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Welcome back to “Mob Wives”!

This week Drita tells Renee all about her “new boyfriend,” and she gets very special, customized rims for her car. Big Ang invites Carla to her annual Christmas Party and lets her know that she will be inviting friends, family and ALL of her cast mates. After initial apprehension, Carla agrees to attend the party. Karen gets a call from Storm while she is out shopping with Love, and she and Storm agree to meet at a restaurant. She is not sure if this will be a business meeting or an actual date. Love tells Karen that she has been out of the dating game so long that she needs a piano to fall on her head in order to realize when a man is interested in her and actually asking her out on a date. Karen ends up having a “date” date (and not a business meeting) with Storm. Love reconnects with an “old flame” by telephone (and No, it is not the ex- from last week. This is a whole different one.). Ramona finally puts her engagement ring on her finger. She excitedly tells Karen her news about being engaged; however, she does not quite get the happy and supportive response she expected from Karen. Karen, instead, goes ballistic and tries to tell Ramona why she thinks Ramona is making a big mistake. The two of them get into a huge fight that seems to continue and roll over into a party held by one of Ramona’s friends. At the party, Ramona ends up announcing that she is engaged to her incarcerated fiancé. Renee is super-supportive and tells Ramona so. Big Ang is very skeptical and tells Ramona so. Karen again tries to impress upon Ramona that she is in denial and does not really know what she is getting her and her family into, but she eventually relents and reluctantly agrees to support Ramona marrying her fiancé. Big Ang receives some disappointing news about her Christmas Party.

O.K., Is everybody ready? Here we go!

Drita Tells Renee About Her New Boyfriend

Drita and Renee meet for lunch. Drita tells Renee that she has a “brand new boyfriend.” Renee’s eyes widen in surprise when she hears this (and so do mine). Drita continues and says, “His name is Lee, and we are in love and inseparable” and breaks into a smile showing all 65 of her teeth.

Renee visibly relaxes and grins back at Drita, looking very happy to hear about Drita and Lee working on their marriage and about Drita and Lee being so happy. She interviews that she thinks it is wonderful that Drita and Lee are trying to work it out. Drita interviews that she is a VERY proud person, and it is not easy for her to swallow her pride and forgive Lee for cheating on her and to take him back. She says, however, that she is glad that she is swallowing her pride and giving her marriage and family another chance because if, in the end, Lee screws up again, or the marriage simply does not work out, she will be able to take comfort in the fact that she did everything to make it work. And, because of that, she will have NO regrets if it does NOT work.

Drita then asks Renee about A.J. Renee says that A.J. is great, working and still with his girlfriend, Sydney.

Renee changes the subject and tells Drita that she finally got a chance to talk to her father about her addiction and her stint in rehab. She says that her father was very upset, and he is very concerned about whether or not she can remain sober. Renee confesses to Drita that she HAS felt like drinking and/or popping a pill since she has been back from rehab. She says that, in order to deal with the temptation, she has being doing her best to stay occupied and to stay out of “drama.”

Big Ang and Carla Catch Up At “The Drunken Monkey”

Carla stops by to visit Ang while she is working at “The Drunken Monkey.” She tells Big Ang that she recently met with Raquel and Joe, and she says that the meeting went well. Big Ang tells Carla that this is a good thing.

Carla then asks Big Ang if she started her Christmas shopping. Big Ang, the shopaholic, looks at Carla like she is crazy and says, “I finished my Christmas shopping 2 months ago.” Carla says she’s jealous and notes that she still has so much shopping left to do before the holiday.

Big Ang then tells Carla that, since they are on the subject of Christmas, she wants to invite Carla to a big Christmas Party she is having. Carla asks Big Ang who she is inviting, and Big Ang says “Everybody.” When Carla asks what “Everybody” means, Big Ang informs her that she will be inviting ALL of the cast mates as well as some of her other friends and some of her family members. Hearing this makes Carla look less enthused about Big Ang’s Christmas Party. She interviews that knowing that “everybody” will be at Ang’s party makes her “nervous.”

Carla tells Big Ang that she will go to the party for Ang’s sake, but it will be uncomfortable for her. Ang interviews that she feels bad that Carla is on the outs with so many of the girls.

Carla tells Ang that she now hears that Love also has a problem with her, but she could not care any less (Then why are you even bringing it up?). She interviews that she does not even know Love, but she’s heard Love has been going around talking about her (That’s funny. Love has heard the same thing about you.). She dismissively says, “I’m done with these girls and their drama!”

Carla informs Ang that she can be cordial with Renee if Renee is “normal” and does not “start” anything with her. She interviews that she should be o.k. at the party because she will at least have Big Ang and Drita there in her corner.

Big Ang tells Carla that Renee “seems like a different person” since she got out of rehab. Carla has a skeptical look on her face.

Did He Ask Me Out On A Date?

In a voice over shown as Karen and Love walk into a store, Karen says that because she is not a big cook, she loves prepared foods, and she has invited Love to go food shopping with her.

As Karen and Love walk through the store talking about all of the Italian items and tasting samples, they talk about how it was so hard for them to find good Italian food when they traveled to other states. Karen mentions that, when she first moved to Arizona, it was really hard, but it has gotten better. Love interviews that, at one time, Arizona became like “a little Staten Island” because many former mob members were sent there when they went into witness protection or followed other family members there. She surmises that this is probably why the Italian food offered in Arizona got better.

Speaking of Arizona, Karen tells Love that she has to go to Arizona and finish “that chapter” of her life. She explains that she has to have a long talk with Dave and get some things straight between them She says she has already bought her plane ticket. So, she is definitely going. Love listens supportively. She interviews that, if she were in Karen’s shoes, she’d probably “just MURDER Dave and bury his body,” but she “understands” why Karen can’t do that because they do have a daughter together. She explains that she’s not a Mom. She further explains that she might NOT murder Dave if she had a child with him even if she were in Karen’s shoes because that makes things more complicated (LOL. Love kills me. She talks so tough, and I really DO think she is. I think she exaggerates when she talks about “murdering” people, though. Then again, she claims to have stabbed people in her past, and none of her ex-boyfriends have come out to refute her story. So…who really knows? *Shrug*).

While they are walking through the aisles shopping, Karen receives a call from her business partner (and possible new love interest), “Storm” He asks her how she is and what she’s doing. She tells him. Love interviews that Karen looks “giddy like a little kid over this phone call. What’s going on?!”

Storm then asks Karen if she would like to get together. She says she would, and she asks him if he likes Italian food. He says he does. So, they agree to get together at an Italian restaurant. Love, who is continuing to watch Karen while she talks on the phone and to listen to Karen’s side of the conversation smiles excitedly for Karen. She interviews that she’s glad that Karen “might be getting some action!”

When Karen hangs up the phone, she tells Love about her conversation with Storm. Love is so excited that she smiles and claps her hands with glee. Karen seems less excited, and she tells Love that she is not sure if Storm asked her out on a “date” or a “business meeting.” She interviews that she is wondering, “Is this business or pleasure?”

Love asks Karen if she needs a piano to fall on her head for her to “get it.” She tells Karen that, in her opinion, Storm was definitely asking Karen out on “a date, NOT a business meeting” because it sounded like they were having a personal – not business – conversation on the phone just now.

Karen still looks unsure.

Lady Boss

Drita takes Big Ang with her to the shop where she is going to have new, customized rims placed on her car. Once they walk into the shop, Drita excitedly asks the guy behind the counter for her rims.

He brings them out to her, and Drita is thrilled with the way they turned out. They are nice and sparkly and very nice as far as rims go, I guess (I say “I guess,” because I really do not know all that much about rims. *Shrug*). The words “Lady Boss” are written in the middle of each rim (Now, I DO like THAT). Drita interviews that this is Lee’s nickname for her (I love that nickname. I wish someone would call ME that because that is what I often feel like.). The man tells Drita that there will be a short wait while he installs the rims on Drita’s vehicle. Drita is super-excited.

While they wait, Drita and Big Ang walk outside the shop so that Ang can have a cigarette and so that they can chat. Drita tells Big Ang that she wants to get Lee “all set up” because, when she first got with him, all she had were “a few sweat suits and some tennis shoes,” and Lee changed all that for her. She says that Lee gave her “the WORLD, and he did it because he WANTED to and not because I ASKED him to because I didn’t”. Drita interviews that she wants to return the favor.

Big Ang supportively tells Drita that she thinks Drita is doing the right thing by working on her family with Lee.

Drita informs Big Ang that she is going to buy Lee a car “because he really needs one,” and she is going to get herself a “new boob job so I can look good naked now.” She claims that her right breast looks wonky, and her implants need “a tune-up.”

Big Ang says, “So, you’re going to get a car, new boobs and PREGNANT!”. Drita looks at Ang with a look of horror and screams, “You KEEP saying that!! I don’t want to get pregnant right now because I am trying to start a business.” Big Ang tells Drita that she says it because this is honestly what she feels is going to happen (Big Ang could be right. Drita will probably finally have a little boy that she will either name “Lee D’Avanzo, Jr.” or “Lee D’Avanzo, II.” I personally prefer “Lee D’Avanzo, II” because that way they can nickname him “Deuce.” I know that sounds ghetto, and I wouldn’t personally do it, but I’d love it if Drita would — just because it’s kind of “gangsta” and fits in with their whole “Mob vibe.” “Deuce D’Avanzo.” I think it has a nice ring to it. Don’t you?).

As she takes another drag on her cigarette, Big Ang then asks Drita, “So, how’s the SEX life?!” Drita says, “There IS no sex life!” She explains that Lee is only allowed to work and then basically go straight back to the halfway house, where he is not allowed to have any visitors (But wait a minute, Drita? Earlier, when you had lunch with Renee, you said that Lee was your “new boyfriend” and that the two of you were now “inseparable.” How can you guys be “inseparable” if, based on what you are saying now, you guys hardly have any time together, particularly not enough time to have sex. I’m confused. Oh well.).

