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Real Housewives of Miami – Venue Party and Other News by NoMoreDrama

The Real Housewives of Miami are back to filming now that the Bravo upfronts are finished.  This weekend it’s Alexia’s Venue Magazine Party and something called Gay Polo. Alexia, Marysol. Ana, and Lauren Foster are all good friends and seems to enjoy filming together.  Here are some photos.  From their tweets it sounds like they had a lot of fun.

Before the fall - I was pushed

Lauren, Ana, Marysol, and Alexia

step and repeat - Lauren Foster

This morning they were all up early and on their way to something they called Gay Polo.  Alexia tweeted that she had lost her voice.


Meanwhile tonight is the Annual Blacks’ Gala.  Lea has tweeted that Lisa Hochstein and Joanna Krupa will be in attendance and wearing handbags from Lea’s line.  Karent Sierra also tweeted that she’ll be going to the Gala.  Karent isn’t listed as an official “friend of the housewives,” so it’ll be interesting to see if she gets any camera time.


In New Jersey News, the Lauritas and Joey Gorga had their day in court.  Jacqueline accused Johnny the Greek of starting the whole brawl.  The judge found probably cause, so now we’ve got a stand off between both sides accusing each other of essentially the same thing.  The funny thing is that it should all be on tape.  I somehow think they are heading for a lose-lose situation with this one and should all just agree to move on.


In a strange twist, it turns out Kenya Moore is actually friends with Carol Gist, the first African American Miss USA.  They grew up together in Detroit and were on the same dance team.  Kenya’s team is claiming that she was always clear that she was the second Black Miss USA (and she does say that in her intro on Bravo) but that her role model was Vanessa Williams, not Carol, because Carol was more of a friend. Porsha Stewart’s insinuation that Kenya was either trying to claim she was first, or to minimize Carol Gist’s role in history, stirred up some talk.  Turns out it was just a lot of talk about nothing.

Kenya and Carol

Kenya and Carol


Real Housewives of Vancouver

View the latest episode here …


Real Housewives of Vancouver Episode 10 Season 2 by NoMoreDrama

Here it is.  The final episode of the season.  Ronnie has already completely distanced herself from both the franchise (producers) and Jody and Mary.  She’s like us to think that Jody and Mary were the toxic ones and they drew her into their vortex of hate.  She’s also reminding viewers that she had PTSD because her child almost died, and in hindsight shouldn’t have returned for a second season.  I do not want to minimize Remy almost dying, but Ronnie was just as messed up last year before that happened.  And on-screen behavior aside, her twitter feed highlights how toxic and messed up SHE is.

But on to the show …

Wrapping up the Amanda is a businesswoman theme, Amanda is going to throw an Alice in Wonderland themed tea party (how original) to launch her Kambucha tea.  She tells Jody she’ll be inviting all the ladies. She was obviously told to because Mary hasn’t filmed with either Ronnie or Jody since Toronto.  They decide it’ll be a costume party with Amanda as Alice, Jody as the Evil Queen, Mia as a princess, Ronnie as the Mad Hatter, and Mary as a mushroom because they grow in shit.  Nice.



Mary and Robin meet with Mary’s matchmakers to look at Mary’s prospects.  Robin coaches Mary to NOT look at the pictures.  I think that’s probably good idea.  Number one is a sexy Italian.  Robin rules him out because he could be flirty.  Two likes to skinnydip.  Robin says no.  Three is tall.  Four is the whole package.  He’s a billionaire.  Robin says he’s a darling and he’s the one.    She tells Mary he looks familiar.

The Evil Queen and her Princess Arrive

The Evil Queen and her Princess Arrive

Ioulia with her step-sons.

Ioulia with her step-sons.

It’s the day of the Tea Party at Van Dusen Gardens. For some reason Amanda wants to impress Jody with her decorations.  All of sudden the guests are arriving.  Jody and Mia arrive as Queen and Princess, and Jody snidely remarks to the camera that Mia required a $3,000 costume.  Ioulia brings her step-sons, and Ronnie says she’s never seen Ioulia with kids.  They are’t exactly “kids.”

Mad hatter.

Mad hatter.

Then Ronnie downs some champagne, voicing over that she was just taking a break from alcohol.  At this point I have to point out that she’s an outright liar – she said on twitter that she was wine free for an entire year.  Does she think we’re stupid?

Mary is a bunny.

Mary is a bunny.

Mary arrives as a bunny, with backup from a few friends because Robin is sick.  She has no misconceptions  about what she’s going to have to deal with.  Jody voices over that Mary’s costume is completely inappropriate for a 50 year old.  I say go for it Mary.  Mary makes the mistake of saying hello to Jody.  Jody immediately starts to mutter, “who’s she saying hi to,” and short circuiting.  Mary walks right by Ronnie, and Ronnie is upset she didn’t say anything.  Basically either way she’s wrong with these two.

Amanda makes her entrance, looking cute.  She notices that Mary is off away from the others, and voices over that Mary is probably safer that way.  She then gives a speech saying she’s glad they could all come together even if they “f*ing hate each other.”  Everyone laughs.

Mary talks to Amanda about what happened the night of her birthday party, when Amanda ditched Mary for Jody.  A few seconds into the conversation Jody notices and starts shrieking at Amanda to come talk to HER because she must be bored out of her mind.  Amanda cracks up.  As Mary tries to ignore her, Jody makes a complete ass of herself by shrieking, “Amanda, she’s lying, she’s lying, it’s all lies.”  Here’s where I want one of the other ladies to say “STFU Jody.”  I’m not holding my breath.

