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Has Andy Cohen met his Match? by NMD

“At a certain point Its about feeling valued by the company you work hard for.”  Carole Radziwell, twitter.

Have I mentioned that my two favorite housewives are Carole Radziwill and Heather Thomas.  They are both intelligent, accomplished women that showed viewers that you don’t have to over dramatize and shriek your way through every situation to be entertaining.  They did their job well both on-screen and off-screen last year.   Sure ratings were down – but they grew steadily over the season.  These ladies not only had to combat the veteran castmates, but they also had to deal with the vitriol of the ones that were axed unceremoniously and still harboring grudges.  Not just Jill Zarin with her declaration that both should be fired and that Heather was not a good enough substitute for her as we didn’t see enough of the inside of Heather’s home (things that make me go huh?), but also Simon Van Kempen (allegedly) tweeting the ratings each and every week to their bosses under the guise of BravoRatings.com.

Rumor has it that Heather and Carole are the last two holdouts in the “salary strike” with Bravo.  Let’s make no mistake.  These ladies have been treated poorly by Bravo.  Filming has been delayed time and time again.  How would you feel if you were told you may or may not have a job next year but if you were asked back you’d be expected to work hard for 4-5 months, so put your life on hold but carry on?  I wouldn’t do it.  Not for less than a quarter million – especially if I had to hire a publicist and borrow clothes and give up family vacations to hang out with a Bravo camera crew.

Page Six is reporting that Ramona, with her reported $500,000 salary, rallied the troops yesterday and got them to sign – all but Carole and Heather.    Carole had taken to twitter to make it clear that it’s not just about the money, but it’s also about being given an ultimatum.  “I still haven’t decided. Payscale is ridix + it irks me to be given ultimatums.Just ask my last 5 boyfriends.:) What about you? Irksome?”  But make no mistake, the money is a sticking factor.  Carole explains: “I was paid more at ABC as an associate producer and that was in the 90s! :)”  She took a little heat for her decision on twitter, with someone telling her she shouldn’t turn down a paying job.  Her response: “your’e an idiot. getting my picture taken doesn’t pay my bills. people should get paid a fair wage for a job done well. duh.”  Heather has been quiet on twitter, but my guess is she, like Carole, is now out to prove a point about not being taken advantage of.

As a watcher of many of the Real Housewives Franchises, I’m impressed that the ladies are finally fighting back, and I find it ironic that it’s Andy’s personal friend Carole that is leading the charge.  Guess what Andy – you may have finally met your match!   And I couldn’t be happier.



Not much to Alexis’ and Lydia’s blogs this week but at least they took the time and effort to post one. Vicki and Tamra are too busy arguing over who does the most work in their Wine By Wives business to bother with a blog.  Maybe they need a Tabatha Takeover.


“It’s not bragging if you can back it up.”  Muhammad Ali

real-housewives-of-orange-county-season-8-gallery-episode-806-05Alexis is glad Lydia can be friends with everyone, but is perplexed why the others feel sorry for her when she’s very happy with her life and wouldn’t trade it for anyone else’s.  She has a point here.  All of the other ladies (except maybe Lydia) seemed to have some kind of turmoil in their lives at the time. Vicki with the Brooks situation; Gretchen dealing with Slade’s ill son situation; Heather dealing with her jokester of a husband and perceived lack of support situation; and Tamra NOT being able to deal with anyone who’s younger, prettier, richer or happier than she is. Tammy Sue just sucks the fun out of every scene on that show, doesn’t she?

Alexis clarifies for us why Lydia shouldn’t have been confused by who she was in the limo after being kicked out of Tamra’s party.  “To summarize: I got thrown out of a party  I’m riding home in a limo with someone telling me my feelings aren’t justified and I am extremely frustrated, so I am crying. I then make the statement that I have Jesus in me, which is why I am so strong, which is the truth. I am not sure where I would be without Him. It’s that simple. Someone can be strong and frustrated at the same time. Those two qualities can certainly go hand in hand. I would love for the roles to have been reversed to see how she would have handled the situation that night.”  I think Alexis was justified in feeling whatever way she wanted after her treatment that night.

Alexis says Jim always seems to be the voice of reason and whether she uses his advice or not, she does often ask for it.  Lydia had just advised her to reach out to Heather and she didn’t agree with her.  Hearing Jim tell her to stop taking their crap solidified her feelings.  Alexis and Jim’s marriage dynamic seems to rub lots of people the wrong way.  However, taking a look at the couple relationships of all the women, theirs does seem to be the most happy and healthy one at the moment.  If it works for them, I’m not knocking it.

Alexis supports Vicki for wanting to have a baby seat in her car and thinks Vicki should be able to have Brooks or whoever else she wants over to her house.  Since Vicki didn’t post a blog for me to comment on, let me take a minute to say something here.  During Vicki and Ryan’s conversation in the garage, it was apparent that Vicki had previously agreed that she wouldn’t have Brooks over and was now rethinking that decision.  So, even though I don’t think Vicki should have ever agreed to that, seems she was not sticking to the original bargain she made with Ryan and Brianna.  That being said, seeing Ryan and Brianna using the tactics they are with Vicki lowers my opinion of them.  They need to stop with the threats and either move out or accept that Vicki is a grown woman who can make her own decisions about her love life, even it’s the wrong ones.  On the flip side, Vicki needs to stop trying to create a loving little family unit that includes Brooks, Ryan, Brianna and the baby. I don’t see that happening and she needs to resign herself to the fact.

I find myself agreeing with Alexis that Vicki should date other people to make sure Brooks is “the one.”  If they are taking a break, there is nothing wrong with either of them seeing other people.  As skeevy as I personally think Brooks is, he shouldn’t have to wait around forever for Vicki to figure out what she wants to do about the situation.

Alexis writes, “Hearing Tamra say that she [Vicki] is not helping at all with Wines by Wives is really hard for me to believe. Not only is Vicki a HARD worker, but she is also a control freak, so I’m sure she knows exactly what is going on with Wines by Wives.”  No argument from me about that observation.

OK, I’m going to take it on the chin here and say I’m not such a Judy fan like most everyone else seems to be.  Although it’s nice to see Lydia and her mom getting along and being able to talk about the past without a whole lot of drama, I’m just not bubbling over with joy about how cute and fun it is watching Judy talk about how she misses the Mary Jane.  My teen years were spent in the late 60’s/early 70’s but most people I know in that era “grew up” when it was time to take on adult responsibilities.  Being in a drug-induced state while raising a kid just isn’t something I think should be trivialized in any way, shape or form.  Makes me wonder if the only reason she quit is because Lydia set some boundaries when it came to Grandma spending time with the grandkids.  If so, good for Lydia.  I predict Judy will probably become one of Andy Cohen’s favorite characters because she’s such a “hoot.”

