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Kandi Burruss Prayed Up

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Brandi at the Oscars

from tVspoilergirl (twitter)

from TVspoilergirl (twitter)


Interview with Jill Zarin on AllThingsRealHousewives blog.

The full interview is here.  Best part:

“ATRH: I have to ask about RHONY. Your departure from the show was one of the most shocking in the history of the Franchise. Why do you think Bravo made the decision to cut half the cast?

JZ: “I have no idea. I don’t know if it was the smartest thing they ever did, but I’m happy where I am in my life right now. The show definitely changed my life in different ways, but staying on it [the show] wasn’t a passion of mine anymore. Four years on a television show is four years more than anyone could ever hope for. Most shows come and go, so the fact that I was a part of one of the biggest shows on television today, was an honor. I’m so grateful for what it’s done for me and my family.

I feel like I had two great Seasons and a rocky third Season. I can relate to what Adrienne Maloof is going through on Beverly Hills. I feel like she and I have similar “characters,” but what did she really do wrong? She was a victim of somebody saying something about her and her family. It’s terrible watching what’s happening to her.

I think that coming back for another Season, wouldn’t have been the best decision for me. So I have to say, ‘We make plans and God laughs.’ So the fact that I was not asked back is what was meant for me, it was over, it was done. I had the best run of my life, and it wasn’t going to get better.””


Real Housewives of Vancouver Season 2 – Episode 3 by NoMoreDrama

Mia Claman hung over (screen shot)

Mia Claman hung over (screen shot)

We start with Jody and Mia the day after the drag party.  Mia is hungover.  Jody has no sympathy.  Then Jody gripes about Mary showing up, and Mia says she was so drunk she couldn’t tell if it was Mary or someone in drag.  Then Jody calls Mary mentally unstable.  Then they talk about Ronnie being the bartender and not drinking – and how shocking it was that she was getting other people drunk.  These two are amusing in an over the top – caricature sort of way.

Mary is in her kitchen and gets a call about the National Anthem.  She got the gig.  Then she asks about Robin and they sigh deeply, and say they are looking at other options.  Mary says she’s dumbfounded.  She asks if there is still a chance and the person if very vague.  Mary says it’s bittersweet and she needs to talk to Robin about it.

Ioulia and Amanda pick out their looks (screen shot)

Ioulia and Amanda pick out their looks (screen shot)

Amanda has been asked to do a Bikini Fashion show and she asks Ioulia to do it with her.  They go to the designer’s shop to pick (actually I think it’s a hotel room) to see what they might wear.  Amanda thinks everything looks great, but Ioulia is much pickier, but she eventually finds a few things she likes.  Amanda isn’t happy about how high maintenance Ioulia is, and how she didn’t get any attention.  Then they work on their runway walks.  They are in some sort of hotel room – the guy helping them is sitting on a bed.  Ioulia gets tons of advice because she’s never done this before, but she rocks it.  Amanda is tense and nervous and jealous and sucks.

Robin goes to meet Mary and can tell something is up.  Why does Mary have to tell her?  Robin is worried that Mary won’t sing, and she’ll have to do both National Anthems at the Grand Prix.  Mary breaks it Robin that she didn’t get the gig.  Robin jumps to the conclusion that Mary will do both anthems. She says she felt like a broken down mule.  Mary doesn’t say anything.  (This seems a little set up because there is no reason they couldn’t have called Robin directly.)

All is good for a few minutes (screen shot)

All is good for a few minutes (screen shot)

Jody has invited Amanda and Ronnie over to her home and serves them champagne without alcohol.  She explains that she’s feeding the hungry (1,000s of people) and making them cake.  Ronnie voices over that they’d probably prefer a sandwich.  But then she says that cake is good too and beggars can’t be choosers.  (Inappropriate comment 1 of the episode).  They are actually baking and Jody’s daugher is helping them.  Cute.  Amanda starts to complain about her bathing suit try-on drama with Ioulia.  Ronnie seems skeptical as Amanda is complaining.  Amanda says that Ioulia goes for things like “old rich husband equals Prada shoes.”

Amanda isn't pleased about being called a little bitch (screen shot).

Amanda isn’t pleased about being called a little bitch (screen shot).

Ronnie says, “you’re a little bitch, aren’t you?”  (Good for you, Ronnie – right to her face.)   You can see Amanda’s reaction as she tries to figure out why her mean girl comments behind Ioulia’s back aren’t playing well with Ronnie.  She says she’s taken back and that Ronnie doesn’t know her.  She then calls Ronnie a bitch in her talking head.

Robin is upset that she wasn’t asked to sing, so she asks Ronnie over to gripe about it.  Ronnie has a lot of trouble getting up the stairs to her house – it’s really steep.  Ronnie starts dipping her finger in the olive oil on the table and smearing it all over herself (for dry skin).  Yuck.  After getting over her disgust, Robin explains that she is really upset because she didn’t think it was a real audition, she thought she was just sending in a sample – and it turns out that no one else auditioned but she still wasn’t picked.  She claims the audition tape was butchered through editing by Mary’s producer.  Ronnie thinks that Mary’s producer sabotaged her so that Mary would get the part and Robin wouldn’t.  (This doesn’t make sense because they both could do it together.)  Of course Ronnie immediately thinks Mary is behind this.  I think this must be fake drama because 1) Robin had the contacts with the show so why in the world would they even call Mary directly and 2) Robin doesn’t seem that upset.

Back to Amanda.  She’s heading to Ioulia’s to get an in-home spray tan.  I notice she’s sitting on a light-colored sofa and can’t help thinking about Adrienne Maloof.  Amanda confronts Ioulia about dominating the bathing suit choosing event.  Ioulia doesn’t see anything wrong with her behavior, but she’s mad about being confronted.  Now Ioulia says she’s not feeling the spray tan (because she’s pissed).  Amanda has to get naked in a tent on Ioulia’s patio and get spray tanned – with the cameras there.  Apparently she looks orange.  Amanda and spray tan lady aren’t happy about Ioulia saying she looks orange.  Amanda says Ioulia will be a pasty white Russian girl.

Robin and Mary listen to the tape (screen shot).

Robin and Mary listen to the tape (screen shot).

Now Mary has to get up Robin’s stairs in 10 inch heels.  Robin explains that she was humiliated and that she thinks that the producer sabotaged her.  Mary defends her producer.  Mary explains that he had lots of number one records and is a great producer, but she hasn’t heard the tape.  Robin plays the tape.  Mary listens to the tape and thinks the tape sounds great.  (It doesn’t sound that bad.)

Ioulia meets her stepsons for a drink.   They all get along great.  She’s more of a friend than a step mom, and they do shots together.  It’s actually great to see them get along.

It’s the day of the Bikini fashion show.  Amanda and Ioulia arrive and have an hour and are in hair and makeup.  Amanda is seething with jealousy because Ioulia is getting more attention.  Amanda calls Ioulia bossy.  Amanda’s boyfriend Kyle shows up.  They make out a little.  Ioulia comes over, introduces herself, and then asks him if he’ll be jealous of all the men oogling his girlfriend.  Awkward silence.  Then Ioulia goes and changes into Amanda’s bikini.  Now it’s getting funny.  Amada is just pissed.

Ronnie and Jody head to the fashion show.  They are cracking up together – until Jody decides to confront Ronnie about her attitude towards Amanda.  Ronnie says Amanda is a phony little bitch.  Then Ronnie says that she’s arranged for them ALL to have dinner together after the event.  Jody doesn’t want to have dinner with Mary.  Ronnie says Mary loves Jody (that’s a lie).  She voices over she’s just sick of them not getting along.  Jody agrees to the dinner – grudgingly.

Fashion show.  Amanda has found another great suit.  They’ve closed down a street for the show.  Mary shows up with Robin.  They meet Amanda’s boyfriend, and for a minute Mary thinks he’s single, and is a little disappointed to find out he’s taken.  Jody thinks Mary is disgusting for “flirting” with him as she makes small talk.  Jody spends her whole time smack talking Mary to anyone who will listen – which is pretty much no one at this point.

Amanda closes out the show (scree shot).

Amanda closes out the show (scree shot).

Ioulia is nervous and Amanda is like a cat that swallowed a canary.  Ioulia comes out.  She looks great but is awkward because she’s nervous.  Amanda is completely relaxed and rocks it.  Ioulia comes out again and is still stiff.  Amanda closes the show.

