No Story Here – Keep Moving – Plus Mob Wives and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Cast Blogs

No Story Here – Keep Moving – Plus Mob Wives and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Cast Blogs ….

No Story Here – Keep Moving by NoMoreDrama

No retraction to the misinformation former Huff Post contributor turned blogger NaughtyButNice Rob posted about Bethenny Frankel’s apartment.

“Naughty But Nice broke that news that Bethenny Frankel bought her $5 million apartment in her assistant’s name, just after she purchased it – with a mortgage. Making her divorce even more complex.”

I just realized he talks about himself in the third person.  Weird.  He wrote that quote above.

Instead, Rob whined about it on twitter to TEB – a friend of our blog (read from the bottom up).  I guess he hoped TEB’s credibility would deflect from his lack of credibility.  Of course he didn’t tell her what he did.  Dumbass.


What Rob did was try to sensationalize a perfectly normal business move by Bethenny Frankel.  He said straight out that Bethenny BOUGHT her condo in an assistant’s name.  Not true at all.

Lynnfam’s T-REX (see yesterday’s comments) pulled the deed:

“Okay folks I pulled the deed of sale, links (below) and also pulled the Power of Attorney paperwork assigned to the case for the Condominium association. Ms Molly Hayden is listed as the “Trustee” of MYC Trust, she is NOT the owner only signing the documents as the TRUSTEE. Now, we all know that Jason Hoppy has a real estate background and in NO WAY was this transaction or Trust setup without his knowledge, in fact he probably was the one to help with the lawyers to SET THIS up! It is not uncommon in NYC. Due this in fact there are several other units in this building alone setup this way. All of this paperwork is completely accessible online”

The links to the paperwork T-Rex found are here and here.

Essentially for those of us with no business knowledge, the real estate transaction was between the sellers and MYC Trust.  Bethenny’s assistant was the trustee and person who signs documents.  That’s it.  Show is over.  Nothing unusual at all.  Any further questions should be directed to T-Rex- our super sleuth.


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Cast Blogs by Stars99

Adrienne Maloof

Sorry guys, Adrienne, The Martyr is just too busy whining about how Paul always needs to be the center of attention while she hypocritically commandeers everyone’s attention at Lisa and Ken’s anniversary party by crying herself into a lil puddle of goo – to bother to write a blog for us this week.  Paul took the phrase “make like a tree and leave” quite literally this week, no?

Brandi Glanville

“Adrienne is having a party to promote another product that she is working on and there is no way on God’s green earth I want to, or was even invited to, socialize with them. I was very shocked to see Marisa stirring the pot the way she did, that is not the Marissa I know and like.”

Gee, lucky us!  Another week – another product promotion opportunity shoved in our face.  Stirring the pot? Perhaps she shouldn’t have said anything to the others, but then again, that wouldn’t have helped provide the drama point that was needed for the end of the year party, no?  Brandi, you are the one who stirred the pot in the first place… Who suggests to someone else – even as a joke – that a hall pass could save their marriage?  Are you freakin’ kidding me? Over and over again you have made it abundantly clear to Marisa that you think she undervalues her husband and that she says inappropriate things about him. I agree that Marisa needs to seriously consider how her words and her thoughts may be having severe adverse effects on the quality of her marriage. She needs to get a grip on it before she causes irreparable damage.  And by the way, no Marisa – not every married woman who looks at a tall drink of water immediately wants to take the plunge.

“Thank goodness for Yolanda setting these cackling hens straight. I told y’all Yolanda was gangster. I was really shocked to hear that Marisa and Dean thought I had a crush on him or that ANYONE would think I would flirt with a married man other than Ken (I love him) after all I have been through.”

I love our Yo and yes, I would NOT like to meet her in a dark alley if she was displeased with me.  Her icy stare could scare me to death.  Brandi, of course you flirt with Ken – Lisa’s happy you do it – it’s one less thing she has to do… lol.  I dunno, Brandi – It really is not a stretch for me to think that you could innocently flirt with a married man – I think you’re an equal opportunity flirter – you seem to flirt with anyone who has two legs.  You’re actually flirting with everyone when you almost wear clothes – you know, the kind that are a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen?  You’re flirting – you’re just not using your words, you’re using your body.  However, that being said – I do not believe for a moment that you would ever knowingly do anything to break up a marriage.

“Faye, Faye, Faye. I think that she just makes things up in her head to get camera time. I wasn’t found naked in a bathroom in any way shape or form. I simply had a ten-second, fully clothed makeout session with a hot man. The only person that walked in was Lisa and she pulled me out of the bathroom by my ear like a good mum. (BTW I dated that hot man for six months after “bathroom gate”. We are still close friends, in fact he is my real estate agent!)”

Mauricio is cranky that he didn’t know that all he had to do is kiss you to get a potential real estate commission check.

“I was so excited that Lisa finally agreed to renew her vows with Ken because if she wasn’t going to then I was. It was an amazing setting, and I was looking forward to getting things straight with Marisa because I do genuinely like her.”

Yeah, I like Marisa for the most part, too… except she’s been disappointing me recently.  And I do hate what she says about her relationship and her husband… I hope she really watches herself throughout this season and learns something.  She strikes me as the kind of person who would look at herself on tv and be surprised at how she comes across – then make the appropriate changes.

“I wasn’t shocked to hear the news that Adrienne and Paul were separating. But I thought the timing was so interesting. How do you have a huge party with all of your “friends” one day and then decide to separate a few days later on the date of Lisa’s party?”

Well, duh… they just had to stay together until after the vodka launch.  Then Adrienne, always the Martyr, tried to figure out how to best take attention away from Lisa – and voila!  Not only did they announce their separation on the actual day of Lisa’s anniversary party – but then Adrienne actually showed up to the party!  Who knew she could stoop that low? I mean… holy crap on a cracker… how can you do that?  Oh yeah… cuz Bravo MADE you come to the party. The cynic in me thinks she actually thought that by making her divorce announcement on the day of the party that she could get out of going to Lisa’s end of the year/wrap party… but then Bravo didn’t budge on her having to show up….lol… who knows?

“I was disgusted with Faye, and not mad but disappointed with Marisa. I may not give the best marriage advice but I was coming from a place of love.”

C’mon, for someone who prides herself on being honest – you surely were not coming from a place of love. You were needling Marisa.  Didn’t we all know that Marisa would tell someone?  We just didn’t know it would be so many people at once.  But, Marisa is heading into these last couple of shoots with very little story line – and if she wants to be back next year – she needed to stir up trouble.  You gave her a perfect opportunity.  A cynic might entertain the notion that the whole thing was planned… Allegedly.  By the by… Kyle gets points in my book for saying to all the women standing there talking about the text message that she doesn’t think that Brandi would ever “go there with a married man.”  Her comments seemed really sincere to me.

Camille Grammer

Sorry guys, Camille’s two faces are just too busy kissing Faye’s two faces – to bother to write a blog for us this week (didn’t that scene with them greeting each other make you throw up a lil?)  [Shivers…].

Kim Richards

Sorry guys, Kim is just too busy figuring out how she can “Escape to Witch Mountain” again – to bother to write a blog for us this week.

Kyle Richards

Sorry guys, Kyle is just too busy trying to get Faye to return all of the Chanel bags that she has borrowed from her over the years – to bother to write a blog for us this week.

Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa starts her blog by talking about her friendship with Brandi and how she wasn’t going to attend Adrienne’s party.

“I viewed with sadness the patronizing manner in which she continues to address her husband. The high jinx of him clowning around was one of the reasons we always loved him, but her efforts to emasculate him constantly baffle me. He is basically a good guy and although he has been thoroughly detrimental about me in the past, I am aware he was coerced. He reached out to me after I voiced a modicum of support in the midst of some serious allegations. He apologized profusely and has repeatedly come to my restaurants and attempted to resolve things. We have supported him in our belief in standing up for what was right and try to support him through what has been a difficult time.”

Paul has GOT to be so relieved to not be in a relationship with someone as hypercritical as Adrienne.  Nothing he ever did was good enough…  And this is coming from a woman who uses Softsoap to wash off her chicken before cooking it!    It’s really interesting to me how Lisa and Brandi seem to be in a good place with Paul these days.  Oooo oooo oooo… and really, what women calls her husband “pathetic” for getting spray painted and climbing a tree in order to get into the spirit of a party?  He’s a nut!  I love that part about him!  She’s lucky he didn’t do worse… He could have been standing on a table in some Maloof Hooves or something…

“We then witness Marisa exposing the obviously playful text from Brandi until Yolanda stepped in. This is why I love her. . .her no nonsense type of attitude. Faye shows up with her input, which when I saw the footage disgusted me.”

I love me some Yo… and Faye disgusts us all.

“I was the one who knocked on the door, opened it as they were all gossiping outside at the party. Yes she was having a good old snog as we say in England. What is wrong with that? However I knew this was a fuel for many if I didn’t intervene. Now would she have taken it further? I don’t know you will have to ask her. . . but she didn’t.”

It’s kind of funny that they were all gossiping about something in which you had firsthand knowledge.  I’m kind of not sure how you exactly walked in on someone in a bathroom… but ummm… I’m just gonna let it go… lol.

“This was our anniversary but we were all aware that it would also be our final party of the season, where we do include many who have been involved in our circle. Taylor had a plus one and had invited Linda, which worried me for a second but Yolanda quickly reassured me all was well.”

I gotta say it really bothered me that Linda was there.  Who invites the ex-wife of one of your cast mates to a season wrap-up party?  Once again, just when I think Taylor is getting somewhat normal – she goes and pulls this crap.  Linda was not at all a part of this season – so why, oh why was she at the party?  The hysterical thing is that Linda was on the screen for what, a whole 30 seconds?  And in that time, she managed to insult the entire middle class with her comment about bringing the jam.  Kinda makes me giggle.

“Yolanda and Brandi confronted Marisa on what went down at Adrienne’s party. I was intent on staying as far away from that conversation as possible but Faye, of course, comes and inserts herself in the middle of it. I would hazard a guess she was looking for trouble.”

Faye is always looking for trouble and wants to be a housewife so bad it’s painful to watch.  She has even kissed up to Camille!  Whoa… it would be hysterical, if it wasn’t so sad.

“It worries me that she perceives the definition of a lady can be defined by a handbag. There are many women I would have interest in hearing their opinion of what makes a lady — Resnick is not one of them. Her reputation precedes her.”

As Yo would say, “Who in this world is Faye Resnick?”  Oh yeah, she’s that “morally corrupt” chick who profited off the violent, horrific death of her best friend by writing a “tell all” book and by posing for Playboy.  Why yes, I think that’s EXACTLY who is qualified to talk about being a “lady.”

Marisa Zanuck

Sorry guys, Marisa is just too busy fantasizing about the pool guy to bother to write a blog for us this week.

Taylor Armstrong

Sorry guys, Taylor is just too busy learning how to make jam for a fundraiser for her-middle-class self – to bother to write a blog for us this week.

Yolanda H. Foster

Yo starts her blog by talking about how difficult it’s been for her to write her blog because of her Lyme disease.  She said that David sometimes helps her out with it when she’s at home – but since she’s in Florida getting treatments – she’s on her own.  I think she really has a knack for writing – even though English isn’t her first language.  Her blogs are well constructed and are always longer than anyone else’s.  It seems like she puts a lot of thought into them.  She could have easily decided not to write them (like so many of them do)… she has a really understandable excuse to quit and yet she has stuck with it.  I really admire that about her.

“It’s so frustrating, because I love writing and putting my thoughts on paper, as it has always been my way of digesting my thoughts and feelings. The good thing is I am starting to have good days with clarity, so my future is looking bright. I will continue to pave the way and share my health journey with the world until I find a cure and proper diagnostic testing for this silent killer called Lyme disease.”

We continue to pull for you, Yo!

“I thought Ken was hilarious. I am so happy to know his hip is working like a little charm and he is ready for another 30 years with Princess Pinky.”

Totally dies laffing… I gotta admit, the first time I read this, I truly thought she said, “another 30 years with Princess Pindy.”  I had to read it like 3 times to understand she wasn’t talking about our own Princess Pindy.

“I never liked big parties, especially going alone. I much prefer smaller gatherings that are more intimate. A couple of shots of Zing would have definitely made me a lot more relaxed, but I just have not been comfortable enough to let my guard down amongst this feisty group.”

If you’ve learned anything from this season, you should have learned NEVER to let your guard down with this group of women.

“Thank god I didn’t, because I needed every bit of my Lyme brain to function in order to understand what these adult women with their high school antics were trying to do, which was clearly throwing Brandi under the bus. Guess what, that ain’t gonna happen under my watch.”

I gotta say, I loved how you handled the whole situation.

“I feel Marisa should have waited to discuss the text message with Brandi rather then sharing this private discussion with a bunch of women that she knew didn’t have the best intentions with Brandi.  When Faye started her B-bashing, once again I just felt like I was trapped in a circle with a bunch of women I honestly have little in common with.”

That’s just because you’re not a mean, vicious, back-stabbing wannabe who will do anything to be the center of attention.

“Maybe that sounds arrogant or mean, but it’s just not the way I choose to conduct myself. I don’t mind having a debate or agreeing to disagree with someone face to face, but I am very righteous and will stand up against all of them when I feel like they are ganging up on someone. Trash talk is dangerous, especially when it comes from hearsay.”

I’m guessing with the language issue, you may not understand how haughty the phrase “I am very righteous” comes off sounding… I really think you meant that you stand up for the truth or for what’s right… And, as we’ve learned from hearing your perspective this season – it’s the spirit and intent of the words that is important.

