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Danielle Staub and Jacqueline Laurita Twitter War plus WudUpDetective  by NoMoreDrama

Yesterday Jacqueline Laurita took a trip down memory lane and dug a few old “direct messages” that had been forwarded to her and posted them on twitter.  They were from November 2011.  I kid you not.  Sometimes I wonder if the botox has knocked all the sense out of there housewives.  She tweeted: “Here’s another person who was been fueling people behind the scenes for years now” with the pictures below.

danielletweetdm1 danielletweetdm2

Danielle Staub responded with: awww Jac you are such a sad mean bored & bitter individual I feel so bad for you ……. I wish you nothing but #LOVEnLIGHTDS

Rumors have been swirling that Danielle returned to the NJ Housewives for a guest appearance.  I guess it didn’t go so well.


Jacqueline Laurita also tweeted “Found out that 1 of my twitter hater stalkers,Erykah,has 9 different accounts 2 hate tweet me.I only have 1 bc I don’t hide behind my words” 

I guess it’s time to call WudUpDetective to the rescue.  Back in the days when blog wars and twitter wars were new and interesting, WudUpDetective appeared on the twitter scene to “investigate” some twitter nonesense.  Hilarious blogger Put Your Hair Up Chronicled her adventures with Wud Up.  Unfortunately those blogs have probably disappeared, but the idea of a twitter police still strikes my funnybone.

But back to Jacqueline Laurita.  If you’re wondering who she’s talking about, it seems to be the person behind this blog, a blog that documents the Laurita Chronicles aka bankruptcies and legal issues.   I’ll also point you to a This link that talks about the alleged investigation.

Maybe it’s not the botox, maybe there is something in the water in these small New Jersey towns.


Project Runway “Europe Here We Come” by BB

There are still five remaining designers:  Daniel, Stanley, Layana, Patricia and Michelle.  Last week, Michelle was told she is getting a “do or die moment” and would be told later what her last chance will be.  Note to Michelle and the others:  NEVER DISOBEY NINA GARCIA OR YOU WILL PAY THE PRICE.

This week the guest judge will be John Legend.

The designers are all sitting in the waiting room wondering what will be coming next.  Michelle is in shock and thinks her point of view may not be one who wants to be heard.  Tim comes in and tells the designers nobody is going home.  They are to meet him and Heidi on the runway in 10 minutes.  While Layana is happy for Michelle, she is a little bummed that there are still 5 designers left.

On the Runway, Heidi tells the designers this will be their last challenge.  She tells Michelle she really needs to wow them to have any kind of chance of making fashion week.  Heidi thinks they need a change of scenery.  Each of them will be going to a different European country.  Daniel has never been to Europe and is overwhelmed.

Layana is going to Barcelona, Spain.  Patricia is going to Paris, France.  Daniel is going to Berlin, Germany.  Stanley is going to London, England.  Michelle will not be going to Europe.  She will be remaining in New York City.  Just like the last challenge, they will have assistants.

Samantha will be Layana’s traveling assistant.  Kate will be traveling with Patricia as her assistant.  Daniel will be getting Amanda as his traveling assistant.  Richard will be going to London with Stanley.  Tu will be staying in NYC with Michelle.

They will have one day to go to their designated city, sketch and buy their textiles; then return to NYC to create their designs.

Michelle is feeling lonely and homesick left back in New York.  She’s been pretty confident in her designs the whole time, even when she’s been on losing teams.  Now she’s second-guessing herself and knows she needs to get out from the dark cloud she’s under right now.

Patricia and Kate walk the streets and take pictures of various street art in Paris.  Patricia doesn’t want to do the romantic Paris look.  That’s too predictable.  She goes to the Eiffel Tower to do her sketching.  She is going to do a fitted jacket as the top of her look.  Patricia is all over the place looking for her fabric and has problems with the language barrier.  Kate has to reel her in a little.  She has a little panic attack when she has to return some of her fabric and Kate gets a little frustrated with her.

Layana and Samantha tour Barcelona and take inspiration from the detail on buildings and the architectural aspects of the city.  Layana is thinking she wants to work with a patterned leather look.  She is also doing a jacket.  She will add a tank top and skinny pants.  Layana cannot get leather in Barcelona.  She has to find something else to make the jacket.  She chooses black lace instead of the leather.  They have to cut their own fabric.

Stanley is also inspired by London’s architecture, especially Big Ben.  Stanley starts sketching a slim fitting black gown.  Richard helps Stanley pick out the perfect fabric, but Stanley’s not sure he has enough money to buy the amount he needs.  He decides to go with the expensive fabric and knows he cannot mess up.

Daniel finds a geometric building in Berlin that inspires him for his look.  Daniel and Amanda discuss his look.  Amanda is steering him towards a dress and jacket instead of separates.  He decides to do a biased dress, something different for him.  Amanda just wants to make sure it has a younger look.  Daniel and Amanda cannot find the fabrics they want in Berlin and have to rethink Daniel’s design. Instead of leather, they have to buy vinyl.

Michelle and Tu go on an open bus ride through New York.  It’s raining and Michelle takes this as a cleansing moment for her.  She takes pictures of old buildings reflected off of new buildings.  She also takes picture of stains on the sides of buildings, made from coal and chimney soot.  Michelle is making a tailored cashmere dress.  She is going for simplicity and hoping the judges will like it.  Michelle buys five yards of cashmere with half of her budget.  She then finds some shiny brown leather.  She’s a little terrified to use the materials because if she messes up, she has nothing else.

All the designers have one last look at their European countries and leave resolved to do their best work when they get back to New York.  Michelle and Tu are the first to arrive in the work room.  The other designers come in all giddy from their trips and Michelle looks at them as if she wants to cause them physical harm.  She doesn’t want to hear them talk about their wonderful trips and their bonding experiences.  Layana thinks she needs to focus on beating the others and proving she belongs there instead of thinking about not getting to go to Europe.

Patricia is doing installation graffiti for her look, but Stanley is worried is may be a little crafty looking.  Michelle is calling her laminated breastplate “Avant Turd.”  She keeps kind of putting herself down but as she’s creating, her spirit is being lifted and she’s coming out of her funk.  Daniel is making boots to go with his dress.  Michelle thinks they look like Halloween hooker boots.

Tim comes in and stops by Daniel and Amanda’s table first.  Layana thinks Daniel’s white pleather jacket looks cheap.  Tim tells him he has a lot of work to do and to carry on.

Tim tells Stanley that his look is kind of Monastic with the cape, but when you remove the cape, it’s a whole ‘nother look.

Tim looks at Patricia’s layers upon layers upon layers and calls it remarkable.  She’s making three pieces.  He questions the relationship between her pieces.  He tells her he doesn’t get it and she doesn’t seem to be getting it either.  He tells her to concentrate on the top and forget about the other stuff.  She agrees with Tim.  Patricia always tries to make things too complicated.

Tim calls Michelle’s breastplate with the straps in the back stunning.  He loves the idea Michelle has for painting the bottom piece and tells her to push it.  “Do It” Tim says.  He knows this is Michelle’s last chance.  Michelle is reticent of painting cashmere but she takes the chance.

Tim tells Layana her look is so much work and wonders if she has enough time to do the coat and the blouse.  Layana doesn’t seem as concerned as Tim is about the time she has left.

The models come in for their fittings and each designer seems happy with the way their looks are going.  Layana starts to worry about finishing hers on time.  Her coat is taking way more time than she expected.  Tim tried to warn her.

It’s Runway Show day for the last challenge.  They have two hours before they have to go to the runway.  Layana is feeling good when she starts putting her pieces together.  She thinks the judges will love it.

Stanley thinks he’s doing everything he needs to do to make it to fashion week.  Daniel loves his homemade boots and really hopes he makes it to fashion week.  Kate thinks Patricia’s saving grace is her uniqueness if she can only make it through this challenge.  She thinks Patricia would rock fashion week if she makes it that far.  Michelle’s nerves are through the roof.  She’s elated she’s still there and loves the look of her model.  At this point, I wish all five of them could show at fashion week.  They all have distinctive points of view.

Showtime!  Layana has black with white lace coat and black pants with some pinkish colored frilly sleeves coming out that I’m not crazy about.  It’s well made, but not my favorite.  I really like Michelle’s dress.  You can’t see her hombre painting at the bottom as much as she would like and that worries her.  I’m also wondering if the judges will like the fit of the front of her top.  The back looks great though.  Stanley’s long black dress and capelet look simple and elegant.  Stanley says it’s Stanley.  Patricia’s look is very unique.  Her layered top looks complicated and very constructed.  The black collar over the top may be a bit much. Daniel’s white jacket over a black dress with long black boots is definitely not his normal padded shoulder jacket look.  It will be interesting to see what the judges think of these designs.  Sometimes the judges can see things in person that don’t come across on TV.

