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Tabatha Takes Over by BB

tabatha-takes-over-season-5-hero-poll-2Name of Business:  Bombshells Salon and Spa, Clarksville, TN, established about 10 months ago.

Owners:  Jennifer Norfleet and Tiffany Crawford, Best Friends Turned Business Partners

wap-tabatha-takes-over-season-5-a-beer-run-at-workInitial Meeting:  Tabatha meets Jennifer and Tiffany. They previously worked together in a salon and suddenly decided to open a salon on their own with no real business plan in place. They are already $35,000 in debt, but Jennifer has most of the debt load because Tiffany had no credit and recently went bankrupt and Jennifer had to secure the loan to start the business.  Tiffany’s monetary investment in the business is much smaller than Jennifer’s.

Undercover cameras reveal: Tiffany’s spending is out of control.  She’s spending without Jennifer’s approval.  Tiffany takes home a paycheck, but Jennifer doesn’t because her husband has a job and Tiffany’s husband doesn’t.  Jennifer has five kids and her husband is getting frustrated about the situation.  Tiffany is only in the salon three days a week.  The partnership is definitely not 50-50.  They aren’t seeing customers coming back; their retention rate is low.  The staff is passing out Chinese food to the customers.  A client is washing her own hair.  The aesthetician and receptionist are sitting up front giggling with each other.  They both leave and return with beer while a customer is up front not getting any help.  The two owners are scared to talk to their staff.

The owners tell Tabatha they are afraid if they make the staff angry, they will quit.  Tabatha tells them they are clueless.  They have no idea about what’s going on. The only thing Tiffany cares about is getting a paycheck.  Jennifer is allowing everyone to walk all over her.  Tabatha’s seen enough. They go back into the salon where Tabatha announces she is taking over and everything will be changed by the end of the week.

Inspection reveals:  Tacky zebra print all over the place.
Streaks of varnish going down the wall.  Salon looks like an institution.  It’s like high school because there are nasty notes posted instead of direct communication by management to the staff.

Meeting with the Staff only reveals:  The staff say Tiffany doesn’t know what she’s doing and she’s only there 3 days a week.  They know too much about Jennifer and Tiffany and their financial situation.  They think they overcharge based on their abilities as stylists.  They want Tiffany to be the boss.  She needs her butt kicked.  They think Jennifer is a doormat and she needs to stand up to Tiffany.  It’s not worth the tension to one of the stylists to face it every day.  The owners are very inconsistent.  At least half of the staff have thought about quitting.  Mandy, the aesthetician, starts crying because she doesn’t want anyone to quit, but she is tired of buying her own supplies.  They all think Bombshells is going down.  They want both of the owners to be the boss, and to be successful.  Tabatha is not letting the staff off the hook either.  She calls out the two who went out for the beer and were acting like Abbott and Costello.

The Assessment reveals:  Tiffany’s consultation goes very badly because she needs to ask and listen and not talk over the client.  Mandy will be doing a daytime and nighttime make-up look for her client.  Her consultation goes a little better.  Jennnifer can’t take command of her consultation which is the opposite of Tiffany.  Tabatha finds fault with some of the other stylists’ cuts and coloring techniques.  Jennifer’s client is happy, but Tiffany’s cut is not so good.  Mandy’s nighttime look is too theatrical.  Tabatha finds out Mandy has had no formal training and asks her wouldn’t it be nice to do her job without winging it and had more education.  Mandy says yes.

Tabatha tells the staff they need more education and the name of their salon Bombshells is misleading because people are not getting a bombshell type experience or results.  She sends the staff home for the day, but tells Jennifer and Tiffany to stay behind.

Quality control is lacking.  Education is lacking.  The staff called Jennifer a doormat and say Tiffany treats her as a doormat all the time.  Mandy has never been trained and is having to purchase her own supplies.  Her husband had to build her make up counter.  They need to have their staff behind them to get out of debt.  The staff feels like they care more than the owners about the business.  Tabatha tells them they have to both work equally together in order to save their business.  Otherwise, they need to forget it.

Tabatha’s test.  The next morning, Tabatha finds out Tiffany took money out of the ATM the night before for herself without telling Jennifer.  Jennifer is at the end of her rope and she can’t continue on.  She tells Tiffany of them can buy the other out or either Jennifer will take over the finances and Tiffany will have no control over any money in the future.  Tiffany willingly hands over the financial control.  Tabatha is glad Jennifer finally stood up to Tiffany.

130501_2643603_Must_Work_Together_to_Succeed_143x95_28610115784The two owners meet Sargent Ken who has many years of military experience.  They are going to have a good time according to Sargent Ken.  They will be tied together and will have to go through a difficult obstacle course with each other.  They do fairly well getting through it together even though Tiffany is the more fit.  She is very supportive of Jennifer and helps her through it.  It’s the first time Tabatha has seen Tiffany be unselfish.  As they are completing the course, they notice the staff at the finish line cheering them on. It meant a lot for them to see the two owners working as a team.

130509_2645678_It_s_a_Zebra_Fest__143x95_29715523748The owners tell the staff they’ve decided Jennifer will be taking over all of the finances and Tiffany cuts up her Bombshells credit card and apologizes to the staff.  They all leave for a couple of days so changes can be made to the salon itself.  Tabatha cannot wait to get rid of the “Zebra Fest.”

Salon Reopening:  The staff and owners walk into a salon with no zebra print in sight.  It’s black and white and much more sophisticated looking, befitting the name Bombshell.  New mats, new make-up area, new wall paper, new towels, new sterilizer jars, new artwork.  The owners get their own shared private office.  Each one of the staff brought in symbols for how they need to change for the better.  It’s time for the client’s to arrive.

Tabatha has her own make-up artist come in to give Mandy some tips.  Everyone seems more at ease and more optimistic about things.  Tiffany even gives some of her staff on the job training about coloring.

At the end of the day, Tabatha takes Tiffany and Jennifer into their new private office to discuss things.  Tabatha tells Jennifer she needs to use her voice by having staff meetings.  She needs to start taking home a paycheck.  Weekly meeting need to happen between the two owners.  They need to provide their staff consistent leadership.  They need to do one mandatory education class per month.

Tabatha also recommends Tiffany be in the Salon more than three days a week.  She agrees.  When they meet back with the staff, Tabatha informs them she’s taken the liberty to get them a two-day education class from her friend at the Paul Mitchell school.  She also arranged private classes for Mandy with a top make-up school in Nashville.  Tiffany will be in charge of education and Jennifer will be in charge of finances and they will both present a united front and be better bosses.

Six weeks later, Tabatha finds things have worked out the way they planned when Tabatha left.  Tiffany is relieved she no longer has to worry about the finances and Jennifer says the bank account is in the positive now and she’s even taking home a paycheck for herself.  Each owner is playing on their strengths and making a success of the business.


Gretchen Rossi’s Bravo Blog by BB

“There’s nothing wrong with being shallow as long as you’re insightful about it.”  Dennis Miller

Gretchen has been so busy lately, she’s barely had time to even sit down and watch the episodes herself, but I guess she managed to do it since she took the time to write an extensive blog about the latest one.  I’m sure it has nothing to do with what she calls “haters” who have bashed her in the social media outlets lately.

Gretchen CriesWith regard to Slade’s son Grayson’s medical crisis in New York, Gretchen talks ad nauseam about how scary it was for “them” and how stressful and difficult a time it was for her and Slade personally and as a couple.  She praises Slade to the nth degree for traveling back and forth to New York.  Guest what, Gretchen! AS GRAYSON’S DAD, THAT’S WHAT HE WAS SUPPOSED TO DO!  While she bemoans the fact that she and her Sladey were separated a lot during those five months, she pats herself on the back for being there for moral support, making sure he ate and got enough rest, blahbitty, blah, blah, blah.  Gretchen should be ashamed of herself for insinuating she has been through any real hardship compared to what Grayson’s mother has been through these past years.  Not only has she had to deal with a very seriously ill child pretty much on her own from what I have surmised, but she also had the added stress of not getting the financial support needed from his deadbeat dad.  All that while having to watch Slade on national television whoring himself amongst several OC housewives before latching onto one gullible (or dumb) enough to fall for his crock of crap.

