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Teresa, Jacqueline, Jenifer, and Elvira at Dinner – and No Cameras by NoMoreDrama

I like to believe in happy endings, but after all the toxicity of last year’s Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion, seeing Jacqueline Laurita and Teresa Giudice together at dinner as if nothing happened in the past just makes me sad.  I don’t want them to fight anymore.  But I’d rather they just went their separate ways.  Anyway, here they are, looking happy, with new housewife Jennifer Dalton, and friend of the housewives Elvira.  Elvira tweeted that the dinner wasn’t being filmed.

teresa giudice and jacqueline laurita


elivra conversation

Real Housewives of Atlanta “Battle of the Booty Videos” by RamonaCoaster

real-housewives-of-atlanta-season-5-gallery-episode-519-03The Atlanta gals are still at Kandi’s housewarming party and they are ready to tell Kendra that her fake ex-beau Walter is there.  Cynthia has a great idea to ask Kandi to see the basement so that they can all tell Kenya the story.  Kandi tells her then Kenya starts to flip her sh*t.  Wow, Kandi has an indoor pool.  Kenya’s walking as fast as the wind and she almost runs over Riley.  There was a close call running into Walter at one time.  Don Juan, Kandi’s manager, is escorting Kenya to help her get her car out and apologizes for inviting Walter unaware of the negativity between them.  The lawyer and Apollo knew but didn’t tell anyone until they got there.  Sneaky b*tches.

Nene is waiting for a clip from her The New Normal Show where she plays her character and her character’s mother and father.  Gregg remembers when Nene would fly out to Los Angeles for pilot season to try out for scripts and finally she lands a show.  It’s like winning the lottery.  Now the only problem is settling Brent in a school in Atlanta while Nene is filming on the west coast.  Gregg asks “want to have a wedding.”  Nene just rolls her eyes and Gregg starts getting cute with his rhyming.  Nene plays the clips she has been waiting for and she’s happy.  I think she did well but it was a little overacted.

real-housewives-of-atlanta-season-5-gallery-episode-519-05Cynthia meets Kenya and Miss Lawrence at an event to talk about Kandi’s party.  Cynthia wants to tell Kenya how she feels about Walter being there.  Cynthia points out that she’s been to parties where she sees people she doesn’t want to see but she works it out.  Kenya says Walter has been talking about her and stalking her. But Kenya has been talking about him too.  Cynthia feels the way Kenya deals with it in a dramatic, crazy way is unnecessary.  Kenya finally after some push back says I appreciate your advice because that is what good girlfriends do.   After the initial craziness and drama of the situation, Kenya does eventually act and think like a sane person.

real-housewives-of-atlanta-season-5-gallery-episode-519-08Speaking of sanity, Porsha has an appointment with a psychologist to talk about her marriage and her miscarriage.  Porsha had never discussed her feelings with Kordell about the miscarriage.  Porsha feels it will be emotionally hard for her next pregnancy and not wanting to put expectations on Kordell so she won’t be disappointed.

real-housewives-of-atlanta-season-5-gallery-episode-519-10Kandi shows up to a room full of screaming people to celebrate her Bedroom Kandi Boutique Parties Launch.  There are salespeople from a lot of different states who are very excited over sex toys.  The anticipation of selling sex toys was palpable.  Kandi gets the microphone to make her speech and we hear her emotional voice where it’s all choked up and gets high.  Women power, yay!

Nene is back filming in Atlanta with Cynthia to have some red wine that they heard helps you lose weight.  Get me several cases of that, pronto!  Nene is thankful that Wendy Williams showed a clip of her in The New Normal.  Cynthia observes that Gregg is very happy when he is with Nene.  Nene says they’ve always loved and respected each other.  So is there going to be another Atlanta wedding?

Kandi is discussing since Todd has been in her life that her mother has been saying Kandi doesn’t need her any more.  Todd points out that she wasn’t at housewarming and Kandi introduces the thought that mama should live in the guest house.  Todd loves it but for right now he wants to spend some time together alone.  Todd hasn’t proposed yet and Kandi sent him pictures of a ring she really liked.  Hint.  Kandi mentions surrogates so she doesn’t gain weight and stop working. Todd is on board with that. Kandi mentions prenups and Todd thinks prenups are fun.  Todd brings up fairness and a situation that a lot of divorced people find themselves in: separating, moving out of a co-owned place and still throwing money at it.  I guess they are going to workout the details later after some nookie.

real-housewives-of-atlanta-season-5-gallery-episode-519-21 real-housewives-of-atlanta-season-5-gallery-episode-519-26Speaking of workouts, Kenya is ready to shoot her stallion booty DVD while in Los Angeles the lawyer and Apollo is filming their donkey booty DVD.  Miss Lawrence really does have a fabulous black ruffled blouse.  Lawrence and Kenya start comparing the lawyer’s body to Kenya’s and Kenya’s does have a body that shows she works out.  The comments are really catty on both sides.  I can’t wait to see how crazy the comments will get during the reunion.

Kandi puts the kids to work by having them wash their car so they can learn the value of hard work.  I’m sure some where down the line they will learn it.  Meanwhile, you can have really clean cars.

The dueling scenes filming the two booty videos are boring.  I’d rather do Chalene Johnson’s Turbo Jam video.

real-housewives-of-atlanta-season-5-gallery-episode-519-30Nene and Gregg go to a romantic dinner out.  Gregg starts being sentimental and romantic while Nene keeps getting texts during their date.  Gregg has a good idea to text Nene his romantic intentions.  Nene and Gregg tell each other they realize that the grass isn’t greener and divorce wasn’t the answer.  Gregg then pops the question, “Will you marry me again.”  And without skipping a beat Nene coughs up a lung.

Nene says she wants a proper proposal where Gregg gets down on one knee with a ring.  Gregg thinks he can get down on one knee but needs help getting back up.  Nene laughs and says “of course, I’ll marry you.”  They kiss and I’m glad I didn’t wait until the next episode to hear the answer.


The Amazing Race by MelTheHound


  • Idries and Jamil Abdur-Rahman Eliminated in leg 2
  • Max and Katie Bichler are newlyweds from Buffalo, N.Y. It’s wrong to judge a book by it’s cover, I know that but I’m looking at this guy and already I’m thinking douche bag. Hopefully, I’m wrong.
  • Mona Egender and Beth Bandimere (Derby Moms) are mothers from Colorado. They are also roller derby teammates. I tend to like the Roller Derby Queens.
  • Bates and Anthony Battaglia (Hockey Brothers) are brothers from Raleigh, N.C. The brothers are professional hockey players.
  • Chuck and Wynona McCall (Alabama) are a married couple from Daphne, Ala. Chuck is a taxidermist and his wife is a hairstylist. Here is a couple who look exactly like who they are to me. I saw her and the first two words out of my mouth were Wynona Judd.
  • David and Connor O’Leary (Utah) Took themselves out of the race due to an injury
  • Caroline Cutbirth and Jennifer Kuhle are friends and (Country Singers) in a band. Caroline is a direct descendant of Daniel Boone and Jennifer is the granddaughter of John Wayne. Never heard of either of these ladies.
  • Joey Graceffa and Meghan Camarena (YouTubers) are friends from Los Angeles. They list their occupation as YouTube hosts. Dude, wash the shit out of your hair and drag a comb through it.
  • Pamela Chien and Winnie Sung (Besties) are best friends from Los Angeles.
  • Jessica Hoel and John Erck (Surfers) Eliminated Leg 4 holding an express pass… Dumbass.

