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Manzos Moving to Hoboken and Other Gossip by NoMoreDrama

I suppose the Manzo boys needed someone to cook for them now that Greggy Bennett has moved to San Francisco.  The New Jersey Journal is reporting that Mama Caroline and her long suffering husband Al Manzo have purchased an upscale apartment in Hoboken to be closer to their boys.  No news on what they’ve done with daughter Lauren Manzo.  Perhaps she’s being pushed out of the nest in order to get her to grow up.  According to this article, they are splitting their time between Franklin Lakes and Hoboken.  I suppose we’ll get to see this move on the show when it airs in April/May.


Oh goodness, Jill Zarin, former (cough) star of Real Housewives of New York is just as delusional as ever.  In this interview with Fox News Latino, Carlos Anaya, Carlos Mayorga, Jill starts of normal, but then tells a big fib.  Around half way in she talks about the “fateful” dinner where she and husband Bobby staged had a dinner conversation in a public restaurant where he encouraged her not to return to the show.  She goes as far as to say that Bobby told her “you’re done.  You did great and it’s time to move on, my love.”  Perhaps Bobby did say that, but she left out the part where she flip flopped like a fish between saying she was done and saying she was waiting for a contract – and she didn’t even mention the part where she was publicly fired. much less any hint of shamelessly trying to get back on the show ever since.  She does talk a lot about how the show changed when they were acting up for the camera (ya think?) and that if you go on the show to do branding of a product, jump in and do it well.  She mentions Cindy Who? as an example of this – skipping right over the queen of branding and her former BFF Bethenny Frankel.   You can see the video here.

Screen clip - Fox News Latino

Screen clip – Fox News Latino


Uh Oh – Look Who’s hanging Out Together.  I guess Adrienne doesn’t have any more houses to sell.

Paul Nassif:  Catching up with @MauricioUmansky & @KyleRichards18 over dinner @MRCHOW.

Paul's twitter feed

Paul’s twitter feed


Meanwhile, the situation between Walter and Ms. Kenya Moore continues.  This time Kenya took a swipe at Walter on twitter:  “Guess who contacted every media outlet begging them to interview him. Ho sit down! Nobody cares about your thirsty fame whoring azz.”  I think we all know who she is talking about.


And want to know what Andy Cohen really thinks about the ladies skipping out on his reunions?  First Jacqueline Laurita, had a breakdown and missed the New Jersey Season Three reunion.  Then special accommodations were made for Kim Richards when she was fresh out of rehab.  Finally Adrienne Maloof skipped her turn in the hot seat.  Here’s a rare exchange on twitter between Andy and twitter follower, where Andy expresses some frustration.

andy twitter exchange


“Mob Wives” By Detox

mob wivesWelcome back to “Mob Wives”!

This week, Big Ang has a Christmas Party that turns out to be a little less merry than she expected. Karen makes a surprise trip to Arizona to finally confront Dave, and Ramona goes with her for moral support. Renee takes Drita, Ang and Love on the road trip from Hell to look at attack dogs because she wants to buy one to further secure her home. Karen finds out that she has been paying for the most lavish and expensive dog house EVER for her dog, Ozzy. Karen visits with her daughter, Karina, who has turned into quite a sassy little young lady (that needs some serious straightening out NOW before she goes down the wrong path, if you ask me). Drita is terrified of the attack dogs. Love thinks the attack dogs are just adorable. Big Ang screams and looks like she would rather be sticking needles in her eyes than watching these attack dogs. And Renee looks like the attack dogs make her want to relapse. Karen finally confronts Dave, and he acts totally nonchalant and like Karen is crazy and behaving in an utterly ridiculous manner for NO reason at all. Ramona looks like she wants to take off her engagement ring and marry Dave instead. Karen looks like she wants to slap Ramona for turning into Dave’s biggest fan “overnight.” Drita takes Carla with her to check out the progress on the renovation of the building where she is going to set up her new makeup store. Karen gives Ramona a different kind of tour of her Arizona home town. Carla turns 35 for the 11th time. And Karen’s brother Gerard tells her about a legal loophole that could possibly allow her father to walk out of prison MUCH earlier than they expected.

Alright, you Mob Wives’ guys and dolls, let’s get started!

Big Ang’s Not-So-Merry Christmas Party

Big Ang is at her house putting the finishing touches on everything for her Christmas Party with the girls. She interviews that “Everything’s going to be jolly, jolly, jolly!” at her Christmas Party (Big Ang is so positive, and sometimes downright delusional. I love her anyway.).

Drita is the first to arrive, and she compliments Ang on her Christmas tree and helps Ang finish getting ready for her guests. While they are doing that, Big Ang tells Drita that Ramona got engaged to Joe. Drita’s eyes widen in surprise at this news. Big Ang tells Drita that it’s a “touchy subject” and not to bring it up. Drita interviews that, as far as she knows, Ramona’s fiance’ is looking at some serious prison time, and she does not want Ramona to go through that, “and I used to HATE that mother*cker!!”

Karen arrives wearing a Santa hat and cheerfully greets Big Ang and Drita. Ramona arrives shortly after Karen.

Big Ang tells them that Love is not going to be able to make the party because she has the flu. Drita interviews that this might be a good thing, and it might be “meant to be” that Carla and Love not meet each other right now. She says she is glad, considering Love and Carla’s issues.

Big Ang then tells the women that Renee will not be attending the party either because she does not feel like she can be around Carla right now. The other women express disappointment about the fact that Renee will not be there. Drita then asks Karen and Ramona when they last saw Carla. Both of them say they have not seen Carla in “forever.” Karen interviews that Carla is just “meh” to her at this point. She says she always tolerated Carla because Carla was Renee’s friend. Now that they are no longer friends, she really does not have any use for Carla and is o.k. with never being around her at all…EVER.

Karen tells Big Ang that she and Ramona are going to have to leave the party early because they are flying out to Arizona in the morning.

The women then begin to all have a good time talking, laughing and eating. Drita interviews that the fact that she is laughing and having a good time with Ramona is “weird.” Ramona jokes that knives should NOT be on the table (referencing Carla’s pointing a butter knife at Renee in a menacing manner at Big Ang’s brunch), and everybody laughs.

Speak of the Devil, and she shall appear. Carla finally arrives, very late. When she walks in, she is greeted warmly by Big Ang and Drita and basically ignored by Karen and Ramona. Carla notices that Renee is not there, and she interviews that she is happy that Renee is not at the party because she “don’t wanna deal with her b*llsh*t!” A camera pans toward Big Ang slowly and subtly gathering and removing all knives from the table after Carla arrives (This is kind of funny to me).

Carla takes her seat and tells Ang she will have some white wine. Once Carla sits down, it’s basically *Crickets* (as in no one is saying ANYTHING). Carla interviews that the tension in the house “is so thick, and nobody’s talking.” Drita interviews that things are very awkward.

Finally, Karen speaks, and she tells Carla she is going to break the ice with her. She then tells Carla that Renee did not come to the party because of her. After that, she tells Carla that she heard what Carla said and what she did with the knife to Renee at Big Ang’s brunch, and she did NOT like it.

Ramona jumps in and also tells Carla that she did not like what she heard about Carla’s behavior toward Renee at the brunch either. She tells Carla that she should have been more sympathetic to the fact that Renee has been dealing with addiction. And she tells her that she also, like Karen, cannot believe that Ramona had the audacity to pull out and menacingly point a knife in Renee’s direction.

Carla, incredulous, says, “You guys act like I pulled out a damned MACHETE!! It was a BUTTER knife, for God’s sake!!” (Carla DOES have a point. I mean, how could she really hurt Renee with a butter knife? Also, it’s not like Carla lunged at Renee with the knife over the table. All she did was wave the knife around while she was arguing with Renee. Yes, this was inappropriate, but NO, it was not dangerous). With regard to Karen and Ramona “double-teaming” her, Carla interviews, “Once Hekyll goes off, here comes Jekyll to go off too.” Big Ang interviews that Karen and Ramona were NOT at the brunch. So, it does not have anything to do with them (I agree. I know they support and are loyal to Renee; however, all they are going on is what Renee told them. They did not actually witness anything. I think they are just going off on Carla because they cannot stand her. Period. Carla IS hard to stand, but I still think Karen and Ramona are wrong right now.).

Ramona tells Carla that addiction is a serious issue for Renee, and Carla should have understood and been more sympathetic about that instead of taunting Renee for it.

Carla tells the group that she has been “through this with Renee a 1000 times!” She interviews that she is SICK of Renee and says, “I don’t even care about her anymore.”

Either Ramona or Karen (or both) bring up the fact that Carla pointed a butter knife at Renee and refused to put it down even though Renee asked her more than once to do so. Carla screams, “Oh my God!! It was a BUTTER knife for God’s sake!!” (Carla does have a point. I mean, unless she lunged at Renee and slapped or poked her with the better knife with the intent to hurt her, I think things are being blown a BIT out of proportion. And, again, I do not even LIKE Carla, but I MUST be fair).