When Big Ang hears that Lee has a job, she asks Drita where. Drita tells her that one of Lee’s friends “hooked him up with a job at a funeral home.” Drita interviews that she thinks this is a good thing because “There’s no chance he can get in trouble for killing anybody there because they’re ALREADY DEAD!!” (That was funny, Drita.).

Big Ang advises Drita that she should go to Lee’s job and have sex with him there. Drita blushes and screams, “What is the MATTER with you??!!” to Big Ang (I notice that, despite how tough Drita is, she often blushes and clams up when it comes to the subject of her sex life. It’s cute.).

Big Ang continues playing “Mob Moll Dear Abby” and advises Drita to have sex with Lee in a car if she can. Drita blushes again and screams that they might be arrested for indecent exposure, and she does not want to risk that because Lee JUST got out of prison (for the 2nd time). Ang interviews that she thinks “Drita should have sex with Lee EVERYWHERE.” She then reminisces about the time she joined the “Mile-High Club” and had sex in an airplane bathroom. She grins and says that “It was very small and very COZY and very nice” as she bats her huge eyes and huge false eyelashes (Big Ang is SUCH a kick!! I love this woman).

The Quiet Storm

Karen walks into the restaurant to meet Storm for either a “date” or a “business meeting.” She’s still not sure. She interviews that she has not done “the date thing” in a very long time.

Storm is already at the table, and when Karen greets him, she explains that she lost her voice earlier that day (Her voice is definitely strained). Storm tells her it’s o.k. (At this point, I notice that Storm has one of those “deep, baritone, sexy, Barry-White-type” voices going on. This ALMOST makes up for his bottom row of teeth on which he is either wearing a grill or has installed several gold teeth, which I want to have ripped out and replaced immediately by the nearest dentist.).

Once Karen gets comfortable, she gets straight to the point and asks Storm if this is a business dinner or something else. Storm tells her that this is up to her. Karen interviews that she is attracted to Storm but nervous about the fact that they are also business partners and the problems mixing business and pleasure could possibly bring (Aww, Girl! This music business thing is not your MAIN gig. This show is. Also, aren’t you writing another book? What about that Spa you invested in last season? Do you still have that? Just go for it with ol’ “Stormy Weather.” If it does not work out, get a new business partner in the music industry or just call it a day on that particular side gig. I bet you if you got your “Baby Daddy” out of your house and installed PAYING renters in that bad boy, you’d be less stressed about finances. You’d also probably be less stressed because you’d be getting LAID. Just sayin’! And that is “Business Advice from Detox.” You can thank me later, Karen.).

Storm then tells Karen that he thinks that they can keep Business and Pleasure separate (Yeah…that’s what they all say). Karen just looks at him like she is mulling it over.

Karen then asks Storm if he is dating. He says that he is “playing the field like Derek Jeter” (You go, Boy! I like that line. Karen, this is a sign that if you start dating Storm, you also need to start dating other people until the both of you decide you want to only see each other and become monogamous. Don’t put all of your eggs in Storm’s basket when he is letting you know upfront that he IS seeing other women. I DO like the fact that he is upfront about it, though. Many other men would just LIE until they got into your underwear and only tell you the truth afterwards. “Wow! That was great! By the way….” And that is “Love Advice from Detox.” You can thank me later for that too, Karen.).

During this date, I see Karen undergo the same strange “transformation disease” that seems to have affected Drita this season: she magically turns into a damned “schoolgirl” while she is sitting at the table with Storm. Her outfit changes into a Catholic School uniform, and she magically has ribbons in her hair. All she would need is some braces, and her and Storm’s TEEFS (a.k.a. “teeth”) would kinda match. She’s all “giddy-like,” and it’s cute to see (It’s cute when these rough, tough “BROADS” show their softer, vulnerable, girlie-pink sides).

Storm then asks Karen how her daughter, Karina, is doing. She tells him that Karina is fine, and she asks him if he has any children. He tells her that he has a 7-year-old daughter (That’s do-able. I’m glad he does not have a gaggle of kids all over the damned place!). Karen interviews that she feels more relaxed now that they are both talking about their children. She says that Storm is a good guy for her because he is NOT in “the lifestyle,” and he has a legitimate business (I agree).

Engagement By Safety Deposit Box

Ramona interviews that she is finally going to pick up her engagement ring from a safety deposit box. She says she never thought she would get married again, but Joe (her jailed fiancé) “gets” her. She says that they both knew they would be together from the minute they reconnected and started talking again. Ramona says it was their “destiny.” (My eyes roll at this. He might be her destiny, but I guess I’m just too jaded to see it. Whatever you say, Ramona. If you LIKE it, I LOVE it!).

As she is driving to pick up her ring, Ramona calls Karen. Karen does not pick up. So, Ramona leaves a message asking Karen to come over because she has something she wants to discuss with her. Ramona interviews that she wants to tell Karen before anyone else does. She says she just does not want to hide her engagement anymore, and the one person she has REALLY wants to tell is Karen because she just knows that Karen “is going to be so happy” for her “because she knows everything I’ve been through.”

Guess What? I’m Engaged!

Guess What? You’re An Idiot!

Ramona is at her apartment admiring the engagement ring on her finger (I have to admit that it IS a VERY nice ring). Karen arrives and just walks in because Ramona’s door is unlocked (for some strange reason). She interviews that as she walked in, because of the message Ramona left her, she was thinking, “What the f*ck is going on??!!”

Ramona asks Karen to sit down with her in Ramona’s living room. Karen complies. Ramona then begins by telling Karen that Joe (Ramona’s fiancé, unbeknownst to Karen at this point) is re-applying for bail, and it looks like he might get it and be able to have a week “back home.”

Karen asks Ramona why he would only have a week if he is granted bail (I’m wondering the same thing. I know virtually nothing about Criminal Law. Basically, what I tell friends and family members who get into any type of criminal trouble and ask me to represent them is, “I know basically nothing about Criminal Law except what I remember from Law School years ago. You can take your chances with me if you want, but we might as well also start writing your APPEAL now because if I represent you, you are going to JAIL, Buddy!!” I figure it is better to be honest as opposed to acting like some know-it-all big-shot who sends a friend or a family member down the river when I knew in the first damned place that Criminal Law was not my area of expertise. Believe me when I tell you that there are plenty of OTHER lawyers who are not so honest and ethical. They will take your money; get up and act the fool in Court; and send you to the slammer without losing any sleep!).

Ramona explains that, if Joe is granted bail, one of the conditions required by the Federal Government is that he must pay to have an armed guard with him at all times. This costs between $5000-$8000 per week (What the EFF??!!). Ramona interviews that the Federal Government is “watching Joe very closely, and this is why they will require that he have an armed guard if he is granted bail.” (Again, what the EFF??!! O.K. I don’t know much about Criminal Law, but based on the little bit of criminal law I DO know and based on the fact that the Federal Government is requiring that this fool have and pay for an armed guard as a mandatory condition of his bail, it sounds like this “fiancé” is facing some SERIOUS charges that could mean he will be going away for a VERY long time if he does not beat them. Those are not exactly ideal “wedding” circumstances if you ask me. But, as the saying goes, “The heart wants what the heart wants.”).

Ramona then drops the bomb: she tells Karen that she and Joe want to get married during that week he is back home and out on bail. She looks to Karen excitedly and expectantly awaiting her positive response.

At first, Karen just sits there with no expression on her face like she is either in shock or has “zoned out.” She finally speaks and tells Ramona, “You’re buggin’!!” (In urban slang, “buggin’” can mean “acting ridiculous and crazy,” and I’m pretty sure Karen is using the term in this way). Karen interviews that she is in shock.

Karen then asks Ramona to back up and explain to her how in the hell this all happened. As Karen is speaking, I can see her temperature rising, and I can also hear her voice slowly rising too.

Ramona says, “When Joe was out, he bought a ring for me. He saved it with the intention of proposing to me, but he got arrested and put in jail before he could do that. He eventually asked me to marry him and told me to go and get my engagement ring in a safety deposit box where he had placed it.”

Karen asks Ramona how that made her feel. Ramona said that it was bittersweet because she was very happy that Joe proposed to her, but she was very sad that he did it while he was in jail.

Karen tells Ramona that she feels like Ramona is in denial about the fact that Joe could be going to prison for a very, very long time. Suddenly, Karen explodes and just goes off. She starts screaming a series of questions at Ramona: “Are you ready to be married to a man that might be in prison for years and years??!! Are you willing to make THAT type of serious commitment??!! Have you REALLY thought about what you are getting yourself and your family into??!!” All the while Karen is doing this, Ramona looks at her like she is bewildered, stunned and very, very hurt (I honestly see BOTH sides to this. I can totally understand Karen’s fear for and disappointment in Ramona that is coming out in a way that sounds like insensitive, judgmental RAGE. But I know that she is only reacting this way out of fear for Ramona because she loves her so much, and she personally knows what it is like to have a father and a man you love locked up in prison for years and years while you live your life in limbo basically waiting for him. On the other hand, I can also understand Ramona’s position and her feeling extremely hurt and eventually angry that her friend, who HAS loved and waited for a man in prison just like her Mother is STILL doing now when it comes to her own father, is not only NOT being supportive, she is also berating and judging her.).

Ramona tells Karen that she can’t believe that Karen is acting this way, and she cannot understand why Karen is not happy for her. Karen says, “Your fairytale became a f*ckin’ nightmare because the FEDS came and took away your Prince Charming!”

Ramona finally gets angry and screams, “This is why I didn’t invite you to my 1st wedding at City Hall!!” (What? Did Karen disapprove of Ramona marrying that man too? If so, WHY? I would love to know the back story on THAT one).

