Melissa and Joe Talking to Penny Drossos / Jacqueline’s Tax Debt / Mary Zilba’s Miss America Faux Pas / Mob Wives/ RHOBH Blogs

Melissa and Joe Caught Talking to Penny Drossos / Jacqueline Laurita’s Huge Tax Debt / Mary Zilba’s Miss America Faux Pas / Mob Wives Recap / Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Blogs


Melissa and Joe Caught Talking to Penny Drossos / Laurita’s Huge Tax Debt and Other Gossip by NoMoreDrama

Joey and Melissa Gorga filmed a scene for the show at Chakra in Paramus NJ on Friday night according to  The site posted twenty-two photos of the event that I can not bring over to the blog because of copyright, but in Number 7, the woman talking to Joe and Melissa looks at lot like Penny Drossos, wife of Johnny the Greek and the person who allegedly talked to Bryan “Bulldog” on the phone while filming a scene in December.  Penny’s storyline is that she’s going to “out” Melissa’s past on the show this season, so it’s interesting that they were all captured having what looks like an intense conversation.

Try this link to see if it will go to the exact photo.

Here’s a photo of Penny with Ramona from Mob Wives from Penny’s twitter feed.

Penny and Ramona (Penny's twitter feed)

Penny and Ramona (Penny’s twitter feed)

Meanwhile Johnny the Greek received legal counsel that he needed to delete a few tweets. He tweeted this on the same day Penny met with the Gorgas – but I have no idea if it was before or after the meeting.


Meanwhile, in a forgotten part of the universe …

TMZ is reporting that the NJ Division of Taxation has filed a tax lien against Jacqueline Laurita for almost 340,000.  They haven’t specified what year(s) this is for.  If this is for her Real Housewives salary, it must be for multiple years as the ladies usually receive very little money in the first few years for their participation on these shows.


Real Housewife of Vancouver Mary Zilba’s Miss America Faux Pas by NoMoreDrama

I don’t follow beauty pageants, but I do know that they take their image very seriously – or at least they did in the 80s.  That’s why what Mary Zilba did is so shocking.  She was a poor sport!  When she failed to make the top 10 group of finalists in the 1987 Miss America contest, she said, “If any girl should have been in that top 10, it should have been Miss Ohio. I was literally robbed, and I’m going to find out the reason why.”  It all started when Miss Florida, Molly Pease, was quoted in the Orlando Sentinel saying that the winner, Kellye Cash, was the least-liked contestant in the pageant.  She implied that Miss Cash won because she was the grand-niece of singer Johnny Cash.

Miss Pease didn’t think her comments would “go national.”  This was in a time where before the internet and comments printed in a local paper could stay local.  Unfortunately for Miss Pease, the Associated Press picked up the story, and she found herself the center of attention.  She issued an apology, and many of the other contestants came to the defense of Miss Cash.  But not Mary Zilba.  That was when she uttered the quote above.  Oops.  You can read the full article here.

Poor Mary.  Her older sister Juliana had preceded her as Miss Ohio, and perhaps she felt she had an inside track on the coveted Miss America prize.  These weren’t the days of toddlers and tiaras.  She had quit her job as a secretary, and cobbled together enough money to have a few decent ball gowns for the contest.  None of this was inexpensive.  Here’s an article on her struggles:


I’m sure the last thing she wanted was this headline:


Even a few years later she was dealing with the aftermath:

mary4 mary2

And now 25 years later her castmate Jody Claman dug out the old news and threw it in her face on an episode of Real Housewives of Vancouver.  Most of us can escape our past.  I guess when it comes to something as iconic as Miss America scandals, there is no escape.

For those of you that have managed to watch The Real Housewives of Vancouver, things seem rosy between Mary and on-and-off-again best friend Ronnie Negus, but that’s not the case behind the scenes.  The two made up in Episode One of the show after a disastrous reunion.  By Episode Three it looked like Ronnie was tiring of her friendship with Jody Claman, giving Mary an inside edge.  But Mary should know better than to count on Ronnie to stay on her side.

Mary gave this interview to a Canadian blogger about the demise of her relationship with Ronnie.  She explains how hurt she was that Ronnie made no mention that she was at the hospital for three days straight when Ronnie’s daughter Remy chocked last year and almost died.  In contrast, Ronnie continually mentioned how Jody Claman was there for her, while Mary claims Jody showed up much later.

Ronnie followed up with an interview of her own.  She said she only mentioned Jody coming to the hospital so that viewers would understand why she went from being enemies with Jody to friends.  She then went on to say, “What really bothers me is a grown woman is using my daughter, that almost died to keep score,” said Negus. “It’s not about who came when, who brought coffee and who brought doughnuts. It’s not about that. It’s about my child. It actually disgusts me. Really when you think about it who does that?”

Actually, it’s not about your child.  It’s about your treatment of Mary and Jody.  I think it’s safe to say that everyone is supportive of your child, but when you make it seem like one lady is more supportive than the other, you set it up so that your child becomes the issue.

I understand why Mary tries to stay on Ronnie’s good side – because she’s proven to be a very harsh enemy.  It just doesn’t seem like they will ever repair their relationship and be friends again.  As for Ronnie’s relationship with Claman.  “I don’t have a ‘blossoming’ friendship with Jody. We don’t have dinners or lunches together mainly because we are both busy with our children and families and Jody also runs her business. I know her, I respect her and she has been nothing but nice to me.”


“Mob Wives”

By Detox

Welcome back to “Mob Wives”!

This week Drita continues to tell Big Ang and Carla about Lee’s surprise visit, and she wonders whether she should let him move back in with her and the kids once he finishes his time at the halfway house. Ramona tells Karen that Lee is back in town, and Karen says she is happy for the sake of Drita and their family. Drita calls Renee and tells her how Lee got out of prison and just showed up on her doorstep without telling her a thing beforehand. Renee is shocked but very happy for and supportive of Drita and Lee possibly rebuilding their marriage and their family. Karen wants to mix a little pleasure with her music business partner, Storm. In order to welcome Renee back home and to celebrate her new sobriety, Big Ang, Karen, Ramona, Drita and Renee all go bowling. Big Ang turns Big Neil into a metrosexual. Karen and Drita reconnect at the spa. Renee and Ramona reminisce in “Little Italy.” Carla thinks she wants full instead of joint custody of her twins. Big Neil romances Big Ang. Ramona has a memorial ceremony for her grandfather in order to reclaim Thanksgiving, as that is the day he passed away years ago. At Carla’s request, Carla finally meets and speaks with Raquel about some things in the presence of Joe. Love, Karen and Drita meet for drinks, and Love informs Drita that Carla’s smack talk about Love all over Staten Island has Carla unwittingly “cruisin’ for a bruisin’!”

Alright, let’s get started!

Drita Continues To Tell The Story About Lee’s Surprise Return

The show starts off right where we left off at the end of last episode: with Big Ang, Carla and Drita sitting in Drita’s living room as Drita tells them how Lee just got out of prison and let himself into their house, unbeknownst to her, and opened her front door when she ran back home to check on her daughter, Aleeyah. Talk about a surprise! Drita interviews that she and the girls JUST went to visit Lee in prison, and, throughout the entirety of their visit with him, he never said one single word about the fact that he would be getting out of prison and returning to Staten Island so soon.

Drita tells them that she “freaked out” when she saw Lee open her front door, holding their daughter Giselle in his arms. She says the whole thing just made her feel “weird.” She also says that Lee was walking around the house like he owned the place and like he had never left (and like he never cheated on her. Drita did not say this, but I will). She says he even asked her where his buzzer was so he could cut his hair. Drita interviews that Lee had not been back home in 4 ½ years; she found out he cheated on her; and he has “the nerve to ask me for his fuckin’ buzzer (only she pronounces it BUZZAH)??!!”

Big Ang asks Drita if she fed Lee while he was in her house. Drita responds that she did, indeed, feed Lee. When Big Ang asks Drita WHAT she fed Lee, Drita smiles a sh*t-eating grin and says, “ME!!” (I just knew that one was coming. Good for you, Drita! There’s nothin’ like some good lovin’ after a super-long dry spell! I now have Marvin Gaye’s song, “Sexual Healing” playing in my head for some reason.). Drita interviews that, to her, Lee was “like a ripe, juicy vegetable I just wanted to take a bite out of!”

Big Ang asks Drita where Lee is now, and Drita tells her that he is in a halfway house, where he will have to remain for a few months. She interviews that Lee has to stay there for a while before he will be allowed by the authorities to live in a place of his choosing.

Either Big Ang or Carla (I’m not quite sure) asks Drita if she is going to let Lee move back in with her once he no longer has to live in the halfway house. Drita says she is unsure and asks them for their advice with regard to that issue. Carla tells Drita NOT to let Lee live with her after his release from the halfway house. She thinks “it’s too quick.” Big Ang, on the other hand, disagrees with Carla and tells Drita that she should let Lee move back in so they can work on being a family again.

Big Ang then looks at Carla and tells her that she refused to let Joe move back in with her once he was released from the halfway house, and “he went and found another girlfriend!” Carla gives Big Ang a look that indicates that she is none-too-pleased with this comment. Drita interviews that she does not know what to do or how to feel when it comes to Lee and when it comes to letting him move back in with her.

Ramona Lets Karen Know That Lee Has Returned

Karen, Ramona and Love attend an Art Event in support of breast cancer. Interestingly, the event is hosted by Toni Marie Ricci (Carla had an affair with Toni Marie’s ex-husband, Mikey Scars, while Toni Marie was still married to him.). Karen interviews that she and Toni Marie go way back, and Toni is “like family” to her. She explains that Toni’s ex-husband was a member of her father’s “crew” when her father was still in the Mob.

After they mingle and look at the different works of art, Karen, Ramona and Love stand around chatting. Ramona tells Karen that Lee is back in town. Initially, Karen looks a little taken aback, but quickly regains her composure (In my humble opinion, I don’t think she was taken aback because she still has feelings for Lee. I think it is because of all of the nasty things she has heard he has said about both her and her father, despite the fact that they dated for many years, and her father treated Lee like his own son. I think she is also taken aback because she is now in a good place with Drita, and she hopes that Lee’s return will not jeopardize that. However, Karen may not feel ANY of these things. I am simply speculating.). Karen interviews that she could not care less that Lee is out of jail. She is just happy that he is home for his family.

Love asks Karen and Ramona if either of them have spoken to Drita since Lee has returned. They say they haven’t. Love interviews that this is not the first time that Lee went away to jail, and Drita waited for him until he returned. She says that, knowing Lee the way she does, she just really hopes he can stay on the straight and narrow and avoid going BACK to jail (for a 3rd time).

Ramona tells Karen and Love that she wishes Drita and Lee all the best.

Renee Returns To Her Brand New House As A Brand New Woman

Renee returns to her brand new house after leaving rehab. She interviews that she is ready for Thanksgiving, and that it feels really good to be back home. Drita calls to check up on her. Renee tells Drita that she is happy to be home and feels really great. Drita interviews that she is really happy that Renee is home and that she sounds “so good.”

Drita then tells Renee the big news about Lee unexpectedly returning to her house (and to Staten Island). Renee yells, “Get the F*ck OUTTA Here!!!” She interviews that she is really happy for Drita. Drita tells Renee that she is still in shock. She interviews that she loves the way Renee supports her when it comes to Lee. When SHE hates Lee, RENEE hates Lee too. When SHE loves Lee, RENEE loves Lee too (What a great girlfriend! I’ve got girlfriends like that, and I love them to death!! They also sometimes tell me the truth about my damned self that I don’t really want to hear. That can get on my nerves, but I can’t say anything because I do the same thing to them. *Shrug*).

Renee then tells Drita that she wants to get together with all the girls to just hang out and celebrate. She interviews that she now feels much stronger and more focused on the things that are REALLY important in life.