Alexis then says nice things about Gretchen putting her feelings on hold for Slade while he’s dealing with his sick child and additionally how excited she is about Heather’s rekindled acting career and how she felt bad for Heather and her family during the restaurant scene.  Alexis has taken a page out of the Teresa Guidice “Take the High Road and Kill Your Enemies With Kindness” playbook.  Whether she figured that out on her own or is taking someone else’s advice, it’s a smart move on her part.


“A friend to all is a friend to none.”  Aristotle

real-housewives-of-orange-county-season-8-gallery-episode-806-03Lydia starts off by explaining her actions towards and about Alexis while she was still trying navigate and develop a friendship with her.  Lydia was still trying to figure out the hows and whys of the conflict between Alexis and the others and it was playing out in front of the cameras.  She was trying to get all the facts before deciding where she stood with it all.  Looking back, she’s learned with this particular group, she just probably needs to pick a side.  She’s catching on quickly.

Lydia then tries to explain what she meant by using some scripture verse about forgiveness.  I’m not getting into bible scriptures and their interpretation here and these ladies should know better than that.  Let’s just say she has her opinion about what forgiveness means and Alexis has hers and Jim has his and leave it at that.

Lydia then talks about her mom and how much fun they have together.  They do seem to have a good relationship and I like it that Lydia doesn’t seem to be carrying around any type of resentment or baggage from her growing up years.  Maybe I’ll become more of a Judy fan as the season progresses.  So far, I like Lydia, but she needs to get rid of the head bands, especially the sparkly-looking ones.

That’s it for the OC blogs for this week.  Hope I haven’t been too hard on the ladies (Gretchen), but I calls it like I sees it.


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273 Responses to Has Andy Cohen met his Match? / Real Housewives of Orange County Cast Blogs

  1. ladebra says:

    Bringing this over.

    The runway host of Fasion Star wore the exact same dress as Gulianna Rancic wore to the Met Ball. Wonder if we’ll see “Bitch Stole My Look”?

    Happy Saturday. Now to read the blogs!

    • BB says:

      I was a little disappointed in Fashion Police last night, but Layla Ali did a pretty good job filling in for Gulianna.

      • ladebra says:

        Yes, FP was a little meh. I liked when Laila said she was nice because she knows how it feels to be criticized for what you wear …. But she can box so watch out what you say about her haha.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          very true (she can box, so watch out)!! I wish I could box! haha

          • HuskerHuny says:

            I totally agreed with Joan’s pick of Katie Holmes being the best dressed. She was truly beautiful. Layla Ali was fun and so was Brad. He really is so kind when asked about Rachel and what happened there. Quite a gentleman. As always, Joan was her usual nasty self and was hilarious. Why is it when Joan says those kind of things I laugh, but when Kathy Griffin says them, it makes me feel quite uncomfortable. Anyone else?

            • BB says:

              To me, Joan is an equal opportunity offender if that makes sense. She makes fun of everybody. Kathy seems to have a more political agenda and that’s what I don’t like about her. She targets certain people or certain groups of people and I’ll leave it at that. It seems to be more personal with Kathy.

              • melthehound says:

                I couldn’t care less about fashion but the only reason I ever watch Fashion Police is because of Joan Rivers. I see Kathy Griffen on the screen, I change the channel.

              • TexasTart says:

                I haven’t seen FP yet because severe storms last night..hopefully my DVR will pick up a repeat because I really want to see Met Ball….but I hear you on this Joan compared to Kathy! Very well put, BB and MTH. I follow Joan on Twitter and she says the funniest things daily! I used to love Kathy’s humor, watched her reality show, all the comedy concerts, but something got to her head…. it’s too big for the stage. I can’t deal with her anymore, I was thrilled when they cancelled her live talk show because it really deserved to be canned it was horrible!

              • Dixie says:

                I think Joan targets the rich and powerful who seem to be a little full of themselves. They either wear something stupid or act in a way that is screaming for mocking. Also, due to their fortunate situation in life, they can or should be able to take it.

                Kathy used to be hilarious when she made fun of celebrities and the crazy things they actually did. She used to crack me up talking about Oprah. Now, Kathy seems to have an agenda and really targets people she doesn’t politically agree with. It just doesn’t seem right to be so nasty to someone just because they hold a different opinion than you. People should be mocked for their actions, not their beliefs. Also, now she seems bitter and nasty, not funny and insightful as she used to be.

                • LaineyLainey says:

                  Remember in the old days when Joan would do her fake british accent to mock the Queen of England? I loved that. still do. If anyone else did that, i’d be like “hmmmm, not funny.” I do love my Joanie. As for Kathy…sometimes, I love her, sometimes I find her a bit smarmy. She is witty, though.

                  • BB says:

                    Kathy’s stand up routine is too rambling for me. I know it’s her schtick to start on a story and then go off in another direction in the middle, but it used to annoy me that it took forever for her to get to the point, if there was a point she was trying to make. I kind of enjoyed her reality show.

                    • LaineyLainey says:

                      I liked her reality show. I still find it odd what happened with her hubby. From what I read, I felt kind of sorry for him. He was taking her ATM card and stealing from her…it wasn’t even huge amounts, but it added up, I guess. I just didn’t understand that, because I thought he was working FOR HER? Was she paying him? I would have guess so… I felt sorry for both of them, actually – and I guess they didn’t need to be together anymore.

  2. Powell says:

    Good afternoon everyone. I’ve been busy already. How about you? It’s been a little rainy but its ok w/a little breeze, kinda nice. I hope everyone has a great day.

  3. AZGirl says:

    Good morning again! Thank you BB and NMD. I am total agreement with Carole and her pay. I was really surprised at how little she was paid last season and she (imho) had the most interesting storyline. I like Heather also. Aviva a/k/a PT can take her horny dad and disappear to Boca.
    Off to plant flowers.

  4. BB says:

    Speaking of Alexis, she was on the Tonight Show last night. Check it out.

  5. BB says:

    I agree with NMD about the pay situation. I wasn’t a total Carole fan by the end, but I definitely became a Heather fan by the end. They both deserve a raise.

  6. ladebra says:

    Great job BB on the recaps. I totally agree with you! It will be interesting to see what happens when Laurie shows up. I predict strum und drang, clutching of pearls, and profanity.