Karen tells Ramona that she feels like she is now her father talking to Ramona and Ramona is her back then. She explains that he father tried over and over to warn her about getting involved with Dave because of his criminal background and the likelihood that he would end up in prison while she waited for him and suffered for years. She tells Ramona that, in the end, her father turned out to be right because she was stubborn and did not listen and ended up “waiting 10 f*cking YEARS while Dave was in jail” (and Dave is now sleeping with another woman while living rent-free in HER damned house!! Just sayin’!).

Ramona tells Karen that her “whole attitude SUCKS!!” Karen interviews and says, “I am going to say it to your FACE! I am not going to act all happy and tell you one thing to your FACE and say something totally different behind your BACK!!” (I ALWAYS respect a person that deals with me in this way. Many other people, however, do NOT respect or appreciate this. In fact, they downright RESENT it and only want to hear what they want to hear.). Ramona interviews that telling Karen should have been a happy time for her, but Karen’s attitude ruined it.

Ramona again screams at Karen and says, “You think you’re a hot shot now because you got a music man boyfriend, and you’re no longer dating a JAILBIRD and you’re out of ‘the lifestyle’??!! Now that I am in the position that YOU were once in, you want to judge me and act like I’m a ‘Black Sheep’??!!”

Karen just ignores the questions and storms out of Ramona’s apartment (This is my first time seeing these 2 fight. It’s weird.).

Another Damned Ex- Pines Away For Love

Love is on her front porch playing with her cute little dog when she receives a phone call from ANOTHER ex-boyfriend (I think Love is telling the truth about her ex-boyfriends not being able to leave her alone even after the relationship is over). This particular ex-boyfriend’s name is “Fate” (I’m pretty sure that is not his REAL name – at least, I am hoping it’s not). She interviews that Fate is a very special person in her life. She again says that she does not know what it is, but she has never had an ex-boyfriend that totally stopped talking to her (This is even more remarkable when you consider the fact that she has tried to stab, actually stabbed and/or poisoned more than 1 of these ex-boyfriends).

Love tells Fate that it has been a couple of years since they saw each other last. He tells her that’s because she “ran away!” Love interviews that her Mother calls her “The Runaway Bride” (I would say that might be accurate considering she says she has been engaged 6 times). Fate then tells Love that “underneath that tough exterior, you’re a real sweetheart.” (I don’t know why I could always sense this about Love despite all of her crazy, tough talk, but I could. This guy is either proving me right, or he’s a big b*llsh*tter. Time will tell.). Love grins when he says this.

Love tells him that he is the ONLY person that she would commit to right now. He says he wants to believe her (He is another one who has a sexy voice! I wonder what he looks like.). Love interviews that Fate is in Las Vegas, and she is in New York City. She says she can’t imagine leaving New York right now, though.

Fate asks Love to send him some pictures. Love interviews and says that she and Fate love each other. They just can’t be together right now because of the distance between them.

Ramona Reveals Her Engagement To Others

Ramona is shown walking into a huge house and being greeted by a woman I have never seen before. It turns out that the woman’s name is Alisa Marie, and she is, not only a friend of Ramona’s, but also a designer of furs, leather handbags and jewelry (FYI: Alisa Marie is also a stylist who used to style Melissa Gorga until she and Melissa fell out for some reason. She supposedly cannot stand Melissa now, and they got into some type of nasty altercation at a party attended by Sherri Shepherd, who tweeted about it. Alisa was also, at one time, even being considered as a new housewife for RHONJ).

Alisa is having a huge party to show off her new line of furs, handbags, and jewelry. There are already lots of other women at this party. Ramona interviews that she invited “a bunch” of people to come to Alisa Marie’s house for the showing.

Big Ang and Karen arrive at the same time. It turns out that Renee is already at the party when Ramona arrives. Karen interviews that she has not talked to or seen Ramona since their argument over Ramona’s engagement. She says that she is sure things will be tense between Ramona and her at this party. Ramona interviews that she is still incredibly irritated and agitated with Karen over the things she said when Ramona announced her engagement to her.

A large group of women are gathered in the kitchen, and Renee suggests opening a bottle of champagne to toast to each other and the party “even though I can’t even drink it!” The other women heartily agree, and the champagne starts flowing.

Alisa Marie’s collection of furs, handbags and jewelry are briefly shown, and I see plenty of nice-looking items. Big Ang, the shopaholic, interviews that she “wants EVERYTHING!!”

At a certain point, Karen and Ramona end up near each other trying on furs. Karen says something (I wasn’t fast enough to catch what she said) snippy and antagonistic toward Ramona. Ramona responds in a similar fashion. She interviews that Karen is starting to do the same thing she has always done whenever they are in a fight: she “picks and picks and picks until we end up having a WAR! She’s been doing this since we were friends as children!”

Ramona ends up taking the fur off and moving into the kitchen to talk to the other guests. She walks up to Renee, who is having a conversation with one of the party guests. Ramona asks them what they are talking about. Renee says that they are discussing men and how she thinks women do too much for them. Renee continues her conversation with the woman and tells her how she stayed with an incarcerated man for years out of loyalty. Renee explains that she did it out of love for him and for her family, but if she had to do it all over again, she would put HERSELF first. If she did that, she does not think she would have stayed with him. Ramona’s eyes widen at this, and she looks a little perturbed (or in the words of Porsha, from RHOA, “perturd”).

Karen walks into the same room as Ramona, and they again make snippy comments toward each other. Renee is continuing her conversation about staying with an incarcerated man, and she says, “If you love YOURSELF, you deserve BETTER. You also need to think about what is really best for your FAMILY when it comes to making that type of decision.” Karen interviews that Renee must have a 6th sense because she cannot believe how ironic it is that Renee is talking about this subject considering Ramona’s situation. Ramona interviews and asks, “Did Karen tell Renee my news about my engagement??!!” She says that there will be a BIG problem if Karen did this.

Ramona then loudly speaks up and says that she feels like Renee’s conversation is being directed toward HER specifically. Renee looks shocked, and her eyes widen when Ramona says this. She tells Ramona that the conversation is not geared toward Ramona at ALL! She interviews and swears on her life that her conversation was NOT geared toward Ramona (She looks like she is telling the truth to me. I honestly think that Ramona is being paranoid and ultra-sensitive right now considering the nasty argument she and Karen got into over her decision and Karen’s disapproval of same). Karen yells, “It’s your conscience that is making you think Renee is talking about you!” Ramona looks extremely annoyed that Karen has yelled this out in front of the whole group.

Ramona yells and asks the entire group to be quiet because she has an announcement to make. She tells them that she was dating someone who got incarcerated, but they had decided to get married before he was jailed. And they are now engaged.

The entire group looks momentarily stunned, and then several women start congratulating Ramona. Renee interviews that she is happy for Ramona “because this is what she wanted. So, let’s celebrate!” Big Ang, on the other hand, interviews that she is “not sure this is such a good idea.”

Renee then loudly expresses her full support for Ramona. Karen loudly says that she feels like she is in “The Twilight Zone.” She interviews that she feels like these women will tell Ramona one thing to her face and say something else behind her back (Many of them probably WILL). Karen, continuing in a loud tone, says, “It’s not about a WEDDING!! She is in denial!” She then specifically addresses Ramona and says, “I don’t want to see you make a mistake. Do you WANT this kind of life?! My mother has not talked to my Dad for 3 months because he is back in the hole! Do you know what that’s like for her? Do you know what that’s like for his children?!”

Big Ang interviews that Ramona’s fiancé’ is facing “some SERIOUS charges.” She says that she does not think Ramona really realizes how serious these charges are and how much time he might really get.

Renee speaks loudly too, and she takes up for Ramona. She tells her that if this is what she REALLY wants to do, then she should do it, and she is happy for her. Ramona looks very happy to hear this.

Karen then loudly asks Ramona where her engagement ring is and why she is not even wearing it right now. Ramona looks supremely irritated and gives Karen a dirty look without answering her. Karen continues and tells Ramona that the fact that she is not wearing her ring is a sign that she subconsciously has doubts about everything (That’s an interesting theory. Karen could be right. Karen could be wrong. Who knows?).

Ramona and Karen then start screaming at each other so quickly and so loudly that I can’t even make out what they are saying. Ramona interviews that she cannot believe the way Karen is acting.

Ramona finally pulls her ring out from her purse, puts it on and displays it for the women at the party, who “Ooh and Aah” over it. Renee tells Ramona, “If you want to marry him, marry him!” Big Ang then immediately says, “Stay engaged and that’s it!” Ramona interviews that a person just can’t “shut off” love. Renee tells Ramona, “My best advice to you is if that you truly feel it in your heart and in your soul, do it.”

Eventually, the entire group, including Karen, raise their glasses and toast to Ramona’s engagement. Ramona looks very pleased and happy when they all do this. Karen interviews that, even though she totally disapproves of this whole wedding and what Ramona is doing, she has no choice but to support Ramona if this is what she is set on doing no matter what. She interviews and says, “I guess I’ll now be picking out a bridesmaid’s dress and helping Ramona pick her dress….but I WON’T be happy about it on the inside.” (I understand Karen’s feelings and position. I am glad she is putting her own personal feelings aside to support her longtime friend, though). Renee interviews and says, “Hold on to that ring real tight, Girl!! You might need to hock it one day!” (I know that’s right!).

Big Ang’s Christmas Party Is NOT Getting Off To A Good Start

Big Ang is at her house getting ready for the big Christmas Party she is having that evening. She receives a phone call from Renee. Without wasting any time, Renee just flat out tells Big Ang that she will NOT be going to her Christmas Party. Big Ang looks thoroughly disappointed and expresses her disappointment and displeasure to Renee.

Renee explains that, because she is focused on her recovery, she knows that she has to refrain from placing herself in situations that make her uncomfortable (Smart move, Renee. I am glad you are really focusing on your recovery). She tells Big Ang that Carla REALLY hurt her feelings with the things she said at Ang’s brunch, which was the last time she saw her.

