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It’s All Teresa’s Fault.  NOT by NoMoreDrama

Ever want to bang your head against a wall?  That’s how I feel when I think about the Real Housewives of New Jersey returning to Bravo.  Will we cover the show in this blog?  Last season I watched as quite a few bloggers closed up shop – mainly because they didn’t want to waste their time on these narcissistic beeyoches.  I held out hope that a few new faces could squelch the toxicity.  I no longer hold out that hope.  I think Season Five will be a repeat of Season Four, down to a huge blowout at the end that will once again end up with us picking sides and either blaming Teresa or Melissa.  I want to make my position official.  I BLAME PRODUCTION.

Going into this season, the rumor was that the Season would be all about exposing Melissa’s past.  YAWN.  Either they couldn’t get Bryan “Bulldog” to appear on camera, or the secrets he was willing to expose weren’t that interesting, but that storyline seems to have gone nowhere.  Surrounding Bryan on twitter are a variety of sycophants like Johnny the Greek.  If you’re not familiar with Johnny the Greek, take the time to read this expose of him on TVFishBowl.  Seems Johnny will lie, manipulate, and sell secrets that aren’t his to get his 15 minutes of fame.  Johnny had been claiming that his wife, Penny, was signed to be one of the housewives for Season 5.  As it turned out she was only signed for an appearance or two, one of which was caught by a local newspaper ( at an appearance by Joe and Melissa.  According to this article on TVFishbowl, Penny met with the Gorgas so that she could flip the script on Teresa. I suppose someone felt that since the “expose Melissa” storyline was going nowhere, the new storyline would be that “Teresa was behind the expose Melissa storyline.”  Sound familiar.  Ugh.  Rumor had it that Penny was mad at Teresa for basically throwing her under the bus and calling her a stalker, and was ready to throw Teresa under the bus.  Oh  – and that would get her some screen time as well.

RadarOnline – IMO source of nothing be rumors and misinformation – is running a story that blames Teresa for the brawl that broke out last Saturday Night.  The source claims that Penny and Teresa got into a heated fight with Penny trying to blame Teresa for plotting to destroy Melissa.  Really?  We’re supposed to believe this woman who is DESPERATE to get on the show and has shown that she will do anything to get some airtime?  NOT BUYING IT PRODUCERS.

I’m sure we’ll see Teresa get all flustered and tongue tied, and then furious when she gets “confronted” by Penny.  One thing we know about Teresa – if you hit her hot spot she’ll flip a table or body block Andy Cohen before she has time to process.  It’s that Gorga switch and she doesn’t know how to control it.

In the meantime ….  the Ridgewood Patch is reporting that a judge ruled probably cause for Johnny the Greeks claims of terrorist threats and assualt against Joe Gorga, Chris Laurita, and Jacqueline Laurita stemming from the brawl.  The trio entered their own counter charge (the same ones) against Johnny on Thursday.  Those charges haven’t been reviewed yet.  What a bonus for the producers to draw the Lauritas into this nasty mess.  How many assault charges have they racked up?

I’m definitely leaning towards not blogging this show when it returns to the air.  There is no fun in snarking about these people.  It’s just too toxic.

Meanwhile, Teresa keeps on smiling.  Here’s a photo from the upfronts this week – Jacqueline, Taylor, Kyle, Teresa, Kathy, and Priscilla DiStasio.  What?  No Penny?  ROFL.

from Priscilla's twitter account

from Priscilla’s twitter account


Real Housewives of Vancouver – Watch Latest Episode Here

You can watch past episodes by clicking on this youtube channel.


Tabitha Takes Over episode 1. Salon Mogulz by SweetnessnBubba

Tabitha is back and oh how I have missed her. For those who have not had the pleasure, Tabitha was a contestant on another Bravo show “Sheer Genius”. She was clearly the best hairdresser there, but was knocked cruelly from the contest when one of the lesser stylists chose her as a partner and proceeded to get both of them knocked out of the competition… Yes.. I am still bitter about this… I hold grudges like a… well.. politeness won’t allow me to tell you how hard I hold a grudge…

Todays victim..err subject!.. Is Salon Mogulz.. The owner Tansy has been in business for 5 years in the Nashville area (but has been in the hair business for 20), she is 100k in debt and her salon is in a changing neighborhood. Tansy runs a salon that caters to black women and their amazing coifs, but the problem is that the neighborhood is turning white yall and white women really won’t put up with the schedule that these salon denizens put them through.

As an aside, I found out about black womens hair problems a few years ago, when one of my dear friends was 3 hours late to an event. She just said she was at the hairdresser and when that did not satisfy the clock watching monster that I am, went into an explanation about how long it takes to get that perfectly straight looking hair that she wears. Lets just say marathons are run in less time. The process is long, but my friend also explained that often the stylists seemed to run on their own unique time table. Stylists will often double book, and then also not show up for an hour after an appt is scheduled, leaving 2 women to sit in a stare down, determined to get the first crack at the stylist when she comes in the door. Now I found all these horror stories kind of hard to believe, but from watching Salon Mogulz at work I have to call my friend and offer her a big old apology.. Because baby, it gets oh so worse!

Tabitha puts in hidden cameras, to get the skinny on how the stylists behave when no one is looking. Then she takes the owner out back to the woodshed and shows her the tape of the crappy disgusting(Tabbies fave word) slipshod way she is running her biz.

Tansy does some Gospel singers, but she has not tapped into the Country Music singers who have moved into her neighborhood. Starting up the tape it shows the stylists having no clean towels so the assistant is going through the dirty ones to find the least disgusting of them and then using them on the clients, days old spaghetti left on the reception desk, filthy conditions (btw while Tabs is showing this, she gets the “Who Farted” look on her face that makes me squeal because you know, Tabs doesn’t suffer stink or filth well, fun times ahead). Stylists asking other Stylists who stole her vodka, patrons who can’t get in the door, hairdressers taking naps and the worst? Tansy took 6.5 hours to do a ladies hair. She eats lunch in the middle of working, she gets on her computer to show her shoes she bought, she has to go out to pick up some product and doesn’t show back up for almost an hour.

Tabitha then goes in and confronts the stylists, showing the filth and errors of their ways.. This place is a pig sty, and I wonder how it passes a health inspection. Tansy spends so much on her clothes addiction that she makes her stylists re use gloves and hair caps. Its a mess people, up..

After the public humiliation of all their sins laid bare, Tabitha gets to the next portion of process. She holds a staff meeting without the owner present, so she can find out how the stylists see the problems. It appears that Tansy, who up to now has been sweet to Tabs, has another side. She doesn’t like people to ask her for stuff, she has been known to throw things at people, and spends so much money on her clothing addiction that she cant be bothered to buy things like trash cans, or gloves.They all love Tansy though, and know she is a really talented stylist, so they put up with it. The stylists know that the demographic has changed and they arent all sure they can adjust to a more diverse (in this case white) culture. They are afraid they cant listen to rap, or have BET on loud on the tv, but the main thing is that they are afraid they might color the hair right off a blond girls head. Which brings us to the next part of Tabs process.

The Assessment.. This is the part of the process that seperates the men from the boys, and usually makes at least a few stylists, or models, cry. Tabitha brings in hair models (usually just women hoping for a free hair style and a hankering to get on tv) with pictures of celebrities clutched in their hands, for the stylists to work on. Tabitha wants to see a consultation, if the style isn’t going to work, she wants the stylist to give a diplomatic reason why, not telling the client ” Honey you haven’t got enough hair on your head for that style”. If the Stylists fall down on this process expect Tabs to rip them to shreds and if they cry, tell them to quit crying and start listening. The consultations go fairly well, with Tabs showing a few of the stylists how to ask questions to find out what the client really wants from the picture she brought in. Does she like the color, the style?

Then they move onto the styling.. This is funny because all the models are white and all want hair color. This was the expressed fear of several of the stylists in the meeting. One stylist, a man named Stacy, who kept telling Tabs that he preferred only to work on black womens hair, was especially perturbed to be given a “pale” client. This is always the part of the process where you can tell whether Tabs is going to be all in on the fixing of the shop or not. Tabitha hates stylists who aren’t passionate about their craft. She does NOT suffer fools well. Now as much of an unprofessional mess as these stylists are in their behavior, every single one of them knocks it out of the park! Seriously that was some great hair on these girls. So Tabitha leaves off the blood letting and allows the stylists to go home and collapse in a heap of hysteria.

Tabitha then takes the stylists problems to the owner Tansy, She of course gets mad when her shopoholic ways are discussed. Tabitha explains that not only does she need to lead, but she needs to lead by example. At this point in the game Tansy thinks its just her staff is the problem..

One of the things that Tabitha does is show owners and the staff different ways of marketing themselves. Its not enough to just sit back and hope clients find them. This time she takes them to a business fair. Its a rocky start at first, but soon Tansy and her staff get into the spirit of it, asking people to come to their grand reopening, giving consultations to everyone (even the guy in food truck.)

After their successful day they get to go back to the salon and do some destruction to the old decor. This is hilarious because she hands the tools of destruction to the lone male, Stacy, and he is having none of that! He is afraid he might hurt himself. He isnt sure how to hold the sledgehammer and is afraid to hurt the desk because he is a ” Fragile tender spirit”..

Tabitha decides to send them home so she can do the reno herself. (I think she is actually a witch like Samantha and when they leave she just twitches her nose and its done). Stacy says he is going to go home and dream sweet dreams about Tabithas jacket (a black pvc number that has a waist cape) and Tabs tells him she will go home and have nightmares about the state of his work station.

Now it is time for the reveal, to lots of screaming and tears. Its a very nice renovation, but then anything is better than what it was like before. Tabitha got rid of the couch, so the stylists can’t take naps there anymore.

They start the grand reopening and it goes well, with tons of people coming to the shop, even the food truck guy. A lot of their usual clients show up, but also a lot of the areas newer denizens, including a country singer who is nominated for some awards. I will say this, all these stylists can do great hair, Stacy who only wanted to work on black women, did John the food truck guys hair and proclaimed that Tabs had changed him for the better. A client whos hair only took 3 hours this time, said she would come back, she quit coming when the hair appointments were taking 6 hours.

Tabitha takes the owner to the back, compliments her on the way her staff can do hair and nicely tells her she has to quit the shopping, so she can pay down her debt and keep the salon looking like it does today. The owner agrees (I have my doubts, but I am a cynic, shopping addictions don’t clear up overnight). Tabitha gives the staff some continuing education classes and then Tabitha leaves, with the refrain, You might see me again someday.. As any watcher of this show knows, Tabitha always comes back for a follow up visit.

The Followup.. Tabs shows up, the owner Tansy had her baby a few weeks before and the salon is still plugging along. Stacy is so happy to see Tabitha in all her black jacketed high heeled glory that he must take a minute to drink her in.. Then he shows her that he has done his hair in the black mans version of her pixie cut. Stacy, who also was the one who took 3 hour naps on the job, has stepped it up and stepped in to manage while Tansy was off having her baby. One of the other stylists, the one who drank on the job and accused Stacy of stealing her vodka, has quit the drinking and her hair appointments are up over 30 percent. They all seem to be doing well, and you get the sense that Tabitha really enjoyed this group of folks.. Especially Stacy.


