have the winning designer and the team on the bottom will have someone going home. They can have the best design, but if their partner has a stinker of a design, it won’t matter.

Samantha and Daniel are first and Tim likes Samantha’s leather jacket look and thinks Daniel needs to tone his design down a little. Layana is worried about the time element for her design, but Tim likes where she’s going. As for Patricia, Tim says she is truly not boring and her idea is innovative. Layana doesn’t know how Patricia is going to pull it off.

PR 3.5PR 13Kate is making a red leather dress and Amanda has never seen anything like it on Miranda Lambert. Tu has things on the side of his dress and Tim is worried about the exaggerated shapes. Tim says Tu has Lady Ga Ga’d his dress and he’s worried. Seems maybe Kate and Tu could be in trouble unless they make some adjustments. Kate gives Tu some suggestions and Tim agrees. Tu goes along but he’s a little frustrated.

Tim believes in Stanley’s vision and tells Richard he has a fabulous idea happening, but he’s thinks it needs something underneath to cover up. Tim likes Amanda’s fringe idea. She always gets a good critique from Tim, but not on the runway, so she takes it with a grain of salt. Tim also loves Benjamin’s idea. Benjamin seems more confident this time around.

Michelle is making a leather bodice with a denim long skirt for the red carpet. Kate’s not so sure that’s going to work. Mathew is still not sure about his plan and Tim wants him to believe in what he’s doing and be more decisive. Tim tells Mathew he has a great partner too. He gives Matt a pep talk.

Tim leaves them telling them he thinks Miranda will be happy.

Mathew and Tu are worried about their designs. Richard doesn’t think he will have time to line his dress. Michelle does a good imitation of Nina Garcia like Santino used to imitate Tim Gunn.

Daniel has been gushing about his creation all day and Kate thinks all his winning may be going to his head. Amanda is getting nervous about her fringe because it’s so tedious and she keeps getting ahead of herself. She is from a family of over-achievers so she always feels the pressure to do well. Michelle is concerned. Her garment is almost finished and Mathew is nowhere near finished.

It’s runway day. Who is confident and who is stressing? The confident ones seem to be Michelle, Kate and Daniel. The nervous ones are Matt (because he’s not finished) and Richard (because of its uniqueness and coverage) and Stanley. At the last minute, Richard uses some Mood T-shirts he and Stanley bought with leftover Mood money, so it’s part of the budget. Michelle tries to help Matt with his skirt. Stanley and Tu are the last to get their models dressed and off to the runway. Here we go.

PR 14Team Daniel and Samantha: Samantha’s vest and ruffled skirt looks cool, but it may not have enough movement for the stage. I also like Daniel’s red carpet look. It’s a dark Navy/purplish color and the top is pretty.

Team Kate and Tu: Tu’s outfit doesn’t look performancy to me at all. Kate’s red leather dress looks different with the red leather top and red chiffon bottom, but I’m not sure it works.

Team Richard and Stanley: I think Richard’s design is a great performance look. It has lots of movement. Stanley’s dress looks really well made and pretty from what I can see and he seems more confident about it now that he sees it on the runway.

Team Patricia and Layana: Patricia’s dress definitely looks Native American. Layana’s dress is elegant looking but you can’t really see the detailing on the top as Layana says.

Team Benjamin and Amanda: The performance dress is fringy and flirty and has the movement for the stage. Miranda has a smile on her face. Benjamin’s dress is very pretty, but I don’t see a smile on Miranda’s face when she’s looking at it.

Team Michelle and Mathew: Matt’s top and skirt look is a little plain. Michelle’s top and skirt is very different looking and cool. I kind of like it, but it’s not your normal red carpet elegant look.

The safe teams are Kate and Tu and Patricia and Layana and they leave the runway. That means the rest have the highest and lowest scores.

PR 15PR 16 PR 17Richard and Stanley and Amanada and Benjamin have the highest scores. That means Michelle and Mathew and Daniel and Samantha have the lowest scores. Shows you what I know because I didn’t think Daniel and Samantha were on the bottom!

Zac loves the movement of Richard’s dress and Heidi thinks it looks expensive. Nina thinks it plays up Miranda’s curves. Miranda thinks it’s a really good length. Miranda loves the plunging neckline of Stanley’s dress but usually goes with less fabric on the bottom. Zac likes the elements of the dress. Nina’s not sure it’s perfect for Miranda because it’s a lot of dress. Heidi thinks it’s sexy.

Nina thinks Benjamin’s dress is elegant and beautiful. Zac likes the styling and the overall look. Miranda is worried about the fabric not being forgiving, but Heidi thinks it would look great on Miranda. Nina thinks Miranda could rock the dress, so Miranda says lets go for it. Miranda thinks Amanda’s dress is cool and it’s something she would wear. She likes that she could wear a normal bra and there’s no chance of an accident. Nina loves the easiness of the dress and it could be easily accessorized. Heidi tells Amanda it’s good to see her on top after last week.

Now, the teams with the lowest scores. Heidi thinks if Miranda wore Michelle’s dress on the red carpet, she would wind up on the worst dress list. Miranda doesn’t like the fringe necklace (I didn’t like that either, but I thought the skirt looked cool). Zac thinks it’s too casual for red carpet. They all like the back. Nina says it looks dated and like “bad” rock and roll. Michelle says she loves it and defends her look. Miranda says she appreciates what Michelle tried to do.

Heidi sees that Matt put a lot of detail in his dress but she doesn’t see the performance in it. Zac says he didn’t go for it. Miranda tells Matt he has no confidence in his craft and she can tell he can do better. Michelle takes up for Matt and tells him his look for the last challenge was amazing. Miranda thinks Matt needs to find his confidence.

Miranda says Daniel’s dress is what people think a country star should wear on the carpet, but it’s not. Nina thinks it looks inexpensive and a cross between a table cloth and napkin. Nina is so surprised at Daniel’s look. She says it’s just bad, bad, bad. Zac needs to see Daniel’s look evolve. Heidi thinks Samantha is lucky she has immunity. Zac wants more wow. Miranda would rather wear what Samantha is wearing than the outfit she designed for the runway. Heidi tells Samantha not to design something that is far away from what they would normally do.

So who’s the winner and who’s going home? I don’t want to see Daniel, Matt or Michelle go home! I really don’t.

PR 18The winner of the challenge is Richard. Miranda tells him she will wear his dress in one of her upcoming performances. Richard and Stanley leave the runway, and so do Amanda and Benjamin.

