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Maloof Family No Strangers to Reality Shows by NoMoreDrama

Did Adrienne Maloof take one for the family team by agreeing to bare her life on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?  Let’s back up a decade or so.  It’s November, 2001, barely two months after 9/11 and the first recession of the decade.  Vegas is hurting.  The Maloof’s shining jewel – the Palms Hotel, has just opened.  George Maloof (one of Adrienne’s older brothers) demolishes six rooms at a cost of over one million dollar to build a penthouse in the hotel that he offers up as the set of MTV’s Real World.  You can read more about it in this article.  With this one move, The Palms is shown to a whole new demographic – partying 20-year olds.  Adrienne was married to Paul Nassif at the time, and Paul would later go on to be featured on E!Entertainment’s Dr. 90210.  It almost seems inevitable that Adrienne would end up on her own reality show.


It was clear from the first season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills that Adrienne Maloof had three items to brand: The Palms hotel, the Sacramento Kings, and her husband’s plastic surgery practice.  For the first two items, it was almost a last ditched attempt to rescue them.  By the time Season Two ended, the Maloof’s owned only 2 percent of the Palms (after a restructuring deal).  You can read about it here.  On the show Adrienne was livid when castmate Lisa Vanderpump‘s daughter held her bachelorette party at a competing hotel/casino in Vegas, about the time that the restructuring deal was begin negotiated.  Midway through the third season of the show, the Sacramento Kings were on their way to Seattle (crossing my fingers) under new ownership.  As for husband Paul’s practice – it was featured on the first two seasons of the show.  By the middle of the third season, the Maloof-Nassif marriage had disintegrated.

Did Adrienne want the spotlight, or did she take one for the family team?  It seems a little out of character for Adrienne to join a reality show.  For decades she had been the quiet Maloof while her brothers were in the spotlight.   Even after she joined the show, she took great care to keep her “real” life under wraps and only share a polished up, shiny version of a perfect life with viewers.  Yet there are signs she enjoyed being in the public eye.  How else could her passion for very public spats with now-ex husband Paul Nassif and former castmate Brandi Glanville be explained.  Not to mention her recent attempt to keep the spotlight shining with a very public on again-off again and almost certainly fake relationship with Rod Steward’s son.  Not that it matters now.  With the Kings gone and The Palms out of the family portfolio, she’s just another housewife trying to sell overpriced shoes and purses, or be a spokesperson for vodka.  Yawn.  A big fall from the billionaire we met season one.  PS – they are back on again and were going at it in public at some fight Saturday night.


Walter’s Reaction to Last Night’s Show by NoMoreDrama

Here’s the reaction of Peter Thomas and Walter Jackson to last night’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Peter to Walter:  “This is character assassination”  As Kenya Moore is explaining to viewers that she couldn’t get a rise out of Walter even when she was standing in butt naked in front of him.  Walter had just explained to the men that he didn’t find Kenya attractive because she was too old for him – he likes his ladies in their twenties.

Walter to Peter:  “thanks, but some people get mad and vindictive when you don’t want to play no more!!”

Peter to Walter:  “are you watching the show right now Walt?”  

Walter to Peter:  “yes ,,,, like wow!!”

Bethenny phoned into WWHL to slam Walter, she also tweeted this: “This guy Walter on rhoa is a real schmuck @BravoAndy He needs a beating.”

Here is the video of Walter talking about the show and Kenya (from December).  The host was at the party that aired on last night’s show.

I have to point out that Kenya Moore claims that she had been in a long-standing relationship with Walter and moved back to Atlanta to rekindle it.  Walter claims that they casually dated three years ago for a few months – but nothing really took off.

Kenya spent the first half of the season waiting for a proposal.  That is ludicrous if she was parading around butt naked in front of him and he was ignoring her.  One step at a time.  Walter claims she asked him to be her TV boyfriend for the show.

Either she’s crazy or lying.  You pick.


Real Housewives of Atlanta – He’s Stalking I’m Walking by RamonaCoaster

Porsha thinks she has to pee for two minutes to take a pregnancy test.  Oh my!

Porsha thinks she has to pee for two minutes to take a pregnancy test. Oh my!

Porsha is complaining about unpacking because it is such hard labor.  Kordell finds the EPT home pregnancy test.  Is EPT paying for this product placement?  Porsha explains how she ate pickles & ice cream during the Las Vegas trip which led everyone to believe she was pregnant so Kandi put a pregnancy test in her goodie bag.  Porsha recounts the tale to Kordell and exaggerated how much the ladies were chanting “take the test” as if she mattered that much to them.  Kordell asks if she took the test and Porsha said she was scared.  Kordell starts chanting “take the test.”  Porsha keeps yelling out questions on how long she needs to pee and other nonsense.  Geez, read the directions will ya?  Kordell sees a minus, not a plus.  Porsha feels a little sad.  Porsha asks how he would feel if it was positive and Kordell says he’d be fine which is an answer that doesn’t satisfy Porsha.  She feels they should be on the same page.  Sorry, not when your husband wants you always to be on his page.

Kandi is getting her own office space because her empire is growing on a bootleg budget.  She wants super strong doors so that no one can break in and steal her really expensive recording equipment.  I would put in a biometric door.  Only certain trusted people’s fingerprint would be allowed in.

Nene does a little dance after her successful appearance.

Nene does a little dance after her successful appearance.

Nene has arrived at the Today show and Kelly & Michael to promote her new tv show.  She is shown into the green room so she can change and touch up.  Nene is excited to meet Kelly Ripa because Kelly and her husband Mark are fans of Nene’s.  Nice self-marketing.  Nene knows how to light up like a light bulb during live tv interviews.  As she is being interviewed on the show, she states she is a “glam-mother” and a picture of her “glam-baby” is shown and she is so cute.  Nene then leaves to go to the Today show and states that she is working.  It can’t be easy to be “on” when you need to be so I get that it is work and Nene is doing a good job so far.

While a man's suit is a curious choice, Cynthia rocks it.

While a man’s suit is a curious choice, Cynthia rocks it.

Cynthia is in her dressing room trying on dresses for Peter’s Men’s Health Awareness event.  I thought her closet would be bigger.  Since Cynthia’s last event, she is feeling the momentum and is into planning other events.  Peter is inviting Walter because he thinks Walter is a cool guy.  Cynthia mentions Kenya’s reaction towards Walter’s invite and Peter thinks she should keep it moving. Kenya needs to tough it out because Peter wants to do what he wants to do.  Cynthia tells Peter she rode a mechanical bull and Peter thinks it is too sexual and she should have called him for permission.  Kordell seems to be rubbing off on him.  Cynthia decides to wear a man’s suit and feels Kenya will be in a room full of men since it is a men’s event so she should be happy and preoccupied over that.

I don't really understand Kordell.  But being married to Porsha would be trying.

I don’t really understand Kordell. But being married to Porsha would be trying.

Kordell is trying on suits when Porsha feels it is the best time to bring up what the ladies have been saying about him.  She tells him the ladies think Kordell is controlling.  Kordell thinks it is about respecting what you have.  I think Porsha is not communicating her needs appropriately.  Kordell says he is in control as a man but not in control of Porsha.  I think he has his own opinions and it is Porsha’s decision to agree with it.  Porsha then asks him about kids and he counters with a question about what she plans to accomplish.  Porsha tells him her mother was a single mother so she had to work and take care of her kids.  Kordell gives her a choice to want a baby or a career.  Porsha wants it all.  Kordell sees Porsha’s limitations and points out that he will be out hustling and making money while she stays at home.  Porsha wants to hire a nanny but Kordell wants her to take care of the kids.  Kordell then says ‘but through prayer we want to make good decisions” which doesn’t sound like a real answer. It sounds more like a distraction.

Kenya looks gorgeous, but she's insecure under the pretty dress.

Kenya looks gorgeous, but she’s insecure under the pretty dress.

People start arriving at Peter’s black tie event.  I like Peter’s shiny suit and pink tie.  Walter arrives and greets Cynthia.   Kandi and Cynthia talk about what Kenya will do when she sees Walter there.  Kenya arrives with another dude, Jamal Anderson a former NFL star.  Porsha spots them and states Jamal is Kordell’s friend from ESPN.  Kenya states to the ladies that Jamal and her have the best chemistry and she feels really safe.  Kenya in her TH says Jamal is not a romantic date although he would want it to be.   Reminds me when Carrie Bradshaw dated a ball player in case she ran into Mr. Big.  Walter doesn’t seem like a Mr. Big to me.  Cynthia then lets Kenya know that Walter is there and that Kenya is a very smart girl.  That’s code for “Kenya, you better keep a lid on your crazy stallion booty.”   The lawyer tells us that they will soon be shooting their donkey DVD and Peter’s event is perfect for her to market her exercise video. All of a sudden Apollo is a fitness trainer and nutritionist.  Kenya thinks Peter may try to sit her next to Walter to stir the pot.  Kenya is happy to see Walter sit far from the stage while she sits close which is apparently a much better spot.

Peter introduces Cynthia’s ex to speak and it is nice to see they have a good relationship.  The lawyer thinks Kenya has been staring at her the whole night like she wants to do “something.”   She never passes up the opportunity to make Kenya out to be a psycho.  Kenya then announces to her table that she is planning an event honoring iconic black women in film and to come in costume that Kenya wants them to wear.  Kenya wants Cynthia to be Diana Ross, she wants Kandi to be Tina Turner in What’s Love Got to do With It.  She mentions even though Porsha didn’t invite her to Kordell’s birthday, she got to know her a little more on the Vegas trip and she can be fun.  Kenya wants Porsha to come as Halle Berry in B.A.P.S.  Porsha thinks she can shop for her bright orange costume in Kenya’s closet. Porsha wants to come as Halle Berry as Dorothy Dandridge.  A black American princess describes Porsha pretty accurately. Kenya then excuses herself from the table to go home.  Porsha is enjoying that Walter is hitting it off with the guys because the enemy of her enemy is her friend.

The guys listen to Walter.

The guys listen to Walter.

The guys get together with Walter to ask if he was getting some in Anguilla and Walter tells them no because she was too old.  He even says “he likes his women like he likes his rims 22, 24, 26s.”  Pig!  He’d have to negotiate a price to get a woman that young.  He then tells them how she complained about not touching her in the shower, how Kenya was engaged six times and Jamal is lucky number 7.  Kenya tries to bury the hatchet with the lawyer and the lawyer prays the hatchet doesn’t wind up in her back.  Do unto others, Miss Lawyer.  Kenya invites the lawyer to her event and to show up as Eartha Kitt.  Gggrrrrr! Kenya wishes Walter would be gone and she ignores Walter as she leaves the party with Jamal.

Nene is rushing in traffic from Kelly & Michael to Kathy & Hoda.  Then she goes to Wendy Williams.  Hope she gave some good gossip.

Kenya is with Cynthia at a really fabulous costume place.  Cynthia asks Kenya what she is going to be and Kenya thinks that knowing her personality she should be able to guess.  Cynthia’s probably running through the list of crazy black women in film in her head.  Cynthia mentions Jamal is super cute and Kenya mentions they are just friends.  Cynthia brings up Walter and Kenya wonders why he showed up.  Cynthia points out that Atlanta is very small compared to LA, they are going to bump into each other.  Kenya doesn’t want to discuss Walter because Walter has been saying things about her around town.  Cynthia tells her about Walter’s talk with the guys and how he wasn’t attracted to her.  Kenya wonders why he even went with her.  Anguilla is a pretty sexy place and most people do have sex on vacation.  Kenya then tells Cynthia that she hasn’t seen him with an erection.  On the trip or ever? Cause why would you invite a guy on trip if you had not seen him with an erection. On the trip, Kenya had asked Walter if he was gay and Walter had not said no.  Kenya requests Cynthia to set her up with some nice, straight men.

Kandi is ready for her housewarming party in the party house off the main house.  Peter asks for a tour from Riley when they arrived at the main house.  Cynthia is amazed at how big the house is.  Riley has her own stage in her bedroom.  It looks really cool for a young girl.  Kandi has black shiny walls in her bedroom.  Kandi loves that her guests are showing up with gifts.  What the heck!

Walter and his date.

Walter and his date.

Walter shows up at this party too with a date who looks really bored.  The men start gossiping that Walter is going to let Kenya have it for spreading “Walter is gay” rumors.  Reminds me that Kordell had gay rumors spread about him too in the NFL.  Apollo looks giddy at the impending explosion.  You’d think with all the gossip his wife has been spreading about Kenya, he’d be worried about his friend Walter if Kenya goes crazy and ties Walter’s nuts in a knot.

Kandi isn't sure who invited Walter, but she doesn't really care.

Kandi isn’t sure who invited Walter, but she doesn’t really care.

Kenya arrives unknowing about Walter and his date being present.  Kandi tells her that Walter is here and that she did not invite him.  Kenya wants to leave pronto because she doesn’t have her security guard with her.  She is mad and walks out.


