Kordell Stewart’s Baby Mama was Also on Housewives / Miami Gossip / Real Housewives of Vancouver / Dukes of Melrose

Kordell Stewart’s Baby Mama was Also on Housewives and Other Gossip by NoMoreDrama

Real Housewives of Atlanta Porsha Stewart has filed court documents asking for alimony and the ability to stay in the home she shared with husband Kordell and his son Syre.  In the documents, Porsha explained that she gave up her business to parent Syre, and therefore should receive alimony.  According to an eonline insider source:“She has stayed in that marriage and in that home for all this time because there was a child involved. She loves Syre like he is her own. She was with Syre all the time, and he even calls her ‘Mom.'”

Here’s the funny thing.  The Baby Momma for Kordell’s son Syre is Tania Richardson.  Kordell has been spotted stepping out with Tania in Atlanta the night before he filed for divorce.  Tania Richardson was a “friend of the housewives” in Season Two of Real Housewives of Atlanta (2008).  This was the season when Kandi Burruss joined the show.  Rumor is Kordell didn’t like her being on the show, however according to this video on Bravo’s website, they were no longer together when she was filming.  Perhaps he didn’t like what she said on the show.

In the video titled “Girl Talk”, Tania explains that she was with an NFL star for 10 years and had a child with him.  They were engaged, but he refused to commit to getting married, and would get sketch when she tried to talk about it.  When she finally ended the relationship and handed back the ring, he told her he was never planning to marry her anyway.  What – a – tool.  Tania was in scenes as a friend of Sheree Whitfield, but also is in a series of on-line videos that are titled Real Friends of Atlanta.  I wonder if this was another attempt at web-series, like the one for the Manzo boys or Simon and his boys.  Or perhaps they were testing her a a real housewife and had a lot of footage.

Meanwhile Peter Thomas has something to say about the whole situation.

peter2 peter


Real Housewives of Miami is filming right now, and Karent Sierra has confirmed that she won’t be coming back, unless it is in cameo appearances.

karent tweet

Ana, Marysol, Alexia, and Lisa have been shown filming together, although rumors are that Marysol will have a more limited role this year as a friend of the housewives.  Joanna Krupa wrapped up filming Top Model Poland and is back in Miama.  She’s filmed non-stop for reality shows.  The twitter account of Ana’s daughters tweeted this photo of Ana and Joanna together.

Ana retweeted this photo

Ana retweeted this photo

Lea Black will also be back.  The website for Blacks’ Gala advertises that both Lisa Hochstein and Joanna Krupa will attend this year – so Lea will have a few friends to film with.  Conspicuously absent in the tweets and photos is any mention of Adriana de Moura.  At the end of the season last year it was revealed that Adriana’s storyline was bullshit.  While she agonized over committing to her relationship with Fredric and at the end decided to get married (even though they were engaged all season), it turns out they’ve been married for years.  What a slap in the face for Bravo.  My guess is they dropped her, but that’s just wishful thinking.


Real Housewives of Vancouver Season 2 Episode 8 by NoMoreDrama

(links to watch the show are on yesterday’s blog)

Last we left the Real Housewives of Vancouver, the ladies were wrapping up their time in Toronto.  Now we’re back in Vancouver.  For the third week in a row the show opens with Jody.  She’s having a wholesome baking moment with cute little Hannah, and has invited Robin (why doesn’t Robin ever bring her kids?) to join them so that Jody can try to recruit Robin to Team Jody and leave Mary with no friends.

Nothing like a little baking and bashing with Jody

Nothing like a little baking and bashing with Jody

Jody claims she’s above all the drama that she starts. She then starts drama by asking Robin why she missed the Top Chef Canada taping. Robin apologizes and explains that she’s not much of a drinker, and overdid it.  Then Jody starts griping about Mary, calling her a sociopath for believing her own B.S.  This is all in front of Hannah who is making butter tarts.

Robin has had enough of Jody spewing venom.

Robin has had enough of Jody spewing venom.

Jody sends Hannah away and lets loose.  She calls Mary “Lucifer”.  Robin is not impressed.  In her voice over, she says, “A devil calling someone else a devil, that takes the cake.”  Robin is very religious, so for her to call Jody the devil speaks volumes.