Big Ang reminds Renee that she also said very hurtful things to Carla. Renee tells Big Ang that her calling Carla a “husband f*cker” (This part was bleeped out, but I read Renee’s lips) is NOT as bad as Carla calling her “a junkie” (Many people would disagree with that. I get it. I can see both sides. On the one hand, being called a husband f*cker is extremely offensive; however, it might not be as offensive if the person really IS a husband f*cker. This person might be totally upset that this information was said on CAMERA, however. So, I can see Carla being upset by that. By the same token, I can see Renee being upset by being called “a junkie” because it is a pejorative term that minimizes her disease and makes it seem like it is something that she just chose to do for fun and is able to stop at any minute just like that, without serious help and without serious effort, which is not the case.).

Renee tells Big Ang that she just does not know if she can go to Big Ang’s party “and NOT snap Carla’s neck!!” (Well, at least she’s honest). Big Ang finally gives up and says, “O.K. Well, we’ll try again in the future.”

Immediately after she hangs up with Renee, Big Ang receives a call from Love. She tells Ang that she won’t be able to make it to the party either because she is “sick as a dog” and has the flu. Big Ang again looks thoroughly disappointed. She interviews that she has been cooking all day, and she is disappointed. Love interviews that she really wanted to go to Big Ang’s party so she could finally meet with Carla face-to-face to figure out what is going on with her. She says, “Luckily, Carla is saved by the flu!” Big Ang interviews that, back in her day, if a person felt sick, they simply took a shot of whiskey and partied anyway (I actually believe her. Ya gotta love Big Ang! What a BROAD!).

Next Week:

Big Ang has her Christmas Party.

Karen and Drita both confront Carla about her behavior toward Renee at Ang’s brunch. Karen says she cannot believe the things she heard Carla told Renee, and she cannot believe what she heard about the way Carla acted. Surprisingly, Drita asks Carla, “Do you know what I would’ve f*ckin’ done to you if you would have pulled a knife on me??!! I would’ve shoved it down your f*ckin’ THROAT!!” Carla just looks at them without saying anything. She actually looks a little stunned.

Karen finally flies to Arizona and has her talk with Dave.

Renee takes Ang with her to a place to look at dogs because she wants “an attack dog.” The dogs look vicious, and both Big Ang and Renee look a little terrified.

Karen has a talk with her brother while she is in Arizona. He tells her that he thinks they “might be able to get Daddy out (of prison).” Karen responds, “We’ve gotta go to war.”

See you guys next week!


Saturday Night Lineup, March 9th by BB

8PM – American Ninja Warrior (NBC); Cops (Fox); Too Cute! (Anpl); RHOBH First Look (Bravo)

9PM – 48 Hours Hard Evidence (TLC); My Big Redneck Vacation (CMT); Pit Boss (Anpl); Auction Hunters (Spike); Blackboard Wars (OWN); Oddities (Science); Deadly Sins (ID); Renovation Realities (DIY); Ripper Street (BBC); The Incredible Dr. Pol

10PM – 48 Hours (CBS); Flipping Boston (A&E); 48 Hours Hard Evidence (TLC); My Big Redneck Vacation (CMT); Savage Family Diggers (Spike); Unfaithful: Stories of Betrayal (OWN); Scorned: Love Kills (ID); Graham Norton (BBC)

11PM – SNL:  Justin Timberlake


Saturday – Happy Birthday majnon


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  1. TexasTart says:

    Surprise, surprise, it’s Mob Wives!

    Good Morning everyone! Busy day ahead for me, hope yours is either fun or productive! 😀

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      G’morning TT! Hope you get through your busy day swifty! I gonna shoot for productive morning and a fun evening – a little of both. 😉

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      Good morning, all! It’s in the 50s today and cloudy with a chance of rain/storms. I know that doesn’t sound great, but we so badly need rain that it’s fine by me. I’ll just carry an umbrella.

      I’m going to a flooring presentation by the local flooring people. And I’m actually excited about it! Then I want to check out the grand opening of a new store in town (or leave if its a mob), and bake banana bread this afternoon. What a day! I’ll take pictures of the excitement!

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      Good morning TexasTart. 🙂

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      Good Morning, Texas!

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        your recap makes me wish I watched Mob Wives, Detox. Well done!!

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          Thank you, Lainey. It’s a good show. I’ve been hooked since Season 1.

  2. Powell says:

    Good morning peeps again. Thks NMD. Please, please enjoy your vaca. I was on yesterday’s blog thinking we would continue there. I just posted ny thoughts on Adrienne’s website that ice posted. I hope everyone has a great, sunny Saturday, Saturday, Saturday. YES!! It’s Saturday. 🙂

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    Guess where I am this morning? Hint: George C. Scott.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY majnon! Hope it’s a very happy day for you.

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      Happy birthday majnon.

    • Powell says:

      BB I had to look that up. He was born in Wise, VA. Did a lot of movies which I’ve seen quite a few so if its not Wise, VA I give up. 🙂

      • BB says:

        You are correct Powell! I am in the booming metropolis of Wise VA where my daughter lives. Very small town in the Appalachians.

        • Powell says:

          I win the prize. 🙂 What’s my prize BB?

        • lizzle says:

          BB, that is where my cousin lives. I was close to this cousin and their mom. She actually just visited me in San Antonio. I used to spend weeks during the summer in Appalachia, VA.. right beside Big Stone Gap. My cousin is in his early 30s and works at the local TV station in Wise. Small world, because that is a very small town. I come from a coal mining family… my mom was born right in that area.

          • BB says:

            A very small world. She came here to go to college and play softball at UVA Wise and stayed here. She works for the college now. She gets homesick sometimes and talks about moving back to the eastern part of the state, but mostly loves it in Wise. My husband also comes from coal mining roots and has relatives about an hour away near Grundy and Honaker, VA. He’s visiting them today while my mom and me are here with my daughter. I love visiting, but probably wouldn’t want to live here. It takes too long to get to the “big city” things I’m accustomed to. Lol.

          • trudie says:

            A friend of mine has written books about Big Stone Gap!

            • BB says:

              My dog Tanner came from Big Stone Gap. My DD found him in a kill shelter here in Wise and when she took him to the vet, they knew him and said his previous owners were from BSG. He was an owner surrender and was due to be euthanized the next day befor my daughter saved him (for me). I have no clue why his previous owners did that, but they must have had their reasons. He is a handful, but that’s no excuse to get rid of a dog IMO. Their loss is my gain.

              • iceNfire says:

                Your dog has his own spray tanner that you found in a kill shelter…hmm

                • LaineyLainey says:

                  “McGoof the human stain” can probably relate.

                  • iceNfire says:

                    She probably checking kill shelters to find her own right now

                  • iceNfire says:

                    Oh! On that link I posted yesterday to Adri’s site she claims a whole bunch of b.s. but the one that really stuck out was her claim “Adrienne Maloof Camp Kindness program, which allows underprivileged youth to learn the proper care and handling of animals.” I checked the site and it costs $155 to participate and it doesn’t even mention her name

                  • Powell says:

                    Ice I commented this AM on yesterday’s blog that A’s site is a mess. It’s empty, has outdated info. She has a pic of Paul when they went to Disney. Websites are also a part of your biz. It’s clear she’s not paying attention to her whole biz. I think she’s being scatter brained w/doing too much at one time. She has a link for her shoes but there’s only 1 shoe style. She also has on the projects link that she’s working w/DreamWorks. IDK how true that is.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      Happy Birthday, majnon!

    • Boobah says:

      Happy Birthday, majnon! Have a fantastic day!!!

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    25 years ago my sister got married-she just up and eloped! In 2 weeks she is renewing her vows and having a “real” wedding-wedding dress and all!! Of course this idea came from me and my 2 younger sisters. Tonight we are having a “bachelorette” party for her. 25 women will be arriving at my house at 4pm to begin a night of craziness and I can’t wait!! I have a few more things to prepare and then it’s party time… I love a party!!!

    • BB says:

      Are you going to have an officer of the law show up for you guys causing a disturbance, who will eventually starting dancing and taking his clothes off? That’s what happened at a party I was at many “MOONS” ago. 😀

    • Powell says:

      Ooh JNNTJ! Have fun. What’s the lineup? Snacks, drinks, gifts, male stripper, then more snacks and drinks? 🙂
      Are the guys doing anything?

      • not THAT Jill says:

        Snacks drinks dinner dessert…drinks drinks drinks….something like that!!!

        • not THAT Jill says:

          Oh and yes the guys are having a little shin-dig tonight also…I have a feeling that some of them will end up at my house later on. We have a “man cave/bar” out in the garage and it will be the “hot spot” for the after parties tonight I think!!

        • TexasTart says:

          That’s a big crowd, good luck with the party Jill! May it be all you expected and more, I’m sure your sister will appreciate the celebration!

          • not THAT Jill says:

            Thanks!! We have been planning this forever so I’m glad it is finally time to PARTY!!!

            • How fun Jill! Have a fantastic time and come back tomorrow to give us details! Especially the details about Kevin and his fireman’s gear! Swoon….love a rugged man in uniform! 😛 You are a good sis!

    • california35 says:

      How fun!!
      …And romantic 🙂

    • trudie says:

      What a fabulous reason to celebrate. Enjoy your night!

      • not THAT Jill says:

        Thanks guys….off to do more cooking…enjoy this sunny day East Coasters…looks like spring is on the way!!

    • Boobah says:

      That’s awesome!! Sounds like are all going to have the time of your lives!! Have a blast!

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      Ooh, Jill, that sounds like fun! I hope the wedding is beautiful and that you guys have a blast at the reception!

    • LaineyLainey says:

      How fun!! You have such a great family life!! What are you cooking??? The food, it’s always the food with me.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        I actually just finished making all the things I needed too… Lets see-I made baked ziti, eggplant rollatini, chicken francese, veggie pizza, buffalo chicken dip I think that’s it!! We are also having sausage bread, stuffed mushrooms and sausage and peppers! These women like to eat and drink!! The drink of the night is The Pinky Panty Dropper… We have the makings for an epic party tonight!!!!