Samantha has immunity and leaves the runway. Heidi tells Matt he has lost his way, tells Daniel his dress looked cheap, and tells Michelle the judges question her taste level. Matt is out. He had his chances just like everyone else, but just didn’t believe in himself enough. I hope he can come back on another version of project runway one day because I think he has the talent for it. As for Michelle, she needs to figure out how to keep from being on the bottom or losing team every time.


Top Chef Seattle Finale  by SugarMagnolia

2 chefs remain, Brooke and Sheldon. Very sweet scene between the two of them in Alaska. Maui–Sheldon has been home for 6 months, working, and waiting for the finale. He did a stage during the off-time, because he knows Brooke has worked for some of the best and he needs to level the playing field. His dream is to open his own restaurant. I adore Sheldon, such a gentle soul but a beast in the kitchen. His daughters are beautiful. Brooke, home in LA. Her son is precious! She has 2 restaurants and shares her struggle of running the businesses versus just wanting to cook. We meet her hubby and find out that she hired him as her sous, and then fell in love. I have mad respect for a woman who is succeeding in a man’s world. I enjoy seeing the family stuff. I am at a serious loss for who I want to win the title. Sheldon, Brooke, Lizzie, and Kristen were my choices at the beginning of the season, and I would be more than happy to see any one of them take it. They are keeping us in suspense on who will be the third in the finale.

Los Angeles

top-chef-season-10-gallery-episode-1016-05It’s finally time for us to find out who is coming to compete from the Last Chance Kitchen. Sheldon and Brooke are en route to Craft, where it will time to get this show on the road. Both of them are laser focused on the prize. Who will it be? They meet Padma, Hugh, and Emeril. Only 2 challenges stand between them and the title of Top Chef. We get a montage of LCK–and my favorite tall guy CJ. *Top Chef fun fact–on CJ’s first season, they had to repaint the kitchen pre-production because he is so tall, he was towering over the unfinished ceiling.* And finally, our third cheftestant is revealed. It is……..Kristen. YESl!!!! This is going to be an epic battle! All 3 are so deserving to be the last one standing. I wish they could all win, but there is only one winner.

Elimination Challenge

3 hours until service begins. The cheftestants will be cooking at Craft this evening. Tom will be expediting. They are each responsible for an appetizer, entree, and dessert. Sheldon feels the proverbial heat of this challenge, but wants to honor Tom, his kitchen, and his customers by giving serving a great meal. Tom’s advice is to not “screw this up.” And time starts….NOW.

It’s a race to the walk-in to survey the product they have to work with. Sheldon eyes spot prawns and jokes that they are whispering to him “I will help you win.” Brooke is overwhelmed with choices. Her first thought is short ribs, but then changes her mind. Kristen is doing duck, tuna, and chocolate for her courses. Sheldon is doing spot prawns, quail, and a white chocolate and fennel dessert. Quail is way out of Sheldon’s comfort zone but he wants to show his range. Brooke has finally decided on sweetbreads for her first course, but is still not committed to a protein for her entree. As we have seen this season, she is a superstar at editing her dishes as she goes. Although having a plan in place is ideal, she has proven she does her best work under pressure. Kristen is ready to redeem herself, and she is brilliant. Gosh, I wish I could taste their dishes! I love duck and any kind of organ meat! They are busy cooking, and Hugh is doing Tom’s usual job by visiting them in the kitchen. He is going over their menu’s with them and gives Brooke big kudo’s for her creativity. He is very proud of her. Sheldon is warned to not burn down Craft! Enter Tom meeting with Kristen. She is doing a veloute–very traditional French. ***The best voluete I have ever had is Naomi Pomeroy’s from Portland’s Beast restaurant. She does a celery voulete that is out of this world. If you find your way to Portland, I highly recommend that you spend the $70 on her 6 course dinner service. Reservations are necessary, as she does 2 services per evening. *** I am sure that Kristen will knock it out of the park with hers. Her weakness is over-thinking her dishes, so keeping it simple is key to her success tonight. Emeril meets with Sheldon and it’s not so much of a strategy discussion as it is a pep talk. Both of them started washing dishes and worked their way up. Surprisingly, no one seems to be in the weeds except for Brooke. But we know she can get it done. She is quiet and focused, but we still don’t know what she is serving. As per usual, all chefs are struggling with dessert. Sheldon makes a funny when he finds out that Kristen is going an Asian route for her entree. “You don’t cook Asian, you Asian!” 20 minutes left on the clock. Brooke is doing short ribs after all.

Tom is ready to expedite. For those of you who have never worked in a restaurant, the expediter is basically the most important person other than the chef. They manage the tickets and alert the chefs when to fire a course and ensure that the diners all receive appetizers, entrees, and dessert, hot, and served at the same time. And they do it for every table in the store. It is a juggling act and requires fitting together pieces of a moving puzzle all at once. It takes talent, focus, and experience. They also ensure that every plate that goes out is done to order, i.e. if you order a steak medium rare, it goes out medium rare.

Enter Judges for Service

top-chef-season-10-gallery-episode-1016-07Padma informs the judges that Tom will not be joining them because he is expediting. They joke that they will blame him if their courses are not spaced appropriately. See what I mean about expediting? And our judges are not introduced, but they are Padma, Hugh, Emeril, John Besh, and Martin Yan (Yan Can Cook).

First Course (as usual, judges comments are in parenthesis)

Sheldon–Sashimi spot prawns, court bouillon, radish and asian herbs (prawns perfectly cooked, very delicate, and highly difficult dish to execute)

Kristen–Chestnut Veloute, duck rillette and brussel sprouts (surprised by her choice of rillette, they would’ve liked a little more acidity)

Brooke–Crispy veal sweetbread salad with kumquat, beets and mustard (great flavors, aromatic, but sweetbreads could have been cleaned a little more)

top-chef-season-10-gallery-episode-1016-12We see Tom is doing it doing it and doing it well. He is on top of all tickets, and sadly, Brooke is still in the weeds. He asks her to replate a dish because it’s cold and tells her he really needs her dishes fast because she is causing service to get backed up. In her TH, she is certain she’s not going to make it through this round of competition.

Second Course

Kristen–seared ahi tuna with veal mustard jus and meyer lemon puree (perfectly seared, moist on the inside. lemon puree a little overkill, a little too salty. Besh and Acheson throw Tom under the bus for possibly salting their plates. Big chuckle)

Brooke–braised short ribs, parmesan sauce, nettle puree and squash dumplings (perfectly cooked, and the flavors compliment each other wonderfully)

Sheldon–roasted quail, pine nut peruee, garam masala and tangerine (quail is done very well, but overall, the dish does not represent Sheldon. His strategy was to surprise them, but it seems it did not go over well.)


Tom is still busting heini as expeditor, and Brooke is still in the weeds. He insists on tasting every dish before it gets plated and is very irritated with Brooke.

