Sheree Whitfield Gets a Restraining Order against Three Bloggers / Real Housewives of Vancouver / Walking Dead

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Sheree Whitfield has been Granted a Restraining Order Against Three Bloggers – or Has She?

First of all – I’m not one of them.  I have never even been to Atlanta.  Now that we’ve got that covered, let’s dive into what has happened.

Let’s start off TamaraTattles.  She is an Atlanta blogger that has written a few, but not obsessive amount, of blogs on Chateau Sheree. Let’s face it, when we saw that empty lot on the show, we were all thinking Sheree Whitfield would never finish that house.  Tamara took the time to check in from time to time to see if there had been any progress on the house.  Construction has been in fits and starts, but finally it looks like there is more than just a shell on the site.  Apparently the last time Tamara went by there was a construction crew on site, and she talked her way into getting inside the partially-completed home (allegedly the construction people let her in) to take photos.  According to TMZ, Sheree was granted a restraining order and Tamara cannot get within 500 yards of her.  I sort of get that since Tamara actually went on her private property, although I think it’s a stretch to call Tamara a stalker.

Then there are two other bloggers named in the TMZ article.  One of them – Funky Dineva, talks candidly about the whole thing on Kandi Burruss’s show Kandi Koated Nights.

He starts with saying that the housewives of Atlanta are wearing on his last damn nerves.  First of all Kenya tried to sue him for something last year, and now it’s Sheree filing a restraining order against him in family and disability court.  He explains that when you file a restraining order against someone, you feel that your life is in jeopardy.  He says – “first of all bitch, we went out to a house that wasn’t even in your name – it was in your daughter’s name.  So if anyone we’re harassing and stalking, it’s your daughter.  Number two, the first Chateau Sheree video was filmed almost a year ago, the second was filmed around three months ago.   I just saw you at a super bowl party three weeks ago and we hugging and taking pictures.  That’s the first time I came in contact with this woman, and you wanna file a restraining order against me?  Cause I went to some random house on a bus route on a busy street?”  (You can see the photo of them together on the link I posted.)  Kandi interjects here and says “well, it was messy”.   He agrees, but continues.  “I called my lawyers and both my parents are lawyers and my daddy told me to tell you to go f*ch yourself, and here’s why.”  “I don’t know that lady, I haven’t met that lady, at best she has to prove excessive blogging about her.”  He concludes by saying that they are thinking that she must have a show or something and she wants attention.  Then he talks about TamaraTattles, and says that she’s white, and white women can do things that black women can’t (in case you’re not watching the video he’s dressed in drag.)  That she talked her way into the house, and that personally he felt she went to far.  His daddy had told him to make sure he stood on the curb and didn’t go on that ladies property when he went out there – which he did.  Kandi is cracking up through all of this.  He says he was at the bus stop. Then he says he’ll see her in court in 30 days.  Apparently the moment someone files for a restraining order in Atlanta they are granted it for 30 days, so if they end up at the same party she can have him arrested.  Although they have to find him and serve him.  He then goes on to say that he plans to make an ass out her by coming into court in drag with a camera crew, and he’s going to make some money off of her.  He concludes by saying that “if this is what you want, then come on honey restrain me,” in a soft voice.

And then there is the third blogger – StraighfromtheA.  She says she didn’t even know that Sheree had filed against her, and wrote an entire (hilarious) blog about it that you can read here.  If I understood Funky right that could be true – she probably just hasn’t been served with the papers yet.  But they have history.  Apparently Sheree is always sending her lame emails, phoning her, and leaving nasty comments on her site, and even tried to take photos of her when she was getting her weave.  Like Funky, StraighfromtheA never set a foot on Sheree’s property, but unlike Funky these two ladies actually know each other.

So is this a press stunt?  Including Funky and StraightfromtheA certainly makes it seem like one.  We’ll have to stay tuned …  but I’m laughing my ass off at the response of the bloggers.


Real Housewives of Vancouver Episode 4 “Second Chances and Second Thoughts” by NoMoreDrama

(all photos are screen shots from the show – slicetv)

Jody is not at all pleased with the thought of the vampire face lift.

Jody is not at all pleased with the thought of the vampire face lift.

Does anyone else think Robin looks orange?

Does anyone else think Robin looks orange?

We start with Amanda.  She’s feeling old because she’s turning 34 so she goes in to get some work done.  They call it a vampire face lift.  She brings Robin and Jody with her.  They start talking about it involving blood.  I have issues with blood so I may have to fast forward.  I think Jody may share my issues – take a look at her face.  I also have issues with someone who is 34 thinking they are old.  Robin interviews that if you’re open minded about improving or enhancing your looks – the sky is the limit.  Is it just me or does she look orange?