        • LaineyLainey says:

          save a plate for me!! looking up the pink panty dropper…sounds…verrrrrry interesting!! LOL!!

          • not THAT Jill says:

            Lainey-thanks for saying that about my family life-you are right-it is great!! I love my crazy family!!!

        • Kansas Girl says:

          Yum! Sounds like a blast. I hope by now the party is rip-roaring!

  5. california35 says:

    Yay someone is going on vacation 🙂

    Enjoy and come back to tell us about it 🙂

  6. Good Morning and Happy Saturday! I hope everyone is rested, warm and happy this morning! I am having a cozy morning in the afterglow of the rain yesterday. It feels so good to have moisture in the air and some clouds still lingering. The freshness brings even closer the promise of Spring.

    NMD – you continue to amaze us all with your dedication to this blog and to us. Thanks for the post, we didn’t expect it! BUT….please enjoy your vacation and take some down time. You so deserve it!

    BB – hope you are enjoying your stay with your DD.

    Detox – good to see you again wordy bird and thanks for the recap! As always, its epic!

    I am going to languish in my favorite comfy chair this morning and catch up on some reading, then it is off to DD’s again to place the last piece of furniture that came this week for her bedroom remodel. It has been an adventure (at times an exhausting one!), but the results are gorgeous…she made some beautiful choices and I finally found the perfect drapes and bedding…so we will be able to stand back today and do “the big reveal”! I am just happy that she is so happy with it. She has had some rough weeks at work and needed this. I am planning a much needed spa day for her in a few weeks for her birthday. Gotta love that girl!

    Have a wonderful Saturday everyone! May you have exactly the kind of day you most wish for!

    The post, “A Message To My Readers” is still up at my place to give everyone a chance to see it. New post tomorrow. Enjoy!

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      Thanks for the compliment about the blog, Mardrag. I’m so happy that the bedroom remodel is finished, and you guys now get to relish and celebrate the end of all that hard work! And you’re also planning a Spa Day for her? You sound like such a good mommy!

      • You’re welcome Detox! And thanks for the compliment back! I am Blessed with a beautiful DD in mind, heart and spirit….she is a wonderful person and I would like her even if she were not my DD. We are lucky in the lovely relationship that we have. She deserves her spa day….and she does those nice things for me too. Truly Blessed!

    • california35 says:

      How awesome! A remodeling project and so close i be finished. Maybe the Spa Day for both of you, since you have helped? 🙂

      • IKR? Can’t wait to see it all sparkling done! I feel like an epi of HGTV! LOL! Spa day will just be for her tho….she has had some really difficult weeks at work so I want to give her a pamper day just to herself. She has done some things as a thank you to me for my help…and just seeing her joy is enough for me! 😀

        • california35 says:

          That is very nice of you 🙂 helping her and giving her the spa day all to herself — a mom helping and making things easier for her daughter, now THAT is GREAT to hear 🙂

          • Well, she deserves it, she works hard. And you know Cali….in my work, I do talk to people about their familial relationships, and I do know that some people do not have great relationships with their parents. It is sad to me. That is why I feel so Blessed with in this with my DD, because I know it is rare. (My own parentals were difficult). I wish everyone could see the importance of being there for each other. I am working on getting that message out there!! 😀

    • Boobah says:

      Oh how wonderful, Mardrag!!! The ‘big reveal’ sounds exciting. I agree w/ Detox – you sure sound like a wonderful mom! Cali had a good suggestion – join her at the Spa!

      Have great day!!

    • Powell says:

      MarDrag you & DD are having a good time. That’s great. A soa day. Ahhhhhh. She’s gonna be so surprised. You both deserve that upcoming day of relaxation. Have a great day.

  7. california35 says:

    I am watching Touch, does anyone watch here? Ay this lady!!

  8. lizzle says:

    I wonder if Michael Lorber, from Million Dollar Listing NY and Sonja are dating. I thought she was seeing Ryan from the same show. The reason I ask is because Michael and Sonja are hanging out a lot lately. They were on the TMZ video and she just tweeted that they went to some other even together. It is possible that they are just friends. Michael seems like such a nice guy.

    • lizzle says:

      OK.. from the twitter responses to her latest post about attending an event with Michael… it appears that they are a couple. Whew! I’m glad I got that outta the way… now I can sleep at night 🙂

      • california35 says:

        Well, i was going to say that she doesn’t like to say she is “dating” someone. She does have friends, guys to have fun with. Like she doesn’t want to commit, but does want to have fun. I have wondered if she is not ready or if she doesn’t want to commit until someone that can take care of her ($$) comes along.

      • iceNfire says:

        About that TMZ video, yes Sonja was tipsy but she wasn’t Slutty Island drunk – imo

  9. LaineyLainey says:

    I’m surprised that I haven’t noticed anyone talking about the show on FX called “The Americans”…it’s excellent!!! Any other fans of “The Americans” out there in LynnFamland?

    • BB says:

      My husband and SIL are watching and liking it alot!

      • LaineyLainey says:

        I saved the pilot…the whole intro was set to the Fleetwood Mac song “Tusk”…very cool. That’s what made me stay on it when I happened upon it one evening. Then there was a “The Americans” marathon last weekend and I’ve been recording/watching the rest of it.

        • iceNfire says:

          I watched the 1st three epi’s then lost interest. I don’t like shows that reference a time that recent history has already recorded.

          • LaineyLainey says:

            Different strokes…but, I have to admit, I don’t really understand your anything that has already been recorded in history,…you don’t like shows set during that time? So you only like shows set in present time or future time? I’m a little slow, Ice. LOL!!

    • BB says:

      I watched an episode and couldn’t get over Kerry Russell playing a “bad” character. Lol.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Yes, BB – but I notice you put “bad” in quotes…because according to the KGB, she’s “good.” Love it when things are not so black and white and/or good and bad. It’s complicated and very interesting. She is a badass, though. In the previews for next week, one of her comrades says “I owe you an apology” Kerry replies “I’m sorry I didn’t kill you. that’s my apology.” whoa. Helllllooooooo!

        • sparklemuffy says:

          I’m watching Lainey– really like it— I was very surprised this week– another show you have to watch from the beginning to get all the nuances. Really disliking the Kerry Russell character– she’s making a great villian–

  10. LaineyLainey says:

    I have some sad news to share. Our 15 y.o. border collie, Daisy, completely lost the use of her hind legs. We had to have her put down. We were in the room with her, loving on her as she slipped away. I am haunted by her face when she took her last breath. I dreamed her last night. and In my dream there were two of her and it didn’t seem odd in my dream, …strange how dreams are. Like an acid trip. (Not that I would really know about that) She had a pretty good life, I think. She had five acres to explore; she had our kids and the neighborhood to herd for years until they all grew up and went away. In their absence she had plenty of deer to chase (but only if we were watching). She was super intelligent and super loyal to me. She has been declining fast in the last couple of years and her body finally betrayed her. I feel guilty because we waited a whole day before taking her in…I kept hoping the arthritis and pain meds would kick in (while I was at work) and thought she might be able to stand up again…but alas it was not to be. Because she laid there all of those hours, she developed pneumonia and was coughing when we got home from work. We took her to an emergency clinic right away and everyone concurred that it was time.

    I guess we’re at that age…our kids are gone, my hubs and I have both lost our dads, our old pets are going (our 16 y.o. kitty died last year, and now our sweet Daisy)…it’s only natural, I know. But it doesn’t mean it’s easy, right? MTH says when you miss someone whom you’ve lost to remember their laughter…I like that. With pets, I guess we focus on all the times they made us laugh. Our land is not fenced in…so we had an electric collar on her,…years ago, we would get home and she would be sitting in her usual spot waiting for us and her collar would be right next to her. Well, unbeknownst to us, she was leaving our land and crossing two properties to visit a family who was new to the neighborhood. They would leave their back door unlocked and had a door handle( verses a door knob)…they would get home and walk in and our dog Daisy would be sitting in their entryway, or sitting in front of their fireplace waiting for them. She opened their back door (and closed it!!!). Their kids loved her so much that they never complained to us. They had a little schnauzer that she played with too. So, the dad told me that when they were ready for dinner, they would tell her “Daisy, go home” and she would run into the woods and sure enough she would come home to meet us as we arrived from our own work and after school activities (in time for our dinner). They finally told us that maybe we should tighten her electric collar because one time they took a little longer to come home and Daisy had opened and closed their door but then couldn’t let herself out and had peed in their kitchen. We were incredulous when we learned of her exploits. But we all had a really good laugh. I imagine that family still laughs about that, too.

    • iceNfire says:

      Hi Lainey – So sorry for your loss. I know the guilt you’re feeling as we waited a bit when our male Shepherd lost the use of his hind legs. It’s just so hard to let go but Please forgive yourself, I’m positive your Border Collie has.
      p.s. – I Love when pets visit me in dreams 🙂

    • Mene Seela says:

      I’m so sorry about Daisy. We’ve lost several well loved pets too. Daisy sounds like she had an amazing life, the very best any dog could hope for. I hope you know how happy she was at your home.
      15 years is a very long time for a dog, I’m sure her absence will be a huge adjustment.

      We still can’t bear to get another dog although we should, there are so many that need a nice home and we are great “parents”. It’s just so hard when we lose them.


    • Nancy says:

      (((Lainey))) Oh dear…so sorry to hear your news but you did the right thing. Looking
      back I think we should have said goodbye to Emily a few months ago. Your story about him cracked me up as one of our cats did the exact same thing. We thought we had lost him until one day when I was out walking with Emily something caught my eye. Sure enough it was our Tiger fast asleep in someones living room enjoying the sun! The lady
      of the house told me that he came and left whenever he wanted. It still makes me laugh.
      Again I’m so sory to hear of your loss. xoxo

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Thanks for the giggle, nancy. I needed that. I can just picture your cat chilling out at someone else’s house, yawning, stretching, grooming himself, just making himself RIGHT AT HOME!!

