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I sure hope I get the timing on this right – I’m a little confused by the time change and daylight savings all wrapped into one.  PS – It’s sunny and warm and I woke up to dolphins swimming in the bay right outside the condo.  Happiness:)


Real Housewives of Atlanta Cast Blogs Blogged by HildogATL

Hi Ladies, sorry for being “tardy for the party”, I posted on Sunday AM’s blog that my fiancé and I met with our minister and did various other activities in the N.Ga Mountains yesterday.  We left the house early and didn’t get home until almost 11.  A very long day indeed and with this time change, I’m pooped!  Today we will fill our day with outlining our ceremony and the finishing touches, I hope.  If you all ever get married (even if you think it’s “small”), if you CAN afford even a small, inexperienced wedding coordinator, do it…it will safe so much stress in the end and keep you on track with timelines and where you should be.  We completely slacked for so long…big No No.

With all that said…all of the ladies (with the exception of Phaedra-she gets the pregnant lady pass) came to the party this week…since the show centered around NeNe, of course she had to get her two cents in.  Kenya is never tardy to the blog party, Cynthia probably has a blog about who knows what and Porsha & Kandi decided they had been quiet too long.

Kandi-The Kash Debate:

Kandi begins her blog saying twitter was on fire after the episode and everyone was blasting them about being late.  She tells us that ALL of the ladies (with the exception of Cynthia) are ALWAYS late for EVERYTHING!  She said she had no idea NeNe was tripping because she was extremely late to many things in the past.  She also gives us tidbits on production by telling us we didn’t see that the flight was 5 hours long, that they arrived in rush hour traffic & it took 2 hours to get from the airport to the house.  There was no food in the house and Phaedra didn’t even get there until 8:30.

NeNe waited with us a little while before she even went back home. She couldn’t have left before 8:30 for what was a 9:00 dinner, so she knew we would be late. Nonetheless there’s a major difference being an hour late and being three hours late. 

I didn’t even change clothes, because I was ready to go. I have no idea what took so long, but it wasn’t me this time. I remember it took Phaedra a while to get there and that was the main reason for the wait, but other than that I can’t recall what took us so long to leave. By the time we did leave I was STARVING.  When I’m hungry I get moody, silly acting, and my patience is super short. When we got to her house and saw her waiting outside to go off on us, I was like really? Why are we standing here and begging this woman to let us in her house? This is stupid! Even though we were late, I did feel like she could’ve still let us come in. I would have let them in if it were me. When I was walking over and peeping in the window, I was being silly. My point was if I came all this way to see you, then I need to see something dammit! LOL!  But when I saw that some of the guests were still there, it pissed me off. At that point I felt like she was trying to show out on us in front of her LA friends. If it was over and everyone was gone, OK cool, but if people are still here, why can’t we come in? So I was done looking like a fool in her driveway, and I was ready to go find something to eat at that point.”

I agree, I think that NeNe was trying to show out, seriously, who does that and she was very aware of what was going on.  Yes, she may not have been up to date on the play by play but she knew what was going on.  That was just wrong though, you should have never ever gotten there that late though.  Kandi continues with they should have all just gone straight to NeNe’s house when they got to L.A., then they wouldn’t be late for the party or just have Phaedra meet them.  She wouldn’t have been so moody b/c there would have been food.

Oh Lord-here we go again, I’m so over this whole Kim and her baby name and this drama.  This seems so producer instigated it’s not even funny.  And who in the HELL LLC’s their baby name.  Whatever.

