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Aly Raisman Misses Lisa

This is a thinly veiled attempt to link my favorite DWTS contestant – gymnast Aly Raisman – to a housewife so that you’ll watch Aly’s top scoring dance from last week.  I luv this girl.

aly to lisa


Blacks’ Gala – Photos

Blacks’ Gala was last night.  Elaine Lancaster, Joanna Krupa (looking completely different with bangs), Lisa Hochstein, and Karent Sierra were all there to support Lea.

Hochsteins, Karent, Joanna and Romain (Karent's twitter feed)

Hochsteins, Karent, Joanna and Romain (Karent’s twitter feed)

Lisa Hochstein, Karent Sierra and Joanna Krupa (Karent's twitter)

Lisa Hochstein, Karent Sierra and Joanna Krupa (Karent’s twitter)

Joanna Krupa's new look (Joanna's twitter)

Joanna Krupa’s new look (Joanna’s twitter)

Lea's dress  (Lea's facebook)

Lea Black (Lea’s facebook)

Lance Bass (Lea's facebook)

Lance Bass and Michael Turchin (Lea’s facebook)

Elaine Lancaster (Elaine's facebook)

Elaine Lancaster (Lea’s facebook)

Elaine, Lisa, Joanna, and Karent (Elaine's twitter)

Elaine, Lisa, Joanna, and Karent (Elaine’s twitter)

Elaine Lancaster, Lea Black and Dennis Rodman

Elaine Lancaster, Lea Black and Dennis Rodman (Elaine’s Twitter)

Elaine Lancaster, Lance Bass, Michael Turchin

Elaine Lancaster, Lance Bass, Michael Turchin (Elaine’s Twitter)

Karent Sierra, Paulo Quevedo, Lisa Pliner and Dennis Rodman (Karent's twitter)

Karent Sierra, Paulo Quevedo, Lisa Pliner and Dennis Rodman (Karent’s twitter)

And the Remainder of the ladies at Miami Beach Polo

Adriana, Marysol, Lauren Foster, Ana Quincoces, and Alexia (Lauren's twitter)

Adriana de Moura, Marysol Patton, Lauren Foster, Ana Quincoces, and Alexia (Lauren’s twitter)


Mob Wives Season Finale by Detox

Welcome back to “Mob Wives”!

This week, we finally make it to the end of the season with the finale episode. Ramona and Karen come to an understanding regarding Ramona’s upcoming wedding and Karen’s support of Ramona’s decision. Carla gets together with Joe and tells him that she was served with their divorce papers. She also listens to his advice about how she should behave at Drita’s upcoming birthday party. Drita has decided to let Lee move back home after he finishes his time at the halfway house, and she has a talk with him and expresses her reservations about him and about her decision. Ramona tries on wedding gowns with her “gay husband,” Sammy. Big Ang, Ramona and Karen get all done up ‘80’s and ‘90’s style for Drita’s birthday party. Karen and Ramona discuss their apprehension about Love ability to behave at Drita’s birthday party. Drita’s party gets off to a good start. Unfortunately, chaos ensues, and the party turns into — in the words of Drita — a “zoo” after Love slaps or punches Carla before grabbing her hair. Karen tries to talk to Love to figure out why she flipped out and broke her promise not to hit Carla. Drita talks to Carla to try to figure out what happened with Love after she and Big Ang stepped out to smoke a cigarette. Karen tries to convince Carla that she did not know Carla was going to attack her. Renee helps Carla to clean and bandage her wounded hand. And…that’s about it.

Alright, let’s get started!

Ramona And Karen Shop And Talk About Their Friendship

Ramona and Karen go shopping for their ‘80’s/’90’s-style outfit for Drita’s upcoming ‘80’s/’90’s-themed birthday party. They are back to their old selves as they have fun helping each other pick out their respective outfits. Karen interviews and says that this is the first time she is talking to Ramona since her prenup party.

Karen decides to bring up her prenup party while she and Ramona are in the middle of shopping. She tells Ramona that Ramona walked into her party with a chip on her shoulder and an attitude toward Karen. She then tells Ramona that she should know that Karen only wants what is best for her. That is the only reason she expressed concern and some of her misgivings about Ramona’s decision to marry Joe. Finally, she makes it clear that she will now wholeheartedly support Ramona’s decision. Ramona just listens to Karen say all of this.

Karen then moves on to another subject and asks Ramona “What the f*ck happened with Love at the party?!?!” Ramona says that she has no idea.

Karen tells Ramona that Love called her the night before and asked her to make sure that Love behaves herself at Drita’s birthday party. She interviews and says that she and Love have a strong bond, and she thinks she can get Love to calm down and refrain from acting crazy with Carla at the party.

Ramona tells Karen that Carla also needs to watch her own attitude at the party in order to avoid any conflict with Love. Karen agrees.

Carla Talks To Joe About Her Problems With Some Of The Other Women

Carla and Joe meet at some pizza restaurant to have coffee and talk. Carla interviews that she and Joe will work through their divorce together “and make it right.”

Once they are seated, Carla tells Joe that she was recently served with their divorce papers. He just nods his head. Carla interviews and says that her divorce is the least of her problems right now. She says that her main problem right now “is this constant drama with these other women.”

Carla tells Joe that she is going to Drita’s birthday party, but she is apprehensive about having to see and deal with some of the other women who have problems with her and have also been invited. She specifically mentions Love and tells him that one of the reasons Love has a problem with her is because she claims Carla “stole” the angel wings logo she uses for her own makeup business and gave it to Joe and his father to use for their skincare business (I think Love is being a little ridiculous with that one, but I could be wrong). Joe says that tons of companies use angel wings as their logo, and he thinks Love’s being angry over their using an angel wing logo for their business is ridiculous (I agree on that one. I still think Carla knew that Love had a makeup business and knew a whole lot more about Love than she is letting on, though). Carla interviews and says that Love’s story about this issue “is something she pulled out of her a*s somewhere!”

With regard to Drita’s birthday party, Joe tells Carla to avoid any drama because she is a Mother of 2 kids. He tells her to leave if she sees that things are getting catty. Carla interviews and says that she agrees with Joe, but she “WILL battle back and WIN because I will win over a LIE!”

Drita Has A Heart-to-Heart With Lee

Drita is driving around in her car when Lee calls her. He tells Drita that he will be finished with his required halfway house stint soon. She says she cannot believe the time flew by so fast. She interviews and says that, after 8 years, Lee will finally be able to live more freely.

Drita and Lee discuss the fact that Drita is going to let Lee move back in with her and their daughters when he finishes his time at the halfway house. She tells him that it is going to be a major adjustment for all of them. She interviews and says that she decided to let Lee move back into the house so that they can work on their marriage and their family.

Drita tells Lee that she does have some concerns. One of those concerns is the fact that they either really, really get along, or they really, really DON’T. Another concern is her fear that he will be tempted by the streets once again and end up back in jail. She tells him that the last time this happened she got so sick that she could barely function, and she cannot and will not go through that again. She also tells him that she thinks about the possibility of this happening again and the devastating effect it will have on her daughters. She reminds Lee that his daughters need him and that his going away again after they have opened their hearts to him and have gotten used to having a father around will be crushing for them.

Finally, she bluntly asks Lee where his head is. He tells her that he is “done” with the streets and that type of lifestyle. He vows that he will not do anything to jeopardize his freedom or their family. He says he is “done with all the b*llshit!” Drita interviews and says that she really wants to believe Lee, but she could be making the biggest mistake of her life by allowing him to move back home. But she is willing to take that risk in order to bring her family back together.