    • LuvMyGals says:

      What a dear dear girl. I’m sorry for the loss of such a sweet friend. I hope she comes to you in your dreams often.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Hi Lainey – sorry for your loss. It seems like this has been the year for losing our long time furry companions. In the end, the love they gave far out weights the pain we feel at the end of our time together.

    • nohausfrau says:

      Lainey, I’m so sorry. Godspeed sweet Daisy

    • BB says:

      Very sorry about your loss, Lainey. Seems alot of us are losing our furry loved ones lately.

    • Boobah says:

      I am so sorry for your loss. I truly am. Daisy sounds like she was a wonderful family member.

    • sparklemuffy says:

      (((((Lainey and fambly))))) I’m so sorry for your loss.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      I’m so sorry, Lainey. It sounds like Daisy had quite a few adventures and has left you with many good memories.

      • Laineylainey says:

        She surely did, kg. I finally told our daughter. After a few tears…We were laughing thinking about the time she got off our land (this time her winter coat was so thick that the collar was ineffective)….and so we drove around calling her when we saw her on someone else’s land sitting on the edge of their driveway…alongside -picture this- 2 Rottweilers 1 pit bull and a Goose. Yes, you read that right,…a great big GOOSE! We called and she wouldn’t come, the stinker. The owner came out and said that they would bring her back home when their dogs and goose were done visiting with her…so we said ok and went home. Laughing all the way. They walked her home a couple of hours later. What’s funny s that many of our neighbors aren’t exactly outgoing or overly friendly…but they loved Daisy!

    • melthehound says:

      What a cool sounding dog… “sitting there with the collar on the ground next to her… ” That one made Me laugh.. I’m sorry for your loss, Lainey. It sounds like Daisy gave you a lot of great years.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      Oh, Lainey,

      I’m just now reading this. I’m so sorry to hear of your loss!! (((Lainey))) (((Lainey’s Family))). Thanks so much for sharing the story of your VERY CLEVER, Daisy.

      I told Nancy this in an E-Mail regarding the passing of her dear Emily, and now I’m going to tell you. I have read quite a few accounts of people who have had Near Death Experiences. MANY of them report that, in addition to seeing certain family members and friends once they “cross over,” they also see and are happily greeted by pets of theirs that have passed away. So, I’m sure Daisy is up there in Heaven just waiting for “HER family” to one day reunite with her (So, you better be good and make it up to that Heaven, Woman! 😉 ). For whatever it’s worth, I hope my sharing that with you helps.

      Rest In Peace, Daisy.

    • KTinCT says:

      so very sorry, (((((LaineyLainey))))) Please don’t feel any guilt, Diasy is waiting for you all on the other side of the bridge.

    • JustDee says:

      So sorry for your loss Lainey. I’ve had two German Shepherds lose the use of their hind legs, one at 13, one at 17. It’s pitiful 😦
      Daisy sounds like an awesome dog and I can see her smilin’ and waggin’ on the other side!

    • trudie says:

      Lainey, i am so sorry for your loss. I too believe that our furry friends are waiting for us to join them when we pass.

      When we had to put our Lab down, we too were with him as he passed. The whole family, holding on to him and crying. I will never forget the day we realized it was time. He had developed a huge bulge on his hip and it was diagnosed as cancer. We decided against chemo (he was 13) and took him home. He would go out in the backyard and refuse to come in. Every night for a week, my son would carry him back in the house. The day we put him down, it was storming – thunder and pouring rain. The dog went into the backyard and wouldn’t come in. My husband stood over him with a golf umbrella until the vet opened so we could take him in.

      Know that you have a lifetime of memories to hold in your heart.

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      I am so sorry…

  11. TexasTart says:

    Interesting story about Daisys’ escapdes….heartfelt condolences you and all of Daisey’s family. 😦 So sorry, and I personally know Lainey, it is very hard to know when is the right time….I’ve been through, I hate to say the number of dogs that went to the point of having to be put down. I had a 5 yo pit/boxer mix that ran like crazy daily and all of a sudden his rear legs went out, I took him in and he was paralized from the waist was so shocking because he was only 5 and had to be put down. I did not mean to make this about my experience, in as much for you and family to focus on what a great life y’all had together and take whatever time to grieve ((((Lainey,Lainey and family)))

    • LaineyLainey says:

      TT, thanks..I appreciate hearing about your late 5 y.o. pup. Hard to believe, I’m sure that WAS very shocking. That must have been really hard to watch such a young one fall apart like that. We for sure, were not shocked with Daisy, just sad …she lived a good long life. Our son is in town working SXSW – he flew in on Th night and is staying downtown – he’s doing some filming and then hired to do some editing, too. Not much sleep and lots of work…so we haven’t told him, yet. Because we haven’t SEEN HIM. Our daughter has been working alot too, she leaves early and then returns really late…so we haven’t told her either. We can be such cowards…we just don’t want to bum them out when we can’t spend time with them (our adult kids) as they process the news.

      • TexasTart says:

        Lainey, I was wondering about your adult children because I figured they grew up with Daisy…..I know your daughter is here until the end of the week I guess, but had no idea your son was here working SXSW….good for him. Yeah, I probably would not tell him right now, but maybe before he goes back home – hope you get to see him while he’s here! I am kinda sad for you having to experience the empty nest in more ways than one. 😦

        • iceNfire says:

          Lainey – I hesitate to post this (different strokes and all) but I left the following message for Little Kid when he was out of State…I hope this isn’t upsetting to anyone it’s just a different prospective:
          Sad News
          Our Cat is dead. I’ve been dreading writing about this to you in a facebook message, but you are a member of our family and deserve to know what’s going on here no matter where in the world you are.
          Friday morning Codey saw The Cat outside but he was unable to move his back legs. He was trying to drag him self towards the back door using only his front legs. Codey picked him up and put him in the downstairs bathroom then left for school. The Cat was in no pain, there was no blood, idk what happened.
          When Codey came home from school he said we needed to put him down. I wanted to wait for him to recover like we did when half his head was missing and we all thought he was going to die. Codey was insistent and I still felt sick to my stomach remembering not putting Alpha down too soon when it was clearly his time to go. So Codey and Casey took him to the SPCA at about 4:30 Friday night.
          I don’t think they put animals down right away or during normal business hours because at 9:20 that night while watching tv half asleep I saw The Cat. It was like his whole head filled my bedroom and i know it wasn’t a dream because I could see the tv was still on and the outline of my furniture. It was like he he was saying “I’m Home!” just like he did everyone morning when he came home from a night out.
          Our whole house has been depressed lately but I take comfort in knowing that The Cat is truly home
          I Love You and Miss You Terribly Toney
          Please look for me in your dreams

          • LaineyLainey says:

            I hope to see her again in my dreams, too.

          • Kansas Girl says:

            When my big old girl cat had something like this, very suddenly lame, I learned that large cats can get saddle thrombosis — a blood clot that lodges in the saddle vein that splits to go down each leg. It cuts off blood flow to one or both legs. There is no reversal of this and the legs will painfully wither. It’s heart breaking. Just telling you this so you perhaps have a solution to the mystery of sudden lameness. (Still miss my sweet old cat and her opinions on everything.)

    • Mene Seela says:

      We’ve all been through that horrible guilt. There is no “good” outcome. If you wait, you are extending their pain. If you act quickly, you are being too hasty.
      I feel terrible that I was too busy with human tasks to give our pet the special personal attention she wanted the night before she passed. I just didn’t know it was her last night with us. It still bothers me.

      I love Daisy’s adventures. What terrific stories Lainey has about her time here.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Yes, I suppose regret is always part of loss. I too, wish, wish, wish…I had spent more time with her. But it never seems like enough, does it?

      • TexasTart says:

        I did not even mean to bring up my experience, but for some crazy reason I remember the date it happened and it was today, so already had that in my mind this morning and set it aside as soon as I loved on my 2 dogs this morning. But as you can imagine, when I read what Lainey went through…oh choke me up! It’s very good share things like that here, if anything to get some off your chest and to receive any support or group hugs is always good for the soul.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          Yes, I totally agree with you. I’m thankful to have a place to “talk” about our sweet Daisy. And to hear about your loved ones, too. I kept thinking that my husband’s dad (may he RIP) might be there to greet her…he loved Daisy and spent hours playing with her.

          • Lainey, I’m so sorry to hear of the loss of your dear Daisy. MTH was so right about remembering our loved ones’ laughter, or, in the case of our fur babies, the laughs they gave us. It’s so much fun to find out about the secret lives our pets lead when we’re not around. Each and every one of them are wonderful ambassadors, spreading their own kind of joy and happiness. Daisy did her job well and I’m sure she’s right by your Dad’s side now.

      • Kansas Girl says:

        Mena, there’s something to be said for the sick pet to hear normal life going on around them and know they are in the comforting environment of home. Sometimes I think just this normalcy is better than slathering over much attention on them when they’re very sick.

  12. Mene Seela says:

    OT Why do women’s shoes all have to be either geriatric, impossibly tall or grossly super-chunky???
    I need new work sandals. I’m petite so I like a little height, like a wedge or small platform but not so much that my shoes have their own zip code!
    Very maddening!
    I always have a hard time finding cute clothes that are age- professionally appropiate for my frame & comfortable but not cruise wearish.

    I guess I’m being difficult.

  13. Lulu says:

    Hello ladies!!! Had to make a quick stop and update from my (poop) dilemma yesterday. Thankfully my dog alerts me to everytime their dog is in my yard. So just when their dog was about to take that squat. I ran outside clapping and saying NO NO!! (I probably looked like a mad very pregnant woman to them.) The dog ran away and unfortunately for their next door neighbor resumed it’s business on their lawn. Ok the next time was right outside my balcony door. I pounded on the glass and it ran away. Finally the idiot got a clue and the next time it was out he was standing in his yard screaming at his dog to get off my lawn. 🙂 Problem solved! hopefully!