Karen Has A New Crush

Karen is in the music studio, in which she recently invested, with her friend, “Storm” (I wonder what his real name is. I bet it’s something like Larry, and he chose the name “Storm” to be more “dramatic.” I’m not judging him for that, though. It’s a smart business decision in my opinion. I mean, Cary Grant – who is one of my all-time favorites and on my list as one of the most handsome men in the world, alive or dead – was really Archibald Alexander Leach. I think Cary works much better than Archibald, don’t you?). Karen interviews that Storm is her business partner in the music industry. He is teaching her about the music business. She says she enjoys hanging out with him, and watching him work is a “turn-on” for her (Men that WORK turn me the hell on too, Karen!! I feel you. There is nothing like a man that brings home a check!). She says that she can’t quite read Storm because she does not know if he is flirting with her or not. He is very mysterious to her, and that is increasing her attraction for him even more. She admits that, although she tried to keep it strictly professional with him, she is having a very hard time doing that based on her feelings of attraction for him.

Karen decides to make subtle moves to let Storm know that she has more than just a “business” interest in him by telling him that she is “single” and in a place in her life where she is ready to move forward with her life both professionally AND personally. She also says that she is very lonely in the big city (I don’t know if I’d tell a man I was “lonely” because I am a VERY proud bitch who thinks that might just make me sound desperate. However, it seems that it is my “desperate” girlfriends that have boyfriends and/or husbands more often than my non-desperate girlfriends [although my non-desperate girlfriends have boyfriends and/or husbands too. It’s just that my girlfriends that chased men down and/or put up with all kinds of b*llsh*t treatment and behavior and got their men seem to outnumber the ones that did not engage in this type of behavior. *Shrug* Maybe I should not have read those “The Rules” books or listened to my parents about how to behave with men. I mean, who needs pride, dignity and self-respect when you can have NONE of that and still end up living the life of Reilly like Kim Zolciak?]. I think I might start acting desperate soon. I will just have to find someone to perform a lobotomy or a personality transplant first, as I cannot become this way without medical intervention.). Storm just looks at Karen without saying a word as she says all of this.

Renee, Ramona, Karen, Drita and Big Ang Go Bowling

Everybody but Carla and Love show up at a bowling alley to welcome Renee back and to have some fun (This is not an insult to Carla. I am sure she did not show up because she was not invited, not because she did not give a damn about congratulating Renee on completing rehab….although I do not think she DOES give a damn. I wonder what happened to Love, or if she was even invited.). Renee interviews that she is so happy to see all of her friends again and to just have some fun with them. Big Ang interviews that she is so happy that Renee is here, and she says that Renee “looks awesome!” Drita interviews that she is really happy to see Renee looking so good and seeming so positive. Karen interviews that she is so proud of Renee.

After all giving each other great big hugs and squeals of delight at seeing each other, all of the women tell Renee how great she looks. They then all say that, if this is what rehab does for a person’s looks, they want to go to rehab too!

The women have fun tossing those bowling balls and laughing at Big Ang, who is the worst bowler I think I have ever seen in my life. I cannot even describe to you guys how she throws the ball in a way I have never seen ANYBODY throw a bowling ball. Drita interviews that Big Ang bowls like a 3-year-old.

The women ask Renee if she went bowling when she was in rehab and if they did any other types of things to socialize and have fun. Renee says that they did indeed go bowling, and they also went to the movies.

After they’ve grown tired just knocking (or NOT knocking) down those pins, all of the women sit down to chat and have some laughs. Renee asks them if she has missed anything exciting since she has been away. Drita tells Renee that everybody has now made up and are all now friends.

Renee grins and says, “Everybody except for CARLA!” Big Ang interviews that she really wishes Carla could have been there. Renee interviews that she is so happy to see everybody getting along and being friends again. She pauses and then adds (with a big grin, I might add), “Except for Carla.”

Big Ang Takes Neil To Get A Makeover

Big Ang tells Neil she is taking him to a salon to get a new look. She interviews that she is trying to make Neil look like “eye candy,” so she can have “eye candy” on her arm whenever she goes out.

Big Ang brings Neil into this shi-shi-looking salon and tells the people there that she wants to give her man a whole new look. She also tells them that she “hates” his present haircut. Big Ang interviews that “back in the day,” all of “her guys” were “the BOSS,” and what they said, went. She says that now, SHE’S the BOSS and has the final say in everything, especially with Neil.

We watch as Neil undergoes his whole makeover. Once his makeover is complete, Big Ang tells him how GOOD he looks. Neil blushes (Big Neil does look pretty good, if I do say so myself. He’s kinda got this whole super-sized “Russell Crowe with a goatee”-look thing going on). Big Ang interviews that she hardly ever compliments Neil. So, when she does compliment him, he knows that she really means it. She says that “all women need to keep their men on a tight leash!”

As Big Ang and Big Neil are walking out of the salon arm in arm, she tells him that he “might get lucky tonight!”

Spa Day

In a voiceover that plays while Karen walks into some building, she says that Renee invited her, Drita and Ramona to join her in a “Spa Day.” Drita, who is also headed out to the “Spa Day,” interviews that they have all “come a long f*ckin’ way! We’ve grown up.” She smiles widely when she says this and looks truly happy that she is now getting along with everyone.

When Drita arrives at the spa and enters the massage room, she finds only Karen there on the massage table getting a massage. Renee and Ramona are nowhere to be seen. Karen and Drita remark about this and just assume that Renee and Ramona are running late. In the end, it turns out to be only Karen and Drita who enjoyed the “Spa Day.” Ramona and Renee were “no-shows.”

Drita gets on a massage table next to Karen’s, and they talk while they are being pampered. Karen tells Drita that she and Dave are “really over” now because he has a new girlfriend. Drita’s eyes widen at this, and she looks at Karen with sympathy. Karen continues and says that her daughter Karina had to be the one to tell her about this new girlfriend, as Dave did not even have the decency to do it himself (I wonder if Dave is still living in her house rent-free.). Drita just shakes her head in a sympathetic way.

Karen then gently mentions that she heard Lee is now back in town (because Lee was SUCH a sore subject between Karen and Drita in the past, I understand Karen’s gentle approach to the topic.). Drita confirms that he is, and she tells Karen that she and Lee are getting along really well. She also says that he’s unusually calm. Drita interviews that she is glad she is now able to talk to Karen about Lee.

Drita then expresses her fear that Lee might “mess up” again and end up back in jail. Karen tells Drita that the one thing she remembers about Lee is how much he loves “family” and being around and with his family. After being away from his family for so long during two separate jail stints, she thinks that Lee’s love for his family will motivate him to now stay on the straight and narrow. Karen then tells Drita that she really hopes everything works out for her, Lee and their whole family. Drita looks very touched and like she really appreciates Karen telling her these things (I’m so glad these two made up.).

Ramona And Renee Do “Little Italy”

Ramona and Renee are walking through “Little Italy” talking and laughing. Renee interviews that she decided not to go to the “Spa Day” because she felt like hanging out with Ramona in “Little Italy” instead and getting pastries (Well, you could have CALLED Drita or Karen to let them know you were not going to make it Renee. I love you, but Jeez!).

As Ramona and Renee walk through the area, they reminisce about their Mob-connected pasts and how so many things in Little Italy remind them of and represent that for them. Ramona interviews that her grandfather, Benjamin Ruggiero (a.k.a. “Lefty Two Guns”), was portrayed inaccurately in the movie, “Donnie Brasco,” as some poorly-dressed “schlep” who was killed by the Mob. She says that this is totally inaccurate. He was always well-dressed. He was a family man. And he died on Thanksgiving Day of lung cancer.

Renee reminds Ramona that it is “1-year-ago today that my father went away to prison.” Renee interviews that she and Ramona share a very special connection because Ramona’s grandfather and Renee’s father were very, very close. She says they were so close that they were “like family.”

Ramona tells Renee that she wants to set up a small memorial to honor her grandfather on Thanksgiving Day. She says that, because her grandfather died on Thanksgiving Day, it has always been a very sad holiday for her. She feels like having this memorial on Thanksgiving Day celebrating her grandfather’s life will allow her to “re-claim” that holiday and start thinking of it as a happy day instead of a sad one. She also says that she thinks this memorial will help provide her with closure over her grandfather’s death because she was so close to him.

Carla And Big Ang Discuss Divorce And Custody

Big Ang is in a store shopping for new light fixtures for her home, and Carla has joined her.

While they are shopping, Carla asks Big Ang if she got full or joint custody when she got divorced. Ang looks at Carla like she’s crazy and says that she was “NEVER going to allow joint custody.” She says she took full custody – no if’s, and’s or but’s.

Carla says that she thinks she wants full custody of her children too, as opposed to sharing joint custody with Joe. She interviews that she needs to get more educated and get more advice about all of her options in the divorce. Big Ang interviews that “street guys don’t do that joint custody thing. Joe needs to get over himself.” (I have to say that this is one of the ONLY times I think I totally disagree with Big Ang. Why can’t Joe have joint custody with Carla? What is so wrong with him wanting that?).

Big Ang tells Carla to remember that Joe cheated on her throughout their entire marriage so she “should get EVERYTHING!” (I feel very uncomfortable disagreeing with Big Ang, as I just love her so much; however, I think she is wrong to be putting these kinds of ideas into Carla’s head, at least when it comes to the CHILDREN. A man can be a lousy husband but still be a great father. Joe seems to want to spend time with his kids and play a big role in their life. They seem to enjoy spending time with him. So, whether or not he cheated while he was married is irrelevant to the custody issue, in my humble opinion. Insofar as MATERIAL items are concerned, then, hell yeah, Carla, go for everything if you feel you deserve it for putting up with certain things throughout the entirety of your marriage. I am not saying you are going to GET everything, but give it a try. That might just work out for you.).

Carla tells Big Ang that she thinks Raquel is “chirping in Joe’s ear and giving him all of these ideas about how he should handle the divorce and custody.” (She may indeed be doing that; however, Joe is a grown a*s man who does not strike me as the type who does ANYTHING HE does not WANT to do. I think if he is asking for certain things, the final decision is made by HIM, not Raquel.).

Big Ang asks Carla about Raquel, and Carla tells Big Ang that she has actually never officially even met Raquel. Ang interviews that Carla definitely needs to meet Raquel and get to know her because she is and will be spending time with Carla’s kids (I totally agree with Big Ang on this one.).

Big Neil Romances Big Ang

This scene begins with Neil in Big Ang’s kitchen cooking what appears to be a feast. Big Ang again interviews that when she started paying her own way, she became “the boss.” She mentions that Neil is making a big effort to cook for HER (and not the other way around) for a change.

Neil looks like he is working really hard to cook a nice meal for Big Ang, and he also has flowers on the table (Awww….how sweet.). Big Ang interviews that Neil has really been trying very hard since she let him move back into the house.

While Neil is cooking, one of Ang’s smoke alarms goes off, and Ang tells Neil he’s “fired from the kitchen!” Another one of Ang’s alarms goes off in another part of Ang’s house, and Ang rolls her eyes and grumbles at Neil. Neil says he can’t understand what’s going on because he’s not burning anything.

Once the meal is finally prepared, Neil places it in front of Ang and dims the lights before he sits down to eat with her (Oooh, “romantical.” I know that romantical is not a word, but I like using it anyway.). Big Ang tells Neil that she is very impressed with everything that he’s done. She also tells him that his meal is really good (Yay, Neil!!). Ang interviews that she thinks Neil “has something up his sleeve.” (Pssst, Ang, I don’t think it’s Neil’s sleeve that has “something UP” in it. I think it’s his pants.).

Toward the end of their meal, Neil asks Ang if she thinks he’s going to get lucky tonight. She just rolls her eyes (Despite Ang’s eye rolling, I think Neil got VERY lucky that night. Go, Neil!).

Ramona’s Memorial Ceremony For Her Grandfather

Today is the day of the small memorial service Ramona has planned in honor of her grandfather. She interviews that many people judge her grandfather because he was in the Mob, but, to her, he was a family man. She feels like this memorial service will finally allow his soul to rest in peace. She says she decided against having her kids attend the memorial because she does not want them to see her get emotional. Instead, she only wants her close girlfriends around her during the service.

Ramona arrives at the church first and speaks with the priest about the memorial (The church is beautiful, by the way). Eventually, Renee, Karen and Love all arrive for the memorial.