Holy cow.  Ronnie voices over that sometimes she feels like telling Jody to shut up.  She walks over to Mary and asks her if everything is all right, in a nice normal tone.  Mary is completely confused and asks what’s going on.  Ronnie explains that she’s trying to save her from Jody.  But then she tells Mary that it really hurt her feelings that she wasn’t invited to Mary’s birthday.  WTF?  She didn’t invite Mary to either of her birthday parties the week before and told Mary they needed to take a break.  Now Jody is screeching, “Ronnie, Ronnie, come here.”

Mary and Ronnie have a civil chat.

Mary and Ronnie have a civil chat.

Meanwhile Ronnie is saying to Mary, “I feel like we’re married or something.  Where did we go wrong?”  Is she completely drunk because she isn’t slurring or anything, but wowza.  As Ronnie and Mary talk quietly, Jody is telling Amanda why she hates Mary – and droning on and on and on.  Meanwhile, Mary is explaining to Ronnie how hurt she was that Ronnie was going around telling private things about the two of them.  “Like we slept together?” Ronnie asks with a straight face.  You can almost see Mary catch her breath.  Mary says, “We never slept together.”  In a voice over she says that it’s an outright lie.  In her voiceover, Ronnie says whatever happened, happened, without being specific at all.  Ronnie tells Mary she’s sorry that she said it.

Jody starts to shriek.

Jody starts to shriek.

The conversation moves on to Ronnie’s birthday, and with a drink in her hand Ronnie claims with a straight face that Robin put a pill in her drink and drugged her.  Mary says what we’re all thinking, “Are you kidding me?”  And then Ronnie mutters the words we’ve been waiting for.  “You know I love you right.  I think about you all the time.”  And there you have it.  The woman is OBSESSED with Mary.  The lies about the hook up, the comments about being in a marriage, the over the top emotional reactions to nothing – this woman LOVES Mary in a stalkerish way.  As they hug, Jody shrieks, “Oh, God, Ronnie is hugging Mary,” as if she suddenly realizes that Mary’s life is in danger from this crazy bitch.  Well that’s what she should be thinking, but really she’s sticking with her storyline that Mary is a sociopath.  I wonder how she feels now that Ronnie has distanced herself on twitter?

Jody really cannot take it that Ronnie is talking to Mary.  She jumps up from the table to physically pull Ronnie away.  Ioulia half heartedly tries to stop her.  Ronnie tries to get them to hug, but Jody starts screeching that she can’t stand Mary.  She literally DRAGS Ronnie away from Mary and MAKES her sit at her table.  She tells everyone Mary is a piece of shit.  With some careful editing, we cut to Mary telling Jody that she will not tolerate Jody calling her a piece of shit in a soft and calm voice.  Something short circuited again with Jody, and she starts to really yell this time.  I mean yell.  “Look at you, you’re a piece of shit.  You don’t have fillers in your face?  You look like a Martian.”  Mia is in the background looking aghast.  Jody starts screaming about Mary’s sex life and calls her a hooker.  Ioulia (who looks drunk) slurs that Mary doesn’t sleep with men to make money, and then behind her hand she loud whispers, “who would sleep with her to make money.”  I guess we know how Ioulia really feels finally.  Ronnie tries to get her to stop, and Jody cries, “No, no you’re a loser.  Ronnie f*ing hates Mary, but she’s got something on her so she’s nice to her.  What a horrible relationship.  You’re a moron.  You live in a regular apartment, you don’t have a car.  You’re an embarrassment to women.  These women support each other.  You’re disgusting.”  Ioulia is shoving cake down her throat.  Amanda is shocked.  Ioulia stands up and slurs, “I swear to god, Jody cooks the best damn cakes in the world.”

Amanda has no idea what to do.

Amanda has no idea what to do.

Amanda is pretty upset and feels her party is being ruined.  Jody gets wind of this and starts to scream at her (another cut in editing because now Jody and Mary and nowhere near each other).  Jody tells Amanda she needs to be loyal to HER, and that she needs to pick her side.  Jody voices over that it’s all Amanda’s fault for putting her in the same room as Mary.

Meanwhile Mary is telling Ronnie that Jody just told Amanda to pick her side, and that’s one thing Ronnie would never do for her.  That throws Ronnie over the edge because she’s tired of being between the two of them.  She tells them to go sail down a slow boat to wherever.  Ronnie starts screaming that they are both “f*ed up” and Mary is telling Jody she’s pitiful, and Jody is still screaming.  We’re twenty minutes into the episode.

Mia isn't buying what Jody is selling.

Mia isn’t buying what Jody is selling.

After Mary and Ronnie leave, Jody breaks down and apologizes to Amanda.  She says she just felt like she needed to say it because Mary is not a good person.  Mia says that Jody is her biggest role model, but that she just wanted her to stop today.  Jody say, “you never see mum misbehave, you always see mum as a lady.”  Delusional much?  Even Mia can’t keep a straight face for that statement.

Two filler scenes – Mary getting ready for her blind date and Ioulia hanging art for her event.