You can read more about them here… There you have it my friends. The cast that will or won’t entertain us for the next couple months. Each of those cast member links should take you to the CBS website where the photos are hosted.

Leg 6 – Scorpion King Hunter – Hanoi, Vietnam to Maun, Botswanna, South Africa

Welcome back race fans. Last week, David and Conner (Utah) took themselves out of the race due to Davids foot injury so no one was eliminated for being last. Even though they probably deserved to be eliminated, Chuck and Wynona were given a huge break after coming in dead last (’cause he won’t listen and follow directions). Besties won the leg and I’ll admit, I’m a little annoyed by that.

This week, they are going to Africa but are only given a city name in the clue. In order to get past the security guard at the travel agent, they must know what country they are going to. The country as it turns out, is Botswana. Besties leave first followed by Newlyweds and both use the hotel internet to find the country. Newlywed Katie apparently has a doctorate but doesn’t want to let on that she’s not just some dumb blonde. Max says, Big Hair, Big Brain. He says the same thing about the Besties. In the order they arrived last week, they leave this week. Derby, Country, and Besties are the remaining all female teams and the hope is one of them will win (please don’t let it be Besties). Some of the teams get the country wrong and have to figure out how to find the proper answer (smartphone to the rescue). Newlywed tells Country, Derby asks a local for a smartphone. Turns out, the first flight out doesn’t leave for several hours so all of them have plenty of time. The only ones not to get help easily from someone, is Alabama because they got there last. The racers must have a list of countries where they are going because they were just reading off of a list until they got it right. As it turns out, it doesn’t make a bit of difference who left when or who is on what alliance. They are all on the same flight to Maun, Botswana.

Once there the teams are to jump on one of three charter planes. As they exit the flight, they have to sign in at the travel agent for one of the three flights that leave, 15 minutes apart. Country, and Hockey get on the first one. Newlywed and Youtube are on the second one. That leaves Besties, Alabama, and Derby moms on the third flight.The flights all leave. Hockey brothers have eyes for the country girls who think they are a pair of chickens. They’re still happy to be in the cramped  quarters of the plane with the ladies though. Newlywed is on the plane with YouTube and wishes it was anybody But those two. I guess they could have taken the third flight instead. Quit yer bitchin, Max. On the third flight, Chuck thinks that the cartoon Lion King was made right there in Africa… The others are laughing at him because, he’s just all kinds of special. I’ll bet Wynona wants to crawl under a rock.

tar1tar2Once they land, they get their next clue which is to drive to get another clue. As they are driving (it isn’t like they can get lost here, there’s only one road and one of these teams would have to be complete morons to get lost), they happen upon some bushmen along with jars containing their next clue. It’s a roadblock- Who wants to make a new friend? The idea is, for a member of each team to choose a trio of bushman who will show them where to find a scorpion, to put in the jar. They will then transfer said scorpion to a tree and then they will get their next clue to move on. Bates for Hockey, Caroline for Country are doing the task. As these bushmen are running along, the bushmen notice a male lion, and one of them high tails it up a tree. This was one of Caroline’s people and he may have been putting on an act. Said lion didn’t seem to be too interested in any of them if he even saw them. Plane number two lands with YouTube and Newlyweds. Joey and Max take on the task… I’m just going to put this out there.. Joey, Grow some balls. I cannot stand a man who whines and screams like a 6 year old girl. It makes my skin crawl. Now that I’ve offended everyone…

The teams from plane number 3. Mona, Pam, and Wynona take the roadblock. For some reason, Wynona doesn’t get the hint that she has to actually dig to get to the bug. All the rest seem to pick up on that pretty easily. A couple of the bushmen demonstrate their lack of fear by putting the scorpions in their mouths. Whatever… Not something I would do. The next clue is to ease on down the road, With the bushmen. Winnie is complaining that they Were in first place and Megan is complaining that they were ahead of Derby moms who have now left with their bushmen in the car.

tar3tar4The teams get to the next clue (Hockey is first) and it’s a detour. Fire or Fowl. Fire requires them to walk with the bushmen to a campsite and learn how to make fire with two sticks, zebra pooh, and grass. Once they have a flame they have to light an elder’s pipe and they get the next clue at that point. Fowl requires them to learn some hunting technique by building a snare trap designed to catch a Ginnie (sp) fowl (a fat bird). Then acting like said bird, trigger the trap to get their next clue. Fortunately they don’t have to wait for one of these birds to trip the trap (thinking back to the butt scratching monkeys). With both tasks, as they are walking with the bushmen, they have to imitate the motions and noises the bushmen make. I’m sure this is just to make the American tourists look like complete fools, and they do. It’s all in fun though, right?

Okay, Hockey and Country being there first, take on Fire. Back at the other site, Joey is running back all joyful. YouTube and their bushmen get in the SUV and leave, Joey says “I’m a scorpion king hunter”. One of the bushmen (translated) says, “he was very afraid”… Pam is still digging for her scorpion and I think Wynona got eaten by hers. Actually they are telling her she’s doing it wrong because the way she’s digging, she may kill the scorpion. Up to now, she has only done one roadblock.. The digging on the beach one. Chuck has done 5. I guess one leg had 2 because this is leg 6. Anyway, Newlyweds are in their car with their bushmen and are for some odd reason, offended by the smell of their passengers. They choose fire, and are still offended by the smell. Wait til she has to handle the pooh. I’ll note that they aren’t doing the imitations like they are supposed to. On the other end, Pam and Wynona finally get their scorpions. Pam gets back first of course because Wynona can’t run. She’s giving her jog all she has though.

Hockey gets the elder’s pipe lit and they are on their way to the pit stop, on foot. Country is still having trouble getting their fire started. Derby shows up at the fire camp with Newlyweds not too far behind.YouTube finally arrives and chooses to do fire as well. Besties, take on the Fowl task because they watch a lot of TV and building fires is hard. That leaves Alabama, bringing up the rear, if she made it back to the cars yet. I guess she did because they aren’t too far behind Besties and also choose the Fowl task. You know, Chuck likes to hunt and trap (I’m probably being a little hard on the guy. One of his hobbies is taxidermy and I’m sure he has to catch something in order to stuff it). Eventually, all the other teams decide to switch to the fowl task. Hockey brothers were the only ones to successfully to build a fire.

tar6Besties get the snare built followed by Alabama. Country gets it done as well and that is the order  they get to the pit stop behind the first place, Hockey brothers.. They won a trio to Phuket Thailand. Then YouTube finishes and leaves with their trio of bushmen. Remember, the clue said ‘make your way “ON FOOT” to the next pit stop’. Newlyweds finish their snare but they built it wrong so it doesn’t work. Derby moms are also having trouble but they get theirs done and can leave. In a STUNNINGLY stupid move, they decide for some reason they have to go back to the cars and drive somewhere so they decide to go back and check if the cars of the others, are still there. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO… Ladies, You were my pick to win. WHY did you Do that? (because they were my pick to win, that’s why). Well, Now it is a race for 6th place. Newlyweds believe they are last but aren’t quitting. Who will win that 6th spot? YEEEEEEEAAAAAAASSSS! Derby Moms!!!!!!!!!!!! Newlyweds arrive last and……. PHU**!!! This is a non elimination round. Really Phil? I want to sock that guy in the mouth right now. They Were GONE and you let them Stay. I give up on hoping for anything on these shows… Maybe all is not lost. On the next leg, Newlyweds will have to do a speed bump. I’m not hopeful for that meaning anything, they are usually pretty simple. You know, jump up one time, turn around 3 times, proceed.