Dinner is after the show, and Amanda is pretending to play host.  The menu looks great but Robin wants a steak.  Amanda thanks them all for coming.  Then she immediately tells everyone that Ioulia stole her bathing suit.  Ioulia tells her not to call her out on stupid things, and then asks for some vodka shots.  Then Amanda asks how old Ioulia’s step kids are, and says that Ioulia’s husband has basically married his own child.  Ronnie steps in and says that’s not nice.

Ronnie's reaction after Amanda snaps at her (screen shot)

Ronnie’s reaction after Amanda snaps at her (screen shot)

Amanda then snaps at Ronnie and says – are we supposed to play nice because last time we were together you called me a bitch.  All of a sudden it’s on.  Ronnie gets all quiet and lets Amanda go.  Jody is cackling.  Ronnie denies it (Amanda says dirty little bitch – Ronnie didn’t say dirty – symantics).  Ronnie voices over that Amanda has just pressed her “don’t f- with me button.”  She calls Amanda rude.  Mary and Robin are very quiet.  Now Ronnie says to Amanda – “you’re a little f-ing bitch”.

For a very brief moment they were all getting along (screen shot).

For a very brief moment they were all getting along (screen shot).

Amanda leaves and calls her boyfriend.  He tells her to stand up for herself.  Amanda goes back into the dinner.  Ronnie is still pissed.  Now Ronnie asks Jody what she thinks.  Jody says that Amanda is refreshing because she says what’s on the table.  Ronnie is pissed that Jody isn’t on her side.  Jody says she’s been a good friend, but if Ronnie doesn’t understand that then Jody can exit her friendship with Ronnie.  (I don’t blame her – Ronnie just dragged her into this.)  Mary can’t help herself at this point and lets out a disgusted sigh.  In her talking head she says she’s heard that before – promises, promises.  Jody says she thinks Mary is losing her mind.  Ronnie said she’s had enough and leaves.   Mary leaves as well.  Robin leaves too because she can’t handle the stress.  Ioulia wants to leave too but she’s too hungry (I like this girl).  So the lines seem to be drawn – Amanda and Jody versus the rest of them.  Maybe.


“Mob Wives”By Detox  Welcome back to “Mob Wives”!

This week was a very touching and emotional episode because it spent a large time focusing on the devastation and suffering in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. It was also uplifting because it showed people pulling together to help one another and to show true human kindness to and concern for their fellow man. My prayers go out to those who continue to deal with the aftermath of such a devastating storm. Keep your heads up, you guys!

Now, let’s get to that and to talking about these Mob Wives, shall we?

Hurricane Sandy’s Wrath

The show begins with scenes of the devastation and destruction wrought by Hurricane Sandy. Many homes and businesses are completely destroyed. A voiceover says that a quarter of a million people are now without power. Rescue Boats are shown picking people up. And, in many places, it basically looks like a war zone where a bomb was dropped.

The Cast Does Their Part To Help Those Affected

Drita And Her Daughters Organize Items To Donate

Drita and her daughters are at their house surrounded by piles of clothing and other items. Drita and Aleeyah are putting various things in garbage bags so that they can donate them to victims of the storm. Drita interviews that she and her daughters rode out the storm at her Mother’s house, and as she was driving back to her home, she had no idea whether she would even have a home left, as her home was located in an evacuation zone. She gets teary-eyed as she describes the massive damage she saw everywhere as she drove back to her home which was, luckily, still standing. She says she is so thankful to God because houses located only a couple of blocks away from hers were completely destroyed.

Drita tells her daughters that they need to appreciate everything that they have, and they need to do their best to give to others who are not as lucky as they are. The girls dutifully help Drita fill up the donation bags (Drita’s daughters are so well-behaved. I swear! Children like that make my ovaries hurt for 1 or 2 just like them. Then I think of the other little demon spawn children I have encountered throughout my life, and the feeling passes just like that! I am going to make my childless self a martini when I finish this blog and toast to my lack of a juvenile delinquent. *Shrug*).

Karen And Ramona Ride Around To View The Destruction And To Visit A Friend

Karen and Ramona are riding around Staten Island looking at all of the destruction. Karen interviews that she stayed with a friend in midtown Manhattan during the hurricane. Ramona says she stayed….somewhere (I forget. I apologize. I took a sip of my Diet Coke and missed what she said completely. The bottom line is that Ramona is still alive. So who cares where she stayed, right? *Shrug*).

Karen and Ramona stop and visit a friend of theirs who is outside of her completely destroyed home trying to clean up and make sense of the wreckage that used to be her house. As they walk through the house, their friend starts crying (and it makes me tear up a little too). Karen interviews that she is so happy that Karina was not there to witness all of this.

Ramona and Karen tell their friend that they are going to do everything in their power to help her. Karen offers her extra bedroom in her apartment to her friend and her family and says they are welcome to use it as long as possible. Their friend thanks them and starts crying again.

Love Shares Her Thoughts About The Storm

Love interviews that she lost her car in the storm, but she still feels grateful because so many people she knows lost so much more. She says it is really amazing how everyone is just pulling together. She also says that she cannot imagine how people are going to put everything back together, but “New Yorkers are survivors, and they WILL re-build.”

Drita And Her Daughters Drop Off Their Donations

Drita and her daughters drive to drop off their donations at a collection center. She interviews that she doesn’t even recognize the streets as she drives down them. She says she feels like she is driving and walking through a war zone.

Ramona Calls To Give Renee An Update

Ramona calls Renee at the rehab facility to check on her and to provide her with an update of the results of Hurricane Sandy. She tells Renee that there is mayhem and complete destruction everywhere. Renee says that she is not even watching the news because she is too emotional. She interviews that she is thankful that her family is o.k., but it breaks her heart that so many others are suffering.

Karen And Ramona Go Door-to-Door To Help And Donate

Karen and Ramona go door-to-door to help people with donations of cleaning supplies, clothing, food, etc. Ramona interviews that Staten Island, as a community, pulls together and takes care of each other.

Big Ang Cooks Up A Storm For Hurricane Sandy Victims

Big Ang is in her house cooking up enough food to feed an army. She takes a phone call from Renee while cooking. Renee tells Ang that she feels bad about not being able to help. Big Ang tells her to just focus on herself and to stop feeling bad about not being there because she will be home soon enough.

Renee then tells Big Ang that A.J. is flying down to visit with her and a counselor at the rehab facility. Ang interviews that she is very happy that A.J. is doing this.

Big Ang’s husband, Big Neil (I have given him the name “Big Neil” because the last episode made me realize how big he is. I also think it sounds good with “Big Ang”. “Big Neil and Big Ang sittin’ in a tree, K-I-S-S”…oh, hell, you guys know the rest!) helps Ang load up and deliver the mountain of food to a relief center.

Big Ang tells the relief workers that she cooked all morning, and she hopes everyone likes it. She interviews that Neil is back home helping her out, and “he’s doing a very good job.” (Yay for Neil and Ang! I don’t know why, but I root for Neil for some reason. Sure he’s lazy and a reformed alcoholic. But he’s got a good honest job as a garbage man; good city worker benefits; and he seems to love Big Ang. Other than the fact that he acts so stupid and clueless at times, I think he is just great!).

The relief center is filled with people, including children (and I admit that my eyes tear up at this. My eyes teared up more than once during this episode). There are sections of the center that are divided into donations of bottled water, canned goods, clothes, blankets, etc.

Big Ang interviews that she is grateful that nothing happened to her home and family during the storm, but this makes her even more motivated to help those who were not so lucky. She says that seeing these people is just heart wrenching. She also says that people just have to have faith that everything will come together.

Lee D’Avanzo, The OCD Dictator

Drita and Aleeyah are talking in Drita’s kitchen. Drita interviews that she and the girls are really excited about Lee coming home, but they must make sure that the house gets into “Lee-approved” shape. She says that Lee is a neat freak with OCD and calls him an “OCD Psycho!” (I believe in taking care of my man, but if my man was dumb enough to go to prison TWICE, leaving me to take care of our 2 young children all alone for YEARS, I’d DARE him to tell me anything about my house not being perfectly spotless!! Lee better recognize and appreciate Drita!).