“Watching Adrienne and Paul interact is painful. I always wondered why she talks to her husband the way she does. In my eyes it seemed so extremely disrespectful, but I guess we now know why.”

Yeah… about halfway through Season1 we knew that “the Bickersons” shtick wasn’t funny… it was sad.

“It was very interesting to see how Wendy, who is a successful newscaster, was so surprised with the way I treat my husband. Funny that people mistake such kindness with weakness. Obviously I am by no means a doormat, but I do take great pride in tending to and taking care of my man.  Maybe I am old-fashioned that way, but he is the king in my household and I absolutely love it that way.”

It kinda cracks me up… I recently had a conversation with someone about Yo and David and I completely disagreed with their assessment.  I actually think that Yo is the one who wears the pants in that family on all subjects outside of his music and career.  She just loves to anticipate the needs of David and of her family and she endeavors to meet those needs. She enjoys making them happy!  It gives her great joy to give.  Remember one of the first times we ever saw Yo – she was talking about how she told David that she didn’t want jewels or expensive stuff from him – but that she wanted love letters?  Once you have that kind of love… nothing else really matters.  Well except that it’s nice having that mansion in Malibu with the lemon orchard… but I digress…  Never mistake kindness with weakness, indeed!

“Rather then standing around talking about the birds and the bees, I wanted to hold Marisa responsible for throwing Brandi under the bus at Adrienne’s party so we could move on from that. For a minute, I was speechless when Faye inserted herself into our conversation uninvited. I honestly have never seen anyone behave so rudely and inappropriately.  How hypocritical from someone that is trying to belittle another woman for her behavior?”

Yeah, “hypocritical” is one word for it.  There are other words that I’m not allowed to type that I could use to describe Faye.

“I saw how these Pit Bulls treated Brandi last year, and that ain’t going to happen as long as this sheriff is in town.  The fact that Faye defines a woman by a Chanel bag is the most pathetic thing I have ever heard. To be honest, I think it’s an insult to the intelligence of a woman!”

Faye IS an insult to women.

“Anyway, let’s stay positive and put our focus back on the beauty of this romantic night at Villa Rosa. Next week you will be seeing a very special moment between Lisa and Ken. It’s probably the most precious and vulnerable I have ever seen Lisa, so please make sure to tune in!”

Awww, kumbayah!


“Mob Wives” By Detox

Welcome back to “Mob Wives”!

This week, Karen has a bit of a guilt-induced breakdown while reviewing evidence from her father’s trial to try to see if she can help him get out of prison early. Ramona responds by providing her with some tough love. Renee and Drita take Krav Maga lessons. Love continues to complain over the fact that she keeps hearing that Carla is going all around Staten Island saying very nasty things about her. Drita tells the camera (but not Love) that she is fed up with hearing Love talk about Carla. Karen has a sit-down with Dave and his new girlfriend, Rebecca. Drita shows off her skills as a makeup artist. Love and Big Ang go lingerie shopping so that Love can get ready to meet up with her ex-boyfriend and the “love of her life,” Fate, who has come to Staten Island all the way from Las Vegas to visit her. Karen’s dog, Ozzy, gets a much-needed bath. Karina uses Ozzy’s spa pampering time to be insensitive and disrespectful to her Mother and to basically let her know that she prefers Rebecca over her. Ramona seems irritated by this. Karen, on the other hand, responds with nothing but love and support for Karina despite her basically disrespectful behavior. Love finally meets up with her ex-boyfriend after 7 years. Karen throws a house party in her Arizona home and, at Karen’s invitation, Dave and Rebecca graciously attend. Ramona pulls both Dave and Rebecca aside separately at the party so she can interrogate each of them. Drita goes to Boot Camp class to get in shape and seriously entertains the thought of murdering the instructor. Big Ang and Drita discuss the fact that the situation between Love and Carla is escalating, unbeknownst to Carla. And they decide that they have to talk to Carla in an effort to figure out a way to resolve everything with Love before Love unleashes her “fists of fury” on Carla.

O.K. Let’s get started discussing these Mob Wives!

Karen And Ramona Visit The Storage Unit

Karen and Ramona are still in Arizona. They make a trip to the storage unit Karen’s brother Gerard told her about last episode in order to see if they can find evidence that will allow Karen’s father to possibly get out of prison early. The storage unit is filled with materials relating to the trial of Karen’s father (and, possibly, materials relating to the connected trials of Karen’s brother Gerard and Dave in connection with the ecstasy ring formerly operated by Karen, Gerard and Dave, and for which Karen’s father took full responsibility despite, according to Karen, having no involvement). Karen interviews that she and Ramona made the trip to Arizona not only to handle her business with Dave, but also to see if they could find any evidence that would prove that her father did not know he could get 20 years instead of 15 years when he accepted a plea deal.

Renee Suggests Bonding Over Krav Maga Lessons to A.J.

A.J. Declines

Renee walks into A.J.’s room while he is lounging lazily on his bed. She tells him about her visit to the kennel to look at attack dogs. She then tells him that she has decided to get an attack dog because he is often out spending the night with his girlfriend, Sydney (If I were one or both of Sydney’s parents, I either would not be too pleased to hear this or a bit embarrassed that the nation now knew that I allowed my daughter to sleep with her boyfriend in my home. Maybe Sydney’s parents had no idea, though. If that’s the case, they sure do know what is up now. “Look, Mom and Dad!! I’m sexually active!! YAY!!”).

Renee then tells A.J. that the total cost of the attack dog is going to be “about $20,000.” A.J.’s eyes widen, and, with a slightly-raised voice, he bluntly tells Renee that he will “slap” her if she “spends $20,000 on a DOG!!”

Renee just ignores him and changes the subject. She tells A.J. that she has signed up to take Krav Maga classes. She interviews that, in rehab, she learned that she needs to take her aggression out in healthy ways. She also feels the need to learn how to protect herself. She thinks Krav Maga will serve both purposes for her. Renee then tells A.J. that she feels like they need to start doing “Mother and Son stuff to bond and repair our relationship.” To that end, she asks A.J. to take the Krav Maga classes with her. A.J. basically says, “Hell no.”

Renee then tells him that she will just ask somebody ELSE to take the classes with her since he does not want to cooperate. He looks like he could not care any LESS. Instead of responding, he just looks at Renee and lets out a big YAWN. Renee interviews that A.J. makes it seem like she is overreacting and being dramatic (Gee, I wonder why, Renee! I know you’ve been through some serious stuff, but you ARE dramatic, and you DO overreact. A.J. is just over it. That’s all.). A.J. tells Renee that she is “too wound up” and “needs to loosen up.” Renee responds by jumping on A.J. while he is in bed and playfully wrestling with him. Finally, A.J. shows some emotion, and he starts laughing while he protests and playfully fights back.

Karen Goes On A Guilt Trip

Back at her Arizona home, Karen has taken out some tapes and other things from 1 of the boxes of evidence she removed from her brother’s storage unit. She starts reviewing some of the videotapes of her father’s trial, and Ramona sits there silently watching the tapes with her. She interviews that sitting in that courtroom next to her Mother “was the most devastating experience” because her father, her brother and the father of her child were all charged, tried, later convicted and sentenced to serve hard time.

Karen then starts listening to one of the recordings of telephone conversations people in her home, including her father, had at the time they were unknowingly under surveillance by the authorities in connection with the drug ring. She says she is trying to find a conversation between her father and his attorney that proves that her father did not know he could get an extra 5 years when he accepted his plea deal as agreed (In short, Sammy “The Bull,” accepted a plea deal for 15 years without knowing that he could get an extra 5 years tacked on, resulting in a total of 20 years’ time in prison).

Karen tells Ramona that, during the raid on her parents’ home, the authorities “took $1.2 million in cash and jewelry from us.” She interviews that listening to the FBI recordings of her family’s conversations angers her. Karen angrily starts to destroy one of the audiotapes before Ramona pulls it out of her hands. Ramona screams that Karen is “in NO frame of mind to go through these things right now” and forcefully takes a box of evidence away from Karen. Karen interviews that her father took the rap for her and Gerard. One of the reasons he told her he was going to do this was because her daughter Karina was just a baby at the time, and he told Karen that he “didn’t want Karina to grow up without a mother.”

Karen cries and tells Ramona she feels like her father is in prison and could DIE there because of HER mistakes and HER refusal to listen to his advice and warnings to her. Ramona basically shakes Karen and SCREAMS at her, “Your Father forgave you! Your Mother forgave you! Your brother forgave you! EVERYBODY had forgiven you! Now, it’s time for you to forgive YOURSELF and MOVE ON!! ENOUGH!!” (It’s a little shocking to hear Ramona scream at Karen like this, but it reminds me of the way Karen screamed at Ramona when she found out Ramona was going to marry her fiance’ despite the fact that he is looking at a significant amount or prison time. I may not always like these two, but I DO love the way they give each other tough love when they fear for each other in an effort to force the other one to “SNAP OUT OF IT!!” I like their loyalty and their friendship. They really are like family to one another.)

Renee And Drita Take Krav Maga Lessons

Renee walks into her Krav Maga class accompanied by Drita. She interviews that, since A.J. would not take the class with her, she decided to “take the kick-ass bitch with me.” (I’m assuming “the kick-ass bitch” is Drita).

While they are being instructed on some of the Krav Maga moves, the instructor cautions them to watch their wrist placement when they are striking someone because, if they are not careful, they can break their own wrists. Drita interviews that she remembers breaking her wrist when she hit someone in the past.

Renee and Drita have very different reactions throughout the class. Initially, as the tough-talking instructor is teaching and barking out orders to them, Renee looks petrified. Drita, on the other hand, interviews that “the teacher is SO CRAZY! I LOVE him!!”

Renee is forced to “hit” one of the instructor’s assistants to show that she knows how to perform one of the moves just taught to her. She weakly hits the assistant and immediately says, “I’m sorry.” She interviews that she feels bad hitting somebody. Renee then softly knees the assistant in the groin and immediately apologizes again (This makes me giggle for some reason).

Drita, on the other hand, has no hesitation when she practices the moves taught to her. She looks like she is in heaven learning a new fighting technique.

Renee finally toughens up and starts repeating the moves taught to her more forcefully and stops apologizing. She interviews that she actually had fun during the class. She says that she “learned how to put someone to sleep without an Ambien, a Lunesta or a Xanax!!” (and smiles a big sh*t-eating grin when she says this).

“I Am So SICK of Hearing Love Talk About Carla!!”

Drita, Renee and Love all meet for dinner.

Renee and Drita laughingly tell Love about their Krav Maga class. Renee says she is anti-violent, but she had fun. She brings up Carla’s name and says that, even though she is anti-violent, Carla inspires “violent feelings” in her. Love, who is no big fan of Carla herself, jumps on another opportunity to talk about how she has her “own issues with Carla, and I’m going to crack her in the fuckin’ HEAD!”

Drita looks annoyed. She interviews that she is “so SICK of hearing Love talk about Carla!!”

The 3 of them end up having a good time throwing darts after they eat. During and after the dart game, Renee and Love ask Drita if she has spoken to Karen or Ramona since they flew out to Arizona. Drita says she has not spoken to either one of them.

Renee and Love are more than happy to provide Drita with a “Karen And Ramona Trip To Arizona Update.” They tell her how Karen found out that Dave had been living with his new girlfriend for a while without even letting her know that he moved out of the home on which she was paying the mortgage, allowing him to live “rent-free so he could get back on his feet after he got out of prison.” They then tell her how Karina loves Dave’s new girlfriend and seems to have an attitude with Karen. They also tell Drita that Rebecca has been spending time alone with Karina and even brought her to a doctor’s appointment without Dave even consulting Karen about any of this. Finally, they tell her that Karen is set to meet up with Dave and his new girlfriend personally so she can have a talk with both of them. Drita interviews that if she was meeting her ex-e’s new girlfriend to discuss their child, she would have her “foot on her neck” as she was talking to her. Renee says that if she were in Karen’s position, she would have probably hurt “the bitch by now!” (I thought you were anti-violent, Renee.).

Karen Meets “The Ice Queen”

Karen is sitting alone at a restaurant table waiting for Dave and his new girlfriend Rebecca to meet her.

Finally, Dave comes strolling in with Rebecca by his side. Once they are seated, Dave says that he decided it would be a good idea for all of them to meet and talk (Oh, STFU, Dave!! YOU decided??!! Boy, Bye!! KAREN decided and then DEMANDED. Stop acting like this was your big, bright idea, Mr. “I’m Going to Let You Pay the Mortgage for A DOG While I Go To Live With My Girlfriend Without Telling You”!!).

This is followed by a few minutes of awkward silence with Karen and Rebecca just looking at each other. Karen looks hopeful, like she is waiting for Rebecca to say something. Rebecca, on the other hand, looks at Karen with NO expression on her face at all. She is like a brunette version of an “ice queen” (Aren’t ice queens usually blonde, like that Viking Yolanda from “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?” Well, this one is a brunette, and she looks like she might just have ice water running through her veins. By the way, I have nothing against Vikings, and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Yolanda. She is BADASS…but I digress.). Karen interviews that Rebecca looked at her “with a cold stare.”

Karen finally breaks the ice and starts the conversation by telling Rebecca that she wanted to meet her because her 13-year-old daughter Karina had to be the one to tell her that she even existed. She lets Rebecca know that Dave never even mentioned Rebecca’s name to her before Karina did. Rebecca just looks at her without saying anything.