Then they start to dish on the dinner the week before where Amanda and Ronnie got into it.  Jody calls Ronnie “Rocky” because she said she wanted to beat up Amanda and Ioulia the Trucker for her dirty mouth (she said stupid shit – I think it’s the Canadian in Jody that finds that offensive).  As Jody is complaining about Ronnie and how you can have a disagreement but not to the point where you hurt someone else, Robin brings up how Jody hurts Mary and isn’t kind to her.  I think Jody was talking hurt in a literally sort of way – not emotional, so she was a little taken aback.  In her talking head Jody says, “I don’t care about Mary Zilba, is she still alive?”

Amanda brings it back to her birthday.  She says she’s going to invite Ronnie to her birthday, and Robin, and Jody.  Jody says she’s bringing Mia, and Robin asks how that will work out with Mary there.  Amanda says that no one has invited Mary.

Now it’s time for the vampire face lift.  The girls are allowed to go in as long as they are quiet and don’t faint.   I wouldn’t be able to promise that.  There are long needles and blood.  They draw blood from her arm and inject it into her face (I assume after adding filler).  Amanda says it hurts.  Jody feels faint and leaves.  Amanda says it was well worth it because she looks smashing.

Vancouver is a beautiful city.

Vancouver is a beautiful city.

Ronnie, Mary, and Robin meet for lunch.  Wow – they are at the Cactus club on the patio and you can see the beach in the background.  Robin tells the girls about the procedure, and shows them a video on her phone.  Mary voices over that it is hypocritical for Jody to support Amanda when she gets filler in her face, when Mary is supposed to be “stoned to death” for allegedly having filler cheeks.

Robin fills them in on the earlier conversation, and tells them that the girls feel that Ronnie was rude.  Robin is being a bit of a snake here.  Ronnie is pissed that they were insulting her behind her back.  Robin also tells the girls that Amanda and Mia are best friends.  I have a feeling Ronnie and Jody will be in a feud for a while.  Ronnie tells the girls that Amanda has asked her to dinner, but she’s not sure if she wants to go.

Jody and her sombrero.

Jody and her sombrero.

Jody tells us that her son Joshua is heading off to Ryerson University in Toronto.  She’s struggling with this, so she’s wearing her sombrero of strength as she clips flowers on her patio.  He doesn’t want to take designer luggage to his dorm room.  She says she should take the luggage because he may go skiing, and he points out the obvious – skiing in Toronto?  That’s just not likely since its flat.   Then she says he may to go Europe because he’s close to Switzerland.  He rolls his eyes and says that’s not going to happen, and then asks her to take off her ridiculous hat.  I like this young man.  Then there is a touching scene where he admits that he’ll miss her.  She says they’ll see each other once a month and he negotiates for a little more space.  He actually says that she’s his idol because she works so hard.  Oh my gosh what a sweet young man.

Amanda is guarded during coffee with Mary.

Amanda is guarded during coffee with Mary.

Mary and Amanda have coffee so Mary can apologize for walking out on the dinner.  Amanda isn’t sure why she’s even meeting with Mary (since she’s on team Jody).  Way to be open Amanda.  Mary says she doesn’t hate Jody despite everything.  Amanda voices over that despite everything Mary said she LIKES Jody (no she said she doesn’t hate Jody – big difference) and that Mary is nuts.  They start talking about Ronnie, but Mary realizes she can’t say a word or Ronnie will go nuts so she changes the subject.  Smart.  Then Mary changes the subject and gives Amanda a gift.  So Amanda feels obligated to invite her to the dinner, and Mary says she’ll give it some thought because she doesn’t want to ruin it.

Robin meets with the national anthem lady.  So we’re supposed to believe that they’ve never talked about this before the coffee date?  Robin says “I know, I know, the tape was awful and I didn’t get it”.  But the lady says – “Who told you no?  Because we didn’t say you didn’t get it.  We said we were looking at other options.”  That’s how they played it when they showed the conversation – but the implication was no.  Anyway, the other option is a duet with another singer.

Things start off rocky, but once the ladies eat they mellow out a lot.

Things start off rocky, but once the ladies eat they mellow out a lot.

Now it’s time for Amanda and Ronnie to meet for sushi.  Amanda voices over that she doesn’t want to leave with a black eye (they are painting Ronnie as violent this season.)  Amanda apologizes for airing things out in front of the other women.  Ronnie asks Amanda if she might think that she’s a little oversensitive.  Amanda asks Ronnie if she might feel that she’s a little too harsh.  Ronnie does not like people standing up to her.  They talk about the difference between being honest and rude.  Ronnie calls Amanda aggressive.  Amanda says Ronnie is the aggressive one.  Then they start eating.  Ronnie apologizes for what she said and admits that she’s had a tough year.  Maybe they were just starving, because all of a sudden they are friends.

