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Ronnie Negus – Spousal Abuse and Threats to Ex-Wife by NoMoreDrama

People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.  Ronnie Negus didn’t think twice about telling viewers about Mary Zilba’s past – namely Mary’s first marriage – a marriage Mary was trying to keep from her children.  But I’m sure she would have been furious if any of her castmates had talked about issues in HER marriage.  The thing is, much of this information is available with a quick google search.

For instance, Ronnie’s husband Russell, was arrested in Beverly Hills in 2010:

“NEGUS,RUSSELL GRANT, 43, of W Vancouver,arrested on 06/18/2010 inflict corporal injury on spouse/cohabitant.”

Yup.  He was arrested for abusing Ronnie.  You can read it in the Beverly Hills Weekly (look at page 5).

And then there’s the retroactive child support case between Russell Negus and his ex-wife.  On the surface it’s pretty straight forward.  As his income increased, his child support payments didn’t – so his ex-wife went to court to see if that could be fixed retroactively.  However, in those court documents, the ex-wife stated that one (of the two) reasons she hadn’t raised the issue earlier was that:

“First, the claimant says that the respondent’s wife” (that would be Ronnie) “has insulted and threatened her.  This caused her to fear the respondent’s wife.  She says that this fear contributed to the delay because she was concerned that if she took action there could be “blowback” from the respondent’s wife that could be harmful to Victoria (her daughter with Russell).”

Ronnie would like viewers to believe that her life is perfect and others are just jealous of her.  Her twitter timeline reads a little like Jacqueline Laurita’s did when she was obsessed with Teresa Giudice.  It oscillates back and forth between positive and supportive xxoo type of comments, to digs at Mary Zilba and even Jody Claman, as well as others on twitter.  (PS – if you look carefully you’ll see that her twitter “handle” changes in each screen shot.  She was hacked this weekend – but all of these tweets occurred before she was hacked (to the best of my knowledge) , it just messes up the screen grabs).

ronnie dear haters

ronnie 5ronnie compromise
ronnie 3She also seems obsessed with Mary’s song, which Mary wrote about her son.  Ronnie seems to want to make it about her daughter Remy.  I also find it strange that she’d say that Remy doesn’t know Mary, since Mary is supposed to be her godmother.

ronnie mary song

ronnie 2

As for Mary Zilba, here are some of her responses:

mary tweet

mary tweet 2________________________________

Real Housewives of Vancouver Episode 7 – Sweet and Soured

Last week the ladies were in Toronto for various random and made up reasons.  They all ended up at a party thrown by a sleazy guy that wanted some air time.  Mia got drunk.  Jody lectured Mary about how much she hates her.  Ioulia found a way to have fun.  Amanda showed her arse and most of her boobs.  Robin stood by Mary.  Mary fought like she was in kindergarten, and Ronnie may or may not have been drinking, but she sure was mean to Mary.  At the end of the episode Ronnie started sobbing and ran out of the party.  Later she said she had a panic attack, and tried to make it all Mary’s fault.  I’m not even going to pretend to be unbiased.

Mary asked Ronnie if she had been drinking, which could have been conceived as really mean IF Ronnie was truly on the wagon.  But then I remember this tweet of Ronnie’s from a few weeks ago.

ronnie 4

Moving on to this week’s episode ….

Josh is a good sport for appearing on camera in Mia's pick.

Josh is a good sport for appearing on camera in Mia’s pick.

We start off with Jody, Mia, and cute little Hannah clothes shopping for Jody’s son, Josh.  I don’t know why Jody doesn’t bother me as a villain.  I think it’s because she owns it – and she’s pretty funny.  If you watched Seinfeld – Mary is her Newman.  Mia is excited about shopping for her brother and wants to make him sexy.  Jody wants him to be classic.  We learn that Josh is only 17 and already in University.  Good for him.  Mia is determined to dress Josh like a fool and enlists the help of little Hannah.  She picks out a red polka dot shirt that he thinks is ridiculous. I think we can all agree with him.  He’s a good sport for even coming out of the dressing room.  Mia thinks he looks amazing.  Jody thinks he looks like smarties on acid.  Smarties are like M & M’s.  I miss smarties.  He tries on jeans and likes them.  Then comes a very curious conversation.  Jody asks if he wants to go down a size and he worries that they’ll shrink when he washes them.  Mia tells him he’s not supposed to wash them for a year, and the guy in the store tells him to put them in a Ziploc bag in the freezer to get rid of the odors.  Are they kidding?   Does anyone know about this?  Jody hasn’t heard of this either and thinks it’s disgusting.

Ronnie and Robin are also shopping.  Ronnie says she loves Mary, but there are certain things that she will not tolerate anymore.  Ronnie sits down and starts telling a story about two wolves and good and evil as Robin tries on dresses.  Ronnie has clearly practiced this story and is pretty serious about telling it.  Robin is barely paying attention, and keeps talking about the dresses.  It’s pretty funny.

Amanda and Robin have lunch.

Amanda and Robin have lunch.

Amanda explains that Mary is evil.

Amanda explains that Mary is evil.

After shopping (and wearing her new blouse) Robin meets Amanda for lunch.  Amanda calls Robin out for being a carrier pigeon the night before (with Ioulia).  Robin says she’s tired of being stuck in the middle, like Ronnie.  Amanda says that’s because Mary comes across as a sweet girl, but you can hide a whole lot of evil under a whole lot of makeup.  Yup.  Under brown full body makeup in particular.  But I digress.  Robin says she’ll need to rethink her relationship with Mary.  (Not to give anything away, but they are still friends – oh I guess that does give something away.) Amanda coaches Robin to pick a side, because if she sits on the fence she’ll get f**ed up the a$$.

Now the main event.  Ronnie and Mary meet for lunch. The previews show them engaging in a kindergarten spat.  “Listen young lady.”  “Don’t you talk to me like that.”  “Don’t you talk to ME like that.” And so on and so forth.  Mary voices over that she’s anxious because they’ve gone over this many many times and it always turns out the same.  Ronnie voices over that she’s going to talk to Mary about the all of her lies and then move foreward, and if it doesn’t go anywhere  she’s going to walk away because it’s unhealthy.  No wonder Mary is anxious.