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Cast Blogs by Stars99

Note:  Just as Part 2 of the Reunion was horrifically boring and so are the blogs this week. Few actually took the time to write one… So it’s an odd note on which to end this season – but such as it is.  I really appreciate you guys taking the time to even read my biased perspectives and to comment on them throughout this season.  I know that many of us have really different points of view on some of these women – but I’m glad it’s the end of the season and I think we’re all still one big, happy family, no?

Adrienne Maloof

Sorry guys, Adrienne is just too busy singing old Rod Stewart songs to bother to write a blog for us ever again.   Oh wait, here’s one now… Sing to the tune of “Maggie May”…

Wake up Addie, I think I got something to say to you
It’s late in the Season and I’m really, really over you
I know lies keep you amused – but I feel we’re all just being used
Oh Addie we couldn’t have tried any more
You made a first class fool out of you – when Brandi you tried to sue
You stained my couch and that’s what really hurt


Brandi Glanville

“The Reunion Part 2! Uggh! The second part of this reunion mostly revolves around Kim’s sobriety and her behavior in Paris. I was a little mean to Kim about the pillow talk in Paris. But I just couldn’t sit there and let Yolanda be attacked by Kim knowing that Yolanda (out of all of us) carried her bag her pillow through the airport and doted on her completely. I definitely used the wrong word when I said it seems like Kyle isn’t supportive of Kim’s sobriety. When I said “fail,” what I meant was that in every episode Kyle is rolling her eyes, saying she isn’t sure if Kim is sober or she isn’t acting sober. I don’t think that saying that on national television is helpful to Kim in any way, and Kim clearly agrees.”

Are you kidding me… you say you were a “little mean to Kim about the pillow”? I can’t unhear that information, dagnabit! Sit down, Brandi! You’ll want to check the seat cushion when you stand up again – because you Beverly Hills women seem to leave marks everywhere you go.  I’m not buying your whole “fail” explanation, either – you meant what you said – you need to own it. While I really don’t think you meant Kyle hoped Kim would die – I do believe in some ways Kim is somewhat easier to control when she’s drinking.  Kim is way more assertive when she’s sober than when she’s drunk – and that’s not always pleasant for Kyle.

“Mauricio and I make up, but I am glad I got the point across that he was out of line with the way he spoke to me. I am sure it is hard for Mauricio to separate his client life from his friendships but it did seem convenient to me that he was so defensive of Paul and Adrienne while selling their 20 million dollar home.”

Well, the thing is – I do think Mauricio was out of line in how he spoke to you and I do believe he had financial motivations to want to keep the peace.  However, it’s just really hypocritical for you to feel you can blurt out anything and everything without any repercussions – and I don’t just mean almost a lawsuit…  Brandi ends her blog by saying everyone but Kyle and Mauricio went to the Polo Lounge after the reunion filming ended and had sliders.

Camille Grammer

Sorry guys, Camilla De Vil is just too busy painting polka dots on innocent puppies while smoking an electric cigarette to bother to write a blog for us ever again.

Kim Richards

So our little Kimmy is a week off in her blogging – The following blog, which she posted on March 31, 2013 actually is referring to the Part 1 of Reunion.  Airing two episodes in one night really confused all these housewives whether or not they were sober.

“Hi everyone! Part 1 of the Reunion is here!  When asked if I had any regrets about telling Paul and Adrienne about Brandi comments, I said that I didn’t and I think I did the right thing! Could my timing have been better? Well. . .sure! But I did call them before Mauricio’s event, and no one called me back! What Brandi said would effect them and their children (obviously it had an effect on Adrienne). I took Adrienne and Paul into the corner, and I figured they would take in this information and discuss it before talking to Brandi!! I did not think that they would react the way they did! I really do regret the situation turned into a shouting match at Mauricio’s event. Certainly this could have been handled differently all the way around!”

Wait, you thought Adrienne would be mature about it?  Ha!

“Most importantly, in regard to the master cleanse, I want to be absolutely clear that Yolanda and I NEVER made plans! She did NOT call me, and I did NOT call her after Ojai! There were no messages left on her machine, and there were none left on mine! No emails were exchanged! In fact, as she said at the reunion, the ONLY plans that she ever made were with Sally, our production manager! I NEVER spoke to Sally about this! It was very manipulative of Yolanda to say this!! If you want to rewind your DVR, it’s all there!!! She only spoke to Sally about this, so I truly don’t understand why she feels the need to lie about this.”

Yo clarified it, too – She and Sally with Production had made plans for you to come to her house to talk about the Master Cleanse with you.  It is logical that Sally was involved since she had to coordinate the camera crew.  You say you never spoke to Sally about this segment – did you talk to someone else in Production?  It is quite possible that whoever was behind the rescheduling let you take the blame for it.  You’re being a little weird about this whole thing. Yo doesn’t seem the kind to lie about this – it was pretty early in the season and maybe she assumed you were behind the rescheduling, I don’t know.  However, once you saw that particular episode, why didn’t you just call Yo to clarify what happened?  You really confuse me.  Obviously something was scheduled because Kyle had to show up at the last minute to take your place for a segment she clearly had no interest in.  You both were telling the truth, in essence, in my opinion.  You weren’t talking directly to each other – production was facilitating the scheduling of the segment.

“She tried to make me look bad at Dar Maghreb, and now again at the reunion, I really don’t understand why she’s made such a big issue over this! For someone who says she has my back, and is always looking out for me, why is she lying about me and wanting me to look like I am irresponsible!?! It’s no secret that I’ve struggled, and I have not been always been reliable. I have worked very hard this last year on myself, in my relationships, on being on time, and to improve myself in many other ways. It hasn’t been easy. It’s very important to me that today I am accountable, reliable honest, and on top of my game! So when someone tries to make up lies or discredit me in anyway, I will defend myself!”

Really, Kim? Yo wasn’t trying to make you look bad.  You certainly don’t need any help from anyone to look irresponsible. Do you honestly think anyone is going to believe that Yo has it out for you? Puhleeze. Who in this world is Kim Richards?

“I noticed she was doing the same thing to my sister, when she accused Kyle of not bringing her any water! She said she just came from Cedars Sinai, and was very sick! That was the day we had a big shoot, and we had been there for hours. Lots and lots of people running around, camera crews, wardrobe, hair, makeup, and all the Housewives. Typical crazy photo shoot day! All of sudden, we notice Yolanda just sitting in the back of her car in the driveway. I went to speak with her and she barely spoke to me. I thought she was mad at me. Only later did we find out she had been in the hospital, and had been sick. We were there for about two hours, and then she was gone! I think she was trying to make my sister look bad by saying she didn’t even offer her a glass of water! I think Yolanda and I started off well, but somehow our friendship has taken a turn for the worse.”

Kim, this is where you screw up. Your darling sister claimed you guys didn’t even know that Yo was sitting in the car out front “until way later”– and yet here you say “we notice Yolanda just sitting in the back of her car”… which is it?  You said you even tried to speak to her…and you took her silence to mean she was mad at you, because everything, always, revolves around you, doesn’t it?  She must have told someone in Production that she just came back from the hospital and she assumed the information would be passed around… Why didn’t someone else care enough to go out to talk to her or at least text or phone her? Naw… that would be too easy.

“Lastly, Kyle brought up what Yolanda had said to both of us about Lisa in Paris. This is what Yolanda said; “Lisa’s not your friend”, “Who’s there for you? Me! I am!”, “I’m the one who came to your room to check on you!” “I’m the one who’s been calling!”, “Lisa is ‘full of s—.”  She accused Lisa of not caring about me, and only doing this for the show.”

The truth of the matter is that Lisa is not your friend; she’s always been closer to Kyle.  Lisa never has been  your friend and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.  Yo has consistently been there for you, has reached out to you, has defended you, and has given you the benefit of the doubt over and over again throughout this season – and yet somehow you have managed to screw up that relationship, too.  I don’t know what Yo actually said but what you’re saying she said is all actually quite true – Yo HAS been there for you… Yo IS the one who came to your hotel room to check on you… Yo HAS been calling you… Yo’s right, Lisa doesn’t care about you to the degree that Yo does – Lisa is Kyle’s wanna be friend… Yo was genuinely attempting to be yours.  I’m really surprised you and Kyle chose to pick a fight with her. Silly, silly you… Yo has some hot single friends… and… and… and lemons.

“I really want the Reunions to be an opportunity for us to get our feelings out and clarify things for each other. Although they can get heated, I hope they are a chance to move forward in our friendships, and not just throw darts at each other.”

B-O-L-O-G-N-A… You were the one on the attack – and attacking someone who really cared about you… it was really surreal to watch!  You didn’t even show up to last year’s reunion – you had a taped segment. For someone who barely had anything going on in her life this season on than your sobriety – you managed to monopolize the reunion and it really made you look bad.  I have defended you many times myself – and I’m really over you.  No really, I’m done.

Kyle Richards

“Just in case one Reunion wasn’t enough torture, here we go again. . . I was still in absolute shock that Yolanda went out of her way to be so mean to me. We had never had ANY issues. It felt to me that there was a planned “attack” on me and she was sticking to the plan.”

A “planned attack?” C’mon Kyle, at least be original.  We’ve already heard too much about last year’s big reunion “planned attack.”

“The thing that bothers me the most in life is a lie. I am not perfect and do make mistakes. But lying is something you will never see me do. I lost any respect I had for Yolanda when she wasn’t able to tell truth. Talking about Adrienne and Paul is complicated. Like I said at the Reunion, Adrienne and I were never “best friends,” but we had gotten to know each other over these past few years. Adrienne was always nice to me. However, we had actually become closer to Paul. Mainly because Paul reached out to us more than Adrienne and Paul is my mother-in-law’s doctor.”

You lost respect for Yo when she wasn’t able to tell the truth about what? Is it about what she allegedly said about Lisa at the airport?  Really?  That’s why you’ve lost all respect for her?  You have said and done so much worse!

“There have been a lot of accusations against Paul by Adrienne and stories “leaked” by Adrienne’s chef Bernie. Andy asked about Bernie posting pictures of Paul’s alleged “abuse” and asked if I believed it was true or not and I answered honestly. No, I don’t. That is my opinion. I knew the moment I said that that I would be the next victim of Bernie. Sure enough, the moment it was known that I had said that, false stories started popping up about me on the Internet. Although predictable, it was disappointing and hurtful, considering I had tried to support Adrienne. I had to be honest about how I felt regarding those accusations. It should also be noted that when Andy asked me that question, Mauricio was working with Adrienne. So much for Lisa’s theory that I nurture my friendship’s for business.”

I was glad to see that you spoke what you thought was true about the alleged abuse.

“I am still hurt that Lisa made such hurtful accusations. Why didn’t Lisa also question why Kim and Camille defended Adrienne? What was their “motive”? There is no doubt I was singled out. I’m not sure if Lisa really thought those things or if she just wanted to get back at me because she was angry. Kim, Camille, and I defended Adrienne because she wasn’t there to defend herself, and we felt it was the right thing to do. Period.”

Hurtful accusations?  Lisa will always hold you to different standards because you were closer friends to her than the others. She will single you out – because she wasn’t close to Kim or Camille – they’re immaterial to her.

“Lisa and I had a disagreement off-camera in between shooting Season 1 and Season 2, that led to where we are now. That is why at last years Reunion you didn’t see me supporting Lisa like you would have expected me to. Having Lisa and Ken as clients did not stop me from being honest about my feelings — even if it meant arguing.”


