Project Runway Finale Part 1 / Tabatha Takes Over

Project Runway Season Finale Part 1 by BB

My apologies, but this will be an abbreviated recap of PR due to my being at my mom’s and not having my normal technical capabilities (like no DVR).

Four designers remain:  Daniel, Stanley, Michelle and Patricia.  They will leave for home with a budget of $10,000 and must return with a 12-look collection for the fall season.  I will skip Tim’s visits to their home towns other than to say “Holy Don King”; what did Daniel do to his hair?

When they return to New York, they are all anxious to see the others’ designs.  Patricial thinks Daniel’s line is safe and boring.  Daniel thinks Michelle is trying too hard.  Stanley thinks Patricia’s collection is not his style or taste level and that Michelle is still his biggest competition.  Michelle is worried about how much work Stanley has left to do.

Enter Tim.  The next day will be runway day.  They will be showing three looks from their design lines.  They will also have helpers: Richard for Stanley; Samantha for Daniel; Layana (who’s preggars) for Patricia; and Amanda for Michelle.

It’s runway day and here we go!  There is not a guest judge. Stanley has a black pantsuit; a gold dress that doesn’t really flatter the model; and a print two-piece with a black leather jacket.  As a “seasoned” woman, I like it.  Patricia has a black and silver dress; the horse hair cape with the black leather pants; and the blue and sequined dress with the crazy  blue ostrich like head piece.   I think she did a great job even it it’s not my cuppa tea.  Danile has a sleevless jacket with leather capris and a hat all in black; a black sweater and tuxedo pants; and a black crepe gown.  I’m not sure if his looks have enough of a wow factor going.  Michelle has a wolf sweater over a silk blouse paired with jeans and clip on chaps; a crushed silk dress with a neoprene skirt; and a black coat with modular clip-on side bags and a messenger bag.  It’s her signature look and she brought it in spades.

Now come the judges’ critiques.   Michelle:  Heidi likes that she has a lot going on but would like a little more color.  Zac thinks she created a universe and likes her play with fabrics.  Nina tells her to be careful of all the gimmicky things like the bags and compass and doesn’t like the messy hair and make-up.  Daniel:  Zac appreciates his using stingray, but he’s seen Daniel’s look before.  Nina tells him his jacket and dress are nicely made, but doesn’t think the model with the sweater is bringing the drama.  Heidi is underwhelmed.  She’s liked Daniel the whole season, but these three looks are not interesting.  Does he know who he is as a designer?  Patricia:  Heidi likes the horse hair cape, but doesn’t like the black and silver dress.  She wonders if Patricia’s looks are cohesive enough.  Nina celebrates Patricia’s craft, but her collection is all over the place.  She doesn’t like the head piece, the horse hair cape or the black and silver dress.  Zac likes the head piece and loves her horse hair cape.  He wants her to work on her styling.  Nina is not sold on Patricia.  Stanley:  Heidi thinks Stanley didn’t have any wow in these three pieces.  Zac tells him his proportions are off and some of the styling is not modern.  One of the dresses is too long and the other is too wide.  Nina thinks Stanley’s looks are very cohesive, but they need to be more modern and sexy.  Heidi tells Stanley there’s nothing young or hip about his models, but Nina thinks some of the individual pieces are truly special.

Long story short, all three judges agree Michelle is in.  Zac and Heidi overrule Nina and Patricia is in.  Nina takes up for Stanley despite Zac’s and Heidi’s criticisms and he is in.  All three judges are disappointed Daniel didn’t bring his “A” game that day and he is out.  As much as I like Daniel, I agree with the judges.  Next week a winner will be announced.


Tabitha Takes over Top Cuts by Sweetnessnbubba

Oh boy.. tonight’s salon is a high volume hair salon… this is the first red flag.. Tabitha HATES high volume hair salons… Tabs is all about the experience, not a cattle call and cheap cuts. This recap may be a bit boring, because these ladies all have very similar names (and personalities) so they all kind of meld into a mind numbing boring morass… Kind of like their cut rate hair cuts… With no colorful characters or interesting interactions (I have seen bitchy done much better , these girls need lessons from Stacy from week one)

The salon owner is a former student of Tabithas. She had breast cancer 4 years ago and her successful salon has gone into the dumper, even though she got her health back. She has a manager who is rude to the other workers and even the owner.

The salon is dirty and looks cheap.. cheap, cheap, cheap… Its hair cuts are 21 bucks (and that’s if they aren’t giving discounts on top of it).. The owner is trying to do 4 cuts an hour, so the place looks and feels like the cattle cars at a slaughter house… The owner has lost interest in the shop, so spends a lot of time at home, so she installed 4 cameras in the shop (one they know about) 3 they don’t and watches them at home..

Staff meeting.. the staff feels the owner has lost her passion. Some of the salon feel the receptionist is a snitch, and everything said to her, will get to owner with a twist of bitch on top.. The stylists are exhausted from having to do 4 full cuts an hour. They feel that quality is not important to the owner, and so they dont care either.. Even though the owner has been a hair educator, she has done absolutely nothing in the way of classes and it shows in the stylists consultations and hesitation.

The receptionist (who is looked on as a snitch) is actually the jack of all trades in the salon, she plays plumber, does towels and helps with the clients, while the manager is lazy and sitting around texting all day..The receptionist is the only one still passionate about the business and is worried about the owner and the salon going under. The test case hair cuts and colors were good, though Tabitha had to step in and do some on the spot lessons in foiling techniques..

Tabs tells the owner she needs to raise her prices, and to get her staff under control. She tells the owner that letting her receptionist be seen as her snitch, she is doing all of them a huge disservice. The owner is watching all the women at home on her security cameras and when she calls someone out on what happens in the salon, the women (not knowing there are cameras) blame the receptionist for being a snitch. When it was just the owner watching on the cameras. Tabs gave the owner the business for letting her receptionist take all the heat.

