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OC Bravo Blogs Part Two by BB


Alexis says:  “Lydia saying to Gretchen that I missed her needs clarification. I am not “missing” Gretchen because the current Gretchen is not the same person I was friends with three years ago. I do miss the old Gretchen, but not the person that I know and see now. What I had mentioned to Lydia is that Gretchen’s behavior towards me hurt the most, because at one point we really were friends. I’ve never had a close connection to Tamra or Heather.”

Gretchen says:  “When Lydia brought up Alexis at the table and said she missed me the most, there was a part of me that wanted to believe that was true. But her actions towards me have shown none of that.”  Then Gretchen has the AUDACITY to point out that Alexis reached out the Peggy when her daughter broke her arm even though they had a strained relationship at the time, but Alexis never reached out to Slade and her when Grayson was going through his medical crisis (well, she mentioned it on twitter which was even worse in Gretchen’s eyes).  First, I would like to point out that Grayson is NOT Gretchen’s son or even her stepson.  Second, I think the friendship breakup with Peggy was different from the friendship breakup with Gretchen.  Gretchen then talks about how Alexis would say she was a Christian but would not act like one and she didn’t know who the “real” Alexis was so she had to walk away.  I wish Gretchen could just be honest and admit that, in order to be part of what she mistakenly thinks is the “cool girls club,” she was going to have to kiss Tamra’s azz and stab her good friend Alexis in the back.  And lastly:  “People ask why I was willing to forgive Tamra and not Alexis. First and foremost, I have forgiven Alexis because I had to in order to move on. However, the main difference between Tamra and Alexis is that Tamra apologized for the things that were said and the hurt that was caused, which is something that has never happened from Alexis. Tamra and I both said we were sorry for what went down between us and that we really wanted to move forward — and we did just that.”  I would like to ask Gretchen exactly what Alexis has done to her that needs an apology.  Tamra treated Gretchen horribly.  What did Alexis do that came even close in comparison?

Tamra says:  “Alexis and I are polar opposites and we find it hard to find common ground. I know kicking her out of my party was not nice. But after all it was MY party and I honestly had a hard time with her being there in the first place. So I asked a [an] honest question: “Why do you want to be here?” I felt it was her opportunity to tell everyone that she wanted to move forward and everyone would have agreed with her.”  Tamra is such an effing liar and would like for us to believe if Alexis had she said she wanted to move forward, everything would have been hunky dory.  That is such a crock.  Tamra continues:  “When the whole group is upset with you, its [it’s] time to think about what you’re [you] are doing and fix it or stay away.”  I have to ask why Tamra feels the need to even mention Alexis in this week’s blog.  Oh, that’s right.  Tamra hasn’t bothered to post a blog since April 15th!  That, and Tamra feels the need to slam Alexis at every opportunity she gets.   I still can’t figure out where all the hatred towards Alexis is coming from.  Jealousy, maybe?

Lydia says:  “When the conversation at dinner that night started to revolve around Alexis again, I felt uncomfortable. I wanted to let Gretchen know that from my past conversations with Alexis, she seemed to be really hurt by Gretchen. Alexis never spoke ill of her, but there seems to be a real feeling of sadness — like she had lost a true friend. When Gretchen said she found that hard to believe, I just wanted to drop the conversation. I don’t know the ins and outs of their relationship and I didn’t want to speak on Alexis’ behalf in front of the whole table.”  In other words, Lydia sensed it would not bode well for her if she dared go against this pit of vipers.

Vicki and Heather were a little too much into themselves to comment on Alexis this week.

TOPIC 4:  Miscellaneous Tidbits

From Gretchen’s Blog:  “She (her mom) has taught me so many important lessons about life and how to deal with it. In regards to this show, she always reminds me that all I can do is be true to myself, because what really matters are the people that know my true heart, like my closest friends and family. I’m very blessed with some of the most amazing people in my life and some fabulous fans!”  There we go with the “fans” terminology again. The sad thing about Gretchen is I think she really believes her own spin.

Tamra says:  “As you can see Lydia is a great addition to our group. She is sweet and caring and has little issues with anyone. . .YET!”  BB Translation:  Tamra hasn’t had time to direct her hatefulness towards Lydia yet, but her turn will come eventually.  Tamra talks about how great Eddie is and how she would never tell him to slow down on his long bike treks.  Little does she realize it’s the most enjoyable part of Eddie’s day; to ride away from the bitchfest known as Tamra.  Poor Eddie.  He’s not a bad looking dude and he doesn’t come across as stupid.  Is Tamra the best he can do?  I don’t get it.

Lydia wants us to know that she and Doug had never left the kids overnight before the Malibu trip and how anxious she was.  She wants us to know what a “hands on” mom she is.  I didn’t really need to know that but until Lydia gets a more interesting storyline going, she has to talk about something I guess.

Vicki wants us to know that she hates being a single amongst couples.  She needs to either tell her friends and family she’s with Brooks and they are just going to have to deal with it or find herself another man.  She also wants to thank everyone for their prayers while Ryan is in Afghanistan and how Brianna is doing a great job handling the difficulties of being a single parent while he’s away.

Alexis wants us to know how fun it was seeing the kids and adults alike enjoying themselves at the opening of their new trampoline business and how she will support Jim in his quest for solutions to his thinning hair problem.  That’s information I didn’t need to know.

That’s it for the OC blogs this week.


Happy Birthday Plymouth Lighthouse



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  1. HuskerHuny says:

    It’s Friday, it’s sunny, it’s all good in Huskerhood! Wish the same for you!

    • TexasTart says:

      Good Morning Huskerhuny and everyone! 😀

      • HuskerHuny says:

        Glad to hear that the nasty weather avoided you. Looks like my neck of the woods might be in trouble on Sunday. That’s sad because the high school has outdoor graduation that afternoon. Hope it misses us or waits until later!