During the memorial, the priest says a few words and prayers, and an amazing singer sings a beautiful version of “Amazing Grace” that looks like it is going to make Ramona cry.

Then Renee and Karen each take a turn getting up to say a few words or share their own personal stories about and impressions of Ramona’s grandfather. Renee reads something very beautiful that she wrote about him, which described how much of a class act and how good of a man he was. When it is Karen’s turn to speak, she stands up and makes a very moving speech about the type of man Ramona’s grandfather was, and her descriptions of him are very positive, respectful and flattering. Love interviews that she remembers when “everything went down with Ramona’s grandfather and how sad it all was.” All in all, the entire ceremony was intimate, sweet and very moving.

Ramona interviews that she was incredibly close to her grandfather, and he was very good to her. She says she still, to this day, misses him terribly. She notes that, in many ways, he treated her better than her own father did.

She says that, even though she left her husband and returned to Staten Island from Jordan with her 4 children, her father still refuses to speak to her or her children. He disowned her because she did not marry a full-blooded Italian and instead chose to marry a man of Arabic descent (I’m not quite sure of Ramona’s ex-husband’s nationality).

She says that, when she returned to Staten Island, she had NOTHING, and she could not force her ex-husband to help provide for her and her children because he is still in another country. She also says, because her father still refuses to speak to her, she could not count on getting any assistance from him either. It was only her grandfather’s name and reputation that opened doors for her and allowed her to find a way to support her and her children. So, it’s like, even after his death, it is her grandfather that is still helping her and taking care of her.

Once the service is over, the women remain sitting in the church and talk quietly about their families and the fact that their families were in “the lifestyle” (a.k.a. “The Mob”). Ramona, Karen and Renee all say that, no matter what other people have to say about their family members being in the Mob, these people were STILL their family, and they love (or loved) them very much. They also say that despite their family members’ chosen “line of work,” these same family members taught them many good things and gave them much love and much strength.

Renee interviews that they all have the greatest bond because they, unlike many other people, truly know what it is like to live in “the lifestyle.” Renee then suggests that they all go out to dinner to celebrate Ramona’s grandfather’s life, and the women happily agree.

Carla Finally Meets Raquel

Carla interviews that she told Joe that she needs to finally meet Raquel because she is living with Joe and is spending a lot of time around their kids. Joe interviews that there are “Good-Carla Days” and “Bad-Carla Days,” and he is hoping that today is a “Good-Carla Day.”

They have all agreed to meet at a coffee shop, and Carla arrives first and sits there waiting for Joe and Raquel to arrive. Joe and Raquel arrive and greet Carla with a hug (from Joe) and a handshake (from Raquel) before joining her at the table. Joe interviews that he feels tension.

After what seems like a couple of minutes of uncomfortable silence, Carla finally starts the conversation by telling Raquel that the reason she wanted to personally meet her is because she and Joe are now living together, which means she will be spending a lot more time with their kids. She says that, because of that, she just feels like she needs to get to know Raquel so that she can feel comfortable with this fact. Raquel nods her head as Carla is speaking like she understands Carla’s position.

Raquel admits that she was nervous about meeting Carla because Joe told her the nasty things Carla has said about her (Why did you do that, Joe?). Carla admits that she has said some nasty things but explains that she is “very defensive” when it comes to her kids (as well she should be).

Carla also says that, because Joe had been in prison for a few years and away from his children, she felt like he should have been focused totally on his children instead of getting involved in a new relationship so quickly (Carla actually makes a good point. I’m agreeing with everything Carla is saying at this point. It must be opposite day because you guys all know Carla is NOT my favorite person; however, I can be fair.).

Carla then says that she did not think it was right for Joe to parade “a bunch of HO’s” in front of his kids (O.K. Now, I remember exactly why I do NOT like Carla. As far as it’s been explained on the show, Raquel is the only girlfriend Joe has had since he has gotten out of prison. So, Carla is, in a passive-aggressive way, implying and/or outright calling Raquel a “HO.” Considering Carla’s past….pot, meet kettle! Jeez!).

When Carla says this both Raquel and Joe’s widen, and you can tell that they are completely taken aback. Raquel also looks a bit offended (and rightfully so). Joe interviews that he thinks that Carla said that to try and start a fight.

Instead of outwardly reacting negatively to Carla’s passive-aggressive insult, Raquel tells Carla that she understands much of what she is saying. Raquel also compliments Carla and tells her that her kids are so wonderful and well-behaved and that Carla certainly did a good job raising them (Very CLASSY and MATURE response, Raquel). Carla interviews and says, “Of course my kids are going to be well-raised if they are being raised by ME.” (She says it with an attitude instead of appreciating the compliment Raquel was gracious enough to offer her even after Carla indirectly insulted her. I really just “CAN’T” with Carla much of the time! What a b*tch! Sorry, Carla fans. I just gotta call it like I see it. It’s nothing personal against you guys at all.).

Carla then begrudgingly offers Raquel a tepid apology. Raquel interviews that she did not believe Carla’s apology at all, and she thinks Carla “is full of sh*t!!”

Eventually, everybody ends up basically shaking hands and ending their little introductory meeting on somewhat decent terms (The door for Raquel and Carla to communicate more and for Carla to feel more comfortable having Raquel around her children has at least been opened a little bit. That is a good thing.).

Love, Karen And Drita Do Drinks

Love, Karen and Drita have decided to get together for drinks. Love and Karen get there before Drita and start chatting. One of them brings up the subject of Lee being back in town and the fact that Drita and Karen went through so much nasty drama over the fact that Drita started dating Lee after Karen dated him for years, and she did so without at least letting Karen know that she and Lee were now dating (I choose no side when it comes to this old battle).

Love tells Karen that, when it looked like Karen and Drita’s friendship was over, she thinks Karen was so much more upset about her friendship breakup with Drita than she ever was over her breakup with Lee (I agree). Karen firmly shakes her head and agrees. She says, to her, it was never really about Lee. It was about her and Drita’s friendship.

Once Drita arrives and settles in at the table with Karen and Love, Karen and Drita start talking about the “Spa Day” they recently enjoyed and the fact that everybody (except for Carla and Love) recently went bowling to celebrate Rene’s completion of rehab. Love pretends to be upset and teases them about not being invited to either of these events saying, “Oh, o.k. So, I wasn’t invited to either of these things. Now I see how it REALLY is.” She makes it clear with her body language and slight smile that she is only giving them a hard time and not really offended at all.

Love then changes the subject and tells Drita that she needs to talk to Drita about Carla since Drita and Carla are very close. Drita looks apprehensive when Love tells her this, but she continues to listen to what Love has to say. She interviews that she does NOT want to be “the middleman because the middleman is a jerk-off!”

Love tells Drita that she keeps hearing how Carla is going around town talking smack about her, and it keeps getting back to her. She says that Carla is allegedly calling Love “fat and ugly” and also saying that Love “stalked her boyfriend.” Love tells Drita and Karen that she “threw Carla’s boyfriend away,” and Carla would not even have him if Love would not have done that (In short, Love didn’t want the guy anymore).

Drita tells Love that she is finally good with and getting along with everyone, and she wants to keep it that way. She likes how calm and peaceful her life is now, and she does not want to be involved in any more drama. She advises Love to just talk to Carla DIRECTLY because she does not want to get involved in any problems Carla and Love may have with each other.

Karen remarks about the fact that Ramona, Renee, Love and even she have all, at one time or another, heard about how Carla has gone all over Staten Island talking smack about each and every one of them behind their backs, and it is really irritating. Love says that it sounds like Carla has a really big problem running her mouth and says it in such a way that indicates that she will be more than happy to SOLVE that problem for Carla. Karen says that the thing with Carla is that she TALKS a lot of smack, but she is NOT a fighter.

Drita says that Carla has never talked behind HER back and has always been loyal to her. So, she feels like she should also be loyal to Carla. She does admit, however, that she does have a problem with the way Carla has talked about, talked to and treated Renee recently. She says that this is the ONLY thing that truly bothers her about Carla at this point.

Love tells Drita that she has just about had enough of Carla’s trash-talking her all over Staten Island, and she is inclined to do something about it. She says that Carla “is 12 f*ckin’ pounds. I can throw her through a f*ckin’ window like nothin’!!”

Drita immediately stands halfway up from the table and emphatically says, “NOBODY is f*ckin’ fightin’!!” (Drita is totally all about non-violence these days. She has completely turned over a new leaf. Good for her). Love looks at Drita in such a way that indicates she is thinking, “I’m not so sure about that, Drita.”

Next Week:

Karen has an official date with her music business partner, Storm.

Ramona finally announces to the group (possibly minus Carla) that she is engaged to her presently-incarcerated fiancé, and she happily and proudly shows off her engagement ring.

Karen and Ramona have a “Come to Jesus” talk, and Karen asks Ramona if she is “crazy,” and if she really knows what she is getting herself into by marrying a man who could possibly be imprisoned for several years.

Ramona angrily responds by asking Karen if she now thinks she’s “hot stuff” just because she now has “a big music industry boyfriend!” (Wow! I’ve never seen these two fight!).

See you guys next week!


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Cast Blogs by Stars99

Adrienne Maloof

Sorry guys – Adrienne, The Martyr is just too busy shopping for baby wipes to wipe off the spray tan stains she leaves every time she gets up off a chair – to bother to write a blog for us this week.

Brandi Glanville

“Finally a drama free show for me — mostly because Adrienne chose not to show up for anything! Woo hooo!”

We were all doing a happy dance, too!

“I did feel that Kim’s behavior seemed a little bit off and I hope that she was OK at that time. I can say I have spoken to her recently and she is in a good healthy place. I continue to root for her.”

She was off… she says so in her blog…and it was due to medication and jet lag… allegedly…

“I think the way Kim and Kyle approached Taylor about her drinking was coming from a loving place much UNLIKE the way Kyle approached Kim’s drinking in Season 1 — just saying. Taylor has at least recognized the issue and is willing to work on it. Again, I think major upsets in life kind of give us all a pass to spiral downward for a hot second. It’s our friends and family that save us.”

Well, the thing is… that we didn’t see the million times that Kyle probably tried to talk to Kim in a loving way about her alcoholism… We only saw the time when it was the straw that broke the camel’s back.  And I really do believe it was a tit-for-tat thing… In the limo, Kim had just implied that Kyle and Maurcio had taken the Palm Springs house out from under her… and then Kyle, as sisters kind of do – one upped her with the outing of the alcoholism.  It’s not right and Kyle was holy cow out of line… but I’m guessing she approached Kim a bazillion times about her alcoholism before that point in time.  Actually, it all makes sense why so many housewives have tried to launch their own brand of alcohol – since it almost seems like drinking is a requirement to be a housewife on Bravo.  I’m not so sure I agree that “it’s our friends and family that save us” – they can help and support us, but I think we’re responsible for our own actions.  We are lucky if we have loved ones who will walk with us down life’s tough paths.

“Yolanda’s dinner party was perfect and exquisite much like herself. Yolanda really has a talent and eye for design. I truly have so much respect for this strong woman.”

Yo rocks!

“Who knew there was a baby Ken??? I had the pleasure of having drinks with he and his wife while they visited LA recently, and I have to say I might have a new crush! (JK!) I found his wife to be witty and delightful and him to be HOT!”

Brandi, you need a quality boyfriend.  Just sayin’…

Camille Grammer

Sorry guys – Camille is just too busy being boring – to bother to write a blog for us this week.

Kim Richards

“I’d like to start with something light, like how I noticed the turtles on the wall. I’ve been to my sister’s home a million times, and I had never noticed the TURTLES before! I was surprised to see them, and I had no idea that my girlfriend Tiffany had gifted them to her. What can I say… TURTLES!  I love Tiffany. I love turtles! Yay!”

I’m no designer, but it really creeped me out to see large turtle shells hanging on the walls of a home in Beverly Hills merely as decorations… it was just so weird to me.  I have no problem with turtles inspiring prints and stuff – but actual whole turtle shell replicas?  Careful Kyle, cuz Michelangelo, Donatello, Leonardo and Raphael may soon be visiting you to kick your lil dupa.  And then when Kim went into her gleeful “I love turtles” – didn’t she sound almost like she regressed back to like when she was 6 years old?  I dunno… maybe it was just me – but there was something off about that whole thing.