Seems Gretchen got some negative publicity on the social media sites about the scene between her and Slade on the couch and she demands that the “haters” listen up.  She kind of throws Slade under the bus here by saying HE’s the one who brought up the “starting the family” subject, not her.  She was just responding to him when she cried her fake tears about not wanting to be selfish by talking about their future while fate had dealt them such a crappy hand.  Poor them.  Bad stuff happens to people all the time, Gretchen.  Whine about it privately, not on camera.  Gretchen tells us, “So for all the haters out there who are claiming that I am being selfish in this moment: first off what show are you watching and second you can suck it!”  She’s the second OC housewife who has seen the need to address negative remarks about their behavior in a Bravo blog.  Her partner in crime Heather accused viewers of being cyber-bullies in her blog last week.  Hey, they both signed up for this, right?

But Gretchen’s not quite finished talking about the trials and tribulations she and Slade have had to endure. “Slade and I continue this journey of trying to start a family of our own, while caring for his son who is in ICU across the country all the while trying to maintain our jobs, our relationship, and not to mention our sanity. Needless to say it was a tough time for us, and we will take you along that roller coaster ride this season with us. I know many families will be able to relate to us in the simple fact that life is just plain hard sometimes and you aren’t always sure how you’re going to make it through these moments of stress, sadness, trials and tribulations. It’s easy to love in the good times and laugh and be merry, but when the going gets tough that’s really a true test of love and commitment and when you see a person’s true colors.”  By reading this, anyone who doesn’t know the real deal would believe Gretchen and Slade have been sitting at Grayson’s bedside 24/7 for months on end.  Of course WE know that’s not been the case.  Although I’m sure Slade has gone through a very tough time with his son’s situation and by extension, Gretchen has felt the effects, it’s no worse than what thousands of other families have endured and on a much more up-close and personal basis I would suppose, especially in Gretchen’s case.  As much as I’m not a Slade fan, it’s nice to see that he’s at least stepped up to the plate regarding his son more than it seems he had done in the past.

Gretchen loves Lydia’s mom.  Not surprising that she sees nothing wrong with being a lifelong pothead and thinks she’s really cool by going around throwing glitter all over unsuspecting salespeople.  Maybe they should go into business together and sell jars of fairy dust.  I’m sure there’s a market for it somewhere out there.

Gretchen also thinks Lydia validated her feelings about Alexis in her conversation with Tamra and Heather.  We know, Gretchen.  Everything you did last season, including the gang up in Costa Rica, was coming from a compassionate place and reflected your genuine love and concern for your cherished friend Alexis.  She goes further: “However I do have to question one thing I noticed; Lydia has actually had more to say to Alexis and about Alexis’s questionable actions in these past two episodes than what I had to say in Costa Rica to her. So of course I have to wonder why is it OK for Lydia to say those things to her and have opinions to the other woman, but when I voiced mine (out of sincerely trying to help Alexis see why she was alienating herself from the group) Alexis deemed me a horrible friend and somehow classified as a bully? Was it because Alexis and I were so close that it was too hard to hear from me and easier to blame me as a supposed bad friend than to do some self-reflection? Makes you wonder.”  I dunno, Gretchen.  Maybe, just maybe, Lydia’s delivery to Alexis seemed to come from a more genuine place as opposed to the gang up she got from the “wrecking” crew of you, Tamra and Heather.  Only time will tell where Lydia’s loyalties lie and how Alexis will deal with it.

It’s not surprising to read that Gretchen feels bad for Tamra and the situation with Vicki and their business.  One blog commenter has even suggested that the friendship bracelet Tamra gave Gretchen had some kind of curse on it.  I mean, how else would you explain Gretchen’s blind devotion to Tamra?  Here’s a fact for you.  Vicki can work circles around both of you entrepreneurial wannabees, and has been a legitimate business person for years.  She has nothing to prove.  Gretchen doesn’t think it’s good to mix business and friendships, but didn’t Slade work for Gretchen last season?  It’s OK for significant others to work with each other, just not friends I guess.  Yeah, that makes perfect sense.  You’d better believe that if Tamra had said to Gretchen, “Let’s start a Wine by Wives business together,” she would have been all over it in a hot second.

Lastly, Gretchen goes on to address how fun it was to see Heather light up about being on Hot in Cleveland but not so much fun watching the conflict between Terry and Heather.  I’m really not interested in knowing Gretchen’s opinions about their relationship because she’s no expert on the subject by any stretch of the imagination.

So far this week, Gretchen’s blog has annoyed me the most.  Up next, a two-fer; Alexis and Lydia.


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254 Responses to Tabatha Takes Over / Real Housewives of OC Blogs

  1. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. TGIF. 🙂 Yeah!!! We made it. I hope it will be a nice day out today. I hope you have a great day.

  2. I have trouble believing anything NBNRob reports, but IF the NY ladies are holding out for a raise then good for them. I suspect Carole and Heather are signed and this is about the other 4. LuAnn is usually Rob’s source and the rumors have been that they’d have her back if she took a big pay cut, so maybe she is balking. Sonja might not have gotten the raise she thought she deserved. I say go for it ladies. After all these years, they should either want you and compensate you well for being on the show, or let you leave gracefully. No comment on Aviva. Ramona should be happy she’s getting a half million.
    Strangely, JZ hasn’t tweeted about this at all, but BravoRatings (Simon) tweeted that Ramona was up to mischief and then has teased that he’d write a story about how hard it is to find other women that will lower themselves to be on the show.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      I never believe anything Rob says…until now. There is no chatter about NY filming yet so I’m inclined to believe this story. If there is a ring leader I would pick Ramona-I bet it’s not money they are after but “perks” -clothing expenses-drivers-things like that. The NY women are savvy-they know what they are doing-in my opinion. I don’t see Bravo getting rid of the cast-I think they will cave to the ladies demands and start filming by the end of the month.

    • realhousewifeva says:

      Ratings for NY dropped drastically last season, so it seems odd to demand a pay raise. They should be happy they were asked back at all, because the show itself gives them a big platform to make more money from their businesses. I would bet good money that Yummie Tummie benefited greatly from the exposure, same with Carole`s books (she even said her book sales for her memoir from years prior jumped up after she appeared on RHoNY).

      Even Brandi said on Howard Stern that she was only making 136,000 for her second season on BH but just being on the show makes people start `throwing money at you` for appearances, business ventures, etc.

    • Rebecca says:

      TMZ posted their story first. This is crazy.

    • ladebra says:

      I question how long the HW franchise can go on. The shows have changed into something unrecognizable if compared to the first few seasons. Now every season must have an over the top, totally unrealistic, nothing off limits, sometimes violent and most times profanity filled confrontations between women and men that leaves me uncomfortable watching.

      Is that the formula now for the script? I like some of the housewives individually but taken as a whole, I am not entertained by the cage fights they are scripting.

      • I Need A Life! says:

        Not worth the price. Imagine being paid thousands so you can walk around holding your pinot wine. (Jealous!!) Nonsense. But I won’t watch and contribute to Ramona’s fund.

    • pat says:

      I would be surprised if Ramona is holding out for more money. It sounds like she already has one of the biggest paychecks. Can’t imagine Carole joining in on a salary holdout, either. But I wouldn’t put it past Sonja, Aviva or Luann. Heather, I dunno. Sonja should make more, IMO. She’s been on a long time and she does bring something unique. Tho she was a mess last season. Luann is a huge snore-fest for me. She’s just strange.

    • Cartwheels says:

      Maybe this is the reson why Bravo was so tight lip about the HW salaries, so they couldn’t compare. Now that they know what the other ones make, it makes it difficult for them to pretend they don’t know. i see how Sonja per say would have a problem with that. Aviva was promised to showcase more of her charity work and it was all drama so at this point I am not sure what can Bravo do to salve this franchise.

