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Brandi Burned by Laser for  Melasma Treatment and Other News by NoMoreDrama

Brandi Glanville tweeted a photo of her self without makeup, after insinuating that the Daily Mail had gotten some pictures.  It turns out Brandi’s hand wasn’t the only part of her that was badly burned by lasers – she had a treatment to her face that also didn’t go well.  Poor Brandi, she’s being treated for melasma – which is skin discoloration. It looks painful.


“doctor said he could get rid of my melasma :/ it was to hard for my skin. Still healing, its been depressing #skinobsessed


In other news, RadarOnline is reporting that all of the current Atlanta housewives will be back for another season, including NeNe Leakes.  No news on whether or not Kim Zolciak will be returning to the show, but with the rating high after she left, I doubt they’d bother asking her back.  Perhaps they want to get filming underway to capture the two weddings baby, and divorce drama.


Meanwhile on Married to Medicine – things don’t seem to be going well between Toya and Mariah.



Rachel Zoe Project by Amy

At Rachel’s house the intern Co brings clothes for Skyler. He wears Gucci and Burberry. Rodger says he doesn’t need these brand clothes because he will just grow out of them. Mandana and Rachel talk about her billboard. Rachel really doesn’t like the idea of being on a billboard. At Rachel’s office they talk about an upcoming Jockey shapewear shoot. Rodger goes shopping for finishing touches for his office with his assistant. Annnnnndd he’s still talking about how he doesn’t want an apartment in NYC. Ugh. His assistant agrees with Rachel that they should have an apartment.

Rachel and Mandana go look at the billboard. Rachel is embarrassed while Mandana takes a picture. Back at her office Rachel receives a letter from President Obama thanking her for participating in his campaign. Rachel then talks to Elle magazine about an upcoming shoot to demonstrate her style. Rodger is golfing and talks with his friend about how he wants another child. He mentions how Rachel is such a reluctant celebrity and that he should go see her billboard.

Rachel talks to her styling assistant Eileen about her story for the Elle fashion shoot. She says that the rules have seemed to change as far as fashion goes. Back at Rachel’s house she and Rodger are ready to go to the farmer’s market. Rachel is wearing a fur jacket. They talk about her billboard, Rachel says it was huge, like Godzilla or “Hong Kong” (she meant King Kong). She talks about how she likes being a stylist and feels comfortable doing that, not being such a celebrity. Rodger tells her she’s gorgeous and she should own it. Rachel agrees that she has to be visible, even though it makes her uncomfortable.

rachel-zoe-project-season-5-elle-shoot-joe-zee-01 rachel-zoe-project-season-5-elle-shoot-joe-zee-09Eileen is pulling looks for Rachel’s Elle shoot. It will go on a model but “scream Rachel”. The day of the shoot everyone is organizing clothing for Rachel to pick from. Rachel spies a coat she loves and puts it on. Rachel talks about waist pocketbooks (upscale fanny packs.) Jo Zee suggests Rachel wear one of the options for a photo. Rachel wears a white outfit and talks about how awkward she feels when being photographed. She switches outfits with the model so she can wear the Chanel dress. She calls this “classy problems”. Skyler arrives to the photoshoot and Rachel takes pictures with him.

At Rachel’s office the girls try on some of the collection to wear while they go out. Rodger gets his hair braided by the girls during the commercial interlude. Back at Rachel’s house, she is looking at photographs of the apartment they looked at in NYC. She mentions that it could be a corporate apartment, and that if they have another kid they will need more space. Rachel says that if she wants the apartment, why can’t she just get it. Rodger says it’s a couple’s decision. Rachel then questions why Rodger can shoot down the idea if it’s 50-50. He says it has to be unanimous decision, like if Rachel wanted to get a dog. Rachel points out that she did get a dog. They compromise that Rachel can bring an extra suitcase every trip if they drop the apartment talk for now.

At the shapewear shoot for Jockey the interns are organizing the clothes for Rachel. They talk about how Rachel has a hard time speaking on camera. Rachel ends up at the wrong studio and now they are running late. They spend a minute to talk about her bangs. (it’s nice that they all recognize when things appear ridiculous) Rachel talks about she has problems with the teleprompter. She has a lot of problems with the script. But soon she gets into the rhythm. They take some photographs and then Rachel has to rush off.


It’s a Brad, Brad World by Johanna

At Brad and Gary’s new house, they walk in with all the boxes there and an interior designer. They walk through and it’s weird for them! But they both say it looks fabulous. Brad and Lindsay go into his office and joke around. They are so cute and happy together! Brad and Gary take Penelope in the backyard and she loves it too! I don’t even like dogs and I think it’s cute.

Brad and Hanna are out pulling for his new client, Coco Rocha. Brad is looking at a Zac Posen ball gown and he says Zac Posen is always a best dressed look. He wants to make sure what they pull is amazing because it’s going to be a red carpet look for the premiere of Coco’s new show The Face. He says he’s looking for attention seeking clothes so they pull lot of sheer items. There’s a Pucci and a Dior that Brad says is very ethereal. He says he doesn’t know if models care about not having lining. He says he needs Hanna to keep him in check because Coco makes him nervous and he doesn’t want to nerd out, he says he’s been cutting pictures of her out of magazines for like ten years.

Coco comes in and they hug. He tells her he’s a huge fan and recounts their first meeting when he freaked out. Coco says this is her first time working with a stylist. She says she doesn’t do anything super low cut and she doesn’t do sheer. Brad is freaking out because nearly everything on the rack is sheer! He recovers quickly and he says they can drop a lining into anything, so she just needs to give it a chance. He provides her with a slip for the time being. She tries on the Pucci gown and loves it. She also loves the Zac Posen look they pulled. Brad says it’s a very editoral high fashion look but he can tell it’s something that she feels like has been worn before. She tries on a J.Mendel look and doesn’t love it. I don’t love it either. They all love the Dior look that they pair with Louboutins. They wind up deciding on the Pucci for the premiere. Coco says she wished Brad lived in New York so Brad could live in her closet. How cute 🙂

bradBack at Brad’s office, Lindsay, Thomas and Brad are all there and they are preparing for his new client, Noot Seear, who most recently appeared in one of the Twilight movies. She will be modeling a pair of headphones that she helped design at a photo shoot. They arrive at the shoot and discuss the looks. They want to do six looks. He shows her a Herve Leger, a Vanessa Bruno that she says is kind of great and pair it with an Etro Skirt, she loves a Zimmerman dress he shows her. She says at her last shoot she styled herself and she’s so happy Brad is there because it’s much less scattered and his pulls have such a range. She wears the Zimmerman dress in one of the looks and loves it! She says his pulls are perfect. The next look is a Peplum top with jeans and Versace sunglasses. The next look is an awesome fringe jacket and a bathing suit from American Apparel paired with Louboutins. I have to say, everything looks great!! Next look is a the Vanessa Bruno turtle necl with the Etro skirt. Brad talks about how much he loves the high fashion world.

its-a-brad-brad-world-season-2-photoshoot-at-milk-07Noot loved the shoot (ugh I hate accidentally rhyming…) and so did Brad 🙂 In the filler scene, Gary and Brad are at Lindsay’s apartment and Brad goes through her closet. It’s cute, he tells her to get rid of everything with an elastic waist. I find Brad and Lindsay to be very well paired together and Gary is just funny in general. The show ends with Brad showing everyone pictures from the shoot with Noot Seear at his office. Hanna and Lindsay rave over Brad’s outfit and the pictures. They love the image that the campaign chose. It really does look amazing!!