Here Comes The Bride

Ramona has an appointment with a store to try on bridal gowns. She takes her “gay husband,” Sammy, with her to get his opinion. She interviews and says that the only thing she has left to do is get her dress. Everything else is prepped and ready to go as soon as she hears from Joe. She notes that her last wedding took place at City Hall and was “no frills.” This time, she wants her wedding to be the dream wedding she never had.

Ramona tries on 2 dresses in this scene. The 1st one is too revealing and inappropriate, in my opinion. She settles on the 2nd one, which is more demure but still shows her figure off. It is a mermaid-style dress with cap-sleeves, and it is all lace. She interviews that she wishes she had the support of all of her family and friends. Because she does not and because of the reality of her situation, she interviews that she is having mixed emotions as she tries on these bridal gowns.

Her friend Sammy asks her if her parents know that she is getting married. Ramona says she does not know because they do not speak, but she would not be surprised if they did know because, from what she hears on the street, her parents still manage to know her personal business somehow (I wonder if the fact that you are on a NATIONALLY broadcast reality show has anything to do with that, Ramona? Ya think? *Shrug*). Sammy tells Ramona that he thinks she should invite her parents. Ramona is noncommittal in her response, but she does remind Sammy that HE (and not her father) will be walking her down the aisle. She interviews and says that Joe really is her soul mate, and she hopes he can get bail and be at the wedding (This is really sad on so many levels.).

Big Ang Goes To The Salon To Turn Herself Into An “’80’s Diva”

Big Ang goes to the beauty salon and asks for “big hair” so she can look like an ‘80’s diva for Drita’s ‘80’s/’90’s-Themed birthday party (I love Big Ang, but this was really an unnecessary scene. I’ve noticed quite a few “filler scenes” in the past few episodes.).

Karen And Ramona Get Ready For The Par-Tay

Karen and Ramona are together at Karen’s apartment having their hair and makeup done for Drita’s birthday party.

Karen tells Ramona that Love texted her the night before and told her that she had to go to the Emergency Room because she punched something and broke her hand (Love, Girl, I like you. So, I am going to tell you that you need to look into the following: anger management classes/therapy; individual therapy; and medication. Don’t knock it until you try it. You can thank me later.). Karen says that Love’s temper does concern her, but she thinks that, because she and Love are such good friends, she will be able to help control Love’s temper and prevent her from attacking Carla at the party. She also says that she thinks that Drita will be able to curb Carla’s smart mouth. If the both of them do their part in managing Love and Carla, disaster should be avoided.

Ramona says that she does not care for Carla, but despite that, she does not want to see anything violent happen to her because she is a mother (She’s a mother, alright….a motherf*cker…*Shrug*. I still don’t think that Carla should be physically harmed for being a mother-effer, though. I’m with Ramona on that one.). Karen responds that Love does not have all of her screws tight enough, but she still thinks she will be able to prevent Love from hurting Carla.

Karen calls Love to gauge her mood for tonight’s party. Love tells Karen that she has 6 broken bones in her hand. She then starts ranting and raving about Carla. She basically says that she is going to let Carla have it if she makes one false move, and that’s all there is to it. She then hangs up on Karen before Karen can even really respond or reason with her.

Drita’s Birthday Party Starts Off Deceptively Well

Finally, it’s the night of Drita’s big birthday party. Big Ang and Carla are the first to arrive at the party venue, and the place is empty. They remark about this, noting that everyone else is late. Carla interviews and says that she does not know what to expect walking into this party because it is the first time she will be seeing Renee since the brunch, and she is finally going to be in the same room with Love.

Big Ang says that she is going to get Drita’s party started for her, and she orders a drink.

Karen and Ramona arrive together next and greet Ang and Carla. Karen interviews and says that she has no clue how Love is going to act tonight “so I have to keep an eye on her.”

Ang asks Karen and Ramona if Love is going to be coming to the party. Ramona and Karen say that Love will be coming even though she broke her hand recently. Ang expresses concern and disbelief over Love breaking her hand. Carla interviews and says that she could not care less if Love comes or not. Ang interviews and says that it might be better if Love does NOT come because she does not want any drama at Drita’s party.

Finally, birthday girl Drita arrives. She interviews and says she is “so excited” and can’t wait to see everybody’s outfits. Once she sees Ang, Carla, Karen and Ramona, she enthusiastically and warmly greets them with hugs, kisses, a big smile and excitement and compliments over their outfits (I cannot say enough that I am SOOOO glad that Drita finally got her happy back! Good for you, Drita!).

Noticing that Renee is still not at the party, Big Ang asks the other women if they have heard from Renee. She says she wonders why Renee has not shown up yet. Carla interviews and says that she is not worried about seeing Renee because they both agreed that they could be cordial with one another if they were ever in the same place. She also says she no longer has any kind of problem with Renee.

Renee finally arrives at the party with her friend, Nikole. She interviews and says that she has mixed feelings about seeing Carla because she is still very hurt by the things Carla said to her in the past. Because of that, she says that part of her wants to punch Carla in the face, and the other part of her knows she should just “ignore this no good motherf*cker!!”

When Renee does finally make it into the party and sees all of the women, she warmly greets everyone BUT Carla, who she pointedly ignores. Carla tries to talk to Renee, but Renee acts like she does not even hear her (Some might call this a little immature. I don’t care. I love it, and I think it is the perfect way to handle a nasty person like Carla. Place her on total “IGNORE” status. She’s not worth expending ANY energy on in my opinion. *Shrug*). Carla interviews and says that it is a little awkward “because Renee can’t even look me in the eye.” (She can. She just does not WANT to look you in the eye, Carla.).

Carla is laughing and talking loudly, and Renee looks supremely irritated every time Carla loudly shrieks. She tells someone that she wants to “punch Carla right in her f*ckin’ neck!!” Ramona, who happens to notice Renee’s discomfort and irritation, walks over to Renee and asks her how she is doing. Renee lies and says she is doing just fine. Ramona interviews and says that she hopes Renee is o.k. and not too stressed out because she is still newly in recovery.

Karen then walks up to Renee and tells her that she is just checking on her to make sure that she is comfortable. Renee tells Karen that she is “perfectly fine.” Drita interviews and says that a peaceful party “would be the best f*ckin’ gift!!”

A certain song comes on, and the women start gleefully cutting a rug and having a blast. They then toast to new beginnings.

Finally…here comes trouble: Love arrives with a friend. Love interviews and says that it is so “nuts” to her that Carla has “beef” with her because Carla does not even really know her. Carla interviews and says that Love is psychotic. She also says that she is ignoring “Love, the trash bag” at the party. Love interviews and says that she is never going to let someone run around the streets talking sh*t about her because she DEMANDS her respect. Renee interviews and says that she hopes Love leaves her craziness at the door.

Love warmly greets everyone that walks up to her at the party, including Karen, Ramona, Big Ang and Renee. Drita interviews and says that Love seems to be in a good mood, “Thank God!”

Love has a cast on one of her hands, and Renee asks her what happened. Love tells her that she got angry, hit a steel beam in a wall and ended up breaking bones in her hand.

Drita interviews and says that she has “a big cow” in the middle of her party (in reference to the fact that Love and Carla have major bad blood between them AND Renee and Carla also have bad blood between them. All of these people are at her party). Ang interviews and says that Love’s eyes started to change as she was talking to her.