Ramona then directly addresses Drita who, up until this point, has been staying out of it with a very STRAINED look on her face. She asks Drita what SHE would have done if she were in Renee’s position, and Carla had pointed a butter knife at her in a menacing way and refused to put it down even after Renee asked her to do so more than one time. Drita begrudgingly but FIRMLY says, “If someone pointed a knife at me, I’d shove it down their fuckin’ THROAT!!” She cannot manage to look Carla in the eye when she says this, however (I think it is because she is loyal to Carla, and she hates saying that her friend was wrong. However, she feels like she has to be honest about what she really thinks. I can understand her conflicted feelings).

Carla kind of opens her mouth and looks a little stunned at being attacked and told she was wrong by even Drita, her closest friend in this group. Ramona interviews that when Drita said this, she thought, “Damn, Bitch! I LOVE you right now!” Drita interviews that she is trying her hardest not to take sides. Despite this, she does finally look Carla in the face and tells her that she used Renee’s weakness of addiction against her, and it wasn’t cool (I agree. That’s dirty fighting, in my opinion).

All of the women then try to encourage Carla to talk to Renee one-on-one and apologize. They mention how Renee just got out of rehab, which was a very brave thing to do. They advise Carla that maybe she can talk to Renee and be supportive.

Carla looks like she would rather stick needles in her eyes. She then says, “Maybe I gave her some tough love, and THAT’s what made her decide to get help!!” (OMG!! I just CAN’T with this woman!! Can we say “NARCISSIST”? So, now SHE is the reason Renee went to rehab. Ummm….o.k., Carla, whatever you say, you a*shole!!).

Everybody’s eyes widen in disbelief when Carla has the nerve to SERIOUSLY say this. Karen interviews and says that Carla is delusional (I agree). She says that Carla has “NO Soul and NO loyalty. I have NO time for Carla!”

Karen and Ramona cut out of the party early so they can get ready for their early-morning flight to Arizona the next day.

Carla interviews and says that she is tired of being attacked (I can get that. I still don’t like Carla, though, and I admittedly enjoy when she is getting her a*s handed to her. I usually do when I see this happening to evil people. *Shrug*).

Ramona and Karen Fly Out To Arizona To Surprise And Confront Dave

In a voice over shown while Karen and Ramona walk through an airport, Karen says that she is making a surprise visit to Arizona, and Ramona is joining her for moral support. Once they land and are riding in a vehicle to Karen’s Arizona home, they talk.

Ramona says she can’t wait for Karen to show her around Arizona. Karen says she has to handle her “situation” with Dave before they do anything else. They discuss how her showing up unannounced might really upset Dave. Ramona interviews that “this is Karen’s big opportunity to set Dave and ‘Becky Puttana’ straight!” (I love the way Ramona just blindly supports Karen at times. She has never even met Dave’s new girlfriend, Rebecca, and she knows basically NOTHING about her. But, in full support of her friend Karen, she has decided that the woman is a “puttana” and christened her, “Becky Puttana.” My girlfriends would do the same thing, and I would do the same thing for them).

Ramona continues to chatter about all of the possibilities Karen could be forced to confront when she enters her home unexpectedly, and Karen tells Ramona that Ramona is getting on her nerves (She’s probably got crazy anxiety not knowing what kind of situation she is going to face when she unexpectedly walks in on Dave).

Karen says she wants to meet Dave’s new girlfriend since she is spending time with not only Dave, but also their daughter. Ramona tells Karen that she is there to make sure that Karen walks into her house with the right frame of mind. Karen interviews that she is sick of the guessing games. She says, “It’s time for me to figure out exactly what is going on.”

Renee Has Planned A Surprise Road Trip

Renee interviews that she wants to get some of the girls together. So she invited them to take a road trip with her. She did not tell them where they would be going, though. Eventually, Big Ang, Love and Drita all arrive and congregate in Renee’s kitchen.

Renee tells them that she has installed an alarm system in her home, and she has even moved from sleeping on the couch downstairs all the way to her own bedroom upstairs. She pats herself on the back for having overcome enough of her fear and paranoia to at least do that. The women join her in the back-patting.

Renee then tells them that, for the road trip, she got a driver who will be taking them all with her so she can buy an “attack dog.” The women look a little disappointed. Love interviews, “I don’t need an attack dog because I’M a f*ckin’ attack dog!” Drita interviews that Renee is the LAST person who should have an attack dog because of her tendency to SCREAM everything ALL THE TIME. She notes that Renee SCREAMS when she’s simply calling out to order a pizza. She says she thinks this will seriously confuse this attack dog. According to Drita, “The dog will be so anxious all the time, he will need to take Xanax!!” (This made me laugh out loud. Drita can be funny at times.).

Ozzy And Karen

Karen and Ramona finally arrive at Karen’s Arizona home. As soon as Karen opens the door, she is greeted by this HUGE, but very affectionate dog. It turns out that the dog’s name is Ozzy, and he looks like he really misses Karen. She takes a little time to pet him and love on him a bit, which he seems like he enjoys. Ramona tells Karen that she can’t believe how fat her dog is, and Karen says she can’t believe how fat he’s gotten either. She interviews that, normally at this time, Dave should be home from work and taking care of her dog and things around her house. But Dave is nowhere to be seen.

Karen shows Ramona all around her Arizona home. While they are doing this, Karen makes mention of the fact that she does not see any of Dave’s things anywhere. She says it’s like he does not even live there. Ramona suggests that they look all around to see if they can find “signs of another woman being or living there.” They do, but they find NOTHING. Karen interviews and says that the fact that it looks like NONE of Dave’s things are in her house is very strange.

Once they finish their walk-through and go back to relax in the living room, Ramona tells Karen that the house does not even feel like a “home.” She says it feels “like a cold witness protection home with only an obese dog living in it.”

Karen interviews and says, “Now, Dave is playing me!! I’m paying bills in this motherf*cker, and he doesn’t even LIVE there!!” (I’d be pissed too. I mean, she could have put some renters in there and got them to pay her mortgage).

The Road Trip From Hell

Renee, Big Ang, Drita and Love are all in Renee’s hired vehicle going on the road trip. It turns out that the dog kennel Renee wants to visit to buy an attack dog is located all the way in Connecticut. Drita interviews that if she knew that this place was so far away, and the drive was going to be so long, she would not have gone. She looks miserable as she sits in the vehicle. Love interviews that Renee “failed to mention that we were doing to be driving 3 ½ HOURS!!” She also looks miserable during the drive. Big Ang interviews and says, “We were just driving and driving and driving….” Like Drita and Love, Big Ang looks like she would rather be sticking needles in her eyes than sitting there on that long drive.

Renee is oblivious (and probably thinking excitedly about her brand new attack dog).

Karen Confronts Karina And Dave

While Ramona and Karen are just lounging around on the couch in her Arizona home, Karina walks in. Karen excitedly jumps up to greet her, hug her and just take a long look at her before Karina sits down in between Karen and Ramona. She interviews that she called her Mother and told her to bring Karina over so she could visit with her (Karina lives with Karen’s Mother for some reason. Maybe she is very close to her grandmother, and Karen chose to have Karina live there when she moved because Dave had just gotten out of prison, and he and his daughter did not really even know each other all that well because he was incarcerated for 10 years). She says that each time she sees Karina, “She’s getting taller and taller and more and more beautiful every time.” (Aww, now that’s a Mama Bear who loves her little cub!).

Once Karina gets settled on the couch, Karen asks her questions about Dave. Karina immediately defensively asks, “Why do you want to know so much about him?” She has an attitude when she asks too (My Mom would have asked me if I had somehow lost my damned mind thinking I could just talk to her any kind of way. And I would straighten up REAL quick. As a matter of fact, she STILL does that….and I’m 42. *Sigh* #BlackMamaProblems). Karen interviews that it’s like Karina is “standoffish” with her (Yes, Karen, I agree. I also think she is a SASSY little heifer too. You need to get that in check….QUICK. Like my grandmother used to always tell my parents and her other children when it came to discipline, “Cher, you got to shape that li’l tree while it can still bend. Once it can’t bend no more, it’s too late. And you gon’ have you a problem tree. You watch what I tell you! Work wit’ dat tree now while it still can BEND, I tell you!!” At Karina’s age, she will soon be a tree that can no longer bend. If I were you, I’d drag her to Staten Island as soon as the school year was out to live with me.).

Karen then tries to ask Karina how things have been going with her, and if there is anything going wrong in her life. Karina initially nonchalantly says, “No.” She then says, “Well, I had this sub (substitute teacher) that was bothering me.” Karen tells Karina that she wants to know more about this. Karina says that she already discussed the problem with Rebecca (Dave’s girlfriend).

Karen looks like she has been stabbed in the heart (and I honestly felt super-sorry for her at that point. It was like Karina was acting like she was closer to Rebecca and looked at her as more of a mother figure than Karen, her OWN mother).

Karen then tells Karina that Karina should call her whenever she has ANY kind of problem like that or anything else because Karina is “the most important part” of her life.

Karina just looks at Karen nonchalantly and then, in an irritated tone, tells Karen to “chill out!” (Oh no, she didn’t!! I think I’m going to just leave this room and find one of my parents and tell them to just “CHILL out.” I’m pretty sure my bags would be packed within the next couple of hours while they both told me to “MOVE out!!” [#BlackParentProblems] and rightfully so! What the EFF??!! This little girl is too “grown-acting” for my taste!).