Survivor 26 Caramoan Fans vs Favorites by MelTheHound week 9


Michael Snow
Age: 44
Current Residence: New York, N.Y.
Occupation: Event Planner

Dawn Meehan
Previous Season: Survivor: South Pacific – 11th castaway voted off/3rd Jury Member
Age: 42
Current Residence: South Jordan, Utah
Occupation: English Professor

John Cochran
Previous Season: Survivor: South Pacific – 13th castaway voted out/5th Jury Member
Age: 25
Current Residence: Washington, D.C.
Occupation: Harvard Law Student

Phillip Sheppard
Previous Season: Survivor: Redemption Island – Made it to the final 3
Age: 54
Current Residence: Santa Monica, Calif.
Occupation: Chief Executive Officer of Enter Software Sales

Andrea Boehlke
Previous Season: Survivor: Redemption Island – 13th castaway voted out/ 8th Jury Member
Age: 23
Current Residence: New York, N.Y.
Occupation: Entertainment Host and Writer

Edward “Eddie” Fox
Age: 23
Current Residence: East Brunswick, N.J.
Occupation: Fireman/EMT

Reynold Toepfer

Age: 30
Current Residence: San Francisco, Calif.
Occupation: Real Estate Sales

Sherri Biethman
Age: 41
Current Residence: Boise, Idaho
Occupation: Fast Food Franchisee

Brenda Lowe
Previous Season: Survivor: Nicaragua – 11th castaway voted out/3rd Jury Member
Age: 30
Current Residence: Miami, Fla.
Occupation: Paddleboard Co. Owner

Erik Reichenbach
Previous Season: Survivor: Micronesia – 13th castaway voted out/6th Jury Member
Age: 27
Current Residence: Santa Clarita, Calif.
Occupation: Comic Book Artist

Malcolm Freberg
Previous Season: Survivor: Philippines – 15th castaway voted off/8th Jury member
Age: 25
Current Residence: Hermosa Beach, Calif.
Occupation: Bartender

Voted Out

Francesca Hogi

Voted out week 1 (2nd time voted out first)

Alexandra “Allie” Pohevitz
Voted out week 2

Hope Driskill

Voted out week 3

Shamar Thomas
Evac’d Week 4

Laura Alexander

Voted out week 4

Brandon Hantz

Voted out week 5 as ‘the author of his own fate’

Matt Bischoff

Voted out week 6

Julia Landauer
Voted out week 7

Corinne Kaplan

Voted out week 8

Welcome back Castaways. Last week our two tribes of castaways merged. Cochran won the first individual immunity challenge. Corrine, who wanted to get rid of Sherri, then Pinky, was sent home. I am glad she is gone, I wish Pinky had left but if I’m being realistic here, he outplayed her. No denying that. It is now day 23 and after the prior night’s council they’re slapping themselves on the back for making it that far. TH Reynold talks about the counter alliance they have formed and how one of them went home last night. However, that’s one favorite gone and he’s still there. He and Eddie are shown discussing the fact that every woman they have aligned with, has been voted out. Well dumbass, that’s what happens when you make an alliance of four in a group of ten. He talks about the guys in his alliance and the fact he has an idol and truthfully friends, nothing this guy says makes any sense to me. I tried 3 times to catch it all, couldn’t do it. We see him talking to Andrea trying to find out what her game is. She says she is playing, she asks him the same question, same answer. Move to TH Malcom, with Corrine gone, he’s lost his closest ally in the game. Really Malcom? She was the only one who knew you had an idol and if she was so close, perhaps you should have done something to protect her. He took a hit but he still has the fans. He’s the only one now with an unknown idol. They thought they took out the rebel leader, cut off the head of the snake but, he is the true snake. They don’t know they missed yet. Whatever, Malcolm.

I guess since we choose to watch this show, we have to suffer through this… Pinky is talking to Sherri and he tells her that the first time he saw her on the beach, he thought “damn, she’s hot” 🙄 she says thank you. He tells her that his next target is Michael. The fans need to understand that when he tells them to do something, if they don’t do it, they will go home. He tells Sherri that once he assigns her a name, she’s in. He calls her Tenacity. Whatever, Pinky. Let’s not forget that she hates this guy and she has a pretty good poker face about it. He reveals the names of the others in the organization. She’s playing along and even ‘yes sirs’ him. She says she had no problem handling Shamar, Pinky is her Shamar on this tribe. I think I’m going to puke with this fake love affair as he’s lying next to her telling her he has no intention of voting her out of the game. As long as she isn’t stupid enough to tell anyone, especially Andrea or Dawn what she’s thinking, she may actually survive for a little while. She says after two more votes, he will be coming to her asking what she thinks. That’s her plan. We’ll see.

sur1Time for a reward challenge. The object of this challenge is for members of one of two five person teams to get a ball past a defender into a net. They have to throw the ball as they are jumping off the dock into the water. First team to four points, wins reward. That is, they will be taken to a waterfall where they will rappel down the waterfall to a waiting picnic lunch. After the school yard pick, each team has one defender and four shooters. Purple: Erik, Reynold, Cochran, and Eddie, Michael is defending the goal. Orange: Dawn, Brenda, Andrea, and Pinky. Malcom is defending. Sherri is the odd girl out who didn’t get picked so she cannot get reward.

First to try and score, Eddie. Malcolm stops him from doing so. Eddie, Try not to throw the ball directly at Malcolm next time, mmmKay? I mean, right into his hands? Let’s see how Brenda does against Michael. Oh, she threw it over his head, into the net. See how easy that was Eddie? 1:0 orange. Now the ever observant Erik learned from the previous two and just tosses the ball over Malcolm’s reach. 1:1. Andrea vs Michael… 2:1 Orange. She learned too. Reynold vs Malcolm… Falls short just like much of his other time in this entire game. No score. Each time the teams switch, the defenders have to swim to a nearby platform and wait until it’s their turn again and then swim back. I just note that because I think somebody is going to get tired (not that it will matter). Dawn, the oldest woman in the challenge, is next, she misses. Not for lack of effort, just didn’t throw it high enough. Unlike Reynold who I don’t even think reached the target. Hell, even that pipsqueak Cochran managed to tie the score at 2:2. That’s twice he’s beaten Malcolm I will note. Pinky is next, he succeeds, 3:2. That completes the rotation and we start over. Orange needs one to win, purple needs two. Eddie is next and I guess he’s not a complete moron, he ties the score at 3:3. Brenda can win it or rather could have because she falls a few inches short and her ball bounces off of the net frame so, the score is still tied, 3:3 (they really love to stretch out these games for drama sake, don’t they?)  Erik is next in the rotation for Purple, and he is successful. Purple wins reward. That’s Cochran, Eddie, Erik, Michael, and Reynold who added nothing to this win. I would say Michael too but there isn’t much you can do when you’re the monkey in the middle and the others are throwing the ball over your head.

sur2 sur3So they get to their reward, I’ll show Cochran doing the rappel. He says, it’s way beyond anything he’s ever done and who would have thought that the guy who was afraid to take his shirt off in the last game, would be rappelling down a waterfall. He says his normal life and comfort zone are his apartment and twitter. He slipped a couple times but like the rest made it down unscathed. Now, you all know as well as I do, there are always attempted alliance formations at these reward picnics. This one happens to be all men. Men’s men. Strong men. Alpha Males. Reynold notes that the last time it was fans vs faves, it was the women who dominated the game (is that true?) (Yes -Pavarti and an all girl’s alliance took out the alpha males (starting with Ozzi) and also duped Erik into giving up his idol and going home. That earned him a spot in the Reality Hall of Shame – NMD) and this time, it should be the men (I’m sure they are counting on Malcolm to give them a 6:5 majority overall). This reward challenge scene ends with Cochran stating that if these people think he’s going to join in with their testosterone induced plan, they are delusional. He has no intention of doing any such thing.