  3. AZGirl says:

    Good morning Powell and everyone. Thank you BB for the great recap of Gretchen’s blog. I started to read it and got so worked up I stopped. Making Grayson’s illness all about her and Slade. Ridiculous.
    Heading out to do yard work. Beautiful cool morning.

    • realhousewifeva says:

      I cannot stand Gretchen (which is part of the reason I dont even watch the show) but the fact that they are using Grayson for sympathy REALLY makes me sick. I follow his mom`s page (Amazing Gray) on facebook and what he went through was very MAJOR and he spent months and months in the hospital under very serious conditions. It was his MOTHER who was there everyday. Her entire life put on hold, while Gretchen and Slade made their appearances (and always tweeted about how they were going to NY for sympathy) and still got to live their fabulous OC life. Gretchen is always going to events, functions, etc. Her life is not altered one bit by Grayson`s illness, except that maybe she doesn`t have her `bitch` around all day long to wait on her hand and foot.
      She should talk about the real reason she is not having children, which is that Slade had a vasectomy that they would need to have reversed first. She makes me so sick!

      • Powell says:

        realhousewifeva that’s what I was saying. Grayson’s mom is there 24/7. Gretchen needs to shut up.

  4. Lulu says:

    Good Morning!!! Thank you BB for taking on a very daunting task of the “OC blogs!” I pretty much guessed that Gwretchen’s blog would be about herself. Nevermind Grayson any ideas on how he is doing today? She doesn’t have children so she can’t relate to Slade at all. The only way she relates to it is in a very selfish way. I have a feeling the remainder of the season I will be fast forwarding through her segments.

    Anyone watch the “new” sister wives aka National geographic Polygamy USA? What I like about the Sister wives is how they let Cody have it at any turn. I find it hysterical that when they ask him for his opinion they end up going with what they chose. They completely blown the doors off of what I though Polygamy was about. But Polygamy USA is creepy!! It’s more like a cult especially the way some of them dress.

    • realhousewifeva says:

      You can follow Gray here:

      I believe he was in the ICU and hospital from October- April. Gretchen makes me really sick using his illness for her OWN sympathy.

      • Lulu says:

        I know and as a mother it completely disgusts me! Wait until she has her own then maybe she could give 2 $hits. Stop with the fake tears!

      • real-va thanks for the link. Looks like he’s having a very rough time, but he’s met some amazing people along his journey. I bet Mom would give up everything for him to have a healthy set of lungs and no cancer.

    • Beckygrey says:

      I want to caution some commenters on statements of childless women. Vickie made the statement to Gretchen and also to her daughter. I’ve known some amazing women , who are childless and have hearts of gold. They have been mothers of the community and have nurtured and comforted children and families for most of their lives. I have also known mothers who have no clue on their role as mothers. They have no compassion , no sensibilities and no instinctive nurturing qualities.(Tamra may possible be a member of that group)
      So maybe it’s better to say that Gretchen is too self absorb to care about anyone but herself, which has nothing to do with being childless.

      • pat says:

        That was very well said, beckygrey, and I totally agree.

      • Lulu says:

        I respectfully disagree Beckygrey I am not referring to large group of women. In what I wrote I am only talking about one woman and that is Gretchen. Sorry if you took offense but there will never be a “one size” fits all category as in “those with child” and “those without.” Each circumstance differs and I am not about to comment on the majority.

        • pat says:

          I think that’s what she was saying. There’s no “one size fits all. Just because you gave birth, doesn’t make you a naturally nurturing mother.

      • cocfarm says:

        Well stated beckygrey. I don’t have children myself, but love them and am an aunt to 20, great aunt to 4 (which may explain a little of why I don’t have kids😃). I started changing diapers for family at 10 and still haven’t stopped. That’s when the 12 children I wanted to have started to dwindle. My hat is off to mothers. That is seriously hard work. But secretly, I do love it but also love my home being just about my husband and the animals. I use to be friends with a group of women in a mommy daycare group but got tired of it being assumed I was the enemy and hated children. It isn’t one or the other. There are shades of grey.

        I know lulu wasn’t implying that childless women aren’t capable of putting a child before themselves, but I get what she was saying about gretchen! And I agree!

      • noreen7 says:

        Thank you for writing that comment. I am 48 and have no children of my own, but I have my “babies” out there just like Vickie. Women need to stick together, we are all mothers, daughters and sisters. I have been fortunate to have women in my life who let me in the circle and not push me out! With mothers, the circle of love just gets bigger. But I also want to say that I don’t know what it is like to have the 24/7 responsibility of a mother and on the eve of Mother’s Day – Happy Mother’s day to all you super Moms! Enjoy the weekend!

        • Catseye says:

          The only children I have are furbabies, but I can honestly say that in the past when I was involved with someone who had kids, I treated them better than their own mother at times. While she was off living her new life with her boyfriend, I took them to the dentist, major league baseball games, bought them clothes, took them to the grocery store when their poor excuse of a father left them all alone at home with any food. There’s a lot more to being a mother, than just giving birth.

      • TexasTart says:

        No children for me and I didn’t think anything of what Lulu said. I’m fairly thick skinned on this topic for the comments I heard over the years. The one that kills me is when people try to make small talk and ask how many children do you have? Notice the wording of the question. I reply, none. Or I have no children of my own and miraculoulsy they are stumped to come up with anything else to say. I’ll never understand that…the silence is somewhat offensive to me because I can’t be the only woman they ever met without children, right?! (I would assume that some single people have similar experiences when it’s assumed they are married?)

        Last month, a lady at game night said something about a woman she knows does not have as fullfilled a life without children. Because of other issues related to the person being gossiped about, I just ignored her remark and kept playing. I presume the lady felt that way about who she spoke of – and figured she would be beside herself when it dawned on her I was sitting at that table! Sure enough, it dawned on her and she took me aside and apologized (too much). I accepted and told her I really was not offended because I didn’t take that to be a blanket statement for all women…but a lot of people in my shoes would!

        • cocfarm says:

          You know, I attribute that silence to not knowing what to say because maybe you wanted children but can’t physically have one. I think that is a tough topic for women to know how to approach wo causing upset. I just say It was a choice and that I love kids but didnt feel the need to have my own. Now, if they continue to say “you don’t know what your missing”, or “well then why bother getting married”, that takes it to another place.

          • TexasTart says:

            Most likely the case and a good point, cocfarm. Often times these are well meaning people, but some some folks could use a little more thought process behind their queries! Similar to being thoughtful about making comments to a person you think is pregnant. I avoid that one all together! To make small talk to a stranger I have been known to ask something like “do you have family here (in town).” Usually can’t miss with that type of question. It allows for a yes/no – or they can volunteer as much as they want and without a followup question on my behalf.

        • designernailsdiana says:

          TT You are not alone. My youngest daughter and her boyfriend do not want to have children and I’m THRILLED!! I have 3 amazingly adorable Grandkidlets, but I like seeing how she interacts with them. She just wants to be the cool Aunt who does fun things with them. I have never pictured her as a Mommy, it seems weird to say that, but it’s the truth. She played with dolls, Barbies and Baby dolls. She worked in a daycare center, but she just doesn’t want to have kids. I respect their decision and if they happen to change their minds in the future? I’m fine, it’s THEIR life not mine.
          Gretchen is so very self centered that she just has to have everything in the relationship be about HER.

          • TexasTart says:

            DND, I wish my folks were thrilled! They were respectful of my choice of a mate and no grandbabies, but both were unexpected and very obviously not top of their list. However, there has not been any further mention in 30+ years now and all is well. Eventually grandbabies came along for them and I get to be the cool Aunt.

        • Powell says:

          TexasTart & cocfarm I’m not a mom either. I am very thick skinned & don’t pay the people w/the looks or questions any mind. When I was leaving work I told a few ladies happy mother’s day. One said “you too. Do you have any kids?”, I said no w/a smile in my face. I don’t feel ashamed or bad about myself. That’s just how life turns out some times.