Karen tells Karina that she does NOT like her attitude and unexpectedly starts seriously crying (I feel so bad for her. She looks like she’s been punched in the gut.). She then raises her arm and points in the direction of the hallway and tells Karina to immediately go to her room “because I can’t even LOOK at you right now!”

Karina asks Karen why (My Parents’ Answer: “Because we SAID so, that’s WHY!!”). Karen tells Karina that she feels like “the odd man out” and like Karina is disrespecting her (That’s because she IS). Before Karina can get up to go to her room, Dave walks in. He looks at Karen and says, “What are YOU doing here?” (“Ummm…what do you mean WHAT am I DOING here??!! I OWN this house, or did you forget?! A better question is, ‘What is YOUR non-rent-paying a*s doing here with the audacity to even ASK me such a question??!!’”).

Attack Dog Audition

FINALLY, Renee, Big Ang, Drita and Love make it to the “attack dog kennel.” The camera pans to a cute as a button little lap dog and other adorable, “normal”-looking dogs just walking around. Big Ang interviews that they drove 3 hours, and “the dogs look REGULAR!”

Renee approaches one of the men who work at the kennel and explains to him that she wants a dog that “will grab a person by the throat and KILL him!!” The man looks at her like he does not quite understand. Renee says, “I want KILLERS!!” When she says that, it somehow seems to register with him.

He tells Renee that that do have attack dogs at their kennel as well as regular dogs, and what he will do is bring a few of them out and perform demonstrations with them for Renee so she can decide which one she would like to buy. Renee agrees.

A growling, snarling black German Shepherd is brought out first, barely contained on his leash. Drita’s eyes widen, and she immediately walks several feet away from the entire group and goes and stands all by herself. She interviews that she “don’t f*ck around with DOGS!! I heard that they can sense fear, and when they do, they attack. Well, guess who’s sh*tting her pants, Dogs!!! ME!!!” (Drita makes me laugh AGAIN. I also find this quite amusing because Drita has always claimed to be so rough and tough, but she is the first one to immediately move as far away from possible from the dogs because she is scared out of her wits!).

A man wearing a protective shield that covers the entirety of one of his arms and hand allows the attack dog to go at him and bite on the shield while he growls ferociously. Love interviews that she “loves animal aggression. It doesn’t faze me. It doesn’t make me nervous. I like it. It doesn’t scare me because if a dog bites me, I’ll bite him BACK!”

(Speaking of biting a dog BACK…Pause…. We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming for a TRUE STORY [or 2] break: I once had a cute little mutt. One of my Dad’s brothers and his wife and 3 sons were visiting. As they were leaving and standing around talking to my parents while we kids just hung around, my little mutt just nipped at my cousin, Damon, who went ballistic. He actually ran after my little dog, picked him up, bit him on his back and screamed as he spit the black dog fur out and threw my dog down!

I, of course, was screaming my head off as I ran to get my poor, wailing dog!! We had to buy a special salve for my dog’s wound and use it until it eventually healed, and the hair grew back. I STILL cannot believe Damon DID that sh*t!! He was actually the calmest and sweetest of that particular uncle’s 3 sons. I still get mortified and upset when I think about it, and it happened about 31 years ago!

I guess I really can’t complain, though. Once, while I was visiting that uncle, another one of his sons found a purple crayon in the yard and drew a TINY house on the front of their white house. I, being as bossy as ever, told him that he did not know what he was doing, and I was going to show him how it was done. I demanded that he go into his house and get his own crayons, and I then went to town drawing what I considered to be a damned MASTERPIECE across the entire lower half of the front of my uncle’s WHITE house with a several different colored crayons. My parents were MORTIFIED when they came out and saw what I’d done. I caught a VERY nice spanking and spent about an hour or two on my knees. I was also punished for what seemed like MONTHS, and I had to go and help my uncle paint the front of his house. I was only around 9 years old. You’d think my parents would have realized that they had a budding artist on their hands and encouraged me….but….NOOOOO! I think I was so traumatized that, ever since that incident, my BEST drawings now consists entirely of stick figures with hair. “I coulda been a contendah” if my parents had not crushed my young talent, Dammit! Now….back to our regularly scheduled programming.).

Big Ang watches the growling dog in terror and tells Renee that this particular dog “is probably not right for you because he’s….INTENSE…” Renee agrees and asks to see another dog.

The kennel worker then brings out a tan and black German shepherd that appears to be as aggressive and vicious as the first one they watched. At one point, Big Ang screams. Renee has a look on her face like she wants to smoke a pack of cigarettes, swallow 2 or 3 Xanaxes and wash that down with whole BOTTLE (the GIANT kind) of wine!! (One day at a time, Renee. One day at a time. Stay strong, Girl!)

One of the kennel workers then tells Renee, “Listen if you are going to have an attack dog in your house, you have to be careful. You also need to understand that they can only do so much. They can easily be taken out with a gun before they can even attack. However, their senses are super-keen. So, they can probably sense and warn you much earlier about an intruder than if you did not have one.” At this point, the camera pans over to Love, who has knelt down beside that vicious Black German Shepherd and is petting and loving on him while he remains calm and does not make a single sound (I guess he liked Love’s energy. Go figure.).

Renee asks the kennel worker how much an attack dog will cost, and he lets her know that she can get it for the super-cheap price of $15,000 (Insert sarcasm here. $15,000!!??!! DAYUM!!). Renee tells him she needs to go home and think about it some more. She interviews that she leaves the kennel with more questions than answers. She wonders, “Is this the right dog for A.J. and me?” She also wonders, “Can I afford this?”

Karen Finally Gives Dave A Piece Of Her Mind

He Acts Like He Could Not Care Less

After Dave asks “What are YOU doing here?” to Karen and receives little to no real response from Karen, he walks over to hug and greet Ramona, Karina and Karen. Ramona says that she is going to excuse herself and take Karina back to her room to talk.

Karen tells Dave that she noticed that his things are no longer in his home, and she asks him where he is now living. He tells her that he is living with his girlfriend. He explains that the only reason he came to her house was to check on the dog, Ozzy.

Karen wants to know why she had to find out that Dave was not even living in her house this way without him instead having the courtesy to inform her of this fact. Dave nonchalantly says, “I don’t have to report to you.” (The NERVE of this man!! When you have a woman that is good enough to let you live in her house RENT-FREE so you can get back on your feet while she pays all of the bills in this particular house, you DO have to “report” this information to her, Jacka*s!!). Dave then says he wanted to wait and tell Karen face-to-face instead of doing it over the phone. (I WOULD say that this is considerate, but I think the fact that Karen has been wasting money paying the mortgage for ONLY a damned DOG to live in that house when she could have instead had PAYING renters paying the mortgage for her while Dave lived elsewhere far outweighs his alleged “consideration.”).

Karen asks him why he would wait until he saw her face-to-face to tell her this information and still allow her to continue to pay all of the bills in that house instead of telling her over the phone so she could get paying renters in there instead (My sentiments exactly). Dave, again very nonchalantly, says that he simply did not “feel” like telling her. Karen’s voice rises, and she tells Dave that she “feels” like kicking him in the head right now (Girl, I so GET it!).

At this point, Dave gets up and moves into the kitchen and stands at the island while Karen remains on the couch (I personally think he did this so he could avoid Karen possibly getting angry enough to actually put her hands on him. I don’t think he fears this. I just think that, after 10 years of being in prison and possibly STILL being on probation, he wants to avoid ANY hint of domestic violence or trouble that can jeopardize his freedom.).

Karen tells Dave, “Tell your girlfriend that your ‘baby mama’ is in town, and she NEEDS to meet with me so I can see just who has been around my daughter so much.” Dave calmly tells Karen that she is “tripping.”

This seems to set Karen off, and her voice gets extremely loud as she starts railing at Dave. Among other things, she tells him that, of course, she is “tripping.” She has done nothing but be good to him and do everything to help him get back on his feet and, not only does he not appreciate it, he acts like he is doing her a favor to even discuss things with her about the house she is letting him live in rent-free and about the woman he has around their daughter when Karen has never even laid her own eyes on or even talked to the woman. She also says that she does not know what is going on and what Dave and his girlfriend are telling Karina about her, but Karina’s attitude has gotten very nasty toward her lately. She says, “Dave, you need to stop whatever it is you and/or your girlfriend are doing to make Karina have an attitude with me and work with me to co-parent Karina and understand that I am her mother, and she MUST respect me. Otherwise, I won’t be able to do nothin’ WITH her in the future!!” (I totally agree).

All the while Karen is railing, Dave just stands calmly in the kitchen looking at her without saying a word and without any kind of expression on his face. Karen then screams that Dave’s nonchalant attitude is “killing” her. Dave finally speaks and says that he HAS to be nonchalant. He asks her, “Do you know where I got this nonchalant attitude from? I got it from being in PRISON for 10 years. I could not allow myself to get angry or emotional in there. So, I had to LEARN to be nonchalant. I had to be nonchalant when I wasn’t receiving mail at times. I had to be nonchalant when I wasn’t able to see my family for holidays sometimes. I had to be nonchalant so I could make it through. I still need to be nonchalant because I can’t afford to get angry and do something that might make me go BACK to prison.”