    Back to the kardashian marathon. (oops did I say that out loud? 🙂

    • LaineyLainey says:

      So glad to hear your poop problem is improving.

    • Powell says:

      Good for you Lulu. He probably won’t be back to do his biz cause I think he knows who you are. Very good. Have fun watching the Kardashians. I watch them sometimes too. Yeah. I said it. 🙂

      • TexasTart says:

        I’ll say that I love Scott, intoxicated or sober, I’ll take Lord Disik either way! I don’t know HOW he puts up with Kourtney treating him like crap when he is sober. And Kloe, well, she just can not be a Kardashian because I like her……so I will watch episodes with those two characters because regardless how set-up this show can be they a very naturally funny!!!

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          I haven’t watched that show in a while, but when I DID watch, Khloe and Mason (He wasn’t talking yet, though. I might not like him when he starts to TALK. LOL) were the only members of the family that I liked.

          She’s just SO different from the rest of them looks AND personality-wise. It seems like she actually has a SOUL. 😉

        • Lulu says:

          I watched the latest episode last night. Kim is so desperate for a story line that she created non-nonsensical drama among friends?!?! Really who would stoop that low for relevance. As for Miss Kourtney and Lord Disick it’s interesting to watch just how much impact having a child has on a relationship. I’ve been through my personal hell and worked through it. They are still together I think? who knows.

    • Mene Seela says:

      My mom used to turn the garden hose on dogs that came into our yard. And we kept a water pistol on the porch. My mom was a toughie!

      Our ex-neigbor purposely let her dogs poop at all the homes on our block. She thought it was funny – until my hubs told her we NAMED the poops after her family members
      “Oh look, MaryTaylor pooped”. a “Bobby Taylor cr#p” a “Melissa Taylor …”
      That finally upset her enough that she kept her nasty little creature away from our yard.

      I’ve also heard of people spray painting dogs so the owner keeps the pooch in (I don’t know if there is “safe” spray paint).

    • Kansas Girl says:

      My dad was very good with a rubber band sling shot and a bean. He used to wait for the neighbor dog to lift a leg or squat and then could hit them exactly where it hurt. Since he sat still for so long, and since the bean was small, the dogs couldn’t figure out why it was to painful to go in that yard, but they got the message to stop. Took considerable patience, but Dad got a lot of laughs from it and the problem was solved.

  14. majnon says:

    I’m so sorry Lainey and Nancy for your recent losses.

    Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes. And my great-grandson is one today. It’s easy to remember his birthday lol

  15. majnon says:

    And I want to know why Kyle hasn’t written a blog in two weeks!

    • Nancy says:

      If you were Kyle would you write one? lol

    • Powell says:

      Because she only wants to read pretty flowery blogs that say she’s beautiful, a great friend, mom & wife. She doesn’t like the truth that she’s not those things at all times.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      Your’e right. She sure hasn’t written one in 2 weeks. I read a recent interview with her, and she said she does not even bother to read the comments because “they hurt my feelings too much.”

      Part of me thinks she’s LYING, which is why she has not written a blog in 2 weeks (because she can’t face the negative comments she has overwhelmingly been receiving). I honestly believe Adrienne did NOT read her comments AT ALL because she would always say things like “To all my loving fans, thanks so much for all the support you have been giving me” after she’d been ripped to pieces by 98% of the commenters.

      Another part of me believes that Kyle no longer reads the comments because she just does not want to face the TRUTH about herself. Kyle is one of the LEAST self-aware women ever!! In HER mind, she is a wonderful wife, a wonderful mother, wonderful sister and a wonderful friend who always wants the best for everyone and is simply “misunderstood.”

      I DO think she is a wonderful wife and Mother (although I don’t think her marriage is as “perfect” as she tries to portray), but she’s a sh*tty sister, a sh*tty friend, a “MEAN GIRL,” narcissistic, self-absorbed and despite the fact that she lives a very charmed life, I think she is a very, very JEALOUS person.

      It’s too bad she can’t read the comments (if she is telling the truth about NOT reading them) or have someone on her “team” read them and realize that she has a serious image problem and may need to get some serious therapy and do some serious soul-searching. JMHO.

      • TexasTart says:


      • Laineylainey says:

        The difference is that Ade doesn’t care to read the comments. I think she’s “above” it all…or thinks she is above our opinions. Kyle says it hurts her feelings which shows that she is at least aware and honest enough to acknowledge that she isn’t as popular with the viewers as she would like. That’s something redeemable about her. I’m not starting her fan club or anything…but knowing that she said that it hurts her feelings makes me like her an eency bit more. She did set her personal pride aside to have shared that. Unlike Adrienne.

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          True. It’s just that Kyle seems to be mainly concerned with HER feelings. I mean, she stabs Lisa in the back and now acts like it is Lisa who is so wrong for hurting HER feelings by “holding a grudge” (I disagree that Lisa is holding a grudge. I think Lisa just now has her guard up and has removed Kyle from her trusted, INNER circle and placed her in further-out circle of her groups of friends) and refusing to allow things to go back to the way they were before without Kyle showing any real accountability (LISA is hurting HER feelings!! Ain’t that a trip??!!).

          It’s all about Kyle, Kyle, Kyle. I’ve tried my best to like her. I really have. I’ve given her so many chances, but she keeps turning around and doing things that make me dislike her. So, I’ve given up and have finally decided that I just do NOT like her.

          And her friend, Faye Rancid, gives me the CREEPS (Not that that has anything to do with anything. I just felt like saying it. 😉 I think Faye is more the type of friend that Kyle DESERVES because they are VERY, VERY alike on the inside: jealous, mean, foul and so UN-self-aware that they think they just come across so much better than they REALLY do).

          • Laineylainey says:

            Yes, she is very self-centered. But just that little admission that the comments hurt her feelings vs. Adrienne giving off the “I couldn’t care less” vibe….I found it to be an eency bit redeeming. But she is probably thinking, the viewers are mean to me…vs. I should fix that about myself…so, I totally get what you are saying. As far as Francid, well as the saing goes…birds of a feather…!

  16. majnon says:

    I’m so addicted to BH. My husband will walk in the room and ask me if “that one” is good or bad. If only he would stay around and let me tell him all about it!

    • LaineyLainey says:

      At least he shows some interest. My husband promptly walks out when Bravo is on. ANY Bravo show. One time, I was watching WWHL and Andy was doing his usual semi-vulgar banter and I could hear my husband mutter, “that man is vile.” I couldn’t help but laugh a little cause Andy thinks he’s so cute with his little head tilts and wonky eye. Truthfully, I find Andy kinda charming and I guess that’s why he is so successful, he says and does evil things, but then he does his little wonky-eyed head tilt and “awwwww! you’re so cute, Andy!!”

      • majnon says:

        Lainey, I kinda like Andy too.

        • Kansas Girl says:

          Me too. I’m fascinated by him. He plays so dumb but is actually intelligent. I find that fascinating to watch.

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            He also always seems so SINCERELY excited about so many things, like a little kid. It can be endearing. That’s when I love him.

            Then, he’ll turn around and do something to piss me off (like show blatant favoritism and unfairness and go easy on the Housewives he likes and shows NO MERCY on the ones he hates), and I hate him.

      • Powell says:

        majnon & Lainey you know & I know that your husbands are so right but what can I say? We just can’t help it. 😀

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        I have a LOVE/HATE relationship with Andy.

  17. Orson says:

    My television died!! No picture. It’s an 8 year old 15″ magnavox LCD HDTV. So, I guess I have to make a run to get a replacement.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Oh no!!!! Did it just up and die all of a sudden? or has it been showing signs?

      • Orson says:

        Just a black screen and good sound. No symptoms. Of course, NOBODY makes a 15″ TV anymore. And both places I looked were out of 19″ ones too, so I had to get a 22″. Which means I have to rearrange stuff on my computer desk to handle this one.

        I haz a not happy. Oh, a new television too.

        • Kansas Girl says:

          So, darn it, you had to get a bigger one? That’s too bad. (I don’t know anyone who ever goes smaller when they get a new tv!) I bet the picture is a lot better. When I got my new one, I realized that these housewives wear an awful lot of makeup!

          • Orson says:

            Yes, the picture is better. Of course, some of the tv series that I’ve downloaded don’t look really good in wide screen. I guess I’ll get used to it. Yeah, it does look like the HWs apply their makeup with a putty knife.

    • Powell says:

      Oh sorry Orson. You should be able to get a good deal.

    • TexasTart says:

      RUN ORSON, RUN!!!!

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      Oh, Orson, I’m so sorry!! That sucks!

      Rest In Peace, Orson’s TV. (((Orson))) (((Orson’s Now Deceased TV)))

  18. Powell says:

    Hey Detox. I hope your uncle is doing better.

    Diva how are you & Mr. Ford doing today?

  19. majnon says:

    Everyone enjoy your Saturday. Today, I plan on just being grateful. This is a wonderful blog

  20. Kansas Girl says:

    The flooring presentation was cancelled. I got there far too early and had to wait to be let in. Then I was the only attendee (the museum staff were there), and the presenter didn’t arrive. The presenter had mistaken the date. So they’ll reschedule. And I’ll try to find more audience because that would be odd to be the only person there. LOL!

    • Laineylainey says:

      Well, that’s too bad! I hope they do reschedule it..even if it’s just for you. Maybe Cynthia Bailey planned it. 😉

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        LOL. Cynthia can’t plan ANYTHING for sh*t, right?! She should hire someone to help her with that. Her events always turn out so unorganized and end up looking like a HOT MESS!!

      • Kansas Girl says:

        LOL! Maybe!