Daniel explains his trip, his inspiration and his look.  Nina thinks he captured Berlin very well.  She loves the jacket and the boots.  The boots pull the whole look together.  Nina thinks the dress is phenomenal.  John thinks it’s very Berlin although he doesn’t completely like the white jacket.  Zac thinks he should be very proud.  Heidi thinks it looks like a young modern hip girl.  It has that hard Berlin look.

Daniel's Look

Daniel’s Look

Nina absolutely loves Stanley’s look.  It’s dramatic and she loves the glimpse of luxury of the lining of the dress.  Heidi loves the strong and simple look of Stanley’s design.  Zac says “bravo.”  John says Stanley and his model make the perfect couple.

Stanley's Look

Stanley’s Look

Zac thinks Layana made some smart choices in her material with regard to Barcelona.  Zac and Nina hate the sleeves of Layana’s look.  Nina thinks it’s tragic that her jacket is so old fashioned.  Nina is not getting Barcelona from Layana’s design. Heidi says Layana’s model has no sex appeal.  The judges like what Layana is wearing better than what her model is wearing.  John doesn’t think most women would feel hot wearing her design.  Layana takes the jacket off and Nina thinks the blouse is very beautiful.  Zac tells her to keep to her romantic roots.  Layana tells them sorry, but she really like her jacket.

Layana's Look

Layana’s Look

Zac wrote “trash couture” with regard to Patricia’s look.  He calls it collapsed and dumpy.  Nina is underwhelmed with the look.  It’s so odd like cotton candy gone wrong and it’s not the vibe of Paris at all.  John says the shape doesn’t work for him and the slacks are very blah.  Heidi says the top is special but the bottom is not interesting enough.  She likes the unusual special top.  Zac tells her risk is important.

Nina tells Michelle her look is a comeback.  She’s thrilled that she turned it around.  John loves the combination of the leather and cashmere.  Heidi likes the shape but not the fabric.  She thinks the skirt looks like a dirty horse blanket.  Zac can see Michelle wanted to go more luxe.  He sees New York.  Michelle reverses the top and the judges can tell she did a lot of work on it.

Michelle's Look

Michelle’s Look

Heidi asks each designer why they should go to fashion week and who should go with them.

  • Stanley thinks Daniel and Michelle should go with him to fashion week.
  • Patricia thinks Michelle and Stanley should go with her to fashion week.
  • Layana thinks Michelle and Stanley (with Patricia too) should go to fashion week with her.
  • Daniel would take Stanley and Michelle with him to fashion week.
  • Michelle would take Stanley and Layana with her to fashion week.

Back in the waiting room, Layana starts crying because the judges “hated” the jacket she worked on so hard and loves.  Patricia is also worried about the judges’ reaction to her design.

Based on the judges’ comments, Stanley is definitely going to fashion week.  Each of the other designers picked him to go.  The judges’ also loved Michelle’s final look.  Nina says there’s something about Michelle being a fighter.  Heidi says Michelle would work very hard to not let them down at fashion week.  The judges are worried about Daniel’s taste level, but they are totally wowed by his Berlin look this week.  Heidi would buy and wear Daniel’s design just as it is.

Nina is worried about Layana’s high fashion work because she shines doing commercial work.  Nina thinks she offers something women would be interested in.  John can only base it on what he saw that day and he’s not sold on Layana.  Zac is also worried about her editing process.

Heidi is intrigued by Patricia and likes that you never know what she’s going to show up with.  Nina doesn’t think Patricia is ready for fashion week.  Nina doesn’t think even Heidi could make Patricia’s design work.  John says Patricia’s jacket was interesting but not beautiful.  Heidi takes up for Patricia.  Nina is not impressed with Patricia’s artsy fartsy things.  Zac says there is a place for over the top and extreme.  Heidi says she would be worried about Patricia’s runway show.  It could be an arts and craft horror, but Heidi is willing take the risk.

Patricia's Look

Patricia’s Look

The decisions have been made and one of the designers will be out.  I’m thinking it will either be Layana or Patricia, but the judges could totally surprise me and eliminate Daniel.  In my humble “don’t know anything about fashion” opinion, I hope Patricia goes home.  I don’t care how unique they are, her designs just do not do it for me.

Stanley, of course, is the first to be selected for fashion week.  Daniel is the second person selected.  I’m happy for Daniel because he’s just a genuinely nice person.  Michelle is picked as the third designer to come back for fashion week.

The leaves Layana and Patricia.  Layana failed to show the judges the spirit of Barcelona.  Heidi tells Patricia she liked her look but not the other judges.  Layana is out and Patricia is in.  Patricia promises the judges she will not disappoint them.  I hope not because overall, I liked Layana’s designs better than Patricia’s.

Layana leaves liking her jacket.  She’s not ashamed of it even if the judges said it looked like a housecoat.  We’re getting near the end.  I love PR fashion week.


Tabitha Takes Over… Club VIP by SweetnessnBubba

Tonights trainwreck of a business is Club VIP.The bar has been around for a couple of decades and was once the ONLY place in town that catered to gays . Club VIP is owned by a colorful trio of men. There is Bob the micromanaging curmudgeon, Dennis the lazy tv watcher (crowds make him bitchy, so tends to make patrons go home if he is left to manage the bar at night), and Cal the stressed out crying money man.

Tabitha calls the men out to meet her so she can give them the smack down and immediately Cal starts wailing and has to go inside. It seems that the bar is in debt to the tune of 200k and is 6 months behind on the rent, and Cal is afraid to get a Tabitha spanking.

The hidden footage shows filthy conditions, the bar owners getting blitzed, telling the patrons to get out of their seats at the bar, and insulting the pool players. The bar manager is not allowed to do her job because Bob MUST be in charge, and another bartender is vying for the title of Mr bitchy pants USA.

The problems with the bar are legion. The owners have become grumpy old men, who won’t fix things. They have rested on their laurels and refuse to implement anything the staff suggests. They mainly sit in the bar demanding drinks and singing of days gone by.This bar was at one time the only place that gay people could come in the community, and most of the staff came to the bar as young teens and came out there, its their home and they love it, even though its falling apart. They arent making much money and they are stressed out and hanging on by a thread. The bar was successful up until about 5 years ago, when the owners decided to start drinking the profits and quit giving a shite about the decor or cleanliness..

Tabitha is finding Bob stubborn (he keeps saying no to every idea).. Dennis wakes up from his tv watching stupor and says he wants to implement these changes, and the staff takes bets on whether he will be able to follow through. Basically the whole staff bet against Bob, if he continues to be a stubborn ass I am pretty sure that by the next commercial we are going to see Bob take an unfortunate tumble into the dumpster, along with the disgusting tables and chairs out on the patio.

To illustrate the problems, Tabitha made the owners become the bartenders, and let the staff become the owners. They have great fun screaming at Bob to get them a drink, telling Dennis to turn on the tv to the Rifleman ( it appears that the younger generation doesn’t appreciate good old fashioned westerns on tv). The staff tells Tabitha that they got together the evening before and wrote lists of ideas to help get people in the door. They are practically begging the owners not to let the business fail. This club is their home and their family. The first place these guys ever felt accepted and that they were fine as they were..

The bonding teamwork exercise is at a rock climbing place. I started to see why the staff is hanging in with this failing business. As big as a Pain in the ass as these three owners are, they are also parental figures to the younger bartenders. As soon as this is over, they go back to the bar to demo the place. Seeing the sledgehammer in Tabithas hands, the lone lesbian bartender/manager Lisa goes into a tool induced orgasm and screams ” Pick me, Pick me!!” Giving into the lesbian stereotype, Tabs lets Lisa at the sledgehammer and table was BUSTED! Now if Tabs would only let Lisa keep the sledgehammer to keep Bob, Dennis and Cal in line this business would be saved!!

Its reopening day and the new remodel looks fab. The F bombs commence, seriously the bartenders are so happy they can’t quit dropping them. They got rid of the creepy fortune telling Zoltar machine (like from the movie “Big”), and the back patio has all new tables and lights and a brand new stage (the other one had a big hole in the middle of it, making the axiom “break a leg” an all too realistic ending to a kareoke performance. The staff is excited to get started and everyone is praying that the owners don’t devolve back into their “grumpy old men” personas. Dennis isnt watching tv, and Cal isnt crying, and Bob? the jury is still out. So far he has refrained from kicking people out of his seat so paying customers can sit there. Over 300 people attended the grand reopening and even the drag Queen MC mentioned that the bathrooms brought a tear to her eye..in a good way…

The big surprise was an drag queen impersonator doing Tabitha, Tabitha is thrilled and laughing her ass off. This is the nice thing about Tabitha, while she is serious about her business, she is not serious about herself. Poor Bob was having heart palpitations getting his ass chewed by two different versions of Tabitha.

Roll b roll footage of Cal crying. Cal cries when he is happy, he cries when he is stressed, he cries when there is a hallmark commercial on (ok, so do I , so no judging from me).. Tabs says she is going to buy a wet suit if he doesn’t cut it out. Tabitha is at times not in touch with her feminine side, and Cals PMS estrogen overload has her gobsmacked.