          • cocfarm says:

            Yah gotta be thick skinned about too many things to list here! It doesn’t bother me. I am happy with my choices. I think this was just a nice opportunity for us non-moms to chat. There are far more kidless households than most people would think. I think it’s funny that kidless couples are assumed to be kid haters. That perplexes me but other than that, people can kiss my toosh if they don’t like my choices! Different strokes.

            As for moms day, when people say happy mothers day to me I say thanks. If they ask I say I have no kids but am a godmother and am a surrogate mom to many. Doesn’t bother me either.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Beckygrey, well said. It’s never bad for someone to remind us all to be considerate and sensitve to others.

  5. NMH says:

    You’re spot on with the Gretchen blog. Normally I wouldn’t admit it but here I’m actually proud to say I’m an official “hater” …probably of most of them (most cities at this point). So the only other thing ill add is I’m fine if they cancel NY. Better yet, cancel the whole show altogether and then slowly do it for them all…can you tell I’m cranky this morning? Better go have my coffee. Have a great weekend, and hang in there fellow Jodi Arias trial watchers. Wednesday seems like a long time away. 😉

    • designernailsdiana says:

      NMH Oh can you believe that wretched JA is on “suicide watch”? As if! She’s such a control freak, she’d never kill herself. Better that the JURY be to blame for giving her death. That interview 20 minutes after the verdict spoke volumes. 20 minutes??? WHO does that? A selfish b*tch who killed and lied about it for 4 yrs. She’s using whatever she learned in jail to keep her #1 in the spotlight #2 out of the jail #3 to have to face Travis’ family speaking to her in person.
      I hope they force her to listen to every word they say to her for killing their Brother, nephew, friend. She’s a lying POS who deserves everything she gets now.
      Also, on Twitter I backed Nancy Grace on some stupid tweet and got retweeted and a snarky comment made. haha If you do something that lands you in jail then you better expect to have it be on the news or on Nancy Grace.
      Which is why my ex is still alive. I didn’t want to be on the news or in jail.

    • Powell says:

      NMH I hope work is done for you this week & you have a good weekend. Don’t worry. Work makes me cranky at times too. 🙂
      Yeah we have to wait until Wed for JA. I don’t really know for sure why the hold up yesterday but I think the ME has a conflict w/his schedule next week but he was there yesterday.

  6. HuskerHuny says:

    BB – anyone who quotes Dennis Miller is a hero of mine! I love starting my day with a chuckle! And I love Dennis Miller!

    Gretchen – you are not the victim here so quit playing the part. This is a life and death situation here and you are just watching from the sidelines. Dry up those fake tears and move on. If Slade tells you he’s not putting you and your wishes on the back burner, then go for it and shut up! And just for the record, I’m not going to suck it. You signed up for this disaster so be a big girl and accept the ugly with the bad. Sorry, I just don’t see the good in your game. But I do believe in second chances, so I will wait and see if you are worthy of redemption. That’s up to you and I’m not holding my breath.

    I bet next week’s American Idol with Kree and Candice will be the best one ever. Song choice is going to be so important. I just might watch the entire show especially now knowing that the entire judging panel will be replaced. See ya later Dawg!

    It’s Friday and I’m loving it! Can’t wait for Fashion Police tonight. I hope they show some of the outfits from the Met Gala and Joan better rip Kelly a new one. Her get-up was for to laugh at. Bet she doesn’t touch it with a ten-foot pole!

    • BB says:

      It will be interesting to see what they have to say about Kim Kartrasian’s getup. She seems to be the one most talked about in the tabloids about what she wore. But the Kartrasians may be off limits since they are part of the E! gravy train.

    • lizzle says:

      Fashion is subjective, so I respect your view of Kelly’s outfit… but disagree. I thought it was awesome and thematically appropriate. She wore Marc Jacobs and made it on Vogue’s best dressed list. Granted, there were almost 80 people on it. Kim K not one of them. There were so many outfits, make-up and assesories that were over the top. I love the bohemian punk vibe to her dress and loved her hair. But I also used to love jumping in mosh pits, so I understand if I am in the minority.

      • HuskerHuny says:

        I love seeing fashion through other eyes. Yeah, I can see where it was theme-appropriate and I also see that this is the event where the more over-the-top fashion is totally accepted and praised. Funny that Vogue did not praise Kim K’s choice because I believe that Vogue editor Anna Wintour chose it for her, at least I read somewhere that she did. Both Kim’s and Anna’s dresses reminded me of my grandma’s wallpaper. We’ll see tonight if the Fashion Police choose to talk about Kelly’s choice. If so, I’m sure they will praise it. But I’m wondering if that Florence person (can’t think of her last name, but they always trash what she wears) or Courtney Love wore it, if their opinion would be the same. That’s the great thing about fashion – I have my opinion and I love hearing others as well. Love me some Fashion Police!

        • lizzle says:

          I read that Kim’s stylist made her put the long sleeves and gloves on the dress, because her arms were bigger with the pregnancy. I also read that Kayne, who is obsessed with fashion, often dresses Kim and although Kim is used to negativity… Kayne gets upset when the media disses her. Vogue cut Kim out of the picture with Kayne… so Kayne made the best dressed list. You can see a small piece of Kim’s glove in the picture.

          I can see Joan making fun of Lily Collin’s eyebrow make-up that made her eyebrows look like they extend down her nose. Also, Sarah J Parker’s head piece will probably be a topic of discussion. I didn’t hate Madonna’s outfit, but didn’t like it either. Kelly never makes fun of Madonna, so I wonder what the others will say about it. I can also see the tye dye dress with the tye dye make-up being discussed and of course… Gwenyth Paltrow, whose dress I loved… but I didn’t see it being thematically appropriate… Vogue thought it was, so maybe I am missing something there. I haven’t watched FP in a while, so I will try to find this episode after it comes out and watch it. I think Joan sees fashion as material for jokes, so this FP should be good. There is lots of potential jokes in the Met Gala photos.

          • TexasTart says:

            Looking forward to Fashion Police tonight! I have not had time this week to get my entertainment fixes; so I haven’t seen anything from Met Gala yet, other than I know Kelly O was tweeting a ton of pics, I just didn’t stop to look at them. Should be interesting, apparently there was a punk theme.

          • chismosa says:

            I can’t wait and don’t know why they didnt do a special on Tuesday night. In terms of the fashion world, this ball trumps the Oscars.
            They need to that next year

  7. not THAT Jill says:

    I the other day Gretchen tweeted something that really pissed me off-she said that Slade spent the day with his son and the son insisted on listening to “Unbreakable” all day. See-she had to mention her song and Slades sick son in the same tweet. That makes me think she is just a cold hearted bitch who is trying to sell her song by using Slades son-gross disgusting self-promoting moron!!!! I really do not like her at all-so she can suck it (what a stupid expression-I’d rather go with-she can go scratch her ass!!!)

    • Catseye says:

      I agree. She’s probably the most selfish one of the bunch. Everything is all about her, all the time. I think it was the blog before the last one, that she again brought up that she had experienced things by age 31, that no one else ever had, or some such nonsense. In reference to her “fiancé” Jeff passing away. What a disgusting slob.
      P.S. Did you guys notice that she had a nose job? The bump is gone.

  8. 2Stupid says:

    MTH will be excited to know that Randy “Dawg” Jackson has announced he is leaving AI. I don’t watch it, but anytime I have seen him he has annoyed me to no end. TGIF!!

  9. Good Morning Peeples! So tired today and glad it is Friday! Hope you are all well.

    The blog is all about BB today! You and Star99 should get some kind of award for recapping all things OC this season. What a group of women…and I use the term loosely!

    Thanks NMD for being so ever constant and wonderful to post the blog every day!!