    • Laineylainey says:

      Happy Friday, Huskerhun! Happy Friday errbodeeeee! At the hairdresser goodbye gray! See you in three weeks.

  2. @Orson – I’m not sure if you thought you were being funny with your insult to Stars on the last blog, but she’s really hurt, and i am pissed. The people that blog for LynnFam spend so much time and effort – – – how dare you – – – Seriously – that was very hurtful and completely uncalled for. In the eight months that I’ve run this blog i haven’t had anyone insult a blogger. You tried to brush it off as a joke otherwise I think you would have gotten an earful yesterday. I’m actually at a loss for words.

    • chismosa says:

      Oh my …..Stars I hope you know, or NMD you communicate to her — how loved she is here.
      Thanks NMD for just keeping this going, I realize all your bloggers are true prizes and help you immensely!

    • Kat From Ohio says:

      what happened??

    • AZGirl says:

      That was not cool but hopefully Orson will apologize. There is so much work that goes into blogging and recaps. You all do a fantastic job.

      • jules says:

        ITA AZGirl. I so appreciate everyone who recaps and blogs. I could never sit through most of these shows, never mind having to pay close attention to recap. Thank you all so much for all you do for the rest of us to share.

    • ladebra says:

      Stars your blogs are so funny, and well written, and funny, and entertaining, and did I mention funny? ! I can’t wait to read your blogs, and if I don’t say that enough it’s my bad. I certainly couldn’t do what you do, and you do it so well, you make it look effortless. But no one should forget that it is most certainly not effortless. Thank you. And I am sorry you were hurt. (((Stars)))

    • BB says:

      That comment totally threw me off and I thought at the time it must have been some kind of inside joke. From someone who knows, I want to say I appreciate Stars and all the others here (who I won’t name because I’m sure to forget someone) who take the time and effort to share their thoughts and talents. It’s not always easy and I think I speak for each one in saying we do it because we think this is a special place with a great group of people. We don’t expect constant accolades, but we certainly don’t deserve to be insulted, jokingly or not.

      • lori says:

        I don’t comment very much because life has been crazy but, I do read and am so appreciative of all the bloggers!! It’s a huge task and nothing something I would feel comfortable taking on…so THANK YOU each and every blogger you are appreciated even by us quiet lurkers 🙂

    • missusmc says:

      It takes balls, major balls to blog. Heck, half the time, I’m afraid to even leave a comment because I don’t want to be jumped on for having a different opinion than someone else. I admire everyone who blogs here, and I have a huge fondness for Stars and her snarkiness. I think the snark is the only way we can all handle the OC!

      • Powell says:

        missusmc I like what you said. It takes balls to blog. I certainly couldn’t do it. I appreciate the effort & thoughtfulness of our bloggers and the time you take out of your lives to entertain us. Thank you.

    • plainviewsue says:

      My mouth dropped when I read Orson’s comment.

      To all those who blog, I am in awe of every single one of you. Thank you all for your time.

      Stars, you know how I feel about your writing!!! I compliment you each and every time. After reading your blog, there truly is no reason to watch the show!!!!

      You go girl!!

      • Trashy T says:

        I’m in awe of everyone who blogs here and extremely grateful for what they do. They are slamming out blogs for us to enjoy… So what if there is an occasional lapse in spelling and grammar. I’ve never yet read a blog here where I find myself conscious of any mistakes. I understand why Stars was hurt and hope Orson will sincerely apologize or travel to another blog spot where that sort of thing might be more accepted. It certainly seems out of place here.

    • Lisa Renee says:

      NMD, I read through the comments this morning & when I read the dig about Stars’ possible spelling errors (I never caught any FWIW) I was pissed as well. Takes alot to get me to chime in on OPF (other peoples fights). I was really hoping it was an inside joke, the only acceptable excuse for such a cheap shot. It wasn’t and now her feelings are hurt & you’re smokin mad. The time and effort by you and all the contributors is beyond appreciated! Please tell Stars’ she has more supporters than detractors and her amazing personality & talent shines through the written word. If typo’s is this person’s biggest problem in life he is a leg up than most of us. My offer still stands. Give me the word and I will yoke a bitch, man or woman. Hugs to you both, Lisa

    • Orson says:

      My comment about Stars’ spelling was intended as a joke. We banter a lot in chat and I mistakenly extended that here. My fault. It was wrong; no excuses. I’m deeply sorry my attempt at a joke hurt her feelings and also offended you folks here. I’ve enjoyed my friendship with Stars and hate to think it’s over because of a stupid comment I’ve made. I’ve sent Stars an apology and I hope she’ll accept it. And I hope the other folks here will forgive me also.

      • ladebra says:

        I’m guilty of the same thing Orson, so many times I have lost count. Hope you and Starzy make amends.

        • 2Stupid says:

          I think it probably is very hard to blog and you are probably uber sensitive to your work being critiqued. I know you can say things about me on a personal level but if you criticize my work, I get really upset. It probably was something you thought she would know that you were just messing with her, but she took it as being highly critical. I hope everyone makes up and moves on. The takeaway is that everyone should appreciate how much the bloggers give so we can come here and have a good time!!!

      • not THAT Jill says:

        Orson-I hope Starzy forgives you toonb/c I have been in the chat room with you both and you have a great funny relationship there-I hope you two get back together and are able to carry on as you always have.

      • BB says:

        I hope you and Stars can “hug it out.”