Love starts talking to no one in particular about how Carla is getting on her nerves. Ramona and Karen tell Love that she looks like she is in a good mood, and they are glad that she is behaving. Love tells them, “I’m not behaving. I’m WAITING.” Karen and Ramona look a little worried when they hear Love say this.

At a certain point, Big Ang and Drita decide to go outside the party for a cigarette break.

Before they leave, Ang asks someone to watch Carla’s back while they are gone, and this person agrees to do so.

Drita’s Party Takes A Turn For The Worse

Ramona interviews and says she can’t believe Love just said that she was waiting instead of behaving. Karen tells Love that if she feels like she needs to talk to Carla, she should do it without getting violent. Love tells Karen that she thinks she and Carla should talk. Karen interviews and said that because she has known Love for years, she knew that she should get Carla right then and there to talk to Love when she was ready to talk to her because if she didn’t, Love was going to get more and more frustrated and agitated, which would only make things worse in the end.

Karen walks over to Carla and tells her that Love wants to talk to her. Carla agrees. Love interviews and says that she can’t wait to ask Carla, “just who the f*ck she thinks she is!” Carla interviews and says that she went over to talk to Love because she just wanted to get it over with.

Once Karen brings Carla over to Love, she asks Love to sit and tells both of them that she is going to stand right there while they talk. Ramona interviews and says that Karen needs to keep a close eye on both Carla and Love. Renee interviews and says that she looked over and saw Karen and Love talking to Carla, and she wondered “what in the hell was going on.”

After Love sits, she looks at Carla and says, “Karen is here to keep me from cracking your teeth down your f*ckin’ throat!!” Carla instantly leans in and puts her hand up like she is going to respond to Love. Before she can do that, Love lunges at her, grabs her by the hair and socks her a few times before bodyguards swarm in and try to separate the two women. This is made more difficult by the fact that Carla has somehow gotten hold of Love’s hair and is refusing to let go.

At this point, chaos ensues, and the whole place goes wild. Drita and Big Ang walk back in and run around trying to figure out what is going on. Carla ends up being surrounded by people and wildly lashing out. She interviews and says that she doesn’t know who to trust at this party. She says she feels set up.

Meanwhile, Karen is trying to make her way through the bodyguards so she can talk to Carla, but the bodyguards are refusing to let her near Carla.

Somehow, Ramona gets through the bodyguards and makes her way to Carla. She tries her best to get Carla to calm down, but she is unsuccessful. Finally, she screams, “Carla, STOP!! You’re BLEEDING!!” It turns out that Carla’s hand is now bleeding for some reason.

Karen is still trying to make her way over to Carla, and she screams that she is just trying to talk to her.

Somehow, Drita ends up near Carla and Ramona, and Karen is eventually able to make her way over to them. Drita wonders what happened, and Karen tells her that Love agree that she would NOT hit Carla if Karen was nearby when she talked to her. Karen says this is the only reason she brought Carla over to Love. She also says that she stayed near the two of them in order to make sure that Love would not attack Carla. Karen says that, despite Love’s promise to her and despite the fact that she was nearby, Love attacked Carla before Karen could stop her. Carla interviews and says that she does not believe that Karen did not know exactly what Love was going to do. In short, she thinks Karen helped set her up so that Love could attack her.

Eventually, Big Ang and Renee make their way over to join the other women to figure out what just happened.


Karen leaves the party and goes outside to try and find Love so she can talk to her. She interviews and says that she wants to find Love for 2 reasons: 1) to make sure that she is o.k. and 2) to find out what happened to trigger her and make her attack Carla when she specifically promised Karen that she would not get violent if Karen was nearby.

Karen sees that Love is riding away from the party in a speeding car, but she yells for Love and manages to get the car to turn back around and pick her up so that she can talk to Love. Once she is in the car, Karen bluntly asks Love, “What the f*ck happened??!! I told Carla you wouldn’t hit her.”

Love says that Carla said something to her about Karen being there, and it made her see red and lose it. Karen interviews and says that Love is her friend and has a right to her feelings. However, she feels that Love put her in a bad position by getting violent with Carla when she specifically promised Karen that she would NOT do this if Karen remained near her and Carla while they talked. Also, she says that, as Love’s friend, she respects her feelings; however, Love did not respect HER feelings when she physically attacked Carla after she promised Karen that she would not do this.

Back inside, Drita asks Carla to see her injured hand and takes her to the bathroom to help her clean it up and to talk to her privately. She interviews and says that she is “pissed” with Love because she really wanted things to be resolved between her and Carla…but not like this. She is also upset because she was not there when Carla got attacked. She says that she knows she could have prevented anything like that from happening if she would have just been there.

Once they get to the bathroom, Drita apologizes more than once to Carla for not being there when Love attacked her. She interviews and says she can understand Carla feeling like she was set up somehow.

Back in Love’s friend’s car, Love tells Karen that she “would take a bullet” for Karen. Karen tells Love that she knows this. She also says that she does not like Carla either, but Love made her look like a liar because she gave Carla her word that Love just wanted to talk to her and NOT to fight.

Love screams, “Hardly anybody likes Carla!! Why the f*ck is she even here?!?” (Ummm….Errr…because she was invited by Drita, the guest of honor, who DOES happen to like her….*Shrug*). She also screams, “She (Carla) has done and said nasty things to you, to Ramona, and she has been like a tick on Renee’s a*s trying to suck her blood dry!!”

Karen looks like she realizes that trying to reason with Love about this subject is useless so she should just give it up. She interviews and says that she feels bad that Carla might feel like she colluded with Love to set Carla up to be attacked. She decides she wants to talk to Carla directly to let her know that this is NOT the case.

Karen makes her way to the bathroom and joins Drita and Carla inside. She tells Carla that she did not want her to get hit. Carla interviews and says that the other women are in la-la land when it comes to Love because they listen to her and the lies she tells “instead of realizing that she is a psychopath!” Drita interviews and says that she wishes she could have been there to prevent what happened. She says it does not look good for Love because it looks like she purposely waited until Drita was nowhere around before she attacked Carla.

Eventually, Karen and Ramona are off in a corner looking at the remaining stragglers at the party/war zone. Ramona asks, “How do you top THIS party?” Karen responds, “Stab a bitch.”

Big Ang interviews and says that she thinks Love waited for both her and Drita to leave so she could attack Carla.

At a certain point, Renee walks over to Drita and Carla, who have made their way out of the bathroom and back into the party area. Carla interviews and says that she sees Renee walking to over and thinks, “Great! Now, SHE wants to start with me?!?!”

Renee Plays Florence Nightingale

Renee tells Carla that she does not want to fight with her. She then tells her that she just can’t let her bleed without helping her. She yells out asking for someone to bring her a first aid kit. Drita interviews and says that hearing Renee yell out for a first aid kit to help Carla was “weird.”

Renee pours a little vodka into Carla’s wound to clean it. She then wraps it. Big Ang interviews and says that she cannot believe she is watching Renee help Carla.

Renee tells Carla, “At the end of the day, I may be a drug addict, but I’m a good person.” Carla says, “I’m a good person too.” (No, you’re not. You did not deserve to be attacked by Love, but you are still not a good person. JMHO. *Shrug*). They then tell each other how the other one really hurt them with the nasty things they said about each other. Carla interviews and says that the difference between Renee and Love is that Renee will try to help her even if they aren’t speaking to each other.