OK the other topic that everyone was tweeting about was when I said Kim stole the name Kash. Kim was tweeting stupid B.S. that of course people retweeted to me, so that I could see it. I think I explained this before, but I’ll briefly touch on it again. For many years I used to always keep a list of names for if I had any future kids. Kash was one of the names. When Todd and I started dating, just like many people do, we talked about if we ever had kids what we would name them, and Kash is the one name we agreed on. Although you see me saying we were going to name our kid Kash because we bought our house in cash, which really wasn’t the reason we picked the name. It was a joke. Not the part about buying the house in cash, that is true, just the part about why we chose that name

Anyway, after moving into the new house we would tell everyone that came to visit when I would give them the tour of the house that “This is going to be Kash’s room” when I would take them to this one particular bedroom upstairs.  I would say it EVERYTIME… People would make jokes about it. Kim came over to my house and I could’ve sworn that just like with everyone else I told her about Kash’s room. So when I had heard she had the baby and that she named him Kash, I felt like that was not cool for her to use the same name I had been going on and on about, and I wondered why would she take my idea. I was not the only one who felt that way. I got so many calls and texts from other people who know us both on the day she announced her child’s name. They also thought she took it from me and that it was not cool. It’s not that people can’t use the same names, I think it was more the principle of the whole thing that bothered me. My thoughts were that when I gave her the tour of my house, why didn’t she mention that she wanted to use that name for her son too if she already had that idea. Well, since then a mutual friend said that Kim had mentioned the name to her before, and that she really believes Kim didn’t get it from me. So I have to ask myself, did I not mention to Kim the whole “Kash’s room” idea when I gave her the tour of my house? Had I not told her about my list of names as I have told so many other friends? I guess it could be possible that I didn’t, but it would be hard to believe, because I could have sworn we said it to EVERYBODY that we gave the tour to, and it’s not like Kash is a common name. At least I didn’t think so. That would be weird to think that Kim and I think that much alike…”

Ok guys, see what I mean?  It’s just bizarre to me.  Kim is quite delusional (allegedly) in my opinion.  I’m just not a fan of her flippant attitude and honestly, I just look at Kandi as classier than that.  I’m sure that those wonderful famewhores called the Kartrashian’s didn’t make it an easier for Klassy Kim to have a brood of “K’s” as she tries to milk every thing she can out of her reality tv life.

Kandi pretty much finishes up with this and man, do I love it.  I wish ANDY WOULD!  I’m not a tweeter but you guys who are should totally call Kim’s bluff on this one and tweet @bravoandy to bring a lie detector test and let each lady ask each lady a question…that would make for GRAND ratings!  Kim brought it on herself it happens.  Oooh, let’s please start a twitter campaign for a lie detector at the reunion!

Kim tweeted that she wants Andy to bring a lie detector test to the reunion so that we can see who is lying about Kash’s name. I don’t get the part about seeing who’s lying about the name, because clearly I didn’t get the name from Kim. The only question is whether she just so happened to think of the same name or if she got it from me. Which doesn’t even matter. BUT I think Kim has a great idea with this whole bringing a lie detector to the reunion! I would love to add more questions to the list for Kim to see if she would pass… I find it strange that someone who’s always been described as a big liar, even by her own parents, would suggest bringing a lie detector test to the reunion. Girl, you are setting yourself up for failure! Even though Kim and I are not on the best of terms, I wouldn’t even wish that on her. Can you imagine the can of worms that would open up if they bring a lie detector to the reunion? If all the alleged lies from Season 1 until now were able to be confirmed or disputed? Hmm… I bet she would lie her way out of taking the test if that happened! LOL!”


NeNe-Dinner Party Diss:

It’s been a while since we last chatted! This episode was all about the ladies visiting me in LA, which I really looked forward to! When our show stops filming a lot of these ladies stop working, but I’m blessed to have the other jobs and opportunities that I do, one being The New Normal! My work schedule is Monday through Friday all day every day, and we wrap whenever we finish, which can even be midnight. In order for me to get a calendar work day off, I have to be cleared through my producers. These ladies knew this was the only time I could have the dinner party, and they knew in advance.”

See, I told ya so!  She is tooting her own horn.  I just hate to see what happens when she disappears into acting obscurity like everyone else.  I mean think about all of the actors out there that were so hot for two or three years and now they are unknowns.  It happens in that business they call show.