That’s all folks. Watch it commercial free here if you like, contact me if you have trouble with the link. Or watch it atCBS.COM or On Demand if you have it.

See you next week. Peace, MTH aka WTFIJeff


Married to Medicine “A Taste of Your Own Medicine” by BB


MariahMariah is having a “ladies only” birthday party at her house.  She is the self-proclaimed Queen Bee.  She is married to an emergency room physician from Bangladesh, so their race, according to Mariah is Blackadeshi.  She’s the nucleus of her social group.  Kari arrives to the party first because, according to Mariah, White people are always on time or early, don’tcha know.

kari-wells-headKari is married to the most respected type of doctor, the “surgeon.”  She points to herself and says “this doesn’t come easy,” it takes a lot of work (and you can tell she’s had a whole lotta “work” done).  She realized when she married her husband that it was not going to be easy, she was going to have to put in a lot of effort.

ToyaToya, like Mariah, is married to an ER doctor.  She comes from the ghetto life, but being a doctor’s wife, she has to leave that mentality at home.  She doesn’t think she has much in common with Mariah, but since their husbands work together, they try to keep it together.

jackie-walters-head SimoneThe two real doctors, Jackie and Simone, show up.  They think they’re “up there” because they are doctors, according to Mariah.  Jackie needs to get out more.  She is shocked to see pantyhose with peep toed shoes.  Jackie doesn’t drink.  Simone does.  Jackie works out.  Simone doesn’t.  Jackie has great fashion sense . . . well, you get the picture.  Simone loves being a doctor, but she also loves to hang out and have fun.

SimoneQuad arrives last.  Mariah loves her and has the most in common with her.  They have similar upbringings.  She’s a newlywed who just married a psychiatrist.  She thinks her husband’s profession is not respected enough.  Mariah is concerned Quad is not ready to follow the “doctor wife” rules.

The other ladies are not taking to Quad very well and not sure if she’s going to fit in.  Kari calls her husband a psychologist instead of a psychiatrist and Quad doesn’t think it’s an honest mistake.  Some of the ladies declined Quad’s wedding invitation.  Right before the wedding, Quad’s husband called it off via text messaging.  Toya tries to get the inside info about what happened and Quad wants to move on because they are now married and she doesn’t want to discuss it.  Toya wants to know who would marry a man who would cancel the wedding right before it’s supposed to happen.

There’s a little gang up on Quad and they decide Quad needs to
be schooled on being a doctor’s wife.  She needs to learn to control her temper and emotions.  Mariah tries to smooth it over with Quad.  Kari hasn’t invited Quad to her upcoming party because she doesn’t want the drama.  Quad calls her on it and then walks away from the discussion.  Mariah doesn’t think that was a good idea.  Mariah tells Quad she should not have walked away and Quad loses her temper.  Quad goes off with Mariah and says everyone has skeletons in their closets but she just hasn’t opened their closet doors yet.

Kari, Toya and Mariah get together the next day to talk about what happened.  Mariah tries to defend Quad and tells the ladies they have to be nice.  Kari says they need to extend the olive branch and Mariah calls her four-faced, not two-faced.

Next we are at Jackie’s office where she chastises her patient about her diet.  Simone shows up.  She used to be a partner in Jackie’s practice but couldn’t get along with Jackie’s other partner.  She moved next door and opened her own practice.  Jackie calls Simone out for not wearing heels and tells Simone she can’t tell she’s lost any weight and there’s nothing wrong with being a full-figured girl.

At Kari’s house, she’s preparing for a date night with Jonathon.  They have two date nights a week.  Kari works very hard to not be boring.  He’s stressed about the office and wants to talk about work.  Kari just wants to relax and enjoy spending time with her husband.  He asks Kari to get her computer so they can discuss the financials of his practice.  He gets up and has to make a call to the hospital.  He finds out he has to go back and leave Kari’s little romantic party she’s set up for them.

Mariah is going to have a “Doctor’s on the Dock” party.  Her party planner goes over the plans with her.  Mariah has a large house on a lake.  It’s not exactly on the scale of a Beverly Hills mansion, but it’s pretty big.

At Toya’s house, they are getting their family ready for the day ahead.  Their two little boys are very cute and it’s nice watching a dad helping get his kids ready for the day.  Toya wants to move into a more prestigious area of Atlanta and is working on getting Eugene onboard about moving.  He agrees.  Happy Wife, Happy Life.  Eugene seems to be a little bit of a pushover, but we’ll see.

Quad is so, so, so elated she’s married to Gregory.  They discussed what made Gregory call off the wedding. They were fighting, Quad left, and he sent out a text calling off the wedding, embarrassing Quad.  She was so upset she threw a bowl at him, he called the police and they were both arrested.  Quad says Gregory was unlawfully detained and he is not a criminal and doesn’t want people to even think that.  She doesn’t want any of the ladies to know about that incident. Well, the whole world knows about it now.  Gregory thanks Quad for standing by his side.

Mariah goes to see Jackie, who is concerned about the “incident” that happened at Mariah’s party.  Mariah tells Jackie her presence may have been intimidating at the party.  Jackie apologizes if she came off as a little snooty.  Jackie gets deeply saddened when women, especially women of color, don’t handle conflict resolution in a proper manner.  Mariah thinks Jackie can be a little boring or Mother Teresa, but she has a point.  Jackie thinks Mariah thinks Jackie is the abnormal one and that could be.

Mariah goes to Quad’s house to discuss the other women.  They discuss Tacky Toya from Detroit first.  Mariah reminds Quad not to let people push her buttons and she needs to keep her composure.  Quads tell Mariah she’s trying not to be what she once was.  Then they get to talking about Kari.  Quad calls both women treacherous.  Mariah reminds Quad she needs to be on her best behavior at her upcoming “Doctors on the Dock” party.  We all know what’s going to happen.

Mariah’s mom Lucy is talking to her prior to the party about her concerns about what might go down between Quad and the others.  Everybody arrives, then Quad.  She definitely has an agenda and is looking to start something with Kari and Toya.  Stay tuned.

So Bravo did not disappoint.  They managed once again to use the same old tired formula of finding a group of shallow, cut-throat women to strut their bad selves in front of a tv camera.  They didn’t even have to go to a new city.  I’m sure the bona fide medical community of Atlanta is overjoyed at how they are being portrayed by this group of classy “professionals.”  Bravo is using the same old recipe while the other cable networks are leaving them in the dust with new, innovative programming.  Thank goodness for that.