“Let’s talk about how Kyle and I ended up at Taylor’s! When Taylor called my home the night of my party, which from what I understand Taylor said she didn’t feel it was important to show up to a nose party. Which I agree. A nose party? What she didn’t know is, this wasn’t just a nose party. This is the first place I’ve had to call home in so long I can’t even remember. I have been working on putting my home together, all along keeping in mind the day when I would have my special friends together. I’ve been working on decorating my house and putting my garden together. I wanted to include all my friends — from childhood on up — and I have been working on this since the day I moved in. It was a perfect summer night to get all my friends together and this was a chance to celebrate the life changes I’ve made, and for them to see my home, and an opportunity for them to see how I live, AND for them to see my new nose. It was a little bit of everything, but it was very important to me. And that’s what Taylor didn’t know.”

Kim, you must not remember your other homes because you were drunk.  I remember you living in other houses in previous seasons… so this is not something that has been years in the making.  In Season 1 – Kyle was cranky at you for buying one so far away from her and Beverly Hills.  I know you’ve moved around – but you’ve always seemed to live in a house.  Perhaps this is the first place that actually feels like home since becoming sober – I’ll give you that.  But it just is so weird how people think they have had it so rough house-wise – and they really haven’t.  I really do love how you give Taylor the benefit of the doubt, though…. That she really couldn’t have known how important this night was for you.

“I was surprised by the sound of her voice on the phone, and that she was with a man we really didn’t know! When she didn’t know Kennedy’s whereabouts, we all were very concerned. It wasn’t that we were concerned about Kennedy’s safety, Kennedy was here with us. I was more concerned with Taylor’s state of mind.”

Okay, here is where you lose me.  Really, do the other housewives know every single man you date?  As I recall – you were moving in with someone your sister barely had ever met – and yet you found nothing wrong with that.  So, are you THAT close of friends with Taylor to know everyone that she would be dating?  I think not.  Okay… and the whole Kennedy thing – as I said last week (ad nauseum)… this was NOT Taylor’s fault.  No one communicated the change in plans to her.  It did not prove she’s a drunk – there’s plenty of other evidence of that issue.  Kyle – who KNEW the entire situation – who KNEW that plans had changed and that she had not herself communicated that change to Taylor but instead relied on a nanny to do so (and the nanny should have)… but Kyle just sat back and let everyone jump to the conclusion that Taylor was a drunken mess and couldn’t keep track of her kid.  She never bothered to correct them – not even Kim when was talking to Taylor about the situation as proof of Taylor’s horrible drinking issue.  That’s just so wrong.

“Believe me, I know I am no Dr. Drew. Many would say it’s the pot calling the kettle black, and I totally understand that. My intent was not to be judgmental or hypocritical, but to reach out as a friend, as others have done for me in the past. Taylor and I have discussed this before. I felt scared, as I don’t want her to end up where I did! I’ve been really, really scared for Taylor. And we’ve discussed that between Taylor and I. Being an alcoholic in recovery I recognize some of Taylor’s behavior as a red flag! As a friend I would like to help! We called Taylor and headed over to see her. I was so nervous and I told my sister on the way there that I didn’t know exactly what to say, but I know I have to say something! When I sat down with Taylor, I wanted to cry because my heart went out to her. I understand where she’s at and what she’s going through. I opened up and told her how it affected me and my children and family. I was so relieved when she reacted the way she did and she was responsive! I was very glad we did it and I was just so relieved! You walk out the door to today I took the biggest sighhhh! I said to my sister on the way home, “Did I do that the right way???” I hope Taylor’s OK with me because I care for her and Kennedy so much!”

I think you really reached out to her with the sincerest of heart and intent.  It’s pretty common for anyone who has had an issue with something like alcohol, drugs, gambling, food, shopping, or watching reality TV – to want to reach out to others who might be on the same destructive path. I think you probably could have waited until you got your 3 month chip before passing judgment on someone else, though.  It just felt a little too soon to me.  Yet, Taylor handled it so well – a lot better than probably most of us would.  I think that’s probably because she knew you guys were coming to talk to her about her drinking issue before you even made the on-camera call – since you said during the phone call that you would be at her house in around 15-20 minutes…Moving to another film location doesn’t just magically happen – There are logistics and camera crews to coordinate…   wardrobe choices to make… hair to style… makeup to finish and a house to straighten up before being on camera.  So yeah, Taylor sat there nicely and listened to what you had to say and responded well.  Perhaps it’s also because she doesn’t have much of a storyline herself – at least one that can actually be filmed (insert gratuitous derogatory comment about dating a married man who was still living with his wife at the time).  Kim then starts to talk about the trip to Paris – and how she’s thankful she can be totally honest with Kyle about alcohol and about the various ways she used to sneak drinks here and there.

“Everybody decided to meet down in Brandi’s room for fireworks. I came out on the deck at Brandi’s room that night, I was exhausted. I just didn’t feel like myself. When Kyle called my room I told her I would be right up. I didn’t feel so good. My stomach was hurting and I felt nauseous. I didn’t know why. I barely slept the night before we left L.A. It had a been a long day of travelling. Still something felt wrong. I just wasn’t’ myself and I had trouble focusing and staying alert. I was on 24 hours of no sleep.”

 Well, I’d be focusing on my pillow if I hadn’t had sleep in 24 hours.

“What you didn’t see is the morning after our first day, I called a doctor to come check on me. It turns out I had brought the wrong medication with me on the trip!! I had been taking it since I left L.A. Throughout the entire stay in Paris, I just didn’t look or feel right. I wasn’t my spunky self and my personality just wasn’t me. It wasn’t until I returned home that I was aware of this.”

Are you freaking kidding me??  Kim, honey… do you mean to tell me that you don’t know what kind of medication you take each day? You said it was the “wrong” medication – it wasn’t that you took one pill too many of this or that?  Kim – this is why God created pill boxes – so you can sort out all of your medication for a week – organized by morning, noon and night… surely they have those in Beverly Hills, no?  I’m sure Prada makes one.  It’s crap like this that makes me crazy!  A recently sober alcoholic who has had issues with medication (allegedly) in the past – goes on an overseas trip and does not ensure she has the right medication? Give me a break!

“I really put a lot of thought into this blog. I take my recovery very seriously, and I just want to be very clear about this. This is my life and I love it. I am sober and it’s unfortunate the way it looked, but I am proud of who I am today. And I am very grateful to all whom I have inspired, as you have been an inspiration to me.”

Sighs… after the previous paragraph I felt like I was yelling at Kim… now I’m just thinking that she really never really learned basic life skills to take care of herself.  It’s pretty sad.  She’s on the right path… baby steps…

Kyle Richards

Sorry guys – Kyle is just too busy buying turtle wax – to bother to write a blog for us this week.

Lisa Vanderpump

“One of the many reasons that I fell in love with Ken was the kindness he exuded. We met when Warren was 15 and I was 21. As he explained he was married briefly for two years at 19, to a young wife who wasn’t prepared for the challenging job of being a mother. So he then fought for custody of their only child. He worked many jobs laboring, night jobs, anything to provide for his son, and, with the help of his mother, he raised an educated, well-mannered young man.”

I know I’m totally nitpicking – but isn’t it odd that Ken’s son and Lisa disagreed at how old Ken was when his son was born?  Don’t we all know how old our parents were when we came along?  Me thinks Ken may have ummm… conveniently misremembered…

“Life was hard at the beginning. But with sheer tenacity and some sort of innovative business sense, he created a life for his family (including his parents) that otherwise they wouldn’t have had.  Warren is very much his fathers son — ambitious, incredibly family oriented, and someone to be proud of.”

I gotta applaud a man who fought for custody of his son because he thought he could provide a great life for him.  Although it’s kind of weird, cuz didn’t Lisa say in previous seasons that Ken ummm…liked to have fun… or… ummm… well, let’s just say she implied that Ken settled down from his partying ways when she came into his life. It’s interesting that a court would hand over sole custody to a father with that kind of a track record.  It’s tough when we don’t know about the mother’s situation.

“People have often asked me why I would sign up for a reality show as if it was some sort of sentence, but when I view episodes forever documented like this I rest assured that we made the right choice.”

Yeah, well – I’m sure that it’s gotten you some fans to visit your restaurants – but I wonder if these reality shows have hampered the business from your “regular” customers. Sorry, but “Vanderpump Rules” did you no favors.  Seriously.

“I explained how when Warren first met Sue, the 16 year age difference, the secrecy that had transpired, was not something we supported. But I learned a very valuable lesson, when our children make a choice, remember our opinions and influence are pretty much redundant. The intimacy between a couple supersedes the parental relationship and take heed — it is not a battle that is worth fighting. It took a while, a few years, that with hindsight was a complete waste of emotion. And now 26 years and a lovely grandson for Ken later, we would have to admit we were wrong.”

Lisa – you’re breaking Housewife Rule #3 – Never Admit You’re Wrong – Ever!  I gotta say that this whole juicy story complete with “the secrecy that had transpired” seems way more interesting than this entire season of Camille, Kim, Taylor, Marisa and Kyle’s storylines all put together!  I wanna know more about it… (Arch eyebrows repeatedly here)…

“I have to be frank, my family in England have not supported my choice to venture into this world. But there you have it. It has afforded me a plethora of opportunities and a smorgasbord of amazing challenges, and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I interact with you the viewer on Twitter and read your blogs, and I will say for the most part you are all incredibly kind, honest, and supportive.”

Yeah, that’s understandable especially if they had seen you as being successful without being on a reality TV show.  It’s really amazing you can still say that you wouldn’t have changed being on a reality series for the world.  Being a celebrity comes at a high price.

“I was happy to see Yolanda back in this weeks episode. I have a similar attitude as her to life, with the fact that being straightforward without aggression is a much better way to communicate. She confronted Taylor with a firm but direct attitude, which we will see more of, and it was an interesting moment, for sure. I understand that Taylor has an opinion about David, which might be a little one-sided as she is close to his ex-wife, but it shouldn’t influence her own experience.”

I really did love how Yo confronted Taylor about how Taylor talks about Yo behind her back.  It wasn’t antagonistic – but more with an information gathering and let’s get to a solution kind of perspective.  It would be tough to be in a situation to be on-screen “friends” with an ex-husband of one of your dearest friends.  It kind of makes more sense even now, why Taylor was so cranky at David for not recognizing her.  That’s like the lowest of insults – you’re not important enough for me to even remotely remember you.  Ouchie!

“I noticed upon seeing Kim that something seemed a little off. She was definitely not drinking, but appeared to be almost pixilated, somewhat bemused. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but I was aware that she was different.”

Understatement of the year!

Marisa Zanuck

Marisa starts her blog by wanting to focus on what really matters in life – family.  She states that it was July 13, 2012 when she and Dean were in a car on their way to the airport to fly to Paris with they received the horrible news about Dean’s father.  They arrived at her in-laws home only 10 minutes later but it was too late.  Dean’s dad died of a sudden massive heart attack at 77 years of age.

“The evening prior, Dick, Dean, and I had enjoyed a wonderful dinner in Beverly Hills. It was like the hundreds of dinners we had shared before but tonight the topic was Paris, a place beloved by Dick, where Dean and I spent our honeymoon and were now headed on this new adventure for the show. He was so excited for us and recommended places and sites to take the ‘Wives in our free time. Dean made him pronounce (or in Dick’s case mispronounce) the name of the French dessert “mille-feuille” over and over which always made us laugh. Dick spoke of his recent trip to the south of France with his wife Lili where they had swam together every day in Mediterranean. He asked about how we thought our kids were doing at sleep away camp and then it was time to go home. We walked to his car, I hugged him goodnight and he and Dean gave each other their traditional low five. Right as we headed off, Dean turned around and gave his father a second low five, which I had never seen him do before. We walked home that evening to the most beautiful crimson sky.”

“The next morning life turned on a dime.”