Why do I think this was all just about showcasing Cole?

Why do I think this was all just about showcasing Cole?

Robin and Mary head off to do Robin’s second audition.  Robin explains what’s going on to Mary – and says she understands how Mary might think that other options was a polite way of saying no.  The other singer is Cole.  Cole is a kid.  His voice hasn’t even changed.  Robin tries to tell Cole how to sing the duet – he looks confused.  They audition and Cole is amazing.  Robin is okay.  After hedging and hawing, they finally tell Robin she can sing with Cole.

Jody is doing a photo shoot for Syle and Home.  Jody claims she’s shy.  Then she laughs.  Jody is really a natural at this.  I actually like Jody when she’s not talking about Mary.

Who thinks Robin's dress is too short?

Who thinks Robin’s dress is too short?

It’s time for Amanda’s birthday party.  Her boyfriend Kyle, and his sister and her husband are also going to this dinner.  Amanda takes the time to prepare them.  Ioulia, Mary, and Robin also head out in a limo.  I catch a glimpse of a park close to where my son lives.  The girls are really concerned that Robin’s dress is too short.  You be the judge.  Both Ioulia and Robin think something will go down.  Mary says she’ll be out of there if it does.  They arrive first, followed by Mia and Jody.

Mary feels abandoned.

Mary feels abandoned.

Jody immediately tries to demean Mary by bringing up old gossip.

Jody immediately tries to demean Mary by bringing up old gossip.

Jody and Mia completely ignore Mary and greet the other girls, so Mary feels alienated. Jody pulls out her phone and brings up a copy of an article about Mary and the Miss America contest.  Ah – just when I was starting to think Jody was human.  She reads it out loud.  It’s gossip from 30 years ago.  Mary says that at least when she did wear a tiara she earned it as Miss Ohio.

Mia just rolls her eyes at Mary's insults.

Mia just rolls her eyes at Mary’s insults.

Mia interviews that Jody is allergic to Mary.  Even if she wants to ignore her, she can’t help herself, and stuff just comes out of her mouth.  What?  Mia is making sense??  Now Jody says that Mary has a twenty-one year old boyfriend who is a hockey player.  Mary denies this, but says she does know some hockey players.  When Mia says she does too, Mary says of course she does, “in a very intimate way, I’m sure. “  That wasn’t nice Mary.  Mia denies it and Mary starts talking about Mia’s reputation.  Okay – so all this is happening before the party – what happened to Mary NOT wanting to cause drama?  Then Mary says “nice nose job by the way, it looks great.”  But not in a nice way.  Mary voices over that she was off her game and lashed out more than she ever has.  At least she admitted it.  I will say that Mia kept her cool through all of this.

Mary tells Amanda what is going on.

Mary tells Amanda what is going on.

Amanda arrives and everyone is happy for a minute before Mary starts to explain that she needs to leave.  Jody tells Amanda she just needed to call Mary out on her lies.  Mary gets in a limo and leaves. Good for her.  Wait – that was a red herring because she’s still there, but out in front of the restaurant waiting for Ronnie to arrive so she can recruit Ronnie onto team Mary.  Ronnie is beginning to wonder if Mary just wants the attention.  The others notice that Mary has left, and Amanda and Robin go outside to ask her to come back in.   Finally they all sit down and open gifts.  Of course Jody hates the gift Mary gave Amanda, even though Amanda explains that she saw it in the window and Mary bought it for her.  Jody gives her a tiara.

Then Ronnie starts to stir the shit and asks what happened before they sat down.  Someone says they don’t want to go there, but Jody says – you know what – I do want to go there.  I have a feeling Mary will regret coming back in to the restaurant.  Previews show she will eventually leave, and then the other ladies will talk crap about her for leaving.


The Walking Dead Episode 311:  I Ain’t a Judas By BlueSky

For all of you dedicated Walking Dead fans, we saw in last week’s episode Andrea’s attempt to make peace between the Governor and Rick.  She isn’t fully aware of all the nasty things the Gov is responsible for, so Andrea has no idea that there is no way these two will ever be friends. She is blonde after all, but I digress.

Rick is in the look out tower at the prison searching the woods with binoculars. He sees a glimpse of white but loses sight of it.  His son Carl Jr. comes up to have a talk. He tells Rick it’s time to stop being the leader because Rick deserves a rest. Even Carl Jr. realizes Rick is stuck in crazy town with his visions of his dead mom.