  7. I don’t understand the beef people have with Brianna and Ryan. When they moved in, they told Vicky that if she chose to bring Brooks around they would find other living arrangements. Now, we all know Vicky cannot handle not having Brianna under her thumb and feeling like she can control everyone so she agreed probably with the intention of breaking her promise once Ryan and Brianna were all comfy. Well, it seems as though Brianna and Ryan are sticking to their ultimatum (which really isn’t…more of an agreement!) We don’t mind if you date him, but we don’t want to be around him and if you wanna bring him home, we will find other living arrangements! Well, we knew Miss Control Freak could not handle that! If she loved Brooks so much, why would she make such an agreement to begin with? I hope B and R stick to their original deal!

    • ladebra says:

      I call BS on this conflict. This is all a scripted story line. (Yawn)

    • lizzle says:

      Right… I think everyone agrees, but we are kind of tired of the storyline. I kind of agree with LAdebra… I think it is a tiny conflict that is blown up for the cameras. It just isn’t holding our interest anymore… so this is my open letter to Brianna:

      Brianna, sorry.. so sad your mother wants to go back on the agreement. But the back and forth on the subject is naseuating, so just move out. You are just starting to see what the glimpse of your future with ma is going to be like. As if you didn’t already know. Sincerely, Lizzle

      BTW… Welcome if you are new! I haven’t been around that much so I might just not know you. In that case… Hello!

    • I think Maybe Briana and Ryan made up this ultimatum in hopes that it would drive Vicki to break up with Brooks for good…or that Brooks would leave because of it. That has not happened, so they feel they have to stick to it. That is, of course, in conjunction with the Bravo scripting! LOL!

    • Nancy says:

      Welcome. I loved your blog. My cousins son has autism and is doing very well. 🙂

    • Beckygrey says:

      I’ll try this again. I agree with you Story. Vickie is a businesswomen and she knows a contract or an agreement. She made an agreement and now she wants to unilaterally change it. That would void it. I think that Brianna and Ryan are only trying to make Vickie live up to her word. If she wants to bring Brooks to the home, and that was their only disagreement that Brooks couldn’t come to the home. Brianna and Ryan don’t think that Brooks is the best man for Vickie but they never said she couldn’t date him. It was Vickie that tried to control Brianna and Ryan by agreeing to something she knew was just a passive attempt to have her “cake and eat it too!”
      Brooks was the one who left Vickie (according to him) because he wasn’t going to be in a relationship with someone he could come and stay at their home. Why couldn’t Vicky just go to his home…wait wait wasn’t he living at Vicky’s condo? Brooke’s put the limits on Vicky. We all have to abide by someone’s rule on some level no matter how much money you have or make. Vicky chose Brooke’s rules. Hey it is her choice and life, she will determine what relationship she has with her daughter, son-in-law and grandson.

      • TexasTart says:

        Did someone mention cake?!

      • iceNfire says:

        Hi Beckgrey – This is the disappearing post? I was with you ’til the last sentence, imo – Brianna and her husband will determine what relationship Icky has with them. Bri, Ryan and baby are their own family now and when Icky’s brother said Ryan isn’t a part of their family Icky didn’t bother to correct him….This Really bothered me

      • pat says:

        I don’t see Vicki as the savvy business exec she portrays herself to be. When they featured her office on the show one season, her staff consisted of her kids and thier friends, basically, and when they traveled together, Vicki was extremely innapropriate, drinking, and woohoo’ing away. We all saw the tabloid pics of her smooching drunk college kids in Mexico, on one of those many vacays she wouldn’t take Donn on. She lacks emotional intelligence. But she’s stubborn. She’s playing with fire, with Brookes.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          great comment, pat. She is walking contradiction, like so many of these housewives. I have always thought that…but now, well, it’s more interesting to ponder which of the intelligences they are lacking. Vicky – emotional, you nailed it.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Hi SOUL!!! Is it ok to call you SOUL?

  8. ladebra says:

    It might be that I am just cynical, but I am not buying the salary hold out dispute either. I am sure Carol doesn’t like ultimatums; I’m sure some on the show believe they should be paid millions. I am just as sure this is all manufactured for ratings.

  9. Kate Kack says:

    I say DUMP Heather & Carole – they are yawnfest anyway

  10. joymama says:

    I’m going to differ on the pay raises a little bit…

    Carole talks about a ‘living wage’—isn’t that like under $10 in the states?

    These people get ‘free’ promotion of the books and products which would cost millions to any other businesses. They take fake vacations and know that all the conflicts and BS are for the cameras—their job. Parties and borrowed dresses just does not seem that horrible in exchange for cash.

    They choose to be on these shows. Choose to accept the contract or don’t but don’t say it’s because you are worth more each season. Aren’t you all rich already? $500K for three or four months of shooting? Puh-leez.

    This is why I really don’t watch anymore and am so grateful to you bloggers 🙂

    • BB says:

      I’m still wondering about whether this is a publicity stunt or not, but if it’s not, I think Carole and Heather should get a raise. Not going to argue with you about whether any of them are overpaid or not.

    • lizzle says:

      Did she say “fair wage” or “living wage”? I thought there was a living wage comment too and it irked me… but when I went back up and read it… it said fair wage. Funny if we both read it wrong. Anyways.. Carole must have some big bills to pay if her inheritance and RHONY doesn’t cover her bills. It might be time to downsize. And yes, depending on the city… a living wage is around $10 – $11

      If Carole can get a better job, then she should. Of course, the more exposure she gets.. the more books she will sell. And she knows it. It is free publicity. But… it is her life.. her choice. I hope she is really ready to walk away. I will be disappointed if she does what they all do and sign last minute without a raise.

      • joymama says:

        Fair wage and living wage are different, indeed. I didn’t reread it, lol. I’m reminded of all those charts where mom’s (of all sorts, including Mr. Moms) are never paid enough for what they do. It just irked me because Carole and the others should just say, “hey, we want more, dammit!”. Period. When she said she made more in the 90’s she was working a full time job that required skills and going to an office. I’m not saying it’s easy to be a real housewife, but just say ‘we make tons of money for Bravo, pay us’. It’s real that way.

        • lizzle says:

          I think the “skills” part of your comment is important. It’s kind of funny to think that Ramona makes more than the President of the United States.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Maybe she’s just referring to how much BRAVO makes off of them in comparison to how much they pay their “actors”/ castmembers. Perhaps that’s what they all mean by fair. they want a bigger piece of the pie – since it’s their faces and lives that are out there being exposed/edited as foolish/unprofessional/crazy/immoral/unstable….you know? Fair is relative isn’t it? For me, their pay is amazing – even the lower paid ones…but if the powers that be are getting filthy rich off of them, then I can understand their kvetching.