Now the for the recommendations.. Cal needs to go home and destress, Bob needs to let his manager (Lisa) manage, and Dennis needs to follow through on the ideas. Oh and they need to quit getting drunk.

6 weeks later. Tabitha shows back up. Lisa is getting to manage more, and ideas are being implemented. Business in the bar is picking up each week and the bartenders are actually making money again. Bob is trying to let Lisa do her job, Cal has been home getting massages and drinking Camomille tea (that’s my wish for him anyway) and Dennis has quit with the tv watching and now plays on his smart phone all day, doing the social media thing for the bar (this could be terrifying, since he gets bitchy with crowds, I hope their facebook pages don’t get too crowded. Or he could be lying and is just watching the Rifleman on a much smaller screen).. Tabs leaves hopeful the old men won’t revert to their curmudgeonly ways. Tabitha, all I have to say is ” Leave the sledgehammer with Lisa and give her permission to use it on the owners if they get out of line.”


Here we go…first Orange County Cast Blogs for Season 8! by Johanna

Tamra Barney

Tamra begins her blog discussing her new living situation. Tamra and her three children have officially moved into Eddie’s home. She says their plan was to move the kids in for a year prior to marriage just for everyone to get acclimated. I can only imagine how difficult this must have been for Eddie! He’s never had children, he’s always been able to live however he sees fit, and now he’s “inherited” three young children being in a relationship with Tamra. Remember in the episode when Tamra makes the comment that she’s now seeing Eddie’s controlling side for the first time after moving the children in? Well, in her blog she says..

Eddie is a VERY disciplined guy, you can tell by his amazing body at 40 and work ethic. Growing up with very little as a child he takes pride in his accomplishments and pays great attention to detail. Controlling was clearly not the word I was searching for — maybe anal retentive?

Ha ha, Tamra. I wonder if she wished she could eat her words right after she said them. Come on Tamra, you know how Bravo works, or course they are going to air any bitchy comment you make, they eat that up

I don’t think Eddie would like the inference that he’s any way like Simon. However, she does cut Eddie some slack in her blog. I sympathize with Eddie, but I can see things from Tamra’s point of view as well. She doesn’t want to piss Eddie off, but she’s used to kids everywhere making messes, leaving lights on, and wearing their shoes in the house etc.!! She says that for the first few months living there she was walking on egg shells (Ok, those are my words..), making herself crazy (her words..) trying to pick up after the kids and keep things up to Eddie’s standards.

About three months into it Eddie said to me, “Babe you need to stop! Let things happen so we as a family can fix them. Nothing will get get fixed if you keep doing it yourself.” Truth was I was afraid I was going to scare Eddie off and upset the kids if Eddie had to discipline them.

It’s been a year since the move in and according to Tamera, everyone is happy, well adjusted, and Eddie lost the battle on the kids wearing shoes in the house!

She goes into more detail about seeing Vicki for the first time at Heather’s clam bake. Apparently, they had not seen each other or really spoken since last year when they fought at a different party at the Dubrow’s (you know, the party that IatethebowoffofyourcakebecauseIamhypoglycemiciamnotdrunk-gate occurred).

I had heard that Vicki had some work done to her face, but I had no idea she had just had it done one week prior to the party. When I first saw her I thought, “Wow what a big mistake.” It did not even look like the Vicki I have known for the past six years. She was very swollen and tried to hide her face with her hair.

What a nice way to address the surgery. I thought that proper plastic surgery etiquette was to always say they look great, because obviously, there’s going to be some kind of swelling/bruising. Side note: Vicki thought she would have a month for the swelling to go down on her face before filming started, turns out she only had a week or two.

Tamra says Heather out did herself again throwing the clam bake and that she got a kick out of Terry pushing Heather’s buttons about wanting onion rings. I got a kick out of it too 🙂

As you all know by now that Eddie is my business partner in CUT Fitness. When I first went looking for a location for my studio I was thinking a 1500 square foot building would be perfect and financially manageable. After eight months of unsuccessful looking, I came across this building that was 6,200 square feet, and I fell in love with it. I knew there was NO WAY I could afford the overhead and needed a partner. I asked Eddie and he agreed to go in with me.

Eddie has a 49% stake in the company, Tamra has 51%. She really gets a kick out of being Eddie’s “boss” and blogs that she enjoys bringing it up often to Eddie but she could never do it without Eddie by her side. CUT fitness opened on Feb 2. I’m happy for Tamra and I hope this business venture works out for her. For real. Oh, and according to Tamra’s closing..

Strong is the new skinny!!

Alexis Bellino

Alexis starts her blog by greeting her fans and joking about Vicki always moving furniture in her first scenes of the past few seasons. She then brings up watching Briana give birth to Troy gave her baby fever, and then segues into welcoming the viewers into her new home that they bought and they are NOT renting anymore. I gather from her blog that it was a long process to find a home and an ever longer one decorating it, as her and Jim don’t see eye to eye on how to do so.

There is one thing I want clear up from this episode, and that is that I WAS NOT suing Tamra for the “Jesus Jugs” comment. You cannot sue for blasphemy, so it’s ridiculous for Tamra to even make that statement (although we should all pray right now!). Jim and I went through a year of Tamra making false accusations, spreading false rumors, and telling lies and we were tired of it. You CAN sue for defamation, slander, and libel and that is exactly what we were prepared to do if she didn’t stop.

Uh-oh. Here we go again, housewives and defamation! Apparently, she “made it known” that they had a case to sue Tamra, and once she got wind of it, she shut up. Ugh, whatever! I like Alexis but in my opinion, she needed to just let the stupid name calling go.

Anyways, I really want to recap her blog, but she goes into this long winded explanations of why she quit housewives and then came back. We’ve all heard bits and pieces of the real story- She asked Bravo for a raise or she was walking, they called her bluff, she “quit”, and then she came back. I believe that version of events. Sorry Alexis, I’m not judging you, but it’s been all over the blogs and even your fellow cast members have confirmed it. Totally get why that is a little humiliating for her, but if she doesn’t want to tell the truth, I don’t think she should say anything at all because I’m not buying it and I don’t think anyone else is either.

Heather Dubrow

I think Vicki is in a good space, renovating her life (as she says!). Her house looks beautiful (you will see the final look later in the season) and so does Vicki! Plastic surgery is a very personal thing. I think Vicki was beautiful before, and I think she looks beautiful now. The important thing is that she is happy and confident. I support her 100 percent.

Ok, I totally thought Heather was faking it in her talking head when she said basically that she believes Vicky about Brooks- but whatever, it is nice of her to support Vicki. Especially when basically everyone else was super bitchy!

Heather goes from addressing Vicki to addressing Tamra, I’ve never read Heather’s blogs before but she is very P.C. so far…boring!! Umm let’s see…Tamra and Eddie are a great couple, she understands Tamra’s need to redecorate, and they have a lot going on with Tamra moving in with Eddie. Thanks for the recap Heather!!

Then she moves on to Gretchen and how hard it must be for Gretchen to always have to defend Slade and how happy she is for them both that Slade (finally) has a real job! Again, Heather is so P.C. With all these women, until..

She moves on to Alexis.

Alexis. This is hard, because Alexis and I are in a much better place now — and I don’t want to jeapordize that. So, I will try and go back to that time without starting anything new. . .Bear with me. After the reunion last year, I held out the proverbial olive branch (champagne), and then Alexis and I stood in the parking lot and apologized to each other for a lot of hurt feelings and misconceptions, but mostly this:

I was sorry for Costa Rica. Not the content of what I said, but that when she brought it up at the table, I should have shut it down and taken the conversation private. It wasn’t necessary for everyone to chime in.

She apologized to me for maligning my career — which was very hurtful to me, especially when she barely knew me.

Ok, so after she says all this she basically goes on to say that after they had made up, Alexis went out and gave an interview saying very “unkind” things about Heather and Heather was very hurt, so that’s why she didn’t invite Alexis to her party. Honestly, whatever. Maybe I’m totally wrong about the housewives, but actually like Alexis and I can’t help but feel bad for her. I know there is a lot we don’t see and not every viewer reads every interview or cares about every story, but the average viewer is going to see the lack of an invite for Alexis as just a continuation of Heather’s poor treatment of Alexis from the previous season. Heather goes on to say that hearing Alexis say more bad things about Heather’s acting career felt punitive, but that Alexis had given her a heads up to her catty comments.

Let’s see, Heather says Alexis’ house is beautiful, she agrees with Alexis and not Jim that the sculptures need to go!

And now onto Heather’s opinion on ….Heather herself..

I love entertaining! I thought it would be fun to throw an east coast style “clambake” at our home. (Yes, Gretchen, you can name a meal. Like when you have people over for a BBQ? Or Taco night??? Haha!)

I had so much fun with the kids, trying the different lobsters and planning the party!

Just for the record, I love my husband. He is treated like the king in our house.