Karen then starts a rapid-fire session of questions and answers between her and Rebecca. From this interrogation session, we learn that Rebecca is a 34-year-old Italian-American realtor with 2 kids of her own.

Karen then directly tells Rebecca that she heard Rebecca brought Karina to the doctor without either consulting her directly or having Dave consult her beforehand to clear it with her first. Rebecca coolly responds that this was “no big deal.” Karen interviews and rhetorically asks, “No big deal?!?!” She says hearing Rebecca say this made her angry.

Karen counters and tells Rebecca that she felt like Rebecca overstepped her boundaries by doing this without bothering to consult her beforehand. Rebecca explains that she took Karina to the doctor because Dave asked her to do so because he was unable to bring her, and “my schedule just happened to be free. So, I took her.”

Karen tells Rebecca that this is a big deal to HER “because I’M her Mother. Period!” Rebecca tells Karen that she is not trying to be Karina’s mother. Karen says, “I wouldn’t LET you!”

Karen softens her tone a little bit and tells Rebecca, “It’s all about my DAUGHTER. That is my only concern. It has nothing to do with you personally.” She then tells Rebecca that since Dave seems to think highly of Rebecca, she is going to trust Dave’s opinion and give Rebecca a chance (Why, how MATURE of you, Karen! I like that. Good girl!).

Rebecca seems to mirror Karen’s softening attitude and appears to relax and relent a little bit. She tells Karen that she understands Karen’s position because she is a mother too, and if she were in Karen’s position, she would feel the same way. She explains that she did not know that Dave did not even let Karen know about her or let Karen know about the fact that HE asked her to take Karina to her doctor’s appointment. She said that she did not think she was doing anything wrong and thought Karen was o.k. with it because Dave had cleared it with her (Meanwhile, Dave’s a*s is sitting there looking like he is not the CAUSE of all of this confusion. He looks like he is about to start whistling a damned tune. I wanted to jump through my t.v. and just thump him in the head the way I used to thump my brothers or my male cousins in the head when one of them annoyed me…usually before I ran off after doing it.). Karen interviews that Rebecca has a “quiet” way about her, and she likes the fact that Rebecca was “respectful” to her throughout their conversation.

Once Karen and Rebecca seem to have come to an understanding, ol’ Dave joins the conversation and tells Karen that Rebecca has a daughter that is Karina’s age, and “they get along really well.” He then says that he is glad that all of them were able to get together and talk, and he thinks they can all get along (Sure, NOW they can, but it’s no thanks to YOU, you big WEENIE!!).

Both Karen and Rebecca agree that they are glad that they have now met each other and gotten that out of the way.

Karen ends the conversation by telling them she is having a get-together the next night at her home with a few friends, and she invites them to come over (This is all so ADULT. It’s weird. It’s like real-world adult interaction, NOT “reality world adult interaction.” I’m not used to seeing this on reality television shows. *Shrug* I would feel more comfortable if Karen had thrown a soda in Rebecca’s face and then gotten into a hair-pulling, slapping cat fight as Dave either tried to separate them or ran off. This is how much VH1 reality shows have lowered my expectations. And it’s a sad commentary not only on the WORLD…but also on my television viewing habits. But I am powerless to stop myself from watching – or even blogging about – this crap. *Sigh*).

Drita Shows Off Her Makeup Artist Skills

Drita interviews that she is going to do a “makeup gig” for a fitness magazine photo shoot. She says that she is picking up makeup gigs here and there because her store is not yet open, but she still has to pay the rent for the space. These makeup jobs provide her with the money to help her do this.

As Drita is applying makeup to the client, they chat. The client asks Drita how she got into being a makeup artist. Drita explains that she used to model herself, and she loved the makeup application portion of her modeling shoots. Because of her interest, she decided to become a makeup artist herself.

Drita interviews that the 1st time Lee went to jail, she cried every single night. The 2nd time he went to jail, she got so stressed out and sick that she was no longer able to work at all, much less work as a makeup artist (It sounds to me like Drita had a nervous breakdown, which is understandable considering her situation). She says that if Lee goes to jail for a 3rd time, “There will be NO crying and NO stress. Third strike. He’s OUT!” (and I don’t blame her ONE bit).

The client is very pleased with the job Drita has done with her makeup and lets Drita know it. Hearing this seems to make Drita very happy.

Lingerie Shopping with “J” for “Jumbo” and “G” for “Gangster”

Love and Big Ang decide to go lingerie shopping together. Love tells Big Ang that she needs to buy some new lingerie because her ex-boyfriend, Fate, is coming in from Las Vegas to visit her. Big Ang interviews that “Love’s old flame is coming back into town,” and she says it with a smile. Love interviews that she left Fate at “the height of the passion in (their) relationship.” She says she basically “ran away” from him years ago, and she has regretted it ever since.

While at the store, Love and Ang try on all kinds of sexy bras, panties and lingerie sets and come out of their dressing rooms to model for one another and provide feedback to each other. Love interviews that she loves lingerie and looking sexy. She says that she is “really excited to see Fate but also a little nervous.” She says that Fate is the ONLY man in her life besides her Father that she has ever respected.

Big Ang and Love compliment each other on their respective ensembles, and somehow their respective bra sizes come up. Big Ang says that she is a “J” cup (I did not even know “J” cups existed), and the J stands for “Jumbo.” Love says that she is a “G” cup (I did not even know “G” cups existed either), and the G stands for “Gangster.”

Love then changes the subject and brings up what seems to be one of her favorite subjects: Carla. She tells Big Ang that she STILL keeps hearing all of these negative things Carla is going all around Staten Island saying about her. Big Ang tells Love that Carla has never brought Love’s name up to HER. She interviews that “all this hearsay is b*llsh*t! Staten Island is not that big, and I have not once heard any of these things Carla is supposedly saying about Love!”

Big Ang then tells Love NOT to go on hearsay. Love interviews that she thinks that Big Ang is being “naïve” about Carla and about the situation because she KNOWS what she keeps hearing, and she KNOWS it is not just coming out of thin air from the different people from whom she is hearing it.

Ozzy Finally Gets A Much-Needed Bath

Karen, Ramona and Karina finally take Karen’s poor dog, Ozzy, to the groomers to get a much-needed bath. Karen interviews that Ozzy has basically been all alone, and no one has been bathing him (Now, that is just gross and makes me even more pissed off at Dave. That poor dog needs more than just food. He also needs some companionship and playtime with a human or two and/or some other animals or two as well. And he needs to be bathed regularly. What the hell is WRONG with Dave??!! What a jacka*s! Poor Ozzy. *Sigh*). Ramona interviews that she is happy that Karen is “taking this dirty dog to the spa!” (Ozzy probably stank to high heaven).

While poor Ozzy is FINALLY getting a much-needed bath, Karen, Ramona and Karina stand around waiting for him and chat. Karina asks Karen how her meeting with her father Dave and his girlfriend, Rebecca, went. Karen says everything went well. She says that Rebecca “is not very talkative.”

Karina then asks, “Do you think she’s pretty?” and puts a big smile on her face (For some reason, that gave me the urge to SMACK her. I would NOT have done that, but I WOULD have had the urge. What the hell is UP with Karina??!! I know she is only 13, but it’s almost like she is getting some perverse type of pleasure over torturing Karen a little bit over Rebecca. I wonder if she is resentful of Karen for some reason. I mean, even at 13, I would have enough sense and loyalty to my own MOTHER to refrain from asking her if she thought my father’s NEW girlfriend was PRETTY!! Even if my father’s new girlfriend looked like Halle Berry, I’d probably say, “I personally think she’s kind of ugly, Mom. I think she’s built kind of funny, and she can’t dress for sh*t. She’s DEFINITELY not as pretty as you. Daddy could do better. Her cooking is nowhere as good as yours either [My Mom would know I was laying it on a little thick with the cooking comment because, unlike me, my Mom HATES to cook, but she would LOVE me for it because she would know exactly that I was saying all of this b*llsh*t out of straight LOYALTY to HER – even if I am LYING my little a*s off.]!” I would tell these lies because I “ride” for my Mom – or my Dad if the situation were reversed – not that I would really have to tell my Dad that, though. He has body dysmorphic disorder IN REVERSE. He THINKS he’s HOT. And he is sooooo NOT, but you CANNOT convince him otherwise. *Shrug*). In response to Karina’s question about whether or not she thinks Rebecca is pretty, Karen simply says, “She’s o.k.”

Karina then says, “She’s really nice and sweet. She’s like TOTALLY DIFFERENT from YOU!!” (O.K. I am now convinced that this little heifer is really a little demon disguised to LOOK like a 13-year-old. Yeah, you adding those braces is a nice touch, but I’m still NOT fooled. You are NOT a regular 13-year-old. You are a DEMON….or at least a BAD SEED. “Get thee BEHIND me, SATAN!!!” I probably should not be so hard on this little girl, but her disrespect and callousness toward Karen is working my last nerve! Karen is STILL her MOTHER – NOT Rebecca.). Karen just looks at her without saying anything. Ramona, on the other hand, looks like she is thinking and feeling the SAME way I am about Karina’s nasty little attitude and insensitive comments. She interviews and says that Karina does not know how ALL women are nice and sweet in the beginning until they reel the man and his child in and then “flip the script” and turn into their REAL selves, which might be totally different from “nice and sweet,” once they are comfortable that they’ve got the man “on lock.” She says, “Yeah, Karina’s saying this now, but once the newness wears off, I have a feeling she might be calling Karen in Staten Island and begging Karen to come and get her!” (She was also probably thinking, “What a little BITCH!! I will not pull this child to the side and tell her to knock it off before I pinch her. I will not pull this child to the side and tell her to knock it off before I pinch her. I will not….”).

Karina then continues rhapsodizing about Rebecca and then begins to rhapsodize about Rebecca and Dave’s wonderful “love story for the AGES.” She says that Dave and Rebecca are buying a huge house together and talking about having their own kids. She lovingly throws in, “I’m even getting my own room there.” (Well, good, you little cow. Stay there…..FOREVER!!! I guess there was a reason God decided I should not have children. *Sigh*). Karen looks a bit taken aback by this. Ramona, on the other hand, looks SERIOUSLY pissed off. In fact, she is so irritated that she immediately walks out of the room at this point (probably to prevent her hand from snatching Karina by the hair and pulling her into another room so she could give her a GOOD “talking to”!).

Karina asks Karen if she would be angry if Dave had more kids. Karen says, “No. I’m more concerned about how YOU would feel if that happened.” (Take note, Karina! Your mother is showing love and concern for you and sensitivity toward you feelings. Pay serious attention to the words “love,” “concern” and “sensitivity” and say them over and over and over until you GET it.). Karina’s tone softens, and she gets a bit teary-eyed. She says that she feels that her Dad might start to pay more attention to a new child or new children that he has with Rebecca and pay much less attention to her (I should feel sorry for Karina. But I DON’T. Call me a horrible person, but this little girl needs to be DRAGGED kicking and screaming back to Staten Island to live with Karen so that she can learn to love, respect and appreciate her Mother again. I’m o.k. with Karen, but I think that, instead of being concerned with other things, she needs to make Karina and her relationship with Karina a priority. I don’t care that Karina told Karen she does not “want” to move to Staten Island. Where I come from, a CHILD has no “wants.” It is the PARENT who decides. Dave can try to fight Karen, but he is an ex-con. Karen is not. I have a feeling a Judge might rule in her favor and allow Karen to take Karina to Staten Island as long as she arranges for regular visitation between Karina and Dave).

Karen immediately starts to cry and rushes over to Karina to put her arms around her and provide her with words of comfort. She tells Karina that Dave having a child would in NO way affect the love he has in his heart for Karina. She says, “Your father LOVES you. I can’t apologize to you ENOUGH for the mistakes that your father and I have made that have affected you.” Karen tells Karina that she wants Karina to come back to visit her more in New York so they can discuss things more in-depth. Karina agrees.

Poor Ozzy finally emerges from his bath and pampering as clean as a whistle. Karen interviews that, after his bath, Ozzy even looks a little slimmer with all of the dirt washed off of him (Poor Ozzy…*Sigh*).

The Biggest Damned Leprechaun I Have Ever Seen

Love is shown walking into a restaurant to meet up with her ex-boyfriend, Fate, who is visiting from his home in Las Vegas. She interviews that she and Fate have not seen each other in 7 years. She says he is the ONLY guy she ever felt that was “the one that got away.” He is also the ONLY guy she ever regretted leaving, unlike all of the other men she has left.

Love is then shown sitting at a table alone waiting for Fate to arrive. She interviews that she is super nervous, and she just does not want to “humiliate” herself in front of him.

Finally, Fate comes strolling in, and I find it really hard to focus on him because I am totally distracted by his bizarre outfit. He is wearing an ensemble that consists of brightly-colored suspenders, a bowtie and some type of colorfully-studded bowler hat. With the exception of the majority of is outfit being BLACK (with dots of BRIGHT color), as opposed to GREEN, he is basically dressed like the leprechaun on the box of “Lucky Charms.” He also looks like he might be tall and big. So, he looks like the biggest damned leprechaun I have EVER seen. I honestly would not be surprised if he told Love she was “magically delicious” (but in the voice of “The Jolly Green Giant,” not the voice of the leprechaun on the “Lucky Charms” box).