Drita apologizes to Carla again (more than once) for what happened. Carla interviews and says that she is glad everyone got to see that “Love is the animal that she is.”

Renee interviews and says that it took rehab and lots of working on herself, but she’s finally in a place where she feels really good about herself. Drita interviews and says she is in a really good place in her life and in her business.

The End.

Next Week:

There will be no new “Mob Wives” episode until the Reunion, which I THINK will be shown on Sunday, April 21, 2012. Do not quote me on this, however. Instead, please check your local listings.

See you guys in a couple of weeks!


Sunday Night Lineup, April 14th, by BB

8PM – The Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Part 2 (Bravo); The Amazing Race (CBS); Once Upon a Time (ABC); The Simpsons/Bobs Burgers (Fox); Extreme Homes (HGTV); Dog and Beth: The Preview (CMT); The Sheards (BET); Trip Flip (Trvl); Cupcake Wars (Food); The 80’s: The Decade that Made Us (NatGeo); Mega Dens (DIY); Jerseylicious (Style)

9PM – Married to Medicine (Bravo); All Star Celebrity Apprentice (NBC); Oprah’s Next Chapter: Mark Burnett (OWN); The Good Wife (CBS); Army Wives (Lifetime); Family Guy/American Dad (Fox); MTV Movie Awards (MTV, VH1 and Logo); My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding (TLC); River Monsters (Anpl); Ax Men (History); Chopped All Stars (Food); The 80’s: The Decade that Made Us (NatGeo); Dateline on ID (ID); I Survived (Bio); A Bryk at a Time (DIY); Snapped (Oxy); Big Rich Atlanta (Style); Game of Thrones (HBO); Nurse Jackie (Showtime)

10PM – The Mentalist (CBS); Mad Men (AMC); The Client List (Lifetime); Welcome to Myrtle Manor (TLC); Naked Castaway (Disc); Bar Rescue (Spike); 7 Little Johnstons (OWN): Vikings (History); Restaurant Impossible (Food); Unusual Suspects (ID); Look Who’s Stalking (Bio); The Vanilla Ice Project (DIY); Unique Eats (Cook); VEEP (HBO); The Borgias (Showtime)

11PM – WWHL: Iyanla Vanzant and Julie Benz (Bravo)


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    Hey Daughter Detox,

    Miss you tons on the blog, but always look forward to your Mob Wives column. Hope all is well in your world and come over and give us a little report – PLEASE?

    Love is a psychopath, I disliked her from the word go. I found her repulsive with her beating, stabbing, shooting. This woman needs to be locked away for awhile. We all know she has been kicked off the show, and productions is saying it was VH1, but I believe everyone wanted her off the show as she is a loose cannon. To attack another person without provocation when you agree to sit down and talk is the height of insanity. I know these girls are tough and from the streets, but to tell the truth, most mafia women were more like Carmella from the Sopranos and stayed out of that life and tried for more normalcy. They don’t go out of their way for publicity and inciting physical fights. They would consider that very low class. Karen’s father was an enforcer (murderer, etc.) I have no doubt he did not give them a good example of what normalcy is about. These women are so rough around the edges it screams at you. I have no doubt they play it up for the camera. But getting back to Love, she is so full of herself and that leprechaun bf of hers was a joke, just like she is.

    • nyc mama says:

      Happy Spring everyone. Great recap Detox. Thank you.

      Love hasn’t learned yet that no one can DEMAND respect, they COMMAND it, which Love certainly does not. It doesn’t seem like anyone respects Love not her friends or foes.

      Props to Drita for getting her act together and although I am not sure it is the best thing to do, I understand why she wants to try with Lee for the sake of her family. I hope it works for her because she really seems like she is trying to turn her life around and her girls are lovely. Everytime I see Gizelle I want to bite her she is so cute and her older daughter seems so sweet as well.

      Both Renee and Carla have tweeted they are in a much better place with each other. As for Karen and Ramona, they both are guttersnipes and don’t seem to want to change, so they won’t. And Big Ang…how can one not love her?! She’s a big mush.

      Love had every intention of fighting with Carla and whether you like Carla or not she didn’t do anything to deserve what Love did to her. It was vile. The woman needs help but I doubt she will get any since she still is justifying her behavior. It says a lot that they have fired her since apparently she isn’t trusted by anyone. She is a lawsuit waiting to happen.

      As Lisa, it seems many pf her co-dancers loved her. I think it is a testament to the person she is.
      Besides Aly, who I agree was wonderful!! others have tweeted her praises as well. It is a testament to the type of person she is.

      Wynonna Judd‏@WynonnaMusic18h
      @LisaVanderpump HOW ARE YOU FRIEND?

      Lisa Vanderpump‏@LisaVanderpump16h
      @WynonnaMusic hello..I am ok,back to reality so to speak,feels good but still mourn the loss of DWTS,you know better than anybody! X x

      Lisa Vanderpump‏@LisaVanderpump13 Apr
      RT @TheRealJacoby12 Yup . This lady thought I wuznt gone see her again!!! @LisaVanderpump #MyGirl #Sur

      Love this man

      10 Apr
      “@RealDLHughley: I miss @LisaVanderpump already! Glad to have met such a wonderful REAL person!!! See u very soon luv!!! #TeamDl”

      And kudos to Teresa as well for showing her support since we all know she wanted this gig. She showed more support than some of Lisa’s supposed friends.

      Teresa Giudice‏@Teresa_Giudice8 Apr
      My hero tonight is @LisaVanderpump. So proud of you for pushing through on DWTS. Amazing!!!! #love you #TeamLisa

      Lisa Vanderpump‏@LisaVanderpump12 Apr
      @NYDeb123 @Teresa_Giudice
      Thank you both…I didn’t see the tweet until now x x

      • I Need A Life! says:

        I saw an interview with Love. Google her name and it comes up. She says she wasn’t invited to the reunion because Carla didn’t want her there and threatened to sue. The other ladies were afraid of her. She claims that VHI didn’t fire her, but the production company did. She also claims that she asked about Carla once and that the production company edited the show to make it look like that’s all Love cared about. They stretched the theme all year long. I believe that. She also said that if you look at the titles of the segments, her name was in all of them. “Love hurts…” etc. She feels like she was used for ratings. The others girls are jealous of how popular she became.

        I think she’s had too many punches to the head.

        • nyc mama says:

          Well, if twitter is any indication she isn’t all that popular. Jennifer Graziano addressed this and she said that she tried to go to bat for Love but the powers that be didn’t want her so since she signed her contract with Just Jenn Productions and Left Right Productions, two of the production companies, they let her go. They are going to address this on the reunion. I tend to not believe what Love says since I am sure she is trying to save face.

          If Carla threatened to sue her I wouldn’t blame her but we saw Love stating that it wasn’t if she was going to go after Carla that night it was when and we also saw that she said she would do it when Ang and Drita left the room which is what happened. Love was her own worst enemy. We certainly will never know but common sense shows she was clearly out of control and a liability to everyone involved with Mob Wives and VH1/Viacom learned their lessons the hard way from Basketball wives. She was a lawsuit waiting to happen so if it wasn’t Carla it was going to be someone else. She also had no other storyline except going after Carla or beating up on other people. She may have been used for the dram but she seermed to go along with it and enjoyed her bad azz rep and didn’t seem to have a problem with how she was portrayed until she was canned.