Mary starts by telling Ronnie that she was hurt by some things Ronnie said in the past, such as how many millions of records did you sell, when she knows full well that Mary has not sold a million records.  Then they talk about Ronnie spilling the beans about Mary being married when she was young (before she moved to Canada).  Mary didn’t want her kids to know about the previous marriage and had been keeping it a secret.  Ronnie asks Mary if Mary ever told her not to say anything.  When Mary says she did, Ronnie quizzes her to be specific where.  Okay – I’ve got an issue with this.  Ronnie threw this tidbit into Mary’s face at the reunion.  She didn’t just let it slip casually.  She clearly said it to hurt Mary, therefore she knew Mary wouldn’t want it to be common knowledge.  Ronnie then says, to put it to rest, all Mary has to do is provide a divorce certificate or an annulment.

Is this the BIG LIE she wants to expose?  When Ronnie brought the marriage up at the reunion, Mary lied and said she had never been married before.  In the first episode of this season they had a staged scene where Mary explained that she felt that she had never been married before because the marriage was annulled therefore it was like it never happened.  It takes about 5 seconds on google to find the marriage announcement, so it wasn’t a very GOOD lie.  I have to compare this to Brandi outing Adrienne’s lie about the surrogacy.  Both Brandi and Ronnie are WRONG to out the personal business of their cast mates.   The difference is that Brandi did apologize, and Ronnie is – months later – trying to make Mary talk about the lie on camera.  The other difference is that Adrienne sued Bravo to make them edit out the information, whereas Mary just made an excuse (the annulment) and moved on.

rhov 4Back to the show.  Ronnie is saying in a haughty voice that Mary has an excuse to get herself out of every situation and will never, ever, say, you know what, I screwed up.  Basically it’s a lecture and she’s treating Mary like a child, so Mary tells her to stop speaking to her in that tone.  Then they start that kindergarten bickering.  Ronnie’s tone is so condescending, it’s excruciating.  Then she calls Mary nuts because Mary wants to say something to defend herself.  Then Mary says that Ronnie called her family members and told them she was unwell.  Ronnie says she didn’t – and which ones.  Mary says her sister.  Ronnie says “your sister”, emphasizing the singular.  She implies Mary is lying because Mary originally said family members.  Plural.  Mary says she’s nitpicking.  Ronnie never denies calling Mary’s sister, but she deflects, and says, you’re not well.  Well if Mary isn’t well, why are you putting her through this?  How is that being a friend??  I also want to note that while Ronnie loves to throw Mary’s dirt out there in front of the viewers, Mary has never mentioned that Ronnie’s husband was arrested for inflicting corporal injury on a spouse (see page 5). 

Mary doesn't look evil.

Mary doesn’t look evil.

Mary gives Ronnie the piece of paper that Ronnie gave her at the beginning of the season that said she’d have her back.  Mary says the friendship is over.  Ronnie asks why Mary asked if she was drinking the night before (which is the real reason she’s mad).  She says she so tired of talking about her drinking and she’s not an alcoholic.  Mary says – then you need to take ownership of that and tell people that.  Ronnie says she does (but she didn’t last night.)  Then Mary say, if I’ve hurt you, I’m deeply sorry.  Ronnie says, “are you really?”  Mary says, yes.  She wants to put the swords down.  She’s spent.  Mary says she’s sorry again, and Ronnie says thank you.  Mary keeps apologizing.  Ronnie says she’s already said she’s sorry 1000 times (she doesn’t say it now), and that’s the first time she’s heard Mary say it.  Then Mary says she’d like to have a real and supportive and loving relationship, and Ronnie starts to cry.  Mary cries as well.  Mary voices over that this is the breakthrough she’s been looking for, and Ronnie agrees.  Mary asks if she thinks people will think they are clinically insane, and Ronnie says they are nuts.  It’s a very touching moment – too bad it didn’t last.

Lunch starts off well.

Lunch starts off well.

Jody feels the need to interfere.

Jody feels the need to interfere.

Dinner.  Mary and Ronnie are riding in a limo, and agree that they are walking into the dinner together and no one will break them up.  Jody, Robin, and Amanda arrive together.  Jody notices there are three more chairs, and voices over that she hopes one isn’t for Mary, because she loathes Mary Zilba.  Robin asks how lunch went and Mary says they’re good.  Jody is somewhat speechless.  “You’re friends, you fixed your relationship with Mary?” she says in a bit of a panic.  Jody isn’t that happy and whispers nonsense to Ronnie to stir up trouble.  Ioulia shows up.  Ioulia immediately apologizes for going off the night before.  Robin starts crying, because she was so worried about their friendship.  Ioulia can’t figure out why Robin is crying.  Amanda interviews that she’s completely annoyed with Robin’s brown nosing.  Amanda gets a little animated, and Ronnie asks why everyone is up in everyone’s grill.  Amanda says, maybe everyone should take Ativan and then they’d all be less stressed.  Mary voices over that it is a direct hit to Ronnie (who takes Ativan – used to treat anxiety disorder or anxiety associated with depression.)