      • Stars99 says:

        Orson – I read and I accept your apology. You do need to know that I have no idea how on earth you would think that what you said would be construed as a joke. I squinted with my eyes and my brain and tried to read it several different ways to give you the benefit of the doubt – and I honestly just don’t get it. We weren’t bantering back and forth at all – it felt like a slam out of nowhere, as I said yesterday. As a recovering perfectionist about my work, I find it to be very difficult to release something to be posted on the internet that time constraints and bleary eyes don’t allow to be absolutely perfect. Your comment really embarrassed me. A bridge has been built… over it… moving on…

        • Kansas Girl says:

          Whaaaaa????? Wai-da-minit! I think you guys just staged a big blowout fight, a la housewives. Din-cha? Huh? Din-cha? You crazy kids!

        • Laineylainey says:

          Glad you guys worked it out! :). You are both special people. Thank you for your blogs, Stars! So funny!

        • cocfarm says:

          Nice kiss and make-up stars and orson.

          Now, as far as spelling errors…I had a ton when blogging dwts. Lesson learned? Don’t sip wine while blogging 😉 and certainly NO limoncella!

      • realhousewifeva says:

        I read it late last night and figured it was joking banter, since I`ve never even noticed Stars blogs to be full of errors (but it is always hilarious!). Sometimes we have to be careful of what we say on here since it doesn`t translate as well as the spoken word (I`m guilty of this, since I`m extremely sarcastic at times).

      • AZGirl says:

        Good enough for me!

    • Lulu says:

      Stars don’t listen!!!! I like your blogs! Your doing a fantastic job! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise or this really pregnant momma will hunt them down and make them pay!

  3. NJBev says:

    Good Morning everyone-
    completely off topic— I need some advice
    First, the good news. I got Mom into the Assisted living place on
    Monday. She hates it. That’s normal.

    I need to get her some new clothes. here’s the problem-
    She is 5’2″ and weighs 98 lbs. (she never eats, that, amongst
    other things, is why she is there)
    She needs lightweight summer stuff, except it must
    have at least a mock turtleneck (she hates her neck)
    and at least 3/4 sleaves(hates her scrawny arms.)
    My Mom, for 86, is still very picky and somewhat

    please, any advice where i might go? On line would be easiest.

    I miss you guys so much- I can’t wait to have a day when I can
    take some time during the day to see what everyone is talking about–
    I can’t tell you the level of stress this is and has been, but I am
    holding surprisingly well, and I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

    I will check back later today to see if anyone has some suggestions.–
    Have a great day, every last one of you- and the next time you talk to
    your Mom, tell her you love her-

  4. TexasTart says:

  5. TexasTart says:

  6. ladebra says:

    Happy Birthday Plymouth Lighthouse!! May all your wishes come true 🎂🎂

    Great blog BB. I don’t understand the answer Gretchen gave on forgiving Tamra for the vile, relentless attacks about Jeff being a fake relationship and then Slade’s child support compared to forgiving Alexis for … What? The support and friendship she offered when no one else was there for her? Honestly, Gretchen makes me throw up in my mouth (little bit) every time she opens her mouth.

    But it’s Friday, and (singing)”I don’t care, I love it! I don’t care. I got this feeling on a summer day…”

    • Dixie says:

      I think Gretchen feels Alexis should apologize for outing Gretchen’s lip fillers and weaves at the reunion last year. I am sure in Gretchen’s eyes that is the worst thing anyone could say about her.

      • plainviewsue says:

        Gretchen “claims” her biggest problem w/Alexis is her use of the bully word. That is what she wants the apology for.

        But Dixie, I agree with you.

      • Catseye says:

        I agree. I think she mentioned that it “hurt her business.” NO, Gretchen what HURT your business, was your constant lying and misrepresenting the crap you sell.

    • pat says:

      Just judging by what we see on the shows, I don’t see what Alexis did to Gretchen, to justify Gretchen’s hostility towards her. Especially considering how Alexis stood by Gretchen when she was on the receiving end of Tamra’s mean girl act. Alexis isn’t a mean person, but she is extremely superficial, and I think that’s where the answer lies. She is even superficial in the frienships she pursues. She wants to live in the world of shallow “beautiful people” and that’s who she picks for friends. Not true friends. Fair weather friends. People like Gretchen.

      • ladebra says:

        I think you guys have it right. And I keep reminding myself… It’s scripted, it’s scripted. But! I think Tamra is just a mean girl to the bone. Script or not.

      • Catseye says:

        And someone else mentioned elsewhere, I had forgotten, that Jim donated his earnings from appearing on a reunion show a few years back, to Grayson’s medical care. Very decent of him, only to have that nasty creep Gretchen attack his wife, the way she has.

  7. AZGirl says:

    Thank you BB for the OC Blog recaps. I am so sick of Gretchen using Grayson as a tool for sympathy. I really like Gretchen’s parents. They are very down to earth. I wonder how they feel about her behavior the last 2 seasons? My bet is that they are embarrassed. Obviously, they are not Slave fans at all.

    • Catseye says:

      I wonder how someone who acts like Gretchen does, and has in the past, bring up what is/isn’t “Christian” about someone’s behavior? Then have the nerve to claim that SHE, herself, is a “Christian?”

  8. AZGirl says:

    Happy Birthday Plymouth Lighthouse!

  9. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. It’s TGIF & a beautiful day out. Have great day.

  10. TexasTart says:

    I never met you, but I’m feeling generous this morning – Happy Birthday Plymouth Lighthouse! 😀

  11. Cathy Connor says:

    Good Morning all been very busy at work so could only lurk..Has anyone heard from HildogAtl since she lost her Mom ?? I hope she is doing well as she tries to heal.The weathers terrific finally. Am looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend.

    My sisters best friend ( Sharon) her daughter , which is Lynns Goddaughter is having a baby girl and she decided to name her Lynn I think thats so sweet and special Of course I cried my eyes out but my sister would be so honored and thrilled ..Life does go on I keep thinking of “Steel Magnolias” one of my fav movies..Have a terrific day everybody !! ((HUGS)))

  12. TexasTart says:

    Tamra is a transparent, an equal opportunity offender, summed up perfectly by BB: “Tamra hasn’t had time to direct her hatefulness towards Lydia yet, but her turn will come eventually.”