Back at camp… They aren’t really sulking, they tried their best. TH Malcolm says he’s right where he needs to be. He needs numbers and he can scoop up the people at the bottom. Sherri and Dawn seem like the most likely candidates. He makes a pitch to them about somehow ending up with a solid 5. I didn’t really get it, I don’t know if they did either. It doesn’t really matter, just know he’s trying to make his move. Andrea and Eddie are making a little sub alliance of their own. He promises to tell her everything (but doesn’t)… Dumbass. There’s a saying that this old hound likes to use in situations like this and it’s shown to be true time and time again in these survivor seasons. Never trust a smiling cat.

sur4 sur5It’s immunity challenge time. This one will test their ability to remain calm against the rising tide of the ocean, All of them are under that grid and as the tide rises it will eventually cover them with water trapping them under that grid. The one who can last the longest, wins. They all take their places and as the tide rises, pushing them closer to that grid, Pinky drops out first. Sherri is next followed by Erik. Dawn drops out of the challenge. Malcolm drops out next. I will note here just for the fun of it, this is the third time I’ve seen Cochran beat him. Michael is done next, five left to go. All at the same time almost Cochran, Eddie, and Reynold are out of the challenge. I will again note that Cochran, beat every single one of the other men, except Reynold, who he tied with in coming out from under that platform. That leaves Andrea and Brenda. These two are almost zoned out it seems not being affected by the water and certainly not panicking, yet. In the end, it is Brenda who pulls out the win. She must have gills because I don’t think she moved and this challenge was over an hour long as the tide rose. Good job Brenda. Guaranteed a top ten spot. That means she’s outlasted half the other players in the game as will the other nine who will be there with her. I don’t think she was in any danger of being voted out though.

Back at camp, the back stabbing begins. You know the drill. Malcolm is still trying to work this alliance thing and believes he has Dawn and Sherri on board. What he doesn’t know at the time, is that he’s become the target or so we are to believe. His target, is Andrea because she’s the true leader. Pinky is persona non grata to him and is just this complete joke (well then asshole, why don’t you people get rid of his pink manty wearing behind?) Somehow, Malcolm manages to convince Dawn to go along with him om whatever his plan is. He tells her that Reynold has an idol and her price for loyalty is to see the idol. So, Malcolm convinces Reynold to show it to her. When he does, he admonishes her not to screw him, or else. She doesn’t take kindly to such threats. Reynold still believes that the guys, all of them, are still on board with this guy’s alliance. At the end of all this back and fourth, Andrea believes She is the target and begs the others to go for the easy vote, Michael (back where we started). Eddie told her that her name was mentioned. Is Malcolm making a move here? Let’s find out because none of these discussions ever (almost) foreshadow the actual result.

Tribal Council

The eleven of them are ushered in as usual, they take their seats and the Probsting begins. Michael is happy that it wasn’t a fan that went home last time and the favorites have begun to turn on each other. (Not so fast fella, they all hated Corrine anyway so it wasn’t a big loss to them to send her home.) He says that he is ready to be used in order to further himself in the game. I don’t know why some of these people aren’t playing to win, just get to the final three or whatever. Probst turns to Pinky and asks what he sees going on at camp. Pinky starts in with his strategy and his stealth r us bit and reveals that Sherri is now a member. Several times during council, Pinky goes back to his season, 22, and this is how the game was played then (you lost, Pinky). I won’t bore you with the 9 or 10 times he does this, just know that he did it, and it does play a factor in this tribal. I will also note that each time, I saw ten pairs of eyes roll. Sherri is proud to be a part of this cool kid’s club and tells the other fans, since they all wrote her name at one time or another, Paybacks Are A Bitch. Whatever 🙄 .. I think pretty soon these people are going to wipe that shit eating grin off of her face.

Eddie doesn’t think much of this corporation or whatever it is, he just knows that he, Reynold, and Michael are on the outside of it. He would rather play his own game than be somebody else’s puppet (Sherri) so, he isn’t really threatened by her little power play. Reynold is asked if he’s concerned about these operatives. He says, it’s eight operatives vs three new kids on the block and then, Probst brings up the possibility of an idol really throwing a wrench into that works. Reynold says yes it can happen if things are done at the right time. Pinky chimes in with if they think there is an idol, that person will be voted for. Michael, at this point is ready to play with someone who actually wants to play. Good lord, shoot me now. The discussion turns to Andrea and once again, the idea that not everyone can win. Solid alliances always make to the end (noted by Pinky). She says she was at the bottom of hers in her season but didn’t know it. This is all about who is going to make the big move first.

sur6Now, All this while, we see Malcom looking nervous. At some point he gets an Ah Ha moment look on his face. Earlier, at camp in TH, he had said that this is his time to make a move. If he doesn’t then his side alliance will get picked off one by one and this is the reason he was seeking new recruits. Time to vote. We only see one vote during this process and that is Malcolm’s vote for Reynold.. Probst collects the votes and asks for an idol before reading them. Reynold, who believes he is in jeopardy given the discussion, gets up to play his idol. Malcolm stops him and tells him that all of that discussion was about him (Malcolm) and that they all voted for him. He convinces Reynold to give him the idol and Malcolm plays Reynold’s idol. Got that? I mean he Really twisted Reynold’s arm about it too. What a stupid shit. I mean I knew this guy was an idiot. Both times he pulled that idol it didn’t matter because he wasn’t in any trouble, at that time. OMG! What a moron! Did he ever watch this game? The others cannot believe what just happened and after the votes are read, neither can Reynold. Dude got played. The vote count, 6 for Michael (no one likes an ass kisser), 3 for Andrea, 1 for Reynold (Malcolm’s throwaway vote). We didn’t see the 11th vote. Michael’s parting shot? “You Turkeys” along with the half peace sign salute and a raspberry. He is the first member of the jury so now, at some point, these final three will have to pucker up and kiss his ass.

So… Does anyone really believe that Malcolm thought he was in trouble? I don’t. I think he played Reynold and all the rest of them. Now he is the only one in the game who knows where a hidden idol is, in his pocket.

(I think he panicked at the last second and hadn’t brought his idol with him.  But I guess we’ll have to wait until the reunion to find out.  He tweeted this as the show aired. NMD)


Next time my friends, Dawn turns on the waterworks again as she has yet, another breakdown. No hints as to who may be going home other than her but we’ll see. Watch it here  at your leisure. Close ad and watch as free user – Start Video (you may have to press play as well). Download nothing and just close any pop up windows. Some players may ask you to enter a word or phrase to proceed. I’ve tried that, successfully, with no ill-affects that I could see. That is, I’m suggesting it’s safe to do so. Ask if you need help with that. You can also watch at CBS.COM (with the commercials and it is torture because you can’t skip them).