Brooke–brown butter cake, whipped goat cheese and blackberry sauce. (that is really really good…not over buttery, and the texture is perfect)

Kristen–curry chocolate with cashews (the descriptives were mixed–“interesting”, “basic”)

Sheldon–white chocolate mousse with apple and fennel ***why do they call it white chocolate when there is no cacao in it?** (the fresh fennel distracted the judges from the other flavors)

And it’s done…Tom congratulates them on a job well done, and now it’s time for Judges Table.

Judges Table

top-chef-season-10-gallery-episode-1016-17Tom heads out to the dining room of Craft to get the opinions of the judges. Besh gives 2 thumbs up with an “overall Awesome” rating, Hugh thought they were too safe, Yan felt they could have put more attention to individual elements. Padma thanks Yan and Besh for joining them, Tom has to get changed out of his chefs gear, and they will meet back shortly. The chefs are berating themselves for the few mistakes they made, and have general anxiety about what comes next. But, the stew room is full of Red Hook to help placate their nerves.

And it’s time…

Stern faces….For one of you, the road ends here, says Padma. ***I almost want to keep it on pause, because I don’t want any of them to PYKAG.*** Sheldon’s spot prawns were cooked perfectly, and the quail was well seasoned and prepared, however the pine nuts did not translate. Especially because he did not roast them first. Emeril, who was Sheldon’t mentor for all intents and purposes, mentioned their conversation. “You said we were going to see a new Sheldon. Well, I don’t know what was wrong with the old Sheldon. That’s what got you here.” Perhaps he overreached, because the judges were not impressed by his decision to show range. Dessert–almost no point to recap. None of them are strong in pastry so the commentary was the same as it has been for the last 9 seasons. I sometimes wonder why they even waste the production time on this course. None of them do it well, that’s why there was a TC Desserts spin-off! Unless one cooks in a very small restaurant, they never do dessert; there is usually a pastry chef for that. Ugh…Kristen–appetizer was good, but here goes Unibrow, continuing to pontificate on how “safe” her choice was. Acheson is particularly tough on her tonight. Why did she choose tuna? Like Sheldon, it was a departure from her typical classical French influence. She had plenty of time to reflect on her last elimination, so she wanted to keep everything simple and easy to execute. Dessert–again, I am boycotting this topic of the episode. Boooring, and I hope the TC gods just get rid of this for the coming seasons–they always fail, because it’s NOT WHAT THEY DO!!! Brooke–appetizer was great–well cooked, crispy, bright notes from the kumquots, but Unibrow reiterates that he wished she had cleaned them more. Again, Tom berates her for her time management. Brooke’s second course was delicious–the short ribs were perfectly cooked, and her sauce was phenomenal. Padma admits that she was tempted to finish Kristen’s tuna with Brooke’s sauce. Dessert # 3–Sug Mag is not going to write about it! It matters not.

Chefs are dismissed while the judges discuss. Tom is having a mental battle with himself, because past dishes are not supposed to be in play, just the plate in front them. But he can’t help but think about their evolution through the competition. You’re breaking your own rules Colicchio! A basic reiteration of their previous comments, while our beloved chefs stew in the stew room. And now, we wait. (BTW, what is up with that ghetto table? Come one Magical Elves, get a better set coordinator!)

Final Decision

top-chef-season-10-gallery-episode-1016-23A brief recap of the season by Tom. Sheldon, please PYKAG. Ugh, that was painful! Of course, in his usual gentleman nature, accepts the decision and thanks the judges for their mentoring and for the amazing experience. I am sad to see him go, but hot damn, we are finally going to have another woman with the title! It’s about time! Sheldon is humble and thankful and he wishes all of us viewers Aloha. ***To you Sheldon, I say Mahalo. It has been a pleasure to watch you this season.***

Brooke and Kristen high-five, but know that they have to compete against each other now. And they both want it. Badly.

Next week–for the first time ever, the finale is taking place in a live cook-off (hello Iron Chef!). A lot of blood, sweat, and tears while past winners watch them battle to the $125k. ***I honestly couldn’t pick one of them, so glad I just blog and not judge! Stephanie Izzard, it is time to hand over your chef crown to our second female victor!*** I can’t wait!

See you next week fellow foodies! I apologize for missing 2 weeks, but my computer died, the flu hit, and I have been having to borrow my hubby’s laptop for the few hours he is home each night. I promise to have part 2 posted on time next week.


Friday Night Lineup, February 22nd by BB

8PM – Undercover Boss (CBS); Nikita (CW); Dateline NBC (NBC); Last Man Standing/Malibu County (ABC); Kitchen Nightmares (Fox); Washington Week with Gwen Ifil/Need to Know (PBS); Four Weddings (TLC); Gold Rush Live Finale (Disc); WWE (SyFy); E! News Special (E!); Police Women of Dallas (OWN); American Cougar: Revealed (NatGeo)

9PM – CSI NY (CBS); Shark Tank (ABC); American Masters: Sister Rosetta Tharpe (PBS); Say Yes to the Dress (TLC); Fatal Attractions (Anpl); Ghost Adventures (Trvl); Cat Wars (NatGeo); Alpha Dogs (NatGeoWild)

10PM – Blue Bloods (CBS); Rock Center with Brian Williams (NBC); 20/20 (Robin Roberts’ Journey); Touch (Fox); House Hunters (HGTV); Something Borrowed, Something New (TLC); Yukon Men (Disc); Merlin (SyFy); Fashion Police (E!); Best Week Ever/Jenny McCarthy (VH1); Who The Bleep?:Balloon Boy Incident (ID); Alaska Fish Wars (NatGeoWild)



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    Happy Friday! Thank you NMD, and BB, and MTH (love those Survivor recaps!), and Stars, and all the others who send in the blogs come rain or shine. I wouldn’t know what to do if I couldn’t have a cup of coffee and catch up on all the drama (real and scripted).

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      • princesspindy says:

        I was hoping Amanda would win. I think her team threw her under the bus last week, I like her. I did not like Patricia’s dress at all, I thought it was horrible. So far I am liking this season!

        • L.A. Chica says:

          I agree, PP, I was also hoping to see Amanda win and I like her, too. Patricia has done some really interesting and wonderful things in previous weeks but I didn’t like last night’s dress, either.

          • princesspindy says:

            Maybe if the tassels or fringe stuff had been a different color, it looked well made but off… Maybe sparkly fringe, lol, cuz I understand what she was trying to do but it was more off putting to me that the fringe necklace…. I was so surprised when they showed that Amanda’s brother was a member of Maroon 5! She seems very grounded. I felt sorry for Matthew, he seemed so lost.