The Amazing Race – March 17, 2013 – by MelTheHound


  • Idries and Jamil Abdur-Rahman Eliminated in leg 2
  • Max and Katie Bichler are newlyweds from Buffalo, N.Y. It’s wrong to judge a book by it’s cover, I know that but I’m looking at this guy and already I’m thinking douche bag. Hopefully, I’m wrong.
  • Mona Egender and Beth Bandimere (Derby Moms) are mothers from Colorado. They are also roller derby teammates. I tend to like the Roller Derby Queens.
  • Bates and Anthony Battaglia (Hockey Brothers) are brothers from Raleigh, N.C. The brothers are professional hockey players.
  • Chuck and Wynona McCall (Alabama) are a married couple from Daphne, Ala. Chuck is a taxidermist and his wife is a hairstylist. Here is a couple who look exactly like who they are to me. I saw her and the first two words out of my mouth were Wynona Judd.
  • David and Connor O’Leary (Utah) are a father and son team from Salt Lake City. Both are cancer survivors.
  • Caroline Cutbirth and Jennifer Kuhle are friends and (Country Singers) in a band. Caroline is a direct descendant of Daniel Boone and Jennifer is the granddaughter of John Wayne. Never heard of either of these ladies.
  • Joey Graceffa and Meghan Camarena (YouTubers) are friends from Los Angeles. They list their occupation as YouTube hosts. Dude, wash the shit out of your hair and drag a comb through it.
  • Pamela Chien and Winnie Sung (Besties) are best friends from Los Angeles.
  • Jessica Hoel and John Erck (Surfers) Eliminated Leg 4 holding an express pass… Dumbass.

You can read more about them here… There you have it my friends. The cast that will or won’t entertain us for the next couple months. Each of those cast member links should take you to the CBS website where the photos are hosted.

Welcome back race fans. Last week we saw what had to be the dumbest move of this or any other (that I’ve seen) season of The Amazing Race. Surfer dude got eliminated holding an express pass. Dumbass. Kind of like getting voted off the island holding a hidden idol on Survivor. Unfortunately, it’s a team contest so Jessica, his girlfriend, had to leave as well. To me, she looked pissed. I wonder if she got over it. In a bit of an upset, I guess, all the stars aligned and the time was right for Utah to win a leg of the race. David and Conner took the first place spot edging out the Besties (Pam and Winnie) by a few seconds as it was shown.

tar2This week begins where it left off last week, in Bali and they will head from  there to Hanoi, Vietnam. Utah is the first to leave and seek a travel agent and while in the taxi, they tell us this is likely their last leg because David’s foot has to be serviced within 7 days of when he injured it. In fact, once they get to Hanoi, they will be eliminated (We’ll see). Once they get to Hanoi, they have to get to the center of the city to the Rap Cong Nhan theater, gallery 42, for their next clue. Besties leave 20 minutes later and their clue reminds them, U Turn Ahead. I don’t think they know yet, also, that it is the Surfers who are gone. The surfers had an alliance with the Derby moms and YouTube and the besties want to break up that alliance so that they will be running around all confused and stuff. You see, according to this arrogant piece of work, none of them are capable of running their own race. I’m getting a Twinzie vibe from these two and it isn’t pretty. Newlyweds leave next. They want to flush out that express pass by using the U Turn.. The latter two teams learn that Utah will be out of the race once the plane lands (at 6pm) and Besties note that without the guy in the wheelchair, they will have a chance to come out on top. Kind of says something about these two that the 75% team (Conner at 100%, David at 50%) still beat them.. These two teams agree not to UT each other. The first flight leaves with those 3 teams and will be the first to arrive. The second flight (in order), Country, YouTube, Derby moms, Hocky brothers, and Alabama and they will arrive at 9:30.. Doesn’t matter. Guess what time the gallery closes? 6pm. I knew this would be the traffic jam that equalized the teams, once again. Besties thought they would finish before the second flight arrived.

Besties and Newlyweds settle in for the night to await the 9am opening of the gallery. The other teams get there and these two teams decide to keep it quiet that Utah is out of the race. Then, the secret is out about who got eliminated and Max starts yucking it up that they got eliminated with the express pass. This rubs YouTube the wrong way but they can’t say anything about it because that would put a bigger target on their backs. The next morning we begin at the pit stop where Utah checks in and takes themselves out of the race. There’s a bit of a hallmark moment and the two of them walk off into the morning. Over at the gallery, Country is there first. Besties, Newlyweds, Hockey, and Alabama all get there before Derby and YouTube. They all agree that it is one of those two teams who will be turned and they’re all talking a bunch of crap about them and their alliance with ratboy surfer dude (dumbass). I can’t wait to see who’s throat I get to shove their words back down..

tar3 tar4 tar5The gallery opens and the teams rush in to get their roadblock clue. One member of each team has to watch a Vietnamese propaganda performance after which they will be shown another propaganda phrase. They then have to find the poster, with the exact wording and spelling of that phrase. Once they do that, they get their next clue. If they don’t do it in a certain amount of time, they have to watch a different performance and start all over again. I’ll cut to the chase a little bit here, Pam (Besties) gets it right first. The other teams have to sit through another of these ‘performances’. Looks like Besties are on their way to taking first place. We’ll see. Some of the teams decide to work in pairs (Not Newlyweds).. Derby and YouTube and Country and Alabama. The latter pair to be the next two teams to get it right, closely followed by Newlyweds. YouTube says she found the right poster but didn’t feel right leaving Derby behind. Before any of them get to show a poster, the bell rings and we start this merry go round again. On the third try, YouTube, Derby, and Hockey get it right, in that order.

tar6The next stop is they have to do this bamboo dance. Looks a little like hopscotch as they are doing it. Most of the teams get through it okay but several have to redo it. Of note, Alabama. Chuck, is wearing his wife’s last nerve raw in this leg of the race. One of the things they are supposed to do in this dance, is hold hands. He says “Don’t hold hands” so until they figure that out, they’ll be hopping those bamboo poles all day. Chuck does not read instructions very well. Wynona does but he won’t listen to her. Finally, he gets it through his skull and they are able to move on to the next station with the rest.

tar7 tar8The next clue is a detour. Make your move or Make your meal. With make your move, teams have to look at a Chinese chess board and choose 4 pieces noting the symbol and color of each. Then they have to gather 4 people wearing robes that match (in both the symbol and color) and place them on a Live chess board in the same positions as on the game board. Once they do that, they can move on. Make Your Meal, the teams have to get 2 baskets containing live chickens (remember that), and another two baskets they will use to gather a list of ingredients for some sort of Vietnamese soup looking dish. The weights and measure of each ingredient must match the shopping list. All of the teams that do this task, have to go back and correct something.

tar9Besties do the chess task, finish it, and they go to the next location. A Memorial site where the remains of a US B-52 bomber crashed during the war (a war trophy). This is also the location of the U Turn. It is a Double, Blind U Turn. Besties U Turn YouTube. They actually get there next and decide to UT, Alabama. Now, remember what the meal task was and the ingredients they had to collect. Chuck not only leaves the chickens but he doesn’t have a clue of the market he’s looking for to get the rest of the stuff. Wynona keeps telling him, to ask for the market by the temple. She continually tries to help direct his energy and thinking but he’s having none of it. Remember last week when he nearly jogged back to Alabama looking for the surfboards that were right in front of him, then, Phil? Chuck doesn’t follow directions well. YouTube after UT’ing Alabama show up at the meal task (they did the chess task already). They know how to follow instructions but, they just let the market people give them a bunch of stuff. It’s all wrong so they have to go back. Chuck notices that Joey is carrying chickens (he didn’t read the directions). Their list of ingredients was wrong too.

tar10Save you some time here, all of the other teams have finished so it’s a race for next to last, again. Everyone get’s their ingredients straightened around and gets their soup made to the satisfaction of the chef. The two teams go back to the B-52 site where the UT board is and Alabama learns that they have been turned back to do the chess task. YouTube steps on the mat in 6th place, we see Alabama getting the chess thing done, I’m guessing she wants to kill Chuck about this time, and they finally get to the pit stop in last place. Well, Turns out, since Utah left, there is no elimination. Chuck and Wynona get to race another day.. Besties were first on the mat at the historical museum and they won a trip to Whistler.


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Cast Blogs by Stars99

Note:  Sorry for the delay in getting these blogs to you – I was dealing with some medical issues.  Happy reading!

Adrienne Maloof

Sorry guys – Adrienne, The Martyr (aka:  The Human Stain) is just too busy wondering “Who in the world is Adrienne Maloof” – to bother to write a blog for us this week.

Brandi Glanville

“My relationship with Kim made leaps and bounds while we were in Paris, and I was happy to have come this far with her. Kim definitely wasn’t herself this trip, but Yolanda and I did our best to make her feel comfortable. I still think that Kyle could have been a bit more supportive — instead of constantly doubting her sister’s ability to stay sober.”

You’re right, Kyle could have been more supportive of Kim’s sobriety.  In fairness, though, I really do think that Kyle may have been disappointed by Kim many times in the past.  Kyle may have gotten her hopes up over and over again only to have them dashed at the continuation of Kim’s journey to an alcoholic’s rock bottom.  It’s hard to understand this unless you’ve been around an alcoholic for an extended time period of time wherein they’ve made promise after promise and lived in a sober house after sober house only to fall back down into the bottle of alcoholism.  The surviving friends and family of alcoholics tend to take a “guardedly optimistic” approach to sobriety. My dad became sober for the last 25 years of his 81 year life – and yet time after time as I reached to answer the phone when I received those tough late night calls, my mind continued to jump straight to “Oh my gosh – my dad’s been in an alcohol fueled car accident.”  Kim seems to doubt her own ability to stay sober – and it’s that perspective that may in fact be what ensures her recovery success.  When recovering alcoholics realize that just one drink can propel them immediately back to rock bottom – it’s that awareness that can sometimes keep them from reaching for their alcohol kryptonite. That’s why to my dad’s dying day he considered himself to be an “alcoholic” albeit a “recovering alcoholic.”  However, I would add that he was a Super Hero to have been able to attain sobriety for so long in the midst of many good reasons to have fallen off the wagon.

“…loved seeing Yolanda and David during their photo shoot. Yolanda is a strong, beautiful, and very sexy woman that knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to ask for it. I loved that she spoke up about not liking her hair or the clothes. You don’t get what you want in life unless you ask for it. She looked stunning at the photo shoot, and it was endearing to see her interact with David.”

Yeah, we find out in Yo’s blog that the stylist was 3 hours late to the shoot.  Holy crap on a cracker – I would have been livid especially knowing my hubster only had a very small window of time to devote to the shoot!  It’s probably one contributing factor as to why she came off as so demanding in this episode.

“Kyle’s store opening was fun, but I wasn’t overly excited to have to see Faye or Adrienne. Despite what Adrienne said, I did not want to cause any drama but was there merely to support Kyle’s new store. I just chose to avoid them like the plague and all was fine.”

Oh Brandi, none of us was overly excited to see Faye or Adrienne.  Gotta say I was pleasantly surprised to really see so little of them.  Wasn’t it hysterical to see The Martyr, The Human Stain say in her talking head that Brandi was the one who wanted a big confrontation at Kyle’s grand opening? Yet we all clearly see Brandi quickly walking in the other direction of Adrienne? Yes, Adrienne… you have a plastic personality, plastic face, and plastic boobies and you live in great big plastic bubble of a life.  If you were any more plastic you’d be a Tupperware container.

“We all did a little shopping and then headed to Villa Blanca for a fabulous dinner. The end.”

Wow… for once we didn’t see you guys eating at Villa Blanca… or am I misremembering?

Camille Grammer

Sorry guys – Camille is just too busy out buying baby wipes after having Adrienne over for lunch – to bother to write a blog for us this week.

Kim Richards

Sorry guys – Kim is just too busy sorting out her medication and figuring out ways to make Kyle’s grand opening all about Kim– to bother to write a blog for us this week.

Kyle Richards

Note:  For some reason, Kyle decided she needed to provide two separate blogs for us this week… Since she hasn’t written in a while… I’m sure they’re full of deep insights… or maybe they’re just full of something else…

Blog 1:

“I love Kevin Lee! He is so funny and talented. When I see his face I always hear, ‘She shi shi darling!’”

I feel the same way whenever I see VV’s comments on the night of “Let’s Chat – RHOBH”… Beverly Hills Darling, Shi shi shi shi!!!

“Every time I see Lisa’s house I am in awe of the gorgeous view! It is such a beautiful home! You know her housewarming won’t disappoint!”

It would be hard for Lisa to disappoint if she actually throws $1 million away for a housewarming.

“As I was watching Taylor sit down with Dana, I was shocked! Dana is a mother. I could not believe the things she was saying. I’m not sure if this is the “new Dana” or what is going on with her, but I certainly don’t recall her being like this before. It seems she is on a destructive path and hope she gets her act together.”

That whole scene was just wackadoo. Dana seemed to be very lit and no, I’m not talking about her lighting her cigarette by dipping it into the deep well of a candle.  The only explanation I can think of that Dana was even  on the show at this point in time – is that she wanted to film a vignette that she can use for her e-harmony “I’m available for dates and a whole lot more” ad. Watch out guys, that wackadoo cougar is on the prowl… I’ve heard she will do just about anything for a great pair of sunglasses.

“I have been so excited about the grand opening of my store! This has been such an incredible adventure. I LOVE fashion and it has always been my dream to have a store.”