          I don’t feel sorry for her. She made her own bed with her own actions. She could have had a pow wow with Carla and it could have ended differently. We have seen it happen with everyone else on the show except Love.

        • nyc mama says:

          Why do these women always revert to the editing excuse when it suits them? Love never complained about the editing before this when she came off as cray cray. Now all of a sudden? If that was true why would Karen have stated that Carla didn’t do anything since she doesn’t like Carla and is/was friends with Love instead of stating that Carla started it?
          Love’s excuses make no sense even if it was edited somehow. i don’t see Karen taking Carla’s side over Love. On the contrary.

      • chismosa says:

        Awwww Tre, vying for that next housewives spot on DWTS. Good luck!


  9. T-Rex says:

    Good Sunday to all the peeps here, have been MIA for the past couple of days, was sick a bit last week, and then took a 10 mile hike yesterday. Feel good today. ANYHOO so didn’t read too much but saw the note about Bravo asking Bethenny and THELUNATIC back to Bravo and I call supreme BS on the issue and want to know who THELUNATIC knows at the Examiner to plant that story. First off the article lists PEREZ HILTON as the source, clue number one the story is bogus, checked PH website and the last article about this subject was before THELUNATIC went on WWHL and totally flopped, then to boot taped the whole thing making MzAndy VERRRRRRY mad. Does MzAndy WISH Bethenny would come back, you betcha and their friends too, so I think Mz Andy constantly begs her to come back. NO WAY Bravo is bringing back THELUNATIC, MzAndy doesn’t even answer her on twitter, he basically ignores her.

    • Rebecca says:

      Welcome back T-Rex!

    • Powell says:

      It’s good your feeling better. You & AZGirl went on long hikes yesterday. Must be something in the air. 🙂

    • AZGirl says:

      Glad you had a great hike. Mr. AZGirl and I did about 7 miles but it was UP and DOWN and UP and DOWN. Very rocky and slippery and I am sore. Going down is tough on my knees. WHAA…. 🙂 AZGirl is a big baby.

      • T-Rex says:

        Our trip started in the nice woods but ended in the part of the Green Swamp that isn’t swampy, no tree cover on this part of the trails, and it was about 83 by that point, way too hot and humid, ugh, but we finished

        • LaineyLainey says:

          You and AZGirl make me wonder why I am such a wimp, everyday I avoid my little one mile trek? Keep posting your feats of strength! It’s inspiring!!

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Oh, AZGirl, you are so funny…”going down….” 7 miles AZGirl you are amazing.

  10. SCGirl says:

    Karent sure does look different, she looks so much older! What a difference a year can make in some of the ladies appearance. I also think Joanna looks older in these pictures too. Maybe it’s just the way Joanna has her hair fixed that’s making her look older? I guess that’s what living the fast life will do for you…I’ll just continue to live my boring life and grow old gracefully!

    • chismosa says:

      KarenTTTT was on The Doctors some weeks back shining her chompers away and she looked decent, not amazing, but the same as last season
      I think it’s a bad choice of hair, makeup, dress, and DATE.

  11. Nancy says:

    Aly is on a Skating/Gymnastics show right now on NBC. 🙂

  12. majnon says:

    I love all those nice tweets to Lisa from the people she met a DWTS.
    That is so sweet!!!

    • $25,000 says:

      This is mean and cynical of me but I had the thought that the people who are still left on DWTS might want to endear themselves to Lisa’s fans in hopes that her fans would then vote for them since Lisa is no longer on the show.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        I like the way you think. I’m so gullible, I thought they were just being so sweeeeet. LOL!! you make a really good point. You’re a realist.

        • $25,000 says:

          I can be super gullible too. I think I go to extremes on both ends of the spectrum — from wide eyed gullibility to super cynic in no time! LOL!

  13. AZGirl says:

    No Mama Elsa at Lea’s Gala? BTW I hate the word “gala” personally. It is a fundraiser in my book. Lea looks like Morticia Adams. The purse/clutch is way to big. MEOW….scratch……he,he.he

    • Powell says:

      I think that “gala” is bigger, larger, more prestigious than “fund raiser”. 🙂

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Maybe “gala” implies big giving,…maybe that’s why it’s called “gala” and not fundraiser.

  14. not THAT Jill says:

    The green dress Lisa has on at the gala is quite popular-Melissa Gorga wore it to The Upfronts And Kim(WIG) wears tonight on the reunion.

    • chismosa says:

      THANK YOU. I was going to say that! I would fire my stylists ! Didnt Lisa even see pictures of the upfronts even if she wasnt there? Did she not see leaked photos or commercials for the Atlanta reunion?

      Dumb. Her husband looks tres casual, I agree with Lainey
      For those two trying to make a big name for themselves and the new house they bought that was allowed renovations— they could have dressed far better

      Not that many celebs I guess at this? (Or we didnt see all pics) Lance Bass attends the opening of envelopes and Dennis is just capitalizing on any Trump momentum right now —he’s so gross too.

      • Powell says:

        Lol chismosa. We see they either don’t have stylist or got one from JC Penney( not putting JCP down. They have their place..). 🙂

    • Powell says:

      Oh good eye JNNTJ! 🙂 So all the,HWs wear one shoulder dresses & now illusion dresses. Tsk, Tsk, Tsk.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        How silly for so many HWs to be in the same dress!! It does look best on Lisa I think-WIG looks a mess in hers!!!

        • LaineyLainey says:

          C’mon wig!

        • chismosa says:

          I like it on Melissa best just because I love love green on brunettes.
          My favorite color to wear !

          Everyone is doing the Stella McCarthy illusion dresses, it’s just now creeping down to the HWs

  15. Good Sunday Afternoon Peeps! 🙂 I have been lolling around having coffee and late breakfast, now a chicken is in the slow cooker for later and I am going to curl up with a good book for awhile. I just wanted to stop by to say hello and wish you all a lovely Sunday!

    Loved the pics NMD! I think Joanna looks good with her bangs.

    Detox….so good to “see” you lady and hope you get some time to come back and chat soon! Miss your stories!

    Wishing everyone a delightful afternoon. Shhhhh, don’t think about the “M” word yet!

    The post, “Sunday Thoughts” is up at my place if you would like to take a look. Hugs!!

    • chismosa says:

      That’ll bring the ego down a smidge at least. Humility, a virtue.

      He’ll always be a great athlete regardless of hiccups and things that may happen.
      We’re a big basketball family in my house. Being east coast naturally everyone here despises the Lakers. Lol

      • Nancy says:

        We’re watching Tiger Woods get a little humility himself today. 🙂

      • djprincessc says:

        Ok Chismosa, I love you to death and we haven’t “disagreed” lol on anything yet so this is going to be it!!! Haha!!…….

        HUGE KOBE BRYANT FAN HERE. Like I will cry the day he retires LOVE HIM. My mom even calls her “MY KOBE” lol. My family are HUGE Laker fans for years and its a total LAKER house! lol. Funny cus we don’t wear green in my house either. HA! 😉

        This setback wont do anything for his ego, it will only fuel him to prove everyone wrong, thats just how he is.

        • chismosa says:

          Wait what does wearing green have to do with anything?