I believe Heather does love her husband, and not that she’s asking for my opinion or anything, but she should check herself a little better when she’s on camera. However, I can understand where she’s coming from. Sometimes my boyfriend drives me CRAZY and I say really nasty things or am not very tolerant on him when really I am the one that needs to chill out and not be so high strung…but uh yeah, anyways, enough about me 🙂

Vicki Gunvalson

As I watched tonight’s episode, it made me cry watching little Troy be born again. It was one of those “life’s moments” that I will never forget and I thank Ryan and Briana so much for allowing me to be part of their special moment.

Troy is six months old now and is a beautiful little boy. He is almost crawling and is a sweet tempered baby. Ryan was deployed two weeks ago, and it was very hard for Briana to see him leave. I’ve attached a few pictures from the morning that he embarked to Afghanistan. Please keep him in your prayers.

I love a good labor scene! Briana seems so level headed. I’m the same age as Briana and I really commend her. She went to college, became a nurse, she’s married, she has a baby, there’s probably a lot of stress in her life from being on a reality show and she’s so calm. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but she just seems like a really cool chick (that’s nicer to say than bad bitch right? Because that’s what I wanted to say..) Anyways, Troy’s birth is the first thing Vicki addresses, and I’m sure it was very emotional for her to watch…

She then goes on to say that during the off season she went to her doctor to see what she good do about her looks, as she was feeling very self conscious ( I really do hope this wasn’t all because of Slade..) and her doctor suggested tweaking her nose and a chin implant so that’s what Vicki did! Apparently they started filming season 8 two weeks after her surgery when she was planning on having atleast a month and that’s why her face was so swollen. The first time I saw the episode I didn’t really see what the big deal was, but now after seing other pictures of her especially from earlier seasons, her face was def swollen and looked really off. I’ve seen pictures of her now after the surgeries have settled and she does look much better than in this episode! Vicki says she is very happy with the results. Then she thanks the fans and basically plugs her website. Until next week Vicki 🙂

Gretchen Rossi

Ok, she starts of thanking the fans, it was so beautiful seeing Briana have her baby yadda yadda yadda…

It was a transition having Slade move from working out of the home to now working outside the home, five days a week for his new Radio Show: “Radio Slade.” However, I, of course, was beyond excited for him and this great new opportunity!

Let’s be real here, of course Gretchen is happy Slade has a real job! For the past few years she’s had to take up for him constantly and I’m sure it’s been hard on her. I think that Gretchen and Slade really do love each other. Or atleast, I believe Gretchen really loves him, and snark aside, I’m happy for them both. I’m sure he’s even more excited about it than she is!!

Ok, let’s see, Gretchen knows she’s a huge dork but she claims she really does know how to make coffee and was just looking for an excuse to call him. I don’t know about that one Gretchen! I believe Slade probably waited on her hand and foot when he was “assisting her” even though she apparently told him over and over she didn’t want him “assisting her”. That scene last year was so ICK in my opinion! Anyways..there’ a long paragraph about her business that is basically a plug annndd on to her friendship with Tamra!!

As you can tell Tamra and I are still doing well and having tons of fun together. And NO dressing the same was not planned as you can see! When Tamra came over and referenced that Vicki had work done on her chin, the first thing that popped in my mind was a chin implant, because others in the group had that done by the same doctor. And it just came out, I had no idea she actually had it done!

I don’t believe they didn’t arrange those outfits. Too similar for me! But anyways, if she really didn’t know about Vicki’s surgery I’m sure it was really shocking to see up close all swollen like that. She said when she saw it she didn’t understand why Vicki would do that because she didn’t need it done but that she feels bad that her and Tamra said such mean things about Vicki at the clam bake. I hope she means it because I actually felt bad for Vicki at that party. It was ballsy of her to go even if production made her. Good for her for owning it.

As you can tell I don’t like to see any friends fighting, so I encouraged Tamra to be nice and say hello and start the conversation with Vicki. Even though I know Vicki and her had a lot of crap that went on between them, I still wanted them to talk and try to work things out if they could. I hate to see friendships end if its not necessary.

I hope so, Gretchen 🙂


Friday Night Lineup, April 12th, by BB

8PM – Happy Endings (ABC); Undercover Boss (CBS); Nikita (CW); Fashion Star (NBC); Washington Week/Need To Know (PBS); Four Weddings: Unveiled (TLC); Yukon Men: Revealed (Discovery); WWE (SyFy); Playing with Fire (E!); Swamp’d (Anpl); Police Women of Dallas (OWN); Mammoth Back From the Dead (NatGeo); Evil Twins (ID)

9PM – Vegas (CBS); Live from Lincoln Center: Josh Groban (PBS); Flea Market Flip (HGTV); Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta (TLC); Yukon Men (Discovery); Tanked (Anpl); Blood Relatives (ID); Alpha Dogs (NatGeoWild)

10PM – RHOOC First Look (10:45PM BRAVO); Blue Bloods (CBS); Rock Center (NBC); Michael Feinstein’s American Songbook (PBS); House Hunters (HGTV); Something Borrowed, Something New (TLC); Fashion Police (E!); The Dead Files (Trvl); Dates from Hell (ID); Extra Yardage (DIY); Wild Justice (NatGeoWild); Real Time (HBO)


Happy Birthday Ruby12


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285 Responses to Danielle Staub and Jacqueline Laurita Twitter War / Project Runway / Tabatha Takes Over / Real Housewives of Orange County Cast Blogs

  1. Powell says:

    Good morning. TGIF. 🙂 It’s raining, thunder & lightning. It will pass us by and be a beautiful weekend.

    Lainey, again congrats to Lainey Jr. She’s gorgeous! It’s very exciting. You, Mr. Lainey and the rest of the family I am sure are very very proud. And you can talk about her accomplishments anytime. Like PrincessP said I love hearing good news. 🙂

    Everyone have a great day.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Thanks Powelly-poo!!! I appreciate that!! I think it’s safe to talk about Project Runway, now… so… I was so very happy about the folks who made it to Fashion Week!! Super duper excited!!!! It’s just so often that we see the snarky sneaky two faced people do well and the nice guys get looked over. I’m referring to Daniel who is so kind…seems so genuinely nice!!! Team Daniel. My second fave is Patrica (as a t.v. personality…I just like her). They all seem like really good designers, though – so it should be a really really good Fashion Week showing!

      • chismosa says:

        Lainey I’m COMPLETELY with you on your thoughts on PR.
        I was just elated Daniel made it.
        I just had wished Michelle, or spot-lady (those tattoos!), had also left.
        I’m sorry I just read the blog all night long while I may not get to shows until quite later so I request no spoilers, sorry!

        • HuskerHuny says:

          Those spots on Michelle’s arm are very disturbing. When I see them I don’t know if they are just dirt spots of if she has ringworm. Who would do that to themselves?

      • Powell says:

        I’m impressed w/the designs posted. I haven’t watched since epi 2 so I’m going to watch the finalist.

  2. Donna says:

    Happy Birthday Ruby12

  3. AZGirl says:

    Good morning and happy Friday! Happy Birthday Ruby12!

    Crazy Train post for the day! Ann Coulter is a nut job.

    • Catseye says:

      She is a horrible human being to say something like that. Unreal.

    • Powell says:

      Now what has she said?

    • Powell says:

      She’s an idiot. Its such a shame that being a woman in a powerful position in the media that she uses her platform to say such stupid & ludacris things time & time again. And you know she won’t apologize.

      • Annie Okie says:

        No, she’s not sorry she said it. It was a joke, the exclamation mark made that clear, and everybody laughed when they read it. She was being sarcastic, and it wasn’t her fault. Blah, blah, blah.

      • HuskerHuny says:

        If so, and I highly doubt it, it would only be for an episode at the most. Bethenny has her own show and would only do it as a favor to Andy. As for Jill, is Bravo that desperate to make Jill look like she was right all along about letting her go? Stranger things have happened though . . .

        • rabblerouser2010R says:

          I really can’t see Andy having Jill back for the same reason he would never let Alex come back. They talked too much about the behind the scene stuff

          • Powell says:

            Husker & RR since the special WWHL w/Jill Andy has been saying things like it was odd, & that he doesn’t understand her so I would be surprised if she’s on for 1 second but like you say stranger things have happened. We shall see.

      • Powell says:

        LA Debra yes. Oy vey. 🙂

    • realhousewifeva says:

      Andy has made it pretty clear he wouldn’t have Jill back, she even tweeted once to someone who said they wanted her back that “that ship has sailed”

    • $25,000 says:

      I could see Bravo asking Jill and Bethenny on the show for one or two shows to perk up the ratings. I could see Bethenny going for that as it would be a favor to Andy and it would also give her a chance to promote her talk show. Bethenny wouldn’t go back to being a regular cast member on RHNY for anything. As a regular cast member there are too many opportunities for her to be portrayed negatively and that could have a negative impact on her show. Jill would give her eye teeth to be a housewife again, f course,, but I don’t believe that Andy is likely to ask Jill to come back on a permanent and regular basis. He has said, in very plain terms, that Jill would not be asked to come back to the show.