Robin starts to eat as the confrontation starts.  That girl always makes sure she gets to eat at these dinners while the rest must be starving.  Then Jody leans over out of the blue and says to Ronnie – “you said you didn’t speak to Mary for five years, I think you should do that again.”  She’s a one track pony that one.  When Mary tells her to shut up, Jody tells Mary she’s rude.  One thing about Jody, she knows how to push Mary’s buttons, but she’s so transparent it’s hard to take her seriously.  Mary asks Ronnie to tell Jody to stay out of their relationship, and Ronnie does that.  Then Robin jumps in to defend Jody, and says that Jody is just trying to protect Ronnie.  Mary says, “whose side are you on?”  I guess Robin took that talk Amanda gave her about choosing sides seriously.  Mary says she’s ready to go, and because she and Ronnie made a pact in the limo to walk out together, Ronnie also leaves.  Robin asks Mary is she’s mad at her, and Mary says yes.  Robin mutters, “I’m pissing everyone off.”  As Ronnie and Mary leave together, Mary voices over that it means a lot to her that Ronnie backed her up.

rhov 9Another filming day for Top Chef Canada.  Jody is at a big house and is really happy by the opulence.  The other ladies (minus Mary) get into a limo to head to the garden party. Robin shows up in her PJs looking like she just rolled out of bed.  She explains that she’s hung over.  Ronnie says she’s been there.  I’m guessing Mia is thinking the same thing.  As they drive to the luncheon, Ronnie says that after they left the party something didn’t feel right, and she talked to her husband on the phone for an hour.  Apparently he said to her, “Honey, Mary is not your friend.”  All three other ladies say, “what the hell?????”  That didn’t last long.

ronnie reaction

They arrive at the party, and Ioulia is nervous because they are serving canapés – which are small portions.  Jody comes out and Ronnie says she looks like she’s channeling her grandmother.  But to her face says she looks gorgeous, and gives her some leftover flowers.  Jody leaves to go to work, and the other ladies sit down (because they can’t stand for long in their uncomfortable shoes).  Of course the talk turns to Mary.  Ioulia is tired of the Mary talk.  Amanda wants Ioulia to leave them alone so that they can bash Mary.  Mary goes on and on, and on and on, and on and on, and on and on, about her lunch with Mary – repeating all of it.  Amanda tries to put a stop to it, and when Mia asks why she says, because Ronnie has anxiety disorder.  Ronnie denies having anxiety disorder – which contradicts what she said on twitter about suffering from PTSD.  Then she says she’s not an alcoholic and doesn’t take pills.  I feel like I’m on scary island.  Then she announces that she’s going to have a glass of champagne.  I’m glad Mary isn’t there so she can’t get blamed for this.

ronnie adtivan

Dinner time.  Ronnie is emotional because Mary will be there.  Ioulia is tired of the drama.  Ronnie says she loves Mary but she needs to take a break.  She explains that she’ll break up with Mary at dinner.  Now Ronnie starts to tell the story of Maximus the Gladiator.  It’s about someone who will do anything to make people love them, like lie.  And there is a brother that doesn’t want people to love Maximus.  I think that was the story.  It was confusing and I’m wondering what the heck is wrong with Ronnie.  The other ladies ask Ronnie to wait until they’ve ordered food before she confronts Mary.

Mary is confused.

Mary is confused.

Mary and Robin are back to being buddies.  Mary tries to get Robin to commit to her side, and Robin explains that she doesn’t take sides.  Good for her.  Mary is disappointed, but what can she do.  Mary voices over that she’s excited to see Ronnie.  She has no idea that Ronnie is going to break up with her.  Ioulia throws it all out on the table because she’s really uncomfortable that Mary has no idea what is about to happen.  Mary is completely confused, then it dawns on her what is about to happen.   Ronnie says she needs to take a break.  Mary just says, that’s fine.  Then Ronnie tries to make it Mary’s fault, and says, but honey, you don’t really like me.  Mary explains that she doesn’t like some of the things Ronnie has done, but she was willing to put it all away.  Then Amanda jumps in and says that they can’t just put it all away, they have to work it out and deal with it.  She’s wagging her finger in Mary’s face as if that is Mary’s fault.    Amanda tells Mary to go f*** herself.  Mary is just sitting there stunned.  As are Robin and Ioulia.  Mary leaves.  Robin leaves as well.  She voices over, “you wanted me off the fence Amanda, well guess what.”  Robin hugs Mary and tells her she’s not going to let her get hurt.  Ioulia and Ronnie leave as well, leaving Amanda by herself to phone Jody, presumably to tell her to not bother to show up to dinner.

Preview show much more drama to come – with Ronnie screaming at someone.


Jody Claman’s Vancouver Store Vandalized (and of course she blames Mary Zilba)

Jody Claman of the Real Housewives of Vancouver has a small store in Vancouver.  It was vandalized Thursday, with the storefront was splattered with paint and the letters ALF, which stand for Animal Liberation Front.  Jody’s Glass House Boutique advertises that it sells fur – which is likely why it was targeted.  Jody blames it on Mary because she says Mary told someone her store sold fur, but of course since she advertises the store as selling fur, she’s full of crap.  Jody claims her store only sells vintage fur or fur from countries with ethical practices.  I doubt ALF cares.  You can read more about the story here.


Dukes of Melrose by Jill

This weeks episode should have opened with a musical number from Oliver, a Shoe stopper (haha) sung to Oliver’s “Food: “Shoe’s, glorious shoes, so cuuute, Choo’s are sparkling. SHOES, glorious shoes, to Decades – heels for the SHOP-ing. I digress.  It’s business first at Decades as the Dukes hunt for a store manager while buying, selling, bickering and bartering with Hollywood fashionistas. This week we meet socialite Amber Sakai and fashion icon Sigrid de L’Epine. Sigrid’s impromptu request for McQueen items just heightens the need for a store manager to be found, NOW.  The endless hunting for anything she might fancy ends in failure as Sigrid leaves empty handed. Get me the MANAGER!

In glides Martine on angels’ wings.

Looks. Check.

Accent. Check.

Knows clothes and fashion. Check Christo’s pulse please.

But the date/interview takes a turn for the worst when—GASP- he is not willing to be available 24/7. At least Martine picked up the check and kissed them goodnight but we won’t get to witness date two with this divine specimen.

Back to Cameron and Amber. She is looking for a frock for her latest charity event. The options go from gaudy and too short gold to a hot fuchsia goddess like gown that’s clearly the right one. As all our fashion shows have taught us and the Dukes reinforce, you must try on a variety of things and not skip an item that might not be you to find the one that’s right. The same holds true for men.  The stunning black gown Cameron has picked out for Amber shows that while a dress might be stunning on, going with the fuchsia reflects her fun side and will add a bit of color and flare to the event.  One more satisfied Decades customer leave happy.