Andrea is in Woodbury, convincing Milton that he has to help her go to the prison to broker a non-violence treaty between the two groups. Somehow she still loves the Governor too much to just let Rick kill him. She can’t get a vehicle to leave Woodbury, heck she can’t even get out of town, unless somebody helps her. Milton runs to his evil boss, the Governor to tell him about Andrea’s plan. Here is where the Gov shows his dark manipulative side, he tells Milton to help her! What does the Gov want? He wants to know more about what resources Rick has, how many people, guns – in fact he wants a complete floor plan of the prison if he can get it. Andrea, simpleton that she is, falls right into place as his pawn. So we see Andrea and Milton out in the woods, catching a walker that they can put a steel collar on with a metal “leash” to walk in front of them. This helps them to move through herds of walkers without getting into trouble.  Andrea has learned this skill from Michonne. They catch a walker, stumbling through the woods looking for some flesh to bite. Andrea knocks him to the ground, while Milton puts the collar on his neck. Next, while Milton keeps the walker on the ground by lying on top of his back, Andrea gets out her handy dandy hatchet. She hacks off both of the walker’s arms, just below the elbow. Grabbing a just right sized rock from the ground, Andrea places it under the gaping mouth of the walker. She stomps on its head, to get rid of the teeth. It is gruesome. It’s times like these that I prefer to think of this walker as a dummy, artistically made by the Walking Dead props department! All the hissing & growling noises these walkers make drive my German shepherd crazy. He invariably comes over to me checking to see that I’m ok, and sometimes whines. Smart dog. He doesn’t like the walkers either. Uh oh here comes another random walker cruising by, in typical walker style. Dragging his feet, hissing to high heaven. Andrea has become an expert with that hatchet. One perfectly timed blow to the head, and the walker is really dead.

Milton and Andrea are about to continue their hike through the woods towards the prison. As they see a battered female walker coming at them, Tyreese appears to kill it with a sword blow to the head. Tyreese is shocked to meet Andrea, Milton & their defanged, unarmed & collared walker. Well it’s good to see that Tyreese, his sister & the other two guys have survived being evicted from the prison. Tyreese asks them if they have a camp….after telling them about Woodbury, Milton offers to lead them there. Now Andrea is on her own but she is more than capable of making it through the woods to the prison. We don’t know exactly how long it takes her to get there.

Hershel drops in to talk to the much hated Merle who is re-binding his knife attachment to his arm stump. He asks Hershel about his leg, how he lost the bit below the knee. They form a bond over their lost limbs. Hershel quotes the bible Matthew 5:30 “And if your right hand offends you, cut it off, and cast it from you…”  Merle finishes the quote “for it is profitable for you that one of your members should perish, and not that your whole body should be cast into hell.”  Whoah, Merle has read the bible. And can quote from it. Merle explains to Hershel that there was an excellent library in Woodbury, and he kind of misses it. While out looking for supplies for the town and killing people (remember the soldiers) I guess Merle had some down time. But he ain’t a Judas. Can Merle be trusted now – has he changed his wicked ways? Be careful there Hershel.

Andrea makes it to the prison. There are lots of walkers milling about as she calls out to Rick and the others. Rick, Maggie, Glenn, Carl Jr., Daryl and Michonne are standing in a line, combat ready. It’s clear they no longer trust Andrea. Just before becoming walker prey, they open the gate and let her in. Andrea is shocked at their appearance, and how they are treating her. Slowly she gains their trust. They left her on Hershel’s farm after all, not knowing if she ever made it out. If Michonne hadn’t saved Andrea, she would have been dead long ago. Michonne stares at Andrea with a look of disgust on her face. She tells Andrea that the Gov sent Merle to kill her after she left Woodbury. Glenn and Maggie tell Andrea how they were beaten. Andrea starts to get a glimmer of the truth.

Andrea meets the baby Judith or “little ass kicker” as she is nicknamed. She is sad to hear Lori died in childbirth, and about others that have been lost to walkers. Andrea and Carol have a heart to heart talk. Carol advises her to go back to Woodbury, give the Gov a night he’ll never forget, then pull a knife and kill him. That would end the problems with the evil Gov. Andrea is given a clunker to get back to the town. As a final gift, Rick gives her a revolver. That’s more than she got when she left Woodbury. Andrea makes it back to the border of the town, where the wall guards are pointing weapons at her. When they realize it’s Andrea, she’s allowed back in. That night, suave Gov is asking her questions about Rick and the prison. Andrea doesn’t realize how much info she is passing on. She tells the Gov that Rick’s group is in terrible shape, broken by the experience of taking over the prison. They are a hardened survivor group now. Andrea makes love with the Gov. After he is soundly asleep, she sneaks out of bed to retrieve a knife. But she just can’t kill him. Carol’s advice goes unheeded.