It really must be exciting to embark on a business adventure of your own at this point.

“I love having the store and my husband loves that now my “buying” is for the store and not just my clothes. My daughters think it’s the most exciting thing ever! It has become the hangout for my family and friends.”

It will be smart if you listen to your daughters on ideas of what to carry in the store… enlarge your customer base.

“My sister told me she had something to tell me. I was happy she explained what happened in Paris with the medication mix up. I KNOW there will be people who doubt my sister’s story and think I am being naive, but I honestly do believe my sister. She has been sober and strong since leaving rehab and there have been no other incidents since Paris. It scares me when she tells me there are no guarantees that she will stay sober and that she has to take each day at a time, but I am grateful that she is being honest.”

There ARE no guarantees that she will remain sober. There never are with anyone.  If she had said anything else – that’s when she would have been lying.

Blog 2:

“As you have seen, my relationship with Lisa has been strained at times. It’s been one year since the Reunion, where she was upset that I didn’t defend her with Adrienne. Our relationship was in a bad place at the time of the Reunion. Something had happened between Lisa and I off-camera that changed our relationship. I didn’t want to explain that to everyone because I knew it would make things worse. There are two sides to every story. I just didn’t tell mine.”

Okay, so you’re saying something else happened that changed your relationship – then why do you and Lisa keep pointing to the reunion? And really, you didn’t want to explain it to us because it would make matters worse? For whom?  You?  Lisa?  Oh I’m so confused… and frankly, Scarlett, I don’t give a damn.  Build a bridge and move on already… geesh!

“We did make up, but it seemed like it was always one step forward, two steps back. I was really feeling that in Paris, so that is why I said something on the Eiffel Tower. If I didn’t care about Lisa, I would let it go. But I do care about her and feel that after one year, it’s time to move forward.  Life is too short.

The problem is that you chose the wrong team.  You chose team “Adrienne” and she’s gone. You chose team “Faye” and hopefully this season will be the last time we see any of her.  You chose team “Marisa” and the jury’s still out on if she’ll be back next year since she wasn’t invited to the reunion which is kinda weird, even for Bravo.  You chose team “Taylor” and she’s busy breaking up families and skiing in Colorado to pay any attention to you, except of course, when she needs a babysitter.

I will never look at the Eiffel Tower the same after that day. I will always think about our conversation up there and the fact that Lisa kissed me on the lips!”

Whoa, thanks for reminding me of the kiss… pass the eye bleach.

Lisa Vanderpump

“Kevin Lee is an unusual character to say the least, but this man can deliver. He will create an event that is always a visual feast, and, although he appears a little eccentric, he is somebody I enjoy working with. So a party in the garden is what we decided.”

It’s kind of funny that you’re combining a housewarming with a vow renewal… throw in a potluck and I’m there!

“Seeing Dana sitting there. . . well enough said about that. I can’t even indulge her angry diatribe that is so judgmental about people she really hasn’t any knowledge of. I know she feels the need to be relevant, but is that the best she has to offer? She is somebody I never really invested in. All her nonsense about ridiculously priced sunglasses and flashy cars seems ridiculous and superficial. When a money box is empty and you shake it, it makes a lot of noise, when it is full. . .not so much! I rest my case.”

Honestly, I think this was Bravo’s way to get back at Dana for something.  There was NO reason they had to show that footage – and it really showed her in the ugliest way possible.  Perhaps it was a passive aggressive threat to those who may be leaving the franchise to let them know that Bravo is perfectly able to screw you even when you’re no longer a housewife. Don’t get me wrong – Dana gave them the drunken crazy ammo – but Bravo pulled the trigger.

“Kyle’s store opening was something we were all excited and supportive of. It is just a few yards from my restaurant Villa Blanca in Beverly Hills. It’s a new episode in her life, as Portia is starting school, and I wish her the best of luck. The party was vibrant and a complete success, but once again the dynamic between the sisters superseded the celebration. Hard to understand and constantly confusing! I have learnt to remain impartial with regard to that relationship. Paris was a tough lesson.”

If you guys can put your differences aside, I smell some cross promotion – “An Afternoon of Lunch and Shopping with the RHOBH.”  Perhaps people can go to Adrienne’s new restaurant for drinks afterwards, cuz there’s no way anyone who watched “Vanderpump Rules” would ever go to Sur.

“I liked the fact that Yolanda, like myself, has a preference to confront things head on, deal with the negative energy that has surrounded the convoluted situation regarding Taylor, David, and his ex-wife Linda. We cannot judge somebody according to the perception of an ex-spouse. . .”

See… now here is where I think I’m prolly the lone voice in the wilderness.  I believe there is no reason on earth that I need to be any more than cordial with an ex-husband (or his new wife) of one of my best friends. If he wasn’t a friend of mine in the beginning, then I really don’t feel like I need to hold him in any esteem at all.  He was the source of pain to my friend… heck, the divorce may not be even partially his fault – but I don’t think I hafta like him. And, I don’t think I hafta like his new wife, either. But then again, I’m not on a reality show.

Marisa Zanuck

“I want to thank you all for your kind words for my family. Out of respect for my late father in law, Richard Zanuck whom I loved very much I will not be posting a blog this week.”

Our hearts go out to you and your family for your loss.  It was fun to see that wonderful house – but I just don’t get why you included Mauricio.  It made that segment have a funky twist to me, since you’re a highfalutin real estate person and all… The takeaway for me on this segment was that I’ve been wrong all my life… Evidently, money DOES grow on trees… $7 million worth!  Holy crap on a cracker!  Who spends that kind of money on trees?

Taylor Armstrong

Whoever is helping Taylor with her blogs these days is doing a good job, in my opinion.  The style is very similar to when Taylor was writing them herself, it’s just that now they are markedly so much longer than before…

“Dana, Dana, Dana. I got a call from her and she was distressed to say the least. When I showed up to meet her, she was in a bad place. She kept telling me how happy she was and how she was enjoying her new “free” lifestyle but, I could see clearly there was so much pain hiding behind her words; her actions were speaking louder.  I wanted to share many stories and many experiences where I was masking pain. I knew she needed to hear them but in that moment, it just wasn’t right. Unlike Kim, I don’t give advice on things I am not an expert in and I have made enough mistakes to know. . .I’m no expert.”

Okay, let me get this straight… you got a distress call from a friend – and your first instinct was to call for the Bravo camera crew?  Dana’s not even listed as a friend of the housewives this season… so I’m just not getting this appearance at all – especially when she was clearly not okay enough to be on camera. I don’t think she was even sober enough to give her consent to film. And then like the snake we all know you to be, you decide to backhandedly bite Kim over her “big talk” with you about your drinking? C’mon…

“As for Dana telling me that my friends are not my friends, I disagree. She had a rough experience with my gal pals and harbors resentment. I know who my friends are and I know who they are not.”

Taylor, Dana just realizes that some people who say they’re your friend may just in reality be snakes in the grass… but then again you’re used to hanging out with snakes, aren’t you?

“I freely admit, I got off to a rough start with Yolanda (and David). I was carrying a sword for a friend until I realized it wasn’t my battle to fight. I came to Kyle’s opening to celebrate her success but at the same time, I was intent on clearing the air with Yolanda. My hope was that we could “start over” with no judgment and no preconceived notions about one another.”

Yeah, you don’t need to battle with your friend’s ex… just be cordial. Unless of course, you’re a grifter and you see potential dollar signs above his head, then by all means bury the hatchet, ingratiate yourself into their lives as their best friend in the whole wide world, and be your wonderful snaky self.

“Lisa and I shook hands on a “fresh start” at the tea party last year, we put the past behind us and agreed to get to know one another. Lisa’s friendship is one I now cherish. I hope the hug from Yolanda at Kyle’s store opening signals a new beginning for our friendship.”

Yes, of course you do.  You have plans…

“I was troubled watching Kyle leave her store opening and 300 people to go sit with Kim and talk about her sobriety. This feels like a rerun to me. Kyle started out being honest about Kim’s behavior in Paris. Kim appeared not lucid and completely out of it. Then, they agreed it was a medication mix-up. Why is any doctor giving an addict mood altering drugs and why does she have them in her home to be confused with the other medications she is taking? The whole thing doesn’t make sense to me.”

Yeah, the timing of the sobriety talk seemed wonky to me, too.  Again, I do so hate agreeing with you about anything, Taylor… it really is making me crazy.  Well, crazier than usual…

Yolanda H. Foster

“Sadly our trip to Paris had come to an end. As we cruised Le Seine, I really believed that, regardless of some little bumps in the road, we had bonded and strengthened our friendships within the group. . .”

Yeah, really – if it wasn’t for Kim’s medication issues – it would have really been a drama-free trip….or have I conveniently forgotten something?

“Ken is adorable. He is a good old-fashioned man and I loooove to see him do all the romantic little things for Lisa. I always say, “Get wise, keep your romance alive,” but these veterans can teach us all a thing or two. They have a great marriage, and I am so excited to witness the renewal of their vows. I am such a “hopeless romantic,” and will be bringing my box of tissues.”

Romance is enhanced when there’s true love behind it… and it’s really nice to see all the little things they do for each other. My favorite part of their relationship though, is how well matched they are in the humor department. It really cracks me up!

“The photo shoot at Jim Jordan Studio was the craziest day in my career ever. We all got to the studio at 7:30 am, while our stylist showed up three hours late. It was so stressful because I knew David could only stay for one hour because he was doing a show with Barbra for the Women’s Heart Center event that night.”

That explains a lot about why you seemed pretty demanding at the shoot – I’d be really cranky if the stylist was that late… that’s crazy!  Yo, you know I love you – but I don’t think I’d enjoy working for you – and I’m a perfectionist myself… lolol…

“Anyway, my love was a great sport. Photo shoots are not his favorite thing to do (haha), but he came and conquered. We got some beautiful pictures together, and he went back to work while we figured out the wardrobe and finally ended up shooting a beautiful story.”

You two looked so great together – it was fun seeing you in an arena that is totally within your comfort zone – modeling.

“OMG! I never met Dana but she seems a mess. What is her beef with Brandi? Brandi is not on par with her and the other girls in this group??? She must be friends with Faye.”

Totally dies laffin’… Beverly Hills Math:  Delusional Statements + Alcohol + Superficial Superiority + Skank Talk = Friend of Faye.

“I really got emotional watching myself at Kyle’s opening. I had been struggling with the loss of my brain function for the past couple of months but this particular night was the defining moment when I realized that something was really wrong with me.”

It’s so sad that you have Lyme disease… but I’ve got to say I admire you for being so forthcoming about it – I can only imagine how many people you have touched.  It isn’t a disease that the general population knows much about and you have really given a voice to the previously voiceless.  It’s a totally unanticipated outcome from you appearing on this show… since you didn’t even know about it until this point while filming.  We’re rooting for you!

“I had been hiding it pretty well, fighting to keep myself going. When I needed to make a point to Taylor, I was scrambling in a way that is hard to explain. I had the story in my head but I wasn’t able to pull the words and have the appropriate sentences come out of mouth. My brain was paralyzed. I went home that night and knew I needed to face my illness — and that’s where my endless health journey and battle with Lyme disease began.

Obviously there had been tension between Taylor and I because she spoke badly about my husband and I within the group, but I was happy that she finally made the effort to apologize and clear the air so that we can finally move on.”

Moving forward is always good…

“The next time I saw Kim was at Kyle’s store opening where she barely greeted me, and chose to walk straight into the dressing room with Kyle to explain their version of our Paris trip.”

Yo went into more detail in her blog about how she supported Kim throughout the trip.  I think we’re gonna see the breakdown of Yo and Kim’s relationship in the future… to some extent, anyway.

“I’m a little naive when it comes to these kinds of matters so it took me some time to realize and understand what had gone down. It’s quite interesting to learn how their perspective of our experience is so different than mine. In hindsight I should have just minded my own business and not gotten involved! Note taken, lesson learned!”

Wow Kim, way to alienate your only friend on the show other than your sister!


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341 Responses to Maloof Family No Strangers to Reality Shows / Real Housewives of Atlanta / Amazing Race / Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Cast Blogs Blogged

  1. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. It’s Monday. I know. Booo. 🙂 Well back to the grind. I hope you have a great day.

  2. Birthdays here please (we have to start a new list)
    Just name, month and year

  3. not THAT Jill says:

    One thing I will never understand is why didn’t Lisa have the bachelorette party at The Palms? Why ask if they could serve your wine at the hotel but then not reciprocate the favor? Maybe if Lisa wasn’t ballsy enough to ask them to promote her product then I can understand but I think Lisa knew what she was doing when she didn’t have the party at The Palms-she showed that she didn’t want to help Adrienne with her promotions… I wonder why???

    • BB says:

      Because, if I recall correctly, a good friend offered up the other place first. AND Adrienne never offered the use of the Palms to Lisa OR Pandora. When someone asked Adrienne why she didn’t offer up the Palms, didn’t she says something like Lisa could have asked her (Adrienne) asked her or something lame like that? And didn’t Lisa say she didn’t really plan the party, Pandora and her friends did? Somebody please correct me if my memory is faulty about this.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        I don’t buy that Lisa didnt plan the party-Bravo filmed it so I’m sure Lisa had something to do with it-I think she knew what she was doing I just don’t know why??
        How was the shower???