          Yeah I just hate egos and ball-hoggers in general. I despise Carmelo Anthony and my house is a Knicks house

          • djprincessc says:

            Oh sorry, I didn’t type that right. lol. I was referring to the Celtics and kinda just assumed in your house you guys probably don’t rock the purp and yellow just like in my house we wouldn’t wear green. I think ALL athletes have egos and especially the superb ones, I actually think that all successful people have egos, just in different ways. I don’t think I’ve ever met a successful person who had ZERO ego but I do get what you mean, even though I LOVE KOBE I know he’s cocky but I don’t know anything about any other team really so IDK how bad Carmelo Anthony is, the only thing I know is that Kevin Garnett told him that LALA tasted like honey nut cheerios and they almost fought. Hahahahah…

            • chismosa says:

              Love that Kevin Garnett talks such smack and gets to the other players (except strong ones like Kobe or Lebron)—

              No I’m not in Boston – ny!
              I’m going for Brooklyn if anything. I don’t like our Knicks coach or Carmelo or how they got Jeremy Lin off the team, I hope karma comes to the Knicks at the playoffs!
              I’m team Jeremy Lin! Hahaha. Loved him

              But I see what you mean about egos. I get it.
              But in terms of playing, Carmelo is a known ball hogger. And he gets a bruised ego so easily, as opposed to a strong star like Lebron or Kobe.
              Just hate Carmelo. And I don’t mind Lala lol

              • djprincessc says:

                Ohhhh I didn’t know you were in NY! Lala is ok, she’s still ghetto no matter how much money she has and she never seems happy to me. lol.

    • Powell says:

      So is this going to be the end of his career?

      • not THAT Jill says:

        It most likely will be the end-he had a pretty good run in the NBA-17 years I think. He went on a bit of a FB rant after his injury-saying things like “why me” and such. He got a lot of heat for his woe is me attitude. He has had a relatively injury free career-17 years is a long life for a basketballer. I feel bad that this is how he goes out but not as bad as I feel for the college kid who got hurt during the NCAA tourney and will have a long and painful recovery and may not be able to play pro ball at all.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          Yeah, keep it in perspective Mr. Kobe. He’s had an amazing career. Very rare. Very fortunate. I hope he can come back, but if he cannot; he has had a most blessed life.

      • djprincessc says:

        Hell no Powell, its Kobe Bryant, and like I said above this will fuel him to prove everyone wrong. He’s a different breed, he did vent on FB but it wasn’t woe as me, it started out that way but he even says there are way more challenging/greater issues going on in the world than a torn achilles…heres what he posted on his Facebook:

        This is such BS! All the training and sacrifice just flew out the window with one step that I’ve done millions of times! The frustration is unbearable. The anger is rage. Why the hell did this happen ?!? Makes no damn sense. Now I’m supposed to come back from this and be the same player Or better at 35?!? How in the world am I supposed to do that??
        I have NO CLUE. Do I have the consistent will to overcome this thing? Maybe I should break out the rocking chair and reminisce on the career that
        was. Maybe this is how my book
        ends. Maybe Father Time has defeated me…Then again maybe not! It’s 3:30am, my foot feels like dead weight, my head is spinning from the pain meds and I’m wide awake. Forgive my Venting but what’s the purpose of social media if I won’t bring it to you Real No Image?? Feels good to vent, let it out. To feel as if THIS is the WORST thing EVER! Because After ALL the venting, a real perspective sets in. There are far greater issues/challenges in the world then a torn achilles. Stop feeling sorry for yourself, find the silver lining and get to work with the same belief, same drive and same conviction as ever.
        One day, the beginning of a new career journey will commence. Today is NOT that day.
        “If you see me in a fight with a bear, prey for the bear”. Ive always loved that quote. Thats “mamba mentality” we don’t quit, we don’t cower, we don’t run. We endure and conquer.
        I know it’s a long post but I’m Facebook Venting LOL. Maybe now I can actually get some sleep and be excited for surgery tomorrow. First step of a new challenge.
        Guess I will be Coach Vino the rest of this season. I have faith in my teammates. They will come thru.
        Thank you for all your prayers and support. Much Love Always.
        Mamba Out

        • LaineyLainey says:


          • djprincessc says:

            I mean I was watching when it happened. You know what he did? He sucked it up and SHOT 2 FREE THROWS AND WALKED TO THE BENCH ALONE! Thats unheard of. Other players get hurt and have to be carried away. His work ethic is just phenomenal and I know he’ll be back. Still sucks for now though :/

            • LaineyLainey says:

              Wow, I didn’t know that!! that must have been hard for you to watch, dj.

              • djprincessc says:

                You know what, I didn’t think anything really bc I didn’t know how serious his injury was until after he left the court. He gets hurt all the time and just walks it off or a few weeks ago played with the flu. lol.

  16. Let’s chat here tonight. I’m feeling too lazy to post another blog. Rainy day. Looking at travel options. Dreaming.

  17. Nancy says:

    The first Australian just won the Masters. 🙂

  18. not THAT Jill says:

    C’MON WIG!!! I can’t wait to see that hot mess Kim!! It kind of sucks that we know her and NeNe have made up b/c NeNe saying things to Kim at a reunion is the only reason to watch!! “Close you legs to married men hooker…trash box hooker”!!

  19. NeNe DID act flirty with Peter – she’s over reacting

  20. Nancy says:

    NeNe is crazy. She did call Peter her boyfriend but it was a fun thing.

  21. TexasTart says:

    “Mirror, mirror………”
    WHAP (the fan sound) lol Kenya – you are a character!

  22. Nancy says:

    I’m going to be sick.

  23. Powell says:

    Has anyone been watching Call the Midwife on PBS? It looks like its the 1940s, 50s in a hospital in London.

  24. Nancy says:

    I didn’t know she did that. Very not ok.

  25. Atlanta ladies have rules and boundaries – unlike New Jersey.

  26. Powell says:

    Well I guess Miss Phaedra just got read by NeNe. Bloop. 🙂

  27. TexasTart says:

    So Nene really laid it out there about what Phaedra did behind the scenes in S1. Really low down. This is news to me, but is this the first time it’s been revealed?

  28. TexasTart says:

    Dang Cynthia! Your breasts, thought they were coming out!

  29. Nancy says:

    Oh no…

    • TexasTart says:

      I thought maybe the lack of hair to hide her neck anx side of ther face, lol! Yeah she does look older.

    • Nancy says:

      I agree. Her face looks a lot thinner.

    • TexasTart says:

      Kim looks waaaay too orange…I think that goes without saying, but that lip color is not workin either.

    • $25,000 says:

      She does look older, but she looks so much better without that nasty wig on!

    • realhousewifeva says:

      And that’s not a good thing since she looked older to begin with. She’s only 33 or 34? But she looks 40’s easily, IMO. She doesn’t look younger than Kyle to me.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        Remember her back on season 1? She looked like she was in her 40’s then!!

  30. Nancy says:

    That’s not true. We’ve been to Anguilla many times.

  31. Powell says:

    A year has gone by and Kim wants to still not tell the truth.

  32. Every word out of her mouth is an excuse – and nice shot of Kroy watching protectively.

  33. realhousewifeva says:

    Kim’s dress looks awful on her, the rolls on the side is not a good look.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      The rolls on the side are quite unfortunate …of all the times we have seen this green dress-WIG wears it worst!!!

      • nyc mama says:

        LOL. Kudos Jill. So well put.

        I always love the word “unfortunate” when used like this. 🙂
        Unfortunately Kim didn’t have the good sense to turn to the side after she put on the dress and then choose another option.