This seems to anger Karen even more. She screams, “You think your being in prison for 10 years was 1-sided?! I was out here being loyal to you and waiting on you and raising our daughter serving my own kind of time while you were in there. I wanted siblings for Karina. Why do you think she does not and probably will not HAVE any more from ME? It’s because I sacrificed too. I waited on you and did my time too!! And now you want to treat me like this and act like that is NOTHING. Now, you want to disrespect me after I did that and after I did everything to help you get back on your feet once you got OUT of prison??!!” She also tells him that, throughout the entirety of their relationship up until now, they always were direct and upfront with each other out of mutual respect. She says that this has now changed, and she just can’t believe it. She tells him that he should have continued to be upfront with her and tell her about his new girlfriend, and he especially should have told her that he was moving out of her house because she has basically been paying all of the bills in that house for ONLY a DOG to live there (I’m totally on Karen’s side when it comes to everything she is saying.).

Karen finally tells Dave that she wants to meet Rebecca before she leaves Arizona, and he better make it happen. He agrees and says he will call Rebecca and “set it up.” Then, he walks out of the house.

Ramona Reconsiders Her Engagement Because She Has Fallen In Love With Dave

After Dave and Karina leave, Ramona walks out of the bedroom where she’s been since she left Karen and Dave alone to talk. She tells Karen that she eavesdropped on Karen and Dave’s entire conversation.

She then smiles and tells Karen, “I think I REALLY like him for you. He SMELLS good!! He LOOKS great. He looks like he’s been working out. I REALLY think he might be the guy for you.”

Karen looks at Ramona like she is straight CRAZY (and I think the same damned thing. How could ANYTHING about the conversation Karen and Dave just had make Ramona do a complete 180 and all of a sudden “love” Dave and think he is “the one” for Karen?? I honestly think Ramona got a good look at [and a good whiff of] Dave who is, I admit, HOT and SEXY [I don’t know what it is about some of these lowlife, criminal dudes on this show, but they do happen to be sexy and have a swagger about them. Maybe it’s the whole ‘bad boy’ thing. I don’t know.] and fell in love! I think that if she were not so loyal to Karen, she’d sleep with Dave in a heartbeat and dump her jailbird fiance’! *Shrug* This is JUST my opinion, but what do I know? I could be entirely wrong, but I don’t know WHAT made her entire attitude toward Dave change so drastically other than she was mesmerized by his nice scent and sexy looks).

Karen continues to look at Ramona like she is stunned and thoroughly irritated (and possibly thinking, “Ummm….as my best girlfriend, don’t you think you could be a little less complimentary to this a*shole??!! All of these compliments you’re bestowing on him right now really do not make me feel good or help me out…AT ALL!!”). She then exasperatedly asks Ramona, “You went from HATING Dave to being his biggest FAN??!!”

Ramona just looks at her with a huge smile still on her face.

Drita And Carla Check Out The Progress On Drita’s Makeup Store

In a voice over shown as Drita and Carla ride in Drita’s vehicle, Drita says that she is taking a ride with Carla to check out the progress on the building she is renovating to use as her new makeup store.

Carla tells Drita that her birthday is coming up, and she wants to celebrate. She tells Drita that she is not inviting ANY of the other women (from the cast. What about Big Ang? I thought they liked each other and got along.).

Drita changes the subject and tells Carla that Lee is getting out of the halfway house for good in 2 months. Carla asks Drita how things have been going with Lee, and Drita says that they are trying to understand each other in a new way since they have been physically apart for so long and have, not surprisingly, changed in some ways. She says that Lee HAS to understand that she WANTS him in her life, but she does not NEED him in her life. She says that this is a big change for him because, in the past, before he went to prison, she was totally dependent on him.

Drita interviews that her store needs to “open up quick because I have been paying rent on the space even though my business is not yet open.” Once they get to the building, Drita shows Carla around, and they comment on the progress so far. Drita seems to be pleased with it, and Carla is very complimentary about it as well. Drita interviews that Big Ang’s brother, Louie, is renovating the whole thing. She says Ang has been the biggest help to her throughout the whole process.

Drita tells Carla that she wonders what Lee is going to think about it. She reminds Carla that Lee knows that she sold the wedding ring her gave her after she found out he cheated on her. Now, she can show him exactly for what she used the money she got from that sale: this building for her business. Drita interviews that she feels so good that “the lifestyle did not break me, and I have an opportunity for a fresh start.” (You go, Drita!).

Karen Gives Ramona An Arizona “Mob-Style” Tour

Karen interviews that she is going to show Ramona around Arizona. She takes Ramona to the place where her father’s old construction company was located in Arizona. Karen tells Ramona that her father signed himself out of the Witness Protection Program after only being in it for 6 months. He then turned his life around and started a legitimate and successful pool business.

Karen tells Ramona that, despite this, her father always knew that he was still in danger from the Mob (for ratting out John Gotti and others), but he continued to live his life anyway while still taking precautions regarding his safety. She points out to Ramona the fact that her father picked his business location because he had a good view of everything around his business. Karen then shows Ramona the street corner where members of the Mob had planned to detonate a bomb to blow up her father’s car. She says that this plan was somehow screwed up and, luckily, it never happened.

Karen interviews that, while living in Arizona, her, her brother Gerard and Dave got involved in an ecstasy drug ring. She says she did it as a way of acting out because she was still filled with a lot of anger over everything that took place with her father. She says her father knew NOTHING about it.

One day, he went to Karen and Gerard and told them he felt like he was being followed by the authorities, and he felt like it might have something to do with THEM because he was living his life within the law at that time. Karen says her father told them, “I don’t know WHAT the two of you are doing, but you need to STOP right now because I feel like the authorities are following and watching me because of something illegal the two of you are doing because I’m not involved in illegal activity anymore.”

Karen says that she and Gerard refused to heed her father’s warnings. She tells Ramona that it all caught up with them, and one day, their home was raided by the FBI. She, her brother, Dave and her father were all rounded up and taken in by the authorities during this raid. Karina was just a baby at the time.

All of them, including her father, were then later charged in connection with the drug ring. Karen interviews that her father took the rap so that Gerard and Dave’s prison terms could be cut in ½ and so that her sentence could either be avoided and replaced by probation or also somehow shortened. According to Karen, even though her father had no involvement in their drug ring, he lied and said he did. Karen says she believes her father was charged with 20 years simply because he is the infamous “Sammy the Bull”. She further interviews that it just doesn’t “sit well” with her that HER actions caused her father to go back to prison (It would not sit well with me either. I think I would be riddled with guilt every single day of my life if my father wound up serving any kind of sentence as a result of MY screwed-up behavior).

It’s Carla’s Birthday And She’ll Celebrate If She Wants To

Carla, Big Ang and Drita get out of a limousine and enter some type of restaurant. Carla interviews that she only invited Drita and Ang and some of her girlfriends from Brooklyn because she wanted to have a “Girls Night” for her birthday “with NO drama.” Drita interviews that she does not want Carla to think she is NOT her friend just because of what she said at Big Ang’s Christmas Party.

Once everybody is inside drinking, talking and laughing, Carla tells her guests that she wants to go away on a vacation with JUST her boyfriend and nobody else. She interviews that she has a boyfriend that she has been with “for a while,” and he is very good to her and her kids (I told you guys several blogs ago that this woman has had a boyfriend “for a while.” Try a few years, Carla.).

Carla then tells the group that she is getting a divorce and ready for a new part of her life. She interviews that she is starting a new chapter of her life called, “Carla Moves On.” She also says that she is glad that she invited some of her girlfriends from Brooklyn because the girls with whom she grew up in Brooklyn “are not catty.”

The women at the party, including Carla, begin discussing Joe’s father, who is a gynecologist. It turns out that he is or has been the gynecologist for some of Carla’s birthday guests, including Drita. Drita tells the group that she got up to 215 pounds when she was pregnant (Jeez!! I cannot see super-slim Drita weighing 215 pounds! I just CAN’T.). She says that her “a*s was HUGE, and she was in labor for 25 hours. Even though she was in labor, she was still hungry. So, she hid a meatball sub in her bag and secretively ate it in her hospital bed while she was in labor (Drita can be such a riot!). She interviews that she is happy that Carla is moving on with her life, in a good relationship and happy.

I Think We Can Get Daddy Out

In a voice over, Karen says she is meeting up with her brother Gerard. She is shown driving to a remote spot to meet him. They each get out of their vehicles and hug when they reach one another. She interviews that Gerard is her younger brother, and they are VERY close. They have been through thick and thin together, and, outside of her father, Gerard “is the only man who has held me down.”

Gerard asks her if she has talked to their father. Karen says that she has not talked to him in a while. Karen interviews that her father is in and out of “the hole,” and has basically been in solitary confinement for 7 years (Jeez, Louise!! I would go NUTS! In an interview, Karen showed some of the artwork her father has sent her from prison. He is actually a very talented artist. I wonder if he has at least been allowed to paint while in solitary for all of those years. I know I should not care because he is an admitted killer, but I DO wonder. *Shrug*).