During the team building excercise (making burgers, I wont bore you with the details) the manager throws a fit and the owner finally told her to do the work her way, or to get out of the way.  The manager is a whiny baby and frankly I would have fired her a long time before this. She takes pleasure in undermining the owner’s authority. After the smackdown, several of the other staff said they were glad to see the owner asserting herself and that it seemed to be more the old owner (before cancer kicked her in the butt)..

Tabs confronts the owner on the camera situation and then forces the owner to come clean with her staff about her 4 cameras.. They don’t say a lot, other than it all makes sense and they feel bad about blaming the receptionist for being a snitch… Tabs sends them home and the renovations begin.

Reopening day… The women love the look of the place. I think its ehh, its just a clean newer version of the cattle car. Everyone works wonderfully, even the manager seemed to have had an epiphany and made up with the receptionist and is working hard (methinks she knew Tabs was going to reccomend firing her).. Tabs is pleased, tells the owner to raise her prices 10 bucks higher (the owner decides on 4 for now) and to not fire the manager yet (but if her bitchy moany ways comes back, can her immediately)…

Tabs comes back to check on the salon and everything is rosy.. sigh.. a happy ending, but boring. like this boring salon, in a boring strip mall. I wish I could have made this recap less boring, but they were all pretty boring, really…


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384 Responses to Project Runway Finale Part 1 / Tabatha Takes Over

  1. LA Debra says:

    Hi BB, I hope your mom is doing better. And I pray the situation in Boston is resolved today, and there is no more loss of life.

  2. Haven’t turned on the news yet, but I hope everyone is safe and sound in Boston. No words.

  3. butterisafruit says:

    Thanks for the blogs NMD and BB. I hope your Mom is feeling better and getting her sea legs.
    And I hope you get some ME time too.

    • chismosa says:

      From what I remember we saw Aviva’s home ONCE, when she appeared to be bathing her two younger kids They hardly filmed her there!

      IMHO Ramona should have had a salary jump. Without her it would be SO boring. She should have walked. IMO Polarizing as she and Nene may be, they make the ratings.

    • butterisafruit says:

      Isn’t heights one of her numerous phobias? Why is she going into a penthouse.

  4. More NJ crap – apparently Kim D is pulling attitude with new girl Jennifer Dalton – Jennifer doesn’t seem to be listed as a main cast member on Bravo’s website – so I suppose she’s a friend for now

  5. 2Stupid says:

    Has anyone been in contact with Boston? I am sure she is safe, but they are basically putting the whole city of Boston on lockdown. I hope she is safe and her fiance isn’t being put in harm’s way.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      I sent her an email this morning-I will post as soon as she responds

    • cocfarm says:

      She as not been heard from this am. Only death is a cambridge police officer, first name shawn. A pressure cooker bomb was found at a train station and disabled. Train stopped w third person involved on board. So much going on. Scary scary stuff.

      • rabblerouser2010R says:

        I am so scared that the other suspect could holding out in someone innocent persons home and that family might be peril. I don’t even understand how he was able to escape when the police had him surrounded.

    • Stars99 says:

      2Stupid – Boston checked in… see her post below…

    • jules says:

      The entire city of Boston and most surrounding towns are in lockdown. My husband went into Boston for work at 6:30 and was sent home. It’s absolutely crazy. I work and live outside of the area, thank God, but it’s a scary time here. I hope anyone who’s living in town is staying indoors and following the police and FBI warnings.

  6. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. Wow! The developments in Boston last night are mind boggling. I hope and pray they get #2 & no one else is hurt. Prayers for Boston & thinking of our Boston and her fiance, family & friends.

    Darn it I forgot about Project Runway last night. I’ll have to catch the rerun.

    I hope you all have a good TGIF.

  7. chismosa says:

    Honestly if I was this guy id break into someone’s home and hold them hostage. Done. He needs to just hide
    So I wouldn’t feel safe in my home.
    But later it will just be – Suicide by cop

    • melthehound says:

      Or by homeowner..

      • chismosa says:

        I don’t know how big home gun ownership is in that area, it’s not Texas or Florida – plus I think there is such a high level of anxiety of the residents. They were shaking running out to Dunkin Donuts in blankets to get coffee and rush home.

        That would be good though, if someone is armed. Who knows.

    • cocfarm says:

      I’m kind of amazed they let the car jacking victim go unharmed. That was a surprise. Why mercy for that person?

      • chismosa says:

        It’s scary how much this all mirrors the finale of Southland

        • cocfarm says:

          I loved south land but lost ntrack of it when it moved. Will have to watch it. Thanks!

          • chismosa says:

            It was good. Some strangeness this past season but it’s a great show
            Just ended. Not happy about something in the finale !!! But I’ll continue if it comes back

            Definitely try to check it out

      • rabblerouser2010R says:

        I am thinking of something I saw mentioned in The Following
        Where one of the ;’followers’ left a hostage unhurt because his rational was that a live person is a bigger distraction for law enforcement because they will want to question them and have them medically assessed. I wonder if that is true and if that rational influence them.

        • chismosa says:

          Crazy how disturbing the shows have gotten lately and then things like this happen 😦

        • Powell says:

          I love The Following.

          • chismosa says:

            Powell, i’m VERY pissed at the Following that every single episode is essentially Kevin Bacon with ONE backup agent going into some place dangerous— and then them proceeding inside with NO backup. That is what it feels like EVERY week, with a sprinkling of flaming fireplaces and wine and sex by the cult leader.
            They better step it up next season.

            That said, Kevin Bacon is so HOT i can’t stand it! love him.
            I’m going to try out Hannibal (on demand), that Scandinavian actor looks awesome and i love Lawrence Fishbourne.

            • rabblerouser2010R says:

              I just adore Kevin Bacon…I loved those commercials he did for Dish Tv ( think it was them anyway) where he played a Kevin Bacon fan.

              I was so sad when I read how he and his wife were swindled by Madoff. ( I felt bad for all the victims but it sucks when it a couple that I am fond of become part of the faces to it).

              • mygirlsmom says:

                My favorite is when Kevin Bacon was on Will and Grace playing himself. He hired Jack as his assistant and put him in charge of finding out who his stalker was, when Jack actually was his stalker. It was so funny.