    And thanks to all you loverly, wondrous folks who chimed in to give their thoughts on my little situation yesterday. This is really the best place to be a part of. Such special people! And LuLu…I finally got to read through about your dilemma….my suggestion…put up a sign that says “Pregnant Woman About To Drop Trumps The Weeds Any Day”!! Even though moving will be difficult, I hope you get away from your obviously awful landlord. Hope you are doing ok today! 🙂

    Have a spectacular Friday that leads to a splendiferous weekend! 😀

    Yesterday’s post, “The Sometimes Necessary Journey Into The Dark” is still up at my place. Enjoy!

  10. I Need A Life! says:

    I hope McDonald’s sends the fella who rescued the young women in Cleveland a lifetime gift certificate!!! Eating a Big Mac on his porch. Love him.

    • cocfarm says:

      Here was another guy who was the one who actually kicked the door in. He hasn’t gotten much notice. I hope they both get the credit hey deserve.

      • ladebra says:

        I saw that other guy on one of the early morning news shows … He isn’t seeking out/giving interviews, but the Mcdonald’s guy clearly says “we couldn’t get the door open…” When asked, the shy hero said it didn’t bother him at all he was getting attention. Not to take anything away from all who helped those girls.

        • ladebra says:

          Wasn’t *

        • cocfarm says:

          I believe you and I saw the exact same news report! Yes, it wasn’t to imply the. Guy getting the pr said anything untrue, just that there were two who rescued her but he other speaks no English. They are both humble men. Nice change from the $@:$?@ who ubducted the women.

          • I Need A Life! says:

            Also a nice change from the neighbors who watched, “a young woman being dragged around naked in the back yard, ” and did nothing. When he said, “We couldn’t open the door, ” I assumed it was him and the young woman he was speaking of. I know about the other guy who also heard her screaming. But a guy just eating his Big Mac makes me smile. I don’t think it’s a matter of seeking publicity. The press is all over this and they’re the ones looking for more people to interview. It sickens me that people who DID see odd things never spoke until now. THAT is publicity seeking.

            Michael Moore did a documentary years ago. He staged a set up in a house in the suburbs. Odd things happened. He had the fake owner dig holes in the back yard in the night. Put sheets up on the windows. Took out a blood stained mattress to the trash. Screams came from the house in the middle of the night. They staged a police raid. Neighbors who were interviewed said, “We didn’t see anything unusual.”

            • Catseye says:

              I really have to wonder though, if the police dispatchers didn’t document the calls and just disregarded the reports? One guy said he and his brother saw the depraved pervert pick up one girl near the school and although he made a report, it was never checked out.

              • I Need A Life! says:

                Catseye, I saw that as well. The brothers gave the police the license number. Lots of slip ups. And the report of the girl missing at the time was hot on the local news. Shameful.

      • realhousewifeva says:

        In the Anderson interview, Charles Ramsey said he first paid attention to the screaming because the guy who doesn`t speak English (I believe he is Spanish?) was running to the house to see what was going on, that`s why Charles followed after him. There`s discrepancy, however, in who actually kicked the door in.

        • TexasTart says:

          Ramsey said in a Nightline interview that this other guy was saying he kicked in the door instead of Ramsey. Not true, he said the other guy got nervous when he saw the woman and ran away saying he didn’t want to get involved. We we are getting a lot of stories from ‘neighbors’ that are not necessarily the truth, I am certain. But I tend to believe everything Ramsey has said. His body language and everything he said thus far seems honest.

          • chismosa says:

            That’s what I saw too. For SOME reason I believe Charles.
            But I’m going to try to read some Spanish media to see what their angle is

  11. cocfarm says:

    That woman who survived 17 days being buried alive in the Bangladesh factory collapse looks surprisingly good. Can’t believe it. She stayed alive breathing through a metal pipe. Whew.

  12. ladebra says:

    BB I really like the blog-installment approach! It actually lets me enjoy more! I also can only take the OC silliness in measured doses 🙂 great job !

    • BB says:

      I’m glad cause that’s the only way I could manage doing it. A little at a time.

      • plainviewsue says:

        I have to agree. I would love if all HW blogs were done this way, if possible!!! Measured doses, great way to describe!!

  13. AZGirl says:

    Off to work. Up at 5 a.m. and so far I have pulled the spring flowers (planting summer tomorrow), cleaned the pool, hose off the decking, cleaned out the frig, cleaned out pantry, one load of laundry, wipe down the kitchen. There is something really wrong with me. 🙂

  14. Powell says:

    I know Gretchen isn’t a step mom but she’s kinda sounding like,LeAnn Rimes. She, Gretchen isn’t going thru anything when it comes to that little boy. OK she Deals w/supporting Slade but that’s it. For Grayson’s mom she’s worried about her son health & the financial responsibilities of medical costs. Slade may have gotten a job but he’s still on the hole financially. He’s had a job for what 18 months or so? That doesn’t scratched
    the surface of what he owes in back child support. Gretchen nerds to sit down & shutup about Grayson.

    • realhousewifeva says:

      She acts like she is the only person who supports someone who has a sick loved one. That is called LIFE. And not all of us have it with a 200,000+ paycheck to boot. She just makes me so sick..maybe even more than Tamra

    • shamrockblonde says:

      Gretchen – I wonder what her parents think of all of this? such a shame – as for Slimy – allowing his girlfriend to use his son for attention and a story line and not blast her for it makes him just as much a self-absorbed, attention getting asshat as she is –

      • Catseye says:

        I wonder about her parents too. Her dad seemed kind of creepy as I recall and I think her mother is just ashamed of her.

  15. BB says:

    You guys know how much I love Ryan Gosling (if you didn’t, now you do). Anyways, HE WON’T EAT HIS CEREAL! Check This Out. It’s hilarious. BAD LANGUAGE ALERT!

    • BB says:

      Didn’t I also read somewhere that she’s been moved to the psych ward?

      • BB says:

        But maybe that’s an automatic thing if you’re under suicide watch.

        • Nancy says:

          Yes it is. Even if they thought she just said it for attention they have to take the
          appropriate measures to cover their a**. More wasted tax payers money.
          I hope she gets life and that we never hear her name mentioned ever again.

  16. 2Stupid says:

    Just stumbled upon this open letter to Bethenny. Sums up how I feel about it

    • BB says:

      Like I said the other day, she needs to “zip it.”

      • 2Stupid says:

        I agree. I don’t know why this gets under my skin so bad, but it just does. I am starting to believe the things the other housewives said about Bethenny may be true. She is a fame you know what. For the sake of her daughter, can she just let this go. Trust, there is plenty of material about raising children w/out dragging you ex through the mud.

        • Nancy says:

          I was through with Bethenny the day she threw Julie (of all people) under the bus.

          • 2Stupid says:

            Yeah, I started looking at her sideways then. Julie was very telling in the way she reacted to Jason saying goodbye. He said he thought of her as a little sister-family. Bethenny said she thought of her as family, but yet they have no interaction now. I think when Bethenny is done, she is done. I think she wants Jason to fade away and she can have Bryn all to herself or at the very least not give any input as to how Bryn is raised.

            • Nancy says:


            • not THAT Jill says:

              Bethenny and Julie have no interaction now? I haven’t read anything about that-was that in a article?

              • majnon says:

                Maybe Bethenny shouldn’t say anything until the divorce is final, but it’s all timing anyway.
                Eventually, the reasons they split will be revealed. I like her, so I’m gonna wait a little bit longer.

                • BB says:

                  I doubt the truth will ever be revealed. There’s Bethenny’s Truth and there’s Jason’s Truth and the REAL Truth is somewhere in the middle. I just don’t think she should be talking about it.

            • chismosa says:

              2Stupid- I’m with you—- you know 🙂
              And I had this feeling when Julie left that she honestly seemed like she was going to miss Jason so much! It’s “””telling””””


      • AZGirl says:

        Absolutely right. “Silence is Golden” needs to be the mantra.

  17. plainviewsue says:

    BB, after reading your recap of Wretchen’s blog, I got pissed off all over again!!! Great recap.