KMN (Kill me now),


“Another blow came when Brandi said she didn’t think that I wanted my sister to stay sober. Nothing could be further from the truth. My sister’s battle with alcohol has been going on for many years. Nobody can even begin to imagine what we have gone through. I will not share those stories with Brandi or anyone else. Even if it means making people understand. It’s far too private and painful.”


Yeah, Brandi shouldn’t have said that (I feel like a broken record).  However, throughout the season you really did say things all the time or made funny faces that cast doubt on Kim’s continued sobriety – probably for good reason.  Kim even called you out for it.  You’re just speaking from history – it’s the whole “I hope she’s sober, I hope she’s sober… but I’m scared to death she’s not” kinda feelings.

“Seeing the women go after my husband really bothered me. My husband has so much integrity and is a kind and gentle soul. Even if his voice was loud when he was telling Brandi to pick up the phone and put the Adrienne fight to rest, he doesn’t have a violent bone in his body. If people saw the way this man loves and takes care of our four daughters, they would know how ridiculous that is.”


I dunno Kyle – I think what people are cranky at Mauricio about is 1) He cultivates personal relationships specifically for financial gain; and 2) He came across as very forceful, haughty, and condescending when he was telling Brandi to pick up the phone.  I don’t think anyone was saying he was violent – he was aggressive – and his potential financial stake in the situation only fueled our disdain for the whole situation. By the way, the way you jumped in and defended Mauricio during the Reunion is exactly what Lisa is talking about when she refers to you not defending her.  It was very natural for you to defend the intentions and of your husband… just as it would be very natural for you to defend your very good friend, Lisa – but you just choose not to.

Lisa Vanderpump

Sorry guys, Lisa is too busy getting “Giggy” with the Jive to bother to write a final blog for us this week.

Marisa Zanuck

Sorry guys, Marisa is just too busy trying to find the number for that hot guy from the Kraft Zesty Italian dressing commercial (aka:  HGMWLF – Hot Guy Marisa Would Love to ummm), to bother to write a final blog for us this week.

Taylor Armstrong

Sorry guys, Taylor is just too busy writing her new book, “50 Shades of Shady” to bother to write a final blog for us this week.

Yolanda H. Foster

“Hello bravo lovers! Hard to believe this season has finally come to an end. Sunday nights are going to be quiet without writing my blog for you and reflecting on Monday’s episodes.”

Yo, please don’t call us “Bravo lovers” – It’s so offensive, lol. The truth is that most of us are starting to boycott many of Bravo’s shows.  The only ones worth watching are the ones that are snarkworthy.

“I enjoyed reading your comments and learning how you view things. The positive comments, of course, were touching and stroked my ego — while the negative ones made me reevaluate situations and helped me realize that everyone has a different perspective and that they are of course entitled to their opinion.”

Yep, we all have opinions – and we like to share well with others.  You’re welcome.

“So, thank you for tuning in every week and supporting my journey as a Housewife, but most of all for your genuine interest and concerns regarding my health.  I completed the six-week program in Florida yesterday. I’m now in NY to visit colleges with Gigi as we are starting to plan her new life in the Big Apple. Even though my health journey will continue, I am counting the days until I get back to my family.”

We are rooting for ya, Yo!

“So here we go one more time. . . The only thing that stood out for me in Kyle’s blog was that I apparently posed as someone that cared to help with her relationship with Lisa, and I still think today that I did.  Lisa always walks a straight line; of course she spoke to me about Kyle but never in a mean way. Even though she did not agree with me not watching the previous seasons, she did respect my choice not to.”

Yo goes into some detail about Lisa and Kyle’s relationship… blah, blah, blah… Seriously, Lisa doesn’t want to be close friends with Kyle right now.  Tomorrow it may change…

“Lisa and I see each other outside of the show and our friendship and mutual respect for one another has continued to grow.  Both Brandi and Lisa visited me many times and have shown me great support during these past, worst eight months of my life. I appreciate it more than they will ever know and it says lot about who they are as women in general and as girlfriends.”

Yeah, that’s kind of what good friends do for each other… To dance when the going is good – and to provide support when the going is not good.  I think I underestimated how tough this season has been on you – It must have been really hard to be part of this new housewives culture at a time when you’re feeling so sick.  It’s too bad people didn’t give you the benefit of the doubt – even at the Reunion when everyone knew what you had been going through… You certainly deserved being given the benefit of the doubt.

“I wish Kim continued success in her recovery. I am still baffled by her change of heart about me. I am glad Brandi was there to remind me the true story of what happened in Paris and the airport on the way home.”

You’re crazy if you try to make sense out of crazy.

“Yes, on top of not feeling well, I did schlep her pillow and heavy hand luggage through the airport while she was in tears fighting with her sis. Again the story was changed because of their desperate need for camera time.”

I didn’t remember that the reason Kim was so distraught in the airport was because she was fighting with Kyle.  Really, can they ever go any trip anywhere without constantly erupting into fights?

“The fact that Kim is saying that I use my Lyme Disease as an excuse for my memory loss and behavior on the show is just pure ignorance, and I feel sorry that she needs to reach that low to make herself feel good about her poor choices made in our fresh friendships.”

I was shocked at Kim, actually. I used to feel sorry for her – I used to empathize with her about her growing up as a childhood actor and her resulting alcoholism issues.  Now, to be honest – she has shown herself to be mean and nasty.

“The only reason I ever shared my health journey with the world was because I felt it to be my duty to sufferers that are bed-ridden and dying because there has yet to be found a proper diagnostic test for Lyme Disease in this country. I went undiagnosed for two years before I went back to Europe to find my answers. Not everyone is that privileged so I must have been given this experience because it’s my duty, purpose and part of my destiny to bring awareness to this silent killer.”

Go Yo! Go Yo! Go Yo!

“Oh and by the way, Kim, I am the biggest flag waver for my country. I am extremely proud of my heritage and I would never use being Dutch as an excuse but rather an explanation of our cultural differences.”

Yeah, most of us don’t know what it’s like to submerge into another country’s culture and to communicate in another language with all its’ linguistic complexities.  You did get tripped up a couple of times – but you did amazingly well overall, IPPHO (well, it’s not really “In Princess Pindy’s Humble Opinion” but no one would have known what I meant if I had typed “IS99HO”).

“I wonder why Kyle says in her interview how unpredictable Kim is and how you never know if Kim is going to show up. . .”

Ummm… because Kim didn’t show up for a lot – no matter how insistent Kim is in saying she is reliable, etc.  Although, arguably, it seemed like she showed up for a lot more this season than last.

“But at the same time in this reunion, Team Richards gangs up on me, trying to argue that I lied about the fact that Kim cancelled on me three times — which by the way was a fact stated not a comment to discredit her.”

Yeah, I’m not sure why Kyle didn’t say anything about that – because she had to step in for her sister at the last minute.  I think Kyle really has to choose her battles carefully with Kim and purposefully doesn’t say things that would disparage Kim, which is understandable.  It’s just that they have this sister bias going on – that none of the rest of you have.  I mean we saw in the season finale, how Kim took Kyle to task over the semantics of one word… holy cow!  Talk about flipping a fig unnecessarily!

“Also, please remember that this is an unscripted reality show and sometimes editing a 45-minute episode cuts peoples’ stories short. At the end of the day, it is 100 percent fair to everyone. We all get our turn and sometimes it works in your favor and sometimes it just doesn’t.”

Is this a nice way of reminding us of the evil Bravo editors?  It’s smart of you to make nice with them – because they have your image in their grubby, sensationalism-driven hands.

“We are all blessed to be on the Bravo train because it’s a fantastic platform for meeting new people, getting our messages out there, and connecting with fans around the world.  The celebrity part is good if you have a purpose and a message to inspire others in the world. Otherwise it’s a big invasion on your privacy. Anyway, let’s not consider ourselves celebrities for being Housewives, but rather leave that title to those that win Oscars, Tonys, and Grammys, who spend their lives working to perfect their arts and talents that entertain us everyday.”

Gag.  This paragraph almost sounded like an awards speech.

“Lastly, putting aside all of the drama and any negativity that has come from this season, I would like to thank you all for your continued support. I appreciate you all so much for accepting me into the Bravo family and trying to understand me even if my broken English has got in the way sometimes.”

Already, you’re one of my favs, Yo.

“I will always cherish the friendships I have made through this experience; not only with the other ladies and crew but also with all the viewers that I have had the privilege to meet whether it was via social media or in-person. I encourage you all to continue connecting with me on Facebook, Twitter, and my own personal blog, which I will be using more to connect with you all during the off-season!”

Hmmm… “during the off season” – it sounds like she’s game to come back for another season!  Whoa… don’t do it, Yo!  Run while you still can!  Actually, I’m looking forward to see how you come out in Season 2 – you were a newbie this season and now you’ve experienced how the very people you reach out to can be the ones who bite you in the dupa.  I’m popping the popcorn already to enjoy the show… See ya next year!


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  • Don’t be Tardy
  • Kandi Factory

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Saturday Night Lineup, April 6th, by BB

8PM – NCAA Basketball Final Four (Starts at 6PM, CBS); Antiques Roadshow (PBS); My Cat From Hell (Anpl); Operation: Vacation (Logo); Doctor Who (BBC)

9PM – 20/20: General Hospital (ABC); Dateline: Real Life Mysteries (TLC); My Big Redneck Vacation (CMT); My Cat From Hell: Scratch Tracks (Anpl); Joan and Melissa: Joan Knows Best? (WE); My Ghost Story:  Caught on Camera (Bio); Renovation Realities (DIY); Orphan Black (BBC)

10PM – 20/20: Wedding Confidential (ABC); Dateline: Real Life Mysteries (TLC); My Big Redneck Vacation (CMT); Savage Family Diggers (Spike); Unfaithful: Stories of Betrayal (OWN); Scorned: Love Kills (ID); Alien Encounters (Bio); The Nerdist (BBC)

1130PM – Saturday Night Live:  Melissa McCarthy and Phoenix


Please join me in sending LynnFam condolences to HilDogAtl.  Her mom away.  While this is difficult enough to deal with, her wedding was supposed to take place on the 13th.  I’m sending a big hug to HilDog.


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Just a housewife ... who loves this place .... and loves to write ... You can reach me through this email: Lynn's Place is in tribute to Housewives blogger Lynn Hudson, who passed away in August of 2012.
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358 Responses to It’s All Teresa’s Fault. NOT / Tabatha Takes Over / Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Cast Blogs Blogged

  1. Powell says:

    Good afternoon everyone. It’s a sunny Saturday. What’s everyone up to?

    • Rebecca says:

      Off to H&M – yeah!

      Have a great Saturday!

      • princesspindy says:

        I went there a couple weeks ago for my DD’s birthday, love that place, always find something cute!

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Bank, Walgreens, breakfast,paying bills …hubby is at work today (inventory day. It’s gorgeous out, today!

    • TexasTart says:

      Hello ladies, people food and pet food shopping is done, 6 hours oon the job and I will be so ready to retire!

    • not THAT Jill says:

      I have nothing to do on this beautiful Saturday except some laundry-tonight I’m off to a fund raiser for Type 1 diabetes. I have a nephew(28) and a niece (6) who both have. My entire family is Walking for the Cure in Washington D.C. In 2 weeks so tonight we will try to raise some money for our “team”.