  8. boston02127 says:

    Just checking in. I’m home. No school.

  9. Stars99 says:

    BB – you amaze me that you can still even blog at all – so much is going on in your life! Hope things continue to improve with your mom – caretaking is really, really tough. When I think of and pray for your “Jack” I always, obediently do the “jazz hands.” People may laff at me, but, hey…

    Sweetness – You’re doing such a great job on your blog! I love how you call Tabitha “Tabs”… that’s hysterical… and I dare you to say that to her face…lol… and to then give her a big, fat hug – cuz we all know she loves that! lolol… = )

  10. cocfarm says:

    Sounds like train person may have escaped? What is going on in Connecticut?

  11. Morning Everyone! Shocking news this morning….I just hope and pray this will be resolved today with no more harm to anyone.

    NMD – thanks for getting the blog up and all the HW news. It is something to help us focus today. Love you for that. And thanks BB for Project Runway. I was sorry to see Daniel go, but he did not wow with those fashions. Unexpectedly, neither did Stanley. Next week will be interesting.

    So much Love & Hugs to everyone in Boston…and to All Here. This is tense and frightening…so I posted a blog at my place this morning (with an Update) that I hope will help and be a port in this storm today. I actually wrote it last night, but it applies now more than ever. My heart goes out to you all!!

  12. Cathy Connor says:

    Good morning friends, Am stuck at home flooding all around me my house fine , no water Thank God.

    Boston , stay safe stay strong , hope your fiancee is safe as well so sorry your City of Boston going thru this horrible tragedy right now the whole Country is embracing you now and in the coming days and weeks looking for a new normal. (( hugs))

    Jill , Best of luck on your diabetes walk with your family ! Terrific cause close to my heart as my Lynn and my Mom have been affected by that aweful disease . Hope a cure is found soon Thank you for your participation , love n hugs

    Nancy you rockstar ! What a beautiful gift to offer to Boston for her wedding So sweet !

    I love you all. Bobby getting his permanent cast on Monday its his left wrist so he is going to school , one good thing sports on hold for now…oh well THANKS

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Cathy-thank you-you are very generous!! Love and hugs right back to you!!!

      • Cathy Connor says:

        Jill, your the one doing the walk love , wish I could give more I try to spread donations out as much as I can afford. Always think if I ever won lottery how much more I could donate to great causes . There would be no hungry child , why do have gazillionaires out there and a hungry child in the U. S. That’s wrong .

        • not THAT Jill says:

          It is wrong-it amazes me the right here in the USA anyone would have to go hungry-especially a child.

      • nyc mama says:

        Jill, much luck on your fundraiser!

    • BB says:

      Cathy, I know Bobby is going to miss sports but at least the adults will get a break from taking to and from games and attending.

      • Cathy Connor says:

        BB yes his Dad sure does some running around after school for games and practices. He loves his sports but is sidelined for awhile . He will be fine kids bounce back quick . Thanks hon

    • Powell says:

      Thk goodness you have not been affected by the flooding. I hope the water level goes down soon so no more people are affected & the damage is minimal.

      Bobby will have to find something else to occupy his time while he’s in his cast. He’ll be out of it soon enough to enjoy his summer.

      • Cathy Connor says:

        Thanks Powell he’s really a great student guess it will be video games after homework Oh well

  13. not THAT Jill says:

    I was just coming back to say I heard from Boston and I see she has checked in. Thank God she is safe…her poor little dog and the pee pad!!!

    Can someone help me understand what happened? Did these 2 try to rob a 7-11? What were they doing at MIT? So much news to wade through on line and CNN is driving me crazy!!

  14. Powell says:

    OMG I’m at the doctor’s & came out to the waiting room & saw the nurses watching the news. They told me the FBI have found the uncle to the brothers in Montgomery Cty MD. That’s the next county over from me. The FBI are moving fast. I hope they get #2 before he leaves Boston.

    • kit9 says:

      Just woke up. Had to force myself to go to sleep last night. Was just riveted. Lot’s of new info to absorb. I’m just trying to catch up. They were from Chechnya? Lots of problems with muslim terrorism there. Remember the Beslen school tragedy? That was Chechen muslim separatists. They took a whole primary school hostage and hundreds of people were killed. And, there was the theater that was taken hostage and many deaths, too. But, who knows, some statement about the dead brother having no American friends so it may have nothing to do with that and more to do with depression? God, who knows, this is just crazy.I think the 2nd suspect is already dead someplace.

      • Catseye says:

        I’m wondering if maybe they never did really assimilate into our country/society and were deeply affected by the environment from whence they came.

    • realhousewifeva says:

      Looks like the uncles were estranged from the boys since 2009. One of the uncles sounded like he hated them…

  15. boston02127 says:

    A threat was just made in Watertown. News guys were pushed out of the way by police.

  16. HuskerHuny says:

    Project Runway got it right last night. Michelle did have the best three piece collection. I liked Patricia’s three looks, but they don’t look like they came from the same collection, which doesn’t bother me, but that’s how the game works. Stanley and Daniel were equally boring. I would have liked to see Daniel move forward because he’s just so likeable, but Stanley has done good work this season. I’m looking for a Michelle, Patricia and Stanley finish in that order next week.

    I’m watching live coverage right now on FOX in Boston and I just heard gunshots. TV announcer not sure of what we are looking at, but it sure looks scary. Something is going on and police are in pursuit with sirens and lights at high speeds. Stay inside Bostonians and let the police do their jobs. I can’t imagine what this must feel like. Prayers for a quick ending to this entire situation with no further injuries.

    • chismosa says:

      I was so so sad to see Daniel go and I wish they still did the fan favorite thing where the FF wins 10,000$ or something. He would undoubtedly win!

      I really don’t care for Michelle so I’m going for the other two. Funny how Patricia seemed to just brush off any of the terrible ways Michelle spoke of her during the season!? Did she not see how much Michelle HATED her?