    She is the most selfish HW of them all, and that is saying A LOT!!!. Praising Slade for being with his son??? That’s where he is supposed to be.

    I know for a lot of people Tamra’s the worst of the bunch; for me it’s Gretchen. Not that I’m giving Tamra any slack. She is a deep down insecure b*tch. But Gretchen is as phony as it comes. And she has the nerve to say that about Lex!!

    • austin1963 says:

      No doubt that Trampra and Wretchen are neck and neck in the race for crappiest housewife. And Her Heathership is not that far behind, plus she’s incredibly boring.

  18. BB says:

    Sam and Stephanie, the married couple from the Biggest Loser who have a baby due in two months are splitting. Reason, according to, is that they went to counseling and Sam confessed to Stephanie that he cheated on her multiple times during their courtship and marriage. What a great guy.

    • realhousewifeva says:

      Wow, that sucks..I think I remember him and his brother annoying me.

    • Mene Seela says:

      Is he the same guy who had a serious accident recently? and his wife took care of him?

      I believe during the show the borthers snuck out of BL campus and went to town to drink beer.

  19. shamrockblonde says:

    Happy Friday to all my lovies!! and a very Happy Mother’s Day in advance to all of the Moms on the board – those with us and those who live on in our hearts – if you think about it though, it should be Happy Mother’s Day to all – not just those who have given birth – Moms who adopted, sisters that became Moms to their siblings, friends that filled that role when there was no one else to do it – strangers who came and went quickly in our lives, offering a word of encouragement, support when it seemed no one noticed our lonliness, and in a smile, true grace – Happy Mother’s Day to all of you – may your day be filled with laughter, family, and sure and certain knowledge that your loved ones hold you in their hearts and will always remember the love you give – and from one Mom to all of you – thank you for walking along with me – you make me laugh, you keep me sane while I am at work – not an easy feat I might add – but most of all, I can actually feel the love in each of you – remarkable – all of you – my love to you all –

    *hugs entire board really hard*

  20. TexasTart says:

    BB, thanks for Tabitha, especially because I missed last nights show. It sounds like that salon was an easier fix than most because they had only been in business 10 months. It’s much easier to make changes then, opposed to a business that’s been established for many years. Of course, they were never going to be established, were they?! I haven’t gained the courage to read about Gretchen yet…but I see some choice words in the comments…deserved, I’m sure! I laughed real good yesterday when BB said at the end of the Heather blog something about one a day was enough, people. Buckle up though, I think she said tomorrow is a two-fer. LOL!

  21. AZGirl says:

    I am HOME! The reason I am getting so much done is because I AM ALONE! No distractions. No bodies to work around. So it is easy.
    Picked up flowers and some solar lights at Lowes. The yard is absolutely blooming right now. I really thought with the bad frost this winter I was going to lose everything.
    Nibbling on a yummy salad.
    Life is good.
    @BB you are such a great daughter. You do so much for your mom. She is probably feeling so much better now that she had her hair done.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      You have so much energy. I went to work, then lunch and shopping with friends…and I’m pooped!!!!

    • TexasTart says:

      It is nice to get a lot done without having to consider what someone else needs or wants. 🙂 You are very much on the move – but are you the person that could have an old friend for the weekend and hangout but the pool…or are you always on the move and plan numerous places to go, take and do/see things with your weekend guest? I realize that could be subject to the guest, but what is typical for you.

      • AZGirl says:

        TT I am a mover. When I have guest here visiting I let them decide and usually it is a combination of both pool time and sight seeing. Arizona is such a beautiful state and there is so much to see and do.

        • TexasTart says:

          It IS a beautiful state…ages ago, but I have been to many scenic and historic sites and I love it there. That’s good you are flexible, AZGirl. I am so exhausted from going all the time that in the rare occasion I go somewhere, it’s a luxury to not have to go and do! Yet it’s not unusual for some hosts to have booked every hour of the day.

    • princesspindy says:

      AZ What a WONDERFUL Mother’s Day present…..ALONE TIME!!!! I would love a few days alone in my house!!!!

      • BB says:

        PP, when my girls were younger and living at home, quite a few of my mother’s days were spent in peace and solitude. That was their gift to me. They would usually make me breakfast, give me a good book or DVD, and leave me alone for the rest of the day. Good times.

  22. TexasTart says:

    • Powell says:

      I read about this. Very cool.

    • princesspindy says:


    • BB says:

      Thanks! Really enjoyed watching it. They look like a fun couple.

      • majnon says:

        BB, I just want to say, that you are going to have such a wonderful time watching your grandson Jack.
        My husband and I have been watching our granddaughter for almost 4 years while her parents work. The connection is unreal. You get to be young again, and ooh so patient, and in awe most of the time.

        Happy Mother’s Day Everyone

      • chismosa says:

        Awe have fun BB. you are so lucky. I never knew my grandparents so you are blessed !

    • chismosa says:


      Maybe someone will sleuth out the truth

      • Boobah says:

        Is there an address? I couldn’t find any identifying info on the property except that its in Southampton.

        • I didn’t see an address either, Boobah, but I’m thinking this is probably a Summer rental. I have to keep reminding myself that this is Jill we’re talking about and her claims tend to be grandiose.

          • Boobah says:

            Hi Empress! I didn’t get a chance to comment on your blog but I really enjoyed your Revenge recaps!

            Re: Jill – I have my sleuthing cap on…gonna see what I can find out.

      • lillybee says:

        I think it is a rental. The furnishings are too subdued and elegant for Jill. Not nearly flashy enough for Jill.

    • princesspindy says:

      She bought it with the proceeds from her book!!

  23. princesspindy says:

    So I have been watching Fashion Star this whole season and Macys messed up and posted the winner on the website or something stupid. I have been avoiding any spoilers all day!!! Somebody at Macys is getting fired!!!

    • ladebra says:

      Thanks for the warning! The finale is on in a couple of hours.

      PP I really like that gravatar…. Just seeing it makes me smile😀

    • TexasTart says:

      I was watching but bad storms here and lost satelitte 😦 so I guess I will need some spoilers, ha ha.

    • Mene Seela says:

      I HATE that! I don’t always get to watch my shows right away so I have to dodge the results with mixed results.
      PP I hope your fave wins.

    • chismosa says:

      That’s REALLY bad Princess. I hope they do do something.
      Never got into the show but I love Varvatos (fellow greek!) and I love Nicole Richie

  24. TexasTart says:

    Joan is holding her shoes in her hand, lol.

  25. cocfarm says:

    Jodi arias story is on dateline tonight. Just started in Chicago.

  26. T-Rex says:

    Okay scoop on the reason JodiColdbloodedLyingKillerArias wants the Death Penalty:

    1. You are instantly given an Entirely new legal team and this includes loads of Law Students and Lawyers trying to comb through your case to not exonerate you but to just get you off death row.
    2. You are NOT in general population you spend about 20 hours a day in your cell with 2 Hour a day outside in the yard which is by yourself as you have no interaction with the general population, so no chances for rape or beatings, etc.
    3. You have total access to have media and lawyers visit you daily and keeps your name in the press.
    4. Arizona I do not believe has ever killed a woman so she will be there forever in her box not being violated by the gen pop in jail
    5. This psycobroad thinks that her new defense attorneys will find reasons for the verdict to be dismissed, her attorney now set a precedent for just that.

    Miss LyingColdBloodedMurder needs Life without Parole for the following reasons:
    1. She goes into Gen Population, there is no special priviledges.
    2. Media forgets her because she is just another jail inmate and we don’t care and the media goes away
    3. She lives out her life being assaulted and abused by inmates and staff, every day, uhm her personal hell.

    I personally want her to get Life without Parole, so she gets zero extra chances by being given the Death Penalty

    • Nancy says:

      She would be the 3rd woman executed in Arizona.
      I want her to get life as well.