Drita explains to Aleeyah that they must make sure everything is spotless and in its place before Lee arrives home or he will be very upset. She says that they are going to have to establish a daily routine of cleaning and organizing so that they will be in the habit of it when Lee returns home (What the EFF? I’m all for organization and cleanliness, but Lee sounds like a damned dictator! He’d just have to give me demerits because my smartass would just HAVE to respond, “Ummm….are you REALLY trying to argue with me about a towel on the counter when you’re a*s just got out of the joint for the 2nd damned time, Jackass??!! I really MUST be hearing things because I KNOW your ungrateful a*s is NOT serious right about now!!!” I would then be DIVORCED….and able to put a towel anywhere I damn well pleased. Maybe that’s why I’m still single. I MUST ponder this…but I won’t. *Shrug*).

Drita also tells Aleeyah that it is almost impossible to please Lee (O.K. I was really rooting for Drita and Lee to get back together and keep their family intact, but I do NOT like what I am hearing right now). She interviews that Lee is very unpredictable, and she never knows what is going to set his temper off (Is she married to Chris Brown or Lee D’Avanzo? Drita, I never would have mistaken you for Rihanna. I doubt that you would let Lee hit you because you’d probably whip HIS a*s, but….he sounds unstable and dysfunctional. I hope you guys have family and couples therapy sessions scheduled while you work things out).

Aleeyah asks Drita if her father was always a neat freak with a bad temper. Drita tells Aleeyah that Lee lost his father when he was 7 years old, and she thinks that this is where his bad temper originated. She explains that Lee’s father was killed by the FBI. She interviews that Lee’s “dark side” has a lot to do with the authorities killing his father. She also says that Lee being back home will definitely be an adjustment for her and their girls (I’m rooting for you Drita, but I am going to keep a SERIOUS eye on Lee because the things you have just said have me concerned. I’m saying this like I am going to meet Drita and Lee in real life. I’m so worried for Drita that I want that martini I mentioned earlier right now, but who knows WHAT the hell I would write on this blog if I had one at this point. So, I’ll wait.).

Love And The Ex-Boyfriend She Tried To Murder Discuss Reconciling

(Yes, I did just write this title, and it is TRUE)

Love is outside walking her ex-boyfriend Joey’s dog, Winston, when Joey calls her. She interviews that she and Joey were very young when they first became boyfriend and girlfriend and were off and on for several years. She also says that she has been engaged 6 times, and Joey was one of her fiancés. She notes that normal women get engaged “to the butcher, the baker, the candle stick maker, but not me. I was engaged to a car thief, a home invader, a robber and an attempted murderer.” (I think Love should try something new. After I finish this blog, I’m going to work on her E-Harmony Profile and sign her up for I think it just might work for her. As long as she keeps a knife out of her hands, she should be good to go. I think I will work on it while I drink my martini. That should be FUN!).

Love continues her interview and says that no matter how much she terrorized the men in her life, they always come back around to try and get back together with her (Love probably has sex like a rock star. Crazy women are usually good in bed, or so I’ve been told….by my ex-boyfriends. *Shrug* I’m the good kind of crazy, though. No stabbing or attempted murder for me. I just curse you out, change the locks, put your sh*t out on the front lawn and act like you DIED….before we eventually become friends again, unless you did something so heinous that I never speak to you ever again IN LIFE!).

As Love is walking his dog and talking to Joey on her cell phone, he tries to talk Love into getting back together. Love reminds him that they kind of ended on a bad note, seeing as how she tried to stab him in front of his own mother and all (Oh, Love, stop being so difficult! Quit making a mountain out of a mole hill. What’s a little stabbing between true loves? Hell, Ozzy Osbourne literally tried to MURDER Sharon Osbourne; they made up after he got out of the slammer for trying to choke her to death; and they are living happily ever after. Lighten up, Love!). Joey still insists that they should try and get back together (I’m sure his Mom will be THRILLED).

Love interviews that she and Joey still cannot leave each other alone “no matter how much we hate each other.” She says that any time he seriously tried to leave her or get with anyone else, she’d yell, “F*ck you! You think I’m going to let you go so you can go and actually be HAPPY with some other b*tch??!! I’m going to stay with you and make you MISERABLE just the way you deserve!!” She laughs as she says this (Love and Joey sound like soul mates, or maybe I’m confusing soul mates with CELL mates. Love is completely dysfunctional and crazy when it comes to her romantic relationships and has absolutely no shame in admitting this. I wish she lived near me so we could have drinks and go shopping. I like her even though she is a bit of a lunatic! Good Times!).

Renee Craves A Xanax

Renee is sitting in her room at the rehab facility looking anxious. She interviews that she is suffering from severe anxiety about the hurricane and about being away from home, and her anxiety is causing her to have a serious craving for Xanax.

Because of her anxiety and craving, she decides to talk to one of the rehab counselors about how she is feeling. The counselor tells her that what she is going through is normal and that she is going to have to accept that there is a big difference between ADMITTING that she has a substance abuse problem and ACCEPTING it (I know what he said makes some kind of sense, but I’m not quite grasping exactly what it is yet. Maybe he means that she’s going to have to accept that she will have to battle her cravings and addiction every single day). Renee interviews that it will take her “a lifetime” to beat her pill addiction, but she will “because I’m a TOUGH bitch!!” (That’s the spirit, Renee).

Ramona Moves Into Her New Digs

Karen is helping Ramona move into her new apartment. Ramona interviews that she really wanted a smaller house because it is easier to keep up. She says that being a single Mom is hard especially because she gets nothing from her ex-husband.

Karen tells Ramona that she looks depressed, and she then tells her that she is proud of her (I’m confused. Is Karen proud of Ramona for being depressed or for moving into her new apartment?). Ramona interviews that it is “killing” her to keep her engagement to her boyfriend, Joe, a secret (Well, then why ARE you keeping this secret from one of your best friends, Ramona? Are you afraid she will judge you? Are you afraid she will tell someone else who will judge you? I don’t get it.). She says she is hoping that her boyfriend is able to get out of jail so that they can make the big announcement about their engagement to all of their family and friends together (Oh, so I guess that is why she is waiting on telling her friends).

Love And Drita Discuss Stabbing The Men They Love

(Yes, I did just write this title, and it is TRUE)

Love & Drita meet at a restaurant for dinner. Love tells Drita that her ex-fiancé’, Joey, wants to get back together, but she is unsure about getting back together with him “because we had a very bad breakup.” She then tells Drita that she stabbed Joey in his chest, and the knife broke in half. She also says that the situation was made even worse because she did not know that his mother was nearby to witness the whole thing. She interviews that it was “so embarrassing” (I’ll BET!).

Drita just looks at Love with both shock and a little amusement as Love tells this story. She tells Love that if she ever tried to stab Lee, he would shoot her. She interviews that, if she ever stabbed Lee, she would have to stab to kill because, if he lived, he would definitely kill her for trying to stab him (Ummm….that seems fair, I guess…).

Love then tells Drita that Joey and Lee actually know each other. She explains that they once had a fight where Lee hit Joey in the face with a baseball bat and broke it in half (I think these 2 couples would have a great time on a double date reminiscing about all those good times.). Drita interviews that Lee has “a notoriously bad temper” (Drita has certainly calmed down this season, but she did exhibit an extremely explosive temper in the past couple of seasons. She and Lee must have been an explosive couple together with those kinds of tempers).

A.J. Expresses His Feelings To Renee

A.J. has flown down to Miami to visit Renee at the rehab facility and participate in a counseling session with the help of a rehab counselor. During the session, Renee tells the counselor that she has a hard time making A.J. understand her disease (of addiction). A.J. interviews that he feels bad for his Mom, but he does not agree with her position on addiction. He does not think it is a disease. He thinks it is a choice. A.J. expresses these opinions to the counselor.

The counselor tells A.J. to tell Renee how he feels Renee’s substance abuse has impacted him. A.J. tells Renee that he feels like Renee’s substance abuse sometimes let him down because it did not allow her to be fully there for him. He also says that he has to worry about his Dad going to jail, his grandfather going to jail, and his Mom drinking and taking pills. He says that all of this has at times made him very depressed and made him want to just stay away from home at times. As A.J. is saying all of this, Renee is crying hysterically on his shoulder. She interviews that it “kills” her to hear A.J. say these things.

A.J. then tells Renee that she has to get clean for HERSELF and nobody else. He tells the counselor that, for years, Renee has put everybody ELSE before HERSELF, and he thinks this is part of her problem. He then tells Renee that she needs to love herself and put herself first (What a wise kid! A.J. is an old soul.). Renee cries and interviews that knowing that she hurt her child makes her “feel like a complete LOSER.”