      And Layana was like very pregnant, like showing it seemed— and if they were only 4 months home —- that means she was pregnant during the actual competition if she’s so big she was showing last night? Or got pregnant the millisecond she got home (but do they let them go home immediately when they are let go?)– and is showing quickly? She was very very slim during regular filming.

      Ok, back to Boston :/

    • trudie says:

      I must be too old to “get” Patricia’s clothes. She hasn’t designed a single thing I would wear.

      • I agree trudie. IMHO she made it through just for sensational sake because her stuff is so odd. But who would really wear that in real life? I’m not sure who I am rooting for now!

        • chismosa says:

          i agree with you both ^^^ however i like her as a person, but i know that is not what wins these things (Gretchen, anyone???)… but at least she does something NEW and different.

          I don’t like splotch arms and her sanctimonious attitude. So i hope it’s Stanley or Pat for the win.

  17. boston02127 says:

    Look how close the bomber was to the eight yr old victim.

  18. boston02127 says:

  19. Today this blog is likely to hit 100,000 comments. Cathy, that is how much we adored your sister. Let’s try to keep thinking of positive things today, even while the City of Boston and the Nation is in shock and horror about the events of the last few days..

  20. TexasTart says:

    Chilling details. Remember folks, if you notice someone purposefully leaves a bag, don’t stay with it….:

    • cocfarm says:

      Kit9 posted this earlier his am on yesterday’s thread. Unbelievable story. With all that happened to him, his first thoughts are to catch the guy.

    • Powell says:

      OMG! So many people have been in the right place helping people. God bless him.

  21. chismosa says:

    If anyone is interested that Farrah Abraham/sex tape/boob-nose job teen mom is going to be on Dr Phil today

    • Powell says:

      HA! Thks chismosa. I shall be watching to listen to her lies & explainations.

      • chismosa says:

        bad news…. i think EVERY single channel is pre-empting with Boston news. Good news in that it keeps us informed with important information.
        However if they are just repeating what has been on and known since 8 am today then i think they should give it a break and go to regular programming.

        • rabblerouser2010R says:

          I can totally seeing that self absorbed little brat being angry if she gets bumped…by you know important and relevant ‘stuff’,

  22. cocfarm says:

    Putin made a statement. Neither bother registered with Russian embassy.
    Uncle saying they did not do it for religious reason. Says dad I’d not radicalize sons. He worked to put bread on the table. Dad had little influence on them. Wanted his own family away from the brothers.

  23. cocfarm says:

    Wow, uncle is super emotional.

  24. Amalfi says:

    I am riveted but sick to my stomach watching the reporters allow the uncle to just spew raw emotion. It is difficult to watch.

    The best way to watch this is with CNN turned down and NPR turned up while reading the livefeed from NYT.

    • cocfarm says:

      I feel for the guy. Wow. Wants to kneel before victims. Wow.

      • Amalfi says:

        Walking away. There are no winners here. I am pretty sure I can be aware of what I need to know as a citizen and not be drawn into this sensationalistic reporting. I am tired of the Bravo-ization of mainstream media.

        • cocfarm says:

          His house was on national television. He needed to say something if only to quell fears of others that he is somehow connected. But that was very difficult to watch, I agree. I hope no retaliation is taken on his family.

        • BB says:

          I haven’t watched any of it. I don’t like the sensationalistic reporting either. I’ll pray for the innocent ones and pray that the guilty are caught and brought to justice. I don’t like to watch and listen to the news reporters (and I use that term loosely) try to speculate and guess what is going on.

      • rabblerouser2010R says:

        I think it would have to be devastating to find out someone closely related to you was capable of such great evil; and how being related to them could cast an ugly shadow on you.

        The boys also have 2 sisters who are likely going through emotional turmoil.

        • I Need A Life! says:

          I love this uncle. “My brother was too busy bringing food to the table. He only worked.” One man has cleared the name for his country.

          • kit9 says:

            Wait, I thought he said he was angry with his brother. Maybe a different brother. Info overload.

    • kit9 says:

      My god, this interview. Heartbreaking. Since he said they were muslim ethnic Chechen obvious thought that maybe had sympathies to muslim separatists in Chechnya who have history of horrible terrorism there-I remember seeing a documentary on the primary school massacre that happened several years back carried out by terrorists there-but uncle says they didn’t have training but that they could have been radicalized since. He is very angry with the pair’s father, his brother. That’s where attention should turn next, the boys father who is still in Russia. At least to rule it out. After hearing this interview and his comments about them being ‘losers’ who couldn’t assimilate, could simply be isolation, anger and loneliness?

      • I Need A Life! says:

        kit9, I have 2 daughters the age of these boys. I can’t imagine them living on their own in another country without family.

        • kit9 says:

          I know and on second listening, the uncle clearly had serious issues with the two brothers. Said they didn’t have contact with his family-quote was they had ‘nothing to do with them’ but wouldn’t say why. So sad. If they were depressed, why not go home to family?

    • chismosa says:

      That is such a funny way to watch, I’m sorry that made me chuckle.

      Like with 5 different methods.
      I know it’s a tragedy but that gave me a giggle 🙊

      • Amalfi says:

        You should just read the NY POst. lol. 🙂 I am done watching. There are better ways to spend this day. My heart goes out to victims.

        • chismosa says:

          I will! Thank you very much. 😜
          And the times tomorrow. Al Jazeera would have good info on this ….. Not sure if its changed now with their changeover.

          Too much I know. I’m watching Sex and the City to chill

          • Amalfi says:

            Mindless entertainment is exactly what some need at this time. You enjoy! 🙂

            • chismosa says:

              it was the best episode—- Charlotte gets back together and engaged to Harry “of all the synagogues in all the cities”… and Carrie gets broken up to via the post-it.

  25. boston and all ppl, please stay strong and safe. you are in my prayers. nmd thank you again for all you do for us , it is truly appreciated.

  26. cocfarm says:

    You know, you look at the picture Boston posted and it makes it clear that they knew they would be targeting children. The kids are there as he drops the backpack.