  13. mrs peabody says:

    My comment on Tamara’s comment about when the whole group is upset with you it’s time to think about what you are doing and what to do to change it, I guess the fact that the viewers were upset with her and how she was behaving all last year and this year isn’t the same when it comes to her, she doesn’t have to figure out how to change it or stay away….please chose that one Tamara… only applies to others and not her. Interesting!

  14. Good Friday Morning! Coming in with clouds and cooler temps. YES!

    Thank you NMD and BB for the blog today. You guys always rock it!

    I am sorry to see words were said yesterday and feelings hurt. But, all you recappers and posters, and NMD…please know you are appreciated beyond words and we all stand in awe of the amazingness you present in your work and we are aware of the time and effort it takes. You are very loved and held in a hug of gratitude!

    Stars99….Mouse, my heart goes out to you as your recaps are so delightful and enjoyed. So, in your honor, and to lighten your day…someone straight from your very own OC recap flies in and says….”here I come to save the daaaayyyy…I’m Capt. Pea Brain…defender of all…and bringer of healthy soup to those in need!” And then…he trips over his ragged cape! 😛

    Have a great Friday everyone!

    New post, “The Making of Decisions”, is up at my place. Enjoy!

  15. TexasTart says:

    Not sure this would be of interest; but if you read the link IceNfire posted yesterday regarding Andy and a twitter argument over Top Chef production – this resolves the issue.

    • ladebra says:

      In your face, Bourdain. Who made Bourdain Sheriff anyway? I have always thought he was a little too full of himself.

      • Lulu says:

        Anyone watch his new show on “cnn.” What a crock! little to do with eateries and a heavy dose of politics. Someone should tell the man that he sucks at politics to stick with what he knows.

    • AZGirl says:

      I figured there was a simple explanation. I also thought that Top Chef filming in New Orleans would bring a ton of free exposure.
      One of my nephews is in films. New Orleans is the hot market due to the tax exemptions and incentives. It is a win/win situation. New Orlean’s needs the exposure for tourism and the movie industry looks for the cheapest places to film. Nephew has spent a lot of time there working over the past few years.

  16. melthehound says:

    American Idol finale blog for those of you who are interested…

    • HuskerHuny says:

      Great job mel. I do have one bone of contention though – I LOVED Frankie Valli! For sure he looks his age, but the voice was strong and he sang some great music! My older brother was a huge 4 Seasons fan and has seen Jersey Boys at least twice, so forgive me my fangirl moment. Plus, it was Frankie Avalon in the beach movies with Annette – not Valli! Have to say that was my highlight. Hope the new judges will bring me back to watching full time next year. By the way, Nicki’s attitude the entire night totally sucked!

      • melthehound says:

        We’ll have to agree to disagree on Frankie… To me he looked like he was praying his depends didn’t leak. I get that I’m probably alone with this one and knew I would be when I wrote the recap. Thanks for the correction on the Frankies.. I’ll make the correction in the recap so no one knows what we are talking about 😉 Thanks for reading HH.

        • lillybee says:

          When I was very young, we used to get into a local club and got to see the Four Seasons play live. I had to laugh when on TV when they were shown playing electric guitars that were not plugged in.

          • melthehound says:

            😆 Hehe

            • HuskerHuny says:

              Last night also reminded of how great Adam Lambert is and how cheated he was the year he didn’t win. I would love to hear that voice on Broadway some day. Revival of Jesus Christ, Superstar? I’m there!

              I sure hope Keith Urban comes back as a judge. How fun it was to watch him enjoying himself last night, bopping to the music and just being in the moment. I thought he gave great feedback to the contestants throughout the year. Pointed out the flaws without beating them down. And no, he’s not really eye candy for me – I would love to see him in something other than a t-shirt and maybe change up the hair. But I do love his judging!

              • melthehound says:

                🙂 .

              • Powell says:

                Husker I think its so much pressure on the Idol winner. They HAVE TO do the best, make it worth the money & time the label puts into them being “The American Idol”. The runner up & the top 5 have had stellar careers. I’d rather be #2 or the top 5 than the winner.

  17. Lulu says:

    BB yet again another wonderful blog! I can’t even begin to stomach reading anything they write. It’s nice to have cliff notes with a good dose of snark! 🙂

    Majority of them are getting beat up by the viewers! Tamra and Gwrectchen have the worst comments. When the majority has bad things to say about you then it’s time to sit back and think what you are doing wrong. A dose of their own medicine!

  18. Lulu says:

    Who watches Fox and friends? Occasionally my DH will watch it before he goes to work. So this morning after running an errand I turned on the tv for DS. Fox and friends was still on and I caught a segment of Gretchen Carlson making a complete @ss out of herself! Wow talk about embarrassing!!! She did a strange “cat call” when Trace Adkins came on. What was funny was the look on his face it was like WTH?!?!?!? Talk about awkward. Someone needs to tell the former “miss usa?” one of those “pageants” that those days are over. Learn how to dress her age as well as her makeup tone it down!

    • iceNfire says:

      Hi Lulu – I watch FoxNews but idk what Fox and friends is. Is it local or cable? Right now Megan Kelly is on cable. Maybe Fox and friends is over before the West Coast wakes up

      • BB says:

        No, it’s on FoxNews early in the morning like the Today Show and Good Morning America. You’re probably right that it’s on too early for the WC.