      • Orson says:

        I have to give Wigster this… She’s got some sheer things in the sides of her green dress to prevent any wardrobe malfunctions. Maybe it’s just me, but woman, we know you’ve got huge boobs. We get it. Do you really HAVE to put them on display ALL the time?

        • LaineyLainey says:

          each and every day, every day….

        • not THAT Jill says:

          All the green dress women had the sheer panels on the side-that’s how the dress is made-WIG didnt add them by her big busted self!!

    • It really does. Lisa looks so much better in it.

    • TexasTart says:

      Agree, it’s like when we were talking about how the ladies should pick out their wardrobe by sitting in the dress…for reunions.

  34. Kandi seems to have an issue showing up on time. Didn’t she miss Kim’s wedding?

    • not THAT Jill says:

      It does see that she is always late…I can’t deal with late!! 5-10 minutes is all I can take, anymore than that is rude and selfish!!

      • Powell says:

        That’s about all I can take also.

      • Orson says:

        I’m sort of just as bad the other way. I learned in the service that no matter what time you’re supposed to be someplace, you get there 15 minutes early. And too early is much easier to fix than too late.

    • Nancy says:

      I refuse to wait for anyone that’s not on time. I just leave.

  35. Powell says:

    So Kim is going to pull out “papers”. Since Ana brought papers, there is
    going to be someone who brings their papers as proof of something. LOL

    Oh. And Kim doesn’t look good in that illusion dress. 🙂

  36. Younger Andy? Really?? I guess he’s seeing her close up.

  37. realhousewifeva says:

    Andy told Kim she looks younger? BWAHAHA

  38. Powell says:

    Oooh Call the Midwife! If you watch this lady have her baby you won’t want to have a baby. Poor women during that time.

    • Nancy says:

      Where are you watching this?

      • Powell says:

        Sorry I missed you Nancy. It was on PBS at 8est. I didn’t see the beginning of the epi & this was the 1st time I saw it. I’ll be catching it next Sunday.

  39. Nancy says:

    NeNe is funny.

  40. Powell says:

    This is so weird. Identical twin sisters married the sane man. One of the twins is pregnant. She just had the baby. She had twins. She gave one of the baby’s to her twin. Isn’t that weird?

  41. TexasTart says:

    It’s interesting the Kim is not near as defensive as she used to be…she actully was chuckling as some of the footage that wasn’t so flattering. Not sayin I like her, just sayin she’s better behaved…hope I didn’t speak too early 😉

    • Nancy says:

      I still like her.

      • Powell says:

        I still like her too but Kim just does stuff that gets on my nerves. I don’t know why she lies about some of the things she lies about & I don’t like what she did to Kandi.

        • Nancy says:

          You’re right. I have no idea why I still like her but I do. I don’t think she’s very smart. lol

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Every reunion Kim laughs off the TH insults-it’s the same old reunion Kim!

  42. Powell says:

    So is Kroy still standing on the side like he’s going to beat up these women?

  43. lillybee says:

    Middle child just informed me that he set a place and date for his wedding. It will be on Moonstone Beach, Trinidad, California in October

  44. Nancy says:

    That was sweet.

  45. realhousewifeva says:

    • Cartwheels says:

      What I like the best about the whole reunion is when Nene read Phaedra up and down. Nene is right, they are castmates and there is not one excuse for any of them to be digging dirt that does not belong in the show (family issues) and try to make it part of the show,
      I hope Melissa and Brandi were watching the show.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Oh great now Kim wants to start talking crap about Phaedra b/c she is back with NeNe…meanwhile she probably gave Phaedra the sisters phone number!!!

      • LaineyLainey says:

        I’m just now catching up on with reunion part II. I haven’t gotten to the part where Kim gave Phaedra the number. that’s funny

        • not THAT Jill says:

          Lainey-I made that me…am and my lying!! But I could totally see Kim being in on it and I think NeNe insinuated that she was!!

          • LaineyLainey says:

            Oh!!! You dork, I was waiting for them to say it!!! hilarious!!! I’m on the part of the reunion where Andy is asking Kim why she insulted Kandi’s neighborhood. you are so funny!!

  46. Nancy says:

    Jenna Bush had a baby girl today. 🙂

  47. chismosa says:

    I think Kim’s hair looks very thin and she’s piling it up so high to give it some volume but its very mehhhhh
    She must be DYING without her WIGs

    C’mon WIG

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I like that hairstyle on her. It reminds me of Ivana Trump. hmmmm….whatever happened to Ivana.

      • SCGirl says:

        I agree with you Lainey To The 2nd. I think Kim’s hairstyle looks good on her as well. I think her hair looks very full and healthy, not really thin at all. I heard the reason why Kim had to wear wigs in the first place was because she had a form of Alopecia a few years back…the kind that you don’t have permanent hair loss from, but instead the kind of Alopecia that the hair falls out in cycles. So I figure that she has probably just gotton her hair back healthy enough to be able not to wear a wig. I think it looks great to have had a hair loss problem like that!

  48. nyc mama says:

    I am watching Married to Medicine for the first time. Does Quad think she is Lisa V? Can someone tell her it’s wardrobe not warbrobe…please.

  49. chismosa says:

    I am DYING over the st Bernard’s on AR !

    Too adorable

    • LaineyLainey says:

      ooooh, i can’t wait to watch it, now

    • Catseye says:

      Hey chismosa, the other nite I told you about derma needle-rolling for skin rejuvenation. I just remembered that there’s a really good product/treatment called Cosmelan, which is a skin mask that you can have applied at the dr.’s office and leave on for 8hrs. It causes your skin to peel and it bleaches out the brown spots. I had it done once and I’m considering doing the Cosmelan2 at home product. I paid about $600 for the peel at the dr. and recently noticed that Amazon sells the Cosmelan2 stuff for about $125.

  50. Powell says:

    So much good stuff is on. The Godfather Legacy documentary has been on History Channel 2 since 8. It’s about the making of TG, how historical events were used to weave into the story.

    • $25,000 says:

      Thanks for the tip Powell. I’ll record it. Loved those movies!

      • $25,000 says:

        Where did everybody go? Do you all go to the chatroom when the show is over?

        • Powell says:

          I’m still here reading the comments.

          • LaineyLainey says:

            me too, I’m here-ish.

          • $25,000 says:

            Oh good! Thanks! I missed some of the show and am replaying it on the DVR. I sure hope Phaedra didn’t seek out NeNe’s family. That would be a nasty thing to do. I really like Phaedra so I tend to believe her when she says she didn’t do it. I bet we’ll be hearing a lot more about this.

            • LaineyLainey says:

              I respect that you like Phae-phae…but I believe Nene.

            • not THAT Jill says:

              I think Phaedra and Kim were in on it together -NeNe was kind of mean to Phaedra that first season

              • $25,000 says:

                Why do you think Kim was in on it?

                • not THAT Jill says:

                  NeNe said that Phaedra Kim and “big nose”Sheree were all sitting with her sisters…or something like that

                  • $25,000 says:

                    Well if that’s true, I bet there is footage of it. If it exists Bravo may choose to let us see it or they may choose to keep it under wraps. Bravo will do whatever they think will cause the most drama and will create the most controversy.