A.J. then gives his Mom a big hug while she continues to sob hysterically. She tells him that she is sorry over and over again (and I sat in front of my television screen with tears rolling down my cheeks as I watched because I can be a crybaby when it comes to scenes like this. It was very moving and emotional. And I don’t even know these damned people!).

A.J. continues to hug Renee while she cries, and he tells her that he forgives her for everything (Oh good God, here come those damned waterworks for me again! My Mom walked in while I was watching this scene and taking notes and crying and asked me if I’d lost my “damned mind!” She’s very sensitive like that. “Why are you crying over some damned people on a damned t.v. show that you will never even meet??!! You’re being ridiculous! I made baked chicken for dinner. If you don’t like it then the hell with you because I’m not cooking another damned thing for the next couple of days!! Deal with it!” Then she walked out. My Mom is SUCH a pillar of warmth and sensitivity. I get her, though. Her telling me about the baked chicken means that she LOVES me. Sometimes love means saying that you made baked chicken for dinner, and you “ain’t cookin’ a damned thing else for the next 2 days and to hell with you if you don’t like it!!” I love you, Mom. And I forgive you for everything. *Sigh*).

The counselor says that Renee needs to remember this feeling the next time she even thinks of using again. He also tells Renee that A.J. has let down his walls to let her back in, and if she uses again, she will be “stomping on his heart.” (Damn, counselor! That’s deep.).

The Bronx Boys Show Love For Staten Island

Big Ang is at “The Drunken Monkey,” and it looks like she has turned it into a donation drop-off center for those affected by Hurricane Sandy. There are tons of donated items all over the bar. She interviews that she’s seeing so much good come out of the storm because everybody is just pulling together.

Big Ang tells the people in the bar that she wants to hold a fundraiser to help people affected by the storm. She interviews that she has 2 huge truck loads of donated items coming to “The Drunken Monkey” from “some very handsome men from the Bronx who want to help Staten Island out.” (She bats her big eyes and flutters her false lashes and gives a flirty smile with her big, luscious lips to the camera when she mentions these very handsome men. I LOVE Big Ang!! I’m just realizing that, when she bats her eyes and purses her lips like this, she looks like a real-live Italian version of the Muppet, Janice – only with dark hair, because Muppet Janice’s hair is blonde. Like I said, I LOVE Big Ang!).

The Bronx Boys arrive and, sure enough, they’ve got 2 huge 18-wheelers loaded with donated items that they start to unload after they each give Big Ang big hugs. Big Ang interviews and says, “See. Sometimes stuff falling off a truck can come in really handy.” She then CACKLES! Once they are finished unloading everything into “The Drunken Monkey,” the Bronx Boys tell Big Ang that “The Bronx has got Staten Island’s back!!”

Renee Graduates From Rehab

Renee, some of her fellow Rehab members and some Rehab counselors are all sitting in a circle in a meeting room at the rehab facility. Renee interviews that she has now reached the point where she is going to graduate from her rehab program, and some of her fellow patients and counselors are all sitting in a room with her to discuss her graduation. She admits that, during rehab, she was forced to accept and admit very difficult and painful things about herself.

Different members of the group stand up and say very kind words about Renee; about what she meant to them during their own rehab process; about what she showed them; about how they are going to miss her; and about how they wish her well in the future. Some of them even shed a few tears (including a couple of young guys). Renee interviews that seeing some of these young people in rehab dealing with addiction breaks her heart, and she cries as she says this. She also says that hearing the kind things these people have to say to and about her makes her feel happy and very strong. She also says that she hopes and prays that everybody makes it and remains clean and sober.

Renee then goes to her room and packs her bag to leave the facility. She interviews that she has mixed emotions about returning to Staten Island. She is nervous and scared because her recovery is “so new.” She is excited to get home. She is grateful that her friends and family survived Hurricane Sandy. And she is excited to prove herself to everyone (Good Luck and Godspeed, Renee!).

Drita Gets A Surprise House Guest

Big Ang and Carla go over to Drita’s house to visit. Drita interviews that she has huge news to share with them.

Once they are all settled on Drita’s couches, she tells them she was out running errands when her phone rang. She says that it was Aleeyah who called her and then the phone just hung up. Because she was so worried and did not know what was going on, she immediately turned around and flew back home to check on Aleeyah.

She says that she got to her front door, and it was opened by the one and only, infamous Lee D’Avanzo! (Carla and Big Ang look shocked, and Drita has a grin that shows all 65 of her teeth as she laughs excitedly and turns into a blushing schoolgirl all over again the way she does any time she mentions Lee’s name. I wonder if we will FINALLY see the infamous Lee D’Avanzo next week. I hope so. I’ve seen a couple of pictures, and in the pictures I saw, he was big, dark-haired, olive-skinned, had a huge cleft in his chin and hot. I have no idea what he looks like now, though. Hopefully, we will find out soon.).

Next Week:

Renee returns to Staten Island and gets together with Carla so they can do each other’s nails and braid each other’s hair and become B.F.F.’s again. This is a LIE!! In reality, Renee returns to Staten Island and meets with everyone EXCEPT for Carla somewhere to celebrate graduating from rehab.

Carla meets with Joe and Raquel to talk (and Carla looks like she would rather stick needles in her eyes).

Ramona tells Karen that Lee is back in town (and Karen gets an odd look on her face).

Love meets with Drita to discuss the fact that she hears that Carla is going around Staten Island calling her “fat and ugly.” Love tells Drita that “Carla weighs 12 pounds, and I’m goin’ to throw her through a f*ckin’ window!!”

Good Times! See you guys next week!


Real Housewives of Atlanta Cast Blogs Blogged by HilDogAtl

Hi Ladies, I hope this week has treated you all well.  As it is no surprise at all, only three of our ladies blogged this week.  However, for the ones who did…wow, all I can say is they can definitely ramble on for pages about nothing at all.  In fact, Cynthia’s is nothing but a thank you letter of epic proportions.  Without further delay…


Kenya begins her blog stating that life is an evolution and that after her breast cancer scare she decided to shift her focus in life, she can only please herself.  SHOCKER!  She then goes on a rant about how her and Cynthia are such similar people and that after the apology in Anguilla (what did she say?  Apology?  No honey, that was not an apology, that was some sort of backhanded jab disguised as an apology) she had to take a step back and realize she got off on the wrong foot w/Cynthia and she caused some of it and so did Cynthia but that they were so similar that they could make amends and become cordial again. She now wanted to lend support to Cynthia because the pageant was such a great cause. And women should support one another and not be envious or jealous.  HUH? Ladies, I’m sorry, I would’ve quoted this but it really wasn’t worth it because it’s nonsense.  Nothing but nonsense.

So after her uplifting intro she goes on to give us her bio of growing up in the mean, crime filled streets of Detroit, the “ghetto” as she calls it and how her grandma did everything within her power for her to not become a statistic.  She received a flyer, entered the pageant and was so excited.  She eventually was 1st runner up but it was her escape from reality.  That’s why pageant’s are so important to her because each person decides to enter for their own reasons.  Again…nonsense.

Ok, OMG..WOW…just wow.  This woman has spin control, damage control and every other control wrapped up in this blog.  It’s disturbing.  She begins this season as some awful villain and once the truth of her lies is revealed and her fake boyfriend drama, she tries to come off as Mother Teresa.  She has nerve in my eyes.  Maybe I have given her the bad wrap but she bugged me on episode one.  I can’t make this stuff up.  Maybe meds are needed (allegedly)

We all have seen Honey Boo Boo and exploitative child pageants that seem to sexualize innocent little girls, but this clearly was not the case. Whether or not you agree with talent pageants or beauty pageants (or none at all), it is my sincere belief that ones of this nature empower young women to be courageous, outspoken, articulate, philanthropic, selfless, kind, and to promote leadership, to name just a few positive attributes.

Although many of you sent positive messages via Twitter and Facebook, there are still those who will thrive on negativism or resort to unwarranted personal attacks in an attempt to diminish the good we convey with this worldwide stage. We will continue to pray for you all that your perspective may change to acceptance and tolerance. Having said that, it was Cynthia’s night and she pulled it off. I’m grateful that she allowed me to be a part of it. Sure, there were a few stumbles and hiccups along the way, but I applaud her for her efforts. She crowned several amazing winners and everyone was very proud. Go, Cynthia!”

Need I say more??

She then finishes her blog with letting us know it’s been 20 years this month that she was crowned the first black Miss USA & she knows she has opened doors for so many others and its very fulfilling.  She then has the nerve to P.S. us and tell us that Kandi’s dad is fine and she sees where she gets her looks from.  WTH?????