  19. iceNfire says:

    Thanks for blog BB – Now on to my favorite subject….”Vicki wants us to know that she hates being a single amongst couples.”……Oh Icky, When will you learn? The Icky One wants to works several hours everyday and have someone keep her love tank full, Well Donn got tired of sitting around the house alone and now it seems that Brianna doesn’t like it either. Icky doesn’t want to go home to an empty house so she has Bri and baby there. If she wants to replace them with Brooks then she will have to worry during her long work hours about him finding a ‘bonus’ companion like Donn did. He told her at dinner he was seeing other ladies but she didn’t hear that and kept asking the same question til she got the answer she wanted. This was filmed several months ago, it’s still going on and I dont see a happy ending anytime soon – imo

    • Powell says:

      Ice I do not like Brooks at all but I totally agreed w/him when he said he wouldn’t have them living in his house & them saying who Vicki cannot date. Vicki kept saying “I’m not kicking my daughter out”. So what is she going to do then? Cry that she doesn’t like being the single one w/couples or is she going to live how she wants to live? I don’t see what she admires, loves, adores about Brooks. All of those eligible rich, handsome men in OC & she wants Brooks. And where does he live anywhere? Mississippi or OC?

  20. shamrockblonde says:

    BB – loving the way you are blogging the HW blogs – makes it so much easier to follow – thank you!!! – thank you mrs. peabody for saying something I was wondering – tamara – yes a small t – she does not deserve a capital – said that when everyone finds something wrong with you perhaps you should reevaluate yourself, yet when virtually everyone has commented on her behavior in a negative fashion, the same insight does not apply to her – hypocrite much, t?

    not looking to butt in, but Stars and Orson go together like peas and carrots – hope you two find your way back to that happy friend place – *hugs Orson and Stars really hard – at the same time*

  21. shamrockblonde says:

    my Mom is the same height and has a tiny frame – she likes the Gap and the Loft – of course I got her height gene – brother and sister got my Dad’s height gene – 6ft 1 and 2 respectively – probably just as well as I’m afraid of heights………..

    • lillybee says:

      I loved the way Barbara Bush concealed her neck problem buy wearing that pearl necklace that became her trademark.

      • Orson says:

        Do you mean Barbara Billingsly, Wally and the Beaver’s mom?

        • lizzle says:

          They both wore pearls to cover up wrinkles. Billingsley apparently had a wrinkle that looked like a scar… Bush just had a bunch of wrinkles.

          • lizzle says:

            I just read that Billingsley’s wrinkle looked like a tracheostomy scar… so, it must have looked like an indenture (or hole) in her neck.

  22. jillz68 says:

    Hi all, Long time lurker, past poster. I have a question that is not related to housewives but I know there are a lot of super sleuths on this site. Having some crazy family drama and my cousin needs to put some pieces together regarding family history (all that could answer are dead and the one alive is pulling some shady stuff) and inheritances. Can you point me to some good free sites for property records, criminal records, or anything? I was truly impressed with the info gathered regarding Taylor and other hw’s so I thought I would go to the experts! The people we want to look up were grifters but we don’t know the extent of what they did. What we have discovered so far just comparing stories makes us realize there is much more to the story. Thanks in advance! Jill

    • lizzle says:

      This story sounds interesting. I don’t know where to go besides googling those words. A private detective might be helpful, if you have the money. Diva is good at the sleuthing, but she has been busy lately with work. Also… word of mouth might help… just talk to the people who knew the people who have died… or talk to people in the town where the shady person lives. Somebody knows something. Let us know how it goes.

      • jillz68 says:

        Thanks! I keep looking and seeing strange stuff but can’t get at the meat in free sites so may have to spend a little. It is a little strange, my uncle is listed as dying in Oregon (everything public says that including the social security site) but his spouse says Nevada. My cousin couldn’t get to Nevada from Ohio until later that night so she never saw the body. He was cremated within a day or 2 of death (died on Xmas) and the surviving spouse will not provide his will nor was it probated and his house alone in 08 was worth enough his estate HAD to be probated. This is all coming up now due to a possible inheritance from a great aunts trust that states spouses get nothing and the surviving spouse is fighting it. We think he stole my grandfathers identity at some point (same name) and it caused a huge rift in the family about 20+ years ago. Those that had the details are gone.

        • Kansas Girl says:

          Hm. Thinking. Thinking. First, have you requested a death certificate from the state? The state he died in would be able to provide it. Some states restrict it now to direct relatives, so you may need to be creative to get it. Also, when people die, there are obituaries in the local paper usually. If you know date and place of death, ask the local newspaper for that area how you could get an obit. Those two things should solve what state he died in.

          As to stolen identity, hm, if he took on his deceased father’s identity, he’d have to give his fathers date of birth. There should be evidence of that, but I can’t think right now how to find it.

          Have you checked the Social Security Death Files? They used to be online. I’d also start looking for info on the father, as it may be intertwined with the son of the same name. This might be a very interesting chase!
          Have you checked the Social Security death files?

        • Kansas Girl says:

          You can search the Social Security Death Index through Try this link but access may be blocked due to privacy laws. Worth a try!

          • jillz68 says:

            Interesting….It lists Oregon as place of death. I haven’t been able to find an obit in Nevada (Las Vegas) but found a death announcement in Oregon. I did find my grandfathers ss# so that can help with cross referencing any strange business deals. My cousin was just sent the death certificate that lists Nevada but what is getting confusing for us is all the Oregon info. Considering what we have found regarding him I wouldn’t be surprised if his wife Weekend in Bernied him and got him to Nevada from Oregon (my cousins 1/2 brother is a pilot and they have the means to make anything happen). Crazy I know but the lengths they have gone to separate my cousin from the rest of us and keep her in the dark is frightening. They told her she didn’t get any of the trust because she was born after this great aunt died but I have a picture of my great aunt, my cousin, and my uncles wife right before the great aunt died 6 years after my cousin was born. She was also told we (my other cousins and I) got all kinds of $$ from the trust as well as college paid for. Not true. Her step mother is being very cagey and now won’t speak to her.