But this week culminates in SHOES!  It’s the shoe sale of the year. For only $150 a pair no one wants to pass on this shopping event.  The ladies are lined up at the door. Cameron’s number one rule? NO HOARDERS. Shouting over the megaphone while dress as a pimp (Christo’s description of the latest ensemble) Hollering “Hoarders will be stoned.” The wide eyed ladies with arms full of straps, glitter, and red soles all look in horror, briefly, then quickly go back to hoarding and shopping. Cameron, you don’t get in the way of a woman looking for a great pair of shoes. Even shouting fungus and warts wont stop us. It won’t.  End of day the store is a mess. Heels are everywhere. Shoes who have lost their mates cry in a corner and the critical mass on finding a manager reaches a new level of panic.  Don’t thinks its serious? Check out the new level Cameron’s hair reaches while Christos and he have a heated discussion on just how they will find the right person. Craig’s list? NO. Online? No. Teasers for next week promise quiet the variety of candidates for the viewers to delight in. Since they are working for the Dukes of Melrose let’s hope the resumes reflect the right pedigree. Lord, Lady, Prince or Princess, our Decades Duke will accept nothing less.

I better go update my resume. I think I’ll go with Lady Louboutin.


Revenge 3/17 “Illumination” by SugarMagnolia

Retro flashback to the cottage–Amanda and her dear Father enjoying a quiet moment together. They are reading “The Little Match Girl” by Hans Christian Andersen next to a warm fire.

“To carry a secret is to play with fire. To try to pass it on and you risk hurting someone else. Hold on to it, and eventually you’ll get burned.”

Emily and Aiden are at his hideaway, a place he assures her no one knows about, their safe haven. He believes she needs it. Emily tells him about Amanda’s brother showing up at the cemetery. Another flashback of little Amanda and Eli in foster care. She is lighting matches and drawing double infinity symbols, so she never forgets what her father did (at this point, she still believes he was behind the downing of that plane). Eli was her protector, and was until she set the house on fire.

Grayson Manor

Out of the “goodness” of their hearts, the Graysons are establishing a foundation in Amanda’s name. Charlotte has produced some wedding photos of Amanda for the Queen to put on the website. She is very proud of her parents. Enter Daniel. They discuss Aiden, and how to get him to take the fall with the Initiative. Conrad believes he was instrumental in getting him ousted from the board, and would be the perfect patsy. Daniel reminds him that he said the same about David Clarke…He refuses to let someone else take the fall for their sins, and storms out.

The Stowaway

Jack is with the insurance guy, discussing Fauxmanda’s life insurance policy. He tells Jack that he can not settle the estate until the investigation is over. He suggests starting a policy for little Carl to protect him if something bad were to happen again. (Is this foreshadowing?) Declan is on his way to school, and he Jack have a little talk. Jack cannot remember what happened that night. All he remembers is someone pulling him out of a boat and calling an ambulance. Declan wants to know why Nolan told him that Jack and Faux were checked into their hotel in Nantucket. Jack is surprised to hear this. The Queen calls Jack to inform him about the new foundation. It will be focused on a better tomorrow for children. She gives him the choice of calling it the Amanda Clarke Foundation or the Amanda Porter Foundation. He chooses the former, as it seems more appropriate. Back at Grayson Manor, Emily overhears the Queen’s conversation with Jack, and commends Victoria on a wonderful idea. She has come prepared with a check for $250k, and would like to be co-chair. The Queen tells her that she is very generous, and she will consider her offer. Enter the prodigal brother into the parlor. He introduces himself to her, Eli James, and tells her what an honor it is. Emily is sweating….

Eli and Victoria exchange small talk about how he came as soon as he could, but still missed the funeral. Charlotte found him and invited him to the Hamptons. Introductions are made, and he tells Emily that she looks familiar. Ever so quick on her feet, she reminds him that they met at the cemetery. Eli asks if she and Faux were close, and Emily says yes, and as if to offer proof, she explains that she is Carl’s God Mother. Emily shows him pictures, and he comments that Faux looked happy. The Queen wants to know how long he is staying. Eli explains that he was on his way back from a business trip to London when he heard the news. What kind of business are you in, the Queen wants to know. Rare books, is his answer. The Queen is properly impressed, and invites him to be an honored guest at Faux’s foundation party. Emily receives a call from Nolan, who is at the cottage looking for her. She fakes a “late for a meeting” excuse, bids farewell to Eli and the Queen.

Back at the cottage, Emily is filling Nolan in on the Eli situation. She hasn’t seen him since she was 13 but is certain he wasn’t in London selling rare books. They ponder if this could be another Tyler debacle, but she feels Eli is more wild card than bi-polar-con-man-off-of-his-meds. If he figures out who she is, he’ll ruin the whole revegenda. Nolan will check him out of course. Padma is in a “holding pattern” with the Initiative, and is in seclusion somewhere. She races off to the Stowaway to talk to Jack before Eli does. Nolan reminds her that Jack isn’t speaking to her….Emily apologizes to Jack once again, and ask him for another chance. He says okay, if she answers one question. What was Faux’s opinion of her father in juvie? Eli claims she hated her father. If that’s true, why would she come to the Hamptons to avenge his death? Eli steps in to say goodbye. Jack walks away after he finds out the two of them had already met at the Graysons. Eli calls her Amanda, points out her tattoo and says that she looks pretty good for a dead girl.

