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Teresa Giudice

“Hi Sweethearts! Can you believe we’re finally back? Did you miss us?”

Only if you mean we missed you like the plague! And calling us, “Sweethearts,” really?  You obviously don’t know me well… lol… Oh well, at least you didn’t call us “fans.”

“After last season (which was not fun) and the horrible reunion, we all took a big break from each other. We didn’t see each other for over a year. Not seeing my brother and his family was heartbreaking, but after what Joey and Melissa said at the reunion — that they were moving and didn’t want to have anything to do with me or my kids — what could I do? I had to respect their wishes and give them space. It broke my heart, but it was what they wanted. I just concentrated on my own family, on my girls, and prayed that they would find their way back to our family.”

You adults all needed to be put in a “time-out.” It’s just too bad you weren’t all sent to bed without your supper, too!  Your words and actions on the reunion were horrible – all of you!  That being said… I can’t blame Teresa for taking a break from her brother and his family – They were saying they were going to take drastic actions to “move” away from them… Her bro’s family made their bed… now they need to lie in it.  But while they’re lying in it – I do hope they don’t decide to tell us anything more about Joe’s “poison.” But seriously, the really sad part of this whole thing is that both sets of kids are suffering the repercussions of adult childishness.

“Hurricane Sandy hitting New Jersey was the first thing that started to bring us all closer together. When the hurricane hit, it was bad. Scary bad. The storm itself was terrifying and the destruction left behind was unbelievable. Everyone was affected in some way. When you know your friends and family are hurting, when you live through this giant natural disaster, little things like who said what don’t matter any more.”

“We were one of the only houses that still had electricity, and we hosted everyone we knew who didn’t — my parents and lots of our friends. While my brother wasn’t talking to me, I did check up on him through my parents. He told them he had electricity and everyone was fine; he even invited my mother to come over to his house and stay. It was only later when people told me on Twitter that he didn’t have power and that there were pictures of Antonia and her brothers bundled up cold on the couch. It killed me. I would have loved to shelter them at our house.”

Sorry, Teresa – All stupid clichés like “You are dead to me” fly out the window when life/death tragedies occur – Every single time… No exceptions!  This is your one and only brother… You should have just shown up at his house ready to do and be whatever he needed. And, once his own family was squared away, he should have shown up to your house to make sure you were okay, too. But no, instead you waited for him to come groveling to your house with his tail between his legs needing something from you. If you’d shown up to his house, the transition for his family to stay at your house could have actually happened.  The truth of the matter is that both of you should have directly checked on one another and not relied on information being relayed about you through your parents or others. I’m sure Joe didn’t want to add any worry to your parents so he minimized the gravity of his own situation to them.

Watching this first episode and reliving everything was hard. It was hard to see the devastation of Sandy again. It was hard to see my brother thinking I didn’t care about him. It was hard for me to see Jacqueline cry for her son.”

What else was Joe supposed to think? Even after you knew he was in need… did you ever reach out to him?  Nope.  Sorry… this is family. Family is there for each other during these times.  Even if he had turned you away – You could sleep better knowing that you did everything you could.  You could have modeled adult like behavior to your kids – especially because you have the oldest kid.  Gia sees everything that’s going on… how you act and react will have severe repercussions on her for many years to come.  We’ve already seen signs of it… [Note… I’ve got to say that I was surprised that Teresa did NOT mention in her blog the scene that showed Milania wanting to donate her huge teddy bear to another kid… Teresa even said something like, “Oh, you want to give this to another little girl?”  Milania sagely corrected her mother, “To another little girl or boy.” Perhaps it was just me… but it seemed like they were donating items that they weren’t going to use any more – which is awesome… but Milania wanted to donate an item that was special to her – which makes the act so much more generous and meaningful.  Anyone can donate that pair of shoes or an outfit they don’t want to wear anymore… It takes someone special to donate a favorite stuffed animal.  We can all learn a lesson from that Milania girl…]

Teresa then talks about how she’s giving Jac credit for her telling Nicholas’ story… I won’t go into that now… We have “The Manifesto” to look forward to for that… She then talks about how happy she was “to get Milania and Antonia back together for the first time in over a year!”  Ummm… Actually, Antonia was the one who first initiated it with that awesome letter to her cousin.  And wasn’t Milania’s first instinct to clutch the letter and hug it to her heart so natural and heartwarming?  It’s a little scary that the 7 year olds are acting more like adults than the adults, no?  Teresa continues, “But happily, they are back together! Antonia and Milania are in the same cheerleading class now, so they are thick as thieves again! I hope they are never, ever separated ever again.”  That is until one of them makes the cheerleading squad and the other doesn’t… or worse yet… when one of them is picked as the Captain… Yikes!  lol

“You can see how I raise my kids to respect and love their family no matter what. Even after all the hurt, I still had Melissa listed as “Zia Melissa” in my phone. Adults might not always get along, but the kids shouldn’t suffer because of it. I hated the time I didn’t see Kathy and Rosie growing up, and I would never want that for my kids.”

Ummm…No, I don’t see you raising your kids to respect and love their family “no matter what”… Wasn’t that you who just said you went through a whole year with your kids not seeing their cousins?  Just which part of your darling husband calling Melissa a “Horseyface” while talking to one of your kids is being respectful and loving towards their aunt?  I wonder how much worse is being said when the cameras aren’t rolling? Isn’t “Zia” just the Italian translation for “aunt?” Are you saying that you should get a medal for not removing her “aunt” title because of an argument? Or perhaps you want the medal because you didn’t rename Melissa as “Zia Stripper” on your cell phone? Arguably, there are lots of names I would call Melissa… but this is a blog about you… Melissa will get her turn soon enough…

“I honestly didn’t care what anyone said about me in their interviews (although I did laugh at Jacqueline’s bleaching comment!), I’m so happy Joey and Caroline have found love. God bless them! Love doesn’t have limits. Loving one person doesn’t mean you can’t love a million more. I love that people love my brother.”

None of us laughed at Jac’s comment… Seriously, most of us had to actually reach for the bleach to scrub that visual out of our brains but when we realized the comment was actually about bleach – We had to go for the acid instead.  I really don’t know how to interpret the rest of your comments – If you were normal, I would think you are being sarcastic and witty.  The thing is… I truly believe all of this hoopla stems from the issue that you just couldn’t handle your brother getting married to anyone and it’s been a problem ever since… You were jealous not of Melissa herself, although she’d love us to think so – but it’s more because someone else had come along and had taken away your brother’s attention.  It happens all the time.  Most people get over it.