She then tells us that she loves entertaining and that she was running around like a crazy person trying to make everything perfect. She makes a point to let us know how rich she is by listing each person she hired for this party.  Pathetic that material wealth is all she cares about. NeNe then says she knew they would all be late b/c those girls are always late and in her “head” she knew they would be there by 10.  She was disrespected, hurt, etc.  Again, I think all producer contrived.  Oh and then she has to play the whole, I took time off work card.  WHATEVER!

Gregg, being the gentleman that he is, offered to give a to-go plate to the hungriest of the group, Kandi, who needs to stay prayed up! From what I could see, she had an attitude from the beginning. Why even come on a trip if you’re going to pick everything apart? You can’t make a wrong right, and the last thing she needs to be thinking about after midnight is Pink’s and Fat Burger! That’s for-rel-yal!”

NeNe, sit down right now with yourself.  Personally, I would rather be Kandi’s stature than NeNe’s.  Kandi doesn’t hide from a façade of fake teeth, makeup, girdles, and a fake life.  Kandi is real, inside and out.  NeNe is now just hating.  NeNe shouldn’t even be having a dinner party at 10PM herself!  She should stick the 7PM rule.

She then goes on to say she was purposefully late for spite to the acting thing and she was hesitant to take them to the studios b/c not everyone can handle your successes and be happy for you.  I just threw up in my mouth.  She finishes up with this.

Here are my laugh out loud and girl stop lying best moments of the show: 

1. Phaedra saying you can’t make a ho a Housewife! Oops! 
Kenya saying she GAVE me a table! Girl, stop lying, I have the cancelled check. 
3. Phaedra saying Kenya bought that bootie at Home Depot! LOL!
4. Me saying you can eat the nail polish off your nails! LOL!
5. Kenya saying, “This girl is so dumb.”
Cynthia saying she laid her clothes out like it was the first day of school and even put her shoes beside them! LOL! 
7. Kenya with all the name dropping in her interviews! Girl, let us see the movies already, LOL! “

Kenya-Porsha’s Games:

Ok, she has another doozy  long blog for us but I’m only touching on the valid points because she is beating her storyline like a dead stallion.

Kenya kisses NeNe’s rear end in more ways than one and says she offered her furniture and NeNe offered to pa y her but something, I don’t get it, she gave her a mirror and she wanted to see it but NeNe wouldn’t let them in.

The truth is I believe we all were excited to come to celebrate her new found success, and traveling with a group of women on a nearly 5 hour flight was exhausting. No one kept track of our schedule so we were drastically late for NeNe’s dinner party. With that said, although I was disappointed that we didn’t get an opportunity to go inside her fabulous new home, I understood her position as well by canceling the event. I hate when people are late for any reason, and when you are hosting someone, planned all day, and anticipate one’s arrival, it appears disrespectful if you feel as though they do not adhere to proper etiquette when invited into your sacred personal space. Hopefully, there will be another time.”

Ok, what’s up with the adoration for NeNe?  You trying to get a part on her new show or something?  The other ladies have let it be known that NeNe was fully aware they would be fairly late since Cynthia was in “constant contact”.

She then plays then cancer scare card as a last ditch effort to garner to sympathy and fans and say she was being

Certainly, this trip for me could have turned out much differently had I played into the utterly mean and deceitful underhanded acts and provocative remarks that were perpetrated against me. While at dinner I was obviously very uncomfortable talking about my ex, because I was still in the healing process and only shared my relationship status with NeNe, Kandi, and Cynthia.”

OMG-this woman’s “boyfriend” went on national radio and blasted her and that this relationship was a farce.  Why does she try and try and make it seem otherwise when he outed her months ago? She then goes on and on about she doesn’t act like this and treat people this way and she finishes fights and doesn’t start them.  Blech. She says she’s hurt by Porsha’s remarks and it’s wrong and she isn’t playing into the little girls game.  She then tries to shade Phaedra saying her body is real, etc. and that Phaedra married an ex con after getting knocked up.  These ladies are started to disgust me.  I think I need RHOA rehab after this awful season.  She then tries to sell us her stupid fitness video.  Ugh.