            • L.A. Chica says:

              Yeah, all the fringe looked to me like it had been tacked on top of whatever the rest of the dress was, it had no sense of being a cohesive part of it, design-wise. It just didn’t work for me.

              I felt badly about Matthew being sent home, too. 😦

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    Kim R can go and I wouldn’t even notice.
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    Taylor, whoa girl don’t hold back (and slow down on the drinkin’).
    Yolanda stay and invite all the girls to each room of your house, each episode, so we can see your beautiful home (Note to sh#t disturber and fugly – this is what a beautiful home looks like).
    PamDana, no that’s not her name….oh well never mind.
    Lisa & Ken – see Yolonda.
    Brandi, look girl you are gorgeous quit with all the ex crap, you are right and they are wrong be strong in that knowledge, I love the don’t take no sh#t attitude but right time right place.


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      Cityside, I love your take on all the BH Housewives and couldn’t agree with you more, except for Kyle. I don’t like her, either, but would like to see her come back only because I’m a believer in redemptive transformation. I may be wrong about Kyle, but she does seem to be a good mom and wife so there must be something deep down inside of her that can be pulled out and developed to make her a better sister and friend.

      Kyle just seems so damned clueless, and fights any real introspection. It’s as if Big Kathy brainwashed her in terms of her understanding of social dynamics and how to be a mature human being, and I want to see Kyle be deprogrammed.

      As for Yolanda, in her blog she’s talked about the effect the initially undiagnosed Lyme disease has had on her ability to function and be filmed this season. Maybe once she’s healthier she can participate more. I, too, want to see more of her amazing home! And yes, Ms. Fugly needs to study it so she can learn what a beautiful, welcoming home actually looks like.

      • Shiny says:

        Cityside – great view on every housewife. I only watch Kyle for her hair and kids. Although she could touch her hair less to look less fixated on it! And YES to more scenes in Yolanda’s house – the sun, the airy spaciousness, the garden of lemon trees, the infinity pool over the ocean….that’s exactly what my fantasies and daydreams are made of. (Yep – fantasize about houses, never men…..)

        • Kansas Girl says:

          I finally found Yolanda’s house on the maps. My iPod uses Google maps that seem to be different from what the computer accesses. She’s on the west corner of Carbon Canyon Road where it meets Pacific Coast Highway. You can see the lemon trees and it seems to be a mountain of them. You can also see how the pool is laid out for the ideal view. It’s cool to see it from the air.

        • iceNfire says:

          What Cityside said…..Chica – I would like to see Kyle come back too. While I’m also a believer in redemptive transformation, in Kyle’s case I just want to see her without her having any ‘friends/family to manipulate. Wonder if she even knows how to humble herself…….oh geez this is not a pleasant way to start the day, bbl 🙂

        • L.A. Chica says:

          Shiny, I already have the man of my dreams so my fantasies are also about beautiful homes. 😀

    • Good calls on all of them City! they need one crazy kookoo and one that everybody hates to make it a typical soap opera. Taylor, well she’s crazy, now who do they keep to be the villain? Adrienne is hopefully gone….let’s see what Andy decides to do with this cast.

    Todays song is in honor of Nina Simone..2-21-1933— 4-21-2003
    awesome song by her..Ain’t got no….I’ve got Life
    It’s one of those songs that I would fall back on in times of feeling down and it most def lifted me up….
    hope you all enjoy…

    hugs and peace……………. I’VE GOT LIFE

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Hugs to you Diva…happy Friday all!!!

    • Shiny says:

      hugs and congrats on job – what a difference a week or two of fridays make!

      • shiny…I hear ya…my poor body has got to get used to being on its feet for 6-8 hrs instead of sitting on my azzzzzzz…… busy day yesterday..we are booked solid for the weekend..mostly men in town for a skeet shoot…. got my first real compliment…kinda sorta screwed up checking the guys in..but laughingly told them it WAS my first rodeo..and they laughed and said not to worry..that I had the whole welcoming hospitaility thing down pat…. whoot whoot….
        most of the guests are NOT I can relate to lip licker decided to hang out at the front desk with us for about an hour last nite..the guy is a hoot….then some of the folks came down and played cards and dominoes in the lobby area…the gal I worked with last night says in the 2 years she’s been there she has NEVER seen anybody do that..hahahahaha…diva kept them entertained needless to say…. maybe that was the owners intent when he wanted to hire me..have someone in the age bracket that could relate to the age bracket guests…hmmm
        and oh yea…I get to bake cookies there !!!!! lol lol lol

        hugs and peace


  6. thedesigndiva2 says:

    As some of you know , outside of the blog I keep in touch with some of you…
    today I ask that you remember FLG in your positive thoughts. He is own his way to place his dear Father in Hospice.
    Thanks Bunches….

    hugs and peace

  7. Update – Lydia just answered my tweet – she’s from St John’s Newfoundland. Now I’m interested.

    • thedesigndiva2 says:

      NMD,, she was born there BUT raised in LaJolla….


      • Shiny says:

        and yet parental background can influence – maybe we’ll still hear it in her word choice, too.

        • princesspindy says:

          Yes, I still call it “Tin Foil”, lol! And both of my kids talk like Valley Girls, lol!!

          • princesspindy says:

            Speak like Valley Girls, OMG!

            • L.A. Chica says:

              You want to know what’s ironic? I grew up in The Valley and neither I nor anyone I know who grew up there sounds like a Valley Girl. lol

              • princesspindy says:

                lol, I grew up in Granada Hills in the late 60’s ~ 70s and after college I had to work at getting rid of my “accent”. I can remember sitting in my office and my boss standing at the door and saying “You’re a Valley Girl!” the song had just come out and he had heard it on the radio on the way to work, lol!!! He was so pleased! It was so strong that there was a guy at work named Tad that I thought his name was Todd and I called him Todd all the time and then I found out his real name and asked him why he didn’t correct me and he said he just thought it was my VG accent, LOL!!!

                • L.A. Chica says:

                  It must be only those who grew up in the hills! Lol
                  I remember when the song came out I related the accent to girls from places like Woodland Hills and north of Ventura Blvd. in Encino and Sherman Oaks (in the hills). I grew up in the flatlands – pretty much the middle of The Valley.

  8. Boobah says:

    Good morning and Happy friday everyone! Thanks for the great blogs day after day!

    I know I missed the Survivor recap conversations yesterday but, MelTH the recap was great! Pinky is still annoying me. I just don’t get him. He is just so weird. The soldier boy needed to go. I can’t believe he managed to stay! We didn’t see Cochran much, which was too bad although when he did get some air-time, he was great – he nailed it when he spoke about Brandon H, Russell’s nephew. WTF is up w/ Brandon?? Pee in the food? Really? Um, YOU won’t be able to eat then either, Einstein. Cochran was right…Brandon does seem a little unstable. Yikes!