        • kit9 says:

          Totally agree about he fact Lisa made a calculated move because Adrienne wasn’t hurt that Lisa went with their biggest competitor, she was pissed. I think that after Lisa asked(after lying about it at first)Adrienne to stock her wine in their hotel, it seems Adrienne was expecting some pay back and Lisa stiffed her which is why Ad was so mad. Now, why did Lisa do it? Good question but I don’t buy for a second it was because Pandy wanted it or Lisa’s nonsense about it being her friends. I assume that Hard Rock made a better offer in some way.

          • Powell says:

            No but Lisa wasn’t going. Pandora begged her & I’m sure Bravo wanted her there to film it. Pandora isn’t a cast member Lisa is so Bravo had Lisa go. The invite was from a long time family friend that’s known them since P was a little girl. Lisa did say to Adrienne she wouldn’t feel comfortable asking her anyway. The wine thing to sell at the Palms happened way before the party. It may have been even before the season. Lisa said no one from the Palms ever got in touch w/her. Adrienne says someone at the Palms was supposed to get back to Lisa. I believe Lisa. I believe Adrienne was going to broker the deal but I believe Adrienne didn’t follow thru.

        • BB says:

          The shower was a rousing success.

      • Rebecca says:

        Lisa said her good friend (and Pandora’s godfather, yes?) who owned the Hard Rock offered to host the bachelorette party. Adrienne never asked.

        Lisa may have also known her friends at Leonard Green were already in negotiations to buy the majority stake in the property, maybe even the whole thing at that point. You can’t fault her for Adrienne’s lack of generosity.

        Are you going to ask why they used their best friend Martin to help them purchase their new house over Mauricio? Lisa doesn’t owe these housewives more loyalty then her long-time friends.

        • not THAT Jill says:

          I never said Lisa owed them anything and I never said anything about Mauricio-Lisa made sure to ask Adrienne to promote her drink so why wouldn’t she help Adrienne promote her hotel-that’s my question-I don’t know what Mauricio has to do with this at all.

          • Rebecca says:

            You’re questioning why Lisa didn’t snub her friend’s offer to host the party in favor of turning around and asking Adrienne, who didn’t offer anything. Since it was for Pandora it probably wasn’t going to be filmed (until it was brought up on camera) at the time.

            She and Adrienne were never good friends, they were neighbors who were neighborly.

            And yes, you did very much imply above that Lisa owed her promotion for her hotel. This situation was about Lisa’s daughter and what was best for her. She wasn’t promoting the Hard Rock.

            • not THAT Jill says:

              Yeah-you are right-I did imply that.
              I’m not questioning why Lisa didnt snub her friend-I’m questioning what happened between Lisa and Adrienne-I don’t think you understand my point-I’m not slamming Lisa-at all. I just think that the HWs are calculating and I’m curious as to what went on

              • rabblerouser2010R says:

                I have a feeling that things had already started to sour between Lisa and Adrienne at that time. I am sure they both knew they were each in talks about developing a shoe and handbag line. No doubt Pandy could have her party where she wanted but I am also sure that Lisa knew that having it at the competition would stick in Adrienne’s craw .

        • kit9 says:

          I think Ad would have rolled out the red carpet for Lisa, just like she said. Whether it was on the show or not, it would have been reported because of Pandy’s new found fame from the association with the show. And, Adrenne, more that any other HW in any franchise, doesn’t give a rat’s about personal fame from the show…with her it was all about pimping her businesses. Maybe Ad didn’t know that Pandy was having a bachelorette party(most people don’t)or that it would be in LV until she heard that the party would be at HR.

        • Powell says:

          Also didn’t Lisa’s friend host Pandora’s party as in paid for it? Adrienne wouldn’t have hardly had the Palms pay for it.

      • AZGirl says:

        Good morning BB and Jill: You are right BB. Adrienne never did offer the Palms. Lisa’s friend who owns Hard Rock offered to have the shower first. Adrienne did say “Why did Lisa not ask?”.
        I think Adrienne is not that bright and did not see until after Lisa’s friend offered Hard Rock that she failed to take advantage of some free advertising. Also, The Palms is really Adrienne’s brother’s business venture. I think Adrienne was more involved with the Kings.

      • windycitywondering2 says:

        BB – I recall it the same way as you do. It was Pandora’s party and Lisa made it clear that an old family friend offered the venue and that Pandora was the one who was planning her party. Adrienne, that saavy businesswoman, was a day late, a dollar short and obnoxious towards Lisa.

        • Rebecca says:

          Leave Pandy alone. She wanted her Captain Crunch Chicken, damnit!

          (Damn I miss our Planet Hollywood)

    • BB says:

      OH, and by the way, good morning!

    • LA_Debra says:

      iirc the Bachelorette was offered by a friend of the family and the person planning the Bachelorette party accepted the invitation. It was an offer made in friendship as something the friend wanted to do for Pandy.

      iirc Adrienne never offered to have the party at her brothers hotel and therefore, what I don’t understand is why she thought Pandora would have the party at The Palms?

      • LA_Debra says:

        I should have refreshed before I answered! Your memory and mine are the same BB and Rebecca.

        ITA Lisa doesn’t owe the other housewives more loyalty than her long time friends.

        • not THAT Jill says:

          I don’t know where loyalty came into play-I didn’t say she should have been loyal to anyone. All I wanted to know is why Lisa didnt have the party there-it’s a legit question and one that none of us know the real answer to-they all come on the show to promote something and when they don’t help each other out their is usually a reason.

          • I think there was a reason that she agreed to go to the party and be filmed for Bravo. Pandy having the party there wasn’t the issue – Ad could have cared less where Pandy had her party. It was the party being filmed at a competing hotel that set her off. Did Lisa really just change her mind and go at the last minute? Why drag along Taylor which would guarantee the cameras followed? She was making a point IMHO. Was the friendship already on the rocks? Why? This was the season where Chef Bernie came out swinging at Lisa, so the gloves were already off as filming began.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          Heather didn’t invite Ramona to London. Lisa didn’t ask to have the bachelorette party at the Palms. I guess sometimes they are allowed to leave people out of the filiming/promoting. Heather had her reasons and so did Lisa. But I get it, Jill, you want to know the reason. It’s a good question.

        • kit9 says:

          To offer, the owner of HR had to know that Pandy wanted to have a bachelorette party in LV. Lisa had to TELL him that. Had she told Adrienne, I’m sure she would have offered, too. But, I never bought Lisa’s excuse why she was going with HR. Mainly because she told Adrienne this whole spiel about how she didn’t want to impose on Adrienne such a big favor(Lisa is so considerate like that!lol)which smelled like complete bs even before we learned a few minutes later that it was a lie. If Lisa was willing to lie about how she didn’t want to impose on Adrienne, where she was willing to on an old friend, I don’t buy the whole story.

          • trudie says:

            I don’t agree that Lisa had to tell the owner of the Hard Rock that Pandora wanted to have her bachelorette party there. As her godfather, maybe he just wanted to treat her to a fabulous night. My sister does fabulous things for my oldest (who is her godchild) all the time for special events (like graduation, going away to college) all the time without my prodding.

            • mrs peabody says:

              It was Pandora’s friends that were hosting and planning the party, not Lisa, she had nothing to do with it other than mother of the bride. The person who offered the hotel was Pandora’s god father and owner of the hotel, he offered and the ones planning accepted. There wasn’t a problem until Lisa decided to go and the camera’s went with her. Adrienne then got upset about it not being at the Palms. She could have offered the Palms as soon as she found out Pandora was getting married if she had cared that much about the bachelorette party. She didn’t offer because she didn’t care, that is until the cameras were going to be rolling. It was Pandora’s party, planned by her friends for her and her friends, no one was obligated to ask Adrienne for use of the Palms. As younger people I would have chosed the Hard Rock over the Palms anyday.

              • not THAT Jill says:

                Planet Hollywood…the party was for Bravo…pandora probably had a private party without the cameras but what was shown had nothing to do with anyone but Lisa…and Taylor!!!

          • Twinkle Toes says:

            I don’t post comments here as a rule but in this case, I must speak up. It appears that your foremost goal in this is to expose Lisa as a liar and I’m sorry but I don’t like that.

            Bachelor/Bachelorette parties are de rigueur and because of the proximity of L.V., a party town like no other, to L.A. it’s fairly standard practice that when young couples become engaged these events are going to happen in L.V. All Lisa had to tell anyone was that Pandora had gotten engaged and since Lisa and Adrienne were filming together at that time, I’m fairly certain that she was apprised of this about the same time everyone else was.

            Having been in the hospitality business for many years, in various capacities, including ownership of restaurants, it seems common sensical to me that the owner of the venue should extend the offer to host an event. That is the way it’s done and your reluctance to accept that fact suggests to me that you simply have ulterior motives, which I addressed in the first paragraph.

            Here was a perfect opportunity for Adrienne to seize the moment, to go to Lisa, who could have sent her in Pandora’s direction to offer The Palms as host to Pandora’s bachelorette party, or any other event, for that matter. Most people don’t go around asking for freebies and, it seems to me that Lisa, who by virtue of her many years in the business, has a ton of connections, would neither have a need, nor a desire to ask anyone to host this particular event. Most likely more than one of Ken and Lisa’s friends/business associates stepped up to offer their venue to host Pandora’s party and Adrienne has only herself to blame for not being among those who offered. I don’t understand why you’re having such difficulty comprehending that.

            When Lisa had contacted Adrienne in an effort to get her wine on the wine list at the Palms was, to me, yet another situation in which it became crystal clear that Adrienne is not the businesswoman she claims to be. She made no effort whatsoever to ensure that Lisa was put in contact with the person who could make it happen. For goodness sakes, all she did was pass along Lisa’s name and number and never even bothered to do a follow-up.

            I’ll have to wrap this up as DWTS is starting and Lisa’s on, so………..tata for now.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      She doesn’t like Ade?

      • not THAT Jill says:

        Could be…but liked her enough to ask to promote her wine or whatever it was

        • LaineyLainey says:

          Jill, I know I’m not telling you something you don’t know but, You don’t have to like someone to use them. They had been neighbors and it seems there was animosity there from the beginning. I wonder if Ade actually did promote the wine, did they ever tell us about that? Maybe Ade didn’t promote it and that’s why Lisa didn’t ask her to host the bachelorette party?

          • not THAT Jill says:

            If that’s true that Adrienne didnt promote the wine then that maybe the answer to why Lisa didnt go there…just seems to me that something was brewing that we don’t know about.

          • realhousewifeva says:

            Lisa said Adrienne did not promote the wine. She scurried around the question and then said she would tell someone else to give Lisa a call, and they never did.

            • LaineyLainey says:

              Well, there ya go!

              • realhousewifeva says:

                That’s what I said in my other reply. Lisa probably didn’t feel a loyalty to promote Adrienne’s business when Adrienne has never promoted Lisa’s businesses. Lisa probably felt more loyalty to her good friend who owned Planet Hollywood and offered up his hotel.

                Adrienne has been filmed having lunch out with some of these girls in the past 3 seasons, and it was never at Villa Blanca or SUR.

            • kit9 says:

              I disagree, Adrienne didn’t squirm/scurry around the question. Adrienne said she set up a meeting about the wine and that Lisa either didn’t show up or never responded(I’d have to go back and look at the scene to be sure) but Adrienne definitely had a response. And, given, Lisa had just been caught lying about the whole wine thing altogether and that Adrienne was so specific in her comment about meeting. I tend to believe Adrienne on that.

              • realhousewifeva says:

                In my opinion, Adrienne is a proven liar, so I see it completely different than you, In my opinion, she squirmed around it, like she does whenever she is lying, which is often, and she never said they had set up a meeting. She said she had passed it on to someone else (convenient) who was going to call Lisa, and Lisa said, matter-of-factly, that she never got a call. Adrienne sort of shrugged it off.

                Lisa never lied about the wine thing. Adrienne told her that Lisa asked her to have her wine in the casino, and Lisa said “You never put my wine in your casino” and Adrienne said “Well, you asked”. The full clip is not available where they go into detail about it, but that part is seen here.


              • L.A. Chica says:

                Adrienne is a proven liar. Lisa is not. Why are you choosing to believe that Lisa lied and Adrienne told the truth?

              • Powell says:

                Kit Adrienne said what you said but I don’t believe she followed thru w/making the contact. I believe she intended to but forgot about it.

              • Twinkle Toes says:

                Adrienne did not set up a meeting; all she did was pass on Lisa’s name and number to someone who never bothered to contact Lisa and Adrienne never bothered to follow up on any of it.

                “Lisa had just been caught lying about the whole wine thing altogether”? Really? When was this supposed to have taken taken place? I’ve never witnessed one incident wherein Lisa could have been considered to be even remotely dishonest about anything. I have to wonder what show you’re watching and why on earth you’d ever choose to defend someone whose behavior has consistently been indefensible. This is the woman who lied about her husband abusing both her and their children. This is the woman whose household help publicly and venomously attacks her dinner guests and friends and she’s okay with that. I don’t get it.