Jody calls Mary a terrorist.  She says she defamed Jody’s company  – a pure and virginal company that never misrepresented that they sold used Hermes bags (because vintage wipes away the used stigma) and never put Mia’s name on tags and stuffed them into someone else’s clothing design (Reiko busted them on that one, not Mary).

Robin is just exhausted by the rant and trying her best to get out of there.  She tells Jody she’s going to leave because she’s going to meet Mary.  Jody says “You’re going to tell her what I said.”  When Robin sort of shrugs and says, “yeah I guess,” Jody rips into her and says she’ll have to make Robin obsolete too.

Robin meets Mary for lunch.  Mary is sad because no one has her back.  Mary is still hurt from the trip because of how Ronnie treated her and says “I’m done.”  Mary says that she hasn’t heard from either Amanada or Ioulia since they got back, and feels like Ronnie got to them to have an entourage for when she ambushed her.  Then Robin fills Mary in on what Jody said.  Mary is happy that Robin had her back.

This is Ronnie trying to look surprised - it's hard with all that botox.

This is Ronnie trying to look surprised – it’s hard with all that botox.

Ronnie and Amanda have decided that Toronto was stressful.  They’ve decided to hire a psychic to take control of their lives.  The psychic blows Ronnie away after they play twenty questions and come up with a name of someone Ronnie knows.  Then the psychic fishes around saying something about a person who switched religions (Jody’s religion was a big part of the storyline last year – she claimed Mary said she wasn’t even Jewish although I think they all said it including Ronnie.  Without going back to look at past episodes I think Jody may have converted, but perhaps she just thinks of herself as Jewish.)  Anyway – psychic brings up the letter M then Mary (ummm – maybe she watched the show last year) but Ronnie acts surprised.  The psychic asks if Mary is jealous of her.  Then she tells Ronnie that Mary doesn’t “get” her.  Ronnie says she’s way deeper.   She’s on a different deepness.  No kidding.  At this point hubs, who is trying to take a nap as I type, can’t take it anymore and leaves.

Now psychic says there is someone in the family that is chemically imbalanced or an alcoholic, and she asks if it is Ronnie.  Bingo – she has watched the show!  Ronnie says she’s stopped drinking.  Didn’t she drink in Toronto?  The psychic asks if she means it – and Ronnie says she does.  Now Amanda arrives.

Amanda is touched by what the psychic tells her.

Amanda is touched by what the psychic tells her.

Psychic asks if Amanda is starting a business.  Then psychic says she’s concerned about a J person working with her.  Amanda realized psychic is talking about Jody.  Psychic tells Amanda it’s amazing that she’s turned out well and calls her one of “God’s Children” and says she respects her for what she’s gone through and what she’s done.  I don’t remember enough of Amanda’s back story to know what psychic is talking about, but Amanda tears up.

Ronnie decides they all need relaxation, so she flies the “girls” (minus Mary) to Rockwater Resort to Glamp.  Jody is invited, but doesn’t go because she’s sick.  Ronnie decides to take this time to share that she and Mary had a one nighter many years ago.  Robin is a little surprised and says she can keep her mouth shut.  Not that it matters since it’ll air on the show.

Poor Mary needs to film filler scenes because no one but Robin is filming with her.

Poor Mary needs to film filler scenes because no one but Robin is filming with her.

Back to Mary.  Cole is packing to leave to NY City to work as an intern for former president Clinton.  I remember her tweeting about this last year – he got some sort of prestigious internship.  They drag this out way too long but I guess no one but Robin is filming with her at this point in the season.

Back to the ladies that have arrived at the Rockwater.  They are greeted with a huge champagne brunch.  Ronnie claims she’s an expert on gourmet foods and in the same breath says that walnuts and pecans are the same after getting them confused.

Robin brings up what Ronnie told her on the plane.  Ronnie says it wasn’t an on-going occurrence and not that memorable.  Ioulia voices over that there is nothing wrong with a little hanky panky between girlfriends.  Then they share the craziest things they’ve done.  Robin – sex in a graveyard.  Ioulia asks if it was with a dead body.  Then Ioulia tells a joke about a guy having sex with a chick he dug up from the graveyard. Understandably, no one gets her humor.  The cabins at the resort are a long walk on a board walk type of path through the woods.  Of course they are all wearing high heels and have way too much luggage so it’s funny to watch them struggle.  Fools.