Jody and Ronnie meet to talk over what happened at the party.  Jody says she was just defending Ronnie because her relationship with Mary is so messed up.  Ronnie tries to steer the conversation back to how Jody behaved, but Jody keeps putting it back on the Ronnie/Mary dynamic.  Ronnie gets exasperated because she really wants to look like the good guy and doesn’t want the viewers to know that Jody’s behavior was a result of her badmouthing Mary for so long.  She’s rather think that she had nothing to do with it, and that it was because of what happened last season between Mary and Jody.  Ronnie repeats some of the things Jody said to Mary, and tells her she can think those things but she can’t say them.  Jody sits back in her chair, and in a firm voice says, “I meant everything I said.”  This takes Ronnie by surprise, and she asks her to repeat it.  I think it was the tone more than anything.   She voices over that she was expecting Jody to be remorseful, but she wasn’t.

Finally Mary’s blink date.  It’s Brett Wilson – a Canadian philanthropist.  Whoot Whoot.  Brett had this to say about the show: “For clarity – lets be clear – ALL #RealityTV is – to varying degrees – scripted / encouraged / managed / directed. #ItsNotRealLife #Drama”

He and Mary seem to be friends  – he tweeted this during the show “Ok fine – I am watching #RHOV to see what else is @MaryZilbasFault – I mean really @MaryZilba – is #Sh*tDisturbing your middle name?”

Back to the date – Brett sits down and Mary recognizes him from his TV show.  He seems relaxed but distracted by the gorgeous view – and they cut to him taking a peak at Mary’s cleavage – heh.  The date turns into an infomercial.  He gives her a necklace that he’s selling, and then brings out a book.  Mary feigns excitement.  The date “appears” to go well.  He asks for her phone number and they kiss.

Ioulia is nervous because it’s pouring on the night of her event.  She also realizes there isn’t a bathroom.  She voices over that she needs to impress the crème de la crème of Vancouver to be seen as a respectable art dealer.  But she’s invited all the ladies.

Before they go to the event, Mary and Robin meet so Mary can fill Robin in on what happened at the tea party.  They decide Jody needs help.  Then Mary tells Robin about Ronnie’s insinuation that Robin slipped her something.  Obviously Robin is pissed that she’s being accused of something like that.

Iolia is working her event.  The room is full.  Iolia says things are going great.  Cut to Mary and Robin arriving by limo with something to say to Jody and Ronnie respectively.   Uh Oh.  Ronnie arrives with her son, saying she’s not in the mood for more drama.  Robin immediately makes a beeline for her, and brings up the drugging allegation.  Ronnie voices over – “who does that.  I’m going to call you out.  I’m going to call you out on every little thing.”  Ummmm Ronnie – you accused her of drugging you on national TV.   Not once, but several times.  I think she has the right to address your lie.  Robin is actually more gracious than I would have been and says that Ronnie shouldn’t assume that she was drugged just because she can’t remember what happened.  Instead of accepting that she was wrong, Ronnie gets defensive and tells Robin to never come up to her in a public forum and talk to her like that ever again.  So it’s okay to tell lies in a public forum, but it’s not okay to confront lies.  Good to know the Ronnie rules.  Ronnie says “f-you, f-you all,” and leaves.  And that’s the end of Ronnie’s time as a housewife.

The night is going perfectly.  Ronnie is gone, Ioulia, Mary, and Robin are all smiles.  In walks Jody.  Mary has gotten her nerve up to confront Jody.  But instead she apologizes to Jody.  Jody tells her “you have bad breath.”  Mary feels she made progress with Jody.

And that’s the end.  As far as the ending frames- Ioulia had dropped her husband, and Amanda has dropped her boyfriend.  I’m not sure if there will be a reunion.


Saturday TV Lineup, April 13th, by BB

8PM – Don’t Be Tardy: First Look (Bravo); Dr. Who (BBC); Smash (NBC); Bet on Your Baby (ABC); Antiques Roadshow (PBS); NASCAR (7PM Fox); North Woods Law (Disc); My Cat from Hell (Anpl)

9PM – Iyanla, Fix My Life: DMX (OWN); Joan and Melissa: Joan Knows Best? (WE); Orphan Black (BBC); 48 Hours (CBS); Bet on Your Baby (ABC); The Ultimate Fighter (FX); North Woods Law (Disc); Auction Hunters (Spike); Murder in Paradise (ID); My Ghost Story: Caught on Camera (Bio); Untold Stories of the ER (FitTV); Renovation Realities (DIY);  Behind the Music Remastered: Thin Lizzy (VH1)

10PM – Life with LaToya (10:30 OWN); 48 Hours (CBS); Call the Midwife (10:30 PBS); North Woods Law (Disc); Savage Family Diggers (Spike); Scorned Love Kills (ID); Something Wicked (Bio); The Nerdist (BBC)

11:30PM – SNL: Vince Vaughn with Miguel


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  1. LaineyLainey says:

    Happy Saturday, my people!!!

  2. Orson says:


  3. AZGirl says:

    Third? Just got back from a very LONG hike. Man I am sore.

  4. Powell says:

    Good afternoon Lainey, Orson AZGirl & everyone. 🙂 It’s a nice day out even though it’s a little cool. I hope everyone gets a little air today. I’ve been out and now I will be giving myself a manicure. It a few hour process for me. What’s everyone up to?

  5. melthehound says:

    NMD, Thank you for recapping the RHOV. Thanks to your recaps, I don’t have to watch. Ronnie just should admit she’s little more than a drunken lush. PTSD. Please. That’s shrunken brain from too much booze. Hint, Ronnie, Wine and champagne are booze too. No amount of money can change the fact that you’re just a drunk. Anyone who believes that bitch is done with the show, raise your hand………… Go ahead, I’ll wait…….. Anybody? Okay, moving on.