        • mrs peabody says:

          that was business

    • realhousewifeva says:

      Maybe because Adrienne didn’t promote Lisa’s drink (if I recall correctly, Lisa said that Adrienne didn’t serve her wine and Adrienne made a half ass excuse about it), so Lisa didn’t feel any loyalty to have the party at the Palms. I’m sure there was more going on behind the scenes between these two.

      Also, it WAS Pandora’s party, filmed or not, so maybe she, as the bride, wanted it elsewhere and not just as a promotional video for Adrienne’s 2% ownership.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        It was Pandora’s party-but when they agreed to film it-it really becomes Bravo’ s party. I don’t think the concern was on whose party it was as much as where the party was. That was Bravo’s intent I believe to show us a riff between the 2 HWs…but they never showed us why the riff occurred.

        • Stars99 says:

          Hi Jill… the REAL Jill… I think what happened was that Pandora decided to have her bachelorette party in Vegas BECAUSE the friend of the family offered it to her… Almost like a reflex reaction – “OMG… you’re engaged… you’ll HAVE to have your bachelorette party at my hotel” – so it was a done deal… they didn’t look further and didn’t think twice about it. It only became a deal when Bravo decided to film it… because the minute that happened… Adrienne had to save face and have an event at her own hotel that would also be filmed at the exact same time. I think the whole thing really embarrassed Adrienne in front of her family… she had to explain to them why the party wasn’t happening at her (their) hotel – because this kind of thing is exactly the reason why she’s on the show… to promote the Maloof family ventures.

          • lizzle says:

            Yes! That is what I think and Lisa seemed geniunely shocked when Adrienne pulled her aside to talk about it on camera.

            And…. Good morning to all!

            • realhousewifeva says:

              And LIsa also said in her blog that the party was never supposed to be filmed, and she was never supposed to go, when it was first planned. It wasn’t until it became a “thing” and Adrienne decided to do something there that weekend at the Palms, that Bravo wanted to film it.

          • L.A. Chica says:


          • Twinkle Toes says:

            Adrienne’s lack of prowess in the business world may have left her in a bit of an embarrassing position for failing to capitalize on the opportunity to host the entire Bachelorette wknd. but she still could have redeemed herself by offering to host a lunch, a brunch, a dinner, a themed party while the group was staying elsewhere. That way she’d have gotten the sorely needed free advertising but she didn’t do that and therefore she has no business going around whining about it endlessly for how many seasons now.

        • Twinkle Toes says:

          Rift is the word you’re looking for. Riff is a musical term.

      • lizzle says:

        You do recall correctly! When the wine was mentioned, I was anxiously reading the comments waiting for someone to say that Adrienne didn’t carry Lisa’s wine at the time of the convo. The mentioning of the wine by Adrienne feels a bit like blackmail, because her hotel didn’t even carry the wine! Almost as if Adrienne was saying if you had the party at The Palms… we would have carried your wine. So change the party and we will use your wine. I believe Brandi when she said (regarding her friendship with Paul) that he didn’t even know how underhanded Adrienne could be. The last part of the comment is pure speculation.

      • windycitywondering2 says:

        It was Pandora’s party – Lisa didn’t want to be involved in the planning, etc. Bravo elected to film in LV and IMHO that is what ticked Adrienne off!

        • not THAT Jill says:

          It was Pandora’s party and Lisa was not going but then she decided to go…maybe she went because she knew Bravo would film the party at one of Adrienne’s competing hotels and it would cause a bit of drama…

          • T-Rex says:

            That could be but, I personally think she wanted to “drum up” some publicity for her friend’s Casino, by agreeing to film the Party. I don’t think she meant to diss the HoofMaloof with all of this, I don’t think in her mind the Palms were even a factor in the decision. In fact, it seemed like she was genuinely taken aback at how pissed the HoofMaloof was with all of this. Now Bravo setup the fact that LisaV and ShannaTaylorNotFordLyingGrifterHusbandStealerLypsMcgee attend the event for filming, there is NO doubt about that, no way Pandy planned on either of them attending.

        • pat says:

          Yes, it was Pandora’s party, and it was their old family friend who graciously extended the offer to host it for her. Adrienne expressed zero interest in hosting it, until she heard Bravo was filming. I think as AZgirl pointed out above, Adrienne is just not that bright. She is seriously lacking in common sense.

          • not THAT Jill says:

            But filming is the point. Did Lisa go just so Bravo would film her at a competing hotel? And if so-why? What went down with these 2? There is more to this than a jackpot and a hoof…IMPO.

            • T-Rex says:

              See I didn’t see it this way at all, I do not think it even occurred to LisaV that she would be dissing the HoofMaloof by filming the Party at PHollywood. I don’t think that until AFTER the HoofMaloof started spewing her disdain for not choosing The Palms that the whole brouhaha got started. Oh, but I think BRAVO certainly knew and was the EXPRESS reason that they asked to film the Party, THEY knew it would cause troubles.

    • T-Rex says:

      From what I remembered the owner of the Hard Rock is a LONG time family friend and basically Pandy’s “godfather”. I don’t think there was even a question as to where Pandy was going to have her Party, it was always going to be the Hard Rock with or without Bravo. What happened regarding the problems with HoofMaloof and the situation was when Bravo stepped in and said they wanted to film the event. Now, in Lisa’s mind, IMO, she was thinking great get a little “screen” time for a LONG TIME family friend that happens to own the Hard Rock, since they were already going to have this at the Hard Rock. Well then all of sudden the HoofMaloof wanted them to consider The Palms instead. Uhm yeah as a twenty something with a bachlorette party in tow I want the stuffy Palms instead of the exciting Hard Rock, NOT. From what I remember at the time, there was a ton of discussion regarding the timing, but Pandy took the Hard Rock offer WAY before Bravo decided they wanted to film this. The HoofMaloof was wrong in being pissed at LisaVpump

      • not THAT Jill says:

        T-Rex-have you ever been to The Palms? I have and I must say it is as far from stuffy as you can get. But that’s a matter of opinion I guess.

        • T-Rex says:

          Yes, I have been in The Palms, it’s a beautiful Casino, but if I were under Twenty Five, and had a chance to stay at The Hard Rock as a SUPER VIP guest, that’s where I would go, it’s the best hot spot for the younger set. Again, at the time of the brouhaha a couple of seasons ago, it was clearly pointed out by a number of sources that the Hard Rock invite was given prior to filming the show, they only included it on the show, once Bravo asked them if they could film it. I would believe that the invitation was a open standing one for many years, IMO, especially since the owner has known Pandy since she was a baby. The HoofMaloof got her panties in a wad when they chose not to change to the Palms. I would also like to point out that it was PANDY that made the decision of her party, Not Lisa and not Bravo.

          • not THAT Jill says:

            The weekend was at Planet Hollywood so if the Hard Rock invited Bravo they declined.

            • T-Rex says:

              Whoops I messed up the event spot, I would still go there over The Palms

              • not THAT Jill says:

                I have never been to Planet Hollywood but I loved The Palms-we were treated like real VIPs-we even ventured into the “younger” club which was wall to wall people but to young and hip for my group!!

        • Vegas Chick says:

          I think it’s cheap looking. The only reason it had a buzz was because the Maloof’s were paying celebs to stay there. Never liked the place from day one.

          • nyc mama says:

            I agree. We went there for a few days because we were considering doing an event and we left after one night because the service was awful and the room was not clean.

            I am not sure why Pandora was expected to refuse a long time family friend for the Maloofs. He offered to host both Jason’s and her parties and this came from someone who loved them, not just a next door neighbor. Pandora doesn’t owe Bravo anything so why would she be expected to plan her party at her mothers co-workers establishment an turn down a long standing relationship. This wasn’t a business deal for Pandora, it was an important time in her life.

            For kids in their 20’s Planet Hollywood was a much better choice. It is closer to the strip and considering it was an offering made out of love, not a business, deal she was better off having it there than at Adrienne’s. The offer was made before they agreed to be filmed and it seems that only after they decided to do so, and Lisa was asked by her daughter to attend, did Adrienne cry fowl.

            • not THAT Jill says:

              I think that some of you may have missed my point…I was talking more about the HWs give and take and how they usually support each other-when they don’t they is a reason-and we don’t know the reason this time. Bravo created the drama but didnt show us the rest.

              • nyc mama says:

                Jill, I do understand but my point, in this case, is that it was Pandora’s decision was made because of her long relationship with Earl and not Lisa or Bravo’s decision and only became part of Bravo after the fact. She chose to accept something offered to her with love, not a business deal.

                • not THAT Jill says:

                  But in the end it was business b/c they filmed it. If Lisa didnt go-Bravo wouldn’t have gone either.

                  • nyc mama says:

                    Yep but this was decided AFTER Pandora accepted the offer from an old family friend. Adrienne never offered her place. She only wanted to know why Lisa didn’t come to her to ask to have it there and only did so after she found out that Lisa decided to go and only after she found out it would be filmed. It was Pandora’s decision and Adrienne wasn’t forthcoming until she heard it would be shown. Do you think Pandora should have changed her plans because of her mother’s role on RH and insult their old family friend just to appease Adrienne?

                    Bottom line is it was Pandora’s party to do what she wanted to do. Bravo won either way since the party was comped anyway and they got to film. I am sure Adrienne heard about Pandora’s engagement and when she did she could have offered to host their parties at the Palm but she apparently didn’t. Earl offered out of love since he offered to host both parties (Jason and Pandora’s) before they decided to film it. Jason’s wasn’t filmed. IMO Pandora owes Adrienne nothing.

                    • not THAT Jill says:

                      Pandora doesn’t owe Adrienne anything-I don’t think she does but I still think it was a move made by Lisa to piss off Adrienne. It would be typical HW MO so I’m not saying Lisa is right or wrong. I honestly think if it was all about pandora and what she wanted then it wouldn’t have been filmed at all. All of these things that they do-parties to show off dining rooms-tea parties with no tea-new nose parties-Moroccan dinners-they are all reasons to cause drama.

                    • LaineyLainey says:

                      Just got home from work. LynnFam, are we still talking about this? I’m not hating, I just wonder why it’s an issue NOW. It was a good topic, but I’m surprised it hasn’t died out yet? I guess IT’S A REALLY GOOD TOPIC!! Maybe I just answered my own question.

          • Twinkle Toes says:

            I’m thinking that judging by your screen name you have the skinny on all that happens in L.A.

      • realhousewifeva says:

        I believe it was Planet Hollywood.

        • T-Rex says:

          Whoops, which ever the place, it was again PANDY’s decision and had been made WAY before filming, so I don’t understand why HoofMaloof would be mad at LisaV. for any of this.

      • lizzle says:

        And Lisa wasn’t even going to go until Pandora insisted… and it was Pandora who invited Taylor… not Lisa. I guess it depends on how we perceive Bravo and its cast of characters…. either everything is manipulated a reeks of dishonest… or sometimes it is what it seems and Lisa is telling the truth (different from the Bravo truth)

        • not THAT Jill says:

          Lisa says she got roped into going but I find it hard to believe that all of these things are not planned in advance. I don’t trust Bravo to tell the truth and I think that the HWs just go along with whatever Bravo says.

          • lizzle says:

            I am with you on trusting Bravo… poo poo on Bravo for their contrived storylines. Real life is plenty interesting. Andy Cohen has had a facination with soap operas from a young age. IMO, this is what he is trying to create with the housewives… a reality soap opera… which means reality with amped up drama. Bravo does the amping

          • Twinkle Toes says:

            Yet for some reason you seem to believe Adrienne, who has proven herself to lie about even the most sacred things. Funny that.

            • not THAT Jill says:

              Are you talking to me? If so-what do I believe Adrienne about? This is not about believing Adrienne-this is about my curiosity pertaining to Lisa and Adrienne’s RIFT and what is all about.

      • Kansas Girl says:

        Mohammed Hadid is Pandora’s godfather. Does he own this venue?

        • T-Rex says:

          No the person in question is Robert Earl who has know the Vpumps since before they had children, he may not be the official godfather but a VERY LONG TIME family friend.

        • AZGirl says:

          Posted below my pick for the NCAA’s. I picked Kansas State to go all the way.

  4. NMH says:

    I can’t believe I’ve gotten to the point where I’m weaning off a lot of Bravo shows, well reality shows in general. The wonky timelines and fake plots are finally getting to me. bUT even though I’m done with Atlanta, I always enjoy the recaps, they are much more enjoyable than the actual show. Sounds like Nene still has a big opinion of herself though.

    I’m so invested in Walking Dead right now, I’ve even given up Amazing race after the. 1st episode, so will have to catch up online soon.

    Anyway,not much to add, just wanted you to know I’m still your faithful reader. See you back for RHOB tonight though!

    • Rebecca says:

      Since the “reality stars” are out for nothing but dollar signs, they’ve resorted to bad acting over true reality. My reality tv is limited to RHOBH, RHONJ, Whale Wars and Deadliest Catch. Only two shows are actual reality.

      • kit9 says:

        Adrienne didn’t make an excuse, she said she set up a meeting with Lisa over the wine and Lisa didn’t show/respond.

        • realhousewifeva says:

          She said she was having someone call Lisa to set up the meeting and Lisa said she never recieved the call. Adrienne is a big liar, IMO. She was very uneasy during that convo.