Porsha-The Wrath of NeNe:

Porsha’s blog is short and too the point!  Thank goodness.  She states that she was excited to see NeNe’s home but Phaedra didn’t arrive until 10:30 and in hindsight they should have had her meet them at NeNe’s and that being stopped in the driveway with a cheese plate was just awful.

Later I heard Cynthia had been corresponding with NeNe all night, so why didn’t she tell her we were going to be late? That’s weird to me, because the issue was that NeNe didn’t know we were going to be late. Now here we are still headed to her house, even after she hung up in Cynthia’s face. Trust me, if it were up to me, we would have let her rest and buy her an “I’m sorry” gift and try again the next day. 

I have heard about how NeNe can get upset, but it was pretty intense on that curb seeing it in person. I felt bad, because as a person who loves to host at home, I know how much she probably had done to prepare. At least we were able to apologize and start fresh the next day.”

See, exactly, it doesn’t make since one bit that NeNe wasn’t aware.  This is just a dumb storyline for NeNe.  Porsha ends her blog saying she was ready to leave LA and head to Vegas where she holds fond memories from when her & Kordell would go for shows.


ALL the ladies were excited to go on the girls’ trip to LA to visitNeNe. We all flew from Atlanta to LA (Phaedra and Kenya were on different flights) like one big happy family. After we landed, we went to the gorgeous house that NeNe laid out for us and settled in. It was an early flight, and we were all tired and hungry! By the time we got there (with the time difference), it had already been a long day. There were some snack foods at the house, but no real food-food! We did not have a lot of time before our 9pm dinner, so I got my snack on, jumped in the shower, and started to get dressed.”

I’m calling b.s.-notice that the only three people who can say this timing is off is NeNe, Kenya & Cynthia.  All best buds.  Now there was food?  Now they shouldn’t have been late?  What gives?  Ok, I’ll stop with conspiracy theories but this episode was hyped up to be more than it was.

Anyway, I had been communicating with NeNe since we landed, and I knew she was a little stressed trying to get the dinner party together for us because of her work schedule. At one point, I actually thought about offering to come a little early to help her out. I also considered catching a taxi to her house or having her pick me up once I was dressed so that I would not be late.

I decided to do neither, and I will tell you why. Since NeNe has been in LA working on The New Normal, I have been spending more time with the other ladies. I have been getting to know them better, and I am building my own relationship with each of them. Of course we have had our ups and downs, however, lately the ladies have been graciously supportive of me personally (my vow renewal) as well as my business efforts such the Kids Fashion Show and the Miss Renaissance Pageant. I have hosted the girls in my home for different gatherings, and everyone seemed to genuinely have a good time together. The purpose of the girls’ trip was to visit NeNe, however, I spent most of my time with the other ladies between traveling with them and staying in the house together. As a matter of fact, the only time I saw NeNe in LA was with the girls. I felt that if I left the ladies to go help NeNe out, there would some verbal backlash. Some of the ladies feel (or used to) that I change towards them when NeNe is around.  I knew that if I left them (for whatever reason), it may have come off like I was “changing it up on them,” so I could go hang out with NeNe.”

I am so incredibly confused.  So , yes, they were communicating and Cynthia could have been a good friend and left but she wanted to focus on her relationship with the girls while they were all doing their thing getting freshened up?  Huh?  SMH!  She finishes that it may seem high school but she just felt that if she left the other ladies it would shake the dynamic up and cause tensions, etc.  Who cares…she then ends with NeNe being pissed but her wanting to stand united with the other ladies and that’s what she did.  She looks forward to being on time for Vegas.

Hope you ladies have a great week!  Off to do more wedding stuff!

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31 Responses to Let’s Chat and Real Housewives of Atlanta Cast Blogs by HildogATL

  1. Powell says:

    Thks NMD and HilDogAtl for the blog. NMD are you sure you’re on vaca? You have just taken care of us this weekend. We appreciate it.