            • Kansas Girl says:

              Well, I’m all for straightening out family tangles and getting the facts straight. Do you know where the same name father died and have evidence of that? if the son took on his identity, even that could be muddled. If you think the son took over things like business accounts, try to gather handwriting samples of both men, particularly signatures. So am I understanding that the uncle’s wife, who was step-mother to his daughter, is the one who is hiding info from her step-daughter? Or were the uncle and his wife both con artists? This is a wonderful puzzle to solve!

              • jillz68 says:

                Both the husband and wife were cons from what we can surmise (real estate developer) and moved every couple of years. My uncle and his wife when he died (if they were still married, nothing would surprise me, she HAD been his legal secretary and they married when she was 19 and he was 40) had one son together who is younger than we are. My cousin was from a 1st marriage and we never saw her much but she was close with my grandmother (my grandmother considered her mom like a daughter). We had to find her when this trust came into play and we couldn’t so we looked for my uncle and his wife. All we found pointed to Oregon. I finally found my cousin through her ex-husbands mother. Her step mother was very cold when she called me about this inheritance. She was trying to tell my cousin she got none of this, she was written out of her dads will and too bad so sad (my uncle couldn’t have given this particular inheritance away the way it was written). My cousin overheard her stepmother and her sister talking about the will and does she know it wasn’t signed (meaning does my cousin know it wasn’t signed). This was the will that apparently wrote my cousin out of it. All we know about the possible identity theft was my grandparents and uncle/wife moved to Oregon in the late 80’s to start a biz but my moms sister got a call and drove from Orange County to Oregon over night to “rescue” my grandparents from my uncle and his wife. We know money was taken somehow and we guessed he might have used his identity. My grandparents never spoke to them again and they didn’t speak to my mom or aunt either. Now this will is important because this woman is trying to take 1/3 of the inheritance which was never meant for spouses AND telling the person working with us that my cousin isn’t entitled yet he is hearing from the rest of the family (most have never met my cousin) that she certainly is and the wife isn’t. Sorry for the book! I didn’t want to interfere in HW’s biz but you all are so smart I thought I might get good advice!

                • Kansas Girl says:

                  If the will is clearly written and is legal, the administrator of the will or the lawyer handling it will be able to follow it. If the wife thinks she deserves a cut, she’ll have to clearly prove why. if the money can go to the man’s daughter, that will also be clear in the will. The wife will again have to prove why she should receive the money instead of her step-daughter. It sounds to me the entire burden of proof in overturning the will lies with the wife. Your cousin has money coming to her that she never expected! Lucky!

                  It sounds like as well that she may have some claim to her father’s estate if the will that (supposedly) left her nothing was not legitimate. She’d need legal representation to advise her how to proceed. (And it might not be worth it, if the second wife has hidden his assets.)

                  It does sound like the uncle and his wife were into something shady. Also sounds plausible that they stole from his parents, but is that now worth pursuing? Do you need to prove that this couple were cons for the sake of his daughter? (She likely knows?) I’m just a bit confused what you want to research.

                  • jillz68 says:

                    Basically she is getting the impression that there is much more she didn’t know about the history and a lot of it is curiosity. She also wants to see if the estate her father left might partially be hers. She was willing to let it go until she saw how much they had lied to her about. We just don’t know what will be found so we want to start at the beginning. She always suspected they were cons. She is looking for an attorney right now. The wife has lied her way into a corner. She has to produce the will to get this other possible inheritance but when that is seen she will have to cough up what was my cousins and possibly get into trouble for not putting it through probate. At this point my sisters and I have to prove who we are to get our possible portion as well as everyone else so this wife has to not only prove she is eligible but that she is who she says and they were still married.

                    • princesspindy says:

                      Hell of a lot more interesting than HWs!!!!

                    • Kansas Girl says:

                      If you need a private investigator to help search, I know a good one and can put you in touch. This is just the kind of thing she is good at. Are you in the Facebook group? You can find me through there, or if not I can give you an email address. This is VERY do-able, sounds to me. Is the daughter ready for what she might learn about her family?

                  • iceNfire says:

                    Color me confused…The Great Aunt had an air tight will and the step mother has what?

                    • iceNfire says:

                      Oh! I get it…step mother is trying to claim something that she is not entitled to and in the process she may have revealed that she has done this before. HA!

    • AZGirl says:

      Diva is the one who gets all the info. Maybe NMD can email her for you? NMD email address is on the bottom of the page.

      • jillz68 says:

        THANKS! You all are awesome! Going to email her right now….

        • YOU KIDS ARE A HOOT..
          at work and my ears have been buzzing and I’ve been saying HAIL MARYS like nobody’s business….the buzzing would not go away…just knew someone was talking about me…LOL LOL LOL..
          came here and sure nough…..
          have been busy and sick…. got food poisoning mothers day..OMG… and with IBS that is no fun… still dealing with it…lost 4-1/2 lbs….mr ford says at least I still have my bubble butt…
          finished my other PI thing…found 1.2 million dollars for the soon to be ex wife…hahahahaha she gets 1/2..and foubd properties he had hidden under a different entity…. SOME men aren’t smart..
          sooo…. jillz68,,,if you nned some help here’s my email addy

          be happy yo help
          have a hotel full of fishermen tonite…big tournament tomorrow…fun fun with all of them…5 more rooms and i’ll be sold out…..hopefully night auditor will be showing up on time tonite… I AM TIRED THIS WEEK…
          Off to walk the grounds with my big flashlight….. hahahahaha like I need it…….
          hugs and peace

          • AZGirl says:

            Take care of yourself Diva. My Second Born is opening the new restaurant at the Casino in Flagstaff. He is working 70 to 80 hours a week. Hugs

            • azgirl… you must be so PROUD of second born…. If I could win the lottery, I would LOVE to open a restaurant…. not have a set menu…just something along the lines of chalkboard items…. I would hire all the KIDS I worked with at FIVE GUYS and have my bakery queen sister make all my sweets….she made mr ford a HUGE all organic coconut cream pie for him for his birth day… IT WAS SOOOOOOO FREAKING GOOD….
              Speaking of FIVE GUYS… they closed shop here in town 3 weeks ago…no warning or hints to all the kids at all….Sunday nite they asked about the next weeks schedule at closing and were told….oh um…. we’re out of business…dont come to work Monday…by the next day , the building was empty and even the big outside sign was taken down…good thing I did not go back to work there in Jan…I would have been sooooo PISSED…. So now I am helping the kids find some jobs….feel so bad for them…a few of them come by the hotel in the evening and have java with me…..owners think it’s cute that these young uns actually drink java…I tell them I am their MOMMA DIVA….
              so even the owners have said with all their contacts they may be able to help find some of them jobs…. told the kids last weekend who showed up for java hour that if I said they were dependable that was good enough referral for them to pass on…… the kids know how important it is in this TOWN to have good referrals……..

              off to catch up on emails…been behind due to all my PI work…but that’s done finally with great results….hmmmmm wonder if I can get a bonus when the lady gets D.I.V.O.R.C.E. lol lol

              happy saturday all

              hugs and peace

  23. TexasTart says:

  24. TexasTart says:

    Hmm, anybody see LaineyLainey today? 😉

    She’s galavanting around Laineytown, of course! – Don’t get started!!! But maybe we could have that parade afterall…I made a ton of confetti and I would like to see PrincessPindy with her pom poms again, ha ha!

  25. AZGirl says:

    Any way I can change my time zone to Powellypoo and get the hell out of this office? 🙂

    • Kansas Girl says:

      I just declared some vacation time. Want me to add a few hours for you?

      Anything to spring ya from the office!

      • azgirl2345 says:

        Mailman I still not here. Stuck until he arrives. I call him snailman. Too busy talking on phone to his girlfriend. I thought when he lost all his weight he would speed up but no he found love and is slower than ever.

    • Powell says:

      I’m sorry AZGirl. I know how it feels to want to get the heck out of that office, especially on TGIF.

  26. Laineylainey says:

    @ the hairdresser, turning back the hands of time….brought the iPad w me!

  27. ladebra says:

    I just went to the store, and I caught Power Ball Fever!!! I’m in for $6 and if I win I’m calling in rich and retiring! it could happen lol. . . I can dream 😊

    • Powell says:

      LOL Ladebra. I hear you. I keep debating if I’m callin in rich & retiring or if I’ll stay at least a month for them to get a replacement. 🙂

  28. TexasTart says:

    WOW! Just saw the Clydesdales! 😀 They were being staged in a parking lot of a baseball stadium….wow I hope they can handle this 96 degrees okay. Unexpected pleasures…wow!

    • BB says:

      They’re huge in person aren’t they? I’ve seen them at Busch Gardens Williamsburg before.

    • AZGirl says:

      They are huge!

      • TexasTart says:

        Yes – so much more in person! Giddy like a little girl over that….. they are so gorgeous!!!!

      • lillybee says:

        I have seen them up here during rodeo week. They are very large and look like gentle giants. I was able to see them in their temporary stalls (got very close to them. They are well cared for.

    • princesspindy says:

      Oh, I remember seeing them at Grant’s Farm!!! They are awesome!!!

    • Powell says:

      When it comes to Christmas commercials seeing the Coke commercial w/the Clydesdales is a top one for me. They are beautiful horses.

  29. BB says:

    It’s official. Both Cee-lo Green and Christina A will be returning to The Voice this fall. Usher and Shakira will be coming back Spring 2014 after the Winter Olympics. It will be interesting to see the rating comparisons.

    • pat says:

      Oh yay, glad to hear Shakira and Usher will be back.

    • TexasTart says:

      Thanks, BB. I would bet the ratings are higher this season, the judges function together so much better than before. Christina is an outstanding singer, but her personality and appearance…ugh. I just don’t care for her and the way she and Adam interacted, maybe it was an act, but I got the feeling he really does not like her!

  30. iceNfire says:

    Lainey are you here? Do you want your Grand Prize or not???

  31. cocfarm says:

    Chismosa, you still around? Got my queens. I probably put 150 miles on the car getting them. But i saw on yesterdays blog that you were curious about bees. if you are interested, email nmd and ask her for my email address. I can send you some links.

    We ended up having to call a friend who has kept bees for years to come over to help us find the queen in one of the hives. As they were putting back together for the second time, giving up, they finally found her. She is chilling out in a cage until we re sure the two new queens take. They are in the house so we can feed them.

    What a day!

    • iceNfire says:

      So The Queen isn’t much larger than the workers?

    • princesspindy says:

      That is very cool!!

    • Mene Seela says:

      My neighbors have bee hive and give us a nice bottle of honey every year. It only bothers me that they placed the hive as far away from their home as possible but right on edge of their property next to my house. LOL.

      • cocfarm says:

        Ha! But which way does it face? The bees could be closest to your property but are aimed at their own yard. Ours are on our garage roof and are close to our neighbors property but fly out over ours. All our veggies are growing up there as well.

        • Mene Seela says:

          The bees visit both of our yards, They only scare me when I have to mow near that fence.
          This particular neighbor (the guy) is kind of a jerk but he could be worse, They have a huge property but he put his kid’s trampoline right outside our bedroom window. I told my husband that if it really bugs him we could “give them a show” and they’ll move it.