          • kit9 says:

            Adrienne didn’t seem uneasy, at all to me. She had an answer immediately and seemed very sure and firm. To me, Lisa was the one that came off shady and unbelievable there since she so blatantly lied about the whole favor thing to begin with. She adamantly denied(and even a little angrily)that she had ever asked Adrienne for a favor and then had to admit a few moments later that she had.

            • realhousewifeva says:

              Asking for your wine to be sold somewhere is not asking a ‘favor’ such as a comped bachelorette party. That’s a business practice. When Adrienne told Lisa she asked for other stuff, I think Lisa took it the same way that I did…that she has asked Adrienne for special favors.
              How else do people sell their wine or other products if they don’t approach businesses about carrying it? Lisa, as a smart business woman, as opposed to Adrienne, clearly did not see that as asking for a favor! Both parties benefit in this situation. it’s not as if Adrienne would just be carrying the wine to help out Lisa without benefiting from it! She would also get a percentage of profits.

              You try to get your wine into establishments that sell wine….business 101

              • Twinkle Toes says:

                realhousewifeva………and you understand that because you, unlike Adrienne and some others, do not grasp standard business practices.

                • LaineyLainey says:

                  I UNDERSTAND!!! (whilst spraying oreo crumbs)

                • Twinkle Toes says:

                  realhousewife…..oh dear…….this should read “you, unlike Adrienne and some others, do grasp standard business practices.” I’m a little rusty when it comes to posting here, in case you hadn’t noticed.

            • Twinkle Toes says:

              Are you just a contrarian for the sake of it?

              • Twinkle Toes says:

                This should have been addressed to kit9…..sorry for the confusion. To further clarify, most of my comments, if not all, should have been addressed to kit9, who I hope is not taking my comment personally. I just don’t understand the position you’re taking and the fact that you’re so adamant about this issue, kit9.

                • Twinkle Toes says:

                  I should have included Jill not that Jill in addressing my comments to.

                  • not THAT Jill says:

                    Well I’m certainly not a contrarian-and as far as I know neither is kit-we are just expressing our opinions. That’s what we do here. How do you name someone and then say its not personal? If you don’t understand someone’s position then maybe ask them to clarify. Just because you don’t like or agree with what we are saying doesn’t mean you have to be rude.
                    Again-thanks for rift correction-that’s a mistake I will not be making again.

        • kit9 says:

          Darn it, I wish this site had a delete button! Ooops, this is response to post above. But, Rebecca, you like Deadliest Catch?! My sister is obsessed with that show. She hates all the HW shows but LOVES her some Deadliest Catch. Even got me to watch it but I stopped when my fav captain tragically died. I loved Phil! So sad. His life would make a great movie. Anyway, did you catch last week when there was the super freaky crossing of the HW world and the DC world on WWHL? I almost passed out when Andy introduced that night’s bartenders were Sig, Keith and Co. from Deadliest Catch! It was hilarious!

          • Rebecca says:

            No, I didn’t watch it. It’s one of those evil Andy shows that I must boycott.

            I can’t wait to see who ends up on which boat this season and what has become of the Cornelia Marie. Being in Arizona, there’s some kind of subliminal body control that makes me feel 10 degrees cooler when watching them fish in the ice. I love it.

            • iceNfire says:

              I So hope the Harris brother got it together Captain Phil would be proud. Can’t wait too see Jake Anderson too, he is a very responsible young man. Time Bandit is my favorite boat, Freddie is my favorite crew member. I no longer have a favorite Captain but really don’t like whathisname on The Wizard….dont like that reckless young s.o.b. on Ramblin Rose either

  5. Sonja Morgan is reporting that LuAnn and Heather are out for next season of Real Housewives of NY, but Bravo is claiming she doesn’t know what is going on. It’s about that time when they’ll make an announcement. I suppose if Heather goes, she’ll go knowing she represented herself and her brand well. That will make Ramona the only original left.

    • Boo! I really grew to like Heather – I hope she stays.

      And I can’t believe I’m saying this – but, I’ve developed an affection for LuMann, as well. I like the idea of her sticking around as one of the originals – particularly if she can be supportive of Ramona and Sonja – even half the time (we know she loves to stir that old pot and will backbite another, if it makes her look good).

      • LaineyLainey says:

        The” International Pirates Association” will be sad. The” Holla Back Young’un” Association will be sad, too.

        • 🙂 I wonder if Bravo encourages these leaks to test public response.

          • not THAT Jill says:

            Something tells me that Sonja says whatever she wants-not what Bravo tells her to say. I bet she is going to be in a bit of trouble for this little leak!!!

          • windycitywondering2 says:

            Bravo does this with every franchise, every year so testing public response and what is being written in HW blogs is a big part of their decision making process for who stays and who goes.

      • BB says:

        I will be upset if Heather doesn’t return. I had really come to like her by the end of the season.

    • realhousewifeva says:

      I think Heather tweeted something once that made it sound like she was out. I’m surprised because she became a fan fave by the end of the show, I thought they’d keep her. I liked her and her friendship with Carole. I’m so tired of Bravo only wanting outrageous people. Luann can go, I think she’s overstayed her welcome.

      • kit9 says:

        Yeah, if true, I don’t get it at all. So agree about the outrageous thing. You have to have at least one cast member people can actually relate to in some way. Heather was smart, worked and had a family and, above all, was reasonable and rational! Lol. Man, I’m really bummed if this is true. And, they’d better replace her with someone equally rational. I’m all for some crazy like Aviva but too much crazy all the time is just unwatchable.

      • mrs peabody says:

        that article about her being sued or suing someone else over her line stated she was a former star of the NY housewives or something similar to that. When I read it I thought she must not be coming back.

    • kit9 says:

      No! Not Heather! I really got to like her after a shaky start. I don’t get it! She had interesting story lines with her business and everything for the show. Come one, you’d think Bravo would keep her for no other reason but the promise of fashion shows and women in lingerie. If true, I’m really bummed. On Luann, bout effing time! UGH.

      • Exit4 says:

        I liked heather from the beginning because she was normal. Quirky, but very much like people I know… Stupid gangsta sayings and all. 😉 people hated her because she didn’t invite Ramona on the trip. So what? I wouldn’t invite her either. She bugs me. But that’s the thing with these shows, people who are normal get get pushed aside for the Ramona’s, Tamras and brandies. Adrienne maloof may not be a sparkling personality, but so much of her hate is due to Brandi who IMHO is gross. She’s BHs show killer. As for Adrienne’s family owning 2% of the palms, their deal is similar to what they donald trump did in at over the years. He retains a role in the hotel with a small percentage of individial ownership with the option to buy more. but the major owners are all equity firms or conglomerates. Gone are the days of merv griffin owning resorts. Not possible anymore. Although trump is just about out if ac. In any event, the Maloofs are still making millions of dollars. Selling a basketball team for 120 mil doesn’t mean you’re poor! You’re just out. She’s not going to be collecting welfare anytime soon-wealthy people know how to stay that way. It’s called investing. I guarantee she makes more in interest in a month then 90% of the vvuets make in a year. And Brandi makes drama for nickels.

        As for Luann, I think there’s is a giant part if her who gets this while thing is a hoot. Sort of like Carole, she’s in on the joke. Luann is pretentious, but her singing for example, I think she gets its all in fun-unlike say Melissa Gorga who believes she’s a “recording artist”. Luann is Weirdly fun to me. Sonya, she’s sweet but kinda sad. Avila is coo coo so she’s totally saying. Because that’s what the people seem to want. Crazy drama.

        • Exit4 says:

          Ac=Atlantic city to you non east coasters!

        • LaineyLainey says:

          I would miss the pirate lover, too!! She does make it fun to watch; now that we all know her little quirks. Heather? meh. The only time I liked her was on that trip they took. She was cool for the most part. She has a whiny delivery, though. Not really something she can help, but it makes me cringey when she’s on and talking. I wouldn’t invite Ramona either to be honest…but I wouldn’t have invited any of them anywhere. Ok, maybe just Carole. Carole can come with me.

          • Exit4 says:

            Carole is like the sober friend who sits back and watches the drunk friends act silly, with a look of bemusement and a camera. And a promise to post all the evidence on Facebook. She’s fun.

            • LaineyLainey says:

              Haha. very good, Exit4 – – I will be careful not to get outta control when I’m with Radzi.

            • HuskerHuny says:

              I don’t think Carole looks like the sober friend who sits back and watches the drunk friends act silly; I think she looks like the stoned friend who sits back and watches the drunk friends act silly.

              • Exit4 says:

                Ooh good one! If I could edit, I’d say Carole is the friend who’s a few tokes over the line, laughing at the drunk friends, taking photos and threatening to post on FB. While simultaneously saying “aviva, aVIva, aVeeeeva” over and over in massive fits over laughter. While eating an entire bag of cool ranch Doritos. And heather making a patented bowl out of an empty toilet paper roll and some tin foil.

                Not that I’d know anything about that…..

              • realhousewifeva says:

                LOL I agree! Didn’t they accuse her of being stoned half the time?

        • Sonya makes me sad. My heart broke for her watching the meeting with her ex-husband play out. She snooty and materialistic, but she seems to have a heart of gold. I would love for her to meet a mega-millionaire and get her life back on track…she really is at her best when she can roll with the ‘chi-chi-chi!’

        • realhousewifeva says:

          I don’t care how rich Adrienne is, I think she’s a gross person in general. Brandi is raunchy but Adrienne, in my opinion is cutthroat and evil. I’d rather see someone coming for me, unlike Adrienne who sends in her secret attack dogs. And it’s not because of her fights w/ Lisa or Brandi, that’s just silly entertainment to me…but the way she and Bernie behaved after her seperation and divorce showed what she is all about, in my eyes.

          I think it’s interesting Kyle and Mauricio were out with Paul the other night (and then the next night Adrienne posts a pic out with Kathy Hilton! Shocker!). I know they probably don’t want to ‘choose sides’ but if my good friend got a divorce and told me that her husband had not only been physically abusive to her but to their young children as well, I’d be hard pressed to be buddy-buddy with said “child and wife abuser”…Unless, of course, I knew my ‘friend’ was a big fat liar.

    • Rebecca says:

      Orson will be very disappointed if Luann is gone. Ain’t that a piece of luann.

    • Vegas Chick says:

      I can see Heather bowing out rather than not being asked to return. She’s a smart biz woman and, maybe, her expectations of increased revenue for her Yummie brand wasn’t met by the Bravo exposure. It has to be tough running a business and being a mom/wife never mind hours of shooting film with people who really don’t matter in her life. On the other hand, Luanne, is going to feel the financial loss of income. BTW, Bethenny is promoting a Skinny Girl slip via Ideeli. Saw it on Facebook this morning.

    • LuAnn was a good foil for Kelly and Jill, but she just doesn’t seem to fit in well with the newer cast members. She always seemed to be the most fancy-pants until real socialites came on board and then she looked desperate and silly. Watching Carole mock her to no end really dropped her status (IMO)…maybe the Alex bashing karma came back to bite her. I would not be sad to see her go and as annoying as Heather is, I enjoy her drama.

  6. zoekayla says:

    I am totally mesmerized by the Jodi Arias trial…it’s hard to work and try to catch up in the evening AND keep up w my Bravo shows, plus others… Anyone else in my shoes?

    • I read up on the case a few weeks ago, and was too disturbed by it to check in again. I will be interested in the outcome of the trial – that girl appears to be just pure evil.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I watched one day…had it on while I was cleaning…I couldn’t believe how fast the time goes by – what? I’ve had this on for three hours???. I haven’t turn it back on again since, it is so addictive.

    • Stars99 says:

      Raises my hand… and hopes that you wear a size 7 1/2 shoe…. lol

    • kit9 says:


    • realhousewifeva says:

      Join the club.

    • trudie says:

      It is on all day long in my house. I confess that I am obsessed with this trial. I read this weekend that Lifetime is already planning on making a movie about it.

    • Zoe I’m so hooked on this trial I watch it at work. Good thing I get my real work done fast.
      My hubby told me this a.m. that it’s rumored Casey Anthony is pregnant. OY Nancy Grace is gonna have a coronary!

  7. realhousewifeva says:

    I’m really not interested in Adrienne anymore. Clearly the Maloofs do these reality shows to promote their businesses, and that backfired on her big time. She’s no longer even a castmember and couldn’t even have the balls or decency to finish out her contract by appearing at the reunion, so she can go bye bye Even Teresa has shown up for the last 2 reunions knowing she was standing alone, at least Adrienne has the support of Kim and Kyle. Adrienne is a coward and a phony, and in the words of Nene “GIRL, BYE!”

    Regarding Atlanta, Walter is just as pathetic as Kenya. You can’t agree to be a pretend boyfriend, then cry about it. Who does he think he’s fooling pretending like any 20-something would even want him, has he looked in the mirror?..then showing up to Kandi’s party with someone who looked older than Kenya. He was upset because he wasn’t invited to the reunion? Is he forreal? He’s just as big of a famewhore as Kenya, but he forgot that KENYA was the paid castmember of this show, not him.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Walter turned himself into a reality joke. He is talking so much when he really needs to just go away and get over it. And really-all that talk about 20-something girls…what a jackass!!!!