Once I am finally able to take my eyes off of Fate’s horrific “pimp-tastic” ensemble, I notice that both he and Love seem very happy to see each other. They greet each other with a big hug and a warm kiss. Love interviews that Fate “is so big and strong that I feel like I’m hugging King Kong. He makes me feel like a little girl when I’m in his arms.” (That’s cute. I have a thing for big men myself. Don’t ask me why. I’m only 5 feet tall. Damned near everybody is bigger than me, but for some strange reason, I’ve dated quite a few men that were all over 6’2. I guess tall and big is my preference or “type.” Oddly enough, however, the man I consider to be the “LOVE of my LIFE” was only 5’9. Go figure. *Shrug*). She further interviews that Fate “looks SOOO good.” (No he doesn’t. He doesn’t look BAD, but he doesn’t look “SOOO good” either. He’s o.k. He seems very nice and very “into” Love. So, that’s all that matters.).

Somehow, Fate sits down and ends up making reference to the fact that he and Love once wrecked a Las Vegas hotel room. Love interviews that she and Fate wrecked a Las Vegas hotel room having mad, passionate sex (T.M.I.). She says they broke lamps and other things for some strange reason.

Fate tells Love that he is “leery” of her because she ran away from him and ended their relationship. Love tells him that he is “the ONLY man I ever regretted leaving.” She also tells him that he is “the ONLY man” to whom she would commit right now. He just looks at her as if he is trying to decide whether or not he should believe her. Love interviews and says that she was too young and hot-headed when she got together with Fate. She says that, at the time they met, he had an ex-girlfriend who was pregnant for him. She says that, even though the pregnancy happened before her and even though his relationship with the pregnant ex-girlfriend was over by the time she and Fate got together, she just “could not handle it.” She says that she ran away from him and the situation, “but the TRUTH is that I wanted him to CHASE me….and he DIDN’T.” (Been there, done that with the love of my life too, Love. I GET it. Sometimes, we allow our intimacy and commitment issues make us play so hard to get…that we don’t get “GOT”! It looks like that’s what happened with Love and Fate). She says that Fate “is the ONLY person I ever BEHAVED for and really cared about.” Then she starts to cry (Poor Love. Well, Girl, he’s sitting in front of you right now. Fight for your man if you really want him back. You better do it before he settles down and MARRIES someone else, though, because once he is MARRIED, he is OFF the table for you! Don’t be stupid.).

Fate tells Love that he “admits” that he loves her, but she has to “act right.” Love tells him that he is the ONLY person that ever MADE her “act right.” (Aww…I’m wishing these 2 lovebirds the very best).

Karen’s Arizona House Party

Karen is having a party at her Arizona home that includes Ramona and some of her buddies from Arizona. It looks like a fun time. Some of Karen’s girlfriends are even dancing seductively on tables while Karen and Ramona laugh and shake their heads. Karen interviews that she “needs” to have FUN right now (I agree. She’s had to deal with stressful situations ever since she landed in Arizona).

At a certain point, Dave and Rebecca walk into the party and greet everyone. Karen and Ramona greet both Dave and Rebecca very nicely. Ramona, however, interviews that she is not really “ecstatic about Becky Puttana, but I’ll give her a chance. I have to have a talk with her myself before I decide whether or not I am going to really give her a chance, though.” She then goes on to say that Rebecca looks like “a CONSTIPATED lizard.”

At some point during the festivities, Ramona manages to pull Dave off to the side alone so she can chat with him. She interviews that she wants to see “where Dave’s head is at.” Karen interviews that she is thinking, “Please, Ramona! Behave yourself!”

Ramona bluntly asks Dave if he is happy with Rebecca. He says he is. Karen interviews and says, “Poor Dave. I have NO idea WHAT Ramona is telling him!”

Ramona then asks Dave if he was hoping that he and Karen would get back together when he took up with Rebecca. Dave is honest, and he tells Ramona that he WAS. He says that he was “on the fence” because he wanted Karen to take him back, but he then realized that they were “not MEANT for each other.” (I am a little surprised to hear him say this on camera. It’s not that I did not think that he had love for Karen. I think that he always will have love for her because they share a daughter together; they have been through a lot together; and Karen was very loyal and good to him in many ways. I just felt like he was totally head over heels in love with Rebecca and not even giving Karen a 2nd thought from the minute he met Rebecca. His answer indicates that it was a bit more complicated than that. I DO think that now that he has firmly chosen Rebecca, however, he is going to stick with that decision unless something really drastic happens to break them up.).

Ramona, continuing to be super-nosy and “all up in Dave’s Kool-Aid,” bluntly asks Dave, “Are you IN LOVE with Rebecca?” Before he answers, he hesitates (If I were Rebecca watching this on television right now, I’d kick his a*s and make him go back to Karen’s and sleep with Ozzy for a couple of weeks. At this point, his feelings have probably grown stronger for Rebecca, and there would be NO hesitation if he were asked that question TODAY. I still would not like to see that answer he gave about his feelings for me in the past, though. I’m just being honest). When Dave DOES answer, he says, “That’s a strong word.” (What’s a strong word? Love? Yes, it is, but answering should be pretty simple. You either DO or you DON’T. And you are either IN love or NOT in love. Which is it?). Finally, he admits, “Yeah…I love her. It ain’t about HER, though. It’s about ME.” (Wow! He sounds SOOO enthusiastic and convincing. NOT. I’m not saying he needs to jump on Karen’s couches screaming about his love for Rebecca a la Tom Cruise, but if I were Rebecca, I’d expect a more forceful answer than that. And what’s with the, “It’s about ME” foolishness? Rebecca, Girl, if you’re reading: Send Dave to spend a couple of weeks with Ozzy….NOW. And don’t even let him pack a bag. He can pick up some clothes at Wal-Mart on his way over there!). Ramona interviews and says, “You’re NOT in LOVE with HER!! You may CARE for her. You may have FEELINGS for her. But you’re NOT in LOVE with her!!” (I agree with Ramona. Dave may be in love with Rebecca NOW, but he did not seem to be totally in love with her at the time this was filmed).

Ramona finally quits harassing Dave, who I think was a very good sport about it. She then walks over to Karen and whispers in her ear, “He’s NOT in love with Becky. She’s just a consolation prize” before she walks off. Karen just looks at Ramona quizzically. Ramona interviews that she is now going to get “Becky Puttana” and pull HER off to the side so she can grill her the same way she has just grilled Dave.

Ramona Tries To Scare “Becky Puttana”

Ramona interviews that she wants “to have some alone time with Becky Puttana.” To that end, she asks Rebecca to follow her outside so they can talk. Rebecca is nice enough to follow her (I don’t know if I would have been that nice).

Once they are outside, Ramona tells Rebecca that she has been wanting to meet her because she “heard some not-so-good things” about her. Rebecca just looks at Ramona with a stone face. Ramona explains that Dave “kept you a secret.”

She then says that, as Karen’s friend, she was also upset to hear that Rebecca just took Karina to the doctor without either consulting Karen directly or having Dave consult Karen beforehand to get her permission. Rebecca again just looks at Ramona with no expression on her face and does not respond.

Ramona continues and says that she would never want to take someone’s child in a vehicle somewhere without their permission because of the possibility of an accident and possible harm coming to the child. She tells Ramona that this is particularly dangerous considering the kind of family Karen comes from (alluding to Karen’s family Mob ties and history). Ramona bluntly tells Rebecca that when it comes to Karina and something bad happening to Karina while she is in Rebecca’s care, Karen’s family “will KILL you.” Rebecca does not even flinch or look fazed….AT ALL (I don’t know if it is because Rebecca has taken a Xanax; if she is in shock; or if she simply does not give a damn WHAT Ramona is telling her. She is a very tough person to read). Ramona interviews that, because Rebecca just listened to Ramona without flipping out or causing a scene or looking scared, “I have respect for her.”

FINALLY, Rebecca speaks. She tells Ramona that Dave told her that it was o.k. for her to take Karina to her doctor’s appointment since he would be unable to do it. She says that, because of this, she assumed Dave had already cleared it with Karen, and it would not be a problem. Rebecca says that she totally understands Karen’s position because she has children herself, and if their father allowed someone that she had never even met to take them somewhere without consulting her first, she would be upset too (Good answer, Rebecca).

Ramona seems impressed with this, and her face softens toward Rebecca. She interviews that she gives Rebecca “props.”

Ramona ends the conversation by thanking Rebecca for taking the time to talk to her, and Rebecca basically says it was no problem.

After Dave and Rebecca leave the party with no incident, Karen and Ramona both agree that Rebecca “has balls of STEEL coming here.” (I agree.). Karen says that she HAS to respect the fact that Rebecca even showed up at her house for the party.

Drita Goes To Boot Camp

Drita interviews that recently seeing the fitness model she made up for a photo shoot made her realize that she needs to get back to working out herself. So, she has enrolled in a Boot Camp workout class. Drita participates in what looks like a really tough class. She interviews that the Boot Camp class instructor is “no f*ckin’ joke!!” She notes that, growing up, she was very athletic because her father, who is a soccer coach, insisted on it. Despite that, she has recently been slacking, which is why she enrolled in this class, but this class is way harder than she anticipated. She interviews, “I want to get in shape and everything, but…” Basically, she says that the instructor is KILLING her.

At a certain point during the class, Big Ang comes strolling in all dressed up and just watches. She interviews that Drita invited her to go shopping after the class. Big Ang watches the class carefully and looks a little shocked before she frowns. She interviews and says, “Ewww…I don’t think I’d like that Boot Camp stuff!” (I don’t think she would either). Despite her distaste for participating in Boot Camp personally, Big Ang begins to offer her support to Drita from the sidelines by screaming, “Go, Drita! Go, Drita! Go!!”

Despite the sideline support from Big Ang, Drita interviews that she wants to MURDER the Boot Camp instructor. Luckily the class finishes before Drita can seriously injure or kill the instructor (I bet that instructor had no idea she was going to get WHACKED if she kept it up).

Drita cools down after the class by talking to Big Ang. Big Ang tells Drita that she recently went lingerie shopping with Love so that Love could get some sexy lingerie to welcome her ex-boyfriend, Fate, to town. Drita smiles at this.

Big Ang, who hardly ever complains, then changes the subject a bit and complains that Love AGAIN discussed all of the rumors she keeps hearing about the nasty things Carla is allegedly going around Staten Island saying about her. She says she is tired of hearing Love complain about this. Drita says that Love has complained about the same thing to her more than once, and she is also tired of hearing about it.

Both Big Ang and Drita say that they think that the animosity Love has toward Carla is escalating, and unless something is done to remedy the situation soon, “it is going to be UGLY.” Drita admits that Carla has a smart mouth. She says that she thinks that, unless something is done soon, Carla will make the mistake of “ripping Love with her WORDS,” and Love will respond by “ripping Carla’s with her FISTS!!” She says that Carla has a smart mouth, but the problem is that Carla, unlike Love, CANNOT physically fight. Big Ang and Drita agree that they will have to talk to Carla and explain the situation to her so they can try and figure out what to do to calm and resolve the situation before it comes down to Love beating Carla to a bloody pulp.

Next Week:

Renee is shown meeting with some people to discuss developing a shoe line called “Mob Candy.”

Ramona goes wedding shopping. She interviews that it is like she is planning a shotgun wedding because she and her boyfriend have so little time to plan and execute everything.

Drita tells Carla that Love has issues with her because she has been hearing that Carla has repeatedly been saying nasty things about her all around Staten Island. Carla says she cannot “take this stuff anymore!!” (and looks supremely irritated).

Love and Drita get pedicures together, and Love tells Drita that one of the things she said Carla has been telling people is that Love cheated on her fiance’. Love raises her voice and asks, “Who the sh*t is SHE to judge ME??!! She’s had more d*cks in her than….” (unfortunately I could neither hear nor read Love’s lips and understand exactly what she said about Carla. I was able to gather, however, that Love basically called Carla a black-pot-calling-kettle-black WHORE.).

Big Ang tells Carla that people keep telling Love that Carla is talking smack about her all over town. Carla responds by raising her voice and asking Ang, “Is she f*cking NUTS this girl??!!” (It looks like they are at some kind of party when this discussion takes place).

See you guys next week!


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    For Jodi Arias trial watchers, this video is just another example of what a loon this girl is. This is right before she was arrested.

    • Powell says:

      LOL realhousewifeva. I’ve seen this quite a few times. Laughing that she should have done her makeup for her glamor shot, for her closeup w/Mr. DeMille. And then her yoga hand stand to relax herself. A normal person would’ve been scared Shi*less.

    • I am not keeping up with this trial but I read what you guys post here about it…Yikes! What I do not understand is why the trial is taking so long. It seems like they are dragging it out just for the salaciousness of it….but then, I am not really informed.

      • realhousewifeva says:

        It is taking forever. They have short hours, tons of sidebars, and then long weekends off…plus Arizona allow jury questions after a witness is done on the stand, and that drags it on a lot too, because sometimes they have hundreds of questions that have to be answered. THEN after they already did direct, cross and redirect, the lawyers can ask more questions based on what the jury asked!

        • Powell says:

          Right. And the Prosecutor Martinez is doing a great job but he is now poking at the psychologist. He’s been on the stand almost as long as Jodi. Martinez just pokes,& picks at some of the tiniest things when I think the jury has gotten what they need. The Judge is being careful but some days they’re only in court for 3hrs.