“The only thing that hurt me was when Melissa said staying away from your siblings is how Joey and I grew up because of Kathy’s mom and mine and Joey’s dad. The issue wasn’t between my dad and his sister. It was between IN-LAWS: Kathy’s dad and my dad. And it was over business dealings. Family is everything to us, and that’s how we were raised. Melissa wasn’t around back then, so she really has no idea. I would never make a comment about how her dad raised her because I have no idea. It’s not my business, it’s disrespectful, and I wasn’t there. Her comment was months ago, and we’re in a good place now, I just wanted to clear that up on behalf of my family. You know how protective I am of my parents! I adore them and owe them everything. They raised Joey and me in a house of love.”

Yes, and I’m quite sure your parents are just so danged proud of the both of you right about now… I can hear them weeping from here… I’m sure your parents have probably said things like, “Learn from our mistakes… family is the most important thing in the world – Don’t do what we did.”  Thanks to being part of a reality show, you’ve done exactly what your parents did – Just for different reasons. However, the outcome is the same – Cousins are not seeing each other for years at a time because the adults are fighting.  Guess what kind of behavior you’re modeling to your kids this very moment?  I honestly believe that if your darling husband Joe wasn’t in your ear and if Melissa wasn’t in your brother’s ear that you guys might have gotten back together as a family much earlier and in a healthier way.  You both need to stand up to your spouses and do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do – not because of the perception of who is going to “win” or “be the bigger person.”

“And yes, I did move Gabriella’s First Communion party so my parents could go to both hers and Antonia’s. I couldn’t move the day because we don’t go to different churches, we live in the same town, and that was the only day they had First Communion services. The girls had different times though and had separate parties. The most important thing to me was making sure my parents could be at both. I didn’t grow up with grandparents and I missed it, so I always make sure my parents are there for my kids and Joey’s too. A few people did ask me why we didn’t have a joint party for the girls. Because we didn’t think it was fair to each girl. They each deserved to be a princess for the day. We have different extended families to make them each feel special, and my parents were there for both of them. Everyone was happy!”

I was going to comment on the First Communion saga… but since Teresa says that everyone was happy with the outcome… Surprisingly, I’m gonna STFU.  But don’t you worry boys and girls – it’s only temporary… I will say that I was surprised that Melissa didn’t say anything about it in her blog – perhaps it’s because she knew her comments would make Teresa look good.

“I’m so happy myself right now, and I can’t wait for you all to see how we got there. It was a long road with lots of ups and downs, but if we can do it, anyone can!”

Well, just reach out your arms and pat yourself on the back, Tre.  She then starts talking about all of the products she’s promoting… Yadda, yadda, yadda… However, you should be aware that she does, in fact, say that she loves us all! That warms the cockles of my heart… No really, it does… = )

Melissa Gorga

“I can’t believe it’s been nearly a year since I last blogged. So much has happened. Miss us?”

It’s hysterical to me that in the opening lines of both Mel and Teresa’s blogs they asked us if we missed them. Ummm… No!

“First and foremost, last October Hurricane Sandy battered New Jersey hard. I’ll never forget walking into our Toms River shore house and seeing the destruction. We were so lucky only to lose our second home. We can rebuild. That was nothing compared to what others went through. I was born and raised in Toms River. Places I knew as a child had been swept away by the storm. We felt horrible for the victims. Joe and I had to do something! We went to Target and filled carts with diapers, baby wipes, socks, children’s clothes, blankets and sweaters — the stuff people really needed. We brought it all to Toms River Intermediate East, my old school, which was a hub for distributing supplies to displaced residents. Alongside the principal, teachers, and other volunteers, Joe and I packed boxes of food and clothes.  What became evident quickly was that the main resource that was needed was man power. They needed people to get out there, roll up their sleeves, and help their communities.  We’re still committed to doing what we can to help our neighbors get back on their feet. In the meantime, the boardwalks are open for business! We’ll be back on the beach this summer, as soon as we get a chance.”

I hope you go often this summer… Support your local businesses! Make it a priority… Tell your kids why you’re doing it.  These are called, “teachable moments.”

“The storm definitely put the show drama in perspective. I didn’t need or want that negativity around us. I built up an emotional fortress and had to put distance between my family and those who meant to do us harm. At the time, cutting ties with the Giudices seemed like the only logical decision to protect my family. That was a year ago. Things have changed. We are in a better place now. But on the episode, I was very much in Protective Mama mode.”

Let’s get a little perspective here, Mel.  Teresa and Joe did not mean to do your entire family “harm”… If anyone, it was just aimed at you.  And you say that it was all because they referred to you as a “stripper” or a “gold digger?”  Well – by your own admission you worked at a bikini bar… So, to most of the world it’s not that far of a leap, really. Aren’t we all just splitting hairs? A simple, “Although I wasn’t ever a paid stripper, I do have some sexy moves” while laughing it off could have taken care of the whole danged thing.  If you were afraid of what Joe’s parents would think about the rumors – You could have just talked directly to them.  But nooOOOoooo… You needed to create all this drama for a TV show.  Teresa doesn’t like you – Big whoop de doo – Get in line.  Most have in-laws of some sort who aren’t crazy about them. And really, who cares what her gorilla of a husband thinks?

Basically, because of your actions, you’re teaching your kids to take their toys and go home every time someone calls them a name. Worse yet, you’re teaching them to cut all ties with that person even when they’re family.  Surely, accusations of this type shouldn’t come from your own family but come the freak on… And… because you were so adamant about proving you weren’t a stripper we all found out that it was actually your husband who was a stripper.  Great… Now we forever have that visual emblazoned in our minds.  It was much more palatable to think that you were the “stripper” in the family…  And it’s all recorded for posterity so your kids will all be mortified throughout their teen years.

“Teresa and I hadn’t spoken in a year. I simply couldn’t stomach listening to one more lie. The distrust was just too deep. My emotions were hard set, and they weren’t going to change overnight. As far as I knew, she felt the same way. Then Antonia sent the letter to Milania. Suddenly, Teresa was overwhelmed with missing her brother and niece. She invited Antonia to their house for a play date.”

 You actually have no idea how much Teresa was missing or not missing her brother because you weren’t in her life at the time.  You’re the one who made the decision that the cousins wouldn’t see each other.  In retaliation for Teresa’s words and actions you used your own kids as pawns to get back at Teresa and Joe – and in the process you caused your own kids heartache since they obviously really missed their cousins.  Congratulations to you! I will say that I give you props for actually sending the letter to Milania. That was a classy thing to do – and it was the right thing to do.