    • melthehound says:

      Thank you Trudie. I still think he’s full of it but I’ll let him just be full of himself. I’ll give him one thing, he did play the game, for the most part. He got outplayed though. We’ll see how that works out for Malcom and crew.

  27. SoutheastVA says:

    I’ve been up since 4:00am looking at the Boston coverage. I hope they catch the suspect alive. I want answers. My hubby listened in on the Boston PD police scanner at to get a since of what they were doing. My prayres go out to the Boston area.

  28. butterisafruit says:

    A little useless nonsense for those of you watching. Watertown is the home of
    Perkins Inst for the Blind where Annie Sullivan was schooled. She’s the one
    who taught Helen Keller. And the cross walks, in the center have bells so the
    blind know when it’s safe to walk.
    I actually wrote this to show off my new gravatar. I have a new Kitten, he’s
    now 11 weeks and has totally dismantled the house. And I’m not putting it back,
    His name is Ollie!!

    • ladebra says:

      I love orange kitties !! What a sweet looking face, for a demolition expert!

      • butterisafruit says:

        LOL ladebra, I wanted orange I got orange. He is cute though.

        • Catseye says:

          He is ADORABLE! Did you know that most Orange Cats are males? It has something to do with genetics, like Calico’s always being females.

          • butterisafruit says:

            I never knew that Catseye. I like knowing these things, Nature is so amazing. Thanks.

    • Just Wondering in Jersey says:

      Ahhhhhh so cute. I just got a 3 year old cat from my vet. She has lived at the vets since she was rescued at 4 months. Her first home. She is fascinated by the TV and I saw her eyeing the ceiling fan in the bedroom the other night. I sure hope she doesn’t try to jump for it this summer. As soon as she meets you she jumps in your arms and give a hug. I was a gonner the first time she did it to me LOL.

      • butterisafruit says:

        Don’t you love giving her the life she’s entitled. You saved her Just Wondering. They are fascinating creatures. I’m a dog person, actually people were quite surprised when I told them I had a cat. This one wants to eat all the electrical wires in the house.

  29. AFTERNOON ALL… My heart just breaks for all the evil that exists in our Country and thru out the World..I have asked mr ford to keep the news off while I am home…. I pray that this young man is caught alive and will give insight as to why this happened..calling for his death is just not right ..for now…. PRAYERS FOR EVERYONE….

    I am conflicted as to what my FLASHBACK FRIDAY song should/could/would be… so instead I offer a moment of silence for all those in pain… spiritually mentally and physically….be well…

    busy night at the hotel…. and may I say once again…mc creepy just gives me the willies…. such a doucheschwab…. OMG…. has that MAN attitude that women are beneath him… and even speaks to me that same way…. um. dude.. wrong chick…MY BREASTICLES ARE BIGGER THAN YOUR NADS…. and it’s legal for me to show SOME of mine ….lol lol
    in all my years of dealing with people I have NEVER met a more miserable distasteful human being..EVER EVER EVER…. I hope the next bite of food he takes , he bites his tongue off…. can ya tell I dont like this guy…
    got a full house this weekend..TG… pyrotechnics in town for a fireworks convention.. too cool… wish I could go… and all my railroad guys are here this weekend also… so the next 3 days should fly by……
    off to eat lunch..

  30. AZGirl says:

    Checking in. @Boston: Glad you are home and safe. I had internet problems yesterday at the office and had to take out the router. No laptop so I can’t check in. BBL to see how everyone is doing.

  31. Powell says:

    News conference on ABC. They’re getting mics fixed.

  32. FlowerPower says:

    Also checking in today…watching the news unfold and thinking of Boston. Glad to see you checked in and are fine. Thoughts and prayers are with all the law enforcement personnel in the city today and the residents affected by all the insanity.

  33. Powell says:

    Bianna Golodryga ABC has been contacted twice by the father. Asking what is going on. Verifying that the two guys are brothers.

  34. nyc mama says:

    My heart goes out to the extended family of these boys. The older one was married with a child and the sisters and uncles, etc. all seem stunned. What is amazing to me as I watched ABC news is that the father has little access to information and has called Briana Goldryga (sp) asking her for iformatio and to keep him updated on what is happening. It is all so sad on so many levels…the victims, their families, the people of Boston and Watertown,…
    it is all so overwhelming.


    • chismosa says:

      NYC mama just wanted to say I’m glad you’re “back” here.

      Are they specifically asking for her -is she Russian? Like, is there a specific reason they ask for her? Just wondering

      • nyc mama says:

        Thank you.

        She was ABC’s reporter in the area for several years, speaks the language and she contacted the father this morning so he had her contact information.

        • Powell says:

          She’s part of the GMA team. Saturday is her regular day. She before that she did Wall Street reporting for ABC. She git married two yrs ago, had a baby boy last yr. I love her.

          • chismosa says:

            Thanks NYC mama and Powell, I’m familiar with her for sure– I think maybe on Nightline- but was wondering if there was a specific tie to the family.


            NYC mama I have a question about a diet thing, I will bring it up another time to you when this Boston disaster has died down

            • chismosa says:

              I remember the big talk when she was getting married. She is gorgeous. Good to know someone good has an “in” there.

            • nyc mama says:

              Chismosa, I don’t have much info on it and I havent tried it personally. Coincidentially a friend gave me the link to the Dr., Oz site where she found it and she was going to try it. So I am not sure I will be very helpful but will try. I will see her on Sunday so I will ask her if she did it and if so then I can pose your questions to her.

  35. chismosa says:

    @RabbleRouser CNN just talked about how odd that they left the driver alive. So odd!

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      Yes. I wonder if the other accused bomber is brought in alive if he will explain it.

  36. cocfarm says:

    Aunt in Toronto is the one that brought the brothers here. Seems to think they were set up.

  37. boston02127 says:

    Well…my apartment is now what I call “mama clean”. I’ve washed all the baseboards and wood work with h2o & bleach. Did the screens. Floors. Windexed all pictures. And it’s only 3.