Croquet time.  None of them know how to play.  Robin is too hungry to finish the game.  Ioulia turns out to be the most competitive of the bunch.  More champagne.  They look up and see someone coming to join them.  From the previews we were led to believe it is Mary, but it is really Ronnie’s niece Paige, dressed for a nightclub.  Paige asks why Mary isn’t there but they decide not to talk about Mary.  Good for them. Then the conversation turns to first husbands.  Ronnie says she was married for “six minutes”.  I thought she had a few kids from her first marriage and was best friends with him still?  Robin says five months for her and that “men cheat.”  After croquet Robin goes off to take a bath and call Mary to tell her about what Ronnie said.  Mary claims Ronnie is full of B.S.  She denies it adamantly.  Never, ever, ever!

Dinner next.  They haven’t been sitting down for more than a few minutes when Amanda asks Robin if she’s talked to Mary since they came to the resort.  Robin tries to avoid telling that she already spilled what Ronnie had said earlier, and then she finally says that it doesn’t matter because Mary said it didn’t happen.  Ioulia wants them to stop talking about Mary.  Amanda can’t believe how much of a gossip Robin is, and Ronnie wants Robin to stop playing mediator.

The last thing Robin wants to do is talk to Jody.

The last thing Robin wants to do is talk to Jody.

Jody calls.  She asks to talk to the “traitor,” and Ronnie hands Robin the phone.  Robin asks to keep the conversation drama free and Jody starts ripping into her.  Robin apologizes and Jody insults her.  All the other girls are giggling.  Ioulia doesn’t like the gang up and turns the mood by being positive.

Now they talk about Amanda.  She says she’s come a long way and used to be wild.  Not drugs, but wild. Robin asks if she was abused, and she says she was when she was 5/6 and then again in high school.  Tears are flowing.

The ladies strip down for the long ride back into the city.

The ladies strip down for the long ride back into the city.

Since there wasn’t any drama at the resort, Ronnie has decided to keep her birthday celebration theme flowing to get some good footage for the show.  Amanda and Robin drive out of the city to Ronnie’s place to take her boat back into the city to Granville Island – one of the most popular tourist stops in Vancouver.  Look for me in the background (kidding).  Robin voices over that when they get to Ronnie’s she’s very friendly and seems like she might have started celebrating, if you know what she means.  They all strip down to bikinis to get a little sun on the way in.  Jody and Ioulia are waiting at dockside and have a little chat.  Ioulia is very gracious about Jody’s appearance on Top Chef.  Jody trash talks Robin and Mary.  The yacht arrives and the girls are drunk.  Robin interviews that the trip from Ronnie’s to Granville Island was about 40 ounces of vodka long. Amanda didn’t drink, but Ronnie and Robin are lit.

Ronnie voices over that she remembers getting on the boat.  Jody picks up that Ronnie is smashed right away.  Ronnie announces it’s her birthday and she wants to order a drink.  Jody then says, “Let me leave so that you can drink.”  I’ve got to hand it to Jody, she’s trying her best with Ronnie.  Robin slurs, “If you can’t have a free pass on your birthday when the hell can you.”  This is the woman that believes people should just have the control to stop drinking.  Jody asks Robin what happened to her – and asks if she’s happy because she killed Mary.  Robin says – Ronnie and Mary are cool with each other, they are just taking a break.  Ioulia jumps in to once again ask them to STOP talking about Mary.  The conversation turns to Ioulia, who says she and her husband are going through hell because all they talk about is business, and business is hurting.  She says she loves him 1000% percent and fell in love with the man, not the money.  Jody voices over she’d rather cry in the back of a Rolls Royce than laugh on a bicycle.  Quite the opposite for me.

Then Robin slurs that she can see Mary’s building in the background.  Ioulia once again asks them to not bring up Mary. Robin tries to defend Mary and says that she doesn’t see her as malicious.  Everyone else sees that Ronnie is getting pissed, and Amanda pleads with Robin to stop bringing up Mary.  Ronnie decides to fix things with vodka shots.  Ioulia says they serve crappy vodka there, and she’d know being Russian.  Robin says “to an alcoholic, baby, the vodka doesn’t matter.”