    The reason I’m happiest to read your recaps is I don’t have to hear Jody’s voice. I just want to shove a sweaty sock down her throat. Why do these women seemingly kiss her ass? Does she have photos of them with 3 goats, two monkeys, and a donkey?

    My pick for favorites of the season, is Robin followed closely by Ioulia. Both strike me as no bullshit type women. I’m sure they have their flaws that I didn’t see because I didn’t watch all of the episodes but what I did see, I liked.

    • I liked those two as well. I think Jody might be playing a role to ensure she’s asked back next year. Ronnie is just nuts.

      • jezzibel says:

        I agree that Jody came on the show with the clear intent to be the villain…but there is something about Mary that brings out the bat crap crazy in her. Mary needs to realize that she and Jody are never going to have a civil moment and she should just keep her mouth shut about/around Jody.

        • Powell says:

          Jody’s intent nay be to play a role but she constantly tells Mary she’s crazy, needs mental help, she’s going to die if she doesn’t get help or something to that affect. Mary has kids & Jody doesn’t care if what she says affects them. Jody has basically told Amanda & Ioulia if they are friends w/Mary something is wrong w/them & that she won’t be friends w/them. I like watching the HWs for a little fun but the teenage attitudes, back stabbing, & team picking is so ridiculous.

          • melthehound says:

            You want to send Jody over the edge? Point to her and tell Hannah to go see her Grandmother. I’m not the only one who thinks that’s Mia’s kid and Jody is pushing past 50 years old.

        • Powell says:

          I like Mary but don’t like her hiding things like “no I wasn’t married because my marriage was annulled, just because she didn’t tell her kids; lying about a friends child being in an accident & then lying that her kids where having a party instead of saying the truth that Jody & Ronnie where acting like azzes & she wanted to leave Amanda’s party. Those things get on my nerves because they weren’t necessary.

          • rabblerouser2010R says:

            I don’t get why Mary didn’t own that whole thing either. She could have just said, yes you are right…I was trying to make a polite exit because I could see that Jodi and her posse were going to spend the evening being unpleasant and making jabs at me…and quite frankly who needs this shit. But now that it’s all out in the open..hey Jodi try shutting up once in a would make you more attractive you fur hag.

      • melthehound says:

        I don’t think she’s that good of an actress. None of them are.

      • rabblerouser2010R says:

        I really like Ioulia, she reminds me of Christina where she isn’t bullcrap. I think I like Robin but I think something might be brewing in her. I can tell you that the whole allegation they made of her drugging Ronnie would have made me go off the charts if someone did that to me.

        I can’t stand Jodi or her want to be Paris Hilton of a daughter.

        • Powell says:

          Jody has raised a very mean daughter who thinks she’s all that and a.bag of chips. 🙂 I haven’t heard that statement in a long time.

          • melthehound says:

            I actually thought of that saying the other day. Don’t remember why, but I did. I’m sure it was HW related though 😉

            • rabblerouser2010R says:

              For some reason…all this talk of chips makes me want onion rings…and I have never liked onion rings but Stars excellent blog has had me thinking of them for days.

    • Powell says:

      LOL MTH. I don’t know why Ronnie just doesn’t say she’s an alcoholic? I don’t get it. And she’s not drinking Welch’s grape Juice. Wine/Champagne= Alcohol. Last weeks epi was a trip when Ronnie & Jody said Robin spiked Ronnie’s glass. How come when Amanda got an alcoholic drink by mistake & tasted it she knew right away it was an alcoholic drink but when Ronnie tasted her drink she knocked it back?
      I don’t know why the other ladies are up Jody’s azz either. She’s nothing but mean personified.
      I like Ioulia too. She cracks me up when they exclude Mary from events & then do nothing but talk about Mary & Ioulia says “why do we have to talk about Mary?”. LOL.

      • melthehound says:

        I think Ronnie probably spiked her own drink.

        • Powell says:

          She totally did. Instead of owning her drunkenness she put it on Robin to blame anyone but herself. Her husband is a fool. He just placates to her. Telling her “Mary isn’t your friend”. No she’s not Mary’s,friend.

  6. LaineyLainey says:

    I brought over the funny link for the housewives cartoons…

    I don’t see Ana Q from Miami. Or the Carrier Pigeon., 😦

  7. Looks like Robin’s marriage is over as well – she tweeted this in response to Ronnie saying her castmates weren’t supportive:
    “We all had a bit of drama and trauma going on
    I lost my twin and 7 days later a 20 year marriage”

    • jezzibel says:

      I was under the impression Robin wasn’t married when she was introduced

      • rabblerouser2010R says:

        That is what I thought too. The Ioulia thing caught me of guard tho, does she even have a twitter?

    • Vegas Chick says:

      I have always been convinced that Stoopid is a man… #misogynistmuch #explainsalot

  8. Here’s the old blog with WudUpDetective. You’ll see a lot of familiar names in the comments section (waxdiva is stoopidhousewives)

    • Orson says:

      “Circumstances will never be the same!”

      • princesspindy says:

        Consequences will never be the same.

        • Orson says:

          Oh yeah. My fault.

          • princesspindy says:

            He died. The whole thing was funny until it wasn’t.

            • realhousewifeva says:

              And now that girl lives life as a boy named Damien. I never thought any of it was funny. She had some major issues.