Marissa goes on to say that Dean’s dad became a father figure she had always longed for her in her life.  He was totally accepting of her and treated her just like one of the family.  She and Dean routinely did all kinds of things with Dean’s parents – from vacationing to attending premieres to weekly family dinners.

“I loved this man and was so fortunate to have experienced him.”

Awesome testimony about a father-in-law. Be nicer to his son, please.

Taylor Armstrong

“I’ve been told the truth will set you free. . .here it goes. I went through about nine months where I was drinking to cope with the pain and the memories. I was drinking to forget, to stop the recurring images in my head, to relax enough to try to sleep at night. I quickly discovered that one glass of wine made it a little easier, two would help me forget, three, four, you get the point.  I was self-medicating and the sad truth is that I didn’t know another way to get through the days — and nights. I was confronted with the truth that the life I thought I had was only an illusion. What I finally realized was that “pain waits for you.” I would medicate for a day and the next morning all the emotions would come flooding back — not to mention the massive headache.”

I give Taylor a lot of guff about the way she behaves.  The cynic in me wonders if she actually wrote this blog – it’s way longer than usual – but that may just be because for the first time this season she was actually part of an episode in a meaningful way.

“Thankfully, I had an amazing support system and they helped me realize that it was time for me to feel my emotions and let the healing begin.  I know Dr. Drew. And Kim, I love ya but, Dr. Drew you are not. I know people who have been in “recovery” for many years. Someone very close to me has been sober for 20 years. One thing I know from talking with him over the years is that persons who are in recovery don’t point the finger at others. They focus on their own sobriety. They are there for friends who ask for their help but they don’t diagnose and offer treatment plans for others.”


I dunno – I know a lot of people who have been in recovery for various reasons and they really have no problem pointing the finger at others.  It may be more healthy for people who are in recovery to only focus on their own sobriety – but puleeze… don’t we all know people who point fingers?  Plus, you and Kim both need a storyline since you’re both on a reality show… so, duh?

“When I made the decision not to attend the “nose party,” I gave Kim the courtesy of a phone call. I told her the truth about what I was doing and why I wouldn’t be coming to her party. I was having fun and yes, I was “tipsy.” If I had a nickel for every time Kim “no-showed” for events with no call and then made up some silly excuse as to why she didn’t show, I could pay all my attorney fees. Kim and I don’t socialize outside the other ladies. She doesn’t spend enough time with me to be evaluating anything about my life. I care for her and am deeply happy that she is having success with her sobriety, finally.”

I was in full agreement with you during this entire paragraph, which quite frankly caused me some alarm – but then I got to your last word, “finally.” Really, you couldn’t resist a jab at the end of a perfectly good paragraph?  I don’t know if I would be so mad at Kim – I just don’t get why Kyle didn’t set her straight on the whole Kennedy affair…

“As long as I’m putting it all on the table, I owe Yolanda an apology. When she and I met, I was in a bad place. I was in no state of mind to be making new friends. I was watching my life fall apart and looking at her perfect life wasn’t helping. I was convinced that I would never love or trust another man again and here she had two successful marriages and a beautiful family. It had nothing to do with Yolanda. My emotions were raging and I was like a snake in the corner, striking at everything. I am sorry, Yolanda.”

Whoa… Taylor, it’s YOUR turn to break a Housewife Rule – Rule #7 to be exact:  Never apologize. Ever!  It really concerns me that I’m nodding in agreement to Taylor – much like it pissed me off that I felt I had to defend her last week. Am I losing my mind?  I think I might be…

“So …  I did take some of Kyle and Kim’s advice. I did three things. I decided Kyle was right and it was time to leave the house. I needed to let go of that final piece in order to move on with my life. I took Kim’s suggestion and went to the mountains for the winter. I have taken that opportunity to heal and to spend time with Kennedy enjoying the simple things. Finally, I went cold turkey off my medication. Not recommended but, I am a bit of an extremist — in case you haven’t noticed.”

Don’t you mean that you went off with your married lover to the mountains to escape any judgment those close to you might levy against your choices?

“Surprisingly, I started to sleep, I started to love, and I didn’t need to medicate with alcohol. I want to feel everything that my new life has in store for me. I am happy and healthy. Kennedy is happy, laughing, and singing everyday. I’m coming home to Beverly Hills as a new woman with my past behind me and a new life in front of me.”

Congratulations on breaking up a marriage!  No really, we’re so danged proud of you!  Whew, maybe I’m not losing my mind after all… lol.

“Until next week! Big kiss from my big lips.”

Shudders.  Sorry, I hadta include her “Big kiss from my big lips” – cuz I figured if I had to read it and suffer, that you should have to suffer, too.  You’re welcome.

Yolanda H. Foster

“We all know it was a conversation long past due. As much as I have disliked Taylor’s drunken antics, I have to say she seemed very sincere when confronted and definitely owned her issue. I believe acknowledging our own mistakes is half the problem solved. Taylor’s tragedy is the unthinkable and more than anyone could possibly handle but I am hopeful she can pull her life together for the sake of her little Kennedy.”

I actually applauded when you confronted her!  She’s been kind of mean to you – you’ve seen her footage and her talking heads, and still you are rooting for her.  You’re a better man than I.  I hope that I would be that forgiving.

“I was excited to have the gang over to Mohamed’s for a little house warming cocktail party and showing of his latest creation. Even though I mention his infidelity at this point after 12 years, I have forgiven him and choose not to remember the pain it caused me but only what it taught me.”

I loved how matter-of-fact you were about Mohamed’s issue of infidelity.  It wasn’t a judgment per se – but you just presented it as just something that didn’t work for you.

“Establishing a friendship after divorce takes great effort and a lot of swallowing of your pride and ego. But at the end of the day, the children’s happiness and well-being is all that ever mattered to me. I truly believe that they love both parents equally and they deserve to have both parents in their life peacefully.”

It really IS all about the children, isn’t it?  At least, it should be…

“Taylor was one of the women who did not really embrace me coming into this group and I kept hearing that she had issues with me so I finally decided to confront her.  Even though I don’t believe we can or need to all be best friends, I still feel we need to look each other in the eyes and be honest. Trash talk is poisonous and a bad habit! Maybe if Taylor had taken the time to have a coffee with me, she might have liked me before she wasted her precious time not liking me. I just realized she is now trying to make it about my husband. Geez, she doesn’t even know my husband so she is judging him on whatever his ex-wife has told her… Well Miss Taylor, remember there are always three sides to a story. His, hers, and the truth, so maybe get the other two-thirds of the story before you let your mouth run on someone you don’t even know!”

Wait… how many sides are there to a story?  Adrienne says there are 3… Lisa says there is 1… Kim can’t even remember there is a story… I think this paragraph is Yo’s version of a slam.  Lol… Then she says that there’s going to be more coming in the future on this subject… rut roh…

“Sadly the trip started with the terrible news of Richard Zanuck’s passing. What a shock! I don’t know Marisa and Dean very well but I did know Richard and Lilly. Such a loss! It definitely put things in perspective for everyone. Especially in this group of women where there is so much drama and precious time wasted arguing. It kind of brought us close and everyone began making a conscious effort to get along and really enjoy every minute of every day.”

Well, never fear – this whole “getting along” thing won’t last.

“Anyways it’s going to be a lot of fun exploring Paris with the Beverly Hillbillies!”

Whoa, Yo made a funny… AND used pop culture to do it?  Gotta love it!  Ya’ll come back now, ya hear?


Sunday Television Lineup, March 3rd by BB

Television Premieres: Red Widow (ABC, 9PM); Welcome to Myrtle Manor (TLC 10PM); The Bible (History Channel, 8PM)

Season Premiere: All Star Celebrity Apprentice (NBC, 9PM)

Special Presentations:  Beauty and the Blade Runner (ID, 9PM); The Jodi Arias Trial (CNN, 9PM)

8PM: Real Housewives of Atlanta (Bravo); Beauty and the Blade Runner (ID); The Amazing Race (CBS); Once Upon a Time (ABC); The Simpsons/The Cleveland Show (Fox); The First Family (CW); You Live in What? (HGTV); Amish Mafia (Disc); Wild West Alaska (Anpl); Tricked Out Trains (Trvl); Cupcake Wars (Food); Wicked Tuna: Hooked Up (NatGeo); Jerseylicious (Style) ; The Bible (History)

9PM: Shahs of Sunset Reunion Part 2 (Bravo); The Walking Dead (AMC); Red Widow (ABC); All Star Celebrity Apprentice (NBC); The Good Wife (CBS); Family Guy/Bob’s Burgers (Fox); Mr. Box Office (CW); Gypsy Sisters (TLC); Kourtney and Kim Take Miami (E!); Gator Boys (Anpl); Oprah’s Next Chapter: The Wayans (OWN); Worst Cooks in America (Food); Wicked Tuna (NatGeo); Catch My Killer (ID); I Survived (Bio); A Bryk at a Time (DIY); Snapped (Oxygen); Big Rich Atlanta (Style); Girls/Enlightened (HBO); Shameless (Show) ; The Jodi Arias Trial (CNN)

10PM: Mob Wives (VH1); Talking Dead (AMC); The Mentalist (CBS); Welcome to Myrtle Manor (TLC);  Finding Bigfoot (Anpl); Bar Rescue (Spike); Storage Hunters (truTV); Oprah Presents Master Class: Alicia Keys (OWN); Iron Chef America (Food); Mudcats (NatGeo); On the Case with Paula Zahn (ID); I Solved a Murder (Bio); The Vanilla Ice Project (DIY); House of Lies/Californication (Show)

11PM: WWHL: Cynthia Bailey and NeNe Leakes (Bravo)

About Veena (NMD)

Just a housewife ... who loves this place .... and loves to write ... You can reach me through this email: Lynn's Place is in tribute to Housewives blogger Lynn Hudson, who passed away in August of 2012.
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188 Responses to Melissa and Joe Talking to Penny Drossos / Jacqueline’s Tax Debt / Mary Zilba’s Miss America Faux Pas / Mob Wives/ RHOBH Blogs

  1. chismosa says:

    Just re-posting from late in last blog since I probably won’t catch most of you early today:

    So much to catch up on and comment on but firstly:

    – the smartest dog has been determined to be the Border Collie. poodles are not far behind and of course, German Shepherds as well. I loved hearing about your GS’s as I’m interested in them. Germans know how to manufacture, engineer, and breed things very well IMO.
    —Bluesky– that is the most disturbing story I have heard. It sounds like Munchausen by Proxy or something like that. Psych ward!!
    –congrats HiltAtl on your wedding ! Many many blessings to you !

    I’m so disgusted that there are these complete trashbags on NJ (well, in addition to the regular trash of the cast) that are “Greek” they make me so embarrassed to be Greek. Jerks! 😡😡

    Have a nice Sunday everyone. I can’t wait for shahs tonight. I am firmly team MJ.

  2. not THAT Jill says:

    Good Morning everyone-beautiful sunny Sunday in NY-after a little snow last night!!!
    Blue-I can’t stop thinking about that poor MIL-she needs so help processing all of this-it’s so bizarre!!!
    NMD-thanks for the extra blog yesterday-you continue to ROCK!!!!!

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      Good Morning, Jill.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        What’s up girlfriend?? How’s things??

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          Things are o.k. I feel fat. I don’t want to do my power walk today, but I’m forcing myself to do it because I do not want to be judged by “Dr. Miyagi” when I go back to have my bloodwork and thyroid checked to find the right dose of thyroid medication for my thyroid (which requires a F*CKING weigh-in). Having to exercise is pissing me off. I wish I was just naturally skinny.

          I’m tired of living with my parents (but grateful to have a roof over my head and 2 living parents. Sometimes I put that in my gratitude journal. Sometimes not. Depending on how much they get on my nerves that particular day.). I miss my privacy, and I miss my house, which I LOVED.

          I miss having my own place. I miss having benefits. I miss dating (Well, yes and no because that can be EXHAUSTING. I think I just miss having “dude energy” around every now and then. Men can actually be quite fun….and sometimes NOT.).