See you next week. Til then,

Peace, MTH aka WTFIJeff


Thursday Night Lineup, April 11th, by BB

8PM – American Idol (Fox); Community/Parks and Rec (NBC); Wife Swap (ABC); iMPACT Wrestling (Spike) 9PM – Project Runway (Lifetime); Go On (9:30 NBC); Glee (Fox); The First 48 (A&E); America’s Worst Tatoos (TLC); Auction Kings (Disc); North Woods Law (Anpl); World’s Dumbest (truTV); Swamp People (History); Mysteries at the Museum (Trvl); Braxton Family Values (WE); House of Bryan (9:30 DIY); Brunch at Bobby’s (9:30 Cook) 10PM – Tabatha Takes Over (Bravo); The Moment (USA); Hannibal (NBC); Anger Management/Archer (FX); Ridiculousness/Failosophy (MTV); House Hunters (HGTV); The Killer Speaks (A&E); NY Ink (TLC); Men at Work (TBS); Chasing Tail (History); Chef Wanted with Anne Burrell (Food); Funeral Boss (FitTV); Yardcore (DIY); The Graham Norton Show (BBC)


Happy Birthday SoutheastVA


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    Happy Birthday SoutheastVA

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    I hope Brandi isn’t too depressed about her lazer treatment. My friend looked really burned after she had it done. Her husband was freaking out and wanted to take her to the hospital! It was all good. Her face looks great! Not sure it’s something I would do, but it will get better.

    Did NeNe really get a million dollars to come back to RHOA? Radar online is reporting it. We fans are making them rich!

    • In general I’d say if RadarOnline is reporting it, it isn’t likely to be true. However I think she was making around a million for the last two seasons, so it’s probably true. They bring in the ratings and now that Zolciak is gone, she’s the queen bee – even with spending half the season in LA.

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        I bet Adrienne or Bernie fed them this story! (LOL! That will be their only claim to fame now!)

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        How painful was it? Ouchhhh.

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          Painful, but tolerable. Worked great for me. The downtime is a pain. Had to slather on the vaseline stuff Catseye mentioned, then after a few days the peeling starts. Sounds like Brandi is dealing with skin issues, I don’t have that excuse. Just vanity. 😉

      • Catseye says:

        I had that done to my face about 6yrs ago. It was expensive, painful and I couldn’t leave my house for at least 5 days, while slathering a Vaseline type goo all over my face. I looked better after, but I’d rather get a needle-roller treatment any more. It cost a lot less and the recovery time is minimal.

  8. not THAT Jill says:

    RadarOnLine is reporting (I use that term very loosely) that Miz NeNe Leaks will be getting ONE MILLION dollars for ATL next season…I don’t believe it but if its true….HI HATERS…BLOOP!!!

    • realhousewifeva says:

      I believe it. Atlanta is one of the highest rated shows on their network and without Nene it just wouldn’t be the same. There were reports that she was making somewhere around $800,000 last season

      • Powell says:

        Yeah 1mill isn’t a far stretch then.

      • rabblerouser2010R says:

        I thought I read that the girls from NYC got paid the most, even though the ratings don’t support it.

        • realhousewifeva says:

          I don’t believe for a minute that anyone on the NYC franchise gets paid more than Nene. It’s always been reported that Nene made almost 800 last season (plus reunion fees) while Ramona allegedly got 500,00.
          It’s about popularity and ratings and ATL is number 1, plus Nene has been on Celebrity Apprentice, Glee, New Normal and she tweeted that she is starting a new show Monday (probably the wedding show). She’s also cohosted on major shows like The View (where Joy Behar said she would approve of Nene taking her place) as well as Price is Right. She is the only orginial ATL housewife, there is no way Andy wants to let her go. For what Nene brings to Bravo network (love her or hate her) she is totally worth a million dollars, IMO.
          What do any of the NY ladies do outside of their show and regular jobs?

          • rabblerouser2010R says:

            It doesn’t sound right to me either that NYC would make the most….I thought that Ramona AND LuAnn got the 500k. The LuAnn part totally boggles my mind.

            I think Bravo is kind of milking RHOA to death…they have extracted more spins off out that that show then any other it’s over kill. I mean I can see giving Kim a spin off with the wedding hoopla (I am not interested in watching her show this season) . I’ve never watched Kandi Factory but from the comments here, it seems like viewers are planning on (auto) tuning it out this season. The Phaedra show….NOPE. I can also see one with NeNe’s wedding in the pipes (that one might be entertaining just because NeNe is funny)..

            I wonder how much Teresa makes; I would think it would be more than the rest of the NJ crew,

            • Powell says:

              I would think Tre makes the most too. She’s made more products & is the most successful of NJ crew. I think that’s were all the hate from her cast members is from which is a shame since they ALL have opportunities. It’s not Tres fault she’s been more marketable. Does anyone know how Kathy’s products did overall on QVC?

          • Powell says:

            You’re right. ATL is the 2nd HW in the franchise right? NeNe is NBCs cash cow. The NeNe this season is the original NeNe that we loved. NeNe went off the wall in between S2 & this season.

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      I don’t believe it either, especially since it’s suspected The New Normal will be canceled which brings her stock down a bit. Nor did she bring us a million bucks worth of interest in this season.

      • SoutheastVA says:

        I think I read last year that NeNe made $750K for season and $250K for the reunion which totals $1M. Also, Kim made $500K for show and $250K for reunion totaling $750K. I think Sheree wanted a comprable bump in her pay as an original RHOAer to but was dumped instead.

        • rabblerouser2010R says:

          It’s kind of crazy how much they make for being an a reality tv show. I don’t think the guys from Pawn Shop are making anywhere near that yet their ratings are probably 10 times that.

          • Powell says:

            RR I’d love $500k as I’m sure we all would but if you think about it $500-$1MM isn’t a lot to the networks when real scripted tv salary can be $500k-$1MM per epi. That’s why even though the viewers want less reality tv & more scripted tv the networks will keep bringing more reality tv. Reality tv is here to stay.

        • Buttercream says:

          Happy Birthday! Hope the sun beams happily on you to warm you from the inside out! Enjoy!

      • kit9 says:

        I actually do believe it since Atlanta has the highest ratings of any of their HW franchises and she’s the star.

      • chismosa says:

        I don’t think any of the many reputable actors who star on The New Normal’s stock will be down just because their show dies

        Smash is dead and so is Up All Night. NBC murders their shows ALL the time

    • Kansas Girl says:

      OK, that’s just not right. I get paid (poorly) to be nice to people. She gets paid big bucks to be feisty and yell. This makes me kinda depressed.

  9. plainviewsue says:

    Survivor was cray cray last night!!!! I really thought they’d be voting for Malcolm. I loved the episode.

    But why does’t Brenda ever speak??????????????????

    • trudie says:

      And why does everyone tell Dawn everything?

    • melthehound says:

      PVS, I don’t know but the ones who do talk, seem to get sent packing. I’m not referring to TH interviews.

      Trudie, that is the million dollar question. I’m surprised that no one has noticed she’s a run tell that type of player.

      • plainviewsue says:

        Check out Dalton Ross’ write up on EW. It is hysterical. He referred to Dawn as the Dawnamater!! Also, there’s a Q&A with Probst re Brenda. He said there is so much footage to air, so I would imagine Breda doesn’t say much worthwhile! But he does refer to her as a formidable player.

        • melthehound says:

          Probst answer to why we don’t hear too much from Brenda : “PROBST: This season has been really tricky because we’ve had so many stories dominating the tribes. First we had Shamar, straight out of the gate being argumentative and then evacuated. Then we had Brandon with a somewhat similar story. All along we’ve had Phillip as the leader of Stealth R Us taking up a lot of screen time. So it’s really an issue of real estate in the show. I think you can always argue that we don’t include enough people in the stories and it would always be a fair argument. We love Brenda and though she has been quiet, she is still in the game so more opportunities to hear from her are coming!”

          Whose phuckin fault is that? I would welcome more Brenda and a whole lot less Pinky.

  10. Powell says:

    Watching Wendy Williams. Phaedra’s spin-off is called Rich People’s Problems. She will go to rich people’s homes to give them legal advice. Mmmm.hmmm. what do you think? 🙂

    • trudie says:

      I won’t be watching.