              • Orson says:

                I don’t think you should leave kids that age (or level of maturity) behind closed doors with a computer. Set up the computer in the living room or family room where anyone can walk by and peek at what they’re doing.

              • princesspindy says:

                It is so sad. When I first saw the video of the dad I thought it was a joke, so I thought it was funny but then I found out it was for realz and then the shit storm and the abuse allegations and it just was unreal. I think if it had been a SVU episode no one would have believed it and I don’t doubt they made it into an episode….

                • LaineyLainey says:

                  What in the world are y’all talking about? Is it too hard to explain? If so, that’s ok. But these comments have me intrigued.

    • Donna says:

      ROFLMAO at comments, I recognize a few handles that I have not seen in a while.

    • LA Debra says:

      That made my head hurt :/

  9. catmom1 says:

    OT After reading about a 15 yr old girl, Audrie Pott, committing suicide 8 days after being sexually assaulted, I just can’t stop thinking about it. After the 3 boys (who were her friends) assaulted her while she was passed out, they added further insult to injury by taking and distributing pictures of the attack. Now, seven months after the suicide, police finally made arrests yesterday.

    I don’t have kids, but I just don’t/can’t understand how this happens. When I was a teenager (a bazillion years ago), there was drinking going on. I’m assuming this has always happened. But we always looked out for each other. I just can’t fathom the mentality that thinks this is ok, and then after the fact you post pics of it. I feel so badly for the girl and her family. Hope they are able to get some justice and find some peace.

    Here’s the link for one of the many articles on this story.

    • melthehound says:

      I read about this yesterday and was going to post with my own editorial but, decided against doing so. I’ve said time and time again, that animals should be treated as animals regardless of age and put on trial as adults when they do the adult crimes (I think this is the same story). Only to be told, I’m wrong. Protect the kids and give them every chance in the world to shit on the law (my interpretation). I say, phuck those three pieces of shit and let them rot in prison.

      • catmom1 says:

        I completely agree with you. From what I’ve read so far it seems that all parties are in a very wealthy area. I do wonder if $$$ has slowed the wheels of justice any and if the parents of these murderers (because in my mind, they did, in fact kill Audrie) will be able to buy their sons out of this one.

        • melthehound says:

          Catmom1, I think that is exactly what will happen. FWIW, they are murderers in my mind too.

        • Powell says:

          Well if they are from a wealthy are then Audrie’s parents have money too and they need to use every dime & every connection they have to make sure their daughter gets justice.

          • catmom1 says:

            I’m sure they will Powell. There are mentions of possible civil lawsuits and her parents have started the Audrie Pott Foundation ( to provide music and art scholarships and offer youth counseling and support. My personal hope is that this story goes and stays national in the press and social media so that it doesn’t get swept under the carpet. I believe it will take national scrutiny to get this family any sort of justice.

      • catmom1 says:

        From everything I’ve read, here is what I’ve gleaned. Audrie goes to a friends for a sleepover. The friends parents are out of town in Napa. The kids get into the liquor, mix it with gatorade and Audrie goes to a bedroom to pass out. After she has gone to the bedroom and passed out, the 3 boys arrive at the party. The articles I’ve read say there were 10-15 kids there. The boys go to the bedroom, vaginally penetrate her with something, and make some kind of markings on her body. Audrie wakes up to realize something has happened to her. Later she sees pictures of what happened that are sent to multiple people (one report says one of them was posted on the internet) and is traumatized. Eight days after the attack, she hangs herself. Parents have no idea about any of this. After the funeral, several of Audries friends go to her mom and tell her there is more to the story. Then mom starts looking at her daughters phone & facebook acct. As an aside, according to reports, Audrie had been bullied before at school. The parents did report it to the principal. After her death, the principal made some coment IIRC about her death not having anything to do with bullying.

        Wish I could stop thinking about this, but it’s just so cruel and heartless.

        • melthehound says:

          Yep. We are talking about the same story..

          • catmom1 says:

            First, I’d like to publicly humiliate the little bastards for a couple of weeks, and finish off with a nice evisceration. Just so furious.

            • I saw this too catmom1 & MTH….what pisses me off is that they waited until after the young lady committed suicide to arrest the young men. What was that about?!? AND….so many of these stories have been in the news lately…when did it become ok to do this? Where are these kids learning this behavior and why? It is too, too terrible!

              • catmom1 says:

                MarDrag, unfortunately Audrie didn’t tell her parents about the attack. They didn’t find out anything about it until after her funeral. It’s bad enough to have to bury your tennage daughter. I just can’t imagine what they felt after finding out about her attack and the pics. It’s taken since September for the police to finally make arrests. Shameful. Like you, I question where kids are coming up with this. I don’t understand it.

                • Catseye says:

                  I SO agree with you catmom1. I don’t have kids either (or rather just the furbaby kind) and I have no regrets, seeing what the world has come to. Raping teenage girls and boasting about it? Sick, sick people. What kind of parents raise their sons to be so callous? As far as I know, CA prosecutes minors as adults for serious crimes and these worthless brats are gonna learn firsthand what rape and humiliation is all about.

      • Powell says:

        They most definitely need to be tried as adults.

      • chismosa says:

        No these kids are not acting as well as most animals, you’re criticizing animals. (Who live at the mercy of us disgusting humans)

        • melthehound says:

          I believe you know what I meant 😉

          • chismosa says:

            My brain was a little mangled up – brain farts at times on here at certain times of day, also depending on where I post from– yes, those gross kids would be LUCKY to be called animals.