Gerard tells Karen that he thinks he has found a way that they could possibly get their father out of prison. Karen’s eyes widen at this. Gerard explains that her father accepted a plea without being informed by his lawyer that he could get an extra 5 years for the plea deal that he accepted. Karen interviews that if they can prove that her father was NOT aware that he could get an extra 5 years when he accepted his plea deal then they could, indeed, possibly get him out of prison because he has already served just about 15 of the 20 years to which he was sentenced.

Karen tells Gerard that she believes that her father was given more time than he would have been given for the particular charges for which he is now serving time simply because he is the infamous Sammy “The Bull” Gravano. Gerard agrees and notes that this fact will also make it very difficult when they try to prove that he deserves to be released from prison based on a technicality. Karen tells him, “So, we basically have to go to WAR,” and he nods his head in agreement.

Gerard tells Karen that he has all of the information pertaining to their father’s case and how they could possibly get him released from prison early in a locked storage room. He gives her the key and tells her to check everything in there out for herself.

Next Week:

Renee takes Krav Maga lessons because she says that in rehab they told her to find healthy ways of releasing her aggression (Those lessons will probably also come in handy if Renee is ever faced with an intruder in her home. I am sure she considered this when she chose this outlet).

Karen tells Ramona that she feels like she is the reason her father is in prison, and she just cannot seem to get that fact and the guilt she has over it out of her mind. Ramona screams at her and tells her to, “MOVE ON!!”

Love tells Ang she has never even met Carla, but she KEEPS hearing all of these negative things that Carla CONTINUES to go around saying about her.

Big Ang tells Drita that Love has again mentioned Carla and the nasty things she has been hearing Carla allegedly saying about her all over town. Both of them say that the situation between Carla and Love is escalating. Drita says that something NEEDS to be done to resolve that situation soon “because Love is going to rip Carla’s throat out!!” (Coming from a notorious fighter like Drita, she must be well-aware of Love’s tough reputation and either personally witnessed or heard enough from people who have personally witnessed Love’s violent side to know that Love’s reputation is well-deserved and accurate).

Karen finally meets with Dave’s girlfriend Rebecca (and Dave, who is sitting right beside Rebecca as they both face “the Karen firing squad”).


Saturday Night Lineup, March 16th by BB

8PM – American Ninja Warrior (NBC); Cops (Fox); UFC 158 (FX); Too Cute! (Anpl); Real Housewives of Beverly Hills First Look (8:49 Bravo)

9PM – 20/20 (ABC); Dateline: Real Life Mysteries (TLC); My Big Redneck Vacation (CMT); Blackboard Wars (OWN); Deadly Sins (ID); Joan and Melissa: Joan Knows Best (WE); Untold Stories of the ER (Fit); Renovation Realities (DIY)

10PM – 48 Hours (CBS); Dateline: Real Life Mysteries (TLC); Pit Boss (Anpl); Savage Family Diggers (Spike); Unfaithful: Stories of Betrayal (OWN); An Idiot Abroad 3 (Science); Scorned: Love Kills (ID); My Ghost Story: Caught on Camera (Biography); The Graham Norton Show (BBC)


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  • Dance Moms (finish out the season)
  • Orange County cast blogs
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  1. Powell says:

    Good morning. Happy Saturday. It’s gloomy out. I hope you have a great Saturday.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Good Morning Powell-gloomy and cold here!!! Where is Spring???
      I’m off to celebrate St. Patricks day today-big party at my brothers house(yearly EVENT)
      BB-have a great time at the baby shower-the time is going by so fast you will be a G-ma before we know it!!!!
      LaineyLove-hugs to you again today-enjoy your time with LaineyBoy!!!!

      • rabblerouser2010R says:

        Have fun the Party 🙂

      • Jill…your family likes to party! Good for you! Enjoy life!!

        I also wanted to shout out some Love & Hugs to Lainey. I know it is hard to say goodbye….but revel in the knowledge that your children are doing so good at what we parents are meant to teach them… fly into life and live it. Unfortunately, that means leaving the nest! Hugs and more Hugs Lainey!

        • not THAT Jill says:

          We do love to party… There are so many of us and we always seem to find an occasion to get together. We have a great time together with all the kids and our friends…life is too short- gotta live it up while we can!!!!!!

        • LaineyLainey says:

          Hi MarDrag! Thanks MarDrag!! You are so right!!

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Thanks Jill!! I second or third…that you are so blessed to have such a fun-loving family!! Have fun!!!!

    • Kansas Girl says:

      Good morning! It’s gloomy here too, and will be all day. Tomorrow a little snow is in the forecast, darn it! I hope that doesn’t pan out. The big St. Pat’s parade in our little town is staged in residential areas before it hits the big streets, and my street is part of that. Last year I had green horses and a large boat out front. So much fun! The neighbors all phone around to see what they need to go see. So I HOPE there’s no bad weather tomorrow!

      Hope you all have a great day!

  2. Powell says:

    So did the,Manzo’s sell casa Manzo or is the upscale apt a 2nd residence?

    • Kansas Girl says:

      The “going back and forth” seems to imply they didn’t. Perhaps they’re giving it to Lauren? Nah, I don’t believe that either. More likely she has to keep it clean. They are a strange bunch for sure!

    • Lulu says:

      Good morning Powell!! Maybe the “2nd” residence is for Al when Caroline is too much to handle that is his “man cave.”

      • Powell says:

        Hey Lulu. How are you feeling? I thought the apt over the Brownstone was Al’s mancave. 🙂

        • Lulu says:

          I’m great Powell! Only a few more months………. 🙂 Oh that’s right but who knows who has been there!

    • windycitywondering2 says:

      Well now we know where Chris and Wacky Jacky will likely be living once their house is gone – so the kids will still live in style at Casa Manzo!

      • pat says:

        windycity, Amber & Lola are gorgeous! Ours are brother & sis. Having technical difficulties posting a pic. Will try again later.

    • california35 says:

      I know someone who when had some issues with her dad, she greatest to leave home. Dad didnt stop her, so she couldn’t back down from the threat. She started looking for a place and her mom did not let let go alone. She went with her. Mom would continue to go home, but also the apartment. They did that for a long while. I didnt ask details or why do that, my fiend was having a hard time with it, but i wondered if that meant the mom and dod were done also. They are both back to the family home with dad. Point is, maybe these mom and daughter are doing somethig similar. In this case the mom and dad are the ones having the issues and the daughter follows where mom goes.

      • L.A. Chica says:

        How old was the daughter when she left?

        • california35 says:

          In her 20’s she is only 25 now, and this happened last year.

          • L.A. Chica says:

            In her twenties? Well, imho unless she was a full time student it seems to me she was plenty old enough to strike out on her own. Kudos to her for making the move!

            • iceNfire says:

              I don’t want to be the kind of mom that follows her kids around but my Kid doesn’t even leave for 3 more weeks and I’m already planning my 1st visit. Remember when RHOOC’s Icky surprised her son on football day? That Will Never Be Me!

              • Laineylainey says:

                Oh, that was horrible, ice! She is so self centered…that’s Vicky’s motivation. Being the center of attention. She was really bad back then, at chewing up the scenery, even if her kids were humiliated by her behavior. LOOKATME! Sadly, I think she thought she was portraying herself as a good and devoted mom. Whilst we all cringed in unison.

  3. Lulu says:

    Anyone watching Celebrity apprentice?? Omarossa is killing it for me seriously! Why did the Donald let that hag back on the show! She is soo unpleasant to watch! Imagine her comparing herself to Michelle Obama!?!?! Omarossa lacks integrity and beauty!!! What an ugly person! I hope she gets eliminated and Mr Piers gets to witness her departure. The only person on the show that will put her back in her place!

    • not THAT Jill says:

      She is the worst person ever!!! I think she plays the role a little too hard and she comes across as a very bad actress!! I love seeing Piers give her the business-very enjoyable!!!

    • california35 says:

      That is one already? No,not watching. I am so over the Donald.

      • L.A. Chica says:

        Me, too. You couldn’t pay me to watch anything by or with that peanut brain with a dead squirrell on his head. For a business-type reality show Shark Tank is 1,000,000 times better; it’s far more interesting and informative, plus it’s actual reality.

        • “that peanut brain with a dead squirrell on his head”

          Giggle….love that Chica! I do not care for him either. 😮

        • not THAT Jill says:

          WOW Chica-you described Trump perfectly!!!!

        • Powell says:

          LA Chica I love ST. I don’t watch regularly. What I like best is when they go to former business owners to see how successful they are now. One guy from Louisiana had a small seafood company & went on but none of the Sharks invested. When he went back home so many people saw him in the show & he ended up getting a deal & was going to be selling his products in a major grocery chain. ST is a great show.

        • Laineylainey says:

          L.a. Chica- I actually think the squirrel is alive. LOL

    • plainviewsue says:

      Will never watch anything again that has to do with that blowhard Donald Trump. Watched all of the other seasons. But this is my own type of rebellion against him!!

    • melthehound says:

      I’m watching and I just want to shove a sweaty sock down her throat. Did you see her Oscar moment performance? Crying for the Don at the board room table? Eyes, Dry As A Bone.