Ronnie is doing her best to imitate Kim Richards.

Ronnie is doing her best to imitate Kim Richards.

That sets Ronnie off.  Man her lips are big.  Ronnie leaps out of her chair and pulls a Richards with her finger pointing in Robin’s face and the cuss words pouring out of her mouth.  Jody tells Robin to get up and leave.  Everyone seems a little panicked.  Jody pleads with Ronnie to calm down and says she’s her best friend.  Robin fires back and says she’s not afraid of Ronnie, and if Ronnie has a problem with her she should get the f*ch over it.  Finally someone who doesn’t cower to the bully.

Ioulia and Amanda are mortified through all of this.  Just as Ronnie calms down (boy she sure has violent mood swings), Jody tears into Robin.  Robin tells her to “bring it on.”  Then they all just decide they are lucky to be alive, and celebrate to life.  Amanda interviews that Ronnie has clearly fallen off the wagon, which is the understatement of the year.

Next week – Mary’s birthday and only Ioulia and Robin go.  Ronnie claims “she” drugged her. I suppose someone will try to find a way to blame Mary.


The Dukes of Melrose by Jill

Our dashing Dukes made another colorful appearance this week. One of the best things about the fashionable men of this show is they do not fear color. We tune in each week for the drama but we also tune in for the fashion. Everyone’s fashion! So thank Cameron for the pink, yellow, blue, ok ALL colors of the rainbow you don each week.

The hunt for a manager continues this week but first we peek at a wedding dress that’s ready to find a new home. We get a few more moments with Billy, decades staff member extraordinaire, with pricing skills that can’t be beat. It’s as if his hands can FEEL how much something will sell for. Song it people ” Billy. Billy can’t you tell the number, cuz I want every gown, to be sellllllinnggggg!” This is the tune Christo’s is thinking as Billy does his magic.

One of the beautiful stars of Revenge, Ashley Madekwe, has dropped into Decades on the hunt for a dress for her wedding. The choices range from princess ball gown that practically swallows the tiny star to Sha-bam gorgeous sparkle gown. Success? Well almost. The last gown she tries, while not perfect for the wedding it is perfect for the reception. All I can say is GORGEOUS! That gown is a stunner.

It’s back to the infamous hunt for a manager for the Duke again, and this week it’s the Craig’s list contestants. Ok maybe I should not call them contestants but I’m pretty sure we won’t be meeting the Decades game show winner this week. The first guys is underdressed to not impress followed by one pink loving lady. I think she even spoke in pink. It was a lot of pink. And clearly not the right fit for our chic shoppe. Jeffrey, the one with the most potential, is the last one up and makes it though round one. Next round, the fashion show party in the store to give Jeffrey a chance to “manage”. Best line of the latest round of interviews? When Christo’s references a children’s movie the ever droll Cameron answers simply, “I have no idea, I’m not into children.” Love it!

Jeffrey’s mixer round in the Decades matchmaker game is a go. While the party is a celebrity filled hit with a repeat visit from Ashley Madekwe and the lovely Lisa Rinna, Jeffrey was more wallflower in the corner. Chatting with the intern instead of out with the customers is not what the Dukes need to run the store. Another manager potential bites the dust. Boy keep hunting because you know the right fit is out there amongst the fabulous people of Beverly Hills.

Up next week, manager matchmaker and high price hair cuts while the Dukes hunt for more couture for the clients and have their own Decades growing pains. One thing is for sure, there will be colorful outfits and witty remarks to go with their chic style. Thanks Dukes, we will see you next week.


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  • Married to Medicine
  • Don’t Be Tardy
  • Kandi Factory

Email nomoredrama8@gmail.com if you are interested.