      • Orson says:

        I doubt AC will let JZ NEAR any video camera he has control over. What could they bring to RHNY anyway? J could shoot snark at B over her failed marriage and B could ask J to share her business acumen and expertise with her. Maybe J and Aviva could team up?

    • $25,000 says:

      Hi NMD,

      I noticed that you tweeted Jill to ask her if this rumour is true. Please let us know if she responds to you.


    • Donna says:

      Only if Jill went over Andy’s head to the powers that be, she is capable of doing just that.

      • nyc mama says:

        She can go to the suits at Bravo but it won’t matter. There is no reason for them to go against Andy since she has no real fan base and won’t bring anything to the show. It doesn’t make sense. IMO If Andy thought she would be a positive the he would probably bite the bullet and bring her back but in this case she needs to move on. The suits at Bravo aren’t foolish.

    • pat says:

      hmmm, I can’t see Bethenny doing it, unless it’s a cameo, as a favor for Andy. Last week she tweeted that she and Andy agreed, if she ever came back as a housewife, it would be for Altanta. (I think she was mostly joking.) Atlanta is her favorite of the HW shows.

      Jill, I would HOPE Bravo is done with her. Never say never, but if it happened, it would be wayyyy down the road. The last time they threw her a bone with that one-on-one interview with Andy, she secretly taped it and tried to shop the tape around. Nice.

      • Annie Okie says:

        I think the whole thing is bogus and only put out to get us talking and thinking about this show again. Neither of them will be back, but some viewers might tune in to see if they do turn up. Bravo is yanking our chains, again.

      • Powell says:

        pat I think her recording it hurt Andy the most.

    • princesspindy says:

      Looks like Jill has been talking to someone at The Examiner! lol!

    • plainviewsue says:

      I do not believe this for a moment. Bethenny has her talk show. Andy would never let this happen, unless the powers above him insist on it. If this is true, Jill’s head would be so enormous it wouldn’t fit into a room. This better not happen.

  4. rabblerouser2010R says:

    Good Morning all.
    In regards to the link about a reality blogger being investigated and them having 9 twitter accounts, I have a feeling that is in regards to some crap with Kate Gosslin and a site that chronicles her bs, There is some guy who has a site call Bullyville and uses people claiming to be part of “Anonymous” to track down people he feels have excessively bullied Kate Gosslin, From what I have heard/read he posted 3 peoples names and addresses on his site and also contacted someone’s employer. He is also trying to file a class action lawsuit against one person. In addition to trying to get a guy who wrote a book about Kate Gosselin to pull it down.

    • Powell says:

      Kate Goslinn is no shrinking violet & can fight her own battles. Naming people w/the address & contacting an employer is low.

      • rabblerouser2010R says:

        I would hope that the employers also read the bullyville account timeline so they can put things in better perspective. I think there is some extremism on both sides of the equation.
        From what I read, there was one Kate “hater” who had 79,000 tweets that were all related to Kate Gosselin in some way. I for one totally get contempt for Kate Gosselin, but 79k tweets is excessive in general, never mind fixated on one person. But twitter has a block function so it’s not as those tweets were being sent to Kate.

        I also have a hard time understanding someone claiming they are against bullying and are using money and resources (he actually offered $200 for anyone who could find the identity of a someone on twitter) to not only take up the sword for an adult (when there are kids out there who need help) but to use tactics of intimidation to do so. Especially when that adult is Kate Gosselin, who has been photographed spanking one of her children for blowing a whistle while playing out side and whose journal talked about how physically violent she was with one of her boys when he was a toddler. Never mind all the ‘love taps; she pelted Jon with over the years and completely emasculating him.

        Like I said, the whole thing is just so weird to me.all this fighting and feuding with different internet crews and twitter gangs.

        • nyc mama says:

          Do these people have a life? Clearly they spend too much time being involved with reality “stars” (term used loosely” and they have a problem or many. It is creepy that they seem to have nothing better to do then insert themselves maliciously in people’s lives. This is from someone who thinks Kate Gosselin is bonkers and IMO doesn’t deserve any attention, good or bad.

          As for more than 1 twitter account. I agree. I can see one for business and another for personal but beyond that there is a problem.

      • pat says:

        Speaking of harrassing people on twitter, the Arias defense witness (Laviolette) was hospitalized over the weekend, with anxiety and heart palpatations. Whatever you think about her, that is just sad, sick and twisted, that she is being attacked to the extent that she is. I think she’s completely wrong in her assessment of Jodi, but that’s what the JURY is for. I feel really bad for her. She seems like a good woman who has devoted her career to good works. She’s just wrong in this case, IMO.

        • Powell says:

          No that’s not right at all pat. She’s doing her job however the public feels she’s doing it, she’s doing her job.

        • rabblerouser2010R says:

          Are people going after her? I hadn’t heard that.

        • trudie says:

          That is just wrong. I also heard that people are trying to get her removed from her job. What is wrong with people?

        • kit9 says:

          I don’t feel bad for her. She’s getting paid a lot of money to commit character assassination of a man who was brutally murdered without ever speaking to a single human being other than his killer. She’s making a mockery of a very serious subject, domestic violence. Some of the people most angry with her are real victims of domestic violence. Oh, and her disgustingly bad taste of approaching and speaking to a member of Travis’ family, something that she is not supposed to do. She’s also been shown to be less than honest, imo. She was asked twice yesterday by jurors why she keeps looking over to Jodi and smiling. She said that she hadn’t(guess the juror’s eyes are lying!)and in fact tries to avoid looking at Arias. But, people in the courtroom said that she frequently looks at and has exchanged smiles with Jodi. And, she was hospitalized because of harassment? Sorry, not buying it from a woman that would find abuse in a Hallmark greeting card.

    • lizzle says:

      9 different twitter accounts? That is excessive. The problem is this… if I create 50 accounts and start making erroneous accusations towards one person… it looks like 50 different people have had bad experiences with that one person. I could single handedly bring one person down. This has actually happened in a small town. A man was run out of town by one woman with multiple accounts saying he was a drug user and other libel accusations. One woman made the town believe these things were true, because it looked like multiple people had the same knowledge. The story is more heartbreaking than just that, but that is the gist of it. A lawyer finally told him to fight back and that is when it was discovered that one woman was saying all these things.

      If someone needs 9 different accounts… fine. I would just caution against using all of them to gang up on one person. Use them for their separate intended purposes… but don’t harrass someone from different accounts. I am not judging people for having different accounts for different purposes. That is totally normal. But beware if you (the universal you) have different accounts so you can spew more hate. It seems like it is becoming more commonplace to get law enforcement involved in these types of situations. So if someone is pissing you off… I don’t suggest creating another account… my suggestion is to just turn the computer off.

      • rabblerouser2010R says:

        I barely have enough time to be one person …never mind 9. lol

        I can also see how someone might have more than one account as in they might have an account for business purposes and one that is personal but when people try to craft different identities around it..and all those identities target someone….it suggests that someone is not mentally well.

        • lizzle says:

          I hear ya… if I had that kind of time or creativity… I would write screenplays or something a bit more productive. The person already has 9 different characters… all she needs now is a plot… and bam, there it is… a novel, a short story, a play or a screen play.

          • rabblerouser2010R says:

            Remember the show “Herman’s Head” , this is like modern day version of it except now all the different parts of someone’s psyche don’t just hang out in an attic with nothing more than a rocking chair, they all have their own twitter accounts.

      • Rebecca says:

        I think Jac-aloon is just “seeing” nine accounts. Plenty of people see through her BS and call her out on it. She has no comprehension that people don’t believe her or like her.

      • jezzibel says:

        It went further then that, the woman started harassing the guys elderly mother, even after he got a restraining order against her. She’s been banned from using a computer or electronic device. But it was really bad, and the kicker was he didn’t even know her in real life, it started because she had a disagreement with something he wrote on his blog.

  5. Powell says:

    Johanna thks for OC. I was wondering how Tamra was going to turn it around calling Eddie controlling. Also she said they decided to move in together w/the kiss a yr before getting married but then when asked about setting a date at Heather’s she got defensive. So it all seems like a script to me. We’ll see if there’s a wedding cause we know all HWs that get married want a Bravo special.

    • pat says:

      OC does feel very scripted to me, especially any scenes with Tamra and Gretchen. There is NO WAY, they didn’t plan those matching outfits. But Tamra saying that she’s discovering that Eddie is controlling…That was the truth. It does not bode well for them. When she’s trying to move in, and he scolds her for wearing her shoes inside….Oh, hell no. She’s trying to move herself and her 3 kids in, and he’s being a jerk about lights on and tracking dirt in. Karma is creeping up on Tamra, with this one.

      • Powell says:

        Pat I believe she meant he’s controlling & when Eddie saw it he didn’t like it so she tried to clean it up on her blog. I suspect Tamra is kind of like Vicki whereas she can’t be w/o a man. I would think they after living w/Simon for many yrs & wanting out of that that she would just want to start over w/her kids. She was seeing Eddie pretty soon after Simon moved out right?