    • Powell says:

      No I haven’t been watching. OMG I can’t stand Omarosa. I couldn’t stand her epi 1 of the Apprentice when she said she worked at the White House. She didn’t tell that she was an intern when she was at Howard. She is arrogant & verbally abusive to people. Donald loves her. I think he feels she is sort of a female him & that’svwhy he likes her. I remember her season when it was the finale she came back to assist, was it Bill Rancic? I don’t remember, but she tried to sabotage the game.

      • iceNfire says:

        Yes, Blonde team manager girl told Donald she didn’t bring Omarosa back into the board room cuz she knows Donald loves her and wouldn’t fire her. This leaves to to think he Will fire her 1st chance he gets.

        • Laineylainey says:

          He said something about how omarosa has always been loyal to him…so…I guess he’s repaying her for her loyalty. Do you think anything else might have happened b/t them? I mean to make him show such favoritism? I know, I know…bad Lainey!

          • melthehound says:

            :::Shudder:::: You think he has taken a walk on the dark psycho side? Yes, bad Lainey, BAD Lainey 😆

            • Laineylainey says:

              LOL!! He is more disgusting than she…but it’s a disgust-fest either way, right! I’ve sent you some brain bleach to reverse the effects of this comment.

          • Lulu says:

            Oh lainelylainey! That is hysterical!!! I wouldn’t put that past a woman like her. I’m sure her knees met many floors. That could be why she is such a B#$ch. Well at least it gives a new meaning to the words “sucking up!” 🙂

            • OMG LuLu! You are hysterical yourself! May I use the quote “her knees met many floors”? Epic! I will give you proper credit. 🙂

              Hope you are feeling good and getting rest after the move. Hugs!

            • LaineyLainey says:

              Hey Lulu – glad i gave you a chuckle (albeit a grossed-out one)!! You got me back…with the chuckles and the unwelcome “visuals”…haha!!!

          • Powell says:

            No. Yew is right. 🙂

  4. GOOD A/M ALL… chilly fla morn… 4 hrs sleep and I am on a hunt to kill a rooster…. this dude is loud and sounds like he has a sore throat…!!! he’s gonna have a sore azz if I find him…. this is week two of min.sleep ..this bird cock a doodle doooooosss all hrs of the night…lol
    did 9 hrs yesterday and have been asked to do 12 hrs today… d r a g g i n g backside….busy friday.lots of folks here for the race at sebring…. and boy are they all C U T E …..and some are french…. I got kudos for using proper pronunciation of their names…hahahahaha
    start training next weekend for night auditor…3 of us are on a mission to get rid of the BAD SEED.. I know people and this dude has it out for me and mary….. TG I have back up with this… 3 biker dudes…BIG AZZ DUDES wanted to kick his azz last night for mouthing off to me and being rude…and it wasnt even his shift..why he was even there behind the desk !!!!!! I’m telling you..this guy makes the hair on my arms and the back of my neck stand up..something really creepy about him… and I’ve been keeping notes…he has tried to sabatoge me and I have written back up proof…hahahhaa sucker… he thinks he’s so smart..well mr…meet DIVA .. the KEEPER OF THE FOLDERS… hahahahahahahahahahahaha
    gonna be a great a/m when I get there today cause he didnt extend someones room for another nite and they showed up at 11 last night needing new key cards… so I made them some… OMG… they walked in on another guest… mr know it all NEVER told them their room was rented out…the housekeepers had moved all her stuff out of the room….. so how embarassing for me…luckily I got her another room…last one…at a different hotel…. what a cluster F… And I have the proof that he screwed up…..bye bye birdie……

    okay..manzos…..back in the GOOD days when we had two homes..the second one was FAR AWAY from the kids ….. why would they want to be so close to their kids ?? well I know why..but it’s just so weird… those boys need to unpack their balls and tell mom and dad to back off ….but they wont….

    JZ… poor JZ… still living in deeeelooosersionville in her mind…and still not keeping proper notes I see…. lol
    I would love to know what kind of I DONT GIVE A CRAP ABOUT THIS pills does bawwwbby take.. he needs to share…lol

    hope you all have a wonderful weekend…
    off to get ready for the coal mines..

    hugs and peace

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Oh Miz Diva adventure finds your azz everywhere!!! Between the cock a doodle do and the creepy BAD SEED you got your hands full…not to mention the cute Frenchies!!!!
      Keep that folder up to date and kick his azz!!!!
      Hugs to you and the Mister!!!!

    • L.A. Chica says:

      Diva, be careful with the Bad Seed and follow your gut instincts. You’re smart to keep records! Hopefully he’ll soon be gone.

      About the lack of sleep, let me know if you want my recipe for Coq au Vin.

    • california35 says:

      Sorry about the rooster 😦 and the long working hours 😦 but hey! Glad you have lots of eye candy around 😉

    • melthehound says:

      why would they want to be so close to their kids ?? well I know why..but it’s just so weird…
      Because her nipples are sore from stretching all the way to Hoboken?

    • Powell says:

      Miss Diva you are my shero. That guy has no freakin idea who he’s messing with. Haha. To bad for him he has not seen the light but that’s good for you. 🙂 He’ll be kicked to the curb for sure if he keeps that up. I’m so glad you’re enjoying your job. I just hope you’re not overdoing it. I hope Mr. Ford’s knee hasn’t swollen up again. Take care of yourselves.

    • AZGirl says:

      You shine Diva!

    • Laineylainey says:

      Sorry about creepy mcCreeperson and the pesky cock. You are so funny!

    • Mene Seela says:

      Hi Diva,
      I’m rather new to this board but I’ve been keeping up with your work adventure postings. Are you the lady with two jobs? Goodness gracious.

    • AZGirl says:

      Oh…one more thing..Diva remember the owner probably has security cameras in the lobby and behind the front desk. I have a feeling that McCreepy Night Auditor is already on a slippery slope.

  5. Good Morning Lovelies! I took a tech day off yesterday, but am back at it early this morning! Headed out to do some errands before the crowds and the heat.

    Thanks for the juice today NMD. I hope you enjoyed every minute of your vacation and have a good weekend before getting back to the grind. String it out and have more margaritas tonight!

    Detox…love seeing your posts! I hope you are well and thriving. Hope to see you around soon!

    Poor Jill (not) and her delusion. I can’t believe she is still talking about this. I can see her in a retirement home, shuffling and wheeling her walker around, talking to everyone in that high pitched voice about how she will be asked back soon to HWNY. And how SHE was the show. Then she turns around and her azz is hanging out. Poor sad little lady. 😛

    I hope everyone has a spectacular Saturday! Do something good for yourself today!

    New post, “The Thing About Guilt”, + all the goodies, is up at my place. Enjoy!

    • california35 says:

      Good morning MarDrag! Tech free day is very helpful 🙂 have a nice day!

    • Powell says:

      Hey MarDrag. You are funny. 🙂 I’m picturing this 90yr old dyed redhead Jewish lady w/her walker saying “Andy’s going to be calling me back to RHONY any day now.”, and the other residents saying “What us she talking about. That’s all she talks about.”. LOL 🙂 She needs to seem someone about this. She’s the only former HW that is hanging on to the past & can’t get over it.

  6. plainviewsue says:

    Lauren will not move out until she walks down the aisle with Vito.

    • california35 says:

      That’s what i think also. Vito or whoever the she marries. Just like the friend ir ruined above. She lives at home and must follow rules, she got great paid education and now has a good job, she doesn’t have to pay rent or anything… but she is not allowed to date unless parents approve, she has a curfew etc. that is what i think the manzos are doing with Laurie.

    • Powell says:

      I think so too.

    • lillybee says:

      I think that Vito is Lauren’s Walter. I thought that it was strange that he didn’t travel with the Manzo’s on that California trip.

  7. california35 says:

    Aviva is back to Twitter, or was she never gone? 😛 i just had not seen anything…i tilt today. Is she back because NY ladies are coming back?

  8. AZGirl says:

    Just got back from a hike. No matter how hard I work out this one hike out in the Superstitions kicks my butt. It is not long (4 miles) but it is really rocky and steep at the top. Going down is murder on my knees. Climbing over boulders is not one of my best moves.

    “Long suffering husband Al Manzo” NMD you are so funny.
    @Mel: above post is priceless.

    • Laineylainey says:

      As ou are da woman. Makes me want climb out of my sinkhole. (My spot on the couch)

      • Laineylainey says:

        iPad rage. Should have said..AZ you are da woman!!!!!!!!!

        • AZGirl says:

          Thank you LL…as I hobble to the kitchen for a glass of wine (medicinal purposes only) Swollen knee caps.
          Yes, Nancy I should grab some ice also to help the swelling.

          • princesspindy says:

            OK AZ, you inspired (shamed) me and I went on the treadmill, which I haven’t all year and I did a mile, it took me 19 and 1/2 mins but I did it!! Now onto the pilates machine, it’s so hard to get back into it, whine, whine, whine!!! I am so out of breath, lol!!

            • LaineyLainey says:

              you have a treadmill AND a pilates machine, wow…Richie Rich. jk…I’m still sitting in my sink hole. My dd called today and said, “i checked the weather in austin. Please go take a walk.” The nagging has been reversed. Wow, a milestone. ugh.