She begins her blog saying she’s tardy to the party because she has been in NYC doing fashion week for several weeks and she is going to give us a quick recap.

Is mixing friendship and business a good idea? Well, that depends on the friend, and how much history you have together. Although there are always exceptions to the rule, I believe that mixing business with friendship rarely works out. Business is business, and should never be personal. The Kenya and Phaedra Battle of the Butts is a perfect example. These girls seemed to have really hit it off when they first met and became friends. Unfortunately, because of a business deal gone bad, they have apparently broken all ties. It was really painful to watch Phaedra and Kenya’s friendship fall to pieces, and I would never want to go down that road with any of the ladies.

I am naturally a nice person and will give anyone the benefit of the doubt. I have often been accused of actually being “too nice.” I have to get out of the habit of jumping into relationships with new friends before I really get to know them. I have only myself to blame when things don’t work out, and I accept full responsibility. Maintaining relationships (old and new) mean more to me than doing business together. Good friends are hard to find!”

Yes, I do agree, it is very hard to mix business with pleasure but it was very apparent that this was just a story line for Cynthia and Porsha this year.  Sad to say but true.  Cynthia knew what she was getting into and it was just some camera time and she knew she had to bring a little drama.  She may be a nice woman but she has some really interesting ways of showing it at times.  And I also don’t believe that she accepted any responsibility, she threw this “pageant” together in a few weeks time.  These things take a lot longer than that.  She then goes on to say the pageant was a success and obviously there are kinks to work out but ultimately, the goal was to uplift and empower these young women.  Ok, dare I say how a pageant uplifts a woman?  I know nothing of the pageant world and please, I know I may receive backlash but I think that it objectifies women in so many ways.  You obviously have to be a fairly attractive, fit woman to enter these things…doesn’t this solidify the point that society is obsessed with appearances?  Just a little rant…I’m sorry, back to our regularly scheduled reviews…

And here come all of the thanks I was referring to.  Five LOOOOONNNNGGGG PAAGGGESSS.

This was an incredible journey for me, and I could have not done it alone. Thank you to my longtime friend Boris Kodjoe for clearing his busy schedule to co-host Miss Renaissance 2012. Your kindness and support meant the world to me, and even more to the girls. BTW in a  perfect Cynthia Bailey world, a suit would have been nice. LOL! Seriously, at the end of the day, the only thing that really mattered is that you were there and had my back 100%! I would like to also thank Kenya for being a judge. Despite our differences, we do share the same passion to uplift and empower young girls. You were, dare I say, GONE WITH THE WIND FABULOUS! Phaedra, Kandi, and Porsha thank you all for coming and supporting my big night! Your kind words were appreciated and truly meant a lot to me”

Bailey Agency Staff and My Bailey Boys!    
Peter Thomas and Noelle Robinson
Cyrus Frakes – King of the Crown
Letricia Loftin- Sisterly Grace Studios
Carly Mathis
Judy Mauldin
Kenya Moore
Jackson Ratcliffe
Melanie Sanders
Jay Sharpe
Ebony Steele
Jill Stratton
April Trigg
Reggie Wells
Greg Woodlief
Nana Meriwether
Sam Holder
Adrienne Watson Carver
Marcia Dore
Marcus Jackson
Satchel Jester
Liz Okonowo
Clear Hair
Hair Couture by Cynthia Bailey
Iman Cosmetics
The J. Spot Salon
Jay Sharpe
Miss Jessie’s
Passport to Discovery
The Bailey Agency School of Fashion
Vita Coco
Georgia International Convention Center

Please let me stop!  I can’t bore you…especially if you don’t live in Atlanta and know who any of these people are!!  I can’t.  I’m done.  It’s literally 3 more pages of thank you’s and a program of sponsors, charities, etc.  Hope you guys understand, if you are really interested, you can check out her blog.


Wow, poor Kandi got some sort of shade thrown her way the past few weeks due to her deciding on doing a gospel song.  That is really sad.  So many people claim to praise their God and yet are the ugliest souls.  Your God probably taught you not to judge but you still do.  I think anyone can be very religious and still very modern and open minded.

This week’s episode was the cause of much controversy and debate for me. It all circled around the decision to do my gospel song Stay Prayed Up. I knew when I decided to do it that a lot of people would be shocked, since I often talk about sex, have an adult toy line (Bedroom Kandi), and host a sex and relationships internet show (Kandi Koated Nights). I knew that some people would give me the side eye, but I didn’t know that it would be to this extreme. When the episode prior to this one aired, which first showed me mentioning that I wanted to do a gospel song, I got so many angry tweets. Can you believe a woman actually tweeted me and said, “Bitch you can’t praise my God”? I was like wow… People always said that the worst things to debate or bring up are politics and religion. Well whoever made that statement knew exactly what they were talking about!

Thank God I don’t let things get to me. I’m a very open and honest person. I say what I want to say when I want to say it. If I feel like doing something, I do it. I felt that I wanted to do this song, so I did, and I’m glad I did. This song is my testimony. I’ve been through things in my life that would break some people down, but I push through it and I try not to wallow in my sorrows, because I have a daughter and I never want her to see me brake down. I pray every day. I’m not the poster child of what you might envision as a religious woman, and I know that, but I come from a religious family.”

I appreciate that Kandi did this song and while you may not like her voice, I think the message is quite simple and true.  She has been through so much in her life but she has not allowed adversity to stop her.  She has “shined bright like a diamond” through all of it and has not let fame or success get the best of her.

She then goes on to explain that we meet her father and he is a man of the cloth, being a Bishop in her church and that growing up the church was so strict and she was always the one who didn’t follow the norm.  Instead of actually “joining” the church, she simply attended because she didn’t want to stand in front of the church and lie about the life she was living.  She believed in God but she didn’t believe in that church’s rules.

Now this is straight sad and sick…this poor successful woman should not be having to deal with this.  But she does look at it on the bright side.

There are a whole bunch of people just like me that can relate to the words of my song. It’s funny, because when my group Xscape first came out, my Grandma would say, “Don’t you wanna sing for the Lord, baby, instead of those worldly songs?” Well, here I am singing for the Lord, but I guess I’m too “worldly” for some people to accept it.  I love Twitter, but it is an open platform for people to slay you… But lucky for me, I have just as many people or more that show me love. This week I’ve heard the dumb and negative like, “How you gonna sell sex toys and sing gospel. Do you want us to play Stay Prayed Up while we vibrate on your dildo?” My answer to that is NO, DUMMY! I’ve also heard the positive like, “I cried when I heard your song. It’s helping me get through my day right now.” People have been having debates on blogs and on radio stations asking if it is OK for me to have an adult toy line and sing a gospel song. My friend laughed the other day and told me that she’s shocked there’s so much controversy about the song, but it’s good because so many people are talking about God and prayer.”

She then finishes her blog thanking Mr. Sapp for not judging her and telling her to let her haters be her motivators.  She then praises Cynthia’s pageant saying it was more grand than the tv could show and that she is proud she was able to accomplish such a great event on her first try.


Sunday Night Lineup, February 24th by BB

8PM – The Amazing Race (CBS); Ocsars Red Carpet/The Oscars (ABC); The First Family (CW); Gypsy Sisters: Extra Bling (TLC); Silver Rush (Disc); Wild West Alaska (Anpl); Chopped (Food); Wicked Tuna: Hooked Up (NatGeo); 48 Hours on ID (ID); Dr. Who: The Doctors Revisited (BBC); Jerseylicious (Style)

9PM – The Walking Dead (AMC); Mr. Box Office (CW); Hawaii Life (9:30 HGTV); Gypsy Sisters: Extra Bling (TLC); Silver Rush (Disc); Gator Boys (Anpl); Oprah’s Life Class (OWN); Ax Men (Hist); Worst Cooks in America (Food); Wicked Tuna (NatGeo); Catch My Killer (ID); Girls/Enlightened (HBO); Shameless (Showtime); Snapped (Oxygen)

10PM – Mob Wives (VH1); Talking Dead (AMC); Gypsy Sisters: Extra Bling (TLC); Silver Rush (Disc); Finding Bigfoot (Anpl); Bar Rescue (Spike); Storage Hunters/Container Wars (TruTV); Iron Chef America (Food); Mudcats (NatGeo); On The Case With Paula Zahn (ID); I Solved a Murder (Bio); House of Lies/Californication (Showtime)


About Veena (NMD)

Just a housewife ... who loves this place .... and loves to write ... You can reach me through this email: Lynn's Place is in tribute to Housewives blogger Lynn Hudson, who passed away in August of 2012.
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  1. Here’s a message from Detox – I’m sure she won’t mind me posting it.