      • What I don’t understand is people’s willingness to look like j*cka**es on reality tv just to get on tv. I don’t get the 15 mins of fame draw. I don’t think I could ever do it. To share a comparison….I did coke once in my 20’s just to see what everyone was raving about and why people could get addicted to it. I got it….there was a certain euphoria, but it did not make me want to go back to that again and again (only did it the once). Reality tv seems to give people that same kind of high, but it is so temporary and your REAL life is still there, waiting to look back at you in the mirror every morning. I would not want to be on that high and then have to go back to reality all skewed about who I am and then have to start all over again.

        But…there it is. I guess that is why they keep going back to it. Ok….lesson over! 😛

      • T-Rex says:

        I am not watching the show but reading here and frankly what a moron to be his age and saying he wants 20-something girls, uhm unless you are “renting” them for the evening that guy isn’t getting someone of quality and personality. He is really coming off as a total douche bag! Why do all of these folks twitter needlessly about their lives and go on these shows to make assess out of themselves.

  8. Iowagirl says:

    I don’t like kandi’s house decor. Her house is very traditional but the decor very modern, it didn’t marry well at all. If she would have stuck to just a few modern pieces to showcase it would have worked better.

    • kit9 says:

      So agree. The two didn’t mix at all. She needed a better designer. Too bad, because, it could have been perfect with just a few touches.

    • designernailsdiana says:

      She needs Jeff Lewis to help her. Can you imagine Kandi and Jeff butting heads? I’d love to see that show!

    • It is definitely a distinct style and that gigantic house must have been a blast to decorate. The house is not really my taste either, but I *loved* the high-backed bench seats at the kitchen table!

  9. HuskerHuny says:

    Stars99 – you and I have led parallel lives. I too am the daughter of an alcoholic father, but I am also the sister of one. I totally understand why Kyle treats Kim the way she does. My father was sober the last 38 years of his life, but my brother eventually died because of it and other health issues. They died 8 months apart. To this day, everytime the phone rings after 9 p.m., I get that sick feeling in my stomach. It has never gone away. For those who have never gone through this situation, it’s easy to judge Kyle’s treatment and see it as being non-supportive. I never saw it that way because I’m sure she’s heard every excuse in the book, every lie, every attempt at sobriety. That’s why she takes it one day at a time. Though I’m not a fan of Kyle’s, I do sympathize with her when it comes to Kim. I’ve seen someone totally turn their life around and I’ve seen someone die from it. It’s tough to make peace with it.

    • realhousewifeva says:

      I’ve never been in the situation, and I’m not a big fan of Kyle’s, but I’ve never judged the way she handled Kim because I can’t even begin to imagine what it must be like dealing with someone like Kim your whole life. Kim is the perfect victim all the time. I can’t even stand her stupid excuses just watching her on TV. My sisters get on my nerves for much smaller things, so Kyle gets a pass on me here.

    • Stars99 says:

      Wow HH… thanks so much for sharing your life with us… I am so sorry about your brother – that must be heartbreaking for you… and to lose them both so close together… wow. My heart goes out to you… I sympathize with Kyle on this subject, too… except that she’s expecting a promise from Kim that she’ll never drink again – which is a promise that no alcoholic can ever give with certainty, if they’re honest with themselves. To this day I hate the smell of white wine because that’s what my dad’s choice of drink generally was – at least at home. I also rarely drink – fortunately, I don’t enjoy the taste – but I know that if I looked long enough I would find something I would love and could also drink anyone under the table. Instead… the rare instances I drink.. I drink a margarita or a daiquiri – what I call “fru fru” drinks… lol… and only one… perhaps I’m too cautious… but I have enough of my own vices… lol… hugs to you, my friend…

      • HuskerHuny says:

        Thanks for your kind words and support and I give them right back to you. My drinking since my 20s is pretty far and few in-between. I learned early that if I did drink too much, I did have blackouts. Knowing about alcoholism and family history, I limited my drinking. Nowadays, because of my husband’s health issues, I drink on holidays – maybe! Love me a good Bloody Mary though! I thank God daily that I am able to control it and that it wasn’t passed on to me. I am blessed.

    • kit9 says:

      So co-sign everything you said. I have a chronic alcoholic sister and there have been so many times that I relate to what Kyle’s once case, way back in S1, I had a conversation with someone that was practically verbatim to one Kyle had on the show about Kim. Believe me, if I didn’t have 10 yrs experience with an alcoholic, I know I’d be just as critical as those are of Kyle when it comes to Kim. But, unfortunately, I do.

    • BB says:

      HH and Stars and Kit9, Sorry y’all had to go through all that. I feel sorry that Kyle has had to go through all she has with Kim. It must have been so frustrating for her. But it seems Kyle hasn’t taken the opportunity to educate herself on how to deal with her sister because of some of the things she says and does. It’s like she’s not equipped to deal with her, even after all these years. Just from what I’ve observed, it seems maybe Kathy has more success dealing with Kim and her issues than Kyle because I’ve never heard Kim say she has the same conflicts with Kathy that she says she has with Kyle. Maybe Kathy keeps more of a distance from Kim than Kyle, I don’t know. Just my observation as I don’t know what has gone on in the real “reality.” Only what’s shown on TV. I don’t like Kyle, but it has nothing to do with her relationship with Kim., although it wasn’t very nice of her to “out” Kim on national tv. Other than that, Kim has used her addiction to play her sister and others, including Bravo, and I’m pretty much over her.

      • HuskerHuny says:

        I need to speak to why Kyle outted Kim on national TV. I saw it as a desparate attempt to try and get Kim to seek help (once again). I know it didn’t look very good or seem like a nice thing to do, but deparate times call for deparate measures. Obviously everything she had tried up to that point didn’t help. I’m certain Kyle felt bad for doing it, but at the same time, it did get Kim to put herself back into rehab and try again. As for how Kim will go on from here, I hope that Kyle can make her peace with it and realize that there is really nothing else she can do for her sister. It’s out of her hands. Maybe Kyle should focus her attention on Faye and Adrienne – they really need a dose of reality!

      • windycitywondering2 says:

        Kim has been abusing since her late teens. IMHO, the way the family has dealt with her issues isn’t so much as to get her clean and sober but to keep her antics out of the press. Kim really resents Kyle and they are not happy unless they are hurting each other. Sadly, watching this play out on TV, knowing that Kim isn’t really ready to face her life is an opportunity lost to inspire viewers who are dealing with similar situations.

    • shamrockblonde says:

      *hugs HuskerHuny really hard*

      • designernailsdiana says:

        I’m the adult child of 2 alcoholic parents. Alcoholism runs in my family. So does prescription drug abuse. I’ve managed to educate my 3 grown children about alcohol and how our family lives on a slippery slope.
        I covet my book by Kristen Johnston “GUTS” I even bought it for my daughter.
        I rarely drank from 1980 until 2000. 20 yrs I avoided alcohol because I was raising kids and my ex was a bit worried I’d become like my Mother. Rest her soul, 10 yrs since she died and I still place blame on the pills and smoking.
        I enjoyed my drinking days, but I dialed it back a few years ago because I didn’t want to hurt my kids like I was hurt.
        I’m happily remarried to my soul mate and we drink responsibly (mostly on vacation when no one drives).
        My point is it’s hard to not let the alcoholic push your buttons, but sometimes you just have to walk away and protect yourself.
        I applaud all of you who have lived with or have been an alcoholic and quit. It’s a disease that wants to drag you under and kill you one sip at a time.

        • iceNfire says:

          Hi Diana – Alcoholism runs in my family too. My mother had 7 brothers and she and 6 of them died from it. Same with my fathers side of the family. My husband doesn’t drink. My eldest son isn’t an alcoholic, my middle son might be. He says things like ” I Need chocolate or I Need a soda” and that scares the Hell out of me…. though he has never had a drink and hope he never does. I did see my youngest son drunk once when he was a teenage but he has ‘Asian Blush” and turns bright red after 1 beer so that’s his limit. I wish I had ‘Asian Blush’ I do like to drink but I can’t have just 1 glass of wine, I can have 1 bottle of wine but then I feel like crap the next morning so it’s not worth it.

  10. Good Morning! Happy Monday! I hope it is anyway!

    Thank you NMD, BB, RamonaCoaster, MTH, and Star99 for yet another great blog. What a great way to start the week….with all your fine words to read! “The Great Escape” for a Monday morning! 🙂

    Stars99….you never fail to crack me up with your blog recaps. The quote of the day – “Adrienne, if you were any more plastic you would be a Tupperware container”. OMG…epic! Seriously, the mouse should employ you to write! (I remember the mouse!) Also, sorry to hear about your health issues and hope you are on the mend.

    A busy day for me….but hope you all have a swift and good day!

    New post, “Good Monday Morning”, is up at my place. Enjoy!

    • Stars99 says:

      MarDrag – I’m going to call you “Barnabas” from now on… you encourager, you! I was also originally going to write something about Tupperware needing to be burped… but that concept just made my brain go wonky… Thanks for your kind words. = )

      • LOL @ burp! You are welcome. And BTW – I will take that moniker…thanks!! 😛 Have a great day hon!

      • kit9 says:

        Stars, anyone else. I have an Arias related question. I have a good idea now of the sequence of events in terms of how the murder occurred that I think is pretty solid but one thing that I can’t figure out is the blood splatter on the wall between the tub and the toilet. How did that get there? That’s quite far from where it appears the stabbings, throat slashing happened.

        • Stars99 says:

          kit9 – I’m just not sure… You’re doing better than me on understanding the sequencing of events… It seems that he was standing at the sink at some point – because of the markings there… perhaps at that time? HLN has built a replica crime scene that they will use to run through the sequence of events within the specific time period wherein the murder took place… so maybe we’ll be able to see it better at that point of time… I think they’ll show it later on tonight after court closes… This is different from the reenactment they’ve already shown…

          • kit9 says:

            This is my quick summary, she stabbed him with that fatal chest/heart blow just after the final pic of him in the shower sitting was taken. Either with him down or just standing up. He staggered over to the sink and aspirated blood onto the sink, accounting for that splatter. At that time, with him facing the sink. Jodi started stabbing him in the back, he turned to try and get away and ran down the hall before collapsing at the bedroom entry and that’s when she got on top of him and slashed his throat. Then she dragged him back to the shower and shot him. Looking forward to that show tonight with the full scale model. Hopefully shed some light on this but so not happy Casey Anthony’s lawyer will be on. Grrrr.

            • Rebecca says:

              Remember, she got on top of him to strike. She was probably covered in blood herself and “flicked” it off like a person in rage.

              • designernailsdiana says:

                Kit9 I believe that is how the splatter got on the sink area too. Ok back in court time to watch/listen again…

                • vilzvet says:

                  That is a very good point of view of what happened. I mean, really, a NAKED guy went into an abusive frenzy and she was in self defense mode? Looking forward to the reenactment of the entire apartment tonight. And P.S. I do not like this defense witness therapist guy, he’s smarmy.

                  • designernailsdiana says:

                    This guy needed to cut his hair to reflect his changed hairline ugh where’s my scissors?

              • trudie says:

                Today one of the “experts” was talking about Jodi’s “fog” and that despite the “fog” Jodi was able to wash herself up so that she didn’t leave her own blood trail in the house. Hmmmm.

                Does anyone know what happened to Travis’ dog? If she locked everything up and nobody looked for him for days, was the dog locked in the house too?

                • kit9 says:

                  I wondered about his dog, too. I read somewhere by a poster so don’t know if it’s true that the dog was blind so needed special care, too.

                • Rebecca says:

                  The dog was in the house but in her “fog” Jodi put up a gate so the dog couldn’t go upstairs. His friends came by to feed the dog because he was supposed to be in Cancun.

                  FYI – The dog is living with his friend right now. He’s well taken care of.

                  • not THAT Jill says:

                    Too bad the fog lifted and she remembered the dog….otherwise the dog may have bitten her ass!!!!

  11. Powell says:

    So I guess Walter really went on the show to highlight his towing business to all of ATL. So he should be thanking Kenya for that opportunity.

  12. iceNfire says:

    Good Morning – I’m so late to this party I’m just gonna post this link here. Adri describe Lisa as her Neighbor not her friend,1

  13. Powell says:

    It seems to me that Porsha may not have been listening to what Cordell has said from day 1 about their relationship. She believes he’s the man if the house & what he says goes. Cordell is saying Porsha can make her own decisions. Or is it that Porsha is scared to make her own decisions & she likes using Cordell , man of the house as an excuse? Hmm.

    • Marriages are as different as the people in them. If Porsha and Kordell are comfortable with him being in charge of her choices and it works for them, then go for it. But Porsha seemed really upset that he didn’t support her in wanting a child and her career. They obviously have the money for her to have a nanny if she wanted one. Maybe it is the way Bravo edited it, but it was awful when Kordell told her that his only involvement is giving her the baby and the rest was up to her…not the kind of man I would want to have a child with!