    • cocfarm says:

      Good use of your confinement!

    • Kansas Girl says:

      Bake something!

      Or just chat with us on the blog!

      • boston02127 says:

        KG–I made choc chip cookies the other day while I was home. Well… I cut the pre cut little squares and baked them. Does that count. I guess it’s better than eating the raw squares like I usually do. 🙂

        • boston02127 says:

          LOL, KG….I forgot to add. I put them on tin foil and balanced them to the oven so I didn’t have to wash the cookie sheet.

          • realhousewifeva says:

            LOL that’s exactly how I bake chocolate chip cookies!

            • Catseye says:

              Have you guys ever used Parchment Paper for baking cookies? I put it right on the sheet and lift it off with the cookies still on it to cool on my kitchen counter. Although the tin foil thing is probably a little cheaper and always around.

          • Kansas Girl says:

            LOL, you crazy girl! At my house, the moment I get the kitchen clean, I crave baked goods. And I get it all messed up again. Banana bread is my latest thing and I don’t know how many loaves I’ve made recently! (Shared, of course.)

            • boston02127 says:

              Kansas Girl–My mother use to make banana bread in coffee cans. She’s make a bunch of them and freeze them and give some away.

            • Cityside says:

              Please send Banana Bread to me, I can help you get rid of it!!!!
              yum yum


              • Kansas Girl says:

                😀 I discovered Chiquita makes a mix that is wonderful. Just add egg, water & banana. Plus, I “flour” the pan with cinnamon. Yummy! Come on over. The coast is clear — no storms coming.

    • Powell says:

      Well come on down to my neck of the woods!! I love a “mama clean” house. Especially if someone else does it. 🙂

    • chismosa says:

      open up some windows…. woosh i’m getting light-headed just reading about all that stuff.

      • boston02127 says:

        chismosa—I remember complaining about “spring cleaning”. My mother use to say to me and my brother…”don’t make plans for the weekend, we’re starting the spring cleaning”. I hated it. Now, for some reason I still do it.

  38. shamrockblonde says:

    *hugs Boston really hard* – glad you are ok, beautiful one – all of this is just too familiar – watching the constant coverage, the sudden jumps of activity and the sudden fear that it brings, the police presence, the rushing of fire trucks, the searches – it reminds me all to well of the days following 9-11 – but I also see people who are scared, injured and worried sick, standing up, and reaching out to each other, helping each other, with no thought of themselves, restaruants offering free food, people offering complete strangers shelter, entire stadiums singing the National Anthem, billboards that in large letters read “COWARDS” – I see resolve in their grief – I see courage in their fear, and most of all I see a united people – and that is exactly what I saw after 9-11 – I have no doubt that the Boston police will get this person – my prayers remain with all the people of Boston, with everyone affected by this – my God keep hold you all in the Palm of His Hand –

    BB- I had a dream last night that we, your Lynnfam, were at a baby shower for Jack – and Nene stopped by – she kept going “:boop” and touching Jack’s nose and laughing, saying how beautiful he was – it gave me peace – my love to all of you –

  39. Powell says:

    Tornado watch in my area.

    • boston02127 says:

      Scary! Stay safe Powell. Do you have a cellar?

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Stay safe Powell…

      • HuskerHuny says:

        Powell – don’t do what I do when there’s a tornado warning around me; I go outside and look at the sky! Dumb, I know, but I’m only a few steps away from my basement. Two years ago, my husband and I were driving back to our house after leaving our son at a party. As we stopped at a red light, we heard the tornado sirens go off. There were blue skies, a bright sun, a soft breeze – no signs of severe weather of any kind. I said out loud “I wonder why the sirens are going off.” And my husband pointed out the window and said, “maybe it’s because of that tornado funnel over there,” which was hovering over the tree line. Bright white and spinning for all it was worth. First time I actually saw one! Didn’t amount to much of anything, fortunately. But be safe Powell.

        P.S. No snow today!!! The sun is actually shining and it’s in the mid 40s out. I’ll take it!

        • Kansas Girl says:

          I do the same! it’s the Midwest way — send everyone to the basement and then go check. I’ve never seen one either. I don’t know whether to hope to see one way far away, or just do without that thrill.

      • rabblerouser2010R says:

        Yes Powell…be safe and please check in when you can.

  40. Nancy says:

    I just heard from OMIB. She’s in the mood for a Pizza and doesn’t understand why
    Domino’s won’t deliver! Too funny. We have to get her back her. Let’s start a petition.

  41. realhousewifeva says:

    I have so many questions! EVERYONE being interviewed has so many good things to say about these boys, one friend just now was interviewed on Andersons show and he still maintains the suspect is a great guy. They were smart, athletic, volunteered for special needs kids. The father and aunt think they have been set up? WTF is going on? Why did they do this?

    • Nancy says:

      That’s why he needs to be caught alive as so many of us have questions.
      So much hate at such a young age. Just horrible.

    • chismosa says:

      Wow …… This just gets deeper and deeper.

      But to run over your brother to escape the police. Cold

  42. realhousewifeva says:

    Seriously these reporters SUCK, following the uncles who can barely speak English and harrassing them

    • realhousewifeva says:

      He just said he hadn’t spoken to the boys in 4 years, then the dumbass reporter says “Did they ever talk about any of this?” and he’s like “I Just said, I no talk to them” OMG

      • Kansas Girl says:

        I heard Peirs Morgan yesterday interviewing a woman who experienced the West, TX explosion. it was such an amusing interview because he couldn’t understand her accent, but was pretending he could. He’d catch some words, repeat them, and this would cause her to tell more details and get more upset, which made her accent even stronger. I was highly amused to hear a reporter doing such a bad job. (And her accent was not very strong!)