    I apologize for being M.I.A. from the blog. I really miss all of you guys, but I’ve had to force myself to specifically stay away from “Lynn’s Place” because I have an addiction to it that makes me stay on there just talking to and playing with all of my friends there for HOURS. I’ve had MAJOR business to handle so I’ve been forced to exercise some discipline and refrain from playing with “the cool kids” at “Lynn’s Place” for a while.

    I’m going to try to stop by and visit you guys again soon. I was actually thinking I could do it this week, but I just found out this morning that one of my uncles out here has colon cancer. I’ve mentioned him on the blog before. They diagnosed him with a bleeding appendix (I think I mentioned that on the blog), but he was feeling “strange” a couple of days ago. So, he went back to the hospital. They found that he had 100% blockage in 2 of his arteries; 70% blockage in another artery; and 80% blockage in another. They wanted to perform open heart surgery, but they noticed that he seemed to have an infection from his bleeding appendix that still was not healing for some reason. They ran more tests and found a hole in his colon. This morning, they told him he has colon cancer. They don’t know the Stage yet because they are going to have to perform surgery to see how far the cancer has progressed. His mother (My maternal grandmother) had colon cancer, but she had surgery and lived for SEVERAL years afterward. So, we’re keeping our fingers crossed that this will be the case with him.

    Please pass my love on to the LynnFam and tell them I’ll be back one of these days to frolic and play and write my dissertation-like comments on the blog as soon as I can.

  2. iceNfire says:

    Carried over:
    Thanks for all the info. NMD – I hope you didn’t mind the pic and poem I posted to NMD facebook. I should figure out how to post my facebook stuff here. Enjoy your skiing
    iceNfire says:
    February 24, 2013 at 12:22 pm
    p.s. – do you read our comments while flying down the slopes?

  3. Blueskyforever posted this on the last blog

    Here is Bulldog’s response:

    @stark3923 you really are sick in your head aren’t you!? U stated I’m filming,signed contracts, sold that pic to the magazines. #keepfishing

    • RHONJ has sunk to such a low level, don’t think I’ll be watching. It’s sad that they are now dredging up this Bulldog character to go after Melissa. Are they that desperate for a storyline?? Yes they are.

    • Exit4 says:

      That lady (NOT bluesy!) is an idiot. She makes up all kinds of crazy stuff. She knows absolutely nothing. Unfortunately, too many people on Twitter aren’t smart enough to catch her scam. But hey, if you have no life but making up wacky stuff on the Internet-so be it! Like MM, stay away from this loon. Don’t soil this nice blog with cray cray. Trust me on this one….

  4. BB says:

    NMD – I just e-mailed you. XXOO

  5. BB says:

    OK, first, when I read that Jillzy thinks she was part of one of the biggest shows on television today, I had to laff out loud. Most of the people I know in real life don’t even know The Real Housewives exist. Lol! And isn’t it fitting that she relates to Charo? I guess one narcissistic personality wouldn’t recognize that trait in another.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I couldn’t believe she would align herself with Charo, either. She’s so …um….what’s the phrase I’m thinking of?….out of touch with what the normal, everyday people are thinking/feeling.”

      • BB says:

        In her own little Jillzy world. Lol!

      • Powell says:

        I’m not surprised. She wants to be in w/the Hollywood crowd so bad. Remember all the tweets to Kathy Hilton? If she can become tight w/A & A keeps the support of Kyle JZ will try to get to Kathy on a direct level. This is not about supporting A. This is about JZ getting where she’s been trying to get for the past 4 or 5 yrs now.

        • princesspindy says:

          Remember the event that she went to at Kathy Hilton’s house and how we were all making up different way of how she put her squeezewear every where in the house….turns out she paid to go to the event…good times 🙂

          • Powell says:

            Yeah. That’s sad. The ‘in crowd’ don’t have to pay to go to an event. And she called Alex a social climber. Some nerve.

        • Laineylainey says:

          I can be so gullible sometimes…of course, it makes perfect sense..follow the money.

    • is she delusional or what??? most popular tv show… Jillz’s mind only!

  6. TexasTart says:

    I like the Kandi song “Stay Prayed Up” thanks for posting that, probably would have not heard it if not posted here!

    HilDogAtl – thanks for breakin down what the ladies had to say in their blogs…at least the ones that will blog! Wishing you the best with whatever troubles you face. Keep strong and take care. 🙂

  7. lizzle says:

    I haven’t watched Vancouver HW this season, but Jody and Mia are the prime example of people I love to hate. I don’t like them, but don’t want them to leave the show…. pure entertainment are what those two bring to RHOV. I will have to find the show online again and watch this season. It appears to be more of the same hijinks.

    And it is funny to hear Jill talk about how she is like Adrienne. LOL. Yeppers… lying and delusional thinking sound about right.

  8. BB says:

    Is there anyone else besides me who is not that interested in the Oscars tonight? I like to see what the stars are wearing, but I can watch Fashion Police and look at on-line site to see that. I think I’ll DVR it so I can FF through the boring parts and at least catch Barbra Striesand and Adele singing.

  9. Detox sending prayers out for your uncle. I hope he can be healed and whole. My heart goes out to you and your family.

    Not sure if anyone is interested but Brandi will be “On the Red Carpet Live” today.
    This is the link for the live stream

    Guess who is doing her first Oscar fashion analysis? If you guessed Leann Rimes you would be correct. She’s on Piers Morgan after the Oscars. She’s been to after parties but this is her first for commentary. Does anyone else find the timing of this a little suspect?

    • iceNfire says:

      Hi Shadows – I so want to see this Piers Morgan show everyone is talking about but sadly Comcast sucks…Thanks for link 🙂

    • Powell says:

      That’s sad cause you know she had her publicist find her a show since Brandi is doing a red carpet show. In all the yrs LeAnn has been a ‘Star’ in Hollywood she’s never done anything like this before. If her Twitter fans don’t see now that there is a problem then I don’t know what will convince them.

      • Laineylainey says:

        Right. Brandi just can’t have anything of her own. It WAS her night until the usurper decided it would be her night, too.

      • Orson says:

        Okay, I’ve never been a fan of LR, but I’ve always thought of her as a Nashville star, not a Hollywood star. Getting cast in a movie or two doesn’t make one a Hollywood star, if you ask me. Just ask Nene in a couple of years.

        • lizzle says:

          Exactly! That’s why she needs to go back to Nashville. Keith Urban didn’t leave Nashville when he married Nicole.. they live there.

    • TexasTart says:

      No way! So what did LeAnn do, beg someone until Piers Nobody would take her, I can’t believe it and we all know why she’s doing it. Grrrr. Thanks for the info shadowsnomore!

    • pat says:

      Will LR ever stop copying Brandi’s every move? GAWD!! She tweeted about getting fitted for her Oscar dress, (for the Piers Morgan show), getting her nails done in Oscar statue color, etc., etc.
      And her appearance on Piers Morgan’s show is for Oscar fashion commentary? WTF does she know about fashion? She just copies whatever Brandi wears. Psycho!!

  10. Powell says:

    Good afternoon everyone. Hope your Sunday has been pleasant. Who’s watching the Oscars?

  11. BB says:

    I made some veggie beef soup and am taking some to my mom. BBL y’all. Have y’all noticed the days are getting longer? It’s still pretty light out and it’s almost 5 PM. I say Yippie! Come on Springtime!

  12. Brandi looks beautiful on “on the Red Carpet Live”. Kind of old hollywood glamour. Deress is cut pretty low but other than that…gorgeous.

  13. Oh goodness – someone tweeted a photo of Brandi at the Oscars and her boobies are way too exposed. I’ll put it in the blog …. stay tuned.

    • princesspindy says:

      She really needs to pull that up!! Those puppies are going to get loose and it will be “Who let the dogs out, who, who, who, who!”

      • iceNfire says:

        Brandi is doing MahVaLous…whatever happened to Billy Crystal??

      • Laineylainey says:

        Seriously, who?

        • princesspindy says:

          I just watched the online stream and she was sitting down and I just feel bad for her….It is so close to being perfect but it is not flattering to her bosom and my word, what a bosom….she really needs to get “a team” like Charo refers to “my team”….or a better team!! I just think there is going to be a wardrobe malfunction!