    Hope everybody has a great day!

    • melthehound says:

      Hi Boobah… Glad you enjoy the recaps. 😀

      • princesspindy says:

        I enjoyed the recaps too! I only saw the last half, as usual, and I can’t believe they are calling these people “favorites” more like “most annoying” Russell’s nephew is a nut job! And Phil, bless his heart, he is so special…. Keep up the good work!!!

    • Stars99 says:

      Hi Boohahahahahaha – Yeah…Pinky is very disturbing…and disturbed… and I am HATING how he invokes Boston Rob’s name all the time like he’s a god or something… I hated Boston Rob’s first stint on survivor…he was such an arrogant gooberhead who not only did absolutely nothing around camp – but boasted how all the women were there to wait on him hand and foot… ughhhhhh…. But alas, hardly anyone remembers that season – it was a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

  9. lizzle says:

    I’m not the biggest fan of Kyle, but I want her to say because when she is having fun… she is fun to watch. I think Kim, Camille, Adrienne and Taylor should go… Camille and Adrienne want to keep their reality private, which is not what reality tv is about…. and Kim and Taylor are hot messes. BTW… previews of the France episode have Kim looking like she’s on something and they are all questioning her behavior. She says she is just tired from the travelling. I dunno, but I think she isn’t fully recovered and the stress of television makes it easier for her to relapse.

    Well, off to the kids’ schools for Purim Carnivals. Kids have a 1/2 day today even though Purim starts tomorrow… so I will talk to ya’ll later!

    BTW… WTH was on the boob of the winning red carpet Miranda Lambert dress. I googled it and tried to figure it out, but I couldn’t find a picture that showed it clearly. I liked the frayed dress much better… only because of the boob fluff on Benjamin’s dress. Anyway… I will check back later to see if anybody can help me out with that one. Maybe it looked better on the show.

    • dch60 says:

      I think it was strings of draped hanging beads. That’s what it looked like to me. I liked Daniel’s dress too. (I liked Benjamin’s too.) Sometimes what I like the judges tear apart… I just chalk it up to not being a fashionista any more. Then again, maybe the garments look different in person.

  10. plainviewsue says:

    RHOBH is supposedly going to start filming in April, right after the reunion is filmed in March. So decisions will be made soon.

  11. pat says:

    Good a.m., and thanks so much for the awesome blogs!

    Re who’s in and who’s out of the BH cast, I’ll be surprised if they bring Adrienne back. One, she took legal action against Bravo (a BIG no-no) and made filming last season a nightmare. But in your blog you made another excellent point. She doesn’t share her real life with us. The marriage to Paul was a sham, for who knows how long. (I don’t know if Paul even knew). And now the boy-toy appears to be a staged thing as well.

    I’d love to see Lisa, Brandi and Yolanda back. I think Kim should go. I know she is emotionally fragile, and battling her substance abuse demons, but from the begining, she has phoned it in. I don’t ever need to see her dusting her collection of framed family photos again.

    For similar reasons, Camille can go. She’s way too fake and controlled in her attempt to both protect her image and stay relevant. Boorrrinnngg!!!

    Kyle, I actually think should come back, even tho I really can’t stand her. There’d be no show without some catty, shady b.s. and she’s so gifted at that. But quit trying to shove Faye on us!!! You are not getting a spin-off, or at least I hope not, so stop trying to manipulate that.

    Taylor, I’ve wanted off for a long, long time. But I’m a little on the fence about it right now. Someone said in a previous blog, “she knows where all the bodies are buried” which I think is an excellent point. I don’t think she’ll be back, though. Between the drinking problem, and her inability to bring the real BH glitz and glam, pretty sure she’s gone.

    Marisa, I initially really liked, but she’s had several episodes now to “bring it” and she’s pretty boring so far. Jury is still out on that one.

  12. Good Morning and Happy Friday! 🙂

    Thanks for a great blog NMD….and to BB and Sugarmagnolia for recaps to my 2 favorites shows! This may be one of the best Top Chef seasons I think. Can’t wait to see Brooke and Kristen cook it out for the win…but have to admit, I lean towards Kristen. But both are amazing women and chefs and both deserve to win. Loved the reap SugarM!

    BB – I am enjoying this season of Project Runway too. Glad it is getting back to being good like previous seasons. I don’t really have a fav yet, but honestly would like to see Michelle go. She is sooooo negative. Can the woman say anything positive at all? Her talking heads are painful to watch. And she is no prize designer either. As for the others, will be fun to see how it all plays out. Thanks for the recap!

    Hope all of you that are buried in the snow are staying warm and cozy.
    Wishing everyone an easy and swiftly passing Friday!

    The post, “A Vulnerable Life”, is still up today at my place. Enjoy!

  13. realhousewifeva says:

    Of all the BH ladies, I think Adrienne and Kim should go. Adrienne tries to control every aspect of filming, so she doesn’t belong on Reality TV and Kim is boring. I don’t even care if Crazy Taylor comes back because she always gives us something to snark about. There has to be someone on this show for me not to like, otherwise I’d be bored. lol

    I don’t think there is any chance that Kyle, Lisa or Brandi are going anywhere. Those are Andy’s favorites. And i think that’s the only reason they keep Kim have that dynamic.

    Did anyone watch the 10 minute preview for next week’s show? Did Kim never visit Kyle’s house before? The way she was commenting on the decor was like the first time she had seen it. Speaking of…who puts turtle shells on their walls as decoration? UGLY.

    I had to give a big ol’ eye roll at Kim taking on the role of confronting Taylor about her issues, considering how opposed Kim was to anyone questioning all of her craziness in the previous seasons… How can she choose to confront someone else on camera after making such a big deal about herself being outed on camera?? Surprised at how well Taylor handled it, but I still think it’s shitty that Kyle didn’t make it more clear that the whole Kennedy issue was a misunderstanding.

    • iceNfire says:

      I see the sneak peeks parts 1 & 3 as Kyle trying to make Kim relevant so she can keep her income and trying to make Taylor look worse than she is so Bravo will let her go and replace her with Fayekr…..

    • Shiny says:

      Turtle shells? Blame Nate Berkus (of Oprah fame). He loves his, and produced some for Target…but that means Kyle is behind the curve, decorating-wise at least, and so PASSE

    • $25,000 says:

      I think you are right about Andy liking the Kyle/Kim dynamic. Employing relatives has certainly paid off for him in New Jersey! Kim does phone it in and that gets frustrating, but I imagine she has a large contingent of fans from her glory days who watch every show. I’m sure Andy appreciates that too.