  2. Tracy says:

    I will not watch Jersey housewives this year. Last year was enough. I can think of a million things to do with an extra hour each week. So, if you don’t blog it is fine with me. I have given up on all that trash on that show. I cannot relate to any of these women. Who really acts like that?

    • TexasTart says:

      I agree! I gave up RHONJ in S4 and no way ever will I go back. With all due respect to NMD, I don’t even read any dialog about them in the blog. It would suit me fine if the show was not blogged here .

    • Rebecca says:

      The absurdity of it all will draw me in. Kind of like when I went to see “Bats” and had to stay to the end even though I was thoroughly stunned by the crap some producer shelled money on. This could be the worst scripted tv show in history.

      BTW – Penny’s tweets are filled with hatred and taunts for Melissa. Teresa’s aren’t. Any dumbass can post a story full of heresay trying to cause trouble, but these two women put their own reality out in their tweets.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I still plan to watch NJ this season. I will quit NJ if it becomes the Poor Jac Laurita show or if the Manzoritas become front and center. I am interested in Teresa and her family, her brother and of course Melissa.

      • Orson says:

        I’ll probably watch it unless it gets too terrible to watch. Of course, I’ll be watching it as a fatal car wreck that you can’t help looking at.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          We can watch it between our fingers, the way we did when our moms said “cover your eyes!!” during a questionable scene and we peeked anyway.

    • pat says:

      I stopped watching NJ, too. And it sounds like nothing has changed with them. Too many shady characters, willing to do anything to ride the bravolebrity train.

      I thought that was an excellent point in the recap of the BH housewives blogs, that Kyle jumped in to defend Mo, JUST FINE. I’m sure she didn’t think he needed anyone defending him, did she? He was there to defend himself, wasn’t he?

    • nyc mama says:

      No NJ for me this year. I want to cut my losses. I lost too many hours last year watching women behaving badly and these women take it to a whole different level. I find the Joes, Melissa, and Teresa and Kim D repulsive – they are all the same in different packages. With Danielle back and the other creeps added to the mix there are 100 other things I would rather do including watching paint dry.

    • SCGIRL says:

      New Jersey is beyond stupid! How many seasons can you do a show of nothing but constant fighting. NJ is so far from what the original Housewives franchise started out as,infact it has become the kind of show that I would never pick to watch to begin with. How much longer can Bravo seriously beat Jersey’s story line to death…it is dumb and worn completely out! And it wouldn’t bother me in the least either if NJ wasn’t blogged on here either.

    • Powell says:

      I’m w/you Tracy 100%.

    • missusmc says:

      I’m out, too. Jacqueline is exploiting her son to stay relevant and on the show. As a mom who is trying to make actual strides in this world with autism awareness, I simply can’t condone her actions. She is disgusting.

  3. AZGirl says:

    Sending {{{{Hugs}}}} to Hildog, So sorry to hear about her mom.
    Beautiful sunny day here and just got back from the gym. Need to clean house.
    I am with NMD on NJ gang. Sick and tired of the same old story line and fights.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      HI AZGirl…I’ve looked and looked….can’t find the post about Hildog. what happened? I know her mom was very ill. Please let me know.

    • nyc mama says:

      My sincerest condolences on the loss of your mother.

      • Contessa says:

        Hil, wherever you are right now, please know a lot of us are thinking of you and sending you love and tons of positive energy and prayers. This is very difficult and painful, as I have lost both parents, but you will eventually get through the raw pain somehow and will hold precious memories in your heart forever. Sending you hugs and love XXOO

    • Stars99 says:

      HilDog – So sorry for your loss. We can all tell what an amazing daughter you are by your words and your actions. You were willing to postpone your wedding because of your mom – and that’s not something many people would do. I’m sure your mom wants you to ultimately be happy and to have an amazing life – I believe that’s the best repayment to her for how she’s loved you throughout your life. Peace be with you, my friend.

      • Kansas Girl says:

        Adding my condolences. I’m so sorry to hear this. My thoughts will be with you as you navigate the next days and weeks. Know that life does smooth over in time. Take one day, one minute, one breath at a time. Come sit with us when you need to. We love ya!

    • Vegas Chick says:

      So sorry to hear about the loss of your mother, Hildog. My deepest condolenscences to you and your family…. xoxo

  4. TexasTart says:

    ((((Hildog)))) Heartfelt condolences for your loss.

  5. Danielle Staub says they should shut the show down.

    • Rebecca says:

      Actually she doesn’t. She wants the cast replaced…. and I’m sure she has women in mind.

      • princesspindy says:

        At least one “women”.

        • not THAT Jill says:

          Haha PP….women!!

          • princesspindy says:

            lol, poor Danielle, she seems somewhat tame in retrospect, lol!!

            • not THAT Jill says:

              That’s true-she was just very clingy and needy but then it made her look creepy.

              • princesspindy says:

                Yeah, she really wanted to be around, oh what is her name……Dina.

              • LaineyLainey says:

                I didn’t post here during those days…but I always found her to be one of the saddest people on reality. I felt that the way they treated her was cruel. Didn’t Caroline call her “garbage” to her face? Verbal abuse. I never understood the intense hate by the Manzo’s. They hated her because of her past, right? and because she was trying to be friends with Jac? LIke middle school mean girls; let’s be mean to that girl, because she’s trying too hard to be like us. I’m not saying she is the most stable person…but I think she’s more stable than Caroline or Jac.

                • not THAT Jill says:

                  I always felt like they wanted to get rid of her b/c she knew too much about them. They made her out to be crazy (which she kind of is) as to ruin her credibility and no one would believe anything she said…JMPO

                • lizzle says:

                  I agree Lainey. I didn’t like Teresa during that era and was on Danielle’s side. I didn’t understand the hate they had for Danielle. It was sad, IMO.

                • chismosa says:

                  I’m with you Lainey on the Danielle issue S1 !!

        • Powell says:


      • nyc mama says:

        Just more sour grapes, something she is good at.

        Any sympathy (which was very little) dissipated when I saw her behavior on that other show about starting a restaurant. She behaved just as badly on there as she did on HW’s. She even managed to make Heidi Montag look reasonable which is pretty difficult. She is a trainwreck and is so desperate for attention that it is pathetic.

    • lizzle says:

      As long as the ratings are high, the show will continue. I think Jax is a big, big part of the toxicity. Seeing her above board behavior just tells me that what she does behind the scenes is just as bad. She is a wolf in sheeps clothing. The kind of woman who appears very sensitive and gentle… until you get on her bad side. I can’t even stand looking at her anymore. She grosses me out. A perfect example of how someone’s ugly insides can make their outside appearance look just as bad.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        I find Jac to be very immature.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          she’s demented.

          • Contessa says:

            I’m on the bad Jac train as well…I think Caroline was very afraid of what Jac shared with Danielle about the family and went out of her way to get rid of her. Danielle had her own set of problems, but calling someone garbage on TV, and than Jac’s daughter goes after her phsyically was pretty bad. I am hoping that Jac does not use her sons autism as a story line. Her tweets after last years season were insulting to many who have children with autism, if I remember correctly.

  6. CC says:

    I will NOT be watching RHONJ. I stopped after season 1. I watched Miami & a couple Atlanta episodes. I only read recaps. The shows are too manufactured. This blog is better than any Housewife show!

  7. not THAT Jill says:

    SweetnessnBubba-great blog! I too have loved Tabitha since Sheer Genius-she was great on that show. Remember the chick who was going around cutting hair with hedge cutters? Tabitha let her have it!! The stylists at the salon this week were amazing- just a bit dirty and lazy-they pulled it together and did the best hair I have ever seen. I loved that John came to Stacy for a cut and color, they are a mismatched pair but they made me happy!!

    • sweetnessnbubba says:

      Ahhhh thanks!! I feels so famous! BBs usually does the TAbs (and I bow before her greatness) but with her Mom in the hospital, I gave the recap that I did for a facebook group up to a larger audience…lol..

      I adore Tabitha! and err.. still bitter about Sheer Genius, but at least Bravo saw what an amazing talent they had in her.. I love her show because while there is drama and tears, its not the crazy just screaming for the sake of screaming that seems to be a HW staple..

      This week was really great, and I think Stacy is reality tv gold.. Frankly I could watch a show just set in that salon, because that was one entertaining bunch of stylists..

      • not THAT Jill says:

        I would totally watch a show about that salon too- they are talented and funny…now that Tabitha cleaned them up they are very likable!!!!

      • TexasTart says:

        That was an entertaining group of stylists! I’m glad Tabitha is back and Thank You bubbansweetness for a great recap! 😀

  8. ladebra says:

    So very sorry to hear of your loss, Hildog. May God’s grace comfort you and your loved ones.

  9. not THAT Jill says:

    Hildog- I am so terribly sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  10. LA Debra says:

    I think Spring is finally here. And it looks like summer is arriving on Thursday when it hits 90 in the valley.

    NMD I have a comment in moderation. Very sorry.

  11. princesspindy says:

    Stars, IPPHO, great blog, 😉 !! I am sure you are glad that that is over!!

    I don’t know what happened to me this week, I missed so many shows. I will have to catch up. It is foggy here and only 56 degrees, ugh. I am having a Princess and the Pea kinda day…so uncomfortable. All the talk about errands, well, I made it from the bed to the couch, lol!

    NMD, I don’t think you should waste your time blogging NJ, everyone will just come here and post their comments anyway. I stay away the day after NJ, it is scary. I didn’t watch last season and I doubt I will watch this one, unless I hear they are exploiting Autism and then it may be time to start a PR campaign against, well whoever pisses me off, lol!!

    Instead of writing a blog just type :


    • TexasTart says:

      I LOVE IT!!! What to type in place of the NJ blog. PrincessP you are so right about the comments are scary…it’s like the fighting on the show eventually leads to fighting in the comments. To each their own, but the toxic vibe is not amusing for me, so I stay away.

    • Powell says:

      PrincessP I’m glad you made it from the bed to the couch. You are always busy. You need to relax. I hope your little Princess is doing much better.

      • princesspindy says:

        Thanks Powell, no coughing today! I did make it out to the treadmill but now back on the couch…. I might start working on some pillow cuz if my hubby sees me sitting around he might want me to join him to watch basketball and I had my fill in the 80s with The Lakers, thank you very much. I will watch the last 15 seconds, lol, in some of these games that’s all that matters!

        • TexasTart says:

          Thanks for asking PrincessP about her daughter, Powell….
          I’m glad to hear no coughing today! Yay, let’s hope that stays!

          Oh my gosh, memories…. I have more than paid my dues with hubs and the Lakers in the 80’s. I don’t watch as much sports with him these days, I think the advent of Bravo helped ween me away, but anyway, he is all about NCAA these days. I usually watch with when it’s the University of Texas and have gone to some games, but always watch with him when it gets down to the end. Final Four tonight, baby….ugh. Not sure I can stay with it, but what is so funny is, what you said, I’ll be there the last 15, HA!

          • princesspindy says:

            He will be yelling for me to come down and see this!! lol! But I will watch Football all day long. I really love that game.

  12. princesspindy says:

    And FYI, my gravatar is my first “original” one, I put the words on it….
    So watch world, HERE~COMES~ROSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <=======Gypsy reference…..