        Did you get Vicki in the limo & her TH she said she’s never been to an event w/o a man. It was Donn, then Brooks. That’s sad. Boy did she go from fillet mignon to hamburger.

        • pat says:

          Yep, I think they are both the type that can’t be without a man. Vicki, trading in donn mignon, for mr. hamburger helper dude…wtf?? I’m glad she at least had the good sense to get him away from her daughter and grandbaby. For now.

          • Powell says:

            pat I love Donn Mignon and Mr. Hamburger Helper Dude. We have to continue to use that. 😀

      • kit9 says:

        So agree! The show is so scripted. Embarrassingly so….the re-friendship of Gretch and Tamra? Complete with friendship bracelets. Please.

        • Catseye says:

          I agree too. I have never seen grown, middle-aged women in real life, wear matching outfits and wear friendship bracelets.

  6. realhousewifeva says:

    On allabouttrh.com they have a story about Brandi getting into ‘words’ with Cynthia and Nene at the bravo upfronts. Cynthia basically confirmed it on her twitter that they had words. I wonder what that was about! Oh Brandi, Brandi, Brandi…if you can’t even argue with Adrienne, what makes you think you can take on Miss Nene and Cynthia? lol

    • Powell says:

      LOL. Brandi’s gonna her azz handed to her if she doesn’t stop.

    • nyc mama says:

      RTH is another site like ROL. No real information, they make things up and / or use ROL stories. I don’t believe a word they write. They always have had to go back and make “updates” after they are called out on their erroneous stories..

      Brandi tweeted this last night in response to that story.

      Did @BrandiGlanville Have Drama With @NeNeLeakes & @CynthiaBailey10 At @BravoTV Party? http://shar.es/J0rZ0 <Find out! #RHOA #RHOBH

      Brandi Glanville‏@BrandiGlanville20h
      @RealHousewivves @NeNeLeakes @CynthiaBailey10 @BravoTV #RHOA #RHOBH it was all in good fun. I ♥#RHOA

      RTH aslo reported the same as ROL about the reason Brandi is moving.

      Brandi also tweeted this.Reiterating what she said weeks ago.
      Brandi Glanville‏@BrandiGlanville20m
      @RealHousewivves My landlord is selling it so we are moving.

      • realhousewifeva says:

        Yah, RTH usually just uses other blog’s stories, but I figured this one carried some weight since Cynthia tweeted that words were exchanged, when asked.

        • nyc mama says:

          Their stories rarely, if ever, carry any weight. They are as sleezy as the others.

          Based on the article Cynthia responded with question marks which doesn’t confirm the story. On the contrary.
          @bravo_rhony Words were definitely passed????

          — Cynthia Bailey (@CynthiaBailey10) April 10, 2013

          But there is nothing on her timeline or rhony’s that I saw so not even sure that it true. It looks like a tweeter bravorhom started the rumor but nothing was confirmed by anyone.

          • realhousewifeva says:

            No, whatever was at the end of her response shows up as a blank box, which I assume was some sort of emoticon that didn’t show up on twitter, not question marks. I went to her twitter and read it.
            She was asked by Mr Housewife: ” what happened at the Bravo upfront after party with Brandi?? Whatever it might have been, glad you put her in her place!”
            And she said “words were definitely passed”

            • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

              Lets see if I can post this??

              @CynthiaBailey10: @bravo_rhony Words were definitely passed😜

            • nyc mama says:

              I understand but it seems that that box is where there are 4 question marks based on the article.
              This is copied and pasted directly from there before the pic of the tweet loads. Once loaded the question marks appear as a box. The question marks change the meaning.

              “@bravo_rhony Words were definitely passed????

              — Cynthia Bailey (@CynthiaBailey10) April 10, 2013”

              Guess we won’t know unless they tell us. No one has responded further but it has gotten everyone going except NeNe, Cynthia or Brandi. The latter two only addressed it once so hardly a feud.

              • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

                I don’t know what box what you talking about nyc? I don’t think it’s a feud but according to Cynthia-there were “words”….which usually means something went down!!

                • nyc mama says:

                  The box that is showing up on your post. I explained it and what I saw in the article and then what appears in the photo of the tweet and I also found the box on her time line. We won’t know and I really don’;t care enough to persue this. I’m actually surprised I am still discussing it.

                  • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

                    Haha!! No need to discuss anymore then. I was just confused about the box b/c I don’t see one in my post? I’m way more curious about the box then anything else!!!

                    • rabblerouser2010R says:

                      I think I can shed some light on the ‘box’ thing. I-phone has it’s own emoticons that can only be viewed by someone who is also using an I-phone device. To those who aren’t using an I-phone it comes up as some weird code, in this case a box. So some of us are seeing a box, where you might be seeing a smiling face…or an angry face IDK.

                    • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

                      Ohhhhhhhhhh RR-no I get it!!!! I’m on my iPad with emojis!!! How dumb that I didn’t even think of that!! Thanks RR!!

                    • rabblerouser2010R says:

                      ETA- Now I see what Mama’s is saying…that the ‘box’ is actually question marks. By adding the question marks is changes the context of Cynthia’s comment.

                    • rabblerouser2010R says:

                      Yes Jill, this thread is ‘box gate’ . Thankfully, as Mama said everyone is on the same page now.

                    • nyc mama says:

                      “Boxgate”. I love it. I’m still chuckling. “Who’s on first…”

                  • nyc mama says:

                    Bringing this up here because it is too skinny down there….

                    LOL this is like a bad game of telephone but we are now all on the same page. Hallelujah!!
                    I laughed out loud reading this through.

                    I saw the question marks on the website before it loads the pic of the tweet and then it turns into “the box” (cue weird music whenever one says “the box”)

                    Thanks RR!

                    • nyc mama says:

                      Well looky..it posted in the right place. 🙂

                    • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

                      This was a funny thread….THE BOX!!!!

                    • rabblerouser2010R says:

                      LOL- the only reason why I know any of this is because someone once replied to me in twitter followed by what looked like some sort of alien stuff. I mentioned how I didn’t know what the heck they tweeted…then someone told me that it was actually I-phone emoticon and the person gave me two thumbs up and applause.


                  • nyc mama says:


  7. cocfarm says:

    Laineylainey, I’m moving your question over here. ‘under the banner…’ was a single book. It was a little hard to read for me. ‘ Into thin air’ & ‘in to the wild’ (probably just screwed up those titles as well), I found easier to read. Utboh covers the whole history of Mormonism and couples it with a current day Mormon murder. It made seeing ‘the book of Mormon’ very easy to enjoy! I have never laughed so hard. Utboh is disturbing but very worthy.

    • Annie Okie says:

      I concur, “The Book of Mormon” is irreverant humor at its very best, worth every penny of the expensive ticket price. I laughed so hard my body ached, and it was the same for everyone around me.

    • AZGirl says:

      Under the Banner of Heaven is really a good book. It does dig into the history of the Church of Latter Day Saints and how that history is basis for the church teachings today.

      • chismosa says:

        That’s what I was referencing yesterday. Sorry I couldn’t remember the name.
        It was the catalyst to my extended research into this faux-Christianity called a “church”.

        You gots to research and do good-extensive research if you want to back something up in your gut that tells you it’s fishy! Stinkkkkkkkky
        (Not speaking about fundamentalists alone)

        Never read into thin air, I know Sean Penn directed the movie I think?

        • cocfarm says:

          He directed ‘in to the wild’ about the kid that hikes Alaska’s wilderness.’ Into thin air ‘was made into a movie too. It was about the trip to everest where many people died including well seasoned guides. It was somewhat controversial according to others who survived…but have since died in other mountain climbing accidents. I know. Wierd huh?!

  8. SoutheastVA says:

    Happy Birthday Ruby12!!

  9. Ruby12 says:

    Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes! I read the blog every single day and also a member of the face book group. Love both groups!


    • pat says:

      Awesome….thanks, diva! Such a purty little love song.

    • catmom1 says:

      Oh, I loved The Marshall Tucker Band. Had this album, in fact. Takes me back to the days of drinking Jack Daniels, wearing guys Levis, flannel shirts, and hiking boots, and riding the bull at the bar.

      • catmom1.. RIDING THE BULL AT THE BAR… my fav past time….lol
        in 1980 I won the PRIZE for staying on 8 mins..they busted my pants open but didnt throw me….hahahahahahaha LONG LIVE THE RODEO BAR…….. and ALABAMA SLAMMERS…..
        I still have a pink tank top that they gave me …and back then I was real tiny… I look at that shirt today and think a 5 yr old could wear it…..hahahahahaha….

        • catmom1 says:

          Way to go Diva! I could never stay on that long. However, once I did stick a perfect landing when I was thrown off. Managed to land standing in a full upright position in my Frye cowboy boots. Personally, I think the alcohol enhanced my coordination that time.