    • BB says:

      The rest of her looks great. Hope she has some strong glue holding those things in.

      • I agree the dress is too low cut for my taste. The top doesn’t look so bad when she is sitting down. The color looks beautiful on her. Her hair and make-up is old Hollywood glam. She can pull off the red lip. She’s doing really well on the commentary. Posted link up thread.

        • TexasTart says:

          Glad to hear she is doing well on the commentary, I can not watch now, actually have to leave the computer, thanks for filling those of us in who can not watch! 🙂

        • pat says:

          The dress is wayyyy too low cut, but beyond that she looks stunning, head to toe.

          • Maybe the dress was made for someone about 5 inches shorter than Brandi? Take some of the stuff from the bottom of her dress & add it to the top maybe, to cover up those puppies?? How appropriate the song they did about boobies was lol!

    • kit9 says:

      This is Brandi’s standard dress fitting. ALL her dresses, it seems, are the same princess bustline 2 sizes too small.

  14. iceNfire says:

    kinda funny that Brandi is on the Red Carpet and Kyle is signing a book

  15. I just saw her sitting down and it looked way better. It looked like it fit her top bits much better. Maybe it is so heavy it started to slip.

    • when she sits, maybe the top goes higher because she’s doing deep muscle exercises with her core, & it shortens her length. or she’s just slouching, that’s easier!

  16. Powell says:

    Brandi looks very pretty but that plunge is lower than Jessica Rabbit.

  17. iceNfire says:

    And a Gazillione copies of Drinking and tweeting are being ordered

  18. Putchka says:

    I couldn’t get past the picture of Brandi… No, please no. I haven’t read anything, I assume most of you feel the same way. I’m no fashionista, but that’s a horrible dress. So wanted her to impress. Oh well, I hope her interviews go well!

  19. Nancy says:

    Robin looks beautiful! Such a brave woman. She goes back to work tomorrow. 🙂

    • chismosa says:

      Nancy I feel she’s back at work too soon. She looks so sickly still. I just hope she is not running herself out too much.

  20. iceNfire says:

  21. IMO Brandi isn’t adding much to OTRC. Everytime they ask her something she blurts out a bunch of nonsense – and there isn’t time for a re-edit. I would guess that talking in sound bites on live camera takes some experience.

  22. princesspindy says:

    Brandi just said that she and YoYo were “besties” and that YoYo broke her back in 3 places giving birth?? dang, she said girl is “gangsta”

  23. iceNfire says:

  24. T-Rex says:

    Not probably watching the Oscars much past the beginning only because I love Seth Macfarlane so want to see what he does with the opening, although no one does it better than Billy Crystal. I have been watching the mini-series North and South from the ’80’s as it’s on demand on Encore.

  25. BB says:

    Hines Ward aka a Walking Dead Zombie just got killed. I think Maggie got him.

  26. iceNfire says:

    i dont like the little boy hair cut on charlize

  27. VV says:

    E on Brandi:

  28. VV says:

  29. azgirl2345 says:

    Hey Happy Oscars Night! Mr. AZGirl and I are big movie buffs so this is a fun night. Brandi’s dress is great but the fit is off. Don’t hate on her for that. She does not have the handlers like the “A” list actresses do so I am cutting her some slack. Color is perfect but top needed adjusting. it has happened to the best of the best.
    Detox: Sending you hugs. Keep us posted.
    Windy and really cold here in AZ. Snuggling up to Mr. AZGirl and watching the Oscars.
    Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Adams, and Reese Witherspoon are the top so far on styles.
    Somebody please explain why Jennifer Aniston is there. She has never made a decent movie ever.

  30. The theme this year is Old Hollywood. IMO there have been some really decent movies, actors and actresses in the last twenty to thirty years but,I can’t think of anyone who I would classify as iconic and truly exceptional. Where are our modern day Kathrine Hepburn,Ava Gardner,Bette Davis,Elizabeth Taylor and Ingrid Bergman’s? Who is today’s Cary Grants,Spenser Tracy,Clark Gable,James Cagney of Humphrey Bogart’s? I enjoy modern movies and technology has allowed for some incredible visuals but it seems to me the magic got lost somewhere along the way. Anyone else feel the same?

    • Nancy says:

      I do but I think it’s because we have soooo many “stars” these days. It wasn’t like that
      back when.

    • VV says:

      Brandi tweeted recently she didn’t get to do a final fitting.

      • Nancy says:

        She needs to get away from that look. It gets predictable.

        • VV says:

          Bad choice. It’s the Oscars. She should have gotten a designer gown but she marches to her own drum beat. I’m sure she’ll learn from this………………………… I hope.

          • BB says:

            Hey, she’s getting mentioned on every website talking about the Oscars, a lot more than some of the big named stars. After the initial embarassment, she’ll be ok and hopefully learn from it. Some of the biggest names in Hollywood have made have made some huge fashion mistakes on the red carpet. And they had stylists!

      • kit9 says:

        Not buying it. That’s the standard Brandi fit.

    • BB says:

      In a way I do. There are a few good actors today but I don’t think they they get much of a chance to show how well they can act because of the types of movies being made. The public just isn’t that demanding and will pay good money for crap. JMO.

    • TexasTart says:

      Agree that the magic got lost somewhere along the way.
      ….and very true about what BB says about the type of material to work with these days…easy to fill seats I guess….I don’t go to movie theaters though.

  31. Nancy says:

    Does anyone know who this MC is?

    • JumpTheShark says:

      Doesn’t matter, if he continues to offend the “stars” he’ll be dead by the third act.

    • chismosa says:

      He’s quite a big guy in Hollywood Nancy. He started and does various voices in Family Guy, which has been a super successful show on TV for years.

      He did the movie Ted this past year, which to me- was my favorite comedy I’ve seen in YEARS. It’s a little dirty but it was beyond hysterical.

      He has released music albums of standards as well.

  32. TexasTart says:

    We saw your boobs! What the hell … is this the Oscars? I did that segment and neither did.Charlize Theron. Geez no wonder I don’t stay with this show.

  33. JumpTheShark says:

    Seth MacFarlane is as rick as Mel Gibson and every bit as offensive.

  34. Nancy says:

    John Travolta? Why is he there?

  35. not THAT Jill says:

    I love Jennifer Anistons dress but her hair is dreadful…

  36. Nancy says:

    I think that this would be a good time for me to clean out the litter box.

  37. Nancy says:


  38. chismosa says:

    I’m surprised everyone is not enjoying it, my parents love “old Hollywood” standards-type stuff and were quite impressed with his opening. Oh well.

    The dresses have largely underwhelmed me IMO. It’s the OSCARS. These actresses didnt BRING it. I hope Joan & co. have at them good tomorrow. Lol

  39. John Travolta’s face looks too tight.

  40. chismosa says:

    I think Catherine Zeta Jones is lip-synching.

  41. Nancy says:

    A tie? That’s a first.

  42. Anne Hathaway as best supporting actress. Not surprising she and Hugh Jackman were the best part of Les Miserables.

  43. Nancy says:

    Are you still around? I keep hearing George shouting out…”PULL IT” from the other room. LOL
    I kicked him out of the living because I couldn’t stop laughing.

  44. LA Debra says:

    Brandi’s boobs have a twitter account. @BrandisCleavage

    • chismosa says:

      I can’t say for sure, I have to look it up but it i seem to remember a lot of actresses at the Emmys and Golden Globes having very low low low cut, like Morena Baccarin’a dress at one of those awards. It is a very in look. So long as you don’t have a huge bust. I don’t know why they’re making so much fun of Brandi unless it is much more vulgar than those others. But it’s definitely a “look” these days. I’ll have to look into this. Lol

      • iceNfire says:

        And her look goes with the opening song 🙂 Not liking the fact that E! has last say on fashion

        • chismosa says:

          I don’t think they have “last say” especially because I don’t understand why Kelly Osbourne or Giuliana Rancic have any say in fashion but they were chosen to be on that show for some reason.
          I think magazines and blogs the day after really rate what has “won” from the show.
          I was simply pointing out that Brandi’s look is not not done over there in Lala land. It’s kind of being done more

          Now if we can laugh at how that trashy Kristen Stewart couldn’t walk in her shoes or look like she took a shower that would be something to talk about ! Lol.

          • kit9 says:

            People Magazine on Brandi’s dress…’If you caught a glimpse of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville, your first question — even before “What is she doing there?” — was “What is she wearing?!” They go on to call the dress color, ‘dishwater’. Ouch.