Grayson Global

Daniel is hitting the bottle already in his office. Conrad enters his office and tells him that the cure for guilt does not lie in the bottom of an empty tumbler. Daniel is not able to reconcile the taking of another life as easily as dear old dad. “Amanda Clarke” keeps ringing in his head. Conrad reminds him of the foundation in her name, and that should help appease his guilt. Daniel reminds him that they did the same when they established the Victims United Fund after they took down flight 197. Conrad states that it was a bit of good born out of tragedy, and helped him sleep a little better. Faux’s foundation will do the same for Daniel. What’s next, the Aiden Mathis fund, Daniel asks? Conrad fingers Daniels Head of the Charles medal. Seeing him awarded that medal was one of Conrads proudest moments. Dear Old Dad reminds Daniel that the reason he does what he does is for the family he already has, and Daniel will for the family DOD hopes he has someday. Aiden interrupts, and they discuss his nomination to the board. Aiden and Daniel agree to meet after work for a drink to discuss some propositions.

Emily and Eli take a walk on the docks as he questions her about her life after foster care. He tried to find her, found a stripper trying to pass herself off as Amanda. What’s the con, he asks. No con, she was tired of her trying to outrun her name and traded it for a new one. She wanted a fresh start. Eli states the obvious–he sees what Emily got out of it, but what was in it for Faux? She doesn’t answer but offers him money to leave instead. He says she can trust him, and we get another foster care flashback. Emily reminds him that he is doing well for himself now too. He admits that it’s scam aimed at rich people. He also claims to have graduated from Columbia. Eli doesn’t want to leave because he’s got warrants in 3 states. Emily offers to wipe his record clean, give him start up money, so long as he starts anew elsewhere.

Daniel has ventured out to drink somewhere other than his office. He is approached by an obnoxious patron who is clearly jealous. He takes jabs at him about being “king of the world”, not having his MBA, and being handed the keys to the castle but getting loaded before closing bell. Daniel punches him, and here comes Aiden to save the day and pull Daniel off the twerp. Daniel yells at Aiden, he doesn’t need protecting, yada yada yada. He gets in Aidens face and says, “You think you want my life? Be careful what you wish for.” As Daniel stumbles out of the bar in a bourbon haze, Aiden receives a phone call from Conrad. DOD wants to discuss Daniel with him. Conrad says timing is everything, and is sitting in the back corner of the bar.

Down at the docks, Jack is looking for answers. He finds the slip owner of where he was pulled out of a boat. He wants to know if it was him that saved his life. He won’t talk. Jack pleads with him, mentions how he lost his wife, they have a son and he needs to know what happened. The man says that he got a call from a man on Labor Day who wanted to charter his boat. He left the key for him. Didn’t see him. Later, he gets a call and comes down and there is blood everywhere. He was paid a lot of money, in cash, to sell him the boat and keep his mouth shut. He didn’t get a name, but described a tall guy, sandy blond hair, and blue eyes. That’s all he remembers, and if anyone else asks, he assures Jack that they will hear a different story. Jack has heard all he needs to know…

Foundation Party

Emily and Nolan arrive and are greeted by the Queen. In her best I’m-smiling-but-I-hate-you voice, she thanks Emily for her offer as co-chair, but she is concerned that with all of Emily’s philanthropic commitments, she will be spread too thin to give her attention to the Amanda Clarke Foundation. Emily questions if she has found someone, and the Queen evasively says she is still considering her options. She leaves, and Eli approaches. Emily introduces Eli to Nolan, and Nolan shows him his phone with Eli’s criminal records on the screen. Nolan erases them, and Emily hands Eli a check for $100k, in cashier form and made out to “cash”. He agrees to leave, but not in a haste, he doesn’t want to be rude.

Eli goes to give Charlotte a hug, and then leaves to go get them drinks. Declan arrives and makes a beeline for his beloved. Apparently Miss Char skipped school and the young Porter was curious as to where she was. Her day just flew by…Eli reappears with drinks in hand and Charlotte introduces them. Eli casually mentions that Char was kind enough to show him around today, which ticks Declan off. He leaves in a huff.

Emily finds Honey Boo Boo (Ashley) and compliments her on putting together such a lovely party so quickly. HBB thanks her. Emily owes her one from a past “heads up”, so she wants to repay by giving her the 411 on Eli. She claims Faux told her that he looked her up a couple of years ago, in trouble and wanting money. They weren’t close like he is claiming. He’s trouble and the Grayson’s should worry about him being under their roof. HBB is on it. The Queen does not believe her, especially when the information came from Emily. She can handle people who want money and status, HBB included.

Emily and Aiden talk strategy. Aiden needs to lead Daniel back to Emily. He heads to the pool house to find Daniel, who is inspecting his shiner from his little kerfuffle in the bar. Daniel is irritated when he walks in. Aiden explains that so long as he has a stake in the company, he also has a vested interest to keep Daniel at his best. He drops the breadcrumbs that Daniel should talk to someone, and Emily is a good listener. Cut to Daniel storming up to Conrad because Aiden also informed him that DOD had named him Treasurer of the Foundation. Conrad spills all to his son. The Foundation is just a cover to hide and protect Grayson assets. During the Flight 197 investigation, their capitol was frozen, and they could’ve lost everything. DOD is just protecting the family in case they find themselves in that situation again. And making Aiden Treasurer is just planning ahead. All in a days work. Your move, Son.

Eli, Charlotte, and the Queen are discussing Fauxmanda. Emily steps into the conversation and tells Eli that that Amanda felt so much guilt about starting the fire. Victoria wants to know to what they are referring. Eli describes a troubled girl who would rather stay with her brother in foster care than get adopted by a new family. They were the “invisibles”, too old and jaded to be of interest to adopting parents. So Amanda started the fire, and got sent to juvie. He went along to a better home, got adopted, and had a wonderful life. The Queen reminds him that he went all the way to Columbia University. He then offers Victoria the check Emily gave him as a donation to the Foundation. The Queen is impressed with $100k, and Emily is fuming. Her anger is sidetracked by Jack taking the stage and microphone to make a speech. He makes touching points, then goes in for the passive aggressive kill. Looking pointedly at Emily and Nolan, he claims to be able to count his true friends on one hand, and the Graysons are among them. After, he gets a big hug from Victoria. As he is walking out, Nolan stops him to talk. Jack tells him that he knows it was Nolan who pulled him out of the water and called the ambulance. He also believes that Nolan and Emily have been lying to him, and by doing so put Faux in harms way. The very people she came to destroy caused her death. And just to put the cherry on top of her revenge sundae is the Queen, announcing Eli as the co-chair of the foundation. If looks could kill…

Emily confronts him, and he agrees they had a deal, but he overheard HBB relaying her warning to the Queen. Now he is curious. Daniel calls her name and Eli walks away as he nears. He has taken Aiden’s bait, and offers to walk her home. Victoria runs into Eli, who tells her that Daniel has just left with her neighbor. Victoria is chagrined.