  13. princesspindy says:

    General Hospital Fans!!! Tonight’s 20/20 is a Behind the scenes with Katie Couric for the 50th Anniversary. It’s on ABC.

  14. melthehound says:

    Stars… Once again, great job 🙂

    I’m so sick of the Dick sisters (thank you to whoever came up with that one) and their shaking their fat fingers in everyone’s faces. That’s exactly what they’ve done, again, with their blogs. In fact, their entire family and circle. Hiltons, Kartrashians, Swine (Resnik). They are just plain sad excuses for human beings and their 30 seconds of fame was over, 40 years ago.

    Bring on NJ. I’m ready to hate on someone worth hating on. Besides, I need my Milania fix 😀 .

    • Mene Seela says:

      I agree that the Kardashian-Hilton Death Star needs to be vaporized.
      Please launch nuclear Lindsay Lohan at them to finish off their line of celebrity scuzz.

      • nyc mama says:


        Well now that Lindays latest lifeline has been arrested for possession of drugs what does she have left besides Charlie Sheen? #Winning…not.

        since Maury is Kim and Kanye’s realtor and they have sold the house they just bought maybe he can get them a home near Adrienne and Charlie? They can have a whole community of losers.

        • TexasTart says:

          LOL! Nyc mama – a late, but dutiful standing ovation to your comment on another blog early yesterday 😀 I figured it was too late to tag on there at this point. Thanks that is exactly how I feel.

          • nyc mama says:

            Hahaha. Thanks, not sure which comment but I do believe they should lock all of these fauxlebrities and dysfunctional’s in a gated community and let them interact with each other and leave normal people alone. Maury can the realtor to them since he knows and associates with so many including his own extended family and friends. He can include that Stodden thing, Danielle, and too many others to mention here. He could make a a good living on just them alone.

        • Orson says:

          But, whoever would decorate their new home?

          • nyc mama says:

            Do you even have to ask? Faye of course. Decorator of the dysfunctional. She already does the Hiltons so she is experienced.

    • AZGirl says:

      ITA. With NJ you think you can no longer take the BS and editors brings in Milania to totally make it worth while viewing. She is priceless.

    • princesspindy says:

      Kartrashians, I’ve never heard that one before, A+!! 🙂

  15. prettypinkie says:

    Wow Teresa LOOKS really good in the pic, I saw That Kathy Fish lady looking at Teresa with those eyes of hers in the pic god I just can’t stand Kathy at all, I think that Kathy is a Follower with any Drama that goes on and when she does follow some of the lady’s she looks like a puppet on the strings waiting for one of the lady’s to move, it’s just so sickens me to no end an I feel Kathy can’t think for herself at anytime .

    • iceNfire says:

      what is this? i’m too scared to click the link

      • TexasTart says:

        It’s about security measures on wordpress….it’s OK. As if there is some sort of TexasTart security approval, lol.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          as if there isn’t. yes, i am stalking you

          • TexasTart says:

            “SECURITY!” I am being stalked! …..giggle…..I was remembering Kenya calling for security, haha.

            • LaineyLainey says:

              Yes, that was verrrrrry Kenya. So fabulous. It could also be very “Bon Qui Qui”…depending on how you pronounce it…sekurrrrity!!!

  16. BB says:

    Great job on the blog today, NMD, SweetnessnBubba and Stars. I love me some Tabatha!
    If you decide not to blog NJ, I’m behind you 100% NMD. I won’t be watching.

    My condolences to HilDogAtl on the loss of her mom.

  17. TexasTart says:

    BB – How is your family?

    • BB says:

      Daugher and Jack Sullivan (his middle name) are going home today. She already has her discharge papers and they are waiting for Jack to get his. I know she cannot wait to get into her own bed. My Mom had a horrible day yesterday, but a better one today. She will be having a procedure done tomorrow so I’m just hoping that goes well and she will get to go home soon too. Of course, once she’s home, I’ll be on duty 24/7 until she completely recovers. The fun never stops. Lol.

      • TexasTart says:

        Thanks so much for the reply…it sounds like you have to make the best of this time before you are full duty nurse. Glad to hear your Mom is better today and pray all goes well with the procedure and she will be more comfortable soon. Thrilled to hear your daughter and grandson go home today! Yippie! Hope you are feeling well BB. 🙂

      • JustDee says:

        Hugs and Prayers to you BB….

  18. hildogatl says:

    Thank you all, I am taking a moment to “step away ” although I havent been here since wednesday night. I appreceiate your love.

  19. Donna says:

    In the beginning it was Teresa, Dina, & Jax having fun together. Caroline was just there. Danielle was eager to become a friend of Dina’s and was snubbed/rejected. I believe that is when Danielle got on the crazy train ride. Dina left Mama Manzo came to the front bring her baby boyz camera time. Enter the Gorgons the show went on the wild crazy casino train.

    The last season was disgusting in the way that production protrayed the show with mixed up time lines and cc’s that didn’t match the words spoken. There were times that my cc’s and their cc’s were totally opposite. All of this to take down Teresa with the blessings of Mz Andy because Juicy said the word fag.

    I was considering watching NJ again when I read in the press that Gorgon Jr. & Teresa were trying to get along. Now this fiasco of another brawl. LOL now I hear it is Teresa’s fault. One item I read that the Greek and Critofer were in an argument and then the Gorgon, BabyAlbie, JacLurker, CrisLurker jumped into the fray.

    It is because of last season of NJ that I no longer record the HW shows and occassionaly watch re-runs while channel surfing during commercial breaks. The HW shows have jumped the shark and landed into a mudpit filled with crocodiles and lice.

    • VV says:

      The producers of the show should get fired for bringing the same crap over and oner again. NMD is right…..part of me think Andy in his never ending vendetta against Teresa wants it that way…. IMO.

  20. iceNfire says:

    Stars99 – Just started reading but have to say I Love biased perspectives! Thanks for blogs 😛

    • TexasTart says:

      Stars – Can’t wait to read them tonight — you do great work! 😛

      • iceNfire says:

        I’m still reading but caught this in Kyle’s blog – “Kim, Camille, and I defended Adrienne because she wasn’t there to defend herself,”….When? In Vegas? Kim wasn’t in Vegas she was busy getting drugs, I mean nose job

        • nyc mama says:

          And why did Kyle think it was approrpriate to bring up Adrienne at all when they were at a dinner hosted by Brandi who they already knew had a problem with Adrienne. Why bring Adrienne up at all unless it was to stir the pot? Why did she bother going if being in Vegas with Adrienne made her sad?

          If Kyle didn’t, once again, do something inappropriate, it wouldn’t have happened. Had she never been to Vegas without Adrienne?

          • not THAT Jill says:

            Camille brought up Adrienne in Vegas-not Kyle.

          • iceNfire says:

            At the time of filming Kyle had me believing that she and Adri were very close friends but now she tells us that she was never close to Adri and it is really Paul that is her close friend…another huh?

            • pat says:

              Right. And that felt so set up, when Camille said “I miss Adrienne” at the dinner, and Kyle chimed right in. Camille & Kyle had also hung out together that day, hot tubbing, before the dinner. I STILL don’t know what Camille’s angle was in all this, but she was def in on the shit-stirring. The only reason I can think of, why Camille picked “team Adrienne” is that she was demoted to “friend of” this season, and Brandi was promoted to full housewife.

            • kit9 says:

              Kyle and Adrienne were friends and Kyle thought what scumbag Brandi did was wrong. That doesn’t mean they’re the closest of friends. Kyle never said they were close friends. She never said she was close friends with Paul, either. She said she and Mauricio are closer with Paul than Adrienne.

  21. Powell says:

    Hey everyone. I caught up on the last 3 epis of The Walking Dead. Damn y’all. Poor Andrea. Merle became a self sacrificing hero? Who would’ve thunk. The Gov went freaking ballistic. They now have a bunch of new residents at the prison next season. Very good ending.

    • BB says:

      Powell, it’s a long wait until next October, but the wait will be worth it I’m sure. I just wonder how they are going to handle all those older people they got from Woodbury. Carl didn’t look very happy about it. I wonder what the Governor’s next move will be. I can’t believe those two guys got in the truck and left with him after seeing him kill all those people. I think I would have taken the Governor down at that point, but then what fun would that be for next season?

      • iceNfire says:

        Andrea blew it. I never really liked her and don’t mind that she is gone. I like Asian guy and his g/f, Carl, Daryl, and old man. Can’t stand Rick but guess the storyline needs him

        • iceNfire says:

          Oh I like Michonne too

        • chismosa says:

          I couldn’t stand Andrea towards the end too. Too wishy-washy and her acting chops seemed not up to par

          • Laineylainey says:

            I wasn’t sad to lose Andrea. I did feel sad when michonne cried, though. The actress who played Andrea was somewhat humorless on the Talking Dead. Much like Andrea.

    • Laineylainey says:

      Yeah, I loved it!

  22. VV says:

    When Kyle confronted Yoyo at reunion and asked her to tell Lisa what she said behind Lisa’s behind her back, why didn’t Kyle defend Lisa against Yoyo’s words. Isn’t Kyle’s excuse for defending Charo that she was not there to defend herself. Kyle’s a big hipocrotic!

    • iceNfire says:

      Hi VV – Good point. I like what Lisa said about never having heard Yo speak behind anyone back, that how I choose my friends

    • kit9 says:

      Kyle didn’t confront Yo, she responded to Yo’s hypocritcal attack on her. And, Lisa was there to defend herself in Paris and Kyle told Lisa at the time what Yolanda had said.

      • iceNfire says:

        In which episode did Kyle tell Lisa that Yolanda called her a pos?

      • nyc mama says:

        Lisa was not with them at the airport where this conversation supposdely took place. Kyle’s justification for defending Adrienne has been and this is verbatim “The reason I defended her is because she wasn’t there to defend herself” so since Lisa wasn’t there to defend herself and Kyle didn’t either.

  23. VV says:

    Why did Mauricio just say at reunion pt 2 that he wanted Adrienne/Paul and Brandi to have a “meeting of the minds and end the lawsuits” So…what lawsuits is he talking about?

    • Vegas Chick says:

      He’s BSing like he always does. Just like he made it sound like he was working with Adrienne to find a home. Then he back peddled and said he called and left a message…. it’s called drumming for business. After Kyle said she didn’t believe that Paul abused Adrienne and the kids, it’s pretty fair to assume that Mo is now at the bottom of Adrienne’s would be Realtor list….. bye bye commish!

    • kit9 says:

      He was talking about what happened and the info he had at the time during that Moroccan dinner. That is the when Brandi told everyone(lied)that there was a lawsuit. He knows now that there wasn’t but having just heard there was responded with the good advice to simply call Adrienne and talk it out.

  24. AZGirl says:

    Looks like Kathy G’s talk show was cancelled by Bravo. Please let me not be “Late for the Train” so to speak.

  25. Formerly Addicted to Bravo says:

    Stars99 you just made me spit out my water with the rendition of Addie – hilarious!

    • nyc mama says:

      I agree!! Brava!!!! Encore…encore…

      • Stars99 says:

        NYC – Come sing along with me… I know you can…

        • nyc mama says:

          LOL trust me you don’t want that. You really really don’t. When you hear the baying of the hounds you know I am singing. It ain’t pretty.