This Sunday, Michonne, Rick & Carl Jr. go on a trip to score more weapons. They need to prepare themselves for the coming battle. Watch a preview here:

Someone we saw in the first season will make a reappearance.

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  1. TexasTart says:

    Oh no, I am spoiled! 😆

  2. BB says:

    For all you Downton Abbey fans, here’s some more news about the new season. Shirley McClain will be returning, plus some more newbies.

    • nohausfrau says:

      Thx BB for the Downton News. I’m a Johnny-come-lately to the series and I just love it. I watched it totally out of order (3rd season then 1st season and will start 2nd season this week).

      Hope all is going well for you. Are you at the Outer Banks or back in VA?

      • BB says:

        NHF, I have only watched the 3rd Season! I haven’t had a chance to watch the first 2 yet, but I’m hooked. I’m in VA for now but will be back at the OBX when warmer weather gets here. It’s good to see you back here again.

        • Thanks for the article BB! I have been hooked since the 1st season. The only thing I wish is that they would do more episodes. They obviously have a lot of film in the can (as evidenced by the editing). Sorry to see O’Brian go too. I wonder who they will bring in? She was such a main (and great) character. Loving the series since I always thought the stork dropped me off on the wrong continent and I should have been a Brit! LOL! 🙂

          • BB says:

            Me too about the Brit thing. I’ve never looked into my ancestry much, but I have a strong suspicion that my line comes straight out of GB, although on my dad’s dad’s side there may be a strain of German in there. Lol.

            • Really? Kindred spirit then! I am so far from British being almost full blooded Italian with a little Polish sprinkled in….but I have all my life been drawn to all things British. I may know more about their history than American history. LOL! I sometimes feel misplaced and if I ever get to visit there, I may not return! I know, I will photo bomb a DA filming! 😛 Wishful thinking!

          • nohausfrau says:

            O’Brian is a great villian. I will miss Matthew and Sybil too. At least with the servants they don’t have to die in order to be written out of the series.

            Yes, I bet it is chilly at the OBX. It’s pretty cold here in central NC today too. I’m so ready for Spring.

            • BB says:

              Me too. My daughter, who coaches college softball, was in SC today and they had to cancel the games because of snow/cold – in SC no less.

    • It’s going to be fun to see Maggie Smith & Shirley McClain together again. Love this show too.

  3. AZGirl says:

    TT I am with you on this…I AM TOTALLY SPOILED. Thank you NMD for all the hard work.

    • Rebecca, thanks for reminding us to pray for Detox’s uncle and Diva’s husband that will have his knee surgery soon. I haven’t read all of the blogs lately, so if there is anyone else we need to send our prayers to, let us know. I believe in the power of prayer too.

      Detox, you are in my prayers for your new job – you would be the best for that position. Stay positive! Diva got her new job(s) & I’m so happy for her.

      • Rebecca says:

        I’m happy to do it. Catholics have novenas for everything, so please, let us know if you need prayers!

  4. BB says:

    Hey guys, In response to Morrisey’s concerns about those “animal serial killers” from Duck Dynasty, they’ve come out with some new products.

  5. BB says:

    I don’t know how to repost comments, but hildogatl just posted this a little while ago on the previous blog: “Btw you guys, when the rhoa is back, my blog recaps may be limited, and short….BECAUSE…me and my man of almost 7 years are getting married on 4/13. My father, who unexpectantly passed on 4/25 -the 13th is his birthday. Just wanted to give you an honest heads up.” CONGRATULATIONS HILDOGATL!

  6. It is 1:30pm here in my time zone. This is absolutely my favorite time of any day of the week….Saturday afternoon. The morning chores are behind us, we have had a good brunch or lunch, naps are to be had….and the afternoon stretches out before us with no obligations in sight. There may be things we must do….but the truth is….we do not HAVE to do them, because there is always one more day to get them done. So, the time is completely our own. Children’s voices stream in from the yards where they play, the morning chatter of the birds has ceased as they slumber, good movies are playing on the telly or good books sit waiting on the shelves, and all the while the evening and all its promise lurks around the corner. What to do?

    Hope your Saturday afternoon is delightful! 🙂

    • TexasTart says:

      Ah, this is an example of a “creepy” muppet?! (comment from the last blog, Princesspindy said her DD thought muppets were creeepy. lol)

      • princesspindy says:

        lol, not the muppets, the puppets on Mr. Rogers, that whole “kingdom” thingy, but the lol of it is that she does hate, to this day, the dressed up characters!! We use to have to hide her from Chuck E Cheese….freaked her out….