Saturday Night Lineup, March 30th, by BB

8PM – NCAA Basketball (CBS, TBS); Women’s College Gymnastics SEC Tournament (7PM, ESPN); Antiques Roadshow (PBS); Too Cute (Anpl); Operation: Vacation (Logo); Doctor Who (BBC)

9PM – Dateline: Real Life Mysteries (TLC); Secret Life of Money (Disc); My Big Redneck Vacation (CMT); Pit Boss (Anpl); Unfaithful: Stories of Betrayal (OWN); Joan and Melissa (WE); Renovation Realities (DIY); Orphan Black (BBC)

10PM – Dateline: Real Life Mysteries (TLC); World’s Toughest Drive (Disc); Unfaithful: Stories of Betrayal (OWN); Rebel Eats (10:30 Food); Scorned: Love Kills (ID); My Ghost Story: Caught on Camera; The Nerdist (BBC)


Happy Birthday Joysmiling


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    Shamrock spill. 🙂 I want part deux of the fish in your closet story. Daughter #1 sure was puzzled. LOL. 🙂

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      Powell, you sure are full of smiles today. Here’s one back at ya’ 😀
      Yeah, where is ShamrockBlonde?! Inquiring minds want to know about the fishy texts! I’m trying to keep a low profile because I didn’t do my homework, gotta run before NMD shows up.

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  6. $25,000 says:

    Thanks for the blog NoMore Drama and Happy Saturday everyone!

    How interesting that Porsha is the second woman in a relationship with Kordell that has been a cast member of RHATL. This tells me that Bravo thinks there’s a lot of dirt on him i.e. the rumors about him being gay.

    Something’s haywire with this story. We’ve seen how controlling he is so why would he allow Porsha to be on the show if one reason he broke up with Tania because he didn’t like her being on the show? Was he pulling a Kelsy and “gifting” her with a role as a token of farewell? I wonder if he thought if she were earning a paycheck he would be less likely to have to pay her alimony?

    • mrspeabody says:

      Once a jerk always a jerk, I hope she takes him to the cleaners. I wonder why they didn’t have a prenup, seems really stupid on his part. I had no clue he had a son living in the home with them.

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    Link guaranteed to make you laugh:


    Just in case you forgot.

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    @PP and Rebecca I just responded to your posts on the previous blog. Busy with brother in town so I apologize for not responding sooner.

  9. Good Afternoon Darling Ones! I hope you all are having a lovely Saturday! I have been out running around all day and I am tired! Need a nap. But it is DD’s birthday on Tuesday so I had lots to do. Dinner that night with friends, and party on the w/e. She has her spa day next Sat., but I may do me one in the middle of the week! LOL!

    Thanks for another great blog NMD and Jill. I just caught a few mins of Dukes of Melrose…quirky! 🙂

    It appears Porsha is dodging a bullet with this divorce and she is young so she has a lot of time to find a good guy….the right one!

    I am going to flop in my chair and take a rest for awhile. So glad spring has sprung for you all. Enjoy your day!

    New post, “The Power of Manifestation”, is up at my place. Enjoy!

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    Thanks to NMD, BB & Jill for the blog today!

    What, no KarenT the carrier pigeon?! YES! I did not like KarenT, but who did?! Not that many of you that regularly comment professed your love for RHOM – but I am one if them and let me tell you it will be viewer justice IF Bravo cut out the two with fake relationships. Uh, I don’t think Adrianna’s is fake but how she is contriving the engagement as if they’re not already married…how desperate, somehow that was worse to me than a make believe boyfriend. I feel like this should apply to Kenya of RHOA, to get the axe, but she’s turned out to be a very special kinda crazy, ha ha.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I enjoyed Miami, too!! Good point about the already legally married storyline being slightly worse than the fake boyfriend. Talk about desperate for a storyline. What would be my storyline? LaineyLainey goes to work (sneaks in as much Lynnfam as possible), drives home, makes dinner, checks the Lynnfam site, eats dinner, turns on the t.v. with laptop in hand. Cleans stuff during commercials (half-assedly), more t.v. and laptop, Prayers, bedtime,while telling oneself “tomorrow, I’ll get up early and walk”, “tomorrow, I’ll walk after dinner” …wow!! What a storyline!!! I think I need a fake boyfriend, or a dried up ova pregnancy, or ….geez…the possibilities are endless. Gotta go take clothes out of the dryer there’s a commercial playing!!