  11. thedesigndiva2 says:

    am on day three of a five day tour of duty !!!!! THE TRUTH DOES HAVE ITS REWARDS… lol
    HAPPY BIRTH DAY to those that I have missed..
    Still keeping everyone in my positive white light thoughts for quick recoveries…etc… think about it ALOT…..
    Laineylainey.. SO PROUD FOR YOUR FAMILY…!!! Love seeing our kids do good in life…sorta what it’s all about …at times..
    PITA moving back to fla at end of month with his little family…. NOT HERE.. heading into WPB area where he will have a J O B ….. PRAISE THE LORD….
    MR FORD is being a MAJOR AND COL. pain in my ass this week…. men are such cry babies when they are in pain… damn..I was cut from above my belly button clear down to pubic bone for cancer surgery and dont believe I whined near as much as him…. lol …. have to POLITELY remind him of such events…he then says I am just a tougher bird than him… what ev…hehehehehe
    MC CREEPY IS STILL MC CREEPY… he will never change….he’s just wired that way….but he firmly knows his place with me and he will NOT cross that line ever again with me….. LOVE WHEN A PLAN TAKES PLACE….. lol

    off to make some dinner to take with me to work….
    miss ya all

    hugs and peace

    • Powell says:

      You’re my shero Diva. You keep slaying dragons, taking care of Mr. Ford & keep on smiling. You’re a special lady. It’s great your son will at least be in the same state. You can be a mom & grandma up close & personal. Take care of yourself.

    • trudie says:

      Diva, you are an inspiration!

  12. thedesigndiva2 says:

    DANG,,, I forget…. JZ COMING BACK TO NEW YORK… OH HELL NO…. HELL TO THE NO…cant see dandy andy allowing this at all…nope…..

  13. Rebecca says:

    “IF” Jacqueline is indeed parenting a child with autism (and I still think she is as wrong as Jenny McCarthy) how in the hell does she have so much time to spend on twitter?

    What respectable mother would get into twitter wars instead of interacting with their children?

    • melthehound says:

      You are making a huge assumption with that “respectable” word.. Just sayin…

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      Well I do think she telling the truth about the dx. Without getting into the whole debate of what causes autism or if autism can be cured, I also Jenny McCarthy also wasn’t lying about their child’s dx.

      My issue with Jac is that she has now declared that she is an autism advocate…by all means be an advocate for YOUR CHILD; but she is way to early in the game to delude herself into thinking she is leading the charge as far as the entire disorder is concerned. Especially when she is getting into bar brawls with stiletto heels as make shift weapons not to mention the way she conducts herself on twitter.

      • Nancy says:


      • nyc mama says:

        I agree wholeheartedly. She shouldn’t pretend to be an expert. I feel very sorry for her and the load she has to bear and she actually could have put it to good use if she channeled it properly. So far she isn’t. I hope she gets it together and makes a change that will positively affect Nicholas and then she can help others – eventually – but she has a long road before she assume that role.

      • Rebecca says:

        All experts weighing in on Jenny McCarthy’s son say he was misdiagnosed. Landau–Kleffner syndrome is often misdiagnosed as autism and responds to chelation therapy as McCarthy’s son, while autism does. After her campaign for Andrew Wakefield’s fraudulent claims of vaccines causing autism, amazingly, parents won’t get their children vaccinated. She has done more to interfere with REAL scientists than can possibly be fathomed.

        She and Wakefield have both been proven to dangerous to the well-fare of children with their wild claims.

        Jacqueline is falling right into that because she craves the attention. The Manzo’s and Laurita’s claims of their blech water curing the sick need to stop. I hope Bravo is held accountable for publicizing this crap.

        • Rebecca says:

          Landau–Kleffner syndrome is often misdiagnosed as autism and responds to chelation therapy as McCarthy’s son, while autism does not.

          • rabblerouser2010R says:

            I couldn’t say if Jenny’s son received a misdiagnosis or not . Experts who never examined can only speculate as to what his disorder might have been. My point is, that she wasn’t lying about her son’s dx. Many of the types of therapies Evan received would have been the same regardless….because many of the behaviors are the same

            I think at times people tend to get loss in the dx instead of being focused on services , therapies and diet that will help the child reach their full potential.

            Like I said, I don’t want to get into the whole autism and vaccination debate

            All I can say is that I had a typically developing child until I had her vaccinated. That being said, she did have some underlying issues that likely made her more susceptible to vaccination injury. So I am not anti vaccination..or would I actively discourage vaccination in general; but I am also not going to say that they are 100% safe and effective for every child. There was a poster here who actually lost a child to a vaccination injury.

        • nyc mama says:

          Many practicioners of holistic medicine are also against vaccinations. My cousin is one and she didn’t want her grandson to get vaccinated. It made for a very tense and shall I say “interesting” Thanksgiving dinner one year with everyone giving their opinions on whether to vaccinate or not.

          • Nancy says:

            You too? We have one of those in our family too. There are no words.

            • nyc mama says:

              LOL. It was a holiday I don’t care to repeat. We still talk about it and as you see I brought it up here. 🙂

              I actually think there is a lot to be said for holistic medicine but I also like traditional medicine and there is room for both but that said vaccinations are not an option IMO.

    • princesspindy says:

      I don’t know if she as as wrong as Jenny M., could anyone be that wrong, that biotch, I have a lot of feelings towards her, lol. Anyway, I know personally, I didn’t have a lot of spare time to do anything. Everything was focused on my kids, and making sure my daughter was not left out. There is a lot of documentation that needs to be kept track of and appts and meetings and research. And then there is the time you spend with your children, playing with and working on things. But Jac is not the brightest bulb in the chandelier, I think she needs a handler, ippho.

  14. HuskerHuny says:

    I have a heavy heart today. I found out that good friends of our family lost their 38-year-old son to a heart attack. He is survived by his wife and four children. Heart condition. He ran cross country in high school and college. Let’s all take care of ourselves and each other and thank God everyday for our time here on this earth. Amen.

  15. shamrockblonde says:

    Happy Birthday Ruby12!!!!! – hope all your wishes come true –
    Lainey – did your beautiful daughter get a spot on Face-off?? is that the great news? I watch that show all the time – love love love it – I am lucky I can draw a stick figure, so seeing all that creativitiy is such an amazing thing to me –
    watching Eddie obsess over the lights being on and things not put away was like watching my husband – he is the Felix to my Oscar – he keeps his socks on one side of the drawer and his t shirts on the other and never the two are to be confused – lights off when you leave a room, don’t drop your stuff and wander off – as young children do – having the twins in the house, this kind of thing is a constant work in progress, but I have to say, they have learned to be neat, to care for their things, and to respect others’ things as a result – arguments? you bet – resolution – always and with love – he is still trying to deal with the curling irons and the overpowering smell of hair spray in the morning, but at least he no longer has to deal with the tv on in an empty room along with the lights on and a radio playing! – he no longer has to wonder where all the pens in the house went to, and there is no shoe pile up at the front door any more either – I haven’t told him yet that that was the easy part, and I’m pretty sure Eddie is in for a long confusing roller coaster ride – as long as he remains calm and consistent, he should survive – at least the children – not sure about Tamara – not sure he even wantst to – allegedly……

    loved the PR recap – Daniel for the win!!!

    nononononononononono NO Jill – no – just – no

    • Powell says:

      LOL shamrock. I’m w/Eddie on the lights & picking things up. Tamra’s kids are not toddlers & should know how to do those things but if your mom & dad/Simon & Tamra didn’t teach them then its not the kids fault. They stay w/their father so its obvious he doesn’t teach them those things when they are w/him.

      • AZGirl says:

        I did not watch more than 3 minutes of OC so I missed the scene with Eddie. Those kids should know better. I feel bad for them. Can you imagine? Eddie is the stable step parent. They are so screwed.

        • Nancy says:

          I have a question for you. Someone upthread said that the defenses expert witness
          (the shrink) was hospitalized over the weekend for anxiety. Could that be grounds for a
          mistrial? BTW I turn “old” the day after you do. lol Too bad we couldn’t go out for drinks together. 🙂

          • AZGirl says:

            I am not sure if it is grounds for a mistrial. It would be up to the judge to determine that. Defense asked for that when Juror 5 was removed and it was denied. I think the judge wants to get this done.

            • Nancy says:

              I bet this issue will be brought up on a possible appeal for the defense.
              One could say that she was afraid of Martinez so her testimony could have been altered, no?

              • AZGirl says:

                If you can’t take the heat stay out of the kitchen. She is getting paid a lot of money for her testimony and judge knows that. Martinez is doing his job. It is not pretty but he is getting it done. Wearing her out.

                A lot of the anxiety is probably from the social media smack down she is getting. People are calling organizations who have booked her for speeches and conference to cancel her appearances. For whatever money she makes on this trial she is going to cost in credibility.

                • Nancy says:

                  You’re right. Thanks. I kind of feel sorry for her though. I just wish Martinez would dial
                  it down a few.

            • Powell says:

              The Judge told Alyce to be back Tuesday. Alyce started to explain that she may have tests. The Judge said “Miss Laviolette please don’t tell me your personal issues”. I guess she doesn’t want anyone in the court to be privy to too much of Alyce’s medical issues.