        • TexasTart says:

          Oh, I read that wrong! I didn’t think of Mr Rogers having a puppet show but was it a king & queen…harsh facial features, crudely done small puppets, yet they zoomed in close on them….if I remember correctly…the creepy makes more sense now, ha.

          Somehow the facial features on the queen have dredged up a memory of a man in drag….on TV in the 70’s….Madam something. Was that a puppet or a person? I am having some conflicting flashback. If anyone dares to weigh in on such nonsense, be my guest, lol.

  7. Poor Sheree, had a chance to make something of herself and failed. She must be turning her dusty heels over in her out of date Louboutins watching NeNe work her time in the spotlight. Sheree was about everything negative. NeNe might have stumbled for a minute, but got back on her game and its paying off.

    • iceNfire says:

      ITA – I never liked KKB but I do follow her on Twitter and it’s nice to see that she has moved on and appears to be very happy.

  8. hildogatl says:

    Ladies, purportedly michelle from sfta is engaged to bob whitfield. She has been “dating” him no less than a year. Michelle, imo is stalking, if any of you have the time to review and see, 40% is all about sheree. If that isnt sick and bout as close to leann stalker ish, I dont know what is. Also, anyone can get on the property, its about 9 miles from me, yes it has fences but just like every home construction, you can get in, if you choose. My fiance is a trade contactor for wealthy people in atlanta, (you would DIE if I named names), while I will not report if I have or have not been to said property, it is easy to access. While stfta is reporting she doesnt own it, she does. It is her property and by ga lw, tresspassing, shocked she didnt press criminal charges. Needless to say, it is all pretty ugly and messy.

    On a different note, I must disclaim and share, on april 13th I will marry my love of almost 7 years. If my blog recaps for rhoa are short and brief, I apologize. I dont want to abandon you all at this point but I have a duty to focus on me and my soon to be fiance. Hope you understand. You all would die to here our journey and how our wedding came to be, but another story. Hope your saturday is going great!

    • BB says:

      Please don’t worry about us! Enjoy your wedding and marriage.

    • iceNfire says:

      Congrats to you and your fiance 🙂

    • hildogatl says:

      Husband, geez, lol

    • hildogatl says:

      You guys are too sweet, he actually is very supportive about me blogging about the blogging, lol

    • Congrats Lady! Enjoy your day and your new life!

    • TexasTart says:

      I googled sfta and figure this Michele is someone from – has to be there are a lot of posts about Sheree..a lot. Just to say Leann stalkerish, covers the bases, ha ha. Thanks for the info hildog and CONGRATULATIONS! on your upcoming marriage! I would love to hear your journey to get there sometime! 🙂

      • iceNfire says:

        Those three bloggers named in lawsuit had their full names disclosed…that should be punishment enuf – imo –

        • jezzibel says:

          Lets be honest Sheree is a hasbeen/neverwas on a reality show……why these blogger felt the need to follow up/stalk her/go out of their way, almost a year after she was let go from RHOA is kinda childish.
          These women are on one of many reality/scripted reality shows, out of sight out of mind, besides does anyone really want a VH1 style behind the music on any of these women once they are off the show, have they done anything really fascinating or original(like get a job no on camera), that warrants this kind of attention?
          Congratulations Hildogatl.

          • hildogatl says:

            Love you guys, thank you thank you! Seriously TX Tart, if you really, see…its ver similar. While Ms. S may be gone, she certainly is bringing some gone with the ratchetness (allegedly) for something. Im a normal girl with normal problems that “escapes” through mindless tv. Lol. Again, thank you, thank you, we appreciate it.

            • TexasTart says:

              HA!…. gone with the rachetness…. LOL!
              Not sure how normal I am 😉 but it’s my escape too!

          • hildogatl says:

            Agreed, no other words.

    • nohausfrau says:

      Congratulations Hildogatl.

    • Boobah says:

      CONGRATS hildogatl !!! Wonderful news!

    • Kansas Girl says:

      Congrats! (And tell details!)

    • Congratulations Hildogatl! You will be busy, so don’t worry about us. Exciting news for you & your man!

      • hildogatl says:

        Cant say thanks enough and reply to all, I have been quiet about it but it is almost time, so had to spill the beans. Cant wait, excited and scared. Many emotions!

    • KTinCT says:

      Congratulations 🙂

    • Rebecca says:

      Congratulations hildogatl !

      Come back after the wedding and let us know how it went!

    • SoutheastVA says:

      Even though I’m late seeing this, CONGRATULATIONS! You’re getting married two days after my birthday. Happy April:)

  9. iceNfire says:

    Hi – Earlier today I was reading a blog that showed Kim and Kyle pointing their fingers at Brandi during game night. It was on a loop. Does anyone have the link? Does anyone know what I’m even talking about?