          • nyc mama says:

            They are sanitzing the comments on Kim’s blog but before they did someone posted this.

            “Hey Everybody! Let’s have a sing-a-long using that famous Lesley Gore tune: IT’S MY PILLOW AND I’LL POOP IF I WANT TO” A new top 10 song on the Richards Hit Parade”

    • Stars99 says:

      Hands FAB (what a GREAT acronym, btw) a baby wipe… I hear they’re good on cleaning up spray tan stains, too…

  26. You have got to be kidding me! They swore up and down that Teresa had nothing to do with this last season. See the pattern here ? They are just as desperate as Melissa was to be on the show that they will compromise their own selves by saying things as they see fit.

  27. not THAT Jill says:

    Its funny to me that Brandi says in her blog that she brought up Kim’s shitty pillow b/c Kim was attacking Yolanda. Kim was telling Yolanda that she was so nice and helpful to her in Paris and how surprised Kim was that Yolanda was being bitchy after that. She wasn’t attacking her-she can barely form a sentence let alone attack Yolanda. But Brandi was dying to bring up some “shit” about Kim so she had to say it. I don’t care if Brandi sits around telling everyone’s secrets but I hate that she always has an excuse to go with her sorrynotsorry.

    • iceNfire says:

      At this point Brandi is enjoying the viewers ‘Favorite’ position that Kyle once enjoyed. It will be interesting to see how Brandi handles it if things flip on her

    • TexasTart says:

      What you are missing, is directly prior to Brandi saying what she did there was an argument between Kim and Yolanda and Kim said that she “remembers everything that year” which rubbed many the wrong way because we just.saw she did not remember all in Paris. And Kim also stated that Yolanda uses her heritage and her disease as an excuse to not remember. I think what set off B in defense mode was saying Yolanda uses her Disease as an excuse. And I’m not coming back to make this comment again, if someone wants to defend Kim they can, IMO both the Richard sisters.opened themselves up to ridicule. But FWIW I do think the comment to Kyle was deplorable.

      • pat says:

        I also do believe that there WAS a meeting set up for Kim to come over to Yo’s and talk lemons. They both agreed that they played phone tag, but then Yo set it up with a production person. I just don’t buy it, that Bravo production then never contacted and confirmed it with Kim. They would have crew there ready to film. Not inexensive. And the fact that Kyle stepped in, in place of Kim, says to me that she knows her sis flaked.

        • nyc mama says:

          Just like she “spent the whole day” with Lisa in Paris when we saw Lisa Ken and Yolanda together that afternoon and we say her say goodbye to them at lunchtime. But Kim “remembers” everything and her talking head speaks for itself. She made up an entire scenario that never took place. She’s a mess.

          • iceNfire says:

            The TH of Kim explaining that she was with “Lisa all day from 9am no wait 10am yeah and then Lisa had to go to, (Kim looks to the side puts hand to head) oh man”
            That was hard to watch for me…just think how Kim felt when she saw it. imo that single TH put Kim on defense…forever more

      • kit9 says:

        Yolanda expected Kim to back her in her lie because she was nice to her in Paris but she was wrong. And, Kim had every right to make a dig/joke about Yolanda’s disease because Yolanda had already taken a dig at Kim’s disease.

        • kit9 says:

          Kim also had a very good reason to be angry with Yolanda after the show aired and Kim saw what Yolanda said about the cleanse meeting. Yolanda lied about having had made plans with Kim 3 times(they didn’t make plans once much less three times) and Kim had every right to be pissed about it.

    • TexasTart says:

      JIll, besides anything that was said, Kim Richards took an agressive, edge of the couch seat, throwing arms about and constantly pointing at Yolanda when she talked to her… I’m saying if anyone.were to rewatch this without sound – it looks if Yolanda is being attacked.

      • princesspindy says:

        What I noticed and I don’t notice much, if you watch, as soon as Andy starts talking to YoYo, Kim get aggitated, and you can tell, well I could tell, in my own mind, lol, that she wanted to say something big time. She moves around and is IPPHO, looking for an opening.. Did Brandi need to say something about the shitty pillow, no, but remember, she’s a slut pig……

        • princesspindy says:


        • TexasTart says:

          lol, all true.

        • kit9 says:

          Yes, but remember, Brandi’s heart breaks for Kim because Kyle doesn’t believe she sober. Breaks she said! Brandi’s so full of shit. She and her fellow Amazon are truly to Class A liars.

          • princesspindy says:

            You made this Amazon think of an old joke…
            “How do you know when a Real Housewife is lying?”
            The only part of her face that can move, is moving….

  28. LavaLady says:

    The local papers her in Northern NJ have had many articles about the most recent Jersey brawl. The town it happened in, Ridgewood, is a very nice town, and they are not happy with the publicity. Bravo did not have the required permits to film the event, inside and outside the salon. They applied for them after the fact, apparently. The municipal court is taking the charges very seriously. Unlike the DR brawl, but like the christening brawl, this one was filmed.

  29. rabblerouser2010R says:

    Please shoot me an email when you get the chance.

  30. nyc mama says:

    Kim is on damage control and not doing a good job.. They removed her second blog having a go at Yolanda and now she has a new one up having a go at Brandi… and discusses the pillow. She needs to stop. She is appearing unhinged. I have a feeling that they will wind up removing this blog also.

    • nyc mama says:

      Actually she has another go at Yolanda too .

    • pat says:

      Yikes, that blog is a mess!!!

    • princesspindy says:

      I copied it into a word document, now I will go read it, lol!!

    • TexasTart says:

      Unbelievable! Kim continuing to go after Yolanda!

      Could someone be so kind to post a link to Kim’s new blog? Her blog is the only one that doesn’t show up on the mobile site. Thanks.

      • majnon says:

        TT, I tried, but I don’t know how to post a link.
        One quote in response to Yolanda saying the Richard sisters what camera time, Kim says “My sisters and I grew up in front of the cameras, etc(I forgot), we’re not the ones leaving a treatment center to be at the reunion”.
        Wow, oh wow.

        • TexasTart says:

          WOW! This was something I was trying to explain the other day why it is that Kim was insulting Yolanda and why Brandi tried to turn it back on Kim. Thank you for trying to post the link, I’ll go look now!

          • TexasTart says:

            Unbelievable!!!!! I had to read parts of that twice and still couldn’t believe it.

            I wish this was released earlier so her words could have been presented in all their glory by the one and only Stars!

          • Contessa says:

            For that comment alone about leaving a treatment center to be at the reunion – Hell the woman honors her obligations (YO). Well here is my summation…I forgive Brandi for the poop pillow comment – she deserved it big time. She is a selfish beyotch who is just as nasty as her sister, they lie, change the stories, and this has nothing to do with her drinking. These personality traits have been there all along. She was a coddled, spoiled child star who turned into a broken down alcoholic addict.

            • TexasTart says:

              You got Kim’s number, Contessa! ITA

            • kit9 says:

              If Yolanda is going to talk smack in her blog about them being camera whores then she opens herself to her own camera whoring. And, I think leaving a treatment center just to make the reunion more than qualifies. It was a great point by Kim.

              • nyc mama says:

                Kim’s statement says “I recently heard that Yolanda insinuated that Kyle and I are desperate to get camera time! ” No mention of a blog but so it seems someone told her allegedly Yolanda said that. Hearsay.

  31. majnon says:

    Kim, definitely has blinders on. The comments say it all. I bet Kyle is really pissed at “the sister” lol

  32. Orson says:

    Let me see if I get this straight. Kim uses her alcoholism (sober or clean, she’s still an addict) to excuse anything she does. But if Yolanda uses her Lyme Disease as an explaination, Kim jumps all over her?

    In that manual that defines and describes mental diseases, is there a listing for what we’ve been referring to “Former Child Star Syndrome”?

  33. Stars99 says:

    It really pisses me off that in her blog that was posted today, Kim regards Yolanda as no more than an acquaintance… Did anyone else see the same season I did? What I saw was that Yo continually reached out to Kim… gave her the benefit of the doubt… defended her… helped her… etc. – and then this crap!

    • majnon says:

      Stars, by the way, I am really going to miss your recaps of RHWOBH. Maybe, you could recap Kim’s bizarre blog?

      • Stars99 says:

        Awww… how sweet of you… She was one blog off… this week she posted about the Reunion Part 1 – and it wasn’t until today that she posted about Part 2. If you’re so inclined… I’m recapping RHOC… and warning – it’s not pretty cuz in my opinion, they all deserve snark… I’m also trying to catch up enough to recap Duck Dynasty – although not snarky, the show itself is terribly funny…

        • majnon says:

          I’ll read your recaps of RHOC, but I just can’t watch it, but the snark will be better than the show.
          Husband, wants computer, my time is up. Stay well everyone.

    • Orson says:

      In Kim’s addled state, all she can remember is how someone has wronged her. How dare you criticize her… she used to be A STAR!!!

    • California35 says:

      Let’s keep in Mind that Yolanada and Kyle did not end thongs in good terms for some reason. Maybe Kim is trying to be loyal to Kyle. Yolanda is friends with Lisa and Brandi. Yolanda was being nice to Kim. You know Yolanda Yolanda Yolanda. Lol

  34. iceNfire says:

    Is anyone watching Orphan Black on BBC? I just saw the 1st episode and I Really like it. I gave up on Ripper Street

    • Stars99 says:

      I don’t know why, but I’m having a hard time watching Ripper Street… but I just recorded “Orphan Black” because of your comment – I see I can get the 1st episode on On Demand with the 2nd episode being aired tonight… it sounds good… thanks for the post… I’m always looking for good shows… = )

      • iceNfire says:

        Hi Stars – I watched the 1st episode On Demand and just realized I forgot to record epi 2 so I have to wait a couple hours for repeat. A couple of the actors are speaking with an English accent that doesn’t sound anything like English to me so I had to turn closed caption on. Others in the show seem to have American accents or maybe there is something wrong with my ears – idk hahahaha

  35. Here’s part of Kim’s blog –
    With regards to Brandi. . .Brandi baffles me. I really don’t know why she jumped in on my conversation with Yolanda. Yolanda and I were having a discussion that had absolutely nothing to do with her! The next thing I know she’s talking about my pillow — which was really quite mean! When I asked Brandy why, she said she was protecting her friend!

    The thing that really confuses me, is she said how I was her friend, and I do believe I am! So WHY!?! Why be so mean? I guess I don’t fully understand her — like when she said my sister secretly doesn’t want me to make it! I know in my heart Brandi doesn’t want that for me, and she knows my sister doesn’t want that for me! So WHY? Only Brandi knows! Although, we have these “Brandi” things, I still like Brandi even though she said my pillow smelled like s—! Here’s the thing, regardless of what Brandi said.. It’s my pillow, so if I want to s— on my pillow, or wipe my a– on my pillow, it’s still my pillow! I can do whatever I want with it! What’s really SCARY is that Brandi SNIFFED my dirty pillow! It had been dragged all over Europe, so no telling what was on that damn thing!!! So GROSS!