At the Stowaway, Nolan is waiting for Jack. He produces a DMV report for the speedboat purchased from the man at the dock. It is in the name Kenneth Ryan. Good call Nolan, as Kenny also fits the description of tall, sandy blond hair, and blue eyes. Jack wants to find him, but Nolan urges him to let the police handle it. He reminds Jack that he’s got a son, and a brother and they need him. Don’t let the Ryan brothers take any more away from you, Jack, Nolan implores. Jack believes him, agrees, and they hug it out. He is sorry for doubting Nolan.

Back at the cottage, Emily and Daniel are in for deep conversation. Daniel spills, without detail, that he is being manipulated to aid in a plot by the same people who took down flight #197. She pretends to be shocked and surprised and asks if he has contacted the authorities. No, because they will hurt the ones he loves if he does. The only way to take the noose from around his neck is to hang it on someone else. After Emily asks if the Queen and DOD know about this, Daniel scoffs and informs her of the real reason for the foundation. Emily wants to cancel her check. Daniel offers to pay her back her donation, and begs her to keep these secrets to herself.

Back at the Manor, Victoria and Conrad are patting themselves on the back for the $5mil they raised at the party. Daniel enters and tells DOD that they are on the same page. They can confirm Aiden to the board in the morning. He tosses a check to the foundation and sarcastically says he doesn’t want to raise red flags by not contributing to their own foundation. Make sure the Treasurer knows its tax deductible. DOD is relieved that Daniel is going to play the game and Victoria believes it’s Emily’s doing. Her hope is that when Mr. Trask finds out Daniel is spending time with Emily, that he can solve that pesky girlfriend problem for her.

Emily calls Nolan as he is leaving the Stowaway. Nolan fills her in on his Kenny ruse and that Jack bought it. Emily asks about Carrion, and Nolan assures her of its power. She tells him about the Grayson’s plan to move their fortune into the foundation, and if they can access the account…Nolan puts 2 and 2 together and realizes that they can bankrupt the Graysons. He compliments her on finding their Achilles Heel. Tomorrow, we sever it.

Back at Aiden’s hideaway, he is ready to head to Grayson Global to be inducted to the board. And Treasurer of a bogus foundation, Emily reminds him. Aiden has been given access to a swiss account and Emily has already written down the routing number. She gives the number back to him, and they discuss putting the Graysons in poverty, and her plan to get Eli to leave without any more damage to the revegenda. She’ll figure it out, as she always does. Nolan arrives and Aiden is off. Again, Nolan has the only funny line of the episode (this one was a little dark), “So, this is where Aiden-son waxes off.”

They get to business dissolving a billion dollar fortune. Meanwhile, at Grayson Global, Daniel is speaking to the board and introduces Aiden as their newest member. Nolan is running into a little bit of a problem running Carrion. Flashback to Nolan talking to David Clarke in prison. He is explaining to David that he has found the coder who the Graysons paid to set him up. “The Falcon” is the lead they have been waiting for to exonerate him. David stops him, and tells him about Amanda setting yet another fire, and it’s worse than the last one. He wants Nolan to focus on his daughter instead of him. She is heading into juvie for at least 3 years and is going to need him. David gives Nolan the infinity box, and makes him promise to watch out for her and let her read his journals when she is ready. Back to present day, Nolan has just had the same conversation with Emily that he had with her father all those years ago. Nolan knows that the Falcon is back on the Grayson’s payroll. “Let’s go hunting”, Emily replies.


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130 Responses to Ronnie Negus – Spousal Abuse and Threats to Ex-Wife / Real Housewives of Vancouver / Dukes of Melrose / Revenge

  1. Powell says:

    Good afternoon everyone. Thks NMD. The blog is Jam packed with good things to read. Have a great Sundy everyone.

    • Boobah says:

      Hi Powell! Hope you have a great day also!

    • Laineylainey says:

      Good afternoon! I just got up!!!! Watching Vikings on the history channel. It’s very good. At the risk of sounding like the marisa of the board…,there is Lots of testosterone and good looking Vikings!!! Woo hoo! Hubby: what are you watching? Me: something on the history channel. Hubby: oh good, it’s not that bravo stuff!

  2. jezzibel says:

    I feel bad for Mary…I hope she can pull a Lisa and be civil to Ronnie at the various gatherings they are forced to attend. Jody is going to wind up looking really unhinged if she keeps blaming Mary for any and everything under the sun.

  3. Powell says:

    Ok sleuths. How many acres is Lisa & Ken’s property?

    • Orson says:

      All of them.

    • nyc mama says:

      This states it is 2 acres. It looks larger IMO with the property in front, sides and back.

      “The house sits on two acres which has mature oak trees around the property. The house has a few water features, a large swimmers’ pool and exterior guest house.”

      • nyc mama says:

        The link above stated her old home was 70k sq feet which was not correct. It was 17k aq feet – quite a difference.

        Here is a story from which also states the new property is 2 acres.

      • TexasTart says:

        Interesting….but come to think of it we see very limited views when they shoot at her home. Thanks, nyc mama, you’re a prize winner! 😀
        Sorry Lainey, better luck next time.

        • nyc mama says:

          Booby prize? 🙂 This is what you get when I don’t want to go outside because I am too cold. The rest of the family is out but having fun but not me. Not going anywhere until spring or until the food/drink runs out. whichever comes first.
          Lainey, I’ll share.