Real Housewife of Aiken

Revenge Recap Click Here


Real Housewives of Vancouver on YouTube

Try this to find all seven episodes,


Bloggers Needed:

We’ve got some volunteers for much of the list.  Just a few more shows…

  • Dance Moms
  • LA Shrinks
  • Kandi Factory
  • Don’t be Tardy


Monday Night Lineup, March 25th, by BB

8PM – The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (Bravo); Dancing with the Stars (ABC); The Voice (NBC); How I Met Your Mother/Rules of Engagement (CBS); Antiques Roadshow (PBS); The Carrie Diaries (CW); Bones (Fox); WWE (USA); Secret Life of the American Teenager (Family); Welcome to Myrtle Manor: Double Wide (TLC); Fast N Loud: Revved Up (Disc); E! News/Chasing the Saturdays (E!); Love & Hip Hop (VH1); Are You Tougher Than a Boy Scout? (NatGeo)

9PM – The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion Part 1 (Bravo); The Following (Fox); Dallas (TNT); 2 Broke Girls/Mike and Molly (CBS); 180 Days: A Year Inside and American High School (PBS); Love It or List It (HGTV); Storage Wars (A&E); Welcome to Myrtle Manor: Double Wide (TLC); Fast N Loud (Disc); Being Human (SyFy); Bizarre Foods America (Trvl); Black Ink Crew (VH1); I Killed My BFF (Biography); Kitchen Crashers (DIY)

10PM – LA Shrinks (Bravo); Castle (ABC); Revolution (NBC); Hawaii Five-0 (CBS); Teen Mom 2 (MTV); House Hunters (HGTV); Bates Motel (A&E); Welcome to Myrtle Manor: Double Wide; The Devil’s Ride (Disc); Lost Girl (SyFy); Burning Love/After Lately (E!); Lizard Lick Towing (truTV); Hotel Impossible (Trvl); Monday Mornings (TNT); Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives (Food); Inside Combat Rescue (NatGeo); FBI Criminal Pursuit (ID); My Evil Sister (Biography); Bath Crashers (DIY); 1 Girl 5 Gays (Logo)

11PM – WWHL:  Kyle Richards and Dr. V (Bravo)


Happy Birthday LavaLady


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  8. AZGirl says:

    Kinda OT. I was just reading US Weekly (I know crapfest tabloid) and saw that Al Manzo is only 52? Holy smokes I am 3 years older than him and he looks old enough to be my dad. 🙂
    Poor Kim Kardashian. I am always so confused about how someone who has that much money and time can have so much trouble with their weight. I know genetics is partly to blame. Kris has a booty. But Kourtney looks great after two babies. Their brother is 25 and weighs 235 at 5’10.
    It is kind of amazing (Maury’s favorite word) Biggest Losers and how the contestants transform their bodies, Even the ones kicked off the ranch do well.

    • Hi AZGirl…I can’t believe the clothes I see Kim wearing through her pregnancy. It seems to me she is trying to hide her bump as if she is wishing she is not pregnant. It is weird. She is trying to dress like she did when she was smaller. The two times I saw her in flowing maternity garments she looked beautiful. Maybe I am wrong….but I get the impression from her body language that she isn’t all that thrilled about this baby. 😦

      • mrs peabody says:

        I’ll be interested to see if it changes her at all. I’ve been curious about them so I started watching their show, she is one of the most self-centered person on this earth. Her sister seems to be a pretty good mom but I get the feeling Kim will tire of being a mom pretty fast, she’s already complaining how hard it is to be pregnant and it’s not as easy as her sister made it seem. Get over yourself Kim, the work hasn’t even started yet.

        • princesspindy says:

          Motherhood will either make her or break her, lol 🙂 It’s not just a job, it’s an adventure!!!

        • Mrs. P. I have never been able to bring myself to watch the show…I see enough in the press….and yes, she is self-centered and a narcissist. I worry, because you said it….the baby will be a novelty that she will tire of easily…and then what? Princess Pindy…..you are so right. It remains to be seen I guess. And see it we will! 😛

        • BB says:

          She’s not been that successful with pets has she? She has no clue what having a baby is going to be like.

          • shamrockblonde says:

            the only one I can tolerate for longer than five minutes is Khloe – Kourtney is out of her mind for dating that windbag Scott, letting alone having two babies with him – as for Kim – an absolute train wreck – the worst one of course, is their Mother – their poor Father – he must be so upset at what his family has become –

            • mrs peabody says:

              I was trying to figure out the relationship of all these people in BH……Yolanda was married to Mohammad who was/is friends with David who is now married to Yolanda. David was married to Linda who was friends with Faye and I believe back in the good old days with Kris Kardashian also. LInda as Elvis’s girlfriend when he died, then married Bruce Jenner who is now married to Kris Kardashian. I think Kris was also friends with Faye. What a group (with exception of Yolanda who was not in with this group of women) of women. Those kids never really had a chance with a parent like Kris. I think Kim is most like Kris, loves the fame and money and so self absorded, I usually skip past her scenes. I started watching during her marriage to Kris, I wanted to see if he was as bad as was said and yes he was, very immature acting, such a mismatch. I actually like watching Lord Disick, he’s funny to watch, but most definitely not someone I’d want my child hooked up with, but funny. I really worry about those 2 younger Jenner girls with role models like their sisters. I can’t stand Kim or Kris, made from the same cloth.

              • nyc mama says:

                It’s even more convoluted. Robert Kardashian passed away but before he did he married again and his ex wife (or may two ex’s) claim that Khloe isn’t Robert’s and is the product of an affair Kris had while they were married. He raised Khloe as his own and no DNA test was done to prove or disprove this but it is common knowledge that Kris had a bf on the side so it may (or may not) be true.

                Kris Jenner seems similar to Big Karhy Richards. I am thankful that my life is normal unlike theirs.

                And people wonder why all these kids (Kardashian’s, Jenner’s, etc.) are so screwed up.
                In these cases it is clearly because of their mothers and psychiatrists would have field day with them.

                • AZGirl says:

                  How messed up is BH? Everyone is related either through affairs or marriage. Crazy! I would do drugs if I had to keep up with all the connections.

                • mrs peabody says:

                  Yea that was the theme of one of their shows last year, was Khloe Robert’s daughter or not. You’ve got to admit she is so out of place with the other ones as far as body style and personality. They had the guy she had an affair with on one of the shows. What I’m trying to figure out is who all was in that group they used to hang with when they were younger and how did Kyle get mixed up with it. Seems like Taylor is in it now too along with Kyle. I have a feeling that is the wanta be ladies of BH not the true ladies of BH.

              • $25,000 says:

                I’m impressed that you can keep the history of their exes straight! It’s kinda mind boggling for me to think about that!

        • AZGirl says:

          I agree. I have a feeling that Kourtney is much more mature (relatively speaking). That baby is going to be raised by a nanny and it is sad.

          • pat says:

            Yeah, she’ll be wrapped in baby furs and diamonds, and brought out for photo ops. Otherwise, I don’t see Kim or Kanye changing many poopy diapers.

  9. plainviewsue says:

    Happy birthday Lava Lady!!

    Al Manzo is only 52???? I agree AZ Girl. I’m 4 years older, and I feel he could be my grandfather (just kidding)!!! Married to the Red Queen can surely age you.

  10. trudie says:

    Happy, happy day Lave Lady! May it be fabulous from beginning to end!