          • realhousewifeva says:

            Yah I agree, he’ll re-ask the same question over and over and over again if the witness says “I believe so” or “I think so” and he wants to make sure they say “yes”. It’s overkill at times, but he really did destroy that psychologist credibility big time.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Oh my word!!! I only watched one afternoon of the defense questioning her…I didn’t realize (til now) the degree of her…insanity? or evil? I don’t know which.

    • trudie says:

      I just watched her 48 Hours interview on youtube. In legal terms, the woman is a wackadoo.

  4. Powell says:

    We can’t help it that Rob is a dumb ass & T-Rex did his job for him. T-Rex Private Investigator w/the golden fingers. 🙂

    • T-Rex says:

      Thanks Powell and Super Thanks for NMD putting my name in “lights” . Again what I don’t get is that it took me literally 10 minutes to find as property searches are public record, and for work I have too look this stuff up all the time, but RobNoClassLoserAssShuter should know how to do this as he really does nothing all day but post updates now on his tweeter. By the way this is probably why he is no longer employed, real journalists are supposed to fact check their stores, or at the very least have a fact checker on their payroll.

  5. TexasTart says:

    Good Morning all, I am already to work, so no time to read t all now, but this one caught my eye and LOL!!! Stars said “…Kyle is just too busy trying to get Faye to return all of the Chanel bags that she has borrowed from her over the years…” to write a blog! 😆 Can’t wait to read it all and Detox MW’s too! Catch y’all later!

  6. California35 says:

    Good morning and happy SATURDAY!!!

    I am so glad I stoped to read yesterday’s comments. I always have the intention to read past comments to not miss stuff, but I not always do it. This time I did. Great comments and inspirations. Stupid BH stuff, that make us laugh and wonder 😛 but also brings people to talk about their experiences. It was nice to read about those who survived addiction and have a normal life now, great job ladies 🙂 it reminds me that people CAN get out of that. It is difficult, but it is possible 🙂 thanks for sharing. Second, I am wondering what happened to the poppy who got hurt, I hope he and the older dog are fine. BB got a new laptop 🙂 I hope Faye doesn’t join the cast, and I wonder how if we want the Richard sisters gone, would Faye make any sense without them. I have wondered if Mauricio has some kind of addiction problem also. If he does, wow Kyle is really struggling. Doesn’t the Hilton sister has addiction also? For all we know they all do, not just Kim. Kim is just the only one with no money. Maybe that is another story for another blog.

    Ok, now on to read THIS blog 🙂 I love the recaps of the BH blogs.

    • California35 says:

      I also wanted to mantion – glad you guys discussed and figured out the Bethheny thing…I don’t want to mention “his” name. By the time I read, all of it was clear 🙂

    • Powell says:

      Hey Cali. Glad you’re getting caught up. You’ve been working hard as usual I bet. 🙂

    • Boobah says:

      Hi Cali! Happy Saturday to you too! Hope you have a great day!

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Hi Cali!! I love this place too!

  7. plainviewsue says:

    Watched the sneak preview last night of the finale of RHOBH. I swear, I do not know HOW Lisa didn’t throw that skank Faye out of her home. This is Lisa’s house; Lisa’s party. And that coke whore starts in on Lisa, accusing her of setting off Brandi to be her mouthpiece???? Faye doesn’t have a leg to stand on & I love how Lisa doesn’t take her crap. When Faye referenced playing chess, it is clear that she & her BFF Vile have talked ad nauseum about taking down Lisa. It ain’t working.

    Lisa said she wouldn’t throw her out cos she’s Kyle’s friend. That is the difference between Lisa and Kyle. After all Kyle has said and done, Lisa will always have her back. She needs to not worry about that former friend’s feelings & tell Faye to leave her home. Who knows. Maybe she does.

    It’s so funny hearing Faye defend how she defends Adrienne & Kyle, but then rips Lisa for doing the same for Brandi.

    I despise that woman. Now that there’s an OJ miniseries being talked about, maybe Fayke can be a consultant on it!

    • California35 says:

      Not only is Faye not likable for may reasons, but she also goes where she is not invited to the house of person she is talking about?????!!

    • windycitywondering2 says:

      Apparently manners and graciousness were not taught to Faye when she went to “Lady School”. The fact that Lisa did not boot that slimetart out of her house gives me hope that there is a showdown coming….my money is on Lisa.

    • Powell says:

      I can’t wait to see it. And if you think about it FayeK isn’t a GOOD friend to Kyle because she wouldn’t go to Kyle’s friend’s house where she’s not wanted first of all, but since she went she disrespected the host/homeowner. FayeK’s a user. Not a friend. I bet you Yo will never have FayeK at her home. 🙂

    • AZGirl says:

      ITA. How many times has Kyle invited the women over and sat back and watched some one get ganged up on. Kyle is really mean girl x3. Kyle never “inserts” herself but has friends like Faye do her dirty work.

      • nyc mama says:

        Who invites someone to their house, watch them get verbally attacked and doesn’t put an end to it? No one with class and certainly no one who doesn’t support the attack. She even told Faye she wasn’t angry at her. Had anyone done that at one of my dinner party my reaction would have been VERY different if only for making my guest uncomforable in my home.

    • Rebecca says:

      There’s that HUGE difference though.

      Faye hasn’t met Camille but went after her with obvious inside information from Kyle. Faye didn’t socialize with Brandi but went after her with obvious inside information from Kyle. She is 100% Kyle’s mouth as Kyle tries to resuscitate her image.

      Brandi has issues with Adrienne herself. She’s speaking for herself, not Lisa.

      • Rebecca says:

        Faye “hadn’t” met Camille

        • kit9 says:

          What inside info on Camille? If you mean the soft core porn past, EVERYONE knew that. I knew that. I’d actually seen one of her infamous movies on Cinemax years ago. If I knew it years before she was ever on the show, trust me, all of Beverly Hills knew it. For god’s sake, it’s on IMDB. It wasn’t secret.

    • nyc mama says:

      I’m thinking maybe she does finally after the group “discussion” which they cut off after Lisa gets that look on her face. I idn’t notice Faye at the part where they are renewing their vows when they panned to the women so I think (hope) we will all be cheering from the sidelines on Monday. I have visions of hearing all the women yelling like a touchdown on superbowl sunday 🙂 but even if she doesn’t we know why and she made herself perfectly clear. NY Magazine had a good expose on her years ago. Here’s the link.

  8. Shiny says:

    Stars99, you made me laugh-spit coffee and scare the cat again!
    ” Paul took the phrase “make like a tree and leave” quite literally this week, no? “….Too funny

  9. Good Morning Lovelies! A cool start to the day here and I am loving it! There is a gentle breeze lifting the leaves of the trees as the sun dashes through them and sends sprinkles of light through my window.The softness of Spring…before the Summer stomps in!

    Thanks for the blog NMD & Stars99 & Detox! I just love all the intelligent, brave, savvy, honest and compassionate people here. Love that you don’t let silly people like that Rob guy get away with anything. People like him really do end up looking like the messes that they are! And all in the same blog, you are here for the people having a tough time and need your support, acknowledgement and prayers. What a special group you are!

    Busy day with many things to get done today….but you all have a wonderful Saturday. I hope to get back to play a bit later this afternoon!

    New post, “A True Life”, is up at my place. Enjoy!

  10. LA Debra says:

    I watched the BH First Look, and for the my sake, I’m watching the reunion on DVR so I can FF through any time the Dick sisters open their mouths.

    I hope Diva, Mr. Ford, Diana, Lizzie and Contessa are all recuperating and on the mend. What a week. Thank goodness you have each other and all of us that care about you and send light and love your way.

    Stars you make me laugh with each of your BH blogs. Hilarious.

  11. MORNING ALL… after watching some of the repeat episodes this past week , I am ever so grateful for the REAL FRIENDS I have in my life… no way in hell could I ever be friends with the likes of any of these women,,,,, hard to beleive that they actually are getting paid to air themselves in this light…. bravo needs to do a series about ordinary middle class JAM MAKING MOMS… lol lol

    Patient over did it yesterday… not listening to the one who knows it all ME… so this a/m he is in pain and fell getting out of bed…it took all of me not to laugh at him…. but I did behind his back… so he has been ordered to STAY IN BED today… I gave him his bedside pee jug and food etc…. he can only get up to get dinner and feed the girls at 6 … the drs are open for them to go outside if need be…. MEN ARE SUCH A PAIN….

    rough night at work…steady busy for 5 hrs and having to deal with a BRIDEZILLA from hell and her wedding party…. she pushed and pushed those buttons on me BUT I maintained my inner I WANT TO KILL YOU EMOTION…. even guests who were checking in were amazed at how “kind” and “composed” I was dealing with her….I laughingly told them I have to be , after all I am in the hospitality biz using air finger quotes….we busted a gut laughing…
    Tom . my night auditor came in and we had an hour of stuff to go over… and lo and behold at MIDNIGHT.. the phone rings…. OMG…ITS MC-CREEPY CALLING..
    TOM FREAKS … he says mc creepy has NEVER called at work since he has been there… he didnt even recognize his voice…general chit chat and his eyes are rolling… I am trying to leave and mc-creepy has tom ask me if its okay for him to come in on my shift today to do paperwork…
    my heart rate goes up..I tell him in no uncertain terms.. NO…NO …NO… then mc creepy wants to talk to tom is handing me the phone I say…I dont have time to chat..I am tired and need to get home to my husband who just had surgery..I AM PISSED…. me creepy tells tom..well..she’s not a very pleasant person and slams down the phone…… I AM EVEN MORE LIVID NOW… tom calms me down and says he is playing all of us now because mc creepy wants to get rid of lady manager…she is on vaca and he has been told NOT to come to hotel on my shift…..he stalked me last sunday and I am keeping records of it …. this crap needs to stop and if he is there when I get there today I am walking…then heading to owners house and letting them whats going on….
    There is something def OFF with this guy and he makes the hair on my arms go up…. It’s a very uncomfortable feeling …even Mary the other gal feels the same way….. mc creepy had better pray he doesnt push that wrong button on me cause there will be hell to pay for sure…tom put his cell # in my cell on speed dial in case I need him..he’s only 15 mins away from hotel..TG…
    who would think there would be so much drama in the hotel biz ….lol lol
    other than mc creepy… I really really enjoy this job..meeting new people is the icing on the cake for sure…
    sorry to have gone on for so long….but … thanks for allowing me to vent and for listening….lol

    hugs and peace

    • Iowagirl says:

      Diva, when you know something is wrong you know it’s wrong. One of the benefits of getting older is our instincts are stronger and more accurate. Stay on top of this freak and don’t go to the parking lot without someone with you. MY arm hairs are standing up just reading your comments, please don’t let your guard down. Sending you good vibes from Iowa.

      • thedesigndiva2 says:

        thanks Iowagirl…on sunday nites I move my truck and park it under the front entry…it’s right outside the front dr…. the other nites tom walks me to my truck…
        last sunday . mc creepy showed up an hr early NOT knowing the owner was there because she parked out back and came in back dr… you should have seen his demeanor change when she walked out to the front desk from the back and asked him why he waas there so early….lol lol ….. he said he thought I would like to leave early because I had worked a long weekend..I just looked up from my paperwork and gave him the SIDE EYE .. bit my tongue about him callin me earlier to harrass me…. and yes..those were his exact words when he called..I asked him what did he need…his reply..OH I JUST WANTED TO CALL AND HARRASSS YOU.. I told him that would not be a wise decision and then I giggled…. this dude is def off …..he has an ” AIR ” of evil to him…

        hugs and peace

        • Iowagirl says:

          Have you done a Internet search on him? This guy is OFF, get t-Rex on his ass.

          • AZGirl says:

            Yeppers T-Rex to the rescue.

          • thedesigndiva2 says:

            he has such a common name… for now all I know is that he has been married three times, has one kid 25 yrs old…. waiting on another report…his demeanor reminds me of a man who thinks all women should be barefoot pregnant and chained to the stove…. I / we all think he is sexually frustrated and doesnt know which team to bat for…not that any of care, but damn dude..pick a team….lol

            • Iowagirl says:

              My concern is he seems very threatend by you, that could set him off.

              • iowagirl…I hear ya… that’s why I make sure to never change my tone of voice with him and emit anger..I bite my tongue with him and talk as normal as possible… he’s threatened by mary also… and she never changes her tone..always that sweet southern tone… and she has never liked him…. he got angry because the owners asked her if she would come back to work after she took a leave a few months ago…he feels that once you leave you should never be allowed to come back…. he’s weird do do bird for sure…I got my eye on him….off to get ready…. let’s hope he’s not there…not would like…ruin my day for sure…lol

                check in later
                hugs and peace
                diva…the dragon slayer….

        • AZGirl says:

          Stand ground Diva. This guy is giving me the creeps all the way to AZ. Freaking nut job trying to get under everyone’s skin. Be careful.

        • trudie says:

          Diva, get yourself a can of mace, or maybe some of your glitter hairspray would work!

        • Powell says:

          Diva I’m w/Iowagirl. Why is he so “accommodating” to you? He’s not but you understand. Something is up w/him. I don’t like it. Please be careful. I don’t want to scare you & you’re a very smart lady but when you’re driving make sure you’re not being followed at any time. I’m sure I get that mostly from previously being in banking. I always pay attention to cars around me. When cars are behind me & following me every lane, every turn I become weary. I don’t turn down my street & keep driving. Of course it’s people that are just going my way but I make sure. I don’t want this guy following you. Just take care.
          I’m glad Mr. Ford is confined to bed today. What’s he thinking? You both take care. 🙂

    • Mene Seela says:

      Hello Mis Diva, Please keep safe. Is this mr creepy man your co-worker? Why does he have to come to your shift for paperwork? Keeping notes is very smart of you. I hope he does not know where you live. Keep up the best work. Your family is lucky to have such a funny and loving woman to watch over them.