            • Powell says:

              I believe Phaedra did something. S1 she was pissed when NeNe didn’t acknowledge.knowing her. I guess NeNe knew of Phaedra, saw Phaedra around but didn’t know Phaedra in a sense that she knew anything about her.
              Phaedra kept saying “your sisters came to my office”. Why? I like Phaedra but I don’t like when she pulls the “southern belle” card & she’s prim & proper & doesn’t curse or say a mean word about anyone. Phaedra is from the south. She’s no southern belle. Or is this her continued cover for her mom? Remember when she was in labor she said something to the affect that none of her siblings had kids out of wedlock. She was 9 mths pregnant & was trying to be 7 mths so no one knows that she walked down the isle 2 mths pregnant. Well if she really knew anything there have been so many southern belles that were knocked up when they walked down the isle.

            • chismosa says:

              25k I’m always around later. Especially on Sundays I have to watch things later with so much dvr’ing

              I think Phake did some shady business. I’m expecting a lot of ridiculous faces by her when I watch. Lol

              • $25,000 says:

                Oh good! Thanks Chismosa! I am usually looking for someone to post with later too. Good deal!

                I love the many faces of Phaedra!

  51. Nancy says:

    BB…Did you get to watch it? Hope so. Miss you around here and wondering how your mother is doing.–angel-cabrera-helped-re-start-adam-scott-s-stalled-career-022031529.html

  52. $25,000 says:

    I’m still thinking about whether Phaedra tried to get dirt on NeNe via NeNe’s step or half sisters. With Phaedra being a lawyer she is very accustomed to looking for dirt on opponents to disparage them in the courtroom. It makes perfect sense that she would do it to those cast mates she felt were opposing her on the show. I don’t like that she would do that, but it does make sense that she would.

  53. Contessa says:

    This is probably not going to go down well, but I think there is some truth to what Phaedra said, I think Nene’s half- sisters knew Phaedra and they did approach her and she invited them to her son’s party. I also think Nene does not have a good relationship with her half sisters (she basically acknowledged this) and they probably wanted to see if they could get on the show (like NJ). Let’s face facts Nene plays the word game – she could have acknowledged knowing Phaedra in S1, but went out of her way to be insulting. She says she didn’t “know” Phaedra; so to Nene knowing someone appears to be a long term relationship. One of Phaedra’s relatives dated Nene or someone in her family. Even Andy called her on this, and basically said this is about semantics (with regard to know or knowing). Nene also out and out flirted with Peter throughout the previous season (it was innocent according to her), and I didn’t take it seriously as she did it openly. But she did do it, and Phaedra is right, Nene has a chip on her shoulder and always believes someone is out to get her, just look at her twitter. She constantly throws shade on everyone when it suits her. Yes she is the comic relief on the show and keeps it together as she has a large following, but she is nasty when it suits her and re-writes history when she wants to divert to her way of thinking.

    Phaedra’s pregnancy date when she first came on the show was a hoot, and I don’t believe for one minute she thought anyone was taking her seriously. I think she did this for the show and maybe a bit for her mother, that is called respect and if its a huge white pregnant belly lie, who cares.

    I also have an issue with the f’ing idiot Kenya…she wants people to buy her workout video and than she goes ahead and makes a video of imitating Phaedra with a fatsuit. Nice making fun of heavy people and the beyotch wants people to buy her workout dvd. I hope and pray it flops, just like everything else she does. This woman is totally insane and out and out stole the viedeo idea from a co-worker…who does things like that? She is a greasy, bad-skinned, lying thief in my book. She should spend her money on a therapist and a dermatologist. If I was sitting next to her I would shove that fan up her a$$.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Tell us how you really feel, Contessa! 🙂 To answer your question about “who cares” about Phaedra lying out of respect? I care. I mean, I don’t lose sleep over it but I do believe it speaks to her credibility. But who, on this show, has 100% credibility? Right? But still, she did lie. Not all lies are created equal, I get that,…but this illustrates that she does and will lie when it suits her. Shocking? no, not at all. Even great big obvious lies that are laughable. I still think she’s funny. She’s clever and brings some levity to the show especially in her talking heads. About Nene’s family…I don’t doubt that they approached her, but she should have been SMART and turned them away, because blood is thicker and all that, eventually her half sisters will tell Nene especially now that Nene is a hollywood actress. I think they are betting on the person they perceive to be …”winning!” right now.

      By the way, how is your pain these days, I have been praying for you. 🙂

    • $25,000 says:

      You are making sense too. Nene isn’t the most credible person. It could have happened exactly the way Phaedra said it did. The sisters could have just been covering their butts when they claimed that Phaedra sought them out. Oh crap, I don’t know what to think!

      • Orson says:

        Here’s the thing, $25K. I don’t care about NeNe, her sisters, Phadra, or any of them. I guess I dislike Kandi the least but that’s the best I can do. Oh, Baby Kash is an awfully cute little boy. I haven’t seen Phadra and Apollo’s little boy much, but he’s a cute one too.

  54. SCGirl says:

    Powell, are you still here? If so, should I bother watching Mad Men? I know last week you warned us on here that it was a bore, and you were right. I have it DVRed, but I’m not gonna bother if it’s like last week.

  55. Nancy says:

    Does anyone watch Nurse Jackie?

    • SCGirl says:

      Nancy, I do. I’ve watched Nurse Jackie since the show began, and I love it! I haven’t watched it yet tonight though, but I do have it DVRed…so many shows to watch on Sunday.

    • SCGirl says:

      Nancy, I also love watching Nurse Jackie, because I am in a Nursing Program working on getting my BSN. I find the show especially interesting because it seems the most real to me of all the medical shows out there. Another reason I enjoy reading your comments is because your medical knowledge is so impressive!

  56. Contessa says:

    Lainey, thank you for asking about my knee, it is improving daily and I can get away with one pain killer in the late afternoon. I think the Nene/Phaedra thing goes both ways, I think the sisters approached her and Phaedra possibly tried to use this to her advantage, but apparently didn’t as nothing nasty came out on the show. With regard to the sisters going back to Nene, hoping to get in her good graces, as the sister that is coming up in the world – who knows. Those sisters were raised by Nene’s mother and Nene was raised by her grandmother in Georgia. I think that is a dysfunctional situation family wise, which I can readily understand. By I do agree with Phaedra, Nene has a chip on her shoulder and always thinks someone is coming after her or saying something bad about her. All you have to do is read her twitter. Nene is always ready to jump on someone for any imagined slight.

    With regard to Phaedra’s pregnancy…I think Phaedra did this purposely for the show. She is not stupid and if you read her background her resume is impressive on her professional side as a lawyer.
    XXOO….I jsut really dislike Kenya

    • Nancy says:

      So do I. I think something is wrong with her. In the head I mean.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Parental Abandonment is a biggie; hard to ever fully recover from that.

        • Nancy says:

          Heck my mother abanded me when I was only 5 and I don’t don’t act like her but I
          know everyone is different.

          • LaineyLainey says:

            Really Nancy? That’s a lot to overcome. I didn’t know this happened to you. I’m finding out so much about you tonight and I must say you are more interesting than any of these HW’s. There is something called Abandoned Child Syndrome. I don’t know a lot about it, but it is reversible, however, it can affect one’s self-esteem, etc. Some people have a void that they try to fill with other things…addiction, overcompensation with their careers, being very jealous and suspicious of people i.e. “having a chip on your shoulder”…being overprotective parents (clingyness), Pretending that you don’t need anyone when the opposite is true…desperately wanting and needing the acceptance of others. I have wondered if this is why Nene and Kenya are drawn to each other.

  57. Nancy says:

    Night, night ladies.

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