“Let me ask the Moms reading this: Would you send your child to a home where you knew for a fact that the parents were openly involved in spreading terrible lies about you? If you knew, for example, that your child might hear you called a stripper or a gold digger, would you rush her there and feel comfortable with her alone there for the day? Hear it right from the horse’s mouth: I wouldn’t. I don’t want Antonia exposed to lies and insults about her Mom by her other relatives. And I knew she would be. In this one episode alone, Joe called me “Horsey Face” and a “skank ass beeatch.” I don’t know which is worse. But I know it’s just wrong and Teresa didn’t correct him. He even spoke to his six-year-old daughter directly when calling me a name, it’s not like she just overhead them.  It was also sad when I saw Teresa and Gia discussing my daughter’s supposed birthday party with Milania. For the record Antonia’s birthday was in August and she did not have a party. Her first communion was coming up and we asked her if she wanted a big party for her birthday or for her communion. She chose her communion, so for her birthday she had two friends sleepover at our shore house. Why they are discussing it three months later is beyond me, but that’s not fair to tell Milania she wasn’t invited to her cousin’s party, when it’s a complete lie.”

Honestly, I do think a play date was a great option.  Having both you and Teresa in attendance was also appropriate. I’m surprised you guys couldn’t be a little bit more cordial to each other, though.  In addition, it’s too bad you had such a stick up your dupa when it came to actually making the jewelry. Mel then makes a dig at Teresa about how Mel never involves her kids in mature matters.  I gotta admit that I do think it’s true that Gia knows way too much about what is going on at the tender age of 11 and she has access to way too much unfiltered information gleaned from the internet. I also think Gia’s turning into a spoiled brat.  I’m telling you, if I had copped the same kind of attitude with my mom as Gia displayed to Teresa when they were shopping – Not only would we have left the store without a single item, but I would also have been on restriction for a couple of weeks at a minimum. There might also be one less “Star” in the world because my mother would have killed me.  That being said, Mel’s kids are much younger than Teresa’s so it’s really not a fair comparison.

“Why was she pretending to be nice, when she said she didn’t “give a sh-t about me?” Why was she acting like she suddenly wanted to fix things when she hadn’t lifted a finger in a year? It just felt completely insincere.”

Melissa – Your husband told Teresa that she was “dead to him.” That’s very direct and clear.  You told Teresa that you were moving away from them so your kids wouldn’t go to the same school.  That’s also very direct and clear. You initiated a clear message – and if you wanted to change the message you needed to be the one to initiate the communication. If I were Teresa, I wouldn’t beg you guys to be part of my life or my kids’ lives if it was clear that you didn’t want to be, either.  As my husband would say, “Don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya.”

“Her sudden change was so weird and confusing, I was thrown by it. I focused on helping the kids make jewelry. My OCD really came out when the kids were beading. I’m the same way about keepings things organized at home. I can’t help it! Bring on the neat.”

You were way out of line in controlling the number, order and color of the beads… Teresa was absolutely right in her perspective about just letting the kids be kids.  You cannot possibly be equating keeping things organized at home with 7 year olds making jewelry, right?  That’s just wonky!  They didn’t seem to care much about the jewelry itself because they were focused on spending time together.  They hadn’t seen each other in over year… why?  Because of YOU! Melissa goes on to say that she wants the cousins to be close because that’s how she grew up.  She blames them not being close because Teresa “had herself involved in a lot of wrong doings that brought hurt to our family.” Sigh.

“I almost had to laugh when I saw Teresa say I should apologize to her. For what, exactly? Did I miss something?”

Mel – there are a lot of things that you should apologize for – such as using your kids to get back at Teresa. In addition, while I’m not going to go into the whole thing… but I will say this:  If you review the footage from last year’s finale – You’ll see that Teresa seemed to be blindsided as well.  She looked shocked that the bald guy from the salon came to the fashion show.  Then she continued to look like she was getting more and more nauseated as the evening wore on and it dawned on her that something was going to happen to you and that somehow he was involved.  Seriously, if she was actively trying to bring you down at that point, I think she would have been way more gleeful and giddy.  I’m not a fan of Teresa – I’m just calling it as I see it.  It was really Jac’s accusation that Teresa was involved in the set-up that set everything and everyone off.  I think Jac was basing her thoughts on a text that she received from someone she won’t name. Bravo even had Kim D appear on the Reunion show for the sole reason to say Teresa had nothing to do with it – and yet you still don’t believe it.  That’s your prerogative – but don’t make the kids suffer because of your pettiness. There was a solution to the issue of getting the kids together to see each other – you were just too busy being stubborn to figure it out.

“What I saw this episode is that Joe Giudice can’t control his mouth. We all know that. He is the Godfather of my firstborn child, and he called me a skank on national television. How to do I take the certificate back?”

Teresa was dead wrong to not come down on Joe for saying awful things about you – Especially in front of her kids. She really does need to get a grip on that mouth of his.  However, she can’t really be blamed for what her husband says…just as you can’t be blamed for what your husband says.  Mel then tells us about how everyone in the world loves her husband and that’s the reason Teresa wants to fix their relationship now.  Ummm… I’m not a fan of either Joe, quite frankly.  Actually – all of the men on this show should be voted off the island as far as I’m concerned.  Mel thinks that if Teresa really wanted to fix their relationship that she would have called months ago.  Well, she’s calling now. Granted it’s through the kids – but she’s calling now.  Answer the danged phone!

“There’s a lot more to come, a lot of emotional twists and turns. Being part of this family is a long, crazy journey. We’re not even close to hitting rock bottom. Wait until you see what’s coming. Buckle up. It’s going to be a wild season, but reconciliation is on the way. It’s so hard to go back to this place, but without explaining where we were then you’ll never understand where we are now.”

Can’t we just skip the drama and get to the reconciliation, please?


Jacqueline Laurita

“Hello again! Some of you doubted I would return for Season 5. Many of you requested I come back and use my platform as a way to raise Autism Awareness. After much consideration, my family and I made the decision to come back and continue to open up and share our lives with you. Please understand that “Autism” is NOT my “storyline.” “Autism” is our “reality.” We live with it everyday. There is no way around it. A few ignorant people may call it “exploiting” my son, while I call it “raising autism awareness.” It has become our mission to recover our son while helping as many other families as we can. I am proud of what we’ve accomplished so far.”

Yep… I doubted you would come back.  Except… How stupid was I? I never thought that just for a storyline that you would stoop to a new low just to exploit your newly diagnosed autistic son to the rigors, bright lights and creative editing that comes along with being on a reality show.  Silly me, I thought that you would make him THE priority of your life and all decisions would be made with only his best interests at heart… Sadly, I was wrong.

“We reached out to People magazine to control how the news of his diagnosis would be released to the public. It was never anything we were ashamed of or ever wanted to hide. I would never want my son to be ashamed of his diagnosis either. I feel that people should be educated on what Autism is, to be able to understand it and empathize with others affected by it. Autism doesn’t just affect the child, it affects the whole family and those close to them. Autism is a developmental disorder that affects social and communication skills. They may also exhibit some various kinds of repetitive behaviors. They are also very loving and intelligent individuals. 1 in 50 children are diagnosed with Autism every year. Something needs to be done about this.”