        • lizzle says:

          My comment about downsizing was because she talked about having bills to pay. That, to me, implied she has a hard time paying her bills on her RHONY salary. I just read about the companies who are not paying their workers a fair wage vs how much they are making and NBC wasn’t one of them. Surprising enough… cable (tv, internet) companies (time warner, att&t, comcast) are the worse offenders. So… we are paying too much to watch this crap. Instead of sympathizing with Carole… we should prolly be demanding discounts to watch them.

          • LaineyLainey says:

            Great comment and yes, I would love a discount!!! 🙂 Not gonna happen.

            I loved this, from your original comment, Lizzle “If Carole can get a better job, then she should.”

        • dch60 says:

          Many, if not most, people work for companies that make a ridiculous amount of money in comparison to the workers. That argument doesn’t cut it IMO.

          • LaineyLainey says:

            Hi dch60. I agree with your first sentence. Your second sentence? my “argument” doesn’t cut it? LOL!!! Well, ok…I was never on debate team, I’ll admit.

            My explanation, if I may…. I wasn’t exactly comparing the “real housewives” to the “most people” from your first sentence . I was thinking more of show biz folk, athletes, performers, etc. Athletes go on strike all the time because the powers that be make so much off of the backs of the athletes (whose careers are relatively short)…they are not thinking about “most people” when they go on strike they think about THEIR OWN situations. I didn’t qualify my thoughts in my original post. The post was too long as it was, I thought, so I tried not to elaborate…PLUS, and more importantly, It really wasn’t meant as an “argument” anyway. I was just throwing it out there, as an idea or an expression of my opinion based on whatever knowledge and situations I have from my own life observations.

            I went ahead and tried to explain my comment this time, however, I most likely will not do this again. I never meant to cut it or not cut it. Please be prepared for most of my comments or “arguments” as you say, not to cut it. As far as I know, “cutting it” is not a prerequisite for commenting on this website.

            Your comment, however, did “cut it” in terms of MY OWN standards for commenting. You got my attention!!! hahaha!!

    • Carole is rumored to have made around $60 k last season if that puts it in perspective. Simon (bravoratings) estimates Bravo will make 25 million from this season of the show.

      • Rebecca says:

        Aren’t they only working a few hours a week for a couple of months? She’s whining about $30K a month?

        Sorry – no sympathy here.

        • missusmc says:

          There’s also the liability factor of being on a reality show. For some, you can still be a successful businesswoman( see: Ramona), and for others, you are viewed as a joke and need your housewives money for all your living expenses (see: Sonja). Heather and Carole are pretty reputable in their own businesses/field of interests. I’m sure they want to remain legit, and for them to make so much less than what they deserve, as real ousewives truly is a cash cow, is wrong, wrong, wrong. They are 100% correct in holding out. Bravo hired them to class up the series and they are not fairly compensating them to do so.

          • Rebecca says:

            LOL – Sonja is by all means not poor. She just sold her house in Telluride for what – $9 million? Her other real estate holding are valued at $20 million. She’s “playing” poor to avoid paying taxes and court judgements. If you look like a joke on tv, then you are probably one in real life.

            • missusmc says:

              What I meant was, there are some housewives that are actually respected in their chosen profession, and those who are not. Heather and Carole are respectable women, and deserve to be paid more. They are not parading around on TV like Sonja is. They have their reputations in their own businesses to uphold, and if they bend over for Bravo, they will likely lose the respect of others. Carole especially lost a lot of credibility for even being on the show to begin with. If she is to return, it needs to be worth her while.

              I’m not saying its righht that TV stars make so much money, but I do think that these ladies deserve to be fairly compensated for the business they are in.

              • iceNfire says:

                I don’t see it this way at all. Being a HW isn’t a job or even work – imo – It’s a privilege. I’d love to see RHONY canceled and have Ramona and Sonja get a spin off. Idon’t know what kind of spin off, maybe just show them going to partys and vacations. I find these two entertaining and the fact that The Countless would be pissed off about this is just icing on the cake for me.

        • kit9 says:

          Rebecca, absolutely agree. It’s absurd for them to be whining. First, I laughed out loud at Carole’s quote. The woman literally can’t open her mouth without reminding us for the millionth time that she once worked at ABC. And, what she said is just so dumb. Yo, Carole, your producer job was a full time job. RHBH is a few hours a week for a couple of months. That she’s whining about making more than what the average American makes working full time year round for doing nothing more than showing up is pretty nauseating. This, of course, coming from a woman who asked with a straight face is she was part of the 1%.

      • ladebra says:

        I don’t get to tie my salary to the gross sales of the company I work for, or even the net profit. So I don’t get that. I say negotiate all you want. But don’t be surprised if the people sitting across the table say no.

        • iceNfire says:

          They are claiming they need a raise to pay for hair and makeup artists…What REAL HW has hair and make up artists??? #GetReal

          • chismosa says:

            Teresa does. But she doesn’t, I don’t think, put that into her contract.
            After this ny stuff, next season her “team” may learn to do so.

      • lizzle says:

        I get why you think she should make more. She is one of the reality ladies that is intelligent, civil and writes an amazing blog. Even though being followed around with cameras isn’t necessarily an amazing skill… she can be interesting without yelling, throwing drinks and/or punching someone. Personally, I think they all should make more than Luann. I don’t get what she brings to the show.

      • Cartwheels says:

        60K? that is all? Definitely off base. Carole, whether I find her fake or not is another story, but she does represent the upper echelon of NYC.

        That amount has to be a mistake.

      • pat says:

        At first I was surprised to hear that Carole had joined forces to hold out for more money, only because she is Andy’s friend, and I would hope they know what they have with her. We all talk about wanting more quality people on these shows. Yes, Carole doesn’t exactly bring the drama, but she brings something unique. I’m glad she’s speaking up about her puney wages. Many of the cast members really need the job, but Carole could walk. So I’m glad she’s bringing the conversation to light. Loved her retort about how she responds to ultimatums. Just ask her last 5 boyfriends. 🙂

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      I am not sure where I stand on the issue since I am not sure how much they were offered. But I can say for sure that LuAnn doesn’t deserve 500k , I don’t even think she deserves half of that. I also don’t think any of the new comers should be getting more than 75k, Really, it’s less than 3 months of filming and it also comes with lots of perks such as 5 star vacations.

      I also think it’s pretty stupid for people who are on a show that is on the bubble to be making demands.

      I think Bravo should send a message and cancel the show. It doesn’t generate enough viewers to be worth the hassle. They should recast the entire OC or get rid of it.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        I’m like a junkie. I’m thinking as I read your comment, “yeah, they should cancel it…since I can’t quit the show by my own free will. Then if the show is gone…well, I can take some steps toward my hw rehab.” I’ve only quit watching one show…OC, but I still read the blog and comment like there’s no tomorrow. This junkie says CANCEL IT, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, CANCEL IT!!!