          And I’m angry at myself for feeling this way when I’ve got a relative dying of Stage 4 Cancer. I feel like a real a*shole for feeling aggravated, pissed off and/or sad over silly/petty things. *Shrug*

          I know need my a*s kicked for feeling like a whiney-behiney. I bet if I check my calendar, it’s PMS week. I’ll do that later.

          How are things with YOU? 😀

          • not THAT Jill says:

            Listen Detox-everyone is entitled to a little bitching now and then!!! Especially if PMS is the culprit!!! I have an appointment with my thyroid doc on Wednesday-I dread the appt b/c of the weigh in!! I just went to have my blood work done and she will have the results when I see her. She better notice that my ass joined a gym and she better tell me I weigh less then my last visit!! If it I will tell her to kiss my fat a*s!!!! I have been on thyroid medication for 12 years and every year she changes the dosage-if it is too low I’m exhausted and fat-too high I’m hyper and skinny…which I don’t mind but she does-she is a mean bitch!!!!

            • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

              Thanks for the support, Jill. I had NO idea you had thyroid issues too. Boy, for such a tiny little gland, it can wreak havoc if it’s not operating properly, right?

              If that doctor does not notice your efforts and tell you that you weigh less, I agree with you: She’s a BEE-YOTCH!!

              I SOOOO “get” you, and you SOOOO “get” me.

              JIVE TURKEY!

              • not THAT Jill says:

                It can wreck havoc!!! Mine doesn’t work at all now so I depend on the pills to do all the work. When I first was diagnosed-my thyroid was over active-I was wearing a size 2 (after having a baby 8 month before) and bouncing off the walls. Everyone kept telling me to go to the doc but who goes to the doc b/c they are skinny and hyped up right??? Well I finally went and just in time-my doc thought I was having a heart attack-my heart beat was redic!! He scared the shit out of me!!! He did an EKG and almost had a heart attack himself!! He made me call Kevin and he told him to “watch” me until I went to the endocrinologist -of course I went the next day-but Kevin was up all night taking my pulse. He had just gotten on the FDNY and Annabelle was still a baby….poor Kevin-he was in worse shape than I was!!! I got fixed up and put my weight right back on…my size 10’s were right there when I needed them-bastards!!!!!

                • chismosa says:

                  Hi Jill- I am going to respond to Detox too- I started on thyroid pills (synthroid) when I was 32- I couldn’t believe I was so young to be diagnosed with that because at the time I had thought this only hits when you are in middle age and no one in my family had this.
                  But I am surprised that you guys have to monitor your weight so much? I only go for bloodwork to check my levels and that’s all. That’s interesting.
                  Just wanted to let you know I found it interesting !

              • chismosa says:

                Hi Detox! I hope to catch you one day at the same time – but I just wrote down to Jill as well 🔻🔻 that I’m surprised that your endocrinologists monitor your weight as well– because I only go for bloodwork and that’s it! (I take synthroid) and I was so upset to have been diagnosed as hypothyroid at so young (I was 32) But I guess it can “hit” at any time ?

                Hope your spirits are better now! Catch you later.

  3. Powell says:

    Happy Sunday everyone. I hope you enjoyed your Saturday.

    Nancy I hope Emily is better.

    Diva did Mr. Ford get better so that you could give him his strip-agram? I hope he has gotten much needed rest.

    AZGirl does Mr. AZGirl need a 2nd job to take care of the damage done to the credit card? I hope he’s feeling better too.

    For all you dog & cat owners I saw this great collapsable pet crate on “I want that” on DIY Network. I haven’t watched it in so long. The crate actually looks like a dog house. It looks like leather, has stitching around the edges. The sides fold in, the floor & top & roof comes off & it has a thick pad on the bottom that looks like a cushion. It has a bag that you store it in so it’s very convenient to travel with. It looks so comfortable that you can keep it up in your house. It comes in black & white, 3 sizes, $100 something. Take a look on DIY website.

    Have a great day.

  4. Good Morning – it’s a rare sunny day. I’m heading outside!! I have a feeling the NJ twitter accounts will be active today – – –

    • NMD….long years ago I lived in Portland, OR, absolutely loved it!….but I recall the excitement for those sunny days when the clouds would part and there was no rain and you could spend it outdoors! Enjoy your sunny day!! 😀

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      Good Morning, NMD. I agree with you about the NJ Twitter accounts.

  5. Rebecca says:

    I think Yolanda is just seeing Taylor’s (and Kyle’s) now after the shooting ended and is opening her eyes over how catty these women are. I like how she’s warning us that her future blogs wil be more harsh. I wonder how many episodes ahead she has been able to view.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      Hi, Rebecca,

      Thanks again for the novena, and the way you provide each day’s prayer.

      I love Yolanda. I think she has so much class, and I like her direct manner. I’ve said it before, but to me, Lisa and Yolanda are both “Queens,” in that they are almost regal in their manner. Yolanda is more of an Ice Queen than Lisa, but I think her heart is just as warm. I just think the Dutch culture is just more direct and no-nonsense (which may come across as cold to some people). The fact that Yolanda and Lisa get along so well and don’t appear to have any jealousy or competitiveness issues between them shows how secure and confident and comfortable in their own skin they each are. JMHO.

      I love Yolanda’s blogs too. She calls it like she sees it.

  6. Rebecca says:

    Does anyone know if Andy’s sofas stayed free of cheap tanning spray from The Human Stain? (Greatest stupid hero name of all time!)

    • Stars99 says:

      Completely falls on the floor laffin… “The Human Stain”… and, as IF that wasn’t enough… “Greatest Stupid Hero name”… oh, that is just priceless… thank you for sharing! = )

  7. Cartwheels says:

    That picture of Melissa and Joey, the lady definitely is Penny Drossos. I am sure the Marcos are calling her out for stirring so much crap about Melissa’s past, all roads lead to Rome and in this case it is undisputable that the Karagorgis are stirring the pot behind the scenes big time, they might have a valid reason but it gets lost on their twitter wars with the Marco sisters..

    If their manipulative ways pay off , and they are pretty skillful at that, I am thinking that the Marcos would be able to convince Penny to make it look like it was all Teresa’s idea and her fault and that Penny has been doing Teresa’s work, so Teresa can be finally gone and the Marcos shine. Penny might had been promised to finally be in the show instead of having all her scenes deleted.

    I have to say that is the world of Bravo’s housewife desperation, Penny and her husband rank at the top of the list, there is nothing these two won’t do to make it into the show.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Penny, Kim D. and company ARE probably the “big dogs” that Melissa and then Joey wanted to run with – they can make as nice with that bunch but at the end of the day – big dogs don’t bark – they bite!

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        I wonder if Penny came to some kind of agreement with Joey and Melissa at that meeting.

        • Laineylainey says:

          I wouldn’t put It past the Gorgas they will make friends with the devil himself but NOT HIS OWN SISTER. Sorry for yelling.

  8. wallstlady says:

    Indeed to subscribe Having trouble w/my I pad pleaseun subscribe me or show me how to. Thanks Lee Sent from my iPad

  9. TexasTart says:

    Lisa posted this last night:

  10. AZGirl says:

    Just saw HildogAtl good news. Congratulations!

  11. Good Morning! Ahhh Sunday….I slept in! *Blush*

    Another great blog today NMD! Thanks for all the juice.

    Detox….epic Mob Wives blog! You are so on point with your details. It was great to see you back posting this week. Come over and play more often!

    Stars99….as always, I look forward to your recap of the BH blogs. You include just the right amount of info, wit, and snark! Well done. And may I just say phooey on Kim and her “wrong meds”, phooey on the confrontation of Taylor being spontaneous, and phooey on Kyle, Adrienne and Camille for not writing a blog. So there! 😛

    Since I relaxed and enjoyed yesterday, the “there is always one more day” day caught up with me and I am off to do a few errands then cook a Sunday meal for me & DD who will spend the afternoon with me. Good times!

    There is a new post, “What Power Is This”, up at my place. Enjoy!

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      Thanks so much for the compliment on the blog, Mardrag. It was great to be able to play with you guys again this week. I will indeed try to “Come over and play more often!”

  12. plainviewsue says:

    Ah Jacqueline. Pay your bills now or Teresa will have to confront you on television asking you over and over and over again about your finanancial situation.

    Karma truly is a b*tch………………

    • Laineylainey says:

      I doubt this will be publicly addressed. It seems that only the sins of the guidice’s is fair game.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      Yes, Karma is indeed a bitch. Instead of being on Twitter dissing Teresa all the time and spending so much time being concerned about the Giudice’s personal and financial business, maybe Jac should have been paying more attention to her OWN. The “taxmen” certainly think so.

  13. stellastars21 says:

    Oh Detox I love me some Cary Grant. I’ve seen almost all of his movies. He was just so suave and sophisticated and charming and ooh yeah as he got older. He was also so playful and endearing when he was younger. I also use his name change as an example when talking to people about the impact names can have.
    And thanks for the Mob Wives blog. My computer I had coming to me that would actually play videos got “lost” in the mail. The company will send me another when I receive the appropriate paper work and return it saying I never received it. I’m so bummed cause I should have received it by now and I marathons planned dammit!

    How are things with your uncle?

    • Powell says:

      Love me some Cary Grant to stella. I think “To Catch a Thief”, “Spellbound” & “Suspicion” are my top favs. 🙂

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Bringing Up Baby….his screwball comedies always leave me happy!

      • stellastars21 says:

        Yeah those were great. I love The Philadelphia Story too. When I saw The Grass Is Greener I always thought it wasn’t believable that someone would cheat on him. Lol. But yeah I’ve seen most of them including his last movie Walk Don’t Run.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      Hi Stella,

      Wasn’t Cary Grant just wonderful? I agree with everything you said about him. He was one of those men that remained very handsome, even into his old age (Sean Connery is another one like that. Sean Connery was handsome as a young man WITH hair, and I think he’s remained very handsome and striking, even WITHOUT hair. He can work on his attitude a bit, but he IS a very good-looking man who did not seem to lose his looks as he aged.).

      One of my favorite quotes from Cary Grant was the one he made about his only child, Jennifer. When asked about her, he said something like, “She is the most amazing and beautiful girl I have ever met, and trust me, I’ve met quite a few!” (I’ll be you did meet quite a few, Cary). What a Dad!

      I’m glad you enjoyed the “Mob Wives” blog. I wish I could get it into you guys the very next day after each new episode appears the way I was able to do with all of the other shows for which I blogged, but my life has gotten in the way of that lately. *Sigh*

      I TOTALLY understand your frustration about your computer. When my laptop was in a “coma” for 3 months, and I had to use (and share) my Mom’s teeny-tiney, super-SLOW Notebook, I thought I was going to go crazy. The only thing that calmed me down was realizing how grateful I should be for everything I have instead of moaning about a damned laptop (I did do a few cartwheels and a victory dance when I was able to get my laptop out of its coma, though!).

      Thanks so much for asking about my uncle. He’s still very weak, but he’s slowly re-gaining some strength. Despite how weak he is, he is still a very proud man. He refuses to use a bedpan and told the doctors and nurses he was going to use the regular bathroom even if he had to crawl to it. I just hope he can get back to his fun, smart, always laughing and joking self soon. Considering his situation, I’m not sure how possible that is, and if he doesn’t get back to the way he was, we’ll take him however he is. I’ve heard that he WILL be going to M.D. Anderson to get more opinions and to see if they can do anything for him there. I just don’t know when he’ll be going. Again, thanks so much for asking. 😉

      How’s your Mom? How’s your boyfriend’s Dad? How are YOU?

      • stellastars21 says:

        That is a beautiful thing for a father to say about a daughter.

        Well if your uncle has enough passion to hang on to a certain degree of independence that may be a good sign of how much of a fighter he is and he may just get back to his “old” self and continue his battle that way. I really hope so.
        My mom is ok. My boyfriends dad is hanging there. He goes through a lot and is really tough. I’m ok. Pulled my back again. But I’ve got an appointment for Tuesday for an injection. Hopefully it works. Thanks for asking. 🙂

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          You’re welcome. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that your injection works. You make a good point about my uncle’s independence being a good sign. I hope you’re right. I’m glad to hear that your Mom’s doing o.k. I’m sorry to hear things are so tough for your boyfriend’s Dad, though. 😦 I’ll keep him (and you, your Mom and your boyfriend) in my prayers.