        • Mene Seela says:

          you grow veggies on your garage roof? Isn’t that where Jodie Arias grew her marajuana?

          • cocfarm says:

            Just what are you trying to imply mene! :-). I’m no Jodie arias. I live in the city of Chicago so that was where I could grow without the chickens eating everything. And since it’s a city, many people watch what we aware doing, comment, ask for stuff and are generally curious. We laugh that if one of us were in trouble on the roof, we’d get help ASAP because so many people watch us. They ask us why we put straps on our ankles…details that make you realise they must watch us instead of tv!

            • TexasTart says:

              LOL – send a camera crew over! 🙂

            • Mene Seela says:

              You’re in Chicago? I had no idea. That’s really cool!

              • cocfarm says:

                My handle ‘cocfarm’ stands for city of Chicago farm. We refer to ourselves as coc in documents etc. I don’t know why…NYC has it on the end obviously. Never hear la using a c. You get the drift. Locals know the coc. Which always confuses me when the oc is being discussed. I automatically want to make it be about Chicago!

  32. AZGirl says:

    It is so crazy how demographics can make a difference. Our neighborhood has bees but it is a different situation. Most of the bees in AZ are Africanized. 2 swarms next door had to be exterminated. 2 hikers were killed by bees in the Catalina Mountains this past month. Just happen to walk by. 2 hikers up on Camelback were attacked and did not make it.

  33. TexasTart says:

    Bees make the world go around! Glad you got your queens cocfarm…nice to know you raise them! My grandfather had an area on his property, a valley area where the horses could not go and he had an enormous collection of boxes and bees. He sold the honey…among other things. I was never afraid of bees. A lot of bees where I live. They pollenate the garden and I like having them around, can put my hands right on the bushes they hang out on and no problem. Hubs wants to try his hand at raising them too.

    • cocfarm says:

      We recommend it. There are wonderful online and local communities to get advice from. Our teacher and the builder of our hives supplied us with our queens (w payment of course ;-)). A person well known in the bee community came over to help yesterday. They willingly give their time to help us newbees! (intentional typo 😉 ). I’d recommend taking a class through a local park district or community classes. We took a few different classes before embarking. Our last class was nice because the were 2 hour classes for 8 weeks that allowed info to seep in better for me.

      No one wore gloves yesterday. Bees are mellow this time of year. I get bummed by the bad rap they get. People get stung by yellow jackets and blame bees. People need to learn their insects!

      • TexasTart says:

        They do, I have had employees scared to death of spiders, flying insects and one 30 year old man screaming over a skinny little garden snake. With the flying insects, there are a lot around here and it’s hard to convince people to not throw your hands about and act like a maniac! Like snakes, they have NO interest in you at all, until you make them mad!
        Newbees, ha ha. Thank you for the information! I didn’t learn anything specific from my grandfather other than to have no fear. There is a garden center that had classes before on beekeeping, so I’m sure that’s available again at some point. We took the composting and he went to a class for chickens and was really excited about having homegrown eggs – but I put my foot down and said no. Told him we need to wait until we unload our business before we have more things to care for daily.

        • cocfarm says:

          To me, chickens are way easier then bees…but neither is a drain other than starting them. We have no grass, all perennial or veggie and ponds. People say all the time how much work it must be. I say it isn’t, other than getting it started. I do not have to mow or fertilize or put chemicals on anything, use no power tools, don’t add to noise pollution etc. chicken poop is processed deep litter method which means virtually no work at all. The fertilize the perennials etc. u can make it all work for itself. We compost dead bees too. Get my email address from nmd and I can send u info if you want it.

          • TexasTart says:

            Interesting, thank you!

          • TexasTart says:

            Oh, do not fertilize and only do organic treatments, but we have a heck of a lot to mow. Unless we had livestock, there is mowing for about 9 mos. a year….unfortunately. And I have to keep it cut for the dogs and so it doesn’t turn into a forest of mesquite trees and snakes.

      • Catseye says:

        The last time I was stung by a bee, I sprayed the area with Colloidal Silver and the pain disappeared immediately.

  34. TexasTart says:

    Speaking of bees….I would like to see her in this dress.

  35. TexasTart says:

    ….doesn’t wear white all the time, contrary to popular belief.

  36. cocfarm says:

    Bee update:

    The queens survived the night. We fed them and then had a restless night sleep worrying about them :-(. At 6am, we introduced them to the hives and all looks good…they appear to be accepted.
    The workers need to release them from their cages.

    • TexasTart says:

      So far, so good. Thanks for the update! 🙂

    • Lulu says:

      That is so interesting!! I heard bee keeping is very hard and hope all turns out well.

      • cocfarm says:

        It isn’t hard, but you have to learn how to ‘read’ them which takes time and experience.

        • cocfarm…love reading about the ” BEES”… I purchase raw organic honey from Y.S.ECO BEE FARMS in Sheridan,IL.
          we also have friends that own large orange groves that have a gazillion bee boxes..
          all this talk about the bees reminded of a bee kill we had here in fla. just north of where I live

          love the bees and butterflys….

          hugs and peace

          • cocfarm says:

            Awe, poor bees. 😦
            Anyone who wants to start keeping honey bees, us lone little independent homeowners may be the reason they survive. Big Ag seems to be linked to the die off. Ours gotb a clean bill of health yesterday. Just lousy queens!

            • TexasTart says:

              Yes, I’m not sure it’s universally understood that bees are a lifeline for ALL life on earth.

  37. ladebra says:

    All you guys that live in tornado alley, you be careful today please. I’m listening to the national weather and it looks like today and tomorrow might bring more tornadoes 😦

    • HuskerHuny says:

      Thanks ladebra. Living in tornado alley my entire life, I’m so used to these kind of warnings but you can never be too warned!

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