      I am hoping Kim’s sobriety “takes” and I hope she can repair her relationship with Kyle. I am interested to see what life has in store for her.

      I think Kyle is a SH Stirrer, and, like Kim, a closet mean girl, but she still holds my interest.

      As for Faye, she can go far, far away.

      Love Lisa!

      Brandi makes a lot of choices I’d never make, including putting all the dirt about her children’s dad out for the world to see. She wrote the book, though, and she needs the money, so I wish her every success.

      It’s too soon to have an opinion on Marisa.

      I don’t like the way Camille behaved in season 1 and I’m not liking her in season 3 either. I’ll happily give Camille a pass however because her wardrobe and jewelry are so fabulous.

      Thumbs down to Adrienne. She accused Paul of abusing her and her boys and I think she was lying. Those charges could easily have meant the end of his career. And because I dislike her so much, I am holding her wholly responsible for the fact that I am sick to death of her war with Brandi. Get rid of Ms. Maloof, please!

      • $25,000 says:

        Oh gosh! I completely forgot about Taylor. Please, Andy, it’s wayyyyy past time for Taylor to climb in that suitcase for good and never be heard from again on the show.

  14. Sus says:

    I hope they dump Kyle, Kim, Adrienne and Taylor. Those 4 make the show unpleasant. K2 will treat newbies badly as they did with Brandi. I don’t want to watch that.

    Charo isn’t interesting without Paul. I have no interest in seeing her leave stains everywhere she goes.

    Taylor – well everyone knows what I think about that piece of trash. She needs to ride off with her married man.

    • realhousewifeva says:

      I think it depends on who the newbies are…Kyle and Kim were very warm and welcoming with Yolanda. I think if they have enough money and status, there is no way Kyle would treat them the way she did Brandi.

      • iceNfire says:

        I didn’t see it that way, I saw Yo reaching out to Kim. I don’t think Kim is capable of reaching out to anyone. Kyle will reach out to anyone with money so what this show Really needs is a young beauty with a handsome husband, kids and more money than all of them combined. Wonder how many shades of green Kyle would turn.

    • nyc mama says:

      I would be happy without Camille, Kim, Kyle and Mauricio, Adrienne and Paul, who I think is a horses ass and has a bad case of Napolean complex. Watching him try to make himself relevent the past few years and his display’s of anger and his temper at Brandi made me want to never see him again.
      Adrienne came on here thinking everyone would fawn over her because she is a Maloof and she thought she could perpetuate the myth that she was an astute businesswoman, only to be outed this year as being not only a poor businesswoman but a liar and not very bright.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        i LOVED her words of compassion *gravel”uh oh, somebody’s crying.”gravel* the people politely choose to ignore her…so she gets louder…*gravel, gravel”UH OH, SOMEBODY’S CRYING!” gravel, gravel*

  15. realhousewifeva says:

    Jodi Arias is such a fucking psycho. Seriously, I would say that there is no way she will get off, but after Casey Anthony anything is possible.
    If you compare her hairstyle and demeanor now with her earlier interviews with Inside Edition, 48 Hours, etc…it’s like a different person.
    I almost wish the Prosecutor wouldn’t be SO aggressive with her, just to make sure the jury doesn’t feel the least bit sorry for her. I was obsessed with the Casey Anthony trial and afterwards I read some jurors thought the prosecution was too mean (when I didn’t think they were at all).

    I do believe that Travis and her relationship was purely based on the sex, but I don’t buy her whole battered woman crap for one minute. She enjoyed every minute of it, and IMO when she realized he wanted nothing more to do with her except for sex, she made sure that no one else would have him either.

    I don’t understand why they have to spend so much time listening to the entire phone sex conversation and all that. How uncomfortable for his siblings.

    Even if it was ‘self defense’ there was no need for him to be stabbed 27 times and his throat slit after she already shot him a few times. We know she did it, we know it was beyond ‘reasonable defense’. If she gets off, I will be so upset.

  16. realhousewifeva says:

    oops I posted something but it’s not showing. Are we not allowed to swear on here?

    • L.A. Chica says:

      I’ve noticed that certain swear words prevent posting, but not all. I think it’s the F word that’s most problematic. You throwing around the F-bomb? LOL

      • realhousewifeva says:

        LOL I did! Oops! My post was about the Jodi Arias trial and I called her an F-bomb psycho…my bad! SORRY NMD 😉

        • Sus says:

          Do you think any of what Jodi says is true?

          • realhousewifeva says:

            I’m sure some of it is. However, the way she answers questions makes her seem untruthful. She’s being so smug with the prosecution, even when she knows what he means she pretends to not get it.
            But who even knows, she’s such a serial liar it’s hard to tell. This is her third story about what happened that night.
            I do think they had a crazy sexual relationship and that he was probably using her for the sex. But I do not believe that she killed him in self defense. I believe she was so over her head in love and couldn’t stand that he wasn’t going to make her his wife. I think she wanted to bang the hell out of him one last time, then make sure that no one else could ever have him.

          • Powell says:

            The only thing I think she has said is true is her sexual relationship w/Travis. Travis was really a typical man wanting to have sex but his religious beliefs had him conflicted. He sized Jodi up though. They meet. She tells him she has a BF. few days later she breaks up w/her BF & is calling Travis. The two ladies that he dated were faithful to their religion & were looking to date him w/the possibilities of marriage. 1 said there was no chemistry. The other was trying to see where the relationship would lead but Jodi interfered & that finally ended that. Jodi couldn’t face she was only good for sex, not a future wife.

        • pat says:

          Sometimes, that’s the only word that will do. haha!

          Re your post below about Arias trial, her personality completely changed, when the cross-exam began. The meek, mild little girl is gone. She’s so smug, mincing words on everything. Thinks she’s smarter than the prosecutor. I have a feeling her attorneys are going to have a talk with her and the smirk will be off her face today.

          • Rebecca says:

            She’s a true sociopath with no chance of redemption. They better not waste my tax dollars on incarceration. It’s so obvious she’s a stone-cold killer, they HAVE to sentence her to death risk the whole system as inadequate.

          • Powell says:

            Yeah. On direct she practically remembered being in the womb but on cross “I can’t remember, I’m not sure, I don’t remember it that way”. And when she said she cant remember “when men like you are screaming, like Travis did it makes me confused”. I was like no she didn’t. The Prosecutor said “so its Mr Martinez’s fault you can’t remember”. Crazy.