      • TexasTart says:

        Ha ha, and don’t anyone underestimate the necessary skills to sneak as much Lynnfam time as possible!!!

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  12. TexasTart says:

    So I was catching up in tweetville and on the housewives front; it seems Ana of RHOM had pics of her marinate sause being bottled. That is an appropriate HW product considering her cooking background (at least it’s not another beverage!)

    When Yolanda was asked in a tweet where she bought a cross she wore on the show, she replied that it can be bought at Yolanda.com – and someone else asked if she sold jewelry and the answer was yes at Yolanda.com – nice website…wish she.would have put more of her modeling day photos on there…anyway, I didn’t find any jewelry there! I am on a mobile though, maybe it’s not on the mobile site or I totally overlooked.it. FYI.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        i kept googling yolanda.com and I kept getting nuttin. thanks for posting the link. Not sure I like that jewelry.

        • BB says:

          It’s not flashy. She strikes me as the simple, few pieces, jewelry type rather than the big blingy jewelry type.

          • LaineyLainey says:

            It’s so expensive.

            • TexasTart says:

              Well, you know she’s saving up for another horse don’t ya?! 😉

              • LaineyLainey says:

                Her poor daughter only has one horse while all the other kids have two or more…boo to the hoo.

                • TexasTart says:

                  “boo to the hoo”
                  Who is Adrienne Maloof in this world anyway?

                  • LaineyLainey says:

                    I have to admit, I thought that was a ballsy thing to say. I guess David Foster’s money and Mohammed Hadid’s money helps ones balls grow to epic proportions. I think even Brandi was speechless when YoFo said that. LOL!!

                    • Her daughter is training to ride in the Olympics so that might be why she said what she said.


                    • LaineyLainey says:

                      I was referring to the comment – “Who is Adrienne Maloof? nobody.” I thought that comment was extremely ballsy. Not the outcry for more horses. Her daughter is training for the Olympics? that is super cool,I do admire that— it shows her daughter is committed and willing to work hard…but it still falls under rich people problems with which I usually can’t relate. Well, I guess I CAN relate with wanting MORE for your kids than you can afford to give them. That may be a universal feeling. So I guess it’s all relative, huh? If she comes back for another season, she should get a really nice raise; she should then be able to get her kid what she needs in order to compete at the Olympic level.

                    • TexasTart says:


          • mrspeabody says:

            It’s really nice but way more then I want to pay.

      • TexasTart says:

        Thanks, BB. The shop part is not mobile based, so I’ll check it out when I’m on desktop. I was curious what she would have because she is understated with accessories and often clothes…I like that about her…a rare concept in the world of real housewives!

        There was also chatter in her twitter feed about Yolanda being voted the favorite of RHOBH….but no link or other reference (typical of Yolanda, she’s more into replying to people than promoting herself IMO.) So I have no idea where the poll came from, but good for her…a rookie who didn’t have a considerable amount of screen time. I think she is a breath of fresh air for many and had only begun to mix-it-up right at the end of the season.

  13. sparklemuffy says:

    Thank-you NMD for the links and the blogs and the love and keeping the lynnfam together.
    ( and BB and all who blog– thank you, thank you). I can’t watch Vancouver with a straight face. Season 1 with Dr. Evil and Mini-Me was (IMHO) the first time a villian–ess w/ RH really took up the gauntlet and made a studied attempt to be the bad girl that everyone loves to hate. Jody is so shockingly and bizarrely hateful –there is no way she’s real– she’s like a Disney character.
    And Ronnie. oh— How fabulously rich and cool could one be?The house, the clothes, the plane, the yacht, the lips, the body, the kids( lovely last year) — if not— for the drinking, Ativan, PTSD, speech-making, wife-beating husband, (allegedly), Zen-pretending BS that she projects.
    this is what I think. They watched the RHO–whatever city and made a plan. With a 20-year friendship– if my friends and I were going to be RH we would pretend to make up, then have a crazy non-sensical fight, make-up, talk to our husbands and take his advice that we made a make-up mistake, break-up again. cause a lot of drama. Say things like ” it’s just too much. too much.” ” I can’t drink VINO, but VODKA is OK” . Walk out of beautiful restaurants without eating. Pop an Ativan ( allegedly). Take sides against my friend of 20 years with the token Dr. Evil and her sidekick daughter Mini-Me. …..and try to look good while we are doing it. — which for
    ( IMHO) Mary and Ronnie– is all in a days work.
    I just wish the producers would get that we love the scenery. I think Vancouver might be one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. I would like to see more of it. The houses. The cars– remember Reiko’s Rolls ( or Bentley?) with the matching luggage? I love that– the shoes. Wow– this episode had some fabulous shoes–

  14. majnon says:

    Happy Birthday Joysmiling! Hope you have a good one.