  11. Exit4 says:

    I finally remembered to give Mel my random TAR connection! Along with some useless facts. My friends mom and step dad (bob and joyce) were on the show, i don’t remember the season number, but it was the same one as Charla and Mirna. It was quite a while ago. They were eliminated in Russia, the challenge was eating caviar. A challenge that took hours.

    Anyway, after that challenge, the entire group who participted was sick. Like needed IVs sick. (They basically have a MASH unit on site with them). Apparently caviar is very heavy in sodium and isn’t meant to be consumed in those mass quantities. So between the caviar, throwing up and consuming a ton of water in the challenge, the racers screwed up their electrolytes. The production crew was actually stressed! Which is why I thought Boston rob skipping the eating challenge (in a later season) was genius, since I knew the Russia story!

    After elimination, they were flown to Thailand, where they hung out at a resort, all expenses paid, with the other eliminated racers (minus the “dummy crew”) until they were flown home for the final pit stop. They couldn’t have any contact with the outside world at all. But, if there was an emergency, my friend had a contact in production. They couldn’t tell anyone anything (my friend knew they didn’t win, but they kept the results of everything else quiet so they could be suprised).

    Oh and generally people liked charla, Mirna not so much!

    • trudie says:

      Thanks for the behind the scenes scoop, Exit. I love stuff like this.

    • princesspindy says:

      I have a little connection… the guy Bruce K. that left with an obstructed bowel, I could google his info but haven’t finished my first cup of coffee, lol… Anyway, around 1992 we got caught up in an Amway craze and he was our “leader” and he was going to be a “Diamond” and he was so charming and enthusiastic!! He would always tell you within the first 10 mins of meeting you that he had been voted “Teacher of the Year” Not real humble but a really, really, nice guy, I felt bad for him that he had to leave so early…..

    • melthehound says:

      Too cool, Exit4 😀 It was season 5 (given the names you list), long before I started watching. The amount of Caviar was 1Kg or 2.2 pounds 😯 … Even A chubbo like me couldn’t do that (nor would I try).


      • shamrockblonde says:

        very very cool Exit4!!! thanks for sharing that – Jeff WHYYYYAAA does Max have to stay??? (said in a 13 yr old whiny voice that only 13 year old girls can do perfectly) – listening to them complain about the bushmen smell at least made very clear to all their complete lack of class –

  12. Good Morning! I hope everyone’s week is starting out well. I am rejuvenated after a day at the lake yesterday. I needed to get outside and breathe fresh air and see water. Felt so good! I hope you all had a great weekend. Sorry about the weather for you snowbirds though!

    Thanks for a jam packed and great blog NMD, RamonaCoaster, MTH & BB! Rock stars, all of you!

    BB – I had a feeling Bravo was going to do this with that show and they didn’t disappoint. Seriously….they couldn’t come up with something new? Slap the old tired story lines on a new bunch of women. Yawn! I agree too, the professionals in Atlanta must be so proud to be represented like this. I won’t watch the show, but thanks for taking the bullet to recap.

    Back to the grind today for a busy week….but I hope there is some Light, Love and Laughter in it for everyone!

    New post, “Monday Inspiration”, is up at my place to get you started! Enjoy!

  13. princesspindy says:

    So, I am excited about tonight, I am going to the store later for snacks, let me know if I can get you anything…. I watched all of the RHof Vancouver last night and I have to say that Jody is a piece of work and all the other ladies are just as bad. There is a bible verse, “there is none worthy, not one” and that pretty much sums up that group, although I kinda like Youliea or w/e her name is…. And “Poor Mary” needs to grow a spine and Ronnie needs better meds. Robin, w/e and Jody’s son seems unaffected by his mom and sister….there is another one, oh yeah, Amanda, she is Jody’s daughter’s bff, wtf….anyway, it was fun.. Then somehow I got on a Youtube thingy, I don’t know what you call it when you start with one video and then 2 hours later you realize you have been watching video and it’s two hours later…… But I didn’t know the singer Leona Lewis was from the British X-factor….it all started cuz I saw a guy doing a cover of Bleeding Love, which was one of my FAVORITE dance routines from So you Think You Can Dance a few years ago and that led me to the XFactor videos… WOW, she is amazing. It was so much fun to watch her grow and develop. What a talent… And Simon looked so young and dreamy, lol, it was from 2006…. Anyway, looking forward to tonight!!

    • melthehound says:

      The Only Vancouver ‘housewife’ I can stand is Ioulia. I like the fact that she’s actually willing to eat something, On Camera. Mary needs to learn how to stand up for herself or completely disengage. Ducklips Ronnie is just a piece of work and I’ll keep it nice today and stay away from what I think of Jody and her rat faced daughter. Add that trollop shit starter, Amanda, in that mix too. Haven’t made up my mind yet about Robin. She seems like an okay lady. Okay maybe I’m not being so nice 😉

      I go on YouTube binges as well 🙂

      • princesspindy says:

        I guess it is “going down the Youtube rabbit hole” It is usually with music, I will click on America, “Horse with no name” and then that leads to YES and then ELO and then on and on it goes….

      • Powell says:

        MTH Mary can’t stand up for herself. She just needs to ignore Jody & Ronnie. They know how to bait her & she falls for it every time. She needs a little Brandi in her. STFU. LOL. If Mary said that Jody will be ready to call the wagons on her.

        • melthehound says:

          RHOV could use a little Brandi.. I think Ioulia may have a little of that in her. I’m still hoping to see someone push Jody’s face into a pile of mud but, I know that won’t happen..

  14. Vegas Chick says:

    Happy Birthday Lava Lady!

    Andy gives the best shoe win to Cynthia but I am not sure if it was her shoes that he was oogling, lol …sure hope that she had those girls taped in…


  15. pat says:

    Good morning and Happy Birthday to Lava Lady.

    I’m getting a vibe from Kandi’s fiancee. NOT so sure he’s as smitten with her as he might be with her $$$ and lifestyle. But I suppose anyone with that many millions must always have to wonder about that. Best to get that prenup, Kandi.

    Looking forward to BH finale and reunion tonight!!

    • princesspindy says:

      She would be a complete idiot to not get a prenup, ippho!

      • melthehound says:


        • princesspindy says:

          IKR? It has taken me years to believe this but there ARE, not saying he is one of them, but there ARE people in this world that will say and do things that are dishonest and will use other people for $ and status…. shocking, I know, but they are out there, lol!!!!

          I remember years ago in the 80s, there was this woman I worked with that was in her late 30s never married and she was “dating” (read: sleeping with) this married man and she said to me, “But he says he loves me”, now I was only about 22 and I looked at her and said, “Of course he says he loves you, it costs him nothing to say it and he gets to have sex with you, what are you stupid??” I wasn’t as kind as I am today, lol!!!

          • melthehound says:

            I just hope Kandi is smart enough to protect herself… The fact that she now has to sue Side Boob Zolziak-Beirman for her producer money doesn’t leave me with much faith in that though.

          • Powell says:

            PrincessP I would have said the same thing to her.

            OT. How was the BD girl’s celebration?

            • princesspindy says:

              We had a blast and she is a happy girl. She has been doing pretty well the past couple of days, so mommy is happy!!

  16. princesspindy says:

    Happy Birthday LavaLady!!

  17. $25,000 says:

    Thank you NoMoreDrama, RamonaCoaster, MelTheHound and BB for the blogs!