            • AZGirl says:

              I have an exercise for you on your treadmill. It is called dead treads. You do not turn on the treadmill and push the conveyor with the balls of your feet. 30 seconds and your heart rate will be sky high. Be careful of your knees. Incorporate this with lunges and/or sqwats. 3x: Lunges, sqwats and 30 seconds on dead tread. Your leg workout for the day.

  9. iceNfire says:

    On Children
    Kahlil Gibran

    Your children are not your children.
    They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself.
    They come through you but not from you,
    And though they are with you yet they belong not to you.

    You may give them your love but not your thoughts,
    For they have their own thoughts.
    You may house their bodies but not their souls,
    For their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow,
    which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams.
    You may strive to be like them,
    but seek not to make them like you.
    For life goes not backward nor tarries with yesterday.

    You are the bows from which your children
    as living arrows are sent forth.
    The archer sees the mark upon the path of the infinite,
    and He bends you with His might
    that His arrows may go swift and far.
    Let your bending in the archer’s hand be for gladness;
    For even as He loves the arrow that flies,
    so He loves also the bow that is stable.

  10. Powell says:

    I’m watching LA Shrinks & thought I wasn’t going to like it but I do. I like that its also about their personal lives. I’ve seen Dr. V on news programs like HLN, MSNBC for her expertise. I’m also watching Kevin Hart’s show Real Husbands of Hollywood. Kevin is a fool. It’s so funny. I like that everyone is playing themselves but totally exaggerated.

  11. AZGirl says:

    I can’t get over Caroline calling Lauren a bitch. She did it in front of a camera and family. I can see a mom calling her daughter’s BEHAVIOR bitchy but not using the word as a noun.
    There is something really strange about Caroline and Lauren’s relationship. I am sure the love each other because they a mother and daughter but I don’t think they really “like” each other.
    Manzo boys are ridiculous and immature.
    The only reason I watch NJ is Tre’s and Mel’s kids. They are so cute.

    • iceNfire says:

      I’ve been under the impression that mama manzo doesn’t like her daughter too much. Of course she love her but something seems off in the mother/daughter dynamic. I have only son’s so don’t Really know….

      • Nancy says:

        I have two daughters that bring me live lizards everday to show me how much they love me. lol

        • Laineylainey says:

          Now THAT is love. I would probably scream.

          • Nancy says:

            Trust me I did at first. At least they are no longer bringing in any birds.
            Mona has been so sweet to me this week. She keeps putting her paws on my face to let me know that everything is going to be ok. 🙂

        • iceNfire says:

          Hi Nancy – That thought crossed my mind, I always did like my male Shepherds better than my females….

          • Nancy says:

            I wonder why? My grandparents had a male shepherd up in Canada but he always scared me when I was little.

        • AZGirl says:

          Can you imagine what they would be bringing you if they were here? I can bet the house that they would be bringing you dead scorpions 🙂

    • Powell says:

      AZGirl I think it’s that Caro loves the boys a little bit more than Lauren, especially Albie being the 1st born son. I don’t recall where Caro is numbered among her siblings but I know there are many older than she so maybe her mom treated her the same way & that’s how she learned to mother.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        I think you’re right, AZ. Her attitudes toward women, family, boys (machismo) vs girls…seem ingrained in her in a cultural way and not a conscious effort to be unkind to women/Lauren. She doesn’t seem to be aware of how unfair she can be in her treatment of Lauren. She behaves like she hates women…it’s part of her fabric. It’s hard to change when you were raised like that and especially if you fully bought into it. Most of us can acknowledge that some of the things from our past SHOULD BE CHANGED especially if it causes us to hurt our loved ones. Even my mom who is now 74 years old tries hard not to repeat hurtful patterns that she, herself, was subjected to…it’s a challenge for all of us to change with the times.

        • chismosa says:

          Lainey I agree- but then we see Dina treating her daughter with tons of love. But that may just be out of loneliness and frustration over being alone in her marriage? Dina’s daughter may serve more of a “friend” role to Dina.
          Dina strikes me as the little shining “star” in that odd family.

          So funny, my mom is 74 this year too!

          • LaineyLainey says:

            Oh, that’s cool. I hope your mom is in good health. MIne feels pretty good for the most part besides the chronic back pain. I should call her. Ooops it’s too late tonight. Oh and as for Dina..but have you noticed, she doesn’t have a son to dote upon. UNLESS, it’s not that she doesn’t have a boy…maybe it’s like I said not everyone completely “buys into” what was shoveled at us…perhaps Dina, saw the same thing, but chose to break the cycle of machismo?

      • chismosa says:

        That’s what I always said about Caroline. It’s all because of her place in her family. I’m sure baby beautiful Dina and the older males in the family all received more love from their mom.
        I feel bad in a way for the Don but she is just so blatantly favoriting the sons it’s so sad.

        Lauren no doubt will have an iffy relationship with any daughter/s she may have. (Also maybe she holds bad feelings towards men, including her boyfriend-husband too due to seeing how her brothers were favored over her for so many years with her father never seeming to come to her defense)
        Maybe Al has no sisters ?

        • LaineyLainey says:

          oh, you could be right about that, Chismosa. The beautiful baby has a different, perhaps more gentle, perspective than the poor Don. I just wonder what Lauren will be like with a daughter. Perhaps Vito has a healthier attitude and can model positive behavior for her.

  12. princesspindy says:

    I watched JR Ewing’s funeral last night, I shed a tear for Sue Ellen…. For those of you that watch Catfish on MTV, you might find this article interesting:

  13. iceNfire says:

    I lost 2 Twitter followers overnight. Was it something I said? 😛

  14. mrspeabody says:

    I just got caught up on this season’s Dallas last night. I thought the farewell to JR was very nice, it was nice seeing old faces, my how they’ve changed over the years. I would have never recognized the woman who played Lucy but the ones playing Ray and Gary still looked the same, I guess that’s because they were adults in those characters and not teenagers or kids. I thought the music in the beginning was beautiful. SueEllen at the graveside services made me cry and of course my Bobby was wonderful as always. I thought it was a very nice send off for the best ever villian ever on tv. RIP JR Ewing.

    • Laineylainey says:

      Looking forward to watching my DVr of it.

    • princesspindy says:

      I was so proud of myself for remembering the one actress’s name Charlene Tilton, lol, but I wanted to see Pam, but it sounds like maybe they are going to have her come on….I haven’t watched any of this new show except the funeral, I think I will watch online and catch up!

  15. princesspindy says:

    So here is a question for those of you who are of a certain age…….

    Do you remember where you were when you found out WHO SHOT JR? ?

    I remember because it was my friend’s engagement party and I was in the wedding. We all gathered around the TV (in the den, lol) and waited to see WSJR!!! Even the guys were in there with us!!
    Good Times!!!

  16. That’s funny bc Jill recently did an interview along with Cindy Boringshop saying that she would pay to be on housewives again.

    • iceNfire says:

      I forgot about that!

    • T-Rex says:

      YEPPERS, that’s why she will continue to be the Delusional LUNATIC that led to Lynn creating this blog for. TheLUNATIC will say anything for some press, She went on MzAndy’s show one last time to basically BEG for her job back, then taped the secretly taped the whole thing to insure that MzAndy is DONE with that Lunatic. Oh, and LUNATIC, where are all those opportunities you pontificated about, where NO WHERE! Get out of the public and live your life with your family, you are NOT going to be famous just infamous

  17. Nancy says:

    The Americans brought home the Gold from Worlds today beating the Canadians on their own turf. YES!

    • mrspeabody says:

      that was beautiful skating.

    • iceNfire says:

      One point off perfection? I must have blinked

    • Mene Seela says:

      On my computer the video play arrow is pointing right at her Hello Kitty.LOL.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      That looked beyond perfect to me. Amazing…when they grabbed their feet from the back and spun…I find it difficult to grab my foot from the front of the back. GRUNT!!! oH AND doesn’t the guy look like a young Chef Ramsay?

      • Nancy says:

        LL…this is the program they beat. It’s not todays worlds as youTube hasn’t posted it yet
        but this is the program.

        • Nancy says:

          This is the pair that won Gold at the Vancover Olympics 4 yrs ago.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          I hope I didn’t post this already…but this was amazing. I sound like Mauricio, don’t I? But they ARE amazing!! This piece was edgier than the other one. From the beginning when she spread her legs apart – very Kyle-esque. Then they took turns putting the face to the crotch…again, edgy. That lift at the end had me sitting here with my mouth hanging open. so cool!

    • lillybee says:

      I was amazed with the speed in their skating.

  18. Mene Seela says:

    I thought Elisabeth Hasselbeck was fired from The View. Barbara Walters said she was not and will still be on the show. I’m confused.

    • chismosa says:

      Mene Bawbs did say she was not leaving BUT Hassel never said anything back about it and I found Babs a little lukewarm in her stating that.

      IMHO it’s still possible she’s out
      They can get another conservative gal I think

  19. Boobah says:

    Hi everyone! Thank you NMD, BB, and Detox for a great blog today! Hope everybody had a good day and will have a nice, relaxing evening. I might skip regular TV and watch Argo w/the hubster tonight.