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      I think she better bring a lot of text books on the law. She just doesn’t come across at all the competent to me.

      • Powell says:

        That’s why I’m surprised Kandi has Phaedra representing her.

        • Powell, tho I do not watch ATL, I would guess this is totally producer driven. Can you imagine the plethora of scenes and story lines this could spark? It is also a way to bring Kim back into the ATL HW fold if she is going back to the show. IMHO! 🙂

      • SoutheastVA says:

        I think she’s a better lawyer than we’ll see on this show. They don’t really show that part of her life. I did some digging to check out her rating and found the following:
        – she was selected as one of GAs rising lawyer superstars for: 2005, 2007, 2009 – 2010 (they didn’t have any selections in 2008)
        – She began her legal career working for GEICO’s in-house law firm, Bridges Ormand & Faenza.
        – Her practice focuses on litigation and contract negotiations.
        – She has served as a legal analyst for NBC and Fox News.
        – She’s a graduate of Wesleyan College (undergrad–good school) and University of Georgia (law school)
        – In 2006, she was awarded Attorney of the Year and recognized in Rolling Out Magazine’s Top 25 Most Influential Women, and The Atlanta Business Chronicle featured her in its Who’s Who edition.
        – In 2005, Jezebel Magazine honored her as an Attorney of Distinction.
        – In 2008 she was inducted into Outstanding Atlanta.
        – She has served as President of Gate City Bar and serves on G-CAPP, Emory Inn of Courts, Atlanta Junior League, Grammy Recording Board, and UGA Law School Board.

        • T-Rex says:

          You guys have heard me talk of my cousin in Hotlanta who is also an attorney, and she will verify that Phaedra is a VERY well respected attorney(well at least before the show), my cousin has had interactions with her at local BAR(not liquor the legal BAR) events, they have had some preliminary hearings in the same court, etc. Judges absolutely have high respect for her, she has always been completent in court and is no dummy when it comes to the law. My cousin doesn’t watch the show and can’t believe that the same Phaedra she has seen in the courts and at legal events has become a member of this TV Show. They also question her marriage to Apollo but you would be surprised at how many lawyers actually date/marry former convicts

          • rabblerouser2010R says:

            I just don’t understand why she would then want to diminish her credibility by being on the show.

        • rabblerouser2010R says:

          Well you have certain done your homework 😀

          Maybe you are right, but seeing her getting trumped by an ex-football player is playing in my head. Abet, Sheree was so shady it would have been hard to come out of that one victorious.

          • Contessa says:

            That was planned, and was not even a real judge, I think they did an expose on this last year or whenever it happened. Sheree dragged this thing out and also stole money based on their agreement. She spent so much she cam out with nothing. She even took the appliances out of the house that was going up for sale, which she knew was going to happen. It is a long story and I can’t remember all the details, but do remember the highlights. She really did not come out of this smelling like a rose at all.

            • Powell says:

              Well She by Sheree & Bob are on Iyanla Saturday night & we shall see if they discuss the divorce.

        • Powell says:

          Well that’s good. SoutheastVA they haven’t shown her as her best on the show & to me that’s a disservice to her & the ATL bar. She needs to have them show her as this well respected lawyer. They show her as a biz women w/her fingers in everything & up to a point that’s ok but they need to show her in her chosen profession.

    • Orson says:

      Whatever happened to Client-Attorney privilege?

  11. catmom1 says:

    OT While reading some listings in a section of Craigs List called “Best of Craigs List”, I came across this one for a cat.

  12. Good Morning Lovelies! I hope you are all well and/or healing and on the way to well!

    Thanks for the great blog today everyone!

    BB – Jack is darling! He looks like a cuddler….and I bet the back of his neck smells great. Love the smell of a baby’s neck! Enjoy your time with him, and I am glad to read your mom is better.

    Weather in my neck of the woods is cool, mild and cloudy…with a few showers the other day and some of the wind you in AZ got. It is quiet today, but it is supposed to kick up again over the weekend. I hope you on the East Coast are doing ok and the snow melts swiftly across the nation.

    Wishing everyone a lovely Thursday. Be good to yourself today!

    New post, “Of Our Self Take Care”, + all the goodies is up at my place. Enjoy!

  13. AZGirl says:

    Good morning everyone! Thank you for all the recaps!
    Happy Birthday SoutheastVA!
    @BB Jack so cute! Thanks for the pic.
    Posted on previous blog about the article on LaViolette and the Jodi Arias trial. I will bring it over below.

  14. SoutheastVA says:

    Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes. It is sunny and warm here in southeast VA. We broke a record yesterday at 89 degrees. We’ll be in the 80s again today. My kind of weather:)

    • Powell says:

      You have a fantastic birthday today on this Friday eve & I hope you continue the party throughout the weekend. Oh & have a piece of cake for me. 🙂

      • SoutheastVA says:

        Thanks! I will get my party on starting tomorrow. But, instead of cake, I’ve been craving birthday pie. My mom is makine me apple and peach.

        • Powell says:

          Yummmy. I love Apple pie w/vanilla ice cream. Have you noticed I love all the birthday cakes & pies everyone here has had? I can’t help myself. I loooovvveee food. 😀

  15. realhousewifeva says:

    I just read that the twitter handle @jodiannarias IS actually Jodi’s twitter and a friend of hers tweets for her, things Jodi tells her to tweet when they talk on the phone. Anyone else hear this?!?

      • realhousewifeva says:

        Also her art is selling for thousands of dollars from her own personal website.
        That is it. I no longer have faith in humanity.

        • kit9 says:

          I know! Do we really know that is her art? I know people have doubted it..

          • realhousewifeva says:

            THat’s true, I have no idea. I just don’t know why anyone would pay 3,000 dollars to her for anything. Ugh.

            • Powell says:

              Yesterday on HLN Kyra Phillips show she said she doesn’t understand how people fall in love w/many infamous murderers. I don’t either. I don’t understand why someone would want Jodi’s art whether its hers or not. It boggles the mind. Maybe those people should be mentally evaluated.

            • Powell says:

              Have you watched The Following on Fox? Carroll is a serial killer & he has these Followers. The women are in love with him & the men worship him.

            • Kansas Girl says:

              I can kind of see it. Imagine you could own something Lizzie Borden or John Wilkes Booth drew or wrote. That might have appeal. If a sociopath views themself as famous, or if the public views them as famous, people might want things as historic keepsakes that would accrue in value. (Not me. Ew. But just offering a possible point of view.)

            • trudie says:

              People bought John Wayne Gacy’s art too. Some people bought his art just so they could destroy it. I have better ways to throw away money.

        • $25,000 says:

          Is her art for sale or is it actually selling at the inflated prices you mentioned?

      • Powell says:

        On her Twitter she boasts that EBay will no longer allow her art work but the good thing is that it keeps going up in value. See. That’s sociopathic. She thinks she’s important. She sees herself as famous. Boy I’d like Dr. Michael Stone in NYC to evaluate her. You all have seen his show on ID. He developed a scale of sociopathopothy.

    • Powell says:

      No i didn’t! Am I ready for this?

    • trudie says:

      Something else I’ve been meaning to bring up. Did you realize that Travis’ roommates were living in the house while his body was in his bathroom? That just creeps me out.

  16. catmom1 says:

    Have a great birthday SoutheastVA.

  17. kit9 says:

    Oh, awesome! Jodi is snark tweeting from jail…she’s ridiculing Juan Martinez….

    • realhousewifeva says:

      OMG I just posted about this above! lol

    • kit9 says:

      oops, just missed your post realhousewifeva. Ugh! The balls of this woman! If you’ve seen her graphic nudes, she the last one to be making fun of someone else’s body..