            I know what you meant. So disgusting. What is WRONG with people. Rather, the generation of parents of these kids ? What generation is that? And what did their own parents show them growing up that led them to raise their kids today so badly?

            MTH So happy Amazing Race is back tomorrow. I missed it. Here’s hoping Buffalo tan man and wife go home soon. 😜

            • melthehound says:

              I took what you said about being insulting to the animals as a joke 😆 I’m with everyone else who is disgusted by this.

              TAR tomorrow and I hope that annoying jackass goes home too 😉

    • Powell says:

      catmom that is heartbreaking. That poor girl. I don’t understand what the kids that raped her parents have taught them. My heart goes out to her parents.

      • melthehound says:

        Somehow I doubt their parents have taught them much other than how to be criminally dumb. If even that. It’s one thing to commit a crime, quite another to record it and put the evidence online. They should be put in an environment where natural selection can take it’s proper course and they just get eaten alive. Prison. Not some country club juvie boystown lockup but, Prison.

        • catmom1 says:

          I like the way you think melthehound.

          • melthehound says:


            • not THAT Jill says:

              This story and the outcome is so beyond makes my heart hurt. We as a society are better than this.We need to raise our kids better than this. We need to expect more and get more. Our girls deserve more than this…right?

              • melthehound says:

                I couldn’t agree more, Jill. It may be sick of me but I couldn’t help wonder if this girl was a virgin when this happened to her.

                • vilzvet says:

                  After seeing this story I raced to the phone to call my (15 year old) daughter to double check who she was with. I later showed her the news article and explained how easily that could happen to a teenager. Very frightening and that girl was so beautiful and had her life cut short.

                • jezzibel says:

                  As much as Anonymous makes me wary, I’m kind of glad they are exposing the perpetrators and their supporters to social justice if not legal justice. I’ve noticed kids these days have no concept of consequences to their actions. I’m a military brat of a single parent, who grew up to join the military, so cause and effect was something I learned along with walking.
                  When we moved to the states after spending my 1st decade in europe, I went to a public junior high instead of a DOD school, and boy did I get picked on by the snobby little elites at that school, I can’t remember when it occurred to me that I unsettled them because I wasn’t turning myself inside & out trying to be in their clique, and that I had lived in the world that they so far had only seen in history textbooks, and I was an independent thinker. Looking back, I’m disgusted by the way these kids were handled with kid gloves by some of the teachers, because they were the athletes & the cheerleaders, and they were dumb as posts.

  10. Buttercream says:

    Hello Ladies – Happy Saturday to all! Catching up on weekly cleaning, allergies are a mess with this past week cra-cra weather! Hope everyone is well!

  11. Hey Everyone! Just got back from attending an open house at a Culinary Institute that DD is considering attending. So cool! She wants to take her life in a different direction and I am so happy for her. I waited too long to get out of a corporate career and I am thrilled she is not going to do the same. Some of you have seen pics of her dessert marvels and I think she will be great at this. Exhausting day though and ready for a bit of a nap.

    Powell, I wanted to bring my response to your comment about Mr. Selfridge over here in case you did not see it on the last blog page. You asked if anyone was watching…and I am…but not sure about it because of Jeremy Piven. I don’t care for him as an actor, so wooden…and I was surprised to see he was cast in this. I wanted to hear what your opinion of the show is. I love all things Masterpiece Theater, but I don’t know about this one. Thoughts??

    Lainey…thanks for your comment and glad you found the post inspiring!

    Gonna go have a little lay down….BBL. Hugs to all!

    Today’s post is “Resisting Life”. Enjoy!

    • Powell says:

      That must have been fun touring a culinary institute. Godd luck to your DD.

      I’ve loved MPT since I was a child. Mr. Selfridges is very good. I like Jeremy Pivens. He was funny on Entourage. But Selfridges is just beginning. That was part I. I missed the first 10-15 minutes. The dept store is just opening & they are bleeding money so Mr. Selfridge is coming up w/innovative ideas. Thus is the 1st dept store in London so it’s something the citizens are used to. It looks like Selfridge will have an affair w/the woman he has as “the face of Selfridges”. A Socialite helped him get an investor when Mr. Waring backed out. I wonder if that is kitchen wares Waring. Mr. Selfridge hires a young woman that he met at a smaller store I believe & the head of the women’s dept is hard on her becauser she thinks she got her job w/o truly earning it, so she has it out for her. Its very good.

      • Hey Powell….we had a blast at the institute! Great instructors! I will pass your good luck along to DD.

        I never watched Entourage (I know, gasp!), but I just have never cared for JP. The show itself is very good and I enjoy the story lines. Kind of a Downton Abbey via a department store! LOL! I have seen the second episode so I won’t spoil anything for you…but you are on to what is about to happen. There is a very good twist at the end of the epi with Selfridge’s wife though! Enjoy watching!

        P.S. I like watching shows like this that have a basis in real events. Love historical novels and programming.

    • Boobah says:

      I remember her desserts from the pics you posted – they were gorgeous. I bet they tasted awesome too! Good for your DD. That is very exciting!