        • BB says:

          You sound like that woman who wants to quit smoking so she did something that landed her in jail so she could (slapped a cop or something?) I can’t remember the story exactly.

      • Cartwheels says:

        Luann making the same as Ramona is definitely a no no.

        Does anybody know the salaries of the old HWs, salaries of Bethenny, Jill or Alex?

        • chismosa says:

          I agree if anyone on the cast should make minimal Housewives wage— it’s Lumann!!!
          She’s not worth anything!!!!

  11. Good Saturday Morning! Yeah…its the weekend…and a Mommy weekend too! LOL!

    Thanks for the blog and info NMD. I just feel like lately I don’t buy much of these stories about the HW’s…but if this is true, it IS interesting that Carole is one of the naysayers. If this IS just to boost ratings and interest…it is a bit of a fail.

    BB – great OC blogs recap. On the fence about Lydia..and her head bands. I like head bands….*hangs head in shame*! 😳 Good for taking the high road Alexis. Let’s see if it lasts.

    Wishing everyone a spectacular weekend!! I made home made spaghetti sauce and meatballs yesterday, so yummy, and DD and her friends are coming to munch today. Tomorrow….I sit with feet up as DD does all the cooking…and she is baking my fav chocolate cake. Sigh…life is good.

    New post, “In Honor of Mothers”, is up at my place today. Enjoy!

  12. iceNfire says:

    Hello -Does Everyone know Season 1 of RHOBH is on STYLE network….Right Now! Yippie!

  13. princesspindy says:

    My heart is broken…..they cancelled Southland…… 😦 ….teardrops from my eyes….

    • LaineyLainey says:

      wHATTTTT??????!!!!! SCREAMING!!! argggggghhhhh!!! THAT’S NOT FAIR!!! It was one of the best shows ever! The ending…th finale….they can’t leave us like that. So tragic and sad. Really? That’s how they are gonna leave it????? They oughta make a movie. THEIR STORYLINES WERE THAT DAMN GOOD. (it was pretty graphic, though, wasn’t it?) dang….

      • princesspindy says:

        I choose to believe that he was dreaming, the LAPD got there way too fast, so in my mind it was all a dream, a la Bobby Ewing….

        • LaineyLainey says:

          I love it that you said the popo got there too fast…so it had to be a dream. You crack me up.

          I was just HOPING that he hadn’t perished from being shot. “Suicide by cop”…I just didn’t think that kind of ending was fitting for him. it came out of left field for me. He’s a beloved, yet flawed character…I kept thinking this was some kind of set up for next season, that we would get to watch his life get better; that he would find true love, etc. The reluctant and flawed hero…my favorite kind of character.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          Awwww! Your gravatar!!!! awwwww!! my heart just really breaks for that character. dang!

      • rabblerouser2010R says:

        Maybe you all can start a letter writing campaign to bring it back? You never know…the tenacity Arrested Development fans brought it back from the dead YEARS after it had been canceled.

    • melthehound says:

      Say it ain’t so, Joe… I wondered after that last episode if they would continue it. Dang it… Every time I discover a new show, it bites the dust. Funny that hasn’t happened with the HWs yet.

      • princesspindy says:

        IKR? This was quality TV!!

        • LaineyLainey says:

          With a capital Q. The writing…the acting…the editing (my son’s an editor so I have to say that now)…but seriously – this show was most definitely a QUALITY PRODUCT.

      • princesspindy says:

        I even loved the music in the opening credits!!!!

        • LaineyLainey says:

          yeah, me too

        • mrspeabody says:

          best music ever is Dallas opening music, 2nd Andy Griffith

          • LaineyLainey says:

            Mrs. Peabody, did you watch the episode on the new Dallas when they did JR’s funeral? It was haunting. I saved that episode on my DVR just because of the opening music.

          • princesspindy says:

            lol, Hawaii 5~0, the original was pretty great and can’t forget the Brady Bunch, and then my personal favorite,

            “Who can turn the world on with her smile?….”

            • LaineyLainey says:

              Yep, those are “tops” too. I love the french horns in the Hawaii 5-0 theme. I think I’ll go youtube it now!!

    • chismosa says:

      Princess I was wondering why you had that cop as your gravatar! I’m sad now too! But… I would have hated the show without him and that ending was sad


      • LaineyLainey says:

        But he was gonna survive!! He was gonna fall in love,…etc. That’s what I was hoping, anyway. sad box.

        • chismosa says:

          Haha! I’ll put a box just for you—
          Yes Lainey, I thought there would be redemption. But the straw was the ex-wife and the baby situation being canned. That did it for him. He felt hopeless
          …..even though he got his old captain/Sergeant/Lt. straightened up — Delta Burke’s husband —

          Soooo sad
          It was even interesting to see the downward spiral of his first boot– the guy from the show The O.C. That guy was just a total 180 from his original character. Interesting downwards progression in character.

          • LaineyLainey says:

            That old poopy pants’d addict was Gerald McRaney????? Oh my goodness, I’m reeling.

            yes, that guy from the OC Ben Mackenzie. I was hoping my daughter would meet him in L.A. – I think he’s cute.

            • LaineyLainey says:

              it’s weird chismosa that I can see your emoji’s in my email notifications but there’s nothing here on the actual post. does that make sense? But I did see the emoji’s

              • chismosa says:

                You know Lainey, after I post an emoji on my phone, on my actual computer I see the outline of that emoji. no color — but I can see it somewhat, on my computer -?
                It’s all weird

            • chismosa says:

              I was at a bachelorette party in Vegas in I think, 2004? And we were all dancing in one of the “clubs” that are inside the hotels — and next to us was him and Tate Donovan, also ex to Jennifer Maniston —(he was on Deception recently I think)- Ben was SO short in person. I’m only 5’6/5’7
              They were having a great time that night

              That’s the trip I was making dreamy eye contact with Matthew Perry while getting my bags at the baggage claim. He had been on my flight. Haha!

              • LaineyLainey says:

                wow, what a trip!!!! I wondered how short he was…I guess I shouldn’t hope he and my girl meet since she would tower over him and prefers not to. She doesn’t even know who he is this fantasy was completely me being a yenta in my head.

                • chismosa says:

                  You are a yenta — watch it Jill Z!! Haha

                  Yes it was a very fun trip. Plus it’s when Matthew Perry was a major addict so maybe I was hallucinating. Lol

                  I also started my love for blackjack on that trip

      • princesspindy says:

        He was dreaming, I swear, he was dreaming, lol!!!