      • thedesigndiva2 says:

        mene..yes mc creepy is my co worker..he is one of the night auditors and he has no business being at the hotel during day shifts… he can do his PAPERWORK at night… this is only a 43 rm hotel and night audit takes about 3 hrs…he has another 5 hrs to piddle around with other stuff if need be…even tom says he thinks it’s weird that all of a sudden he wants to be OFF THE CLOCK doing paperwork….
        I’m not worried about him finding out where I live…he’d have to be all kinds of stoooopppiid to come by this house… and mc creepy knows that I carry and know how to use…
        I start training for night audit next week and he prob thinks I am a real and viable threat to his job security…. out of five who work there…3 have probs with him…hmmmm how long do you think the owner is going to tolerate that kind of behavior… not long I can tell you that…PLUS both owners have been with me at work and see my work habits and my interactions with guests and they appreciate that and have thanked me for my hard work…they have known me for 13 yrs as I was their Architect for their home , so they know my character…mc creepy has been there for 8 months and has had a few complaints against him from guests in the past.. the worse one was hitting on a male guest..that went over like a lead balloon from what I was told…the guy actually wanted to take mc creepy out to the parking lot….lol lol lol ………I always miss the good stuff…hehehehe
        well..patient is ringing his bell…. now what….hahahahahaha
        hugs and peace

        • lizzle says:

          I’ve worked in a hotel.. and the night auditor has more than enough time to do their work… and the hotel I worked was a bit bigger and still… their was only one night auditor. I was the first in and sometimes I would find her asleep… lol… so I second your comment about there being no reason for him to be at work when he isn’t working. Paperwork… yeah right! (says very sarcastically)

        • Lisa Renee says:

          Diva, I agree with everyones suggestions. Have you told Mr. Ford? Who should listen to his wife of a gazillion years. This might be one of those situations where he is on a need to know basis since he is post op. You have been very vocal at work that good. I think MTH’s POV makes good sense. Making this guy a tool & hopefully not a physical threat. that said…..if we have to suffer embarrassment being a national joke by living in florida feel free to SYG girl 🙂 Lisa

    • melthehound says:

      Diva, I’m sure you well know, there is nothing worse than a job stalker because it’s your livelihood they are phucking with. Just watch your back. I’ll guarantee you he is counting how many bathroom breaks you take, timing your lunch breaks, and anything good you do (which I’m sure all of your work is), he will try and take credit for it. He is likely flapping his gums at anyone who will listen about you and most likely, the others. He is the type I was talking about when in one of my Survivor recaps, I have been dealing with Pinky’s most all of my life. They can never rise on their own merits. They can only get ahead by stepping on someone else’s. I’ve seen it every place I’ve worked, my mother saw it every place she worked, and I’m sure you have too. I know what you went through trying to find a decent job (or rather what you reported here), and it pisses me off to see that so soon, there is already someone trying to piss on it.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      You are so smart to document this…dang!! Who needs this kind of aggravation?

  12. Powell says:

    Scarface is on Spike if there are any fans that want to see it.

  13. Mene Seela says:

    I haven’t watch the last episode of BH yet. Everytime I read this blog about about Faye it make me wonder about Nicole Simpson’s family. Do you think they are upset that Faye is on the show?

    • LA Debra says:

      Iirc NoIcole’s father said faker was not a friend of Nicole’s and the book was fabricated lies.

      • LA Debra says:

        Nicole’s .. This one I can blame on the iPad.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Oh my gosh,…so if she wasn’t Nicole’s friend…that means she simply inserted herself into a situation that had nothing to do with her? To steal all of the attention away from those involved and/or to get a bit of the spotlight? Wow…her pattern hasn’t changed. Faye’s Way: Insert yourself (out of the blue) into situations/conversations that have nothing to do with you and talk over everybody else and say scandalous things so that all the attention is on you.

        I still don’t get how Kyle can be friends with this leech.

        • realhousewifeva says:

          I don’t know, I think Nicole’s family wanted to protect her image since she was basically made out to be a promiscuous, bisexual, hard partying druggie in Faye’s book. Her ‘best friend”. With friends like that…Like Robert Kardashian said at the time “I’m so glad I’m not her best friend”.
          Even the prosecution was pissed at her for that book and didn’t want to subpeona her because she was such a liability after the stuff she wrote about Nicole just to make money. She’s really nasty. And this wasn’t a teen or 20-something young girl who did all the stuff she wrote about…this was a grown ass woman in her mid-late thirties. The fact that she has the nerve to dictate to anyone about their behavior is beyond laughable.

  14. trudie says:


    Spill the beans. How’s the baby?

  15. Bobbi says:

    Just wanting to send out a little hello to my L family friend and neighbor Brigid. Hope all is well with You, Yours and the Entire Lynn Family. (lynn helped me techi wise a couple years ago blogging about my dads cancer..MCL)
    …..with head hanging low, I just suffered through my first full episode of “Stanker” and had to snicker at the fact that one of Chef K’s potentials was Michelle “the scientist” from Big Brother season Jeff and Jordan. Wow how incestious reality t.v. is
    Have a great weekend all
    Bobbi…….the other one in north Texas

    • BB says:

      Hey, Bobbi. You’re a much stronger person than I to be able to sit through an epi of The Stanker. Lol. Isn’t Bravo showing a MM marathon today? I’d rather watch paint dry.

      • Powell says:

        I’d rather put the paint in a glass w/a garnish & drink it.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          I’d rather inject it into my carotid artery.

          • Powell says:

            You win. 😀

            • LaineyLainey says:

              Where’s Texas Tart when you need her…I just won something, Texas Tart!!!! Looking for the prize (as usual). LOL!!!!!

              • TexasTart says:

                UH OH, LaineyLainey won a p-r-i-z-e, LaineyLainey won a p-r-i-z-e!

                Think of that in the sing-songy way of Charo and somebody’s crying….

                So what did ya win?! I haven’t read all this yet, just got off work and saw my name in the feed.

                • LaineyLainey says:

                  NO prize, I just came up with the worst thing of what would we rather do than watch “The Stanky Skanky Actor Lady who is pretending to be DEEPLY, DEEPLY IN LOVE on Millionaire Matchmaker.” Powell said I won…so I was sniffing around for a prize. LOLOLOL!! UH OH…L won a p-r-i-ze!!!! I love that. Now STFU. LOLOLOLOL!!!!

                  • Powell says:

                    LOL!!! 🙂

                  • TexasTart says:


                  • TexasTart says:

                    Your use of STFU was so.funny! Now I saw the promo’s for Stanker being in love and the first thing that struck me was she looked like she was lying. No surprise here if that is/was yet another Bravo pretend relationship.

                    • LaineyLainey says:

                      Glad you thought it was funny, TT. But you did leave the door wide open. hahahaha!! Regarding Patti: It is so obvious that this is all for the show…did you see him on wwhl. He kinda,..just kinda…sounds like kermit. That’s not good. They are both creepy. Patty and her new love. I know that’s not nice, but; I’m just not buying this.

                    • TexasTart says:

                      No, not on.WWHL.What?! He sounds like Kermit the frog?!!!

                    • LaineyLainey says:

                      Yeah, just a lil bit like Kermie.

    • Powell says:

      Hi Bobbi. You watched Stanker Millionaire Matchmaker? So you’re the one that helped her get her ratings. 🙂 Just teasing. I hope you come party w/us. We drink sometimes. 😉

    • *waves* Hi Bobbi!!! 🙂

  16. california35 says:

    I’m at a friends, “helping her move”. I like this kind of help. All im doing is holding her dog and mine while the movers do the actual move 🙂 . It is such a nice day out here. She lives so close to the beach, maybe my dog and i go for walk down the beach, when i get done the move 🙂

  17. Powell says:

    Detox I hope you are well & hope your uncle us coping.

    As usual you did a bang up job on MW. Your best line is “really a little demon disguised as a 13 yr old”. 🙂

  18. Nancy says:

    Marisa and Kim’s blogs are up. Poor Kim…she made a very big typo in hers and Marisa is getting slammed over her bashing of Yolanda. I bet she’s not coming back next season.

    • Contessa says:

      Running right over to see what the addict and the married nympho wrote. Thanks Nancy for the heads up! How are you doing GF?

      • Nancy says:

        Hi Contess, I’m doing fine thanks. My two little cats won’t leave my side though.
        How sweet is that? 🙂 How are you doing? How’s your knee?

        • Contessa says:

          Knee is doing okay, but stiff and swollen. My other leg – that ankle is totally swollen. I think I’ve overdone it in the last few days when I was taking the pain killers. I have cut them in half and lengthened the time in between percocets. When I get out of bed both legs are very stiff and I am using a cane now. So sweet about the cats, I only have one little girl, but she is not that cuddly, except she does sleep next to me or on my hip once I am asleep – LOL.

          • AZGirl says:

            Take it easy. Don’t over do it.

          • windycitywondering2 says:

            Talk to your doctor about your pain and the swelling. Over doing it is so easy but so obvious the next day! Take care!

          • Catseye says:

            I had that same surgery about 3 yrs ago. One thing I do is always sit with my legs straight out on an ottoman, instead of knees bent. Once you are a little better, riding on a stationary bike helps strengthen the leg muscles and even reduces swelling. I bought cheapy one (bike) and although the pedals froze up after a couple of months, I was able to dismantle it somewhat and eliminated all resistance, so I can just sit and pedal.

    • nyc mama says:

      I read Marisa;s blog and some things make no sense. She only posted because she was getting slammed on twitter. She claims they spoke before the party yet Brandi seemed to have no clue about it and told both Jennifer and Lisa she would clear it up there. and she claims rolanda and she were discussing it on the way to the party yet they didnt travel together. It was Jennifer who also expressed her disappointment in Marisa.
      She could have shut Faye down and told her to leave but she didn’t. Too much about her blog makes no sense.

      As for Kim’s blog they aren’t worth reading. Surprised she didnt reiterate she loves turtles since she seems to be stuck there.

      • BB says:

        I saw some Nate Berkus turtles in Target yesterday and thought of Kimmy-Poo

        • Shiny says:

          Target? Now Kim will have to give her turtle shells to Kim because her decorator Faye won’t want people thinking Faye is decorating based on Target or Nate’s style.

      • windycitywondering2 says:

        As for Kim’s blog – with all those ghosts in her house you would think one of them could have helped her with her blog! At least she turned one in.

    • AZGirl says:

      Major typo….not good. She should have had it proofed.

    • realhousewifeva says:

      LOL @ Kim’s typo. Sounds like Freudian slip to me 😉

      I like parts of Marisa’s blog. I like how she said that being on TV means that when you make a mistake you have thousands of people reminding you….lol
      I said in the comments a couple days ago that it never seemed like Brandi was all that upset and her and Marisa easily moved past it. I think Brandi was more upset at the people that Marisa shared it with, because she said it twice (once last week, and once in the preview clip) that she doesn’t give good marriage advice.
      Interesting that they talked beforehand…this was obviously a production intervention type of situation. It’s obvious they made the ladies have their discussion on camera as well in order to wrap up that storyline.

      Yolanda did make the comment that Brandi flirts with everyone, but she said it as a dismissal, as in Brandi is just an innocently flirty person, she doesn’t mean anything by it. Faye was the one who pressed the idea that Brandi has different intention in her flirting.
      Anyone notice when Brandi asked Mauricio if she ever flirted with him and he said no, then he said something like “Why are you going to start?” or something and she was like ‘NO”…I think he got a little excited at the idea for a minute 😉 He looooves to hug and kiss Camille, I noticed those tight hugs and compliments from him towards Camille since season 1. lol

      ALso when Faye enters the party and greets Marisa, there was an exchange between the two of them, something like “We are in trouble today” and Faye respond “Oh I know”..something like that (not sure if that is verbatim) Anyone else catch that?

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Yes, I’ve noticed Mauricio’s “huggy” ways…that’s part of his culture, though. (I think). I thought I noticed that he said something playful back to Brandi when she asked the question. He hasn’t been my fave this season, but I thought that was kinda cute and playful of him. That’s the right attitude to have at a party…just go with the jokes…don’t be all overly sensitive. imo.

        • realhousewifeva says:

          I don’t mind his playful ways, I just think it’s funny that he is like that since Kyle is sooo jealous when it comes to Maury and other women 🙂

          • LaineyLainey says:

            I’m sure there’s a line that shouldn’t be crossed – a friendly “huggy” greeting or farewell doesn’t bother her…but anything past that probably sends her over the edge. I’m jealous too. I have read that jealous wives are like that because …well, it comes from being insecure and unconfident (not a word). I’m not going to disagree. My dad wasn’t faithful (that’s putting it mildly) and that didn’t help, either.

      • nyc mama says:

        Yes, I posted about it several times here. Marisa said “I think we’re in trouble” and Faye responded “I’m sure we are”.

        • Nancy says:

          I wonder why she said that though? In trouble for what?

          • nyc mama says:

            For what they said about Brandi at Adrienne’s Zing party.

            • Nancy says:

              But how did they know it already got to Brandi? Wasn’t it the next day?