  43. Powell says:

    I’m watching Ellen. Matthew Perry is her co-host. J Love Hewitt was a guest and she had on a cute LBD but it was strapless & low cut. It was cute but you know JLH is busty. Matthew was funny. He didn’t want to look at her face to face because of her boobs. He told Ellen she was going to have to do most ofu the interview & he proceeded to look at the ceiling. When it was time for Matthew to ask JLH a question he couldn’t think of a question & asked her a question from a game he was playi lng w/Ellen. “In the movie The Fourth of July what did Tom Cruise do. Run, walk or run.” They just cracked up. Then Matthew asked JLH a serious question. That were very funny. JLH said her grandmother calls her her little Ho joking because of her Lifetime movie.

    • realhousewifeva says:

      That dress was ridiculous…like Brandi’s Oscars dress!

      • Powell says:

        I didn’t mind the dress. It just wasn’t for JLH. She’s too boobalishus for it. That’s a dress for a lady that doesn’t havde a lot of boobs.

        • chismosa says:

          She seems to wear the tight, Housewives-esque, Kardashian circa-Kim’s old face Herve Leger dresses too much.

          I love Matthew Perry. I was on a flight to Vegas with him once years ago and we made good strong eye contact at the luggage claim. Lol
          He was so cute! Back then I think he was still using/drinking, whatever
          I like his girlfriend

          • rabblerouser2010R says:

            I can’t stand Matthew Perry…but that is because of a unflattering story I heard about him,

            • Nancy says:

              He sure loved his cocaine.

              • rabblerouser2010R says:

                I think cocaine had a lot of do with the incident I am thinking of.

                Basically when he was dating Neve Campbell they were in Canada visiting friends of hers. It was a nice weekend,,,then suddenly he has this rage and starts accusing everyone of stealing some watch that belonged to him. Neve was supposedly mortified as many of the people were childhood friends.

                (my brother knew someone who was there..thats how I know the story)

  44. cocfarm says:

    Now they are saying the two brothers are not the ones that robbed the 7-11.

  45. boston02127 says:

    I’m gonna weigh 500 by the end of this week.

  46. not THAT Jill says:

    I know these links never work but maybe they can be copied and pasted?
    NJ trailer….


    • chismosa says:

      Jill- is this the one I JUST clicked on on and all it was was the Summer Bravo type shots of them?
      Like them planting a tree? With Tre (haha) writing on it…..
      Kathy giving it water? It was so DUMB

      I wanted a real trailer. So maybe people just led me to the wrong place

      • not THAT Jill says:

        They are calling it a trailer but its stupid!!! I want to see a preview-not those dopes planting a tree!!! I was fooled

  47. boston02127 says:

    I have until May until final exams but I’m going to go study. Yep, it’s official, I’m a nerd. Friday night and this is my life.

    LOL, Also, I don’t think I’m going to make a good mother. I let my dog out on a long leash while I held the other end and ducked down in my hall by the door.

    A nerd and a bad mom. Yep….That’s how I roll.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      That’s a great solution to the dog dilemma. I don’t think that means you’ll be a bad mom. Kids don’t have to go outside to potty! You’ll be a creative mom!

    • Powell says:

      A nerd will have smart kids that learn early to be self sufficient. See Boston. You gotta put a positive spin on it. 🙂

  48. Kansas Girl says:

    Hey, tell OMIB that she maybe can’t get pizza, but Dunkin Donuts is open for the first responders!

  49. Powell says:

    The storm is here. Pouring, thunder, very windy. I hope this is all and it finishes and moves out of here.

    I watched Married to Medicine. I didn’t read the blog. You all didn’t tell me Toya, I can’t believe I remembered her name, blabbed that Mariah’s 1st daughter’s father is not the doc. I mean biological. And the daughter doesn’t know. So here we go again someone telling a child’s parentage biz. That was a horrible fight. They were worse than teenagers. I saw Spanx, heels flying & a whole lot of weave pooling. I really, really see why people want it cancelled.

  50. Powell says:

    .2nd brother’s body may be in a boat on an older gentleman & his wife’s property. Shots were fired.

    • Mene Seela says:

      I’ve been glued to the TV! Anderson Cooper is really good tonight.

      I hope they capture the boy alive. I think his older brother influenced him to do this. Not that the younger brother doesn’t deserve the harshest punishment, up to and including the “ultimate”. However we need to know who is really behind/supporting/training this terrorism.

      • Nancy says:

        I think the same thing. What a shame.

      • Catseye says:

        Me too! I thought it would be over with by now. I need to take my dogs out again, for their 2nd walk and I don’t want to leave the house (like someone else already said earlier).
        Weird that the father supposedly came over here because our country granted him political asylum, yet he moved back to his homeland. Maybe people who pull stunts like that should be looked at closer.

  51. cocfarm says:

    He’ s alive and in custody

    • kit9 says:

      Woo freaking hoo! So glad they took him alive so he has to face all the people he killed and maimed and will face justice.

      • cocfarm says:

        It will be interesting to hear. I feel he was a bit of a lemming, but regardless of that or taking direction from a brother, he needs to be brought to justice. I hope they read him Miranda rights too. Don’t want anything to go wrong.

  52. Nancy says:

    I think they got him.

  53. lillybee says:

    Boston police just tweeted ‘suspect in custody”.

    • Nancy says:

      Hi lillybee,
      Did you hear that one of the “stars” on Splash had to go to the ER after her dive?
      She’s ok but IMHO this show needs to be pulled.

    • Mene Seela says:

      Thank God. How awful this has been.
      Has anyone read the interview with the boys’ aunt? She lives in Canada. She said the FBI has been controlling the boys for years. WTH?

      • cocfarm says:

        She was nutty to watch. A few of us talked about it up thread.

      • Catseye says:

        I agree! I thought for sure it was going to be over with by early afternoon.
        Yes, I saw that interview and I also heard on CNN that the older one had traveled back to his native country last year, then when he came back he was putting a bunch of jihad crap on his FB page.

  54. cocfarm says:

    Well, now that it’s supposedly over, the big news is it has been snowing in Chicago today 😉
    First flood, now freeze.

  55. not THAT Jill says:

    THANK GOD!!! Boston did a hell of a job keep their residence safe today-I’m so glad this part is over with!!