  12. Happy Saturday….. all know I live in cow country….just came in from petting 2 baby cows that FINALLY walked up to the fence next to the hotel… so cute…….. I am bringing them a beachball tomorrow to see if they will headbutt it and play with each other….

    hugs and peace

    • Powell says:

      That would be a sight to see. Diva you need to rest & put up your feet. No being bored. 🙂

  13. chismosa says:

    What a beautiful picture of Ana! I know most don’t like her here but I love her. And she stood up to the Don of the Miami cast. Lol

    Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend

    Go Kenya tomorrow! Haha

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Hi Chismosa!! She IS very beautiful. Her beauty has nothing to do with my opinion of her horrible behavior at their reunion. I thought she was so cool before that.

      The Don of the Miami cast? LOL!! Do you think every HW show has it’s own Don? Who would be the Don of Atlanta. Miss Nene??

      • chismosa says:

        Hey Laiñeita— lol

        I think Ana is beautiful and also, (for some reason), i like her personality. Or rather, Bravo’s edit of it.
        I think she went after Lea after some hard hits Lea was given free passes on. I don’t of course, agree with her tactics but hey, she went for that “Don”.
        No one went crazy here when Teresa brought up anything about NJ’s Don’s looks, need for plastic surgery, weight, at that reunion. We all excuse what we want to excuse because we like who we like (me: Nene, Ramona, Sonja, Kenya, and to a certain extent I know I’ll get shot for saying this: Kathy and Melissa and Danielle on NJ).

        I just can’t stand Lea. MHO!

        I don’t think EVERY franchise has a don, but you guys would have to tell me –I get the feeling Lisa is a Don in BH, but in a good way. Haha.

        IMHO I don’t think nene is the DON of Atlanta, but she is the star. She’ll give opinions of everyone else but say it once and shut up after, unlike the original redheaded Don who keeps AT things.

        Can’t wait to see nene go after Esquire tomorrow. I hope it’s not unfounded !

        Hope you are basking in your beautiful daughter’s successes!!!

        • LaineyLainey says:

          Awww, that’s nice – Chismosita – yes, basking a lil bit. 🙂

          Re: Ana. I think you’re right that Tre made some low blows at The Don. But I felt that “Angry Don” was provoking her at that moment. Tre didn’t come at her with both barrels, she didn’t seem to dredge it up from something in the past or something off camera…she was striking back or reacting in the heat of the moment…but still, two wrongs don’t make a right and all that. So I do see your point. I never had anything against Ana before….maybe I’ll get over it in the next season. Ana seemed to (to me) come out of the gate unprovoked…but as you said, that was her edit. Good or bad, that’s how they edited the reunion and ultimately, that’s what we got to see.

          The first season of NJ I was not fond of Tre AT ALL. But then when everyone ganged up on her, I felt some sympathy for her and since the others are so hard to like…I started to kinda root for Tre. I did surprise myself.

          I do think Nene is kinda “The Don” …but she’s the Don who has earned her place as opposed to Caroline who just assumed (presumed) the role of advice giver (albeit UNSOLICITED) whereas Nene is the “The Tenacious Don” she’s the energizer bunny and in the sense that when she talks, people listen,. She is a workhorse and willing to hustle…the pizza’s, the hollywood stuff, relocating, etc. She doesn’t sit at home like the Original Don expecting everyone else to bow down to her.

          You’re right Lisa is The Don of BH. Like she was just born into the position. Much to everyone else’s disappointment. Especially Adrienne. “The Queen Don.”

          And OC? Vicky. But she’s like the OLD Don – – – the other ladies treat her like she’s the pathetic old gramma that tries too hard; so they all just try to placate her, give her a little attention but have a lot more fun when she’s not around. “Gramma Don”

          And Lea? “Married Well Don”? I don’t know, that’s all I’ve got. LOL!!

          I guess I should say goodnight – or as Kim Dick would say “time to go poop on my pillow!!”

    • realhousewifeva says:

      I think Ana is very pretty and I like her…finally someone stood up to Lea Black and got her all flustered!

      • California35 says:

        I didn’t watch the reunion, and all I know is from you all here. It sounds like Ana is no longer popular (or was she before?). Any ways, based on what I saw, I felt bad for her with her relationship stuff, and later for having to speak up at that guy’s house. In ore words, I liked her. As far as her looks, love her hair and I think she is a very attractive lady. I wish her happiness. I didn’t really like Lea, being so against Marisol (another Miami wife I like) and all the stuff related to Lea :-/. The only thing that got my attention is when she lost her dog 😦 but even then, I couldn’t help but feel like all wssmfor thr cameras and to get sympathy.

  14. melthehound says:

    Good Gawd.. Why the phuck did I click that youtube link?

    • realhousewifeva says:

      Are you talking about RHoV? Really, I can tolerate a lot with the bad behavior on Real Housewives since that is what it’s all turned into, but this is just too much. They made the season short and aren’t even doing a reunion (for their highest rated show!) for a reason. And if that reason is because some of those ladies are clearly mentally unstable and possibly harmful, they need to let them go. I’m so sick of bad behavior being rewarded! I agreed with Mary when she said she was actually concerned for Jody. Jody and Ronnie’s obsession with Mary just is not normal. Jody tries to claim it was because during that time she was getting those threatening texts from someone who claimed to be a friend of Mary’s, but that does not excuse her behavior in the least. Mary’s not perfect, but next to these ladies she’s a frickin’ saint.

      I am convinced Jody is bankrolling Amanda’s tea business. The way she looked at Amanda and threatened her to not go against her…there’s no other explanation.

      I noticed Jody’s Glass House website has been down for a few days now, and its facebook page is getting slammed with negative comments. But still, she has lots of supporters on twitter and that makes me sad. It’s unfortunate that there are people who really do love this behavior. I don’t even think Jody was acting at that point, she really is crazy.