  2. Powell says:

    DJP I’m going to wish you fun & a good time again. We’ll all dish later. 🙂

  3. Nancy says:

    Are these ladies really that stupid?

  4. Powell says:

    Anyone watching Once Upon a,Time? Actress Rose McGowan is w/Rumple S. She’shad some work done. It looks like her nose & lips. She was already a very pretty woman so I don’t know why she did that.

    • LA Debra says:

      I have watched this one since the beginning. I like the twist, and I like the actors. Apparently Rose McGowan had surgery on her face to repair damage from a car accident. I didn’t even recognize her at first.

      • chismosa says:

        I never knew that. She was so gorgeous before and all the gossip sites only make more and more fun of her because she’s like Lara Flynn Boyle and the constant face puffers


  5. Laineylainey says:

    Hi hildogatl: thanks so much for your atlanta blog comments. You have so much going on and you still brought it! I don’t know if I am just blind to Nene’s faults…but I love her!!! And I think the lateys. (Late ladies) were totally in the wrong. Kandi got on my last nerve that episode and her droning on and on about Kash (the as yet nonexistent baby). I don’t care if Kim stole the name; it’s a “my bad” on kandi because she mentioned the name in front of a morally questionable, lazy assed woman who doesn’t have the energy to think of her own name!!! Kandi should have zipped it!

    • princesspindy says:

      morally questionable, lazy assed woman

      Perfect description!!

    • pat says:

      I don’t blame Nene at all for turning the ladies away at midnight. She’d already told them on the phone to not bother showing up. She had caterers and servers there since 5 or 6pm for a dinner that started at 9pm. She wasn’t wrong to tell them not to come by when they were so late. BUT I do wish she’d had the dinner on a night other than their first night in L.A., when they’d been traveling all day, and had a three hour time diffference to adjust to as well.

    • chismosa says:

      Lainey I’m going to write to you specially on another blog if I catch you “live” but I was tearing up hearing about your Daisy. All loving thoughts to you.

      About the blogs – im with you on Nene. She was an “actress” just like Bethenny was a “businesswoman” before HWs She was attempting many pilots just like the millions of actors do yearly. She has more charisma in her pinky nail than 80% of the Atlanta cast. So what if she’s reveling in her life in LA. I don’t expect Humbleweeds galore. She worked hard, got noticed, and good for her Most of her cast mates are jackasses and Nene has a good radar love her or hate her. I adore her


      I just wanted to say as for the blogs above I think what Efedra was saying about Kenya DEFINITELY called for Kenya to call her out in return. No doubt that Apollo was also swinging both ways while in prison (right, do they all do that ?). Efedra was downright nasty in her talking heads so I’m happy Kenya put something out there on her blog. I can’t stand Efe.

      Personally I think Kandi has a super thick bottom half and I would actually prefer Nene’s physique, despite the height. I think Nene has gorgeous legs and I never think anyone has nice legs — and a better overall shape. Have you all seen the commercials for kandi’s new show? She’s STILL in the too tight pants?!!! When will she get a new appropriate stylist!?!

      I think Kandi was a bit of a sourpuss so we’ll see how she is tonight, hopefully better in Vegas, no doubt anything involving the strip clubs will make her happy. Echhh

  6. LA Debra says:

    So here’s the thing I don’t get. It’s not like there aren’t people already named Cash. i.e. Cash Warren, so wth can’t Kandi just have a baby and name it what she wants. Answer -she can. These script writers think we are stupid.

    • Laineylainey says:

      Asked and answered. Boom! 🙂

    • chismosa says:

      I don’t think Cash is that THAT common of a name. Maybe die-hard Johnny Cash fans also use it? not many people know who Cash Warren is i dont think.
      But I’m also very secretive and never let out my “secret baby names” for fear of what happened to Charlotte on sex and the city. You’re right Kandi should have been careful around that trash Kim. God I hope her show tanks in ratings.

  7. Nancy says:

    MJ sure got the alcoholic editing tonight.