  18. iceNfire says:

    Good Morning – So excited for RHOBH tonight. Thanks for synopsis of the cast of MtoM BB 🙂

  19. Lulu says:

    Hello everyone!! Hope your day is going great!

    Leave it to Kandi to set up a mulit level marketing scheme. That is a new low for her. This season I don’t like her at all her attitude stinks. It’s like she’s grown too big for her britches. The same with Phaedra who started out soo innocent! I really liked her but she’s changed for the worse. I really feel for Porsha having a miscarriage past your 1st trimester is rought. Hopefully she will be in a better place when she conceives again.

    Unfortunately I’m STILL watching Kourtney and Kim take Miami. This season is a complete flop. Boooooring!!! The only redeeming factor is Kourtney’s little ones. Khloe and Scott’s shennanagins! Other then that their contrived storylines are just not that interesting. It’s like been there done that. I have to wonder will they continue the series till Mason goes to college?

    BTW What happened to the Walking dead recaps? I really enjoyed reading them! I can’t watch this season because of the baby. It just makes me too nervous that they will write in a story of the baby being hurt or something like that.

    • $25,000 says:

      I didn’t realize before seeing the show last night that Porsha had a miscarriage. I think in light of that it must be extremely painful for her to hear Kordel say he doesn’t think she is ready to have a baby.

      • pat says:

        I felt so sad for Porsha re the miscarriage. Her grief only compounded by an insensitive ass for a husband. And so true, that was extra cruel of him then to be so cavalier about her news that she could be pregnant, and to say he’s not sure she’s ready.

    • princesspindy says:

      It is sad that Kim is so boring they had to make up that detective storyline for her, lol!

    • pat says:

      Wow, is that what that meeting was for, with Kandi and all her “sales reps” ? A pyramid scheme? Yikes. I’m not liking Kandi so much this season, either.

  20. realhousewifeva says:

    Next week on Atlanta it looks like Porsha is dressed like Halle in Dorothy Dandridge, not BAPS…could that be what pisses off Kenya (who looks like she’s dressed as Beyonce in Austin Powers…shocker) ?

    Can’t wait for tonight! Two hours of pure craziness!

    • realhousewifeva says:

      Okay so I swear I saw the preview clip after i wrote the above comment, but I was totally right!! how funny KENYA IS CRAZY

      • princesspindy says:

        What’s funny is my hubby who is pretty much clueless about HWs came in at one point about a month ago and Kenya was on the screen and he said “Is that Beyonce?” He is known in our household for his horrible celebrity identification abilities, but I laughed out loud at that one!!!

    • mrs peabody says:

      Is it Porsha that is being escorted out of the party? I watched and watched it trying to figure out who it was and who was her husband talking to?

      • $25,000 says:

        I bet it is Porsha being escorted out and I bet it is because Kenya was mad that Porsha didn’t dress like Halle in BAPS.

  21. Just got back from a wonderful vacation in Florida.Returned to a foot of snow…ugh!
    Got caught up on all the blogs and comments.
    I want to say a big Thank you to those who shared their stories about addictions. I find it amazing that this forum allows many of us to feel comfortable enough to open up and share these kind of experiences. I would not feel safe enough to share like that anywhere else. That I believe is a tribute to Lynn’s legacy in creating a site that attracted so many wonderful and caring individuals who loved and hated(more like disliked) these Bravo housewives, and it still continues on.
    My own bio father was an alcoholic and prescription drug abuser. He passed away 12 years ago from the effects of the abuse he did to his body. I know I still harbor resentment toward him and the man he could have and should have been.
    That is why I have such a strong distaste for Kim Richards and Kyle. She should NOT be a housewife. She clearly still has issues with some substance besides alcohol. IMO she is abusing prescription drugs. Her behavior is eerily similar to my fathers. She makes excuses for herself instead of owning the truth. Kyle and the rest of their family covers it up and downplays the seriousness of her addictions.
    Sorry but I don’t believe she has reached true sobriety. Kim still harbors an unusual amount of resentment toward Brandi for calling her out during game night. I re-watched the 2 episodes that covered “game night” and re-read Kyle’s blog. Funny when the episodes aired, Kyle admitted her behavior was unacceptable. She even said all she needed was a broom and a wart to match the witchy behavior she exhibited.
    Now she and Kim both try to down play any fault on their part and only bring up Brandi calling out Kim on her addiction. Brandi would have never exposed Kim at all if the sisters wouldn’t have treated her so horribly. Kim doesn’t seem to be following any sobriety program that requires the addict to admit and accept the truth of their own behavior, to let go of resentment and hurt, and to embrace forgiveness. Not only forgiveness to others for perceived wrongs but forgiveness toward self.
    I watched the preview for tonight and I found myself becoming very angry at Kim’s refusal to move past “Game Night” and to take responsibly for her own deplorable behavior that night. Brandi was not the only one who behaved poorly that night. But, she is the only one who truly felt any remorse and apologized. Brandi was provoked by both sisters and finally called out Kim for her obvious abuse of some substance that night.
    Maybe if Kim’s family would be honest and open about Kim’s problems instead of trying to down play them or cover them up then Kim would finally get the help she needs. They only enable her and IMO as long as they protect her image she will never truly face her demons and get the help she needs.

    • HuskerHuny says:

      You speak the truth and you speak of it from a place of experience. Sorry for what you had to go through.

    • iceNfire says:

      Hi Shadows – Happy to hear you went on vacation! I agree that Kim’s family is doing her a great disservice and what really sucks about the whole thing is that they are covering for Kim only to make it seem like they are one big happy family. They need to back off and let her hit rock bottom -imo- This is what I did with my sister, when didn’t speak for 10 years but when she was ready she called me and asked for help. We made a deal that I would help get her house ready to sell and she would go to rehab after it sold. I’m happy to say she kept her end of the deal, but sadly it was only her 1st trip to rehab…gotta start somewhere tho…

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Shadows – I’m glad you had a vacation!!! It’s so nice to get away…and it’s nice to come home, isn’t it? Great comments.

  22. HuskerHuny says:

    It’s official – I’m over the RHATL. I watched Amazing Race and then Celebrity Apprentice instead. I tried to catch it at the 11 p.m. rerun, but I fell asleep instead.

    There was a time when nothing would have interfered with my watching any of the Housewife shows. The Atlanta women are now nothing but a big snoozefest.

    I never did like Nene, so her storyline about being on a major network show (and it’s losing viewers as well) does nothing to hold my attention.

    Who really cares about dueling workout videos? Here today, gone tomorrow.

    Kandy and her many business ventures are boring and wearing thin.

    Cynthia who?

    And whose big idea was it to bring in Porsha? Didn’t they interview her at all?

    And now with the doctors from Atlanta, How embarrassed the real Atlanta professionals must be to see these women representing their community.

    I’m afraid the fat lady is singing and not just for the Atlanta franchise. Either bring in some new talent or go searching for a new community. There’s nothing there now to bring me back for the end of this year or for a new season. Could say the same about New Jersey and Orange County. I will give New York a pass for now, but it’s a slim one. I never did watch Miami.

    What say you?