              • Nancy says:

                Wasn’t that shocking? The Judge isn’t feeling her that’s for sure. I bet she’s going
                to be medically worked up but it’s going to happen after this trial is done.

              • AZGirl says:

                Yes! The Judge is doing her job. This is what LaViolette signed up for. She thought that she would get the $300 per hour and all the media attention and fame. She did not think that she would look like the fool that Martinez is making her out to be. Entitled.

                Some of her biggest critics are Domestic Violence experts.

                Like I said before if can’t handle being the expert witness then stay out of the courtroom. If LaViolette can go out to dinner on Defense attorney’s tab this week then she needs to get on the stand and deal with Martinez.

          • trudie says:

            I don’t believe it would be grounds for a mistrial or even noteworthy on appeal. Both the experts testimony is basically finished and they aren’t really needed anymore.

  16. Notice it says ” sent to you from ” very suspicious! The DM’s !

  17. One more thing, I dunno if this HTML will post , but Jacko has nerve to talk about “behind the scenes”

  18. realhousewifeva says:

    Why did Brandi post a picture of her son as a baby showering with his dad?

    • princesspindy says:

      Because she is a moron? Because she doesn’t think of future consequences? Because she has no wisdom or discretion? Because she is a fame whore? Take your pick, add your own!

    • pat says:

      Holy inappropriateness. Well, it IS a cute pic. Just prolly not advisable to tweet it out. Sad to think Eddie was cheating with the waitress at that time, maybe even LR.

      • Powell says:

        That’s like I was watching Wendy Williams and she showed a pic of Amber Rose & Whiz Kalif’s baby(I didn’t know she had him yet) but the baby had on socks w/marijuana leaves on them & Whiz had on socks or something w/marijuana leaves on them and Amber tweeted, “like father, like son”. Now that is highly inappropriate. If they were going to do that it should have been something private amongst themselves & close family & friends. Not tweeted to the world. At least they thought to not photograph the baby’s face.

  19. Powell says:

    I just saw a few minutes ago Lisa V on a commercial for,Channel 112 on DirectTv. She will show recipes using I can’t Believe It’s Butter. My mom said on 112 they show very short segments of many different things so Lisa may only have short segments. Go Lisa. I bet someone doesn’t like her getting all these opportunities and attention.

  20. pat says:


    Scroll down to pick your fave housewife and find out what that means about you.

  21. realhousewifeva says:

    Andy did an interview with Billy Bush and Kit Hoover and said this:

    Why it’s major that Lisa Vanderpump was on “Dancing with the Stars”: “It was big that Lisa got on ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ they never wanted a ‘Housewife’ on ‘Dancing’ with the Stars’ and that was big… for years and years, all the ‘Housewives’ used to call me and say, ‘Can you get me on ‘Dancing with the Stars?’ I’m like, ‘They’re not into it.’ But now maybe the hymen is broken!?”

    • Nancy says:


    • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

      I had DWTS pegged as kind of hokey-I never really know who the “stars” are and confuse them with the “real” dancers. I mean I know a few of them but not most. It should be called “dancing with you look kind of familiar, where do I know you from?” When Lisa was cast to be on all of a sudden it seemed like people thought is was such an honor to be asked. I never thought of it as an honorable show. I still don’t I guess. If the housewives are begging to be on how honorable can it be? JMO.

      • cocfarm says:

        It’s all about getting your face out there. A listers don’t need that help.

      • Realhousewifeva says:

        The real dancers are now bigger stars then some of the stars! Lol. I always knew it was supposed to be a big deal to be on, but never understood it. This show sometimes rejuvenates careers, or gets the slightly unknowns wider recognition. But there have also been some people on who are still pretty famous today. Not sure of any A list actors but certainly plenty of current celebrities, athletes and tv personalities

      • LaineyLainey says:

        I think CocFarm is right it depends on who’s looking at DWTS as to whether it’s a big deal or not. For real A-listers, not so much. For those still climbing the ladder or working at becoming more famous, those hungry for more exposure…then it IS A BIG DEAL. For example, Melissa Gorga starring on DWTS. That Would be big deal. Charlize Theron, Starring on DWTS, this would be baaaaaaad for her career.

  22. TexasTart says:

  23. TexasTart says:

    Okay, here is the one I wanted to post! lol

  24. TexasTart says:

  25. TexasTart says:

    Lainey, Lainey and Ana have something in common….

    • TexasTart says:

      Oh dang! This is not the right tweet ….. it’s a funny comment but nothing to do with Lainey that I know of…I copied it because I can relate to it!

      • LaineyLainey says:

        LOLOLOL!!! I need plastic surgery, too! But not because I’m an uncaring beeyotch that wants to complain about people talking to me about their relationship problems.. I need plastic surgery…just because…I’m vain. Liposuction would be good, tummy tuck, eyebrow lift…the list goes on.

    • TexasTart says:


  26. TexasTart says:

    Hi everyone! If I read every line item here before I shared something, I probably wouldn’t bother…so there you have it. I just scanned though the twitter to see if anything HW related stuff…. I liked that cartoon art but too many generic looking blondes…I had to think extra hard – LOL!!!

    Is anyone doing something interesting tonight?! I’ll leave “interesting” for you, as an individual to define….that means an anything goes reply will work! 😉

  27. TexasTart says:

    This is the tweet I meant to say Lainey,Lainey and Ana might have something in common…

  28. Powell says:

    Is anyone watching Mr. Selfridge on PBS? Jeremy Pivens plays Harry Selfridge the an American who moves his family to London to build the 1st dept store, Selfridge’s.

    • Nancy says:

      We’re watching the hockey game. Lynn’s team is playing (Blackhawks) so it’s nice to see her cousin play. They have already made it to the playoff’s.

  29. Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

    You are all going to think I have really lost my damn mind but I think it would be great if JZ came back on NY-just for an episode or 2 . (Stay with me) imagine the funny mean shit Ramona would say to her?? “Oh Jill, shut up you know-it-all-you don’t know anything, that’s why you got FIRED!!” ( I know they can’t talk about the show while on the show but Ramona has a problem following the rules) “Jill, you know I have been doing this longer than you” “Jill you got fired because no one likes you” …I mean the insults would be endless and hysterical!! I wouldn’t put it past Ramona to blurt out how much money she makes just to stick it to JZ….it would be EPIC!!!

    • lillybee says:

      Ramona would be funny. Can you imagine the epic girdle fights between Jill and Heather?

    • california35 says:

      Yes! You lost your mind 😛

      You know that it would kill us of he dd go back and then everyone acts like nothing has ever happened….and they all let her do and say whatever she wants. NOW if what you say happens instead, THEN sure let her come
      Back…i want Ramona to tell her off and heather do hat she did to Luanne 😛

      • pat says:

        I don’t think they’d allow them to talk about getting fired or their salary, as that would be getting into the “fourth wall” territory.

        • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

          That why I said Ramona is not very good at following rules!! She would come out with some outlandish crap!!

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I could see it being interesting to see her back. But, I just don’t want her to get her way.

    • lillybee says:

      I pretty much went braless from 25 to 35. Of course those were the years that I was nursing and could not find a nursing bra in a 32A. Now that I wear one but I still do not droop.

    • AZGirl says:

      I use to be a perfect 34B. Then I turn 40 and the girls decided to have another growth spurt. Sh#t. I hate them. They are 36C and Mr.AZGirl is in heaven.

  30. california35 says:

    I have not been here in ages. I hope i didn’t miss too much, and i hope everyone is doing well.

    • vilzvet says:

      Hi cali. I am catching up myself, wondering if the nightmare of Jill possibly coming back is true.

  31. TexasTart says:

    Thanks to Johanna, Sweetnessnbubba, BB and NMD for Friday’s blog. I look forward to reading it and Thursdays too – this weekend. Duty calls, off to work.

    BB – how are you and family doing?

  32. Good Saturday Morning! I am off to an early start out of the house this morning but wanted to pop in and say hello….and an ever standing thank you to NMD and all of you who keep the blog going every day! Love you all!

    I hope everyone who has health issues is feeling better. BB, I hope you are getting to spend some good time with that bundle of joy. Everyone else, I hope your weekend is starting out with Love, Joy and Rest.

    Powell, I saw your comment above about Mr. Selfridge on Masterpiece Theater. I started watching it, but I do not like Jeremy Piven much, so I didn’t finish the first epi. But, my DVR recorded the second epi so I decided to see if it got any better and watched it. Still on the fence if I will finish it though. What did you think of it? I am interested in your opinion as I usually love all Masterpiece Theater productions…but Piven is so wooden and I am actually surprised he was chosen for this.

    Wishing everyone a very lovely Saturday!! 🙂

    New post, “Resisting Life”, is up at my place. Enjoy!

  33. majnon says:

    Camille Grammer will be on WWHL on Monday night to talk about her divorce and not coming back to RHOBH

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