      • realhousewifeva says:

        I really cannot believe how smug and full of herself she is…a true sociopath in my eyes. I mean, let’s say by the smallest teensiest chance that she did kill Travis in self-defense, she STILL brutally murdered a human being…how can anyone be smug after doing something like this? And then having the balls to bad mouth the prosecution in her tweets? I really hope the jury is seeing all this stuff, even if it’s not presented in court. They aren’t sequestered, right?

        • realhousewifeva says:

          Also I just found out yesterday by reading the blog a bit and googling that it is possible for this psycho to walk free?! This whole time I thought it was just to determine WHAT her punishment would be, not that there is a chance she wouldn’t get a punishment at all!! I would just die. Seriously, it was bad enough when Casey walked…but she never admitted to killing her child.

          • not THAT Jill says:

            I saw that here on the blog yesterday-about her possibly walking free-I haven’t had time to research-is it true? Is there a chance that this sick bitch can be free? How the hell is it possible? I have so many questions!!

            • rabblerouser2010R says:

              After the Casey Anthony verdict, nothing surprises me anymore.

              But that being said, it seemed to me from the ‘juror question’s that were asked that they weren’t buying her BS.

              • Powell says:

                RR that’s what I took from their questions too. I’ll see what questions they have for the DM expert Alyce today.

            • realhousewifeva says:

              From what I read when googling, there is that possibility 😦 I think most analysts don’t believe that will happen at all, but apparently one of the things they can find is not guilty by reason of self defense.


            • chismosa says:

              I am surprised the defense hasn’t used an Honor Killing type of story to account for the “murder” of Travis. Meaning that some Mormons came to kill him because he was living an un-righteous life.

              It’s what that fabulous book was all about — forgot the name, same author who wrote Into Thin Air or something like that, best sellers.

  18. T-Rex says:

    MTH thanks for the recap of the show, I was watching most of it but did venture off to other channels a few times up until tribal council and all I can say about Reynold is WHAT.AN.IDIOT . Although we probably saw that coming since he couldn’t manage to keep his yap shut after he found both of the idols. I don’t see this guy making it all that much further.

    • melthehound says:

      It isn’t much of a shocker that he so easily gave up the immunity idol. That may go down as one of the dumbest moves yet.

  19. Buttercream says:

    Mel – thanks for the survivor recaps – keep forgetting to DVR the Show as I am the car pool Mom on Wed nights! Your recaps are so good, I feel as if I don’t have to view the show, can visualize with the way you right …:-)

  20. AZGirl says:

    For some reason I am unable to copy and paste my post on this new desk top computer at home. My post is at the bottom of yesterdays blog for anyone interested.

    I am not sure where this idea that Jodi Arias may walk came from. I have not researched who is insinuating this in the media but it is not true.

    This trial is about whether or not Jodi will be given life in prison or the death penalty. Period. Jodi confessed to the murder of Travis and she will not walk.
    Casey Anthony is completely different situation. Casey Anthony did not confess and she was indicted for second degree murder by a grand jury because they did not feel they had enough evidence for first degree murder. Two very different situations.

    • realhousewifeva says:

      I hope you’re right because it seems that the legal analysts believe differently. They are saying she could be acquitted.

      • realhousewifeva says:

        “Once all the evidence is in — and that’s still about two weeks away — jurors will decide whether the state proved she committed first-degree murder. If they don’t think the prosecution did its job, Arias will be a free woman.

        But if jurors think she is guilty, they will have more decisions to make.”

        • realhousewifeva says:

          Okay after reading more, now i’m confused. Apparently there is different phases to this trial. Did they already do the first phase (determining that Jodi is guilty of first degree murder) and are now in the last phase (life or death verdict?) Or are they still on the first phase? I don’t even know anymore…

          • Powell says:

            This is the first phase-guilty or innocent by self defense. Next is the penalty phase-life or death.

            • Orson says:

              In some jurisdictions between the guilt phase and the penalty phase, there’s a sanity phase.

        • AZGirl says:

          Wow I am really confused. When this trial first started there was a special on local news. The guest attorneys on the special said that it was about either life or the electric chair. Maybe with this new defense of domestic abuse it changed. I can’t imagine that the jury would not think she is guilty of murder because she did confess to it. I mean really she almost decapitated him and shot him multiple times.

          • Nancy says:

            She’ll be found guilty but I bet she doesn’t get sentenced to death.

          • Nancy says:

            She only shot him once but stabbed him 27 times.

            • AZGirl says:

              Oh details..details he, he, he…. I transposed the weapons of choice.

              • Nancy says:

                Hi AZGirl,
                I thought I was going crazy yesterday when you kept telling me that there was no chance she could go free as I’ve been watching this trial since day 1. Obviously you had a reason why you felt that way as you watched that program stating the trial was only to determine what punishment she will get. I’ll be glad when it’s done. 🙂

          • realhousewifeva says:

            Maybe they were discussing whether the trial would be a death penalty trial or just life. That also was a big factor at the start of the case.

    • trudie says:

      OK, so on redirect, Laviolette says that despite Jodi’s lies about the murder, she believes her because if Jodi was a really good liar, she would have made up a really good lie. WTF? I can’t believe she has any credibility with the jury.

      To a certain extent, I feel sorry for these experts, because I have to believe that their practices will be non-existent after this trial.

      • realhousewifeva says:

        Are you serious? WOW, I can’t believe she actually said that.

        I loved how she admitted to Martinez that Travis was scared of Jodi for stalking him. Great defense there…

      • Powell says:

        Trudie I heard her say that. I don’t know what a DV expert studies but I would think they study something about sociopathy. I’m sure she’s worked w/someone that was a really good liar & lied about their abuse. There are people that lie about being abused. I would think that a DV expert listens to the victim & friends, co-workers, neighbors, and family when making an assessment. It doesn’t seem like Alyce spoke to that group in Jodi’s life so I’m confused as to how she made her assessment.

        • chismosa says:

          Just re-posting this down on this Arias thread:

          I am surprised the defense hasn’t used an Honor Killing type of story to account for the “murder” of Travis. Meaning that some Mormons came to kill him because he was living an un-righteous life.

          It’s what that fabulous book was all about — forgot the name, same author who wrote Into Thin Air or something like that, best sellers.

          • kit9 says:

            They wouldn’t use that because it’s cray cray. Nobody believes Mormons murder each other because they had pre marital sex.

          • cocfarm says:

            ‘Under the banner of heaven ‘ I think. By Jon krackauer. I’m sure I just butchered his name. Disturbing book.

            • LaineyLainey says:

              I ordered it last night for my iPad!!! Can’t wait to start reading it. Some time ago we were talking about a series of book and it sounded really intriguing at the time. I said, something about ordering it and was informed that it’s part of series. Does anyone remember that conversation? I wanted to start on that series, but I can’t remember what it was? anyone? anyone?

  21. Powell says:

    Rachel Zoe is a trip. I don’t know why she needs so many pieces of luggage when they go on trips. Everywhere they go she buys clothes there. I know she’s obsessed w/clothes & accessories but she carries it too far.

  22. shamrockblonde says:

    Jeff – thanks so much for the recap!!! I laughed so hard when Cocharan said the other guys were deliousional thinking that he would join them – too too funny – and Reynold – what an idiot – Malcom is really full of himself – and Pinky – please please – send his pink undies home – Dawn is coming undone, I think –

    BB – give Jack a kiss for me – so tiny and innocent – glad to hear that your Mother is feeling better –

    • plainviewsue says:

      Yes!!!! Cochran was hysterical when he said that!!!! How about when he said he never leaves his apartment or twitter!!