    • I tend to watch RHA in the background while I am working at my computer and usually it pulls me in. Last night’s episode was such a snoozefest – it was over before I ever looked up. I played it again to see if I missed something, nope. There have been some fun episodes, some uncomfortable episodes, but yesterday’s was a waste. It was like they tacked together all of the weird commercial break fillers and tried to make it last an hour. Meh. But next week looks juicy…

    • Kansas Girl says:

      I’m so over Atlanta, I watched reruns of Duck Dynasty and went to bed on time. Done and done.

    • realhousewifeva says:

      I don’t even understand why anyone would buy a workout video from either of these NON FITNESS GURUS when there are a million more out there by actual fitness professionals!

      I know i’m in the minority but I like Cynthia a lot. I think she is stunning looking and she brings a lot to the show. I don’t think people have to always be over the top or crazy in order to be interesting.

      Atlanta ratings are through the roof (highest rated of all Housewife shows). They’ve had some of their highest ratings ever in all 5 seasons, this season. I don’t think the fat lady is singing for them just yet.


    watched hotlanta late last night after work… felt so bad for Porsha..I am hoping she grows into her role as a wife and mother on her terms… sadly , I don’t foresee this marriage lasting too much longer…
    fakedra..OMG.. she’s a real mess…she just a nasty azz ..she truly is a ” dirty” girl pretending to be all stand up rightgeous and what not..I even detected some embarrasment from Apollo with regards to how she was talking and acting…she really needs to be GONE WITH THE WIND…
    kenya… another piece of work..I can clearly see why she has never had a lasting and meaningful relationship with anyone… male or female…
    ms leakes…if her self inflated EGO gets any bigger ..she will explode… still have this aching feeling that her and Gregg are all kinds of FAKE FAKE FAKE…. another one whose day of reckoning is fast approaching…
    cynthia..really no words… really….
    and kandi…I am in agreeance with others , something off about todd..I think he is in ” LOVE ” with what kandi has…not her..
    and how whacked to say on tv… she believes in surrogacy so she doesnt gain weight..WOW… why even bother having a kid ..I can see this if she had medical problems…but she really is quite VAIN as is todd…if my husband/boyfriend EVER said to use a surrogate so I didn’t gain weight..he would find himself on the side of the road with a stick and red hanky AND his nuts tied in the hanky…

    didnt catch Married to Medicine..flipped to Spike TV and watched car lot rescue…too funny…lol
    have given up on REVENGE.. lost interest when they decided to start playing that game of it not being shown every Sunday…

    patient is driving me nuts…in all the years of being with mr ford I NEVER thought he would be so concerned over having dirty floors…GOOD GOD MOLLY …GIVE IT A REST.. it’s just sand from the dogs… his knee is swollen , red and warm… prob from over doing… if it’s not better looking in the a/m I will call dr and ask if this is normal…

    I sure could use a few days beachside with some tequila sunrises and peace and quiet…maybe I will go there in my dreams…lol

    hugs and peace

    • HuskerHuny says:

      Men are the worst patients. Went through it with my husband last year. You worry yourself sick until they can leave the hospital and then you want to shoot them two days after they get home.

      My hubby and I took last Friday for ourselves to celebrate his one year of health (except for a three day glitch in July). Don’t tell him, but I would rather have him home complaining instead of in a hospital 40 minutes away from home.

      Keep the faith DD2 – please make sure the heat and redness in his knee isn’t infection, just to be sure. Enjoy that tequila sunrise and have another on me!

  24. iceNfire says:

    Could Yo and Brandi put anymore distance between themselves and Kyle?

    • princesspindy says:

      That is so funny, YoYo is so cute!!

    • lillybee says:

      Kyle looks like she swallowed a canary. What a smug look.

    • kit9 says:

      I really hope Andy challenges Yolanda on some of the offensive things she’s said this season but I’m not holding my breath..he only gets worked up if the offensive comments are directed at gay men, not women.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        I can’t imagine him being hard on Yo. Something about the David Foster connection;I don’t think he would want to make David Foster angry. Maybe it’s just me.

  25. thedesigndiva2 says:

    well, sure enough he went to the owner and complained about how unreasonable I was by not allowing him to come in and do his paperwork,,
    so here I am at 4 pm Sat in the lobby setting up a photo shoot with my bridezilla..who apologized to me earlier about her behavior friday night.. and in walks the owner who wants to chat with me..I asked him if it could wait as I was sorta busy with the shoot..he said sure…
    finished with shoot..limo pulls up..everyone leaves ..
    so owner asks what is my problem with mc creepy… told him I wasnt going into great detail about it , but explained that management knew about it and that he had been asked NOT to come in to dawdle off the clock on my shift..I explained the incident about him yelling at me in front of guests ect…he said he never knew of mc creepy being rude…I said ..of course not to you he would be…you’re the boss… then I asked him..in the 13 years you have known me have you ever known me to lie or be dishonest about anything..he said no..in fact the one thing I enjoy about you is your honesty and hard work ethic,,,I told him okay then… please accept my word that I will choose to not work with you IF you deem it okay for mc creepy to be allowed here off the clock and on my shift… I explained that I felt it was UNPROFESSIONAL for a supposed grown man to go to the owner and cry about how someone doesnt like them. REALLY !!! so he agreed and stands by my decision.. says he will take care of mc creepy for me…. NIPPED AGAIN…yea…

    sssooooo… few hrs go by… owner in back dressed in crappy clothes doing some repairs… gentleman walks in… very professional looking… we chat etc….. he’s retired exec. from GM… building a house here and needs a place to stay for 90 days… after my sales pitch..showing of room and generally making the guy feel like he’s the most important person ever…
    I SELL THE ROOM…. YEEHAW… $1200.00 BUCKS A MONTH CASH DEAL….. checks in today..whoop whoop…. owner impressed for sure…lol lol lol
    best yet….the guy wants to hire me to also help him with construction management of the job , as his contractor is from out of state and needs some help…OH HELL YEA… diva can do this…love how the Good Lord puts me where I need to be at the right time……
    so based on this….this week I will also be making promo visits to our local skeet and trap range to hopefully book rooms for the upcoming tournament on April 27th… whoot whooooo…..

    had all my work DONE and was ready to HAUL when mc creepy showed up at 11 p/m…I was out the dr at 11;07 P/M…. and YES.. I was pleasant to him…hello how are you how was your week… and good bye gotta run..have a good one…. see ya next sunday nite….
    vrooom vrooom and off I went……
    stopped and got me some well deserved apple fritters and big and I mean BIG FRESH BAKED CROISSANT…. yummy yummy….

    SO… all is good in diva land…..
    dinner early tonite..shrimp scampi with fresh lime…. steamed green beans and cheesy garlic bread… then lock down for tv…..
    hugs and peace

    • melthehound says:

      🙂 😀

    • princesspindy says:

      LOVE IT!!! You are going to sell lots of rooms for the shooting “thang” cuz that’s my Birthday!!! It’s a sign!!! Love ya, glad things are working out so well!!!!!

    • AZGirl says:

      Diva SHINES AGAIN!!! Nice work. Picked up a construction assistant job along with selling a room for 90’s days. Hell, have another crossiant on me…just send me the bill.