    • Mene Seela says:

      Yes JNNTJ, Boston was very smart.
      CNN says they shelter in place order was actually to force the suspect to hide rather than to filter into a crowd and disappear.
      It worked well for protection of civilians and to capture the suspect.

      • Nancy says:

        Thank God that lady called the police. If she wasn’t there I wonder how much longer
        this would have gone on?

      • not THAT Jill says:

        They were very smart and very crafty. Easy to lose someone in a crowd-getting rid of the crowd was very important. Plus keeping everyone inside control the neighborhoods. This was a very good plan and I’m glad that the people of Boston knew they had to listen!!

  56. Powell says:

    He’s in custody. Whew!

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Perfect selection Diva..#bostonstrong

    • Orson says:

      Hey, Greenwood… you’ve had that stubble since Reagan was president. Look, if your beard hasn’t grown in in 30 years, it’s not going to happen. Get a good shave, huh?

  57. Powell says:

    Bianna called the father & told him his son is in custody. He said thank God. B asked him what he would say to his son he said he would tell him to tell the police everything. He’s getting his airplane ticket to come.

    Boston & Jules. People are out on the news. Have you had the,all clear?

    • Nancy says:

      Could you imagine? I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if Emily ever bit someone.
      Thank goodness she never did.

      I’ve heard from OMIB and she is ok. What a day.

      • Powell says:

        That’s good. It’s been a long week. Since 9/11 I have hoped and prayed we’d never see anything like this again. I hope this is the last time. If people don’t like us I wish they would just go somewhere else & leave us alone.

        • Nancy says:


        • Catseye says:

          I agree! And especially don’t have the gall to come over here and take advantage of the opportunities our country offers and then turn around and victimize those that worked and paid taxes to make it all happen.

        • chismosa says:

          I agree with everything you said, especially being 1st generation born in my family here.
          However if there are things (unfair, grotesque, terroristic) things committed because of the fact that the US HAS to put our butts into every single other country’s business and support certain countries more than necessary (my opinion), then that is a different reason
          Don’t condone the methods, just saying it may not be as simple as “I just don’t like the US”
          Sometimes I wish we would just stay out of others’ way. It may save lives here in the mainland and away at “war”


  58. iceNfire says:

    Hello – I’m a couple blogs behind. @Bostonwithnumbers Happy to hear you’re ok 🙂

    OT – I’m about to buy a Kindle Fire…anyone have anything negative to say about this product?

    • iceNfire says:

      OneMoreInBoston – I already said that to you right? Or did I just think it in my head? Happy all are okay 🙂

    • boston02127 says:


      I have a Kindle Fire and I love it. It is so user friendly and you can get many free books. You can check your emails, tweet. Anything that you do online you can do on your Kindle. You will love it.

      • iceNfire says:

        Hi boston – Thanks now i’m just wondering if i should buy the most expensive one – Kindle Fire HDidk –
        (gift certificate is burning hole in my clicking finger)

        • boston02127 says:

          iceNfire—-A couple of nights ago we were watching tv and we saw the commercial for the larger one. I told my b/f that I didn’t think I’d like it. I like mine cuz i can throw it in my pocketbook. If I wanted something bigger I would of got a tablet. Also, with the smaller one you make the text as large as you like it.
          One thing I would recommend is to get one of the covers for it. I like the folding one because its hard and zips around for protection.

          • vilzvet says:

            Ditto for what boston said. I bought two this Christmas, just the regular ones not the HD, as gifts. Also got the leather cases, the white one is really pretty.

    • Powell says:

      Ice when I save up my coin I’m getting the Kindle Fire HD. I haven’t read anything negative. 🙂

      • iceNfire says:

        Hi Powell – I will use my clicking finger after my bike ride…I’m doing good with that . I can bike 1 1/2 miles now and only fell off my bike twice hahahaha. just skinned kneees, no biggie. Hope all is good with you Powell I will try to catch you in morning 🙂

    • not THAT Jill says:

      I’m so glad this is over for all of you!!! Go walk that doggie!!

    • thedesigndiva2 says:

      good one…. I even know all the words… damn I’m old…. lol but still ROCKING….

  59. AZGirl says:

    Wow….That is all I can say about how great our law enforcement has been. Got the kid and he is alive…I salute them all in Boston, Watertown, Mass wherever. Fantastic job.

  60. cocfarm says:

    The thing that choked me up was the swat team, as it was leaving the scene, said over loud speaker “it’s been an honor serving you Watertown.”

  61. not THAT Jill says:

    Ok-I need to pack for me and the girls-leaving for Virginia in the morning and then to DC on Sunday for the walk. Have a great weekend everyone-I hope the weather is nice for our snowy friends and I hope Boston gets to walk the dog.

  62. Nancy says:

    I kind of feel sorry for the nurses and doc’s that have to take care of this young man.

  63. Here’s an interesting blog, written by a woman who knew the mother of the Boston terrorists – in fact went to their home to get facials from the mother. Excellent read.

  64. Nancy says:

    Good luck tomorrow. I hope it wasn’t too late to make a donation. Let me know if it didn’t
    go through.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Nancy-it went through and it was so generous-Thank you so much. I appreciate the donation and your support more than I could ever express. So grateful and blessed to have such wonderful friends here. THANK YOU!!!!!!

  65. California35 says:

    Good morning….thank God is Saturday 🙂

    I am reading old posts from yesterday and all the baking and banana bread talk is making me hungry…I want some!!

    Sad about Boston and all that is happening…but staying away from too much news about it, and i am thinking positive that this won’t happen again.

  66. BB says:

    Great post by The Empress about the City of Boston and the news media.

    • BB says:

      Did I read that correctly? Jason’s parents live in Florida now? I’m betting Bethenny thought this divorce thing was going to be easier than it’s turning out to be.

    • California35 says:

      Thanks for posting this. Still sad about their break up 😦 glad they are doing things to take care of the divorce as soon as posible, as painful as it is it’s best to get it over with.

    • butterisafruit says:

      Yeah it looks like they are in Florida. Great fun being a little person shoved all over the country.

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