  10. I just heard a very strange story about someone that blew my mind. A woman my mom knows was going to be a grandmother of twins in a week. Her daughter in law went to all her doctor appts. alone, to another larger town about 40 minutes away. They had a shower for the mom to be of twins just a week or so ago. Then just a day ago, the DIL tells her MIL that she lost the twins. She claims she went to the hospital, the babies were suctioned out, so there is nothing to bury. On top of this, the MIL had displayed a sonogram of twins in the womb, that were supposed to be 2 pounds, months ago. Now the DIL says the fetuses were around 1 pound….it just didn’t add up. So another woman, hearing this story, went on the internet and found a sonogram that was an EXACT match to the one the Grandma to be had brought in, and displayed on the wall where they all work. They suspect that it’s all a hoax, but the MIL has no idea. She is in mourning. IMO they should share with the MIL that it’s impossible to drive yourself 40 minutes to another town, lose the babies at the hospital, and the fetuses that were supposedly close to full term, and then drive yourself home again a few hours later. This DIL is a mental case for sure. Why would she do this? Meanwhile the MIL is devastated. Her son has a job where he travels a lot….how convenient for the DIL. My mom wants to wait a few days, to see if the MIL, her son, or somebody in the family figures out it’s a hoax. I know the MIL, she’s a great lady. It upsets me that she’s grieving over this…..what do you guys think? How crazy that this can happen, and in a small town. The creep involved is heavy set, so my mom says it was easy to believe that she was pregnant.

    • Catseye says:

      VERY odd.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      OMG blue!!! Why would someone do that??? The poor MIL!!!

    • Rebecca says:

      Whoa…. I know in certain states, if a baby does a certain number of weeks from the due date, they HAVE to have a burial.

      Sounds like she wanted attention and acceptance. I hope the husband gets out now.

      • Rebecca says:

        AND there has to be a death certificate. The father of the babies has every right to the records.

        • this is what gets me, how can this crazy chick pull off this stunt? I’m waiting to hear on Monday what’s developed over the weekend. Somebody in that family has to start questioning her.

    • TexasTart says:

      Setting aside what appears to be deception, on a sick level, the real issue is how to approach those that were deceived that might not be able to think as much for their own grief. I would hope your mothers’ friend will have an epithomy before she is approached….because it doesn’t seem as if there is an immediate issue if she is told nothing to bury. There would have to be documentation such occurred, I guess I am thinking there could be legal repercussions, on behalf of the husband if he was deceived. This is a tough one bluesky, because everyone loses. 😦

      • so true TT, I was so mad that the MIL was hurt, & her son too. This DIL should be in the psych ward. I really doubt that they will press charges. Probably the husband will forgive her, and his mom will just continue to doubt her.

    • Lisa Renee says:

      BS1, in the words of my mother “trust your gut”. That is a very convulated series of events. Lisa

  11. hildogatl says:

    Wow is the only words as my stomach churns, im only a furbaby momma and that is sick.

    • I would want my son to get away from someone that sick, to fake a pregnancy. Kept asking my mom, get the MIL to talk to a doctor or nurse. No way they wouldn’t be able to bury the lost twins, close to term, right? But the DIL’s story conveniently avoids the need for a funeral.

      • hildogatl says:

        My father was a funeral director, my half sis almost had a full term baby but at 6mths a half hear, downs syndrome and deminished brain, docs decided to terminate…he had a name, casket and funeral. So sad.

        • Oh that is sad hildogatl. I cried when my mom told me our friend’s DIL lost the twins….then she told me the rest of the story. So disturbing.

          • lillybee says:

            There is something not right happening.

            • It is so twisted! If the MIL doesn’t find out by Monday night what’s really going on, I already volunteered to talk to her. It’s not right, letting someone mourn like that. Don’t even get me started with the fake baby shower…..what a liar.