  14. HuskerHuny says:

    Anyone on here like deep fried morel mushrooms or even know what they are? I found THREE of them this morning. They are soaking in salt water right now and I will slice them up, dredge them in flour, egg and cracker crumbs and into the hot oil they will go! They are quite a delicacy here in Huskerland and now that the weather is finally warming up, I hope to find some more this next week. I have a secret hunting grounds when they flourish as long as I can beat the deer to them! An early Mother’s Day present!

    • iceNfire says:

      I’m suddenly craving crab stuffed mushrooms…. Enjoy your find and thanks for cooking tip

    • TexasTart says:

      DH got a deep fryer for his birthday, so there were mushrooms, among other things purchased today to try in the fryer tonight. IDK about this..but as far as mushrooms go, there are not any here that you would want to have off the ground. Either poisonous or like LSD, so obviously I’ve not heard if the type you mention. Enjoy!

    • lillybee says:


    • LaineyLainey says:

      I read your comment a few hours ago, and finally got the chance to google them (the mushrooms). They are not the most attractive of mushrooms, are they? I found this cool website on them http://thegreatmorel.com/ Very interesting. I had never heard of these delicacies.They look like brains… I actually used to eat brains as a kid. cow and goat brains. I wouldn’t do that now. Well, thanks for the morel mushroom education…I think they even have a facebook page!!

    • ladebra says:

      Please be careful 😞 every year, when I lived in San Fran there would be a story of someone getting sick from eating wild shrooms.

  15. HuskerHuny says:

    I’m thinking Heather and Carole are having a bit of buyers remorse and good for them! They are two intelligent women who took a step back, saw the situation they got themselves into and they didn’t like what they saw. I’m sure they see the benefits of promoting their businesses/publications, but is it worth it to have to put up with all of the other junk? If so, show them the money! As for the other four, I do enjoy Ramona and her craziness, but the other three – eh, go away already!

    BB – please count me in as one who didn’t see the charm in Lydia’s mother. Being in a chemically-induced state, be it legally (alcohol) or illegally (marijuana, at least in my state) is no way to live your life. I don’t care if it’s no one’s business, this woman is a mother and now a grandmother and she needs to grow up. But it is her life and she can live it as she wants. If she were my mother, I certainly wouldn’t have put her on national TV. And I for sure wouldn’t leave my children alone with her.

  16. Goodness Rob has struck back at Carole with a vengeance

    Background – he tweeted this to Carole yesterday:
    “Howling that @CaroleRadziwill is pretending she is thinking about not returning to RHONY! No one likes being recognized more than Carole.”
    She tweeted back:
    “No one except you.”

    I think he’s a tool.

    • AZGirl says:

      This is so lovely. A wonderful tribute.
      @MTH: I lost both parents 3 weeks apart ten years ago. I miss them daily. There is not a day I don’t think about them in some context. I do believe that when love ones pass they are with us in spirit. I see signs every one in awhile that they are looking after me and my family. I think the lilac bush scent is a message that she is still with you.

    • melthehound says:

      Thank you AZGirl and thank you, BB, for bringing the post over here.

    • ladebra says:

      Oh boy, if I click I know I will cry…. What to do …. What to do!

  17. Beckygrey says:

    My post disappeared ! Wow!

    • melthehound says:

      When did you make the post? I don’t see anything in spam or trash (where disappeared posts go) from you or in pending posts.

  18. Realhousewifeva says:

    I’m surprised Carole is tweeting so much about this, I’m sure Andy doesn’t like this. I’ll be surprised if she is asked back, very tacky to publically talk about your pay negotiations.

    On another, good note, I just passed my real estate licensing exam today… Woohoo, was very nervous!

  19. realhousewifeva says:

    I just read that The New Normal was officially cancelled by NBC

  20. TexasTart says:

    NMD, love the title of the blog today! In my consistantly up and down feelings for Andy Cohen, one could only hope he will meet his match in housewives-ville. But I have grown so weary of the contract signing drama. So often it’s not what it appears although this one sounds different than all the rest. I’d need to look at more stats on ratings and money to know, but for now I agree with whatever you think because Heather and Carole are some of my favorites! And I love how Heather stays above the fray….stay tuned. Thanks for the details NMD.

  21. .From Simon (bravoratings) @rawveggies @BravoPR are selling it as if the cast capitulated but from what I’ve heard certain salaries were doubled from y’day to today

    • Powell says:

      I heard R, L & S signed. I’m not fond of L but she hasn’t been really bad since there’s no more J so I hope they got the $$$ they wanted.

  22. Powell says:

    Hey peeps. I hope you’ve had a great day. I’m watching OC w/Vicki & Brooks at dinner. I do not like Brooks but I totally agree w/what he said about Brianna dictating Vicki’s relationship. Vicki did say to Ryan “its your choice” when Ryan said they will move if Vicki dates Brooks. She should take him up on his threat.

  23. Nancy says:

    This is really cool.

  24. Rob is saying they’ve all signed now.

  25. chismosa says:

    Thanks NMD for that take on the ny contracts. I wonder how true this Carole can really be, I think I may be with the cynics about this. I thought she was not only a close friend of Andy’s, but a longtime one -probably from old days working in production — wait where did Carole say she used to work at? I always forget because she never seems to tell us???? Fox? Hahaha

    The true test will be when Carole’s book releases – which on amazon it has a date already – if for the release party and all the media, Andy pushes it as much. That will tell me if they are still BFFs and if its all business as usual and he’s calling her Radzi or whatever, >>>>>> then this contracting tweeting was all a ploy

    We’ll see

    BB I’m with you on Fashion Police and was so disappointed in it. They BARELY touched on the ball and that is the Oscars of fashion. They should be doing a show the night after the ball just like they do for all the main awards shows.
    I don’t know if its something to do with the writers’ issue at FP but to not even crack a joke about Kim K???? Joan has never laid off her before as far as I remember — E lets people rant on against each other a lot (see: The Soup, Chelsea)

    Soooooooo disappointed.

  26. Kats2 says:

    Happy M Day to all the Mommy’s! I hope you have an amazing weekend and get all the love and appreciation you deserve!

    -Is it evil that I’m actually very happy the show Nene was on got canceled?

    -Heather should sign ASAP, never heard of her or her Brand before she was a HW.

    -I really wish the entire HW franchise would get canned it’s just a train-wreck and is only get worst.

    -For the love of god stop calling it HW’s it’s Fame-whores R’Us. There is nothing real about them.

    -Professional hair and makeup is needed throughout filming? This is so far from reality its just a jjoke.

    -I used to love Andy, can’t stand him now. I think he loves EVERY horrible moment the uglier the better. He really can’t stand any of the HW’s, loves exploiting them and he is catering to the lowest form. Andy is in the same category as Jerry Springer. Andy is just a wimp about it. As he hides behind his BS question cards during the reunions and drinking games in the club house.