  36. An on Yolonda:

    But with Yolanda, she creates these unnecessary lies at the expense of others! That raises a big red flag for me! I’ve seen people lie to make themselves look better, or to cover for their family, but this is for no apparent reason! It really bothers me that Yolanda has gone this route. When Andy asked her about when she called out Taylor, she said she doesn’t even remember saying that, and that she was very sick in her disease and she doesn’t even remember saying those words! She wouldn’t even take responsibility! How about “I’m sorry” or “That was wrong”!? Or when she was asked about the master cleanse, why not just say she lied? Or when Andy asked her about the worker at her home who didn’t speak English, why did she call him out in front of everyone and on camera? Her excuse is because of her culture and where she’s from. Instead of saying “Yes, that was insensitive” or “Maybe not everybody had access to the schools I did,” she backtracks to these excuses rather than just apologizing. It doesn’t make you a bad person to say you made a mistake, it just makes you human! I’m an alcoholic in recovery! I try to take responsibility for my actions whenever I can. When things come up that I did or said back when I was drinking, I try to own it. I have apologized for them, and I am still apologizing for them today!

    • LaineyLainey says:

      She was insensitive toward that worker. I agree with Kim on that one.

      • iceNfire says:

        I disagree – it would be insensitive coming from an American but Yo isn’t one.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          Everyone should treat people with dignity. American-born people and those who are not American born. The adult worker did not need to be chastised by another adult while he was trying to do his job and trying to instruct his coworkers. We’ll have to agree to disagree. But the fact that she isn’t American-born doesn’t give her a pass to treat others insensitively. As a proud first generation American, I stand by my opinion and I completely and absolutely respect yours. Oh crap, am I trying to have the last word??. sorry, if that’s what it sounds like….. say something back!!! 🙂

          • iceNfire says:

            Hi Lainey – Not to try for the last word but…my Husband wasn’t born in this Country and English is his 3rd language. While I would never tell anyone to what language they should be speaking my Husband some how thinks it’s his duty to tell non English speaking coworkers/employees that they Need to learn the language…plz don’t ask me why – idk

            • LaineyLainey says:

              Some people I have known find it embarrassing. That’s all. I agree with your hubs and everyone else that we should all learn English…just not the public “scolding”.

          • princesspindy says:

            As a first generation American, I thought she was being helpful. My father only spoke Greek when he got off the boat, same with his parents. They learned English, sink or swim. He was taught in English at school, not Greek. His parents made him speak English at home so they could learn too. I didn’t think she was insensitive, just sharing her experience. IPPHO

            • LaineyLainey says:

              Princess Pindy, well hopefully he found her method of sharing to be helpful. Hopefully he wasn’t embarrassed and hopefully he didn’t feel that she was putting him down. Trying to break the record for saying “hopefully” in one day. My siblings and I endured corporal punishment for speaking Spanish at school and our parents fully supported them for beating our little butts,…so believe me, I know all about ….how strongly people feel about English in this country. Learning English; It’s the sure way to improve one’s lot in life. Ironically, now I get paid to teach little angels how to speak Spanish!! I love it. 🙂

              • princesspindy says:

                You were treated horribly. I am sorry for that. I think he was more embarrassed by the time he had to pull down his pants ( the whole class did one at a time) to prove he hadn’t stole some money and it was the day he wore his sister’s underwear cuz there were no clean ones for him ,lol

                • LaineyLainey says:

                  Oh, that’s ok!!!! it was a different time and place. Even with those negative experiences we were always ALWAYS ALWAYS told how lucky we were to live in the U.S.A. We were happy and did feel fortunate.

                • iceNfire says:

                  Lainey! Spanish was my 1st language when we lived with my GrandMother but sadly we moved out when I was 4 years old and Spanish was not allowed in our new house so I forgot it. I have ‘passed as white’ but Latins can spot me a mile away and I think they feel insulted when I can’t reply to them in Spanish and I have to tell them my whole life story and they shake their heads…talk about embarrassing, I know all about it.
                  Do I get last word?

        • kit9 says:

          She doesn’t get excused for being an intolerant and probably racist bit*ch because she’s freaking Dutch. Something made her lecture a man who CLEARLY spoke English that he needed to speak English to his workers. WHY? Wtf does she care what language they speak among themselves? The mere utterance of Spanish made her angry. You think she’d have said something had they been French immigrants speaking French? Please. She didn’t even know if the men he was speaking to spoke English or not. They probably did just not as their first language as so many Mexican immigrants to the US do.

          • nyc mama says:

            He wasn’t mic’ed. I don’t remember hearing him speak at all.

            • pat says:

              Yo explained that this group of men have done work for them for several years. Her suggestion to work on his English came from a loving place, IMO.

              • nyc mama says:

                I agree . I don’t see her comment as intolerant or racist and I also think she was trying to help him.
                I just don’t remember hearing him speak..

      • TexasTart says:

        I didn’t take what Yolanda said to the worker the same way, Lainey. She was, in consideration of her personal experience, trying to be helpful and encouraging that English will open new doors, etc. Was it her say anything? It was not necessary, but it didn’t seem like a scolding to me.

      • djprincessc says:

        As a full hispanic american woman I 100% agree with Yolanda. I am half Mexican and half Honduran and she is right. My mom was born in Honduras and learned how to speak english, my dad was born here and so was I so obviously doesn’t apply to him or myself but I remember my grandmother on my mom’s side NEVER learned how to speak english and is 78 years old now and still doesn’t speak english. Its annoying and rude, I remember her having an attitude about it and expecting people to cater to her since she spoke no english, a lot of older Hispanic people are like this and I can’t stand it. YOU’RE IN AMERICA WE SPEAK ENGLISH…if I go to Honduras and start speaking english they’ll look at me like wtf and ignore me and I’ll have to speak spanish. We Americans cater wayyyyyy too much to other countries. Sorry if anyone gets mad at me! lol 🙂

        • LaineyLainey says:

          dj…no one is mad. Well, I’m not. I am not arguing the point that Englsh should or should not be spoken here. I am saying she was insensitive for possibly embarrassing him on camera. That’s it. Yes, she is right, people should speak English here; but I didn’t think that little mini lecture was necessary to be aired (for the sake of the man’s dignity).

        • iceNfire says:

          ‘mI mad I forgot how to speak Spanish. My GreatGrandMother never learned English but she was too old to go outside so it didn’t matter. My GrandMother learned English when she came to this Country but never lost her thick Husband has a very thick accent too and he has been in this County since the ’70’s…I guess to lose an accent takes work

        • kit9 says:

          NO, she’s not right. People, watch the episode! The man she was lecturing already SPOKE ENGLISH and she never asked the men he was speaking to if they spoke English or not before she started lecturing.

  37. Contessa says:

    I re-read kim’s newest blog entry – WOW – she is definitely the queen of denial. That beyotch doesn’t get it. She was so out of it in Paris, that the scene of her on the balcony with everyone on the first night was scary…she told Lisa she arrived the prior day???? They all looked at her like she lost her mind. She is self-medicating big time or has someone supplying her with drugs, cause she is out of it. Also she knew or forgot about the arranged meeting at Yolandas about the cleanse; there is no way that Bravo would have sent a crew, equipment, and made arrangement unless Kim was notified. She was probably in a stupor mixing chicken salad. That blog is so nasty, the comments to her are relentless and not in a nice way at all. I PRAY BRAVO DROPS this dipshit from the show, ass I am so tired of her and her whiny poor me story.

  38. And one more bit. As for the rest of the ladies – all is good between Kim and them.

    I appreciated the friendship that I thought I had with Yolanda at the beginning, but I guess that was only one side of the person that she is! I recently heard that Yolanda insinuated that Kyle and I are desperate to get camera time! My sisters and I have grown up in front of the camera, so we are hardly desperate for that. We’re not the ones leaving a treatment center to attend a reunion show.

  39. Contessa says:

    Can we say delusional addict…she is living in an alternate universe and I believe she and Kyle are back pedaling because she relapsed on drugs in Paris. I have a feeling all the cast knows, and maybe Bravo shut it down for public consumption.

    • Nancy says:

      She’s certifiably crazy IMHO.

      Contessa, I have had 4 knee scopes so I know what you are going through.
      People think it’s a small surgery but that’s not always correct. I hope you will be
      on your feet again soon.

    • Annie Okie says:

      She’s brain damaged for real, and if she’s reading the comments then she really is likely to relapse, if she hasn’t already, as they are brutal, truthful but tough, and I don’t see her as strong enough to deal with the truth about how most people honestly feel about her. This has gone from funny for me to sad, really sad.

    • California35 says:

      It’s hard for me to comment on addiction, but here it goes. If she relapsed, why hid it. It is a normal part of the process, if she is not accepting it, it just shows me that she is not taking the healthy steps to recovery.all this pretending, oy!

      As u said before, and many of you have said. She needs real help, and to be away from the cameras. I wish her well, but all the cover ups are making her look ever worst.

  40. Nancy says:

    How is your mother doing?

  41. iceNfire says:

    I’m telling you KYLE wrote that blog I have No Doubt in my mind. See how we are all talking about Kim? This blog says only positive things about Kyle but at the reunion Kim wasn’t so sweet to sis

    • TexasTart says:

      IDK, Ice…the words are far too damaging for Kim, and Kyle to a degree for me to believe she did. But where are all the exclaimation points?! Hmmm.

    • nyc mama says:

      I don’t think so. First of all Kyle is in DC and second it is so out there that it was clearly written by someone who is not in touch with reality and I don’t think even Kyle could or would go where Kim went with everyone. This was written by someone who clearly needs help.

      • iceNfire says:

        And Kyle needs help with her image. This blog takes the focus off of Kyle and opens a door for her to repair things with Yo who will probably be back next season and Kyle needs to be on friendly terms with her so now she can call Yo and apologize for her sisters blog and tell Yo that is not how she feels and blah, blah, blah….I up my own bet of 1 gazillion dollars to 2 gazillion dollars that Kyle Did Write This Blog 😛

    • mrspeabody says:

      If Kim thinks her and Kyle are in a good place she is in denial on that too. They will not ever be in a good places until both of them get serious and get some serious counseling. There is just too much anger in both of them and neither one can really admit it.

    • kit9 says:

      Yes, Kyle wrote it, that devious woman! Come on!lol Kim, as we’ve all seen, has no problem going toe to toe with people and definitely had some nasty things thrown at her at the reunion and some bones to pick with Yolanda after seeing her TH comments and reading her blog so why is it so shocking she responded in kind?

  42. LaineyLainey says:

    Watching Joan and Melissa. It’s a really touching episode (between the jokes) when she goes to Johnny Carson’s memorial placque..I love my Joanie. I realize many do not. But, Talk about determination and staying power!!

  43. California35 says:

    Hi – Star99 I am reading your part on today’s blog THANK you so much for you hard work with BH blogs. I havevenjoyed them 🙂 it is now over, and I will miss the blogs, the recaps and the comments waaaaaaay more than the actual series 😛 Thank you also BB 🙂

    • Stars99 says:

      Hugs my neighbor…. unfortunately, you can’t get rid of me that easily… I’ll be around… lol

      • California35 says:

        GOOD!!!! 🙂 eighbor frim where in Cakifornia?

        • Stars99 says:

          I live in the OC which is why I have an extra measure of snark reserved just for them!

          • California35 says:

            Ah ok! I fel I should watch OC because they are Californians and the original Hoisewives, but but but…lol I will be reading the recaps and comments though 🙂

            I am a bit northern than you, the people I know from OC are guys, so have nothing to compare the OC wives to.