  17. not THAT Jill says:

    For BH I hope they all stay-except Adrienne.. I cant see Yolanda Lisa and Brandi carrying the show.I dont want to watch Yolanda pick another damn lemon and Im tired of Lisa and Brandi asking for a glass of rosé…(who the hell drinks rosé? My mother used to drink rosé in the 70’s…I guess its making a come back.) Kim adds the crazy-Taylor adds whatever-she gives us something to talk about. You all know that I dont see Kyle the same as everyone else so of course I would love for her to be back-minus Faye-she serves no purpose what so ever. Adrienne cant stay-Bravo is probably so over her-as am I. She is awkward and can not have a conversation-she talks but never says anything. Marissa looks like she is in a daze-first season nerves maybe? I like her b/c she seems real and doesn’t know the game yet. I hope Yolanda gets her health fixed up and comes back with an actual story. This season she just rubbed me the wrong way-it seems like she thinks she is too good for reality TV and yet…there she is on my TV. I want to see Camille back as the villain-she was so good season 1.
    If they come back I hope they never speak Adrienne’s name and they show themselves in a better light.

    • melthehound says:

      I dont want to watch Yolanda pick another damn lemon and Im tired of Lisa and Brandi asking for a glass of rosé…(who the hell drinks rosé?


    • ItzAngieDuh says:

      Amen JNTJ-ITA with your take on who should go/stay except Camille. Get her out of there. She made me so mad with her ‘Adrienne’s not suing anyone’. How the hell FO u know what Adrienne is doing? I knew she hold that bitch in too long-I was waiting for the shoulder shrug :). I like Kyle ( glad to know someone else does) & I hope she & Lisa can repair their friendship. Kim needs to go. Yolanda also struck me as ‘too cool for school’ so why sign up for this show? Hope everyone had a good Friday!

      • Rebecca says:

        Kim is so uncomfortable to watch, it’s sickening.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        Angie-I want Camille to stay just so she can bring her bitchy back. During season 1 she was FAB-she could start some sh*t and sit back with that damn smile on her face…it was great TV!!!
        Yolanda really needs to decide if reality TV is for her-she cant be on a show she looks down on!!!

      • Beckygrey says:

        Itz, If I were Lisa, Kyle will never be a friend of mine. She can be an acquaintances but that is all she could be to me. There are real loyalties issues with her. Kyle doesn’t have to be mad at Adrienne but she can’t be the defender,stay out of it.

    • Stars99 says:

      Just laffs and laffs… oh Jill… you’re so funny! I admit that i’m buying more lemons nowadays than ever… does that mean I’m obsessed with Yo? Perhaps – or it might have been that article that talked about the health benefits of drinking the juice of 1/2 a lemon in the morning… i dunno… either way I wish i actually lived closer than an hour away from Yo – cuz I’d broker some sort of a lemon deal with her… “lemon tree so delicious…”… whoa… that was a blast from the past! Sorry, I’ve got to go dust something… (I’m dying laffin cuz unless you know that commercial you will all be convinced I’m bat crap crazy… )… well… maybe I am… lolol… if I am bat crap crazy… would I know it?… hmmm

      • not THAT Jill says:

        Listen up Starzy-I love me some lemons. Lemonade-lemon ice-lemon in my vodka…but Yolanda just about turned me off of the lemon. Every time I see a lemon I think of Yolanda…and her poor daughter with 1 horse-I dont know why I think of that lonely horse-is the horses name LemonDrop?

        • Stars99 says:

          Oh Jill… Could it be “The Horse With No Name?”…lol… I had to wipe the sarcasm off my screen after reading your comment… lol… “poor daughter with 1 horse”… just laffs and laffs… don’t you be dissin’ my Yo, now… lololol…

  18. AZGirl says:

    I can’t believe the judge granted bail to Oscar Pretorius. Who would not know that there girlfriend was not in bed? Would you not call out her name? Hey_______ is that you in the bathroom. If she answers from the bed then you know an intruder is in the bathroom. Who randomly shoots through a bathroom door 4 times and what intruder would be locked in a bathroom? I get up to go pee 2 times a night. Thank god we don’t own a gun.
    Heavens sake. Off to work. BBL

  19. L.A. Chica says:

    Ok, I’m going to start a game called Klueless Kyle. If anyone wants to play, please jump in! I’ll start:

    How klueless is Kyle? She is SO klueless that when at the tea party Lisa wanted to stop Taylor from egging on Brandi and asked them to go to the kitchen under the guise of helping her to bring back some tea, Kyle said, “But we already have tea here.”

  20. iceNfire says:

    Lainey are you here? Comments to Reza blog are now flying thru the approval process. Mine was approved but idk what name you use to post there.

  21. LaineyLainey says:

    I use LaineyLainey everywhere.

  22. T-Rex says:

    Of course my take is that VileKyle is back, Mz Andy loves her, but secretly I think he likes Murray even more. Brandi and Lvpump of course are back, Yolo is back for sure as well, as long as she wants to come back. Need to remember that during this part of the filming YOLO is ill and doesn’t know why yet. She will be back. Camilizilla on the fence there, if back she is just a “friend” of the show as she cannot film any of her private life. ShannaTaylorNotFordLyingGrifterHusbandStealerDrunkAssHOLypsMcgee will probably not be back her alcohol intake is a complete liability for the show, they have tried getting her handlers, but as was shows on WWHL she cannot curtail her drinking. Her LyingLoserCheatingLawyer lives in Denver and has made it very clear that he is NOT moving to California, so she may use the excuse she is moving to Denver anyway when fired. The HoofMaloof is DONE, cooked, stick a fork in her, not just for the lying storyline regarding her private life the fact that she threatened cast and crew with lawsuits, not going to win doing that, and if she does as planned and does a no show at the Reunion then she is OUT then and there. Marisa, hard to tell on that one, they may bring her back for one more season to see if she gets any better

    • Rebecca says:

      He’s in love with Joey Marco too which is why the hate Teresa campaign will continue.

      • T-Rex says:

        Rebecca I hate Teresa and Company too, but sworn off giving my two cents on them they really do SUCK on every level, Oh I hate every other person on New Jersey too, they are all low rent

  23. iceNfire says:

    Oh, the things we females go thru

  24. pat says:

    Brandi’s book is currently at #8 on the New York Times Bestseller list, for hardback books, in non-fiction. woot woot!!!!

    • BB says:

      It’s showing up #2 under Combined Print & E-Book Nonfiction. Great for Brandi!