      • jezzibel says:

        One thing I thought was hilarious about RHOV, was when Jody was saying that Mary’s birthday party probably only had three people the next bit of footage showed Mary’s party in full swing with plenty of guests, I think they did this more than once, showing what Jody believed, and then what was actually going on. So the someone in editing/producing has Jody’s number and has no problem showing how off the mark her assumptions about Mary are.
        The poster that said Hannah was actually Mia’s daughter, wow..I never even thought of that and how perceptive you are.
        Jody bankrolling Amanda’s placenta tea(which does have a .1% to 10% alcohol content) is why she has Amanda by the short and curlies. Robin doesn’t need her, Ioulia would never make that kind of deal with Jody for money, and Ronnie is a uncontrollable flip-flopping lush who would change allegiance in heartbeat.

        • melthehound says:

          jezzibel, that would be me who said that Hannah was probably Mia’s daughter. The idea isn’t originally mine though.

      • Powell says:

        realhousewifeva I’m w/you about Jody needing help. I can’t understand her obsession w/Mary. This is all because Mary.told the truth that Jody sells vintage Birkins & that means they were previously owned. Makes no since. Maybe all Jody says is wrong w/Mary Jody is afraid to see that its her.

        I believe Jody is bank rolling Amanda too. Why else would she support Jody’s treatment of Mary?

        I wonder why Ioulia divorced her husband?

      • Powell says:

        Also I don’t think Jody’s life is so fabulous as she wants us to believe.

      • melthehound says:

        I watched it late last night even after I said I didn’t care to see it.

  15. melthehound says:

    What a witch…

  16. I Need A Life! says:

    Good morning. Catmom and all, I haven’t been able to get the story of Audrie out of my mind as well. If the Housewives franchises would band together and cheer on a cause, giving Audrie’s story attention would be the one. Young women need to become aware that they can fight back.

    If not the Housewives, then the Mob Wives need to get out there with a public service announcement. Fight Back. Talk To Your Parents. Talk To Somebody. Don’t Take Crap From Any Boy. NOT WORTH IT.

    • I Need A Life! says:

      …and as moms, we really do need to let our girls know that we won’t judge. We’ll fight back with you. My own teenage son didn’t realize that it’s rape when you use a hand or object. I had to explain that rape happens when the other person says NO.

    • catmom1 says:

      Good morning I Need A Life! That’s exactly how I feel. If anyone is old enough to remember the movie Network, I feel like the broadcaster in the scene where he raises the window, leans out of it and yells, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.” I can’t say exactly why this story resonates so strongly with me, perhaps because there are so many reasons. There is a famous quote that I don’t remember exactly. It says something like “all it takes for evil to exist is for good men to do nothing.” Well, I don’t want to do nothing. I want to shout from the rooftops about this. I want everyone to know what these three murdering SOBs did. I want parents to have conversations with their sons and daughters about this, so they can learn something positive from this incredible tragedy.

      I don’t tweet, so if some of you who do could tweet this story to the housewives and mob wives, I would really appreciate it. Audrie’s parents are holding a news conference on Tuesday.

    • realhousewifeva says:

      I’m so disgusted by this story. There is so much I want to say but I can’t get my words together properly. My daughter is in middle school and I see everyday how so many kids simply have no parental guidance. The kids have phones, internet access, social media access, etc… and their parents have no clue or don’t care to monitor what their children are doing. My daughter is not allowed to have a phone and while she has instagram on our password protected family iPad, I am the one who set it up for her and tells her who she can and cannot add as her friends on there. So many of her friends admit that their parents don’t even know what they do online.
      Why are parents allowing their children to have this much control and freedom? I will never understand. The fact that these kids had the ability to be at a home, unmonitored, with alcohol is a big problem to me, and the reason my children have NEVER been allowed to sleep at anyone else’s home (I really don’t care if they miss out on that ‘experience’) Their friends can sleep here, but not vice versa..
      And the fact that these boys thought it was okay to do what they did, and basically brag about it, makes me feel physically sick.

      One of my daughter’s friends (who is like a daughter to me) posted a picture on instagram on Friday saying how a boy in her class hurt her feelings and made her cry because he always makes fun of her and calls her ugly. His friends were on there replying to her that he has a right to say what he wants and that she needs to get over it and stop being so ’emotionally weak’. It disgusted me. I had a conversation with those boys about it, and at the end one of them said he was sorry for defending his friend and never witnessed the bullying and that he wouldn’t like it if it was his sister who was being called names and who’s feelings were hurt. Why can’t their own parents have these conversations with these kids who are learning that it’s cool or funny to harrass someone?

      • catmom1 says:

        realhousewifeva, as I’ve said, I don’t have any children. Like Catseye, just furbabies, well, and a husband. I want you to know how incredibly grateful and appreciative I am that there are parents like you still out there actually parenting and raising responsible children to send out into the world. Thank you for all you do.

    • melthehound says:

      INAL, This girl was drunk passed out in a bedroom at her friend’s home when this happened to her. That’s what, to me, makes it all the more worse. She didn’t have the chance to fight, or even say no, from the way I read the story,

  17. Donna says:

    It is very good that we are having this conversation. I like the fact that the males are chiming in agreement. It is my hope that the fathers have a conversation with their sons on rape, it would have a collosal impact to teach their sons their moral/ethical conduct.

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