  15. boring nite here… my railroad boyfriend… WHIITT is his name , brought me a white chocolate bunny tonite for Easter… he’s not as young as I thought he was… only 8 yrs younger than me…lol lol … He wanted to thank me for being so pleasant to him and the group during their stay… they leave in the a/m and will be back in a few weeks….
    got my corporate inspection list done…hehehehehehe… crew not going to like seeing all those notes tomorrow…oh well… hells bells……
    off to do my bucket list check … short list tonite…didnt do my who bugga bugga thing in the parking lot tonite..was tooooo tired to bugga….
    hugs and peace
    ya all get to bed early or the EASTER BUNNY A WILL HOP ON BY….


    • majnon says:

      Diva, I just need to say, it’s great to be hearing about your life again. I’m so glad things are looking up for you and your family.

      • thedesigndiva2 says:

        thanks bunches majnon… LIFE INDEED HAS BEEN BETTER LATELY……
        feels so good to be taking steps forward and not falling back….. I thank the GOOD LORD every a/m and p/m for the blessings and good things in our life……

        hugs and peace

      • Catseye says:

        So true. And it sounds like the hotel hit the jackpot too, when they hired you!

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Reminds me of a song by Dionne Warwick “Hop on By…” no…”WALK ON BY”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AO073fekFfA

    • designernailsdiana says:

      Diva my hubby works for Union Pacific Railroad and he stays in hotels more than half the year. He buys Christmas gifts for the hotel desk clerks too. We joke that his “Adams wife” should do his laundry once in a while. She’s so nice to him and she likes how he loves me and brags about me. He doesn’t hit on the women and is a great listener.
      I’m chuckling after seeing your railroad boyfriend brought you a chocolate bunny.

      • thedesigndiva2 says:

        dnd…lol… laundry !!! hahahahaha
        I will have to say that these rr guys are a really nice bunch of guys… along with the power plant guys…. good for a joke or two and very respectful for sure…. it’s nice to have convo with people again….hahahahahahaha
        I shared the bunny with mr ford when I got home.. he laughs about my rr b/f… he says he always to hitch a ride on a train and be a hobo…now he has contacts…lol lol

        hugs and peace

  16. zanne says:

    It is 9:15 on Friday nIte and we have had 3 3 minute breaks on torando warnings. Told my son when the sirens go off he can go out and see where it is coming from

    • LaineyLainey says:

      That’s scary, Zanne. Be careful.

    • NJBev says:

      Sorry to hear about that Zanne-
      How have you been? It’s been awhile
      since I’ve seen you post (that doesn’t
      mean you haven’t posted, just that
      I’ve missed them!)
      I know you’ve had a tough time with
      some of these storms, and you were
      having some health issues as well-
      I just want to tell you that I hope
      you’re doing better….. 😉

  17. majnon says:

    Be safe Zanne.

  18. zanne says:

    doing about the same – but did not send son out so that’s good.

    • NJBev says:

      Zanne – do you need any help?
      Is there anything we can do?
      I would like to help you if I can,
      but you need to let us know what we
      can do.
      You can ask NMD for my e-mail,
      even if you just want to talk. My
      family just went through the “””Storm””””
      we call Sandy. Please, Zanne, if you need some
      help, or just want o chat. I can Listen.
      I’m here. And I would like to help, if I
      can. I won’t bother you again, I don’t
      want to be disrespectful to you.
      Or your son.
      But people have been so kind to me.