      • pat says:

        Yowza, that’s awesome. I wonder if she just received a flat fee for writing the book. Or if she gets royalties. Either way, the better it does, the more leverage she’ll receive for other deals. Who knows, maybe someone will buy the rights to a screenplay. I could totally see it made into movie, but that can take many years. NOT a made for TV one. 🙂 Brandi said that her co-author is a friend of hers, and that this was her first book as well. You could really hear Brandi’s voice through the whole book, so it was really a great collaboration!

  25. princesspindy says:

    I think we should all start telling Adrienne that we support her and that she needs to go to the Reunion and “defend” herself, LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!

  26. princesspindy says:

    OK, I hope Mario Lopez wasn’t wearing white!!!!

    Adrienne Maloof has no problem landing men (HA!) — but last night in Los Angeles, she paid $25,000 for a makeout session with Mario Lopez … and it was all for a good cause.

    Kim Z’s child molester ex getting out and Kathy W downgraded to “fohw”

  27. It's not reality says:

    Hi,I hope everyone has a great weekend.So why does Kyle feel that it is her place to tell a another women what she can or should say ? Kyle is the last person who should be saying that it was not Brandi’s place to say what she did about Adrienne.Kyle did it first and worst when she outed Kim as an alcoholic. That was something that Kim choose to keep secret from the public just like Adrienne. It is also something that I think hurt Kim’s kids and family. So Kyle please stop trying to make it seem like you are so much better than Brandi because at least she admitted that what she did was wrong.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Kyle was so wrong for doing that to her sister-but Kim was not hiding her drunk self from anyone. You can keep a surrogate pregnancy secret b/c it didnt happen on film-Kim was bombed on film..and TMZ and everywhere else. If Kim wanted her drinking to be private she should not have bellied up to the bar while filming. I do believe it was wrong of Kyle however.

      • It's not reality says:

        I am not saying that we did not know something was wrong with Kim. What I mean is that Kyle should not have been the one to address it, just like Brandi should not have said what she did. Kim and Adrienne whether you like them or not both should not have had other people speaking for them. I personally do not like or hate any of them.I think that they all have their issues and can be catty. They all also PROBABLY have good sides to them, but that in Bravos eyes does not make good tv.

      • realhousewifeva says:

        Honestly, in Season 1 I didnt think it was obvious that Kim was an alcoholic. They all drink and sometimes get drunk on the show, but she wasn’t as incoherent as she was in Season 2. I was actually SHOCKED when Kyle threw out that accusation. I thought Kim was a little awkward and uncomfortable, but definitely didn’t realize she was an alcoholic

    • iceNfire says:

      Says “Dina Manzo was always a fan favorite during her time on RHONJ. However, she left fans craving more when she abruptly departed our Bravo family after cutting out Danielle Staub and wishing her “love and light.”

      There’s that word “fans” again….I wont even be a viewer

      • princesspindy says:

        Her show on HGTV was so bad….ugh, she is so boring.

      • T-Rex says:

        BWAHAHAHa. Fan favorite she sucks, Dannielle had the goods about her cheating husband, she falsified documents from her ex-husband for her daughter to appear on the show, which is why she really left the show. Sorry hated her then, still do her decorating is not good in my opinion and in the opinion of two of my highly successful friends.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      I always liked Dina-she is very charitable-to people and animals. It seems like she is always trying to improve herself-like she doesn’t want to just be who her family thinks she should be. I wouldnt call my self a “fan” but I will probably be a viewer.

  28. Just Wondering in Jersey says:

    Michael Mazzella showed up on Wendy Williams show today. He was holding the gift that was being given to the audience as part of the Live Like a Star week. He also got to describe the contents. Small world.

  29. not THAT Jill says:

    BB-I meant to ask you the other day-what book did you get from the library? I have been reading so much lately-I need to add a few books to my Nook!!!

    • BB says:

      Sorry, I took a supper break. I got five books. I got The Last Time I Saw Paris by Elizabeth Adler (Already read it – it was pretty good). Now I’m reading Porch Lights by Dorothea Benton Frank. I also got Circle of Grace by Penelope J. Stokes, Who I Am by Pete Townshend (autobiography) and Ordinary Life by Elizabeth Berg.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        Thanks BB-I have been on a lawyer kick for the past 3 weeks-Im tired of reading about the court room!!!

        • BB says:

          Jill, I thought of you when I started reading Porch Lights. It’s about a woman who’s husband is a NYC firefighter who, unfortunately just died in the line of duty. She just came back from afghanistan and she and her son have gone back to her home (Sullivan Island) in Charleston SC to spend the summer with her mom to try to get over their grief and for her to try to figure out what she wants to do since she’s not going to reenlist in the army. She’s a nurse.

          • not THAT Jill says:

            I will look for it on barns&noble….thanks BB

          • princesspindy says:

            I go to Costco and write down all the books names and then order them at my library, they will actually order books for you and buy them if you request them.. I fell in love with this library the first time I entered!!!

  30. BB says:

    Where is everybody tonight? I’m sitting here with the hubs and he’s watching Gold Rush (yawn). I’m too lazy to move to another tv. Lol.

  31. BB says:

    JNNTJ are you still around?

  32. looneylucy says:

    WTH, but I get the jest. Funny!. night night.

  33. BB says:

    Good night all. I’m turning in if I can get my lazy butt up the stairs.

  34. rabblerouser2010R says:

    It doesn’t seem to end when you have kids…

    So I am grocery shopping and I call my husband. He doesn’t answer but calls me back a few seconds later so I figured he must have been busy at work. (he gets to work from home but often is on conference calls and such which keep him tied up). As soon as he starts to speak, I can hear him cry “What did you do????”. It turns out our 3 year old decided to give herself a hair cut. We have been growing her hair since birth and other one real hair cut and me trimming her bangs, it’s been intact. She totally hacked off both sides of her hair and a big chuck off the back. So now I have to take her to the hair dresser tomorrow to see if they can ‘fix it’. I want to save as much of the length as possible…which will mean….she will be rocking a mullet. SMH.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      we got a good laugh over this one…when my now 24 y.o. son was in middle school, he was always so tired…when I asked why…he said, for weeks Aggie had been coming to his room and knocking on his door and “stop banging on my door until I get up and refill his food bowl. ” I told him that the cat was training HIM instead of the other way around. So the next time it happened, he did as I instructed and picked him up and put him in the bathroom furthest from the bedrooms where we wouldn’t hear him meowing and “knocking” on the door. He had to do that only one more time, and guess who stopped coming around my son’s room for a nightly feeding? I miss that little pain so much!!! The cat.

  35. Nancy says:

    Night night ladies. This whole thing about the “Blade runner” is so sad. I bet steroids were involved.

  36. AZGirl says:

    Good morning everyone. Off to Flagstaff to drop of Second Born’s new car. BBL Have a great day!

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