              • nyc mama says:

                I don’t know. Assumptions? or they know that news travels fast? It was either the next day or just a few days later. It is so confusing since some are refering to it as being the next day and others a few days later. Now Marisa is claiming in her blog that she called Brandi which makes no sense either since we saw Brandi discuss with Jennifer that she was going to clarify what was said at A’s party “later” and it didn’t seem that she had spoken to Marisa yet. It is all so convoluted.

                • Nancy says:

                  Bye bye Marisa. lol

                  • iceNfire says:

                    A few days later – from Brandi’s blog ” How do you have a huge party with all of your “friends” one day and then decide to separate a few days later on the date of Lisa’s party?”

                  • nyc mama says:

                    But then who will Kyle have next year on her side if Marisa is gone? 😉 Right now she is left with just Kim (and we know how effective she is). After the Faye fiasco this year I doubt Bravo is so self destrutive to bring her back but considering it is Bravo who knows? There isn’t enough brain bleach for me to watch another season that includes Faye.

    • TexasTart says:

      What is the Kim typo?!! Her blog is the only one that will not load on mobile.

      • Nancy says:

        It was somethig about Adriennes Vodka party and her sobriety. She just left out a word.

        • TexasTart says:

          I’m still curious how it’s a freudian slip…I’ll look it up on the desktop tomorrow.

          • LA Debra says:

            She said the vodka party is the kind of party she would be interested in attending. Instead of would not be interested in attending.

            • LaineyLainey says:

              You know, I don’t have a substance abuse problem but the thought of a vodka party or margarita party or a wine party makes my mouth water.

            • TexasTart says:

              LOL! Freudian slip for sure! Thanks, LADebra!

    • kit9 says:

      Marissa has a right to p.o. at both Yolanda and Brandi. Yolanda and Brandi were way out of line feeling it was there business and right to berate Marissa over her marriage. Who the Ef do they think they are?! Brandi offering unsolicited marriage advice? And, I love that Lisa said that she was ‘just joking’ with her hall pass advice and Brandi said she was absolutely serious. And, Yolanda scolding her? Yolanda, “I obey my husband’ is the last person to be judging anyone else’s marriage. What is really annoying is the fact that Marissa has told Brandi before that she’s just joking yet there Brandi is, giving Marissa shi*t about it AGAIN. And, my jaw dropped when Brandi, after Marissa said she has no problem in her marriage, saying, ‘well, that’s a question mark’.

      • nyc mama says:

        But Marisa wasn’t/isn’t po’d at Brandi and has admitted she understands why Brandi responded the way she did so not sure why you are saying she is.

        Marisa has come off disrespectful countless times and has admitted such herself. Once or twice it could be taken as a joke but every time we saw her she stated the same thing. It does make one wonder why one would always state how they would like to sleep with other men if their marriage is so wonderful.

        As far as Yolanda’s marriage, it isn’t what I would choose, but it works for her and David so who is anyone to criticize. To each his own.

      • Realhousewifeva says:

        Almost every person that watches the show commented about Marisa’s marriage since that is all she talked about all season!!! If my friend constantly complained that she got married young, isn’t attracted to her husband and wishes she could f*ck other men, I sure as hell would say ‘that’s questionable’ if she then tried to pretend she had a perfect marriage. If she didn’t want anyone to talk about her marriage, then she shouldn’t have made it a topic of conversation every time she was with the women. And even after she claimed that her marriage was fine, she goes on to say that if she could eff a tall, dark and handsome man right there and then, she would!! Who the hell talks like that? If that was Brandi you would be taking we over the coals for that crap. You don’t find any problem in Faye butting into Brandi’s business when Brandi never once discussed anything with Faye, yet it’s so preposterous that Brandi gives (bad) marriage advice to someone who has complained about her marriage to Brandi numerous times? lol

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Brandi made digs at Adrienne at the last reunion about she and Paul not having a good marriage or a real marriage and look at what happened to them! Is she the prophet of doom or what? Although to be fair, she didn’t accuse Marissa of not having a real marriage she just gave her advice. Sorry Kit9 I missed the part where as you said, Yo and Brandi “berated” Marissa about her marriage. Or maybe “berate” doesn’t mean what I think it means.

  19. Shiny says:

    Diva –
    read about your harassing co-worker mc creepy up above. You are dealing with him very wisely – and keeping notes on his weird ways. I wish Mr. Ford was up and about just to give him an additional reason to take a big step back from causing you any trouble. Not the kind of crazy guy who can be safely fired, but I hope he gets the message to behave and to disappear.

    Sorry Mr. Ford fell, but gives you the ammunition to control his wish to dance too soon. Most men are hard to keep in bed when most of their bodies feel fine. Doing more damage to themselves by not obeying orders just doesn’t seem to cross their minds….nor how much more work they’ll make for you if they do.

    Give Mr. Ford our good wishes for speedy recovery and better mobility – and tell him we expect him to behave!

  20. I Need A Life! says:

    This will be the highest rated show….ever. There’s a reunion taking place on Betty White’s, “Hot In Cleveland.” Looks like, sweetheart Valerie Harper, Georgia Engel, Cloris Leachman, and Mary Tyler Moore, are getting together for an episode. Can’t wait.

    • Powell says:

      I know. That’s so great. I hope Valerie goes into remission. I love all these ladies.

    • TexasTart says:

      Thanks for posting that – I had not heard about it yet and quit following Hot in Cleveland, but this will be a must see! 🙂

    • I did not know about this either…thanks for mentioning. It will be fantastic to see them all together again. I loved Betty White as Sue Ann Niven on the MTM show. She was so deliciously evil while playing innocent. This will be fun!

  21. california35 says:

    Break time!
    Star99 love the recaps 🙂
    Interesting that the only wives writing blogs are the once we like. Are the others on to us? They don’t want to get the heat? 😛

  22. boston02127 says:

    Hi All, Little joke:

    Paper is not dead.

  23. realhousewifeva says:

    Good read about “The Morally Corrupt” Faye Resnick. Check out number 13… interesting how Camille is Team Faye after all that!

    • I know I am not saying anything ya’ll haven’t said already…but after reading all that…how can this woman show her face in public let alone WANT to be on TV again? I hope she is proud of her moniker because she sure wears it well!

      • windycitywondering2 says:

        Faye has proven time and time again that she has no soul – to profit off a friend’s death and tell tales that can not be defended is reprehensible. Faye is a user and a loser.

  24. T-Rex says:

    I am watching the movie Cookies Fortune, I just love this movie for those that want a good movie to watch that got very little buzz when it came out this is a good one. Loads of stars

  25. windycitywondering2 says:

    So when will Kyle blog? She has had amble time to read what Yolanda, Lisa and Brandi had to say. Will she justify Faye’s behavior?

    • nyc mama says:

      Kyle doesn’t blog so she can keep her head in the sand. She doesn’t like negative feedback or perhaps any feedback at all, especially ant that puts her in a bad light. “It bothers her” , at least that is what she has claimed. She isn’t bright enought to realize or perhaps simply doesn’t understand that it is her actions that cause the reactions she gets. It looks like she will defend Faye yet again or at least try to justify Faye’s abhorrent behavior. She doesn’t realize that if you lay down with mangey dogs you get fleas.

      • Nancy says:

        I bet this is the first time she has had to answer for her behavior. Same goes for Kim.

      • windycitywondering2 says:

        Interesting how neither Kim nor Marisa even mention the unfiltered fleabag Faye… come on Kyle you have to defend your BFF!

        • nyc mama says:

          Yes, I thought of that also. It’s as if they are afraid of her. I think Marisa only blogged to go after Yolanda since that is really all she did.

          • LaineyLainey says:

            They do act like they are afraid of her (Faye)…as if she knows something about them and is threatening to expose them if they don’t let her ride their coattails? Yes, my imagination might be working overtime. Yes, indeedy.

            • nyc mama says:

              My imagination is hanging out with yours. Why would Kyle make Faye the godmother to several of her children, as Faye claimed, when she has 2 sisters? There seems to be something very off with that entire family. Kim had to tell Kyle that Kathy wasn’t attending Farrah’s graduation, Kyle (allegedly) stole Kim’s house, Kyle seems to dislike Kim and visa versa, … So many things that seem off. I posted a link upthread of an old NYMag article about Faye which make me realize she was a witch back then besides what she did to Nicole and remains one now.. Her stepdaughter claimed she was awful. So many things make me wonder why one would want to associate with her.

              I hope they don’t bring Dana back as Kyle’s BFF next season. Another one I have no desire to watch.

  26. iceNfire says:

    My mind is mush…thought I was experiencing deja vu but turns out I was reading yesterdays comments 😳 I’ve never left a mean comment on Kim’s blog before but after watching the seasons 1 & 2 marathons I’ve had it with her (And Kyle) The comment I left her isn’t mean, I just said I’m sick of seeing her and Kyle fighting and crying and I hope she finds something better to do with her life.
    I plan on tweeting this repeatedly to @Bravotv and @BravoAndy.

    • windycitywondering2 says:

      LOL – Marisa’s comments are not very nice, but Kim’s are only nice. I too am so tired of the KimandKyle waterworks factory – tomorrow we get to see them cry mor than Adrienne over the end of her marriage!

      • iceNfire says:

        What I noticed watching the Hawaii trip was that Kyle said she hasn’t driven in a car with Kim in over 12 years And she and Kim don’t hang out together. There is No sisterly love there…they don’t even like each other and I’ll bet their families only get togethers are for the cameras only.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          I’ve suspected the same (that they are not really very close); but in terms of the driving with Kim; I can’t imagine that with Kim’s substance abuse that Kyle would have put herself in harm’s way by riding anywhere with Kim. It’s really awkward when you someone you love is using/drinking and they offer to drive.

          • iceNfire says:

            No, Kim was saying something about Kyle texting while driving and Kyle said she hadn’t been in a car with Kim for 12 years…Agree about Not getting in a car with a substance abuser.

        • Realhousewifeva says:

          And Kathy never shows up to any of kyles events. At first I thought she didn’t want to be filmed, but her and Paris both filmed this season. Just not to support Kyle.

      • TexasTart says:

        I think we’ve all.seen the promo with the Richard, er, DICK sisters, lol, crying Oh Adrienne and it beyond.disgusts me…matter of fact I am not looking forward to the finale as usual because of all the scum of BH Adrienne and Faye in particular. Let’s make that scum of the Earth as for Faye. Grrrr. So we have to be subject to this BS at Lisa & Ken’s party. I tell you nothing we don’t already knkw but this would never happen in reality. Yet this is supposedly reality based programming.
        Rant over 😉

    • TexasTart says:

      deja vu for you 😆
      She does need to find something better to do with her life that is NOT in the public eye. No one with anxiety issues, as she has repeatedly said she suffers from needs to be putting themselves out there. She should just go disappear into Kathy’s pool house….I am completely disgusted with her personality even more so when supposedly sober. And in the next episode I think she is still hung up on what Brandi said way back at game night. Ugh.

      • Nancy says:

        The 12 step program clearly shows how one gets over a resentment. All she needs
        to do is figure out the part SHE played in that scenario with Brandi but needless to say
        I don’t think that’s ever going to happen.

        • TexasTart says:

          Right! Because IF she’s working a program she must have just started it. I see no advancement…no acceptance of responsibility, etc. over all this time.

          • Nancy says:

            Nor do I sorry to say. Kyle should be going to Al Anon herself.

            • TexasTart says:

              I’ve always agreed that Kyle should have educated herself more about addiction to be able to better communicate with her sister. But if you noticed a little further upthread the talk of these sisters not being close or having a normal sister relationship – I think is true and in essense more an issue with or without addiction interfering in communication.

        • iceNfire says:

          IU’d like to know who told Kim that she doesn’t like Brandi on this particular day b/c in Kim’s TH’s she said she does like Brandi…someone got in her ear…my guess either Kyle or Faye but I’m pretty sure Kyle is the boss of Faykr

  27. Nancy says:

    This is interesting.

  28. nyc mama says:

    Looks like the Hoof is trying to woo Perez Hilton and plugging her vodka.

    Adrienne Maloof‏@AdrienneMaloof
    Looking forward to @PerezHilton’s B-day tomorrow night! Happy Happy Birthday! @ZINGVodka

    This was one of the responses:
    @AdrienneMaloof @PerezHilton @ZINGVodka
    great Adrienne every gay man’s party needs a transvestite so glad your available

    • Nancy says:


    • TexasTart says:

      ROTFL! I love that twitter response!!!!

    • LaineyLainey says:


    • melthehound says:


      • TexasTart says:

        The more the merrier! Hahahahah. You got me started laughing again. Give Mel.a cookie, if it’s not too late!

        • melthehound says:

          A cookie? It’s Never too late. A bomb could go off and not wake him but if he hears that cookie bag crinkle, he’s wide awake, alert, and won’t leave me alone until I give him one… So, he thanks you 😀

      • nyc mama says:

        Now that response made me laugh outloud. I thought it was perfect. Succinct and to the point and so deliciously catty.

        Some less funny responses but they are so true:
        @AdrienneMaloof @PerezHilton @ZINGVodka Ah, you must have more stories to sell then.
        @AdrienneMaloof @PerezHilton @ZINGVodka that almost sounded sincere till i saw the vodka ad.

        When I think back it is amazing the number of unsuccessful things the Hoof has tried to push in the last 3 years
        Vodka, her shoes, her handbags, the Palms, her yoghurt, Paul’s practice, her skincare line. Those are are the ones that I can think of offhand and none have been successful except for Paul;’s practice but I think that has little to do with her. She makes JZ look like a light weight in bad marketing.