            • I liked the color but the dress was too low cut. She would have been better served if the dress didn’t have so many elements going on. If your going to show leg then it’s better to have a more modest neckline and vice versa. I saw several nude to taupe dresses that where pretty. Main complaint was that the bust area was too tight fitting. Brandi admitted she didn’t have time for final fittings. I’ve seen worse on the Red Carpet but it could have been a better dress with some tweaking.

            • chismosa says:

              I count about 5 dresses the color of dishwater on all the top nominees.
              So in and I hate it! That’s why Jane Fonda has my favorite dress. Color color color.

          • princesspindy says:

            Kelly and Giuliana are not my choices of “fashionistas”!!! And Joan has just gotten sooo gross, I don’t watch any more…use to be a fan!

  45. chismosa says:

    They need to raise the volume on Adele when she hits the high notes. Too low. Can’t hear her

  46. Nancy says:

    Very pitchy.

  47. I don’t know why I’m watching the Oscars. Our company just left….maybe it was better to have company & not really watch the Oscars while everyone talked & the 4 year old put on her own show? Was it as bad as I thought from the few glimpses I saw? I love Adele, just not that song. Seth who? Did Captain Kirk really dis him in the beginning of the show? Or did someone change the channel…..oh no, Seth really did suck. What happened to the funny clips of the movies that Billy Crystal used to do, they were hilarious. Bring Billy back, please???

    It’s 10:49 pm. east coast time.!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Not a huge Streisand fan but “Memories” is one of my favorite song of hers. The words for that song are poignant. Marvin Hamlisch was a brilliant composer and song writer.

  49. Norah Jones is Ravi Shankar’s daughter. She’s beautiful & talented.

  50. good for Adele, she just won for best song….she looks great

  51. princesspindy says:

    In high school, one of my friend’s father’s was in “The Business” and by “The Business” I mean SHOW BUSINESS, lol. Anyway, he got us in to watch Marvin Hamlish work on a “number”, it was “The Entertainer” so anyway all that I remember was he was “temperamental” and he picked his nose…. 🙂 My brush with fame!

  52. Nancy says:

    Only in Hollywood would the crowed laugh at a cocaine joke. lol

  53. iceNfire says:

    will this show never end?

  54. Ben Affleck really should have been at least nominated for best director but I do like Ang Lee.

  55. is this guy presenting an award?? who is he – Jean of the garden?

  56. iceNfire says:

    Meryl is noteworthy of hollywood recent royalty

  57. Jennifer Lawrence is a cute young lady. She’s rather refreshing and I’m not surprised she one best actress. I do like Naomi Watts and hope she wins an Oscar someday.

    • kit9 says:

      I’m so glad she won. Love her! She’s the only reason I watched this monstrosity tonight.

      • chismosa says:

        I think this show was 10000x better than the craziness when Anne Excitability Hathaway co-hosted. That was Cra-Cra!!!

  58. Nancy says:

    Who knew he was funny!

  59. iceNfire says:

    This is too much Hollywood for me…where’s my Reality tv?

  60. chismosa says:

    Uhh this is so dumb. Why is Michelle Obama on? Lordy

    Her dress is the most popular shade tonight

  61. Nancy says:

    She looks beautiful.

  62. I’m not surprised Daniel Day Lewis won best actor. I loved him in “The Last of the Mohicans”. I think it was a tough category. Like Hugh Jackman and Bradley Cooper so it was a very tought choice.

    • He pulled a Meryl Streep…..he’s won 3 best actor awards for My Left Foot, There Will be Blood, and for Lincoln. I wanted Hugh Jackman to win! darn

      Meryl won best actress Oscars for Iron Lady (about Margaret Thatcher), Sophie’s Choice (very tough movie to watch!) and for Kramer vs. Kramer.

      I’m glad Ben Affleck won an Oscar for Argo, Best Picture. Tough decisions, so many good movies/nominations. The only movie I’ve seen so far is Lincoln.

    • one of my all time favorite movies, he was superb in it. wayyy better than There Will be Blood, IMO

  63. Nancy says:

    YES! Good for him.

  64. Yeah “Argo” won best film. Ben Afflect gets some vindication.”Lincoln” got a few wins but didn’t sweep it like some thought it may.

  65. Nancy says:


  66. chismosa says:

    I can hear Kristen perfectly but not Seth. His voice is not nearly as powerful as hers. Plus, the sound editing was off, like with Adele. JMHO

  67. BB says:

    I would like to challenge those who think Brandi shows her breasticles too much to go back and count all the episodes this season where Brandi has worn low cut tops. Hardly any and when she did do low cut, it was no lower cut than any of the other BH ladies. Maybe she wears low cut on other occasions like WWHL or things like that, but on the show this season, she has been really modest on the top. Now she has shown a lot of leg! Just thought that needed to be pointed out. You can check the photos or videos of this season on the Bravo site. Thank you very much.

    • Sad that she put herself out there in that dress on such a big occasion for her. But she will survive & thrive. She did dress very well all thru RHOBH, she has good taste. LR may not have to go bonkers tonite after all.

    • chismosa says:

      BB I agree. Blonk

    • TexasTart says:

      BB – that confirms.what I.remember about Brandi …lots of leg and rarely boobs in view, so I did not get the comments upstream that she always has the boobs out – simply not true on RHOBH at least. It was a bad fit/look tonight and I’m sure she learned.from it!

    • kit9 says:

      Why doesn’t last season count? Or other appearances? We’re talking about what she wears…that would extend all the way back to 12 months ago. lol. There’s the trip(Hawaii? I forget), where Lisa had to warn her she was falling out of her ‘dress’ with a top that was a size or two too small. She wore a dress to the White Party with one breast covered by a small triangle. At the reunion, I was waiting for her nipple to pop out. And, let’s not forget the beach party! We could see her areolas, for god’s sake. And, she’s even worn stuff like that in her TH’s! I remember one super tacky get up that was straight off a stripper pole. But, I guess anything compared to last season’s ti**y fest would seem like hardly any this season.

      • kit9 says:

        I’d Im pretty sure tonight’s boob exposing atrocity makes up for her comparative modesty this season …lol…..I just looked at it again and wow! And, she’s so full of it. Missed a fitting? It’s the freaking Oscars and it’s her own dress design but she couldn’t manage to get it fitted properly? She did it for headlines and publicity. But, oh, dear, the headlines aren’t very flattering. You know it’s bad when People is busting you…they called it ‘bewildering’.

        • realhousewifeva says:

          She’s being talked about more than any of the big name actresses, and I think that’s what she wants. Let’s face it, she gets work for her ‘look’ and I don’t think any of the work she is looking for has anything to do with “Hollywood Glam”. She will be invited to do so many gigs after putting that body on display. I think she is going for SHOCK VALUE and she does it over and over again.

  68. princesspindy says:

    Crazy LR is on CNN with Piers Morgan…

    • BB says:

      I’m seeing Jennifer Lawrence and why are all of these reporters acting her about tripping up the stairs? What dumb questions! She’s looking at them like they are the stupidest people on earth and they are!

      • princesspindy says:

        She’s so cute, they have a panel that LR is on with Holly Robinson. They are cutting back and forth.

    • I’m checking CNN here in badass NJ, no LR!!! whut the you know whut?? They are showing Jennifer Lawrence backstage, which is entertaining on my CNN. So how is LR doing?????

  69. TexasTart says:

    E! is.showing Jennifer Lawrence press interview after winning and she is.Hilarious and speaks.her mind!

  70. BB says:

    OK. Why does Piers have a panel when all they are showing are the interviews with the winning actors? And these interviews are pretty dumb and awkward.

  71. Nancy says:

    Dinner time. 🙂

  72. BB says:

    Yawn! I’m out. Good night.

  73. VV says:

    Taylor Armstrong tweeter TL. She’s arguing and insulting people, claiming there were threath. I just think she wants attention…

    • princesspindy says:

      The gift that keeps on giving.

    • princesspindy says:

      She is saying someone threaten to kill Kennedy.

      • Pghemtchick says:

        Looks like one twitter account was suspended/shut down. It’s not locked, but 0 followers/0following and 70-some tweets not showing. Wonder if the threat came from there- it’s an egg. Only other comment I saw was “the wrong Armstrong died that day”. Maybe she doesn’t consider herself an Armstrong? It had no mention of Kennedy. People get crazy on there.

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