    I didn’t watch the JZ video. I just couldn’t put myself through that! Lol! Seriously though, she really can’t let go! I find that very disturbing. How long has it been she she’s filmed RHoNY? A year or two? What’s even more strange is that she is going on all these media outlets, talking about how she feels about RHoNY – after all this time.
    First she was glad to be free and get her life back, then she was mad about how it all went down, then she was hurt, then she wanted to be back on the show, then she was grateful to move forward in her life because she all these new ‘projects’ in the works…I mean WTH?? Why isn’t anyone in her family telling her that she’s coming off a wee bit charlie sheenish and not WINNING anything here. Geesh!

  20. TexasTart says:

    NMD – thanks for the news! Wonder if anyone cracked to mystery as to who was host for ATL reunion. HilDogATL, do you know?! No reply from my tweet to Andy – no.surprise there….anyone else get a reply? Sorry I have not read the posts….yet.

    Thanks Detox for Mob Wives!!! A $15,000 attack dog….really?! I know she didn’t buy it – in that episode at least..but really?! 🙄 Funny side story, ha! Hope you are good Detox 🙂

    • iceNfire says:

      That is alot, they were going for about $7,000. in 1998

      • Orson says:

        A well-trained good guard dog can cost $25,000 USD. I think you have to go to Sweden or somewhere in Europe to get it (and take the owner part of the training). Attack dogs are easy, look at all the people mauled by pit bulls, dobermans, or rottweilers.

        • iceNfire says:

          There is a German word for when the takes the owner part of the training, but I don’t remember it….the word that keeps popping in my mind it a martial art term…I think…idk

  21. Nancy says:

    And the winner is Yu Na Kim from South Korea. This is one of the best programs I’ve ever seen.

  22. TexasTart says:

    With all due respect it to be absurd, a complete and utter waste of money.

    • TexasTart says:

      This is reply to buying guard dogs.

      • iceNfire says:

        The guy I knew that bought one wanted it for his pregnant with and small child…. he was working very long hours. a\Agree tho dog vs gun… doesn’t stand a chance

    • lizzle says:

      Dogs do deter criminals in random home break ins… but any barker will do. As for Renee’s problem… she would need an attack dog, because she is afraid that she is being targeted for what Junior has done. So, it isn’t random break in paranoia. Anyways… I think Renee is just upping the paranoid drama for the show. I don’t know why anyone would go after Renee for what Jr did. Especially in this day and age. I mean, they didn’t even get Karen’s father and he was involved in one of the biggest mob take downs in history.

  23. realhousewifeva says:

    For anyone who has been following, the boys in the Steubenville rape case have been found delinquent (juvenile equivalent to guilty). GOOD. I’m glad they have been held responsible, no matter how much their football status and city/school tried to protect them.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      That whole story was so…infuriating. I will have to read up on this to find out what the consequences are for these people.

      • realhousewifeva says:

        Not much actually. A bunch of the boys that witnessed it, taped it, etc. all got immunity for testifying. The two boys who were on trial get a minimum of 1 year in juvenile detention and then after 1 year it will be determined if they will get a longer sentence (they probably won’t) The judge could have put them away until they turned 21, so they got lucky, in my opinion. The little a$$holes who made the youtube videos joking about it afterwards got off totally and that pisses me off. But I’m glad a light has been shined down on this town and what they do and how they protect their ‘special’ football stars. Not the first time this happened, if you ask me.

        • realhousewifeva says:

          BUT I will say it’s reported that one of the boys (Malik) went up to the girl’s family afterwards and told them he is so sorry for putting them through this, while he was crying. It’s sad because he grew up in a broken home, going from foster homes and such, then he found himself as this untouchable football star who even the teachers protected and let him get away with anything. I think, hope, this was a huge wake up call.

          • melthehound says:

            He’s Sorry.. Until he does it again. I don’t give a shit how he grew up, there is NO justification for that. Adult crime, they should be facing adult prison time.

            • realhousewifeva says:

              I agree. I wasn’t making excuses for him. I just think it’s so sad that the adults around these boys basically allowed them to do anything they wanted. From what I’ve read, they were allowed to party all night, sleep around and the local bars served them alcohol, no one said a word to them. Parents and teachers looked the other way. When all these kids were testifying, they didn’t even seem to understand that this was actually rape. One of the boys basically said he didn’t see it as rape since it wasn’t violent or out of control. They think of rape as some stranger lurking behind a bush, knocking a girl out and taking advantage of her while she fights back (or something to that effect). The one boy who testified was so adamant to make sure that no one drove drunk that night, going so far to demand the keys from the drunk guy. But when he walked in on the act of rape, he didn’t think anything was wrong. No one ever even taught them what they’ve been doing (more than once, I’m sure) is ILLEGAL and WRONG. Other girls probably never said a word. Even this girl would probably never have said a word except that all these idiots put it all over social media (Thank God they did) and her parents found out.

              . I don’t think it’s fair they were tried as juveniles and that all those kids got immunity from the judge, when they were accessories to the crime.

              • Orson says:

                Heckity darn, the ADULTS were Accessories After The Fact and should have been charged and tried also.

                In my opinion, that is.

  24. L.A. Chica says:

    Good morning & Happy St. Patrick’s Day! 🍀

    May you always have walls for the winds,
    a roof for the rain, tea beside the fire,
    laughter to cheer you, those you love near you,
    and all your heart might desire.

    I just wished mr ford a HAPPY 32nd ANNIV ..asked him if he wanted to go to a bar , drink green beer, let me rip his clothes off him and have my way…. he laughed said sure…but what time do you have to be at work…. buzzkill…hahahahahahaha

    OH MER GERD… I am ssssoooo tired…one more day and 9 hrs to go… I can do this…
    MC-CREEPY SITUATION… yes there are cameras at work… all over the place,,no volume though..BUT..I had a nice chat w/ management yesterday.. explained that in life not everyone has to like me , but in the work place they HAVE to respect me… I explained I like this job..need this job..and am not a threat to anyone there..yes, I am older than them and it’s to be expected that I would have a little more knowledge about things in general..and yes , I am people person and can’t help it if people are drawn to want to talk with me etc… I have requested that mc creepy NOT be at the hotel during my shifts as his bad energy interferes with my POSITIVITY and it throws my balance off…they agreed…so he will be advised not to show up on weekends except for his sunday night shift and I will have all my work done so when he gets there..I LEAVE IMMEDIATELY…I will exchange a short pleasant hello nice to see you…gotta run type thing.. management thanked me for my recent hard work and being forthright with this situation..

    oh yea…I gave up the OTHER job as hostess…just couldnt handle working with girls whose boobs were bigger and had more substance than their brains…. I am over being MOM ….lol the kids at five guys were FUN to work with..these kids weren’t…toooooo caddy for me…

    off for more java…. then off to the coal mines…have some skeet shooters checking in today… WOWZA… repeat guests and ones I had fun with my very first weekend there….so should be a great day….

    hugs and peace

    • trudie says:

      Happy Anniversary to you and Mr. Ford. Nothing but blessings in the years to come.

      You are one no nonsense woman. Nipped it in the bud, indeed!

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Happy Anniversary!!! Have a great rest of your…”work week”…wise decision to leave the bimbos behind; let them eat your dust, Diva!!

    • Boobah says:

      Happy Anniversary, Diva!!!!!

    • Catseye says:

      Very tactful, talking to the boss about mutual respect in the workplace. Too bad so many people are immature and still thinking they are still in high school.

    • Powell says:

      Well happy anniversary Miss Diva & Mr. Ford. Well sorry Mr. Ford was sensible & spoiled the miss opportunity, many, many more though. :-). I hope you have a great anniversary.

      So glad you got McCreepy out of your way. I’m sure mgt new just who he really was but were happy it was brought to their attention. Doesn’t seem like he plays nice w/others. This job seems to be what you’re enjoying now so I’m glad you gave up the other one. So don’t work too hard for your next 9 hrs and happy St Patrick’s Day.

    • BB says:

      Happy Anniversary, Diva and Mr. Ford!
      Happy St. Patrick’s Day to Everyone!

      • Powell says:

        BB how was the baby shower?

        • BB says:

          Powell, it was great. My daughter really racked up the baby stuff. I am exhausted. I slept in really late today and am still in my jammies. I plan on doing nothing all day.

    • AZGirl says:

      Happy Anniversary Diva and Mr. Ford!

  26. LaineyLainey says:

    I’m finally catching up on DALLAS, watching the JR Ewing funeral episode…when they arrive in Nuevo Laredo (MEX); they are greeted by a member of the “policia federal” – played by one of my favorite Mexican actresses, Kate Del Castillo!!! The intro music they used for this episode gave me chills, instead of the huge orchestration, it’s a lone french horn and then a trumpet comes in…it was just beautiful. I might just have to keep this recording for awhile.

  27. Powell says:

    Just watched WD. Only 3 epis left. I think Andrea & the Scientis are going to Rick’s side. I think The Gov will be killed, and Rick’s group can move to Woodberry & have a proper home.

  28. Powell says:

    I just thought about this & don’t know if you all will agree but I don’t think JZ wants to be back on NY because it’s a fun experience, she gets to work w/nice people & that she can highlight Creaky Joints. I think it’s because of recognition, being invited to social events, discounts, red carpets, makeup/hair & freebies.

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