“Since the diagnosis, I have spent the first year researching, collecting, and sifting through as many resources and as much information I could find and then putting a plan of action in place. The notebooks you saw on the table in the scene where I spoke to Caroline about speaking with Joe Gorga were all part of my research. Early Intervention is the key to recovery, so I’m trying to do the best I can to get my son on the right path for recovery.”

“I have also been using social media, blogging, writing articles for magazines, and speaking at various events and conferences to share my resources and journey with others, just to spread awareness. Just so the haters are corrected, I haven’t collected a dime from any of it.”

I couldn’t care less if you collected a dime from your speaking engagements or from the articles you’ve written.  The issue and fact is this:  You have only begun this very long journey.  You have absolutely no long-term experience in the parenting of a child with autism.  Perhaps in 5-10 years you can be of some help to others who are struggling… and then you can share your life experiences… but I repeat… YOU JUST FOUND OUT… Just because you read some articles and compiled some resources on the subject does not qualify you to be a mouthpiece for autism. It sickens me that you’re using this additional facet of your life to further fuel your thirst to be a “celebrity” and speak at conferences and special events about a subject in which you have very limited experience at this point. SIT YOURSELF DOWN and take care of your child, dagnabit!

“I wish I had been given a highlighted map of the exact path I need to take to recover my son, but there is no such path. It’s all trial and error, so we continue to learn as we go. The best thing you can do for your child is to get them an Individualized Evaluation Plan so you can see what areas your child needs the most help in. Seek help in those areas. Pay attention to your child to see which therapies and treatments they best respond to. Use your parent intuition!”

It is not my place to comment on the concept of autism and “recovery.”  We have some amazing commenters on this blog who can speak from direct, personal experience. From this point forward, I am going to do my best to only include information about Nicholas’ life in future blogs when it’s presented in the best possible way. I refuse to add to his further exploitation. He deserves respect and dignity.  He requires Jac’s undivided attention. For some reason I feel a need to protect him from his own mother. That’s sad, indeed…

“Devastating disasters like Hurricane Sandy and an Autism diagnosis can really shake you up and make you reevaluate your priorities in life. It makes you realize just how petty and insignificant some of the silly things we worry and fight about really are. At this point in time, I had enough of the fighting and I just needed peace in my life so I could keep my focus on more important things, like my own family, recovering my son, and restoring the Jersey Shore!”

Jac… I’m pretty sure it’s not your personal job to restore the Jersey Shore.  It’s okay to be selfish right now and concentrate specifically on the wellbeing of your son. Period.

“Follow our journey this season and see how Jersey came back together despite of the devastation that it left in its wake. This season is about the calm AFTER the storm, and the journey we took to get there.

Oh I get it… It’s symbolism… “The calm after the storm”… How so very deep and clever of you! (Gag…)


Caroline Manzo

“Hello again!  Can you believe we are on Season 5?  They say time flies when you’re having fun…. we are having fun, right?”

Nope, not really.  You all are a train wreck… We just can’t look away… Caro continues to talk about Hurricane Sandy and how they didn’t have power for 12 days – but they had a back-up generator so they used their house as a safe house for others.  I wonder how well your sister Dina fared through the storm?  Did you call her? No?  I didn’t think so… Actually I have no idea where Dina lives right now… but I had to add this to my comments cuz I just criticized another feuding sibling duo about this same subject – so fair is fair.

“During that time we were proactive in helping those who weren’t as fortunate. It was horrifying to see the devastation first hand in New York and New Jersey, but it was also wonderful to witness how everyone came together to help each other through the tough times. Fast forward eight months and people are rebuilding their homes and businesses slowly but surely and the Jersey Shore is fighting its way back as only N.J. can do!  #jerseystrong!”

Sorry… but I just can’t be snarky about being proactive to help others through tough times.  Hopefully, it wasn’t just when the cameras were rolling, pictures were being taken, or tweets were being publicized.  It has been said that, “Character is what you do when no one is looking.”  Close your eyes, Caroline – your 15 minutes is about up… then what will you do?

“I would be remiss if I didn’t mention our friends in Oklahoma and surrounding areas that have endured such devastation and tragedy over the past couple of weeks.  Our thoughts are with you all.”

Gotta say… When we go through tragedy it makes us more sensitive to others who are going through their own… Too often, we are not grateful for the good things/people in our lives until they are gone. Way too often I take people and things in my life for granted… I’m trying to be better…  Caroline goes on to say this episode was basically a recap of where they left off last season… and her blog is short and sweet.  I can sincerely say I’m thankful her blog is short.  See?  I’m making progress already!


Kathy Wakile

“As I start to write my thoughts, I don’t even know where to begin. Super Storm Sandy came through and completely devastated so much of our beloved Jersey Shore, not to mention N.Y. and Staten Island.  It’s heart wrenching to look back at the destruction that was left behind. For many all that is left are the vivid memories of the splendor that once was. For me the Jersey shore will forever be a special place — family vacations and weekend getaways. We started to doubt if it would ever be the same again. But there were some bright spots that came out of it. Thankfully with everyone’s hard work and determination we are confident that it will be rebuilt and be even better than before.”

Most of Kathy’s very short blog talks about Hurricane Sandy and the aftermath.  She counts her family as, “among the fortunate” since they only temporarily lost power and heat and didn’t actually lose their home.  She continues, “We did what we could to help: I got in the kitchen started cooking and baking, donating food and our time to support as well as offered up our home to family and friends.”

“Often times it is the innocence and simplicity of our children’s desires that help balance our emotions and put everything into perspective. How sweet to see the joy in Antonia and Milania as they are reunited for a play date. I’m sure it was awkward and uncomfortable for Melissa and Teresa, but despite their own feelings they made their children happy. When cousins in our family have been this close in age, they’ve been inseparable. Rebuilding things after a natural disaster is not easy. Rebuilding severed relationships can be even more difficult. However, in both cases if you’re willing to roll up your sleeves and get dirty, you will be amazed at what can happen with hard work and help from others.”

Wait… is Kathy trying to take away Caroline’s title and her tiara for being the “wise one” on the show?  Such deep, profound thoughts from someone who seemed to be so willing to “roll up her sleeves and get dirty” when Kathy almost got into a major fistfight during last season’s reunion… Not to mention how batcrap crazy her scary sister got during their little altercation… and I love me some Rosie – but she seriously scared the living crap out of me.

“Alone we can do so little; Together we can do so much. -Hellen Keller”

Ummm… Kathy great quote… but even Helen Keller would clearly be able to see that you misspelled her first name.

“Regardless, we all worked really hard and learned so much about each other as well as ourselves. You will share some tears with us and I guarantee that there will be plenty of time to laugh at our ridiculous behavior.”


I weep for the children. I point and laugh at the adults.


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    Good morning everyone. I hope you’ve had a great weekend. It looks like a beautiful Sunday. Now for laughs by Stars. 🙂 Have a great day.