      • T-Rex says:

        Thanks Nancy tried to look that up in my research yes she should be number 3 but I want her miserable for many years spending her natural life in prison without the benefit of a death penalty attorney team and this way people won’t care about her any more and she fades away

    • chismosa says:

      Very interesting, thanks for laying this out.
      I want whatever is more painful for her.

      I just got the new issue of Psychology Today and the cover article is about how to spot sociopaths among us.
      Is Don Draper a sociopath? I wonder

    • TexasTart says:

      Good reasons, T-Rex. I didn’t know a person could automatically get a new legal team that way.

      • T-Rex says:

        TT yes, once you go to Death Row the State assigns to you a Death Penalty attorney, these attorney’s only deal with Death Penalty cases they do no other legal cases and they are free the prisoner does not pay for this team of attorney either, they can retain another attorney but most stick with the Death penalty team they are assigned to.

  27. Nancy says:

    Good luck Cityside! Go LA KINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  28. jezzibel says:

    Just saw a tweet about the New Normal being cancelled.

    • chismosa says:

      NBC just had their upfronts, cancelled quite a few. Picked up a couple. Same old dance
      They’re still in trouble, ranking 5th in networks lol

    • mrspeabody says:

      I liked NeNe and the little girl on it, in fact I thought the little girl was the best one of the bunch. Just as long as they don’t cancel Neighbors I am fine. That was the funniest show with the aliens, esp the episode about the housewives.

      • jezzibel says:

        I love the Neighbors….it has the potential to be just as good if not better than 3rd rock from the sun

  29. chismosa says:

    I’ve been reading RT re: the ny HWs salaries and stuff and came upon this comment:

    Bryan meinnyc • 4 hours ago −
    remember the nonsense from Lynn Hudson and a few other nitwits from other blogs who thought if they ONLY boycott Miami, bravo and Princess Cohen would bend to their demands for access to bravo stars.

    They refused to Boycott all of it, because TBF was on at the time, but felt if they boycott Miami, Bravo would be brought to their knees LOL

    What the hell are they talking about ?
    We at Lynn’s were going to boycott ?? Makes no sense to me but maybe some of you know more than I do

  30. ladebra says:

    Eww… I just saw Icky and Tamra on Extra… In a preview, and they were getting along. Great.

  31. Carole is striking

    Carole Radziwill ‏@CaroleRadziwill 4h
    I still haven’t decided. Payscale is ridix + it irks me to be given ultimatums.Just ask my last 5 boyfriends.:) What about you? Irksome?

    • BB says:

      Could all this be a publicity stunt to create more interest in the franchise and try to up the ratings when it airs? I mean, Carole and Andy are pretty good friends. Maybe Rob Shuter is in on it or someone planted this little tidbit in his ear and he ran with it. Nothing would surprise me anymore.

    • chismosa says:

      This is such bull— Carole is BFFs with Andy.
      I call bull 🐂

      • LaineyLainey says:

        I call bull box too

        • not THAT Jill says:

          Andy apparently went on the radio and was talking about the whole NY-I don’t think this is just for publicity-he said some things about Ramona and I bet they all-meaning the other HWs heard about it so that maybe why Carole is tweeting about it now. I believe the women are trying to get more things-maybe not just money.

          • LaineyLainey says:

            would they ever get a modicum of control on editing??? They would all come off as perfectly sane, though. where’s the fun in that?

  32. ladebra says:

    This is interesting.

  33. iceNfire says:

    Hello – Anyone still here? I Have to put my two cents in about Bethenny and Jason.

    B was branding Skinny Girl long before J was in the picture. Everyone says they need to have Bryn’s best interest in mind…well in that case J needs to move out of B’s Apt. Right Now! That is B’s Apartment and Jason wouldn’t even be there if he hadn’t insisted they marry before baby was born. Yes, I’m saying he took advantage of her raging hormones and he said on camera she is damaged. Yes he did take advantage and now he claims to have Bryn’s best interest in mind? Then move the Hell out mama’s boy and give your child a stress free environment! Right Now! Yesterday Even! He wouldn’t be in B’s Apartment on his own dime….he couldn’t even bring himself to pay for more than one pair of jeans!.

    Rant over…Happy I’m all alone here….. HA!

    • melthehound says:

      Except you’re not alone. Maybe I missed it but I have never seen anyone push Bethenny to do Anything. I do believe she wanted a kid but if she wanted one where she had full say, then a frozen Pop would have been the way for her to go. She could have picked one from a catalog and been on her merry way as a single mom super wonderwoman. Her life has been nothing but chaos in front of us, including that ridiculous ‘work’ environment she had in her old apartment. People working on the floor in the hallway, the ‘office’ so packed full of shit there wasn’t an inch of floorspace to move around. God help anyone who decided to crawl under a desk to get to their own and get attacked by that phuck nut dog of hers. All of this tells me she thrives on chaos and when it isn’t there, she creates it.

      • iceNfire says:

        Hi Mel – Agree B could have had a baby any which way she chose. Baby is here now so why isn’t Jason putting his child before himself? …Take B out of it and all I see is a selfish, money hungry, pos

        • melthehound says:

          Again, maybe I’m wrong but it seems to me that he didn’t really dig his heels in until she said she wanted sole custody. Call him a selfish POS all you want, I know where I am here but, I disagree. The selfish POS, is Bethenny. I’m sure we’ll just have to agree to disagree on this.

          • chismosa says:

            Mel the earth has frozen over, I’m on your side on this. Ha!

          • Cartwheels says:

            Except that she has never requested sole custody, that is a myth perpetuated by Radar Online, even after they were one of the first to post the list of petitions of divorce where she clearly asks for primary custody. Primary custody is not sole custody
            By my own experience and what was explained to me is that there are two areas in custody, legal and physical . Being that nothing has been said about legal custody I am assuming that this kind is going to be shared , where both will have the right to make joint decisions about education, health and religion among other big items.
            The physical custody is what they are fighting over, sole custody is very different from primary custody and in the state of NY one of the parents even if it is with 2% of more time than the other has to be named primary custodial parent. Sole custody is almost never awarded unless there is something seriously and verifiable wrong with one of the parents and Bethenny and Jason have been wise to not even try this kind because any judge would had slapped them with the book. In this kind the non-custodial parent has less than 30% of time with the child.
            The state of NY doesn’t default to split custody either, it would have to come from an agreement between parents which obviously is not the case here , NY defaults to primary custody , how much of the time would each have is up to their negotiations and if they can’t come up with an agreement is up to the judge, but it could be as close as 51% for the primary parent and 49% for the non primary.
            Radar Online which IMO is Jason’s mouthpiece in each article keeps repeating at least 10 times each time that Bethenny has requested sole custody, if they are just confused about the term sole vs primary why don’t they make the same mistake when they talk about Jason? he has requested exactly the same kind of custody? To me this is a deliberate attempt from Hoppy and his legal team to twist her arm and force her to accept other big meal items in his request , which by the way, more of the contentious points are not about custody but about what Hoppy feels he is entitle to as far as money.

            BTW another little pearl of the primary custody, the non primary parent has to pay child support to the extend of his/her income. If Bethenny gets it, Hoppy will have to pay but being that his income is not much, the amount would be probably minimum, if Jason gets primary, he will be receiving child support checks of thousands a month due to her income and also to keep up with Bryn lifestyle. Primary also means primary residence so there goes the apartment . If the judge forces them to get split custody, then Jason still comes out the winner because Bethenny still will have to pay for child support even if she has her 50% of the time , she will have to compensate his lack of money to provide Bryn with the same lifestyle that she has now.

            Divorces are an ugly mess but it is not lost on me that for Jason Hoppy this is probably (unless he marries another wealthy woman) his last chance to get a very comfortable life.

      • chismosa says:

        You said it Mel, she thrives on chaos. Her talk show gave off the feel of chaos, I felt it emanating from my tv. And that’s back when I still liked her. Too much

      • pat says:

        Jason was married to her for two miserable years. He needs to put his big boy pants on and get the eff out of the condo, unless he’s prepared to pay the mortgage. Whatever you think of bethenny, he knew who she was when he married her. He pushed for a wedding and he fought to not sign a prenup, signed it just days before the wedding, then nagged her to revise it. Time for Jason to put bryn first and stop brow beating her mother.