  14. Powell says:

    Did the producers do another manipulation & have Phaedra/Apollo invite Walter to Kandi’s house warming? Kandi didn’t invite him & it didn’t seem like she knew is Todd invited him? Walter should be ashamed how he brought that girl but didn’t introduce her to the ladies. She just sat there looking in her plate. And why did Kenya leave? She gave Walter too much power over the situation.

    • HuskerHuny says:

      Ditto Powell! Didn’t she say she was going to leave because she didn’t have security with her? What is this maniac afraid of? I think she needs security because those men in white coats may be coming to take her away – ha ha, ho ho, hee hee!

  15. seagirl45 says:

    Anyone watching the Linsday Lohan mess right now? Total chaos.

  16. shamrockblonde says:

    thanks for the recap Jeff – I’m telling you – that guy is related to Reynold on survivor – what an asshat – listening to him talk about how when someone says that the soup they ate was good how he would tell them no way, we made that soup in Vietnam and that was the real deal – his whole attitude is one of arrogance – very sorry to see the father/son team go – still rooting for the hockey players but also the roller derby girls – they seem like good eggs –

    • melthehound says:

      You mean Max? Yeah, I don’t pay a lot of attention to what he says. Derby moms for me in this race 😉

  17. L.A. Chica says:

    This is pathetic but I finally got around to start watching the red carpet interviews for the Oscars that I’d DVRed. Yeah yeah, I’m a little behind on some things. Anyway, I could not believe my ears when I heard Kristin Chenowith ask Michael Douglas who he was after gushing over Catherine Zeta Jones. “And you are…?” MD handled it graciously and said “I am Michael Douglas…”

    Did she really have no idea who he was or did she just have a nervous brain fart?

    • iceNfire says:

      What a dummie! I loved The Streets of San Francisco with MD and Karl Malden. I used to out with my friends just wandering around hoping to get in a scene but this was before the days of the internet so we had no clue when/where they were filming.

    • realhousewifeva says:

      NO way! That’s hilarious!

  18. shamrockblonde says:

    maybe she meant it as though Catherine Zeta Jones eclipsed him – like when John Kennedy was in Paris and referred to himself as “the man who accompained Jackie Kennedy to Paris” because the people of Paris were so enamoured of her?

  19. Rebecca says:

    Brandi interview:

    Whether you’re pro, anti, or indifferent, she does shed some light on things.

    • iceNfire says:

      I read that and she comes across as having a clear perspective on everything she says and does…and the consequences

      • AZGirl says:

        I got the same reaction. She does know that she says inappropriate things and is trying to fix it. Takes responsibility for her big mouth. Now I can really sympathetic about the “C word” on Howard Stern. He does manage to get EVERYONE to say something inappropriate on his show.

        • iceNfire says:

          Did you see when HS had Lisa Marie Presley on his show??/ omg – Priscilla musta been dying

          • AZGirl says:

            I know. Howard really knows how to get guest to say anything. He even got Ricky Schroeder to talk about converting to Mormonism and the fact that he wears a “garment”. Howard called his garment “magic underwear” and Ricky just cracked up.

    • realhousewifeva says:

      I haven’t read it all yet but I have to laugh that they had to send a Show Rep with Brandi! They don’t trust her big mouth, lol

      • LaineyLainey says:

        I didn’t read it all either, but I saw that she had to have a “network minder” ….wow. LOL!!! I also read that there were lawyers involved and threats of lawsuits. So maybe, maybe Brandi didn’t pull the word lawsuit out of her hiney?

  20. windycitywondering2 says:

    Odd RHBH scenes this season that have me wondering why…first, Kim doing an “intervention complete with how to be a good mother tips” on Taylor, then Marisa and Kyle and Mauricio real estate partnering up and finally Talyor watching drunk and bitter Dana melt down and mouth off. On one had I would say that Taylor drew the scenes with the crazies card and on the other hand I wonder if these were filler scenes for when Adrienne refused to honor her contract.

  21. AZGirl says:

    OT: March Madness is here! I just finished by brackets and……
    Final 4: Kansas v. Miami– Louisville v. Kansas State
    Final: Kansas State v. Miami
    Winner: Kansas State

    This should make Kansas Girl very happy.

  22. chismosa says:

    Wow Lindsay Lohan’s off to rehab- good !

    Hope you are all having a nice Monday. Just started snowing here.

    Thank you for the blogs EVERYONE!

  23. chismosa says:

    Ok so Andy on WWH did not say ONCE anything to Portia about having filmed the reunion. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm

    Who the F hosted !!!!!??? Haha

    Portia and that other actress looked awful in those competing dress colors. I LOVE chartreuse but it looked so gaudy.
    Loved Bethenny calling in and pointing out a standout facial feature on someone else. Um, ok. ;). She sounded stoned.

    • realhousewifeva says:

      He did! In the After Show, he apparently was there because they talked about how a few things come up on the reunion and something about a speech Porsha gave about sisterhood that made them all tear up

      • chismosa says:

        Thank you REALHW!!! It was such a “mystery” the past few days

        And yes, I think we look like twins. Ha!

        Ps I am LIVID that Reza is on WWH this week. What the eff for!?!?!? He is trying to spin spin spin probably bc he came off so bad

    • realhousewifeva says:

      Yah seriously, Bethenny should have just left it alone. She sounded silly to me, and they weren’t even sure who she was talking to or about half the time.

  24. not THAT Jill says:

    BG: Right. There was a letter circulating, and they called my lawyer and said, “If Brandi doesn’t come to this meeting, we are going to move forward and sue her.” I was, like, why would I go to this meeting? And he basically said, “You have to go and sign a piece of paper and say you won’t talk about Adrienne in this way ever again.” I don’t trust myself at all. At all. I go to my attorney, “How can I do that?!? How can I do that?” I’m not going to sign on the dotted line and say I’m never going to talk about you again. I just don’t think you should have to when you’re on a reality show. So there was all this back-and-forth with our lawyers. The bills got pretty mounting for me. Then, finally at the White Party, we kind of hashed it out, and they admitted they had a lawyer. I gave them the emails I had of the things Bernie said about me to these press outlets, and Paul’s like, “OK, we’re going to fire him.” They didn’t fire him.

    To me this says one thing….no letter was sent to Brandi…just when I thought it was over-Brandi admits that no letter was sent to HER.

    • iceNfire says:

      Then how did Brandi get the info that she was suppose to go to a meeting? We are only gonna hear her side at the reunion…Adri will respond thur RO after it airs – imo

      • not THAT Jill says:

        She said “they” called her lawyer…idk who “they” are.

        • Nancy says:

          Adrienne said in one of her talking heads that her attorney sent Brandi a letter.

          • not THAT Jill says:

            Well Brandi just said in her interview that a letter was circulating-not that she received a letter….different stories-no surprise!!!

            • Nancy says:

              I’m not talking about that I’m saying that Adrienne said her her talking heads that her attorney DID send Brandi a letter.

              • not THAT Jill says:

                I dont remember that Nancy-but Brandi is telling a different story about the letter.

            • kit9 says:

              This is what I think happened, Adrienne lawyer sent a c&d to her former biz partner that is apparently friends with Brandi that Adrienne has talked about that she thought was feeding into to Brandi. Maybe Brandi then feared she’d get one next or was anticipating it. It’s pretty clear, if this interview is accurate, that Brandi was never sent a C&D letter.

          • kit9 says:

            Adrienne didn’t say that in any TH that I saw about this.

          • Powell says:

            I hope she wouldn’t lie but Brandi’s friend Jennifer said at the white party that she saw the letter. But letter schmetter. The big point is that A & P did speak w/their lawyer who contacted Brandi in some way, email, phone, letter. Then Brandi got herself a lawyer. Both lawyers went back and forth & Brandi racked up a bill. Brandi overexaggerated about the letter maybe, but Adrienne definitely lied about calling her lawyer. A lied because of her “friends don’t sue friends” line and didn’t want to hear from the cast or viewers that she was doing what she said shouldn’t be done. That’s all this boils down to.

            • not THAT Jill says:

              I think this whole letter thing is important b/c it is all Brandi talked about all season-that she was getting sued and that she got a letter….neither of which happened.
              I also think that Adrienne has a lawyer on retainer as most business people do so her calling a lawyer isnt like me calling a lawyer. And clearly Adrienne and Brandi are not friends…and never were.

        • iceNfire says:

          Sadly, this isn’t over…I wish it was too

    • kit9 says:

      Yeah, I questioned that before-that she took the time to print out things about Bernie but not bring the C&D letter? And, what’s this ‘letter circulating’ nonsense?

  25. Orson says:

    There’s one thing I’m curious about Lisa’s favourite party planner, Kevin Lee. Did Martin Short base his character “Franck Eggelhoffer” in the Steve Martin “Father of the Bride” series on Kevin or did Kevin base his personality on Short’s “Franck”.

  26. realhousewifeva says:

    Andy confirmed on WWHL last night that he hosted the Atlanta reunion. I think it was in the After Show he says Porsha gave this speech about sisterhood that left some of the ladies in tears, and he even teared up. Interesting!
    I want to know how the heck he did that!

  27. Nancy says:

    Here we go again…(speechless)

  28. realhousewifeva says:

    There are 2 clips on bravo’s site from the BH reunion, but they are taking forever to load for me!

  29. lillybee says:

    Kelly is showing off her bikini body again. I still think that it is odd.

  30. realhousewifeva says:

    So I’m watching all the clips and I can’t wait for Faye to just go away. At Lisa’s party she basically repeats to Lisa exactly what Kyle said about the chess thing at the reunion, even with the hand movements. Go away Faye!

  31. realhousewifeva says:

    Something Lisa wrote on her first blog of Season 1…how interesting. She was talking about how exciting this journey of being housewives on the show was going to be:

    “I remember looking to Kyle and hoping that our friendship would sustain regardless of the hurdles we had to overcome. As a group of women we all seem vastly different, opinionated, passionate women who I envisage will butt heads in the not-too-distant future.”

    • Nancy says:

      Lisa is no fool.

    • Rebecca says:

      The season was shot before she wrote her blog.

      She was right – Kyle had a go with Camille, Kim had a go with Taylor, Adrienne’s snotty chef had a go with Lisa, etc.

  32. kit9 says:

    Omg, Martinez is really going after this witness, “Did I ask you that!?” Holy crap, is he insinuating the guy was smitten with Jodi? Eek.

    • kit9 says:

      O. m. g. He just asked the witness if he had memory problems, too! Jodi’s lawyer is laughing. Not good, Martinez! Not good!

    • Nancy says:

      I’d love to take his BP. I bet he will be on meds before the trial is over. lol

    • chismosa says:

      I think that’s just his style of prosecuting. They all can’t be like my love of my life Jack McKoy, though he got wild at times too

      • not THAT Jill says:

        I loved when McKoy was about to blow a gasket….I love him!!! And I miss Lenny Brisco!!!!

  33. TexasTart says:

    Haven’t read comments, so please forgive if I duplicate anything. RHOA – Walter/Kenya is already a known fake relationship, so this talk of he’s gay or he doesn’t get excited for her is so out of place, since we know this is all fake….setting that aside I wanna know how Walter came to be an attendee at Kandi’s party and who didn’t think to mention the guys (in the cast) were in suits with bow tie and Walter shows up looking like a wrecker driver?! Can I just say I can not stand the fake one likes that.

    I LOVE TURTLES. If I hear this comment one more time, I’m gonna go ballistic. This is a Kim Richards comment (I think she must have said this when she was major-space-cadet looking at the gross turtle shells on her sister Kyle’s wall – that by the way she NEVER noticed before.) Andy has taken to making videos to air during WWHL (I have seen 2 so far with Kim and I love turtles) and she tweets this bullshit and “I love turtles” and he forwards her tweets (so they go to an audience of 1 million. Why in the world is he promoting KIM? WHY is KIM on WWHL tonight? I am making a point to NOT watch this episode and I got news for you Andy, this is not your cutesy “turtle time” this is a woman with a drug problem. Andy is blatantly promoting Kim Richards and it makes me sick. Ok got that off my chest…..NEXT! 😉

    Can not do RHOBH chat 😦 won’t be at the TV yet, so sad they had to move these HW shows up and hour, it really messed me and my DVR up. Okay I am done complaining, thanks for listening.

    • iceNfire says:

      Hi TT – Have fun making it thru today’s comments, they are really good but cause me to fall behind. Kim is promoting turtles b/c she has turtle tee shirts on her online store.

    • Nancy says:

      It makes me sick as well. So not ok Bravo.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I will boycott wwhl too. I love that you said “wrecker” and not “tow truck” maybe it’s a texas thing…but we grew up saying “wrecker” 🙂

  34. not THAT Jill says:

    Here is a reunion clip for those having a problem with the Bravo site


    • iceNfire says:

      The part where Brandi says something that seems to break Kyle is part 2 so we wont see it for a couple weeks…wonder if there is a part3

    • Nancy says:

      Please dear God tell me this is Kim’s last season. She’s a nasty person stoned or sober.

  35. not THAT Jill says:

    VV-I don’t know if you have had time to stop by here but I want you to know I have been thinking and praying for you and your family. Hope you can stop by for a chat soon.

    • VV says:

      Thank you. I went back to work Today. I could have used another day but oh well. I work out of the house so it’s not that bad. Thanks again.

  36. iceNfire says:

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