      • Powell says:

        Detox I’m glad your uncle is feeling a bit stronger. I pray they can do something for him.

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          Thank you for the prayers, Powell. Prayer is a powerful thing.

      • Laineylainey says:

        Detox, I am glad your uncle is feeling stronger, he’s fighting for his dignity, too (re the bed pan issues). He is not giving up; that’s a good sign, cause you know it’s gotta be difficult really difficult or him.

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          Thank you, Lainey Lainey. Yep, the whole dignity thing is a “thing” with that particular uncle and SOME members of my Mom’s family (NOT SO MUCH with others. My parents had to attend a funeral and a repast with Aunt Bunny yesterday. Afterward, my Dad told me how much Aunt Bunny was working his nerves, and he said, “I just kept looking at her thinking, ‘Damn! I wish you would just DISAPPEAR!'” *Shrug*). It’s a big “thing” with my Dad’s side too (the majority of them, anyway).

          I hope things are going well for you and yours. I am sure your husband is still grieving the loss of his father. I know that’s not easy. I do hope he’s still liking his new job, though. I hope you’re not stressing too much about your gorgeous daughter leaving the nest soon, Mama Bird.

          • Laineylainey says:

            Hi! Thanks for asking about hubs. He has his moments. We all do. He (his dad) was a wonderful man. My darling girl leaves Mar 15. I was freaking out but today I bought her a ticket to visit in April. She actually booked a couple of jobs here in TX so of course she said she would pay me back. I won’t let her, of course! Or i will let her but apply it toward her next visit. So now that I know I will see her about 30 days after she moves…I’m good.

  14. LA Debra says:
    Brought over from last blog, for all you music lovers. As I said, the more I see David Foster perform, the more I respect his talent.

  15. HAPPY SUNDAY ALL… I am beat this a/m… was actually busy busy last night at the hotel…had 11 walk ins… whoo whoo… boss was estatic and I sold them for the going rate…hahahahaha… he asked what was my secret to get full price..told him it’s all about PRESENTATION… even the night auditor flipped when he showed up at 11,,, I smell a raise coming… yea..sure…

    BTW…. MOLLY IS NOT A PEASE… but I am…lol
    Molly Pesce, Miss Florida 1986

    I still dont understand how these chicks get away with the tax thing…good gravy…mr ford owes IRS a tad over 5k from years ago when he couldnt afford to pay… they now take 120 bucks a month out of his Social Security check..which sucks..because he was penalized a lot for taking early retirement..had no work unemployment left…. I hope they all get their get balls handed to them on a platter… they should NOT be treated any different than the regular folks out there…..

    not sure if I can handle watching part deaux of shahs makes me ill to see reza the azz treating MJ they way he does..I hope KARMA comes in heaps on him

    NEW SHOW TONITE…THE RED WIDOW.. I watched some of it online and it’s looks riveting…. may turn the tv on in the lobby tonite and watch it again..think it’s on for 2 hrs..but not sure…

    off to read the paper…

    hugs and peace

    • Powell says:

      Glad you had a good work night. You show’em how it’s done Diva.

      Totally agree about the taxes Diva. Us ordinary Joes and Joans get the IRS knocking down our doors all the time but so many people w/supposed money go for yrs w/o paying what they owe. It’s not fair.

      Red Widow does look interesting. The actress was on GMA Friday & from what she said I will be watching.

      You & Mr. Ford take it easy today.

    • Catseye says:

      I don’t want to scare you, but PLEASE be careful working the desk on the nite shift, at the hotel.

      • catseye…thanks for the concern…but not to worry…. the doors are locked to the lobby at 11 p/m… i have cameras all over the place…cops at dunkin donuts REALLY 1/2 MILE AWAY and I pity the fool that comes in for me..he/she will be leaving in a body bag…I already mapped out my escape route thru the laundry room… and hotels dont have hardly any cash on hand any more..every one pays by c/c…. I am not one of those women who scare easily…I am always aware of my surroundings and have a photogenic memory… something our Father taught us all to have..he would test us on it all the time when we were kids…remember,,,if anyone is shooting at in a zig zag way..never a straight line….
        bbrrrrrr…it’s cold here in fla today…may have to wear more under clothes….lol dang

        hugs and peace


    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      I don’t understand the whole tax thing either, Diva. I’m more scared of the I.R.S. than I am of the damned “Mob” (that includes the Italian, Russian, Chinese and Mexican mobs all put together. LOL)! The I.R.S. does NOT “play” around.

  16. TexasTart says:

    As we all know, there are an unbelievable number of TV shows on Sunday nights and by the looks of BB’s schedule tonight is ultra crowded! Just wanted to tell anyone it may interest; THE BIBLE premiers on the History Channel tonight. This is the first of a 5 part that promises to be a very good quality production! Produced by Emmy award winning, Mark Burnett and his wife Roma Downey. You might recognize the name Mark Burnett as the producer of Survivor and The Apprentice to name a few. Oddly enough The Celebrity Apprentice and this show overlap one another. They should have aired The Bible another night, in my opinion.

    • iceNfire says:

      They should also rerun many of these shows that air on Sunday. looking thru my dvr I have no room for Red Widow so I guess I’ll watch it online…if it gets good reviews here.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      I agree with you about the crammed Sunday night lineup, TT. I hate that, especially since I no longer have a DVR (which I LOVED).

      Thanks for the heads-up about “THE BIBLE.” I want to try and catch it in a repeat at some point if I can.

    • Powell says:

      Oh yeah that’s the name of their show. My mom & I were talking about it. Parade mag interviewed them & they talked about it. They were asked if they’d do a reality show and they said no. They’re just an ordinary family. Mark said if there were any of his shows he would do what would it be & he said “Survivor”.

    • Laineylainey says:

      People at work were talking about that Roma Downey show, TT. But then I do work at a church!

    • chismosa says:

      They were on Nightline the other night and their body language was SUPER disturbing. They were gripping each other for dear life. I don’t think blood flowed in both their arms. Verrrrrrrrrry odd.

      She’s got too many fillers in her face IMO.

  17. T-Rex says:

    Morning Blog Peeps!! Been MIA for about a week, had to go on a trip for business, then came home and did a 12 mile hike in the woods yesterday, and today, I get to be a BLOB and I am eating crap and catching up on Project Runway right now, hadn’t really watched any this season. It’s cold here so feel like just curling up with the puter, ON Demand TV, and the puppies. Hubby is here too, but Mr.T-rex is watching sports. Still trying to figure out what to make for dinner later today.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      Good Morning, T-Rex.

      • Lisa Renee says:

        Hi Detox, great blog & always worth the wait 🙂 It’s not like there are any spoilers we know who is nuts, who is a bitch & who is the bomb diggity. ITA with your take, Lisa

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          Hi Lisa! (*Waving*). I haven’t heard “bomb diggity” in a while. It reminds me of my good old days in college and law school. 😀 Thanks for understanding about the blog. They all do pretty much play their roles, right? The only exception I see is Drita. She’s gone from “Mike Tyson” to a verson of “Mahatma Ghandi/Martin Luther King that just so happens to curse up a blue streak” (with her serious preaching of NON-VIOLENCE. That’s a real change for her. Nice growth there, Drita).

          • Lisa Renee says:

            Waving back atcha Detox, I love me some Drita. We both talk with our hands & will put a fork in someones neck, my kinda gal. I have to say I am enjoying the kinder gentler Drita, shes pulled back alot. I had to when I moved south, IMO she does not want her children to see her in that light so I give her major props, Renee is Renee, wouldn’t change a hair on her head. I can’t stand Ratso Rizzo, I don’t get why she wants her children to think marrying a man in jail & having a reception with his cardboard cut out is normal. Carla, shes a bitter betty. I think she needs to get laid, alot lol. Big Ang is perfection. The jury still out for me with Love.
            Saw your post to Jill, I say this with this with nothing but love, SNAP OUTTA IT! It’s OK to lament what was, what you miss & what is getting on your last nerve. It does not take away from what your Uncle is going through & may help you help your family better if you vent now in the long run. Don’t keep it in & don’t feel guilty.
            In the profound words of Tony Soprano, every day is a gift, but does that gift have to be
            socks every day?? Some days bees like that. You gonna be just fine, I am glad the novenas are bringing you comfort. So nice to have you around again, Lisa

    • TexasTart says:

      I noticed you were MIA and I’m glad you’re back! 😀

      Hey, I need a new vacuum cleaner asap and remember your recent purchase…so how did that Shark vacuum work out for you or Mr. T-Rex?!

      • T-Rex says:

        I like my Shark but my SIL had the shark and the Dyson and says that if you can splurge she says go for the Dyson, although we LOVE our Shark and it’s a fraction of the price.

      • Lisa Renee says:

        Hi TT, I got my Dyson from HSN & I love it & so did DD. Going to be in the 30’s tonight & back to 70 by Tuesday. Good bye good hair weather lol, Lisa

        • TexasTart says:

          Supposed to be 85 here tomorrow…I guess a wind shift is in store because it is cold.and hard north wind now..great hair though even in big wind! 😉

      • princesspindy says:

        I really like my Dyson.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      A 12 mile hike??? Good for you TT!!! Enjoy your blob day-you deserve it!!!!

    • AZGirl says:

      12 miles! That great!

    • Powell says:

      Woo 12 miles? Go girl. Well you be a blob if you want to. We all deserve blobdom some days. Yes I made that word up. 😀

    • Laineylainey says:

      Hi trex! After a 12 mile t-Rex hike, you deserve to be a T-blob. 🙂

  18. not THAT Jill says:

    Annabelle came home from school on Friday with 2 bags of flour a packet of yeast and a recipe for baking bread. The recipe yielded enough dough for 2 loaves of bread-1 loaf for the soup kitchen and 1 loaf for home. Well I was not very excited about this project b/c I have never made bread. I can not tell you how wonderful homemade bread is!!! We made the 1 loaf for the soup kitchen and made pretzels, cinnamon rolls and regular rolls for home. Annabelle and I have not stopped eating!!! ( Maggie wanted nothing to do with the homemade bread-she is store-bought all the way).

    • Powell says:

      Umm. Homemade bread sounds good. Tell Maggie she doesn’t know what she’s missing.

    • T-Rex says:

      I love homemade bread, I don’t make it so much any more because we don’t eat bread enough to make it. I love making rolls as well, at the Holidays or any get together with my family I always make homemade rolls, they are WAY better than the store bought stuff. I like it homemade too because if you look at store bought bread it’s got a gazillion chemicals to make it soft and stay on the shelf, that is not good for your body. I don’t use commercial store breads any longer, only fresh or bakery bread with less than 7 ingredients if that.

      • iceNfire says:

        So I’m fooling myself by buying ’12 grain’ bread? I never looked at the ingredients of bread before

        • T-Rex says:

          In a word, yes, you still need to look at the ingredients, most grain breads have the unbleached white flour as the first ingredient instead of whole wheat if you are looking at Nutrition. But the commercial breads are just chock full of chemicals one bread I saw was like full inches of ingredients!

    • Catseye says:

      It IS delish. I bought one of those Bread Machines (like brand-new, minus the instruction book which I called the co. for, and they mailed me one) at the Goodwill for $10 about 6yrs ago, I saw it while dropping off some stuff. The smell is just heavenly. I mostly used the Whole Wheat mixes from the grocery store. VERY filling.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        For this bread we used whole wheat and regular. The project is from the King Arthur flour company -I think they are in VT? The loaf we made for the soup kitchen came out beautiful-Me and Belle keep looking at b/c we both want a slice!!! I guess I will be making home made bread now!!!

    • Lisa Renee says:

      Jill, homemade bread is my crack! Nothing like it in the world. My neighbors dad who was in his 90’s made fresh bread everyday. He started a few fires but it was worth it. He was also very fond of spray painting everything gold. After he passed I couldn’t believe even his wallet was spray painted along with all the Judges tools. Shit was hysterical. He was a hoot & cranky ornery Navy man. I miss him & the bread. Lisa

      • not THAT Jill says:

        Spray painting everything gold?? Maggie could totally get behind that idea!!
        This bread is so amazing-I don’t know why I never tried baking bread before-its so easy but a little time consuming. Worth every second though!!