    • Lulu says:

      Morning Powell!!! To answer you question next sunday father’s day DH wants to take DS1 to hooters for lunch 🙂 It’s a win/win for both of us. I get peace and quiet for a few hours. 🙂

      • Powell says:

        Hi Lulu. Mr. Lulu is starting traditions early with son #1 at Hooters isn’t he? 🙂 I hope he has a great Father’s Day and you get much needed rest.

    • Laineylainey says:

      Good Sunday morning!

  2. TexasTart says:

    Good morning! Looking forward to read Stars take on it all…just the
    “I weep for the children. I point and laugh at the adults.” speaks volumes. Thanks NMD and Stars!

  3. Lulu says:

    Good Morning! What a rare treat! Both boys content momma on the internet! 🙂

    Great blog Stars!!!!! Love your comments!

    A real mom (Yes that is me!) answering Melissa’s question:

    Q “Let me ask the Moms reading this: Would you send your child to a home where you knew for a fact that the parents were openly involved in spreading terrible lies about you? If you knew, for example, that your child might hear you called a stripper or a gold digger, would you rush her there and feel comfortable with her alone there for the day?”

    A. If I had skeletons in the closet I’d never sign up to do a reality TV show where they can be exposed. Furthermore I think the children should be more ashamed of the father’s behavior towards the mother. Who wants to see their father in a truly revolting way lusting after their mother! It’s sick. You set the example first and need to remember that before pointing fingers at others.

    • Rebecca says:

      She does send her kids to her sisters’ houses who have blogs dedicated to expose them for the Teresa bashing – you know, the kids aunt.

      But yes, please keep Juicy off tv. And Little Joey. And Albert. And Creepy Chris. And for Pete sakes, just kick Richard Wakile off the continent.

      • plainviewsue says:

        Great posts Lulu & Rebecca!!!!! I never thought about that. I am sure that when the kids are with their aunts (I believe Mel’s sister Lysa is now her nanny/Mel’s assistant) they hear plenty of crap about their aunt Teresa & Uncle Joe.

        • Powell says:

          Sue you’re right I never thought about what Lulu & Rebecca stated. They are so right. Also Tre, Mel and Jac are talking a bunch of crap. Family isn’t 1st for any of them at all. If family was 1st they wouldn’t be where they are today. They’ve waisted so much time on jealousy, rumor & pettiness & the only ones that have suffered are the kids and for some reason they don’t realize that. But HWs or their stint on HWs will end, no one will really care about them & they will have to live w/what they’ve done.

    • Sasha says:

      Personally, if I were the child I think I would be more ashamed if my father referred to my mother as a c##t. That’s just me though.

    • Amber...RealWife says:

      Almost Everything you said in your answer could apply to Teresa. However, instead of Juicy lusting for her, she was the one lusting for him. Remember the bankruptcy filing and defrauding of contractors? Plus how about Juicy’s whore-ribble treatment of Tre with the CU..Next Tuesday?

  4. plainviewsue says:

    Great recap Stars!!!

    Just one little thing I need to disagree about. Teresa said she found out through her parents that Joe & Melissa were fine & they even invited her parents to stay. So if they are inviting the parents to stay at their house, I would assume that they had electricity and all was good.

    Would the right and adult thing to do would be for the siblings to be in touch? Of course. But Hurricane Sandy happened just weeks after the reunion was filmed. Personally, if I was Teresa, I would be as cordial as I could be around that ape of a brother & his wife, but recognize their toxity. Cousins could visit each other. I don’t know how she even looks at them.

    Ah Caroline. Can you imagine if Teresa sat down with Caroline and told her to make up with Dina???? Caroline has no story line, so this is it for her. The mighty Don Caroline will fix all other families, except for her own.

    • Powell says:

      I really dislike Caro butting into Tre’s family issues & saying “fix it” when her sibling relationships are fragile on a few fronts. And Caro supporting & coddling her sons so much & letting Lauren fend for herself is just awful. I see the choosing of one sibling over the other within my family also. My aunt does it w/favoring her son over her daughter & my mom & their other sis point it out to her all the time & she just doesn’t get it. It’s a BIG mistake & it will come back on my aunt when she’s 80 yrs old. I can see the hand writing on the wall. The same will happen w/Caro.

      • Laineylainey says:

        Which once again proves there would be no show w/o Tre. Now The Don is the buttinski that’s gonna save the Gorga family when she has all of her own dysfunction? What a laugh.

      • chismosa says:

        Powell that will come back to your aunt especially because women are more of the caretakers for their elder parents down the line, not the sons.
        Of course, there could be exceptions

  5. iceNfire says:

    Good Morning – Thanks for blog Stars99 🙂
    I have a theory about Teresa her need for attention and why her husband hates her brother so much. She was the first born and all attention was on her. Then her Mother gives birth to a baby boy and suddenly all the attention is on him. In Italian culture and many others males are regarded more highly than females Teresa jealousy started the moment her father had a son. Fast forward to her marriage and the birth of her four daughters while her brother and his wife have 2 sons. This must have made the grandparents very happy and without realizing it everyone was gushing over the birth of two more males. – jmo

    • Rebecca says:

      I think Joey just simply bothers the hell out of Juicy. He’s over-the-top dramatic and needs t be the center of attention. Juicy, as a caveman, wouldn’t expect that out of a man.

      • Rebecca says:

        And by the way, even though the first born in my family was a boy, I am obviously my parents’ favorite. You can ask them (tee-hee).

    • Sasha says:

      I agree with you Ice. It is all about attention and rank in this family. There is a history of grudges and peace-making and it’s not going to change because a few cameras are following them around. Teresa and young Gia won’t be happy until Uncle Joe divorces Melissa and takes a vow to ignore all women except them. This won’t sit well with Joe Juice who secretly loves the division because he does not have to share the attention of his girls.

      • iceNfire says:

        Hi Sasha – I have a theory on that too…As a little girl someone noticed that Teresa was feeling left out and/or jealous of her brother so this person told Teresa something like “He is your brother who loves you with all of his heart and will protect you always. Fast forward to her brothers marriage and Teresa finds herself in second place once again – jmo

    • plainviewsue says:

      I have to respectfully disagree Ice. Teresa worshipped her brother. Everyone has said that the two siblings were as tight as could be and adored each other. When Tre got married, her brother was at her house all the time. She even said that Kathy said to her that she needs to put her husband before her brother.

      I have a feeling that Teresa’s parents really dislike Melissa. As far as the gushing goes, they seem to love all of their grandchildren.

      It is apparent that Caroline clearly favors her sons. And the way she was looking at Joe Go with those dreamy eyes. OMG, it was disgusting! Name one time she ever looked at Lauren like that! Its sad.

      • Sasha says:

        Teresa worshipped her brother until he took a bride and a cute one at that.