          I still think it’s larger than 2 acres just by the aerial views and the drive leading to the entrance but what do I know?

          I want the property she sold in Gloucester England before she moved to BH. It was on the market several years ago and the listing pics were “amaaaaazing”.

          • TexasTart says:

            Booby prize…giggle. That is a good thing to call the proverbial prize around here because no one wants to to let us have fun prizes!

      • Powell says:

        Thks. I thought someone might know from previouy looking it up. I was being lazy. 🙂

    • princesspindy says:

      2 acres can look really big when there are hills around that are empty, without neighbors and houses, etc…. They have wonderful views and it looks so much larger but that isn’t their property “out there” . I remember yoyo saying it was “pretty far out there” when they arrived…… location, location, location

      • Catseye says:

        I just hope she and everyone else is extra careful with those little dogs and living out in the country like that. There’s a lot of wild animals, including birds that can and will swoop down or snatch one up the minute their back is turned.

        • iceNfire says:

          I have never been scared of birds swooping down to snatch me…now I am Thanks catseye

        • princesspindy says:

          I know, I use to live in Simi Valley and my house backed up to the hills and I lost my cat to a coyote… 😦 I still miss her!!

          • LA Debra says:

            Oh no! Every time my kitty looks longingly at the front door I tell her there are coyotes out there that will eat her for breakfast. She hasn’t tried to run outside yet!

            Very sorry PP, coyotes are scary 😦

          • $25,000 says:

            So sorry to hear about your cat PP. Coyotes have killed a number of cats in my neighborhood.

            • princesspindy says:

              It was the first cat I ever had. I got her before she was ready to leave her mommy. Some idiot had thrown her over the fence of my boss’ house. He was a gruff old army sgt. and he brought this tiny kitten to me and asked me if I wanted it….it was a little flea bag. I loved her, her name was Bandit cuz our dog’s name was Smokey and they loved each other, she use to sleep on my head 😦

      • nyc mama says:

        The house is located in Beverly Hills, not far from her old home (about 1 mile). It is situated on top of a hill overlooking the canyon and if you look, she does have neighbors, just not situated like in Beverly Park. Locations in that area can be deceiving. She actually isn’t very far from the flats and the BH shopping district. I think that Yo was dropped off at the front of the drive, not in fron’t of the entrance which is what she was referring to in her comment. .

        I lived in Laurel Canyon when I lived there and it looked and felt like the country, even though we were just up the road from a busy intersection, similar to Lisa’s location, but my home didn’t have a moat nor was it 10,000 sq feet. 😦

        If you remember the epi where she was working on the gate you saw cars on the street and a neighbors home/driveway right outside.

        • princesspindy says:

          Yes, I grew up in the Valley and we use to go to Westwood, shopping (looking) on Rodeo, and Sunset to the clubs, fun times. I saw Andy Gibb and BB King at the Roxie… I can’t believe how much it has grown.

          • nyc mama says:

            I know. It amazes me every time I go back how inhabited so many areas are now. Beverly Park didn’t exist back then either.

            We had to be careful of coyotes and other wildlife so we never let the dogs or cats out by themselves. It was my biggest fear when I lived there.

        • TexasTart says:

          Yes, the Yolanda comment about distance, I took to be walking the length of.the driveway. Interesting information, nyc mama! I realize that is a narrow canyon, but I surely would have thought the place was much further out and not BH. Not that I know that area, nor have I been to CA. Love all the insight I can obtain from people here. 🙂

          Nyc mama, you are in NYC, but once lived in Laurel Canyon….night and day difference….so which do you prefer?!

          • nyc mama says:

            Both. 🙂

            Pluses and minuses each place. Loved the weather in California and getting up and hiking in the canyons but hated being a slave to my car. Hated that every place you went you had to go in the car. Love walking the streets of NYC and the convenience of public transportation and the seasons except winter. NYC in the Spring and Fall and LA in the winter. Summers are hot in both so that doesn’;t count. Love the the culture of NYC and the people here too. I like that I can order anything in here, even groceries so if I don’t want to go out I don’t have to. But I miss the space of my house in California and my yard, something I don’t have as much of here but then again I didn’t have the city on my doorstep there either.

            But wish I could live in both.

            I can’t really complain (but I do 🙂 ) I am lucky — my jobs and DH’s have always allowed me to travel so go to California and overseas several times a year and I have family there that I see often.

            • TexasTart says:

              Very interesting. I had imagined there would be gives and takes in both locales and took a guess you might be partial to the people in NYC….do I get a prize?! Oh, Lainey is at the movies, I can’t get her worked up now. 😉 Appreciate the reply!

              • nyc mama says:

                But, but but… I love my friends and family in Cali too. And depending on the day you night get a different answer. I spoke to a cousin in LA earlier today so that may be part of the reason for my answer today. There are fools and idiots everywhere including here. We have Koo Koo Kelly.. that should tell you something. 😉

                Ok, I will relinquish my booby prize from earlier today, just paying it forward. 🙂

  4. iceNfire says:

    • TexasTart says:

      I don’t know what that means, but that is okay 😉 Looks like her two youngest must be on spring break to take them to NYC with her. She will be on WWHL Monday night…bet the kiddies won’t be attending that one, ha.

      Despite my dislike for Kyle’s handling of friendships and the Richards Entitlement issues; I always thought Kyle came across as a good Mother and wife.

      • iceNfire says:

        1st Kyle tweeted “@KyleRichards18: Off to NYC with Sophia and Portia ✈🗽❤”
        Then @timmypcon tweeted “I’m willing to bet nobody care”
        Kyle replied with “then don’t follow me Grump” (and probably blocked him)

      • She does seem like a very good mother and a wonderful (but rather insecure) wife. But a lousy and flippant friend.

        • iceNfire says:

          It’s a bad sign when sisters don’t like each other. My older sisters hated each other but being 9 and 11 years younger they never had a problem with me.

      • nyc mama says:

        I have a slightly different take. I do think she is a good, loving mother and she should be commended. Her kids seems balanced and level headed.