      I hope he wins. A true Survivor fan and favorite. Don’t think he will, but I hope he stays much longer!!

    • melthehound says:

      Send his pink undies home, yes but, make sure he’s in them ;)The Real funny thing about that alliance, is it was Michael that brought it up. Look where he is now… On the Jury. We will see what really happens with Dawn, I never trust the preview edits on any of these shows.

  23. plainviewsue says:

    And wacko Jacko’s twitter TL is back to its former kooky self. This woman alledgely smacks a guy in his head with a shoe, has to show up in court & now decides to start tweeting old DM’s from Danielle to people. Out of the blue. Then she tweets “I love my twitter friends.”

    Danielle, who rarely responds, actually did tweet a response to this:

    danielle staub‏@: @JacLaurita awww Jac you are such a sad mean bored & bitter individual
    I feel so bad for you …….
    I wish you nothing but #LOVEnLIGHTDS

    Fabulous tweet!!!

  24. HuskerHuny says:

    I just looked up from my computer screen to look out the window and I had to blink because I don’t believe what I’m seeing . . . IT’S SNOWING! Not just those soft little flakes here and there; it’s coming down with a wind behind it. I’m looking down at my desk calendar and it says April 11. I give up!

  25. princesspindy says:

    It is a beautiful day here if you don’t have allergies! It has been in the 70s the last 2 days but the pollen count is fierce!

    • Powell says:

      PrincessP I was just thinking we haven’t really had a normal Spring because usually I would have been sleeping w/my windows open a lot more than I’ve been able to. Last night it was 90 on the top level of my house & there was no way I could sleep in that.

  26. Powell says:

    Tornado in Mississippi. 1 person dead. So sad. 😦

    • HuskerHuny says:

      I’ll take my chances with the snow. Living in tornado alley, I’ve been close to tornados that caused a lot of destruction, but nothing that would cause major injuries much less death. It’s that time of year when things will start to get stirred up. Take those weather warnings seriously and get yourself to safe shelter.

  27. The Hubs and I got rid of cable this week in an attempt to get me out of the house…and then I found all of the “Survivor” episodes on the internet 🙂 It seems like a waste to live in San Diego since it is a gorgeous 75 degrees outside with a clear sky and beautiful sunshine and I’m hiding in the house watching TV. I wish that I could trade with one of you guys in the snow for a week so you could enjoy the perfect weather!

    • HuskerHuny says:

      I’ll take some of the perfect weather! The thing is I will probably be complaining about the heat in the not too distant future. When that happens, please remind me of the spring that refuses to come! I hate the thought of no spring and going right into summer.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Good for you, Krissy!!! Enjoy your gorgeous weather, girlfriend!!!

  28. Nancy says:

    Are you still watching? These jury questions should be good.

    • trudie says:

      I’m here. My internet went down for awhile. This DV expert is really ticking me off.

      Do you think the juror’s questions show they are siding more with the prosecution? Jane Velez Mitchell sure does. I’m not sure.

      • Nancy says:

        I think so don’t you? I can’t imagine they could find her not guilty but that’s doesn’t mean
        a lot as we know. (OJ, and what’s her name)

        • trudie says:

          The more questions I hear, the more I think they are pro prosecution. Especially the ones that ask why she didn’t interview anyone other than Jodi.

          • trudie says:

            Here’s another thing that pisses me off. Who cares whether or not Travis talked/texted, etc. other women at the same time? That doesn’t make him an abuser; it makes him a skirt chaser. In response to one of the questions LaViolette said that Travis knew how to play women and used an example of talking to two women – one’s husband was into porn and the other woman’s husband was abusive. The responses LaViolette said Travis gave them seemed to be compassionate rather than having ulterior motives. I’ve said it before, but I believe she could find domestic abuse in any relationship.

            • Nancy says:

              This is the problem…Dr La Violette is their expert witness so this is conflict of interest.
              Of course she is only going to answer the questions in hope of making Jodi look like the victim. IMHO this entire thing is a waste of time. She’s getting paid $300/hr so she’s
              not loosing any sleep. The system is a set up for failure as far as justice goes. We
              need neutral experts.

            • Nancy says:

              That was a great question. Why are you looking at Jodi and smiling at her?
              They are going in for the kill.

    • nyc mama says:

      I am sure that might be part of it but more nonsense from ROL. They like to make news and mountains out of molehills. Brandi twittered long ago that she had to move because her landlord wanted to sell the house and her lease was up.

  29. I Need A Life! says:

    NBC has announced a new reality show based on …get ready, Lombard, IL!!…..CAPONE’S Restaurant. The family consists of a great nephew of Capone and the family runs a pizza joint in Lombard. My friend goes there all the time and has always told me it’s filled with, “characters.” There ya go.

  30. AZGirl says:

    Good to be home. Long day at work. Next week is going to be crazy. I have to be in the office at 7:30 am all week so it is rise and shine at 4 a.m. for workouts. Not complaining. Glad we are busy.
    Highlight of my day:
    MSNBC headline says that China is growing weary of North Korea’s chaos. Ha! How great is that! One oppressed communist country sick of another oppressed communist country. Goes to show how wacko North Korea is if China has had enough. What if China gets pissed and decides to impose economic sanctions on North Korea?

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I would think that would be impactful – Chinese sanctions on North Korea. 4a.m.? Really? I need to think of you when I hit snooze so many times that I run out of time…I need to tell myself…”Self, AZgirl is up….get up with AZGIRL, LAINEY!!!”

      • AZGirl says:

        I am coming up on another birthday….it is a doozy. I officially qualify for senior discounts at the local grocery stores. 🙂

    • Nancy says:

      The whole thing is crazy. What is going on in their heads?

    • Powell says:

      North Korea. Its just crazy. I don’t know what this new Prez is thinking. He’s not is the point. I told my mom Dennis Rodman did help us none when he went to watch The Globetrotters w/the Prez. Rodman should have rolled some joints & got him high to get secrets.

      • AZGirl says:

        Ha! can you just see that! Rodman is the US James Bond? Then again Rodman has not mastered the English language so who knows he could of sold North Korea a Nike factory which he does not own.

  31. AZGirl says:

    Million Dollar Listing New York starts first week in May! I can’t wait. Love that show.

    • Powell says:

      That’s good. I love that show.

      • chismosa says:

        Me too! Love the Swedish guy and can’t stand the short uppity Jewish Waspy (jawsp?) guy who is soooooo awkward. Hope he gets the awkward edit again this season.

        • Rebecca says:

          He’s been replaced

          • chismosa says:

            Who’s been replaced ? Oh my god…. How did I miss this response from you?

            The short Jewish guy or the tall Swedish ex-porn star ?

            • realhousewifeva says:

              The short jewish guy

              • chismosa says:

                Thank you, I just found a video of them talking to Access Hollywood with the new guy – another short one!— from Puerto Rico

                It looks like the 2 tall guys still really hate each other

  32. LaineyLainey says:

    GUYS, GUYS, GUYS, GUYS!!! I’m beside myself! My daughter’s pics are up on the papaya online website. She is the MAIN PHOTO at the top!!! So excited!!!

  33. chismosa says:

    So if you all could indulge me: I am fairly olive skinned so I get melasma-type issues at times, but Brandi is not as dark as me (and I don’t even consider myself that dark)— but she suffers from melasma? I know pregnancy can bring it on, but then it disappears.
    Did she get done what Renee on mob wives had done a couple seasons back? A deep chemical peel? Because that is what I want to have done. My skin can handle ANYTHING. I had this mini peel done called the VI Peel and it was literally like putting a simple mask on my face. What a joke.