        I guess I did not catch Caroline’s goo goo eyes for baby Joe. I think she wanted to offer advice even if he did not ask for it. She does have a book to promote.

        I have no doubt that she loves that Lauren. Let’s face it, Lauren had issues and was snapping at everyone. I like thinner and much nicer Lauren.

        • SCGIRL says:

          Have we even had a chance to see if Lauren so much nicer this season yet? Just my opinion, but Melissa looks harsh this season…she’s getting carried away with the makeup. If you look back at footage of Melissa from her first season on the show to this season, it looks like she has aged a lot. As for Caroline, she may very well love Lauren, but sure does have a twisted up terrible way of showing it.

          • iceNfire says:

            Many Mother’s say the love all their kids equally. I don’t. I love them each very differently. As for favorites depends on the situation. LittleKid is my favorite for grocery shopping while I’d rather starve than shop with MiddleKid 😛

            • princesspindy says:

              I concur!! I love doing projects with my son but not with my daughter. My daughter is the perfect co pilot and assistant with shopping or going places,…I hate shopping or going places with my son… but I get to tell him he is my favorite son and I get to tell her she is my favorite daughter, lol!!

              • Orson says:

                Ice, Pindy, your comments remind me of my aunt. She loves her daughters, of course, but I didn’t think she had much natural talent at parenting. She treated them equally when I think she should of treated them fairly. Example 1: Both daughters got gifts no matter whose birthday it was. My brother’s birthday was HIS day. He got gifts and I got a piece of cake or two. My birthday was MY day. I got gifts and cake and my brother got a piece of cake or two. That’s fair. Example 2 (and most blatant, IMO) when Aunt’s older daughter hit 11 years old and got her first bra, 7 year old daughter had to get a bra so she wouldn’t feel left out. That just strikes me as wrong. Equal treatment isn’t always fair.

          • Sasha says:

            Not talking about the Lauren of this season yet. She could have reverted back to a meanie so I’ll need a few weeks to judge. This is my opinion of what I have seen and heard from her since the weight loss.

        • SCGIRL says:

          Have we even had a chance to see if Lauren is so much nicer this season yet? Just my opinion, but Melissa looks harsh this season…she’s getting carried away with the makeup. If you look at Melissa from her first season on the show to this season, she looks like she has aged a good bit. As for Caroline, she may very well love Lauren, but she sure does have a lousy way of showing it on national TV. I too caught the dreamy eyes Carolina had when she was talking to Joe…BARF! He’s just YUCK!

          • SCGIRL says:

            Sorry everyone for double posting my comment above. It didn’t seem like it posted the first time I sent it.

        • Laineylainey says:

          I saw the goo goo eyes.

      • iceNfire says:

        Hi plainviewsue – I’m sure Teresa and Joe were close as young siblings and my three sons are very close too. I pounded it into their heads at a very early age that ‘The Brothers Stick Together’ My kids are not married yet but they have gotten along with the various g/f’s that come and go. It just seems to me that something happened in Teresa’s early childhood that left her feeling second best which is a place she will not tolerate. I don’t know, my sisters are a full decade older than me so I really can’t relate to sibling situations….had plenty of cousins my own age but that’s very different b/c they didn’t live in same house with me. 🙂

    • chismosa says:

      I like your theory Ice. Could be 1 of the many psychosis issues going on with the Tree’s mind

  6. BB says:

    Thanks, Stars, for recapping those crazy Jersey girls’ blogs. What a messed up bunch of family dynamics they have going on among them.

  7. TexasTart says:

    LaineyLainey and Yolanda have something in common!

  8. Ladebra says:

    I hope this is the one! Lainey said she had on green converse shoes. This is the one near me .

    • BB says:

      Neat! Thanks

        • Ladebra says:

          That’s the one!

          • iceNfire says:

            This reminds of a friend who did some modeling. She was absolutely beautiful but they kept using her feet for sandal ads because I guess she had extraordinary beautiful feet

          • BB says:

            Thanks for snapping the pic or I wouldn’t have known what to look for.

        • SCGIRL says:

          So is Lainey A model? I had no idea we had famous people on here…very cool! Then again I bet there are lots of really interesting people who come here that do neat things and we never really realize it. So is Lainey’s billboard in Mexico or New Mexico? I just wondered because of the wording on the billboard, that was spanish, right?

          • TexasTart says:

            It’s LaineyLainey’s DD. She also modeled in a bikini for ….oh darn…I just forgot but they have an online catalog. It’s in English…I’m looking at LADebra’s post…I can’t find this billboard on BB’s link. The billboard is in California.

          • BB says:

            Lainey’s daughter is the model on the billboard and I believe it’s in LA, but it could be in other places too.

            • BB says:

              The billboard LaDebra too a pic of is in LA and it’s in English. The one I got was from their website, so it could be from somewhere else.

          • SCGIRL says:

            ok i feel real stupid about my comment and it being in spanish. I could not see the picture clearly at first glance. Oh my god I’m so embarrassed…I sound like such an idiot. I may never be able to show my face here again. Oh how I wish there were a way to erase comments after they are posted.

            • BB says:

              No biggie. I just thought you referring to the billboard in the link I posted. That one is in Spanish.

            • Ladebra says:

              No importa! LA is a bilingual city for the most part. Actually, I used to work in “little Persia” and a lot of sign were in Farsi. Anyway, so your assumption was perfectly logical.

          • Laineylainey says:

            Scgirl, I am the furthest thing from a model..but that’s a good question about where the ad appears…my daughter has seen it on buses as well as billboards all over LA. Too bad she doesn’t get paid by the billboard.

    • TexasTart says:

      Thank you, LADebra. I’ll bet LaineyGirl shaved her legs before that photo shoot! 😉

    • rabblerouser2010R says:


    • Laineylainey says:

      Cool! You found it! They would have had to pay her lots more if the had used her face! But hey it paid her first month of rent and expenses out there! :). By the way, she did the Sierra mist ad in March when she still lived in Tx.

    • Laineylainey says:

      Thank you, m’lady for snapping the pic and then posting it here for the Lynnfam to see. I do appreciate it! 🙂

  9. LuvMyGals says:

    I just want to say that I would not be “love” JoeGo if he was the last man on earth. All of these husbands are creepy, slimy, and crass – except Albert who’s just a dick. JoeGo and MelGo are the type of people who will supposedly clear up an issue with you, then say, “Yeah, but…” They always have some hurt feelings and never-ending stories of how you did them wrong. They’re “in a good place now” (gag, I’ll bet) but you know there’s going to be some ugly accusation(s) at the reunion. Just had to jump in and say everyone does not love creepy Little Joe. Starz thanks so much for recapping. Always so entertaining and on point – these are not normal people.

    • Sasha says:

      That’s why they have reunions. So everyone can throw out ugly accusations and Andy can sit giddy at his throne holding those little question cards.