          • iceNfire says:

            Hi Bluesky – I loved reading about your German Sheperds, our last 2 were the opposite with the female loving humans and the male not so much. I read that G. S. are the 2nd smartest breed with poodles being #1 but I’ll take a G. S. over any breed any day! Very loving, loyal, protective, and so much fun. I miss them terribly, they passed within months of each other. Our cat is gone too but that’s a whole other story I’m not ready to share. Please give each a yours a scratch behind the ears for me 🙂

            • Catseye says:

              I have 2 Toy Poodles and a Yorkie with a dash of Poodle (wavy hair) and *I* think they are the smartest dogs EVER!!! But I guess all us pet owners have our own prejudices 🙂

            • will do Ice. Your shepherds loved each other for sure 🙂 I had a tough day with the male yesterday. He’s a goofy dog, thinks he’s a 100 lb 8 year old puppy – loves people. He had a tiny scratch on his nose for months. Wouldn’t heal. I tried the cone thing on his neck. He figured out how to scratch it anyway, using a tree, a table leg….whatever! The sore got bigger & bigger so we went to the vet yesterday. His ear on the same side has an infection. Vet says might be he’s allergic to the chicken & beef he’s been eating (Nupro, blue bag with the shepherd on it) plus Nupro canned food. She says feed him venison dog kibbles (Nupro makes it) for 2 months, then we’ll see what he can handle, one thing at at time, by checking to see if the ear infection comes back. Vet put him on an antibiotic for the ear (clean ear first with special wash – I was doing that every week before), antibiotic pill taken orally, and prednisone to stop the itch – which hopefully will stop him from scratching his nose. First vet that told us there might be an allergy connection to his ear issue, which was testing positive for yeast in the past. This time it was positive for bacteria, so it did get worse.

              He was so nervous to go to the vet. We had to wait awhile, which added to it. As you know, the fur starts shedding when they get nervous, so that was flying everywhere. My husband handles him better than I do, but he still gets dragged in & out of the place. When he’s here at home, he won’t leave the room before me, actually stands & waits for me to take the lead! Problem is, he’s so big sometimes I can’t get past him. He’s a great doggie. The female is too, she’s just nasty at times. She loves going to the groomer & the vet, loves to be groomed, etc. She’s a “princess.” The female is so smart, I can really communicate with her. “Go to the green room.” She goes there. When she tries to take her dog treat out of the green room, all I have to say is “bad girl” and she gives a groan, but she will go back into the green room. Sometimes she gets on my nerves, barks at me when I’m on the phone, or wants to go back outside (to chase the deer or the birds of course) so I just firmly tell her “No.” She gets it. When I call them to come inside, the male is always first. She lags, which annoys me. So I tell her “Big boy is getting all the cookies!” She comes running faster 🙂

              • They both know all the easy commands, sit, stay, handshake, come here, etc. Very easy to train them. The female was housebroken in just a day – ! She would lick your hand to go outside to the bathroom. The male took 2 weeks – probably my mistake because you have to take them outside a lot, so they get the idea to poop out there, not in the living room! Dogs need to go outside at least 2 times a day to pee & poop. Mine go outside even more, they love running around the yard. And digging it up!

      • Catseye says:

        Could it be that the marriage is on the rocks and this woman thought a fake pregnancy and the tragedy of the fake loss would bring the 2 closer together?

        • My mom thinks she wants attention, as someone else in their family recently had a baby & naturally everyone is excited about the baby….could be marriage issues too. I’ve never met her or the husband, just the MIL.

      • pugluva911 says:

        Have a friend who was expecting twins and lost them at 5 months and she was in the hospital for at least a couple of days iirc and did have a private burial for them.
        The woman doing this is one sick puppy

  12. TexasTart says:

    Ice – Kid rock went back to work today? If so how did he’s he doing?

    • iceNfire says:

      He is at work now, working 4pm to midnight. Middle Kid will be picking him up, he’s not driving yet. I wish he was in a cast as that seems to give more stability but he is only in a boot. Thanks for asking TT 🙂

      • TexasTart says:

        I had assummed he was in a cast, but come to think of it, I haven’t seen casts much. Lots of boots though. I see what you mean about stability. I bet he was happy to get out. Just hope being out like that (work) wasn’t too painful!

  13. iceNfire says:

  14. TexasTart says:

    Good night!

  15. Mene Seela says:

    You guys might all be asleep but I just had to post this …
    Jac L from RHONJ is being personally hit with a lien of $340,000 of state taxes!!!

    Teresa & Juicy are probably Laughing Their Azzes Off after Jac made such a big deal about their finances.

  16. not THAT Jill says:

    Ice-how did the Kid make out yesterday at work???

  17. LA Debra says:

    I respect David Foster’s talent more and more, every time I see him perform. This was tweeted by Yo yesterday, on PBS

  18. chismosa says:

    So much to catch up on and comment on but firstly:

    — the smartest dog has been determined to be the Border Collie. poodles are not far behind and of course, German Shepherds as well. I loved hearing about your GS’s as I’m interested in them. Germans know how to manufacture, engineer, and breed things very well IMO.
    —Bluesky– that is the most disturbing story I have heard. It sounds like Munchausen by Proxy or something like that. Psych ward!!
    –congrats HiltAtl on your wedding ! Many many blessings to you !

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