    • nyc mama says:

      I felt the same way so decided to change the channel. What little I watched I was unimpressed with Lilly, Asa, Reza and even Mike.
      Whatever her demons are, she didn’t deserve this treatment by either Bravo or her “friends” this season, especially the reunion which I found to be one of the most disturbing hours of television I have ever watched.

      Underneath it all MJ has shown to be a woman with a heart and a caring, loyal friend. I feel for her and I wish her well.

      • Nancy says:

        Very well said. For her own sake I hope she gets some help and gets off this stupid show.

        • nyc mama says:

          I agree Nancy, Hopefully she will address her needs and find a life away from many of these toxic people which she seems to have been surrounded by both by choice and blood.

      • chismosa says:

        I love her and agree with you NYC mama.
        As long as the drinking on weekends doesn’t interfere with her work, REAL TRUE personal friendships and family (and I don’t count that witch of a mom), then I see no problem with loving it up while away in Mexico or Vegas or on the weekends. It’s when it completely adversely affects your life that there’s a problem. So long as she’s not blacking out or feeling she needs to drink at 10 in the morning, all power to her.
        I love MJ

        • chismosa says:

          LIVING IT UP. and loving it too I guess haha

        • Nancy says:

          With all due respect chismosa MJ is an alcoholic and it is damaging her life right now.
          She can’t stop drinking once she’s started. I like her a lot so I do hope she will get some

          • chismosa says:

            Personally nancy I’m not happy labeling someone that based on editing manipulations and the fact that this woman does not have her parents supporting her, holds down a job, and the drunken events shown are mostly dinner parties, weekend evenings, and vacations.
            I think the reunion was a character assassination on MJ by the visibly uncomfortable Asa and Reza doing damage control on their terrible showing this season.

            I have a friend who we all say “gets her personality” when she drinks and she BY NO MEANS is an alcoholic. I think a lot has to do with MJ’s personality and how she comes off on camera. All the guys and GG and perhaps even Asa drink just as much as her at these events but because MJ is the “fun” one she is the problem Not fair
            My friend in AA always likes to label any of us who drink as having potential problems when we all know deep down in our hearts, because of seeing actual alcoholics (of all ranges), that we don’t have problems but that that “diagnosing” and tendency to do that is part of the “cult-ure” of AA.

            It’s all especially ironic now that it is my blessed Mediterranean diet that is so good and says 7 glasses of wine a week are optimal ! Ha

            I’m just not comfortable labeling MJ that. She holds down a job, things would have come out in blogs or tabloids in real time if there were indeed bad issues. It was all an attempt to deflect all the Reza /Asa issues. It was DISGUSTING.

            I say this as a lucky, very happy drunk who only very occasionally imbibes but feel blessed I have good reactions to alcohol and realize others have actual problems.
            If it turns out things are different with MJ with solid facts (like a Kim Richards situation ) or that she’s a silent alcoholic or something like that, then of course I reserve the right to change my opinion of her. Till then, not buying it.
            That would have made every cast member of The Hills or any # of reality shows set in the big cities centered around a close set of friends “alcoholics”.

            • Nancy says:

              She ordered a drank a full bottle of wine by herself before going to Reza’a parent’s dinner and then drank herself into a stupor and made a fool out of her self. Remember
              during season one when Mike brought them all to Las Vegas? She was so out of it that she needed a babysitter. I cannot remember one episode where she didn’t get plastered. Just because you hold down a job doesn’t mean you’re not an alcoholic.

  8. Mene Seela says:

    Nancy, from the earlier blog – what is an addictologist? Were you being funny?

    • Nancy says:

      That was funny. Addiction medicine is a fellowship after residency.
      My husband is an Internist that went on to become an Addictionologist.
      He’s like a Dr Drew.

    • chismosa says:

      Mene I saw your question and I too had never heard of that. So interesting, I had never heard of that specialty Nancy, good to know.

  9. Nancy says:

    I wonder how pj’s date is going as she hasn’t check-in yet. Hope she’s having a good time.

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