      • BB says:

        I just wish Andy was good with the follow up questions. He never gets down to the root of anything, just scratches the surface and moves on.

  10. Boobah says:

    Great re-cap SUPERStars!!!! You have a gift, my friend.

  11. princesspindy says:

    Great Job Stars, A+++!!

    It is amazing how much is so “Important” Important, important, important!!!! Everything is the most important thing!!! Priorities how do they work????

  12. iceNfire says:

    My free McAfee virus protector is about to run out…Suggestions Please?

    • pat says:

      I keep Microsoft Security Essentials running in the background. It’s free.

      • Boobah says:

        That’s what I use. It’s saved my pc more than once.

        • iceNfire says:

          Thanks – I’ll google it 😛

        • chismosa says:

          Ooh Boobah and Pat— thanks for this suggestion

          We have Macafee that we bought at Costco and its done more bad than good. And I have a lot of things I need to do on my computer so …… I will use your advice as well
          Thanks! (If y’all see this)

    • Orson says:

      For free, Iike AVG. I’ve heard good things about AVAST also. My most recent laptop came with a year of Webroot, which I really like. When I replaced my desktop, it was about the same time my Webroot subscription was going to expire (I had renewed it once), so I got the new Webroot that was licensed for up to 3 machines. I like it.

  13. Powell says:

    House of Horrors: Kidnapped in Cleveland comes on tonight 8 est on ID. This is about the 3 women that were found in that house.

    • princesspindy says:

      Not something I would ever watch…don’t want to know, *covering ears and humming!!*

    • djprincessc says:

      Thanks Powell!! I actually like programs like this. Not bc of the circumstances of course but I think it brings awareness to things we’d never even think of. You can never be too careful these days!

  14. TexasTart says:

    Well done Stars!!! So when is the vote?! hehe

  15. TexasTart says:

    OT – The City of Austin banned plastic shopping bags months ago. You have to take your own reuseable bags when shopping. There are some stores that will give you paper, but for the most part no bags at the grocery and all major chains…oh I take that back Target ponied up and has paper bags. Other cities have this ‘green’ law/program, Seattle and San Francisco are two I can think of.

    Anyone from these cities, can you tell me – does the LONG checkout time ever improve?! This is the worst part! It’s taken all the uniformity out of the bagging process and well, just the whole process is SLOW. Waiting for people to produce bags, the fumbling with them, as they do not stand, etc. I appreciate the idea behind reducing waste, but you have to plan ahead, there is a cleanliness issue (for me), but most of all this time waiting in line is absurd!

    • Mene Seela says:

      The thing that makes me crazy is I am somehow supposed to carry around empty bags with me everywhere! And the reusable bags are mostly made in China with tons of un-green elements to them.
      I do applaud getting rid of most plastic – it gums up the streets, sewers and garbage collecting equipment. Its only good for picking up after the dogs.

      • lillybee says:

        You can get bags that fold up small enough to keep in one’s purse.

      • Powell says:

        HA. I live in MD and the next county over you have to pay for bags in stores & I mean even dept, stores. And I always forget. That’s where I get my hair done so after my appt I walked a few blocks down to the shopping area. I went into Marshall’s and the cashier asked me did I want a bag. I said “oh I forgot you charge for bags in this county”. I pulled out my bag I put in my purse the last time I was shopping out there. .05 per bag. Pay for a bag(s) or walk out of the store w/an arm full of clothes. It’s crazy. I understand paying for grocery bags since you can get bags for your groceries but they don’t sell shopping bags. You have to keep bags in your trunk & purse. 🙂

      • chismosa says:

        Thank you for saying that— I’ve heard such bad things about the reusables I’m more scared to use them!

    • BB says:

      Plastic bags have been banned on the Outer Banks too, but the stores have just replaced them with paper bags, so people are not FORCED to bring their own shopping bags. This is a tourist town and that would turn a lot of people off. So the lines here move at a normal pace. In Tidewater, VA, plastic bags are still used. So I really can’t answer your question about whether your situation will improve or not with time.

    • princesspindy says:

      I know that I am stockpiling plastic bags!! lol!! It’s hard enough to just get to the damn store, let alone remember to bring bags….and remember to bring them in from the car… I have gone to Target to return something and have had to walk back out to the car to retrieve said item……They tried to do a statewide ban here in California but it failed by 3 votes last week…..

    • princesspindy says:

      And they did a study on the reusable bags and they are just germ carriers!!!

    • Donna says:

      I have the cloth bags with a sturdy bottom. I love them because I can much more groceries in them. My husband ordered 2 insulated bags for me over the internet, which keeps food cold while transporting my groceries home during the summer. Also, I saved some paper bags and put them inside plastic ones.

      • Donna says:

        ps the cloth bags can be washed in the machine and inside bottoms can be taken out and wiped with clorex wipes.

    • Nancy says:

      I can only speak for San Fran but I can tell you it was not a problem at all.
      Anything to help global warming. 🙂

      • iceNfire says:

        I am a blatant paper bag stealer. Bel-Aire has the best! The ones with handles

        • princesspindy says:

          Trader Joe has those too!

        • TexasTart says:

          HA! When I get a paper bag, it’s like gold! Look! I got a bag!!! We use them for other things around here. We have a garden and when giving away stuff, always had bags from the grocery – not any more. If you want something from my garden, drive yourself and bring your OWN bag, ha.
          Thanks for the feedback, so far no one with the waiting issue, but several others…I did finally find some bags like Donna uses (and I refused to pay $ for them with the store name – and that made in China crap is another no!) But I dislike having more, or special laundry items. You know how things can leak or get sweaty on bags and to let it air is one thing, but to store these in a vehicle that’s like 150 degrees inside in the summer is gross. So far when I intend to wash them, often they are here and I am there. Sometimes, I just don’t buy as much stuff….so this is having more of a green intent than the retailer wanted, haha.

          • BB says:

            I have an over-abundance of those nice paper bags with the handles. I wish I could send you some. Lol. They come in handy for lots of things and they are recyclable too.

            • TexasTart says:

              Send some over, I’ll send you back some onions!

            • Powell says:

              I love nice dept store shopping bags. I collect them. I plan on framing some. I.know. Weird. 🙂

              • iceNfire says:

                LoL Powell! Some people frame their designer shoes but I love love love your idea of framing bags…I have some from the old I. Magnin store around here somewhere…

              • SCGIRL says:

                Powell, Victoria’s Secret has some really nice shopping bags and they are pretty too. Just thought I would let you know since you seem to appreciate a nice bag!!

              • TexasTart says:

                Powell, that is not so weird, especially considering they will likely be collectables one day!