        While being bored out of my skull by a rather rude friend this afternoon, I considered calling the flooring store to tell them I was disappointed and had been looking forward to it. I suspect they’d come over to my house and show me how to do floors. They’re a real old-time business, family run, and have been here for ages. It could well be the worn linoleum was put in by them years ago.

        My boring friend, in the space of 10 minutes, managed to insult me 3 times. Insinuated I’m a bad housekeeper. (I am, but no need to point that out.) That the day was boring (which was only because he vetoed all the interesting things I had planned). And as he left with the banana bread he’d been so gleeful I was making, said he didn’t really want it and would take it to friends to get rid of it — and was shocked when I said GIVE IT BACK!

        It is time to clean house.

        • Laineylainey says:

          KG – wow that was rude. What most of us wouldn’t give for just one slice of your homemade banana bread!! A big slice!

    • Nancy says:

      Hi BB. Are you having fun?

    • Laineylainey says:

      I love how ROD is quoted “she’s happy being a mom”… Why didn’t she give the quote? Why did he speak for her, I wonder. Maybe I am making more out of it.

      • BB says:

        Maybe they figured a quote from him would get more press than a quote from her. I mean, I really had not heard of her outside of her being his latest wife. I know she’s more well-known in the UK though.

        • Laineylainey says:

          True I had no idea who she is either except that she’s his latest baby mama. But she’s a wife…so that would have been cool. Why? Because I wanted to see ROD on the show, hahahahaha!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Thanks Nancy! That was a good time and I hope to hear that again this year! lol

  21. Mene Seela says:

    Kansas Girl … what on earth is a “flooring presentation”?

    • Nancy says:

      I was wondering the same thing.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      Oh! I figured that made sense!

      OK, here’s the deal. The local museum has had a series of presentations on how to care for older houses. Fixing windows, plastering, etc. They had local companies come in and do a little demonstration or teach how to do something. The museum charged $5/presentation. This has been going on for a month and today’s was the final day. A local flooring company was to talk about flooring options. Laminate flooring, hardwood, linoleum, etc. They apparently did a similar presentation last year and they went all out for their day. They brought part of a wall and had people tiling and grouting it, and they brought flooring that had to be clicked together and some people tried that out. They are a nice family-run business that is very helpful, so I wanted to see what the latest options are in flooring. I have a very old linoleum floor in my bathroom and the surface is worn off so it’s not possible to really clean it. Time for new and I want to see what the new options are.


  22. I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

    Fortunately, for my father (and UNFORTUNATELY for us who are presently living with him), he “unofficially” retired for good yesterday after working for CONOCO for 38 years. I say “unofficially” because he’s going to use up the rest of his vacation and sick time he’s accrued and call in to say, “Yeah, you guys know how I have had everything in place to retire? Well, I’ve decided that I want to do it. I’m out.” I have a feeling he’ll be dragged back to do some “paperwork” he forgot and get the party his co-workers and superiors were trying to give him (which he did NOT want for some strange reason).

    ….Anyhoo, please pray that I can get out of here soon because, although I love my father, he drives both my Mother and I completely BANANAS.

    Just now, my Mom and I accidentally walked into the Guest Bathroom to put some things away, and he was in there (He RARELY uses that bathroom)! So, he screamed, and we screamed and got outta there without seeing anything (Thank the good Lord above!).

    Well, he then comes to my Mom and me and says, “I just wanted to tell you guys to never come in the bathroom while I’m wrestling with a MONSTER!” and laughs his head off.

    I yell that he is gross.

    My Mom looks like her eyes are going to roll out of her head.

    And he slaps his knee, laughing loudly as he walks back to his bedroom like he is Eddie Damned Murphy!

    FML (F*ck My Life)!!!!!!

    • JustDee says:

      DETOX!!!! My Cajun Lil Sister!
      I soooo understand! Haven’t had a break from my mom in over SIX months! I even started setting my alarm for 5:30 a.m. so I could have a LITTLE alone time. By the time I dress, get coffee, and sit in front of computer it’s 5:45. Mom pops out of her room at ten to 6! Arrrrgggggghhhhhh!!!!!! SHOOT. ME. NOW.

      • Laineylainey says:

        Just dee she loves being with you, I guess…I don’t know if I would get up that early just to hang out. Check back w me in a few years, though.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        I know, JustDee.

        Every day I give thanks to God that both of my parents and that both of my siblings are still living. I also ask God to keep his hand of protection on all of us.

        I just wish I wasn’t “living” so close to them (as in WITH). I’m sure, though, JustDee, that one day we will be thankful for the times with them that we now consider “irritating,” and we will WISH they were still around to irritate drive us crazy just ONE more day.

    • Laineylainey says:

      Well..good for your dad! (Bad for you and ma detox). Haha! What a character he is.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        He’s crazy! 😉

        • Vegas Chick says:

          Just thank your lucky stars and praise the Lord God Almighty that he isn’t sex addict wannabee, George Teichner…. feel better? 🙂

    • TexasTart says:

      Detox – After I got past the belly laughs of “accidentally” walking into the bathroom and the screaming from everyone that ensued…then I was left with the fact that you gotta get out of the house with the monster wrangling going on! But seriously your Dad is going to drive you NUTS and you’re fortunately not that way yet…pretty sure I like you better sane. 😉

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        I like me better sane too, Texas. 😉 I’m doing my best to hold on to that sanity until I can get back to living alone again (HEAVEN!!).

  23. TexasTart says:

    Just watched RHOBH first look and we will get to see more Paris! 🙂 Kim was ‘normal’ – whatever that is – in the first 10 minutes at least, lol. Marisa refers to “Maurice” which reminds me that last week Kim called him Maurice and MORRIS! LOL! I thought this was so funny because we have all these made up names and I’m pretty sure MTH used Morris. Kim probably stole that one from MTH! 😉

    Kevin Lee (Beverly Hills Shi shi shi shi) shows up with a half pound of oil in his hair….ewwww. And once again I’d like to note that Lisa’s home entrance, title and doors look entirely too commercial…as in high end retail commercial. The part that made me giggle is when Lisa wanted Giggy to walk – and he didn’t want to, lol.

  24. iceNfire says:

    Comment from Bravo site:
    February 25, 2013
    AllAboutTRH: Do you have any regrets this season?
    Kyle Richards: Nope. People may think I should because for example, Lisa said at the dinner party that Faye was speaking on my behalf but that’s absolutely not true.
    I’ve never needed a mouthpiece.
    I have no problem speaking for myself.

    Kyle does not read any blogs so, how did she know about the word Mouthpiece ??
    Kyle clearly says she has no regrets for this past season!
    Well, there you have it…………………Kyle stands by everything she has done this past season!!

    • LaineyLainey says:

      oooh that just burns me. And then when she starts with the fake crying. Oh well, how interesting would it be if everyone was completely cool. She LOVED when FRANCID attacked Brandi. She was bragging on it later (on camera) to Adrienne. Saying stuff like “Faye was on fire…” I love how badly she and Adrienne miscalculated the viewers’ loyalties. I remember a certain redhead in NY who miscalculated a few years ago. Kyle just unredeemed her Morticia Adams little self.

  25. Nancy says:

    (((Lainey))) Thinking of you.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Ahhh, thanks Nancy – I know your loss is very fresh too. I just went through some photos and found some of her and the kids at different stages. I thought it would make me cry, but it made me feel really good.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Do you have lots of pics of Emily?

        • Nancy says:

          We have framed pictures of her in every room and many videos of her.
          It does help. How are you doing?

          • LaineyLainey says:

            Yeah, when I asked if you had pics of your Emily, I was thinking…”duh, Lainey!!” LOL!!! I’m good. Thanks!!! I hope you are well, too.

  26. TexasTart says:

    Good Morning…it feels like I got up too early. Between watching SNL all stars last night, the time change and thunderstorms, I didn’t get much sleep!

    Wishing each of you a beautiful day! 😀

    • vilzvet says:

      The Five Year Club intro was really fun, but then I fell asleep. Will have to watch the rest on demand.

  27. HAPPY SUNDAY ALL… from the good Lord I feel so old today diva…. feet and lower back are killing me..running on empty..busy at work and OMG have I got some stories from the weekend….lol never a dull moment… 12 shift starts @ noon… Lord give me strength….
    I wanted to share this with all my fellow dog lovers for those who have suffered a loss this week and all those who have suffered a loss in the past…. this hits the spot and will leave you with a BIG DOG GRIN after viewing…. ENJOY… yak at ya all later…off for more JAVA ….and maybe some toothpicks to hold my eyes open…
    hugs and peace

    • Morning Diva……sorry to hear you are tired and hurting this AM. Sending you some healing and vigor energy! Darling video….so sweet of you to post it.

      Hoping your day gets better as it progresses. Take care of you! Hugs!

  28. Good Morning! Lovely Sunday AM, but I wish we could stop messing with this time change. I love the longer days, but the sun stays out later anyway, so why are we still flipping clocks? Messes me up for a few days until I get used to it. I am an early riser so I flew out of bed this morning thinking I was late, stubbed my toe, and haven’t had coffee yet. :O

    Lainey, just read about your darling dog… sorry to hear of your loss. Just know you now have a special angel watching over you, so she is not really gone, just in the physical. Nancy I did not get a chance to say this to you either…..but this is true for all of you who have lost your lovely pets. Think of them with their wings on and know they still follow you everywhere….just as they did when they were down here. But now, they can go with you wherever you are and protect you. And, they are putting in a good word for you! 🙂 Blessings to your hearts that they heal.

    Wishing everyone a lovely Sunday. I am off to do grocery shopping before the crowds hit. Be back later. Oh, and “the big reveal” was a success yesterday! DD’s room is a lovely mix of greys, whites and blacks with accents of blue and purple. Stunning!

    New Post, “Sunday Inspiration”, is up at my place. Enjoy!

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