        • Lisa Renee says:

          Jill, I can not bake well for love or money. Even screwed it up in a bread machine. DD’s school’s biggest fundraiser was the pumpkin run & all parents were to contribute 2 loaves of pumpkin bread. I ordered mine from Harry&David, unwrapped it to wrap in plastic so it looked home made. Thought I was so slick never thinking anyone would ask for the recipe. I did get several requests so I printed one off the internet. Everyone wanted to know my secret because they said theirs didn’t taste the same. I blamed the humidity & went to confession lol, Lisa

          • not THAT Jill says:

            Haha!! That’s something my mother would have done!! I love baking and cooking and I’m pretty good at it. No one in my family is allowed to call a caterer for a party-they call me and I love it. Next weekend we are having a bachelorette party for my older sis( she is re-mewing her vows after 25 years of marriage-she eloped and never had a big to-do…now she is) I have so much cooking to do and now I will also be baking some fresh bread too!!!

          • Laineylainey says:

            That is hilarious, Lisa Renee. Thanks for the giggle!

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            ROFL, Lisa! I needed that big laugh today. Girl, YOU SO CRAZY (and I LOVES it)! 😀

            • TexasTart says:

              LOL! Lisa Renee! If homemade bread is your crack, then welcome to my crack house! But I am not the baker – my husband makes homemade bread all the time!

    • Laineylainey says:

      Maggie’s response to the homemade cracks me up. Glad you and Anabelle had fun together! I was excited that my daughter and her friend met us for dinner last night. I think we never baked together except at christmastime when they were little.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        Baking/cooking with kids is very trying!!! Annabelle is easy-I do the important stuff and she does the fun stuff. Maggie always leaves me 2 seconds into it-she loses interest right away!!! She likes the idea of cooking but not the work!!

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      Yum, that sounds so good, Jill! Maggie’s your little diva, right?

  19. AZGirl says:

    Like the rest of you I am so sick of people getting out of paying taxes. Mr. AZGirl and I are in the highest bracket not because of our income but because we own a small business. We pay full Social Security and that is a huge chunk of cash every year. That wine cellar of Chris’ is ridiculous. All those cars in their driveway. Trust me I am not feeling sorry for them. Well, maybe Chris because he is married to that Wacky Jac.

    • Powell says:

      Not feeling sorry for Chris cause he’s married to Jac either.

    • Laineylainey says:

      It’s not fair. All we do is pay, pay, pay..

      • Boobah says:

        …and pay and pay and pay somemore…

        • Laineylainey says:

          Crap and now my husband just backed into our daughter’s car. More money going out…going, going, going. No one was hurt at least.

          • TexasTart says:

            Bummer Lainey! And not only the $ but that stupid feeling.Mr. Lainey will likely have…..or maybe he is mad because someone parked where they shouldn’t have.

            • Laineylainey says:

              Yeah, he feels pretty bad. So now we get the two cars fixed and be done with it. Oh we’ll!

              • TexasTart says:

                Two repairs, same time, one wallet. Sigh. Lainey Girl might have to move away from Daddy 😉 Oh, will have to fix her car quickly, she is leaving soon…gotta have a car in LA! Glad no one was hurt.

    • TexasTart says:

      I feel ya’ on the taxes AZGirl!

  20. Powell says:

    HilDogAtl congratulations on your happy news. You bet your bottom dollar that we totally understand thatyou can’t spend as much time blogging. Um, you are getting m a r r i e d! 🙂 I think that’s more important than HWs. Congrats on becoming a MRS. 🙂

    • hildogatl says:

      Thank you kindly, I am elated. These seasons get longer and longer I am sure it will wrap soon but of course, I dont want to abandon ship!

  21. Powell says:

    Detox I am not liking Carla wanting full custody. From what we’be seen Joe is an involved & good dad. Carla is being spiteful that Joe has moved on. I’m glad that the ladies are getting along also. And Ramona can get alongw/Drita & Carla all she wants but I still.don’t like her. Thks Detox. 🙂

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      You’re welcome, Powell. I can’t decide how I feel about Ramona. Sometimes I like her. Sometimes I feel absolutely NOTHING for her. Sometimes I like Karen. Sometimes I’m neutral on her. Renee is ABSOLUTELY the BIGGEST “Drama Queen,” and people like that can get on my nerves, but I still can’t “quit” her for some reason (like Ramona from RHONYC. I like/love both of those crazy b*tches even though they behave completely inappropriately at times). I like Drita. I like Love. I LOVE Big Ang. And you know I can’t stand Carla. There’s just this “Faye Resnick”-ish “coldness” to her personality that gets to me. I think she’s being very spiteful with Joe too. I think her ego is really bruised that he’s moved on and replaced her (basically with a younger-looking version of HER, at least physically).

      • Mel says:

        Hi ladies,

        I love mobwives. I think Carla and Joe get along really well and the show just overdramtizes everything. I saw on twitter JOe was saying exactly that….he even defended Carla several times. Prior to the season even starting Carla would tweet really good things about joe being a good father. I get why Carla seems cold….i think she is very defiensive given the fact it seems the other women (minus drita and ang) are always trying to come after her. When I see Carla on interviews etc she comes off really sweet. I guess given the environment she is in on mobwives….you only see one side of her.

      • chismosa says:

        Detox I’m with you on Carla. Can’t stand her. Cold and conceited in some way. I don’t think Raquel looks like her at all.

        And Renee I can’t quit either, despite the dramatics and then I saw in her rehab episodes – no wonder why- she’s a Cancer, like me! Ha hahaa. I’m not that dramatic. 🙂

        What I wish people would realize is that Drita and Carla (the 2 I can’t stand) are not even REAL MOB. They are low level nothing crimes. Those husbands were not in the family. So for me, they don’t belong on the show. IMHO

  22. T-Rex says:

    Hmmmm with all this food talk, found I had a sheet of Puff Pastry left in the freezer, defrosted it along with some Morningstar Farms Vegetarian Breakfast Links, wrapped the pastry around the Blinks(our nickname for the links) and cut into 3 pieces each, bake at 400 for 20 minutes, cool and serve with mustard, yummo. Oh and my non vegetarian friends love these too, they think they taste better than the regular animal sausages because they don’t become greasy

  23. BB says:

    SUNDAY NIGHT TV PROGRAM NOTE: I left out a series premiere: “Vikings” on the History Channel at 10PM.

  24. BB says:

    It’s being reported that Heidi Klum will be a fourth judge on America’s Got Talent with Howard Stern, Howie Mandel and Melanie Brown.

  25. Pghemtchick says:

    Hi havent read yet.
    Blue- left you a few DMs on twitter hope they shed a lil light.

    Have a great day all! Prolly pop back on later- right now have a bunny itching to run. Lol

  26. not THAT Jill says:

    Myrtle Manor…. OMG I don’t know if I can take this show on… Maybe I will just watch the ” premier” episode!! I want to watch that Red Window and The Apprentice and Amazing Race…what a full life I have huh??????

  27. iceNfire says:

    Saw this photo and ran for the cold cream…wonder when they will start doing facelifts on hands

  28. BB says:

    IKR. I can only DVR so much (and my husband and I DVR different ones), so I guess I’ll just have to catch some of it online or ondemand.

    • BB says:

      This was in response to JNNTJ. Don’t know what happened. And none of the shows I want to watch are on Bravo for a change. I’m slowly getting away from Bravo thank goodness.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        Me too BB-I’m over the whole Bravo crap. I’m not watching ATL or Shahs tonight-if I catch a rerun I will watch but I’m not DVR’ing either one!!!

  29. Boobah says:

    Thanks for a juicy blog today!!

    SUPERstars99 – Awesome and humorous blog recap, my friend!! You make a great point about Kyle and Kim – we didn’t see the first time (or the many times thereafter) when Kyle likely did approach Kim in a loving manner about her addiction issues. While I have never been a Kyle ‘fan’, I have to agree that what we saw was probably a result of frustration from years of trying to speak w/Kim coupled with her reaction to what Kim said about the house that was taken from her. I mean, what are the chances that Kyle bit her tongue for all those years and then suddenly lost it right at that moment?! That being said, I also think Kyle is part of Kim’s problems

    Oh! And your turtle wax comment – LOL!!!!!! Priceless! Thanks for taking the bullet.

    While I’m at it – MelTH, awesome recap on Survivor. I thought of you while watching when the tie occured because I remember you mentioning you hadn’t seen a tie breaker. As others stated, the tie breakers were better when they had to start a fire. But it was still fun to see another tie. I agree that it was anticlimatic. I cannot stand Pinky!!! But at least he had swim trunks on. Sorry I am so late in commenting. Go Cochran!

    I also noticed someone mention Stephanie from Survivor – Omg, she was great! The fact that she lost her season made me stop watching the show for quite a while. For crissakes she was the sole survivor of her tribe before merging! I remember her night all alone at her camp – I figured she had what it took to win, but I guess not.

    Thanks to everyone for churning out blog after blog of fun reading and commenting!

    • Laineylainey says:

      We are only guessing that Kyle tried to speak to Kim about her addiction. I think it’s because that’s what we, ourselves, might have done in real life for a beloved sibling. Maybe Kyle tried, maybe she didn’t; neither of them has indicated either way. Kyle has said on camera (just recently) that it was never talked about. Maybe she wasn’t being literal with the “never.”

  30. Powell says:

    Ok everyone. I just finished watching the last 2 epis of The Walking Dead. So. What’s Andrea going to do since she only freaked The Gov & didn’t off him? Is she going to be on his side?

    • BB says:

      She’s in denial. I think she may eventually realize she’s in the wrong camp. Do you think she and Michonne may have had more than just a friendship? They were discussin that last week on Talking Dead and about how Andrea seems to like to sleep around. Lol. BTW, they are selling T-shirts that say “If Daryl Dies, I Will Riot.” He’s become a fan favorite and he and Merle weren’t even in the original comic book. Lol

      • chismosa says:

        I LOVE Daryl!! My feeling is his brother will die, either by Daryl’s hand in some way, or just naturally.

  31. Powell says:

    Now I’m catching up on Teen Mom. All these moms are a mess but their little toddlers are growing like weeds & are so cute.

  32. TexasTart says:

    Ugh. My day went south and have been able to read ….but paged down real quick and saw da bomb diggidy..sp? and laughed, that might have been the highlight of this day so far…..anyway I did leave comments and a question before things went haywire. I will read later….thanks for the responses. Will probably be a different blog or day before I get back.

  33. iceNfire says:

    Kyle is so Klueless she doesn’t know we’re onto her tactics. She also hasn’t noticed that her ‘friends’ don’t Tweet her anymore

  34. iceNfire says:

    • iceNfire says:

      sry – i’m in need of a delete button 😦

    • Laineylainey says:

      Vanessa shd ask Andy if it’s part of their job.

    • Powell says:

      Since so many viewers like to read the Bravo blogs if it’s not written in their contracts that they must blog then Bravo is stupid. Them blogging is like them having to do press when bravo sends them out. That’s like when you’re at your job and you have particular duties you perform and also those “as assigned duties” that are within the scope of your position. It(s just ridiculous. Besides Kyle just doesn’t want to blog because so many viewers are going to leave her critical responses. She only wants to blog as long as nice comments are left.

      • BB says:

        Powell, I answered your post about the Walking Dead upthread.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        I don’t blame her for not blogging-I have read the comments that people have left and it is down right mean!! And not just mean b/c of what happens on the show-they go after her for living!!! If it were only mean comments related to the show that’s one thing but going after her for breathing is a little too much, people tweeting her that she needs to write a blog just so they can slam her is just funny. No one cares what her blog is about and I bet half the people who comment don’t even read the blog!! They are still yelling at her for thing she did last season!

        • BB says:

          I don’t care if she blogs or not. I’m not interested in anything she has to say. Her blogs are kind of like Adrienne’s. She hardly ever addresses anything substantive.

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