    • djprincessc says:

      I’m in the minority here, but I don’t need the government telling me what kind of bags to use, thanks. And what about the people that DON’T believe in global warming? lol. Sorry Nancy!! 🙂 😉

      • rabblerouser2010R says:

        I agree with you. I found out there are cities in CA that have outlawed smoking cigarettes in YOUR OWN HOME / APT OR CONDO (if it is a new development). Granted, I don’t smoke and my DH smoke in our garage as we have kids but still….talk about Big Brother.

        • djprincessc says:

          Thank you! I don’t smoke either! In an apartment I guess I could see why (we live in an apartment in CA and my mom is super sensitive to cigarette smoke, doesn’t really bug me though) because of second hand smoke but if you own a house I see no reason why at all, even a condo YOU OWN IT! I know that at Starbucks they have a law that nobody can smoke outside which I find sooooo stupid! I mean coffee and cigarettes go hand in hand, the police would never bother giving anyone a ticket here if they saw.

        • Nancy says:

          Where are these cities?

      • Nancy says:

        I’m taking you out of the will. lol

      • TexasTart says:

        The thing is the dinosaurs didn’t die because we had plastic and petroleum plants. The planet has been around forever going through massive environmental changes before people were industrialized…so I beleive ice is melting, etc. But I don’t believe the premise of global warming as it’s been presented thus far. However, I do believe people should recycle and reduce waste in any way shape or form!

        • djprincessc says:

          I couldn’t agree more with this! There is such a thing as global cooling too! The planet goes through cycles. I do believe in Chemtrails though. I don’t think anyone should waste, but I also don’t need to be told what I can and can’t use!

  16. AZGirl says:

    Thank you Stars for the recap. Game of Thrones finale tonight.
    As for the bad issue I guess I am a green person. I have been using cloth reusable bag for the past 10 years. I keep them in the back of my car. I personally love them. Able to fit more and they don’t break. I do get plastic for the meat items but they are reused for Pepper’s walks 🙂

  17. cusi77 says:

    It giggles me that either Teresa as Melissa are very surprised that after a year without talking “Out of the blue” one or the other had to see each other and both, reluctantly, accepted… Melissa called Teresa “Insincere” when they were with their kids doing necklaces… Haaa! BECAUSE you both nitwits are working for Bravo!!! The filming started and what a better way to using the girls to give the first step… Antonia writes a letter to Milania, The letter arrives with stamp but not stamped by The USPS!!!!! Hehehe! Melissa had two friends sleepovers… Yeah! Sure! My a&&!

    On the other hand JoeGiu is the same Ape we have seen for years now, The way he talks about Melissa in front of his kids is disgusting! Gia knows too much, but she is pre teen and more capable to verbalize opinions… Remember she did a song about how hurt she was because her mom and her godfather did not get along. IF I would have talked that way at that age… I will be still eating just soup! (Kidding!).

    Jax should not have cameras on her son’s face. No more comments!

    Caroline: Follow your advice and make peace with your siblings!

    • Donna says:

      I also believe the letter was a Bravo set-up. I noticed on many occassions that Antonia has blown off Milinia when she tried to get her attention. Is Antonia closer to Gabriella’s age?

      • djprincessc says:

        Really?? I’m Pro-Teresa 100% but I don’t ever remember Antonia ignoring Milania. I thought that Antonia and Milania were both the same age?

        • Donna says:

          I thought Antonia and Gabriella were closer in age because they both made their First Communion on the same day.

          • chismosa says:

            Yeah I have never seen Antonia blow off Milania but who knows when all the kids run around

            And I believe Gabriella is the age of Antonia but A gets along with Milania more

  18. T-Rex says:

    Okay so was bored and watched the Princesses of Long Island, ONCE not sure I will be back and noted that folks posted pictures of Lydia of OldCronesOfBeverlyHillsAdjacent and what is up with the freakin headpieces. Note you goils of LongIsland maybe if you took your fauxTierras of a headband off your head a man or two might take your grown asses seriously. Frankly those little bits of beaded headbands are fit for well your local Renaissance Festival not real life.

    • Powell says:

      T-Rex I watched Friday for the 1st time & so far so good but that was just thr 1st epi. I’ll see if I get thru epi #2 & will let you all know. So far they seem like spoiled daughters that live at home & hey they’re not committing crimesso like I said I’ll see what’s next.

    • TexasTart says:

      LOL, yeah you goils take note, T-Rex knows!

  19. Brenda says:

    A little snark goes a long way, Stars99.

  20. BB says:

    I guess I’m just one of those people who likes to make my own personal choices and not be “forced” into anything. I recycle. I pick up after my dogs. I don’t use plastic cups or plates unless there aren’t enough dishes to go around at a party or something. I rarely buy bottled water. I don’t use those plastic bags provided in the produce section for my fruits and veggies. If I buy only a few items, I tell them no bag needed. For those who use cloth bags, good for you. I chose not to do it and I would hope I’m never forced into it, but that day will probably come. But I would really prefer to make my own “informed” decisions about things like this and not be told what to do by who I’m sure are well-meaning law makers. Oh, I quit smoking in 1996, BUT if I own my own home (or car for that matter), I should be able to smoke in it if I want and even be able to drink a Big Gulp along with it. 😀

    • missusmc says:

      This! It’s a very slippery slope, in my opinion.

    • jezzibel says:

      Texas Tart…Trader Joes is open down in SA (at the Quarry) they even give extra paper bags if you ask. I reuse the plastic bags(trash can liners, dog poop bags..etc).

    • Donna says:

      my mother’s friend was visiting her daughter in another state. If a non smoker visits your house, you are not allowed to smoke. Also ????? you are not allowed to smoke in your car or yard????? I put the ??? because I was unsure as this was eons ago.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      BB-I agree 100%!! I use the cloth bags b/c my Stop&Shop used to give you 5 cents for every bag you use-so the bags ended up being free-but now they stopped doing that-however I’m so used to packing my groceries in the reusable bags that I will continue to use them-until I’m told I HAVE to.
      I smoke-not in my house b/c of the kids-but on my porch and in my backyard-when Big Brother or whoever starts paying my mortgage and taxes then they can tell me what I can do in my own home!! And when they but me my weekly groceries they can pack them in whatever the hell kind of bag they want…until then-they can butt the F out!!!!

    • chismosa says:

      Excellent comment BB.
      You aren’t alone

    • TexasTart says:

      Well put! Good post, BB.

  21. melthehound says:

    Milania mocking her mother 😆

  22. Noelle says:

    Did Miliania just tell Gia she’s going to have a stroke! I have a “Miliania” and so get the drama! Bwahahahaha!

  23. Alright Caroline! Mock your daughter some more!!

  24. BB says:

    OK, you guys. I’m gonna leave y’all to your Jersey chat. Have fun.

  25. california35 says:

    Game of thrones is overrrr —AZ and others — what did you think!? They left things open, of course. What will happen on next season?

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