  27. BB says:

    I’m wondering what’s going on with one of the Cleveland kidnapping victims. On the CNN website it says “– As of Friday night, Knight hadn’t spoken yet with her mother, Barbara, a family spokesman said. “She loves her daughter, she misses her, and she’d love to see her,” the spokesman said.

    In fact, Knight’s family have no idea where she is and asked police for information on her whereabouts.

    Watch this video

    See Ariel Castro arraigned in court

    Watch this video

    Families welcome home kidnapped women

    Watch this video

    Source: Berry ‘hit her breaking point’

    Watch this video

    Ariel Castro previously accused of abuse
    — While not revealing specifics on her location, a source close to the investigation told CNN that Michelle Knight “is in a safe place and very comfortable.” Kind of mysterious.

    • BB says:

      Sorry, didn’t mean to paste all the “watch this video” stuff.

      • Kats2 says:

        I though you really just wanted people to watch the video. 🙂

        I heard on CNN that there were issues with her Mom the Mom didn’t sound like the nicest person in the world and the Mom doesn’t talk to the kids who have been around. In the same interview they said she did visit with her brother who the Mother kept apart. But I stress this is what I heard on CNN and who knows.

    • chismosa says:

      BB I saw something about the mother suing to be able to see her daughter. Wasnt she the first one captured?

      There may be some SERIOUS psychological stuff going on here. You’d think she would not want to see any other person maybe, that knew her, but one.
      But I read that that is the girl who had recently had an abortion right before being kidnapped – something odd with an ex boyfriend and maybe she was on bad terms with her mother at the time ?
      Who knows

      • lizzle says:

        Michelle Knight was gang raped in Jr High and had a child. Her mother’s boyfriend broke the child’s arm and the child was taken from the home. There was another acusation of rape that was dismissed. I don’t know if he raped Michelle or the child… I’m thinking he raped Michelle because it was mentioned as rape, not child molestation. Anyway… the rape charge against her mother’s boyfriend was dropped. So… this all happened before the kidnapping. The family reported her missing, but never looked for her. The FBI took her off the missing list, because they could not locate Michelle’s mother for an update. The mother/grandmother just told everyone that she was dead. Her brother had no idea that it was a possibility that she could be alive. After she was kidnapped… it appears that she got the brunt of the abuse. She is supposedly having facial reconstruction. I feel for Michelle. Her life has been pure hell. Her mother doesn’t deserve to see her ever again. One of the other kidnap victim’s family wants her to live with them.

        That’s what I have read from multiple sources, but who knows what the real truth is because no official statements have been released. I have a feeling it is probably worse than we can imagine. Such a tragedy. And this article really has me angry:

        • BB says:

          Thanks everyone. I didn’t know all that. If all that’s true, then I feel so sorry for her. I hope she gets the help and support she needs.

        • Nancy says:

          That’s one of the saddest things I’ve ever read.
          Hopefully the mental help workers will take her under their wing.

        • lillybee says:

          Sh disappeared a few days before she was to testify about her mom’s boyfriend raping her. So the rape charges against that piece of slime were dismissed. This is just speculation on my part but I wonder if the boyfriend gave Castro the idea that it would be ok to take Michelle. The other thing is that Michelle’s twin brother was kicked out of the home when he was 14.

          • LaineyLainey says:

            What a horrible life, it was tragic and sad even before the kidnapping…then he came along and turned her sad life into a living nightmare.

          • Catseye says:

            Kicked her son out of the house at age 14? Can you even believe that? Then, this woman apparently re-married and had another kid, so Michelle has a10yr old sister she’s never met. Like someone mentioned the other day, it takes more than just giving birth for a woman to be a mother.

        • chismosa says:

          Lizzle just saw this— incredibly sad and disgusting.

          Thanks for the info. I really feel there is a lot to her story and I hope she feels somewhat safer now. Poor poor thing.

        • rabblerouser2010R says:

          This is so awful.
          I am also really curious about what happened to the baby, since he was placed in state care. Because of her long absence (due to what we now know was being kidnapped and held against her will) if the State severed her parental rights and placed by boy up for adoption?

      • BB says:

        I just hope all three are going to be OK and will eventually be able to lead relatively normal and happy lives.

        • Catseye says:

          Me too! I hope that maybe some well-to-do, kind-hearted person has put her up in a hotel or something until she can get her wits about her and maybe slowly reconnect with her family. Although her mother sounds pretty worthless at this point.

    • Kats2 says:

      Public campaigns to find Berry and DeJesus were conducted after their disappearances, but Knight’s case received less attention; some relatives thought she had run away, according to Reuters. She was removed from the FBI’s missing persons database after 15 months because they couldn’t get in touch with her family to verify she was still missing, a city spokesperson told the Cleveland Plain Dealer.


      Maybe she knows the family did nothing to find her?

      • BB says:

        Could be. Kind of sad.

      • cocfarm says:

        She was also 20, a legal adult, when she went missing. The thought was she may have left on her own.

      • ladebra says:

        I heard on news today that Knight and DeJesus where going to live together at DeJesus house. That they were locked up together and had a strong bond. If so, I hope they get the help they need to live with this.

        • ladebra says:

          One other thing I heard on a news show was that Amanda Berry’s mom never stopped looking for her. She went on the Montel show and spoke with that psychic (Sylvia Browne) and Sylvia told her that Amanda was dead. Friends of the mom said that just broke her heart all over again. That she just died of a broken heart. How sad

        • chismosa says:

          Nightline showed that them two were in one bedroom while Amanda was in the second bedroom with her child.

          I want to know why this man wanted Amanda to have a child but if others got impregnated he wouldn’t allow for it.

          • rabblerouser2010R says:

            It might have been a way to try and break Amanda and keep her tied to him.