  44. California35 says:

    Marisa Zanuck

    Sorry guys, Marisa is just too busy trying to find the number for that hot guy from the Kraft Zesty Italian dressing commercial (aka:  HGMWLF – Hot Guy Marisa Would Love to ummm), to bother to write a final blog for us this week.

    Taylor Armstrong

    Sorry guys, Taylor is just too busy writing her new book, “50 Shades of Shady” to bother to write a final blog for us this week.

    LOL 😛

  45. nyc mama says:

    Her blog is disturbing on so many levels and shows clearly that she desperately needs help. I think they may have edited the Paris footage so we didn’t see just how bad she was and what we saw wasn’t pretty.

    The blog should be titled Kimm’s Fairytales. They have taken off many of the responses already so I think that they will be pulling this blog as well and I hope they do, but I fear she will try again, especially after the lost footage, and how bad it will be will depend on what is shown. She clearly wants people to not like Yolanda and wants to get her version out there. This is her 2nd attempt at trying to defame her and I don’t think it is over.

    I hope that the reason she wasn’t at the Upfronts with everyone else is because she is not coming back next year. There are so many holes in her stories it is like swiss cheese. She needs to get off this show and stop blogging and tweeting and work on her recovery for her own sake.

    The fact that this is her 3rd blog regarding the reunion and she writes this: “You probably want to know about the reunion, so let’s get started. . . ” as if she hasn’t written any before and then doesn’t talk about the reunion but a distorted version of reality. From how we all saw what a “great place” she and Kyle are. Well, no Kim, we didn’t see you in a great place. We see you still having issues with each other and everyone is still walking on eggshells around you. To how everyone, especially Yolanda, lies and how she owns up to her bad behavior to her distorted version of what happened with Lisa. Didn’t she kick Lisa off the bus claiming that all Lisa wanted to do was insert herself in a conversation she wasn’t welcome at? Didn’t she and Kyle fight all during Paris and wasn’t it yolanda who took care of her because she and Kyle were fighting at the airport?

    And pillowgate. I can’t imagine why she brought this up again or why she had the pillow with her and why it had feces on it but that said, she claims it was dirty because she dragged it all over Europe when in fact, she was in one hotel in one city for 5 days total. She made it worse by bringing it up yet again.

    So many other things, that make no sense. It is so bizarre and so out there that again, I hope they take this one down as well.

    The whole blog is sad, doesn’t reflect reality and shows that Kim is still in need of some serious help. I hope her family gets her some quickly because I don’t think she will do it on her own and it seems she is teetering on the edge.

    • California35 says:

      I just commented up about Kim, maybe I should bring it dowsn here.

      All the cover ups, from her and her sister. It is as if what’s most important to them is to deny things instead if really getting Kim well.

    • TexasTart says:

      Very accurate observations.

    • Nancy says:

      But Kyle thinks this show is good for her! Please.

      • nyc mama says:

        Nothing but professional help is good her and Kyle needs to get professional help to learn how to properly deal with her sister as you and others have said over and over again. Kim was clearly not lucid in Paris and not many believe the mixed up medication story.

        Even when she was drinking she was never a slurring, falling down drunk as we saw in the first 2 seasons – she was a seemingly functioning alcoholic who was able to pass so her words at the reunion rang hollow to me when she was screeching. She was a mess in Paris and she was a mess for the first 2 seasons too. She has zero credibility imo to know or state with certainty what happened in Paris. She also stated she slept for 2 days straight when she returned and her sister apparently didn’t check on her since she didn’t know that until she told her during their scene at the store opening.

        The whole thing is sad and Kim is clearly still a mess as her latest blog shows.

    • Catseye says:

      I read elsewhere that someone thinks the reason Kim and Kyle were fighting at the Paris airport, was that Kim had fallen off the wagon on the trip and it was captured on film. They also thought that was the reason that Kim was so aloof towards Yolanda at the opening of Kyle’s store–in a rush to go off and film some phoney story with Kyle about how poor Kim mixed up “water pills” with some other meds. (And I STILL don’t get why someone who was married to a billionaire and received millions in alimony/child support over the years, is so dirt poor she can’t afford to throw out a soiled, sh!tty pillow and buy a new one.)

      • Orson says:

        And I STILL don’t get why someone who was married to a billionaire and received millions in alimony/child support over the years, is so dirt poor she can’t afford to throw out a soiled, sh!tty pillow and buy a new one.
        The first line in the chorus of John Prine’s song “Sam Stone” is “There’s a hole in Daddy’s arm where all the money goes”. I’m not saying Kim shoots heroin. But Prine didn’t write “up Daddy’s nose” or “down Daddy’s throat”.

  46. TexasTart says:

    A RHOA First Look is bout to air…..I assume that is part of the reunion. 9:47pm Central

    • TexasTart says:

      Looks good, Kenya with that hand fan is laughable, she is a character like no other.

  47. Annie Okie says:

    Years of alcohol and drug abuse have damaged her brain, and while I’m no medical professional, I don’t think there’s a remedy for brain damage, so she can’t get well and there is no way to help her heal. All they can do is try to keep her out of harm’s way, and this show is harmful to her. For her own well being, her family should get her off this show. If Kyle really loves her, this will be Kim’s last season. We’ll see. Action speaks and it doesn’t lie.

    • TexasTart says:

      Hi Annie, I hear you about the brain damage and all of this is on top of what we have observed from her personality that leaves a lot to be desired. I had hoped her own children would have stepped in, but I don’t think you can make anyone get help unless they are clinically certifiable. My guess is that her sisters have tried and with no sucess over the years, maybe they encouraged the show as a means to keep ber busy and more accountable. Just my idea..
      She should have been removed from the show during Season 2 IMO.

      • Nancy says:

        She has spilt from reality. I think it’s time she gets some inpatient psychiatric care as
        it’s beyond disturbing.

      • lillybee says:

        I thought that Kim may have been OK at the beginning of the season but she seems to have taken many backwards steps since then.

        • iceNfire says:

          Hi lillybee – Thanks for G.H. info you left on last blog. I don’t think Kim has been sober for a long time. She did manage to clean herself up for the reunion but idk if she stayed sober after filming…I don’t think she even wants to be sober

    • Nancy says:

      Alcohol has many effects on the nervous system & they differ amoung individuals. Some can be fully or partially reversed, others can’t. In general, the older you get &/or the longer your drinkin career is, the less likely full reversal becomes.

      Vitamin B-1 can reverse Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome. Just not drinking helps peripheral neuropathy & cardiomyopathy in younger people. Cerebellar degeration doesn’t usually reverse.

      It’s difficult to predict what would happen for someone like Kim because she could have diffuse damage that could be irreversible – or at least partially reversible. There are also other drugs in there, & we don’t know their exact effects.

      • Catseye says:

        And on that note, I REALLY wish she had tried that Master Cleanse thing Yolanda was trying to push on her. It would have at least de-toxified her system, made her more alert and might have quelled her yearning for booze and drugs. I have been doing it for the most part of last week and I feel TERRIFIC!! From what I have read about it, Fasting can trigger the body to repair itself, create new brain cells AND help someone’s emotional balance, too.

        • iceNfire says:

          Hi Catseye – How long do you plan to stay on the master cleanse? I used to fast once a month for 1 day, I’ve done 3 days and 7 days on regular basis too but if I go any longer than that returning to solids become difficult

          • Catseye says:

            Hi ice, I broke my fast yesterday 5pm and then fasted another 24 hrs until 5 again today. I have to help my mother tomorrow with shopping, etc. and I’ve read that you shouldn’t overdo, while fasting, so I’m going to eat solid food and then I plan on going back on it, starting again Monday. My skin looks and feels great and my pain level has gone done so much I barely took any meds. (I have a bunch of Titanium implants and usually take at least 1-2 Vicodins a day, while fasting I have been able to cut it to 1/2-1 a day, maybe that’s why I feel so mentally alert.)

      • Contessa says:

        Hi Nancy, Thanks for asking, I am doing a little better…saw the doctor the other day and he said the pain and discomfort is normal, all part of the healing process. They told me to continue taking the pain pills, but only twice a day (am and pm). Also to stay off the leg as much as possible and ice. It seems to be working as I walked a little better today, and for a longer period without pain, so I see improvement. Wow, I was a smart a$$ as I thought this is a little surgery and I will be up and around in no time. Of course I still had tons of pain killer in my knee when I first came home after surgery, so I felt pretty good for the first two days and then I went downhill when the pain started. So everything that I am going through is normal, the doctor used the term floating cartilege and showed me the photos of my bones. They look like they have veins all over from the arthritis, as opposed to a healthy knee bone that has no markings.

        I’m glad you gave us your input about Kim…she needs help desperately. However I don’t think the sisters have it in themselves to commit her, as she will not go willingly to a facility. I agree she needs long term care and Kyle and Kathy and BRAVO should be embarassed to allow her to be on TV in the state she is in. However it still does not excuse her for always pointing the finger at everyone else. Last season it was Brandi for ruining her life, this past season it was Yolanda that lied and also ruined her life. It is always someone else doing something bad to her. Kim acts like a spoiled entitled teenager, and also agree her maturity level stopped when she started to drink and drug.XXOO

        • Catseye says:

          I just worry that if Kim does quit the show, she’ll use it as an excuse to go on a full-fledged bender and who knows what the outcome will be.

          • Annie Okie says:

            I think it’s just a matter of time before she goes on a full-fledged bender, if she hasn’t already. I really think she was on a bender in Paris. For people in denial, it’s always a matter of when, not if. And if she is still on Bravo’s payroll when the inevitable happens, then Bravo will be at least partially responsible for whatever the outcome will be.

            Also, I read somewhere that she had a second nose job just to get the pain medication and she only made up the story about her dog for the show. And for her to say on the show that she didn’t ever even need pain medication after that kind of surgery shows what a big liar she really is. I pity her and I’m repulsed by her all at the same time.

            • pat says:

              ITA. I’m not an expert on addiction, but for someone like Kim, who apparently “needs” certain meds to either regulate her alcohol cravings, or for psychiatric purposes or both, I can’t imagine how she could ever stay clean for long. That’s not clean, anyway, taking the meds that she does. I’m pretty sure when she talked to Dr. Paul last season and listed out all the meds she was on, some of them were for mental issues. It’s incredibly sad. There are probably very mixed emotions for everyone intimately involved with her. An addict really holds the people who love them hostage.

              • Catseye says:

                So true. I think for the most part, addicts are very, very selfish to begin with along with being needy, entitled and ungrateful.

  48. iceNfire says:

    PPindy are you here ? Did you see it ?? Rick Will singJessies’s Girl at the Nurses Ball on G.H. !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. chismosa says:

    Linda cardellini looks so old I couldn’t believe that was her

  50. Amanda says:

    Howdy! I haven’t commented in quite some time but felt the need when I read you may not recap RHONJ. I have to say Double Snaps to you if you choose not to recap this disaster. I rely on blogs for my Bravo fix and I must say it has come to the point where I cannot even stand READING about this show. Some sites have completely fallen off my radar because the writers barely recap an episode and simply let folks to at in the comments section. It is UGLY! So, if you decide to take a vote in the matter, my vote is No New Jersey! (Unless they truly make up, but I really doubt that will happen) Have a great day all!

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