      I bet if you asked the board for a new
      toaster, you’d get 7. You have been
      part of the board for as long a I can remember.
      You can ask NMD for my phone #-
      If you don’t ask, you shall not receive-
      (that’s a quote from one of Mardrags posts)
      but it’s true-

      I’ll check back tmro. xxoo

  19. designernailsdiana says:

    I watched the RHOV and I’m thrilled that I can watch the shows now without getting a virus on my pc.
    Jody is so irritating in how mean she is to Mary and how she puts everyone down who is friends with Mary.
    Ronnie needs AA or rehab. I like Robin cause she tells it like she sees it and is not afraid of Jody or Ronnie.
    Ok I should get some sleep. Bunny was busy hiding eggs and making baskets for Grandkids!

    • jezzibel says:

      I like Robin(she’s from TX so I might be a little biased), she won’t be browbeaten in to line by Jody, Ronnie, or Amanda. I think Ioulia has straddled the fence so far much more successfully than Robin. If I were on that show I would laugh and turn my back on Jody every-time she attempted to approach me.

  20. SoutheastVA says:

    Happy Easter everyone!


    • BB says:

      I’ve been singing “Up from the grave He arose” and “Christ the Lord is Risen Today, Hallelujah” all morning Diva. Happy Easter everyone! Hope you all got a visit from Peter Cottontail. Getting ready to leave for the OBX. Talk to you all later!

      • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

        Happy Easter…just finished egg hunt #1
        Have a great day all!!!

        • thedesigndiva2 says:

          jill…have fun..I miss those days when the kids were young and we would have egg hunts at our house for all the neighborhood kids …we had the biggest yard and the BEST hiding places…. we also had gold and silver eggs that held the big bucks…. my Mom wore EGG’S panty hose back then and she saved all her eggs over the years…one year we hid over 300 eggs for those kids….I had drawn a map THANK GOD so we could remember where they are were hidden… uh…because the year before we didnt and were still finding eggs in the summer when doing yard work…lol lol lol
          ahhhh… the good old days…
          we will have Easter dinner tomorrow nite… ham… sweet taters..green bean bundles and apple pie…..yums

          well off to the jelly field…
          have fun today
          hugs and peace

        • LaineyLainey says:

          Thanks for checking in J…nntj…what a busy day you must be having…Easter was always so much fun with the little ones!! Hubs and I went to an early service this morning. It was uplifting. The music was beautiful. Happy Easter, Lynnfam!!!!

          • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

            Lainey-Maggie was ready to egg hunt at the crack of dawn!!! Having the whole family over today for Easter dinner-I believe there will be 30 people including the kids…prepped all day yesterday so I don’t have much to do until they all arrive!!
            I’m glad you had an uplifting morning-perfect way to start the day!!!

      • thedesigndiva2 says:

        BB… well then we shall share with all here….
        Have a BLESSED DAY ALL….

    • california35 says:

      Same to you and all in here 🙂

  22. jezzibel says:

    Regarding RHOV
    Robin wasn’t off when she talked about people who wanted to quit drinking could…did she fail in her delivery sure. My situation with drinking stemmed from some complicated issues, but self-control played and continues to play a big part in my on going success at being sober. I’ve never gone to AA, and I sure as hell could never afford rehab. I quit drinking on my own without any outside help. I think the point Robin(and I agree to a certain extent) was trying to make but failed is that for a person to quit drinking the desire to stop has to be stronger (and stay) stronger then the desire to drink.
    Ronnie (and Kim) have had their addictions a lot longer then me, and the desire to drink, get high, is so much stronger then their desire to quit, and no one will be able to make them quit drinking or abusing prescription meds, until they want to stop. Drink(drugs) does not have a one size fits all solution that works for everybody, its down to the individual. So on that note: Happy Easter ya’ll

  23. chismosa says:

    Time out— Kordell SIRED a SYRE?
    Is he for real?????

    Happy and blessed Easter to my western Christian friends. Have a beautiful day !

  24. zanne says:

    Have a happy easter

  25. california35 says:

    Good morning,

    Thanks to all of the bloggers, so much work and commitment for our entertainment. BH will be over tomorrow, and until NY i wont be watching Real housewives.

    I hope you all have a Good Easter and have a happy Sunday. I will enjoy a nice mass and a tasty stake after 🙂

  26. LavaLady says:

    Happy Easter to all who read/post here.

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