    • Cartwheels says:

      You are not alone I hear you 😀

      Funny how a lot of reports had Jason moving out of the apartment few times last year alone, what did he think? that Bethenny was going to put up with it forever just because she had a show coming. He is acting like he was blindsided and hurt by the divorce when if it is true the moving out so many time, it was just a matter of time.

      I almost wish there was not talk show coming so Bethenny could fight fair and square, I feel like Jason is creating a lot of the chaos, like shoving his parents in the apartment for days when they used to stay in a hotel before, just to drive her crazy and force her to settle on all the money matters that he is requesting. Bethenny has a public image and has to be careful, Jason doesn’t have a public image so he can do whatever he wants and get away with it and so far is working like a charm.

      But the worst is that I think that the talk show production company, maybe even Beam would strongly suggest that she settles with Jason so she can move on and Jason will end up getting all he is asking for as far as money. Makes me laugh when Jason would say time and time again how he hadn’t found his passion, how his job was not something he was passionate about and he was pretty unmotivated about almost anything. I guess he finally found his passion.

      • iceNfire says:

        ((Cartwheeels)) You and I agree on almost nothing LoL …imo – Jason’s passion is making his parents happy. Bad Boy! Go to the Corner!…whatever makes you Hoppy, i mean Happy

    • chismosa says:

      Hey Ice, I’m not going to get into a whole thing- but I believe it is a legal reason he is there? Meaning I think there is more to it —

      Also pharmaceutical reps make good $$$ (not Beam money I get it), plus he owned an apartment in NYC, which is a good investment. I know I know he is no big money billionaire like the ‘friend’ B stayed at the apartment of uptown.
      I can’t even get into the whole bullying of Bethenny into getting married bc my blood will boil.
      That’s all!

      I’m basically on the side of the People mag and RT commenters lol

      • chismosa says:

        I know about 10 friends who are Jason’s age who haven’t found their passion. But they are motivated to be great loving parents. Such can be life

        I never knew Bethenny’s passion to be becoming a talk show host. That just dropped into her lap by Ellen who is enamored with her. Her *passions* seem as scattered as she is. Jmho jmho!

        • iceNfire says:

          LoL chimosa – I don’t want to make your blood boil…but if I did I would pour water on your hair and disconnect your electricity….:P : 😛 😛 sry…i’m having a Very bad hair day

          • chismosa says:

            Awwwww good luck with your hair. I hate bad hair days

            • iceNfire says:

              Oh! chimosa – I saw a lady with a turbon on today, she said she keeps her hair wet and wraps it in turbon to keep herself cool. I’m in very hot degrees here…I think I’m gonna try it…but I’m not working so not going for the polished look….presentable is okay with me

              • chismosa says:

                What an innovative way to keep cool. If I could pull that off id live like that!

              • Nancy says:

                Hi ice,
                I do that all the time here in Hot LA. It really works. I’ve always had long hair and I
                always put it up as I don’t like it on my neck.

                • iceNfire says:

                  Hi (((Nancy))) Haven’t seen you in Looong time! Agree, braids or up for me

                  • Nancy says:

                    (((iceNfire))) I’ve been around but have been busy at home. We are waiting to hear
                    about George getting the job of his dreams. So far it’s looking good. 🙂

                    Anything up with you? I hope your son is doing well.

      • Cartwheels says:

        There is no record of Jason Hoppy ever owning anything :houses, apartments, absolutely nothing in the state of NY. Jason rented his own little apartment and he help a friend to rent a couple of apartment acting sort of like a landlord hence the stretching that he was a “real state mogul”.

        • chismosa says:

          Oh ok I stand corrected —

          I never heard himself refer to himself as such a mogul. I took him to be a hard-working typical manhattan guy who happened to rent. Not too shabby considering the ratio of available men to women in NYC
          But I can be wrong !

          I have a sneaking suspicion that ugly brainiac billionaires are more B’s “type”. Based on her past boyfriends / husband.

          • Cartwheels says:

            They probably and yet she married him against her gut. As she had said many times, she married him because she finally was rid of the money noise and was pleased that she could marry for love rather than to have that money noise in the background.

            Yet, now here is Jason probing her completely wrong, probing her that a guy with no money and in this case IMO with no pride to take what she has work so hard for , was not the best choice. If Jason would have earned his own money and would be on a satisfying job, I don’t think he would go this way. A Financial forensic expert? that just tells me that Jason is going to trace every single penny of money and see what he can get out of it.

            I don’t think Jason is a gold digger, even if he is acting like one now. I think he met her and marry her because he was attracted by her larger than life personality and he wanted a little bit of that , Bethenny wanted the peace and simple life he provided and he wanted the highly energetic, passionate, crazed energy she had. They were in sync and it was all good, they were each other ying and yang, they definitely had different styles and ways to do things but they seemed to get to common ground every so often. But then the sale with BEAM came and threw everything out of balance, Jason took it harder than Bethenny IMO. she went from frantic, crazed, hyper, go getter to a financial maven, people started to look at her differently especially in more serious circles and Jason started to feel inadequate and that took the joy out of their relationship because Jason started to resent her success and tried to undermine her confidence as a subconscious way to regain a little bit of the control he had lost. It didn’t work, It backfired, Bethenny let him beat her ego faithfully, gave up a lot of things (modification of prenup, offer of making him her CEO, etc) but none of that work, none of that brought back the guy she felt in love with. I think towards the end Bethenny ended up realizing that Jason inner demons were only his to beat but in the process he was just making her miserable. His reluctance and stubbornness to acknowledge that any of this marital problems could possibly be his fault and he was bound and determined to pin this all on her and her inadequacies with relationships.

            Jason is now lashing out and grieving the relationship demise by going after her money and also using his more positive image with the viewership as a mere tool to twist her arm, he is going the wrong way. IMO Jason would have gotten much more with honey than with shit, per say. Bethenny didn’t ask for anything outrageous in her petition , it was all standard and Jason knows this, and his legal team knows this, but Jason had already started with his game of the injured party gets more and couldn’t quite back down from that instance. It could have ended in a much different way but I have the feeling that his attitude and desire to go after her money has made Bethenny see a side of him that she was not very conscious about and now she is rethinking every single aspect of her marriage and she is coming to the painful conclusion that maybe there was a motive behind everything Jason did. I know looking from the outside that if I am thinking that, there is a possibility that Bethenny is also thinking exactly about that and that is why she has said that she should had followed her gut, things would be less complicated.

  34. Nancy says:

    (((Cityside))) LA Kings win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Unbelievable considering they were two games

  35. Orson says:

    NBC announced they’re not renewing The New Normal for another season. So much for Nene’s bicoastal career.

  36. AZGirl says:

    Good morning everyone! Beautiful day here. Going to get hot. I had a terrible time sleeping last night. I hate being alone in the house at night. I am such a baby.

    • BB says:

      Good morning AZ. It’s breezy here but supposed to get up to 81 today, 70’s tomorrow, mid-60’s Monday and Tuesday. I hate being by myself at night when the hubs is not here, but the dogs help some.

      • TexasTart says:

        Good Morning you too! Mine is always here, so I wouldn’t know the difference, but sorry you didn’t sleep well AZ.

        Beautiful day – headed out into it. Y’all have a good one! 😀

  37. BB says:

    My doggy’s sick this morning. He started throwing up last night and is now just lying there kinda pitiful. He’s had this before (twice), so I know the drill, but I can’t stand to see him like that. Hope I don’t have to make a trip to the vet. It would have to happen on a weekend. Ugh!

  38. ladebra says:

    The runway host of Fasion Star wore the exact same dress as Gulianna Rancic wore to the Met Ball. Wonder if we’ll see “Bitch Stole My Look”?

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