      • thedesigndiva2 says:

        thanks kids… just felt so AWESOME to be talking about construction and building codes again… this guy’s interest was so peaked watching me talk with such ease about building..perc tests, compaction ,nailing patterns for plywood and felt etc…. I was in HEAVEN needless to say…and then those magic words…” I’ll make it worth your while to help me during this process “”…. OH HELL YEA… just so hard to really explain how damn happy and excited I am about this…

        • Vegas Chick says:

          That’s great news and glad that you recognize where the blessings come from. You would have been proud of me today. I’m dealing with a lender (my buyer and not my recommend). They have lied like rugs and I let it go until the Sr. Loan Officer started throwing my Title/Escrow gal under the bus. So, I copy her on the email and all of a sudden he’s all nice and apologetic (to her, no me – doesn’t matter). We were supposed to close on Friday (his promise) and the seller is ticked and was ready to pull the plug. So, he starts talking about closing on Wednesday and I copy in the buyer who is also an attorney… oopsee. I say no to Wednesday and demand that loan docs be sent to title now and the doc drawer says ‘I’m working on it. Will be sent in a few minutes.” Since, the buyer is an attorney, his firm is full of notaries so he doesn’t need to have a mobile go to him. Buyer is dropping off the loan docs to title before the end of the day. Mr. Lender has been dead quiet. #amateurhour

          • vegas… SO PROUD OF YOU INDEED… winks…
            and YES.. although at times I do question the situations I am in , I then realize it’s part of life ..the struggles and the FAITH to know that at times someone else is in charge…. what doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger and more determined…..

            hugs and peace

            picked up some more hrs today… working on wed nite….YIPEEE…. somethings up…. lol

        • $25,000 says:

          Congratulations. I love to hear good news!

    • BB says:

      So happy things are going your way, Diva.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I love that you hit it off with that guest!! You were in hog heaven weren’t you?

      • thedesigndiva2 says:

        laineylainey…OINK OINK INDEED….. even when I got home and told mr ford he said I had that LOOK in my eyes… told him it was such a good feeling to go back to what I truly love..CONSTRUCTION…. ooohhhh…now eyes I got the bug..!!!!!

  26. I’m gonna tell you guys because I can’t get my family worked up, but I need to get this off my chest and into the universe: I have my first real post-op status appointment to check my blood levels. For the first time in this whole process, I am actually scared. I got so used to bad news that I really learned to flow with it. But being in remission for two months and taking a break from being sick-girl has me shaking in my clogs. Holy pajamas, what if my remission vacation in over? If it is, I hope I get the really cute intern again…if I’m gonna get treatments, at least give me something to look at 😉 Thank you for letting me squawk! Appt is at 4:00PT, I’ll keep you posted! XOXO!

  27. Nancy says:

    Not a lover of Zoo’s but in this case I feel it was importnant as she may help down the line.
    Scroll down and you can she her stand up for the first time. Her mother is so sweet.

  28. Exit4 says:

    Lottery Update! Last night and this morning they reported that the big ticket was sold in this area. At a truck stop to a trucker. I just heard on the news that it was inncorrect. It was sold at a liquer store in Passaic. Manzo territory. Sorry Boston, it could be one of them!

  29. cusi77 says:

    I do believe that the RHOBH went to Paris… The RHONY to London… not so much! We did not get to watch them on any trade mark building, Plaza, River, nothing at all! They could have been walking in Brooklyn!

    I am very excited for tonights BH Finale and Reunion!

    Thank you for the Blogs NMD, BB and MelTheHound!

    Love to all, always!


  30. LavaLady says:

    Thanks for all the birthday wishes. I appreciate them so much. Had a wonderful girls’ weekend in CT. Six of us who are high school and/or elementary school friends got together. Lots of laughter, movie watching, spa treatments and meals out. Unfortunately, I came home with a whopper of a cold. Went to work today; now just sitting in my chair taking it easy. Hope I’m better tomorrow.

    • boston02127 says:

      Happy Birthday LavaLady 🙂

    • Nancy says:

      Happy Birthday LavaLady. It sounds like you have a great time. I hope you get
      over your cold soon. 🙂

    • BB says:

      Sorry you have a cold on your birthday, Lava, but glad you had a fun weekend.

    • LA Debra says:

      Chicken soup. That’s my answer for almost everything 🙂 hope you feel better soon.

    • Catseye says:

      I had a cold that lasted for the past 2wks, maybe it was the flu, it seemed to really tire me out and I had no appetite at all (not that I’m complaining about that). I finally got rid of it by drinking several glasses of fresh-squeezed lemonade with plenty of pulp, I stirred in a couple of teaspoons of REAL sugar and some filtered water from my kitchen faucet–everything pure and natural. Within a day, I was getting back to normal. I had tried drinking some pre-made stuff from the grocery store, in the first place and it didn’t help at all–but boy the natural, homemade stuff sure did the trick!

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Yolanda, is that you???? jk That is so cool!!! Glad the natural way worked! I love hearing that!!

  31. boston02127 says:

    5:30, done for the day & night! I’m ready for tonight. Now I just have to stay awake untill BH comes on. That’s the tricky part.

  32. BB says:

    I read an article somehwere today that Yolanda is still affected by her Lyme disease and had some trouble remembering things at the reunion. Brandi finally had to tell the others to lay off.

    • seagirl45 says:

      That evil, ugly wench Leann Rimes cut off Brandi’s son’s curls today. Not the first time, either. Hate her.

      • Nancy says:

        Really? That’s not cool at all. Has Brandi been tweeting about it?

      • nyc mama says:

        Wow. Just went to her twitter. Clearly not pleased.
        Brandi Glanville‏@BrandiGlanville3h
        NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Jakey got his curls cut again!!!!!!!

        Leann needs to learn boundaries. She is a nightmare.

      • BB says:

        Leann should NOT be taking the boys for haircuts. It’s not her place to do that.

        • pat says:

          Brandi tweeted earlier that she was excited to take the boys to DWTS tonight. So LR had to make sure she messed with her.

    • $25,000 says:

      That outfit is just tacky. Hasn’t she heard that slutty shiek has never been appropriate at a kids’ ballgame?

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I would be beside myself if someone other than me had cut my kids’ hair. However, i think her outfit is cute. It’s not indecent. It shows her legs..it’s a bit sassy; but everything’s basically covered. It’s not too tight. There’s no boobage, no cheeks hanging out.

  33. AZGirl says:

    It is almost sunset so I am sending Happy Passover wishes to our Jewish posters.

    • thedesigndiva2 says:

      Chag Pesach Sameach Ve Kasher

      hugs and peace

    • L.A. Chica says:

      Good evening all! I’m sorry to have been absent the past few days, and I’ve missed everyone here. It’s good to be back, just in time for tonight’s RHBH final show and the first episode of the reunion.

      But first things first:

      Happy birthday to Lava Lady!

      Happy Passover to all who are celebrating!

      Diva, your post about how things are going for you on the job and that you’ve picked up some more work that you’re excited about had me grinning from ear to ear. I couldn’t be happier for you! You rock.

      How are Mr. Ford’s and Diana’s daughter’s recoveries going? Anyone else in post-op who needs some good vibes?

      Now, about tonight: I’m so hoping that we will see that in the end good does indeed always triumph over evil.

      Speaking for myself, I can’t stand suspense so I’m looking forward to reading about what’s happening on the show from all the east coasters. 😀

  34. Nancy says:

    The psychologist is FINALLY off the stand. The poor man.

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