        I don’t like how she uses her children for her own benefit and I feel she uses them to hide behind them sometimes. I think she “showcases” her children on the show, especially Portia, It reminds me a little bit of her mother although she isn’t sending them off to work like Big Kathy, but I think that Portia will grow up differently and not as balanced as her older children because of this show.

    • melthehound says:

      Awwwwe… 😦 Poor little Kyle. Nobody cares… Sympathy request much?

  5. mrspeabody says:

    Season 3 of Downton Abbey is on this afternoon

    • I Need A Life! says:

      How odd, mrs p. I finished season 2 at 3am!! Started season 3 on ComCast 4 minutes ago. LOVE this series.

  6. AZGirl says:

    Happy Palm Sunday. Went to church and just finished doing windows inside and out. My brother from Chicago is arriving on Wednesday for 7 days. Crazy week. 2 hearings and a trial. I will have to get up early for workouts Monday and Tuesday. The rest of the week is shot on workouts 😦
    Kyle heading to NYC to hide for the reunion show. She plays mean girl to others than does not want to take the heat when the filming is broadcast.
    @ Diva, Mr. Ford and Contessa hope you are all feeling better.
    BB looks like you have had some bad weather. Hope you are safe.

    • TexasTart says:

      Sounds like you have a busy week, AZGirl! Hope you enjoy the visit with your brother.

      Actually, Kyle will be the only cast member to be on the spot because she is appearing on WWHL directly after the reunion. I’m sure people will be lining up to tweet and phone in questions for her!

      • AZGirl says:

        Yeehaw! Firing squad. It is amazing watching all the reunion reruns from last season how all the negative emotions just start welling up again. She is so highschool mean girl.

        • iceNfire says:

          Remember to tweet @BravoAndy starting at 10:30pm est Monday. 30 minutes prior to going live onwwhl is when he is on twitter….6:30pm pst….. I want to know why Kyle has a bathroom with no curtains in her child’s room

    • BB says:

      We’ve just had some rain here in SE VA.

  7. Shiny says:

    DesignDiva – thanks for black and white optical illusion dance (bottom of yesterday’s comments) – fine creativity someone came up with.

  8. princesspindy says:

    Jill, thank you for the shout out the other day, I am humbled…. hope you had a blast at your sis’s party.

    Diva, oy vey!!!

    Stars, great blogs on the blogs, lol. I lived dangerously and drank coffee while reading!!
    Yes, I too had to wrack my brain and try and remember when I hooked up with Ken…… I always think of Lisa as a Queen, not a Princess!!

    I am overly excited about Monday night, I am surprised at my reaction! I am going to get lots of snacks and have a party, you are all invited!! I have enjoyed this season, it got a little wonky there but I think it is finishing strong….. IPPHO!

    It is in the 70s, clear skies for the most part, I think the fog will roll in this evening…..

    And my new motto is:


  9. Powell says:

    In one of tweets Ronnie says she drinks in moderation just not vino. In last weeks epi she says she needs a glass of champagne. Now I’m no expert but wine/champagne. Champagne IS wine. Ronnie hasn’t truly come to terms w/her having a drinking problem.

    • It is all twisted logic. Jody says (in Episode 6) that Mary isn’t a good friend because she won’t acknowledge that Ronnie is an alcoholic, and Amanda yells at Mary for drinking in front of Ronnie, yet a few days later Amanda says nothing when Ronnie calls for a glass of champagne. How far does Ronnie have to fall before she admits she has a problem.

    • jezzibel says:

      I’m watching it now and when Ronnie does her TH, that lady is lit….she is not sober in anyway shape or form, it might not be booze but she’s still high as a kite.

  10. Laineylainey says:

    Gonna do a little spring cleaning and maybe go to the discount theater to go see “Lincoln”‘…catch you in about 5 hours!

  11. nyc mama says:

    Warning…view this pic of the Hoof at your own risk. She dresses like she decorates her home.

    What was she thinking? or was she?

  12. Rebecca says:

    Just re-watching the last episode. Marisa is soooo lying in her blog. Her cattiness was just as bad as Yolanda explained it. She deserved to be called out. And she decided to gossip at a very large (gawdy, Vegas-type) party. So I have no sympathy for her with Yolanda and Brandi confronting her at Lisa’s.

    So sick of seeing Kim’s fake condescension. She’s such a waste of airtime.

    I noticed that Kyle doesn’t always agree with Faye to her face. Why she defends this sycophant to hr “friends” is beyond me.

    • windycitywondering2 says:

      Faye is like the evil genie that got let out of the bottle and now there is no way to get her punkass back in – Kyle is definately afraid of her because she gave her a ton of ammo and now has no way of taking it back. Faye wants to be on RHBH and she stepped all over Kyle to get as much screen time as possible – at everyone’s expense!

    • kit9 says:

      Brandi is the one that should be called out for her unsolicited marriage advice. If someone sent Brandi an equally insulting text about how to deal with Eddie and Leann, Brandi would be spitting bullets. And, telling everyone in ear shot about it. It’s rich hearing Brandi whine about a bunch of ‘catty bit*ches’ gossiping when she’s seen gossiping with Lisa about Arienne’s alleged staged marriage–a position so stupid that even Lisa couldn’t cosign. And, those two Amazonian witches were WAY out of line scolding Marissa about he marriage.

  13. rabblerouser2010R says:

    Groan….DH and I decided to do a little spring cleaning. He sorted out our bedroom closet and the hall room closet…while I attempted a more daring feat…the kids toys. So far I got rid a of 3 full garbage is going to the dump, the other to their grandma’s…and one we are giving to some friends with a small child…as I have a whole bag of Fisher Price Toys that are in excellent condition but are a little too young for them (dispute their pleas to keep it). I still have odds and ends and bits and pieces to sort through. It’s driving me crazy.
    I have to make room for their PILE of gifts from their birthday, most of which are still unopened. I think I will set some aside until Christmas.

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