    So if anyone knows anything about what Brandi had done for sure, please let me know ?!?!? I know someone used to post a lot on here who ran medi-spas. I’m not quite sure if she is still around here anymore……?

    Brad’s show — I have a question, what happened to their ADORABLE schnauzer- type gray/black colored dog they had last year? I remember this new dog was a rescue (I think) and she was new. Where’s the older one? He was so cute!

    And I thought Brad had to fire someone off his team– but his team seemed the same to me last night. To quote the old man who walks the dogs in Moonstruck, “I’m confused” que bella la luna!

    • Nancy says:

      Birth Control Pills causes this as well.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Brandi had laser treatment-not a peel. Sometimes when women are pregnant they get “the mask of pregnancy” which is dark spots on the face and it usually disappears after child birth-sometimes it doesn’t. 2 of my sisters had the “mask” -one went away one didn’t. My one sister still has dark spots other forehead that really come out when she spends time in the sun-a big no no when you have melasma!!

      • chismosa says:

        Thanks Jill, I think I would have a peel because I heard lasers are not good for darker skins (and the hyper-discoloration) so I want to do a peel

        Thank you —-

        • not THAT Jill says:

          Be careful!! I saw that you said your skin can handle anything but still-Brandi’s face looks painful ans scary!!

          • chismosa says:

            Thanks Jill- but I meant I would NOT do what Brandi had done because it won’t work with my skin tone.
            She is a bit fairer than me so I think that’s why she got the “ok” on a laser.
            I’d do a peel. But yes, I have to get the right perfect doctor for it! Thank you

            That’s why I’m wondering what Renee on Mob Wives had done. She looked like raw meat afterwards. Lol

    • Catseye says:

      You might want to try a Needle Roller treatment. You can have it done in a botox doc office usually, they put numbing lotion on your face first and then roll over it with a thing that looks like a meat tenderizer with needles on it. It’s a LOT cheaper (like a couple hundred bucks vs. a thousand or more), than lasers. And you’re right–if your skintone is too dark you can’t use a laser on it anyway and the recovery is minimal in comparison also. I’ve had it done twice and my skin looks radiant afterward.

      • chismosa says:

        Catseye thank you for this, I will do some research. Sounds intriguing!

        My “facialist”- who’s more a family friend, she has a mask that she keeps on hand that she can’t use on ANY OTHER client except me! Lol. My skin handles everything well. So odd
        But I have some stuff that I’d like burned off first that is not really noticeable to the naked eye, and then right after I’d like to do the peel

  34. chismosa says:

    So Nate (Smirk)Berk-us is marrying Rachel’s old assistant. And Nate used to date Rachel’s verrrrrrry good friend Brian Atwood years ago.
    Ugh and they got engaged in my mom’s homeland blechhhhh

    I find Nate very smirky. And I am scared at couples who look like mirror images of each other ! Creepy

    I would post the people link but people links don’t work here

    • LA Debra says:

      I don’t watch the Zoe show, but happy to hear Nate has found someone. I remember seeing him speak about the loss of his friend in the Phuket tsunami. That was very sad.

  35. LavaLady says:

    Watching the results of American Idol. Very bittersweet. But the right decision was made.

    • melthehound says:

      Thank you LavaLady… After watching last week, I was able to stomach tonight’s result show knowing the result I wanted was coming as I wrote the recaps for the farm. I beg to differ on the bittersweet part. I’m not as nice as you are though 😉

  36. chismosa says:

    Guys 2 HOURS of Project Runway tonight please no spoilers! Thanks

    • LaineyLainey says:

      thanks for the reminder and the warning/supplication for no spoilers. I am rooting for Austin darling, Daniel Esquivel. He seems so sweet and kind hearted…I hope tonight’s episodes don’t ruin my perception of him.

      • chismosa says:

        Lainey that is who I’m going for as well. Just like I felt about Dimitri last season, so sweet!

        I love Daniel!

  37. LavaLady says:

    Is anyone watching Glee?

  38. NJBev says:

    OH MY GOD>>>>> Lainey!! you’re daughter is beautiful!!! So happy, happy, happy for you and your family and esp. your daughter! In the little box where they say are you looking for something special I put in “Laineylainey’s daughter” hahaha it brought up a page but NOT
    Lainey’s daughter.

  39. chismosa says:

    If anyone feels like gagging, Andy Cohen will be on Leno tonight.

  40. NJBev says:

    OK. First of all, thank-you to everyone who takes time(most precious resource) out of their busy
    schedules to blog and re-cap the shows for us. Thank you NMD for keeping the site going.

    Last night as I watched “Survivor” I said something I haven’t said about the show in years-
    “wow, this is a really good episode” I just loved all the scrambling at the end. They had Malcolm as good as dead until Andrea heard her name mentioned and got cold feet- watching her run around changing the vote made her cast mates lose all confidence in her- So she went for the easy vote, MIchael. I thought she looked pathetic. I am really starting to dislike Dawn, she’s like a big mouth Harry, blah blah blah….. oh Dawn, puh leeze, you make the rest of us “older” broads
    look pathetic. AND FOR GODS SAKE, lay off the teeth bleach!! The glare from your mouth is ticking me off more than the crap coming out of it.

    Jeff, (MTH) great re-cap. you caught a few things I missed. But I did see that something “clicked”
    in his head during the “Probsting” and he realized he was (and he “WAS”) the target for the
    surprise take-down. I think you may be right that he left his immunity idol back at camp?
    But he definitely realized that Reynold was not a target(imo, imo) The Hubs said that Malcolm
    totally played Reynold. I don’t see it that way, but maaan, have I been wrong before!!

    I would need to see the last 15 minutes of the show (before tribal) to re-analyze what took place.
    I don’t understand how the eff Dickey, oops, Pinky, gets to stay every week.- what a massive
    Jack ass. I can,not.tolerate.him.or.his. phucking.stupid.mouth.

    • melthehound says:

      Hi, NJBev 🙂

      It was NMD who pointed out Malcom probably left is idol at home. I don’t know if he did. I seem to remember him saying he keeps it wrapped in his buff that he sometimes wears as a wristband. Maybe that was Reynold. Either way, brilliant move getting Reynold to hand it over and for now, I would like to think he planned it that way but perhaps he’s not that smart. He sure seemed to be scrambling during the backstabbing sessions (pre-tribal, post idol challenge chatter). As for Pinky ( 😆 ), I think he’s going to shit a brick the first time his name is read. If you like, I do link commercial free sites to each episode at the bottom of my recaps. If you need help on how to watch them, feel free to ask.

    • princesspindy says:

      I only got to see Tribal Council and I thought that Malcom played Reynold. Since I didn’t see the rest of the show, I thought it was part of the plan to get Reynold out, lol. I thought I was watching the most brilliant take down in Survivor history, lol!!! But Reynold doesn’t really lose anything cuz he was going to use it anyway…..

  41. princesspindy says:

    Not happy with Project Runway tonight. Good episode, I don’t agree with the results.

    • chismosa says:

      Pindy I’m so happy for Patricia though!

      But mostly, I’m just happy Daniel made it through. Not happy about Michelle. Ughhh 😦

      • princesspindy says:

        I like Michelle, is she a bitch, yes, but I think she is really talented. I question Daniel’s taste…lol. But Layana is young and beautiful and talented so I am sure the exposure of the show will be very helpful. I think Patricia is an artist, but not much of a clothing designer. I would love to work with her fabric.

  42. AZGirl says:

    Good morning everyone! Beautiful day. Happy Friday!

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