  29. LaineyLainey says:

    Stars99, I loved your blog comments…so many gems…here’s my fave: “She’s lucky he didn’t do worse… He could have been standing on a table in some Maloof Hooves or something…” I’m very visual and you had me a’chucklin’

  30. iceNfire says:

    Kyle will be on wwhl after reunion part 1. Does anyone know who else will be there or do we get 30 minutes of Kyle and her crocodile tears? #STFUkyle

    • LaineyLainey says:

      ahhh, that makes me miss VV!!!! I’ve been missing Jill, too!! I hope she’s having fun with her family and her girls today…!! and Detox…come back, Detox!!

    • nyc mama says:

      Nooooooo. So she can try to excuse/justify her bad behavior? Tell us that she was just…(fill in the blank)? I can’t think of anyone less appropriate or wanted. Wonder what she paid Andy to do that? It was like last week when he had Reza back on to attack MJ yet again.

      • nyc mama says:

        oops. that was supposed to be in response to Kyle on WWHL.

        • TexasTart says:

          I think it would have been Lisa but DWTS has her now…Yo is in FL getting medical treatment and I love turtles.was just there. Brandi was on twice since her book came out. So it was Kyle’s turn.
          We need some of our people calling or tweeting questions!

          • nyc mama says:

            You are probably right. I really don’t want to listen to Kyle promoting her store and defending Faye. I wish he would have Cat on to discuss BH. Now that would be a fun show. Would love to see her, Lisa and Brandi and even Yolanda go head to head with Kyle and Faye and Adrienne. No contest for sure but would be fun to watch.

            On that note it is time to get off the computer. Night everyone. Thanks for the late night laughs.

  31. Contessa says:

    Hi all, Checking in as I am bored with staying in bed, and my legs are both stiff from laying around. As I said previously I cut back big time on the pain meds, but went back on them so I can walk a bit and take a shower (I am alone in the house, but have safety bars in my shower). Anyway I am with all of you up above…Nancy – thanks for calling out the 12 step program part about forgiveness, my first late H was a recovering alcoholic and he explained a lot of that to me. That is what gets me about Kim, crying in the previews about what Brandi did to her…she does not own her nasty behavior at game night one iota. Also the previews showed Kim and Vyle crying hysterically about Ad’s divorce. Been there, done that, and I did not cry in front of my family, friends, (maybe shed a quiet tear) but none of that hysteria. That was too much for me and for that alone I wanted to slap those two beyotches like a 3 stooges comedy, smack their little tiny brains together. There is so much underlying tension in the Richard’s sisters family it is oozing out on the TV. Vile got her the spot on BH because she and Malicio got tired of supporting lazy a$$ Kimmy. I also wonder what kind of shenanigans went on with their mothers Palm Spring house? Also Kathy doesn’t seem to have any kind of real relationship with Kyle either…could be she won’t film without a contract/money.

    Now onto my fav person to throw shade on – the morally corrupt Faykr. This is a small thing, but did anyone notice that Faykr was carrying a fur purse in the basic colors of Giggy? I think that idiot was making her little I am making fun of Lisa/Ken for carrying around Giggy – it’s all about pointing out issues for disgusting Faykr. She had on a teenage type lace dress, with oversized earrings (that do not go with that dainty fabric) and she carries a purse made of fur to a summer party. She claims a chanel bag makes you a lady, I guess my one and only LV (got it as a gift many years ago), makes me 1/4 of a lady, because it does not cost near as much as chanel and the one Prada (on a crazy insane whim – with serious buyers remorse) I bought as a divorce gift to myself
    gives me another 1/4, so maybe I am only half way there. My other handbags must make me a HO because they do not bear a label and are from the sale rack. Faye and Vile are in it together to crucify Lisa, as Vile is po’s about not having any more allies and that Faykr did not make the grade to HW. Say what you will about Brandi, but she owns it big time. There is a reason Yo and Lisa like her and I for one admire her loyalty very much – cannot buy that in a BH store.

    I also realize people make fun of Yo’s attitude with her marriage, but if David is Kinf of their household, she is definitely the Empress. That woman has him wrapped around her finger and he loves the attention and flattery she gives him. Yo comes from a different place, European background and approaches things in a very European old fashioned way. May not work for many of us, but I don’t believe she is the little quiet missus in the household. Yolanda learned to hold her own growing up poor, leaving home very young to model and marrying a man of first generation Arab descent (my sister’s first H was an Arab and it was very trying with the different cultures in
    our family). I think I have ranted enough for now – LOL.

    One last thing love the blogs this AM and my kid did great on the mob wives as usual. She writes so everything is very visual – quite a talent!

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Hi Contessa! I guess your kid comes by her writing talent naturally; cause you’re pretty good too. I enjoyed your comment. How observant of you to notice the passive aggressive purse Fayek brought to the party. I’ve never made fun of Yo and her attitudes on marriage. I’m kinda old fashioned myself. She still has power in her marriage and that’s cool. I hope they don’t break up. I don’t see what kind of marriage will work if they can’t make it.
      My favorite line from your comment: “I wanted to slap those two beyotches like a 3 stooges comedy, smack their little tiny brains together.”

    • nyc mama says:

      Great recaps and feel better but in the meantime, you can pretend you’re Kim. Just act loopy. You have an excuse.

      Yes, saw the purse and asked myself WTF? PETA should be told. It wouldn’t surprise me if it was a passive-aggressive act towards Lisa.

      Does anyone remember when Faye dropped the chandelier last year when she and Kyle were planning the white party? And kyle’s reaction was “well, I guess I have to pay for that”.

    • Nancy says:

      Hi Contessa,
      I don’t think Kyle and Kim are capeable of changing. I don’t usally give up on people but these two make me wonder. It’s sad as there are so many children involved.
      I hope you are eating some prunes while taking your meds. lol I hope you will be up
      on your feet soon but don’t over do it.
      The 12-step program is a great one but you have to do your work and it’s not always easy. It’s hard to face what you’ve done to people and yourself over the years.

      • Nancy says:


        • iceNfire says:

          I give up on both kim and Kyle if they haven’t worked their way thru their issues by this point in their lives they’re not going to. I don’t believe either one of them are even trying, they just want the Bravo paycheck. Yeah, I give up on both of them. I don’t wish them any ill will, I just don’t care.

    • melthehound says:

      I’m sure even without a fancy bag/purse/whatever, you’re still a complete lady. The only person that comment defined was Fayke herself. She’s a pig, always has been, always well be. Remember, you can put lipstick on a pig but it will still be swine, Just Like Her.

      • melthehound says:

        Also meant to say, I hope you’re up and around pain free soon 😉

      • Contessa says:

        Hi Jeff, you and Mel have coined it – she is a swine – I love that word for Faykr – total, absolute swine. It just rolls off the tongue so easily – LOL. I was making fun of the fact that swine correlates a lady to the value of a handbag…can we please say swine again, and again and again. I wonder how long it took the pea brains of Vile and Faykr to come up with that line. Give the big handsome doggies a smoochie for me, or a pat at least – LOL and of course a cookie. Thank you for the lovely compliment, but I have been known to shoot my big mouth off ala Brandi a few times in my life.

    • TexasTart says:

      Contessa, glad to finx you here and out of bed! Glad to jear you seem to be managing fairly well post surgery. Hope that swelling is going down. Your blog daughter does lay it all out like you’re there! Loved all your comments especially the 3 stooges reference and the remarks about your own handbags, lol. Faye is hard to look at in the first place, but that wardrobe and accessory.choices leave a lot to be.desired….especially her clutch that WAS Giggy’s coloration…had anyone seen him?! JK

      • Nancy says:

        I’m so glad you asked that about Faye’s furry purse. That was down right bizarre.
        I can’t believe she has found someone to marry her. Wow!!

        • TexasTart says:

          Oh but she’s nice when she’s not on the show 🙄
          Yeah right.

          ‘Night all!

          • Contessa says:

            Texas – remember that comment about Faykr Swine, came from Kim – who lives in an alternate universe of her own creation. She just flits down once in awhile to talk about me, myself and I, and how hurt she has been in the past. No one truly understands how hurt she really is according to herself.

            • LaineyLainey says:

              I saw that preview on SH blog…where Kyle is trying to talk to someone about why Faye has an attitude about Brandi…and then Kim butts in…and SHE WILL NOT BE MOVED. Kyle is fully aware of the camera and trying to soothe Kim..not just for her own interest (trying to be shown in a positive light); but also trying to placate Kim so that she doesn’t come off as a loon….but KIM is not having it. Kyle looks like she’s sincerely trying to help Kim but Kim won’t stop. “What about when she hurt me? huh Kyle, huh?” That was the first time I ever felt sorry for Kyle.

              • windycitywondering2 says:

                IMHO, that kind of a scene goes on a lot – this one just happened to be caught on camera. KIM won’t accept an explanation – she only wants recognition for what she is talking about because that is the only thing she hears or cares about.

              • TexasTart says:

                Lainey, that is the other preview I referenced that wasaking me so much more.aggravated with Kim (and not Kyle in this particular scene). She would NOT be how you put that and this was an occasion that I thought it would have been acceptable for Kyle to have slapped her and said – snap out of it! giggle

            • TexasTart says:

              Yes! And on another Kim related note; I can not imagine why in the world she was motivated to run to Adrienne ….Brandi said this and that. Always mystified me because Kim is so extremely self-centered.
              I do now recall a conversation here where it was pointed out that Adrienne.was always kind to Kim..maybe that is a motivator. I still do not comprehend Kim caring outside of her own little world. Maybe this will be adressed at the reunion.

              • windycitywondering2 says:

                Kim saw an opportunity for a scene and took it – since we didn’t hear what she said there could have been misinformation, which would explain the Hoof saying there would be a big fat lawsuit. Plus she got the bonus of messing with Mauricio/her sister’s “event”!

    • pat says:

      Contessa I think your observation re Yo’s marriage is spot on. She is definitely the Empress of her household, and David is madly in love with her. She’s in the driver’s seat there.

      • Catseye says:

        I agree. I don’t see Yolanda as a shrinking violet, she knows what she wants, how to get it and isn’t interested in settling for second best. I think she and David make a great pair. Too bad for Linda (whose face looked a LOT more natural, than it has previously btw), but I think she put her spoiled sons ahead of her husband and paid the price.

  32. Nancy says:

    Night night ladies…time to give my King some attention. 🙂

    • LaineyLainey says:

      LOL!! I love it. Mine wants some attention, too. He just got back from California and is so happy to be home!!

      • Contessa says:

        Here is my thought on the King thing – if you have a good man, treat him like a king and you become empress of your empire. I have done this in my good relationships and it has given me back ten fold and I am one of the most liberated women you can come across. It’s about showing /giving love, respect, admiration and caring – the direct opposite of Ad and Paul – who were like a nasty comedy duo on the last two seasons.

        Please know this is not the pain pills talking, this is such a wonderful supportive group, where else can I find people at 10 PM my time caring about how I feel and my thoughts. Sending XXOO to all of you!

        • LaineyLainey says:

          I agree. It’s a good philosophy. It’s a good one to extend to our friends, too. You know what I mean? Well, not to treat my family and friends like “kings” but to demonstrate that they are valued and important to me. I agree, I do love this place, too!!

        • california35 says:

          I agree with this…treating someone like king or queen, doesn’t mean you think less of yourself. I don’t mind treating someone well, in this case, like a king :-).
          This goes for friends and family also. Treat them well and you will get treated well also.

        • TexasTart says:

          I agree with all you said Contesa. Check in with us Sunday and let me know how you’re doing.

  33. iceNfire says:

  34. california35 says:

    Good morning,
    Very early for me SPECIALLY for a Sunday 😦 I am glad i have this place to come to at this time. A place where we can come to no matter what time it is.

    Any ways. I was thinking that Kim could write a book about her life with information about all around her, her sisters, friends, addiction, struggles and gossip. The problem is that she may not really remember much of her life AND her sisters wouldn’t let let write the book any ways.

    I think Faye has something on those Richard sisters, or just Kyle. Maybe Faye just has information on BH/Hollywood people. Maybe she is not the only one, but she is the one that would go public with it, so they all try to be ok with her.

    I had worries about the fact that Kyle and Bethenny are friends, but more And more i realized that the meaning of “friends” is different in their world. So, im not worry anymore 😛

    • TMarsh101 says:

      Hey Cali, you WERE up early. It’s turning out to be a beautiful morning out here though, isn’t it?
      I’m inclined to agree with you on Faye. After reading how she publicly disrespected and defiled her “friend” Nicole Simpson’s character (after she was brutally murdered mind you), I would be walking on eggshells if she were my friend. There would always be that fear that I would be the next victim thrown under her proverbial bus. I’m starting to think that Faye has a soul, it’s just a soul of the devil himself.
      But, I guess that’s the difference between Kyle and myself…I would NEVER be friends with someone like Faye in the first place. As the old saying goes: If you want a measure of someone’s character, look at the people they surround themselves with.

  35. LA Debra says:

    Morning Cali 🙂

    I hope one our NJites (? Is that right?) won the Powerball!!

  36. TexasTart says:

    Going to have to leave before a new post, so Good Morning to all, may you enjoy something in your day. 😀

  37. BB says:

    Good morning all! Message to Spring and warmer weather: “Come out, come out wherever you are!”

    • Powell says:

      Good morning BB & everyone. Where is Spring? She’s hiding from us. Have a great Sunday.

  38. LA Debra says:

    Alex put up her vid on the last BH episode.


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