  28. realhousewifeva says:

    I talked to my mom earlier today. I think I`ve mentioned before that I am Ohio born and raised. Well I was raised right outside of Cleveland (for RW and Wrestling fans, I was in the same school (a year above) Mike `The Miz` Mizanin, we were actually friends). But I digress.
    My parents owned a few businesses around the area and one was a grocery store in Cleveland that they had for about 15-20 years in the 90`s and 2000`s. Sold it a few years back. We were rarely allowed to go to that particular store because it was in a pretty bad neighborhood, and my dad just didn`t want his daughters to be around there. Very rundown, poor, lots of corruption, lots of drugs and alcohol, etc. I`ll be honest, on the few occasions that I did go there I was scared. We usually stayed in the back office.lol So anyway, when I mentioned the kidnappings to my mom she told me that she knew ALL of the people involved very well since they were all frequent customers at their store. She said Castro was always very friendly, polite and charming. He played some sort of instrument that he carried around all the time. She loved his mom and his mom used to hug and kiss my parents all the time. My dad remembered his ex wife and said he always remembered how she was quiet and never looked at or spoke to anyone. (Now I read that she was abused by him and finally left one day and never came back)
    She said his brothers were usually drunk. Gina was good friends with Castro`s daughter and she would see them together all the time. When Gina went missing, they all (including Castro) used to talk about it. She remembers Michelle and in her words Michelle seemed `off`…like something was wrong with her or she was `a little slow`. My mom said she remembers Michelle`s mom being totally trashy. When Michelle went missing the family didn`t really make a big deal of it and just assumed she ran away since she lost custody of her son.. From what I read after talking to my mom, Michelle wants nothing to do with her family. My heart breaks for her for all she went through.
    She said they all lived really close to eachother, Gina`s mom would pass by Castro`s house all the time.
    I just thought it was so crazy that my parents knew them so well, and had chills while my mom was talking. You just never know what you are dealing with since most people say that monster was polite and friendly when they would see him.

    • Nancy says:

      Unfortunately life isn’t always fair.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      How surreal for you, Rhova. As i said before, she went from living a sad, tragic life with her family to a living nightmare with that monster.

    • chismosa says:

      Wow RHE— that is some story!
      First off, on the lighter note, i can’t believe you knew the Miz– i watched him so many times on Real World and then on the challenges shows. Now he’s so famous.

      I cannot believe your connection to all this— so shocking. Maybe something was off with Michelle, developmentally? That led to her being an easy prey that got gang-raped, abused by the mother’s BF– ? and then the mother never caring for her, etc… i don’t know- i could be wrong, and i’m not making excuses at ALL for something as horrid as what she went through BEFORE Castro. B.C. Regardless i think her mother must have been terrible to her so good for her to not see her.

      Castro played bass in a spanish/salsa band that was popular. He must have carried around the big bass with him.

      This is all out of a surreal horrific Criminal Minds episode. It’s not the weirdos in town you have to worry about. i remember the movie Home Alone (or HA 2?) and that movie Now and Then, with Demi Moore- and so many other films— that it always was the weirdo men in their town that people were so spooked about when those spooky men were just basically harmless guys. It’s the nice guy next door who winds up being the pervy pedophile/ monster/ – i don’t know what to label Castro.
      Her life B.C. was terrible and i really pray for Michelle A.C. I’m happy she’ll have Gina and Gina’s mom and family for support if she can’t count on her own. Gina’s mom seems wonderful every time i see her on tv. Genuine.

      I don’t know why, but i have to think that Cleveland PD and the FBI there messed up big time. It seems every day things are coming up about reports to the police or to the FBI about tips and things getting dropped. I know i just saw in the news they are furious there that the FBI put Michelle’s file away too soon. People were in the streets screaming.
      These poor women.
      I think months/ years later civil suits are going to follow.

      • realhousewifeva says:

        I know, it was so crazy when Miz was first on RW! He was so prejudice and close-minded, and that really was how the city I lived in was at the time. Me and my sisters were the biggest minority in that school! It was such a culture shock when I moved to DC area and the area is filled with diversity, I just love it.

        I always remember growing up the Cleveland PD having issues and at one point tons of officers were arrested at once for some kind of drug ring or something. I can`t remember details, but it was a big deal at the time and kind of tells you what you are dealing with. That area in Cleveland was poverty stricken and I think no one really cared enough, as sad as it is.

  29. realhousewifeva says:

    OMG when I read about this story last week, I had a feeling the brother was the one who did it, even though they were on a massive manhunt for the suspect 😦

    • chismosa says:

      she is supposed to be in jail. I agree with all the people out there who say if she was a non-famous African American woman she’d have been locked up ages ago.

    • realhousewifeva says:

      Very sad. I don`t think she will ever get better.

  30. ladebra says:

    Oh fudge, I just bought a purse on QVC. I’m going to bed and turn off the TV😀

    Happy Mothers Day to all the mommies!

    • Catseye says:

      The TSV? It sure is pretty, if I had any room in my closet, I just might be ordering it too! What color did you get?

      • ladebra says:

        I got it in pink, with the white background. I didn’t cancel after sleeping on it all night, so it’s meant to be! 😄

  31. realhousewifeva says:

    Happy Mother`s Day everyone!!

  32. ladebra says:

    Happy Mother’s Day. I hope every single person here, posting or lurking, has a wonderful day with people you love and who love you back. Tell them you love them, and give them a hug.

    “You’ve got to dance like no one is watching, love like you will never be hurt, sing like there is nobody listening, and live like its heaven on earth.”

  33. AZGirl says:

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  34. Lulu says:

    Good Morning and wishing all the mother’s including those to furry babies! A Happy Mother’s day!!

    BB- How’s your dog doing? I hope he is feeling better today.

    A quick rant: So across country yesterday was “train day” at Amtrack. We took our train enthusiast 2.5YO DS. We approached a train table and of course my DS had to reach out and grab a train. One of the men at the table immediately grabbed my son’s hands. Not only was he grabbing them he was squeezing them. I grabbed my son and told the man to “get your hands off of my son!” What an @sshole!!! Amtrack’s CEO will receive and angry Email from me on behalf of their incompetent employee! WTF!!! You don’t put your hands on a child! Of course DH says to let it go but it just irks me!

    • Powell says:

      Happy Mother’s Day Lulu.

      I’m w/you. Jerk. He could’ve handled that so much better. I say write your letter. That was not cool. I hope your little guy enjoyed the rest of his train day.

    • BB says:

      Happy Mom’s day LuLu and all you moms, moms-to-be, pseudo-moms, foster moms, mentor-moms, furry-moms, grandmoms, aunties and whoever else takes on the role of mom from time to time.

      My doggie is better. He ate a little bit of chicken this morning and I saw him drinking some water, so he’ on the mend. Not 100%, but better.

  35. Powell says:

    Happy Mother’s Day. 😀

    I hope everyone had a great weekend.

  36. chismosa says:

    Happy Mothers Day to all here and if you want some fun, there’s a Mommie Dearest marathon all day on IFC.

    No wire hangers !! Lol

    • Powell says:

      Oh I see. Starts at 12 est. I’ll watch if there’s nothing else I want to watch.

  37. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!! Blessings to all you amazing mommy’s out there! Wishing you a lovely day!

    There is a new post, “Happy Mothers Day”, with a real sweet story up at my place. Enjoy!

  38. Powell says:

    Tamra tweeted HMD to 5 fabulous moms. She included Alexis. Hmmm. What’s up w/that, especially when she continued her hate for Alexis on WWHL?

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